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Of CooTfnr 

Getting Your Groove On. 


2-Player Game. 

Practice Mode. 

Dance View Mode. 

Screen Features and Basic Instructions. 

ow to Bust A Groove. 

Basic Moves..... 

Enthusiasm Gauge. 

Combo Moves.... 

ow to Use and Avoid t he Attack. 

onvenient Controller and Fashion Hints 









Power I H— 
Controller Port 1 
Memory Card Slotl 

Controller Port 2 
Memory Card Slot 2 

Setup your PlayStation® game console according to the instructions in its Instruction Manual, Make sure the 
power is off before inserting or removing a compact disc. Insert the Bust A Groove disc and close the CD 
door. Insert game controllers and turn on the PlayStation game console. Follow on-screen fnstructions to 
::starta game. ; 



LlBiiKbn. Rl Button 
,, ' . :IJi'rectiMal Buttons 

© Button {Att, 
r® Button 
Right Stick 

Left Stick' 

• ' SetectButto’n— —I j ' ^ 

Analog Mode Switch-—-' '_ ;® Button (Dodgej 

Start Button ' .h J 

Directional Buttons: !■. 4- 

Use the directional buttons to press the indicated directionsany timebefore the fourth beat PresI the. 
ind icated ® or @ Button on the fourth beat to complete the move. 

Note: For the first few moves,you will not be prompted to usea directionai,button,justth€® or ® 

© Button 

Press on the fourth beat to attack an opponent. You have two attacks per round, and you cafinpt attack' : 
during solos. 

® Button 

Press on the fourth beat if shown on the command line. 

® Button 

Press on the fourth beat if,shown on the command tine. 


Press on the fourth beat to dodge an opponent’s attack. Dodges are unlimited, but you cannot dodge dur 



Pauses actio It to RCTRY SAME or QUIT. ... 

Not Used 

name fflnne ^fifrr 

WHfiT h 0 u‘jT H URooue? 

An Addictive Competitive Dancing Game! 

All ten characters in Bust-A-Groove house the “dance energy groove-tron," a 
mysterious j ive power from outer space. As one of these characters, you must 
dance rhythmically to beat a series of enemy dancers whabecome progressively 
more challenging as you out-dance each competitor. Your goal is to become the 
N51 dancer in the universe and BUST-A-GROOVE! 

Dancing Well is Everything! 

You win or losea dancing competition based on how well you dance.To dance 
well, you must maneuver the controller along with the beat of the rhythm. 

If you’re in sync with the music, your character will get seriously funky and the 
camera will move in for a close up. The more camera time you get, the more your 
Enthusiasm Gauge increases and the more dynamic your overall performance. 
Dancers that attract the camera will win over the crowd and beat their 

Note: A green light will flash in time over the on-screen button press indicator. 
.Watch it to help keep you on the beat! 

Before the intro movie, you must choose whether to play the game in English or 
Spanish. If you choose Spanish, the commands and selection screens appear in 
Spanish, but vocal musicwill remain in English and Japanese. 

After the intro movie and Title Screen, you can choose between l-Player Game, 
2-Player Game, Practice, Options and Dance View at the Mode Select screen (see 
■ page 6 for complete mode descriptions). Press the t or !■ Directional Buttons 
to select the mode you want to play. The Character Selection screen that follows 
will differ depending on whether you are playing alone or with another person. 
You will need another controller if playing a 2-Player game. You cannot select 
Dance View until you have finished the game with at least one character on any 
difficulty setting. Only characters who have finished the game will be selectable 
in Dance View Mode. 



s'Sr, or ©.At the Character Selection 
screen which follows, use the f and 4 
Directional Buttons to chooseyoup 
character, then press the ,► or ® Button 
to begin the competition. You can press 
Jfe+JI, to exit to the main menu. 

Note:To select a player’s alternate outfit, hold down Ji, while pressing ©to choose 
your character. 

Getting Your Groove On! 

The dance stage appears as the music begins. You will be prompted to enter 
dance commands once “GO!" disappears from the screen. Pressing the 
J!^ Button during gameplay pauses the action, allowing you to restart the 
current match or quit the game. Once the music ends, the winner is judged. 
Win the dance and you face the next opponent. If you lose, you may continue. 


