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Full text of "Annotated catalogue of newspaper files in the library of the State historical society of Wisconsin"

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(Borw^ll  Uttivmitg  pbwg 



A-Z^O-^ Hr  }x]  J.  3.. 

Cornell  University  Library 
Z6945  .W81    1911 

Annotated  catalogue  of  newspaper  files 


3  1924  029  609  181 

Cornell  University 

The  original  of  this  book  is  in 
the  Cornell  University  Library. 

There  are  no  known  copyright  restrictions  in 
the  United  States  on  the  use  of  the  text. 

Annotated  Catalogue  of 

Newspaper  Files  in  the  Library  of 

The  State   Historical  Society  of  Wisconsin 

Second  edition,  compiled  by 

Ada  Tyng  Griswold,  M.  L. 

•ef  the  Library  Staff 


Published  by  the  Society 

191 1 





OFFICERS  OF  THE  SOCIETY,  1911-12         .                .                .                .                .          vii 

Preface             ........        ix 

Explanatory     .........       xii 


I.     The  United  States— 

Alabama          .......         1 













District  of  Columbia 







Idaho    . 




Indian  Territory 












Maine   . 




















New  Hampshire 


New  Jersey    . 




Tbe  United  States — continued 


New  Mexico    ....                                           !  '' 

New  York 



North  Carolina 


North  Dakota 










Rhode  Island 


South  Carolina 


South  Dakota 




Texas    . 









"Washington     . 


West  Virginia 






11.    Outlying  Possessions — 

Hawaii             .......      464 

Philippine  Islands     ......      464 

Porto  Rico      .......      464 

III.    Foreign  Newspapers — 

Argentine  Republic             .....      465- 









China    . 











.      477 


.      477 

Italy     . 

.       477 

Japan    . 



.       478 


.       47» 

New   Zealand 

.       478 




Peru     . 

.       47» 



roumania         ..... 

South  Africa  ..... 

Spain     ...... 

Sweden  ..... 

Switzerland    ..... 

United  Kingdom  (Great  Britain  and  Ireland) 
Venezuela       ..... 

West  Indies     ..... 




Newspaper  Scrap-Books- 

1752-to  date    . 





Officers  of  the  Society,  1 9 1 1  - 1 2 . 


Lucius  Charles  Colman,  B.  A 

Hon.  Emil  Baensch    . 
"Hon.  Burr  W.  Jones,  M.  A. 
Hon.  John  Luchsingkr 
Hon.  Benjamin  P.  McMillan 
Hon.  William  J.  Starr,  LL. 
Hon.  John  B.  Winslow,  LL.  D 

A.       . 

La  Crosse 

Vice  Presidents 





B.      . 

Eau  Claire 

D.       .            .            . 


Reuben  Gold  Thwaites,  LL.  D.     . 


Hon.  Lucien  S.  Hanks 



Curators,  Ex-Officio 

Hon.  Francis  E.  McGovern 
Hon.  James  A.  Prear 
Hon.  Andrew  H.  Dahl 

Secretary  of  State 
State  Treasurer 

Curators,  Elective 

Term  expires  at  annual  meeting  in  1912 

Thomas  E.  Brittingham,  Esq. 
Henry  C.  Campbell,  Esq. 
William  K.  Coffin,  M.  S. 
Richard  T.  Ely,  LL.  D. 
Hon.  Lucien  S.  Hanks 
Nils  P.  Haugen,  LL.  B. 

Col.  Hiram  Hayes 
Rev.  Patrick  B.  Knox 
Maj.  Frank  W.  Oakley 
Arthur  L.  Sanborn,  LL.  B. 
E.  Ray  Stevens,  LL.  B. 
William  W.  Wight,  M.  A. 


Officers  of  the  Society 

Term  expires  at  annual  meeting  in  191 3 

Jairus  H.  Carpenter,  LL.  D. 
Victor  Coffin,  Ph.  D. 
Lucius  C.  Colman,  B.  A. 
Matthew  8.  Dudgeon,  M.  A. 
Carl  R.  Fish,  Ph.  D. 
Hon.  Benjamin  F.  McMillan 

Daha  C.  Munro,  M.  A. 
William  A.  P.  Morris,  B.  A. 
Robert  G.  Siebbcker,  LL.  B> 
William  J.  Stahb,  LL.  B. 
Edward  B.  Steensland,  Esq. 
Charles  R.  Van  Hise,  LL.  D. 

Term  expires  at  annual  meeting  in  19 14 

Rasmus  B.  Anderson,  LL.  D. 
Hon.  Emil  Baensch 
Charles  N.  Brown,  LL.  B. 
Frederic  K.  Conoter,  LL.  B. 
Alfred  A.  Jackson,  M.  A. 
Burr  W.  Jones,  M.  A. 

Hon.  John  Luchsinger 
Most  Ret.  S.  G.  Messmeb 
J.  Howard  Palmer,  Esq. 
John  B.  Parkinson,  M.  A. 
Frederic  L.  Paison,  Ph.  D. 
William  A.  Scott,  LL.  D. 

Executive  Committee 

The  thirty-six  curators,  the  superintendent,  the  governor,  the  secretary 
of  state,  and  the  state  treasurer  (forty  in  all)  constitute  the  executive 



The  first  edition  of  the  Annotated  Catalogue  of  Newspaper 
Files  in  the  Wisconsin  State  Historical  Library  was  published  in 
1898,  and  compiled  by  the  late  Emma  Helen  Blair,  then  a  member 
of  the  staff.  In  the  intervening  fourteen  years,  the  Library's  files 
have  greatly  increased  in  number  of  volumes  and  in  geographical 
range;  a  second  edition  has  therefore  become  necessary.  In 
its  preparation,  the  matter  published  in  the  first  edition  has  been 
used  as  a  basis;  but  in  the  effort  to  bring  the  new  volume  down  to 
date,  to  include  new  files,  and  to  introduce  fresh  data  in  the  his- 
torical notes,  thousands  of  changes  have  been  made.  The  alpha- 
betization, typography,  and  make-up  of  the  present  volume  are 
also  quite  different  from  the  former;  and  in  these  respects  at  least, 
there  has  been  marked  improvement  both  in  appearance  and  in 
facility  of  consultation. 

Explanation  seems  necessary  regarding  the  newly-adopted  al- 
phabetical arrangement.  The  classification  by  states  and  cities  is 
obvious;  the  order  of  titles  under  each  city,  however,  may  at  first 
seem  eccentric.  But  the  word  in  the  title  which  is  most  commonly 
used  or  is  more  descriptive,  has  been  chosen  as  the  one  determin- 
ing the  alphabetical  position — not  as  commonly  done,  the  first 
word  in  the  title.  This  selected  word  (which  in  the  Library  of 
Congress  Check  List  of  Newspapers,  whose  style  we  have  fol- 
lowed in  this  particular,  is  called  the  "surname"  of  the  paper)  has 
been  printed  in  small  capitals,  thus:  "Laboe  Advocate",  Alaba- 
ma Watchman",  "National  Democrat." 

The  following  descriptive  title-words  have,  among  many  others, 
been  selected  as  descriptive  surnames:  "Labor",  "social",  social- 
ist", "commercial",  "industrial",  "mercantile",  "workmen's",  "co- 
operative", "religious",  "woman's",  "dramatic",  "Christian", 
"union",  "united" — also  the  names  of  trades,  professions,  denomi- 
nations,   and  nationalities.     In  our  system  of  surname  alphabeti- 



zation,  we  have  disregarded  such  adjectives  as  daily",  weekly", 
"Sunday",  "American",  "national",  "general",  "Western", "New 
England",  "Federal",  "Eepublican",  and  "independent"— unless 
that  adjective  is  essential  to  the  characterization  of  the  paper.  So 
also  have  we  disregarded  the  names  of  cities  and  states,  and  for 
the  most  part  the  names  of  the  editors  when  preceding  the  title. 
In  the  last  mentioned  case,  however,  we  have  retained  editors' 
names  when  popular  usage  has  made  them  the  most  important  part 
of  the  title — as  "LaFoixette's  Magazine,"  "Niles'  Register",  and 
"Pomekot's  Democrat."  Where  a  paper  has  several  titles,  we 
have  set  in  small  capitals  only  the  surname  first  appearing — as 
"Arkansas  State  Gazette  and  Democrat."  It  is  believed 
that  this  arrangement,  although  necessarily  arbitrary,  will  be 
readily  understood,  and  will  facilitate  the  use  of  the  Catalogue. 

Even  more  vexing  than  alphabetization,  in  a  publication   of  this 
character,  is  the  problem  of  determining  what  publications  should 
be  included.     In  this  particular,  librarians  have  always   found  it 
impossible  to  draw  hard-and-fast  lines.     Frequency  of  publication 
is  no  criterion — the  early  news-letters  were    of   infrequent   issue, 
and  some  of  the    current   monthlies   are   strictly   news   journals. 
Neither  is  the  title  always  a  guide — in  the  last  century,  some   so- 
called  "magazines"  (e.  g.,  the  Worcester  (Mass.)  Magazine)  were 
undoubted  newspapers.     In   solving   this   problem   for  ourselves, 
we  have  quite  disregarded  either  title  or  frequency  of  issue.     This 
Catalogue  includes  not  only  newspapers  in  the  ordinary  acceptation 
of  the  term,  but  all  journals  that  are  organs  of  societies,  trades,  or 
special  interests — such  as  missionary,  religious,    reform,   literary, 
art,  professional,  commercial,  family,  illustrated,  labor,   etc.;    for 
in    these,  news    features    are    predominant.     The  shades    of    dis- 
tinction, however,  are  often  so  vague,  that  probably  neither  bib- 
liographers nor  lexicographers   will  ever  generally  agree  on  any 
infallible  definition  of  a  newspaper. 

The  present  compilation  is  chiefly  the  work  of  Ada  Tyng  Gris- 
w  old.  Throughout  she  has  had  the  active  cooperation  of  several 
other  members  of  the  Library  staff,  both  in  the  Editorial  and  the 
Newspaper  departments;  but  to  her  intelligent  perseverance  and 
resourcefulness,  displayed  amid  many  discouragements,  are  due  a 
very  large  share  of  whatever  credit  may  attach  to  this  publication. 
It  would  be  pleasant  to  name  the  correspondents  who  have  fur- 
nished to  Miss  Griswold  data  for  the  new  notes  or  for  the  better- 
ment of  the  old;  but  these  represent  hundreds  of  newspaper  oflices 



and  space  forbids  the  mention  of  them  all.  We  can  but  thank 
them  and  the  authors  of  hundreds  of  local  histories,  en  masse.  In 
obtaining  information  from  so  many  sources,  and  under  such  vary- 
ing circumstances,  it  would  be  surprising  if  errors  did  not  occur. 
We  are,  indeed,  confident  that  such  exist;  but  will  be  grateful  to 
be  set  aright,  that  future  editions  may  have  the  benefit  of  the 

December,  1911.  K.  G.  Thwaites. 



The  height  of  each  volume  is  indicated  by  a  letter  at  the  end  of  th  e 
description,  as  follows: 

D    indicates  17.5  to  20  centimeters,  nearly  8  inches. 

O    indicates  20      to  25  centimeters,  nearly  10  inches. 

Q    indicates  25      to  30  centimeters,  nearly  12  inches. 

F    indicates  30      to  40  centimeters,  nearly  14  inches. 

F4  indicates  35      to  40  centimeters,  nearly  16  inches. 

FB  indicates  40      to  50  centimeters,  nearly  20  inches. 

F6  indicates  50      to  60  centimeters,  nearly  24  inches. 

FT  indicates  60      to  70  centimeters,  nearly  28  inches. 

F8  indicates  70      to  80  centimeters,  nearly  32  inches. 

F9,  indicates  80      to  90  centimeters,  nearly  36  inches. 

n.  d.  signifies:        No  date  of  publication  given. 

n.  p.  signifies:        No  place  of  publication  given. 

[  ]     include  words  or  dates  not  found  in  the  title  or 
headings  of  the  publication  itself. 

+       signifies  that  the  Library  possesses  the  continua- 
tion of  the  file,  to  date. 


Catalogue  of  Newspapers 

I.   The   United   States 



Bessemer  (w).    Aug.  11,  1888. 
Bessemer  illustrated. 


Labor   Advocate    (w).    1903+    F«. 

Founded  1890  by  Jere  Dennis  and  conducted  by  him  till  1896;  by 
J.  H.  F.  Mosley,  1897-1900 ;  since  then  managed  by  Mosley  for  Labor 
Advocate  Pub.   Co. 


Blakely  Sun  and  Alabama  Advertiser  (s-w).    May  17,  1819. 

With  Southern  Local  Newspapers,  1811-20.  Founded  1819  by  Gabriel  F. 


Alabama  Watchman  (w).    Aug.  3,  1820. 

With  Southern  Local  Newspapers,  1811-20.  Published  at  the  former 
capital  of  Alabama ;  the  town-site  was  sold  on  tax-title  for  $550,  to  an 
ex-slave,   Feb.,   1894. 


Decatur  Enterprise.    Vol.  1,  No.  1.    Sept.  1,  1888. 


Fairhope  Courier  (m;  w).    Feb.,  1908+ ;   also  earlier  scattering  num- 

Founded  1894  as  organ  of  single  tax  colony.  Published  till  1896  or 
later  by  Fairhope  Industrial  Assn. ;  then  by  Ernest  B.  Gaston  and  Marie 
Howland.     Gaston  has  been  editor  from  the  start. 

Unionist  (w).    1903,  3  nos. 


!  Newspaper  Catalogue 

Alabama,  continued: 


Montgomery  Advertiser  (w).    Aug.  21,  1840. 

Alabama  State  Journal  (w).     Apr.  2-July  9,  1875.    F«. 

With  Philadelphia  Public  Ledger,  1872-73.  Founded  1867.  Published! 
by  J.  L.  Dimmick  &  Co.,  1870 ;  C.  T.  Thweatt,  1871 ;  Arthur  Bingham, 
1872-75 ;  T.  C.  Bingham  &  Co.,  1876-77.  No  later  mention  in  direc- 

Montgomery  Mail.    Feb.  12,  1861. 
Daily  Post.    Feb.  11,  12,  18,  1861. 


Alabama  State  Intelligences  (w).    Mar.  2,  1833. 

With  Middle  and  Western  Newspapers,  1831-40.  Founded  1829.  Pub- 
lished (1833)   by  W.  W.  and  A.  M'.  McGuire. 


North  Alabamian.    Nov.  17,  1865;  Feb.  23,  Dec.  7,  1866. 


Southern  Letter  (m).     1898+     F. 

Founded  1884  in  interest  of  Tuskegee  Normal  and  Industrial  Insti- 
tute.    Edited  by  Booker  T.  Washington. 



Miners'  Union  Bulletin    (w).     Jan.,  1909-Aug.,  1910.    Fs. 

Founded  1907  by  Tanana  Mine  Workers'  Union  and  since  conducted 
by  them. 


Alaskan  (w).    Nov.,  1885-Aug.,  1907.     2  v.    F«. 

Founded  1885  by  Alaskan  Pub.  Co.  Conducted  by  Maurice  E.  Ke- 
nealey,  1891  ;  Christian  H.  Schaap,  1892  ;  Edward  Chamberlain  (for  Syl- 
vester &  Smith),  1895-96;  E.  Otis  Smith,  1897-Mar.,  1898;  Alaskan 
Pub.  Co.,  1899-1909;  since  then  by  1..  S.  Keller.  Edited  in  1909  by 
Edward   Chamberlain. 



Douglas  Examiner  (w).    June  9,  11,  1907. 


Arizona — Arkansas 


Phoenix  Weekly  Herald.    1897-1901.    2  v.    Fe. 

Founded  1878  by  C.  E.  McClintock  and  —  Gosper,  and  conducted 
by  them  till  1882;  N.  A.  Mortord  (with  Gosper  one  year),  1883- 
•Tune.  1899.  Then  consolidated  with  Republican,  and  conducted  by 
Charles  C.  Randolph  till  Dec,  1900 ;  later  by  Arizona  Pub.  Co.  Styled 
Salt  River  Herald,  1878;  Republican  Herald,  June,  1899;  Arizona  Re- 
publican, Nov.,  1900 ;  Weekly  Republican,  May,  1901. 



Argenta  Incident  (w).    Oct.  3,  1885. 


State  Rights  Eagle  (w).    July  17,  1858. 

With  Western  Local  Keivspapers,  1851-60.  Founded  1858  by  L.  Linscott 
and  A.  W.  Hobson. 

Fort  Smith 
Fort  Smith  New  Eea.    June  4,  1864. 

Little  Bock 

Arkansas  Advocate  (w).    Mar.,  1830-1831;   Sept.  19,  1832;   1833-May, 

1835.     2  v.     F«. 

Founded  Mar.,  1S30,  by  Charles  P.  Bertrand  and  conducted  by  him 
till  Jan.,  1835  (with  —  Yoemans,  Sept.,  1830-May,  1831 ;  then  owned 
and  conducted  by  Albert  Pike. 

Arkansas  Banner  (w).     Mar.,  1844-1845  (incomp.).     F«. 

Founded  1S44  by  S.  Borland  &  Co.,  and  conducted  by  them  till  Aug., 
1845 ;  then  by  Solon  Borland. 

Arkansas  Democrat   (w).    May,  1846-1855   (incomp.).    3  v.    F«. 

Founded  May,  1846,  by  William  K.  Woodruff  and  conducted  by  him 
till  Mar.,  1853  ;  sold  to  Capt.  C.  C.  Danley,  and  conducted  by  him  to  end 
of  1855  (with  Solon  Borland  after  June  of  that  year).  Styled  Arkansas 
State  Democrat  Oct.  23,  1846  ;  Arkansas  State  Gazette  and  Democrat 
Feb.  8.  1850.  (Gazette  was  founded  Nov.,  1819,  by  Woodruff  and  pub- 
lished by  him  till  1838,  and  again  Dec,  1842-44,  and  after  1S48  till 
merged    in  Democrat.) 

National  Democrat   (w).    Oct.,  1864-Apr.,  1865.     (incomp.). 

With  Unconditional  Union,  1864.  Founded  1863.  Published  by  C.  V. 
Meader,  1864-April,  1865. 

Arkansas  State  Gazette  and  Democrat. 
See  Arkansas  Democrat,  above. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Little  Rock,  Ark.,  continued: 

Unconditional  Union  (w).    Mar.-Nov.,  1864  (incomp.). 

Same  (d).    May  17,  24,  1864. 

Founded  1864  by  W.  N.  B'ishback  and  T.  D.  W.  Yonley,  and  conducted 
by  them  till  April ;  then  by  C.  C.  Bliss  till  November. 

Union  Labor  Bulletin  (w).    Dec.  21,  28,  1903. 

Van  Buren 

Western  Frontier  Whig  (w).    Apr.  29,  1845. 

With  Eastern  and  Western  Newspapers,   1841-49.       Published    (1845) 
by  Logan  &  Sterne. 



Bulletin  of  Social  Reform  Union  (bi-w).     1899,  6  nos.     O. 

Eden  Vale 

True  Life  (s-m).    Vol.  1.     Dec,  1890-Aug.,  1891.     Q. 

Founded  Dec,  1890.  Published  by  Mary  Hayes  Chynoweth.  Religious. 
No  later  mention  in  directories. 


Labob  News   (w).     May  20,  27,  1905. 


Fresno  Labor  News  (w).    Vol.  1,  No.  1.    Oct.  5,  1907. 

Los  Angeles 

Challenge  (w).    Dec,  1900-Oct,  1901.    F. 

See  WilsMre'Si  under  New  York  City. 

Citizen   (w).     Mar.-Nov.,  1907.    F.    Nov.,  1907+     Fe. 

Succeeded  Union  Labor  News,  Mar.  n,  l!>07;  published  by  Union  News 
Co.;  owned  by  labor  unions  of  Southern  California.  Edited  by  John 
Murray  till  Nov.  1,  1907  ;  since  then  by  Stanley  B.  Wilson. 

Common  Sense  (w).    Aug.,  1904-Aug.,  1909.     Fa. 
Successor  of  Los  Angeles  Socialist,  q.  v. 

Los  Angeles  Express  (d).    Dec,  1907+    Fe. 

Founded  Mar.,  1871.  Published'  by  Tiffany  &  Co.,  1872-75;  Express 
Newspaper  and  Ptg.  Co.,  1876-84  ;  Osborne  &  Cleveland,  1886  ;  since 
then  by  Evening  Express  Co.  Edited  by  J.  J.  Ayers  and  .T.  D.  Lynch 
1876  ;  Ayers,  1S77-S4  ;  H.  Z.  Osborne,  1895-96  ;  C.  D.  Willard,  1897-99* 

Forward  Movement  Herald  (w).    1900.    3  nos. 




Fraternity  (m).    May,  1900. 

Los  Angeles  Herald  (d).    Dec,  1907+    Fe. 

Founded  1873  by  Herald  Ptg.  Co.;  published  by  them  until  1876; 
edited  by  J.  M.  Bassett,  1875-7fi.  Then  owned  and  edited  by  Joseph  D. 
lynch.  1877-87 ;  J.  D.  Lynch  &  Co.,  1887 ;  Ayers  &  Lynch,  1888-94 ; 
since  then,  Herald  Pub.  Co.;  edited  (1011)  by  Thomas  B.  Gibbon.  Dem- 

American  Journal  of  Eugenics. 

See  same  title,   under   Chicago,  III. 

Los  Angeles  Labor   (w).     June  27,  1896.     F  e. 

California  Nationalist   (w).    Vol.  1.     Feb.-May,  1890.     F4. 

Conducted  (1890)  by  P.  P.  Cook,  Mrs.  M.  E.  Benson,  T.  Taylor,  and 
N.   V.  Lewis. 

Weekly  Nationalist.     May-Aug.,  1890.     F. 

Saturday  Post  (w).    Vol.  6,  1902,  July  5,  19,  Oct.  18,  Nov.-Dec.    Vols. 
7-11,  1903-1905.    3  v.    F4.    Vol.  12.    1906,  Jan.-Feb. 
Founded  1900,  and  since  published  by  Post  Pub.  Co. 

Social  Economist  (w).    Mar.  19,  1898. 

Los  Angeles  Socialist  (w).    1903-Aug.,  1904.    F«. 

Founded  Nor.,  1901,  by  the  local  Los  Angeles  Socialist  party.  Edited 
successfully  by  Charles  H.  Roas,  Edgar  B.  Helphingstine,  W.  A.  Corey, 
Frank  I.  Wheat,  W.  S.  Bradford,  W.  A.  Corey,  A.  G.  Sanftleben,  and  W. 
Scott  Lewis.     Styled  Common  Sense,  q.  v.,  Aug.,  1904. 

Los  Angeles  Times    (d).     May  30,  1903;    Dec,  1907- Jan.,  1909.    14  v. 
F  6. 

Founded  1881  by  Yarnell,  Caystile  &  Mathes  (of  the  Mirror),  and 
published  by  them  till  1882  ;  by  Yarnell,  Caystile  &  Otis,  1883  ;  Francisco, 
Caystile,  Mathes  &  Otis,  1S84-S.-, ;  Times  Mirror  Co.  since  1886.  'Edited 
by  Harrison   Gray  Otis  since   1896.     Independent  Republican. 

Union  Labor  News  (w).    Nov.,  1905-Feb.,  1907.    Fs. 

Founded  1901.  Published  1910  by  Labor  News  Co.  Styled  Citizen, 
q.  v.,  Mar.,  1907. 

United  Socialism  (bi-m).    Jan.,  Feb.,  1900. 

Founded   1896. 
California  Voice  (w).     Feb.  20,  1902. 


Californian  (w).  Vol.  1,  Nos.  3-38;  Vol.  2,  45  nos.;  Vol.  3,  6  nos. 
Aug.  29,  1846-May  6,  1847;  May  22,  1847-May  10,  1848;  May  17- 
Sept.  9,  1848.    F— Fs. 

First  California  newspaper.  Published  at  Monterey  by  Walter  Colton 
and  Robert  Semple  until  May  6,  1847  (Colton  withdrawing  Apr.  16). 
Printed   on   cigar   wrapping   paper   from   a   Spanish   font   picked   up   in   a 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Monterey,  Calif.,  continued: 

mission  cloister.  There  being  no  W's  in  this  font  two  V's  were  used 
until  W's  could  be  obtained  from  the  Sandwich  Islands.  Removed  to 
San  Francisco  May  22,  1847 ;  there  conducted  successively  by  Robert 
Semple,  B.  K.  Buckelew,  and  Robert  Gordon ;  then  again  by  Buckelew 
until  May  17,  1848;  then  published  by  J.  D.  Hoppe  &  Co.  and  edited  by 
H.  L.  Sheldon  till  Sept.  0,  after  which  there  is  no  evidence  of  its  con- 
tinuance.    Contains   (Mar.   15,   1847)    first  news  of  discovery  of  gold. 

Mountain  View 

Signs  of  the  Times  (w).    Vol.  32.     1906.    F. 
See  same  title,  under  Oakland. 


Nevada  Jouenal  (w).     Dec.  23,  1853. 

With-  Western  Local  newspapers,  1851-60.  Founded  1852.  Published 
by  Budd  &  Sargent  in  1853 ;  edited  by  A.  A.  Sargent. 


Cooperative  Journal  (m;  w;  m).  Vols.  1-4.  1901-1904.  Vols.  5-10. 
1905-July,  1911.  2  v.  P.  Vol.  11.  July,  1911+  O. 
Founded  1900  by  Co-op.  Educational  Co.  Organ  of  Rockdale  Whole- 
sale Co.,  representing  sixteen  persons  and  forty-three  local  store  com- 
panies. Since  Jan.,  1911,  owned  by  the  Produce  &  Consumers'  Co-op. 
Co.,  Ltd.,  of  Seattle,  Wash.  Conducted  since  May,  1909,  by  Robert  E. 

American  Sentinel. 

See  same  title,  under  New  York. 
Signs  of  the  Times  .(w).    Vols.   23-24.    1897-98.    2  v.    F4.    Vol.  25. 

1899  (incomp.);  Vol.  26.     1900;  Vol.  30.     1904  (incomp.);  Vol.  32. 

1906.    F. 

Founded  1875.  Published  by  the  Pacific  Seventh  Day  Adventist  Pub. 
Co.,  1879-85  ;  by  Intematl.  Tract  and  Missionary  Soc,  1886-90  ;  by  Pa- 
cific Press  Co.,  1891-1908.  Edited  by  James  White,  J.  N.  Andrews,  and 
Uriah  Smith,  1879-83  ;  J.  H.  Waggoner,  1884-90  ;  Milton  J.  Wilcox, 
1891-1908.     No  later  mention  in  directories. 

■Socialist  Voice  (w).    1905,  3  nos. 
See   World. 

Woeld  (d).    May  22-Sept.  23,  1907.    F«. 

Same  (w).     Sept.,  1907+ 

Founded  1904,  under  name  of  Socialist  Voice,  by  Local  Alameda 
County  Socialist  Party,  and  controlled  by  that  body  until  1907,  when 
it  was  taken  over  by  the  World  Press,  Inc.,  and  changed  to  a  daily  un- 
der its  present  title.     Suspended  in  four  months  on  account  of  financial 

>  difficulties.     Resumed  shortly  after  as  a  weekly  under  control  of  Branch 

Oakland,  Socialist  Party,  its  present  publisher.  Conducted  by  George 
Broadley,  Maurice  E  Eldridge,  Austin  E.  Lewis,  Maynard  Shipley,  and 
others,  suspending  for  brief  periods  for  lack  of  financial  support,  until 
June,  1910  ;  since  then  by  H.  C.  Tuck.  "Has  always  advocated  the 
principles  of   class-conscious   Socialism ;   namely,   that  the   means  of   pro- 

i    .        .Auction  and  distribution  should  be  owned  by  the  producers." 




Public  Ownership  Review. 

See   same  title,   under  Colorado   Springs,   Colo. 

Social  Review  (m).    June,  1897. 
Founded  1S97. 

Point  lioma,  San  Diego 

Century  Path    (w).     Vols.   2-3.     1898-1900    (incomp.).     Vols.   5-12. 
1901-1909.     8  v.  1910-June  11,  1911.     F. 

Founded  1897.  Organ  of  the  Universal  Brotherhood,  Theosophy,  etc. 
Called  New  Century  I'ath  until  Jan.,  1907.  Edited  by  Katherine  Tingley. 
Succeeded  June  11,  1911,  by  7'hcosophical  Path,  Katherine  Tingley,  edi- 


Searchlight.    Mar.  18,  1903. 


Sacramento  Union  (d).    1854-70.    30  v.    F«. 

Founded  1851,  probably  by  .T.  Anthony  &  Co.,  By  whom  it  was  pub- 
lished 1854-74.  Then  merged  with  Itecord  (founded  1867)  as  Record 

San  Diego 

Justice.    Apr.  3,  1899. 

New  Century  Path. 

See  same  title,  under  Point  Lorna. 

San  Francisco 

Advance  (w).    Feb.  16,  June  15,  1901;  Aug.  30,  1902. 

Alliance  News  (m).    Feb.,  1905. 

California  Arbeiter  Zeitung.     Oct.  24,  1891. 

Argonaut  (w).    Jan.-Nov.,  1890;  1891.    Fi. 

Founded  1877  by  Frank  M.  Pixley  and  Fred  M.  Somers,  and  conducted 
by  them  till  1881  (as  Argonaut  Pub.  Co.)  ;  Pixley  and  Jerome  A.  Hart 
till  1894  ;  Hart,  1894-1907.  Then  bought  by  Alfred  Holman,  and  since 
conducted  by  him. 

Evening  Bulletin  (d  and  w).    1864-65.    Ft. 

Same   (d).     Oct.,  1855-91.     74  v.  F?-s. 

Founded  1S55  by  James  King.  Published  by  San  Francisco  Bulletin 
Co.,  1869-95.  Edited  by  George  K.  Fitch,  1889-95.  Since  then  owned 
and  edited   by   K.   A.   Crothers.     Independent  Republican. 


See  same  title,  under  Monterey. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

San  Francisco,  Calif.,  continued: 

San  Francisco  Chronicle  (d).     1890-1910.     130  v.     F«.     1911+ 

Founded  1865  as  Dramatic  Chronicle,  by  Michael  H.  and  Charles  de 
Young.  Conducted  by  them  till  the  death  of  the  latter  in  1880 ;  since 
then  by  the  former. 

Pacific  Churchman  (s-m).    Apr.,  1893-Aug.,  1894.    F. 

Founded  1865.  Published  by  Cuberry  &  Co.,  1870-76.  Edited  by 
Revs.  Elias  Birdsall  and  F.  W.  Brotherton,  1874 ;  Rev.  Thomas  Smith, 
1875-76  ;  Rev.  A.  P.  Gray,  1877-78  ;  Rev.  D.  O.  Kelley,  1879-80  ;  H.  O. 
Beers,  1882  :  Rev.  E.  B.  Church,  1883  ;  D.  O.  Kelley,  1884-91  ;  Rev.  Ho- 
bart  Chetwood,  1893-99 ;  Rev.  B.  L.  Parsons,  1909 ;  Revs.  L.  C.  Sanford 
and  W.  Higgs,  1910.     Protestant  Episcopal. 

Citizen's  Magazine  (m).    Vols.  1-2  (incomp.).    Mar.,  1908- July,  i909. 

Founded  Mar.,  1908,  as  organ  of  Citizens'  Alliance  (H.  W.  Postle- 
thwaite,  president;  J.  McKinery,  manager).  Published  by  same  until 
July,  1909.     No  later  data  obtainable. 

Civil  and  Social  Problems  (m).    Aug.-Sept,  1900. 

Class  Struggle  (w).    18,89,  scat,  nos.;  May  5,  1900.    F6. 

Coast  Seamen's  Journal  (w).  Vols.  8-14.    1894-1901.  7  v.  Vols.  16-22. 
1902-1909.     7  v.  1910+  F4. 

Founded  1887.  Official  paper  of  Internatl.  Seamen's  Union  of  Amer- 
ica ;  published  by  Sailors'  Union  of  the  Pacific.  Edited  since  1896  by 
Walter  Macarthur. 

Coming  Age  (w).    Aug.  3,  Oct.  12,  1895. 

Egoism  (m).    1891-1897,  scat.  nos. 

Founded  1890  by  Equity  Pub.   Co.     No  later  mention  in   directories. 

Emancipator  (m).    Oct.,  Nov.,  1906;  May,  1907. 

Free  Society.     1899-1900;    1903-1904.     F*. 

Successor  of  FireVrana,  q.  v.  under  Portland,  Ore.  Published  by  Free 
Society  Pub.  Co.  Moved  to  Chicago  Jan.,  1901 ;  to  New  York  Feb., 
1904.     Conducted  after  July,  1900,   by  A.  Isaak.     Suspended  Nov.,   190l! 

Freethought  (w).    Mar.  1,  1890. 

Hope  and  Home  (w).     Oct.,  1892-1896.    F. 

Founded  1892  by  Abba  Lord  Holten  ;  published  by  him  until  Jan.,  1894  • 
then  edited  by  him  and  published  by  Alfred  Cridge  until  1896.  No  later 
data  obtainable.     Reform. 

Kappa  Kappa  Gamma  Key  (q).    Vol.  13.    1896,  2  nos.;  Vol.  15.    1898,  2 
nos.;    Vols.  16-17.    1899-1900;   Vols.   18-20.    1901-1903,  7   nos.; 
Vols.  26-27.     1909-1910,  3  nos. 
Formerly  published  at  Ithaca,  N.  Y. 

Labor  (w).    Vol.  1.  No.  1.    July  29,  1893. 

'         [8] 


Labor  Clarion  (w).     Dec,  1905-Apr.,  1906.     F'. 

Founded  1902  by  local  Labor  Council,  and  still  published  by  them. 
Now  edited  by  Will  J.  French. 

Merchants'  Association  Review  (m).     1905-Mar.,  1906.    F. 

Founded  180G  by  Merchants'  Assn.  of  San  Francisco.  Edited  (1905- 
06)   by  Frank  M.  Todd.     No  later  data  obtainable. 

Merchants'  Association  Review    (m).     1905-Mar.,   1906.  F. 

Founded  1860.  Published  by  Dewey  &  Co.,  1869-91 ;  Dewey  Pub. 
Co.,  1892-90 :  J.  F.  Halloran,  1897-1001  or  later.  Edited  by  W.  B. 
Ewer,  3  869-U3;  J.  F.  Halloran,  1897-1901.  Now  published  by  Dewey 
Pub.  Co.,  and  edited  by  T.  A.  Rickart.     Styled  Scientific  Press,  1869-73. 

New  Charter  (w).     July,  1896-June,  1898,  6  nos.     Fe. 

Founded  1893,  successor  of  San  .Tose  Tribune.  Published  (1896-97) 
by  New  Charter  Pub.  Co. ;  edited  by  M.  W.  Wilkins.  No  later  data  ob- 
tainable.    People's  Pa''ty ;   Socialist  Labor. 

Organized  Labor  (w).     Oct.,  1909+     Fe. 

Founded  Jan.,  1900,  by  Organized  Labor  Pub.  Co.,  representing  San 
Francisco  labor  unions,  and  since  published  by  them.  Managed  from 
the  first  by  Cress  Gannon ;  edited  by  O.  A.  Tveitmoc. 

Oriental   (w).  Chinese.     Feb.  18,  1887;  Apr.  27,  1888. 

With  Span.  Amer.,  Scand.,  and  Oriental  Newspapers,  1822-93.  Founded 
1886  by    Wan  Kee  and  conducted  by  him  till  1899  or  later. 

Pacific  (w).     Dec,  1862-Jan.,  1863.     3  nos. 

With  Kans..  \\osh.,  and  Oiegon  Newspapers,  1852-63.  Founded  3852. 
Edited  by  J.  A.  Henton  and  S.  V.  Blakeslee,  1869-81 ;  S.  S.  Smith  and 
John  Kimball,  1882  ;  Pub.  Co.  of  the  Pacific,  1883-98  (except  by  Benton, 
Smith,  and  Kimball,  1889,  and  J.  W.  Douglas,  1890)  ;  W.  W.  Ferrier, 
1899-1901.     No  later  data  obtainable.      Presb.;  now  Cong. 

California  Patron  (m;  s-m).    May,  1876-June,  1878.    Fs. 

Founded  1876  by  State  Grange  of  California.  Edited  by  J.  V.  Web- 
ster, Amos  Adams,  and  Thomas  H.  Merry,  1877  ;  Adams  and  I.  C.  Steele, 
1879-80 ;  J.  V.  Webster,  1882-84 ;  J.  Chester,  1886-87.  Styled  Call- 
jornia  Patron  and  Agriculturist  after  1886.     Suspended  about  1890. 

Railway  Employees'  Journal   (w).    Aug.  14,  1902;   June-Sept.,  1903. 


Founded  1899.  Published  (1903)  by  Railway  Pub.  Co.  No  later  data 

Rescue  (w).     Nov.,  1882-Oct,  1883.     F. 

Founded  1803.  Edited  by  Kev.  George  Morris,  1876-77  ;  A.  D.  Wood, 
1882-83  ;  E.  F.  Dinsmore,  1884.  No  later  mention  in  directories.  Tem- 

Russian  Review.    Vol.  1,  Nos.  1-5,  May-Nov.,  1905.    F. 

Socialist  (w).    July,  1895-Feb.,  1897.    F. 

Founded  1895  by  J.  E.  Scott  and  conducted  by  him  till  1899.  Na 
later  data  obtainable. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

sSan  Francisco,  Calif.,  continued: 

California  Socialist  (m).    Mar.  27,  June-Oct,  1903.    F«. 

Founded  1903.  Edited  (March)  by  U.  K.  Bohannon;  by  Mary  Fair- 
brother,  June-Oct.     No  later  data  obtainable. 

Stab  (w).     Hay,  1907+     F  «. 

Founded  1884  by  James  H.  Barry,  and  conducted  by  him  until  190S 
or  later ;  now   by  William   H.  Barry.     Independent. 

San  Francisco  Tageblatt  (w).     1903- Jan.,  1906.     2  v.     F«. 

B'ounded  1S3U  by  Tageblatt  Pub.  Soc.,  and  published  by  them  tjjl  1895; 
Tageblatt  Assn.,  1895-96;  Tag.  Pub.  Soc,  1897-1906.  Edited  by  Emil 
Liess,  1895-99.     No  later  data  obtainable. 

Truth;  Organ  ofScientific  Socialism  in  America  (m).    1884,  4  nos. 

Volks-Zeitung  (w).    Aug.  29,  1891. 

-Zeitgeist  (m).    Vol.  1.  No.  1.    'Oct.,  1902. 

San  Luis  Obispo 

Reasonbr  (w).  July  31,  1902. 

Santa  Barbara 

People's  Paper  (w).     Dec.  6,  1902;  Apr.  11,  1903. 

Colorado  , 


Conscience  (m).    Jan.-Mar.,  1900. 

Colorado  Springs 

Colorado  Springs  Gazette  (d).     Sept.  20,  1896. 

Pike's    Peak    Centennial    number.     Founded    1878.     Conducted    (18981 
by  W.  A.  Piatt.  v         ' 

Pink  Iconoclast  (w)  .    June  6,  1903. 

Public  Ownership  Review  (m).    July-Dec,  1897;  Feb.- July,  1898.    F. 
Founded  1897  by  Morrison  I.  Swift,  and  conducted  by  him  until  1898'' 
No  later  mention  in  directories. 

Cripple  Creek 

Press  (d).    Dec,  1899-Mar.,  1903.    7  v.    F«. 

See  same  title,  under  Victor,  Colo.  ; 




Alliance  of  the  Rockies  (w).    Apr.,  1903-Jan.,  1905  (incomp.).    F». 

Pounded  1872.  Published  and  edited,  Apr.,  1903-Jan.,  1905,  by  E.  A. 
Southworth.     Socialist. 

Altrurian  (m).    March,  1896. 

Arbitrator.    June  15,  1889. 

Bio  Five  Era  (m).    May,  1902. 
Successor  of  (fold  Nuggett. 

Colorado  Chronicle  (w).    Oct.,  1901-July,  1903.    F«. 

Founded  Oct.,  1901,  by  Otto  F.  Thum  &  David  C.  Coates,  formerly  of 
Pueblo  Courier,  and  conducted  by  tliem  till  July,  1903,  wben  consoli- 
dated with  Miner's  Magazine,  q.  v. 

Hobseshoers'    Monthly    Magazine.     Vols.    2-6.     1901-1905.     5    v.     O. 

1906-1909.     4  v.     Q.     1910+ 

Founded  1900  by  Internatl.  Union  of  Journeymen  Horseshoers  of 
United  States  and  Canada.  Edited  by  Koady  Keneban  till  Jan.,  1911; 
since  then  by  Hubert  S.  Marshall.     Removed  to  Cincinnati,  O.,  Jan.,  1911. 

International  Horseshoers'  Monthly  Magazine. 

See  Horseshoern'  Monthly  Majjazine. 

Industrial  Advocate  (w).    May,  1897-June,  1898;  Nov.  11,  1898.    F6. 
Founded    1893.     Published    by    Demer    Trades    and    Labor    Assembly, 
1898-1901.     Edited  by  Willis  L.   Hal),  1S97-9K;   Charles  F.  Chase,  1899- 
1901.     No  later  data  obtainable 

Industrialist  (m).    1890,  3  nos. 

Labor  Enquirer   (w).  Jan.-May,  1885.     Fs. 

Founded  1882,  by  Buchanan  &  Laverty,  and  conducted  by  them  till 
1884  ;  by  J.  R.  Buchanan,  1884-87  ;  by  Co-op.  Labor  Enquirer  Co., 
1888-89  (edited  by  James  J.  Callahan).     No  later  mention  in  directories. 

IiAbor  Exchange  Guide  (w).    1897,  4  nos. 

Miners'  Magazine    (m).    Vols.  1-3.    1900-1902.    3  v.    O.    Vols.  5-10. 
Aug.,  1893-June,  1909.     5  v.     F4.     July,  1909+ 

Founded  1900  by  Western  Fed.  of  Miners,  and  since  published  by 
them.  Edited  by  Edward  Boyce  till  July,  1902;  since,  by  John  M. 

Municipal  Facts  (w).    19U9,  2  nos.;  1910+    Q. 

Published  by  the  city.     Free  to  tax-payers  on  request 

New  Nation  (w).    June  18,  1898. 

Rocky  Mountain  News  (d).    June  7,  1862;  July-Dec,  1874;  Sept-Dec, 
1896.    F«. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Denver,  Colo.,  continued: 

Same   (w).     1896-Jan.,  1902;   Mar.,  1902-1909.     7  v.  F«.     1910+ 

Founded  1859.  Published  by  Byers  &  Daily,  1869;  by  William  N. 
Byers.  1870-78 ;  since  then  by  Kooky  Mountain  News  Printing  Co. 
Edited  by  John  Atkins,  1889-94  (with  Thomas  A.  Patterson,  1893-94)  ; 
by  Patterson,  1895-1901  or  later. 

Retail  Clekks'  International  Advocate   (m).    Vols.  12-16.    1905-1908- 
4  v.    Q.     1909+ 

Founded  1893  as  organ  of  the  Retail  Clerks'  Internatl.  Protective 
Assn.  Edited  1896-1909,  by  Internatl.  Sec.  Treas.,  Max  Morris;  since 
his  death  in  June,  1909,  by  President  H.  J.  Conway. 

Rocky  Mountain  Rocket   (s-m).    Vol.  1,  Nos.  1-22.    Apr.,  1908-Jan.,. 

1909.    F-F  *. 

Founded  1908,  by  Internatl.  Assn.  of  Machinists,  and  conducted  by 
them  till  1909.     No  later  mention   in  directories. 

Colorado  Socialist.     June  5,  1903. 

Consolidated  Aug.,  1903,  with  Miners  Magazine^  q.  v. 

Rocky  Mountain  Socialist.    Vol.  1,  no.  1,  Jan.  4,  1902. 

No  more  published. 

Union  Labob  League  Bulletin  (m).     Dec,  1906;  June,  1907. 

Union  Pacific  Employes  Magazine   (m).     Nov.,  1892;  Feb.,  Aug.,  1894- 
Founded  1885. 

Waite's  Magazine  (m).    Vol.  1,  No.  1,  Oct.  1,  1898. 


Pbowees  County  News   (w).    Nov.,  1905-July,  1906    (incomp.).    Aug.„ 
1906-1909.     F«.     1910+ 

Founded  1901.  Conducted  by  C.  Frost  Liggett,  Aug.,  1906-Mar  1910- 
since  then  by  Lamar  Pub.   Co.     Republican. 


Bulletin  Sanitary  and  Sociological  (m).    1904+     (incomp.).    O 

Founded  1904  by  Colorado  Fuel  and  Iron  Co.  Published  by'  their- 
medical  and  sociological  department,  for  instruction  of  employees  in 
hygiene  and  sanitation.  "    y  es    m 

Pueblo  Coumee   (w).     May-Nov.,  1899;   Apr.  13,  1900;   Dec.  12    1902-. 

F 6.  '  ^ 

Founded  1892.  Organ  of  Western  Fed.  of  Miners.  Published  bv 
Otto  Thum  and  D.  C.  Coates,  1898-1901.  Then  moved  to  Denver  an* 
styled  Colorado  Chronicle,  q.  v.  Denver,   ancr 


Pbess  (d).     June  27-Dec.  7,  1899.     P«. 

Founded  1899  by  an  organization  of  workingmen.  Moved  to  CriDnle- 
Creek  (q.  v.)   in  December,  1899.  w 





Bridgeport  Advocate  (w).    Oct.  10,  1903. 

Republican  Fabmee  (w).    July,  1804-May,  1805,  28  nos.    Fb. 

Pounded  1804  by  Joseph  Hutchinson  and  conducted  by  him  till  Not.  ; 
then  by  Nichols  &  Rowe. 

Danbury    . 

Journal    of   United   Hatters    (m).    Vols.    1-7.    1898-May,    1905    (in- 
comp.).    O. 

Founded  1898.  at  Philadelphia  ;  later  moved  to  Newark,  N.  J.,  and  t» 
Danbury  in  1900. 

New  England  Republican  (w).    July,  1804-May,  1805,  30  nos.    Fs. 

Founded  July,  1804.  Printed  by  Gray  &  Steele  till  Jan.,  1805  ;  then  by 
John  C.  Gray. 


Advocate  of  Peace. 

See  same  title  under  Boston,  Mass. 

Boquet  (s-w).    Vol.  1.     1831-32.     F. 

Founded  1831.  Edited  by  Melzar  Gardner.  Sub-title,  Flowers  of 
polite  literature. 

Cartridge  Box  (d).     Dec.  15-22,  1886.     Q. 

Organ  of  Fair  for  aid  of  destitute  soldiers. 

Christian  Secretary  (w).     Oct.-Dec,  1873;  1874-85.     5  v.    Ft. 

Founded  Feb.,  1822,  by  Conn.  Bapt.  Miss.  Soc. ;  transferred  to  the 
State  Convention,  1823  ;  to  the  Christian  Secretary  Assn.,  1829  ;  merged 
in  Gospel  Witness  (N.  Y.),  1837.  In  1S38  revived  as  Christian  Secre- 
tary by  Rev.  Elisha  Cushman  (editor,  1822-24).  and  conducted  by  him 
and  his  son,  Elisha  Cushman  Jr.,  till  1840  ;  Normand  Burr,  1840-61 
(with  W.  S.  Williams  and  A.  A.  Smith,  1840-50)  •  Cushman,  1861-76; 
Rev.  Sylvanus  D.  Phelps,  1870-88 ;  Rev.  C.  A.  Piddock,  1888-96, 
when  merged  in  Examiner.     Baptist. 

Churchman  (w).    Mar.,  1872-Dec,  1874.    Fe. 

Successor  to  The  Calendar,  lsc>o.  Removed  to  New  York  City,  1875. 
Published  by  M.  H.  Mallory  &  Co.,  1870-97;  since  then  by  Churchman 
Co.       Protestant  Episcopal. 

Connecticut  Common    School  Journal    (m).    Vols.   1-3.    Aug.,    1838- 
Sept,  1842.  •  Indexed.    Q. 

Connecticut  Courant  (w).  Oct.  29,  1764  (facsimile),  Sept.  6,1774  (with 

Boston  Gazette,  1764),  1775;  Dec,  1786-May,  1790;  1791-93;  Feb.- 

Oct.,  1794;   1795,  2  nos.;   May,  1799-Sept.,  1801;  July,  1800-Dec, 

1801;  1802-11.     9  v.     Fs.     1812-22;  Mar  .-Dec,  1824.     5  v.    F«. 

Founded  in  1704  hx  Thomas  Green,  and  conducted  by  him  till  1767  or 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Habtfokd,  Conn.,  continued: 

1768 ;  by  Ebenezer  Watson  till  his  death  in  1777 ;  by  bis  widow  till 
1778,  when  George  Goodwin  became  a  partner.  In  1779  she  married 
Barzillai  Hudson  and  the  firm  became  Hudson  &  Goodwin ;  conducted 
thus  till  1815;  Goodwin  &  Sons,  1815-36;  John  L.  Boswell,  1836-54; 
Thomas  M.  Day  and  A.  N.  Clark  1S54-67,  when  merged  with  Press. 
Retained  name  Conrant,  but  managed  by  Press  stall,  including  Joseph  C. 
Hawley,  Charles  Dudley. Warner,  and  W.  H.  Goodrich.  Organ  of  "Loyal 
Sons  of  Liberty ;"  later,  supporter  of  Washington  and  Adams ;  contin- 
ued uninterruptedly  to  present  time  without  change  of  name ;  probably 
oldest  newspaper  now  published  in  TT.  S. 

Connecticut  Coubant,  Supplement  to  (bi-w).  Mar.,  1829-Dec,  1837.  In- 
dexed. 3  v.  O.  1840-41;  1843;  1847-48;  1854-61.  Indexed.  4  v. 
Q.    1865-67. 

Episcopal  "Watchman  (w).    Apr.  24,  1832.  ! 

Litebaey  Casket  (s-m).      Mar.,  1862-Feb.,  1827.     Q. 

Founded  Mar.,  1826,  by  Benjamin  H.  Norton  and  John  Russell ;  cow 
ducted  by  them  till  suspension,  Feb.,  1827. 

Locomotive  (m).    Dec,  1902-May,  1903.    O. 

Founded  1889,  by  Hartford  Steam  Boiler  Inspection  and  Insurance  Co. 
Edited  (1902-03)  by  J.  M.  Allen.     No  later  data  obtainable. 

American  Meectjby  (w).    July  18,  1791;   Oct.,  1794-Aug.,  1795;   Nov., 

1795- Jan.,  1796;  July  25,  1799.    Fs.     Sept.,  1801-Dec.  1,  1803  (in- 

comp.);   1804,  12  nos.;   1805,  27  nos.;   1806-1809,  20  nos.;   1810- 

1811,  12  nos.;  Sept.  15,  1818.    F«. 

Founded  1784  by  Joel  Barlow,  editor,  and  Elisha  Babcock,  publisher. 
Merged  in  Independent  Press,  1833. 

Connecticut  Mibbob  (w)'.  July,  1809-Dec,  1811.  Fb.  1812-18;  Apr., 
1822-Dec,  1823;  1824-27;  Jan.,  1829-Oct,  1830.     7  v.    F«. 

Founded  July,  1809,  by  Charles  Hosmer  and  conducted  by  him  till  May, 
1816  (with  Horatio  G.  Hale,  Dec,  1811-Nov.,  1814)  ;  Benjamin  L.  Ham- 
len,  May,  1816-Aug.,  1818  (with  —  Newton  after  June,  1817)  ;  William 
L.  Stone  and  Simeon  Lincoln,  Oct.-Dec,  1818;  J.  G.  C.  Brainard  and  P. 
B.  Goodsell,  Apr.,  1822-Dec.,  1827;  Jonathan  Edwards  and  George  F. 
Olmsted,   Jan.,  1829-Oct.,    1830. 

Patbiot  and  Democrat  (w).    Dec.  5,  1835;  1836,  8  nos.    Fe. 

Religious  Inquirer  (m).    Vol.  1.     1821-22.     O. 

Republican  (w).    1849-51.    F«. 

Founded  by  William  H.  Burleigh  as  successor  of  Charter  Oak;  later 
sold  to  J.  D.  Baldwin,  who  in  turn  sold  (1852)  to  M.  H.  Bartlett  &  Co  • 
edited  by  D.  W.  Bartlett  and  Joseph  R.  Hawley  till  merged  (1856)  to 
Evening  Press. 

Habtpobd  Times  (w).  Aug-Oct,  1830;  May-Dec,  1832;  Jan.-May, 
1833.     Fo. 

[  14  ]  l 


Same   (s-w).     Oct-Dec,  1834;  1835-36.     3  v.     F«. 

Founded  1817  by  Frederick  D.  Bolles,  as  advocate  ol  a  new  constitu- 
tion for  the  state ;  edited  by  John  M.  Niles,  and  became  influential  anti- 
Federalist  organ.  About  1826  became  the  property  of  Samuel  Bowles 
(later  of  Springfield  Republican)  and  —  Francis ;  later  of  Benjamin 
H.  Norton  and  John  Russell ;  edited  by  Gideon  Welles,  1S2S-36.  Pub- 
lished by  Jones  &  Watts  in  1837 ;  Henry  A.  Mitchell  in  1838  ;  Mitchell 
and  Alfred  E.  Burr  till  184]  ;  by  Burr  alone,  1841-54 ;  by  Burr  Bros. 
(A.  B.  &  F.  L.)  1854-1900;  since  then  by  W.  0.  Burr  (associate  editor 
since  1879).     Daily  edition  since   1841.     Democratic. 

Times  and  Hartford  Advertiser  (s-w).    May,  1833-Oct,  1834.    P». 

Travelers  Record  (m).    1886-1903.    5  v.    F. 

Founded  1864.     Organ  of  Travelers   Insurance   Co. 


Litchfield  Monitor  (w).     June  27,  1792;  Aug.  13,  1794;  Mar.  4,  Oct.  21- 
28,  1795.  | 

With  N.  HI.  Local  Newspapers,  1791-08.  Established  1784  by  Thomas- 
Collier  ;  suspended,   1806. 

Witness  (w).    Dec,  1805-June,  1807.    Fo. 

Founded    1805    by    Timothy   Ashley    and   conducted   by    him    till   Apr.r 
1806  ;    by    Selleck    Osborn,    Apr.,    1806-June,    1807.     Temporary    suspen-  v 
sion  then  announced. 


Middlesex  Gazette  (w).    July-Dec,  1808;  1822-23,  scat,  nos.;  1824-27. 
3  v.     F«. 

Founded  1785.  Published  by  Tertius  Dunning  (with  J.  B.  Dunning, 
for  a  time)    1808-Aug.,  182:-! ;  by  E.  &  H.  Clark,  Feb.,  1824-1827. 

American  Sentinel  (w).     1823-27  (incomp.).    F«. 

Founded  Jan.,  1823,  by  William  D.  Starr  and  W.  H.  Niles,  and  con- 
ducted by   them   till   1827,   when   Niles   withdrew. 

New  Haven 

Chbistian  Spectator  (m).    Vols.  1-10.    1819-28.    Indexed.    10  v.    O. 

Conducted  by  an  "Association  of  Gentlemen."  Published  by  Howe 
&  Spalding,  1819-20  ;  S.  Converse,  1821-25  ;  Hezekiab  Howe  (New  Haven) 
and  J.  P.  Hanen  (New  York),  1826-1827;  Durrie,  Peck  &  Co.,  1829. 
Thereafter  issued  quarterly   till  suspended  in  1838. 

Chbonicle  of  the  Church  (m).    Vols.  1-3.    1837-38.    3  v.  in  2.    Q. 

Founded  1837  by  the  P.  E.  Diocese  of  Connecticut.  Published  and 
edited  by  A.  B.   Chapin.     Protestant  Episcopal. 

New  Haven  Gazette  and  Connecticut  Magazine  (w).    Feb.,  1786-Feb... 
1787;  Feb.-Dec,  1787;  1788.    Indexed.    3  v.    O. 

Published  by  Meigs  &  Dana.  Continued  till  1789.  Contains  Dr. 
Hopkins's  "Anarchiad." 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

New  Haven,  Conn.,  continued: 

TDaily  Herald.    1835;   July-Dec,  1836.    3  v.    F4.    1837-39.    3  v.    F«. 
1842;  1844;  1845.     4  v.    Fe. 

Founded  1804  by  Comstock,  Griswold  &  Co.  as  Connecticut  Herald. 
Later    published    by    Thomas    G.    Woodward    and    John    B.    Carrington. 

Woodward  started  daily  edition  in  1832.  Name  of  daily  changed  to 
Journal  in  1846  (after  purchase  of  Connecticut  Journal  and  Advertiser, 
founded  1767).  Weekly,  still  styled  Herald,  begun  in  1887;  later  Herald 
and  Journal.  Owned  chiefly  by  John  B.  Carrington  Jr. ;  now  published 
by  Carrington  Pub.  Co.  and  edited  by  N.  G.  Oshorn.     Independent. 

Indian's  Friend   (m).    Vol.  17.    Sept.,  1904+  F. 

Founded  1884  by  Natl.  Indian  Assn.,  and  since  conducted  by  it.  Edited 
by  T.  C.  Marshall.  Removed  to  N.  Y.  (q.  v.),  Feb.,  1907.  Evangelical 

•Connecticut  Jotjenal  (w).     1792;  1795,  3  nos.     F*.     1796-99;  1801.     3  T. 
F5.    Apr.  1822-1827.     3    v.  F«. 
Founded   1767   by  Thomas  and   Samuel   Green ;   suspended,   Apr.,    1835. 

Same.     July  18,  1814. 

With  iT.  JS1.  Local  Newspapers,  1811-20. 

Palladium  (d).     Mar.-Oct,  1841.    Fs.     1842-50;  Jan.-Nov.,  1851;  Mar.- 
Dec,  1856.     12  v.    F«. 

Styled  Daily  Palladium,  commencing  Jan.,  1845  ;  and  N.  Haven  Daily 
Palladium,  Jan.,   1846.  ' 

Evening  Palladium  (tri-w).     Oct.,  1839-Dec,  1840;  1841.     2  v.    F=. 

Founded  Nov.,  1829,  by  Charles  Adams.  Conducted  by  James  F.  Bab- 
cock,  1830-62  ;  Cyrus  Northrup,  1863  ;  later  by  A.  H.  Byington,  W.  M. 
Grosvenor,  Abner  L.  Train,  Herbert  I£.  Benton,  and  others ;  by  Palladium 
Co.  since  about  1875.  Now  edited  by  Charles  W.  Tuttle.  Issued  tri- 
weekly in  1839;  daily  Feb.,  1841.     Whig ;  later  Republican. 

Columbian  Register    (w).     Apr.,   1822-Dec,  1823;    1824-27.     3  v.    F«. 
Founded   1812.     Published   by   Joseph  Barber,    1817-29. 

—  Same.     Mar.  4,  1817. 

With   Jf.  E.  Local  Newspapers,  1811-20. 

Religious  Intelligencer  (w).    Apr.,  1816-May,  1835.    8  v.    O.    11  v.    Q. 

Founded  1816  to  report  news  of  Bible  and  missionary  societies.  Con- 
ducted by  Nathan  Whiting  till  1835  or  later. 

Steam  Fitter  (m).    July,  1907;   Jan.,  1908. 

Saturday  Telegram  (w).    Apr.  23,  1887. 

Connecticut  "War  Record   (m).    Vols.  1-2.     Aug.,  1863- July,  1865.     Q. 

Workmen's  Advocate. 

See  same  title,  under  N.  Y. 

Yale  Courant  (w).    Vol.  11.    Sept.,  1874- July,  1875.    Q. 



New  London 

Bee  (w).     Aug.  9,  1797. 

Founded  1797  by   Charles   Holt. 

New  London  Gazette   (w).     Mar.  14,  1766. 

With  Boston  li  vetting  Post,  itch.  Successor  of  first  paper  in  the 
town,  the  Hew  London  Summary  or  Meekly  Advertiser,  published  by 
Timothy  Green  from  Aug.,  1758  till  his  death,  Aug.,  1763.  New  series 
started  by  his  nephew,  Timothy  Green,  Nov.,  1763,  and  continued  by  him 
till  1794,  when  his  son  Samuel  (a  partner  since  1789)  became  sole  pro- 
prietor. Conducted  by  him  till  Jan.,  1838  (except  1805-Mar„  1808,  by 
Ebenezer  P.  Cady  and  Nathaniel  Kels)  ;  John  H.  Hyde,  1838-40 ;  S.  H. 
Green,  1840-41  ;  then  by  A.  G.  Seaman  till  suspended  in  1844.  Styled 
Connecticut  Gazette  after  the  first  few  years. 

Connecticut  Gazette  (W).     Apr.,  1787-Dec,  1788;  Jan.,  1789-Sept,  1791. 
2  v.     F*.     July-Oct,  1794;  Feb.,  1799-July,  1801.     2  v.    Fs. 
Successor  of  A'ew  London  Gazette,  q.  v. 


American  Telegbaphe  (w).    Sept.-Oct.,  1795.    F4. 

With  y.  E.  Local  Newspapers,  1791-98.  Founded  by  Lazarus  Beach 
and  Ira  Jones ;  continued  till  1804.  In  1800  Newfield  was  incorporated 
as  a  borough,  under  the  name  of  Bridgeport. 


Norwalk  Gazette  (w).     May  22,  1832. 

Entertaining  Repositokt.    Dec.  2,  1802. 


Norwich  Packet  (w).    Vol.  1,  No.  11.    Dec.  9-16,  1773. 

Reprint.  Follows  Nov.  22,  1773,  of  Boston  Gazette  and  Country 


Nobfolk  Gazette  and  Manufacturer's  Advocate.    Dec.  31,  1824. 
With  Independent  Chronicle. 


Southington  Phcenix  (w).    1898-Aug.,  1899.    Fa. 

Founded  1873.  Published  by  E.  R.  Newell.  1870  ;  Haviland  &  Hayes, 
1880  ;  C.  S.  Haviland,  1881-92  ;  William  J.  Holden,  1893-99  ;  Edward  T. 
Purcell,    1901.     No  later   data   obtainable. 

2-N.  C.  [  17  ] 

Newspaper  Catalogue 

Connecticut,  continued : 


Impartial  Hekald  (w).    Apr-May,  1798.    4  nos. 

With  New  England  Local  Newspapers,  1791-98.  Established  1797  by 
H.  and  0.  Farnsworth ;  suspended,  1799. 


Circular  (w).    Vols.  1-4  (new  series).    Mar.,  1864-Dec,  1867.    4  v.    F. 
Organ  of   Oneida   and   Wallingford   Communities.     Indexed.     See   same 
title,  under  Brooklyn,  N.  Y. 

West  Meriden 

American  Sportsman   (w).    Mar -Sept.,  1873;  Jan.-Sept,  1874.    F«. 

Founded  1S71  by  Parker  Bros,  and  conducted  by  them  till  1874  ;  Wil- 
ber  F.  Parker,  1874-75.     No  later  mention  in  directories. 


Mountain  County  Herald  (w).     May,  1853-Apr.,  1860.  2  v.  F«. 

Continued  as  Winsted  Herald,  q.  v. 
"Winsted  Herald  (w).     May,  1860-Dec,  1863.    F«.    1864-66.     F7. 

Founded  1853.  Published  by  Winsted  Ptg.  Co.,  1869-90  ;  Wombaugb 
&  Safford,  1891  ;  Greenville  E.  Safford,  1892  ;  Winsted  Herald  Co.,  1893- 
95 ;  since  then  by  Citizen  Ptg.  Co.  Edited  by  Theodore  F.  Vaill,  1869- 
76 ;  J.  H.  Vaill,  1877-9(1 ;  Safford,  1391-92 ;  J.  Rodemeyer,  1893-94 ; 
E.  S.  Hurlbert,  1895 ;  J.  H.  Van  Keuran,  1896 ;  J.  H.  Vaill,  1897-98 ; 
Van  Keuran,   1899 ;   K.   K.   Noble,   1901. ;   now  by   8.   B.   Home.     Eepubli- 



Lincoln  Herald  (w).     Dec.  15,  1856. 


Delaware  Gazette  (s-w).    April  22,  1814. 

With  Middle  and  Western  Local  Newspapers,  1811-20.  Oldest  paper 
in  Delaware;  established  in  1785;  published  until  1901  or  later  as 
weekly  edition  of  Every  Evening. 

Harkness'  Magazine  (m).    Dec,  1872.    O. 

Justice  (w).    Apr.-Nov.,  1896;  1900-Sept„  1902  (incomp.).    Fe. 

Founded   1888.     Published   by    Justice    Pub.    Co.        Edited   by   Malcolm. 
MacDonald,    1896-98;    A.    C.    Piedell,    1899;    A.    R.    Saylor,    1900-Sept 
1902.     Single    Tax.     No    later    data    obtainable.     See    same    title    under 
Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Labor  Herald  (w).    Sept.  20,  1902.    Fe. 


District  of  Columbia 

District  of  Columbia 


Columbian  Gazette  (s-w).    July,  1829-June,  1830.    Fs. 

Same  (tri-w).    July,  1830-Mar.,  1833.    3  v.    P«. 

Founded  July,   1829,  by  Benjamin   Homans,   and  conducted  by  him  till 
Mar.,  1833,  when  it  was  sold  to  Joshua  N.  Rind. 

Washington  Federalist.,  ; 

See  same  title  under  Washington,  D.  C. 

George-Town  Weekly  Ledger.     July  28,  1792. 

With   Ma.    and    va.    Newspapers,    1792-05.     Founded    1789.     Published 
(1792.)    by  James  Doyle. 


Aemy  and  Navy  Chronicle  (w).    "Vols.  2-7.   1836-38.   Indexed.    3  v.   Q. 
New  series.     Edited  by  B.  Homans. 

Army,  and  Navy  Official  Gazette  (w).    July,  1863-June,  1865.    2  v.    Q. 
Published  by  authority  of  War  Dept. 

Abmy  and  Navy  Register  (w).    Jan.,  1882-Dec,  1884.    3  v.    F*.    1885- 
Feb.,  1886  (incomp.). 

Founded  1878  by  Edmund  Hudson,  and  edited  by  him  till  1891.  Pub- 
lished by  Hudson  till  1880;  then  by  Army  and  Navy  Pub.  Co.  till  1894. 
Conducted  by  L.  L.  Powers,  1894-97 ;  by  C.  H.  Kidenour  and  J.  B.  Jenks, 
1898-1901  or  later  ;  now  by  Army  and  Navy  Pub.  Co. 

Banner  of  the  Constitution   (w).    Vols.  1-3.    Dec.,  1829-Nov.,  1830; 

Dec,  1830-Dec,  1832.    Indexed.    3  v.    F». 

Edited  by  Condy  Kaguet ;  successor  of  his  Free-Trade  Advocate  (Phila., 
1829)  ;  removed  to  New  York,  Dec.  1830-May,  1831,  then  to  Phila.;  advo- 
cated State  Rights,  Free  Trade,  and  strict  construction  of  Constitution ; 
suspended  Dec,  1832  ;  succeeded  by  Examiner,  q.  v. 

International   Bookbinder    (m).       Volsl   1-5,       1900-1904;    vols.  6-8; 
1905:  June,  1907.    Q. 

Vols.  1-5  with  American  Bookbinder,  Nov.,  1895-Apr.,  1895.  Founded* 
1900  by  J.  L.  Feeney  and  still  conducted  by  him.     Labor. 

Campaign  (w).    May,  1848-Apr.,  184-9.    Indexed.    F*. 

Campaign  organ  for  Lewis  Cass.  Published  by  Ritchie  &  Heiss  until' 
suspension,  Apr.,  1849. 

Chi  Omega  Eleusias    (q).    Vols.  2-6.    1900-1904,  10  nos.;    1909-1910- 
4  nos.    O. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Washington,  D.  C,  continued: 

Capital  (w).    1877-78,  scat,  nos.;  Apr.,  1879-Aug.,  1880;  1881-82,  scat, 
nos.     P6. 

Founded  1871  by  Capital  Pub.  Co.  and  published  by  them  till  1882; 
edited  by  Don  Piatt,  1871-81 ;  by  A.  C.  Buell,  1882.  Conducted  by  Ed- 
mund Hudson,  3  883-88;  Wade,  Jenks  &  Co.,  1889;  Hallet  Kilburn,  1890. 
No  later  mention  in  directories. 

Washington  Daily  Chronicle.     Nov.-Dec.,  1864;    Jan.-Apr.,   Nov.-Dec, 
1865;  1866-71;  Jan.-Oct.,  1872.    15  v.    F«.. 

Founded  1861.  Published  by  John  W.  and  D.  C.  Forney,  1869-70; 
John  M.  Morris,  1871 ;  Chronicle  Pub.  Co.,  1872-76.  Daily  seems  to  have 
been  suspended  in  1876,  but  Forney's  Sunday  Morning  Chronicle  was 
published  by  D.  C.  Forney  until  1881  ;  Sunday  Chronicle  by  B.  F.  Hack- 
man  and  Henry  Reed,  1882 ;  Thompson,  McCord  &  Co.,  1883  ;  since  then 
by  J.  Q.  Thompson  &  Co. 

Washington  "Weekly  Chronicle.     May,  1864-May,  1866.     2  v.    Fs. 

Washington  Chronicle  (tri-w).     1838,  5  no's.     0;  F". 
Successor  of  Reformation,  1838. 

National  Citizens'  Alliance  (w).     Jan.  22,  1891. 
Founded  1891. 

National  Citizen's  Alliance  (w).    Jan.  22,  1831. 
Constitution  (s-w).     Oct.-Nov.,  1844. 

Same  (s-w).    Jan.  25,  Apr.  26,  1845. 

Successor  of  Spectator,  and   in   same  volume.     Removed  to  Baltimore, 
Dec,   1845 ;   suspended  sOon   after. 

Constitution   (d).    Apr.,  1859-Apr.,  1860;   May,  1860-Jan.,  1861.     2  v. 


. Same   (w).     1859-61.     2  v.    F«. 

Founded  Apr.,  18RU,  by  George  W.  Bowman,  and  conducted  by  him  till 
July,  1860.  Then  sold  to  William  M.  Browne,  associate  editor  since  Nov., 
1859,  and  conducted  by  him  till  suspension,  Jan.,  1861.  Democratic. 
Advocated  secession,  and  in  last  issue  announced  its  removal  to  some 
Southern  location. 

Council  Fire  and  Arbitrator  (m).  Vols.  1-4.  1878-81.  Indexed.  2  v. 
Q.  Vol.  5.  1882.  Indexed.  .0.  Vols.  6-8.  1883-84;  Jan.-July, 
1885.     Indexed.     Q. 

Founded  Jan.,  1878,  by  A.  B.  Meacham,  and  conducted  by  him  till  his 
death  in  1882  ;  by  T.  A.  and  M.  C.  Bland,  Apr.  1882-89  ;  by  J.  A.  Bland, 

1890.  Indian  question.     No  later  mention  in  directories. 

Craftsman  (w).    Jan.  31,  Feb.  21,  1885;  Feb.  13,  1886. 

National  Democrat  (w).    Sept.,  1889-90.    Fe. 

Founded   Sept.,  1889,  by  Edmund   Hudson,  and   conducted  by   him  till 

1891.  Then  published  by  Natl.  Democrat  Pub.  Assn.,  and  edited  by  Dun- 
i             can  S.  Walker  till  1895.     No  later  mention  in  directories 


District  of  Columbia 

National  Economist  (w).    Vols.  1-6.    1889-1894,  scat.  nos.    F*-s. 

Founded  1889  by  National  Economist  Pub.  Co.  Organ  of  Farmers' 
and  Laborers'  Union  of  America.  Edited  by  C.  W.  McCune  until  1894. 
No  later  mention  in  directories. 

National    Era     (w).     1847-56.     Indexed.     4   v.     1857-July,    1858;    Oct. 

13,  1859;  Mar.  15,  1860.     Ft. 

Founded  1847  through  efforts  of  American  and  Foreign  Anti-slavery 
Society.  Edited  by  Gamaliel  Bailey  and  John  G.  Whittier.  In  1848 
Bailey'3  house  and  office  were  assailed  by  a  pro-slavery  mob  (as  had  also 
been  the  plant  of  his  former  paper,  the  Cincinnati  Philanthropist).  Pub- 
lished "Uncle  Tom's  Cabin"  serially  in  1851-512.  Suspended  soon  after 
Bailey's  death  in   ]859.     Anti-slavery. 

Exodtjs.     May-Oct,  1880   (incomp.).     Fa. 

Founded  May,  1880,  by  John  T>.  Bagwell  and  Samuel  E.  Lowery.  De- 
voted to  interests  of  colored  race. 

Washington  Expositor  (w).    Jan.,  1808- Jan.,  1809.    Indexed.    Q. 

Published  by  Dinmove  &  Cropcr.  Suspended  at  end  of  the  year  of  pub- 

American  Farmer   (s-m).     Mar -Dec,  1892.    F.     Dec,  1892-Dec,  1895. 


Same    (w).     Dec,  1892-1896.     F«. 

Founded  1819.  Published  by  American  Farmer  Co.,  1891-97.  No 
later  mention  in  directories. 

Washington   Federalist    (tri-w;    d).     Oct.,   1800-Oct.,   1802.     2   v.    F=. 
Dec,  1808,  9  nos.     (With  Universal  Gazette,  1805-08.) 

Removed  from  Richmond,  Va.,  where  it  was  published  as  Virginia 
Ferlci-alitt  by  Stewart  &  Rind. 

American  Federationist. 

See  same  title,  under  New  York. 

Fleet  Review  (m).    Vol.  1.    1910+    O. 

Founded  May,  1910,  by  Fleet  Review  Tub.  Co.,  and  since  conducted  by 
them.     Edited  by  John  K.   Cox. 

American  Forestry  (m).    1898-1909.    12  v.    O.    1910+ 

Founded  1894.  Published  (19111  by  American  Forestry  Assn.;  edited 
by  Edwin  A.  Start.  Vols.  1-7.  styled  Forester;  vols.  8-13,  Forestry  ana 
Irrifiation;  vol.  14,  Forestry  and  Irrigation  and  Conservation;  vol.  15, 

Universal  Gazette  (w).     Dec,  1805-Apr.,  1806;  Nov.-Dec,  1808.    F«. 
Founded  1802.     Published  by  Samuel  Harrison  Smith,  Dec.,   1805-Dec, 

Globe   (d).     June,  1831- June,  1832;   1833-Apr.,  1845.     33  v.    F«.     Dec, 
1862-Mar.,  1863.     Ft. 

-Same   (w).    1843.    F<s. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Washington,  D.  C,  continued: 

Same  (d  and  s-w).    1834-35,  scat.  nos.    Ft. 

Organ  of  Jackson's  administration,  1830-41.  Edited  by  Frank  P.  Blair 
and  Amos  Kendall.  Merged  in  Union,  1845,  for  political  ends.  Later 
resumed  title  Globe. 

Congressional  Globe  (w).  Dec,  1833-Mar.,  1837.  Indexed.  109  v. 

Published  by  Frank  P.  Blair  and  John  C.  Rives ;  later,  by  J.  Rives, 
and  F.  and  J.  Rives.  Continued  after  Mar.,  1873,  as  a  government  pub- 
lication under  the  name  Congressional  Record. 

Good  Govebnment  (m).  Vols.  12-27.  July,  1892-1910.  13  v.  O. 

See  Civil  Service  Record,  under  Boston,  Mass. 

Granite-Cuttebs'  Journal  (m).  1884,  1886,  1896,  1900-1902,  scat.  nos. 
Vols.  27-33.    Apr.,  1903-1910.    2  v.    F.     1911+ 

Founded  1S77  by  Granite  Cutters'  Natl.  Union.  Edited  by  Josiah  B. 
Dyer,  1 890-95 ;  since  then  by  James  Duncan.  Published  at  Barre,  Vt., 
May,  1888-90;  Concord,  N.  H.,  1890-95;  Baltimore,  Md.,  1895-99,  or 
later ;  Washington,  D.  C,   till  Aug.,   1904 ;   since  then  at  Quincy,  Mass. 

Htjntbess  (w).    Feb.  27,  1847. 

Published  by  Mrs.  Anne  Royall. 

Daily  National  Intelligences.  Jan.- July,  1815;  July,  1815-Jan.,  1816; 
1818-19;  Dec,  1821- June,  1822;  Nov.,  1822-May,  1823;  Dec.',  1823- 
June,  1824;  June-Dec,  1824;  1825;  Jan.-June,  1828;  1829;  Jan.- 
June,  1830;  1832;  Jan.-June,  1833;  Jan.-June,  1835;  1840;  1843- 
50;  July-Dec,  1851;  Mar-Dec,  1852  (incomp.);  1853-54  (in- 
comp.).     35  v.     F«.     1855-62;   Jan.-June,  1865;   1866.     19  v.    Ft. 

National  Intelligences  (tri-w).  1802-1803,  5  nos.;  1804;  Oct.,  1807- 
Nov.,  1808.  3  v.  Fs.  Dec,  1810-1811;  1813-14;  3  v.  F«.  May, 
1816-May,  1822;  1823;  1825-31;  1833-36;  Mar  .-Dec,  1837;  1838- 
45;  1846-47  (incomp.);'  1848-54.  33  v.  Fs.  July-Dec,  1855; 
1856-61;  1862-63  (incomp.);  1864;  1866-69  (incomp.).     11  v.    Ft. 

Same   (w).     1846-47  (incomp.);  1848-49   (incomp.);  Jan.  1850- 

Aug.,  1851;  1852-53;  Jan.,  1854-Aug.,  1855.     5  v.  F«. 

Established  1800  as  organ  of  Jefferson's  administration ;  styled  Na- 
tional Intelligencer  and  Washington  Advertiser  till  1810 ;  remained  an 
administration  organ  till  superseded  (1828)  by  U.  S.  Telegraph.  Pub- 
lished and  edited  by  Gales  and  Seaton,  1812-65  ;  daily  edition  merged  in 
weekly  (Jan.,  1870),  and  later  removed  to  New  York  City. 

National  Journal  (s-w).    1824-30,  scat.  nos.    P«. 

Same   (tri-w).     1825;   1827-29.     4  v.    Fa. 
Owned  and  edited,  1825,  by  Peter  Force. 


District  of  Columbia 

Kendall's  Expositor  (bi-w;   w,  Sept.,  1844).    Vols.  1,  3-4.    Feb.-Dec, 
1841;  Jan-Mar.,  1843;  Jan.-Oct.,  1844.    Indexed.    2  v.    O. 

Epitome  of  Congressional  proceedings,  and  comment  on  current  dis- 

Journal  of  Knights  of  Labor  (w).    May,  189&-Mar.,  1898;  Apr.,  1898- 
Apr.,  1904;  July,  1905+     F*. 
See  same  title,   under  Philadelphia. 

National  Labob  Review.    Vol.  1,  No.  1.    Oct.  24,  1908. 

Machinists'  Journal   (m).    1900-1902    (incomp.).    Vols.  15-20.    1903- 
1908.     6  v.     Q.     1909+ 

Founded  Feb.,  18S9,  at  Atlanta,  Ga.,  by  Internatl.  Assn.  of  Machin- 
ists. Published  since  as  their  organ  at  Richmond,  Chicago,  and  Wash- 
ington successively.     Edited  since  1894  by  D.  Douglas  Wilson. 

Madisonian  (d).    1843;  Jan.-June,  1844.    3  v.    F«. 

Same    (s-w).     Nov.,  1842-July,  1843.     14  nos. 

With  Globe,  1834-35. 

Same   (tri-w).    June-Dec,  1841.    F". 

Founded  1812,  as  organ  of  Tyler's  administration.  Published  1843-June, 
1844,  by  J.  B.  Jones. 

Monitob   (tri-w).     1808-09,  4  nos. 

With    Universal    Gazette,    1802-08.     Published   by   John   B.    Colvin,    as 

successor  to   Colvin's  Weekly  Register. 

National  Magazine   (w).     Oct.,  1801— Jan.,  1802.     O. 
See  same  title  under  Richmond,  Va. 

Impartial  Obseeveb  (w).    1795,  3  nos. 

With   Md.   and  Ya.  Newspapers,   1792-95.     Founded   1795   by   Thomas 
,  Wilson. 

Daily  Patbiot.     May-Nov.,  1872.     Ft. 

Founded  1870  by  Patriot  Newspaper  Assn.,  and  conducted  by  them 
till   1872.     No   later   mention   in   directories.     Democratic. 

Paul  Pet   (w).    Jan.   28,   1832  (imperfect). 
Published  by   Mrs.   Anne  Royall. 

Washington  Post   (d).    1892-1910.    95  v.    Fe.    1911+ 

Founded  1877  by  Stilson  Hutohins.  Published  by  Washington  Post  Co., 
1877-79 ;  Stilson  Hu'tchins.  1880-89 ;  since  then,  by  Washington  Post 
Co.  Edited  by  Frank  Hatton,  1888-94 ;  Beriah  Wilkins,  1894-1905 ; 
since  then  by  John  R.  McLean. 

Postal  Record   (m).    Vols.  3-22.    1889-1909.    10  v.    Q.    1910+ 

Founded  18S7  as  a  private  enterprise ;  in  1803  purchased  by  Natl. 
Assn.  of  Letter  Carriers,  and  since  published  by  them.  Edited  by  John 
F.  Victory,  1893-98 ;  since  then  by  Edward  J.  Cantwell. 

Southern  Pbess  (tri-w).    1851,  4  nos. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Washington,  D.  C,  continued: 

Public  Opinion  (w).    Apr.,  1886-1896.    40  v.    F.    Indexed. 

Founded   1886   by   Public   Opinion   Co.,    and    conducted    by   tbem   until 
1896.     No  later  mention  in  directories. 

Referendum  News  (m).    Nov.,  1905-Nov.,  1906.    O. 

Founded   Nov.,    1905.     Merged,    Nov.,    1906,    with   Equity,   q.    v.    under 
Philadelphia.  , 

Reformer  (d).     1837,  5  nos. 

With  Baltimore  Merchant,  1837.     Founded   1837.     Country   edition   of 
Baltimore  Merchant,  q.  v.     Edited  by  Richard  K.  Cralle. 

National  Register  (w).     Jan.  17,  Mar.  14,  1818. 
National  Republican   (w).     Oct.,  1888-Sept.,  1889.  F?. 

Same   (d).    Apr.,  1871-1874.     2  v.    Fa. 

Founded  1860.  Published  by  W.  J.  Murtagh,  1870-78 ;  A.  M.  Clapp, 
1879;  Natl.  Republican  Ptg.  Co..  1880-89.  No  later  mention  in  di- 

Sentinel  of  Christian  Liberty. 

See  same  title,  under  New  York. 

Spectatoe  (w).     June,  1842-Oct.,  1844.     2  v.     F «. 

Founded  June,  1842,  by  J.  L.  Martin  and  John  Heart,  and  conducted  <- 
by  them  till  Mar.,   1843  ;  by   Heart  alone,  Mar.,   1843-Oet.,  1844.     Heart 
then  joined  with  W.  A.  Harris  in  publication  of  Constitution  (s-w),  Oct., 

Columbian  Star  (w).     1824.    F«. 

Founded  1822  by  Rev.  Luther  Rice,  tater  removed  to  Philadelphia, 
and  then  to  Atlanta,  Ga.  Still  issued  there  as  Christian  Index,  by  Bell 
&  Graham.     Baptist. 

Evening  Star.     July  7,  1865. 

National  Standard  (w;  m,  Jan.,  1871).     Sept.,  1870-Feb.,  1872.     F«. 
Founded  1870  by  Joel  G.  Floyd.     Perhaps  continued  as  G.  A.  R.  Jour- 
nal,   1872-73. 

Washington  Dollar  Weekly  Star.     July  19,  1861. 

States  and  Union  (w).    May  26,  1860;  Mar.  4,  1861.    F  s-s. 

Stone  Cutters'  Journal  (m).   Vols.  17-22.   1903-1908.    2  v.  F.   1909-p 
Founded    1888     by    Journeymen     Stone    Cutters'     Assn.     of    America. 
Edited  by  James  McHugh  since  1895. 

United  States'  Telegraph   (d).     1827-28,  12  nos.;   Apr.,  1829-1830   (in- 
comp.);  1831.     2  v.     Jan.-June,  1832;  Jan.-June  1833.     2  v.  F«. 
Established  in  1826  by  Duff  Green,  as  organ   of  Jackson's  administra- 


District  of  Columbia 

-Same    (s-w).     July-Dec,  1834;    1835.     2   v.     F«. 

-Same   (s-w  and  d).     Jan.-Oct.,  1832;    Jan.-June,  1834.  F«. 

-Same    (s-w  and  tri-w).     lS27-Feb.,  1829.     2  v.  Mar-Dec,  1829;. 
1830;   1836.     4  v.     F<s. 

-Same    (tri-w).     Jan.-Oct.,  1832;    1833.     2  v.     Fe. 

Same— Extra   (w).     Vol.  1.     Mar.,  1828- Jan.,  1829.     Indexed.  O. 

Campaign  paper  published  by  Duff  Green  in  support  o£  Jackson  and 

Evening  Times    (d).    Apr-Dec,  1896.    3  v.    F<s. 

Founded  1894  by  Washington  Times  Co.,  and  conducted  by  them  until 
1901    or  later.     Now  published  by  Frank  A.  Munsey.     Independent. 

Morning   Times    (d).     Apr-Dec,    1896.     3   v.     F<s. 
See  Evening  Times. 

Tbades  Unionist  (w).     1903-1906,  scat,  nos.;  Oct.,  1906-08.     Fs.     1909-f 
Founded  189(3.     Conducted  for  many  years  by  Sam  de  Nedrey  ;  at  times 
owned  by  him.     Sold  by  him,  Mar.,   1911,   to  Frank   S.  Lerch,   and  since 
conducted   by   latter. 

National  Tribune    (w).     Dec,   1882-1902.     10   v.     F  6. 

Founded  1877.  Published  by  Natl.  Tribune  Co.,  18S0-87 ;  George  E. 
Lemon,  1888-96  ;  McBlroy,  Shoppel  &  Andrews,  1897-1901  ;  later  by 
Nat!.  Tribune  Co-     Edited    (1909)    by  John  McElroy.     Independent. 

True  Commonwealth    (m).     Vol.   1.     Apr.,  1890-Apr.,  1891.     Q. 

Founded  1890  by  True  Commonwealth  Co.,  as  anti-monopoly  organ. 
Apparently  suspended  at  end  of  first  year  of  publication. 

Twentieth   Century   Quarterly.    Feb.,   Oct.,   1899;    Sept.,   1902;    Dec.,. 

Union    (tri-w).     1846-48;    Jan.-Feb.,    1849.     3   v.   1850-53,    scat,   nos.; 
1858-59.     F6. 
Published  by  Ritchie  &  Heisse.     Organ  of  Calhoun   Democrats  and  An- 

Washington  Union  (d).    1851;  July-Dec,  1852;  Jan.-June,  1855.    4  v. 
May,  1858-April,  1859.     F<s. 

National  View   (w).     July  15,  1893.     Ft. 

Views  (m).    Vols.  11-16.    1899-Jan.,  1905.    6  v.    Q.    Feb.,  1905-Sept... 
1908   (incomp.). 

Founded  1889  by  Max  Cohen,  and  since  conducted  by  him.  Insur- 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

"Washington,  D.  C.,  continued. 

National  Watchman   (w).       Feb.,  1894-Dec,  1895.       F.      1899-1900. 
4  nos.    F5. 

Founded  1891  by  National  Watchman  Co.  Published  by  them  and 
edited  by  N.  A.  Dunning  till  1896.  Then  styled  Silver  Knight  and  Na- 
tional Watchman.  Published  by  Silver  Knight  Pub.  Co.  and  edited  by 
William  M.  Stewart  till  1898.  In  1899  resumed  first  title;  published  by 
Democratic  National  Pub.  Co.  until  1901.  No  later  data  obtainable. 
Populist    till    1899;  then  Bi-metalism. 

Woman's  Campaign   (m).    Feb.,  1873.    Fs. 

"Woman's  Tribune. 

See  same  title,  under  Beatrice.  Nebr. 

Wobking  Woman  (w).    Oct.  15,  1887;  1890,  3  nos.;  Jan.  5,  May  5,  1891. 
Founded  1887. 



■Commercial  Advertiser  (w).    June  25,  1851. 

With   Southern  and   Middle   newspapers,    1851-60.     Established   1842. 
Published  (1851)  by  J.  L.  Lyman  and"  J.  H.  Wilson. 


.Flaming  Swobd. 

See,  same  title,  under  Chicago.  111. 


Tropical  Sun  (w).     Jan.,  1892-Apr.,  1893.    F«. 

Founded    1887.     Conducted    by    Guy    I.    Carleton,    1891-95.     No    later 
mention  in  directories. 

St.  Augustine 

Tatlee   (w).     Jan.-Apr.,  1892;   Jan.-Apr.,  1893.    F. 

E'ounded   1S92   as  Tatler  of  Society  in  Florida  by  Anna   M.  Marcotte, 
and  still  published  by  her. 


Union  Label  (w).    Dec.  17,  1903. 


Industrial  Cooperator  (s-m).    Vol.  1,  No.  1.    Nov.  1,  1887. 





■Commonwealth  (d).    May  2,  4,  1861. 

With  Middle  and  Southern  Neicspapers,  1861-66. 

Southern  Confederacy  (w).    Aug.  16,  1863. 

Atlanta  Constitution  (d).    1896-1910.    68  v.    F«.    1911+ 

Established  during  reconstruction  period,  primarily  for  aiding  the 
fight  for  restoration  of  constitutional  government  in  Georgia.  Founded 
by  Carey  W.  Stiles  and  W.  u:  Anderson ;  first  issue  June  18,  1868.  W. 
A.  Hemphill  became  business  manager  in  1870.  In  1877  Capt.  Evan  P. 
Howell  acquired  halt  interest,  becoming  president  and  editor-in-chief. 
He  brought  Henry  W.  Grady  and  Joel  Chandler  Harris  to  the  Constitu- 
tion. Upon  Grady's  death  in  1889,  Clark  Howell,  who  had  been  re- 
porter, night  editor,  and  assistant  to  Grady,  succeeded  the  latter  as  man- 
aging editor.  Upon  retirement  of  Howell  from  business  in  1897,  his  son 
Clark  Howell  was  made  editor-in-chief,  W.  A.  Hemphill  being  president 
of  the  company.  In  1001  Hemphill  sold  his  stock  to  Clark  Howell  and 
Hoby  Robinson,  the  latter  becoming  business  manager  and  Clark  Howell 
president  of  the  company  and  editor-in-chief,  which  position  he  has  since 

'Intelligencer  (d).    July  9,  1863;  Jan.  20,  1864. 

People's  Party  Paper  (w).    1894-96   (incomp.).    F«. 

Founded  1891  by  People's  Paper  Pub.  Co.,  and  conducted  by  them 
until  1896  ;  by  Our  Pub.  Co.,   1897-98.     No  later  mention  in  directories. 

Progress   (m).     Nov.,  1909. 

Watson's  Weekly  Jeffersonian.    Oct.  24,  1907. 

Founded  1906  by  Thomas  E.  Watson,  formerly  publisher  of  Watson's 
Magazine,  New  York.  q.  v.  Published  at  Augusta,  Ga.,  until  Jan..  1907, 
then  moved  to  Atlanta ;  in  1910  published  by  Jeffersonian  Pub.  Co.,  the 
plant  being  at  Thomson,  Ga.  Issues  also  a  monthly  magazine  of  same 


Daily  Chronicle  and  Sentinel.     Nov.,  1861— Apr.,  1862;   Oct.  29,  1862. 

F  6. 

Founded  1786 ;  oldest  paper  now  published  in  Georgia.  Conducted 
by  W.  S.  Jones,  1861-62  ;  Henry  Moore  and  A.  E.  Wright,  1870-76  (with 
Patrick  Walsh  ifter  1872)  ;  Walsh  &  Wright.  1S77-84 ;  since  then  by 
Chronicle  Pub.  Co.  Now  edited  by  Thomas  W.  Loyless.  Styled  Chronicle 
and  Constitutional,  1877-S5  ;  now  Chronicle.       Democratic. 

Constitutionalist   (d).     May  14,  1866. 

Mirror  (w).    May  20,  1905;  Nov.  17,  1906. 

National  Republican  (d).    Dec.  25,  1868. 

Voice  of  Labor  (w).    Dec.  6,  1902;  June  6,  1903. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Geobgia,  continued: 


Union  News. 

See  Farmers'  Union  ,\ews,  under  Union  City. 


Social    Gospel    (m).    Vol.    1,    No.    1.    Feb.,    Apr.,    July-Sept,    1898; 
Jan.,   June-Dec,    1899;  Jan.-June,    Sept-Nov.,   1900;    Feb.-Apr.,- 
July,  1901.     O. 

Founded  1S98  by  Christian  Vortunonwealtli;  published  by  it  and  edited 
by  George  H.  Gibson  until  Mar.,  1900.  In  Aug.,  1900,  removed  to  Soutl 
Jamesport,  N.  Y.  There  published  by  Social  Gospel  Co.  and  edited  by 
Ralph  Albertson  and  James  P.  Kelley  until  suspension,  July,  1901. 
Among  associate  editors  were  George  D.  Herron,  William  T.  Brown,  an<J- 
Ernest  H.  Crosby. 


Georgia  Entebpbise  (w).     1866,  3  nos. 

Examines  (w).     May  2,  1866. 


Industbial  Woman   (m).    Aug.,  1887. 

Weekly  View.     1887,  3  nos. 
Founded  1887. 


Coming  Nation. 

See  same  title,  under  Greensburg,  Ind. 


Daily  Chattanooga  Rebel.     Aug.  26,  1864. 
Edited  by  Henry  Watterson,   1862-63. 

Georgia  Citizen  (w).     July  19,  1856. 

Macon  Daily  Telegbaph.    June  3,  1864. 


Milledgeville  Intelligences.     Nov.  22,  1808. 

With    Southern    Local    Newspapers,    1808.     Founded    1505.     Published 
(1808)  by  A.  McMillan. 



Southern  Recorder  (w).     1864-68;  1869-72.     2  v.  (incomp.).    FT. 

Founded  1819,  by  R.  M.  Orme  Sr.,  and  conducted  by  him  (later  with 
bis  son)  until  July,  1870.  Then  leased  to  John  J.  Wooten  and  Sterling 
W.  Roberts,  but  continued  to  be  edited  by  R.  M.  Orme  Jr.,  till  Jan., 
1871.  Published  by  John  A.  Orme  and  R.  A.  Harrison,  Jan.,  1871-July, 
1872 ;  then  by  Orme  alone  till  1S7:J,  when  merged  with  Milledgeville 
Union,  as  Union  and  Recorder.  Published  by  Bougbton,  Barnes  &  Moore 
(formerly  of  the  Union),  1873-78  and  edited  by  S.  N.  Bougbton;  since 
then  Barnes  &  Moore  ;  now  styled   Union  Recorder. 

New  Echota 

■Cherokee  Phcenix  (w).    1828-34,  scat.  nos.    P«. 

In  English  and  Cherokee  languages.  First  paper  published  by  aborigi- 
nes in  their  own  language ;  characters  invented  by  Sequoyah,  1821. 
Supported  by  Cherokee  Council ;  edited  by  Elias  Boudinot. 


Coming  Nation. 

See  same  title,  under  Greensburg,  Ind. 


Savannah  Courier  (d).    Nov.  28,  1852. 

With  Southern  and  Middle  Newspapers,  1851-60.  Founded  1852  by  S. 
T.  Chapman. 

Gazette  of  the  State  of  Georgia.     Feb.  13,  1783. 

With  S.  Carolina  Gazette,  1783.  A  revival  of  the  old  Georgia  Gazette, 
first  paper  in  the  state  (1763-76)  ;  suspended,   1802. 

Savannah  Daily  Herald.    Apr.  23,  1865. 

Savannah  Labor  (w).    Oct.  12,  1895. 

Ladies'  Magazine  (w).     Vol.  1.     Feb.-Aug.,  1819.     O. 

Published  by  Barton  &  Edes.  Suspended  at  end  of  six  months. 
Founded  to  contribute  "to  the  general  mass  of  female  information." 

Republican  (d).    Mar.  11,  1825;  Apr.  24,  1865. 

With  Southern  and  Western  Local  Newspapers,  1821-28.  Published 
(1825)   by  Frederick  S.  Fell. 


Union  News. 

See  same  title,  under  Union  City. 

Union  City 

Farmers'  Union  News  (w).     Feb.-No-v.,  1906;  Jan.,  1908+     F* 

Founded  Sept.,  1904,  at  Woodbury,  Oa.,  by  R.  F.  Duckworth,  and  since 
conducted  by  him.  Moved  to  Thomaston  in  lHOo,  to  Barnesville  in  1906, 
and  to  Union  City  in  1907.     Organ  of  Natl.  Farmers'  Union. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 


'  Boise 

Idaho  Scimetae  (w).    Vol.  1.    Nov.,  1907-Oct,  1908.    F. 

Founded  Nov.,  1907.     Published  by   Scimetar  Ptg.   &  Pub.   Co.     Edited? 
by  Fred  T.  Dubois. 


Socialist  (w).    July-Dec,  1906.    F». 

Moved  hither  from  Toledo,  O.,  July,  1906.     Removed  to  Seattle,  Wash.,. 
Jan.,  1907. 

Lewis  ton 

New  Life  (m).    Oct.,  1904. 

Silver  City 

Idaho  Avalanche.  i  ; 

Bee  Owyhee  Avalanche. 

Owyhee  Avalanche  (d).    Oct.,  1874-Apr.,  1876.    2  v.    F  «. 

Same  (w).    Aug.,  1865-Nov.,  1868;  Feb.,  1870-Apr.,  1875;  Sept., 

1875-July,  1904.     16  v.    F«. 

Founded  1865.  Conducted  by  HiJl  &  Millard,  1869-70 ;  W.  J.  Hill, 
1871-76  ;  J.  S.  Hay,  1877-81  ;  Newcomb  &  Adams,  1882  ;  Newcomb  & 
Hays,  1883  ;  Charles  S.  Hays,  1884-90  ;  L.  A.  York,  1891-May,  1902 
(with  —  Lamb,  1891)  ;  Ellis  E.  Beebe,  May-Dec,  1902  ;  Charles  P. 
Larks,  Dec,  1902-Feb.,  1903  ;  Avalanche  Pub.  Co.,  Feb.,  1903-July, 
1904  (edited  by  George  Fritz  a  few  months,  then  by  Monroe  Stevens). 
Probably  suspended  soon  after.  Styled  Idaho  Avalanche,  Sept.  1875- 
Aug.,  1897. 

Tidal  Wave  (s-w).    Dec.  1868-Feb.,  1870.    Fb. 

Founded  1868  by  F.  J.  and  J.  S.  Butler.  Absorbed  in  1870  by  Ava- 
lanchej  q.  v. 



Illinois  Tempebance  Herald.    Oct.,  1839. 


Central  Illinoian.    May  19,  1864. 





Belleville  Advocate  (w).    Nov.  8,  1854. 

With  Western  Local  Newspapers,  1851-60.  Successor  (1839)  of  sev- 
eral short-lived  papers.  Conducted  by  James  L.  Boyd  and  J  T  C  Clark 
1840  ;  Boyd  alone.  1840-42  ;  P.  B.  Fouke,  R.  K.,  B.  H.  and  w'  K  Flem- 
ing successively,  1842-49;  Jehu  Baker,  1850;  J.  W.  Merrltt,  1850- 
™«  ?6  N"eS  and  E'  H-  PIeminS.  1831-54  ;  Fleming  and  J.  S.  Coulter, 
1855  ;  Coulter,  1855-56  ;  Niles,  1856-57  (with  Edward  Schiller,  1856)  : 
Collins  Van  Cleve  and  T.  C.  \Y«den,  1857-00  ;  E.  J.  Montague  1860-61  • 
Van  Cleve,  1861-63  (with  A.  G.  Dawes  and  F.  N.  Hawes  as  editors)  j 
G.  F.  Kimball,  1863-67  ;  Kimball  and  F.  M.  Taylor,  1867-72  ;  Taylor 
1872-90.  Then  suspended  for  a  month.  Revived  by  J.  H.  Thomas  and 
G.  F.  Kimball.  Published  by  Thomas  &  Willoughby,  1891-95;  since 
then  by  Belleville  Advocate  Ftg.  Co.  Absorbed  Illinois  Independent 
1852;  Mascoutah  Neicsletter,  1861.  Democratic;  later  Free  Soil; 
now  Republican. 

Social  Democratic  Herald. 

See  same  title,  under  Milwaukee,  Wis. 



See  same  title,   under  Fulton.  '        ' 


Sunday  Bulletin  (w).    Oct.  28,  1888. 

Democrat  (d).    Aug.  15,  1868. 

Published  by  S.  S.  Parker   (18o8). 


See  same  title,  under  New  York. 

A.  L.  A.  Booklist  (m).  Vols.  1-6.  1905-1910.  6  v.  in  3.  D.  1911+ 
Outgrowth  of  a  Buying  List  of  Recent  Books,  issued  (at  first  m.,  then 
q.,  but  later  irreg.)  by  State  Library  Commissions  of  Wisconsin,  Iowa, 
and  Minnesota,  beginning  October  10,  1901,  and  compiled  at  Madison, 
Wis.  (q.  v.)  by  Miss  Cornelia  Marvin  of  Wisconsin  Commission.  Later, 
several  other  state  commissions  joined  in  the  enterprise  until  it  was 
adopted  by  the  (national)  League  of  Library  Commissions — Miss  Marvin 
continuing  as  editor.  Pub.  Board  of  Amer.  Library  Assn.  then  assumed 
management  of  the  publication,  name  of  which  was  changed  to  A.  L.  A. 
Booklist,  thereafter  (commencing  Jan.-Feb.,  1905)  issued  m.  at  Bos- 
ton, Mass.,  till  Sept.,  1909,  when  publication  office  was  removed  to 
Chicago.  Edited  by  Caroline  H.  Garland,  Dover,  N.  H.,  Jan.,  1905- 
May,  1906 ;  Katharine  I.  MacDonald,  Madison,  Wis.,  Oct.,  1906-June, 
1908  ;  Elva  L.  Bascom,  Madison,  Sept.,  1908  to  date.  Aims  to  assist 
public  libraries  in  the  selection  of  recent  books. 

A.  L.  A.  Bulletin  (bi-m).    Vols.  1-3.     1907-1910.     3  v. 

Published  by  Amer.  Library  Assn.  Includes  proceedings  of  annual 
meeting,  and  executive  board  thereof,  and  miscellaneous  information  re- 
garding the  work  of  the  association. 

[31  J 

Newspaper  Catalogue 

Chicago,  III.,  continued: 

Advance  (w).  Vola  3-4,  1868-69.  F?.  Vols.  6-7.  1871-72.  F*.  Vols. 
8-32.  1873-96.  26  v.  F.  Vols.  33-34.  1897  (incomp.). 
Vol.  36.  1898.  F.  Vols.  39-41.  1900-June,  1901.  3  v.  F. 
Vols.  43,  44,  46,  47.     1902-1904   (incomp.). 

Founded  1867  by  the  Advance  Co. ;  publishers  changed  often  till  1890  ; 
since  then  issued  by  Advance  Pub.  Co.  Edited  by  W.  W.  Patton,  1870- 
73 ;  J.  T.  B.  Marsh  and  H.  L.  Turner.  1873-74  ;  C.  H.  Howard,  1874- 
82 ;  Robert  West,  1883-86 ;  Simeon  Gilbert  and  F.  A.  Noble,  1887-89 ; 
since  then  by  H.  S.  Harrison  and  J.  A.  Adams.     Congregational. 

Age  (w).    Apr.  27,  1895. 

Continuation  (Apr.  13,  1895)  of  Chicago  Searchlight,  q.  t. 

Alarm  (w).     1885-89   (incomp.).    F«. 

Founded  1884  by  International  Working  People's  Assoc. ;  edited  by  A. 
E.  Parsons,  until  suppressed  by  authorities,  Apr.,  1886  (on  conviction  of 
Parsons  for  complicity  in  Haymarket  riots).  Revived  Nov.,  1887,  and 
edited  by  Dyer  D.  Lum,  but  suspended  Apr.,  1888  ;  resumed  at  New  York 
in  June,  and  edited  by  Lum  till  Feb.,  1889. 

America,  a  journal  for  Americans  (w).  1888— Sept.,  1889  (incomp.). 
Vols.  3-5.     Oct.,  1889-Mar.,  1891.     3  v.     Q. 

Founded  1888  by  Slason  Thompson,  and  published  by  him  until  its 
suspension  in  1891  (part  of  the  time  with  Hobart  Chatfield  Taylor). 
In  Oct.,  1888,   absorbed  Current,  q.  v.     Literary  and  political. 

Chicago  American  (w).  Aug.  30,  Sept.  27,  1839;  Jan.  3,  24,  Feb.  7, 
1840;  July  30,  1841;   April  6,  Aug.  2,  17,  1842.     F«. 

With  Middle  and  Western  Neuspapeis,  1831-40  ;  Eastern  and  Western 
Newspapers,  1841^49.  Second  paper  in  Chicago.  Founded,  June,  1835 
by  Thomas  O.  Davis.  Edited  by  him  till  1837;  by  William  Stuart, 
1837-41.  Owned  by  Alexander  Stuart  after  1841  ;  edited  by  W.  W. 
Brackett,  18-tl-July,  1S42 ;  Buckner  S.  Morris,  July-Oct.,  1842.  Suc- 
ceeded the  same  year  by  Chicago  Express,  q.  v.  Issued  first  daily  in 
Chicago,  Apr.  9,   1839. 

Apparel  Gazette  (s-m).     1908-1910   (incomp.).     F. 
Founded  1859.     Advertising. 

CShicagoer  ARBEiTEB-ZEiTtrNG   (d).     1903-1910.     16  v.    F«.     1911+ 
See  Voroote. 

Arbejdeben   (w).     Norwegian-Danish.     Oct.  2,  1898-Apr.  7,  1900.     Ft, 
Founded    1895    by    Arbei'deren    Pub.    Co. ;    edited    by    John    Glambeck. 
1895-1901.     Labor.     No  later  data  obtainable. 


See  same  title,  under  Galesburg. 

Bakers'  Helper  (m).    1900-1903,  8  nos.;  May,  1908.    F. 

Bakers'  Journal. 

See  same  title,  under  Paterson,  N,  J. 



Blacksmith's    Journal     (m).     Vol.    2.     1901;     Vol.    4.     1903,    9    nos; 
Vols.  5-10.     1904-1909.     7  v.    .0.     1910+ 

Founded  1900.  Organ  of  International  Brotherhood  of  Blacksmiths 
and  Helpers.  Edited  by  Robert  B.  Kerr,  1901-July.  1905;  since  then 
by  James  W.  Kline.     Published  at  Mollne  till  Feb.,  1904. 

Boyce's  Weekly.    Jan.-Sept,  1903.    F«. 

All  issued.     Merged  in  Saturday  Blade. 
Bbann's  Iconoclast  (m).    May,  1900;  1904-1905,  7  nos.    Q. 

Brick,  Tile,  and  Terra  Cotta  Workers'  Journal   (m).     Mar.,  1902-1907; 
1908,  5  nos.    O. 

Founded  1896.  Organ  of  Tnternatl.  Brick,  Tile,  and  Terra  Cotta 
Workers'  Alliance.     Edited   (1908)   by  William  Van  Bodegraven. 

Bureau  (m).     Oct.,  1869-Dec,  1870.     O.     Feb.- July,  1871.     F. 

Founded  1S69.  Published  by  A.  Armstrong  in  1870;  then  managed 
by  him  for  Bureau  Pub.  Co.,  and  edited  by  C.  W.  Jenks  till  1872.  No 
later  mention   in  directories.     Commercial. 

Car  Worker  (m).     Vols.  1-6.     1903-1909.     6  v.     O.     1910+ 

Founded  1903.  Organ  of  International  Assn.  of  Car-Workers.  Edi- 
ted by  A.  T.  Fish  till  Nov.,  1904  ;  C.  C.  Gaskins,  Nov.,  1904-Aug.,  1905  ; 
James  L.  Tracy,  Aug.-Dec,  1905 ;  since  then  by  G.  W.  Gibson. 

Northwestern    Christian   Advocate    (w).     1856-59,    5   nos.     Jan.-Nov., 
1864    (incomp.).     Ft.     Jan.-June,   1873   (incomp.).     1879-85. 
3  v.     W.     1886-96.     11  v.     P*.     1897-1906;   1909.     11  v.    F. 

Founded  1853  by  the  Northwestern  Methodist  Conference.  Published 
for  it  by   Swormated  &  Poe  till   1869  ;   Hitchcock  &  Walden,   1869-80  ; 

Walden  &  -Stowe,  1880-84  ;  Cranston  &  Stowe,  1884 ;  and  since  1907 

by  Jennings  &  Graham.  Edited  by  Thomas  M.  Eddy,  1856-68 ;  John 
Morrison  Reid.  1S68-72 ;  Arthur  Edwards,  1872-1901 ;  since  then  by 
David  D.  Thompson,  for  many  years  assistant  editor.  Methodist  Epis- 

Christian  Socialist  (m;  s-w;  w).    1907+    F*. 

F_punded  Jan.,  1904,  at  Webster  City,  Iowa,  by  Oscar  F.  Donaldson. 
Moved  to  Danville,  111.,  Aug.,  1904,  and  since  edited  by  Rev.  Edward 
Ellis  Carr  ;  moved  to  Chicago  Jan.,  1907.  Published  by  the  Co-op.  Ptg. 
Co.     Marxian  Economics. 

Christian     Times      (w).     Apr.,     1855-Dec,     1857;      1858-59;      1860- 
Feb.,  1863;   Mar.,  1863-July,  1865;    Aug.,   1865-67.     5  v.    V. 

Successor  (1853)  of  Watchman  of  Prairies  (owned  and  edited  by  Rev. 
Luther  Stone,  Aug.,  1847-Feb.,  1853).  Christian  Times  issued  six 
months  later  by  Chicago  Baptist  Association,  but  sold  in  November  to 
Revs.  Levoy  Church  and  Justin  A.  Smith.  The  latter  sold  to  J.  F. 
Childs  in  1854,  and  he  in  turn  to  Church,  1855.  In  Jan.,  1857,  Edward 
Goodman  became  part  owner.  In  Jan.,  1875,  James  S.  Dickerson  bought 
Church's  interest ;  since  his  death  in  1876,  his  widow,  Mrs.  Emma  Rich- 
ardson Dickerson  and  their  son,  J.  Spencer  Dickerson,  have  controlled 
the  publication.  Edited  by  J.  A.  Smith  and  Leroy  Church,  1853-67; 
Smith,  1867-76 ;  since  then  J.  S  Dickerson.  Absorbed  (1865)  Witness 
of  Indianapolis,  and  Michigan  Christian  Herald,  and  styled  Christian 
Times  and  Witness  till  1867  ;  since  then  Standard,  q.  v.     Baptist. 

3— N.  C.  [  33  ] 

Newspaper  Catalogue 

Chicago,  In.,  continued: 

Chronicle  (w).     1872-73.     Q. 

Founded  1866  by  Chronicle  Pub.  Co.  ;  removed  to  New  York  City,  q.  v., 
Aug.,  1872,  and  still  published  there  by  Chronicle  Ptg  Co.  Edited  (1869- 
73)   by  John  J.   W.  O'Donoghue  and  Edgar  A.  Hewitt.     Insurance. 

Northwestern  Church  (s-m;  w,  1864).    Nov.,  1863-Nov.  2,  1865.    F  s. 

Successor  (Apr.,  1862)  of  Chicago  Record,  q.  v.  Edited  by  Thomas 
Smith.     Protestant  Episcopal. 

Chubch  Record. 

See  Chicago  Record. 

Cigab  Makers'  Official  Journal. 

See  same  title,  under  New  York. 

City  Club  Bulletin   (w).     Vols.   1-2.    Feb.,  1907-July,  1908.     2  v.     Q. 
Aug.,  1908+ 

Published  by  City  Club.  Edited  at  first  by  Augustus  K.  Hatton ;  by 
Charles  T.  Halliman,  Mar.,  1908-June,  1909,  or  later;  since  Oct.,  1909, 
by  Dwight  L.  Akers. 

Commercial  Express. 

See  Wells'  Commercial  Empress. 

Commercial   Telegbaphebs'   Journal    (m).    Vols.    1-3.    1903-1905.    Q. 

Vols.  4-6.     1906-1908.     3  v.     O.     1909+ 

Founded  Jan.,  1903.  Organ  of  Commercial  Telegraphers*  Union  of 
America.  Edited  by  A.  G.  Douglas,  until  Aug.,  1904  ;  W.  C.  Long,  Aug., 
1904-1909 ;  since  then  by  Wesley  Russell.  Published  at  Milwaukee  until 
Aug.,  1904. 

Co-opebation  (w).     Mar.  26,  May  21,  1904;  May  27,  1905. 

Co-operative  Farmer. 

See  Equity  Farm  Journal,  under  Indianapolis,  Ind. 

National  Co-operator  (m).    1904,  3  nos.;  1905,  5  nos.    F. 

Founded  1903  by  First  Natl.  Co-op.  Soc.  Edited  by  Roy  B.  Simpson, 
Dec,  1904-Dec,  1905.     No  later  data  obtainable. 

Co-opebatob's  Guide. 

See  Equity  Farm  Journal,  Indianapolis,  Ind. 

Coopers'  International  Journal. 

See  same  title,  under  Cleveland,  O. 

National    Cobpobation   Reporter    (w).    Vols.    1-10.    Sept.,    1890-Aug., 

1895.     10  v.     F. 

Founded  1890.  Published  by  U.  S.  Corporation  Bureau.  Edited  since 
1890  by  Adolph  Moses. 

Council  (m).    Mar.  1,  1888. 

Courier  Canadien. 

See  Courier  Franco-Americain. 



Courier   Franco- American    (w).       July,   1903-1904;    1905-1907.       F«. 
See  Oanadien,  under  St.  Paul,  Minn. 

Current    (w).     Vols.   1-10.     Dec,   1883-1888.     8   v.     Indexed.    F. 

Founded  1883  by  Edgar  L.  Wakeman.  Edited  by  him  till  1885,  with 
G.  C.  Cochran  and  Gustavus  C.  Matthews  as  associate  editors,  and 
David  Swing  contributing  editor  (1885)  ;  by  Wakeman,  Matthews,  and 
John  McGovern,  1885-Oct.  1886 — Wakeman  withdrawing  Sept.,  1885, 
Matthews  July,  1880  and  McGovern  Oct.,  1886 ;  then  by  A.  H.  Harry- 
man,  till  merged  in  America   (q.  v.),  Oct.,   1888.     Literary  and  political. 

Chicago    Democrat    (w).    June    4,    1835;    1842-45,    13    nos.     1850-60, 
5  nos.     F«. 

With  Middle  and  Western  Newspapers,  1831-40 ;  Eastern  and  Western 
flewspapeis,  1841— 13,  First  paper  published  in  Chicago:  founded  by 
John  Calhoun,  Nov-,  1833 :  sold  to  John  Wentworth,  Nov.,  1837 ;  pub- 
lished by  him  till  merged  in  Tribune,  1861.  Suspended  for  lack  of  paper, 
Jan.-May,  183o.  Issued  daily  after  Feb.  24,  1840.  After  Kansas- 
Nebraska   agitation,   became  Republican. 

National  Democrat   (w).     June-.Oct,  1900.     F«. 

Founded  189T.  Published  (19001  by  Natl.  Democrat  Co.,  and  edited 
by  Willis  J.  Abbott.     No  later  data  obtainable. 

Dial   (m;   s-m).     Vols.  1-49.     1880-1910.     49  v.  in  46.     Q.     1911+ 

Published  by  Jansen,  McClurg  &  Co.,  1880-Feb.,  1886;  A.  C.  Mc- 
Clurg  &  Co.  Mar..  1886-July,  1892 ;  since  then  by  Dial  Co.  Edited 
continuously  by  Francis  F.  Browne.     Literary. 

Dziennik-Ludovt    (d).     Mar.-Dec,   1907.    F«.    1908+ 

Founded  Mar.,  1907,  as  Polish  "People's  Daily,"  Z.  J.  Odalski,  man- 
ager. Present  manager  is  M.  Sokolowski ;  editors,  W.  S.  Jesien  and  K. 
Mazurkiewicz.     Devoted   to  interests   of   working  classes. 

Economist   (w).    Vols.  23-36.    1895-1906   (some  vols,  incomp.).    F. 

Founded  1888  by  Economist  Pub.  Co. ;  edited  by  Clinton  B.  Evans  till 
1901  or  later. 

Eight-Hour  Herald  (w).    Oct.,  1895-1897  (incomp.).    F. 

Founded  1892  by  Eight  Hour  Herald  Co.  (controlled  by  William  C. 
Hollistcr).     Edited  by   M.   J.   Carroll.     Suspended   in   1898.     Labor. 

Elevator    Constructor    (m).    Vols.    1-2.    Nov.,    1903-1905.    2    v.    O. 

1906  + 

Founded  1903  by  International  Union  of  Elevator  Constructors,  and 
since  conducted  by  it.  Edited  by  Henry  Snow  till  Feb.,  1907;  since 
then  by   William  Young.     Removed  to  Philadelphia,   Feb.,   1907. 

Emery's  Journal  of  Agriculture    (w).    Vol.  2.    July-Dec,  1858.    F. 
Founded  Jan.,  1858,  by  Henry  D.  Emery,  who  bought  Prairie  Farmer, 
q.    v.,    Oct.,    1858.    and    published    the   papers    under    combined   title   till 
Jan.,  1859. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Chicago,  III.,  continued: 

Epworth  Herald  (w).  Vols.  1-5.  1890-95.  Vol.  7.  1896-97;  Vol.  15. 
1904-05;  Vol.  18.  1907-08.  8  v.  P.  Also  1897,  1899-1903,  1905, 
1906-1907,  1908-1909,  1909-10   (incomp.). 

Founded  1885  as  successor  of  Our  Youth  (Meth.).  Edited  by  Joseph 
P.  Berry,  formerly  of  Michigan  Christian  Advocate,  till  June,  1904,  with 
Stephen  J.  Herben  as  assistant  editor ;  since  then,  by  Herben. 

Evolutionist  (m).    Vol.  1,  Nos.  1-9.    July,  1909 — Mar.  1910.    S. 
Published  by  Arthur  M.  Lewis  until  suspension,  Mar.,  1910. 

Chicago  Express  (w).     Sept.,  1880-Aug.,  1882;  1883-96,  scat.  nos.     F«. 
Edited   by  B.   S.   Heath,    1887 ;   D.   Oglesby,   1889-90 ;   Samuel   Leavitt 
and  others,  1891-94';  L.  D.  Reynolds,  1895-98;  Clarke  Ervin,  1899.     No 
later  mention  in  directories. 

Fackel  (w).    Apr.,  1903-1909.     4  v.     F«.     1910+ 

Sunday  edition   of  Chicagoer  Arbeiter-Zeitung ,  q.   v. 

Farm1,  Field,  and  Fireside  (w).    Feb.,  1894-96.     3  v.    F. 

Founded  1878  by  R.  L.  V.  Powis.  Published  by  T.  W.  HerringsLaw, 
1879;  Farm,  Field  and  Fireside  Co.,  1880-85;  Gen.  C.  H.  Howard  and 
James  W.  Wilson,  1885-1900;  Howard  Co.,  1890-May,  1905.  Then 
sold  to  William  A.  Radford,  and  in  1906  to  Herbert  Shearer ;  since 
then  styled  National  Monthly  Farm  Press.  Styled  Farm,  Field,  and 
Stockman    (q.  v),  1885-1893.     Purchased  Western  Rural   (q.   t.)    in  1894. 

Farm,  Field,  and  Stockman   (w).     Vols.  13-14.     1890-91.     2  v.     F*. 
1901-1903,  scat.  nos. 

See  Farm,  Field,  and  Fireside. 

Farmers  and  Drovers  Journal  (d).  Nov.,  1908-Apr.,  1910.  4  v.  F». 

Founded  Jan.,  187:.:,  as  Drovers  Journal,  by  Harvey  L.  Goodall ;  after 
his  death,  March,  1900,  managed  by  B.  F.  Goodall,  executrix,  till  June, 
1906 ;  since  then  issued  by  Drovers  Journal  Pub.  Co.,  Harvey  L.  Good- 
all  Jr.,  managing  editor.  Daily  edition  since  1874,  styled  Chicago  Daily 
Drovers  Journal  till  Nov.,  1905. 

Farmers'  Review    (w).    Vols.  21-22.     1890-91.     2  v.     F*. 

Founded  1877  by  A.  Moore.  Published  by  Farmers'  Review  Co.  till 
1883;  Hannibal  II.  Chandler  till  Apr.,  1909;  since  then  by  National 
Stockman  and  Farmer  Co.,  pittslmrs  and  Chicago.  Edited  by  Oscar  C. 
Gibbs,  1886-88 ;   Chandler,  1888-1890  ;  A.  S.  Alexander,   1890-1901. 

Farmers'  Voice  (w).    July  27,  1899. 

Chicago  Federalist  (s-m).    Apr.  1,  1900. 

Chicago  Field  (w).     May,  1878-Jan.,  1879.    F*. 

Founded  1874  as  Field;  then  styled  Field  and  Stream,  1874-76; 
Chicago  Field,  1877-81;  since  then,  American  Field.  Published  by. 
C.  W.  Marsh  &  Co.,  1874-79;  Chicago  Field  Pub.  Co.,  1879 — July,  1881: 
since  then,  American  Field  Pub.  Co.  Edited  by  Dr.  N.  Rowe,  Mar. 
1876-Mar.,  1896  i  since  then  by  Mrs.  Rowe  (George  W.  Strell,  manag- 
ing editor,  since  1876).     Issued  at  New  York  also  since  1883. 




Beaming  Swobd   (w).    Vols.  3-19.    Dec,  1892-1905;  Vols.  21-23,  1906- 
1909.      13  v.    Q. 

Founded  1889  by  Cyrus  E.  Teed  (Koresh),  as  organ  of  sect  known  as 
"Koreshan,"  with  O.  V.  l/Amoreaux  as  associate  editor  till  1897 ;  by 
tL  G.  Morrow,  1897-1907.  In  1892  absorbed  Plowshare  and  Pruning 
Hook,  organ  of  "Commercial  Equation."  Published  at  Chicago  by  Guid- 
ing Star  Pub.  Co.  till  Oct.,  1903,  when  publication  was  suspended  till 
June  14,  1904.  Then  resumed  at  the  Koreshan  Unity  colony,  Bstero, 
Fla.     Published  monthly   from   July,   1894 — Sept.,   1897. 

Folkevennen    (w).    Danish    and   Norwegian.    Feb.,    1899-1908.    5   v. 
F6.     1909  + 

Founded  1S99  by  Rev.  J.  Z.  Torgerson  ;  issued  by  him  till  Jan.,  1881, 
as  a  somewhat  irregular  monthly  ;  at  that  time  taken  over  by  Mortensen 
and  Crook,  and  became  an  independent  religious  weekly.  In  1903  Mor- 
tensen retired,  and  paper  has  since  been  published  by  the  Folkevennen 
Pub.  Co. ;  L.  Crook,  Manager. 

Free  Society. 

See  same  title,  under  San  Francisco,  Cal. 

Fbeedom  (m).    1890-92,  scat.  nos.    F. 

Founded    1890,    by    Albert    K.    Parsons.     Short-lived.     Anarchist. 

Fuel  (w;  d).    Oct.  10,  1904;  Dec.  24,  31,  1907;  Jan.  7,  14,  1908.    F. 

Gamla  och  Nya  Hemlandet  (w).    Swedish.    Oct.    1898+    F«. 

Founded  at  Galesburg,  Jan.,  1855 ;  removed  to  Chicago,  1858.  Con- 
ducted by  Rev.  J.  N.  Hasselquist,  1855-58 ;  Dr.  Novelius  and  Jonas 
Engberg,  1859  ;  Brland  Carlsson  and  Engberg,  1860-63 ;  Engberg,  1863- 
64;  Dr.  A.  R.  Cervin,  1864-68:  J.  G.  Princell,  Jan. — July,  1869; 
P.  A.  Sundelius,  1869  ;  John  A.  Enander,  1869-72 ;  Enander  and  G.  A. 
Bohman,  1872-89 ;  Hemlandet  Pub.  Co.,  1890-91  ;  A.  E.  Johnson  and 
J.  N.  Sbderhnlm,  1891-96 ;  since  then  by  Hemlandet  Co.  Edited  by 
Enander.     Religious  till  1869 ;   since  then,   general  news. 

Glas  Svobode  (w).     Slavonian.     May  26,  1905. 

Glass  Wokkek    (m).     1904-July,   1905     (incomp.).     Fs.     Vols.     4-6. 
Sept.,  1906-1909.     O.     1910+ 

Founded  Sept..  1902,  organ  of  Amalg.  Glass  Workers'  Internatl.  Assn. 
Edited  by  William  Figolah  since  1903. 

Geeat  Campaign  (w).     July  13-Nov.  14,  1876.  F«. 

Published  by  M.  M.  Pomeroy,  editor  of  Pomeroy's  Democrat,  q.  v.  All 
Issued.     Greenback. 

Modern  Gboceb  (w).    Sept.  1909+  F. 
See  Mixed  Stocks. 

Heeald  (m).     Nov.,  1871-Nov.,  1873;  Mar -May,  1877.     Q. 

Founded  1870.  Published  by  Powell  &  Steele,  1871 ;  George  I.  Teager 
and  S.  H.  Davis,  1872-76 ;  Yeager  &  Ormsbee,  1876-77 ;  then  by  Herald 
Co.  with  Yeager  as  manager.  In  March,  1877,  he  sold  the  good  will  of 
the  paper  to  Charles  E.  Rollins,  but  the  stockholders  denied  his  right  to 
sell,  and  two  Heralds  were  for  several  months  published  while  the  case 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Chicago,  III.,  continued: 

was  in  court.  Kollins  changed  title  of  his  paper  to  Argus,  published 
since  1877  by  the  Rollins  Pub.  Co.  Edited  by  Rollins  till  1886;  J.  H. 
Kellogg,  1887;  Charles  A.  Hewitt,  1888-91;  F.  C.  Oviatt,  1892-95; 
A.  H.  Huling.  1896-99 ;  C.  T.  Howell,  1900 ;  P.  J.  V.  McKian,  1901-1904 ; 
T.   W.   Dealy,   1905-1908;   since  then   by   McKian.    Insurance. 

Western  Herald  (w).     July,  1846-July,  1852.     2  v.     F?. 

Founded  1846  as  family  religious  paper,  by  Walker  and  Worrell;  pub- 
lished by  them  till  Aug.,  1849  when  it  was  bought  by  J.  Ambrose  Wight 
of  Prairie  Farmer,  and  William  Bross ;  in  July,  1852,  bought  by  Wight. 
Edited  by  J.  B.  Walker  and  —  Kingsbury,  1846-47 ;  Walker  and 
James  Shaw,  1847-Apr.,  1840 ;  Walker  alone,  Apr.-Aug. ;  W.  G.  Taylor, 
Aug.-Sept.  12 ;  Wight,  Sept.  1849-53  (with  Rev.  A.  L.  Chapin  of 
Belolt  and  Kev.  G.  S.  Savage  as  corresponding  editors).  Styled  Herald 
of  Prairie*,  Apr.,  1847-Sept.,  1849 ;  Prairie  Herald,  Sept.,  1849-53 ; 
Congregational  Herald,   1853-61. 

Herald  of  the   Prairies    (w).    Apr.,   1847-Sept,  1849.    F«. 
See   western  Herald. 

Home  Visitor  (m).     1888-1897;  1902-Aug.,  1905,  3  v.     F.     Sept.,  1905- 
1910.     2  v.     O.     1911+ 

Founded  1859  by  Chicago  Home  for  the  Friendless ;  edited  by  Mrs. 
Mary  G.  Clarke,  1869-71 ;  Eliza  Bowman,  1872-80 ;  Miss  E.  T.  Col- 
burn,  1891-1901 ;  Miss  Isabella  Rousavell,  1902-May,  1903 ;  Ellen  C. 
Babbitt,  June,  1903-1907 ;  since  then,  Mary  B.  Stalker. 

Humoristen  (w).     Vol.  10.     1899.     F*. 

Founded  1890.     Published  by  Humoristen  Pub.   Co.,   1892-95;   by  Gus 

Broberg,    1895-1900.     Edited    by    ID.    Lindblom,    1892-95 ;    then    by  Gus 

Wickland.  After  1900  styled  Svenslca  Nyheter  Humoristen  (q.  v.),  and 
edited  by  William  Graf. 

Industrial  Age   (w).     Aug.,  1873-Feb.,  1877.     2  v.    F«. 

Founded  1873  by  Industrial  Age  Pub.  Co.  Edited  by  J.  A.  Noonan 
and  C.  C.  Buell  till  1874;  Noonan,  S.  M.  Smith,  and  Charles  E.  Bar- 
ney, 1874-76 ;  then  by  Noonan,  Smith  and  Buell  until  1879.  No  later 
mention    in    directories.     Absorbed    People's    Paper,    1873.     Independent. 

Industrial  Union  Bulletin   (w).  Mar.,  1907-Mar.,  1909    (incomp.).  F6. 
Edited   for   Industrial    Workers    of   World    by    William    E.    Trautmann 
and  Vincent  St.  John  until  suspension,   Mar.,  1909.     See  also  Industrial 
Worker,  under  Joliet. 

Industrial  Workers  of  the  World.    Bulletins.    Dec.  1,  1906;   Jan.  10, 

Interior   (w).  1887-90;   1892-June,  1895;  1896-1907.     34  v.  F«.    1872, 
1874,  1875-86,  1891  (incomp.) 

Founded  1869  by  E.  B.  Mason.  Edited  for  about  three  years  by 
Arthur  Swazcy  and  C.  Van  Santvoord ;  then  by  William  C.  Gray,  Fran- 
cis L.  Patton,  and  Charles  L.  Thompson  until  1876 ;  Gray  alone,  1876- 
1901 ;  since  his  death  in  1901,  by  Everett  Sisson.  Published  most  of 
the  time  by  Cyrus  H.  MeCormick.  Absorbed  Christian  Hour,  Occident, 
and  Western  Presbyterian.     Presbyterian. 



Inteb-Ocean   (d).     1873-Nov.,  1876;   Jan.-Sept.,  1877;   May-Dec,  1879; 

Sept-Dec,    1880;    1881-July,   1882;    Oct.   1886-Mar.,   1891;  July, 

1891;  Aug.  24,  1891-1892;  1893  (exc.  Jan.,  June);  1895-96.'  75  v. 
F  «. 

Founded  Mar.,  1872,  by  Jonathan  Young  Scammon,  as  Republican 
party  organ  when  the  Tribune  swung  away  in  that  year.  Published  by 
William  Penn  Nixon  till  1876;  since  then  by  Inter  Ocean  Co.,  con- 
trolled by  W.  P.  and  O.  W.  Nixon  till  1891;  H.  H.  Kohlsaat,  1891-94; 
the  Nixons,  1894-97;  Charles  T.  Yerkes,  1897-1907;  since  then  by 
G.  W.  Hinman.  Edited  by  Scammon  and  E.  W.  Halford,  1872-73; 
Scammon  and  Frant  W.  Palmer,  1873-75;  Palmer  alone,  1875-1877; 
Gilbert  A.  Pierce,  1877-83  or  1884 ;  since  then  by  William  E.  Curtis,  W.' 
H.  Busbey,  and    (since  1897)    George  W.  Hinman.     Republican. 

Same    (w).     1881;    1883-86;    1893-94.     2  v.     pe. 

Irrigation  Age  (m).  Vols.  6-10.  1894-1896.  5  v.  O.  Vols.  12-14. 
1897-1900.  3  v.  O.  Vol.  17.  1902.  O.  Vols.  18-23.  1902-1908. 
5  v.     Q.     1909+ 

Founded  1884.  Published  (1910)  by  Irrigation  Age  Co.  Among  edi- 
tors have  been  W.  E.  Smythe,  G.  E.  Girling,  and  J.  E.  Forrest.  Now 
owned  and  edited  by  D.  H.  Anderson.  Has  absorbed  Modern  Irrigation, 
Irrigation  Era,  Arid  America,  Drainage  Journal,  Mid-West,  Farm  Herald. 

American  Issue. 

See  same  title,  under  Columbus,  O. 

Jewish  Labor  World  (w).    July,  1908+  F<>. 

Founded  July,  1908,  by  Jewish  Socialist  Pub.  Assoc.  Edited  by  H. 
Rogoff  till  Oct.,  1908;  A.  G.  Sachs,  Oct.,  1908— Aug.,  1910;  since  then 
by  Dr.  Karl  Vornberg.     Socialist  Labor. 

Chicago  Journal  (d).  Mar.  28,  1846;  Oct.  26,  1847;  Sept.  23,  Nov.  12, 
1864;  Mar.  6,  Nov.  13,  16,  1869  (with  unbound  Chicago  papers). 
Sept.  1896-Apr.,  1897.     2  v.     F«. 

Founded  Apr.,  1844,  as  successor  of  Chicago  Express,  by  Richard  Lush 
Wilson,  who  conducted  it  with  his  brother,  Charles  Lush  Wilson,  till 
1856.  The  latter  remained  proprietor  and  editor  till  1875,  except  from 
1861-64,  when  acting  as  secretary  of  legation  at  London.  During  this 
time,  and  from  1875-88,  Andrew  Shuman,  who  had  been  connected  with  the 
paper  since  1856,  had  editorial  charge.  Afterward  edited  by  W.  K. 
Sullivan,  1888 ;  J.  R.  Wilson,  1889-94 ;  Slason  Thompson,  1894-95 ; 
later,  by  John  C.  Eastman.  Sold  in  1893  to  S.  F.  Farrar,  as  president 
of  Journal  Co.,  and  since  published  by  it.     Now  styled  Evening  Journal. 

Illinois  State  Journal  (d).    1887.    3  nos. 

Le  Petit  Journal  de  Chicago  (d).  French.  June  22-July  24,  1903. 
F  5. 

Le  Journal  de  l'lllinois  (w).    French.    Jan.-Aug.,  1858.    F«. 

Moved  hither  from  Kankakee,  Sept.,  1857,  by  A.  Grandprg  and  Claude 
Petit,  its  founders  (Jan.,  1857).  Published  during  1858.  No  further 
data  obtainable. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Chicago,  In,,  continued: 

American  Jouenal  of  Education  (m).    Vol.  7.    1874.    F. 
See  same  title,  under  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

American  Joubnal  of  Eugenics  (m).    Vols.  1-3.    1907-1910.    2  v.    O. 
Founded   July,    1907,   as   successor  of   Lucifer,  q.   v.     Edited  and   pub- 
lished by  M.  Harman.     Suspended  1910. 

Knights  of  Labob  (w) .    1886-89  (incomp.).    F*. 

FouDded  1886.  Published  alter  Aug.  by  a  co-operative  stock  company ; 
edited  by  C.  Detwiler.  Styled  Rights  of  Labor,  in  1891  and  so  published 
till  1899  or  later. 

Kbistelige  Talsmund    (w).     Oct.,    1898-1903.     3   v.     F  =.     1904-1909. 
6  v.    F.     1910+ 

Founded  1869 ;  styled  Missionaren  till  1877.  Conducted  by  Christian 
Treider,  1876-1891  (with  A.  Haagensen,  1880-84)  ;  published  by  C. 
Hansen,  1891-97 ;  since  then  by  Norwegian-Danish  M.  B.  Conference, 
edited  by  O.  Hansen,  1891-97;  Carl  F.  Eltzholtz,  1897-1905;  since  then 
by  H.   P.  Bergh.     Methodist. 

Labob  Bulletin  (d).    May  24-June  2,  1905.    F* 

Labob  Enquirer  (w).    Feb.,  1887-Aug.,  1888  (incomp.).    F«. 

Labob  Exchange  Advertiser   (w).     1900- Apr.,  1901   (incomp.).     P«. 

Founded,  1896.  Published  by  C.  Tillmann,  1900-1901.  No  later  data 
obtainable.     Labor. 

American  Labob  Union  Jotjbnal. 

See  same  title,  under  Butte,  Mont. 

Leaves  or  Healing  (w).     New  Series.    Vols.  1-3.     1894-97;  Vols.  8-9. 
1900-1901;   Vol.  15.     1904-1905.     F. 

Same.    Vols.  4,  10,  14,  16.  1897-98;  1901-1902;  1903-1904;  1905- 

1906  (incomp.). 

Founded  Aug.,  1894,  by  John  Alexander  Dowie,  and  conducted  by  him 
till  his  death,  March  9,  1907. 

Chicago  Ledgeb  (w).     1894-96.     3  v.    F«. 

Founded  1872  by  Ledger  Co. :  managed  on  a  co-operative  basis  till 
1877;  conducted  by  this  company  till  1891  ;  since  then  by  W.  D.  Boyce 
&  Co.  Edited  by  Samuel  H.  Williams,  till  1891  (with  W.  Scott  Mc- 
Comas,  1880). 

Legal  Advisee  (w).     Dec,  1886-Jan.,  1888.    F* 

Founded  1861  by  E.  M.  Haynes,  and  conducted  by  him  till  1889 ; 
Andre  Matteson,  1891-93;  Law  Pub.  Co.,  1894-97;  since  then  by  Legal 
Adviser  Pub.   Co.     Edited  by  Matteson  till  1900   or  later. 

Leif  Ebiokson    (w).    Jan.-Feb.,  1889.     F«. 
Edited  by  Marie  A.  Brown. 



Levee  (w).     Apr-Dec,  1884-90;  1892.     4  v.    F«. 

Founded  Apr.,  1878,  by  J.  A.  Van  Fleet  as  Lever  and  national  Libera- 
tor. Issued  also  at  Detroit  till  1884.  Conducted  by  Van  Fleet,  with 
Mis.  Van  Fleet  and  Mrs.  Helen  M.  Gougar,  till  Jan.,  1889 ;  tben  by 
Lever  Pub.  Co.  till  April ;  A.  J.  Jutkins  till  June ;  Center  Lever  Co.  till 
Feb.,  1892 ;  Monitor  Pub.  Co.,  James  Lamont,  editor,  1892-98 ;  Samuel 
Dickie  and  John  G.  Woolley  in  1899.  No  later  mention  in  directories. 
Temperance,  tben  Prohibition. 

Light  of  Tbuth  (w).    July  16,  1904. 

Libebatob   (w).     Sept.,  1905 — Apr.,  1906   (incomp.).    P«. 

Founded  Sept.,  1905,  by  Liberator  PHb.  Group,  as  successor  to  Free 
Society.     Edited   by  Lucy   E.   Parsons.     Anarchist. 

National  Live-Stock  Journal  (m).    Sept.,  1871 — Dec,  1872.    F. 

Founded  Sept.,  1870,  by  George  W.  Eust  &  Co.  Edited  by  John  P. 
Reynolds  till  Feb.,  1872  (with  C.  P.  Willard  in  1871)  ;  George  W.  Rust, 
Willard,  and  T.  C.  Jones,  1872 ;  J.  A.  Sanders,  1876-82.  Published  by 
Rust  &  Co.,  till  1876;  by  Stock  Journal  Co.,  1877-92.  No  later  men- 
tion in  directories. 

Living  Chubch  (w).    Apr-Dec,  1889;  1894-Jan.,  1900  (incomp.).    F. 
Founded   1878  by  Right  Rev.  Samuel   S.  Harris  and  conducted  by  him 
and  Rev.  John  Fulton  till  1879  ;  by  C.  W.  Leffingwell,  1879-1900.     Moved 
to  Milwaukee   (q.  v.),   in  1904.     Published  since  then  by  Young  Church- 
man Co.,  and  edited  by  Frederic  C.  Morehouse.     Protestant  Episcopal. 

Lucifee    (w).  1886-93;    1895-96    (incomp.);    1897-1907.     5   v.   F. 

Published  by  Moses  Harman,  till  succeeded  in  1908  by  American  Jour- 
nal oj  Eugenics,  q.   v.     New   series  started  Jan.,   1897. 

American  Lumberman  (w).    1899-Mar.,  1906.    28  v.    F*. 

Combination  (Jan.,  1899)  of  northwestern  Lumberman,  and  Timber- 
man,  q.  v. 

Northwestern  Lumberman  (w).     Jan.-Aug„  1876.     Fe.     Aug.-Dec,  1876; 
1877-98.     32  v.     F*. 

Founded  1873.  Published  by  Judson  &  Dicey,  1874-75 ;  Judson  & 
King.  1876 ;  Lumberman  Pub.  Co.,  1877-84 ;  W.  B.  Judson,  1885-98. 
Styled  American  Lumberman  (q.  v.)  in  1898,  and  incorporated  under 
that  name.  Absorbed  Timberman  (q.  v.),  Jan.,  1899.  Edited  by  Will- 
iam B.  Jackson,  1874-76  (with  Calvin  M.  Mudge,  1875)  ;  since  1898  by 
J.   E.  Defebangh. 

Machine  Woodwobkeb  (m;  q).     Jan.,  1892 — Oct.,  1894.    Q. 
See  International   Wood-Worker. 

Mabble  Workers'  Journal   (m).     Aug.,  1904. 

Maxwell's  Talisman  (m).    1902-1908,  scat.  nos.    F. 

International  Metal  Woekee  (m).    1903-05.    F. 

Founded  1903  by  United  Metal  Workers'  Internatl.  Union  of  America. 
Edited  by  Charles  O.  Sherman  until  Jan.,  1906,  when  absorbed  by  In- 
dustrial  Worker,  q.  v.  under  Joliet. 

[41  j 

Newspaper  Catalogue 

Chicago,  III.,  continued: 

Mixed  Stocks   (w).    Dec,  1904-May,  1905;   Aug.,  1905-Oct.,  1908   (in- 
comp.).    F. 

Founded  1888.  Published  since  1890  by  Mixed  Stocks  Pub.  Co. 
Styled  General  Merchandise  Review  and  Mixed  Stocks,  Nov.,  1908 ;  Mod- 
ern Grocer  (q.  v.),   Sept.,  1909. 

Municipal  Ownership  Bulletin.    Mar.  30,  1905.    Campaign  extra. 

Neues  Leben  (w).     1903-1905,  scat,  nos  ;  May,  1907-June,  1910.    Fe. 

Founded  1902  as  organ  of  Illinois  Socialists.  Published  since  then  by 
Illinois  Volksblatt  Pub.  Assn.  Edited  by  Ad.  Dreifuss,  1907-June, 

New  Covenant  (w).    May  22,  1852. 

With  Western  Local  Newspapers,  1851-60.  Founded  1848  by  Revs. 
William  B.  Manley  and  J.  M.  Day.  Edited  by  S.  P.  Skinner  and  J.  M. 
Day,  1849-55 ;  L.  B.  Mason,  1855-57  (with  Otis  A.  Skinner,  1856-57)  ; 
Daniel  P.  and  Mary  A.  Livermore,  1858-69 ;  J.  W.  Hanson,  1869-84 ; 
J.  S.  Cantwell,  1885-1900 ;  since  then  by  Frederick  A.  Bisbee.  Ab- 
sorbed Star  In  West,  q.  v.,  in  1880,  and  styled  Star  and  Covenant,  1880- 
84.  Published  by  Northwestern  Universalist  Pub.  House,  Sept.,  1869, 
till  sold  to  Universalist  Pub.  House  in  1883 ;  since  published  by  them. 
Styled  Universalist,  1884-98 ;  since  then,  Universalist  Leader.  Re- 
moved to  Boston  in  1898.     Universalist. 

New  Era  (m).    May,  Aug.,  1885. 

New  Occasions  (m).  1893;  Dec,  1893-Oct.,  1894;  1897;  1898.  3  v.  D. 
Founded  1893  by  Charles  H.  Kerr  &  Co.,  and  published  by  them  until 
1897.  Edited  by  B.  F.  Underwood,  1893-95 ;  by  Charles  H.  Kerr,  1896- 
97.  Then  styled  New  Time;  published  by  Kerr  until  Dec.  1897;  then  by 
New  Time  Pub.  Co.  Edited  by  B.  O.  Flower  and  Frederick  U.  Adams, 
July,  1897 — Nov..   1898.     Suspended  soon  after. 

New  Time. 

See  New  Occasions. 

New  Unity  (w).     1896-98.     F. 
See  Unity. 

New  Voice    (m).    1899-1900    (incomp.) ;    1902;    1904-1906    (incomp.). 
See  same  title,  under  New  York. 

Chicago  Daily  News.    June-Oct.,  1872.    F?. 

Chicago  Weekly  News.    1892.    F«. 

Founded  1866  by  Melville  E.  Stone,  Percy  E.  Meggy,  and  W.  E. 
Dougherty.  Soon  bought  by  Stone  and  sold  by  him  to  Victor  F.  Law- 
son,  July,  1876 ;  Issued  as  evening  paper  till  1881 ;  then  Stone  again 
became  partner  and  a  morning  edition  was  also  issued.  In  1888  Stone 
sold  out  to  Lawson,  who  issued  evening  and  morning  editions ;  later 
styled  Chicago  Record    fq.  v.),   in   1892.     Still  published  by   Lawson. 



