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Full text of "Glendale Daily Press 1923-12-01"

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to . % 30,858 

►ec^ IMa.}. . . 487,621 

W to diliB .. S,278,267 
’•ar 1922 .. 6,305,971 

In tho Interact of advartloera tho 
Proa* la forbidden to credit free ooplaa 
to circulation. 

Advertleara In the Olendal# Dally 
Preea get what they pay for—net 
paid circulation among tho people day 
oy day. 



Ehitered aa aecond-claaa matter. Fab. 4, l>2t, at the Poat- 
ofllce at Olendale, CaL, utder the Act of March 3, 1S7> 




CItlsena aa Well 
aa Offlolaldpm 
L^rntng That 
a Publio Office 
kS Indeed a 
Public Trusi 



It paya to advertise—in the 
Dally Preas. 

J,ohn Stafford White, 916 
Ndrth Louise etraet, la new 
aware of this fact. ' 

Here’s how— 

A little story waa run on 
the firet page* of Friday’s edi¬ 
tion of the Daily Press. ..In 
this story the person who took 
the littls statue of a Japanese 
goose tporfl the fropt porch of 
the White home on*Hallowe'en, 
was asked Jtindly to return it. 
This t^atue was greatly ad¬ 
mired by Mr. Whites’ sister, 
who since that time has passed 

Hardly had the Press of 
yesterday gotten on the streets 
than the neighbors of Mr. 
White got busy In a general 
search for the little, statue. The 
result was that It Was located, 
, someone having removed It 
‘‘Jfst as a joke,” not realizing 
that there was so -much senti¬ 
ment attached to it. It was 
then returned to Mr, Whlt^. 

“From the number of folks 
; who Joined In this search,” 
said Mr. White this morning, 
”1 would Judge that almoet 
everyone in our neighborhood 
takee tho Press.” 

Remember—It’e circulation 
that makes advertising pay, 
and It Is advertising that 
builds up a business. 

Just one weeJc left. 

There probably are hundreds 
oilpeople in Glendale who will 
not be able to vote at the com- 
'Jng election, which will be held 
on January 8th, unless they 
register before December 8— 
thirty days before the elec¬ 

These people may be new 
arrivals in Glendale or they 
may have moved out of their 
former precinct since they last 
registered. However,' what¬ 
ever the reason for them be¬ 
ing disqualified, these; people 
should take no chances—they 
should register at the very 
earliest possible moment. 

The bond Issue Is without 
doubt the most- important Issue 
ever placed before the people 
of this city. On the voting of 
these bonds depends almost the 
very life of this city, and there 
should be a big majority for 
the bofids. 

Mrs. Harriet Thompson, a 
member of the Press staff, has 
been appointed registrar. ShA 
ia at the Press office, 333 
North Brand boulevard every 
day from 8 In the morning un¬ 
til 6 at night, and during the 
evening hours by special ap¬ 

Register now, is a sibgan 
that might w^ll be adopted and 
used until nekt Saturday night, 
for on the ! outcome of the 
bonds election depends the 
progress pf Glendale, ^e sure 
to phone for appointment If 
you cannot call during the day. 

A CC0IIDING<! to A dis¬ 
patch frbrh rndianap- 
olie, Ind.titpia governor 
of that state (rjiis been in- 
dieted by the Marion county 
grand jury. i i;, 

The charges )[iji the Indict-' 
aj-e numeribus find In¬ 
clude embezzjbraent, lar¬ 
ceny, forgery a;n|d false pre¬ 
tense. • ’ I 

This makes gorerijors of two of 
our states under; indictment on 
practically the sajrrte counts, the 
other being the governor ot OkJa- 
boma, who was Iqdlcted a short 
time ago, 1'he lattjer, It will be re- 
, membeVed, was ratnpved from h‘s 
office by the legislature on Im¬ 
peachment charges! 

The city of Glendale will soon 
have another law suit on Its hands 
'if the threats made last nfabt be¬ 
fore the Olendale city oogticU by 
W. A. Hail of 2641 Camuloe avenue, 
are carried out. The argument 
grew out ot the council changing 
a portion of Verdugo road from a 
commercial to a residential district, 
several weeks ago. 

: ‘Tm going to start my business- 
structures on Verdugo road Mon¬ 
day morning,” said Mr. Hall. "I 
have applied to the building inspec¬ 
tor for a permit to erect these build¬ 
ings and It has been refused. 

‘‘The deeds provWed to the peo¬ 
ple buying those lota along Ver¬ 
dugo road establishes the sides of 
that road as a commercial district, 
and I claim that tho city has no 
right to change It to residential, 
over the provisions of- the deed. 
Those people bought those lota for 
business purposes with the under¬ 
standing that business buildings 
would be allowed and now you go 
and change It to residential. The 
restrictions of the deed certainly 
■have precedence over any zoning 
ordinance this council may pass. 

"There is a world’’war veteran 
who has just purchased one of 
those lots for the purpose of erect¬ 
ing a little store with which to 
earn a living for himself and fam¬ 
ily. Wlime In the war this boy con¬ 
tracted mercttlosis and is not able 
to do h*d work. It. is.for this 
boy as well aa m:yself that I am 
going tottake this matter to court.” 

Building Superintendent Van de 
^ter was Instructed by the coun¬ 
cil to issue a warrant for the arrest 

A mass meetlng-«l^iU he held De- 
ce^l^r 18 In the Glendale high 
school auditorium to discuss the 
approaching sewer bond election. 

This date wag set Wednesday 
night In the lobby of the chamber 
of commerce at a meeting of the 
campaign committee. 

- A report was explained in detail 
by Chester Smith, members of the 
firm of Bums & McDonnell. He 
galled attention to the fact that the 
main sewer line which will extend 
from Doran street and San Fer¬ 
nando , road to Sixth and Aliso 
streets, Los Angeles, will he about 
ten miles long. 

A, L. Baird of 213 East .Broad¬ 
way, member ot the finance com¬ 
mittee, reported the collection of 
several hundred dollars for cam- 
I>aign purposes. ' 

Various means of getting the Im¬ 
portance of the bond Issue to the 
attention of the public were, dis¬ 

Glendale Bunch Favors 
Big Project 100 
Per Cent 

Santa Monica Gridders 
Now Battling thp 

over the total of $1,019,613 for 
February; and $9Bi087 over the 
■;otal of $1,086,475 f^r March. 

November’s totals ..during the 
;a8t four years have been as fol¬ 
lows; 1920, $834,291; 1921, $460,961; 
1922, $516,323; 1923, $1,132,662. 

December has started off with a 
bang. The building office at the 
city hall had not been open fifteen 
minutes this morning before Con¬ 
tractor Jan Oroen of‘ 419 Oak 
street bad applied for three per¬ 
mits, totalling $18,000. 

Permits Issued recently include 
-ha following: 

R. N. Stryker, 6 rooms and, ga¬ 
rage, 618 West Dryden, $4000;' B. 
J. Smith, addition, 741 South Ad¬ 
ams, $176; O. H. Ashbaugh, addi¬ 
tion and garage, 1136 Spazler, 
$400; Verne D. Stoddayd, 3 rooms, 
829 East Acacia, $1400. 

December pen^U opened -with a 
total of $30,868 for the first half¬ 
day. Here they are; * 

Daniels & Howe, filling station, 
219 South Central, contractor. 
May & Heilman, $3000; Miss Jose- 


Eleven men In Black and Red 
and eleven men in Blue and Gold 
faced each other at 2:15 this after¬ 
noon on the Cfccldental College 
gridiron In the semi-finals for the 
Southern Califijraia High school 
football championship. Glendale^ 
and Santa Monica High schools, 
victors In their own leagues and 
winners of the first round ,X)f the 
playoffs, clashed this afternoon to 
determine which team plays Long 
Beach next week for the southland 

The ^owd that gathered at Pat¬ 
terson field to view th^ game was 
estimated shortly before the kick¬ 
off as the largest lhat has wit¬ 
nessed a high school contest In the 
southland this season. The stands 
were filled with rooters from the 
tw* schools and spectators from 
all^ver the southland. 

The light rain that fell last night 
did not slow up the field to any 
extent,^ and the players went 


R eading ovef the specific 
charges will probably leave 
conflicting ideas In different 
minds. Spme ■will look at thepa exJ 
posures as an evidence of the loos¬ 
ening of morals in our public offl -1 
dais. ! 

We do hot accept this point of 
view. It Is our opinion that such 
disclosures show that the citizens 
nre demanding of thejr public offl- | 
dais the'same conBujPt and efflci- J 
ency as Is expected In other lines i 
of business. The time; is past when j 
grafters dnd boodlers fan represenCj 
the citizens of any "coinmunlty and ; 
the house cleanltK' polng on 

day was A. U Baird, president of 
the -Valley ' Mortgage, company. 
Although Mr. Baird had selected 
for his subject, “Insurance,” he 
I hit only the 1|iigh spots, for he had 
a more Important matter to bring 
to the attention of the Klwsnlans, 
namely, the sewer bond election. 
Mr. Baird ufged every Kiwanian 
to register dtid to do all In his 
power to put :the bonds over. “You 
must be regiistered by December 
8 it you would yote,” said Mr. 
Baird, and I ■ believe every Kiwan¬ 
ian* wants to, for this is the big¬ 
gest proposition that has ever 
come up in i Glendale and means 
more for th^ growth of the city 
than any dther project yet 
launched.” ' i 

Mr. Baird read a letter from the 
controller ot the state which threw 
light upon the bond situation. Ac¬ 
cording te th,e' letter Glendale’s as¬ 
sessed valuation at the present 
time Is $30,920,000, with a total 
bonded indebtedness of only $988,- 
750. As the; law allows bonds to 
be Issued to' the extent of 15 per 
cent of the ! total assessed valua¬ 
tion Glendale city still has a bor¬ 
rowing powef of over thred million 
dollars, and as it will require about 
one and a half million dollars to 
put In the sejwer system, Glendale { 
'Stands In a very fortunate posi¬ 
tion, and the sewer bonds would 
In no way hinder the progress of 
the city, but would prove a very 
attractive investment and should 
bring a good! premium. “Between 
17 and 18 lUiles of ^ sewer mains 
must be laid, besides the connec¬ 
tions,” said Mr. Baird. ‘‘Glendale 
will pay the Imlnl.mum cost, as we 
have \,ery few Industrial plants to 
Increase’ the sewerage volume,’ 
concluded the speaker. 

President A- L. Ferguson asked 
Lyman P. Clark, C. W. Ingledue, 
Fred Deal apd Harry McBain to 
stand up. Mr. Ferguson assured 
them that they would hava the co¬ 
operation of the club in their 

Mr. Smith agreed to speak 
upon the subject Tuesday night in 
the Grand View school at the next 
meeting of the Foothill Improve¬ 
ment association. 

The campaign committee Is com¬ 
posed of the follo^wlng: W. E. 
Hewitt, George H. Bentley, W. A. 
Goss, Charles B. Guthrie, Peter 
Hanson, George B. Karr, William 
Griffin, Mattison B. Jones, Mrs. 
Ella W. Richardson, T. W. Watson, 
Dr. Henry R. HUrrower, C. D. 
Lusby, A. W. Tower, Peter L. 
Perry, W. L. Twining, Alex Mit¬ 
chell, Mrs. E. B. More, Mrs. Dan 
Campbell and Mrs. William P. Mac- 

shape. The sool invlgoratli 
mosphere thafi followed the 
seemed to putt pep Into the 
when they came out on the 

Long before • the game 
scheduled to commence the crowd 
began to arrive at the field, display¬ 
ing much enthusiasm at the j>fos- 
pect of a real game of football. 
Santa Monica rooters arrived early 
and filled a large rooting section 
festooned with Blue and Gold 
streamers and pom-poms. They 
displayed considerable energy In 
their yelling and aAwed that they 
were right there "With the goods 
when It came to the rah-rah stuff. 

A crowd of Glendale rooters that 

(Continued op page 6) 

^ 'The new street zmmes are to be 
used Immediately, and men are 
now busy painting sign posts and 
making measurements. The 
changes are listed below. Start 
using the new name# at once. They 
are accurate: 

Acacia to Alveme avenM. 

Angelua to Algoma avmue. 

Adams to Addison way. 

Bellevlew to Grandola avenue. 

Castle avenue to Caspar avanue. 
, Central to Eagle Rock'boulevard. 
J Delmar to Vincent avetme. 

Douglas to Lockhaven avenue. 

Eagle to Norwalk avenue. 

Eagle Rock avenue to Annandale 
bouleVard. « * 

Eagle Rock road to El Modena 

Eddy avenue to El Rio avenue. 

Ellenwood drive E. S. ’ to Ellen- 
wood place. 

Ellis to El Verano avenul. 

Fairmont to Maywood avenue. 

Falrvlew street to Linda Rosa 

Flfleld to Los Flores drive. 

Florence place to Tenshaw place. 

Florida to Niagara avemm. 

Forest to Monfero avenue. 

Glen Eyrie to Glen Iris avenue. 

Gledview avenue to North ave¬ 

Grandview to Dlvp Oak View 

Harlan to Los Flores drive. 

Harvard to Del Rpsa drive. 

Highland' to Highland View ave¬ 

HIU avenue to Hill drive. 

Hillcrest to Highcrest avenue,. 

Kenilworth to Hermosa avenue. 

La-wrence to Langdale avenue. 

Linden to .Alaywood avenue. 

Lucille to Onteora way. 

Mariposa to La’s Colinas avenue. 

Myrtle t6 Merto avenue. 

Oakwood to Oak Tree trail. 

Ostego to losca street 

Palm to Lavema avenue. 

Paloma to Sheaxin avenue. 

Park to Pair Park avenue. 

Pearl to Shearin avenue. 

Peyton to Cota avenue. 

Pineburst to'Royal drive. 

Ridgeway to Ridge View avenue. 

Rosemont to Dahlia drive. 

Rowland to Rockland avenue. 

Satsuma to Laroda avenue. 

Sierra Vista to Sierra Villa 

Stanley to Chickasaw avenue. 

Summit to Escarda drive. 

Sycamore to Yosemite drive. 

West to Ward street. 

Valley drive to Ellenwood drive. 

Victoria to Lauristlnls street. 

Virginia to Vincent avenue. 

N othing will make ‘political 
office -worth I accepting like 
raising the pljinfe so an hon¬ 
est nlan may hold tl^ iiosltlon with¬ 
out being under suspicion. 

Too much criticise of public of¬ 
ficials is continually,! going the 
rounds- It does a ^'’9''^® injustice 
to many and in addjtibn keeps the 
real men of the .comniiUfiltles from 
accepting the responsibility of of- 
fiqe. i 

This afternoon Eagle Tlock Is 
welcoming the combined cities of 

Monica to 
witness the football game between 
their resi 

schools on 
Pattefson; flelip. Occidental college. 
This is another time when the cit¬ 
ies of Eagle Rock and Glendale go 
hand In hand (o further a big 
project, namely, to show the other 
cities and especially those of the 
bay district that the northern part 
of the county plays Just as good 
football, and has just as many fol¬ 
lowers as the other side of Los An¬ 
geles. Glendale High school has 
always had Eagle Rock players on' 

A n ordinance was ienacted yes¬ 
terday In Los, Aigeles which 
will permit pnbl^ speaking in 
the'^treel{9 and parks jjDf the down-, 
town district. It will |ie necessary, 
however, for the speakers to pro¬ 
cure permits fromi tile board of 
police commissioners.*' 

The previous ordin^ce was un¬ 
doubtedly too dradtlc! for it pro¬ 
hibited all public Speaking in the 
downtown district. ‘ i' 

The Foothill Boulevard assocla- ' 
tlon of Southern California met 
last night at a banquet In tho M*uy-, 
land hotel, Pasadena. a : 

The Glendale chamber of com¬ 
merce was represented by Secre¬ 
tary E. F. Sanders, L. T. Ro-wley of 
334 \’lne street and P. J. Hayselden 
of 901 South Glendale avenue, 1 
Ways and means ot raising; 
$25,000 as a year’s, budget for pro- j 
motion expenses In connection 
with the improvement of Foothill i 
boulevard,' proposed Hyperion way I 
and Santa Monica boulevard were ; 
discussed. The project Includes' 
the Improvement of a thoroughfare | 
Between the desert and the sea. I 
Although the present route Is | 
projected to pass to the south of; 
Glendale and go over York boule- j 
vard (formerly Central avenue) S'; 
Eagle Rock, Mr. Sandecs bslleves | 
it can be brought through Glendale.! 

northeast and he was In favor of 
keeping it as beautiful as possible. 
He would remove the present busi¬ 
ness structures' If he could, he as¬ 
serted. ' 

Councilman Davis stated that he 
had voted tp change this to a resi¬ 
dential district and would continue 

the team. 

The 7,000 or more seats at the 
game are filled to overflowing. 

Eagle Rock Is extremely fortim- 
ate In having such a beautiful lo¬ 
cation for sports. For many years 
this field, which ■was given to the 
college tor its student-body, has 
been the place for dp4ehs of games 
and meets of the AMthland. 

The advertlsll^ which Eagle 
Rock gets through these channels 
amounts to eonslderable. 

era,” says Secretary Denby In his 
letter to Captain Thomas Jones 
Senn, who is placed In command. 
"For years to come there will be 
no more competition In capital 
ships amongst the great naval pow¬ 

> Displacing 32,600 tons, she is the 
fifth battleship equipped with elec¬ 
tric drive and is regrarded by Sec¬ 
retary Denby as being the latest In 

The West Virginia’s complement 
consists of 1400 officers and men. 
and she craries eight 16-lnch, 45 
calibre guns, 12 five Inch, 51 cali¬ 
bre guns, two 21-lnch submerged 
torpedo tubes and eight 3-inch anti¬ 
aircraft guns. She is 624 feet long, 
97 feet 2^ inches across at the 
waterline, has a draft of 3114 feet 
and makes a speed of 21 knots. 

The West Virginia, Maryland and 
Colorado are the largest ships In 
^9 'Dnlted States navy, but they 
are not as large as the new Japan¬ 
ese battleships, the Mutsu and Na- 
gato, and the British battle cruiser 
Hood Is considerably larger than 
either the West Virginia class or 
the Mutsu class. 

to dp so. 

“If you want to start 
against the city, go to It,’ 
Coui^cilman Davis. "Go as i 
you I like—we -will stay with 

’ said 
far as 

Salvation Army, ^p-hose work; 
Sr much needed dmqngHhe habitues 
of the downtown ! streets. Such 
men' can be reach^ ()nly through 
street meetings. By making It 
mandatory for the upehker to have 
a permit the board ol|i police com¬ 
missioners' can intes^igate thor¬ 
oughly the standing of all applt- 

Just Off the 
Wire From 
Here and There 

W ITH the presejnt ipersonnel of 
the police cpminissioSi the 
law and order Element need 
■qjot worry, but the individuals who 
In the past have kprpad hate of 
American institutions.: and ideals 
will receive scant! chnslderatipn. 
Agitators have beep allo’wed too 
much freedom and | wi have been 
sitting Idly by and ■ allowing them 
to spread their propaganda far and 
wide. The new ordinance, while 
ptohibiting this class;! of oratory, 
-will allow the uplift oirganisations 
lull ewnlg. Chalk another merit 
mark for law and orderj; 

* • * i 

W ITH an ^efficient police chiefi 
and a cooperating pq^ce 
commission, Lpg Angeles 
will BOOB be tabooed h]r the crooks i 
who heretofore have been seeking 
ft as a mecca. | 

: [By Associated Press] 
600 -pound steel safei 

Two __ _ 

ownejd by the. Maxwell Fuel com” 
pany; and the other by th® Grange 
Warehouse company, containing 
more! than $3,500. In caph, checks, 
note^ and outstanding accounts, 
were; taken from the two places of 
buslhess last flight and jyhlaked 
away by automobile truck bandits. 
Officers today were without clews 
except the marks left by tho au¬ 
tomobile tires In the frost-covered 
streets. ’ 

his Wide are right now starting 
on a 1,000,000 mile jaunt. It’s just 
as easy, they say. 

Wherever , he goes Col. Stanley 
takes pictures. He has now one of 
the most wonderful collections of 
photographs in the country. Much 
of Ms- travel has been confined to 
Arizona, he says, and while oper¬ 
ating there he makes his head¬ 
quarters In Phoenix, the capital— 
"the city of smiles.”. 

“The natural bridge of Arizona 
Is much larger, prettier and has 
more wonderful formations than 
the natural bridge In Virginia,” 
stfys Col. Stanley. ' ‘ 

league. As Mayor Spencer Robin¬ 
son could not absent himself from 
an adjourned meeting of the city 
council, Jesse Smith, president of 
phe Glendale chamber of com¬ 
merce, was asked to represent him. 
He -was accompanied by Vice 
President Wg E. Hewitt, George 
Karr and Claud Caswell. 

The dinner was given by the 
Southern California Baseball Man¬ 
agers’ association, and as Mr. 
Smith has been one of the active 
backers of the two officers of that 
association who have been promot¬ 
ing the Glendal^ baseball park and 
team, it seemed particularly fitting 
that he should be In attendance 
to represent the youngest city on 
the baseball map knd to be one of 
the speakers ‘ to compliment the 
honor guest of the evening. . About 
200 were present at the banquet 

J. M. Barnett of Los Angeles, 
who was shot late Thursday night, 
( is still In a critical condition at 
i the Olendale sanitarium hospital. 
' No^haflge for the better has been 
noted la his condition and his re¬ 
covery-Is still doubtful. 

I Wallace M. Brown of 721 West 
' California avenue, who fired the 
I shot following an altercation, was 
i released yesterday, afternoon, upon 
i a $20,000 property bond. 

NEW YORK, Dec. 1.—^An alleged 
plot to rifle mall sacks aboard Ihe 
American liner Mongolia was re¬ 
vealed today when three members 
of the crew were brought back on 
the S. S. Minnekahda from Ham¬ 
burg. The theft was discovered 
when opened • sacks were found 
floating on the Elbe. 

hsra. The Palais Majestic held an 

W,. L. Truljtt, tho popular realty oriental ball Wednesday evening at 
man, was chairman of the day and which Mrs. Walter Anglin won 
Introduced the flve-mlnute speaker first prize as a harem maid, and 
with a few characteristic remarks. Freeman Lang won second prize 

as a sheik. Mrs. Anglin was pre- 
Aii I sented With a beautiful boudoir 

Rll I hTTr hNnnRxFn I***"!* ^ uid Mr. 

UILLL I I k LllUUnOklJ Lang received a silver fruit baskeL 
rnn beautifully decoi^ 

PilR RraFI FPI IiIm incense burned every- 

1 Vfl flii LLkU I lull where and together -with the soft 

_ lights and weird music one was 

transported Into the land of the 
[By Associated Proas] orienL The surprise feature of 

WASHINGTON, Dec. 1.—Speak- the evening was a numher of orlen- 
er Gillette was endorsed by house tal dances In beautiful costumes by 
republicans for re-election to the a professional dancer from Los 
speakership over the opposition pt Angeles. 

members of the progressive blOc. -*- 

Mr. Gillette recelTed 187 against WEATHER • 

15 for representative -Cooper of Southern California: Rain this 
Washington, nine tor Representa- afternoon, tonight and probably 
live Madden of minola tor Sunday; streng northeast «WfHwg 
Representative Little ot Kansas, to northwestn^ triads. 

'This bridge 
rises a mile and a halt off the trail 
leading north from the Roosevelt 
dam to Winslow. Thousands of 
tourists pass it without seeing It 
Anything left in the water sur¬ 
rounding the bridge will become 
petrified If permitted to remain 
there from 60 to 90 days. 

"Phoenix ^ called 'The, City ot 
Smiles,’ for i it Is there that yop 
get the acme ot desert hospitality, 
regardless of your ’line.’ Out ot 
Phoenix the trail wends Its way 
through prehistoric America. 
There are the Casa Grande na¬ 
tional monuments, the Aztec monu¬ 
ment, the Giant Cactus monuihent, 
and many other features.” 

Whfle here Col. and Mrs. Stan¬ 
ley are guests of Smith & Howe, 
116 North Maryland avenue, Glen¬ 
dale distributbrs of the Chandler 



NEW YORK, Doc. l.t-Harry 

CHICAGO, Dec. 1.—Twenty^ mll-rFrankllrt, an employe In the office 
Hon dollars a yeer Is a conse'nra- of the Metro Pictures corporation, 

tlve esUmate of the money spent held t^ay In $1,000 Mil on a 
, .. . V V charge of shipping liquor from New 

in so-called suit clubs through- to Los Angeles In movie film 

out the country to "win” two ipH- containers, in violation of the In- 
llon dollars worth of clothing, ac- terstate commerce law. 

cortlug to representatives of the , is tinted in Los Aw- 

„ les and remoTgl proceedings will be 
National Association of ReUil ingtltuted. Prankl^asserted that 
Colthers and Finishers. This fact, be ipade only one shipment to ac- 
theg^eay, was de-veloped since raids oonunodate a friend, but the gov- 
two 'Weeks ago by the state's at- eminent charged ha has made 
tomey on suit clubs here. ‘wholesale shipments. 

SEATTLE, Wash., Dec. 1.—B. L. 
Titus, until last May eStr cleig of 
ElUensbarg, Wash., shot and killed 
himself today, officers - retried, 
when they ■<gpnt to his home in this 
city to arrest him. - A warrant 
against Mr. Tltns alleged a abort- 
age of about $116. Asking permis¬ 
sion to lay goodby to bis family be¬ 
fore going with the oftloers, he 
stepped into the bathroom whence 
a shot.vas Imiaadiately hear^ 

CROP IS 14,000 CARS 

LOS. AWGBLfjSy Obc* l."“HBrry 
Harts, automobile race driver, 
whose car struck and.killed two 
persons at the Severely HUls 
Speejdway Thanksgiving Day, to¬ 
day was exonerated of all blame 
at the comer’s inquest Into the 

BRA-WLBY, Cal., Dec. 1.—The 
first lettuce of the new crop In Im. 
perlal valley, estimated ‘at 14,000 
cars from' 18,000 acres, waa shipped 
last night when Brawley and Im¬ 
perial each sent one car to eastern 







Mr. and Mrs. Colin Cable of 
South Columbus avenue, were 
Thanksgiving dinner ^esti of Mrs. 
Flckessen of WM 4lBt Place, Los 
Angeles. The d^er was followed 
by a big evening party. 

Mr. and Sfrs. H. C. Levey of 811 
South Glendale avenue were guests 
of Mrs. Levey’s sister, Mrs. L. E. 
Downs, at Huntington Beach at a 
family reunion on Thanksgiving 
day. ' 

HvTy Bennett Jr., who returned 
from Stanford to spend the Thanks¬ 
giving holidays with his i>arents, 
Mr. anjTMrs. Harry Bennett of 
1717 Ntoh Grand View, wae host 
at a dinner at the Glendale Tavern 
Friday night for which arrange¬ 
ments had been made by his 
mother as a pleasant surprise for 
him. The dinner was served about 
8 p. m. and covers were laid for 
Misses Cornelia Wilson, Catherine 
Guthrie, Marie Heamshaw, Dorothy 
Houston, Doris Osmun ai^ Bernice 
Huskins; Lorln Iratrick, Allan Pol¬ 
lock, George Jansen, Ralph Van 
Hoorebe^, Floyd Kennan and the 
hoet. Harry returns to Stanford 
Sunday afternoon. 

f _ 

Mrs. Net{ Klleder of Los Angeles 
is the week-end g.uest of Mrs. Geo. 
B. Pratt of 356 Myrtle street. 

Mr. and Mlrs. A. J. Easterly of 
545 North Adims street were guests 
on Thursday;of Mr. Esterly's^par¬ 
ents, Mr. and Mrs. John Esterl'y, in 
Los Angeles. 



Events of Interest to - 
Glendale and Its People 

When the pumpkins are in the 

And the frost is oh th^ ground. 
When you wake up in the morning 
And the keen air floats aroundj 
When the chickens are .the fatest 
And the fruit is mellow ripe, - 
And dad's so busy being delighted 
That he even forgets his pipe; 
With the biscuits on the table. 
And the butter golden hue. ; 
When you’re sniffing around the 
kitchen ,, 

And you don’t know what to. do; 
’When you’re all prepared for break¬ 

And the blessing’s offered g*od. 
And. you’ve signed a contract to 
yourself ^ 

You'd do the^est you couM; 

Now you’re standln’ 'round t the 
table *. 

And your chairs are all iif Vne. 
And the apples are the sweetest, 
"Oh,” the puddln’ is Just fine; . 
When the "sun Is shining brightly, 
It’s as pleasant as in May. 

None too old,* or none too .young 
To frolic on Thanksgiving day. 

' Mr. and Mrs. BCn^ C. ^H^scock 
have sold their home at 3CTi West 
Elk avenue to Mr. .and Mrs/* Mer- 
cey, and are!planning to move to 
Almabbra "eSt week. 

FRIDAY—November 30 
American Legion regular meeting. 
Meeting of Klwanis Club. 

Glendale Soiots. ^ 

Reception for as8is,tant Wstor. 

tlst church, Rev. C. H. Tilde*. 
Parlor rheeting W- C. T. ll. with 
Mrs. L. Richardson. 

SATUftOAY-—December 1 
Jolly Bachelors’ dance. 

Glendale Music Cldb Colonial tea 
at home of Mr^. M. B. Jones. 
Knights of Columbus hard times 
dance. 8 p. m.' 

SUNDAY—December 2 
Memorial ^ervl^e of Glendale Elks’ 
lodge. ($, 

In spite of ■'a stormy evening, be¬ 
tween 76 and 100 loyal members of 
the First Baptist church partici¬ 
pated Friday night in the reception, 
given by the Women’s Union to 
welcome the assistant pastor. Rev. 
C. H. Tllden and Mrs. TUden. In 
the receiving line were Rev. and 
Mrs. E. E. Ford, Rev. and Mrs! 
Tllden, Deacon and Mrs. McLeod. 

A dellghtfifl program was pre¬ 
sented by way of entertainment 
which Included piano’numbers by 
Mrs. Bernice Waanacopp; vocal 
solos by Mr. Carver, leader of the 
choir;'and readings by Miss Gar¬ 
nett of Loe Angeles. 

The address of welcome on be¬ 
half of the men of the church was 
given by Mr. Oosser^d felicitous 
response was made D)r Rev. Tllden. 

Mrs.’ Park Arnold# president of 
the Women’s Union, who presided, 
gave the address of welcome . to 
Mrs. Tllden on behalf of the women 
of the church, and Mrs. Tllden 
made gsaceful acknowledgemenL 
Tea and wafers were then served 
by a confinltteo headed by Mrs. 
Sudlow who •was assisted by Mes- 
dames Morrow, Detweiler and 

Mr. and Mrs. R. L McCourt of 
3.36 North Central avdnue entertain¬ 
ed Mr. and Mrs. Riley Newport as 
.their guests at dinner Thanksgiv¬ 
ing night. ■ ' -« 

Mrs. Ray Mor:-ow of 828 West 
Pgtterson avenue is nov; home 
from the Glendale Sanitarium and 
hospital and is able to see her 
friends. , 

Dale T. Wood, who is a studpnl 
at Redlands university, spent 
Thanksgiving with his mother, 
Mrs. Louise G. Wood and returned 
to Redlands Friday morning, to re¬ 
hearse a playj that Is being put on 
by his fraternity. 

Passes Ordinances an 

t . 

Resolutions,; Orders 

“'Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fox of 345 
North Kenwood streetj entertained 
as their guests at dinner on Thurs¬ 
day, Dr. and Mrs. Donnell of Long 
Beach, S. T. Woodsum of' Long 
Beach. Mr- and'blrs. J. F. Woodsum 
of Redlands and Miss Alice Merritt- 
of Mills College. 

Mr. and Mrs. P. T. Evens enter¬ 
tained friends Thanksglviing day 
with a big turkey dinner. Covers 
were laid for Mr. and Mrs. 3. Hart¬ 
man, Mr. and Mrs. George Hyne, 
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. J. Slebert and 
son Billy, the host and hostess and 
son Frank- 

Miss Nellie; Rowe, student in the 
University of Redlands, is spend¬ 
ing the Thanksgiving vacation with 
her parents at 2F6 South Orange. 

up by' the Glendale; cohncir Fridays! 
uight usd that body! adiopted a res- j 
olution modifying the i assessment j 
in question. i I 

In the matter of tlje improve- , 
meut of Watson cdurt and Elm ave- 
fiue all protests were, <m motion of 
Councilman Horn, denfed. 

; As there was a protest bearing 
55.13 per c^nt against ithe opening 
.and widening of Raymond avenue, 
the proceedings for this work were 
ordered abandoned. j 

A petition was received for the 
vacating of an alley In tract 250, 
and the f^rst steps in this work 
were ordered taken. 

The following ordinances were I 
adopted; | 

A»^- ocdlnance 'establishing the - 
grade •<tn Irving avenue. 

An Ordinance establishing the'^ 
grade ibn a portion ‘of San Fernando 

An ordinance amending ' the' 
commerolal ordinance No. 529. j 

An ordinance creating first-class ! 
residential district No. 16. 

An ordinance ^establishing paral-1 
lei paiklng on prand south of Wind-1 
aor road. I 

An ordinance which will allow 
the city to hid on construction, re¬ 
pairs, etc. of public utilities. 

An ordinance creating first-class 
residential district No. 18. 

An ordinanoe ordering the work 
on Watson court and Elm tfvenue. 

The following resolutions were 

A ree^ution directing that the 
assessment for the Improvement of 
Kenneth road be modified. 

A resolution adopting maps and 
plans Ih the office of the city engi¬ 
neer, for Irving avenue, Fourth 
street, San Fernando road and 
Allen avenue. 

' Resolutions of Intention to Im¬ 
prove Irving, San Fernando, Fourth 
and Allen. 

A reeolutlon adopting speclfica- i 
tions for the 18,000,000 gallon reser¬ 
voir for the Glenoaks tract, i 

The city attorney and city! engi¬ 
neer were Instmoted to start pro- 
I'.eedlniTB for the Rnprovement of a 
portion ot Ooncord with sidewalk 
and ouiblng. 

Maps of Tracts Nos. t436, inside 
the olty, and 7711 and 3799 outside 
the city, were approved. 

The Westln^ouse Electric and 
Manufacturing company was award¬ 
ed the contract tor the furnishing 
to the city of one 110 KVl'A induc¬ 
tion feeder regular and one 38 
KWA constant current regulator. 
This was done on recommendation 
of P. Dederloh, superintendent of 
the public service department. 

Sealed bids for the erection of a 
15,000,000 gallon redwood reservoir 
will be received by th© city clerk 
until 10 a. m. Thursday, December 

Meeting of Glendale Art Associa¬ 
tion 4 p. m. 

Jewish Sunday school chlldrer 
celebrates ‘‘Chanukah,” Odd Fel 
lows' hall. ' 


'Elks’ meeting. 

Shakespeare section at T. A. C., 
2 p. m. 

American Legion Auxiliary, 7:30 
p. m. 

Glendale Cat club meeting. 

Glendale Choral Society at High 
,school, 7:30 p. m. 

Credit Men's association meeting. 

Glendale Auxiliary Children’s Hos¬ 
pital at 326 West Gapfield. 

Madrigal club- 

Glendale Commandery meets. 

Mls.s Alice Merritt, who is at¬ 
tending Mills College, returned to 
Glendale for the Thanksgiving hol¬ 
idays. ■ 

Mrs. S. M. Brooks, 343 North 
Louise, spent Thanksgiving with 
her daughter. Mrs. R. B. Edmond¬ 
son, at Oxnard. 

^ampjBaldy was the destination 
of a grdup of Glendale people and 
their friends for the celebration of 
Thanksgiving day. Those In the 
party included Mr. and Mrs. R. E. 
Olln and family of 1312 North Co- 
ItAnbus avenue, Glendale; A; O. 
Perclval, Ur. Evangeline Perclval, 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Snead and 
children, all of Alhambra, Mrs. R. 
O- Haskell of Hermosa Beach, Miss 
Nellie Haskell and Miss Julia Has¬ 
kell ot Pomona College. . Mr. and 
Mrs. .1. L. Gray tmd children and 
Mr. and Mrs. John Pylk and son ot 

December 3 

Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Castile and 
daughter ot 907 Mariposa street 
spent Thanksgiving at the Hart- 
sook ranch near Lankershim- 

Judge Lowe is so far recovered 
from the operation for appendicitis 
he underwent a few weeks ago 
that he is "honing" to get- back 
to the court room. The doctor has 
agreed to let him go for an hour or 
two Monday. 

' Dr. and Mrs. R. i. Hart of Los 
Angeles hafve purchased the W. R. 
Vanderwood reslttence at 619 North 
Kenwood street and moved In 
early this week. The Vanderwoods 
are now residing at 361 North Or¬ 
ange street. 

Miss Freda Goertz, daughter ot 
Mr. and Mrs, H. P. Goertz of 665 
West Stocker street, who has been 
visiting her brother at Dubuque, la,, 
since February, is .expected to re¬ 
turn to Glendale within the next 
week or ten days. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Russell of 
332 North Kenwood stpieet were 
gdests on Thanksgiving day of Mrs, 
Russell’s brother, H. W. Locklin of 
Los .Angeles. 

Mr. Beals of 1008 Mariposa street 
who has been in Ionia and Lansing, 
Michigan since last May, is expect¬ 
ed home Sunday morning. 

Mrs. Harry R. Gibbs of 316 West 
Lexington drive returned Friday 
night from a six weeks’ tour of the 
east, including Chicago, Detroit, 
Cleveland ^and other cities. Her 
son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and 
Mrs. L. G. Sherman of Glendale, 
accompanied her as far as Chicago, 
and from there went to New Y 05 K 
City and other eastern points. They 
will be there for some time on an 
extended business visit. Mrs. Gibbs- 
states that the trains coming to 
California were crowded. Most of 
the people had heard of Glendale 
and were very much interested in 
visiting this city. A great many ot 
them were planning to locate in 
California permanently and'others 
were'coming to spend the winter. 

John Robert White, Jr., who is 
atteqdlng Stanford, returned to 
spenJ-Thanksglving at home, arriv¬ 
ing Thursday morning at 2:30 and 
was enthusiastically welcomed. He 
is leaving to return to college about 
noon Sunday. 

Miss Marion Letts, daughter of 
Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Letts ot 450 
West Lexington drive, is having 
the pleasure ot making a tour of 
inspection over some of the new 
railroads being opened up in Mexi¬ 
co. Miss Letts is accompanying her 
uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. James 
B. Finley of Empalme, Mexico, who 
have been spending the past two 
we^ks In Southern California 
aboard their private car, "Slna- 
lowa^” Mr. Finley is vice president 
of the Santa Fe and Mexican Rail¬ 
way. Miss Letts will return to 
Glendale In about two months. 


To Get a Gift for Dad and Mother, Sister and Brother, etc. 

Mr, and Mrs. O. E. Von Oven of 
thl/i city were Thanksgiving guests 
at a large family party given by his 
cousin, Mr. HammersKlth and Mrs. 
Hammershlth of Fullerton. The 
dinner was served at the new Cali¬ 
fornia hotel of Fullerton, the guests 
returning to spend -the afternoon 
and evening at the home of host 
and hostess. 

The sum of 1200 was voted paid 
to the firm ot Twining ft Myers 
for three culverts erected on the 
city propert y In Verdugo cadyon. 

The following Gifts are the. most appealing to your Folks and can be had {pr the Asking 
See’Mr. Mitchell of the Glendale Press and he will tell you how easy it is to get them. 
Dad or Brother . ^ Mother, Sister or Sweetheart 

Linen Set 

Perfume Set ; 

Scarf Purse 
Fancy Comb . 
Manicure Sets j, 
Toilet Sets 

Kimona Pearls 

Wrist Watches ' 
Bed\Room Slippers - 

Neck Tie 
Bath Robe 
Hat Order 
Scarf Pin 
Pah* of Shoes 
Box of Cigars 

Cigarette Case 

^ And Many Other Atfractive Presents ' 

You may have your Pick of the above and present it to your folks as your Christmas 
Present. How proud you will be to give it to them. 

Ail these articles are to be had and Plenty of them. Get Busy Now and let the Glendale^ 
Press Pay for your Christmas presents. i 

This is no Contest. You do not compete against anyone. 

' Just Come in and See D. K. Mitchell, The Glendale Press Santa Claus, and tell him 



On Umaksclvlivg Day a pretty 
horn* wedding occurred at the resi¬ 
dence ot Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. 
McIntyre, 884 Cameron place. Glen- 
dele^ when Miss Clara Barrls, sis¬ 
ter ot Mrs. McIntyre, became the 
bride of Charles Uverett Mllbach 
ot Los Angeles. Rev. E. E. Ford of 
the Baptist church officiated. Miss 
Huldah Mllbaoh and C. A. Mllbach, 
Jr., elster and brother of the 
bridegroom, acted as bridesmaid 
and bwt man. 

Hie bride were * gown of brown 
crepe, trbnmed with cream lace. 
She canted CQhalia roses and 
laveadar sweet peas. Mias Mllbach 
wore a becoming gowi^ of jade 
green crepe. AnUumn flowers were 
vaoA t* deoorata the various rooms. 

After the oeremony a dinner was 
aarv^ to the memhera ot the im- 
families. Those present 
inhUded Mr. and Mz*. C. A. MU- 
haioh, 8r., parents ot, the bride¬ 
groom, Hoary Milfaaoh ot Loe An- 
CelM, Mr. and Mn. J. R. Barrls, 
paranta oC tho bride, Mr. and Mrs. 
J. L WecBett% hfiae Rnth Mcln- 
tyrsk Mias Huldah Mllbach. C. A. 

Jr, Kr. ^and Mrs. C. E. 
MUhandt and Mr. [and Mn. C. E. 
M^tyra. The happy con^e left 
tor a motor trip th San Diego and 
win later lealda In! Los Aogelea. 


Ing Magnolia Park for Earl L. 
White, the owner, “and one of the 
phenomena brought about by this 
trait has interested me very much 
In watching the growth and devel¬ 
opment of Magnolia Park. ' 

“A surprisingly large number of 
persons came here to buy two or i 
more lots In this tract merely for 
the future speculative value of 
their holdings In the vicinity of 
Pioneer boulevard, which shortens 
the route to Hollywood and Los 
‘Angeles from all points In San Fer¬ 
nando valley by about four and one- 
half mUes. These factors, together 
with several others, which insured 
splendid profits to Investors, 
brought great numbers of people 
out to this tract. 

Nature, however, has beautified 
this level mesa with a lavish hand. 
To the north, and east rise the ma¬ 
jestic Verdugo HlUs. To the south 
isolated peaks gradually merge in¬ 
to a beautiful range of mountains. 
At an elevation of 600 feet. Insuring 
against fogs in winter and extrema 
heat In summer, nestles the table 
land which cradles Magnolia Park. 
Magnolia Park Is a new commun¬ 
ity. There will be no old houses 
and shacks of by-gone day* to in¬ 
terfere vrith the enjoyment of all 
this beauty. 

"Tbe desire to make a home for 
their fiunilies in this ideal homo- 
site spot soon developed. How 
thoronghly this desire was carried 
out can be assn by the large num¬ 
ber of husoes already 'built and in 
process at baUdUag. To supply the 
dsmamd that will be created by this 
sew cnsxKxnity, a sjteadid bns;i- 
nesB district will aoon be la ex- 
tetezme shoal the socletB which is 
already formed. Plans aie xtorw un¬ 
der way for a solid bloc^ of stores, 
with officsB above fcr the proles- 
tdonx, on Pioneer boulevard. A 
baaX a drug store, a aidiool, ga¬ 
rage, gM a l Ml l rm, c h im - l i 31 -nd otJiar 
Ims t nes s paaafhlllttes are mflar 
tmmdderaiflan by tmalnnaa site 0 va- 
i«rs. MagnPDa Par^ will anon bs 
* city-' ! 




The Emersdri School of Self Ex- 
lifesBion enteHained the students 
of -the junior' departments at the 
studio yesterdaij' afternoon, with a 
nutting party,- tjrhich was thorough¬ 
ly enjoyed by iall. Floral decora¬ 
tions of asparagus fern and ivy 
,tnd large bowls of cut flowers 
were arranged labout the rooms in 
au artistic m^hner and sprays of 
asparagus ferh^tied with large yel¬ 
low crepe bows hung from the 
electroliers and at the windows. 

