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University of Maryland Commencement Program 

College Park December 18, 1978 

University of Maryland 
College Park 

Commencement Program 
December 18, 1978 

Message to 
the Graduates 

We are gathered here today 
to honor some 2,100 graduates 
from more than 200 fields of 
intellectual study. 

You and your families should 
be extremely proud of the 
dedication and perseverance 
each of you has exhibited in 
order to be present here today. 
You selected a goal and stayed 
with it to successful completion. 

The primary purpose of a 
university is to help individuals 
acquire the knowledge and skills 
to be capable of making sound 
judgments and contributing to 
the overall advancement of 
society. In particular, a uni- 
versity must work to create an 
environment conducive to the 
discovery, critical examination, 
preservation and transmission 
of knowledge, wisdom and 
values. Therefore, a university 
must be judged, not only by 
your accomplishments, which 
we honor today, but also by 
your success in working to 
improve the quality of life which 
ultimately ensures the survival 
of present and future genera- 

As you embark on a new 
frontier of life, we hope you 
will maintain contact with your 
University. By your past experi- 
ences and valuable suggestions, 
we are best able to discover how 
to improve our service to the 
students who follow you, to the 
citizens of the community, the 
state and the nation. 

Best of luck and every good 
wish for the future. We hope to 
hear from you often. 

R. L. Gluckstern 

Order of 

December 18, 1978 
Cole Student 
Activities Building 


Dr. Robert L. Gluckstern 


College Park Campus 

Master of Ceremonies 

Robert F. McCleary 
Assistant Professor, 
Communications Arts and Theater 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 
Conductor, John Wakefield 


Rev. Robert Keffer 
Roman Catholic Chaplain 

The National Anthem 

Led by Dr. Roger Folstrom 


Dr. Johns. Toll 


University of Maryland 

Hugh A. McMullen 

Vice Chairman, Board of Regents 

Musical Selection 

Gloria in excelsis Deo 

Daniel Pinkham 

The University Chorale 

and Symphonic Wind Ensemble 

Conductor, Dr. Folstrom 


Ernest L. Boyer 

United States Commissioner 

of Education 

Conferring of Degrees 

Dr. Toll, Honorary Degrees 
Dr. Gluckstern 

Remarks to Graduates 

Karen L. Ehrlich 
Graduating Senior 

Dr. Gluckstern 


Rev. Dorothy Carpenter 

United Campus Ministry Chaplain 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 
Conductor, Mr. Wakefield 

The Alma Mater 

Hail to thee, Maryland! 
Steadfast in loyalty 
For thee we stand. 
Love for the Black and Gold, 
Deep in our hearts we hold. 
Singing, thy praise forever, 
Throughout the land. 

Maryland Victory Song 

Maryland we're all behind you 

Wave high the Black and Gold 

For there is nothing half so 


As to see our men victorious. 

We've got the team, boys 
We've got the steam, boys 
So keep on fighting, don't give 
in M-A-R-Y-L-A-N-D 
Maryland will win. 

The College Park 
Campus and 
The University 

The Students 

The College Park Campus 
gives all students the chance to 
encounter new persons, new 
ideas and new interests, all of 
which they could hardly find 
elsewhere in such variety. 
Students may discover ancient 
Greece for the first time; they 
may try their hand at art, or 
they may use a computer to 
help design a better environ- 
ment for man. 

But whatever they investigate, 
whether it be under a microscope 
or out in space or within the 
human mind, their experiences 
sharpen their vision and im- 
prove their judgment. They 
learn in and out of class, by 
relating to many people of 
their own age and by dealing 
with a cultured faculty. They 
are able, in these many ways, 
to better define their directions 
and their goals. 

The Faculty 

The men and women who 
instruct our students at College 

Park are teachers and scholars 
who bring to the classroom a 
depth of knowledge, experience 
and learning that ranks among 
the finest of any university 
campus. Their work ranges 
from the study of physical 
forces to the study of man in 
all of his complexities. Some 
scholars are searching for 
practical applications of solar 
energy, discovering new galaxies 
of stars or researching substitute 
processes for pasteurization 
to increase the shelf life of 
milk, while others are adminis- 
trating stress tests to study 
coronary artery disease, 
debating the philosophical 
beliefs of the founders of our 
nation, or studying the world of 
black Americans at the turn of 
the century. All of them are 
sharing the results of their 
learning with their students in 
the classroom. 

The Campus 

Located in suburban Maryland 
just nine miles from the nation's 
capital, the College Park 

Campus offers a diversity of 
cultural, political and scientific 
resources to its students. It is 
in the midst of a great concen- 
tration of research and intel- 
lectual facilities, such as the 
National Institutes of Health, 
the U.S. Department of Agri- 
culture's Beltsville Agricultural 
Research Center, and the 
Smithsonian Institution, all 
within easy commuting 

The campus is a spacious one 
of 1 ,300 acres. It has 229 major 
buildings, mostly in the 
Georgian style of dark brick 
and stately columns, which 
overlook playing fields, the 
tree-lined central mall, or 
rolling lawns, while a few 
border the remaining open 
fields of grazing land belonging 
to the University. 

In enrollment. College Park is 
among the 10 largest campuses 
in the country. Undergraduates 
enrolled in fall 1978 numbered 
29,422, and graduate students, 
7,483 for a total enrollment of 
36,905. This year's College 
Park operating budget is 
$158,089,145. The University 
assisted over 8,000 College Park 
students with financial aid in 

Students may choose from 72 
undergraduate and 70 graduate 
programs leading to degrees. 
In 1977-78, a total of 5,481 
undergraduate, 1,268 master's 
and 334 doctorate degrees 
were awarded by the College 
Park Campus. In the number of 
doctorates granted annually, 
the University ranks among 
the top 30 in the nation. 


The University had its begin- 
nings in 1807 with the establish- 
ment in Baltimore of the College 
of Medicine, an entirely faculty- 
owned institution granting the 
M.D. degree. When its name 
was changed to the University 
of Maryland five years later, 
it was given power to confer 
additional degrees. The first 
dental school in America, the 
Baltimore College of Dental 
Surgery, became a part of the 
University in 1840. 

Subsequently, the University 
opened schools of pharmacy, 
law and nursing. Under a char- 
ter secured by a group of Mary- 
land planters in 1856, the 
College Park Campus of the 
University, then called the 
Maryland Agricultural College, 
opened in 1859 and became one 
of the original land-grant 
schools in 1865. After a disas- 
trous fire in 1912, the State 
acquired control of the College 
and bore the cost of rebuilding. 
In 1920, the State took over the 
faculty-owned University in 
Baltimore, merging it with the 
State-owned institution at Col- 
lege Park to form the present- 
day University of Maryland. 

In 1886, the Delaware Confer- 
ence Academy was founded by 
the Methodist Church in 
Princess Anne, Maryland. The 
State acquired this institution 
in 1948. It was made a campus 
of the University in 1970, and is 
known as the University of 
Maryland Eastern Shore 
(UMES). A new campus known 
as University of Maryland 
Baltimore County (UMBO 
was opened at Catonsville in 


University libraries include 
approximately 1,283,200 
volumes on the College Park 
Campus, 16,645 subscriptions 
to periodicals and newspapers, 
plus over a million microform 

The Undergraduate Library has 
a seating capacity of 4,000 stu- 
dents and is among the nation's 
largest. Facilities include a 
quadraphonic concert room, 
color video-tape players and 
playback units, enclosed rooms 
equipped with instructor's 
consoles for the use of nonprint 
media materials, and wireless 
stereo headsets for tapes of 
lectures, plays, speeches and 

Research Facilities 

Among the exceptional research 
facilities are a 140 MeV cyclo- 
tron; a nuclear reactor; scan- 
ning electron microscopes; 
subsonic, supersonic and hyper- 
sonic wind tunnels; an electron 
ring accelerator; a precision 
encoder and pattern recogni- 
tion device; a gravitational 
radiation detection system, 
including a gravimeter on the 
moon; a quiescent plasma 
device (Q machine) ; a psycho- 
pharmacology laboratory; 
three retro-reflector arrays on 
the moon; rotating tanks for 
laboratory studies of meteorcv- 
logical phenomena; Van de 
Graaff accelerators; a labora- 
tory for basic behavioral 
research; an assortment of 
computers; the Astronomy 
Observatory Center of Materials 
Research; the Institute for Fluid 
Dynamics and Applied Mathe- 
matics; the Institute for Mole- 

cular Physics, and the Water 
Resources Research Center. 

The College Park Campus also 
owns and operates one of the 
largest and most sophisticated 
long wavelength radio tele- 
scopes (located in Clark Lake, 
Calif.) and a cosmic ray lab- 
oratory (located in New 

In addition to these research 
opportunities in the biological, 
mathematical and physical sci- 
ences, research programs in the 
behavioral sciences, social 
sciences and education exist in 
many bureaus and institutes in- 
cluding the Bureau of Business 
and Economic Research, the 
Bureau of Educational Research 
and Field Services, the Bureau of 
Governmental Research, the 
Institute for Child Study, the 
Institute for Criminal Justice and 
Criminology, and the Institute 
for Urban Studies. 

Academic Costume 

The black caps and gowns 
worn by the students and fac- 
ulty in the academic procession 
are of ancient origin. They have 
been the traditional costume of 
the scholar since medieval times 
and probably represent an 
adaptation of the ecclesiastical 
dress since many of the scholars 
of that period were members 
of monastic orders. 

An intercollegiate commission 
in 1893 drafted a uniform code 
for costumes which has since 
been adopted by the majority of 
colleges and universities in the 
United States. 

Each of the three academic 
degrees — bachelor, master and 

doctor — has its own distinctive 
gown and hood. The bachelor's 
gown is distinguished by its 
long pointed sleeve. The mas- 
ter's gown has a longer, narrow, 
closed sleeve, extending below 
the knee; the arm is passed 
through a slit at the elbow. 
In contrast, the doctor's gown 
has a full bell-shaped sleeve with 
three bars of velvet. The open- 
ing of this gown is faced with 
wide velvet bands. The velvet 
trim may be black or of a color 
indicating the general field of 
learning of the wearer, for 
example, blue for philosophy, 
green for medicine, purple for 

The most colorful and distinc- 
tive item of the academic cos- 
tume is the hood which passes 
around the neck and extends 
down the back. The doctor's is 
the largest of the hoods and the 
bachelor's the smallest. The 
bachelor's hood is often omitted. 
The color of the velvet edging 
indicates the field of learning. 
Below is given a list of depart- 
ment or faculty colors. 


Arts, Letters, Humanities/ 

Business Administration, 

Commercial Science/Drab 
Dentistry/ Lilac 
Education, Pedagogy/ Light 

Fine Arts, Architecture/ Brown 
Forestry/ Russet 
Home Economics/Maroon 
Laws/ Purple 
Library Science/Lemon 
Music/ Pink 
Nursing/ Apricot 

Oratory/Silver Gray 
Philanthropy /Rose 
Public f4ealth/ Salmon 
Physical Education/Sage Green 
Science/Golden Yellow 
Social Service/Citron 
Surgical Chiropody/Nile Green 
Theology and Divinity/Scarlet 
Veterinary Sciences/Gray 

The colors of the silk lining 
exposed in the center of the 
hood are those of the college or 
university which conferred the 

The cap or "mortar board" is 
uniform in design for all de- 
grees. The tassel may be either 
black or the color of the field 
of learning. The tassel of the 
doctor's cap may be gold. 

From Europe the use of aca- 
demic degrees spread to English 
universities. Harvard Univer- 
sity, the College of William and 
Mary, and Yale University 
followed the British pattern 
in the United States. 

Academic Degrees 

The degree is awarded for the 
successful completion of a 
course of study. There are more 
than 1,600 different academic 
degrees currently conferred by 
American colleges and univer- 

The first known degree was a 
doctorate conferred by the Uni- 
versity of Bologna (Italy) in 
the middle of the 12th Century. 
Originally, the doctor's and 
master's degrees were used inter- 
changeably, each indicating that 
the holder was qualified to give 
instruction to students. The 

bachelor's or baccalaureate 
degree indicated only entrance 
upon a course of study pre- 
paratory to the doctorate or 
mastership. Gradually, how- 
ever, the bachelor's degree came 
to mean successful completion 
of one level of study prepara- 
tory to the higher degrees. 

The Doctor's Degree 

This is a term meaning teacher, 
or instructor, applied by ancient 
Romans to those who delivered 
public lectures on philosophical 
subjects. In the Middle Ages, 
from the 12th century, it came 
into use as a title of honor 
borne by men of great learning. 
It was first made an academic 
title at the University of Bolo- 
gna, which received from the 
emperor the right of appointing 
doctores legum (doctor of laws). 
The University of Paris followed 
in 1145. Soon after, the popes 
granted the universities the right 
of appointing doctors canonum 
et decretalium (teachers of the 
canon law), and when the study 
of civil law came to be combined 
with that of the canon law, the 
title was changed to doctor 
utriusque juris (teacher of both 
laws). The faculties of theology 
and medicine followed that of 
law in conferring this title. 

The doctorate in philosophy 
and science, and occasionally 
in theology and law, is given 
beyond the baccalaureate degree 
and requires two to five years of 
study, the writing of a thesis, 
and the passing of written and 
oral examinations. The doctor's 
degree represents the most 
advanced earned degree 
conferred by American insti- 
tutions. There are two distinct 

types: the professional or 
practitioner's degree and the 
research degree. The first type 
represents advanced training for 
the practice of various pro- 
fessions, principally Doctor 
of Medicine, Doctor of Dental 
Surgery, Doctor of Veterinary 
Medicine, Juris Doctor and 
Doctor of Pharmacy. These 
degrees carry no implication of 
original research and are 
classified by the U.S. Office 
of Education, with bachelor's 
degrees, as the first professional 
degrees. The University of 
Maryland awarded the first 
two dental degrees in history, on 
March 9, 1841, and invented the 
name of the degree, D.D.S., 
as well. 

The second type of doctor's 
degree is classified as the re- 
search doctorate representing 
prolonged periods of advanced 
study, usually accompanied by a 
dissertation which is designed 
to be a substantial contribution 
to existing knowledge on the 
subject. The most important 
of these, the Doctor of 
Philosophy, no longer has an 
implication of philosophy for its 
holder, but represents advanced 
research in any of the major 
fields of knowledge. It was 
first awarded in the United 
States by Yale University in 

The first Ph.D. was awarded 
by the University of Maryland 
in 1920. 

The Master's Degree 

The master's degree is an aca- 
demic honor conferred upon 
students who have successfully 
completed work in advance of 

the baccalaureate. A thesis and 
an oral examination are usually 
required. The word magister, 
connected with a qualifying 
phrase, was used among the 
Romans as a title of honor, 
but its present meaning must 
be traced to the time of the 
establishment of the oldest 
universities. Regularly organ- 
ized facilities were not then 
known as they now exist in the 
universities. The whole circle of 
academic activity was limited 
to seven liberal arts, and those 
who received public honors on 
the completion of their courses 
of studies, for their diligence 
and knowledge, and had already 
received the degree of bac- 
calaureate (bachelor) were 
called magistri artium (master 
of the liberal arts). 

In 1920, the new University of 
Maryland awarded its first 
M.A. and M.S. degrees in 
fields other than agriculture. 

The Bachelor's Degree 

The bachelor's degree represents 
completion of a four-year course 
of study of collegiate grade and 
is the oldest academic degree 
used by American institutions of 
higher learning. The degree 
Bachelor of Arts was first con- 
ferred in America in 1642 on the 
first nine graduates of Harvard 

Maryland Agricultural College, 
which was later to become the 
University of Maryland College 
Park, awarded the first Bachelor 
of Arts and Bachelor of Science 
degrees in 1862. 

College Park 

Campus Administration 


Robert L. Gluckstern 
Vice Chancellor for Academic 

Nancie L. Gonzalez 
Vice Chancellor for 
Administrative Affairs 

DarrylW. Bierly 
Vice Chancellor for Student 

William L. Thomas, Jr. 

Provosts at College Park 

Division of Agricultural and 
Life Sciences 

Francis C. Stark 
Division of Arts and 

Robert A. Corrigan 
Division of Behavioral and 
Social Sciences 

Murray E. Polakoff 
Division of Human and 
Community Resources 

George]. Funaro 
Division of Mathematical 
and Physical Sciences and 

Frank ]. Kerr (Acting) 

Deans at College Park 

School of Architecture 

John W.Hill 
College of Agriculture 

Francis C. Stark (Interim) 
College of Business and 

Rudolph P. Lamone 
College of Education 

Dean C. Corrigan 
College of Engineering 

George E. Dieter 
College of Human Ecology 

JohnR. Beaton 
College of Journalism 

Ray E. Hiebert 
College of Library and 
Information Services 

Kieth C.Wright 
College of Physical Education, 
Recreation and Health 

Marvin H. Eyler 
Administrative Dean for 
Graduate Studies 

Robert E. Menzer (Acting) 
Administrative Dean for 
Summer Programs 

Melvin Bernstein 
Administrative Dean for 
Undergraduate Studies 

Robert E. Shoenberg 

Central Administration 
of the University 


John S. Toll 
Vice President for General 

Donald W.OConnell 
Vice President for Academic 

R. Lee Hornbake 
Interim Vice President for 
Graduate Studies and Research 

David S. Sparks 
Vice President for Agricultural 
Affairs and Legislative Relations 

Frank L. Bentz, Jr. 
Vice President for 
University Development 

Robert G. Smith 

Board of Regents 


B. Herbert Brown 
Vice Chairman 

Hugh A. McMuUen 

Samuel H. Hoover, D.D.S. 

N. Thomas Whittington, Jr. 
Assistant Secretary 

Mrs. Mary H. Broadwater 
Assistant Treasurer 

John C. Scarbath 

Percy M. Chaimson 
Ralph W.Frey 
Young D. Hance, ex officio 
A. Paul Moss 
Peter F.O'Malley 
Jeffrey J. Silver 
Joseph D. Tydings 
Wilbur G. Valentine 
Samuel M. Witten 

Officers of Commencement 


Dr. Paul R. Poffenberger, 
Associate Dean, 
College of Agriculture 

Associate Chairman 
Dr. Robert C.Wiley, 
Professor, Horticulture 

University Marshall 
Dr. Richard H. Jaquith, 
Assistant Vice Chancellor- 
Academic Affairs 


Dr. Eugene W. Troth, 
Professor, Chairman, 
Music Department 

Committee Members 
Dr. Ulysses S. Glee, 
Office of Student Aid 
Mr. Patrick J. Hunt, Director, 
University Relations (CP) 
Mr. Robert J. Beiter, 
Senior Specialist, 
Agricultural & Resource 
Mr. Ernest Huff, 
Assistant Director, 
Records & Registrations 
Mr. John A. Goecker, 
Food Services 
Dr. Conrad B. Link, 
Dr. George Marx, 

Counseling & Personnel 

Mr. Elwood Gross, 
Physical Plant 
Mr. Doyle P. Royal, 

Athletic Department 
Mrs. Frances Cane, 

Health Center 
Mr. William Fry, 
Assistant Director, 

Mrs. Jo Ann M. Janus, 
Book Store 
Lt. James W.Shaffer, 
University Police 
Mr. Charles Jantho, 
Physical Plant 


Doctor of Letters 

and Commencement Speaker 

Ernest L. Boyer 

On April 1,1977, Ernest L. 
Boyer was sworn in as the 23rd 
United States Commissioner of 
Education, climaxing a brilliant 
career as an educator, admini- 
strator, and avid proponent of 
quality educational programs. 

Appointed commissioner by 
President Carter, Boyer pre- 
sides over an organization of 
some 3,000 persons with an 
annual budget of approximately 
$12 billion which funds more 
than 100 education programs 
from pre school to postdoctoral 

Before coming to Washing- 
ton, the 50-year-old commis- 
sioner served for seven years as 
Chancellor of the State Univer- 
sity of New York (SUNY), 
the largest university in the 
nation, with 64 campuses and 
more than 350,000 students. 

A graduate cum laude of 
Greenville College in Illinois, 
Boyer received a master of arts 
degree in 1955 and a Ph.D. the 
following year from the Univer- 
sity of Southern California in 
speech pathology and 

After teaching briefly at 
Loyola University, he became 
Academic Dean and professor 
of speech pathology and audio- 
logy at Upland College in 1956. 
Under his leadership, the Cal- 
ifornia college became region- 
ally accredited. 

Boyer, who holds honorary 
degrees from 18 U.S. colleges 
and universities, was a post- 
doctoral fellow in otolaryngo- 
logy at the University of Iowa 
Hospital in 1959, where he did 
research on middle ear deafness. 

Born in Dayton, Ohio, on 
Sept. 13, 1928, Boyer joined the 
Western College Association in 
1960 as director of the Commis- 
sion to Improve the Education 
of Teachers. 

Two years later, he was 
named director of the Center 
for Coordinated Education at 
the University of California at 
Santa Barbara. The program 
worked to introduce curricular 
and administrative innovation 
into the University and sur- 
rounding schools through 
research and action. 

Boyer joined SUNY in 1965 
as Executive Dean for Univer- 
sity-wide Activities. He was 
named Vice Chancellor of the 
University in 1968 and in 1970 
was appointed Chancellor. 

In that position, Boyer initi- 
ated a five-year review and 
sabbatical program for college 
presidents, developed an exper- 
imental three-year A. B. degree 
program, launched a new non- 
campus institution called Empire 
State College, established the 
new rank of Distinguished 
Teaching Professor, negotiated 
the first undergraduate exchange 
program with the Soviet Union, 
and signed an agreement be- 
tween SUNY and all of Israel's 
higher education institutions. 

Recipient of the President's 
Medal from Tel-Aviv Univer- 
sity, Boyer was named to the 
1972 Commission on the 
Financing of Post-secondary 
Education. He was also a mem- 
ber of the Carnegie Council on 
Policy Studies, the Commission 
on Critical Choices for Ameri- 
cans, and the President's 
Advisory Council on Women's 
Educational Programs. 

A former president of the Nat- 
ional Association of State 
Universities and Land-Grant 
Colleges, Boyer has been active 
in many organizations dedicated 
to the improvement of educa- 
tion, including the American 
Association for Higher Educa- 
tion, the American Council on 
Education, the International 
Council for Educational Devel- 
opment, and the Council for 
Financial Aid to Education as 
well as the Carnegie Foundation 
for the Advancement of Teach- 
ing, Teachers Insurance and 
Annuity Association of 
America, the Institute of Inter- 
national Education, and the 
Educational Testing Service. 

Today he is awarded the 
Honorary Doctor of Letters 
degree from the University of 



Doctor of Fine Arts 

Eubie Blake 

Eubie Blake is perhaps the great- 
est ragtime, ballad, jazz and 
blues composer of all time. 

His inspriational and often 
controversial style led the way 
for other black composers, 
directors, lyricists, and per- 
formers to be widely accept- 
ed in the once exclusively white 
entertainment field during the 
century following the Civil 

Born James Hubert Blake on 
Feb. 7, 1883, the Baltimorian's 
strict religious upbringing 
provided an unlikely back- 
ground for a great composer 
and performer. 

The son of former slaves and 
the only one of 11 children to 
live past childhood, Blake 
first exhibited his natural musi- 
cal talents at the age of six when 
he began toying with the keys of 
a department store piano. Im- 
pressed with the youngster's 
obvious musical talent, the store 
owner gave the Blake home a 
model piano. He began lessons 
the following year. 

Blake's mother, unfortunate- 
ly, did not share her son's love 

for ragtime music, and barred 
the young pianist from playing 
this "indecent" music in the 

At 15, Blake began playing 
ragtime piano in local Balti- 
more "bawdy" houses, just a 
year after he had been expelled 
from school for rowdiness. 

