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urgnnlzed Into it 
tlned It was nom- 
r ao-e. 
Mow It IH 

In one year from 
ave been pnld off, 
wlrs will bave fci 
e cost per aero for 
11.75, although It 
to the ertlnmtcd 
<xl. 1 be tax each 
75 cents to tl per 

by tbo dialnagt 

ctod by the roftu- 
with the other 
this 'and hits In- 

twenty to twenty- 

Jan. 98. 1887, at 
r the high school, 
th of the Normal 

tbo teachers and 
tuny of the Inter- 
trated In eonoee- 
literature. Allot 
ullv invited to how 
m more Important 
red by parents nnl 
', Fob. 1, a now 
will be formed In 
. Children wbo m 
n 1 will he idmit 
oy are properly vac 
trem on the very 
they may get a fair 

No other class of 

,cd until September 
R. A. Gastnian. 

0 original Orlmwy- 
ch ot Keys. 

t ttoj> Thin Mill, 
hrlco armed is he 
ust," but Jo«h HII- 
Inios ho who gits In 
, us, we alwnyx get 
,hli tlnn- our grout 
hardest blow of all, 
their feet, M shoe* 
tnd 18.60 sliws »» 
oes at »1.»B does It! 
at 11.8ft, all these Ii 

1 goods and kmx'R- 
stock; just what w« 

.'nltor Hnctbln, 
orth Water street 

r.ntert' Cellar Hour, 

bright and outuby 

lothlus; •> Aoelloit. 
nil and will oontln- 
ir two months long- 
uslnes*. so hew you 
k of woolens, all «l» 
laid In reswve. Hio 
ist be rodncwl, •»* 
ed to sell Just 
no made fa. iu««»i"»- 
by onr own tallow. 
sot soiwrvlshin. an* 
. 1'btawlll b» th" 
to g«t either » bud- 
ult at prices •• I"" 
ig It over sold for, 
•ed. Customers CBP 
\ select any pnW" 
10 will ue offered •« 
It or a spring and 
selected as d*»l«*l; 

,gbt aid taM »«"* 
«,n. R.mem.b*ri!00 
t suit wl«h oor g««- 

sold for cmsn only. 

toy, Jan 81st »t * P- 

I to 4 and 7 «" 8 P "• 

Khrroao * Vo. 

vlljc Drtiln Ucpublicnn. 

NO. 251. 


M(II1V Woolen Mills »n Ehode la- 

li,nd increasing Their 



A Hoard of Trade for the Clothing; In- 

dnstry Vessels Collide at S«» 

Lost -Pit- 

man Dies. 

!• f «!*, I' I . T;l!1 i'3-— Tn° 1«dultrl 

,IMtn.iii»ii hi-ro and in 'Mh vicinity Ii 
,,,n,ri f ing rupldly. 
Many woolen mlSU 

»l,i h furni tho ohlof Industry, are In 
,n Dong their iirudurtlon. 

4lrKMlr*Uon or M»nl»fl«Jlur«r». 

i t,n,i« i..!»» au — A Now York spe 

, i , l * > \ « tho clothing mitnufnoturoiH o 
ihnccimtry Jiitvo Ilinilly orgitnlzod it com 
!„„„ i ) IK, known IIH tho National Cloth 

(epublioans, but the practical side of the 

MHO demanded such recognition. 

It would txt desirable, from n strictly 
heoretloal standpoint, to avoid all suob 
mbarrasslng coiupllcutlons, but votes are 
necessary to pass a new tariff bill and 
nncosslnns luviot be made to obtain them. 
The very utmost that can bo hoped fur 
ly the next administration, oven allow- 
ng tor the seating of Dupont of Dela- 
ware, which Is an Improbability, Is forty- 
five In the senate, or just half of tho total 
membership. On ouch a showing tho 
'Ice president would have tho deciding 
voto. But with that prospect In view tbo 
combined opposition will defeat the neat- 
lug of Mr. Dupont, making it absolutely 
necessary to secure recruits from other 

There nre only two directions from 

which help can be obtained —viz.: from 
tba sound money Daiuiwrattj or the frco 
silver Republicans. Senator-elect McKn- 
erv of Louisiana has raid that be would 
vote for and support a tariff bill that 
would give recognition to sugar, Lut that 
Is indefinite, and outside of him there Is 
no assurance that any of tbe sound money 
Democrats would help out. They nra, to 
a man, dyed In the wool free traders and 
cannot bo rolled upon In a crisis which 
wuuld Involve the issue of free trade and 
pritootlon, although their sympathy may 

t*f lilt' i^nmfiiM. v."".. 

