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Full text of "Hand-list of some cognate words in English, Latin, and Greek; with references to pages in Curtius' "Grundzüge der griechischen Etymologie""

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А д К. ο νο 
мемы. =, ; nee RS μὴ КАА, 

s= ARA 
| A onan ΤῊΝ AKA WW Aue АДА! К JARA man 
| ч: А SAA At * g t 2 К ИЕ Б ЖЮ ; la 7 aN ЛА Дх nie 
| i AR E A $ ; e 


ШОТ СИТ penne sa 

шш - к we Ninn, $ 

| ahnen Ае АА а да АРАА A WA 
| AAA Е ap ААА 

ia RAEN E ete EN laig ΑΛ 

ANNAN nA „22032400 0 ae An nn ΜΗΝ 

Cornell University 


The original of this book is in 
the Cornell University Library. 

There are no known copyright restrictions in 
the United States on the use of the text. 

Cornell University Library 
PE 1680.S62 

3 1924 027 444 771 










London and Melo Dork: 

[All Rights reserved.] 


THE words here brought together are not always alike in significa- 
tion, but merely cognate in the sense of being referrible to a common 
root. In some cases, the relationship is doubtful, but the reader can 
cancel these for himself; Curtius should, however, be first consulted. 
More examples might have been added from other sources, but the 
present are sufficient to shew the general nature of the changes in 
spelling that are of most frequent occurrence. The English words 
cited are nearly all of Teutonic origin or form; it is useless to insert 
a word like cook, borrowed directly from Lat. coquus. 

Words marked with an asterisk (*) may be found in Bosworth’s 
Anglo-Saxon Dictionary, and were seldom used after А.р. 1200. 

Words marked with an obelus (T) may be found in Halliwell’s 
Archaic and Provincial Dictionary, and are now obsolete or provincial. 

For the connection between English words and the Mceso-Gothic 
words cited by Curtius, see the List in the Appendix to my Meso- 
Gothic Glossary. The following are the commonest letter-changes 
at the beginning of a word :— 


B F Bear, fero, φέρω. 

C, K, CH G Chin, gena, γένυς; kin, genus, γένος. 
Door, fores, θύρα. 
Fell, pellis, πέλλα. 
Goose (for goonse), anser, χήν. 
Heart, cor, κῆρ. 
Ten, decem, δέκα. 


Three, tres, rpeis. 

aq enone 

lost Wine, vinum, οἶνος, 

Within a word, the English n is sometimes dropped, as in goo(n)se, 
too(n)th, du(n)st ; 1 and r are sometimes interchanged, and (especially the 
latter) sometimes shift their place; compare thrill with the old English 
thirl, Greek frequently loses the initial з, though its place is often sup- 
plied by a rough breathing, as in ἕξ, six. The old English (Anglo-Saxon) 
h is no longer used before J, n, and r; hence Лат, hlüd, hnit, hreaw, 
hriddel, hring, are now written lean, loud, nit, raw, riddle, ring. 


A*,’Awa*, (ever), ævum, αἰών, 359. 

Ache, (А. S. ссе), angor, ἄχος, 180. 

Acre, ager, ἀγρός, 162. 

‘Ad* (funeral pile), estus, αἴθω, 235. 

45m * (breath), ἀτμός, ἀὐτμή, 361. 

Am, sum, εἰμί, 350. 

Ancle, uncus, ἀγκών, 136. 

And-* (against), ante, avri, 194. 

An- (in an-swer). See And. 

Arm, armus, ἀρτύς, 317. 

Arrfetht (difficult), labor, ἄλφημα, 

Ask, ἰότης (1), 373. 

Ass, asinus, övos, 373. 

Assemble. See Sam. 

Awe, angor, axos, 180. 

Axle. See Eax. 

Aye. See ‘A. 

Ayndt (breath), animus, атш, 361. 
See Wind. 

[Eng. В commonly = Lat. F = Gk. Ф.] 

Bake, φώγω, 178. 

Bairn. See Bear, 

Bane, φόνος, 280. 

Barmt (bosom). See Bear. 
Barley. See Beart. 
Barrow. See Bury. 

Be, fui, φύομαι, 285. 

Bear, fero, φέρω, 281. 
Beart (barley), far, 281. 

Bee, apis, ἐμπίς, 248. 

Beech, fagus, φηγός, 177. 
Beware. See Wary. 

Bidt (pray), πυνθάνομαι, 246. 
Bind, πενθερός, 245. 

Birth. See Bear. 

Bivert (tremble), φέβομαι, 280. 
Bleat, balo, βληχάομαι, 273. 
Blink, fulgeo, φλέγω, 177. 
Blood, flo (2), 282. 

Bloom, flos, 282. 

Blow (as a flower), floreo, 282, 
Blow, flo, ἐκφλαίνω, 282. 
Boor. See Buan. 

Bore, foro, φάρος, 279. 
Borough, farcio, φράσσω, 283. 
Both, ambo, ἄμφω, 276. 
Bottom, fundus, πυθμήν, 247. 
Bourn (river), φρέαρ, 284. 
Bow, vb. fugo, φεύγω, 178. 
Break, frango, ῥήγνυμι, 494. 
Brideg(r)oom. ‚See Gome. 
Bright, fulgeo, préyw, 177. 
Brook, vb. See Brouke. 
Brother, frater, φράτηρ, 284. 
Brouket (use), fruor, 546, 
Brow, ὀφρύς, 277. 

Brown, furvus, φρῦνος, 284. 
Buan* (build), φύομαι, 285. 
Bury, farcio, φράσσω, 283. 