His show business career be- 
gan in 1902 when the teenage 
performer appeared as a buck 
dancer in the Broadway play 
In Old Kentucky. 

The composer's first songs, 
"Chevy Chase " and "Fizz 
Water," were published in 1914, 
and shortly thereafter Blake 
teamed with singer and lyricist. 
Noble Sissle to tour the vaud- 
eville circuit. 

The musical team scored a 
tremendous success and reached 
national recognition by produc- 
ing the comedy Shuffle Along, 
the first Broadway musical ever 
to be produced, directed, com- 
posed, and performed exclusive- 
ly by blacks. 

A story about a smalltown 
politician. Shuffle Along re- 
mains the biggest black Broad- 
way hit ever produced, running 
for more than 500 performances, 
having two national touring 
companies, and launching the 
careers of Paul Robeson, 
Florence Mills, and Josephine 

"Love Will Find A Way," 
one of the numbers in the suc- 
cessful musical, helped to break 
the previous taboo of showing 
black emotion on stage. 

After doing several other 
shows together, Blake and Sissle 
parted company, and Blake 
teamed with Andy Razaf . He 
and Razaf composed three plays 

including Lew Leslie's Black- 
birds of 1930, which glorified 
the American Negro. 

The thin, spry, 95-year-old 
musician still actively composes 
songs and faithfully practices 
the piano three hours each day. 
His long, slender fingers, the 
tools of this pioneer and legend, 
are not bothered by arthritis. 

Called "Eubie " since he was 
a third grader because his friends 
could not pronounce "Hubert," 
Blake plans to go to Europe this 
spring to fulfill engagements. 

Eubie!, a Broadway-bound 
review of Blake's music which 
opened in Philadelphia this past 
June, has broken all box office 

Today he is awarded the 
Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts 
degree from the University of 



Doctor of Science 
Athelstan Spilhaus 

Athelstan Spilhaus, a renowned 
meteorologist and ocean- 
ographer, is best known as the 
father of the Sea Grant Pro- 

As chairman of the National 
Academy Committee on Ocean- 
ography, Spilhaus was the mo- 
tivating force in alerting the 
nation to the desperate need for 
developing, using, and conserv- 
ing marine resources. 

"The first step in getting 
the Sea Grant legislation passed 
was to get the people on the Hill 
to be able to pronounce the 
word oceanography," says 
Spilhaus, as he looks back on 
his efforts on behalf of the 

Passed by Congress in 1966 
and modeled after the concept 
of land-grant colleges, the Sea 
Grant Program comprises a 
group of 40 marine-oriented 
universities dedicated to placing 
America's marine resources to 
work through research, educa- 
tion and advisory services. 

Still actively involved in pre- 
serving and protecting marine 
life, Spilhaus is currently serving 
as the special assistant for 

problems relating to the oceans 
and atmosphere at the National 
Oceanic and Atmospheric 

Spilhaus received his bachelor 
of science and doctor of science 
degrees from the University of 
Cape Town. He received the 
master of science degree from the 
Massachusetts Institute of 

A former fellow at the Wood- 
row Wilson International Center 
for Scholars in the Smithsonian 
Institution, the 67-year-old 
scientist's professional career 
covers a wide variety of activ- 

Dean of the Institute of Tech- 
nology at the University of 
Minnesota for 17 years, Spil- 
haus also founded and chaired 
the department of meteorology 
and oceanography at New York 

A former president of the 
American Association for the 
Advancement of Science, Aqua 
International, Inc., and the 
Franklin Institute in Philadel- 
phia, Spilhaus served as a 
research associate and investi- 
gator in physical oceanography 
at Woods Hole Oceanographic 
Institution for many years and 
is presently an honorary staff 

The holder of nine honorary 
degrees, he has done extensive 
research on aeronautical and 
meteorological instruments 
and equipment for various 
branches of the armed forces 
and was consultant and director 
of weapons projects for the 
Defense Department. He in- 
vented the bathythermograph 
the the Spilhaus Space Clock. 

Twice appointed as a U.S. 
representative to UNESCO by 

President Eisenhower, Spilhaus 
was also nominated as U.S. 
Commissioner to the Seattle 
World's Fair by President 
Kennedy, and appointed to the 
National Science Board by 
President Johnson. 

He is currently a member of 
the Advisory Panel of the Com- 
mittee on Science and Astro- 
nautics of the House of Repre- 

Spilhaus has been a member, 
trustee, director, chairman, 
commissioner, or president of 
at least 60 professional associ- 
ations and commissions con- 
sidering the whole range of 
problems involving land, the 
sea and space. 

Today he is awarded the 
Honorary Doctor of Science 
degree from the University of 



for Degrees 

AUGUST 15, 1978 

Graduate School 
Doctor of Philosophy 

Douglas Poole Anderson 

Microbiology: Passive Hemolytic 
Plaque Assay as a Means for 
Detecting Antibody Producing 
Cells in Rainbow Trout Immu- 
nized with the O-Antigen of 
Enteric Redmouth Bacteria. 

Stanley Paul Anderson 
English Language and 
Literature: William Dean 
Howells' Criticism of American 
Prose Fiction. 

Kristen Rae Angstadt 

Counseling & Personnel Services: 
A Comparison of Overt and 
Covert Treatment Methods in 

Nancy Jean Almand Ator 

Psychology : Behavioral Effects 
of Carbon Monoxide. 

Jane Clifford Azizkhan 

Zoology: Modulation of Human 
Chorionic Gonadotropin Syn- 
thesis in Choriocarcinoma Cells 
by DNA Synthesis Inhibitors 
and by Cyclic AMP. 

Joseph Eugene Balog 

Health Education: A Historical 
Review and Philosophical 
Analysis of Alternative Concepts 
of Health and Their Relationship 
to Health Education. 

Steven Louis Bradbard 

Counseling & Personnel Services: 
Performance of Neurologically 
Impaired Children on Visual- 
Motor Integration Tests. 

Robert Howard Braunstein 

Physics: The Analysis of Ampli- 
tude Interferometry Data and 
Testing of the Intensified Charge 
Coupled Device. 

Robert Louis Brooks 

Physics: Measurement of Effec- 
tive Ionization and Recombination 
Rate Coefficients for Intermediate 
Iron Ions in a Laser Generated 
Theta-Pinch Heated Plasma. 

A. Dexter Chapin 

Social Foundations of 
Education: Education and 
General Systems Theory. A 
Series of Coherent Models. 

Harry Bruce Cline 

Chemical Engineering: The Effect 
of Particle Concentrations on 
Mass Transfer in an Agitated 

John J. Cunningham 

Nutritional Sciences: Vitamin E 
Status and Erythrocyte Integrity 
in Two Avian Species. 

Robert Irvin Curtis 

History : The Production and 
Commerce of Fish Sauce in the 
Western Roman Empire: A Social 
and Economic Study. 

Karen Elaine D'Angelo 

Early Childhood-Elementary 
Education : The Effect of Locating 
Information by Rereading, 
Reinspection, and Underlining on 
Retrieval of Information Both 
Immediate and Over Time. 

Martha Horsley de Melo 

Economics: A General Equi- 
librium Investigation of 
Agricultural Policies and Devel- 
opment Strategies in Sri Lanka. 

Virginia Anne Duff 

Economics: An Urban Model with 
Pollution and Congestion 

Michael Paul Du Monceau 

Administration, Supervision, & 
Curriculum: A Descriptive Study 
of Television and the Deaf and 
Hearing Impaired, 1947-1976. 

Hubert Earl Dunsmore 

Computer Science: The Influence 
of Programming Factors on 
Programming Complexity. 

William Henry Edmondson 

Administration, Supervision, & 
Curriculum: The Effectiveness of 
Utilizing Detailed and Clearly 
Defined Behavioral Objectives in 
a Pharmaceutical Practical 
Experience Training Program. 

William James Engelmeyer 
Secondary Education: The 
Effectiveness of Hand-Held 
Calculators for the Remedia- 
tion of Basic Multiplication 

Marilyn Jeanne Essex 

Sociology: Social Determinants 
of Depression Among Single 

Joel Steven Faden 

Electrical Engineering: A Direct 
Comparison of Recruitment 
Order with the Neural and 
Muscular Properties of Motor 

Vivian Betty Faden 

Psychology: Shrinkage in Ridge 
Regression and Ordinary Least 
Squares Multiple Regression 

William Freas 

Zoology: Prostaglandins in 
Marine Mussels. 

Louis Charles Gasbarre 

Zoology: Immunity to Hymen- 
olepis nana : Characterization of 
the Protective Immune Response. 

William Steven Gilmore 

Astronomy: Radio Continuum 
Interferometry of Dark Clouds: 
A Search for Embedded 
Compact HII Regiotjs. 

Steven Harvey Gold 

Physics: Laser Scattering 
Measurements of Plasma Tur- 
bulence in a Fast Theta Pinch. 

Jordon A. Goodman 

Physics : The Flux of Energetic 
Hadrons Delayed with Respect 
to the Air Shower Front. 

Scott Ellis Graham 

Psychology: The Role of Ad- 
vance Information in Per- 
ceptual Processing. 

Harold Louis Hallock 

Physics: SU(3) in the World of 
More Than Three Quarks. 

Robert Lee Hannan 

Psychology: Performance as a 
Function of the Interaction of 
Ability, Work Values, and 
Perceived Job Characteristics. 

Dennis James Hoover 

Zoology : Gonadal Steroid Feed- 
back Control of Luteinizing 
Hormone Secretion in Female 

Geoffrey Ralph Hudson 

Microbiology: The Temporal 
Control of Morphogenesis by 
DNA Replication in 
Hyphomicrobium neptunium. 

Nancy Jane Ingram 

Mathematics: Application of 
Generalized Inverses to the 
Eigenvalue Problem TX=\SX. 

Mindy Ruth Jacobs 
Human Development 
Education: The Antecedents of 
Androgyn in Women: Perceived 
Parental Nurturance and Sex 
Role Model Attributes of Parents. 

Deborah Hazel Johnson 

Psychology: Counselor Expec- 
tancies and Goals in Time-limited 
and Time-unlimited Therapy. 

August Doctors 15 

Lynda Colette Jones 

Human Development Education: 
The Effects of Sex and Arousal 
Level of the Infant and Early 
Contact with the Father on 
Father's Perceptions of and 
Behaviors Toward the Infant. 

Jonathan L. Katz 

Psychology: A Comparison of 
Behaviors Maintained Under 
Second-Order Schedules of Food 
Presentation and Intramuscular 
Cocaine Injection in the Squirrel 

Joyce Phyllis Kaufman 

Government and Politics: The 
Social Consequences of War: 
The Impact of War on the 
Social Development of Four 

SeungTae Kim 

Physics : High Energy Physics : 
The Bosonization of a Fermi 
Field, in Two Dimensions Via 
Lorentz Expansion. 

Thomas Gail Kinsey 

Secondary Education: Effects of 
Knowledge on the Defensibility 
Level of Environmental Attitudes 

Harold George Klemcke 

Zoology : The Effects of Pro- 
lactin on Cholesterol Ester 
Hydrolase in Luteal Tissue of 
Mature Pseudopregnant Rats. 

Carol Jo LaSasso 

Secondary Education: An 
Investigation of the Validity 
and Reliability of the Cloze 
Procedure as a Measure of 
Readability and Comprehen- 
sion for Prelingually, Pro- 
foundly Deaf Students. 

Leo Robert LaSota 

Horticulture: Comparative 
Testa Morphology of the 
Genus Ononia (Fabaceae). 

16 August Doctors 

Solomon Lausch 

Administration, Supervision & 
Curriculum: The Relationship of 
the Selection Criteria for Persons 
Selected as Assistant Principals 
to Evaluation of fob Success in 
the Position. 

William Franklin Lawrence 

Electrical Engineering: A Digital 
Filter Using Adaptive Delta 
Modulation with Applications to 
Programmable Hearing-Aids. 

Eleonore Lehr 

Human Development Education: 
The Relationship of Quantity 
and Quality of Exposure to Peers 
and Children's Success of Role 

Lee Arlovif Lindblom 

Physics: Fundamental Properties 
of Equilibrium Stellar Models. 

Cynthia McDaniels Magagula 
Social Foundations of Education: 
The Multi-National University in 
Africa: An Analysis of the 
Breakup of the University of 
Botswana, Lesotho and 

Glen Themba Magagula 
Agricultural & Extension 
Education: A Socio-Economic 
Analysis and Evaluation of Rural 
Development Areas in 

Duane Paul Matthees 

Chemistry: Aryldiazoalkanes as 
Derivatizing Agents for the HPLC 
Separation of Fatty and Bile 

Anne Knettles McCarrick 

Sociology: Analysis of Interaction 
Sequences as a Method of Evalu- 
ating Marital Psychotherapy. 

Ronald Warren McCormick 
Agronomy : The Influence of 
Montmorillonite on the Growth 
and MetaboUc Activity of 
Penicillium frequentans with 
Different Nitrogen Sources and 
Trace Elements. 

Jean Frothingham McDevitt 

Secondary Education: Effect of a 
Study Skills Workshop in Time 
Management on Selected 
Achievement Variables for 
College Students Enrolled in an 
Introductory Chemistry 

Mary A. McElroy 

Physical Education: The Athletic 
Participation Effect : Some 
Alternative Strategies for Causal 

Daniel Scott McKitrick 

Psychology: Generalizing from 
Counseling Analogue Research 
on Subjects Ratings of Coun- 
selors and Causal Attributions 
of Counselor Behavior. 

Margaret K. McLaughlin 

Dairy Science: Maintenance of 
Blood Flow in the Ovine Uterine 
and Umbilical Circulations. 

William E. Melvin 

Government and Politics: 
Transnational PubUc Adminis- 
tration Linkages. 

Richard C. Monk 

Sociology: Two Tests of Neil 
Smelser's Theory of Collective 

Merry Ann Morash 

Criminology : The Effect of 
juvenile Court Intake Procedures 
on Alleged Delinquents. 

Carlos Alberto Costa 

Mendon^a e Moura 

Electrical Engineering: Synthesis 
of Passive Non-Linear Circuits. 

Osama Ahmed Mowafi 

Electrical Engineering: A New 
Class of Multiple-Access Schemes 
for Packet-Switched Channels 
with Queueing. 

Robert Francis Newkirk 
Recreation : An Analysis of 
Selected Aspects of Contract 
Compliance of Land and Water 
Conservation Fund County and 
Municipal Recreation Projects in 
the State of Maryland. 


Electrical Engineering: Ion- 
Implanted Solar Cells. 

Shyamalendu Pal 

Physics : Transport Properties in 
Metals: Retardation Effects and 
Effects of Magnetic Field Under 
Non-Resonant Con4itions. 

Ralph Patrick Pass, III 

Mathematics: Results Concerning 
the Algebraic Independence of 
Sets of Liouville Numbers. 

Kathleen Margaret Peterson 
Botany: Systematic Studies of 
Salvia L. subg. Calosphace 
(Benth.) Benth. in Benth. & Hook. 
sect. Farinaceae (Epl.) Epl. 

Clayton Jay Pierson 
Englisn Language and 
Literature: Toward Spiritual 
Fulfillment: A Study of the 
Fantasy World of George 

Gene Alan Plunka 
English Language and 
Literature: The Existential-Ritual 
Theater of jean Genet, Peter 
Shaffern and Edward Albee. 

Frank William Porter, III 

Geography : Quest for Identity : 
The Formation of the Nanticoke 
Indian Community at Indian 
River Inlet, Sussex County, 

Joseph David Price 

Chemical Engineering : Ultrafil- 
trative Separation of Proteins. 

Lawrence Patrick Purtell 

Mechanical Engineering: The 
Turbulent Boundary Layer at 
Low Reynolds Numbers. 

Robert Smith Reed, Jr. 
Mechanical Engineering: 
Measurement of Modal Data and 
the Application to the Reduction 
of Radiated Noise. 

Mary Lynne Richards 

Secondary Education: Ele- 
mentary Teachers' Attitudes 
Toward and Inclusion of Home 
Economics in the Elementary 
School, in Relation to Previous 
Home Economics Experience. 

John McDonald Riley 

Secondary Education: Teacher 
Competencies in Secondary 
School Geography : A Validated 
Perception Model. 

Lawrence Victor Rubinstein 
Mathematics: Non-parametric 
Estimation of the Survival 
Function for Censored Data. 

Michael Joseph Ruiz, 

Physics: Covariant Harmonic 
Oscillators and the Quark 

Maljadi Santoso 

Chemical Engineering: 
Mechanisms of the Thermal 
Degradation of cis-1,4- 

Jeffrey Brian Shaffer 

Computer Science: Automatic 
Subroutine Generation in an 
Optimizing Compiler. 

Bruce Allen Shapiro 

Computer Science: Shape 
Description from Boundary 

JohnC. Skilton 

Psychology : The Effect of 
Vocalization RequiremetJts on 
Immediate Serial Recall and the 
Rate of Item Processing. 

John Harvey Slack 

Zoology: Genes Controlling the 
Expression of a Serum Anti-Inulin 
L Chain Idiotype Linked to the 
Mouse /gCf/ Complex Locus. 

Donald Ray Soeken 

Human Development Education: 
Feedback in Short-Term Married 
Couples Group Psychotherapy. 

Byung Chan Son 
Mechanical Engineering: 

Analysis of Flat Mirror 
V-Trough Solar Concentrator. 

Hilda Strozenberg Szklo 

Social Foundations of Education: 
A Comparative Analysis of 
Implementation of Reforms in the 
Lower Secondary Education — 
Brazil and Peru 1970-1973. 

Louise Ann Ferrante Tanney 
Secondary Education: A Delphi 
Study of Cotisumer and Home- 
making Program Development 
and Research Needs in Maryland 
Based on the 1976 Vocational 
Education Amendments. 

Edir Carvalho Tenorio 
Botany: The Subfamily 
Centostecoideae (Gramineae) 

Maria Chrysayi Tokousbalides 
Botany: Site of Inhibition by 
Tricyclazole in the Melanin 
Biosynthetic Pathway of 
Verticillium dahliae . 

Gregory Chester Turk 

Chemistry : The Application of 
Laser Enhanced Ionization to 
Analytical Flame Spectrometry . 

Carolynn Ann Washbon 

Early Childhood/Elementary 
Education : A Study of the Effects 
of Varying Percentages of Time 
Devoted to Types of 
Instructional Activity in Teaching 
Elementary School Students the 
Distributive Algorithm for 

Rosalie Cummings Whitlock 
Early Childhood/Elementary 
Education: The Effect of 
Sequencing Modes of Instruction 
on Understanding and Computa- 
tion Skill in Basic Addition and 
Subtraction Facts. 

Jerry McDonald Williams 

Horticulture: The Effects of N. P. 
and SADH on Growth Perform- 
ance, Productivity and Mineral 
Reserve Levels in Young Apple 

Philip James Wirzbicki 

Psychology : Generalized Expec- 
tancies for the Availability of 
Alternative Solutions: Estimated 
Solution Availability. 

Francis Albert Young 

History : The College of Cardi- 
nals and the Election of Pope 
Alexander VI: New Perspectives. 

Otis George Zehl, Jr. 

Physics: Optical Reflectance of 
Quench Condensed Copper- 
Germanian Alloys. 

Stephen Michael Zemyan 

Mathematics: An Extremal Area 
Problem in Conformal Mapping. 

Doctor of Education 

Gary Eugene Dunkleberger 

Secondary Education: A Study of 
the Cognitive and Affective 
Consequences of Internal and 
External Monitors of Mastery 

Norman William Nightingale 
Administration, Supervision and 
Curriculum: A Study of Relation- 
ships Between the Congruity of 
Perceptions of the Cooperating 
Teacher's Role in the Student 
Teaching Dyad. 

Laura J. Smith 

Secondary Education: An Inves- 
tigation of Shifts in Pre-Service 
Content Area Teachers Percep- 
tior^s of Competence and A tti- 
tudes Toward the Role of Read- 
ing During a Field Based 
Reading Methods Course. 

Waveline Trout Starnes 

Special Education: The Develop- 
ment of an Observational System 
to Measure Interaction in Class- 
rooms of Gifted Students. 

Doctor of Business 

Pieter Thomas Elgers 
Business & Management: 
Accounting-Based Risk Measures 
and the Systematic Risk of Equity 
Securities: An Examination of 
Association and Predictive 

Myron S. Lubell 

Business & Management: The 
Significance of Organizational 
Conflict on the Legislative Evolu- 
tion of the Accounting Profession 
in the United States. 

August Doctors 17 

Doctor of Musical Arts 

Paul Steven Blumenthal 
Music: P. T. Barnum. 

Othel Wayne Smith 
Music : The Suites and 
Unrecorded Sonatas for Piano 
by John Powell. 

Master of Arts 

Paul A. Anderson 

Michael William Andreassi 

Dorothea F. Christiano Ardalan 

Kathleen Ruth Arveson 

Anthony Joseph Barbera 

Kenneth Edwin Beatty 

Edith Z. Berman 

Robert Alan Burns 

Rachel Ann Carren 

John Casucci 

Scarlet Cheng 

Bruce Allan Cleinman 

Michelle Ann Cobbin 

Elizabeth Reed Cohen 

Gary M. Coleman 

Patricia Jean Coleman 

Ann Garity Connell 

Janice Mills Cotton 

Steven Brice Cox 

Robert James Cressman 

Ida G.Crist 

Eileen M. Crowley 

Terry W. Culler 

Bonita Lynne Cullison 

Ronald Maxwell Dapkunas 

Melissa Gail Daston 

Joan H. Dennis 

James Robert Dietrich 

Christine Angela Dunleavy 

Nino Frederick Enkiri 

Cheryl Sue Essers 

Linda Barra Ferris 

Jerome Francis Festa 

David Gordon 

James Paul Greene 

Edward James Hamilton 

Joseph Donald Harkins 

Linda Lynch Havlicek 

18 August Doctors/Masters 

John Terrence Healey 
Charles Frederic Herseth 
Carl Anthony Hinton 
Golda Katz Jacobs 
Susan Carol Jenkins 
Bonita Alta Johnsen 
Kevin Newell Keegan 
Ann Nottingham Kelsall 
W. Michael Kendrick 
Pamela Joan Kneisel 
Keith Edmund Kolodgie 
Mark Steven Krikstan 
Carmela Frances Kube 
Gertrud Angela Lauman 
Alan Vern LeBaron 
Gitte I^ibtag 
Aaron Lerner 
Peggy Lilienthal Linden 
Dorothy Spleth Linthicum 
Karen Therese Litf in 
John Joseph Mackey 
Katharine Esson Mason 
Ursula H. K. McAuley 
Karen Patricia McCaffrey 
Penny Jane McClellan 
Laura Drummond Megill 
Joseph Edward Miller, Jr. 
Weylin Poy Moy 
Sue Steckman Muir 
Teresa Nagorka 
Harry L. Neuman, Jr. 
Alan Steven Noll 
Mary Louise O'Connell 
Tommy Wayne Owen 
Valerie Anne Renner 
James W. Robinson 
Lawrence Irwin Rodkin 
Martha Jackson Ross 
Barry L. Rubin 
Krista Leatherman Schejbal 
Karen Melvina Schulz 
Ronald William Shafer 
Thomas Paul Slaughter 
John Gray Smale, Jr. 
Joel Judah Snyder 
Stephanie Michele Spernak 
Deborah Ridley Sussewell 
Fran Viola Tartar 
Helen Elizabeth Taylor 

David Lynn Twomey 
Michael Anthony Wagner 
Alicia Tracy Walter 
Daniel Barack Wasserman 
Janice Elizabeth Williams 
R. Patrick Williams 
Susan Christman Williams 
Molly K. Williamson 

Master of Science 

Dean Edgar Anderson 

Alan Haymaker Anthony, Jr. 