After the kuestd • arrived they 
were presented with fancy pieces 
of card hoard from which they 
were to fashion boxes, and prizes 
were awarded to those who ex¬ 
celled in this work. A search tor 
the nuts was then begun and each 
person return -with » ^ell fflled 
box. Much zest was shown in the 
contest that followed and attrac¬ 
tive prizes were presented to the 
winners who are as follows: “Blind 
Pig,” Margaret L-ou Clary and Al- 
nieda’ Striker: “Folding Basket,’ 
Martha Waiifield: “Xut Hunt,” 

Members of the Friendship class 
of the First Congregational church 
are being entertained this afternoon 
for their regular monthly business 
session and sogial meeting at the 
home of their leader, Mrs. W. Q. 
Widdows at' 1246 Winchester. The 
class has ’an enrollment of about 
sixty. Afternoon tea will be serv¬ 
ed and an informal program will 
be given •following the business 

adlan club of Glendale at the^. of j | 
P. hall, comer of7'*So'ath • Brand i j 
boulevard and Park avenue. Mrs. !, 
W. J. Farber and Mrs. Frank Eng- j [ 
land were in charge of arrange- j = 
ments. During the evening refresh- li 
ments of pumpkin pie, doughnuts • 
and coffee were served. The next i 
meeting of the club ■«’ill be for | 
members and -will be held on De- rj 
cember when a musical program i' 
will be given. 

—y ' 


Members of the Jolly ; Twelve j!! 
were entertained at an informal so-! i 
clal e'Tenlng bn Thursday at the j i 
home of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Russell, : 
332 North Kenwood street. ! 

be given early in December, the 
exact dates have not heretofore 
been given out. “Oh-Ho” will be 
staged Friday and Saturday even¬ 
ings, December 7 and 8. . , 

The show is coming along fine. 
With the advent of Captain D. Rip¬ 
ley Jackson to fill the difficult ec¬ 
centric comedy role of the Bugol- 
ogy college professor, the cast has 
been holding seme fine rehearsals, 
and, ‘if .the audience will appreci¬ 
ate the show as do those ■who hsive 
been dropping in at rehearsals, 
■_'Oh-Ho” is sure 'to make the big¬ 
gest hit of its career here. 

Captain Jackson has a part the 
type seen on the stage with Richard 
Carle or Bid Wynn. . George Ade 
was the initiator of making a col¬ 
lege professor . a comedian, and 
John Reber, who has written the 
“Oh-lfo’’ show, has followed the 
Ade style and written a very clever 
characterization, one that is filled 
with good laughs, even though a 
college professor is usually 
thought of as a sombre soul de¬ 
void of a laugh-siving makeup. 
Captain Jackson will not only de-' 
light his host of friends in his 
clever interpretation, of his wole 
of “Professor 'Emerlne, bngology 
professor,'' but will put over the 
‘thief comedy song of show, a 
topical ditty entitled “A Little 
Bug.” It is claimed this song has' 
a chuckle In every line. 

Joe Griffin has a verj* rich, 
comedy role and is playing it in a 
manner that only Griffin could. 
Though one of the most popular of 
the local theatrical lights, Joe has 
! a role in this show that he says he 
j is having more joy In than any¬ 
thing he has ever played- 

Jack Strathem as the' army 
major, also well remembered here 
I for his good -work in many roles, 

I has a capital part, 
j Mrs. MalburU Barker and Mrs. 

: R. A. Puffer have the co-ed leads, 

I as "Helen Morgan” and “Dorothy 
Warner,” respectively. Vocally and 

Rev. Clifford Cole, pastor of the 
Cen\ral Christian church, had the 
agreeable task of uniting In the 
holy bonds of matrimony Robert D; 
Neale of 706 Orange Grove avenue, 
this city, and Miss Jean S. Osmun 
of Whittier. The marriage took 
place at the parsonage, 132 South 
Kenwood, Friday at 5:30 p. m. Ac¬ 
companying the bridal pair were 
Elsa Jane. Miss Beatrice Duffield of 
Los Angeles and Stanton Wyatt of 
Long Beach. \Mr. Neale is a dealer 
In auto acce^ories and well and 
favorably knrfwn to the automobile 
fraternity. ,They will make their 
home in this city. 


■*^0 impress most forcefully upon our great shopping public the necessity of disposing d^our stock be¬ 
fore going into oiir big, newt department store we have selected twenty-two compelling bargains you can¬ 
not afford to'miss Monday. In addition to these specials there are hundreds of other sale lots through-; 
out the store. - ' 


_ T. _. ^____- -- 

Women’s Linen 



Lisle Hose 




ary Garden 

I for Qa/. 




After stopping every few feet 
last night, for many minutes. Eagle 
Rock car No. 618 finally stopped 
traffic iln all directions at the 
comer > of First and Broadway. 
The car started to go down Broad¬ 
way, at i least the front wheels did, 
until those In the rear decideb to 
go straight on. ' The result^ was 
that the car stopped midway. With 
the rear trucks swung away .out 
from under the body of the car. 
The metorman thgn disconnected 
the front switch and managed to 
back 'he car onto the same track. 
Meanwhile, a crqwd appeared from 
nowhere and gave expert advice on 
how to mn a street car to the good- 
natured motorman. It is thought 
that the conductor let the switch 
I drop too soon, thus causing the 
trouble. ’ . 


A meeting of the offlcers-elect 
of Glen Eyrie chapter. Order of 
the Eastern Star, was called last 
night at Masonic temple by Mrs- 
Jennle Phillips, worthy matron- 
elect, for rehearsal for the Instal¬ 
lation ceremonies, which will take 
place on December 14. 

_ ^ _ 


Glendale Auxiliary of the Chil¬ 
dren’s Hospital of Los Angeles, 
will meet Monday afternoon at 2:30 
at the home of Mrs. F. L. Doggett, 
326 -West Garfield. All members 
are urged to be in attendance. 

Value 25c 

Colored, Good 

Value 59c 


Bl^ck, Brown 
Elastic Top 

Value 69c 

Value $1.98 
Reg., Outsizes 

WhRe & Pink; Elas¬ 
tic Tod and Knee 

J. R. Thorpe, owner of the Oak- 
mont saddle' stables and riding 
academy, has generously offered 
the entire upper story of his es¬ 
tablishment lor the Montrose Ath¬ 
letic club, a very new but up-and- 
coming orgamlzatlon. There are 
two large rjtoms on the second 
floor of the academy, one of which 
will be .used as a gymnasium and 
the other asj a billiard room and 
lounging parlor. A radio will be 
installed and very complete gym 
jAlready the original 


Pants V 

Values to 
Buy Now 

Value 39c pr. 
Brown, Black 

Value 15c pr. 
Grey Only 

Value $1.50 
Sizes 7 to 16 

Value SOc; Wide! 
Webb, All Colors 


Chapter B A of the P. E. O. will 
have an all-day meeting beginning 
at 10:30 at the home of Mrs. C. C. 
Cooper, 302 North Central avenue, 
next week, Friday, ■* December 7. 
Assisting hostesses will be Mrs. 
Kate Parker and Mrs. Mabel Par¬ 

Every one is expected to turn 
out strong to the dance at the Wo¬ 
men’s Twentieth Century club 
house tonight. Good dances, splen¬ 
did music, and a chance for the 
oldeif people to dance will be the 
Thla is the first of a 

membership list has been oversub¬ 
scribed and ; others are anxiously 
awaiting an .opportunity of becom¬ 
ing members; Mr. Thorpe stated 
to the officials that in case they 
deemed it "li-ise to increase .the 
membership ihe would be willing 
to,enlarge his buildfng for their 
ust^ As a mark of appreciation to 
Mrf Thorpe tor his generous offer 
I liti club unanimously voted him a 
lifJ membership in the organiza¬ 
tion From^ e|very Indication the* will be one of the livest bodies 
in. the Verdugoj hills region. 

. Women’s 



2 '’“••39c 

Value 39c 
Pink and White 



Men’s Linen 


;|i J Children’s 

f Ribbed Hose 

Packer’s 4 


number of pleasant times which 
the Twentieth Century club women 
will have this month. If you want 
an enjoyable evening come, and 
come early*so as not to miss the 
grand march. 

Values to $5.98 
All New Styles 

Value 50c 
Pure Irish Linen 

Value 50c 

imited Quantity 

Value 50c 
Black, Brown 


Members of the Women’s Auxil¬ 
iary of the Congregational church 
have their attention and energies 
concentrated on the bazaar Ithey 
are giving December 6th and 7th 
at the church. A splendid st;o<^k 
of beautiful things has been sepu- 
mulated, afternoon tea wili be, dis¬ 
pensed, dinners wHl be served both 
evenings, and entertaining pro- 
grains provided. The public will 
certainly get its money’s worth if 
all the plans laid are carried out. 

Thursday evening the telephone 
booth at' Occidental college was 
entered. The telephone ■was dis¬ 
connected and taken away and the 
money in the box stolen. This is 
an outrage, and if those guilty are 
caught I they can expect little 
mercy. Last Tuesday night thieves 
entered the cafeteria and were 
driven off by the caretaker. 


Mill Towels 


for^l ‘ 






} for Cl 

The prima donna role of the mil¬ 
lionaire society lady from Honolulu 
is being taken by Mrs. Charles 
Parker to perfection. Her solo 
work is certain to be one of the 
delights of the production. 

By the end of the week Director 
John Reber expects to have his 
cast of sixty taking part in "Oh- 
Ho” in such shape that they will 
have learned all stage business, 
jlnes and dances, and the days of 
the coming week will be utilized 
for perfecting everything to be 
ready for the opening show on Fri¬ 
day, the 7th. • 

'I'hose who, read of the, visit to 
l.os Angelesiifi Johan Bojer, world 
lamouS*novelfsi:, will be interested 
to learn!that,Mr. Bojer is a cousin 
Ilf Mrs. is. M," Meyers of Montrose. 
.Mrs. Meyersj Mtended the enter¬ 
tainment giyE4 liis honor at the 
Mary Louise: dafe Thursday even¬ 
ing ’ at. whicjilj members of Peer 
Gynt lodge,;] ^’o. ® 22, . Sons and 
Daughters of; Norway, were hosts. 
■Mr. Bojer di^li(rered a most inter¬ 
esting lecture I' in the Norwegian 
tongue. '■•j: 

I il - 

Mr. and Mrs!; H. Cooper, who re- 
rently disposed of their attractive 
iiome on Hohdjulu .avenue, moved 
today with itheir family to Glen¬ 
dale, where th^iy will make a tem¬ 
porary home ;|The Hoopers were 
well known ncife and prominent in 
social and clVijl affairs. It Is with 
legref that f^i^r Montrose friends 
learn of their (|eparture. 

The small d|sughter of Mr. and 

Value 29c Each 

Good Size 

Value 75c Each 
Large Size 

Value $4.00 
Double, Large 

Value $1.50 Ea. 
Sizes 141/2 to 17 

Value 29c Each 
42x36 Size 

Next Tuesday, all day and iji 
the evening, the Methodist ladies 
will give, their annual bazaar, sell¬ 
ing Chi^lstmas goods. These goods 
are all homemade and will be sold 
reasonajbly. At 6:30 dinner will 
be served at 50 cents a plate. The 
proceeds will go to the building 
fund. !A board meeting will be 
held Wednesday evening In the 
church to get the repqrts of the 
committees that are working on 
the building project. The lot has 
not been bought yet, but will be, 
in all probability, very soon. 

At the recent meeting of the 
presidents of all the local organ¬ 
izations in Eagle Rock, coi^lder- 
able discussion was had on the 
school question. A committee was 
appointed f to see the board of 
education and find out what could 
be done in this regard. 

Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Goertz of 
565 West Stocker street enterUIn- 
ed with a family dinner party on 
Thursday at noon and In the even¬ 
ing celebrated the wedding of their 
daughter, which took place on that 
day at Kansas City. Those pres¬ 
ent at the dinner were Dr. and Mrs- 
H. j. Frlezen'and children,. Milton, 
Donald and Helen,,Miss Anna Hle- 
bert, Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Nickel and 
daughters, Wanda, Marie and Edna, 
Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Isaac, Mr. and 
Mrs. P. M. Goertz and family, Mr. 
and Mrs. H. H. Wlebe and family, 
Mr\and Mrs. H. H. Everett and Mr. 
and Mrs. H. P. Goertz. 






Regular meeting of the Shakes¬ 
peare section -will be held at 2 
o’clock Monday afternoon at'the 
’Tuesday Afternoon club house. 
Members of the’ cast for Twelfth 
Night are meet at noon for re¬ 

Value to $110 

Plain and Fur 

Values to $35.00 
Sport Model*' 

The Store of the Town 

108 S. Brand Blvd. 


djaughter of Mr. and 


PROMOTED to captaincy 
Clement B. Hill, realtor of West¬ 
ern avenue and San Fernando road, 
has just been promoted to the 
rank of captain in the signal sec¬ 
tion, offijjers’ reserve corps, U. S. 
army. Captain Hill has taken an 
active part in four wars. 

Jlrs. M. Maldr'ls very seriously 111 
■with pneumonto. from which she 
has been ibffei’tog for several 
days. , j. 

’afternoon at the home of Mrs. ft, 
G. Foy on East Piedmont avenue, 
Mrs. Clingan is secretary ot the 
FTeedman board of the Los An¬ 
geles presbytery. Miss 'a. Me- 
Murty was leader at the regul|cr 
meeting of the society. Mrs, F6}' 
was assisted by her daughter. Miss 
Charlotte Foy. In the future t^f 
Missionary society will hold ok 
meetings at the new Community 

important openings will be the 
Burton Heights subdivision, part 
of the Toschke vineyard, located 
on Pennsylvania, near Michigan 
avenue, one block north of the 
new terminus" of - .the Glendale- 
Montrose car line. Collins & ’Til- 
llnghast will open another tract of 
35 lots on South'.^msdale avenue 
tomorrow morning. 

SSa' strayed away and she asked 
their help in finding her.' It is a 
large dog, weighing about sixty 
pounds, has a leather strap around 
its neck and answers to the name 
of Rags. Rags cannot see very 
well and her eyes axe rather white. 
Anyone finding the dog may leave 
it at the city pound. 


Mrs. L. E. Richardson delightful¬ 
ly entertained the city W. C. T. fJ. 
at her home, 1856 South Brand on 
Friday afternoon. There was an 
excellent attendance, and Interest¬ 
ing reports were submitted, Mrs. 
Thopias stating that Glendale’s 
Thanksgiving contributions to the 
Old Ladies’ Borne included a quan¬ 
tity ot fruit, considerable blothing 
and $20 in money. 5 

For the Japanese relief, Mrs. 
Glossey, superintendent '.of welfare 
work, repotred over 200 garments 

A very interesting and instruc¬ 
tive address was made by the 
speaker of the afternoon, Mrs. 
Phelps, state vice president, her 
theme being “Tell the World.” 

The next meeting of the union 
will be held at the home of Mrs. 
David Francy, 136 North Kenwood, 
the afternoon of December 7. 

The sum of $181,615 was the 
total amount of the 100 building 
permits issued for the month of 
November. This Is a falling off 
which Is to be expected at this 
time of the year. October’s total 
was $273,917 and September'.s 
$1276,58l|. The activities are ex¬ 
pected to increase with the. first 
of the year. The outlook is very 
bright, and a banner year is ex¬ 
pected in 1924. 

1 :. H. Gritfijih and his son at¬ 
tended the automobile races at the 
Bev^rty Hills speedway on Thanks¬ 
giving Day. !• 

The regular monthly dinner of 
the Business and Professional Vp- 
men’s club will be held next Thurs¬ 
day evening, the place to be de¬ 
cided on later. 

Luncheon speakers for the reg¬ 
ular luncheon meeting of the Tues¬ 
day Afternoon club on December 
4, will be Rev. Hugh K. Walker of 
Los Angeles, who will give a 
Christmas message, and Mrs. John 
Thayer of Los Angeles, district 
chairman of information and recip¬ 
rocity, who will talk, on "Program 
Work.” The program for the meet¬ 
ing in the afternoon will include 
Miss Tilda Rohr of Los Angeles, 
Swedish contralto, and Mrs. Mary 
M. Wright, 'Who will give current 
events. Miss Rohr is contemplat¬ 
ing becoming a resident of Glen¬ 
dale. She ds said to have a very 
lovely voice and has received most 
of her training in America. 

, — it — 

Members of Glendale Post No. 

Legion, held a 

Mr. and Mri. Clyde Sanderson 
enjoyed ’rhahk^giving Day at Long 
Beach. jl 

Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Ymert and 
daughters Beatrice and Sue, left 
for East Liverpool, Ohio, Wednes¬ 
day, to spend the Christmas holi¬ 
days at home. However, they are 
BO favorably impressed with Bur¬ 
bank that they expect to return in 
the spring and make this their 
home. While In Burbank, Mr. 
,Ymert was employed at the China 

The regular meeting of the La 
Crescenta Improvement associa¬ 
tion will be held at the school audi¬ 
torium next Thursday evening De¬ 
cember 6. Election of officers for 
the coming year will be an impor¬ 
tant feature of the meeting. 

Ur, WendeliP Gregg' of Los An¬ 
geles has renteid the McNevin home 
which is just Ibeing'completed at 
Dr. Gregg 

Mr. 0. P. Phillips, popular dep¬ 
uty building Inspector, is leaving 
the pffice Slid work" to Mr. H. H. 
Bend fbr two weeks. He intends 
to take a good vacation and will 
go to Unperlal valley to look after 
his holdings, and incldentalljr to 
shoot d tow ducks. Bean is a 
district inspector over in the Wil- 
shlre district, and will handle all 
the work during Mr. Phillips’ ab- 

815 Montrose hvenue. 
will take pos|ession of his new 
home within 4 days. He is 
now connected with the White 
Memorial hospiltal in Los Angeles, 
but expects to^, locate here in the 
near future. : 

The dance to be given this even 
ing by the La Crescenta Impro'm 
ment association will bo the cl<N 
ing event of the week. The ptb 
ceeds of the dances given by tt) 
association are for the fire equIB 
ment fund. A cordial invitation f 
extended to all • residents of thi 
valley. ' jj 

An imusually large attendance 
greeted Mrs. Martha Clingan, prin¬ 
cipal speaker at the regular meet¬ 
ing of the Missionary soclel^y of 
the Commiujity church yesterday 

Burglars broke into the hard¬ 
ware store of J. L. Smith on San 
Fernando boulevard and also into 
the Nuway laundry, Wednesday 
night, but with comparatively lit¬ 
tle gain to the merauders. They 
gained access into the hardware 
store through the rear door and 
took a few tools but evidently be¬ 
came lightened and left them on 
the badk steps. The burglars also 
entered by a rear door at the laun¬ 
dry and stole a tpw bundles of 
clothing and a tow checking slips 
which they tore and threw in-the 
yard. Kenneth Coryell of the 
police departnrent is working on 
some finger print, clews. 

Pour “box-car tounsts" were 
picked up by officers at the S. P. 
tracks on vagrancy charge and 
spent the night in the jail. After 
investigation they were released 
this morning. They, gave their 
names as R. P. Merely of San 
Francisco, Jack Goldberg of San 
Francisco. They were at least 
grateful to the officers for one 
night's lodging. 

The Montrose Chamber of Com- 
.meree^.will htild a meeting on 
'I'uesday, December 4, at the Mont¬ 
rose school, beglnnfcg at 8 p. m. 
The business Session will be'pre¬ 
ceded by a ^hlf hour of com¬ 
munity singing. 

Mrs. LesterliMarsh ot Los An¬ 
geles was a mest of her Cousin, 
Mrs. Blanche ^canlon, on Friday. 

SPANISH war volunteers 
WILL meet tomorrow 

The first reunion since being 
mustered out of service 25 years 
ago will be enjoyed tomorrow at 
Brookside park, Pasadena, by sur¬ 
vivors of company 1 of the seventh 
regiment of Spanish war yolun- 
teers. Mr. and Mrs. Delos Jones 
of 1050 Justin avenue will attend. 

Rid Yourself 


of Worry! i 

For relaxation come to the Glen- ■ 
dale Snooker Club and play a | 
game of billiards-or pool. "You’ll i 
get real enjoyment. Come in ^ 
and ask about our memberships ? 
’which are inexpensiye. '. j 

the Daily Press. 
Animated Weekly 

127, American 
short buelness session on Friday 
night at which an amendment to 
the constitution and by-laws was 
adopted giving the executive com¬ 
mittee power and authority to hire 
and supervise the work of a paid 
adjutant. The remainder of the 
evening was given over to a gen¬ 
eral good time. 

There were a number of visitors 
present, including Ray B. Nagle of 
El Segundo. Post No. 38; G. B. 
Mapes of Oakdale Post, Oakdale, 
Calif.; R. W. Hoagland of 124 West 
Colorado street, past adjutant of 
St. Mihlel Post No. 103 of Superior, 
Neb.; R. P. Ostrander of 300 South 
Brand, member of Manford Post 
No. 32 of Hanford, Calif. A. W. 
Hemmen of 109 West 42nd street, 
Lo* Angeles, was the guest ot Will 
McFarland. Carl R. Elmqulst of 
122 North Brand boulevard,] also an 
ex-service man, was another vis¬ 
itor. D. L. Todd of 124 West.Colo- 
railo street was accepted as a 
member of Glendale Post No. 127. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Walters and 
Mr. and Mrs. George Schaper and 
family spent Thanksgiving and the 
week end in the Imperial valley as 
the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert 
Bates, formerly of Burbank. They 
expect to return Sunday evening. 

Golden Ri^ Sunday 

To Be Kept By Royalty] 

ocean park house party 
postponed to TONIGHT 
Guests at a week-end house party 
to be given at the Rendezvous, 
Ocean Park, who were to have left 
Glendale Friday^ night, postponed 
the trip becausf* of the rain and 
will .go tonight. They will be chap¬ 
eroned by Mr. and Mrs. V. M. Hol¬ 
lister and Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Tan¬ 
ner, and thd group will include 
Catherine Guthrie, Evelyn Hunt, 
Dorothy Houston, Lois NaUdaln, 
Mary Brown and Allice Meirijt, 
who is home from Mills college and 
who is a niece of Mr. and Mrs. 
Frank Fox of North Kenwood, 
also Allen Pollock, Dave Lynd, 
Harold Jones, Tom Woods, Jack 
Jacobi and Hugh Weaver.'" Miss 
Merritt is the guest ot honor. 

King Georgy and Queen Eliza¬ 
beth of Greece will be among the 
i rowned headk of Europe to ob¬ 
serve Sunday, December 2.'as inter¬ 
national “Dol4fen Rule Day.” On 
this day tiieirlimajesties will dine 
on bread and ietew and cdntrlbute 
I he difference Ibetween the cost of 
this simple f^e and their usual 
menu to the Ifear East relief, tor 
the care of itstorphan wards. 

Families all /over the world are 
pledging themlelves to partake of 
the same fa're ipn Golden Rale Day 
for the 'benefiit of the -Near East 

Are you, Glej^ale citizens, going 
to emulate tbi example of these 
devoted royalties tomorrow? It is 
fai- ove day only. 

Mrs. J. E. Phelps, who is staying 
at Simpson’s grading camp at Ben- 
mar HWs, reported to the police 
today that her large Airedale dog 

Tomorrow marks the opening of 
many new tracts and subdivisions 
for La Crescenta One of the most 

Dr. A. C. Tucker 

promptu dance was*held, after 
which the ■riders did fulj justice to 
a hot breakfasL served on the 
mountain top. A fourth timely Sub¬ 
ject depicts the secoi^ mysterious 
fire which again partly consumed 
the Bejverly speedway. This shot is 
I particularly nov el, as it w as tal^en 
from Airplane and-Tlves an ex- 
I cellent Idea of the damage. 

Glendale Snooker Club 

H. P. Durgtn, Manager 


Tele. Glendale 46 

233 South Brand Blvd. 





Modern Version of New Testament 




Itov. W. 1. PMtor ' 

•toy. LeuI* Tlnii1ii% A —t. PMtar 
UoralfiE wonhlp, 11 o’clock, Qlen- 
dJLlo tboAtro, doora opon At U:3d. 
Tho putpi'*- aomoa topic: "Aa a 

iSillr gradad Sunday aebool, t:}0 
efctocK, in tko now church bulldlnc. 

Uoa'a BibTo oUaa, l:St o'clock. Tn 
the city hall. 

Chrlatian Bhidearor mootlnga at t, 

I and (:ll p, m. 

Bvonlng aarvlce, TtSO, In the new 
bulldlna. The paator will preach on 
"A PtollUble iJiiatinent.’’ 

ICld-week lerrice ot prayer and 
pralae, Wednead» evening. 7rS0. 

Mualc for Sunday 

Homing at the Olendale theatre— 
10:40, organ recital by Paul Caraon: 
(a) "Adoration” (Puccini), (b) "Min¬ 
uet'' (Beethoven), (o) '‘Allcjnatto’' 
(Wolatenholme), (d) "Paaa Sio Not, 
O Oentle Savior'' (CSilmee); anthem, 
"Sing Alleluia Forth" (Buck), , Mrs. 
Mina TVenael, aoprcno; Mlaa Tlllle 
Rohr, contralto; J. Malcomaen Huddy, I 
tenor; Norman W. Kelch, baae; prayer j 
reeponae, "Hear and Anawer” (Hol¬ 
ton) ; -contralto eolo. "How Lovely Are 
Thy Dwelllnga" (Llddle) Mies Rohr; I 
gospel aolo, "Because His Name is 
Jesus" (Scott), Miss Rohr; poetlude, 
"Hymn of Pralae" (Mendelssohn). 

Evening in the ner* church building ! 
—7:30, song service, ' Otto T. Hlrech- 
ler at the piano: Prelude. "Solemn 
Prelude" (Lachner); anttfem, "Sa- j 
vler. When Night Involves the Skies" ' 
(Shelley); tenor solo, "Tarry Ye" ; 
(Grunn), Mr. Huddy; offertory. “An- ■ 
dante fmm Sonata in G Minor" (Bee- ; 
thoven): anthem. "Rock of Aaes" ; 
(Buck); , goepel eokj, "Some Sweet ' 
Day" (Doane), Mrs. Wenrel; postlude. i 
"Alla Marcia" (Schytte). 

, christiai^ and missionary i 


Corner Chestnut and Louise 
Rev. C. H. Chrleman, pastor, will 
begin Sunday night a series of ser¬ 
mons on the second coming of Christ. 

The Allowing subjects will be dis¬ 

Deo. 2: "Christ Is Coming Back to 
This Earth Again’."' 

Dec. 9; "The Modern Signs of ; the 
Times." ■ ■ : 

Dec. 16: "The Translation of'the 
Saints." „ , 

Dec. 23: "The Judgment Sekt of 

Dec. 30- "The Banquet in the Sky. 
Sublact for Sunday morning, Dec. 
2: “Communion, Its Meaning and 


(New Thought Center) 

Tuesday Afternoon Club House 
Dr. Frank Riley of Hollywood will 
speak Sunday morning at 11 a. m. on 
"Evil Destroys Itself,” in the banquet 
hall of the Tuesday .Afternoon club 
house, 400 N. Central Ave.. comer 
of Lexington drive. Visitors are cor¬ 
dially Invited to attend. , 

At 10 o'clock Dr. Rll^ Ifes a class 
In "The Evolution Principles and 
Practice of Metayphslcal Healing. 
Studenls are Invited to attend; 

The Sunday school for children 
meets at 10 o’clock. All are welcjjme. 

I Corner Colorado and Louise 
Clifford A. Cola, Minister 
Floyd Mercor, Supl. Church School 
I Mra Viva L. Woldman, Choir Director 
I 9:30 a.m.—Churah school with 

I classes for all ages. 

I 10:30—Morning worship and special 
' address by Mrs. Ahna- Paul Cason. 

■ dean of women at California Chris¬ 
tian college. I 

j 6:30—Three Young People's meet¬ 
ings, open to all yoqng people. 

7:30—Evening service of music and 
sermon. Sixth of a special series of 
. sermons on church' history. Theme 
for tomorrow night: "Pioneers of the 
I Restoration Movement." 

Mualc for Sunday 

1 Morning—"Prelude" (Schumann), 
Mra. M. G. Muteer; "offertory” 

1 (Scharwenka): anthem, "Fear Ye 
i Not, O Israel” (Spicier): duet. “Why 
; Stand Ye Hero Idle?" (Excell). Mrs. 
i Viva Lee Weidmgn and Mr. Gordon 
S. Mice: "Poatlude” (Llndsy). 

Evening—Prelude., "Temple Bella" 
(Flagler). Mra. Muiaer; offertory. 

1 "Meditation" (Reinhart): quartet. 

‘ "The Lord la My Shepherd" (Shelley), 

I Mesdames Mercer and Weidman, 

' Mesara. Logan and Davldaon. 

The Occult Science of Christ church 
I will hold its regular Sunday evening 
I aervlce on December 2 at $ o’clock. 
Rev. Arthur A. Moore will speak on 
: "The Unconquerable Boul." Follow¬ 
ing the lecture there will be pay- 

earner Maryland and Callfemla 

Sunday aehOel, t;t0 a. m. ^ 

Sarvlcea. 11 a m. and I ^ m. 

Testimony m'setlng, 'wedMaday, 
t A m. 

The leison sermon if from the 
Christian Selenoe Quarterly Bible 


SuMect for December 1: ‘‘Ancient 
and Modem Necromancy, alias Mea- 
merlsm and Hypnotism, Oenounoed." 

Raadlng room. No. 11 Ralphs’ 
building, cornsr Broadway and 
Orangs street. Open dally sxoept 
Sundays gnd bolldaya from noon until 
6 p. m. lAlsD Tuesday, Thursday and 
Saturday isvenlngs from 7 to 9. 

Annual .piemoTlsl exercises Ron- 
ortng tbs 

Friends of T. M. Bowler of She¬ 
boygan, 'WlB., -will be pslned to 
learn of bis death, which occurred 
at his home after a short illness, 
following two remarfcs'bls opera¬ 
tions which had been performed 
with a slight ray of hoiM ot sav¬ 
ing the noted attorney’s life. The 
world-famous surgeon. Dr. Hans 
Flnster, ot Vienna, performed the 
difficult work of removing g part 
of the stomach which was In an 
ulcerated condition. Owing to 
the length of timei' required in 
keeping a patient under an an¬ 
aesthetic in such an operation 
death has very frequently re¬ 
sulted. j 

The news came j as a great 
shock to D. F- Bowler, the popu¬ 
lar real estate man ot ‘ 200 East 
Broadway, a brother of the de¬ 
ceased. T. M. Bowler with his 
wife spent some time In Glendale 
as guests ot his brother and fam¬ 
ily, and close friends of other 
days, and it was his hope that he 
might tear away. from his large 
law practice and other business 
connections in Wisconsin, and 
some day cast his lot in Glendale, 
for he was one ot Glendale’s hlg 
boosters. The Sheboygan Press- 
Telegram devoted the greater 
part of Its front page to the de¬ 
mise of Timothy L. Bowler, who 
was one of the most prominent 
figures in the business life and lo¬ 
cal profession of Wisconsin, and 
who . many times had been hon¬ 
ored by election and appointment 
to high positions of trust. Mr. D. 
F. Bowler has the sincere sympa¬ 
thy of his friends in his irrepaiv 
able loss, for the brothers were 
very much devoted to each other 
and together had played an im¬ 
portant part in the upbuilding of 
the city and state of their child¬ 
hood. • ^ y 

departed brothera of 
Glendale lodge of Elks No. 1289, 
will be held at the club house on 
(Colorado street Sunday afternoon, 
December 2. beginning at 2 o’clock. 
Since the Glendale lodge was or¬ 
ganized In October, 1912, there 
have been 86 members who have 
passed beyond, fourteen ot whom 
have died since the memorial eier- 


Master any further?” 

But Jesus paici^ no attention to what they said, b\it said 
to the leader of the ^nagogue, 

"Do not be afraid,- just have faith.” 

He let no one go with |jim but Peter, James, and James 
bother John. They came to the house of the leader of the 
synagogue, and there he found everything in confusion, and 
people weeping and wailing. And he went into the house 
and said to them, 

"What is the meaning of all this confusion and crying? 
TTie child is not dead, she is asleep." And they laughed at 
him. But he drove them all out, and took the child's father 
and motrar and the men who were with hinv and went into 
the room (where the child was lying. And he grasped her hand 
and said t)^ her, ^ 

“Taleitha, koumi"—that is to say, "Little girl, I tell you, 
get up!” 

And the little giil immediately got up and walked about, 
for she was twelve years old. The moment they saw it they 
were utterly amazed. And he strictly forbade them to let 
hnyone know of it, and told^ them to give her something to 

Leaving there he went, followed by his disciples, to his 
own part of the country. When the Sabbath came he began 
to teach in the synagogue. And the people "^ere astonished 
when they heard him and said, 

“Where did he get all this? How does, he come to have 
such wisdom? How are such marvelous things done through 
him? Is he not the carpenter, Mary's son, and the brother 
of James, Joses, Judas, and Simon? And do not his sisters 

Baiued out bearings and scored cylinder walls are a possibility 
during the freezing weathdr, if you neglect the precaottiua of draimng 
the old oil out of the crank case at least once every 500< miles. The 
reason for this is, that dnring the cold weather there is considerable 
moisture in the air, which is drawn into the crank case through the 
oil breather pipe. This moisture, immediately it strikes the hot walls 
tnside the crank case, condenses, with the result that it fr bot long 
before quite aft amount of water collects at the bottom of the crank 
case. During the summer, this water cannot dp a great deal^ of 
damage, but when the zero weather arrives, it is liabie to cau^p very 
severe damage. 

1 UdM Around Ok Pump-. Sm thstOU I point m the cfbuk ease and it is at 

6064 Vall^ Drlvs 
W. J. Carry, Minister. 

9:45—Bible cchoof. 


11:15—Sermon and eona. 

6:30—Christian Endeavor. 

7:30—^Evening song aarvlce and 
sermon. ,, 

The subject for the morning ser¬ 
mon will be "Thanksgiving,’' and In 
the evening the last of the series of 
sermons on. "The Babbath or Lord’s 
Day, ’Which? ' will be discussed. The 
particular subject of this discourse 
will be "The Lord’s Day, not the 

On Sunday night," the dhlldren’s 
chorus will sing and there will be a 
solo by Myrtle Ckury. 

The Johnstons are delighting all 
with their violin selections at every 

Rehearsals have begun for the 
Christmas program, which -will bo 
given on Sunday night, December 23. 

(Missouri Synod) 

Isabel and East Callternia 

Rev. Henry O. Krlngel, Pastor 

Res., 414 North Maryland Avenue 

Divine services will be conducted 
Sunday beginning at 10 a. m. 

Sunday school at 9 a. m. 

The Gospel lesson will be taken 
Matthew 21. 1-9; "Jesus Enters 
Jerusalem." Rev. Krlngel -will deliver 
a sermon xin the thsWie from Luke 
10, 23-27; "The Good Samaritan." * 

If you are a stranger or permanent 
resident In our fairy City and have no 
church home, we cordially Invite you 
to make the Zion Lutheran church 
your home churh. You will be given 
a coVdial welcome. 

“The Friendly Church” 

233 South Kenwood Street 
Dr. H. cil Funk, Pastor 
Res., Ill E. Harvard Street 

"Pressing Toward the Mark” -will 
be the subject of Dr. Funk's sermon 
St 11 a. m. A selection, "'We Thank 
Thee. Our Father," will be given by 
the chorus choir, J. H. Nlebank, dl- 

clses In 

Frank E. Darrow, 'Walter E. Goan, 
Dr. J. E. ColloraJi, Delmont Locke, 
Elmer A. McGee, W. E. Hatfield, 
Hallle R. FVey, George H. Cody, H. 
B- Kneller, J. W. M. Burton, Robert 
F. Howard, Hiram L. Mull, Frank 
W. Lbesch and Clyde M. (Joodnow. 

The program for Sunday Includes 
the following: 

1. Selection—Glendale Elks’ or¬ 
chestra. Assembling of Elks. 

this point frut the oU ptubp or the 
end of the pipe lading to the od 
H pump is located. When the motor 

^ • ** standing idle, this water natur-. 

^ a- - oT j f zUy settles at the bottom of the ou 

- A#- pump and freezes the puipp °>ech- 

'' n (Jf\ f anism together or fr^z^ around 

1 ■ ! the bottom of ttfe oil pipe, so pre- 

y —T/ venting the pump froott drawing 
■ up any oil. When you gp to start 
up the engii^ as the pump gear 

, w..-— - - I ■ ■-Jand eating is froaen, ipmething 

has to go, and either the pomp shaft bre^s or the gear is stripped 
with the result that the oil in the crankcase is not circulaied, and in 
a very short space of time you have a set of burned ent bearings and 
scored cylinder walls, damage that may co^t yon anything np to 
$150.00 to repair. 

For the cold weather, use a slightfr lighter grade of Inbricating oil 
in the crank case than you ha've been 

If the oil is tO'O-diea'yy, it (k>es not start circulating fast enott^ with 
the result tha^t some parts of the engine do-not gnt properly Itmricated 
until the engine wrarms up and thins out the heavy oiL Coftsnlt the 
chart issued by one of the large oil companies, and ustt_ the grade of 
oil they recommend for your make of car for winter driving. A cover 

for the radiator is not am absolute 

__-A.A - ...L*_ 

12. Benediction —i William Hunter, 
chaplain. ’ 

13. Exit March—Glendale Elks’ or- 

Le'wls A- Kerwin, accompanist. 

' engine takes considerable time to 
HTTJI warm Up on account ofUhe cold 

air being drawn through^ the radi- 
""X ator. You can warm up the engine 

.. - in half the time by buttoning up 

. IMe a iBOiimr eawr wnn^ osm mwiwt {hofflap of the cover, so preventing 

■ ____1 the cold air being ora'wn through 

the radiator. Then again, when dri-ving dniwg the zero weather, if 
you have no cover on the radiator, the cold air is drawn right though 
and strikes the floor boards, creating a draft that keeps the feet 
extremely cold. One of the greatest enemies to efficient engine oper¬ 
ation is the dilution of the lubricating oil •with t^olin^ As you 
probably know, heat assists the vaporization of gas(>Une. If, bpwwr, 
a cold blast of air is continually, passing over the Intake Manifold 
and the Carburetor, it keeps them cold, and to a cer^n e^nt con¬ 
denses the mixture that is being drawn into the cylinders. The gaso¬ 
line then enters the cylinders in drops, instead of finely broken up 
particles of gasoline. Only a small proportion of this coarse mixture 
IS firedr the remainder of it setUing on the tops of the pistons and on 
the cylinder heads, forming carbon, while the remainder of it sticks 
to the cylinder walls and is drawn down into the crank case, mixing 
with the Inbricating oil and destroying its Inbricatmg properti«. 
There are several more reasons why you should use a radiator covBr, 
but I think I have given you enou^ to prove that if your car is not 
at present provided with a radiator cover, it will pay you to invest 
in 'one this winter. 

Deaths and FunerSils 

Fortunrtely but few men say 
what they really mean otherwise 
there would be more blacked eyes. 

Funeral services for Leila A. Mc- 
Nebb, who passed away at Sunland on 
November 29, 1923, at the age oT 37 
years, were held At 3:30 o’clock this 
afternoon at the Chapel of Kiefer A 
Eyerlck. undertaking directors, with 
Interment at Forest Lawn. 


William MIddlomass, Minister 

Sunday school at 9:30. 

Morning worship. 11:00. 

Evening service, 7:30. 

Prayer meeting. ’Wednesday, 7:30. 

Intermediate T.P.B.C.B.. 6:15 p. m. 

Senior Y.P.S.C.E., 6:16 p| ml 

The 'Woman’s Guild will meet next 
Thursday morning at 10:30 for an all¬ 
day meeting. Luncheon will be- served 
at 12:30. 


Rev. Robert Renison. Recor 
St. Barnabas Episcopal Church 

Corner Stanley, and Cattle Avenues 

7:15 Am.—Holy communion. 

10 a.m.—Sunday school, 

11 a.m.—Morning prayer and ser¬ 

7:30 p.m.—Evening prayer and ser¬ 

Campaign committee please see that 
pledge cards are all In by next 

6064 Valley Drive 
W. J. Carry, Minister 

Bible school, 9:46 a. m. 

Communion. 11 a. m. 

Sermon and song, li;15. a. m. 

Christian Endeavor, 6:30 p.l m. 

Evening song service and sermdh, 
7:30 p. m. 

The subject for the morning sermon 
will be "Thanksgiving” and in the 
evening the last ot the series ot ser¬ 
mons on "The Sabbath or Lord’s Day 
—’Which?" wUl be discussed. The 
particular subject of this discourse 
will be, ‘The Lord’s Day, not the 

Glendale Theatre 


DEC. 2, 11 A. M, 


All the Sunday services of the First 
Church of the NasarAie of Glendale 
will be held at the former Brethren 
church on South, (^lendale avenue. 

Sunday school opens at 2 r 
charjre of Mrs. Alice Evans. 

Preachlna at 3 p. ra.. with 
by Evangelist Hatfield. 

Young People meet at 9:30. 
fHeck is the leader. 

Evangelistic sermon by R< 
field at 7:30 P. m. 

The evangelistic campais 
tinuec every night next we^ 


Cornsr Park and North Contral Avo. 
J. C. Livingston, Pastor 

Sunday school at 9:45 a. m.. Geo, E. 
Tyrrell, superintendent. 

Morning worship at 11:00 oclock, 
aermon aubject, ‘'The Fight For an 

Epworth league, 6; 30 p. m.. Miss 
Alice Garber, leader. 

■ Evening service at 7:30 o’clock, ser-. 
mon subject, "Harps ot. (Jod." 

Special music: Plano prlude, "Aba- 
vio Oantablle" fBeethoven); soprano 
solo. "Not Unto Thee, O Lord" 
(Stroff). Mrs. E. B. Moore; offertory, 
"Nocturne" (Schuman); anthem ' by 
the choir, selected; evening offertory, 
"Barcolir (Mendelssohn). 

Corner Wilson and Louiaa 
Ernest E. Ford, Pastor 

Chas. H. Tlldan, Aaaoqlate Pastor 
H. W, Carvar, Musical Dlractor 
Eva KIrtz Ghrlat, Organist r 
Roy L. Kent. S. $. Supt. 

Bible school at 9:30. Cradle roll 
to adult department. 

Public worship at 11: Sermon by 
the pastor, "Strengthening Our Spirit¬ 
ual Grip." 

The Young People’s societies at 6:30. 

An evening of worship,In song and 
piano music. The choir wlU have 
charge of the evening aervlce with a 
short message by the pastor. 

Mid-week meeting on 'Wednesday 
evening at 7:30. Topic. "Our Great¬ 
est Need.” 

Special meetings from Dec. 9 to 
Dec. 16 Inclusive. 

Kenwood and Wilson 
H. I. Rasmus, P.attor 

Sunday morning Dr. H. I. Rasmus 
will preach on the subject, "Re¬ 
ligious Fervor." 

Sunday evening the Epworth 
league will have charge of the even¬ 
ing service. 

Music for Sunday 

Morning—-Prelude, "Andante Canta- 
blle” (Wldor); anthem, "Angel 
W^ea" (Shelly); offertory, solo, se- 
il^cd, Mias Is^g; postlude,' "Festal 
'March” (Calkin). , 

Evening—Prelude, "Festal Fan¬ 
tasia'’ Crschvlch); anthem, “Jehovah 
Jlreh” (Gabriel); offertory; postlude, 

During the snnuner the side cur¬ 
tains are rarely used, and at differ¬ 
ent periods dnring the year are 
shifted around, or perhaps taken 

out of the car, and very.often sec¬ 
tions get lost in this way. If they 
are kft in the car, they are some¬ 
times placed in the same comfMrt- 
ment where wrenches and various 
tools are carried, which daniage 
the celtulmd windowa Now is the 
time to get out the side curUins, 

The above subject will iform 
the basis of a sermon oh the 
Second Coming of Cjhrist, 
Rev. W. E. Edmonds, ppstor. 
Presbyterian Church. 