[Eng. C= Lat. G (sometimes 0) = 
Gk. T (sometimes K).] 

Call, garrio, γηρύω, 168. 

Can, nosco, γιγνώσκω, 169. 

Capon, κόπτω, 146. 

Cheap, Chapman, caupo, κάπηλος, 135. 

Chin, gena, γένυς, 288. 

Choose, gustare, γεύω, 167. 

Come, venio, βαίνω, 431. 

Corn, granum, 167. 

Cornel, cornus, κέρασος, 141. 

Cow, bos, βοῦς, 436. 

Crane, grus, yépavos, 166. 

Crook, curvus, kuprös, 150. 

Crow, corvus, κόραξ, 146. 

Cwi%Sa* (womb), venter, γαστήρ, 165. 

Cuckoo, cuculus, κόκκυξ, 145. Cf. 

[Eng. D = Lat. F = Gk. ©}. 

Dad, τέττα, 211. 

Damp, tepidus, 457. 
Dare, θαρσέω, 241. 
Daughter, θυγάτηρ, 242. 
Deck, tego, στέγω, 175. 
Deed, θέσις, 238. 
Deem, τίθηµι, 238. 
Dew. See Thaw. 

Do, τίθημι, 238. 

Doom, θέµις, 238. 

Door, fores, θύρα, 242. 
Dough, fingo, θιγγάνω, 172. 
Drill. See Thrill. 
Drone, θρῆνος, 242. 
Dust, fumus, θύω, 243. 
Dyke, reixos, 172. 

Ealgian* (to protect), arceo, ἀρκέω, 

Ear, auris, οὓς, 374. 

Eart (to plough), aro, dpdw, 319, 

Earfo% * (difficult). See Arrfeth. 

East, aurora, ἠώς, 372. 

Eat, edo, ἔδω, 225. 

Eax* (axle), axis, ἄξων, 357. 

Eaxl* (shoulder), axilla, ala, ἀκχός, 

Edge, acies, ἁκμή, 126. 

Eel, anguilla, ἔγχελυς, 183. 

Egg, ovum, όν, 364, 

Egg (to excite), acus, ἄκων, 126. 

Eight, octo, ὀκτώ, 155. 

Eke, vb. augeo, ὑγιάζω, 177. 

ΕΙ (prefix, signifying strange), 
alius, ἄλλος, 333. 

Elbow; El-, ulna, ὠλένη, 349; -bow, 
πῆχυς, 184. 

Elk, alces, ἄλκη, 127. 

Else, See EL. 

Embe-+ (about), amb-, арфі 275. 

Ened* (duck), anas, νῆσσα, 296. 

Enge* (narrow), angustus, ἄγχω, 180. 

Erf+ (inheritance), orbo, ὀρφανός, 277. 

Ern (eagle), ὄρνις, 325. 

Ewe, ovis, dus, 364. 

Eye, oculus, ὄμμα, 423. 

[Eng. F = Lat. P=Gk. П.] 

Fadget (to fit), See Fegan. 

Fegan * (to fix), paciscor,Tiyvvpa, 252, - 

Τα] (variegated), pictus, ποικίλος, 

Fair, πηγός, 251. 

Fall, fallo, σφάλλω, 348. 

Fallow, pallidus, πελός, 254. 

Fare, πορεύω, 256. 

Farrow. See Fearh. 

Father, pater, πατήρ, 253. 

Fathom, pateo, πετάννυμι, 199. 

Fearh* (pig), porcus, πόρκος, 157. 

Feather, penna, πέτομαι, 198. 

Fee, pecus, 252. i 

Feed, πατέομαι, 254, 

Felet (many), πολύς, 264, 

Fell + (skin), -pellis, πέλλα, 255. 

Felt, pileus, πῖλος, 259. 

Fernet (old), πέρυσι, 258, 

Ferry, πόρος, 255. 

Fetter, pedica, πέδη, 230. 

Few, paucus, толо, 254. 

Fire, πῦρ, 269. 

Fist, pugnus, тоё, 268. 

Five, quinque, πέντε, 424. 

Flea, pulex, ψύλλα, 349, 

Flint, πλίνθος, 261. 

Flood, pluvia, πλέω, 262. 

Flow, pluit, πλέω, 262. 

Fnast+ (hard breathing), pulmo, 
‘тубо, 262, 

Foal, pullus, πῶλος, 269. 

Folm* (palm), palma, παλάμη, 252. 

Foot, pes, πούς, 230. 

For-+ (prefix, very), per- (before 
adjectives), 257. 

For- (prefix), per, тара, 252. 

Fore, Former, Foremost, pre, prior, 
primus, πρό, πρότερος, πρώτος, 266. 

Fore- (prefix) ; πάρος, 253. 

Foul, putidus, πύθω, 268. 

Four, quattuor, τέσσαρες, 445, 

Frain + (ask), precor, 631. 

Friend, πρᾷος, 266. 

Full, plenus, πλήρης, 260. 

[Eng. G = Gk. X.] 

Gage. See Wed. 

Gall, fel, χόλος, 192. 

Geótan* (to pour), fundo, χέω, 193. 

Get, prehendo, χανδάνω, 186. 

Gleaw* (wise), γλαυκός, 168. 

Glow, γλαυκός, 168. 

Gold, χρυσός, 193. 

Gomet (man), homo, 187. 

Goose, anser, χήν, 189. 

Gowkt (cuckoo), cuculus, κόκκυξ, 

Grave, vb., γράφω, 170. 

Green, helvus, χλωρός, 191. 

Greet+ (weep), grando (1), χάλαζα, 

Grim. See next word. 