David Edward Babineau 

Francis Gerard Barnett 

John David Barry 

Donald Louis Becker 

Michael Wayne Bozman 

Micheal Damian Buescher 

Peter Paul Chase 

Shao-Cheng Chiu 

Bradley Alan Cohn 

Mark Douglas Conway 

Denis Roger Cournoyer 

Freeman L. Daniels 

Ismail Nazih Deif 

Mark William Dennis 

Virginia Louise De Roze 

Mary Beth Downs 

Mark James Drabiniski 

Rhoda Kay Stevenson Eckert 

John Thomas Gilbert, Jr. 

Ruthie Hubert Gilley 

Raj Pal Goel 

Peter Edward Guterl 

James C. Hanson 

Dennis Payton Harcum 

Eugene Edward Hardekopf 

Debbie Hartman Holt 

Arshad Hussain 

Jan Michael Jobanek 

Scott Michael Johnson 

Winston Scott Jones 

John Dandridge Henley Kane, III 

Donald Bruce Klein 

Bruce Stanley Knoll 

Ronald Burton Kopelman 

William Henry Kuiper 

Yu-Shyang Kuo 

Albert L. Lang, Jr. 

Stephen Frederick Lange 

Kathryn Rooney Larmer 

Ya-Nien Lee 

Yu-Pu Lee 

Michael Anthony Marcotrigiano 

Viola Frances Mason 

James Oscar Mawyer 

James Hunt McNemar 

Charles Thomas Mewshaw, Jr. 

Alain George Minno 

Helmut P. Moyseenko 

Susan Marcia Neufeld 

Sinh Huy Nguyen 

James Earl Nichols 

Paul Francis Novick 

Qudc Minh On 

Dennis Michael O'Neil 

Milton Edgar Palmer, III 


Martin Capell Rabenhorst 

Ryszard Lech Rasinski 

Maryanne Reilly 

John Rocco Renzi 

Linda Robinson 

Norbert Francis Schwartz 

Peter Tai Shen 

Bruce Alan Sidwell 

Enid Fern Silverman 

Joy Teitelbaum Solyst 

Michael William Sorensen 

Lewis Mark Steinberg 

Marian B. Sutton 

Elizabeth Lee Preston Tabisz 

Wondwossen Taddesse 


Shou-Min Tsao 

Mark Leo Tucker 

Tiruvidamarudur A. Venkatramani 

Susan Ruth Betty Weiss 

Stephanie Ann Wiedel 

Master of Education 

Davina Maude Blakeney 
Carolyn Diane Blue 
Colleen Terry Bon 
Stephen D. Boyce 
Mary Eileen Brogan 
Martha Virginia Brown 
Christine Coyle Caffrey 

Elizabeth M. Chamberlin 
Gail Robin Cherin 
Beth Barton Cohen 
Rebecca A. Columbus 
Teresa Anne Condry 
Robert Thomas Corkey 
John Peter D'Angelo, Jr. 
Debra Corbett Davis 
Linda Jane Dockendorf 
Dennis Michael Dugan 
Diane Lynn Dugan 
Margo Mary Durand 
Barbara P. Elrod 
Elizabeth Perkins Follin 
Elizabeth Purdy Fotheringham 
Susan Frishman 
Wendee G. Garcia 
Donna Rae Gochnour 
Margaret Ann Gordon 
Debra Mae Goren 
Helen Tenhopen Hanes 
Rita Margaret Harding 
Mark Gordon Harrison 
James Michael Haynie 
Patricia Marian Hays 
Brenda Golden Heinen 
Harold Thomas Herndon 
Alice I. Hertz 
Fredrika Stubbs Hill 
Bonnie Harper Hobson 
Katherine A. Hoepfner 
Charles P. Hogarth, Jr. 
Faye Eileen Huckert 
David Elbert Jorio 
Jan Jaynes Knoblock 
Freida Jordan McArthur 
Monika Sigrid McCormick 
Gloria Thompson McKoy 
Diana Marie Millios 
David Walter Montgomery 
Robert Eugene Muhaw 
Jacqueline Franz Murphy 
Janet Murphy 
Linda Pace Naas 
William Kenneth Nock 
Helen Williams Nolan 
John R. Nori 

Daniel Osaheni Osazuwa 
Verilette Ann Parker 
Randolph Mark Percy 

Raymond Joseph Perreault, Jr. 

Susan Shulman Porter 

Martha R. Quigley 

Margaret Anne Randolph 

Ann Ruth Sacks 

Margaret Patricia Murphy Sigler 

Ameta W. Smith 

Gary Lee Sunderland 

Susan Hauck West 

Mamie I. Williams 

Coleen Lieb Wilson 

Charles Jensen Wright 

Adrienne Joyce Zalcman 

Master of Business 

Steven Ken Arisumi 
Thomas Delano Blair 
Susan Leifer Bush 
Alexander Shennan Causey 
Raymond Louis Federici 
Eileen Ruth Fischer 
John Charles Foreman 
Robert James Hasek 
Janet Mary Hiller 
Wayne Allan Hucke 
Sally Ellen Jacobson 
Wendy Jurka Jhabvala 
Jeffrey Philip Kandle 
Karen G. Knauer 
Dennis E. Mitchell 
Marion Frances Monroe 
Gerald P. Motl 
Kenneth Ernest Nickels 
Ronald Edward Northcutt 
Richard L. Parke 
Vincent Anthony Pepper 
Alan Michael Preston 
John Ronald Prestwich 
June Elizabeth Roland 
Peter James Snyder 
Donata Maria Tanzi 
Thomas Trezise 
Edward Andrew Wasil, Jr. 

Master of Music 

Nardina T. Fleming 
Sally Elizabeth Harmon 
Pamela Lynn Hathaway 
James Matthew Holloway 
Patrick Tirrill Kavanaugh 
Thomas A. Wilsbach 

Master of Library Science 

Louisa Ann Aikin 
Thomas Michael Askin 
Norman Nathaniel Barbee 
Elizabeth Victoria Barrer 
Carolyn Brass Beavers 
Carolyn M. Best 
Brenda Bernhards Broadbent 
Barbara Helen Caplan 
Maryjane Carbo 
Catherine Ann Chung 
Gina Rabai Clair 
Gwen Louise Cohen 
Katherine Bertsch Compagno 
Dolores Wylie Conger 
Susan Charmaine Cooper 
Kathy Holmes Dexter 
Lorraine Dubreuil 
Helen Page DuVal 
Beth Ann Erlsten 
Bessie Beatrice Farmer 
Deborah Rohm Farrell 
Regina Helen Feldman 
Diane Louise Mahaffey Franklin 
Dale Blackwell Gasque 
Lynn Ida Gorsey 
Joyce Elaine Gray 
Kathryn Ann Greco 
Emily Jane Gwynn 
Kathryn Anne Hall 
Catherine Marie Henson 
Virginia White Hihn 
Elian Brandon Jolly 
Berenice Elizabeth Jones 
Timothy Austin Kelley 
Edwin Peter Knihnicki 
Judith Elizabeth Kummerlowe 
Carolyn Louise La Chance 
Christian Kesel Larew 
Wilda Darnette Logan 

Margaret Sheckels McDaniel 
Bruce R. Meadows 
Timothy S. Newell 
Robert Charles Newton 
Dale Beverly Nitzberg 
Joan Catherine Nolte 
Rojulene Thompson Norris 
Barbara Gail Ott 
Martha Jane Peterson 
Cynthia Ann Pilecki 
Gwendolyn Joyce Potier 
Jan Dubose Reagan 
David Michael Savastone 
Douglas Wayne Sellers 
Timothy Albert Sinclair 
Lonnie Jolene Spotts 
Clara J. Stewart 
Holly Suzanne Wadsworth 
MattieLou Watkins 
Nancy Ruth Weyel 
Richard Elliott Winslow, III 

Master of Fine Arts 

Margery Jean Freeman 


Master of Education 

May 28, 1978 

Rosemary Patino Houle 
Lina Marie Roberts 

August Masters 19 

Division of 
Agricultural and 
Life Sciences 


Bachelor of Science 

§Karen Marie Beato 
Linda Barfield Bird 
Mark Case Brigham 
Frank Edward Brooks 
Linda Susan Brown 
Richard Ira Chase 
Susan Marie Clark 
William Chase Coale, III 
Ann Elizabeth Coates 
Ian Sidney De Souza 
Chris Crane Grant 

"Charles Franklin Haugh, III 
Elena Incarnato 
Jocelyn Ann Kennelly 
Katherine Laurie Kinney 
David Everton Lashley 
David Everton Lashley 
Michael F. Loibl 
Patricia Crawley McElroy 
Daniel J. McPherson 
Eric Johnson Megenhardt 

TMargaret Mary Nichols 
Mark Daniel Notich 
William Henry Owens, III 
Joseph Horn Paciotti 
Angela Fell Phelps 
Kevin Paul Rohrer 
John David Shaeffer 

Division of 
Agricultural and 
Life Sciences 

Bachelor of Science 

Sylvia Yvonne Avila 
Tori Beatty Barr 
Dorothy Elizabeth Behr 
§ Vivian Lee Hobbs Berzinski 
Kenneth Eugene Boyd 
Philip Alan Burke 

20 August Bachelors 

Mitchell Ira Burken 
Joseph Alexander Cherry 
Stephen Peter Cooper 
Howard James Cornish 
James Richard Darmody 
William Joseph dela Paz 
Paula Ann Deschamp 
Mary Adele Donnelly 
Stevens Gantt Duker 
Wilma Irene Feliciano 
Richard Wesley Finley, II 
Michele Diane Foo 

"Jonathan Edwin Grant 
Karen Hoffmann Hayden 
Heidi Louise Heller 
Kevin James Hollister 
Barbara Ann Hurley 
Charlotte Louise Johnson 
Diane R. Kightlinger 
EtienneT. Lamoreaux 

§Barbara S. Lewis 
George Hunter Loeber 
Kenneth Gregory Moore 
Anne Johnson Mustafa 
Susan Marie Notto 
John Christopher Ossi 
Fernando Daniel Padilla 
David Alan Raine 
Karen Louise Ritter 
Emilio E. Rivera 

TDaniel Jay Sandhaus 
George Mark Savell 
Claire Louise Schachter 
Leslie Joan Schilling 
Robert William Shaffer 
Steven Rolland Tabb 
Cynthia Eve Taylor 
Katherine Tiku 
Craig Edward Upchurch 

T Nancy Kathleen Wagner 
Stephen Robert Wajsgras 
Lesley Coleen Ward 
Richard Joseph Wilson 
Ruth Edwina Wilson 
Taras Borys Wojtowycz 
Eric Gerard Young 

Division of 

Arts and Humanities 


Bachelor of Architecture 

§ Bruce Hillary Zavos 

Bachelor of Science 

John Reginald Walker 


Bachelor of Science 

Roger Allan Abram 
Clarence Anthony Brown, III 
Karen Ann Carruthers 
Michael Deane Cox 
Karen Lynn Curry 
Beth Nell Englander 
Karen Cecilia Frederick 
Christian R. Hennemeyer 
Owen P. Hughes 
David Edward Lazarus 
Marialba Marti'nez-Garcia 

tMichele Anne Naphen 
Donna Jean Palumbo 

§Karla Ruth Rabin 
Margaret Mary Stack 
James Brock Walker 

•William Lynch Walker 
Constance Whittington Young 

Division of 

Arts and Humanities 

Bachelor of Arts 

David Louis Abramson 
Frieda Lucy Achtentuch 
"David Agatstein 
Wendy Hazel Anthony 
Anna Marie Bagwell 
Kathleen Ruth Baxter 
Robert Bel Bruno 
Dana Beth Benarde 

Graziella Benenati 
Robert Lewis Bernstein 
Victoria Barnes Bishton 
Lynn Ray Bosmajian 
David James Brlansky 
Robert Paul Brodowski 
Antoinette G. Buena 
Deborah Lorraine Chapman 
Roxanne Elise Charleston 
TGlenn Alden Clatworthy 
Brian Stuart Coates 
Charles Alexander Colburn 
Linda Ann Cunabaugh 
Roland Ernest Davis 
tSteven Carroll Dawn 
Monica Aimes Downey 
Leonard Joseph Elmore 
Bruce David Feirson 
"Kathleen Ellen Finn 
James Michael Finnegan 
Majorie Wilkes Frank 
Mary Elizabeth Franklin 
Philip Dale Fryer 
Jane Beth Gallagher 
T Freda Grambling Gandy 
Rina Ravinder Kaur Gill 
Marianne Glass 
Amy Glasser 
Michael Anthony Green 
David Mark Gruber 
Thomas Edward Halligan 
Neal James Hanley 
Christian R. Hennemeyer 
"Donna Lynn Hensley 
Anne Catherine Heutte 
Deborah Arlene Hobgood 
Robin Lynn Hornstein 
Jodie Beth Kaye 
Sheila Keen 
Anne Soen-ok Kim 
Bruce Lawrence Kluger 
Beatrice Antoinette Knauf 
Rudolph Lewis 
Jennifer L. Libbee 
Deborah Jeanne Longen 
Michelle Aurore Luddy 
Dimitri Lutchenkov 
§Patricia Ann Maher 
Theo Athan Margas 

§SuiiimaCum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; 'Cum Laude 

Patricia Helen Mason 

Lawrence Ewell McCurdy 

Rhonda McDaniel 

Mark Peter McLane 

Michele Ann McTighe 

Lisa Marie Mihok 

Robert Joseph Miller, Jr. 

Richard Strickler Olevsky 

Herbert Hungerford Olsen, IV 
§Diane Carol ONeill 

Gary Martin O'Neill 

Kim Heang Ong 

Maria Weronika Potocka 

Sarah Stoddard Pusey 

Jonathan Steven Resnick 

Judith Ann Schaeffer 

Jacqueline Wyatt Shelton 

Roberta Sue Siegenfeld 
*Stacey Robin Silverman 

Calvin Carl Simpson 

Angela Rose Sita 

Daniel Michael Stancliff 

Susan Bryan Sweeney 

Eleanor Thorens 

Carolyn Estelle Timberlake 

Rene Marie Tinker 
§ Andrea Frances Trexler 

Ann Frances Wagner 

William Lynch Walker 

Mark F. Weiner 

Loretta Jean Wolf 

Linda Gale Wood 
"Katharine Ann Zener 

Sandra Louise Zoellner 

Bachelor of Music 

William Kenneth Archer 

Division of 
Behavioral and 
Social Sciences 


Bachelor of Science 

Samuel Agyeman-Duah 
Ross Edward Altman 
§Charlotte Crane Armstrong 
Roger Allan Armstrong 
*Terry Shupp Armstrong 
'Stephen Anthony Baba 
Alan Mark Battersby 
Roberta Lee Beaty 
Leland Roy Beitel 
Michelle Marie Biess 
Frank Louis Bishop 
Kenneth Craig Bitten 
Gary Michael Blender 
Arleen Joy Block 
Arnold Benjamin Blumenthal 
'DuaneG. Bosler 
F. Stephen Brady 
Bernard Mark Brauner 
Mary Jane Breedlove 
Robert Zachariah Brewer, Jr. 
David Wayne Brewrink 
Ronald Lee Bubes 
Paul Stuart Bunker 
William Everett Cannon 
Joseph Paul Cappello, II 
§Joseph Edward Carey 
Sheila Renee Carter 
Philip Ryland Catalano 
David Lawrence Chimera 
Paul Edward Christiansen 
Douglas Morse Clark 
James Geary Coff ren 
Howard Alan Cohen 
Joseph Patrick Connors, Jr. 
Joseph Anthony Cord 
John William Cryer 
Lynn Cutruzzula 
Kim Eric Davenport 
Janette Louise Davis 
Robert Anthony DeAngelis 
John Meade Dell'Erba 

David Henry Delluomo 
Adlore Lewis Devenow 
Linda Marie Dickenson 
Marcy Gail Doane 
Sue Ann Doroff 
Patrick Ames Dougherty 
James Andrew Doyle 
Charles Look 

§Janet Marie Evan 
Kenneth Ross Fabian 
John Salvatore Failla, Jr. 
Charles Sidney Faller, III 
Amir Hushang Farazad 
Bernadine Lenore Fireison 
Sharon EUard Foley 
Robert Snoke Fortna 
Jerald Mitchell Fountain 
Kenneth Earl Fox 
Stephen Jay Gindes 
Peter Gould Gleason 
Joseph Zvi Gold 
Timothy Alan Grace 
Richard Paul Grochmal 
James Mark Hamilton 
Karen Gabrielle Hamilton 
John Clifton Hawkins, Jr. 
Steven Robert Hewes 
Christopher George Hodge 
Christopher Hartley Holte 
Mark Charles Holzman 
Thomas Walter Hunt 
Charles Lawson Hurtt, Jr. 
Marc Alan Hurwitz 
Phillip Steven Hyatt 
Walter B. Jacobs 
Harold Donald Johnson 
Kenneth W. Jones, Jr. 

TBonnie Kalmanson 
Darko Daniel Kapelina 
David Bruce Klein 
Vivienne Klirs 
Richard Lee Koplin 

tCarrie Cole Kuhn 
Gwyneth Murray Landon 
Stephen James Lazaras 
Chi-Feng Amber Lee 
Edmund Francis Le Mieux, II 
William Howard Learch 
Carroll Webster Lumpkins, Jr. 
Louis Francis Maire, IV 

§Summa Cum Laude: tMagna Cum Laude; 'Cum Laude 

George Constantine Makrides 
Paul David Marbach 
William Troy Martin 
William Peter Martyniuk 
David Bruce McAlister 
Robert Patrick McCabe 
Joseph Donovan McCreary 
Michael Thomas Mclntyre 
Steven Victor McKew 
John Joseph McMahon 
'Claude Henry Miller 

Keith Vincent Morgan 
*David Ian Morgen 
Jack Edward Morin 
Paul Eberhard Muellner 
*Debra Jane Nash 
'Jeanne Louise Nelson 
Anh Tuong Nguyen 
Timothy Peter Noone 
Paul Stanley Nowakowski 
TDenis O'Connor 
Michael John Paul 
John H. Pernat 
Peter Anthony Phelps 
John Daniel Phillips 
'Stephen Shepard Polan 
John Hansel Pressley 
Claude Eugene Pressoir 
Donald Wesley Rhodes 
Donald Stanton Ring 
Mark Harold Ritter 
John Michael Rivers 
Allan Edward Roberts 
Joan Morris Rodgers 
Nelson Stanley Rodriguez 
Daniel Arnaud Roland 
Brian M. Rosenberg 
Jacklyn Gail Rosenthal 
Douglas Evan Rowe 
Richard Michael Schlaifer 
John Joseph Schlick 
Stanley David Senders 
"Florence Margaret Serpi 
Matthew D. Sheridan 
Patrick Francis Shields 
Joni LeeShoup 
Laura Ellen Smith 
Gayle Spahn 
Kenneth Spearman 
James Franklin Spicer, Jr. 

August Bachelors 21 

Madeline Jean Stack 
Dorian Addrian Stavrou 
Jane Vivian Stewart 
Patrick John Stewart 
Barry Gene Stricklin 
Louis Edgar Trott, Jr. 
Joy Ann Tupac 
Gregory John Venit 

§Jane Elizabeth Victorey 
Alan David Warsaw 
Marsha Elizabeth White 
Leonard A. Whitehead 

tSandra Jean Whitehead 
Robert Blaine Wicklein 

tOorothy Jeanne Williams 
Timothy Charles Williams 

Division of 
Behavioral and 
Social Sciences 

Bachelor of Arts 

Jill Helene Adelman 

Gary David Alpert 

Robert John Balassone 

Keith Blair Bartnik 

Carol Sue Bates 

Meredith Elidan Amy Baynham 

Nita Gordon Bolotsky 

Mariann Brand 

Iris Lauren Breger 

Kenneth Bruce Brown 

William Van der Horst Brumby 

Tamyra Vonae Caple 

William Francis Casey 

Sharon Marie Cigarski 
§ Deborah Jean Coffin 

Jerrold Murray Copperman 

James Cortlandt Cunningham 

Vincent Michael Dabbondanza, Jr. 

Crystal La Verne Day 

Daniel Keith Dering 

James Patrick Donahue 

Michael Dennis Downs 

Jeffrey Dale Ebert 

Elizabeth Ann Eppard 
t Amy Janette Favin 

Joseph John Fedorkowicz 

22 August Bachelors 

Thomas Regis Gallagher 
Joseph Peter Ganascioli 
Debra Kay Garnett 
Peter S. Gewant 
Glynis Anne Gibson 
James Patrick Glenn, Jr. 

'Andrea LaPoint Green 
Peter A. Hammett 
Paul Alan Hardy 
Rickey Allen Harvey 
Mary Foster Herbers 
Carin Sue Hoffman 

*Karen Irene Holloman 
Ruth Lorraine Holt 
Marcy Jill Hurwitz 
Kenneth John Hylind 
Steward Richard Jackson 
William Bradley Jennings 
Kenneth Michael Jones 
Melvin Sylvester Joppy, Jr. 
Richard Andrew Joseph 

'Robert Irvine Judson 
Elia William Kacapyr 
Patricia Renee Kalla 
Bruce Merrill Kanter 
Jodi Kassin 
Maureen Ellen Kelly 
Andrew Knowles Kimball 
Diana Eleonor Lakner 
Jay Neal Lazrus 
Brenda Jean Leonard 

'Renee Charlotte Levy 
Taras Anton Lukianczuk 
Steven J. Lutsky 
Mary Denise MacElrevey 
Cecilia Catherine Mangan 
Paul Francis Martineau 
Robert Anthony Mattey, Jr. 
Thomas Jeffrey McCausland 
Bruce Reed McCormick 
Trenece Roselle McDonald 
Regina Victoria McDonnell 
William McKay 
William Gregory Meier 

tJeffery Layton Miles 
Hope S. Mineo 
M. Steven Misko 
William Edward Mott 
Christine Suzanne Myrick 
David Wayne Neville 

Lance C. Newby 

Glenn Joseph Nick 

Charles Lee Papirmeister 

Chester Cornell Phillips, Jr. 
'Mirtha Susana Pokorny 

Alphonso Sterling Price 

John Lawrence Pritchard 

Linda M. Quinn 

Kevin Michael Quirk 

Jeffrey G Ray 

Michael P. Rebain 

Charlotte N. Reines 
'Sharon Lynn Rhodes 

Laurence James Ritzmann 
'Jane Cherly Rosenstock 

Dallas Belton Russell, Jr. 

Jeffrey Paul Russell 

Pamella Joy Sandul 

Marjorie Elizabeth Scaffa 

Gregory C. Schindel 

Martin Eric Schmahmann 

Denise Schuermann 

Roxann Scott 

Joyce Elaine Shannon 

Edward Lawrence Shaw, Jr. 

Daniel Francis Sheehan 
'Wendy Preece Sklarew 

Stanley Lee Smalls 

Sonia Michell Spencer 

RochelleD. Spiker 

Joseph Donald Stanton 

Wallace Crown Strong 
§James Glen Titus 

Laura Lee Tompkins 
t Suzanne P. Ullsperger 

Barbara Rae Viente 

Kenneth Watson 

Marci Weil 

Vivian Ann Welker 

Daniel James White 

Vicki Lynn Willetts 
TBernard Worthington Williford, Jr. 

George Michael Wilson 

Douglas Warren Wiseman 

Randy Toma Yon 

Lawrence Richard Yost 

Bachelor of Science 

Eliahu Bruck 

Janice Cobb 
§Sidney A. Connor 

Kathleen Leona Dougherty 

John Francis Duggan 

Gail Arlene Halle 
'Douglas Ruebin Jeffery 

EtienneT. Lamoreaux 

Daniel Richard Nicholson 

Brian Scott Parsons 

Frederic Edward Riggle 

Sally Samuel 

Michael Dean Slater 

Patrick Glenn Startt 

Ronald Barry Sterling 

Joseph Turner 

Charles Vernon Wood, Jr. 

