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Full text of "Correspondence resulting from the circulation of the pamphlet entitled "A protest" [microform]"

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Cheatham, Kitty 

Correspondence. . .entitled 
"A protest" 







re^^^tliig f rom the piro)y.ation o: 

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'1^ .-^ 


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Resulting from the Circulatioii 
of the Pamphlet 

"a protest" 




Copyright, 1918, 


Kitty Clieatham. 

274 Madison Avenue, 
New York Ci^. 

September 30, 1918. 

My Dear Mr. L. . . : — 

There is no power in any resistance to the 
immutable law of God and to His Christ. Truth 

will finally rule mankind. Good is now ruling 
out evil, as is evidenced in the world-war. 
Christ is destroying that which has no right to 
exist, viz., sin and death, in individual and uni- 
versal consciousness. 

America, through Americans, is now demand- 
ing an ideal standard. They are revolting against 
the reversal of democracy, which has at last 
been exposed as nothing more nor less than 
human autocracy. They refuse longer to voice 
sentiments in word or song, which they hereto- 
fore ignorantly accepted, and to which they sub- 
mitted, until compelled by spiritual progress, to 

If this is "the land of the free and the home 
of the brave," let every American be ''free' to 
denounce law standards, viz., hate, envy, greed, 
and human autocracy as suggested in some ot 
the words of "The Star-Spangled Banner." 

Let us hope that there is a majority of Ameri- 
can men and women of spiritual aspirations and 
nobilitj' of character, who are ''brave" enough 
to defend our nation and the coming generation, 
from all who are attempting to deprive our 
country of an anthem, which would breathe the 
sentiments of true American manhood and 

Woe! Woe! to all who are unwilling to obey 
the immutable, irresistible law of righteousness. 


The people cannot be forever lulled or deceiyed 
by those who are attempting to defend the sen- 
timents of "The Star-Spangled Banner" by quot- 
ing the last lines of the poem, "our cause is so 
just," and "In God is our trust!*' The efforts 
to obscure the insidious suggestions of the death- 
dealing missiles, "the rockets' red glare, . . . 
bombs bursting in air." "foul footsteps' pollu- 
tion," and "the foe's haughty host in dread si- 
lence reposes," are discerned and will be de- 
stroyed by the word of dk>d, through Christ, who 
"is on the field, when he is most invisible." 

I quote from your letter, "the good old pagan 
Greeks were worthy models for us. . . . man 
creates God in his own image." The Kaiser says 
he puts his trust in God and he is constantly 
appealing to this god of his own creating. Are 
you and I, dear Mr. L..., obeying the divine 
command, "I am the Lord thy God. . . . Thou 
Shalt have no other gods [power] before me"— 
eternal Life, Love, and Truth? 

With Paul, I have the moral courage to say 
to the scoffers of this hour, "THE UNKNOWN 
GOD, Whom therefore ye ignorantly worship. 
Him declare I unto you" (Acts 17:23). Do Amer- 
icans express God — omnipotent good — eternal 
Life and Love through the words of "The Star- 
Spangled Banner," which breathe the sentiments 
of animosity and all the qualities of the carnal 
mentality in its opening verses? 

I know that "The Star-Spangled Banner" can 
never be adopted permanently as our National 
Anthem. How do I know this? Because God— - 
omnipotent wisdom and intelligence, the God of 
prophets, seers, Christ Jesus, Mary Baker Eddy, 
and their followers who possess the Mind of 
Christ— spiritual power— will prevent it. The God 
of justice and mercy is not expressed in a con- 
tradiction of Himself. 

Through the Associated Press of September 
25th was received this message from General 
A.llenby: "Our cavalry have rescued Nazareth 
u'hose supermen described Christianity as ^ a 
creed for slaves." One cannot fail to perceive 


the glorious spiritual significance of this tre- 
mendous statement. In the New York Times 
of September 26th, Alfred Noyes writes these 
lines : 

The Emperor mocked at Nazareth 

In his almighty hour. 
The Slave that bowed himself to death 
And walked with slaves in Nazareth, 
What were His words but wasted breath 

Before that "will to power." 