,„ Cation. Tho firms pledged t 
be on the side of patriotism 
I,,, ntwoninii 
.llltnut ot tloal solution, therefore, was found to lie 

(in,«heino have an annual output 01 • 
""I,;,,,,,, ,ho avowed purposes cf •_. *•-*-•« °< 
'«« •»" «*"™ 

no IM to do away with long cred- 

it i xrtmnlvu rating and cancellation of 
It Is declared that prices will 

not 1.1. tumrerud with ai d that the a»sool- 
,tii.ii will merely serve as a board of trade 
lorthiiilothlng Industry. 

(i.lllnlou Hi 8«m. 

l.mdoii, Jan. 33.—The Biitlsh steamer 

-nliiliury, from Port Beath 
for Now 

Port, collided with an unknown steamer 

,ff lirruromliv Devonshire. The later is 

HiiplKim d 11 IM> sunk with a crew of about 

F»(h«r (if Shortlmnd !>«•<!. 

Ldiidon, Jan. !)3.—Htr Isaac Pitman, 

iiueiihir of shorthand which boars his 

i ime Udiuid. 
HH hud boon In bed for dim*. 

cans, whu nave a natural predilection for 
protection, and It Is In that field that Mr. 
Nuwland< has been Industriously work- 

Ing, and, it Is said, with Hiuwem. 


A M«n Without Hitmll Clutrgml with For- 


Annlton, Ala., Jan. 22.—llev. A. R. 

Fowler, wbo is minus both hands, was 
arrested hero yesterday afternoon, being 


Ililii'Itlmt Shi- l-i on Anotlior K\liB<lltlon 

t4i tlit* iHtitnd of Culm. 

Italtiinoni. Md , Jan. 23.— It Is the Iwllcf in Hhlpplng nlrolns linre 
tliiitthnittoaiiishlp IiBiiradu has guno on 

ntliiir ii\p«litl(in tn Cuba to land arniH 

tho Insurgents. 

f IMHI114 •.tcainor left Gibraltar on 

I, oHlimilhly bound for llaltlmoro. 

luting tiki-ii on it large supply of coal 

'nfurn Inir dcpartuio. 
Sho has linen to 

MISHIIM mid when at Olbrnltor her cap- 
nun n i nrti il ha\ Init "n Ixiurd a cargo of 
Irmt fur tlni port 
Under ordinary con- 

ilnii nx nl>» xtiould have innde tho voyage 

wanted in Klberton, Oa., on a charge of 
forging three rent notesj and a mortgage 
on a farm. Fowler was pastor ot the 
Klberton Presbyterian church for three 
months last yeMvbut it IH said that rumor 
of crooked dealings caused the church to 
have him resign. 

Fowler lost his haLds within » tow 

weeks nf each other about three yoars 
ago. Ho took out an accident policy for 
$6000, and seven days afterward one of 
his bauds was shot off while, hunting. 
When this wound healed, and before the 
first policy was taken out. Fowler went 
out gunning again In a few days and 
came back with tho other band blown to 
pieces. The Insurance company Is fight- 
ing thti payment of tho policies, on the 
ground that thu lost of the hai.ds was 
not duo to accident. 

Thooaio Is now before the supremo 

court of Georgia, and Fowler claims that 
tho trouble ho Is now In was Inntlguhd 
by tho insurance company to prejudice 
his suit. It is not explained who the 


His Army of Murderers Dispersed 

by an English Force Near 



Prof. John Dowe of Madison, Wis., 

Takes Laudanum and Dies- 

North Dakota Storm 

Again Raging. 

Brans Uulnnn Coast, Jan. 33.—News 

has just received that the expedition sent 
by tho Royal Niger company against tbe 
Ktnir of Nupu from Lookja found the 
Foulah army dispersed and fleeing when 
they arrived nt Kahba. The expedition 
consisted of 600 Hussar troops six Maxim 
rapid flre guns, twenty-six mounted Eu- 
ropean officers, 1)00 carriers and waa head 
«I bv Governor, Sir George Goldle accom- 
panied by tho Royal Niger company flotil- 
la of armored stern-wheel steamers 

quarrel between tho powerful Emir of 
Nupa and.tho Niger company uhlcti la an 
old ono amw from tno,£!inlr raiding tbe 
company's territory for slaves. 

foulab force at Kabba is estimated at 30,- 
000 afoot JM 2000 cavalry. 