Illustrated  Chicago  News  (w).    May  29,  1868. 
News  Letter  (w).     Jan.  15,  July  15,  1901. 
Noon  Houe  (m).    Feb.,  1901. 

Noeden    (w).   Norwegian.     1880-85.     2   v.     Fn.     1886-87.    Fe     1888-89; 
1890-Mar.,  1892.     2  v.     Fe.     1894-97;  2  y.    Fs. 

Founded  1874.  Published  by  I.  T.  Helling  &  Co.,  1875-80.  Edited 
by  Hallward  Hande  till  1883;  Theodore  Bothne,  1883-86;  Hande,  1886- 
89  ;  P.  O.  Strbmme,  1889-91  :  S.  Sorensen,  1891-92  ;  Stromme,  1892-95  : 
Richard  S.  N.  Sartz,  1895-97  ;  H.  O.  Oppedale,  1S97.  Absorbed  in  1897 
by  Amerika  (Madison,  Wis.),  q.  v. 

Norwegian   Newspapers    (miscellaneous).     1895-96.     2   v.   F»;    F«. 

Office  Appliances  (m).    Mar.,  1906;  Mar.,  1907;  Jan,  July-Dec,  1908; 
1909;   Jan.-Oct.,  1910.     3   v.  F. 

Orange  Jtjdd  Farmer   (w).    Sept.,  1888-July,  1889.    Vols.  7-10.    1890- 
91.     2  v.     F*.     1894-95   (incomp.). 

Pounded  1886  by  Orange  Judd.  Conducted  by  him  "till  1893;  James 
Strong  Judd,  1893-95 ;  since  then  by  Orange  Judd  Co.  Issued  since 
1895  as  central  edition  of  American  Agriculturist  (N.  T.). 

Organization.     Sept.,  1890. 

Paint,  Oil  and  Drug  Review  (w).    Vols.  21,  23.    1896;  1898.    Q. 

Founded  1883  :  issued  monthly  till  1886,  semimonthly  till  1889.  Con- 
ducted since  1887  by  D.  Van  Ness  Person  and  his  heirs.     Trade. 

People's  Crisis  (w).    Vol.  1,  No.  1.    Mar.  22,  1884. 

People's  Press  (w).'Vols.  2-3.  1899-1900;  Vol.  5.     1902-1903  (incomp.); 
Vols.  6-10.     Mar.,  1903-Apr.,  1911;   9  v.  Q.  May,  1911+ 

Founded  Mar.,  1898,  as  a  "free  for  all  forum,"  by  J.  B.  Lenaw.  Cir- 
culation local  for  first  seven  months,  but  issued  continuously  to  the 
present  time  under  the  same  management. 

Philosophical  Journal  (m).    1896.    Q. 
See  Religio-Fhllosophical  Journal. 

Piano,  Organ,  and  Musical  Instrument  Workers'  Official  Journal  (m). 
Vol.  6.     1903.     Vols.  7-9.     1904-1907.     Q.     1908+ 

Founded  1898  by  Piano  and  Organ  Workers'  Internati.  Union  of 
America.     Edited  since  1901  by  Charles  Dold. 

Plate  Makers'  Criterion  (m).    Aug.,  Nov.,  1907. 

Founded  1898. 

Plumbers',  Gas,  and  Steam  Fitters'  Journal   (m).    Vols.  8-13.    1903- 
1908.     3  v.     Q.     1909  + 

Founded  in  1896  as  organ  of  United  Assn.  of  Journeymen  Plumbers, 
Gas  Fitters,  Steam  Fitters,  and  Steam  Fitters'  Helpers.  Edited  by 
L.  W.  Tilden,  1906-1907 ;  Thomas  M.  Dooley,  1907-1908  ;  John  M.  Love, 
1908-1909 ;  since  then  by  Thomas  E.  Burke. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Chicago,  III.,  continued: 

Pomeroy's  Democrat  (w).    1876-78.    Fs. 

Founded  in  New  York,  Dec,  1868,  by  Mark  M.  Pomeroy.  Moved  to 
Chicago  in  Jan.,  1876.  Styled  Pomeroy's  Illustrated  Democrat  in  Jan., 
1878.     Published  by  Legal  Tender  Pub.  Co.     Supported  Greenback  Party. 

Chicago  Evening  Post  (d).    Nov.,  1903 — Sept.,  1905.    8  v.    F«. 

Founded  1890  by  Evening  Post  Co.,  and  published  by  them  until  1901 
or  later.  Edited  by  F.  S.  Hogan  and  C.  A.  Dingman  in  1890  ;  by  Cor- 
nelius McAuliff,  1805-1901.  Now  published  by  J.  G.  Schaffer,  and  edited 
by  Leigh   Reilly.     Democratic  at  first ;   later  Independent. 

Postal  Clerk  (m).     Vols.  1-8.     1901-1909.     3  v.     O.     1910+ 

Founded  Dec,  1901,  by  United  National  Assn.  of  Postoffice  Clerks ; 
since  conducted  by  John  T.  Scott.  Styled  Post  'Office  Clerk  since  Dec, 

Chicago   Posten    (w).    Danish.    1899-1908.    5   v.   F«.    1909+ 

Founded  1 881 ;  oldest  Danish  weekly  in  Illinois.  Now  published  by  C. 
Rassmnssen   Pub.   Co. — H.  S.  Hagerup,  manager. 

Post  Office  Clerk. 

See  Postal  Clerk. 

Pbaibie  Farmer  (w).  1843-45.  3  v.  Q.  1846-55.  10  v.  O.  July 
1859-June,  1861.  5  v.  Q.  1867-June,  1868.  1  v.  Q.  1869-75. 
8  v.  F«.  1876-79,  scat,  nos.;  1878.  F «.  1885-92.  9  v.  F*. 
1894-1901.     8  v.    F4.     1903-1907.     5  v.    F*. 

Founded  Jan.,  1841,  as  Union  Agriculturist  and  Western  Prairie 
Farmer.  Organ  of  Illinois  State  Agricultural  Society,  and  edited  by  the 
secretary,  John  S.  Wright.  Published  by  Wright  till  1857  (with  Luther 
Haven  and  Ambrose  Wight)  ;  J.  C.  and  W.  H.  Medill,  1858 ;  Emery  & 
Co.,  1859-67 ;  Prairie  Farmer  Pub.  Co.,  1882-1908 ;  since  then,  stock  con- 
trolled by  Burridge  D.  Butler.  Among  editors  have  been  J.  Ambrose 
Wight,  Luther  Haven,  John  A.  Kennicott,  Henry  D.  Emery,  Charles 
Bragdon,  W.  W.  Corbett,  Jonathan  Periam,  Orange  Judd,  J.  J.  Edgerton, 
and  C.  P.  Reynolds  (since  1905).  United  with  Emery's  Journ.  of  Agric., 
Oct.,  1858.  Styled  Emery's  Journ.  of  Agric.  and  Prairie  Farmer  till 
Dec,  1859 ;  then  Prairie  Farmer. 

Same  (w).     May-Dec,  1873. 

With  Farmers'  Union,  Minneapolis,  1873. 

Pbatbie  Herald. 

See  Western  Herald. 

Northwestern  Presbyterian  (w).    Jan.  5,  1866. 

Daily  Democratic  Press.     1856-57.     3  v.     F  s.     Jan.-June,  1858.     F  ?. 

Founded  1852  by  John  L.  Scripps  and  William  Bross.  Conducted  by 
them  (with  Barton  W.  Spears  after  1854)  till  consolidated  with  Trib- 
une, July,  1858,  as  Press  and  Tribune,  q.  v.  Non-partisan  till  1857  • 
then  Republican. 



Weekly  Democratic  Pbess.     Mar.,  1854 — July,  1858.    Fs. 

Press  and  Tribune   (d).     July-Dec,  1858;  Jan.-June,  1860.     2  v.    Fa. 

Same   (w).    July,  1858-Jan.,  1860.    F». 

Consolidation  (1858)  of  Democratic  Frets  (q.  v.),  ana  Tribune  (q.  v.). 
Business  reorganized  Jan.  1,  1859,  with  John  L.  Scripps,  William  Bross, 
C.  H.  Kay,  Joseph  Medill,  and  Alfred  Cowles  as  owners.  Styled  Tribune 
in  1861. 

Press  and  Type  (m).    Apr.,  1903. 

Press  Bulletin  (w).    1900,  4  nos. 

American  Pressman. 

See  same  title,  under  Cincinnati,   O. 

Chicago  Printer  (m).     Apr-July,  1883. 

Allied  Printing  Trades  Journal  (m).    May,  Oct.,  1903. 

American  Progress   (m).    Apr.,  1900. 

Proletahec    (w).     Slavonian.     Feb.,   1906+   F6- 

Founded  1904.  Published  (1910)  by  South  Slavic  Workmen's  Pub.  Co. 

Propaganda  (w).    Italian.    Mar.,  1908— Mar.,  1909.    F«. 

Founded  Mar.,  1908  by  Italian  Socialist  Club.  Edited  (1909)  by  Ed- 
ward Gemma.     No  later  mention  In  directories. 

Proportional  Representation  Review   (m).     Mar.,  1896. 

Public  (w).    Vols.  1-9.    Apr.,  1898-1,907.    9  v.    Q.    1908+ 

Founded  Apr.,  1898  by  Public  Pub.  Co. ;  edited  continuously  by  Louis 
F.  Post  and  Alice  Thacher  Post.  From  1905  to  Jan.,  1908,  man- 
aged by  James  «.  Parsons.  Since  then  owned  by  Louis  F.  Post.  De- 
voted to  "fundamental   democracy." 

Public  Policy   (w).     1901,  2  nos.;   1902,  12  nos.    Vols.  8-13.     1903-05. 
6  v.     Q. 

Successor  (1900)  of  Other  Side,  founded  1899.  Published  by  Public 
Policy  Pub.  Co.,  and  edited  by  Allen  Ripley  Foote  till  suspension  Dec, 
1905.     Economic. 

Public  Service  (m).    Jan.,  1907. 

Founded   H>06. 

Radical  Review  (m).     Vols.  1-2.     1883-Mar.,  1885.     2  v.    F. 

Continuation  (18S3)  of  Alliance,  an  unsectarian  religious  paper  es- 
tablished in  1873.  Edited  by  David  Swing,  H.  W.  Thomas,  Henry  L. 
Shepard  and  other  liberal  leaders  until  Mar.,  1882,  when  merged  with 
Western  Magazine  and  styled  Weekly  Magazine,  q.  v.  Published  1883- 
85  by  George  and  Emma  Schumm,  as  "Free  thought"  organ.  Suspended 
March,  1885. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Chicago,  III.,  continued: 

Western  Railboad  Gazette  (w).    May,  1868— Mar.,  1870.    ¥■>. 

Founded  1857.  Published  by  Stanley  G.  Fowler,  1861-65;  A.  N_ 
Kellogg,  3866-73;  S.  Wright  Dunning  and  M.  N.  Forney,  1873-83. 
Styled  Railroad  Gazette,  Apr.,  1870.  Published  also  at  New  York  after 
1871;  moved  thither  in  1882.  Merged  (1908)  with  Railway  Age,  as; 
Railroad  Age  Gazette. 

Railway  Conductor. 

See  same  title,  under  Cedar  Rapids,  la. 

Railway  Times  (s-m).    1894,  6  nos.    P«. 

Ram's  Hoen  (w).     1896-98.     3  v.    F.     1899-1906   (incomp.). 

Founded  1890  by  Frederick  L.  Chapman  &  Co.  Edited  by  Elijah. 
P.  Brown,  1893 ;  F.  L.  Chapman,  1893-1901.  Published  by  Eam's  Horn 
Co.,    1906.     Undenominational.     No  later  data  obtainable. 

Chicago  Record  (d).    1895-June,  1899;    Sept-Dec,  1899;    1900;    Jan.- 
Mar.,  1901.     24  v.    F  e. 

Founded  1892,  by  Victor  F.  Lawson,  as  morning  edition  of  ~8ew»a  q.  T^ 
In  1901  merged  with  Times-Herald  as  Chicago  Record-Herald,  q.   v. 

Chicago  Record  (m;  s-m,  Apr.,  1860).    Apr.,  1857-Mar.,  1862.     2  v.     F_ 

Founded  Apr.,   1857,  by  James  Grant  Wilson.     Styled   Church  Record, 

Apr.,  1858 — Apr.,  1860.     Devoted  to  literature  and  art,  as  well  as  church 

news.     Succeeded,   Apr.,  1862,   by  Northwestern   Church,  q.   v.,  edited  by 

Hev.   Thomas   Smith.     Protestant  Episcopal. 

Chicago  Saturday  Record  (w).     1893-95.     3  v.    P«. 
Successor  to   Chicago  Weekly  News.     See  Record. 

Chicago  Record-Herald  (d).     Mar.,  1901-1910.     88  v.   Fa.     1911+ 

Consolidation  (Mar.  1901)  of  Chicago  Times-Herald  and  Chicago- 
Record,  q.  v.  Published  by  Hermann  Henry  Kohlsaat  (editor  of  Times- 
Herald  since  1894)  for  a  few  months;  then  by  Frank  B.  Noyes,  formerly 
of  Washington  Star,  till  Jan.  1,  1910,  when  Kohlsaat  resumed  control. 

Religio-Philosophical  Journal   (w).    1869-90;   Jan.-July,  1891.    12  v. 


Founded  1865;  edited  by  S.  S.  Jones,  1870-78;  John  C.  Bundy,  1879- 
92 ;  Mary  E.  Bundy,  1893-94 ;  B.  F.  Underwood,  1895.  In  1896  styled 
Philosophical  Journal,  and  edited  by  Thomas  E.  Newman.  No  later  men- 
tion in  directories.     Spiritualist. 

Chicago  Republican   (d.  and  w.)       Oct.,  1867-1869       (incomp.).      F*. 
Jan-Sept.,  1870.     2  v.     F». 

Founded  1865  by  a  company  composed  of  prominent  Republicans,  which 
bought  the  plant  of  Morning  Post.  Edited  by  Charles  A.  Dana,  V.  B. 
Denslow,  James  V.  Ballantyne,  Henry  Smith,  and  John  G.  Nicolay.  After 
the  Are,  bought  by  John  Y.  Scammon,  and  conducted  by  him  till  Mar., 
1872,  when  succeeded  by  Inter  Ocean,  q.   v. 




Revyen    (w).     Danish-Norwegian.     Nov.,    1909+    Fe. 

Founded  Apr.,  1895,  and  since  conducted  by  Christian  Botker,  who  had 
bought  out  Hal  Hal.  published  by  Volkmar  Johnson.  Literary,  advocat- 
ing socialism. 

Ridgway's  (w).    Oct.,  1906— Feb.,  1907  (incomp.).    Q. 
See  same  title,  under  New  York. 

Robotnik.    Polish.    1903,  2  nos. 

Western  Rtjbai  (w).    May-Dec,  1875.    F«. 

Pounded  1863.  Conducted  by  H.  N.  F.  Lewis,  1870-75,  with  G.  E.  Mor- 
row as  associate  editor  after  the  absorption  of  his  paper  Western  Farmer 
(Madison,  Wis.),  Jan.  1,  1875.  During  1876  edited  by  Lewis,  but  pub- 
lished by  Gerritt  L.  Hoodes.  In  1877  Lewis  apparently  started  a  new 
and  short-lived  paper,  Lewis'  Rural,  and  Milton  George  became  owner 
of  Western  Rural,  which  was  conducted  by  him  till  1894  ;  then  by  Howard 
and  Wilson  (of  Farm,  Field  and  Fireside),  with  C.  H.  Howard  as  editor, 
till  its  suspension  about  1898. 

Saint  Andrew's  Cross  (m).  Vols.  7-23.  1897-1909.  17  v.  O.  1910+ 
Founded  1886  by  James  L.  Houghteling,  as  organ  of  Bro.  of  St.  An- 
drew (Episc).  Edited  by  W.  R.  Stirling  till  Feb.,  1887;  H.  V.  Donald- 
son, 1887-88 ;  C.  H.  Putnam,  Feb.,  1888-Nov.  1889.  Then  moved  to  New 
York ;  edited  by  Henry  A.  Sill  till  1893 ;  John  W.  Wood,  1893-1901 ; 
since  then  by  Hubert  Carleton.  Moved  to  Pittsburgh,  May,  1902 ;  to 
Boston,  May,  1905.     See  historical  sketch  in   Sept.,  1901,  issue. 

Saturday  Blade  (w).    1894-96.    F «. 

Founded  1887  by  W.  D.  Boycc  and  conducted  by  him  till  1901 ;  since 
then  by  W.  D.  Boyce   Co.     Independent. 

Chicago  Searchlight  (w).    June,  1894 — Apr.,  1895.    F«. 

Founded  1894  by  Henry  Vincent,  and  conducted  by  him  till  1895.  No 
later  mention  in  directories.  Styled  Age  and  Chicago  Searchlight,  Apr., 
1895.     People's  party. 

Sentinel  of  Liberty  (w).    Vols.  15-16.    1900-1901.    2  v.    Q. 
See  American  Sentinel,  under  New  York. 

Chicago  Single;  Taxer   (w).     Aug.  17,  1900. 

Skandinaven    (w;    s-w).     1870-72;    1874-76;    1878-80.     3   v.    F».     1881 
(incomp.);    1882-84.     2   v.     F  s.     1885-1908.     21   v.    F«.     1909+ 

Same  (d).     Oct.,  1895-1898.     10  v.     F«.     Mar.,  1900-1910.     33  v. 

F8.     1911+ 

Founded  May,  1866,  by  Knut  Langeland  and  John  Anderson,  and  con- 
ducted by  them  till  1873;  Johnson,  Anderson,  and  Victor  Lawson,  1873- 
75 ;  Anderson  and  Lawson,  1876-79 ;  since  then  by  John  Anderson  &  Co., 
Lawson  withdrawing  in  1889.  Edited  by  Peter  Hendrickson,  1888-90; 
since  then  chiefly  by  Nicolay  A.  Grevstad.  Issued  daily  edition  after 
1871.     Styled   Skandinaven  ng  America  in  1873. 

Skandinaven  og  Amerika  (w).    1873.    Fs. 
See  Skandinaven. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Chicago,  III.,  continued: 

Sloan's  Garden  City  (w).    Sept.-Nov.,  1854,  4  nos. 

With  People's  Paper,  Boston,  1854-70.  Founded  1853  by  Walter  B. 
and  Oscar  B.  Sloan  as  a.  patent  medicine  organ  with  literary  proclivities. 
Later  a  family  literary  journal.  Merged  in  1854  with  People's  Paper  ot 
Boston,  which  continued  till  1870.     Independent. 

Social  Crusader  (m).    Dec,  1898;  Jan-Apr.,  1900.    O. 

Founded  1898  by  J.  Stitt  Wilson  and  Thad.  S.  Fritz.  Conducted  by 
Wilson  till  1900.     No  later  data  obtainable. 

Social  Democrat  (w).     July,  1897- July,  1898.     F«. 

Founded  1S94.  Published  by  Social  Democracy  ot  America,  1898-99. 
No  later  mention  in  directories. 

Social  Democratic  Herald. 

See  same  title  under  Milwaukee. 

Social  Forum    (m).  June— Dec,   1899;    Jan.-Oct,   1900    (incomp.).   D. 

Founded  1899  (new  series),  under  auspices  of  Natl.  Christian  Citizen- 
ship League.  Edited  by  John  W.  Leonard,  Frederick  G.  Strickland,  and 
Edwin  D.  Wheelock  till  1900.     No  later  data  obtainable. 

Chicago   Socialist   (w).     Mar.,   1902-1904.    Fs.     1904-Apr.,   1907.    F «. 

Same  (d).     Oct.,  1906-Dec,  1910.     8  v.     Fe.    1911+ 

Succeeded  Workers'  Call,  Mar.,  1902.  Daily  edition  published  since 
Congressional  campaign,  Oct.,  1906,  the  first  Socialist  daily  printed  in 
English.  Edited  by  A.  W.  Mance,  A.  S.  Edwards,  A.  W.  Simons  and 
others.  Managed  since  1905  by  Louis  Dalgaard.  Maintained  largely  by 
contributions  of  laboring  classes.  Weekly  discontinued,  Apr.  6,  1907. 
See  Three  Tears  of  Chicago  Daily  Socialist. 

Socialist  Alliance   (m).    Apr-June,  Nov.-Dec,   1897;    July,  1898.     O. 
Founded  1896  by  Socialist  Trade  and   Labor  Alliance.     Edited    (1897) 
by  Thomas  J.  Morgan.     No  later  data  obtainable. 

Socialist  Paett  Official  Bulletin   (m).     Sept.,  1904+     P«. 

Founded  1904.  Issued  from  National  Socialist  headquarters,  by  the 
secretary,  J.  Mahlon  Barnes.  Contains  executive  committee  and  finan- 
cial reports,  etc. 

International  Socialist  Review  (m).   Vols.  1-10.   July,  1900-1910.   10  v. 
O.     1911+ 

Founded  July,  1900,  by  Charles  H.  Kerr  &  Co.,  and  still  published  by 

Socialist  Spirit  (m).    1901-1903.    4  nos. 

Socialist  Woman. 

See  Progressive  Woman,,  under  Girard,  Kans. 

Sound  Monet  (m).     Oct.,  1897;   1898,  6  nos;   1899,  8  nos.;  1900,  4  nos. 


Founded  1897 '  by  Natl.  Sound  Money  League  and  conducted  by  it  till 
1900.     No  later  mention  in  directories. 



Spravedijjost.  Slavonian.    1903.    5  nos.    P«. 

Standabd    (w).     1867-70.     F«.     1871-81.     o   v.    V.     1882-85.    2    v.   F«. 
1886-94..     5  v.  F*.     1895-99.     6  v.  F*.     1900-1910.     10  v.  F. 
Successor  (1807)  of  Christian  Times,  q.  v.     Baptist. 

Steam  Shovel  and  Dredge  Journal  (m).    Vols.  9-13.    1905-1909.    5  v. 
O.    1910+ 

Founded  1897  as  organ  of  Steam  Shovel  and  Dredge  Workers.  Edited 
continuously  by  Gen.  Sec.-Treas.,  T.  J.  Dolan. 

American  Sugar  Indtxstby  and  Beet  Sugar  Gazette   (s-m;   m).    Vols. 

7-11.     Dec,  1904-09.     5  v.    Q.     1910+ 

Pounded  Mar.,  1899,  by  Joseph  H.  Schwerzen  and  conducted  by  him  till 
his  death,  Jan.,  1900 ;  since  then  by  Frank  Roderus  (for  the  Beet  Sugar 
Gazette  Co.).     Styled  Beet  Sugar  Gazette  till  June,   1904. 

Svenska  Amerikanaren   (w).    Oct.,  1898- June,  1908.    6  v.  '  F«.    July, 

Founded  1876  by  Nils  Anderson,  and  conducted  by  him  till  1884 :  since 
then  by  Swedish  American  Ptg.  Co.  Edited  by  Herman  Eoos,  1876-80 ; 
Magnus  Elmnlad,  1880-84;  C.  F.  Peterson,  1884-88;  Jacob  Bonggren, 
1888-97;  V.  A.  Lindstrand,  1897-1908;  since  then  by  Oliver  A.  Under. 
Independent  Republican. 

Svenska  Kuriren  (w).     Apr.-Aug.,  1896;   Oct.,  1898-Jan.,  1899.     F*. 
With  Sonderjydsk  Tidende.    Founded  1884.    In  1888  published  by  F.  W. 
Ankarfelt  &  Co. ;  edited  by  Gustav  Wicklund  and  Ninian   Warner ;  since 
J  889  published  by  Alexander  J.  Johnson.     Independent :  now  Republican. 

Svenska  Nyheter  Humoristen  (w).    Oct.,  1901-Oct,  1902.    F«. 
Continuation  of  HumorUten,  q.  v. 

Switchmen's  Journal   (m).    Oct.,  Dec,  1887;  Nov.,  1889;  Not.,  1893. 

Founded  1886. 

Sword  of  Truth  (m) .    Apr.,  May,  1902. 
Founded   1902. 

System  (d).    Vol.  1,  Nos.  1-6.  Mar.  16-22,  1905.    F«. 

Chicago  Telegraph  (d).    July  8,  1876. 

S6nderjydsk  Tidende  (w).    Oct,  1895-Aug.,  1896.    Fs. 

Founded  1S>95  by  Norden  Publ.  Co.  Edited  by  John  Heinse  till  Mar., 
1896 ;   then  by  Jon   Olafson.     Short  lived. 

Timberman   (w).     1898.     2  V.     F*. 

Founded  1885.  Published  after  1888  by  Timberman  Pub.  Co. ;  edited 
by  J.  E.  Defebaugh.     Merged   (18991   in  American  Lumberman,  q.  v. 

4-N.  C.  [  49  ] 

Newspaper  Catalogue 

Chicago,  Iix.,  continued: 

Chicago  Times  (d).  1861;  1864;  1868,  scat,  nos.;  1870-80.  39  v.  F«. 
1881-Apr.,  1888.    36  v.  W.    May,  1888-Feb.,  1895.    41  v.  F». 

Founded  Aug.,  1854,  by  Isaac  Cook,  J.  W.  Sheahan,  and  Daniel  Cam- 
eron. Sold  in  1860  to  Cyrus  H.  McCormiek,  and  merged  with  Herald  as 
Times  and  Herald  for  a  few  months.  Edited  at  this  time  by  E.  W.  Mc- 
Comas,  a  Southern  Democrat.  Styled  Daily  Chicago  Times  for  a  time 
till  June,  1861,  when  bought  by  W.  F.  Storey,  formerly  of  Detroit  Free 
Press;  edited  by  him  till  1878,  and  owned  by  him  till  his  death  in  1884. 
Published  by  a  receiver,  1884-87 ;  then  by  James  J.  West  (for  Chicago 
Times  Co.).  Bought  by  Carter  Harrison  in  1891  ;  edited  by  Carter  Har- 
rison Jr.,  and  Preston  Harrison  till  1895.  Consolidated,  Mar.,  1895, 
with  Chicago  Herald,  as  Times-Heraia,  q.  v.  At  first  Douglas  Democrat; 
later  "Copperhead,"  being  ordered  suppressed  by  Gen.  Burnside  (1863)  : 
Independent,    1868-76 ;    then    Democratic. 

Chicago  Times-Hebald   (d).     Nov.,  1895-1901.     43  v.  F« 

Consolidation  of  Times  and  Herald,  effected  in  1895,  by  H.  H.  Kohl- 
saat;  edited  by  Cornelius  McAuliff.  Claimed  to  be  first  newspaper  in 
United  States  to  make  practical  use  of  teleautograph  to  reproduce  por- 
traits and  autographs  in  facsimile,  June  21,  1895.  Merged,  Mar.,  1901, 
with  Chicago  Kecord  and  styled  Chicago  Record-Herald,  q.  v.  Republi- 

To-moeeow  Magazine  (m).  Vols.  1-2.  1905-May,  1906.  3  v.  1907- 
May,  1908.     O. 

Founded  1905.  Published  by  To-morrow  Pub.  Co.  Edited  by  Oscar  L. 
Triggs,  1905  ;  since  then  by  P.  H.  Sercombe.     "Advance  thought." 

Chicago  Daily  Tribune.  May-Dec,  1857;  1860- Apr.,  1870.  20  v.  Fa-*. 
June,  1870-1871  (incomp.);  Sept.,  1872-1910.  236  v.  F«.  1911+ 
Founded  1847,  by  J.  K.  C.  Forrest,  J.  J.  Kelly,  and  J.  E.  Wheeler. 
Conducted  by  Wheeler,  Thomas  A.  Stewart,  and  John  L.  Scripps,  1848- 
51 ;  T.  J.  Waite  and  William  D.  Wilson,  1852-53 ;  Henry  Fowler,  J.  D. 
Webster,  Timothy  Wright,  Joseph  Medill,  and  others,  185.1-55.  From 
that  time  till  his  death  in  1899,  Medill  retained  active  interest,  being 
editor  after  1874.  Other  influential  editors  have  been  Dr.  C.  H.  Ray, 
1855-66;  Horace  White,  1866-74;  K.  W.  Patterson,  1899-1910;  since 
then,  Medill  McCormiek.  Absorbed  Qem  of  Prairie,  1847 ;  Democratic 
Press  (q.  v.),  1858.  Influential  in  nomination  of  Lincoln,  1860;  since 
then  Republican,  with  independent  leanings.  During  White's  editorship, 
supported  Greeley. 

Illustreret  Ugeblad  (w).  Norwegian.  Vol.  1.  Apr-Dec,  1881.  F«. 
Vols.  2-3.  1882-83.  2  v.  Fs.  Vols.  6-7.  Jan.,  1886-Feb.,  1887. 

Founded  1881  by  C.  Rasmussen  and  conducted  by  him  till  1887 ;  Nor- 
wegian Lutheran  Pub.  Co.,  1887-89 ;  since  then  by  Rasmussen.  Removed 
to  Minneapolis,  Minn.,  1888.     Styled  Vgeoladet  since  about  1890. 

Union   Agriculturist   and  "Western   Prairie   Farmer    (m).    Vols.    1-2. 
1841-42.    F  o. 
See  Prairie  Farmer. 




Union   Labor  Advocate    (w).    Vols.    4-5.    1903-Aug.,    1905.    2   v.    Q. 

1906  + 

Pounded  1901  by  Theopnile  Laramie  as  organ  of  Illinois  Federation  o£ 
Labor,  and  published  by  bim  till  1905  or  later;  since  1909  by  George 
Hodge  (latterly  with  A.  Allen). 

Union  Labob  Bulletin   (w).     Apr.  18,  1899;   1902,  5  nos.     O. 

Union  Leadeb  (w).    July-Dec,  1907;  1908-1909.    2  v.  F.    1910+ 

Founded  Sept.,  1902,  by  George  H.  Shoaf  and  William  D.  Meek,  and 
conducted  by  tbem  till  1904  ;  then  by  Meek  for  a  short  time.  Bought 
Feb.,  1905,  by  Amal.  Assn.  of  Street  and  Electric  Railway  Employes  ot 
America,  and  since  conducted  by  them ;  edited  by  L.  D.  Bland. 

Union  Postal  Clerk    (m).     1903;    1904-1905,  scat,  nos.;    1906,   9  nos.; 

1907,  6  nos;  Vols.  4-5.    1908-1909.    O.    1910+ 

Founded  Apr.,  1903,  by  Chicago  Post  Office  Clerks'  Union,  and  con- 
ducted by  them  till  June,  1904  (edited  by  Charles  Dvorak  at  first,  then 
by  a  Natl.  Organization  committee).  Published  by  George  A.  Donnelly, 
June,  1904-Not.,  1906 ;  Natl.  Fed.  of  Postal  Clerks,  Nov.,  1906-Oct., 
1909  ;  since  then  by  Union  Postal  Clerks'  Pub.  Co.  Edited  by  Donnelly 
since  June,  1904. 

Union  Signal  (w).  1883-88.  6  v.  P.  1889-93.  5  v.  F*.  1894  (in- 
comp.).     1895-96.     F*.     1897-1901   (incomp.). 

Consolidation  (1883)  of  Union  (est.  1874)  and  Signal  (est.  1880). 
Edited  by  Mary  B.  Willard,  1880-88 ;  Mary  Allen  West,  1888-92 ;  Frances 
Willard  and  Mrs.  West.  1892-98  ;  since  then  by  Mrs.  Lillian  M.  Stevens. 
Organ  of  Natl.  W.   C.  T.  U.     Now  published  at  Evanston.     Temperance. 

Union  Workman  (w).  Vol.  1,  No.  1.  Oct.,  1895-Feb.,  1896;  Apr., 
May,  1896,  3  nos.     Fs-P. 

Founded  1895  by  Union  Workman  Pub.  Soc.  and  conducted  by  them 
until  1898.     No  later  mention   in  directories. 

United  States  Medical  InvestigatoT  (s-m;  w,  1883-84;  m,  1885).  Vols. 
1-21.     1875-85.     Indexed.     21  v.     O. 

Combination  (1875)  of  Medical  Investigator  and  V.  S.  Medical  and 
Surgical  Journal.  Edited  by  T.  C.  Duncan,  1875-89 ;  W.  E.  Reed,  1889- 
90 ;  Charles  Horace  Evans,  1891-93.     No  later  mention  in  directories. 

Unity  (w).  Vols.,  7-22.  1880-89.  Indexed.  6  v.  Q.  Vols.  23-30. 
Mar..  1889— May,  1893.  Indexed.  4  v.  F  5.  Vols.  31-33.  May, 
1893— May,    1894.    Indexed.    F..    Vols,   38J64.    1896-1909.    F. 

Founded  Mar.,  1878,  as  Pamphlet  Mission;  styled  Unity  in  Sept.  Con- 
ducted by  Jenkin  Lloyd  Jones,  with  many  prominent  liberal  thinkers  as 
associate  editors.  At  first  Unitarian  (organ  of  Western  Unitarian  Con- 
ference), now  liberal  independent.  Organ  of  World's  Congress  of  Re- 
ligion, 1893.     Styled  New  Unity,  1896-98. 

University  (w).     Sept.,  1885-Feb.,  1886.    Q. 

Founded  1877.  Edited  in  1886  by  Charles  Douglass  and  Charles  H. 
Kerr.     Apparently  soon  after  absorbed  by  Unity. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Chicago,  III.,  continued: 

Vanguard  (w).    June,  1892-May,  1893.    F. 

Founded  1892  by  Lester  C.  Hubbard  and  Alzina  P.  Stevens,  and  con- 
ducted by  them  till  1893.  No  later  mention  in  directories.  Social  Re- 

Voice  of  the  Fair  (d).     Apr.  27— June  24,  1865.     F«. 

With  Home  Fair  Journal,  Milwaukee,  Wis.,  q.  v.  Issued  during  North- 
western Sanitary  Fair.  Edited  by  Andrew  Shuman  of  Evening  Journal. 
Contributions  by  James  Eussell  Lowell,  Bayard  Taylor,  Henry  Ward 
Beecher,  Artemus  Ward,  etc. 

Voice  of  Labor  (m).    Vol.  3.    Jan.-June,  1905.    Q. 

Consolidation  (Jan.,  1905)  of  American  Labor  Union  Journal,  and  Ron- 
way  Employes'  Journal.  Published  (l'.K>5)  by  American  Labor  Union. 
No  later  data  obtainable. 

Illinoiser  Volkszeitung  (w).     1893,  5  nos.    P'. 

Voebote  (w).  Nov.,  1874— Aug.,  1876;  Apr-June,  1888;  June,  1889- 
1890;   1903-1908.     4  v.    F«.     1909+ 

Founded  Mar.,  1874,  as  weekly  Socialist  organ,  followed  in  1876  by  a 
tri-weekly  edition  styled  Chicagoer  Aroeiter-Zeitung,  q.  v. ;  after  1879 
both  published  by  Socialistic  Pub.  Soc. — the  latter  as  a  daily  till  Incor- 
porated in  1892  as  Chicago  Arbeiter-Zeitung  Pub.  Co.  Among  the  editors 
were  August  Spies  and  Michael  Schwab. 

Weekly  Magazine.     Sept.,  1882 — Mar.,  1885.     3  v.    F  *. 

Successor  (1882)  of  Western  Magazine,  a  monthly  literary  journal 
established  in  1877.  Issued  weekly  after  May,  1S8S.  Edited  by  David 
Swing,  Gail  Hamilton,  Helen  E.  Starrett,  Edith  Thomas,  Celia  P.  Woo- 
ley,  and  others,  till  May.  1883 ;  then  by  William  A.  and  Helen  Ekin  Star- 
rett till  March,  1885.     No  later  mention  in  directories. 

Wells  Commercial  Express  and  Western  Product  Reporter  (w) .  1858- 
60.     2  v.  F. 

Founded  1857  by  P.  L.  and  J.  H.  Wells.  The  former  retired  from  the 
publication  Sept.,  1858.  Conducted  by  Wells  &  Vittum,  1866-68,  then 
by  Wells  alone  till  1872.  Issued  daily  edition,  styled  Mornin/j  Bulletin, 
1857-59 ;  and  another,  Chicago  Commercial  Express,  after  1861.  No 
later   mention   in   directories. 

Wochenblatt  (m).     Mar.,  1902. 

International  Wood-Worker  (m).  Vols.  6-12.  1892-96;  1897-99;  1900- 
03.  2  Vols.  Q.  Vols.  13-17.  1903-1907.  4  v.  O.  Jan.-Apr., 

Founded  1890  as  organ  of  Machine  Wood  Workers  Internatl.  Union  of 
America.  Styled  Machine  Woodworker  till  May  15,  1895 ;  American 
Woodworker,  May-Nov.,  1895.  Edited  by  Thomas  I.  Kidd  till  Jan.,  1906; 
since  then  by  John  G.  Meiler. 

Workers'  Call  (w).    March,  1899-March,  1902.    F«. 

Founded  1899  by  Arthur  Simons,  as  Socialistic  labor  organ.  Contin- 
ued after  Mar.,  1902,  as  Chicago  Socialist,  q.  v. 




Wobking  Democeact  (w).    July,  1901-Jan.,  1902.    Q. 

Founded  1900  by  Democratic  Natl.  Committee,  and  published  by  it  till 
suspension,  Jan.,  1902. 

Wobkingman's  Advocate  (w).    Feb.  12,  1876. 
Dated  also  at  Detroit  and  Cincinnati. 

Bulletin  of  Wobkingmen's  Legal  Security  Co.  (m).    Jan.,  1903. 

Chicago  World  (w).    1894-95.    F«. 

Founded  1891  by  Byron  D.  Adsit,  and  published  by  Mm  till  1897.  No 
later  mention  In  directories.     Independent. 

World's    Columbian    Exposition,    Illustrated    (m).    Vols.    1-3.    Feb. 
1891— Feb.,  1894.     3  v.     F*. 

Wobld  To-Day   (m).     Vols.  1-19.     1901-1910.     19  v.     O.     1911+ 

Publisbed  by  Current  Encyclopedia  Co.  till  Oct.,  1903 ;  since  then  by 
World  To-Day  Co.  Edited  by  Charles  H.  Dennis  till  190.r>.  Vols.  1-2 
styled  Current  Encyclopedia. 


Mystic  Wobkeb. 

See  same  title,  under  Fulton. 


Christian  Socialist. 

See  same  title,  under  Chicago. 

Fbee  Citizen  (w).     Dec.  11,  1902;  May  26,  1905. 

Labob  Bulletin  (w).    Mar.,  1886 — Oct.,  1887  (incomp.).    F«. 

Founded  1885  by  John  Lindsay  &  Co.,  and  published  by  them  till  1899. 
No  later  mention  in  directories.     Styled  Bulletin  after  1890. 


Decatur  Labor  World   (w).    May,  1907+  F«. 

Founded  1900.  Published  a  few  months  by  Labor  World  Pub.  Co. ;  by 
Eugene  Linxweller  (editor  from  the  start)  and  Charles  R.  Bennett  till 
1907 ;  by  LIr.xweiler,  1907-Jnne,  1909.  Then  suspended  for  six  weeks. 
Revived  by  Thomas  I.  Hughes,  and  since  conducted  by  him. 

Satubday  Bulletin  (w).     Apr.  19,  1890;  Oct.  17,  1891. 

East  St.  Louis 
East  St.  Louis  Labob  (w).    Sept.  28,  1895. 


Fox  River  Courier  (w).     July  7,  1852  (imperfect). 

With  Western  Local  Papers,  1851-60.  Founded  1851.  Short-lived. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Elgin,  III.,  continued: 

Illinois  Palladium  (w).     May  31,  1855. 

Founded  1853.     Conducted  by  Hough,  1853-54   (with  J.  H.  Rowe, 

1854)  ;  by  Rowe  &  Joslyn,   185G.     Sold  to  Lyman  &  Smith,  1856  ;  styled 
Kane  County  Journal,  but  soon  suspended. 

Our  Republic  (m).    May,  1897. 
Founded  1897. 

Social  Ideals  (m).    Vol.  1,  No.  1.     Jan.,  1901. 


Prairie  Democbat.     May  6,  1852;   May  5,  1853. 

Founded  1S47  by  Stephen  D.  Carpenter,  and  conducted  by  him  till 
x  1850  ;  J.  O.  1".  Burnslde,  1850-52  ;  George  Ordway,  1852-53.  Since  then 
styled  Bulletin;  issued  daily  since  1S77.  Published  by  Burnside  in  1853; 
Brag,  Brawley  &  Bagg  for  a  time;  J.  R.  Scroggs,  1861-69  (with  W.  T. 
Giles,  1861-64)  ;  Giles,  1869-73 ;  John  W.  Potter.  1873-85  (with  C.  C. 
Shuler,'  1874)  ;  O.  T.  Potter,  1885-94 ;  since  then  by  P.  O.  Stiver  and 
H.  P.  Poftenberger   (with  H.  F.  Rocky,  1894-1900). 


Mystic  Wobkee  (m).     Mar.,  1900-1901.     F«-4.     1903+ 

Founded  1895.  Organ  of  Mystic  Workers  of  the  World:  Conducted  in 
1900  by  Edmund  Jackson  (with  G.  W.  Clendenen,  then  with  C.  E.  Han- 
sen). After  June,  1900,  edited  by  J.  R.  Adams  till  Dec,  1907;  Thomas 
W.  Purcell.  Dec,  1907-1908 ;  then  by  Adams,  for  a  time ;  since  1910  by 
Robert  Toole.  Published  successively  at  Fulton,  Chillicothe,  Mount  Mor- 
ris, Belvidere,   Hampton    (Iowa),   Pianos,  Polo,  and  Mt.  Morris. 


Galena  Democbat  (tri-w).     Sept.  12,  1840. 
See  Miners'  Journal. 

Galenian   (w).    1834-36,  46  nos.    Fs. 

With  2i.  W.  Gazette  and  Galena  Advertiser.     See  Miners'  Journal. 

Northwestern  Gazette  and  Galena  Advertiser   (w).    Nov.,   1834-Aug., 
1848.     4  v.    F  o. 

Oldest  paper  now  published  in  Galena  ;  established  Nov.,  1834,  by  C.  E. 
Loring  and  Sylvester  Bartlett.  (Plant  owned  by  Dickinson  B.  More- 
house and  others).  Loring  soon  withdrew,  and  Benjamin  Mills  was  edi- 
tor, 1S34-35.  Published  by  Bartlett  and  H.  H.  Hougbton  for  a  time ; 
Houghton  alone,  1838-43  ;  W.  C.  E.  Thomas,  1843-45.  After  1847  con-, 
ducted  largely  by  Houghton  till  1863,  J.  B.  Brown,  1863-1896 ;  since  then 
by  Galena  Gazette  Co. ;  edited  by  A.  W.  Glessner.  Since  1863,  styled 
Galena  Gazette. 



Semi-Weekly  Galena  Jeffersonian.     Oct.,  1845-Jan.,  1847.    Fe. 

Established  by  Horace  A.  Tenney,  of  Elyria,  O.  Conducted  by  Charles 
Sweney,  J  847-52  ;  Randall,  Sanford  &  Co.,  1852;  Ray   (afterwards  editor 

of  Vhioago   Tribune)    &  Sanford,   1852-53 ;   Ray   &  Scott,   1853-54 ;   

Scott,  1854  ;  then  by  L.  T.  Leal  and  Charles  Crouch.     Suspended  1855. 

Miners'  Journal   (w).     Sept.,  1829-Dec,  1830.     Fe. 

First  paper  in  Mississippi  lead  region;  founded  by  James  Jones,  1826, 
"subscriptions  payable  in  smelter's  acceptances,  lead,  or  cash."  In  182!) 
Thomas  Ford  (later  governor  of  111.)  was  associate  editor.  In  1832 
bought  by  Dr.  Addison  Philleo,  and  styled  Galenian,  q.  v.  After  1836 
styled  Democrat;  edited  by  Philleo  and  George  W.  Palmer. 


Augustana   (m).     Swedish.     1874-78.     5  y.     O. 

Founded  1S56  by  Swedish  Lutheran  Pub.  Co.  Moved  to  Chicago,  1858. 
and  published  by  Swedish  Lutheran  Press  Assn.  till  1873  or  later;  since 
1886  by  Augustana  Book  Concern  at  Rockford.  Edited  by  Rev.  T.  N. 
Hasselquist,  1856-89  ;  Rev.  E.  Norelius,  1880  ;  Revs.  S.  P.  A.  Lindahl  and 
A.  Rodell,  1891-98;  Lindahl  and  J.  C.  Bengston,  1900-1907;  since  then 
by  Revs.  L.  G.  Abrahamson  and  M.  J.  England.  Apparently  styled 
Augustana  och  MisHonaren  until  1885. 

Broom  Maker  (m).     1903-04  (incomp.).     Q. 

Founded  1898,  organ  of  International  Broom  and  Whisk  Makers'  Union. 
Edited  by  Oliver  A.  Brower,  Nov..  1903-Dec,  1904. 

Galesburg  Labor  News    (w).     1903-1908.     2  v.   1909+   F«. 

Founded  1895  by  H.  C.  Smalley  and  conducted  by  him  till  his  death, 
Oct.,  1903 ;  S.  W.  Smalley  till  Sept.,  1904  ;  J.  L.  Wilcox,  Sept.,  1904 — 
Mar.  1905 ;  since  then  by  Labor  News  Co.  Edited  by  Edward  A.  Tate, 
Apr.,  1905— Dec,  1910 ;  since  then  by  George  Palmer. 

Railroad    Trainmen's    Journal    (m).    Vols.    10-26.     1893-1909.     16    v. 

O.     1910+ 

Founded  1883  as  organ  of  Bro.  of  Railroad  Trainmen.  Edited  since 
1893  by  D.  L.  Cease.  Styled  Railroad  Trainman  since  1908.  Published 
later  at  Peoria ;  now  at  Cleveland,  O. 


Delta  Delta  Delta  Trident  (q).  Vol.  2.  1893,  1  no.;  Vol.  7.  1897-98; 
Vol.  8.  1898-99,  3  nos.;  Vols.  9-10.  1899-1901;  Vol.  11,  1901- 
1902,  3  nos.;  Vols.  12-13.  1902-1904;  Vols.  14-17,  1904-1908, 
scat.  nos.    O. 

Formerly  published  at  Baltimore,  Md. 


Industrial  Worker  (m).    Jan.-Sept.,  1906;  Jan.- June,  1907.    F. 

Founded  Jan.,  1906,  by  Industrial  Workers  of  World,  absorbing  Voice 
of  Labor  and  International  Metal  Worker.  Edited  by  A.  S.  Edwards, 
until  Oct.,  1906,  when  quarrels  in  the  organization  led  to  suspension  un- 
der court   injunction      Resumed  publication,   Jan.,   1907 ;   edited  by   Will- 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Joliet,  III.,  continued: 

iam  J.  F.  Hannemann  till  June.  No  later  data  obtainable.  Part  of  the 
organization  began  a  new  weekly  paper,  Jan.,  1907,  styled  Industrial 
Union  Bulletin,  q.  v.     Each  claimed  to  be  the  official  organ. 

Kankakee  City 

Le  Journal  de  l'lllinois  (w).    French.    Aug.,  1858. 
See  same  title,  under  Chicago. 


Brotherhood  (m).    Feb.,  1900. 


Blacksmiths'  Journal 

See  same  title,  under  Chicago. 

Missionaken  (m).    Vols.  1-3.    1876-78  (incomp.).    3  v.    0. 
Merged  in  Augustana,  Rock  Island,  q.  v. 

Mount  Morris 

Bank  Man  (m).    Sept.,  1906. 

Mystic  Worker. 

See  same  title,  under  Fulton. 


Colonie  Icarienne  (w).    July-Dec,  1854.    Fb. 

Organ  of  Cabet's  colony,  "Icaria."     Issued  as  early  as  1845. 


Ottawa  Statesman  (w).    Nov.  9,  1869. 


Industrial  Peorian  (w).    Oct.  30,  1903. 

Railroad  Telegrapher  (m).    Vols.  20-26.    1903-1909.    6  v.  Q.    1910+ 

Founded    1885.     Published    by    Telegrapher    Pub.    Co.    and    edited    by 

J.  R.   T.  Austin  in  1896.     Since  then   published    by    Order    of    Railroad 

Telegraphers;  edited  by  H.  B.  Perham,  1897-1901  or  later;  since  1903  by 

L.  W.  Quick. 

Railroad  Trainmen's  Journal. 

See  same  title,  under  Ualesburg. 



Peoria  Socialist   (w).    Vol.  1,  No.  1.    Apr.  2,  1903;  May-Dec,  1907. 

Founded   1903.     Moved   to    Indianapolis,    Ind.,   Nov.,    1907,   and   styled 
Indiana  Socialist. 


Mystic  Worker. 

See  same  title,  under  Fulton. 


Mystic  Worker. 

See  same  title,  under  Fulton. 


Pioneer  (w).    June,  1900-Jan.,  1901.    Fs. 
Published  by  State  Reformatory. 


Quincy  Labor  (w).    Aug.  24,  1895. 

Quincy  Labor  News  (w).    1903-Sept,  1910.    Fe. 

Founded  1894  by  Richard  Dallam  and  Jacob  A.   Smith,  and  conducted 
by  them  till  1899;  by  W.  H.  Hoffman,  1899— Sept.,  1910. 

Whig  and  Republican  (d).    Nov.  7,  1863;  Sept.  5,  1864. 


Rockford  Republican  (w).    Mar.  19,  1856. 

Svenska  Socialisten   (s^m).    Swedish.    Nov.,  1905-Mar.,  1907.    F*-". 

Founded   1905.     Now   published  by   Swedish  Branch  of   Socialist  Party 
of  Rockford ;  edited  by  John  A.  Hallden. 

Rock  Island 


See  same  title,  under  Galesburg. 

Augustana  och  Missionaren  (m).    Vols.  24-26.    1879-81.    3  v.  O. 
See  Augustana,  under  Galesburg. 

Rock  Islandek  (w).    Oct.  29,  1887. 

St.  Charles 

Pbaibie  Messenger  (w).    July  16,  1846. 

With   Eastern  and  Western  Newspapers,  1841-49.     Suspended,  1847. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Illinois,  continued: 


Savanna  Register  (w).    Oct.  11,  1853. 

Published    (1853)    by   Charles   Allen,   and   edited  by   Smith   D.   Atkins. 
Soon  sold  to  —  Grattan,  and  plant  removed  elsewhere. 


Our  Best  Words   (s-m).    Sept.,  1889-Sept,  1890.  F*. 

Pounded  1879  as  Church  and  Home,  by  Jasper  L.  Douthit  and  con- 
ducted by  him  till  1892.  Sold  in  1892  to  J.  S.  Barnum,  and  conducted 
by  him  and  F.  K.  Pennington  as  People's  Paper  (Populist)  till  1894.  In 
the  same  year  Douthit  bought  back  the  name  Our  Beat  Words  and  has 
since  published  it  as  monthly.     Unitarian  and  Prohibition. 


Electrical  Wobkeb  (m).  Dec,  1901;  Sept.,  1903;  1905,  6  nos.;  1906, 
7  nos.  Vols.  7-10.  Nov.,  1906-Aug.,  1910.  3  v.  Q.  Sept.  1910+ 
Founded  1891  as  organ  of  Internatl.  Bro.  of  Electrical  Workers.  Edited 
by  J.  T.  Kelly,  1891-96;  H.  W.  Sherman,  1896 — Oct.,  1905;  since  then 
by  P.  W.  Collins.  Formerly  published  at  Rochester,  N.  Y.,  and  Wash- 
ington, D.  C. 

Illinois  Journal  (w).     May  4,  1853   (imp.). 

Illinois  State  Journal  (w).     May,  1857 — Mar.,  1863.     2  v.     P'. 

Founded  Nov.,  1831,  as  Sangamon  Journal.  Issued  daily  and  weekly 
since  June  13,  184S.  Published  by  Simeon  and  Josiah  Francis  (with 
others  of  the  family)  till  1855;  W.  H.  Bailhache  and  Edward  L.  Baker, 
1855-62 ;  Baker  and  David  L.  Phillips,  1862-66 ;  Baker  and  Bailhache, 
1866-67 ;  Baker,  Phillips,  and  others,  1873-78 ;  Selby,  Simmons  &  Chapin, 
1878-85;  Tracy,  Stratton  &  Phillips  (A.  F.),  1885-86;  Paul  Selby  and 
M.  S.  Kimball,  1886-89 ;  Clarence  K.  Paul,  H.  F.  Dorwin  and  L.  H. 
Miner,  since  1889.  Edited  by  Paul  Selby,  July,  1862-66,  and  1874- 
89;  Clarence  Paul,  1889— May,  1908;  since  then  by  Lewis  H.  Miner. 
Styled  Sangamon  Journal,  Jan.  12,  1832;  Illinois  Journal,  Sept.,  1847; 
since  Aug.,  1855,  the  present  name. 

Old  Hickory.    Aug.  31,  1840. 

Olive  Branch. 

See  same  title,   under  Kirtland,  O. 

State  Register  (tr.i-w).    Aug.  19,  21,  1847. 

Laborer  (w).     Dec.  12,  1889. 



Indian  Territory — Indiana 


Illinois  Intelligences  (w).    1821-22,  4  nos. 

With  Southern  and  western  Local  Neiospapers,  1821-28.  First  news- 
paper in  Illinois;  founded  1809,  by  Matthew  Duncan,  of  Kentucky;  pub- 
lished at  Kaskaskia  till  1820,  then  removed  to  Vandalia.  Styled  III. 
Herald  till  1817,  and  Vandalia  Whig  and  III.  Intelligencer,  commencing 
1832;  suspended,  1839. 

Indian  Territory 


Cheeokee  Advocate  (w).    English  and  Cherokee.    1871-85,  3  nos. 

With  Uussian,  Japanese,  and  other  Newspapers,  1870-93.  Founded 
1870.  Published  by  Cherokee  Nation.  Conducted  by  W.  P.  Boudinot, 
1870-77  (except  by  J.  U  Adair,  1874)  ;  George  W.  Johnson,  1879;  E.  C. 
Boudinot  Jr.,  1S80-81 ;  D.  H.  Ross,  1882-85 ;  E.  C.  Boudinot,  1886-87 ; 
W.  P.  Boudinot,  1888-90  ;  Robert  F.  Wyly,  1891 ;  H.  H.  Adair,  1892-94 ; 
George  O.  Butler,  1895  ;  Waddie  Hudson,  1896-1901.  No  later  data  ob- 


Oue  Monthly.     English  and  Creek.     July,  1875. 

With  lapi  uaye,  1871-84.  Published  1873-76,  by  missionaries  to 

Ruby  City 

Owyhee  Avalanche   (w).     Aug.,  1865-Aug.,  1866.     F«. 
See  same  title,  under  Silver  City,   Idaho. 



Gas  Belt  Laboe  News  (w).    Dec.  5,  1902. 


Indiana  True  Republican  (w).    Mar.  31,  1864. 


Leclaire  News.    Vol.  1,  No.  1.     Sept.,  1896. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Indiana,  continued: 


Coming  Events  (w).    Dec.  7,  1895. 
Evansville  Enquires  (w).    Apr.  27,  1850. 
Evansville  Daily  Jottbnal.    1865.    2  v.    F?. 

Fort  Wayne 

Brotherhood  of  Locomotive  Engineebs  Journal. 
See  same  title,  under  Rochester,  N.  Y. 

Latjbel  Weeath  (w).    June  22,  July  27,  1852. 


Coming  Nation  (w).    Oct.,  1893-July,  1901;  Mar.,  1902-Dec,  1903.    3  v. 

Same.    New  Series.    1910-11,  scattering  nos. 

Founded  1S93  by  J.  A.  Wayland,  In  the  interests  of  a  co-operative 
community  organized  In  1894  at  Ruskin,  Tenn.  Published  at  Greensburg, 
Ind.,  Oct.,  1893-July,  1894  ;  Tennessee  City,  Tenn.,  July,  1894-.Tuly,  1890  ; 
Ruskin,  Tenn.,  July,  1896-Sept..  1899;  Duke,  Ga.  (re-named  Ruskin), 
Sept.,  1899-July.  1901 ;  Rich  Hill,  Mo.,  March,  1902-Dec,  1903.  Pub- 
lished by  Coming  Nation  Pub.  Co.  till  July,  1895,  and  edited  by  Wayland ; 
then  by  the  Ruskin  Co-op.  Assn.  until  Sept.,  1899,  when  placed  in  hands  of 
a  receiver.  Bought  by  Ruskin  Commonwealth,  and  published  by  it  for  a 
time;  by  Fred  D.  Warren  and  E.  N.  Richardson,  Mar.,  1902-Dec,  1903, 
when  merged  with  Appeal  to  Reason,  Girard,  Kans.,  q.  v.  In  1910  re- 
vived, as  a  new  series ;  edited  by  same  staff  as  Appeal  to  Reason. 


Bricklayer  and  Mason. 

See  same  title,  under  New  York. 

Bbidgemen's  Magazine   (m).    1902-1905    (incomp.).    Vols.   5-9.    1905- 

1909.     5  v.    Q.     1910+ 

Founded  at  Pittsburgh  July,  1901,  by  J.  L..  Kelly.  In  Jan.,  1903,  be- 
came organ  of  Internatl.  Assn.  of  Bridge  and  Structural  Iron  Workers  of 
United  States  and  Canada.  Published  in  New  York,  Jan.,  1903-Dec, 
1904 :  Cleveland,  O.,  Jan.,  1905-Jan.,  1906 ;  since  then  at  Indianapolis. 
Edited  by  J.  W.  Johnston,  1903-04;  since  then  by  J.  J.  McNamara. 

Deutsch-Amerikanische  Buchdetjckee  Zettung. 
See  same  title,  under  Philadelphia,  Pa. 


See  sanle  title,  under  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Clay  Wobkeb  (m).    Apr.,  1904.    F. 

Cbisis  (w).    Vol.  1.    Apr  .-May,  1885.    F». 




Equity  Farm  Journal  (w).    Vols.  1-3.    Nov.,  1907-1910.    3  v.    F. 

Founded  1908  by  American  Soe.  of  Equity,  and  since  published  by  it. 
Styled  Co-operators'  Guide,  early  in  1911 ;  since  Apr.,  1911,  Co-operative 
Farmer.     Moved  to  Chicago,  Apr.,  1911. 

American  Farmer,  Live  Stock  &  Poultry  Raiser   (m).    1904+   (quite 

incomp.).    F. 

Founded  1HS4.  Published  since  1898  by  American  Farmer  Co.  Edited 
by  Joseph  H.  Brigham,  1901. 

Industrial  Independent  (w).    1904-1905,  6  nos.    F. 

Iron  Clad  Age  (w).    Dec.  31,  1892. 

Indianapolis  Daily  Journal.  1864-66,  4  nos.  1882-Mar.,  1887.  12  v. 
Fe.  Apr.,  1887-Oct,  1900.  42  v.  (Sunday  editions  generally 
lacking;    1882-83  quite  incomplete).    F». 

Weekly  edition  founded  1818 ;  daily,  1823.  Published  by  Douglass  & 
Conner,  1870;  Indianapolis  Journal  Co.,  1871-75;  E.  B.  Martindale,  1876- 
81 ;  John  C.  New  &  Son,  1882-86 ;  Indianapolis  Journal  Newspaper  Co. 
(John  C.  &  Harry  S.  New),  1887-190(5.     No  later  data  obtainable. 

Indiana  State  Journal  (w).    1896-1899.    2  v.    F«. 
Weekly  edition  of  Journal,  q.  v. 

Journeyman  Barber  (m).     June,  1908+     O. 

Founded  1905.  Published  by  Jacob  Fischer,  June,  1908-Oct.,  1909 ; 
since  then  by  William  E.  Klapetsky. 

Labor  News  (w).     Aug.  31,  1895;,  Feb.  8,  1896. 

Labor  Signal  (w).     Sept.  1,  1893. 

Locomotive  Firemen's  and  Enginemen's  Magazine. 
See  same  title,  under  Dayton,  O. 

Indianapolis  News   (d).    Nov.,  1905- June,  1906.    4  v.    Fa. 

Founded  1869  by  John  R.  Halliday  and  conducted  by  him  till  1892 ;  by 
W.  J.  Richards  and  Charles  D.  Williams,  1893-1900;  edited  by  Charles 
R.  Williams,  and  published  by  Smith  &  Williams,  1901-Apr.,  1911.  Since 
then,  owned  by  Delavan  Smith.     Independent 

American  Nonconfobmist. 

See  same  title,  under  Wlnfleld,  Kans. 

Our  Organette  (w).     Oct.,  1882-Aug.,  1883.     F«. 

Founded  1882  by  Sam  I..  Lefflngwell,  and  conducted  by  him  till  1884. 
Labor.     No  later  mention  In  directories. 

Patriot  Phalanx  (w).    Vols.  10-11.    Feb.,  1895-Feb.,  1896. 

Bound  with  Morristown,  Tenn.,  Christian  Patriot,  q.  v.  Founded  1885 
by  Indiana  Phalanx  Co.  Edited  by  J.  G.  L.  Myers,  1886-88 ;  J.  A.  Pol- 
lock, 1889-90 ;  William  F.  Clark  Sr.,  William  F.  Clark  Jr.,  1891-95 ; 
W.  F.  Clark.  1896-1900;  since  then  by  W.  F.  &  E.  W.  Clark.  Prohibi- 

[61  j 

Newspaper  Catalogue 

Indianapolis,  Ind.,  continued: 

Indiana  Socialist  (w).    Nov.-Dec,  1907.  Ps. 
Continuation  of  Peoria  Socialist,  q.  v. 

Magazine  of  International  Brotherhood  of  Teamsters. 
See  Teamsters. 

Teamsters    (m).    Vols.  1-6.    1903-1906.    3  v.    Q.    1907+ 

Founded  Not.,  1903.  Edited  by  James  J.  Dwyer  till  Sept.,  1904  j 
Cornelius  P.  Shea,  Sept.,  1904-Nov.,  1907 ;  since  then  by  Daniel  G.  Tobin. 
Styled   Teamsters  since  1906. 

Typographical   Journal    (s-m;    m).     Vols.    1-7.     1889-95.     3   v.     P. 

Vols.  8-34.     1896-1909.     27  v.     O.     1910+ 

Founded  1889.  Published  by  W.  S.  McClevey  till  1894;  A.  J.  Wines, 
1895-Nov..  1S96;  J.  W.  Bramwood,  Nov.,  1896-Mar.,  1909;  since  then 
by  J.  W.  Hays.     Organ  o£  Intematl.  Typ.  Union. 

Union  (w).    1903-1904.    P«.    1905+ 

Founded  1888  by  Edwin  F.  Gould,  and  conducted  by  him  till  1905  or 
later  (with  J.  H.  Springer  part  of  the  time ;  with  E.  F.  Barry,  1903-Mar., 
1904)  ;  since  then  by  Edgar  A.  Perkins.     Labor. 

United  Mine-Workers'  Journal. 

See  same  title,  under  Columbus,  O. 

Workingman  (w).    Jan.  6,  1894. 


Lafayette  Courier  (d).    July  2,  1860. 

Lafayette  Journal  (d).    May  25,  Oct.  6,  1864. 

Official  Journal,  Painters,  Decorators  and  Paper  Hangers. 
See  Painter  and  Decorator. 

Painter  and  Decorator  (m).    Vols.  17-23.     1903-1909.     7  v.     O.     1910+ 

Founded  1887  by  Bro.  of  Painters,  Decorators,  and  Paper  Hangers,  and 

edited  by  their  Sec.-Treas.    (M.  P.   Carrick,  1901-June,  1904 ;   since  then, 

J.  C.  Skemp).     Styled  successively  Painters'  Journal,  Painters,  Decorators, 

and  Paper  Hangers'  Magazine,  and   (since  1906)    Painter  and  Decorator. 

Painter's  Journal  (m).'   Nov.,  1895. 
See  Painter  and  Decorator. 

La  Porte 

Railway  News  (w).    May  2,  1903. 

Founded  1903. 

La  Porte  County  Whig.    Dec.  25,  1847. 


Indiana — Iowa 

Lawrence  burg 
Union  Press  (w).    Aug.  17,  1865. 

Logansport  Advance  (w).    July  13,  1900. 

New  Harmony 

New  Harmony  Gazette  (w).    Vol.  1.    Oct.,  1825-Sept.,  1826.    Q. 
Published  by  Robert  Dale  Owen. 


Lilt  (s-m).    Apr.  1,  Dec.  15,  1856;  Apr.  15,  1857. 
Devoted  to  interests  of  women. 


Alliance  (w).    June  1,  1904. 

Terre  Haute 

Railway  Times  (w).    1894-95,  1897,  5  nos.    F«. 

Toiler  (w).     Dec.  7,  1900r  1903,  4  nos. 


Western  Ranger  (w).    Jan.  11,  1845. 


Washington  Weekly  Gazette.    Dec.  26,  1868. 



Political  Stab  (s-m).    May  1,  1899. 
FouDded   1899. 


Iowa  Territorial  Gazette  and  Burlington  Advertiser  (w).    Dec.  8,  15, 

With  Wisconsin  Territorial  Gazette,  July,  1837-Dec.,  1838.  Succeeded 
Wis.  Terr.  Qaz.  (a.  v.)  after  erection  of  Iowa  Territory,  June  12,  1838. 
Published  by  James  Clarke  &  Co.,  public  printers.  Continued  as  Iowa 
State  Gazette,  1846,  and  Gazette,  1867. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Burlington,  Ia.,  continued: 

Wisconsin  Territorial  Gazette  and  Burlington  Advertiser  (w).    July, 
1837-May,  1838.    Fs. 

Successor  (July  10,  1837)  of  Belmont  (Wis.)  Qazette,  q.  v.;  published 
by  James  Clarke  (afterward  governor  of  Iowa)  and  Cyrus  S.  Jacobs  till 
Apr.,  1838;  continued  by  Clarke  for  some  time;  styled  Iowa  Territorial 
Uasette  after  erection  of  Iowa  Territory. 

Burlington  Hawkete   (d).     1864-65.     4  v.    Ft. 

Founded  June,  1839,  by  James  G.  Edwards,  of  New  York,  under  title 
Iowa  Patriot;  soon  after  styled  Hawk-eye  and  Iowa  Patriot,  and  Hawkeye 
after  June,  1843.  Published  by  Edwards  &  Beardsley,  1870-71 ;  Hawkeye 
Pub.  Co.,  1872-89 :  since  then  by  J.  L,.  Waite.  Edited  for  many  years  by 
Robert  J.  Burdette ;  Frank  Hatton,  1874-78 ;  since  1889  by  J.  L.  Waite. 

Cedar  Falls 

Dannevirke   (w).    1899-1908.     5  v.    F«.     1909+ 

Founded  1880.  Published  by  Hoist  &  Christiensen,  1888-1906  or  later  : 
since  then  by  M.  Hoist. 

Cedar  Rapids 

Modern  Brotherhood  (m).     June,  1907.    Fs. 

Railway  Conductor's  Monthly. 

See  Railway  Conductor,  under  Elmira,  N.  Y. 

Why  (m).    Mar.,  1905. 


Southwestern  Iowa  Observer  (w).    Aug.  6,  1864. 


Tri  City  Labor  Voice  (w).     May  9,  1903. 

Council  Bluffs 

Deaf  Mute  Hawk  Eye   (s-m;   w,  1884).     Oct.,  1882-July,  1883;    Sept., 
1884-Oct.,  1886.     2  v.     Fs. 

Founded  1880,  at  State  Institute  for  Deaf  Mutes.  Issued  during 
school  year.  Edited  by  Moses  Folsom  in  1883  ;  H.  C.  Hammond,  1884-87 ; 
G.  L.  Wickoff,  1887-90;  Frank  Wills,  1890-91;  Henry  Rothert,  1892- 
95.     Published  as  late  as  1899.     No  later  data  obtainable. 


Iowa  Churchman  (m).    1881-87.    Q.    1888-90.    F.  1891-96.     2  v.    Fs. 

Founded    1877.     Edited    by    Bishop    William    B.  Perry,    1886-99 ;    by 

Bishop    Hamilton    Schuyler,    1900.     Now   published  at   Dubuque   by   Rev. 
John  C.  Sage.     Protestant  Episcopal. 



Fest  Zeituno  (d).    1907. 

Issued  during  Northwestern   Siingerfest. 

Davenport  Gazette  (d  and  w).    1864-65.    4  v.    ps. 

First  dally  newspaper  In  Iowa  (1854).  Conducted  by  Edward  Russell, 
1870 ;  Waldo  M.  Potter,  1872-75 ;  Russell,  1876-85 ;  George  C.  Armstrong, 
1886;  C.  D.  Vallette,  1887.  In  1888  merged  with  Democrat;  edited 
by  D.  N.  Richardson  as  Democrat-Gazette  till  1890 ;  then  styled  Demo- 
crat till  Mar.,  1904,  when  merged  with  Leader;  since  then,  Democrat  and 
Leader.  Conducted  by  Richardson  till  his  death  in  1898 ;  B.  P.  Tilllng- 
hast,  1898-1910  ;  since  then  by  Ralph  W.  Cram.  Published  by  Democrat 
Co.  since  1891. 


College  Chips  (m).    Vols.  12-15.    1895-98.    4  v.  in  2.    O.    Vote.  16-19. 
1899-1902.    Vols.   21-23.    1904-1906    (incomp.).    Vol.   26.    1909. 
Published  by  students  ot  Luther  College. 

Co-Opebative  Era  (m).    Vol.  1.    1898,  4  nos.;  Nov.,  1899;  Jan.,  1900.    F. 

Decobah-Posten  (s-w).  Norwegian.  Oct.,  1895-1906.  11  v.  Fa.  1907-H 
Founded  Sept.,  1874,  and  since  conducted  by  B.  Amundsen,  former  pub- 
lisher of  Ved  Amen,  in  La  Crosse  and  For  Hjemmet  in  Decorah.  Ted 
Amen  (founded  18671  was  suspended  in  1870,  but  since  1885  a.  weekly 
supplement  to  Posten  has  appeared  under  that  name.  Historical  sketch 
in  souvenir  pamphlet  issued  in  1907,  An  Informal  Chat  about  Decorah 
Posten,  by  the  publisher. 

Evangelist-Luthersk   Kirketidende    (m;    w).    Vols.    23-26.    1896-99. 
4  v.    O.    1900+ 
Founded  In  1853.     Published  by  Lutheran  Pub.  House. 

Employee   (m).    Jan.-Sept,  1905.    F. 

Founded  1904.  Advocates  improved  labor  conditions ;  opposes  social- 
ism.    No  later  data   obtainable. 

Fabmebs'  Tribune  (w).    May,  1894-Oct,  1895   (incomp.).    F«. 

Founded  1878.  Styled  Iowa  State  Tribune,  Iowa  Tribune,  Iowa  Farm- 
era'  Tribune  successively  till  1894.  Conducted  by  James  B.  Weaver,  1883— 
1896  (with  E.  H.  Gillette  till  1891)  ;  then  published  by  E.  T.  Meredith 
and  edited  by  J.  M.  Gass  till  1900 ;  Meredith  alone,  1901.  No  later  data 

Merchant's  Trade  Journal   (m).    1909-1910.    2  v.    Q.    1911+ 

Founded  1900 :  owned  by  Ira  B.  Thomas  until  May,  1904 ;  since  then 
by  W.  J.  Pilkington.     Devoted  to  Interests  of  retail  merchants. 

Million  (w).    May  1,  1886. 

Iowa  Unionist  (w).    1900-1904,  12  nos.    F«, 

5— N.  C.  [  65  ] 

Newspaper  Catalogue 

Iowa,  continued: 


[Included  in  Wisconsin  Territory  till  June  12,  1838.] 
Industbial  Leader  (w).    1887,  11  nos.    F«. 

Iowa  News  (w).    July  8,  1838,  3  nos. 

With  Iowa  Co.  (Wis.)  Newspapers,  1836-41.  First  newspaper  in  Iowa; 
established  under  title  DuBuque  Visitor,  May,  1836,  by  John  King.  Sus- 
pended in  1842;  material  removed  to  Lancaster,  Wis.,  and  used  in  estab- 
lishing Grant  Co.  Herald.  The  press  used  for  printing  the  Visitor  was 
also  used  in  printing  the  Bt.  Paul  Pioneer,  first  paper  printed  in  Minne- 
sota (1849)  ;  and  the  Dacotah  Vemocrat,  first  paper  in  Dakota  (1858). 

Iowa  Socialist  (w).     Oct.,  1902- July,  1903.    Fe. 

Founded  Oct.,  1902,  by  Iowa  Socialist  Pub.  Co.  Edited  by  E.  Holtz  and 
A.  A.  Triller  all  July,  190S.     No  later  data  obtainable. 

Du  Buque  VisrroB  (w).    Nov.  9,  1836. 

Founded  May,  183C,  by  John  King:  after  six  months,  owned  by  W.  W. 
Chapman,  two  months  later,  by  W.  H.  Turner ;  in  June,  1837,  purchased 
by  Coriell,  King  &  Russell,  and  continued  as  Iowa  News,  q.  v.  under  Du- 
buque, Iowa.     Non-partisan  under  King ;   afterwards   Democratic. 

D.  Sheward,  of  Burlington  Gazette,  stated  in  1859  that  the  Visitor  was 
at  one  time  published  by  William  Carey  Jones,  son-in-law  of  Thomas  H. 
Benton.      (See  Wis.  Editorial  Association  Proceedings,  1859). 


Mystic  Wobkeb. 

See  same  title,  under  Fulton,  III. 

Dally  Gate  Crrr.    Dec.  31,  1857. 

North- Western  Review   (m).    Vol.  1.    June,  1857-Apr.,   1858.     O. 

Published  by  H.  H.  Belding ;  devoted  to  business,  real  estate,  and  de- 
velopment of  natural  resources,  especially  in  Iowa ;  gives  valuable  informa- 
tion and  statistics. 

Tri  City  Labob  Voice  (w).    May  9,  1903. 


Fbtjitmaw  and  Gardener. 

See  same  title,  under  Mount  Vernon. 

Mount  Vernon 

Fbuttman  and  Gardener  (m).    1902+  P-Q. 

Founded  Jan.,  1897,  by  M.  E.  Hinkley,  at  Marcus,  and  conducted  by  him 
till  Jan.,  1901 ;  since  then  by  Lloyd  McCutcheon,  for  the  company. 


Iowa — Kansas 


Labor's  Voice  (m).    Dec,  1903. 


Liberty  Bell  (w).    May  19,  1894.  1 

Sioux  City 

Tidende    (w).    Danish.    Oct.,   1895-Aug.,  1896.    F«. 

With  Danslce  Pionier,  Omaha.  Pounded  1890  by  0.  M.  Levang,  and 
conducted  by  him  till  1892  ;  by  John  Story,  1893-97.  No  later  mention 
in  directories. 


American  Union.    Oct.  23,  1863;  Aug.  18,  1864. 


Republican  Extra  (w).    1843,  3  nos. 

Webster  City 

Christian  Socialist. 

See  same  title,  under  Chicago,  111. 

Freeman  Tribune  (d).    Nov.  19,  1902. 



Atchison  Free  Pbess  (d).    May,  1866-Aug.,  1868.    5  v.    Fo-?. 

Founded  1863  by  F.  A.  Root  &  Co.,  as  first  daily  in  Atchison.  From 
Jan.,  1868,  edited  by  L.  R.  Elliott.  In  1868  merged  with  Champion 
(founded  1855)  as  Champion  and  Press,  and  published  by  Root  &  Martin 
till  1871.  Thereafter  styled  Champion;  published  by  John  A.  Martin,  till 
1891;  Andrew  J.  Felt,  1892-94;  Champion  Pub.  Co.,  1895-97;  Felt  & 
Skinner,  189S ;  Champion  Linotype  Pub.  Co.,  1899;  Ewing  Herbert,  1901; 
now  by  Champion  Pub.  Co.     Republican  ;  now  Independent  Republican. 

Squatter  Sovereign  (w).    Sept.  12,  1857. 

With  Kans.,  Wash.,  and  Oregon  Newspapers,  1856-63.  Established  by 
J.  H.  Stringfellow,  Feb.,  1855  ;  intensely  Pro-slavery  in  tone.  Continued, 
in  1858  as  Champion,  a  Free-Soil  paper. 


Kansas  Kbitic  (w).    May  2,  1888. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Kansas,  continued: 

Doniphan  City 

Kansas  Cbtjsadeb  of  Freedom  (w).    Mar.  6,  1858. 

With  Kane.,  Wash.,  and  Oregon  Newspapers,  1856-62.  Published  by 
James  Redpath. 


Independent  League  (m).    Nov.,  1894-Oct,  1895.    Q. 

Founded  1894  by  Reform  Pub.  Co.,  and  conducted  by  them  till  1899. 
No  later  data   obtainable. 


Integral  Co-opebatob  (w).    1892,  2  nos. 
Social  Ethics  (w).    1903,  5  nos.    F*. 

Fort   Scott 

Deutscheb  Kbieger  (w).     May  20,  1862. 

With  Mo.  and  Kans.  Local  newspapers,  1862-67. 

Socialist  Reason  (m).    Feb.,  1903. 
Founded  1902. 

Geuda  Springs 
Cbank  (w).    Nov.  6,  1886. 


Appeal  to  Reason  (w).    Aug.,  1895-1907.    3  v.    Fe.    1908+ 

Founded  Aug.,  1895,  by  J.  A.  Wayland,  and  since  conducted  by  him. 
Absorbed,  Dec,  1903,  Cominy  Nation  (q.  v.  under  Euskin,  Tenn.).  Fred 
Warren  of  the  latter  paper  has  since  continued  with  Appeal  to  Reason. 
Eugene  F.  Debs  also  on  editorial  staff.  Socialist.  Issued  at  Kansas  City, 
Mo.  and  Kans.,  until  Feb.,  1897. 

Gaa  Paa  (w).    Jan.  16,  Apr.  2,  1904. 

Organ  for  Scandinavian  workers  in  America. 

Message  (bi-m).    Mar-Apr.,  1908.    F». 

Pbogbessive  Woman  (m).    March,  1909+    Q. 

Started  as  Socialist  Woman,  in  Chicago,  May,  1906,  by  Kiichi  Kaneko 
and  Josephine  Conger-Kaneko.  Feb.,  1908,  the  present  name  was  adopted. 
Upon  death  of  Kaneko  in  Oct.,  1909,  Mrs.  Josephine  C.  Kaneko  became 
editor,  owner  and  publisher.  Moved  to  Girard  in  1907.  Woman's  suf- 
frage and  socialism. 

Studies  in  Socialism  (g).    Jan.,  1905;  Apr.,  1908. 



American  Tbades   Alliance  Quarterly.    Apr.,  1898. 

Watland's  Monthly.    1901-1903,  4  nos.;  May,  1905;  Dec.,  1907.    D. 

Founded  1901  by  J.  A.  Wayland,  and  conducted  by  him  until  1907. 
No  later  data  obtainable.     Socialist. 


Stab  and  Kansan   (w).    1903-Apr.,  1906   (incomp.).    P«. 

Founded  1S73.  Published  as  Kansan  by  W.  H.  Watkins,  1875-1879; 
F.  C.  Scott,  1880-82;  A.  A.  Stewart,  1883-85;  H.  W.  Young,  1886-96; 
Young  &  Cox,  1897-1900 ;  since  then  by  A.  T.  Cox.  Now  styled  Evening 
Star.     Independent ;  later  Socialist. 

Kansas   City 

Appeal  to  Reason. 

See  same  title!,  under  Girard. 

Bon.EE  Makers'  and  Iron  Shipbuilders'  Journal  (m).  Vols.  4-12. 
1894-1900  (incomp.).  Vols.  13-21.  1901-1909.  8  v.  O.  1910+' 
Founded  Sept.,  1892,  by  William  J.  Gilthorpe ;  edited  by  him  until  Nov., 
1893.  The  two  Brotherhoods  were  then  merged  and  Internatl.  Pres.  Lee 
Johnson  became  editor,  ex  officio,  lie  was  followed  by  John  McNeil,  1897— 
1904  ;  George  F.  Dunn,  1904-08  ;  J.  A.  Franklin,  1908-10.  In  Sept.,  1910, 
James  B.  Casey  became  the  first  editor  to  give  his  whole  time  to  the 

Coopees'  International  Journal. 

See  same  title,  under  Cleveland,  O. 

Jottbnal  of  Brotherhood  of  Boiler-Makers,  etc. 

See  Boiler  Makers'  and  Iron  Shipbuilders'  Magazine. 

Line  Up  (w).    June  5,  1905. 

Kickapoo  City 

Kansas  Pioneeb  (w).    Nov.-Dec,  1854,  3  nos. 
With  Western  Local  Newspapers,  1851-60. 


Herald  of  Freedom  (w).    Oct.,  1854-Feb.,  1856;  Mar.-Aug.,  1858,  6  nos. 


With  Eans.,  Wash.,  and  Oregon  Newspapers,  1856-63.  Founded  Oct., 
1854,  at  Wakarusa,  by  George  W.  Brown.  Second  number  issued  at  Law- 
rence, Jan.  6,  1855.  Office  destroyed  (1856)  by  Border  Ruffians,  but  pub- 
lication soon  resumed.     Succeeded    (1860)   by  Kansas  City  Journal. 

A  six-pound  cannon  given  to  Lawrence  by  Horace  Greeley  and  others 
was  used  in  the  attack  on  Fort  Titus,  Aug.  16,  1856,  by  Capt.  Thomas 
Bickerton.  The  balls  were  obtained  by  melting  the  type  of  the  Herald  of 
Freedom.  When  fired,  Bickerton  called  them  the  "second  edition  of  the 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

jLawbence,  Kans.,  continued: 

^Kansas  Monthly.     July,  1878-Sept.,  1881.     2  v.     F. 

Founded  1S78  by  J.  S.  Boughton  and  conducted  by  him  till  1883.     No 
later  mention  in  directories. 


Leavenworth  Journal  (w).    Dec.  11,  1856;   1858,  5  nos.    Ft. 

With  Kans.,  Wash.,  and  Oregon  newspapers,  1856-63.  Founded  1856 ; 
conducted  by  John  D.  Henderson  in  that  year;  C.  H.  McLaughlin  and 
George  W.  Purkins  in  March,  1858 ;  W.  B.  Hutchison  and  —  Campbell 
in  Aug.     Pro-slavery.     Suspended,  1859. 

Leavenworth  Times  (w).    1858,  4  nos. 

With  Kans.,  Wash.,  and  Oregon  Newspapers,  1856-63.  Founded  185T 
by  Champion  Vaughn,  and  conducted  by  him  alone  for  a  year ;  then  with 
J.  K.  Bartlett,  as  a  Free  State  organ.  Continued  later  as  Times  and 
Conservative,  then  as  Times;  published  by  D.  W.  Wilder  and  H.  S.  Sleeper, 
1869 ;  Leavenworth  Times  Co.,  1871 ;  Daniel  R.  Anthony,  1872-1904  (ex- 
cept Nov.,  1887-1889,  when  Times  Co.  controlled  it)  ;  since  then  by  D.  E. 
Anthony  Jr.  Absorbed  Commercial,  Conservative,  and  Bulletin  (all  con- 
ducted by  Anthony). 

Long  Island 

Long  Island  Leader  (w).    May  2,  1903. 


Manhattan  Express   (w).    Nov.  26,  1859;   Apr.  7,  1860. 

Western  Kansas  Expbess  (w).    Feb.  9,  May  11,  1861. 

Industrialist   (m).    1897-98,  6  nos.  F-O. 

Kansas  Radical    (w).    July,  1867-Sept.,   1868.    F«. 

Founded  1866  by  B.  C.  Manning,  and  conducted  by  him  till  Sept.,  1867, 
when  the  business  management  was  leased  to  George  C.  Crowther.  Sold 
in  Sept.,  1868,  to  L.  R.  Elliott,  to  be  merged  in  Independent.  Strong 
anti-woman's  suffrage. 


'Progressive  Thought  and  Dawn  of  Equity  (m).    1894--98,  5  nos.;  Jan., 
Feb.,  1908.    GK). 

Founded  1893  by  Progressive  Thought  Co. ;  conducted  by  them  ana 
edited  by  H.  Z.  Ernst  until  1908.     No  later  mention  in  directories. 


»Quindaro  Chin-Do-Wan  (w).,  1858,  7  nos.    P'. 
With  Kans..  Wash.,  and  Oregon  Newspapers.  1856-63. 




Advocate  (w).    Sept.,  1894-July,  1895  (incomp.).    F. 
See  Farmers'  Advocate. 

Kansas  Semi-Weekly  Capital.    1896-1901.    6  v.    F«. 

Founded  1869.  Published  by  J.  K.  Hudson,  1880 ;  by  Daily  Capital 
Pub.  Co.,  1881-83  (edited  by  Henry  King,  but  managed  by  Hudson)  ;  by 
Hudson,  1884-89,  when  he  merged  in  it  the  Commonwealth  and  for  about 
a  year  published  both  as  Uapilat-UommonireaWi.  Continued  by  him  as 
Capital  till  1896;  by  Topeka  Capital  Co.,  1897-1901  or  later.  Now  pub- 
lished by  Arthur  Capper,  and  edited  by  Harold  T.  Chase.     Republican. 

Commonwealth  (d).    1872;  July-Dec,  1873;  1874-85;  July,  1886-Oct., 

1888.     31  v.     F  7-6. 

Founded  1869  (first  styled  Kansas  Commonwealth)  by  Prouty,  Davis 
&  Crane,  and  conducted  by  thein  till  1872 :  S'.  S.  Prouty  (tor  Common- 
wealth Ptg.  Co.),  1872;  Henry  King.  1873-74;  G.  W.  Veale,  1875;  F.  P. 
Baker,  1S76-81  (with  his  son  after  1877)  ;  Commonwealth  Co.,  1882-88. 
Then  united  with  Capital  (q.  v.),  as  Capital-Commonwealth. 

Equity  (w).    Mar.  31,  Dec.  15,  1900. 

Kansas  Farmer  (-w).    Dec,  1908+    F*. 

Founded  by  State  Board  of  Agriculture,  1863.  Subsequently  owned 
by.  J.  K.  Hudson  (1874-79),  E.  E.  Kwing,  Gov.  George  J.  Anthony,  Sen. 
William  A.  Peffer,  and  others.  Bought  by  owners  of  Farmers'  Advocate 
(q.  v.),  Dec,  1908,  and  both  papers  merged.  Since  published  by  Kansai 
Farmer  Co.,  Albert  J.  Reid,  president ;  edited  by  J.  A.  Borman  and  I.  D. 

Farmers'  Advocate  (w).    May-Dec,  1908.    F*. 

Founded  1889  by  S.  McLallin  and  conducted  by  him  till  about  1891 ;  by 
Advocate  Pub.  Co.,  1892-98.  Styled  Advocate  and  News,  1898  ;  Farmers' 
Advocate,  since  1899.  Published  by  George  B.  Harrison  &  Co.,  1899- 
1900 ;  by  H.  N.  Gaines,  1901.  In  1909  published  by  Western  Printing  & 
Pub.  Co.,  and  edited  by  T.  A.  Borman.  No  later  mention  in  directories. 
Democratic ;  later  Populist. 

Helping  Hand  (m).    Aug.,  1896. 

Labor  Champion  (w).    Dec.  18,  1903;  Sept.  2,  1904. 

Topeka  Matt,  (w).     Oct.,  1884-Oct,  1893.     7  v.     F*. 

Founded  1883  by  F.  H.  Collier,  C.  G.  and  W.  E.  Coutant,  and  conducted 
by  them  till  1885;  Collier  and  J.  E.  Layton,  1886;  F.  A.  Root  &  Sons, 
1887-93;  Arthur  Capper,  1894-1901.  Then  styled  Mail  and  Breeze,  and 
published  by  Capper  and  T.  A.  McNeal.     No  later  data  obtainable. 

Neqtja  (bi-m).    June-July,  1896. 

Kansas   Co-operative  Congress  number. 

State  Record  (w).    July  20,  1899. 

'    [71] 

Newspaper  Catalogue 

TTtiTRAs,  continued: 

Valley  Falls 

Fair  Plat  (s-w;  m).   May,  1888-Aug.,  1890.   F*-s.  Jan.-Mar.,  1891.    O. 
Founded   1888   by   E.   C.   Walker   and   —  Harman,    and   conducted   by 
them  till  1890.     No  later  mention  in  directories. 


Kansas  Commoner  (w).    Nov.  17,  1904. 

Social  Ethics  (m).    1903-June,  1904;  Feb.-Mar.,  1905.    O;  F«;  S. 

Founded  1898.  Published  by  People's  Pub.  Co.,  and  edited  by  Granville 
Lowther,  1903-1905.  Published  at  Enterprise,  q.  v.,  till  1904.  Then  sold 
to  Thomas  E.  Will.     No  later  data  obtainable. 

Western  Newspaper  Union  (w).    Jan.  28,  1905. 


Southwestern  Advocate  (w).    Dec.  4  1902. 

American  Nonconformist   (w).    1893-96   (incomp.).    F«. 

Founded  1879.  Published  by  H.  &  L.  Vincent,  1887-91 ;  Vincent  Bros 
Pub.  Co.,  1892-93 ;  Templeton,  East  &  Co..  1894-95 ;  Templeton,  Stock- 
well  &  Co.,  1896;  C.  Vincent,  1897-98.  Edited  by  H.  Vincent,  E.  B. 
Cummings,  and  Charles  X.  Mathews,  1894  ;  Mathews  and  L.  A.  Stockwell, 
1895-96;  C.  Vincent,  1897-98.  No  later  mention  in  directories.  Re- 
moved to  Indianapolis,  Ind.,  in  1892. 


Wyandotte  Gazette  (d).    Jan.  28,  Feb.  4,  1865. 

With  Mo.  and  Hans.  Local  Newspapers,  1862-67.  Founded  1859. 
Published  in  1865  by  R.  B.  Taylor ;  Kessler  &  Tuttle,  1870 ;  Taylor,  1871- 
81 ;  Armstrong  &  Moyer,  1882-87 ;  R.  B.  Armstrong,  1888.  Since  then 
published  by  Gazette  Co.,  and  edited  by  George  W.  Martin. 



Western  American  (w).    Nov.,  1804-May,  1805,  7  nos.    F». 

With  Western  World,  Frankfort,  1804-10.  Founded  Sept.,  1803,  by 
Francis  Penniston.  Removed  to  Louisville,  Jan.,  1806,  and  soon  after- 
ward to  St.  Louis.  See  R.  G.  Thwaites,  Ohio  Valley  Press  oefore  War  of 
1812-15,  p.  29. 


Commentator  (w).    Jan.  17,  1817. 

With  Middle  and  Western  Local  Newspapers,  1811-20.  Founded  18JT 
by  Moses  O.  Bl»d9on. 



Frankfort  Commonwealth  (w).    Apr.,  1854-Dec.,  1856;  1857-60.    3  V- 
F  7. 

Founded  183a.  Published  by  A.  G.  Hodges  &  Co.,  Apr.,  1854  (or  be- 
fore)-1872.  Edited  by  William  L.  Callender,  Apr.,  1854-1856;  Thomas 
M.  Green,  1857-Apr.,  I860  ;  G.  W.  Lewis  and  .T.  M.  Todd,  Apr.-Dec,  1860 ; 
J.  H.  Johnson  for  a  time ;  Samuel  E.  Smith,  1870  (or  before)-1872.  No 
later  mention  in  directories. 

Palladium    (w).    Aug.,  1798-May,  1801;   June,  1801-Oct.,  1803.    2  v.. 


First  newspaper  in  Frankfort ;  successor  of  Washington  (Ky.)  Mirror; 
established  by  William  Hunter  and  conducted  by  him  until  1808,  when 
sold  to  two  of  his  printers.  Published  till  1826  or  later.  Influential 
Democratic  organ.  Sub-title,  Literary  and  Political  Weekly  Repository. 
See  Thwaites,  Ohio  Valley  Press,  pp.  19-Z1. 

American  Republic    (w).    Nov.-Dec.,  1810,  6  nos.    F". 

With    Western    World,    1804-10.     Established    by   Humphrey   Marshall, . 
June,  1810,  succeeded  by  Harbinger. 

Same.    Jan.-Feb.,  1811,  3  nos. 

With  Reporter,  Lexington,  1813-14. 

Spibit  of  '76  (w).    Mar  .-Aug.,  1826.    Q. 

Western  World  (w).    Oct.,  1806-Apr.,  1807;  Dec,  1807-Jan.,  1808;  Octv- 
Nov.,  1808.    Fs. 

Established  July,  1806,  as  a  Federal  organ  by  John  Wood  and  Joseph 
M.  Street.  Its  fearless  attacks  led  to  the  overthrow  of  Burr's  conspiracy, 
and  of  another  to  render  the  Mississippi  Valley  tributary  to  Spain ;  also  • 
caused  impeachment  of  Judge  Sebastian  and  trial  of  Gen.  Wilkinson. 
Suspended,  June,  1810.     See  Thwaites,  Ohio  Valley  Press,  pp.  21-27. 

Patrons'  Bulletin   (m).    Nov.,  1875-Aug.,  1877.    F*. 


Georgetown  Pateiot  (w).    Apr.  20,  1816. 

With  Middle  and  Western  Newspapers,  1811-20. 

American  Sentinel  (w).    Feb.-Mar.,  182f,  5  nos.;  Apr.  11,  1828.    F».. 

With  Southern  and  Western  Local  Newspapers,  1821-28. 


Sociologist  (m).    1884,  8  nos.;   1885,  6  nos.    O. 


Kentucke  Gazette  (w).    Nov.,  1787— Nov.,  1788,  34  nos.    F*. 

First  newspaper  in  Kentucky ;    established  Aug.,   1787,  by   John  Brad- 
ford,  of  Virginia    ("Old  Wisdom")  ;   granted  free  use  of  a  public  lot  by- 
town  trustees  of  Lexington.     Suspended,  1848.     See  Thwaites,  pp.  13-17. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Lexington,  Ky.,  continued: 

Kentucky  Gazette  (w).    1812-14,  11  nos.    F«. 
Successor  of  Kentucke  Gazette. 

Lexington  Hebald  (w).    Sept.,  1908-1909.    F». 

Issued  since  1896  by  Lexington  Pub.  Co.  as  daily  edition  of  Press- 
Transcript  (Press  founded,  1870;  Transcript,  1878).  Edited  by  Samuel 
G.  Boyle  till  about  1899;  W.  O.  P.  Breckenridge,  1899-1904;  now  by 
Desha  Breckenridge.     Democratic ;  now  Labor. 

"Western  Monitoe  (w).     Oct.,  1814-Nov.,  1816  (incomp.).     F«. 
Changed  to  Western  Review,  1819;   suspended,   1822. 

Kentucky  .Repobteb  (w).    Apr.  21,  1823;   July  24,  31,  1826. 
Witb  Southern  and  Western  Local  Newspapers,  1821-28. 

Eepobteb  (w).    1813-14,  20  nos.    F«. 

Founded  Mar.,  1808,  by  William  W.  Worsley,  o£  Virginia,  and  Samuel 
W.  Overton.  Edited  by  Edwin  Bryant,  1832-33 ;  Kobert  N.  Wickliffe, 
1833-38 ;  D.  C.  Wickliffe,  1838-65 ;  W.  C.  P.  Breckenridge,  1866-68 ;  sus- 
pended,  1873.     See  Thwaites,  p.   17. 

Tbue  Amebican  (w).    Dec.  23,  1845;  Jan.-Oct.,  1846  (incomp.).    F<>. 


Louisville  Commercial  (d).    July,  1892-1895.     14  v.     F«. 

Pounded  1870  by  Louisville  Commercial  Co.,  and  published  by  them 
till  18S2  ;  Commercial  Pub.  Co.,  1883-85  :  Louisville  Press  Co.,  1886-1901. 
Edited  by  Roland  B.  Gelatt,  1901.     No  later  data  obtainable. 

Western  Coubieb  (w).    Nov.,  1813-Sept,  1816.    Fs. 

Founded  by  Nicholas  Clark,  1810;  continued  (1821).  as  Emporium  ani 
Commercial  Advertiser  (s-w). 

Weekly  Coubieb-Joubnal.     July,  1888-July,  1889.    Fa. 

Successor  (1868)  of  Louisville  Courier,  L.  Democrat,  and  L.  Journal; 
last-named  was  founded  in  1831  by  George  D.  Prentice,  and  under  his 
conduct  became  the  most  influential  among  Western  newspapers.  L. 
Democrat  founded  1843 ;  conducted  by  J.  H.  Harney  till  1868.  L.  Courier 
founded  1844,  by  W.  N.  Haldeman :  suppressed  for  "disloyalty,"  1861 ; 
then,  during  Civil  War,  published  at  Bowling  Green,  Ky.,  and  later,  at 
Nashville,  Tenn. ;  one  of  the  most  important  Southern  papers  of  that 
period.  Published  by  the  Courier-Journal  Ptg.  Co.  since  1868.  Edited 
by  Henry  Watterson.     Democratic. 

Examinee  (w).    June  19,  1847-Mar.  3,  1849.    F«. 

Founded  June,  1847.  Edited  by  J.  C.  Vaughan  till  May,  1848 ;  then  by 
F.  Cosby,  John  Heywood  and  Noble  Butler,  with  Vaughan  as  correspond- 
ing editor. 

Dollar  Fabmeb  (m).    Vol.  1.    July,  1842-June,  1843.    Indexed.    Q. 
Published  by  Prentice  &  Weissinger. 



-American  Freemason  (s-m).    Vols.  2-3.    1853-55.    2  v.    F=. 

Founded  1852  as  Kentucky  Freemason.  Published  by  J.  P.  Brennan 
&  Co.,  1853-55 ;  edited  by  Robert  Morris. 

Louisville  Gazette  (w).    Mar.  15,  1811. 

With  Lewington,  Reporter,  1813-14.     Published  by  Rannels  &  Smoot 

Louisville  Journal  (d).    May  14,  1865. 

Louisville  Literary  News  Letter  (w).    Dec,  1838-Dec,  1839,  28  noa.;] 
Jan.-Nov.,  1840.    F*. 

Founded  Dec,  1838,  by  Prentice  &  Weissinger;  edited  by  Edmund 
Flagg  till  Dee.,  1839;  later  by  Leonard  Bliss  Jr.,  until  suspension,  Nov., 

Public  Library  Paper   (w).     May,  1873-Jan.,  1874.     F.     Feb.,  1874- 

Feb.,  1875.     F*. 

Founded  1873  by  the  Public  Library  of  Kentucky ;  edited  by  Ben  Casse- 
day.     Literary. 

Sanitary  Reporter   (s-m).     May,  1863-Oct,  1864.     Q. 

Southern  Socialist  (w).    Sept.  29,  1900. 
Founded  1900. 

Southland  (m).    May,  1888. 

Tobacco  Worker  (m).    1907+     O. 

Founded  1897  by  Tobacco  Workers  Internatl.  Union,  and  since  pub- 
lished by  them. 

True  American  (w).    Dec.  23,  1845;  Jan.-Oct,  1846  (incomp.).    F«. 

Watchman  Evangelist  (w).    Sept.  8,  1853. 


Journal  of  Labor  (w).    Jan.  6,  1904. 


Sovereign  People  (w).     Nov.  24,  1813. 


Shelby  News.    July  23,  1846. 


Winchester  Advertiser  (w).    Aug.-Dec,  1814.    F«. 

With  Kentucky  Gazette,  1812-14. 

Same.    Nov.  9,  1816. 

Founded  Aug.,  1814,  by  Martin  &  Patten.  Conducted  in  1816  by 
Nathaniel  Patten  Jr.  Styled  Advertiser  Oct.  29,  1814 ;  later  Kentucky 


'Newspaper  Catalogue 



Red  Flag   (m).    Vol.  1,  No.  1.     Oct.,  1907;   Jan.-Mar.,  1908;   May  29, 
1908  (w.  during  campaign).    Q. 


Bed  River  Rover.    Mar.  21,  1864. 

"Printed  on  board  the  steamer  Des  Moines — 'Uncle  Samuel,'  publisher;" 
editor,  C.  E.  Redfield  (founder  of  Waupaca,  Wis.,  Spirit,  q.  v.),  of  the  8tb 
Wis.  Regt.  Printed  on  a  sheet  of  letter-paper,  with  materials  of  Louisiana 
Democrat  (suspended  on  arrival  of  Federal  troops  at  Alexandria)  ;  con- 
tains account  of  Red  River  expedition. 


Attakapas  Register  (w).    Jan.-Nov.,  1861.    P«. 

Founded  1856.     Published  (1891)  by  Jonathan  C.  White  &  Son. 


Houma  Ceres.     Oct.  13,  1860. 

Witb  Southern  and  Middle  newspapers,  1851-60. 

New  Orleans 

Louisiana  Advertises  (d).    1820-24  (incomp.).    2  v.    Fb. 

Louisiana  Advertiser   (s-w  and  tri-w).    Apr  .-Aug.,  1820.    F«. 

Louisiana  Advertiser   (w).    Oct.,  1826-Sept.,  1828.    2  v.    F«. 

Founded   1820.     Published  by  P.   Wood,   Nov.,   1820 ;   James  Beardslee, 

Dec,  1820-1826   (with  Nicholas  in  1823,  later  with  John  Penrice)  i 

Penrice  and  P.  K.  Wagner,  1827-Sept,  1828. 

Southwestern  Advocate  (w).  July,  1873-1876.  2  v.  F*.  1877-7S 
(incomp.).  1879-May,  1883,  2  v.  F7.  May,  1883-1896;  1899- 
1900;     1903-1904.     12  v.   F4. 

Founded  1866  as  Jtew  Orleans  Advocate,  edited  by  J.  P.  Newman.  In. 
1868  adopted  provisionally  by  General  M.  E.  Conference,  but  in  1870' 
merged  with  a  state  educational  journal,  soon  suspended.  Revived  in 
1873  by  Rev.  Isaac  S.  Leavitt,  for  the  Southwestern  Methodist  Pub.  Co. 
Edited  by  Rev.  J.  C.  Hartzell,  1873-Feb.,  1882 ;  W.  P.  Cushman,  Feb., 
1882-June,  1884 ;  Rev.  Marshall  W.  Taylor,  June,  1884-Sept,  1887 ;  Rev. 
A.  E.  P.  Albert,  1887-June,  1892  ;  Kev.  E.  W.  S.  Hammond,  June,  1892- 
1894:  Rev.  W.  C.  Black,  1895-98:  I.  B.  Scott,  1899-1903;  since  then  by 
Robert  E.  Jones.     Official  organ  of  M.  E.  Conference  since  1876. 

Ami  des  Lois  (tri--vr).    French  and  English.    Jan.  18,  1810. 
With  Southern  Local  Newspapers,  1808. 



New  Orleans  Bee   (d).    May-Dec.,  1862,  scat.  nos.    Fr. 
English  edition  of  L'ADeille,  founded  1827. 

Bulletin   (s-w).     Sept.-Nov.,  1884.     F. 

Christian  Advocate. 

See  Southwestern  Advocate. 

Southwestern  Christian  Advocate. 
See  Southwestern  Advocate. 

Citizen's  Guard   (s-w).    Aug.  20,  1871. 

Coubbieb  de  la  Louisiane  (tri-w).    French  and  English.    Apr.  29,  1808. 
First  paper  issued  in  Louisiana  after  its  purchase  from  France  (1803). 

New  Orleans  Daily  Crescent.     Jan.-May,  1862.    Fs. 

With  New  Orleans  Newspapers,  1862.  Founded  1848.  Published  (1862) 
by  J.  0.  Nixon.     Suspended  before  1870. 

Delta  (d,  w,  and  s).    Jan.-Sept.,  1862,  scat.  nos. 

With  True  Delta,  1862.  Founded  1845.  Published  (1862)  by  New  Or- 
leans Delta  Pub.  Co. 

Daily  Delta.    May,  1862-Feb.,  1863.    F«. 

Dimanche  (w).    French.    1861-62,  5  nos. 

With  New  Orleans  Newspapers,  1861-64.  Founded  1861  by  J.  J.  Tros- 
clair.  In  February  R.  P.  Heard  became  part  owner.  In  1862  published 
by  Michel  Vidal. 

Echo  du  Commerce  (d).    French  and  English.    Sept.  28,  1808. 

Louisiana  Gazette  (d).    Mar.,  1823-June,  1824  (incomp.).    Fa. 

Founded  1S04.     Published  by  C.  W.  Duhy,  Mar.-Sept.,  1823 ;  by  Robert 

D.  Richardson,  Sept..   1823-June,   1824    (with  Mead  till  Dec,   1823). 

Two  sections  in  French  and  English  respectively. 

Estafette  du  Sud  (d).    French.     May-Dec,  1862,  28  nos.    F;  F«;  FT. 
With  New  Orleans  Newspapers,  1861-64.     Founded  1861.     Published  by 
Emile  Lefranc. 

Lantebne  Magique  (w).    French  and  English.    Nov.  20,  1808. 

Mebcuby  (w).    Nov.  14,  1846;  1847,  12  nos. 

El  Misisipi  (s-w).    Spanish.    Oct  12,  1808. 

Moniteue  de  la  Louisiane.    French.    May  7,  1808. 

Daily  Picayune.    1862  (incomp.). 

With  True  Delta,  1862.  Founded  1837.  Published  by  Lumsden,  Ken- 
dall &  Co.,  1848-52  ;  Kendall,  Holbrook  &  Co.,  1862-70 ;  A.  M.  Holbrook, 
1871  ;  New  Orleans  Prtg.  &  Pub.  Co..  1872-75  ;  Holbrook,  1876-79 ;  Nich- 
olson &  Co.,  1880-1900  ;  Nicholson  estate,  1901.  Edited  by  George  Ken- 
dall, 1837-48;  Francis  A.  Lumsden,  1837-60;  A.  M.  Holbrook,  1860-76 
(with  R.  B.  Rhrtr,  1K72*  :  Mrs.  E.  J.  Nicholson,  1876-80;  C.  Harrison 
Parker,  1SK1-88;  since  then  by  Thomas  E.  Davis. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

New  Orleans,  La..,  continued: 

Weekly  Picayune.    1892-96.    6  v.    P«.    Dec.  15-26,  1903, 

Same.     Aug.-Sept.,  1852;   Mar.  26,  1859. 

With  Middle  'and  Southern  Newspapers,  1851-60. 

• Same.    May  29,  1848. 

With  Eastern  and  Western  Newspapers,  1841-49. 

Propaqateub    Catholique    (w).    French.    Nov.,    1842-May,  >1S43.    In- 
dexed.   O. 

Oldest  French  newspaper  in  the  United  States ;  founded  in  1810.     Pub- 
lished by  A.  Lntton,  1875-76 ;  by  Le  Propagateur  Co.,  1877-1888.     Edited 
by  Lutton,  1875-76;  by  L.  Lefargue,  1877-88.     Suspended,  1888.     Soman. 

Same.    Jan.,  1861-Mar.,  1862;   Apr-Dec.,  1862,  scat.  nos. 

With  New  Orleans  Newspapers,  1861-64. 

Renaissance   (d).    French.    May-July,  1862,  scat.  nos. 

With   Louisiana  Newspapers,    1861-64.     See   Renaissance   Louisianaise. 

Renaissance  Louisianaise  (w).    Feb.-Aug.,  1862,  10  nos.    Q;  F*;  F».. 

With  New  Orleans  Newspapers,  1861-64.  Founded  1861.  Conducted  by 
Emile  Hiriart  and  Henri  Vignaud  (afterwards  for  many  years  secretary 
to  the  American  Embassy  in  Paris)  till  May,  1862 ;  then  by  Eugene  Lamu- 
loniere  and  Vignaud  (who  was  soon  succeeded  by  Charles  Ecausse).  Ab- 
sorbed Le  Sud,  Apr.,  1861.  Daily  edition  issued  after  May,  1862,  styled 
Renaissance.  Published  by  Emile  Lefranc  &  Co.,  Aug.,  1862-1871 ;  by 
H.  du  Bos,  1872-73.     Suspended,  1878. 

New  Orleans  Republican  (d).    Jan.-Aug.,  1871;  Jan.,  1872-Mar.,  1874 
(exc.  June-Sept.,  1872,  and  May-Sept.,  1873) ;  1876.    8  v.    F«. 

Founded  1867.  Published  by  Michael  Halm,  1870-75 ;  by  Republican 
Prtg.  Co.,  1876-77.  Edited  by  Hahn,  1870-75;  by  W.  R.  Fish,  1876-77. 
No  later  mention  in  directories. 

Southern   Standard    (d).    July  10,  1849. 

With  Eastern  and  Western  Newspapers,  1841-49.  Founded  July,  1849r 
by  Wyndham  Robinson  Jr.  &  Co. 

Telegeaphe   (tri-w).    French  and  English.    May  7,  1808. 

New  Orleans  Times-Democbat  (d).    Oct.,  1882-Sept.,  1887;  1890-1910, 
150  v.  1911+  Fe. 

Consolidation  (1881  or  1882)  of  Times  and  Democrat.  The  Times  was- 
founded  1863  ;  published  by  M.  P.  Rigney  and  C.  A.  Weed,  1870-72  ;  Big- 

ney  and  Mrs.  W.   H.  C.  King,  1873-74 :  Isaac  N.   Stoutemeyer  and 

Judson,  1875-81.  The  Democrat  was  founded  1876  ;  published  by  George- 
W.  Dupre  &  Co.,  1879-81 ;  edited  by  H.  I.  Hearsey,  1879  ;  E.  A.  Burke,. 
1880-81 ;  since  then  by  Page  Baker.  Published  since  merger  by  Times- 
Democrat  Pub   Co. 

Tbue  Delta  (d).    Jan.,  1862-Mar.,  1863,  scat.  nos.    F«. 
With  New  Orleans  Newspapers,  1862. 


Louisiana — Maine 

Same  (w).    Jan.  22,  1853;  May  2,  1857. 

With  Middle  and  Southern  Newspapers,  1851-60.     Founded  1835.     Pub- 
lished by  John  Maginnls  &  Co.,  1853-63. 

Union   (s-w).    French.    Sept-Dec,  1862.    F«. 
With  Sew  Orleans  Newspapers,  1861-64. 

Same  (tri-w).    Mar-Dec,  1863,  15  nos.;  Jan.-July,  1864. 

With   New    Orleans   Newspapers,    1861-64.     Founded   Sept.,    1862,    by 
Frank  F.  Barclay. 

Union  Advocate  (w).    Dec.  21,  25,  1903.    F. 
Founded  1902. 



Daily  Whig  and  Courier.    1868.    Ft. 

Founded  1815.     Published  by  John  H.  .Lynde,  1869-75;  C.  A.  Boutelle 

and  Burr,  1876-1891 ;   Boutelle   Bros.,   1892-99.     No  later  mention 

in  directories. 


Maine  Gazette  (w).    Dec.  8,  1820. 

First  issue  of  first   paper   in   Bath ;   published   by   Torrey   &   Simpson. 
Merged  in  Inquirer,  1832. 


Republican  Journal  (w).    Feb.-Apr.,  1840,  4  nos. 

With   Maine   Cultivator,   1881-41.     Founded  1829.     Edited    (1840),  by 
Cyrus  Rowe.     Anti-Whig. 


Falmouth  Gazette   (w).    Jan.  1,  1875. 

Facsimile.     With  Early  Newspapers,  1750-1800. 


Franklin  Register  (w).    July  11,  1840. 
With  Maine  Cultivator,  1831-41. 


American  Advocate  (w).    Sept.  14,  21,  1816. 
With  N.  E.  Local  Newspapers,  1811-20. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Haixowbll,  Me.,  continued: 

Maine  Ctji/ttvatob  (w).    Oct.,  1839-Apr.,  1841,  Beat.  nos.    Fs. 

Styled  Hallowell  Gazette,  commencing  1850 ;  and  Saturday  Gazette, 
1869 ;   suspended,   1871. 

Eastern  Stab  (w).    1795,  3  nos. 

With  N.  E.  Local  Newspapers,  1791-98.  First  newspaper  on  the  Kenne- 
bec ;  founded  1794 ;  succeeded  by  Tocsin,  1795. 


American  Co-opebatob  (w).    Vol.  1.    Aug.,  1902-May,  1903.    F.    Vols. 
2-3.     June,  1903-Feb.,  1904.     O. 

Founded  1902  by  Co-op.  Assn.  of  America.  Edited  by  Ralph  Albertson 
till  Feb.,  1904,  when  removal  of  paper  to  Boston  was  announced. 

Lewiston  Falls  Joubnal  (w).    July  16,  1853. 

Touchstone  (w).    Aug.  16,  Nov.  22,  1854;  Aug.  17,  Not.  9,  1855. 


'Norway  Advebtiseb   (w).    July  29,  1852. 


Portland  Advebtiseb  (d).    July  16,  1850. 

Eastern  Abotts  (w).    1810;  1812.    2  v.    F»;  F«. 

Established  1803  by  Calvin  Day  and  Nathaniel  Willis  as  a  Democratic 
organ ;  won  notoriety  by  imprisonment  of  Willis  for  boldness  of  his  politi- 
cal opinions. 

Boabd  of  Tbade  Journal  (m).    Vol.  15.    1902   (incomp.).    1903+    E\ 

Founded  May,  1888,  by  Marshall  N.  Rich  and  conducted  by  him  till  his 
death,  Dec,  1 902 ;  since  then  by  his  son,  Maurice  C.  Rich. 

•  Chbisttan  Mirror  (w).  Vol.  1.  Aug.,  1822-Aug.,  1823.  Indexed.  F». 
Founded  by  members  of  Dr.  Payson's  church.  Edited  successively  by 
Asa  Rand,  Asa  Cummings  and  Charles  A.  Lord ;  acknowledged  by  Daniel 
Webster  to  have  done  good  service  in  securing  the  peaceable  settlement  of 
the  Northeastern  Boundary  dispute ;  also  powerfully  defended  Bowdoin 
College  from  state  interference. 

Maine  Farmer. 

See  same  title,  under  Wlnthrop. 

Fbeeman's  Friend  (w).    Jan.— June,  1810.    Vs. 

With  Gazette  and  Argus,  1810.  Founded  1805.  Published  by  J. 
M'Kown  from  June,  1809,  till  suspension,  June,  1810. 



Portland  Gazette  and  Maine  Advertiser   (w).    Jan.-Nov.,  1810;   1813. 
2  v.     Pi;  Fs. 

First  newspaper  in  Maine ;  established  1785  as  Falmouth  Gazette;  con- 
tinued as  Cumberland  Gazette  (1786),  and  Eastern  Herald  (17921  ; 
united  with  Portland  Gazette  (1805)  by  Isaac  Adams.  Edited  by  W.  D. 
Sewall,  1825-26 ;  James  Brooks,  who  originated  the  idea  of  the  Wash- 
ington correspondent,  1830-35 ;  James  G.  Blaine,  1858-61. 

Journal  of  Reform  (w).    May,  1836-May,  1837.    F. 
Edited  by  Daniel   C.  Colesworthy. 

Pleasure  Boat   (s-m).    Apr.,  1845- June,  1846.    Q.  i 

Founded  Apr.,  18-15,  by  J.  Hacker,  "Owner,  Master,  and  Crew,"  and 
conducted  by  him  till  June,  1846.  Continuance  announced,  if  subscrip- 
tions are  paid  at  once.    Religious. 

Maine  State  Pbess   (w).    July-Dec,  1894;   1896-.    F6. 
Weekly  edition  of  Daily  Press,  q.  v. 

Portland   Daily   Press.    1894-96    (exc.    Apr.-June,    1894).    11   v.    F». 
Jan.,  1897. 

Founded  1862.  Fublished  by  N.  A.  Foster,  1869-70 ;  since  then  by 
Portland  Pub.  Co.  Edited  by  !■.  H.  Cobb,  1896-1901  or  later ;  now  by  F. 
G.  Fassett.     Republican. 

Sabbath  School  Instructor    (w).    Vols.  1-2.    June,  1831-May,  1833. 
2  v.    F  *. 
Organ  of  Maine  S.  S.  Union.     Edited  fcjy  W.  Cutter. 

Portland  Transcript  (w).    Aug.  1,  1840. 

With  Maine  Cultivator,  1831-1841.  Founded  1837  by  Charles  P. 

Portland  Tribune  (w).    Vol.  4.    Apr.,  1844-Apr.,  1845.    F*. 

Published  by  Tucker,  Sumner  &  Co.  till  Sept.,  1844 ;  then  by  Plummer, 
Cushing  &  Co.     Edited  by  Daniel  C.   Colesworthy. 


See  Yankee,  and  Boston  Literary  Gazette,  under  Boston,  Mass. 

Youth's  Monitor  (w).    Vol.  2.    June,  1841-May,  1842.    F. 
Published  by  Daniel  C.  Colesworthy. 


Democrat  and  Free  Press  (w).    Oct.  17,  1860. 

Thomas  ton 

Humanity  (m).    Vol.  1,  No.  1.    Dec,  1898. 
Organ  of  Industrial  Brotherhood. 

6— N.  C.  [81] 

Newspaper  Catalogue 

Maine,  continued: 


Maine  Fabmeb  and  Journal  of  Useful  Arts   (w).    1840-41.    F. 

Founded  1832.     Published    (1840-41)    by  Noyes  &  Robbing,   and  edited 
by  E.  Holmes. 


Lincoln  Intelligences  (w).    Aug.  13,  1824. 

With  Eastern,  Local  Newspapers,  1821-28.     Established  by  John  Dorr, 
1821 ;  suspended,  1835. 



Maryland  Gazette  (w).  Apr-Dec,  1760;  1762.  F*.  Jan.-Sept.,  1765; 
1767;    Oct.,  1781-June,  1783;    1784.     3   v.    Fs. 

Founded  by  Jonas  Green  (1745)  as  organ  of  provincial  government; 
succeeded  (1839)  by  St.  Mary's  Gazette;  same  press  used  in  printing 
this  paper  from  1745  to  1848.  Published  by  J.  G.  King,  1870-88  ;  sinco 
then  by  I*.  K.  Porter.     Democratic. 

Same.     June  21,  28,  1792;  Aug.  27,  1795. 

With  M<t.  ana  Ya.  Newspapers,  1792-1795. 

Same.     Dec.  23,  1824. 

Maryland  Republican  (w).     1809,  5  nos.     Fs. 

With  Baltimore  Whin,  1809.  Founded  1809  by  John  W.  Butler.  Is- 
sued weekly,  except  during  Maryland  Assembly,  then  semi-weekly.  Pub- 
lished by  George  Colton  (with  L.  V.  Colton  most  of  the  time),  1870-85; 
George  Brock,  1886 ;  Annapolis  Pub.  Co.,  1887-91  (Ridgeley  &  Melvin, 
editors)  ;  George  T.  MeJvin,  1802  ;  Robert  Moss  and  F.  Eugene  Wathen, 
1892-96 ;  Wathen.  1897-1908.  Bought  (Apr.,  1908)  by  W.  Meade  Hol- 
liday  and  merged  with  Advertiser ;  since  published  by  him  as  Advertiser- 
Republican.     Democratic. 


American  and  Commercial  Daily  Advertiser.  Jan.-June,  1806;  June- 
Dec,  1810,  40  nos.;  Jan.-Feb.,  1811;  Jan.-June,  1814.  3  T.  F«. 
Mar.,  1861-June,  1864.     5  v.    Fs.    Jan.  18,  1865. 

Established  May,  1799,  by  Alexander  Martin  ;  in  its  columns  was  pub- 
lished (Sept.  21,  1814)  the  song  "Star-Spangled  Banner"  previously 
printed  as  a  broadside  (probably  on  Sept.  15).  Published  since  1870  by 
Charles  C.   Fultcn  &  Co. — Felix  Agnus,  manager.     Republican. 

Daily  Chbistian  Advocate.    May  1-June,  1876.    Fs. 

Organ  of  General  Conference  of  Methodist  Episcopal  Church ;  edited  by 
W.  H.  De  Puy. 



Morning  Chronicle  and  Baltimore  Advertiser   (d).    Apr.,  1819-Apr., 
1820;  Oct.,  1820-Oct,  1821;  Apr.,  1822-Apr.,  1823.     5  v.    F<i. 

Founded  Sept.,  ISIS,  Paul  Allen,  editor ;  continued  as  Commercial 
Chronicle,  1825  ;  some  time  after  1840,  merged  in  American. 

Maryland   Churchman    (m).    Apr.,   1893-Nov.,   1894.    F.    Jan.,   1895- 
Nov.,  1897.     Q.     1898-Sept,  1899. 

Founded  1886  as  organ  of  Md.  Diocese.  Conducted  by  Bishop  William 
Paret  until  1890.  No  later  mention  in  directories.  Protestant  Episco- 

Civil  Service  Reformer   (m).    Vols.  1-2.    1885-86.    F. 

Founded  by  Civil  Service  Reform  Assn.  of  Maryland,  Jan.,  1885 ;  pub- 
lished by  J.  Hemsley  Johnson  till  1892.  See  also  Good  Government,  un- 
der  Washington,   D.   C. 

Baltimore  Clipper  (d).    Sept.  29,  1860;  July-Aug.,  1861,  9  nos.    F«. 

Founded  1839  by  J.  H.  Hewitt;  succeeded  by  Bait.  Daily  Commercial, 
Oct.,   18(55. 

Same  (w).    Apr.  20,  1861. 

Cbitio   (w).    Vols.  1-5.    June,  1888-1890;   1891-Feb.,  1892   (incomp.); 
1893,  4  nos.     3  v.     F«. 

Founded  1888  by  J.  G.  Schonfarber  and  —  Johnson ;  edited  by 
former  till  its  suspension,  1893.     Labor. 

Fackel  (q).     1852.     Q. 

Conducted  by  Samuel  Ludvigh. 

American  Farmer    (m).    July,   1845-June,   1847;    1876-80    (incomp.); 
1881.    Indexed.    5  v.    O. 

Established  Apr.,  1819,  as  successor  of  Maryland  Censor,  by  John  S. 
Skinner,  postmaster  of  Baltimore.  Now  published  (s-m)  at  Washington, 
with  branch  office  at  Baltimore.  The  first  agricultural  journal  in  United 

Same  (w).    Mar.  29,  1822. 

With   Southern  and   Western   Local  newspapers,  1821-28. 

American  Farmer   (m).    Vol.  3.    1847.    O. 

See  same  title,  under  Washington,  D.  C.  [Transferred  to  TJ.  W.  Agric. 

Baltimore  Free  Press   (w).    July,  1887-Jan.,  1889.    F«. 

Founded  1883  as  Labor  Free  Press,  by  George  S.  Stuart  and  J.  Fred 
Boxbrough,  and  conducted  by  them  till  18S9 ;  Eoxbrough,  1889-91;  E.  S. 
Judge,  1891-98.     No  later  mention  in  directories.     Independent. 

Dunlap's  Maryland  Gazette  (w).    Feb.  20,  1776. 

With  Maryland  Journal,  1774-76.  Founded  1775  by  John  Dunlap  of 
-Philadelphia;  suspended.  1779. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Baltimore,  Md.,  continued: 

Federal  Gazette  and  Baltimore  Daily  Advertiser.  1796;  Jan-June, 
Dec.  21,  1797;  3  v.  Ps.  Aug.-Dec,  1799;  1801;  Jan.-Majr,  Dec., 
1802  (incomp.);  Jan.--June,  1803;  Jan.-June,  1804;  Nov.-Dec, 
1808;  1816,  3  nos.;   Apr.-Oct.,  1820.     7  v.    Fs. 

Successor  of  Federal  Intelligencer;  continued  as  Bait.  Gazette,  1825— 

Granite  Cutters'  Journal. 

See  same  title,  under  Washington,  D.  C- 

Hamrleton  &  Co.'s  Weekly  Letter.    May  25,  1907+    O. 
Financial  News. 

Federal  Intelligencer  and  Baltimore  Daily  Gazette.    Nov.-Dec.,  1794; 

July-Dec,  1795,  16  nos.    2  v.    Fs. 

First  daily  in  Baltimore :  established  Oct.,  1791  by  David  Graham  as 
Bait.  Daily  Repository;  continued  as  Bait.  Daily  Intelligencer  (1793), 
Federal  Intelligencer  (1794),  and  Federal  Gazette   (1796). 

Jewish  Comment  (w).    Feb.-Dec,  1910.    F*. 

Founded  1895  by  Jewish  Comment  Co.,  and  still  conducted  by  them. 

Maryland  Journal  and  Baltimore  Advertiser  (w;  s-w,  Feb.,  1783). 
1774-76,  5  nos.;  Oct.,  1781-July,  1783;  2  v.  F*.  1795.  3  nos. 
Founded  Aug.,  1773,  by  William  Goddard,  who  originated  (1774)  our 
present  national  postal  system ;  declared  in  first  issue  to  be  "free  and 
of  no  party;'-  conducted  till  1785  by  his  sister,  Mary  K.  Goddard,  post- 
mistress of  Baltimore  for  fifteen  years ;  suspended,  1797. 

Same.    No.  1.     Aug.  20,  1773. 

With  Fa.  Gazette,  1773. 

Labor  Leader   Cw).    Jan.,  1907+    Fa. 

Founded  1902.  Now  published  by  Labor  Leader  Pub.  Co. ;  edited  by 
Edward  Hirseh. 

Mabtlander    (s-w;    d).     Dec.,    1827-Jan.,    1829.    Fa. 

Established  Dec,  1827,  in  support  of  John  Q.  Adams's  presidential  can- 
didacy. Edited  by  Edward  C.  Pinckney.  Merged  in  Chronicle,  Jan., 

Merchant  (d).    July-Nov.,  1837.    2  v.    F». 

Founded  1S37.  Edited  by  Duff  Green  and  printed  by  W.  N.  Moore 
&  Co.  Issued  also  a  "country  paper,"  The  Rejormer,  edited  by  Richard 
E.  Crall'e. 

Monument  (w).    Oct.,  1836-Sept.,  1838.    Indexed.    F. 

Founded  Oct.,  1830,  by  David  Creamer.  Styled  Bait.  Monument,  com- 
mencing Oct.,  1837.  Issue  of  Sept.  29,  1838,  announces  future  issue  as 
a  monthly,  with  T.  S.  Arthur  as  associate  editor. 

Nationalist  (m).    Vol.  1,  No.  1.    Jan.,  1892. 

Nemesis    (irreg.).    1884,  3  nos. 



Maryland  News-Sheet  (d).    Apr.  5,  9,  1862. 

Niles'  Weekly  Register.    Vols.  1-75.     Sept.,  1811-June,  1849.    Indexed. 
63  v.     Q;  F. 

Founded  by  Hezekiah  Niles,  formerly  editor  of  Bait.  Evening  Post; 
styled  Weekly  Register,  Sept.,  1811 — Mar.,  1814;  continued  as  Niles' 
Weekly  Register  to  Sept.,  1837,  thereafter  as  Niles'  National  Register; 
published  at  Washington,  D.  C,  Sept.,  1837 — May,  1839 ;  suspended  Mar. 
-June,  1848;  resumed  at  Phila.,  July,  1848;  suspended  June,  184!). 
Indexed  by  John  Neal. 

Open  Lettee  (m).    Oct.,  1903.    Q. 

Baltimore  Pateiot  and  Commercial  Gazette  (d).    Nov.  24,  1846;   Oct. 
17,  1849. 
See  Bait.  Pat.  and  Evening  Advertiser. 

Baltimore  Patriot    and    Evening    Advertiser    (d).    1813.    2    v.    F». 
1814-15.     4  v.    F».    June,  1836-Feb.,  1837.     F». 

Founded  Sept.,  1812,  by  Isaac  Monroe  and  Ebenezer  French,  to  support 
Madison's  administration :  suspended  during  Civil  War.  Styled  Balti- 
more Patriot  and  Mercantile  Advertiser,  1836-37;  later  (1846),  Bait. 
Pat.  and  Commercial  Gazette,  q.   v. 

Baltimore   Patriot   and  Mercantile  Advertiser    (d).    1836.    F«. 
See  Bait.  Pat.  and  Evening  Advertiser. 

Baltimore  Evening  Post  (d).  Sept.,  1808-Mar.,  1809;  Mar-May,  1810; 
May  4,  1811.     2  v.    Fa. 

Established  March.  180S,  by  J.  Cook  &  Co. ;  edited  by  Hezekiah  Niles, 
1806-11 ;  suppressed  by  Federal  military  authorities,  1864 ;  finally  sus- 
pended,  1868. 

Republican,  or  Anti-Democrat  (d;  tri-w,  July).    Jan.-Mar.,  July-Dec., 
1802.    F». 
Established  by  Prentiss  &  Cole,   1802  ;   suspended,  1803. 

Federal  Republican  (tri-w).    1808,  9  no®.    Fb. 

With  Southern  Local  Newspapers,  1808.  Edited  by  Alexander  C.  Han- 
son ;  so  bitter  in  its  opposition  to  War  of  1812-15,  that  in  the  summer  of 
1812   the  office  was  twice  destroyed  by  a  mob. 

Federal   Republican   and   Baltimore  Telegraph    (d).    Oct.,   1821-Apr., 
1822.     2  v.     F  e. 
Founded   1810.     Published    (1821-22)    by  Frederick  G.    Schaeffer. 

South    (d).    May,   1861-Feb.,    1862.    F«. 

Edited  by  Thomas  W.  Hall  Jr. ;  "devoted  to  the  South,  Southern  Rights, 
and   Secession;"  suspended  by  Federal  military  authorities,  Feb.,   1S02. 

Sun  (d).  Dec.  23,  1844;  1845-May,  1847  (incomp.) ;  June,  1847-June, 
1848.  3  v.  F».  Vols.  30,  42-51.  Nov.,  1851-Mar.,  1852;  1854- 
56;   Nov.,  1857-May,  1863.    17  v.    Fa. 

First  one-cent  daily  in  Baltimore ;  established  May,  1837,  by  Arnnah  S. 
Abell    of  Phila.  Puolic  Ledger;  organized  first  carrier-pigeon  express;   re- 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Baltimobe,  Md.,  continued: 

ceived  first  presidential  message  sent  by  telegraph,  May,  1846  ;  first  to 
announce  to  TJ.  S.  government  the  capitulation  of  Vera  Cruz,  Apr.,  1847 ; 
occupied  (1851)  first  iron  building  erected  in  U.  S. ;  first  paper  to  make 
successful  use  of  type  revolving  presses  CI  852);  introduced  carrier  sys- 
tem into  Baltimore.  Conducted  by  Abell,  with  William  M.  Swain  and 
Azariah  H.  Simmons  of  Ledger  as  partners,  till  1868,  when  Abell  be- 
came sole  owner.  Since  his  death,  1888,  owned  by  his  sons.  Indepen- 

Baltimore  Weekly  Sun.    1896-99.    2  v.    F«. 

Telegraph  and  Daily  Advertiser.    July-Dec,   1805.    F«. 
Successor  of  Bait.  Telegraph,  founded  1795. 

Baltimore  TJndebwbiteb   (m).    Nov.,  1871-Dec.,  1872.     Q. 

Same  (w).     Jan.- June,  1873.    F-t.     July-Nov.,  1873.     Q. 

Founded  1865.  Published  by  Sherwood  &  Co.  till  1872 ;  Bombaugh  & 
Ransom,  1872-79 :  Bombaugh.  1880-9S  ;  since  then  by  James  H.  McClel- 
lan.     Insurance. 

Whig  (d).    Apr.,  1809-Apr.,  1810.     2  v.    P«. 
Founded  1807  by  B.  Irvine. 


Tax  Refobm  (m).    Feb.,  Mar.,  1894. 

Founded  1894. 


Maryland  Hebald  and  Eastern   Shore   Intelligencer    (w).    Feb.-Oct., 
1799.     12  nos.     P«. 

With  Bait.  Federal  Gazette,  1799i  Founded  1790  by  James  Cowan; 
continued  till  1804. 

People's  Monitor  (w).    1813.    Fe. 

Founded  1809.     Published   (1813)    by  Nicholas  S.  Eowlinson. 

Republican   Stab  or  Eastern  Shore  General  Advertiser    (w).    Sept, 

1802-June,  1832.     7v.    Fe. 

Founded  1802  by  Thomas  Perrin  Smith,  and  conducted  by  him  till  his 
death  in  1832.     Suspended  soon  after.. 

EUicott's  Mills 

Shanghai  (w).    Sept.,  1855-Feb.,  1856.    F*. 

Founded  Sept.,  1855,  by  J.  F.  M'Anelty,  and  conducted  by  him  till  sus- 
pension, Feb.,   1856.     Humorous. 


Maryland — Massachusetts 


Peninsula  Farmer  (w).    Vols.  9-11.    Aug.,  1894-Oct.,  1895.    Q. 

Founded  1885  by  Heffron  Bros.,  and  conducted  by  them  till  1888 ;  then 
by  one  of  the  brothers  and  Robert  Gullck  till  1895.  Apparently  suc- 
ceeded by  Peninsular  Trucker,  1896. 


Republican  Citizen  (w).    Sept.  6,  1861. 

Frederick  Examinee  (w).    Nov.  14,  1860;  June  19,  1861. 

Frederick-Town  Herald  (w).    June,  1802-June,  1804.    Fs. 
Established  by  John  P.  Thomson,  June,  180^. 

Frederic  Stab  (w).    Feb.,  1903-1908.    3  v.    F«.    1909+ 

Founded  Feb.,  1903,  by  John  W.  Blackstone  and  since  published  by 
him.     Independent. 

Maryland  Union  (w).  Aug.,  1855-Aug.,  1856;  Aug.,  1862-Feb.,  1865; 
Sept.,  1870-Aug.,  1873;  Aug.,  1873-Aug.,  1875.  4  v.  F«.  1857- 
69,  8  nos. 

Founded  1S54.  Published  by  Charles  Cole  and  James  T.  Smith,  1861- 
July,  1863;  Cole,  July,  1863-1881;  O.  C.  Warehime,  1882-87;  Warehlme 
&  Page,   1888-90.     No  later   mention  in   directories. 


Camp  Record.    Vol.  1,  No.  1.    June  27,  1861. 

Published  by  1st  Regiment  of  Wisconsin  Volunteers,   at  Camp  Negley. 

Torch  Light  (w).    Aug.  10,  17,  1824. 

With  Southern  and   Western  Local  Newspapers,  1821-28. 



Advent  Herald,  and  Signs  of  the  Times  Reporter  (w).  Jan.  15,  1845;' 
June  10,  Aug.  12,  Sept.  9,  1846. 

With  Second  Adventist  Neicspapers,  1842-47.  Founded  March,  1840,  by 
Joshua  V.  Himes  and  edited  by  him  till  Nov.,  1842  ;  then  by  Himes  and 
Sylvester  Bliss.  Himes  seems  to  have  continued  on  paper  till  1858,  Bliss 
till  his  death  in  1863.  Apollas  Hale  was  also  editor  for  a  time,  and 
John  M.  Orrock  from  1870-73.  Styled  Signs  of  the  Times  till  Feb., 
1844.     No  later  mention  in   directories. 

Boston  Daily  Advertiser.  Mar-May,  1813;  Oct.,  1813-Nov.,  1814;  May- 
Nov.,  1815;  1818;  Sept.,  1819-Feb.,  1821;  Sept.,  1821-Feb.,  1822; 
Sept.,   1822-Feb.,    1823.    11   v.    F  b.    1827-35,   scat,    nos.;    1840;| 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Boston,  Mass.,  continued: 

July,   1841-1842.    7  v.    F«.    Jan.-June,   1843;    Jan.-June   1844; 

Jan-June,  1845;  1846  (incomp.);  1847-48;  May-Dec,  1849;  July,. 

1850-1854;   July,  1857-June,  1859';    Jan-June,  1860;    1861-June, 

1881;   52  v.    Ft.    July-Dec,  1881.    Fe. 

Pounded  1813  by  William  Warland  Clapp ;  edited  by  Horatio  Bigelow 
till  Apr.,  1814 ;  then  by  Nathan  Hale,  first  editor  to  make  regular  edi- 
torial articles  a  feature  of  journalism ;  first  successful  daily  in  New 
England.  Under  Hale  strong  advocate  of  railroad  building.  Absorbed1 
successively,  Chronicle,  Gazette,  Palladium,  and  Oentinel.  Conducted  by 
Natban  and  Charles  Hale  till  1863.  Among  later  editors  have  been  Ed- 
ward Stanwood,  1867-83 ;  Edwin  M.  Bacon,  1883-84 :  Delano  A.  God- 
dard,  1884-87;  William  E.  Barrett,  1888-1908;  since  then  n.  S.  Under- 
wood. Strong  political  bias — first  Federalist ;  later  Whig,  supporting 
Webster  all   through ;   now   Republican. 

Boston  Weekly  Advertises.    1872,  scat.  nos.    Fs.    1873-75   (incomp.)  J 
Jan.-Nov.,  1876.    2  v.    Ft. 

Independent  Adveetisee  (w).    1749.    F*. 

Founded  Jan.,  1748,  by  Gamaliel  Rogers  and  Daniel  Fowle,  for  a  so- 
ciety of  gentlemen  headed  by  Samuel  Adams ;  suspended,  Dec,  1749. 

Boston  Advocate  (d).    1832;  May-Sept.  17,  1833;  1834.    5  t.    F«. 

Founded  .Tan.,  1832.  by  Benjamin  P.  Hallett  and  conducted  by  him 
till  June,  1834,  or  later.     Anti-Masonic. 

Advocate  of  Peace  (m).    Vol.  65.    1903;  Vols.  69-70.    1907-1908.    2  v. 

Q.    1909+ 

Founded  1834  at  Hartford,  Conn.,  for  Connecticut  Peace  Society,  by 
William  Watson.  Taken  over  by  American  Peace  Society  in  1835,  and  in 
1837  moved  to  Boston.  Edited  since  1892  by  Benjamin  F.  Trueblood, 
secretary  of  society. 

Amebican  Apoixo  (w).    Jan.-Sept.,  1792;   1793,  4  nos.;  1794,  30  no*. 

2  v.     O;  F». 

Published  by  Belknap  &  Hall ;  contained  publications  of  Massachusetts 
Historical  Society;  suspended  Dec,  1794. 

American  Aechitect  and  Building  News   (w).    Vols.  21-46.    1887-94- 

Indexed.     26  v.    F.     1895+ 

Founded  1876.  Published  by  James  E.  Osgood;  later  by  Ticknor; 
since  1S95  by  Amer.  Arch.  &  Bldg.  News  Co. 

Atlas  and  Daily  Bee.    Sept.  11,  1840;  Oct.  21,  1854  (unbound);  1859— 
60;   Jan.-June,  1861.    4  v.    Ft. 

Atlas  founded  July,  1832,  by  John  H.  Eastburn ;  organ  of  Whig  party 
in  New  England :  leading  contributors,  Henry  H.  Fuller,  Daniel  Webster, 
Robert  C.  Winthrop ;  first  to  establish  horse  and  railroad  expressed 
throughout  Massachusetts  to  secure  election  news  for  publication  next 
day;  substituted  Harrison  for  Webster  as  candidate  for  presidency,  1840 f 
united  with  Bee  ana  Daily  Traveller,  1857,  with  Samuel  Bowles  as  edi- 
tor; suspended  a  few  years  later. 



Baixou's  Pictorial  (w).      1855-57;  July,  1858-1859.     7  v.    F*. 
Successor   (1855)   to  Gleasons  Pictorial,  q.   v. 

Banker  and  Tradesman,  and  Massachusetts  Law  Reporter  (w).    Feb., 
1884-Jan.,  1885;  Feb.,  1886-Jan.,  1889.    4  v.    F. 
Founded  1872.     Now  published  by  Keview  and  Record  Co. 

Banner  of  Light  (w).    1868,  scat,  nos.;   Jan.,  1869-Aug.,  1891.    12  v. 

F  6. 

Founded  1857.  Edited  by  Luther  Colby,  1869  (or  before) -1897,  with 
John  W.  Day  after  1893 ;  Day  and  Harrison  D.  Barrett,  1897-1900 ;  Bar- 
rett,  1900-1904.     No  later  data  obtainable.     Spiritualist. 

Baptist  Missionary  (m).    Vols.  75-77.    1895-97.    3  v.    O. 
See  Baptist  Missionary  Magazine. 

Baptist  Missionary  Magazine  (m).    Vols.  18,  30,  32,  60-74.    1838;  1850- 

52;   1880-94.    Indexed.    18  v.    O. 

Continuation  (1817)  of  Massachusetts  Baptist  Missionary  Magazine 
(founded  1803),  a  general  denominational  journal.  Styled  American 
Baptist  Magazine,  1S17-36 :  Baptist  Missionary  Magazine,  1836-95 ;  Bap- 
tist Missionary,  1895-1909 ;  since  then  Baptist  Missionary  Magazine. 
Organ  of  Amer.  Baptist  Missionary  Union  (in  1838,  of  Amer.  Bapt.  Board 
of  For.  Missions).  Since  1835  devoted  entirely  to  missions.  Edited  by 
Rev.  F.  P.  Haggard,  1900;  Stacy  B.  Warburton,  1910. 

Boston  Daily  Bee.     Jan.-Aug.,  1856.    Ft. 

Founded  1831.     Merged  in  Atlas,  q.  v.,  3  857. 

Boatswain's  Whistle  (d).    Nov.,  1864.    F. 

Published  at  National  Sailors'  Fair.  Edited  by  Edward  Everett,  J.  G. 
Whittier,  O.  W.  Holmes,  J.  B.  Lowell,  and  others. 

Bowen's  Boston  News-Letter   (w).    Vols.  1-2.    Nov.,  1825-Dec,  1826. 

2  v.     O. 

Published  by  Abel  Bowen ;  gave  special  attention  to  local  history  ot 
Boston  and   adjacent  towns. 

National  Association  of  Butldees'  Bulletin   (a).    Vol.  4.    1897-98.    O. 

Founded  Oct.,  1894.  "Devoted  to  the  ethics  of  associated  effort." 
Edited  (1897-98),  by  William  H.  Sayward  and  D.  B.  Garnsey.  No  men- 
tion  in    directories. 

Btjixetin,  devoted  to  ethics  of  associated  effort  (q) .    1895-98,  8  nos.    O. 

Monthly  Bulletin  of  Mission  of  the  Cakpenteb.    Vol.  1,  No.  1.    Nov.  2, 
1890.    Q. 

American  Celt  and  Adopted  Citizen  (w).    Jan.  18,  1851. 


See  Columbian  Centinel,  and  Mass.  Centinel. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Boston,  Mass.,  continued: 

Columbian   Centinel    (s^-w).     179a;    1791-1801.     12   v.     Fb.     1802-29. 
28  v.    Fe. 

Successor  of  Mass.  Centinel  (q.  v.)  :  styled  Col.  Centinel  and  Mass. 
Federalist,  Oct.,  1799-Sept.,  1804;  conducted  by  Benjamin  Russell  till 
Nov.,  1828,  when  he  sold  to  Joseph  T.  Adams  and  Thomas  Hudson; 
most  influential  paper  in  Massachusetts ;  advocated  protection  of  domestic 
manufactures ;  exerted  great  influence  for  adoption  of  Federal  Constitu- 
tion;  denounced  War  of  1812-15;  originated  terms  "gerrymander"  and 
"era  of  good  feelings ;"  lost  Influence  with  rise  of  Democratic  party. 
Absorbed  N.  U.  Palladium,  1830 ;  Boston  Gazette,  1836  ;  merged  in  Daily 
Advertiser  (q.  v.),  1840. 

Massachusetts  Centinel  (s-w).    Mar.,  1784-Dec,  1785.    Q.    Jan.-Mar.f 
1786;   Mar-Dec,  1787;   1788-89;   Mar -June,  1790.    4  v.    F*. 

Founded  March,  1784,  by  W.  Warden  and  Benjamin  Russell,  and  con- 
ducted by  them  till  the  former's  death,  Mar.,  1786  ;  then  by  Russell.  Sub- 
title, Republican  Journal  till  Oct.,  1784.  Continued  as  Columbian  Cen- 
tinel   (q.  v.),  June,  1790. 

Chebub  (m).    Vol.  2.    1871-72.    Fs. 

Founded  1871  by  J.  Latham  &  Co. ;  edited  by  Latham.  In  1875  styled 
Cherub  or  Illustrated  Home  Guest,  and  published  by  Home  Guest  Co. 
In  1876  styled  Illustrated  Home  Guest,  and  published  by  Latham.  Lit- 
erary at  first;  1876-79,  advertising.  No  later  mention  in  directories. 
Published  also  In  New  York. 

Cheistian   Contributor   and  Free   Missionary    (w).    Jan.,    1846-Aug., 
1847.     F  e. 

Founded  Jan.,  1846,  by  Cyrus  P.  Grosvenor  and  removed  by  him  to 
TJtica,  N.  T.,  in  April.  Later  united  with  Western  Christian  (founded  in 
111.,  1845)  as  American  Baptist,  edited  by  Rev.  Wareham  Walker.  In 
1857  removed  to  New  York ;  edited  by  Walker  and  Rev.  Nathan  Browne 
till  1858 ;  Browne  and  John  Duer,  1858-May,  1872.  Then  bought  by  Rev. 
A.  S.  Patton,  styled  Baptist  'Weekly,  and  conducted  by  him  till  his  death 
in  1888.  Bought  by  Rev.  John  B.  Calvert,  styled  Christian  Inquirer,  and 
conducted  by  him  till  1895,  when  consolidated  with  Examiner.  Baptist, 
and  anti-slavery. 