The trumpet blows in Nazareth. 

The Slave is risen again! 
Across the bitter wastes of death. 
The horsemen ride from Nazareth, 
And the Power we mocked as wasted breath 

Returns, in power, to reign; 
Rides on, in white, through Nazareth, 

To save His world again. 

The hour of restoration of all that is real 
and eternal is at hand. America will eventually 
become "the land of the free." I cliaim and shall 
exerci se my divine prerogative to voice my 
righteous convictions. I claim the liberty of a 
follower of Christ to protest against evil in all 
its forms and to establish justice, honesty, and 
righteousness. I denounce license, but I demand 
the privilege of an American citizen to speak, 
act, and . live according to the law of right and 
justice. I cannot submit to nor promulgate any- 
thing that is opposed to Truth, so far as I under- 
stand Truth. 

On one side of the entrance of the Public 
Library on Fifth Avenue is inscribed: "Beauty, 
old yet ever new, eternal voice and inward man/* 
On the other side of the entrance is inscribed: 
"But above all things Truth beareth away the 
victory." With the liberal and beautiful decora- 
tions, which during the war have appeared on 
Fifth Avenue, these reminders of the eternal 
Power and presence, or a God of Truth and 
Love, are the only ones I have seen on this ave- 
irae. Truth is no longer on the scaffold. The 


new era will float banners upon which will be 
inscribed reminders of an ever present God in 
whom we trust, and who, according to His prom- 
ise, will deliver us from evil. 

Again I repeat, that I refuse to implant in the 
pure, plastic thought of the children of our na- 
tion, ihe seedlings of autocracy, hypocrisy, "foul 
footsteps' pollution," and all the discordant qual- 
ities which "The Star-Spangled Banner'' ex- 
presses. I shall continue to teach and to insist 
upon the necessity of implanting in the virgin 
soil of the child consciousness, the healthy seed- 
lings of Truth, honesty, purity, unselfed love, 
trust in God— the eternal Father— all that stands 
for health, joy, holiness, harmony, and immor- 
tality. _ 

Woe! Woe! be unto all who resist Truth- 
Christ. Let Americans be "brave" and permit 
me my right to follow the dictates of my own 
spiritual convictions. 

There are a large number of patriotic Ameri- 
cans who recognize the great issues of this hour. 
They are loyal to the spiritual ideals, upon which 
this nation was founded, and they agree with 
our President in his repeated emphasis for the 
necessity of rising to uphold and support these 
higher and spiritual ideals. 

They will continue to demand and they will 
obtain their inalienable rights of conscience and 
freedom to exercise these rights. That they have 
not been permitted to voice their convictions on 
this vital subject is a proof that our nation is 
still held in bonds of human autocracy and is not 
yet "the land of the free and the home of the 
brave." Let us be honest as a people. Let us 
be true to ourselves, then it will follow "thou 
canst not then be false to any man.** 

October 1st. I was prevented from finishing 
this letter last night, and again am rejoiced to 
find, that President Wilson, as announced through 
the press today, has once more been spiritually 
moved to speak with solemn emphasis upon the 
imperative necessity of the rising of our nation 
to uphold the standard of pure democracy, upon 


which it was founded. I do not feel that it was 
a chance correlation that I was impelled to write 
you at the same hour that the President waa 
addressing his great message, in defense of 
woman, to the United States Senate, which is 
supposed to represent the highest democratic 
governing body in the world. 

Hear these divinely inspired words of Presi- 
dent Wilson: 

This is a peoples' war, and the peoples' 
thinking constitutes its atmosphere and 
morale. ... If we be indeed democrats, 
and wish to leave the world to democracy, 
we can ask other peoples to accept in 
proof of our sincerity and our ability to 
lead them whither they wish to be led 
nothing less persuasive and convincing 
than our actions 

If we reject measures like this in ignor- 
ant defiance of what a new age has 
brought forth, of what they have seen, but 
we have not, they will cease to believe in 
us; they will cease to follow or to trust 
us. . . . 