Ifyou lose a match, you can either re-challenge your opponent or return to 
The main menu. To resume play, press the ,5^ Button before the number on 
the screen counts down to zero. To skip through the numbers, press the 
® Button rapidly. You have an infinite number of continues. 

2-Player Game 

At the Mode Select screen, select 2-Player Game from the menu and press 
®. Both players must select a character by using the Directional Buttons tc 
the cursor and the ® Button to select The player who chooses his/her sele 
first selects the stage. Selectyour stage by using the f and |. Directiona 
Buttons, then press the or ® Button. Gameplay does not start until both 
players have chosen a character and the stage has been selected. 

to exit to the main menu. 


plij|,art4':pressj|fc or.: 
;e'|::s,cfgptti;operatpr for ' \ ^ 

I the real competition. Using the f and 4- 
? character you want to practice with, then 
tton. Your starting level isdispiayed in the center of the 
allowyou to begin with more difficult moves. Select the 
^ and ^ Directional Buttons and confirm with the® 
before “READY" disappears. Once the dance begins, play as you 
would in a normal game. The current level, points of the current dance and 
• the remaining music time are displayed on the right side of the screen. On 
the left side, the green portion of the bar under the dance command displays 
the appropriate timing of entry on the fourth beat. For correct timing, press 
the indicated ® or @ Button while the moving white bar is still in the green 
section. After pressing the button, an imprint is left to show you your timing. 
Aim for the middle of the green bar! If you successfully enter all shown 
dance combos at the current level, you will progress to the next level of 

Note: You can do many moves from your current level without them appearing 
on screen, but you will not advance levels while using this dance method. Follow 
an entire given string of moves to produce a combo that advances your level. 

^"'■e the music ends, the practice is over and the results are displayed. To 
tice with the same character again, select RETRY. To quit practice, 
elect QUIT. The RETRY and QUIT options are also available by pressing the 
Button during Practice Mode. 

Dance View Mode 

At the Mode Select screen, choose Dance View from the menu and press 
sfe or ®. Dance View Mode lets you view and choreograph the dance moves 
characters who have cleared a 1-Player game. You can view all dancer 
animations, including grooves from Fever Time, winning and losing pose^a 
attack scenes. You can choreograph all of these animationsind change you 
point of view freely. • • ; 

/Motion Display 

/ ^ Route 

■Camera Angle 

Move Camera 

^Display ON/OFF 

Note: You cannot select Dance View when you fi 
pass the final stage of, a 1-Player game on any di 
game to a Memory Card once you have done this 
your saved game to go straight into Dance Modf 

Indicates the list of dance moves that are currently selected. Use the f and 
\ Directional Buttons to move the cursor, and and ^ arrows to modify 
the contents of the dance move. The current dance move will be highlighted. 
Once a move is completed, the next move will be highlighted. By pressing 
the © Button, you can stop the current move and progress to the next one. 
When you reach the end of the list, the moves will repeat themselves from 
the beginning. 

Display ON/OFF 

You can turn off various displayed data by pressing the © Button once. 
Press the © Button again to turn it back on. 

Note: You cannot operate the cursor while the display is off, but you can still 
skip through moves by pressing the © Button. 


View a variety of previously set combos by changing the Route number. 
Move the cursor here and change the numbers using the and 
Directional Buttons. 


Sets the movement speed of the character. Use the ^ and Directional 
Buttons to set the speed between 4 and 60. The smaller the number, the 
faster the speed. 

Camera Angle 

Adjusts the camera angle. Select the previously set camera angle by u: 
the ♦■and Directional Buttons. As long as this number isn’t modifie 
same camera angle will be repeated. If you select RANDOM, different 
camera paths are chosen randomly. 


Lets you control the camera angle on screen byyourself. Move the cursor 
here and press the ® Button to control the camera. The camera can be 
moved using the f, I-, ^and^ Directional Buttons. Zoom out using the 
m Button and zoom in using the 123 Button. Press the © Button to return 
to the Dance View Menu screen. 

Note: You can use the Display ON/OFF option here and still control 
the camera. 


'termines whether you win or lose.The camera will 
10 is cjettin' down the most during the game. The 
era close up at the end of the match has won over 
ired the winner. 

will then be prompted to press 

the®6utton on the fourth beat. Do this correctly and you will be prompted to 
use the directional buttons for better moves! If you miss the timing, you have to 
start over from the basic move and work your way backup to more difficult; 

Note: Directional button presses do not have to be with the beat, just completed 
beforetheCdurth beat. 