:n con 



and fit them fo see that you have 
>a complete set, and also to examine 

I..CU. ... .vw __,j_oken. Most drivers never think of 

looking at their curUuns until they are urgently in nc^ of them, then 
to their astonishment, find* that some of the enrtuos are missiag. 
Don’t-take any risks; get out your curtains now; see that they are 
complete, and if they require repairing, have h done now before the 
rush starts in. , * . 

Cut this article out and paste it on the wall of vogr garage tc 
remind you what you have to do to get your car ready for the cole 

(Continued next week.) 

Copyrighted 1923 by The S-N-L Technic*! SyndksSa 

Organ Recital 10^40 
Paul Csu’son, Organist 

Broadway :at Cedar 
L. J.' MIIIIMan, Pastor 
J. N. McQlllls, Supt., Sunday School 
Will J. Myera. Muilcal Director 
Mre. J. W, Knight, Organlet 
9:30—Sunday school, J. N. McGlllis. 

11:00—Ori?an \*olurttary by Mrs. John 
Kniffht. Special Tpuilc by Will J. 
Myers. Serrtion by; the pastor, sub> 
lect, “Memory of' Jesus.’* Sacra¬ 
ment of the Iiord’s 
6:30—Epworth League. 

7:30—Song: service conducted by Mr. 
Meyers. Sermon by the pastor, sub¬ 
ject, “The OharacterlattOs of a 
Prosperous Man,’* 

The Re-organize4 
.Church Quartet 
will sing u 



Public Invited | 



Rev. E. G. McMullan, O. P., Recor 
Rectory, 2002 East Myrtle Ave. 
Phone Gar. 4SSe 

Masses on Sundays. 8 and 10 o'clock. 
Masses on week days, 8 a. m. 
Evening services and Holy hour. 8 

It has long been kno'wn that ice 
is the best preservative of perlsh- 
albe foodstuffs. Now combs a noted 
beauty expert who claims that it 
is like-wlsf the best prese^atire \ \ 
df feminine pulchritude. | 

The continuous use of cosmetics 
has a generally bad effect upon the 
skfri. In time the pores become | 
clogged, filled with impurities and| 
enlarged. The circulation of blood i 
is retarded and the result is a| 
course skin, sallow complexion and | 
sagging facial muscles. ' 

All ’ of this can be prevented, j 
however, by rubbing the face with 
a small piece of Ice -fust before ap-' 
plying rouge and powder. This not ^ 
only serves to close the pores 
against the entrance of minute pap 
tickles of the cosmetics used, but 
also brings the blood to the sur¬ 
face, carrying away any impurities 
which might have collected and 
strengthening flabby muscles. i 
A piece of Ice is as Indespensale | 
to milady’s toilette as her col^ 
cream. It should be rubbed on th^ 
face immediately after iwmoving 
cosmetics as well ae before apply- 
jing them. The recipe is so simple 
and easy that It is worth trying. 

Harvard and Leulaa Stt. 

Rev. Philip K. Kemp, Rector 
Vetted Choir 

Mra. C. A. Parkar: Muelcal Director 
Mra. Joaeph KItt, Organlet 
Sunday Sarvfcae 

Holy communion. 7:80 a. m. 

Church achool, 9:30. 

Holy Communion and sermon, 11:00. 
Evening prayer and aermon, 
7:30 p. m. 

At the 7:30 a, m. aervlce there will 
be a corporate communion ot the men 
of the church. 

Womwi’a Club Houae 
Cornar Colorado and Kenilworth 

Sunday school, 9:30 a, m. 

Sunday servicea, 11:00 a. m. 
Wednesday, t:()p p. m. , 

Reading room, 2140 Colorado In 
Ritchey building. Houra from 12 00 
to 4:00 p. m. except Sundaya and 

[By Associated Press] 

ST. PAUL, Dec . 1.—Incrqaq^ 
Federal appropriations for hi^- 
way aid will be advocated at the 
convention of the American asso¬ 
ciation of State Highway officials 
at New Orleans, December' 3-6, 
"for the mutual profit of ffiore than 
13,000,000 Americas motorists and 
all the states^’ according to 
Charles M. Babcock, Minnesota 
contolssloner of highways and 
former president of the organiaa- 
tlon. This feature of the meeting 
will be the particular business of 
Mr. Babcock. 

Discussions of good roads plans, 
policies and progress by the asso¬ 
ciation will make up the major 
part of 'the program. Delegations 
from nearly all states in this 
country ««id from se-veral Can¬ 
adian provinces and European 
countries are expected to be in 

"The tax on automobiles now 
takes 5 cents of every dollar paid 
for new automobiles, tires and ac- 
cessorles^and 3 cents ot the new 
truck purchade dollar,” said Mr. 
Babcock. “This revenue since 
1917 has totalled $589,012,021, 


Louisa arjd Chestnirt 
Sundsiy Night Sermons 
For December; 

lev. C. H. Chrisman 

E. Morgan Isaac, Pastor 
Pastor's Bible class meets i 
sharp in class room. 

Church school opens at 9:30. 
G. E. Abroffast, superintendent. 

In the court of Judge F. H. Lowe, 
for whom Kenneth C. Morton was 
sitting Friday, Ben Smith, a negro, 
was committed to the county jail 
for thirty days for carrying con¬ 
cealed wsspona. 

Dec. 2—“Christ is Com- 
• ing to this Earth 


The case against Bud 'Winfield, 
arrested on the charge of reckless 
driving, was herd Fritey in the city 
recorder’s court and dismissed for 
want of sufficient evidence to con¬ 

Signs of the 

‘Church of ths Lighted Cress’ 
Harvard and Louise 

Dec. 16—“The Transla¬ 

tion of the 



Another dancing party will be 
giveu by the Jolly Bachelors to¬ 
night at the Odd F^lows’ hall, cor¬ 
ner of\ Broadway and Orange 
street. ^ 

Our Invalid Coach 

Responds to Calls 
Day or flight 



Dec. 23—“The Judgement 
Seat of Christ” 

The straight road leads to God and to 
Come Sunday. 

the Church 

Dec. 30—“The Banquet in 
the Sky” 

standlBg in the wsy of the car 
and truck owner 'Who would ad¬ 
vance the good roads program 
along the most, spund economic 
lines.” , , 

The next great event in the his¬ 
tory of the Church Is the Second 
Coming of Christ. What do you 
know about It? 






r Curable wRheut surgical 
operation. My method safer; 
no heepital expenee; no anos. 
thetle; mere humane. 

Send for free booklet 
Q. W. FULLER, M. D..- 
/IS Blaek BMs„ Cor. 4th SL 
Leo Angola*. Callfemla. 
Office Hours, Dally 10 to 4. Sun. 9 te 11 

Centrad and Palmer Ave. 

Mr. and Mrs. 
202 N. BranA 

J. E. Philllpa 
Qlsndale, Cad. 

LEO C. KLINE, Pastor 






Be There Early 




One of tho greatest documents of humaiv joys and sorrows the screen has over known, starring 

* * ♦ ' 


ding Johnny Walker, Martha Bleeper, Virginia True Broadman, Josephine Adair and Taylor Graves. 

Jackson, popi^ar an^'efficient XSlendala postmaalcr. says; 

Indorse'this brilllani and apaeMIng production as entertainment of the highest possible merit and urge Glendaliana 

NOV.30-DEC. 1. 

T. D. A L. THEATER^i^y 
NOV. S9-DEC. 1. 


Glendale Letter Carriers’ Band 

e thsmi Hajr^them play I You’ll leave the theater "puffed up' 

with honst pride over 


fot^ Christmas 

Sunday Dinner, 75c 

Served from 11 a. m. to 8 p. m, 

An E3gin Watch is an ideal 
gift. The pleasure of pos¬ 
sessing a valued Elgin is ever 
joined with satisfaction of 
knowing the accuracy of a 
professional timekeeper. 

For more than halt a hun¬ 
dred years :^gin watchmak¬ 
ers have tracuured the good 
will of a nation by consist¬ 
ently striving to make each 
watch their masterpiece. 

The greatest of aH gift sea¬ 
sons finds this store with El¬ 
gin Watches in style to 
please every desire for ^a 
treasured remembmnce. 

..Soup Salad 

Cream of Chicken Combination 

Chicken Fricassee with C. A D, Dumplings j 

Baked Virginia Ham with Candied. SweEt Potatoes 

-Mashed Potatoes Carrots and Peaa 

Christmas Suggestions in' Gifts for M< 

^ - -* M A ^ W ^ ^ VW A i 1 1 I * 

:-At the Store 
at Men Want 

Choice of 

Vanilla or Chocolate Ice Cream . . 

Fresh Apple Pie, Hot Mince Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Blackberry Pie 
Devil’s Food Cake . . 

Coffee, Tea, Milk, Chocolate j 

Silk Broadcloth Shirts .57.00 

Knitted VesU _:.55JO and 5«J)0 

Boys’ Slipover Sweaters...56.0<^57.60 
Camel Hair Sweaters. .55,5«.96,57JO 

Bath Robes- .—--56JO, 57.60 

Smoking Jackets - 57.60 

French Flannel Shirts.56.00,56-00 

Gold Knife and Chain Sets.56.60 

108 East Broadway 

Gloves .-J. 

South Brand 

Bill Felds -..82J0, 53.twr53.50 

Collar Bags aad Cases.52.50, $3.60 

$5.v0 or Lasa ■ 
Imported English Brosd- 

cloth 8hirU _ 53-76,54.60 

E. A W. Tuxedo Shirts-..-..54.‘0 

Real Hand-Stitehed Swiaa Tlta.. .54.00 

Tuxedo Seta ...53.60 to t5J)0 

Coeoon Cloth 8hirts .-.53-00 

BIgney’s Guaranteed Knives, 

Combs, Card Cases, Chains, 
Buckles, In gold and 

white Held .■4-~ .53.50 to 56-00 

Leather Bill F-jlda .53.50 to 55.00 

Heavy Silk Shirts and Crepe.58.60 

Silk Shirts, collars attached.-J..58J0 

Imported Sweater Coats..59JO 

Heavy Wool 8weaters....58J01« 510.00 

House Coats . 58.60 to. 51 0.00 

Btfth Robes . 58.60 to 510.00 

Geo. B. Dennis 

M. Edwards 

Purses ..—--5LOO 

$2.00 or Less 

Large Linen - Handkerchiefs.51.25 

Silk Suspenders, boxed.51-25,1.50 

Silk Suspenders and Garters, 

bo)/ed .. ^4 ..51^8,52.00 

Handkerchiefs, boxed, 3 and 4 

to box .-..^1.25,51.60,52.00 

Imptep. Silk Tiesrboxed-.51-60,52^0 

Shirts . “ - 

Scotch Wool Gloves .... 

Cigarette Cases .— 

Bill Folds and Pulses. 

Playing Cards In case. 

Bigney’s Guaranteed Cigarette 

Cases, white and green_ 

gold .-. 

Silk Robes . 

Bath Robes .—. 

Stetson Velour Hats 

Gabardine Coats _ 

Top Coats .i. 

Tuxedo Suits '.- 

.517J0 to $26.00 
.510.00 to 526.00 


.....526,00, 532.60 

.532.50, 536.00 


148 South Brand Blvd. 



A small deposit will held 
any article for you till 




—and DON’T BE LATE F0R^4 
^^T.D.AU THEATR^,^^^ 
NOV. 30-DEC. 1.,^^^ 

Imported Groceries 

^^^T. D. A L. THEATER, 

NOV. 30-DEC. 1. 




Glendale Recreation Center 

We pack your-«^hristmas 
goods free of ^arge and 
guarantee aatfe arrival. Qver 
600 packages made up since 
our store opened and not one 
complAint made. Ask the 
Mail Man. 

When, You Come Down 
Town To Shop 

take plenty of time and enjoy the 'day. 
Come to C. and S. Cafeteria, 222 North 
Brand, and get your dinner. ,You can 
help yourself from the best the market 
affords and. thoroughly enjoy your 
meal, and everything^ will be done to 
make your visit a pleasime. 

Bowling Alleys Open 9 a^'m< 









burnaments Every Night 

Japan Art‘and Tea Co 
135 South Brand 

Do all your shopping NEAR HOME and at ONE 
PLACE. Wie have a , 

—Big Grocery Department. “ ' 

—A Firat'Claas Meat Department. 

—A Vegetable Department. f 

—A Bakery. 

—A Light Lunch Counter, which ' also 
makes a specialty of Delicious French 
Doughnuts. V 

Every department carries the very best goods— 
and prices are right. Free delivery. Come in and 
be convinced. 

Join the Club for BilUardir 

Oriental Art Goods 

Speeding Is Not The Only Reason 
For Auto Accidents —^^ ’ 

Phone Glen. 2696-W 222 N. Brand 

-An accident can happen in scores of other ways 

Be Safe — ^ 

Protect yourself with our ' 





^^^T. D. A L. THEATER,^^r 
NOV. 30 -DEC. 1 . 

Through mtar expei^ence you are assurod of prompt and efficient service 

T.D.SL. TfiBAl 
^ NOV. 3(^^DEC. 



Phone Glen. 1465 

At Dodge Agency, 116-20 W. 





Now tlikt the Glendale White Sox 
have juaiped up into the Triple A 
league naoe. tomorrow’s battles In 
this circuit will undoubtedly be 
fought With a spirit seldom seen 
in local semi-pro ranks. Mike Don- 
lin’s crew got back in the money 
I on Thaiksglvlng Day by tripping 
up the fPklms-Culver City nine, 5 
to 2 . ■ • • 

The ^awtelle Merchants under 
the managtment of Wally Hood are 
scheduled to meet the toughest op¬ 
position W^en they tackle Jack 
Bums’ I Sapi Pedro Merchants at 
Sawtelli. The latter club has 
I proven Jits ability to step in fast 
Qompany by winning the last two 
starts. ; Lefty Douglas, Angel 
pitcher 1 and Tony Rego, Angel 
catcher; will be in the harbor dis¬ 
trict nine’s battery in this tilt. Ar. 
chle CSimpbell and Hughie McMul- 
lin will be in the points for the 
SaWtelllans. These battery com¬ 
binations should insure the folks 
-present of seeing a highly interest¬ 
ing clash. 

Josh Clarke has the Shell ('ll 
olub fighting with their backs ■ to 
the wall, which means that nextij 
Sunday’s battle with the Palms- 
C^ver City crew at Signal 'Hill 
may devellftif into an exciting con- 
tesf. li’red Fairbanks, ace hurler 
of the Royal Dutchmen, will start 
the fracas on the mound fcjr the 
home folks. Opposing will he's, lad 
by the name of Deunison who looks 
as though he might make trouble 
for the Oilers. The rest of botli 
llneupa will remain the same as 
last Sunday, meaning that several 
(Coast I league players will .be 
against each other. 

flttst what advantage rests with 
the football teakn that is confident 
of'a victory? What effect has the 
psychological attitude of the play¬ 
er before the game upon the hap¬ 
penings that take place on the 
field? These questions are not fre¬ 
quently, asked in speaking of foot¬ 
ball, for everyone realizes that the 
mental attitude has a great deal 
to don with any kind of competi- 
Some time ago in this column 

B"/ fi(t. 


we commented on the motto: “A 
tgam-that won’t be beat can’t be 
beat.” Thlsfis true in a certain 
sense, and yet there are times when 
it does not apply, However, it 
might be said that as a general 

[By Auoclated’ Press] 

group of British army officers 
headed by Colonel Carruthsrs will 
start from Pernambuco sooft In an 
effort te find the scarce of the 
Amazon river, according to Major 
Regan O’Connor, who' has arrived 
in Buenos Aires in connection with 
the expedition. The party plans to 
'explore j the Amazon from th* point 
where the Roosevelt expedition 
left off in 1914, and hopes to find 
unknown tribes including one said 
to be white, man-eating fresh water 
fish, diamonds, minerals and tim¬ 

Major O’Connor said the party 
would make a study of water 
power development in the event 
of success with a view to obtain¬ 
ing necessary concessions to that 

Detailed plans for the expedition' 
have b^en made alld it is proposed 
if the Roosevelt limit is reached 
to divide into parties and continue 
the epjlorations for 18 months at 
least. / 

(Continued from page 1) 

taxed their seating capacity filled 
the stands On the opposite side 
of the field. I They were brim full 
of pep and action. Wearing their 
Black and Ijted rooters’ hats and 
equipped with Black and Red pom¬ 
poms, they made a great showing. 
The yell leaders began early to put 
.enthusiasm Jnto the stands and 
lead the D^amlters” supporters 
in a volley of thundering cheers. 

When thei teams entered the 
field the stands went wild. with 
cheering. ianta Monica, as the 
visiting teai(i, appeared first and 
was greeted with a' tremendous 
outburst of ; enthusiasm from the 
Samohi rootlpg section. The spec¬ 
tators’ stands cheered them, too. 
They went (hrough their workout 
In good style, and looked every bit 
their money., 

A few minutes later the Dynam¬ 
iters trotted lout on the field. The 
Glendale stands went wild with 
cheering. On, the fiqld the Black 
and Red gridders showed that 
same spirit of determination, team¬ 
work and jenthusiasm in their 
workout that has brought them vic¬ 
tory in every Central League game 
and in. the bontest with San Ber¬ 
nardino at ■ Ontario last week. 
They sensed a bard . game and 
snapped through' their practice in 
great'styleJ i' 

Promptly 4t 2:15 th« two teams 
lined up for the kickoff. Tense ex¬ 
citement w^s evideneed in the 
stands as the referee prepared to 
put the' ball in place for the open¬ 
ing whistle. The teams lined up 
on the field as follows: 

n. Elliot 
Ryan - 
H. Elliot 

Announcement by the Tourna¬ 
ment of RosOs association last 
night is to the effect that the 'Uni¬ 
versity of Washington has beep 
officially Invited to meet the Navy 
In the New Year’s Day classic at 
Pasadena,, following the refusal of 
the Unfrersity of California to 
cet>t the invitation. It is under- 
stotfd that officials at Seaftle are 

teams comprising 
Legion Basketball 

_ _ Angeles county 

wlll hop off ph the regular sched- 
■') ex-service men’s loop 

Eight fast 
the American 

League of Los 

ul« of trie 

Thursday; December 13. 

Teams from Huntington Park, 
Santa Monica, Inglewood, Glen¬ 
dale, Pasadena and (he three L 09 
Angeles ! organizations’ 'Victory- 
Post, Metropolitan Post, and Post 
Eight will comprise the l^gue. 

Fourteein games will be played,, 
the schedule '.indlng the second 
week in 1 Jifirch. The winning 
team wll^ then joupey to Tuc¬ 
son, ArlzA where it will meet the 
chamnlonS of the . state after 

The Glendale K. of C. team will 
tackle Owensmouth in a San Fer¬ 
nando Valley league game in Glen¬ 
dale’s new baseball park at San 
Fernando road and Park avenue, 

The locals have ' strengthened 
their line-up considerably of late. 
Harry Manush. former Omaha star 
and brother of Heinie Manush of 
the Detroit Americans is now field 
captain and will hold down one of 
the outfield gardens. Ray Fanset, 
the new second baseman and John¬ 
nie Powers, the new outfielder and 
chucker, sliowed real stuff in last 
Sunday’s game at San Fernando. , 

The Caseys have displayed a 
good brand of ball here in the past 
an.d Manager R. F. Doll says with 
the new material added even a' 
better type of game can be ex¬ 
pected in the future. 

Owensmouth lost 'a tough game 
to Van Nuys last Sunday and will 
no doubt come dowil. to Glendale 
next Sunday with all guns loaded 
in order to hold its position in the 
league, therefore there's likely to 
be lots of fireworks when the two 
teams clash. 

Many followers of amateur, semi- 
professional and professional base¬ 
ball gathered about the festive 
boards of the Hotel Biltmore ban¬ 
quet room last rtight honoring 
Harry A. Williams, newly elected 
president of the Pacific Coast 
league. Old-time players, -scouts 
of major league clubs, stars of the 
present day and of the future, as 
well as leading citizens of South¬ 
ern California were jiresent and all 
pledged their hearty support to Uie 
;con to be 

By confidence we do not mean 
overconfidence. That Is as bad as 
an admission of defeat if not worse. 
•Overconfidence makes a team al¬ 
most certain to lose. If the men 
go otfrthe field with the idea that 
they are going to have a snap of it 
and will not have to work to win, 
That their opponents are so far in¬ 
ferior to them that they can loaf, 
then they will be lucky to come 
out with the long end of the score. 

There Is a difference between 
confidence of a vR’tory and over- 
confidence. The ream that has 

launched by the new president to 
end the war which has-been dis¬ 
rupting the league fpr several sea¬ 
sons and to-put the circuit back on 
its feet with a foundation of clean 
[sportsmanship and unbiased ad- 

In his inaugural speech, Presi¬ 
dent Williams declared that he in¬ 
tends to accept favors from no 
one, extend none and stay abso¬ 
lutely clear from partisanship. ”1 
Intend to treat all clubs alike, and 
I shall expect cooperation from 
them all,” he said. ’’I have already 
been elected by a 5 to 3 score, and 
It is up to all the clubs to accept 
that as a baseball score, as a win¬ 
ning score. Otherwise, we will bo 
pla.ving golf, where a low score 
counts. Our business is baseball 
and let’s get together and put the 
I great Aineric-an game back where 
it belongs.” 

Mayor George E. Cr.ver gave Wil¬ 
liams a good sendoff. wishing him 
success in his executive capacity. 
“Don’t pay attention to the noisy, 
loud-lunged few, but. step out and 
umpire in behalf of the majdrity— 
for you will find that the majority 
ordiltarily is in the right. It is not 
that you win or lose that counts, 
but how you play tlje game. I know 
that Harry 


Wiliiiiington, another outfit which 
has shown considerable speed in 
the Three A belt, will entertain the 
fast traveling 'Glendale club on its 
homo I field at Wilmin^on. Pete 
Mele; in charge of the Wilmington 
forces, figures to give the White 
Sox a lesson, which is no easy mat¬ 
ter with the herd of stars playing 
under ^ionlln’s wing. Arnold Cran¬ 
dall will get the White Sox pitching 
assignment, Mubile Cecil Cruz will 
take fiare of . the Wilmington slab 

^ In the other Three A loop game 
Anaheim and Union Tool will 
tangle' at Torrance. Though these 
two nines have gotten away to a 
bad athrt in the loop race they 
have bolstered up and will more 
than likely be seen among the top 
notchers before the close of the 
I league’s play. 

With Washington’s acceptance 
It is practically assured that Los 
Angeles will be without a Christ¬ 
mas Day game of any consequence, 
as the owners of the Coliseum do 
not propose to deal with' anyone 
else. They had tentatively invited 
Syracuse and Washington to play 
Christmas Day, but felt that they 
should release any hold they had 
on Washington in • order that the 
runners-up for the coast tifie 
should play the Nayy. ' ■ 

There is only a slight possibility 
for the Christmas Day combat, 
whloh is the chance that the U.S.C. 
Trojans might rush into the breach 
and meet Syracuse, but the senti¬ 
ment at U.S.C. is against a post¬ 
season game, and the Trojans are 
rather expected to stick by their 
originally announced decision to 
padk up their football togs and call 
it a'’day. > 

Marines May Come 
Should the Syracuse engagement 
fall through, as seems Very likely, 
there is a possibility that the Quan- 
tlco Marines, the magnificent east¬ 
ern football, service team, which 
holds the Atlantic Coast 

• J^ecil Hollingsworth, husky line¬ 
man of the Soulheni Branch foot¬ 
ball team, was yesterday an¬ 
nounced as captain of the 1924 Cub 
gridders- Hollingsworth has been 
.one of the most dependable line¬ 
men on the team for the last two 
years and his election is' a popular 
one. He succeed."? Walt Wescott, 
tackle, who igd this year’s o^fit. 

In addition to WestcoU, Art 
Jones and Cap Haralson will not 
be hack next season. These are 
the only men Coach Jimmy Cline 
loses and unless some unforeseen 
calamRy ensues the Cubs should 
finish high in next year’s race. 

The following letter winners will 
return: Capt.-elect Hollingsworth, 
Parker, Parlsi, Jones Knudson, 
Peake, Bishop, Molrlne, Collins, 
Gardner, Breese, Rosskopf, Jen¬ 
nings, 'Thursday and Shaw. 

Carl. P. Schott, physical educa¬ 
tion instructor aU-Poraona college, 
has been named basketb^l coach 
for the 1923-24 season at tiy ciare- 
mont institution. Unofflci&r prac¬ 
tice, has been under way for the 
past two weeks, but with the end 
of the football season and the se¬ 
lection of a coach the Sagehen 
hoop "arfists are expected to start 
work in earnest. 

The choice of Coach Schott is a 
good one for he knows the court 
game as well as any Southern 
California mentor, having .tutored 
the Pomona team two ygars ago. 
Due to fhe press of duties con¬ 
nected with the physical education 
department he abandoned his 

• Baldwin 



Curley O’Connell is smilihg. 

At the Hollywood fight arena 
last night Cecil Taylor, that whirl¬ 
wind mitt artsist fame through, at 
his initial appearance in the movie 
city. The local ud, coming back 
after taking the coun.t of nine In 
the first round, trounced to a fare- 
you-well Bobby Herman, wjilch all 
goes to show why Curley Is smiling. 

F^ht fans of Burbank can expect 
grew things from Cecil. He has 
the stuff and is learning how to 
use IL He will be seen next Wed¬ 
nesday evening at San Fernando 
when he boxes the semi-windup. 

velopment association for the use 
of the Coliseum, as the Marines 
are ' extremely anxious of making, 
^a trip to the coast and meetinirl 
'either the champions or the Pa¬ 
cific fleet or an, all-Paclflc flaqg 
team, such as that beaded by 
Ingram a couple of years ago. 

'. Rose-flower marmalade Is made 
■by the Turks from, choice Damas¬ 
cus wlilte roses, the Orientals us- 

Williams ' will play 
fairly and squarely with all.” 

“I believe Harry Williams is the 
man who can lead Pacific Coast 
baseball out of the darkness into 
the light again.” wa. Sheriff 
Traeger's praise of the new official. 


A few yegfs ago quije a stir was 
caused by the campaign to save 
oysters from' the pain of being eat¬ 
en or cooked alive. In .Alabama a 
bill was actually introduced making 
it a; offense ta eat an 
oyster that had not been humanely 
killed or fjlaughtered. The bill 
failed to pass. 

It is almost as risky to praise a 
woman’s husband to her face as it 
is to criticize him. 

dcate that he Is foi 
botsteps of prbdlglp! 


title, may* the Community Do¬ 

ing the red variety. 



d6ll hospital 







Or. Otey’s Health Studloe 


KirkBvllle Graduate* Only 


HeUnlshin^, EDanielinff, Pollahlng 
Mattresse* and Cushions 
Henovated and to Order. 
Chairs Caned. 

Read’s Decorative Art Shop 
219 S. Glendale Avc. GL9Wj 

John Stafford Whit* . 
Architectural peslgner . 
Tel. Glendalj 157-R 

Plans, Specifications, 
joerintendence. Construction 
North Louise Street 


Kelly Springfield's 



We Know How and Do It 


1411 S. San FernandoV^ad 
Glendale. Phone Glen. 1928 
We ttill thoroughly dust any 9x12 
rug for $1.50. Other ' sizes in 
proportion. Mattresses and Up- 
jolstery. PHONE . TODAY. 

New Location 

1612 South Brand Blvd, 

Dolls. Dollheads, and Wigs, 35c 
lip. Mama doll heads and 
voices. \CIassy mama dolls made 
to order. New eyes set free. 
Black strap slippers and stock¬ 
ings, all accessories. Dolls enam¬ 
eled add repaired. A few beau¬ 
tiful doll wigs at halt price. 
Large baby dolls, $3.50. Bring 
dolls now and avoid rush._ 

S. E. Corner Brand and Wilson 
Glen. 799; Folding Tables 
for Home Treatmente 
H 0 me or.Office, Day or Evening 



Phone Glendale 2416-J 

Hercules and Red Crown 



auto repairing 



Specializing In the 
Straightening of Teeth 
312 Laweon Bldg., 143 N. Brand 
Telephone Glendele 2279 


uUN 1 KMC I U-Kb, BUILDt.K& 


Will do your weaving at 1123 
Alameda St., North Glendale. 
A-specialty of Plain and Fancy 
Rugs. P. O. Address— Bur¬ 
bank, Route 1. Will do good 



814 East Broadway 



Clutch Attacl^nt for 

PAINTS, wallpaper, tTC, 

Expert Cleaning 
Pressing and Dyeing 
E. P. Beck M. M. Beck 

The tateet In portable and library 
elactrlci. Bargains In ueed ,lha- 
chinea. Machinea rented, re¬ 
paired and aold—Easy Terme. 



Window Shades, Reefing, Clash 

WALL paper 

$30 per M. Square Feet! I 

217 E. Broadway ' 

Phone Glen. 1757 




Ware Transfer 

Office Address 
Cigar Stand 
119 IVest Broadway 

Phone Glen. 358-W 


Cement Contractor 
Residence, 1134 Rosedal4 
Phone Glen. 16.45-W 
All Kinds of Work Handled 



223'Eaet Broadway, Glen. 2415-J 

Office 105^2 8^. Central Avenue 
Phone Glen-,^2800 
Res. 706 West FaVmont St. 


Do the best work and 
give the best service^in 


Glendale 2922, 36-J 
209 North Glendale Ave. 



United States Fidelity 
& Guaranty Co. 

rnVI? Insurance Ma^’ 

tUIC General Agent 
207. Lawson Bldg. Phone 3250 



Transfer and Fireproof 
Storage Co. 

We do Crating, Packing, 
Shipping and Storing 
Baggage Hauled to All Points 
403 South Central Glen. 428 

CALL GLEN. 3065 

Bu/' Your Rock, Sand 
and Gravel from 

337 W. Lexington Drive 

phones. Bus., Glen, 421-J 
Res., Glen. 1192-J 



In'regards to your . Painting, 
Tlntl^ and Paper Hanging , 
That you may be contemplating 
of having done we will call and 
give you an estimate free. 

No Job eo email but what It will 
receive our beet attention. 
also specialize In waterproonhf 
Stucco buildings,' making them 
absolute Water and Damp Probf. 


413 Ivy Street Glen. 3^ 


Best Material* 
Expert Work 

We Call for and Deliver 

When your cesspool fills up 



Phone Clen.3484.J 

Residence Phone Glen. 1876-W 


Dr. Joseph Albert 

* Dentist 
Moved to 

Suite 8 '103Vji S. Brimd 
Brand, Corner Broadway 
Hours 9 to 6 

Evenings by Appointment 
Telephone 1335_ 

Phone Glendale 2070 

Satlafactlon Guaranteed 

Phone Glendale 1390-R 

Glendale Lacey 
Carpet Cleaning 

ARTHUR H. LAfeEY, Prop., 
oriental ANd! DOMESTIC 
Linoleum Laying f Specialty 
Brandi Beulevai^ 

Oldest and Most Reliable 

Phone Glendale 889 

Phone Glendale 914 


Brick Contractor 
In Business 18 Years 
424 N. Kenwood St. 

Brick and Tile Buildings 
a Specialty 




Phone Glen. 2230 

Everything in Sheet Metal' 


‘F, C. Butterfield 



Sewer Contractor 
1325 N. Central Ave. 
Phone Glen. 1505-J * 

Immediate Attention Given to 
Filled-up Cesspools 





Electronic Diagnosis and 
Treatment (Abrams) 

111 E. Bdwy. Rooms 14-15-16 
Phone Glendale 71 

Baggage, Furniture 
and Pianos 

125 West Broadway 
Notary Public 
and’ Public Stenographer 


Glendale 3059 

127 N. Glendale Ave., Glendale 

and Piano. ■ P 

Nite Phone CTen, 365-W 

19ia South 

Spencer Corsets 

Specially Desired for each Client 
Helen &waln, Spencer Cowt i e r re 
For Appointment Call 
Glendale 2349J 4 
At “The Fashion Center,** 
Lingerie Section, 202 8. Brand 
Monday Afternoonn_ 


p: s. traxler, m. d. 

Physician and Surgeon 
Diseases of Gentto Urinary 

Office Phone. 2801 
Ree. Phone, Glen. 1S27-M 
Houre: 10-12: *14: T-S_ 

205 N. Brand 



Stop that poieon from permeat¬ 
ing your system aqd save your 


831 . E. Windsor 
Nights and Sunday, 
by Appointment 
Phone IsiTw 

Landscape' Gardening 
Lewne Put In Lewn Seed 

STORE—Griffin A Sydenham, 
626 E. Broad way. Glen. 2300. J 


I Read 131 South Brand 
|A. L.I JA.MES, Manager 
|S”.ws: Shears and Lawn 
J M 9weh8 S harpened 



Saggage and General Transfei 

Three Trucka 
Trips anywhere, any time 


041 Glendqle, Day or Night 
2926-W Glendale. Day 

lib N. Louise 

Cesspool* and Septic Tanks 
Installed. Blocks Sold , 
The Patented Block with Down 
Slanting Holes Keeps Sand Out 

Circulsu' Concrete Co. 

San Fernando Road at Doran 
Phone Glendale 2099-R_ 


Music. Public Drama 

Speaking a Dance 

Grelis pAVor 

and f 


The Francis Honey I 

On sale at all stores 
. that handle CSndies 

Made In Glendale 





DEC. 1st 

Everybody Come^the Public 

Jolly Bachelmr’s 
I. p. O. F. HALL 
Ralph Building 
201-A W. Broadway 


aa4 Need* a New One.' Call 






Call Glendale 1562-4 

1021 East Lexington Drive 
Glspdale ^ 


Phone Glendals 637 
Office and Grain Department 
139-145 N. Maryland Avenue 
Poultry Supplies—Seeds 
Very Satisfactory 


Auto Ambulance 
1000 S. BRAND 
j Phone Glendale 141 

at —i- 


I Specialize In New and Old 
Shingle Roofs 

Roofs Recovered with Pioneer 
Competition Shingles 
In Buitnees In Glendale 16 Yeart 

Palmer School Chiropractors 
Specialists in 

Vervous and Chronic DIseatee 
, (Opposite High School) 
Phone Day or Night, Glen. 3455 
Have Your Spin, X-Rayed 

“The School that Is Different" 

- 730-732 S. Glendale Ave. 

Glendale 970-W 

Evelyn M. S. Labadic, B, S., Si. 9^ 

—BUT what a lot ht people it 
will tell your busifiess to. 




Six Hundred and Seventy-seven Automobile Lines 
Being Operated in State—164 Transporting 
Freight and 136 Passengers Only 


Jot Woods, One pf the Leading Cigar Representa 
on Pacific Cpast, Receives Delivery of This 
Up-to-Mirjute Machine and Is Pleased 


Three Carriers Transport School Children—1 Carries 
Express—39 Carry Passengers, Freight and 
Express—24 Freight and Express 

The Champion,!;’ Another of the Willys-Knight Line 
is Getting Its, Share of Favorable Comment 
From Stem to Stern It’s a Real Car 

That the auto stage and truck are playing a big/part 
in the development of California is revealed by the records 
of the Automobile Department of the Railroad Commission. 
A check of these records (as of Nov. 1^, 19?3) shows that 
there are 677 automotive lines in the state operating under 
the jurisdiction of the Commissioni Of these carriers 164 
transport freight exclusively and 133 carry; passengers 
only and one is devoted exclusively to the transportation 
of express. Passengers, freight and express are carried 
by 89, and 24 carry only freight and express. 

Listed under the head of ‘‘Spec-<>— ^ — 

ials’" are 68 carriers -whose cargoes carriers to materially reduce their 
are limited to certain coniniodltIc3» numher ot scheduled trips stipulate 
such as milk and cream, eggs and lug^ howefrer, that full service must 
poultry, lumber, auto parts and ac- be restored on return of normal 
cessortes, films, fresh fruits and weather conditions, 
vegetables and berries. In most in- ^ result of this automoUffe 

bile in-this sectioh'of the. country. It is a car of which 
anyone might well! feel proud. It was delivered to them 
this week by the ^ith-Sloan, Inc., 226 South Brand, local 
Willys-Knight dealers. , 

I This car is fequjpped with everything that makes 
/motoring worth \Vhile, from the very latest thing in the 
v.‘ay of a California top, down to modern bumpers. The 
car has been euameledija liftht blue, - 
■which harmonizes beaj^tlfully with 
the dark _blue leather*,'Tlieii 
there are the nifty si4e .lights, lo 
rated on the sides ofjitbe car be¬ 
tween the front and thl rear doors, 
the drum-type headlights, twc 
searchlights, and eTeSrythirtg else 

car was firtt announced early in '> 

October all of the 5,000 dealers Ma 

throughout the laud have now been Sr* jCT 

furnished with sample cars of this 

type. Slactory production has been 

speeded ^ to such a point where 9^' " 

it is i^judged to he iiea.''ly adequate ^ 

to, the demand. For the first time 

President John N. Willys and Gen- 

eral Sales Manager L. G. Peed con- 

sider the circumstances in their 

dealer organizatiorl to be ripe, for ___ 

a 'universal effort to acquaint the 

mdtor car buying public with tho acteristic, however, 
many uses of this unique model. front and rear seats 
No car that illys-Overland has entirelv rem 

ever introduced has met with the .. . , .,, 1 , , 

spoutaneous and Immeditrte acclaim '“to a luxurious 

that greet the Champion- While ‘-‘‘f’ ^ feature that 
radically novel and fresh, j-et it value to tourists an 
proved to be Ae type of motor car With rear s^gts 
that many have longed for and removed fifty cubic 
hoped for. It probably is the most . , . 

divergently useful car ever brought ** 

out. . Its front and rear seats can trunks and luggag 
be easily and quickly adjusted to produce and suppli* 
three different positions, permit- and other equlpmen 
ting a tall driver to manipulate foot be necessary to tr 
pedals without cramping of legs. , . 

By the same token n short driver ^'^*‘**^ easily be 
can adjust the driver’s seat so that compartment, 
he can easily reach the pedals; The entire week 
Rear seat can also be moved for< by the Wlllys-Over 
ward or back to accommodate the ganization to a th 
convenience of the passengers. I ana demonstration 
; The car’s most remarkable char- 1 many uses 

Photo by iXMberg 


The question is frequently raised 
as to whether women drivers, as 
a class, are more careful than men, 
or vice versa. The question has 
been through the grinder a num¬ 
ber of •times. but not until recently 
has anything approximating' an 
answdr been discovered. It is now 
recignized that there is a differ¬ 
ence, though the result are identi¬ 
cal. One sex is careful through 
ineiperience ;the other Is careless 
through banking on experience. 

about automobile 


There are trips and trips. Some 
are scenic and some are otherwise. 

Here is a little piece of country ' 
that is well worth the time and ef* | 
fort spent to get to it. It extends i 
from 'Yreka to Eureka. i 

Two hundred and thirty miles of cations now point to the fact that 
river and mountain roads that leave i more 'V-68 Cadillac cars will be sold 
ddllghtfiil impressions that ■will not \liis month in California than dur- 
fade in a lifetime. - ing any previous month In the hls- 

A few miles above Yrgka, on the | tory of the Don Lee institution, 
valley highway from California to | "Undoubtedly a part of this In- 
Oregon, the'°Klamath river crosses | creased Interest is due to the wide 
the toad, and down that river winds i publicity^ thit was given the V-63 
another road for mere than one ! Cadillac at the Auto^-Show here," 
hundred miles before it climbs out i declared Don Lee, California Cadil- 
of the canyon and the river is lost lac distributor. "Hundreds of peo- 
slght of. I pie listened to the lectures on the 

Measured by the beauty of the chassis and examined in detail the 
trip the Klamath river road is one mechanical Improvements and re- 
of the finest In the state. Measur- flnemeots of the 'V'-dS Cadillac, with 
•d by curves and surface it Is one the result that our salesrooms have 
of the slowest pieces of road to * been visited by scores Who desired 
travel, for, on account of tough {to place orders for the new cars.” 
spots, sharp curves and hundreds J The increasing sales this month 
of places where road maintenance | are all the more pleasing to the 
crews have covered the road with horganization here to view of the 
crushed rock It is difficult to aver-Yfact that October was the biggest 
age more than 12 miles an hour. {month in volume of business over 
One does not progress very far | recorded here: and the fact that 
down the river from the highway sales are again mounting to new 
before dense forests of pine and | high totals la taken as an indica- 
oak are encountered. Sometimes | Uon that the coming year ■will be 
the hills are covered with brush | the greatest in the history of the 
only, but in the main the road runs i Cadillac organization, 
through densely wooded mountains, Cadallic leadership is sustained 
ever following the winding path of and strengthened by the V-63 
the river. model. Its performance and appear- 

A few small villages are found ance setting 'a new high standard 
along the river and scores of beau- ^ of quality that is immediately flnd- 
tlful little farms wherever there j ing favor with the discriminating 
is enough open space for a few ! motorist. In fact, every prospect 
acres of alfalfa or ochards. A game : who has taken a ride In the new 
refuge on the north side of the I model has voiced his enthusiasm 
river extend^ for miles and deer ] over the remarkable performance, 
come from it to lielp themselves • the smooth flow of power, the ab- 
to the green alfalfa of the farmers. , solute lack of vibration and the 

, - j added safety factor that Is pro- 

1 vldedo by the four wheel brakes. 

AUTOMOBILE HATRACK j The enthusiasm of the public is 
Invented by Charles W. 'Walton, only exceeded by that of the Don 
^itvale, Callfr, and compiled by Lee sales and dealer organization 
Clarence A. O Brian, Washington, | which is confidently predicting that 
^ 'Cadillac by its re^strations will 

A hat holder for installation on , this year set a record that has 
automobiles comprising , a horizon- j never before been even approached 
tal frame adapted to be placed un- j iiy any quality car. 

< Increasing interest in quality 
{cars is again proven this month by 
I the fact that never before has there 
been such record breaking sales as 
are recorded by the Don Lee or¬ 
ganization here and at its branches 
throughout the state. 

High offlclalB of the organization 
here yesterday declared that indi- 

(Cantinued oh Page 8) 

So quietly and smoothly dofs the 
new V-63 operate that owners 
say they are scarcely aware that 
there is a motor beneath the hood. 

Sixes ai;e universally popular. But as 
a class t|iey’ve bdenimore costly. Now 
you cat| own a six at the price of a 
fourl General Motors and Oldsmobilc 
have made this possible. 

Oldsmobile is ^ted for manufactur¬ 
ing explerience and quality workman¬ 
ship—General Motors, for its vast 

» Touripg • - $750 Sport Touring - - $885 

Roadster • • 750 Cab . . . . 9S5 

rkc C. M. |A- C. extended payment plan maket bnyint eaty. AUfirieet f. a 

engineering, technical and research 
facilities. Both have given of their 
skill and talents to provide for j^ou 
this high quality, smooth running, 
and lowest-priced six in the world. 
'We cannot describe the performance 
of this car—you must experience it. 
But we can say that it win you 
in one demonstration. 





208-210 W. Broadway. Phone Glen. 2373, 

Operi Evenings, Sundays Till 1 o'clock 


by Comparison 



235 South Brand Blvd, 

Phone Glendale 2947 




and on tMe extreme southern edge 
of the peninsula, Cargj^ Western 
literary colony, Moiit|jfey, Del 

Sequoia and General Grant' Na¬ 
tional Parks, may he had, and out 
of Fresno stages run to the Hunt- 

points between San IDego and Los 
Angeles, but westward to El Cen- 



'Hie Good 


|vhat the Rublic Thinks of 
.' The (3ood Maxwell 

c It must be apparent that the * 

'active demand for- the good - 
V • Maafwell is the result of wide ^ 

'i ' spread cbhviction on tWo points: _ r, 

That Mkxwell tars are soundly 
designed and built; and that at 
i their present low prices they 
offer thel^t values in their field. 