The problems . . . will strike to the 
roots of many things that we have not 
hitherto questioned. . . . We shall need 
their [woman's] moral sense ... to 
discover just what it is that ought to be 
purified and reformed. , . . 

This is my appeal. . . . No one can 
brush aside or answer the arguments upon 
which it is based. The executive tasks 
of this war rest upon me I ask that 
you lighten them and place in my hands 
instruments, spiritual instruments, which 
I do not now. possess, which I sorely need, 
and which I have daily to apologize for 
not being able to employ. 

Alas that any one should continue to try to 
hold this nation in bondage. Alas for the "Phari- 
sees" who are crying democracy from the "house- 
tops" and who are forcing the Chief Ehcecutive of 


this nation to ''apologize" to its people, because 
he l^ prevented by dense autocratic materialists* 
masquerading as representatives of democracy* 
from using the ''spiritual instrument" — ^they 
who are fighting to uphold the "spiritual ideals'* 
of this nation — to aid him in discovering what 
should be "purified" in our national conscious- 

That there are many spiritual thinkers today 
who are daring to voice their honest convictions 
is i^parent. I quote from an article by Mar^ 
garet Sherwood, entitled, "For Democracy," and 
which appeared in the October number of the 
''Atlantic Monthly." .In touching upon the Amer- 
icanization of the alien, she writes: 

What have we been doing, we citizens of 
longer standing, to whom has been entrust- 
ed the starry flag? ... As our young 
men fight in the fields of France for an 
ideal, we should be fighting at home to 
bring into clearer vision of ourselves and 
others, the nature of that ideal. To this 
task of enlightenment we need to bend 
every energy, for an unintelligent democ- 
racy is the worst foe civilization has ever 

The air is full of notes of exhortation 
and of song ushering in a new era. There 
is with us a consciousness of a need of 
reconsecration, of refreshing ourselves at 
the deeper sources of our national well- 
being, of defining afresh for ourselves and 
sharing with others the great and simple 
hope of democracy in its purity. 

A letter recently received from one of the 
most noted educators of this country states: 

I am inclined to believe that a large per- 
centage of the people agree with you in 
all you say with regard to "The Star-Span- 
gled Banner/' and a great many more 
would see light if they would only think 
as they sing. So many people sing this 
song without ever giving a thought to the 


words and what they convey. In teaching, 
children a new song I firmly believe la 
scanning the poem to see what it contains, 
and I think adults should be treated the 
same way and shown what poem scansion 
means to them. • . « 

As you are aware, a great many people 
are afraid to say what they think in regard 
to the song in question, and the longer the 
war lasts the less they will express their 
feelings. I have yet to find one out of the 
many readers of your ''Protest" here that 
does not agree with you, but they dare not 
open their mouths in some cases: 

For instance, the dean of the Music De- 
partment in a local college, a close Mend 
of mine, is forbidden by the president to 
express his feelings in the matter. But tor 
that I have no doubt your "Protest," or at 
least excerpts from it, would have appeared 
in a local paper. In answer to a Question, 
he said that he heartily agreed with you 
but must keep his views to himself and 
keep out of the public eye. I inyself, 
being in the capacity of a public servant, 
am not allowed to air my views as I would 
like to. 

So you see that while you have many 
sympathizers in the matter, it may be a 
hard thing to get them to take up the 
cudgels and fight. 

I noticed your statement in regard to the 
Constituted Authorities of New York de- 
manding that the children be compelled to 
learn the song in school. It may interest 
you to know that I had a somewhat simi- 
lar experience last winter in. . . . 

A society of women designating them- 
selves as the "Parent Teachers' Council" 
met, proposed, seconded and unanimously 
agreed that the children of the city should 
be compelled to memorize the words of 
"The Star-Spangled Banner." A full ac- 
count of the proceedings was mailed to the 


Board of Education with a demand that 
the music teachers in school be command- 
ed to teach the song at once. There was 
nothing said about the music of the song, 
but the Board concluded that it was a 
matter for me to handle, and in about two 
minutes I convinced them that I was ful- 
flUing my duties here to the children and 
public alike and that was the last that was 
heard of it. 