Grimetan* (to rage), χρεμίζω, 192. 

Grist (pig), χοῖρος, 191. 

Griskin. See Gris, 

Gush, Gutter. See Gedtan. 

[Eng. H = Lat. С = Gk. K.] 

Heefer* (goat), caper, κάπρος, 136. 

Haft, capio, κώπη, 135. I 

Hairnst (brains), cerebrum, кара, 

Hale, Whole, καλός, 134. 

Hale, Haul, celer, κέλλω, 140. 

Hammer, ἄκμων, 127, 

Hard, κρατύς, 147. 

Harvest, carpo, καρπός, 138, 

Haulm, calamus, κάλαμος, 133. 

Head. See next word. 

Heafod* (head), caput, κεφαλη, 142. 

Heart, cor, кӯр, 137. 

Heel, cala, λάξ, 338. 

Hele+ (hide), celo, кама, 134. 

Hemp, κάνναβις, 135. 

Hen, cano, κανάζω, 135. 

Heor* (sword), curtus, κείρω, 141. 

Hew, κόπτω (1), 145. 

Hide, sb. cutis, σκῦτος, 159. 

Hide, vb. custos, kev0w, 244, 

Hie, citus, κίνυμαι, 142. 

Hise*, Hys* (a youth), κάσις, 138, 

Hive, civitas, κῶμος, 139. 

Hlinian * (to lean), clino, κλίνω, 143, 

Hlútor* (pure), eluo (purgo), κλύζω, 

Hock, Hough, coxa, κοχώνη, 146, 

Hof* (dwelling), κῆπος, 142. 

Hollow, caelum, κοῖλος, 149. 

Home, civitas, κῶμος, 139. 

Hone, cuneus, κῶνος, 151. 

Horn, cornu, κέρας, 140, 

Hound, canis, kvov, 151. 

How, quo, πῶς, 425. 

Hreäw* (carcase), caro, kpéas, 147. 

Hrfre* (a rushing), κρούω, 148. 

Hund* (hundred), centum, ἑκατόν, 

Hut, custos, κεύθω, 244. 

Igil* (hedgehog), echinus, ἐχῖνος, 

Io, in, év, 289. 

Into, endo-, indu-, 219, 

Is, est, ἐστί, 350. 

[Eng. K = Lat. G = Gk. Г] 

Ken, nosco, γιγνώσκω, 169. 
Kin, genus, yévos, 166. 
Knee, депи, γόνυ, 170. 
Know, nosco, γιγνώσκω, 169. 

Lac* (lake), lacus, λάκκος, 152. 
Lad. See Leód. 

Lake. See Lac. 

La%ian * (invite), κλητεύω, 133. 
Lay. See Lie. 

Lean, vb. See Hlinian. 

Leap (A. 8. hledpan), κραιπνός, 137. 
Leaset (glean), lego, λέγω, 340. 
Leave, linguo, λείπω, 422. 
Leód (man), dads, 338. 

Lend. See Lene. 

Lene + (lend, give), lucrum, λεία, 339- 

-less, Avw, 343. 

Lick, lingo, λείχω, 184. 
Lie, lectus, λέχος, 183. 
Lief, lubet, λύττομαι, 949. 
Light, lux, λύχνος, 152. 
Light, levis, ἐλαχύς, 181. 
Lip, labium, λάπτω, 339. 

Loan, lucrum, λεία, 339. 

Look, λεύσσω, 152. 

Loose, solvo, λύω, 343. 

Loud (А. 8. Md), eluo, κλύω, 144, 
Love, libido, λίπτοµαι, 343, 

Low, ὀλίγος, 346. 

Lowe? (light), lumen, λύχνος, 152, 
Lust, lascivus, Mw, 337. 

May, vb., μῆχος, 311. 

Me, me, ἐμέ, 305. 

Mead, μέθυ, 244. 

Meal (of corn). See Mill. 

Mean (to intend). See Mind. 

Mece* (knife), macto, μάχαιρα, 305. 

Meed, µισθός, 244. 

Mere, mare, 310. 

Mele-deaw*, (honey-dew), mel, μέλι, 

Melt. See Smelt. 

Mete, moderor, μήδομαι, 228. 

Mickle, magnus, péyas, 306. 

Mid? (with), pera, 197. 

Mid, Middle, medius, µέσος, 310. 

Might, μῆχος, 311. 

Mild, μείλιχος, 307. 

Milk, mulgeo, ἀμέλγω, 174. 

Mill, mola, μύλη, 315. 

Mind, mens, pévos, 291. 

Mindt (to remember), memini, pe- 
μνήμαι, 291, 

Mix (A.S. miscan), misceo, μίσγω, 

Mixen+ (dunghill), mingo, opıxeo, 

Mole (spot), malus, µέλας, 345. 

Month, mensis, μήν, 311. 

Moon, μήνη, 311. 

More, maior, μείζων, 306. 

Mother, mater, μήτηρ, 311. 

Mouse, mus, μῦς, 316. 

Mow, meto, ἁμάω, 301. 

Much. See Mickle. 
Mun, mutus, μύω, 314. 
Murder, mors, µαραίνω, 309. 

Naca* (boat), navis, vais, 292. 
Nail, unguis, ὄνυξ, 300. 

Name, nomen, ὄνομα, 299. 

Navel, umbilicus, ὀμφαλός, 276. 
Needle, neo, véw, 295. 

Nefa* (nephew), nepos, ἀνεψιός, 251. 
Nerest (kidneys), νεφρός, 295. 
New, novus, véos, 294. 