David Jay Yarmosky 

Division of 
Human and 
Community Resources 


Bachelor of Arts 

§James Joseph Allman 
Jeanne Marie Boone 
Thomas George Burgess 
Marjorie Sue Klein 
Katherinel. Pontious 
Joan Therese Shea 
Marlene Rae Shugarman 

Bachelor of Science 

James Roland Aust 
Pamela Ann Barsness 
Deborah Alan Bell 
Susan Jean Bell 
Hilary Robin Better 
Susan Cook Bromell 
Donna Maria DeBella 
Doreen A. Diorio 
Craig M. Duda 
Cynthia Lane Ehlerding 
Paula Beth Fein 

§Summa Cum Laude: T Magna Cum Laude: "Cum Laude 

Kathryn Sue Fisher 

Claire Maria FitzGerald 

Paul David Gerhard 

Theresa Marie Grilli 

Daria Holovac 

Estelle Ledbetter Hughes 

Emma Jean Johnson 

Nicolette Karahalis 

Lawrence Daniel Karr 

Roy Thomas Kohn 
"Sharon Patricia Markowich 

M. Denise McCright 

Kathleen Rose McGehrin 

Donna Chace Mills 

Carol Cecelia Nethen 

Maureen Ann Nolan 

David Yingling Nowell 

Tujuana Maria Patterson 

Charles N.Phelps 

Lois Ann B. Pollock 

Carol Janet Rohr 

Dean J. Sheridan 

Nancy Lee Spiegel 

Marta Robin Strom 
*Donna Lee Stroud 

Marc Lawrence Waffenfeld 

Finis Oliver Walker 

William James Wallace, 111 
tSteven Weng 

Diane Marie Williams 

John Mervin Wilt 

Barry Raymond Yavener 


Bachelor of Science 

Carrie McNally Alexander 
Joyce Elizabeth Aris 
Catherine Shannon Baker 
Marcia Thomas Bruce 
Mary Stephania Burdge 
Jane Ellen Burkey 
Lauren Marie Cissel 
Valerie Lillian Cole 
Denise Annmarie Daniels 
Carol Ehrhardt Englert 
Julia Anne Gelders 

Lisa Beth Gendel 
Linda Susan Harris 
Cynthia L. Huber 
Elaine Jacobs 
Sandra Stella Kim 
Karen S. Kneussl 
Steven Michael Marcellus 
Barbara Allen Marcovitz 
Judith Sigrid Markowitz 
Sandra Gail McNeill 
Jean Beth Merron 
Lisa Ann Myers 
Barbara Jo Newman 
Susan Mary Patterson 
Carol Ann Propst 
Patricia Anne Pusey 
Natalie Rosenberg 
Beth Tracy Safran 
Cynthia Lou Smith 
Mary Ellwanger Stubee 
Susan S. Taylor 
"Deborah Ann VanStratum 


Bachelor of Science 

Susan Lynn Anderson 
§Carla Bass Arnold 
Laura Kay Baker 
Helen Margaret Barwick 
Leanne Esther Brager 
Shirley Ann Bringan 
Mark Francis Burchick 
Marsha Lynn Burke 
Lisa Carroll 
Ann Regina Casey 
Annette Terry Chester 
Joseph Loucks Child 
Carol Ann Cochrane 
Lucinda M, Collins 
Patricia Ann Daley 
Catherine Jeanne Davis 
Barbara R. Fisher 
Margaret Elizabeth Fuchs 
Mary Anna Glorioso 
John Andrew Harvey 

"Bradley Scott Hibbs 
Jay Wilson Jarrell 
Mark Stanley Johnson 
Barbara Ellen Jones 
Ronda R. July 
Lawrence Daniel Kallal 
Susan Cheryl Keith 
Yvonne Marie Knapp 
Lynn Renee Kovaciny 
Susan Krupsaw 
Joyce Kristin Larson 

"Maureen McManus 
Juanita Murdock 
Phyllis Mari Nagao 
Majorie Gail Nuefeld 
Elizabeth Ann Nicholls 

t Araxi Paul 
Deborah Ann Perdew 
Rosemarie Dennis Ruddick 
Rebecca Susan Selzer 
Nina Maria Shandor 
Sharan Diane Smith 
Wallace Roy Stephenson 
Martha Anne Suhayda 

tJulia Davisson Tangredi 

"Carol Ellen Undank 
Mary Katherine Weikert 
Sally Maya Zalk 

Division of 
Mathematical and 
Physical Sciences 
and Engineering 


Bachelor of Science 

James Adams Barrack, Jr. 
Charles Nelson Beal, III 
James Leo Dwyer 
Deborah Marie Garr 
Gary D. Grise 
Douglas Wayne Grove 
Thomas Irving Insley, Jr. 
tMasoud Kavianpour 
Jose Antonio Martinez 

§Summa Cum Laude: tMagna Cum Laude, 'Cum Laude 

David Earl Massey 

Drew Bryson McGee 

M. Honorato Patricio Ochoa 

James Matthew Phalen 

Mark Edward Reider 

John Paul Rex 

Joseph Charles Sangermano, Jr. 

Joseph Leonard Scheffey 
§Donald Larson Schmidt 

David Wells Snyder 
"William Roger Thomason, Jr. 

Mark John Wedel 

Michael Tobin Zuckerman 

Division of 
Mathematical and 
Physical Sciences 
and Engineering 

Bachelor of Science 

Donna P. Alter 
B. Roane Dantzler 
Dennis Gerard Dunn 
TBarbara Trautman Fox 
Glen D. Gehman 
Johnnye Lee Lopes 
Lance H. Mitchell 
Diane Martinette Petruzzo 
Ann Elizabeth Salerno 
William Atlee Sellers 
Mark Stephen Smith 
MarekB. M. Syski 
Charles Andrew Thomas 


Bachelor of General Studies 

Marcia Lynn Adelstein 
Fay Reid Boskent 
Steven Alan Cohen 
Douglas Cohn 
Richard Allen Cook 
Nancy Jean Dickinson 
E. Rita Donick 
Janet Lee Drumwright 
Victor Coleman du Pont 
Kathleen Marie Dwyer 

August Bachelors 23 

Robert Joseph Dwyer 
Claudia Petrone English 
Barbara Marion Evans 
Legusta Edgar Floyd, Jr. 
Jeffrey Hugh Gilleas 
Jill Karen Greenberg 
Pamela J. Holden 
Daniel Edwin Kershner 
David Merle Koonce 
Mary Kathryn Lee 
Jay S. Levy 

Janell Margaret Lee Low/man 
Bruce Carl Miller 
Janice Blair Newman 
Cena E. Novello 
Michael James Pelanda 
Mary Ann Phillips 
Elinor Reamer 
David B. Sandridge 
Lawrence Paul Seder 
Lon Eric Segal 
William E. Shores 
Jeffrey Mayhew Smith 
Bari-Lynn Stein 
Beatrice Julia Van Dusen 
Kathryn Denise Vargo 
Kevin Brian Wiedel 
Gary Wilson 

Bachelor of Arts 

Janet M. E. Borkpe Agudu 
Holly Lynette Carter 
TSherry Leigh Rhodes 
Paul Steven Schapiro 

Bachelor of Science 

"Theodore Val Benderev 

Charles Jonathan Bright 

David Bryan Franks 
•Robert Alan Fuld 
'Samuel Carl Gold 

Pamela Joan Jacobs 
§Joel Bruce Klein 

Pamela Susan Portney 
t Howard Leonard Siegel 

24 August Bachelors 

§SummaCumLaude: tMagna Cum Laude; •Cum Laude 

for Degrees 

DECEMBER 18, 1978 

TKe 1978 class roster comprises 
degree candidates from the 
undergraduate and graduate 
programs at the University's 
College Park Campus. As final 
action cannot always be taken 
for candidates by the time this 
program is printed, the list of 
candidates here is tentative only. 
The University reserves the 
right to withdraw or add 
names. All diplomas not dis- 
tributed by departments and 
colleges today will be mailed 
by the Registrations Office. 

Students who have earned their 
degrees from the College of 
Education may obtain a State- 
ment of Certificate Eligibility 
in the College of Education 
Records Office (Room 3201). 
Other students who have 
completed teacher education 
programs will receive their 
statements in the mail (separate 
from the diploma) upon verifi- 
cation of required coursework. 

Graduate School 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Robert E. Menzer, Acting Dean 
for Graduate Studies. 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Carol DeMun Adams 

Secondary Education: The 
Effects of Vocabulary Load on 
Typewriting Achievement in a 
Self-Instructional Context. 

Sara Alpern 

History: A Woman of The 
Nation : Freda Kirchwey. 

Lynn Meridith Amende 
Zoology: The Relationship 
Between Membrane Associated 
Particles and Membrane 

Mary Lou Sweet Anderson 
Early Childhood/ Elementary 
Education: The Development 
of an Instrument to Measure 
Early Childhood Teacher's 
Attitudes Toward the Touching 
Behaviors of Young Children. 

Fred Taylor Arnold 

Agricultural & Resource 
Economics : An Economic Eval- 
uation of the Impact of EPA 's 
Proposed Cancellation of the 
Pesticides: Chlordane and 

Gail Sandra Ayers 

Early Childhood/Elementary 
Education: Parental Prefer- 
ences for Child Care Choices of 
Montgomery County Employ- 

Lawrence John Baker 

Mathematics: An Investigation 


Charles David Batty 

Library & Information Serv- 
ices: The Entity-Process Prin- 
ciple as a Necessary Principle in 
Classification and Indexing 

Suzanne Michele Beaudet 
Physical Education: A Com- 
parison of Selected Physiologi- 
cal Parameters in Men and 
Women of Similar Aerobic 

Dennis John Bechis 

Physics : A Search for Long- 
lived Neutral Heavy Leptons in 
400 GeV/c Proton Interactions. 

Lucille Bluso Beck 

Hearing & Speech Sciences: 
The Effect of Dichotic Amplifi- 
cation on the Speech Discrimi- 
nation Ability of Hearing 

Robert Joseph Becker 
Meteorology: A Global 
Distribution of the Sources and 
Sinks of Radiant Energy. 

Marilyn R. Berman 

Administration, Supervision, 
& Curriculum: A Comparative 
Study of Job Satisfaction and 
Role Conflict in Men and 
Women, Full and Part Time 
Faculty at the University of 
Maryland— College Park 

Norlyn Lee Bodkin 

Botany: A Revision of North 
American Melanthium L. 

Rachel Zonelle King Booth 
Administration, Supervision, 
& Curriculum: The Manage- 
ment of An Interprofessional 
Program in an Academic 
Health Center: A Case Study. 

William Reno Bowman 

Economics: A Human Capital 
Approach for Analyzing the 
Distribution of Post-MDTA 

Carol A. Brothers 

Human Development : An 
Attributional Analysis of Sex 
Role Incongruency . 

Michael Robert Brown 

Physical Education: Satiation 
Tendencies and Sensation Seek- 
ing Among High and Low-Risk 
Sport Groups. 

Nellie Margaret Bugbee 

Psychology: Behavioral Effects 
Following Lesions of the 
Nucleus Spiriformis Lateralis 
in the Pigeon ( Columba livia ). 

Lee Aubrey Burcham 

Geography : A Geographic 
Analysis of Population Migra- 
tion and Settlement Patterns 
in Northeast Thailar^d 

Roger Wade Bussard 

Physics: Topics in Astrophysi- 
cal X-Ray and Gamma-Ray 

Virginia Marie Buxton 

Pyschology: Evaluation of a 
Police Training Program using 
Process and Outcome Criteria. 

Kenneth James Campbell 
Administration, Supervision, 
& Curriculum: Determinents of 
Participation in Jewish Adult 

Gregory Dean Carey 

Chemistry: Synthesis of the 
Myelin Basic Proteins. 

Christine Hardy Carrington 
Psychology: A Comparison of 
Cognitive and Affective 
Therapy in Treating Depres- 
sion in Black Women. 

December Doctors 25 

Jean Marden Caswell 
Art: The Morgan-Macon 
Golden Legend and Related 

Hyo Duck Chang 
Meteorology : Spatial and 
Temporal Distributions of 
Vertical Velocities and Their 
Relationship to the Atmos- 
pheric Circulation. 

Kenneth L. Chatelaine 

American Studies : Harry Stack 
Sullivan — The Formative Years 
(1892-1930) (The Forming and 
Influential Factors on His Life 
and His Work). 

Chi-Shung Cheng 

Meteorology : Diagnostic Study 
of Tropical Cumulus Intensity 
Using a Cellular Convection 


Economics: A Study of Com- 
parative Rates of Economic 

Jay Carrington Chunn, II 

Human Development: A Com- 
parison of Two Measures of 
Socio-Economic Status and 
Familial Factors as They Relate 
to Self Concept in Two Samples 
of Black Third and Fourth 
Grade Children. 

Joan Cobb-Wilson 

Early Childhood/Elementary 
Education: A Comparison of 
the Child Rearing Attitudes of 
Teachers and Parents of 
Children in the Day Care 

Frederick Lewis Cochran 

Physics: Linear and N onLinear 
MHD Studies of Finite Beta 

J. Roger Corn 

Psychology; Implications of 
Self-Efficacy Theory for 
Cigarette Smoking Cessation. 

Janet Lynn Cornfeld 

Counseling & Personnel 
Services: Role Model Influences 
on Female Graduate Students. 

Louis Theodore Coulson, III 
Human Development: A 

Comparison of Individual 
Versus Group on Two Creative 
Idea-Finding Techniques, 
Brainstorming and Random 
Word Input, Under Variable 
Time Conditions. 

Christine Ann Courtois 
Counseling & Personnel 
Services : A Study of Variables 
Affecting Incest Victim 

Patricia Long Danoff 

Physical Education: A Com- 
parison of the Energy Cost and 
Physiological Response to 
Isometric and Isotonic Exer- 
cise by Females. 

Jessica Ursula Brown Davidson 
Secondary Education: The 
Status of Music Programs for 
Residents of Sheltered Housing, 
Nursing and Domicilary Care 
Homes in Maryland. 

Don Pediro Demyers 

Botany: Influence of Sub- 
strates, Dimethyl Sulfoxide and 
Competitive Organisms on 
Aflatoxin Production by 
Aspergillus spp. 

William R. Dowdall 

Human Development: A 
Method of Preparing Children 
for Psychotherapy. 

Linda Ann Duffy 

Administration, Supervision, 
& Curriculum : A Study of the 
Relationship Between Written 
Messages of a Secondary 
School Administrator to 
Parents and Parent Attitude 
Toward the School. 

Lura Powell Dunstan 

Chemistry: The Absolute 
Isotopic Abundance and 
Atomic Weight of Thallium. 

Mary Sherrill Durham 
Human Development : /4n 
Inquiry Into Personality Vari- 
ables Distinguishing Between 
Psychotherapists Who Choose 
to Treat Schizophrenics and 
Psychotherapists Who Choose 
to Treat Non-Schizophrenics. 

William Sparks Eck 

Chemistry: A Murine Myelin- 
Like Fraction : Evaluation of 
Some Physical and Chemical 
Properties and the Hypo- 
thesized Role in Myelin 

Kenneth Lee Egolf 

Secondary Education: The 
Effects of Two Modes of 
Instruction on Junior High 
School Students' Abihties to 
Solve Word Problems. 

Patricia Cowan Elwood 

Early Childhood/Elementary 
Education: Knowledge of 
Social, Economic, and Political 
Factors Affecting Young Chil- 
dren and Attitudes Held 
Toward a Comprehensive 
Children's Policy Among 
Graduate Students in Early 
Childhood Education. 

Mahnaz Fahim-Nader 
Economics: Commercial 
Policies and Resource Alloca- 
tion : Case Study of Iran. 

Bruce F. Field 

Electrical Engineering: A 
Sampling Approach to the 
Measurement of Low Frequency 

Mary Lou Ference 

English Language and Litera- 
ture: The Browning Library : A 
Preliminary Study. 

Christopher Dane Geist 
American Studies: Popular 
Representations of the Antebel- 
lum South and Slavery. 

Dale Berkman Gelman 

Secondary Education: Adenyl 
Cyclase Activity and Its Rela- 
tionship to Insect Diapause in 
the European Corn Borer, 
Ostrinia Nubilalis . 

Peter Norman Gertson 

Zoology: Genetic and Bio- 
chemical Analysis of Aldehyde 
Oxidase Mutants in Drosophila 
Melanogaster . 

James Harris Gilbert 

Microbiology: Isolation and 
Characterization of Feline 
Sarcoma Virus Specific Nucleic 
Acid Sequences. 

Bruce George Glagola 

Chemistry: Nuclear Reactions 
of Importance in the Nucleo- 
synthesis of Li, Be and B. 

Eileen Keiley Glancy 

English Language and Litera- 
ture: Theodore Roethke's 
Influence on Contemporary 

Loyal Michael Goff 

Botany : An in Vitro Protein 
Synthesizing System from 
Cultured Plant Cells. 

Robert Jay Gould 

Psychology: Social Com- 
parison Processes. 

26 December Doctors 

Celso Grebogi 

Physics: Parametric 
Instabilities in a Magnetized 

Marian Lee Friedman Greenblatt 
Secondary Education: The 
Effectiveness of Political 
Cartoons in Stimulating 
Critical Thinking-Reading by 
High School Social Studies 

Robin H. Grieves 

Economics; The Demand for 
Consumer Durables. 

Carol Louise Hill Hall 

Comparative Literature: Henry 
Fuseli and the Formation of the 
Aesthetics of William Blake: 
A Study of Fuseli as a Trans- 
mitter of Ideas of Winckel- 
mann, Rousseau, and Lavater 
to Blake. 

Joan Westover Halloran 
Special Education: An In- 
vestigation of the Effect of a 
Supplementary Reading 
Program on the Reading 
Achievement of High Risk First 
Grade Children. 

Freddi Ann Hammerschlag 
Botany: Studies to Determine 
the Feasibility of Cell Selection 
for Resistance to Xanthomonas 
perlargoriii . 

Alice Anne Handley 

Counseling & Personnel 
Services: An Exploratory 
Statistical Evaluation of the 
Vicarious/ Direct Achievement 

James M. Harnly 

Chemistry : A High-Speed, 
Background Corrected. 
Simultaneous Multi-Element 
Atomic Absorption 

Arnost Heidrich 

Secondary Education: Some 
Contributions to the 
Psychology of Proof Con- 
struction in Higher Mathe- 

Barbara Jeanne Hetrick 

Sociology : Men and Women 
from Single-Earner and Dual- 
Earner Households : Some 
Objective and Subjective 

Mary Lenora Hilfiker 
Zoology: Calcium, Mag- 
nesium, and Cyclic AMP 
Regulation of Cell Division 
in Tetrahymena pyriformis. 

KathrynF. Hilt 

English Language and Litera- 
ture : Elinor Wylie's Fiction -. 
A Study of the Novels and 
Shorter Pieces. 

Hannah Rothstein Hirsh 

Psychology: Employment and 
Homemaking Participation of 
College Educated Women. 

Harold Romo Holzman 

Criminal Justice & Criminol- 
ogy: Criminal Justice and 
Criminology: The Persistent 
Offender and the Concept of 
Professional Criminality. 

Ahmad Reza Hoshmand 
Agricultural & Resource 
Economics: Economic Coop- 
eration Between Afghanistan, 
Iran, and Pakistan: An 
Applicatiori of Customs Union 

Christopher James Hough 
Chemistry: Methylated 
Albumin and Methylated 
Albumin Kieselguhr Columns. 

Barbara Jeanne Hunt 

Psychology: Quality of Life 
for Women Who are Single 

Leslie Moore Jadin 

Counseling & Personnel 
Services : A Study of the Effect 
of Assertion Training on Tele- 
phone Counselors Performance 
Levels on Measures of Techni- 
cal Effectiveness, Interpersonal 
Process Skills, and Assertive- 

Kenneth Lee Jewett 

Chemistry: Chemical Factors 
Influencing the Transmethyla- 
tion of Heavy Metal Species 
in Polar Media. 

Glenn Eric Johnson 

Physics: Constructive Quan- 
tum Field Theory. 

Joyce Germaine Johnson 
Health Education; Psycho- 
physiological Profile of Non- 
patient, Nonpsychiatric 
Women Who Reported Low 
Back Pain Symptoms. 

Margaret Noble Kain 

Administration, Supervision, 
& Curriculum: Development of 
Conflict Between a State Higher 
Education Coordinating Board 
and Institutions of Higher 
Education and State Agencies. 

Ronald Jay Karren 

Psychology : The Impact of 
Subjective Reliability in 

Dan W. Kennedy 

Recreation: Competency 
Hierarchy for a Set of 
Therapeutic Recreation Roles 
at Four Different Educational 

Gustav Adolf Kermish 

Physics: Analysis of Electron- 
Positron Annihilation Below 
the 4^(3100Mev). 

Kay Monaghan Knickrehm 
Government & Politics: The 
New England Town Meeting: 
A Participatory Mediating 

Carol Ann Knight 

Psychology: Effects of 
Egocentrism, Role, and Per- 
spective Reversal on Attribu- 
tion Behavior in Children. 

Edward Franklin Kolozynski 
Meteorology : The Effect of 
Cumulus Cloud Dimensions on 
A tmospheric Fluxes and Heat- 
ing Rating. 

Gregory Stephan Kowalczyk 
Chemistry: Concentrations and 
Sources of Trace Elements on 
Washington, D.C. Area Atmos- 
pheric Particles. 

James Ames Krill 

Electrical Engineering: 
Theoretical Studies of Wave 
Scattering from Stochastic 
Surfaces and Volumes. 

Alexander William Kubik 
Administration, Supervision, 
& Curriculum : An Analysis 
of the Perceived Positions of 
Elementary School Principals 
in the Professional Negotia- 
tions Process in Six Selected 
Counties of the State of Mary- 

Edward Lakatos 

Mathematics: Undiminished 
Residual Effects Designs and 
Their Applications to Survey 

Marilynn Melton Larew 

History; The Cincinnati Branch 
Bank of the Second Bank of the 
United States and Its Effects 
on the Local Economy. 

December Doclors 27 

Robert Michael Lefler 

Computer Science: Chemical 
Structure Elucidation by Pat- 
tern Analysis of H Nuclear 
Magnetic Resonance Spectro- 

Arley W, Levno 

Secondary Education: An 
Analysis of Surface Culture, 
andlts Manner of Presenta- 
tion, in First Year College 
French Textbooks: 1972 to 

Philip Edwin London 
Computer Science : A 
Dependency-Based Model of 
General Problem Solving. 

George Francis Lowe 

Computer Science: Heuristic 
Approaches to the Decomposi- 
tion of Sparse Matrices. 

Theodore Ralph Lundquist 
Physics: The Ionization and 
Neutralization of Sputtered 

Frank Trenholm Lyman, Jr. 
Administration, Supervision, 
& Curriculum: An Analysis 
of the Reported Significant 
Learning Experiences of 
Elementary Team Leaders. 

Richard Harold Lytle 
Library & Information 
Services; An Analysis of 
Performance of Traditional 
V. In-Depth Indexing in 
Retrieval of Documents from 

Kathleen Ann Macko 

Psychology : Near-Field Visual 
Acuity in Pigeons Following 
Lesions of Visual Thalamic 

Arlene Rosen Malech 

Education, Measurement & 
Statistics; A Comparative 
Analysis of Four Cut-Score 
Models for Use with Criterion- 
Referenced Tests. 