Cheistian  Endeavor  World   (w).    Vol.  13.    1898-99   (incomp.);  Vote. 

14-15.  1899-1901.     2  v.    F*. 
Continuation  of  Golden  Rule,  q.  v. 
Boston  Cheistian  Observer  (w).    Vols.  1-2.    Feb.,  1851-July,  1852  (In- 
comp.).    1852.    Ft. 
Founded  1851  by  William  Nichols. 
Cheistian  Register   (w).    Apr.,  1821-1827.    4  v.    Fs.    1828-41.    6  V. 
.  Fs.     1842-45;  Feb.,  1854-June,  1869.    12  v.    Ft.     July,  1882-97. 
15  v.    F  s.     1898-1906.     9  v.    F. 

Founded  1821  by  David  Reed,  and  published  by  him  till  Jan.,  1865 ; 
since  then  by  American  Unitarian  Assn.  Among  the  editors  have  been 
Thomas  J.  Mumford,  1871-79;  Charles  G.  Ames,  1880-81;  Samuel  J. 
Barrows,  1881-97 ;  since  then,  George  Batchelor.  Absorbed  Boston  Ob- 
server and  Religious  Intelligencer  in  1835,  and  Unitarian  (published  at 
Chicago  by  J.  T.  Sunderland)   in  1897.     Unitarian. 



^Christian  Science  Monitor  (d).    Nov.,  1909-1910.    5  v     F«     Nov  23 

Founded  Nov.,  1908,  by  Christian  Science  Pub.  Soc,  and  since  published 
by  it.     EditPd  by  Alexander  Dodds. 

"Christian  science  Sentinel  (w).    Vols.  1-2.    1898-99  (incomp.);  Vola. 
3-4.     1900-1902.     F. 

Founded  1898  by  Christian  Science  Pub.  Co.  Edited  by  Septimus  J. 
and  Camilla  Hanna  till  June,  1902  ;  since  then  by  Archibald  McCIellan, 
Monthly  edition  styled  Christian  Science  Journal. 

Christian  Witness  and  Church  Advocate  (w).  Feb.  12,  1841;  1871.  Fs. 
Founded  1834.     Published  by  A.  Williams  &  Co.,  18Y1 ;  H.  o.  Houghton 
&   Co.,   1872.     No  later  mention  in  directories.     Protestant  Episcopal. 

-Boston  Chronicle  (w;  s-w).    Dec,  1767-Dec,  1768.    Indexed.    Q. 

Founded  Dec,  1767,  by  John  Mein  and  John  Fleming;  contained  let- 
ters of  "Pennsylvania  Farmer"  (John  Dickinson)  ;  suspended,  June,  1770, 
because  of  unpopularity  of  its  Tory  sentiments. 

Same   (s-w).    Jan.,  1769- June,  1770.    F4. 

Independent    Chronicle    and    Boston   Patriot    (d).     June,    1817-Jani, 
1827.     5  v.     F5.     1828;   1832.     2  v.     F«.     1833-39.     4  v.     Fi. 
See  Independent  Chronicle  and   Universal  Advertiser. 

Independent  Chronicle  and  Universal  Advertiser  (w).    Oct.,  1776-1793 
(incomp.).    F4. 

Same    (s-w).     1794-99.     5  v.    F«.     1800;    1801-1802;   1803-1804; 

1805-1806;   Feb.-Aug.,   1808.     5  v.     Fa.     1809-10;    1811-12;    Mar., 

1813-Mar.,  1814;   1815;   1816.     5  v.     F«. 

Successor  of  Ar.  E.  Chronicle,  n.  v.  Published  by  Powers  &  Willis  till 
1779  ;  then  by  Thomas  Adams  and  John  Nourse  till  Jan.,  1790 ;  Adams 
alone,  1790-1793 :  Adams  and  Isaac  Larkin,  1793-Dec.  1797 ;  Adams  till 
May,  1799 ;  James  White,  May,  1799-May,  1800  ;  Ebenezer  Rhoads  and 
and  Abijah  Adams,  May,  1800-May,  1817;  then  sold  to  Boston  Patriot, 
q.  v.  Intensely  Republican  in  tone;  prosecuted  under  Sedition  Law 
(1799).  Leadiug  contributors,  Benjamin  Austin,  Thomas  Greenleaf,  Perea 
Morton,   diaries  Jarvis.  Samuel  Adams,  John   Hancock,   and  others. 

-New  England  Chronicle  (w).  Apr.  25-July  11,  1776,  9  nos.    F*. 

Continuation  of  Neir  England  Chronicle  or  Essex  Gazette  of  Cam- 
bridge, Mass.,  q.  v.  Styled  .Veio  England  Chronicle,  Apr.-Sept.,  1776; 
Independent  Chronicle.  Sepl.-Oct,  1776;  Ind.  Chron.  and  Universal  Ad- 
vertiser (q.  v.),  till  Aug.,  1801  or  later;  Ind.  Chron.,  1802-June,  1817; 
Ind.  Chron.  and  Host.  Pat.,  June,   1817-1839  or  later. 

•Citizen  (m).    Feb.-July,  1886.    Q. 

!New  England  Crvic  Federation  Bulletin   (m).    Feb.,  Oct.,  1906;  Nos. 
10-13.    June,  Dec,  1908,  June,  1909,  Mar.,  1910.    O. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Boston,  Mass.,  continued: 

Civil   Service   Record    (m).    Vols.   1-11.    May,   1881- June,   1892.    In- 
dexed.   6  v.    Q. 

Founded  May,  1881,  by  Civil  Service  Reform  Assn.  of  Boston  and? 
Cambridge.  Edited  by  Arthur  Hobart  till  Oct.,  1882 ;  Bancroft  Davis, 
Oct.,  1882-Xug.,  1883;  William  V.  Kellen,  Aug.,  1883-Jan.,  1886;  Robert 
P.  Clapp.  Jan.,  188G-Feb.,  1889 ;  then  by  Richard  H.  Dana  till  June,  1892. 
Thereafter,  Civil  Service  Record  and  Civil  Service  Reformer  (Baltimore} 
were  discontinued,  and  Good  Government  published  instead  by  the  Natl. 
League,  managed  by  a  publication  committee.  See  Good  Government,. 
under  Washington,  D.   C. 

Commercial  Bulletin   (w).    1862-64;   1868-69;  1874-June,  1877.    3  T. 
F*.    1897-92. 

Established  1859,  by  Curtis  Guild ;  specially  intended  to  disseminate- 
through  the  West  information  about  New  England  and  its  manufactures. 
Still  published  by  Curtis  Guild  &  Co. 

Daily  Commercial  Gazette.    Oct.  26,  1829. 

With  Eastern  Local  Newspapers,  1821-30. 

Boston  Commebcial  Gazette  (s-w).    Mar.  5,  1821;  Mar  13,  1828. 

With  Eastern  Local  Newspapers,   1821-30. 

Commonwealth  (w).    Sept.,  1862-Aug.,  1886.    9  v.    F«. 

Same.     Sunday  edition,  May,  1878-Mar.,  1879.     F<s. 

Founded  1862  by  James  M.  Stone,  secretary  of  Emancipation  League,, 
as  independent  paper,  advocating  emancipation  of  negro  slaves  in  South 
as  an  act  of  war.  Published  by  F.  E.  Kittredge,  Dec,  1863-Oct.,  1864  y 
Charles  W.  Slack,  Oct.,  1864-1886  (with  Henry  V.  Slack,  as  Slack  &  Co.,. 
1871-78,  and  David  Loring,  as  Slack  &  Loring,  Mar.,  1878-Apr.,  1879)  ; 
after  1887  by  Commonwealth  Pub.  Co.  Edited  by  George  A.  Feck,  1887- 
90;  Edward  Everett  Hale  and  Frederick  E.  Goodrich,  J  891-96.  No  later- 
mention  in  directories.  Independent,  except  under  Peck ;  during  that 
time,   Republican.  ' 

Boston  Commonwealth  (w).    July  5,  1890;  Mar.  19,  1892;  Dec.  15,1894- 

Commonwealth  and  Emancipator  (w).    1851,  5  nos.    Ft. 

With  Emancipator,  1848-50.  Apparently  succeeded  Emancipator  and' 

Congeeoationalist  (w).  1856-59;  1867.  3  v.  Ft.  189(M>2  (incomp.). 
F«.  Nov.,  1892-1894.  5  v.  1895  (incomp.).  1896-97.  4  T. 
1898.  1899  (incomp.).  1900- June,  1906.  13  v.  July-Dec,  1906, 
(incomp.).    Ja'n.-June,  1908.    F. 

Founded  1849  by  Galen  James  and  Edward  W.  Fay.  Edited  by  Revs:. 
Edward  Beecher,  Joseph  Haven,  I.  N.  Tarbox,  and  L.  D.  Moore  till  1851  r 
by  H.  M.  Dexter  till  his  death,  Nov.,  1890  (except  Jan.,  1866-May  1,. 
1867)  ;  siDce  then  by  -Albert  E.  Dunning  (associate  editor  since  May,. 
1889).  Absorbed  (May,  1867),  Boston  Recorder  (q.  v.),  retaining 
Recorder  as  sub-title.  Since  May,  1901,  styled  Oongregationalist  <m<8 
Christian    world. 



-American  Co-opebative  News  (m).    Vol.  2.    July,  1897- June,  1898.    O. 
Founded   July,    1806,   by   American   Co-operative   News   Co      Edited   by 
A.   L.    Weatherby  till  Apr.,   1808;   by   John   J.   Kennealy,   Apr -Oct      De- 
voted to  Rochdale  plan  of  co-operation.     No  later  mention  in  directories. 

.New  England  Coubant  (w).  June-Nov.,  1722;  Feb.  11,  1723  (facsim- 
ile), 22  nos.     Q. 

Founded  Aug.,  1721,  by  James  Franklin  ;  placed  under  censorship  Jan., 
1722,  on  account  of  attacks  on  government  officials  and  clergy,  and  there- 
fore issued  after  this  in  the  name  of  Benjamin  Franklin ;  suspended,  1727. 

..Boston  Daily  Coubieb.  Jan.-May,  1825;  July-Dec,  1825  (exc.  Sept  A 
Oct.);  Aug.-Dec,  1827.  3  v.  F«.  Jan.-June,  1833.  July-Dec* 
1855;  1857-58;  July-Dec,  1859;  July,  1860<-June,  1861;  Jam-June, 
1862.    9  v.    Fa.    June,  1863-June,  1864.    3  v.    Ft. 

Same.    May  20,  1826. 

Same   (s-w).     1828-45   (incomp.).     1846. 

Founded  by  Joseph  T.  Buckingham,  1824  :  became  an  influential  Whig 
organ.  Conducted  by  Buckingham  till  1848 ;  first  paper  in  New  Eng- 
land to  advocate  protective  tariff. 

aCouBiEB  de  Boston   (w).    French.    April-Oct,  1789.    Q. 

First  American  newspaper  in  French  language ;  conducted  by  J.  Nan- 
crede,  a  French  instructor  at  Harvard  University. 

-Dawn  (m;  bi-w).  Vols.  1-3.  May,  1889-April,  1890;  May,  1890-Nov., 
1890;    Dec,    1890-Oet,    1892.     3    v.     F*;    Q.     1894-96. 

Founded  1889  as  organ  of  Society  of  Christian  Socialists.  Published 
by  the  society  till  Dec,  1890,  when  the  editor,  Rev.  W.  D.  P.  Bliss,  pur- 
chased it,  in  order  to  give  it  more  of  a  political  bias.  Issued  fortnightly 
by  him  till  May,  1S91,  then  monthly  till  June,  1892.  Suspended  July- 
Oet.  when  one  number  was  issued.  No  later  mention  in  directories. 
Christian   Socialist. 

Datspeinq  (m).    1842-46  (incomp.).    F*. 

Founded  1842  by  American  Board  of  Foreign  Missions.     Religious. 

Democrat  (s-w).    1804-06,  11  nos.    Fa. 

With  Democrat.  Telegrnphe,  etc.,  1801-06.  Successor  of  Const.  Tele- 
graphe,  q.  v. ;  suspended,  1808. 

Bay  State  Democrat  (d).    Aug.  25,  1840. 

Same  (w).     Mar -Dec,  1839.    F4. 

With  Maine  Cultivator,  1839-41.  Founded  Mar.,  1889,  by  Lewis  Joss- 
lyn,  following  a  campaign  organ  of  same  name.  Issued  weekly  till  Jan., 
1840 ;   then   daily,  also. 

Columbian  Detector  (s-w).    Jan.-May,  1809,  12  nos.    F. 

Founded  1808.  Absorbed  (May,  1809)  by  Patriot,  q.  v.  Printed  "for 
the  editors"  by  Eben  French.     Republican. 

Dial  of  the  Old  South  Clock  (d).    Dec.  5-12,  1877.    F. 
Organ  of  Fair  for  the  preservation  of  Old  South  Church. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Boston,  Mass.,  continued: 

Our  Dumb  Animals  (m).    1900-1904,  scat.  nos.    1905+    Q. 

Pounded  1868  by  George  T.  Angcll ;  published  by  Massachusetts  So- 
ciety for  Prevention  ol  Cruelty  to  Animals.  Edited  till  1909  by  George- 
T.  Angell ;  since  then  by  Guy  Richardson.  First  journal  devoted  to  hu- 
mane education  of  children,  and  protection  of  animals. 

Echo  (w).     Oct.  21,  1877. 

Emancipator    (w).     Sept.    8,    1842;    Dec.    11,    1844;    Jan.,    1845-1847,-; 

1848-50.     2  v.     FT. 

Founded  1836.  Published  (1842)  by  J.  W.  Alden,  for  Mass.  Abolition 
,  Society  ;  edited  by  Joshua  Leavitt.  Styled  Emancipator  and  Free  Ameri- 
can, in  1842 ;  Emancipator  and  Weekly  Chronicle,  1844-45.  Published" 
by  Rev.  Hiram  Cummings,  Oct.  15,  1845-Sept.,  1846,  and  styled  Emanci- 
pator. From  Sept.,  1846-Nov.,  1848,  published  by  Curtis  C.  Nichols; 
then  united  with  Republican,  as  Emantipator  and  Republican;  published? 
by  Wilson,  Damrell  &  Co.  till  Dec.  1849 ;  then  announces  merger  in 
Compass  and  Emancipator,  to  be  issued  daily.  Edited  by  Leavitt  till' 
March  29,  1848 — with  Joseph  Lovejoy,  Samuel  E.  Sewall,  and  Henry  B. 
Stanton  as  associates.  From  Sept.-Nov.,  1848,  styled  Emancipator  an* 
Free  Soil  Press,  and  edited  by  C.  C.  Nichols,  with  Lovejoy,  Horace  E. 
Smith  and  William  E.  Channing  as  associates.  From  Feb.  to  Sept.,  1849, 
edited  by  Henry  Wilson  and  Lucius  E.  Smith,  formerly  of  Bartford  Free 
Soil  Advocate;  after  that,  by  Wilson  alone. 

Emerald   (w).     May,  1806-Oct,  1807.     Indexed.     2  v.     O. 

Founded  1S06  by  Belcher  &  Armstrong.  Sub-title,  Miscellany  of  Lit- 
erature.    Consolidated  with  Times  (q.  v.),  Oct.,  1808. 

Emeth  (Truth)    (w).    Vol.  1.    1895. 

Founded  1S05  by  Boston  Jewish  Section,  S.  L.  P.  TJ.  No  later  mention 
in   directories. 

Employer  and  Employed   (q).    Vol.  1,  No.  1.     Oct.  15,  1892.     O. 

Evekt  Saturday  (w).    Vols.  1-17,  1866-74.     17  v.     Q;  F. 

Founded  1866  by  Fields,  Osgood,  &  Co.  Published  by  James  R.  Osgood' 
&  Co.,  1871-73;  by  H.  O.  Houghton  &  Co.,  Jan.-Oct,  1874;  then  sus- 

Exhibition  Intelligencer  (d).    Sept.-Oct.,  1847.    Fo. 

"Devoted  to  the  fifth  exhibition  of  mechanics,  arts,  and  sciences,  manu- 
factures, and  agricultural  and  commercial  articles,  of  the  Mass.  Chari- 
table Mechanic  Association."  This  association  was  organized  Apr.,  1795, 
as  "Boston  Mechanics'  Association ;"  its  first  president  was  Paul  Revere 

American  Fabian  (m).    Vols.  1-5.    Feb.,  1895-Jan.,  1900.    Q. 

Founded  1895  by  Fabian  Education  Co.,  and  conducted  by  them  till 
suspension,  Jan.,   1900.     Socialist. 

New  England  Farmer  (w).    Vols.  7-8.    Jan.,  1829-July,  1830;  Mar.  3^- 
1886.    F. 
Founded  1822.     Edited   (1829-30)   by  Thomas  G.  Fessenden. 



Massachusetts  Federalist. 

See  Columbian  Centinel. 

Filswe    Co-operative    Association    Echo    (m).    1902-1904,   scat.    nOB.; 
1905+     Q. 
Organ  of  employes  of  the  Filene  stores. 

Flag  of  Our  Union  (w).    Jan.  30,  1858. 

Freedom  (w).    Nov.  23,  1893. 

Free    Missionary    (m).     Jan.-NoV.,    1845.     F=. 

With  Chr.  Contrib.  and  Foreign  Miss.,  1846-47.  Founded  Jan.,  1844,  by 
American  and  Foreign  Baptist  Missionary  Society ;  edited  by  secretaries 
thereof.  Consolidated,  Jan.,  1846,  with  Christian  Contributor,  q.  v. 

Free  Press   (w).    Dec,  1830-July,  1833.    63  nos.    Ft. 

Founded  1827  by  George  Griffin,  as  Anti-Masonic  organ.  New  series 
begun  Dec.  3,  1830 ;  published  by  John  Adams  till  Jan.,  1832;  then  by 
Benjamin  F.  Hallett  who  also  published  Boston  Daily  Advocate  and  Bos- 
ton Press,  a  semi-weekly  edition  of  Free  Press.  After  Feb.,  1832,  styled 
Free  Press  and  Boston  Weekly  Advocate. 

Free  Trade  Broadside   (q).    Vols.  1-2.    Apr.,  1905-Oct,  1909.    Q. 
Edited  by  William  Lloyd  Garrison  till  suspension,  Oct.,  1909. 

Freigeist   (w).     Vols.  1-2.     Nov.,  1873-Aug.,  1875.    F. 
Founded  Nov.,  1873,  by  Siegel  &  Heintzemann. 

New  England  Galaxy  and  Masonic  Magazine  (w).  Oct.,  1817-Oct., 
1819.     Ps.     Oct.,  1819-Sept,  1829;   1831-33.     5  v.     F«. 

Founded  by  J.  T.  Buckingham ;  continued  by  Theophilus  Parsons,  1828 ; 
Edward  G.  Prescott,  1831-Apr.,  1833 ;  then  by  William  J.  Snelling. 
Styled  N.  E.  Galaxy,  1821'. 

Boston  Gazette  (w).  Feb.-Nov.,  1724;  Apr-Dec,  1725;  1726;  1727-2& 
6  v.  F.  1730-31.  2  v.  F*.  1732-33,  12  nos.;  June-Aug.,  1734; 
June-Aug.,  1735,  7  nos.;  Oct.-Dec,  1736;  1741,  27  nos.  4  v.  Q. 
Mar.  12,  1770. 

Founded  Dec,  1719,  by  William  Brooker,  postmaster  of  Boston;  con- 
ducted by  him  a  few  weeks,  and  thereafter  till  1739  by  successive  city 
postmasters  (Philip  Musgrave,  Thomas  JLewis,  Henry  Marshall,  and  John, 
Boydell).  Purchased  by  Samuel  Kneeland  and  Timothy  Green  (1741),  and 
united  with  Ar.  111.  W'eelcly  Journal  (q.  v.).  Published  by  them  till  Dec, 
1852 ;  by  Kneeland  alone,  1853-Apr.,  1855.  Continued  by  Benjamin  Edes 
and  John  Gill,  1755-Apr.  17,  1775,  when  paper  was  moved  to  Watertown, 
and  there  published  till  Oct.,  1776.  Chief  organ  of  Revolutionary  party. 
Members  of  Boston  Tea  Tarty  met  at  Edes's  house.  Only  paper  revived 
in  Boston  after  British  evacuation.  Conducted  by  Edes  till  1798  (with 
his  sons  Benjamin  and  Peter,  1779-1794).  Styled  Bost.  Caz.  or  N.  E. 
Weekly  Journal,  1741;  Bost.  (last,  or  Weekly  Journal  (q.  v.),  1741-52;. 
Bost.  Was.  or  Weekly  Advertiser  l.q.  v.),  1753-55;  Bost.  Oaz.  or  Country 
Journal,  1755-56;  Bost.  Oaz.  and  Country  Journal  (q.  v.),  1756-93; 
Bost    liaz.  and  Weekly  Republican  Journal  (q.  v.),  1794-98. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

^Boston,  Mass.,  continued: 

Boston  Gazette  (s-w).  1801;  1802;  Mar.,  1803-Feb.,  1804;  Mar.,  1804- 
Feb.,  1805;  1805;  J806;  Oct.,  1807-Dec,  1808;  1810-13;  1816. 
12  v.  F5. 

Same.  1802-12,  scat.  nos.  Fs. 

Merged  in  Columbian  Centinel,  1836.     See  Russell's  Gazette. 

Saturday  Evening  Gazette  (w).    Oct.,  1856-Dec.,  1857.    F*.    1858-65. 
3  v.    Ft. 

Founded  Aug.,  1814,  as  Evening  Gazette  and  General  Advertiser,  q.  y. 
Owned  by  William  Warland  CJapp,  1817-47 ;  then  by  W.  W.  Clapp  Jr., 
till  1865  (associate  editors,  1856-57,  A.  Wallace  Thaxter  and  B.  P. 
SWllaber).  Conducted  by  B.  G.  Goodsell  in  1870;  Henry  G.  Parker, 
1871-93 ;  since  then  by  Evening  Gazette  Co.  Edited  by  William  Baker, 
1894;  John  W.  Ryan,  1895-96;  E.  B.  Chenoweth,  1897;  Dr.  Philip 
Woolf,  1898-1903.     No  later  data  obtainable. 

Boston  Gazette  and  Country  Journal  (w).    1755,  21  nos.    F*.    1756, 
12  nos.;   1757,  22  nos.;   1758,  42  nos.;   1759-60.     5  v.     F«.    1761, 

21  nos.;  1762,  28  nos.;  1764,  18  nos.;  1765,  24  nos.;' 1766;  1767-70, 
28  nos.;  1771-73,  21  nos.;  1772-73;  Jan.-Apr.,  1774;  July-Dec, 
1776;  1777,  35  nos.;  1778,  33  nos.;  1779;  Jan.-Sept,  1780.  11  T. 
F*.     1782-90,  28  nos.;   1791-93,  11  nos.    Fs. 

See  Boston  Gazette   (w). 

Evening  Gazette  and  General  Advertiser  (w).    Aug.,  1814-Sept.,  1815. 
F<5.     Sept.,  1815-Aug.,  1816;   1829-30.     Fa. 

Founded  Aug.,  1814,  by  William  Burdick,  and  conducted  by  him  till 
Mar.,  1817.  Then  sold  to  W.  W.  Clapp  (formerly  of  Hampshire  Gazette, 
Northampton)  and  conducted  by  him  till  1847.  After  Aug.  17,  1816, 
styled  Boston.  Intelligencer  and  Morning  and  Evening  Advertiser,  q.  v. 
See  also  Saturday  Evening  Gazette. 

Boston  Gazette  or  Weekly  Advertiser.    1753-54,  12  nos.    Q. 
See  Boston  Gazette   (w). 

Boston  Gazette  or  Weekly  Journal.    1747,  13  nos.    F.    1748,  15  nos. 
F*.     1749,  9  nos.    F. 
See  Boston  Gazette  (w). 

Boston  Gazette  and  Weekly  Republican  Journal.    1794,  22  nos.;  1795, 

22  nos.;  1796-98,  3  nos.    F«. 
Suspended,  1798.     See  Boston  Gazette  (w). 

Massachusetts  Gazette  (w).    Jan  2,  1766.     (follows  Dec.  30,  1765,  ol 
Boston  Gazette  and  Country  Journal;  Oct.  27,  1768. 
With  Evening  Post,  1769.     See  Boston    Weekly  Hews  Letter. 

Massachusetts  Gazette  (w).    Jan.-July,  1786.    Fb. 

Published  by  Samuel  Hall ;  later,  by  J.  W.  Allen.  See  Salem  Gazette, 



-  Same  (s-w).    Aug.,  1786-Oct,  1788.    Partly  indexed.    2  v.    F4. 

Massachusetts  Gazette  and  Boston  Post  Boy    (w).    Jan.,  1774-Apr., 
1775.    F». 
See  Boston,  Post  Boy  and  Advertiser. 

Massachusetts  Gazette  and  Boston  Post  Boy  and  Advertiser.    Nov.  5, 

With  Boston  Gazette  and  Country  Journal,  1771.  See  Boston  Post 
Boy  and  Advertiser. 

Massachusetts  Gazette  and  Boston  Weekly  News-Letter.    Feb.,  1770- 
1771.    Partly  indexed.    F*. 

Successor  of  Boston  Weekly  News-Letter,  q.  v.  Suspended,  1776.  For 
explanation  of  confusion  of  titles  between  this  publication  and  Mass. 
Gazette  and  Boston  Post  Boy,  see  Colon.  Soc.  Publications  of  Massachu- 
setts, pp.  484-492. 


See  Republican  Gazetteer. 

Repubican  Gazetteer  (s-w).    1803.    Fs. 

Successor  of  Constitutional  Telegraphe,  q.  v.  Continued  as  Gazetteer 
(April,  1803),  and  later  as  Democrat,  q.  v. 

Gleason's  Pictorial  (w).    1853-54,  5  nos. 

With  Illustrated  Newspapers,  185:1-73.  Founded  in  1851.  First  illus- 
trated paper  in  TJ.  S. ;  edited  by  Maturin  M.  Ballou  (with  Francis  A. 
Durivage  as  assistant  editor).  Succeeded,  1855,  by  Ballou's  Pictorial, 
which  was  in  turn  succeeded  (Jan.,  1860)  by  Welcome  Guest  with  the 
same  editors. 

Gleason's  Pictorial   Drawing-Room   Companion    (w).    Vols.  1-3,   5-8. 
May,  1851-June,  1855  (exc.  Jan.-June,  1853).    7  v.    F*. 

Boston  Daily  Globe.    1873-77,  scat.  nos.    F«. 

Founded  1872.  Managed  since  1873  by  Charles  H.  Taylor.  Among 
editors  have  been  Maturin  M.  Ballou  (1872-74)  and  Edwin  M.  Bacon 
(1873-78).     Independent. 

Golden  Rule  (w).    Dec,  1889-Sept,  1891  (incomp.);  Vols.  6-11.  1891- 
97.     6  v.     F*. 

Founded  1875  by  Golden  Kule  Co.  Published  by  H.  A.  Shorey  and 
Charles  W.  Baldwin,  1880-81 ;  Golden  Rule  Newspaper  Co.  1882-85 ; 
Stillman  A.  Tucker,  1886-88  ;  since  then  by  Golden  Rule  Co.  Edited  by 
W.  H.  H.  Murray.  1875-79  ;  W.  11.  Merrill,  1880-81  ;  F.  H.  Kasson,  1882- 
86  (except  1883,  by  E.  B.  Sanford)  ;  since  then  by  Francis  E.  ClarS. 
Styled    Christian   Endeavor  World  since   1898.     Christian   Endeavor   Soc 

Good  Government  (w).    Feb.  13,  1901. 

Helping  Hand  (m).    Vols.  7-21.    1878-92.    16  v.  in  3.    F.    Vols.  22-26. 
1892-97.    3  v.    D.    Vols.  25-34.    1898-1907.    3  v.    O.    1908+ 

Organ  of  Woman's  Baptist  Missionary  Society  ;  founded  1872 ;  absorbed 
Macedonian  (established  1842). 

7— N.  C.  [  97  ] 

Newspaper  Catalogue 

Boston,  Mass.,  continued: 


American  Herald   (w).    1785-87.    3  v.    Fb. 

Established  by  Edward  K.  Powars  (formerly  of  Independent  Chronicle), 
Oct ,  17S1 ;  removed  to  Worcester,  1788,  and  styled  American  Herald  and 
Worcester  Recorder.     Continued  there  14  months. 

Heraij>  (d).    Oct.  2»,  1856;  July  6,  1857. 

Boston  Herald  (d).    1893-Jan.,  1904.    67  v.    F«. 

Founded  1846.  Published  by  H.  M.  Pulsifer  &  Co.,  1870-88;  since 
then  by  Herald  Co.,  edited  by  John  H.  Holmes.     Independent. 

Herald  of  Freedom   (s-w).    Jan.-July,  1790.    F*. 

Established  1788  by  Freeman  &  Andrews ;  afterwards  continued  as 

Howard  Gazette  and  Boston  Evening  Herald    (w).    Oct,  1823-June, 
1824.    F  e. 

Founded  Oct.,  1823,  as  organ  of  protest  against  imprisonment  for  debt, 
and  like  abuses.  Suspended  June  12,  1824.  Subtitle  changed  to  Mid- 
dling Interest  Herald,  Apr.,  1824. 

Boston  Ideals    (w).    Vols.    17-27.     1900-1906    (incomp.).    Fs.     1907+ 
Founded  1892  by  Ideas  Pub.  Co.,  and  since  published  by  them.     Edited 
by  C.  T.  Pillsbury,  1894-1906  or  later.     Literary  and  news. 

Index    (w).    Oct.-Dec.,    1872.    1873-791.    Indexed.    7    v.       F*.    Jan.- 
Apr.,  1880.    May,  1883-Dec,  1886.    Indexed.    3  v.    F. 

Founded  Jan.,  1870,  at  Toledo,  O.  Edited  by  Francis  E.  Abbot,  1870- 
1880 ;  William  J  Potter  and  Benjamin  F.  Underwood,  as  organ  of  the 
Free  Religious  Association,  Oct.,  1881-Dec,  1886.  Then  succeeded  by 
Open  Court  (Chicago!.     "Free  religion." 

Industrial  Leader  (w).    Vol.  1,  No.  1.    Nov.  1,  1890. 

Boston  Intelligencer  and  Morning  and  Evening  Advertiser  (w).    Aug., 
1816-Aug.,  1817    (incomp.).    Fs.     Aug.,  1817-Oct,  1818.    F«. 
See  Evening  Gazette  and  General  Advertiser. 

Boston  Intelligencer  and  Evening  Gazette.    Nov.,  1818-Aug.,  1819.    F*. 
With  Eve.  Gazette  and  Gen.  Advertiser,  q.  v. 

Boston  Evening  Journal  (d,  s-w,  and  w).    Feb.,  1863-Dec,  1865.    6  v. 
Fl     1873.     2  v.     Fs. 

Same   (d).    July,  1845-1849.     9  v.  F.    July,  1856-June,  1857; 

July,  1862-Feb.,  1863.     3  v.    F'. 

Established  1833;  editor,  John  S.  Sleeper  ("Hawser  Martingale"); 
published  by  Charles  O.  Kogers,  1841-69 ;  Journal  Newspaper  Co.,  1870- 
1902 ;  since  then  by  F.  A.  Munsey.  Now  a  morning  paper.  See  also. 
Eve.    Mercantile  Journal. 

Boston  Morning  Journal  (d).    Dec.  4,  27,  1856;  Apr.  27,  Oct.  26,  27, 
Nov.  20,  1860;  1861-66.    4  v.    F?.    June  11,  1857. 
See  Evening  Journal. 



Continental  Journal  and  Weekly  Advertiser.  1776-77,  14  nos.;  May- 
Dec,  1779-80;  1781,  20  nos.  5  v.  F*.  May,  1785-May,  1786. 
F».    Jan.  1,  Apr.  2,  1788. 

Founded  May,  1776,  by  John  Gill,  formerly  of  Boston  Gazette  (q.  v.), 
and  conducted  by  him  till  1785.  Then  sold  to  J.  D.  Griffith  and  con- 
ducted by  him  till  close  ot  1787.     No  later  numbers  known. 

Fireside  Journal  (w).    Jan.-Feb.,  1855.    F«. 

With  American  Traveller,  1851-58.  Founded  Jan.,  1855,  by  Blanchard 
&  Church. 

Evening  Mercantile  Journal  (d).  Jan.- June,  1835;  Jan.-June,  1837; 
Jan.-Sept.,  1838,  scat,  nos.;   Oct.,  1838-June,  1845.    13  v.    Ft. 

Founded  1833  by  Ford  &  Damrell ;  afterwards  published  by  Sleeper  & 
Rogers — John  B.  Sleeper,  editor.  After  Apr.  1,  1845,  styled  Boston 
Evening  Journal,  q.   v. 

New  England  Weekly  Journal.  Oct.-Dec.,  1727;  1728,  32  nos.;  1730, 
31  nos.;  1738,  32  nos.;  1739-41,  6  nos.    4  v.    F4. 

Founded  by  Samuel  Kneeland,  Mar.,  1727.  Leading  contributors,  Rev. 
Mather  Byles,  Rev.  Thomas  Prince,  and  perhaps  Governor  Burnet ;  In- 
fluenced by  Jonathan  Edwards  and  George  Whitefleld;  united  (1741)  with 
Boston  Gazette,  q.  v. 

Journal  of  Missions  (m).    Sept.,  1853. 

Boston  Knight  (w).    1886,  4  nos. 

Labor  (w).    1894-96,  10  nos.    F«. 

Labor-Balance  (m).    Jan.,  1878. 

Central  Labok  Bulletin.    Apr.  16,  1887.  l 

Labor  Leader   (w).    Aug.,  1887-Mar.,  1896.    7  v.    Fo. 

Founded  1887  by  Leader  Pub.  Co. — George  E.  McNeil,  manager.  Con- 
ducted by  them  about  a  year :  then  by  Frank  K.  Foster  till  1897.  Suc- 
ceeded  (1S97)   by  Licerator,  q.  v. 

Labor  Standard  (w).    Oct.  12,  1878. 

Labor  World  (w).    Feb.  14,  1891. 

Ladies'  Afternoon  Visitor  (w).    Dec,  1806-Feb.,  1807     Q. 

With  Boston  Magazine,  1805-06.  Founded  Dec,  1806,  by  Ebenezer 
French.     Suspended   Feb.,   1807. 

Latimer  Journal  and  North  Star   (tri-w).    Nov.  14,  1842. 

With  Dayspring,  1842-46.  Published  during  continuance  of  the 
George  Latimer  (fugitive  slave)  case  in  courts  of  Boston.     Anti-slavery. 

Monthly  Leader.    Nov.,  1901;   Dec,  1902. 

Independent  Ledger  and   American  Advertiser    (w).    July  20,   1778; 

May  10,  1779;  Oct.  16,  1780. 

With  Continental  Journal  (1779)  and  Independent  Chronicle  (1780). 
Founded  June,  1778,  by  Edward  Draper  and  John  W.  Folsom.  Published 
by  them  till  Nov.,  1783  ;  then  by  Folsom  till  Oct.,  1786.  No  later  num- 
ber known. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Boston,  Mass.,  continued: 

Lend  a  Hand  (m).    1886-93,  scat.  nos.    O. 

Founded  1886  by  Lend  a  Hand  Co.,  and  published  by  them  till  1889; 
by  J.  Stillman  Smith  &  Co.,  1890-96.  Edited  by  Edward  B.  Hale.  No 
later  mention  in  directories. 

Libebatob    (w).     1831-35,   27   nos.;    1833.     2  v.    Fs.    1836.    F«.    1837- 
65.     15  v.    Fr. 
Organ  of  Abolition  party;  edited  by  William  Lloyd  Garrison.     Vol.  for 
,1833  contains  autograph  inscription  by  Garrison.     Anti-slayery. 

Libebatob   (w;   m).    1897-1900,  scat,  nos.;    1902,  3  nos.;    Sept.,  1904. 
O;   F«. 

Succeeded  Labor  Leader,  q.  v.  Published  by  Liberator  Pub.  Co. — 
editor,  Frank  K.  Foster.     No  longer  published. 

Libeett   (s-ni;   m.).    Vols.   1-14.    1881-Nov.,  1905    (incomp.).     (bl-m; 
w.).     Feb.,  1906-Apr.,  1908.     F;   S. 

Founded  1881  by  Benjamin  R.  Tucker.  Moved  to  New  York  in  1892, 
and  published  weekly  till  suspension,  Apr.,  1908.     Anarchist. 

Literary.  World  (bi-w;  m;   bi-w).    Vols.  ,7-29.    1876-1898.    23  v.    Q. 
Founded  1870  by  S.  B.  Crocker,  and  conducted  by  him  till  1876;  later 
published  by  E.  H.  Hames  &  Co.     Edited  by  Edward  Abbott,  1877-88;  N. 
P.    Oilman    and    Huntington    Smith,    1889-95 ;    Abbott,    1896-1903.     No 
later  data  obtainable. 

Family  Lyceum   (w).    July,  1832-Aug.,  1833.    F*. 

Founded  July,  183a,  by  Josiah  Holbrook,  to  present  facts  of  science  In 
popular    form.     Illustrated. 

American    Magazine   of    Useful    and    Entertaining    Knowledge    (m). 
Sept.,  1834-Aug.,  1836.     Indexed.     2  v.    Q. 

Founded  Sept.,  1834,  by  Boston  Bewick  Co.  Managed  by  Freeman 

Boston  Weekly  Magazine.    Oct.,  1803-Apr.,  1805;  Oct.,  1805-Apr.,  1806. 
^Indexed.    2  v.    Q. 

Founded  Oct.,  1803,  by  Gilbert  &  Dean,  and  conducted  by  them  till 
Oct.,  1805  ;  Joshua  Belcher  and  Samuel  T.  Armstrong,  Oct.,  1805-Apr., 
1806.     Styled  Boston  Magazine  after  Oct.,  1805. 

Boston  Weekly   Magazine.     Vols.   1-3.     Sept.,   1838-Sept.,   1841.     In- 
dexed.   2  v.    F. 

Founded  Sept.,  1838,  by  D.  H.  Ela  and  J.  B.  Hall.  After  May  22, 
1841,  published  by  C.  P.  Johnson,  till  bought  by  Bradbury  &  Soden  and 
merged  in  Boston  Miscellany,  Sept.,  1841. 

Boston  Daily  Mail.    Jan.-June,  1846  (very  incomp.).    Fs. 

Founded  1840.  Published  (1846)  by  Edward  C.  Purdy  and  John  N. 

Mbxlen's  Magazine  (m).    1904-1905,  5  nos.    O.  , 



Massachusetts  Mercury   (tri-w;   s-w,  Aug.,  1793).    1793-96,  51  nos.; 
1797-98;  Apr-Dec.,  1800.     4  v.  Fs. 

Founded  Jim.,-  1793,  by  Alexander  Young  and  Samuel  Etheridge ; 
among  contributors,  Fisher  Ames  and  Dr.  Josiah  Bartlett;  continued  as 
Mercury,  Aug.,  1793-Dec,  1795.     See  Mercury  and  N.  E.  Palladium. 

Mebctjby  and  New  England  Palladium  (s-w).    1801-02;  Jan.-Mar.,  1803. 
3  v.    F«. 

Successor  of  Mass.  Mercury;  continued  as  A\  E.  Palladium,  Mar.,  1803. 

Weekly  Messenger.    Oct.,  1811-Oct,  1812;  Oct.,  1812-Feb.,  1814;  Jan. 

1814-Oct,  1815.     Indexed.     3  v.     F  s. 

Published  by  James  Cutler.  Edited  by  Nathan  Hale,  1811-14.  See 
Host,    weekly  Messenger. 

Boston    Weekly    Messenger    Oct.,    1815-June,    1820.    5    v.    Q.    June, 

1820-May,    1823;    Jan.,    1824-Jan.,   1826;    Nov.,   1828-May,    1830, 

18  nos.;  June,  1830- Jan.,  1831.     Indexed.     3  v.    Fe. 

Continuation  of  Weekly  Messenger ;  published  by  Nathan  Hale,  In  con- 
nection with  the  Daily  Advertiser,  after  Oct.,  1815. 

Missionary  Herald   (m).    Vols.  1-105.    1806-1909.    102  v.    O.    1910+ 
Vols.   1-16   styled  Panoplist,  q.  v.     Conducted   by   Rev.   Isaac  R.   Wor- 
cester, 1857-1879;  by  Rev.  E.  E.  Strong,  1879-1906;  since  then  by  Rev. 
William   E.   Strong. 

Municipal  Rights  (w).    Nov.  7,  1885. 
Founded  1885. 

New  Age  (w).    Nov.,  1876-Feb.,  1877.    F*. 

With  Amer.  Spiritualist,  1872-77.  Founded  1875  by  John  M.  L.  Bab- 
cock,  and  conducted  by  him  till  1879.  No  later  mention  in  directories. 

New  England  Affairs.    1689. 

Facsimile  reproduction  of  the  first  attempt  at  newspaper  publication  on 
the  American  continent.     Printed  by   Samuel  Green. 

New  Ideal  (m).    July,  1889;  Oct.,  1890. 

New  Nation  (w).    1891-93;  Jan.-Feb.,  1894.    Indexed.    3  v.    Q. 

Edited  by  Edward  Bellamy,  author  of  "Looking  Backward ;"  organ  of 
Nationalists  ;  suspended,  1894.     Socialist. 

Boston  News  (d).    July,  1892-June,  1883.    2  v.  F*. 

Founded  1891  by  News  Pub.  Co.,  and  conducted  by  them  till  suspen- 
sion, June,  1893. 

Same.    Sept.  7,  1891.    F«.     (Labor  Day  special.) 

Boston  Weekly  News  Letter.    1750,  4  nos.;  1756-59,  16  nos.    P«. 

May  14,  1741  (with  Bost.  Eve  Post,  1741)  ;  May  26,  1743  (with  N.  B. 
Wkly.  Journ.  1739-49)  ;  July  7,  1748  (with  1750)  ;  Oct.  27,  1868  (with 
Eve.  Post.  1769).     First  newspaper  established  in  America;   founded   in- 

I  1704  by  John  Campbell ;  published  by  Bartholomew  Green,  1722-33 ;  John 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Boston,  Mass.,  continued: 

Draper,  1733-62 ;  Richard  Draper,  1762-74 ;  continued  (1764)  as  Mass. 
Gazette  and  Boat.  Hews  Letter;  suspended  Mar.,  1776;  only  paper  pub- 
lished in  Boston  during  the  siege. 

Newsman  (m).    Sept.,  1884. 

Non  Resistant  (s-m).    Vols.  1-2.    1839-40.    F». 

Published  by  N.  B.  Non  Resistance  Society ;  edited  by  Edmund  Quincy, 
Maria  W.  Chapman,  and  William  Lloyd  Garrison.  Suspended  June  29, 

Olive  Bbanch  (w).    Nov.  25,  1843. 

Federal  Obbeby  (s-w)  .     Oct.,  1794-Apr.,  1796.     3  v.    Fs 

Founded  1794.  Owned  and  edited  by  Thomas  Paine ;  changed  to 
Courier  and  Gen.  Advertiser,  1796. 

Oub  Day  (m).    Vols.  1-19.    1888-1900.    19  v.    O.    Vols.  20-27.    1901- 
Jan.,  1910.    8  v.    Q. 

Founded  Jan.,  1888,  by  Our  Day  Pub.  Co.,  and  conducted  by  them  till 
1894 ;  then  moved  to  Springfield,  O.,  and  styled  Our  Day,  the  Altruistic 
Review,  and  published  by  Altruistic  Review  Co.  till  Jan.,  1896 ;  then 
moved  to  Chicago  and  styled  Our  Day;  thereafter  conducted  by  Frederick 
A.  Chapman.  In  June,  1908,  merged  with  World's  Events,  q.  v.  Edited 
by  Joseph  Cook  (with  Frances  Willard,  Edmund  J.  James,  Anthony  Com- 
stock,  and  others),  1888-95;   Haalitt  A.  Cuppy,   1895-96;   since  then  by 

F.  A.  Chapman. 

New  England   Palladium    (s-w).     1801-17;    Sept.,   1818-1820;    1828-29. 
19  v.    F6.  ,     ,|    \f.$f<ft 

Founded  1784.     Published  and  edited  by  Young  &  Minns,   1789-1828 ; 

G.  V.  H.  Forbes,  Sept.,  1828-Nov.  1829 ;  then  by  E.  Kingman.  Styled 
N.  Jil.  Palladium  and  Comml.  Advertiser,  Jan.  1815 ;  merged  in  Columbian 
Centinel,  q.   v.,  1830. 

Panoplist,  or  Christian's  Armory   (m).    Vols.  1-3.    June,  1805 — May, 

1808.     Indexed.     3  v.     O. 

Published  by  Lincoln  &  Edmands ;  "conducted  by  an  association  of 
friends  to  evangelical  truth ;"  profits  devoted  to  mission  work ;  devoted 
to  religious,  missionary,  and  literary  intelligence. 

Panoplist  and  Missionary  Magazine   (m).    Vols.  4-13.    June,  1808— 
Dec,  1817.    Indexed.    10  v.    O. 

*  Organ    of    Massachusetts,    Hampshire,    Berkshire,    Maine,    and    Rhode 

Island  missionary  societies ;  published  by  Farrand,  Mallory  &  Co.,  1808- 
10;   D.   Mallory   &    Co.,    1810-11;    then   by   Samuel   T.    Armstrong.     Ab- 

p  «orbed   Massachusetts    Missionary   Magazine    (established    in    1803)    May, 

)  1809. 

Panoplist  and  Missionary  Herald  (m).    Vols.  14-16.    1818 — Sept.,  1820. 
Indexed.     3  v.     O. 

Organ  of  American  Board  of  Foreign  Missions  (first  organized  June, 
1810,  by  appointment  by  General  Association  of  Congregational  churches 
of  Massachusetts)  ;  published  by  S.  T.  Armstrong ;  continued  under  title" 
of  Missionary  Herald,  q.  v. 



Boston  Pateoit  (s-w).    Mar.,  1809-May,  1817.    9  v.    F«. 

Founded  Mar.,  1809,  by  Everett  &  Munroe.  Published  in  1810  by  Isaac 
Munroe,  state  printer.  Edited,  1817-28,  by  Edmund  Wright,  who  then 
sold  his  interest  to  John  B.  Davis.  Styled  Boat.  Patriot  and  Morn.  Ad- 
vertiser, Mar..  1816 ;  united  with  Jndep.  Chronicle,  June,  1817,  and  pub- 
lished by  Davis  C.  Ballard  and  Edmund  Wright.  Semi-weekly  edition 
styled  7)1(7.  Chron.  and  Boat.  Pat.,  q.  v. ;  daily,  Boat.  Pat.  and  Daily 
Chronicle,  q.   v.     Merged  in  Boat.  Daily  Advertiser,  Dec,   1831. 

Boston  Patriot  and  Daily  Chronicle.    Jan.-Oct,  1818;  Jan.-June,  1819. 
3  v.    P«. 

Continuation  of  Boston  Patriot,  q.  v.  Published  by  Ballard  &  Wright. 
Continued  by  Boston  Patriot  and  Mercantile  Advertiser,  q.  v.  Republi- 

Boston  Patriot  and  Mercantile  Advertiser  (d).    July,  1819- June,  1821; 
1822-July,    1825;    July-Dec,   1827;    July,   1828-1829.    15   v.   F\ 
1826-31,  odd  nos. 
Continuation  of  Boston  Patriot  and  Daily  Chronicle,  q.  v. 

Monthly  Trade  Journal  of  Pattern  Makers'  National  League  of  N.  A. 
(m).    Vol.  1,  No.  1.    Sept.,  1891. 

Boston  Pearl  (w).     Sept.,  1835-May,  1836.     Indexed.    P. 

Founded  1831.  Edited  by  Isaac  C.  Fray  Jr.  (after  May,  1836,  with  H. 
Hastings   Weld). 

People's  Magazine  (bi-w).  Vols.  1-2.  Mar.,  1833-Mar.,  1835.  In- 
dexed.    2  v.     Q. 

People's  Paper  (w).    Nov -Dec,  1855.    F*. 

Founded  Nov.,  1855,  by  Amos  B.  Keith.     Anti-monopoly. 

Pilgrim  Scrip  (irreg.).     Nov.,  1892-June,  1898.     O;  Q. 
Published  by  Woman's  Rest  Tour  Association. 

Boston  Post  (d).  Tariff  Reform  Extra,  No.  1,  Aug.  4,  1888;  Campaign 
Extra,  No.  3,  Sept.  12,  1888. 

Founded  1831  by  Charles  Gordon  Greene,  former  editor  of  United 
States  Telegraph  (Washington).  Edited  by  him  till  1875  or  later;  Ed- 
win Munroe  Bacon,  1886-91 ;  since  then  by  Edwin  A.  Grozler. 

Boston  Evening  Post  (w).  1741,  23  nos.;  1750-75,  39  nos.;  1765-66; 
1769,  23  nos.;  1770,  17  nos.;  Jan.-Feb.,  Apr -Nov.,  1771;  1772- 
73,  21  nos.;  1774-75,  33  nos.     8  v.    F*. 

Successor  of  Weekly  Rehearsal  (1731-35)  ;  founded  Aug.,  1735,  by 
Thomas  Fleet  (publisher  of  "Mother  Goose's  Melodies ")  ;  conducted  by 
him  and  his  sons  Thomas  and  John,  as  a  non-partisan  paper,  till  its  sus- 
pension, Apr.,  1775. 

Same.    Aug.  8,  1737;  June  16,  1766;  Apr.  10,  1775. 

First  named,  with  N.  IS.  Journal,  1738 ;  second,  with  1750-75 ;  third, 
with  fa.  Gazette. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Boston,  Mass.,  continued: 

Boston   Post-Boy  and   Advertiser    (w).    Feb.,   1766- Jan.,    1768.    2   v. 

Oct.  12,  1741  (with  Boat.  Gazette,  1741)  ;  Nov.  24,  1760  (with  Boston 
Gazette  1760)  ;  Nov.  11,  1765  (with  Bost.  Eve.  Post.,  1765-66). 
Founded  1735.  Published  by  Ellis  Huske,  1735-1754 ;  John  Green  an* 
Joseph  Russell,  1757-Apr.,  1773 ;  Nathaniel  Mills  and  John  Hicks,  Apr., 
1773.  No  number  known  after  Apr.,  1775.  Styled  successively,  Boston 
Weekly  Post-Boy;  Boston  Post-Boy;  Boston  Weekly  Advertiser;  Green  A 
Russell's  Boston  Post-Boy  and  Advertiser;  Boston  Post-Boy  and  Adver- 
tiser; Mass.  Gazette,  and  Boston  Post-Boy.  For  various  titles  and  dates 
see  Colonial   Society  of  Mass.  Proceedings,  ix,  p.  472. 

Boston  Press  (s-w).    Feb.,  1831-July,  1833,  44  nos.    Ft. 
See  Free  Press. 

Boston  Peess  Whites  (m).    May,  1903. 

Boston  Pkice  Current  and  Marine-Intelligencer  (w).    Sept.  9,  Nov.  16, 

With  Mass.  Local  Newspapers,  1791-1800.  First  strictly  commercial 
paper  in  U.  S.     Continued  as  Bussell's  Gazette. 

Boston  Printer  (w).    Feb.  21,  1894.  , 

New  England  Printer  (s-m).    Jan.  15,  1897. 

Pbinteb's  Union  (m).    Dec,  1886. 

Founded   1886. 

New  England  Printing  Trades  Journal   (s-m;   m).    Vols.  1-3.    Feb., 
1889-1901  (incomp.).     Q. 
Conducted  by  M.  A.  Murphy.     No  later  data  obtainable. 

American  Railway  Times  (w).    Mar.  30,  1854. 

Rebel  (m).    Vol.  1,  Nos.  1-6.     Sept.,  1895-Apr.,  1896.     Q. 

Founded  1895  as  organ  of  anarchistic  communism.  Published  in  1S9G 
by  H.  M.  Keljy  and  H.  A.  Koch ;  edited  by  C.  W.  Mowbray.  No  later 
mention  in  directories. 

Boston  Recorder   (w).    1818-19;    1820-23;    1824,  scat,  nos.;    1826-28^ 
1831-32.     6   v.     Indexed.    F«.     1844    (incomp.).     Ft. 

Founded  by  Nathaniel  Willis,  formerly  of  Portland  Eastern  Argus,  and 
Sidney  E.  Morse;  with  one  exception  (Chillicothe,  O.,  Recorder,  1814-22), 
the  first  religious  journal  in  TT.  S. ;  styled  Bost.  Recorder  and  Telegraph 
after  1825;  merged  in  Congregationalist   (q.  v.),   1838. 

Repertory  (s-w).    1805-07.    2  v.    Indexed.    F".    1807-10.    4  v.  F«. 
1811.     July  28,  Nov.  5,  1818. 

Founded  1804  by  John  Park,  at  Newburyport ;  soon  removed  to  Boston. 
After  July  2,  1811,  published  by  William  W.  Clapp ;  edited  by  Park,  an3 
styled  Repertory  and  General  Advertiser. 



Repertory  and  General  Advertiser  (w).    1811. 
See  Repertory. 

Russell's  Gazette,  Commercial  and  Political  (s-w).    1797,  4  nos.;  July- 
Dec,  1799.     Fe. 

Published  by  J.  Russell.  Styled  Boston  Gazette  (q.  v.),  commencing 

St.  Andrew's  Cross. 

See  same  title,  under  Chicago,  111. 

Secretary  (m).    May,  1904. 
Founded  1904. 

Boston  Sentinel  (w).    1885V86,  3  nos.    F. 

Boston  Shipping  List  (s-w).    Nov.  8,  1862. 

Shoe  and  Leather  Reporter  (w).    Apr.  8,  15,  1869. 

Shoe     Workers'     Journal      (m).    Vols.     1-10\    1900-1909.    9     v.    Q. 


Pounded  Jan.,  1900,  under  title  Union  Boot  and  Shoe  Worker,  as  or- 
gan of  Boot  and  Shoe  Workers'  Union.  Edited  by  Horace  M.  Eaton, 
general  secretary-treasurer,  till  July,  1902 ;  since  then  by  C.  L.  Baine. 
"Devoted  to  advancement  of  union  stamp."  Styled  Shoe  Workers'  Jour- 
nal since  July,  1902. 

Signs  op  the  Times  (s-m).    May  1,  1840;  June  1,  1842;  Jan.  11,  1843. 
With    Second    Adventist   Newspapers,    1842-47.     Edited    by    Joshua   V. 
Himes ;  preached  immediate  return  of  Christ  to  earth. 

Socialist  Annual.    Vol.  1.    1894.    O. 

Sovereigns  of  Industry  Bulletin. 

See  same  title,  under  Mechanicsburg,  Pa. 

Boston  Spectator  (w).    Vol.  1.    1814-Feb.,  1815.    F. 

Founded  1814.  Edited  by  John  Park,  formerly  of  Repertory;  pub- 
lished by  Munroe  &  Francis.  Devoted  to  "politics  and  belles  lettres." 
Opposed  the  War  of  1812-15.     Suspended  Feb.  25,  1815. 

Boston  Weekly  Spectator.    1871.    F«. 

Thursday  edition   of  Advertiser,  q.   v. 

Spiritual  Philosopher  (m;  w).    July-Dec,  1850.    Q. 

Founded  July,   1850,  by  Laroy   Sunderland.     Spiritualism. 

Massachusetts  Spy   (w).    1772-79,  19  nos.    F«. 

Conducted  by  Isaiah  Thomas  ;  one  of  the  most  fearless  and  influential 
papers  In  New  England,  before  and  during  the  Revolution.  Established 
in  1770  as  the  first  tri-weekly  in  America ;  at  the  end  of  three  months 
it  became  a  semi-weekly,  and  three  months  later  (March,  1771),  a  weekly 
more  frequent  issues  having  proved  unsuccessful.  Styled  Massachu- 
setts   Spy,    or    Thomas'   Boston   Journal,    1772.     Removed    to   Worcester, 

i  Mass.  (q.  v.),  ADr.,  1775. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Boston,  Mass.,  continued: 

Same.    Sept.  15,  1770. 

With  Boston  Evening  Post,  1769. 

American  Statesman  and  City  Register  (s-w).    1824,  15  nos.    F<\ 
With  Independent  Chronicle.     Published  by  True  &  Green. 

International  Steam  Engineer.     1!M)8. 

See  same  title,  under  Brooklyn,  N.  Y. 

Tablet  (w).     Nos.  1-2.    May  19-26,  1795. 

With  Mass.  Local  Newspapers,  1791-1800.  "Devoted  to  belles-lettres ;" 
printed  by  William  Spotswood ;  edited  by  Royal  Tyler  ("Mess.  Colon  & 
Spondee,"  pseud.). 

American  Teaches  (m).    Sept.,  1883-Mar.,  1885.    Q. 

Consolidation  (Sept.,  1883)  of  Public  School,,  Primary  Teacher 
(founded  1876),  Kindergarten  Messenger,  and  Teacher's  Companion. 
Edited  by  Thomas  W.  Bicknell  (of  Primary  Teacher),  William  E.  Shel- 
don, and  W.  H.  Hailmann,  till  1887;  A.  E.  Winship  and  Sheldon,  1887-97; 
since  then,  Winship  alone.  Styled  American  Primary  Teacher  since 

Boston  Telegraph  (w).     1824-25.    F«. 

Pounded  by  Gerard  Hallock ;  merged  in  Boston  Recorder,  1825. 

Boston  Evening  Telegraph  (d).    Sept.-Oct,  1854.    F^. 

With  Amer.  Traveller,  1851-53.  Founded  Sept.,  1854,  by  Williams, 
Morse  &  Co. 

Constitutional  Telegraphe   (s-w).    Sept.  19,   1801;   May,  1802,  7  nos. 

F  6. 

Founded  by  Samuel  S.  Parker,  1799 ;  continued  as  Republican  Gazet- 
teer (May,  1802),  and  later  as  Democrat,  q.  v. 

Temperance  Cause)  (m).     June,  1899+     F*;   Q;  D. 

Founded  July,  1878,  by  Mass.  Total  Ahstinence  Society.  Edited  by 
Benjamin  R.  Jewell  till  Nov.,  1890 ;  since  then  by  Rev.  Alfred  Noon. 
Each  issue  devoted  to  one  phase  of  the  work. 

Times  (w).    Dec,  1807-Oct,  1808.    Q. 

Founded  Dec,  1807,  by  Oliver  &  Munroe,  and  by  them  consolidated 
(Oct.,  1808)   with  Emerald,  as  Boston  Mirror. 

Times  or  Evening  Entertainer  (tri-w).    Oct.-Nov.,  1794,  4  nos. 

With  Mass.  Local  Newspapers,  1791-1800.  Founded  1794  by  Hall  & 
MacClintock ;  after  Nov.  5,  published  by  Thomas  Hall  alone. 

To-Day  (w).    1852.    Indexed.    2  v.    O. 

Founded   Jan.,   1852,   by   Charles   Hale.     Published   by   Redding  &    Co. 

To-Day  (w).    1890,  3  nos.;  Jan.  21, 1892. 



Daily  Evening  Teanscbipt.  Oct.-Dec.,  1831;  Apr  .-Sept.,  1833;  Jan- 
Sept.,  1834.  4  v.  F*.  Jan- June,  1842;  June-Dec.,  1848.  2  v.  F\ 
Jan.-June,  1850;  July,  1851-June,  1853;  Jan-June,  1854;  1857; 
1858;  July-Dec,  1859;  July,  1860-June,  1861.  13  v.  F«.  July, 
1861-1862.  3  v.  Ft.  1863;  1864.  4  v.  F<>.  Dec,  1903-1910.  41  v. 
F  e.     19H-I- 

Same   (w).    1902-1903.    F«. 

Founded  by  Dutton  &  Wentworth,  July,  1830 ;  incorporated,  Boston 
Transcript  Co.,  1880.  Edited  successively  by  Lynde  M.  Walter,  Dr. 
Joseph  Palmer,  Miss  Cornelia  M.  Walter,  Epes  Sargent,  D.  M.  Haskell, 
William  A.  Hovey,  Edward  H.  Clement,  and  George  S.  Mandell. 

Daily  American  Traveller  (s-w).     July,  1825-June,  1828.     3  v.    Fs. 

Founded  (1825)  by  Royal  L.  Porter;  united  with  Daily  Evening  Trav- 
eller, 1845. 

American  Weekly  Traveller.  Apr.,  1851-Mar.,  1854;  Dec  14,  1854; 
Aug.  21,  1857.     Ft. 

Successor  oj  Stage  Register,  as  weekly  edition  of  Daily  Evening  Trav- 
eller, q.  v.  Edited  by  Ferdinand  Andrews  and  George  Punchard,  1851- 
B4 :  Charles  C.  Hazewell,  1874-83 ;  Roland  Worthington,  1884-91. 
Thereafter  styled  Our  Country  ana  American  Traveller,  and  Our  Coun- 
try till  1893.     No  later  mention  in  directories. 

Daily  Evening  Traveller.  Jan.-Mar.,  1849;  May,  1854-Jan.,  1857, 
scat,  nos.;  Sept.  27,  1862.     F°. 

With  imer.  Traveller,  1851-54.  Founded,  Apr.,  1845,  by  Ferdinand 
Andrews    (formerly  of  Salem  Gazette)  ;   first  cheap  daily  in  Boston. 

Typographical  Bulletin.    Jan.  24,  1906. 

American  Union  (w).    Sept.  8,  1860. 

Union  Boot  and  Shoe  Workers'  Journal. 
See  Shoe  Workers'  Journal. 

Union  Label  (m).  1899-1901,  7  nos.  Also  official  Souvenir,  May  5, 
1897.     Q. 

Union  Label  Magazine   (m).    1903-1905,  5  nos.    F. 
Founded  1898. 

Union  League  and  National  Educator  (w).    Apr.  30,  1864. 

United  States  Literary  Gazette  (s-m).  Vol.  1.  Apr.,  1824-Mar.,  1825. 
Q.    Vols.  2-4.    Apr.,  1825-Sept.,  1826.     Indexed.    3  v.    O. 

Continued  as  V.  8    Review  ana  Literary  Gazette  (m),  after  Sept.  1826. 

Wage  Worker  (m).  1903,  5  nos.;  Feb.,  Mar.,  1904;  May  15,  1909.    O;  F. 
Founded   1903  by  Union  News  League.     Edited  by  James  H.  Mellen. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Boston,  Mass.,  continued: 

Watchman  (w).    Sept.,  1894-99.    11  v.    F. 

Same.     1893-94,  1900,-1901   (incomp.).     F. 

Founded  1819.  Edited  successively  by  John  E.  Weston,  James  Loring, 
and  B.  F.  Farnsworth  till  1834  ;  p:benezer  Thresher,  1834-38 ;  William- 
Crowell,  1838-48;  J.  W.  Ohmstead  and  William  Hague  (of  Reflector), 
1847-67 ;  Ohmstead  alone,  1807-77 ;  Lucius  E.  Smith,  1877-91 ;  George  E. 
Horr,  1891-1903 ;  now  by  E.  F.  Merriam.  Styled  Christian  Watchman 
till  1848,  when  united  with  Oliristian  Reflector  (founded  at  Worcester, 
but  moved  to  Boston  in  1842),  as  Watchman  and  Reflector;  after  1876 
again  styled  Watchman. 

City  Watchman's  Alarm  (m).    Nos.  1-2.    Sept.-Oct.,  1842. 

With  Second  Adventist  newspapers,  1842-47.  Edited  by  Lewis- 

Wavebly  Magazine  (w).     Oct.  29,  1870. 

Well  Spring  (m).    Vols.  9-10.    1852-53.    2  v.    F. 

Founded  184*  by  Massachusetts  Sabbath  School  Society.  Edited  (1852) 
by  Rev.  Asa  Dullard.     Juvenile. 

Woman's  Journal   (w).    1871;    Mar.-Dec,  1873;    1877;    1879-91;    1895. 
13  v.    Fs.     1892-1902  (incomp.). 

Founded  Jan.,  1870,  by  "The  Proprietors  of  the  Woman's  Journal,"  a 
corporation  which  has  since  owned  it.  Mary  A.  Livermore,  Julia  Ward 
Howe,  William  Lloyd  Garrison,  and  Thomas  W.  Higginson  were  the 
original  editors.  Mrs.  Livermore  was  editor-in-chief  till  1872 ;  con- 
ducted thereafter  by  Lucy  Stone  and  Henry  B.  Blackwell,  1872-95  (with- 
Alice  Stone  Blackwell  after  1881),  and  since  Mr.  Blackwell's  death  (in 
1909)   by  Alice  S.  Blackwell. 

Woekeb  (m).    May,  1904. 
Founded  1904. 

American  Workman  (w).    1869,  8  nos.;  Apr.  27,  1872.    F«. 

Yankee  (w).    Dec,  1814-Dec.,  1815.    F<s. 

Founded  1811.     Published   (1814-15)  by  Rowe  &  Hooper. 

Same.     Oct.  9,  1812;  Jan.  16,  1818. 

First-named  with  1814-15 ;  second,  with  N.  E.  Local  Newspapers, 

Yankee,  and  Boston  Literary  Gazette  (w).    Jan-Mar.,  1829.    F. 

Founded  .Ian.,  1S:!8,  as  Yankee,  at  Portland,  Me.  Published  by  William 
S.  Wait,  later  by  James  Adams.  Edited  by  John  Neal  (till  his  death  in 
1870)  and  James  W.  Miller.  Issued  at  Boston  and  Portland  after  first 
few  months.  Absorbed  Bachelor'*  Journal,  and  Boston  Literary  Gazette 
within  a  year. 

Yankee  Farmer  (w).    1841.    Indexed.    P*. 

Founded  1835.  Published  by  Charles  P.  Bosson,  1838-Dec,  1841 ; 
edited  by  S.  W.  Cole.  Jan.-June.  1841.  In  Pec,  1841,  merged  with  Mass. 
Ploughman,  published  by  William  BuekmiristeT,    ' 



Young  American's  Magazine  of  Self -Improvement  (m).    Vol.  1,  No.  2. 
Mar.,  1847. 

Youth's  Cabinet    (w).       Vols.  2-5.    May,  1838-Aug.,  1842   (incomp.). 
2  v.    F*. 

With  Youth's  CaUnet  (N.  Y.),  3  838-40.  Founded  1837,  at  Boston,  by 
N.  Southard ;  published  by  Isaac  Knapp.  Had  various  editors  the  first 
year,  among  them  Harvey  Newcomb.  Suspended  from  Aug.,  1838-Apr. 
25,  1839,  when  Southard  resumed  charge.  Published  by  him  at  New- 
York  and  Boston  until  Jan.,  1842,  after  which  issued  by  New  York 

Youth's  Companion  (w).    July-Dec,  1891;  1892.    2  v.    F*. 

First  Juvenile  periodical  in  the  United  States ;  established  in  1826  by 
Nathaniel  Willis,  founder  of  Recorder. 

Zion's  Herald  (w).     1844-51.     5  v.     F«.    1880-96.     10  v.    F«-s.    1897- 

1909   (incomp.).    13  v. 

Founded  1823  by  committee  of  New  England  Conference.  In  1832  be- 
came the  property  of  the  Boston  Wesleyan  Association  (a  corporation  of 
twenty  laymen,  who  have  since  managed  it).  Franklin  Rand  was  pub- 
lishing agent,  1838-68 ;  Alonzo  S.  Weed,  1871-98 ;  since  then  George  B. 
Whitaker.  Among  editors  have  been  Abel  Stevens,  1S41-52 ;  Daniel  Wise, 
1852-56 ;  E.  O.  Haven,  1856-63  ;  N.  E.  Cobleigh,  1863-67  ;  Gilbert  Haven, 
1867-72;  B.  K.  Pierce,  1872-87;  since  then,  Charles  Parkhurst.  Metho- 
dist Episcopal. 


•Champion  (w).    Oct.  16,  1903. 
Brockton  Journal  (w).    1900,  4  nos. 

See  same  title,  under  Haverhill. 

Brockton  Times  (d).    May-Dec.,  1895;  Jan.,  1896.    3  v.    F«. 

Founded  1894  by  W.  L.  Douglas.  Conducted  for  a  few  months  by  J. 
Armoy  Knox ;  since  then  by  W.  R.  Buchanan.     Independent. 


Anti-Imperialist  (irreg.).  Aug.  20,  1899. 


Astronomical  Journal  (w).    Mar.  14,  1851;  Nov.  10,  1854. 

With   Cincinnati  Siaereal  Messenger,  1846-48. 
Cambridge  Chronicle  (w).    Apr.  26,  1849. 

Published  by  John  Ford. 
New   England  Chronicle  or  Essex   Gazette    (w).       May,   1775-Apr., 
1776.     2  v.    F*. 

Successor  fMay,  1775)  of  Essex  Gazette,  of  Salem,  q.  v.;  published  at 
Cambridge  May  12,  1775-Apr.,  1776,  in  Stoughton  Hall,  Harvard,  under 
name  New  England  Chronicle  or  Essex  Uazette,  by  Ebenezer  and  Samuel 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Cambridge,  Mass.,  continued: 

Hall.  After  death  of  former,  removed  to  Boston  (q.  v.),  Apr.,  1776; 
continued  by  8'.  Hall  till'  June  20 ;  after  that  by  Powars  and  Willis.  See 
N.  E.  Chronicle,  under  Boston. 

People  (q).  July,  1899;  Dec,  1901;  Feb.,  1902-Jan.,  1903;  Mar-May, 
Dec,  1904;  Peb.-Aug.,  1905;  Dec,  1905-Feb.,  1906;  June-Nov., 
1906;  June,  1907-Feb.,  1908;  June-Aug.,  1908;  Dec,  1908-Feb., 
1909.    F. 

Founded  1897.     Published  by  People  Pub.  Co.     Education. 


Charlestown  Chronicle  (w).    June  19,  1869. 


Chicopee  Journal  (w).    Apr.  24,  1858. 


Minerva   (w).     Mar.  28,  May  9,  1797;  May  24,  1798. 

With  Mass.  Local  Newspapers,  1791-1800.  Founded  about  Oct.,  1796, 
by  Nathaniel  and  Benjamin  Heaton,  as  Columbian  Minerva;  suspended, 
Sept.  1804. 

Norfolk  Repository  (w).    Jan-Sept.,  1809,  7  nos.    Fb. 

With  N.  M.  Local  Newspapers,  1804-10.  Founded  May,  1805,  by  Her- 
man Mann ;  suspended,  1811. 

East  Boston 

East  Boston  Advocate  (w).    1872-74.    Fs. 

Founded  1869  by  T.  A.  Hutchins,  and  conducted  by  him  till  1874  i. 
William  B.  Morse  and  A.  H.  Lewis,  1875-81 ;  Lewis  alone,  1882-86.  1b 
1887  merged  with  East  Boston  Argus,  as  East  Boston  Argus  Advocate, 
and  since  conducted  by  J.  B.  McCabe.  formerly  of  the  Argus.     Republican. 

E  as  ton 

Easton  Journal  (m).    1903-1907,  6  nos.    O. 

Fall  River 

Labor  Standard  (w).    Nov.  19,  Dec.  3,  1881;  Sept.  14,  1898. 

Moral  Envoy  (w).    Mar  .-Dec,  1830.    F«. 

Founded  Mar.,  18K0,  by  George  W.  Allen,  and  published  by  him  till 
Dec,  1830.     Anti-Masonic. 




Ratvaaja  (w).    Finnish.    Nov.,  1909+    F». 

Founded  1905.     Published  since  1909,  or  before,  by  Finnish  Socialistic 
Pub.  Co. 


Greenfield  Gazette  (w).    Aug.  14,  Sept.  3,  10,  1794. 

With  Mass.  Local  Newspapers,  1791-1800.     Successor  of  Impartial  In- 
telligencer; merged  in  Herald,  1827. 

Same.    Aug.  15,  1808. 

Impartial  Intelligences  (w).  June  20,  1892. 

With  Mass.  Local  Newspapers,  1791-1800.  First  paper  in  Franklin 
County  ;  founded  1792  by  Thomas  Dieltman  of  Boston,  afterwards  post- 
master of  Greenfield ;  continued  as  Greenfield  Gazette,  1794. 

Gazette  and  Courier  (w).    Aug.  25,  1862. 


Landmark   (w).    1895-1908.    7  v.    P«.    1909+ 

Founded  Aug.,  1884,  by  John  H.  Turner,  and  still  edited  by  him. 
Owned  since  Jan.,  1911,  by  his  son,  George  H.  B.  Turner.     Independent. 


Clabion  (w).    Sept.  4-Dec.  14,  1901.    F«. 

Published  by  Social  Democratic  Pub.  Assn.,  William  A.  Kennedy,  editor. 
Removed  to  Boston,  Dec,  1901. 

Haverhill  Laborer   (w).    1884-86,  scat.  nos.    F». 

Founded  1884  by  Knights  of  Labor  Co-op.  Pub.  Co..  and  published  by 
them  till  1888.  Edited  by  Frank  K.  Foster,  1886;  Daniel  Stevens,  1887; 
M.  B.  Parker,  1888.     No  later  mention  in  directories. 

Haverhill  Social  Democrat  (w).    Oct.,  1899-Sept.,  1901.    F«. 

Founded  Oct.,  1899,  by  Social  Democratic  Pub.  Assn.  of  Mass.  Edited 
by  William  Mailly,  Nov.,  1899-Dec,  1900 ;  William  Edlin,  Jan.  -Aug., 
1901 ;  John  Eills,  Aug.,  1901.     No  later  data  obtainable. 


Knights  of  Crispin  Monthly  Journal.    Jan.,  1873. 


Abtisan  (w).    Apr.,  1908+    F«. 

Founded  1907  by  present  editor,  E.  S.  Alden,  to  discuss  "Industrial, 
sociological,  and  economic  subjects."  Official  labor  paper  of  Western 

Biene   (w).     1897.     Q.     1903-1909.     3  v.    F«     1910+ 

Founded  1894  by  August  Lehmann,  and  since  edited  by  him.     Labor. 

Newspaper  Catalogue 

Holyoke,  Mass.,  continued: 

Holyoke  Laboe  (w).    Apr.,  1894-July,  1896.    2  v.    F». 

Founded  Apr.,  1894,  by  Socialist  Newspaper  Union ;  managed  by  Albert 
E.  Sanderson  and  M.  Ruther  till  July,  1896,  when  temporary  suspension 
was  announced.     Organ  of  Socialist  Labor  Party. 


Ipswich  Chronicle  (w).    Feb.  1,  1873. 


Lawrence  Journal  (m) .    Oct.  10,  1874. 

Lawrence  Laboe  (w).    May  2,  1896. 


Lowell  Cabinet  (m).     Oct.,  1852. 

Lowell  Daily  Citizen.     May,  1856-66.  21  v.    F«. 

Lowell  Daily  Citizen  and  News.    1867-79.    26  v.    Ps. 

Founded  1850.  Published  by  Leo  Brown  and  G.  F.  Morey  (edited 
by  J.  A.  Goodwin),  3856-July,  1859;  C.  L.  Knapp  and  Morey,  July,  1859- 
77 ;  Knapp  alone,  1878-79  ;  Knapp  &  Son,  1880-82 ;  Citizen  Newspaper 
Co..  1883-94 ;  since  then  by  Courier-Citizen  Co.  Now  styled  Courier- 

Lowell    Courier    (tri-w).    June-Dec.,-  1835.    F*.    1836-38.    3   v.    F». 
Mar.,  1839-45   (incomp.).    F«. 

Same   (d).     1846-47.    4  v.    Fb.    Apr.  19,  1848;   1849-65.    34  V. 

F*.     July-Dec,    1883.     F5.    July,   1884-Dec,   1886.     5  v.     F5. 

Founded  (tri-wcekly)  Jan.,  1835,  by  Huntress  &  Knowlton,  and  pub- 
lished by  them  till  Sept.,  1836 ;  Leonard  Huntress  Sept.,  1836-Dec,  1841 ; 
William  Schouler,  Jan.,  1842-July,  1847 ;  James  Atkinson,  July,  1847- 
Feb.,  1850 ;  Samuel  J.  Varney,  Feb.,  1850-May,  1856 ;  S.  N.  Merrill,  Aug., 
1856-Apr.,  i860 ;  Stone  &  Huse,  Apr.,  1860-1865 ;  Marden  &  Eowell,  1870- 
92 ;  Lowell  Courier  Pub.  Co.,  ]  893-94 ;  since  then  by  Courier-Citizen  Co. 
Edited  successively  by  Huntress,  Robins  Dinsmore,  W.  O.  Barrett,  D.  S. 
Richardson,  W.  S.  Robinson,  L.  S.  Streeter,  John  H.  Warland,  Charles 
Cowley,  John  A.  Goodwin,  and  others.  Styled  Daily  Journal  and  Courier, 
1849-61 ;  then  Daily  Courier  and  Weekly  Journal.  Daily  edition,  July, 

Lowell  Journal  (w).    Mar.,  1826-Feb.,  1831.    2  v.    Fe. 

Founded  1S24  bv  William  Baldwin,  as  Chelmsjora  Courier.  Soon 
bought  by  E.  W.  Reinhart,  and  styled  Chelmsford  Phoenix;  a  year  later 
removed  to  East  Chelmslord  (now  Lowell)  and  styled  Merrimack  Journal. 
Bought  (Nov..  1825)  by  .1.  S.  C.  Knowlton,  and  in  1826  styled  Lowell 
Journal  and  conducted  by  him  till  1831 ;  by  John  R.  Adams,  Edward  C. 
Purdy,  John  S.  Sleeper  and  H.  W.  Weld,  John  P.  Robinson,  Seth  Ames, 
and   Charles  H.  Locke,   successively  till   1834,  when   bought  by   Leonard 



Huntress,  of  the  Mercury,  and  Daniel  S.  Knowlton.  Papers  merged  as 
Lowell  Journal  and  Mercury;  a  year  later,  restyled  Lowell  Journal. 
Connection  not  at  all  times  clear  between  Journal  and  Courier,  but  issued 
as  Daily  Journal  and  Courier,  1849-61 ;  then  Daily  Courier  and  Weekly 
Journal.     Absorbed  Hulletin,  Middlesex  Telegraph,  and   Compend. 

Merrimack  Journal. 

See  Lowell  Journal. 

Lowell  Meecuey  (w).     Nov.,  1829-Oct,  1830.    Fs. 

With  Lowell  Journal  1830-31.  Founded  Nov.,  1829,  by  J.  Wolcott  Jr., 
and  conducted  by  him  till  Mar.,  1830 ;  then  printed  by  him  for  the  pro- 
prietor, Thomas  Billings,  and  edited  by  Ellphalet  Case  as  a  strong  Demo- 
cratic organ.  Sold  in  1S34  to  Leonard  Huntress  and  D.  H.  Knowlton  ; 
thereafter  Whig.     Merged  with  Journal   (q.  v.),  1834. 

Middlesex  Mebcurt  (w).    Sept.-Nov.,  1839.    F*. 

Founded  Sept.,  1839,  by  Ellphalet  Case.  Temperance.  [This  file  con- 
sists of  13  nos.,  which  is  the  number  announced  in  the  prospectus.] 

Lowell  Offering  (m).    May,  1844. 

Vox    Populi     (w).    1845-46.    F<>.    Nov.,    1861-Nov.,    1862.    Ft.    Dec, 

1862-Oct,  1865;  1866-Oct,  1867.     2  v.     F«. 

Founded   1840.     Published  by   S.   J.   Vamey,    1845-46 ;   Z.   C.   Huse   and 

Stone,  1861-79;  Huse  and  John  A.  Goodwin,  1880-85;  S.  W.  Huse 

&  Co.,  1886-1895.     No  later  mention  in  directories. 


Lynn  Recoed  (w).    Jan.  8,  Feb.  12,  1876. 


American  Statesman  (w).    Sept.  4,  1882. 

Journal  of  United  Laboe. 

See  same  title,  under  Philadelphia,  Pa. 


Leader  (m).    Apr.,  May,  1901. 

See  same  title,  under  Haverhill. 


Leader   (m).    Apr.,  May,  1901.    F«. 


Practical  Christian    (s-m).    Vol.  1.    1840-41.    F*.    Vols.  3-18.    1842- 
58.     5  v.     F«. 

Founded  1840.     Conducted  by  Adln  Ballou,  assisted  by  David  R.  Lam- 
son,  George  W.  Stacy,  Daniel  S.  Whitney,  William  H.  Fish,  and  Samuel  J. 
May.     Removed  to  Milford   (Hopedalc)   In  1842,  and  conducted  by  Ballou 
8— N.  C.  [  113  ] 

Newspaper  Catalogue 

Mendon,  Mass.,  continued: 

as  agent  for  the  Hopedale  Community  till  Aug.,  1847 ;  then  independently 
till  Oct.,  1849 ;  then  edited  by  him  and  published  by  A.  G.  Spalding  lor 
the  Community  till  1855   (or  later j. 


Practical  Christian. 

See  same  title,  under  Mendon,  Mass. 

New  Bedford 

Medley,  or  Newbedford  Marine  Journal.    Aug.  11,  1794. 

With  Mass.  Local  Newspapers,  1791-1800.  First  paper  in  N.  Bedford; 
founded  by  John  Spooner,  Not.,  1792 ;  suspended,  1799. 

New  Bedford  Standard  (d) .    May  25,  1860. 


Impartial  Herald  (s-w).    Dec,  1794-Nov.,  1795,  10  nos.    F*. 

With  Mass.  Local  Newspapers,  1791-1800.  Founded  1793  by  E.  M. 
Blunt  and  H.  S.  Robinson ;  continued  as  Newburyport  Herald  (1797)  and 
still  published ;  its  daily  edition  was  the  first  daily  in  Massachusetts  out- 
side of  Boston. 

Essex  Journal  and  Merrimack  Packet   (w).    June,  1774- Apr.,  .1775, 
9  nos.;   1784-85,  20  nos.     2  v.    F  s. 
Founded  by  Isaiah  Thomas,  1773 ;  afterwards  published  by  John  Mycall. 

Statesman  (s-w).    Aug.,  1808-Mar.,  1809.    F<s. 

With  Repub.  Spy,  Northampton,  1806-09.     Founded  by  Joseph  Gleason. 


Anti-Monarchist  and  Republican  Watchman  (w).    Dec.  21,  1808;  Jan. 
25,  1809. 

With  Repub.  Spy,  1806-09.  Continued  Mar.,  1811,  as  Democrat;  sus- 
pended, 1815. 

Hampshire  Gazette  (w).    1793-95,  4  nos. 

With  Mass.  Local  Newspapers,  1791-1800.  First  paper  in  Hampshire 
County,  and  oldest  now  published  there.  Founded  by  William  Butler, 
Sept.  1786.  Published  by  W.  W.  Clapp,  1815-17 ;  Sylvester  Judd,  1822- 
35;  J.  R.  Trumbull,  1858-77;  H.  S.  Gere  (later  with  his  sons),  1858- 

,'        ■    '  Same.    Aug.-Dec,  1808,  15  nos. 

With  N.  JS.  Local  Newspapers,  1804-10. 

• Same.     1825-26.     Fe.     1860-63;   1865.    Ft. 

Hive  (w).    Sept-Dec.,  1803;  May-Dec,  1804.    Q. 

Established  Aug.,  1803,  by  T.  M.  Pomeroy;  at  Brst  semi-literary;  after 
Dec,  1804,  exclusively  political;  Federalist;  suspended,  1805. 

[114]  l] 


Republican  Spy   (w).    Mar.,  1806-Apr.,  1807,  8  nos.;   1808   (incomp.). 


Established  at  Springfield,  1803 ;  Thomas  Ashley,  publisher ;  removed 
to  Northampton,  1804  ;  continued  as  Anti-Monarchist  and  Rep.  Watchman, 
Dec,  1808. 


Pittsfield  Sun    (w).     Dec.  30,  1800;   July-Oct,  1822,  5  nos.    F=. 

With  N.  E.  Local  Newspapers,  1821-28.  Founded  1800,  by  Phinehaa 
Allen,  and  conducted  by  him  as  late  as  1822. 


Woed  (m).    Mar.,  1873;  1875,  3  nos.;  1876,  5  nos.    F«. 

Founded  1872.  Conducted  by  E.  H.  Heywood,  1875-84;  then  edited 
by  him  and  published  by  Co-op.  Pub.  Assn.  till  1893.  No  later  mention  in 
directories.     Reform. 


Granite  Cutters'  Journal. 

See  same  title,  under  Washington,  D.  C. 

Hatters'  Journal  (m).    1884-1900,  4  nos. 


Essex  Gazette  (w).    Aug.,  1768-July,  1772;   1773.    3  v.    F=    1774-75. 
2  v.     F*, 

Founded  by  Samuel  Hall,  1768  ;  removed  to  Cambridge,  1775,  and  con- 
tinued as  N.  E.  Chronicle  and  Essex  Gazette,  q.  v. 

Salem   Gazette    (w).    Oct.,    1781-Dec.,   1782;    1783.    2    v.    F*.    1784- 
1785.     Fs. 

Founded  by   Samuel  Hall,   1781 ;  suspended,  1785,  owing  to  tax  on  ad- 
vertisements ;  removed  to  Boston,  and  continued  as  Mass.  Gazette,  q.  v. 

Same   (s-w).     1812.  F  o.     1841-42,  Fo. 

Founded  (1781)  by  Mary  Crouch,  widow  of  Charles  Crouch,  Charleston, 

S.  C.  Carried  on  by  Samuel  Hall,  Oct.,  1781-Nov.,  1785  ;  T.  C.  Cushlng, 
1786-1823  ;  Caleb  Cashing  and  Ferdinand  Andrews,  1823-25  ;  afterwards 
by  Caleb  Foote  and  Nathaniel  Horton ;  oldest  paper  now  published  In 

Salem  Observer  (w).    Sept.  10,  1859. 

Salem  Press  (w).    Jan.  8,  15,  1867. 
Edited  by  D.  B.  Cole. 

Essex  Register  (s-w).    1819.    F«. 

Founded   1807   by    Haven   Pool    and   Warwick   Palfrey.     Published    by 
Palfrey  as  late  as  1819. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Salem,   Mass.,   continued:  •    '    •  ' 

Impartial  Register  (s-w).    Nov-Dec,  1800,  3  nos. 

With  Mass.  Local  Newspapers,  1791-1800.  Founded  May,  1800,  by 
William  Carlton. 

Salem   Register    (s-w).    Aug.-Dec,  1802,   6  nos.    Jan.-Sept„   1803,   8 
nos.;  Jan-June,  1805,  29  nos.    Fs. 
Successor  to  Impartial  Register,  q.  y. 

Workwomen's  Advocate.    1884,  2  nos.  (undated). 


Moralist  and  General  Intelligencer  (w).    Dec.  4,  1828.  t 

With  Eastern  Local  Newspapers,  1821—28.  First  paper  in  Southbridge; 
established  Jan.,  1828,  by  Pierpont  E.  B.  Botham ;  adyocated  total  ab- 
stinence ;  succeeded  by  Southbridge  Ret/ister,  1829. 


Hampshire  Chronicle  (w).    Apr,  6.  1791;  Mar.  23,  Sept.  14,  1795.  • 

With  Mass.  Local  Newspapers,  1791-1800.  Established  by  John  Rus- 
sell, 1788.  Published  by  Ezra  W.  Weld,  1791 ;  Edward  Gray,  1795. 
Styled  Hampshire  and  Berkshire  Chronicle  in  1795. 

Common  Sense.    Jan.  12,  1895. 

Springfield  Gazette  (w).    Oct.  3,  1838  (imp.). 

Haerisonian   (w).    May  22,  1840. 

With  Maine  Cultivator,  1839-41. 

Proletarian  (w).     1899,  9  nos.    Fs. 
Founded  May,  1899. 

Springfield  Republican  (w).  186J.-72;  Mar.  7,  1873;  Mar.  6,  27,  Apr.  3, 
1874;  May  5,  "Nov.  10,  1876.  12  v.  F>.  1880;  1888-94;  1898; 
1900-1904.     14  v.  Fs. 

Same.    Mar.  7,  1873. 

•  Founded  1824  by  Samuel  Bowles  Sr.,  continued  by  his  son  and  grand- 

*'  son. 

"Work  and  Wages  (m).    1887,  4  nos. 
Founded  1887. 


Western  Star  (w).    1792-95,  7  nos. 

With  Mass.  Local  Newspapers,  179J-1800.  First  paper  in  Berkshire 
County ;  established  1789,  by  L.oring  Andrews ;  afterwards  styled  An- 
drews's Western  Star  and  Berkshire  Star;  removed  to  Lenox,  1828;, con- 
tinued as  Berkshire  Journal  till  1833,  then  as  Mass.  Eagle;  removed  to 
Pittsfield,  1842 ;  now  Berkshire  Co.  Eagle. 

[  116  ]  ] 



Boston  Gazette  (w).    1776,  26  nos.    F*. 

Kemoved  hitter  during  siege  of  Boston.     See  same  title  under  Boston. 


"I"  Monthly.    1898-190O,  scat.  nos.    O. 

Wellesley  Hills 

Free  Comrade  (bi-m;  m).     Sept.,  1901;  Jan.-June,  1903.    D. 

Founded  1901  (new  series)  by  P.  A.  Ballou  and  J.  William  Lloyd,  and 
published  by  them  till  June,  1903.     No  later  data  obtainable. 

Ariel  (m).    Oct.,  1902-Apr.,  1903.    D.  .; 


National  Aegis,  (w).    1804-5,  6  nos.  Dec,  1824-1826;  1827-28;  1829-31; 
1831-33;  1838-40;  1841-42;  1843-45.     7  v.  F8. 

With  N.  E.  Local  Fapers,  1804-10.  Pounded  Dec.,  1801,  as  organ  of 
Jeffersonians,   by  Francis  Blake ;  now  weekly  edition  of  Evening  Gazette. 

Christian  Reflector  (w).    1840.    Indexed.    Fe. 

Founded  1838 ;  edited  by  C.  V.  Grosvenor ;  strong  Anti-Slavery  paper ; 
merged  in  Christian  Watchman  after  a  few  years.  Baptist.  See  Watch- 
man, under  Boston. 

Independent  Gazetter.    Nov.  11,  1800. 

With  Spy,  1800.     Founded  1800  by  Daniel  Greenleaf. 

Worcester  Labor   (w).    May  30,  1896. 

Labor  News  (w).    Mar.,  1906+    F«. 

Founded  Mar.,  1906,  by  Freeman  M.  Saltus,  and  since  conducted  by 

Light  (w).    Jan.-May,  1892.    Q. 

Worcester  Palladium  (w).  1834-74,  exc.  Jan.-Feb.,  1843.  21  v.  P«. 
Founded  1834  by  J.  S.  C.  Knowlton,  as  successor  of  Aegis  and  Yeo- 
man, and  conducted  by  him  till  his  death,  July  1871  ;  then  by  his  daugh- 
ters till  July,  1875,  when  sold  to  Charles  Hamilton ;  conducted  by  him  till 
Feb.,  1876,  when  merged  in  Spy,  q.  v.  At  first  Anti-Masonic;  in  1838 
Democratic ;  in  1856  Free  Soil ;  thereafter  Republican. 

Worcester  Republican  (w).    Mar.,  1829-1833;  1835-38;  1840.    5  t.    F». 
Founded  Mar.,  1829 ;  edited  by  Jubal   Harrington  till  merged  in  Palla- 
dium, q.  v.     Styled  Worcester  County  Republican  till  Dec,  1833. 

Worcester  County  Republican. 
See  Worcester  Republican. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Worcester,  Mass.,  continued: 

Worcester  Daily  Spy.    July,  1845-1903.    122  v.    F4-s. 

Daily  edition  of  Mass.  Spy,  q.  v.  Published  by  Isaiah  Thomas  till  Aug., 
1812 ;  Isaac  Sturtevant,  Aug.,  1812-Oet,  1814  ;  William  Manning,  1814- 
23  (part  of  the  time  with  others)  ;  George  Trumbull,  Aug.-Nov.,  1823; 
then  printed  "for  the  proprietors"  by  Charles  Griffin  till  Sept.,  1824 ; 
Samuel  B.  Manning,  Sept.,  1824-Dec,  1825;  S.  H.  Colton  &  Co.,  1826- 
Nov.  1835  (Anthony  Chase  junior  editor  till  1829,  then  John  M.  Earle, 
on  staff  since  1819) ;  Earle,  Nov.,  1835-Dec,  1858  (with  Thomas  Drew 
after  Nov.,  1850)  ;  S.  S.  Foss  and  M.  Farnum,  Dec.,  1858-Mar.,  1859. 
Then  sold  to  John  D.  Baldwin  formerly  of  Boston  Commonwealth,  and 
conducted  by  him  and  his  two  sons  till  1883 ;  J.  S.  Baldwin,  1884-98 ; 
William  E.  Walker,  1899-1901  (firm  name  being  J.  D.  Baldwin  &  Co.  till 
1888,  then  Spy  Pub.  Co.).  In  1901  Charles  Nutt  became  editor  and 

Thomas's  Massachusetts  Spy,  or  American  Oracle  of  Liberty  (w). 
1772-79,  19  nos.;  Apr.,  1780-Apr.,1782.  2  v.  F*.  1789-92;  May, 
1793-Nov.,  1794;  1796-98;  1800-10;  Jan.-Apr.,  1820,  7  nos.;  1821- 
22;  Jan-Sept.,  1823.  14  v.  Fs.  Feb.-Dec,  1824;  1827.  2  v.  F«. 
Founded  1771  at  Boston,  by  Isaiah  Thomas  (leading  New  England 
publisher,  almanac  editor,  author  cf  History  of  Printing,  and  founder 
of  American  Antiquarian  Society).  Removed  to  Worcester,  1775;  re- 
placed by  Worcester  Magazine  (Mar.,  1786— Apr.,  1788)  on  account  of 
stamp  duty  levied  on  newspapers.  Continued  as  Thomas's  Mass.  Spy,  or 
Worcester  Gazette,  May,  1781 ;  and  Mass.  Spy  and  Worcester  Advertiser, 
Jan.,  1824.  Advocated  adoption  of  Constitution,  and  supported  Wash- 
ington and  Federal  party.     No  longer  published. 

Worcester  Talisman  (w).    Vol.  1.    Apr.,  1828-Mar.,  1829.    O. 
Published  by  Dorr  &  Howland.     Suspended  Oct.,  1829. 

Transcript  (d).    Sept.  10,.  1853. 

Worcester  Magazine  (w).    Vols.  1-4.    Apr.,  1786-Mar.,  1788.    4  v.    Q. 
See   Thomas's  Mass.   Spy. 

Woekinoman's  Advocate  (w).    1887.    Vol.  8,  No.  13. 

Massachusetts  Yeoman  (w).    Sept.,  1823-Sept,  1826;  Sept.,  1827-1828; 
Jan.,  1829-July,  1830;  July,  1830-1833.     6  v.    F«. 

Founded  Sept.,  1823,  by  Austin  Denny,  and  continued  by  him  till  June, 
1830  (with  Spooner  &  Merriam,  1829 ;  Emory  Washburn,  Apr.-Dee., 
1829).  In  Aug..  1830,  published  by  Spooner  &  Merriam,  and  edited  by- 
Daniel  Henshaw. 





Ann  Arbor 

Chronicle  (w).    Oct.,  1884-June,  1885.    D. 

Consolidation  (1869)  of  University  of  Michigan  Magazine  and  Univer- 
sity Chronicle.  Edited  by  students.  Styled  Chronicle  and  Argonaut,  In 
1891.     No  later  mention   in  directories. 

Ann  Arbor  Register  (w).    1890-93.    P». 

Founded  1872  by  Ann  Arbor  Ptg.  and  Pub.  Co.,  and  published  by  tliem 
till  1884;  K.  Kittredge,  1884-88:  Kittredge  &  Holmes,  1888-89;  Register 
Pub.  Co.,  1889-91,  with  Kendall  Kittredge  as  editor;  Selby  A.  Moran, 
1891-09.     No  later  mention  in  directories.     Republican. 

Battle  Creek 

Evanqeliets  Sendebud  (w).     Vols.  28-38.     1899-1909.     10  v.     Q.     1910-f- 

Founded  1872  by  J.  G.  Matteson,  and  published  by  Review  and  Herald 

Pub.   Co.  till   1903.     Then   removed   to   College  View,   Nebr.    (q.   v.),   and 

since  published  by  Internatl.  Pub.  Assn.     Edited  by  C.  A.  Thorpe.     Organ 

of  Dan.  and  Norw.  Seventh  Day  Adventists. 


See  same  title,  under  Marshall,  Mich. 

Square  Deal. 

See  same  title,  under  New  York. 


Sentinella.    Feb.  6,  1906. 


Advance  (w).    Dec.  15,  1888;  Feb.-May,  1889.    F«. 

Founded  1884  as  Labor  Leaf,  by  J.  R.  Burton,  and  conducted  by  him 
till  1888.  Styled  Advance  and  Labor  Leaf  in  1889,  and  conducted  by  W. 
A.  Taylor.     No  later  mention  in  directories. 

Daily  Advertiser.    Mar.-June,  1840.    Fa. 
See  Detroit  Journal  and  Advertiser. 

Michigan  Farmer  (m).    Vol.  14.    1856.    Indexed.    Q. 

Successor  of  Western  Farmer;  published  by  D.  D.  T.  Moore  at  Jackson, 
Mich.,  1843 ;  W.  F.  Storey,  1844 :  H.  Hurlbut,  1845-47 ;  Warren  Isham, 
1847-f.3  ;  published  at  both  Jackson  and  Detroit  after  1849;  removed  to 
Chicago,  1869,  and  styled  Western  Kural,  q.  v. 

National  Founders*  Association  Review    (m).    Jan.,  1905-Nov.,  1908; 
Apr.,  1909.    3  v.    D. 
Organ  of  Natl.  Founders'  Assn. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Detroit,  Mich.,  continued: 

Detroit  Free  Press  (d).    May,  1902-1903;  July,  1904-Aug.,  1905;  1906- 
1909.     41  v.     P«, 

Founded  May,  1831,  as  Democratic  Free  Press  and  Michigan  Intelli- 
gencer, by  Joseph  Campau  and  John  H.  Williams,  and  published  by  them 
till  Feb.,  1.832 ;  S.  McKnight,  T.  C.  Sheldon,  and  Andrew  Mack,  Feb.-Nov., 
1832;  McKnight,  Nov.,  1882-Feb..  183fi:  John  S.  Bagg,  Feb.,  1836-Jan., 
1842  (with  L.  L.  Morse  till  July,  3  836;  later  with  S.  A.  Bagg  and 
Henry  Barns).  Plant  burned  out,  Jan.,  1842;  publication  continued  by 
A.  S.  Bagg  and  J  H.  Harmon  till  May,  1849  (edited  by  C.  B.  Flood  for  a 
time  ;  by  J.  S.  Bagg,  after  May,  1847),  when  A.  S.  Bagg  sold  out  to  John 
S.  Bagg.  Published  by  Bagg,  Harmon  &  Co.  till  3  850;  Harmon,  Brod- 
head  &  Co.,  June,  1850-Apr.,  1851:  Barns,  Brodhend  &  Johnson,  Apr., 
1851-Apr..  1852;  Jacob  Barns  and  S.  M.  Johnson,  Apr.,  1852-Feb.,  1853; 
W.  F.  Storey,  Feb.,  1853-June,  1861  ;  Henry  N.  Walker  and  F.  L.  Seitz, 
June-Dec!.  1861 ;  Walker,  C.  H.  Taylor,  William  E.  Quinby,  and  Jacob 
Barns,  Dec,  1861-Aug.,  1866 ;  since  then  by  Detroit  Free  Press  Co., 
largely  controlled  (and  edited)  by  W.  E.  Quinby,  1872-1907.  Now 
edited  by  Frederick  H.  Britton.     Independent. 

Gateway  (m).    1907,  3  nos.;  1908,  2  nos.    O. 

Detroit  Gazette   (w).    Apr.,  1818-May,  1819,  9  nos.;   July,  1819-July, 
1828.     6  v.    P5. 

First  successful  paper  in  Michigan ;  established  July,  1817,  by  Sheldon 
&  Reed,  with  aid  of  Got.  Lewis  Cass.  '  Editor  Sheldon  fined  and  impris- 
oned (1829)  for  criticising  a  decision  of  Wayne  County  circuit  court; 
fine  paid  by  indignant  citizens ;  suspended  Apr.,   1830. 

Michigan  Herald  (w).    Sept.  20,  1825;  Jan.-Oct,  1828,  5  nos.    F». 

With  Southern  ana  Western  Local  newspapers,  1821-28.  Founded 
May,  1825,  by  Chipman  &  Seymour ;  suspended,  1829. 

Herold   (w).     1903-1909.     4  v.    F«.     1910+ 

Founded  1884  by  Adolph  Kaufmann,  and  conducted  by  him  till  Oct., 
1889  ;  then  sold  to  Charles  Vollbrecht,  already  four  years  on  the  staff. 
About  1894  sold  to  F.  A.  Dracger  and  edited  by  E.  Newald ;  changed 
from  non-partisan  to  socialist  organ  of  Central  Labor  Union.  Owned  by 
Drager  till  Feb.,  1901 ;  Theodore  Dreyer  and  II.  Leichmann,  Feb.,  1901- 
1905 ;  since  then  by  Dreyer.  Edited  by  Newald  till  Feb.,  1897 ;  Jacob 
Fuchs,  Feb.-  Aug. ;  Martin  Drescher,  Aug.,  1897-Apr.,  1898 ;  H.  Steieh- 
mann,  Apr.,  1898-Feb.,  1905 ;  since  Jan.,  1911,  by  Dr.  Urban  Hartung. 
See  historical  sketch  in  Twenty-fifth  Anniversary  number,  June  23,  1911. 

Detroit  Journal  and  Advertiser  (s-w).    Jan.  28,  1834. 

With  Midaie  and  Western  Neiospapers,  1831-40.  Founded  Nov.,  1830v 
as  Northwestern  Journal,  by  George  L.  Whitney,  aided  by  political  friends 
of  John  Q.  Adams ;  continued  as  Detroit  Journal  and  Michigan  Adver- 
tiser, Nov.,  1830;  Detroit  Journal  and  Courier,  Jan.,  1835;  Daily  Ad- 
vertiser (q.  v.),  June,  1836;  since  Oct.,  1877,  as  Post  and  Tribune. 
Edited  by  H.  W.  Bellows,  Mar.,  1831-June,  1832  ;  Mortimer  S.  Thompson 
("Doesticks"),  1854-55;  A.  M.  Griswold  ("Fat  Contributor"),  1859  ^ 
Frederick  Morley,  1867-70. 

Detroit  Journal  and  Courier  (d).    Nov.  1,  1836;  Jan.  22,  1839. 

With  Middle  and  Western  Newspapers,  1831-40.  See  Detroit  Journal 
and  Advertiser. 



Justice  (w).    Apr.  28,  1900. 

Official  Journal  of  Mabble  Woekebs  {m").    Oct.,  1903. 

Journal  of  the  Metal  Polishers,  Buffers,  Platers  and  Brass  Workers' 

Union  of  N.  America   (m).    1898-1901   (incomp.).    Vols.  13-17. 

1904-1908.     3  v.     O.     1909+ 

Founded  1891.  Official  organ  of  Metal  Polishers,  etc.,  Internatl.  Union. 
Edited  by  the  sec.-treas.     Now  published  at  Cincinnati,  O. 

Michigan  Essay,  or  the  Impartial  Observer  (w).    Aug.  31,  1809. 

Motobman   and   Conductor    (m).     1897-1901,   scat.   nos.     Vols.   11-12. 
1903-1904.     Q.     1905+ 

Founded  lS9i>.  Organ  of  Amalg.  Assn.  of  Street  Car  Employes  of 
America.  Edited  by  W.  D.  Mahon  till  Sept.,  1903 ;  since  then  by  K.  L. 


See  same  title,  under  Marshall. 

Schtjle  (m).    Mar.,  1889. 

Detroit  Sentinel  (w).    May,  1897-May,  1899.    P». 

Founded  1897  by  W.  D.  Mahon  and  conducted  by  him  till  1899.     Labor. 

Stove    Mounters'    and   Range   Workers'    Journal    (m).    Vols.    10-14. 
1905-1909.     3  v.     O.     1910+ 

Founded  Aug.,  1895,  as  organ  of  Stove  Mounters'  Internatl.  Union. 
Edited  by  the  gen.  sec.-treas. 

Street  Railway  Employes  Gazette  (m).    Aug.,  1893. 

Founded  1893. 

Team  Dbivers'  Journal  (m).    Aug.,  1903. 
Founded   1900. 

Detroit  Weekly  Tribune.    1896-99.    2  v.    Fo. 

Same   (d).    June  28,  1862. 

Successor  of  various  early  papers.  The  first  of  these,  the  Northwest- 
em  Journal,  was  founded  in  1829 ;  styled  successively  Detroit  Journal  and 
Michigan  Advertiser,  Det.  Journal  and  Courier,  and  Daily  Advertiser 
(June,  1836)  ;  merged  with  Democrat  and  Enquirer  (1855)  ;  with  Daily 
Tribune  (founded  1849),  in  1802;  thereafter  styled  Advertiser  and  Tri- 
bune till  1877,  when  merged  with  Post  (founded  3866)  as  Post  and  Tri- 
bune. In  188ft  styled  Post;  controlled  by  J.  L.  Stickney.  Bought  Nov., 
1885  by  Charles  and  W.  A.  Nlmock,  who  organized  Tribune  Prtg.  Co. 
Published  by  it  (in  different  hands)  until  1891  or  later;  now  by  Evening 
News  Assn.  and  styled  News-Tribune.     Whig ;  then  Republican. 

Detroit  Union  (d).    Sept.  20,  1869. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Detboit,  Mich.,  continued: 

Michigan   Union   Advocate    (w).    1904-Mar.,   1910.    F«. 

Founded  Jan.,  1904,  by  Union  Pub.  Co.  and  thereafter  conducted  by 
them.  Edited  by  John  M.  McGarry,  May,  1904-May,  1905 ;  Olaf  John- 
son, May,  1905-Feb.,  1908 ;  William  W.  Norton,  Feb.,  1908-Mar.,  1910r 

Union  Pbinteb  (w).    Apr.  16,  1906-Dec.,  1907.    P*. 
Published  in  interests  of  striking  printers. 

Wage  Worker  (m).    Vol.  1,  nos.  1-2.    Jan.,  Feb.,  1901;  Jan.-July,  1903. 

Founded  Jan.,  1901,  by  Wage  Worker  Pub.  Co,  Published  by  them  and 
edited  by  George  C.  Eastman  till  suspension,  July,  1903. 

Grand  Rapids 

Civic  Affairs   (m).    Vol.  1,  nos.  1-6.    Jan.-June,  1904.    O. 
Published  by  Civic  Club.     No  later  data  obtainable. 

Grand  Rapids  Enquirer  (w).    Jan.  2,  18&0. 

Live  Issues  in  Kent  County  (w).    1904,  4  nos.    F«. 

New  Era   (q).    Dec,  1899. 

Grand  River  Times  (w).    Apr.  18,  1837. 

With  Middle  and  Western  NMvspapers,  1831-40.  First  number  of  first 
paper  in  S.  W.  Michigan  ;  established  by  George  W.  Pattison,  with  office 
material  of  Niagara  Falls  Journal  (Niagara  Falls,  N.  Y.,  1836)  ;  suc- 
ceeded by  (Jr.  flap.  Enquirer  (1840),  and  Gr.  Rap.  Democrat  (1S65). 

Workman  (w).    Aug.  12,  1897. 


Tyomies   (w).    Finnish.     Nov.,  1909+     F«. 

Founded  1903.  Published  in  1909  by  TyOmies  Pub.  Co. ;  in  1910  by 
Finnish  Natl.  Bro.  Temperance  Assn.     Socialist. 

Harbor  Springs 

Anishinabe  Enamiad   (m).    Vols.  1-7.    1896-Feb.,  1903.    3  r.    Q. 

Founded  1896.  Has  English  supplement  called  Mesaenger  of  Holy 
Childhood,  bound  with  it.  Organ  of  -Franciscan  mission  among  Chippewa 


Volksstem  (m).    May,  1908-May,  1909.    F*. 

Founded  1908.  Published  by  Volksstem  Pub.  Co.,  and  edited  by  John 
G.  Blok.     Socialist. 




Kising  Sun.    Vol.  1,  No.  1.  (n.  d.)     P«. 

Exponent  of  Delstarlan  church ;  conducted  by  Marvin  Fosdick. 


Mining  Joubnal   (w).    1896-97.    Fa.    1898-Nov.,  1904.    3   v.    F  «. 

Founded  1846.  Published  by  A.  P.  Swineford  (with  different  partners), 
1870-74 ;  since  then  by  Mining  Journal  Co. 


Pjxgbim  (m).    Vols.  1-13.    June,  1899-1907.    7  v.    F*. 

Founded  1899,  by  Pilgrim  Pub.  Co.  Moved  to  Battle  Creek  Dec,  1899 ; 
to  Detroit,  May,  1906.  Edited  by  Willis  J.  Abbott,  1901-1904;  Karl  B. 
Harrimac  and  Albert  H.  Finn,  1906-1907.  Merged  in  National  Home 
Journal,  May,  1907.     Devoted  mostly  to  household  matters. 

-Marshall  Statesman  (w).    Mar.  12,  1851. 

With  Western  Local  Newspapers,  1851-60.  Founded  1839.  Published 
by  Seth  Lewis,  1851 ;  Burgess  &  Lewis,  1870-73 ;  Morgan  Bates  Jr.,  1874- 
79 ;  O.  C.  Tompkins,  1880-81 ;  Seth  Lewis'  Estate,  1882-86 ;  Lewis  & 
Arthur,  1887-89  ;  W.  R.  Lewis,  1S90-91  ;■  T.  J.  Stevenson,  1892-95  ;  Gregg 
&  Arthur,  1896-98  ;  since  then  by  Statesman  Prtg.  Co.  Now  edited  by 
Eden  B.  Stuart.     Whig ;  later  Republican. 


Menominee  Heeald   (w).    Apr.,  1866-Oct,  1867.    Fs. 

Founded  1864  ;  published  by  E.  S.  Ingalls  (with  A.  R.  Bradbury,  1869)  ; 

Bradbury,  1870-71 ;  .1.  A.   Crozer,  1872-74   (with, Dousman,  1874)  ; 

Dudley  S.  Crandall,  1875-76;  J.  A.  Crozer,  1877-81;  H.  O.  Fifleld,  1882- 
1901  or  later.  Now  styled  Herald-Leader ;  published  by  Herald-Leader 
Co.,  and  edited  by  W.  E.  Trayes.     Republican. 


Niles  Gazette  and  Advertiser  (w).    Sept.,  1835-Sept,  1836.    F». 

Established  by  Henry  Barns,  afterward  founder  of  Detroit  Tribune; 
succeeded  by  Niles  Intelligencer,  Feb.,  1838. 

Wiles  Intelligences  (w).    Feb.,  1838-Mar.,  1841.    4  v.    F«. 

Successor  of  Niles  Uazette;  Henry  Barns,  publisher;  temporarily  sus- 
pended In  1844,  and  finally  in  1850. 


Xake   Superior   Miner    (w).    Oct.,   1855-Aug.,   1856;    Dec.,   1856-Aug, 
1857;   Aug.,  1857-Nov.,  1858.     3  v.    Fa. 

Founded1  Aug.,  1855,  by  George  D.  Emerson.  Published  by  Thomas  J. 
Lasier,  1870 ;  Alford  Meads,  1871-96.     No  later  mention  in  directories. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Michigan,  continued: 


Schoolcraft  Dispatch  (w).    July  24,  1869. 

With  Central  Western  newspapers,  1861-69. 


Albert  Lea 

Albert  Lea  Posten  (w).    Norwegian.    1884.    F?. 

Founded  1882  by  Albert  Lea  Pub.  Co.  Edited  (1884)  by  Erik  S.  Gjel- 
lum.     No  later  mention  in  directories.     Republican. 

Crooks  ton 

Bed  River  Tidende  (w).    Norwegian-Danish.    Oct.,  1895-99.    2  v.    F«. 
Pounded   1895   by  H.   Johnson,   and   conducted   by   him   till   merged  in 
Nordvesten    (Minneapolis),    Dec,   1899.     Independent  Republican. 


Evening  Heraed   (d).     Mar -Dec.,  1896.     3  v.    F«. 

Founded  1883  by  Bunnell  &  Schultz,  and  conducted  by  them  till  1885 ; 
Milie  (sic)  Bunnell,  1886-88;  Eliot  Lord  and  George  French,  1890; 
Duluth  Prtg.  &  Pub.  Co.  till  1901  or  later;  now  by  Herald  Co.  Inde- 

Labob  World  (w).     1903-1908.     2  v.    F».     1909+ 

Founded  1896  by  Sabrie  G.  Akin,  and  published  by  her  till  Jan.,  1902 ; 
since  then  by  William  E.  McEwen.  Edited  1902-1910,  by  McEwen  (with 
A.  It.  McDonald  as  associate  in  1909)  ;  since  then  by  Harry  H.  Turner. 

News-Tribune   (d).    1894-95;    Jan.,  1896.    7   v.    F«. 

Tribune  (w),  founded  1870;  (d),  1881;  News,  1870.  Tribune  edited 
by  R.  C.  Mitchell,  1870-90;  News  by  William  S.  Woodbridge,  1878-87. 
Consolidated  in  1893 ;  edited  by  W.  H.  Hays,  1893-94 ;  A.  E.  Chantler, 
1895 ;  since  then  conducted  by  News-Tribune  Co.     Republican. 


Referendum  (w).    1902-1905,  5  nos.    P«. 

Fergus  Falls 

Red  River  Tidende. 

See  same  title,  under  Crookston. 


Mining  Advocate  (w).    June  24,  1903.    F«. 




Hokah  Chief  (w).    July  15,  1857. 

Ija  Crescent 

Penny  Magazine  (m;   w).    1899-1900,  5  nos.    Q;   F«. 


Rot-Nuggaben  (m).     Oct.,  1881. 


Minnesota  Tidende   (w).    Norwegian-Danish.    July-Dec,   1898.    F«. 

Founded  1894.  Published  by  C.  N.  Brawthen  till  1898  ;  by  Adoll  Bydal 
in  1899.     No  later  mention  in  directories. 


Mankato  Weekly  Independent.    June  6,  1857. 
With  MmnesoUan,  1855-58. 

Mankato  Record  (w).    Sept.  5,  12,  1874;  1875,  4  nos.    F*. 

With  PtibUe  Ledger,  Phila.,  1872-73.  Founded  1859.  Published  by 
Orville  Brown,  1870-79  (with  his  son,  C.  C.  Brown,  part  of  the  time). 
No  later  mention  in  directories. 


Budstikken    (w).    Norwegian.    Apr.,   1880-85.    2    v.    Fs. 

Founded  1872  by  F.  A.  Husher,  Uudm  F.  Johnson,  and  Johan  E. 
Gjedde,  and  conducted  by  them  till  1875 ;  Johnson  and  Gjedde,  1876-88 ; 
T.  Gulbrandsen  &  Co.,  1889-94  ;  then  issued  for  a  few  months  as  weekly 
edition  of  Tidende,  q.  v.  Edited  by  M.  P.  Hjelm-Hansen  till  1876 ;  Jon 
Bjarnason,  1877;  Luth  Jaeger,  1879-85. 

Commercial  West  (w).    Vols.  1-15.    Mar.,  1901-June,  1909.    17  v.    F*. 
Founded  Mar.,   1901,  by  H.  V.  Jones  ;  soon  taken  over  by  Commercial 
West  Co.,  and  since  published  by  them. 

Co-opebation  (m).    Apr.,  1909+    O. 

Founded  Apr.,  1909,  by  Co-operative  Education  Bureau,  and  since  pub- 
lished by  them.  Edited  by  L.  !■.  Plummer  and  E.  M.  Tousley  till  Mar., 
1910  ;  since  then  by  Tousley. 

Danske   Amebikaneb    iw).     Oct.,    1895-Aug.,    1896.    F«. 

Founded  1894.  Published  by  A.  Colberg  (1895).  No  later  mention  in 

Eight  Houb  Miller   (m).    1903,  2  nos.;  1905-1906,  5  nos.;  1909,  4  nos. 

Q;  O. 

Founded  1903  by  Eight  Hour  Miller  Co.,  and  since  published  by  them. 
Organ  of  Internatl.  Union  of  Flour  and  Cereal  Mill  Employes.  Con- 
ducted by  A.  E.  Kellington.  genl.  sec.-treas. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Minneapolis,  Minn.,  continued: 

Illustreret  Familie-Joubnal  (w).    Vols.  19-26.    Feb.,  1899-1907.    9  Y, 
FK    1908+ 

Founded   1881   by   C.   Hasmussen   Pub.   Co.,   and   still   published   by   it. 
Now  issued  monthly. 

Faem,  Stock  and  Home  (s-m).    Vols.  6-7.    18891-91.    F*. 

Founded  1884  by  the  Farm,  Stock  and  Home  Pub.  Co.,  and  since  pub- 
lished by  them.     Edited  from  the  start  by  S.  M.  Owen. 

Skandinavisk  Faemeb's  Joubnal    (s-m).    Nov.,   1898-1905.    6  v.    F«» 
1906  + 

Founded  1882 ;'  published  semi-monthly  by  C.  Easmussen  Pub.  Co. — A. 
Sorensen,  editor.     Now  issued  monthly  by  same  management. 

Fabmebs'  Union   (w).     1873.    Fe. 

Founded  1867.  Published  by  Col.  John  A.  Stevens  and  Walter  L.  Nim- 
ocks,  1870 ;  Stevens,  1871-72 ;  William  J.  Abernethy,  1873-76 ;  James  J. 

Hendryx    and    Newton,    1877-78.     Bought    by    Tribune,    1879,    and? 

weekly  edition  styled  Farmers'  Union  and  Tribune  till  1884 ;  then  Farm- 
ers' Tribune. 

Folkebladet  (w).    Nov.,  1895-Aug.,  1896;  1899-J.908.     5  v.    F».     1909+ 
Bound  with  Danske  Amerikaner.     Founded   1879.     Conducted  by   Sven 
Ostedal   and  G.   Sverdrup,  1882 ;  John  J.   Skordalsvold  and  F.   Henning, 
1883 ;  since  then  by  Folkebladet  Pub.  Co.     Independent. 

Fobskaben  (s>-m).    Apr.  1,  1903. 

Minneapolis   Joubnal    (d).    July,    1891-96.    17    v.    F».    Sept.,    1900- 
Jan.,  1908.     40  v.    F «. 

Founded  Nov.,  1878,  by  Charles  H.  Stevens  and  F.  B.  Curtis;  published 
since  1879  by  Journal  Co.  Edited  by  George  K.  Shaw,  1882 ;  D.  Blakely, 
1886;  J.  S.  McLain  and  L.  Swift,  1887-1909;  since  then  by  H.  V.  Jones. 
Independent  Republican. 

Kingdom   (w).    Vols.  7-9.    Apr.,  1894-Dec,  1896   (incomp.).    Vol.  XL 
1898-99.    F  4. 

Founded  1888  as  Northwestern  Oongregationalist,  by  the  Congregational 
Pub.  Co.,  and  published  by  it  till  1895 ;  then  by  Kingdom  Pub.  Co.  till 
1898 ;  then  by  H.  W.  Gleason.  Suspended  Apr.,  1899,  on  account  of  judg- 
ment for  libel,  brought  by  American  Book  Co.  (for  publishing  pamphlet, 
"A  Foe  to  American  Schools,"  by  George  A.  Gates).  Edited  by  H.  W. 
Gleason  and  J.  Newton  Brown  till  1894 :  Gleason  alone,  1895-1899. 

Labob  Digest  (m).    Vols.  1-2.    1908-1909.    O.    1910+ 

Continuation  of  Union,  founded  1886,  published  by  Stevens,  Martin  & 
Stevens,  1894-97 ;  Babcock,  Heath  &  Stevens,  1898-1900 ;  Cramner,  Swift 
&  Stevens,  1901.  Edited  by  H.  B.  Martin,  1894-97;  George  A.  Stevens, 
1898-1901.  In  1909  styled  Labor  Digest;  owned  and  edited  by  E.  E. 

Ijbbabt  Wobk  (irreg.).    Vol   J.-5.    Apr.,  1906^Oot,  1911.    O. 

A  bibliof  rapiy  and  digest  ut  current  library  literature.     Suspended. 



Luthebaneban    (w).    Oct.,    1895-Aug.,   1896;    Sept.,   1897.    11    v.   F*. 
1908.    Q.     1909+ 

File  for  1895-96  Is  bound  with  Vidnesbprdet,  Portland,  Ore.  Founded 
1895  as  official  organ  of  United  Norwegian  Lutheran  Church  of  America. 
Edited  by  Rev.  C.  O.  Tubal,  1895-1906;  since  then  by  Rev.  Thomas 

Minneapolis  Evening  Mail.    Dec.  5,  1874. 

With  Pioneer  Press,  1875.  Founded  1872  or  1873,  by  Col.  Clifford 
Thomson  and  A.  G.  Wilcox.  Later  bought  by  W.  A.  Croffut,  and  then  by 
Johnson  &  Smith,  who  sold  to  Pioneer  Press  (q.  v.),  1876;  then  sold  to 
David  Blakely,  1887,  and  thereafter  styled  Evening  Tribune. 

Northwestern  Miller. 

See  same  title,  under  La  Crosse,  Wis. 

Nobth   (w).     July,  1889-Jan.,  1894.     3  v.    F«. 

Founded   1889  by   Scandinavian  American   Tub.   Co.,   and  published  by 

them   till    1893 ;  Jaeger   &  Phillipps,    1893 ;   Jaeger   and   Andrew    Himle, 

1894 ;  suspended  1894.     Edited  by  Luth  Jaeger  till  1893  ;  by  Hans  Matt- 
son,  1893. 

Nobth  and  the  West    (w).    Vols.    8-9.    1892-93.    2   v.   F*.    1894-95, 
1899  (incomp.). 

Successor  of  Northern  Presbyterian  and  Ventral  West.  Founded  1884 
as  Northwestern  Presbyterian,  by  Edgar  A.  Gay,  and  published  by  him 
till  1887 ;  Northwestern  Pub.  Co.,  1887 ;  John  S.  Sherrill,  1888-92 ; 
North  and  West  Co.,  1892-93;  Sherrill,  1893-1901.  Edited  by  John  B. 
Donaldson,  1887-1900.  No  later  data  obtainable.  Styled  Northern 
Presbyterian,  1891;  North  and  West,  1892.  Dated  also  at  Madison,  Wis., 
and  Omaha,  Nebr.,  for  short  periods. 

Nye  .  Nobmanden    (w).    Nov.,   1895-Aug.,   1897.    F«.    1899-July,   1904. 
3  v.    P«, 

Founded  1894.  Published  by  Lund  &  Foss,  1896-July,  1904,  when  suc- 
ceeded by  Politiken,  q.  v.  Edited  by  H.  A.  Foss  and  Orav  Kringen,  1896 ; 
then  by  Foss. 

Nt  Tid  (m).    Nov.,  1907-1908.    O. 
Successor  of  Politiken,  q.  v. 

People's  Bulletin  (w).    Vol.  1,  No.  1.    Oct.  24,  1900. 

Politiken   (w).    July,  1904-Oct,  1907.    F«. 

Successor  of  Nye  Normanden,  q.  v.  Published  by  Politiken  Pub.  Co. ; 
edited  by   Peer  Stromme. 

Penny  Press   (d).    Oct.,  1893-Dec,  1896.    9  v.    Ft. 

Founded  Oct.,  1893,  by  Alden  J.  Blethen,  and  published  by  him  till  Apr., 
1896 ;  then  by  Penny  Press  Co-op.  Ptg.  Co.,  as  a  labor  paper.  Suspended, 

Progress  (w).    Apr.,  1899-1902.    2  v.    F«. 

Founded  1884  by  John  M.  Thomson,  and  conducted  by  him  (at  East 
Minneapolis)  till  1892  ;  Barnard  &  Trussell,  1892 ;  Minneapolis  Prtg.  Co., 
1893-94  ;  H.  H.  ().  Rowell  and  H.  L.  Hoskinson,  1895-1909 ;  since  then  by 

,  Hoskinson  and   Dr.  Victor  Nisson.     Independent. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Minneapolis,  Minn.,  continued: 

Pbogeessive  Economist  (m).    Oct.,  1896. 


See  same  title,  under  St.  Paul. 

Rights  of  Man  (w).    Apr.  3,  1897. 

Saamanden     (m).    Norwegian.    Vols.     1-7.    Sept.,    1887-Aug.,    1894. 
Indexed.    7  v.    O. 
Published   by  Kristofer   Janson,   Norwegian   litterateur.     Religious. 

Sentinel  (w).    Nov.,  1898-Feb.,  1899.    F*. 

Founded    1891.     Moved    hither    from    Fergus    Falls,    Minn.,    1898.     Pub- 
lished by  Sentinel  Pub.  Co.     Socialist. 

Minnesota  Soctal  Democratic  Bulletin  (s-m).    Vol.  1,  No.  1.    Oct.  1, 
Issued  by  State  Committee  ot  Social-Democratic  party  of  Minn. 

Minnesota    Tidende    (w).    Norwegian-Danish.    Oct.,    1895-19018.    7   v. 
F«.     1909+ 

Founded  1887  as  daily,  by  T.  Gnlbrandsen  Pub.  Co.  In  1895,  weekly 
edition  absorbed  Faedrelandet  og  Emigranten — of  which  Emtgranten  was 
established  in  1851  at  Inmansville.  Wis.,  and  Faedrelandet  in  1866  at 
La  Crosse,  the  two  boing  merged  in  1868  and  bought  by  Gulbrandsen  Co. 
in  1890.  Absorbed  also  (Jan.,  1S95),  the  Norwegian  weekly  Budstikken 
(q.  v.),  owned  by  Gulbrandsen  Co.  since  1890;  also  absorbed  (July,  1907), 
Nordvesten,  founded  18S1  in  St.  Paul. 

Tocsin  (w).    Nov.  3,  1898;  Apr.  8,  1899. 
Published  by  Socialist  Pub.  House. 

Minneapolis  Times  (d).    Mar.,  1895-Dec,  1896.    7  v.    F». 

Founded  1889  by  E.  B.  Gelatt  and  conducted  by  him  till  1890 ;  Minne- 
apolis Times  Co.,  1891-93  (John  Blanchard,  editor)  ;  W.  E.  Haskell  and 
John  Blanchard,  July,  1894-97;  Times  Newspaper  Co.,  1897-1901. 
Edited  by  E.  E.   Johnstone,  1901.     No  later  data  obtainable. 

Teibtjne  (d).    May-Oct,  1895.    F». 

Founded  May,  1867,  by  Tribune  Prtg.  Co.,  absorbing  State  Atlas 
(founded  1859  by  William  S.  Kins;)  and  Chronicle  (founded  1866). 
Among  its  directors  were  John  S.  Pillsbviry  and  William  D.  Washburn. 
Published  by  this  company  till  absorbed  by  Pioneer  Press  (q.  v.),  in  1876, 
as  Pioneer  Press  and  Tribune. 

Same.    Nov.  7,  1867;  Sept.  24,  Oct.  1,  1874. 

First-named  with  unbound  Minn,  papers ;  second,  with  Pioneer  Press, 

Daily  Minnesota  Tribune.    June,  1883 — Aug.,  1884.    4  v.    F  «. 

Founded  as  Evening  Mail  (^.  v.),  about  1872.  Styled  Evening  Tribune 
in  1877,  when  bought  by  David  Blakely.  Published  by  Tribune  Co.,  1879- 
1909  (except  1899,  by  W.  J.  Murphy)  ;  since  then  by  Murphy.     Edited  by 



A.  B.  Nettleton,  1882-85;  William  E.  Haskell,  1886-89;  Alden  Blethen, 
1890-91.  Issues  weekly  edition  styled  Farmers'  Tribune.  See  Farmers' 

Ugebladet    (w).    Scandinavian.    Oct.,   1895-1909.    7   v.    Fs.    1910+ 
Founded  1874  by  C.  Kasmussen  Pub.  Co.,  and  since  conducted  by  it. 

Union  (w).    Nov.  6,  1903;  Nov.  2,  23,  1906;  June-Dec,  1907.    P«. 

Styled  Labor  Digest  and  Union  (q.  v.),  Jan.,  1908.     Independent  Labor. 


Emigrant  Aid  Journal  (w).    Mar.  10,  1858. 
With  St.  Paul  Minnesotian,  1855-58. 


Owatonna  Jotjenal  (w).    Sept.  10,  1874;  Apr.  1,  May  20,  July  1,  1875. 


With  Phila.  Public  Ledger,  1872-73.  Founded  1863.  Published  by 
Journal  Printing  Co.,  1870-75 ;  Crandall  &  Biekbani,  1876  ;  F.  T.  Drebert, 

1877-89    (with Soper,  1886-88 ;   with  W.  A.  Dynes,   1889)  ;  W.  A. 

Dynes,  1890;  A.  J.  Truesdale  &  Co.,  1891-94;  J.  Frank  Dean,  1895-1901 
or  later.  Published  by  Journal-Chronicle  Co. ;  edited  by  H.  F.  Luers. 
Styled  Journal  and  Herald,  1887-88 ;  now,  Journal-Chronicle. 

Steele  County  News-Letteb  (w).    Oct.  16,  1860. 
With  St.  Paul  Minnesotian,  1855-58. 

Red  Wing 

Minnesota  Gazette   (w).    Feb.  27,  1857. 
With  St.  Paul  Minnesotian,  1855-58. 

St.  Anthony 
Missionary  Voice  (irreg.).    June  20,  1858. 

St.  Cloud 

St.  Cloud  Peess  (w).    May  27,  June  3,  1875.    Ft. 
With  Phila.  Public  Ledger,  1872-73. 

St.  Paul 

St  Paul  Advertiser  (w).    1857-58,  3  nos. 

With  Minnesotian,  1855-58.  Founded  1854  by  Charles  H.  Parker  as 
private  advertising  sheet.  Styled  St.  Paul  Financial  and  Real  Estate  Ad- 
vertiser. Edited  by  J.  A.  Wheelock.  Became  regular  news  weekly  Jan., 
1856.     Merged  in  Pioneer   (q.  v.),  1858. 

Morning  Caix  (d).    Dec,  1894-Feb.,  1895.    F6. 

Founded  1894  by  H.  P.  Hall,  and  published  by  him  till  suspension,  1895. 

9— N.  C.  [  129  ] 

Newspaper  Catalogue 

St.  Path,,  Minn.,  continued: 

Canadien    (w).    French.    Aug.,   1896-June,   1904.    2   v.    F«. 

Founded  1877.  Conducted  by  D.  Michaud,  1879-1885 ;  E.  R.  Dufresne 
and  L.  N.  Dion,  1886-87 ;  T.  Leyasseur  and  N.  Ledoux,  1888-95 ;  George  E. 
Lambert  and  P.  N.  Gelley,  1896;  Louis  J.  Bachaud-Vertefeuille,  1897- 
June,  1903.  Then  combined  with  Chicago  he  -I'Ouest  (continu- 
ation in  1896  of  he  Courier  de  VIlHnois.  founded  at  Kankakee,  1868,  and 
conducted  by  Alexander  Grandprg)  and  ha  Voix  du  Peuple  (founded  in 
1900  at  Minneapolis).  New  paper  styled  Courier-Canadien  till  1905; 
since  then,  Courier  Franco  -AmericaMi,  q.  v.,  under  Chicago.  Still  con- 
ducted by  Bachaud-Vertefeuille. 

St.  Paul  Dispatch  (d).    1889-93.    15  v.    P'. 

Founded  1868.  Published  by  St.  Paul  Dispatch  Co.,  1877-87;  George 
Thompson,  1888-89  (with  S.  J.  Schoeffel,  1889)  ;  since  then  by  Dispatch 
Printing  Co.  Edited  by  Henry  A.  Castle,  1880-85 ;  George  K.  Shaw, 
1886-87 ;  since  then  by  George  Thompson. 

St.  Paul  Daily  Globe.    1888-91.    16  v.    F«. 

Founded  1878  by  H.  P.  Hall  and  conducted  by  him  till  1882 ;  St.  Paul 
Globe  Printing  Co.,  1882-85;  Lewis  Baker,  1886-96;  Globe  Co.,  1897- 
1901.     Edited  by  J.  G.  Pyle,  1897-1901.     No  later  data  obtainable. 

Liteeaet  Nobthwest   (m).    Vol.  1.    Mar- June,  1892.    P. 

Published  by  Hall's  Library  Co.  Continued  as  a  magazine ;  consoli- 
dated with  Midland  Monthly,  Des  Moines,   la.,  July,  1893. 

Weekly  Minnesotian.    May,  1855-May,  1858    (incoap.).    F*. 

Founded  1851,  as  a  Whig  organ  ;  conducted  by  John  P.  Owens,  1851- 
57  (with  George  P.  Moore  and  H.  P.  Pratt  part  of  the  time).  Then 
Owens  sold  to  Dr.  Thomas  Foster,  and  paper  was  conducted  by  Foster  ft 
Moore  till  absorbed  by  Press  (q.  v.),  in  1861.  Daily  edition  issued  alter 
May,  1854. 

St.  Paul  Daily  News.    Mar.,  1889-Mar.,  1894.    15  v.    F«. 
Founded  1887  by  News  Pub.  Co.     Suspended,  Mar.,  1894. 

Nobdvesten    (w).     1893-98.     3   v.     Fo.     1900-1906.    3   v.    F«.    Jan.- 
June,  1907. 

Founded  1881.  Published  by  Nordvesten  Pub.  Co.,  1884-1907  (except 
by  Christian  Brandt  &  Co.,  1K86).  Edited  by  Christian  Brandt,  1884- 
86 ;  Hans  D.  Haufness,  1887-88 ;  S.  Listoe,  1889-98 ;  F.  C.  Listoe,  1897- 
1901;  Brandt,  1902-1905.  Merged  in  Minneapolis  Tidende  (q.  v.),  June, 

Nobthwest  Magazine. 

See  same  title,  under  New  York.  i 

Nobthwest  (m).    Vols.  1-3.    1883-85.    2  v.    F. 
Continued  as  N.  W.  Jllust.  Monthly  Magazine. 

Nobthwest    Illustrated   Monthly   Magazine.     Vols.   -4-19.     1886-1901$. 
16  v.    F. 



St  Paul  Pioneer.    Nov.,   1872-Dec.  12,   1873;    1874;    Jan.-Mar.,   1875. 
2  v.    F6. 

See  Minnesota  Pioneer. 

Minnesota  Pioneeb   (w).    1850,  scat,  nos.;    1851;   1852-53,  scat,  nos.; 
1866.    2  v.    F«. 

First  newspaper  printed  in  Minnesota;  established  by  James  M.  Good- 
hue, Apr.,  1849,  immediately  after  organization  of  Territory ;  afterwards 
styled  St.  Paul  Pioneer;  conducted  by  Goodhue  till  his  death,  Aug.  1852 ; 
Joseph  E.  Brown,  Aug.,  1852-Mar.,  1854 ;  Earle  E.  Goodrich,  Mar.,  1854- 
Nov.,  1865;  John  X.  Davidson  and  H.  P.  Hall  (for  Commodore  Davidson), 
Nov.,  1865-Aug.,  1866.  Then  bought  by  Pioneer  Ptg.  Co.  (Henry  Carver, 
Charles  Nast,  and  others),  who  sold  it  in  Mar.,  1872,  to  Col.  W.  S. 
King,  for  whom  it  was  conducted  by  Col.  E.  E.  Paulding  tl'l  Mar.,  1874. 
Then  bought  by  David  Blakely  of  Chicago  Post,  who  planned  consolida- 
tion with  Press,  for  which  see  Pioneer  Press.  Absorbed  (1855)  Demo- 
crat (which  in  1851  had  absorbed  Chronicle  and  Register),  and  (1858) 
Financial  Advertiser. 

Daily  Pioneer-Press.    1887-1910.    129  v.    P«.    1911+ 

Consolidation  (Apr.,  1875)  of  Minnesota  Pioneer  (q.  v.)  and  Daily 
Press,  which  latter  was  founded  Jan.,  1861,  through  efforts  of  J.  A. 
Wheelock  and  J.  Jay  Knox — William  E.  Marshall  being  editor  and  man- 
ager till  he  enlisted  in  the  Union  army,  Aug.,  1862.  Newton  Bradley 
bought  an  interest  soon  after  its  establishment,  but  sold  in  Mar.,  1863, 
to  Frederick  Driscoll.  Wheeler  bought  out  Marshall  in  1862,  and  contin- 
ued on  paper  till  1906 ;  Driscoll,  till  1880  or  later ;  conducted  from  1907- 
June,  1909,  by  Claude  Hamlin ;  then  bought  by  George  Thompson,  owner 
of  St.  Paul  Dispatch,  who  has  since  edited  both  papers.  In  1875  merged 
with  Pioneer,  q  v.,  and  since  published  by  Pioneer-Press  Co.  In  1876 
absorbed  Tribune  and  Mail,  and  styled  Pioneer  Press  and  Tribune.  In 
1877  Mail  was  sold  to  Blakely,  who  retired  from  Pioneer  Press  and  pub- 
lished Mail  under  name  of  Evening  Tribune.  At  the  same  time,  Pioneer 
Press  dropped  Tribune  from  title.  Published  in  Minneapolis  also,  since 
1890.  Eepublican ;  later,  Independent  Eepublican.  See  historical 
sketch  in  issue  for  Jan.  1.  1880. 

Pioneer  and  Democrat   (w).    Jan.-May,   1858.    F*. 

With  Minnesotianj  1855-58.  Minnesota  Democrat  founded  Dec,  1850, 
by  Col.  D.  A.  Eobertson  and  conducted  by  him  till  June,  1853,  when  he 
sold  to  David  A.  Olmstead.  Bought  in  autumn  of  1854  by  C.  L.  Emer- 
son and  merged  in  Pioneer   (1855).     See  also  Minnesota  Pioneer. 

Evening  Post  (d).    Apr-May,  1894.    F«. 

Published  Apr.-May,  1894,  then  suspended.     Democratic. 

St.  Paul  Press   (d).    July  20,  1871-Mar.,  1875.    2  v.    F6. 
See  Pioneer  Press. 

Minnesota  Register  (w).    Apr.  7,  1849. 

With  Minnesotian,  1855-58.  First  number  issued  one  day  earlier  than 
that  of  Minnesota  Pioneer,  but  printed  at  Cincinnati;  second  number 
printed  at  St.  Paul,  July,  1849.  Founded  by  A.  Eandall  (who  sold  al- 
most at  once  to  Nathaniel  McLean)  and  John  P.  Owens.  Between  first 
and  second  number.  Col.  James  Hughes  founded  Minnesota  Chronicle 
(June  1,  1849),  which  he  soon  sold  to  McLean  and  Owens.  Chronicle 
and  Register  changed  bands  several  times,  and  in  1851  was  sold  by 
Charles  J.  Henmiss  to  Minnesota  Democrat,  Whig. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

St.  Paci^  Minn.,  continued: 

North-Western  Repobteb    (w).    Vols.    2-4.    Oct.,   1877-Apr.,   1879.    P. 
Successor   to    The   Syllabi;    devoted    to   Interests    of    legal    profession. 
Edited  by  Homer  C.  Eller ;  published  by  John  B.  West  &  Co. 

Representative    (w).    Apr.-Nov.,  1894.    F«. 

Founded  1893.  Published  in  1895  by  Representative  Pub.  Co.  and 
conducted  by  it  till  1901.  Edited  by  Robert  Eckford,  1895;  Ignatius 
Donnelly,  1896-99.     No  later  mention  in  directories. 

Nobwegian  Newspapebs — miscellaneous.    1893-96.    F«. 

Smatt,f,y's  Magazine  (m). 

See  Northwest  Magazine. 

Minnesota  Stats  Tidning   (w).    Oct.,  1898-1908.    5  v.    Fs.    1909+ 
Founded  1877  by  Col.  Hans  Mattson.     Official  paper  of  Swedish  Luth- 
eran church  of  Northwest,  as  well  as  general  newspaper.     Issued  by  Min- 
nesota Stats  Tidning  Pub.  Co.     Republican. 

Twin   City  Guardian    (w).    1899;    July,   190O-Apr.,   1901;    1903-1905. 
F «.     1906+ 

Founded  1895  by  Jacob  R.  Steiner,  and  since  conducted  by  him. 

Minnesota   Union  Advocate    (w).    July,   1907-1909.    Fn.    1910+ 

Founded  1897  by  P.  J.  Geragty  and  conducted  by  him  till  1899 ;  since 
then  by  Cornelius  Guiney. 

St.  Peter 

St.  Peter  Cotjeiee  (w).    Jan-Apr.,  1857.    F7. 

With  St.  Paul  Minnesotian,  1855-58.  First  paper  in  St.  Peter;  es- 
tablished Jan.,  1855 ;  owned  by  St.  Peter  (land)   Co. ;  suspended,  1858. 

Sank  Centre 

Sauk  Centre  Heeald   (w).    Sept.  12,  1874;  Apr.  24,  1875.    F*. 

With  Philadelphia  Public  Ledger,  1872-73.  Founded  1867.  Pub- 
lished by  J.  H.  and  S.  Simonton,  1869-79 ;  Charles  F.  Hendryx,  1880- 
1901  or  later ;  now  by  A.  M.  Welles.     Independent. 


Westlicher  Heeold  (w)  .    Mar.,  1887-Dec,  1888.    F».    1889-1906.    10  v. 
F«.    Jan.-Aug.,  1907. 
Established  by  Leiebt  &  Schmid,  1881,  and  since  conducted  by  them. 

Winona   (w).    1894-1906.    7  v.    F«.    Jan.-Aug.,  1907. 

Founded  Nov.,  1855,  by  William  A.  Jones.  Sold  in  December  to  Daniel 
Sinclair,  and  conducted  by  him  till  Feb.,  1E01.  Daily  edition  issued  after 
Nov.,  1859  (styled  Winona  Daily  Review,  the  first  month).  Consolidated 
Feb..  1901,  with  Herald  (founded  1869;  issued  daily  after  1878;  also  a 
weekly  edition  styled  News  after  1893.  Owned  by  Boynton  &  Metcalf, 
J.   H.   Johnson   and   others,   till   Oct.,   1900 ;   then   by   Frederick   N.   Van 


Minnesota — Missouri 

Duzee).  Styled  RepuWcan-Herald  since  Feb.,  1901.  Owned  by  Republi- 
can and  Herald  Pub.  Co. ;  edited  by  Van  Duzee  till  1905 ;  Sinclair,  1905- 
1906 ;  W.  G.  Cameron,  190G-Feb.,  1910 ;  since  then  by  Scott  Laird 
(manager  since  1901). 

Winona  (w).    1894-1906.    7  v.    Fe.    Jan.-Aug.,  1907. 

Literary   edition  of   WestUcher  Herold,  q.    y.     Styled   Sontags-Winona, 
Nov.,  1899. 

Sontags  Winona. 

See  Wmona. 



Badges  Bulletin.    June  14,  1862. 

Published  by  Wisconsin  soldiers  then  in  possession  of  the  town. 


Issue  (w).    Apr.  11,  18,  1908. 

Dally  Mississippian.    Dec.  20,  1862. 


Bulletin  of  Reform  (w).    June  29,  1894. 

Daily  Citizen.    July  2,  1863. 

Containing  news  o£  the  town  during  the  siege. 


Central  Missouri  Push.    Oct.  12,  1901. 

Cape  Girardeau 

Cape  Girardeau  Eagle,  Union  Series  (w).    May-Aug.,  1862,  9  nos. 

With  Mo.  and  Kans.  Loeal  Newspapers,  1862-67.  Published  by  Adju- 
tant E.  Ii.  Gove,  of  1st  Wisconsin  Cavalry,  assisted  by  H.  F.  Potter,  dur- 
ing occupation  of  town  by  Union  troops.  Contains  general  orders,  army 
intelligence,   etc. 

Western  Eagle  (w).    May,  1849-Mar.,  1851.    Fe. 

Founded  1847.  Published  (1S49-51)  by  William  R.  Dawson.  Squat- 
ter sovereignty. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Missouri,  continued: 


Church  News. 

See  same  title,  under  St.  Louis. 

Glen  Allen 


See  same  title,  under  St.  Louis. 

Hunts  ville 

Randolph  Citizen  (w).    Sept.  27,  1867. 

With  Mo.  and  Kans.  Local  Newspapers,  1862-67. 


Labob  Exchange  (m).    1897-98,  5  nos.    F*. 


Iron  County  Register  (w).     Mar.,  1893-1899.     4  V.     Fa.     1900-June, 

Founded  1867.  Published  by  Ake  &  Miller,  1870-71 ;  since  then  by  Eli 
D.  Ake.    Democratic. 


Missouri  Tbades  Unionist  (w).    Sept.  29,  Oct.  13,  1909. 

Kansas  City 

Appeal  to  Reason. 

See  same  title,  under  Girard,  Kans. 

Central  Christian  Advocate. 

See  same  title,   under  St.  Louis. 

Labob  (w).    Dec.  7,  1895. 

