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Public Information Department, 11150 East Blvd., Cleveland, Ohio 44106; 216/421-7340 


October 28, 1986 

October 31 “ January 4, I 987 

Eleven large-scale Polaroid photographs by William Wegman (born 1943) 
display the artist's ironic wit and his ability to cause humorous shifts in 
our perception. All the works are one-of-a-kind photographs taken during the 
past six years with a 20-x-24-inch Polaroid camera, which produces instant 
color prints on Polacolor film. 

Wegman 's images often contain visual puns or irrational setups that make 
viewers take a second look at a photograph in an attempt to make sense of it. 
His work reminds viewers that what we expect to see often colors our interpre- 
tation of what is actually there. At first glance. Lounge Lizards appears to 
show two men playing an upright piano — then we see that the piano is lying on 
its back, forcing the duo to play sideways. 

Wegman, who draws and has worked as a video and conceptual artist, is 
best known for comical portraits of his pet weimaraner, Man Ray (1970“1982) . 
Man Ray poses obediently, gazing at the camera with mournful eyes, as Wegman 
uses simple props to bring about transformations in the dog's identity. The 
exhibition includes six of these portraits including Elephant , in which Man 
Ray appears with tusks and a long, gray sock curving up from his snout. 

The works are on loan from Holly Solomon Gallery, New York; Fraenkel 
Gallery, San Francisco; and BankAmerica Corporate Art Collection, San 
Francisco. Organized by curator of contemporary art Tom Hinson, the exhibition 
is part of an ongoing series presenting contemporary photography in Gallery D. 

For additional information or black-and-white photographs, please contact the 
Public Information Office, The Cleveland Museum of Art, III 50 East Boulevard, 
Cleveland, Ohio 44l06; 216/421-7340.