(Continued from Page 7) ' 

' called westslde of the Sacramento 
. river, th^ main stage points are 
j Willows, Colusa, Williams, Wood- 
I land, Davis and Winters. The 
I main terminal of north central 
I California is Sacramento, into 
i which and from which most of the 
' auto lines in this part of the state 

More than a thousand new em¬ 
ployes have been added to the pay¬ 
roll, 49G new dealers Lave signed 
contracts for the next year, and two 
direct factory branches have been 
opened by the Olds Motor Works 
of Lansing, Michigan, since the an¬ 
nouncement of its new models lor 

Four months ago the factory 
executives predicted that the pay- 

; feed. Branching from what may be roll of the company would be in- | 
described as the direct north and creased by a thousand men before i 

south mid-state runs ate stage lines 
from Sacramento to Nevada City, 
Colfax, Auburn and Eosevllle; to 

-the first of the year. The demand 
for the new Six has been so great 
that this number of new men was 
added by the first of November, 

Folsom, Placerville, and on to Lake just one month after production ac- 

Tahoe; Plymouth, lone and the 
mines country are also served from 

tually started on the car, and two 
months before the date predicted. 
Distributors are reporting to the 

Maxwell and Chalmers Cars 

. < 124 West Colorado (St. l 


Club Coupe 
Club Sedan 

Sedan .$1496 

pellvered In Glendale 

Phone Glen. 2430 

I Sacramento- From Oroville and factory that they have bad hun- 
I Chico, stages carry the traveler dreds of applications for dealership 
through the Feather River country contracts; and up to the fifteenth 
and to Reno, giving .service en of the present month 496 had been 
route to such points as Quincy, picked from among the many ap- 
Crescent Mills, Portola, Beckwith, ^licants to represent the company 
From Chico to Lake Almanor, during the next ^ear. The factory 
Chester, Prattville, Westwood, sales department expects that the 
Susanville stags lines are also number of dealers will be even 
operating with Reno the eastern more materially increased during 
terminus. From Susanville north- the next six months, 
ward to Alturas, thence to Fort To add to the distribution facili- 
Bldwell are other stage lines, which ties of th^ new cars, the company 
have, beside thelt J^allfomla rout- has recently opened branches in 
ings, conn ection wit h Reno, Carson, Memphis. Tenn., and in Dallas, 
an3'olher Keyada points. The trend Texas. Both of these branches will 
of stage travel from Tonopah, Gold- serve extensive territories under 
field, Mlnden and other Nevada their immediate.direction, and^ew 
■ territory contiguous to Tonopah dealers will )be added in thosd lo- 


T he engineers who designed the 
Gray car learned through 20 
years of experience what not to 

do in building a ^ood light car. imm™ 

The executives Who head the Gray 
Company know after many years 
of merchandising automobiles what 
the public most desire in light cars. 

Then they all worked for a long 
time to perfect Gray design. They 
were in no hurry and they were sure 
of the soundness of their ideas. 

The combined result' of these efforts 
is the present Gray Car—holding 

feeds into and out of California calities wl^e OldsmobUe hasjhad 
generally from and to points in Al- no previous representation. 

pine. Mono and Inyo counties, /■ - 

topography playing a large part in 

FOiffl real safety 

I The Northcoaat communities be-: PHI PI ffllf 

: tween San Franciscp and the Ore-! I SU I I AIM 

j gon line also have a distinct auto ' U/lili ULrHlTI 

service. It is now possible to travel ^ 

' by stage from Sausalito, where 111111^ 

j ferry connection Is made with San Ml|||r 

I Francisco, to Oregon, the last link ! .flilUl. , 

j having been completed by the es-: ' ' i 

tablishment of service ' between - 

Cloverdale and Ukiah. In this ter- ! Motor car purchasers,, careful to 
ritory Is located the wonderful consider safety elements in auto- 
Redwood Highway, a broad road mobile construction, are giving 
running through California’s fani- more and more attention all the 
ous big tree territory'. The princi- time to cars in which the bpera- 
pal intermediate points—San Fran- tion necessary for proper control 
cisco to Oregon state line,—are in traffic are reduced to a minim 
Eureka, Arc-ala, Crescent City, For- am. 

tuna, Dyerville,-Willits, Cloverdale, Several reasons instantly ap- 
; Geyserville, Healdrburg, Santa Pear this, principal of which 


Americans Most Tempting Closed Car Value 

A rugged car for every use with a Knight Motor \ \ 

' , i ■ . ; ' ' - ' . 

That WEARS IN while other motors Wear Out. ‘ 

ECONOMY-22 to 25 miles to gallon of gasoline ' . i 

QUIETNESS-Starts out quiet and remains that way-“When there 
is quietness there is no wear.” 

NO SHOP EXPENSE-No valves to grind or carbon to clean 

cisco to Oregon state line,—are 
Eureka, Art-ala, Crescent City, For- 
tuna, Dyerville, -Willits, Cloverdale, 

: Geyserville, Healdrburg, Santa 

See the 
New Models 
on Display 




: Rosa, Petaluma, San Rafael. From | is that the more complicated the 
i each of these points auto stages | construction or the more complex 
. branch out into contigious terri- (the manipulations necessary for 
: tory, such as Lake Countv. Napa j control the greater are the chances 
i Valley. Valley of the Moon. Russian ■ foe trouble and even dangers in 
; River country, and Sonoma. Mando- i operation. 


All 'of which brings home the 

counties coast line points, I>ake | that nothing cout)*ibutes a 
Conntv, with its foniaus mountain element of safety in mo- 

lakes and • mineral springs and the utmost simplicity, 

—-^ •- , V in those parts of the car, upon ^ 


petrified forest, is also served 

the world’s official economy record 
and with h record of success in its 
first; year of production that no 
other car has ever approached. 

The Gray Car is mechanically 
better. This is a provable fact— 
let us show you all that means. 

~ $490 4-Door $BS5 

Comoh - - • $785 Coupo • - $685 

T’otirintf - - $520 Truck - - - $575 
All PrioM /. o. h. Detroit 


W. H. Daniels 

$10 E. Broadway. Phone Glen. 3388 

Gray Touring Car 

stage routes from Sun Francisco ; "'liicb the control depends, thereby! 
via Vallejo, Napa and Calistoga ’freeing the diTver from m much j 
and from Sacramento via Napa. I exertion ami distraction as possi- 
. - ble. 

S. F. Bay District i A notable example of how. this 

In the territory immediately ad- i can be successfully carried out is 
jacent to San Francisco, auto I found in the design and operation | 
stages are operating^ to all points, | of the control of the Ford .,jCar i 
, ferries providing connection from ' which gives the driver exceptional j 
j San Francisco proper to so-called j command ■ in traffic, in mud and j 
, mainland highways running north- sand—in fact In every place ' 

228 South 


Phone Glen. 134ff 

, ward. From San F-rancisco south- i where facility of control is all im- i c Paaa Sedan S2060 00 

ward, or "Down the Peninsula” portant. ' , ' ’ 

ferrying Is not., San ' short ^heelbase and dmall >——-—..._—_. „ ' : 

Francisco being the'tenh'iiuil of all , "“'"'OK ''“hiusl insure easy turning ; 

highways leading from the Mexi- of corners and convenience in j routes to San IDego and Los Ange- [j 
can border. Directl.v out of g-m , “'^“oovering iu and out pf'park-j les are conaietted which means ser-' 

' Francisco, via highways siase lines fng ^spaces. ' J vice to Long Beach and all the 

operate to the Santa Clara Valley. . ^ excessive "f) u.^hes southward io Santa Ana ' 

l4h'rough its thousands of acre- of ‘he steering wheel and action, be- oeacnes soulinvaru to t5anta Ana, , 

i orchard lands (the -ettin- for the : direct gives the driver the San Juan, Laplstrano, and Ocean- i 

I IT,. ^ lyiT T iiiii,- lur uie , , farilitatea Side and to Riverside, Perns, Elsl- i 

I annual blossom festival), thence to J®®'. “ rne loau ana lacilitates Temecula and Escondido I 

i Crur^anT al^nl fn"sh1ftii.g gears, the driver’s at- SL^es^'turof Lo^^^ng^tes^e , 

‘f o along Mention need n6t be distracted from ^ Palm Springs, 

L ^nta cl Mo“unSs° ’ l^e road ahead! as the shSt!g 1 Mecca, and on to Blythe, near the , 

^sln with its gianrredwolds ^all ’ hisjfeet on the pedals and Arizona state 4ine. Mojave and , 

are within reach of San Francisco ’ f»f^comes automatic, and his Tehachapi are’Tierved on a Los An- 

by auto IntermediatrT^^X m ‘>‘e geles-Bakersfieid fun, and there are 

wL^l, geierX describ^fIn the Ford, J^ansmls- stages to Randsburg, of mining: 
Pentnanla dtstet^t inrin^i ® no danger hf clash- fame, another line, Bakerstield-Los , 

boronrfi and Rnritnc-^! ing gears and It is impossible to ^4hgeles operates via San Feniando, j 
^ fail in accomplishing a gear shift. 1 Sangus-and Lebec. _ ! 

7 Pass. Sedan, $2275.00 

' operate to the Santa Clara 4'alle'y. 
J4hfough its thousands of acres of 
1 orchard lands, (the setting for the 
! annual blossom festival), thence to 

Oakland Six 

residence sections, San Mateo, , ^ f 

: Redwood Clty, Palo Alto, the home the shift Is made silently 

of Stanford University, San Jose I 

San Diego Is the terminal point ‘ 
of stage lines that operate, not only : 
northward to all the principal 

For economical 
buy a ' 

Monte, There society spends 

ington Lake and Shaver Lake re- 

summers and Santa Cruz. Oakland gions. Fresno also hag stage con- 
is the starting point of stages run- nectlon with the edast. via Pacheco I’'“J 
nlng to San Jos%. to Stockton, and Pass, through Hollister and Wat- 
southward through the great San ftonville to Santa Cruz, while Bak- 1 

Joaqum Valley, thence by connect- ersfield and Taff reach the ^^ast at , Itoe are stato 

mg lines to the Mexican border. To Piapio, via Chqlame, Paso Robles ! ^ ® line are state 

the west out of Stockton auto and San Luis Obispo. A Coalinga ! ® sparselv 'settled territory 

stages transport passengers to Paso Robles; via Parkfield. rout- borderin- on the Nevada state line 
through the mining country made Ing coupled with a route from Coal- ■ , Without its stage connec- 
famous by Bret Harte tales, with Inga to Fresno, also gives a valley r>r..n,v,iaaicT.> 

terminals amid the wonders of the outlet, to a near-coast terminal as ' .i?_ t-i,.. x/n 

tro, Brawley, Calipatria, Niland and j 
other Imperial Valley points, as ' 
well as Yuma Bridge, across the ■ 

Colorado river where California and 

and truck served. 

The sparsely settled territory 
bordering on the Nevada state line 

See Me In My New Home at 
420 E. Colorado Blvd. 

Yosemite Valley. 

' Vflllpv from Taft to Santa Marin tM-asc la 

South Central Section | ^trom 

I The south central part of Cali-, to Santa Marla, stag© lines give 

or more properly speaking, i through and local service. The oil iL®.. ^ 

j the territory south of Stockton and I fjpbls of Marciopa, Taft, McKiti 

I north of Tehachapi. and bounded trick. Follows are well served'. f ' ’+ 

on the on© side bv The Pacific > Salinas King City .San Miguel! I Pf^fiop, Benton, are in touch with a 

! ocean and on the other by the Ne- j Pasf Tokes?^4talcadero, Sa I 
vada state line, is we|i served by i Margarita, San Luis Obj^« all on ! California 

j auto stages, the - main terminals i ,j.hat is called the coast ^e. have | * connection with Reno, 

being Stockton, Merced. Fresno and stage-connections with all points,!' ®'.r>- .-r ♦ e j 
Bakersfield. From these cities ^vith local needs well cared for: All Districts Served 

j radiate stages tnat traverse terri- The folowlng figures show the 

I torv rich in all the things which Southern California number of towns and cities Incafoil 

uuckci., LVJ a. iitrai-Guaat. kcimiuai ao : ♦v.r.* -xr ii » j.\- > 

does also a route through Cuyama ® *’'® 

vroiiov 'Tar^ -tc aenio 'iu'o..<n Yosemite auto stage service is 

given through 

Pass along 

Minden. Nevada, thence to Tallac 
and Tahoe. Big Pine, Lfcne Pine, 
Bishop, Benton, are in touch with a 
service extending to Tonapah, Ne-, 
vada. Northwestern California l 
points are in connection with Reno, 1 

Watch for Grand Opening 


ith local needs well cared for: All Districts Served 

The folowlng figures show the 
j lory rich in all the things which Southern California number of towns and cities located 

I have made California famous. Los Angeles Is the center of thW | in different parts of the state, the 
i Stockton to Merced, Merced to operations of the stage lines operaiir lines serving the . cities named 
i Fresno, Fresno to Bakersfield, ing in Southern eallfornia, or that ’either as a terminal or as an inter- 
i Bakersfield to Los Angeles, passing part of the state south of Bakers- mediate point; 

.through or giving connection by field. The Commission’s rtecords Alturas, 3; Westwood, 5 i Eureka," 
stagb to cities and towns north of show that Los Angeles Is served, jl6; Redding, 6; Red Bluff. 11, 
Fresno such as Turlqpk, Modesto, either as a terminal or an inter- Oroville, 5: Chico, 8; Willits. 4; | 
Madera and on the west sid,e of the mediate point, by 143 stage and Williams. 6: Willows, 5; Marys- I 
San Joaquin river, Patterson, Crows truck lines. They arrive from all vllle 6; Sacramento. 28; Stockton, 
Landing, Newman, Los Banos, Dos directions and their departure are 18; Fresno, 42; Bakersfield, 19; 
[Palos, Firehaugh and Mendota. equally wide in scope. From Los Modesto. 9; Mariposa, 6: Madera, 
iSoutl^of Fresno auto stage service 1 Angeles to Santa Monica and the 6; Merced. 7; Santa Rosa, 8: Peta¬ 
ls given to Fowler, Kingsbiirg. Han- beach cities, Los Angeles to Santa luma. 7: Napa, 5; San Francisco, 
ford, Tulare, Delano and Bakers- Barbara, to San Bernardino and to 52; Oakland. 44; San Jose, 32; 

R. A. McLean Motor Sales Co. 

^ I 2|04 Colorado Blvd. 


f . ' ’ . I 

Phone Garvianza 1062 for demonstration 

f' * 

-Press,Ads Bring Results- 

Thos. E. lUcketts 


ford, Tulare, Delano and Bakers- Barbara, to San Bernardino and to 52; Oakland. 44; San Jose, 32; ! 
'field. East of the highway one may the mountains northward ’to-Vic- Santa Oruz, 7; San Luis Obispo,] 
' travel from' Fresno to Sanger, toryille In the Mojave Desert, stage 16; Salinas', 8; Santa Barbara, 8; 
ijReedley; Dlnuha, Visalia. Exeter, lines operate, and nearly all lines Ik)s Angeles, 143; Pasadena, 13; 

I Lindsay and Porterville. From are paralleled by motor freight San Bernardino,'16; Santa Ana, 15; 

Phone Glendale 1700 

Sanger and Visalia auto stages to lines. 

San IDego, 30. 






' Preparatory to doubling its pro- 
i ductlon for the year 1924, Ricken- 
I backer Motor Company Is making 
several additions to its manufac¬ 
turing plant, vrblch now covers 
eight acres of floor space. 

"Everything points to the biggest 
year the motor industry has ever 
known for njsxt year,” says B. P. 
Everitt, president and general 
manager, "and while we are not 
ambitious to-^make all the automo¬ 
biles in the 'Tvorld, and will con¬ 
tinue to adhere to a policy of quali¬ 
ty first rather than quantity, still 
we plan to make one hundred cars 
per day next year. 

“Our production for the present 
year will average about fifty cars 
per day, although at times we have 
hit as high as seventy. 

I "The principal 'addition now be¬ 
ing i^ede to the 'rdant is that of a 
second story on top of the big main 
machinery building. This will add 
about 60,000 square feet of space, 
and release that much ground floor 
space in‘which we can install ad- 
ditoinal machinery and lengthen 
the assembly line a few, hundred 
feet. ' ' 

“In other resspects the hiuldings 
—which, l>.v the way, were con- 
: structed just before the end of the 
war for the purpose of making 
large shells for the Government, 
and which are therefore the most 
modem construction and most ideal 
in lighting, ventilation and other 
j araingements—are quite sufficient 
1 to produce one hundred cars a day. 

I “We iconslder the Rickenhacker 
i plant one of] the most efficient' in 
'this industry,” continued Mr. 
j Everitt, “and are ^more proud of 
! that fact than of its mere size. A 
: plant may occupy a vast amount of 
I space, and spread all over a quarter 
, section of lan(J and yet produce few 
i automobiles. In the latter case 
I there is an excessive overhead that 
j must, of course, be added to the 
I ^le price of the product.” 

Do you kno^ how to tell when 
the lights of your car are out of 
focus and when they comply with 
the state laws? 

If you do not maybe the follow¬ 
ing simple .instructions will be of 
service to you along this line: 

There®l8 a position in front of 
your car at 100 feet, seven feet to 
the left of the axis and five feet 
high, that is known as the “D” 
point and is the point at which 
your headlights will “glare,” or 
dazzle in the approaching motor¬ 
ists’ eyes if there is an apparent 
candiepower of over 800. This 
amount has been determined and 
found to be the maximum amount 
of light \yhich will not produce the 
above the eye, only after 
exhaustive tests and examinations 
have been made of thousands of 
human eyes. 

To be sure it is an average hut 
the determination of this amount 
has been so arranged to take care 
of the great majority,. For this 
reason yon should not light your 
lamps and walk out in front of 
your car and look into them and 
rest on the thought that they do 
not “glare” nor should you take 
your friends’ word that they do not. 
Thej officer’s word arresting yon 
on this point may not be accepted 
in court as there is a grave possi¬ 
bility that he has incorrect vision 
' which under test could be proven, 
j If you are anxious to know 
Whether your Tights are not “glai'- 
1 Ing” a'very simple test will help, 
I considerably, which is as follows': 

1 Light your head lamps bright oh 

“Several features of the Gray 
truck are new and unusual in 
light truck construction,” says the 
manager of the agency for this car 
in Glendale, 610 East Broadway. 
“Such as the extra length and 
rigidity of the frame with its two 
tubular cross members, unusually 
large brake drums, heavy construc¬ 
tion of the rear axle and differen¬ 
tial housing, the low speed, low 
motor, and 

Plied up something in the man¬ 
ner of cord wood, castings for the 
motor blocks which go into the 
modern automobile are rather un- 
inspifing things. Finished 'and 
ready to go to the point where all 
the other hundreds of pieces- that 
go to make up a motor are assem¬ 
bled in a motor , car factory where 
quality and precision go hand in 
hand with quantity production they 
are examples of some of the finest 

workmanship for which 
mechanics and engifeers are fa¬ 
mous’the world over. 

Pistons must work smoothlv up 
and down at terrific, speed in the 
cylinders of a properly, operating 
motor with just enough Clearance 
all around to permit a film of oil 
one one-thousandth of an inch tliick 
between them and the cylinder 

other features, 

“The interest which Glendale 
huslness men have shown in the 
Gray'truck has convinced us of 
two things: ’One is,that the suc¬ 
cess of Gray passenger cars in 
their first year mf production has 
lead people to expect something of 
unusual the Gray truck, 
and has lead them -to accept that 
value without question when pre¬ 
sented to them.” 

“The other is that' while the 
light truck field has been said to 
be over-crowded, buyers, of this 
class of truck are still on the look¬ 
out for the right sort, of light 
truck and have shown their ^readi¬ 
ness to glye instant approval to 
the points of superiority offered 
in the Gray truck. . • 

“Particularly noteworthy is the 
interest and approval shown the 
Gray truck by market gardeners 
in the vicinity of Glendale:—field 
of light delivery where speed on 
the route and minimum delivery 
cost are absolutely imperative.'’ 


a level stretch pavement and 
take a position about three feet in 
front of either lamp, allowing the 
rays to shine upon your coat; at 
this time observe where the-top of 
the sbariiest rays, unmodified 
beams, or the cut-off line of light, 
appears, then place your hand at 


Here’s latest thing in automo¬ 

Beginning \\'eiinesday, December 
5, Dilley & Armstrong, 115 .IV^t 
Harvard street, local dealers for 
the Star autopiobile. will put over 
something thhat should make ths 
automobile buyers of this part of 
the country stop and thinkr-'Dur- 
ing the two weeks followingjthat 
date they will give aw;ay 15 tick¬ 
ets. The mates of these tickets will 
be placed in a box and one'will 
be^ picked, out. The holder of the 
ticket corresponding to the one se¬ 
lected ■will be given, entirely free, 
.one of the very lastest model 
Star cars, 

That's easy 

this position on your coat and tiack 
away from the car slowly, observ¬ 
ing closely whether any of the 
byight rays come above the hand. 
If they do. It is plainly evident that 
your lights are wrongly adjusted, 
and attention should be given them 
immediattely at oUe of the official 
headlight stations. 

If they do not and the rays travel 
downward from your starting posi¬ 
tion, they might he correct, but you 
cannot rest assured that they are, 
as there are other considerations 
to observe besides* the "glare,” 
which are knowh as the “width of 
projection” and the "length of pro¬ 
jection,” both of which must be 
accomplished without the "glare!” 

By all means do not guess at 
your headlight adjustment,'even if 
yon are a competent mechanic or 
garage attendant. Be guided, 
please, by this suggestion and get 
I them adjusted at one of the sta¬ 
tions which you are sure has a rep¬ 
utation for doing good work, and 
when you receive your certificate 
go home and place your car, in 
your garage, in a position where 
the rays will shine upon^e wall; 

I as you drive Into it note carefully 
where the toji of the cutoff line 
of light appears and place a chalk 
: mark over the entire distance 
I across the top of the beam. Then 
you have prepared an arrangement 
I to serve you each time you drive 
I into your garage to observe 
whether y*ur lights have been mis- 
[ placed, and If yon should notice, at 
I any time, a change above this line, 
j go imiitediately and hare them re- 
I checked by an export in one of 
the stations. 

! The arresting officials -wilt prob¬ 
ably checks youp lights with the 
hand in the same manner and if 

I _L » «_ ^ _ 

GLEN. 2443 





ttTiomever it was that made the 
■wise crack that “the history of 
transportation is an evolution of 
speed” was not thinking half as 
much about human cargoes as he 
was ‘about “goods.” In the opinion 
of local automotive wiseacres. 
-\MoTeover the jump from-^he ox¬ 
cart to the motor truck that can 
haul two tons forty miles an hour 
Is mioch more of a marvel than 
the evolution of the rickshaw fami¬ 
ly into themotor sedan which can 
travel better than fifty miles an 
hour,, they affirm. 

Hitching quantity hauls to speed 
is a late transportation devplop^ 
ment, particularly examplifled in 
the Chevrolet Utility Express- for 
instance, it is pointed out by C. L. 
Smith, Orange and Colorado street, 
local Chevrolet dealer. This truck, 
which was given its jiame “Ex¬ 
press’ because of the vivid associa¬ 
tion ’ of the word with speedier 

isn't it? 

The boys at the Dilley & Arm¬ 
strong headquarters know all of 
the details of this proposition and 
will be glad to give them to those 


In washing a car. use plenty of 
water, but not at high pressure. 
Much force to the stream ■wTll dri'ye 
grit Into the varnish: it will also 
drive -water into cracks and joints, 
where it will do Wooden 
parts will not hold together well 
if water is constantly forced into 
the joints. Let the hard mud sjwts 
have time to soften by sonking. 
Do not rub them off, if at all pos¬ 
sible. but should it be necessary, 
do it gently. Grease spots should 
be removed with a soapy cloth. 
Avoid lye soap, as it will-deaden 
the varnish. The result of the 
wash will depend much upon the 
final wiping given the car. Never 
use hot -water.—Automobile Digest. 

It Is danghrous to run a car with 
a soft tire, especially if the rims 
are of the quick detachable type. 
Soft tires especially on front 
wheels, make steering difficult,- 
consume extra power, and may ac¬ 
cidently be pulled oft the car easier 
than If they wpre properly inflated,. 
Throwing of tires is dangerous: if 
the car is traveling at high speed,- 
it may even cause the car to over¬ 

Plants manufacture sugar from 
water, carbon dioxide gas and sun¬ 
light, which they absorb. 

Frmight cmd 
tax axtra 

found to be too high will ask you 
to drive your car to a side position, 
where a chart arrangement has 
been previously prepared, and an 
observation wjjl he made to check 
the hand test. If the chart obser¬ 
vation shows lights wrong, your 
lights will then be checked -^th an 
instrument kno-wn as a foot-candle 

The advantages and use of this 
instrument are being studied by 
the various departments at the 
present time, and if adopted will 
eliminate entirely the defects in 
the arresting'offt-claTB eyes in ob¬ 
serving illegal headlights. . 

Meets Every Closed Car Need 

You Cannot Ignore Its Price 

The E^sex Coach, recently reduced >100 
sells at %145, freight and tax extra 

We are going to give away a bran 



Come see how well it meets your desires. 
It has beauty, utility and comfort, coupled 
with a price attraction such^as no od^r 
closed car of like quality ever had. 

' The Coach is light and compact. It is sturdy, 
enduring and economical as are all Emcx 
cars.^ Easy to handle and requires little 
attention to keep in first class condition. 


Ivd. Phon4[^Glendale 837 

Star Special 
Touring Car 




721 £. Broadway; 

Freight end tex «xfr< 

A Popular Priced 
Automobile Deal¬ 
er Wants a Sales¬ 

There will be only 15 tickets given out and one of these will 
entitle the holder to the Star Car. 

To a man who is able 
to take charge of the 
Salesroom:; and follow 
up the leads, a position 
is open that will mean 
a real future. We are 
willing to give such a 
man an interest in the 
business. He must be 
well and favorable 
known in Glendale. 

Apply Box No. 256 . 
Glendale Daily Press 

For Particulars See us Wednesday, Dec 


onl^ 15 tickets will be given away 

Mind you 



First Class Repair Shop for All Makes of Automobiles 

Phone Glen. 1667. 

115 West Harvard St, ^ DEALERS Phone Glen. 2874-J 




= O/flfCTI0‘i rU/7MCn.DPHMKeftf,lAIICll£r,~.mESTCCASTTftAmiS,.c ijl 

■ ''I'l l Hiiiiiiiniiiiii»iiit;^Minniii.^<iiiiiniiiii!g;iii»iiii;iiiiii:«tiiiliiiiiHllfaitMi‘/iil 





Whimsical Film 

Is “The Clean Up” 

At the Glendale 


I have often wondered if it were better 
That a few people<^^ld bo very happy 
And many miserable. 

Or that all people should be a,little happy 
And none miserable. 

And I have wondered, too, if it were better 
That a few people should have a great deal. 
And a great many people nothing at all. 

Or that all people should have a little. 

And nobody nothing. ^ 

I have wondered at well if it were better 
That tome fives should be filled with gladness. 
And many lives be empty. 

Or that many lives have in them a little gladnc) 
And no lives be empty. 



Supported bj, a notable cast, 
Herbert Rawltnson comes to the 
Glendale Theatre today in his 
latest Universal starring vehicle, 
“The Clean Up,” a whimsical com¬ 
edy marked by startling adven¬ 
tures and many thrills. 

“The Clean Up” is the screen 
adaptation of a story by H. H. 
Van Lioan, author of several photo¬ 
play hits. It tells the adventures 
of the grandson of an eccentric 
millionaire, who to teach the youth 
the value of money, leaves every 
inhabitant of the village a fortune, 
but nothing to his grandson. The 
town g^s on a spending spree, 
and all Tts normal aspect|l^ disap¬ 
pears. He has to battle crooks 
who have Invaded the new rich 
places, faces attempts at assassina¬ 
tion and other obstacles and in¬ 
cidentally finds the road to happi¬ 

In the cast are such players as 
Claire Adams, noted screen beauty; 
Frank Farrington, Herbert For¬ 
tier, Claire Anderson and others of 
equal prominence. 



With An Exceptional Supporting Cast in 


I A Gorgeous Super-drama of the 
I ^ Brave Old Days! . ^ 

I^eroes, vagabonds, courtesans, villains, beauties, adven¬ 
turesses—they pans before you. on the screen in history’s 
most glorious romance. It’s F. Marion Crawford’s celebrated 
story of Spain’s ago of glory—^tense, stirring, thrilling! 
Mammoth sets, elaborate scenes, lavish costumes—one of 
the most gorgeous productions the screen has known! 


And I have felt uncomfortable tometimei. 

Sitting by a warm fire. 

With a full stomach, 

And being comfortable and well fed. 

When I knew that many were out in the cold, 

With empty stomachs ' 

And shivering bodies. 

And I thought to write it down 
In a kind of a poem, 

Unrythmicai and disjointed. 

As life is sometime. 

In the hope that more of 
Sharing our blessings V 
And making a flower grow where none grows now. 



Anna Vivian & Co. 
A Sure-Shot Novelty 

France & McCree 
“Two at a Time” 

William Parke, 
who directed Milton SlUs in "Leg¬ 
ally Dead,” also directed this pic¬ 

Cast Includes 


Blanche Sweet 
Edmund Lowe 
Lucien Littlefield 

Hobart Boaworth 
Pauline Starke 
'William V. Moiig 

Morris & Lane 
Sunkissed Boys from 
I Dixie 

William Fox lias jgFOduced “Cam¬ 
eo Kirby” for‘the screen, perpetu¬ 
ating the remn^able stage success 
by Booth Tarklngton and Harry 
Leon Wilson, With John Gilbert 
in the tithr role Gertrude Olm¬ 
sted in the feminine lead, the pic¬ 
ture will open Sunday at the plen- 
dale Theatre. . Few stage plays 
plays scored so heavily on the road 
as “Cameo Kirby.” The story 
centers about a plctiH’^sqne MMsis- 
sippl river gambler of a former 
generation, who shoots straight 
and deals squarely, winning event¬ 
ually when hearts are trumps. 

J azzmarimda,^uo 

would feel like evening thing! 




AT 2:30 - O U LJAl - 7:30 Only 


Supported By I 

In the Thrilling Story of the Old South 


Speed, Pep, Action—Here Is Sober Buster at His 
Side-bust!ngestI Funny? You T^l 'Em! 

M. McC. Davenport at Glendale’s Biggest and 
Only Wurlitzer Organ 

ij Here’s'Today’s Show! -- , . 


■One of the greatest documents of human joys and sorrows 
the screen has ever known, 

I -and- 

Glendale’s Singing * GLENDALE LETTER 
Postmaster CARRIERS’ BA.\D 

ji D. RIPLEY JACKSON 25 Pieces 

i Also Another of H. C. Witwer’s New Series of 


In the Palace of 
the King” Opens 
At the T. D. & L. 



\ A Tale of 

From the Stage Play By 

Historically correct in every de- 
^11, was the watchword of Em¬ 
mett Flynn and the Goldwyn stu¬ 
dios in "In the Palace of the King,” 
the coming- attraction at the T. D. 
& L. 



Continuous From 2:30 

Iheatre, which opens Sunday 
there for a three days’ run. 

A research staff consisting of 
more than a dozen persons worked 
for weeks compiling data upon 
every possible phase of life in 
Sbaln during the ^sixteenth and 
j seventeenth centuries. 

Photographs of Spanish bulld- 
; ings and palaces, reproductions of 
old paintings and book illustrations 
and works of historical authorities 
were called upon during prepara¬ 
tion for “In the Palace of' the 
king,” which was taken from F.' 
Marion Crawford’s novel of that 

Scores of photographs were 
made from the Album Historique 
by Alfred Parmentler, showing 
drawings of castles, courtiers and 
kings. The photographs were used 
in designing scenes and costumes. 

Research work on the picture, 
conducted by Ernest Lavisse, was 
carried to art museums and royal 
art collections in Madrid, Paris, 
Florence and Vienna. 

A large amo.unt of the data was 
taken from the Escorlal, or mem¬ 
orial palace built by King Philip 
II, around whom “In the Palace of 
the King” centers. 






The Dippy Doo Dad Comedy 





At Southland’s Greatest Or^n Plays 


Five Acte of Good Vaudeville Every Wednesday and Thursday! 

Hope Hampton 
Wyndham Standing 

Louise Fazenda 

A High-flying Comedy 
of Airplanes and 

Na 124304 

rv Steddom k BlaoetenL Ptelntilb. 

ft. Lacf K. Emepbtcker, defend&nt. 

Under by rlrtue of to order of sale and 
( . decree oC; fomckMuro aod sale, issued out of the 
Superior Court of the Countr oL^<fe Aneeles, of 
- The Stata of Callfomla, oo the »ii|l day of No- 
vember, A. O. 1923, in the abeie ^titled action, 
wherein the above noined plaintif|i obtained a 
judgment and decree of forodoscre and tale 
agalnet Locr K. EnzeiAadier. derenknt, on the 
ftth day of November, A. D- 1923« for tbe sum 
of Tbiitf-nine and 66«100 dollars,'lawful money 
~ of the United Statea, wfalcb said decree was, 
on tbe 14tb 'Iflay of November ,A. D. 1923, 
recorded in Jodgment Book 663 said Court, 
at pap 59, I am commanded to i tell all that 
certain lot, piece or parcel of land = situate, lying 
and being in tbe County of Loe Anples, State 
of California, and bounded and desjyibed as foN 
lowe: \ 

Lot 65, block S, Glendale Valley View Tract, 
Beeonif of Los Anples County. ; 

PuMie Notice it* hereby given, Ttot, on Mon-, 
day, tbe 17U day of De^ber, A* ll>., 1923, at i 
1 ;30 o'clock, P. M., of that day lii front of tbe | 
Court Hotup door or the County of "Los Angeles. 
Broadway entrance, I wiD, In qbedtanee to said | 
order of tale and decree of foreclosure and sale, 
•ell tbe above described property, or le much | 
Thereof at may be necessary to eali^fy said Judg* > 
inant, with interests and coets, etc., te tbe Merest! 
and beet bld^, for cash, lawful ibooey of the : 
United States. . 1 

__^Dated this 23rd day of Norember, :1923. 

C. At PAGE. 

Commissione^ Appointed by tbe Court, i 

No. 126313 

Steddom & BFanchard,' Plaintiff.', 
rs. R. C. ^forgall, 

Under and by vii^e of aq ord'*r of sale and 
decree of foreclosure and. sale. Issued out of the 
Superior Couri of County of I..OS .\iigeles, of 
the State of California, on the 23rd day of No¬ 
vember, A. D. 1923, in the above entitled action, 
wherein the above named plaintiffs obtained a 
judgment and decree of ^ ^rreclooure and sale 
against R. C. Morgan, defendant, otr the Hth day 
of November, A. D. 1923, for the sum of $33.80, 
lawful money of the United States, vvfiich said 
deciec was, on tire 14th day of November, A. D. 
1923, recorded in Judgment Book 563 of said 
court, at t4, I am commanded to sell all 
that certain lot, piece or parcel of land situate, 
lyinS and .Iveing ,ln the County of 1 j)s .\nRples, 
State of California, and bounded and described 
as follows: ■ , 

Tfie West of Ik)t 31, (irider.and Hamilton’s. 
Lomita Park, Records.of l,os Angeies County. 

Public Notice is hereby given. That, on Mon¬ 
day, tlie 17th day of December, A. D.,.1923, at 
1:30 o’clock, P. JI-. of that day- in front of. the* 

Railroads Make Good on Promise 
to Move All Business Offered 



A low freight rate and no cars in which to ship is 
as unsatisfactory as a low price for bread and no 
bread. ’ , 

-;Heretoforfe, fall harvest has brought a wide¬ 
spread car shortage. Last year it was 140,000 cars. 
This year there is generally a surplus of cars throuh* 
out the country and especially of box cars in the 
West and Northwest, notwithstanding the roads 
are handling the greatest^ volume 6f business in 
their history. i 

There’s a Reason! ! 

For 1923, all the railroads of tKe United States 
joined in a co-operative effort and with a denned 
program to improve traffic, conditions and to es- 
t tablish new siandarils.. ol service, even excelling pre-war rec- 
’^ords. In fulflJlIng this program 134,636 new freight cars and 
2,963 new locomotives were put' In service betxeOn January 
:and October, >923, a larger number than In any similar period 
iWlthli^he past ten years. 

Remarkable progress bae been made In reducing the num¬ 
ber of locomotives and cars awaiting repairs, 86.3 per cent 
of the Iccomotives and 93.3 per oent of tfio cars being In ser¬ 
viceable condition In October. 

More railroad coal has been placed in stock pile storage 
and more commercial coal dumped at Lake Erie ports - than 
In any previous year, thus making equipment available for 
other necessary traffic during peak, periods. 

From an average movement of 22 miles per car per day (In¬ 
cluding, idle time) in 1921, the railroads made 29.2 miles in 
September, 1923. j- • 

In the 42 weeks from January 1 to October 20, 1923, the rail¬ 
roads loaded and moved 40,546,920 cars, which was an increase 
of 18% over 1922 and l\)% over- the record year of 1920. • 

Isn’t this a splendid tribute to the efficiency of'the carriers 
and the co-operation of shippers? - . 

'I The roads are spending this year 700 million dollars for new 
equipment and 400 million dollars for other improvements. 
Years ago James J. Hill, the great railroad builder of the 
Northwest, said that tbe roads must spend one billion dollars', 
every year for additions and betterments to keep abreast of 
the country’s growing traffic, but this is the first year,ln twelve 
that the railroads have found It possible to obtain that amount 
Such expenditures have a vital bearing on nat4oiUil prosperity, 
contributing to the' expansion of Industry and employment of 
labor, increasing the demand for products ot mine, forest and 
farm. * , 

This 81,100,000,060 being spent in ISSs is almost entirely new 
money, and not taken from earnjngs. The expenditure is based 
on the conviction that the American people will encourage 

No. 126489 

Steddom ft Blencb&rd, PlelntlSs, 

T8. Orw W. Bereew, defen^t. 

Under end by rlrtue of an order of aele and 
decree of foreclosure and sale, Issued out of the 
Superior Court of the-County of Loe Angeles, of 
the State of California, on tbe 23rd day of No- 

MacLean Shows 

True Ability in 
Film “Going Up' 

vember, A. D. 1923, in the obore entitled action, 
wherein the above named plalntiffe obtained a 
judgment and decree of roredosure and sate 
against Ora W. Beroaw, et al., defendants, - on 
the 26tb day of October. A. D. 1923, for the 
sum df Forty-six and SO-IDO Dollars, lawful 
mofiey ef tbe United States, which said decree 
was, on'tbe 2Dd day of November, A. D. 1923, 
recorded in Judgment Book 563 of said Cwrt, 
at page 44, I am commanded to sell all that 
eertain lot, pl«ce or parcel of land situate, lying 
and being In tbe County of Los Angeles, State 
of Califoroia, and bounded and described as 

The N'ly 125 feet of tbe W*ly 60 feet of 
Lot 101, Grider and Hamilton's Lomita Paik 
Tract, Records of Los Angeles County. 

Public Notice is hereby given. That, on Mon¬ 
day, tbe 17th day of December, A. D., 1923, at 
1:80 o'clock, P. M., of that day in front of the 
Court House door of tbe County of Los Angeles. 
Broadway entrance, I will. In obedience to said 
order of ssk and decrae it foredoeure and «Uc, 
sell tbe above described property, or so much 
thereof u may be necessary to satisfy said judg¬ 
ment, with Interesta. and costs, etc., to the bidiest 
and oest bidder, for cash, lawful money of tbe 
United States. 

Dated this 2Srd day of November, 1923. 

« a A. PAGE. 

Commisdooer Appointed hj the Court. 

The leading character in “Go¬ 
ing Up/' qtiajQtly named Robert 
Street, and played by Douglas Mac- 
Lean In his first starring picture 
for Associated Exhibitors gives the 
big lapgh of the screen. This air¬ 
plane 'comedy comes to the Gate¬ 
way Theatre for its last showings 
today. This character. In addition 
to giving the screen’s' outstanding 
polite comedy star the. best role 
of his photoplay career, has served 
in the past to enhance the pop¬ 
ularity of two of the speaking 
stage’s foremost comedians, Wal¬ 
lace Eddingpr and Frank Craven. 

^ No. X25643 | %- 

Sieddom ft Blindiard, PlainUffk, v 

VI. 0. L. Finn, et al., defendanti 
Under aixi by virtue of an order of sale and 
deewe of foreclosure and sale, issusd out of tbe 
Superior Conrt of tbe County of Loa Angeles, of 
The Bute of Cslifornia, on the 23ni diy of No- 
T^mher, A^ D. 192S, in the tbove eiftltled action, 
wherein tbe above named plaintlffg obtained a 
judgiueot and decree of foreclosuh. and file 
agamBt G. L. Finn and F. E. Baxter, defendants, 
00 the ^6th da yof October, A. D. 1923, for tbe 
sum $47.94, lawful money Of the' United SUtes, 
whidi said ..decree waa, on the 2ndrday of No¬ 
vember; A. D. 1923, recorded in Jif^sment Book 
563 of said court, at page 39, I aip commanded 
to sell all that c^Uin lot, piece or'iareel of land 
situate, ly^g and being in the C4ui|ty of 1^ 
Ai^ee, Bute of California, and bounded and 
described as follows: • 

Lot 9. Block 6. W. C. B. Richardson Sub¬ 
division, Re^rds of Los Angeles (^unty. 

Steddom ft Blanchard, Plaintilfs, 
vs. Carl J. Stflhlberg, defendant. 

Under and by virtue* of an order of sale and 
decree of foreclosure and sale, issued out of the 
Superior Court of the County of Loi Angeles, of 
the Stale of California,, on, the 23rd day of No¬ 
vember, A. D. 1923, In the above entitlM action, 
wherein the above named plaintiffs obtained a judg¬ 
ment andAi-decree of foreclosure and sale against 
Orl J. Stahlberg, defendant, on the 6th oay of 
November, A. D. 1923, for the sura of Thirty- 
eight and 34-100 Dollars, lawful money of tbe 
United States, which uid decree was, on tne 
14th day of November, a. D. 1923, recorded in 
Judgment Book 563 of said Court, at page 60, 
I am commanded to sell all that certain Jot, piece 
or parcel of land situate, lying and being In the 
County of Loi A 5 >geles, State of' California, and 
bounded and described as follows: 

Lot S, Tract 939, Records of I^s Angeles 

Public Notice Is hereby givey. That, on Mon¬ 
day. the 17th Jky of December, A. D., 1923, at 
1:30 o’clock. P. M., of that day in front of the 
^urt House door of the County of Los Angeles, 
in obedience to said 

It has come to be a proverb 
among the stage folk and theatre¬ 
goers that a David Belasco play 
must be a great success. The name 
and the genius of this great play¬ 
wright are enough to insure tbe 
success of any play l\e puts out. 
“The Gold Diggers," one of his re¬ 
cent successes which played for 
two years In Broadway and had a 
long tour of the couhtry will come 
in screen form to the Gateway 
Theatre for three days beginning 
Sunday with Hope Hamptem In the 
feature role. It Is a wtirner 
Brothers classic of the screen.^ 

No. 126485 

Steddom k Blanchwd, FklntUb, 
vs. Yetttt Fisher,. 

Public Notice I, faereb, (iren, TiKt, on Mon¬ 
day, tbe 17tb day ot December, A. S., 1833, at 
1:30 e’doek, P. M., of that day InJ front of the 
Court Bouee door ot the Coiioty of Los Aofelea, 
Broednay entnoeo, I «iU, In obediena to aald 
order of eala and decree of forecloauie end lale, 
leU ttao above described property, or- eo much 
thereof ai may be nccesaaiy to estid^ eald )udc- 
ment, with intvcata and costa, etc., to tbe higbeat 
and beat bidder, for cub, lasful ibooey of tbe 
L'nited States. 

Dated tbie 23rd day. of Nowoibcr, J923. 