Published  by  Socialist  Newspaper  Union ;  edited  by  William  Hees. 

Leather  Wobkeb  (m).    1900  (incomp.).    Vols.  4-11.    1901-1909.    7  v. 
Q.     1910+ 

Founded  1897  by  United  Bro.  ot  Workers  on  Horse  Goods.  Edited  by 
the  gen.  pres.,  now  William  E.  Bryan.     Labor. 

Multitude  (m).    1902,  7  nos.    F;   Q. 

Founded  Mar.,  1902,  by  Multitude  Pub.  Co.  Edited  by  Waiter  Vroo- 
man.  First  two  numbers  issued  in  New  Tork.  No  later  data  obtain- 

Railwat  Cabmen's  Journal    (m).    Vols.   12-14.    1907-1909.    3  v.    O. 

Founded  1895  as  organ  of  Railway  Carmen  of  America.  Edited  in  1903 
by  F.  L.  Ronemns;  since  1905  by  W.  J.  Adams. 




Railway  Clebk   (m).    Vol.  6.    1907.    O.    1908+ 

Founded  May,  1902,  by  Bro.  of  Hallway  Clerks  and  since  published  by 
their  secretary. 

Amalgamated  Sheet  Metal  Workers  Journal  (m).    Vols.  7-14.    1901- 

1909.    6  v.    O.    1910+ 

Founded  1894.  Published  since1  1901  by  Amalg.  Sheet  Metal  Workers' 
Internatl.  Alliance;  edited  by  John   E.  Bray. 

Kansas  City  Times'.    Sept.  21, 1888. 

Contains   picture  plate  of   Nocturnal    Parade.     With     Special  editions. 

Toboh  of  Reason  (w).    1903,  4  nos. 

See  same  title,  under  Silverton,   Ore. 


Pike  County  News  (w).    Jan.-June,  1892.    Ft. 

Founded  1890  by  W.  H.  Edgar,  and  conducted  by  him  till  1892 ;  Philip 
Gansz,  1893 :  since  then  by  A.  C.  Gansz.  Contains  series  of  articles, 
"Reminiscences  of  Pike  County,"  by  T.  J.  C.  Fagg.     Republican. 


Ozark  News   (w).    Oct.  15,  1885. 

Rich  Hill 

Coming  Nation. 

See  same  title,  under  Greensburg,  Ind. 
Cbitio  (w;  m).    1899-1901,  9  nos.    F«. 
Bates  County  Ceitic  (w).    1899,  3  nos.;  Apr.  13,  1900. 
Social  Thought  (m).    Apr.,  Oct.,  1903;  Feb.,  May,  1905.    Q. 


Rural  Express  (w).    Jan.-Mar.,  1866.    F«. 

With  Agricultural  Newspapers  18B6-68.  Founded  1859.  Published 
by  Milton  Santee,  1869 ;  Perry  Barricklow,  1870 ;  Charles  McEntee  and 
C.  P.  Walker,  1871 ;  Barricklow,  1872 ;  Wallbridge  J.  Powell,  1873-74 ; 
Elrlc  Z.  Liddy,  1875.  No  later  mention  in  directories.  Styled  Express 
after   1869. 

St.  Joseph 

Morning  Herald  (d).    1863-64,  4  nos. 

With  Mo.  and  Kans.  Local  Newspapers,  1862-67.  Founded  1862. 
Merged  about  1900  with  Gazette   (est.  1845),  as  Herald-Gazette. 

St.  Joseph  Union  (w).    Dec.  4,  25,  1902. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Missouei,  continued: 

St.  Louis 

Abend  Post  und  Tageblatt  (d).    Oct.  11,  1897. 

Continuation  of  Tageblatt.  'Succeeded  by  Arbeiter  Zeitung,  q.  v. 

Advance  Advocate  (m).    Vols.  12-19.    1902-1910.    8  v.  O.  1911+ 

Founded   Jan.,   1890,   as   organ    of   Internatl.   Bro.   of   Maintenance    of 
,  Way  Employes,  and  at  first  styled  Traclcnten's  Advance  Advocate,     Deals 
with  technical  trade  subjects  and  matters  of  general  interest  to  the  craft. 
Edited  since  1890,  by  Samuel  J.  Pegg,  grand  sec.-treas.     Non-partisan. 

Age  of  Steel  (w).     1886-87.    2  v.    F*. 

Originally  Mississippi  Han-iels-Zeitung,  founded  by  E.  M.  Widmar, 
1857;  continued  as  Journal  of  Commerce  (1861),  and  Age  of  Steel 
(1880).  Edited  by  Merrill  Watson,  1879-83;  W.  E.  Barns,  1884-1901. 
No  later  data  obtainable. 

Altruist  (m).    Apr.,  1885-1904.    F*. 
Continuation  of  Communist,  q.  v. 

Aebeiteb-Zeittjng    (w).    Aug.,   1898-1909.     4   v.    F«.     1910+ 

Founded  1898.  Published  by  Co-op.  Commonwealth  Pub.  Assn. ;  then 
by  Arbeiter-Zeitung  Gesellschaft ;  since  May,  1910,  by  Labor  Pub.  Co. 
Edited  by  G.  A.  Hoehn  till  May,  1910.     Socialist. 

Missouri  Abgt/s   (s-w;   d).    May-Dec,  1840,  5  nos. 

With  Middle  and  Western  Newspapers,  1831— iO.  Successor  to  Work- 
imgmen's  Advocate  (established  1831)  ;  and  in  turn  succeeded  (1841) 
by  Missouri  Reporter,  under  Shadrach  Penn,  of  Louisville,  Ky. ;  Anally 
merged,  as  Union,  in  Missouri  Democrat,  q.  v.,  1853. 

Bbaueb-Zeitung  (w).    1897-1902.    P«.     1903-1909.     2  v.    P«.    1910+ 

Founded  Oct.,  1886,  by  Natl.  Union  of  Brewery  Workmen  of  TJ.  S. 
Published  by  E.  Kurzenknabe,  1895-1901 ;  since  then  by  the  Union. 
Edited  for  several  years  by  the  Natl.  Sec,  J.  L.  Franz,  1897-1901 ; 
William  E.  Trautmann,  1902-Apr.,  1905 ;  J.  P.  Weigel,  Apr.,  1905-Sept., 
1906 ;  since  then  by  Gustav  Mostler.  Removed  to  Cincinnati,  O.,  in  1900. 
Styled  Brauerei'Arteiter-Zeitung  since  Nov.   1910. 

Censor  (w).    Apr.  21,  1904. 

Central  Christian  Advocate  (w).  1879-1900.  18  v.  Fe;  F*;  F.  19O1-190U. 
Founded  18D6.     Edited  by  C.  F.  Crary,  1869-72 ;  Benjamin  St.  J.  Fry, 
1873-90 ;   Jesse   B.   Young,   1891-1900 ;   since   then   Claudius   E.   Spencer. 
Removed  to  Kansas  City,  Nov.,  1900. 

Chubch  News    (m).    Jan.,   1879-Nov.,   1885.    F.     1901-1906.    3   v.    Q. 

Found  1870  as  official  paper  of  Diocese  of  Missouri.  Published  at  St. 
Louis  till   recently :  now  at  Ferguson.     Protestant  Episcopal. 

Citizens'  Industrial  Exponent. 
See  Exponent. 



Colman's  Rural  World  (w).    Nov.,  1882-Oct.,  1885  (Incomp.).    F«. 

Successor  of  Valley  Farmer  (founded  1848)  ;  published  since  then  by 
Norman  J.  Colman  (with  Chalmer  D.  Colman,  since  1891).  Long  the 
only  journal  in  U.  S.  devoted  to  the  sorghum  industry. 

Commercial  Bulletin  and  Missouri  Literary  Register   (tri-w).    May, 

1835-Dec,  1836.  ,F<>. 

Founded  May,  1835,  by  Charles  Keemle  &  Co. ;  conducted  after  Nor., 
1835,  by  William  Preston  Clark.  Keemle  was  one  of  the  founders  of  the 
Indiana  Centinel    (Vincennes,  Mar.,   1817). 

Daily   Commercial  Bulletin  and  Missouri   Literary  Register.     183?- 
June,  1838.    2  v.    F  «. 

Published  by  W.  P.  Clark  and  Charles  G.  Ramsey. 

Communist  (m).    Vols.  1-3.    1868-Mar.,  1873.    2  v.    O;  Q.    Vols.  5-7. 
May,  1878-Feb.,  1885.    2  v.    F*. 

Edited  by  Alcander  Longley.  Published  for  a  time  (1883-85)  at  Glen 
Allen,  as  organ  of  a  local  community.     Continued  as  Altruist,  q.  v. 

Defecator  (m).    Feb.,  1884-Feb.,  1886.    F*. 

Founded  1883.  Published  by  J.  A.  Field,  1884-87.  No  later  mention 
in  directories.     Sugar  manufacture. 

Missouri  Democrat  (d  and  tri-w).    1863.    Pa, 

Same  (d  and  w).    1864-691,  scat.  nos. 

With  St.  Louis  Newspapers,  1864-69. 

Same    (tri-w).    Aug.-Dec,   1861;    Feb.-Dec,    1862;    Apr.-June, 

1863,  Jan.-Feb.,  1864.    3  v.    F». 

The  Barnburner  (first  Free  Soil  paper  in  Missouri)  was  established  by 
William  MeKee,  1849,  with  Frank  P.  Blair  as  editor ;  succeeded  by  Signal, 
published  by  McKee  &  Hill.  Signal  and  Union  (formerly  Argus)  were 
merged  in  Missouri  Democrat  (1853),  published  by  McKee  and  edited  by 
Blair ;  supported  Thomas  H.  Benton  for  Congress,  and  later  Buchanan's 
administration  ;  during  the  War  of  Secession  was  strong  Unionist  paper, 
and  said  by  President  Lincoln  to  have  largely  saved  Missouri  from  seces- 
sion;  united  with  Globe  (1875),  and  since  published  as  Globe  Democrat, 
by  Globe  Ptg.  Co. 

St.  Louis  Enquirer  (s-w).    1819-20.    10.  nos.    Fs. 

With  Middle  and  Western  Local  Newspapers,  1811-20.  Successor 
(1818)  of  Emigrant  (formerly  Western  Journal,  second  paper  in  St. 
Louis)  ;  edited  by  Thomas  H.  Benton,  1816-20 ;  Patrick  H.  Ford,  1820- 
24  ;  Duff  Green,  1824-25  ;  L.  E.  Lawless,  1826-27 ;  continued  as  Beacon, 
1827;  suspended,   1832. 

Exponent  (m).    June,  1903-Feb.,  1911.    F. 

Founded  1904  as  a  "journal  of  law  and  order,"  by  Citizens'  Industrial 
Assn.  of  St.  Louis,  and  published  by  it  till  Feb.,  1911,  when  temporary 
suspension  was  announced.  Styled  Citizens'  Industrial  Exponent  till 
Nov.,  1905. 

Fest-Zettunq  (w;  m).    1897,  1903-1904,  1906,  scat.  nos.    F. 
Issued  during  the  Northwestern  Sangerfest. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

St.  Loots,  Mo.,  continued: 

Missouri  Gazette.    July  26,  Oct.  5,  1808. 

With  Middle  and  Western  Local  Newspapers,  1808.  First  newspaper 
west  of  Mississippi  River  and  first  in  Mississippi  Valley  above  New  Or- 
leans. Established  July,  1808,  by  Joseph  Charles  of  Westmea+h,  Ire- 
land, who  conducted  it  till  1820;  "subscriptions  payable  in  flour"  (1809). 
Supported  Jefferson  and  Madison.  Styled  Missouri  Gazette  at  start ; 
afterward  Louisiana  Gazette,  Dec,  1809-July,  1812;  then  again  Missouri 
Gazette,  till  March,  1822 ;  conducted  by  Edward  Charless,  1822-27 ;  and 
as  Missouri  RepuoUean,  by  Chambers,  Harris  &  Knapp,  1837 ;  by  George 
Knapp  &  Co.,  1855-1864,  then,  incorporated  as  "George  Knapp  &  Co. ;" 
changed  to  "Publishers :  George  Knapp  &  Co.,"  1879 ;  name  of  paper  un- 
changed till  May,  1888 ;  since  then  styled,  St.  Louis  Republic*  q.  v.  Con- 
ducted since  the  death  (in  1888)  of  John  Knapp,  brother  of  George,  by 
Charles  W.  Knapp,  who  has  been  on  the  staff  since  1807. 

Gut  Heil  (w).    Apr.  28,  1897. 
Industrial  (m).    1899,  3  nos. 

American  Journal  of  Education,  (m).    Vols.  7-16.    Jan.,  1874-Sept., 
1883.    2  v.    F. 

Established,  by  J.  B.  Merwin,  1867 ;  removed  from  Chicago,  Feb.,  1875. 
Published  and  edited  by  Merwin  till  1894,  and  edited  by  him  till  1896. 
Since  then  published  by  Perrin  &  Smith  till  1901.  Edited  by  J.  G.  Rey- 
nolds, 1896-1901.  No  later  data  obtainable.  Editions  Issued  simultan- 
eously at  nine  places. 

St.   Louis   Labob    (w).     1902-Apr.,   1907.     4    v.    F*.    Apr.,   1907-1908. 
F«.    1909+ 

Founded  1902.  Published  by  Socialist  party  of  St;  Louis,  1907-Aug., 
1910;  since  then  by  Labor  Pub.  Co. 

Labob  Campaign.    Sept.-Nov.,  1894.    F±. 

Labob  Compendium  (w).    Aug.,  1896-1904.    Mar.,  1905-1909.    F*.    1910+' 
Founded  Aug.,  1896,  by  H.  W.  Steinbiss,  and  since  conducted  by  him. 

Missouri  Land  Registee  (m).    Mar.,  1865. 
With   St.  Louis  Neivspapers,   1864-69. 

Luthebaneb   (bi-w).    Sept.,   18491-Aug.,   1851.    Indexed.    F. 

Founded  1844.  Published  for  many  years  by  German  Evangelical 
Lutheran  Synod;  since  1874,  by  professors  of  Concordia  Seminary. 

Interstate  Manufactubeb  (w).    May  10,  1900. 

Mineb  and  Artisan  (w).    Dec.  23,  30,  1865. 
With  St.  Louis  Newspapers,  1864-69. 

Missionabt  of  the  Cross.    Nov.  22,  1845. 

International  Musician  (m).    Sept.,  1905+    Ft. 

Founded  July,  1901,  by  Amer.  Federation  of  Musicians.  Edited  con- 
tinuously by  Owen  Miller. 



Parole  (m;  w).     Mar.,  1884-Mar.,  1886  (incomp.).     Q;  F". 

Founded  1884  by  Literary  Club  of  Intematl.  Working  People's  Assn., 
«nd  published  by  it  till  1889 ;  Workmen's  Press  Assn.,  1889-91.  No  later 
mention  in  directories.  Edited  by  J.  J.  Reifgraber,  1889 ;  Aug.  Euebman, 

Plasterer  (m).    1907,  6  nos.    Q. 
American  Pressman. 

See  same  title,  under  Cincinnati,   O. 

Printers'  Journal  (w).    May  30,  1890. 
Founded   1890. 

Southwestern  Railroad  Journal  and  River  Guide   (w).    Nov.  3,  1866. 

With  St  Louis  Newspapers,  1864-69. 

Railroad  Telegrapher. 

See  same  title,  under  Peoria,  111. 

Missouri  Repobteh  (d).    Nov.,  1843-Aug.,  1846   (incomp.).    Fo-r. 

Founded  1838  by  S.  Penn  Jr.,  and  conducted  by  him  till  his  death, 
June,  1846 ;  then  by  his  son,  Worden  P.  Penn.,  till  Aug.,  when  it  and 
the  Missourian  were  merged  in  a  new  Democratic  paper,  Daily  Union 
(q.  v.),  conducted  by  L.  Pickering  &  Co. 

Republic   (s-w).    1892-93.    2  v.    Fi. 
See  Missouri  Gazette. 

Same.    Centennial  edition.    July   12,  1908.    192  pp.    P«. 

Missouri  Republisan    (d).     May  28,  1860;    1865.     2  v.    F». 
See  Missouri  Gazette. 

Missouri  State  Republican  (w).    Apr.,  1906-Apr.,  1907.    F*. 

Founded  1901.  Published  since  1906  by  State  Republican  Pub.  Co., 
and  edited  by  E.  C  Brokmeyer. 

Sanitary  Progress    (m).    Oct.,  1905-June,  1909.    O. 

Founded  1905  by  N.  O.  Nelson  Mfg.  Co.,  in  interests  of  co-operative 
industry   and  profit-sharing.     Apparently  discontinued   in   1909. 

Missouri  Saturday  News   (w).    1838.    F  i.    1839,  3  nos. 

Founded  by  Charles  Keemle  and  Alphonso  Wetmore;  had  but  a  short 
existence ;  was  of  a  literary  character. 

Missouri  Socialist   (w).    Vol.  1,  No.  1.    1901-Aug.,  1902.    F». 

Founded  Jan.,  1901,  by  St.  Louis  Branch  of  Social  Democratic  party ; 
later  by  State  party..  Edited  by  E.  Val  Putnam  till  Feb.,  1902;  M.  Bal- 
lard Dunn,  Feb.-  Aug.,  1902.     No  later  data  obtainable. 

Telegraphe.     Apr.  11,  29,  1840. 



Trackmen's   Advance  Advocate. 
See  Advance  Advocate. 

Newspaper  Catalogue 

St.  Louis,  Mo.,  continued : 

Travellers'  Goods  and  Leather  Novelty  Workers  Official  Journal. 

See  same  title,  under  Oshkosb,  Wis. 

Truth   (m).    Vol.  1.    Dec,  1874-Nov.,  1875.    Indexed.    F.    Vols.  2-4, 
10-15.    Dec,  1875-Nov.,  1878;  Dec,  1882^0ct.,  1889.    9  v.    O. 

Owned  by  Edward  Bredell,  and  edited  by  James  H.  Brookes,  both  Pres- 
byterians ;  connected  with  a  Bible  and  tract  depository.  No  later  men- 
tion in   directories. 

St.  Louis  Union  (d).    Aug.-Dec,  1846  (incomp.).    Ft. 
With  Missouri  Reporter,  q.  v. 

St.  Louis  Union  (w).    Nov.  4,  6  (extras),  1882. 

Saturday  Union  Record  (w).    May  13,  1905. 

Tagliche  Volkszeitung.    Mar.  21-July  13,  1866.     F«. 

Founded  1865.  Published  by  E.  W.  Heeman  &  Co.,  and  in  1869  edited 
by  H.  Brukk.     No  later  mention  in  directories. 

Vox  Populi  (m).    May,  1894-June,  1895.    F., 

Founded  1897  by  Vox  Populi  Pub.  Co.,  and  conducted'  by  it  till  1895. 
No  later  mention   in   directories.     Populist. 

Western  Watchman   (w).    Oct.  12,  19,  1854. 

Wetmore's  Weekly.    1904-Nov.,  1905.    F. 

Founded  1904  by  Pan-American  Press.  Edited  by  Claude  H.  Wetmore 
till  Nov.,  1905.  No  later  data  obtainable.  Advocates  "equable  legisla- 
tion for  all." 


New  Wax  (m).    Apr.,  June,  1905. 


Ruskin  Rats  (m).    Feb.,  1903. 
Founded  1902. 


Border  Times  (w).    1864-67,  14  nos.    F«. 

With  Mo.  and  Kans.  Local  Newspapers,  1862-67.  Founded  1864. 
Published  by  Harry  Howard  &  Co.,  1864 ;  A.  G.  Beller,  1865-71.  No 
later   mention  in   directories. 


Anaconda  Labor-Socialist  (w).    Mar.  28,  1902. 


Montana — Nebraska 


American  Laboe  Union  Journal  (w;     m).    Dec,  1902-Dec,  1904.    P«. 
Founded  1902  by  American  Labor  Union — conducted  by  Clarence  Smith. 
Moved  to  Chicago,  Aug.,   1904.    No  later  data  obtainable. 

Laboe  World  (w).    Aug.  28,  1903. 

Butte  Weekly  Mines.    1896-1902.    F«. 

Founded  1876.  Published  by  Mills  &  Brown,  1877-81  (with  — 
Kessler,  1877-78)  ;  since  then  by  Miner  Pub.  Co.  Edited  by  Daniel 
Searles,  1883-87  ;  C.  L.  D.  Haig,  188S-90 ;  J.  M.  Quinn,  1891-98.  Demo- 


Montana  News   (w).    1904-1905.    Dec,  1909-1911,  scat.  nos.    F". 

Founded  1901.  Published  (1904)  by  J.  H.  Walsh;  since  1910  by 
Graham  &   Hazlitt. 


Woman's  Tribune   (m).    Vols.  1-4.    Nov.,  1883-Nov.,  1887.    Ft. 

Same    (w).    Vols.  5-7.    Dec,   1887-Dec,   1890.    Indexed.    2  v. 

F  b.     1903-1908. 

Founded  1883.  Removed  to  Washington,  D.  C.  (q.  v.),  Dec,  1889; 
branch  office  at  Beatrice  till  1893 ;  in  Oct.,  1904,  moved  to  Portland, 
Ore.,  to  help  in  campaign  for  woman  suffrage  amendment  to  state  con- 
stitution.    Edited  by  Clara  B.  Colby. 

College  View 

BJvangeijets  Sendebud. 

See  same  title,  under  Battle  Creek,  Mich. 


Socialist  Review  (m).    Vol.  1,  No.  1.    Apr.,  July-Sept.,  1900. 


Commoner  (w).    Vols.  6-9.    1906-1909.    4  v.    F  *.    1910+ 

Founded  1900  by  William  J.  Bryan,  and  since  conducted  by  him. 

Independent  (w).     Vols.  15-16,  1903-1905.     2  v.    F4.     1906-Mar.,  1907. 
Also  Vols.  14,  18,  19,  20  (incomp.). 

Apparently  founded,  1S89,  by  S.  Edwin  Thornton;  in  1892  styled 
Alliance-Independent,  published  by  Alliance  Pub.  Co.  for  several  years  as 
a  Populist  organ ;  then  by  Independent  Pub.  Co.,  1897-1900 ;  then  by 
Frank  D.  Eager  for  a  time.  Suspended  Mar.,  1907.  Revived  in  May, 
1907,  as  Independent  Farmer  and  Western  Swine  Breeder,  q.  v. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

.Lincoln,  Nebe.,  continued: 

Independent  Farmer  and  Western  Swine  Breeder  (w).    Nov.,  1907+ 

Consolidation,  May,  1907,  of  Weekly  State  Journal  (founded  1869). 
Nebraska  Independent  (1889),  q.  v.,  and  Western  Swine  Breeder  (1892). 
Published  since  then  by  State  Journal  Co.  Edited  (1911)  by  Ralph  H. 

Lux  (m).    Feb.,  1896. 

New  Republic  (w).    Dec,  1887-Apr.,  18891.    Ft. 

Founded  1885.  Published  by  New  Republic  Pub.  Co.,  1887-89,  and 
edited  by  A.  J.  Wolfenburger ;  H.  W.  Hardy,  1890 ;  George  H.  Gibson, 
1891;  Frederick  &  Hamilton,  1892-96;  H.  C.  Bittenbender,  1897-1901. 
No  later   data  obtainable.     Prohibition. 

Nebraska  City 

Conservative   (w).    1899-1900    (incomp.).    Vols.  3-4.  1900-1902.    F. 

Founded  1898,  and  conducted  by  J.  Sterling  Morton.  Suspended  soon 
after  his  death    (May,  1902).     Independent. 

rr;;:>                                               -                                          ;,  , '       ,  ;  y      "  "-'•*' 


Weekly  Bee.    1896-99.    4  v.    F«. 

Same   (d).    May-June,  1900.    F«. 

Founded  1871  by  Edward  Rosewater,   and  since  edited  by  him.     Pub- 
lished by  Omaha  Pub.  Co.,  1880-82 ;  since  then  by  Bee  Pub.  Co. 

Bohemian  Voice  (m).    Sept.,  1892-Dec,  1894.    Q. 

Founded    1892    by    Bohemian-American    Natl.    Committee.     Edited    by 
Thomas  Capek,  1893 ;  .T.  J.  Krai,  1895.     No  later  mention  in  directories. 

Daily  Christian  Advocate.    May  2-27,  1892.    F«. 

Same  (w).    1896-97.    2  v.    F*. 

Organ  of  General  Conference  of  Methodist  Episcopal  Church ;  edited 
by  George  W.  Gray. 

Danske  Pionier  (w).    Danish.    Oct.,  1895-Aug.,  1896;  Oct.,  1898-1908. 
7  v.    P«.    1909+ 

Founded  1872  by  Mark  Hansen  &  Co. ;  edited  by  Hans  Miller  one  year, 
then  by  Hansen  till  1889.  Since  1890  edited  and  published  by  Sophus  F. 
Neble.     Independent  Democratic. 

Omaha  Labor   (w).    Aug.  24  1895. 

Western   Laborer    (w).     Apr.,    1893-Feb.,    1894    (incomp.);    1894-95; 
1899-1900  (incomp.).    Apr.,  1907+     Fs. 

With  Chicago  Labor.  Founded  1891  by  Samuel  Rees,  Edward 
Collohan,  and  M.  R.  Risdon.  Changed  hands  many  times  until  1895, 
when  controlled  by  A.  F.  Clark  and  Frank  A.  Kennedy,  who  conducted 
it  till  1900 ;  since  then  conducted  by  Kennedy  alone.     Labor. 


Nebraska — New  Hampshire 

American  Pressman. 

See  same  title,  under  Cincinnati,  O. 
Sovereign  Visitor  (m).    1898,  3  nos.;  Feb.,  1899. 
Stationary  Firemen's  Journal  (m).    July,  1907. 
"Workers  Tri-City  Gazette  (w).    Dec.  6,  13,  1902;  Dec.  26,  1903. 

Santeo  Agency 
Iapi  Oate. 

See  same  title,  under  Greenwood,  S.  Dak. 



Inland  Empire  (d).    June  16,  Sept.  21,  1869. 

Successor  of  Silver  Age  (founded  1861  at  Carson  City)  ;  removed 
(1862)  to  Virginia  City,  as  Daily  Union,  and  (I860)  to  Hamilton,  as 
Inland  Empire.  Hamilton  (at  foot  of  Treasure  Hill)  was  founded  in 
1868;  destroyed  by  fire,  1873. 

Treasure  City 

White  Pine  Daily  News.    June  15,  1869. 

Treasure  City  was  situated  near  the  top  of  Treasure  Hill,  nearly  two 
miles  above  sea-level ;  had  6,000  inhabitants  in  I860,  50  in  1885,  and  in 
1910  does  not  appear  in  the  census. 

New  Hampshire 


National  Eagle    (w).     1835-36,  14  nos.    Fe. 


Congregational  Journal  (w).    1845-1862.    8  v.    Fs. 

Founded   1840.     Edited  by   Henry  Wood  till  Jan.,   1854  ;   B.   P.   Stone, 
1854— Dec,  1862.     At  this  time  suspension  was  announced  for  a  year. 

Granite-Cutters'  Journal  (m).    Vols.  13-20.    1890-96.    2  v.    Fb. 
See  same  title,  under  Washington,  D.  C. 

Herald  of  Freedom   (w).    1836-40,  scat,  nos.;   Jan.-June,  1841;   May- 
Sept.,  1842;   Mar -Nov.,  1844.    Fo. 

Pounded   Mar.,    1835,    "by    an    association   of    gentlemen"    (Albe   Cady, 
George   Storrs,   George  Kent,  and  Amos  Wood).     Succeeded  Abolitionist, 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Concord,  N.  H.,  continued: 

of  which  four  numbers  had  been  issued  by  D.  D.  Fisk  and  E.  G.  Eastman. 
Published  after  1840  by  N.  H.  Anti-Slavery  Soc.  Edited  by  Joseph  H. 
Kimball,  1836-37 ;  Nathaniel  Peabody  Rogers  (pseud.,  "Old  Man  of  the 
Mountain"),    1838-44;   Farker   Pillsbury,   1845-46.     Anti-slavery. 

New  Hampshire  Patriot  (w).    Apr.,  1809-1912.    2  v.    F=.    1813-1847. 
17  v.    P«.    1848-1869.     9  v.    F  t. 

Founded  Oct.,  1808,  by  William  Holt,  as  American  Patriot;  published 
as  New  Hampshire  Patriot  by  Isaac  Hill  (1808-29)  ;  most  influential 
Democratic  paper  in  New  England.  Hill  was  in  United  States 
Senate  (1831-37),  and  governor  of  N.  H.  (1836-40).  He  is  said 
to  have  inaugurated  the  attack  on  IT.  S.  Bank  (1831-32),  and  advocated, 
against  much  opposition,  internal  improvements  in  N.  H.  (1841-47). 
Upon  his  retirement  the  paper  was  published  by  Horatio  Hill  &  Co.,  and 

edited  by  Col.  Barton  till  3  835,  or  later.     From  1840  to  1847  Isaac 

Hill  published,  with  his  sons,  a  paper  styled  Hill's  New  Hampshire  Pa- 
triot (apparently  in  Boston).  In  1847  this  was  merged  with  the  Con- 
cord paper,  John  McClary  Hill  retaining  his  connection  with  it  till  1853, 
and  again  1868-73.  From  1870  the  daily  edition  was  styled  Concord 
Pariot,  and  Butterfleld  &  Hill  were  owners.  From  1873-78  E.  C.  Bailey 
was  proprietor.  Then  the  paper  was  merged  with  Concord  People,  and 
styled  People  and  N.  3.  Patriot,  q.  v.  Printed  in  1809  on  press  on 
which  first  number  of  Connecticut  Courant  was  struck  off  in  1764. 

People  and  New  Hampshire  Patriot   (w).    Oct.,  1882-Mar.,  1887    (in- 
comp.) ;  June  4,  1900.    F». 

Combination  (1879)  of  New  Hampshire  Patriot  (q.  v.)  and  Concord 
People    (founded    1868    by    Charles    C.    Pearson    &    Co.;.     Conducted    by 

Pearson  till  1886  (with Pattee,  18S4)  ;  N.  H.  Democratic  Press  Co., 

1886-1900;  People  &  Patriot  Co.,  1901.  Edited  by  John  H.  Oberly, 
1895-96 ;  George  F.  Willey,  1807-1900 ;  H.  B.  Metcalf,  1901.  Now  styled 
Patriot;  published  by  Patriot  Pub.  Co.,  and  edited  by  M.  Meehan  and  J. 
C.   Hickey.     Democratic. 


Phents  (w).    Aug.  2,  1792;  Dec.  6,  1794. 

With  N.  E.  Local  Newspapers,  1791-98.  First  paper  in  Strafford 
County;  established  by  Eliphalet  Ladd  (1790)  as  Political  and  Sentimen- 
tal Repository,  or  Strafford  Bepister;  continued  by  Samuel  Bragg  as  Bun, 
Dover  Gazette  and  Strafford  Advertiser,  from  Aug.,  1795,  till  1812;  pub- 
lished under  other  names  till   suspended  in  1829. 

Morning  Stab  (w).    Apr.  26,  1865. 

Unitarian  Monitor   (bi-w).    Vols.  1-2.     Apr.,  1831-Apr.,  1833.    F. 

Founded  by  John  Mann.  Apr.,  1831 ;  styled  Monitor,  Apr.,  1834,  and 
removed  to  Concord ;  suspended  June,  18H6. 


New  Hampshire  Gazetteer  (w).    Apr.  18,  1792. 

With  N.  JH.  Local  Newspapers,  1791-98.  First  successful  paper  in  Ex- 
eter ;  established  1785  by  Henry  Kanlet  as  Amer.  Herald  of  Liberty; 
styled  N.  H.  Gazetteer,  1792-S4  ;  continued  under  various  titles  till  sus- 
pension   in    1797. 


New  Hampshire 


Amebican   (w).    Feb.,  1816-Feb.,  1817.    Fs. 
Established  by  David  Watson  Jr. 

Independent  Chbonicxe  (w).    Oct.  22,  Nov.  5,  1835. 

Litebaby  Tablet    (bi-w;    May,   1807).    Sept.,   1805-Aug.,    1806;    Nov., 
1806-June,  1807.     2  v.    F. 
Established   1803 ;    editor,    Nicholas    Orlando ;   publisher,    Moses   Davis. 


Daily  Amebicah".    Vols.  2,  4,  8-18.    Jan.-June,  1855;  Jan.-June,  1856; 
1858-62;   Jan.-June,  1863.     13  v.    Fe. 

Founded  1840  by  Joseph  C.  Emerson  as  Amoskeag  Memorial  (w)  ;  con- 
tinued as  Manchester  Memorial  (1841),  and  Manchester  American  (1844)  ; 
daily   edition  began  Sept.,   1854  ;   merged  in  Manchester  Democrat,   1857. 

Democrat  (d).    June  5,  1850. 

Democrat  and  American   (w).    Sept.,  1860-Dec,  1861;   1862-63.    3  v. 

Established  Apr.,  1842,  by  W.  H.  Kimball  and  Joseph  Kidder;  united 
with  American  and  Messenger  (1857)  under  title  Democrat  and  Ameri- 
can;  merged   in  Mirror,   1863. 

Faemeb's  Monthly  Visitor.    Vol.  12.    1852.    O. 

Published  at  Concord  by  Gov.  Isaac  Hill,  1838-49,  then  suspended ;  re- 
vived at  Manchester,  1852,  with  Chandler  E.  Potter  as  editor ;  united 
with  Granite  Farmer  (Oct.  1853)  as  Granite  Farmer  and  Visitor;  after 
various  changes,  merged  in  Dollar  Weekly  Mirror,  Jan.,  1863. 

Manchester  Laboe  (w).    May  23,  1896. 

American  Labob  Budget  (m;  w).    1886,  5  nos.    Fe. 

Organized  Labor  News  (w).    Apr.  16,  1887. 

Amoskeag  Repeesentative  (w).    July  31,  1840. 

With  Maine  Cultivator,  1839-41.  First  paper  in  Manchester ;  estab- 
lished by  John  Caldwell,  Oct.,  1839 ;  continued  as  Manchester  Represen- 
tative, Jan.,  1841;  merged  in  Manchester  Democrat,  Dec,  1842. 


Freeman's  Journal  and  New  Hampshire  Gazette  (w).    1776-77,  5  nos. 
With  Essex  Journal,  Newburyport,  Mass.,   1774-77.     Established   Maj, 
1776,  by  Benjamin  Dearborn,  who  afterwards  founded  and  conducted  the 
first  school  for  girls  in  Portsmouth. 

10— N.  C.  [  145  ] 

Newspaper  Catalogue 

Portsmouth,  N.  H.,  continued: 

New  Hampshire  Gazette  (w).    Oct.  7,  1756  (facsimile);  Oct.  13,  1758; 

1761-64,  9  nos.;  Nov.  30,  Dec.  28,  1770.    'F-t.     June  5,  1772;  1774, 

10  nos.    F*.     Sept.,  1784-Nov.,  1786.    Fs.     1795,  3  nos. 

F^lrst  paper  in  New  Hampshire,  and  claims  to  be  oldest  paper  now 
published  in  U.  S.,  established  1756  by  Daniel  Fowle,  and  published  by 
him  till  1785 ;  by  John  Melcher,  1785-1802 ;  then  till  1809  by  N.  S.  and 
W.  Pierce,  who  changed  its  politics  from  Federal  to  Democratic;  it  be- 
came Republican  after  1868.  Issued  as  weekly  edition  of  Chronicle  after 
1869.  Published  by  Frank  W.  Miller  &  Co.,  1869-70;  Marston  &  Free- 
man, 1871-78;  Chronicle  &  Gazette  Pub.  Co.,  1879-88;  W.  Scott  Smith, 
1889-1900;  then  F.  W.  Hartford,  for  a  time.  Now  published  by  Chron- 
icle &  Gazette  Pub.   Co. ;  edited  by  Hartford. 

Oracle  of  the  Day  (s-w).    Dec.  24,  1794. 

With  N.  M.  Local  Newspapers,  1791-9S.  Founded  1793  by  Charles 
Peirce  as  a  Federalist  organ ;  continued  since  1821  as  Portsmouth  Jour- 

New  Hampshire  Spy  (s-w).    Oct.,  1786-Oct,  1787.    F. 
Established  Oct.,  1786,  by  George  Jerry  Osborne. 


Farmers'   Weekly  Museum;    New  Hampshire   and  Vermont  Journal. 
Jan.,  1798-Apr.,  1799;   Apr.,  1799-Apr.,  1801.     2  v.     O. 

Established  1793  by  Isaiah  Thomas  as  JV.  H.  Journal  and  Farmers' 
Museum;  Joseph  Dennie,  editor,  also  publisher  after  1796 ;  leading  con- 
tributors, Eoyal  Tyler,  Thomas  G.  Fessenden,  Isaac  Story ;  at  first  neutral 
in  politics,  Federal  in  1800,  Democratic  to  1828 ;  removed  to  Keene  In 
1828 ;   still   published,   as   Cheshire  Republican. 

New  Jersey 


Saturday  Evening  Visitor  (w).    .1825.    Indexed.    F. 

Published  by  D.  Allinson  ;  "a  domestick,  political,  agricultural  and  mis- 
cellaneous gazette." 


Camden  Journal  (w).    Feb.,  1860-Mar.,  1862.    F«. 

Founded  by  David  W.  Belisle,  as  organ  of  American  ("Know-Nothing") 

Camden  Labor.    Jan.  8,  1905. 

New  Republic  (w).    Feb.  15,  1873. 


New  Jersey 


New  Jersey  Journal  (w).    Feb.-Nov.,  1797.    F<s. 

Founded  1784  by  Shepard  Kollock,  at  New  Brunswick ;  removed  to 
Elizabeth,  1785 ;  supporter  of  Jefferson  and  Madison  ;  edited  by  Kollock 
till  1818 ;  Frederick  W.  Foote,  183P.-79 ;  C.  C.  McBride  and  A-  S.  Crane, 
1882-1901  (with  Peter  W.  Housse,  till  1887).  No  later  data  obtainable. 
Oldest  paper  in  Elizabeth ;  now   styled  Elizabeth  Daily  Journal. 

New  Jersey  Journal  and  Elizabeth-Town  Gazette    (w).    1821-30,   17 

nos.    Vol.  1  of  New  Series. 

With  Middle  Local  Newspapers,  1821-28.  Published  by  J.  &  E.  San- 
derson 1821-1826 ;  Edward  Sanderson,  July,  1826-Apr.,  1827 ;  later  by 
Sanderson  &  Brookfield. 

Official  Magazine  International  Union  Shjpwbites,  Joiners  and  Caulk- 
ers of  America  (q).    Jan.,  Apr.,  1904. 

Union  Labor  Advocate  (m).    Vol.  1,  No.  1.    Oct.,  1903. 


Essex  Standard  (w).    Mar.  2,  1847. 

Socialist  Review. 

See  West  Hoooken. 



Jersey  Chronicle  (w).    Oct.  24,  1795. 

With  Poughkeepsie  Journal,  1793-94.  Established  May,  1795,  by 
Philip  Freneau,  formerly  editor  of  Phila.  National  Gazette;  suspended 
after  one  year,  lacking  support. 

New  Brunswick 

New  Brunswick  Fredonian  (w).    Aug.  15,  1855. 

Temperance  "(m).    Sept.,  1908+    Q. 

Founded  1908  by  Church  Temperance  Soc,  and  since  published  by  it. 
Edited  by  Key.  George  W.  Shinn. 

New  Brunswick  Times  and  General  Advertiser  (w).    June  8,  1815. 

With  Middle  and  Western  Local  Newspapers,  1811-20.  Founded  June, 
1815,  by  Deare  &  Myer  as  a  "Federal-Bepublican"  paper;  published  by 
Albert  E.  Speer,  1845-69 ;  by  Alphonso  F.  Gordon,  1871-91 ;  since  then  by 
Times   Pub.   Co. 


Newark  Advertiser  (d).    June  16, 1847.  . 

Avanti  (w).    1904-1905,  12  nos.    F«. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Newabk,  N.  J.,  continued: 

Clarion  Call  (s-m).    Jan.  5,  May,  1905. 

Journal  at  United  Hatters. 

See  same  title,   under  Danbury,   Conn. 

Mutual  Am,  a  Journal  of  United  Custom  (m).    Jan.,  Mar.,  1891. 

New  Jersey  Review  (m).    Nov.,  1871- June,  1872.    Q. 
With  Insurance  Journals,  1871-77.     Insurance. 

Union  Buyer  (w).     June  29,  1895. 

Union  Labob  Bulletin  (m).    1903-1904J  8  nos.    F. 

Univebsalist  Record  (m).    May,  1889- Aug.,  1890.    F. 

Founded  1886  by  Church  of  the  Redeemer.  Edited  by  W.  S.  Crowe, 
D.   D. 

Woods's  Newark  Gazette  and  Paterson  Advertiser  (w).    Aug.  2,  1792; 
Apr.  1,  1795. 

With  Poughkeepsle  Journal,  1798-94.  First  paper  in  Newark ;  estab- 
lished May,  1791,  by  John  Woods;  conducted  by  John  Wallis,  1800-08; 
suspended  soon  after  1808. 


Baker's   Journal    (w).     July,   1888-Apr.,   1890    (very   incomp.);    May, 

1890-July,  1898;    Sept.,  1899-Aug.,  1900;    Aug.,  1901-Aug.,  1903. 

10  v.     1903+     Ft;     F;     Fs. 

Founded  1888  by  J.  I'.  McDonnell,  in  interests  of  English-speaking 
bakers.  May  10,  1890,  taken  over  by  Internatl.  Union  of  Bakery  and 
Confectionery  Workers  of  America  and  published  with  BdcJeer-Zeitung 
(founded  May,  1885,  by  George  G.  Block  and  others ;  edited  by  him  till 
May,  1889 ;  Robert  Degan,  May-Oct.  1889 ;  Karl  Ibsen,  Oct.  1889-Mar. 
1891).  After  the  consolidation,  edited  till  May,  1891,  by  the  sec.  of  the 
Union,  August  Delabar ;  Henry  Weisman,  May,  1891-Nov.,  1897;  John 
Schudel,  Nov.,  1897-Aug.,  1908;  Joseph  Schmidt,  Aug.,  1903-May,  1908; 
then  by  Otto  Fischer  a  few  months ;  since  May,  190S,  by  Charles  F.  Hoh- 
mann.  Issued  successively  at  Paterson,  New  York,  Brooklyn,  Cleveland, 
and  Chicago.  Semi-monthly  since  July,  1897.  See  historical  sketch  in 
Twenty-fifth  Anniversary  number,  Jan.,   1911. 

American  Beeweb  and  Distiller  (m).    Apr.,  Oct.,  1892. 

Paterson  Journal  (w).    Mar.  26,  May  7,  1881. 

Labob  .Omnia  Vincit.    Mar.,  1870. 

Paterson   Labob   Standard    (w).    1880-83,   1886,   1888-95,    1897    (scat, 
nos.).    F«. 

See  National  Labor  Standard. 

Labob  Standard  (w).    May  30,  1881.    Extra. 


New  Jersey— New  Mexico 

National  Labor  Standard  (w).    1876-1906  (very  incomp.).    F«. 

Founded  1896  by  National  Labor  Standard  Ptg.  Co.,  and  conducted  by 
It  till  1898,  when  apparently  consolidated  with  Labor  Standard  (founded 
1876,  and  conducted  by  J.  P.  McDonnell).  Thereafter  conducted  by  Mc- 
Donnell till   suspension,   Sept.,   1906. 

Paterson  People  (w).    Oct.  15,  1898. 

Questione  Sociale  (w).    French.    Nov.  25,  1899. 


Empobium  (w).    Dec.  15,  1821. 

Federalist  and  New  Jersey  State  Gazette.    Sept.  8,  1801. 
With  N.  J.  Gazette,  1777-80. 

New  Jersey  Gazette  (w).    1777-80,  16  nos.    F*. 

Oldest  paper  in  New  Jersey ;  founded  Doc,  1777,  by  Isaac  Collins,  at 
Burlington ;  removed  to  Trenton,  Mar.,  1778 ;  edited  by  George  Sherman 
(1791-1829)  ;  by  his  son,  James  T.  Sherman  (1829-53)  later  by  J.  L. 
Murphy ;  afterward,  published  as  State  Gazette  by  John  L.  Murphy  Pub. 
Co. ;  later  by  State  Gazette  Pub.  Co.  Edited  by  Thomas  B.  Holmes  since 

American  Potters'  Journal  (w).    Jan.-May,  1889.    F«. 

Pounded  1888  by  John  D.  McCormick,  and  since  published  by  him. 

Trades  Union  Advocate  (w).    1900-1908.    3  v.    Fs.    1909+ 

Founded  Jan.,  1900  by  Eeuben  Forker,   and  since  published  by  him. 


Vineland  Independent  (w).    Oct.  2,  1903;  Apr.  1,  1904. 

West  Hoboken 

Socialist  Review  (m;  w).    Jan.,  1904-Dec,  1908.    F«. 

Founded  Jan.,  1904.  Published  by  committee  of  Socialist  party  till 
Aug.,  1908 ;  then  by  J.  Britt  Gearity  till  1909.  No  later  mention  in 

New  Mexico 

Santa  Fe 

New  Mexican  (d).    Apr.  20,  1866. 

See  New  Mexican  Review.  » 

New  Mexican  Review  (w).    June,  1906-1909.    2  v.    F«.    1910+ 

Weekly  edition  of  New  Mexican,  founded  1861 ;  published  1874-79  by 
Manderfleld  &  Tucker;  since  1880  by  New  Mexican  Ptg.  and  Pub.  Co. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

New  Mexico,  continued: 

Silver  City 

Watch-Dog  (w).    1883,  4  nos. 
Founded    1882. 

New  York 
Albany  Daily  Advertiser.    Feb.-July,  1816.    Fe. 

First  daily  in  Albany ;  founded  by  Theodore  Dwight,,  1815 ;  Federalist 
In  politics ;   merged  in   Oasette,  1817. 

Albany  Argus  (s-w).  Mar.,  1834-Dec,  1835  (incomp.);  1837  (in- 
comp.);  1838-39;  1840-41  (incomp.);  1842-43  (incomp.);  1844; 
1845.     6  v.    FT. 

Founded  Jan.,  1813,  as  organ  of  Tompkins  Democrats ;  Jesse  Buel,  pub- 
lisher; subscription  list  at  end  of  six  montbs  was  4,000,  said  to  be  one- 
third  more  than  that  of  any  other  paper  in  the  state;  later,  organ  of 
"Albany  Regency ;"  contributors,  Van  Buren,  Marcy,  Dix,  Skinner,  and 
other  politicians ;  edited  by  Buel  till  1821 ;  Moses  I.  Cantine  and  Isaac 
Q.  Leake,  1821-23;  Edwin  and  Sherman  Crosswell,  1824-55;  William 
Cassidy  and  Calvert  Comstock,  1856-65  ;  Cassidy,  1865-72 ;  Theophilus  C. 
Callicot,  1872;  Stephen  C.  Hutchir.s,  1873-78;  St.  Clair  McKelway, 
1879-85 ;  Myron  A.  Cooney,  1885-91 ;  Eugene  Chamberlain.  1891-96 ; 
T.  C.  Callicot,  1896-1901  ;  since  then  by  Albert  E.  Hoyt.  Published  for 
many  years  back  by  Argus  Co.  (Daniel  Manning,  president)  till  1885 ; 
James  H.  Manning,  1885-93.  Consolidated  with  Argus,  q.  v.,  in  1856 ; 
styled  Atlas  and  Argus,  1856 — May,  1865. 

Same.    Mar.  21,  1815. 

With  Middle  and  Western  Newspapers,  1811-20. 

Weekly  Argus  and  Rough-Hewer.      1841.    Indexed.    F". 
See  Rough-Hewer. 

Atlas  and  Argus  (d).    Feb.,  1864-Dec.,  1865.    4  v.    Ft. 

Atlas  established  1841,  by  Vance  &  Wendell;  organ  of  "Soft  Shell"  or 
Radical  Democrats ;  one  of  the  leading  Abolition  papers,  1847-52 ;  then 
supported  Pierce;  united  with  Argus  (q.  v.),  1856;  styled  Argus,  May, 
1865;  edited  by  William  Cassidy.  1843-73. 

Balance  and  New  York  State  Journal  (s-w;  w,  Jan.  1811).  1809-10. 
2  v.    F  o.    1811.    Indexed.    F. 

Removed  from  Hudson,  N.  Y.,  1«08 ;  suspended,  Dec,  1811,  because 
mulcted  in  heavy  damages  for  libel  against  Southwick,  editor  of  Reg- 

Albany  Centotel  (s-w).    1800"  (incomp.).    F«. 

With  Albany  Newspapers,  1800.  Founded  1797  by  Loring  Andrews, 
afterwards  of  Charleston  (S.  C.)  Courier;  later,  published  by  Backus  & 
Whiting;  continued  by  Isaac  Mitchell  (Nov.,  1806)  as  Republican  Crisis; 
merged  in  Balance,  1808. 


New  York 

Same.    July  30,  1802;  Oct.  2,  1804;  July  5,  1805. 

With  Middle  and  Western  Local  Newspapers,  1801-10. 

Christian  Visitant  (w).    June,  1815-May,  1816.    Q. 

Published  by  Solomon  Southwick,  of  the  Register;  so  bitterly  assailed 
by  Troy  Post  and  other  Federalist  papers  that  it  was  obliged  to  suspend 
within  a  year. 

American  Citizen  (d).    Apr.  18,  1845. 

Country  Gentleman  (w).    1861.    F. 

Established  1853  by  Thomas  &  Tucker;  later,  lonsolidated  with  Cut 
tivator.  i 

Cultivator  (m).    Vols.  1-2.    1834-36;   Mar.,  1838-Dec,  1841;   1842-43. 
Indexed.    3  v.    F.    1846.    1  v. 

Established  Mar.,  1834,  by  N.  Y.  State  Agricultural  Society;  edited  bj 
Jesse  Buel  till  Jan.,  1840.  when  it  absorbed  Genesee  Farmer,  q.  v.  Pub- 
lished by  Jesse  Buel  &  Co.,  and  edited  by  Willis  Gaylord  and  Luther 
Tucker  till  Oct.,  1840.  Since  then  conducted  by  Luther  Tucker  &  Son. 
Styled  Country  Gentleman  since  18!)'J. 

Cultivator  and  Country  Gentleman    (w).    July-Dec,  1869.    Indexed. 
F.     1870-75.     Indexed.     6   v.    F*.     1882-88.     14   v.    F4. 
See  Cultivator. 

Every  Saturday  (w).    Feb.  9,  1895. 

Albany  Express  (d).    Feb.  15,  1860. 

Official  Record  Central  Federation  op  Labor   (m).     Sept.,  1895;    Sept 

1897;  1899-1900,  4  nos.;  1902-1903,  4  nos.;  1905-1906,  8  nos.  ,F«. 

Pounded  1889.     Conducted  by  M.  J.  Sullivan  and  P.  J.   Healey,  1895; 

D.   W.  O'Connor,   1899-1900 ;    Charles  Moran,   1902 ;    Sullivan   &  Healey, 

1903 ;   James  H.  Markey,   1905  ;  H.  H.  Fangburn,   1906. 

Albany  Gazette  (s-w).    Mar.,  1817-May,  1818.    F«. 

Successor  (1784)  of  N.  T.  Gazetteer  (second  paper  in  Albany)  ;  pub- 
lished by  Charles  E.  Webster ;  Federalist  in  politics ;  edited  by  James  G. 
Brooks  (1838)  ;  by  Kufus  King  (1839)  ;  at  that  time  owned  by  the  Van 
Rensselaers ;  suspended,  1845. 

Same.    1800  (incomp.).    P« 

With  Albany  Newspapers,  1800. 

Same.    Sept.  19,  1808. 

With  Middle  and   Western  Local  Newspapers,  1801-10. 

Geographical  and  Military  Museum  (w).    Mar  .-June,  1814.    7  nos.    Q. 
Published   by    Samuel   R.    Brown,   formerly   of   Albany  Republican. 

Jeffersonian  (w).    Feb.',  1838-Feb,  1839.    Q. 

Campaign  paper  edited  by  Horace  Greeley  ;  suspended,  Feb.,   1839. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Albany,  N.  Y.,  continued: 

Albany  Weekly  Joubnal.     1838-39.     F.     1844-57,  4  nos.  Fs.     1854-60 
(incomp.).    Ft.     1861-67   (incomp.).     F». 

Established  Mar.,  1830,  as  Albany  Mvenina  Journal,  organ  of  Anti- 
Masonic  party ;  edited  by  Thuiiow  Weed  (formerly  of  Rochester  Anti- 
Masonic  Inquirer)  till  1869;  George  Dawson,  1846-77  and  1880-82; 
then  by  Harold  Frederick ;  one  of  the  most  influential  political  papers 
in  the  country;  at  first  Whig,  then  Republican. 

Family  Journal. 

See  same  title,  under  Troy. 

Log  Cabin  (w)  .    Vol.  1.    May,  1840-Nov.,  1841.    F«. 
See  Log  Cabin,  N.  T.  City. 

American  Masonic  Register  (w).    Aug.,  1839-Aug.,  1841.    F. 

Established  Aug.,  1839,  by  Lewis  G.  Hoffman.  Sub-title,  Literary  Com- 

Mechanics'  Journal  (w).    Vol.  1,    Dec,  1846-Nov.,  1847.    F*. 

Published  by  Joel  Munsell  and  Robert  McFarlane ;  successor  to  Mun- 
sell's  N.  Y.  State  Mechanic;  removed  to  N.  T.  City,  June,  1847,  and  ab- 
sorbed by  Scientific  American,  q.  v. 

Noethebn  LaGHT  (w).    Vol.  1.     1841-42.     Indexed.    F. 

Pounded  1841 ;  conducted  by  John  A.  Dix  for  an  association  of  six 
members.  Devoted  to  "free  discussion  and  spread  of  knowledge."  Pub- 
lished by  Charles  Van  Benthuysen. 

Albany  "Weekly  Patriot. 

See  Tocsin  of  Liberty. 

Plough  Bor  (w).    Vol.  2.    June,  1820-May,  1821.    Indexed.    Q. 
Published  by   Solomon  Southwick    (pseud.,  "Henry   Homespun"). 

Albany  Registeb  (s-w).     1800  (incomp.);  1814.     F«. 

With  Albany  Newspapers,  1800.  Established  1788  by  Governor  Clinton 
and  other  Republican  politicians ;  published  by  Robert  Barber,  later  by 
John  Barber;  edited  by  Solomon  Southwick  Jr.,  till  1817;  then  sus- 
pended, but  soon  revived  by  Israel  W.  Clark;  continued  (1820)  as  N.  T. 
Statesman;  edited  by  Nathaniel  Carter  for  many  years;  removed  to  N.  Y. 
City;  afterward  merged  in  N.  X.  Standard. 

Same.    Supplement,  Apr.  13,  1802. 

With  Middle  and  Western  Local  Newspapers,   1801-10. 

Rough-Heweb  (w).    Feb.-Dec,  1840.    Indexed.    F. 

Published  by  Thomas  M.  Burt  as  a  Democratic  campaign  paper ; 
united  with  Weekly  Argus,  Jan.,  1841. 

Shakes  (m).    Vols.  1-7.     1871-77.     4  v.    F;  F*. 

Published  by  the  Mt.  Lebanon  bishopric.  Edited  by  G.  A.  Lomas, 
1872;  F.  W.  Evans.  1873-75;  Lomas,  1876-77.  Continued  as  Shaker 
Manifesto,   1878-99.     Styled  Shaker  and  Shakeress,   1873-75. 


New  York 

Shaker   and  Shakeress  (m).    1873-75. 
See  Shaker. 

Shaker  Manifesto  (m).    1878-99. 
See  Shaker. 

Albany  Sun  (w).    May  3,  1851. 

Albany  Switch  (w).    May  3,  1851. 

Temperance  Recorder  (m).    Vols.  1-3.    Mar.,  1832-Feb.,  1835.    3  v.   0. 
Published  by  N.  T.  State  Temperance  Society. 

Tocsin  or  Liberty  (w).    Oct.,  1842-Oct,  1843.    F«. 

Founded  1840  by  J.  C.  Jackson.  Styled  Albany  Weekly  Patriot,  Jan., 
1843  ;   suspended,  1844.     Anti-slavery. 

Evening  Transcript  (d).    Feb.,  1853-Jan.,  1855.    2  v.    F». 

First  one-cent  daily  in  Albany ;  established  by  Cuyler  &  Henry,  Jan., 
1853.     Edited  by  Jacob  C.  Cuyler  (with  H.  L.  Godfrey  after  Jan.,  1854). 

Zodiac  (m).    Vols.  1-2.    July,  1835-Jan.,  1837.    Indexed.    Q. 

Founded  by  Erastus  Perry ;  after  Aug.,  1836,  published  by  Ducoudray 
Holstein,  simultaneously  at  Albany  and  New  lork  City ;  edited  by  M. 
Henry  Webster. 


Farmers'  and  Mechanics'  Journal   (w).    Nov.,  1837- June,  1840.    2  v. 

F  a. 

Established  1837  by  Peter  Lawrence  ;  removed  to  Batavia,  June,  1840 ; 
continued  as  Batavia  Times,  and  F.  and  M.  Journal;  merged  in  Batavia 
Spirit  of  the  Times,  1843. 


Labor  Stage  (w).    April  7, 1888. 


Advocate  of  the  People  (w).    Oct.  2,  1816. 

With  Middle  and  Western  Newspapers,  1811-20.  Established  Sept., 
1816,  by  H.  C.   Southwick,  formerly  of  Albany  Chronicle. 

Cayuga  Chief  (w).    May  3,  1853. 

Northern  Christian  Advocate  (w).    Vols.  5-8.    June,  1845-Jan.,  1849. 

Founded  1841  by  Genesee,  Oneida  and  Black  River  Methodist  Con- 
ference. Edited  by  Nelson  Rounds,  1845-June,  1848 ;  by  William  Hos- 
mer  for  a  time  ;  by  Rev.  D.  D.  Lore,  1870-71.  No  later  mention  in  direc- 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Aububn,  N.  Y.,  continued: 

Gospel  Messenger  (m).    Vols.  1-9.    1827-36.    F. 

Founded  1827  under  patronage  of  Society  for  Promoting  Christian 
Knowledge  and  Piety.  Edited  by  John  C.  Endd,  D.  D.  Removed  to 
Utica,  q.  v.     Protestant  Episcopal. 

Northern  Independent  (w).    Jan.,  1860-Nov.,  1861  (incomp.).    Ft. 

Established  Aug.,  1856,  by  publishing  committee  of  M.  E.  Church 
North.  Strong  anti-stavery.  Edited  (1859-61),  by  Rev.  William  Hosmer. 
Methodist  Episcopal. 

Cayuga  Patriot  (w).     Oct.  26,  1814;  Apr.  17,  1839. 

With  Middle  and  Western  Local  Newspapers,  1811-20.  Established 
1814  by  Samuel  R.  Brown,  formerly  of  Albany  Republican;  edited  by 
Ulysses  F.  Doubleday,  1824-30  and  1843-46;  united  with  Tocsin  (1847), 
and  styled  New  Era;  suspended,  1857. 

Cayuga  Republican  (w).    Jan.-Mar.,  1825;  May  27,  1829. 

With  Middle  Local  Newspapers,  1821-28.  Founded  1819,  by  A.  Buck- 
ingham, as  successor  of  Auburn  Gazette;  united  with  Free  Press  (1833) 
and  continued  thereafter  as  Auburn  Journal. 


Republican  Advocate  (w).    Jan.  10,  1854;  June  5,  1855;  Apr.  22,  1856. 

Masonick  Intelligencer  (w).    Feb.  21,  1827. 

With  Middle  Local  Newspapers,  1821-28.  Edited  by  R.  Martin ; 
printed  by  Adams  &  Thorp.  This  number  contains  resolutions  of  N.  3T. 
Grand  Chapter  disclaiming  knowledge  or  approval  of  Morgan  abduction. 

Spirit  of  the  Times1  (w).    Oct.  11,  Nov.  15,  1853;  Mar.  21,  July  18,  1854. 


Constitutionalist  (w).    July  22,  1840. 


Broome  Republican  (w).    Oct.  24,  1833;  Apr.  18,  1866. 


Baker's  Journal. 

See  same  title,  under   Paterson,   N.   J. 

Daily  Christian  Advocate.    May  2-June  5,  1872.    F«. 

Organ  of  General  Conference  of  Methodist  Episcopal  Church ;  edited 
by  W.  H.  De  Puy. 


New  York 

CnsctJLAB  (w;  s-w).    Vols.  1-3.    Nov.,  1851-Nov.,  1853.    2  v.    F». 

Founded  1857;  continuation  of  Free  Church  Circular  (Oneida),  Spir- 
itual Magazine,  Perfectionist,  Witness  (Putney,  Vt.),  and  Perfectionist 
(New  Haven,  1834).  Moved  to  Oneida  (q.  v.),  1854.  Fire  destroyed 
the  Onefda  plant ;  moved  in  1864  to  Mount  Tom,  Wallingford,  Conn. ;  in 
1868,  back  to  Oneida ;  1876,  succeeded  by  American  Socialist,  Oneida. 

Brooklyn  Eagle  (d).    Sept.,  1900-1910.    118  v.    F».    1911+ 

• Same.    Index.    1898.    O. 

Founded  1841  as  Democratic  campaign  paper ;  styled  Brooklyn  Eagle 
ami  King's  County  Democrat.  Alfred  G.  Stevens  was  nominal  publisher, 
and  Henry  C.  Murphy  and  Richard  Adams  Locke,  editors;  but  the 
moving  spirit  was  Isaac  Van  Anden.  In  1842  he  bought  out  the  others 
and  remained  sole  proprietor  till  1870,  since  which  time  the  Brooklyn 
Eagle  Assn.  has  been  owner.  Since  1850  styled  Brooklyn  Daily  Eagle. 
Edited  by  Wiliam  E.  Marsh,  1841-46 ;  Walt  Whitman,  1846-47 ;  G.  S. 
Arnold,  1847-53 ;  Henry  McClosky,  1853-61.  Under  his  rule  the  Eagle 
assailed  the  Lincoln  administration  until  it  was  threatened  with  loss 
of  mail  privileges,  if  not  suspension,  whereupon  he  resigned ;  Thomas 
Kinsella,  1861-84 ;  William  Wood,  1884-86 ;  since  then  by  St.  Clair 
McKelway.  Independent  Democratic.  See  historical  sketch  in  Sixtieth 
Anniversary  number,  Oct.  26,  1901. 

Labob  Press  (w).    Dec.  18,  1886;  Apr.  2,  Sept.  3,  1887. 

New  Commonwealth  (m).    Jan.,  Mar-Dee.,  1894;  Jan.,  Feb.,  1895.    Fs. 

Founded   1890.     Published   by   New   Commonwealth   Pub.   Co.,   1895-96. 

Edited  by   Imogene  C.   Fales,   1895-96.     No  later  mention   in  directories. 

Nobdiske  Blade    (w).     Nov.,   1895-Aug.,   1896;    1899-Aug.,   1902.     3   v. 

F  e. 

Founded  1878.  Edited  by  Martin  Nilsen,  1884-98;  H.  Volckmar, 
1898-1901.  Published  in  New  York,  1900-1902.  No  later  data  ob- 
tainable.    Democratic  till  1895,  then  Independent. 

Sociologic  News  (m).    Apr.,  1892;  Mar.,  Nov.,  1893. 

Evening  Stab.    Oct.  12,  1844. 

International   Steam   Engineer    (m).    Dec,   1902.    Vols.    3-16,   1903- 
1909*.     10  v.     O.     1910+ 

Founded  1902  by  Internatl.  Union  of  Steam  Engineers,  and  since 
published  as  their  organ. 

Taxpayeb  (w).    June  17,  1905. 

Union  (w).    Apr.  6,  1866  (imp.). 


Arbeiteb-Zeittjng  (w).     1903-1908.     3  v.  F«.     1909+ 

Founded  Sept.,  1887,  by  Arbeiter  'Zeitung  Pub.  Co.,  and  conducted  by 
them  till  Oct.,  1900;  since  then  by  Buffalo  Ptg.  Co.  Both  companies 
have  consisted  of  individual  shareholders  and  delegates  from  share- 
holding unions  and  societies.  Edited  since  Oct.,  1900,  by  Robert  Steiner. 
Socialistic,  but  not  officially  connected  with  any  party. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Buffalo,  N.  Y.,  continued: 

American'  Bookbinder   (m).    Vols.  1-5.    Mar.,  1891-Nov.,   1895.    2  v. 
O.    Nov.,  1895— Apr.,  1896.     Q. 

Continuation  (1891)  of  Straight  Tips,  q.  v.  Edited  by  J.  G.  Fried- 
lander  and  published  by  C.  P.  Blackhall  till  1896.  No  later  mention 
in  directories. 

Our  Chuboh  Work   (s-m).    Vols.   7-12.    Feb.,  1893-June,   1896.    6  v. 
in  3.    O. 

Founded  1887  as  organ  of  Western  New  York  Diocese.  Edited  by 
Revs.  Thomas  B.  Berry  and  W.  Bedford  Jones,  Nov.,  1893 — Sept.,  1894 ; 
Jones,  Sept.  1894 — July,  1895 ;  Kev.  Thomas  E.  Culvert,  July — Nov., 
1895  ;  Rev.  Warren  W.  Walsh,  Dec,  1895-1901.  No  later  data  obtain- 
able.    Protestant  Episcopal. 

Cigab-Makebs'  Official  Journal. 

See  same  title,  under  New  York  City. 

Buffalo    Commercial    Advertiser     (s-w).     Oct.,    1844-Dec,    1845.     Fe. 
1846-47.     2  v.    F?.     1850-54,  scat.  nos.  (unbound). 
Established  Jan.,   1835. 

Pioneer  Co-opebator  (m).    Apr.,  July,  1888. 

National  Coopers'   Journal    (m).    Nov.,   1892;    Mar.,  July-Dec,   1894. 

Founded  1885  by  National  Coopers'  Journal  Pub.  Co.  and  conducted 
by  it  till  1888 ;  John  A.  McCann,  1889-1898.  No  later  mention  in 

Buffalo  Courier  (d).    May  7,  1850;  Apr.  26,  1860. 

Courier  and  Pilot  (w).    Aug.  12,  1846. 

Evening  Courieb  and  Republic  (d).    Dec.  2,  1861. 

Exponent  (m).    July,  1894. 

Express  (d;  w;  tri-w).    Sept.  4-14,  1888.    Fe. 
Souvenir  of  Internatl.   Industrial  Fair. 

Same.     May  15,  1840;  Jan.  15,  1846;  Dec.  25,  1849;  Apr.  29,  1853; 

May  20,  1862. 

Feeiheit  (w).     Oct.  23,  1897;  Mar.  12,  1898. 

Buffalo  Gazette  (w)  .    Oct.,  1813-Oct.,  1816.    Fs. 

Established  Oct.  1,  1811,  by  Smith  H.  and  Hezekiah  Salisbury;  con- 
ducted by  them  till  1818 ;  continued  by  Hezekiah  under  title  of  Niagara 
Patriot,  and  after  the  formation  of  Erie  County  styled  Buffalo  Patriot. 
During  1834  styled  Buffalo  Patriot  and  Comml.  Advertiser;  in  Jan., 
1835,  title  changed  to  Commercial  Advertiser,  and  about  1890,  to  Com- 
mercial.    Published  for  a  time  at  Williamsville,  Jan. — Mar.,   1814,   after 


New  York 

Buffalo  was  burned  by  British  troops.  Published  by  Matthews  &  War- 
ren, 1870-78;  James  D.  Warren,  1879-87;  since  then  by  James  D.  War- 
ren's Sons. 

General  Assembly  Journal  of  the  Presbyterian  Church  in  the  United 
States  (d).    May  20-31,  1881. 
With   General  Assembly  Journal,  1880-81. 

Buffalo   Herald    (w).    Mar.,   1905-Aug.,   1906;    Dec,   1906-June,   1908. 

P  8. 

Founded   Mar.,   1905   by   Herald   Pub.    Co.,  and  conducted   by   it  for   u 

short   time ;   then   by   local    Socialist   party.  Edited   by   August   Klenke ; 

also  published  by  him  in  1908.  Socialist.  No  later  mention  in  direc- 

Old  School  Jeefersonian  (w).    Jan.  21,  1843. 

Buffalo  Joubnal  (w).    July-Nov.,  1829,  7  nos.    F«. 

With  Middle  Local  Newspapers,  1821-28.  Established  July,  1815,  by 
David  M.  Day  as  Niagara  Journal ;  styled  Buffalo  Journal  after  1820 ; 
merged  in  Buffalo  Whig,  1835.  Published  (1829)  by  Day,  Follett  & 

Labor  News  (w).    Sept.  2,  1893;  Sept.  14,  1895;  May  16,  1896. 

Western  Litebaby  Messenger   (w;   m,  Sept.,  1849).    Vols.  8-13.    Feb., 

1847-Feb.,  1850.    Indexed.    6  v.  in  3.    Q. 

Founded  July,  1841,  by  J.  S.  Chadbourne;  continued  after  1849  as 
monthly  magazine,  and  suspended  1857. 

Mebcuby  and  Buffalonian  (w).    Feb.  2,  1839. 

Progress  (w).    July,  1906-Aug.,  1908.    F«. 
See  Buffalo  Republic   (w). 

Buffalo  Republic  (d).    Oct.  15,  1840;  Aug.  10,  1852;  May  13,  1853. 

Buffalo  Republic  (w).     Sept.,  1908-1909.     Fa.     1910+ 

Founded  Nov.,  1899,  as  South  Buffalo  Progress,  devoted  to  local  in- 
terests. Tn  IPeb.,  1903,  became  a  labor  paper,  styled  Progress.  Styled 
Buffalo  Republic  since  Sept.,  1908 ;  owned  by  Progress  Pub.  Co.  since 

Straight  Tips  (m).    Vol.  1,  Nos.  1-12.    Feb.,  1890- Jan.,  1891.    O. 

Founded  1890  by  Straight  Tips  Pub.  Co.,  and  conducted  by  it  till  Jan., 
1891.  Then  became  official  organ  of  United  Bookbinders  of  Amer.,  and 
was  styled  American  Bookbinder,  q.  v. 

Journal  of  Switchmen's  Union   (m).    Vol.  5.    1900  (incomp.).    Vols. 
6-11.     1902-1909.     7  v.    1910+     O. 

Founded  1898  as  organ  of  Switchmen's  Union  of  N.  A.  Edited  at 
first  by  M.  J.  Ford;  then  by  Thomas  G.  Meaney  till  June,  1903;  F.  M. 
Cassidy,   June,   1903 — July,    1909 ;   since  then   by   W.   H.   Thompson. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

New  York,  continued: 


American  Eagle  (w).    Jan.,  1809-Oct.,  1810.    Fs. 

Established  1854  at  Prattsville,  by  E.  &  H.  Baker;  soon  removed 
to  Catskill;  continued  after  1857  as  Democratic  Herald;  merged  in  Re- 
corder, 1860. 

Examinee' (w).    1876-Apr.,  1878  (incomp.).    Ft. 

Founded  1838.  Edited  by  M.  H.  Trowbridge,  1876-90 ;  Trowbridge  & 
Craigie,  1891 ;  since  then  by  Fred  E.  Craigie.  Contains  series  of  articles 
by  Henry  Brace  on  history  of  Catskill  previous  to  1783.     Republican. 

Coopers  town 

Freeman's    Journal    (w).    Feb.,    1820-Dec.,    1823;    1824-26;    1827-29; 
1830-32;  1837-44.    5  v.    Fs.     1845-47;  Jan.,  1848-July,  1851.    2  v. 

Established   1808    as   Impartial   Observer,   by    William   Andrews;    soon 
changed  to  Cooperstown  Federalist,  and  next   (1820)   to  Freeman's  Jour- 
nal; edited  by  John  H.  Prentiss  during  1809-49;  by  Samuel  Shaw   (for- 
'    merly  of  Albany  Argus)    1851-1901 ;   since  then  by  George  H.   Carley. 


Corning  Journal  (w).    Dec.  7,  1855. 


Delaware  Gazette  (w).    Jan.  16,  1856. 


Cattaraugus  Republican  (w).    June  9,  1841. 


Railway  Conductor  (m).  Vols.  1-26.  1884-1909.  26  v.  O.  1910+ 
Founded  1884  by  Order  of  Railway  Conductors ;  styled  Railway  Con- 
ductors' Monthly  till  July  1889.  Edited  by  C.  S.  Wheaton  till  July, 
1889;  E.  H.  Belknap,  July,  1889— July,  1893;  E.  E.  Clark,  July,  1893 — 
June,  1906 ;  C.  S.  Kellogg,  June,  1906-1908  or  1909  ;  since  then  by  F.  H. 
Pease.     Published  later  at  Chicago,  New  York,  and  Cedar  Rapids,  Iow«- 

Summary  (w).    Aug.,  1889-93  (incomp.).    F.    Nov.  29,  1902. 

Founded  1893  at  State  Reformatory,  in  interests  of  social  science,  and 
published  till  1897. 

Trades  and  Labor  Journal  (m).    Sept.,  Oct.,  1903. 
Founded  1900. 


Salmagundi  (w).    Apr.  24,  1839. 

[  158  1 

New  York 


New  York  Packet  and  American  Advertiser  (w).    Aug.  2,  1781. 

Established  In  New  York,  Jan.,  1776,  by  Samuel  Loudon ;  removed 
to  Fishklll  during  Revolutionary  War,  then  returned  to  New  York;  a 
Whig  organ;  continued  (1785)  as  Diary  or  Loudon's  Register  (d),  q.  v. 
under  New  York   City. 

Fishklll  Landing 
Fishkill  Standaed  (w).    July  6,  1867. 


Chtjbch  Record  (w).    Nov.,  1840-Nov.,  1841.    Indexed.    Q. 

Edited   by   Dr.   Hawks ;   continued   two   years.     Protestant  Episcopal. 


Geneva  Gazette  (w).  ,Nov.  20,  1846. 

District  School  Journal  for  State  of  New  York  (m).    Mar.,  1840- Apr., 

1841.    F. 

First  official  organ  in  United  States,  of  a  state  superintendent  of  pub- 
lic instruction ;  removed  to  Albany,  1841 ;  edited  by  Francis  Dwight ; 
united  with  N.  T.  Journal  of  Education.  1852. 

Ontario  Whig  (w).    Oct.  14,  1832.  , 

Glen's  Falls 

Adviseb  (w).    Mar.  10,  1815. 

With  Middle  and  Western  Local  Newspapers,  1811-20.  Established 
Mar.,  1815,  by  L.  J.  Reynolds. 

Glen's  Falls  Republican  (w)  .    Nov.,  1883-Apr.,  1884.    F«. 

With  Catslcill  Examiner,  1876-Apr.  1878.     Published  by  H.  M.  Harris. 


Glove  Workers'  Journal  (m).    Vol.  1,  No.  1.    Dec,  1905. 


Granville  Telegraph  (w).    Feb.  21,  1852. 


Hamilton  Eagle  (w).    Nov.  13,  1839. 

Hamilton  Recorder  (w).    June  11,  1819. 

With  Middle  and  Western  Local  Newspapers,  1811-20.  Successor  of 
Allegany  Mercury  (established  1818  by  Benjamin  F.  Smead)  ;  published 
by  Franklin  Coudrey  after  1819 ;  suspended  after  a  few  years.  Ham- 
ilton is  now  known  as  Olean. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

New  Yobk,  continued: 


Olombia  Commonwealth.    Vol.  1,  No.  1.    1894. 

Homer  , 

Gospel  Vindicator  (w).    Feb.  26,  Aug.  1,  1846. 

With  Eastern  and,  Western  Newspapers,  1841—49. 


Balance    and     Columbian     Repository     (w).    May-Oct.,     1801.    F  b. 
1802-06.     Indexed.     5  v.     Q. 

Published  by  Ezra  ("Dominie")  Sampson,  George  Chittenden,  and 
Harry  Crosswell ;  an  influential  Federalist  paper,  having  a  national  cir- 
culation.    Removed  to  Albany,  q.  v.,  1808. 

Hudson  Gazette  (w).    1795,  4  nos. 

With  Poughkeepsie  Journal,  1793-94.  First  paper  in  Hudson ;  founded 
Apr.,  1785,  by  Charles  R.  Webster  (of  Albany  Gazette)  and  Ashbel 
Stoddard ;  published  by  Stoddard  till  1804,  then  suspended. 

Rural   Repository    (s-m).    Vol.    1.    June,    1824-May,    1835;    Apr.    11, 
1840.    Indexed.    ,0. 

Founded  June,  1824,  by  William  B.  Stoddard ;  literary ;  suspended 


Union  Advocate  (w).    June,  1907-1909.    F«.    1910+ 

Founded  Apr.,   1900,   by   Sprague  Bros.,   and  still  conducted  by   them. 

Woman's  Label  League  Journal  (w).    Aug.,  1907;  Aug.,  1908. 


Fulton  County  Republican  (w).    Apr.  24,  1839. 


Keeseville  Argus  Extra.    Mar.  22,  1837. 

Northern  Gazette  (w).    Aug.  4,  1856. 


Ulster  Gazette  (w).    Aug.  18,  Sept.  22,  1804. 

Same.  Fac-simile.    Jan.  4,  1800. 

With  Middle  and  Western  Local  Newspapers,  1801-1810. 


New  York 


Lancaster  Gazette.    Sept.  29,  1864. 

Union  and  Republican  Sentinel.    June  23,  1846. 


Tiffany's  Recobdeb.     Aug.  12,  1794. 
With   Mass.  Spy,  1793-04. 

Le  Roy 

Le  Roy  Gazette  (w).    1827.    Pi, 

Established  1826  by  J.  O.  Balcb. 


Niagara  Democrat  (w).    June,  1854 — June,  1855.    Ft. 

First  paper  in  Niagara  County;  established  1821  at  Lewiston,  by 
B.  Ferguson ;  removed  next  year  to  Lockport ;  issued  as  weekly  edition 
of  Daily  Union,  1862-96  ;  then  of  Union  Sun.  Conducted  by  J.  A.  Wol- 
cott  and  R.  M.  Skeels,  1870-71 ;  Skeels  &  Boyce,  1872  ;  E.  M.  Skeels  * 
Co.,  1873-79 ;  Union  Ptg.  and  Pub.  Co.,  1880-96 ;  Union  Sun  Co.,  1897- 
1901  or  later.  Published  by  Corson  Mfg.  Co.  and  edited  by  M.  H. 
Hoover.     Democratic. 


Northern  Journal  (w).    Sept.  16,  1841;  June  17,  1847. 


Lewis  County  Republican  (w).    1834-1836,  scat.  nos.    Ft. 

Founded  1829  by  James  Wheeler  and  conducted  by  him  till  some  time 
in  1836 ;  then  sold  to  Daniel  S.  Bailey.  Styled  Lewis  Republican  after 
Aug.  25,  1835. 


Mexico  Independent    (w).    June-Dec.,   1861.    Fs.    1862-66    (incomp.). 

Founded  1861.  Published  by  Humphries  &  Scarritt,  1863-65;  sine* 
then   by   Henry  Humphries. 


Sibyl  (s-m).    Vols.  1-8.    July,  1856-June,  1864.    Indexed.    3  t.    F. 
Edited  by  Lydia  Sayer  Hasbrouck,  M.  D.     Dress  reform. 


Monroe  Republican  (w).    Jan.  1,  1822. 

Newspaper  Catalogue 

New  York,  continued: 

Mott  Haven 

Westchester  Gazette  (w).    Aug.,  1851-July,  1852.    F«. 

Removed  from  West  Farms,  Apr.,  1851 ;  and  to  Morrisania,  June  5, 
1852 ;  suspended,  1856. 

New  York  City 

Abend  Blatt  (d).    July  8,  1896;  June  19,  1901. 

Daily  Adveetisek.     1788;  1790;  1792;  Jan.- June,  1793  (incomp.) ;  July- 
Dec,  1793.     5  v.    Ps.     1797.    F«.     Dec.  19,  1826. 

Pounded  Mar.,  1785,  by  Francis  Childs  &  Co. ;  edited  by  Philip  Fre- 
neau,  1790-91 ;   Theodore  Dwight,   1817-36  ;   merged  in  Express,  1836. 

Constellation  Advertises.    Apr.  27,  1833. 

National  Advertiser  (s-m).    Vols.  3-5.    1892.    O. 
Founded   1890  by  National  Advertiser   Co. 

American  Advertiser  Reporter  (w).    Vols.  5-6.     1891-92.  -O. 

Founded  1S86  by  American  and  Mercantile  Collection  Assn.  and  pub- 
lished by  it  till  1889 ;  Reporter  Ptg.  Co.,  1890-93.  No  later  mention 
in  directories.     Edited  after  1888  by  W.  B.  Wilcox. 

National  Advocate  (s-w).     June-Dec,  1820;  1822-23.     3  v.    Fo. 

• Same.    Jan.  5,  1819. 

With  S.   Y.  Spectator,  Sept.,  1815-16. 

Same  (d).     June  28,  1816-Dec,  1818;   1823-24.     9  v.    F«. 

Founded  Dec,  1812,  by  Tammany  Hall ;  edited  by  Henry  Wheaton 
(1812-15),  M.  M.  Noah  (1815-25),  James  Gordon  Bennett  (1825-27), 
and  S.  S.  Conant   (1827-28)  ;   then  united  with  Statesman. 

Advocate  and  Family  Guardian  (s-m).    Aug.  16,  1858. 

Advocate  and  Moral  Reform  (s-m).    Aug.-Oct.,  1839.    Q. 

Founded  1834  by  American  Female  Moral  Reform  Soc.  Published  for 
them   by   George   Cragln.     Social   morals. 

Albion  (w).    June,  1822-May,  1824;  July,  1828-May,  1829;  July,  1829- 
1838;  1840;  1842-65;  Oct.,  1867-Dec,  1869.     Indexed.     41  v.    F4-*. 

Same.    Vol.  9.    June,  1830— June,  1831.    Vols.  37-43.    1859-65. 

7  v.     Fs. 

Established  June,  1822,  by  John  S.  Bartlett,  as  organ  of  English  resi- 
dents in  TJ.  S. ;  published  and  edited  by  him  till  1848,  then  by  William 
Young,  later  by  Kinahan  Cornwallis  till  1870 ;  Piercy  Wilson,  1871-73 ; 
John  Hillyer,  1874-77.  No  later  mention  in  directories.  After  1851 
the  volumes  are  numbered  as  if  consecutive  from  the  first   (1822). 

Aldine  (m).    1871.    F. 

Founded  1868.  Published  by  Sutton,  Bowne  &  Co.,  1870 ;  James  Sut- 
tion  &  Co.,  1871-80.  No  later  mention  in  directories.  Styled  AISAM 
Press  till  1871.     Devoted  to  interests   of  American  art. 


New  York 

Altruist  (q).    Oct.,  1897. 

American    (s-w).    Vol.    1.    Mar.,    1819— Mar.,    1820.    Partly    indexed 

Founded  Mar.,  1819,  by  Charles  King  (son  of  Rufus,  and  afterwards 
president  of  Columbia  College)  and  Johnston  Verplanck ;  at  first  a  Tam- 
many organ,  later  became  Whig  and  National  Republican ;  merged  in 
Courier  and  Enquirer,  1845.  This  volume  contains  a  signature  of  Aaron 

New  York  American   (d).    1823-27;  Jan.-June,  1829;  Feb.-Dec,  183i. 

13  v.  Fe. 


This,  the  daily  edition  of  the  American   (q.  v.),  was  founded  in  1820; 

edited  till  1829  by  Johnston  Verplanck. 

Same   (s-w).     1823;   May,  1831-Dec,  1832;  Jan.,  1833-May,  1835 

(incomp.);  Oct.,  1835-Apr.,  1837.     4  v.     Fs. 
American  Athenaeum:  (w).    Jan.-June,  1868.    F. 

American  Industries  (s-m).     1903+     F*;     Q. 

Successor  of  American  Trade,  Philadelphia,  q.  v.  Published  (1911)  by 
Natl.  Manufacturers'  Co. — J.  C.  Van  Cleave,  pres.  Edited  by  Henry 
Harrison  Lewis  since  May,  1908. 

American  Monthly  Review  of  Reviews. 
See  Review  of  Reviews. 

Anglo-American     (w).     Vols.     1-9.     Apr.,     1843-Nov.,    1847.     Indexed. 
9  v.     F. 

Founded  Apr.,  1843,  by  B.  L.  Garvin  &  Co.  Edited  by  A.  D.  Paterson 
till  his  death  in  Oct.,  1847.  At  the  end  of  the  year  merged  in  Anion, 
q.    v. 

Anglo-Saxon  (w).     June  19,  1847. 

With  Eastern  and  Western  Newspapers,  1841-49.  Printed  in  phonetic 
type.     Spelling   reform. 

National  Anti-SLavert  Standard   (w),    1840-54  (incomp.) ;   1855-Apr., 

1870.     10  v.     FT. 

Organ  of  American  Anti-Slavery  Society ;  edited  by  Nathaniel  P.  Rogers, 
Edmund  Quincy,  Sidney  Howard  Gay,  Aaron  M.  Powell,  Wendell  Phillips, 
and  others ;  James  Russell  Lowell,  corresponding  editor,  1848-52.  Dis- 
continued, Apr.,  1870. 

Appleton's    Journal     (w).    Vols.    1-15.    Apr.,    1869-June,    1876.    In- 
dexed.   15  v.    Q. 

Published  by  D.  Appleton  &  Co.  Continued  thereafter  as  a  magazine ; 
edited  by  O.  B.  Bunce ;  suspended  Dec,  1881. 

Arbeiteb  (w).     Mar.,  1858.     Q. 

Arbeiter  (w).    Jewish.    May,  1907+    Fs. 

Founded   1905.     Published  since   1907   by  Socialist  Labor  Club. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

New  Yobk  City,  continued: 

Aebeiteb-Zeitung  (w).    Oct.  17,  24. 

Gross  New  Yorker  Aebeiteb-Zeitung  (w)  .    1898-1900,  8  nos.    Pe. 

Abbetaben  (w).    Scandinavian.    1903-1910.    4  v.    F«.    1911+ 

Founded  1894.  Published  by  Scand.  Soc.  Co-op.  Pub.  Assn.,  1903; 
Scand.  Soc.  Pub.  Assn.,  Apr.,  1903-July,  1906;  since  then  by  Scand. 
Soc.  Labor   Federation ;  edited  by  A.  H.  Lyzell. 

General  Arbitration  (m).    Vol.  1,  No.  1.    Jjuly,  1907. 

Aemy  and  Navy  Journal  (w).    Vols.  1-39.    Aug.,  1863-1902.    Indexed. 
33  v.    F*.     1903  + 

Published  by  W.  C.  Church  till  1866;  since  then  by  W:  C.  and  F.  P. 

Art  in  Advebtising  (m).    1890-92.    O.  * 

American  Artisan   (w).    Vols.  1-13.    May,  1865-1871.  13  v.  F.  1870- 
71.     12  v.     F.    Vol.  9.     July-Bee,  1869.     F. 

Same   (m).    Vol.  18.    1874.    F 

Founded  May,  1865  (old  series  May,  1864-May,  1865),  by  Brown, 
Coombs  &  Co.  (H.  T.  Brown,  J.  W.  Coombs,  W.  D.  Bowerman)  ;  sub- 
title, Patent  Record.  After  1874  issued  monthly  by  H.  T.  Brown  and  L-. 
Allen,  till  1876.     No  later  mention  in  directories. 

Atlas    (w).    Vols.   1-2.    Sept.,   1828-Sept,   1830.    Indexed.    2  v.    Fs. 
Vol.  4.    Sept.,  1831-Sept,  1832.    Indexed.    F*.    July  30,  1843. 

Published  by  T.  D.  Porter  and  E.  Prescott;  "a  literary,  historical,  and 
commercial  reporter." 

Sunday  Morning  Atlas  (w).    Aug.,  1840-May,  1841.    F«. 

Established  1838  by  Anson  Herrick,  Jesse  Fell,  and  Frederick  West; 
oldest  Sunday  paper  published  in  N.  Y.  Published  (Saturdays)  by  An- 
son Herrick's  Sons,  1870-73 — edited  by  Carleton  M.  Herrick ;  then  ap- 
parently suspended.  A  new  Atlas  appeared  in  the  directories  of  1879 
and  1880,  claiming  foundation  in  1833. 

Deutsche-Amerikanische  Backeb-Zeitung. 

See  Bakers'  Journal,  under  Paterson,  N.  J. 

Bakebs'  Journal. 

See  same  title,  under  Paterson,  N.  J. 

Bakebs'  Review  (m).    May,  1909;  Sept.,  1909+  Q. 

Founded  1898  by  Bakers'  Review  Pub.  Co.,  and  conducted  by  it  till 
1901  or  later;  now  by  William  B.  Gregory  &  Co.  Among  editors  have 
been  Emil  Braun  and  Rudolph  Fries. 

Bankrupt  Register  (s-m).    Vol.3.    1869-70.    Q. 

Founded  1867.  Published  by  George  T.  Deller,  1869-71.  Edited  by  P. 
V.  R.  Van  Wyck,  1870 ;  Audley  W.  Gazzam,  1871.  Styled  National 
Bankruptcy  Register  after  1870. 


New  York 

Banneb  of  the  Constitution  (w).    Vol.  2.    Nov.,  1830-Apr.,  1831.    F*. 
See  same  title,  under  Washington,  D.   C. 

American  Baptist. 

See  Christian  Contributor,  under  Boston,  Mass. 

Beacon  Light  (w).    Apr.  24,  1886. 

Better  Times  (w).    Dec.  6,  1902. 

Bishop's  Co-operative  Magazine  (m).    Jan.,  1887. 

Book  Buyeb  (m).    Vols.  1-4.    1867-71.    2  v.    O. 

Book  Bdteb   (m).    Vols.  1-32.    1884-1908.    30  v.    O.    1909+ 

Founded  1884  by  Charles  Scribner's  Sons,  and  since  published  by  them. 
Styled  Lamp.  1903 — Jan.,  1905. 

Bookman  (m).    Vols.  1-30.    1895-1910.    31  v.    O.    1911+ 

Founded  1895  by  Dodd,  Mead  &  Co.,  and  since  published  by  them. 

Boulevabdieb  (w).    Dec.  17,  25,  1905. 

Botcotteb  (w).    Feb.  13,  1886. 

Bradstbeet's   (w).     Vols.  11-16.     1885-88.     6  v.     F*. 
Full  file  in  U.  W.  Library. 

Bricklayeb  and  Mason  (m).  Vols.  1-11.  1898-1908.  F*.  1909+  Q. 
Founded  1898  by  Thomas  O'Dea.  Since  1899  published  by  Bricklayers' 
and  Masons'  Internatl.  Union.  Edited  by  Edward  A.  Moffett,  1899- 
Dec,  1905 ;  since  then  by  William  Dobson.  Removed  to  Indianapolis, 
Ind.,  Dec,  1905.  Styled  Bricklayer,  Mason  and  Plasterer  since  Feb., 

Bbtdgemen's  Magazine. 

See  same  title,  under  Indianapolis,  Ind. 

Bbotheb  Jonathan  (w).    Vols.  1-6.    1842-43.    Indexed.    6  v.  Q.    Jubi- 
lee number,  July  4,  1845.    Fs. 

Published  by  Wilson  &  Co.,  later  by  Edward  Stephens ;  edited  by  John 
Neal,  1843. 

Bbotheb  Jonathan  Extra.    1842-43.    3  v.    Q. 

Deutsch-Amerikanische  Buchdbuckeb  Zeitung. 
See  same  title,  under  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

Building  Tbades  Employers  Association  Bulletin  (m).    Mar.,  1904. 

New  York  Bulletin  (w).    Aug.  8,  1843;  Jan.  9,  1844. 

Butchebs'  Advocate  and  Market  Journal  (w).    Nov.,  1904. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

New  York  City,  continued: 

Cabinet  of  Instruction,  Literature,  and  Amusement    (w).    Vols.  1-S. 

Sept.,    1828-June,    1830.     Indexed.     3     v.     O.     Jan.-June,     1831. 

1  v.     O. 

Founded  Sept.,  1828,  by  Theodore  Burling  and  published  by  him  till 
July,  1829;  Henry  R.  Piercy,  July,  1829-June,  1830;  Rev.  J.  N.  Maffltt, 
June,  1830-June,  1831. 

New  York  Call  (d).    May,  1908+    F«. 

Founded  May,  1908,  by  Workingmen's  Co-op.  Pub.  Assn.  Published 
evenings  till  June.  1910,  and  styled  New  York  Evening  Call;  since  then 
mornings.     Socialist  labor. 

Cap-Makers'  Journal  (m).    Oct.,  Nov.,  1903. 

Carpentry  and  Building  (m).    Vols.  1-7.    1879-85.    7  v.    F. 

Founded  1879  by  David  Williams  and  conducted  by  him  till  1900  (with 

A.  O.  Kittredge,  1889-96)  ;  since  then  by  David  Williams  Co.  Now 
edited  by  Henry  Colwell. 

New  York  Weekly  Caucasian.    Oct.,  1862-Sept,  1863.    F«. 

Founded  Aug.,  1861,  as  successor  of  Day  Book;  opposed  granting  poli- 
tical equality  to  negroes ;  excluded  from  mails  by  postal  authorities,  Oct., 
1861-Dec,  1862 :  suspended  Sept.,  1863,  and  publication  o£  Day  Boole  re- 
sumed ;  both  published  by  Van  Evrie  &  I-Iorton. 

'Century  (w).    May  3,  1879. 

International  Record  of  Charities  and  Correction  ■  (m) .  Aug.,  Sept., 


See  same  title,  under  Boston,  Mass. 

Chinese  American  (w).    Mar.  31,  1883. 

With  Span.  Amer.,  Scand.,  and   Orient.  Newspapers,   1822-93. 

Daily  Christian  Advocate.     May  9-June  1,  1888.    Fs. 

Organ  of  General  Conference  of'  Methodist  Episcopal  Church ;  edited  by 
W.  H.  De  Puy. 

Christian  Advocate  (w).  Vol.  41.  1866.  Vols.  43-46.  1868-71.  5  v. 
Fe.  Vols.  47-72.  1872-97.  21  v.  F=.  Vols.  73-85.  1898-1910. 
13  v.    F. 

See  Christian  Advocate  and  Journal. 

Christian  Advocate  and  Journal,  and  Zion's  Herald  (w).    Aug.,  1832- 
July,  1834.    Fe.     1828-47,  1861-64,  scat.  nos. 
Founded   1826.     Published    (1832-34)    for   the   M.    E.    denomination  by 

B.  Waugh  and  T.  Mason  ;  edited  by  J.  P.  Durbin  and  T.  Merritt,  Aug., 
1832-July,  1834,  when  the  former  became  head  of  Dickinson  College — 
he  was  succeeded  as  editor  by  N.  I'.angs ;  Rev.  Daniel  Curry,  1868  for- 
ward ;  Rev.  J.  M.  Buckley  since  1880    (with  Rev.  W.  H.  De  Puy,  1876- 

i  1901).     See  also  Christian  Advocate. 


New  York 

Christian  Ambassador  (w).    Feb.  25,  1854. 

Cheistian  Herald  and  Signs  of  Our  Times  (w).    Vol.  16.    1893;  Vol. 
18.    1895;  Vols.  20-28.    1897-1905.    11  v.    P.    Also  1892-95  (in- 

Founded  1877.  Conducted  by  Joseph  Spurgeon,  1879;  Benjamin  Ait> 
kin,  1880 ;  Charles  Walton,  1884-86  ;  Rev.  M.  Baxter,  1887-88 ;  Rev.  J. 
E.  Jewett,  1889;  Louis  Klopseh,  1890-1910.  Edited  by  Rev.  T.  Dewitt 
Talmadge,  1890-1902. 

Christian  Inquirer  (w).    Jan.-Nov.,  1866.    F«. 

Founded  Oct.,  1846,  by  N.  Y.  Unitarian  Assn.  Edited  by  Rev.  Henry 
W.  Bellows  (with  associates).  Styled  Liberal  Christian  Dec,  1866-Dec, 
1876 ;   then  Inquirer  till  suspended  at  end   of  1877.     Unitarian. 

Cheistian   Intelligencer    (w).    Aug.,   1831-July,  1833.    Indexed.    2  t. 

F  8. 

Published  (1871)  by  Charles  Van  Wyck ;  later,  by  Christian  Intelli- 
gencer Assn.  Edited  by  E.  R.  Atwater,  1871 ;  Rev.  Harvey  D.  Yanse, 
1872-76  (with  Rev.  ,T.  R.  Taylor  after  1873)  ;  Rev.  J.  M.  Ferris,  1877- 
86;  Rev.  John  B.  Drury,  1887-1909. 

Cheistian  Journal  and  Literary  Register   (bi-w).    Vol.  1.    1817.    In- 
dexed.   O. 

Same    (m).    Vols.    4-5,    7-11.    1820-21;    Jan.,    1823-May,   1827 

(incomp.).    Indexed.    3  v.    O. 

Cheistian  Union  (w).  Vols.  1-2.  1870-71  (incomp.);  Vol.  3.  Jan.- 
June,  1871.  F>.  Vols.  5-10.  1872-74.  6  v.;  Vols.  11-15.  1875- 
July,  1877  (incomp.);  Vol.  16.  July-Dec,  1877;  Vol.  17.  Jan.- 
June,  1878  (incomp.);  Vols.  18-19.  July,  1878-June,  1879.  2  v.; 
Vol.  20.  July-Dec,  1879  (incomp.);  Vols.  23-43.  1881-June, 
1891.  15  v.  P*.  Vols.  44-47.  July,  1891-June,  1893.  4  v.  F. 
Founded  1869  by  Henry  Ward  Beecher,  who  bought  Church  Union  as 
its  basis.  Edited  successively  by  Crammond  Kennedy,  Henry  Ward 
Beecher,  Lyman  Abbott,  and  Hamilton  Mabie.  Styled  Outlook  (q.  v.) 
after  1893.     Theodore  Roosevelt  contributing  editor  since  1910. 

American   and  Foreign  Christian  Union    (m).    Vols.   2-11.    1851-60. 
Indexed.    10  v.    O. 

Organ  of  society  of  the  same  name ;  continued  as  Christian  World, 
q.  v.,  Jan.,  1861. 

Christian  Work   (w).    Jan.-Nov.,  1897;     1908-1909.    F. 

See  Christian  at  Work. 

Cheistian    at   Work   ,(w).    1883-85,    scat,    nos.;    1891-92    (incomp.). 
1893.     2  v.     F*.     1902-1903.     2  v.     F. 

Founded  1868.  Published  by  H.  W.  Adams,  1870-73;  H.  C.  King, 
1874-75;  B.  H.  Corwin,  1876:  J.  N.  Hallock,  1877-1909.  Edited  by  Rev. 
Stephen  H.  Tyng  Jr.,  1870-71:  Rev.  T.  DeWitt  Talmadge,  1875T1876; 
Rev    W    N    Taylor,   1877-83 ;  Rev.   J.  N.  Hallock,  1884-1909. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

New  York  Citt,  continued: 

Christian  World    (m).    Vols.  12-32.    1861-81.    Indexed.    21  t.    0. 
Continuation  of  American  and  Foreign   Christian    Vnion,  q.   v.,   and 
organ  of  society  of  that  name. 

Morning  Chronicle.    Apr.  '8,  1807. 

Chronicle  (w).    Aug.,  1872-Nov.,  1873;  1877,  4  nos.    Q. 
See  same  title,  under  Chicago.     Insurance. 

New  York  Chronicle  (w)  .    May-Nov.,  1769.    F. 

Established  1768,  by  Alexander  and  James  Robertson ;  suspended  ott 
their  removal  to  Albany,  late  in  1771. 

Church  Journal  (m).    Vol.  7.  1859-60.    1855,  1868,  1870,  &  nos.  F±. 

Founded  1852.  Published  (1859-60)  by  Eev.  John  H.  Hopkins  and 
Dr.  Roland  S.  Houghton  ;  Houghton  &  Co.,  1870-71 ;  Revs.  W.  A.  Mat- 
son,  Hugh  M.  Thompson,  and  W.  T.  Gibson,  1872.  Apparently  united 
with  Gospel  Messenger  in  1873,  and  continued  as  Church  Journal  ontf 
Gospel  Messenger  till  1878. 

Churchman  (w).    Sept.  10,  1836;  Aug.  14,  1847;  Sept.  13,  1855;  Sept 
20,    1860.    Vols.    31-65.    1875-June,    1892.    Vols.    67-85.    1893- 
June,  1902.    Vols.  87-90.    1903-1904.     F. 
See  same  title,  under  Hartford,  Conn.     Protestant  Episcopal. 

Churchman's  Monthly  Magazine.    Vol.  5.    1858.    O. 

Pounded  1853.  Published  (1858)  by  E.  P.  Allen;  edited  by  Rev. 
George  B.  Draper. 

Cigar  Maker's  Official  Journal  (m).  Mar.,  1876-Qct,  1877.  Q.  Vols. 
3-5.  1877-Sept.,  1880.  Fs.  Vols.  6-7.  Oct.,  1880-Sept,  1882. 
F.    Vols.  8-32.     Oct.,  1882-1908.     11  v.    Q.     1909+ 

Founded  1875.  Edited  by  G.  W.  Perkins  since  1901.  Moved  to  Buf- 
falo, Feb.,  1886;  to  Chicago,  Jan.,  1893. 

New  York  Citizen  (w).    June  17,  1865;  Feb.  24,  Mar.  3,  1866. 

Greater  New  York  Citizen.    Vol.  1,  No.  1.    Oct.  25,  1897. 

Official  organ  of  Committee  on  Labor  and  Social  Reform  of  Citizens' 

Civic  Councilor  (w).    Feb.-Nov.,  1901.    F;     Fs. 

National  Civic  Federation  Monthly  Review.    Vols.  1-2.    1903-1907.    F*. 
Founded   Apr.,   1903,   organ   of  National   Civic   Federation.     Edited   by 
Ralph  M.   Easley. 

American  Magazine  of  Cmcs. 

See  American  Journal  of  Politics. 

Classmate  (w).    Vol.  7.    1900.    F*. 

Founded  1893.  Edited  by  Jesse  Lyman  Hurlbut,  Jan.-July,  1900!  Rev. 
Thomas  B.  Neely,   July-Dec.     Methodist  Episcopal. 


New  York 

Cloakmaker  (w).    Yiddish.    Dec.  22,  1906. 

N.  Y.  Weekly  Bulletin  of  the  Clothing  Teades.    Vols.  1-4.    1902-1905. 
3  v.     F*.     1906+ 

Founded  July,  1902,  as  organ  of  United  Journeymen  Tailors"  Union  of 
Greater  New  York.  Published  by  C.  J.  Stillwell  till  Feb.,  1903;  George 
S.  Jones,  Feb.-Aug.,  1903  ;  then  bought  by  United  Garment  Workers  of 
America,  absorbing  Garment  Worker.  Edited  by  Henry  White  and  J.  W. 
Sullivan,  Aug.,  1903-July,  1904;  Sullivan,  July,  1904-May,  1906;  S.  L. 
Landers,  May,  1906-Dec,  1909;  since  then  by  B.  A.  Larger. 

Cobbett's  American  Political  Register  (w).    Vol.  30.    Jan.- June,  1816. 


Edited  by  William  Cobbett  ("Peter  Porcupine,"  pseud.),  the  English! 
political  writer;  of  short  duration.  See  also  Coooett's  Political  Register, 

Collier's    National    Weekly.    1895-1904    (incomp.).    1905-1908.    8    v. 

P*.     1909  + 

Founded  1S87  by  Peter  F.  Collier,  and  conducted  by  him  till  1898; 
since  then  by  Robert  J.  Collier. 

New  York  Colonization  Journal  (m).    1852-63  (incomp.).    F«. 

With  Liberia  Colonization  Papers,  1830-63.  Devoted  to  colonization 
of  American  negroes  in  Africa;  established  1851;  published  by  N.  T. 
State  Colonization  Society ;  edited  by  J.  B.  Pinney. 

Columbian  (d).    Nov.,  1809-Apr.,  1810.    Fe. 

Published  by  Charles  Holt,  who  founded  the  Bee  at  New  London,  Conn. 
(1797),  and  removed  to  Hudson,  N.  T.  (1802),  on  account  of  prosecution, 
under  the  Sedition  Act;  after  1817,  by  Alden  Spooner,  of  Long  Island 
Star,  Brooklyn. 

Same.    June  9,  1817. 

With  Middle  and  Western  Newspapers,  1811-20. 

Journal  of  Commerce  (d).  June  21,  1836;  Aug.  11,  1841;  May,  1861- 
1863;  July,  1865-June,  1866;  Jan-June,  1867.  8  v.  P».  Jan., 
1908-1910.     14  v.    P«.     1911+ 

Same   (w).     Aug.,  1871-Mar.,  1877.     2  v.     F  K 

Founded  1827  by  Arthur  and  Lewis  Tappan.  Edited  by  William  Max- 
well, 1827-28 ;  Gerard  Hallock,  1828-61 ;  William  C.  Prime,  1861- 
66;  David  M.  Stone,  1866-93;  since  then  controlled  by  A.  W.  Dods- 
worth  and   others  of  his  family. 

Commercial  Advertiser  (d).  Oct.  2,  1797  (fac-simile).  Dec.  30,  1841. 
Successor  of  Minerva  (Oct.,  1797)  ;  oldest  evening  daily  now  published 
In  New  York  City.  Edited  by  Noah  Webster  till  1803 ;  Zachariah  Lewis, 
1803-20;  William  L.  Stone,  1820-44;  successively  (1844-83)  by  John 
Inman,  William  H.  Hurlbert,  Thurlow  Weed,  and  Hugh  Hastings ;  John 
Cockerill,  1891-95;  Foster  Coates,  1896;  since  then  by  H.  J.  Wright 
Styled  Globe  and  Commercial  Advertiser  since  1904. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

New  York  City,  continued: 

Commercial  and  Financial  Chronicle  (w).    Vols.  10-57.    1870-93.    In- 
dexed.   47  v.    F. 

Founded  1865.  Devoted  to  commercial  and  industrial  interests  of 
United  States ;  published  by  W.  B.  Dana  and  Co. ;  absorbed  Bunt's  Mer- 
chants' Magazine,  Dec,  1870. 

Commercial   and   Financial    Chronicle    (w).    Vols.    20,    24-25.    Jan- 
June,  1875;  1877.    Indexed.    3  v.    F.    Vol.  63.    1896  (incomp.). 
Successor   of   Hunt's   Merchants'  Magazine;   published   by    William   B. 
Dana  &  Co. 

Commonwealth   (w;   m).    1895-98,  1899-1901   (incomp.).    O. 

Founded  Jan.,  1893,  by  Commonwealth  Co.,  and  still  conducted  by  It. 
Edited  for  a  time  by  C.  P.  Somerby.     Socialist. 

Comrade  (m).    Oct.,  1901-Apr.,  1905.     3  v.    F. 

Founded  1001  by  Comrade  Co-op.  Pub.  Co.,  and  published  by  it  1903- 
Apr..   1905.     Edited   by  John   Spargo   after   Jan.,   1902.     Socialist. 


See  Our  Continent,  under  Philadelphia. 

Cook's  American  Travellers  Gazette. 
See  Cook's  Excursionist. 

Cook's  Excursionist  (m).     1892-1902.     4  v.     F*.     1903-1904;  1906-1908. 

3  v.      F.     1909+ 

Founded  1851  by  Thomas  A.  Cook,  and  since  published  by  him  and 
his  son.  Issued  in  London,  with  an  American  _  edition  in  New  York. 
Since  1902  styled  Cook's  American  Traveller's  Gazette. 

Co-operative  News  (q).    Vol.  1.    1887,  3  nos. 

Co-operator  (m).    Vol.  1.    1881,  5  nos.    Q. 

Copway's  American  Indian  (w).    Aug.  23,  Sept.  6,  1851. 

Corsair  (w).    Vol.  1.     Mar.,  1839-Mar.,  1840.     Indexed.    F. 
Edited  by  N.  P.  Willis  and  T.  O.  Porter. 

New  York  Family  Courier  (w).     Jan.  22,  1853. 

•Morning  Courier  and  New  York  Enquirer  for  the  Country  (s-w).    1830- 
Mar.,  1831.    F«. 
Published  by  James  W.  Webb  and  Daniel  E.  Tylee. 

Courrier  des  Etats-Unis    (w).    French.    May,  1845-May,  1846.     Mar.- 
Dec,  1847   (tri-w).     Sept.,  1867-Oct,  1871.     4  v.    Fs. 

Founded  Mar.,  1828 ;  devoted  to  interests  of  B'rench  residents  in  V.  S., 
and  to  French  literature ;  established  daily  edition  in  1851 ;  successfully 
conducted  for  many  years  by  Frederic  Gaillardet,  afterwards  by  Charles 
Lassallo  and  Leon  Meunier. 


New  York 

American  Craftsman  (w).    1897-98,  5  nos.    F  *. 

Crayon   (w;   m.  Jan.,  1856).    Vols.  1-7.    1855-60.    Indexed.    7  v.    Q. 
Edited  by  W.  J.  Stillman  and  J.  Durand.     Art. 

Bulletin  of  National  Association  of  Credit  Men   (m).    1904-1909   (in- 
comp. ) .    O. 

Founded  1900.  Published  by  the  sec.-treas..  Charles  E.  Meek,  1904- 
1909.     No  later  mention  in  directories. 

•Crisis  (w).    Jan.-Apr.,  1775.    F. 

Reprinted  from  London  publication  by  John  Anderson.  See  same  title, 
under  London,  Eng. 

■Criterion  (w).     Vols.  1-2.     Nov.,  1855- July,  1856.    F. 

Published  by  Charles  E.  Rode ;  soon  merged  in  Amer.  Pub.  Circular. 

Critic  (w).    Vol.  1.    Nov.,  1828-May,  1829.    Indexed.    O. 
Edited  by  William  Leggett.     Literary. 

Critic    (bi-w;    w;    m).     Vols.   1-32.     188T.-98.     32    v.     Q.    Vols.    33-49. 
1898-1906.     18  v.     O. 

Founded  Jan.,  1881,  by  Jeannette  L.  and  Joseph  B.  Gilder,  and  edited 
by  them  till  1902  ;  then  by  Miss  Gilder  till  Oct.,  1906,  when  combined 
with  Putnam's  Monthly  (styled  Putnam's  Magazine  from  1909  till  its 
suspension,  Apr.,  1910).  Published  by  Critic  Co.  till  1898,  then  by  Put- 
nam. Absorbed  Good  Literature,  June,  1884,  Literary  World,  Jan.,  1905. 
Literary  and  dramatic. 

Cuba  (w).     Dec,  1897-Apr.,  1898.    Fa. 

English  edition  of  Cuba  y  Puerto  Rico.  Founded  1897  by  G.  Forrest 
and  conducted  by  him  till   1898.     No  later  mention  in  directories. 

■Current  Literature  (m).  Vols.  1-5.  1888-90.  5  v.  F.  Vols.  6-14. 
1891-93.  9  v.  O.  Vols.  15-27.  1894-1900.  13  v.  F.  Vols.  28- 
49.     1900-1910.     23   v.     O.     1911+ 

Founded  1888  by  Current  Literature  Pub.  Co.,  and  since  published  by 
it.  Edited  s'nce  July,  1905,  by  Edward  J.  Wheeler  (editor  Literary  Di- 
gest, 1895-1905). 

New  York  Day  Book  (d).     June  27,  1855. 

Day  Star  (w).     Sept.  3,  1885;  Aug.  19,  1886. 

Delineator   (m).    Vols.  69-76.    1907-1910.    8  v.    Q.    1911+ 

Founded  1873  by  Butterick  Co.,  and  since  published  by  them.     Fashion. 

Democrat   (d).     Aug.,  1868-Aug.,  1869.     2  v.    F*. 

Conducted  by  M.  M.  Pomeroy.     Styled  A".  Y.  Democrat,  Jan.,  1869. 

National  Democrat  (s-m).    Vol.  1,  No.  1.    June  1,  1900.    F. 

Defense  Bee  (w).    Vol.  1,  Nos.  1-39.    Sept.,  1907-June,  1908.    O. 

Founded  Sept.,  1907,  by  Typographical  Union  No.  6,  and  published  by 
it  until  June,  1908.     No  later  data  obtainable. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

New  Yobk  City,  continued: 

Jahrbucher  der  Deutsch-Amebikanischen  Turnerei  (m).    1892,  2  nos.' 
1903,  4  nos.     O. 

Diaet  and   Mercantile  Advertiser    (d).    Mar.-Aug.,   1797,   scat,   nos.; 
Aug.,  1797-Aug.,  1810  (very  incomp.) ;  June  4,  1811.    Fe. 

Successor  of  Loudon's  Diary,  published  by  John  I.  Johnson  till  June  17, 
then  by  "John  Crookes  for  the  proprietor ;"  afterwards  by  Amos  Butler, 
till  after  1835,  as  Mercantile  Advertiser. 

Diaey,  or  Loudon's  Register    (d).    1793;  Jan.- June,   Oct.-Dec.,   1794- 
2  v.    F5. 

Successor  of  ]V.  Y.  Packet,  q.  v.,  under  Fisnkill,  N.  T. ;  a  leading  Fed- 
eralist paper. 

Weekly  Dispatch.    Vol.  1.    Apr.,  1839-Feb.,  1840.     Fs. 

Edited  by  H.  Hastings  Weld;  merged  in  Brother  Jonathan,  Feb.,  1840,. 
when  Daily  Dispatch  was  united  with  Tattler. 

Dun's  Review   (w).    1898-1900.    3  v.    Q. 

Eclectic  and  Peacemaker   (m).    Vol.  1.    1876,  2  nos.;   Vol.  2.    1877,. 
2  nos. 

Ecijpse  (w).    Nov.  28,  Dec.  5,  1899. 

-  American  Economist   (w).     Vols.  3-45.      1889- July,  1910.     43  v.     Q.. 
July,  1910+ 

Founded  Jan.,  1888,  and  since  published  by  American  Protective  Tariff 
League   (Wilbur  F.  Wakeman,  secretary). 

International  Economist  (w).    Apr.  10,  July  11,  1904. 

Elore   (w).     Hungarian.     Oct.,  1909+     F«. 

Founded  1904.  Published  since  1909  by  Hungarian  Socialist  Federation 
of  America.     Edited  by  sec.-treas.  till  Jan.,  1911 ;  since  then  by  William. 

E.  Kramolin.  , 

Emancipator   (w).    1839,  8  nos.;   May  6-Nov.   25,  1841;   Feb.  4-Dec. 

1842;  Feb.  1,  1844.     ps. 

Published  by  American  Anti-Slavery  Society  and  Massachusetts  Aboli- 
tion Society ;  edited  by  Joshua  Leavitt. 

Engineering  and  Building  Record,  and  Sanitary  Engineer  (w).    Vols.. 
19-21.    Nov.,   1888— May,   1890.     Indexed.     3   v.    F*. 
Continued  as  Engineering  Record,  q.  v. 

Engineering  Record    (w).    Vol.   25.    Dec,   1891-May,  1892.    Indexed. . 

Founded  1877  by  Henry  C.  Meyer  and  conducted  by  him  till  1892 ;  then 
edited  by  him,  but  published  by  William  Gibson  Jr.,  till  1898 ;  then  pub- 
lished by  Engineering  Eecord  Co.  till  1901  or  later ;  now  published  by  Mc- 
Graw  Pub.  Co.  and  edited  by  John  M.  Goodell.  Styled  Sanitary  Engineer- 
till  1887. 


New  York 

Engineebing  and  Milling  Journal  (w).    Vols.  21-23.    1876;  Jan.- June, 
1877.    Indexed.    3  t.    F. 
Edited  by  Richard  P.  Rothwell  and  Rossiter  W.  Raymond. 

Evangelical  Guardian  and  Review  (m).    Vol.1.    1817.    O. 
Published  by  "an  association  of  clergymen." 

Evangelist  (w).    Jan.  2,  1841;  Apr.  2,  1857. 
N.  Y.  Evening  Call. 

See  Call. 

Examinee  and  Chronicle   (w).    1876,  6  nos.    F<s. 

With  St.  Paul  Pioneer  Press,  1876.  Continuation  (1855)  of  Recorder 
and  Register  (Register  founded  1823,  at  Utica)  which  was  bought  by 
Rev.  Edward  Bright  and  Rev.  S'.  S.  Cutting.  Thereafter  conducted  by 
Bright  till  his  death  in  1894  (with  Cutting  one  year,  and  later  with 
Henry  C.  Vedder).  Since  then  edited  by  Edward  Bright  Jr.,  T.  O.  Con- 
ant,  Rev.  H.  L.  Wayland,  and  John  B.  Calvert,  formerly  of  Christian 
Inquirer.     Merged   with   Examiner,  Mar.,    1895. 

New  York  Weekly  Express.     Nov.,  1845-Jan.,  1847.    Ft. 

Same  (s-w).    Sept.  17,  1847. 

Weekly  edition  of  Evening  Express  (founded  June,  1836,  by  James 
and  Erastus  Brooks)  ;  successively  Whig,  Know-Nothing,  and  Democrat; 
merged  in  Evening  Mail. 

Faib  Plat  (m).     1906,  3  nos.;  Jan.,  1908. 

Fair  Plat.    Vol.  1,  No.  2.    Aug.  31,  1907. 

Organ  of  Commercial  Telegraphers'  Union  of  Amer. 

Fame    (m).    Vol.   1.    Mar.,   1892-Feb.,   1893;   Vols.   2-4.    1894-95    (in- 
comp.);   1896-1908.    14  v.     O. 

Founded  Mar.,  1892,  by  Artemas  Ward,  and  conducted  by  him  till  1909. 

Fab  and  Neab  (m).    1892-93.    Q. 

Founded  1890  as  organ  of  Assn.  of  Working  Girls'  Societies.  Edited 
by  Maria  Bowen  Chapin,  O.  M.  E.  Rowe,  and  Emily  M.  Morgan,  Nov, 
1892-93.     Continued   till   1901.     No   later   data  obtainable. 

New  York  Faemeb  (m).    Vols.  9-10.    1836-37  (incomp.).    F. 

Founded  1827.  Published  by  D.  K.  Minor  and  George  C.  Schaeffer, 

"Working   Fabmee    (m).     Vols.   12,   16-17.     Mar-Dec,   1860;    1864-65. 
Indexed.    F  b. 

Edited  by  J.  J.  Mapes,  George  E.  Waring,  and  others;  by  William  L. 
Allison,  1870-75.     No  later  mention  in  directories. 

Fabmee  and  Mechanic  (w).    New  Series,  Vol.  1.    1847.    Indexed.    Q. 
Founded   1845.     Conducted    (1847)    by  W.  H.  Starr. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

New  York  Citt,  continued: 

American  Fedehationist   (m).    Vols.  1-6.    1894-1899.    6  v.    Q.    Vols. 
8-16.    1900^-1909'.     10  v.     1910+ 

Founded  March,  1804,  by  Samuel  Gompers,  president  of  American  Fed- 
eration of  Labor,  by  order  of  the  Federation.  Official  Journal  thereof.. 
Still  edited  by  Gompers.     Now  published  at  Washington,  D.  C. 

American  Field  (w).    May,  1884-1890.    13  v.    F*. 
See  Field,  under  Chicago. 

Financier   (w).     1872-June,  1874;    1875.    7  v.    F. 

Pounded  by  Financier  Co.  and  published  by  it  till  1873 ;  W.  H.  Board- 
man,   1874 ;   Financier  Assn.,   1S75.     No  later  mention   in   directories. 

Financier  (w).    Vols.  1,  3-4.    July-Dec,  1884;   July,  1885-June,  1886.. 
3  v.  Q.     1897-1906  (incomp.).    Jan-Sept,  1909. 

Devoted  to  banks  and  investments  ;  founded  July,  1884,  by  J.  E.  Ewing- 
Published  by  Financier  Pub.  Co.  since  1886.     Now  edited  by  C.  A.  Hazen.. 

Financial  Reformer  (in).    Nov.,  1874. 

Fiee  and  Water  (w).    Vols.  4-7,  11.    Nov.,  1888-June,  1890;  Dec,  1891- 

Apr.,  1892.     4  v.     F*. 

Successor  of  Fireman's  Journal  (founded  1877)  ;  "devoted  to  Are  pro- 
tection, water  supply,  and  all  municipal  works."  Published  since  1895  by 
F.  W.  Shepperd — for  a  time  with  —  Burnham.  Now  styled  Fire  ait* 
Water  JSngbneering. 

National  Fireman's  Journal  (w),    Vol.  2.    Aug.,  1878- Jan.,  1879  (in- 
comp.).   Q. 
See  Fire  and   Water. 

Five  Points  Monthly  Record.    July,  1855. 

Flag  of  Our  Union  (w).     1852,  7  nos.;  Feb.  19,  1853.    F<s. 

Forlorn  Hope  (w).    Mar.  24,  1799. 

With  Albany  Register,  1800.  Published  by  convicts  in  New  York 
state  prison. 

Foubth  Estate   (w).    Vols.  1-10.     Mar.,  1894 — Apr.,  1904.     9  v.    F. 

Devoted  to  interests  of  newspaper  publishers  and  advertisers ;  pub» 
lished  by  Ernest  F.  Birmingham  (In  partnership  with  Frank  H.  Lan- 
caster during  first  year). 

Frank  Leslie's  Budget  of  Fun  (m).     1859-1867,  4  nos. 

Frank  Leslie's  Christmas  Pictorial.    1858-59. 

Frank  Leslie's  Illustrated  Newspaper  (w).  Vols.  1-85.  Dec,  1855- 
1897.  56  v.  Fs.  1898  (incomp.).  Vols.  89-90.  1899-1900.  2  Y_ 
Fs.    July,  1900-June,  1901.     1901-1905,  scat.  nos. 

Founded  1855  by  Frank  Leslie  and  conducted  by  him  till  his  death  ir» 
1880 ;  since  then  by  his  widow. 


New  York 

Fbee  Enquirer   (w).     Vols.  2-3.     Oct.,  1829-Oct,  1831.     Indexed.     Q. 

Pounded  1828  by  Frances  Wright  and  Robert  Dale  Owen;  successor 
of  New  Harmony   (Ind.)   Gazette. 

■ Same.    Vol.  1.    Mar.-Apr.,  1829. 

With  Souvenir,  Phila.,   1828-29. 

National  Freedman  (m).    Dec.  15,  1865. 

Freedom's  Journal  (w).    June-Oct,  1827.    P. 

Pounded  1827.     Conducted  by  Cornish  &  Rushwurm. 

Fbeeland   (m).     Vol.  1,  No.  1.    May  1,  1904. 


New  York   and   Richmond   County   Fbee   Press    (w).    Vol.   3.    Nov.,. 
1833-Apr.,  1834.     Indexed.     Q. 
Published   by   William   Hagadorn. 

Fbee  Russia. 

See  same  title,  under  London,  Eng. 

Fbee  Society. 

See  same  title,   under  San  Francisco,  Cal. 

Fbeesoileb    (m).     Aug.,   1884. 

Fbeidenker   (m).     Vols.  1-2.     1871-73.     2  v.     O. 

Published  by  Freidenker  Pub.  Co ;  edited  by  Dr.  Fr.  Leiss.  Styled  Free- 
thinker in  1874.     No  later  mention  in  directories. 

Fbeie  Arbeiter  Stimme   (w).    Hebrew.    Sept.,  1907-1909.    Fs.    1910+' 
Founded  Oct.,  1899.     Now  edited  by  S.  Tanousky. 

Fbeiheit    (w).     Vols.   25-32.     1903-1910.     F*. 

Founded  1879  by  Johann  Most,  and  conducted  by  him  till  his  death 
in  Mar.,  1906.  Then  published  a  short  time  by  Freiheit  Pub.  Assn.  %. 
Max  Baginski,  July,  1907-Aug.,  1910 ;  since  then  by  Ernest  Bohm. 

Fdbnitube-Wobkers' Journal  (bi-w).    English-German.    Vols.  1-8.    Feb.,. 
1883-90.     4  v.     F*;  Fs. 

Official  organ  of  International  Furniture-Workers  Union  of  Amer. 
Edited  by  Henry  Emrich  till  Jan.,  1891 ;  thereafter  published  monthly. 
Printed  both  in  English  and  German. 

Garment  Worker  (m).    1896-1903,  scat.  nos.    Q;  O. 

Organ  of  United  Garment  Workers  of  Amer.  Bought  Bulletin  of 
Clothing  Trades   (q.  v.),  Aug.,  1903,  but  kept  latter's  title. 

New  York  Gazette  (w).    Apr.  3,  1732;  Aug.  30,  Sept.  6,  1736. 

With  N.  E.  Weekly  Journal,  1738.  First  paper  published  in  New- 
York  ;  founded  in  172r>  by  William  Bradford ;  organ  of  colonial  govern- 
ment;  united  with  Post-Boy,  1743. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

New  Yobk  Citt,  continued: 

Same.    Jan.  18,  1762. 

Follows  Sept.  7,  1761,  of  Boston  Gazette  and  Country  Journal. 

New  York  Daily  Gazette.    May  1,  1789  (reprint). 
Published  by  J.  &  A.  M'Lean. 

New  York  Gazette  and  "Weekly  Mercury.    July  8,  22,  1776;   June  6, 
Dec.  4,  1780.    Fs. 
Continuation  of  Hugh  Gaine's  Mercury. 

Same.    1782,  6  nos. 

With  Royal  Gazette,  1781-83. 

New  York  Gazette,  Revived  in  the  Weekly  Post-Boy  (w) .    Sept.,  1749- 
Dec,  1750.    F. 

Continuation  of  Nsic  York  Gazette,  or  Weekly  Post-Boy;  published  by 
James  Parker  till  1762 ;  John  Holt,  1762-66 ;  Parker  again,  1766-70 ; 
suspended,   1773. 

Gazette  of  the  Union,  Golden  Rule,  and  Odd-Fellows'  Family  Com- 
panion (w).    Vols.  11-14.    July,  1849-June,  1851.    4  vols,  in  2. 
See  Golden  Rule  etc.,  q.  v. 

Gazette  of  the  United  States  (s-w).    Vols.  1-2.    Apr.,  1789-Apr.,  1791. 
Indexed.    F  b. 

Established  1789  by  John  Fenno ;  edited  by  him  till  his  death  (1798) ; 
a  leading  Federal  paper;  removed  to  Philadelphia  (q.  T.J,  Apr.,  1790, 
when  that  city  became  the  national  capital. 

Gebneb's  "Weekly.    New  Series.    Vol.  1.    1877-78;  scat.  nos.    Ft. 
Formerly  Patent  Rights'  Gazette. 

Gebbit  Smith  Banner  (d).    Oct.  16-Nov.  1,  1858.    F5. 

■Golden  Age  (w).    Mar.,  1871-June,  1872;  Aug.,  1872-Sept,  1875.    3  T. 

Founded  by  Theodore  Tilton,  and  conducted  by  him  till  1874,  when 
sold  to  William  T.  Clarke,  his  associate  editor.  Conducted  by  Clarke, 
1875.     No  later  mention  in  directories. 

-Golden  Rule  and  Odd  Fellows'  Family  Companion   (w).    Vols.  8-9. 
1848.    Indexed.    Q. 

Published  by  E.  and  J.  Winchester;  styled  Gazette  of  the  Union, 
Golden  Rule,  and  Odd  Fellows'  Family  Companion,  q.  v.  Published  by 
J.  R.  Crampton  for  the  proprietor  (later  by  Crampton  &  Clarke)  ;  edited 
by  Augustus  C.  L.  Arnold  till  July,  1849.     Organ  of  I.  O.  O.  F. 

Good  Government. 

See  same  title,  under  Washington,  P.  C. 

■Gbanite  Cuttebs'  Journal. 

See  same  title,  under  Washington,  D.  C. 

New  York 

Daily  Graphic.    May,  1881-Aug,  1883.,  10  v.    F*.    Dec.,  1883. 

Founded  1873  by  Graphic  Co..  and  conducted  by  It  till  1885 ;  American 
Graphic  Co..  1886-88;  Graphic  Co.,  1889.  No  later  mention  in  airec- 

Gbeenleaf's  New  Daily  Advertiser  and  Argus.    Aug.,  1799-Mar,  1800 

Successor  of  N.  Y.  Journal,  q.  v.;  continued  as  American  Citizen, 
1800;  an  influential  Democratic  organ  till  1809;  edited  by  Cheetham; 
suspended  soon  after  his  death  (1810). 

<Jreenu:af's  New  York  Journal  and  Patriotic  Register   (s-w).    May, 
1798-Dec,  1799  (incomp.).     Fe. 
Continued  as  Amer.  Watchman,  1800 ;  suspended  about  1810. 

Hammer  and  Pen  (m;  q).    1898-Nov.,  1908  (incomp.).    Q;  O. 

Founded  (new  series)  1898  (old  series  pub.  quarterly).  Published  by 
Church  Assn.  for  Advancement  of  Interests  of  Labor  till  1908.  No  later 
mention  in  directories. 

Harbinger    (w).     Vol.    2.     1845-46.     Vols.    4-5.     1847-48    (incomp.). 
2  v.    Q. 
Published  by  Brook  Farm  Phalanx. 

Harp   (m).     1908+     Q;   F. 

Founded  Jan.,  1908,  as  official  organ  of  Irish  Socialist  Federation  of 
D.  S.  Edited  by  J.  E.  C.  Donnelly  till  Dec,  1909 ;  since  then  published 
in  Dublin,  Ire.,  and  edited  by  James  Connolly. 

Harper's  Bazar  (w;  m).     Vols.  3-7.     1870-74.     5  v.    Fs.    Vol.  8.     1875 

(3    nos.    missing).    Vols.    9-33.    1876-Apr.,    1900.    25    v.    F». 

Vols.  33-42.     May,  1900-1908.     13  v.     O. 

Founded  1867.  Edited  by  Mary  Louise  Booth  till  her  death,  Mar., 
1S89  ;  Margaret  E.  Sangster,  1889-99 ;  since  then  by  Elizabeth  G.  Jordan. 
Devoted  to  fashion,  society,  literature,  and  art. 

Harper's  Weekly.    Vols.  1-46.    1857-June,  1902.    46  v.    Fb.    Indexed. 
Vols.  47-56.     1902-1910.     9   v.     Q.     1911+ 

Founded  1857.  Fletcher  Harper  was  editor-in-chief  from  that  time 
till  his  death  in  1877 ;  managing  editors,  responsible  for  editorials,  John 
Bonner.  1857-64 ;  H.  M.  Alden,  1864-69 ;  George  W.  Curtis,  1869-92 ; 
Henry  Loomis  Nelson,  1892-98;  John  Ford,  1898-99;  since  1899, 
George1  McClellan  Harvey  has  been  editor — principal  managing  editors, 
John  Kendrick  Bangs,  1899-1901;  J.  Hamblin  Sears,  1901-03;  Roland 
Phillips,  1903-05 ;  since  then,  George  Buchanan  Fife.  Historical  sketch 
in  Fiftieth  Anniversary  number,  Jan.  5,  1907. 

Hearth  and  Home  (w).    Dec,  1868-Nov.,  1871.    3  v.    Indexed.    F». 

Founded  1868.  Published  by  Pettingill,  Bates  &  Co.,  the  first  year — 
edited  by  Donald  G.  Mitchell.  Conducted  by  Orange  Judd  Co.,  1870-75; 
then  by  Graphic  Co.  till  suspension  in  that  year. 

New   York   Morning  Herald    (d).    Oct.,    1841-1845;    1856-Apr.,    1896. 
134  v.     Fs.     Nov.-Dec,  1898. 
Established   by   James   Gordon   Bennett,   May,    1835;   originally   a   one- 
12— N.  C.  [  177  ] 

Newspaper  Catalogue 

New  Yobk  Cmr,  continued: 

cent  paper,  in  1836  sold  at  two  cents ;  pioneer  of  independent  non-parti- 
san journalism ;  originated  financial  reports  as  a  regular  feature,  also 
the  cash  system  of  subscription,  war  maps,  and  pictorial  sketches ;  first  to 
organize  system  of  European  correspondence ;  sent  Stanley  to  find  Living- 
stone in  Africa.     Conducted  by  Bennett's  son  and  namesake  since  1872. 

Same.    Vol.  1,  No.  1.    May  6,  1835  (facsimile  with  1841).    1847- 

51,  scat.  nos.    F«. 

Weekly  Heraijj.    June,  1841-June,  1842;   Aug.,  1844-Aug.,  1845;   Oct., 
1848-Dec,  1849;  1853-54;  1856-59.     6  v.    F«. 

Same.    Sept.,  1850-Dec,  1851,  scat,  nos.;  1852. 

With  Herald,  1844-45. 

Herald    (s-w).    1795;    Oct.,   1795-Sept,   1796;    June,   1796-Sept.,   1797. 
3  v  (incomp.).    F«. 

Connected  with  daily  N.  Y.  Minerva  (established  as  a  Federal  organ 
by  Noah  Webster,  the  lexicographer).  The  latter  was  changed  to  the 
Commercial  Advertiser,  which  still  exists,  the  oldest  daily  in  New  York 
City.     Herald  was  continued  as  N.  Y.  Spectator,  q.  v. 

New   York   Herald    (s-w).     Sept.,   1802-Dec,    1805;    Sept.,    1808-Dec., 
1809;  Nov.,  1810-May,  1813   (incomp.);   1814.     4  v.    F«. 

Same.     1808,  5  nos.   (with  N.  Y.  and  Phila.  newspapers,  1801- 

10).     1816,  4  nos.  (with  N.  Y.  Spectator,  Sept.,  1815-16). 

Published  by  Michael  Burnham,  originally  as  a  weekly  edition  of  Even- 
ing Post. 

New  York  Morning  Hebald   (d).    Feb.-Sept,  1830.    Fe. 

Founded  by  Alanson  Nash,  1829 ;  published  by  him  till  August,  1830 ; 
soon  after  merged  in  Standard. 

Ho'^jen'b  Magazine  (m).    Mar.,  1851. 

Home  a&d  Abroad  (m).    Mar.,  1870-Feb.,  1871.    Indexed.    F». 

Founded  1870.     Conducted  by  A.  T.  Twing  and  W.  H.  Hare  in  interest 
of  church  missions.     Protestant  Episcopal. 

Home  Journal  (w).    i^ar.,  1849-Aug.,  1851;  1851-60.    6  v.    F?.    May, 
1884-Dec,  1886;   1887.      2  v.     Fs.     1892.     Fo.     1893-Mar.,  1900. 
Successor  of  Mirror;  edited  by  G.  P.  Morris  and  N.  P.  Willis  till  1867 ; 
by  Morris  Phillips  till  his  death  in  1904.     No  later  data  obtainable. 

Home  Missionabt  (m).    Vols.  1-82.    May,  1828-Apr.,  1909.  Indexed.  O. 
Organ  of  American  Home  Missionary  Society ;  till  1843,  had   sub-title 
American  Pastor's  Journal.     Merged  in  April,  1909,  with  American  Mis- 

Home  Mission  Record  (m).    Sept.,  1849-Oct,  1856.    2  v.    Fo. 


New  York 

Home  Mission  Monthly.    Nov.,  1886-91.    Vols.  1-5.    Indexed.    5  v.    O. 

Organ  of  Woman's  Executive  Committee  of  Home  Missions  of  Presby- 
terian Church. 

Horseless  Age   (w;   m).    Vols.   1-6.    1895-1900.    2  v.    O.    1901-190*. 
7  v.     Q. 

Pounded  1895.  Published  by  E.  P.  Ingersoll  until  1909 ;  since  their 
by  Fred  J.  Wagner  and  C.  B.  Ames.     Now  edited  by  P.  M.  Heldt. 

Illustrated  American  (w).    Vols.  1-25.    1890-June,  1899.    23  v.    F*;  F:. 
Founded  1887,   by  Lorrilard   Spencer.     Published  by  Illustrated  Ameri- 
can Pub.  Co.  till  1893 ;  by  Spencer,  1894-97 ;  by  A.  B.  de  Guerville,  Not., 
1897-Apr.,    1898;    by   Roland   B.    Hennessey    and   J.    Bradley    Patterson, 
Apr.,  189S-June.  1899.     No  later  mention  in  directories. 

Illustrated  News  (w).    Vols.  1-2.    Jan.-Nov.,  1853.    Fs. 

Founded  with  support  of  P.  T.  Barnum  and  Moses  Y.  Beach,  by  Frank 
Leslie  (born  Henry  Carter,  but  on  removing  to  U.  S.  in  1848,  he  adopted, 
legally  his  former  pen  name),  formerly  an  engraver  on  London  lllust. 
News,  and  later  on  Oleason's  Pictorial;  merged  in  latter  journal  Nov.,. 
1853.     See  Frank  Leslie's  lllust.  Newspaper. 

New  York  Illustrated  News  ,(w).    Vols.  4-6.     Sept.,  1861-Dec,  1863. 

3  v.     F*.     1864,  scat.  nos. 

Published  by  T.  B.  Leggett  &  Co.;  edited  by  T.  Smith  Reed  (1862),  by 
T.  B.  Aldrich  (1863). 

Independent  (w).    Vols.  1-21.    Dec,  1848-69.    21  v.  in  10.    Ft.    Vols, 
25-69.     1873-1910.     52    v.  Fs;     Q.     Indexed.     1911+ 

Founded  1848 ;  original  owners  Henry  C.  Bowen,  Theodore  McNamee, 
Seth  B.  Hunt,  Jonathan  Hunt,  and  Simeon  B.  Crittenden.  Among  edi- 
tors, Richard  S.  Storrs.  Joshua  Leavitt,  Henry  Ward  Beecher,  Theodore 
Tilton,  Oliver  Johnson,  William  Hayes  Ward,  Hamilton  Holt  and  others. 
Established  as  organ  of  the  Congregational  church,  but  devoted  to  theo- 
logical liberty,  abolition,  woman's  suffrage,  and  other  reforms.  Under 
Beecher  (1861-63)  became  undenominational,  and  has  since  been  a  gen- 
eral progressive  magazine.  Present  officers  are  Clarence  W.  Bowen,  pub- 
lisher and  owner ;  Gardner  Richardson,  asst.  publisher ;  Hamilton  Holt, 
managing  editor.  Historical  sketch  in  60th  anniversary  number,  Dec.  10, 

Indian's  Friend. 

S'ee  same  title,  under  New  Haven,  Conn. 

Industrial  Tribune   (m).    Oct.,  1899. 

Weekly  Inspector.    Vols.  1-2.    Aug.,  1806-Aug.,  1807.    2  v.    O. 
Edited  by  Thomas  Green  Fessenden  in  opposition  to  Jefferson. 

Insurance  Age   (m).    1873'-80,  scat.  nos.    F. 

Founded  1873,  by  S.  S.  Norton.  Conducted  by  Matthew  Griffin,  1877- 
1900 ;  since  then  published  by  Griffin,  edited  by  George  Hatch. 

Internal  Revenue   Recorder   and   Customs   Journal.    June   10,    1865. 
Vols.   4-21.     1866-75.     10  v.     Q. 

Founded  1864  by  W.  C.  &  F.  r.  Church,  and  conducted  by  them  till 
suspension  in   1896.     With   Petroleum  Gazette,  1805. 

Newspaper  Catalogue 

New  Yobk  City,  continued: 

Ibish  World  (w).    1890-96;  1898-Apr.,  1905.    8  v.    P«.  ' 

Founded  1870  by  Patrick  Ford  and  since  conducted  by  him. 

Iron  Age  (w).    Sept.  7,  Nov.  23,  1865. 

Jew  Militant    (w).    Yiddish.    1907-1908,   39   nos.    F. 

Founded  1906.  Published  1907-1908,  by  Poale  Zion  Pub.  Co.  No  later 
mention  in  directories. 

Jewish  Gazette  (w).  Yiddish.    Apr.-Dec,  1895  (incomp.).    F  s. 

Founded  1874.  Weekly  edition  of  Jewish  Hews.  Published  since  1882 
by  K.  H.  Sarasohn  &  Co. 

Jewish  Tailor  (w).    June  22,  1907. 

John  Swinton's  Paper  (w).    Vols.  1-4.    Oct.,  1883-Aug.,  1887.    F». 
Founded  by  John  Swinton,  formerly  editor  of  N.  Y.  Sun  and  conducted 
by  him  till  its  suspension,  1887.     Labor  reform. 

Jonathan's  Miscellany  (w).    July  13,  1841. 

Journal  (d).     Sept.,  1896-Apr.,  1898;   Nov.-Dec,  1898.     11  v.    F«. 

Founded  1882,  by  Morning  Journal  Assoc.  Edited  by  Albert  Pulitzer, 
1884-92 ;  owned  and  edited  by  him,  1893-95.  Then  bought  by  W.  E. 
Hearst  and  conducted  by  him  till  1901  or  later.  No  later  data  ob- 

New  York  Journal   (w).     1771-73,  6  nos.;   Jan.-May,  1774.     Fs. 

Founded  Oct.,  1766,  by  John  Holt ;  edited  by  Alexander  McDougall ;  a 
zealous  Whig  organ,  to  which  Alexander  Hamilton  contributed ;  '  removed 
during  British  occupation  of  New  York  to  Esopus  (now  Kingston),  and 
later  to  Poughkeepsie ;  after  the  Revolution,  returned  to  New  York  and 
continued  as  Independent  Gazette;  sold  to  Thomas  Greenleaf.  editor  of 
Boston  Independent  Chronicle  (1787)  ;  continued  by  him  (s-w),  as  Green- 
leaf's  mew  York  Journal  and  Patriotic  Register,  q.  v. 

New  York  Joubnal  and  Weekly  Register.    Oct.,  1787-Dec,  1788.    F=. 

Same  (d).    Nov.,  1787- July,  1788.    Fs. 

With  Journal  (w).  First  daily  in  New  York  City;  continued  as  Green- 
leaf's  New  Daily  Advertiser  or  Argus;  a  bitter  opponent  of  the  Federal 
party.  Published  by  Greenleaf  till  his  death  (1798),  by  his  widow  for  a 
few  years,  then  by  James  Cheetham  under  title  American  Citizen.  See 
Greenleaf's  New  Daily  Advertiser,  note. 

American  Journal  of  Mining  (w).    Mar.  31,  1866. 
With  Petroleum  Gazette,  1865. 

American  Joubnal  of  Politics  (m) .    Vols.  1-5.    July,  1892-Dec,  1894.    O. 

Founded  by  Andrew  J.  Palm  and  conducted  by  him  alone  till  1894 ; 
then  with  Henry  Randall  Waite  till  suspension  in  1897.  Styled  Ameri- 
can Magazine  of  Civics  after  1895. 

Journalist  (w).    Vols.  12-16.    1891-92.    2  v.    F*. 

Established  Mar.,  1884,  by  Allan  Forman  and  since  conducted  by  him 
(except  3  years). 

[  180  ] 

New  York 

Judge  (w).    Vol.  1.    Nov.,  1881-Apr.,  1882.    F4. 

Published  by  Judge  Pub.  Co.  until  1901  or  later ;  now  by  Leslie-Judge 
Co.     Humorous. 

Judicial  Repository  (m).    Nov.,  1818. 
Founded    1818. 

Justice  (w).    Feb.- June,  1883.    F°.    July,  1883-July,  1885.    2  v.  F*. 

Published  by  Anti-Monopoly  League ;  contributors,  Jere  Black,  Howard 
Crosby,  F.  B.  Thurber,  J.  G.  Boyd,  and  others.     Suspended,  1885. 

Kings'   Jester    (m).    Mar.,   1891-June,   1892.    Q. 

Founded  Mar.,  1801,  by  Herbert  B.  King  &  Brother,  and  conducted  by 
them  till   1894.     No  later  mention  In  directories.     Advertising. 

Knapsack    (d).    Nov.-Dec,  1879.    F*. 

A  daily  journal  of  the  7th  Eegt.  New  Armory  Fair. 
Label  Bulletin  (m).    July,  1905. 

Labor  and  Capital  (m).    Apr.,  1903,  Mar.,  1904.    O. 

Labor  Bulletin  (m).    Nov.,  1903. 

Labob  Library  (m).     July,  1896;  Mar.,  1902;  May,  1905. 

Labob  News   (w).     Feb.-Mar.,  1908.     F  =. 

Labor  Standard   (w).     Feb.  24,  1877. 

American  Laborer  (m).     Mar.,  1843. 

Ladies'  Floral  Cabinet  (m).    Vols.  3-6.    1874-77.    F  *. 

Founded  1871.  Conducted  by  Henry  T.  Williams  till  1879  ;  Adams  & 
Bishop,  1880-81 ;  Ladies'  Floral  Cabinet  Co.,  1882-86.  No  later  mention 
in  directories. 

Ladies'  Literary  Cabinet  (w).    Vols.  1-2,  3-6   (incomp.).    Apr.,  1819- 
Aug.,  1822.     2  v.     Q. 

Edited  by  Samuel  Woodworth  ;  published  by  Samuel  Huestis  till  Sept., 
1820:  Broderick  &  Ritter   (1820-21)  ;  Nathaniel  Smith  &  Co.    (1821-221. 

