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Coal  Tar;  Disinfectant  (Emulsifying Type) 

For  sale  by  the  Superintendent  of  Documents,  Washington,  D.  C. 

Price  5 cents 

U.  S.  Department  of  Commerce 

National  Bureau  of  Standards 






On  September  20,  1937,  the  National  Association  of  Insecticide 
and  Disinfectant  Manufacturers,  Inc.,  proposed  the  establishment  of 
a Commercial  Standard  for  Coal  Tar  Disinfectant  (Emulsifying 
Type).  Accordingly,  after  preliminary  conferences  with  other  in- 
terested organizations,  including  the  Federal  Food  and  Drug 
Administration,  the  proposal  was  submitted  on  March  23,  1938,  to 
manufacturers,  distributors,  and  users  for  the  approval  of  all  con- 
cerned. The  industry  has  since  accepted  and  approved  for  promul- 
gation by  the  United  States  Department  of  Commerce,  through  the 
National  Bureau  of  Standards,  the  standard  as  shown  herein. 

The  standard  became  effective  on  June  10,  1938. 

Promulgation  recommended. 


Promulgation  approved. 

I.  J.  Fairchild, 

Chief,  Division  of  Trade  Standards. 

Lyman  J.  Briggs, 

Director,  National  Bureau  of  Standards. 

Daniel  C.  Roper, 

Secretary  of  Commerce. 





1 . The  purpose  of  this  commercial  standard  is  to  provide  a minimum 
| specification  for  quality,  as  a basis  for  understanding  and  voluntary 
guaranties  between  producers,  distributors,  and  users  in  the  purchase 
of  this  commodity,  and  as  a foundation  for  confidence  on  the  part  of 
purchasers  that  the  efficacy  of  the  material  is  that  which  may  be 
iexpected  of  emulsifying  type  coal  tar  disinfectant  manufactured  in 
conformity  with  a nationally  recognized  specification. 


2.  This  standard  covers  materials,  physical  and  chemical  properties, 
and  certification  of  quality  of  emulsifying  type  coal  tar  disinfectant. 


3.  It  shall  be  made  of  coal  tar  oils  and  acids  and  an  emulsifying 

4.  It  shall  contain  not  less  than  65  percent  by  weight  of  oils  and 
acids  from  coal  tar. 

5.  It  shall  contain  not  over  10  percent  of  water. 

6.  It  shall  not  contain  kerosene  or  other  petroleum  distillates. 

7.  The  phenol  coefficient  shall  be  determined  by  the  Federal  Food 
and  Drug  Administration  method  of  test  against  B.  typhosus  and  shall 
be  clearly  stated  on  the  label  attached  to  each  shipping  container.1 

8.  It  shall  make  milky  emulsions  with  water  of  zero  hardness  at 
20°  C (68°  F)  when  diluted  in  the  ratio  of  5 parts  disinfectant  with 
95  parts  of  water  for  disinfectants  of  phenol  coefficient  10  or  under; 
and  in  the  ratio  of  2 parts  of  disinfectant  to  98  parts  of  water  for  dis- 
infectants over  10  in  phenol  coefficient;  these  emulsions  shall  show 
not  more  than  a trace  of  oily  float  or  sediment  when  stored  for  5 hours 
at  room  temperature. 

9.  It  shall  remain  limpid,  showing  no  sign  of  naphthalene  crystal- 
lization down  to  0°  C in  12  hours. 

10.  It  shall  contain  less  than  5 percent  of  benzophenol. 

11.  The  disinfectant  after  standing  indefinitely,  shall  show  no 
separation,  no  loss  of  germicidal  value,  nor  any  form  of  decomposition 
(such  as  soap  separating  from  the  oil)  under  normal  and  reasonable 
conditions  of  storage. 

1 This  type  of  disinfectant  is  readily  available  with  phenol  coefficients  ranging  from  2 to  20.  Contract 
buyers  should  specify  the  phenol  coefficient  desired. 




Commercial  Standard  CS70-38 


12.  The  following  form  of  statement  on  labels,2  invoices,  etc.,  is 

The Company  certifies  this  coal  tar 

disinfectant  (emulsifying  type)  to  conform  to  all  requirements  of 
the  standard  adopted  by  the  NATIONAL  ASSOCIATION  OF 

INC.,  and  recorded  as  Commercial  Standard  CS70-38  by  the 
National  Bureau  of  Standards  of  the  United  States  Department 
of  Commerce. 

Phenol  coefficient 


The  standard  became  effective  on  June  10,  1938. 


The  following  comprises  the  membership  of  the  standing  committee, 
which  is  to  review,  prior  to  circulation  for  acceptance,  revisions  pro- 
posed to  keep  the  standard  abreast  of  progress.  Comment  concerning 
the  standard  and  suggestions  for  revision  may  be  addressed  to  any 
member  of  the  committee  or  to  the  Division  of  Trade  Standards, 
National  Bureau  of  Standards,  which  acts  as  secretary  for  the 


Gordon  Baird  (chairman),  Baird  & McGuire,  Inc.,  Holbrook,  Mass. 

H.  W.  Hamilton,  The  White  Tar  Co.  of  New  Jersey,  Inc.,  Kearny,  N.  J. 

Dr.  E.  G.  Thomssen,  The  J.  R.  Watkins  Co.,  Winona,  Minn. 


J.  W.  Schiffer,  The  Federal  Sanitation  Co.,  Inc.,  2340  Euclid  Ave.,  Cleveland, 

F.  A.  Hoyt,  Frederick  Disinfectant  Co.,  Box  1556,  Atlanta,  Ga. 

Ellis  Davidson,  Ellis  Davidson  Co.,  Inc.,  38  W.  21st  St.,  New  York,  N.  Y. 


Dr.  A.  H.  Johnson,  Sealtest,  Inc.,  1403  Eutaw  Place,  Baltimore,  Md. 

Dr.  C.  C.  McDonnell,  Insecticide  Division,  Food  and  Drug  Administration, 
U.  S.  Department  of  Agriculture,  Washington,  D.  C. 

Robert  S.  Fuqua,  Johns  Hopkins  Hospital,  Baltimore,  Md. 

