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Afro Celt Sound System Volume 2 : Release 


1. ReleaseTr.39) 2. Lovers Of Light (4 03) 3. Eireann {5© 4. Urban Aire (2.07) 

5. Big Cat (7.47) 6. Even In My Dreams (7.07) 7. Amber (5.27) 8. Hypnotica (7.18) 
9. Riding The Waves (6.36) 10.1 Think Of... (433) 11. Release It (Instrumental) (6,26) 


This CD '•i"1rrrt ah-wtwactiv«-4lemaot: con^pwistits from 1" written faj^Simon 

Emmersc^ JemesJAcNaily; performed <sr Aim Cett Sound Systein, ^ ReH World . | 

Music Ltd/WOMAD Music Ltd/EMl Virgin Maslc Ltd. 1999 Real l^eetirdSrLtd. copyright I 
in the Interactive musical game known as “noodle*' is SsatVf&tsl IMtf UettoCtdsnd 

licensed to Real World Recrods Ltd/Nar3da'RradnettiEMt&. Inc % 1999 Reai-Wartd MwiitMedtetyd. 



Afro Celt Sound System 
Volume 2: Release 

Afro Celt Sound System • Volume 2 : Release 

Release (7:39) Written by Simon Ernmerson, James McNafiy, iarla 0 Lion^ird, 
Martin Rysseli, Sinead O'Connor 

Levers Of (4:03) Written by Simon Ernmerson, James McNally, 

larla O Cion^ird, Martin Russell 

^reann (5:12) Written by Simon Ernmerson, James McNafly, laria O'Lionaird, 
Martin Russeil, NTaty Kouyate 

i Aire (2:0T) 

laria 0 Lion^ird, Martin 

Big Cat (7:47) W€i 

Martin Russell, Ashley MaTreT" 

Ronan Browne, Simon Ernmerson, James McNally,' 

on Ernmerson, James McNally, laria 0 Lion^ird, . 

£yen In My Dreams (7:07) Written by Simon Ernmerson. James McNally, 
larfa-O Uonaird, Martin Russeil, Ron Asian 

Amber (5:27) written by Simon Ernmerson, James McNally, laria O'Lion^ird, 
Martin RusselE NTaly Kouyate 

Hyjmotica (7:18) written by Simon Ernmerson, James McNally, laria 0 Lionaird,- 
Martin Russeil 

RIdinq The Waves (6:36) Written by Simon Ernmerson, James McNally, 
laria 0 Uonaird, Martin Russeil, Rortan Browne 

I TWnk.Of... (4:33) Written by Simon Ernmerson, James McNaiiy, 
laria 0 Lior«ird, Martin Russeil 

It^Onstrumental) (6:26)<Wrltten by Simon Ernmerson, 
James McNalty, tarla 0 Liondird, Martin Rti^i! 

AH traeifs published by Real WorkJ Musk Ltd/Reai World Works ltd/WOMAD. Music 
Ltd/EMi Virgin Muse Ltd/Ugservices excepfc Track 1: Real World Music Ltd/Real 
World Works Ltd/WOMA© Music Virgin Music Ud/Lieservices/Warner 

Chappell Musk. TSBKks 3.5,7: Real WcrW Musk Ltd/Rei|l Wdrid Works Ltd/WOMAD 
Music Ltd/EM? Virgin Music Ltd/LSpseWices/Copyright Cohtroi ' ' 

M Think Of...' 

Chuamar'na sfos go inneall an chre / We went down to the engine of the earth 
Chuamar'na sfos go imeall an bhrf / We went down to the edge of meaning 
Chuamar'na sfos go preamhacha an tsaoil / We went down to the roots of experience 

D'oscail mo shuil / My eyes were opened 
D'ardaigh mo chroi / My heart was lifted 
D'athuraigh an bhrf / All sense was twisted 

Is dfhagfadh me go buan / And I was left forever wounded 

Cuimhnfm ar mo mhathair / I think of my mother 
Cuimhnfm ar m'athair / I think of my father 
Cuimhnfm ar na deithe / I think of the gods 

Cuimhnfm ar mo mhathair / I think of my mother 
Cuimhnfm ar m'athair / I think of my father 
Cuimhnfm ar mo cheile / I think of my woman 