Night, nox, νύξ, 154. 

Nimt (to seize), nemus, νέμω, 293. 
Nine, novem, évvéa, 290. 

Nit (A. 8. Лт), lendes, kovis, 228. 
No, non, vn, 295. 

Now, nunc, viv, 297. 

Oar, remus, ἐρετμός, 320. 

Of, Off, A- (prefix), ab, ἀπό, 247. 

Oil, olewm, ἔλαιον, 336. 

Okert (usury), augeo, ὑγιάζω, 177. 

Old, altus, ἄλσος, 333. 

On, dva, 287. 

One, unus, οἶνός, 299. 

‘Or*, ‘Ord*, (origin), orior, ὄρνυμυ 

Ort (end, fragment). See Ord. 

Other, ἔνιοι, 289. 

Otter, ὕδρα, 233. 

Out, ὕστερος, 214. 

Over, super, ὑπέρ, 272. 

Pismire (Germ. miere), formica, púp- 
pos, μύρμηξ, 915. 

Plait, plecto, πλέκω, 156. 

Ploughshare. See Share. 

Quean, Queen, genitrix, γυνή, 166. 
Quick, vivus, Bios, 434. 

Rain, rigo, βρέχω, 180. 

Raw (A.S. hredw), crudus, κρύος, 

Reach, rego, ὀρέγνυμι, 174, 

Reave, rapio, ἁρπάζω, 247. 

Red, ruber, ἐρυθρός, 236. 

-ric (in bishopric), regnum, ὀρέγνυμι, 

Rica* (ruler), rex, ὀρέγνυμι, 174. 

Riddle (A. 8. hriddel, sieve), cribrum, 
kpivo, 148, 

Ridge. ‚See Rigge. 

-Rigge + (back), ῥάχις, 327. 

Right, rectus, ὀρέγνυμι, 174. 

Ring (A.S. hring), circus, κίρκος, 

Rob. See Reave. 

Roccetan*, ructo, ἐρεύγω, 171. 

Rod, rudis, 328. 

[S is frequently dropped in Greek.] 

Sallyt, Sallow, salix, ἑλίκη, 131. 
Salt, sal, ἅλες, 501. 

Sam-* (half), semi-, эш, 303. 
Sam + (together), simul, ἅμα, 300. 
Same, similis, ὁμοῖος, 300. 

Sand, sabulum, ψάμμος, 648. 

Sap, succus, ὁπός, 424, 

Say ; сЁ ἔσπετε, 427. 

Scoop, σκάπτω, 158. 

Scrape, scalpo, σκάλοψ, 157. 
Scua* (shade), scutum, σκεύη, 160. 
Se* (the), 6, 367. 

Sel* (good), salvus, ὅλος, 347, 
Sene-schal, senex, vos, 290. 
Seven, septem, ἑπτά, 249. 

Sew, suo, κασ-σύω, 356. 

Shaft, scapus, σκήπων, 158. 

Share (in plough-share), σκάλλω, 504, 
Sharn+ (dung), stercus, σκώρ, 158. 
Sharp, sarpio, ἅρπη, 248. 

Shear, curtus, κείρω, 141. 

Shed, scindo, σκίζω, 232. 

Shew, caveo, κοννέω, 144. 

Shide+ (splinter, board). See Shed. 

Shine, scintilla, σπινθήρ, 649. 

Ship, Skiff, σκάφος, 158. 

Short, curtus, κείρω, 141. 

Shovel, σκάπτω, 158. 

Sieve, σῆστρον, 354. 

Sihan*, Sile, (to filter), ἱκμάς, 131. 

Silly. See Sel. 

Sit, sedeo, ἔζομαι, 225. 

SiS* (path), solum, ὁδός, 226. 

Sithe t (time). See SiS. 

Six, sex, ἕξ, 358, 

Skew, scævus, σκαιός, 157. 

Sky, σκία, 159. 

Slime, saliva (1), σίαλον (2), 348. 

Sloca* (morsel), λύζω, 344, 

Smart, mordeo, 644. 

Smelt, Melt, μέλδω, 228. 

Smile, miror, µειδάω, 307. 

Smut, μύδος, 314. 

Snéru* (daughter-in-law), 
νυός, 298, 

Snow, nix, νιφάς, 296. 

Sole (of foot), Ао, 349, 

Some, ἀμόθεν, 365. 

Son, vids, 367. 

Sooth, ἐτεός, 195, 

Sound, sanus, σῶος, 353. 

Sow, sus, ts, 356. 

Sow, sero, 354. 

Sparklet (to scatter), spargo, 258, 

Sparrow, στρουθός (1), 650. 

Speak, σφάραγος (1), 176, 

Speed, σπεύδω, 649. 

Spew, spuo, πτύω, 268, 

Spin, πένομαι, 255, 

Spy, specto, σκέπτομαι, 159, 

Stall, stolidus, στέλλω, 200. 

Stamp, στέµβω, 200. 

Stand, sto, ἵστημι, 199. 


Star, stella, astrum, ἀστήρ, 195. 
Stark, sterilis, στερέος, 201. 
Starling, sturnus, pap (1), 329. 
Stead, statio, στάσις, 199. 
Steal, στερέω, 200. 

Stee + (ladder). See Stigan. 
Steer, taurus, ταῦρος, 206. 
Stick, vb: instigo, στίζω, 202. 
Stigan* (to climb), στείχω, 185. 
Stile. See Stigan. 

Still. ‘See Stall. 

Sting, stimulus, στίγµα, 202. 
Stone, στία, 202. 

Stool. See Stand. 