I'rof. tewe Commits Sqlrlde. 

Madison, Wis., Jan. 32.—John Dowe 

guloldcd last night with laudanum. Ho 
was despondent as tho result of drinking 
and tho loss of his position as Instructor 
in the University of Wisconsin. He was 
a graduate of Glasgow University and 
was four years private secretary to an 
Englishman in Italy. Then he oame to 
America and for three years was professor 
o? English literature In tho Html* Dakota 

Th« North Dakota Htorm. 

Fargo, N. D., Jim. US.—A strong wind 

with warm temperature started from tho 
oast at r.oon yesterday, but subsided to- 
wards nlgKt when the wind suddenly 
shifted to the north and th« storm began 
again with renewed fury. 
Tho teropero- 

turo foil rapidly and by midnight the sit- 
uation became almost an serious as dur- 
ing any former storm this winter. Rail- 
roads nre badly blockaded. 


in diiyH 
'1 wunty-oiiu 

'il I|IM il, ami nh«i IIIIH not yet lieen sighted 
it iii|i(i 

•-IM n In i iimieotlon with th,i foot that a 

tl l.irun named J J. Ward, H reported 

11 him. put In nt Nuwport NewH tho other 
d iv'rum I'hlliiildlpliln with a load of 

«• n- MM! iniiimiiltliin, which Is said to 
i.ttiihit-n nMilpiird on a nchonnor In 

II .11.i.t .11 Itiuids, lends to 
thu opinion 

'hit tin. IdtniMilit wnlttil at a point out- 
<i'!" until tlm Hdhuoner came out, after 
w h u h im< cur^ii was transferred to tho 
-ti HIM r which It IH now thought is on its 
it} ID I ul.'i 

If will In, recalled that tho onptnln of 

tho l.niTitilt rticcntly threatened to touch 
M VitUmolii, Spain, In defiance of 

w truing nf tho Spnn'ib authorities, and 
t'liit h« w H only prevented from doing 

•«> hy tl D mUirwmtlon of 

"mini, v,h« ixTHiiuilod him to change his 


K«T .Ml'..... form nil AllUnrc by Whl«h 

uMuurm ,n , TwrlfT Hill Cull be Panned. 
Wiilniirfton, .Tun 3J.—It Is understood 

t'i >t lu| -< lontiitlvo Newlands of Nevada 

Ii n 4iii i (»<H(u)ly negotiated a treaty with 
•mini i.nt iniiiilicr of free silver senators 
trn'ii [in. n iiuntnln districts of the west 

'•" ni-'ir. UH> uuwngo of a tariff bill at 
> sin.n which will he oal)ed' 

S 1vr Mi \ini(,j mixt Maroh. '«>• Or* 
!>"|i"t in irli'iids of tho UKo<nlng ad 
1 "i i-'r iti, 11 «ns timt they would be able 

< u tiniT Ml) with tbe o.d of the 
'"tni,;iuit nf sound money Demo 

1 will 
I.n mi dock niter March 4 

' i 1 > iVi't In that direction were o 

ii "i icrt tin character and blngw 
"'i'v i .ntliignnalos that new alll 

allogtid fnrgorlns woro committed. 


Wir* Wiutt»#l«M><H' l>»iu»B<w fur Selling 

Hrr llttHlinnil I.lliitur. 

Oiilesburg, III., Jan 32.—H. O. 

helmor and Ueorgo H.irry, two wiloon- 
kecpera, wore sucil yestori'oy for »10,OUO 
dnmngag l>y Mrs. Nellie Gregory. Until 
live yours ago her husband was a piosper- 
ou» farmer. 
Ho then moved to town, be- 

gun drinking excessively, and became an 
habitual drunkard. He squandered Ills 
properly and bin wlfo workod to support 
tho three children. Notices not to soil 
Gregory liquor wore not heeded. A few 
days ago be ohokud and boat bis wife, 
infl'otlng Internal injuries, from wbloh 
she It suffering grwatly. She alicgos tho 
two saloonkeepers named sold tho liquor 
to her husband. 

rural* L»w Violator. 