It would interest you to know, no doubt, that 
I am in receipt of a letter from Queen Mary of 
England in which she states that she has read 
my pamphlet, "Words and Music of 'The Star 
Spangled Banner' Oppose the Spirit of Democracy 
which the Declaration of Independence Embod- 
ies," and assures me of her interest in it, and 
also her interest in the words of the new Na- 
tional Antbem. "Our America." 

There is a divine power working which wiU 
establish an American National Anthem. Any 
resistance to the law of spiritual progress is 
futile. The hour of decision is come. One must 
either follow in the line of light and righteous- 
ness or remain in mental darkness, ^which per- 
petuates war and its barbarous results. America 
will not remain in mental darkness. 

You say, dear Mr. L . . . , that you teach music 
to children. Do you realize your responsibility 
and obligation to the children of this new era? 
What reply would you make to a little child 
who asked you the meaning of the words, "foul 
footsteps' pollution" or "the foe's haughty host 
in dread silence reposes"? There are many think- 
ing mothers who are awaking and who are re- 
sisting this despotic autocracy, which is endeav* 
oring to force them to impress upon the minds 
of their children the vicious mental pictures 
which "The Star-Spangled Banner" expresses. 
They recognize the divine necessity of keeping 
the thoughts of their children pure, in order to 
make them good citizens, and they are, in this 
hour, crying out for a higher standard— the 


true expression of America's claim to democracy 
through a National Anthem, which wiH incite to 
that which is good and pure. 

Americans are beginning to understand, that 
only through insistence upon implanting the right 
thoughts in the child's consciousness can the 
right results be obtained. They are realizing 
that things are the manifestation of thoughts. 
Like cause, like effect. Thoughts evolve phe- 
nomena and phenomena are the result of 
thoughts. Paul says. "To be carnally minded is 
death; but to be spiritually minded is life and 
peace" (Romans 8:6). I rejoice that thinkers 
are coming forth who apprehend, that by think- 
ing and singing evil thoughts, they will ob- 
jectify those thoughts, and such conditions as 
we are witnessing today in the world-war, will 

America will finally awake to spiritual think- 
ing, which will reveal "a new heaven and a new 
earth" wherein dwelleth righteousness and 
wherein "there shall be no more death, neither 
sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any 
more pain: for the former things [thoughts J are 
passed away" (Revelation 21:1,4). 

The musical director of one of the bu-gest 
military camps in this country writes me: 

I wish that you could have been present 
on the evening that we sang "Our Ameri- 
ca" at Camp. . . . Many of the men in 
the audience were sailing for France be- 
fore daylight, and all of them left before 
the week was out and their treasured 
copies are overseas by this time. They 
learned this beautiful National Anth^ 
quickly and gratefully. . . . 

Who can tell how far the influence thus 
sent into operation may spread! You are 
indeed doing a splendid thing in standing 
out so strongly, as you do, for the right 
principles of Truth and Love in this day 
when the world seems convulsed by the 
forces of evil, and the Anthem, "Our Amer- 
ica," places the right emphasis on the con- 


structive power of true patriotism, rather 
than on the destructive power of false 
patriotism. May. its influence for good 
continue to grow! 

After a recent patriotic gathering at the home 
of a well-known banker in New York City, I 
xeceived this word from my host: 

I am glad if I have been helpful to your 
cause, and pM*ticuIarly to the bringing out 
of the new National Anthiem which I hope 
will be generally adopted. I entirely agree 
with you; in fact I have had this feeling 
for over fifty years with the idea of trying 
to cure evil rather than seek revenge. 
It may be interesting to you to know that 
I expressed these sentiments before I came 
. to this country, and I have now been here 
over fifty years. 