Barry David Mangum 

Recreation; A Study of Com- 
munication and Cooperation 
Between Education Adminis- 
trators and Board Members 
and Recreation/ Park Adminis- 
trators and Board Members 
Participating in the Maryland 
School Community Centers 

Paul Kevin Marchetti 

Economics: Computer Simula- 
tion of the Effect of Consumer 
Preferences on Industry Struc- 

Paul Anthony Marionni 
Astronomy ; Studies of 
Planetary Nebulae Relevant 
to Aspects of Mass Loss and 
Convective Mixing in Nebular 

Earl Thomas Matthews 

Administration, Supervision, 
& Curriculum; A Study of the 
Relationship Between Percep- 
tion of Leadership Behavior, 
Creativity, and Effectiveness 
of Secondary School Principals 
in Maryland. 

Stanley Z. Mazer 

Social Foundations of Educa- 
tion : Human Service Workers 
in Urban Government : The 
Implications of Educational 
Achievement and Race on 
Social Attitudes. 

Dennis Damian McDonald 
Library & Information Serv- 
ices: A Proposal to Identify 
Value-Related Attributes of 
Scientific and Technical Jour- 
nals as Perceived by Journal 
Authors, Readers, and 

Patricia Anne McGrath 

Psychology; The Existence of 
Non-Nociceptive Afferents in 
Tooth Pulp. 

Mary Catherine McKenna 
Nutritional Sciences; The 
Effects of Essential Fatty Acid 
Deficiency on Brain Develop- 

Daniel Roderick McLeod 
Psychology ; Effects of 
d-amphetamine on Rates of 
Key-Pecking by Pigeons 
Exposed to Isolated vs. 
Alternating Interresponse- 
Time Schedules of Food 

Sofia Diana Merajver 

Physics: Random Walk Model 
of a Biological Membrane. 

Freeman Miller 

Physical Education: A Nation- 
wide Study to Determine Under 
What Conditions Public School 
Administrators of Physical 
Education Programs Will 
Engage in Public Relations. 

ElayneR. Mitchell 

Early Childhood/ Elementary 
Education: Selected Variables 
in Teacher Attitudes during 
Inservice Training and Subse- 
quent Teaching Behavior. 

Geraldine V. Mitchell 

Nutritional Sciences: Biological 
Evaluation of Protein Hydroly- 

Yung Mok 

Physics: Dynamics and Con- 
sequences of Runaway 
Electrons in Tokamak Plasmas. 

Richard Allen Moore 

Art : Le Corbusier and the 
Mecanique Spirituelle : An 
Investigation Into Le 
Corbusier' s Architectural 
Symbolism and Its Background 
in Beaux- Arts Dessin . 

John Anthony Moran, Jr. 
Psychology ; The Impact of 
Task-Oriented and Insight- 
Oriented Competency Groups 
on the Coping Behavior of 
Nursing Home Elderly. 

Judith Peterson Nembhard 
Secondary Education; The 
Influence of Integrated Career 
Components on Tenth Grade 
Students' Attitude Toward and 
Their Performance in English. 

Poh Hua Ng 

Physics ; Warm Plasma Effects 
on Drift Cyclotron Loss Cone 

Paul E. Nicholas 

Chemistry: Synthesis and 
Reaction ofL. Azido Sulfides, 
Sulfoxides, andSulfones. 

John Dirk Nies 

Chemistry: A Nuclear Mag- 
netic Resonance Study of the 
Electrophilic Cleavage of 
Silicon-Carbon Bonds by 
Mercury (II). 

Edward Joseph Nowak 

Physics ; The Electromagnetic 
Form-Factors of Composite 

Timothy J. O'Connell 

Psychology : Interpersonal 

28 December Doctors 

Ali Ogut 

Chemical Engineering: Scale- 
up of Oxygen Transfer into 
Newtonian and Non- 
Newtonian Fluids in Stirred 
Tank Reactors. 

Thorsteinn Kristinn Oskarsson 
Physics: Friction Coefficient 
for a Hard Sphere Fluid. 

Carol Ann Overman 

Hearing & Speech Science: 
The Effects of Semantic Word 
Categories on Naming 
Performance of Geriatric 
Patients with Chronic Brain 

Rabindranath Pal 

Physics: Investigation of Non- 
thermal Electric Field Fluctua- 
tions in a Theta-Discharge 
Generated Helium Plasma 
Using the Forbidden Transi- 
tions (f, 'p 4-', 'F) of Neutral 

Mary Rollefson Papageorgiou 
Human Development Educa- 
tion : Relations Between Spatial 
and Syntactic Transformations. 

K. N. Parthasarathy 
Aerospace Engineering : High 
Energy Gasdynamic Lasers. 

John Douglas Peck 

Zoology: Short-Loop Feedback 
Regulation of Luteinizing 
Hormone Secretion in the 
Female Rat. 

William David Petok 
Counseling & Personnel 
Services: Measuring Children's 
Attention to Animation and 
Live Action Via Conjugate 

Sylvan Stanley Pinsky 
Mathematics: Continuity 
Methods in the Study of the 
Periodic Motions of the 
Multiple Pendulum and Related 

Gwendolyn Ann Washington Pla 
Nutritional Sciences: Factors 
Affecting the Biological Avail- 
ability of Elemental Iron 

David George Preston 

Secondary Education: The 
Effects of the Two Week Project 
Seed In-service Program on 
Classroom Teacher Verbal 

Lewis Charles Price 
Measurement and Statistics: 
Algorithms for Discovering 
Hierarchical Relationships 
Among Dichotomous Items. 

Larry Bruce Puchall 

Psychology : A Familial Study 
of Probands with High and 
Low Monoamine Oxidase 
Activity Levels. 

Gerhard Randers-Pehrson 

Physics : R-Matrix Approach to 
Isospin Mixing in Beryllium-8. 

Donald Charles Reamer 
Chemistry : Methods for the 
Collection and Analysis of 
Atmospher Tetraalkly Lead 
andAlkyl Selenide Com- 

Ann Elizabeth Rechsteiner 
Early Childhood/Elementary 
Education: The Effect of Varia- 
tion in the Amount of Play 
Materiab on the Play Behavior 
of the Preschool Child. 

Barabara Rose Sadowski 

Early Childhood/ Elementary 
Education: An Investigation of 
the Validity, Precision and 
Completeness of Prescriptions 
Derived from Selected Sections 
of the Maryland Diagnostic 
Arithmetic Test and Interview 

Sekip Sahin 

Special Education: A Descrip- 
tion and Evaluation of the 
Special Education Program in 
Turkey— A Status Report of 

Ruth Helen Wexberg Salmon 
Health Education: An Assess- 
ment of the Role of Coercion in 
Rehabilitation of Drug 
Abusers: An Examination of 
the Southern New Jersey TASC 

Eric West Schneider 

Chemistry: Nuclear Decay 

Steven Brett Schram 

Chemistry: Characterization 
of Chromatographic Stationary 
Phases with an Automated 
Laboratory Computer Interface 
for Data Analysis. 

Bruce Edward Seligmann 
Chemistry: The Use of Mem- 
brane Poterttial Sensitive Dyes 
to Monitor Potential Changes 
in Non-neuronal. 

Dori Lynn Shorter 

Psychology: Political Activism 
and Psycho-Social Develop- 
ment in Black Female College 

RameshwarP. Sinha 

Astronomy: Kinematics of HI 
Near the Galactic Center. 

Laurence Joseph Slana 

Botany: Studies on Resistance 
to Meloidogyne in Nicotiana 

Donald Charles Snyder 

Economics: A Longitudinal 
Analysis of Pension Provision 
Changes and Firm Attachment. 

Susan Port Snyder 

Early Childhood/ Elementary 
Education: The Effect of a 
Descriptive hUroduction to the 
TSOD Observation Instrument 
on Elementary Science Methods 
Students' Ability to Use 
Inductive/ Indirect Teaching 

Paul Leonard Solano 

Government & Politics: The 
Determinants of Public Expend- 
itures in Democracies: A Fiscal 

Samuel Olumuyiwa Sorinmade 
Animal Science: The Influence 
of Electrical Stimulation and 
Antemortem Stress on the 
Activity of Lysosomal Enzymes 
and its Relationship to Physico- 
Chemical Properties of Bovine 

Candyce Homnick Stapen 
English Language and Litera- 
ture: Women's Little 
Magazines, 1870-1920. 

Mitchell Staude 

Philosophy: Desiring: An 
Analysis of One Concept of 

Frederick Paul Stecher 

Mechanical Engineering: A 
Method for Optimizing Con- 
trolled Blasting Techniques. 

Charles Holland Styer 
Botany: Comparative 
Anatomy and Systematics of 
Philadelphus and Deutzia. 

December Doctors 29 

Bernadine Coleman Thomas 
Administration, Supervision, 
& Curriculum : A Study of 
Curriculum Development 
Procedures in Maryland 

Elizabeth Swaine Thune 

Sociology: Mobility and Scien- 
tific Productivity. 

Judith Gray Touchton 

Counseling & Personnel Serv- 
ices; Predicting the Vocational 
Behavior of College-educated 
Women: An Eight-year 
Longitudinal Study. 

Margaret Cushen Trader 

Administration, Supervision, 
& Curriculum: Shifts in Group 
Attitude Toward a State- 
Mandated Educational Project: 
A Comparative Study of 
Treatment Effects. 

Donna Diane Truesdell 

Administration, Supervision, 
& Curriculum: A Study of the 
Relationship Between Participa- 
tion in Decision-Making and 
the Recognition of the 
Legitimacy of Administrative 

Eugene Arthur Uhlan 

Administration, Supervision, 
& Curriculum : The Develop- 
ment of an Instrument to 
Measure the Level of Profes- 
sionalism of Public School 

John Sylvester Vaglia 

Industrial Education: Selected 
Attitudes of Middle Appalachia 
Industrial Arts Teachers 
Regarding Participation in 
Innovative Curricular 

30 December Doctors 

Deborah VanVechten 

Physics: Details of Tempera- 
ture Dependence of the 
Superconducting Transition 
in Thin Films. 

Jack Frederick Weaver 

Civil Engineering: Sorption of 
Cadmium on Kaolinite and 
Silica in the Presence of Some 
Organic and Inorganic Ligands. 

Stanley Ellis Weinstein 

Human Development Educa- 
tion: A Study of Fear of Death 
and Dying Among Senior 
Medical Students. 

Maryjo Kores Weissman 
English Language and 
Literature: Saul Bellow: A 
Study of His Literary Reputa- 

Linda Jean Weldon 

Psychology: Memory for 

Thomas Beckwith Wells 
Physics : The Role of the 
A(1236) in Charge Dependent 
and Charge Asymetric 
Nucleon-Nucleon Scattering. 

Marc Wigdor 

Physics: Optical Beating 
Spectroscopy of the Critical 
Point Fluctuations in Ethylene. 

Larry Richard Williams 

Recreation: An Analysis of 
Recreational Programs in 
State Women's Correctional 
Institutions of the United States 
with Suggested Guidelines. 

Clara S. Wing 

Hearing & Speech Science : 

The Effect of Semantic Rela- 
tions on Children's Processing 
of Certain Subordinating 
Conjunctions: A Pragmatic 

Angela Yuen Wu 

Computer Science: Celluar 
Graph Automata. 

Melih Yaramanoglu 

Agricultural Engineering: 

A Distributed Parameter Model 

for Watershed Simulation. 

Philip Barry Yasskin 

Physics: Fibre Bundle Gauge 
Theories and Metric-Connec- 
tion Theories of Gravity. 

Food Science : Some Factors 
Affecting the Growth, Sporula- 
tion and Thermal Resistance 
of Bacillus stearothermophilus . 

Emmeline LaCour Young 
Human Development Educa- 
tion : Extraversion-Introversion 
and its Relationship to 
Menopausal Symptomology . 

David Stephen Youngs 

Chemistry: The Role of the 
Paramagnetic Term in 
Determining Magnetic Sus- 
ceptibilities of Organic Mole- 
cules; Chemistry of 

Hada Dumit Zaidan 
Nutritional Sciences: Zinc 
Status in Sickle Cell Anemia 

Doctor of Education 

Rose Martinez Cogan 

Administration, Supervision, 
& Curriculum; The Applica- 
tion of Behavioral Principles 
of Education to the Develop- 
ment of a Medicaid Program 
Integrity Investigator Train- 
ing Curriculum. 

Kenneth Richard Harrold 

Industrial Education; BurlNeff 
Osbum, A Biographical Study 
of Selected Aspects of His Life 
and a Discussion of His 
Philosophy and Contributions 
to Industrial Arts. 

Mary Hill Johnson 

Secondary Education; A 
Comparative Study of Teacher 
Effectiveness and Student 
Achievement of Target Teach- 
ers and Students of the 
Response to Educational Needs 
Project and Non-Target Teach- 
ers and Students of Region 1 
of the District of Columbia 
Public Schools. 

Gloria Loudermilk 
Secondary Education; 
Determining the Effectiveness 
of a Student-Centered Model of 
Instruction for Teaching on 
Independent Comprehension 

Dennis James Martin 

Industrial Education: A Fol- 
low-up Study of the Partici- 
pants of the Vocational- 
Industrial Teacher Certifica- 
tion Workshop Programs 
(1965-1975) at the University 
of Maryland. 

John Andrevkf Pisarra 

Human Development Educa- 
tion : A Determination of the 
Relationship Between the Rate 
of Suspension and the Com- 
bination of Student Aggressive- 
ness and Selected Variables of 
School Life. 

Doctor of Musical Arts 

PaulM. Sheiden 

Music; Alvin Etler (1913- 
1973): His Career and the Two 
Sonatas for Clarinet. 

Doctor of Business 

Donald Robert Deutsch 
Business & Management: 
High-Level Measurement and 
Modeling Techniques for the 
Evaluation of Design Alterna- 
tives in the Implementation of 
Database Management Soft- 

Master of Arts 

Jane Leslie Agar 
Leighton Aiken 
Melina Ali 

Paula Cheryl Alicandro 
Frank Jeffrey Armstrong 
Mary Katherine Batcher 
Ruth Anne Becker 
William Conrad Belcher 
Paul David Bell 
Patricia Marie Bennington 
Pilar L. Bernhardt 
Dikka Marie Berven 
Douglas Stuart Black 
Mary Catherine Blair 
Gail Lauren Blaustein 
Kevin Charles Carey 
Mark L. Casner 
Charles David Chaffee 
Francine Cheyfitz 
Kerry McArtor Cipra 
Cynthia B. Clair 
Judith Cochran 
Bernice LaVerne Collins 
Lucy S. Conboy 
Catherine Hughes Conly 
Teresa Mary Conner 
Arlene Esther Coopersmith 
Michael Courlander 
Joanne M. Crowley 
Rochelle Elaine Curtis 
David Donate Dalo 
Margaret Dalton 
HongNgoc Dao 
Rosanne D'Aprile 
Carolyn Elaine Darne 
Judith May Davies 
Barbara Elizabeth Deckert 
John DePrima 
Linda Frances De Ruvo 
Arna Sue Desser 
Romesh Dias Bandaranaike 
Andrew Richard Dodge 
Caren Faye Dorf 
Kathryn E. Dornhart 
Faye Elaine Dowdell 
Pattie Gibson Drayton 
Patrick Andrew Driessen 
Elissa Gease Drucker 

Karen B. Dunlop 
Ann I. Edwards 
Christopher Paul Failey 
Donna Rothert Farver 
Jeanna Elise Faucett 
Mary Ellen Fediuk 
Rene Ricardo Ferragut 
Richard Joseph Ferrara 
Janet A. Florence 
Joan Robinson Foley 
Neal Victor Forman 
Janice Lee Forney 
Jeffrey S. Frankel 
Dana Elise Friedman 
Patricia Simmons Futrell 
Nancy Grace Galetsky 
Patricia Mann Ganter 
Mary Beth Garascia 
Marvin Gast 
Diane Lynn Gastfreund 
Mary Anne Germain 
Eudardo C. Gonzalez 
Carole Chansky Goodman 
Mary Frawley Green 
Frank Herbert Grunwald 
Norah Jean Haley 
Jeptha Winslow Harris 
Merrilyne Ann Hendrickson 
Carol Herrera 
Thomas N. Hodges 
Carolyn Frances Hoffman 
Judith A. Holt 
Carl Samuel Hyman 
Harry Homer Jackson 
Madeline Babette Jenny 
Diane Harper Johnson 
Katherine Wade Johnston 
James Ridgely Jones 
Kathleen Iris Jones 
Susan Barbara Kalla 
Zubairu Ahmed Kaloko 
Wanda Kellum 
Margaret Jane Kephart 
Cynthia Beryl Kleinman 
Patricia Parker Knoll 
Cecil Shure Landrum 
Robert Gerson Lange 
Arlene Marsha Lehrer 
Ladyce Pereira Leite 
Michael Jay Leitner 

Jerry L. Lewis 
Felix Anthony Licefi 
Michael David Luke 
Margrethe Lundsager 
Patricia Honora Mann 
Michael John March 
Loretta Mary Marshall 
Joseph Charles Marsicovete 
Michael Peter Massagli 
John Gary Matthews 
Margaret Casey McGrath 
Richard Frederick Measell 
Linda E. Merians 
Catherine Mary Milkie 
Monica Tseng Miller 
Margaret Marie Mitchell 
Jane Pickering Moden 
Erica Teri Moltz 
Patricia Teresa Montalvan 
Terry Elaine Northcutt 
Robert William O'Brien 
Joseph Daniel O'Connell, Jr. 
Maria Teresita O'Neill 
Inge Orendt 
Iris Patricia Overstreet 
Reginald Lynn Padgett 
Marylou Morrison Parrott 
Alfred Lewis Passori 
Franklyn Carvel Payne 
Shelley Ann Peabody 
Richard Wilson Peach 
CherlyB. Petty 
Deborah Ann Pikul 
Federico Orellana Ramos 
Jeanne Flanigan Randle 
Deborah Williams Ransom 
Ralph D, Raphael 
James Charles Redmond 
John Paul Reichard 
Cynthia Dorland Reilly 
Ingeborg Siegrid Rhein 
Mary Forman Rice 
Nancy Yanowitch Rich 
Orlando Ridout, IV 
Amy Elizabeth Roberts 
John Christopher Robey 
Aleida A. Rodriquez 
Jennifer Anne Rogers 
Ashley Stephen Root 
Julie Ann Rosen 

December Doctors/Masters 31 

Janet Linda Runcie 
Jane Ford Salzano 
Suzanne Elaine Sands 
Francis Xavier Scanlon 
Fortuna Faye Gorelick Scheige 
Frederic Mark Schemmer 
Deborah Esther Schif ter 
Robert James Schissell, II 
Larissa Johnson Schneider 
Mina Alexander Schwartz 
Steven Schwartz 
Gail Susan Scott 
Suzanne Kay Sedge 
Rebecca Shapiro 
Lola Kay Sherman 
Martha Ellen Sherman 
Phyllis April Singer 
Nicholas Skirka 
Susan Kaplan Snyder 
Albert R. Starck 
Debra Jane Stratton 
Constance Mae Subadan 
Carol Jean Sullivan 
Diana L. Sullivan 
Paul Joseph Sullivan 
Richard Charles Thompson, Jr. 
Anne Carlen Tongren 
Charles Edward Triplett 
Vicki Rona Ugel 
Susan Elaine Vaughan 
Karen Gayle Vieser 
Sharon Mary Wagner 
David Allen Walczak 
Thomas Walker 
Reba Ann Walkling 
Samuel Warsaw 
Carol Megby Waser 
Sonja Hall Watson 
Laurence A. Weil 
Douglas Charles Weld 
Deborah Wainscott Wilchek 
Joan Allyn Wittan 
Hannah M. Worthington 
Robert Alton Yost 
Venus Faye Young 
Howell Hang Zee 

32 December Masters 

Master of Science 

David Miller Abercrombie, III 
John Wesley Allender 
Donald Sedford Armstrong 
Thomas Marc Aronson 
Gholamhossein Azarion 
B. Suresh Babu 
Douglas Clinton Bailey 
William Eugene Baumgaertner 
MaurineB. Beinbrink 
Roy Erwin Benner 
Robert William Bennington 
Mark William Bindrim 
Robert Edward Bray 
Felix Robert Burns 
Terry D. Carpenter 
Marion Man-Ying Chan 
Sean Chang 

Daniel Tah-Nian Cheng 
Ku Cheng 
Evelyn Chew 
Lin-Fen Chiou 
YongMin Cho 
Michael Jay Chusmir 
Elizabeth Jane Clark 
David Lewis Coggin 
Ernest Brockman Coggins, Jr. 
Kay Colpitis 

Juliette Germaine Coupain 
Michael DeWitt Culler 
Coralee Cutler 
Charles Mun-Hong Dai 
Carlo Lino Dallospedale 
Patricia N. Daniels 
Margaret Patricia Debell 
Robert Jay Deutsch 
Douglas Merrill Dillon 
Keith Andrew Duerling 
Ethel May Dutky 
David Raymond Errera 
Elaine Harrington Eynon 
David Allan Federline 
Nancy Hyre Ferrone 
Robert Louis Fini 
John Brandon Fleming 
Bruce Warren Fredrick 
Ian Mitchell Friedland 
Federico Salvador Galindo 
Jamshid Ghanbari 

Nancy Christine Gieser 

Louis Frederick Giles, III 

Roy Roscoe Gosnell, III 

Gisele Green 

Judith Wood Hallfrisch 

Mary Joan Hamilton 

Harlan Barry Handler 

Bruce Wayne Harrington 

Douglas Max Hart 

Elizabeth Ann Hartzell 

Luis Hernan Hennicke 

Norma Jean Hetrick 

Judith Leaman Hoback 

Thomas Dewayne Hobgood 

Darryl Tjeerd Hockstra 

Mary Kathryn Hodge 

Stephen Morris Hopkins 

Steven Bruce Hosford 

Peter Donald Hrycak 

Markus Joseph Hunkeler 

James Cleveland Hyatt 

Youngock Hyun 

Terry Leigh Jones 

Donald Glenn Kallgren 

Judith Tobi Karpen 

Thomas Harold King 

Douglas Merrill Kolodny-Hirsch 

James Stanley Kukla 

Barbara Ann Lambird 

Wilford Bernard Lane 

Cynthia Knox Lang 

Kang B. Lee 

Martin Edward Leshin 

James Allen Lewis 

Doris Mai Lilley 

Mingo M. Y. Lin 

Yih Ling 

Rebecca Holmes Long 

Sharon Kay Lusk 

Daniel J. Maletic 

Michael Douglas McCommas 

Ellen Lee Merwitz 

Joanne Irene Miller 

Andrew Rattin Mitz 

Patricia Ann Moore 

Margaret Mary O'Neill 

Robert A. Orchant 

A. George Ostensen 

Lynda Marie Pace 

Mary Berry Panneton 

Kenneth Ray Parker 
Tana Lee Plauger 
Kenneth Jerome Porter 
Laurie Sue Post 
Robert Allen Potocko 
Richard Lynn Powell 
Alton Raymond Ricker 
Frank Edmund Rubarth 
Thomas Rush, III 
Fredrick Joseph Ryan 
Mario Edgard Salazar 
Chhanda Samanta 
Bruce Dwight Sartwell 
Marilyn Nadine Scheige 
Jeannette Wilson Schelin 
Frances Scully 
Anthony Frank Segredo 
Mark Stephen Shaw 
Shirley Kay Sheehe 
Jeanine Fons Siebold 
Simon Simon 
Bhupinder Pal Singh 
James Aubrey Smailes 
Irving Barton Smith, Jr. 
David Bruce Snyder 
Debera Susan Solis 
Robert Frederick Sparks 
Norman Berne Starkey 
Spiro E. Stefanou 
Clifford Ernest Stein 
Seymour David Stern 
Scott Arthur Strobel 
MarkH. Sultan 
James A. Thomas 
Ruth L. Thompson 
Rasika Nanda Tripathy 
Gale Partington Turi 
David Alan Unger 
Bruce La Rue Vasilas 
Alfredo Javier Villalba 
Cynthia Ann Walczak 
Susan J. Walker 
William Stewart Wallace 
Ching Dong Wang 
Donna Leigh Whitehead 
Charles Peter Woloshuk 
Rose Patricia Yeagley 
Adam F. Zahorchak 
Mitri Habib Zaidan 