Springfield, III., Jon. 32.—Governor 
annor has Issued a requlsltiou on tbe 
overnor of Indiana, for the extradition 
f Harry H. Hoover under arrest at, Mun- 
e, Ind., and wanted nt tho Chesster pen- 
tentlary for violating the parole law. 
Hoover was convicted of grand larceny 
in Kfflngbam county and sent to prison 
n October, 1806, on an Indeterminate 
•entonco, under the low passed two years 

go. In November, IHBfl. be was released 
n parole. He soon went to Indiana. As 
his U a violation of tbo parole law, he 

u. t , 

K l i l l 

Mich i 

(III H. 

n Alight and formed In the 
iin||,.,,ted. Mr. Newlandi ha 

('"" "» »"rk u|inn this matter for sever* 

otrrlrd on the negotiation 

with „. 

th» m ' 
r«" ><i 


t < niiiliMit'iil character and verjr 
i l . umiliie of thnie directly oon 
unii tho,,, in the Innermost *K»eti 

01 M»J' r \i Klnluy are supposed »o know 

The perfect 

,)(HV ( 

wh'" l|i"'iiriml l,y tho necessity of robn 
"•">«imi,m ,,t ,nterest, reprinted b 
" ft«> HI Ivor allies Of ",tr«l«ntout 

ilinln lh«S«i.»t.<-Kli«rnmn Makes Quirk 

Keply—CongHisslonul Naw». 

Washington, Jan. 23.—In tho senate 

Senator Cullom presented it number ot 
letters favorable and unfavorable to tho 
Anglo-Auierlonn peace treaty. 

Then Turpio (Horn. Ind.) caused a sen- 

sation. Hu mild three weeks ago a formal 
utterance from the secretary of state rela- 
tive to tho Cuban question appeared in 
tho newspapers. At that time there was 
no resolution before tho somite. 

Mich circumstances tho secretary's utter- 
ance wan a bitter dictum, most rude, 
most NWlft and of tho most voluntary 
character. Tho scniito might have passed 
this by, b.ut today tho pub:ioatlon op- 

jn the newspapers to tbe effect that 

a compact had been entered into between 
the secretary of state and tho new premier 
(Sherman) by which thcro was to oo' no 
further action touching Cuba during the 
present administration. "Allow me to 
say," proceeded Tutple, "I regard such 
course as a violation between the legisla- 
tive and executive blanches of tbo govern- 
ment, and has been done only onoo Uotore1 

when Cunning"—lut this point Sherman 
Interrupted by saying, "if tbo senator **' 
fers to tbo publication of today I will say 
there is not tbe slightest warrant for tbe 
statement made. I Imvo not hod no 'vfcwd 
with Olnoy on tho subject and there has 
been no mention of the agreement or un- 
derstanding.") Turplo said he wns glad 
to accept tho disavowal nnd added, "What 
ever difference ot opinion there may he SB 
to the independence of Cuba I think ev- 
ery senator hero favors tbe independence 

pli«bed in fact until tho senate bud exam- 
ined and passed upon It. In his judg- 
ment It was very poor policy to have 
tboso.rcpeatod utterances culling on sera- 
tors to act at once. What if it should 
turn out that there was some unintended 
advantage to Knglund or disadvantage to 
tho United States In tho treaty which 
both parties would correct. 

Hoar sold no man was more desirous 

than himself to see an ora of peace and 
good will, but he wished to enter n pro- 
test against meddling with the serious 
duty of senators. By this time tbe gal- 
leries wore filled and there was Intense In 
terest In the discussion. Sherman fol- 
lowed Hoar, there being added interest in 
bis statement la view of his early entry to 
the head of tbe state department, and bis 
present position as cbnlramn of tbe com- 
mittee on foreign relations. He said no 
onu was more ready than himself to con- 
gratulate the country on tho conclusion 
of this treaty. At tho same time the 
treaty was one involving such grave con- 
siderations that should bave the most 
careful, mature and dispassionate consid- 
eration. That was the present purpose of 
the committee of foreign relations. Tho 
members were about to take up tbe treaty 
to consider it article by article with tbe 
greatest oaro. 
Tho committee said It 

would proceed with all speed compatible 
with interests Involved. 