Dancing Better and the Enthusiasm Gauge ' 

While the green portion of the bar is blinking, hit the specified directional 
buttons as indicated. Read the buttons from left to right and enter them 
correctly any time before the fourth beat. On the fourth beat, you must press 
the indicated ® or ® Button to complete the move. 

As you advance, yodwilf be given the choice of two different moves. If you 
choose the easier command displayed bn top, the following commands will 
be comparatively easy. If you choose the more difficult command displayed 
on the bottom, an even harder command will be displayed next. (If you really 
want to see your character do some hard-core kickin’ grooves, choose the 
harder moves and prepare to get FUNKY!) It is also possible to do moves 
that are not yet displayed on screen. 

When you dance well, the Enthusiasm Gauge at the bottom of the screen will 
increase as you continue your rhythmic performance. When you miss a 
dance command or are attacked, the Gauge will decrease. 

How to Use and Avoid the Attack 

By pressing the© Button on the fourth beat, you can interfere with an 
opponent's dance.This is called an Attack. The character attacked will losi 
strength on his/her Enthusiasm Gauge. If your opponent uses an Attack, yc 
avoid it by pressing the ® Button on the fourth beat in the next command.: 
using oravoiding an Attack, ndtethaiShe current command entry will still 
availableforyour next move. In addition, the Remaining Nuthber of Attacl 
indicators (the yellow faces at the top of the screen) are shadowed during 
indicating that attacks cannot be used.This gives you a good chance for 

Convenient Controller and Fashion Hints 

• You can return to the main menu by pressing Ji, + when selecting 
characters in a 1 or 2-Player game. 

• To choose a character’s alternate outfit, hold down the ,11, Button 
while pressing the ® Button to choose your character. This works in 
all modes. 

• From any menu following a mode selection, you can return to the 
previous menu by pressing ,!■, + ,►,• 

When you successfully enter commands that appear in succession, you complete 
Combo moves. By continuing with Combos, you have a great chance of attracting 
the camera. When the camera focuses on your dancer for a closeup, your 
Enthusiasm Gauge increases. The dance will continue if you enter commands 
other than those displayed,.b.utyou can only use certain moves at different 
stages of a dance. Mastering this element allows you to skip around through 
different dance moves at your will. You must experiment to find the moves that 
work for different portions of a song! 

Hint Moves to try may appear within the current dance combos 
displayed at any given point in a song. 


During a song, there is a solo where each of the two dancers alternates 
performances. The solo allows dancers to show their techniques while increasing 
their Enthusiasm Gauge. It is also a chance for a dancer to win a come-from- 
behind victory. During a solo, the camera will focus on each of the dancers 
separately. It is possible to enter commands that are not on screen during a solo, 
but only certain commands are allowed. 

> to select the item you want to change then 
ition Screen, use the f- and I- Directional 
he ^ and ^ Directional Buttons to make 
lowing options: 

Sound Option „ - — - - 

To completely customizeyour dance . ' • . 

experience, you can choose from the 

music, STEREO or MONO sound •/ '* 

output, loudness of the background 
execution of SOUND TEST. 

Game Option 

You can choose between EASY, NORMAL and HARD levels to adjust the 
game’s difficulty. You can also turn off the dance command display. If the 
Command Display is turned OFF, the dance commands will not appear 
during the game. 

A 17-year old graphic artist who moonlights as a dancer. 
Her groove-tron is housed in the wild pictures she 
sketches. Rumor has it that her powerful drawings can 
take on a life of their own as she gets down. 

(aka ^"fatman*') 

A 30-year old ex-dancer 
who became an employee in 
a hamburger shop so he can more 
easily snarf beef and junk food. He is 
thinking of using the groove-tron power 
to shed a few inches from his waistline. 

^ ^ A 12-yecifold child of cl DJ 
fcithct’ and a super-model 
' mother-. She loves candy, 

J animals and outdated music, 

You may find her at the local 
flea mar-ket frantically 
collecting 8-track 

(aka "Diam 

A soul dancer-whose age I', iiiiknowri. She makes her 
living as a dancer and fortune-teller, but some believe 
she makes her money by more devious means.