Ladies'  Morning  Star  (d).    Vol.  1.    Apr.-Sept,  1836.    F*. 

Established  by  William  Newell,  as  a  one-cent  daily  for  women ;  styled 
Morning  Star  after  Sept.,   1836. 

La  Latta  (w).    Italian.    Vol.  1,  Nos.  1-28.    Jan.-Aug.,  1909.    F<s. 
Published  by  local  Socialists.     No  later  data  obtainable. 


See  Book  Buyer. 

Leaden  Heel  (m).    Vols.  1-2.    Nov.,  1905-Nov.,  1907.    S. 

Founded  Nov.,  1905  by  the  General  Philosophic  Soc.  Edited  by  John  F. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

New  York  City,  continued: 

Leader  (d).    June,  1886-Nov.,  1887.     2  v.     F«. 

Conducted  by  Henry  George.     Single-tax.     Succeeded  by  Standard,  q.  v. 

New  York  Leader  (w)  .     1857-61.     4  v.     P«. 

Founded  1854.  Conducted  by  James  S.  Welsh,  1857 ;  John  Clancy, 
Dec,  1857-1861;  Leader  Assn.,  1870-71.  Edited  by  DeWitt  Van  Buren, 
1870.     No  later  mention  in  directories. 

New  York  Ledger   (w).     Apr.,  1856-Feb.,  1872.     16  v.    F«. 

Successor  (18551  to  Merchant's  Ledger;  published  by  Robert  Bonner, 
1851— Nov.,  1887 ;  since  then  by  bis  sons. 

Legal  Aid  Review  (q).    Apr.,  1909+     O. 

Founded  1903  by  Legal  Aid  Soc.  Devoted  to  assisting  persons  unable 
to  employ  other  legal  advice.  Charles  F.  Wiebusch,  chairman  of  publica- 
tion committee. 

Lend  a  Hand. 

See  same  title,  under  Boston. 


See  same  title,  under  Boston. 

Library  Journal  (m).    Vols.    1-35.    Sept.,  1876-1910.    34  v.  Indexed. 
Q.     1911+ 

Founded  1876.  Styled  American  Library  Journal  the  first  year. 
Edited  by  Melvil  Dewey  till  1881;  C.  A.  Cutter,  1881-93  (with  R.  E. 
Bowker  till  1891,  and  Paul  L.  Ford,  1891-93)  ;  since  then  by  Bowker. 
Organ  of  American  Library  Association  till  1907. 

Life  Illustrated  (w).    Nov.  4,  18ET4;  Oct.,  1857-Oct,  1860.    3  v.    Fs. 

Published  by  Fowler  &  Wells,  phrenologists ;  •  successor  of  Amer. 
Phrenological  Journal  (established  Nov.,  1838,  by  Adam  Waldie,  at  Phila- 

Literary  Digest  (w).    Vols.  2-41.    1890-1910.    40  v.    Q.    1911+ 

Founded  1890  by  Funk  &  Wagnalls,  and  since  published  by  them. 
Editor-in-chief,  J.  K.  Funk ;  managing  editor,  William   S.  Woods. 

Literary  News  (m).    Vols.  5-15.    1884-1904.    Indexed.    21  v.    Q. 

Founded  1879  by  F.  Leypoldt  and  conducted  by  him  till  1885.  Then 
published  by  R.  R.  Bowker  till  suspension,  1904.  Edited  by  A.  H.  Ley- 
poldt,  1887-1901. 

Literary  World  (w).    Vols.  1-13.    Feb.,  1847-53.    Indexed.    13  v.    Q. 
Edited    by   C.    F.   Hoffman    and    Evert   A.    and    George    L.    Duyckinck. 
Suspended  Dec,  1853. 

living  Church  (m).    Mar.,  1869-Apr.,  1870.    F. 

Founded  1869  by  Revs.  E.  A.  Washburn,  H.  C.  Potter,  and  W.  G.  Sum- 
ner, and  conducted  by  them  in  1870.  No  later  mention  in  directories. 
Protestant  Episcopal. 

Lloyd's  American  Railroad  Weekly.    July  13,  1861. 


New  York 

Log  Cabin  (w).    May,  1840-Nov.,  1841.    F«. 

Campaign  paper  published  at  New  York   and  Albany  by   Horace  Gree- 
ley,  In  support  of  General  Harrison  ;   merged  in  New  York  Tribune. 

Practical  Machinist  (w).    Oct.  19,  1859. 

Magnolia  or  Literary  Tablet   (s-m).    Vol.  1.    Oct.,   1833-Sept,  1834. 
Indexed.    Q. 
Published  by  P.  Dean  Carrique ;  suspended  Sept.,  1834. 

Mall  and  Express  (w).     1898-Aug.,  1903.     6  v.     Fe. 

Express  founded  1836  by  James  Brooks  and  conducted  by  him  alone  Hll 
1840  ;  later,  by  him  and  his  brother  Erastus  till  1877,  when  bought  by  a 
political  syndicate  (John  Kelly,  Augustus  Schell,  and  others).  Mail, 
founded  1867  ;  published  by  Robert  Johnston,  1872-78  ;  bought  by  Cyrus 
W.  Field,  1879,  and  conducted  by  him  till  Dec,  1881 ;  then  merged  with 
Express.  Thereafter  published  by  Field  till  1888 ;  Elliott  F.  Shepard, 
1888-92;  Mail  and  Express  Pub.  Co.,  1893-Mar.,  1897;  Robert  C.  Alex- 
ander and  Robert  E.  A.  Dorr,  Mar.,  1897-99.  Mail  was  edited  1867-81, 
by  J.  M.  Bundy,  who  continued  as  Mail  and  Express  till  1888.  Editors 
thereafter  were  Shepard  (1888-92)  and  Alexander  (1895-99).  No  later 
data  obtainable. 

Man  (irreg.).    Feb.  13-May  16,  1834.    Q. 

Founded  Feb.,  1834.     Opposed  D.  S.  Bank.     Favored  trades  unions. 

Man  (w;  m;  w).    Nov.,  1880<-Aug.,  1884.     Q;  F*. 

Published  by  National  Liberal  League.  Edited  by  the  secretary,  T.  C. 
Leland.     Suspended   about  1885. 

Manufacttjbebs'  Journal  (m).    Jan.,  1904. 

Weekly  Mabket  Letter.    Oct.,  1902-Mar.,  1905.    Q. 
Published  by  Watson  &  Alpers.     Financial. 

Mechanic  (m).    1905,  4  nos.;  Aug.,  1906.    O. 

Mechanics'  Journal  (w).    Vol.  1.    Dec,  1846-Nov.,  1847.    F*. 

Removed  from  Albany,  June,  1847 ;  published  by  Munn  &  Co.,  edited  by 
Robert  McFarlane ;  merged  in  Scientific  American. 

American  Mechanics'  Magazine  (w).    Vols.  1-2.    Feb.,  1825-Feb.,  1826. 

Indexed.    O. 

Conducted  by  "associated  mechanics ;"  issued  after  Feb.,  1826,  by  Frank- 
lin Institute  of  Philadelphia,  and  stylen  Franklin  Journal  and  American 
Mechanics'  Magazine  (m). 

Medical  Record  (s-m).  Vol.  9.  1874.  Indexed.  Q. 

Journal  of  medicine  and  surgery;  published  by  William  Wood  &  Co.; 
edited  by  George  F.  Shrady  till  his  death  in  1907.     Weekly  after  1874. 

Mebohant  and  Banker  (w).    May-Sept.,  1875.    F. 

-Founded  1874.  Published  by  Bulletin  Assoc,  1875.  No  later  mention 
in  directories. 

Mebchants'  Association  Bulletin  (m).    May,  1903.    F. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

New  Yobk  City,  continued: 

New  York  Mebctjby  (w).    Oct.  7,  14,  1754  (with  8.  C.  Gazette  1764). 
1766.    F  s. 

Founded  by  Hugh  Galne,  1752 ;  styled  Gaine'e  N.  T.  Gazette  and  Mer- 
cury, 1767 ;  at  first  neutral  In  politics,  but  Royalist  while  the  British  held 
the  city  ;  suspended,.  1783. 

New  York  Mebotjby  (w).    Sept.,  1829-Dec,  1831;  1832.    Indexed.    2  t. 
Fs.    Feb.,  1834-Sept.,  1841,  scat.  nos.    F7. 

Same.    Not.  4, 1847     (bound  with  1834-41). 

Published  as  weekly  edition  of  Journal  of  Commerce  (founded  1827,  by 
Arthur  Tappan ;  oldest  morning  paper  now  in  New  Tork ;  purchased  by 
David  Hale  and  Gerard  Hallock,  1828 ;  first  to  employ  news-schooners, 
1829-30;  edited  by  Hallock  till  1863;  then  by  David  M.  Stone).  Con- 
ducted  by  William  Cauldwell,   1870-94    (with  Whitney  till  1877)  ; 

James  P.  Graham,  1895.     No  later  mention  in  directories. 

New  York  Mebctjby,  or  General  Advertiser  (w).    Jan.  3,  1783. 
With  Royal  Gazette,  1781-83.     Published  by  William  Lewis. 

Mebby  and  Wise  (w).     Mar.  30,  1807. 

American  Messetoeb  (m).    Dec,  1849;  July,  Nov.,  1850. 

Journal)    of    Metal    Polishebsi    (m).     1899-Mar.,    1901.    Vols.    13-17. 

1904-1908.     3  v.     O.     1909  + 

Founded  1891.  Organ  of  Metal  Polishers,  Buffers,  Platers,  and  Brass 
Workers'  Union.  Edited  by  E.  J.  Lynch,  1898-June,  1899  ;  J.  J.  Kinney, 
June,  1899-July,  1900 ;  J.  J.  Cullen,  Sept.,  1900-Jan.,  1906 ;  since  then 
by  Charles  R.  Atherton.  Published  at  Cincinnati  and  styled  Our  Journal 
since  June,  1906. 

Metal  Worker  (w).    Vols.  20-33.    1883-90.    12  v.    F*. 

Founded  1872  by  James  C.  Bayles  and  David  Williams,  and  conducted 
by  them  till  1891.  Since  then  published  by  David  Williams  &  Co.  (edited 
by  A.  O.  KIttridge,  1891-92).  Now  styled  Metal  Worker,  Plumber,  ana 
Steam  Fitter;  edited  by  W.  W.  Macon  and  F.  W.  Chew. 

Methodist  (w).    July,  1860-Jan.,  1862.    2  v.    F«.    1868-69.    F«. 

Founded    1859.     Published    by    H.    W.    Douglas,    1870-82.     Edited    by 
Rev.   George   R.  Crooks,   1870-75    (with   Rev.  Abel   Stevens  after  1871)  ;  - 
Rev.  D.  H.  Wheeler,  1876-S2   (with  Rev.  David  Curry,  1882).     No  later 
mention  in  directories. 

Modern  Mexico. 

See  same  title,  under  Mexico   City,  Mex. 

Midnight  Cry  (w).    Vols.  3-7.    Feb.,  1843-Dec.,  1844.    Indexed.    F. 

Edited  by  Joshua  V.  Himes,  as  organ  of  the  "Millerites;"  in  1894  ha 
was  a  Protestant  Episcopal  clergyman  in  South  Dakota.  Succeeded  by 
Morning  Watch,  q.  v.     Second  Adventist. 

Militaby  Gazette   (s-m).    Vols.  3-4.    Jan.,  1860-Apr.,  1861.    O. 


New  York 

New  York  Militabt  Magazine  (w).  Vol.  1.  June-Dec,  1841.  In- 
dexed.   O. 

Mhjtaet  Repository  (m).    Vols.  1-2.    1796-97.    2  v.    O. 

Minerva    (w).     Vols.   1-2.     Apr.,  1822-Apr.,  1824.     Indexed.     2  v.     F*. 
Vols.  1-2,  new  series.     Apr.,  1824-Apr.,  1825.     Indexed.     2  v.     O. 
Edited  by  George  Houston  and  James  G.  Brooks. 

Ming's  New  York  Price  Current  (w).    Jan.  5,  1811. 

With  Middle  and  Western  Local  Newspapers,  1811-20.  Published  by 
Alexander  Ming. 

Mining  Record  (w).    Vols.  13-14.    1883-84.    Indexed  (vol.  13).    2  v.    F.. 
Founded    1S77.     Published    by    Alexander    E.    Chilholm,    1879-84.     No 
later  mention  in  directories. 

New  York  Mieeob  and  Ladies'  Literary  Gazette  (w).  Vols.  1,  5-9- 
Aug.,  1823- Jan.,  1824;  Jan.,  1828-June,  1832.  Indexed.  6  v.  F. 
Vols.  10-19.    July,  1832-41.    Indexed.    10  v.    F*. 

Published  by  George  P.  Morris ;  edited  at  first  by  Samuel  Woodworth, 
later  by  Morris  and  N.  P.  Willis ;  also  by  Theodore  S.  Fay  and  C.  F. 
Hoffman  ;  styled  A".  T.  Mirror,  1830 ;  suspended,  1842.  See  New  Mirror, 
and  Morris's  National  Press. 

New  York  Weekly  Mirbob.    May,  1854-Sept,  1856.    2  v.    F?. 
Founded  1839.     Conducted  by  H.   Fuller,  1844-56. 

American  Missionary  (m).    1858-1910.    56  vols,  in  38.    O.    1911+ 

Founded  1856.  Published  by  Amer.  Miss.  Assn.  in  interests  of  various 
missionary   organizations.     Absorbed   Borne  Missionary,  Apr.,  1909. 

Foreign  Missionary  (m).  Vols.  42-45.  1883-86.  Indexed.  4  v.  O. 
Organ  of  Board  of  Foreign  Missions  of  Presbyterian  Church.  Estab- 
lished about  1833 ;  at  first  published  in  newspaper  form,  especially  for- 
the  youth  of  the  church;  after  1850  published  thus  for  children,  and  in 
magazine  form  for  adults.  Childern's  edition  suspended  1876,  but  suc- 
ceeded by  Children's  Work  for  Children,  q.  v.  under  Philadelphia ;  adult's 
edition  suspended  Dec,  1886,  and  succeeded  by  The  Church  at  Home  and 
Abroad,  q.  v.  under  Philadelphia. 

Foreign    Missionaby   Chronicle    (m).    Vols.    6-16.    1838-48.    Indexed. 

11  v.    O. 

Removed  hither  from  Pittsburg,  q.  v.,  Aug.,  1837.  Organ  of  Presby- 
terian Foreign  Missionary  Society ;  styled  Missionary  Chronicle,  Jan., 
1842;  thereafter  contained  both  home  and  foreign  intelligence;  suc- 
ceeded Jan.,  1850,  by  Borne  and  Foreign  Record. 

Mobel-Abbeit-eb  Journal    (s-m).    1883-86    (scat.  nos.).    2  v.    F. 

Consolidated  with  Furniture-Workers'  Journal,  q.  v.,  Jan.,  1886 ;  each 
number  thereafter  half  German,  half  English. 

Momtjs  (d;  w).    Vol.  1.    Apr.-July,  1860.    F. 
Comic  paper;  of  short  duration. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

New  Yobk  City,  continued: 

Moose's  Rural  New  Yorker  (w).    1870;  1873.    Indexed.    2  v.    Ps. 

Established  1850  by  D.  D.  T.  Moore,  at  Rochester ;  conducted  by 
him  till  1876.  Published  by  G.  A.  C.  Barnett  and  edited  by  Andrew  S. 
Fuller,  1877-79.  Styled  Rural  New  Yorker,  1880 ;  conducted  by  Elbert 
S.  Carman  1880-99.     No  later  mention  in  directories. 

Mobning  Watch  (w).    Jan.-March,  1845,  4  nos. 

With  Second  Adventist  Newspapers,  1842-47.  Continuation  of  Mid- 
night Cry,  q.  v. ;  edited  by  Joshua  V.  Himes. 

Mobbis's  National  Press   (w).    Feb.-Nov.,  1846.    Fs. 

Successor  of  New  Mirror ;  styled  Home  Journal,  q.  v.,  Nov.,  1846. 

Motheb  Eaeth  (m).     Mar.,  1906+     O. 

Founded  Mar.,  1906;  published  by  Emma  Goldman;  edited  since  Sept., 
1906,  by  Alexander  Berkman.  Devoted  to  a  union  of  social  science  and 
literature  with  anarchism. 

Motoe  Review    (w).    July-Dec,  1901.    O.     (Old  series,  Vol.   8;   new 
series,  Vol.  4). 

Published  in  1901  by  Emil  Grossman  &  Co. ;  edited  by  Charles  W. 
Mears  and  W.  P.  Stephens. 

"Mott  and  Huetin's  New  York  Weekly  Chronicle.    Apr.  2,  1795. 

With  Poughkeepsie  Journal,  1792-95.  Established  Jan.,  1795,  by 
Jacob  S   Mott  and  William  Hurtin. 

Weekly  Museum.  July-Nov.,  1792,  12  nos.;  Jan.,  1793-Nov.,  1794;  Jan., 
1795-May,  1799;  May,  1801-Mar.,  1809;  Jan.,  1811-Dec,  1812; 
Jan.,  1813-Apr.,  1814;  May,  1815-Apr.,  1816.  Indexed.  11  v.  Q. 
Founded  1787  by  John  Harrisson  and  published  by  him  till  his  death, 
Oct.,  1804 ;  by  his  widow,  Margaret  Harrisson,  till  her  death,  Mar.,  1808 ; 
by  Charles  Harrisson,  till  May,  1812.  Then  sold  to  James  Oram,  who 
published  it  as  late  as  Apr.,  1816.  New  series  began  Jan.,  1813.  Styled 
N.  Y.  Weekly  Museum,  Aug.,  1805. 

New  York  Musical  World.    Extra.    July  19,  1856. 

Nation  (w).    Vols.  1-91.    July,  1865-1910.    Indexed.     90  v.    F.    1911+ 
Established  1865  by  E.  L.  Godkin ;  edited  by  him  and  Wendell  P.  Gar- 
rison   till  June,    1906,   when   Hammond   Lamont    (managing   editor   since 
1900)   succeeded  Garrison.     He  was  soon  succeeded  in  turn  by  the  pres- 
ent editor,  Paul  Elmer  More.     Since  1881  owned  by  N.  Y.  Evening  Post. 

Nepszaba   (w).     Apr.  18,  1900. 

New  Eea  (m).    Vol.  1,  No.  1.    Nov.,  1878. 

Pictorial  journal  of  the  age,  published  by  John  Cochran. 

New  Mieboe  (w).    Vols.  1-3.    Apr.,  1843— Sept.,  1844.    3  v.    Q. 

Successor  of  N.  T.  Mirror,  q.  v. ;  edited  by  G.  P.  Morris,  afterwards  by 
Morris  and  N.  P  Willis ;  continued  as  Evening  Mirror  (d) ,  Oct.,  1844 ; 
was  edited  by  Edgar  A.  Poe,  1844-45,  and  first  published  his  poem  "The 
Raven ;"   succeeded  by  Morris's  National  Press,  q.  v.,  Feb.   1846. 


New  York 

New  Nation  (w).    July  16,  1864. 

New  Thought  (m).    July,  1904. 

New  Voice  (m).    Dec,  1898-Aug.,  1899  (incomp.).    F«. 
See  Voice;  also  Kew  Voice  under  Chicago. 

New  World  (w).    May  30,  1840;  Jan.  1,  Mar.  4,  1841. 

New    World    (w).    Vols.    1-5.     1841-June,    1843.     Indexed.     5    v.     F4. 

Vols.  6-9.     July,  1843-May,  1845.     Indexed.     4  v.     Q. 

Edited  ^  by  Park  Benjamin,  Epes  Sargent,  and  John  Neal ;  published 
by  Jonas  Winchester;  its  specialty  was  the  issue  of  complete  English 
novels ;  merged  in  Emporium,  1845. 

New  World  Monthly  Messenger.    Apr.  29,  1843. 

New  Yorker  (w).    1836-40,  3  nos.    Vols.  1-11.    Mar.,  1836— Sept.,  1841. 
Indexed.    10  v.    F. 
Edited  by  Horace  Greeley  ;  succeeded  by  N.  Y.  Tribune,  q.  v. 

New  York  News  (d).    1857,  2  nos.;  1861,  7  nos.    F«. 

Nobdiske  Blade. 

See  same  title,  under  Brooklyn. 

Noedlyset    (w).     Norwegian.     1896- June,  1897.     F«. 

Founded  1891  by  Johan  Volk,  and  conducted  by  him  till  1900.  No 
later  mention  in  directories. 

Northwest  Magazine  (m).  Vols.  1-21.  1883-1903.  18  v.  F.  Vol.  22. 
1903   (incomp.). 

Published  by  E.  V.  Smalley.  Issued  also  at  St.  Paul,  Minn.,  q.  v. ;  later 
at  St.  Paul  and  Minneapolis.  Suspended,  1904.  Styled  Smalley's,  June, 

Norton's  Literary  Advertiser  (m).    Vol.  1.    June-Dec,  1851.    F4. 
Continued  as  Norton's  Literary  Gazette. 

Norton's  Literary  Gazette  (m;  s-m,  1854).  Vols.  2-5.  1852-Aug.,  1855. 
Indexed.    3  v.    F4. 

Established  by  Charles  B.  Norton,  publisher  of  first  issue  of  Poole's 
"Index  to  Periodicals,"  and  prominent  in  organizing  first  convention  of 
librarians  (New  York,  1853)  ;  edited  by  him  till  July,  1855,  also  for  a 
time  by  S.  Hastings  Grant;  continued  as  Amer.  Publishers'  Circular,  q.  v., 
and  edited  by  Charles  E.  Rode  until  purchased  by  G.  W.  Childs  (1863) 
and  removed  to  Philadelphia. 

New  York  Observer  (w).  1832-33;  Apr.,  1833-Dec,  1834;  1835-40.  F*. 
1841-44.  Fs.  1845-50.  F?.  1851-55.  Fe.  1856-72;  Mar.  13, 
1873;  1881-90,  scat,  nos.;  1892-93.  Ft.  All  indexed.  1894-95; 
1897;  1898  (incomp.);   1899;  1901-1904.    F*. 

Established  1820.  by  Sidney  E.  Morse,  one  of  the  founders  of  Bol- 
ton Recorder;  edited  many  years  by  him ;  by  S.  I.  Prime  ("Irena5U8, 
pseud.),    1840-85.     Presbyterian. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

New  York  Cut,  continued: 

Olive  Branch  (w).    Vol.  1.    June,  1827-Apr.,  1828.    Q. 

Edited  by  Abner  Kneeland ;   merged  in,  Christian  Inquirer,  May,   1828i- 

Oracle  and  Daily  Advertiser.    English  and  French.    May  7,  1808. 

With  X.  T.  and  Phila.  newspapers,  1801-10.     Founded  1808,  by  J.  J. 

Ottb  Country  (w;  m,  Oct.,  1886).   Vols.  1-2.   July,  1885-June,  1887.   F4.. 
Founded   July,    1885,   by   American    Society   to  Promote   Justice.     Con- 
ducted   by    them    till    1888.     No     later     mention     in     directories.     Anti- 

Oub  Times  (s-m).    July  4,  18,  1874. 

Outlook  (w).    Vols.  48-54.    July,  1893-1896.    7  v.    Indexed.    F.    Vols- 
55-95.     1897-1910.     41  v.     O.     1911+ 
Successor  of  Christian  Union,  q.  v. 

Painter  (m).    July,  Oct.,  1896;  Apr.,  1897. 

Paper  Mill  and  Wood  Pulp  News    (w).    Vols.   23-25.     1900-1902    (in- 
comp.).     3  v.     F4. 

Founded  1876.     Published  since  1S87  by  Jjyman  D.  Post  &  Co.     Style* 
Paper  Mill  and  Wood  Pulp  A'ev;s  since  1892. 

Parish  Visitor  (m).     1866,  3  nos. 

Patent  Record   (w).     July-Dec,  1867.     F. 

With  American  Artisan,  1867 :  is  supplement  thereto. 

Pathfinder  (w).    Vol.  1.     Feb.-June,  1843.    F. 

With  Plaindealer,  N.  Y.     Successor  to  Weekly  Morning  Post;  published 
by  Parke  Godwin.     Only  fifteen  numbers  issued. 

New  York  Pathfinder  (s-w).     June  1,  19,  1848. 

With  Eastern  and   Western  Newspapers,   1841-49.     Transportation. 

New  York  Patriot  (w).    Mar.  30,  1816. 

With    Middle    and    Western    Newspapers,    1811-20.     Published    by    E- 

Pattern  Makers'  Journal. 

See  same  title,  under  Cincinnati,  O. 

Penny  Magazine  (w).     Mar-June,  1832.     Q. 
New  York  reprint  of  London  publication. 

People  (w).    Apr.,  1892-June,  1900.    2  v.    Fs.    June,  1900-1910.    5  t. 
F°.     1911+ 

Same  (d).    July,  1900-Sept,  1907.    15  v.    F^ 


New  York 

Same.     Sunday  edition,  July-Dec,  1900.    F  ». 

Founded  1891.  Organ  of  Socialist-Labor  Party.  Published  by  So- 
cialist Co-op.  Pub.  Soc.  1896-July,  1899 ;  since  them  by  Socialist-Labor 
Party ;  edited  by  its  secretary.  Styled  Weekly  People  since  June  23, 

People  (w).    July,  1900-Apr.,  1901.    Fr. 

Organ  of  Social  Democratic  Party.  Styled  Worker,  q.  v.,  Apr.  28, 

People's  Advocate  (w).    Aug.,  1893-Oct.,  1894.    F«. 

Founded  1892  by  Advocate  Ptg.  Assn.,  and  conducted  by  it  till  1895; 
Schoepflin  &  Foster,   1895-96.     No  later  mention  in  directories. 

People's  Cause  (m).    1889,  3  nos. 

People's  Journal  (m).    Vol.  1.    Nov.,  1853-Apr.,  1854.    Q. 

Published  by  Alfred  E.  Beach,  solicitor  of  patents;  devoted  to  agri- 
culture, mechanics,  and  science. 

Philanthropist  (m).    1887,  3  nos. 

Phunny  Phellow  (m).    June,  1861. 

New  York  Picayune  (w).    Aug.  10,  24,  1850. 

Pictoeial  Messenger  (m).    Mar.,  1855. 

Pictorial  Nick-Nax.    Holidays,  1863-64. 

Family  Pictorial  (m).    June-Sept.,  1860. 
With  Illus.  Newspapers,  1851-73. 

Pioneer  (w).    Jan.,  1889-Nov.,  1890.    Fe. 

Founded  1885,  by  John  Dougall  &  Co.,  and  conducted  by  them  till 
1890.  No  later  mention  in  directories.  Edited  most  of  the  time  by 
George  B.  Scott.     Temperance. 

Plaindealer  (w).    Vol.  1.    Dec,  1836-Sept.,  1837.    F. 

Established  by  William  Leggett,  formerly  assistant  editor  of  Evening 
Post.     Suspended   within   the    year. 

Plebeian  (d).    July  9,  1844. 

A  Pointer  (m).    Vols.  7-11.    June,  1890— Dec,  1894.    2  v.    F. 

Illustrated  journal  giving  information  for  travellers.  Edited  by  Reau 
Campbell  and  Bess  Mitchell. 

National  Police  Gazette  (w).    June  26,  1852. 

Political  Liberty  Herald  (w).    1901-1904,  scat.  nos.    F<s. 

Pomeboy's  Democrat  (w).    1869-78.    F4-6.     (1872  has  Sunday  edition). 
Conducted  by  Mark  M.   Pomeroy.     See  same  title,  under  Chicago,  111. 

Porter's  Spirit  of  the  Times  (w).    Sept.,  1856-June,  1859,  16  nos.    Fs„ 
Founded   by   William   T.   Porter,   who   in   1831   established  first  weekly 
sporting  paper  in  D.  S. ;  succeeded  by  Willies'  Spirit  o]  the  Times,  q.  v., 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

New  Yobk  City,  continued: 

Poeteait  Monthly  of  the  N.  Y.  Illustrated  News.     July,  1863-June,  1864* 
Published. by  T.  B.  Leggett  &  Co.     See  N.  Y.  Illustrated  News. 

New  York  Post.    1862-65. 

Note  book,  containing  index.     In  Map  and  MSS.  Room. 

Evening  Post  (s-w).  1819;  1820- June,  1821;  1824-Mar.,  1829.  9  v.  Fs.. 
1849.  Ft.  1850-59;  Aug.,  1862- Apr.,  1866;  Sept.,  1874-Mar.,  1876. 
20  v.     Fs.     1877-Aug.,  1882.     3  v.     Fs. 

Established  Nov.,  1801,  as  a  Federalist  organ,  under  patronage  o* 
Hamilton,  Jay,  and  others ;  edited  by  William  Coleman,  1801-29 ;  W.  C. 
Bryant,  1828-78;  Carl  Schurz,  1881-83;  E.  L.  Godkin,  1883-99;  Horace 
White,  1899-1904  ;  since  then  by  Rollo  Ogden.  Became  under  Bryant  an 
advocate  of  free  trade. 

New  York  Morning  Post  (s-w).    Nov.  7,  1783  (fac-simile). 

With   Royal   Gazette,   1781-83.     Published    by   Morton   &    Horner. 

New  York  "Weekly  Post.     1874-77,  scat,  nos.;  Sept.,  1895-97.     F«. 

Same   (d).     1802    (very  incomp.);   1803;   1804    (very  incomp.); 

1805;  Feb.-Oct,  1806;  Jan.,  May-Dec,  1807  (very  incomp.);  1808,. 
1811,  scat,  nos.;  Feb.-Dec.,  1812.  9  v.  Fs.  May-Nov.,  1845;  Mar.y 
1847-Apr.,  1848.  Ft.  1860-64;  1867;  Oct.,  1869-June,  1878.  28  v. 
Fs.     1898-1910.     56  v.     F«.     1911+ 

Postal  Progress  (m).    Vol.  1,  Nos.  1-6.    Feb.-Aug.,  1907.     Q. 

Published  by  Postal  Progress  League,  and  edited  by  James  L.  Cowles 
till  suspension,  Aug.,  1907. 

New  York  Post  Boy  (w).     Mar -June,  1746,  9  nos.    F. 

Established  by  James  Parker,  1742 ;  united  (Jan.,  1743)  with  New 
York  Gazette,  q.  v. 

Pmss  (d).    July-Nov.,  1888;  July,  1891-June,  1894.    13  v.    Ff>. 

Pounded  1887,  by  N.  Y.  Press  Co.  Edited  by  Robert  P.  Porter,  1888^ 
90 ;  James  Phillips  Jr.,  1891-94  ;  Lemuel  E.  Quigg,  1895-96 ;  since  then, 
Ervin  Wardman. 

American  Pbessman. 

See  same  title,  under  Cincinnati,  O. 

Pbincipia  (w).     1862-Aug.,  1864.     Fs.     June  29,  1865. 

Founded  1859.  Published  (Jan.,  1862)  by  William  Goodell  and  Sam- 
uel Wilde.  On  death  of  latteT  in  Feb.,  J.  W.  Alden,  formerly  of  Brno*- 
cipation,  became  o^ner  and  published  the  paper  till  Aug.,  1864.  At 
that  time  notice  was  given  of  intended  merger  with  National  Era  of 
Washington.  Goodell  was  editor  alone  till  Sept.,  1862  ;  then  with  George- 
B.   Cheever.    Abolition. 

Pkinteb  (m).    Vols.  1-4.    1859-63,  scat.  nos.    F. 
Published  by  John  Henry  and  John  Greason. 


New  York 

Printeb's  Ink  (w).    Vols.  2-73.    1890-1910.    46  v.    O.    1911+ 

Founded  1888.  Conducted  in  1889  by  Charles  I.  Benjamin;  sines- 
then  by  George  P.  Rowell  &  Co.     Advertising. 

Pbogeess  (m).    Vols.  1-3.    Aug.,  1882-85.    F4. 

Organ  of  Cigar-makers'  Progressive  Union.  Published  by  H.  Walther, 
1886.     No  later  mention  In  directories. 

Pbogeess   (m).    Dec,  1884;  June,  1900;   Apr.,  1902. 

Pbogbessive  Aoe  and  Water  Gas  Journal  (s-m).    Vols.  5-13.    1887-95. 

9  v.    F. 

Founded  1S83.  Published  by  Progressive  Age  Pub.  Co.,  1889-1900; 
since  then  by  E.  C.  Brown.  Edited  by  F.  R.  Sprague,  1889-90 ;  since 
then  by  Brown.     Styled  Progressive  Age  after  1890. 


See   same   title,   under   Philadelphia,   Pa. 

Public  Health  (w).    Vol.1.    July-Aug.,  1879.    Q. 
Edited  by  Edward  J.  Birmingham. 

Public  Seevice  Review  (w).    Vol.  1,  No.  1.    May  5,  1887. 

Publishers'  and  Stationers'  Weekly  Trade  Circular.    Vols.  1-2.    1872* 
Indexed.    2  v.    O. 

Successor  of  Amer.  Pub.  Circular,  q.  v.  (also  under  Philadelphia)  ; 
founded    by   F.    Leypoldt ;    continued   as   Publishers'   Weekly. 

Publishers' Weekly.    Vols.  3-77.    1873-1910.    Indexed.    75  v.    O.    1911+ 

Founded  1852  by  F.  Leypoldt  and  conducted  by  him  till  1879 ;  Ley- 
poldt and  R.  R.  Bowker,  1880-85  ;  since  then  by  Bowker. 

Railroad  Gazette  (w).    Vols.  3-16.    Oct.,  1871-84.    Indexed.    14  v.    F4. 
Established    1870.    by    A.    N.    Kellogg,   as   successor   of   Western  B.    B. 
Gazette;    edited    by    S.    Wright   Dunning   and   M.    N.    Forney ;   published 
by  them  after  April,  1873.     See  same  title  under  Chicago,  111. 

American    Railroad    Journal    (w).     Vols.    1-17.     1845-61.     Indexed. 
17  v.    Q. 

American  Railroad  Journal  and  Advocate  of  Internal  Improvements- 
(w).     Vol.  5.     1836.     Indexed.     O. 
First    railroad    journal    in    Europe    or    America;    founded    1831;    pub- 
lished by  D.   K.  Minor   and  George   C.   Schaeffer;   edited   by  Minor;   sus- 
pended early  in  1838. 

American  Raileoad  Journal   and   Mechanics'   Magazine    (s-m).    Vols, 
7-17.    July,  1838-44.    Indexed.    11  v.    O. 

Continuation  of  first  Amer.  K.  B.  Journal,  revived  (July,  1838)  by 
Minor  and  Schaeffer,  having  absorbed  the  Mechanics'  Magazine;  con- 
ducted by  them  till  May,  1844;  by  Minor  alone  till  Feb.,  1849;  there- 
after published  by  J.  H.  Shultz  &  Co..  and  edited  by  Henry  V.  Poor. 
Removed  to  Philadelphia,  Nov.,  1846;  returned  to  New  York,  Dec,  1848. 
Subtitle    changed    to   General   Advertiser,    during   1845-47 ;    to    Uanujao- 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

New  Yoek  City,  continued: 

turers'  and  Mining  Gazette,  during  1848 ;  dropped  Jan.,  1849.  Published 
monthly,  1843-44 ;  weekly  thereafter.  At  first,  devoted  to  all  internal 
improvements ;  alter  union  with  Mechanics'  Magazine,  included  machin- 
ery and  manufactures ;  after  1844,  added  mining ;  and,  under  Poor's 
editorship,  commerce,  finance,  insurance,  and  banking.  (Removed  to  TJ. 
W.  Library,  Railroad  section). 

Railroad  Men   (m).    June,  1903. 

Railway  Conductors'  Monthly. 

See  same  title,  under  Elmira. 

Railway  Monitor  (m).    Vol.  1.    1873.    Indexed.    F.    Nov.  15,  1874. 

Founded  1873,  by  William  B.  Dana  &  Co.  and  conducted  by  them  till 
1875.     No  later  mention  in  directories. 

Real  Estate  Record  and  Builders' Guide  (w).    Vols.  41-75.    1888-Jan., 
1905.     Indexed.     35  v.    F. 

Founded  March,  IStiS.  Published  by  Record  and  Guide  Co.  Managed 
by  H.  W.  Desmond.     Styled  Record  and  Guide  since  1895. 

Record  and  Guide. 

See  Real  Estate  Record. 

New  York  Recobdee  (d).    Nov.,  1891-June,  1894.    16  v.    F  «. 

Founded  1891,  by  Recorder  Pub.  Co.,  and  conducted  by  them  till  1896. 
Edited  by  George  W.  Turner,  1894-96.     No  later  mention  in  directories. 

Reflectob  (w).    Vol.  1,  nos.  1-25.     May-Nov.,  1886.    F*. 
Published  by  Reflector  Pub.  Co.     Labor. 

Refoem    (s-w;    d).    German.    Mar-Dec,    1853;    Jan.-Apr.,    1854    (in- 
comp.).    2  v.    F«. 

American  Refobmeb  (bi-w).    Vols.  1-2.    Dec,  1882-Dec,  1884.    F. 

Founded  Dec,  1882,  by  Reformer  Pub.  Co.  and  conducted  by  it  till 
1884.  No  later  mention  in  directories.  Contains  articles  by  leading 
temperance  workers.     Temperance. 

Republican  Watchtoweb  (w).    Nov.  5, 1800. 

With  Poughkeepsie  Journal,  1792-95.     Published  by  D.  Denniston. 

Same  (s-w).    Apr.  1,  June  10,  1808. 

With  N.  Y.  and  Fhila.  Newspapers,  1801-10.  Published  by  James 
Cheetham ;  apparently  the  American  11-  atchman  under  a  new  title.  See 
Greenleaf's  N.  Y.  Journal. 

Republik  der  Arbeiter  (m;  w).     ISSO'-Apr.,  1855.     4  v.     Q. 

Review  of  Reviews  (m).    Vols.  1-42.    1890-191O.    42  v.    O.    1911+ 

Conducted  by  William  T.  Stead,  1890-93 — since  then,  English  edition 
by  him ;  American  by  Albert  Shaw.  Styled  American  Monthly  Review  of 
Reviews  since  July,  1897. 


New  York 

Revolution  (w).    1869;  Feb.-Apr.,  1870.    Fs. 

Organ  of  wompn's  suffrage  associations ;  conducted  by  Susan  B.  An- 
thony, Parker  Pillsbury,  and  Elizabeth  Cady  Stanton,  1866-70;  merged 
in  Literal  Christian,  1870. 

RruGWAY's  (w).    Oct.,  1906-Feb.,  1907  (incomp.).    Q. 

Founded  Oct.,  1906.  Issued  from  fourteen  cities  simultaneously,  for 
six  weeks  ;  then  curtailed.  Edited  by  Erman  J.  Eidgway ;  associate  edi- 
tors, William  Hard,  Frederic  C.  Howe,  Edward  W.  Townsend,  Beriah 
Brown,   Samuel  Hopkins  Adams,  and  others.     Suspended  Feb.,  1907. 

Rivington's  New  York  Gazetteer;  or,  the  Connecticut,  Hudson's  River, 
New  Jersey,  and  Quebec  Weekly  Advertiser.  1774,  42  nos.;  1775, 
32  nos.     2  v.     Ps. 

Established  Apr.,  1773,  by  James  Eivington,  son  of  the  well-known 
London  publisher ;  organ  of  the  Royalists ;  suspended  Nov.,  1775-Oct., 
1777,  then  continued  as  Royal  Gazette;  suspended  Anally  in  1783. 

Road  (s-m).    Vols.  1-2.    Feb.,  1875-Jan.,  1877.    Indexed.    Q. 

Founded  1875.  Published  (1S76)  by  Thomas  S.  Fernon.  No  later 
mention  in  directories.     Railways. 

Round  Table  (w).  Dec,  1863-July,  1864.  F4.  1866.  Q.  1868.  2  v. 

Published  by  H.  E.  and  C.  H.  Sweetser;  edited  later  by  Henry  Sedley; 
united  with  Citizen,  and  edited  by  Robert  B.  Roosevelt  after  death  o£ 
Halpine,  till  suspension,  1873.  Sued  by  Charles  Reade  (1870)  for  un- 
favorable review  of  Griffith  Gaunt;  decision  for  defendant.  The  Citizen 
was  organ  of  the  Citizens'  Association,  headed  by  Peter  Cooper ;  oppon- 
ent of  municipal  corruption ;  edited  by  C.  G.  Halpine  ("Miles  O'Reilly," 
pseud.  1  till  his  death  in  1868.  Published  for  »  time  by  Thomas  McEl- 
rath,  afterwards  of  N.  Y.  Tribune. 

Royal  Gazette  (s-w).    1778-80,  9  nos.    1781-83,  16  nos.    F». 

With  N.  Y.  Gdzette,  1776-80.  Continuation  of  Rivington's  N.  Y.  Gazet- 
teer, q.  v.  A  humorous  poem  by  Major  Andre  was  printed  in  Royal 
Gazette  on  the  day  of  its  author's  capture ;  suspended,  1783. 

Royal  American  Gazette  (s-w).    1777-80,  5  nos.;  1782-83,  4  nos.    Fs. 

With  K.  Y.  Gazette,  1776-80;  and  Royal  Gazette,  1781-83.  Estab- 
lished 1776,  by  A.  &  J.  Robertson,  formerly  publishers  of  N.  Y.  Chronicle. 

Rural  New  Yorker. 

See  Moore's  Rural  Neio  Yorker. 

St.  Andbew's  Cross. 

See  same  title,  under  Chicago,  111. 

Sanitaby  Commission  Bulletin  (s-m;  m,  May,  1865).    Vols.  1-3.    Nov., 
1863-Aug.,  1865.     Indexed.     3  v.     O. 
Removed  to   Philadelphia,  Oct.,   1864;   and  to  Washington,  July,  1865. 

Sanitary  Engineer  (s-m).    Vols.  3-4.    Nov.,  1880-May,  1881.    F. 

Edited  by  Charles  F.  Wingate.  „ 

13— N.  C.  [  193  ] 

Newspaper  Catalogue 

New  Yobk  City,  continued: 

— Same  (w).    Vols.  11,  13-14.    Dec.,  1884-May,  1885;  Dec,  1885- 

Nov.,  1886.    Indexed.    3  v.    F. 

Published  In  both  New  York  and  London;  conducted  by  H.  C.  Meyer 
till  1887. 

Satubday  Emporium.    Feb.  6,  1847. 


.Savings  and  Loan  Review   (m).    1898,  9  nos.    Q.    1899-1900,  4  nos. 
1902-1903.    O. 

Founded  Apr.  1881.  Edited  by  M.  P.  Van  Buskirk  till  Jan.,  1898; 
John  H.  Kennard  and  Bird  M.  Robinson,  Jan.,  1898-1903.  No  later  data 

Science  (w).    Vols.  6-9.    July,  1885-June,  1887.    4  v.    O.    Vols.  10L-23. 
July,  1887-Mar.,  1894.    13  v.    Q.    All  indexed. 

Same.    New  series.    Vols.  1-2.    1895.    2  v.    Q. 

Established  at  Cambridge,  Mass.,  1883,  by  Alexander  Graham  Bell; 
edited  by  Samuel  H.  Scudder  till  removal  from  Cambridge,  in  1885,  and 
since  by  N.  D.  C.  Hodges,  aided  at  various  times  by  J.  H.  Raymond,  D. 
G.  Brinton,  Frana  Boas,  and  others ;  temporarily  suspended,  Mar. — Dee., 
1894 :  published  by  American  Association  for  Advancement  of  Science  for 
several  years ;  since  1901  by  Macmillan  Co. ;  now  edited  by  J.  McKean 

Scientific  American  (w).    Old  series.    Vol.  1.    Aug.,  1845-Sept.,  184'6. 
F».    Vols.  2-14.    Sept.,  1846-June,  1859.    Indexed.    13  v.    F4. 

Same  (w).    New  series.    Vols.  1-86.    1859-1902.    77  v.    F*. 

Scientific  American  Supplement  (w).  Vols.  1-38.  1876-94.  Indexed. 
38  t.  P«. 
Pounded  1845,  by  Kufus  Porter;  July,  1846,  sold  by  him  to  Orson 
'  Desaix  Munn  and  Alfred  E.  Beach  (Munn  &  Co.)  ;  in  1847  absorbed  Me- 
chanic's Journal  of  Albany,  whose  editor,  Robert  McParland,  succeeded 
Porter  on  Scientific  American.  In  1849  Salem  H.  Wales  bought  an  in- 
terest in  the  firm  and  became  one  of  the  editors.  In  1871  he  retired; 
Munn  and  Beach  continued  as  editors  till  the  latter's  death  (1896) — 
Munn  died  in  1907.  Since  then  conducted  by  Charles  Allen  Munn  and 
Frederick  Converse  Beach. 

Scientific  Mechanic    (w).    Vol.   1.    Aug.,   1847-May,    1848.    Indexed. 

F  8. 

Scottish  American  Journal  (w).    May  22,  1858. 
Season  (m).    Feb.,  Mar.,  1870. 

Sentinel  of  Christian  Liberty  (m).    Dec,  1901-Sept.,  1903.    O. 

See  American  Sentinel.  '■ 


New  York 

American  Sentinel  (w).    Vols.  12-15.    1897-1900.    4  v.    Q. 

FoundPd  1886  at  Oakland,  Cal. ;  published  by  Pacific  Press  Pub.  Co. 
Issued  monthly  till  1889.  In  1890  moved  to  New  York  and  published  by 
Internatl.  Religious  Liberty  Assn.  till  May,  1900 ;  from  May,  1900-Oct. 
1901,  published  in  Chicago  as  Sentinel  of  Liberty;  then  re-purchased  by 
Pacific  Pub.  Co.  published  at  New  York ;  in  Oct.,  1903,  moved  to 
Washington,  q.  v.,  and  issued  by  Review  and  Herald  Pub.  Co.  till  suspen- 
sion, Feb.,  1904. 

American  Sbntey  (w).    1883.    P«. 

Founded  1875.  Published  by  D.  H.  Hopkins,  1882-84.  No  later  men- 
tion In  directories.     Greenback. 

Shambock,  or  Hibernian  Chronicle  (w).    Aug.-Oct,  1812,  6  nos.    Fb. 

With  Middle  and  Western  Newspapers,  1811-20.  Established  1811,  by 
Edward  Gillespy :  edited  by  Thomas  O'Conner  (formerly  editor  of  Mili- 
tary Monitor),  1818;  succeeded  by  Truth  Teller,  1825. 

Shoe  and  Leather  Reporter  (w).    Apr.  8,  15,  1869. 

Shoe  and  Leather  Worker   (s-m).    Vol.  1.    Sept.  1,  15',  Dec.  1,  1887. 

Single  Tax  Review  (q).    1902+   (incomp.).    O. 

Founded  1891,  as  successor  of  National  Single  Tamer,  q.  v. 

National  Single  Taxes  (m).    Dec,  1897;  Jan.,  Mar.,  Aug.-Dec,  1899; 
Jan.-Apr.,  Dec,  1900;  Jan.,  1901.    Q. 

Founded  1S91,  organ  of  Single  Tax  League  of  U.  S.  and  Canada. 
Published  by  Single  Tax  Co. ;  later  by  George  Hampton ;  since  1901  by 
Joseph  Dana  Miller.  Published  in  Minneapolis  till  1898.  Succeeded  by 
Single  Tax  Review,  q.  v.        , 

Social  Economist  (m).    Jan.,  1892. 

Social  Science  (w).    July-Oct,  1887,    F*. 

Founded  1886,  by  Social  Science  Review  Co.,  and  conducted  by  them 
till  1888.     No  later  mention  in  directories. 

Social  Service  (m;  q;  m).    1900-1906.    O. 

Founded  1889,  by  League  for  Social  Service,  and  published  by  It  till 
1903 ;  then  by  American  Institute  o'f  Social  Service.  Edited  by  Josiah 
Strong  and  William  H.  Tolman  till  May,  1904. 

Social  Unity  (m).    1901,  7  nos.    O. 

Socialist  (w).    Apr.-Dec,  1908.    Fs-4. 

Continuation  of  Worker,  q.  v.  Published  by  Workingmen's  Co-op.  Pub. 
Assn.  for  N.  Y.  Socialist  party.  Dec.  S,  1908,  became  weekly  edition  of 
N.  T.  Call,  q.  v. 

Soldier's  Friend  (w).    June,  1868-Sept,  1869.    F«. 

Founded  June,  1868,  by  William  Oland  Bourne  and  conducted  by  him 
till   1869.     No  later  mention  in  directories. 

Solidarity   (s-w).    Oct.,   27,  1892.    F. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

New  York  City,  continued: 

Solidabitt  (m).    July,  1902;  Jan.,  1904;  Apr.,  1906-June,  1908.     Q. 

Founded  1901,  by  Workingmen's  Literary  Society  and  still  being  pub- 
lished by  them  in  1908. 

South  (w;  m,  Jan.,  1878).    Oct.,  1876-Jan.,  1882.    F*. 

Established  1871 ;  devoted  to  commercial  and  manufacturing  interests 
of  Southern  states.  Published  by  South  Pub.  Co.,  till  1894.  No  later 
mention  in  directories. 

Sozialist  (w).     1885  (incomp.);  1887,  5  nos.;  Mar.  17,  1888.    Fb. 

Spectator  (s-w).  Oct.,  1797-July,  1799;  July,  1799-Dec,  1800.  2  T. 
Fs.  June,  1800-June,  1801;  June,  1801-May,  1802;  Jan.-Nov., 
1803.     3  v.     F«.    Nov.  1,  1809. 

See  Herald,  1795-97,  note.  Spectator  issued  Oct.,  1797,  by  the  former 
publisher  of  the  Herald,  George  P.  Hopkins.  In  July,  1799,  Hop- 
kins sold  to  Noah  Webster  Jr.,  and  Ebenezer  Belden  (E.  Belden  &  Co), 
who  published  the  paper  till  Not.,  1803,  then  sold  to  Z.  Lewis.  Pub 
lished  by  Lewis  &  Hall,  Sept,  1815-Sept,  1818 ;  Francis  Hall  &  Co.,  Aug., 

New  York  Spectator    (s-w).     Sept.,  1815-Jan.,  1817;    Jan.-May,  1817; 
July,    1817-Sept,    1818.     3    v.    Fs.     Nov.,    1823-Dec,    1825,   scat, 
nos.;    May,   1826-Aug.,   1828.     2   v.     F«.     Aug.,    1829-Apr.,   1863. 
33  v.    F8-T. 
See  Spectator,  note. 

Same.    Oct.  24,  1804. 

With  N.  J.  and  Phila.  Newspapers,  1801-1810. 

Same.    Feb.  1,  1815;  June  27,  1817. 

With  Middle  and   Western  newspapers,  1811-20. 

Spectator  (m).    1872-73.    Indexed.    2  v.    F. 

Founded  1868.  Published  by  J.  H.  and  C.  M.  Goodsell,  1870-73;  since 
then   by   Spectator   Co.     Insurance. 

Spirit  of  the  Age  (w).    Vols.  1-2.    July,  1849-Apr.,  1850.    2v.ini.    Q. 
Edited  by  William  H.  Channing. 

Spirit  of  the  Fair  (d).     Apr.  5-23,  1864.     Q. 
Organ  of  Sanitary  Fair. 

Spirit  of  Missions   (m).    Vols.  2-61.    1837-96.    Indexed.    60  v.    O. 

Organ  of  Board  of  Missions  of  Protestant  Episcopal  Church  in  United 
States ;  after  1869,  of  Domestic  and  Foreign  Missionary  Society  of  same 

Spirit  of  '76  (m).    Vols.  1-4.    Oct.,  1894-Aug„  1898.    4  v.    Q. 

Organ  of  "Sons  of  the  Revolution"  and  other  patriotic  societies ;  edited 
by  William  H.  Brearley,  till  Mar.,  1895 ;  published  and  edited  by  Louis 
H.   Cornish,  June,  1897-1909.     No  later  mention  in  directories. 


New  York 

Spieit  of  the  Times  (w).    Mar.,  1839-Feb.,  1840.    F.    July,  1868-Nov., 

1871.    3  v.    Fs. 

Successor  of  Porter's  Spirit  o)  the  Times,  q.  v. ;  conducted  by  George 

Wilkes,   1858-79;   by  Elisha  A.   Buck  till   1893,   since   then  styled  Spirit 

of  Times  and  Hew  York  Sportsman.  Conducted  by  H.  A.  &  J.  F.  Buck 
till  1900.     No  later  data  obtainable. 

Spiritual  Telegraph  (w).    Sept.  17,  1853. 

American  Spiritualist  (w).    Feb.-June,  1872.    F4. 

Removed  from  Cleveland,  Ohio,  q.  v.  Edited  by  Hudson  Tuttle,  J.  M. 
Peebles,   and   others. 

Spread  the  Light  (bi-m).    1885,  5  nos.;  1886,  3  nos.    F. 

Founded  Mar.,  1885,  by  M.  Battle,  and  conducted  by  him  until  May, 
1886.     No   later  data   obtainable.     Single  Tax. 

Square  Deal    (m).    1905,   3  nos.;    1906-1907;    1908,   9   nos.;    1909-10, 
3  nos.    F*. 

Founded  1905.  Now  published  by  Citizens'  Industrial  Assn.  of 
America,    and   edited  by   Wilson   Vance. 

Sonntagsblatt  der  Staats-Zeitung.    June-Nov.,  1855.    F*. 

Standard  (w).     Vols.  1-12.     1887-Aug.,  1892.     6  v.    F«-F. 
Successor   of   Leader,  q.   v.     Suspended,   Aug.,   1892. 

New  York  Standard  and  Statesman  (s-w).     Mar -May,  1834.    Ft. 

With  Middle  and  Western  newspapers.  1831-40.  Established  about 
1827  by  John  M.  Mumford  as  a.  Jacksonian  organ. 

Standard  of  Union  (s-w).    Oct.  5,  1813. 

With  Middle  and  Western  Local  'Newspapers,  1811-20.  Edited  by 
Tunis  Wortman. 

Evening  Star  (d).    1836;  Jan.-Sept,  1837;  1838.    3  v.    Ft. 

Established  1834,  by  M.  M.  Noah,  founder  of  N.  Y.  Enquirer;  sup- 
ported Harrison's  candidacy ;   merged  in   Commercial  Advertiser,  1841. 

International  Steam  Engineer. 

See  same  title  under  Brooklyn,  N.  Y. 

Sterling  Weekly.    Feb.  27,  1897. 

Straight  Edge  (w).    Nov.,  1899- July,  1901.    2  v.    O. 

Issued  by  the  School  of  Methods  for  the  Application  of  the  Teachings 
of  Jesus  to  Business  and  Society.  Organ  of  a  co-operative  community  on 
Staten  Island.     Suspended  July,  1901. 

Stubmvogel  (s-m).    Jan.  15,  1898. 
Success  Magazine  (m).    1906,  7  nos.;  Jan.,  1907.    F. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

New  York  City,  continued: 

Sun  (d).  Jan.-Sept.,  1834.  Q.  Jan.;-June,  1835.  F4.  1848;  ffuly, 
1877-May,  1879;  Oct.,  1879-Mar.,  1880;  July-Dec,  1880;  1883- 
90;  Jan.-Mar.,  1892;  Oct.,  1892- June,  1898;  Nov.-Dec.,  1898;  Oct- 
Dec,  1900;  Jan-May,  1901  (incomp.);  Oct.,  1902-June,  1903; 
Sept.,  1903-May,  1904;  Oct.,  1904-May,  1905;  Oct.,  1905-June,  1906; 
Sept.,  1906-Apr.,  1907;  Sept.,  1907-May,  1908.  90  v.  F«.  1909*- 
1911,  scat.  nos. 

First  successful  one-cent  daily  in  New  York  City  (since  1861,  two 
cents)  ;  founded  Sept.,  1S33,  by  Benjamin  h!  Day ;  gained  notoriety 
(1835)  through  the  "Moon  Hoax;"  conducted  by  Moses  T.  Beach,  1837- 
68;  Charles  A.  Dana  till  3  897;  Paul  Dana,  1897-1900:  William  M.  Laf- 
fan,  1900-1909;  by  Edward  P.  Mitchell  till  Dec,  1911,  when  sold  to 
William  C,  Beick.  Among  its  associate  editors  were  Richard  A.  Locke 
(1835),  M.  M.  Noah  fl846),  Amos  J.  Cummings  (1868-73),  Henry  B. 
Stanton   (1868-87),  and  M.  W.  Hazeltine   (1875-1909). 

Weekly  Sun.  Sept.  3,  1833;  Sept.  22,  1862;  Apr.  25,  1865;  Apr.,  1876- 
Dec,  1881  (Incomp.);  Jan.-June,  1892;  1894.     3  v.    Fs. 

Survey  (m).  Vols.  1,  2,  4.  1898-99  (Incomp.).  Vols.  5-24.  1900- 
1910.    19  v.    O.    1911+ 

Founded  1897,  by  Charity  Organization  Soc.  of  N.  T.  City.  At  first, 
local  pamphlet  for  members.  Edited  by  Edward  T.  Devine,  Graham  Tay- 
lor and  Paul  D.  Kellogg.  Styled  Charities,  1898-1905 ;  Charities  and 
Commons,  1905-1909 ;  since  then,  Survey. 

New  York  Tablet  (w).    June,  1868-Dec,  1869.    2  v.    Fs. 

Founded  1857.  Conducted  by  D.  &  J.  Sadlier  &  Co.,  1870-1882;  M. 
Kerwin,  1883-1893.     No  later  mention  in  directories.     Roman  Catholic. 

Tailor  (m).  Vols.  1-4.  1888-94.  Ft.  Vols.  5-19.  Sept.,  1894-July, 
1909.     6  v.     Q.    Aug.,  1909+ 

Founded  1888,  by  Journeymen  Tailors'  Union ;  edited  by  John  B.  Lem- 
mon,  genl.  sec,  1894-July,  1910;  since  then  by  E.  J.  Brais.  Non-politi- 
cal.    Removed  to  Bloomington,  111.,  1896. 

Tax  Reformer  (bi-m).    May,  1887. 

Technologist  (m).    Vols.  1-2.    1870-71.    Indexed.    2  v.    Q. 

Published  by  J.  H.  Caswell,  L.  H.Mitchell,  and  others  (Industrial  Pub- 
lication Co.);  edited  by  John  Phin;  illustrated  journal  of  engineering, 
manufacturing,  and  building;  absorbed  National  Review  (published  by 
James  R.  Hosmer) ,  Dec,  1870 ;  after  1871,  styled  Industrial  Monthly. 

Telescope  (w).    Vols.  1-2.    June,  1824-May,  1826.    Indexed.    2  v.    F. 
Vols.  3-4.    June,  1826-May,  1828.    Indexed.    F*. 
Published  by  William  Burnett  &  Co.     Religious. 


See  same  title,  under  New  Brunswick,  N.  J. 


New  York 

National  Tempebance  Advocate    (m).    Vols.   1-2,   7,   12-27.    1866-67; 
1872;  1877-92.     19  v.  in  7.    F. 

Published  by  Natl.  Temperance  Soc.   and  Pub.   House.     Managed  by  J. 
N.  Stearns  till  1893.     Styled  National  Advocate  since  1900. 

Journal  of  the  American  Temperance  Union   (m).    Vols.  4-6,  10-12. 
1840-42;    1846-48.    Indexed.    2  v.    Q. 

See  same  title,   under  Philadelphia. 

Timepiece,   and   Literary  Companion    (tri-w).    Mar.,   1797-Aug.,   1798 
(incomp.).    F». 
Edited  successively   by   Philip   Freneau,   Matthew   L.    Dayis,   and  John 
D'Oley   Burke. 

New  York  Times  (d).  1853-June,  1879;  Aug.,  1882-Jan.,  1890;  Oct., 
1890L-june,  1897;  Dec,  1908-June,  1909;  1910;  Jan.-Feb.,  1911. 
161  v.     Fe. 

-  Same  (s>w).  May,  1834-Dec,  1836;  1837-38,  scat,  nos.;  Jan., 
1839-Mar.,  1840.  2  v.  Ff.  186?,  5  nos.;  1865,  2  nos.;  Nov.  26, 

Same  (w).     Jan.,  1853-Mar.,  1854.    F«. 

Founded  Sept.,  1851,  by  Henry  J.  Raymond  and  George  Jones  (son  of 
Horace  Greeley's  first  employer)  :  managed  by  them  during  life,  Raymond 
till  1869,  Jones  till  1891 ;  among  its  editors  were  Alexander  C.  Wilson, 
Caleb  C.  Norvell  (1852-70),  James  R.  Spalding,  E.  L.  Godkin,  W.  H. 
Hurlbert,  Charles  F.  Briggs,  George  Sheppard,  L.  J.  Jennings,  Charles  R. 
Miller  (since  1883),  and  others.  In  politics  Whig,  then  Republican; 
since  1893,  Independent  Democrat.  Exposed  Minnesota  land-stealing 
scheme  in  Congress,  1857 ;  led  the  war  on  Tammany  Ring,  1870-72. 
Published  after  1891  by  Gilbert,  son  of  George  Jones ;  controlled  since 
1896  by  Adolph  S.  Ochs.     An  index  for  1865  was  separately  Issued. 

Toledo  Sun  (w).    July  15,  1875. 
Founded   1872. 

Teade  Union  Advocate   (m).    June,  1900. 

Trade  Union  Chronicle  (w).    Sept.-Nov.,  1904.    F*. 

Trades  Union  Council  (w).    Sept.-Oct„  1904.    F. 

Tramp  (w).    German.    1888,  2  nos. 

Evening  Transcript  (d).    Mar.,  1834-Jan.,  1835.    Q.    Feb.-Aug.,  1835. 

F*.    Aug.-Dec,  1835;  Sept.,  1835-Aug.,  1836.    3  v.    F«. 
Founded  by  Stanley,  Lynde,  &  Hayward,  1834 ;  styled  N.  Y.  Trantcript, 

1835;  suspended,  1839. 

New  York  Tribune  (d).  Nov.,  1841-Oct,  1842;  Oct.,  1842-Sept.,  1843; 
Nov.,  1843-Apr.,  1844;  Apr.-Dec,  1844;  Jan.-Oct,  1845;  Apr.- 
Aug.,  1850;  Jan-Sept,  1851;  1853;  Jan.- June,  1854;  Apr.-Dec, 
1857;  Jan.-May,  Aug.-Dec,  1858;  1859-61;  May-Dec,  1862;  1863- 
87.  110  v.  F6.  1888-94.  42  v.  FT.  1895-1910.  96  v.  Fe.  1911+ 

Newspaper  Catalogue 

New  Yoke  City,  continued: 

Same  (s-w).    May-Dec,  1850;  Jan.-June,  June-Oct.,  1851;  Nov., 

1851-Sept,  1852;  1855.     5  T.     F«.     1862-67;  1870-Feb.,  1871.    7  v. 

Same    (w).     Sept.-Dec.,  1842;    1843-51;    Jan.,   1852-Aug.,   1853; 

Sept.,  1853-Sept.,  1854;    Sept.,  1854-Dec,  1855;    1856-59;    May- 
Dec,  1860;   1862-63.     15  y.    Fe.      , 

Weekly  edition  of  Tribune  began  Sept.,  1841,  and  in  it  were  merged 
Log  Cabin  and  New  Yorker. 

Established  Apr.,  1841,  by  Horace  Greeley,  as  successor  of  New  Yorker; 
advocated  high  protective  tariff,  abolition  of  slavery,  social  reform ;  con- 
ducted by  Greeley  till  his  death  (1872)  ;  by  Whitelaw  Eeid  till  1905;  by 
Lyman  Hart,  1905-1906.  Now  published  by  Tribune  Assn.,  Ogden  Mills, 
president.  Successive  editors  in  chief  were,  Charles  A.  Dana  (1847-61), 
Sidney  Howard  Gay,  ,Tohn  Russell  Young  (1866-69),  and  Whitelaw  Eeid; 
other  editors,  H.  J.  Raymond  (1841-43),  W.  F.  G.  Shanks  (1869-80); 
Thomas  McBirath  was  publisher  during  1841-48.  Albert  Brisbane  wrote 
in  Tribune  series  of  articles  on  Fourierism,  1841-43 ;  and  Greeley  advo- 
cated this  doctrine  in  controversy  with  Raymond  (1846—47),  and  sev- 
eral years  thereafter.  Annual  indexes  have  been  separately  published 
since  1874. 

New  York  Daily  Tribune  Index.    1875-1906.    32  v.    D. 

Truth  (w).    Jan.  6,  1882. 

Troth  Seeker  (w).  Vols.  1-2.  1873-75;  Vols.  4-5.  1877-78;  Vols. 
7-24.  1880-97;  Vols.  26-30.  1899-1903;  Vols.  31,  32.  1904-1905 
(incomp,);   27  v.     F*.     1906+ 

Founded  1873,  by  D.  M.  Bennett,  as  a  free  thought  and  agnostic  jour- 
nal. Conducted  by  Bennett  till  his  death  in  1882 ;  (E,  M.  Macdonald  till 
1909 ;  since  his  death  in  that  year,  by  George  E.  Macdonald. 

Twentieth  Century  (w).    Vols.  4-10.    1890-93;  Vols.  12-20.    1894-98. 

16  v.    Q.    Also  earlier  scat.  nos. 

Established  1888,  by  Hugh  O.  Pentecost  and  conducted  by  him  (for 
the  Twentieth  Century  Pub.  Co.)  till  1891 ;  Joseph  Fitzgerald  (Humboldt 
Pub.  Co.),  1892-94;  D.  O.  Laughlin,  1895-1901  (Twentieth  Century  Co., 
after   1896).     Socialist.     No   later    data   obtainable. 

New  York  Underwriter  and  General  Joint  Stock  Register  (m).  Jan., 
1871-Sept,  1873  (incomp.).    Fi. 

Founded  1856.  Conducted  by  J.  B.  Ecclesine,  1870-1878.  Then  pub- 
lished by  Underwriter  Printing  and  Pub.  Co.,  and  edited  by  A.  D.  Brig- 
ham  till  1881.  No  later  mention  in  directories.  Styled  2V"ew  York  Un- 
derwriter except  1875-77. 

Unionist  (s-m).    1902-1903,  3  nos.;  1904-Apri,  1906  (incomp.).    F. 

Founded  1886.  Published  (1906)  by  Unionist  Pub.  Co.,  and  edited  by 
John  H.  Delaney.     No  later  data  obtainable. 

Union  Printer  (w).    Aug:  2,  1890. 


New  York 

United  States  Army  and  Navy  Journal. 
See  Army  and  Navy  Journal. 

Universal  Engineer  (m).    Apr.,  1908+     O. 

Issued  first  as  a  pamphlet,  later  as  official  organ  of  Universal  Crafts- 
men Council  of  Engineers. 

Univebsalist  Union  (w).    Vol.1.    Nov.,  1835-Nov.,  1836.    Indexed.    F*. 
Successor  of  N.  T,  Ohr.  Messenger,  Phila.   Universalist,  Albany  Gospel 
Anchor,  and  Hartford  Religious  Inquirer;  edited  by  T.  J.   Sawyer,   Abel 
C.  Thomas,  and  others. 

Vanity  Fair  (w).   Vols.  3-5.   1861;  Jan.-June,  1862.   Indexed.   3  v.   Q. 

Established  1859 ;  published  by  Louis  H.  Stephens ;  edited  successively 
by  Charles  G.  Leland  ("Hans  Breitmann,"  pseud.),  Charles  Dawson 
Shanly,  and  C.  P.  Browne  ("Artemus  Ward,"  pseud.)  ;  George  Arnold  a 
leading   contributor.     Comic. 

Vigilant  (irreg.).    Nos.  1-18.    1900-1901.    Fe. 

Weekly  Visitor  and  Ladies'   Museum.    Vol.   2.    May-Oct,   1818.    In- 
dexed.   O. 

Published  by  Alexander  Ming. 

Voice  (w).     Sept.,  1884-1898.    8  v.    Fe. 

Founded  1884,  by  Punk  and  Wagnalls;  published  by  them  till  1899; 
then  removed  to  Chicago,  and  there  issued  by  New  Voice  Pub.  Co.,  being 
edited  by  John  G.  Woolley.  Styled  New  Voice,  q.  v.,  Dec,  1898.  Tem- 

Volksadvocat  (d).    Hebrew.    Aug.  10,  Nov.  16,  1888. 

With  Russian,  Japanese,  and  other  Newspapers,  1870-93. 

Same.    June  28,  July  5,  1895. 

With  Jewish  Gazette,  Apr.-Dec,   1895. 

Deutscher  Volksfreund  (w).    1895-96,  scat,  nos.;  1897;  1899-1900  (in- 
comp.).    F-Ps. 

Founded  1871  by  American  Tract  Soc.  and  published  by  them  till  1901. 
No  later  data  obtainable.     German  Evangelical. 

New  Yorker  Volkszeitung  (d).    Oct.,  1889-99.    15  v.    F».    Apr.,  1902- 
June,  1906.    10  v.    Ft.    June,  1906-1910.    14  v.    F«.    1911+ 

Founded  Nov.,  1878,  by  the  Socialistic  Co-op.  Pub.  Assn.,  and  since 
conducted  by  them. 

Wochenblatt  der  N.  Y.  Volkszeitung.    June,  1888-June,  1892.    F?. 

Vorwarts  der  N.  Y.  Volkszeitung   (w).    1899;  1901-June,  1906.    3  v. 
F7.    July,  1906-1910.    3  v.    F«.    1911+ 

Volmy  Smery.    Apr.  1,  1903. 

Volunteers'  Gazette  (w).     Sept.  2,  1897. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

New  York  City,  continued: 

Vorwabts   (w).    1893-94.    O. 

Founded  1892,  by  N.  T.  Labor  News  Co.  Alter  1895  Issued  as  weekly 
edition  of  New  Yorker  Volkseeitung,  q.  v.     Socialist. 

Wall  Street  Journal  (d).    Mar.,  1905-Mar.,  1906.    4  v.    F». 
Founded  1883.     Published  since  1889  by  Dow,  Jones  &  Co. 

Wall  Street  News  (d).    1879-1907  (incomp.).    46  v.    P-F4. 

Founded  1879,  by  Charles  D.  Keep,  and  conducted  by  him  till  1888; 
E.  Martin  Black,  1888-Oct.,  1903 ;  John  G.  Wilson  and  Warren  K.  Dowe, 
Sept.,  1904-June.  "1905. 

Wab    (w).    Vols.  1-3.    June,   1812-Sept,   1814;    Feb.-Mar.,   1817.    In- 
dexed.   F. 

Published  by  Samuel  Woodworth ;  contains  complete  current  history 
of  War  of  1812-15,  with  official  documents. 

WarCby(w).     1908-1909,  scat.  nos.    F*. 

For  English  edition,  see  same?  title   under  London. 
Founded    1884,    organ    of    Salvation    Army.     Published    by    Balling-ton 
Booth  till   1896 ;   Frederick  Booth-Tucker,  till  about  1904 ;  now  by  Re- 
liance Trading  Co.    (controlled  by  Salvation  Army).     Edited  by  William 
H.  Cox  since  about  1892. 

Warheit  (d).    Yiddish.    July-Aug.,  1907,  23  nos.    F«. 

Founded  1894.  Published  (1910)  by  Warheit  Pub.  Co.,  and  edited  by 
L.  E.   Miller.     Issues  weekly   edition   styled   Volksadvocat. 

Watchman  (w).    Mar.  17,  1866. 

Watchman  (w).    Vol.  1,  No.  2.    Dec.  26,  1899. 

Watson  &  Alpers  Weekly  Market  Letter.    Oct.,  1902-Mar.,  1905.    Q. 

Watson's  Magazine  (m).    June,  1906. 

See  Weekly  Jeffersonkm,  under  Atlanta,  Ga. 

Week  (w).    Vols.  1-3.    Dec,  1871-Dec,  1872.    Indexed.    2  v.    F4-F. 
A  resume1   of  current  opinion,  home  and  foreign;  published  by   C.   H. 
Jones  &  Co.  till  May^  1872,  then  by  C.  H.  Holt  and  J.  D.  Williams.     No 
later  mention  in  directories. 

Weekly  People.  j 

See  People. 

WiLSHrRE's  Magazine  (m).  1902-Sept,  1904;  1905-Feb.,  1909;  1910+  O. 
Founded  1899,  at  Los  Angeles,  Calif.,  by  Gaylord  Wilshire,  and  slnc« 
conducted  by  him;  (Joshua  Wanhope,  associate  editor  since  190S).  Is- 
sued weekly  under  name  Challenge  for  ten  months ;  then  moved  to  To- 
ronto. Can.,  and  issued  monthly  under  present  name.  In  1901  moved  to 
New  York.     Socialist. 

Wilson  &  Co's.  Dispatch  (m).    Mar.  1,  1847. 
Published   by  Wilson  &  Co. 


New  York 

Witness  (m).    Vols.  1-6.    1865-70.    6  v.  in  2.    Q. 

Published  by  James  Inglis  &  Co.,   1870-72.     Then  suspended. 

Weekly  Witness.    1889-90.    P«. 

Weekly  edition  of  N.  Y.  Daily  Witness,  established  1871  as  "a  Chris- 
tian, one-cent,  afternoon  newspaper."  Published  by  John  Dougall,  1871- 
1901,  or  later ;  since  then  by  Witness  and  Sabbath  Reading  Co.  Edited 
by  James  D.  Dougall  In  1909.     Daily  discontinued,  1880. 

Woman's  Cycle  (bi-w).    May-Sept,  1890.    Q. 

Edited  by  Mrs.  J.  C.  Croly  ("Jennie  June,"  pseud.)  ;  merged  in  Home- 
Maker,  Sept.,  1890. 

Woman's  Work  for  Woman,  and  our  Mission  Field   (m).    Vols.  1-7, 
9-10.    1886-92;   1894-95.    Indexed.    9  v.    O. 

Continuation  of  Woman's  Work  for  Woman,  q.  t.  ;  dropped  subtitle 
after  1889.     Edited  by  Ellen   C.  Parsons.     Now  styled  Woman's  Work. 

International  Wood  Carver. 

See  same  title,   under  Cincinnati,  O. 
Work  and  Wages. 

See  same  title,  under  Springfield,  Mass. 
Worker  (m).    Nov.,  1879. 

Advocates   co-operative   colonization. 
Worker  (w).     Apr.,  1900-1905.     F?.     1906-Mar.,  1908.     Fa. 

Continuation  of  People,  q.  v.,  organ  of  Social-Democratic  Party,  which 
separated  from  Socialist  Labor  Party  July,  1899.  Both  parties  contin- 
ued to  publish  People  till  the  courts  decided  the  s\  L.  P.  had  the  right 
to  the  name.  Then  the  S.  D.  P.  styled  their  publication  Worker,  Apr.  28, 
1900.     Continued  Apr.,   1908,  by  A7.  Y.  Socialist,  q.  v. 

Worker  (w).     Vol.  1,  nos.  1-5.     Jan.-Feb.,  1905.    Fs. 

Workmen's  Advocate  (w).    1884-91,  9  nos.    F». 

World  (d).     May,  1862-Mar.,  1899.     126  v.     F«. 

World,   Morning  Courier,   and  New  York  Enquirer    (d).    Aug.-Dec., 
1861.    F «.  , 

World  established  June,  1860,  as  a  moral  and  religious  daily,  by  Alex- 
ander Cummings,  formerly  of  Phila.  Worth  American,  aided  by  Richard 
Grant  White  and  James  K.  Spalding;  after  sinking  $200,000  they  sold 
the  paper,  since  conducted  on  the  ordinary  secular  plan ;  edited  by  Man- 
ton  Marble,  1862-76,  and  owned  by  him,  1869-83;  after  1883  by  Joseph 
Pulitzer,  formerly  of  St.  Louis  Post-Dispatch,  till  his  death  in  1911 ;  ab- 
sorbed Courier  and  Enquirer  (1861),  but  soon  dropped  this  name  as  sub- 
title; Democratic  in  politics;  among  editors,  James  R.  Spaulding  (1860), 
William  H.  Hurlbert  (1876-83),  John  A.  Cockerill  (1883-91).  Courier 
founded  May,  1827;  soon  after,  became  property  of  James  Watson  Webb; 
edited  by  him  thereafter ;  leading  contributors,  Brooks,  Bennett,  King, 
J.  K.  Paulding,  and  others;  Democratic  till  1832,  then  Whig;  H.  J.  Ray- 
mond, editor,  1843-50;  this  paper,  with  Tribune  and  others,  sued  by  J. 
Fenimore  Cooper  for  criticising  his  naval  history ;  merged  in  World, 
July,  1861.  Enquirer  founded  1826  by  M.  M.  Noah,  as  National  Advo- 
cate: merged  In  Courier,  1829. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

New  Tobk  City,  continued: 

Wobld's   Work    (m).    Vols.    1-21.    1900-Apr.,   1911.    21  v.    O.    May, 


Founded    1900,    by    Doubleday,    Page    &   Co.,    and    since   published   by 
them.     Edited  by  Walter  H.  Page. 

Youth's  Cabinet. 

See  same  title,  under  Boston,  Mass. 

Zeit-Gbist  (w).    Sept.,  1905-June,  1908  (incomp.).    F«. 

Zukunft   (m).    Hebrew.    1894-Aug.,  1897   (Sept.-Dec.,  1897  not  pub- 
lished);   1902-1909.     12  v.     O.     1910+ 

Founded    1891.     Published    by    Jewish-speaking    sections    of    Socialist 
Labor  Party  of  TJ.  S. 


Circulab    (w).    Vols.   1-12.    1851-Feb.,  1864.    7  v.    F».    New  series, 
vols.  1-13.     Mar.,  1864-Mar.,  1876.     12  v.    Fs. 
See  same  title,  under  Brooklyn. 

Fbbe  Chtjbch  Circular  (w).    1850-51.     O. 

Founded  1847.     Merged   (1851)    in  Circular,  Brooklyn,  q.  v. 

American  Socialist  (w).    Vols.  1-4.    1876-79.    4  v.    Fs. 

Successor  of  Oneida  Circular,  q.  t.  > 


Oswego  Commercial  Herald  (w).    June  15,  1840. 

Oswego  Commercial  Times  (d).    July  26,  1864. 

Oasis  (m).    Vol.  1.    Aug.,  1837-July,  1838.    F. 

Founded  Aug.,  1837,  by  Joseph  Neilson  and  John  S.  Randall,  and  con- 
ducted by  them  till  July,  1838. 

Oswego  Palladium  (w).    June,  1847-June,  1849.    F«. 

Founded    1819,    by    Chauncey    Abbey;    daily    edition    began    in    1850. 
Edited  June,  1847-June,  1849,  by  B.  Brockway. 

Pilot  (w)  .    June  20,  1840. 

Oswego  Weekly  Times.    Dec.  18,  1856. 


Perry  Democrat  (w).    Apr.  13,  1849. 


New  York 


Aueoea  (w).     Aug.  18,  1830. 

Founded  1827.     Edited   (1830)   by  F.  P.  Allen. 
Plattsburg  Republican  (w).    May  22,  1830. 


Potsdam  Courier  (w).    May  21,  1852. 

Established  1851,  by  V.  Harrington.  Published  sin'g  1870  by  Elliot 
Fay  as  Courier  and  Freeman ;  with  —  Sweet,  1874-79 ;  since  then 
with  his  sons.     Republican. 


Poughkeepsie  Eagle  (w).    July,  1864-Sept.,  1866   (incomp.).    Ft. 

Founded  1828.     KTerged  with  Journal,  q.  v.,   1844. 

Poughkeepsie  Journal    (w).    May-Sept.,   1793;    Feb.-July,   1794.    F«. 
Nov.  27,  1798;  Oct.  1,  1799. 

Founded  1785.  Published  by  Nicholas  Power,  later  by  John  Aiken, 
and  by  Paraclete  Potter  (1N06-18)  ;  united  with  Eagle,  1844;  styled 
Eagle  after  1850.  Published  since  1869  by  Isaac  Piatt  and  members  of 
his  family. 

Press  (d).    Dec.  15,  1860. 


Pulaski  Democrat  (w).     Mar.  21,  1861;  Oct.  4,  1866. 


Advent  Harbinger   (w).     July  20,  1847. 

With  Second  Adventist  Newspapers,  1842-47.     Edited  by  Joseph  Marsh. 

Rochester  American  (d).    1846,  3  nos.;  1847,  2  nos.    F«. 

Same  (w).     July  27,  1847  (imp.). 

Rochester  Democrat  (d).    1839-44,  1847-50,  1856,  scat.  nos.    F». 

Monroe  Democrat  (w).     1845,  1852-54,  7  nos.     Ft. 

Genesee  Evangelist  (w).    Oct.  12,  1849;  Jan.  4,  1850. 

Genesee  Farmer  (w).    Vol.  1.    1831.    Indexed.    Q. 

Established   Jan.,    1831,   by    Luther   Tucker,    founder  and   publisher   of 
Rochester  Daily  Advertiser ;  united  with  Albany  Cultivator,  Jan.,  1840. 

Genesee  Farmer  (m).  Vol.  7.  Mar.,  Apr.,  1846;  Vol.  8.  May,  Not., 
1847.  Vols.  21-25.  Mar.,  1860— Dec,  1864.  Indexed.  5  v.  in  2. 

See  New  Genessee  Farmer. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Rochester,  N.  Y„  continued: 

New  Genesee  Fabmeb  (m).    Vols.  1,  3.    1840,  1842.    2  v.  in  1.    Q. 

Vol.   1   published   by   M.   B.   Bateman    and   B.   F.   Marshall ;   edited  by 
Bateman  and  John  J.  Thomas.     Vol.  3  published  by  Bateman  ;  edited  by 
Henry  Colman.     In    1843   conducted   by   Colman   alone ;   later   by   Joseph 
•  Harris. 

Fbedebick  Douglass'  Paper  (w).    July  8,  1859. 

Established  Dec,  1847,  by  Frederick  Douglass,  under  the  title  of  North 
Star;  continued  till  the  abolition  of  slavery. 

Rochester  Gem  (bl-w).    Vols.  5-6.    1833-34.    Indexed.    F. 

Successor  of  Western  Wanderer  (founded  1828,  by  Peter  Cherry)  ;  pub- 
lished by  John  Denio,  edited  by  Edwin  Scranton ;  suspended,  1843.  This 
volume  contains  historical  and  biographical  articles  by  Lyman  C.  Draper 
— his  first  published  contributions. 

Glad  Tidings  (w).    Vol.1.    July  13, 1843. 

Rochester  Herald   (d).    Apr. — Dec,  1896.    3  v.    Pe. 

Founded  1879  by  Herald  Pub.  Co.,  and  since  published  by  then. 
Edited  by  Samuel  H.  Lowe,  1870-94  ;  John  B.  Howe,  1895-98  ;  since  then 
by  Louis  M.  Antisdel. 

Rochester  Laboe  (w).    June  6,  1896. 

Labor  Journal  (w).     1903,  2  nos.;   1906-1908,  14  nos.    F6. 

Brotherhood  of  Locomotive  Engineebs  Journal  (m).    1867-76,  1886-88, 

scat,   nos.;   Vol.   25.     1891;    1892,  9  nos.;    1893,  6  nos.;   Vol.  28. 

1894;   Vols.  37-43.     1903-1909.     9  v.       O.     1910+ 

Founded  1867,  by  Brotherhood  of  Locomotive  Engineers.  Edited  by 
Charles  Wilson  till  Apr.,  ]874  (with  S.  E.  Mudge,  C.  Fellows,  and  L.  B. 
Greene1,  successively);  P.  M.  Arthur  (with  others  I,  Apr.,  1874-1893;  H. 
C.  Hays,  1894-97 ;  since  then,  C.  H.  Salmons.  Published  successively  at 
Rochester,  Fort  Wayne,  Ind.,  and  Cleveland,  O. 

Moore's  Rural  New  Yorker  (w).    Vols.  3-7.    1852-56,  scat.  nos.    Fs. 
See  same  title,  under  New  York. 

Republican  (w).    Apr.  4,  1861. 

Monroe  Republican  (w).    Jan.  1,  1822. 

American  Rural  Home  (w).    Vol.  1.     1871.    Ft. 

Founded  1871,  by  Hopkins  &  Wilcox.  Conducted  by  them  about  a 
year ;  by  Hopkins  and  P.  C.  Reynolds  till  1885.  Afterwards  published 
by  Rural  Home  Co.,  and  edited  by  Reynolds  till  1891.  No  later  mention 
in  directories. 

Social  Age  (m).    Oct.,  1900. 

Rochester  Socialist  (w).    Dec,  1907-Mar.,  1908.    F«. 

Founded  Dec,  1907,  by  local,  Socialist  party ;  managed  by  W.  J.  Kirby. 
No  later  data  obtainable. 


New  York 

Rochester  Telegraph  (w).    Jan.  4,  Nov.  14,  1820;  Feb.  15,  1825. 

Rochester  Temperance  Journal  (w).    Feb.  24,  1852  (imp.). 

Dally  Union  and  Advertiser.    Nov.  2,  1867  (imp.). 

Voice  of  Truth  (w).    June  15,  1844. 

Western  New  Yorker  (w).    1843,  5  nos.;  July  14,  1847.    Ft. 

Rochester  Daily  Whig.    Aug.  14,  1840. 


Roman  Citizen  (w).    Apr.  16,  1844. 

Sackets  Harbor 

Sackets  Harbor  Observer  (w).    Apr.  16,  1852. 

Established  Mar.,  1848,  by  O.  H.  Harris ;  continued  after  1852  as  <7e/- 
Jerson  Farmer. 

Sandy  Hill 

Sandy  Hill  Herald  (w).    Feb.  23,  1847. 

Saratoga  Springs 

Saratoga  Whig  (d).    Aug.  10,  1848. 


Mohawk  Mercury.    Mar.  24,  Aug.  18,  1795. 

With    Foughkeepsie    Journal,    1793-94.     First    paper    in    Schenectady; 
published  by  C.  P.  Wyckoff  till  1797,  then  by  John  L.   Stevenson. 

Seneca  Falls 

Seneca  County  Courier  (w).    Apr.  2,  1846. 

Trump  of  Jubilee  (m).    Apr.,  1846. 

With  Second  Adventist  Newspapers.     Edited  by  E.  E.  Pinney,  1842-47. 

Sing  Sing 

Republican  (w).    Mar.  8,  1866  (imp.). 


SoudabitAt  (w).    Apr.,  1906-Feb.,  1908.    Q. 

Pounded   1906.     Published  in   interest  of  Workmen's   Sick  and   Death 
Benefit  Fund  of  U.   S. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

New  York,  continued: 


Northern  Christian  Advocate   (w).     1879-99.     14  v.     F*.     1900;   1901- 
1909  (incomp.).    F. 

Founded  1841.  Edited  by  Rev.  D.  D.  Love,  1872-75  ;  Rev.  O.  H.  War- 
ren. 1877-92 ;  Rev.  J.  E.  C.  Sawyer,  1892-June,  1900 ;  Bennett  E.  Titus, 
June,  1900-Apr.,  1907 ;  since  then  by  Liston  H.  Pearee.  Methodist  Epis- 

Industrial  Weekly.    1906+    F«. 

Pounded  1905.     Conducted  since  1906  by  Thomas  M.  Gaffney. 

Laboe  World  (w) .     Dec.  9,  1899. 

Official  Journal  Amalgamated  Meat  Cutters  and  Butcher  Workmen 
(m).     1900,  scat.  nos.  1901-1905.     3  v.     O.     1906-1908,  scat.  nos. 
Pounded  1899.     Edited  by  Homer  D.  Call,   1901-1909.     No  later  men- 
tion in   directories. 

School  Bulletin   (m).    1892-99.    F. 

Pounded  Sept.,  1874,  by  C.  W.  Bardeen  and  since  published  by  him. 
Absorbed  yew  York  Educational  Journal,  April,  1875,  and  since  pub- 
lished under  double  title. 

Syracuse  Socialist  (m).    July,  1896. 

Teachers'  Advocate  (w).    Sept.,  1845-Aug.,  1846.    Indexed.    F. 

Organ  of  N.  Y.  State  Teachers'  Association,  edited  by  Edward  Cooper; 
removed  to  New  York  City,  1S4S. 

Weekly  Worker.    June-Oct.,  1875.    F. 

Founded  1875,  by  T.  D.  Curtis.     Labor. 


Eclaireub  (m).    Vol.  2.     Aug.,  1854-July,  1855.     O. 

Edited  by  J.  Watts  de  Peyster;  devoted  to  interests  of  N.  X.  State 
militia:  published  1853-56. 


Troy  Advocate  (w).     1903,  10  nos.     Fa-F. 

Northern  Budget   (w).    Feb.  9,  1813. 

With  Middle  and  Western  Local  Newspapers,  1811—20.  Pounded  June, 
1797,  by  Robert  Moffat  and  Jesse  Buel ;  published  by  Moffat  till  1807,  by 
Oliver  Lyon  till  1810,  later  by  Z.  Clark ;  edited  by  J.  M.  Francis  (1846- 
49)  ;  C.  L.  MacArthur  (1S47-59).  Suspended  during  War  of  Secession 
on  account  of  its  Southern  sympathies ;  revived  by  MacArthur,  March, 
1867 ;  since  then  published  by  bim  and  his  son  as  a  Republican  organ. 


New  York 

Family  Journal    (w).    Vols.  4-6.    Jan.,  1848-Apr.,  1851;    Vols.   8-13. 

Apr.,  1852-1857.    New  Series,  Vols.  1-4.    1858-May,  1861.    10  v.    F«. 

Founded    1844.     Published   by    Allen    Fisk   and    Sons    (under    different 

firm  names),   1848-1861.     Styled  N.  Y.  Temperance  Journal  for  a  time; 

Family  Journal,   1848-57;  Fish's  Family  Journal,  1858-59.     Issued  also 

at  Albany. 

Labor  Advocate  (w).    Dec.  19,  1903;  Oct.  27,  1905. 

Rat   (w).    June  25,  1887. 

Shibt  Waist  and  Laundry  Workers'  International  Union  Official  Jour- 
nal   (m).     Oct.,  1903-Aug.,  1904.     O. 

Founded  1903.  Edited  by  Charles  E.  Nordeck,  1903-1904.  No  later 
data  obtainable. 

Troy  Times   (d  and  w).     Aug.-Dec,  1863;   1864-65.     5  v.     F*. 

Founded  1851,  by  J.  M  Francis ;  conducted  by  him  till  about  1900 
(with  his  son  after  18S0)  ;  since  then  by  Charles  S.  Francis.     Republican. 

Union  Springs 

Cayuga  , Tocsin  (w).    Jan.  9,  1812. 

With  Middle  and  Western  Local  Newspapers,  1811-20.  Established 
1812,  by  R.  T.  Chamberlain ;  soon  removed  to  Auburn ;  merged  in  Ca- 
yuga Patriot,  1847. 


Utica  Advocate   (w).    June,  1908-1910.    F«.    1911+ 

Founded  1892,  by  Bean  &  Horton.  and  conducted  by  them  till  1894 : 
Bean  &  Bantham,  1894 ;  Bantham,  Forks  &  Co.,  1894-98 ;  since  then  by 
Frederick  W.  Bean.     Labor. 

New  York  Baptist  Register   (w).    Vols.  4^5.    Mar.,  1827-Feb.,  1829. 
2  v.     F». 

Founded  1824,  by  Rev.  Messrs.  Willey,  Lathrop,  and  Galusha,  and 
edited  by  them  a  short  time  in  turn  ;  then  published  by  N.  T.  Baptist 
State  Convention ;  profits  devoted  to  missions ;  edited  by  A.  M.  Beebe. 
Later  united  with  New  York  Recorder,  q.  v. 

Chbistian   Contributor  and  Free  Missionary    (w).    Apr.,   1846-Aug.,' 
1847;  Aug.,  1847-Feb.,  1849.    Indexed.    2  v.    F«. 

With  Chr.  Contributor,  Boston,  q.  v.  Edited  by  Cyrus  P.  Grosvenor. 
Baptist,   anti-slavery. 

National  Electrical  Contractor  (m).    Oct.,  1907. 

Evangelical  Magazine  and  Gospel  Advocate  (w).    1838.    Indexed.    Q. 

Successor  of  Utica  Magazine  (founded  1827)  ;  merged  in  Chr.  Ambas- 
sador, 1851. 

Gazette  (d).    Nov.  IS,  1851;  Feb.  2,  1852. 

Columbian  Gazette  (w).    May  9,  1803. 
Published  by  Thomas  Walker. 

14— N.  C.  [  209  ] 

Newspaper  Catalogue 

Utica,  N.  Y.,  continued: 

Gospel  Messenger  (w).     1827-36;  1836-Jan.,  1840;   1848-59  (incomp.) ; 
1860-69;   1870-71   (incomp.).     5  v.     Fs. 

Established  1827,  at  Auburn ;  removed  to  Utica,  1835 ;  published  there 
by  Rev.  W.  T.  Gibson,  1870-71.  No  later  mention  in  directories.  Protes- 
tant Episcopal. 

Living  Issue  (w).    Sept.,  1885-July,  1886.    F«. 

Established  Sept.,  1875 ;  published  by  G.  D.  Scrambling  till  1887. 
No  later  mention  in  directories.     Temperance. 

Utica  Observes   (w).    Extra.     July  19,  1832;  Nov.  2,  1847. 
Olive  Branch  (m).    Vol.  8.    1883.    F. 

Founded  1876.  Published  by  David  Jones  till  1889.  No  later  mention 
in  directories.     Spiritualist. 


Wyoming  Co.  Mirror  (w).    Apr.  25,  1848. 
Western  New  Yorker  (w) .    Oct.  22,  1868. 


Jeffehsonian  (w).    June  13,  1840. 
Journal  of  United  Brotherhood  of  Paper  Makers. 
See  Paper  Makers'  Journal. 

Paper  Makers'  Journal  (m).    Vol.  1,  No.  1.    Dec.  1,  1901;  Mar.,  1902. 

West  Farms 

Westchester  Gazette  (w).    Aug.,  1850-Aug.,  1851.     F». 

Founded  Aug.,  1850,  by  Hyde  &  Cogswell.  Removed  to  Mott  Haven, 
q.  v.,  Apr.,  1851. 


Whitehall  Chronicle  (w).    1853-55,  4  nos. 

White  Plains 

Eastern  State  Journal  (w).    June  30,  1865. 


Western  Centinel  (w).    Mar.  18,  Aug.  12,  1795. 

With  Poughkeepsie  Journal,  1793-94.  Established  1794  by  Oliver  P. 
Eaton ;   suspended,   1800. 


Yonkers  Gazette  (w).    May,  1865-Apr.,  1866.    F«. 

Established  1852  by  Thomas  Smith,  as  Yonkers  Herald;  continued 
May,  1864,  as  Yonkers  Gazette;  this  volume  contains  series  of  historical 
articles  by  the  editor,  Henry  B.  Dawson  (afterward  editor  of  the  His- 
torical Magazine,  Morrisania,  N.  Y.).  Published  by  J.  G.  P.  Holden, 
1869-97;  Meadows  Bros.,  1898-1901  or  later;  now  by  Gazette  Press. 
Edited  since  1901  by  D.  C.  Nolan.       Republican. 


North  Carolina 

North  Carolina 


American  (w).    April  26,  1816. 

With  Southern  Local  Newspapers,  1811-20.  Established  1813 ;  pub- 
lished by  Bowell  &  Black. 


Alliance  Weekly.    May  8,  1896. 


Lenoir  Topic   (w).    Sept.,  1885-Dec,  1887;    1888-90;   Jan.-Aug.,  1891. 
3  v.    F*. 

Founded  1875 ;  published  by  Lenoir  Pub.  Assn.,  1877-1889 ;  R.  E. 
Blakey,  editor ;  W.  W.  Scott  and  R.  C.  Irving,  1883-84  ;  Scott,  1885-96 ; 
H.  S.  Blair,  1897-1900 ;  Mark  Squires,  1901.  Now  published  by  Topic 
Pub.  Co.,  and  edited  by  W.  M.  Moore ;  contains  many  articles  relating  to 
Carolina    history.     Democratic. 


Harbinger  (w).    Dec.  26,  1903. 

State  Journal  (s-w).    July  16,  1862. 

With  Southern  ana  Middle  Local  Neicspapers,  1851-60.  Founded  1861. 
Published    (18621    by  John   Spelman  and  William  Robinson. 

Progress  (w).    Mar.  28,  1865. 

With  Southern  and  Middle  Local  Papers,  1851-60.  Founded  1864. 
Published  in  1865  by  J.  L..  Pennington  &  Co. 

Raleigh  Register  (s-w).    June  25,  1824. 

With  Southern  and  Western  Local  Newspapers,  1821-28.  Established 
1799,  by  Joseph  Gales,  Sr. ;  conducted  by  him  till  1842,  and  by  his  son, 
Western  R.,  till  1848 ;  daily  edition  (first  daily  in  the  state)  began  in 
1851.  This  paper  first  published  the  "Mecklenburg  Declaration  of  In- 
dependence," Apr.,  1819. 

Star  (w).    Feb.  15,  1810. 

With  Southern  Local  Newspapers,  1808.  Established  Jan.,  1809 ;  pub- 
lished by   Thomas   Henderson  Jr. 


Wilmington  Gazette  (w).    June  7,  1808. 

With  Southern  Local  Newspapers,  1808.  Founded  about  1797 ;  pub- 
lished  (1808)   by  Allmand  Hall ;  supported  Madison. 

Cape  Fear  Recorder  (w).    Apr.  11,  1827. 

With  Southern  and  Western  Neicspapers,  1821-28.  Established  May, 
1816,  by  Thomas  Loring ;  conducted  in  1827  by  A.  M.  Hooper.  Republi- 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

North  Dakota 


Fjeede  Inli  and  Dakota  (w).    Norwegian.    Mar.,  1897-May,  1898.    F», 
See  Fram. 

Fbam  (w).    Norwegian.    May-Dec,  1898.    F«. 

Founded  1S79.  Styled  successively  Posten,  Poster),  and  Testen,  q.  v., 
under  Grand  Porks  (Dakota),  and  Fjirde  Inli  and  Dakota.  Published  by 
A.  A.  Trovaaten,  1886-96 ;  Stavnheim  &  Norman,  1897-98 ;  since  1901 
by  Fram  Pub.  Co.     Now  edited  by  Trovaaten. 

Grand  Forks 

Dakota  (w).    Oct.,  1895-Mar.,  1897.    F«. 
See  Fjerde  Inli,  under  Fargo. 

Mid-West  (w).    Sept.  11,  1908. 

Nobmanden   (w).     Feb.  15,  1899-1908.     5  v.    F«.     1909+ 

Founded  1887,  by  H.  A.  Foss,  Ed.  Lund,  and  S'.  W.  McLaughlin ;  In- 
corporated, 1891.  Sold  in  1893  to  P.  O.  Thorson  and  others,  and  since 
controlled  by  Thorson.  At  first  Independent  or  Populist;  since  1893, 


Folkets  Avis  (w).    1899-1901.    F«. 

Founded  1898,  by  A.  P.  Throckstad  as  successor  of  Afholda-Basunen. 
No  later  data  obtainable. 

Statstidende  (w).    1899-1902.    F«. 

Founded  1897,  by  Banner  Pub.  Co. ;  edited  by  Kjetil  Knutson,  Jan.- 
Mar.,  1899 ;  since  then  by  C.  F.  Bahnsen.     Republican  and  Prohibition. 




Advocate  (w).    1896,  3  nos. 

Commonwealth  (w).    Apr.  19,  1894. 

New  Republic  (d).    1894,  6  nos.    F«. 

Official  Journal  of  National  Railway  Clebks'  Association  (m).    Apr., 
Sept.,"  1903. 

People  (w).    Dec.  5,  12,  1902. 

Summit  Beacon  (w).    Dec.  10,  1856;  Feb.  23,  Apr.  29,  1857. 





Alpha  Xi  Delta  (q).    1908-1910;  8  nos.    O. 

Union  Reporter  (m).    Mar.,  Oct.,  1903. 

Founded   1903.     No  longer  published. 


Ashland  Press  (w).    Nov.,  1876-Apr.,  1877.    Fs. 

Established  1846,  by  R.  V.  Kennedy,  as  Standard;  after  various 
changes  continued  as  Press,  1872.  This  volume  contains  a  series  of 
papers  on  "The  Shawnees,"  from  the  Alder  MSS.  Published  by  B.  F. 
Nelson,  1876-79  (with  W.  H.  Gates  as  editor  after  1877)  ;  W.  F.  Alber- 
son,  1880-94  ;  W.  A.  Weglandt,  1895-99  (with  Gates  part  of  the  time)  ; 
since  1901  owned  by  Ashland  Press  Co.  and  edited  by  Weglandt  for  a 
time — now   by   A.   P.   Black.     Democratic. 


Ohio  Spectator  (w).    1848, '5  nos.    F«. 


Clermont  Courieb   (w).    July  10,  1846. 


Progress   (w).    July,  1894-Mar.,  1895  (Incomp.).    Fs. 

Founded  1893.  Published  by  Oscar  McKinley,  1894-96.  No  later 
mention    in   directories.     Labor. 


Focus  (w).     1894^-95,  scat.  nos.     Fb.  , 

Ohio  Repository  and  Stark  Co.  Gazette  (w).    Aug.  28,  1829. 

With  Ohio  Monitor,  Columbus,  1821-26.  Established  Mar.,  1815,  by 
John  Saxton,  and  conducted  by  him  till  his  death,  1871.  Published  by 
T.  W.  Saxton,  1871-78 ;  since  then  by  Repository  Ptg.  Co.  Styled  Can- 
ton Repository  after  1874.  Edited  by  Joshua  Hartzell,  1871-75 ;  W.  T. 
Bascom,  1876-78 ;  George  B.  Frease,  1895-1901. 


Chillicothe  Advertiser  (w).     1842-68,  9  nos.    Fo. 

Ancient  Metropolis  ( w ;  d) .    Sept.,  1845-Feb.,  1848 ;  1851-57,  46  nos.    F». 
Founded  1845  :  daily  edition  in  1849.     Edited  by  G.  Armstrong,  1851- 
July,   1854  ;   William  E.   Gilmore,   1854-Apr.,   1856 ;    John   Hanna,   1856- 
June,  1857 ;  then  by  Isaac  Pepper. 

Chillicothean  (w).     Oct.  25,  1828. 

Fountain   (s-m).    Vol.  1.    Feb.,  1847— Jan.,  1848.    F. 

Founded  Feb.,  1847.  Edited  by  "An  Association  of  Gentlemen,"  and 
printed  by  Ely  &  Allen  of  Scioto  Gazette.  Suspended  Jan.,  1848.  Tem- 
perance and  education. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Chillicothe,  Ohio,  continued: 

Fbedonian  (w).     July  22,  1808. 

With  Middle  and  Western  Local  Newspapers,  1802-10.  Establishes 
1807;  published  by  E.  D.  Richardson;  later  by  John  Bailhache,  under  title 
of  Fredonian  Chronicle;  merged  in  Scioto  Gazette,  1815. 

Feiend  of  Freedom  (w).     Feb.  4,  1824. 

With  Ohio  Monitor,  1821-24.  Established  by  Caleb  Atwater,  author  of 
a  history  of  Ohio  (1839). 

Chillieothe  Gazette  (tri-w).  Dec,  1841-Mar.,  1842,  17  nos.  May  17, 
1856.    Fs. 

Tri-weekly  edition  of  Scioto  Gazette,  q.  v.,  issued  during  sessions  of 
Congress  and  the  Ohio  legislature. 

Daily  Scioto  Gazette.  Dec,  1849-1850.  Fs.  1851-55.  7  v.  Fa.  1856- 
57,  18  nos. 

Same   (w).     1829-37   (incomp.) ;   1841-42;   1843-44;   Apr.,  1845- 

Mar.,  1847;   1849-59   (incomp.).     F<>-t.     1860-70,  scat.  nos. 
See  Supporter  and  Ohio  Gazette. 

Chillieothe  Intelligences  (s^w).     Dec,  1842-Dec,  1843.     F?. 

Founded  Dec,  1842,  by  C.  C.  Allen,  and  issued  by  him  in  weekly  and 
semi-weekly  editions  till  Dec,  1843.  Then  suspended,  and  Allen  became 
publisher  of  Scioto  Gazette,  q.  v. 

loo  Cabin  Herald  (w).     Apr.  20,  June  22,  1840. 

Weekly  Recorder.  Vols.  1-2.  July,  1814-July,  1816.  Indexed.  2  v. 
Q.  Vols.  3-4.  July,  1816-July,  1818.  Indexed.  2  v.  F.  1818:- 
19.     1820   (incomp.). 

Founded  by  John  Andrews,  a  Presbyterian  minister ;  suspended  1821, 
but  revived  at  Pittsburgh,  Jan.,  1822,  as  Pittsburgh  Recorder,  afterwards 
styled  Presbyterian  Banner.  The  Recorder  is  the  first  religious  weekly 
in  the  United  States  of  which  files  are  known  to  exist ;  but  the  distinc- 
tion of  being  the  first  published  is  claimed  for  two  other  journals :  (1 1 
Herald  of  Gospel  Liberty,  published  by  Dr.  Elias  Smith,  presumably  at 
Portland,  Me.,  1808  (see  White's  National  Cyclopedia  of  American  Biog- 
raphy, ii,  p.  34).  (2)  Religious  Remembrancer,  published  by  John  Wel- 
wood  Scott,  Philadelphia,  1813  (see  Scbarf  &  Westcott's  History  of 
PMladelpKia,  iii,  p.  195S). 

Ross  County  Register  (w).     Aug.  27,  Sept.  3,  1870. 

Stab  op  Liberty  (w).     1834,  3  nos. 

Supporter  and  Scioto  Gazette  (w).  July  5,  1820.  Oct.,  1821-Jan.,  1822. 
Apr.  20,  1826.    Fs. 

With  Ohio  Monitor,  Columbus,  1821-24.  Scioto  Gazette  founded  May, 
1800,  by  Nathaniel  Willis,  of  Boston  ;  absorbed  Journal,  1801 ;  and  Fre- 
donian, 1815 ;  afterwards  published  by  James  Barnes ;  united  with  Sup- 
porter, 1820  or  1821,  and  continued  as  Supporter  and  Scioto  Gazette; 
soon  resumed  its  former  title;  published  by  John  Bailhache   (1815-28), 




Robert  Kercheval  (1828-33),  Seneca  W.  Ely  (1835-42),  E.  G.  Squier 
(1845-46),  Ely,  Allen  &  Looker  (1849-53),  Otway  Curry  (1853),  A.  P. 
Miller  (1865),  Raper  &  Wolfe  after  1874;  oldest  paper  in  Ohio.  Sup- 
porter established  Sept.,  1808,  by  George  Denny  and  George  Nashee.  See 
also  Thwaites,  Ohio  Valley  Press  oefore  the  War  of  1812-15  (Amer.  Antiq. 
Soc.     Proceedings,  April,  1890). 


Cincinnati  Ad  Talk  (d).    1907-1909  (incomp.).    D. 
Cincinnati  Anzeiger  (w).    Dec.  16,  1900;    1901,  4  nos.    F«. 
Atlas  (w).    1851-52,  4  nos. 


See  lirauer-Zittung . 


See  same  title,  under  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

(Business  Guide  (w).    Jan.-Aug.,  1872,  17  nos.    F. 

Founded  Jan.,  1872,  apparently  as  successor  of  a  purely  Insurance 
paper  of  same  name.  Issued  by  L.  E.  Thome  &  Co.  for  a  year,  then 
bought  by  Index  Pub.  Co.  and  styled  Insurance  Index,  q.  v. 

Child  Labor  Record  (m).     May,  1906. 

Daily  Christian  Advocate.     May  1-29,  1880.     Ft. 

Organ  of  General  Conference  of  Methodist  Episcopal  Church ;  edited 
by  W.  H.  Daniels. 

Western  Christian  Advocate  (w).  May,  1834-Mar.,  1844.  Indexed. 
6  v.  F7.  Oct.,  1845-1851.  5  v.  1867-77,  scat,  nos.;  1878-96,  14  v. 
Ft-4.     1897-1906;   1908-1909.     13  v.    F. 

Established  by  Methodist  Book  Concern  ;  edited  at  different  times  by 
T.  A.  Morris,  C.  Kingsley.  L.  L.  Hamline,  M.  Simpson,  and  other  Metho- 
dist ministers.     Methodist  Episcopal. 

Cincinnati  Christian  Journal  and  Religious  Intelligencer  (w).  July, 
1830-July,  1831.    Fs. 

Successor  of  Pandect  and  of  Indiana  Religious  Intelligencer  (Madison, 
Ind.)  ;  continued  as  Cincinnati  Journal  after  Dec,  1830;  afterwards  re- 
moved to  New  York   City.     See  Pandect. 

Christian  Press  (m).    Jan.,  1858. 

Cincinnati  Chronicle  (w).  Sept.,  1836-Sept,  1839.  3  v.;  1846-49, 
scat.  nos.    F«. 

Established  by  E.  D.  Mansfield  and  Benjamin  Drake,  1836 ;  contained 
Mrs.  H.  B.  Stowe's  first  printed  story;  other  contributors,  L.  J.  Cist  and 
Mrs.  Sigourney ;  Whig  in  politics ;  merged  in  Atlas,  1850. 

Saturday  Evening  Chronicle  (w).    Aug.,  1827-Dec,  1828.    Fa. 

Established  1826,  by  P.  Burton;  edited  by  Benjamin  Drake;  merged 
in   Mirror,   1835 ;  revived   in  1836,  but  soon   suspended. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Cincinnati,  Ohio,  continued: 

Cincinnati  Weekly  Chronicle.    Mar.  18,  1868  (first  no.  published). 

Same  (d).    Sept.  6,  1870. 

Cheonicle    (w).     July,  1907-1908.    F6.     1909  + 

Founded  1S92,  by  Central  Labor  Committee  of  Cincinnati  and  Vicinity, 
and  since  published  by  them.     Edited  since  1901  by  Frank  L.  Eist. 

Cincinnati  Chronicle  and  Literary  Gazette   (w).     1831-32.     2  v.     F«. 
Founded  1826.     Published  1831-32  by   B.  Deming. 

Cist's  Weekly  Advertiser.  Vols.  1-2.  Aug.,  1844-June,  1846.  F«.  Vols. 
1-6,  new  series.  Mar.,  1847-Dec.,  1848;  1849-50;  Jan.,  1851-Apr., 
1853.     6  v.  in  3.    F«. 

Established  Feb.,  1844,  by  Charles  Cist,  son  of  the  Philadelphia  printer 
of  the  same  name ;  styled  Western  General  Advertiser  during  first  eight 
months,  then  Cist's  Advertiser  till  Mar.,  1847 ;  especially  devoted  to  his- 
tory and  statistics  of  Cincinnati ;  suspended  Apr.,  1853. 

Classmate  (w).    Vol.  7.    1900.    F4. 

Successor  of  Sunday  School  Classmate,  edited  for  many  years  till  July, 
1900,  by  Jesse  L.  Hurlbut;  Thomas  B.  Neely,  July,  1900-June,  1904; 
since  then   by  Rev.  J.  T.   McFarland.     Juvenile.     Methodist  Episcopal. 

Columbian  and  Great  West  (w).     Aug.,  1850-Mar.,  1853.     Fs. 

Published  by  E.  Penrose  Jones,  and  edited  by  William  B.  Shattuck, 
W.  T.  Coggeshall,  and  Murat  Halstead ;  wrecked  by  its  daily  edition, 
Aug.,  1853.  Great  West  established  May,  1848,  by  Robinson  &  Jones ; 
edited  by  Emerson  Bennett ;   merged  in   Columbian,  Mar.,  1850. 

Cincinnati  Commercial  (d).    Nov.  7,  1856;  Oct.  27,  1858;   Dec.,  1860; 

Jan.,  Apr.,  1861;  Aug.,  1861-June,  1871.    17  v.    Fa-o.     1873;  Mar., 

1874- Aug.,  1878;  1879;  Feb.- Aug.,  1881;  July-Dec,  1882.    20  v.    F». 

Founded  1S41.  Edited  by  Murat  Halstead,  1853-83 ;  then  combined 
with  Gazette  as  Commercial-Gazette,  q.  v. 

Cincinnati  Commercial  Gazette  (d).    Nov.  21,  1857;  June  8,  1858;  Apr., 

1884-Oct,  1885;  1886;  Jan.-Mar.,  1888;  1890-91;  1894-Sept.,  1895; 

Feb.-May,  1896.     25  v.    F?. 

Consolidation  (1883)  of  Gazette  and  Commercial,  q.  v.  Edited  after 
the  merger  by  Murat  Halstead  till  about  1890.  Styled  Commercial 
Tribune  since  1896. 

Cooperative  News  (s-m).    Vols.  6-9.    1895-98  (incomp.).    Q. 

Founded  1891,  in   interests  of  building,  loan  and  savings  associations. 

Dollar  Times  (w).     1853-1864,  10  nos.    F*. 

Economist  (m).    Vol.  1.    Dec,  1890-July,  1891.    F. 

Founded  1890  by  G.  P.  Osborne,  and  conducted  by  him  till  1892.  No- 
later  mention  in  directories. 




Cincinnati  Emporium  (w).    Vol.  1.    Feb.,  1824-Feb.,  Ig25.    F<>. 

Established  "by  S.  J.  Browne,  formerly  of  J.  W.  Browne  &  Co."  (see 
Liberty  Hall,  note)  ;  in  1828,  W.  D.  Gallagher  was  assistant  editor. 

Cincinnati  Enquires  (d).    1854-1863,  3  nos.;  Dec.  29,  1885. 

Western  Farmer  (m).    Vols.  1-5.    1839-45.    5  v.    O. 

Founded  Sept.,  1839  and  published  till  1845  by  Edward  James  Hooper; 
associate  editors,  Thomas  Affleck,  C.  Foster,  and  Charles  W.  Elliott. 
Styled  Western  Farmer  and  Gardener  after  Oct.,  1840. 

Furniture  Worker   (s-m).     Vol.  47,  nos.  7  and  9.    1906.    Vols.  48-53. 

1907-09.     F. 

Founded  1883 ;  styled  Furniture  World  until  1885.  Edited  by  A.  A. 
Brown,  1887-98;  I.  Mondschen,  1898-1901  or  later;  now  by  Ernest 

Cincinnati  Daily  Gazette.    1857-62,  9  nos.;  May- Aug.,  1861.    1863-66.' 
8  v.    Fs.    Jan.-June,  1877;  Jan-Apr.,  Sept.-Dec,  1880.    S  v.    F«. 
Daily    edition   of    Gazette,   established   in   1827. 

Cincinnati  Semi-Weekly  Gazette.    July,  1867-Dec,  1868;  1869-72.    3  t. 
Fs.     1873-Feb.,  1878.     5  v.     Fe. 

Oldest  paper  in  Cincinnati ;  founded  July,  1815,  by  Thomas  Palmer 
and  Eph'raim  Morgan ;  absorbed  in  Dec,  Liberty  Mall  (q.  v.) — see 
Thwaites,  Ohio  Valley  Press,  pp.  33-35.  Afterwards  owned  for  many 
years  by  Stephen  and  Eichard  L'Hommedieu,  later  by  Richard  Smith ;  Whig 
and  Anti  Slavery  in  politics;  semi-weekly  edition  began  in  1819;  edited 
by  I.  C.  Burnet  (1822-25),  Charles  Hammond  (1825-40),  W.  D.  Gal- 
lagher (1839-50),  J.  C.  Wright  (1841-51),  J.  H.  Barrett  (1855-60), 
E.  B.  Mansfield  (1857-80),  Eichard  Smith  (1859-83),  Whitelaw  Eeid 
(1861-65),  Seneca  W.  Ely  (1876-88).  Consolidated  with  Commercial, 
Jan.,  1883,  as  Commercial-Gazette,  under  Murat  Halstead,  editor  of  Com- 
mercial since  1853 ;  conducted  by  him  until  1889 ;  by  Perry  S.  Heath 
and  Eichard  Smith  until  1896  or  later.  Now  published  as  weekly  edition 
of  Commercial-Tribune. 

American    Grange   Bulletin    (w).    Vols.    21-35.    May,   1896-1905    (in- 
comp.).    F*. 

Founded  1874.  Published  by  Great  Western  Pub.  Co.  till  1879 ;  since 
then  by  Grange  Bulletin  Co.  Edited  hy  E.  C.  Sawdon  till  1877;  since 
1882  by  Frederick  P.  Wolcdtt  (with  Mortimer  Whitehead  till  1886; 
with  Locksie  Powell,  1893-1901).  No  later  data  obtainable.  Styled 
Grange  Bulletin  till  1883. 

International  Horseshoers'  Monthly  Magazine. 

See  same  title,  under  Denver,  Colo. 
Index    (m).    Mar  .-Oct.,  1873.    Q. 

Successor  to  Insurance  lndetc.     Removed  to  Boston,  June,  1873. 
Insurance  Index  (m).    Jan.,  1872-Feb.,  1873.    Q. 

Successor  to  Business  Guide. 
Iron  Molders'  Journal  (m).    Vol.  32.    1896;  Vol.  35.    1899;  Vols.  38-43. 
1902-1907.     8  v.     Q. 

Founded    1865.     Published    since    1S96,    by    Iron    Molders'    Union    of 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Cincinnati,  Ohio,  continued: 

North  America.  Edited  by  David  Black  until  May,  1903 ;  since  then 
by  John  P.  Frey.  Styled  International  Molders'  Journal  (q.  v.),  since 

Liberty  Hall  and  Cincinnati  Mercury  (w).    1811-14  (incomp.).    Partly 
indexed.    Fe. 

Established  Dec,  1804,  by  J.  W.  Browne  (preacher,  editor,  patent- 
medicine  vendor,  etc.),  and  conducted  by  him  until  1813,  with  his 
brother  Samuel  after  1809;  then  by  the  latter  and  J.  H.  Looker;  later 
published  by  Looker  &  Wallace;  merged  in  Gazette,  Dec,  1815.  See 
Thwaites,  Ohio  Valley  Press,  pp.  33,  34. 

Liberty  Hall  and  Cincinnati  Gazette  (s-w).    Feb.,  1825-Nov.,  1826  (in- 
comp.).   Fs. 

Same  (w).     1844-47;  1850  (4  nos.).    Fs. 

Successor  of  Liberty  Ball,  q.  v. ;  published  as  weekly  edition  of  Gazette. 

Same.    June  24,  1816. 

With  Middle  and  Western  Newspapers,  1811-20. 

Life  Boat  (m).    Dec,  1852. 

Light  of  Truth  (w).    Nov.  19,  1892. 

Cincinnati  Literary  Gazette    (w).     Vols.   1-3.     1824-Mar.,  1825.    3  v. 
in  2.    Q.     Oct.  29,  1825. 

Established  1824,  by  John  P.  Foote ;  contributors,  David  G.  Burnet, 
J.  G.  and  Benjamin  Drake,  Fltz-Greene  Halleck,  C.  S.  Raflnesque,  and 
others ;  suspended  in  1825. 

Journal  of  Metal  Polishers. 

See  same  title,  under  New  York. 

Bulletin  of  National  Metal  Trades  Association  (m) .    Vols.  1-2.    1902- 
1903.     2  v.     O.    Vol.  3.     1904.     Q. 

Founded  1902.  Edited  at  first  by  E.  F.  Du  Brul ;  since  Mar.,  1903  by 
Robert  Wuest  (with  Julian  V.  Wright  since  1906).  Styled  Open  Shop, 
q.  v.,  since  1905. 

Midland   (m).    Vols.   1-2.    Oct.,  1907-Dec,  1908.    F4.    Vol.  3.    Jan.- 
June,  1909.     2  v.  P. 

Founded  Oct.,  1907.  Issued  fortnightly  till  Mar.,  1908  (at  Chicago 
also  after  Dec,  1907).  Edited  by  E.  Jay  Wohlgemuth  and  John  James 

Western  Midnight  Cry   (w).    Sept.  27,  1843.    Vols.  2-3.    Dec,  1843- 
June,  1844.    F. 

With  Second  Adventist  Newspapers,  1842-47.  Edited  by  Joshua  V. 

Cincinnati  Mirror  and  Ladies'   Parterre    (bi-w;    s-m).    Vol.   1.    Oct.,  . 
1831-Sept.,  1832.    F4. 
Founded  1831,  by  J.  H.  Wood;   edited  by  W.  D.  Gallagher;  continued 




(w)  after  Sept.,  1833,  by  Gallagher  and  Thomas  H.  Shreve ;  circulated 
throughout  Mississippi  valley ;  contained  articles  by  nearly  all  leading 
Western  writers.  Merged  with  Chronicle,  q.  v.,  Sept.,  1836,  and  styled 
Cincinnati  Chronicle  and  Literary  Gazette  (the  sub-title  apparently  hay- 
ing no  reference  to  the  former  paper  of  that  name,  q.  t.).  Published  by 
William  A.   Harper,   Dec,   1886 — Apr.,   1837;   then   by   A.  Pugh    (part  of 

the  time  with  Dodd)   till  1848.     Edited  by  Edward  Mansfield,  Apr., 

1837 — Nov.,  1848;  then  by  T.  B.  Stevenson.  Merged  in  Atlas,  1850. 
styled  Chronicle,  Apr.,  1837. 

Cincinnati  Miekob   (w).     Vols.  3-5.     Oct.,  1833-Oct,   1834;    Apr.-Aug., 
1835,  7  nos.;  Jan.-Sept,  1836.     2  v.    F. 
Last  vol.  partly  indexed.     See  preceding  note. 

Mixeb  and  Server  (m).    Vols.  12-17.    1903-1907.    6  v.    O.    1908+ 

Organ  of  Hotel  and  Restaurant  Employes'  Tnternatl.  Alliance  and  Bar- 
tenders* Internatl.  League  of  American.  Appeared  irregularly  as  Waiters' 
Journal,  then  in  succession  as  Hotel  and  Restaurant  Employe,  Caterer 
(not  the  same  as  the  New  York  paper),  and  Purveyor.  Present  name 
adopted  Jan.,  1900,  and  regular  monthly  numbers  issued.  Edited  since 
then  by   J.   L.   Sullivan. 

International    Moldebs'   Journal    (m).    Vols.    44-45.     1908-1909.     2    v. 
Q.     1910+ 

See    Iron    Molders'    Journal. 

New  Chtjbch  Herald. 

See  same  title,  under  Philadelphia. 

Obebmayee  Bulletin  of  Foundry  Information  (m).    Sept.,  Oct.,  1907. 

Open  Shop  (m).     1905-Mar.,  1908.     O. 

See  Bulletin  of  Metal  Trades  Association. 

Pandect  (w).    Vols.  1-2.    May,  1828-July,  1830.    2  v.    F«. 

Established  May,  1828 ;  edited  by  Joshua  L.  Wilson  till  May,  1829, 
by  Amos  Blanchard  after  Sopt.,  1829 ;  published  by  A.  F.  Robinson  and 
D.  W.  Fairbank ;  styled  Cin.  Pandect,  July — Sept.,  1S29,  then  Cin. 
Christian  Journal,  q.  v. 

Pattern  Makees'  Journal  (m).    Vols.  8-17.     1899-1906.     4  v.     O.     Vols. 
18-19.     1907-1908.     Q.     1909+ 

Organ  of  Pattern  Makers'  League  of  North  America.  Published  by 
them  since  June,  1891.     Present  editor,  James  Wilson. 

People's  Paper  (d).    Nov.,  1843-Mar.,  1844;  Jan.-Feb.,  1845.    Q. 

One-cent  daily;  founded  1843,  by  William  Swim  and  G.  M.  Pickering; 
contained  no  advertisements  till  it  was  enlarged,  in  Feb.,   1845. 

Petboleum   Gazette   (tri-m;   w,  Apr.).    Vol.  1.    Feb.-Nov.,  1865,  scat, 
nos.    F  *. 
Published  by  Thomas  Bussert  till  July,  then  by  A.  J.   Gibson. 

Philanthropist    (w).     Vols.  1-4.     Jan.,  1836-Mar.,   1840.     3  v.     Ft. 
1841,  4  nos.     Fe. 
Established  at  New   Richmond  by   James  G.   Birney ;   removed  to   Cin- 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Cincinnati,  Ohio,  continued: 

einnati  the  following  April,  and  then  became  organ  of  Ohio  State  Antt- 
Slavery  Society ;  office  destroyed  by  a  mob,  July,  1836  ;  edited  by  Birney 
till  Sept.,  1837,  and  by  Gamaliel  Bailey  after  May,  1836 ;  in  1847  merged 
in  National  Era,  the  paper  started  by  Bailey  at  Washington,  D.  C,  q.  v. 


Cincinnati  Populist  (w).    Sept.  1,  Oct.  20,  1894. 

Presbyter  (w).     1867-69,  19  nos.    Fe. 

American  Pressman    (m).    Dec,  1893.    Vols.  9-19.    1898-1909.    10  V. 
Q.    1910+ 

Founded  Sept.,  1890,  by  Internatl.  Printing  Pressmen's  Union  of  North 
America.  Conducted  by  Thomas  J.  Hawkins  till  June,  1893,  when  sus- 
pended because  of  financial  troubles.  Resumed  after  six  months,  by 
P.  S.  M.  Munro,  and  conducted  by  him  till  June,  1894 ;  Fred  M.  Youngs, 
June,  1894-1895 ;  Robert  D.  Sawyer,  1895 — June,  1898 ;  Theodore  S. 
Galoskowsky,  June,  1898 — Jan.,  1907 ;  Frank  Pampusch,  Jan.,  1907 — 
Jan.,  1910 ;  since  then  by  Charles  W.  Miller.  Published  at  New  York  till 
1894;  Omaha,  1894-90;  Chicago,  1895-1898;  St.  Louis,  1898— Jan., 
1908 ;  since  then  at  Cincinnati.  Since  1P08  published  by  Internatl.  Ptg. 
Pressman  and  Assistants  Union. 

Proletariat  (m).     Nov.,  1904. 

American  Republic  (w).     Mar.  20,  1864. 

National    Republican    and    Ohio    Political    Register    (s-w).     1823-24; 
1825-29,  scat.  nos.     3  v.    Fe. 

Same  (w).     1823;   1825-June,  1826.     2  v.    F*. 

Successor  to   Western  Spy;  published   by  Looker  &   Reynolds;   at  one 
time  edited  by  "Sol"   Smith,  the  actor. 

Retina  (w).    Vol.  1.     July,  1843-July,  1844.     Q. 

Published  and  edited  by  William  C.  Howells.     Issued  also  at  Hamilton. 


Scientific  Artisan  (w).    Vol.  1.     1858-60,  scat.  nos.    F4. 
Published  by  American  Patent  Co. 

Sentinel  and  Star  in  the  West  (w).    Vols.  1-2.    Oct.,  1829-Oct.,  1831. 
Indexed.     2  v.    F. 
See  Star  in  the   Went. 

Sidereal  Messenger  (m).  Vols.  1-2.  July,  1846-Apr.,  1848.  Indexed.  Q. 
Edited  by  Ornisby  M.  Mitchel,  professor  of  astronomy  in.  College  of 
Cincinnati ;  he  induced  the  citizens  (1845-46)  to  build  an  observatory, 
before  Boston  or  New  York  had  one ;  it  had  the  second-best  telescope 
in  the  world. 

Sonntagsmoroen    (w).    June,    1867-Dec,    1868.    F.    June,    1870-Feb., 
1872;  June,  1875-1906.     34  v.    F  e. 
Weekly  edition  of  Tolksjreuni,  q.  v. 

,  [220] 


Spirit  of  the  Times  (d).    Oct.,  1840-Apr.,  1841.    F^. 

Founded    1839.     Published    by    Wilmerton    &    Starbuck,  Oct.,    1840 — 

Jan.,  1841;  Calvin  W.   Starbuck,  Jan.— Apr.,  1841.     Edited  by  Edwin  R. 
Campbell,  1840-1841. 

Spibit  op  the  West  (w).    July  26,  1814. 

With  Middle  and  Western  Local  Newspapers,  1811-20.  Established 
July,  1814,  by  M.  S.  Pettit ;  Republican  and  Anti-Slavery ;  suspended 
after  publishing  44  numbers. 

Western  Spy  (w).    July,  1814-Dec,  1822.    5  v.    F«. 

Founded  Sept.,  1810,  by  Joseph  Carpenter  (publisher  of  first  Western 
Spy,  1799-1800)  ;  edited  by  Joseph  Buchanan  after  1819;  continued 
(1823)   as  National  Republican  and  Ohio  Polit.  Register,  q.  v. 

Standabd    (w).    Vols.    1-3.     Sept.,  ,  1831-Oct,   1834.     F». 

Published  by  It.  R.  Lincoln  till  Jan.,  1832,  then  by  James  McMillan; 
edited  by  John  Burtt,  May  1833 — July,  1834 ;  then  removed  to  South 
Hanover,  Ind.,  and  published  for  the  trustees  of  theological  seminary 
there.     Presbyterian. 

Stab  in  the  West  (w).     Apr.,  1853-Mar.,  1857.     2  v.    Ft. 

Founded  1827,  at  Eaton,  O.,  by  Revs.  Jonathan  Kidwell  and  D.  D. 
Hall.  Issued  monthly  till  1829.  Then  published  weekly  at  Cincinnati 
(except  1833-36,  at  Philomath,  Ind.),  under  name  Sentinel  and  Star 
in  the  West,  q.  v.,  by  Kidwell,  J.  C.  Waldo,  S.  Tizzard,  and  George 
Rogers.  Resumed  old  name  in  1838.  Owned  and  edited  by  John  A. 
Gurley,  1838 — Jan.,  1854 ;  then  sold  to  G.  W.  Quimby  (associate  edi- 
tor since  Apr.,  1853),  Gurley  retaining  editorial  connection  till  May. 
1856.  Then  conducted  by  Quimby  alone,  till  1857 ;  H.  R.  Nye,  1857- 
64  (with  G.  L.  Demarest,  after  1859)  ;  Demarest,  1864-65  ;  I.  D.  Williams 
and  J.  S.  Cantwell,  1865-80 ;  then  bought  by  New  Covenant  of  Chicago, 
q.  v.     Universalist. 

Tageblatt.    May  30,  1896. 

Ohio  Organ  of  the  Temperance  Reform  (w).     Sept.  9,  1853. 

Dally  Times.     Apr.-Oct,  1841.     Fs.     1856-67,  16  nos.    F«. 

Established  1841,  by  Calvin  S.  Starbuck;  conducted  by  Elm  till  1870; 
then  united  with  Chronicle,  and  styled  Times-Chronicle;  in  1880  united 
with  Star,  and  styled  Times-Star;  edited  since  then  by  Charles  Taft 
(Rufus  Fleming,  associate  editor,  1882-95;  Robert  I.  Carter,  Nov., 
1892 — Nov.,  1900).     Republican. 

Times-Stab  (-w).    Sept.  29,  1885. 

See  Times. 
National  Union.    July  23,  1865. 

Union  Bulletin   (m).    June,  1904. 
Founded   1887. 

Cincinnatier  Volksblatt  (d).    Sept-Dec,  1889;  June,  1890-Mar.,  1891. 
Sunday  edition,  Westliche  Blatter,  included.    F6. 

Founded  1836.  Published  by  G.  Hof  and  F.  Haussarek,  1870-76; 
since  then  by  Cinn.  Volksblatt  Co.  Edited  by  Haussarek,  1870-84; 
Charles  Albrecht,  1886-87 ;  Charles  F.  Johnson  and  Henry  Danziger,  1888. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Cincinnati,  Ohio,  continued: 

Volksfbeund    (d).    Feb.-Oct,    1866.     Fa.     Aug.,    1869-Dec,    1870.    F?. 
July,  1871-1876.     10'  v.    F  7.     1877-Apr.,  1908.     6*  v.    F  8. 

Founded  Oct.,  1850,  by  Joseph  A.  Hemann  and  published  by  him  till 
July,  1863;  by  J.  B.  Jeup  &  Co.,  July,  1863-1869;  Volksfreund  Co., 
1870-71 ;  Limberg  &  Thilly,  1872 ;  Limberg  &  Haacke,  1873-79 ;  since 
then  by  Heinrich  Haaeke. 

Whig  (w).    Apr.  20,  1809. 

With  Middle  and  Western  newspapers,  1802—10.  Established  Apr.,  1809, 
by  David  L.  Carney  and  Ephraim  Morgan,  as  successor  of  first  Western 
Spy   (1799-1809);  continued  as  Advertiser,  June,  1810;  suspended  1811. 

Wochentliche  (w).     1863-65;  1868-69;  1872-73;  1876-1907.     37  v.    Fa. 
Weekly  edition  of  Volksfreund,  q.  v. 

International  Woodcaevee  (m).    Aug.,  1900-July,  1908.    Fs. 

Founded  Aug.,  1900,  by  Internatl.  Woodcarver  Co.,  and  published  by 
them  till  Feb.,  1903 ;  by  Internatl.  Woodcarvers'  Assn.,  Feb.,  1903-July, 
1908.  Edited  by  Fred.  Wenzel  till  Jan.,  1901 ;  by  George  H.  Thobe,  Feb., 
1901 — July,  1902 ;  by  M.  A.  Brinkman,  Sept.,  1902 — Jan.,  1904 ;  by 
John  S.  Henry,  Feb..  1904-July,   1908.     No   later  data  obtainable. 

Cincinnatier  Zeitung  (w).    Apr.  15,  1900. 


Circleville  Union  (w).    May  22, 1863. 


Appeal  (d).    Oct.  14,  1886. 

Cleveland  Artisan   (d).    July-Aug.,  1899.    Fa. 

Axe  (w).    Apr.-Nov.,  1840.    Fs. 

Campaign  paper  in  support  of  Harrison,  published  by  J.  A.  Harris  of 
Cleveland  Herald. 

Bakeb's  Journal. 

See  same  title,  under  Chicago. 

Babbeb's  Journal   (m).    Vols.  12-14.     1901-July,  1903.     2  v.     O. 

Founded  1892.  Organ  of  Journeyman  Barbers'  Internatl.  Union  of 
America.     Edited  by  its  gen.  sec.-treas. 

Bbidgemen's  Magazine. 

See  same  title,  under  Indianapolis. 

Cabpenteb,  (m).    Sept.,  1886. 

Cabbiage  and  Wagon  Workers'  Journal  (m).    1899-1904,  5  nos.    Q. 

Cleveland  Citizen    (w).     Mar -Dec,  1893;    1894-97.     Fa.     1898-June, 
1899    (incomp.).     1900-1907.     2    v.    F".     1908+ 
Founded    Jan.,    1891,    by   Harry    Long    and   Max    S.    Hoyer.     May    18, 



1891,  passed  over  to  the  Cleveland  Central  Labor  Union,  and  published 
by  them  till  1902;  by  United  Trades  and  Labor  Council  under  same 
management  until  Mar.,  1910,  when  Max  Hoyer,  Dav,id  H.  Jenkins,  and 
Robert  Bandlow  took  it  over  and  incorporated  the  Cleveland  Citizen 
Pub.  Co.       Labor. 

Coopers'  International  Journal  (m).    Vols.  10-19.    1900-1909.    9  v.    ,0. 

Founded  1869  by  M.  A.  Foran,  and  conducted  by  him  till  1880 ;  then 
suspended  operation  and  local  unions  were  conducted  by  charters  is- 
sued by  Knights  of  Labor.  Reorganized  under  Coopers'  Internatl. 
Union,  Nov.,  1890.  Edited  by  Phillip  Strong  till  1896 ;  John  McFadden, 
1896-97  ;  James  A.  Cable,  1897 — May,  1910  ;  since  then  by  William  R. 
Deal.  Published  at  Cleveland  till  1880;  Chicago,  1890-96;  Nashville, 
Tenn.,  1896-97 ;  since  then  at  Kansas  City,  Kansas. 

Emancipator  (w).    1894,  scat.  nos.    F  «. 

Family  Visitor  (w).    Vols.  1-4.    Jan.,  1850-May,  1853.    2  v.    F*. 

Established  by  S.  St.  John,  S.  C.  Bartlett  (afterwards  of  Dartmouth 
College1),  and  J.  P.  Kirtland,  professors  in  Western  Reserve  College; 
after  Sept.,  1852,  they  placed  M.  C.  Read  in  charge  of  the  paper,  re- 
maining editorial  contributors ;  published  at  both  Cleveland  and  Hud- 
son ;   suspended,   1858. 

Ohio  Farmer  (w).    Vols.  100-105.    July,  1901- June,  1904.    Ft. 

Founded  1848.  Conducted  by  G.  E.  Blakelee,  1871-72 ;  M.  J.  Law- 
rence,  1873-1895 ;   since  then  by  Lawrence  Pub.   Co. 

Iron  Trade  Review  (w).  Vols.  21-23.  May,  1888-Dec,  1890.  3  v.  F4. 
Founded  1868.  Styled  Trade  Review  till  1883,  and  for  a  time  Iron 
Trade  Review  and  Western  Machinist.  Conducted  by  G.  C.  Davies  In 
1880;  Wilson  M.  Day  and  F.  N.  Carter,  1883-90  (with  Felix  Rosenberg 
part  of  the  time),  A.  I.  Findley,  1892-1901.  Now  published  by  Pen- 
ton  Pub.  Co. ;  edited  by  George  Smart  and  others. 

Cleveland  Labor  (w).    Feb.  15,  1896. 

Lather  (m).    Vols.  2-9.    1901-1909.    6  v.    Q.    1910+ 

Founded  Nov.,  1900.  Organ  of  Wood,  Wire,  and  Metal  Lathers'  In- 
ternatl. Union.  Edited  by  the  gen.  sec.-treas.,  at  present,  Ralph  V. 

Cleveland  Tri-Weekly  Leader.    Feb.  2,  1856. 

Same  (d).    July  16,  1861. 

Brotherhood  of  Locomotive  Engineebs'  Journal. 
See  same  title,  under  Rochester,  N.  Y. 

Machinists'  and  Blacksmiths'  Monthly  Journal.    Apr.,  1872. 

People's  Forum   (w).    Aug.,  1894-Aug.,  1895.    P«. 

Founded  1894,  by  Euclid  Pub.  Co.  Edited  by  James  Thornton,  1894- 
95.     No  later  data  obtainable. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Cleveland[,  Ohio,  continued: 

Cleveland  Plain  Dealer  (d).    Apr.  28,  1908.     (Traction  peace  treaty)^ 

Railroad  Trainmen's  Journal. 

See  same  title,  under  Galesburg,  III. 

Sanitary  Fair  Gazette.    Mar.  1,  1864. 

Social^stische  Arbeiter-Zeitung   (w).    Dec.  1,  1900;   1903-July,  1908. 
2  v.    F«, 
See  Yolksjreund  und  Arbeiter-Zeitung. 

American  Spibtttjalist  (bi-w;  w,  Jan.,  1872).    Mar.,  1871-Oct,  1872. 
2  v.    F  *. 

Founded  1868,  as  local  organ  of  Ohio  State  Assn.,  conducted  by  J.  M. 
Peebles,  Hudson  Tuttle,  and  Mr.  and  Mrs.  A.  A.  Wheelock,  till  Jan., 
1872,  when  Tuttle  was  succeeded  by  George  A.  Bacon.  Suspended  Oct., 

Union  Label,  (m).    Feb.,  1898. 
.    Founded   1897. 

University  of  tie  World.    Vol.  1.  No.  1.    1905. 

Volks-Anwalt  (w).     Oct.,  1889-May,  1896  (incomp.).    Fs. 

Founded  1889,  as  organ  of  Natl.  Socialist  Party.  Edited  1896-99  by 
Mas  A.  Silz. 

Volksfreund  und  Arbeiter-Zeitung  (w).    July,  1908-)-    F«. 

Founded  by  merging  two  papers.  The  Cleveland  Volksfreund  was  es- 
tablished in  1886,  by  the  Volksfreund  Pub.  Assn.,  whose  stock  was 
owned  by  German  labor  unions  and  individuals ;  the  SodaUstische  Ar- 
beiter-Zeitung was  the  Socialist  Labor  Party's  organ,  founded  May  1, 
1900,  and  printed  and  distributed  by  the  Volksfreund  Co.  July  1,  1908, 
the  latter  company  was  dissolved  and  the  papers  united  as  the  property 
and  organ  of  the  Socialist  Labor  Party.  Present  manager  Richard 

Clevelander  Volkszeitung  (w).    1903,  3  nos. 


Foundation  Principles  (m).    July  29,  Oct.  16,  1884. 


American  Issue  (m).    1899^Dec,  1905.    6  v.    F«. 

Published  by  Anti-Saloon  League.     See  also  under  Milwaukee,  Wis. 

Crisis  (w).    Feb.,  1861- Jan.,  1862;  Jan.,  1863-Jan.,  1867.    5  v.    F". 

Bounded  Jan.,  1861,  by  Samuel  A.  Medary,  formerly  of  OMo  States- 
man, who  resigned  as  governor  of  Kansas  for  that  purpose.  On  tlie 
death  of  Medary  in  Nov.,  1865,  publication  was  continued  by  Willoughby 
W.  Webb  till  June,  1866.  Then  bought  by  William  Trevitt,  and  conducted 
by  him  and  Webb  until  suspension  in  1871.  States  Bights  Democratic 



Delta  Gamma  Anchora  (q).    Vols.  1-23.    1884-1907.    8  v.    O.     (Vols. 
1-3,  12,  13,  22,  23,  incomp.). 
Formerly  published   at  Baltimore,  Md. 

Columbus  Gazette  (w).    1821-23,  4  nos. 

With  Ohio  Monitor,  1821-24.  Established  1811,  by  James  Kilbourne. 
at  Worthlngton,  under  title  of  Western  Intelligencer;  after  second  num- 
ber, sold  to  Joel  Buttles,  who  published  it  one  year ;  then  conducted  by 
P.  H.  Olmsted  and  others,  who  soon  removed  it  to  Columbus  and  styled 
It  Columbus  Gazette  (1815)  ;  continued,  Sept.,  1825,  as  Ohio  State  Jour- 
nal, by  Olmsted  and  John  Bailhache;  daily  established  in  1839.  Edited 
by  W.  D.  Gallagher,  1837-38;  Vivus  W.  Smith,  1841-43;  Scott  ft 
Bascom,  1851-52 ;  W.  D.  Howells,  1859-60 ;  W.  S.  Furay  for  a  time ; 
Comly  &  Smith,  1870-72;  James  M.  Comly,  1872-82;  Samuel  J.  Flick- 
inger,  1884-95;  I).  L.  Bowersmith,  1896;  Samuel  G.  McClure,  1897-1899 
or  later.  Published  since  1883  by  Ohio  State  Journal  Co.  Weekly  edi- 
tion published  as  Columbus  Gazette  till  1884-85. 

Straight-out  Habbisonian  (w).    June  26,  1840. 

Daily  Ohio  State  Joubnal.    Apr.-Dec,  1851;  Apr.  3,  6,  July-Dec,  1852. 
3  v.     Fs.     Aug.  26,  1862. 
See  Columbus  Gazette. 

Ohio  State  Lantern  (w).    Jan.  9,  1907. 

See  same  title,  under  Cleveland. 

United  Mine-Wobkers'  Journal  (w).    Dec,  1895-June,  1896.    Fs.    1903- 
1908.     2  v.     F«.     1909  + 

Founded  1890,  by  executive  board  of  United  Mine  Workers  of  America, 
and  since  published  by  them.  Moved  to  Indianapolis  in  1900.  Edited  by 
W.  G.  Scott,  1901  ;  S.  M.  Sexton,  1903-Apr.,  1908 ;  William  Scalfe,  Apr., 
1908-1911;   since  then  by  Michael   llalapy. 

Ohio  Monitor    (w).    Dec.   12,  1816;    Aug.   14,  1817;    June,  1818-Oct., 
1824.    2  v.  (incomp.).    F«. 

Founded  1«16,  by  David  Smith  and  Ezra  Griswold ;  styled  Ohio  Moni- 
tor and  Patron  o]  Industry  after  July,  1821  ;  merged  in  Western  Hemi- 
sphere, 1835,  which  in  turn  was  styled   Ohio  Statesman,   1837. 

New  Chubch  Herald. 

See  same  title,  Philadelphia.     / 

Palladium  of  Liberty  (w).    Feb.  7,  1844. 

Ohio  Populist  (w).    June-8,  29,  July-Nov.,  1894;  Aug.  6,  20,  1896.    F«. 
Founded   1894,   by   Ohio  Populist  Pub.  Co.  and  conducted  by  them  till 
1896.     Then   removed   to   Greenville,   and   published   by   W.   B.  Kline   and 
P.  J.  Fishback  till  1897.     No  later  mention  in  directories. 

Campaign  Statesman   (w).    Apr.-Nov.,  1848.    F«. 
Campaign  edition  of  Ohio  Statesman,  q.  v. 

Dollar  Statesman  (w).    Sept.,  1849-Jan.,  1851.    2  v.    F«. 

Family  edition  of  Ohio  Statesman,  q.  v. ;  issued  Sept.,  1849 — Jan.,  1852. 
15— N.  C.  [  225  ] 

Newspaper  Catalogue 

Columbus,  Ohio,  continued: 

Ohio  Statesman  (d  and  w).    Apr.-Nov.,  1864;  1865.    2  v.    Fs. 