Master of Education 

Joyce Williams Abel 
Deborah Jean Ambrose 
Sheila E. Angelo-Caffrey 
Sheldon John Batchelder 
Carol McCormick Batty 
Terry Jean Bayard 
Constantine Harry Bayz 
Betty Lou Berenter 
Deborah McMillan Bittinger 
Catherine Marie Bodenhorn 
Marsha Fullen Bond 
Merry Schieber Boothroyd 
Frank Ken Bornstein 
Joyce Michele Brodian 
Ruth Miriam Brodsky 
Elaine B. Brooks 
Naomi Brown 
Marilyn L. Chasanow 
Catherine L. Ciszek 
Leonard Arthur Colelli 
Cynthia Sayer Collins 
Mary Jo Comer 
Diane Skinner Connolly 
Joyce Sutton Cuffley 
Bonnie O'Neill Custer 
Susan M. Darnley 
John W. Dean, Jr. 
Sandra G. Diachenko 
Michael Patrick Dolim 
Gloria Riner Dollarton 
Janine Vegiard Elsold 
Janet Goldstein Engel 
Barbara Riis Shipherd Evans 
Kathleen Wells Farley 
Leon Waterbury Fisk 
Cathey Blake Foelber 
Anne Frances Franc 
Barbara Joan Frazier 
John David Freed 
Barbara Diane Friedman 
James Carson Fritzinger 
JoAnn Glancy 
Catherine Nealon Goldman 
Robin McGinn Graziano 
Sandra Green 
Zetta Vannoy Hart 
Renee Heifetz 

Jane Bitting Higdon 
Jane Chapman Hobbs 
Stella M. Hoing 
Andrew E. Humenay 
Linda Lou Johnson 
Mary Ann Johnson 
Thomas Willis Johnson 
Kay Ann Jones 
Richard John Jones 
Carol Sue Kahn 
Brenda Carroll Karnes 
Linda Lee Kerr 
Benjamin Kinard 
Jan Ellen Kleiman 
William Kokotovich 
Wayne Thomas Kranz 
Kerri Geneen Laurence 
Annie Lieh-Min 
Patricia Faye Litton 
Mariorie Riley Lohnes 
Robin G. Lutz 
Deborah Stacy Mangel 
Kathleen Gutierrez Marshall 
Elizabeth Clark McCready 
Janis Margaret McGeehan 
L. Joanne McLaughlin 
Joyce Bishop Meucci 
Carol A. Miller 
Rosemary V. Miller 
Linda B. Moeller 
Larry Paul Monke 
Betty Anne Moore 
Deborah D. Moore 
Laura Shuler Moore 
Christina Marie Morehouse 
Bernard Elwood Murphy, Jr. 
Sherrill Rae Neale 
Rosilyn Madeline Neuder 
M. June Newton 
Gloria 1. Norat 
Carolyn Gaskill Osgood 
Margaret Fazio Palko 
Roger Lee Parrott 
Cynthia Pomeroy Peterson 
Ruby Jean Phalen 
Pamela Lou Plantz 
Libby Ellen Queen 
Gregory Murdock Rankin 

MaryRuth Reis 
Laura Lee Rexon 
Dorothy Marie Reytar 
Carol Ann Richmond 
Michael John Ridge 
Christopher Ewing Riley 
Juanita Rodriguez 
Cheryl Doyle Roscio 
Renee Royak Schaler 
Inge Schwanck 
Michael Richard Schwartz 
John Crockett Seward 
Celestine Keegan Shahan 
Ronald Charles Shriner 
Adrian Elizabeth Simpson 
Barbara Sloan 
Nancy E. Snyder 
Margaret Bennett Sothoron 
Frances M. Spar 
Gary Kent Sponaugle 
Anthony Paul Stanton 
Joan Marsha Stratton 
Ann Forrester Suydam 
Donna Marie Szuba 
Cathy S. Wartella 
Marilyn Rhoda Weinstein 
Edward Joseph West 
Routh C. Widmayer 
Irene Anna Williams 
Marcos Stockton Williams 
Linda Kay Wolf 
Maria Alfrelita Wolfing 
June L. Wright 

Master of 

Business Administration 

Ira Jay Alechman 
Timothy Harry Beacham 
Sharon L. Booye 
Dale Hanson Bourke 
Bruce Montague Bowen 
Donald Ray Brewer 
Nicholas Brockunier 
Steve Michael Bryant 
Robert Homer Burger 
Richard Merrill Canterbury 
Jay Howard Casselberry 

Doris Ann Chew 
Frances Ann Clem 
Anne Christine Crowley 
Elizabeth Curry 
Mary Becker Davis 
John Edward DeVan, III 
Steven Joseph Dorr 
Warren Michael Ernst 
James Joseph Fiore 
Paul David Forman 
Donald Gordon Fraasa 
Charles Marion Gebbert 
Lisa Taverna Glover 
Richard Lee Gossard 
Hursley Morton Grant 
Lorraine Elizabeth Haddad 
Jeffery Warren Hale 
Nasim Haqqi 
Ronald Paul Hill 
James F. Hines 
Laura Lee Hoehne 
Walter Van Buren Holmes 
Thomas Patrick Horton 
William Henry Howard, Jr. 
Frederick Lawson Jones 
Dennis J. Kubicki 
Timothy Paul Lynch 
Rosellen McCarthy 
David B. Nemschoff 
Lawrence Michael O'Connor 
Catherine Bevans Oehmann 
Gail L. Patelunas 
Dennis Jay Ratkovich 
David C. Ryan, III 
Jose Miguel Salaverria 
Jeffrey Wilson Salinger 
Carol Schneider Shute 
Janet Clark Soller 
Barbara McElravey Sorey 
Stephen John Spey 
Steven R. St. John 
Glen Charles Surbey 
Robert Alden Welch 
George Alan Wilson 

December Masters 33 

Master of Music 

Janet Denise Bell 
Bruce Harold Hall 
Maueve Kinch Heater 
Nancy Ellen Krohn 
James Barton Magnuson 
Michael L. Pinkerton 
John Charles Stier 

Master of 
Library Science 

Donna Jean Arenth 
Joanne Mildred Bennett 
Katherine A. Bowen 
William McKendree Boyd 
Christina Anne Brewer 
Delores J. Bucknam 
Twila G. Cavey 
M. Susan Colbourn 
Janet Ann Collins 
Michael Spear CuUen 
Annette Wendy Curtis 
Carolyn S. Delavan 
Alice Ann DeVierno 
Aileen Cochrane Dower 
Yamile Sousa Dutra 
Barbara A. Effron 
Karen Myers Fink 
Winifred Holt Gelenter 
Florence Kelton Gospodarec 
Donna J. Hickling 
Clare Waichung Hung 
Judith Kaplan Kennedy 
Barbara Moore Koehler 
Lois Ann Leasure 
Etta ReidLyles 
Catherine Olivia Marcoux 
Linda Kay McArdle 
Inger Vej Nielsen 
Rhonda L. Oziel 
Diane Marie Pickeral 
Deborah Denton Reilly 
Diane Sue Ritter 
Leonard I. Samowitz 
Peter Eugene Shambarger 
Diane Heather Sherry 
Peter Allen Sidney 

34 December Masters/ Bachelors 

James Elton Stewart 
Linda Ann Taylor 
Peggy Jo Terzopolos 
Katherine I. Weston 
Marca Linda Woodhams 
Donald G. Ziegenfuss 

Master of Fine Arts 

Valentino Bozzelli 
Stephanie Cartwright Evans 
Christopher Robert Gardner 

Division of 
Agricultural and 
Life Sciences 


Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Francis C. Stark, 
Provost of the Division and 
Acting Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Sharon Elizabeth Abel 
Charles Agho Adamu 
John B. Almquist 
John Marcus Anderson 
Lawrence William Anderson 
Scott Manly Anderson 
John Scott Arnold 
Andrew William Bartlett 
Paulette Marie Bockmann 
Timothy Dean Bowman 
Rodrigo S. M. Brenes 
Jeffrey Allen Bruff 
Clarie-Louise Brunton 
Barbara Clayton Burch 
Jean Gabrielle Burdick 
Paul Anthony Buttner 
Robert Thomas Carr 
Deborah Kaye Clark 
*Keith Glynn Cook 
Gary Coppersmith 
William Bayard Culver, Jr. 
Terrence Patrick Cummings 
Edward James Dalgleish, Jr. 

Roger Kenneth DeLong 
Thomas Lee Donlin 
Leah Rose Donovan 
§ Laurie G. Doyle 
Karen Elaine Englund 
Robin Lynn Fainberg 
Robert Silas Fields 
John H. Furlong, III 
William Allen Galbreath 
Robert W. Gamper 
Christine M. Garcia 
John Henry Gease, III 
Jonathan Mark Genderson 
James Jerome Gockowski 
Timothy Rader Goertemiller 
Hilary Anne Goon 
Barbara Louise Goulart 
Michael Lee Gurevich 
James David Hade 
John Preston Hancock 
Daniel L. Harper 
Sharon Ann Harrell 
Jeffrey Brae Harris 
Rebecca A. Herder 
Michele S. Herman 
Martin Conner Herring 
David Martin Hill 
Michael Steven Hollins 
Marlene Frances Homa 
James Milton Hutto 
Jules Gordon Kaplan 
Joan Frances Kennedy 
Thomas Charles Klotz 
'John E. Koster 
§Kathleen Kaye Kulenguski 
Larry Sparks Lear 
Richard Maurice Lefebure 
'Virginia Carol MoUer Licata 
fMark Jeffrey Lindeman 
James Michael Lombardo 
Sharon Vale Lowdermilk 
Herawati Marian Mamoer 
William Arthur Mann 
J. Heidi Mass 
Richard Jay Maurer 
Milton L. McCarthy 
Philip N. McDonald 
Phyllis McGrath 
Deborah Ann McNally 
Catherine Helen Mercia 

John Edward Meyer 
Mark Michael Miller 
Robin E. Milman 
Jayne Rene Mon 
John Ngewo L. Moriba 
Nancy Suzette Mueller 
Phyllis DayleMuir 
Daniel J. Murphy, III 
Richard Joseph Nagle 

tCarol A. Papish 

'Linda Jill Parkinson 
George Robert Pasley 
Gary Hoffmeister Perdew 
Jon Christopher Perdew 

'Christopher Fenn Perry 
Robert Charles Post 
Wanda J. Privot 

§Catherine Nancy Richardson 
Bradford Sewell Rieck 
John Alexander Rigdon 
William Edwin Roat 
Alice May Rosenberger 
Henry William Schmidt, Jr. 
Joseph Roy Shevenell 

'Stephen Orman Shifflett 
Marshia Louise Slifer 
Michelle Annette Smith 
Susan Ann Stanzione 
Rose Sharon Stiwinter 
Paul Frank Strachan 
John Swaine, III 

tChristeen Erin Taylor 
Linda A. Teresko 
Patrick Bernard Thibeau 
James Vinton Thomas, Jr. 
Maryann Thomas 
Earl Eberwine Tonkin 
Lawrence David Townsley 
Huong Lan Trinh 
Sandra Mae Troutman 
James Robert Watson 
Michael John Weinberg 

§SummaCumlaude; tMagna Cum Laude; •Cumljude 

Division of 
Agricultural and 
Life Sciences 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Francis C. Stark, 
Provost of the Division 

Bachelor of Science 

Mark Rudolf Albert 

Lawrence William Anderson 

Brian W.Arkell 

Michael Joseph Armstrong 

Paul Joseph Atelsek 

David Earl Ball 

Herbert Baylor, Jr. 

Shelly Harriet Berg 
'James Alan Bergen 
TJo Ann Berndt 

Michael S. Bernstein 
§Steven Bernstein 
'Michael Maurice Blank 

Rexford Ireland Bowling 

Victor Kevin Boyd 

Herbert Sidney Bresler 

John Charles Brown 

Nestor A. Cabrera 

Christina Ruth Callahan 

Claudette Rae Campbell 

Holly Ann Carlson 

Edford Olaf Chambers, III 

Lawrence Gilbert Charles 

Michael Everly Coan 

Robert Lee Colvin 

Patrick Timothy Conley 

James Edward Critchfield 

Diane Catherine Cruz 
'Laraine Danes 

Michael Dolen Depue 

James Hanley Dorrance 

Richard Jeffrey Duff 

Laura Ann Dufresne 
§Francis W. Farley 

Jeffrey Howard Feld 

Ernest Ray Field, II 

Dario Udalrico Fiore 

Thomas Joseph Fitzgerald 

David Gerald Frick 

Donald Richard Frommer 

Shirley Ann Frush 

Ivette Emilia Garcia 
John David Gilman 
§ Robert Leonard Goldberg 
Lowell Jay Greenberg 
Michael Gerard Greene 
Bert Michael Gregory 
Charles Webster Grewe 
Eric Allen Gross 
Karl Michael Gunther 
Karen Marie Hancock 
Clifford Lee Hardwick 
Timothy Todd Hawthorne 
Ira Lander Helms, 111 
Donald Fay Hemenway, Jr. 
Stuart Phillip Hersh 
Stephen D. Hess 
Constance Ann Hoheisel 
Deborah Lynn Holden 
Carla Therese Hoover 
Anna Lucia lacangelo 
Brad Charles Jaeger 
Daniel Andrew Jailer 
Kathleen Joseph 
Maria Deeb Joseph 
John Joseph Klocko 
Richard Scott Knode 
David James Krask 
Jeannette Dameron Layne 
Janice Ann Le Doyen 
Patricia A. Levesque 
Ellen Sue Levinson 
Anna Tubiash Levy 
Rodney Brent Liller 
Hua Ling 
Margo Ann Liss 
Sharon Louise Lowery 
Gary Paul Ludka 
James Joseph Marshall 
Robert Alan McConnaughey 
Mary Lynn McCullough 
Lloyd George Mitchell, Jr. 
Evan A. Mojica 
Jeremiah James Montague, Jr. 
Bruce Bowden Muirhead 
Pamela Catherine Neustadt 
Leslie Nunn 
Mark F. O'Dea 
Audrey Ostericher 
Carol A. Papish 
Joseph George Perron 

Marsha Myrnette Plater 

James Darryl Quist 

Gary Joseph Ray 

William Curtis Reinhold 

Scott Kelly Ridgell 

George Henry Rodgers 

Joyce Blanche Rowe 

Ricky Charles Scaffidi 

Steven Schlafstein 

Joseph Frederick Schmid 
'Berta Louise Schreiber 

Maurice Alva Shaw, Jr. 

Brice Covington Showell 

Richard Martin Sine 

Ernest Allan Slovon 

Francis Joseph Sluga 

Jeffrey E. Smith 

Christine Myungsook Son 

Margaret Jo Sorensen 

David William Suholet 
tjudith Frances Taylor 
tEric G. Thing 

Thomas George Tzomides 
'William Hendrick Vaughan, Jr. 

Catherine Ann Vierheller 

Daria Anne Virvan 
'Fruedrucg Hisef Von Bun 

Robert Andrew Wagner 

Kenneth Jeffrey Wainwright 

Alan S. Warminski 

Paula Francom Warren 

Betty Ann Weaver 

Teresa Dawn Weaver 

Margaret Mary Yarmas 

Dena Rose Yver 

Kenneth Alexander Zelin 

Frederick Nicholas Zihlman 

§Summa Cum Laude: TMagna Cum L.aude; 'Cum Laude 

Division of 
Arts and 


Candidates will be presented by 
Prof. John Hill, Dean of the 

Bachelor of Architecture 

Mark Johnathan Aehle 

Paul Bialowas 

Stephen Mark Campbell 

Walter Firestone Chatham 

Michael Vincent De Maio 
§Hugh Allen Eraser 

Amy Macht 

Joseph Charles Netherton 

Robert Mitchell Quilter 

Geoffrey Dean Tinkham 

Jacob Lawrence Weaver, Jr. 
t Michael Jay Winakur 

Bachelor of Science 

Charles Bruce Boswell 
Monte Jay Rosenberger 



Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Ray E. Hiebert, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Joyce Ann Cannady 
Sheryl Sue Cantor 
Angela Patrice Continetti 
Nancy C. Daniel 
Terri Joan Denison 
Timothy Michael Dunne 
John Walter Duvall 
Gerald Jay Fischman 
Stephen Lawrence Fricker 
Douglas Alan Garey 
William Edward Gee, Jr. 
Mary Louise Gillette 

December Bachelors 35 

Paul Aaron Herman 

Margaret Irene Higgins 

Sarah Ann Himebaugh 

Bertina Marie Jones 

Janice Mary Knestout 

Rich Kolker 

Athena Koutsothodoros 

David Ross Latter 

Deborah Susan Marciniak 

Sandra Risa Marks 

Barbara Materre 

Patricia Ann Mathias 
*Milloy Marilyn 
TJudith Ann Moyer 

Margaret Ann Nagle 

James Stephen Nowak 
'Theresa Lynn Osterman 
§Gail Clapper Pastula 

Susan Diane Resnick 

Randall Keith Roberts 

William Robinson, III 

Linda Ann Sheaffer 

Mary Patrice Shipley 

MelanieM. Thompson 

Jayne Marie Trentanove 

Karl Joseph Weisel 

Dolores J. Ziegler 

Division of Arts 
and Humanities 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Robert Corrigan, 
Provost of the Division 

Bachelor of Arts 

Luis Henry Aguilar 
Richard Monroe Allen 
Monica- Ann Evelyn ap Rhys 
* Eli Argon 
Daryl Preston Barham 
Jane Kerr Baxter 
Paul William Bedard 
Leslie Ann Bell 
Nancy J. Bell 
Janet Lee Beller 
David George Berard 
Charyl Marie Bitz 
Michael A. Boulavsky 
George Nick Bounelis 
Christina Marie Brown 
36 December Bachelors 

Alfred Bumanis 
Arthur Edward Burns, II 
Joseph Edward Burns, Jr. 
t Jacqueline Sue Burtner 
Humberto Caballero 
Rita Marie Cacas 
Megan Theresa Cassidy 
Godeva Latz Cerrelli 

* Armelle Jacqueline Francoise Clark 
James Michael Clash 

Lisa Pia Clesner 
Kari Pederson Coco 
Alan Stuart Cohen 
Rena Carmen Coia 
Janet A. Colburn 
Stanley Albert Conrades, Jr. 
Margaret Leslie Cook 
Lillian Jean Cooper 
Julius Caesar Cotton 
Judith Hastings Cromwell 
Maria Dinora Cruz 
Michael Steven Culver 
Mark Hayden Dangle 
Ann Louise Davis 
Nedra Raye Davis 
Jacqualine Sue Deitsch 
Mark Stephen Dell'Isola 

* Lyle Robert Denit 
Paul Gerard Denit 

* Anne Chatherine Desautels 
James Leroy Dotson 
Edward George Dougherty 

§ Jean Marie Driscoll 

Thomas Wilfred Dudley 

Susan Edith Eckert 

Sharon Ann Edwards 

Robert John Egle 
§ Karen Lynn Ehrlich 

Donna Beth Endelman 

Randee Sue Exler 

Michael Jeffrey Falick 

David Victor Fincham 

Timothy E. Flanery 

Arthur Daniel Fleming 

Bernadette A. Folmer 

Brian Thomas Forsythe 

Abbie Linn Friedman 

Cherilyn Patrice Fulton 

Suzanne Denise Funk 

Gary Joseph Gemski 

"Thomas Charles Gill 
Michael Robert Gilles 
Ralph Alexander Gilson 
Rosalind Ann Glatter 
Carol Sue Glotfelty 
Robert Paul Gottschling, Jr. 
Donna Maria Green 
Murray Glenwood Green, Jr. 
Janet R. Grissett 
Joseph Vincent Guiton 
William Edward Guiton 
Roberta Zipper Gunod 
Earl M. Hairston 
Volodimir Hajdar 
Diane Michele Hall 
Leonard William Halley, Jr. 
Debra Ellen Halpert 
Linda Kay Hamer 
Christopher James Hamilton 
Jerelyn Mary M. Hanrahan 
Bettejane Berry Hargrove 
Alice Dellia Harris 
John Anderson Hennessy 
Walter Albert Herbert, Jr. 
Stella Helene Heuer 
Joseph James Hobbins 
Tanya Hudak 
Sally Regina Inglesby 
Lucy Kathryn Jermann 
Phillip B. Kemelor 
George Joseph Kibler 
James Sydney King 
Scott Mitchell KJeinberg 
Rezi Sara Kless 
Barbara Mary Kostuk 

'Paula L. Koval 
Theresa Marie Kramer 
Lary Cook Larson, Jr. 
Daniel C. La Russo 
Mary Denise Lashbaugh 

t Sharon Valerie Laskin 
Stephen Arlen Lauderdale 
Deborah Lynn La Wall 
Kristina Genieve Leahy 
David Robert Lilling 
Michelle Richard Linehan 
William Alexander Lively 
Elston Warren Lomax 
Linda Sue Louderback 
Julianne Mangin 

Jonathon Adlai Mann 
David Bradford Mansfield 
John Rubel Mapother, Jr. 
AnnM. Marshall 
Robert Loren Mason 
Robert Duke McCabe 
Joseph Henry McNally 
Robert Curtis Meadows 
Lauretta Marie Melchiorre 
Janet Taylor Minnig 
Janet Patricia Mitchell 
Cynthia Gay Moore 
Mark Meade Moylette 
John Richard Munn 
Karen DeMauro Murphy 
Christine Nicholls 
Catherine Elaine Normandy 
John Hugh O'Donnell 
Thomas Patrick Offenbacher 
Thomas Earle Orem 
Kerry Orent 
Annick G. Orrison 
Antoinette Louise Outlaw 
Jeanne Lynn Parham 
John Edwin Perry 
Ljudmila Milij Petrovic 
Robert James Phelps 
Sandra Marie Philpott 
Patrick G. Proctor 

§Sumie Edagawa Putman 
Veronica Marie Ramaty 
James Richard Rhodes, Jr. 
Charles Raymond Ridgely 
Diane Catherine Rode 
Vanessa Carol Rosborough 
Thomas Joseph Ruttkey 
Andrew Edward Sabin 
Harvey Richard Sachs 
Gail Brath Sawyer 
Charles Michael Schaffer 
Harry Schnipper 
Robert Alan Schrier 
Meg Schuster 
Jonathan Killian Schwind 
Joan Marie Sewell 
Michael Alan Shapiro 

§ Andrea Hazel Shea 
Laura Marie Sheehan 
Amy Lee Silverman 
Candace Ellen Slobodnik 

§Summa Cum L.aude; TMagna Cum Laude; "Cum Laude 

Melaine Brooke Smith 

Kenneth Joseph Stahl 

James Thomas Stark, III 

William Olin Starks 

Susan Elizabeth Starkweather 

Melvin Carter Stephens 
'Carol Anne Stunkel 

Deirdre Suddeth 
'Ellen Aviva Sweet 


Donald Lee Talley 

Ronald Charles Tamblyn 
t Marianne Bosshard Tanabe 

Ronald Craig Teeter 

Agnes S. Torres 

Deborah Elaine Trevathan 

Dolores C. Vornbrock 

Jill Christina Wakefield 

Mark Davis Watson 

Terri Lynn Weifenbach 

Stephen Edward Welch 

Ann Howard White 
TFrederick Allen White 
tjames Michael Whybrew 

Jeanne LaVonne Williams 
'Wayne Alan Wright 

Bachelor of Music 

Geneva Mae Ealy 
Catherine Jane Helms 
Lawrence George Johnson 
Bonnie Jane Lynn 
James Chandler Martin 

Division of 
Behavioral and 
Social Sciences 


Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Rudolph Lamone, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Shirin Anne Ahmed 
Andrew Steven Alexander 
Willie Lorenzo Alston 

Robin Randolph Askins 

Hope Laverne Baldwin 
'Ellen Joan Baras 

Juan Alejandro Barreto 

Michele Ann Bateman 

Robert Anthony Beach, Jr. 