Straw, Strew, sterno, στόρνυμι, 208. 
Stream, ῥεῦμα, 329. 

Strong, stringo, στραγγεύω, 355. 

Stump, Stub, τύπτω, 213, 

Sulh* (plough), sulcus, ἕλκω, 131. 

Swamp, σομφός, 355. 

Sweat, sudor, ἱδρός, ἱδρώς, 227. 

Sweet, suavis, ἠδύς, 215, 

Sweger*, socrus, ἐκυρά, 130, 

Swell, salum, σάλος, 347. 

Sweor*, socer, ἑκυρός, 130, 

Swevent (dream), somnus, ὕπνος, 

Swíga* (silence), σιγή, 354: 

Swim, σομφός, 355, 

Swine. See Sow. 

Swipe* (a whip), σόβη, 355. 

[Eng. T= Lat. D = Gk. A; Eng, TH 
= Lat. T = Gk. T.] 

Tacor* (brother-in-law), levir, δαήρ, 

Tal* (blame), dolus, δόλος, 223. 

Tame, domo, δαμάω, 218, 

Teach, Token, dico, δείκνυμι, 129, 

Tear, sb. lacruma, δάκρυ, 128, 

Tear, vb. δείρω, 221. 

Teat, felo, τίτθος, 237. 


` Under. 

Ten, decem, δέκα, 128. 

Thatch, tectum, oréyw, 175, 

Thaw, tabeo, τήκω, 205. 

Theód* (people), tumeo, τύλος, 212. 
Thin, tenuis, ταναός, 204. 
Thirl+ (to pierce), tero, τείρω, 209. 
Thirst, torreo, τέρσομαι, 211. 

Thole+ (to suffer), tolero, τλῆναι, 207. 

Thorp, turba (?), τύρβη (2), 213. 
Thou, tu, σύ, 206. 

Three, tres, τρεῖς, 212. 

Thrill, Drill. See Тыт]. 
Throstle, turdus, 652. 
Through, trans, τέρμα, 209. 
Throw, Thread, tero, τείρω, 209, 

Throwe t+ (space of time), τρόχος, 185, 
Thrym* (crowd), turma, τύρβη, 213. 

Thud, tundo, Túdevs, 213. 
Thumb, tumeo, τύλος, 212. 
Thump, τύπτω, 213, 
Thunder, tonitru, 204. 

Thwean * (to wash), tingo, τέγγω, 206. 
Tiber* (sacrifice), dapes, δάπτω, 218, 

Timber, domus, δέμω, 220. 
To, -do (in endo-), -Se, 219, 
Toe, digitus, δάκτυλος, 128, 
Token. See Teach. 
Tongue, lingua, 184. 
Tooth, dens, ὁδούς, 229. 
Torht* (bright), δέρκομαι, 129. 
Touch, tango, τεταγών, 205. 
Tree, δρῦς, 224, 

Trust, τέρπω (1), 210. 
Tues-day, Jovis, Atos, 222. 
Two, duo, δύω, 225, 

Udder, uber, οὖθαρ, 245. 
Um-+ (about), amb-, ἀμφί, 275, 
Un-, in-, dva-, dv-, d-, 286. 

See In. 

Up, sub, ὑπό, 272. 

Utmost, Utter, ὕστερος, 214. 


Vane, pannus, πῆνος, 258. 

[Eng. W = Lat. V; lost in Gk.] 

Wag, veho, ὀχέω, 181. 

Waggon, Wain, vehiculum, öxos, 181. 

Walk. See Wealcan. 

Ward, Guard, vereor, opaw, 324 ; cf. 
εἴλω, 502. 

Warn, formus, θερμός, 450. 

Wary, veritus, ὁράω, 324. 

Wasp, vespa, σφήξ, 357. 

Water, unda, ὕδωρ, 233. 

Wave, veho, öxos, 181. 

Wax, αὐξάνω, 357. 

Way, via, öxos, 181. 

Weak, vito, εἴκω, 130. 

Wealcan* (to roll), volvo, ἐλύω, 335, 

Weave, ὑφαίνω, 278. 

Wed, Wedt (pledge), vas, ἄεθλον, 

Weigh, veho, ὀχέω, 181. 

Well (of water). See Wiel. 

What. See Who. 

Where, ubi, ποῦ, 426. 

Whether, uter, πότερος, 426, 

Which, qualis, motos, 426. 

Who, What, quis, quid, τίς, ri, 425, 

Whole. See Hale. 

Wic* (town), vicus, οἶκος, 154. 

Wielt (whirlpool), volvo, ἐλύω, 335. 

Will, volo, βούλομαι, 501. 

Wind, ventus, dw, ἄημι, 361. 

Wine, vinum, olvos, 363. 

Wit, vb. video, οἶδα, 227. 

Witby, vitta, ἴτυς, 363. 

Wolf, vulpes, lupus, λύκος, 153, 

Wool, vellus, villus, ἔριον, 322. 

Word, verbum, ῥῆμα, 321, 

Work, ἔργον, 171. 

Worm, vermis, 504. 


Wort, radix, βίζα, 328. 
Wreak, Wring, urgeo, εἴργω, 171. 

Yawn, hio, χαίνω, 185. 
Үе, ὑμεῖς, 369. 

Year, dpos, 329, 

Yearn, gratus, χαίρω, 187. 

Yeast, ζέω, 352. 

Yede+ (went), eo, «ш, 372. 
Yellow, helvus, χλωρός, 191. 
Yesterday, heri, x0és, 190. 
Yoke, iugum, ζυγόν, 172. 
Ysela* (ember), uro, εὔω, 370. 