Successor  in  1837  of  Western  Hemisphere  (established  1832)  ;  leading 
Democratic  paper  in  Ohio ;  daily  edition  began  1847 ;  published  by 
Samuel  Medary  most  of  the  time  till  1857 ;  edited  by  C.  C.  Hazewell, 
1846;  owned  and  edited  by  S.  S.  ("Sunset")  Cox,  Apr.,  1853— May, 
1854  ;  edited  by  Amos  Layman  and  Lewis  Baker  in  1864  ;  Layman  and? 
E.  B  Eshelman,  1865;  James  Mills,  1870-73;  Myers  and  Mack,  1874-75; 
J.  S.  Putnam,  1876;  James  F.  Linton,  1877;  Putnam  again  in  1879  j 
weekly  published  as  weekly  edition  of  Times  from  1879  to  suspension  of 
Times  about  1889 ;  succeeded  by  Evening  Dispatch,  1879,  W.  D.  Brickell, 
publisher ;   edited  by  J.  L.  Rodgers,  1892. 

Daily  Ohio  Statesman.     Sept.,  1837-Apr.,  1838;  Dec,  1840-Mar.,  1841; 

Dec,  1841-Mar.,   1842;    Aug.-Oct,    1842;    Dec,   1843-Mar.,   1844; 

Dec,  1844-July,  1845;   Nov.,  1847-Sept.,  1848;    Feb.-June,  1849; 

1850.  12  v.   Fs.    Dec,  1850-Dec,  1851;  July-Dec,  1852.    4  v.   Ft. 

Semi-Weekly  Ohio  Statesman.     May,  1839-Nov.,  1842;  Mar.-Nov.,  1843. 
4  v.    Fs. 

Tri-Weekly   Ohio   Statesman.     Dec,   1838-Mar.,   1839.    Fa.     Mar-Dec, 
1844.    F  i. 

Weekly  Ohio  Statesman.     July,  1837-Mar.,  1844.     4  v.    Fe.     Mar.,  1844- 
Feb.,  1846;  Nov.,  1847-Aug.,  1849;  Apr.,  1850-Oct.,  1852.    4  v.    F?. 

Same  (s-w  and  w).    Apr.-Aug.,  1854   (unbound). 

Columbus  Sun  (w).    Jan.  19,  1895. 

Swan's  Elevator  (w).    Dec.  13,  1851. 

Columbus  Tbades  Record  (w).    Dec.  18,  25,  1903. 

Union  League  (w).    1863,  15  nos.    Fs. 

Buckeye  Vidette  (w).    Apr.  29,  1882. 

Westeen  Hemisphere  (w  and  s-w).    Apr.,  1834- June,  1837.    F«. 

Founded  1832.  Published  by  John  Gilbert  &  Co.  in  1834  ;  John  Gilbert 
and  Russell  C.  Bryan,  Sept.,  1834 — Mar.,  1835 ;  Medary  &  Manypenny, 
Mar.,  1835-Feb.,  1836;  Jacob  Medary  Jr.  &  Co.,  Medary,  Reynolds  & 
Medary,  and  S.  Medary  &  Bros.,  for  short  periods  up  to  June,  1837.  Ab- 
sorbed Ohio  Monitor  in  1835.     Succeeded  in  1837  by  Ohio  Statesman,  q.  v. 


Practical  Pbeachee  (w).    Apr.  21,  Aug.  21,  1851. 


On  Woekees'  Journal  (m).    Dec,  1903. 



Dayton  ' 

Bulletin  (w).    July  28,  1905. 

National  Cash  Registee  (m).    July,  1901;  Sept.,  1903. 

Dayton  Gazette  (d).    May  14,  1851. 

Herald  of  Gospel  Liberty  (w).  Dec,  1902-1907.  3  v.  F*.  1908-1909. 
2  v.     Q.     1910+ 

Founded  Sept.,  1808,  by  Rev.  Elias  Smith,  at  Portsmouth,  N.  H.,  and 
published  by  him  till  Oct.,  1817,  at  Portsmouth,  Portland  (Me.),  Phila- 
delphia, Boston,  and  again  at  Portsmouth  after  1814.  Smith  became 
a  Universalist  in  1817,  and  gave  up  the  paper,  which  was  continued 
on  more  conservative  lines  by  Robert  Foster,  under  title  of  Christian 
Herald.  In  May,  1829,  the  Herald  absorbed  Morning  Star  and  City 
Watchman,  a  second  paper  started  by  Smith.  In  1835  the  Herald  was 
succeeded  by  Christian  Journal,  published  at  Exeter,  N.  H.  by  Eastern 
Christian  Pub.  Assn.,  and  edited  by  Rev.  Elijah  Shaw.  In  1839  styled 
Christian  Herald  and  Journal;  in  1841,  Christian  Herald;  in  1850,  Chris- 
tian Herald  and  Messenger;  in  1851,  Herald  of  Gospel  Liberty.  Pub- 
lished since  1868  by  Christian  Pub.  Assn.  Edited  1894-1907  by  Rev. 
J.  J.  Summerbell ;  since  then  by  J.  Pressley  Barrett.  See  Centennial  of 
Religious  Journalism,  pp.  37-75. 

Laborers'  Journal  (m).    Mar.,  Oct.,  1905. 

Locomotive  Firemen  and  Enginemen's  Magazine  (m).  Vols.  12-13.. 
1888-89;  Vols.  15-17.  1891-93;  Vols.  22-26;  1897-99;  Vols.  34- 
48.     1903-1910.     25  v.     O.     1910+ 

Founded  1876,  by  I.  J.  Bennett ;  adopted  as  official  organ  of  Bro.  of 
Locomotive  Firemen,  1877.  Edited  by  W.  N.  Sayre,  Grand  Sec,  till 
Sept.,  1878,  when  E.  V.  Debs  became  associate  editor ;  by  Debs,  1880-94, 
with  W.  F.  Hynes  as  associate;  by  W.  S.  Carter,  1894-1903;  by  George 
Goding  for  a  few  weeks ;  since  then  by  John  F.  McNamee.  Now  pub- 
lished at  Indianapolis,  Ind.  See  Souvenir  B.  of  L.  F.  &  E.,  pp.  30-33 
(St.  Paul,  Minn.,  1910). 

New  Broom  (w).    Apr.  21,  1894. 

New  Nation  (w).    Peb.-May,  1904.    F«. 
See   Ohio  Socialist,  q.   v. 

Religious  Telescope  (w).    Sept.  23,  1868.    Oct.,  1873-Oct,  1874.    Ft. 

Successor  of  Hagerstoicn  (Md.)  Messenger,  as  organ  of  United  Brethren 
in  Christ.  Established  Dec,  1834,  at  Circleville,  O. ;  published  semi- 
monthly till  July,  1845,  then  weekly ;  removed  to  Dayton,  Sept.,  1853. 
Published  by  Rev.  W.  L.  Shuey,  1870-97;  Rev.  W.  R.  Funk,  1897-1909; 
since  then  by  United  Brethren  Pub.  House.  Edited  by  Rev.  Milton 
\yright.  1870-78  (with  W.  O.  Tobey  after  1874)  ;  Tobey  and  Rev.  W.  J. 
Hott,  1879-82;  Hott,  1883-89;  Rev.  I.  L.  Kephart,  1890-1909;  since 
then  by  Drs.   J.  M.  Phillippi  and  C.   I.  B.  Brane.     United  Brethren. 

Ohio  Socialist  (w).    Aug.,  1903-May,  1904.    F«. 

Founded  Aug.,  1903,  by  Ohio  Socialist  Pub.  Co.,  and  published  by 
them  till  Jan.,  1904:  W.  G.  Crichlow,  Jan.-Feb.,  1904;  then  by  New 
Nation  Pub.  Co.  Edited  by  Edwin  L.  Rodgers  till  Oct.,  1903.  Style* 
New  Nation   (q.  v.),  Feb.,  1904. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Dayton,  Ohio,  continued: 

Woman's  Welfabe  (m).    Mar.,  1904;  Nov.,  1905. 

Dayton  Wobkman  (w).    Sept.  17,  Oct.  1,  1887;  Mar.-May,  1889.    P«. 

Founded  1886.  Published  by  Stine  &  Hull,  1887-99.  No  later  men- 
tion in  directories.     Styled  Workman  and  Farmer  after  1893. 

Gamma  Phi  Beta  Crescent  (q).    Vols.  1-10.    1900-1909  (incomp.).    O. 

East  Liverpool 
Potters' Herald  (w) .    1903-1904  (incomp.) ;  1905-Oct.,  1908.    2  v.    F*. 

Founded  1902.  Organ  of  Natl.  Bro.  of  Operative  Potters.  Managed 
by  C.  C.  Smith,  Feb.,  1903;  H.  O.  Allison,  June,  1903-Oct.,  1908;  Will 
T.  Blake,  Oct.,  1908.     Edited  by  T.  J.  Duffy,  June,  1903— Nov.,  1905. 


Advance:  Guabd  (w).    Aug.,  1896-Aug.,  1899  (incomp.).    F«. 
Founded   1896.     Edited  by   Tom   E.   Williams.     Populist. 

Hancock  Populist  (w).    1894,  6  nos.    F<\  ' 


Buckeye  and  Gallipolis  Joubnal  (w).    Dec.  25,  1834. 

Gallipolis  Joubnal  (w).     May  8,  1862. 


Commonwealth  (w).    Apr-July,  1899,  scat.  nos.    F*. 


Butler  County  Pbess   (w).     Dec.  11,  1903. 

See  same  title,   under  Cincinnati. 

Hamilton  Telegbaph  (w).     1863-64,  10  nos.     F«. 

With  Ohio  Newspapers,  1863-69.  Established  1814.  Published  by 
Lewis  &  Egry,  1863;  Frederick  Egry  and  3.  T.  Langstroth,  1867;  later 
in  same  decade  by  John  A.  Cockerill ;  Egry  and  F.  H.  S'cobey ,  1870-80 ; 
C.  M.  Campbell  (of  Neics),  1880-89;  News  &  Telegraph  Pub.  Co.,  1890- 
1901,  or  later.  Now  issued  as  weekly  edition  of  Republican  News,  by 
Republican  Pub.  Co. 


Hillsborough  Gazette  (d).    Dec.  8,  1533.    Extra.    President's  message. 


Ironton  Register  (w).    July  4,  1861. 

[  228  ] 




Ashtabula  Sentinel  (w).    Apr.— Dec,  1868.    F«, 

Founded  1832,  at  Ashtabula,  by  O.  H.  Fitch  and  others;  edited  (1848- 
51)  by  Joseph  A.  Giddings;  his  rather,  Joshua  R.,  was  corresponding 
editor  while  in  Congress  (1840-58)  ;  sold  (1852)  to  W.  C.  Howells, 
father  of  the  novelist,  and  soon  after  removed  to  Jefferson ;  since  pub- 
lished by  Howells  and  his  son  J.  A. 


Olive  Bbanch  (m).    Vols.  1-2.    Aug.,  1848-June,  1850.    Indexed.    2  v.    O. 

Organ  of  the  Mormon  colony  established  here  by  Sidney  Bigdon  (1830)  ; 

they  built  a  temple   (1S34),  but  were  anally  driven  from  the  town,  going 

to  Illinois  and  Missouri ;  Olive  Branch  removed  to   Springfield,  111.,  July, 

1849.     Mormon. 


Lancaster  Gazette  (w).    Sept.  29,  1864. 

Union  and  Republican  Sentinel  (w).    June  23,  1846. 


Westebn  Star  and  Lebanon  Gazette  (w).    Feb.-Oct,  1828.    Partly  in- 
dexed.   F  «. 

Established  1801),  by  John  McLean,  a  prominent  jurist ;  published  in. 
1813  by  William  Blackburn  &  Co.,  in  1828  by  Camron,  Morris  &  Co.  till 
July,  then  by  A.  H.  Dunlavy  and  J.  Morris. 


Lima  Sentinel  (w).     Sept.,  1894-Mar.,  1895.     F«, 

Founded  1894,  by  Ben  M.  Mann,  and  conducted  by  him  till   1895.     No 
later  mention  in  directories.     Populist. 


Madison  County  Democrat  (w).    June  16,  1864. 

Madison  Pateiot  (w).    Nov.,  1833-Aug.,  1834,  4  nos. 
With  Greene  Co.  Torchlight,  Xenia,  1838-40. 

McArthnr  I 

McArthur  Republican  (w).    July  29,  Aug.  5,  1853. 


Muskingum  Valley.    June  17,  1841. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Ohio,  continued:  '   ' 

Marietta  i 

Western  Spectator.    Oct.  30,  1810. 

With  Middle  and  Western  Newspapers,  1802-10.  Established  Oct., 
1810,  by  Caleb  Emerson ;  Federalist  in  politics ;  merged  in  American 
Friend,  1813. 

Marietta  Times  (w)  .    May  5,  1870. 

Ooxey's  Daily.    Oct.  29-Nov.  4,  1895.    F*.  ) 

Miners'  Independent   (w).    June,  1889-Mar.,  1890.    P«. 

Founded  1889,  by  Independent  Co.  (publishers  of  Independent),  and 
conducted  by  them  till  1894 ;  Miners'  Independent  Co.,  1895-96.  Edited 
by  John  McBride,  1891-92:  Joseph  H.  Thomas,  1892-94;  John  Flannery, 
1895-96.  No  later  mention  in  directories.  Styled  Miners'  Independent 
and  Wage  Earners'  Tribune,  1895-96. 

Sound  Monet  (w;  s-w).    June  6,  1895-July,  1896.     F«. 

Founded  1895  by  Jacob  S.  Coxey,  and  conducted  by  him  till  1897  (with 
Henry  Vincent  in  1896).     No  later  mention  in  directories.     Populist. 

Maumee  City 

Maumee  River  Times  (w).    .Oct.  9,  1852. 
Founded  by  H.  T.  Smith,  about  1840. 

Mount  Pleasant 

Weekly  Historian.    Oct.  6,  1823. 

With  Southern  and  Western  Newspapers,  1821-28.  Established  Oct., 
1823,  by  Elisha  Bates. 

PHILANTHROPIST    (W).      Oct.   24,   1817. 

With  Middle  and  Western  Newspapers,  1811-20.  Established  Sept., 
1817,  by  Charles  Osbom ;  Benjamin  Lundy,  assistant  editor,  1 818 ;  pub- 
lished after  1S18  by  Elisha  Bates ;  suspended  Apr.,  1822. 

Mount  Vernon 

Mt.  Vernon  True  Whig  (w).    July  21,  1852. 

New  Lisbon 

New  Lisbon  Gazette  (w).    Mar.  12,  1824. 

With  Southern  and  Western  Local  Newspapers,  1821-28.  Established 
by  Robert  Fee ;  suspended  in  six  months. 

"""  ~  New  Richmond 


See  same  title,   Cincinnati. 




Oberlin  Evangelist  (w;  bi-w).    Vols.  1-24.    1839-62.    24  v.  in  13;  May, 

1845-Dec,  1851,  scat.  nos.    F4. 

Founded  1836,  by  faculty  of  Oberlin  College,  as  an  exponent  of  Oberlin 
theology ;  one  of  the  most  Influential  religious  journals  In  the  West ; 
leading  contributors,  Asa  Mahan,  Charles  G.  Finney,  and  other  profes- 
sors ;   suspended  about  1862. 

Standard  of  the  Cross  (w).    Mar.  16,  23,  1872. 


Pike  County  Tocsin  (w).    Nov.  27,  1845;  Jan.  8,  June  11,  1846. 


Portsmouth  Dispatch  (d).    July  20,  1850. 

Scioto  Telegraph  (w).    Mar.  4,  1820. 

With  Middle  and  Western  Newspapers,  1811-20.  Established  Mar., 
1820,  by  C.  Hopkins;  suspended  Sept.,  1821. 

Tribune  (w).    Nov.  12,  1852. 


Loyal  Scout  (w).    Aug.  22-Oct.  10,  1863,  7  nos.    No  more  published. 
Union   campaign  paper,  published  by   William  Tomlinson. 

St.  Clairsville 

Ohio  Federalist  (w).    Jan.  18,  1816. 

Established  1813,  by  Charles  Hammond,  afterwards  editor  of  Cincin- 
nati Gazette;  suspended,  1817. 

Ohio  Federalist  and  Belmont  Repository  (w).    Jan.  13,  1816. 
With  Middle  and  Western  Papers,  1811-20. 


Anti-Slavery  Bugle  (w).    May  12,  1848;  Apr.  27,  1850. 


Progress  (w).    Oct.  18,  25,  1894. 


Perry  Record  (w).    Sept.  2,  1825. 

Established  1822,  by  John  M.  Laird,  as  successor  of  Western  World 
and  Political  Tickler  (a  scurrilous  and  abusive  sheet)  ;  succeeded  by 
People's  Advocate,  styled  Western  Post  after  1831 ;  merged  in  Perry 
County  American,  1855. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Ohio,  continued:  v 


Altruistic  Review. 

See  Our  Day,  under  Boston,  Mass. 

Ladies'    Home    Companion    (s-m).    Vols.    20-22.    Sept.,    1893-95    (in- 
comp.).    Fs. 

With  Woman's  Home  Companion.  Pounded  1873.  Published  by  Mast, 
Crowell  &  Kirkpatriek,  1884-1900;  then  by  Crowell  &  Kirkpatrick;  in 
1909  by  Crowell  Co.  Edited  in  1909  by  F.  L.  Collins.  Styled  succes- 
sively Home  Companion,  Home  Companion  and  Young  Folios  Circle,  La- 

...        dies'  Home  Companion;  since  1897  Woman's  Home  Companion,,  q.  v. 

National  New  Era  (w).     May  1,  Sept.  25,  1903. 
Ohio  New  Era  (w).     May  27,  1898. 

Our  DAT. 

See  same  title,  under  Boston,  Mass. 

Woman's  Home  Companion  (w).    Vol.  26.    1899.    Ps. 
See  Ladies'  Home  Companion. 


Steubenville  Herald  (d).     1850,  3  nos.;  Sept.  11,  1851. 

Western  Herald  and  Steubenville  Gazette  (w).    Oct.  27,  Nov.  9,  1821. 

With  Ohio  Monitor,  1821-24.  Established  1806,  by  Lowry  &  Miller; 
published  during  1814-40  by  James  Wilson,  formerly  of  Phila.  Aurora; 
W.  E.  Allison,  1846-73;  P.  B.  Conn,  1874-96;  then  by  Herald  Pub. 
Co.  until  merged  with  titar  as  Herald-Star,  1898.  A  leading  Whig 
paper,  afterwards  Republican. 


Tiffin  Herald  (d).    Mar.  6,  1886. 

Plow  and  Hammer   (w).     1890,  scat,  nos.;   Jan.-May,  1893.     Fe. 

Founded  1889.  Published  by  Barnes  Bros.,  1891-92 ;  Tiffin  Ptg.  & 
Pub.  Co.,  1893.  Edited  by  H.  F.  Barnes,  1891-92;  John  Seitz,  1893. 
No  later  mention  in   directories.     Farmers'   Alliance. 


Ballot  Box  (m).    Aug.,  1876. 

Published  by  Woman's  Suffrage   Assn. 

Toledo  Blade  (w).    Mar.,  1870-Mar.,  1871;  July,  1892-1896.    5  v.    F». 
Owned  by  W.  J.  Daniels  and  Emery  D.  Potter  in  1836 ;  afterwards  pub- 
lished by  Fairbanks  &  Willard ;  later  published  by  D.  E.  Locke   ("Petro- 
leum V.  Nasby,"  pseud.)  from  about  1861  till  his  death,  1888;  since  then 
by  his  son,  Robinson  Locke. 

Chief  Clerk  (m).    Oct.,  1903. 




Haebingee  (m).    Sept.,  1860. 

Index  (w).    Vols.  1-3.    1870-72.    3  v.    F4.    Jan.-Aug.,  1873. 
See  same  title,  under  Boston,  Mass. 

Industrial  Newu  (w).    Jan.  23, 1886;  Feb.,  1886-June,  1889.    F7.    1895,. 

6  nos. 

Founded  1878.  Edited  by  J.  M.  Bloomer,  1883-94.  Suspended  about 
1895,  but  the  daily  edition,  Evening  News  (established  1888)  was  con- 
tinued.    Styled  Industrial  Netcs  und  Household   Companion,  1889-90. 

Ohio  Labor  (w).    Aug.  24,  Nov.  16,  1895. 

Labor  Union  (w).    Oct.  3,  1903. 

Journal  of  International  Association  of  Allied  Metal  Mechanics  (m)v 
Aug.,  Sept.,  1903. 

Toledo  Non-P  artisan  (w).    Oct.  7,  28,  1899. 

People's  Call  (w).    Aug.-Nov.,  1894.    Fo. 

Founded  1894,  by  H.  V.  Caton,  and  published  by  him  till  1897.  No- 
later   mention   in   directories.     Populist. 

Toledo  Satubdat  Night  (w).    Apr.-Dec,  1899.    Fe. 

Founded  1899,  by  C.  C.  Packard,  and  conducted  by  him  till  1901  or 
later.  Supporter  of  Mayor  S.  M.  Jones'  reform  ideas.  No  later  data 
obtainable.  Styled  Toledo  Non-Partisan  Sept.  16,  1899,  but  resumed  old 
title  later. 

Socialist  (w).    Mar.,  1905-June,  1906.    F«. 

Continuation  of  Seattle  Socialist.     Suspended  June,  1906. 

International    Brotherhood    of    Stationaby   Firemen's    Journal    (m).. 
Jan.,  1903. 

Toledo  Union  (w).    Aug.  14,  1897. 

Toledo  Union  Leadeb  (w).    1907-09.    F>.    1910+ 

Founded  Mar.,  1907,  by  Toledo  Central  Labor  Union.  Managed  by  an- 
elective  board.     Edited   continuously  by  James  B.  Egan. 

Van  Wert 

Morning  Stab  (w).    Mar-Apr.,  1874.    F4. 

With  American  Spiritualist,  1871-72.  "Edited  by  spirits,  or  spirit 
power,  through  the  instrumentality  of  Mrs.  Adolphus  Kline."  Appar- 
ently  short-lived. 


WadswoTth  Enterprise   (w).    Feb.,  1876-Apr.,  1879.    F«. 

Established  by  John  A.  Clark,  1866,  and  conducted  by  him  till  1890: 
Then   merged  with  Banner  as  Banner-Enterprise. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Ohio,  continued: 


Western  American  (w).    Feb.  25,  Mar.  11,  1815. 

With  Middle  and  Western  Papers,  1811-20.  Founded  1814,  by  Morris 
&  Ely.     First  number  contains  news  of  Treaty   of  Ghent. 


Student  Statesman  (q).    Vol.  1,  No.  1.    1887. 


Western  Intelligences  (w).    Feb.  7,  1812." 

With  Middle  and  Western  Papers,  1811-20.  Founded  1811,  by  But- 
tles &  Smith. 


People's  Press  and  Impartial  Expositor  (w) .    June  21,  1826. 

With  Southern  and  Western  Newspapers,  1821-28.  Founded  1826,  by 
James  B.  Gardiner. 

Greene  County  Torchlight  (w).    Sept.,  1838-Sept.,  1840.    F«. 

Founded  by  I'azci  Lapham,  under  the  title  of  Xenia  Torchlight,  Sept., 
1838  ;  published  by  W.  B.  Fairchild  after  Sept.,  1840,  and  in  1854  by  E. 
McBratney  and  W.  E.  Morris ;  edited  by  Otway  Curry,  1842^14 ;  styled 
Ohio  People's  Press  and  Greene  Co.  Torchlight,  after  May,  1840 ;  after- 
wards resumed  title  of  Xenia  Torchlight.  Published  by  J.  M.  Milburn  & 
Co.,  1869 ;  Kinney,  Armstrong  &  Marshall,  1870 ;  Stine  &  Marshall, 
1871-81;  J.  D.  Stine,  1882-87;  B.  S.  Cowen,  1888;  then  merged  with 
Gazette,  as  Gazette  and  Torchlight.  Published  since  1890  by  J.  P.  & 
W.  B.  Chew.     Now-  styled  Gazette. 


Youngstown  Labob  Advocate  (w).    May  19,  1905. 


Zanesville  Courier  (tri-w).    Feb.  8,  Oct.  20,  1849. 

Labor  Journal  (w).    Jan.,  1908+    F«. 

Founded  1896,  by  Journal  Pub.  Co.  and  conducted  by  them  till  1898; 
by  Charles  H.  Sebaugh,  1899-1901  or  later;  since  1908  by  N.  M.  Beckley 
&  Sons. 

Ohio  Republican  (w).    Apr.  191,  1823. 

With  Southern  and  Western  Newspapers,  1821-28.  Established  1823; 
David   Chambers,   editor. 


Oklahoma  -Oregon 


Oklahoma  Populist  (w).    Aug.  10,  1893. 

New  Kirk 
^Oklahoma  Socialist  (w).    Aug.  28,  1902;  Apr.  9,  1903. 

Oklahoma  City 

X«abois  Signal  (w).    Dec.  11,  1903;  June  1,  1905. 


•Common  People  (m).    1904,  3  nos. 



Weekly  MountaineeS.    Oct.  12,  19,  1860. 

With    Kana.,    Wash.,   and    Oregon  Newspapers,   1852-63.     Successor   of 
Dalles  Journal;  published  by  W.  H.  Newell. 

Eugene  Hebald  (d).    Mar -Apr.,  1906,  8  nos.    Q. 

Founded  Mar.,  1906,  by  Municipal  League,  in  interest  o£  municipal 
ownership  of  public  utilities.     No  later  data  obtainable. 

Pacific  Grange  Bulletin  (m).    Sept.,  1908-May,  1909.    F*. 

Pounded  1908.  Now  published  by  H.  A.  Darnall,  and  edited  by  W.  H. 
Kaufman  and  J.  J.  Johnson. 

Oregon  City 

-Oregon  Argus  (w).    Jan.  22,  1859. 

With  Kans.,  Wash.,  and  Oregon  Newspapers,  1852-63.  Founded  May, 
1855,  by  W.  L.  Adams;  Independent  in  politics,  but  afterwards  promi- 
nent in  forming  and  uniting  the  Republican  party;  merged  in  Eugene 
City   Republican,  1863. 


Boabd  os-  Tbade  Journal  (m).    July,  Aug.,  1906. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Pobtland,  Oke.,  continued: 

Fibebband   (w).     1895-Sept,  1897.    F*. 

Founded  Jan.,  1895,  by  Firebrand  Pub.  Co.  Continued  as  radical  ori- 
gan till  excluded  from  mails,  Sept.,  1897.  Conducted  largely  by  Henry- 
Addis,  A.  Isaak,  and  A.  J.  Pope.  See  also  Free  Society,  under  San  Fraa- 
cisco,  Calif. 

Portland  Labob  Press  (w).    Dec.  11,  25,  1903. 

Lxberatob  (w).    May  30,  1903;  Mar.  7,  Apr.  4,  1907. 

Weekly  Obegonian.    May,  1889-May,  1890.    Ft.    1896-Jan.,  1902.    6  t«. 

F  8. 

Same.    Jan.-Aug.,  1858. 

With  Kana ,  Wash.,  and  Oregon  Newspapers,  1852-63. 

:  Same  (d).    Dec,  1907+    Fe. 

Oldest  paper  in  Oregon ;  established  Dec,  1850,  as  Whig  organ,  by  Ti. 
J.  Dryer,  formerly  of  California  Courier;  conducted  by  him  ten  years, 
since  then  by  H.  L.  Pittock ;  partly  owned  by  H.  L.  Scott  for  many  yeara^. 
till  his  death  in  1910 ;  edited  by  him  1865-72,  and  1877-1910.  HistoricaT 
sketch  in  50th  anniversary  number,  Feb. '4,  1911.  Daily  edition  estab- 
lished  Feb.,  1861. 

Vidnesbybdet   (w).    Norwegian.    Oct.,  1895-July,  1896.    Fb. 

Founded  1889.  Published  by  John  .Tacobson  and  John  L.  Kricksen, 
1890;  Columbia  Pub.  House,  1891;  Vidnesbrydet  Pub.  Co.,  1892;  O.  O.. 
Twede,  1893 ;  Christian  Heckner,  1894.  Edited  by  C.  J.  Larsen  and  C.  N, 
Hauge,  1890;  John  Jacobson,  1S91 ;  E.  M.  Stangeland,  1892-93.,  Edited 
and  published  by  M.  Hansen,  1895  ;  M.  Nelson,  1896  ;  Christian  Heckner^ 
1897-1901.     No   later  data  obtainable. 

Woman's  Tribune. 

See  same  title,  under  Beatrice,  Nebr. 


Oregon  Statesman  (w).    Aug.  3,  1858. 

With  Kana.,  Wash.,  and  Oregon  Newspapers,  1856-62.  Established  at 
Oregon  City,  Mar.,  1851,  as  a  Democratic  organ,  by  A.  W.  StockwelJr 
edited  till  1863  by  Ashel  Bush,  under  whom  It  had  the  reputation  of 
being  the  most  able  and  influential  political  journal  on  the  Pacific  coast;: 
merged  in  Unionist,  1866. 


Tobch  of  Reason  (w).    1900-1902,  4  nos. 
See  same  title,  under  Kansas  City,  Mo. 





The  Layers'  and  Helpers'  Journal  (m).    Apr.,  July,  1903;  Mar.,  June, 

Ajlpha  Tau  Omega  Palm  (m).    Vols.  18-20.    1898-1900;  Vols.    23-25. 
1903^-1905.     6  v.     O.    Vols.  25-30.     1905-1910  (incomp.). 
Formerly  published  at  Chicago. 

Uhion  Gazette  (w).    Dec.  26, 1903. 

Founded  1903.  Now  published  by  Union  Gazette  Fub.  Co.,  and  edited 
by  Charles  M.  Rehrig.     Labor. 

"Welt-Bote  (w).    Sept.  18,  1900. 

Founded  1855.     Now  published  by  Welt-Bote  Pub.  Co.     Independent. 


Athens  Democrat.     1855,  3  nos.     EX 

With  Athens  Gasette.  Founded  Sept.,  1855.  Edited  by  Francis  Smith 
and  published  by  Mark  M.  Pomeroy. 

.Athens  Gazette  (w).    Oct.,  1854-Sept.,  1856.    F*. 

Founded  Oct.,  1854,  by  Mark  M.  Pomeroy.  Successor  of  Athenian, 
published   by  C.  T.  Huston.     Independent. 

'leaver  County  Argus  (w).    1855,  5  nos.    F«. 


-Uhpaethetische  Americaner  (w).    Sept.  13,  1809. 

With  Middle  and  Western  Local  Newspapers,  1802-10. 


KEPoerroBT  and  Whig  (w).    Oct.  17,  1844. 


4/Union  Des  Travailleurs  (w).    Mar.,  1901- June,  1907  (Incomp.);  Aug., 
1907-1908.     Fo.     1909+ 

Founded  March,  1901,  and  since  conducted  by  Louis  Goaziou,  former 
editor  of  Le  Reveil  des  Miners,  and  other  Anarchist-Communist  organs. 


<3w>therhooo  (m).    Nov.,  1885.  j 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Pennsylvania,  continued: 


Chester  Valley  Union  (w).    Aug.  21,  1869. 


Corry  Petboletjm  Telegraph  (w).    June  15,  1865. 


Northampton  Cobbespondent  (w).    German.    June  9,  1810. 

With  Middle  and  Western  Local  Newspapers,  1802-10.  Oldest  weeHy 
in  the  state,  outside  of  Philadelphia;  established  1801,  by  Christian  J. 
Hiitter;  since  1875,  published  from  office  of  Argus.  Published  by  Cote 
&  Morwitz,  1870-79 ;  Correll  &  Fehr,  1880-81 ;  O.  L.  Fehr,  1882-1901. 
No  later  data  obtainable.  Styled  Eastern  Correspondent  and  Demohrat, 
1870-75.     Democratic. 

Easton  Labob  Journal  (w).    1886-87,  6  nos.    P«. 


Erie  Dispatch  (d).    Aug.  16,  1869. 

People   (w).    Vol.  1.    June-Dec,  1893.    May,  1897-Mar.,  1898;   1902- 
Dec,  1903,  17  nos.    Fe. 

Published  by  People's  Pub.  Co. ;  edited  by  Samuel  Weiss,  who  later  be- 
came publisher  also;  resumed  by  the  company  in  1899.     Edited  by  George* 
B.  Laird,  1899-1900;  A.  W.  Garren,  1901-Apr.,  1903;  Joseph  Wanhope, 
Apr.-Dec,    1903.     No    later    data    obtainable.     Populist,    later    Reform. 
File  for  1893  is  bound  with  Labor  Leader,  Boston. 

Public  Ownership  (w).    May,  1900-Feb.,  1901  (incomp.).    F». 

Founded  1899,  by  Public  Ownership  Pub.  Co.,  and  conducted  by  tneitt 
till  1901.     No  later  data  obtainable. 


Journal  of  U.  S.  Association  of  Chabcoal  Iron  Workers  (m).    Apr., 
.      1885. 

Chbonicle  (w).    May  6,  1876. 

Chbonicle,  or  Harrisburgh  Visitor  (w).    June  7,  1813. 

With  Middle  and  Western  Local  newspapers,  1811-20.     Founded  May,  ■ 
1813,   by   William   Gillmor,   as   a   Democratic   organ ;   published  by  Hngb 
Hamilton,   1815-36;    organ   of   Governor  Hiester  and  his   cabinet,   1821— 
23 ;  suspended  1842. 

Harrisburger  MorgenbOthe  (-w).    Oct.  6,  1812. 

With  Middle  and  Western  Local  Newspapers,  1811-20.  Founded  Mar., 
1794,  by  Benjamin  Mayer  and  Conrad  Fahnestock;  first  German  paper  ln< 
Dauphin  County ;  published  by  Mayer  till  1811,  then  by  John  S.  Wiest- 
ling   till   after   1829 ;   suspended   1838.     Democratic. 



Patriot  and  Union  (w).    Aug.,  1860-Aug.,  1861.    F«. 

The  successor  of  several  early  journals.  The  Pennsylvania  Reporter 
had  been  founded,  Nov.,  1827,  by  Samuel  C.  Stambaugh  (Indian  agent  at 
Green  Bay,  Wis.,  in  1831-32)  and  Simon  Cameron ;  the  Keystone  had 
been  established  by  William  F.  Packer,  O.  Barrett,  and  Benjamin  Parke 
in  Aug.,  1836 ;  and  the  State  Capital  Gazette  by  William  Henlock  and 
John  B.  Bratton  in  July,  1S39.  These  three  were  consolidated  (June, 
1843),  under  title  of  Democratic  Union,  which  in  turn  was  merged  in 
Pennsylvania  Patriot,  established  1854  by  Richard  J.  Haldeman  and 
edited  by  him  till  1860.  The  Patriot  and  Union  was  the  successor  of 
the  last  named.  Conducted  by  B.  F.  Myers  &  Co.,  1870-74  ;  Patriot  Pub. 
Co.,  1875-85;  William  P.  Hastings,  1886-87;  B.  F.  Myers,  1888-90; 
Patriot  Pub.  Co.,  1891-1901.  Now  styled  Patriot;  published  by  Patriot 
Co. ;  edited  by  D.  M.  Gilbert  Jr. 

Morning  Telegraph  (d  and  w).    Feb.,  1864-Dec,  1865.    4  v.    F7. 

Established  Sept.,  1831,  by  Theophilus  Fenn,  formerly  of  Lancaster 
Herald;  conducted  by  him  till  Nov.,  1853;  A.  K.  McClure  and  James 
Sellers,  1856-57 ;  George  and  Charles  Bergner  till  1883 ;  Harrisburg 
Pub.  Co.,  1883-1906;  since  then  by  Telegraph  Ptg.  Co.  Edited  by 
Thomas  F.  Wilson,  1883 ;  M.  W.  McAlarney,  1884-1900 ;  since  then  by 
E.    S.   Stackpole.     Styled  Harrisourgh   Telegraph  after  July,   1865. 

United  Labor  Journal  (w).    Oct.,  1908+    F«. 

Founded  1905.  Published  since  1908  by  Labor  Journal  Pub.  Co.,  and 
edited  by  J.  W.  Coldren. 


Plain  Speakeb  (w).    Aug.  14,  1902. 


Armstrong  Democrat  (w).    Nov.  19,  1840. 


Daily  Examinee.    Apr.-Oct,  1896.    2  v.    F«. 

Founded  1827.  Published  by  John  A.  Hiestand,  1870-89  (with  E.  M. 
Kline,  1870-73)  ;  T.  B.  and  H.  B.  Cochran,  1890-1901 ;  now  by  Dr.  Fred 
A.  Achey  and  W.  Frank  Gorrecht.  Styled  Examiner  and  Herald  for 
several   years ;   later  Examiner   and   Express.     Republican. 

Lancaster  Hive  (w).    Vol.  1.    June,  1803-1804.    O. 
Founded  1803.     Printed  by  Charles  McDowell. 

Lancaster  Intelligences  (d).    Mar.  9,  1895.    Centennial  number  (1794- 

Lancaster  Journal  (tri-w).    July  18,  1817. 

With  Middle  and  Western  Local  Newspapers,  1811-20.  Established  by 
Wilcox  &  Hamilton,  June,  1794 ;  published  by  William  Hamilton,  June, 
1796-Dec,  1819;  Huss  &  Brenner,  six  months;  John  Reynolds,  July, 
1820-34 ;  Hugh  Maxwell,  1834-Sept.,  1839 ;  then  sold  to  John  W.  For- 
ney, and  merged  in  Lancaster  Intelligencer  (founded  1792,  by  William 
Dickson,   and  still  published).     Tri-weekly  edition   began  Aug.,  1815. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Lancaster,  Pa.,  continued: 

Labob  Leader  (w).    1903-1910.    4  v.    F«.    1911+ 

Founded  1S92,  by  State  Federation  of  Labor.  Published  (1894)  bf 
Labor  Leader  Co. ;  edited  by  John  J.  Boyle.  Since  then  published  by 
Percy  Carpenter  and  E.  E.  .Greenawalt. 

.Lutheran  Observer  (w) .    Vols.  65-67.    1897-99.    3  v.    F. 

Founded  1831.  Published  since  1870  by  Lutheran  Observer  Assn. 
Edited  by  Eev.  F.  W.  Conrad,  1870-1900 ;  since  then  by  Rev.  M.  H. 
Valentine  (with  Sylvanus  Stall  part  of*  the  time).  Dated  also  at  Phila- 

Pennsylvania  Packet  (s-w).    Mar-June,  1778,  6  nos.    F. 

With  Pa.  Packet,  Philadelphia,  1778,  q.  v.  Removed  hither  from  Phila- 
delphia during  British  occupation  of  that  city,  Sept.,  1777-July,  1778. 

.Railroad  Freight  and  Baggageman  (m).    Oct.,  1903;  June,  1904. 


Lutheran  (w).    Vols.  11-12.    Oct.,  1906-1908,  2  v.    P«.    1909+ 

Consolidation  in  1895  of  Lutheran^  founded  1860,  and  "Workman, 
founded  1880.  Official  organ  of  Evangelical  Lutheran  Church  of  North 
America.  Edited  for  many  year?  by  Rev.  G.  F.  Krotel ;  since  1907  by 
Rev.  G.  W.  Sandt,  formerly  associate  editor. 


Sovereigns  of  Industry  Bulletin  (m).    1875-78,  scat.  nos.    F*. 

Founded  1875,  by  R.  H.  Thomas  and  John  Orvis,  and  conducted  by 
them  until  1879.     No  later  mention  in  directories. 


Free  Press  (w).    July,  1908+    Ff>. 

Founded  July,  1908,  by  local  Socialists,  and  since  published  by  them 
(Free  Press  Pub.  Co.).     Edited  by  S.  L.  Flanagan. 

-Solidarity  (w).     Dec,  1909+     Fe. 

Founded  Dec,  1909.  Organ  of  Pittsburg  District  of  United  Workers  of 
the  World.     Owned  and  conducted  by  C.  H.  McCarty  and  B.  H.  Williams. 

New  Castle  Tribune  (w).    Dec.  25,  1903. 


Abeille  Americaine  (w).    Vols.  1-2.    Apr.,  1815-Apr.,  1816.    Q. 
Published  by  A.  J.  Blocquerst ;  continued  at  least  three  years. 

-■General  Advertises,  and  Political,  Commercial,  and  Literary  Journal 

(d).    Feb.,    1791-Apr.,   1793;    Apr.,    1794-Mar.,    1795    (incomp.). 

6  v.    F«. 

Established,  Oct.,  1790,  by  B.  F.  Bache,  grandson  of  Benjamin  Frank- 
lin ;   noted   for   its   hostility   to   Federalists,   and   sympathy   with   French 

[  240  ] 


revolutionary   party;   continued    (Nov.,   1794)    under  title   of  Aurora  and 
General  Advertiser,  q.  v. 

Album  and  Ladies'  Weekly  Gazette.    Vol.  1.    June,  1826-May,  1827.    Q. 

Established  by  Thomas  C.  Clarke ;  consolidated  with  Ladies'  Lit.  Port- 
folio.    See  Phila.  Album. 

Philadelphia  Album  and  Ladies'  Literary  Portfolio    (w).    Vols.  5-8. 
1831-34.    4  v.    P. 

Continuation  of  Album,  q.  v. :  published  by  .Tesper  Harding,  edited  by 
Robert  Morris ;  merged  in  Pennsylvania  Inquirer. 

Alexander's  Express  Messenger  (w).    Feb.,  1844-Jan.,  1849.    2  v.   F*. 
Established  1837,  by  Charles  Alexander;  illustrated  cheap  family  news- 
paper ;  united  with  Saturday  Gleaner,  Nov.,  1848,  by  S.  D.  Patterson,  and 
styled  Family  Messenger  and  Natl.  Gleaner. 

American   (w).    Nov.,  1881-1885   (incomp.).    F. 

Same  (m).    July-Dec,  1882.    F. 

Established  Oct.,  1880,  as  successor  of  Weekly  Xotes  (supplement  to 
Penn  Monthly)  ;  owned  by  Wharton  Barker,  a  Philadelphia  banker ; 
edited  successively  by  William  R.  Balch,  Howard  R.  Jenkins,  and  Robert 
E.  Thompson  :  literary  and  political ;  suspended  Jan.,  1S91. 

Monthly  edition  of  American,  published  to  fill  unexpired  subscriptions 
to  Stoddart's  Review,  q.  v. ;  suspended  Jan.,  1883. 

American  Trade  (s-m).    Vols.  1-5.     1897-June,  1902.     F. 

Founded  1897,  by  Edward  H.  Sanborn.  Removed  to  N.  Y.  June,  1902, 
and  became  American  Industries,  q.  v. 

Anglo-Saxon   (m).    Jan.,  1901. 

Anti-Monopolist  (m).     Aug.,  Oct.,  1873. 

Abiel  (s-m).    Vol.  3.     May  16,  1829-Apr.  17,  1830.     Q. 
Published  by  Edmund  Morris.     Literary. 

Atkinson's  Saturday  Evening  Post.    Apr.  29,  1837. 

Aurora  and  General  Advertiser  (d).  Nov.,  1798-June,  1799;  Nov.-Dec, 
1799.  2  v.  F5.  Aug.,  1803-1807.  7  v.  Fe. 
Continuation  of  General  Advertiser,  q.  v. ;  long  an  influential  Demo- 
cratic organ  ;  conducted  by  Bache  till  his  death,  Sept.,  1798,  then  by  his 
widow  with  editorial  assistance  of  William  Duane,  who  continued  as 
editor  till  1822 ;  edited  by  Richard  Penn  Smith,  1822-27 ;  united  with 
Franklin  Gazette,  Nov..  1824,  and  edited  by  John  Norvell,  of  the  Gazette, 
till  Apr.,  1828 ;  then  merged  in  Pennsylvania  Gazette.  The  Aurora  was 
revived  in  1834  by  William  Duane,  but  soon   suspended 

Weekly  Aurora.    Oct.,  1810-Oct,  1812;  Jan.,  1813-Oct,  1814.    2  v.    F*. 

Bache's  Philadelphia  Auboba  (tri-w).    Dec,  1799-Dec,  1800.    F». 

Triweekly  edition  of  Aurora;  title  changed  to  Phila.  Aurora,  Mar., 

16— N.  C.  [  241 

Newspaper  Catalogue 

Philadelphia,  Pa.,  continued: 

Banneb  of  the  Constitution. 

See  same  title,  under  Washington,   D.  C. 

Banneb  of  the  Cross  (w).    Sept.  8,  22,  1855. 

Blue  and  Gbay  (m).     1894,  10  nos.;  Mar.,  1895.     Q. 

Founded  1891.  Published  by  Patriotic  American  Co.,  Apr.-Aug.,  1894 ; 
Current  Pub.  Co.,  Aug.-Dec,  1894  ;  in  1895  by  Pat.  Am.  Co.  Moved  to> 
Washington,  D.   C,  in  1895.     Edited  by  J.  W.  Morton  Jr. 

Book  News  (m).    Vols.  7-12.     Sept.,  1888-Aug.,  1894.    Indexed.    6  v.   Q. 
Founded     1881.     Published     by     John     Wanamaker.     Edited     by     him, 
1887-89 ;  Manly  L.  Gillam,  1890-96  ;  then  by  A.  A.  Christian. 

Beown's  Litebaey  Omnibus  (w).    1838,  8  nos.    P. 

Deutsch-Amerikanische  Buchdbuckeb  Zeitung  (w).      Apr.,  1894- June, 
1898;   July,  1901-1903.     P*.     1904-1910.     F.     1911+ 

Founded  July,  1873,  by  the.  German— American  Typographia ;  edited  by 
Charles'  G  Bachmann.  Moved  to  New  York,  July,  1876,  and  edited  by 
Jean  Weil  till  July,  1883 ;  F'riedrieh  Milke,  July,  1883-July,  1886 ;  since- 
then  by  Hugo  Miller.     Published  at  Indianapolis  since  Nov.,   1904. 

Daily  Evening  Bulletin.     1861-65.     13  v.    F  e. 

Established  Apr.,  1847,  by  Alexander  Cummings  (afterwards  publisher 
of  Jf.  Y.  World),  under  title  of  Cummings'  Evening  Telegraphic  Bulle- 
tin; successor  of  Amer.  Sentinel  (1811-47).  Edited  by  Charles  J. 
Peterson,  afterwards  by  Gibson  ■  Peacock,  Charles  G.  Leland  (1855-58), 
Casper  Souder,  Francis  Wells,  Charles  H.  Clark  ("Max  Ad'eler,"  pseud.)  ; 
Gibson  Peacock  (1870-95),  and  at  present  by  William  Perrine;  first  suc- 
cessful evening  daily  in  Philadelphia;  at  first  neutral,  then  Republican  r 
new  styled  Phila.  Eve.  Bulletin.  Published  by  F.  L.  Featherston,  1870-89 ; 
Gibson  Peacock  &  Co.,  1890-9f. ;  William  F.  McCully,  1895-96 ;  since- 
then  by  Evening  Bulletin  Co. 

Call  (w).    Jan.  7,  1889. 

Cabpenteb    (m).     1888-1902,  scat.  nos.    Vols.   23-27.     1903-1907.    4  v. 

F4-Q.     1908+ 

Organ  of  Dnited  Brotherhood  of  Carpenters  and  Joiners  o£  America; 
edited  from  the  beginning  by  P.  J.  McGuire,  till  about  1902 ;  since  then- 
by  Frank  Duffy.     Removed  hither  from  Cleveland,  q.  v.,  Dec,  1886. 

Catholic  Herald  (w).     1842-43.    Fs. 

Founded  1832.     Published   (1842)   by  M.  Fithian. 

Cause  (m).    Apr.,  1895. 

Chtldben's  Work  for  Children  (m).    1876-88  (incomp.).    O. 

Successor  of  Foreign  Missionary  (children's  edition),  q.  v.  under  New 
York  City ;  published  by  Woman's  Foreign  Missionary  Society  of  Presby- 
terian Church. 



Daily  Chbistian  Advocate.    May  1-29,  1884.    Fs. 

Organ  of  General  Conference  of  Methodist  Episcopal  Church ;  editeS 
by   W.   H.   De   Puy. 

Chbistian  Statesman   (w).    Vols.  22-23.    Sept.,  1888-Dec,  1890.    2  v. 


Founded  1866 ;  edited  by  T.  P.  Stevenson  and  D.  McAllister  till  1891. 
No  later  mention  in  directories.  Advocated  temperance,  social  reform,, 
and  recognition  of  religion  in  Constitution. 

Pennsylvania  Chbonicle  and  Universal  Advertiser    (w).    Feb.,  1768— 

Jan.,  1770.     2  v.     Indexed.     Q. 

First  four-column  paper  printed  in  the  colonies ;  founded  Jan.,  1767, 
by  William  Goddard,  formerly  of  N.  V.  Gazette  and  Post-Boyj  suspended,. 
1773,  owing  partly  to  its  Tory  tendencies. 

Same.    1770,  4  nos. 

With  Boston  Post,  1770. 

Same.    1772-74,  9  nos. 

With  Pennsylvania  Packet,  1772-77. 

Chubch  at  Home  and  Abroad    (m).    Vols.   1-20.    1887-96.    Indexed, 
20  v.     O. 

Successor  of  Presb.  Monthly  Record,  Foreign  Missionary,  and  Preso. 
Home  Missionary.  Published  by  Presbyterian  Board  of  Publication  J 
edited  by  Henry  A.  Nelson.     Suspended  about  1900. 

Chubch  Register  (w).    Vols.  1-4.    1826-29i    Indexed.    3  v.    Q. 
Edited  by  George  Weller.     Protestant  Episcopal. 

Chubch  Standard  (w).    Vols.  63-64.    Apr.,  1893-Apr.,  1894.    2v.ini.    F. 
Founded  1830.     Edited  by  Rev.   John  '  Fulton,   1892-1901    (with  W.  B. 
French   part  of   the  time).     No   later  data   obtainable.     Protestant   Epis- 

Citizen  (m).    Vol.  1-4.    1895-1898.    Q. 

Established  Mar.,  1895,  as  successor  of  University  Extension,  and  or- 
gan of  American  Soc.  for  Extension  of  Univ.  Teaching ;  edited  by  Edward 
T.  Devine.     Suspended,  Aug.,  1898. 

City  and  State  (w).    1895-1902,  scat,  nos.;  1903-1904  (incomp.).    Q. 
Founded  1895,  by  Herbert  Welsh,  and  conducted  by  him  till  suspension,. 
May,   1904.     Independent. 

Clan-na-Gael  (w).    Feb.  25,  1888. 

Claypoole's  American  Daily  Advertiser.    1796-98.    6  v.    F «. 

Continuation  of  Dunlap's  Amer.  Daily  Advertiser,  q.  v. ;  published  by 
Claypoole  till  Sept.,  1800 ;  then  sold  by  him  to  Zachariah  Poulson  for 
$10,000.     See  Paulson's  Amer.  Daily  Advertiser ;  also  Mail. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Philadelphia,'  Pa.,  continued: 

Colonization  Herald   (m;   s-m).    1837-38,  3  nos.;   1857-63   (incomp.). 


With  Liberia  Colonisation  Newspapers,  1830-63.  Advocated  coloniza- 
tion of  American  negroes  in  Africa ;  founded  1835,  and  published  by  Pa. 
Colonization  Society. 

Commercial  America  (m).    Vols.  4-6.    July,  1907-June,  1910.    Q. 
Founded  1903.     Published  by  the  Philadelphia  Commercial  Museum. 

Consebvatob     (m).     1895-1897     (incomp.);     1898-99;     1900-1901.     F. 
1902-1909  (incomp.). 

Founded  1890,  in  interests  of  Ethical  Culture.  Published  by  Joseph 
Gilbert,  1892-94 ;  W.  T.  Inness  &  Son,  1895-Aug.,  1898  ;  Horace  L.  Trau- 
bel,  Aug.,  1898-1909.  Edited  by  Horace  L.  Traubel,  1892-1909  (Anne 
Montgomery,  associate  editor  after  1898). 

Saturday  Cotjeiee  (w).    1832.    F«, 

Established  May,  1831 ;  published  by  Woodward  &  Spragg ;  edited  by 
Morton  McMichael  till  1835 ;  under  him  was  largest  and  most  enterpris- 
ing weekly  in  the  city ;  afterwards  published  by  Andrew  McMaMn ; 
merged  in  Evening  Bulletin,  Nov.,  1856. 

Philadelphia  Saturday  Cotjbieb  (w).    1836-38   (incomp.).    F*. 

Delta  Upsilon  Quarterly.    Vols.  3-28.     1885-1910.     O. 
Formerly  published  in  N.  X. 

Dessebt  to  the  True  American  (w).    Vol.1.     July,  1798-July,  1799.    Q- 
SuceeBSor   of  Minerva,  q.   v. ;   weekly   edition   of   True  American    (suc- 
cessor of  Pennsylvania  Journal,  q.  v. 

Dunlap's  American  Daily  Advertiser.    1791-95.    5  v.    F=. 

Successor  of  Pennsylvania  Packet,  q.  v. ;  after  Dec,  1795,  published 
by  the  Claypooles.  and  styled  Claypoole's  Amer.  Daily  Advertiser,  q.  v. 

Bulletin    of    International    Electbical    Exhibition    (s-m).    June-Oct., 
1884.    F. 

Elevatob  Constbuctob. 

See  same  title,  under  Chicago,  111. 

.National  Enqtjiree  (w).    Sept.,  1837-Mar.,  1838,    F«. 
<  Founded  Aug.,   1836,  by  Benjamin  Lundy ;   soon   became  organ  of  Pa. 

Anti-Slavery    Society ;    after   Mar.,    1838,    styled    Pennsylvania   Freeman, 
'  and  edited  by  J.  G.  Whittier.     Anti-slavery. 

Episcopal  Recorder  (w).    1836-55,  4  nos. 

EIquitt  (q).    Vols.  8-11.     1906-1909.     O.    1910+ 

Founded  1898 ;  quarterly  publication,  continuing  Equity  Beries,  a  se- 
ries of  economic  and  sociological  books  (Equity  Series  is  still  the  official 
name).  C.  F.  Taylor,.  M.  D.,  has  been  continuously  editor-in-chief. 
"Devoted  to  scientific  politics  and  progressive  government."  Absorbed 
since   1907,    Direct   Legislative   Record,    Referendum   News,   and   Propor- 

'  tional  Representation  Review. 

[  244  ] 



Examinee,  and  Journal  of  Political  Economy   (w).    Aug.,  1833-July, 
1835.     2  v.     O. 

Edited  by  Condy  Baguet:  devoted  to  State  Rights  and  Free  Trade. 
Merged  in  Reformation  (?),  Washington,  D.  C,  1835.  See  Banner  of  the 

Fabm  and  Fireside  (s-m),  Eastern  ed.    1894-95.    F*. 

Fabm  Journal  (m).    1900-1901.    2  v.    F.    Also  1897-1908  (lncomp.). 
Founded  1877  by  Wilmer  Atkinson,  and  since  conducted  by  him   (now 
by  Wilmer  Atkinson  &  Co.). 

Faemeb's  Cabinet  (m).    Aug.,  1838- July,  1839.    Indexed.    0. 
Established  1835,  by  John  Libby ;  continued  till  1850. 

Finche's  Trades  Review  (w).    Vols.  1-7.    June,  1863-Aug.,  1866.    2  v. 


Fobney's  War  Press  (w).    Feb.,  1862-Mar.,  1863.    Fs. 

Same  paper  as  Press,  q.  v. ;  styled  thus  during  War  of  Secession. 

Federal  Gazette  and  Philadelphia  Daily  Advertiser.    Oct.-Dec,  1793.    Fs. 
Established  1788,  by  Andrew  Brown  ;  organ  of  supporters  of  Constitu- 
tion ;  continued,  Jan.  1794,  under  title  of  Philadelphia  Gazette,  q.  v. 

Fbanexin  Gazette  (tri-w).    Feb.-Dec,  1818;  1819  (incomp.).    2  v.    F«. 

Same   (s-w).    1820-23    (incomp.).    3  v.    F». 

Same   (d).     Jan.-Nov.,  1824.    F». 

Same  (w).    Vol.  1.     Apr.,  1818-Apr.,  1819.     Fa. 

Pennsylvania  Fbeedmen's  Bulletin  (m).    June,  1867;  Feb.,  1868. 

Pennsylvania  Fbeeman  (w).    Mar-Sept,  1838.    F«.    Aug.  11,  1841. 
With  Natl.  Enquirer,  1887-38.     See  note  thereon. 

Feeeman's  Journal,  or  North  American  Intelligencer  (w).    1784.    F«. 
Established  Apr.,   1781,   by   Francis  Bailey,  and   published  by  him  one 
year ;  then  by"  Joseph  Scott ;  suspended  1792. 

Feeeman's  Journal  and  Philadelphia  Mercantile  Advertiser  (d).    Dec, 
1808-Nov.,  1809.     2  v.     F«. 

Founded  about  1804.  Published  1808-18,09  by  William  McCorkle  and 
James  Elliot. 

Feeie  Aebeitee  Stimme  (w).    Sept.,  1907+    F«.  , 

See  same  title,  under  N.  X. 

Fbiend   (w).    Vols.  9-23.    May,  1836-Apr.,  1850.    14  v.     Vols.  47-48. 
July,  1873-Aug.,  1875.    Indexed.    Q. 

Established  Oct.,  1827,  by  an  association  of  Friends ;  represents  the 
"orthodox"  party  of  that  denomination ;  edited  by  Robert  Smith  till  1851, 
by  Charles  Evans  till  1879,  then  by  Joseph  Walton. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Philadelphia,  Pa.,  continued: 

Friend,  or  Advocate  of  Truth   (m;   w).    Vols.  1-3.    July,  1828-June, 
1830  (incomp.).    Indexed.    O. 

Same  (m),  new  series.    Vol.  1.    1832.    Indexed.    O.    Vols.  10- 

23.     1836-49;  Vol.  46.     1873.     Q. 

Published  by  Evan  Lewis ;  organ  of  "Hicksite"  Friends.  Published  by 
M.  T.  C.  Gould,  1830 ;  George  W.  Taylor,  1836-Sept.,  1848 ;  John  Rich- 
ardson, Sept.,  1848-49 ;  John  S.  Stokes,  1873-92 ;  since  then  by  Edwin  P. 
Sellew.  Edited  by  Robert  Smith,  1836-49;  Joseph  Walton,  1889-97; 
John  H.  Dillingham,  1898-99  or  later. 

Feiends'  Review   (w).    Vol.  11.    Oct.,  1857-Sept.,  1858.    Indexed.    Q. 
Feh.  12,  1859. 

Founded  1847.  Published  by  Alice  Lewis,  1870-85;  Franklin  E.  Paige, 
1886-90;  John  C.  Winston,  1891-93;  by  Rufus  M.  Jones,  1894.  Edited 
by  W.  J.  Allinson,  1870-71 ;  Henry  Hartshome,  1875-76 ;  James  E. 
Rhoads,  1877-82 ;  Hartshorne  and  Rhoads,  1883-85 ;  Hartshorne,  1886- 
93 ;  Rufus  M.  Jones,  1894.  No  later  mention  in  directories.  Religious, 
literary,  and  miscellaneous. 

Philadelphia  Gazette  and  Universal  Daily  Advertiser.    1794-95;  1797- 
1802.     10  v.    F  6.     June  9,  1824. 

Continuation  of  Federal  Gazette,  q.  v.,  published  by  Brown  until  his 
death  (Feb.,  1797),  by  his  son,  Andrew,  and  Samuel.  Relf  till  Sept.,  1801; 
by  Relf  alone  till  his  death  (Feb.,  1823)  ;  then  by  Stevenson  Smith  and 
William  M.  Gouge,  and  (after  union  with  Intelligencer)  by  R.  T.  Conrad 
and  Condy  Raguet ;  merged  in  ITorth  American,  1840.  See  Federal  Ga- 
zette and  BelJ's  Gazette. 

"Gazette  of  the  United  States  (s-w).     Apr.-Nov.,  1791.     F*.     Oct.,  1795- 

June,  1796.     F". 

Removed  from  New  York  City ;  a  strong  Federalist  organ,  and  bitterly 
opposed  to  Prance;  edited  by  John  Fenno  till  his  death  (1798);  by 
Joseph  Dennie  (1800)  ;  continued  as  United  States  Gazette,  q.  v. 

National  Gazette  (s-w).    July-Oct.,  1793.    Fs. 

Established  Oct.,  1791,  by  Philip  Freneau,  formerly  editor  of  K.  Y. 
Dally  Advertiser ;  a  bitter  opponent  of  Washington's  administration ;  said 
by  Jefferson  to  have  "saved  our  Constitution,  which  was  galloping  fast 
into  monarchy ;"   suspended  Oct.,  1793. 

National  Gazette  and  Literary  Register   (s-w;   d,  Nov.,  1820).    Apr., 
1820-Sept.,  1821.     F«. 

Same  (s-w).     Jan.,  1821-Apr.,  1822.    F». 

-  Same  (tri-w).  Apr.,  1822-Apr.,  1824;  Apr.,  1824-Apr.,  1826; 
Apr.,  1826- July,  1827;  July,  1831-Dec,  1832;  Dec,  1831-Nov., 
1833;   Feb.,  1833-June,  1834;   1835;  Jan.,  1836-Mar.,  1837.    8  v. 

F*.  ,  i      I    II 

■     ,     ;       .1     a,    II     i  J 



Same  (d).    Dec,  1821-June,  1826;  1827- June,  1831.    16  v.    F». 

Established  by  Robert  Walsh  and  William  Fry ;  conducted  by  Walsh  till 
1836;  gave  more  attention  to  literature,  science,  and  art  than  to  politics; 
merged  in  Pennsylvania  Inquirer,   1842. 

Pennsylvania  Gazette  (w).  Dec,  1728-Oct.,  1729.  P.  Oct.,  1739-Dec, 
1740;  Feb.,  1742-Sept,  1743.  2  v.  Q.  Oct.,  1743-Jan.,  1747; 
Jan-July,  1750.  2  v.  F.  Jan.,  1751-Aug.,  1752;  1753-55;  3  v.  F5. 
1756-57;  Jan.-Oct,  1758;  1759-63;  Jan.-Aug.,  1764.  9  v.  F*. 
1770-75;  Jan.-Nov.,  1776;  Feb.-Sept.,  1777;  1778,  6  nos.;  1779,  8 
nos.;  1780,  11  nos.;  1781,  12  nos.;  1782,  20  nos.;  1783-89.  17  v.  Fs. 
Pounded  by  Samuel  Keimer,  Dec,  1728  (see  Universal  Instructor)  ; 
purchased  the  next  year  by  Benjamin  Franklin,  who  soon  afterwards  be- 
came postmaster  of  Philadelphia ;  conducted  by  him  till  1748,  by  Frank- 
lin and  David  Hall  (1748-66),  by  Hall  and  William  Sellers  (1766-1805), 
by  Hall  with  other  partners  till  his  death  in  1821 ;  succeeded  by  Satur- 
day Evening  Post  (Aug.,  1821)  q.  v.  Suspended  Nov.,  1776-Feb.,  17T7. 
and  Sept.,  1777-Jan.,  1779  (except  Jan.-.! une,  1778,  when  it  was  pub- 
lished at  York,  Pa.,  q.  v. ;  these  issues  were  smaller  in  size,  and  not 
numbered).  This  newspaper  is  rare  and  valuable;  a  volume  containing 
three  years  (1775-77)  was  quoted  by  a  dealer  in  1894  at  $500;  and  an 
incomplete  set  covering  37  years   (1749-85)   at  $4,000  in  1895. 

Independent   Gazetteeb,   or   Chronicle   of   Freedom    (w;    s-w,   Sept.). 
May-Dec,  1782.     Fs. 

Established  by  Eleazer  Oswald,  Apr.,  17S2 ;  conducted  by  him  till  his 
death,  Sept.,  1795,  then  by  his  widow  ;  purchased  Aug.,  1796,  by  Joseph 
Gales ;  suspended  late  in  1799,  when  Gales  commenced  publication  of 
Raleigh   (N.  C.)   Register. 

Journal  of  United  Hatters. 

See  same  title,  under  Danbury,  Conn. 

Hazard's    Register   of   Pennsylvania    (w).    Vols.    1-16.    1825-35.    In- 
dexed.   16  v.    Q. 

Established  by  Samuel  Hazard  ;  "devoted  to  the  preservation  of  every 
kind  of  useful  information  respecting  the  State;"  valuable  to  students 
of  history. 

Hazard's  United  States  Commercial  and  Statistical  Register. 
See  V.  S.  Comml.  and  Rtat.  Register. 

Helper  (w).    1904,  7  nos.    F. 

Home  and  Foreign  Record  (m).    Jan.,  1856. 

Housekeeper's  Weekly.    Vols.  2-3  (incomp.).    Sept.,  1891-Apr.,  1892.    Q. 
Founded    1889,    by    Housekeeper    Co.     Edited    by    Mary    V.    Terhune 
("Marion  Harland,  pseud.").     Suspended  about  1894. 

Industrial  Republic  (m).    Aug.  1,  1891. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Philadelphia,  Pa.,  continued: 

Pennsylvania  Inquires  and  National  Gazette  (d).    1846.    2  v.    Ft. 

Established  June,  1829,  by  John  Norvell,  then  editor  of  Aurora  and 
Franklin  Gazette;  the  following  November,  became  property  of  Jesper 
Harding,  who  published  it  till  1855 ;  then  conducted  by  his  son,  William 
W.  Harding,  and  styled  Phila.  Inquirer;  supported  Jackson's  administra- 
tion till  1836,  then  becoming  Whig  supported  Harrison ;  afterwards 
was  a  leading  supporter  of  the  government  during  the  War  of  Se- 
cession ;  first  to  publish  "Barnaby  Eudge"  and  several  others  of  Dickens's 
novels  in  this  country ;  since  Feb.,  1889,  owned  by  Inquirer  Co.,  Presi- 
dent James  Elverson.  In  recent  years  a  leading  advocate  of  municipal 
improvements  and  governmental  reform.     See  Phila.  Inquirer. 

Philadelphia   Inquires    (d).     1846.     2    v.    Ft.     Jan.-Mar.,   July,   1861- 
Nov.,  1869;  Mar.,  July,  1870;  Jan.-June,  1871;  1873-74.     38  v.    Fe. 
Continuation  of  Pennsylvania  Inquirer,  q.  v. 

Philadelphia  Inquires  (d).    Sept.  3,  1901.    Labor  Day  edition. 

Bulletin  of  American  Ikon  and  Steel  Association  (w).  Vols.  1-7. 
Sept.,  1866-Dec,  1873.  7  v.  in  4.  Q.  Vols.  8-9,  20-21.  Jan., 
1874-Sept.,  1875;   1886-87.     4  v.  in  2.     F. 

Published  by  Henry  McCallister  Jr.,  1870-73  ;  since  then  by  James  M. 
Schwank  (except  187T-81  by  Bulletin  Pub.  Co.).  Vol.  1  contains 
constitution,  lists  of  members,  and  circulars  of  the  Association ;  also  se- 
ries of  letters  on  "The  Iron  Question,"  by  Henry  C.  Carey. 

Pennsylvania  Journal  (w).  1751-52,  15  nos.  F.  1761,  35  nos.;  1766; 
1772,  28  nos.;  1773,  9  nos.;  1774,  32  nos.;  177^,  43  nos.;  May- 
Nov.,  1776,  29  nos.;  Jan.-Aug.,  1777;  1779,  4  nos.;  May-Dec, 
1780,  15  nos.     9  v.    Fs. 

Same  (s-w).     1781,  16  nos.;  1782,  15  nos.;  1783-84,  7  nos.;  1785; 

1788.     3  v.    F4. 

Established  1742,  by  William  Bradford;  published  by  him  and  his  son 
Thomas  till  1791  (except  during  British  occupation  of  the  city),  and  by 
Thomas  till  1813 ;  styled  True  American  after  1796 ;  published  by  Elliott 
&  Styles  after  1813 ;  consolidated  with  United  States  Gazette,  March, 
1818,  under  the  title  of  Union  and  United  States  Gazette,  or  True 

Justice  (w).    1888-90,  4  nos.;  Jan.,  1894-May,  1895.    Fs. 

Founded  1888.  Published  by  Justice  Pub.  Co.  Edited  by  H.  V.  Hetzel, 
I.  L.  Shoemaker,  and  G.  F.  Stephens,  1893-1896.  Probably  removed  to 
Wilmington,  Del.,  q.  v.     Single-tax. 

Journal  of  Knights  oe  Laboe  (w).    1890-Apr.,  1896.    2  v.    F«. 

Continuation  of  Journal  of  United  Labor,  q.  v.  Moved  to  Washing- 
ton, D.   C,  q.  v.,  May,  1895. 

Kova  (W).    Lithuanian.    Jan.,  1910+ Fs. 

Founded  May,  1905,  by  J.  O.  Shirvydas.  Published  since  1910  by 
Lithuanian  Socialist  Federation  of  America;  edited  by  J.  B.  Smelstorius. 



Labob   (w).    Nov.  25,  1893;  Feb.  10,  1894. 

Labob  Alarm  (w).     Apr.  16,  23,  1892. 

Free  and  Independent  Labob  Champion.    1  no.  1871  or  1872. 

Eastern  Labobeb  (w).    Mar  .-Nov.,  1907  (incomp.).    F*. 

Founded  Apr.,  1907,  by  Shelby  Smith,  formerly  of  Trades  Union  New*,. 
and  conducted  by  him  until  Nov.,  1907.  No  later  data  obtainable.  In- 
dependent Labor. 

Ladies  Home  Journal  (m).    Vols.  3-6.    1886-89  (incomp.);  Vols.  7-21.. 

1889-1904;  Vols.  23-24.     1905-1907  (incomp.) ;  Vols.  26-27.     1908- 

1910.     17  v.     F4. 

Founded  1SS3.  Conducted  by  Louisa  Knapp,  1884.  Since  1886  pub- 
lished by  Curtis  Pub.  Co. ;  edited  by  Louisa  Knapp,  1884-89 ;  since  then 
by  Edward  Hok.  Styled  Ladies'  Home  Journal  and  Practical  House- 
keeper till  1890. 

Journal  of  Law  (m).     Vol.  1.     1830-31.     O. 

Monthly  Leader.    June,  Dec,  1902. 

Pennsylvania  Ledger  (w;  s-w,  1778).    Feb.-Dec,  1775;   1776,  30  nos.; 
Jan-Apr.,  1778,  6  nos.     2  v.     F». 

Established  Jan.,  1775,  by  James  Humphreys  Jr. ;  suspended  Nor., 
1776,  because  of  attacks  made  upon  it  by  the  Evening  Post;  resumed 
publication  while  British  troops  occupied  the  city  (Sept.,  1777-July, 
1778)  ;  then   suspended. 

Philadelphia  Libebalist  (w).    Vols.  1-3.    June,  1832-June,  1835.    3  v. 
in  2.    F=. 
Edited  and  published  by  Zelotes  Fuller;  suspended  in  1835. 

Liberator   (w).     Sept.,  1896-Apr.,  1897.     F«. 
Philadelphia  edition  of  N.  Y.  People,  q.  v. 

Librarian   (w).     Aug.-Dec,  1878;  Mar -June,  1879.     O. 

Devoted  to  interests  of  local  libraries ;  published  by  S.  P.  Ferree  &  Co. 

Literary  Era   (m).    Vol.  1.    1894-1905.    16  v.    O. 

Founded  1894,  by  Porter  &  Coates.  Published  by  Henry  T.  Coates  &- 
Co.,  1896-1904 ;  Era  Press,  1904  ;  Why  Pub.  Co.,  1905.  Then  suspended. 
Styled  Era  after  1902. 

Litebaby  Gazette  (w).    Vol.  1.    1821.    Indexed.    Q. 

Successor  of  Analeclic  Magazine  (founded  1813,  by  Moses  Thomas,  and 
edited  by  Washington  Irving)  ;  published  by  James  Maxwell ;  suspended- 
Dec,  1821. 

American  Literary  Gazette  and  Publishers'  Circular  (s-m).    Vols.  2-18- 
Nov.,  1863-Jan.,  1872.    Indexed.    17  v.    O. 

Successor  of  Amer.  Pub.  Circular  and  Literary  Gazette  (N.  Y.),  q.  v.; 
published  by  Oeorge  W.  Childs  till  1872  ;  then  returned  to  New  York,  an<}> 
styled  Publishers'  Weekly,  q.   v. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Philadelphia,  Pa.,  continued: 

Philadelphia  Literary  Reporter  (m).    May,  1809. 

With  JT.  Y.  and  PMla.  Newspapers,  1801-10.  Published  at  joint  ex- 
pense of  a  number  of  booksellers  of  Philadelphia,  and  forwarded  to  sub- 
scribers at  cost  of  postage  only ;  apparently  first  book  trade  journal  in 
United  States. 

Lutheran  (w).    Vols.  11-13.    Oct.,  1906-1909.    3  v.    F*.    1910+ 
See  same  titlet  under  Lebanon. 

Weekly  Magazine.    Vol.  1.    Feb.-Apr.,  1798.     Indexed.     O. 
Published  by  James  Waters  &  Co.;  three  volumes  issued. 

Mail,   or   Claypoole's   Daily   Advertiser.    Sept.,    1792-Dec,   1793    (in- 
comp.).    Fs. 

Apparently  established  about  1791  by  D.  C.  Claypoole,  after  his  with- 
drawal from  partnership  with  Dunlap ;  partnership  was  resumed  about 
Nov.,  1793,  and  the  Mail  united  with  Dunlap's  Amer.  Daily  Advertiser, 
q.  v. 

Saturday  Evening  Mail  (w).     Jan.  7,  1854. 

Medical  and  Surgical  Reporter   (w).     1886-90.     10  v.     Q. 

Established  1847,  at  Burlington.  N.  J.,  as  organ  of  N.  J.  State  Medical 
Society ;  published  quarterly  till  1858,  then  removed  to  Philadelphia,  and 
issued  weekly ;  edited  by  S.  W.  Butler  till  1873,  and  by  D.  G.  Brinton 
after  1868  till  1887;  Charles  W.  Dulles,  1888-90;  Edward  T.  Reichart, 
1891-92.;  Harold  H.  Kynett,  1893-97.     No  later  mention  in  directories. 

American  Weekly  Mercury.    Vols.  1-4.     1720-23.     Indexed.    F. 

First  newspaper  in  Middle  Colonies  of  North  America ;  founded  by 
Andrew  Bradford,  Dec,  1719.  Reproduction  in  facsimile,  by  Colonial  So- 
ciety of  Pennsylvania,  1898. 

Pennsylvania  Mercury. 

See  Story  &  Humphrey's  Pennsylvania  Mercury. 

American  Weekly  Messenger.    Vols.  1,  2.    Sept.,  1813-Sept.,  1815.    In- 
dexed.   2  v.    Q. 

Published  by  John  Conrad ;  gave  an  impartial  summary  of  news  and 
politics,   and   many   official   documents. 

Mind  and  Matter  (w).    Nov.  15,  1879. 

Philadelphia  Minerva   (w).    Vols.  1-4.    Feb.,  1795-July,  1798.     Q. 

Printed  by  Woodruff  and  Pechin  till  May,  1 790  ;  by  John  Turner  nine 
months ;  then  published  by  William  T.  Palmer ;  purchased  by  Samuel 
Bradford,  editor  of  True  American,  July,  1798.  .See  Dessert  to  True 

Missionary  Record  (m).    Vol.  1.    1833.    .0. 

Organ  of  Domestic  and  Foreign  Missionary  Society  of  Protestant  Epis- 
copal Church  in  United  States ;  edited  by  P.  Van  Pelt. 

Philadelphia  Saturday  Museum  (w).    Mar.  2,  1844. 



Pennsylvania  Nationalist  (w).    1893-95,  scat.  nos.    Q-F. 
Nazarene  (w).    Oct.  27,  Dec.  15,  1894;  Nov.  28,  Dec.  26,  1896. 

New  Century  for  Women   (w).    Vol.  1.    May-Nov.,  1876.    Fs. 

Published  by   the  Woman's  Centennial   Committee,   International   Exhi- 
bition,   Phila. 

New  Century  Journal  of  Woman's  Interests  (m).    1902,  3  nos. 

New  Chubch  Herald  (w).     Oct.,  1855-Dec,  1859.     F*. 

Established  1854 ;  edited  by  Sabin  Hough ;  removed  to  Columbus,  O., 
July,   185.3,   and   the  following  October   to   Cincinnati.     Swedenborgian. 

New  Bba  (w).    1901-1903,  13  nos.    F*-«. 

Organ  of  United  Labor  League  of  Philadelphia  and  vicinity. 

New  Would  (d).     Oct.,  1796-Aug„  1797.     F». 

Established  1705,  by  Samuel  H.  Smith  ;  suspended  Aug.,  1797. 

Niles'  National  Register. 

See  same  title,  under  Baltimore. 

Noeth  American  and  United  States  Gazette  (d).     Oct.  23,  1849. 

Now  (w).     Sept.  8,  22,  1894. 

Official  Bulletin  of  the  Novelties  Exhibition  (s-m) .     May-Nov.,  1885.     F. 

Our  Continent    (w).     Vol.  1.     Feb.-July,  1882.    F4-     Vols.  2-6.     Aug., 

1882-Aug.,  1884.     Indexed.     4  v.     Q. 

An  illustrated  journal  established  by  Albion  w.  Tourgee  (author  of  A 
Fool's  Errand,  etc.)  ;  styled  Continent  after  1882.  Removed  to  New  York 
City  in  1S83,  and  published  there  till  1884.  No  later  mention  in  direc- 

Pennsylvania  Packet  and  Daily  Advertiser.    1785-89;  Apr.,  1789-Mar., 
1790;  Aug.-Dec,  1790.     11  v.     F». 

Established  Jan.,  1771,  by  John  Dunlap ;  an  ardent  supporter  of  the 
colonies  against  Great  Britain ;  published  at  Lancaster  during  the  British 
occupation  of  Philadelphia;  after  return  to  Philadelphia  (1778),  pub- 
lished by  Dunlap  and  D.  Claypoole ;  issued  daily  after  Sept.,  1784,  the 
first  daily  paper  in  America;  after  1790  styled  Dunlap's  American  Daily 
Advertiser,  q.  v. 

Pennsylvania  Packet  or  General  Advertiser  (w).    1774-77,  16  nos.    Fs. 

-Same   (s-w).    May-Dec,  1780,  29  nos.;   Jan. — Sept.,  1871.    2  v. 

-  Same   (tri-w).    July-Dec,  1778;   1779,  23  nos.;   1782;   1783-84, 
26  nos.     6  v.     Fs. 

-Same.    Oct.  28  1771. 

With  Mass.  Qaeette  and  Boston  News-Letter ;  follows  Oct.   24,  1771. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Philadelphia,  Pa.,  continued: 

Peacemaker  (m).    Nov.,  1884. 

Dollar  Weekly  Pennsylvaniatt.    July-Nov.,  1856. 

Weekly  edition  of  Pennsylvanian,  founded  1832,  by  Mifflin  &  Parry; 
edited  by  James  Gordon  Bennett  (1832-34),  Joseph  C.  Neal  (1834-36), 
J.  W.  Forney  (1847-53),  then  Edward  G.  Webb;  one  of  the  most  influ- 
ential Democratic  papers  of  the  time;  suspended  1861. 

People  (w).    Sept.  5,  19,  1875. 

People's  Voice  (m).    Aug.,  1896. 

Phtlanthbopist  (m).    Jan.,  1855. 
Founded   1854. 

Poettolio  (w).    Vols.  1-5.    1801-05.     5  v.    P. 

Established  Jan.,  1801,  by  Asbury  Dickens  and  Joseph  Dennie  (form- 
erly editor  of  Farmer's  Museum,  Walpole,  N.  H. — "Oliver  Oldschool," 
pseud.)  •  under  Dennie  (1801-11),  became  best  literary  periodical  in 
TJ.  S. ;  leading  contributors,  Royal  Tyler  i  "Mess.  Colon  and  Spondee," 
pseud.),  Paul  Allen,  J.  Q.  Adams,  Horace  Binney,  Charles  Brockden 
Browne;  edited  by  Charles  Caldwell  (1812-15),  and  John  E.  Hall  (1815- 


Same,  new  series.    Vols.  1-6.    1806-08.    6  v.    O. 

Continued  as  a  monthly   (Vols.  1-38),  1809-27. 

Pennsylvania  Kvening  Post  (tri-w).    Aug.-Nov.,  1776;  Jan.-Apr.,  1777; 
May-Aug.,  1777.     3  v.    O. 

■ Same  (s-w)     1778,  2  nos.;  1779,  14  nos.    O. 

Founded  Jan.,  1775,  by  Benjamin  Towne ;  suspended,  1782,  owing  to 
hostility  of  Whigs. 

Saturday  Evening  Post  (w).    1847-64,  scat.  nos.    Vols.  172-183.    Jan.- 
June,  1900;  1901-1910.    21  v.    F.     1911+ 

Consolidation,  Aug.,  1821,  of  Pennsylvania  Gazette,  q.  v.,  and  Bee  (the 
latter  a  new  venture  by  Robert  S.  Coffin).  Published  by  Charles  Alexan- 
der and  Samuel  C.  Atkinson,  1821-28;  Atkinson,  1828-39;  George  R. 
Graham  &  Co.,  1839-43 ;  Col.  Samuel  D.  Patterson,  1843-48 ;  Edmund 
Deacon  and  Henry  Peterson  (or  Henry  Peterson  &  Co.),  1848-74; 
Walker,  Reed  &  Co.,  1875 ;  Reed,  Wickersham  &  Co.,  1876 ;  Bennett  & 
Fitch,  1877-85;  Andrew  E.  Smythe,  1886-97;  since  then  by  Curtis  Pub. 
Co.  Edited  by  Thomas  Cottrell  Clarke,  1821-28 ;  later  by  Benjamin 
Mathias,  Rufus  W.  Griswold,  Morton  McMichael,  Samuel  Patterson, 
Charles  J.  and  Henry  Peterson,  Horatio  H.  Weld,  and  others ;  since  Mar., 
1899,  by  George  H.  Lorimer.  Absorbed  Saturday  News,  Saturday  Bulle- 
tin, Saturday  Chronicle,  United  States,  etc. 

Potjlson's  American  Daily  Advertiser.    Oct.-Dec,  1800;  1801-22;  1825- 
26;  1829-32.     52  v.    F».    1833-35;   1837-38.     10  v.    F7. 

Continuation  of  Claypoole's  Amer.  Daily  Advertiser,  q.  v. ;  Whig  in 
politics ;   conducted   by   Poulson   till   Dec,    1839 ;   then   merged   in  Sorth 

\  American. 



Pbesbtteeian  (w).  1831-40,  scat.  nos.  F«.  1841  (incomp.);  1842-44; 
1845-46;  1848,  scat,  nos.;  1849-51,  scat,  nos.;  1852;  1853-54,  scat, 
nos.;  1855;  1856-64,  scat.  nos.     3  v.    Ft. 

Established  Feb.,  1831 :  published  by  Russell  &  Martien ;  later,  till 
1874,  by  Alfred  Martien  &  Co. ;  by  Mutchmore  &  Co.,  1875-1900 ;  since 
then  by  Presbyterian  Pub.  Co.  Edited  by  John  Burtt  till  Nov.,  1832,  by 
James  W.  Alexander,  1833,  William  M.  Engles,  1834-64 ;  later  by  M. 
B.  Grier  and  S.  A.  Mutchmore  till  1900 :  Robert  Alexander  and  W.  W. 
McKinney,  1901. 

PbDsbytebtan  Monthly  Record.  Vols.  25,  26,  28,  33-37.  1874-75,  1877, 
1882-86.    Indexed.    8  v.    O. 

Organ  of  the  following  boards  of  the  Presbyterian  Church  in  the 
United  States — home  mission,  foreign  missions,  education,  publication, 
church  erection,  relief  for  disabled  ministers,  and  committee  on  freed- 
men ;  edited  by  W.  M.  Rice.  Established  Jan.,  1850,  under  the  title  of 
Some  and  Foreign  Record,  as  successor  of  Missionary  Chronicle  and  an 
educational  publication  of  the  church ;  afterwards  styled  Presbyterian 
Monthly  Record.  See  The  Church  at  Home  and  Abroad;  also  Foreiyn 
Miss.  Chronicle,  New  York. 

Pbess  (d).  Vols.  1-10.  Aug.,  1857- June,  1862.  10  v.  Fa.  Aug.  18, 
1869;   July-Dec,  1871.     2  v.     Ft.     1876,  7  nos. 

Established  Aug.,  1857,  by  John  W.  Forney,  formerly  of  the  PennsyU 
vanian ;  Democratic  in  politics,  but  opposed  to  extension  of  slavery,  and 
therefore  abandoned  Buchanan  when  he  supported  the  Lecompton  Con- 
stitution for  Kansas ;  soon  became  a  strong  Republican  organ ;  edited  by 
Forney  till  1877  ;  also  by  John  R.  Young  (1862-65)  and  Charles  G.  Le- 
land  (1865-69)  ;  purchased  by  Calvin  Wells,  of  Pittsburg,  1879 ;  edited 
a  short  time  by  E.  McPherson  and  W.  R.  Balch,  then  by  Charles  E. 
Smith,  W.  Bradford  Merrill  (1885-91)  and  Moses  P.  Handy.  Smith 
continued  as  editor  till  his  death  in  1908.  See  Forney's  War  Press; 
also  Dollar  Weekly  Pennsylvanian. 

Democratic  Press  (d).    July-Dec,  1815.    F». 

Founded  1806.  Published  by  John  Binns,  1815 — Nov.  1829.  Then  ab- 
sorbed by  Inquirer,  q.  v. 

Pboletabio  (w).    Oct.,  1905-f  (incomp.). 

Founded  1896.  Since  1905  published  by  Italian  Socialist  Federation. 
Removed   to  New  York,   1910. 

Public  Ledger  (w).    1849-51;  Aug.  17,  1869;  Mar.,  1876-Mar.,  1877.    F». 

—  Same  (d).  Dec,  1872- Aug.,  1873;  Nov.,  1900-May,  1901;  Oct., 
1902-May,  1903;  Sept.,  1903-Apr.,  1904;  Oct.,  1904-May,  1905; 
Oct.,  1905-June,  1906;  Sept.,  1906-Apr.,  1907;  Sept.,  1907-May, 
1908;   Sept.,  1908-Feb.,  1909.     30  v.     Fs.     May-June,  1909. 

Founded  Mar.,  1836,  by  William  M.  Swain,  Arunah  S.  Abell,  and  Aza- 
riah  H.  Simmons.  Conducted  on  same  lines  as  Baltimore  Sun,  q.  v.  Sim- 
mons died  in  1855,  but  the  firm  name  not  changed  till  1861;  Swain  and 
Abell  continued  proprietors  till  Dec,  1804,  when  they  sold  to  George  W. 
Childs.  Owned  by  him  till  1894,  but  conducted  largely  by  William  V. 
McKean.  1864-91.  Controlled  by  Adolph  S.  Ochs  since  1902 ;  edited 
since  1905  by  Alfred  C.  Lambdin.     Absorbed  Phila.  Times  In  1902. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Philadelphia,  Pa.,  continued: 

Public  Record  (d).    Apr.,  1875— June,  1876.     2  v.    Fa. 

Founded  1S70,  by  William  J.  Swain,  and  conducted  by  him  till  1877; 
Record  Co.,  1879  ;  W.  M.  Singerly,  1880-90 ;  since  then  by  Record  Pub. 
Co.  Edited  by  Singerly,  1880-98 ;  since  then  by  Theodore  Wright. 
Styled  Record  since.  1878  or  1879. 

American  Publishers'  Circular  and  Literary  Gazette   (s-m).    Vol.  1. 
May-Oct„  1863.    Indexed.     O. 
Continued  as  Amer.  Lit.  Gazette  and  Pub.  Circular,  q.  v. 

National  Recobdeb. 

See  PMla.  Register. 

Philadelphia  Registeb  and  National  Recorder   (w).    Vols.  1-5.    Jan., 
1819-June,  1821.     Indexed.     5  v.     O. 

Established  by  Eliakim  Littell  (founder  ot  Littell's  Living  Age,  1844)  ; 
edited  the  first  year  by  Robert  Walsh,  then  by  Littell  and  his  son ;  suc- 
cessively styled  National  Recorder  (1819-21),  Saturday  Magazine  (1821- 
22),  and  Museum  of  Foreign  Literature  and  Science  (m)  after  1822;  re- 
moved to  New  York  in  1843,  and  styled  Eclectic  Museum  of  For.  Lit. 
and  Science. 

Registeb  of  Pennsylvania. 

See  Hazard's  Register  of  Pennsylvania. 

Political  and  Commercial  Register  (d).     July,  1804-July,  1807.     3  v.     F«. 
Established  by  William  Jackson,  private  secretary  of  President  Wash- 
ington ;  continued  till  1815. 

Relf's  Philadelphia  Gazette  and  Daily  Advertiser.     1803-09;  1811.     8  v. 


See  Philadelphia  Gazette. 

Sanitabt  Commission  Bulletin. 
See  same  title,  New  York. 

American  Review  of  Shoes  and  Leather  (m).    1909,  5  nos.    F. 

(smith's  Weekly  Volume  (w).    Vol.  1.    Jan.- June,  1845.    F. 

Founded  by  John  Jay  Smith,  then  librarian  of  Phila.  Library  Com- 
pany ;  suspended  July,  1846. 

Souvenir  (w).    Vol.  2.    July,  1828-May,  1829  (incomp.).     Q. 
Literary  journal,  published  by  Philip  Price  Jr. 

Spibit  of  the  Times  and  Daily  Keystone.    Aug.  14,  1849. 

With  Eastern  and  Western  Newspapers,  1841—49.  Established  Nov., 
1837 ;  for  twelve  years  conducted  by  John  S.  Du  Solle  and  Edward  A. 
Penniman,  then  bv  Smith  &  Carrigan  ;  a  popular  and  influential  Demo- 
cratic   journal.     The    Keystone,    edited    by     Thomas     B.     Florence,    was 

:  founded  1844 ;  merged  in  Spirit  of  the  Times,  1847. 



Stoddart's  Review  (m).    Nos.  1-37.     Mar.,  1880-June,  1882.     F4. 

Literary  Journal  issued  by  J.  M.  Stoddart  &  Co.,  publishers  of  Ameri- 
can reprint  ol  "Encyclopedia  Britannica ;"  merged  in  American,  q.  v., 
June,    1882.     Stoddart   was   afterwards   editor   of   Lippincott's   Magazine. 

Stoet  and  Humphrey's  Pennsylvania  Mercury  and  Universal  Advertiser 
(w).    1775,  3  nos. 

With  Pennsylvania  Packet,  1774-77.  Established  Apr.,  1775 ;  sus- 
pended in  following  December. 

Srx   (d).     Sept.  16,  1853. 

Sunday  School  Times  (w).     1881-1903;  1905.     22  v.    F4. 

Established  1859,  as  successor  of  Sunday  School  Journal  (issued  by 
Amer.  S.  S.  Union,  1830-58)  ;  edited  by  John  S.  Hart  till  1871";  by  I.  N. 
Baker,  1871-75 ;  by  Henry  Clay  Trumbull,  1875  till  his  death  in  1903. 
Now  published  by  Sunday  School  Times  Co. 

Philadelphia  Tageblatt.     1896,  3  nos. 

Evening  Telegraph  (d).     1865.     2  v.     Dec,  1870-Sept,  1871.     F«  (very 

Established  Jan.,  1 864,  by  J.  B.  Harding  and  Charles  E.  Warburton ; 
owned  and  edited  by  Warburton  since  Harding's  death,  Oct.,  1865;  other 
editors,  Watson  Ambruster  (on  staff  since  1866 ;  editor-in-chief,  1897— 
1904),  W.  J.   Clark,  and  George  W.  Allen.     Independent  Republican. 

Evening  Telegram  (d).    Sept.  2,  1901.    Labor  edition. 

Journal  of  the  American  Temperance  Union  (m).    Vols.  1-3.    1837-39. 
Indexed.    Q. 
Published  by  the  A.  T.  U.     Removed  to  New  York  City,  q.  v.,  1839. 

Times  (d).     Oct.,  1900-Apr.,  1901.     2  v.     F«. 

Founded  1875,  by  Alexander  McClure  and  Frank  McLaughlin.  Owned 
by  McClure  till  1901,  with  Alfred  C.  Lambdin  managing  editor  till  1896, 
and   then  editor-in-chief.     Merged    (1!)02)    with   Puolic  Ledger,  q.   v. 

Trades  (w).     Mar.,  1879-Apr.,  1880  (incomp.).     Fe. 

Founded  Mar.,  1879.  Edited  by  John  Morrison  Davis,  until  Apr.,  1880. 
No   later   mention    in   directories.     Union    Labor. 

National  Trades  Review  (w).    Apr.  7,  1866. 

Trades  Union  News  (w).     1905,  3  nos.;  Sept.,  1906-Mar.,  1909.     F«. 

Founded  1902.     Published  by  Trades  Union  News  Pub.  Co.,  since  1905. 

Sunday  Transcript.    Mar.  9,  1862. 

True  American  and  Commercial  Advertiser  (d).    June  10,  1808. 

With  N.  y.  and  Phila.  Newspapers,  1801-10.  Successor  of  Pennsyl- 
vania Journal,  q.  v. 

Trumpet  or  Alarm  (irreg).    Apr.  24,  1843. 

With  Second  Adventist  Newspapers,  1842-17.     Edited  by  Josiah  Litch. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Philadelphia,  Pa.,  continued:  ; 

"Bulletin  of  United  Typothetae  (m).    1908+    O. 

Founded  Dec,  1907,  to  promote  interests  of  masterprinters'  organiza- 
tion. Published  fit  New  York,  John  Mclntyre,  manager,  until  November; 
since  then  at  Philadelphia.  Edited  since  May,  1909,  by  Franklin  W. 
Heath,  secretary. 

Union  (w).    Sept.  7,  1889. 

Union  Leaflet   (m).    Vols.  1-3.     1905-Apr.,  1907.     O-Q. 

Published  by  William  F.  Knott,  in  interests  of  Typographical  Union, 
No.  2. 

.National  Union  League  Gazette.    Nos.  1,  6-10.     Oct.-Nov.,  1864.    F. 

Journal  of  United  Labob    (s-m;    w).     May,   1880-Apr.,   1881;    1888-27 
(incomp.).     2  v.    F.     July,  1887-89'.     Fs. 

Founded  1880.  Organ  of  Knights  of  Labor.  Edited  by  Robert  D. 
Layton,  1882  ;  Frederick  Turner.  1883 — Nov.,  1886 ;  Charles  H.  Litch- 
maii,  Nov.,  1886 — May,  1S88 ;  Adelbert  M.  Dewey,  May,  1888 — July,  1889; 
since  then  by  »  Board  of  Trustees.  Styled  Journal  of  Knights  of  Labor, 
q.  •>.,  Jan.,  1890.     Moved  to  Washington,  D.  C,  q.  v.,  May,  1895. 

United  States  Commercial  and  Statistical  Registeb   (w).    Vols.   1-6. 
Feb.,  1839- June,  1842.     Indexed.     6  V.     Q. 

Established  by  Samuel  Hazard,  founder  of  Hazard's  Register  of  Penn- 
sylvania; gives  much  useful  statistical  information. 

United  States  Gazette  (s-w).    July-Dec,  1808.    Indexed.    F«. 

Same   (d).    July-Dec,  1839;   July-Dec,  1841;   Jan-June,  1842. 

3  v.    Ft. 

Continuation  of  Gazette  of  the  United  States,  q.  v. ;  published  by  Enos 
Bronson,  1801-18 ;  united  with  True  American,  q.  v.,  Mar.,  1818,  and 
styled  Union;  resumed  title  of  U.  S.  Gazette,  Apr.,  1823;  edited  by  Joseph 
E.  Chandler,  1822-47 ;  merged  in  north  American,  1847. 

Unity  and  Progress  (m).     Sept.  22,  1894;  July  31,  1897. 
Founded  1894. 

Universal  Instructor  in  all  Arts  and  Sciences,  and  Pennsylvania  Gazette 
(w).     Dec,  1728-Oct.,  1729.    F. 

See  Pennsylvania  Gazette. 

Philadelphia  Volks-Blatt  (w).     Aug.  27,  1896. 

Waldie's  Literary  Omnibus   (w).    Vol.  1.     1837.    Fs. 

Established  by  Adam  Waldle ;  successor  of  Waldie's  Portfolio. 

Waldie's  Portfolio,  and  Companion  to  the  Select  Circulating  Library 
(bl-w).     Part  1.    Jan.- June,  1836.     Indexed.    Q. 
Literary  journal,  published  by  Waldie;   succeeded  by  Waldie's  Literary 



Waldie's  Select  Circulating  Library  (w).    Vols.  1-14.    1832-45.    Q. 

Walsh's  Weekly.    May  8,  1886. 
Founded  1883. 

Welcome  Workman  (w).    Aug.,  1867-May,  1868.    F«. 

Independent  Whig  (w).    Jan.,  1720- Jan.,  1721.    O. 

Reprinted  by  S.  Keimer  from  London  publication  of  same  name. 

White  Banner  (m).    Vol.  1.    Nos.  1-3.    Nov.,  1874- Jan.,  1875. 

Woman's  Work  for  Woman  (m).    Vols.  5-15.    Mar.,  1875-85.    Indexed. 
11  v.    O. 

Organ  of  Women's  Foreign  Missionary  Society  of  Presbyterian  Church, 
and  of  Women's  Presbyterian  Board  of  Missions  of  the  Northwest.  Es- 
tablished Apr.,  1871,  as  a  quarterly;  after  first  year  issued  bi-monthly, 
and  after  1874  monthly.  Absorbed  Our  Mission  Field  Dec,  1885,  and 
assumed  name  of  latter  as  a  sub-title.  Edited  by  Miss  J.  C.  Thompson 
till  her  death,  Feb.,  1883;  a  short  time  by  Miss  S.  B.  Loring;  thereafter 
by  Miss  Mary  I.  Lombard.     See  same  title,  under  New  York  City. 

Wobkees'  Leaflet  (m).    Vol.  1,    No.  1.    Nov.,  1901. 

Workingman  (w).    Aug.  29,  1882  (imp.). 

Working  Woman's  Journal  (m).    Oct.  5,  Dec.  7,  1895. 

Journal   of  ZoOphily    (m).    Vols.   1-15.    1892-1906.    15   v.   in   5.    Q. 

Published  under  auspices  of  Anti-Vivisection  Society  and  Society  for 
Prevention  of  Cruelty  to  Animals;  edited  by  Caroline  Earle  White  and 
Mary  F.  Lovell. 


Bituminous  Record  (w).    Apr.  13, 1900. 


Amalgamated   Journal    (w).    1900-1905,   scat,  nos.;    Sept.,  1905-Apr., 
1907.     F».     Aug.-Dec,  1907;   1908-1909.    Fs.     1910+ 

Founded  Oct.,  1899,  by  the  Amalgamated  Assn.  of  Iron,  Steel  and  Tin 
Workers  of  N.  A.     Edited  by  Ben  I.  Davis.     Non-political  labor. 

Pittsburgh  American    (w).    Mar-Dec,  1854.    Ft. 

Established  1839,  by  James  Biddle.     Whig  organ. 

Bbidgemkn's  Magazine. 

See  same  title,  under  Indianapolis,  Ind. 

Pittsburg    Christian    Advocate    (w).    Vols.    13-16.    1846-Feb.,    1849; 
Vols.  48-56.    1881-89  (incomp.) ;  Vols.  57-59.    1890<-92;  Vols.  60- 
61.    1893-94  (incomp.);  Vol.  62.    1895;  Vol.  63.    1896  (incomp.) ; 
17— N.  C.  [  257  ] 

Newspaper  Catalogue 

Pittsburgh,  Pa.,  continued: 

Vols.  64-65.  1897-98;  Vol.  66.  1899  (incomp.) ;  Vol.  67:  1900; 
Vols.  68-69.  1901-1902  (incomp.);  Vols.  70-72.  1903-1905.  F*. 
Vol.  75.     1908.    F. 

Pounded  1835.  Edited  by  S.  H.  Nesbit,  1870-72 ;  by  W.  Hunter,  1873- 
76 ;  by  A.  Wheeler,  1877-84  ;  by  Rev.  C.  W.  Smith,  1884-1909 ;  since  tben 
by  J.  J.  Wallace. 

Pittsburgh  Evening  Chronicle    (d    and   w).      Mar.,  1863-Dec,  1865. 
6  v.    Ft. 

Established  May,  1841,  by  R.  G.  Berford,  as  a  weekly;  became  a  daily 
in  September  following;  edited  by  J.  Heron  Poster  and  W.  H.  Whitney; 
conducted  by  Whitney   Sept.,   1843-51    (in  partnership  with   Thomas  W. 

Wright   during  first   three   years ;    with    James   Dumars,    1843-47 ;   

Dunn,  1848-51)  ;  by  Barr  &  McDonald,  1851-53;  by  Samuel  Babcock  and 
McDonald,  1853-54 ;  by  Kennedy  Bros.,  two  years ;  by  Charles  McKnight, 
1856-64 ;  by  Joseph  G.  Slebeneck,  1863-84  (in  partnership  with  W.  A. 
Collins  till  1S74).  United  with  Telegraph,  1884,  and  styled  Chronicle- 
Telegraph.  Since  published  by  Chronicle-Telegraph  Pub.  Co.  Independ- 
ent. Telegraph  founded  Apr.,  1873,  by  an  association  of  manufacturers 
and  business  men ;  edited  by  H.  B.  Swoope  and  John  C.  Harper.  Inde- 
pendent Republican. 

Pittsburgh  Commercial  Gazette  (d).    Feb.-Aug.,  1901.    2  v>    Fe. 

Consolidation,  1877,  of  Pittsburgh  Gazette  (q.  v.),  and  Commercial 
(founded  1863 ;  conducted  by  C.  D.  Brigham,  1869-73 ;  Russel  Errett, 
1873-76).  Published  by  Reed,  King  &  Co.  (of  Gazette),  1877-82;  Nelson 
P.  Reed  &  Co.,  1883-1900;  George  T.  Oliver,  1901-1906.  Then  merged 
by  him  with  Chronicle  Telegraph,  and  since  published  by  him  as  Gazette- 
Times,  i 

Commoner  and  Glassworker   (w).    Sept.,  1888-May,  1889;   1902-1903, 
scat,  nos.;   Sept.,  1907-1909.     2  v.    Fo.     1910+ 

Pounded  1882.  In  1888  styled  Commoner  and  American  Glassworker; 
published  by  J.  M.  Kelly,  1888-92 ;  since  then  by  Commoner  Pub.  Co. 
Edited  by  John  J.  Martin,  1893-97 ;  by  S.  P.  Austin,  1897-1901  or  later ; 
since  1903  by  H.  W.   Gauding.     Styled  Glassworkej-  since  Apr.  15,  1911. 

Pittsburgh  Dispatch  (d).    1864.    2  v.    F«.    1865.    2  v.    Ft. 

Pounded  Feb.,  1846,  by  J.  Heron  Foster;  first  one-cent  daily  west  of 
Alleghanies;  conducted  by  Foster  till  Feb.,  1865  (in  partnership  with 
Reece  C.  Fleeson,  1849-63)  ;  by  Daniel  O'Neill  and  A.  W.  Rook  till  death 
of  former  (succeeded  by  his  son  Eugene)  ;  edited  by  Neil  Shaw  (1873-85), 
then  by  George  A.  Madden.  Weekly  edition  founded  1853.  Published 
since  1881  by  Dispatch  Pub.  Co.     Independent  Republican. 

Foreign    Missionary    Chronicle    (m).    Vols.    1-5.    Apr.,   1833-37.    In- 
dexed.   5  v.    O. 

Organ  of  Western  Foreign  Missionary  Society  (organized  Oct.,  1831,  by 
Synod  of  Pittsburg;  merged  July,  1837,  in  Presbyterian  Missionary  So- 
ciety, which  was  appointed  in  preceding  May  by  the  General  Assembly  of 
the  Presbyterian  church)  ;  removed  to  New  York  City,  q.  v.,  Aug.,  1837. 

Pittsburgh  Gazette  (w).    Sept.-Nov.,  1786,  5  nos.;  1787,  29  nos.;  Mar.- 
Aug.,  1788,  5  nos.    F<5.    Nov.  22,  1811. 


Same  (d  and  w).    Apr.-Nov.,  1864;  1865.    3  v.    Ft. 

Same   (d).    Oct.,  1902-May,  1903;   Sept.,  1903-May,  1904;  Oct., 

1904-June,  1905.     11  v.    Fa. 

Established  July,  17S6,  by  John  Scull,  postmaster  of  Pittsburg,  and 
Joseph  Hall ;  published  by  Scull  till  1818 ;  by  John  I.  Scull  and  Morgan 
Neville,  Eichbaum  &  Johnston,  David  McLean  (1822-29),  Neville  B 
Craig  (1829-41),  D.  N.  White  (1841-Apr.,  1845),  White  and  B.  F.  Harris 
(two  years),  Erastus  Brooks  (Apr.,  1847-June,  1848),  D.  N.  White  (1848- 
59),  R.  Errett  &  Co.  (1859-60),  S.  Riddle  &  Co.  (1861-66),  Penniman, 
Reed  &  Co.  (May,  1866-Oct.,  1870)  ;  by  King,  Reed  &  Co.  till  187U. 
Then  consolidated  with  Commercial,  as  Commercial-Qasette,  q.  v.  Fed- 
eralist under  Scull ;  Whig,  till  1855 ;  then  Republican. 

National  Glass  Budget  (w).    1902-1904  (incomp.).    1905+    F4. 

Founded  1884,  in  Wheeling,  W.  Va.,  but  soon  moved  to  Pittsburg. 
Advocated  labor  unions  for  first  ten  years ;  then  became  Independent. 
Owned  since  1891  by  George  B.  Times :  edited  by  Frank  M.  Gessner,  1891- 
1906 ;  since  then  by  Times. 

Glass  workee. 

See  Commoner  and  Glassworker. 

Labob  Herald  (w).    Jan.  23, 1886. 

National  Labob  Tribune  (w).    1903-1908.    2  v.    F«.    1909+ 

Founded  1873.  Published  by  Davis  &  Armstrong,  1876-78;  Arm- 
strong, Telford  &  Co..  1879-88 ;  Thomas  Telford,  1889-May,  1903  ;  Joseph 
Telford,  May,  1903-Sept.,  1909 ;.  since  then  incorporated,  and  edited  by 
F.  C.  Harper. 

Labob  World  (w).    Jan.,  1907+    F4. 

Founded  1893 ;  since  1899  issued  by  Labor  World  Pub.  Co.,  John  D. 
Pringle,  editor. 

People's  Monthly.    Vols.  3-4.    Mar.,  1873-Feb.,  1875.    Ft. 

Illustrated  family  paper,  especially  devoted  to  interests  of  working- 
men  ;  established  by  Charles  McKnight ;  published  after  Feb.,  1875,  by 
C.   M.  &  J.  P.  Reed. 

Pittsburg  Post  (d).     Oct.,  1905-June,  1906.     3  v.    Fe. 

Founded  1804  as  weekly ;  1842,  as  daily.  Published  by  James  P.  Barr 
&  Co.,  1869-86 ;  since  then  by  Post  Prtg.  and  Pub.  Co. 

Pittsburgh  Recordeb  (w).    Vol.  1.    Jan.,  1822-Jan.,  1823.    Indexed.    O. 
Successor  of  Chillicothe,  O.,  Recorder,  q.  v. ;  edited  by  John  Andrews ; 
afterwards   styled  Presbyterian,  Banner.     Presbyterian. 

Saint  Andrew's  Cross. 

See  same  title,  under  Chicago,  111. 

Socialist  Standard  (w).    May,  1903-Mar.,  1904.    Fe;  Q. 

Founded  1903.  Published  by  executive  committee  of  Natl.  Socialist 
Labor   Party. 

Alleghenier  und  Pittsburger  Sonntaqsbote  (w).    Sept.  8,  1900. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Pittsburgh,  Pa.,  continued: 

Steam  Shovelman's  Bulletin  (m).    Sept.,  1905. 
Founded  1904. 

Team  Owners'  Review  (m).    Vols.  3-8.    1904-1909.    6  v.    Q.    1910+ 

Founded  Jan..  1902,  and  since  conducted  by  E.  H.  Helnrichs ;  published 
in  interest  of  large  transfer,  trucking  and  express  companies. 

Teades  Journal  (w).    Sept.  14,  1889;  Sept.  24,  Oct.  4,  1890. 

Iron  City  Teades  Journal  (w) .    1909+    F«. 

Founded  Sept.,  1908.  Four  "advance  issues"  preceded  first  regular 
one,  issued  in  Sept.  Published  by  Central  Trades  Council  of  Pittsburg 
till  Jan.,  1909;  since  then  by  Iron  City  Trades  Journal  Pub.  Co.  Edited 
by  Allan  Cole  until  Sept.  11,  190S ;  L.  R.  Thomas,  Sept.,  1908-Mar., 
1909 ;  Arthur  E.  Ireland,  Mar.-June,  1909 ;  since  then  by  William  J. 


Industrial  Advocate  (w).    Dec.  26,  1903. 


Workingman  (w).    June  19,  Sept.  4,  1875. 


Industrial  People  (w).    1876,  3  nos. 

Union  Sentinel  (w).    1903,  4  nos.;  Sept.  30,  Oct.  1,  1905  (convention 


Board  or  Trade  Journal  (m).     Feb.,  1905;  Jan.,  1906. 

Labor  Herald  (w).    Sept.  26,  1903. 

Svoboda  (w).    May  25,  1905. 

Truth  (d).    Dec.  1,  1893;  Apr.,  June-Dec,  1896.    2  v.    F«. 

Founded  1884,  by  John  E.  Barrett  and  J.  J.  Jordan,  and  conducted  by 
them  till  1901  or  later;  now  published  by  Scranton  Truth  Pub.  Co.,  and 
edited  by  Barrett.     Independent. 


Bradford  Reporter  (w).    June,  1855-Dec.,  1859   (incomp.).    Fe. 

Founded  June,  1840,  by  E.  S.  Goodrich ;"  styled  Bradford  Porter,  in  com- 
pliment to  Governor  Porter ;  changed  to  Bradford  Reporter,  Dec,  1843 ; 
organ  of  Democrats  for  a  time,  then  supported  Free-Soil  party,  now  is 
Republican ;  owned  and  edited  by  Goodrich  till  1881  (except  1869-79, 
leased  by  S.  W.  Alvord),  by  Marsh  &  Hitchcock,  1882-85,  when  united 
with   Towanda  Journal,   and    styled  Reporter-Journal.     Since   then  pub- 

[  260  ] 


lished  by  Reporter-Journal  Printing  Co.  Edited  by  H.  F.  Marsh  till 
about  1900 ;  D.  M.  Turner,  1901-1909 ;  since  then  by  C.  H.  Turner  and 
W.  G.  Baker. 


Warren  Mail  (w).    May  13,  1865. 


Democratic  Eagle  (w).    June  28,  1828. 

Repobteb  (w).    June  4,  1824. 

With  Ohio  Monitor,  1818-21.  Established  August,  1808,  by  Wm. 
Sample  and  Wm.  B.  Brown,  and  conducted  by  them  till  1810 ;  Wm. 
Sample,  1810-1833;  B.  S.  Stewart  and  G.  W.  Acheson,  1833-35;  U.  W. 
Wise,  1836-39 ;  John  Bausman,  1839-56 ;  James  G.  and  R.  F.  Strean, 
1856-59 ;  consolidated  with  Commonwealth  in  1858  under  name  of  Re- 
porter anil  Commonwealth;  in  1860,  with  Tribune  as  Reporter  and  Tri- 
bune; thus  published  until  Nov.,  1863,  by  W.  S.  Moore,  H.  A.  Purvianee 
and  James  Armstrong.  Purvianee,  colonel  of  85th  Pennsylvania  volun- 
teers, was  killed  August  30,  1863,  and  publication  continued  by  Moore 
and  Armstrong  until  1867,  dropping  name  of  Tribune  in  1866 ;  Moore  & 
J.  W.  McWilliams,  1867-69 ;  Moore  &  Jas.  R.  Kelley,  1869-73  ;  Moore  & 
E.  L.  Christman,  1873-77  (daily  established  August  1876)  ;  Alexander  M. 
Gow  and  Christman,  1877-83 ;  E.  L.  Christman,  1883-91 ;  Christman 
Pub.  Co.  1891-1903,  with  Wm.  Christman  as  editor  and  manager ;  Ob- 
server Pub.  Co.,  1903  to  1911,  with  E.  F.  Acheson  as  editor  and  John  L. 
Stewart  as  manager.  The  Reporter  has  on  file  every  issue  from  180S 
to  1828,  and  from  1842  to  1911. 

Same.    Aug.  15,  1908.    Centennial  number. 

Contains  historical  sketch. 

West  Chester 

Village  Recobd,  and  Register  and  Examiner  (w).    Oct.,  1860-June,  1861; 
Jan.-Nov.,  1862.    Fs. 

Established  June,  1809,  by  Dennis  Whelen,  under  title  of  Chester  ana 
Delaware  Federalist;  styled  Tillage  Record  after  1817 ;  published  by 
Charles  Miner  (1817-34),  Henry  S.  Evans  (1834-72),  then  by  Evans's 
sons  till  1895 ;  S.  Edward  Paschall,  1895 ;  H.  C.  Boyer,  1896 ;  since  then 
by  T.  L.  Eyrt>.  Edited  by  James  B.  Fisher,  1897-1901,  or  later;  now  by 
H.  C.  Gillingham ;  successively  Federalist,  Whig,  and  Republican ;  pub- 
lished valuable  articles  on  local  history,  in  1824  and  1858-61. 

Same  (s-w).    June-Dec,  1861.    F». 

With  Tillage  Record. 

West  Greenville 

Shenango  Valley  Times  (w).    Feb.  15,  1860. 


Industrial  Gazette  (w).    Apr.,  1905+     Q. 

Founded    1901.     Organ    of    Natl,    and    State    Assn.    of    Builders'    Ex- 
changes.    Conducted  since  1905  by  George  S.  Boyle. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Pennsylvania,  continued: 


Cartridge  Box  (w).     Apr.  23,  Dec.  24,  1864;  Jan.  7,  1865. 
Published  at  D.  S.  Army  General  Hospital. 

Dispatch  (d).    Apr.-Dec.,  1896.    2  v.    Fe. 

Founded  1876  (w.  1864)  by  Hiram  Young,  and  conducted  by  him  until 
about  1900 ;  since  then  by  Dispatch  Pub.  Co.  Edited  since  1900  by  Ed- 
ward S.  Young. 


Pennsylvania  Gazette  (w).    Jan.-May,  1778.    6  nos.  F*. 

With  Pennsylvania  Gazette,  1778-80.  Removed  hither  from  Philadel- 
phia, q.  v.,  during  the  British  occupation  of  that  city. 

Rhode  Island 


Newport  Herald.     May  7,  1789. 

With  Boston  Gazette,  1782-90.  Established  by  Peter  Edes  (son  of  Ben- 
jamin), Mar.,  1787;  a  strong  opponent  of  paper  money. 

Newport  Mercury  (w).    Dec.  19,  1758. 

With  Boston  Gazette,  1758-59.  Founded  1758,  by  James  Franklin  Jr. ; 
published  by  him  till  his  death  (1762)  ;  then  by  Samuel  Hall  (1762-68), 
by  Solomon  Southwick  (1768-87),  by  Henry  Barber  and  his  sons  succes- 
sively (1788-1850),  by  F.  A.  Pratt  till  1872;  by  John  P.  Sanborn  till 
1896 ;  since  then  edited  by  Sanborn,  and  published  by  Mercury  Pub.  Co. 

Same.    Nov.  16,  1767. 

With  Maryland  Gazette,  1763-67. 


Pawtucket  Gazette  and  Chronicle  (w).    Mar.  24,  1854;  Oct.  3,  1890. 


Rhode  Island  American  (e-w).    Jan.  18,  1825. 

With  Eastern  Local  Newspapers,  1821-28.  Established  Oct.,  1808,  by 
David  Hawkins  and  W.  W.  Dunham ;  a  strong  Federalist  organ  ;  published 
by  Hawkins  till  1813,  by  William  G.  Goddard  till  Oct.,  1825;  then  by 
Francis  Y.  Carlile,  who  also  bought  out  the  Gazette;  after  various  changes, 
suspended  in  1833. 

Christian  Telescope  (w).   Vols.  1-2.   Aug.,  1824-July,  1826.   Indexed.   Q. 
Edited  by  David  Pickering ;  after  July,  1826,  styled  Chr.  Telescope  and 
Anti-Theocrat ;  "edited  by  an  association  of  gentlemen,"  and  published  hy 
John  S.  Greene ;  suspended,  1829.     Universalist. 


Rhode  Island-South  Carolina 

Providence  Gazette  (w).    1778-79.    26  nos.        Fe. 

First  paper  In  Providence;  founded  1762,  by  William  Goddard;  con- 
tinued by  his  mother,  Sarah  Goddard,  Oil  1769,  by  John  Carter  till  1814, 
then  by  Hugh  H.  Brown ;  Whig  during  Revolution,  later  Federalist ; 
merged  in  R.  I.  American,  Oct.,  1825. 

Jotjbnal  of  the  Rhode  Island  Institute  of  Instruction  (■-m).    Vols.  1-3. 
Nov.,  1845-Jan.,  1849.    Indexed.    3  v.    Q. 

Providence  Patriot  (s-w).    Jan.,  1823-June,  1825.    F<>. 

Founded  May,  1803,  under  the  title  of  Providence  Phenix  (w)  ;  after 
1815,  styled  Providence  Patriot  and  Columbian  Phenix;  after  1818,  issued 
semi-weekly.  Published  by  Josiah  Jones,  1823-25  (in  partnership  with 
Bennett  H.  Wheeler  till  May,  1824;  with  Eaton  W.  Maxcy,  May,  1825; 
then  with  William   Simons)  ;   suspended,   1833. 

People  (w).    Oct.  16,  1886. 

United  States  Chronicle  (w).    1792-93.    6  nos.    F. 

With  N.  B.  Local  Newspapers,  1791-98.  Established  Jan.,  1784,  by 
Bennett  Wheeler ;  advocated  adoption  of  Constitution  ;  suspended  1802. 


Herald  of  the  United  States  (w).    Sept.  7,  1793. 

With  N.  E.  Local  Newspapers,  1791-98.  Founded  Jan.,  1792  ;  published 
by  Nathaniel  Phillips. 


Naebagansett  Weekly.     1859,  4  nos. 

South  Carolina 


Charleston  Courier    (d).    Vol.    1.    June-Dec,  1803.    Fs.    July,  1839- 

1842;    July,   1843-June,  1844;    July,   1845-1851;    July,  1852-1853; 

July,  1855-1856;  July,  1857-June,  1858;   1864;   1865;  June,  1866- 

1868;   July-Dec,  1869.     39  vols.     F«. 

Oldest  daily  in  the  Carolinas;  established  Jan.,  1803,  by  Loring  Andrews, 
formerly  of  Albany  (N.  Y.)  Centinel;  sold  by  him  in  July  to  Benjamin  B. 
Smith  and  Stephen  C.  Carpenter.  The  former  withdrew  Jan.,  1806,  and 
firm  became  Marchant,  Willington  &  Co.  (Peter  T.  Marchant,  formerly  or 
B.  O.  Gazette,  and  Aaron  S.  Willington).  Conducted  by  them  till  Apr., 
1809 ;  B.  Morford,  Willington  &  Co.,  till  Jan.,  1813 ;  A.  S.  Willington  till 
Jan.,  1833 ;  Willington  &  Co.,  till  Apr.,  1873,  except  Feb.-Nov.,  1865, 
when  published  by  Wliittemore  &  Johnson  for  the  military  authorities. 
Edited  by  Richard  Yeadon  Jr.,  1833-44 ;  Alexander  Carroll,  Henry  M. 
Cushman,  William  B.  Carlisle,  Augustus  O.  Andrews  and  others,  1844-65 ; 
Capt.  Thomas  Y.  Simons,  Nov.,  1865-1873.  In  Apr.,  1873,  merged  in 
News,  and  styled  News  and  Courier.  Published  by  Riordan  &  Dawson, 
1873-82  ;  since  then  by  News  &  Courier  Co.  Dawson  continued  as  editor 
till    his  death   in    1889 ;   then   edited   by   James   C.    Hemphill,   1889-Feb., 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Charleston,  S.  C,  continued: 

1910 ;   since  then   by   Robert  Latham.     Historical   sketch   in   News   and 
Courier  Centennial  Edition,  1903. 

Gazette  of  the  State  of  South  Carolina  (s-w).    Oct-Dec,  1777,  3  nos.; 
1783-84,  7  nos.    Fs. 
With  8.  C.  Gazette,  1774 ;  1783 ;  1784. 

Same.  Jan. — Sept.,  1785,  17  nos.    Fs. 

A  revival  of  8.  C.  Gazette,  q.  v. ;  established  by  Peter  Timothy,  Apr., 
1777 ;  burned  out  Jan.,  1778,  and  suspended  till  June ;  then  published  by 
Timothy  and  Nicholas  Boden  till  suspended  in  1780,  on  the  surrender  of 
Charleston  to  the  British ;  revived  by  Timothy's  widow,  Anne  S..  July, 
1783,  and  published  by  her  till  her  death,  1792 ;  styled  State  Gazette  of  8. 
Carolina,  q.  v.,  after  Mar.,  1785.  "This,  like  the  other  Charleston  papers, 
was  styled  Gazette,  in  order  to  secure  certain  advertisements  directed  by 
law  to  be  inserted  in  the  South  Carolina  Gazette." — Isaiah  Thomas, 
History  of  Printing. 

Carolina  Gazette  (w).    1798-1800.    Partly  indexed.    Fs. 

Published  by  Freneau  &  Paine,  in  connection  with  the  daily  City 

City  Gazette,  or  Daily  Advertiser.  July-Oct.,  1791;  Feb.-Sept,  1792, 
15  nos.;  Sept.-Nov.,  1794,  12  nos.;  1795-Apr.,  1796.  6  v.  Fs. 
Aug.-Dec,  1796;  1797  (incomp.) ;  Jan-July,  1798;  1802-4,  66  nos.; 
July-Dee.,  1806.  6  v.  Fs.  1822-June,  1826.  9  v.  Jan.-June, 
1827;  Jan.-June,  1828;  1829.     4  v. 

Continuation  of  South  Carolina  Weekly  Gazette,  q.  v. ;  published  by 
Markland  &  Mclver,  1788-94  ;  Peter  Freneau  and  Seth  Paine  (1795-1801)  ; 
Freneau  &  Williams  (1802-03)  ;  Freneau  alone  till  some  time  in  1806 
(during  this  time  styled  City  Gazette)  ;  Elliott  &  Richards,  till  1808 ; 
Freneau  &  Co.,  1808-10 ;  owned  and  edited  by  E.  S.  Thomas  (nephew  of 
Isaiah)  during  1810-15 ;  edited  1829-32  by  W.  Gilmore  Slmms ;  after 
various  subsequent  changes,  sold  to  Charleston  Courier,  q.  v.,  an  influ- 
ential Republican  organ. 

Same.    1788-89,  6  nos. 

With  Gazette  of  State  of  8.  C,  1785. 

Royal  South  Carolina  Gazette.    May  17,  1781. 

With  8.  C.  Gazette,  1783.  Published  by  Robertson,  Macdonald,  a  * 
Cameron,  apparently  under  British  direction. 

South  Carolina  Gazette  (w).  May-Dec,  1735;  Mar.-Apr.,  1752;  1753, 
21  nos.  3  v.  F.  May-Sept,  1754  (incomp.).  F4.  Sept-Dec, 
1755.  Fs.  1756;  Jan.-Aug.,  1757.  2  v.  F.  June-Nov.,  1758; 
Feb.-Dec,  1759;  1760;  1761-65,  8  nos.    4  v.    Fs. 

First  successful  paper  in  the  Carolinas.  Established  Feb.,  1734,  by 
Lewis  Timothy;  after  his  death  (1738),  conducted  by  his  widow,  Eliza- 
beth Timothy,  for  about  six  years,  but  printed  by  their  son  Peter ;  there- 
after conducted  by  him  till  May,  1772,  when  he  leased  it  to  Powell, 
Hughes  &  Co.,  of  which  firm  he  was  an  inactive  member.  In  Nov.,  1773, 
he  resumed  control,  but  suspended  his  paper  in  1775,  being  occupied  with 


South  Carolina 

duties  as  a  Revolutionary  leader.     Publication  was  resumed  In  1777,  under 
title  Gazette  of  State  of  South  Carolina,  q.   v. 

South  Carolina  and  American  General  Gazette   (w).    July  3,  1765; 
1775-80,  15  nos.     Ft. 

With  S.  O.  Gazette,  1761-65 ;  1774.  Established  1758,  by  Robert  Wells ; 
published  by  him  till  1775,  then  by  his  son  John;  suspended  1780,  when 
Charleston  was  captured  by  the  British. 

South  Carolina  Gazette  and  Country  Journal   (w).    May-Dec,  1766; 
1767;   1768-69,  3  nos.;   1774-75,  10  nos.     3  v.    Fb. 

Founded  Dec,  1765,  by  Charles  Crouch,  especially  to  oppose  the  Stamp 
Act;  published  by  him  till  his  death  (1775),  then  by  his  widow ;  suspended 
soon  after.     See  Salem  (Mass.)  Gazette. 

South   Carolina   Gazette   and   General   Advertiser    (s-w).    Mar -Dec, 

1783,  40  nos.     Fb. 

Founded  Mar.,  1783,  by  John  Miller ;  issued  semi-weekly  during  1783, 
then  tri-weekly ;  daily,  Dec,  1784.  Sold  a  year  or  two  later  to  State 
Gazette  of  South  Carolina,  q.  v. 

Same   (tri-w).    Jan.-May,  1784,  20  nos.    Fb. 

South  Carolina   State  Gazette  and  Daily  Advertiser.    Dec.,  1784,  20 
nos.    Fb. 

With  S.  C.  State  Gazette  and  Genl.  Advertiser,  1784.  Daily  edition  of 
Miller's  S.  C.  Gazette;  first  daily  In  S.  Carolina.     See  City  Gazette. 

South  Carolina  Weekly  Gazette.    Oct.  18,  1783. 

With  S.  C.  Gazette,  1783.  Founded  Feb.,  1783.  Published  by  Nathan 
Childs  till  Mar.,  1784 ;  then  by  Childs  and  Robert  Bruce  (Nathan  Childs  & 
Co.)  till  Mar.,  1785;  Childs,  Mclver  &  Co.,  till  Jan.,  1786,  when  Bruce 
retired  and  R.  Haswell  entered  the  firm  ;  in  1787  or  1788  the  firm  became 
Markland  &  Mclver.  Styled  South  Carolina  Gazette  and  Public  Advertiser, 
Mar.,  1784  ;  Charleston  Morning  Post  and  Daily  Advertiser,  Jan.,  1786 ; 
dtp  Gazette,  or  Daily  Advertiser,  q.  v.,  1787  or  1788. 

State  Gazette  of  South  Carolina  (s-w).  Mar  .-Aug.,  1785,  8  nos.  Fb. 
With  Gazette  of  State  of  S.  C,  q.  v.  After  Anne  Timothy's  death 
(1792),  published  by  her  son  Benjamin  F.  (with  William  Mason  Jr., 
till  1798;  then  with  his  nephew,  Peter  T.  Marchant),  under  the  title  of 
S.  C.  State  Gazette  and  Timothy  and  Mason's  Daily  Advertiser ;  Feder- 
alist; suspended  1802. 

Columbian  Herald,  or  New  Daily  Advertiser.    Oct.  19,  1795;  Aug.  19, 

With  City  Gazette,  1795 ;  1796.  Published  by  William  Primrose  Harri- 
son &  Co. ;  numbering  would  indicate  that  this  is  a  revival  of  old  Herald 
(about  July,  1794),  and  issued  daily  about  Oct.,  1795;  published  several 
years  by  Harrison    (see  Cardozo,  Reminiscences   of  Charleston). 

Columbian  Herald,  or  Southern  Star  (tri-w).    Sept.  19,  1793. 

With  City  Gazette,  1792-94.  Printed  by  Harrison  &  Bowen ;  edited  by 
J.  Carey;  discontinued  with  this  number  (No.  1186),  owing  to  lack  of 
support.  Founded  Nov.,  1784,  by  T.  B.  Bowen  and  John  Markland.  Con- 
ducted bv  Bowen  with  various  partners  till  Sept.,  1793,  when  notice  was 

[  265  ] 

Newspaper  Catalogue 

Ohaeleston,  S.  C,  continued: 

given  of  discontinuance.  Apparently  continued  or  revived  as  Columbian 
Herald  or  New  Daily  Advertiser,  q.  v.,  by  William  P.  Harrison  &  Co.  Con- 
tinued as  late  as  1796.  Styled  Columbian  Herald  or  Patriotic  Courier  of 
North  America  for  first  five  or  six  years. 

Southern  Litebaby  Gazette  (w).    Jan.-Feb.,  1852.    Q. 

Published  from  office  of  Southern  Quarterly  Review;  founded  and  edited 
by  William  C.  Richards. 

Charleston  Mebctjby   (d).    May  25,  1825;   1828,  3  nos.;   1848-65,  scat, 
nos.    F«. 

With  Southern  and  Western  Newspapers,  1821-28.  Established  1822,  by 
Edmund  Morford  (formerly  one  of  the  owners  of  the  Courier)  ;  afterward 
published  by  Henry  L.  Pinckney ;  owned  by  Barnwell  Khett,  1852-61 ;  sus- 
pended after  capture  of  city  by  Federal  troops.  Chief  organ  of  Nullifica- 
tion party,  and  later  of  Secessionists.  Revived  by  R.  B.  Rhett,  but  finally 
suspended  Mar.,  1869. 

Charleston  Daily  News.    1866,  9  nos.    FX 

With  Courier  for  June-Oct.,  1866.  Founded  Aug.,  1865,  by  GeoTge  R. 
Cathcart,  James  W.  McMillan  and  Mandred  Morton.  Cathcart  withdrew 
Oct.,  1867,  and  in  the  same  month  the  paper  was  sold  to  B.  R.  Riordan, 
Frances  R.  Dawson  and  Henry  Evans,  by  whom  it  was  conducted  till 
1873,  when  they  bought  the  Courier,  q.  v. 

News  and  Courier  (d).    Jan.-June,  1885;  1886-June,  1892;  1896-1909. 
29  v.     F«.    1910+ 
See  Charleston  Courier  and  Charleston  Daily  News. 

Daily  South  Carolinian.    July  25,  1866  (with  Cowrier,  July  4,  1866); 
Oct.  11,  1866  (with  Courier,  Oct.  9  1866);  Feb.  13,  Apt1.  12,  1866. 

Sunday  Visitant,  or  Weekly  Repository  of  Christian  Knowledge.    Apr., 
1818-Mar.,  1819.    Q. 
Established  Jan.,  1818,  "by  A.  Fowler,  A.  M." 


Cotjbant;  a  Southern  Literary  Journal  (w).    Vol.  1.    May-Nov.,  1859. 

Published  by  William  W.  Walker  &  Co. ;  edited  by  Howard  H.  Caldwell. 

Illustrated  Family  Friend  (w).    Nov.  8,  1851. 

With  Southern  and  Middle  Newspapers,  1851-60.  Published  by  &'.  A. 
Godman  and  J.  S.  Lyons ;  first  number. 

Daily  Register.     Sept-Dec,  1895.    F«. 

Founded  in  1875,  as  weekly ;  daily  edition  in  1878.  Conducted  by  C.  P. 
Pelham  till  1879.  Edited  by  James  A.  Hoyt,  1879-80 ;  John  W.  R.  Pope, 
1880-36;  then  by  Charles  A.  Calvo  Jr.  (publisher  since  1880),  till  1898, 
when  Thomas  Addison  succeeded  him  for  a  short  time.  No  later  mention 
in  directories. 


South  Carolina-South  Dakota 

South  Carolinian  (d).    1839-41,  10  nos.    F«. 
Southern  Guardian  (d).    1862,  9  nos.    F«. 


Greenville  Enterprise   (w).    Aug.,  1871-Nov.,  1878   (incomp.).    F«. 

Established  1824 ;  styled  Southern  Enterprise,  1870 ;  Enterprise  and 
Mountaineer,  June  1873-1893  ;  then  Mountaineer.  This  volume  contains 
a  series  of  articles  "Reminiscences  of  Public  Men,"  by  Ex-Gov.  B.  F. 
Perry ;  some  of  these  articles  (with  additions)  were  republished  in  book 
form,  with  the  above  title,  1883.  Conducted  by  John  C.  Bailey,  1870 
(or  before) — 1891  (part  of  time  with  E.  Bailey,  and  G.  F.  Townes)  ;  by 
James  A.  Hoyt,  1892-1901.     No  later  data  obtainable. 

Morris  Island 

Swamp  Angel.    May  24,  1864. 

Published  "semi-occasionally"  by  Federal  soldiers  in  garrison  at  Morris 
Island,  Charleston  harbor. 

Pendleton  Court  House 

Pendleton  Messenger  (w).  Mar.,  1807-Dec,  1808.  P.  Feb.,  1810-Jan., 
1811.  F4.  May,  1813-Mar.,  1814;  Sept.,  1820-Apr.,  1821;  Aug., 
1821-June,  1823;  Mar.,  Nov.,  1843.  4  v.  F<s.  First  two  vols,  un- 
der title  Miller's  Weekly  Messenger. 

Founded  1807,  by  J.  Miller  &  Son.  J.  Miller  Sr.,  died  In  Dec.,  1807,  and 
his  son  John  continued  the  publication  till  1823  or  later.  Published  in 
1843  by  F.  H.  Symmes  and  J.  W.  Bridwell. 

Port  Royal 

New  South  (w).    Aug.  29,  1863. 

South  Dakota 


Star  (m).     Dec,  1893;  Jan.,  1894. 

With  Miscellaneous  Labor  Papers,  1891-1900,  v.  1.  Founded  1881. 
Published  by  Star  Prtg.  Co.  and  edited  by  W.  E.  Kidd  till  1897.  No  later 
mention  in  directories.     Farmer's  Alliance;  later  Populist. 


Syd  Dakota  Ekko  (w).    Norwegian.    Oct.,  1895-Mar.,  1897;  Mar.,  1897- 
1905.     5  v.     F«.     Jan.-Aug.,  1906. 

Founded  1889  at  Sioux  Falls.  Published  by  Scandinavian  Pub.  Co., 
1891-1901.  Edited  by  G.  Bie  Bavndal,  1891-1900;  O.  C.  Stuart,  1901; 
H.  A.  Ustrud,  Aug.,  1901-Feb.,  1902 ;  Wollert  Hildahl,  Feb.,  1902-1905. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

South  Dakota,  continued: 

Central  City  (Black  Hills) 
Register  (w).     May  24,  1905. 

Greenwood    (Yankton  Agency) 

Iapi  Oaye  (m).    May,  1871-Dec,  1877;  Sept.,  1883-May,  1884.    BV 

Published  in  English  and  Dakotan,  by  missionaries  to  Indians.  Re- 
moved to  Santee  Agency,  Nebr.,  Dec,  1876. 


Congbegationaiist  (m).    Aug.,  1907-May,  1910.     O. 

Founded  1907  by  S'outh  Dakota  Congregational  Conference.  Among 
editors  have  been  Rev.  W.  H.  Thrall  and  Rev.  S.  J.  Beach. 

Dakota  Rubaijst  (w).    Vols.  6-7;  May,  1893-May,  1894.    F4. 

Founded  1887  by  the  Alliance  Pub.  Co.  Edited  by  L.  B.  Cummings, 
1891-92 ;  H.  L.  Loucks,  1893-94.     No  later  mention  in  directories. 

Sioux  Falls 
Syd  Dakota  Ekko. 

See  same  title,  under  Brookings. 

Feemad  (w).    Norwegian-Danish.    Aug.,  1898-1908.     5  v.    Fe.    1909+ 
Founded  1894  by  Olav  Kringen;  since  1896  published  by  Fremad  Pub. 
Co.  and  edited  by  J.  F.  Strass. 


Union  and  Dakotian  (w).    1869,  4  nos.;  1870,  2  nos.    F«. 

Yankton  Press  (w).    Mar.  15,  1871. 



Athens  Post  (w).    June,  1854-Oct,  1858.     Fa. 

Founded  at  Knoxville,  1841,  by  James  Williams ;  Whig ;  removed  to 
Athens;  edited  by  Samuel  P.  Ivins,  1854-87;  J.  J.  Ivins,  1888-90;  Ivins 
and  W.  C.  Davis,  1891-93 ;  Davis,  1894-95 ;  Ivins,  1896-1900 ;  J.  B.  Stern, 
1901.  Now  owned  by  E.  N.  Spearman,  and  edited  by  Phil  Moore.  Demo- 


Independent  Amebican  (w).    Dec.  20,  1860. 

With  Western  Local  Newspapers,  1851-60.  Founded  1860 ;  published  by 
W.  C.  Bruce  Jr.  This  number  contains  editorial  opposing  dis-union,  and 
denying  South  Carolina's  right  to  speak  (or  other  Southern  states. 




Chattanooga  Gazette  (d).    Mar.-Oct.,  1864,  12  nos.    Fs. 

Founded  1864.     Published  (Mar.-Oct.)  by  James  E.  Hood.     Republican. 

Laboe  Monitor  (w).    Nov.  20,  Dec.  18,  1903. 

Chattanooga  Rebel  (d).    Aug.  9,  1862;  July  24,  1863. 

Founded  1862.     Published   (Aug.,  1862-July,  1863)   by  Franc  M.  Paul. 

Tradesman  (s-m).    May-Dec,  1893:   F4.    1894;  1895;  1899-1901.   8  v.    Q. 
Established  1879  by  Adolph  S.  Ochs,  publisher  of  Chattanooga  Times; 
edited  by  J.  E.  MacGowan  till  1895.     Since  1896  published  by  Tradesman 
Pub.  Co. 


Clarksville  Jeffeesonian  (w).    Apr.  25,  1860. 

With  Western  Local  Newspapers,  1851-60.  Founded  about  1842  ;  pub- 
lished by  Charles  O.  Faxon,  1860. 

Recobdeb  (w).    Dec.  15,  1814. 

With  Middle  and  Western  Local  Newspapers,  1811-20.  Founded  Sept., 
1814,  by  George  Crutche. 


Seventh  Brigade  Journal  (w).    Apr.  8,  1862. 

"Published  by  printers  of  Seventh  Brigade,  Army  of  the  Ohio ;  foreman, 
Thomas  Bryant,  1st  Wis.  Regiment." 

Western  Chronicle  (w).    Nov.  17,  1810. 

With  Western  World,  Frankfort,  Ky.,  etc.,  1804-10.  First  number  is- 
sued.    Published  by  Eastin  &  Walker. 


Citizen  (w).    Aug.  3-Nov.,  1904.    F*. 

Founded  Aug.,  1903.  Prohibition  organ,  edited  by  James  A.  Tate  till 
Feb.,  1904  ;  then  by  W.  P.  F.  Ferguson  till  Nov.,  when  he  became  owner 
also.     No  later  data  obtainable. 


Soldier's  Budget  (w).    July-Sept,  1862,  6  nos.    Fs. 

"Published  by  the  printers  of  the  12th  Regiment,  Wis.  Volunteers." 


Jackson  Gazette   (w).    Vols.   1-2,   5-7.    May,  1824-May,  1826;    June, 
1828-30.    2  v.    F6. 

Successor  of  Pioneer;  published  by  Charles  D.  M'Lean,  and  edited  by 
E.  Bigelow  till  Oct.,  1825,  then  sold  to  Richardson  &  Reed;  afterwards 
resumed  by  M'Lean. 

r  oco  i 

Newspaper  Catalogue 

Tennessee,   continued: 


Jonesborough  Whig  and   Independent  Journal    (w).    Nov.   24,   1847; 
July  5,  1848. 

With  Eastern  and  Western  Newspapers,  1841-49.  Published  by  W.  G. 
("Fighting  Parson")  Brownlow;  removed  to  Knoxville,  q.  v.,  1849. 


Beownlow's  Knoxville  Whig  (w).  1851-52,  7  nos.;  Apr.  27,  1861.  F». 
With  Western  Local  Newspapers,  1851-60.  Established  at  Elizabeth- 
ton,  1839,  by  W.  G.  Brownlow,  under  the  title  of  Brownlow's  Tennessee 
Whig;  removed  to  Jonesboro  (1840),  and  to  Knoxville  (1849)  ;  noted  for 
the  virulence  of  its  political  and  personal  controversies ;  said  to  have  had 
a  circulation  of  10,000  in  1855 ;  published  tri-weekly  in  1868 ;  daily  edition 
began,  1869 ;  published  by  Brownlow  till  1869 ;  then  by  Joseph  A.  Mabrey 
&  Co.  (C.  W.  Charlton,  editor)  ;  united  with  Register  about  1871,  under 
R.  S.  Saunders  and  I.  S.  Clark ;  suspended  the  following  year.  Revived 
about  1875,  by  Brownlow  and  William  Rule  (of  Daily  Chronicle)  as  weekly 
edition  of  Chronicle  (established  1870)  ;  continued  by  them  four  or  Ave 
years ;  by  Rule  alone  1879-82 ;  by  George  M.  Drake  (under  title  Republi- 
can Chronicle)  two  or  three  years ;  suspended  about  1886.  See  Jones- 
borough  Whig. 

Beownlow's  Knoxville  Whig  and  Rebel  Ventilator  (w).  Nov.  11,  1863- 
Apr.,  1865.    Fs. 

Knoxville  Weekly  Tribune.    Apr.,  1884-Apr.,  1886.    F«. 

Claims  to  be  oldest  paper  in  Tennessee  and  to  have  been  founded  in 
1816,  referring  probably  to  Knowville  Register  (established  in  1816  by 
P.  S.  Heiskill  and  Hu.  Brown;  an  influential  Whig  organ  till  1859,  then 
Democratic ;  after  many  changes  in  name  and  ownership,  suspended  1863). 
Established  1876  (d  and  w)  by  Fleming  &  McKinney  as  successor  of  Press 
and  Herald  (d;  founded  1867  by  Ramage  &  Co.)  ;  in  1877  absorbed  Age 
(d  and  w ;  established  1875 ;  edited  by  C.  W.  Charlton)  ;  after  this  union, 
published  by  Tribune  Pub.  Co.,  three  years ;  Frank  A.  Moss  &  Co.,  1880-81 ; 
Joseph  H.  Bean,  James  W.  Wallace  and  Alexander  Summers,  1882-88 ; 
Tribune  Pub.  Co.  (edited  by  Summers)  till  1894.  Thereafter  published 
by  J.  B.  Pound  and  edited  by  W.  C.  Tatom,  1895-97;  then  merged  with 
Journal,  and  since  published  as  Journal-Tribune,  edited  by  William  Rule. 


True  Patriot  (s-w).    April  11,  1863. 

Published  by  Rees  Jones,  edited  by  P.  C.  Isbell ;  advocated  Secession. 


Memphis  Daily  Appeal.  Oct.-Dec,  1870';  Jan.-Mar.,  1872;  Jan.-Mar., 
1873.  3  v.  Ft.  Apr  .-June,  1874.  F».  Oct-Dec,  1875;  July- 
Sept,  1876.  2  v.  Ft.  July,  1877-Sept,  1878;  Apr.-Sept.,  1879. 
7  v.    Fb.    Oct-Dec.,  18791;  Apr.-June,  1880;  Oct.,  1881-June,  1882; 



Jan.-Sept.,  1883;   Apr-June,  1884;   1885.    12  v.    F».    Jan.-Mar., 
1886.     Fs. 

Established  by  Solon  Borland,  Jan.,  1839,  under  title  of  Western  World 
and  Memphis  Banner  of  the  Constitution;  sold  by  him  to  Henry  Van  Pelt 
in  fall  of  1840;  styled  Memphis  Weekly  Appeal,  Apr.,  1841.  Conducted 
by  Van  Pelt  till  May,  1847  ;  S.  T.  Sewell  and  W.  N.  Stanton,  a  few  months ; 
by  J.  W.  Hampton  and  R.  V.  Richardson,  till  July,  1848;  resumed  by 
Van  Pelt  till  his  death,  Apr.,  1851  (in  partnership  with  R.  M.  Anderson, 
July,  1848-Feb.,  1849;  with  John  McClanahan,  Mar.,  1849-Apr.,  1851; 
and  with  William  M.  Hutton,  Jan.-Apr.,  1851).  Conducted  by  McClana- 
han Apr.,  1851-June,  1862  (in  partnership  with  Leonidas  Trousdale, 
1852-60 ;  and  with  Benjamin  F.  Dill  after  1852)  ;  on  capture  of  Memphis 
(June,  1862)  removed  successively  to  Grenada,  Miss.,  Montgomery,  Ala., 
Atlanta  and  Columbus,  Ga. ;  after  capture  of  Atlanta,  seized  by  Federal 
troops  at  Columbus,  materials  destroyed,  and  editor  Dill  put  under  bonds 
not  to  issue  paper  again  until  close  of  war.  Revived  by  Dill  in  1865, 
and  conducted  by  him  till  his  death  in  Oct.,  following ;  by  his  widow,  three 
months ;  by  J.  S.  C.  Hogan,  Albert  Pike  and  John  Ainslie,  Feb.,  1867 — 
Aug.,  1868;  by  Ainslie  and  J.  M.  Keating,  one  year;  by  Keating  and  R. 
F.  English,  Oct.,  1869-Dec.,  1870;  by  Memphis  Appeal  Co.,  1871-75; 
by  Keating  and  M.  C.  Gallaway,  1876-Apr.,  1887;  by  W.  A.  Collier  and 
others,  1889-93.  Absorbed  Avalanche,  Nov.,  1890,  and  was  thereafter 
styled  Appeal-Avalanche ;  merged  in  Commercial  (founded  1890),  June, 
1894  ;  since  styled  Commercial  Appeal  and  published  by  the  Commercial 
Pub.  Co.  Tri-weekly  edition  began  Sept.,  1847;  daily,  Sept.,  1849.  For 
many  years  one  of  the  most  influential  journals  in  the  South,  especially 
under  Van  Pelt;  edited  by  him  1840-May,  1847,  and  July,  1848-Apr., 
1851;  by  McClanahan  &  Dill,  1851-62;  by  Albert  Pike,  1867-68;  by  J. 
M.  Keating,  1868-88;  by  M.  C.  Gallaway,  1871-87;  and  by  G.  C.  Mat- 
thews, 1890-93. 