General  interest: 

F.  W.  Reynolds  (secretary),  Division  of  Trade  Standards,  National  Bureau  of 
Standards,  Washington,  D.  C. 


On  September  20,  1937,  the  National  Association  of  Insecticide 
and  Disinfectant  Manufacturers,  Inc.,  requested  the  establishment  of 
a commercial  standard  for  coal  tar  disinfectant  (emulsifying  type),  and 
submitted  as  a basis  for  such  a standard,  a specification  adopted 
officially  by  the  Association  and  followed  by  a large  proportion  of  the 

The  Division  of  Trade  Standards  consulted  other  interested  indi- 
viduals and  organizations,  and  led  the  discussion  of  the  proposed  com- 
mercial standard  at  a convention  of  the  Association  in  New  York 

2 When  used  on  labels  this  statement  is  in  addition  to,  and  not  in  lieu  of,  the  ingredient  statement  required 
by  the  Insecticide  Act  of  1910. 

Coal  Tar  Disinfectant 


Oity  on  December  6,  1937.  After  discussion,  the  convention  voted  to 
recommend  establishment  of  a commercial  standard  through  the  regu- 
lar procedure  of  the  National  Bureau  of  Standards. 

In  view  of  the  large  consumer  and  distributor  participation  during 
he  Association  convention  and  subsequent  review  of  the  proposed  com- 
nercial  standard  by  the  Federal  Food  and  Drug  Administration,  it 
appeared  that  the  purpose  of  a public  hearing  had  been  accomplished 
jmd  the  situation  did  not  warrant  the  calling  of  a general  conference 
or  further  consideration  of  the  specification. 

Accordingly,  on  March  23,  1938,  the  recommended  commercial 
standard  was  circulated  to  the  industry  for  written  acceptance  by 
Droducers,  distributors,  and  users.  Following  satisfactory  acceptance 
md  in  the  absence  of  active  opposition,  the  establishment  of  the  stand- 
ard was  announced  June  10,  1938. 


This  sheet  properly  filled  in,  signed,  and  returned  will  provide  for  the  recording 
of  your  organization  as  an  acceptor  of  this  commercial  standard. 


Division  of  Trade  Standards, 

National  Bureau  of  Standards, 

Washington,  D.  C. 


Having  considered  the  statements  on  the  reverse  side  of  this  sheet, 
we  accept  the  Commercial  Standard  CS70-38  as  our  standard  of  prac- 
tice in  the 

Production 1 Distribution  1 Use  1 

of  coal  tar  disinfectant  (emulsifying  type). 

We  will  assist  in  securing  its  general  recognition  and  use,  and  will 
cooperate  with  the  standing  committee  to  effect  revisions  of  the 
standard  when  necessary. 

Signature  of  individual  officer 

(In  ink) 

(Kindly  typewrite  or  print  the  following  lines) 

Name  and  title  of  above  officer. 


(Fill  in  exactly  as  it  should  be  listed  in  pamphlet) 

Street  address 

City  and  State 

1 Please  designate  which  group  you  represent  by  drawing  lines  through  the  other  two.  Please  file  sepa- 
rate acceptances  for  all  subsidiary  companies  and  affiliates  which  should  be  listed  separately  as  acceptors. 
In  the  case  of  related  interests,  trade  papers,  colleges,  etc.,  desiring  to  record  their  general  approval,  the 
words  “in  principle”  should  be  added  after  the  signature. 



The  following  statements  answer  the  usual  questions  arising  in 
connection  with  the  acceptance  and  its  significance: 

1.  Enforcement. — Commercial  standards  are  commodity  specifica- 
tions voluntarily  established  by  mutual  consent  of  the  industry. 
They  present  a common  basis  of  understanding  between  the  pro- 
ducer, distributor,  and  consumer  and  should  not  be  confused  with 
any  plan  of  governmental  regulation  or  control.  The  United  States 
Department  of  Commerce  has  no  regulatory  power  in  the  enforce- 
ment of  their  provisions;  but,  since  they  represent  the  will  of  the 
industry  as  a whole,  their  provisions  through  usage  soon  become 
established  as  trade  customs,  and  are  made  effective  through  incor- 
poration into  sales  contracts  by  means  of  labels,  invoices,  and  the  like. 

2.  The  acceptor's  responsibility. — The  purpose  of  commercial  stand- 
ards is  to  establish  for  specific  commodities,  nationally  recognized 
grades  or  consumer  criteria,  and  the  benefits  therefrom  will  be  meas- 
urable in  direct  proportion  to  their  general  recognition  and  actual 
use.  Instances  will  occur  when  it  may  be  necessary  to  deviate  from 
the  standard  and  the  signing  of  an  acceptance  does  not  preclude 
such  departures;  however,  such  signature  indicates  an  intention  to 
follow  the  commercial  standard  where  practicable,  in  the  production, 
distribution,  or  consumption  of  the  article  in  question. 

3.  The  Department' s responsibility. — The  major  function  performed 
by  the  Department  of  Commerce  in  the  voluntary  establishment  of 
commercial  standards  on  a Nation-wide  basis  is  fourfold:  First,  to 
act  as  an  unbiased  coordinator  to  bring  all  branches  of  the  industry 
together  for  the  mutually  satisfactory  adjustment  of  trade  standards; 
second,  to  supply  such  assistance  and  advice  as  past  experience  with 
similar  programs  may  suggest;  third,  to  canvass  and  record  the 
extent  of  acceptance  and  adherence  to  the  standard  on  the  part  of 
producers,  distributors,  and  users;  and  fourth,  after  acceptance,  to 
publish  and  promulgate  the  standard  for  the  information  and  guid- 
ance of  buyers  and  sellers  of  the  commodity. 

4.  Announcement  and  promulgation. — When  the  standard  has  been 
endorsed  by  companies  representing  a satisfactory  majority  of  pro- 
duction, the  success  of  the  project  is  announced.  If,  however,  in 
the  opinion  of  the  standing  committee  of  the  industry  or  the  Depart- 
ment of  Commerce,  the  support  of  any  standard  is  inadequate,  the 
right  is  reserved  to  withhold  promulgation  and  publication. 





The  organizations  and  individuals  listed  below  have  accepted  this 
specification  as  their  standard  of  practice  in  the  production,  distribu- 
tion, and  use  of  emulsifying  type  coal  tar  disinfectant.  Such  endorse- 
ment does  not  signify  that  they  may  not  find  it  necessary  to  deviate 
from  the  standard,  nor  that  producers  so  listed  guarantee  all  of  their 
products  to  conform  with  the  requirements  of  this  standard.  There- 
fore specific  evidence  of  quality  certification  should  be  obtained  where 

Antiseptic  Products  Co.,  The,  Denver, 

Antrol  Laboratories,  Inc.,  Los  Angeles, 

Apex  Soap  and  Sanitary  Corporation, 
Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

Apothecaries  Hall  Co.,  Waterbury, 

Argosy  Manufacturing  Co.,  Kansas 
City,  Mo. 