B'fhearr Horn bheith ag scriobh / I would rather write 

Mar gheall ar solas an lae / About the nature and character of daylight 

Na bheith ag cur sfos / Than to describe 

Ar mianta mo chrof / The yearnings of my heart 

B'fhearr Horn bheith a'siul / I would instead, walk 

San bhfoirfs gle / The illuminated forest 

Rain become silver Leaves turn to gold 

B'fhearr Horn feachaint siar / I would rather look back 
Is bheith ag eitilt san aer / And fly through the air 
Na bheith i gconaf troid / Than to always fight 
In aghaidh an saol / Against the world 

B'fhearr Horn bheith im' leanbh / Instead of this I would be a child 
San aoibhneas gle / In intense happiness 

Rain become silver Leaves turn to gold Cloth become amber Wind turn to snow 

B'fhearr Horn luf ar thalamh / I would rather lie on the ground 
Is bheith a stanadh ar an re / And gaze at the heavens 
Na bheith feachaint sfos uaim / Than to look down 
Ar dath an chre / At the colour of the earth 
B'fhearr Horn bheith ag cogar / Instead, I would whisper 
Le ceol na n-ean / The songs of birds 

Mere, soeur... la guere n'est pas bonne / Mother, sister... war is not a good thing 

Gens du monde la guere n'a que des vaincus... / People of the world, war has only losers... 

Simple orguell de I'homme pour montrer sa capacite en detruisant son prochain / 

The simple pride of men to demonstrate their power whilst destroying their brothers 


An gcuirfea fios orm / Would you search me out 
An mbeadh aithne 'gat orm / Would you recognise me 
M'uiscf, croi gach crann / My waters, the heart of every tree 
An gcuirfe^ fios orm / Would you look for me 

Chuiris cros i lar an bhothair dom / 

You placed a sign on the road to guide me 
Lamh na gcarad in am a' ghatair dom / 

A hand of friendship in a time of need 
Feach doimhin isteach id' shuile gorm / 

I look deep into your blue eyes 

tireann, ^ireann / Ireland 

N'na Kandje... barika... sodon baya gbel^mande... ah... ikan s6r6n kanke 
didde wolodi... barika bilatomandi... ha... kiyensoron de kan n'ke... diede- 
wolodi... dununya... sodon baya gbelemande... 
eh nana Kandje flye dinyesa 

The Griot storytellers of the Mandinka (West African Empire of Guinea, 
Mali, Gambia...) suffered a disastrous fate 

Gone was their role as the king's advisors; gone all the more was the 
chance to fulfil their social duty 

I sing to honour these people who were always the memory of the great 
Mandinka; and I thank my mother for having made me of Griot blood 

The Afro Celt Sound System Is... 

Simon Emmerson • guitars, programming, keyboards 

James McNally • keyboards, whistle, low whistle, bodhran, accordion 

larla 0 Llonaird • vocals 

Martin Russell • keyboards, programming, engineering 

N'Faly Kouyate • vocals, kora, balafon 

Myrdhin • Celtic harp 

Moussa Sissokho • talking drum, djembe 

Guest musicians 

Ron Aslan • programming beats 

Ronan Browne * uilleann pipes (tracks 2,3,4,9) 

Michael McGoldrick • uilleann pipes (tracks 1,2, 5,10,11), flute (track 5) 
Sinead O'Connor • vocals (track 1) 

Ashley Maher • vocals (track 8) 

Johnny Kalsi • dhol drums, tablas 
Nigel Eaton * hurdy gurdy (tracks 1,11) 

Youth • bass (track 8) 

Produced by Simon Emmerson and Martin Russell 

Additional production by James McNally 
Additional production by Ron Aslan (tracks 2,6) 

Recorded by Martin Russell at Sonic Innovation, London 
Mix engineers • David Bottrill (tracks 1, 3, 5, 6,7, 8,10,11), 

Martin Russell (tracks 2, 4, 5, 8, 9) at Real World Studios 
Assistant engineers • Marco Migliari and Claire Lewis 
at Real World Studios 

Mastered by Ian Cooper at Metropolis Mastering 

This album is dedicated to the memory of our keyboard player 

Jo Bruce, 9 February 1969 - 8 October 1997.