Thoro was no purpose to postpone or de- 

lay action. Senator Allislon of Iowa, 

how long tho treaty had been under 

oonsldoratibn between tho governments. 
Sherman eald a year, if not longer. 
Gresbaru took active part in the early no- 
gotlatljns. Hour said tbo question had 
been up in one form or another for twenty 
years. Gladstone made a speech on It in 
tho house of commons twenty-five years 
A delegation came from England 

ten yoarg ago bearing a request from a 
majority of the members of parliament 
favorable to arbitration. 
Ibo delegation 

was entertained in Boston and there came 
a favorable 
response throughout tho 


.1. A. Sorlmser and Edmund L. Hay- 

llss, were before t!io houso committee on 
interstate and foreign commerce In tho 
Interest of the Pacific Cable company of 
New York, against Spaldlnir. company of 
New Jersey. Sorimsor 

months after passage bis company would 
complete tho cable to Hawaii and u yoar 
Inter to Japan. Ho oald in case of war 
with England tbe cable communication 
with Europe would be out oft*. 
Ho said 

tho Htorumont that Japan granted no oth- 
er cable connection wai ridiculous." His 
lino to Japan would give to the people of 
that country over one million dollars In 
tolls. Tho Spaldlng company would build 
to Hawaii and stop. In reply to a ques- 
tion from Patterson of tho committee, as 
to tho truth of tho statement that tho 
company would be dominated by English 
Influence, Sorlmser said, "Of course tho 
company expected to do business with 
British people." Patterson proponed that 
a provision bo Inserted In tho bill in rnso 
tho compnny[tn operate should come un- 
der llrltlflli Inlluenofg. 

Tho president approved tho act for tho 

erection of a government building at the 
Tennessee centennial exposition, without 
advertising for proposals; constructing 
tho law In reference to award of life sav- 
ing medals so they may lie awarded to 
persons not members of life saving crows 
and for exertions olfowlioro than adjacent 
to life saving stations. 


University of Illinois Stucsnts 

Break Up a 

Sociable by Rowdyism. 


One Young Lady Probably Blinded 

Rowdies Dispersed by the Fire 

Department—Hose Turned on 

Them—Some Arrests. 

Another sensation was sprung ra tbe 

fvrn> of a discussion of tbe new Anglo- 
American peaco treaty, notwithstanding 
the rule of referring to treaties to bedls- 
<m«sed only In executive session. Sena- 
tors Sherman, Cullora, Lodge and Gray, 
members of the committee on foreign ro- 
tations and many other senators paitlcl- 
pated. ^Senator 
Hoar precipitated tho. 

discussion. In presenting tho petition 
from the chamber of eomu eroe In favor 
of a speedy ratification of tbe treaty, Boar 
spoke of the public pressure on the senate. 
Be said a groat many prominent men and 

,„*. «..-. 
i organisations were telegraphing and wrlt- 

.Ute law allowing them to refuse to pay 
iuiB10dlate action un the 

MH,,. deport. mw» *» *? J*' | tre.»y. He thought every member of tbe 

Semite bailed as one oTpHtfreat events of 
tbe century tbe oantfTntlon of the treaty 

will bo brought back and relnoaroorated. 

HM Molum Bi>nk« S«cur«t. 

Des Molnes. Iowa, Jan. 23.—No mor«| 

allures are likely to oo-ur today, 
banks recalled, over a million 
rout outside sources this morning, 
are standing together. They wl.l 
each other up, 
Kach bas from 1100.COO 

K'-imlU of Hi* I'lnicnn. 

Calcutta, Jan. 2a.—The government 

has ordered the stoppage Feb. 8 of all pll- 
-rlni traffic Irom Bombay and Karachi 
onunoount of the plague. Now over a 
million and three-quarters persona ore 
employed on tb« relief work and 175,000 
nro receiving gratuitous relief, the princi- 
pal Increase in the number relieved being 
in Bengal and the northwest. 

Clousiilrary 1. dintment*. 

New York, Jan. 32.— Justice Lawrence 

of the supreme court, overruled the dc- 
mnrror to tho Indictments for conspiracy 
rtcently found against tho officers' of the 
American Tobaooo company. 

OoH at Canton. 

Canton, Ohio, Jan. 8S —Judge Nathan 

Goff of West Virginia, popularly supposed 
to be slated for tho attorney generalship, 
arrived this afternoon for n conference 
with MoKinley. 

Ocll Rhailim. 

Plymouth, Jan. 22.—Cecil Rhodes ar- 

rlvoa today from South Afiloa, be present 
at parliamentary Investigation into tba 
Traunvaal raid. 

MnrtlD'it I»»alli. 

to|U"0.000 piled on 
•greed to refuse to pay the 
without »!x»y days legal notice, 
logs bank* bave taken advantages of 

SBmqni uei«pi«« -—-jr- — - - 
notion. Heary rune are *& i xpected. 


Wilmington, Del., Jan. BS.-Ex-Con- 

gressman Edward L. Martin died nt bis 
homo this morning of heart disease. 

M»y Abollohlhc Wblpplnc Post. 