C. A: PAGE, 

Conunlnloner Appointed by tbe Co^. 

i vs. Ada J. Wing, defendant^ 

Under and by flrtue of an'order of sale and 
decree of foieelosure sod ule, issued out of the 
Superior Court of the County of Los Angeles, of 
the State of Celtfomla, on the 23rd day of No¬ 
vember, A. D. 1923. In the ebove entitled action, 
wherein the above named plalntlfls obtelned a 
Judgment and decree of forecloaire and sale 
against Ads J. Wing, defendant, oil tbe 6th day 
of November, A. D. 1923, for the sum of *40. 
lawful money of tbe United States, which stid 
decree vsas, on tbe 14th day of November, A. D. 
1928, recorded In Judgment-Book S63 of laid 
eeurt,, at page 61, I am commanded to sell all 
that certain lot, piece or pared of land situate, 
lying apd being In the Coubty of U» Angeles, 
SUte of California, and bounded and deecribed 
u follows: 

The North Vb of Lot 18, an dtll of Lot 19. 
Glendale Home Tract, Hecora of Loe Anodes 

Public Notice if hereby given. That, on Mon¬ 
day, the iftb day of Deceniher, A. D., 1923, at 
1:30 o'clock, P. M., of that day in front of the 
Court House door of the County of Loe Angeles, 
Broadway entrance, I will, in obedlenca to said 
order of sale and decree of foreclosure and sale 
tell tbe above described property, or so modi 
thereof ea mar be necessary to tatlify said hiog- 
ment. with Intereate and costa, etc., to tbe hlgheit 
end oest btader, for cash, lawful money of the 
United States. 

Dated this 23id day of November, 1923. 

c» A Page i 

Cemmlaskmer Appointed by'the COnrL 

. defendents. 

Under and by virtue of an order of sals and 
decree of foreclosure and sale, issued out the 
Su[wrlor Court of the County of Los Angeles, ot 

Broadway entrance, I will, _ _ 

order of sale and decree of foreclosure and sale, 
sell the above described property, or so much 
thereof as may be necessary to satisfy ^aaid j^g- 
ment, with interests and costsr^tc., to the bi^st 
and best bidder, for cash, lk«fuL money of tbe 
United States. 

Dated this 23rd day of November, 1923. 

']' C. A. 'PAGE, 
Commissioner Anointed by tbe Court. 

the Stale of California, on the 23rd day of NoL 
vember, A. D. 1923, in the above entitle actloiv 
wherein the above named plaintiffs obtain^ a 
judgment and detxee of foreclosure sale 
agakist Tetta Fisher, et al., defendants, on the 
I 26lb day of October, A. D. 1923, for the sum 
I of $46.09. lawful money ot tbe United States, 
j i^leb said decree was, on tbe 2nd dsy of No- 
I vember, A. D. 1923, recorded in Judgment Book 
i 663 of said court, at page 4Sr I am conunanded 
to tell all that eertain lot, piece or parcel of 
land situtae, lying and being in the County of 
Loe Angeles, State of California, and beemded 
and described as followa: 

Lot fifty-one (51), Tract 1164. Records of 
Los Angeles County. 

Pi^lic Notice is hereby given. That, on Mon¬ 
day, tbe 17th day of Deeswr, A. 0., 1923, at 
1:30 o’clock, 'P. M.. of that day in front of tbe 
Court House door of the County of Urn An^es, 
Broadway entrance, I will, In obedience to said 
order of sale and decree of foredosuro and sal^ 
sell the above., described property, or so much, 
thereof as may be necessary to satisfy said judg¬ 
ment, with interests and co^, etc., to tbe highest 
and best bidder, for cash, lawful money of tbe 
United States. 

Dated this 28rd day of November, 1928. 

C. A. PAGB, 

Commifsiooer Appointed by mo Court 

No. 125645 

Steddom ft Blanchanl, Plaintiffs, 
vs. G. L. Finn, defendant. 

. Under and by virtue of an order I of esle and 
decree of foreclosure and sale, issued out of tbe 
aSuperior Court of the County of Los Angeles, of 
the State of California, on tbe 23rd day of No- 
vi*mber. A.. D.. 1923, in tbe above engjtM action, 
wherein tbe ^ve named plalntiffe obtained a 
judgment and decree of loredosuw and sale 
against G. L. Finn, defendant, on iko 26th day 
of October, A. D. 1923, for the fum of $55.50, 
lairful money of the United States^^ whl^ said 
decree was, on the 2Dd day of Novft^r, A. D. 
1923, recorded in Judgment Book 563 of said 
coort, at page 40, 1 am commanded to sell sll 
that certain lot, piece or parcel of pend situate, 
lying and being in tbe County of ^s Angeles. 
tSate of California, and bounded spd described 
as follows: i 

Lot Twenty-one (21), Block 5, WJC. B. Ricb- 
anton Stdidlvislon, Becordy of ^s Angeles I 

PubUe#(otice Is hereby fiven. That, oo Mon¬ 
day, the T7Ui day of December, A. p.. 1923, at 

I therein tbe above named plaintiff obtained a 
I judgment and decree of foreclosure and sale 
I against J. A. McGrath, Mabel Rudy, Title Qusr- 
I only and Trust Company, trustee. L. B. Becker, 
and Abble R. Webster, defendants, on the 2Dd 
day of November, A. D. 1923, for tbe sum of 
Thirty-nine and No/100 ($39.00) Dollars, lawful 
money of tbe United SUtes, which said deoee 
was ,on the 8th day of November, A. D. 1923, 
recorded in Judgment Book 527 of said Ckmrt, 
at page 376, I am commandied to sell all tt«t 
cerUin lot, piece or parcel of land situate, lying 
and being in the County of Los Angeles, SUU 
of Ciallfomia, and bounded and described as fol¬ 
lows: V 

Lot 29, Block C, Glendale Valley View Tract, 
Records of Los Arigeles (bounty. 

Public. Notice is hereby ^ven. That, on Mon¬ 
day, the I7th day of December. A. D., 1923 at 
1:30 o'dock, P. M., of that d^ In front of ttai 
Court House door of the County of Los Angeles, 
Broadway entmnee, I will, in obedience to said 
order of sale and decree of foreclosurt and gale, 
sell tbe abo^' described property, or so much 
thereof as may be necessary to .satltfy said judg¬ 
ment, with Interests and costs, etc., to tbe UghesT 
and best Uddtf, for e««h, lawful w^ onty of tbe 
UniUd SUtes. 

Dated this 9th day of November, 1928. 

C. A. PAOl, 


Teacher of Singing 


Pupils of Mxnud Klein, Pupil of Manuel 

3 :30 o’d^. P. M., of that dair In 'Xronl of the 
Court Houm door of the Countj of ^tee Anfeles, 
Bnedwiy entrance, I will, in obeditaee to nid 
order of sale and decree of fonclonliw and sale, 
atll the above deecribed profiertr, tor so nuch 
thereof IS may be neceasanr Is satiiO said Juda- 
inent, vrith Interests and costa, etc.. tO the hiabeat 
and Wet bidder, for cash, lawful a|pM 7 of tbe 
United States. : 

DaUd this 23rd da, of Novenber, 1923. 

C. Aj PAGE, 

Oonmdndooer Appointed bp |bo Qnr* 

Omaha, Nebraska, 
December 1, 1923. 

Cleaning aind Djreing 

Court Bhep No, 1 

























•^g^S Oj:i ATgIkPgE5sj | 


t^lOKSD B~V^. JE< 








/ U1 IIIIU inULI TTUllULlY Ill/iUl A centrally organized national uiiunuunui 

' . , movement to put before men and 

— ■ ■' — ---—- women in. cities all over the United -- 

Each Unit Consists of Fifty Lots - Every One a fhefr own ho^’mls ^concrete pl^ t "te°mTk^Tr” ^come Tnto a^n an- 

Dream of a Homesite—All Have 60-Foot Front- Yo'ur^Home^E^siuons^*^ of how <li®nce as wide as the permeations 

acrp nntl Arp T.P VpI nnH SnpntP modern real estate developments, 

I age apa Are l.e vel ana bcemc building conditions and National Association of 

. -- modern financing are inaking.home R^al Sstate Boards has them in 

nwnershm nnKsihle wss laiinehert some 495 American and Canadian 

STREET WORK INCLU DED IN PRICES ASKED a^ a twl^^da^” meet just dosed at clties-are invited to “tune in” for 

. . ; _ _ headquarters of the National Asso- 

ciation of Real Estate Boards, Chi- °n December 4 when the ^n- 

These Building. Sites Being'Sold at $700 and Up, on of representatives called J-er 

^ ^ ‘ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ Irom forty-seven national organiza- inau-,uraung a r«-,uiju 

Terms of $y0 and $10 0 Down and $15 Per Uons covering financial groups, Tuesday mght program for Proad- 
A/r— 4 -V, ; --D.. f 9 architectural bodies, and building 




“Home iown” talks and home- 

cities—are invited to “tune in” for 
Denver at eight o’clock mountain 
time on December 4, when the Den- 



FfiAHK MeLfXEL Co. ^ 

Oh/ft£ff$ jRtpne.SB.HTATivt 


Plan of Senator Medlll McCor¬ 
mick of Illinois to ask President 
Coolidge and the Congress of the 

Terms of $50 and $10 0 Down and $15 Per 
Month—rCould Anything Be Easier? 

tions covering financial groups, | Tuesday night program for^road- 
architectural bodies, and building facts in regard to Denver 

equipment and furnishing interests Colorado. A 360-wave meter 


concerned with home purchase and R® used. 

i home building. 

The avalanche of sales that resulted from pre-open- The meeting was called ,'by tie 
insr announcements of units 2‘and 3 of the Grand View National Association of Real Es- 
traet that is being put on the market by H. N. Landon, 213 tate Boar^ s^gn er^ e nups ces o 
West Broadway, Glendale, almost took the management ; _ 

.off its feet. Almost before breakfast on the day, of the 
announcement prpspective buyers were on the tract=^giy- 
ing it the “once .over.” Throughout the day they^con- 
tinued fo^rrive ipnd before the opening gun was fired • 

L. F. Eppich, president of the 


.The meeting w-as called Iby the National Association of Real Es- 

National Association of Real Es- tate Boarde, will deliver a ten-min- 
tate Boards under the .aupsices of ute address. 

quite a|mumber of sales had been*———- " " • 

There are hundreds; of people in n-l[4||TlpQnp 
this part of tl^ San Fernando ^1- nlJ/iLlllLuUl 
ley and Los Angeles who are well- x I 

acquainted with the pkrt of the La |||| | n|r|p mri I prfin ■ 
Crescenta valley in ; which these lll|l\ll|l> |I#AI IV; 

two units are located; They have lIlLLUlUL 1 IlilU t U ‘ 

been to. the seetion often and have . ■■} 

just as frequently ^dmired the -- . 

wonderful scenery and _tte Id^l Early experience of hillside de¬ 
climate of that locality. Vhen the i. ... 

pre-opening announcement of these'cities^have mdi- 
two units 'was made These people cated a tendency for municipalities 
■wmsted no tim%, bujf; got on ihe to expand along the- lines ol least , 
ground at the earliest, possible mo- resistance, to follow the courses of 
nient. They ran no chance of the gradient and unobstruction. 
..“sold out” sign beiftg hung out 

'when they arrived onithe tract. The growth of the city tends to , 

, “Our tract is the dream of the j flqw around topographical barriers ! 
La Crescenta district” said Mr. I and to occupy the lands wfilch offer ■ 
Landon this morplng.' “That this . jjjg least physical and financial dif- | 

fact is being realized is shown by _, . __' 

ficulty to the normal functioning i 
the w-onnerful responsfe to our.pre- i “ 

opening announcements.” 1 urban populations, thus avoid- | 

I:'. Unit No. 2 there are 60 full-i ing hillsides as sites for outstand-j 
[;I:od lots with 60-foot frontage on f^g improvements of either domes- \ 
Ramsdell avenue between Hono- .. m„nipino, character 
lulu and Michigan avwue, La Cres- ^ P • I 

Centa. This unit is close to school Although such development i 
and other conveniences. seems to be normal in the early | 

* nient. They ran no cjiance of the 
^.“sold but”' sign beiig hung out 
^when they arrived on ithe tract. 

fact IS being realized is shown by _, , __ 

ficulty to the normal functioning 
the w-onnerful responsfe to our.pre- i “ 

opening announcements.” urban populations, thus avoid- 

lulu and Michigan avwue, La Cres- i 

Centa. This unit is close to school Although such development i 
and other conveniences. seems to be normal in the early | 

Unit No. 3 there are also 50 lots, j stages of growth and In spite of the 


These face hn Orange -Grove ave- j seems to avoid hlU-climbing In- 
nue anti adjoin the b^utlful home ! stlnctlvely, the time comes In most 
owned by Mr. Biasell,: a prominent | developments when the 

“ The"pH^ of the’lots in this ' MU Unda .is understood 

tract range from $700 up and are ! appr^lated. -m,-. ' 

being -sold on terms’ of *50 and ! , ^ 

being -sold on terms ’ of *50 and ! . standpoint 

;*100 down with the balance at $15| t“™l “'''J esthetic posslhlhty. no 
per month. Reservations in' these ! •““1 P'‘®®®.U®. oPP^tunity for 

//^ 0 (/sr/t/jL^\ !i 

T W. L 

AtH> . ' 4-; 

SaleS-Aqemt \ 

units are now being ijnade. striking eftects, interest and va-, r ^ 

-These are fine, Mevel iota/’ ^le^y of details as do the ar^^^ ^i/00/WDt^ V 

said Mr. Landon tkis morning, undulating hills. ■ ’ C^y rc ^V\ 

**They are covered i.with grape Yet, as in the unfolding of hu* ^ALES'/t(i£MT 

vines. commanding a wonderful I ui8.n character, t^e finer qualities ; * ' . 'V 

panoramic view of the La Crescen- *^t appear In the early stages j .• -« ^ » 

, ta valley. Improveraients will h© growth, the apparent ovorth of __ \ ^ 

Installed. The propet*ty is handled -the. hillside may not he manifest \“ 

through the Title Guarantee and ! when the city Is struggling w*ith its member boards Own Your t 

Trust company. The ^tracts are lo- problems of early Organization. j Home Expositions have grown up. 
cated above the fog InHhe sunlight' Many areas of attractively hill | 

and the most healthful location In I land have beCh irreparably ruined fivei great circuits covering the 
the country. The tracts are near | the type of ^subdivision to which ^ entire United States, an advisory 
Ix>s Angeles street, which be they were subjected. i service for home-ownership exposi- 

the main boulevard between Glen- Rectangular block plans do not tions hag been developed, and a 
^ dale and La Crescenta.” ^ adapt themselves to the contours ; pj^n for licensing expositions by a 

C How to get there. . Drive north I of undulating land. committee of the National AssocI- 

on Verdugo.road to Michigan ave- ; The tiny lot, with unrestricted | ^tion of Real* Estate Boards has 
nue to La Crescenta; to tract pr | buildings, may ruin an otherwise ij^en adopted, 
take Glendale-Montrose car to La I attractive 'site. 

Crescenta. Thoee wishing to go j Some of our finest high-ground industri^s*^ of a nationa\ s^cale' lx 
to tract can secure, accommoda-, sites have been Indefinitely held n-arn 

Brri^w^v ^ ^ perimposed qpon them qr by the , committee of the 

Broadway. . » tyP® “'buildMgs erectqd thereon. | National Association of Real Est^t, 

-^^ Streets, without donbX are the Boards In the formation of a nation- 

Sw.d.nImpotftiRu«Un Sr"”"'”"'• . 

Aspen Wood for Matches:,, established, they eftidure Bartholomew O’Toole Is chalr- 
• through more strife and turmoil j^^n of the Association’s commlt- 

, and. are harder to change than al- arnneinr fnr the naHnn.-orMo 

STOCKHOLM, - Dec.' 1.—The re-1 most any other pprtion of the city’s coordination 
sumption on a large iscale of the rorganism. PMHng In unison of national . 

shipment of aspen wood from Rus- ! Highways have passed through groups allied* In the movement for 0 

eia to Sweden, just reported on by i centuries unchanged In their posl- widfer home ownership and clrcu 
Svensk Flnansti^ing (Swedish | Horn or width. lation from city to city’In the new- ' 

Financial Journal), has aroused | Thus It is that The proper placing ly formed exposition orbits of the - 

great interest here. According to i of streets In newly subdividfed lands ! i^^st Ideas on home building and i 
this authority, 8 , 000 , 0 d 0 hoard f®®U j® l™P®Uance, and | home buying as they are developed PINKS AGAIN 

of aspen wood have been imported ‘that the hillside subdivision may i-wm make possible a standard of API? V 

from Russia during the first nine j be permanently scarred or beautl- [ interest and education value in the * —* 

miihths of this year, as against less j fled hy the type of streets that are i Qwn Your Home exphsltlons not ^ 

than half of that quality during last j laid upon it. i otherwise attainable, officials of Theh old-fashioned 

... _i-.T? Association point out. Chinese pinks In their 




lilt Cl CO* uc* V.- Miu^ uv, I w*. on 111 11^ w ij ouL/ui V lucu ICXAIUB IriPAQ hnme nilllHin v onHi - ....... « rm. -r 

this authority. 8,000,0d0 hoard feet Is of the utmost Importance, and | ^me buying as theLre devfloDed PINKS AGAIN mothers when every garden had Its blossoms of unusual size. ’The Jup- 

of aspen wood have been imported (that the hillside subdivision may i-wm make possible a standard of ARP PnPI Tl AR annual pinks. anese single mixed will give a 

from Russia during the first nine, be permanently scarred or beautl-[ interest and education value in the AKC. rUrULiAlV annual can be more easily wonderful variety of coloring. The 

mbhths of this year, as against less ]fi®d by the type of streets that are; own Your Home expositions not '' grown and these pinks with slight Chinese section Is composed large- 

than half of that quality during last , laid upon it | otherwise attainable, officials of Theh old-fashioned Japanese and protection will withstand the win- , double varieties with the 

y*®’'- . “®**®®‘ i“®,“’®“ to the Association point out. Chinese pinks In their great variety t®*’® trom remarkable range of shade 

All of these shipments of aspen miss an opportunity for, if intelll-. New York, Baltimore, Buffalo, J,,:: tneir g^t variety same remaraa^oie 

wood have been bought hy the ; gently handled, they hold the great- Trenton and the Oranges and Ma- from pure g^ed within a week and grow rap- ^ 

Swedish Match. company, which j est potentialities for artistic ar- piewood, are cities In the Eastern varloim pinks and are Ideal subjects for gay These nlnks mav be sown out of 

consumes about 120,000.000 hoard | rangement. j;,rcuit Where Own Your Home crimson to al- beds or to Ml any gaps that may ^oort now and “b® Uny p7ants will 

feet Wor jle-arjli its domestic and , What at first appears as an oh- shows are now being planned tin- single, de- in the hardy border or where ^ ready to transplan? within two 

foreign factories, and it is an ^ stacle is In the end a Heaven-sent der the auspices of the local real “ thej | bulbs have disappeared. wee^ ^y^toem a apart 

ironical fact that muchiof this wood blessing, a gift from nature that estate hoard as part of the huge th® day® of oar grand- varleUes are hand- each way and by midsummer tW 

comes from the foreat pro^ c^not similar. ^ national plan. In the Northwestern “ somely fringed and nearly all show will fill the bed with a gorgeous 

formerly owned in Russia by the The nllltop may be made the site circuit expositions fostered by local tate boardji at Indianapolis, Paines- contrasting colors and variega- mnim of color. They are not as , 
Sw'edish Match comply and con- of the most imposing of public edi- real estate boards are planned in vllle, Oh wand Anderson, Indiana, tions. They are In constant bloom particular as to soil as some an-! 

0^.^ — PVTV... .J_ tx t _ s _ J _ .X I _ x-tl WW....... « _ _ ..-.xl... I_ *. « _ . _ 1 - X- O _ ixltix _ I 

fiscated hy the Bolsheivists. j nee 

Although no trade ^act has as It 
yet been successfully nigotiated he- ous 
tween Sweden and Sqviet Russia, It 

appreciate fertility. 

-®®; • 4 I J . Chicago, Hutchinson, Kansas, Oma- The Southern circuit includes the uptil frost. Many less worthy I nuals, but appreciate fertility 

It is an inspiring setting for yari- ha and probably* Minneapolis. The exposition at Louisville, just con- plants are given space In the Ttey need moisture, and In dry] 

IS tyP«s 0* community centers. Central or Western circuit includes eluded and expositions at Chatta- flower garden each year to the s^ls the bed should be given an 

It l8| a dream place fhr the homes expositions at St. Louis and at nooga, Winston-Salem, N<wth Caro- neglect of these handsome old- occasional soaking. Fading flow- 

It l8| a dream place fhr the homes expositions at St. Louis and at nooga, Winston-Salem, Nwth Caro- neglect of these handsome old- occasional soaking. 

M each country s^ds ;; commercial |of men, from which they can see Evansville, Illnois. already project- llna, and San Antonio, Texas. The fashioned annuals. ers should be kept picked as it al- 

commissioners to the; other, and i far over the lower-lying districts, ed for the coming year following Pacific circuit Includes the annual The laciniatus varieties are all lowed to run to seed the blooming 

general foreign trade; In both di- Its. subdivision should be given exiiositions recently concluded,and expositions at Spokane, and at Se- haadeomely fringed having finely season will be curtailed, partlc- 

rectlons Is picking uft j the wisest of Intelligent planning, expositions planned under real es- attle. • cut fringe of unusual length, with ularly In the single forms. 

I the wisest of Intelligent planning. | expositions planned under real es-1 attle. 

{cut fringe of unusual length, with|ularly in the single forms. 

United States to call a conference 
of budget-making officers of states 

f id of cities to consider ^e In-. 

easing deluge of local taxation 
has just been approved hy the 
executive committee of the Nation¬ 
al Association of Real Estate 
Boards at a conference at the Asso¬ 
ciation’s headquarters, Chicago. 

Reports now being gathered «flSy 
the Bureau of the Census and al- 
rea.dy complete for three fourths of 
the cities of the United States show 
an Increase of local tax levies' of 
from 110 per cent to 120 per‘cent In 
the last decade. Senator McCor- 
mlqj^ stated at the conference. Cen¬ 
sus returns not yet complete for 
the states but already coverln.g 30 
per cent 'of them Indicate that an 
Increase of practically the same 
proportion has taken ^ace in state 
tax lmi>oqltlons. 

Federal Hay Grades 
Ai^ to Bo'Reclassified 

CBy Associated Press'! 

WASHINGTON, Dec. 1.—Federal 
hay grades are to be simplified 
under a survey ordered by the de¬ 
partment of agriculture to bring 
! about a reduction In the number of 
closes and grades and a simpler 
mrthfed of determining grade. 
Mwrice NieZer, of Fort Wayne. 
Ind^ has been named consulting 
specialist to advise in the^work. 

Under the simplified system, 
classes of hay will be determined heretofore by the. p^entage of 
! grasses and legumes^n; mixtures. 
Grades will be determined by color. 
I Color will be expressed as one 
factor, namely the percentage of 
green, instead of as a combination 
of brown leaf surface; brown and 
bleached heads, and bleached and 
oft color stems, as is now done 
under the federal system. 


Adjustment not only of the pro- 
pprtion of tax burden being carried 
by real estate In relation to 
other forms of taxable assete, hut 
also oL^he proportion of assess¬ 
ment aa between types of real es¬ 
tate, is the aim of campaigns for 
tax reform being Initiated by re¬ 
altor groups in a number of states. 

. Not only does r^al estate carry 
on an average between 76 per cent 
and 95 per cent of the whole of lo¬ 
cal tax levies, but there is a further 
unjust situation In thd distribution 
of the tax burden among the own¬ 
ers of real estate, ‘ real estate 
groups throughout the National 
Association of Real Estate Boards 
are pointing out. Development of 
more sflsntlfic methods of tax ap- 
portionmemt so aS to reach each 
man according to his actual hold¬ 
ings is a feature of tax reform cam- 
■palgns in several states. 

A campaign- for standardizing 
assessments In the state of New 
York has been Inaugurated, hy the 
New York State Association of 
Real Estate Boards. Weights of 
the state association and of New 
York local hoards will he thrown In 
favor of modem full-value assess¬ 
ing. Standard assessment meth¬ 
ods wjli be piu before local assess¬ 
ors and coproltteek of each local 
boa,rd will he formed to cooperate 
with city officials In regard to the 
local situation. 

Movement to stop the growth of 
exemptions from real’ property 
taxation and income taxation Isa 
provision of the tax program 
recommended hy the association’s 
taxation committee. 

A movement to have a modem ’ 
system of taxation adopted in Ohio 
has been launched by the Ohio As- ‘ 
soclatlon of Real Estate Boards, fol¬ 
lowing their decisive tax victory at 
the November election. A refer¬ 
endum vote called by the Associa¬ 
tion has Just repudiated two major 
tax measures passed hy the Iasi 

An attempt to establish equitable 
rules fcfr valuation of real estate 
In Cook County, Illinois, now made"^ 
feasible by the standardization and ■ 
stabilization of users and values re¬ 
sulting from the recently enacted 
Chicago zoning ordinance, Is being 
followed with Interest by the Chi-. , 
cago Real Estate Board and the ■ 
Illinois Realtors' Association. 

Limitation of taxes of real and 
personal property for state pur¬ 
poses will be the center of aim of 
the Michigan Real Estate Associa¬ 
tion for the coming session of the 
Michigan legislature. An amend¬ 
ment to the state constitution will 
be proposed providing that the 
legislature shall not In any year 
raise upon the taxable properties of 
the state an amount more than ■was 
raised In the current year as a 
basis plus a two per cent Increase 
of that amount each year. Pro¬ 
vision is made for public emergen¬ 

Wholesale readjustment of local 
real estate tax assessment valua¬ 
tions la the goal of the Des Moines 
Real Estate .Board, which has of¬ 
fered Its services to the city coun¬ 
cil for re-appralslng propert^In the 
work of adjustlnt assessment valu¬ 
ations to remedy Inequalities. 'The 
Fort - Dodge, Iowa; Real Estate 
Board, acting as an auxiliary hoard 
to the local Board of EquaUlzatlon 
has affected adjustments -whlcih re¬ 
duced mileage by increasing the 
city’s taxable valuation *1,400,000. 

Sweden Has Royal 

Residence for Sale 

* [By Auociated Preta] 

STOCKHOLM, Doc. 1. — Oak 
hill, one "of the most beautiful of 
the royal residences In Sweden, Is 
again for sale or rent. The last 
occupant was Ira Nelson Morrffli 
recently American minister to, 

'Oie villa was built 12 years ago 
by the Romanoffs for Prlacess 
Marla Palovna when she married 
Prince Wilhelm. Today It Is again 
being related that the Russian 
royal family told the Russian min¬ 
ister at Stockholm what It desired 
in the way of a house for the prin¬ 
cess, and to find out the cosL The 
minister, an honest diplomat and 
not a business man, made Inquiry 
and was quoted two million by the 
Swedish contractor. Money meant , 
rubles' to the minister, and he told 
the Czar 2,000,000 rubles would he 

Russia sent him the^ money, and 
then the minister woke up to the , 
fact that the Swedish contractor 
had meant 2,000,000 Swedish 
crowns, or 1,000,000 rubles 

More Real Estate Transfers Have Been Made and 
More Building Has Been Done—Rents Have In¬ 
creased the Country Over, Building Costs Grow 


25 homes a day 

—th^ capacity of Pacific MJl 

The mammoth plant from which we secure the 

24 acres of 

Small Single-Family Dwellings Are Much in Demand 
Value of Building* Work is Unprecedented 
Plenty of Money for Realty Deals 

materials for Pacific Homes covers 
fi o aa d, employs 525 men and has an annnal paytoU far in 
cacMf of $1,000,000. By ptoducins homes in large quan¬ 
tities. baying lumber by the shipload and other maceriala 
is eariosd quantities the Pacific milt it able to produce hontes 
St fat lower cost than is possible by any other method. Our 
rmrmm nccrvt the direct benefit of this qnanrity pto- 
daetien. Get'onr prices. We build homes of all sizes— 
Colottials, tmcpos. Spanish—one to ten teems. Set out 
hundreds of i^ans. Bookltt fret. 

The American real estate market^ conservative index 
of American business conditions, has been more Active 
during^he season just coming to a close than, during any 
othef^ason in the business history of the continent, ac¬ 
cording to a survey of real estate conditions generally 
throughout the Uijited States and Canada just completed 
by the National Association of Real Estate Bbards. 

The rent situation nationally, as it now is and as its 
outlook indicates, the national housing situation, the build¬ 
ing situation, with its important relationship to all 

business activity, .the labor situa-d-^- 

tion with ^Hich it is knit, the pres- considered nor- 

ent marked suburban, movement in , „ . , 

the growth of American cities, and ““I- Business structures have 
the money supply for financing real made the most rapid adjus^nreht. 
estate development of all kinds are The labor situation in “the build- 
reported on at first hand from trades Is reported encouraging, 
every section of the United States. . ... , 

Aiferoaching stahlUzation of sev- supply is stated to be suf- 

eral the factors that underlie the “clent in 49 per cent of the cities, 
present unpVecedented national real and 76 per. cent report the situation 
estate activity Is indicated. While the same or better than last year, 
it is Imppsslble to predict with cer- in nearly 50 per cent of the cities 
talnty the course the market will wages are reported higher, but 
take In 1924 the situation at pres- bonuses, paid in the summer rush 
ent seems to point to a oontlnua- season are disappearing. Increases 
tion of present actlvley, and there in numbers of apprentices in some 
are some indications that 1924 wOl trades points to relief, 
surpass the .'present banner year. While there is at present an in- 
the summary states. clinatlon for prices of building ma- 

Indlcations found, of interest to terlals to decline, the suirey finds 
renters, property owners, investors, no reason to suspect that the price 
buildiers and to students of the will decrease perceptibly. And so 
general business trend, are as fol- long as the cost of labor remains at 
lows; its present level it is doubtful 

, 1. More transfers of real prop- whether the nation can experience 

erty were recorded and more build- any decrease in the cost of housing 
Ings were erected during the first accommodations, 
nine months of 1923 than during the Acceleration of the movement to- 
same perio'd of any year in the his -1 ward subdivisions, result of the 
tory of the American continent. i crowding and constant growth of 
3. Rents have Increased largely. I larger cities, is reported by 70 per 
the country over, both for business | cent of the cities answering the 
and for residential property, but»in '■ questionnaire. VTiUe the move- 
general they are becoming siabil-; ment may not increase particularly 
Ized at the present levels. Resi- | in the future it may be expected to 
dential rentals show the stabilizing • maintain a constant level, the sur- 
tendency more strongly than busi- vey predicts. 

ness rentals. The situation Is more |_ 

favorablft. toward. 

Reservations Now Available 



Glendale 3196 Glendale 

F. O. 906 

PaMdena Office, 69 W. Colorado St. 

HOMEBinL.PIND ommnqmtz; 

naracT piAm 
aofMamsD HK-m^sxs' 



away down—they are right on rock 
bottom, as they say,' Those who are 
in a position to know state that it 
will not be long before a materia^ 
advance in theee prices will he ex¬ 
perienced, thus bringing real profit 
to those who get in during, the 
initial sale. 

Street work of the highest char¬ 
acter is Included in the prices that 
are being asked for the l^ots iii the 
Rossmoyne tract. Water, gas, elec¬ 
tricity, telephones and everything 
else that is demanded on the strict¬ 
ly up-to-the-minute tract are also 

Th» opaning of unit of 

Romm<^^4Ht8"Seen announced. 

fieVekal hamdreds of the choicest 
home sites in this , tract, which 
means the entire San ITemando val¬ 
ley, will go on Bade next Sunday 
morning, and the Onn of Haddock 
* NiWey, owners and^smbdlviders 
of this prugaerty. ar6 expecting a 
-scramble for theses vrcmder sites as 
has not atbended thq opening of 
any of their former aolts. 

The prices that are'being asked 
fop ttie lots In this subdivision are 

UNIT No. 3 

Considerable damage is being 
done to the roofs of historic old 
churches and other buildings in 
Europe by the "death watch” 
beetle. The Insect undermines the 
roofs and in some places has made 
them unsafe. 

HOME. t 

i stabilization in 
cities of over 200,000 population, 
which report resi- 

72 per cent o. 
dential rents stationary- 

3. Rents are folowing the course 
; of the cost of building. While ac- 
i cording to the most authentic in¬ 
dex of living costs rents are now 

I 25 points higher, than other com¬ 
modities, present rents are low 
; compared with the cost of construc¬ 
tion. Before rents decrease per¬ 
ceptibly there must he a decrease 
in the cost of building. 

4. Great Inroads ere being made 
in the national building shortage 
which was so pronounced after the 
war. Shortage Is most acute ap¬ 
parently in the East and Far West. 
There is prevalent throughout the 
reports the Impression that the 
supply of housing accomodations 
and business sthictures is about to 
reach a state of equilibrium b^ 
tween supply and demand. 

6 . The greatest demand at the 
present time in the real estate 
market Is for small 8ingle-(amlly 
dwellings. Sixty-eight per cent, of 
the cities reporting Indicate , a 
shortage here,' whereas only 64 per 
cent report a shortage in afert- 
ment houses. Only 43 per cent re¬ 
port a shortage in business struc¬ 

6 - Amount and value of building 
construction has been extraordin¬ 
ary, making It safe to assume that 
the Increase of 23 per cent over the 
record year 1922, mainUlned, ac¬ 
cording to the United States Bu¬ 
reau of Labor StatisUcs, for the 
first six months of 1923, will he 
fairly well maintained for the whole 
vear if not madd dtlll greater, de¬ 
spite the failure to top last year’s 
June building crest. 

7 . Of 236 cities answering, 223 
state that with all the tremendous 
construction there is no overbuild¬ 
ing of any kind. 

8 . The suburban movement in 
the larger cities, pronounced tpii- 
dency of present day city growth, 
is, generally speaking, greater than 
last year, and is likely to be con¬ 

9. Money for investment in real 
estate is comparatively plentiful. 
Interest rates «ro reasonable' in 
nearly every section. 

The market for business jfrop- 
erty is reported better than last 
year by S7 per cent of the real es¬ 
tate boards contributing to the sur¬ 
vey. Tlie market for residential 
property la reported better than 
last year by 65 per cent of the 

Steps are being tak¬ 
en to stop the bofers" progress. 

, By ChaHgs H- Shinn, U. S. 

I Forest Service 

I In spite of California town camps, 
I Forest camps, Park camps, to 
which pure %ater Is piped, we ail 
enjoy camping by streamsldes best 
of all. Here we have a chance to 
get acquainted with many sorts of 
water-loving trees, among them the 
I nine species of willows, one of 
I which is the very same Black Wil- 
I low (found over the eastern states. 

Perhaps the "Weeping Willow” 
Js the mind-picture that comes to 
all of us; but that sort, though a 
i favorite near the wells of our 
I grandfathers, was planted there 
j and is not native to America. Ours, 
thopgh somewhat “willowy,” do not 
"weep” much. Seven of the nine 
have the typical long-pointed nar¬ 
row leaves, the other two—tho 
fhountain white and the mountain 
black, distinguished by their light 
or dark gray . bark—have leaves 
broader in proportion to their 
length and rounded at the ends. All 
willows have at the foot of each 
leaf-stem and more strongly at the 
base of each shoot, a pair of odd 
little ear-8hai)ed, leaf-like growths 
that are sometimes dropped daring 
the summer, but moat often per¬ 
sist and help us tell the willows 
■from other trees. All the willows, 
too, have catkins J beginning be¬ 
fore the leaves as ‘Tussy willows”) 
for blossoms, and all have quinine- 
bitter hark. If you want to be per¬ 
fectly sure a tree is a willow, cut 
oft a tiny bit of the hark and 'taste 
it. None of the California tree 
barks is at all poisonous, and un¬ 
less you are careless enough to 
have cht Into poison-oak you will 
have had only an experience. 

The willows are not tall trees, 
seldom over fifty feet and more of¬ 
ten from 20 to 40 feet high, the 
mountain sorts less than that aud 
divided into many steins. 

Even well-trained bo^nists, with 
all material at hand and a good 
glass, sometimes have difficulty in 
distinguishing species of willows 
from each other. It is enough for 
the rest of us’to know that a wil¬ 
low is a willow, and to enjoy Its 
beauty and shade, from the "pus¬ 
sies" of spring to the lemon-yellow 
foliage of fall. 

Terms $50„ and $100 Down 
> Balance $15 a month 

Every lot offers a splendid profit if t>ne is seeking an 

Locationx: One block west of the ‘drug store 
and public library. La Crescenta, and half a 
block south of the'new $16,000 church which 
■was dedicated to the public Sunday, November 18, 
■with 400 present. Only half a blo«k south of elec¬ 
tric road on Ramsdale avenue. 7 

Every lot, has'several bearing fruit trees and 
many lots have ■very large shade tre^s. Every lot 
is ■with no rocks. 

These are fine level lots, covered with grape vines, commanding a wohd- 
erful panoramic vie# of the La Crescenta Valley.* Improvements will be 
installed. Property to be handled thi’U the Guarantee Title and Trust 
Co. . Located above the fog in the sunlight, the most healthful location 
within a radius of Glendale. Near Los Angeles St. which will beT the 
main boulevard between Glendale and La Crescenta. . 

$25.00 Down 
$10.00 a Month 

Never aggJn will you be* able to buy such a bargain in such 
'WOBderibil. location; as this subdivision. Come early and jdo not 
be dissatisfied as so many were when we sold a traet of 32 lots 
November 18 in less than 4 hours and there were not half 
enough lots to go ground. 

How to go,the^^Drive north on VerHugo fed. to Michigan Ave. to La 
Crescenta to Tract, or take Glendale-Montrose • car to La CrescentaV 
Call at oui’office. OUR AUTO AT YOUR SERVICE 

Come Early-Choose Your Lot 

We ^uy land ip Isjrge tracts and sell so cheap that everyone 
who has bought land of us has made or could make a faand- 
■ome' profit. Many have, doubled and trebled theij: investment 
and 'Che greatest satisfaction we have is that everyone has 
made money and nearly everyone has said that “I only wish 
thait I had bought more lots.” So we will ask you once more 
to come early sure to get one or more of these lots be¬ 
fore they are all ajild. • 


The word ’itabby,” as applied to 
the house cat, comes from Atta- 
blya, a quarter of Bagdad, Turkey, 
where wave and watered sUk was 
made. This product became known 
an “attabl” and ■was shlpiied to 
Epgltoh-epeaklng countrlesr’^flS^e 
It was shortened to “tabhy”— 
hence the name "tabby" for the 
house csit with the wavy markings. 


GLEN. 1179 


Phone Glendale 2045>R-4 

Because of their cheapness, vege¬ 
tables are almost the exclusive 
food. of the poor in Bpain 

1^ 2 

1 ^ I 


1 s 

1 1 1 J 

^ # 1 

^age thirteen 




V 3 


hot cakes, 

Like the well-known 
the lots In La Canada Acres are be¬ 
ing -snatched up by the residents of 
this section 

Although this Unit is But One Week Old the “Music 


of Hammer and Saw” is Heard ’MidSWaving Al¬ 
falfa and Among the Spreading Walnut Trees 


This Unit Has Everything—Scenery, Location, Cli¬ 
mate, Accessibility to Schopl and Stores—Water, 

• Gas, Electricity, Telephones—Everything. 

Although the third unit of Edgemont Park, that "whirl¬ 
wind tract on Dark Canyon Road, reached via Olive Ave¬ 
nue, Burbank, and Pass Avenue on Cahunga- Avenue, is 
but one week old,'building operations in that new-born 
portion of this wonderful tract have already started. The 
music of the hammer and saw arrived almost simultane¬ 
ously with the sale of the first of the charming home- 
sites of this unit. With feverish haste a number of others 
who purchased lots in this Unit last Sunday, the opening 
ighout this week, are preparing plans^^for 
which they will 

who recognize real 
value in realty offerings when they 
see It. Only a few days ago this 
scenic tract was placed on the mar¬ 
ket, but already more than one-half 
of the lots have been sold. The 
genuine value of each of the sites 
offered compels a purchase. 

In this tract there are fifty-five 
lots, each being 50x140 feet in size. 
These are being sold at from $750 
to $1500 each on terms of 20 per 
cent down and 2 per cent per 
month. It must be understood that 
these are strictly pre-opening 
prices. A raise in the general scale 
of prices is contemplated immedi¬ 
ately upon th^ formal opening of 
this tract. 

One of the features of this tract 
is the mountain water that is piped 
to every lot. This is the purest 
water imaginable— direct from 
springs. Another feature is that all 
of the lots are covered with lemon 
trees of different stages of growth. 

The pre-opening prices, which 
are 50 per cent lower than those 
of lots in adjoining subdivisions, in¬ 
clude everything in the way of 
water, gas electricity, telephones, 
street work, etc. 

This tract is located on La Cana¬ 
da boulevard, jijst a short distance 
from the La Canada school and a 
thriving little business center. The 
general slope of the surface of the 
tract is gradual—just enough to 

We are just getting 
ready to offer our 

buying public. 

Wednesday, Dec. 5th on any unsold ‘‘Sans Souci 

1 6^292 1 _ • I _ _ it'TU 



homesites in La Crescenta, The 
Switzerland of America.” There are just 19 left, 
ranging from $1000 to $1600,. sold on easy temis. 
Surrounded by good homes, only 2 blocks from 

40 minutes from Los 

car, school and stprei 
Angeles. Water, gas and electricity, on graded 
streets. . ' 

wide-awake, represen- 

tative men and women. 

steady, remunerative 


employment for those 
who are willing to work. 

beautiful homes 
erect on their recent acquisitions 
as soon as arrangements can he 
made to do so. 

Does this building activity “spell’’ 
anything to you, Mr. Prospective 
.^omesite Buyer? 

It should, for building activity 
j means advancement of property 
' yalues. It means that the lots in 

for $260 down and $2."> per mojifh. 
This boulevard frontage at $50-per 
front foot is a “steal” when com¬ 
pared to prices asked in subdivi¬ 
sions a great deal farther from Los 
.Angeles. ^ 

The easy-payment plan on thte 
lumber for the homes that Messrs. 
Hamlin ^ Hepburn have worked 
out is proving a “life saver” to 
those wishing 1o own their own 
home. Through an arrangement 
made with the Edgemont Lumber 
company, lumber for the home is 
sold to .purchasers in this tract for 
$60 down and $25 per month, this 
making the initial cost of the house 
and lot only $100 with $36 and $50 
payments monthly. 

It is this easy-payment plan that 
has enabled this company to assist 
nearly 500 families to step out of 
the renting class during the past 
90 days. -This firm delights iii help¬ 
ing the m^n who is struggling to 
ahead; It is anxious to give 
the fellow who is down a lift. 

“Thisi thact has everything a 
home l«icatlon should have,” said 
Mr. Hepokrn today. “There is scen¬ 
ery, locatwi. accessibility, water, 
gas, electricity, telephones, streets, 
sidewalks, curbs—everything, and 
we are selling the lots at “let live” 
prices. We have proven that honest 
service, fair treatment, reasonable 
prices and'a spirit or co-operation 
cannot help but win out.” 


this third unit of Edgemont, that 
are being thrown on the market at 
extrensely reasonabe prices today, 
will within a short .«ix months’ 
time, increase in value 25, 50 and 
even 100 per cent, and*that before 
60 days have elapsed 'resales at 
handsome profits will have been- 
made. The wise buyer gets in early. 

The sales last Sunday were ex- 
eremely gratitying to Hamlin & 
Hepbuj-n, 203 West Broadway,.Glen¬ 
dale, owners and subdividers of the 
property/ During the day tliere was 
a steady* stream of interested home- 
seekers. who' explored every foot of 
the 135 beautiful homesites that 
were offered. Many of these ate 
their lunches beneath the wide, 
over-hanging branches of the, mam¬ 
moth walnut trees and amid the 
waving green alfalfa that is on the 
tract. They took their time in look¬ 
ing over the property, to consider 
it from every angle, and as a result 
many of these are now owners of 

See our Salesmanager, 
Mr. Cannon, at the 


La Canada Acres are owned and 
are being subdivided by, the Lehigh 
Investment company, 212 1-2 West 

How to go there: By auto, out Verdugo road to 
Honolulu Ave., left to Los Angeles Ave., then 
north to Altura Ave., or take Glendale-Mont- 
rose car to Los Angeles Ave., then walk north 2 
blocks to Altura Ave. Agent on tract. 

i 1300 North Verdugo 

' *i . 