Arkansas  Paper  Co.,  Little  Rock,  Ark. 
Armitage  Exterminating  Co.,  A.,  Chi- 
cago, 111. 

Arnold  Drug  Co.,  Topeka,  Kans. 

Astor  Exterminating  Co.,  Boston,  Mass. 
Atkins  Manufacturing  Co.,  Columbia, 

Atlantic  Refining  Co.,  Philadelphia,  Pa. 
(In  principle.) 

Atlas  Sanitary  Products,  Inc.,  Wild- 
wood, N.  J. 

Auto-Laks  Manufacturing  Co.,  Inc., 
New  York,  N.  Y. 

Avidan,  Inc.,  Henry  G.,  Freeport,  N.  Y. 
Azuria  Chemical  Co.,  Inc.,  Akron, 

Baird  & McGuire,  Inc.,  Holbrook, 
Mass.,  and  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

Bamford,  M.  W.,  Inc.,  Reading,  Pa. 
(In  principle.) 

Banner  Manufacturing  Co.,  Denver, 

Baptist  State  Hospital,  Little  Rock, 

Baron  Co.,  Inc.,  H.  J.,  El  Paso,  Tex. 
Barton  Chemical  Co.,  Chicago,  111. 

Bell  Co.,  S.  H.,  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

Benton  Service  Co.,  Cortland,  N.  Y. 
Berger  Supply  Co.,  Inc.,  S.  J.,  Brook- 
lyn, N.  Y. 

Berghauser  Co.,  J.  W.,  Scranton,  Pa. 
Bernstein  Co.,  The,  Los  Angeles,  Calif. 
Best  Chemical  Co.,  Fort  Worth,  Tex. 
Beuret  Chemical  Laboratories,  Fort 
Wayne,  Ind. 


American  College  of  Surgeons,  Chicago, 

American  Hospital  Association,  Com- 
mittee on  Simplification  and  Stand- 
ardization of  Hospital  Furnishings, 
Supplies,  and  Equipment,  Chicago,  111. 

American  Hotel  Association  of  the 
United  States  and  Canada,  New 
York,  N.  Y.  (In  principle.) 

American  Sanatorium  Association,  New 
York,  N.  Y. 

Associated  Industries,  Ashton,  Md. 

National  Council  of  Women,  Consumer 
Interests,  Belmont,  Mass. 

Overlook  Hospital  Association,  Summit, 
N.  J. 


Abbott  Co.,  The,  Milwaukee,  Wis. 

Ace  Supply  Co.,  Detroit,  Mich. 

Acme  Chemical  Co.,  Milwaukee,  Wis. 

Acme  Refining  Co.,  The,  Cleveland, 

Acme  Sanitary  Supply  Co.,  Denver, 

Advanced  Exterminating  Service,  Chi- 
cago, 111. 

Alabama  School  Supply  Co.,  Mont- 
gomery, Ala. 

Allen  & Vickers,  Atlanta,  Ga.  (In 

Allott  Hardware  Co.,  Alliance,  Ohio. 

American  Brush  Co.,  Portland,  Oreg. 

American  Desk  Manufacturing  Co., 
Temple,  Tex. 

American  Disinfectant  Co.,  Washing- 
ton, D.  C. 

American  Disinfecting  Co.,  Inc.,  Se- 
dalia,  Mo. 

American  Fluoride  Corporation,  New 
York,  N.  Y. 

American  Oil  and  Disinfectant  Cor- 
poration, New  York,  N.  Y. 



Commercial  Standard  CS70-38 

Birmingham,  City  of,  Birmingham,  Ala. 

Blue  Heven  Corporation,  The,  North 
Kansas  City,  Mo. 

Blue  Ribbon  Sanitary  Products,  St. 
Louis,  Mo. 

Bohman  Brothers,  Inc.,  Hartford,  Conn. 

Boren  & Malone  Co.,  Wewoka,  Okla. 

Bragdon  Paint  Co.,  M.  F.,  Portland, 

Braham  Laboratories,  Inc.,  Cleveland, 

Breslau  & Lyndwood  Supply  Co.,  Plym- 
outh, Pa. 

Breuer  Electric  Manufacturing  Co., 
Chicago,  111.  (In  principle.) 

Brigham  Co.,  C.  T.,  Pittsfield,  Mass. 

Brilliant  Chemical  Co.,  Inc.,  Brooklyn, 
N.  Y. 

Brown,  Inc.,  I.  Edward,  New  York, 
N.  Y. 

Buffalo  Scientific  Co.,  Buffalo,  N.  Y. 

Builders’  Specialty  Co.,  Peoria,  111.  (In 

Building  Supply  Co.,  Chicago,  111. 

Butler  Co.,  William,  Providence,  R.  I. 

By- Joy  Chemical  Products,  Stockton, 

Cabell  Chemical  Co.,  The,  Huntington, 
W.  Va. 

Calde  Exterminating  Co.,  New  York, 
N.  Y. 

Caldwell,  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

Canadian  Germicide  Co.,  Ltd.,  Toronto, 

Capitol  Paper  Co.,  Hartford,  Conn. 
(In  principle.) 

Carman-Roberts  Co.,  Inc.,  Pittsburgh, 
Pa.  (In  principle.) 

Castle  Chemical  Co.,  New  Castle,  Pa. 

Centennial  Drug  and  Supply  Co., 
Denver,  Colo. 

Central  Chemical  Co.,  Kansas  City, 

Central  Mercantile  Co.,  St.  Joseph,  Mo. 

Central  Supply  Co.,  Buffalo,  N.  Y. 

Central  Wisconsin  Paper  Co.,  Wasau, 

Certified  Products  Co.,  Inc.,  Birming- 
ham, Ala. 

Certified  Supply  Co.,  New  York,  N.  Y. 

Chafee  Supply  Service,  Shelbyville,  Ind. 

Chapman  & Sons  Co.,  W.  H.,  Wheeling, 
W.  Va. 

Charlotte  Sanitary  Supply  Co.,  Char- 
lotte, N.  C. 

Chemical  Products,  Inc.,  Shelton,  Conn. 

Chemical  Specialties  Co.,  Milwaukee, 

Chemical  Spray  Co.,  Minneapolis, 

Chemical  Supply  Co.,  The,  Cleveland, 

Children’s  Country  Home,  Westfield, 
N.  J. 

Chippewa  Products  Co.,  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

Chrisman  Supply  Co.,  Inc.,  Fayette- 
ville, N.  Y. 

Cincinnati,  City  of,  Cincinnati,  Ohio. 

City  Janitor  Supply  and  Brush  Co., 
St.  Louis,  Mo. 

Clark  Products  Co.,  Springfield,  Mass. 