[For References, and Meanings of the Old English words, see the English Index.] 

d- (prefix), See dva-. 
ἀγκών, uncus, ancle, 

ἀγρός, ager, acre. 

ἄγχω, angustus, enge.* 
ἄεθλον, vas, wedt, gage. 
ἅημι, ventus, ayndt, wind. 
αἴθω, estus, ád*. 

αἰών, ævum, & *, áwa*, aye. 
ἁκμή, acies, edge. 

ἄκμων, hammer. 

ἀκχός, ala, eaxl*. 

ἄκων, acus, egg (vb.). 
ἄλκη, alces, elk. 

GAXos, alius, else. 

als, sal, salt. 

ἆλσος, altus, old. 

ἄλφημα, labor, arrfetht. 
бро, simul, sam*, assemble. 
apaw, meto, mow. 

ἀμέλγω, mulgere, milk, 
dpobey, some. 

ἀμφί, amb-, um-+, embe-+. 
ἄμφω, ambo, both. 

dva-, dv-, ἀ-, iN-, UD-. 

SB κ 
ava, ON. 

ἄνεμος, animus, ayndt, wind. 
ἀνεψιός, nepos, nefa*. 

ἀντί, ante, and-*, an(swer). 
ἄξων, axis, eax *, axle. 
ало, ab, off, of. 

ἀρκέω, arceo, ealgian*. 
ἀρόω, aro, ear t. 

ἁρπάζω, rapio, reave, rob, 
ἅρπη, sarpio, sharp. 

ἀρτύς, armus, arm. 

ἀστήρ, stella, astrum, star. 
ἀτμός, ἀὐτμή, sem *, 
αὐξάνω, Wax. 

ἄχος, angor, awe, ache, 

βαίνω, venio, come. 
βίος, vivus, quick. 
βληχάομαι, balo, bleat. 
βούλομαι, volo, will. 
Bots, bos, cow. 

βρέχω, rigo, rain. 

γαστήρ, venter, cwiSa*, 
γένος, genus, kin, 
yévus, gena, chin, 

* Old English words, from Bosworth’s Anglo-Saxon Dictionary, 
+ English words now obsolete or provincial, from Halliwell's Dictionary, ὅσο. 

γέρανος, grus, crane. 

γεύω, gusto, choose, 

γηρύω, garrio, call. 
γιγνώσκω, nosco, know, ken, 
γλαυκός, gleaw*, glow. 

γόνυ, genu, knee. 

γράφω, grave. 

γυνή, genitrix, quean, queen. 

δαήρ, levir, tacor*, 
δάκρυ, lacruma, tear, 
δάκτυλος, digitus, toe. 
dauaw, domo, tame. 
δάπτω, daps, tiber*. 
-δε, -do (in endo-), to. 
δείκνυμι, dico, teach, token. 
δείρω, tear (vb.). 

δέκα, decem, ten. 

δέµω, domus, timber. 
δέρκομαι, torht*, 

Δίος, Jovis, Tues-(day). 
δόλος, dolus, tal*. 

δρῦς, tree. 

δύω, duo, two. 

ἔγκελυς, anguilla, eel. 

ἔδω, edo, eat. 

ἔζομαι, sedeo, sit. 

εἴκω, vito, weak, 

εἴλω, ward. See ὁράω, 
εἰμί, sum, am. 

εἶμι, eo, yedet. 

Εἴργω, urgeo, wreak, wring. 
ἑκατόν, centum, hund(red). 
ἐκφλαίνω, flo, blow. 

кура, socrus, sweger™. 
ἑκυρός, socer, sweor*, 
ἔλαιον, oleum, oil. 

ἐλαχύς, levis, light. 

ἕλκω, sulcus, sulh *, 

ἑλίκη, salix, sallow, sally f. 

ἐλύω, volvo, wealcan*, wielt, walk, 




ἐμέ, me, me, - 

ἐμπίς, apis, bee. 

ev, in, in. 

ἔνιοι, other. 

évvéa, novem, nine. 

ἕνος, senex, sene-schal. 
ἕξ, sex, six. 

ἑπτα, septem, seven. 
¿pyov, work, 

ἐρετμός, remus, oar, 
ἐρεύγω, ructo, roccetan *. 
ἔριον, vellus, villus, wool. 
ἐρυθρός, ruber, red. 
ἔσπετε, say (1). 

ἐστί, est, is. 

éreds, sooth. 

evo, ито, ysela*. 

ἐχῖνος, echinus, igil*. 

ζέω, yeast. 
ζυγόν, iugum, yoke. 

ἡδύς, suavis, sweet. 
A Р 

ἡμι-, semi-, sam-*. 
ἠώς, aurora, east, 

θαρσέω, dare. 

θέμις, doom. 

θερμός, formus, Warm, 
θέσις, deed. 

θιγγάνω, fingo, dough. 
θρῆνος, drone. 
θυγάτηρ, daughter. 
θύρα, fores, door. 

θύω, fumus, dust. 

ἱδρώς, sudor, sweat. 
ἱκμάς, sihan *, silet. 
ἰότης, ask (7). 

ἵστημι, sto, stand, stool. 
ἴτυς, vitta, withy. 

κάλαμος, calamus, haulm. 

καλιά, celo, helet. 

kadós, hale, whole. 

κάναζω, cano, hen. 

kavvaßıs, hemp. 

κάπηλος, caupo, chapman, cheap. 

κάπρος, caper, hefer*. 

κάρα, cerebrum, hairnst, harnst. 

καρπός, carpo, harvest, 

κάσις, hise*, hys*. 