% Road, Glendale. Phone 
Glendale 3349i 

of^ the sink to prevent 

,- water 

splashing over onto the floor. The 
breakfast nook adjoining tl^e 
kitchen is equipped -with Pullman 
seats and a table of entirely new 
design never before offered. The 
table pivots on the Inner side so 
that the forward end ckn be oscil¬ 
lated back and fort^ making it 
convenient for breakfasters to 
reach the seats on each end. The 
forward end of the table is held 
by one leg Instead of a pedestal 
and this leg supporting the top of 
the table can he pushed to either 
side as it rests upon a ball bear¬ 
ing roller. 

A large number of French win¬ 
dows have been used in the home 
and these ars hung on a new type 
of coach hinge to 'i>ermlt easier 
swinging. The screens to the 
windows are equipped with baffle 
bars which reinforce them and 
prevent abuse of the mesh. 



I EdgeiKont Park home sites- 
I The price of lots in Edgemont 
I Park range from $550 up, the 
! prices on the lots, of course, de- 
i'pendlng on their location and to 
I what Is growing on them. The uip- 
I sual excellence of the higher price 
I site resulted in a number of sales 
t of that character of lots. These 
[home sites are being sold for $75 
•down and $15 per month. The $250 
and up building sites are being sold 



213 W. Broadway 

Community Builders 

The doors of a new model bunga¬ 
low were opened recently on the 
exhibition grounds of Pacific 
Keady-Cut homes in Los Angeles 
and visitors were admitted to view 
what is believed to be one of the 
most complete small homes ever 
erected. According to Mr. Low, of 
the Low Building company, local 
distributors of these homes, the 
model home embodies more than 
25 new features never before as¬ 
sembled in one Imme and many of 
these features have never been 
embodied in any structure. The 
model home consists of five rooms, 
each one of which has been care¬ 
fully planned by architects and 
decorators who have literally out¬ 
done themselves In creating the 
most distinctive touches. The 
home is of modified Spanish design 
on the inside and the dining apd 
living rooms are finished In Tiffan- 
ied walls. Canvas has been applied 
over the plastering and painted 
with an oil base over , which the 
stippled colors have been laid. A 
new mantel design is shown in the 
front room, made of polychrome 
with Jacobean pillars supporting a 
heavy hand carved cap- The tiling 
in the mantel is delf blue with a 
visor projecting from the top of the 
mantel opening to catch all smoke 
from the flames. Copper paint is 
used in the finish of the mantel in 
combination with contrasting decor¬ 
ative tones. All of the fixtures are 
hand wrought iron decorated with 
Spanish designs. The ^witch plugs 
are of the new tumbler design 
with- the surface iplates stippled 
and over baked to harmonize with 
the wall treatment. 

Costly Chinese rugs and walnut 
furniture are used in both the liv¬ 
ing and dining rooms and the dav¬ 
enport in the living room Is of 
chocolate mohair with hand-decoi^ 
ated moti^fs. 

TVall paper of neutral grdV is 
used in the front bedroom with a 
black decorative band used In 
place, of a ceiling border. Hand- 
painted satin rubbed boudoir fur¬ 
niture has been placed in the ffMt 
bedroom, while in the rear bm- 
room mahogany furniture is used. 
The latter hoom is. finished with a 
lavender pastel wall paper and 

Hurry! Hurry! 


Sold Out 

The most close-in restricted^ 
residential tract to schools, 
transportation.' and stores in 

is available. 

Glendale that 

Ip owning your 

We ha've several of the choice lots left at the old price. 

REMEMBER, these lots are located in close proximit^r to Flinti 
Alta Canada and other well known and high-class subdivisions. 

However, our prices are far below those on adjoining properties. 

Improvements Paid by Owners 

Price Includes Gas, Water, Curbs, Streets, Graded and Oiled 

Property Served by New Bus Line 

The^’estrictions, assiu’ing a fine class of homes, is a 
guarantee for. increased valuation to all purchasers of 
these lots from an investment standpoint. Street work 
is uhder way and 1200 feet on Verdugo Road is now in. 

We (invite youi- inspection. Remember, the price of your 
lot includes all these improvements, including orna¬ 
mental lights. 

2% Per Month 

20% Down 

K number of:reservations have already been made. 
Act Now if you wish to avail yourself of some of this de¬ 
sirable property. Never again will you be able to buy 
at our opening prices. ‘ . 




Or MR. GARMONG, Corner Qlendale and Colorado 

Glendale 2368-3 

Subdividers and Sales Agents 

Phone: Glendale 329 


I w 1 1 1 n m I ■ 

:rv P 




Ariplane View of Hamlin & Hepburn’s ^Edgernont Park’ 

On«i o{ the big Improtcemehta 
juBt completed in tbe Riverdale 
Drire district is .‘‘Palm Court" at 
Riverdale and Columbue, facing 
tile street last named. It is com- 
poeed of 12 units of three rooms 
each, very up to date in all their 
appointments. It is of Sptmlsh 
type with stucco exterior. Orenada 
tile roofs, and arched doorways. 
It Is the property of Mr. and Mrs. 
A. S. Chase of Riverdale Drive who 
say it has been an entertainment 
and liberal education to watch it 
go up. 

In addition to the two silvery 
described in last 

{gray acacias 
j week’s column there is a third varl- 
. ety that is strikingly gray in its 
I coloration, although it is a decided* 
ly inferior tree from the standpoint 
of its landscape view. • 

This tree is Acacia cultriformis, 

I whloh also bears a common name 
i of “Knife-leaved Acacia.” 

I The knife-leaved acacia is a very 
(Small tree or shrub, seldom becom- 
j Ing more^an ten feet high- 
I Its foljpge is rather sparse and 
very unusual in appearance. 

I The leaves are triangular-shaped, 

I thick, harsh and sharp-pointed at 
! the comers. 

j The tree generally has the ap- 
I pearance of being dry and starved. 

' Flowers conle, in the springtime, 
! in auxiliary racemes of a rich ca- 
! nary yellow, at which time the tree 
I has its highest ornamental value. 

1 They carry the familiar acacia 
I fragrance and are ^unmistakable in 
I their apjwarance. ‘ , 

! This species of acacia might have 
value it planted as a barrier or 
: rough hedge, its dwarf habit and 
spiney character both giving it. fa- 
■ vor for such use. 

Its striking whiteness of color 
shows it out of harmony with the 
' average planting, however, So that 
it has little value in the ornamental 
garden. , , 

Only where violent contrast of 

color, texture and outline are de¬ 
manded should it command even 
the attention of the planter. 

A much softer and more pleasing 
variety of the gray acacia is the 
Silver Wattle, or acacia dealbata. 

This is a tree ^at attains a 
height of sixty feat and is often 
seen planted along our highways. 

The chief objection against such 
use Is the brittleness of the wood 
and {be excessive amount of litter 
occurring from both the leaves and 
the flowers .. 

It is easily broken in the wind. 

The Silver Wattle grows with 
marvelous i-apidity. 

It has a glaucous-green, finely 
cut, fern-like foliage that gives the 
tree * vdVy fine texture quality In 
landscape, use- 

The term "fine” is not here 
meant as excellence, but refers to 
relative scale of the leaves and 

A tract that is so far superior to all others that 
the “gauntlet is down,” and we say 


You know that most any old tract by daylight 
is appealing to the eye—but can you vision what 
it will look like after dark? 

< Yet Here Is aTract 

40 minutes from Pershing 

located by auto only 
Square, out on 

Ventura Blvd. at 
Sherman Way 

which we are going to pre-open on 

Between the Hours of 5 and 11 P. M. 

It is a tract based on our many years of real es 
tate activity as the real “horiest-to-goodness” 


It is called the 


It is here that you will find beauty ahd'refine¬ 
ment—desirable restroctions as to homes and 
people. Large lots, some of which are covered 
with beautiful peach and walnut trees, most of 
which are bearing. 

Yo|j will find—^if you drive out Monday or 
thereafter—streej, curb, sidewalk, water and 
in full swing. 


OR those who love the beautiful, Nature furnished this wonderful set¬ 
ting, conserving all the natural beauty, yet offering all the conveniences 
complex modern life. Here at the gates of record-breaking Glendale, 
ere purole mountains stand guard over this green Verdugo fairyland, is 

gas development^ 


buying right. You are buying in the real march 
of progress. One of the first ones to invest in 
this tract was Maude Gordon, the real leader in 
ladies’ fashions. After she had bought she 
made this remark, “Some win sometimes, but 
All-win ^n Allwyp Park.” 

—the New Gem in the Crown of Sparr Heights 

Included in its wealth of natural and man-mad4 With a keen fore 

advantages, are a nearby restricted business sec- serving of the bei 

tion, a mammoth'community building and the Oak- Southland horn 

nxont Country Cli\b with its ^ delightfully quamt tecito Park and S 

clubhouse nearing completion—a sparkle in the Montecito Park is 

view from every homesite. idences 

From the busy downtown marts of Los Angeles it 

is but twenty-five minutes of enjoyable motoring All the necessary 

ovgr paved highways to the slopes of Montecito eluded, ornament 

Park and the exhilarating air of its mountain ver- sewers, gas, elec 

dure. streets. 

Drive Out ;Tod?iy or Tomorrow 

Look it over;carefully, judge the prices by all 
the rest^then 4rive out Wednesday night, 
December 6th, after 5 p. m., and really inspect 
it. TitJe to this’tract is held by the Heilman 
Bank. The boulevard lots are as low as $1600, 
?)n terms of 15 per cent down and 2 per cent 
monthly, including interest. The residence lots 
are as low as $766, payable $12.96 a month. 


Go out Ventura i Boulevard until you come to 
Sherman Way, which is where, you turn to the 
right to go to Van Nuys. You cannot miss our 
tract right on the comer—by the big green 
signs and beapti^l girl attendants that you see 
during the day. :At night after Wednesday you 
will know it bjr'.the one and only GREAT 

It’s just another “REES” project, suggested by 
Sales Manager P, Kennard White, and sold 
through our homesite office, which is open 

fspecjaHy ppsed by 
first Ndh'ona! 5tar 





Main Office, Community Center 
Building, Sparr Heig|)d« 


Montecito Park. Let ua ahow you thia proud community 
c«xter, the beautiful homes in the hills, the golf club 
neatly complete. - , 

Driom today or tom o rrow oat Cl*nd€d€ Bordoomrd to Glon- 
dido, patt Foroat Lawn Comotmry, fotlowatg Glondalo 
Aoonao, and north on Vorthtgo Road to Sparr Height* 
Commattity Braiding, two m3ma oat of Glendale. Yoa 
can’t nuaa it — ace the map at left. 

Hollywood • 5646Vg Hollywood Blvd. 
Los Angeles. 2357 West Washington 
Pasadena... 8 South Raymond Ave. 
Glendale .200 East Broadway 

Phone days Broadway 6432 (at night 829-137) 
and ask for Allwyn Park 

_ ■ • God hath mahyj 

/ x^'Aaip-cntting in-! 
lttru m e n t s and 
I ifl rough files for the 

/jfk "*S i f I *>* '~*!I— polishing of His | 

\\ person has two educa- 

l .M^ LTW tions, one which he receives from 
I ' I Vt ®‘*®* more important, 

ll J S ' ^ which he gives himself.—Edward 

. Gibbon. 

There is a sincjwity of fanaticism as well as a 
sincerity of philosophy.—Joseph Parker. 


to give weight to manifest prejudices, ttt to fonQU- 
late a message not conveying his own best thought. 

That world peace is possible in the absence of a 
definite understanding among fiations, none could 
have the hardihood to affirm. Those opposed to all 
forms by which it would be posfible to establish such 
associations, are not the advocates of world peace. 
They bold that the destruction of Europe would be 
no concern of the United States. They ate willing 
to see the caster^ continent submerged in misery, for 
I they believe that by holding aloof, this country would 
be safe at the peak of prosperity. Their attitude is 
selfish beyond words; nor can it be made to appear 

The word of the President will be awaited with 
interest. That it will tell Ihe people of this land that 
they arp sufficient unto themselves, and ^e Tate .t<d 
others of no moment, it as far from probable at any¬ 
thing that could be imagined. 

WHY SO FAST? | French parents are said to buy no more martial 

■Recently an automobile driver traveled a mile abj toys for their children. It is easy to discern in this 
the fate of 123 miles an hour. He was ,on a track that they feel they have had enough of war, and are 
made for speed. Nobody could expect the record ,to I sick of the war spirit. Diplopidlists seem to have, a 

be equWed on the public highway. j monopoly of admiration for battle, due possibly to 

Doubtless the spectacle of an automobile going ^at the fact that they never participate. 

this rate is thrilling. There always is the prospect -^- 

of a smash and a fatality. Of course nobody desires] California is to have a butterfly farm. The domes- 
to witness this outcpme. yet there is a sort of feeling ticated butterfly will be a novelty. Just W the 
op the part of the lobserver. that if there is to be a | proprietor intends to induce hi; fivrtock to stay at 

crash, he might as well be near enough to see. 1 home, probably is a ttade set^t. ^ 

Moreover, to certaip natures the morbid makes ap- _____-- j k 

peal, and they haunt the place where disaster has ' Man proposes and woman accepts and, in after 

* been, or is likel^ tp occur. ' years, they wonder how the fool killer happened to 

The automobile is an exceedingly useful machine, j overlook them. 

* The racing automobile, however, has small apparent -;-;— . . 

relation to the sortiof machine that the average citi-1 Cupid denies all*~connection with bargain-counter | 
z«i desires for business or pleasure. As he goes j marriages. 

about his affairs af twenty or thirty miles an hour, |-^;-—*-— ' 

depending on restrictions, the fact that another ma-1 C . -..J 

chine is capable of going many times fester, does not LoWS^ i OrgOdOFS atiu vOrniTtCh 

seem important. He has no wish to go many times ■ g ESTELLE LAWTON LINDSEY 
faster, and would not be permitted to undertake it 

anyhow. j People who sniff at feminine prowess inay perhaps 

There are drivers, who use the highways for reckless be desniffed by the following story, which has die 

speeding. To what extent they owe their ambitions virtue of being true. 

to the example of t^e racers there is no way of know- Down in Tijuana just below the border they have 
ing; perhaps this is not ^he explanation. But it is * ** '* insimifi- 

difficult to fix a value, or any quality of usefulness 
to the ability to drive a complex mechanism at the 
ra^e of 123 miles an hour. 

Cows^ Toreotiors and Comment . 


People who sniff at feminine prowess may perhaps 

.. p-Bje— «JecTn©a 

Culture. _ . 

We hear a lot of it. ' u 

^ And we hear it variously defined and in¬ 
terpreted. * ^ _ 

Some of tis seem to think 
it is a kind-<f veneer. 

• To cover the rough shell 
of us with polish. 

Some of us seek to put it 
on like a clonk. 

Sontetines over n very 
shabby and uacleah gaie 

A kind of outer covering. 
With glitter and iheen. 
The product of a special 

, o 0 « 

Some of us think it is a 

smattering of art. 

Of poetT]^ 

Of drama. 

Of music. 

Of this and that and the other. i 

When it is really nonc'of these. I 

♦ • ♦ 

A knowledge ^f these may lead to culture. 

But a knowledge of them does - not neces¬ 

sarily mesut culture. 

• Rw. culture is deeper and finer than any 
superficial knowledge. 

Culture is kindness. ' r; 

~ It is ganeresity. 

It is forgiveness. ' " 

It is mercy. 

« « « 

Culture is gentleness. 

It is courage. 

w. Fol0^' ' 

It is grace and sweetness and light. 

Culture it the constant striving to approxi¬ 
mate the divinity that is in us. 

h is an internal thing. , 

- Not an external. 

“ * ¥ a 

And it is not to be sought for itself alone. 

It is to be sought for the better doing of 
worE * 

In the name of humanity. 

In the name of kindness. 

For the sake of happiness. 

¥ ¥ ¥ 

AH cultural struggle is for the iaspiration of 
the spirit 

the inspiration of the spirit is for.the 
better doing of the world’s work. 

With better grace. 

With more courage. 

, With higher spirit. 

With broader humanity and generosity. 

i ‘ ¥ ¥ ¥ 

So culture is not an end to be attained. 

It is'a means by which to work better. 

It is the development of a spirit by which 
we render service. 

¥ ¥ ¥ 

The cultured of the earth we not the snobs 
with superficial knowledge. 


-_ By HtWRY JAMES « 

Stealing automobiles is an industry that is looked upon with dis¬ 
favor, and yet that is difficult to check. It prevails out here through¬ 
out the year because weather and roads permit uninterrupted use- lof 
the machinMr 

Every day some automobiles are stolen from the 
streets of Los Angeles. On a recent day the total 
of thefts was twenty-nine. Few cheap machines 
were on the list. The thieves evidently are well 
organized, and when they ride awa/ in the stolen 
vehicle, know exactly where they are going. Later 
the machine comes out of the robber’s garage spick 
and span and effectually disguised. It might with 
safety be offered for sale to the owner. 

With the curtailment of downtown parking priv¬ 
ileges the danger of losing a machine left by the 
curb becomes greater. It may be parked now only 
at some spot to remote as not to be under the eye 
of the police. , * 

Two things are happening to chier the automo- 
bilists a little. More of the thieves are l^ing caugHt, and the courts 
have leamed_to treat the crime of taking them less as a joke and more ’ 
as an offense calling for a stiff term in the penitentiary. 

¥ ¥ ¥ 

Senator Albert Cummins will remain president 'pro tem of the 
senate and also hold his place as chairman of the interstate commerce 

There was* some talk that he would retire from the latter station, 
but as this would have given La Follette a chance to succeed him, he 
thought better of it. 

th superficial knowledge. Chairmanships in the senate are determined by seniority rather 

Not die pretenders with the veneer of sham.‘ than by merit. Hence the fear of La Follette. 

But the real, the kindly the human, the ¥ ¥ ¥ 

gracious, with the sweetness of, spirit. ’ Residents of southern California, soaking in sunshine during the 

• * * Thanksgiving season, read of the blizzards of the middle west, and gave 

Seek culture. emphasis to their expressions of gratitude. 

For the ends it may help attain. Nevertheless all is not perfect. Rain would be welcomed with en- 

kinrlnaaea will hrinw. thusiasm. 

Seek culture. 

For the ends it may help attain. 

For the kindness it will bring. 

For the flowering of the spirit in words and 
deeds and human service and kindness. 

a bull ring. It is an insignifi¬ 
cant -affair where a few near- 
toreodors sometimes bait moth- 
eaten bulls. The consequence is 
that nobody down there takes 
bull fighbng seruAuiy and «>rre- 
labvely toreodori register low in 
public esteem. 

Now Americans, being notori¬ 
ously flippant as well as original, 
sometime ago conceived the idea 
of having what they called a 
"fake bull fight.” The idea was 

of having what they caUed a Jh* «« qliiet when the winds give o’er; 
“fake bull fight.” The idea was f® passions are no more, 

to introduce cows, which the we know how vain ,t w« to boast 

Americans ihoui^ht unable to Of“ «rtam to be lost, 
fight, and have a good laugh at CIoikI. of affection from our younner eyes 
the fun that would follow. Conceal that emptiness which age descries. 


The Salvation Atmy is held in high respect in this 
country. Contributions to its ar?^ liberal. The be¬ 
lief that the organization is devoted, unselfish and 
honest to the core,. is held generally. When it asks 
support, contributions are given abundantly because 
of the knowledge that the funds will be expended 
wisely and for good purpose. 

Not a small part of the confidence reposed in the 
army is due to the-personality of Commander Evan- 
-geline C, Booth, its head in this country. Now comes 

Ure report that she is to be removed. Naturally the fun that would follow. j—.... 

Americans desire to know why. They are informed So said Americans collected a few bored toreodors j • ^ 

'that her brother, Dramwell Booth, intends to take and expiounded the plan. 1 • l k UK/ 

away her authority because she has become an Amer- Followed a string of Spanish oathi which were none ^ AKi 

ican citizen. Mr. Booth seems to entertain a notion the lesa forceful for ®®“*^ ® ' 1^^————————— 

that the Salvation Army is purely a British affair, “nances and uttered with proverbial Spanish 

When he objects tb the, Americanism of an execu- *'**rnws’ Cows’ 'No—Never. 'Madre de Dies THE army, as a figure of 

tive, who tor many years has lived m this country, —No.” . , wnrtAH 

it does not seem to occur to him that his attitude will The Americans, -ar- .Deak of the church as 

, .11 -ii- £ A ■ . iiirv to the dignity of the bull fighting profession, we speag oi tne enuren as 

be construed by millions of Amencan supporters as a ^ joke, taken as such the Army of the Lord, of the 

stupidity and an affront. and prestige would not suffer.” ’ school as the Army attacking 

rhe organizationthas become international in scope. But it came out by and bye that prestige waa the , Ignorance, and the like. 3ut 
Its activities in tW United States exceed in volume, j“f \“haT'wa “on'^ernU ltu\ror edLatloYal’mo%U«^^ 

and equal in usefufness anything that it has accom- one. franker than the others, to a military organization Is 

plished elsewhere. Without the backing it receives explained "that no toreodor, no, not the greatest ip misleading; for this reason, 

from this country it would be seriously crippled. The the world, would enter the ring against a cow. that the object of an army Is 

people of the United Sutes sustaining liberally and The humble and lowly Producer of breakfast cr^m to^get * ‘bl^^one.^lt U^6n- 

willingly a large part of the work, find that they have j ® r™us of^all’^anraronlsts. while the purpose of moral or 

a certain pride that resents their attempted classifica- i “ And the'reason that she is dangerous Is that she l^atenectual enksrorlses Is to 
tion las wholly subdrdinate to foreign domination. If I charges with her eyes wide open and hits what she develop the lacuHIsa of Its 
Braihweil Booth is’ shrewd he will leave Miss Booih i goes after. No waving of red banners, no s de step- mem ers. ) 

Songs of the Poets 

i Waller (1606-1687) ^ ^ _ 

The soul’s dark cottage, batter’d and decay’d. 
Lets in new light through chinks that Time hath 

Stronger by weakness, wiser men become 
As they draw near to thieir eternal home. 
Leaving the old, both worlds at once they view 
That stand upon the threshold of the new.- 



T he army, as 
speech, has 

a figure of 
been over- 

Brariiwell Booth is shrewd he will leave Miss Boodi' 6®«s alter. No waving of red banners, no s ® ® *P‘ “t*™ ) 

L L • £ I- £ • ^ • I nine or halting will save a toreodor who eaters in the army^-it^ la a lint 

^here she is. not ,even seeking to intervene in so .^'e lists Snrt sissie. ' i principle that the Indlvidualla 

purely a personal matter as her choice of citizenship. Bulls are different. A bull loves display. ^He lo eaciitlee hlmseU to the na- 

—=- paws and bellows and parades; and when he chine. In the school room, 

PHILIPPINE DISCONTENT charges he does so with tight shut eyes and tail church, scientific or literary 

A J £l. .L I prpct It is all very spectacular, and It gives the nxovement quite the reverie is 

A corres^ndent, evidently sincere, ^ys that when toreodors'and matadors and picadors an opportun- true; the organliatloB exlsU 

the United otates rorces arnved m the Philippines, the j^y t,, jq some lovely leg work, graceful sidaitepr merely for the take of the hu- 

islanders were about to declare their freedom from ping and gallant bowing to the admiring throlfg. man unit. 

Spain. The arrival “spoiled all this,” says the cor- But cows hold no such potentialities of spect^- ^ church, school 

™po»d,n£ wi,™ .h, of .he Pha,pp™. J" •X b.JK “.'.S*. 7. J.T.. 

Spain. The arrival “spoiled all this,” says the cor- But cows hold no such potentialities of spect^- ^ church, school 

™po„d,n£ wbb. .h, of ,ho Pha,ppi.o. 

there seldom is ignorance so naive as this portrays, terest of the babies of the herd, and so it has be- giory and influence of the or- 
Such a declaration^ would have been worse than fu- come a thing before which no body prances In de- ggnijgtlon, the len li its value 
tile. Hardly couldiit have succeeded, but had it sue- rlslon. — „„£ loula in It. Personality 

co.<W. th, Phtlw.,. would h.v. b«„ left „.,h. u.™* —— 

is the very thing such an insti¬ 
tution does not exist to sup¬ 
press, but to develop. 

“The Sabbath,” said Jesus, 
“wai made for man, and not 
man tor the Sabbath.” And 
the nearer we approach to wis¬ 
dom the weightier seem the 
human values. The welfare of 
one little baby la of more Im¬ 
portance than all the decisions 
of the courts, a woman's hap¬ 
piness is of more account than 
all the banks of the city, and a 
soul is greater than a cathe¬ 

. In the blundering economy 
of man we sacrifice a thou¬ 
sand lives to detend, a bound¬ 
ary line. In the infinite love 
and sagacity of Ood a thous¬ 
and planets would be smashed 
to preserve one Idea. 

After all. the most Import¬ 
ant question in all the world 
is "What'is to become of me''” 

This is not wholly selfish. 
At least Jt Is Intelligent self- 
ishneea. ^ 

Anyone who entirely forgets 
himself and cares nothing 
aboutliimself or says so, I will 
not say he Is telling an un¬ 

truth. for he may be perfectly | - 

sincere. Bnt It is very prob- . 

able that he is thinking addiction. 


It la well enough to give Conditions 

one’s self up to a noble idea, fion Hiat there 

When a crooked lawyer is exposed, or, to play safe, when an 
apparently crooked lawyer, seems to have been exposed, he is foolish 
to blame dhe press for It. There is a lawyer named Roth who did 
this when he was charged with extortion and other irregularities. 

Koth is said to have tried to make bis intended victims taink 
that the money he sought from them was to appease editors and re¬ 
porters. The rumor reached the ears of editors and reporters, and 
they haven't done a thing to him, as the saying Is. 

The press really does have influence in specinc instances. It can 
chase a crooked lawyer out of his profession, and when it does so 
ought to have the thanks of the Bar association. Also thunks iroia 
the attorney for ^the hint at reformation, but thi^ latter it willingly 

¥ ¥ ¥ 

Certain spiritualist performers of Los Angeles are having a ,hard 
i time. The police put them in jail for pretending to materialize luu 
dear departed. 

The prisoners find that they cannot de-materialize either the. 
steel bars, or their own corporeal frames. - , 

¥ ¥ ¥ 

Seldom has the dual life role been sustained so long as by one 
Frank Lowry, who has pleaded guilty to a charge of burglary. 

. Lowry had many friends In the sporting world. He had won 
fame as a starter at automobile races. His associates had full con¬ 
fidence In him, and for a long time supposed his arrest due to mis¬ 
take. Yet for years, when not out in the open waving a flag, be had 
been plying the Jimmy of the night prowler. 

¥ ¥ ¥ 

; Bank robbers do not seem easily discouraged. It Is common 
! forathem to be arrested, and when arrested they are assured of long. 
I terms. Quite frequently some of them are killed as they flee. Yet 
the survivors keep at It. 

I The usual explanation of this particular criminal activity la 

It is well enough to give , Conditions In Berlin have at l«st given the world the Informa- 
onp'A KPif iin fn a nohiB Idea Con that there Is an organization known as Shupo. Its exact com- 
but the only way we know PdsBlon is not explained, but as U opposes the communists, and la 
that an Idea is noble is that strong enough to defeat the Moscow plotters, the natural tendency 
it ennobles us. I® '"'e" of It. ^ * 

it ennobles us. 

If the great principle or 
conviction or creed awakens 

The French academy is made up of wise men. Recently they 

no greatness in us then It commended the eating of a hearty breakfast, confirming the pre- 

does not Justify itself. 

rlous belief in their persclcapaclty. The notion that one should be- 

Kin a day of toil after a breakfast of halt a tig and a glass of water. 
If I do not. presenre myself jjgyg,. appeal to the individual with a real stomach, and a normal 
and maintain my health, my . 

reason and my conscience, 1 •PP®*“e. ^ ^ 

shall not be of . much use to . , . . . . 

other people The next reporter to Interview Stinnes ought to apk the gentle- 

One is not like to he ot man’s opinion as to the Berlin bread line. Perhaps Stinnba does not 
much service to tie world In realize the length of it. 
loviqg others as himself unless ¥ ¥ ••• 

he loves himself intelligently. A skilled craftsman capable of earning $12 a day. was arraigned 

The real “Army of the for burglary, but allowed to go on probation, -it would be interesting 
Lord” is composed of those to know why. 

soldiers who are true first of • . 

all to themselves. And, as _ 

Shakespeare says, "It muat liTTTI) I 'UTT 'TfD'CnXT 

follow vas the night the day, Vy U XV V>'XlJ..ljJ-'XViljiN 

they cannot then be false to ■ ■ ■ AMt'l,! O pATilI 

(Copyright, 1923, by Dr. 
Frank Crane) 

ceeded, the Philippines would have been leh with¬ 
out government, the intelligence and experience 
to found one. Th^y would have experienced a brief 
reign of chaos until some predatory power had gath¬ 
ered them in. Thweafter they would hay* been sub¬ 
jects and vassals, as they had been to Spain. 

The Upited Stalifes gave the promise of Philippine 
independence con<|itioned upon fitness. From the' 
beginning it strov^ to establish the status of fitness. 
It has expended vatst sums, and given the services of 

banners to war non wltn music lo jousi., ii£=£ 
in personal prowe^ is nil, but the toreodoi-s have 
a deep and fundamental understanding of what 
Kipling had in mind when he wrote "The Female 
of the Species.” 

’ And that’s what makes them splse a cow. 

Watching The Parade 


Observed At A Glance Eastern Point Of View 

• By HENRY JAM£:f ' i 

Rear Admiral Chester, retired, comes hack i 

[Albany Journal] 

Our ''Children 



There’s something wrong in the Baby Class. John Joseph says so 
and he knows because John Joseph is in and of the Baby Class. 

I “How do you like it?’’ asked Aunt Nell. 

I “I like school.” said the sturdy John Joseph with the accent on 
' school. 

’’And you like the teacher, of course,” said Aunt Nell, anxiously. 
“I do not,” said he stoutly. “Don’t like her at all.” 
i “No'? NVhy not?" 

'' “She talks, talks, talks and never giye me a chance,” said .John 

from Europe in pessimistic mood, probably Something that had very much the appear-! Joseoh with the air of one tried beyond endurance, 
•due to the oil concession ne once tnougbt be ance of German sympathy propaganda was! “W.ll Ir,kn Inionh- m>vK* «Ke'n 

‘’Well.-tliever mind, John Joseph; maybe she’ll give you a chance 

’’Nope. She won’t,” said he with convictioii.' ’’She thinks it’s her 

Poor John Joseph. For six years he had talked, talked, talked. 
Speech came as natural as thinking and breathing and now be was 
silenced. The teacher thought it was her class, hot the children’s. 
Which was altogether too half of her. John Joseph thought so and 

It has expended virst sums, and given the service, of '--By -^ uad. , -...... .., 

jgj J#, *ja‘ L -V ouau. a.A«.» ut-vxA aua which wfts pubUshed lately. sUito** toworrow. i, 

devoted men and.women to educating the nvtives; Mrg’piigrim regards her as more eminent than the Evidence accumulates that when the soviets ments appeared In the dispatch: ’’Nope. She won’t,” said he with conviction.' ’’She thinks it’s her 

Doubtless success ^ould have been achieved by this Twelve Most < Eminent Women; She is pretty, g^td they would not interfere fn Germany, the "Congress may have to levy a toll pn the class.” 

time save for the Conceit and selfishness of a native I clever, well dressed, ®®®''**^‘‘^’ **** to ^Interfere.^ American people to feed and take tare of Poor John Joseph. For six years he had talked, talked, talked, 

political clique. The members of this clique, partisan ! but good things to eay about a • j .£.£.’ ■. masses of the German peopU that are threat- Speech came as natural as thinking and breathing and now be was 

rohemers of the baser sort desired th^ f i when I heard she had been fired I lore®^ myself. The southern end of the state Is cleaning jj^^ger and destitution.” silked The teacher thought it was her class, hot the children’s, 

schemers or tne opser sort desired the inastery of | ..j^^es her right, ” 1 said. ’If Id been her em- up crim nals so fast that.there !■ ««« of • .. ^ department It was said that Which waa altogether too bad of her. John Joseph thought so and 

the islands. Theyi had not shown themselves to be ninvpr I would have fired her months ago. , penitentiary more conveniently looatsKl. *“* ®'®‘® ki™ ^ 

i £- J n £L ■ .. £L L J I I . , P'oy®*^ ' wouia uaje £££=>£ nivseif with » • • the United Statee will be.asked soon to make I agree with him. 

qualified. On the icontTary they had made plain the i nevfer have been able to square myseit witn a,„,£.„ .old expedition ‘o««m a“d appropriate money fdr supplies for Little children need to talk. In the first place their speech 

fact that they werd not qualified. Instead of hasten- Mrs. Pilgrim itould lult as wfth IhSir and stm th« do Germany.” ' growth le In full swing and nothing should choke It off. Not that I 

ing the day of iridependence they set it back in- uef^na^yeVnroirefepLnt who snuffs coke on the seem^ to be satisfied. “It is not the understanding here that Qar-1 would ask that ^ 

definitely. : never cahs« ... “*‘ 1 ® ‘PP®*! «®f to , tlt« they be permitted to talk enough to^^arl^^^^ 

One outcome ofijthis is that the part of the islanders own way and she never quits. She never lost an “Hiram Opens Attack on Hughes Plan " the United States. The InfMence, however, ie a place with strange 

who desire real government. witS competence"td ar^ume- - her lit. People have walked^ He^dUn. And Isn’t It strange th.t nobody 

stability, are seeking now to have the United States committed auitee. imt they never . . * time." H i» fin®d with new experiences and P«°Pl«' In*,!.!'’ 

.1.” she asked her late cauVh^dU ^^k^ ttVMC-o^nt: H Jh^tk^ th^I^S f 

.„*1A£i.._,£' .L .• -£ __’ tou which wBS publlshed lately. These state- 

^votea men ana .women to educating the natives. _ Pilgrim regards her as more eminent than the Evidence accumulates that when the soviets ments appeared In the dispatch: 

Doubtless success Jvould have been achieved by this Twelve Most < Eminent Women; She is pretty, they would not interfere fn Germany, the "Congress may have to levy a toll pn the 
time save for the Conceit and selfishness of a native I clever, well dressed, energetic. There Isn’t any- ue was part bf the plot to Interfere. Amerloan people to feed and take Care of 

political clique. The members of this clique, partisan i iblng but good things to eay £u j i. /.i..«in» masses of the German peopU that are threat- 

L t .k L £ J J L J heard she had been fired I forgot myself. The southern end of the state Is cleaning ^ hunger and destitution ” 

schemers of the hpser sort, desired the mastery of her right,” 1 said. ’If I'd been her cm- up criminals so faet that.there la neelt of a hunger and dast tutlon. 

the islands. Theyi had not shown themselves to be ninver I would have fired her months ago.”, penitentiary more conveniently looatsKl. J**® wag said that 

i £- J £L ■ .. £L L J I I . , P'oy®*^ ' wouia uaje £*£=“ .„„arp invReir with ... the United Statee will be.asked soon to make 

qualified. On the icontTary they had made plain the l nevfer have been able to square inj^selt witn loans and aonronriate money tdr suDnllea for 

that iK-u warJ nni niiallR.rl U.fa J £ L . Mrs Pilgrim But It Is the ttutu. Allce 18 every- Members of an Alaakan gold expedition J®*™ ana appropriate money ror supplies for 

fact that they werd^ot qualified Instead of hasten- j hafe said she is, and I would just as escapea with their lives and sttH they do hot Q®rinany.’’ 

ing the day ot ^dependence they set it back in- , tave a mull elephant who snuffs coke on the geem to be satisfied. “It is not the understanding here that Qer-1 

definitely. i", gne never can see anything except In her ... many has made any formal appeal for aid to 

One outcome ofifhis is that the part of the islanders own Way, and she never quits. Shfe never lost an “Hiram Opens Attack on Hughes Plan." the United States. The InfMsnce, however, la 

i K * va a*iv idiailUCAa UWU vT*ej, walb^A/4 awov 4 a tUm* wftmt fnfft/xiv roflrKIndr a.nirAT.WkMAn» 4m 

who desire real government, with competence and ?aro^"rcent^"to‘r?b" 

stability, are seeking now to have the United States Juemselves and committed auitee, Imt they never 

take a new and firmer grasp. They have become won an argument. A man at Oakland 

A man at Oakland shot several gypsies be^ 

magilaringforit.: _ 

' ■ . needed lool 


There is said toibc great pressure brought to bear anothi 
on the President in' relation to the world court. Such r 1 

a tribunal was a suggestion of the late President hard night. 

Ms a trtend there. She wanted the late boss to foreseen this outcome, 
send her there to look Intothe Chicago branch. It . 

needed looking into and A^lce could do thB* work Driving a car at sixt 

[.erted looking into ana aiico ewum uu £i»w ni»»A | Driving a car at sixty miles an hour through .*£ .■££»££, ££££>=<. -**£« £u £>..•... •• —— __ n„ .itioa hv temnnmnAnt .nri .Hnra. 

•ry competently, but tne iate boss had decided to the streets of Hartford a maniac killed one that this government is willing and ready to to X*® ®*X**^'®®®**®^ -hiidre/iu scbimt She muet like 

•ry coiniio£.cu£ /. _j __ a rin.nAA t*iA nrAHATifiitlon. hv aormanv nf tion toT the work of BtaTtlng little cmiaren in scnooi. sue muet illte 

attitude toward fthe'political situation In Eu-j 
rope.” \ I 

In short, those who read are asked to beUeve I 

afraid or when yqn are unhappy. , „ v ,,, 

Which brings us to this. The teacher of the Baby Class ought 

Jfend another. When Alice leeks Into anything | an^ injured many. Similar episodes occur fre- finance the presentation, by Germany, ot an 

sometnlng la- sure to happen. She has a streak of i q.uently somewhefe. abject poverty spectacle which of course will 

the kaiser In her makedip. The kaiser after a • • - . be used as conclusive proof that Germany can 

Harding whose policies Mr. Coolidge accepted as a 
heritage. Various;analyses of the presidential char- 

I am going to send Elll,”-said the Iqte boss. 

* •***_» . ® 5 A _ .aa_.A W— AUaI Ua. 

To etid the argument he fired her. Add he was twinge, 

Turkey's future beeoxhes uncertain every not pay reparations 

time heart disease gives Kemal Pasha an extra But most of us will refuse to believe any- cover one. „f H«hv ri«.« th. 

Inge. thing of the kind. '’f®* X® “‘“y, many places the teacher of the Baby Class Is the 

• Germany has all Its property resources In- cheapest, thq. least attractive, *5® teacher that can be 

Blame for hU predicament l8-pUce_d by * tact. It Is generally believed that Germans found The’idea seems to be y y 

LUIS Bvvciuuacuw wxaaaus «uu rCKUJ IV w ' - —1 aa!a 1 aK« ill.- 

finance the presentation, by Germany, ot an tion for the work of starting little children in wh^l. She must like 
abject poverty spectacle which of course will UtUe children; must be wise in child lore, she must understand the 
be used as conclusive proof that Germany can great dignity of llttW children prewrve her own Such a tMcher 
not nay reparations. ■ Is not common, but how the John Joseph cling to her when they dli- 

•icriiegc. ®f MC prciiaenaai cnar-i *- do not cover up her , has all Its property resources In- cheapest, thq. least attractive, lae muev uaw. £v«^. £.£«£ i..u 

acter agree in the finding that President Coolidge is F'^ " Blame for hU predicament Is* placed by A tact. It Is generally believed that Germans found. The’Idea seems to be XJ*®* ® y X' ®an teach ^tho 

a person of strong convictions. So far as has been Or did not, so long as she was an employe. Now arrested attorney upon a newspaper. The chap.^ have much wealth In the form of money or se- bablee. That Is becauw ‘“e a ta»ch tha 

ascertained, he fofms his own opinions*.ILis does she has a business of her own and is making a- falls to recognize that he le giving the press a ourlty In safe refuge In foreign countries Let not there primai^y X®.*f°“® fug. ®*he mort ImportMt thins 
I. Jl, 1 V f success. She is the type who ought compliment. Germany pay the cost of Its persistent efforts babies, quite another thing aUogether and tne most important t^ 

not imply any lacks of reaifiness to cMsider the teady-: gny one else. She Isn't fit, afty . * • to evade payment of reparations; let it use Its in' the whole school structure. If not,j£tl}en isn t the thing upside 

? rr j" 1 L e I* HOVCr WOrK MOr ftny one eiHO. QUC IOU V XlLt eVMUO ^Ckjuiaui. wa A v>ys»a»vawaaa| az3W Ah UW ALO AU fcuaj waawAw -- 

made conclusions proffered by members of one clique ^ore than ah eagle Is fit to play canary bird. If Thirteen y^rs after abanddning her baby a bidden wealth to relieve the needs of the down? 

dr the other. It implies merely that he is not the you’ll kindly take notice, the big people of this mother. sued Tor recovery Uf tho thlld. 'The masses. .For the conditions which prevail In Who Is your baby teacher. 
sort of executive tf be swayed by specious argument, world are mostly eagles. , court rendered the proper verdict. Germany, has itsejf to pay. (Copyright, 1923, bj 

(Copyright, 1923, by The Bell Syndicate. Inc.) 

the Camera 


C. F. From, of Youngs¬ 
town, O., dsinu 
world’s record for arrests 
in a single year— 1,0S2 

—For a living. Prince Angnst WR* 
helm, third son of the former German 
Emperor, can have beer and bread now 
any time he sells one of his paintings. 

DOLLS — Japanese and American. ^ 
Nlnako and Ayakd Kawsmurs, daughters of 
Secretary and Madame Hiroski Kawamora 
of the Japanese Embassy in Washington. ^ 

TESTS—Like the 
babbling brook, seem 
to go forever. Miss 
Marie Arnold was 
prodaimfd winner 
of the lamt battle 
of polchritade in 

—In Washington: Miss Muriel Eleanor 
Gray, who was presented by her mother. 
Miss Pearle Moore Gray. 

posed in Pontifidal robes in the Sistine Chap^ Is now in 
this country for exhibition. It'is by A. TambuiinL 

. 'citisen who doesn’t see anything .wrong with the 
TG ; United States has been found. It is Miss Joan 

\n Hay, noted actress. Just a publicity stunt, we sup- 

»er pose, 
as’ * 

M. 4- 

— - --- mam ^ ^ 

deroting all 'hiS<4r^jPK^\^ 
time to analysing 
, Christmas ca^es. 

YT7T?—^Egypt has a perfect- 
ly good king easier to inter- 
r dewc King Fattd in |^tary 

^>•5?::, , dress. 

A LONDON BEAUTY DOCTOR—Evidently-has been reading up on the 
Spanish Inquisition., His latest device for making milady beautiful is a facial 
'J'urkish batli.’ 

Austria’s greatest aviator in 
the war, is an American 
visitor. He was bron^A 
down and captured by Ifcn- 
ten^ans after destroying 
88 aJdied planes. 

rOKTT-nvE MIN.' 

greatest nurses In the m 

world to receive’ the O 

A DAUGHTER OF GEORGIA-Mm. Frank T. Harrold Ni|^gde <► -<>• 

,of Amerkus is the new president-general of the United df the Interna- at 4 a m lu »*** 

• Daughters of the Cdufederwy, ti-nal Bed Cross. ^ G^ih^ ^ ' 

WAY—But Alice Williaav- 

tional Red Cross. 

at 4 a. m. and walk to work 
tn Gotham. 

aA.lijki,UAx, i, 




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car. S5800, $1500 cash. 
New 5-rooms, all oak 

Livestock ...-..5®^'' GIRL 15 wants to care for children ;rp®(n; extra size dining room; real ujqq jiqoq caaii. 

.. -2 



after school and on Saturday. : fire place In living room; east 

Phone Glen. 1327-J- 

I front; good garage. 