Clark’s  Store  Fixtures,  Flint,  Mich. 

Clarkson  Chemical  Co.,  Inc.,  South 
Williamsport,  Pa. 

Cochrane  Co.,  Billerica,  Mass. 

Cody  Chemical  Co.,  Manchester,  N.  H. 

Colborn  School  Supply  Co.,  Grand 
Forks,  N.  Dak. 

Conkey  Co.,  The  G.  E.,  Cleveland,  Ohio. 

Conray  Products  Co.,  New  York,  N.  Y. 

Consolidated  Drug  Corporation,  New 
Orleans,  La. 

Consumers’  Testing  Laboratories,  Phila- 
delphia, Pa.  (In  principle.) 

Continental  Chemical  Co.,  The,  Cleve- 
land, Ohio. 

Cooper,  D.  L.,  Brooklyn,  N.  Y. 

Copley  Chemical  Co.,  Everett,  Mass. 

Corkins  Chemical  Co.,  The,  Cincinnati, 

Cotton  Products  Co.,  Des  Moines, 

Creco  Co.,  Inc.,  Long  Island  City,  N.  Y. 

Crosetti  Bro.  & Co.,  A.  San  Francisco, 

Crown  Chemical  Corporation,  Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Crystal  Laboratories  Co.,  The,  Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. 

Danville  Wholesale  Drug  Co.,  Inc., 
Danville,  111. 

David  & Blankfield,  Inc.,  San  Antonio, 

Davies-Young  Soap  Co.,  The,  Dayton, 

Deco  Products  Co.,  Inc.,  New  York, 
N.  Y. 

Delta  Chemical  Co.,  New  York,  N.  Y. 

Delta  Plumbing  Supply  Co.,  Inc.,  New 
Orleans,  La. 

DeLuxe  Broom  Co.,  Portland,  Oreg. 

Del-Zo  Co.,  Atlanta,  Ga.  (In  prin- 

Den  Wal  Manufacturing  Co.,  The, 
Piermont,  N.  Y. 

Dentocide  Chemical  Co.,  Baltimore, 

DeVine  Laboratories,  Inc.,  J.  F.,  Go- 
shen, N.  Y. 

Diamond  Chemical  and  Supply  Co., 
Wilmington,  Del. 

Dixie  Chemical  Co.,  Inc.,  New  Orleans, 

Dixie  Chemical  Products  Co.,  Ltd., 
Birmingham,  Ala. 

Dixie  Disinfecting  Co.,  Dallas,  Tex. 

Dolge  Co.,  C.  B.,  Westport,  Conn. 

Dow  Chemical  Co.,  The,  Midland, 
Mich.  (In  principle.) 

Dreyfus  Janitor  Supply  Co.,  Ponca 
City,  Okla. 

Eau  Claire  Book  and  Stationery  Co., 
Milwaukee,  Wis. 

Ellis  Products  Co.,  Detroit,  Mich. 

Coal  Tar  Disinfectant  Q 

Empire  Chemical  Co.,  Brooklyn,  N.  Y: 

Ens~Em  Chemical  Co.,  New  York, 
N.  Y.  (In  principle.) 

Enterprise  Mill  Soap  Works,  Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

Ephraim,  Inc.,  Jerome  W.,  New  York, 
N.  Y. 

Ewing  Paper  Co.,  B.  G.,  Spokane, 

Exterminator  Engineering  Corporation, 
Chicago,  111. 

Federal  Sanitation  Co.,  Inc.,  The, 
Cleveland,  Ohio. 

Fidelity  Fire  Protection  Co.,  Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

Fischbeck  Co.,  Inc.,  Charles,  New 
York,  N.  Y.  (In  principle.) 

Fox  Midwest  Amusement  Corporation, 
Kansas  City,  Mo. 

Frankie,  Inc.,  Jos.  E.,  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Franklin  Chemical  Co.,  Rochester,  N.  Y. 

Franklin  Drug  Store,  Port  Arthur,  Tex. 

Franklin  Products  Corporation,  Tampa, 

Franklin  Thrift  Stores  Co.,  The,  Piqua, 

Frederick  Disinfectant  Co.,  Atlanta, 

Frye  Co.,  Geo.  C.,  Portland,  Maine. 
(In  principle.) 

Fuld  Brothers,  Baltimore,  Md. 

Furst-McNess  Co.,  Freeport,  111. 

Gakenheimer’s  Pharmacy,  Baltimore, 

Gates  Medicine  Co.,  Charleston,  W.  Ya. 

Genesee  Disinfecting  Co.,  Rochester, 
N.  Y. 

Getem  Manufacturing  Co.,  Norfolk, 

Giant  Products  Corporation,  Los 
Angeles,  Calif. 

Gillam  Soap  Works,  Ft.  Worth,  Tex. 

Givaudan-Delawanna,  Inc.,  New  York, 
N.  Y.  (In  principle.) 

Gleam  Products  Corporation,  Bronx, 
N.  Y. 

Globe  Sanitary  Suppty  Co.,  Los  Angeles, 

Gobell  Co.,  John  J.,  New  Bedford, 


Goble  Printing  Co.,  The  D.  H.,  Green- 
field, Ind. 

Good,  Inc.,  James,  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Government  Chemical  Co.,  Cleveland, 

Grant  Laboratories,  Oakland,  Calif. 

Great  Falls  Paper  Co.,  Great  Falls, 

Great  Lakes  Chemical  Utilities,  Buffalo, 
N.  Y. 

Green  Oil  Soap  Co.,  Chicago,  111. 

Greenbaum  Co.,  Inc.,  C.  D.,  New 
York,  N.  Y. 

Griffin  Bros.,  Inc.,  Portland,  Oreg. 

Griffin  Chemical  Co.,  San  Francisco, 
Calif.  (In  principle.) 

Gulf  Oil  Corporation,  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 
(In  principle.) 

Gulf  Refining  Co.,  Pittsburgh,  Pa.  (In 
principle.)  . 

Gulf  Research  and  Development  Co., 
Pittsburgh,  Pa.  (In  principle.) 

H.  & L.  Products  Co.,  Linden,  N.  J. 
(In  principle.) 

Haag  Laboratories,  Inc.,  The,  Chicago, 

Hammond  & Son,  Inc.,  W.  P.,  Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Hart-Shaw  Drug  Co.,  Adrian,  Mich. 

Hartford  Sanitary  Products  Co.,  The, 
Hartford,  Conn. 

Heaney  Manufacturing  Co.,  Boston, 

Helgren  Drug  Co.,  Jamestown,  N.  Y. 

Hess  & Clark,  Inc.,  Dr.,  Ashland,  Ohio. 