Memphis  Daily  Avalanche.     Aug.,  1859-Jan.,  1860.     F?.      Sept.-Dec, 
1866.     F". 

Memphis  Weekly  Avalanche.    Feb.,  1859— Dec.,  1860.    F». 

Established  (d  and  w)  Jan.,  1858,  by  M.  C.  Gallaway,  afterwards  post- 
master of  Memphis;  conducted  by  him  till  Apr.,  1862;  when  Federal 
troops  entered  the  city  that  year,  they  compelled  Avalanche  to  drop  its 
title  owing  to  its  extreme  Secessionist  policy,  so  it  was  styled  Bulletin. 
After  the  war  ceased,  Gallaway  returned  to  Memphis  and  resumed  Ava- 
lanche, Jan.,  1866;  conducted  by  him  (1866-70),  by  A.  J.  Kellar  (1870- 
79),  by  James  Phelan  after  1884;  edited  by  F.  S.  Nichols  (1878-84),  by 
A.  B.  Pickett  after  1886 ;  merged  in  Appeal,  q.  v.,  Nov.,  1890. 

Memphis  Eagle  and  Enquirer  (d).    Sept.  26,  1852. 

Enquirer  founded  Mar.,  1836,  by  F.  S.  Latham ;  edited  by  him  (1836- 
41)  Jesse  H.  McMahon  (1838-48,  and  1850-51),  and  R.  J.  Yancey  (1848- 
50)  ;  daily  edition  began,  1847 ;  Whig  in  politics ;  merged  in  Eagle,  Dec, 
1851.  Eagle  founded  Jan.,  1842,  by  Latham  at  Fort  Pickering;  soon  re- 
moved to  Memphis ;  daily  edition,  begun  1842,  was  first  daily  in  Memphis ; 
Whig  organ;  edited  by  Latham  (till  1850),  Jesse  McMahon  (1850-54), 
J.  P.  Pryor  (1854-57),  and  Solon  Borland  (1859-61)  ;  merged  in  Ava- 
lanche, 1861. 

United  Labob  Journal  (w).    Dec.  12,  19,  1903. 

T  271 1 

Newspaper  Catalogue 

Tennessee,  continued: 


Nashville  Amebican.    June,  1910.    Anniversary  edition. 

Republican  Banneb  and  Nashville  Whig  (d).    Aug.  7, 1852. 

With  Western  Local  Newspapers,  1851-60.  Founded  Aug.,  1837,  by  S. 
Nye  and  Allen  A.  Hall,  as  successor  of  RepnbMctm;  published  by  them  till 
1841,  then  by  W.  F.  Bang  &  Co. ;  edited  by  Felix  K.  Zolllcoffer  (1842-13 
and  1851-53),  William  Wales  (1847-51),  William  H.  Smith  (1851-56),  T. 
W.  Beaumont  (1858-60),  and  Henry  Watterson  (1865-68)  ;  united  with 
Union  and  American  (founded  1835 ;  published  by  J.  O.  Griffith  &  Co., 
1868-72)  Sept.,  1875,  and  styled  American;  since  this  union,  Democratic. 
About  1846  absorbed  Nashville  Whig  (established  June,  1838,  by  C.  C. 
Norvell  and  R.  B.  McKennie).   , 

Bulletin  (m).    Vols.  2-13.    Sept.,  1897-1909.    4  v.    Q.    1908+ 

Founded  1894.  Official  organ  of  Concatenated  Order  of  Hoo  Hoo. 
Edited  by  J.  H.  Baird. 

Chbistian  Advocate  (w).  Vol.  45,  1885;  Vol.  54, 1893;  Vols.  56-63,  1895- 
1902;  Vols.  65-66,  1904-May,  1905.  12  v.  Fs.  Vols.  87-70, 
June,  1905-1909.    Q.    Also  1887-90;  1892;  1904;  incomp. 

Founded  1836.  Edited  by  T.  O.  Summers,  1870-78;  Bev.  O.  P.  Fitz- 
gerald, 1879-90 ;  Bev.  E.  E.  Hoss,  1891-June,  1902  ;  since  then  by  G.  B. 
Winton.     Methodist  Episcopal. 

South  "Western  Chbistian  Advocate  (w).    Feb.  6,  1841. 

Coopeb's  International  Journal. 

See  same  title,  under  Cleveland,  O. 

Nashville  Examinee  (w).    June  8,  1814. 

With  Middle  and  Western  Local  Newspapers,  1811-20.  Published  by 
J.  E.  Ruble  &  Co. ;  founded  in  1811. 

Nashville  Gazette  (d).    Aug.  13,  1852. 

With  Western  Local  Newspapers,  1851-60.  Third  paper  of  this  name  in 
Nashville ;  established  1844,  by  James  Thompson  and  E.  R.  Glasscock ; 
edited  by  William  H.  Smith  (1845-50),  James  D.  Maney  (1851-54), 
Henry  Maney  (1854-56),  and  James  E.  Bruce  (1856-62)  ;  Independent; 
suspended  when  city  was  occupied  by  federal  troops,  1862. 

Labob  Advocate  (w).    Mar.,  1908+     F6. 

Founded  1901.  Published  by  Labor  Advocate  Pub.  Co.  since  1908; 
edited  by  Albert  E.  Hill. 

Daily  Evening  News.    Oct.  14*.  1853. 

With  Western  Local  Newspapers,  1851-60.  Established  1851  by  M.  S. 
Combs ;  edited  by  James  R.  Bruce,  1852-55  ;  Independent ;  suspended  Aug., 

Nashville  Patriot  (d).    May  11,  1861. 
Nashville  Pbess  (d).    May  10,  1863;  June  22,  1864. 



Nashville  Republican  (w).    Apr.  16,  1825. 

With  Southern  and  Western  newspapers,  1821-28.  Established  1824  by 
Abram  P.  Maury  and  Carey  A.  Harris,  as  successor  of  Clarion;  published 
by  them  till  1826,  by  Allen  A.  Hall  (1826-34),  and  by  S.  Nye  (1834-37)  ; 
edited  under  Nye  by  Washington  Barrow  ;  merged  in  Republican  Banner 
(<J),  1.  v.,  1837.  Clarion  was  first  paper  in  Nashville;  founded  1787, 
Henkle.  under  title  of  Tennessee  Gazette  and  Mero  District  Adver- 
tiser; sold  by  him  (1798)  to  Benjamin  J.  Bradford,  who  styled  it  Clarion; 
soon  after,  purchased  by  Thomas  G.  Bradford.  Absorbed  Tennessee  Ga- 
zette (second  paper  of  that  name)  probably  Sept.,  1820;  published  then  by 
John  H.  Wilkins  and  Thomas  H.  McKeen ;  afterwards  by  T.  G.  Bradford, 
also  by  Darby  &  Van  Pelt,  till  succeeded  by  Republican. 

Nashville  Union  (d).     Feb.  3,  1864;   Apr.  14,  1865. 
Nashville  Whig  (tri-w).     Oct.  19,  1844. 
Nashville  True  Whig  (w).     Dec.  6,  1850. 


Coming  Nation. 

See  same  title,  under  Greensburg,  Ina. 

Ruskin  Repobteb  (m).     Vol.  1.     Nos.  1-7.     Dec.,  1896-June,  1897.     O. 
Bulletin  of  Ruskin  Co-op.  Assn. 


Tennessee    City 

Coming  Nation. 

See  same  title,  under  Greensburg,  Ind. 


Vanguabd  (w).     Aug.  13,  1904;  1905,  5  nos.     F«. 


Southwestern  American  (w).     Apr.  13,  May  11,  June  8,  1853. 

With  Southern  and  Middle  Newspapers,  1851-60.  Established  1849; 
John    S.   Ford,  publisher ;   Democratic. 


Helton  Journal   (w).     Oct.,  1877-Apr.,  1882.     F8. 

Founded  1867  by  J.  H.  Davenport  and  A.  K.  Ramsey ;  conducted  by 
Davenport  till  1873 ;  J.  G.  Batte,  1874-82 ;  Hunter  &  Robinson,  1883-89  ; 
George  Robinson,  1890-98.  In  1898  merged  with  Journal,  and  styled 
Journal-Reporter,  Robinson  remaining  proprietor.  Now  published  by  C.  H. 
and  E.  C.  Wedemeyer.     Democratic. 

18— N.  c.  [  273  ] 

Newspaper  Catalogue 

Texas,  continued: 


Farmers'  Review  (w).    1900,  5  nos.;  Feb.  28,  1901.    F*. 

Social  Economist  (w).    Feb.-May,  1899;  1901-1902,  scat.  nos.    F4. 
EemoTed  hither,  Feb.,  1899,  from  San  Antonio,  q.  v. 


Colorado  Citizen  (w).    Jan.  30,  1858. 

With  Southern  and  Middle  Newspapers,  1851-60.  Founded  1857  by  J.  D. 
Baker  &  Bros. ;  published  by  Benjamin  M.  Baker,  1868-1901  or  later ;  now 
owned  by  Irvin  G.  Stafford.     Independent;  now  Democratic. 

Corpus  Christi 

Corpus  Christi  Gazette  (w).    Feb.  12,  1846. 


Co-operative  Commonwealth  (m).    Vol.  1.    Jan.,  1895. 

National  Co-operator  and  Farm  Journal  and  Southern  Mercury   (w). 

Jan.,  1908-July,  1909.    F«-4. 

Founded  1879.  Published  by  Farmers'  Educational  and  Co-op.  Union, 
and  edited  by  O.  H.  Pyle,  Mar.,  1908 ;  then  bought  by  Aaron  Smith  and 
A.  S.  Sweet,  and  conducted  by  them  till  July,  1909.  No  later  mention  in 
directories.     Moved  to  Fort  Worth  in  Apr. 

Texas  Farm  and  Ranch  (w).    Vols.  13-14.    1894-95.    2  v.    F*. 

Founded  1881  by  H.  C.  &  J.  P.  Jones,  and  conducted  by  them  till  1884, 
as  Texas  Farmer  and  Planter.  In  1886  styled  Texas  Farm  and  Ranch, 
published  by  G.  A.  Coulson ;  by  F.  P.  Holland  and  Wm.  A.  L.  Knox,  1887- 
99.     Now  styled  Farm  and  Ranch;  published  by  Texas  Farm  and  Ranch  Co. 

Laborer  (w).    Aug.,  1908. 

Founded  Mar.,  1904,  by  George  C.  Edwards,  and  since  edited  by  him. 
Organ  of  Dallas  Central  Labor  Council  and  of  Socialist  Party.  Incorpor- 
ated, Nov.,  1909. 

Southern  Mercury  (w).    1894-95   (incomp.).    Nov.,  1895-99.    4  V.    F*. 
1900-1901  (incomp.). 

Founded  1881  by  E.  G.  Rust  and  conducted  by  him  till  1888 ;  published 
by  Farmers'  State  Alliance,  1889-96  ;  since  then  by  Southern  Mercury  Co. 
Edited  by  Samuel  H.  Dixon,  1890-92 ;  Milton  Park,  1893-1901.  Later 
merged  with  National  Co-operator,  q.  v. 

Ft.  Worth 

National  Co-operator  and  Farm  Journal. 

See  same  title,  under  Dallas. 


Semi  Weekly  Creole.    June  10,  1854. 



Weekly  Journal.    Jan.  28,  1853. 

Established  about  1850;  Carter,  Cherry  &  Co.,  publishers. 

Galveston  Weekly  News.    Mar.  5,  1861. 

Pounded  (d  and  tri-w)  1842,  by  Cherry  and  Dunn  ;  weekly  edition  began 
in  1844;  Independent;  conducted  by  Willard  Richardson  (1845-75),  since 
then  by  A.  H.  Belo  &  Co. ;  has  bad  a  branch  at  Dallas  since  1885.  All  of 
the  foregoing  .Galveston  papers  are  with  Southern  and  Middle  Newspapers, 

True  Delta  (w).    Jan.  22,  1853;  May  2,  1857. 

Grand  Saline 


See  same  title,  under  Alba. 


Texas  Democrat  (w).    June  26,  1863. 

Tri-Weekly   Telegraph.     Oct.,   1862-May,   1863;    May-Nov.,    1863,   scat. 

nos.     F<>. 

First  permanent  newspaper  in  Texas ;  established  Oct.,  1835,  at  San 
Felipe,  by  Thomas  H.  and  Gail  Borden ;  removed  to  Harrisburg  on  the 
approach  of  Santa  Anna's  army,  and  soon  after  to  Columbia  (1836)  ;  when 
state  government  was  transferred  to  Houston,  Telegraph  was  removed 
thither ;  Conservative  in  politics ;  sold  to  Francis  Moore  and  one  Cruger, 
1837  ;  published  by  them  till  1857,  by  E.  H.  Cushing  (1862),  C.  C.  Gillespie 
(1866),  W.  G.  Webb  (1868-72),  and  A.  C.  Gray  (1874-77)  ;  then  suc- 
ceeded by  Telegram  (d  and  w)  ;  W.  T.  Hardenbrook,  manager;  suspended 
1882 ;  for  many  years  leading  paper  in  Texas,  especially  during  Revolution. 


Texas  Republican  (w).     Feb.  11,  1859. 

With  Southern  and  Middle  Newspapers,  1851-60.  Established  about 
Sept.,  1849 ;  R.  W.  Loughrey,  publisher ;  conducted  by  him  till  its  suspen- 
sion, about  1869  ;  a  Conservative  organ. 


American  Flag  (s-w).     Aug.  28,  1847. 

With  Eastern  and  Western  Newspapers,  1841—49.  Published  by  I.  N. 
Fleeson  and  J.  R.  Palmer ;  followed  Taylor's  army  from  town  to  town 
during  Mexican  War. 

San  Antonio 

San  Antonio  Labor  (w).    Jan.  6,  1894;  Jan.  11,  1896. 

Social  Economist   (w).    Jan.  13,  1899. 

Founded  1898.  Published  by  W.  E.  Farmer,  1899-1902  (with  S.  J. 
Hampton,  1901-1902).  Removed  to  Bonham,  Feb.,  1899.  No  later  data 


Newspaper  Catalogue 


Salt   Lake   City 

Deseret  Farmer   (w).     Nov.,  1904 -f-     F. 

Founded  1904  ;  published  by  Deseret  Farmer  Pub.  Co. ;  edited  by  Lewis 
A.  Merrill.     Organ  of  various  agricultural  and  dairy  associations. 

Salt  Lake  Herald  (s-w).  Apr.  28,  1895  (Labor  edition);  July  28,  1895. 
1896-98.     3  v.    Fe. 

Founded  1870  by  Caine,  Sloan  &  Dunbar,  and  conducted  by  them  till 
1875  ;  Herald  Prtg.  Co.  till  1901  or  later.  Edited  by  B.  H.  Roberts,  1891- 
92  ;  C.  H.  Penrose,  1893-96 ;  Alfale  Young,  1897-99.  Now  styled  Herald- 
Republican,;  published  by  Herald-Republican  Co: 

Improvement  Era  (m).  Vol.  1.  Nov.,  Dec,  1897;  Vol.  4.  Apr.-Oct, 
1901;  Vol.  5.  Aug.,  Sept.,  1902;  Vols.  7-14.  Nov.,  1903-1910.  O. 

Founded  Nov.,  1897,  as  organ  of  Priesthood  Quorums  and  Young  Men's 
Mutual  Improvement  associations  of  the  Church  of  Jesus  Christ  of  Latter- 
day  Saints.  Publishes  religious,  doctrinal,  and  historical  matter.  Issued 
by  General  Board  of  Y.  M.  M.  I.  A.,  Joseph  F.  Smith  and  Edward  Ander- 
son, editors ;  Heber  J.  Grant  and  Moroni  Snow,  managers. 

Deseret  News  (w).     Mar.,  1856-Mar.,  1858.     Ft. 

Same   (s-w).     1899-1901.    F«. 

• Same  (d).     May,  1903-1910.     30  v.     Fe.     1911+ 

Founded  June,  1850 ;  editor,  Willard  Richards ;  organ  of  Mormon 
church ;  first,  and  for  many  years,  only  paper  in  territory ;  published  (d, 
s-w  and  w)  by  George  Q.  Cannon  till  1873  ;  by  David  O.  Calder,  1873-76; 
Cannon  and  Brigham  Young,  1877-80;  Deseret  News  Co.  (Charles  W. 
Penrose,  editor),  till  Oct.,  1892,  when  the  church  leased  the  property  to 
the  Messrs.  Cannon ;  conducted  by  them  under  name  Deseret  News  Co., 
John  Q.  Cannon,  editor,  till  1899.  Property  then  reverted  to  the  church. 
Edited  by  C.  W.  Penrose,  1899-1906 ;  since  then  by  J.  M.  Sjodahl. 

Salt  Lake  Tribune  (s-w).     1896-1908.     15  v.    F«.     1909+ 

Founded  1868  as  Utah  Magazine,  by  William  S.  Godbe,  E.  L.  T.  Harrison, 
and  Henry  W.  Lawrence,  as  organ  of  protest  against  domination  of  Brig- 
ham  Young,  who  had  previously  excommunicated  them  for  opening  mines 
against  his  bidding.  In  1870  name  changed  to  Mormon  Tribune,  then  to 
Tribune,  and  paper  passed  into  hands  of  George  F.  Prescott,  A.  N.  Hamil- 
ton, James  R.  Shupbach,  George  W.  Reed,  W.  I-I.  Taylor,  and  Frederick 
Lockley.  In  Oct.,  1881,  sold  to  P.  H.  Lyman  and  C.  C.  Goodwin ;  owned 
by  them  till  Oct.  17,  1901.  Since  then  owned  by  Thomas  Kearns  and 
David  Keith.  Present  editor,  William  Nelson.  Resists  church  control  in 
politics  and  business. 

Woman's  Exponent  (s-m).    Feb.  15,  Mar.  1,  1888. 




Vermont  Gazette  (w).    Aug.  7,  Sept.  11,  1795. 

Same.     Feb.  15,  1848. 

With  N.  E.  Local  Newspapers,  1791-98.  Established  June,  1783,  by 
Anthony  Haswell  (postmaster  general  of  Vermont  while  it  was  an  inde- 
pendent state,  1784-91)  and  David  Russell;  after  numerous  changes  of 
title  and  owners,  suspended  in  1850.  Revived  by  Childs  Bros.,  1873 ; 
conducted  by  them  about  three  years  ;  Baker  &  Cochran,  1877-78  ;  A.  S. 
Baker  &  Son.,  1879  ;  then  suspended. 


Vermont  Telegbaph   (w).     Oct.,  1835-Sept.,  1837.     Fe. 

Established  1828  by  Ephraim  Maxham,  as  organ  of  the  Baptist  de- 
nomination ;  edited  successively  by  John  M.  Allen,  Nathan  Brown,  Ware- 
ham  Walker,  and  Orson  S.  Murray;  purchased  by  Murray  (1834)  and  con- 
tinued as  a  political  (anti-slavery)  paper,  the  first  in  Vermont  to  take  this 
stand ;  removed  to  Ohio  about  1843. 


Brattleboro  Hydbopathic  Messenger.     Vol.  1,  No.  1.     May  1,  1858. 

Wateb-Cure  World    (m).     Vols.  1-2.     Apr.,  1860-Aug.,  1861.     Indexed. 

Published  by  C    R.  Blackall,  afterwards  of  Kenosha,  Wis. ;  hygienic. 


Vermont  Centinel  (w).     Apr.,  1806-Mar.,  1808.     F&. 

Established  Mar.,  1801,  by  John  K.  Baker;  published  by  him  (till  1806), 
Samuel  Mills  (1806-18),  Ephraim  and  Thomas  Mills  (1818-36),  George 
H.  Paul,  afterwards  of  Milwaukee,  Wis.  (1848-51),  and  John  G.  Saxe 
(1851-55)  ;  styled  Vermont  Centinel  (1806-08),  Centinel  (1809-13),  Sen- 
tinel (1815-30),  and  thereafter  Burlington  Sentinel.  After  numerous 
changes,  sold  to  Albion  N.  Merchant,  who  removed  it  to  Providence,  R.  I., 
June,  1872,  and  continued  it  as  Rhode  Island  Democrat,  but  re-established 
by  him  (1874)  under  title  Burlington  Sentinel,  practically  a  "co-operative" 
edition  of  B.  1.  Democrat;  suspended  1882.  Independent  till  War  of  1812- 
15,  thereafter  an  influential  Democratic  paper. 

Daily  Fbee  Press.    Apr-June,  1848.    Fe. 

Established  June,  1827,  by  Luman  Foote  ;  published  by  him  (till  1833), 
Henry  B.  Stacy  (1828^6)  ;  D.  C.  Clarke  (1846-53),  G.  G.  Benedict  (till 
1907),  and  since  then  by  Free  Press  Assn.  An  influential  Republican 
organ  ;  began  its  daily  edition  in  1848,  when  the  telegraph  was  first  ex- 
tended to  Burlington,  via  Troy,  N.  Y. 

Burlington  Gazette   (w).     Sept.,  1814-Jan.,  1817..    Fs. 
Published  by  Hinckley  &  Fish  ;  suspended  Feb.,  1817. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Burlington,  Vt.,  continued: 

Daily  Sentinel.    June-Aug.,  1848;  1849-54.    8  v.    Fb. 

Daily  edition  of  Burlington  Sentinel,  issued  by  Paul  &  Saxe ;  suspended 
after  a  few  years. 


North  Stab  (w).    Vols.  3-4.    Jan.,  1809- Jan.,  1811.    2  v.    F».    July  22, 

Founded  Jan.  1807,  by  Ebenezer  Eaton ;  continued  by  N.  H.  Eaton,  1868- 
80;  Anson  B.  Hoyt  (with  —  Preston,  1881-82),  till  1890.  No  later  men- 
tion in  directories. 


Genius  of  Liberty  (w).    Aug.  26,  1847. 

With  Eastern  and  Western  Newspapers,  1841-49.  Established  1847  by 
Aaron  Angier. 


Vermont  Abgus  (w).    Mar.,  1837-Sept,  1838.    F<s. 

"Opposed  to  secret  societies  and  open  monopolies ;"  published  by  Hamil- 
ton Drury ;  founded  about  1832 ;  absorbed  Middlebury  Free  Press  Oct., 
1837,  and  was  then  styled  Vt.  Argus  and  Free  Press  (latter  journal 
edited  by  E.  E.  Jewett,  Jan.,  1834-Sept.,  1837;  anti-Masonic  Democratic). 

Christian  Messenger  (w).    Vol.  3.    Dec,  1818-Nov.,  1819.    F4. 

Founded  1815.  Published  by  Francis  Burnap  from  1818  till  suspension 
(Nov.,  1819). 

Middlebury  Register  (w).    May  20,  1&63. 

Vermont  Religious  Observer  (w).    Feb.-July,  1845,  7  nos.    Fb. 

With  Chr.  Contributor,  Utica,  N.  T.,  1846-47.  Established  1843 ;  edited 
by  Aaron  Angier,  printed  by  Ephraim  Maxham.     Baptist. 


Green  Mountain  Freeman   (w).     1848-55.     3  v.    Ft. 

Established  Jan.,  1844,  by  Joseph  Poland,  as  organ  of  Liberty  party  ; 
conducted  by  him  (till  1849),  Daniel  P.  Thompson  (1849-56),  S.  S.  Boyce 
(1856-61),  Charles  W.  Willard  (1861-73),  and  afterwards  by  J.  W.  and 
Herbert  E.  Wheelock ;  suspended  1885.     Anti-slayery. 

National  Messenger  (m).    Apr.,  1906;  Jan.,  1907. 

Vermont  Patriot  (w).    1840-45.    3  v.    Fe. 

Pounded    1825.     Conducted   by    J.   T.    Marston,    1835-42.     Democratic. 


Perfectionist   (w).    Vols.  3-4,  1843-45.    F=. 



Witness.    Vol.  2.    Jan.,  1841-Jan.,  1843.    Q. 

Published  at  Irregular  Intervals,  the  first  volume  of  twenty-six  numbers 
extending  over  three-and-a-half  years.  Conducted  by  J.  H.  and  H.  A. 
Noyes  till  Sept.,  1841;  then  by  J.  H.  Noyea  and  J.  L.  Skinner.  Merged 
(1851)   in   Circular,  q.  v.  under  Brooklyn,  N.  Y.     Perfectionist. 


Rutland  Herald;  or  Vermont  Mercury  (w).     Dec.  8,  1794. 

Facsimile  of  Herald's  first  number,  issued  on  occasion  of  its  centennial 
celebration,  Dec.  1894.  Successor  of  Farmer's  Library  (established  Apr., 
1793,  by  James  Lyon ;  suspended  Nov.  1794)  ;  founded  Dec,  1794,  by 
Samuel  Williams,  a  Congregational  clergyman ;  conducted  by  him  till  Jan. 
1805  (in  partnership  with  William  Fay  after  Sept.,  1800)  ;  Fay,  1805-27 
(in  partnership  with  G.  M.  Davison,  1813-20  ;  with  Charles  Burt,  1817 — 
Apr.,  1820)  ;  Edward  C.  Purdy,  1828-29 ;  Bpbraim  Maxham,  Jan.,  1830— 
Apr.,  1833  (assisted  by  Edgar  L.  Ormsbee  during  1831)  ;  Horace  H. 
Houghton,  eight  months ;  resumed  by  Fay,  Dec,  1833,  and  conducted  by 
him  till  June,  1840  (in  partnership  with  Horace  T.  White  and  A.  L. 
Brown,  after  1838)  ;  White,  Henderson  &  Brown,  1840 ;  White  alone, 
June,  1843 — Apr.,  1844  ;  George  H.  Beaman,  till  Dec,  1852  ;  L.  Barney, 
one  year ;  Chauncey  H.  Hayden,  Dec,  1853 — Jan.  1856 ;  George  A.  Turtle 
and  Josiah  Huntoon,  till  Aug.,  1861 ;  Turtle  and  Charles  M.  Gay,  1861- 
67;  Turtle  and  his  sons,  till  Feb.,  1872;  Albert  H.  Turtle,  Feb.,  1872— 
Aug.,  1877  ;  at  that  time  absorbed  Globe  (founded  1872,  and  owned  by  an 
association  of  citizens)  ;  since  then  styled  Herald  and  Globe,  and  pub- 
lished by  a  stock  company.  Other  editorial  writers  :  A.  B.  Foote,  1856- 
60 ;  Charles  C.  Dewey,  1861-62  ;  Chauncey  K.  Williams  (author  of  Cen- 
tennial History  of  Rutland),  1860-80;  Henry  Clark,  1867-72.  Estab- 
lished daily  edition  Apr.,  1861.  Federalist,  under  Williams;  then  Whig, 
later  Republican. 

Vermont  Union  Signal  (w).    1904,  5  nos.;  June,  1907-Oct.,  1908.    F«. 

Founded  1903,  by  Signal  Pub.  Co.  Edited  by  W.  H.  Hubbard,  1904  ; 
Philip  J.  Halvosa,  1907-1908.  Suspended,  Oct.,  1908. 


Green  Mountain  Eagle  and  Even  Fellow's  Gazette   (w).    Feb.,  1850- 
Feb.,  1851.     F«. 

Founded  Feb.,  1850,  by  E.  B.  Bollins,  and  conducted  by  him  till  sus- 
pension  (Feb.,   1851).     Anti-secret  society. 


Citizen  Soldier  (w).     Vol.  1.     July,  1840-July,  1841.     Indexed.    F. 

Devoted  to  interests  of  militia;  published  by  J.  Swett  Jr.,  and  A. 
Richards ;    suspended   Aug.,    1841. 

Spooner's  Vermont  Journal   (w).    May-Dec, -1798;   Jan.- June,  1811; 
1812-1813.     2  v.    F«. 

Established  Aug.,  1783,  by  George  Hough  and  Alden  Spooner  (after- 
wards of  N.  Y.  Columbian),  under  title  of  Vermont  and  Universal  Adver- 
tiser; they  used  press  (the  first  one  brought  to  America,  by  Jesse  Glover, 
In  1638)  and  type  of  Vermont  Gazette  (first  paper  in  Vermont,  founded 
1781,  at  Westminster,  by  Judah  P.  Spooner  and  Timothy  Green)  ;  styled 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Windsor,  Vt.,  continued: 

Spooner's  Vt.   Journal,  1792-183  8 ;    then   continued   as   Vermont  Journal 
q.  v.     Independent  Republican. 

Vermont  Journal  (w).    1820-21.    F». 

Continuation  of  Spooner's  Vermont  Journal  q.  v. ;  published  by  Wyman 
Spooner  till  Aug.,  1826;  merged  in  Republican,  Aug.,  1829.  In  1844,  a 
paper  of  same  name  was  established  by  L.  J.  Mclndoe ;  still  published. 



Abingdon  Virginian  (w).     1870-71,  scat,  nos.;  Dec.  10,  1880.     Fe. 

With  Virginia  newspapers,  1871-80,  vol.  1.  Established  1841 ;  pub- 
lished by  Coale  &  Barr  till  1873 ;  George  R.  Dunn,  1874-76 ;  George  W. 
Ward,  1876-83  ;  William  C.  Durham  and  John  W.  Nicholson,  1886 ;  George 
W.  Gary,  1887-90 ;  Abingdon  Prtg.  Co.,  1891-96.  Edited  by  Thomas 
Mason,  1891;  George  W.  Gary,  1892-94;  W.  E.  Smyth,  1895-96.  Pub- 
lished by  Gary,  1897 ;  L.  P.  Summers,  1898-1909 ;  since  then  by  Pindlay 
Harris.     Democratic" till   1898;   then  Republican;  now   Democratic. 


(Alexandria  is  part  of  the  territory  ceded  by  Virginia  to  the  United 
States,  1789,  and  retroceded  in  1846.) 

Southern  Churchman  <w).    Feb.  28,  1845. 

With  Washington  Globe,  1833-44.  Founded  1834.  Published  by  G.  E. 
Entwisle,  1873-74;  D.  P.  Sprigg,  1875-1900;  since  then  edited  by  Wil- 
liam M.  Clarke  for  Southern  Churchman  Co.  Removed  to  Richmond  about 
1879.     Protestant  Episcopal. 

Alexandria  Daily  Gazette,  Commercial  and  Political.    Vol.  10.    July- 
Dec,    1810.     Fb. 

Established  1800  by  Samuel  Snowden,  as  Federalist  organ.  Published 
by  Edgar  Snowden,  1843-90;  Harold  Snowden,  1891-1901,  or  later;  since 
1909  by  Hubert  Snowden.     Democratic. 

Alexandria   G-AZEtrTE   and   Virginia    Advertiser    (d).    Aug.,    1843-Dec, 
1844;   1845;   1847.     4  v.    F«. 

Same    (tri-w).     1848-49.     2  v.    F«. 

Continuation  of  Aleoo.  Daily  Gazette,  q.  v.  Whig ;  afterwards  Demo- 

Alexandria  Herald  (s-w;  tri-w).    June,  1811-June,  1812.    Fs. 

Same    (tri-w).    June,   1815-May,   1819.     4   v.    Fs.    June,   1821- 

May,  1824;  June,  1825-May,  1826.     4  v.     F«. 

Established  June,  1811,  by  John  Corse  and  N.  Rounsavell ;  published 
by  them  till  1819 ;  then  by  Rounsavell  and  Henry  Pittman ;  Pittman  alone 
after  1822.     Democratic. 




Columbian  Mieeor  and  Alexandria  Gazette   (tri-w).     1795,  5  nos.     F. 

With  Md.  and  Va.  Newspapers,  1792-95.  Published  by  Bills  Price ;  ap- 
parently established  about  Apr.,  1793. 

Times    and   District   of   Columbia   Daily   Advertiser.     Apr -Oct.,   1799; 
Apr.,  1800-Oct,  1801;  Apr  .-July,  1802.     6  v.     Ps. 

Established  1797  by  James  D.  Westcott;  continued  by  him  after  July, 
1802,  as  Columbian  Advertiser ;  and  Commercial,  Mechanical  and  Agricul- 
tural Gazette   (tri-w). 


Bridgewater  Enterprise  (w).     May  28,  1879. 

With  Virginia  Newspapers,  1871-80,  vol.  i.  Established  1878  by  Tbomas 
H.  B.  Brown  and  E.  S.  Dinkle ;  styled  Journal  in  1880,  and  published  by 
Dinkle  &  Armstrong;  G.  T.  Barbee,  1881-83  ;  G.  R.  Berlin,  1884  ;  suspended 
soon  after.     Independent. 


Virginia  Advocate    (w).     Jan.-Feb.,  1828;    Oct.,  1828-Feb.,  1829;   Dec, 
1829^-Dec,  1831.     F«. 

Founded  July,  1827,  by  T.  W.  Gilmer  (afterwards  governor  of  Virginia, 
aI,so  secretary  of  navy,  1843-44)  and  J.  A.  G.  Davis ;  published  by  Davis 
till  Nov.,  1828  ;  then  by  Frank  Carr  and  Jefferson  Clark  (uniting  with 
Carr's  Central  Gazette)  for  about  a  year;  Carr  and  T.  G.  Elliott  till  Aug., 
1830;  E.  W.  Reinhart,  one  year;  Wilson  M.  Cary  and  Egbert  R.  Watson, 
who  opposed  nullification  and  advocated  internal  improvements;  Alexander 
Moseley,  afterwards  of  Richmond  Whig;  successively  by  William  Tomp- 
kins, A.  B.  Magruder,  Lucian  Minor  (1840),  Thomas  Wood,  James  C. 
Balsall  and  William  Shelton,  J.  L.  Cochran,  Green  Peyton,  and  James  C. 
Southall  till  1861,  when  it  was  suspended. 

Charlottesville  Chronicle   (w).     1879-1882,  scat.  nos.     Fa. 

Founded  1865  by  Marshall  J.  Hughes  of  Ktio.vville,  Tenn. ;  edited  by 
J.  C.  Hiden  (1864),  J.  C.  Southall  (1865-68),  Bennett  Taylor  (1868-71), 
John  H.  Foster  (1*71-72)  ;  C.  D.  Fishbume  and  L.  Waddell,  1873-80;  by 
W.  II.  and  L.  Waddell,  1881-83 ;  H.  D.  Miehie,  1885-98.  From  about 
1896  published  by  Chronicle  Pub.  Co.  till  1898 ;  F.  A.  Lindsay  &  Co., 
1898-1901  or  later ;  now  by  J.  H.  Lindsay.     Conservative. 

Virginia   Literary    Museum    (w).     Vol.    1.      June-Sept,    1829;    Mar.- 
June,  1830.    Indexed.    O. 

Literary  and  scientific  Journal ;  edited  by  professors  in  University  of 
Virginia  (Harrison,  Blaetterman,  Emmet,  Patterson,  Dunglison,  and 
others)  ;  suspended  at  end  of  first  year. 

Jeffersonian  Republican   (w).     Dec.  22,  1880. 

With  Virginia  Newspapers,  1871-80,  vol.  i.  Claimed  to  have  been 
originally  founded  in  1835;  re-established,  1873,  by  J.  S.  Leitch  &  Co. 
(A.  R.  Blakey,  editor)  ;  conducted  by  them  till  1877;  R.  P.  Valentine  &  Co., 
1878-79  ;  F.  N.  Barksdale  &  Co.,  1880-83 ;  James  Blakey  and  W.  H.  Prout, 
1886  ;  Blakey  alone,   1887-94.     No  later  mention  in  directories. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Virginia,  continued: 


Pittsylvania  Tbibune  (w).    May  28,  1879. 

With  Virginia  Newspapers,  1871-80,  vol.  i.  Established  1869,  at  Pitt- 
sylvania Courthouse,  by  William  M.  Tredway ;  conducted  by  him  two 
years ;  J.  C.  Lick,  1871-72 ;  Cannon,  Watson  &  Christian,  1873-75 ;  Tred- 
way &  Co.,  1876 ;  styled  Pittsylvania  Tribune,  1877,  and  conducted  by 
Davis  &  Pigg  till  1887  ;  L.  H.  Pigg  till  1895 ;  since  then  by  W.  S.  Davis. 


Chbistian  Banner  (w).    1862,  4  nos. 
Virginia  Hebald  (s-w).    Jan.-Nov.,  1819.    F«. 

Founded  by  Timothy  Green,  July,  1817;  after  Jan.,  1819,  published  by 
William  F.  Gray ;  J.  H.  Kelly,  1868-77 ;  then  suspended ;  Democratic. 


Southebn   Workman    (m).     Vols.    8-13.     Jan.,    1879-Aug.,    1884.     Fs. 
1903-1905;  1907.     4  v.     O.     1899-1909,  scat.  nos. 

Founded  1872.  Published  by  officers  of  U.  S.  Normal  and  Agricultural 
Institute  (for  Indian  and  Negro  youth)  ;  edited  by  S.  C.  Armstrong  till 
1894 ;  since  then  by  Helen  W.  Ludlow,  A.  M.  Bacon  and  others. 


Old   Commonwealth    (w).     1877,   4   nos.;    Jan.,    1878-Nov.,    1881    (in- 

comp.).    F^. 

Established  about  Oct.,  1865 ;  published  by  Cushen  &  Gatewood,  1868- 
71 ;  W.  H.  Effiinger,  1872 ;  C.  H.  Vanderford,  1873-Apr.,  1878 ;  then  by 
J.  K.  Smith ;  suspended  1883. 

Rockingham  Rebisteb  (w).    1878,  1879,  scat.  nos.    F«. 

With  Virginia  Newspapers,  1871-80,  vol.  i.  Founded  1822  by  Lawrence 
Wartmann ;  published  by  J.  H.  Wartmann  &  Co.,  1868-75 ;  Giles  Devier 
and  Daniel  Dechert  (1878)  ;  Devier,  J.  W.  E.  Ryan,  and  John  P.  Kerr  till 
1882  ;  Devier  alone  till  1890  ;  Devier  &  Snyder,  1891-1899  ;  now  by  News.- 
Register  Co.  (A.  H.  Snyder,  editor).     Democratic. 

Spirit  of  the  Valley  (w).    Oct.-Dec,  1878;  1879,  scat.  nos.    Fa. 

With  Virginia  Newspapers,  1871-80,  vol.  i.  Established  Sept.,  1878,  by 
(Daniel)  Dechert  &  Son;  conducted  by  them  till  1887;  D.  S.  Lewis,  1887- 
1909.     No  later  mention  in  directories. 

1  Iiawrenceville 

Southern  Missioned   (q;   m).    Vols.  7-15.     Apr.,  1896-Sept,  1905    (in- 

comp.).    Q. 

Founded  1889,  as  organ  of  St.  Paul  Normal  and  Industrial  School  of 
Virginia.  Edited  by  the  principal,  Rev.  J.  S.  Russell,  Apr.,  1896-Sept., 





Lexington  Gazette  (w).    Feb.-May,  1873,  8  nos.     F«. 

With  Virginia  Newspapers,  1871-80,  vol.  i.  Established  1836  ;  pub- 
lished by  Lafferty  &  Co.,  till  1873;  E.  H.  Barclay  &  Co.  (1874-1901  or 
later)  ;  now  by  William  E.  Kennedy. 


Bedford  Sentinel  (w).    July  16,  1880. 

With  Virginia  Newspapers,  1871-80,  vol.  i.  Established  1867  by  W.  W. 
Berry  and  M.  Davis ;  conducted  by  them  till  1870 ;  Berry  and  Edward  S. 
Gregory,  1873 ;  about  1873,  absorbed  Liberty  News  (established  1870,  by 
Hoffman,  Miller  &  Co. ;  published  by  Walter  C.  Douglass,  1872)  ;  was 
then  styled  Sentinel  and  News,  and  conducted  by  Douglass  &  Hoffman,  one 
year;  Hoffman  &  Guy,  1875-82;  after  1875  styled  Bedford  Sentinel; 
about  1885,  merged  in  Star  (founded  1874  by  F.  O.  Hoffman),  and  styled 
Star  and  Sentinel;  published  by  Hoffman  till  its  suspension,  about  1887. 


Daily  News.     Oct.  5,  1874,  Sept.  4,  1878,  Oct.  5,  1880. 

With  Virginia  Newspapers,  1871-80,  vol.  i.  Established  (d  and  tri-w) 
1866;  (w)  1875;  published  by  A.  Waddill  till  1887;  since  then  by  Carter 
Glass.  Editors:  R.  E.  Withers,  1868-71;  J.  G.  Perry,  1870-75;  Wad- 
dill,  1876-78;  Thomas  Whitehead,  1879-80;  Alexander  McDonald,  1882- 
86 ;  since  then  Carter  Glass  and  Walter  E.  Addison. 

Weekly  Registee.    1864.    Q. 

"Conducted  on  a  plan  similar  to  that  of  Niles'  Register,  giving  important 
public  documents  and  a  record  of  the  prominent  events  of  the  war;" 
edited  by  A.  M.  Trible  and  C.  A.  Schaffter. 

Daily  Virginian.     1873-77 ;  Aug.,  1832-Aug.,  1833.    Fa. 

Same   (s-w).     Aug.,  1832-Aug.,  1833.    Fe. 

With  Virginia  Newspapers,  1871-80,  vol  i.  Founded  1808 ;  published 
by  Eichard  H.  Toler  and  Elijah  Fletcher  (1825),  some  time  later  by 
William  M,  Blackford  under  them  an  influential  paper.  Conducted  by 
Charles  W.  Button,  1868-85  ;  J.  W.  Sherman  &  Co.,  1886 ;  Virginian  Pub. 
Co.,  1887-92.  Edited  by  Alexander  McDonald,  1887-92 ;  then  suspended. 
About  1876,  absorbed  Lynchburg  Republican  (established  1840). 


Potomak  Guardian  and  Berkeley  Advertiser   (w).    Nov.  Iff,  1795. 

With  lid.  and  Va.  Newspapers,  1792-95.  Established  about  Nov.,  1790, 
by  Nathaniel  Willis,  founder  of  Scioto  Gazette  (Chillicothe,  O.)  ;  published 
by  him  till  Apr.,  1796. 


American  Beacon.    June  16,  1818. 

Norfolk  Landmark    (d).    1873-74,  scat.  nos.    F«. 

With    Virginia   Newspapers,    1871-80,    vol.    i.     Established    Oct.,    1873 

Newspaper  Catalogue 

Norfolk,  Va.,  continued: 

(weekly  edition,  1870),  by  James  Barron  Hope;  conducted  by  him  till  his 
death  (1887)  ;  since  then  by  S.  S.  Nottingham  Jr. 


Petersburg  Daily  Courier.     June  22,  1815. 

With  Southern  Local  Newspapers,  1811-20. 

Exjpress  (d).     1861-65,  15  nos.  '  Fn-e. 

Virginia  Gazette  and  Petersburg  Intelligencer    (w).    July  26,  1792; 
1795,  3  nos. 

With  Md.  and  Va..  Newspapers,  1792-95.  Founded  Oct.,  1789  ;  published 
by  William  Prentiss. 

Grant's  Petersburg  Progress.    Apr.  3,  7,  1865  (Nos.  1  and  3). 

Published  by  officers  of  General  Grant's  army,  just  after  the  city  was 
entered  by  Federal  troops.  Editors,  Maj.  Eobert  C.  Eden,  of  Wis.,  and 
Capt.  C.  H.  McCreery,   of  Mich. 

Intelligences  and  Petersburg  Commercial  Advertiser  (s-w).    Mar.  11, 

With  Southern  and  Western  Newspapers,  1821-28.  Published  by  Frs.  G. 
Yancey  and  S.  E.  Burton. 

Th'  Time  o'Day!    (tri-w).    Aug.-Sept.,  1839.     F. 

"Edited  by  an  ex-editor ;"  non-partisan ;  devoted  to  literature,  news, 
and  humor. 


Richmond  and  Manchester  Advertiser  (s-w).     Sept.  10,  1795. 

With  Md.  and  Va.  Newspapers,  1792-95.  Founded  Apr.,  1793,  by  Sam- 
uel Pleasants  ;  issued  semi-weekly  after  Apr.,  1795 ;  apparently  continued 
as  Virginia  Argus,  q.  v. ;  Republican 

Virginia  Argus    (s-w).     Nov.,  1804-Dec,  1807;    Jan.,  1808-Sept,  1811. 

2  v.  (incomp.).     F  e. 

Conducted  by  Samuel  Pleasants  (see  Richmond  and  Manchester  Adver- 
tiser) ;  published  (1803)  William  Wirt's  "Letters  of  a  British  Spy;"  sus- 
pended after  War  of  1812-15. 

Richmond  Christian  Advocate  (w).    1870.    Ft. 

Established  1832  ;  organ  of  Methodist  Church,  South ;  edited  by  W.  W. 
Bennett,  1868-77 ;  J.  J.  Lafferty,  1875-1903 ;  since  then  by  Rev.  James 
Cannon  and  J.  S.  Peters. 

Southern  Churchman  (w).    Vol.  59.    Mar  .-Dec,  1893.    Fs.    Vols.  60- 
61.     1894-May,  1895.     2  v.     Ft. 
See  same  title  under  Alexandria.     Protestant  Episcopal. 

Richmond  Commonwealth  (d).    Mar.  4,  26,  1880. 

Established  1880  by  William  L.  Royal ;  suspended  about  a  year  later. 




Debt  Payee  (w).    July  22,  1881. 

Established    June,    1881,    by    James    M.    Donnan ;    apparently    o£    brief 

Daily  Dispatch.     Aug.  7,  1861.     Dec,  1861-1882,  scat.  nos.     F«. 

Same   (w).     1873-75,  scat.  nos.     F«. 

With  Richmond  Newspapers,  1864-65.  Founded  Oct.,  1850,  by  James 
A.  Cowardin  ;  first  one-cent  daily  south  of  Baltimore  ;  advocated  internal 
improvements;  edited  by  Cowardin  till  his  death  (1882),  then  by  his 
partner,  H.  K.  Ellyson  ;  Moses  P.  Handy,  associate  editor,  1868-73 ;  now 
published   by   Dispatch   Co.     Independent. 

Richmond  Enquirer  (tri-w).     1818-19  (incomp.);  Jan.,  1824-Feb.,  1826. 
2  v.     F«. 

Same   (s-w  and  tri-w).     1820-1823    (incomp.);    May,  1825- Apr., 

1826;  Oct.,  1829-Dec,  1830;  1831;  Dec,  1834-Dec,  1836.     7  v.    F«. 

Same  (d).     Sept.  29,  1862,  June,  1863-Mar.,  1865,  scat.  nos.    Fe. 

Established  1804  by  Thomas  Ritchie  and  W.  W.  Worsley,  as  a  continua- 
tion of  Examiner,  q.  v. ;  edited  by  Ritchie  till  1845 ;  when  he  gave  up  the 
paper  to  his  sons  (becoming  editor  of  Washington  Union  1845-49)  ;  Wil- 
liam Wirt  was  a  contributor  (1808-12),  and  Hezekiah  Niles  an  assistant 
editor  (1819)  ;  advocated  State  Rights  ;  organ  of  Virginia  Democracy,  but 
opposed  Jackson;  continued  by  Thomas  Ritchie  Jr.,  till  his  death  (1854), 
then  by  W.  P.  Ritchie  ;  published  by  Tyler,  Wise  &  Allegre,  1863 ;  edited 
by  W.  D.  Coleman,  1867,  James  C.  Southall,  1868-72,  Baker  P.  Lee  and 
and  William  E.  Cameron,  1873,  W.  W.  Berry,  1874,  John  H.  Bryant, 
1875,  Moses  P.  Handy,  1875-76,  G.  Watson  James,  1876-77;  then 
suspended.  j 

Examinee  (s-w).     Feb.-Oct.,  1800  (incomp.).     Fe. 

Founded  Dec,  1798,  by  Merewether  Jones ;  soon  became  leading  Repub- 
lican paper  of  Richmond  ;  after  Jones's  death,  conducted  by  his  brother 
Skelton  and  W.  W.  Worsley  (founder  of  Lexington,  Ky.,  Reporter,  1807)  ; 
J.  T.  Callender  was  leading  writer,  1800-2  ;  purchased  by  Worsley  and 
Thomas  Ritchie,  and  styled  Enquirer,  q.  v. 

Richmond  Examiner  (d).     July,  1861-Mar.,  1866,  57  nos.     Fe. 

Established  about  1847;  edited  by  J.  M.  Daniel  (1847-53  and  1860-65), 
and  by  R.  W.  Hughes,  1847-57  and  1859-65 ;  leading  Democratic  and 
earliest  Secession  paper  in  Virginia ;  destroyed  in  Richmond  fire,  1865.  In 
Mar.,  1866,  Henry  Rives  Pollard  started  the  "Examiner,  new  series ;"  but 
it  was  suspended  Feb.,  1867. 

Virginia  Gazette  (w).     1780.     Q. 

Published  by  Dixon  and  Nicolson  (see  same  title  under  Williamsburg)  ; 
removed  hither  Apr.,  1780. 

Virginia  Gazette  and  General  Advertiser.    Dec.  7,  1791. 

With  City  Gazette,  Charleston,  S.  C,  1791.  Published  by  Augustine 
Davis ;  probably  successor  of  Clarkson  &  Davis's  Gazette  at  Williamsburg, 
q.  v. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Richmond,  Va.,  continued: 
Virginia   Gazette   and  Weekly   Advertiser.    Dec.    14,    1782;    Mar.   7, 

Sept.  5,  1795. 

With  Maryland  Gazette,  1781-83 ;  Md.  and  Va.  Newspapers,  1792-95. 
Established  by  Nicolson  and  William  Prentis,  probably  in  1782 ;  in  1795, 
published  by  Nicolson  alone. 

Southern  Illustrated  News  (w).     Mar.  21,  1863;  Mar.  5,  Apr.  23,  1864. 

BstaBlished  Jan.,  1862  ;  published  by  Ayres  &  Wade. 

Journal  of  International  Association  of  Machinists. 
See  same  title,  under  Washington,  D.  C. 

National  Magazine   (m  or  occas;   w).    June-Dec,  1799,  4  nos.;   1800, 
1  no.;  Oct.,  1801-Jan.,  1802.     O. 

Published  by  James  Lyon,  as  a.  Republican  journal,  till  he  became 
bankrupt ;  removed  to  Washington,  D.  C,  1801,  and  issued  (w)  by  the 
Washington  Ptg.  and  Bookselling  Company,  Nicholas  King,  president,  with 
Lyon  as  subscription  agent;  styled  National  Magazine  or  Cabinet  of  V.  S.j 
suspended  Jan.,  1802. 

Virginia  Pateiot  and  Richmond  Mercantile  Advertiser  (s-w;  d,  Aug.). 
Apr-Dec,  1816.     F". 

Published  by  Augustine  Davis,  successor  of  his  7a.  Gazette,  q.  v.  (prob- 
ably assumed  the  later  title  by  absorbing  the  Virginia  Patriot,  founded 
1810,  by  Samuel  Livermore).  Davis  took  (Aug.  1816)  as  partner  and 
editor  Charles-  Prentiss,  who  continued  till  probably  1819. 

Central    Presbyterian    (w).     1869- July,    1879.     2    v.     (incomp.).    F*. 

Aug.,  1879-April,  1882   (incomp.).    Pe. 

Established  1837  ;  organ  of  Southern  Presbyterian  church ;  edited  by  B. 
Gildersleeve,  1849 ;  William  Brown,  1860-79 ;  W.  T.  Richardson  and  J.  C. 
Southall,  1880-90 ;  Richardson,  1891-95  (with  James  P.  Smith,  1894-95) ; 
Smith,  1896-1901.     No  later  data  obtainable. 

Record  of  News,   History   and  Literature    (w).    Vol.   1.    June-Dec, 
1863.    F. 

Recorder,  or  Lady's  and  Gentleman's  Miscellany  (w;  s-w,  Mar.,  1803). 
May,  1802-Apr.,  1803.     Fs. 

Founded  by  Henry  Pace ;  soon  came  under  control  of  J.  T.  Callender, 
who  at  first  supported  Jefferson,  then  violently  attacked  him. 

Religious  Herald  (w).    July  30,  1863;  Jan.  19,  1865. 

Established  1828 ;  organ  of  Southern  Baptist  church ;  published  by 
Sands,  Shaver  &  Co.  (1865),  Jeter  &  Dickinson  (1868-87),  J.  T.  Bllyson 
(till  1888),  since  then  by  Religious  Herald  Co.  Edited  by  A.  E.  Dickin- 
son and  R.  H.  Pitt,  1896-1906 ;  since  then  by  Pitt. 

Sentinel  (d).    Dec,  1864-Mar.,  1865,  scat.  nos.    F«. 

Established  (new  series)  Jan.,  1863 ;  conducted  by  Smith,  Bailey  &  Co. 

Southern  Opinion  (w).    Sept.  14,  1867. 



Southern   Planter  and  Farmer    (m).    1875-76    (incomp.) ;    1877-79; 

1880-81  (Incomp.).     5  v.     O. 

Founded  1840;  edited  by  John  M.  Daniel  (about  1846-47),  E.  B.  Gooch 
(1850),  C.  B.  Williams  (1868-70),  James  F.  Johnson  and  John  M.  Allan 
(1870-71),   J.    W.   Rison    (1871),   L.   B.    Dickinson    (1873-80)  ;   Rolfe   S. 

Saunders    (1880-82),  W.  C.  Knight   (1882-89),   and  since  then  by  J.   F. 


Richmond   Standard    (w).    Sept.,    1878-Mar.,   1881;    Apr.,  fL881-Feb., 

1882  (incomp.).    2  v.    P'. 

Established  Sept.,  1878,  by  G.  Watson  James ;  edited  by  him ;  also  by 
Robert  A.  Brock  (1879-82),  secretary  of  Va.  Historical  Society  since  1875; 
contained  papers  on  Southern  history  and  genealogy  by  Brock ;  gave  special 
attention  to  literature  and  art.     No  later  mention  in  directories. 

Richmond  Stab  (d).     Mar.,  1894-Oct,  1896.     5  v.     Fs. 

Founded  1893  by  Star  Co-op.  Ptg.  Co.  Published  by  them  till  merged  In 
State,  q.  v.  Oct.,  1896. 

State  (w).     July,  1878-Jan.,  1880.     24  nos.     F«. 

Founded  Apr.,  187G,  by  John  Hampden  Chamberlayne ;  conducted  by 
him  till  1884  (in  partnership  with  Richard  F.  Beirne,  after  1878)  ;  Beirne 
alone  till  1889  ;  State  Newspaper  Co.,  1890-98.  No  later  mention  in  direc- 
tories. Absorbed  Star  (q.  v.)  Oct.,  1896.  Independent,  under  Chamber- 
layne ;  then  Democratic. 

Richmond  Times  (d).     Aug.  30,  1865;  Mar.  21,  1867. 

Weekly  Times.    Feb.,  1896-1901.    3  v.    F«. 

Founded  1886  by  Times  Pub.  Co.  and  published  by  them  till  1901  or 
later ;  edited  by  Page  McCarty,  1886-90 ;  Joseph  Bryan,  1891-1909 ;  since 
then  by  John  S.  Bryan.  Now  styled  Times-Dispatch;  published  by  Times- 
Dispatch  Co.     Democratic. 

Constitutional  Whig  (s-w).     June  22,  Dec.  21,  1824. 

With  Southern  and  Western  Newspapers,  1821-28.  See  Richmond 
Whig.  Founded  1824.  Published  by  Pleasants  &  Butler  part  of  the  year, 
then  by  Pleasants  &  Duval. 

Richmond  Whig  and  Public  Advertiser  (d  and  s-w).  1862-78,  scat.  nos.  F*. 
With  Virginia  Newspapers,  1862-78 ;  Richmond  Newspapers,  1864-65. 
Established  Jan.,  1824,  by  John  Hampden  Pleasants,  in  opposition  to 
Enquirer  and  Thomas  Ritchie ;  at  first  styled  Constitutional  Whig,  q.  v. ; 
under  Pleasants  became  the  most  influential  Whig  paper  in  Virginia ; 
edited  by  him  till  1846,  when  he  was  killed  by  Thomas  Eitchie  Jr.  in  a 
duel;  published  by  Heath,  Elliott  &  Co.  (1850),  Alexander  Moseley  and 
J.  C.  Shields  (1865-73),  Shields  alone  (1874-75),  Wyatt  M.  Elliott  &  Co.' 
(1875-79)  ;  a  "Eeadjuster"  organ  1881-84 ;  edited  by  W.  C.  Elam,  1884 ; 
apparently  suspended  about  1888. 

Same  (s-w).    May,  1873-Sept.,  1874;  1872,  1875,  scat.  nos. 

With  Richmond  Newspapers,  1872-75. 
Yeomen  (w).    v.  1.    1840.    F«. 

Campaign  organ  for  Harrison  and  Tyler.     Published  by  John  S.  Galla- 

[  287  ] 

Newspaper  Catalogue 

Virginia,  continued: 


Staunton  Eagle  (w).     May  27,  1808. 

With  Southern  Local  Newspapers,  1808.  Established  1807 ;  Jacob  D. 
Dietrick,  publisher ;  Republican. 

Staunton  Spectator   (w).     1864-76,  29  nos.;  Jan.,  1877-Feb.,  1882   (in- 
comp.).     Ft. 

File  for  1864-76  with  Staunton  (Va.)  Newspapers,  1864-78.  Succes- 
sor of  Republican  Farmer  (founded  1808  by  William  Lyford;  soon  sold 
to  Isaac  Collett ;  Federalist ;  purchased  by  Kenton  Harper,  1823,  and 
continued  as  Staunton  Spectator)  ;  published  by  Harper  till  1849,  by 
Eichard  Mauzy  &  Co.  since  1864.     Democratic.     See  also  Vindicator. 

Staunton  Vindicator    (w).     1865-78,  scat.  nos.     F«-t. 

With  Staunton  (Va.)  Newspapers,  1864-78.  Established  1840  as 
Augusta  Democrat;  afterwards  changed  to1  Staunton  Vindicator.  Pub- 
lished by  W.  H.  H.  Lynn  (1865-72),  Lynn  and  H.  C.  Tinsley  (1873-76), 
Tinsley  and  T.  C.  Morton  (1877-96).  In  1897  merged  with  Spectator, 
and  published  as  Spectator  and  Vindicator  by  R.  S.  Turk,  till  1901.  Dem- 
ocratic.    No  later  data  obtainable1. 

Valley  Virginian  (w).    1879-80,  scat.  nos.    Ft. 

Same.     Apr.  19,  Dec.  13,  1877;  Jan.  17,  1878. 

With  Staunton  (Va.)  Newspapers,  1864-78.  Established  Mar.  1865  ; 
conducted  by  J.  R.  Crockwell  and  A.  R.  Garber,  1868 ;  Stoneburner  &  Co., 
1869-70 ;  thereafter,  S.  M.  Yost  &  Sons.  Sold  a  few  years  ago,  re- 
moved to  Clifton  Forge,  W.  Va. ;  succeeded  at  Staunton  by  Yost's  Weekly, 
now  styled  Virginia  Enterprise.     Republican. 

Virginias  (m).    Vols.  1-2.     1880-81.     Indexed.    F.    Vols.  3-4.     1882-83. 

2  v.     Q. 

Edited  by  Jed.  Hotchkiss ;  "mining,  industrial,  and  scientific  journal, 
devoted  to  the  development  of  Virginia  and  West  Virginia"  ;  gives  valuable 
information  and  statistics ;  probably  suspended  about  1884. 


South  River  Advertiser  (w).    1880-81,  scat.  nos.    P«. 

Established  Sept.,  1880,  by  Elastic  Wheel  and  Mfg.  Co. ;  W.  J.  Jones, 
editor ;  published  by  E.  H.  Campbell,  1882 ;  suspended  soon  after. 

Weekly  Tribune.     1878,  1879,  scat.  nos.     F  «. 

With  South  River  Advertiser,  1880-81.     Founded  Nov.,  1877,  by  John  • 
M.  Ferguson  ;  suspended  about  1880. 


Virginia  Gazette  (w).     1775;  Jan.-Aug.,  1776.     2  v.    Fs. 

First  paper  published  south  of  Maryland ;  established  1736  by  William 
Parks,  founder  of  first  paper  in  Maryland  ;  published  by  him  till  his  death 
in  1750,  then  by  William  Hunter  (1751-61),  Joseph  Royle  (1761-65), 
Alexander  Purdie  and  John  Dixon  (1765-75),  Dixon  and  William  Hunter 
Jr.  (1775-76)  ;  changed  to  octavo  size,  June,  1776;  apparently  suspended 
till  1779,  and  then  resumed  by  Dixon  and  Nicolson. 


Virginia- Washington 

Virginia  Gazette  (w).    Oct.  30,  1778;  July  3,  1779. 

With  Maryland  Journal,  1774-80.  Established  early  in  1775,  probably 
by  Alexander  Purdie ;  continued  in  1778  by  John  Clarkson  and  Augustine 
Davis;  removed  to  Richmond,  q.  v.,  when  Dayis  became  postmaster  there. 

Virginia  Gazette  (w).    Feb.-Dec,  1779;   1780.     2  v.     Q. 

Established  Feb.,  1779,  by  Dixon  and  Thomas  Nicolson ;  probably  a  re- 
sumption of  Dixon  &  Hunter's  Gazette,  q.  v. ;  removed  to  Richmond  Apr., 


Bowen's  Virginia  Centinel  and  Gazette,  or  the  Winchester  Repository 
(w).    Sept.  7,  1795. 

With  Maryland  and  Virginia  Newspapers,  1792—95.  Is  probably  the 
paper  founded  here  about  1787  by  Nathaniel  Willis ;  published  later  for 
many  years  by  Richard  Bowen  &  Co. 



Pacific  Grange  News  (m).    Aug.,  1908. 



See   same  title,   under  Olalla. 


Industrial  Freedom  (w).    May,  1898-Apr.,  1900.    P«. 

See  Freedom,  under  Equality. 


Freedom   (w).     July,  1899-Mar.,  1900.     Fs. 

With  Industrial  Freedom,  Edison.  Published  by  Brotherhood  Coopera- 
tive  Commonwealth. 


Shingle  Weaver  (m).    Dec,  1905+    F*-». 

Founded  1902,  organ  of  Shingle  Weavers'  Union  of  America.  Edited 
by  J.  E.  Campbell,  Jan.,  1905 — Mar.,  1908 ;  Donald  McRae,  Mar.,  1908 — 
Mar.,  1909 ;  since  then  by  W.  E.  Willis. 


Clothed  with  the  Sun  (m).    1900-1901,  4  nos. 

19— N.  C.  [  289 

Newspaper  Catalogue 

Home,  Wash.,  continued: 

Demonstrator  (s-m).    Vols.  1-5.    Mar.,  1903-Feb.,  19081    F-Q. 

Founded  Mar.,  1903,  as  Free  Thought  organ,  by  the  Demonstrator  Group. 
Edited  by  James  F.  Morton  Jr.,  till  Nov.,  1905;  Jay  Fox,  Nov.,  1905- 
July,  190T ;  Lawrence  Cass,  July,  1907-Feb.,  1908.  No  later  data  ob- 
tainable.     Absorbed  Emancipator,  July,  1907. 

Discontent  (w).    1899-1901,  scat.  nos.    F*. 


Co-opebatoe   (w;    m).     Vols.   1-4.      1898-1902.     3  v.     Q.     Vols.  4-12. 
1902-1906.    4  v.    O. 

Founded  Dec.,  1898,  as  successor  of  Social  Democrat.  Published  by  the 
Co-op.  Brotherhood,  at  Brotherhood  Colony,  Olalla.  Edited  by  Cyrus  Field 
Willard,  James  S.  Ingalls,  and  J.  B.  Fowler.  Moved  to  Burley,  Oct.,  1899. 
In  Jan.,  1905,  after  editing  it  for  the  Brotherhood  for  about  a  year  Kings- 
mill  Commander  and  Mrs.  Jessie  Brewster  continued  it  as  private  enter- 
prise until  its  suspension,  Dec,   1906. 


Pioneer  and  Democrat  (w).    Nov.,  1857-Jan.,  1858. 

With  Kans.,  Wash.,  and  Oregon  Newspapers,  1856-62.  First  paper  in 
Washington ;  founded  Sept.,  1852,  by  J.  W.  Wiley  and  F.  F.  McElroy;  at 
first  neutral  in  politics ;  after  various  changes  of  proprietors,  became 
(Dec,  1853)  the  Washington  Pioneer,  "a  radical  Democratic  journal;" 
edited  by  Wiley  till  Aug.,  1856  ;  C.  Furste  till  1860 ;  then  by  James  Lodge ; 
suspended  1861. 


Pacific  Hebold   (w).    Vols.  9-18.     1899kL908.     9  v.     F-*.     1909+ 
Founded  1889 ;  owned  by  Pacific  Lutheran  University  Assn. 


Equality.    Vol.  1,  nos.  1  and  2.    N.  d. 

Herald  (w).     Dec.  16,  1899. 

Mail  and  Herald  (w).    June  23,  1900. 

Next  (w).    Sept.,  1904-Jan.,  1905.    Q. 

Continuation  of  Seattle  Socialist,  q.  v.  Succeeded,  Mar.,  1905,  by 
Toledo  Socialist,  q.  v. 

Post-Intelligenceb   (w).    1896.    Fe. 

Consolidation  (1881)  by  Post  (founded  1878)  and  Intelligencer  (founded 
1866).  Since  published  by  Post-Intelligencer  Co.  Now  edited  by  Eras- 
tus  Brainerd.     Republican. 

Socialist   (w).    1900-1902,  5  nos.;   1903- Aug.,  1904;   Feb.,  1907-1910. 

2  v.    F  6.     1911+ 

Continued  for  a  time  by  Next.  Then  re-appears  as  Socialist  at  Toledo 
(O.),  Caldwell   (Idaho),  q.  v.,  and  again  at  Seattle. 



Seattle  Times  (w).    Jan.,  1902.    5  v.    F». 

Founded  Mar.,  1886,  by  Frank  C.  Montgomery,  T.  H.  Dempsey,  and 
others  (Times  Pub.  Co.)  formerly  of  Chronicle  (founded  Oct.,  1881 ; 
merged  with  Call,  Apr.,  1886,  as  Press,  by  Homer  M.  Hill).  In  Feb., 
1891,  Times  was  sold  to  William  E.  Bailey,  of  Press,  and  papers  merged 
as  Press-Times.  After  several  other  changes,  paper  was  bought  by  Alden 
J.  Blethen,  Aug.,  1896,  and  has  since  been  conducted  by  him;  styled 
Times  since  May,  1895. 

Same.    Silver  Jubilee  edition,  Feb.,  1906, 

Contains  historical  sketch. 

Saturday  Evening  Tbibune  (w).    May,  1907-May,  1908.    Fa. 

Founded  May,  1907,  by  Tribune   Co.,   and  published  by  them  till   1909 
(except  part  of  1908,  by  A.  A.  Sherman).    Edited  by  Walter  T.  Mills  most 
of   the   time   (by  E.  Backus  in   1908).     No  later  mention   In   directories. 

Seattle  Union  Record  (w).    Dec.  19,  1903.    Jan.  25,  June-Nov.,  1908. 

F  8. 

Founded  1895  by  Western  Central  Labor  Union.  Edited  by  F.  A. 
Rust,  1903  ;  George  T.  McNamara,  1908  ;  Gordon  A.  Rice,  1910. 

Workwoman's  Paper  (w).     Oct.,  1909-Oct.,  1910.    Fa. 
Continuation  of  Socialist,  q.  v.     Suspended,  Oct.,  1910. 


Indtjstbial  Worker  (w).    Feb.,  1910+     F«. 

Founded  1909  by  local  unions  of  Industrial  Workers  of  World.  Edited 
by  E.  R.  Sehleis,  Feb.-May,  1910;  Hartwell  Shippey,  May-Nov„  1910. 
Since  then  by  Fred  W.  Heslewood. 

Freemen's  Labor  Journal. 
See  Spokane  Record. 

New  Time  (w).    Apr.,  1903-Apr.,  1906  (incomp.).    Fs. 

Founded  June,  1902,  by  Socialist  Pub.  Co.,  and  published  by  them  till 
1906 ;  conducted  by  Albert  Strout  and  Joseph  Gilbert,  1902-July,  1903 ; 
Strout  and  H.  W.  Mangold,  July-Dec,  1903  ;  Mangold  and  R.  O.  Bacon, 
Dec,  1903-Feb.,  1904  ;  Bacon  and  T.  B.  Walsh,  Feb.-Sept.,  1904  ;  Bacon 
and  H.  L.  Hughes,  Sept..  1904-Mar.,  1905 ;  Hughes  and  Walsh,  Mar., 
1905-Apr.,   1906.     No  later  data  obtainable. 

Spokane  Recobd  and  Freemen's  Labor  Journal  (w).     1903-04.     F«. 

Founded  1894,  organ  of  Trades  Council  of  Spokane ;  conducted  by  W. 
J.  Walker  and  W.  J.  Jolley,  to  Nov.,  1902  ;  E.  L.  Boardman  and  D.  A. 
Cartana,  Nov.,  1902-June,  1903.  Then  bought  by  T.  S.  Haskett.  Styled 
Freemen's  Labor  Journal  till   June,   1903.     No  later  data  obtainable. 


Sprague  Daily  Mail.    Mar.  1,  1894. 

With  Special  Editions.  Founded  1892  by  Mall  Pub.  Co.  Edited  by 
L.  F.  Williams,  till  1894.     No  later  mention  in  directories. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Washington,  continued: 


Parish  Leaflet  (m).    "Vols.  1-3.    Nov.,  1893-June,  1895.    Q. 

Published  by  Church  of  the  Holy  Communion  (Episc).  Edited  by 
Rev.  William  F.  Jefferis. 

Spirit  of  '76  (w) .    1898,  3  nos.    Feb.  25,  1899. 

Tacoma  Tidende  (w).     Oct.,  1898-June,  1899.    Fe. 

Pounded  1889  by  Tacoma  Tidende  Pub.  Co.,  and  published  by  them  till 
1901  or  later.  Edited  by  Dirk  Blaauw  till  1898.  John  Blaauw,  1898- 
1901  or  later.  Now  published  by  J.  J.  Bagger,  and  edited  by  Einar 
Finsand.     Republican. 

West  Virginia 


Fabmeb's  Repository  (w).    1813,  16  noe.    F<s. 

With  Southern  Local  Newspapers,  1811-20.  First  paper  at  Charles- 
town;  founded  Apr.,  1808,  by  Williams  &  Brown;  merged  (1827)  in  Va. 
Free  Press,  which  was  removed  hither  from  Harpers  Ferry  by  John 
S.  Gallaher,  its  founder,  in  1821 ;  published  since  then  under  title  Free 
Press  by  Gallaher  or  members  of  his  family  (H.  N.  and  W.  B.  B.  Galla- 
her, 1870-85;  W.  B.  B.  Gallaher,  1885-1901.).  No  later  data  obtain- 


Review  (w).    Dec.  9,  1903;  June,  1907-July,  1909  (incomp.).    F«. 

Founded  1902  by  Review  Ptg.  Co.,  and  since  published  by  them.  Now 
edited  by  J.  T.  Fielder.     Labor. 


Greenbrier  Independent  (w)  .    1880,  scat.  nos.    Ft. 

With   Virginia  Newspapers,   1879-82.     Founded   1871,    as   successor  of 

Border  Journal   (established  1865)  ;  published  by  B.   F.   Harlow  and 

Argabrite  till  1887 ;  Argabrite  and  Thomas  H.  Dennis  till  1909 ;  since  then 
by  Dennis.  Contains  articles  on  early  history  of  Presbyterian  church  in 
that  region.       Democratic. 


Social  Rebel  (w).    Mar.  30^  1907. 
Founded  1906. 


Wheeling  Majobitt  (w).    Dec.,  1909+    F«. 

Founded  March,  1907,  by  Walter  B.  Hilton,  city  editor  of  Wheeling 
Daily  News,  in  the  interests  of  labor,  and  still   conducted  by  him. 


West  Virginia- Wisconsin 

Virginia   Northwestern   Gazette    (w).     Vols.    1-3.     Apr.,   1818-Sept, 
1820.    Fo. 
Published  by  Thomas  Tonner ;  suspended  Sept.,  1820.       Republican. 



Laramie  Times  (w).    Dec.  6,  1902. 


Independent  Press   (w).    Apr.  14,  1903. 



Ahnapee  Record  (w).    1874-Nov.,  1876.    F«.    1882-93.    4  v.    Ft.  1894- 

Sept.,  1897.     2  v.     F*. 

Established  June,  1873,  by  George  W.  Wing  and  Charles  W.  Borgman ; 
sold  to  W.  H.  Seymour,  Sept.,  1874  ;  conducted  by  him  till  May,  1876 ; 
G.  W.  and  H.  D.  Wing  (under  ownership  of  D.  W.  Stebbins),  1876-Dec, 
1877;  H.  D.  Wing,  1878-Sept,  1879;  Charles  J.  Barnes,  two  years; 
M.  T.  Parker  and  H.  Overbeck  Jr.,  Sept.,  1881-May,  1884  ;  D.  W.  Steb- 
bins, May,  1884-Oct,  1897.  Name  of  town  changed  to  Algoma  Sept., 
1897,  and  paper  since  styled  Algoma  Record,  q.  v.  Issued  campaign  sheet 
styled  Daily  News,  Sept.— Nov.,  1878.  During  first  year,  non-partisan ; 
since  then,  Republican.  File  for  Jan.-May,  1874,  bound  with  Kewaunee 
Enterprise,  1875-77. 


Albany  Weekly  Jotjbnal.    Oct.,  1865-May,  1866.    Ft. 

Founded  Aug.,  1856,  at  Monroe,  under  title  of  Jeffersonian  Democrat; 
published  by  George  C.  Baker  till  suspended,  Apr.,  1857 ;  revived  by  S. 
P.  Condee  and  E.  C.  Moulton,  Oct.,  1857,  under  title  of  Independent 
Press;  continued  till  May,  1858.  Removed  soon  after  to  Albany  and 
published  under  title  of  Albany  Times,  by  I.  S.  Dexter  and  Tates  T. 
Lacey ;  conducted  by  them  till  spring  of  1860 ;  Joseph  Baker,  one  year ; 
Dexter  and  Gustave  Klaesy,  till  Aug.,  1862 ;  then  suspended,  as  the 
entire  office  force  enlisted  in  the  army.  Revived  Oct.,  1865,  as  Albany 
Journal,  by  C.  W.  Osgood  and  J.  E.  Bartlett ;  suspended  May,  1866.  See 
chapter  on  Newspaper  Press,  in  History  of  Green  County  (Springfield, 
111.,  1884). 

Albany  Joubnai,  (w).  1879- July,  1889.  4  v.  Oct.,  1890-Oct,  1891.  Fs. 
Second  paper  of  this  name ;  established  June,  1878,  by  Brundage  & 
Bullock ;  conducted  by  John  E.  Bartlett,  Jan.  1879-Aug.,  1890 ;  then 
suspended.  Revived  in  following  Oct.  by  A.  W.  Thorpe ;  conducted  by  him 
till  its  final  suspension,  Nov.,  1891.  File  for  Oct.,  1890-Oct.,  1891, 
bound  with  Albany  Vindicator,  1891-92. 

Newspaper  Catalogue 

Albans1,  Wis.,  continued: 

Albany  Joubnal  (w).    Nov.,  1895-Feb.,  1896.    P«. 

Successor  of  Belleville  News,  q.  v.  Conducted  by  C.  E.  Marks,  till  sus- 
pension, Feb.,  1896.     Plant  moved  to  Waunakee   (q.  v.,  under  News). 

Albany  Vindicator  (w).    1885.    F«.    1886-1908.    11  v.    Fs.    1909+ 

Established  Nov.,  1883.  Publishers  and  editors  :  Vindicator  Pub.  Co., 
Nov.  1883-May,  1887;  Hills  &  Atherton,  May,  1887-Mar.,  1888;  E.  B. 
Atherton,  Mar.,  1888,  to  date.  Prohibitionist  until  July,  1890 ;  now  In- 


Campus   (m).    Vol.  1.    June,  1890-June,  1891.     Q. 

Published  by  students  of  Albion  Academy ;  M.  J.  Babcock,  chief  editor. 


Algoma  Recobd  (w).  Sept.,  1897-99.  F«.  1900-1909.  5  v.  Fs.  1910+ 
Continuation  of  Ahnapee  Record,  q.  v.  Published  by  D.  W.  Stebbins 
till  October ;  J.  E.  Harris,  Oct.,  1897-Oet.,  1898  ;  H.  J.  Sanderson,  Oct., 
1898-Mar.,  1899;  Sanderson  and  W.  H.  Machia,  Mar.,  1899-Mar.,  1901; 
Record  Pub.  Co.,  Mar.,  1901-Apr.,  1902 ;  Edward  Decker  and  W.  H. 
Machia,  Apr.,  1902-Dec,  1905 ;  Record  Pub.  Co.,  1906-June,  1907 ; 
Prank  Elliott,  June,  1907-May,  1910 ;  since  then  by  Record  Pub.  Co. 

Alma  Center 

Alma  Centre  Hebald  (w).    Feb.,  1898-Sept.,  1899.    F  e. 

Founded  Feb.,  1898,  by  Henry  Russel,  and  conducted  by  him  till  sus- 
pension in  1899.  After  Mar.  22,  1899,  Russel's  name  appears  as  editor 

Alma  Center  News  (w).    July,  1906+    F». 

Founded  1902.  Published  by  Richardson  &  Peabody  till  1905 ;  since 
then  by  Peabody  &  Peabody.     Republican. 


Amery  Echo  (w).     June,  1889-July,  1891.    Fa. 

Successor  of  Barron  Co.  Independent,  q.  v.,  under  Barron ;  published  by 
Claude  B.  Dodge ;  suspended  July,   1891.  Republican. 


Alma  Journal  (w) .    1864.    F  ». 

With  Alma  Weekly  Express,  1869-70.  Founded  Apr.,  1861,  by  James 
M.  Brackett,  under  title  of  Buffalo  Go.  Journal;  conducted  by  him  till 
June,  1862  ;  then  sold  to  R.  H.  Copeland,  and  styled  Alma  Journal;  pur- 
chased from  Copeland  by  Brackett,  June,  1864 ;  ten  months  later,  sold 
to  Jacob  Iberg  and  John  Hunner,  and  edited  by  Copeland ;  conducted  by 
them,  Apr.,  1865-66 ;  John  Hunner  Jr.,  1867 ;  Hunner  and  C.  Moser, 
1868 ;  Perkins,  McBride  &  Ostrander  to  July,  1869  (by  them  styled 
Alma  Journal  and  Beef  Slough  Advocate)  ;  then  purchased  by  George  W. 
Gilkey  and  John  E.   Stillman,  and  styled  Alma  Weekly  Empress,  q.  v. 




Buffalo  County  Journal  (w).    1879-1908.    10  v.    P«.    1909+ 

Contlnnation  of  Alma  Weekly  Express,  q.  v. ;  published  by  J.  W.  DeGroff 
till  1890  ;  since  then  by  Edwin  F.  Ganz.     Republican. 

Alma  Weekly  Express.    July,  1869-70.    F ».    1874-78.    2-  v.    Ft. 

Continuation  (July,  1869)  of  Alma  Journal,  q.  v.;  published  by  George 
W.  Gilkey  and  John  E.  Stillman  till  1871 ;  John  Hunner  and  J.  W.  De- 
Groff,  one  month  ;  Hunner  and  C.  L.  James  (son  of  the  novelist,  G.  P.  R. 
James),  one  year;  DeGroff  &  James,  1872-April,  1873;  DeGroff  and  A. 
Rockwell,  a  few  months ;  then  by  DeGroff  alone.  Styled  Buffalo  Journal. 
(its  original  title  in  1861),  June,  1879.     Republican. 


Antlgo  Herald   (w).     Sept.,  1901-1909,  4  v.     F».     1910+ 

Founded  1888  by  Edward  Goebel,  and  since  conducted  by  him.  Dem- 

Antlgo  Weekly  News  Item.    Aug.,  1882-1909.    14  v.    F».    1910+ 

Established  Aug.,  1882,  by  Millard  Bros. ;  published  by  them  till  Apr., 
1893 ;  Millard  Publishing  Co.,  Apr.,  1893-1899 ;  since  then  by  W.  H. 
Dawley.  Edited  by  A.  B.  Millard  till  1899 ;  since  then  successively  by 
Dawley,  E.  A.  Egery,  and  Charles  W.  Ogden.     Democratic. 

Antlgo  Republican  (w).  Feb.,  1889-90.  F«.  1891-June,  1893.  Ft. 
July,  1893-1909.     8  v.    F<>.     1910+ 

Founded  Jan.,  1880,  under  title  of  New  County  Republican;  later, 
styled  Langlade  Co.  Republican  (Mar.,  1880-Aug.,  1884)  ;  Forward  (Aug., 
1884-Mar.,  18861  ;  Antigo  Republican  (since  Mar.,  1886).  Publishers 
and  editors ;  Republican  Publishing  Co.,  1880 ;  G.  Lind,  1881-Aug.,  1884 ; 
C.  A.  Martin,  Aug.,  1884-Mar.,  1886;  John  A.  Ogden,  Mar.,  1886-1901; 
C.  O.  Marsh,  1901-1906;  since  then  J.  T.  Brown.  Edited  by  G.  D.  Rat- 
cliffe,  1880-Aug.,  1884. 

Woodland  Homes.    Vol.  1,  No.  1.    Nov.  1,  1883. 


Appleton  Crescent  (w).  1853,  3  nos.  1854-56.  F«.  1857-76.  6  v. 
Ft.  1877-79.  Fa.  1880-May,  1889.  3  v.  F?.  June,  1889-1906. 
9  v.     F «-». 

Same   (d).     Apr.,  1879-Mar.,  1903.     12  v.     Fe.     Apr.,  1903-1910. 

21  v.    F ».    1911+ 

First  paper  in  Outagamie  County ;  established  Feb.,  1853,  by  Samuel 
Ryan  Jr. ;  owned  and  edited  by  him  and  his  brother  James  (except  when 
edited  by  Rolla  Law,  1854-Sept,  1855  ;  and  Henry  D.  Ryan,  during  Sam- 
uel's absence  in  the  army,  1861-64),  till  death  of  Samuel  Ryan  In  1907; 
since  then  by  Samuel  J.  Ryan.  Daily  edition  Issued  since  Oct.,  1890. 

Gboenwabt  (s-w).    Nov.,  1898-1909.    10  v.    P«.    1910+ 

Founded  1890 ;  published  w.  until  1898,  by  Gegenwart  Pub.  Co., 
changed  to  s.-w.  to  furnish  prompter  news  of  Spanish-American  War, 
and  so  continued.  Edited  since  1895  by  Carl  Seeger ;  managed  by  H.  W. 
Meyer.     Independent. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Appleton,  Wis.,  continued: 

Haus-Schatz  (w).    1896-97.    F*. 
See  also  Montags-Blatt. 

Fox  River  Jotjenal  (w).    Feb.  1905-1908.    2  v.    F«.    1909+ 

Founded  1903  by  Dr.  E.  H.  Henry ;  absorbed  at  once  Weekly  Advertiser 
(founded  Apr.,  1902  by  Charles  Nelson  and  Millard  Greullch).  Conducted 
by  Henry  and  I.  S.  Dunn  till  Jan.,  1904 ;  since  then  by  E.  J.  Westphal  (W. 
B.  Daniels,  Carl  W.  Mason  and  W.  L.  Haight,  city  editors).  Retained 
Advertiser  as  sub-title   till  1904.     Issued   daily   edition   in   fall  of  1910. 

,  Republican  under  Henry ;  since  then  Independent  Progressive. 

Mendel's  Aurora  (m;  w).    Mar.,  1879-Jan.,  1890.    Q. 

Of  irregular  issue ;  published  by  George  E.  Mendel,  a  deaf-mute ;  title 
changed  frequently ;  removed  to  Seymour,  May,  1880-Sept.,  1882  J  then 
returned  to  Appleton ;  last  title  known  is  Tid-Bits,  Jan.,  1890. 

Montags-Blatt    (w).    Oct.,    1894-1897.    2    v.    F «.    1900-1910.    7    y. 

Fs.    1911+ 

Issued  since  Oct.,  1894,  as  successor  of  Yolksfreund  und  Haas  Sckatz, 
q.  v.  Now  issues  a  supplement,  Der  Haus-Schatz.  Published  since  1905 
by  H.  W.  Meyer ;  edited  by  Carl  Seeger.     Non-political. 

Appleton  Motob  (w).    Aug.,  1859-Sept.,  1866.     2  v.     Fe. 

Founded  Aug.,  1859,  by  Frank  A.  Ryan  and  F.  C.  Meade;  conducted  by 
them  two  months ;  Ryan  and  B.  D.  Ross,  Oct.,  1859-July,  1863 ;  Ross 
alone,  till  Sept.,  1866 ;  then  sold  to  Henry  Pomeroy,  and  continued  under 
title  of  Appleton  Post,  q.  v.  Independent,  for  a  time ;  later,  Independent 
Republican.  File  for  Aug.-Dec,  1859,  bound  with  Appleton  Orescent, 

People's  Champion  (w).    Oct.,  1879-July,  1880.    Fs. 

See  same  title  under  Fond  du  Lac.  With  People's  Champion,  Fond  du 
Lac,  1878-79. 

Appleton  Post  (w).    Sept.,  1866-80.    4  v.    Ft.    1881-1909.    15  V.    F«. 


Successor  of  Appleton  Motor,  q.  v. ;  conducted  by  Henry  Pomeroy,  one 
month;  Pomeroy  and  Clarence  W.  Baker,  Oct.,  1866 — May,  1867;  Baker 
alone  July,  1867-June,  1868  (A.  J.  Reid  and  E.  I.  Grumley,  editors  dur- 
ing last  three  months)  ;  Reid  and  Grumley,  June-Sept.,  1868 ;  R.  and  J. 
Buchanan,  one  year;  A.  J.  Reid  and  G.  M.  Miller,  Oct.,  1869-Apr.,  1875; 
since  then  published  by  Post  Pub.  Co.,  and  edited  by  A.  J.  Reid  (except 
during  five  years'  absence),  till  his  death,  Jan.,  1910.  Other  editors: 
T.  B.  Reid,  Dec,  1881,  to  date ;  E.  P.  Humphrey,  Jan.,  1889,  to  date. 
Styled  Appleton  Weekly  Post  since  Apr.,  1889.  Daily  edition  issued  in 
1880,  and  regularly  since  May,  1883.     Republican. 

Spibittjalist  (m).    June-Aug.,  Nov.-Dec,  1868.    Fa. 

Established  Jan.,  1868,  by  Joseph  Baker ;  removed  to  Janesville  in  Oct., 
following,  and  issued  weekly. 

Appleton  Volksfeeund    (w).    1874-Aug.,   1877.     Ft.     Sept.,   1877-1910; 
18  v.    F «.     1911+ 
Founded  Mar.,  1870.     Absorbed  Chilton  Volksbote  in  1883,  ClintonvMle 



Lake  Shore  Wilchter  in  Mar.,  1891  (the  titles  of  those  papers  appearing 
as  subtitles  of  Volksfreund),  Kaukauna  Zeitung  in  1895,  Deutsche 
Ohronik  of  Weyauwega  in  1908,  Winnebago  Anzeiger  of  Menasha  in  1909. 
After  1891,  publishers:  Erb,  Schindelmeisen  &  Co.,  Mar.-June,  1870; 
Herman  Erb  and  Gustav  Selbach,  June,  1870-June,  1871 ;  Selbach  & 
Meyer,  June,  1871-72 ;  H.  W.  Meyer,  since  1872.  Editors :  Herman  Erb, 
1870-71;  H.  W.  Meyer,  1872-80;  Gustav  Commentz,  July,  1881-Sept, 
1883 ;  Franz  Stummer,  Nov.,  1883-Oct.,  1890 ;  George  Meyer,  1891- 
Apr.,  1892 ;  H.  Ellerman,  Apr.,  1892-Nov.,  1895  ;  since  then  Carl  Seeger. 

Vouesfbeund  und  Haus  Schatz  (w).    1892-Oct.,  1894.    F«. 

Literary  and  family  edition  of  Volksfreund;  established  Mar.,  1891 ; 
since  Oct ,  1894,  styled  MontagsBlatt,  q.  v.  Bound  with  news  edition  of 


Abcadian  (w).    May,  1895-Aug.,  1907.    5  v.    F«. 

Established  May,  1895,  by  E.  G.  Parlin.  Conducted  by  S.  G.  Wheeler, 
1898-1900 ;  David  Stevens,  1900-1907,  when  he  moved  his  plant  to 
Beacher,  111.     Independent  till  1900 ;  then  Republican. 

Arcadia  Leader  (w).    July,  1875-Nov.,  1877.    Ft. 

Established  July,  1875,  by  Hacston  &  Hollenbeck ;  published  by  them  till 
Apr.,  1876  ;  C.  E.  Hollenbeck  &  Co.,  one  year ;  Noah  D.  Comstock,  Apr.- 
Dec,  1877 ;  then  merged  in  Trempealeau  Co.  Republican,  Trempealeau, 
q.  V. 

Leadeb    (w).      1891-Feb.,   1892.     Ft.     Feb.,   1892-1893.     F*s.     1894-99. 
2  v.    F'.     1900-1909.    5  v.    Ps.     1910+ 

Continuation  of  Republican  and  Leader,  q.  v.  Published  by  George 
Mathys  and  J.  G.  Faulds,  Jan.,  1890-July,  1891 ;  Faulds  and  A.  J. 
Gowie,  July,  1891-Aug.,  1893 ;  Faulds  alone  till  Feb.,  1894 ;  P.  J.  and 
L.  G.  Barth  till  Apr.,  1896  ;  P.  J.  Barth,  Apr.,  1896-Nov.,  1902  (except 
Mar.-June,  1901,  by  W.  G.  Cameron)  ;  Maloney  &  Theuver,  Nov.,  1902- 
Jan.,  1904,  since  then  by  Albert  Hess.       Democratic. 

Republican  and  Leader  (w).    1882-90.    3  v.    F?. 

Continuation  of  Trempealeau  Co.  Republican  and  Arcadia  Leader;  con- 
ducted by  Charles  A.  Leith  till  Dec,  1883 ;  F.  F.  and  E.  A.  Morgan,  Jan.- 
May,  1884 ;  F.  F.  Morgan,  May,  1884-Jan.,  1887 ;  Morgan  and  Truman 
F.  Ball,  three  months;  Ball  alone,  Mar.,  1887-June,  1888;  George  Z. 
Heuston,  six  months ;  George  and  Leonard  Mathys,  1889 ;  continued  as 
Leader,  q.  v.,  Jan.,  1890.  Republican  till  1889 ;  Democratic  under  Mathys 

Trempealeau  County  Republican  and  Arcadia  Leader  (w).    1879-81. 


Removed  from  Trempealeau,  q.  v.,  Jan.,  1878 ;  during  Jan.,  1881,  styled 
Republican-Leader  of  Trempealeau  County;  then  Republican  and  Lea- 
der,  q.    v. 


Rubal  Ete  (w).     1887-88.     F». 

Established  Dec,  1886,  by  Thomas  and  Peavy ;  removed  to  Dodgeville, 
Nov.,  1888,  and  edited  by  M.  D.  Peavy,  united  with  Dodgeville  Star,  Sept., 
1889,  and  continued  as  Eye  and  Star,  q.  v.     Independent  Prohibition. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Arena,  Wis.,  continued: 

Arena  Stab  (w).    1877-Nov.,  1883.    2  v.    F«. 

Established  June,  1874,  by  W.  H.  Goodlad  and  —  Flower  under  the  title 
of  Star;  styled  Arena  Star,  June,  1878.  Publishers  and  editors;  M.  D. 
Peavy  and  W.  C.  Meffert,  Dec,  1874-July,  1877 ;  Peavy  and  W.  H.  Jones, 
July,  1877-June,  1878;  J.  T.  Shumway,  till  his  death,  Jan.,  1880;  D.  H. 
Williams,  Jan.,  1880-Aug.,  1881 ;  George  E.  Ward,  three  months ;  S.  E. 
Bentley,  Nov.,  1881-Nov.,  1883  ;  sold  to  O.  C.  Smith  and  J.  P.  Streeter, 
removed  to  Dodgeville,  and  styled  Dodgeville  Star,  q.  v.  Independent 
during  most  of  Its  course ;  under  Shumway,  supported  National  Green- 
back platform.  Pile  for  Jan.-Nov.,  1883,  bound  with  Dodgeville  Star, 


Ashland  Appeal  (m).    Aug.-Oct,  1894.    Fb. 

With  Wis.  Labor  Newspapers,  Misc.,  1890-96.  Devoted  to  interests 
of  organized  labor;  official  paper  of  Central  Labor  Union  of  Chequame- 
gon  Bay,  and  published,  under  its  direction  by  John  O.  Hall  and  John  P. 
Miles;  succeeded  by  Commonwealth,  q.  v. 

Ashland  Commonwealth  (w).    Nov.-Dec,  1894.    F&. 

With  Wis.  Labor  Newspajiers,  Misc.,  1890-96.  Successor  of  Appeal; 
remained  organ  of  Central  Labor  Union ;  edited  by  Chalmers  S.  Baird 
till  suspension  at  close  of  1894.     Populist. 

Helping  Hand    (m).    Mar.,   1896-1899;   Jan.,  Feb.,  Mar.,  June,  1900; 

Sept.,  1900-June,  1903.    O. 

Conducted  by  Stanley  E.  Lathrop ;  a  personal  journal  of  editor ;  de- 
voted to  Congregational  missions  and  to  soliciting  gifts  of  books  for  free 
traveling  libraries  in  Northern  Wisconsin.  Issued  at  Washburn  till  Mar., 

Weekly  Leader.     Feb.-July,  1899.    Ft. 

Pounded  Feb.,  1899  by  A.  W.  Bowron  and  D.  E.  Eichter;  edited  by 
Eichter.     Suspended  July,   1899. 

Ashland  News  (d).     1896-98.     6  v.    F«.     1899-1910.     34  v.    F».     1911-f 

Pounded     1885.     Published    by     John     S.     Saul,     1886-90     (with    — 

Murphy,   1888)  ;    since   then   by  Ashland   News   Co.    (except  Aug.,    1900- 

Oct.,   1903,    by  J.    C.   and  Burt   Williamal.     Edited  by   Clarence  Snyder, 

1891-95 ;  now  by  Burt  Williams.     Democratic. 

Ashland  Press    (w).    June,   1872-May,   1877.    2  v.    Fb.    June,  1877- 
June,  1892.     5  v.    F7.    July,  18,92-1908.     8  v.    F«.     1909+ 

Same  (d).     Jan.-June,  1898;  1899-Mar.,1906.     24  v.    Fe. 

Successor  of  Bayfield  Press,  q.  v. ;  removed  hither  from  Bayfield,  June, 
1872 ;  conducted  by  S.  S.  and  H.  O.  Fifleld  till  June,  1874  ;  S.  S.  Pifleld, 
till  June,  1889;  J.  M.  Chappie  till  June,  1910;  owned  by  Ash- 
land Press  Co.,  and  edited  by  J.  T.  Hooper  till  Sept.,  3911;  owned  and 
edited  by  Robert  E.  Knoff,  Sept.  9-30 ;  then  owned  by  Ashland  Press 
Co.  and  edited  by  Knoff  till  Nov. ;  since  then  again  edited  by  Joseph  M. 
Chappie  &  Co. ;  styled  Ashland  '  Weekly  Press  since  Oct.,  1893.  Daily 
edition  began  in  1888.  Republican ;  now  Progressive  Republican.  File 
for  June^Dec,  1872,  is  bound  with  Bayfield  Press,  1870-72. 





Augusta   Eagle    (w).     July,    1874-Apr.,   1880.     W«.      May,   1880-1909. 
13  v.     P6.  .  1910+ 

Founded  July,  1874,  by  Griff.  O.  Jones,  and  conducted  by  him  till  Jan. 
1900;  D.  S.  Benedict,  Jan.-Sept.,  1900:  Wilson  &  Masters,  Sept.,  190O- 
June,  1907  ;  since  then  by  E.  J.  Wilson.       Republican. 

Augusta  Hebald  (w).     Sept.,  1871-Nov.,  1873.    F«. 

Founded  Apr.,  1869,  by  George  W.  Brown ;  styled  Herald  after  Mar., 
1872  ;  sold  by  him  to  J.  M.  Smith  and  C.  F.  Warren.,  1873,  and  there- 
after edited  by  Julius  C.  Chandler ;  in  following  July  removed  to  Eau 
Claire  by  Smith  ;  suspended  Nov.,  1873.  Republican. 


Baldwin  Bulletin   (w).     1874-Aug.,  1879.     2  v.    F«.     Sept.,  1879-Jan., 

1886.     2  v.    F"\     1886-1908.     11  v..    F<s.     1909  + 

Established  Nov.,  1873,  by  Ed.  Borcherdt;  conducted  by  him  till  Aug., 
1874 ;  J.  H.  Monteflore,  Aug.,  1874 — Aug.,  1879 ;  H.  A.  Clapp,  three 
months ;  then  purchased  by  Ira  C.  Edwards  and  P.  J.  Byrne,  and  styled 
Independent;  conducted  by  them  till  Apr.,  1880;  Byrne  alone,  till  follow- 
ing June ;  TV.  D.  Acherman,  till  Jan.,  1881.  Purchased  by  D.  R.  Bailey 
(who  had  owned  the  paper  Oct.,  1874 — Sept.,  1879),  and  again*  styled 
Bulletin.  Conducted  by  Bailey  and  Ferd.  Peachman,  1881-82 ;  Peachman 
alone,  Dec,  1882-91 ;  Harvey  and  Orestes  Hawley,  1892 — June,  1893 ; 
since  then  by  O.  K.  Hawley.  Republican  (except  under  Byrne  and  Edwards, 
when  it  was  Independent). 

Independent  (w).     Nov.,  1879-Jan.,  1881.    Fs. 
With  Baldwin  Bulletin,  q.  v.,  1879-82. 


Baraboo  Weekly  BtrmjnN.    Oct.,  1880-82.    F  «. 

Established  Dec,  1879,  by  Walter  Noyes  and  C.  W.  Dykins,  as  Sauk  Co. 
Republican,  q.  v. ;  after  two  months,  conducted  by  C.  W.  and  James  Dykins 
till  Oct.,  1880 ;  then  sold  to  H.  C.  Hansbrough  and  J.  S.  Briscoe,  and 
styled  Weekly  Bulletin;  conducted  by  them  till  June,  1882;  merged  In 
Wis.  Prohibitionist  (published  by  S.  W.  Horner  and  W.  J.  McKay)  till 
Aug.  following ;  then  took  title  of  Baraboo  Bulletin,  under  conduct  of  E. 
A.  Carter ;  sold  to  H.  T.  Haskin  and  H.  T.  Willey,  Dec,  1882 ;  merged  in 
(in  nk  Co.  Democrat,  Mar.,  1883.     Republican. 

Sauk  County  Demogbat  (w).    Jan.  6,  1880;  Mar.,  1880-1909.    11  v.    FT. 

Founded  Jan.,  1880,  by  Joshua  G.  Ford,  under  title  Ford's  Sauk  Co. 
Democrat ;  sold  to  E.  A.  Runge  and  Herman  Grotophorst,  June,  1886,  and 
styled  Sauk  Co.  Democrat;  conducted  by  them  till  June,  1890  ;  then  pur- 
chased by  Runge ;  after  July,  1891,  edited  by  Ed.  L.  Lucknow ;  purchased 
from  Runge,  Feb.,  1895,  and  now  conducted  by  Lucknow.  Absorbed  Bulletin 
Mar.,  1883. 

Independent  (w).    July,  1867-68.    F'. 

Founded  July,  1866,  by  D.  K.  Noyes ;  sold  by  him  after  one  year  to  W. 
H.  Canfleld,  M.  J.  Drown,  and  D.  S.  Vittum ;  soon  after,  rented  to  Peter 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Bababoo,  Wis.,  continued: 

Richards  and  J.  C.  Chandler  for  three  months ;  at  end  of  that  time,  re- 
sumed by  Canfleld,  who  continued  as  editor  till  Dec,  1868  (his  interest, 
however,  being  purchased  in  preceding  August  by  Drown  &  Vittum)  ;  edited 
by  F.  E.  Everett,  Dec,  1868,  till  suspension  in  June,  1869.  Independent; 
Democratic  under  Canfleld.  Succeeded  Jan.,  1870,  by  Sauk  Co.  Herald 
(Republican),  under  conduct  of  J.  C.  Chandler,  which  was  suspended  in 
following  July.    File  bound  with  Baraboo  Republic,  1867-69. 

Baraboo  News   (w).    Feb.,  1906-1909.    2  v.    Fa.    1910+ 

Founded  May,  1884,  by  J.  F,  Kartack,  and  conducted  by  him  till  May, 
1896  (with  his  brother,  G.  A.  Kartack  for  a  time;  with  H.  B.  Cole  and 
A.  D.  Dorsett,  after  May,  1894).  In  May,  1896,  Kartack  sold  his  share 
to  J.  K.  Matchett,  who  in  turn  sold  to  Cole  and  Dorsett  In  Oct.  In  Jan., 
1906,  Dorsett  sold  to  Cole,  who  has  since  conducted  paper  (with  H.  K. 
Page,  since  Jan.,  1910).     Republican. 

Baraboo  Republican    (w).    May,  1855-66.     3  v.    F«.     1867-Apr.,  1882. 

5  v.    Ft.     May,  1882-Nov.,  1891.     4  v.    Fe.     Dec,   1891-93.    Ft. 

1894-1909.     8  v.    Fe.    1910+ 

Established  1855,  by  D.  K.  and  S.  Noyes ;  published  by  them  eight 
months ;  D.  K.  Noyes  and  Henry  A.  Perkins,  one  year ;  Perkins  and  Anson 
N.  Kellogg,  Oct.,  1856— Jan.,  1860 ;  Kellogg  alone,  Jan.,  1860— May.,  1862 ; 
Charles  E.  Stuart  and  John  W.  Blake,  June,  1862 — Aug.,  1863 ;  Blake 
alone  till  Apr.,  1865;  William  Hill,  Apr.,  1865 — Aug.,  1872;  Joseph  I. 
Weirich,  Sept.,  1872,  till  his  death,  Dec,  1877  (in  partnership  with  E. 
E.  Woodman  after  Mar.,  1874)  ;  Woodman  till  Oct.,  1881  (in  partnership 
with  John  H.  Powers  after  Dec,  1879)  ;  J.  H.  Powers,  till  Apr.,  1891,  when 
the  paper  was  sold  to  a  stock  company  and  edited  by  W.  H.  Bennett ;  one 
year  later,  Nicholas  Smith  purchased  the  stock  and  sold  it  (Apr.,  1893)  to 
John  H.  Powers  and  Joseph  S.  Briscoe  ;  after  six  months,  Briscoe's  interest 
was  sold  to  Powers ;  in  1895  he  sold  an  interest  to  S.  J.  and  G.  H.  Hood, 
who  have  been  sole  owners  since  1901.  The  first  "patent  inside"  printed  in 
the  United  States  was  used  by  the  Republic  July,  1861,  the  invention  of 
A.  N.  Kellogg,  when  his  compositors  enlisted  in  the  army ;  one  side 
(chiefly  local  matter)  was  printed  at  home,  the  other  (chiefly  state  items 
and  telegraphic  news  of  the  War  of  Secession)  was  printed  by  the  Wis. 
State  Journal,  Madison.     Republican. 

Saute  County  Republican  (w).    Jan.-Oct,  1880.    F«. 

See  Weekly  Bulletin,  note.  File  bound  with  Sauk  Co.  Democrat,  1880- 

Review  (bi-w).    Vol.  2.    Sept.,  1893-June,  189©.    Q. 

Founded  Sept.,  1894 ;  Virgil  H.  Cady,  editor ;  conducted  in  interest  of 
Baraboo  high  school. 

Dollar  Times. 

See  same  title  under  Spring  Green. 


Barron  County  Independent  (w).    Apr.,  1888-May,  1889.    F«. 

Founded  Aug.,  1886,  at  Cumberland,  by  S.  S.  Hull ;  removed  to  Cam- 
eron two  months  later ;  purchased  by  Claude  B.  Dodge,  Feb.,  1888,  and 
removed  to  Barron  ;  removed  to  Amery,  q.   v.,  May,  1889. 




Barron  County  Shield  (w).    Oct.,  1876-94.    8  v.    F«.    1895+ 

Founded  Oct.,  1876.  Publishers  and  editors  :  A.  Dewey,  Oct.,  1876 — 
Nov.,  1879 ;  Walter  Speed  &  Co.,  Dec,  1879— July,  1883  ;  Charles  S.  Tay- 
lor, July,  1883— Jan.,  1894  ;  Thomas  Dovery,  Jan.,  1894 — May,  1904  ;  W. 
R.  Hotchkiss,  May,  1904— Oct.,  1908 ;  P.  B.  Gessler,  Oct.,1908— Oct.,  1909 ; 
since  then,  Durnal  &  Dretzke.       Republican. 


Bayfield  Mebcuby  (w).    Aug.  22,  1857. 

Established  June,  1857,  by  Hamilton  &  Hatch ;  first  paper  in  Bayfield 
County  ;  suspended  in  following  Oct.      Democratic. 

Bayfield  Press  (w).    Oct.,  1870-72.    F«. 

Established  Oct.,  1870,  by  S.  S.  and  H.  O.  Pifield  ;  second  paper  of  this 
name ;  removed  to  Ashland,  q.  v.,  June,  1872.     Republican. 

Bayfield  Press  (w).  June,  1877-Jan.,  1879;  July,  1881-1906.  12  v. 
F5.    1907+ 

Established  June,  1877,  by  S.  S.  Fifield  and  Morris  Edwards ;  sold  by 
former  to  Isaac  H.  Wing,  Apr.,  1880 ;  edited  by  D.  L.  Stinchfield,  May, 
1879 — May,  1881 ;  D.  H.  Pulcifer,  four  months ;  A.  C.  Stevens,  Oct.,  1881 — 
Sept.,  1882  ;  then  sold  by  Wing  to  Currie  G.  Bell ;  conducted  by  him  till 
May,  1908 ;  since  then  by  Donald  C.  Bell.  Styled  Bayfield  Co.  Press 
since  Nov.,  1882.  In  1886  published  series  of  articles  giving  legendary  and 
historical  account  of  islands  of  Lake  Superior,  by  George  F.  Thomas, 
author  of  Legends  of  the  Land  of  Lakes  (re-published  in  1907)  ;  also, 
other  articles  descriptive  of  Apostle  Islands  and  like  points  of  interest. 

Bayfield  Peoobess  (w).    Sept.,  1909+    P«, 

Founded  June,  1909  by  Henry  Wachsmuth.  Since  published  by  L. 
Wachsmuth  ;  edited  by  W.  H.  Holmes,  formerly  of  Waupaca  Republican. 
Independent  Progressive. 

Beaver  Dam 

Beaver  Dam  Abgub  (w).  Dec,  1860-66.  2  v.  Fi,  1867-1900.  11  v. 
FT.     1901-1908.     4  v.    F6.     1909+ 

Successor  of  Dodge  Co.  Excelsior  (founded  Sept.,  1860,  by  John  A.  Far- 
rel)  and  of  Horicon  Argus,  q.  v. ;  latter  removed  hither  from  Horicon,  Dec, 
1860,  by  B.  W.  Curtis  ;  conducted  by  him  (and  edited  a  short  time  by  J.  C. 
Bunner),  Dec,  1860 — Jan.,  1863;  B.  F.  Sherman,  Feb.,  1863,  to  date 
(In  partnership  with  D.  C.  Gowdy,  Feb.,  1863— June,  1884  ;  with  F.  A. 
Hutchins,  July,  1884 — Jan.,  1891;  since  then,  with  William  H.  Sherman). 
Styled  Beaver  Dam  Argus  and  Farm  Mortgage  League,  July,  1864 — Mar., 
1866.     Democratic 

Dodge  County  Citizen  (w).  May,  1856-Apr.,  1858;  June,  1859-May, 
1861;  Oct.,  1862-63.  2  v.  Pi.  1864-1902.  13  v.  Ft.  1903- 
1908.     4  v.    F  o.     1909+ 

Established  Apr.,  1856,  by  M.  Cullaton  :  conducted  by  him  till  Nov., 
1858 ;  G.  H.  Wells,  Nov.,  1858 — June,  1861 ;  then  suspended.  Revived  Oct., 
1862,  by  Thomas  Hughes  and  George  H.  Shaw ;  conducted  by  Hughes 
(in  partnership  with  Shaw,  three  weeks ;  with  Hiram  A.  Reid,  Oct.,  1862 — 
Oct.,   1868;  with   S.   B.  Allen,  Oct.,  1869— Oct.,  1876)    until  Mar.,  1910; 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Beaver  Dam,  Wis.,  continued: 

since  then  by  E.  E.  Parker  &  Son.  Absorbed  Democratic  Post  (successor 
of  Republican,  q.  v.),  May,  1857.  Issued  daily  edition  during  political 
campaign  of  1856,  and  again  in  winter  of  1857-58.     Republican.         ' 

Beaver  Dam  Democrat  (w).    Apr.,  1859-61.    F«. 

Established  Nov.,  1858,  by  Carr  Huntington,  styled  Whig  of  Seventy  Six 
and  Beaver  Dam  Democrat,  q.  </.,  Jan.,  1862  ;  sub-title  dropped  Mar.,  1862 ; 
removed  to  Juneau,  Feb.,  1863  ;  suspended  in  following  Sept.  Democratic ; 
supported  Federal  Government  In  War  of  Secession.  File  for  Apr. — Dec., 
1859,  bound  with  Fox  Lake  Gazette,  1858-59. 

Beaver  Dam  Republican  (w).    Mar.,  1854-Mar.,  1857.    F7. 

Founded  Mar.,  1853,  by  Edgar  C.  Hull ;  published  by  him  four  years 
(in  partnership  with  John  R.  Swallow,  July,  1855 — June,  1856 ;  with 
Thomas  Merfield,  July,  1856 — Jan.,  1857)  ;  edited  by  S.  C.  Chandler,  Aug., 
1856 — Jan.,  1857 ;  sold  to  C.  S.  Phelps,  Mar.,  1857,  and  styled  Democratic 
Post;  edited  by  H.  B.  Phelps;  merged  in  Dodge  Co.' Citizen,  May,  1857. 
Issued  daily  edition,  Mar.,  1856 — Feb.,  1857;  and  tri-weekly,  July — Dec, 
1856.  In  Apr.,  1855,  absorbed  Beaver  Dam  Sentinel  (founded  Nov.,  1854, 
by  N.  V.  Chandler,  as  a  Democratic  organ  ;  after  two  months,  conducted  by 
George  C.  Haddock  and  A.  Scott  Sloan,  under  direction  of  stockholders)  ; 
was  then  styled  Republican  and  Sentinel.  Published  also  Western  World 
(m)  ;  founded  July,  1855;  literary;  mainly  reprint  from  Republican  and 
Sentinel.     "Know-Nothing"  in  1854 ;  afterwards  Democratic. 

Whig   of  Seventy-Six,   and  Beaver  Dam   Democrat    (w).    1862-July, 
1863.    F  b. 

With  Beaver  Dam  Democrat,  1860-61,  q.  v. 


Belleville  News  (w).     Feb.-Oct,  1895.     Fe. 

Founded  Jan.,  1895;  published  by  News  Pub.  Co.-;  edited  by  C.  R. 
Marks ;  removed  to  Albany  following  Oct.,  and  continued  as  Albany  Jour- 
nal, q.  v. 

Belleville  Recorder  (w).    Oct.,  1902+    F«. 
See  Sugar  River  Recorder. 

Sugar  River  Recorder  (w).     1890-Oct,  1902.     6  v.     Fs. 

Founded  Mar.,  1886,  by  J.  M.  Williams,  and  conducted  by  him  till  Mar., 
1898 ;  Williams  &  Son,  Mar.,  1898 — Jan.,  1904 ;  Williams  Bros.,  Jan., 
—Apr.,  1904;  H.  L.  Williams,  Apr.,  1904 — Mar'.,  1905.  Then  sold  to  S.  A. 
Wheelwright,  and  conducted  by  him  till  May,  1907  ;  since  then  by  R.  E. 
Adamson.  Styled  Belleville  Recorder,  q.  v.,  since  Oct.,  1902.  Inde- 
pendent Republican. 


Belmont  Bee    (w).    Mar -Aug.,   1894    (with   Wis.   Labor  Newspapers, 
1890-96);  May,  1898-Aug.,  1901.     2  v.     F«. 

Successor  of  Montfort  Monitor.  Founded  Mar.,  1894,  by  J.  A.  Conley 
and  H.  A.  Breese.  Conducted  by  Conley  till  June,  1898,  then  sold  to 
John  W.  Chambers,  and  conducted  by  him  till  suspension,  Aug.,  1901. 
Chambers  moved  to  Benton  and  founded  Advocate. 



Belmont  Gazette   (w).     Oct.,  1836- Apr.,  1837.     F«. 

Founded  Oct.,  1836,  by  James  Clarke  (of  Harrisbui'g,  Pa.)  and  John  B. 
Kussell.  First  paper  in  Wisconsin,  west  of  Milwaukee ;  successor  of  Galen- 
ian,  q.  v.,  under  Galena,  111. ;  at  close  of  first  session  of  Wisconsin  Terri- 
torial legislature,  removed  to  new  seat  of  government,  Burlington  (now  in 
Towal  ;  there  continued  as  Wis.  Territorial  Gazette,  q.  v. ;  its  press  and 
type  were  used  in  founding  Miners'  Free  Press  at  Mineral  Point,  q.  v. 


Beloit  Argus  (w).     1885-Sept.,  1886.     F«. 

Established  Jan.,  1885,  as  successor  of  Outlook,  q.  v.,  by  W.  F.  Palmer ; 
conducted  by  him  until  July,  1886 ;  H.  H.  Swain,  July,  1886 — Jan.,  1887 ; 
H.  C.  Brown,  six  months;  F.  F.  Livermore,  July,  1887 — May,  1888.  A 
stock  company  was  then  formed  by  Livermore  and  others,  and  Argus 
changed  to  Citizen  (d  and  w),  with  F.  A.  Marsh  as  editor;  weekly  edition 
still  issued  in  1892,  by  T.  S.  Morgan,  publisher  of  Daily  Grit;  probably 
suspended  by  1893.  Daily  edition  issued  Mar. — Sept.,  1886,  being  styled 
Beloit  Evening  Argus.  At  first  Independent  Democratic,  then  non-partisan. 

Beloit  College  Monthly.  Vols.  1-3.  1853-56.  Q.  Vols.  4-6,  8-10, 
12-16,  18-20.  1856-59,  1860-64,  1865-70,  1871-74.  Indexed.  14  T. 
O.    Vol.  21.     1874-75.     Q. 

Founded  1853,  by  an  association  of  students  of  Beloit  College ;  styled 
Beloit  Monthly,  1874.  Among  its  editors  were  J.  A.  Brewster,  Alexander 
Kerr,  H.  L.  Marsh  (1853),  C.  C.  Kimball  (1856-58),  O.  A.  Willard  (1859), 
A.  M.  May  and  A.  O.  Wright  (1863-64)  ;  P.  Hendrickson  (1865-66),  S.  E. 
Lathrop  (1867).  W.  C.  Bailey  (1867-69),  E.  P.  Salmon  (1868),  S.  P. 
Wilder  (1869-70),  B.  D.  Baton  (1871-72),  J.  A.  Truesdell  (1874-75). 
United  with  Round  Table,  q.  v.,  Sept.,  1875. 

Our  Church  Life  (m).    Vols.  1-4.     Nov.,  1894-Oct.,  1898.     F. 

Organ  of  Wis.  Home  Missionary  Society.  Removed  to  Menasha,  q.  v., 
Nov.,  1898.  i  !    | 

Beloit  Free  Press    (w).     1871-94.     8  v.     Fs.     1895-1902.     3  v.    F«. 

Second  paper  of  this  name  (see  Journal,  1871,  note)  ;  established  by 
Chalmers  Ingersoll,  Sept.,  1870,  and  conducted  by  him  till  Mar.,  1887 
(in  partnership  with  N.  O.  Perkins,  Sept. — Nov.,  1870,  and  Nov.,  1871 — 
Nov.,  1872  ;  with  E.  D.  Coe,  Apr. — Oct.,  1871  ;  with  Henry  F.  Hobart,  Nov., 
1873 — Mar.,  1877)  ;  by  Hobart,  Apr.,  1877 — Oct..  1882  (in  partnership 
with  Ingersoll  after  Mar.,  1881)  ;  Ingersoll  alone  till  1904;  then  by  Inger- 
soll &  Hanna.  Since  1907  published  by  Free  Press  Pub.  Co.  Now  edited 
by  J.  S.  Hubbard.  Absorbed  Journal  q.  v.,  Apr.,  1871.  Series  of  articles 
on  "Early  History  of  Beloit,"  by  R.  P.  Crane,  was  published  in  Free  Press, 
Jan. — Mar.,  1878.     Republican. 

Free  Press  (d).     1879-81.     3  v.    F*.     1882-1910.     63  v.     F«.     1911+ 

Founded  Aug.,  1878,  under  title  of  Daily  Phonograph,  by  J.  W.  Cary,  H. 
F.  Hobart,  and  others ;  after  one  month  Hobart  became  sole  proprietor ; 
edited  by  George  E.  Farrar  till  Dec. ;  merged  in  Free  Press,  Jan.,  1879, 
and  thereafter  issued  as  daily  edition  of  that  paper,  under  title  of  Datty 
Free  Press. 

Beloit  Graphic   (w).    1877-July,  1880.    2  v.    Fs. 

Published  by  F.  E.  Fillmore  and  W.  D.  Mathews  1877— -May,  1878 ;  Fill- 
more alone  till  his  death,  Jan.,  1879  ;  Otis  H.  Brand  and  Carleton  B.  Case, 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Beloit,  Wis.,  continued: 

Jan. — Aug.,  1879  ;  Brand  alone  till  July,  1880 ;  then  merged  in  Outlook, 
q.  v.     Democratic. 

Beloit  Journal  (w).     1856-Sept.,  1865.     3  v.     Ft. 

First  permanent  paper  in  Beloit ;  founded  June,  1848,  by  J.  R.  Briggs, 

and  conducted  by  him  six  years  (in  partnership  with Stokes  during 

first  few  months ;  with  C.  G.  Foster,  Sept.  1849 — May,  1854)  ;  Foster  and 
J.  A.  Brewster  till  July,  1855 ;  then  sold  to  A.  Paine,  J.  J.  Bushnell,  and 
Lucius  G.  Fisher ;  after  a  few  weeks,  sold  by  them  to  H.  L.  Devereux ;  con- 
ducted by  him  till  May,  1856  (in  partnership  with  B.  E.  Hale,  Jan. — May)  ; 
Hale  alone,  nine  months ;  B.  E.  Hale  &  Co.,  till  Apr.,  1859 ;  Horatio  Pratt, 
one  year  (in  partnership  with  William  E.  Hale  till  Jan.,  1860';  with  James 
A.  White,  three  months).  Consolidated  with  Courier,  Apr.,  1860,  and  con- 
ducted four  years  by  Barrett  H.  Smith  (in  partnership  with  N.  O.  Perkins, 
Apr.,  1860— Nov.,  1861 ;  with  Lathrop  E.  Smith,  Not.,  1861— Jan.,  1863)  ; 
A.  Paine,  till  July,  1867,  then  -merged  in  Free  Press.  Styled  Journal  and 
Courier,  Apr.,  1860 — June,  1864.     Whig,  then  Republican. 

Beloit  Herald  (s-w)  established  by  D.  Anson  Pratt,  Nov.,  1856;  sold  by 
him  in  Apr.,  1857,  to  DeLorma  Brooks  and  D.  P.  Hickling ;  continued  by 
them  till  May,  1859 ;  then  one-half  was  sold  to  N.  O.  Perkins,  and  name 
changed  to  Herald  and  Times;  six  months  later,  Perkins  became  sole 
owner ;  continued  by  him  till  Apr.,  1860 ;  then  merged  in  Journal.  Daily 
edition  established  Dec,  1856,  but  probably  changed  to  tri-weekly  after  a 
few  months ;  this  later  edition  was  suspended  Feb.,  1858,  the  weekly  being 
continued  (styled  Beloit  Weekly  Courier,  after  Jan.,  1860).  At  first  non- 
partisan ;  under  Brooks,  Democratic ;  then  for  six  months  contained  two 
political  departments — Republican,  conducted  by  Perkins,  and  Democratic, 
by  Brooks ;  after  Nov.,  1859,  Republican. 

Beloit  Joubnal  (w).    Jan.-Mar.,  1871.    EX 

Founded  by  Chalmers  Ingersoll,  Feb.,  1866,  under  title  of  Free  Press; 
sold  by  him  to  M.  Frank  and  C.  L.  Sholes,  Aug.,  1869 ;  then  styled  Beloit 
Journal,  and  conducted  by  them  till  Apr.,  1870 ;  T.  O.  Thompson,  till  Apr., 
1,871  (in  partnership  with  J.  B.  Dow,  Apr. — Sept..  1870;  with  E.  D.  Coe, 
Oct.,  1870 — Apr.,  1871)  ;  then  merged  in  Free  Press  (second  paper  of  that 
name),  q.  v.     Republican.     File  bound  with  Free  Press,  1871-73. 

Beloit   Outlook    (w).     1880-81.     Ft.     1882-84.     2   v.    F«. 

Founded  Dec,  1879;  published  by  J.  A.  Truesdell,  1880 — Nov.,  1881; 
Stephen  Bowers  and  E.  Prouty  (inventor  of  Prouty  press),  six  months; 
Prouty  alone  or  with  various  partners,  till  Sept.,  1883  ;  F.  F.  Livermore, 
May,  1883 — Jan.,  1885 ;  then  succeeded  by  Argus,  q.  v.  Absorbed  Graphic 
in  July,  1880.  Styled  Weekly  Outlook  after  1881.  Daily  edition  issued 
Nov.,  1881 — Nov.,  1882.  Independent  Republican  till  Sept.,  1882;  then 

Round  Table  (bi-w,  w).     1879-80.     Q.     1880-86.     2  v.     O.     1895+ 

Founded  in  1874  by  W.  H.  Can-  and  J.  A.  Truesdell ;  consolidated  with 
Beloit  Monthly,  Sept.,  1875,  and  style  Round  Table  and  College  Monthly; 
later,  sub-title  was  dropped.  Published  by  Archaean  Union  of  Beloit  Col- 
lege; among  college  journals,  in  age  second  only  to  Yale  Literary  Magazine. 
Editor-in-chief  changes  twice  yearly.     See  Beloit  College  Monthly. 


Benton  Advocate  (w).    Sept.,  1901-1907.    3  v.    F«.    19'08+      '  ' 

See  Mining  Times. 




Mining  Times  (w).    Dec,  1894-Feb.,  1901.    2  v.    Fe. 

Established  Dec,  1894,  by  H.  A.  Bresee,  and  published  by  him  till  1900, 
when  succeeded  by  Benton  Advocate  (q.  v.),  conducted  by  J.  W.  Chambers. 
Conducted  since  1904  by  Claude  M.  Vail.  In  issue  for  Dec~19,  1895,  is  a 
history  of  Benton  township. 


Berlin  Courast  (w).  Aug.,  1859-62.  F».  1863-70.  2  v.  Ft.  1871- 
Feb.,  1876.  2  v.  F«.  Mar.,  1876-84.  3  v.  Ft.  1895-June,  1887. 
F«.     1888.     Ft. 

Successor  (June,  1854)  of  Marquette  Mercury,  q.  v.;  conducted  by  J.  G. 
Tracy  till  Oct.,  following  (in  partnership  with  James  V.  Pitch  during  first 
few  weeks,'  ;  by  Tracy  and  T.  L.  Terry,  Oct.,  1854,  till  early  in  1855 ;  Terry, 
till  Mar.,  1871  (in  partnership  with  J.  G.  Hunter,  a  few  months  ;  with 
S.  S.  Richards,  until  Sept.,  1859  ;  and  with  W.  B.  Arnold,  1858 — Mar., 
1871)  ;  Arnold  and  D.  P.  Blackstone,  Apr.,  1871 — Aug.,  1872  ;  David  Junor, 
Sept.,  1872 — Aug.,  1875  ;  Griff.  J.  Thomas,  Aug.,  1875— Sept.,  1876  ;  F.  F. 
Llvermore,  Sept.,  1876 — Sept.,  1879;  Junor  again,  Sept.,  1879 — Dec,  1887; 
L.  E.  Davis  till  about  1905  ;  since  then  by  B.  Greveros.  Styled  Berlin 
City  Conrant  until  1864;  published  semi-weekly,  July — Sept.,  1861. 
Daily  established  July,  1885,  but  merged  in  Evening  Journal  Jan.,  1887 ; 
another  daily  issued  in  Jan. — Feb.,  1891.  In  Sept.,  1864,  absorbed  Green 
Lake  Spectator  (founded  Mar.,  1861,  by  Uri  Carruth  and  — Williams). 
Democratic  at  first ;  under  Terry,  became  Republican. 

Gkand  Akmy  Sentinel  (m).    Apr.,  1874-Oct,  1875.     F5. 

Founded  Mar.,  1874,  by  Wis.  Council  of  Administration.  Edited  by 
Griff.  J.  Thomas,  Apr.  1874 — Aug.,  1875.  Then  removed  to  Milwaukee, 
q.  v. 

Berlin  Joubnal  (w).  Nov.,  1876-May,  1881.  2  v.  Ft.  June,  1881- 
83.  F<s.  1884-85.  Ft.  1886-87.  F«.  1888.  FT.  1889-1908.  10  v. 
F«.     1909  + 

Same   (d).     1883-Feb.,  1899.     32  v.     F«. 

Established  Aug.,  1870,  by  L.  B.  Everdell  and  —  Williams ;  succeeded 
in  Nov.  by  Charles  G.  Starks ;  conducted  by  him  to  date.  Daily  edition 
issued  since  Jan.,  1881.     Independent  Republican. 

Marquette  Mekctjby  (w).     June  13,  1853. 

Founded  Nov.,  1850,  by  J.  H.  Wells  and  A.  E.  Cooley ;  conducted  by 
Wells  (in  partnership  with  Cooley  a  few  weeks;  and  with  George  C.  Gif- 
ford,  July,  1852 — Feb.,  1853)  till  June,  1854  ;  then  sold  to  J.  G.  Tracy 
and  J.  V.  Fitch,  and  continued  as  Berlin  Courant,  q.  v.  Suspended  dur- 
ing F(?b.-Apr.,  1853,  because  in  Wells's  absence  Gifford  appropriated  the 
press  and  type,  and  established  a  new  paper,  Northern  Wisconsin,  which-, 
was  compelled  to  suspend  after  one  month,  owing  to  legal  proceedings 
Instituted  by  Wells  after  his  return.     Democratic. 

Black  Creek 

Black  Creek  Times   (w).    1904-1909.    3  v.    Fs.    1910+ 

Founded  Jan.,  1904,  by  Martin  Bros.,  and  conducted  by  them  till  May, 
1904.     Since  then  owned  and  conducted  by  F.  H.  Colburn.     Republican. 

20— N.  C.  [  305  ] 

Newspaper  Catalogue 

Wisconsin,  continued: 

Black  Earth 

Black  Earth  Advertiser  ( w).     Aug.,  1870-75.    2  v.    F«.     1876-88.    6  v. 

Established  early  in  1868,  by  C.  Burnett  &  Son  ;  edited  by  Clarence 
Burnett  (aided  by  H.  B.  Parnum,  May — Dec,  1870)  ;  styled  Advertiser 
after  1883;  absorbed  Mt.  Horeb  Weekly  News,  June,  1887;  removed  to 
Madison,  Sept.,  1888,  and  merged  in  Evening  News,  under  the  title  of 
News-Advertiser,  q.  v.  Also  issued  monthly  magazine,  Our  True  Hope; 
established  Jan.,  1874  ;  suspended  in  following  Sept. 

Black  River  Falls 

Badger    State   Banner    (w).     1868-76.     3   v.     F«.     1877-83.    4   v.    Ft. 
1884-1907.     12  v.    Fe.     1908+ 

Founded  Aug.,  1856,  mainly  by  W.  T.  Price.  Publishers  and  editors; 
Charles  R.  Stewart  and  M.  V.  B.  Young,  1856-57  ;  F.  O.  Brainerd  (D.  J. 
Spaulding,  part  owner),  1857 — July,  1865;  Brainerd  and  J.  A.  Watrous,  till 
Mar.,  1866 ;  Watrous  and  George  W.  Brown,  nine  months ;  Watrous  and 
Frank  Cooper,  Dec.,  1866 — Aug.,  1869;  Cooper  (W.  T.  Price,  part  owner), 
one  year ;  Frank  and  C.  J.  Cooper,  1870-73 ;  Frank  and  George  F.  Cooper, 
1873 — Feb.,  1888 ;  since  then,  George  F.  Cooper,  under  name  of  Cooper  & 
Co. ;  H.  F.  Mason,  editorial  writer,  1881 — Apr.,  1886.  Styled  Jackson  Co. 
Banner  until  Apr.,  1868.  Issued  semi-weekly  a  short  time  in  1869.  Pub- 
lished a  series  of  articles  on  "Early  History  of  Chippewa  Valley,"  in  1869 ; 
and  another,  "Reminiscences  of  History  of  Black  River  Falls,"  Jan. — July, 
1886.  Issued  also  Temperance  Friend  (m),  beginning  Apr.,  1869;  edited 
by  J.  A.  Watrous.     Republican. 

Wisconsin  Independent  (w).     1876-88.     4  v.    Ft. 

Removed  hither  from  Viroqua,  q.  v.,  by  T.  C.  Ankeny ;  purchased  by  F. 
J.  Bowman,  Nov.,  1877,  and  conducted  by  him  till  July,  1879;  by  B.  J. 
Castle,  July,  1879 — Nov.,  1882.  A  stock  company  was  then  formed,  with 
P.  O'Brien,  C.  M.  Hobart,  and  Castle  as  editors,  one  year  (C.  E.  Sawyer, 
three  weeks  in  Nov.,  1883)  ;  O'Brien,  Dec,  1883 — July,  1884  (in  partner- 
ship with  C.  C.  Chandler,  during  last  six  weeks)  ;  Chandler  and  J.  R. 
Ogden,  Aug.,  1884 — Jan.,  1886;  Ogden  alone,  one  month;  O'Brien  and 
Hobart,  three  months ;  O'Brien  alone,  May,  1886 — Feb.,  1887  ;  sold  to  B.  J. 
Castle  Feb.,  1887,  and  conducted  by  him  till  June,  1888 ;  by  C.  J.  Strang 
as  a  prohibition  organ  till  its  suspension  in  November.  The  printing  outfit 
was  used  by  Friday  Evening  Post,  established  June,  1890.  Supported 
Greenback  platform. 

Jackson  County  Journal  (w).    July,  1898-1909.    5  v.    F«.    1910+ 

Founded  Feb.,  1886,  by  Journal  Pub.  Co.,  and  published  by  them  till 
1889 ;  C.  W.  Dykins,  1889-91 ;  Will  N.  Wells,  1891-93 ;  Geo.  W.  Meacham, 
1894-95 ;  D.  C.  Menefee,  1896-98  (with  M.  V.  Frazier,  1896-97,  and  C.  H. 
Hill,  1897-98)  ;  C.  H.  Hill,  1898-99  (with  J.  A.  Parsons  as  editor) ; 
Charles  H.  Bucks,  1901 — Apr.,  1904 ;  since  then  by  Merlin  Hull.  Re- 


Bloomer  Advance  (w).     Mar.,  1895-1908.     7  v.     F«.     1909+ 

Successor  (July,  1886)  of  Bloomer  Workman,  q.  v.;  conducted  by  H.  C. 
Schultz   (with  W.  H.  Cook,  June— Oct.,   1886;  with  —  Rotch,  till  July,. 

[  306  ]  5 



1887)  ;  F.  O.  Wisner,  and  later  by  Advance  Pub.  Co.;  E.  N.  Bowers  till 
1896;  J.  E.  and  P.  E.  Andrews,  1896-1900;  A.  O.  Le  Bell,  1900-1901: 
since  then  by  F.  E.  Andrews.  Absorbed  Bloomer  Advocate,  Jan.,  1910. 

Bloomer  Wobkman  (w).     May,  1881-Mar.,  1883.     F<s. 

Founded  July,  1880,  by  George  L.  Jones ;  conducted  by  him  till  May, 
1886  ;  outfit  then  sold  to  Cook  &  Schultz,  to  establish  Bloomer  Advance, 
q.  v.,  and  Workman  removed  to  Chippewa  Falls  and  styled  Chippewa  Falls 
Workman;  conducted  successively  by  Jones,  H.  A.  Van  Dalsen,  and  E.  N. 
Bowers,  till  1890  ;  in  that  year,  sold  to  Chippewa  Valley  Pub.  Co.,  and 
merged  in  Times.  Published  daily  and  weekly  in  its  last  years.  Originally 
Greenback ;  Independent  after  Feb.,  1883,  devoted  to  interests  of  work- 


[See  also   Tafton] 
West  Grant  Advocate   (w).    June,  1873-May,  1874.    F*. 

Founded  June,  1873,  by  C.  N.  Holford ;  conducted  by  him  till  May,  1875 
(in  partnership  with  J.  J.  Clifton,  June — Sept.,  1874 ;  and  with  P.  Bart- 
ley,  Oct.,  1874 — May,  1875)  ;  removed  to  Lancaster  Oct.,  1874,  and  styled 
Grant  Co.  Advocate,  q.  v.  A  history  of  Bloomington  was  published  in  first 
number.     Independent  Republican. 

Bloomington    Record    (w).     Aug.,    1880-82    (with    Grant   Go.    Gazette, 
1878-79).    Aug.,  1897-1908.     5  v.     F«.     1909+ 

Established  July,  1880,  by  Charles  J.  Glasier ;  conducted  by  him  till 
Sept.,  1881,  then  sold  to  C.  N.  Holford  and  styled  West  Grant  Record; 
about  a  year  later  purchased  by  L.  C.  McKenney,  and  styled  Record;  con- 
ducted by  him,  1882-87;  C.  W.  Cook,  1888-89;  Ernest  Brooks,  July, 
1890 — Oct.,  1S91  :  Frank  Wagner,  Ernest  Brooks,  Craig  &  Witcomb,  Craig 
&  Bobbins,  and  H.  C.  Craig  successively,  till  Feb.,  1905  ;  since  then  by  A. 
C.   Bishop.     Republican ;   then    Independent ;   now    Democratic. 

Revealeb  (w).     Aug.-Oct,  1894.     F=. 

With  Wis.  Labor  Newspapers,  1890-96.  Founded  1894  by  W.  H.  Hol- 
ford.    Published   by   Revealer   Pub.   Co.     Short-lived.     Populist. 

Blue  Mounds 

Blue  Mounds  Weekly  News. 

See  same  title  under  Mt.  Horeb. 


National  Broad-Axe  (w).     June,  1863-May,  1866.     Ft. 

Founded  Jan.,  1863,  by  L.  R.  Train ;  conducted  by  him  till  July,  1864 
(in  partnership  with  L.  M.  Andrews  during  first  nine  months;  with  Nelson 
B.  Moody,  after  Mar.,  1864)  ;  Moody  and  Samuel  S.  Train  till  its  suspen- 
sion, May,  1866.  Printed  at  Prairie  du  Chien,  Mar. — July,  1864  ;  the 
press  was  then  brought  back  to  Boscobel.  Styled  Boscobellian  in  first 
number ;  Boscobel  Hatchet,  in  issue  of  July  20,  1864 ;  thereafter,  Boscobel 
Broad-Axe.     Independent. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Boscobel,  Wis.,  continued: 

Boscobel  Weekly  Democrat.    Jan.  28,  1860. 

First  paper  in  Boscobel ;  established  Dec,  1859,  by  George  W.  Lim- 
bocker  and  A.  J.  Partridge ;  suspended  May,  1860.  Succeeded  soon  after 
by  Boscobel  Express;  conducted  by  J.  P.  Hubbard  and  S.  P.  Dempsey  till 
about  June,  1861 ;  Dempsey  and  Horace  Norton,  six  months ;  then  sus- 

Dial  (w).     1874-75.     Fe.     1876-Oct,  1895.     7  v.     F?. 

Founded  Dec,  1872,  by  John  and  C.  B.  Walworth ;  continued  by  them 
one  year ;  then  sold  to  C.  Burton,  and  published  by  Iden  L.  Stuart  Jan., 
1874 — Sept.,  1875 ;  sold  to  H.  D.  Farquharson,  and  conducted  by  him 
Sept.  1875 — Dec,  1881 ;  Lou  P.  Lesler,  Jan.,  1882,  till  his  death,  May, 
1883 ;  Mrs.  Lou  P.  Lesler,  till  Jan.,  1888 ;  George  W.  Goldsmith,  Jan., 
1888 — May,  1895  (In  partnership  with  L.  C.  McKenney  till  Apr.,  1889)  ; 
W.  G.  Palmer  till  Oct.,  1895  (with  Albert  Muffley  during  last  three 
months)  ;  then  merged  in  Enterprise,  and  styled  Dial-Enterprise,  q.  f. 
Styled  Boscobel  Dial  till  Dec,  1877.  Independent  till  1875;  Republican. 
1875-87  ;  since  then,  Independent. 

Dial-Entebpbise  (w).     Oct.,  1895-1909.    7  v.    Fe.     1910+ 

Successor  of  Dial  and  Enterprise;  latter  founded  May,  1892,  by  L.  G. 
Blair,  under  title  of  Grant  Co.  Leader;  sold  by  him  to  Fred  Meyer  and 
Harlan  Johnson,  May,  1893,  and  styled  Enterprise ;  united  with  Dial,  Oct, 
1895,  and  continued  by  Meyer  &  Johnson  till  1902,  when  bought  by  John  W. 
Blake ;  since  owned  by  him  and  his  estate.  Managed  by  V.  S.  Pease, 
1907-09 ;  SeftenbeTg  &  Stinson,  1910 ;  O.  L.  Stinson,  1911.  Republican 
under  Blair ;  Democratic  till  1902 ;  Stalwart  Republican  under  Blake ; 
since  then,  Progressive  Republican. 

Boscobel  Sentinel   (w).    Jan.,   1901-1906.     3  v.    Fe.    1907+ 

Founded  Jan.,  1901,  by  George  W.  Goldsmith,  and  conducted  by  him  till 
Jan.,  1906 ;  since  then  by  H.  C.  Craig.       Republican. 


Brandon  Times  (w).    Mar.,  1867-1908.    14  v.    Fe.    1909+ 

Established  Sept.,  1865 ;  by  George  M.  West ;  conducted  by  him  till  Nov., 
1871 ;  Martin  C.  Short ;  Not.,  1871,  till  his  death,  Feb.,  1894 ;  Mrs.  M.  C. 
Short  and  Short  &  Wbolverton  till  1 899 ;  since  then  by  Jenkinson  & 
Yorty  (Ida  M.  Torty,  editor  and  manager).  Independent  under  West; 
since  then  Republican. 


Busy  Citizen  (w).    Oct.,  1893-98.    3  v.    F«. 

Founded  May,  1893,  by  Albert  B.  Pauley ;  conducted  by  him  till  its  sus- 
pension in  1898.     Advocated  temperance  and  social  reform. 

Wisconsin  Citizen  (m).    Nov.,  1894-Sept.,  1898.    June,  1899+    F*. 

Founded  Nov..  1887,  as  organ  of  Wis.  Woman's  Suffrage  Association; 
for  several  years  published  at  Racine,  and  edited  by  Mrs.  M.  L.  Dingee; 
removed  to  Brodhead  in  1894.  and  edited  by  Helen  H.  Charlton  till  her 
death  in  1905;  since  then  by  Miss  Lena  V.  Newman. 




Independent    (w).      Mar.,   1867-68.     Fe.     May,   1885-1890.      2  v.     F*. 
1891- July,  1909.     9  v.    Fe. 

Established  Mar.,  1860,  by  I.  F.  Mack  ;  sold  by  him  to  D.  W.  Tyrrell 
and  E.  O.  Klmberly,  Nov.,  1868 ;  conducted  by  them  one  year ;  Kimberly, 
alone,  till  July,  1873  ;  Willis  J.  Stone  and  Charles  M.  Morse,  two  years ; 
Kimberly  again,  July,  1875 — Oct.,  1878  ;  Burr  Sprague,  till  May,  1879  ; 
E.  A.  Charlton,  till  1904  (with  I.  L.  Hanford  after  1891)  ;  Hanford  and 
B.  E.  McCormlck,  1904-1908 ;  Green  County  Bank,  a  few  months ;  since 
July,  1909,  Steele  &  Schempf,  who  merged  It  with  Register  as  Indepen- 
dent Register,  q.  v.  Published  daily  edition  April,  1874,  in  support  of 
a  "women's  crusade"  against  saloons.       Republican. 

Independent-Register  (w).     July,  1909+     Fe. 

See  Independent. 

Brodhead  News  (w).    Dec,  1909+    Fe. 

Founded  Sept.,  1908,  by  George  E.  Dixon,  and  since  published  by  him. 

Brodhead  Weekly  Reporter.     Aug.,  1859-Apr.,  1862.     2  v.    Fe. 

Founded  Apr.,  1859,  by  L.  Winthrop  Powell ;  suspended  Nov.,  1861, 
when  he  enlisted  in  the  Union  army.  Revived  Apr.,  1862,  by  T.  J. 


Brooklyn  News  (w).     Oct.,  1898-1904.     3  v.     Fe.     Jan.-Nov.,  1905. 

Founded  1897  by  J.  W.  Haughton.  Published  by  Cassius  L.  Coward  in 
1898 ;  I.  A.  Hoxie,  Oct.,  1898— July,  1901 ;  then  sold  to  W.  Z.  Dumond, 
who  had  been  local  editor  and  publisher  for  three  years  previous.  Con- 
ducted by  him  till  Nov.,  1905. 


Bruce  News  Jjetter  (w).    Oct.,  1905-Jan.,  1908.    Fa.    1909+ 

Founded  Oct.,  1900,  by  A.  W.  McCormack,  and  conducted  by  him  till 
1905;  O.  I.  Briggs,  1905-1908;  Amos  Babcock,  1908-1910;  Floyd  Knee- 
land,  1910  ;  since  then  by  A.  P.  Andrews.       Independent  Republican. 


Burlington  Free  Press   (w).     May,  1881-March,  1892.     4  v.    Ft. 

Founded  Nov.,  1879  ;  conducted  by  W.  A.  Colby  till  Dec,  1891 ;  since 
then  by  William  R.  Devor.       Republican. 

Burlington  Gazette   (w).    May,  1859-60.     Fe. 

Established  May,  1859,  by  H.  W.  Phelps ;  suspended  Dec,  1860,  and 
removed  to  Horieon,  q.  v.     Neutral  during  first  year ;  then  Republican. 

Burlington  Standabd  (w).    June,  1864-May,  1886.    8  v.    Fa. 

Standard  Democrat  (w).    Mar.,  1891-1908.    9  v.    Fe.    1909+ 

Founded  Oct.,  1863,  by  L.  E.  Smith,  under  title  of  Burlington  Standard, 
q.  v. ;  styled  Burlington  Standard  Democrat  after  March,  1886.  Publish- 
ers and  editors :  L.  E.  Smith,  1863-66 ;  Henry  L-  Devereux,  Aug.,  1866 — 
June,  1883  (with  J.  G.  Hamlin,  Oct.,  1874 — Dec,  1875)  ;  Michael  Wag- 
ner, 1883-86 ;  James  I.  Toner,  1886-89 ;  H.  E.  Zimmermann,  1889  to 
date.     Republican  till  1886 ;  since  then,  Democratic. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Burlington,  Wis.,  continued: 

Standard  Democrat   (w).    German  edition.    1897-June,   1898;    1899- 
Mar.,  1905.    4  v.     F«. 