The president of one of the largest trust com- 
panies in America has just written me: 

I have read with great interest your pam- 
phlet concerning "The Star-Spangled Ban- 
ner" and I appreciate the high-mindedness 
of your position. ... I agree with you 
that a great many of the songs that are 
held dear by the community are not those 
that contain the highest sentiments. . . . 

Your ideas interest me very much and I 
shall appreciate it highly if you will give 
us five minutes of your time some morning 
to talk or sing to the employees of this 

From the far Northwest comes a letter from a 
writer of special articles and short stories for 
magazines and newspapers: 

I read with the greatest interest your 
masterly "Protest." It is indeed timely and 
voices the sentiments of many earnest 
souls. That it will accomplish a vast 
amount of good and bring about a badly 
needed reform, is my firm belief. . . . 


Your wonderful gifts of song and pen— 
your fine brain, your fearless soul and pure 
heart tell me that you can accomplish any- 
thing you choose. 

I am glad that you have lived, that you 
live and that you will live forever! 

Your "Protest" will prove very valuable 
to me in making quotations. I will wel- 
come eagerly any further communication 
which you may choose to send. 

Again thanking you for the good you 
are doing in helping to bring the sad world 
mto the light and sunshine of Truth and 
Love, I am, . . . 

The Governor of a near-by State, which has 
been the center of many of the most important 
events of our national history, writes me: 

May I express to you my sincere grati- 
tude for your most valued letter and article 
which you were good enough to mail me 
concerning the importance of a proper in- 
terpretation of the spirit of America in 
the songs of our people? I have read what 
you have sent with great interest and 
profit, and I trust that you will continue 
your propaganda until our whole people, 
marching and singing will rise to the high- 
est plane of patriotic endeavor. 

A business woman, the secretary to the presi- 
dent of a banking institution of international 
interest, writes: 

Will you kindly send me several copies 
of your 'Trotest" so that I may circulate 
them among those who are hungering for 
jusft this message? . . . Today, yester- 
day, and on other occasions I have sent 
this petition to God, my Guide: "Grant to 
Kitty Cheatham an answer to her work 
and prayers, and to all who are working 
for higher ideals, so that America may 


awake to a song which is the expression 
of the highest, noblest thinking." 

Yours in the interests of the hearts of 

A Chinese scholar, an editor of the most widely 

read Chinese weekly in the world, writes me: 

It gave me much profit and interest to 
read your pamphlets. They gave me a new 
thought about the "Words and Music of 
'The Star-Spangled Banner.' " 

May I have the honor to get better ac- 
quainted with you in the future? . . . 
Trusting that success will come to you in 
your enterprises. . . • 

I have just received a letter from a member 
of the Greek Parliament, who is now in America, 
representing officially, the Hellenic Government, 
from which I quote the following: 

I am deeply impressed and touched by 
your mighty protest against autocracy. 

I stand by your side in your very noble 
effort to destroy a false connection be- 
tween Greece and America, as suggested 
by the degeneracy of the original words 
of "The S tar-Spangled Banner," ^"To An- 
acreon in Heaven." 

Our nations are eternally united through 
their ceaseless effort to establish divine 
democracy. The same spirit which stirred 
Paul to make his mighty protest 1900 years 
ago on Mars' hill, against the autocracy 
and idolatry which were holding the men 
of Athens in bondage, is the spirit which 
you voice in your protest. 

It is the spirit which your President 
voices. America and Greece, and all men 
"of one blood" (Spirit) are united through 
this Spirit, whose mighty power is ending 
this WftT* 

I was* glad to have your new, noble 
American Anthem, "Our America," whose 
beautiful sentiments wUl redeem the world. 


I assure you that as a Greek I am very 
grateful for your sincere interest in our 
country and in our cause. Hellenism will 
recognize your support. 

These are a very few of the many letters 
which I have received from all parts of America 
and from Europe. Tou must see, dear Mr. L . . . , 
that "God [is] within the shadow, keeping watch 
above His own/' and that Christ's ambassadors 
are being revealed throughout the world. They, 
with all who love righteousness, will put an end 
to this hellish war and the satanic forces that 
caused it. 

Sincerely yours,