Hill  Brothers  Chemical  Co.,  Los  An- 
geles, Calif. 

Hillyard  Chemical  Co.,  St.  Joseph,  Mo. 

Hirschberg  Brothers,  Chicago,  111. 

Hockwald  Chemical  Co.,  San  Fran- 
cisco, Calif. 

Hoffman  Laboratories,  Detroit,  Mich. 

Holcomb  Manufacturing  Co.,  J.  I., 
Indianapolis,  Ind. 

Hospital  Bureau  of  Standards  and  Sup- 
plies, Inc.,  New  York,  N.  Y. 

Household  Chemical  Products,  Brook- 
lyn, N.  Y. 

Household  Products  Co.,  Indianapolis, 

Hub  City  School  Supply  Co.,  Aberdeen, 
S.  Dak. 

Hudson  Chemical  Co.,  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

Huggins  & Son,  James,  Malden,  Mass. 

Hughes  Chemical  Co.,  Ft.  Worth,  Tex. 

Huisking  & Co.,  Inc.,  Chas.  L.,  New 
York,  N.  Y. 

Hunt  Manufacturing  Co.,  Cleveland, 

Hy-Gien  Laboratories,  Inc.,  Amesbury, 

Hysan  Products  Co.,  Chicago,  111. 

Imperial  Chemical  Co.,  Shenandoah, 

Imperial  Laboratories,  Mt.  Hope,  W.  Va. 

Imperial  Products  Co.,  Philadelphia, 

Imperial  Sales  Co.,  Halifax,  Mass. 

Industrial  Chemical  Laboratories, 
Omaha,  Nebr. 

Industrial  Chemical  Products  Co., 
Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Industrial  Distributors,  Inc.,  New  York, 
N.  Y. 

Interstate  Chemical  Mfg.  Co.,  Jersey 
City,  N.  J. 

Interstate  Sanitation  Co.,  Inc.,  The, 
Cincinnati,  Ohio. 

Iowa  Hospitals,  State  University  of, 
Iowa  City,  Iowa. 

Jacques  Beauty  Supply,  Omaha,  Nebr. 
(In  principle.) 

James  Soap  and  Chemical  Co.,  Houston, 

Janitorial  Supply  Co.,  Passaic,  N.  J. 


Commercial  Standard  CS70-38 

Janitor’s  Supply  House,  Cranston,  R.  I. 

Johnson  Co.,  The  George  T.,  South 
Boston,  Mass. 

Jordan,  Jr.,  Manufacturing  Co.,  W.  H. 
& F.,  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Jorgenson  & Co.,  Los  Angeles,  Calif. 

Judson  Co.,  The  Dwight  R.,  Hartford, 

Kalo  Co.,  The,  Quincy,  111.  (In  prin- 

Keller  Products  Co.,  Columbus,  Ohio. 

Kemiko  Manufacturing  Co.,  Irvington, 
N.  J. 

Kentucky  Color  and  Chemical  Co., 
Louisville,  Ky. 

Kerr  Co.,  Frank  W.,  Detroit,  Mich. 

King  Chemical  Co.,  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Kirk  Hutton  & Co.,  New  Castle,  Pa. 

Kling  Exterminating  Co.,  Chicago,  111. 

Kretol  Co.,  Inc.,  Washington,  D.  C. 

Krummenacher  Drug  Co.,  Clayton,  Mo. 

Kuhn  Manufacturing  Co.,  The,  Macon, 

L.  B.  Drug  Co.,  The,  Gadsden,  Ala. 

La  Maison  Products,  Inc.,  Brooklyn, 
N.  Y. 

Lambert  Chemical  Co.,  Kansas  City, 

Lamprey  Products  Co.,  St.  Paul,  Minn. 

Lanair  Co.,  Chicago,  111. 

Leader  Manufacturing  Co.,  Wilkes- 
Barre,  Pa. 

Lee  Co.,  A.,  Lawrence,  Mass. 

Lee  Co.,  Geo.  H.,  Omaha,  Nebr. 

Lehn  & Fink  Products  Corporation, 
Bloomfield,  N.  J. 

Lehrman  & Sons,  A.  J.,  Harrisburg,  Pa. 

Lesh  Oil  Co.,  Ottawa,  Kans. 

Lewis  Co.,  Inc.,  Samuel,  New  York, 
N.  Y. 

Lien  Chemical  Co.,  Chicago,  111. 

Lincoln- Ray  Hill  Co.,  Springfield,  Mass. 

Lone  Star  Supply  Co.,  Houston,  Tex. 

Long  Beach,  Better  Business  Bureau  of, 
Long  Beach,  Calif.  (In  principle.) 

Long  Island  Sanitary  Supply  Co., 
Woodside,  Long  Island,  N.  Y. 

Los  Angeles  Chemical  Co.,  Los  Angeles, 

Los  Angeles,  City  of,  Los  Angeles,  Calif. 

Louisiana  Paper  Co.,  Ltd.,  Shreveport, 

Loveland  Janitor  Supply  Co.,  Wichita, 

Lowe  Chemical  Co.,  Nashville,  Tenn. 

Mac  Nair-Dorland  Co.,  Inc.,  New  York, 
N.  Y.  (In  principle.) 

Magicleaner  Corporation,  New  York, 
N.  Y.  (In  principle.) 

Maine  Germicide  Co.,  Portland,  Maine. 

Maintenance  Supply  and  Service  Co., 
Chicago,  111. 

Majestic  Wax  Co.,  Denver,  Colo. 

Marjo  Products  Co.,  Chicago,  111. 

Marlowe-Van  Loan  Corporation,  High 
Point,  N.  C. 

Massasoit  Chemical  Co.,  The,  Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio. 

Masury  Young  Co.,  Boston,  Mass. 

McKesson  & Robbins,  Inc.,  Langley- 
Michaels  Division,  San  Francisco, 

McKone  Sales  Co.,  Hartford,  Conn. 

McLeod  Exterminating  Service,  Roches- 
ter, N.  Y. 

Merck  & Co.,  Inc.,  Rahway,  N.  J. 

Meyer  Chemical  Co.,  Sioux  City,  Iowa. 

Miami  Products  and  Chemical  Co., 
The,  Dayton,  Ohio. 

Midwest  Kildew  Co.,  Des  Moines,  Iowa. 

Miller  Chemical  Co.,  Inc.,  Omaha, 

Miller  Co.,  J.  E.,  Wheeling,  W.  Va. 

Miller  Products  Co.,  Portland,  Oreg. 
(In  principle.) 

Mil-Wis  Chemical  Co.,  Milwaukee,  Wis. 