Dover, Del., Jan. 22 —A bill w»» Intro- 

duced In tbe state senate today ubohahing 
the whipping post and pillory^ 

The calaboose where tbe trompsarc 

lodged in? Champaign "n>n over" tbe 
other nlgbtwben twen'y-two were ao 
commodated, and tbe «evea who came ton 
late were obliged to stay outaUK 

Champaign, III., Jan. gi.'.—The annual 

fracas between the members; of tbe fresh- 
men and sophomore olassoH of tbe Univer- 
sity of Illinois occurred last night. It 
leaked out late In tho afternoon that the 
freshmen woro to havo their sooialle In 
Uusy'a hull. Urbona, and at 7 o'clock 
sophomores begun to gather in tbe street 
In front of thu opera houso building. 
Mayor Hubhard hud boon notified that 
thcro would probably be trouble 

tween the men of the two clusses.and, as a 
consequence, he had more than u dozen 
extra policemen on duty in the street in 
front of the building, and some of them 
were, located in different "parts of the 

The flrst arrivals among tho freshmen 

and young women accompanying them 
wore allowed to go into tho hall unmolest- 
ed, but ut about H o'clock the mob of up- 
por class men mndo a ohargc on tho en- 
trance to tho ball. They were repulsed 
by tho police, wbo stood with upraised 
olubs, and In tho scramble ono student 
was arrested and taken away to the city 
When tho sophomores saw that 

they could not break through tho line of 
officers, they went to a building just 
across tbo alloy from tho opera houeo and 
gained entrance to one ot the second Htory 
rooms. From this point they were able 
to look into the dunce hall, and It was tbo 
work of only an instant to throw missies 
which broko out tho glass In at leant 
eight of the windows. This accomplish- 
ed, the dunce hall was Hooded with tho 
chemicals for which tho Unlverklty of Illi- 
nois students have uouonio noted. 

Never in tbo history of freshmen socia- 

bles has any class been able to inhabit u 
room into which tbeso chemicals woro 
thrown, nnd in loss than fifteen minutes 
tho hall wits nearly dosortcrt. Tbe fright- 
ened, freshmen retreated to another part 
of the-building, but declared that they 
would go on with their festivities as soon 
an tho hhll was "aired." 

At 0:80 tbo sophomores made another 

attempt to got into the ball, mid at this 

Mayor Georgo Hubbnrd took tho 

mutter In charge. Ho ordered out the 
Fire department, and two 

streams of water, under hlgH pressure, 
wore turned un the crowd of sophomores 
mussed in tho street. At first they show- 
ed no inclination to retro'it, but finally 
mado u rush pell-mell to tho shelter of 
hallways of adjoining buildings. 

Wbllo tho firemen were fighting tbe 

mass of the mob with streams "f water, a 
half dozen sophomores anil upper class- 
men were attempting to get more ahem- 
Icitls Into tho ball where the party was to 
bo held, and tbroo of them wore arrested 
In the attempt. They were taken to po- 
ll o hoaoqunrtors, and had not )>eon balled 
out by friends at 10."JO o'clock. 

Miss Delia Hnbunbangh of this city, 

who was being escorted to tbo party by a 
freshman, B. M. Thompson, may proba- 
bly lose her eyetght as a result of tho 
nlght'fl performance. 
While iiour tho en- 

trance to tho hall sho and young Thomp- 
son were attacked by a'party (.f sopho- 
mores, who throw chemicals at thorn, and 
tbo fluid entered tbe oycs of tho young 
woman. She was assisted to the office of 
Dr. Bartbalow, and was In groat agony. 
After a hurried examination tho physi- 
cian said the eyes hod been seriously in- 
jured, and tliat perhaps the slgtt would 
be destroyed. A t 9:30 o'clock ho uald tbe 
patient was resting more eBBy, and that 
perhaps she would recover without seri- 
ous results. 

At 10:30 tho streets wore clear of sopho- 

mores, but It wns sold they bod not gone 
to their quarters, and tho polios were ex- 
pnctlng another attack later In tbe night, 
provided the freshmen should nttempt to 
proceed wltB their party. At II :80 o'clock 
nil the sophomores hart disappeared from 
i he atreit- and tho freshmen had resom 
their festivities nnd there was no further 

Tbo bogs scented tho greenIflwUiv and one 
day succeeded in rooting 'ibo« out, nnd, 
finding them palatable, devoured tbo 
whole (500. Thts waa a year ago! 