Priced RigRt at $8500 

New'a-room stucco, $5250, $750 

4-room bungalow on lot 75x250, 

Mlicellaneoo's*-For Rent . -■WANTED—Position as c^hier or handle, $2500 or will j one block to cai-, 2 blocks to school. 

assftant bookkeeper, 
phone Glen. 1235-M. 

firtt insertion — Minimum ' Mlscellpneous—Wanted ..29 assftant bookkeepei. Box -o-, 

charge tneluding four Unss Motor VehIciM — -__27 phone Glen. 1235-M. 

with six words to . the -r,. iSsn" _ 13 —*- 

Un« ..... 40 Cents wonty—’To LMafi in vour home. 

[Addltloiud lines, per llr.4 ... 6 Cents' Money—Wflntbd .....—...12 ^ r* 3 io 

’Consecutive Insertions hjere- Musical Inst.—For Sate.—.25 Phone evenings Lkpitol 

'Mro“mim‘“Sn““co'nd''l',i'.;r': ®Musical InsL-For Rent..-.26 . _ _ ' 

. tion .;.... 2 s Cents'Personale --—. u Business Opportunities 

'Dealers, rat. per line .ii.... B Cent. ; Poultry ....—-—. '*0 -—-- — 

(Jdlnlraunt on fu-st insertion.. 39 Cents! {}an,<h.. .^ 15-A dS_: __ rt—-.-..a....:... 

[Minimum on second msertlon 20 Cents* _ 16 Business Opportunity 

Notices, per Une j-.,........ 1 . Coats! "sal Estate—wanted ...-^ Tails' Cigars-News Agency, Groceries. 

„ „ _ - ---- - -—I ...wv.,. , .. J 

150X - 0 -, I gg]i fpr cash at 6 % discount. . $5250; $2000 cash. 

'Good Stucco Home on Fine business man 

I ' 5-room residence. 3 blocks 

Dtreet lo Brand anti Wilson; a real roomy 

N. W. Section—five large rooms; home and yeiy in. Price 
tile bath and sink; real fire place; $7500,"; $2000 cash. 

beautiful Mountain View; $1,000 
below Similar Homes in Neighbor- 

Reading Notices, scattered ; Keal Estate —i-or sale .I Moat VnrVots Time 'gtnres Novel- 

throughout the paper ;.... 15 c«its j ,ieai Estate—Sale or Exchange 17 ,'’®at Markets, Drug Stores, Novel , One-half Block from North 

Real Estate—For Sale 

Advertlasmsnts or Notices _i 

with headings In caps.f ad- Kooms and 

dltlonal charge, per Itae... 6 Cente , Rooms—For 

iCpace in the classified fbusiness . ] Rooms_Wai 

directory, per Inch, 'lor one Situation W 

Space in classlfed "directory, IVi Situation W 

I inches for one niontli 7.30 , Situation W 

iSpac. in claeslfled dirdetosy, 2 I au/an« 

1 Inches, for one month t.. 10.00 F ;— 

'Space In classified directory, 3 * Burbank Cl 

Inches, for one month !;. 15.00 ' Eagle Rock 

. - -^' 7 -04 oty Store; Oil Stations, Cafes, Lanch i 

Rooms and poard .. —Rooms; Confectionery, Ice Cfeara Brand 

snt* Rooms—For Rent p-i . Factory, Bakeries. I have some of Well built home in 

I Rooms—Wanted to Rent.. buys in -Glendale in re-: condition on lot 00x170. 

g (jO I'Juation ® ® "" stores and business places that • A St^ltl at $ 6 ! 


5.00 > Eagle Rock Classified .** Binr J ^ Ti. 

= l; - I - C. ,DOUGLAS GULiCK 

d HFI P WANTED 219 S. Brand Glen. 1818.W 



built home in excellent 
on on lot 50x170. 

A Staal at $6500 


Forest L-awn 



_ mal e__ 

SALESMEN—SELL something ev¬ 

erybody must have (read this 

Wanted—Money for first mort¬ 
gages of $2500, $3000 and $3500, on^ 
first class improved Glendale prop- 


.V. Brand Glen. 840 



■ ■ 2—only, $4,500, $1,200 down, lots, of 

1—only. $4,850, $1,500 down, large 

1—'only, $5,000, $1,000 down. bal. 

' ' monthly. 

1—only. $5,250, $i',2u0 down, corner 

1—only, $5,250, $1,500 down, bal. 

monthly. . 

I 1—only, 1^,400, $2,250 down, bal'. 
.*40 mon. 

•AA epW 

iMiC»iiia"ic uity JiTict - 

Czurt Shops—213 E.'Broadway 
' Phone Glert. 2961 


will accept engagements in 
churches, schools, clubs and social 
affairs as story teller- Experience 
9 years with chautauqvlas in nearly 
every state tin the unijon. A year 

line over again and note that^we ' p^. .*10 lx F” 

said "must”.) it Is unique U. H. UlCtnCil IxCSllty v^O« 
protected- article, a positive ne- 13314 S. Brand Glen. 2921 

cessity- because of government ;-j--- 

ruling, ,with yearly repeat, ex- WA-NTED-^.Man or woman with 
clusively owned and controlled nar and some cash for an Interest 

by us. If you are an order taker i'-i poultry business. Beautiful 

you should make $20 to $30 a home, close In. tall 314 South 
day; if you are an ambitious Brand. 
salesman you will clear upward 1 

of $40 per day. .Most desirable J 3 MONEY TO LOAN 

i-oimectioii with future for those-- 

who qua.lify. Jerome Laadt, Pres- SALARY LOANS 

8 S. Dearborn. Chicago.^ Why not borrow money 01 

Glen. 2921 133»4 South Brand-, *• *5.500. $1,500 down, bal. 

Opefi'0\-ening3 , nniv ' t- n m.i 1 v. 1 

Closed Sundays "ll' 

-^-— 1—only, $5,SS0. $1,500 dov.u lots of 

trees. , 

VANDENHOFF’S 1—only $6,000, $1,600 down corner, 

Dandy home on coiner lot. 7 rms. . 

beds, big double garage. Almost . h^’lter priced but no 

;w. Now vacant and feady to cmV-TU ’ D '’d a IXT 

ove into. Get your money’s worth DIVll 1 M OC KlLUlVlApI 
Id buy this. Price only $7,175. ^4 Brand. Tel 646 

inns to suit. --■ 


Dandy home on coiner lot. 7 rms. 

1 social I "ho qualify. Jerome Laadt, Pres- SALARY LOANS 

lerience ' ^ Dearborn. Chicago.^ Why not borrow money on our 

nearly ' easy payment plan? Open Monday 

A year - ma.V— energetic and reliable, want- .and Thursday until 9 p. m. 

und a half In Americanization work. (.q for factorj- representative to 

Coaching In story telWng. .'tpart- ; handle our business in Glendale 
iment I, 112 East Chestnut street. district; unusual opportunity, 

■_^_ _ with fortune for right man; ex- 

D A’TFM’TQ perieuoe or capital unhecessary; 

k A 1 m X t O write fully. Svnero Jlotors Co., 

HAZARD & MILLER ButUe Creek, Mich. 

H. Miller, formerly 81 years mem- I---^-- 

ofTi. e!""SizL“rl’riook^oif pSs I WANTED - Experienced man for 
free. Fifth floor. CeUal Bldg., i grocery to deliver and so pit; 
Sixth and Main. Los Atigeles. married man preferred^ Good 

cd for factorj- representative to THE PEOPLE’S FINANCE 
handle our business in Glendale AND THRIFT COMPANY 
district; unusual opportunity. 033 g B,.and Glen. 696 

with fortune for right man; ex- , * _ 

perieuoe or capital unhecessary; j MONEY to loan on reasonable 

new. Now vacant and ready to 
move into. Get your money’s worth 
land buy this. Price only $7,175. 
Tenns to suit. 

Six-room home, very good, N. W. 
location, only $7,350, $1,500 cash. 

Five room stucco, new, ready to 
move into, one block to street car, 
$5,950, $1,250 cash. 


-■'.re you one of the armv v 

TNANCE saj* “I could have had a nice pro- 

>MPANY 1 Sflendid four .oom. two beds, fjf „„ j 

run fiii ’"*«'* madeanicellttle-Besteggrorme?’’ 

Glen. 6 96 Hardwood throughout, complete $2.250-Residence lot. E. Moun-' 

Teasonabrei^^,'* tAln St. Pasadena, 60x150. Terms 

write fully. S>-ncro Jlotors Co., terms, for refinancing, buying o *'1 *Gf^N 2070 hr 10 per cent off for cash. 

^ _ T- 1 _ il.l! _ rts _icOO N. BrftflQ PlVdv ML.^N. ^UfU. *9 A,-: l-x -rw 


Do your cffildren neejj assistance, 
In their studies? Coac'aing in High : 
Bchool mathematics and science a ' 
gp^alty. Nominal cli^rge. Phone. 
■W. H. Meddick, Glen. i9l3-J. 

Buttle Creek, Mich. ! building. Trust deeds bought. ' • '* • ' ' _ $2,350—Residence lot. E. lOch. 

-- -^-- I GOODELL & CO - Burbank, 70x180. 

'■ANTED8.., ' 1,8 K. IT’S YOUR MO VE ! tr-fn^^p'roS 

SSSed m»n'‘p™i|‘r?«l.’“oooi '’-'•''-TED-To »ofro» SJMAI on I.t Uop’t blom M II jeo Ml to sot 

salarv to right mL. Foothill I mortgage. Properly un East Lo- on this fine investment- Think 

market. 1157 N. Central avenue. , m'‘“’ »‘000; 6 room?, re- of it, a lot 75x200 on through street \if' 1 ' ’ “ ' 

V.C 1 .PI.A 1 cuuc. nnv !'n-. ciun. _ _j ,_ J i_i__I Iw per mo. Small residence rear. 

cently remodeled. Box 205, Glen- f^-o good houses’ bringing! 

TENDERS WA.NTED for small 
brick and frame store, m Glen¬ 
dale; 522 S. Brand. Apply at 
once. ' 

Nervous and Mental Diseases 
Suite 4 and 5, Central Bldg., Ill 
East Broadway. Res. phone Glen. 
1222-W; office phone, ^Glen. 2500; 
office hours. 10 to 12, 2 to 5. or by 


WANTED — Experienced-^ Japanese 
gardener for few hours weekly! 
347 N. Central. _ 



dale Daily Press. 


Mortgages and Trust Deeds 

"11 E. Broadway Glen. 3330 

WE MAKE LOANS on autos, and 
refinance contracts. 

211 E. Broadway , Glen. 3330 

$100 per month and room tor four I ® ^ ' 

or five more and price is only ' r>iiifVkon /'d a 

$10,000 AND $6000 DOWN vmv./a.i^vri\i./- 

B;Uance easy terms. Pacific; Lawson Bldg 
electric bus passes in fronj of door. I 


: Lawson Bldg, Glen. 2301 

; 1 mtr'k xrxcxir ■ general nousewora m small lam- 

V IfcW ’’V" must be experienced cook; - 


•‘Glendale'S Only Cpmetery”- 326 E. Randolph. Phone Gien. 

Gi'land View Avo., atj Sixth St. ^ 24o5-\V. * 

^ » Phone Glen. 2697 _^ LADY SpLICITOR--Fiiiest subdi- Tb* 

DO NOT burn otd newspapers "'sion in Glendale, splendid op- >0"" 

■nd mag^lnes. -VVe pay 20 cents a portunity to make good mdney, euoug 

hundred. No amount tb small. Tie experience not necessary. Frank shrub 

In bundlee and bring kJ fbfe corner Minn, 109 1-2 E. Elk. Phone 

^ of S. Central and BI 14 Saturdays Glendale 2206V ■ w^th* 

' ___WANTED —.Young woman for ; least 

A housework. Must be clean and ! . 

M .'VIOLIN free with instructions. $1 good worker; by month or half ' 

per lesson. Few left,. Mrs. Fit- , days. References. Phone Glen, 

tlnger, 1370 Irving st^ Glen. 2108 [ 410 .J, 281 Kenneth road. 

*1 REALTORS TAKE iNOTlCE WANTED—Experienced laundress 

Property at 916 E. California is for Mondays and^Tue.sdays. 347 , 

off the market. M. B. Harmon. .North Central- 

—— —III ■■AiiMi ■■■■■■II 11 _!_~_LL!__—I (Tl6n 

I ■ ■■ ■ ■! — ■ . . sy o ' _ 


----- MALE OR FEMALE "'If 

< XOST—On North Louife, between -——~~—.— --- - 

' and the wash for between ! WANTED—Three live-wire sales- ' 

TTpiUge and Doran and .the Quality men for th^. fastest growing and 

WA.NTED—Middle-aged woman for 14 \ FOR SALE 

general housework in small fam- HOUSES i 

ily; must be experienced cook; - — - - - ——. 


Finlay & Prestoni«», 

1.31 S. Brand' Gien. $4 


Splendid bargain, both residence' 
and rental. Lot 50x166 fronting' 
North Burchett near Central. Near-! 
ly new, mddern, 6-room residence 
in front and modem '4-room rental j 
res. in rear. Front bouse rented i 
for $75, and rear house will rent , 

$1300 I50WN 

6 rooms and nook, hardwood 
floor.? thruout, strictly modern. 
Price $5,950. 

^ $4i500i four rooms and nook, new 
"and strictly up to datci. $1,000 
down, $43.00 per month inc-ludiilg 

$9,500, very attractive stucco 
home, one that must be sodn to be 

Acre Foolhili Home, the one real 
buy in a wonderful foothlil home- 
Price $10,500 on reasonable terms. 

The above properties represent 

■There are two beautiful bunga- readily for $50 per mo., furnished. properues represoni 

lows on this corner lot and room Furniture of rear house goes In , 

enough for a third. Fruit trees, colo PrlroH ?nr nlil7<1r cala nt I VV Wl, tl. 9UL<L,lV/\n 

morning. Mrs. J. Will Johnson, -vroum les.ueuce Acre Foolhili Home the one real 

326 E, Randolph. Phone Gien. AND A HOME , -f"pro™ tous^ rented ! “ 5 ^° on"e!ioTJ{'”t 

: _• , $3000 CASH for $75. and rear house will rent, 

LADY SQLICITOR -Finest subdi- , Tbere are two beautiful bunga- , readily for $50 per mo., furnished, re^values Lr 'hXe or inJestT^^^ 
vision in Glendale, splendid op- lows on this corner lot and room Furniture of rear house goes In, 

portunity to make good mbney, . for a third. Fruit trees. ; gale. Priced for quick sale at $8500.' yywl n. ovix-i,lv/\« 

experience not necessary. Frank shrubbery and flowers galore. Terms easy. ■ : U2 So. Brand Blvd. Ph. Glfm. 983W 

Winn. 109 1-2 E. Elk. Phone The buildings are only about 2. i ^--- 

Glendale 2206V : pears old and they are w.ell built, ' BRUSS REALTY CO. Here’s m. Home for Yo.i 

■-- with'basements and garages. At ^ 106 -A E. Bdwy. Room 6i ™ 

WANTED —.Young woman for; least $1500 bel8w value, • 1 . $7500 $2000 CASH 

housework. Must be clean and ! . $8800 I .. "■ . - I. ; P brand new modern 5-room bun- 

good worker; by month or half' $500 GASH 1 ^low, large lot. wonderfully local-. 

Fruit trees. ; sale. Priced for quick sale at $8500. 
5 galore. Terms easy. 

112 So. Brand Blvd. Ph. Glfm. 983W 


$500 GASH 

Buys a new 6-room all modern fuj yi^w. 

ed on Sunset Canyon road, beauti- 


142-S. Brqnd 1310 

Glen. 1065 G1 


TTpubto and Doran and .the Quality 
^Groewy, noseglasses jwlth white 
gold frame, chain pnd button. 
Finder please leave gt Glendale 
Daily Press office. 

LOST—Somewhere between Glen- 

bungalow in Sparr Heigdits, 3 bed¬ 
rooms, bath, bardwOod floors, flimr 
iS furnace, garage; lot 50x180 to al- 

1310 S. Brand ley. Beautiful landscaped lawn all 
Glen- 1161 | in, surrounded by citrue trees and 
~ i overlooking Oakmount Country 
[Mc i club, close to car and stores. 

j Street work all in and paid for. 


$50 MDNTH 212>* North - Brand 


225 S. Central Glen. 13'23-M 

test located subdivision in Glen¬ 
dale. Also three competeal so¬ 
licitors. Call or address 

200 E. Broadway Glen. 2163 

1950 $950 CASH $50 MONTH 212>* North - Brand 

4 room new bungalow, close in. !-^- 

' '^new * hnnvalow ' SALE — Beautiful .stucco 

ai va!i B’roBt «r Btrept Bar ' double bungalow, 4, rooms oh each 

erlooking Oakmount Country 1 East Broadway Bargain 
lb, close to car and stores. 50x140 ft. in coming section, 
reet work all in and paid for. ; price $7600, $2300 down. 

BOURNE & LEE east Colorado bargains 

2121 * North - Brand 50x135 Improved, near important 

-;--, corner. Price $15,000, about half 

FOR SALE — Beautiful,stucco 


D. F. BOWLER newly paved street, near street car j gjj, built-in beds, tile drain and i415 E. Broadway Glen 1735 

lO E. Broadway Gian. 2163 . ,v mad'Tim ; bath, excellent location, close to | ----—— 

c . T 7-.D—-' WIAKIIH- canine In N. B. section, ready for j vj4~\a>IC CC CIF’CD O 

LICK SALES Teach you, make ? 640 W'. Lexington Glen. 1061-J ■ oceupaney. Income $130 per ! saLHs^iC«0£BCal^ajnV^^ 
money flrat day, - taking orders; mpu/ a onniui month. Price $11,000, $3500 cash, if yoti are looking tor a borne in 

for stylish shoes, popular prices. 1 NEW 6-ROOM 1,^11 handle.- ' Glendale, we have It. wearer. Write immedi- house, 2 bedrooms, real fireplace,. DICK MICHEL ' 

ately Style Arch Shoes. Cin-; all huilt-ins. In good residence sec- 1 «Builder of Distinctive Homes" ' JOHN L. SGOTT CO. 

__ ___ I ^ **“* “ ^' Gl«"- 2377-W .544 N. Louise , 110 W- Harvard Glen. 559 

distance to Brand. $2000 cash Will 1 

I dale and Burbank, jmall black QUICK SALES—Teach you, make ! 640 W. Lexington 

Cockrel Spaniel, sjnswers too money first day, - taking orders;-— 

name of "Bock.” Reward. 822' for stylish shoes, popular prices,! NEW 6> 

Palm avenue, Burbank. wearer. Write immedi- house. 2 bedroom 

LOST—A gold cuam with cross cinnali 'tion- cl 

bearing initials C. B. ,H. Return ---- ! 

to 142 Harvey drive qnd receive I M.4KE the best Chocolate Bars, hanarn 

•rAti.’BT»rl \Yinta f^hpwlncr /Ihtm ‘Dca w.-.. 



Mints, Chewing Gum. Be my 
agent; everybody will buy from 
you. Write today. Free camples. 
Milton Oordofi Factory, Cincin¬ 


BOURNE & LEE INCOME Dwivimn. iviuai aiu,.L 

212 y 2 N*th Brand , / , . $5400 

__I L. A. income property; 4-room, 40 ’tvu 

INCOME PROPERTY i®'*® 2 -rm. under garage, i $1000 cash, balance $50 per mo.. 

New diiDlex 4 rooms and bath ' -Additional room for double bunga- ! including interest, 6 rooms and 

on a Tide hitakfaarn^v iJlf hu Ht i line. Bargain. $6500 bregkfast room. Must be seen to 

on a side, breakfast nook, all built- tvnnn iinn nort he annreciated. 462 West Haw- 

■W ANTED—Salesman i^r leather 
. puttees as side line. jPrefer man 
well acquainted wim general 
store trade and covering terrl- 

!ur leather 1 


^ general ^,^LE 




$1000 cash, balance $50 per mo.. 

low. Near car line- Bargain. $6500 bregkfast room. Must be seen to 
Mortgage $2000. Will take as part be appreciated. 462 West Haw- 

' ins. disappearing beds, tile sink, ” i , th„rnr 

automatic water heater- Lot 62x j 1® ^ 

. 150. Beautiful N. W. eectieo. | ^oBmer & Auettn, 222 S. Brti,nd. , ^ 

SIOIB rraue auu cuvbiiub 1-0.1----,.150. Beautiful N. W. eectleo. I - --- --r -- ! FOR SALB-^Strl-ctlv modem 4- 

tory thoroughly- Stafe territory | yOUNG MAN* past 30 wants work : $9500, terms. ' See owner — 629 ' room bungalow, double garage, 2 

covered, present line, and em-j (,( preferably where i South street. • ARE YOU going to buy near the 1 bedrooms. Will take lot as part 

Vloyer. Box li4, Glendale Daily , delivery car. Phone ' iMr'OMc’oi^pVO'rv- ! school? We have a real j payment Price $4000, $600 down, 

Pf®*®- Capitol 4817.i ■ 3529 Perlita are.,' lINLUIVlt. rKDrlLKl X , bargain, well built, 5-room bunga -1 balance easy Glen 2150-J-3 

■n-'lM'Tii'n 4 est-ite ' Los Angeles. . For sale by owner. Pine comer ! low oh extra large lot. Price right 1-!- 

^ ® esiaie __---^- near Oak Knoll district, Pasadena. 1 Call Miss Sayre. i WILL Build Home to suit you, 

salesman. Mc-xi/rrHiu ■ M ANTED—Painting or paperhang-j No agents. Will deal dlrecf. with] easy terms. Beautiful Rossmoyne 

^ L. M. ntwiure ^ mg. North Oliver. 406 S. Brand. I buyer. Box 129 Glendale Daily 1 J. 1. WERNETTE i tract. Frank Winn, 109 1-2 E. 

• 349 W. t^loradoi St, Phone Glen. 2’412. Press. 1 225 S. Central Glen. 1323-M Elk. Phoye Glen. 2?06. 

14 FOR SALE | 

I_ MOUEiM _! 

I A Real Sacrifice 
I Beautiful Stucco 


Spanish typo stucco, expanded 
metal lath conatmetion, eight-inch 
cenfent foundatfon; rough finish^ 
■will not crack—nothing better 
built. Large cement porch, front 
and side, walls ot which are solid 
brick, stucco covered. Attractive 
awning at front. 

Large living rbom, real tHe fire¬ 
place, built-in bookcases, attractive | 
fixtures. Beautiful dining room, j 
built-in buffet. Wonderful kitchen, i 
every built-in feature, tile ^Ink, 
large breakfast nook. Large smen 
porch. Tile bath, both tub and 
shower, wlth bnllt-ln cabinete. Two j 
llg^t, attractive bedrooms; one | 
with two large closets, both with | 
bvrilt-in chiffoniers. Half-Inch hard-'I 
j wood floors, i 

I Double garage, five large win -1 
j dows, ceiled" with plaster board j 
throughout and equipped with laun- ! 
dry tray, sink and extra toljet—can ■ 

I be used for Income if desired. Stor- 
I age instant heater, serving both I 
house and garage. Lawn front and j 

It’s on a 50x150 lot, splendid re ; 
stricted street, only two blocks i 
from new High sohool, close to 
stores and transportation;, never' 
before offered for sale. Price only ' 

' $7500; $2600 will handle. 1 

j You may not know values, but ; 
j we do. When 'we say this is the ' 

! best home in Glendale for the ' 

■ money we are taking In a lot of ter- j 
i ritory, but we believe it to be true. I 

Built by owner for his home; j 
I business calls him elsewhere, and ' 

; be has made a price which insures ; 

! Immediate sale. We want you to ; 

' I 


1311,2 S.’terand Glen. 44 


New 8-room residence just off 
, Kenneth road on Cleveland road. 

; East front. Has four bedrooms, 

; adth mirror doors, old ivory finish, 1 
; library, large living room with fire- j 
I place, dining room, gumwood fin- j 
I Ish, hardwood floors; kitchen with \ 

I tile drainboard and breakfast nook, . 

! two baths, tile floor and separate j 
I shower; laundi-j- in basement, : 

' beating unit for first floor and one j 
j for seeond electrically cqntrolled; ! 

! artistic light fixtures. Double ga- i 
] rage, lot 60x160 with walnut trees ' 
i and shrubbery, sprinkler system. 

! All iihprovements paid for. This [ 
house is built' of the best of mater- | 

I lal, sheeted on outside, covered j 
. with lock lath then with stucco \ 
which guarantees coolness in sum- ! 

! radr and warmth in winter. Shown | 

' by appointment only to ' people | 
wishing to buy a residence of this j 
j kind. Curiosity seekers please do \ 

■ not waste my time. . Details not | 
given over telephone. No commls- | 

. Sion allowed. Price $14,000, $4000 1 
will handle. Call Glen. 268^-W or I 
; Glen. 2897 for appointment. | 

I $1700 TOTAL PRICE | 

For a home ip Fiarvlew | 

Lot 40x156, bouse partly finished ; 

I inside, water, lights, cesspool, j 
: rough plumbing In. Three rooms 
I and bath room. Just off of Kenneth ; 
j road. $890 cash, balance $25 per j 
month. 1 


with ' 


I Room Jl’ Monarch Bldg. 206 So. 

; Brand. Glen. 3072. ^. 

_ __ -_a __ , 

i DO YOU want a fine home at the 
! lowest possible figure in a neigh- 
I borhood where houses of the same 
j quality and size are selling for 
j$2000 higher? This is a new 6-room 
i house with all the built-in features 
j and everything that goes to make 
I a fine home. There is a lawn and 
j doublh garage on large lot for 
$7000; $5800 cash, balance easy. 

! Apply Bo? 178. Glendale ^ Daily 
I Press. No agents. 



i WILL SELL FOR $27,500. HERE’S I 
'income and INVESTMENT. 
OUR NO. 803. I 

i Charles B. Guthrie Co. | 

110 tv. Broadway Glen. 1640 ! 

I 2 Houses—$1700 Cash | 

I The best buy ever offered. 2 I 
I houses with income of $80.00 a ; 

' month and mdhthly payment is j 
I only $55.00 Incl. Int. Total price i 
$6,200. Excellent l^ation. Grab | 

; it quick. Open Sundays- ' 


I 214 No. Brand. Glen 646 ; 


Furnished 3 large rooms, bath I 
I room with all plumbing in except I 
I tub and tank, a fine garage, bear- | 

' ing truit trees, grapes and berries. 1 
' Near school and car line. This is ' 
a good home for $ 3000 , $660 cash, i 
! balance $40 per month including inr \ 

I terest. Phone Glen. 2160-J-£., I 


This 8-room house and lot-oOx 
, 145. close in, underpriced $1500; i 
total price $14,500, $5000 down. , 

: Call at 624 East Elk or phone Glen. ] 

I 1941-W. . ' 

I ---■■ ■■ . ' - . , - „ j 

I Who Wants Good Home 

I 5 rooms ex. well built and un- 
' derprlced. OWNER—1117 Green st. 

FOR SALE—By owner, 6 room 
modem house, garage, price $4800, ! 
$1000 cash, $45 a month. 1838 Glen- ; 
wood road. j 

I FOR SALE—Oozy little 3-room 1 
' home. In N. W. Glendale. $2200; 1 
1 very easy terms. R. H. Williams, 1 
1246 West 60th, Los Angeles. 




f AiiL {3tu V ttiN i ibitaN 




Near the new IjOB Felix business 
district, you know what Central is: 
thb most substantially built 5 room 
bungalow in Glendale, large rooms, 
lovely decorations, floor furnace, all 
built-in features; truly'' a $5000 
home; but why tell about the 
house? The, looation is the thing. 
This 4s a buy of today with your 
future of tomorrow assured. Prop¬ 
erty across the way selling for $30,- 
OOO- This wll be sold to some 
shrewd buyer this week. Price 
$8500. (This Is not a mistake). 
$2000 cash. 


S1250 CASH 

will buy this exceptionally pretty 
five rooms, large living room, fire¬ 
place, dining room with built-ins, 
two large bedrooms, bath with Call- 1 
foraia tub; kitchen with nook, 
hardwood floors throughout; ga¬ 
rage, much cement work, nice lawn. 
This property has never been on 
the market for less than $6750. Our 
price $6250; balance $50 a month. 

This won’t last long. 


Houfte of Service 



103 Vi S. BRAND GLEN. 3416 j 
Open Evenings I 

^ 100x150 i 

Alley Alon^ Side 
and in ReVir > 

We are offering 2 lots on South 
Brand, north of Park avenue, ■with 
nice 5-room house only one year 
old on property. This frontage can 
be bought for $450 per front fooL 
Only about one-third down. Prop¬ 
erty SELLING within one block, at 
$560 per front foot NOW. Do you 
want this? , 

New duplex, 4 rooms each side, 
close to Central ave. $9500. Only 
: $2600 cash. 


4 rooms stucco bungalow that 
can be bought with $500 cash. Why 
; pay rent? 


I, in the city of Burbank, a mrtSiffy- - 
I maker for only' $1700. Very easy 
j terras. ‘ , 


i, 5 rooms, a real nice home, for 
$6500, with only $1000 cash. 


Porter street for $1675.' Adams 
' for $2000. Glendale Heights comer 
I $1760. West Calif, comer $2100- 

I • 


I 612 £. Broadway Glen. 38M 


I Close to Ne'w High School ; 

j $6500—Only $2000 cash—Terms 
on balapce. Beautiful 5-room home, 

I 2 bedrooms, all built-in features; 
(hdiv. floors, real fireplhce; double 
garage with plumbing in for lauiji- 
! dry; lot 50x150; large chicken run 
I and still room for a small home for 
Income. Fine la'wn and shrabbery 
This is underpriced so see me at 
once if you want a snap. 


1226 S. Boynton St. 

I Glen. 1393-W or Glen. 381-M 

! Glendale Ave. 


Don’t wait until car ling and im^ 

I provements are In, because prices 
I are sure to advance. 

I Large comer lot 63x180, a bar- 
: gain at $15,000. Terms. 

I Near Broadway, nio|em 5-room 
! bungalow, garage. Lot 46x180. A 
j snap at $16,0000. Terms. 

! Lot 60x140—$10,000, tenns. 
i Lot 501(140 with small home and 
garage. $13,500, terms. 


130 S. Glendale ave. Glen. 741-W 


Not at the end of the rainbow, 
but In Glendale on Brand Bird. 
Two houses on a big business lot 
•bowing 17 per cent on money in¬ 
vested, while property increases 
rapidly in value. Very reasonable 


1 Exclusive Agents 

131 So. Brand Glendale 1117 j 

j FOR SALE—$3500 cash—will se¬ 
cure beautiful 7-room home, close 
I in. Balance to be arranged. 

! FOR SALE — $1900, $600 cash,' 

I garage bouse. Glenwood road. 


219 S. Brand Glen. 1918-W 


150 feet of brand blvd.! 

$8,500—$3600 CASH DOWN WILL 

Charles B. Guthrie Co. 1 

110 W. Broadway Glen. 1640; 

$750 CASH 

gives you immediate possession of 
sf 5-room cottage-, N. W. close to red 
car, 2 blocks to Brand. Price $6760. 
If you'want to take a look See Mr. 
Baum, 115 W- Broadway. Phone 
Glen. 2108. Evenings 3234-W 

S-Room House for $4800 j 

Modern, with bath. Think of it— i 
In Glendale. Only $1000 down. j 



227 S. Brand Gleu. 102 

FOR SALE — Beautiful cobble- 
stone house, 4 rooms, bath, screen 
porch, hdw. floors, bulU-ln features, | 
double garage, 6 lots. Price $11,-500, \ 
will consider lot in or near (ilen- 
dale in trade. C. C. Kryger, South ' 
James street, Sunland. Calif. 1 

FOR SALE — New duplex, 4 ' 
rooms o neach side; now rented; 
for $100 per month. Price $9500, | 
$2500 will handle. See owner— | 
Harry Hague, 1227 S. Central ave., ! 
phone Glen. 1409. 


8 room story and a .half house | 
on lot 83x198; lawn, flowers and I 
fmit trees. Price $8500; terms. I 
712 East Windsor Road. 


New, one block fAim Central ave¬ 
nue on Patterson, on comer lot. 
Three bedrooma, ikrge living rooni 
with real fireplace, bullt-la f&tures. 
dining room, kitchen, screened 
porch, hard^wood floors, beautlfnl 
light fixtures, gas furascew French 
windows complete with shades— 
ready for occupancy. Price, $7600 
net, $2000 cash vrlH handle. This 
Is a real home at a reasonable 
price. No agent's commission. 
Shown, only by appointment, no 
telephone Information. Call Glen. 
2684-W or Glen. 2897 for appoint¬ 

$12,000 BUTS this beautiful new 
house; save commission and buy of 
o^wner. Moat beautiful 7-room 
Spanish stucco bungalow In Glen¬ 
dale. WcwkmaBshlp and material 
the very best 1-2 inch clear oak 
floor, oak finish in living room, 
bath, vitreous china fixtures, tile 
floor, 654 fL porcelain sink in 
kitchen, dandy room. Furnace in 
' cellar, double 'garage. Lot 65x105 
to alley. Sprinkling system. Shrub¬ 
bery and fruit trees- Near the 
mountains, fine view ot valley. Lo¬ 
cated 1635 Tenth street, near "West¬ 
ern avenue. 



Ready to move. North ot Broad¬ 
way and near. Brand. 7 rooms, 
east front Price $8250, $2000 down, 
bal. to suit, would take trust 

5 rooms, )iew, immediate posses¬ 
sion. Close in. Price $6500, $1000 
down and $50 mon. 


415 E. Broadway Phone 1735 

$900 DOWN 

4 rooms and large screen porch, 
3 piece ^Itimbling, on magnificent 
lot: tery cloee to Colorado Blvd. 
and High sohooL Tsn orange trees 
loaded with fruit; beautiful lawn, 
etc. Snap. Balance only $4050. 
easy terms. Apply 312 West Cali¬ 
fornia. Olen. 42Q. 

Must Be'Sold at Onoe 

6 rooms, all hardwood floors. 

I real fireplace; sbmlRiery and 
I sprinkling system in; 1 blorit from 

school; 614 North Geneva street. 
Phone Glen. 1884-J. Come and see 
for yourself that It is the best bar¬ 
gain in Glendale, $6400, $3000 Cash 
payment, balance $50 per month; 
No agents. 


BeaUtlfuly 5-room house, all built- 
Ins, hardwood floors, real fireplace. 
Hand* decorate^ Interior, nice 
breakbast nook, double garage, 
lawn and shrubbery. Never been oc¬ 
cupied. But must be sold. Gome 
out, look it over and make me an 
offer. 316 Fischer st. 

$1850 handles modem 5-room 
house; clean lawn, plenty of fenced 
in yard for garden, etc., seven bear¬ 
ing fruit tress. -Ono of best resi¬ 
dential locations in Glendale. Must 
return east. C. W. Frye, 518 West 
Oak street. • 


Great big, all modern, 6 rm. 
hoose, complete in every detail. 
Only $4250, $2500 cash. Biggest 
bargain in Glendale. Phone Glen. 


$500 and $750 DOWTSP 
5-rm. new -bonses east “side. 


408 Lawson Bldg. Phone 2301 


230 Dayton Court—4 room mod¬ 
ern bungalow, hdw. floors, built-in 
bath, with shower,'wall bed. Many 
extras, well located. $4850. $750 



Strout Farm Agency (largest in 
the world) can bell yours; Harry 
E. Colby, 1707 S. Brand Blvd. 

FOR SALE—3-room house, 1-2 
block off Kenneth road. Price 
31700. $890 cash, balance $26 and 
interest. Inquire 12i2 Emi.avenus, 







__ HOU«a« 


, ;L0T 100x200—in foothill 

One of the most charming and up- 
to-date homes we hate been able to 
offer., Room and 8 hewer-:connect- 
ing with garage for help; in fact ev- 
mqrthlDg one could de^re for a 
home. Price |lh,760, terms. 


100x296—Large roomy well built 
6 -room himgalow, extra Urge fire' 
place, many windowsj broad 
^porches, patio, etc. Bearing fruit, 
ererbearlng strawberries, some 
chicken equipment, marrelous view 
«f entire valj^; only $8000, $3600 
**sh. ... . , 

' S-room" stucco bungalow, 8 bed¬ 
rooms, 1 sleeping porch, beautiful 
giving, dining and breakfast rooms, 
nothing -itas overlooked in this 
home, extra( large screen porch; 
built by one that knows hoW. Ken¬ 
neth road district. Price' $13,000. 

729 N. Brand 

Glen. 2954 

*t $700—DOWN—8700 

Beautiful stucco, 4 rooms and 
bath, fireplace, oak floors, builLin 
effects, large loL garage, good ce¬ 
ment work, lawn, shrubs, fruit 
trees, near school, stores and car- 
line- This house -will rent for' $50 
. month; balance $3500 payable at 
'$60 month- 

GOOD LOTS $1100, $1200. $1350 



< Rdll Xlstate and Insnrance 
105V4 6 . Central , Glen. 2800 


and listen to this. Broadway front¬ 
age at $70 per foot. On top of that 
a -gmoom hoqse and donble garage 
thrown In for good measure. The 
lot It JOO feet deep. Yes, *lt ’8 over 
near new High school. The total 
price Is $8600. 


1888 E. Colorado Glen. 24S9-R 


nine big 7-room house, close In. 
1-2 block from Central avfe; ^ full 
bAlrooms, large porch on front and 
side. Fireplace, good hardwood 
floors; fruit trees, lawn apid orna¬ 
mental shrubs. A conimodlous, 
well-built home. Only $1800 cash, 
balance $60 per month. . 


1 m E. Colorado Glen. 2439-R 








15 FOR SALE 15 WANTED—Rsid Etteta 

_ LOTS __ — -- --- 


SAFE IN INVESTING Want the best house and lot that 

Avoid wild speculation. Buy $500 cash and large monthly -pay- 
close-ln property, where develop- ments will buy. Submit your prop- 



You Would Have to 

U j Improved with cement sidewalks. 

, flUrry lcurbs, gas, water, electricity, 

’ “ streets to be oiled and graveled, re- 

,, . • xL strlcted to $ 2000 'homes, race re- 

It you want~-to share in the gtrictions. 
sure profits to be made on 

San Fernando Boulevard lots Property-free deed given ; lots 
, ^b,,. , { $1000 -up, small cask payment 

1 am selling. anH ai.5 oer month. 


and secure an Improved re¬ 
stricted business or residence 
on In— 


ment Is rapid, where quick increase osltipn at once. 

in value assures substantial profit - QULLORD-CRAIG CO,- 

without risk. <08 Lawson Bldgs. Ph. Glen. 2301 

We highly recommend any one of WANTED TO bttv 

these listings for home sites or in- WAisiJiU lu avjL 

vestment' 5-room new house, 2 bedrooms, 

Lots_COURT SITES nicely located, prrefer direct from 

50xl30-Wing St., just oft 

^ Colorado street .$2300 ^ 8 et settled for new high school 



FOR RENT—Unfurnished six room 
^ouBe( 3 bedrooms, large comer 
Tot; not far out. 


627 S. Brand. Glen- 173-J. 

; QULLORD-CRAIG CO.--^-;;—;;-- 

408 Lawson Bidgs. Ph. Glen. 2301 RENT—Unfurnished, 5-room 

modern house’ and garage, in 
WANTED TO BUY rear. $50 per month, close in; 

5-room new house, 2 bedrooms, adults only. 426 W. Harvard. 

nicely located, prrefer direct from -----;- 

owner, pay cash; my party wants RENT—Unfurnished 5 large 

Very nice. 

120xl60-East Acacia'.!. .$3400 te>mi so please be prompt. Phone ! 

70x170—East Garfield .2100 Glen- lO.S. E. H. KerKer, 136 N. 

60x181—Eagledale ayenue .. 2100 Brand. 

50x100—East Windsor. 1700 Cinnn 

tOxlSO—Wing street........ 2000 / f x 

rooms, new house. 
535 Bast Lomita. 

FORj RENT—724 West California, 
foilr rooms and bath. Adults 

60x130_Ist block on Wing st. 2200 ^ trust deed of $2700 -which pOR RENT—4-room bungalow in 

60x130—next to new home, I '"'iH Bi''® P®^* payment on a courL with garage, $40. 424% 

first block Wine street ... 2350 new- four or ftv^room bungalow or West Windsor road. 

Two wonderful boys in income ' ~ 

nn Fast rolorado St. Elk Or phone^n. 1941-W. 21 WANTED_^TO RENT 


Two wonderful buys in income 
property on East Colorado st. 


1200 E. Colbradb - Glen. 337-M 

I LOT in Glendale or vicinity, want- ROOMS 

i ed. Reasonable in price; near nr ■ 

I transportation. Will pay cash. WANTED—To rent small modern 

Box 162. Glendale Dally Press. 

Many of Them j 

Have Been Sold 



PRICES I AM .asking! 

and $15 per month. 

i Montrose-La Crescenta car line. 

I Agents on propertySiaiiy. 

' Will build for you- 

Haywards McCartney I 

sure profits to be made on . KENNETH ROAD AND ; |g FOR EXCHANGE ! o 

San Fernando Boulevard lots I Property-free deed given; lots GRANDVIEW REAL ESTATE : ti 

, , { $100(i -up, small cask payme.nt 60x159 i --- i G 

I am selimg. , and $15 per month. • We believe this is the most de-i Ocean Front Duplex, Fur-^ — 

! sirable foothill lot at this price in ' nished at I.WH 

. !de LUXE ADDITION fronts on Los „ Balboa, Calif. j ^ 

Many of Them lAngeles avenue, 3 blocks north of i v * ' ' . All-Year Rental ^ 

Have Been Sold I ""“'t : HaywardS McCaftney ™ ' _ 

j Agents on property uaiiy. ' Realtors ' Glendale, showing more than 10 per - 

ONLY A FEW LEFT • Will build for you- . J 1142 South Brand 1310 P. Brand ceni on purchase price. Will put in.' 22 

. : ; Glen. 1065 Glen, ll-ll cash up to $10,000. What have you 

' j I - ,- that is GOOD- See Wm. Gunderson _ 


. I ..t n ¥- n 156xl7.5~$6000. Hear Aihims and | 



, 11 '^ I Subdividers Attention road. A bargain. . , 

* ' ( ' We are offering two of the best Corner lot GO-tlSl. I-nie for ty.oj 

Also several business or com- ! tracts in San Fernando Valley for homes. 11526 S. San - F'ernando at Cehtral — 

. . t c _ subdivision, 20 acres. 25 vear old 100x177, between Colorado and Phone Glen. 3340 PO 

mercial lots just ^off of San grdve, in Burbank, facing Broadway. .$.70011 ^ ^ ^ ^ « __ il 

Fernando in section rapidly on three streets, will subdivide' ' .-.ta lvs 4 AX haVF vnil I 

i . .. Into 100 lots and. sell for $1,230 THE FRANK MEJ-HSJE CO. WHAT HAVE YOU .1 p 

buildinsr up at very attrac- jstVoao.-Ltb- 227 S. Br.aud Blvd. . ^n. 103 1 TO EXCHANGE i G 

tive prices. | eral terms with release clause. ----| 5 acres most all fence, one acre ! — 

35 acres on Pasadena Blvd., be-] $3500 PROFIT i in alfalfa, 3 -rm. shack, rock enough IFO 
- ; tween Glendale and San Fernando. | a.-,- i.,,., . r> for house. Prefer lot and garage ! 

XX 7-11 m 11 About 2,000 foot, frontage. One of I ^ \ ' i - 

Will .It..., c,,waiA-i=i„n ange st£., can be bought $3a00 “““r' „ . 1 

furnished apartment with ga¬ 
rage; must be within six blocks 
of Lexington and Brand and not 
over $50 par month. Give loca¬ 
tion and description. Box 161, 
Glendale IJglly 'Press. 