Cambria  News  (w).    Oct.,  1895-97.    Fs.    1898-1909.    6  v.    F».    1910+: 

Founded  1883,  by  P.  F.  McMahon  and  G.  H.  Beyer ;  conducted  by  them 
two  years ;  George  King,  till  Sept.,  1887 ;  Peter  Williams  &  Son,  two 
years ;  O.  C.  Williams,  1889 — Sept.,  1893  ;  since  then,  J.  F.  Streeter.  Pub- 
lished in  both  English  and  Welsh,  in  1887.     County  option;  Republican. 


Campbellsport  News   (w).    June,  1908+    F«. 

Founded  1903.  Conducted  by  C.  E.  Broughton  till  1907;  Bulletin 
Printing  Co.,  1907— June,  1908;  W.  C.  Oviatt,  June,  1908 — May,  1910; 
since  then,  W.  J.  Sullivan.       Independent. 


Cashton  Record  (w).     19O3-1908.     3  v.    F«.    1909+ 

Founded  Dec,  1893  as  Cashton  Star,  by  J.  A.  Haines,  arid  sold  by  him 
to  his  son,  Frank,  in  1894.  Bought  by  E.  H.  Briggs  the  same  year,  and 
styled  Enterprise.  Published  by  E.  H.  Brown  and  J.  W.  Houghton,  1895- 
96 ;  Haines  &  Rudolph,  1896 ;  P.  J.  McManamy,1897-98.  Burned  out  in 
1898,  but  good-will  bought  by  O.  G.  Briggs,  and  paper  published  by  him 
till  1905 ;  since  then  by  E.  H.  Brown.  Styled  Cashton  Record,  since  1896. 


Cassville  Index  (w).    Mar.,  1888-90.    Ft.    1891-1909.    6  t.    Fe.    1910+ 
Founded  Mar.,  1888,, by  Charles  A.  DeWitt.    Bought  in  Aug.,  1889,  from 
DeWitt  &  DeWitt  by  John  Foley,  and  since  conducted  by  him.     Indepen- 


Cedarburg  Enterprise  (w).    Mar.,  lSSO-Apr.,  1881.    F«. 

Established  by  J.  W.  Hilgen ;  conducted  by  him,  Mar.,  1880 — Jan.,  1881 ; 
then  by  Frederick  Meyer,  under  title  of  Ozaukee  Co.  Enterprise. 

Cedarburg  Weekly   News.    1883-99.    6   v.    Ft.    1900-1909.    5   v.    P». 

Established  by  Frederick  W.  Horn ;  conducted  by  him  till  his  death, 
Jan.    1893  ;  since  then,  by  his  son,  Alexander  W.'  Horn.     Democratic. 


Centralia  Enterprise  and  Tribune  (w).    June,  1887-May,  1891;  Not., 
1892-94;   Apr.,  1900.     6  v.    Fe. 

Centralia  Enterprise  established  May,  1879,  by  C.  H.  Clark ;  conducted 
by  him  four  months ;  Henry  Hayden  till  his  death,  two  weeks  later,  his 
widow,  Harriet  Hayden,  till  Jan.,  1880 ;  E.  B.  Rossier,  1880 — June,  188T 




(in  partnership  with  C.  O.  Baker  during  1880)  ;  then  absorbed  Grand 
Rapids  Tribune,  q.  v.,  and  styled  Enterprise  and  Tribune;  conducted  by 
Rossier  and  E.  B.  Brundage  till  Apr.,  1892  ;  then  by  Brundage  and  W.  H. 
Luehr ;  interest  of  latter  sold  to  J.  N.  Brundage,  Dec,  1895.  Discontinued 
Apr.,  14,  1900,  when  Centralia  was  annexed  to  Grand  Rapids.  Sole) 
May  21,  1900,  to  Drumb  &  Sutor,  and  since  published  by  them  as  Grand 
Rapids  Tribune,  q.  v.     At  first  Greenback,  then  Democratic. 


Centuria  Outlook  (w).    Feb.,  1902-1909.    4  v.    F». 

,  Pounded  Feb.,  1902,  by  J.  R.  Love,  and  conducted  by  him  till  suspen- 

sion in  1909. 


Chetek  Alebt  (w).    Oct.,  1882-1910.    13  v.    Fe.    1911+ 

Pounded  Sept.,  1882,  by  Walter  Speed;  conducted  by  him  till  1900;  G. 
C.  Ellwood,  1900-1904 ;  since  then  by  L.  P.  Charles  and  J.  W.  Bell. 


Chilton  Times   (w).    Sept.  26,  1857.    Aug.,  1859-70.    3  v.    F«.    1871- 
92.     8  v.     Ft.     1893-1908.     8  v.    F«.    1909+ 

First  paper  in  Calumet  County ;  founded  Sept.,  1857,  by  C.  W.  Fitch 
and  John  P.  Hume;  in  May,  1858,  sold  to  Hume,  and  conducted  by  him 
till  his  death,  Aug.,  18S1  ;  his  sons,  W.  A.  and  John  P.  Hume,  till  Nov., 
1891 ;  since  then,  W.  A.  Hume      Democratic. 

Chippewa  Falls 


See  same  title  under  Fond  du  Lac. 

Catholic  Sentinel  (w).    Feb.,  1892-1909.    8  v.    F*>.    1910+ 

Founded  Aug.,  1889,  by  C.  F.  X.  Goldsmith,  under  title  of  Sentinel; 
styled  Catholic  Sentinel  since  Sept.,  1889,  and  published  by  Catholic  Sen- 
tinel Pub.  Co. ;  edited  by  Goldsmith  till  Nov.,  1890,  and  by  Arthur  Gough 
since  that  date.  Independent ;  religious  and  literary.  Has  contained 
numerous  articles  on  the  history,  manners,  and  customs  of  ancient  Ireland ; 
also,  articles  on  Wisconsin  history. 

Chippewa  Falls  Democrat  (w).    June,  1869-Nov.,  1872.    F?. 

Established  May.,  1869,  by  Democrat  Ptg.  Assn. ;  George  M.  Lambert, 
editor ;  in  following  January,  leased  by  Lambert  and  conducted  by  him 
three  years  (in  partnership  with  Gus  O.  Austin,  till  Nov.,  1871)  ;  absorbed 
Union  and  Times,  q.  v.,  Dec,  1869 ;  probably  suspended  about  Dec, 
1872.     Democratic. 

Chippewa  Herald  (w).  Feb.,  1870-74.  2  v.  F'.  1875-Mar.,  1876. 
F6.  Apr.,  1876- July,  1878.  Ft.  Aug.,  1878-1908.  15  v.  F«.  1909+ 
Founded  Jan.,  1870,  by  George  C.  Ginty ;  conducted  by  him  till  his 
deathv  Dec,  1890 ;  Mrs.  Flora  Ginty,  Dec,  1890— Feb.,  1892  (assisted  by 
Edward  Outhwaite  and  L.  J.  Rusk)  ;  Frank  L.  Perrin,  Feb.,  1892 — May, 
1893;  James  Hovey,  May,  1893— July,  1898.  Published  by  Herald  Ptg. 
Co.,  from  1889  till  July,  1898 ;  since  then  owned  and  edited  by  George  B. 

[  311  j 

Newspaper  Catalogue 

Chippewa  Falls,  Wis.,  continued: 

Dee.  In  1876  absorbed  Avalanche  (established  Jan.,  1874,  by  T.  F. 
Hollister)  ;  styled  Weekly  Herald  since  June,  1894 ;  has  issued  daily 
edition  since  that  date.  Republican.  File  for  Feb. — Dec,  1870  bound 
with  Union,  and  Times,  1867-69. 

Chippewa  County  Independent   (w).    1882-Sept,  1884.    F«. 

Founded  Apr.,  1881,  by  an  association  of  leading  citizens,  to  advocate 
reform  and  reduction  of  local  taxation ;  issued  by  Chippewa  Valley  Pub- 
lishing Co. ;  edited  by  Josiah  N.  Phillips  and  A.  J.  Hayward ;  interest  of 
Phillips  sold  to  T.  J.  Cunningham,  May,  1888,  and  L.  A.  Ingersoll  assumed 
management;  merged  in  Times,  q.  v.,  Dec,  1889.  Issued  daily  after  Sep- 
tember, 1887.  At  first,  non-partisan ;  after  purchase  by  Cunningham, 

Chippewa  Observer  (w).     1898-Oct.,  1899.    F«. 

Founded  1896  by  B.  C.  Taylor.     Suspended,  N6v.,  1899. 

Peoples'  Paper  (w).    Aug.-Nov.,  1894.    F".  ■•>•>-- 

Established  Aug.,  1894.  Organ  of  the  A.  R.  U.,  Farmers'  Alliance,  and 
other  local  unions ;  edited  by  R.  L.  Thornton.  Populist.  File  bound  with 
Wis.  Labor  Newspapers. 

Chippewa  Times  (w).     Dec,  1875-Mar.,  1877.     F6.     Apr.,  1877-84.    3  T. 
Ft.    1885-1908.     12  v.    Fs.     1909+ 

Established  Oct.,  1875,  by  T.  J.  Cunningham ;  published  one  year  by 
Cunningham  &  Luce ;  Hoffman  &  Cunningham  till  1878 ;  then  sold  to 
Chippewa  Valley  Pub.  Co. ;  edited  by  T.  J.  Cunningham.  Issued  daily 
during  summer  of  1888.       Democratic. 

Chippewa  Union  and  Times   (w).     1867- Jan.,  1869.    Ft. 

Chippewa  Valley  Union  founded  Sept.,  1861,  by  A.  K.  Gregg,  and  con- 
ducted by  him  till  Jan.,  1862 ;  James  Brackett,  after  Apr.,  1865  (in  part- 
nership with  I.  E.  Knapp  till  Mar.,  1866)  ;  united  with  Times,  Aug.,  1866, 
styled  Union,  and  Times;  conducted  by  Brackett  till  Jan.,  1869  (in  part- 
nership with  W.  J.  Whipple,  July — Dec,  1866 ;  and  with  Charles  M.  Mack, 
Feb.,  1867 — March,  1868)  ;  then  sold  to  Henry  Kelsey  and  Theodore  Cole- 
man, but  edited  by  Brackett ;  sold  by  them  Dec,  1869,  and  merged  in 
Chippewa  Falls  Democrat,  q.  v.  Republican  (except  under  Whipple,  Dem- 
ocrat) . 

Chippewa  Falls  Times  established  May,  1866,  by  W.  J..  Whipple ;  united 
with  Union  in  July  following. 


Maple  Valley  Educator  (w).    May  20;  July  1,  15,  1893. 

Founded  1893  by  Haybert  Hohn.  Populist.  File  bound  with  Wis. 
Labor  Newspapers. 

Clear  Lake 

North  Wisconsin  News  (w).    1878-June,  1883.    2  v.    F». 

Founded  Jan.,  1878,  by  E.  0.  Johnson  and  E.  P.  Huntington  ;  published 
by  them  till  Apr.,  1879  ;  Johnson  thereafter  (in  partnership  with  Alex- 
ander Russell,  Apr.,  1879 — Dec,  1881)  ;  removed  to  Hayward,  q.  v.,  June, 
1883.     Republican ;   also  advocated  temperance. 





Rock  County  Banner  (w).     Sept.,  1900-1908.     4  v.     Fo.     1909  + 

Founded  Mar.,  1888,  by  George  and  L.  S.  Wilcox ;  sold  by  them  Jan., 
1902,  to  William  Moore,  and  conducted  by  him  till  July,  1903  ;  since  then 
owned  by  F.  R.  Helmer.     Republican. 

Weekly  Herald.     Oct.,  1880-81;  Aug.,  1882-Oct,  1907.     11  v.     Fe. 

Founded  Sept.,  1880,  by  Stephen  Bowers,  as  successor  of  Rock  Co.  Re- 
publican (see  Independent,  note),  published  by  him  till  November,  1881; 
C.  C.  Marston,  about  six  months ;  Wallace  C.  Brown,  one  year ;  R.  W. 
Cheever,  May,  1883,  till  suspension,  Oct.,  1908.  Styled  Clinton  Herald 
during  first  two  years.  Published  articles  by  Bowers,  on  "Ancient 
Mounds  and  Earthworks  in  Wisconsin,"  June — July,  1881. 

Independent  (w).     1875-78.     F«.     1879-80.    F'. 

Founded  Nov.,  1874,  as  successor  of  Rock  Co.  Republican  (established 
1873),  by  Chet.  M.  Whitman  and  Curtis  M.  Treat;  conducted  by  them  till 
July,  1875  ;  Treat  alone,  till  Nov.,  1878 ;  then  sold  to  P.  H.  and  H.  S. 
Swift ;  styled  by  them  Rock  Co.  Republican,  Mar.,  1880 ;  suspended  in 
following  Sept.  Contains  articles  on  "History  of  Clinton,"  by  D.  G 
Cheever,   in   July-Sept.,   1876.     Independent  Republican. 

Weekly  Witness.    June,  1893-June,  1894.    F*. 

Established  June,  1893,  by  W.  L.  Springer  and  H.  C.  Rustad;  Springer 
alone,  after  Jan.,  1894  ;  apparently  suspended  in  following  July. 


Clintonvllle  Herald  (w).     Mar.-Oct.,  1879.    F°. 

With  Waupaca  Republican,  1878-80.  Founded  1878  by  Ratcliffe  & 
Waite,  and  conducted  by  them  till  Sept.,  1879  ;  HeTald  Co.,  in  Oct  No 
later  mention  in  Blue  Book. 


Langlade  Enterprise  (w).     Mar.-Aug.,  1876;  1877-May,  1878.    F«. 

Founded  Feb.,  1876.  by  James  A.  Parkhurst  and  —  Griffis;  after 
three  months,  conducted  by  Parkhurst  alone  until  Mar.,  1878 ;  then  sold 
to  T.  J .  Cleaver,  who  soon  afterwards  removed  it  to  Neillsville ;  in  May 
following,  merged  in  Republican  and  Press,  q.  v.  Styled  Enterprise,  after 
first  year.    Greenback. 

Phonograph  (w).    Feb.,  1879-86.    3  v.    F».    1887-94.    3  v.    F*.    1895- 
1907.     5  v.     F«.     1908+ 

Established  Sept.,  1878,  by  Samuel  J.  and  Joel  J.  Shafer ;  conducted  by 
them  to  date.     Independent  Democratic. 


Columbus  Democrat    (w).    Mar.,   1871-June,  1873;    1874-Nov.,   1887; 
7  v.  F«.     Nov.,  1887-99.     4  v.     F*.     1900-1903.    2  v.    F«. 

Established  Sept.,  1868,  by  Henry  D.  Bath,  as  successor  of  Transcript 
(founded  about  Jan.,  1865,  by  Valentine  Baltuff ;  suspended  Aug.,  1868)  ; 
conducted  by  him  till  his  death,  June,   1880  ;   his  widow    (H.   D.  James, 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Columbus,  Wis.,  continued: 

editor) ,  till  Oct.  following ;  George  Schlosser  and  Newton  H.  Ingersoll, 
less  than  one  year ;  H.  D.  James  (with  D.  W.  Bath,  a  few  months),  1881 — 
Aug.,  1887;  C.  C.  Eaton  (with  A.  C.  Parkinson,  1891— May,  1892),  till 
Oct.,  1899;  by  Henry  and  Fred  Berner,  Oct.,  1899— Sept.,  1901;  Weiler 
&  Thompson,  Sept.,  1901-1903 ;  L.  T.  Davies, ,  1903 — Mar.,  1907 ;  since 
then  by  George  E.  Bnnsa.  Published  historical  articles  on  "The  Portage 
and  Port  Winnebago,"  Mar.,  1871,  and  on  "History  of  Columbia  County," 
May— June,  1880. 

Republican  Journal  (w).    Feb.,  1855-60.    2  v.    F«. 

Founded  Jan.,  1855,  by  Daniel  Mallo  and  Delancey  L.  Thayer;  conduct- 
ed by  them  two  years;  continued  by  Mallo  till  June,  1861)  (in  partner- 
ship with  his  son,  Marcus  M.,  Mar.,  1859— Feb.,  1860)  ;  D.  H.  Pulcifer 
and  J.  F.  Hazelton,  June,  1861 — Apr.,  1862  ;  Hazelton,  till  the  following 
October ;  then  by  Daniel  Mallo,  till  his  death,  Oct.,  1864 ;  suspended  one 
week  later.    Styled  Columbus  Weekly  Journal,  after  May,  1861. 

Columbus  Weekly  Journal.    1861-63.    F<>. 

See  Republican  Journal. 

Columbus  Republican  (w).     Nov.,  1871-Oct,  1872.    Fa. 

Established  Oct.,  1868,  by  J.  E.  Decker ;  conducted  by  him  till  his 
death  in  1908 ;  since  then  by  Robert  C.  Leitsch.  Absorbed  Fall  River 
New  Era,  Mar.,  1912. 

Columbus  Union  Banneb  (w).    June-Aug.,  1862.    F». 

With  Columbus  Journal,  1861-63.  Established  June,  1862,  by  D.  H. 
Pulcifer ;  apparently  of  short  duration. 


Forest  Echo  (w).    Aug.,  1906-1908.    Ff>.    1909+ 

Founded  Aug.,  1906  by  Crandon  Ptg.  Co.,  and  since  published  by  them. 
Edited  by  D.  L.  Stanchfleld.    Progressive  Republican. 

Forest  Leaves  (w).     Apr.,  1885-Aug.,  1891.     2  v.    Fa. 

Founded  Apr.,  1885,  by  Samuel  Shaw  &  Co.,  at  Ayr  (village  name 
changed  to  Crandon,  June,  1885 1  ;  sold  to  M.  A.  Fay,  Oct.,  1886,  and  con- 
ducted by  him  till  his  death,  Mar.,  1888 ;  Mrs.  Mattie  Fay,  till  Nov.,  1889 ; 
then  purchased  by  William  J.  Neu,  and  removed  by  him  to  Three  Lakes, 
Dec,  1891.     Republican  under  Shaw ;  thereafter  Democratic. 

Forest  Republican  (w).    Oct.,  1886-1889.    Fb.    1890-1905.    8  V.    P». 

Founded  Oct.,  1886,  iby  Samuel  Shaw  &  Co.,  and  published  by  them  to 
date;  edited  by  Samuel  and  Ii.  P.  Shaw  till  1906.  Since  then  conducted? 
by  J.  H.  Brady  &  Co.       Republican  and  temperance. 


Ceanbebbt  Grower  (m).    1904-July,  1905.    F*. 

Founded  1903  by  Cranberry  Grower  Pub.  Co.    Edited  by  W.  H.  Fitch. 





Cudahy  Times  (w).    Oct.,  1893— Mar.,  1894,  21  nos.  F«. 

Established  by  William  H.  and  Sheridan  H.  McElroy  ;  suspended  within 
six  months.     File  bound  with  Wis.  Labor  Newspapers,  1890-94. 


Cumberland   Advocate    (w).    Aug.,  1890-92.    Fi.    1893.    F«.    1894-95. 
Ft.     1896-1909.     8  v.    F«.     1910+ 

Founded  June,  1881,  by  C.  H.  Clark  and  M.  P.  Morris,  under  title  of 
Cumberland  Herald;  styled  Cumberland  Advocate  since  Mar.,  1885.  Pub- 
lishers and  editors :  C.  H.  Clark  and  M.  P.  Morris,  June — Sept.,  1881 ; 
Morris  and  C.  A.  Lamereaux,  Sept.,  1881 — Dec.,  1883  ;  Morris  alone,  till 
Mar.,  1884 ;  L.  L.  Gunderson,  Mar. — July,  1884  ;  Gunderson  and  A.  F. 
Wright,  July — Nov.,  1884  ;  Gunderson  alone,  Nov.,  1884 — Apr.,  1885 ;  S. 
S.  Hull,  till  Jan.,  1886 ;  succeeded  by  Cumberland  Publishing  Co. ;  H.  S. 
Comstock  and  David  Russell,  Nov.,  1886 — Sept.,  1887 ;  Comstock  alone  till 
July,  1888 ;  T.  F.  Ball,  July— Sept.,  1888 ;  Ball  and  F.  F.  Morgan,  Sept., 
1888— Sept.,  1889  ;  Morgan  alone  till  Oct.,  1900 ;  T.  O.  Mason,  Oct.,  1900 — 
Oct.,  1906  ;  since  then,  H.   S.  Comstock.       Republican. 

New  Wisconsin   (m).     March,  1896-March,  1897.    Ft. 

Founded  Mar.,  1896,  to  encourage  immigration  into  Barron  County.  Con- 
ducted by  H.  S.  Comstock  until  suspension,  March,  1897. 


Dale  Recorder  (w).    Aug.,  1899-1909.    5  v.    F».    1910+ 

Founded  Aug.,  1899,  by  F.  H.  Voshardt,  and  conducted  by  him  till  Nov  ; 
J.  Seftenberg,  Nov.,  1899— Oct.,  1903  ;  since  then,  H.  Mallon  &  Co.  Inde- 


Darien  News  (w).    Apr.  26,  1859. 

Established  by  O.  H.  Gilbert,  Aug.,  1858 ;  published  later  by  Hotchkisa 
&  Leland.     Republican. 


Democrat  (w).     Nov.,  1866-1909.     19  v.     F«.     1910+ 

Successor  of  Shnilsburg  Southwestern  Local,  q.  v. ;  established  Nov., 
1865,  by  James  R.  Rose,  under  title  of  LaFayette  Go.  Democrat;  within 
three  months,  came  Into  the  hands  of  James  G.  Knight,  who  conducted 
it  till  Mar.,  1888  (with  Miles  F.  Tully,  Jan — Aug.,  1887)  ;  then  sold  to 
Ed.  T.  and  Henry  W.  Barnes,  who  conducted  it  till  Dec,  1893  ;  then  sold 
to  Democrat  Publishing  Co.,  and  edited  by  F.  J.  McConnell  till  Jan.,  1901 ; 
since  then  by  L.  B.  Howery.  Absorbed  Democratic  Register,  q.  v.,  May, 
1888.  Styled  Democrat,  Oct.,  1882 — May,  1888 ;  then  became  Democrat 
and  Register;  since  1890,  Darlington  Democrat. 

Darlington  Journal  (w).    Sept.,  1887- Jan.,  1900.    7  v.    F». 

Founded  Dec,  1885,  by  Henry  Lovejoy  Brown  ;  conducted  by  him  1885— 
Jan.,  1900 ;  then  consolidated  with  Darlington  Republican,  q.  v.  Sinca 
styled  Republican  Journal  and  conducted   by   Monahan.     Republican. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Dablington,  Wis.,  continued: 

Democratic  Kegisteb  (w).    Nov.,  1885-May,  1888.     Ft. 

Established  Not.,  1885,  by  Frank  A.  Lewis  and  James  E.  Rose ;  in  Mar., 
1886,  purchased  by  Rose,  and  conducted  by  him  (in  partnership  with  Miles 
F.  Tully,  Aug. — Dec,  1886.)  till  May,  1888,  when  it  was  merged  in  the 
Democrat,  q.  t. 

Darlington   Republican    (w).     Feb.,   1871-91.     7  v.     Fr.     1892-Jan., 
1900.     5  v.    Fa. 

Founded  May,  1861,  by  H.  H.  Gray  and  J.  E.  Duncan,  under  the  title 
of  LaFayette  Co.  Independent;  edited  by  Gray  till  Mar.,  1864,  and  pub- 
lished by  J.  C.  Rutledge  &  Co.,  1863 — Mar.,  1864 ;  then  suspended.  Re- 
vived in  April,  by  F.  S.  Haughawout,  and  conducted  by  him  till  Jan., 
1865,  then  continued  as  La  Fayette  Co.  Union;  conducted  by  Haughawoui 
three  months ;  A.  F.'  Dickinson,  five  months ;  Dickinson  and  J.  E.  Duncan, 
Aug.,  1865 — Apr.,  1867  ;  Duncan  alone,  till  Aug.,  1869  (styled  by  him 
Republican,  in  Apr.,.  1869)  ;  Duncan  and  Charles  R.  Hamstreet,  two 
months ;  Hamstreet  and  W.  L.  Abbott,  till  Mar.,  1870 ;  Abbott  (in  part- 
nership with  M.  J.  Minor,  two  months ;  and  with  E.  T.  and  Walter  J. 
Wrigglesworth,  June,  1870 — Apr.,  1872),  Mar.,  1870^r-Apr.,  1872;  W.  J, 
Wrigglesworth,  Apr.,  1872 — Mar.,  1878;  James  and  Edward  H.  Bintlift, 
Apr.,  1878 — Apr.,  1883 ;  E.  H.  Bintliff  and  J.  G.  Monahan,  two  years', 
Monahan  alone  till  Jan.,  1900 ;  then  merged  with  Darlington  Republican 
q.  v.     Styled  Darlington  Republican  since  July,  1879. 

Republican-Joubnal  (w).    Jan.,  1900KL909.    5  v.    Fs.    1910+ 
Consolidation  of  Republican  and  Journal,  q.  v. 


Deerfield  Enterprise  (w).     Sept.,  1892-95   (incomp.);   1896-Aug.,  1898. 

3  v.    Fs. 

Founded  July,  1891,  by  J.  S.  Callahan,  under  title  of  Deerfield  Tobacco 
Journal;  suspended,  Apr.,  1892.  Revived  two  weeks  later  by  Walter 
Mayer,  as  Deerfield  Enterprise;  conducted  by  him,  till  Aug.,  1893 ;  B.  S. 
Holman,  Aug. — Dec,  1894 ;  after  Dec,  1894,  Nels  Holman ;  published  by 
I.  A.  and  W.  T.  Hoxie,  till  suspended  in  fall  of  1899.  Styled  Enterprise- 
Leader  after  Dec,  1898. 

Deerfield  Tobacco  Herald  (w).    Sept.,  1885-Apr.,  1888.    F?. 

Established  Sept.,  1885,  by  C.  L.  Hubbs;  J.  L.  Crump,  local  editor; 
merged  in  Lake  Mills  Leader,  Apr.,  1888. 

De  Forest 

De  Forest  Times  (w).    1897-1908.    6  v.    F«.    1909-f 

Founded  1895  by  Anthon  Nelson  and  his  son,  E.  C.  Meland  (Times  Pub. 
Co.).  Since  Nelson's  death  in  1907,  owned  by  Meland.  Edited  and  man- 
aged by  Theodore  Holum.     Independent. 


Delavan  Entebpeise   (w).    Aug.,  1878-93.    5  v.    F?.    1894-1909.    8  V. 
F«.    1910+ 

Established  Aug.,  1878,  by  Clarence  R.  Conable,  as  successor  of  Sharon 
Inquirer,  q.  v.,   and  of  Delavan  Tribune   (founded  Mar.,  1878,  by  Frank 




I  P.  Howard)  ;  conducted  by  him  till  June,  1880  (in  partnership  with  B.  W. 

Conable  after  first  year)  ;  E.  W.  Conable,  July,  1880 — May,  1883  (with 
A.  O.  Conable  after  1881)  ;  then  sold  to  H.  T.  Sharp  and  styled  Enter- 
prise;  conducted  by  him  till  Sept.,  1893 ;  Grant  D.  Harrington,  P.  M. 
Stevens,  E.  J.  Scott,  W.  C.  Dean,  successively,  till  1907  ;  since  then,  W.  T. 
Passage.       Republican. 

American  Industrial  Journal  (q).    Jan.,  1906-Dec,  1910.    Q. 

Pounded  Jan.,  1906,  by  Warren  Robinson,  and  conducted  by  him  till 
suspension,  Jan.,  1911. 

Kris  Kbingle.    Christmas,  1892. 

Wisconsin  Messenger   (w).    Aug.,  1856-June,  1857.    F?. 

Established  at  Janesvllle,  Dec,  1855,  under  title  of  Family  Messenger, 
by  William  M.  Doty ;  removed  hither  Aug.,  1856,  by  Doty  and  Joseph 
Baker ;  the  latter  sold  his  interest  to  Doty  four  months  later,  but  con- 
tinued as  editor  till  April,  1857,  when  J.  W.  Lawton  became  Doty's  part- 
ner ;  published  after  Mar.,  1858,  by  Lawton  and  H.  L.  Devereux,  under 
title  of  Northron,  q.  v. ;  Interest  of  Devereux  sold  to  P.  H.  Conkling,  May, 
1859 ;  continued  by  him  and  Lawton  till  May,  1860,  then  suspended.  Re- 
vived immediately  by  L.  T.  Guernsey  (inventor  of  Guernsey  power  press), 
under  title  of  Walworth  Co.  Journal  (second  paper  of  that  name)  ;  but 
suspended  Oct.,  1860.  Stlyed  Delavan  Messenger,  Feb.,  1857.  Republi- 
can ;  also  advocated  temperance  and  other  reforms. 

Northron  (w).     Aug.  31,  1859. 
See  Wis.  Messenger,  note. 

Delavan  Republican  (w).  Apr.,  1868-92.  8  v.  Ft.  1893-1908.  8  T. 
Fa.     1909  + 

Founded  Oct.,  1863 ;  conducted  by  N.  D.  Wright,  Oct.,  1867 — Sept., 
1874  (in  partnership  during  first  six  months  with  A.  J.  Woodbury) ; 
Frank  Leland,  seven  months ;  G.  B.  Tallman,  Apr.,  1875 — Mar.,  1881 ; 
Wilbur  G.  Weeks,  1881 — July,  1908 ;  A.  S.  Hearn,  July,  1908— Oct.,  1909 ; 
since  then  by  Maurice  Morrissey.  Progressive  Republican.  Absorbed 
Delavan  Patriot,  near  close  of  1864. 

Patriot  established  Nov.,  1861,  by  E.  G.  Wheeler  and  G.  S.  Utter;  sold 
by  Wheeler  to  John  Hotchkiss,  Sept.,  1863  ;  merged  in  Republican,  1864. 
Independent  Republican,  at  first ;  soon  became  Democratic ;  under  Hotch- 
kiss, Republican. 

Wisconsin  Times  (w;  s-m).    1885-1907.    9  v.    F4.    1908+ 

Publisbed  by  teachers  and  pupils  of  Wis.  School  for  Deaf.  Established 
1878,  under  title  of  Press,  by  Supt.  W.  H.  DeMotte ;  edited  by  Miss  N.  E. 
Derby,  a  pupil ;  issued  at  first  irregularly,  then  weekly  for  many  years, 
and  since  1901,  semi-monthly.  Continued  under  title  of  Modem  Times  (w> 
by  Supt.  J.  W.  Swiler,  Sept.,  1880 ;  styled  Wis.  Dea]-Mute  Times,  1881- 
87,  and  Wisconsin  Times  since  1887.  Edited  by  N.  E.  Derby,  1878-81; 
Charles  A.  Lemmers,  1882-83 ;  Fred  Stickles,  1883-84  ;  Charles  E.  Badger, 
1884-91  ;  F.  E.  Pratt,  Apr. — June,  1891 :  W.  T.  Passage,  Sept.,  1891 — 
June,  1895 ;  since  Sept.,  1895,  by  F.  C.  Larsen.  Non-political ;  educational 
and  literary,  and  a  medium  of  communication  with  friends  of  the  school. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Wisconsin,  continued: 

De  Pere 

Brown  County  Democrat   (w).    1896-1908.    6  v.    F«.    1909-f 

Founded  1877.  Published  by  F.  Meyer  &  Bros.,  1887-90;  since  then, 
by  Hegeman  &  Kuypers ;   edited  by  John  A.  Kuypers. 

De  Pere  Facts  (w).    Feb.,  1879-81.    F«. 

Established  by  J.  A.  Comerford,  Jan.,  1877 ;  suspended  at  end  of  five 
weeks ;  revived  in  Mar.,  by  D.  B.  Hickey  and  continued  till  Nov.,  1883 ; 
then  sold  to  Steele  &  Bates,  and  styled  Twin  City  Index;  conducted  by 
Steele  one  year,  then  sold  to  P.  P.  Walsh. 

De   Pere  News    (w).    1873-83;    1885-91.    6  v.    Ft.    1892-1908.    9  v. 
Fs.     1909+ , 

Established  Apr.,  1871,  by  P.  R.  Proctor ;  conducted  by  him  till  June, 
1883 ;  Charles  Proctor,  till  1890  (in  partnership  with  Ed.  S.  White,  June, 
1883-84;  with  J.  C.  Hill,  1885-86;  with  Paul  L.  Halline,  1886-90); 
since  then,  by  Halline  (with  H.  S.  Marvin,  1890-92 ;  with  F.  C.  Hase,  1892 
■ — 1898).  Absorbed  Fort  Howard  Herald,  q.  v.,  Sept.,  1878;  styled  Depere 
News  and  Brown  Co.  Herald,  1878-84.  Republican  (except  1883-84,  when 

JRecht  door  Zee  (w .     Dutch.     Jan.-May,  1882,  8  nos.     O. 

Founded  Nov.,   1881,  by  P.  J.  Cautereels   and  Anton  Boex ;   suspended 

May,  1882.     Humorous. 

De  Soto 

De  Soto  Chronicle  (w).    June,  1886TAug.,  1889.    Fs. 

Established  June,  1886,  by  Clemence  A.  Comstock  and  Elmer  Dunlap ; 
after  five  weeks  sold  to  Fred  Z.  Alexander ;  conducted  by  him  till  Oct., 
1888 ;  then  by  Dan  J.  Kalhar ;  purchased  in  Mar.,  1889,  by  Frank  A.  Carr ; 
removed  in  following  Aug.  to  Soldiers'  Grove,  and  merged  in  Kickapoo 
Transcript,  q.  v.  Contains  series  of  articles  descriptive  of  second  battle 
of  Bad  Axe,  by  C.  V.  Porter,  Jan. — Feb.,  1887 ;  also  "Reminiscences,"  by 
C.  B.  Whiting,  Oct.,  1887 — Aug.,  1888.       Republican. 

Vernon  County  Leader  (w).    Feb.,  1875-Apr.,  1876.    F*. 

Founded  Apr.,  1872,  by  Byron  J.  Castle  and  C.  L.  Ingersoll ;  conducted 
by  Castle  till  Apr.,  1876  (in  partnership  with  M.  W  vparker,  Sept.,  1875— 
Mar.,  1876)  ;  then  suspended.  Styled  De  Soto  Leader  till  June,  1875. 
Independent  Republican.  File  bound  with  Wisconsin  Independent,  1875 


Iowa  County  Advocate  (w).    Sept.  10-24,  1859. 

First  paper  in  Dodgeville ;  established  by  a  stock  company,  Aug.,  1858, 
and  edited  by  Francis  J.  Rowe ;  conducted  by  him  two  years  (aided  by 
James  A.  Slye  during  last  three  months)  ;  E.  Wood  Cornes,  Sept.,  1860 — 
May,  1861 ;  then  sold  to  Wrigglesworth  &  Blodgett ;  after  Apr.,  1862, 
conducted  by  John  Cowan,  and,  in  Sept.  following  styled  Chronicle,  q.  r. 

■     [318] 



Dodgeville  Chronicle   (w).    Sept.,  1863-76.    4  v.    Fa.    1877-81.    2  v. 
Ft.     1882-1910.     14   v.     Fa.     1911+ 

Successor  of  Iowa  Co.  Advocate,  q.  v. ;  conducted  by  John  Cowan,  Sept., 
1862 — July,  1863  ;  then  sold  to  Rufus  Crosby  and  W.  J.  Wrigglesworth, 
and  conducted  by  them  till  Sept.,  1865  ;  by  Wrigglesworth  until  Feb.,  1874 
(in  partnership  with  W.  L.  Abbott,  Sept.,  1868 — Oct.,  1869 ;  thereafter, 
with  E.  T.  Wrigglesworth)  ;  A.  S.  Hearn,  Feb.,  1874— Sept.,  1907  ;  since 
then,  Bray  &  Reese.  Absorbed  Independent,  published  by  Frank  A.  Carr. 
Contains  these  features  of  special  interest :  Poems  in  Cornish  dialect,  Aug. 
— Dec,  1867,  and  July  31,  1868 ;  series  of  scientific  articles  on  lead  region 
and  Lake  Superior  mines,  by  John  Murrish,  State  geologist,  July,  1871 — 
Feb.,  1872  ;  history  of  Iowa  County  and  town  railroad  bonds  (two  papers, 
the  second  by  Moses  M.  Strong),  Mar.  31,  Apr.  7,  July  14,  1871.  Repub- 

Ens  and  Stab  (w).     1889-91.     Ft.    1892-1895.     3  v.    Fa. 

Successor  of  Star  and  Arena  Rural  Eye,  q.  v. ;  owned  by  A.  McArthur, 
and  edited  by  M.  D.  Peavy ;  sold  to  Charles  Halverson  and  Charles  Owens, 
Dec,  1895,  and  styled  New  Star,  q.  v.  Conducted  by  A.  MacArthur,  1897 — 
Jan.,  1899  ;  E.  Kemsley  Golden,  Jan.,  1899 — 1901 ;  Republic  Ptg.  Co.,  a 
few  months ;  M.  A.  Richardson,  Aug.,  1902— Jan.,  1905  ;  I.  L.  Morrison, 
Jan.,  1905 — Mar.,  1906,  when  consolidated  with  Sun,  q.  v.  as  Sun— Repub- 
lic. Independent  Prohibition ;  under  Peavy,  endorsed  many  Populist 
doctrines.       Since  1899,  Republican. 

New  Stae  (w).     Dec,  1895-May,  1900.     3  v.    Fa. 
Successor  of  Bye  and  Star,  q.  v. 

Iowa  County  Republic    (w).    May,  1900-Dec,  1904.    2  v.    Fa.    Dec, 
1904-Mar.,  1906.    F?. 
See  New  Star. 

Dodgeville  Stab  (w).     Dec,  1883-Mar.,  1886.    Fa. 

Successor  (Nov.,  1883)  of  Arena  Star,  q.  v. ;  conducted  by  O.  C.  Smith 
till  Mar.,  1886,  then  suspended ;  materials  and  subscription  list  purchased 
by  A.  McArthur  in  following  May,  and  in  Sept.,  1889,  united  with  Rural 
Eye;  continued  as  Eye  and  Star,  q.  v.     Democratic. 

Dodgeville    Sun    (w).    Feb.,    1882-July,   1888;    Not.,   1895kNov.,   1904. 

7  v.     Fa.     Dec,  1904-Mar.,  1906.     Ft. 

Founded   July,  1881,   by  J.   Wilson  Frost  and Thomas ;  owned  for 

several  years  by  Archibald  McArthur  (in  partnership  with  Byron  Jones, 
Aug..  1S8S,  till  some  time  in  1885;  with  Charles  E.  Wells,  Apr. — Oct., 
1888).  Edited  by  O.  C.  Smith,  July,  1882 — Aug.,  1883;  E.  C.  Stevens, 
Aug.,  188:! — Jan.,  1884  ;  then  by  Thomas  W.  Parr,  six  months,  and  other 
men  at  various  times.  Sold  to  Frank  A.  Carr,  Apr.,  1891 ;  owned  and 
conducted  by  J.  T.  Boyle  and  W.  E.  Holt,  Oct.,  1895 — June,  1902  ;  Rich- 
ardson &  Hodden.  June,  1902 — Sept.,  1904 ;  Morrison  &  Hodden,  Sept.,  1904 
—May.,  1908  ;  since  then  by  W.  J.  Pearce  and  Frank  W.  Hodden ;  edited 
by  the  latter  since  June,  1902.  Consolidated,  Mar.,  1906,  with  Iowa 
County  Republican  and  since  styled  Dodgeville  Sun-Republic,  q.  v.  Dem- 

Sun-Republic  (w).    Mar.,  1906-1909.    2  v.    Fa.    1910+ 
See  Dodgeville  Sun. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Wisconsin,  continued: 


Pepin  County  Coubieb   (w).     1878-July,  1888.     4  v.     Fs.     July,   1888- 

1908.     10  v.    Fe.     1909+ 

Established  by  W.  H.   Huntington,   Dec,   1877,   and  conducted  by  him 

till  1885 ;  J.  D.  Bldridge  and  Morsbach,  1885-89 ;  Huntington,  1889- 

91  (with  Morsbach,  1890-91);  Eldridge,  1891 — Mar.,  1908;  since  then 
by  his  widow.  Absorbed  Durand  times,  q.  v.,  December,  1878,  and  styled 
Courier  and  Times  till  Dec,  1879.     Republican. 

Entering  Wedge   (w).    July,  1893-1908.     7  v.  F<>.     1909+ 

Founded  July,  1893,  by  C.  A.  Ingram  and  John  N.  Kirk ;  conducted  by 
Ingram  (in  partnership  with  Kirk,  till  Apr.,  1894 ;  with  James  W.  Lloyd, 
one  year;  since  Mar.,  1895,  with  Leroy  A.  Goodrich)  till  Jan.,  1902;  L.  A. 
Goodrich,  Jan.,  1902 — Mar.,  1904;  Wedge  Pub.  Co.  (Goodrich  &  Barton), 
Mar.,  1904 — Mar.,  1908 ;  Entering  Wedge  Co.  (Ingram,  E.  Barton  and 
L.  N.  Poquette),  Mar.,  1908 — July,  1909,  when  Ingram  retired.  Bought 
Sept.  1,  1909,  by  August  Ender  and  family  and  since  conducted  by  him. 
Absorbed  (May,  1911),  a  newly-founded  paper,  Plum  City  News.  Contains 
series  of  articles,  "Pioneers  of  Chippewa  Valley,"  Mar. — Apr.,  1894.  Re- 

Pepin  County  News  and  Pepin  Star  (w).    Apr,,  1904-June,  1906.    2  v.   F«. 
See  Pepin  Star. 

Durand  Times  (w).     Mar.,  1870-78.     3  v.     F«. 

First  paper  in  Durand ;  established  Oct.,  1861,  by  Myron  A.  Shaw,  under 
title  of  Home  Mirror;  conducted  by  him  one  year  (in  partnership  with 
W.  W.  Wood,  Mar. — Oct.,  1862)  ;  sold  to  George  Van  Waters,  Oct.,  1862; 
two  months  later,  style  Alembic,  but  early  in  1863  became  Durand  Times; 
conducted  by  Van  Waters  till  June  1869  (in  partnership  with  Sidney  A. 
Foster  during  last  sis  months)  ;  then  sold  to  Foster  and  J.  D.  Powers; 
after  Feb.,  1870,  conducted  by  Foster  alone,  till  Oct.,  1873 ;  W.  H.  H. 
Huntington,  .Oct.,  1873— June,  1876  ;  W.  H.  H.  Matteson,  till  Not.,  1878 ; 
office  then  destroyed  by  fire,  and  subscription  list  soon  after  transferred  to 
Pepin  Co.  Courier.  Styled  Durand  "Weekly  Times  after  Apr.,  1871.  Re- 

Eagle  River 

Eagle  River  Democbat  (w).     Apr.,  1893-Aug.,  1896.     2  v.    Fa. 

Founded  Apr.,  1893 ;  published  by  Democrat  Ptg.  Co.  and  edited  by 
James  R.  Howe  ;  in  following  September,  leased  to  G.  W.  Small  and  H.  B. 
Carpenter,  and  conducted  by  them  till  Feb.,  1894 ;  Carpenter  alone,  four 
months ;  R.  G.  Sherwood,  June,  1894 — Jan.,  1895  ;  Democrat  Ptg.  Co. 
(edited  by  C.  F.  Colman)  till  1896.  Since  then  styled  Vilas  Count]/  News, 
q.  v. ;  owned  by  D.  E.  Riordan  till  1906 ;  since  then  by  Rogers  Ptg.  Co. 

Vilas  County  News  (w).    Aug.,  1896-1905.     5  v.     Fa. 
Successor  of  Eagle  River  Demdcrat,  q.  v. 

Eagle  River  Vindioatob  (w).    Jan.-July,  1887.     Fs. 

Established  Dec,  1886,  by  P.  O'Brien;  published  by  him  till  fall  of 
1887;  then  by  O.  B.  Moon,  till  July,  1890,  when  sold  to  Samuel  Shaw 
and  removed  to  Rhinelander,  q.  v. 



East  Troy- 
East  Troy  Gazette  (w).     1880-Aug.,  1882.    P«. 

Established  Aug.,  1879,  by  F.  D.  Craig ;  sold  by  him  to  C.  A.  Cook,  July, 
1880,  and  edited  by  H.  W.  Metcalt  till  June  1881 ;  then  purchased  by  Craig 
and  edited  by  him  till  May,  1882 ;  then  leased  to  William  Habernleht,  who 
conducted  it  till  suspension  in  1883. 

American  Merino  (m).    Vol.  1.    Jan.-Nov.,  1882.    F*;  Q. 
See  same  title  under  Mazomanie. 

Eau  Claire 

TSee  also  West  Eau  Claire] 
Eau  Claire  Argtjs   (w).     May,  1879-Feb.,  1881.    F«. 

Established  May,  1879,  by  R.  H.  Copeland ;  after  July,  1880,  published 
by  stock  company,  and  edited  by  Copeland  ;  issued  daily  after  Apr.,  1880 ; 
concern  suspended,  Mar.,  1881. 

Eau  Claire  Free  Press  (w).    Apr.  28,  1859;  Apr.,  1867-May,  1889.    7  v. 
Ft.     May,  1889-1900.     6  v.     F8. 

Same   (d).     Nov.,  1883— May,  1885.     2  v.     Ft. 

Founded  Aug.,  1858,  by  Charles  G.  Patterson ;  conducted  by  him  about 
eight  months  ;  Gilbert  E.  Porter,  May,  1859,  till  about  May,  1864  (in  part- 
nership with  E.  G.  Benjamin,  Apr. — June,  1860)  ;  office  then  destroyed  by 
fire.  Continued  by  John  B.  and  H.  M.  Stocking ;  again  burned  out,  Jan., 
1866 ;  revived  two  months  later,  and  conducted  by  the  Stockings  until 
Dec,  1869 ;  J.  M.  Brackett,  1870 — Apr.,  1875  (in  partnership  with  Rodman 
Palmer,  1870 — July,  1871 ;  with  John  Hunner,  Dec,  1872 — Apr.,  1875)  ; 
then  by  Free  Press  Printing  Co.,  till  1881 ;  edited  successively  by  Brackett, 
Charles  L.  James  (son  of  G.  P.  R.  James,  English  novelist),  and  J.  A. 
Whitmore.  Continued  by  J.  H.  Keyes  and  J.  H.  Waggoner,  1881-87 ; 
Waggoner  alone,  till  Mar.,  1890 ;  H.  C.  Ashbaugh  till  Dec,  1901,  when  It 
was  absorbed  by  Eveniny  Telegram,  q.  v.  Daily  established  Jan.,  1873. 
Issued  German  edition,  styled  Freie  Presse,  to  advocate  Interests  of  Chip- 
pewa Valley  (beginning  in  May,  1873).  Absorbed  Dec,  1860,  Chippewa 
Valley  Pioneer  (established  July,  1859,  at  Chippewa  Falls,  and  conducted 
by  Arthur  W.  Delany)  ;  and  in  Apr.,  1880,  Western  Tribune  (founded  May, 
1879,  by  C.  S.  Ellison,  at  Eau  Claire).  Published  series  of  articles,  "Chip- 
pewa  Valley  History,"  by  Thomas  E.  Randall,  May,  1874 — Feb.,  1875. 

Gazette  (w).    Oct.,  1896— July,  1898  (incomp.).    Fe. 

Founded  1886  as  Workman's  Gazette,  by  George  W.  Williams,  and  con- 
ducted by  him  till  1891 ;  George  W.  Gilkey,  1891-92  ;  Horace  L.  Whittier, 
1895 — May,  1898,  when  he  enlisted,  leaving  A.  J.  Carmack  as  editor.  No 
later  mention  In  Blue  Book. 


See  Augusta  Herald,  note. 

Eau  Claire  I^eadeb  (d).    Aug.— Dec,  1883.    Ft.    1884-85;   Jan. — Apr., 
1900;   Nov.,  1905-1910.     17  v.     F«.     1911+ 

Founded  May,  1881  (d  and  w),  probably  by  W.  H.  Lamb;  later,  pub- 
lished by  Leader  Pub.  Co.   (E.  M.  Bartlett,  George  A.  Barry,  and  others), 

21— N.  C.  [  321  ] 

Newspaper  Catalogue 

Eau  Claire,  Wis.,  continued: 

till  Nov.,  1884 ;  then  leased  to  Saunders  &  Stone  for  one  year,  and  W.  K. 
Atkinson  and  S.  W.  Braekett,  from  Nov.,  1885 ;  since  then,  conducted  by 
Atkinson,  as  manager  of  Leader  Pub.  Co.,  and  edited  by  Percy  C.  Atkinson. 
Independent  till  Aug.,  1888 ;  since  then,  Democratic. 

Eau  Claire  Weekly  Leader.     May,  1889— Aug.,   1892;   Mar.,  1895-1898. 
4  v.    Ft.    1899— June,  1905.     4  v.    Fe. 

Sunday  Leadeb.     1893— Aug.,  1894.    F7.     Sept.,  1895-96.    Fe. 

New  North  Wisconsin  (bi-m).    Apr. — Aug.,  1896.    F. 

Organ  of  N.  Wis.  Immigration  and  Improvement  Assn.  Published  by  J. 
H.  Petterbridge. 


See  West  Eau  Claire. 

Reform  (w).    Norwegian.     Oct.,  1895— Aug.,  1896.    Fe. 

Established  Jan.,  1886,  as  successor  of  Chicago  Afholdsbladet  (founded 
in  1884  j  ;  edited  by  Ole  B.  Olson,  1889 — Apr.,  1903 ;  since  then  by  Walde- 
mar  Ager.  Now  issued  by  Fremad  Pub.  Co.  (F.  L.  Trousdal,  president  In 
1898;  Kev.  Olaf  Refsdal  in  1910).  Advocates  prohibition;  organ  of  Skan- 
dinaviske  Fcallesselskab  of  Wisconsin  and  Minnesota. 

Evening  Telegram  (d).    Feb.,  1895-1910.    42  v.    Fe.    1911+ 

Same  (w).     Sept.,  1898-1905.     4  v.     Fe. 

Established  Dec,  1894,  by  William  Irvine ;  sold  by  him  to  William  P. 
Welch  and  Albert  J.  Rich,  Sept.,  1895 ;  two  months  later,  sold  to  stock 
company  (Welch,  George  A.  Barry,  and  Charles  W.  Fiske),  and  since  con- 
ducted by  them  (Telegram  Pub.  Co.). 

Toiler  (m).    Apr.,  1904. 
Founded  Mar.,  1904. 


Wisconsin  Tobacco  Reporter    (w).    May,  1876— Apr.,  1885.    3  v.    F*. 
Apr.,  1885-1909.     12  v.     Fe.     1910+ 

Founded  Dec,  1874,  as  Edgerton  Independent;  after  Apr.,  1877,  styled 
Wis.  Tobacco  Reporter.  Published  by  W.  F.  Tousley,  Dec,  1874,  till  his 
death  in  1881  (in  partnership  with  F.  E.  Tousley  during  1875)  ;  since  then 
by  F.  W.  Coon.  Devoted  to  interests  of  tobacco-raisers  and  dealers ;  also 
gives  local  news.     Independent. 

Edgerton  Union.    June  7,  July  12,  1866. 
With  Rock  County  Papers,  1860-70. 


Blade  (w).    May,  1891-Nov.,  1905.     7  v.     Fe. 

Established  Apr.,  1891,  by  Charles  E.  Badger;  conducted  by  him  to  date 
(in  partnership  with  B.  3.  Curtis,  Sept. — Dec,  1892  ;  since  then,  with 
Henry  H.  Tubbs).     Prohibitionist. 




Elkhorn  Consebvatob  (m).    Oct.,  1857. 

Published  by  Otis  Preston  ;  in  magazine  form,  28  pages ;  has  much  valu- 
able information  about  Elkhorn  and  vicinity.     But  one  number  issued. 

Walworth  County  Democrat  (w).    Jan.  19,  1848. 

Elkhorn  Independent  (w).  Aug.  28,  1857.  Aug.,  1859-68.  4  v.  F«. 
1869— July,  1874.  2  v.  Fr.  1875.  Fa.  1882-1900.  8  V.  Ft. 
1901-1908.     4  v.     F«.     1909+ 

Established  May,  1854,  by  Edgar  J.  Farnum,  as  Walworth  Co.  Inde- 
pendent; sold  by  him,  one  year  later,  to  James  Densmore,  and  styled 
Elkhorn  Independent ;  conducted  by  him  till  June,  1857  (most  of  that  time 
in  partnership  with  John  Hotchkiss)  ;  then  absorbed  Geneva  Express,  q.  v., 
Densmore  selling  his  interest  to  Frank  Leland  and  George  S.  Utter  (the 
latter  retiring  after  a  few  weeks).  Continued  by  Hotchkiss  and  Leland 
till  Feb.,  1861 ;  Leland  till  July,  1874  (in  partnership  with  S.  F.  Bennett, 
1861-64)  ;  then  sold  to  John  D.  Devor,  and  published  by  him  till  close  of 
1877 ;  J.  W.  and  Dora  J.  Sankey,  1878 ;  M.  T.  Park,  1879 — Mar.,  1882  (in 
partnership  with  Curtis  M.  Treat,  1879 ;  with  Eugene  Kenney,  Jan. — Mar., 
1882)  ;  S.  S.  Rockwood,  Apr.,  1882 — Apr.,  1883;  Park  &  Kenney  till  May, 
1899  ;  Park,  Kenney  and  Francis  H.  Eames,  May,  1899 — Nov.,  1902 ;  Park 
&  Eames,  Nov.,  1902 — Mar.,  1904 ;  since  then  by  Eames  and  J.  H.  Snyder. 
Absorbed  Walworth  Co.  Reporter  (formerly  Western  Star,  q.  v.)  Nov., 
1856.     Styled  Walworth  Co.  Independent,  1868-93. 

Walworth  County   Independent. 
See  Elkhorn  Independent. 

Kbis  Kringle.     Christmas,  1892. 

Light  op  Home  (m).     July,  1858. 

Published  by  C.  E.  Perkins.     Literary. 

Walworth  County  Libebal  (w).     Dec,  1873 — Jan.,  1876.    F?. 

Founded  Oct.,  1S73,  by  Isaac  B.  Bickford ;  edited  by  Wyman  Spooner 
and  Otis  Preston  ;  after  two  months,  purchased  by  leading  Democrats,  and 
conducted  by  Albert  C.  Beckwith  and  Eugene  Kenney  (in  partnership  with 
Henry  H.  Tubbs  during  last  year),  till  July,  1875,  when  office  was  de- 
stroyed by  Are.  After  two  weeks,  again  started  by  A.  C.  and  E.  S.  Beck- 
with, under  title  of  Elkhorn  Literal,  but  suspended  Jan.,  1876. 

Elkhorn  Methodist   (m).     Aug.,  Sept.,  1887. 

Walworth  County  Repoeteb  (w).     1853-56,  8  nos.    Fs. 
Published  by  E.  R.  and  F.  A.  Utter. 

High  School  Stylus  (m).    Nov.  26,  1888;  June,  1899. 
Published  by  students. 

Westebn  Stab  (w).     1849-50,  16  nos.    Fs. 

First  paper  in  Walworth  County  ;  founded  by  George  Gale,  probably  In 
Aug.,  1845,  and  conducted  by  him  about  one  year ;  afterwards  by  Francis 
A.  and  E.  R.  Utter ;  sold  by  them  to  Elkhorn  Independent,  q.  v.,  Nov.  1856. 
Styled  Walworth  Co.  Reporter  after  Mar.,  1853.  Whig,  till  1848 ;  then 
Free-Soil ;  after  July,  1852,  Democratic.  File  bound  with  Whitewater 
Register,  1872-73. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Wisconsin,  continued: 


Pierce  County  Herald  (w).  Aug.,  1872-74.  F*.  1875— Oct,  1883. 
3  v.  F6.  Oct.,  1883— Oct.,  1884;  1896— Mar.,  1906.  5  v.  Ft. 
1906-1909.     2  v.     F6.    1910+ 

Founded  Jan.,  1868,  by  George  W.  and  Morris  B.  Kimball ;  conducted  by 
them  till  July,  1871 ;  M.  B.  Kimball  till  Feb.,  1877  (in  partnership  with 
C.  R.  Morse,  July,.  1871— Nov.,  1872  ;  with  G.  W.  Kimball,  Not.,  1872— 
Mar.,  1874,  and  June — Oct.,  1875 ;  with  E.  F.  Case,  Oct.,  1875 — Feb., 
1877)  ;  G.  W.  Kimball  alone,  Mar.,  1874 — June,  1875  ;  Case  and  Eugene  S. 
Doolittle,  Feb.,  1877,  till  1889  or  1890 ;  now  published  by  Herald  Ptg.  Co., 
E.  S.  Doolittle,  manager.  Republican. 


Elroy  Chronicle  (w).     Mar.,  1890— Nov.,  1892.    2  v..    F«. 

Established  Mar.,  1890,  by  M.  S.  Parker ;  removed  to  Mauston,  Dec, 
1892,  and  styled  Juneau  Co.  Chronicle,  q.  v.  ( 

Our  Church  Life  (m).     1901.     F. 

Home  Missionary  organ.     Removed  to  Madison,  Jan.,  1902. 

Elroy  Headlight  (w).     Sept.  10,  1874;  Feb.,"  1875 — May,  1876.    F«. 

Founded  Apr.,  1874.  by  M.  F.  Stookey  and  L.  M.  Conn;  after  a  few 
months,  conducted  by  Stookey  and  Jewett  P.  Cooper,  till  Aug.,  1875 ; 
Cooper  alone,  till  its  suspension  in  May,  1876.  Edited  by  Julius  C. 
Chandler  during  1875.  Published  series  of  articles  by  a  pioneer  on  "Early 
Occupation  and  Settlement  of  Juneau  Co."  in  Apr. — Dec,  1875.  Republi- 
can. File  for  Nov.,  1875 — May,  1876,  is  bound  with  New  Lisbon  Juneau 
Co.  Argus,  1874-76. 

Plain  Talker  (w).     1877— Oct.,  1883.     3  v.     Fe. 

Established  October,  1876,  by  B.  C.  Kibbe ;  conducted  by  him  till  Apr., 
1881 ;  N.  B.  .Wilkinson  and  D.  C.  Talbot,  Apr.,  1881— Oct.,  1882  ;  Talbot 
alone  till  Oct.,  1883,  when  merged  with  Elroy  Tribune.  Styled  Juneau 
Co.  Plain  Talker  till  ,Sept.,  1879.  At  first  neutral ;  later,  advocated  Pro- 
hibition.    File  for  1877 — Jan.  1878,  bound  with  Mauston  Star,  1877-79. 

Wisconsin  Statesman  (w).     Oct.  12-26,  1875. 

Issued  by  D.  Covelle  Talbot,  Oct. — Dec,  1875,  apparently  as  campaign 
paper ;  supported  Independent  Temperance  party ;  continued  In  Jan.,  1887, 
as  American  Statesman ;  probably  of  short  duration. 

Elroy  Tribune   (w).     1882— Oct.,  1884.     F«.    Nov.,  1884-98.    5  v.    V. 

1898-1908.     6  v.    F«.     1909  + 

Founded  Nov.,  1881,  by  D.  T.  Lindley  and  C.  M.  Hobart ;  published  by 
Lindley  alone,  May,  1882— July,  1883 ;  T.  Lindley  &  Co.,  July,  1883— May, 
1884 ;  D.  C.  Talbot,  one  month ;  then  purchased  by  T.  K.  Dunn ;  managed 
by  I.  S.  Dunn  for  several  years ;  since  1909  published  by  H.  H.  Dunn. 
Consolidated  with  Plain  Talker,  Oct.,  1883,  latter  name  becoming  sub-title 
of  Tribune.     Republican. 

ElToy  Union   (w).     Jan.,  1873— Jan.,  1874.     Fs. 

Established  Jan.,  187S,  by  Peter  Richards  and  J.  H.  Powers;  the  latter 
retired  in  the  following  Sept.,  and  Richards  conducted  It  till  its  suspension, 
Jan.,  1874.     Republican.     File  bound  with  Juneau  Co.  Argus,  1874-76. 





Eureka  Journal  (w).    May,  1867 — May,  1868.    F». 

Established  May,  1867,  by  Horace  E.  Rounds ;  suspended  one  year  later. 
Republican.     File  bound  with  Oehkoah  Papers,  1849-68. 


Badges   (w).     Oct.,  1894— Apr.,  1906.     6  v.    Fe. 

Established  by  Marilla  and  Elenora  Andrews,  and  conducted  by  them 
till  1906,  when  absorbed  by  Review,  q.  v. 

Citizen  (w).    1866-68  (incomp.).    Fe. 

Founded  Jan.,  1866,  by  I.  A.  Hoxie,  and  conducted  by  him  till  Oct.,  1868 ; 
C.  W.  Baker,  till  Dec.  following ;  then  suspended.  Independent  Republi- 
can.    File  bound  with  Evansville,  Review,  1870-71. 

Wisconsin  Citizen  (m).    Oct.,  1898— May,  1899.    F*. 
See  same  title,  under  Brodhead. 

Enterprise  (w).     1882-1909.     9  v.     Fe.     1910+ 

Founded  June,  1881,  by  C.  A.  Libby,  as  Pudding-Stick  (m)  ;  styled 
Enterprise  in  following  November,  and  issued  weekly.  Edited  by  C.  A. 
Libby  from  the  start,  published  bv  Evans  Pub.  Co.,  Nov.,  1881 — Jan., 
1892  ;  C.  A.  Libby  till  May,  1908,  when  bought  by  George  Meachem,  the 
present  publisher.     Absorbed  Tribune,  q.  v.,  at  same  time.     Independent. 

Independent  (w).    May — July,  1878.    Fe. 

Founded  1878  by  J.  A.  Sawin  and  conducted  by  him  till  Feb.,  1879 ;  by 
him  with  E.  W.  Stevens  till  Oct. ;  Stevens,  Oct. — Dec,  1879.  Moved  to 
Madison,  July,  1878.  Suspended  Dec.  11,  1879.  With  Stoughton  Courier, 

Evansville   Review    (w).     Mar.,   1870-93.     8   v.    Fe.     Jan— Apr.,   1894; 
Apr.,  1895-1908.     7  v.    Fe.     1909+ 

Founded  Mar.,  1870,  by  I.  A.  Hoxie ;  one  month  later,  absorbed  Citizen 
(second  paper  of  that  name;  had  recently  been  started  by  H.  S.  Ehrman), 
and  for  some  time  styled  Citizen-Revitte,  numbering  its  volumes  consecu- 
tively after  those  of  first  Citizen,  q.  v.  Conducted  by  Hoxie  till  Oct.,  1893 
(except  by  J.  Boyd  Jones,  Apr.,  1879 — Apr.,  1880;  and  by  Cliff.  M.  Wells, 
Feb.,  1883 — Mar.,  1884)  ;  J.  W.  Bird  was  Hoxie's  partner  during  July, 
1880 — July,  1881.  Published  by  George  Magee  and  W.  C.  Lawton,  Oct., 
1893 — Dec,  1895  ;  Magee  and  R.  M.  Antes  till  1903  ;  since  then,  Antes 
alone.     Absorbed  Badger,  q.  v.,   in  1906.     Republican. 

Tribune  (w).     Aug.,  1886— May,  1908.     7  v.     Fe. 

Founded  1882,  by  C.  A.  Libby,  under  title  of  Saturday  Enterprise;  pub- 
lished by  him  till  1884  ;  H.  B.  Blackmun  and  L.  T.  Pullen,  1884-86;  C.  A. 
Libby  &  Sons  till  merged  with  Enterprise,  q.  v.,  May,  1908,  as  Enterprite 
and  Tribune.     Independent. 


Fairchild  Observer  (w).     Aug.,  1905-1909.     2  v.    Fe.     1910+ 

Founded  1897.  Published  successively  by  Forbes  &  Pratt,  Pratt  & 
Ewald,  C.  C.  Nettesheim,  and  A.  C.  Harmon  till  May,  1906 ;  Jessie  K.  Har- 
mon, May,  1906 — May,  1907 ;  since  then  R.  B.  Swartout.    Republican. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Wisconsin,  continued: 

Fall  River 

New  Era  (w).    1906— July,  1910.    3  v.    Ft.    Aug.,  1910— Mar,  1,  1912. 

Founded  Dec,  1905,  by  Lemuel  H.  Doyle  and  conducted  by  Mm  till 
Nov.,  1910 ;  then  Edwards  J.  Doyle  till  absorbed  by  Columbus  Republi- 
can, Mar.  1,  1912.     Independent. 


Fayette  Messenger   (m).    1902-1903.    F. 

Conducted  by  George  Brown,  pastor  of  local  M.  E.  church.  Suspended 
on  his  removal  to  Montfort,  Nov.,  1903. 


Fennimore  Times  (w).     Dec,  1900-1909.     5  v.     F«.    1910+ 
See  Times-Review. 

Times-Review   (w).    Oct.,  1895— Dec.,  1900.    3  t.    Fs. 

Established  Sept.,  1889,  by  E.  L.  Howe,  under  title  of  Times;  conducted 
by  him  till  1894  (in  partnership  with  Ernest  Brooks,  Apr.,  1892 — Mar., 
1893  ;  after  that  date,  with  Henry  E.  Roethe)  since  1894,  conducted  by 
Roethe.  Styled  Times-Review,  May,  1893-1901 ;  since  then  Times,  q.  v. 
Conducted  since  1901  by  H.  E.  and  E.  J.  Roethe.     Republican. 


Fifield  Advocate  (w).    Vol.  1,  No.  1.     Oct.  25,  1883. 


Florence    Mining    News     (w).    1882-83.    Ft.    1884-1908.    12    v.    F». 

Founded  Jan.,  1881,  by  James  F.  Atkinson ;  conducted  by  him  till  Ms 
death,  Dec,  1882  ;  Anna  F.  and  Claude  M.  Atkinson,  five  months ;  Chase 
S.  Osborn,  May,  1883— Apr.,  1887  (in  partnership  with  James  I.  Toner, 
during  first  year)  ;  since  then,  George  C.  Youngs  (with  Henry  C.  Camp- 
bell, till  Aug.,  1888;  with  his  brother,  Fred  M.,  till  Dec,  1904).  Repub- 
lican, till  1887 ;  then  Independent ;  now  Republican. 

Fond  du  Lac 

Appeal  (m).    May,  1876-80.    Fa. 

Founded  May,  1876,  by  J.  A.  Watrous,  as  organ  of  Temple  of  Honor; 
removed  to  Chippewa  Falls,  Aug.,  1880 ;  there  edited  by  J.  N.  Phillips,  and 
published  by  George  A.  Barry.  Contains  many  historical  and  biographical 

American  Chubchman  (m).    1900 — June,  1901.    Q._ 
Continuation  of  Diocese  of  Fond  du  Lac,  q.  v. 

Fond  du  Lac  Commonwealth  (w).    Sept.,  1856 — Mar.,  1885.    10  V.    Ft. 
Apr.,  1885-1906.     13  v.    Fe. 



Same  (d).     Feb.,  1902-1910.     27  v.    F«.     1911+ 

Successor  of  Fountain  City  Herald  and  Western  Freeman,  q.  v. ;  founded 
Oct.,  1853,  by  J.  A.  Smith;  conducted  by  him  till  Aug.,  1869  (in  partner- 
ship with  Lloyd  M.  Orvis,  till  death  of  latter,  Dec,  1858 ;  with  Thomas 
Bryant,  Oct.,  1860— Oct.,  1862  ;  with  Charles  H.  Benton,  Nov.,  1864— Jan., 
1865;  with  John  P.  Bigler,  after  July,  1868).  Purchased  in  Aug.,  1860, 
by  J.  A.  Watrous,  T.  B.  Reid,  and  S.  S.  Fifleld ;  Reid  left  Oct.,  1870,  and 
Fifleld  somewhat  earlier ;  then  conducted  by  Watrous  (with  Howard  M. 
Kutchin,  after  Aug.,  1871),  till  Apr.,  1877;  Kutchin,  till  Feb.,  1885  (with 
Charles  D.  Elliott,  Nov.,  1879 — Feb.,  1882).  Sold  to  stock  company  in 
Feb.,  1885,  and  continued,  under  title  of  Commonwealth,  with  C.  B.  Max- 
fleld  and  Henry  Bush,  editors ;  P.  B.  Haber,  manager.  Since  1899  pub-, 
lished  by  P.  B.  Haber  Ptg.  Co.  Edited  by  A.  T.  Glaze,  1891-94 ;  Nicholas 
Smith,  1894-99  ;  since  then  by  E.  M.  Jenison.  Among  assistant  editors 
were  :  V.  W.  Richardson,  1876 ;  T.  F.  Strong,  six  months ;  L.  A.  Lange, 
June,  1877-82  ;  J.  L.  Thwing,  1885-86.  Daily  issued  in  1856  ;  Aug.,  1866- 
67 ;  and  since  Aug.,  1870,  to  date.     Republican. 

Nordwestliche  Cotjbieb  (w).    1874— Oct.,  1875.    F«. 

Founded  May,  1871,  by  Carl  de  Haas ;  conducted  by  him  till  his  death, 
May,  1875;  by  his  sons,  Fred  de  Haas  &  Bros.,  three  years;  owned  since 
Apr.,  1878,  by  W.  F.  Weber.  Issued  semi-weekly  edition,  May,  1871 — 
May,  1873:  also  in  1893-95;  Sunday  edition  styled  Daheim,  since  Oct., 
1884.     Democratic. 

National  Democrat  (w).    Feb.  9,  1853. 

Successor  of  Patriot  (founded  Apr.,  1851,  by  John  D.  Hyman),  which 
was  purchased  by  Amos  Reed,  Jan.,  1852,  and  styled  National  Democrat; 
sold  to  M.  J.  Thomas,  June,  1853,  and  merged  in  Fond  du  Lac  Union,  q.  v. 
Whig,  under  Hyman ;  afterwards  Democratic.  File  bound  with  Union, 

Diocese  of  Fond  du  Lac  (m).    1894-99.    2  v.    Q. 

Established  1882  by  John  H.  H.  Brown,  first  bishop  of  Fond  du  Lac. 
Issued  by  P.  B.  Haber  Pub.  House.  Edited  by  Bishop  Brown,  1882-88 ; 
Canon  T.  S.  Richey,  1888-89 ;  F.  W.  Merrill,  1889-91 ;  Canon  E.  B.  Taylor, 
1891-94;  Bishop  Charles  C.  Grafton  till  1902,  when  merged  in  Living 
Church,  of  Milwaukee,  q.  v.  Issued  at  Menasha,  July,  1896 — Dec,  1897 ; 
Oconto,  Jan.,  1898 — Feb.,  1899 ;  Manitowoc,  1899  ;  Milwaukee,  under  title 
American  Churchman,  q.  v.,  1900-1901.  Organ  of  Protestant  Episcopal 
Diocese  of  Fond  du  Lac. 

Western  Freeman  (w).    Dec,  1854 — Sept.,  1856.    Fe. 

Founded  Oct.,  1853,  by  J.  A.  Smith,  at  Sheboygan  Falls,  under  title  of 
Free  Press;  removed  hither,  and  styled  Western  Freeman;  conducted  by 
Smith  till  Sept.,  1856,  when  succeeded  by  Commonwealth,  q.  v.  Republi- 
can, anti-slavery  and  temperance. 

Fountain  City  Herald  (w).    Nov.,  1852— Feb.,  1856;  Jan.,  1855— Sept, 
1856.    2  v.    Ff. 

-  Same  (d).    July— Oct.,  1854;  Mar.— Sept.,  1856.    2  v.    Fs, 

Established  Nov.,  1852,  by  Royal  Buck,  and  conducted  by  him  till  Sept., 
1856 ;  then  united  with  Western  Freeman,  q.  v. ;  succeeded  by  Common- 
wealth, q.  v.  Daily  issued  during  part  of  each  year,  in  1854  and  1856. 
Whig;  afterwards  Free-Soil  and  Republican. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Fond  dtj  Lac,  Wis.,  continued: 

Fond  du  Lac  Jotjbbtal  (w).    1850 — June,  1853.    F?. 

First  paper  in  Fond  du  Lac  County ;  founded  Oct.,  1846,  by  John  0.  Hen- 
ning  and  Eli  Hooker ;  conducted  by  them  six  months ;  Edward  Beeson, 
Mar.,  1847 — Mar.,  1849  (having -as  partners,  in  1847,  Henning,  Mar. — 
Sept. ;  William  C.  Dodge,  Sept. — Dec.)  ;  J.  A.  Eastman  and  A.  A.  White, 
Mar. — Oct.,  1849 ;  Eastman  &  Beeson,  till  June,  1851 ;  Beeson  alone,  till 
June,  1853 ;  then  united  with  National  Democrat  and  styled  Fond  du  Lao 
Union,  q.  v.     Democratic. 

Fond  du  Lac  Jo-ubnal  (w).  Oct.,  1874— Feb.,  1881;  1882-86.  5  v.  F«. 
Third  paper  of  this  name ;  established  May,  1867,  by  Edward  Beeson ; 
conducted  by  him  till  Nov.,  1871  (in  partnership  with  Michael  Bohan  after 
Dec,  1870)  ;  Bohan  and  Stephen  D.  Carpenter,  till  Sept.,  1873  ;  Timothy 
P.  Strong  and  James  Russell,  till  Nov.,  1874 ;  Russell,  till  Jan.,  1875. 
Then  joint-stock  company  was  formed,  under  the  name  of  the  Star  Ptg. 
Co.,  with  Russell  as  editor ;  conducted  thus  till  July,  1879 ;  then  sold  to 
L.  W.  Safford,  who  leased  it  to  Russell  and  L.  Q.  Olcott;  continued  by 
them  six  months;  Russell  alone,  Jan. — Aug.,  1880;  then  purchased  by 
Edward  and  E.  B.  Beeson,  who  published  it  till  1892  (in  partnership  with 
Ed.  McLoughlin,  July,  1884 — Apr.,  1887)  ;  owned  and  edited  by  Jacob  K. 
Bloom,  1892—93;  later,  merged  in  Saturday  .Reporter,  q.  v.  Issued  daily 
editions  in  1872  (edited  by  S.  D.  Carpenter),  in  1878,  and  after  Sept.,  1879. 

People's  Champion  (w).     Dec,  1877 — Sept.,  1879:    Fe. 

Pounded  Sept.,  1877,  by  incorporated  company ;  edited  by  J.  O.  Barrett 
and  managed  by  I.  R.  Sanford ;  at  the  end  of  1878,  placed  in  charge  of 
Sanford  and  E.  B.  Bolens ;  suspended  Sept.,  1879 ;  removed  to  Appleton 
Oct.,  1879,  and  published  there  till  Aug.,  1880,  when  merged  in  Oshkosh 

Fond  du  Lac  Pbess  (d).     Sept. — Nov.,  1866.     F«. 

Daily  edition  of  Democratic  Press;  see  F.  du  L.  Union.  Pile  bound  with 
Commonwealth,  1866-68. 

Saturday  Eepobtee   (w).    1861-66.    2  v.    F«.    1867 — Jan.,  1878.    i  T. 

Fs.    Feb.,   1878-88.     5   v.     Fe. 

Established  Aug.,  1860,  by  John  J.  Beeson  ;  conducted  by  him  till  Nov., 
1873 ;  James  L.  Thwing,  eleven  years  (in  partnership  with  H.  R.  Farnum, 
Jan..  1874— July.  1875;  with  C.  D.  Pillsbury,  July,  1875— Sept.,  1878; 
with  W.  R.  Simmons,  May,  1881 — Jan.,  1882 ;  with  Louis  A.  Lange,  Jan., 
1883 — Jan.,  1885)  ;  conducted  by  Lange  (with  T.  F.  Strong  as  edito^'M 
writer,  1885 — June.  1895),  Jan.,  1885  to  1903,  when  incorporated  as-, 
porter  Ptg.  Co.,  Lange  being  president  to  date.  Edited  at  present  by 
Charles  F.  Coffman.  In  July,  1881,  absorbed  Wisconsin  Farmer  (w) 
(founded  Oct.,  1879 ;  edited  by  Edward  Beeson  and  H.  D.  Wing,  and  pub- 
lished by  John  W.  Lockin ;  sold  to  Will  Simmons  Jan.,  1881,  and  merged 
in  Reporter  at  end  of  six  months)  and  Journal,  q.  v.,  about  1894.  Pub- 
lished in  Feb. — May,  1886,  a  series  of  "Sketches  of  pioneer  life  of  early 
settlers  in  Fond  du  Lac  County."  Daily  issued  since  Mar.,  1883.  Demo- 
cratic.    , 

Daily  Refobteb  and  Fond  du  •  Lac  Journal.    June,  1894 — Juns,  1901. 

14  v.    Fa.    July,  1901— Aug.,  1903.     6  v.    FK  Sept.,  1903— Aug., 
1911.     24  v.    Fe.     Sept.,  1911+ 



"Wisconsin  Republican  (w).    July  2,  1849. 

Removed  hither  from  Green  Bay,  q.  v.,  Dec,  1847,  by  Samuel  Ryan  Jr. ; 
conducted  by  him  (during  most  of  the  time,  in  partnership  with  William 
B.  Magee)  till  suspension,  Mar.,  1851 ;  owned  by  George  Williams  after 
Oct.,  1850,  but  edited  by  Ryan  ;  after  July,  1850,  styled  Fountain  City. 
Succeeded  by  Patriot  (see  National  Democrat). 

Fond  du  Lac  Union  (w).     June,  1853 — May,  1858.     2  v.    Ft. 

Successor  of  Journal  and  National  Democrat,  q.  v. ;  published  by  M.  J. 
Thomas,  June,  1853 — Jan.,  1858  (in  partnership  with  Edward  Beeson, 
June,  1853— June,  1854;  with  A.  J.  Reed,  July,  1854— Feb.,  1856;  with 
S.  C.  Chandler,  Feb.— July,  1857 ;  with  W.  H.  Brooks,  July— Dec,  1857)  ; 
continued  by  Augustus  L.  Smith,  Jan. — May,  1858;  then  sold  to  S.  M. 
Smead,  and  consolidated  with  the  second  Journal,  under  title  of  Demo- 
cratic Press.     Issued  daily  edition,  Mar. — Nov.,  1856. 

The  second  Journal  was  established  Feb.,  1857,  by  Van  B.  Smead  and 
J.  J.  Beeson  ;  three  months  later  Beeson  retired,  being  succeeded  by  A.  J. 
Rockwell  and  T.  F.  Strong  Jr. ;  continued  by  Smead  &  Strong  till  May, 
1858,  when  it  was  consolidated  with  Union. 

Democratic  Press  was  published  by  Smead  Bros.  &  Strong,  May,  1858 — 
Feb.,  1859 ;  Smead  Bros.,  till  the  death  of  Van  B.,  Nov.  following ;  S.  M. 
Smead,  Nov.,  1859— Nov.,  1861 ;  Strong,  till  May,  1862  (during  which  time 
it  was  claimed  to  be  "the  handsomest,  neatest,  and  most  carefully-pre- 
pared paper  ever  published  in  Wisconsin")  ;  Edward  Beeson  and  Kingman 
Flint,  three  months ;  A.  P.  Swineford  and  S.  D.  Stanchfield,  Sept.,  1862 — 
Jan.,  1864  ;  Swineford  alone,  until  Mar.,  1866  ;  J.  H.  Lambert  and  A.  C. 
Palmer,  Mar. — Aug.,  1866 ;  the  next  month  purchased  by  James  Swineford, 
who  suspended  its  publication  Nov.  1.  Daily  begun  Feb.,  1865 ;  con- 
tinued till  Nov.,  1866.     See  Fond  du  Lac  Press. 

Fond  du  Lac  Whig  (w).     Dec,  1846— Nov.,  1847.    Fs. 

Established  by  J.  M.  Gillett,  Dec,  1846 ;  after  March,  1847,  conducted 
by  him  and  Eli  Hooker ;  suspended  Nov.,  1847. 

Fort  Atkinson 

Wisconsin  Chief  (s-m;  m,  after  1875).  Mar.  23,  1859.  Nov.  20,  1860. 
Apr.  17,  1861.  Nov.,  1863— Sept.,  1867.  Q.  Oct.,  1867-81  (in- 
comp..);  1882— Jan.,  1889.     2  v.    Fb. 

Founded  Jan.,  1849,  by  Thurlow  W.  Brown,  at  Auburn,  N.  Y.,  as 
Cayuga  Chief;  removed  to  Ft.  Atkinson,  Oct.,  1856,  and  styled  Wis.  Chief 
July,  1857  ;  conducted  by  Brown  till  his  death,  May,  1866 ;  thereafter  by 
his  sister,  Emma  Brown,  who  was  also  associate  editor  from  its  founda- 
tion ;  merged  in  Mis.  Good  Templar  (q.  v.  under  Madison),  Mar.,  1889. 
For  several  years  the  only  temperance  paper  in  the  state ;  official  organ 
of  Good  Templars  in  Wisconsin,  1853-67.     Republican. 

Fort  Atkinson  Chronicle  (w).    Nov.,  1895-99.    2  v.    Fo. 

Founded  1895  by  M.  S.  Parker ;  conducted  by  him  till  July,  1898 ;  G.  H. 
Landgraf,  July — Sept.,  1898 ;  E.  G.  Farlin,  Sept.,  1898 — July  4,  1899  ; 
Fort  Atkinson  Ptg.  Co.  (Charles  G.  Farber,  manager),  July — Dec,  1899. 
No  later  mention   in   directories.     Democratic. 

Fort  Atkinson  Herald  (w).    June,  1872— Sept.,  1873.    F«. 

Founded  Aug.,  1866,  by  H.  S.  Ehrman ;  sold  to  Howard  M.  Kutchin  in 
Nov.,  1867,  and  conducted  by  him  till  Oct.,  1870 ;  by  George  W.  Burchard. 
Oct.,  1870 — July,  1871 ;  again  by  Kutchin,  two  months ;  sold  then  to  J.  C< 
Keeney,  and  conducted  by  him  till  its  suspension,  Sept.,  1873. 

[329]    ' 

Newspaper  Catalogue 

Fokt  Atkinson,  Wis.,  continued: 

Hoard's  Dairyman  (w).    1885-1910.    19  v.    F*.    1911+ 

Founded  Jan.,  1885,  as  Dairy  Edition  of  Jefferson.  Co.  Union,  q.  v. ;  pub- 
lished as  separate  journal  after  Mar.,  1889 ;  conducted  by  W.  D.  Hoard 
as  editor-in-chief  since  its  establishment ;  associate  editors,  J.  A.  Smith, 
1889-90;  Prof.  F.  G.  Short,  May,  1898— Dec,  1908;  Gen.  George  W. 
Burchard,  after  July,  1892 ;  Arthur  I.  Glover  since  Dec,  1904.  Files  to 
Apr.,  1891,  bound  with  Union. 

Jefferson  Cotjntt  Union    (w).    Feb.,   1878-84.    3  v.    F*.    1885-1910. 

16  v.    F6.    1911+ 

Established  Mar.,  1870,  by  W.  D.  Hoard  at  Lake  Mills ;  removed  to  Fort 
Atkinson  May,  1873.  Published  by  Hoard,  1870— June,  1894 ;  since  then 
by  W.  D.  Hoard  Co.  Edited  by  W.  D.  Hoard  since  foundation ;  assisted 
by  Charles  H.  Fullerton,  Apr. — Dec,  1873 ;  H.  L.  Hoard,  Aug.,  1884— to 
date  ;  E.  S.  Rice,  May,  1894-1906  ;  and  by  Adelbert  C.  Noyes,  Aug.,  1906  to 
date.  Issues  also  English-German  edition  (founded  Mar.,  1876),  and 
literary  edition  (founded  Mar.,  1885).  Absorbed,  Apr.,  1873,  Lodi  Jour- 
nal, q.  v.     Republican. 

Fort  Howard 

LThe  consolidation  of  Fort  Howard  with  Green  Bay  was  agreed  to  by 
popular  vote,  Apr.  2,  1895J 

Fort  Howard  Herald  (w).    Aug.,  1874— Mar.,  1877.    F». 

Established  Nov.,  1872,  by  C.  J.  Pratt ;  conducted  by  him  till  Mar.,  1878 
(in  partnership  with  C.  and  William  Munroe,  after  Jan.,  1877)  ;  J.  H. 
Nevins  was  assistant  editor,  Jan. — Apr.,  1875.  Sold  to  P.  R.  Proctor, 
Mar.,  1878,  and  styled  Brown  Co.  Herald,  with  Nevins  as  editor ;  merged 
in  Depere  News,  q.  v.,  Oct.,  1878.  Absorbed  Monitor,  q.  v.,  Jan.,  1877. 

Fort  Howard  Journal   (w).    Feb.,  1879— Apr.,  1880.    Fs. 

Founded  by  Alexander  Sutherland,  Nov.,  1878 ;  conducted  by  him  till 
May,  1880  (in  partnership  with  Julius  Uhlferder,  Apr. — Nov.,  1879),  then 
suspended ;  revived  by  Sutherland  in  July,  but  finally  suspended  Oct.,  1880. 
Issued  a  few  numbers  of  Morning  Journal  (d)  in  Dec,  1879.     Independent. 

Fort  Howard  Monitor  (w).    Jan.,  1876— Jan.,  1877.    F«. 

Founded  Oct.,  1872,  by  William  Humphreville ;  owned  by  David  McCart- 
ney after  Feb.,  1873 ;  edited  by  Dan  Camp,  Feb.,  1873 — Dec,  1875 ;  G.  B^ 
Taylor,  1876  (aided  by  Humphreville,  after  April)  ;  suspended  Jan.,  1877^ 
and  merged  inx  Herald,  q.  v.     File  bound  with  Herald. 

Fort  Howard  Review   (w).    Feb.,  1877 — March,  1895.    F«. 

Established  Sept.,  1875,  by  D.  M.  Burns,  as  advertising  sheet  (m),  also 
giving  local  news ;  published  by  him  till  Dec,  1876,  then  by  Review  Ptg. 
Co.  (James  Kerr,  secretary),  becoming  wholly  a  local  newspaper;  in  Jan., 
following  was  enlarged  and  published  weekly ;  since  Sept.,  1883,  owned  by 
James  Kerr  &  Son  ;  edited  by  James  Kerr  since  Nov.,  1876.  Published 
semi-weekly,  Mar. — June,  1895 ;  since  then  styled  Oreen  Bay  Review,  q.  v. 
In  issue  for  Aug.  28,  1886,  is  a  history  of  Brown  County  newspapers. 
Republican ;  also  religious  and  literary. 




Fort  Winnebago 

I  Name  of  town  changed  to  Portage  City,  q.  v.,  Jan.  1,  1852] 
Riveb  Times   (w).     July,  1850— Sept.,  1853.     F». 

First  paper  In  Portage ;  founded  by  John  and  James  Delany,  and  con- 
ducted by'  them  till  death  of  James,  vMay,  1853  ;  John,  Joseph  and  Arthur 
Delany,  till  following  Sept. ;  then  succeeded  by  Badger  State,  q.  v.  Inde- 
pendent Democratic. 

Fountain  City 

Alma    BlItteb    (w).     1889-91;    Jan.— ^Sept,    1892;    Jan.— Sept.,    1895. 
2  v.     Ft.     Oct.,  1895— June,  1910.     7  v.    F«. 

Founded  Jan.,  1889  ;  published  by  Schmitz  &  Mailer ;  edited  by  George 
Seller,  of  Alma,  till  Nov.,  1 889,  afterwards  issued  as  edition  of  Buffalo  Co. 
Republikaner.  Published  by  John  Schmitz,  Nov.,  1889 — Nov.,  1890 ;  Paul 
F.  Miiller  till  Sept.,  1892,  when  consolidated  with  Republikaner,  its  name 
becoming  sub-title  of  latter  paper.  After  Nov.,  1894,  published  as  separ- 
ate edition  of  Republikaner,  till  suspension,  June,  1910. 

Fountain  City  Beacon  (w).    Aug. — Dec,  1856,  scat.  nos.    F». 

First  paper  in  Buffalo  County ;  established  Mar.,  1856,  by  L.  M.  Rose ; 
edited  by  T.  G.  Hake.  In  Nov.  following,  purchased  by  J.  K.  Averill ;  but  a 
few  weeks  later  became  property  of  Joint  stock  company,  who  published  it 
till  Aug.,  1857  ;  then  sold  to  Charles  G.  Patterson,  who  conducted  it  till 
suspension,  Oct.,  1858.  In  Dec,  1856,  had  sub-title,  and  Buffalo,  Dunn, 
Chippewa,  Trempealeau  and  Clark  Counties  Advertiser.  Supported  Fre- 
mont candidacy  in  1856 ;  later  was  Democratic.  File  bound  with  Alma 
Weekly  Express,  1869-70. 

Buffalo  County  Republikaner  (w).     Apr.,  1870 — Sept.,  1895.     9  v.     Ft. 
Oct.,  1895-1909.     7  v.     F«.     1910+ 

Founded  Mar.,  1861,  at  Buffalo  City,  by  Charles  Lohmann,  in  associa- 
tion with  a  committee  of  citizens ;  suspended  in  July ;  revived  in  Oct., 
next.,  by  G.  G.  Oppliger,  who  purchased  it  from  the  corporation  ;  removed 
to  Fountain  City,  May,  1864  ;  sold  by  Oppliger  to  John  F.  Hauser,  Apr., 
1869 ;  conducted  by  him  till  Nov.,  1871 ;  Joseph  Leicht  (founder  of 
Winona  Westlicher  Herald,  1881),  Nov.,  1871-80;  Frederick  Hepp  and 
John  L.  TJtermBhl,  1881-85;  Hepp  and  Jacob  Meili,  1886;  Schmitz  & 
Mttiller,  1887-88  ;  Paul  F.  Miiller,  1888-96 ;  Republikaner  Pub.  Co.,  1896- 
99;  Wittzack  &  Rath,  Oct.— Dec,  1899;  E.  Wittzack,  1899-1910;  since 
then  by  Justin  Landwehr.     Republican  till  1870 ;  thereafter,  Democratic. 

Fox  Lake 

Fox  Lake   Gazette    (w).     Apr.,   1858-59.     Ft.     I860— Mar.,  1865.    2  v. 

Founded  Dec,  1854,  by  H.  C.  George  &  Co.,  under  title  of  Times;  sold  by 
them  to  Charles  Corbltt,  Apr.,  1855 ;  continued  by  John  R.  Swallow,  after 
July,  1856,  as  Journal,  till  July,  1857  ;  B.  C.  Gollidy,  July,  1857 — Mar.. 
1858 ;  then  sold  to  James  V.  Fitch,  and  styled  Gazette ;  suspended  Mar., 
1865,  but  in  May  succeeded  by  Record,  published  by  C.  A.  Stevens  and  C.  F. 
George ;  after  Mar.,  1866,  by  George ;  suspended  in  Aug.,  following.  At 
first  neutral ;  under  Fitch,  Republican ;  neutral,  as  Record. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Fox  Lake,  Wis.,  continued: 

Pox  Lake  Representative  (w).    June,  1871 — Apr.,  1881.    4  v.    F«. 

Successor  of  Record  (see  Gazette)  ;  established  Sept.,  1866,  by  John 
Hotehkiss ;  conducted  by  him  till  Jan.,  1893  (in  partnership  with  Henry  L. 
Stafford,  July,  1875 — Apr.,  1879;  later,  with  his  son,  Dean  J.  Hotehkiss). 
Continued  since  Jan.,  1893,  as  Fox  Lake  Republican,  by  D.  J.  Hotehkiss. 


Adams  County  Press  (w).     June,  1865-1908.     19  v.    F«.     1909  + 

Founded  July,  1861,  by  Solon  W.  Pierce,  and  conducted  by  him  (except 
Aug.,  1864 — Aug.,  1865,  by  Frank  O.  Wisner),  till  his  death,  Sept.,  1905; 
since  then  by  his  son,  Harry  S.  Pierce.  Pierce  had,  as  partners :  W.  L. 
Abbott,  Apr. — Dec,  1863  ;  J.  M.  Harrison,  Jan. — Aug.,  1864  ;  A.  H.  Carter, 
Jan.,  1868 — Feb.,  1870 ;  Al.  Higgins,  June,  1869— Apr.,  1871 ;  and  B.  F. 
Waterman,  Apr.,  1871 — Jan.,  1874.  During  several  years,  was  organ  of 
Wis.  Patrons  of  Husbandry.     Republican. 


Galesville  Independent  (w).     1876— Mar.,  1885.     3  v.    Ft.     Mar.,  1885— 
Feb.,  1887.    Fa. 

Established  Oct.,  1874,  by  Galesville  Ptg.  Assn. ;  edited  by  Cunning- 
ham &  Luce  till  Oct.,  1875 ;  W.  M.  Doty,  Nov.,  1875— Mar.,  1877 ;  S.  S. 
Luce  till  May,  1881 ;  then  purchased  by  Luce  and  his  son  W.  S. ;  con- 
ducted by  them  till  1889 ;  afterwards  by  T.  F.  Ball ;  succeeded  by  H.  L. 
Vandervort,  who  sold  the  paper  to  W.  A.  Tower  in  Jan.,  1895.  Tower 
was  publisher  ti'l  1898  or  1899,  when  be  sold  to  Bunsen  Bros.,  who  con- 
ducted the  paper  till  1907 ;  conducted  in  that  year  by  Smith  &  Gwynne. 
No  later  mention  in  directories. 

Galesville  Journal  (w).    May,  1870— Aug.,  1874.    Ft. 

Established  May,  1870,  by  G.  S.  Luce,  and  conducted  by  him  till  Aug., 
1874  (in  partnership  with  J.  H.  Powers,  during  first  year ;  with  H.  L. 
Bunn,  May,  1871— Feb.,  1873  ;  with  H.  F.  Burt,  Feb.— June,  1873).  Edited 
by  Julius  C.  Chandler,  Jan. — Apr.,  1871 ;  S.  S.  Luce,  Apr.,  1871 — May, 
1872.  Absorbed  Trempealeau  Co.  Record  (q.  v.,  under  Trempealeau),  Jan., 
1873 ;  styled  thereafter  Journal  and  Record.  Sold  by  Luce  to  B.  E. 
Clarke,  Aug.,  1874,  and  removed  to  Whitehall,  under  title  Trempealeau  Co. 
Messenger,  q.  v.  Republican.  We  for  May — Dec,  1870,  bound  with 
Trempealeau  Co.  Papers,  1860-70. 

Galesville  Transcript   (w).    Nov.,  I8601— Apr.,  1866.    2  v.    F*.    Apr., 
1866— Nov.,  1867.    F«. 

Founded  Mar.,  1860,  by  S.  S.  Luce,  and  conducted  by  him  till  Oct.,  1865 
(in  partnership  at  first  with  George  Gale;  with  Chas.  A.  Leith  during  last 
two  months)  ;  by  Leith  and  H.  R.  Gale,  till  Nov.,  1867' ;  then  removed  to 
Trempealeau  and  styled  Trempealeau  Co.  Record,  q.  v.  Republican.  File 
for  Jan. — Nov.,  1867,  bound  with  Trempealeau  Co.  Papers,  1867-70. 


' '  [See  Lake  Geneva] 




Genoa  Junction 

[See  Lake  Geneva] 

Genoa  Junction  Journal  (w).    Feb. — Sept.,  1895.    F\ 

Established  by  Luther  G.  Riggs,  Dec,  1890;  B.  L.  Spence  owner  in  1895; 
merged  in  Lake  Geneva  News  Sept.,  1895.  Republican.  File  bound  with 
Lake  Geneva  Herald,  1895. 

Lake  Geneva  Tleiiis  (d)  established  about  July,  1879,  by  C.  H.  Burdiek 

and  G.  E.  Early ;  sold  within  three  months  to  J.  S.  Badger,  and  changed 

to  a  weekly.     Owned  after  1882  by  A.  K.  Owen ;  edited  by  Burdiek,  1883 — 

Apr.,   1892  ;  then  by  Dale  Owen.     Sold  by  Owen  to  N.  W.  Smalls,  Aug., 

1894.     Absorbed  Genoa  Junction  Journal. 


Glenwood  Tribune  (w).     Aug.,  1903-1907.     2  v.     F«.     1908  + 

Founded  1889  by  Edward  Huntington,  and  published  by  him  till  1891 ; 
since  then  by  C.  J.  Augustin  (except  that  W.  M.  Shirk  was  owner,  1895- 
98;  Towner  Bros.,  1898-69;  and  Yates  &  Hull,  1903-07).     Independent. 


Pioneer   (w).     Nov.,  1884-87.     F&.     Jan.,  1888-Mar.,  1889.     F«. 

Established  Nov.,  1884,  by  R.  M.  Williams ;  continued  by  him  till  Mar., 
1889  (in  partnership  with  F.  A.  Healy,  Nov.,  1884 — Feb.,  1887  ;  with  A 
Franke,  two  months)  ;  edited  by  T.  C.  Johnson,  Apr. — Dec,  1887  ;  Peter 
Danielson,  six  months  ;  M.  Scallon,  June,  1888 — Mar.,  1889 ;  then  sold  to 
Ed.    Fennelly.     Suspended   soon   after.     Independent  Democratic. 

Grand  Rapids 

Grand  Rapids  Pilot  (w).     July  11,  1863. 

Founded  June,  1863,  by  B.  Miller  and  J.  H.  Wells.  File  bound  with 
Wood  Co.  Reporter,  1860-63. 

Wood  County  Reporter  (w).  Feb.— Oct.,  1858;  Jan.— May,  1859;  Feb., 
1860-1863.  Fa.  1864;  June,  1873-74.  Ft.  1875-1905.  14  v.  F». 
1906— Apr.,  1909.     2  v.     Ft.     May,  1909+ 

Established  Dec,  1857.  Publishers  and  editors  :  J.  N.  Brundage,  Dec, 
1857 — Sept.,  1864 ;  Brundage  and  J.  E.  Ingraham  (H.  Benton  Philleo, 
editor),  Sept. — Dec,  1864;  Ingraham  and  Philleo,  1865 — Feb.,  1880; 
H.  B.  Philleo  &  Son,  two  months  ;  Paul  and  A.  L.  Fontaine,  Apr.,  1880 — 
Apr.,  1886 ;  since  then,  A.  L.  Fontaine.     Republican. 

Grand  Rapids  Tribune  (w).    Apr.,  1900— Jan.,  1903.    F«. 
Continuation  of  Centralia  Enterprise  and  Tribune,  q.  v. 


Journal  of  Burnett  County   (w).    Aug.,  1895-1908.    6  v.    F«.    1909+1 
Founded  1895  by  Ed.  L.  Peet  and  owned  by  him  till  1905 ;  since  then 
by  Journal  Pub.  Co.     Edited  by  F.  R.  Huth  since  1904.     Absorbed  Burnett 
County  Sentinel,  q.   v..  Jan.,  1910.     Progressive  Republican. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Gbantsbubg,  Wis.,  continued: 

Burnett  County  Sentinel  (w).  1877-1896.  7  v.  Fs.  1897-1901.  2  v. 
Ft.     1902— Jan.,  1910.     4  v.     F<s. 

Founded  about  Mar.,  1875,  by  M.  Westcott ;  conducted  by  him  one  year ; 
W.  B.  Talboys,  Mar.,  1876 — Sept.,  1888 ;  G.  A.  Olson,  till  his  death,  Dec, 
1891 ;  A.  M.  Anderson  &  Co.,  Dec,  1891 — Oct.,  1896;  William  Hoffstead  & 
Co.,  Oct.,  1896 — Apr.,  1901 ;  A.  J.  Myrland  and  Herbert  Ahlstrom,  Apr., 
1901 — May,  1905  ;  Myrland  and  Charles  L.  Fisher  till  merged  with  Journal 
of  Burnett  County,  q.  v.t  Jan ,  1910.  Republican.  File  for  Jan. — July, 
1877,  bound  with  Bayfield  Press,  1877-79. 


Calumet  Republican  (w).    Aug.,  1859 — July,  1861.     Fe. 

Established  Aug.,  1859,  by  J.  N.  Stone  ;  suspended  Dec,  1861,  when  he 
entered  the  Union  army. 

Green  Bay 

Green  Bay  Advocate  (w).  1846-53,  scat,  nos.;  Mar.,  1854-59;  Jan. — 
June,  1861;  Aug.,  1862-66;  1867-70.  4  v.  F*.  1871— June,  1895. 
8  v.    FB.    June,  1895-1897;   Nov.,  1903— June,  1905.    2  v.    F«. 

— Same  (s-w).    1899— Sept.,  1901;  Jan.,  1905— Dec,  1906.    3  v.   F«. 

Same  (tri-w).     Sept.,  1901— Oct.,  1903.     (Sept.— Dec,  1901  with 

1899-1901,  s.  w.) 

Same   (d).     1897-1898;  Nov.,  1903— Aug.,  1906.     14  v.    Fe. 

Founded  Aug.,  1846,  by  C.  D.  and  A.  C.  Robinson  ;  conducted  by  them 
till  July,  1885  (in  partnership  with  Dorr  Clark,  Mar.,  1875 — Mar.,  1881)  ; 
C.  D.  Robinson  alone,  till  his  death,  Sept.,  1886 ;  his  widow  and  Edward 
Decker  till  Dec,  1888  ;  her  share  was  then  purchased  by  Decker,  who  six 
months  later  took  as  partners  A.  Hoppe  and  John  F.  Dockry ;  conducted  by 
them,  June,  1889-93 ;  Advocate  Pub.  Co.  (Edward  and  David  Decker,  and 
W.  C.  Jenkins),  till  Mar.,  1899;  J.  E.  Harris  and  H.  S.  Marvin,  Mar., 
1899 — Mar.,  1901  (Frank  Tilton  and  L.  C.  Snavely,  local  editors)  ;  Advo- 
cate Pub.  Co.  (E.  Decker,  president,  J.  E.  Harris,  manager),  Mar.,  1901 — 
Aug.,  1902 ;  Francis  R.  Singleton,  Aug.,  1902 — Dec,  1906.  Consolidated 
with  Green  Bay  Gazette  (q.  v.),  Dec,  1906.  Editors:  Charles  D.  Robin- 
son, 1846-61  (associates,  Earle  S.  Coodrieh,  July,  1852-53  ;  D.  W.  Ballon, 
1853-54);  from  1861  to  date,  Franklin  Tilton  and  at  intervals,  C.  D. 
Robinson,  Abbie  C.  B.  Robinson,  Dorr  Clark,  and  John  F.  Dockry ;  associate 
since  Dec,  1885,  A.  R.  McCleneghan.  Issued  Advocate  Daily  Bulletin 
(first  daily  in  Green  Bay)  from  May,  1861,  to  Aug.,  1862,  and  another 
daily  in  1871 ;  present  daily  edition  established  Oct.,  1894.  Many  interest- 
ing sketches  of  local  and  early  State  history  are  contained  in  the  Advo- 
cate, especially  in  its  early  files.  In  January  of  each  year  since  1884,  is 
contained  a  chronological  list  of  important  events  during  preceding  yea' 
in  Green  Bay  and  neighboring  towns.  In  Apr.,  1895,  absorbed  Daily  Jour- 
nal.    Independent  Democratic. 

Concobdia  (w).     German.     Aug.,  1875-81.     2  v.    F«. 

Established  at  Manitowoc,  Oct.,  1874,  probably  by  James  Fessler ;  pur- 
chased by  Fred.  Burkard  and  by  him  removed  to  Green  Bay,  July,  1875, 



where  It  was  united  with  Wis.  Staats-ZcHung,  2nd,  q.  v. ;  conducted  by 
Burkard  till  his  death,  Mar.,  1880  (in  partnership  lor  several  years  with 
Bruno  Ritter,  till  Aug.,  1878)  ;  continued  by  H.  A.  Burkard  till  Nov.,  1881 
(except  May-Sept.,  1881,  by  J.  Bttrgler)  ;  then  sold  to  Andrew  Rummel 
and  Louis  Bender,  and  styled  Courier;  conducted  by  them  till  June,  1883  ; 
by  Bender,  one  month ;  suspended,  July,  1883.  Edited  by  J.  G.  Mohr, 
1S82 — Apr,   18S:;.     Democratic. 

Succeeded,  Nov.,  1883,  by  Tier  Landsmann;  established  by  George 
Schleyer,  and  conducted  by  him  till  Apr.,  1886  (in  partnership  with  Henry 
Emmers,  Nov.,  1883 — Sept.,  1885  ;  with  A.  C.  Lehmann,  during  last  year)  ; 
since  Apr.,  1886,  by  Lehmann  and  Albert  C.  Robinson.     Democratic. 

Daily  Data.     1882— Jan.,  1883.    F». 

Founded  Dec,  1881,  by  John  H.  Nevins ;  issued  daily  till  Dec,  1882; 
then  tri-weekly,  one  month  ;  J.  M.  Shea,  assistant  editor  alter  Sept.,  1882  ; 
suspended  Jan.,  1883.  Succeeded,  two  weeks  later,  by  Green  Bay  Ad- 
vance (alterward  styled  Sunday  Advance)  ;   edited  by  J.  H.  Nevins,  and 

published  by  Joseph  Maurer  and  Pauley ;  Nevins  and  W.  J.  Bates, 

1885  ;  suspended  probably  in  Mar.,  1885. 

Wisconsin  Democbat  (w).    1836-40,  scat.  nos.    Fb. 

Successor  (Aug.,  1836)  ol  Intelligencer  and  Wis.  Free  Press,  q.  v. ;  con- 
ducted by  H.  O.  and  C.  C.  Sholes ;  J.  D.  Doty,  M.  L.  Martin, '  A.  G.  Ellis, 
J.  V.  Suydam,  occasional  contributors ;  late  In  1836  came  into  posses- 
sion ot  C.  C.  Sholes,  who  conducted  It  till  spring  ol  1840,  then  removed  It 
to  Southpovt   (now  Kenosha,  q.  v.).     With  Free  Press. 

"Wisconsin  Free  Press  (w).    Oct.  2,  1835.    Jan. — Mar.,  1836,  8  nos.    F". 
Established  Aug.,  1835 ;  William  Stevenson,  publisher ;  Joseph  Dickinson, 
editor ;   continued  till   summer   ol  1836 ;   united  with   Green  Bay  Intelli- 
gencer, q.  v.,  Aug.,  1836,  to  lorm  Wisconsin  Democrat,  q.  v. 

Green  Bay  Gazette  (w;  s-w).     Mar.,  1866-69.     Ft.     1870-85.     5  v.     Fs. 

1886-1909.     16  v.    F«.     1910+ 

Founded  Mar.,  1866,  by  George  Ginty  and  Dwight  I.  Follett ;  conducted 
by  them  six  months ;  Ginty,  Sept.,  1866 — Apr.,  1868  (in  partnership  with 
William  B.  Tapley  during  last  lour  months) ;  Tapley  &  Follett,  May,  1868 
— Dec,  1869;  Follett,  until  his  death,  June,  1888  (in  partnership  with 
George  E.  Hoskinson,  1870 — Oct.,  1883)  ;  Mrs.  Rosamond  Follett,  six  years, 
till  purchased,  July,  1894,  by  Walter  E.  Gardner,  who  Incorporated 
Gazette  Pub.  Co.  Edited  by  Gardner  till  Jan.,  1899  ;  since  then  by  N.  C. 
Pickard.  Daily  edition  has  been  Issued  since  Oct.,  1871.  Styled  State 
Gazette,  Aug.,  1870 — July,  1894.  D.  W.  Ballou,  assistant  editor,  1852-54 ; 
George  Hoskinson,  chiel  editor,  1870-75 ;  succeeded  by  J.  S.  Curtis.  Con- 
tains series  ol  articles,  "Early  Outposts  ol  Wisconsin,"  Jan.,  1873 ;  "Remin- 
iscences ol  Mackinac  and  Green  Bay,"  by  Mrs.  Elizabeth  T.  Baird,  Dec.  4, 
1886— Nov.  19,  1887.     Republican. 

State  Gazette  (d).    June  3,  1871;  Apr.  16,  1872;  Mar.  1,  1876.    Nov., 
1871— Mar.,  1872.    Fo. 

Green  Bay  Globe  (w).    May,  1877-81.    Fo.    1882— Aug.,  1883.    F«. 

Established  Feb.,  1875,  by  Mather  D.  Kimball,  and  conducted  by  him  till 
Its  suspension,  Aug.,  1883  (In  partnership  with  Root,  1875). 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Geebn  Bat,  Wis.,  continued: 

Green  Bay  Intelligences   (irreg.;   w,  Aug.,   1835).    Dec.,  1833 — Mar, 
1836;  Apr.  13,  May  11,  June  1,  1836.    F«. 

First  paper  in  Territory  of  Wisconsin  ;  founded  Dec,  1833,  by  John  V.' 
Suydam  and  Albert  G.  Ellis ;  after  a  few  numbers,  conducted  by  Ellis  alone 
till  June  1,  1835;  by  Ellis  and  C.  C.  P.  Arndt  till  (probably)  June,  1836; 
then  suspended.  United  with  Wis.  Free  Press,  q.  v.,  to  form  Wis.  Demo- 
crat, q.  v.,  Aug.,  1836.  Intelligencer  was  issued  at  varying  intervals ;  vol. 
i,  of  26  numbers,  covers  Dec,  1833 — Sept.,  1835.     Democratic. 

Phoenix.    Vol.  1,  No.  8.    Oct.  8,  1841. 

Bay  City  Press  (w).     Sept.,  1860— July,  1861.     Ft. 

Established  June,  1860,  by  John  D.  Lawe  and  Porter  Jones ;  B.  J.  Brown, 
editor.  Two  months  later,  sold  to  W.  J.  Green,  and  continued  by  him, 
with  Lawe  as  publisher,  till  its  suspension,  Apr.,  1862 ;  edited  by  Harry 
E.  Eastman,  Aug.,  1860-61.     Eepublican. 

Green  Bay  Republican   (w).     Sept.  10,  1842;   Jan.  28,  Aug.  26,  1843; 
Oct.,  1843— Nov.,  1844.     F«. 

Founded  Sept.,  1841,  by  an  association  of  citizens,  with  Henry  O.  Sholes 
as  publisher,  he  later  becoming  owner ;  edited  by  C.  C.  P.  Arndt  till  his 
death,  Feb.,  1842 ;  H.  S.  Baird,  till  1843 ;  then  by  Samuel  Ryan  Jr.,  who 
obtained  control  of  it  Nov.,  1844,  and  styled  it  Wisconsin  Republican;  re- 
moved to  Fond  du  Lac,  q.  v.,  Dec,  1847.  Non-partisan  till  1844 ;  then 
supported  Clay's  candidacy. 

Wisconsin  Republican  (w).     1845,  3  nos.;  Feb.  8,  1847. 
See  Green  Bay  Republican. 

Green  Bay  Review  (w).     1896-1909.    7  v.    Fa.     1910+ 

Founded  1876  by  James  Kerr,  and  since  conducted  by  him  and  his  son. 
See  also  Fort  Howard  Review. 

Green  Bay  Spectator  (w).     Feb.  21,  Apr.  24,  1852. 

Established  July,  1851,  by  Samuel  Ryan  Jr.,  who  returned  hither  from 
Fond  du  Lac  ;  A.  E.  Cooley  became  a  partner  in  following  Oct. ;  continued 
\  till  Dec,  1852,  then  paper  suspended.     Whig. 

Wisconsin  Staats  Zeituno  (w).    Jan. — Apr.,  1874,  7  nos.    F?. 

Founded  July,  1868,  by  Fred  Burkard ;  conducted  by  him  (in  partnership 
with  George  Schauer  in  1868)  till  Apr.,  1875  ;  then  sold  to  a  stock  com- 
pany, and  styled  Volks-Zeitung  ;  B.  G.  Grunnert,  editor;  sold  to  J.  H. 
Schuette  &  Son,  Feb.,  1876;  conducted  by  them  till  Oct.,  1877;  Henry 
Schuette,  till  Feb.,  1878;  then  suspended.  Revived  by  H.  J.  Lohmar, 
June.  1879,  as  Green  Hay  Zeitung;  suspended,  probably  in  following  Nov. 
Democratic.     File  bound  with  Manitowoc  Nord-Westen,  1874-75. 

Wisconsin  Staats-Zeitung  (w).    July,  1874 — July,  1875.     F«. 

Second  paper  of  this  name ;  established  July,  1874,  by  Valentine  Burk- 
ard ;  a  few  weeks  later,  merged  in  Concordia,  q.  v.  File  bound  with 
Manitowoc  Nord-Westen,  1874-75. 





Greenwood  Gleaner  (w).    Feb.,  1900-1909.    5  v.    F«.    1910+ 

Founded  Feb.,  1900,  by  J.  E.  Noyes,  and  conducted  by  him  till  July, 
1908 ;  since  then  by  H.  E.  Hartson.     Republican. 


Hammond    Independent    (w).    July,    1875 — Oct.,    1877    (except    Dec, 
1876).     F«. 

Established  by  stock  company,  July,  1875  ;  Samuel  Beal,  editor ;  con- 
ducted by  him  till  Dec.  following;  John  McMahon,  Dec,  1875 — Oct.,  1877 
(in  partnership  with  James  Ross,  two  months;  with  W.  S.  Lauder,  after 
Jan.,  1876)  ;  purchased  from  stockholders  by  McMahon  and  Lauder,  early 
in  1876;  suspended  Oct.,  1877.  The  first  number  contains  historical 
sketch  of  town  of  Hammond.  In  Feb.,  1876,  absorbed  St.  Croitc  Reformer 
(established  at  Baldwin  in  Jan.,  1876,  by  W.  S.  Lauder).  Independent, 
till  Feb.,  1876  ;  after  that,  supported  People's  Reform  party. 

Hammond  Independent  (w).     Dec,  1875.    F«. 

Published  a  few  weeks  by  Samuel  Beal,  from  office  of  Baldwin  Bulletin, 
as  the  result  of  a  quarrel  between  him  and  the  stockholders  of  the  first 

Superintendent  (m).    Vols.  3-7.    Feb.,  1896 — June,  1900.    2  v.    F. 

Founded  1893.  Published  by  Hammond  Pub.  Co.  and  edited  by  Frank 
W.  Bixby  from  1896  till  suspension  in  June,  1900.  Devoted  to  educa- 
tional  interests. 


Hancock  News  (w).    Dec,  1897+    Fs. 

Founded  1894.  Published  by  Dunn  &  Ferguson,  1895 ;  Ferguson  &  Ro- 
zell,  1897-98;  News  Pub.  Co.,  W.  H.  Fields,  editor,  1898;  since  then  by 
Roy  L.  Thompson.     Republican. 


Home  League  (w).    Vols.  1-4.    Aug.,  1860— Mar.,  1864.    F». 
Conducted  by  A.  M.  Thomson.     Suspended,  Mar.  5,  1864. 

Hartford  Press  (w;  s-w).    1883-87.    F«.    1888-1901.    5  v.    Ft.    1902- 
1909.     5  v.     F«.     1910+ 

Successor  of  Washington  Co.  Republican,  q.  v. ;  published  by  J.  M.  Le- 
Count  (in  partnership  with  H.  K.  Butterfield,  1883-86 ;  since  Jan.,  1889, 
with  his  son,  F.  M.  Le  Count)  ;  F.  M.  and  F.  L.  Le  Count,  Dec,  1898- 
1903  ;  since'  tbm  by  F.  L.  and  Sadie  E.  Le  Count ;  edited  by  the  latter. 
Republican.     File   for  1883  bound  with  Republican. 

Washington  County  Republican  (w).    1878-82.    2  v.    Ft. 

Founded  Sept.,  1872,  at  West  Bend,  by  S.  S.  Barney ;  became  property 
of  William  George  about  Dec,  1873 ;  removed  hither  July,  1876 ;  conducted 
by  George  till  Jan.,  1883 ;  then  sold  to  J.  M.  Le  Count  and  H.  K.  Butter- 
field,  and  styled  Hartford  Press,  q.  v. 

22— N.  C. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Wisconsin,  continued: 


Hartland  News. 

See  News  and  Dairyman. 

News  and  Dairyman  (w).    Jan. — Sept.,  1895.     F«. 

Established  about  Dec,  1893  ;  conducted  by  H.  W.  Goodwin  till  Sept., 
1895 ;  then  sold  to  G.  F.  Ramsey ;  conducted  by  him  till  1898,  then  sold  to 
G.  W.  Schevantes  and  Miss  Mabel  Hansen.  Since  1905  owned  and  edited 
by  the  latter.  Styled  Hartland  News  since  1897.  Devoted  to  agricultural 
and  dairy  interests  of  Waukesha  County. 


Hayward  Jotjbnal-News  (w).    1891-1894.    2  v.    F«. 

Journal  established  Oct.,  1889,  by  E.  J.  Scott;  absorbed  North  Wiscon- 
sin News  May,  1890,  and  styled  Journal-News;  conducted  by  Scott  and 
Theo.  Bunker,  till  .Tune,  1894;  H.  C.  Plagg  (Scott  remaining  the  owner), 
one  year ;  sold  to  Ed.  L.  Peet,  June,  1895 ;  office  removed  to  Grantsburg, 
and  subscription  list  merged  in  New  Richmond  Voice  (founded  Mar.,  1886, 
by  E.  P.  Huntington).     In  1891,  absorbed  The  Bustler.     Republican. 

North     Wisconsin     News     (w).     July,     1883-1885.    Ft.     1886-88.    F«. 
1889-90.    F?. 

Removed  hither  from  Clear  Lake,  q.  v.,  June,  1883  ;  conducted  by  E.  0. 
Johnson  till  May,  1890 ;  then  merged  in  Bayward  Journal.  Republican ", 
also  advocated  local  prohibition. 


Hillsboro  Sentry  (w).    Mar.,  1895 — Mar.,  1900.    2  v.    Fs. 

Established  Feb.,  1885,  by  C.  W.  T.  Heath,  and  conducted  by  him  till 
1891;  C.  H.  Dunn,  1891— July,  1896;  W.  W.  Shear,  July,  1896— Aug., 
1899,  M.  V.  Frazier,  Aug.,  1899—1901 ;  later  (1902  or  1903)  merged  with 
Enterprise,  as  Sentry-Enterprise,  published  by  W.  O.  Shear. 


Horicon  Argus   (w).    Sept.,  1854— Nov.,  1860.    2  v.    F». 

Founded  Sept.,  1854,  by  W.  E.  Croft  and  W.  H.  Butterfleld;  conducted 
by  them  till  Aug.,  1856;  John  P.  Hobart,  eight  months;  Mark  M.  Pome- 
roy,  Apr.,  1857 — Dec,  1858 ;  B.  W.  Curtis,  two  years  (C.  D.  Davis,  editor 
during  first  three  months;  A.  J.  Rising,  one  year;  J.  C.  Bunner,  July— 
Nov.,  1860).  Removed  to  Beaver  Dam,  Nov.,  1860;  there  united  with  En- 
celsior,  and  continued  as  Beaver  Dam  Argus,  q.  v.  Democratic  (anti- 
slavery,  under  Croft). 

Horicon  Gazette  (w).     1861.    Jan.  1,  1862.    F». 

Removed  hither  from  Burlington,  q.  v.,  Feb.,  1861 ;  conducted  by  Henry 
W.  and  Alta  C.  Phelps,  one  year ;  removed  to  Berlin,  and  merged  in  Qreen 
Lake  Spectator,  Feb.,  1862.  Republican.  File  bound  with  Eoricon  Argus, 
Jan. — Nov.,  1860. 





Chronicle  (w).    May  7,  1859. 

Published  by  John  S.  Beal. 

Hudson  Democrat  (w).    1872-74.    Ft. 

Established  Oct.,  1868,  by  O.  F.  Jones  and  C.  D.  Sibley  ;  after  Jan.,  1869, 
conducted  by  Jones  alone  till  Dec,  1874  ;  then  merged  in  True  Republican, 
q.  v. 

Hudson  Journal  (w).     Sept.  8,  15,  1853. 

Established  by  D.  B.  Shaver,  1853 ;  afterwards  purchased  by  James 
Hughes  and  styled  St.  Croix  Republican;  destroyed  by  fire,  1854.  Revived 
in  Aug.  as  Hudson  Republican,  and  published  by  Hughes  about  eight 
months  ;  then  suspended.     At  first,  Democratic ;  under  Hughes,  Whig. 

North  Star   (w).    Nov.,  1854-55.    F«. 

Founded  Nov.,  1854,  by  E.  B.  Otis  and  Otis  Hoyt ;  conducted  by  them 
six  months  ;  suspended  June,  1855.  Revived  in  Sept.  following,  by  Hoyt ; 
edited  by  TJ.  B.  Shaver  several  months ;  Edward  Thwing,  till  Nov.,  1856 ; 
Allan  Dawson,  Jan.— Apr.,  1857  ;  then  suspended ;  again  revived  by  Hoyt, 
in  July,  and  edited  two  months  by  J.  D.  Reymert ;  sold  by  Hoyt  to  S.  A. 
Clewell  and  J.  S.  Elwell,  Sept.,  1857 ;  conducted  by  them  till  Aug.,  1860 ; 
Elwell  and  Sidney  S.  Starr,  about  two  years.  Clewell  then  bought  Starr's 
interest,  and  soon  after  Elwell's ;  and  conducted  the  paper  (I.  N.  Van 
Slyke,  editor,  after  Oct.,  1862)  till  Sept.,  1864 ;  then  united  with  City 
Times,  under  title  Star  and  Times,  q.  v.     Democratic. 

True  Republican    (w).      1872-74.      F«.     1875— Mar.,   1886.     4  v.     Ft. 
Apr.,  1886-87.     F«.     1888-1908.     8  v.    Ft.     1909  + 

Founded  Nov.,  1871,  under  auspices  of  Republican  Central  County  Com- 
mittee ;  conducted  by  David  C.  and  Marcus  A.  Fulton,  three  years  (in 
partnership  with  George  L.  Sharretts,  after  Mar.,  1872)  ;  Sharretts,  Dec, 
1874 — Dec,  1878  (with  John  E.  Glover,  Jan.,  1875 — Feb.,  1876 ;  after  that 
time,  with  George  D.  Cline)  ;  since  Dec,  1878,  by  Cline  (with  James  Cogs- 
well, until  Nov.,  1S87). 

Star-Observer  (w).     Feb.,  1909+     Fe. 
See  Star  and  Times. 

Hudson  Star  and  Times  (s-w;  w).     May,  1866-87.     7  v.    Ft.     1888-98. 

4  v.    F8.     1899— Feb.,  1909.     5  v.    F«. 

Successor  (Sept.,  1864)  of  North  Star,  q.  v.,  and  Hudson  Times;  pub- 
lished by   S.   A.  Clewell  and  Horace  A.   Taylor,   till  Nov.,    1878 ;   Taylor 

(with  Byron  J.  Price,  after  Jan.,  18791,  ten  years;  Price  alone,  Jan.,  1889 
— Feb..  1905.  Then  bought  by  W.  E.  Webster  and  Spencer  Haven  (Star- 
Times  Co.)  and  changed  from  semi-weekly  to  weekly.  In  Feb.,  1909, 
merged  with  St.  Croix  Observer  as  Star-Observer  (q.  v.)  ;  bought  of  Star 
Observer  Co.,  Sept.,  1910,  by  A.  E.  Roese,  the  present  owner.  Contains 
series  of  descriptive  articles  on  St.  Croix  Valley,  about  Jan.,  1868  (re- 
printed in  Prescott  Journal,  Feb. — Mar.,  1868)  ;  also  historical  account  of 
Hudson  newspapers,  in  issue  of  Jan.  9,  1867.     Republican. 

Hudson  Times  originally  established  Aug.,  1856,  by  James  Hughes,  as  a 
Whig  campaign  paper,  under  title  of  Shield  and  Banner;  soon  afterward, 
styled  Pathfinder;  succeeded,  Dec,  1856,  by  Hudson  Chronicle,  published 
by  J    S.  Beal  and  Wilson,  and  edited  by  T.  Dwight  Hall;  sold  by 

[  339  ] 

Newspaper  Catalogue 

Hudson,  Wis.,  continued: 

T.  D.  and  C.  L.  Hall  to  Beal,  Dec,  1858,  and  continued  by  him  till  July, 
1860;  edited  by  Frank  Daggett  till  Mar.,  1859;  I.  N.  Van  Slyke,  May, 
1859 — Feb.,  1860;  James  Densmore,  four  months.  Sold  to  H.  A.  Taylor, 
July,  1860,  and  styled  Hudson  City  Times;  conducted  by  him  till  Sept., 
1864  (in  partnership  with  T-.  S.  Seymour,  Sept.,  1860 — Dec,  1863) ;  then 
united  with  North  Star;  edited  by  Moses  S.  Gibson  during  last  two 
months.     Republican . 


Iron  County  Citizen   (w).     Vol.  1.     1905.     3  nos. 

Montreal  River  Miner  (w).     Oct.,  1885-1909.     12  v.     Fs. 

Founded  Oct.,  1885,  by  D.  C.  Gowdy  and  S.  D.  Goodell ;  published  by 
them  till  Oct.,  1893  ;  Goodell  and  Ida  A.  Paddock,  till  1897 ;  F.  B.  Hand, 
1897— Jan.,  1909 ;  since  then  by  Martin  Vickers.  Edited  by  S.  D.  Goodell 
till  1897.  Absorbed  Gogebic  Iron  Tribune,  q.  v.,  Dec,  1893 ;  Iron  County 
Republican,  Sept.,  1903 ;  Iron  County  Citizen,  Apr.,  1910.     Democratic. 

La  Nostra  Terra.     Vol.  1,  No.  1.    Jan.  23,  1904. 

Founded  1904  by  Frank  Marta,  and  since  conducted  by  him.  First 
Italian  newspaper  in  Wisconsin.     File  bound  with  Wis.  Labor1  Papers. 

Northland-Bethany  Record  (bi-m).     Oct.,  1903 — June,  1904.     Q. 
Published  earlier  at  Mellen,  q.  v. 

Iron  County  Republican  (w).    June,  1894 — Oct.,  1903.    5  v.    P«. 

Founded  1894  by  Iron  County  Pub.  Co.  Published  by  them  and  edited 
by  Wilbur  M.  Bridgman  till  1896.  Then  owned  and  edited  by  Bridgman 
till  1900;  Bridgman  &  Strandberg,  1901;  Strandberg,  1902— Aug.,  1903; 
then  bought  by  F.  B.  Hand  of  Montreal  River  Miner,  and  conducted  by 
him  till  Oct.,  when  combined  with  Miner,  q.  v. 

Gogebic  Iron  Tribune  (w).     May,  1886-93.    4  v.    F«. 

Established  May,  1886,  by  F.  B.  Hand ;  continued  by  him  till  Dec,  1893, 
then  merged  in  Montreal  River  Miner.  Volume  for  1886-87  contains  his- 
torical and  descriptive  articles  on  Gogebic  iron  range.     Republican. 


International  Good  Templar  (m).    Jan.,  1906 — Jan.,  1909.    O. 

See  same  title  under  Milwaukee. 

Independence  Weekly  News.    Mar.,  1878— Oct.,  1879.    F  «. 

Established  Mar.,  1878,  by  Geo.  E.  Gilkey;  sold  by  him  to  W.  R.  Alli- 
son, Dec,  1879  ;  conducted  by  Allison  till  Apr.,  1880 ;  H.  I.  Turnbull,  four 
months;  J.  R.  and  W.  P.  Faulds  (at  intervals,  alone  or  in  partnership), 
Aug.,  1880-88 ;  George  A.  Markham,  1889 — Apr.,  1892,  when  it  was  united 
with  Independence  Wave,  q.  v. ;  since  then,  styled  News-Wave,  and  con- 
ducted by  Oeorge  A.  and  Ada  R.  Markham  till  the  former's  death  in  July, 
1909 ;  since  then,  the  latter.  Absorbed  Blair  Bulletin,  Apr.,  1879 ;  during 
following  year,  styled  Weekly  News-Bulletin.  Independent.  File  bound 
with   (Medford)   Taylor  Co.  News,  1878-79. 




Independence  News-Wave   (w).     1892-1909.     9  v.    F«.     1910+ 

Devoted   to   local   news,   and    advocacy   of   temperance.     See  News   and 

Independence  Wave.  (w).    1889-91.    F«. 

Established  about  May,  18S8  ;  owned  by  A.  A.  Mclntyre  and  edited  by 
George    A.    Markham.     In    Mar.,    1889,    absorbed    Eau    Claire    Progress 

(founded  Oct.,  1887,  by  Baehinan  and  Ole  B.  Olson)  ;  a  few  weeks 

later,  became  property  of  Markbam ;  since  then,  conducted  by  him  (as- 
sisted by  C.  G.  Simpson,  Apr.,  1889 — Apr.,  1891  ;  by  O.  G.  Briggs,  till  Jan., 
1892;  since  then,  by  Ada  R.  Markham).  United  with  Hews,  q.  v.,  Apr., 
1892.     Prohibitionist. 


Northwestern  Advance   (w).     Mar. — June,  1867.    Fe. 

Founded  Jan.,  1807,  by  an  association,  as  official  organ  of  Good  Temp- 
lars ;  edited  by  .1.  M.  May  till  Dec,  18G9  (assisted  by  H.  N.  Comstock,  Dec, 
1867 — June,  1868:  by  J.  S.  Bliss,  six  months;  John  Hicks  and  C.  D.  Pills- 
bury,  during  1869).  Removed  to  Milwaukee  Jan.,  1869;  sold  by  May  to 
Starr  &  Son,  Jan.,  1870 ;  continued  by  them,  with  Pillsbury  as  editor ;  sus- 
pended, June,  1871. 

Commercial  Union   (w).    Mar. — Dec,  1884.    F.    Jan.— Sept.,  1885,    Q. 

Established  Mar.,  1884,  by  W.  B.  and  E.  A.  Cushman  ;  conducted  by 
them  till  Mar.,  1S85  (in  partnership  with  Peter  J.  Mouat  after  July, 
1884)  ;  P.  J.  Mouat  &  Co.,  three  months  ;  then  T.  J.  Cairns  &  Co.  In  1886 
issued  monthly,  by  White  &  Derrick.     No  later  mention  in  directories. 

Janesville  Democrat  (w).     Sept. — Dec,  1860.     F«. 

Founded  (d  and  w)  Sept.,  1860,  by  W.  H.  Bristol  and  J.  C.  Mann ;  in 
Nov.  following,  Mann  purchased  Bristol's  interest,  and  established  Rock 
Co.  Republican,  q.  v.,  as  successor  of  Democrat;  in  June,  1861,  Joseph 
Baker  became  Mann's  partner ;  probably  suspended  by  end  of  year.  File 
bound  with  Rock  County  Papers,  1860-70. 

Wisconsin  Dbuggist's  Exchange   (m).     Vols.  1-2.     1892-93.    F*.     1894- 
May,  1902.     2  v. 

Published  and  edited  by  E.  B.  Heimstreet,  secretary  of  Wis.  Pharma- 
ceutical Assn.  in  interest  of  Wisconsin  druggists,  and  as  official  organ  of 
association  ;  illustrated.  Removed  May,  1902,  to  Minneapolis,  and  there 
published  by  Chapin  Pub.  Co. 

Wisconsin  Educational  Journal  (m).    Vol.  1,  1855.    Fb. 

Established  Jan.,  1855,  by  G.  S.  Dodge  and  James  Sutherland ;  Julia  A. 
Vlers,  assistant  editor.  Suspended  Dec,  1855 ;  two  months  later,  removed 
to  Racine,  q.  v.,  and  styled  Wis.  Journal  of  Education,  q.  v. 

Wisconsin  and  Iowa  Farmer,  and  Northwestern  Cultivator  (m).    Vols. 
4-6.    1852-54.    Indexed.    3  v.    O. 

Removed  hither  from  Racine,  q.  v. ;  edited  by  Mark  Miller  and  S.  P. 
Lathrop  till  death  of  latter.  Jan.,  1855 ;  then  removed  to  Madison,  q.  v., 
and  conducted  by  Miller  and  J.  C.  Brayton. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Janesvlle,  Wis.,  continued:  ( 

Janesville  Free  Press  (w).     1854— Mar.,  1857.    Ft. 

— Same  (d  .     Apr.,  1856 — Mar.,  1857.     2  v.     F«. 

Established  Jan.,  1853,  by  joint-stock  association  of  Free  Democrats, 
with  Joseph  Baker  as  editor ;  purchased  in  Oct.  following,  by  Baker  and 
William  M.  Doty,  and  conducted  by  them  till  June,  1855  ;  sold  by  Baker 
in  following  Nov.,  to  G.  B.  Burnett,  Andrew  J.  Hall,  and  B.  C.  Sackett; 
Burnett  absconded  in  May,  1856,  and  Thomas  F.  Withrow  (associate  editor 
after  1853)  conducted  the  paper  with  Sackett  as  owner,  till  Mar.  1857; 
then  merged,  in  Gazette,  q.  v.     Daily  issued,  Feb.,   1855 — Mar.,  1857. 

Janesville  Gazette  (w).  1847-49  (incomp.).  Dec,  1849 — Feb.,  1857; 
May  8,  1858;  1864.  8  v.  P'.  Jan. — June,  1865;  July— Dee., 
1866;  1869.     3  v.    F«, 

First  and  oldest  paper  in  Bock  County ;  established  Aug.,  1845,  by  Levi 
Alden  and  E.  O.  Stoddard;  conducted  by  Alden  (with  various  partners), 
three  years ;  Alden  and  Charles  Holt,  Nov.,  1848 — Mar.,  1855  ;  continued 
by  Holt  till  Dec,  1863  (in  partnership  with  Hiram  Bowen,  Feb..  1857 — 
Jan.,  1862 ;  and  with  Daniel  Wilcox,  after  Aug.,  1859) ;  A.  M.  Thomson 
and  W.  G.  Roberts,  Jan  ,  1864— June,  1870  ;  James  Bintliff  and  R.  L. 
Colvin,  July,  1870 — Dec,  1877 ;  then  purchased  by  Isaac  Farnsworth  and 
Colvin,  who  sold  it  in  1883  to  Gazette  Ptg.  Co.,  H.  T.  Bliss,  president; 
edited  by  Nicholas  Smith,  1878— June,  1890;  J.  C.  Wilmarth,  1890-95; 
B.  F.  Nowlan,  1895-1901;  since  then  by  H.  F.  Bliss.  Among  assistant 
editors :  Dayid  Atwood,  through  political  campaign  of  1848  ;  W.  S.  Bowen, 
July,  1870 — Mar.,  3  874  ;  Helen  M.  Bingham,  Aug.,  1870-71 ;  Howard  W^ 
Tilton,  Jan.  1878-1888;  J.  C.  Wilmarth,  1888-90;  Burton  F.  Nowlan, 
1890-1901  ;  David  Atwood  (grandson  of  David  I.),  1902-1910.  Daily 
published  July — Oct.,  1854,  also  since  Mar.,  1857 ;  semi-weekly  established 
Jan.,  1864  (changed  to  tri-weekly  during  1867)  ;  evening  paper  since 
1883.  Absorbed  Free  Press,  q.  v.,  Mar.,  1857  ;  was  then  styled  Gazette 
and  Free  Press  till  Jan.,  1864.     Whig,  at  first ;  later,  Republican. 

Janesville  Daily  Gazette.  July— Oct.,  1854.  F6.  Mar.,  1857— June, 
1867.  21  v.  Fe.  July,  1867— June,  1869.  4  v.  F*.  July,  1869^ 
Nov.,  1883.  29  v.  F».  Dec,  1883— Dec,  1893.  20  v.  Ft.  1894- 
1910.     52  v.    F6.     19,11+ 

Published  continuously  since  Mar.,  1857  ;  styled  Daily  Morning  Gazette, 

IiAMPLIGHTEK    (m).      1895.      Q. 

Established  Jan.,  1888,  as  organ  of  Janesville  district  of  M.  E.  church; 
edited  by  the  presiding  elder,  P.  W.  Peterson.  Removed  to  Milwaukee, 
Jan.,  1890,  and  published  there  till  suspension,  Dec,  1900.  File  for  1895- 
1898  bound  with  Janesville  file. 

Janesville  Daily  Recorder.    July,  1879 — Apr.,  1887.    16  v.    F«.    Jan., 
1892;  May,  1893. 
Established  Mar.,  1878,  as  daily  edition  of  Rock  Co.  Recorder,  q.  v. 

Rock  County  Recorder  (w).    Jan. — Aug.,  1870;  1874-85.    4  v.    F*. 

Successor  (Sept.,  1869)  of  Sun,  an  advertising  sheet  founded  by  Garrett 
Veeder  and  S.  S.  St.  John,  Sept.,  1869  ;  conducted  by  them  till  July,  1872 




(with  C.  W.  MeHenry  as  editor,  Sept. — Nov.,  1869)  ;  Veeder  alone,  one 
year  ;  Veeder  and  W.  H.  Leonard,  July,  1873 — Dec.,  1881 ;  published  there- 
after by  Recorder  Ptg.  Co.,  Veeder  being  president.  Absorbed  City  Timet 
in  Apr.,  1886,  and  was  styled  Recorder  and  Times,  q.  v.  Daily  established 
Mar.,  1878.  Styled  Janesville  Recorder  after  1882.  Independent  at 
first ;  later,  Republican.  File  for  1870  bound  with  Be'oit  Journal  and 
Courier,  1864-65. 

Recobdeb   and    Times    (w).     1886 — May,    1893.     3   v.    Ft.     May,   1893- 

1908.     8  v.     F  6.     1909+ 

Successor  of  City  Times  and  Weekly  Recorder,  q.  v.  Recorder  Ptg.  Co. 
reorganized  Nov.,  1885,  in  consequence  of  purchase  of  its  stock  by  leading 
Democrats  of  Janesville,  the  political  tone  of  the  paper  being  changed  ac- 
cordingly ;  edited  by  Joseph  B.  Doe  till  the  following  April,  when  Janes- 
ville City  Times  was  absorbed,  its  editor,  A.  O.  Wilson,  becoming  editor  of 
Recorder  and  Times;  he  continued  till  Dec,  1894;  since  then,  edited  by 
Peter  J.  Mouat.     Democratic. 

Rock  Co.  Republican  (w).    Dec,  1860— Sept.,  1861.    Ft. 

Established  by  J.  C.  Mann,  Nov.,  1860,  as  successor  of  Democrat,  q.  v. ; 
Horace  R.  Hobart  was  assistant  editor  in  1861.  Bound  with  Weekly 
Times,  1859. 


See  same  title,  under  Appleton. 

Democratic  Standard  (w).     Oct.,  1851 — Oct.,  1858.     3  v.     Ft. 

Established  Oct.,  1851,  by  Geo  W.  Crabb  and  John  Mitchell ;  conducted 
by  them  six  months ;  Mitchell  alone,  Apr.,  1852 — May,  1853 ;  then  sold  to 
Daniel  C.  Brown,  and  owned  by  him  till  Nov.,  1857  (in  partnership  with 
Alexander  T.  Gray,  one  year ;  with  J.  C.  Bunner,  May,  1854 — Feb.,  1855 ; 
with  James  Armstrong,  Oct.,  1855 — Nov.,  1857)  ;  Armstrong,  four  months ; 
Godfrey  H.  Bishop  (with  C.  E.  Wright  as  editor) ,  Mar. — Oct.,  1858 ;  then 
suspended,  except  that  an  advertising  sheet  was  issued  a  few  times,  to  ful- 
fill contracts.  Issued  daily  Apr.,  1856 — Mar.,  1858.  In  Dec,  1851,  ab- 
sorbed Badger  State.     Democratic. 

Badger  State  was  established  by  George  W.  Crabb,  Aug.,  1846  as  Rock 
Co.  Democrat;  sold  by  Crabb  to  C.  S.  Jordan,  Sept.,  1848;  suspended  in 
Nov.  following.  Revived  a  few  weeks  later  by  A.  T.  Gray,  under  title  of 
Free  Soil  Democrat;  probably  continued  after  Mar.,  1849,  as  Rock  Co. 
Badger,  by  John  A.  Brown  (in  partnership  with  Gray,  Apr. — Oct.,  1850; 
with  Crabb,  Nov.,  1850-51)  ;  styled  Badger  State,  probably  late  in  1850; 
continued  till  Dec,  1851 ;  then  merged  in  Democratic  Standard.  Free- 
Soil  Democratic. 

Janesville  Weekly  Sun.    June,  1882— June,  1889.    3  v.    F  «. 

Founded  May,  1881,  by  J.  H.  Nicholson  ;  after  one  year,  published  by  J. 
B.  and  A.  W.  Silsbee,  till  Jan.,  1886 ;  thereafter  J.  B.  Silsbee  &  Co.,  under 
title  Saturday  Morning  Sun;  edited  by  J.  B.  Silsbee  till  his  death,  Mar., 
1889.     Independent. 

Janesville  City  Times  (w).    1873-75.    Fs.    1876— Apr.,  1886.    3  v.    Ft. 

Founded  Aug.,  1869,  as  campaign  sheet,  by  A.  O.  Wilson ;  continued  by 

him  till  Mar.,  1886  (in  partnership  with  W.  H.  Tousley,  May,  1877 — May, 

1883)  ;  united  with  Recorder,  q.  v.,  Mar.,  1886.     Issued  daily  Oct.,  1878 — 

Nov.,  1880.     Democratic. 


Newspaper  Catalogue 

Janesville,  Wis.,  continued:  i    j' 

Janesville  Weekly  Times.    1859.    P '. 

Successor  (Jan.,  1859)  of  Democratic  Standard,  q.  v. ;  published  by 
Bishop  &  Wright  till  following  July,  then  suspended.  Revived  in  Oct.  by 
C.  E.  Wright  and  J.  F.  Erving ;  continued  till  Dec. ;  probably  suspended 
before  1860.     Also  issued  daily.     Democratic. 


Jefferson  Banneb  (w).     1864-75.     4  v.    F«.     1876-89.     o  v.     Ft.     1890- 
1909.     10  v.    F  6.     1910-1-  I 

Established  July,  1860,  by  John  W.  Blake,  under  title  of  Jefferson  Co.  I 
Republican  (second  paper  of  that  name)  ;  succeeded  by  J.  E.  Atwater  and 
George  W.  Peck  (probably  early  in  1861)  ;  Robert  Tompkins  was  Peck's 
partner,  Sept.,  1861— Sept.,  1862  ;  sold  to  Gerrit  T.  Thorn  and  W.  H.  Tous- 
ley,  Sept..  1863,  and  styled  Jefferson  Banner ;  conducted  by  them  nearly 
four  years;  Tousley  alone,  May,  1867 — May,  1873  (except  Nov.,  1872 — 
Feb.,  1873,  by  M.  G.  Tousley) ;  Alden  Sanborn,  May,  1873 — Nov.,  1878  (la 
partnership  with  G.  W.  Bird,  till  May,  1878 ;  then  with  I.  T.  Carr)  ;  Carr, 
six  years ;  since  1884,  O.  F.  Roessler,  German-English  edition  issued  since 
1891.  Published,  commencing  Feb.,  1895,  series  of  articles  on  "Jefferson 
County  history ;  gleaned  from  old  newspaper  flies  and  from  old  settlers." 
Republican  till  Sept.,  1863 ;  since  then  Democratic. 

Student's  Experiment  (bi-m).     Nov.,  1867 — Jan.,  1868.    F. 

Established  Nov.,  1867,  by  members  of  Adelphi  Society  of  Jefferson  Lib- 
eral Institute ;  George  W.  Cooke,  chief  editor.  Styled  Institute  (s-m)  in 
Sept.,  1868. 

Tariff  Reform  Advocate  (m).    Feb. — Dec,  1888.     W>. 

Founded  Feb.,  1888 ;  published  by  Jefferson  Tariff  Reform  Club ;  edited 
by  R.  B.  Kirkland ;  printed  in  German  and  English.  Democratic  campaign 
paper.     File  bound  with  Jefferson  Banner,  1888-89. 

Lincoln  County  Advocate  (w).    1875-81.    P«. 

See  same  title  under  Merrill.  The  name  of  this  town  was  changed 
from  Jenny  to  Merrill,  in  1881. 


Juda  Home  News  (w).    July — Nov.,  1907.    F<>. 
AH  published. 

latest  News  (w)  .    Feb.,  1879— Sept.,  1884.    2  v.    F  *. 

Established  July,  1877,  as  Judean,  by  Judean  Pub.  Co.  i  after  Mar., 
1878,  styled  Latest  mews,  and  conducted  by  J.  B.  Stair  and  H.  C.  Wlt- 
mer  till  July,  1879 ;  thereafter,  Witmer  alone ;  suspended  Sept.,  1884. 


Btjee  Oak  (w).    Oct.,  1853-54.    F«. 

Successor  of  Dodge  Co.  Gazette,  q.  v. ;  published  by  Charles  Billingmirst ; 
suspended  Dec,  1854.  Democratic.  File  bound  with  Watertown  Regis- 
ter, 1853-54. 




Dodge  County  Democrat  (w).    1876— Feb.,  1879.    Ft. 

Established  in  1869  by  B.  B.  Bolens ;  conducted  by  him  till  Oct.,  1874 ; 
Frank  Lowth,  Sept.,  1874— Feb.,  1879  (owned  by  him,  after  1876)  ;  then 
merged  in  Telephone,  q.  v. 

Dodge  County  Gazette  (w).    June,  1852 — Sept.,  1853.    P«. 

First  paper  in  Juneau ;  established  at  Dodge  Centre  May,  1852,  by 
Robert  B.  W