John did not make his fortune. He 

roomed around the mining ciurups, con- 
tracted a dliiouse «f the oycs, nnd then 
come homo 
Ho asked his father for the 

JBOO and when it was not forthcoming, 
took u drink. Tho old man called In n 
doctor, who prosorttoed a "greenback" 
plaster. Tho old man made his son » 
"girt" of (100, which worked wondori. 
Ho a»k«d for more, and did not get It, so 
he »oed tho senior O*<JaIlahan. Vaster- 
day the jury gave a verdict In favor of t*)* 
ild man. This makes tbe hogs guilty of 
grand larceny, but they are dead nnd 
____„. ., v 


Mow »he 8p»nl»h Uunbomt WM Wnwlwd 

by m. lubun Tnrped*. 

Huvami, Jan. 28.-"Fur*b«ir details' 

reached tore yesterday regarding tha 
sinking of tiio Spanish gunboat Rnlam- 
p«go uurlng the morning1 of Jan. 17 by 
the explosion of a torpedo placed in tba 
River Cauto. near Mango Landing, by tbe 
insoigents, killing alx of thn officers and 
crew, and wounding a number of othor» 
on board that vessel, nnd also seriously 
wounding Commander PuerM, of tho 
gunboat Centlnola, and 'one of her crow, 
besides wounding several others. The in- 
surgents. It appears, bDSides opening rifle 
flre upon t*e Oen'l»»l" and upon the men 
in tbo water, also fired with uMlllsry up- 
on tbo Contlnoln nt short range. But the 
Centlnelu »ncceeded In getting out of Im- 
mediate danger, and r«pll*d i»ltb her 
guns, discharging g«pc«n,iAe*,»He Insur- 
gents, »nd inflicting grt»«!Wfpon the 
enemy. Of tho men In ^bo wtter, it Is 
now learned Coinnianfler'It^lM'Jto Marti- 
nez, of the Relurnpagdj. Mil' M* by an In- 
surgenf bullet while swimming, and wan 
probably afterward drowQod. with bl§ 
companions, and eaten by, the alligators, 
which are plentiful lu those waters. 

General Vusoo. while reoomioHorlng In 

tbe province of PJnnr del Bio, has billed 
In a skirmish the well known loo»l Insur- 
gent leader of Ounnajay, Ledesmn, ferm- 
crly manager of the liogalodo plantation, 
as well as Gasper gouradj Jjiigo and No- 
darz, both Insurgent leaders, who took up 
arms ut J'owis since tbo outbreak of tho 
present insurrection. Several other in- 
surgent officers arc, also wild to bo among 
the killed. It in reported that their bod- 
ies hiivo lieen Identified. 

Viiru do! Key, during throo days' 

reoonnnlterlng In tbo north of tho Sierra 
Maestro, Irom Sct»od«l! to (Iran Pledra, 
province of Santiago do Cul», has bad n 
skirmish with tho Insurgents, who lost 
nlxtoeii killed. 
Tho troops also 'destroyed 

you hutH. 

A detachment nf insurgents yobterduy 

attaukod thn laborers at, work on the John 
ontato, this province, killing two gueril- 
las and two laborers, and wounding ten 
more of tho latter. 

General Mllqulzo, whlln nwonnoltcriiie 

at Han Carlos farm, at Menu, and on the 
heights of Virginia, hat* destroyed an In- 
surgent camp, nnd captured KM) firearms. 
Tbe luDurganlB loft two men killed, and 
retired with tholr wounded 

Tho relatives of Henry Delgado tho 

correspondent of tho Mall and Bxpross, of 
Now York, who died In rian Ambroislo 
Hospital yesterday, have Instructed Con- 
sul General Loo to hove bin remains Inter- 
rod horo, lu view ot the objections raised 
by the Now Vork 
• health authorities to 

their shipment to tbo United States. 
Canscquently. the funeral took olwoe at * 
o'clock yesterday af ternoon, It was at- 
tended by tbo American consular employ- 
es and by the correspondents of the Amer- 
ican 'newspapers. 

II«K* *'• lh<! <»•*«"'»«''<«• 

Exeter, N. H.. Jan. 3a.—Dunlel O'Cal 

lahun, a well W-do farmer of this town, in 
80 year? old, ar.d bus n routed distrust 01 
s«vi gs bunks 
When his promising son, 

Jobii.tlifd of the poor fore and bard work 
.,o a r cky Sow Hnmephlre farm and 
Btar.ed went to »eeK bis fortune, be left u 
roll of I50f> In bin father's custody. Thf 
old man I ld Hie tuoiwy In tfca bog pen. 