I WANTED — To rent, houses. I j 
! can rent your^^use today, if you | 
' will calC-Gl^'.-1918-W. < 


219 S. Brand 



Will Sell 

One-^ua^rter do'wn, balance 
vro years. Consider trade for 
income or will take good se- 
I cured paper as part pay¬ 

See me at once, or you 
will be too late 


35 acres on Pasadena Blvd., be- ] $3500 PROFl 

tween Glendale and San Fernando. „ Ai--t 

1 About 2,000 foot frontage. One of V ft 

the most ideal sites for subdivision , ?_ ^ ^ ' 


- ' 5 acres most all fence, one acre 

I in alfalfa, 3-rni. shack, rock enough 
1 Or- house. Prefer lot and garage 
3500 i house. 

nfro I 10 grape vineyard—No im- 

FOR RENT—Two good wide beds | 
in big room suitable for four | 
working boys who want, cheap 
rent. 2 blocks from Brand, 1-2 
block from Broadway. Call Glen. 
641; 118 I^orth Louise. 

FOR RENT—Room in private fam¬ 
ily, near car line. Business 
woman preferred. Conveniences. 
References exchanged. Phon 6 
Glen: 1294-W. 

FOR RENT—Frfrnished rooms with 
bath, $15 per month; also for 
light housekeeping and garage. 
1612 S. Brand Blvd- 

11,0 meat C...CO tt,. o a .m,. , . ..nnn^ita .-nenora fiiaitc viiicjaiu—lui- - - , _ 

lfrmfwith’'7efe\ffe^la'use®'' I You'll neVer gd broke buying these 1 Glendale lots or j-qR RENT-Nice large 

- I .close-in corners. Come down and i o. .. .,0 nnn 1 front room, 2 beds, nea 

vate family. 

! large furnished 
ds, near car. Prl- 
07 East Orange 

CALIFORNIA REAL 1 look at. the activitv in this section, l; . tation— 8 L.. 000 . long family. 707 East Orange 

■ i'T'A TT-' iSi-" AY ■T'wr lease, prominent location. Another r.-.,., 

ESTATE CO. , 1 A 1 E RLALTY CO.' $ 7 , 000 . lO-yr. lease. Take real es- | ____ 

207 West San Fernamio Blvd. ' ' T*;XCLUSIVE AGENTS ' laf® or oar. CONGENIAL YOUNG MAN would 

Burbank. y - 1 128 Wfst Wilson Ave. 4 room residence—Good location, ^like room-mate. Best location In 

__:_^_^I --r--^-.Consider good lot. • tjlendale. Inquire 111 S. Orange 

A DESIRABLE LOT FOR beautiful large view lot.s j GULLORD-CRAIG CO. or phone Glen. 2889. 

$1050 $5*00, $25 down, $lo a vnontb.-Therp-i ^Qg [^awson Bldgs. Ph.Glen. 2301 7 —] 

ipiuau jrg only ^ few and they are going 1 _ 2 __FOR RENT-—2 nicely furnished 

40x160 one-half block from street fast at La Crescenta on Ramsdale 1 FYf'MANr'F sleeping rooms, gentlemen pre- 

car line. Near Glenwood road, in aveniio. Half mile north of Michi- ferred, 236 No. Kenwood. 

.dcslrsbls nsighborhoed. T h 6 ^&ni Rvpnu*** Urivp up Sund&v or MRnhuttsn, find icsidcn* ■ " ■ ■ ■ ^ .' '' ' ' 

cheapest lot in this locality, $465 call Glen. 1862. ! lial lot 30x90 near Pier for lot with_, FOR RENT—Two well furnished 

,awson Bldgs. Ph. Glen. 2301 

^like room-mate. Best location In 
■ Ulendale. Inquire 111 S. Orange 
or phone Glen. 2889. ! 

FOR jRENT'^2 nicely furnished 
sleeping rooms, gentlemen pre¬ 
ferred, 236 No. Kenwood. 



rear house on in fflcndale. Box front rooms; light and sunny; 
j 180, Glendale. Daily ITess- private hom’e. 310 E. Garfield. 

WANTED Glendale residence PURNISHEnj Room in a nice quiet | 

General Delivery, San Pedro, Cal. ! Glendale. Daily 


333 N. Brand Blvd. 
Phone Glendale 97 

$250 1 


, $250 ! , 

I ^ $250 i 




i - WILL doubling 
* YOURMOjrary j. 

‘ , in six months 


advances $25 A FOOT 
SOOi/z B. B$LAND' 


^aerifies for quick sale. ^jGolng 
herth account of business; 

AHave; 8ei«n lots In Glendale— 
«asy terms on alL i 

frt'One 50x185, W. Pioneer drife, 
line district. Imp. paid. ’ k v 

One 50x150, Princeton tove, fac- 
hag two streets. Imp. paid. 

One 60x164, Spazler streeL close 
to car, school, etc. im^|>ald. 

Two 75x165, Coron© drive, Glen¬ 
dale Heights, choice -HCwtlots,'Im. 
paid- I - 

Two 'Easiness lots, San Fernando 
Blvd., close to business: center, 
iduick action counts. >_ 

Apply owner—440 Oak SL, Glen¬ 
dale. ^ » 


Comer lot Kenneth Road 
65x166 to AReyi- 

Ane block from Grandview. This 
is posltlvsely the hlggeslf bargsrin 
in Glendale. O'wner 'wante to sell. 
$1250 cash, terms. This IwUr sell. 
If you don’t believe this,}come In 
and let us tell you why. •’ Follmer 
k Austin. 222 S. Brand Blvd- -i ' 


LOT 55x140. 5-ROOM 

OWNER, 834 W. DORAN, i 

' Room 11-Monarch Bldg. 206 Brand I 
i South. Call Glen. 3072. j 


70x328 -1 

,■ $450 DOWN j 

^ .or . \ 

j ■ 120x328 

^ $750 DOWN 



I \ 200 ft. FROM CAR. I 



300% S. Brand ^ ' 



You can’t equal this. 

$2200 I 

I RRANin RI vn ; WANTED -I-- Glendale residence 
V 1-g. near hills, quiet: for Long Beach 

j $500 A FRONT FOOT residence. Hampton, 1022 East 

Near Colorado: this price for a ■ Broadway. 

I few davs onlv- i -1- 

I GLENN REALTY I^OT wanted—E xchange equity 
i406 S. Glendale Glen. 827-W 

j 41.6 E. Colorado Glen. 57-J | ; Fittin g^. Glen. 2108. 

enADD _ TjT-c ^' NEW Mcco home—milst he seen 

SPARR HEIGHTS to be appreciated* Might consider 

BARGAIN lot and cash. Fittinger. Glen. 2108. 

I Two exceptionally fine lots, in- - .' ' — 

I eluding all street improvements, at |n' FOR RFNT 

a low price for q-aick sale. Easy* rvR sai:.iv i 


J. L. BOLEN - i-—-- 

! 317 North Orange St. 

DOUBLE YOUR MONEY ! ren t—H ouses furnished and 

/-xxr nrr-cnr¥7n ikT a Trr-wii-iw-* Unfurnished. 

homefor gentleman. 436 W. Har¬ 
vard. • ■ 

FOR RENT—Sleeping room, 536 
North Maryla'nd. 

FOR RENT—Furnished front room 
for. gentleman. 703 E. Colorado. 



Large lots, above Kenneth road, jo2 N. Cea^ 

as low as $1750. only $500 cash and - 

no further pay'ments for two years. poR REVT 
SUBURBAN REALTY, CO. apartment! 
008 S. Brand • ' Glen. 5424-W from Bra 

1310 3. Brand 
Glen. 1151 


If Bold by Saturday night, lot 26 ! 


have tried to buy my home at 1529 REALTORS i OT RA'RC' Alb 

Ridgeway drive. Doesn’t that prove 1<2 S- Brand 1310 3. Brand L,L» 1 pAK.t.»/\U 

that you can sell Quickly if you Glen. 1065 ** ^ Glen. 1151 *" If Saturday nigi 

build on the adjoining lots? Above ’ on Elm Ave. N. W. sectio 

Kenneth, near Pacific; fine view of SOUTH BRAND $1350, will take $lloO. as 
valley and monntaingTv money. My equity $-100, 

50 ft. north of Chestnut, eqst ^45 monthly. Get busy. 

TATE REALTY CO. side of Brand, at our sign; $500 Qig^dale 2104'^W. 


r-nrnar 'Wllfl/in mnH OroTioa * 4 X-, AVAAa S A - 

oe appreciaieu. iViigut couBiuei __ . crtD DFMT 

land cash. Fittinger. Glen. 2108. ““"-A rLIK Kl:.PI 1 


J FOR RENT ROOM and Board for young man 

HOUSES FURNISHED who will appreciate a real home, 

— - - i with , young couple. Excellent 

{ cooking and beautiful furnished 

front room; garage If desired. 

OR REN’T—Houses furnished and ] Apply 3338 Larga avenue. 
Unfurnifllied. ! ' • * * 


102 N. Cenfr-al Ave. Glen. 35-J week, walking distance; bus 

_____ passes door, 3 1 8 W est Myrtle st., 

OR rent — rurnished single Glendale 2960-J. _ 

apartments. $50 up. One block ^qOM AND BOARD—One and two 
Kom Brand and Broadw^ blocks from carline. Home cook- 
Phone Glen. 1898, 113% South Reasonable rates- 1102 E. 

Orange. _, California. 

from Brand and Broadway. 
Phone Glen. 1898, 113% South 


“ If BOia by isaturaay nignt, lot 26 -, Tv ~ ■ ■— 

on iSm Ave. N. W. section, worth FOR RENT-Furnmhed bungalow. - 

$1350, will take $1150, as I need < rooms, sleeping porch and ga- 22-B 

’ ’ Alr.,-V Mr. r r-. a /.nH IxlTnri- 

money. My equity $-100, balance rage. Also ^Wo rooms and kitch 

Corner Wilson and Orange 

Comer Wilson and Orange Sts. 

BElAUTIFUL court site on North Comer Wilson and Orange Sts. 
Columbus, two lots, each 60x250 •' rxv rnt c-w'rw -- 

ft, side by side, for sale by own- DUPLEX SI 1 E 

™ Pioneer Drive, near Central ave.. 

m’^i'nravB nhnne TTnwfmltv 57*99 50x166 to 20 ft. alley. The best buy 
mont ave., phone University 6799 . 


Near Moreland factory. Business 
frontage, 50 ft., $110 per foot In 
Glendale. It,’s a real buy; courtesy, 
to agents. Apply 622 S. Brand. 

BEIST Bargain In Glendale on 
beautiful Geneva st., 1-2 block from 
Dryden, lot 50x140. If sold this 
week, $2400, easy terms. Call own- 

, ^_ 

FOR SALE—Lot 60x195, $1600; 
fruit trees, blackberries, largej 

in this fine section—$3500. 


Comer Wilson and Orange 


Lot on East Garfield, near Ver- 
dugo road, 60 foot frontage. Price 

en ette. 1420 8 . Glendale ave. 



HOUSES Furnished and, unfurnish- 
de I have a numbers of good 
ones tor rent. 

FOR SALE—Two or the best lot 
buys in Glendale. $1250 and C. DOUC 
$1830; $300 below- price of ad- 219 S. Brand 

jacent lota. .— - 


249 North Brand Glen. 1569 I ed or unfurnis 


19 S. Brand Glen. 1918-W 

lE YOU are looking for a furnish- 

Glen 1569 ed or unfurnished house. 


6 burial-s. | CROW & McCARROliL 

FOR SALE—Family lot, 6 burial-s. CROW & M 

BEST LOCATION. Forest Lawn 422 Lawson Bldg. 

Cemetery. J. D. F., 1024 South --*-'- 

Glendale avenue. FOR ilENT—Unfi 



FOR RENT—Large storeroom, 
25x65._ On Brand close to Broad¬ 


124 N. Brand | Glen. 2008 

- :—!i - 

FOR RENT—BY the day, the larg¬ 
est hall in Glendale- Excellent 
dance floor, stage, dressing 
rooms, check room, eke. Reserve 
your dates now. 

333 N. Brand Glen. 97 

U475. small payment down, bal¬ 
der priced. See o^er at 1365 B. I20 per month. Apply 132 S^ 

Acacia. Near Verdngo road. - 0 

FOR SALE—Here is a snap, owner 
-will sell big fine lot, 63x150, in 
tine location, cheap. $500 below 

Louise, Glen. 386-.1. 


value. Hurry if you want It. 914 ' N. W. section of Glendale 

East Raleigh st., near Adams. porary bouses allowed; easy terms. 

'" -./ax. a.. - — —777-7~7-777—T Owner 622 S. Brand Blvd. 

>. FOR SALE—Fine lot on West ^ :___ 

Salem near Concord, $1850 cash. 4 ACRES—on San Fernando blvd.. 
Owner 1157 North Brand. . Phone in Glendale. Price $21,000. Box 
Glen. 2029-M- 175, Glendale Dally Press. 


Only $3000 for 50x140, East of 
Broadway and Colorado intersec¬ 
tion. Easy terms. Courtesy to, 
agents. Owner 522 South Brand 
0 ~ ” 

You Are Reading This; 

- Why “Would Not a 
Prospective Custopier? 

for ilENT—Unfurnished new 5- 
room stucco house, 2 bedrooms, 
one block from school, two blocks 
from car line. ' $45. 1007 Boyn¬ 

ton st. Glen. 1677. 

WILL TR.YDE equity in one of best 
view lots in Glendale Crest as 
down payment on good 6 -room 
bungalow. Box 203, Glendale 
Dally Press. 

FOR RENT—Unfurnished 4-rooms 
I and bath. Garage, 633 West 
^ Alexander. 

Glen. 2413 FOR RENT—In our new building, 

--- one or more years, store room, 

irnished new 5- 50x130, or will dlviide nto two 25- 

use, 2 bedrooms, ft. stores. 

:hool, two blocks GLENDALE DAILY PRESS 
$45. 1007 Boyn- 333 North Brand Glen. 97 

FOR RENT—Nice new garage, $5 
per month. See 'Thompson, 1006- 
B North Brand Blvd., Wednesday 
morning, or phone Mrs. Thomp¬ 
son, Glen. 97. 

TO LET—Desk and office room In 
steam heated real estate office 
on Brand blvd-, very reasonable. 

• Glen. 1569. 



FOR RENT—Exceptionally well ap¬ 
pointed offices at reasonable 
prices In Monarch Bldg- Comer 
Brand and Harvard street _ 



desks for sale 
Three office desks—1 mahogany 
Office desks—1 double, ■'flat top 
golden oak. . Like new. One 
single flat top In fair condition. 
Also office chairs in golden oak, 
and office table. Call at 401 South 


Used furniture, good condition, 
cheap; baby carriage, 54-inch oak 
table, kitchen table and chairs, 
electric and gas-heatei'?: other mis¬ 
cellaneous furnisbucs. 350 West 
Arden avenue. 

FOR SALE—The largest stock of 
used stoves of all kinds at reason¬ 
able prices, can be found at 
Poppers Furniture Cp. 1508 So. 
San Fernando road, near Central. 

■ Phone Glen. 3375-W. 

RANGEIS and used furniture see 
, MURPHY, at 415 West Los 
Felix road. ‘We buy, sell and ex- 
j change. Phone Glem ISoS-W. 

! WE have a few moi^ vacuum 
1 cleaners in excellent mechanical 
j condition for sale. Call Mr. Fors- 
burg at Newton Electric Co. 

SIX rooms of furniture for . $500, 
house for rent, $65 a month. All 
ready to move into . Owner 433 
Pioneer drivef 


second hand gas ranges on terms; 
also, 1 electric range. Coker & 
Taylor, 209 S. Brand. 

FOR SALE—9x12 body Brussells 
rug, good shape; cheap. 320 S. 
Lincoln street. 

FOR SALE—jiHousehold furniture, 
rugs and garden tools. 317 West 
Milford street. 

FOR SALE!—Morris chair and dav¬ 
enport. 431 S. Pacific. 

FOR SALE—Miscellaneous house- 
hold furniture. 350 Burchett st. 



WANTED — Clean, cotton 
rags. Glendale Daily 
Press, 222 S. Brand. 


Cash paid tor used furniture. 
Phone Glen. 40 



FOR SALE — Holton "C” melody 
Saxapbone, $105, full trade in al¬ 
lowance on Buescher or Conn. 
Free private lessons, terms. 


: 109 N. Brand Open Evenings 

FOR SALE—Late model Console 
Victrola, used 60 days. Save $40. 
Owner going abroad; stored at 
Glendale Music Co., ask to see 
Mrs. Van Zant’s victrola. 

FOR SALE—A brand new Saxa- 
phone, C. C. Conn .“C” melody, 
will sacrifice for cash. Glendale 
S.anltary Market. 524'East Broad¬ 

FOR SALE—Phonograph boxes, 3- 
ply veneer, fine for many uses. 
Twenty-five cents while they last. 


_ 109 North Brand Blvd. 


t FOR RENT « 4 . 


For rent, $4 a month and up. 
Rent allowed on purchase price. 

For rent, $2 a month and up. 

109 N. Brand Glen. 91 

FOR RENT—Upright piano at $4 
month. Tuned free. Call any 
time. 33 2 'West Myrtle. _ 



GOING EAST—Forced to sell my 
1923 Stanley Steamer model 740. 
Large boiler. $1750. Call Mon¬ 
day morning. 601 S., Brand. 

DODGE Car, model 23, with acces¬ 
sories, $800, terms. By. owner. 
Phone Glen. 167-W or call at 147 
South -Cedar. 

SACRIFICE—Equity in new Ap- 
person Six. 1370 Irving St..Fit¬ 
tinger. Glen. 2108. ■ | 

LIGHT delivery Ford, excellent 
condition, $40 cash takes it; 4 
Scott Road, off Central, Burbank. 


ot the second-hand desks, but 
we have thS new at the second¬ 
hand prlcp. We have just re¬ 
ceived a shipfnent. Including 
flat top as well as roll top desks. 
In Several sizes. They come di¬ 
rect from the factory back' East,' 
thereby eliminating the jobber's 
profit, the benefit of which we. 
give to the cu.stomer. Look therit- 
over before going to the city* to 

Your Credit Is Good 

Glendale Furniture 

606-608 E. Brokdwayl 


_ FOR: SALE _ 

Open Sunday and Evenings 

1923 Willya-Knight coupe sedan. 
1923 Willys-Knight touring. 

1923 Dodge tour., driven 2000 mL 

1920 Bnick touring. 

1922 Oldsmoblle "I'’ touring. 

1923 Ford coupe. I 

1922 Ford coupe. 

1921 Ford coupe. - . 

1921 Overlan^sedan. like new. 

Six 1922 Ford t ouring. 

Four 1921 Overland touring. 

Two 191'7 Bulck touring. 

Easy Terms May Be Arranged 


Corner of Lomita and Brand 


Now at 420 East Colorado " 

' (new address) .1 

1922 OAKLAND Touring, one] of 
the' best and in remarkably fine 
condition, barely a year old; to be^ 
sold at a great sacrifice. 

NOTE—We have one new 1923 
Coupe, the cheapest six cylinder 
closed car in Glendale—$1145. 

Come in to our new location, and 
look over our stock—the above 
are only two of many good valueS ■ 
Open Evepings Liberal Terms 

Used Car Bargains 

At Colorado and Orange 

Durant touring, 1922 -.^.,.i»,..f60fl 
Chevrolet touring, 1923*450 

Chevrolet touring. 1922 -- 333 

FoEd----touring, extra good buy 32.3 

Maxvpell touring, 1921 

Dodge Roadster 250 


Dodge touring .. 350 

Chevrolet coupe, 1922 .. 473 

Ford sedan , 1920 .__.,.SOO 
Dodge Roadster 200 


Open Evenings Glen. 244.3 



1921 Sedan. , ' ' 

1919 Touring (Special). 

1917 touring, completely rebuilt. . 

' , * —also— t 

1923 Maxwell sport car. • . 

All our used cars are turned ovep 
to you in guaranteed condition. 
Convenient terms if desired. ’ 

A renewed Franklin will carry 
you farther and cheaper than any 
new car of equal price. We can re¬ 
fer you to several satisfield drivers 
of renewed Franklins. 


406 'East Colorado 



Stude’iaker Distributors 

20 Bulck Coupe. 

22 Bulck Tom-ing. 

,22 Ohev. Touring, ; 

21 Dodge'Touring. ^ 1 

22 Dodge Roadster. 

2a Chalmers Touring. 

24 Ford four door Sedan. 

22 iTord Roadster. 

Several certified Studehaker cars- 
•See Mr. Alexandra, 245 S. Brand 
Glen 234. Le 

FOR SALE or TRADE—7 passen¬ 
ger Haynes 77, driven less than 
4000 miles, like new, i^rfect con¬ 
dition, a b®®utiful car. $3400. 
easy terras or trade for real es¬ 
tate or mortgage. H. M. Bennet, 
209 W. Milford. 

LEAVING CITY—1921 Chevrolet 
touring, .7 new cord tires; special 
top; looks and runs like new. 
Best offer takes It. 807 East 
Windsor road. Glen. 2982-W. 

EDR SALE—1918 Ford touring: 
motor Just overhauled. Seat cut 
lor sleeping. Tires good. $125 
112 East Acacia. 



beautiful five room 



In foothills; on boulevard; 2]- 
acres of ground; wonderful 
mountain and valley view. 


The best: buy in Northwest sec¬ 
tion at $12,500. Terms. 

LOT^in foothills, 50x169; valley and 
mountain view; $2150. Easy Terms. 

LOT'^^block from car line; triangle 
shape; 74 feet frontage; areal pickup; 

LOT fol* court or apartment, 78x245; 
closetQ car line; $5250. 

Real Buy in 5-Room Bungalow; all 

rooms large., full sized lot; French 
grey finish; ^ block to car line, $7350. 





Complete with a two room apartment 
attachedr excellent location; trees and 
shrubbery of all varieties; lot of excep¬ 
tional size, 100x175. 

. ' J' 

Just off South Brand on East Chestnut; 
a real value at $18,000. Terms. 

i’Avr.b ' It 

UAiLii i'iiEbo 

I Sweetser, Defeated Chanwion, Congratulating 
Marston Who Anwteur Title on 




__ FOR gRLg 

NASH - . 


;■ . Dear Mr. Barnes: 

In selling you (js USED CAR we. .1 would be very 
aim to make you d permanent busi- you would tell lae 
ness friend. WItH a policy which about how to 
thus looks to theifuture, you may grass In the roi 
be sure that we a.fe not r oinn to let what club to si 
you purchase a Used Car that will to play a Strok 
be anything other jthan a very good . consequently my score 
value. jj ' ' rapidly whenever I find 

Atsoelated Press] 

_ ! PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 1.—The 

"play”out of tall ^Liberty Bell, treasured American 
!th. I never knou' relic, will be made visible to the 
*'ue night, simmer and 

(jjjtj winter, under plans being formu- 
ball lated by Wilfred Jordan, curator 
In tha rough, which is rather fre- of Independence Hall, where the 
quent. ' W. S. A. bell rests. 

- Heretofore thousands of visitors 

Playing from the ro^gh prA have failed to see the famous old 
ser.t.s various problems because ol bell because the building is closed 
the varying naturoi^f lies that may to the public during certain hours, 
be found. And in the sapae way Under the new plans it Is proposed 
the selection of the proper club ' to place at the rear portals of In- 
varles under different conditions. 1 dependence Hall a Georgian grill 
I take It, however, you refer tc of wrought iron work, so open In 
cases where the ball is lying in j character that ,-the bell may be 
thick, dense grass where It is dlf- clearly seen at ail times. At night 
flcult to got it out. it will be illuminated with, flood- 

toder these conditions it is best lights. 

1919 Buick Six TijKirlns. good con¬ 
dition. I 

1922 Nash Six To'jjcins, peif^ct con¬ 
dition. j| 

1920 Nash Siy Siort. U|w paint, 
good condition. ’ 

1923 Chevrolet tc|irins. good rub¬ 
ber. good condi^on. 

In addition to 11j|Ess we have sev¬ 
eral other makes cars, ready tor 
immediate servioeji and priced very 
low. Write us toy a complete list 
of all cars with discriptions. 

Nash Sale! Co., Inc. 

112 South Marylijnd. near Broad¬ 
way. ' Glendale.S Open evenings 
until 9 o'clock. * 


Rioting and fighting In Hamburg and other nearby cities resulted In many deaths. Communists tore Jess W. Syre 
the pavement to build this barricade behind which they put up a stubborn battle before being disloged Ir Marston. of 

I ---- I jjip after the 192 

at Flossmoor. Ill 

JESSE E. smith CO. 

240-42 So. I]rand Blvd. 

'23 Tour.. SO days' old, $150 in 
extras * 

'23 Tour, 
shape . 

'23 Tour., a real hiiy. perfect. 250 

'21 Tour., reconditioned.. 23.5 

'20 Tour., good finish, motor 

A-l . i . 200 

’23 Coupe, like ritew, extras. 650 

'20 Coupe, special*' body. 300 

'22 Sedan, .$200* iii;’ extras.. 495 

'20 Sedan, per" 

'20 Stephen's 
extras, .^-l . 

17 King Tour., a bargain. 250 

See kjr. Aber at 115 VV. Colo. Blvd. 
■ Any model yoii may desire— 
Touring, Roadster, Coupe. Sedans 
and Trucks, all p iced to suit. 
Phone Glen. 4322 Trades. Terms 

than 150 students. In addition to 
Esperanto^ .CWnese and English 
literature,'history and mathematics 
will be taught. 

Pekin ELstablisbes 

Elsperante College 

Another “close-up” finale is.being 
attacked. The South Sea Islands 
are often tUp scene of’ romantic 
stories and scenarios, but a traveler 
from there has remarked on the 
fact that there are no customs 
there which include klAlng among 
the savages. 

[By Associated Press] 

COPENHAGEN, Dec. 1.—TJjie un¬ 
official reppasentative of the, states 
of North and South CaBqllna,'Mr. 
MacCralg, has had several confer- 
enbes with the Danish minister of 
agriculture and leading Danish ag¬ 
riculture experts on the possibility 
of Introducing Danish methods and 
inducing a number of Danish far¬ 
mers to -settle in the Carolinas. 

Mr. MacCralg said the Carolinas 
were trying to encourage emigra¬ 
tion of good farmers and had de- 
slded principally those from Den¬ 
mark and Hollaiid. 

woncfprfui mech 

We Almost Had 
Stage Fright 

LBy. Associated Press] 

Peking! Dec. l.—An Esperanto 
college has been established in 
Peking with an enrollment of more 

Preserved horse viands can be 
obtained In more than twelve 

3-SNA PS ^3 



last Sunday, folks, becadje while 
number of large crowds out to see 

[our,, many 

(All view lots in this rapidly selling addition) 



BIDS furnished on cement work 
of apy kind or quantity. F. W. Me- 
Roe. Garvanza 4563. • . 

since we stafred our selling campaign, w^e did' not 
expect so many of our ^riends, buyer's and prospec¬ 
tive buyers to show theii friendliness and interest 
inlthe Tract in the whole-hearted manner in which 
you did, So to show our appreciation of your 
courtesy we are going to repeat and give away 
again absolutely 

Lby AMOclatsd Praia] 

TUCSON. Arl*., Dec. 1.—Events 
in the Ruhr are reflected more 
profoundly in the commercial sit¬ 
uation in Arizona than in that of 
any other state, according to P. G. 
SpUsbury, president of the Arizona 
Industrial Congress. He said thl* 
was becduse “copper is the back¬ 
bone of Arizona's prosperity." 

Jn a Acent address Mr. Spils- 
bury stated: “On an average, Ger¬ 
many bought 333,000,000 pounds of 
copper a year before the war. Her 
maximum purchases In one year 
reached about 400,000,000 pounds, 
or almost as great as Arizona's an¬ 
nual output. Now France is not 
permitting Germany to export her 
manufactured products, with the 
result that Germany's purchases 
have ceased. 

■WE HA'Vfr ^small NUMBER 

116 W. Codorado St. 
Phonei'1465 , 



We expect to raise the price on these lots soon. W'e sold the lot next to them 
' for $1500. 

FOR SALE—4 male Airedal& 
pure bred stock. 3 month 
$10 each; 5088 Glen ErieN 


Tract Office—S. E. Corner Calmer and Adams 

. Glendalo 321-IV1 


Ne'wly renovated, sunny rooms In 
private .residence near Occidental 
College. Convenient for students 
or L. A. office employes living in 
Eagle Rock.. Rent reasonable. Ad¬ 
dress 2030 East Ridgeway. 


FOR SALE in U.'|S. court to.high¬ 
est bidder, one SJaeger concrete 
mixer, one gasoline hoist; both in 
good condition, ilocat«(l in Glen¬ 
dale. ^howri by appointment. 
Phone Los AngeJes 352-830. 




We want to remind you again that we are selling 
UNIT NO. 3 OF MAGNOLIA PARK very rapidly. 
It will soon be completely S9ld out and this oppor¬ 
tunity to share in the tremendous profits whiett will 
undoubtedly follow the completion of, Pioneer 
Boulevard, “the shortest route ti^ Hollywood and 
Los Angeles” from all San Fernando valley points, 
which passes directlj' through MAGNOLIA PARK, 
will be gone forever. 

Remember', we are . selling LARGE, LEVEL, 


WANTED—$1800 on first mortgage 
In good locality. Phono Delay, 
, 204 Burbank. 

FOR SALE—Membership in Supset 
Canyon Countriy club, carries 
cabin site. Dues paid to Novem- 
■ber 16. Address Box 204, Glen¬ 
dale Daily Press. 



[By Aaaociated'Pre**! 

BUENOS AIRES, Dec. 1.—Ar¬ 
gentina is considered to hold the 
premier position In avaltion in 
South America, possessing five 
airdomes in the vicinity of Buenos 
Aires and 12 others scattered over 
the rest of (fe country. Thy fly¬ 
ing schools established in these 
airdomes have turned out so far 50 
military and 230 civil pilots. 

Although the first airplane flight 
in Argentina wa.s made in 1909 by 
the Frenchman Bregi. aviation in 
this country only really started 
after the Armistice with the ar¬ 
rival of an Dalian military ^ air 
mission in 1919‘with Ansaldo and 
Flat machines, being followed the 
same year by British arlmen with 
Handley Pagh^ airplanes and Am¬ 
erican's representing Curtiss, A 
French military mission arrived in 
1920 with, Moran and Po- 
tez machines, German flying men 
with Udet airplanes arrived this 

The first flight over the Andes 
was made In 1919 by Lieutenant 
Godoy, a Chilean army officer, 
whose example was followed the 
same year by Locatelli, an Italian. 
The late* Captain Zanl ,'ind Lieu¬ 
tenant Parodl, of th^ Argentine 
,army flew over the Andes and 
back in 1920 and during the same 
year Captain Almonacid, Argen¬ 
tine, flew to Santiago. Mile Bol- 
land, the French avlatrlx, crossed 
the mountains in a tiny monoplane 
in 1921. The crossing of the Andes 
j implies a 150 kilometer flight at 
an altitude of 6,000 meters above 
sea level. . 

Regular air service soon will be 
established between Buenos Aires 
and Rosario, Argentina’s second 
city. It is porpoaed to Inaugurate 
I regular air traffic over the River 
Plate to Montevideo this summer, 
and pihns are being considered to 
institute an air mail from Buenos 
BEST BUY IN MONTROSE^ Ah'®® Patagonia, 

3 large lots with oak trees; 3 
shares water stock; $1800, $1500 
cash. It’s a real snap. 




Dressed to order. Call Monday 
X. M. to Friday P. M. Nettle M. 
Henderson, 708 Wtst .California. 



XMAS Present fw the boy—new 
Indian iJWycle SSS; new Ivors- 
Johnson gun, cheap. 1370 Irving 
St. Glen. 2108. 

Then let me sho^ you some beau¬ 
tiful homesite lots above Che fog In 
La Crescenta. Water, gas. electri¬ 
city, near car line. Easy terms, 
^ok for this sign— 


DOLL W’IGS made from cut' hair 
combings and : combings. Old 
wigs dressed. Ill*North Louise. 

238’. West Honoluhi A ve, 


Gas, Water^ Electricity, Streets, 
Curbs, Sidewalks 


15% Down and 
$15 Per Month 

TOR SALE—Smell dwelling to 
move or wreck. iFor information 
call 1301 Stanley avenue. 


One acre, two modern homes, 
plenty of room for tlrree more. 
$10,000, only $2500 doyn aud $50 
a month. Sed* this quick. 



DIRT FOR SALE — Any amount 
you want. Phoeie Glen. 476-J. 

1529 E. Broad'way y' Glendale, Calir. 

The most attractive Nine-Room, Two-Story Stucco Residence in Glendale—One of 

the Show Places of Glendale 

Interior iSj aP^*^l®us aiid magnificently finished in 
hardwood throughout. All walls genuine oil paints 
and artistically hand decorated. Hand painted pic¬ 
ture on Music room wall. Bachelder tile mantel. 

Large arch opening from living Into dining room, 
cove ceilings, nine and ten feet high; all fixtures made 
to order. Gor^ous Hjlng roorn f-cor finish-’ 
parquet work, i ' * 

triangle. -, - 

Bathrooms in Italian tile, ---- - 

length Belgian plate mirrors m all bedrooms. 



bath, living, music, dining, breakfast room and kitchen 
on the lower floor. - 

Battleship linoleum In kitchen, closets of all kinds. 
Largo built In buffet In breakfast room. Three way 
unit heating system, register In everj- room. Water 
heater In basement. Double garage with tile roof. 

_ Washroom and separate heater in garage, two 

room floor finished In stationary, trays. 

iju.,uuo.. most elaborate designfr All floors par- Located on high view lot on the best boulevard In 

Queted with ‘black walnut design on border Set In .Glendale. Just t\bo blocks from the new millon dollar 
trtanele. Landscape window In ■ living room 8x9. high school. Architect and builder is living In It now. 

-■ ■’•- best bath fixtures. Full He has consigned this beautiful home to the auc- 

_ . .- ~ ’ '- Two tioneers to be sold to the highest bidder on the above 

i^th-oomsr haii'and batii upstairs, two bedrooms, hall, date, ^erms will be arranged. 

Attend This Sale—It Se 11s—You Make the Price 

WANTED—Issues!; of the Glendale 
Dally Press of -July 22, • July §, 
and July 16. Two copies of each. 
Will pay 10 cent^ per copy. Glen¬ 
dale Daily Press. 


80x182 near business center of 
Montrose. If looking for resale 
value, you’ll find it here. 


1383 E. Colorado Glen. 2439-R 

WANTED —.Plat-tbrm scale jp 
weigh up to 800 pounds. Give full 
particulars as to,! price and condi¬ 
tion. Box X, Glendale Daily 

Come out and reg¬ 
ister and spend the 
day with us. We’re 
going to have a 
band n’everything. 

Cahuenga Pass , (Hollywood), 
pass Universal City to Lanker- 
shim; turn to right oh 4th 
street to Orange and Black 
Tract Offiefe—or Sail Fernando 
boulevard to Burjpank! ■ then 
left on Magnolia boulevard to 

$4000; $500 Cash, $40 Mo. 

4 room plastered fnodern house, 
garage. -Lot fronts on two” streets. 
Room for another house. You can’t 
beat this. 


Montrose, Calif. 



Standard Cy 


Incubators. 240-eifg size,-$15 cash. 
Guaranteed Ail; hatchers; our 
ranch is being subdivided, so' 
must dispose of ^hem at once. M. 
E. Brown. Sycamore Canyon road 
and Walnut ^rlye, Glendale. 


December 5th, at H 

Rain or Shine 

5243 Eaglodale Ave., T’l*''” 

Glendale, Cplif• 

(From Glondalo take local red car " 

oaat on Broadway to Eagledale 

^^EW, MOSERN. and comfortable 5 room home in 
good residential district In the fastest growing city 
in the U. S. Just completed and the owner'has con¬ 
signed It to the auctioneers to be sold to the highest 
bidder on the above date. 

Magnolia Park 
Company . 

Railroad Commission 

Denies Plea of W. U, 

(By Associated Press] 

' SAN FRA.NCISCO, Dec 1. —The 
state railroad comniission today 
denied an application by the 'West- 
' em Union Telegraph company that 
• It be permitted to raise press rates 
Sin California. The decision came 
after two years of investigation by 
the commission. 

The company said that 37 states 
had granted the increase, and that 
the commercial rates on 'which it 
'based the proposed- increase 'hs4 
been sanctioned by the federal 

4 room plastered modern house, 
garage. Lot fronts on two streets. 
Room for another bouse. You 
can’t beat this. 


- Montrose 

FOR SALE—Two ;■ dozen Iieghorn 
hens, most all laying; 12 one-year 
old, 12 nine-months old. very rea¬ 
sonable. 3359 LfJ-ga avenue. 


VICTOR M. CLARK & STAFF, Auctioneers 
6402 Hollywood Blvd. ' Pheme 436-469 

FOR SALE—75 Sf^C. White Leg¬ 
horn laying pullets. 2300 Sierra 
avenue. ~ 

SttbdividArs for Earf-L. White, Owner 

916 Stpek Exchange Bldg*, Los Angeles 

, • Phones 827-797—Metro. $848 

I I You Are Reading This; 

E^T^K - Why Would Not a 

giUd milk go^ ‘ Prospective Customer? 

. Maple street 






Charming baydnd description is 
“San Souci,” the, wonder tracit of 
the beautiful La Crescents Talley, 
and it is this charm that Is pulling 
the many*, property buyers and 
homeseekers to that locality. 

Sinfc* the opening announce¬ 
ment of this tract several days 
ago, there h^ been some rapid- 
fire activity and actuart sales rec-1 
ord. To deterojine the actual, 
"puir’ of this tract would be im¬ 
possible. To be correct, there are 
several “pulls”—there are so many 
things of actual wbrth to this tract 
that to tell the "why and where¬ 
fore” woitld be to mention all of 
these, which would take some time. 
That the many charms of this 
tract are being realized is shown 
by the’ unusual volume of sales 
“San Souci,” which is well 
named, meaning as it does, “with¬ 
out care.” This tract' is being put 
on the market by Robert A. Bras- 
kett, through the office of the J. 
M. Boland company, - 213. West 
Broadway, Glendale. The tract 
v,ras formerly a vineyard and is. 
divided into large homesltes. 
60x282 feet, each lot being covered 
with luscious table grapes of the 
choicest yaritles. ^ 

£eing located at the intersection 
of three paved boulevards, it is 
possible to drive to Los Angeles in 
forty. minutes and to Glendfee in 
'fifteen mifiutes. Owing to the cli¬ 
matic condition of tlje district, 
government reports are to the 
effect that it is the healthiest spot 
in the coStntry, and has so. been 
recommended by .the famous .Dr. 
Mayo of Rochester, Minn. 

The Glendale ahd Montrose Rail¬ 
way company is rap;ldly prosecut¬ 
ing the completion of the electri¬ 
fication of 'its road in order that 
the. inhabitants of the La Cres- 
centa and Montrose district may 
have direct transportation info 
Los Angeles by January 1.- 

J&wellings Ranging in Price from $7,500 to $60,00 .to 
Be Erected in Thia Subdivision—Many Buyers ’ 
To Make fonder Tract Their Home 

oakmoNT gountA club nearly finished 

Tuesday of this week was a ban¬ 
ner day for the Dietrich Realty 
company, 133 1-2 South Brand 
boulevard- On that day this firm 
sold property having a valuation of 
$117,400, which is sort of “bumpin’ 
as they say. 

em over. 

The folowing properties were in¬ 

i The Rigdon Bungalow court at 
1 1220 1228 North Central ave- 

1 nue, which was purchased by Mrs. 

, Citarles Hahn of ^lendale, the 
1 price paid being $66,000. 1 

j A 6-room bungalow at 666 West 
' Harvard street to Dr. Henry A. 
, Maliey of Loa Angeles, considera- 
! (ion $5,900. * 

! Then there we»e throe 4-room 
j bungalows on a lot at 221, 228 and 
233 1-2 Burchett street to Mrs. 
! Modera Snyder for $16,000. 

.j A.!eo a duplex at 1240 North Can- 
firal to C. W. Wllcoxen of FVeeport, 

I the price paid being $16,500. 

■ Another sale made was a heauti- 
■ful 7-room home at 1326 North 
Central avenue to Dr. Charles Ter- 
penlng of Glendale, the considera¬ 
tion being $25,000. 

The Street Work Ihat is Being Laid in This Tract is 
- of ^;he Bestf-Ctmerete Retaining,^Walls ' 
and Roadways That Will Last* 

Announcement that nearly a score of beautiful homes 
j are being planned f|r Mphtecito Park, the restricted resi- 
i dential section of Sparr Heights, has created intense en- 
ithusiasm among buyers in this lovely suburb in the Ver- 
; dugo Hills north of Glendale. , 

’/ Thsae new honies—ranging in price from $7,500 to 
I $60,000—plus the beautiful cottages and mansions already 
1 erected will go far toward making this Bamum-falters 
I Co. development on| 'hf the most beautiful jewel coloi^ies 
^of the Southland. ♦-'- 

t Several of the homes in the house are an added feature,'which 
jfbullding program are b41ng built with the nearby Oakmont stables, 
mow. Two have gone to fhe frame- will be assets to tbe club member- 
Irwork stage and Will be jbcmpleted ship. 

fwlthln a few wedks. '■ ^ 

Announcement was ^Iso made 

pesterday that the beautiful npw 
(Oakmont Country club fhould be 
tready for formal opening before 
fChristmas. - 

' This club, which will be one of 

fthe most complete in tlje South- 
Oand, Is right in the heart; of Sparr 
^eights. Every home site In the 
thills of Montecito 'Park looks out 
Sever the Country club apd its de- 
Bightful 18-lnch hole golf course', 
^hlch will be ready for playing 
<early in the year., 

In addition to the courie, which 
experts say will be a iparvel in 
,"sporty” construction, there will be 
Wennis courts and a faam'moth 
pwimming pool for the delight (rf 
$he members. Horsebai^ trails j 
through the hills behind ’the club- 


, one 

of the developers of Sparr Heights 
and Monteclta Bark, are delighted 
in Ihe Park. 

months Sparr Heights ’ as been 
opened Is now nearly $8,000,000. 

"To think of this total In light 
of the fact that Sparr Heights and 
Monteclta Park was Just a 'dream 
valley’ one shdrt year ago. Is amaz¬ 
ing. It simply shows what powerful 
resources, plus the exercise of ev¬ 
ery mite of energy possible, can do 


with his riew borne 
The Interior, as well as the superb¬ 
ly set exterior, are exciting much 
admiration for their unique taste. 

Hundreds of workmen and 
horses ' are rushing improvements 
in Monteclta Park, which are said 
to be the most complete ever put 
into a now residential district In 
any part of .the country. 

They consist of the usual gas, 
lights, water and electricity, orna¬ 
mental street lights of a unique 
design, and also include sewers 

In this glorious Southland 


"Of cqurse to begin with we had 
the right topographical features to 
make our land attractive to the 
public. Fifteen hundred acres, 
stretching from mountain top to 
mountain top and surrounded with 
the gf?^ hills, gave us a splendid 
layout to start jlslallzlng a colony 
which will equal Bar Harbor, Mia- 
, mi, Coronado or Santa Barbara 

Music room of new mansion of H. E. Bamum in Montecita Park. 

A new magnltic alloy of very 
high pspneabtllty has: been dis¬ 

hillside curbs is especially elabor- tbe curbs ■wfhlch Insures that the “We are delighted with the fall! of the d 
ate, therb being in some cases a roaMs will not break down for sales in Sparr Heights and Monte-1 yesterday, 
four-foot thick retaining wall at many, many - '■ - — .. 

Alexander the GreSt is said to 
have employed divers in warfare.’ 

member | rush in September, 

total for the twelve when complete. 

$50 down on your Lumber': 

We have built a model home at Edgemont Park—our lum- 
r*T lumber for one like it 

—$75 down on your lot— 
is a REAL opportunity to 
a good J^ROFIT while you en- 

^f**^.^®** bave made ^substantial payments on your lot we 
will finance the building of your Hue, new home. Do you 

setting YOUR OWN 


her yard will furnish 
for only think of it 

$50 down oi^Prlumber! This 
OWN your home and take 
joy it! 

Prices Include Water, Gas, Electricity, sidewalks and 
' . Every Lot 

$365,000 sold in less than 90 days 



First Tyo Unite, 427 Choice Lots, Sold 
Less Than 90 Days 

From Glendl^e drive out Sim Fernando Road to Olive 

in Rurbank—then left to tract office.