Miracle  Manufacturing  Co.,  Ft.  Wayne, 

Mirax  Chemical  Products  Corporation, 
St.  Louis,  Mo. 

Missanna  Laboratories,  Inc.,  Little 
Rock,  Ark. 

Monarch  Printing  and  Supply  Co.,  The, 
Marion,  Ohio.  (In  principle.) 

Moulder-Oldham  Co.,  Inc.,  Tulsa,  Okla. 

Murtough  Supply  Co.,  Tacoma,  Wash. 

Myers  Paper  Co.,  Memphis,  Tenn. 

Nannene  & Co.,  P.,  Chelsea,  Mass. 

Nash  Medical  Co.,  F.  A.,  Galena,  111. 

National  Chemical  Co.,  New  Orleans, 

National  Cleanser  Products  Co.,  New 
York,  N.  Y. 

National  Disinfecting  Co.,  New  York, 
N.  Y. 

National  Theatre  Supply  Co.,  Seattle, 

New  England  Disinfectant  Co.,  Inc., 
The,  Boston,  Mass. 

New  Orleans,  Inc.,  Better  Business 
Bureau  of,  New  Orleans,  La.  (in 

Neway  Brush  Co.,  Hartford,  Conn. 
(In  principle.) 

Newbro  Drug  Co.,  Butte,  Mont. 

Newerking  Cleaning  Fluid  Co.,  Inc., 
New  York,  N.  Y.  (In  principle.) 

Newport  Industries,  Inc.,  General  Naval 
Stores  Division,  Pensacola,  Fla.  (In 

Newton  & Co.,  A.  E.,  Brooklyn,  N.  Y. 

North  American  Chemical  Co.,  New 
York,  N.  Y. 

Northern  Indiana  Supply  Co.,  Inc., 
Kokomo,  Ind. 

Northern  Laboratories,  Mason  City, 

Northern  School  Supply  Co.,  Fargo,  N. 

Northern  School  Supply  Co.,  Great 
Falls,  Mont. 

Nu-Way  Exterminating  Co.,  Newark, 

O’Connor  & Kremp,  New  York,  N.  Y. 

Omaha  School  Supply  Co.,  Omaha, 

Goal  Tar  Disinfectant 


Oneida  Chemical  Co.,  Inc.,  Utica/ 
N.  Y. 

Orange  Memorial  Hospital,  Orange 

Osgood  Co.,  The  Charles,  Norwich, 

Pacific  Marine  Supply  Co.,  Seattle, 

Packer-Scott  Co.,  Portland,  Oreg. 

Palmer  Products,  Inc.,  Waukesha,  Wis. 

Palmyra  Lime  Products  Co.,  Clarks- 
ville, Tenn. 

Panama  Paint  and  Chemical  Products 
Co.,  Panama  City,  Fla. 

Paramount  Laboratories,  Inc.,  Bing- 
hamton, N.  Y. 

Parkin  Chemical  Co.,  Newark,  N.  J. 

Paterson  General  Hospital,  Paterson, 

N.  J. 

Peabody  Anti-Dust  Co.,  Peabody,  Mass. 
(In  principle.) 

Pearl  Supply  Co.,  New  York,  N.  Y. 

Peerless  Soap  and  Chemical  Co.,  Detroit 

Penn  "Waxing  and  Janitor  Supplies, 
Wilkes  Barre,  Pa. 

Pennsylvania  Chemical  Co.,  Johnstown, 


Pennsylvania,  Commonwealth  of,  De- 
partment of  Property  and  Supplies, 
Harrisburg,  Pa. 

Pennsylvania  Hospital,  Philadelphia, 

Pennsylvania  Salt  Manufacturing  Co., 
General  Laboratories  Division  of, 
Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Phinney  & Co.,  F.  B.,  Hyde  Park,  Mass. 

Phinotas  Chemical  Co.,  Inc.,  New  York, 
N.  Y. 

Pine-O-Pine  Co.,  Inc.,  of  Texas,  Hous- 
ton, Tex. 

Pintell  Co.,  The,  New  York,  N.  Y. 

Pittsburgh  Insect  Exterminating  Co., 
Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

Polar  Chemical  Co.,  Inc.,  The,  Lewiston 

Port  Huron  Detergent  Co.,  Inc.,  Port 
Huron,  Mich.  (In  principle.) 

Potter  Drug  and  Chemical  Corporation, 
Malden,  Mass.  (In  principle.) 

Pottsville  Show  Case  and  Fixture  Co., 
Pottsville,  Pa. 

Powell  & Co.,  Inc.,  John,  New  York, 
N.  Y.  (In  principle.) 

Practical  Drawing  Co.,  Dallas,  Tex. 

Preiser  Co.,  Inc.,  B.,  Charleston, 
W.  Va. 

Puro  Chemicals,  Inc.,  Cleveland,  Ohio. 

Quality  Products  Laboratories,  Inc., 
Richmond,  Va. 

Range  Paper  Co.,  Inc.,  Virginia,  Minn. 

Rawleigh  Co.,  The  W.  T.,  Freeport,  111. 

Red  . Letter  “J”  Co.,  Germantown, 
Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Reilly  Tar  and  Chemical  Corporation, 
Indianapolis,  Ind. 

Remo  Sanitation  Co.,  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

Republic  Chemical  Co.,  Chicago,  111. 

Reynolds  & Sons,  James  T.,  Lapeer, 

Richmond  Stationery  Co.,  Inc.,  Rich- 
mond, Va.  (In  principle.) 

Rip  Products,  Jamaica,  Long  Island, 
N.  Y. 

Robbins  Disinfectant  Co.,  Inc.,  Geo.  B., 
Boston,  Mass. 

Roberts  & Meek,  Inc.,  Harrisburg,  Pa. 

Robertson  Products  Co.,  Inc.,  Theo.  B., 
Chicago,  111. 

Rochester  Germicide  Co.,  Rochester, 
N.  Y. 

Rochester  Janitor  Supplies,  Inc.,  Roches- 
ter, N.  Y. 

Rochester  Laboratories,  Rochester, 
Minn.  (In  principle.) 

Rockwell  Co.,  The,  Pittsfield,  Mass. 

Rose  Exterminator  Co.  of  San  Fran- 
cisco, Calif.,  San  Francisco,  Calif. 

Roure-Dupont,  Inc.,  New  York,  N.  Y. 
(In  principle.) 

Rupp  & Bowman  Co.,  The,  Toledo, 

Rusk  Oil  Co.,  Inc.,  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

St.  John’s  Hospital,  Brooklyn,  N.  Y. 