κασ-σύω, SUO, Sew. 

keipw, curtus, heor*, shear, short, 

κέλλω, celer, hale, haul. 

κέρας, cornu, horn. 

κέρασος, cornus, cornel, 

κεύθω, custos, hide, hut. 

κεφαλή, caput, heafod*, head. 

κῆπος, höf*. 

кӯр, cor, heart. 

κίνυμαι, citus, hie. 

κίρκος, circus, hring*, ring. 

κλητεύω, ladian *. 

κλίνω, clino, hlinian*, lean. 

κλύω, cluo, hlúd*, loud. 

κλύζω, cluo, hlütor*. 

κοῖλος, caelum, hollow. 

κόκκυξ, cuculus, gowk +, cuckoo, 

κονίς, lendes, hnit*, nit. 

κοννέω, caveo, shew (1). 

κόπτω, capon, hew (1). 

κόραξ, corvus, crow. 

κοχώνη, coxa, hock, hough. 

κραιπνός, leap. 

κρατύς, hard. 

kpéas, caro, hreaw*, 

κρίνω, cribrum, hriddel*, riddle 

κρούω, hrfre*, 

κρύος, crudus, raw, 

κυρτός, curvus, crook, 

κύων, canis, hound. 

κῶμος, civitas, home, hive, 


κῶνος, cuneus, hone. 
κώπη, capio, haft. 

λάκκος, lacus, lake (A. Β. Zac). 
λάξ, cal, heel. 

λαός, leöd*, lad. 

λάπτω, labium, lip. 

Adw, lascivus, lust, list. 
λέγω, lego, leaset. 

λεία, lucrum, loan, lend. 
λείπω, linguo, leave. 
λείχω, lingo, lick. 

λέχος, lectus, lie, lay. 
λεύσσω, look. 

λίπτομαι, lubet, love, lief. 
λύκος, lupus, vulpes, wolf. 
λύξω, sloca*, 

λύχνος, lux, lowet, light, 
λύω, solvo, loose, -less, 

μαραίνω, mors, murder. 
μάχαιρα, macto, mece*, 
péyas, magnus, mickle, much. 
μέθυ, mead. 

μειδάω, miror, smile, 

μείζων, maior, more, 

µειλιχος, mild. 

μέλας, malus, mole (spot). 
μέλι, mel, mele-deaw*, 

μέλδω, smelt, melt. 

μεμνήμαι, memini, mind (vb.), mean. 
μένος, mens, mind. 

µέσος, medius, mid, middle, 

pera, midt. 

μίσγω, misceo, mix (A. 8. miscan). 
μισθός, meed. 

μήδομαι, moderor, mete, 

μήν, mensis, month, 

μήνη, moon. 

μήτηρ, mater, mother. 

μῆχος, might, may. 

μύδος, smut, 

μύλη, mola, mill, meal. 
μύρμος, formica, pismire, 
μῦς, mus, mouse, 

μύω, mutus, mum, 

ναῦς, navis, naca*. 
νέμω, nemus, nimt, 
véos, novus, new. 
νεφρός, nerest. 

véw, neo, needle, 

νή, NON, NO, nay. 
νῆσσα, απας, ened*, 
νιφάς, nix, snow. 
νῦν, nunc, NOW, 
νυός, nurus, snoru *, 
vf, nox, night. 

o, se* (def. art.). 

ὀδός, solum, sid*, sithet. 
ὁδούς, dens, tooth, 

οἶδα, video, wit, weet. 
-οἶκος, vicus, wic*, 

οἶνός, unus, one. 

οἶνος, vinum, wine, 

015, ovis, еже. 

ὀκτώ, octo, eight. 

ὀλίγος, low. 

ὅλος, salvus, sel*, silly. 
ὁμιχέω, mingo, mixent. 
бине, oculus, eye. 

ὁμοῖος, similis, same. 
ὀμφαλός, umbilicus, navel. 
ὄνομα, nomen, NAME, 

ὄνος, asinus, ass. 

ὄνυξ, unguis, пай]. 

ὀπός, SUCCUS, SAP. 

ὁράω, vereor, ward, guard, wary, be- 

ὀρέγνυμι, Tego, rex, regnum, rectus, 
reach, rica*,—ric, right. 

ὄρνις, ern™, 

ὄρνυμι, orior, 6rd*, ort. 

ὀρφανός, orbo, erft. 
> * Ж 

ουρος. See ороо). 

οὓς, auris, ear, 

οὖθαρ, uber, udder. 
ὀφρύς, brow. 

ὀχέω, veho, via, wag, weigh, 

ὄχος, vehiculum, waggon, wain. 


παλάμη, palma, folm*, 
тара, per, for—( prefix). 
πάρος, fore—( prefix). 
πατέομαι, feed. 

πατήρ, pater, father. 

παύω, paucus, few. 

πέδη, pedica, fetter. 

πέλλα, pellis, fell t. 

πελός, pallidus, fallow. 
πένομαι, spin. 

πέντε, quinque, five. 
πενθερός, bind, (vb.). 
πέρυσι, fernet. 

πετάννυμι, pateo, fathom. 
πέτομαι, penna, feather. 
πήγνυμι, paciscor, fegan*, fadget. 
πηγός, fair. 

πῆνος, pannus, Vane. 

πῆχυς, (el)bow. See ὠλένη. 
πῖλος, pileus, felt. 

πλέκω, plecto, plait. 

πλέω, pluit, pluvia, flow, flood. 
πλήρης, plenus, full. 
πλίνθος, flint. 