Frank V. Benedetti 

Robert Calvin Beneze, Jr. 

Christian Y. Benton 

Barry A. Benz 

David Jeffrey Berg 
* Judith Ellen Bernstein 

Nancy J. bolinger 

Antoinette Louise Boyd 

William Augustine Boykin, IV 

George Bradford 

Michael William Bradley 

Jeffrey Allan Brenton 
' Janis Lea Brown 

Fred Harold Burke, Jr. 
§ Alton Kilpatrick Burton 

John Edward Buterbauch, Jr. 

James Douglas Campbell 

Kanre Marie Caponiti 

Kathy Jean Capozzi 

Robert John Carman 

Seth A. Caternor 

Carol Tackmee Chan 

Paul Mark Christoforo 

Sandra M. Clark 

Robert Gesner Coffmen, III 

Lonita Marie Cook 

Ronnie L. Cornelius 

Robert Wayne Cox 

Reginald Roddie Crome 
§ Teresa Ann Cunningham 

Jack Anthony D'Amico 

Byron Wood Daniels 

Thomas Peter Davis 

Stephen Matthew Deakins 

Robert Del Riego 

James Anthony Demarco 

Brian Charles Denton 

Carlo DeSando, 111 

Michael Anthony Difato, Jr. 

Elizabeth Mary Dobson 

James P. Domanico 

Marino Francis Domino 

William Austin Donohue 

Terry David Donovan 

Bernard Nicholas Dorn, III 
* Timothy Scott Dotson 
Earl Eugene Dove, Jr. 
Timothy John Driscoll 
Brad Christopher Dunlap 
Suzette Aurelia Dunnigan 
Douglas Ernest Ebberts 
Janice Marie Ebberts 
Paul Arthur Erhard 
Geraldine Mary Fantone 
Nigel Gordon Farrell 
Eric Burdette Fenley 
Daneris Eliecer Fernandez 
John Martin Filice 
Jon Brian Finifter 
David Brian Fink 
Thomas Daniel Fletcher 
Susan Elizabeth Forkel 
David Michael Fram 
Timothy L. Frank 
§ George Coze Frazier 
Theodore Alan Freed 
Barbara Ellen Freidlin 
Deborah Kay Funkhouser 
Scott Howard Galinn 
James Joseph Gallagher, III 
Michael Gabriel Gallerizzo 
Lawrence Richard Gershon 
Thomas Alan Gleich 
Steven R. Gracie 
Steven Howard Gumenick 
James David Gusky 
Sonia Masako Hall 
Leonard William Halley, Jr. 
Wade Anthony Hannum 
Richard William Hans 
William Lee Hanson 
James Michael Harrington 
§ Michael James Harrington 
Cynthia Louise Harrison 
Bennett Gary Havas 
James Arthur Hay 
Barry William Hebbel 
Paul Ward Heroy 
Paul James Herrmann 
Carlin Wright Hetzler 
Evan Griffith Highley, 111 
Phillip James Hill 
Robert Curtis Hill 
Toni Elizabeth Hill 

§Summa Cum Laude: TMagna Cum Laude, 'Cum Laude 

James H. Hitz 

Joyce Jean Locher Hoffman 

Anthony Tony Horn 

Chadwick Ridgely Houck, Jr. 

Christopher Lingo Hudson 
* Bruce Conrad Hunt 

Lamia T. Hussaini 

William Craig Human 

Anthony Juluis Inguaggiato 

Lorraine Marie Jacino 

Robert Gordon Jackson 

Theodore Franklin Jackson 

Robert Elliot Jacobson 

Diane N. Jaeger 

Gary James 

Emily Marie Johnson 

Lonney Dale Johnson 

Randal Don Kahl 

Gary Brian Karr 

Janet Karson 

Michael Francis Kelley 

Howard Stephen Kershner 

Robert Michael Kline 

John Antonios Kolotos 

Catherine M. Lamb 

James Brian Lamb 

Arthur Joseph Lawrence, Jr. 

Robin D. Lawrence 

Jeffrey Scott Levy 
t Michael Timothy Liebel 

Robert C.Lilja 

William James Lithicum, Jr. 

Joel Ira Lisman 

David Alan Lockwood 

Edward Lucie, Jr. 
'Barbara Jean Lum 

Ronald Rex Madden 

Joel Timothy Mank 

Barry Wayne Martin 

Stephen Brian Martin 

Stephen Joseph Martin 

Thomas Alexander Martin 

John Andrew Martino 

William E. Marton 

John Harold Matters 

Sandy Derwin McArthur 

JaneM. McAulay 

Edythe Johns McCollough 
tSteven Gerard McCully 
tDouglas Frank McGarvey 

December Bachelors 37 

Lawrence Eugene McGhee 
Roderick Lewis McGinniss 
THoward Frederick McGoogan 
J. Michael McCowan 
Robin Marie Meehan 
George DeWayne Morgan 
Townsend Lee Morgan 
Joyce Alice Morrison 
'Susan Yin Moy 
Paul Gerard Mulcahy 
Douglas Charles Murphy 
Robert Glenn Murray 
Allen Clark Naylor, Jr. 
Paul Tudor Newbourne 
Eileen Patricia Nolan 
Robert Michael Norton 
'Stephen Thomas O'Connell 
tThomas Edward Oelschlaeger 
tKathleen Rose O Hara 
Cynthia Ann Orbany 
Frances Marie Palmateer 
Winsome Joan Palmer 
Spiro Misto Papagjika 
Proctor Hunt Paskalides 
§DianaM. Patrick 
Robert Stuart Patrick 
Ronald Jackson Payne 
Walter Carter Pennington 
Jack Nathan Perkins 
Susan Jeanne Peterson 
Martin Edward Pine 
James Clark Plummer 
Vivian Ann Poh 
Michael Polidulis 
Shelia Darlene Pollard 
Anthony Donald Pompa, Jr. 
Thomas Anthony Poston 
Margaret Ann Powell 
Harold Gary Quase 
Sheila Ann Randolph 
John Keith Reed 
Jeffrey Allen Rhoda 
Robert D. Richard 
James William Ridgway, Jr. 
'John Richard Riley 
Kevin Joseph Roche 
John Charles Roldan 
Reineldo Jose Rosario 
Larry Alan Rosenberg 

38 December Bachelors 

Guillermo Emilio Roviralta 
Howard Lee Ruddell 
Mary Lynn Runco 
William Anthony Ryan 
Thomas Hatherill Sain 
Billy Murray Sandlin, Jr. 

'Joseph Edward Santucci 
Beverly Marie Scanlan 
John Joseph Schaus 
Bruce Fredrick Serena 
Stuarts. Shef 

'Victoria L. Sheperd 
Kurt Richard ShovestuI 
Edward Main Sickmund 
Michael Bernard Sikora 
Dianne Louise Sikorski 
Richard Barry Sloan, Jr. 
Donald Eric Smith 
Gail Marie Smith 
Randolph Glison Smith 
Richard Gannon Smith 
Susan Marie Sondheimer 
Kenneth Paul Speiller 
Barry Albert Spillman 
Michael William Sprague 
Brian Taylor Squire 
John David Stanford 
Patricia Marie Stavely 
Constantine E. Stefanou 
Kenneth John Steinbach 
Christopher Joseph Steis 
David Grant Stoddard, Jr. 
Christopher West Tabb, III 
Diane Ellen Taylor 
Theodore Roland Taylor 
Jane Francis Teachum 
William Beckett Terry 
Steven Alan Thomas 
Charles Howard Thornton 
Malinee Vangsameteekul 
Charles Edward Venners 
Thomas Joseph Walsh 
Gregory Neal Warner 
Douglas Gordon Waters, Jr. 
Charles Beale Watkins 

tStanley Wecker 
Charles Abram Weinberg 
Marlene D. Weiner 
Richard Steven Welch 
Charles Stanley Whaley 

Thomas M. Wheatley 
Alvin Reginald White 
Bettie Lorraine White 
Debra Ann Wickwar 
Michael Thomas Wilhelm 
Duncan Baker Will 
Roger Keith Williams 
William Peter Wittelsberger 
William Craig Wommack 
Steven Allen Wright 
Marlon Young 
Judy Levy Zaba 
Loretta Sunny Zangwill 

Division of 
Behavioral and 
Social Sciences 

Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Murray Polakoff, 
Provost of the Division 

Bachelor of Arts 

Robin Lynn Addis 
Michael J. Alexander 
Helen Kirill Allen 
Douglas Rovert Anderson 
Nina Maria Anzalone 
Charles Frederick Armstrong 
Bonnie Ellen Askenase 
Theresa Marie Auld 
Leta Lynne Barner 
Raymond Van Dyck Barnes, Jr. 
Lisa Frances Bartley 
Dennis Wayne Barton 
Lisa Basarab 
Paul William Batchison 
Claude Johannes Bauer 
George J. Bender 
Deborah L. Benson 
§Karen Margo Berlin 
Patricia Carole Bierly 
Gina Denise Bishop 
Virginia Anne Bishopp 
Arthur Robert Bjorlykke 
C. DaCosta Blake 
Jocelyn Louise Blakely 
Van Sidney Blevins, Jr. 
Ann Margaret Bluefeld 
Carey Camille Boettcher 
Regina M. Boissy 

Robert Bojarski 
Michelle Marie Boudet 
tShirley Mae Bourguignon 
Norman E. Bright 
V. Joseph Broadwater, Jr. 
Sandra Elin Brouard 
Donna-Lisa Pearlette Brown 
Kenneth M. Bullen, Jr. 
Claudia Burns 
Colleen Ann Caldana 
AAron Aaron Ronald Caplan 
David Bryan Cardwell 
Michael Joseph Carroll 
Michael Allen Carruthers 
Yvonne Ann Carter 
Juan Carlos Martin Casas 
Kevin Joseph Casey 
Thomas Daniel Cecchettini 
David Milton Cerrelli 
Leslie Chiera 
Evanthia Chrysostomou 
Dalerie Patrice Clarke 
Ellen D. Cochrane 
Howard Cohen 
Michael David CoUagan 
James Scott Condon 
Ernest Theodore Corry, III 
Dennis Joseph Cronin 
David Stanley Cross 
Melanie Gay Cusack 
Neil Dachis 

Robert Anthony Damiano 
Maria Therese Dawson 
Joseph Raymond DeLuca 
Thomas Kevin Depenbrock 
Richard Elliot Dessel 
James Daniel Dorsett 
Thomas Patrick Downs 
Leslie Carol Dugan 
Emile Anthony Durette 
Leslie Ann Ebert 
Susan Meta Farber 
Joseph Jay Feagin 
Barry Rueben Fierst 
Laura Marie Fike 
Jill Hollis Finster 
Thomas Michael Foster 
Lenore Barbara Fox 
Robert Ellis Franklin 
Alan Martin Friedman 

§Summa Cum Laude; t Magna Cum L.aude; "Cum Laude 

Leslie Victoria Friedman 
Theresa J. Gaidis 

'Barbara Anne Garrett 
Michael Patrick Gately 
Samuel Gerard Gatling 
Joseph Stephen George 
Anita Uvette Gilliam 
Susan Mary Golden 
Theresa Stanislawa Goray 
Harry Frederick Gottlieb 
George Jerome Graves 
Guy Steven Griffith 
Robert Jerome Hall, Jr. 
Jeanne Elizabeth Hamilton 
James Gazelle Hankerson 
Susan Tracy Hanson 
Jennie Lee Harvell 

§ Kathleen Nelson Hay 
John Andrew Hennigan, Jr. 
Eileen Marie Higginbotham 
Leslie Jo Hirschler 
Thomas Joseph Hittinger 
Suzanne Dawn Hnatnick 
Terry Allen Hodge 
Daniel Lee Hogan 
Michael P. Howley 
Miranda Kathryn Hunt 
Stephen R. Hunter 
Richard Terrell Jennings, II 
Carmen Vone Johnson 
Keith James Johnson 
Robert Leonard Johnson 
Theresa Earlenes Jones 
Verna Lynn Jones 
loanni Jerasimos Kalivas 
Linda Marie Kaljee 

* Wayne Kaplan 
Shaukat Raif Karimi 
Teresa Louise Kendrick 
Kathleen Patricia Kephart 
Josephine A. Kerr 
Aline Susan Keyser 
Hun Sik Kim 
Lilian Romero Kirkham 
A.J. Kliman 

Patrick Cavanaugh Koch 
John Antonios Kolotos 
Daniel Francis Kostka, Sr. 
Jeffrey Lynn Krasney 
Mary Ann Krehbiel 

Jayne R. Kurek 

Susan Elizabeth Kuss 

Daniel Edward La Hood 

Paul Richard Lally 

Barbara Juanita Lawrence 

Lynne Ann Lazaroff 
*Joan Marie Leary 

Ronald Edward Lee 

Maura Patricia Leonard 

Frank H. Lerch 

Kevin Anthony Levi 

Anne Eileen Levin 

MarkB. Levin 

Joel Andrew Lichvar 

Toni S. Lifshotz 

Alice Marie Lipovsky 

Eugene Grey Lively 

John Joseph Lyons 

Anne Theresa MacKinnon 

Harry Aloysius Manley, Jr. 

John Rubel Mapother, Jr. 

Patrick Duane Marshall 

Douglas Allen Martin 

Christine Aileen Masters 

Matthew McCauley 

Ann Denise McCloskey 

Roxanne Cheryl McColgan 

Michael Patrick McDaniel 

Maureen Anne McGowan 

Shawn Michael McHugh 

Beverly Miller 

Marc Dana Minkove 

Deborah Black Moore 

Robert W. Moser 
"Geoffrey Hudson Moses 

Jacqueline Eve Mottek 

Stephen Patrick Murphy 

Allison Gail Newman 

Edward Joseph Nolan 

Dorothy Ann Thompson Nowers 

Thomas Allen Nunemaker 

William Erskine Nunn 

Gwendolyn Oliver 

Cynthia Lynne Oppenheimer 

Anthony Thomas Origlio, Jr. 

Susan Elizabeth Otto 
T James Leon Packett 

Patricia Janet Page 
tRegina Lucia Parrucci 

Gregory Alan Patterson 

§Rhona Sue Paul 

Dennis Raymond Payne 

Renee S. Payne 

William Charles Pechnik 

Joyce D. Pedersen 

Peter L. Perkins 

David Willard Petersen 

Carol Petro 

Robert Paul Pisano 

Malcolm Lorring Pointer 

Debbie Minor Powell 

Jerry Landis Priddy 
TPatrick Joseph Quinn 

Alisa Pat Raimen 

Jyoti Ranade 

John Franklin Rankin 

Jill Stephanie Raphael 

Eric John Rechen 

Randi F. Reichel 

Cynthia Dianne Richardson 

Suzann Marie Riester 

Belinda Rochel Riggs 

Teresa Williams Roberts 

Fred Ivan Robinson 

Terrance Anthony Robinson 

Salvador Andres Rosario 

David Ira Rosenbaum 

Wendy Fran Rosenthal 

Leonard Martin Ryan 

Scott William Sakin 

Judity Teresa Sartwell 
"Douglas Meyer Scheller 

Oscar Lee Schreiber 

Sharon Miriam Schwartz 
jTerry Lynn Schwartz 

Regina Teresa Selva 
"Deborah Jean Semanek 

Dina Eve Sheinman 

Anya Shevchenko-Mason 

Debbie Lynn Shifrin 

Stacy Lou Shinberg 

Jacqueline Silverman 

John H. Simmons 

Denise Lea Six 
"John Walter Smith 
"Isolde Zephyrina Spiegel 

Melanie Jeanne Stagg 

Eileen Judith Staples 

Walter Dwight Stone 

Bruce Stanley Stout 

§Summa Cum Laude: TMagna Cum Laude; 'Cum Laude 

Anila Strahan 

Susan Marie Strasburg 
tirene Brenda Straus 

Delia R. E. Street 

Sandra Jean Strickland 

Catherine Ann Strobel 

Howard David Taske 

Patrick Anthony Taylor 

Regina A. Taylor 

Thomas Allen Thayer 

V. Joan Baulch Thomas 

Perin Delano Tinsley 

Abbe Trenchard 
"Natasha K. Truran 

Lan Manh Tu 

Gregory Douglas Twitchell 

Karen Denise Unruh 

Leanne Susan Van Slyke 

George Erroll Vaughan 

Paul A. Veverka 
"Mary Jane Von Drehle 

Debra Ann Vucci 

Leonard Randolph Waesche, Jr. 

Lisette Marie Walecka 

Douglas Kent Walker 

William Charles Wallace 
§SusanG. Walton 

Andrea McCall Weekley 
"Barbara Gail Weichert 
§Joan Caren Weiss 

Harlan Kirk Westrell 

JoanB. White 

Karen A. Whyte 

Pierre Giles Wigglesworth 

Karl Douglas Wilhelm 

William Lankford Wilderson 

Andrea B. Wittenberg 

Kurt William Wolfgang 

Marilyn Jane Wood 

Barbara Sue Woolt 
t Naomi Carol Woolf 

John Baptist Zanin 

William Michael Zegowitz 

Charles Benjamin Zener 

Marjorie Ann Zimmerman 

Bachelor of Science 

Andrej Joseph Balanc 
Nurcin Kalender Bardakci 
Karen Cordelia Bergman 

December Bachelors 39 

Barbara A. Bishop 
Martha Ellen Bowen 
Gregory James Boyd 
Brokks Xavier Bragunier 

§Joan Jaye Britt 
John Bennett Buckley 
Richard Paul Buyalos, Jr. 
Catherine Ellen Care 
Ernest Edward Champion, Jr. 
Brian Scott Clevenger 
Susan Armour Coulston 
Kenneth William Dickins 
Daniel John Flynn 
Linda Lee Fourkiller 
Sidney John Franke 
Jeffrey Colin Gardner 
Andrea Rapheal Giacometti 
Ruth-Anne Hildenberger 
Terry Alan Jodrie 
Vytautas K. Karalius 
NoraM. Kozlosky 
Sandra Eileen Kruth 

'Jules Weymour Leon 
Marjorie Sue Levin 
Harold Kenneth Marcus 
Patricia Elizabeth Marsh 
Richard Scott McKenna 
Edward Hardie McKenney 
Lawrence Robert Noda 
Nelson Neil C /^rens 
Thomas Madison Parker 
Stephen Eugene Pasztor 
Mark Alan Prazniak 
Thomas Albert Still, Jr. 
Robert H. Tretler 
Teresa Louise Walsh 
Donna Lynn Welsh 

Division of Human 

and Community 



Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Dean Corrigan, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Arts 

'Rebecca Ann Barker 

Karen Marie Bowman 

Leila Haywood Christ 

Phyllis Marie Curtis 

Gladys Bernadine Davidson 

Lillian Enid Figueroa 

James David Fustero 

Juretta AnnGrunig 
§AdelheidK. Hohenstein 

Sheila Diane Josephowitz 

Leora Ellen Kahn 

Denneth Richard Lewis 

Wolfgand Martin Luise Maier 

Michael Mark Manzari 

Frances Jean O'Reilly 

Mark Jerome Osborne 

Margaret Swindell Pfeiffer 

Frances Rachel Dorothy Plante 

Cynthia Ann Roche 

Janet Ethel Rothe 

Carol Lee Russell 

Sharon Levine Schoem 

Lisette Marie Walecka 

Timothy King Wilhelm 

G. James Wilson 

Bachelor of Science 

Debra Harden Abney 

Michael Lee Agriesti 

Cynthia Kay Altamirano 
*John D. Antonishak 

Diane Arlauskas 

Deborah Eileen Avery 

Sherry Ann Bobrow 

Jennifer R. Boice 

Belle Elizabeth Borden 

Sharon Ann Bouchard 
"Darlene Marie Branges 

Margaret Jeane Briggs 

Jacqueline Theresa Brooks 
David Hamilton Brown 
Doris Marie Burger 
Richard Hal Buxton 

*Kim Kathleen Callison 
Joseph Nicholas Cane 
Joan Gestner Carroll 
Linda Susan Casselberry 
Cathy Ann Cavanaugh 
Patricia Louise Chappell 
l.aura Davis Clements 
Karen Pauline Coccia 
Felice N. Cohen 
Diane Crisp 
Gina Marie Croci 
Michael Joseph Damron 
Linda Nelson Davis 
Mary Suagee Davis 
Renee Helen Delbrook 
Johanna Elizabeth Dickhaut 
Laurel Kaufman Dillard 
Mildred Clare Donlan 
Patricia Marie Dunn 
Charles M. Feimer 
Ruth Aron Feldman 
Kathleen Ann Finlay 

§ Patricia Ann Foster 

'Kathleen Welch Frampton 
Paul Allen Geiger 
Pamela Marcy Glauser 
Kimberly Lynn Ground 

§Cathy Anne Gugliotta 
Lawrence Franklin Gulick 
Barbara Diane Hall 
Gary Stephen Hand 
Deborah Sue Harris 
Chrissee Economos Harrison 
Nancy Lee Stevens Harrison 
Julia Bridget Hazard 
Jean Antionette Hevey 
Wendy Jo Himes 

*Jean Lillian Hoffman 
Janice M. HoUoway 
Charles Robert Holt 
Annette Brewster Hopkins 
Diane Sue Horner 
Blanca Jazmine Hull 
Linda Leigh Johnson 
Robin Janice Johnson 
Shelley Elisabeth Johnson 

Deborah Joyce Johnston 
Sandra Hauser Jones 
Lori Susan Kale 
Mary Beth Kallmyer 
Sally Foxvog Kalotra 
Frederick Barry Kamprad 

§ Barbara Hastings Kane 
Beatrice Bartle Kasparek 
James Morris Kaufman 
Kathryn Marie Kelly 
Teresa Louise Kendrick 
Catherine Marie Kent 
Carol Ellen Klein 
Marilyn Diana Korotki 
Donna Lynn Krueger 
Debra Lee Langston 

tjane Elizabeth Lee 

'Linda Sue Levock 
James Richard Lowery, Jr. 
Charles William Markley, II 
Alma Catherine Marsden 
Janan Massa 
David Price Masters 
Nancy Jean Matthews 
Lieser Milligan Mayo 
Maureen McGowan 
George Randall Mclntyre 
Robert Thomas McMonagle 

tHolly Jane McVeigh 
Michael D. Meko 
Lucy Ann Memmo 
Jacqueline Ann Miller 
Judith M. Miller 
Susan Carol Miller 
Ouida Anne Moore 
Amanda Lee Morton 
Michelle Anne Mosimann 
Charles Louis Moss 
Bryan Stewart Moy 
Michael Edward Mueller 
Janice Kathleen Murray 
Daryl Crouse Myers 
Marcia Lee Myers 
Kathryn Ann Neis 
Elise Ruth Nulman 
Carol K. O'Brien 
Denise Rose O'Brien 
Donnd Marie O'Brien 

'Daniel Michael Oklesson 
Santuria Orsetti 

40 December Bachelors 

(iSumma Cum Laude; tMagna Cum Laude; "Cum Laude 

Ardeth Ann Towner Overbay 

Cathleen Larner Palmer 

Cynthia Marie Patane 

Michael Allen Penn 

Stephan Edward Peterson 

Patricia Ann Phelan 

Cecilia Charmagne Phillips 

Caryl Ann Pittiglio 

Patricia JoAnne Pletcher 

Harper Kevin Poling 

Louis Mark Progar 

Leslie Lynn Pryor 

Pamela Jean Ramsay 

Gail Sande Rappoport 

Inga Bie Ravndal 

Beth Susan Resnick 

Molook Roghanizad 

Ruth Yaeko Rooney 

Joyce Angela Ross 

Lydia Esmeralda Rubio 

James Philip Sager 

Elizabeth Fabry Salerno 

Deborah Jean Schellhase 

Terry E. Schoch 

Sandra Lee Schwartz 

Roberta Anne Schwind 

David Paul Seyler 

John Kimball Sherman 
tJoan Evelyn Shinn 

Martin T. Short 

Molly Beth Shover 

Cynthia Jeanne Smith 

Karen Jan Smith 

Sharon Christine Smith 

Wendy Beth Sobel 

Lisa Mary Sodee 
t Deborah Karen Staffin 

Elizabeth Stamoulis 

Mary Margaret Stover 

James Weslay Strotman 
"Debra Gail Taylor 

Lori Anne Taylor 

James William Tippett, Jr. 