St.  Louis  Janitor  Supply  Co.,  St.  Louis, 

St.  Luke’s  Hospital,  Bethlehem,  Pa. 

Sancamo  Disinfecting  Co.,  Springfield, 

Sanitary  Appliance  Co.,  Elmira,  N.  Y. 

Sanitary  Maintenance  Co.,  Boston, 

Satrang  & Cleminson,  Inc.,  Sioux  City, 

Savannah  Brush  Co.,  Savannah,  Ga. 

Sayers  & Co.,  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Scientific  Exterminating  and  Fumigat- 
ing Co.,  West  New  York,  N.  J. 

Scientific  Supply  Co.,  Inc.,  Denver, 

Scranton  Better  Business  Bureau,  Scran- 
ton, Pa.  (In  principle.) 

Seacoast  Laboratories,  Inc.,  New  York, 
N.  Y. 

Seaver  Laboratories,  Beloit,  Wis.  (In 

Selig  Co.,  The,  Atlanta,  Ga. 

Selma  Chemical  Products  Co.,  New 
York,  N.  Y. 

Sentinel  Chemical  Co.,  Inc.,  Oakland, 

Sentinel  Sanitary  Supply  Co.,  Oakland, 

Service  Station  Supply  Co.,  Charlotte, 
N.  C. 

Shearer  Co.  of  California,  B.  F.,  San 
Francisco,  Calif. 

Sheppard  Supply  Co.,  M.  F.,  Bayonne, 
N.  J. 

Sioux  Falls  Book  and  Stationery  Co., 
Sioux  Falls,  S.  Dak. 

Skinner  & Sherman,  Inc.,  Boston,  Mass. 
(In  principle.) 

Smith  & Co.,  S.  A.,  New  York,  N.  Y. 

Snell,  Inc.,  Foster  D.,  Brooklyn,  N.  Y. 


Commercial  Standard  CS70-38 

Soap  and  Chemical,  Inc.,  Pittsburgh, 

Solomons  Co.,  Savannah,  Ga. 

Solshine  Manufacturing  Co.,  Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 

Solvent  Compounds  Co.,  Redwood 
City,  Calif. 

Southern  Chemical  Co.,  Charleston, 
W.  Va. 

Southwestern  Mill  Distributors,  El 
Paso,  Tex. 

Southwestern  Seating  Co.,  San  Antonio, 

Speare’s  Sons  Co.,  The  Alden,  Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 

Standard  Chemical  Co.,  St.  Louis,  Mo. 
(In  principle.) 

Standard  Janitors  Supply  Co.,  Inc., 
New  York,  N.  Y. 

Standard  School  Co.,  St.  Louis,  Mich. 

Star  Chemical  Co.,  Inc.,  San  Antonio, 

Star  Drug  Store,  Galveston,  Tex. 

Sterling  Office  and  School  Supply  Co., 
Johnstown,  Pa. 

Sterling  Soap  and  Chemical  Co.,  Inc., 
Wilmington,  Del. 

Sunrise  Supply  Co.,  New  York,  N.  Y. 

Superior  Chemical  Co.,  Houston,  Tex. 

Superl  Supply  Co.,  Inc.,  Los  Angeles, 

Sur.  Wa.  Exterminator  Co.,  Cincinnati, 

Sweet  Ozone  Co.,  Brooklyn,  N.  Y. 

Syracuse  Victory  Soap  Corporation, 
Syracuse,  N.  Y. 

T.  N.  T.  Exterminating  Co.,  Akron, 

Tanglefoot  Co.,  The  (The  O.  & W. 
Thum  Co.),  Grand  Rapids,  Mich. 

Taylor  Co.,  H.  D.,  Buffalo,  N.  Y. 

Terra  Chemical  Corporation,  New  York, 
N.  Y. 

Texas  Household  Supply,  Dallas,  Tex., 
and  Fort.  Worth,  Tex. 

Thompson-Hayward  Chemical  Co., 

Kansas  City,  Mo. 

Traband  & Co.,  Inc.,  Louis  C.,  East 
St.  Louis,  111. 

Tri-State  Janitor  Supply  Co.,  Wilming- 
ton, Del. 

Triangle  Products  Co.,  Fairfield,  Maine. 

Tropical  Chemical  Co.  of  California, 
Los  Angeles,  Calif. 

TryAid  Chemical  Products  Co., 

Youngstown,  Ohio. 

Tulip  Grove  Products,  Inc.,  Hermitage, 

Tumbler  Laboratories,  J.  A.,  Baltimore, 

Tunis  Brothers  Co.,  Kennett  Square,  Pa. 

Tyler  Oil  and  Grease  Corporation, 
Richmond,  Va. 

Tyler  Products  Co.,  Pawtucket,  R.  I. 

Union  Chemical  and  Supply  Co.,  The, 
Akron,  Ohio. 

U.  S.  Termite  Control  Corporation, 
Ltd.,  Pasadena,  Calif. 

Universal  Exterminating  Co.,  Colum- 
bus, Ohio. 

University  Publishing  Co.,  The,  Lin- 
coln, Nebr. 

Van  Denberg  Supply  Co.,  Rockford,  111. 

Vasco  Products  Co.,  Inc.,  Elmira,  N.  Y. 

Vawter  Manufacturing  Co.,  J.  H., 
Salem,  111. 

Vernon  Drug  Co.,  Middletown,  N.  Y. 

Vestal  Chemical  Co.,  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

Victory  Chemical  Co.,  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Waite  Hardware  Co.,  Worcester,  Mass. 

Walsh,  William  Henry,  Chicago,  111. 

Ward  Co.,  D.  L.,  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Wasatch  Chemical  Co.,  Salt  Lake  City, 

Washington  School  Supply  Co.,  Seattle, 

Watkins  Co.,  The  J.  R.,  Winona,  Minn. 

Waverly  Manufacturing  Co.,  Philadel- 
phia, Pa.  (In  principle.) 

West  Disinfecting  Co.,  Long  Island 
City,  N.  Y. 

Wetalene  Lab.,  Inc.,  Columbus,  Ohio. 
(In  principle.) 

White  Co.,  L.  J.,  Chicago,  111. 

White  Co.,  Robert  C.,  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

White  Tar  Co.  of  N.  J.,  Inc.,  The, 
Kearny,  N.  J. 

Whitmoyer  Laboratories,  Inc.,  Myers- 
town,  Pa. 

Wholesale  Janitors’  Supply  Co.,  Chicago, 


Whopper  Sales,  Buffalo,  N.  Y. 

Wichita  Broom  and  Floor  Sweep  Co., 
Wichita  Falls,  Tex.  (In  principle.) 