πνέω, pulmo, fnastt. 
ποικίλος, pictus, fah*, 
ποῖος, qualis, which, whilk. 
πολύς, felet. 

πορεύω, fare. 

πόρκος, porcus, fearh*, farrow. 
πόρος, ferry. 

πότερος, uter, whether. 

ποῦ, ubi, where. š 

πούς, pes, foot. 

πρᾷος, friend. 

πρό, πρότερος, præ, prior, fore, former. 
πτύω, SPUO, spew. 
πυθμήν, fundus, bottom. 
πύθω, putidus, foul. 
πυνθάνομαι, bidt. 

πύξ, pugnus, fist. 

wip, fire. 

πῶλος, pullus, foal. 

πώς, quo, how. 

ῥάχις, rigget, ridge. 
ῥεῦμα, stream. 

ῥήγνυμι, frango, break. 
ῥῆμα, verbum, word. 
pila, radix, wort. 

σάλος, salum, swell. 
σῆστρον, sieve. 

σίαλον, saliva, slime (1). 
σιγή, swiga*, 

σκαιός, scevus, skew. 
σκάλλω, (plough)share. 
σκάλοψ, scalpo, scrape. 
σκάπτω, scoop, shovel. 
σκάφος, ship, skiff. 
σκέπτομαι, specto, вру. 
σκευή, scutum, scua*. 
σκήπων, scapus, shaft, 
σκία, sky. 

σκίζω, scindo, shed. 

σκῦτος, cutis, hide. 

σκώρ, stercus, sharn +. 
σόβη, swipe*. 

copos, swim, swamp. 
σπεύδω, speed. 

σπινθήρ, scintilla, shine, sheen. 
στάσις, statio, stead. 
στέγω, tego, thatch, deck. 
στείχω, stigan”, steet, stile, stirrup. 
στέλλω, stolidus, stall, still. 
στέµβω, stamp, 

στερέος, sterilis, stark. 
στερέω, steal. 

στία, stone. 

στίγμα, stimulus, sting. 
στίζω, instigo, stick. 
στόρνυμι, sterno, strew. 
στραγγεύω, stringo, strong. 
στρουθός, sparrow (1) 
σύ, tu, thou. 

σφάλλω, fallo, fall. 
σφάραγος, speak (1). 
σφήξ, vespa, wasp. 
σώος, sanus, sound. 

ταναός, tenuis, thin. 

ταῦρος, taurus, steer. 

τέγγω, tingo, thwean*. 

τείρω, tero, thirl+, drill, throw, thread. 
τεῖχος, dyke. ы 
τέρμα, trans, through. 

τέρπω, trust. 

τέρσομαι, torreo, thirst. 
τέσσαρες, quattuor, four. 
τεταγών, tango, touch. 

térra, dad. 

τήκω, tabeo, thaw, dew. 

τίθηµι, deem, do. 

tis, quis, who. 

τίτθος, felo, teat. 

τλῆναι, tolero, tholet. 

τρεῖς, tres, three, 

τρόχος, thrower. 

Τύδευς, tundo, thud. 

τύλος, tumeo, thumb, theód*(1). 
τύπτω, thump, stump, stub. 
τύρβη, turba, thrym *, thorp(?). 

ὑγιάζω, augeo, eke, okert, huckster, 
ὕδρα, otter. 

ὕδωρ, unda, water. 

vids, son. 

ὑλία, sole, 


ὑμεῖς, уе, Χάλαζα, grando, greett (1). 

tap, super, over. χαίνω, Мо, yawn. 

νπνος, somnus, sweven t. χαίρω, gratus, yearn. 

bró, sub, up. , Χανδάνω, prehendo, get. 

Us, SUS, sow, swine. χέω, fundo, geotan *, gush, gutter. 
ὕστερος, utmost, out, utter. χήν, anser, goose. 

ὑφαίνω, weave. χθές, heri, yester(day). 

Р xAupos, helvus, yellow, green. 
φάρος, Soro, bore, xotpos, grist, griskin. 
φέβομαι, biver +. όλος, fel, gall 
φέρω, fero, bear, birth, bai э ае i 

P > > > › Dalrn. χρεμίζω, grimetan*, grim. 
φεύγω, fugo, bow. χρυσός, gold, 

φηγός, fagus, beech. 

φλέγω, fulgeo, blink, bright. 

φόνος, bane. 

фрассо, farcio, bury, borough, bar- 

ψάμμος, sabulum, sand. 
ψάρ, sturnus, starling (1). 
Ψύλλα, pulex, flea, 

row (tomb). 
фратур, frater, brother. 
φρέαρ, bourn. ὠλένη, ulna, el(bow). 
φρῦνος, furvus, brown. ὧρος, year. 
φύομαι, fut, be, buan *, boor. ᾠόν, ovum, egg. 

φώγω, bake. 

The following Latin words are also discussed by Curtius, and 
have been included in the English list. 

endo-, indu-, into, 219. mordeo, smart, 644, 
far, beart, barley, 281. pecus, fee, 252. 

Ло, blood (2), 282. precor, fraint, 631, 
‚foreo, blow (as a flower), 282. rudis, rod, 328, 

Ros, bloom, 282. sero, sow, 354, 

Jruor, brouket, brook, 546. spargo, sparkle +, 258, 
granum, corn, 167, tepidus, damp, 457. 
homo, gomet, (bride)groom, 187. tonitru, thunder, 204, 
lingua, tongue, 184. turdus, throstle, 652, 
mare, mere, 310, vermis, worm, 504. 



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Em E 1. 9 39) Э DY 22229 κ НЕ БЕ: 3