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The Cleveland Picasso 

Museum of Art and Things: 

11150 East The Still Lifes 

Boulevard of Picasso 

Cleveland, Ohio February 26- 

44106-1797 Mays, 1992 

March 4, 1992 

Contact: Greg Donley 


Picasso on Film: Fridays, 7:30 pm and Sundays, 3:30 pm, March 1 - May 1, 1992. 

Five diflPerent programs, each shown twice. Admission $3, CMA members $2. 


Sun/Mar 1 & Fri/May 1 The Mystery of Picasso, France, 1955. Directed by Henri-Georges Clouzot. Color, sub- 
titles, 85 min. Unique film in which a playful Picasso paints on a translucent “canvas” and we see his creations take 
shape. (Repeats Fri, 5/1, at 7:30) 

Fri/ 6 & Sun/8 The Testament of Orpheus, France, 1959. Directed by Jean Cocteau. With Cocteau, Charles 
Aznavour, Yul Brynner. B&W, subtitles, 83 min. Surrealism, mythology, and magjc combine in Cocteau’s singular 
summation of his life as a poet. Preceded by Jacques Berthier’s 12-min. Picasso: Joie tie Vivre (France, 1946). 

Fri/13 & Sun/15 Pablo Picasso: The Le£acy of a Genius, USA, 1981 . Directed by Michael Blackwood, with Henry 
Moore, David Hockney, Roy Lichtenstein. Color, 90 min. Chronological view of Picasso’s art and life. 

Fri/20 & Sun/22 The Moderns, USA, 1988. Directed by Alan Rudolph, with Keith Carradine, Linda Fiorentino, 
John Lone, and Genevieve Bujold. Color, 126 min. Irreverent arabesque takes a look at artists, art forgers, and art 
colleaors in 1920s Paris. 

Fri/27 & Sun/ 29 The Adventures of Picasso, Sweden, 1978. Directed by Tage Danielsson. Color, subtitles, 92 
min. This nonsense history of Picasso’s life and career cheerfully slanders the artist and his fiiends. Print courtesy of 
Svensk Filmindustri, Stockholm. Preceded by Robert Pierce’s 7-min. Picasso and the Circus (USA, 1982). 


Fri/3 & Sun/5 Waiting for the Moon, USA, 1987. Directed by Jill Godmilow, with Linda Hunt and Linda Bassett. 
Color. 85 min. Dramatization of the relationship between Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas. Preceded by Alain 
Resnais’ 12-min. anti-war classic Guernica (France, 1950). 

Fri/10 & Sun/12 The Challenge: A Tribute to Modern Art, USA, 1976. Directed by Herbert Kline, with Marc 
Chagall, Henry Moore, Claes Oldenburg. Color, 104 min. Orson Welles narrates an Oscar-nominated chronicle of 
twentieth -century art that captures many fomous artists at work. Preceded by Robert Flaherty’s unfinished 12-min. 
Guernica (USA, 1949), a study of Picasso’s famous mural. 

Fri/17 & Sun/19 O Picasso, Canada, 1985. Color, French with subtitles, 80 min. Directed by Gilles Carle. 
Interviews and archival footage help explore Picasso the man, the artist, and the myth in this joyful portrait. Area 

Fri/24 & Sun/26 Ffor Fake, France, 1975. Color, in English, 85 min. Orson Welles’ clever, self-reflective medita- 
tion on art, art forgery, and trickery. Preceded by Jean Desvilles’ 13-min. Picasso: Romancero de Picador (France, 

19??), an impressionistic film using Picasso drawings. 

Fri/May 1 The Mystery of Picasso, France, 1955. Repeat of March 1 selection. 

Cubist Cinema Classic 

Special restored silent film from the Cinematheque Fran^aise, introduced and presented by Glenn Myrent of the 
Cinematheque staff. Admission $3, CMA members $2. 

Wed/March 11, 7:45 pm. LTnhumaine (The New Enchantment), France, 1923. Directed by Marcel L’Herbier. 
B&W, silent with French intertitles and live English translation, 90 min. Fernand L6ger designed sets for this 
futuristic epic that influenced Fritz Lang’s Metropolis. 

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