Wilbur  Chemical  Co.,  North  Bergen, 
N.  J. 

Williams  Chemical  Laboratories,  Spring- 
field,  111. 

Williams  Co.,  J.  A.,  Pittsburgh,  Pa. 

Willis  Sanitary  Products  Co.,  Lincoln, 

Willis  Supply  Co.,  Duluth,  Minn. 

Winsale  Drug  Co.,  Brooklyn,  N.  Y. 
(In  principle.) 

Wisconsin,  State  of,  Bureau  of  Pur- 
chases, Madison,  Wis.  (In  principle.) 

Wollen  Chemical  and  Supply  Co.,  Pater- 
son, N.  J. 

Wonder  Products  Co.,  Salisbury,  N.  C. 

World  Spray  Co.,  Inc.,  Los  Angeles, 

Yaeger-Jacquin  Co.,  Peoria,  111. 

York  Co.,  The  G.  W.,  Madrid,  Iowa. 

Zahr  Soap  Manufacturing  Co.,  Kansas 
City,  Mo. 

Zenoleum  Products  Co.,  Detroit,  Mich. 


Agriculture,  U.  S.  Department  of, 
Washington,  D.  C. 

War  Department,  Washington,  D.  C. 


CS  No.  Item 

10-30.  The  commercial  standards  service  and  its 
value  to  business. 

1-32.  Clinical  thermometers  (second  edition) . 

2-30.  Mopsticks. 

3-38.  Stoddard  solvent  (second  edition). 

4-29.  Staple  porcelain  (all-clay)  plumbing  fixtures. 

5-29.  Steel  pipe  nipples. 

6-31.  Wrought-iron  pipe  nipples  (second  edition). 

7-29.  Standard  weight  malleable  iron  or  steel 
screwed  unions. 

8-33.  Gage  blanks  (second  edition). 

! 9-33.  Builders’  template  hardware  (second  edition) 

10-29.  Brass  pipe  nipples. 

! 11-29.  Regain  of  mercerized  cotton  yarns. 

12-38.  Fuel  oils  (fourth  edition) . 

; 13-30.  Dress  patterns. 

14-31.  Boys?  blouses,  button-on  waists,  shirts,  and 
junior  shirts, 
i 15-29.  Men’s  pajamas. 

! 16-29.  Wallpaper. 

17-32.  Diamond  core  drill  fittings  (second  edition), 
i 18-29.  Hickory  golf  shafts. 

19-32.  Foundry  patterns  of  wood  (second  edition) . 

20-36.  Staple  vitreous  china  plumbing  fixtures 
(second  edition). 

21-36.  Interchangeable  ground-glass  joints,  stop- 
cocks, and  stoppers  (third  edition) . 

22-30.  Builders’ hardware  (nontemplate). 

23-30.  Feldspar. 

24-30.  Standard  screw  threads. 

25-30.  Special  screw  threads. 

26-30.  Aromatic  red  cedar  closet  lining. 

27-36.  Mirrors  (second  edition) . 

28-32.  Cotton  fabric  tents,  tarpaulins,  and  covers. 

29-31.  Staple  seats  for  water-closet  bowls. 

30-31.  Colors  for  sanitary  ware. 

31-35.  Wood  shingles  (third  edition). 

32-31.  Cotton  cloth  for  rubber  and  pyroxylin  coating. 

33-32.  Knit  underwear  (exclusive  of  rayon). 

34-31.  Bag,  case,  and  strap  leather. 

35-31.  Plywood  (Hardwood  and  Eastern  Red 

36-33.  Fourdrinier  wire  cloth  (second  edition). 

37-31,  Steel  bone  plates  and  screws. 

38-32.  Hospital  rubber  sheeting. 

39-37.  Wool  and  part  wool  blankets  (second  edition). 

CS  No.  Item 

40- 32.  Surgeons’  rubber  gloves. 

41- 32.  Surgeons’  Latex  gloves. 

42- 35.  Fiber  insulating  board  (second  edition). 

43- 32.  Grading  of  sulphonated  oils. 

44- 32.  Apple  wraps. 

45- 36.  Douglas  fir  plywood  (domestic  grades) 

(second  edition) . 

46- 36.  Hosiery  lengths  and  sizes  (second  edition). 

47- 34.  Marking  of  gold-filled  and  rolled-gold-plate 

articles  other  than  watch  cases. 

48- 34.  Domestic  burners  for  Pennsylvania  anthracite 

(underfeed  type) . 

49- 34.  Chip  board,  laminated  chip  board,  and  mis- 

cellaneous boards  for  bookbinding  purposes. 

50- 34.  Binders  board  for  bookbinding  and  other 


51- 35.  Marking  articles  made  of  silver  in  combina- 

tion with  gold. 

52- 35.  Mohair  pile  fabrics  (100-percent  mohair  plain 

velvet,  100-percent  mohair  plain  frieze,  and 
50-percent  mohair  plain  frieze) . 

53- 35.  Colors  and  finishes  for  cast  stone. 

54- 35.  Mattresses  for  hospitals. 

55- 35.  Mattresses  for  institutions. 

56- 36.  Oak  flooring. 

57- 36.  Book  cloths,  buckrams,  and  impregnated 

fabrics  for  bookbinding  purposes  except 
library  bindings. 

58- 36.  Woven  elastic  fabrics  for  use  in  overalls 

(overall  elastic  webbing) . 

59- 36.  Woven  dress  fabrics— testing  and  reporting. 

60- 36.  Hardwood  dimension  lumber. 

61- 37.  Wood-slat  Venetian  blinds. 

62- 38.  Colors  for  kitchen  accessories. 

63- 38.  Colors  for  bathroom  accessories. 

64- 37.  Walnut  veneers. 

65- 38.  Wool  and  part-wool  fabrics. 

66- 38.  Marking  of  articles  made  wholly  or  in  part  of 


67- 38.  Marking  articles  made  of  karat  gold. 

68- 38.  Liquid  hypochlorite  disinfectant,  deodorant, 

and  germicide. 

69- 38.  Pine  oil  disinfectant. 

70- 38.  Coal  tar  disinfectant  (emulsifying  type). 

71- 38.  Cresylic  disinfectants. 

72- 38.  Household  insecticide  (liquid  spray  type). 

Notice. — Those  interested  in  commerical  standards  with  a view  toward 
accepting  them  as  a basis  of  everyday  practice  in  their  industry  may  secure 
copies  of  the  above  standards,  while  the  supply  lasts,  by  addressing  the  Division 
of  Trade  Standards,  National  Bureau  of  Standards,  Washington,  D.  C.