Gary Robert Varner 

Linda Nancy Volk 

Kinrberley Ann Walsh 

Deborah Kaye Weadon 

Ronald Alan Weiss 

Sharon Ann Welch 

Donald Clark Wigglesworth, Jr. 

Mandy R. Wolkoff 
Barbara Diane 


Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. John R. Beaton, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Lynne Marcie Abrams 

Cheryl M. Allen 

Sara Jayne Anderson 

Deborah Jane Asbel 

Margaret Helen Barzler 

Janis Elizabeth Beacham 

Vicki Sue Blatt 
t Barbara Anne Bozak 

Joseph Edward Brady 

Jean Carol Branthover 

Elizabeth Anne Burg 

Marjorie Constance Burns 
t Gloria Karen Butz 

Katherine Anne Cook 

Diana Jean Cox 

Beth Jo Crane 

Karlen Ann Curtis 

Joan Marie D'Amato 

James R. Davis 

Diane Elaine Ditto 

Diane I. Dua 

Rodney Gilbert Duley, Jr. 

Sarah Anne Dunigan 

Peter Lincoln Dunnigan 

Patricia Foster Elton 

Theresa M.A. Foster 

Ellen Carey Griffin 

Bennedean Faye Grissom 

Martha Anne Guender 

Ruth Anne Haught 

Judy J. Headley 
§Lenora Ann Holland 

Patricia Lee Hughes 

Sandra Reginia Irick 

Lillian L Johnson 

Joan Alice Johnston 

Marie Fernandez Jones 

Michael Wayne Keane 

Melanie Reid Kickert 

Jean Whan Kim 

Kimperly Ann Kipikas 
Kathryn Louise Knight 
Jacqueline Lee Krensky 
Virginia Leigh Lenz 
Diane Lynne MacCallum 
Donna Marie Majerowicz 
Patricia Ann Marocco 
Lynne Grace Mason 
Gail Mates 
Susan Marie Mayer 
Eileen McCay 

§Mary Kathleen McFalls 
Farah Banou Memarbashi 
Tatiana Denise Mills 

*Ira Robert Milner 
Anna Mae Mulrooney 
Audrey Lynn Nasoff 
Elizabeth Lootens Newton 
Kathleen Ann O'Connor 

'Minnie F. Oring 
Narcisa Isabel Ortega 
Anne Marie Oxley 
Joyce Ann Palmer 
Robert Jeff rey Palmisano 
Kathleen Ann Payne 
Donna Jean Reinsel 
Mary Christine Ridpath 
Mary Claire Robinson 
Zahra Roghani 
Esther Roitman 
Shari Pam Rolnick 
David Alan Rubin 
Theresa D. Schneider 
Deborah Susanne Sheaffer 
Carolyn Ausmus Shobe 
Donna Ann Smith 
Nancy Jean Smith 
Phoebe Donna Smith 
Rosemarie Bennett Stallings 
Bette Diane Stauber 
Katherine Anne Stickels 
Kathy Meryl Strauss 
Patricia L. Sweeney 
Betty J. Taylor 
Diane Patricia Taylor 
Thomas N, Taylor 
Michael Francis Tobin 

'Yvonne V. Vandergucht 
Gloria Jean Van Duzer 

dSumma Cum L.aude: tMagna Cum L.aude; 'Cum Laude 

Sylvia Marsh Wade 
Chun-Yee Janet Wang 
Elizabeth Ann White 
Jean Marie Whitley 
Joanne Marie Whitt 
"Linda Kay Wildensteiner 
Lucy Anne Williams 
Karen Lynn Work 


Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Marvin Eyler, 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Alan Irwin Alper 

Phillip Eugene Armbruster 

Thomas Gregory Aukward 
'Philip Pierre Aversa 

Dawn Fauson Baxter 

Nita Estelle Bollens 

Cheryl Lynne Bruchey 

Jodie Bray Brunstetter 

Joseph Raymond Cohen 

Monecia Gale Miles Davis 
tTimothy Ray Dunlap 

Leasa Monette Estensen 

Robert Eaton Everett, Jr. 

Bonnie Marilyn Faber 

Donald Vonrow Fellers, Jr. 

Joseph David Felperin 

Donna Kay Fowler 
TSusan Maurine Freeland 

Timothy Robert Garner 

Janet Edith Gessford 

Danny Bruce Gottlieb 

Priscella Anne Grapes 

Mary Ellen Greenleaf 

Meryl Beth Gross 

Kimberly Ann Hamilton 

Jane Wendy Harkaway 

Frank Harold Hartig 

Robert Thomas Hassett 

Martha Louise Hastings 

Tara Grey Heiss 

Katherine Elizabeth Helzer 

December Bachelors 41 

Betty Virginia Holland 
Charles David Hopper 
Martha Lee Houlder 
Joseph Paul Jacobs, Jr. 
Linda Joanne Kaul 
Barry Stephen Klein 
Donald James Kraft 
Larry B. Kruger 
Mary Joseph Lacey 
Elizabeth Irene Leacock 
Susan Jane Lookabill 
Debra Olivia Lowdermilk 
Karen Marie Maddox 
Christopher Streeter Marrs 
Jane W. Marshall 

§John Stuart Marshall 

§Patricia Ann McGuigan 
Mary Therese McMullen 
Doretta Louise Miller 
Brenda Sue Minnich 
Janet Marie Muir 
Ophelia Murphy 
Susan Elizabeth Nilsson 
Lori Lee Oiler 
Catherine Joan Orgovan 
Kathleen Ann Overton 

*Lisa Ann Palmer 
Paula Elaine Phipps 

"Patricia Lynne Powell 
Joan Elizabeth Preble 
LindaAnn Maureen Rogers 
Thomas Charles Roland 
William James Schoy, III 
William Robert Semans, III 
Bonnie Joan Smith 
Nancy Elizabeth Spain 
Gustavo Vicente Suarez 

'Stephen Michael Sutton 
Mary Ann Tannachion 
Susan Rosanne Thompson 
Michael Andrew West 
Karen Patricia Wynne 
Deborah Adrienne Young 

Division of 

Mathematical and 

Physical Sciences 

and Engineering 


Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. George E. Dieter, Jr. 
Dean of the College 

Bachelor of Science 

Ousama Faisal Al-Damluji 

Faisal Awadallah 

Ken Eric Bacon 

Michael Joseph Badera 

Timothy Lee Baldwin 

Charles Emmett Ball, III 

Gary Leonard Biggs 

Timothy Rollon Bondelid 

David Neil Boroson 

Michael Lawrence Brauch 

Michael Vance Bremerman 

David Richard Bright 

Peter Keenan Buckley 

Harry William Bullen, III 

Francis J. Caherty, Jr. 
•Patrick O'Keefe Callahan, Jr. 
tjoanne Lynne Chesnutis 

Steve Ching-Wen Chin 

Peter Edvard Christis 

Leon Chuck 

Patrick L. Clark 

Gary Frank Colton 

Harold Arthur Dameron 

Stephen Earl De Simon 

Emmanuel N. Diakomanolis 

Eugenio DiValentin 

Carl Drafts Donigian 

Frank Jennings Donovan 

Kurt H. Dressen 

Thomas Daniel Duff 

William Dwight Dupler 

Douglas Edward Dyjak 
§John Edward Effland, III 

Keith Harold Eggert 

John Russell Ehman 

Kenneth Bruce Fleming 

Walter Corbin Flensburg, Jr. 

John D. Foster 

'Richard Sheldon Freeman 
Douglas Lee French 
David Allen Frostbutter 
Joseph Andrew Gallagher 
David Glenn Galosky 
Karl Edward Gangstad 
Jonathan Bickford Gilbert 
Thomas Eugene Godwin 
Wayne Talbott Gorsuch 
Michael Neil Gray 
Philip Andrew Gribaudo 
John Blair Hickman 
Miles Spencer Hill 
Maung Tin Hlaing 
Richard Jenchieh Ho 

"Stephen Samuel Hodgson 

§Morris Everett Hoover 
John Charles Horai, III 

§Maureen Patrice Houle 
William Edward Howell 

'Richard Karl Huebschman 
Bryan Robert Jachowski 
Gregory Stewart Jennings 
Nicholas Fraser Jensen 
Douglas Rene Johnson 

'Gail Elizabeth Jones 
Gregory Gilbert Joyner 
Thammasit Kaewsovatana 
Yoram Kaufman 
Robert William Keiser 
Deborah Ann Kessler 
Yoon Choong Kim 
Thomas John Kirk 

'Robert Michael Knox 
Barry Allan Kornett 
David Bruce Kough 
Ronald George Kraus 
Russell Eugene Kuba 

TMau Thi Kugelman 
Stuart Elliot Kushner 
Robert Paul Lambert 
Donald Bruce Lambrechts 
Harry King Lee 
George Joseph Lengyel 
John Eric Lindahl 
Lawrence William Loar, Jr. 
Michael Edward Loman 
John Jeffrey Macri 
Joseph Stephen Makar 
Stephen Edward Martin 

42 December Bachelors 

Steven E. Martin 

Patrick McGrath 

Soheil Mehrabanzad 

Brian William Melly 

Anil Menawat 

Michael Robert Mikesh 

Joseph Robert Miller 

Terence John Morse 

John Edwin Munson, Jr. 

Massoud Nadjmabadi 

Alexander Nevelson 

Robert Haverly Nevins 

Raymond Lester Nichols 

Sam Martin Nilson 

Thomas Hiroshi Nitta 

Timothy Joseph O'Connor 

Robert Bernard O'Hara, Jr. 

Christopher Edmund Osborne 

Gary Michael Patrick 

BertW. Peterka, Jr. 

Elizabeth Keffer Piatt 

Benito Domingo Prats 

Edward Joseph Prokop, Jr. 

Amy Juanita Ramsay 

Peter Rasmussen 

Robert LeRoy Rasmussen 

Perry Eugene Rhodes 

Eileen Ramona Robinson 

Richard Thomas Roland, Jr. 

Michael Robert Rosen 

Steven David Rosen 

Dennis Paul Roth 

Lawrence Mathew Saunders 

Lawrence Mathew Saunders 

George Michael Saur 

Louis Henry Schmid 

H. Neil Schreck 

Leonard Randolph Sellman 

Joseph Bart Sickles 
'Thomas Richard Sieber 

Neil Edward Sies 

Michael Thomas Sileo 

Michael L. Sklarewitz 
t Randy Jay Stevens 
§George John Theodorakos 

Kenneth Lee Tomasello 


Lawrence Arthur Turner 
t Andrew Adam Twarowski 

Inder Jit Verma 

§Summa Cum Laude: TMagna Cum Laude; 'Cum Laude 

Robert Louis Vezzani, Jr. 
Victor ThangVu 
Frederick Kellam Walker, Jr. 
Michael R, Waters 
Elizabeth Ann Watts 
Michael Kirby Wheeler 
Ralph P. Wheeler, Jr. 
Jeffrey David Williams 
Eze Evvart Wills 
Henry Beatty Wilson, Jr. 
Charles Griffith Worthington 
Ulysses S. Yee 
Scott David Yuill 

Division of 
Mathematical and 
Physical Sciences 
and Engineering 

Candidates will be presented by 

Dr. Frank J. Kerr, 

Acting Provost of the Division 

Bachelor of Science 

Omar Ahmed 

Paul Dennis Bailor 

Camille Palmer Bell 

Raymond P. Belott 

Lawrence Keith Blische 

Leon Alexander Boulavsky, Jr. 

Mary Lou Bradley 
§Joan Jaye Britt 

Douglas Albert Buschman 

Roosevelt Bynum, Jr. 

Pamela Therese Clark 

Phillip Charles Davis 

Cynthia Diane Eader 

Glenn Steven Edwards 
tRobertM. Edwards 

Philip Joseph Ehrman, Jr. 

James Gry Fitzgerald 

Carl R. Fosler 

Edward Gary Freedman 

Douglas Lee French 

Charles Adam Gibson 

Steven Lawrence Goldstein 

Alan Charles Greene 

Hamid Reza Hadjimirvahabi 

David Joseph Henry 

Vicki L. Holiday 

Thomas Charles Hupfeld 

§SumTra Cum Laude; TMagna Cum I-aude; 'Cum Laude 

Mark Kim Hutchinson 

Mark Edward Kapinos 

Michael Bennett Kearney 

Lawrence Hilliard Klioze 

John Kenneth Knudson 

Brent David Kornman 
*Jean Marie Kvedar 

Linda Catherine Landis 

Richard Anton Lewis 

Prasong Limsirichai 

Charles Albert McLaughlin 

Kathleen H.Michel 

Howard William Charles Michelsen 

Lee Coy Moore 

Myrian Beatriz Moreno 

James W. Muldrow, Jr. 

Ronald James Murphy 


Carl Leslie Pinches 

Michael James Ramsey 

Yashar Harounzadeh Shirazi 

Steve Alan Silverman 

Glenn Franklin Smith 
'Margaret Mary Swiger 

Ju-Wei Tang 

John David Tennyson 

Richard Livingston Thomas 

John Paul Townsend, Jr. 

Philip Hunter VanDusen 

Deborah Lynn Wilcox 

Clinton Stansbury Winchester 

Louis Erich Wolf, Jr. 

Thomas Eugene Woolheater 


Candidates will be presented by 
Dr. Robert Shoenberg, 
Administrative Dean, 
Undergraduate Studies 

Bachelor of General Studies 

Michael David Abrahms 
Jonathan Robert Alder 
Nancy Kay Balthazar 
Heidi Kathleen Barron 
Susan Patricia Blake 
Deborah Lynn Brandt 
Robert Hanien Bray 

*Phyllis Lynn Brenner 

Linda Faye Brooks 

Marie Helen Brott 

Diana Jean Bulkeley 

Mark Steven Burke 

Gerard Michael Carey 

Richard Norman Carson, Jr. 

Bonnie Anthony demon, Jr. 

Ruth Ann Clinkscale 

Stephen Levi Cook 

Kathleen Frances Costello 
§Margery Jane Crites 

Teresa G. Dameron 

Demos S. Diavatis 

Robert Scott Dodd 

Earl Richard Drehmer 

Diana Lynn Driscoll 

Michael James Eckert 
TMarjorie Eddlem Epple 

Diane Drake Featherstone 

Kathleen Anne Flounlacker 

Karen Lee Frank 

Adele Gevirtz 

Sophia P. Glezos 

Elaine Jan Goldberg 

Robert Glenn Goldf arb 

Louisa Lee Grabowski 

Granville Curry Grant 

John James Hartsell, Jr. 

Glen Andrew Hellman 

Gerri Lynn Herman 

Ann Elizabeth Jones 

Lauren Lee Jones 

Marion McKinley Jones 

Dean Raum Kapneck 

Charles Edward Keys, Jr. 

Theresa Louise Knapp 

Mary Claire Lentz 

Ross H. Mandell 

Robin Llewellyn Martin 

John Alexander Marvel 

Celeste Mayer 

Pamela Anne Mohr 

Thomas Joseph Moran 

Gwendolyn Henderson Parsons 

Elizabeth Jane Passante 

Steven Craig Paul 

Jeannette Marie Rafterry 
"Toby Ann Ritterhoff 

Emanuel Keith Rosenberg 

Charlene Iris Rosenstein 
Jerald Brian Rosenthal 
Jane Gilmor Rowley 
'Patricia Crawford 
Michael Ira Sandler 
Alfred Richard Smith 
Harry Sody 
Norman Alan Taylor 
Susan Kaye Valenta 
Mary Grace Waldron 
Barbara Roanne Wheeler 
Denise Marie Wustner 

Bachelor of Arts 

Halcyon L. Ahearn 
Ronald Alton Beach 
James Denny 

Holland Eugene England, Jr. 
Debra Jean Gomulinski 
Zev Halpern 
Kenneth Norman Hollies 
'Stephen P. Jones 
Lucia Ann Keuroglian 
Claire Campbell McMillan-Neider 
Catherine Jane Parker 
Jan Allyn Sody 
Barbara Sue Woolf 
Kathleen Ann Zannoni 

Bachelor of Science 

Hilary S.Adler 
TMaureen Anne Belliveau 

David T. Berger 

Judith Ann Guy 

Susan Delean Hayes 

Steven Robert Leonard 

Matthew Jared Mayer 

Stacey-Geale Peek 

Robert Loring Rice 

James Neal Robinson 

Ray Alton Siever, Jr. 
'Sheree Bea Silverstein 

Sheila Dale Simpson 

Todd Martin Steiner 

Abbie Wolff 
§Steven Ellis Yarmosky 

December Bachelors 43 


Candidates for bachelor's 
degrees who have earned 
honors for scholarship upon 
graduation are indicated in the 
alphabetical listings by Division 
or College. To be eligible for 
consideration for such honors 
a candidate must meet the 
following general criteria : 

(1) have completed two years of 
work at the University of Mary- 
land (60 semester hours) and 

(2) have a scholastic average of B 
(Grade Point Average of 3.000) 
or higher in University of 
Maryland work prior to the last 
semester of registration before 
award of degree. 

May 1979 candidates who meet 
these criteria are shown in the 
alphabetical lists as qualifying, 
upon graduation, for the 
designations "Summa Cum 
Laude " if they ranked in the top 
two per cent of the candidates in 
their respective Colleges or 
Divisions; "Magna Cum Laude ", 
if in the next three per cent; or 
"Cum Laude", if in the next 
five percent. 

General Honors Program 

Jonathan Edwin Grant * * * 
Daniel Andrew Jailer 
Jay Neal Lazrus*** 
David Alan Marker* * 
Danford Scot Smith** 

Departmental Honors 

With High Honors in Chemistry 
Francis W. Farley 
Kathy Ann McGovern 

With High Honors in Economics 
Branden Scott Blum** 
Scott Michael Dennis* * 
Rose Marie Kushmeider** 
James Glen Titus* * * 

With High Honors in English 
Sandra Kay Miller** 

With High Honors in Psychology 
Sidney A. Connor* * * 
Douglas Ruebin Jef f ery * * * 

With Honors in Computer Science 
Gyorgy Fekete** 

With Honors in EngHsh 
Betsy Alison Alperin* * 
Aletha Lea McDaniel * * 
Brian Joseph Milmoe* * 
Jeanette Anne Plante* * 
Terrill Ann Rupp** 
Deborah Mary Schwartz** 
Meg Schuster 

With Honors in Philosophy 
Daniel Kolak** 

With Honors in Russian 
David Agatstein * * * 

With Honors in Zoology 
Lola Anne Hacia* 
Ruth Hannon Oneson* * 

'Graduated December 19, 1977 
"Graduated May 18, 1978 
"Graduated August 15, 1978 


A Walking Tour 

through the 

College Park Campus 

There are many interesting 
educational and research 
facilities on the College Park 
Campus. We have selected some 
of these that you may wish to 
visit along a walking tour. 
These facilities are open on 
weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 
4:30 p.m. You are welcome to 
tour them at your leisure. 
Other points of interest on 
campus may be toured by 
appointment through the 
phone extension listed after 
each facility. For general 
information, call the Student 
Union Information Center 


(BLDG. 78) Regents Drive. 
Open to visitors weekdays 8 : 30 
a.m. to 4:30 p.m. A schedule 

of multidenominational services 
can be obtained in the North 
Administration Bldg. 

BUILDING-(BLDG. 83) Regents 
Drive. This facility houses the 
Admissions Office of the Univer- 
sity; Of f ice of the Registrar for 
graduate transcripts and 
commencement information; and 
offices for student financial aid, 
housing, and campus employment. 

BRARY— (BLDG. 120) Corner 
of Regents and Campus Drives. 
Completed in 1972, the library 
is one of the finest in the nation. 
In addition to serving under- 
graduate students, it also houses 
at the graduate level the College 
of Library and Information 

110) Campus Drive. A new 
addition to the Student Union 
was completed in 1972. You can 
obtain a building directory and 
schedules of events and activities 
at the information desk in the 
front lobby. Guided tours are 
available to the bowling alleys, 
billiard room, ballroom, cafe- 
terias, motion picture theatre, 
and exhibits. 

(BLDG. 27) Campus Drive. 
With a permanent seating 
capacity of 12,500, the Main 
Auditorium of Cole Fieldhouse 
is used for basketball games, 
classes in physical education, 
commencements, concerts, 
academic testing, track, and 
many other indoor activities. 
Other areas of the building 
contain small gymnasiums, a 
swimming pool, classrooms, 
faculty offices, a ticket booth 
for athletic events, and the 
Department of Intercollegiate 

TER— (BLDG. 115) Campus 
Drive. You are welcome to visit 

the Art Gallery on the first 
floor. Offices of the depart- 
ments of art, music, speech 
and dramatic art, and hearing 
and speech sciences are 
housed in this building. Uni- 
versity Theatre is also located 
here, adjacent to Parking Lot 

Campus Drive. You are invited 
to walk through this facility 
and view displays of student 
architectural designs and the 
faculty-designed sculpture in 
the West Court. 

Tours by 

CYCLOTRON, Department of 
Physics and Astronomy. The 
Cyclotron is available for 
touring on Mondays from 
10 a.m. to 4 p.m. by prior 
arrangement. (Ext. 4152) 

CATION. The Center of 
Adult Education is a residential 
conference facility for con- 

tinuing education for adults. 
Tours can be arranged by 
calling 779-5100. 

Keldin contains materials for 
the use of graduate students 
and faculty. Tours can be 
arranged by appointment. 
(Ext. 4042) 

games and track and field 
events are held in this stadium 
which holds 35,000 spectators. 
(Ext. 4705) 

TORY. Open House is held on 
the 5th and 20th of each month 
at 8:30 p.m. for the general 
public. Large groups may call 
for reservations at 454-3001. 
(For other information call 
Ext. 3460) 

oldest building on the College 
Park Campus, Rossborough 
Inn is open to the public for 
lunch from 11 : 30 to 1:30 p.m. 
(Ext. 3940) 


Cole Field House 

' Section 1 : 

Agricultural and Life 


Undergraduate Studies 
Arts and Humanities 

Section 2: 
Graduate School 

Mathematical and Physical 
Sciences and Engineering 

Section 3 : 

Business and Management 
Behavioral and Social Sciences 

Section 4 : 

Human Ecology 
Physical Education, 
Recreation and Health 


main entrance 
& exits