A Fourth of ,fuly hkyrook« thjtt Cont Mr. 


St. Louis, Jan. 83.— Late last night* 

jury i > Judge Talty's division of tbo oir- 
cult court Mwardod Julia Lynch 11000 ID 
nor suit against Thoums Cos?rove for in- 
juries caused by a Hkyrockot which Co»- 
urovo flroil while he wns oolebrat Ing tbu 
nation's Independence on tho night of 
July 4, 1»«3. He wan exploding patriot- 
ism In front of nits residence on Thirteenth 
street, and she was watching him do hi 
from her house on tho other side of th» 
street. Mrs. Lynch wanted 18000 fo» her 

Tho right of people to celebrate the 

Fourth of July In a reasonable way w»s 
to Mine extent a question in tho case, and 
Mr. T. J. KoWe, for tha defendant, want- 
ed the court to Inetruo* the jury that "tbe 
firing of fireworks on tbe Fourth of July 
In the United StaUM of America, if done 
with ordinary care and prudence, Is a pa- 
triotic work and highly commendable, 
nnd to Instruct the Jury to find for tbe de- 
fendant, unless they found from tbe evi- 
dence that "tho defendant In firing «* 
said skyrocket* did not exercise ordinary 
care." Judge Talty refused toiilfetbo 
InilrnctSons requested. A f tor « short «h- 

iioe tho jury brought In n verdict award- 

ing Mrs. Lynob $1000. 

J. B. Mackle Grlmoi' Cellar Do«r Co. 

Is well worth seising. A guaranteed ear* 
for tbe blues. 


MUSIC and 


One ofttwlargort muHoai ewnrtsottbe, 

wtll be ttw production of tho comic 

op*r» "PHwfw-.'1 •* » '"•• 
* tbe 

ptMtnr Musical Olub, «he nrt* "' ncit 
month. Tbewototy was organized for 
tbe purpose ot gl»i»Jt mush-M entertaln- 
ioen»san<lMienioinberihlp >» coroiosed 
of «OL»» of ib« be* musical tafcnt ol tbo 
olty. »fc« opera will bo given for tho 
bonentalsorao obnrltable •irRi.nlw.Mon. 
The two nrlMlvIe ohnrBotord—Iowphlno 
and Ralph-will l>« taken by Mr. und 
MM. frank Bunn. The i>tker parta have 
not yet been assigned. but the ohorun in 
organlted and I. pr.M3tlcli.g on Tuesday 
ana Frfclnf evening" of each wc«k. I'rot. 
Wentbuff I* tbe l««d«r, O. H. KM.IOT tho 
aoivMiipaiitat. and Joe Alexander tbo stage 
dlruotor. The members of toe fibor.w arc 
a. follow.: 8opr«m*-MI««« Ella «»»«>», 
Beriitro Twiner, Fletn Downing, Blanche 
Atoinader. Nellie Oher, .Tonnle Knoi, 
Bstolle Wllllmns, HnWIo Cblld.,Olllo 3«t- 
ton, Mta» Hagertf i.nd Mr.. 

fiMtt*M The»Uo»nre Mlises Do"""1 

NeUto Koto; *aw *«"**• Jessie «te- 
,,hen. «n4«aH* wW. Tho b»«ao singers 
ura Jofc* ISrtln. Uon Freeman, Charles 
Aiiw. Obnrlos Imbodon and K»ed Miinn. 
and thu twiow William Hosttger, Edgiir 
AlBIiuxlw. Mlltou Jobiinon, Jr., Kd Os 
boino,Wlltmt Sb.rll.iK »nd K»bpb.I)lokl 

. , , 

Prof. H. M. Uite Is training » l"r«° 

ehoru* witb the »lew of giving concerts. 
Tbi chorus «• "«* nonipoiwd of 160 «olo«» 
,,,,a will be (moot too fluent and largest 
ohoruM* that bM ovur iipiwu'ed I" tb- 
olty. l'b« member* «' *!» orgunlMitloi 
bnvo ooen I" toralnlim •»»«* '»«* fl<" H"d 

they "•« «lv» " bl« comHtrt g01"8 
between now mid spring. It is tho niton 
Won of *». fcute to n.nlio the ohonu 
nmmiuient orgnmwtlon «nd to give cuter 

»t periods during tho year. 


raider mnsle at the. meetings and enter- 
tainments of the MbooL 

» * * 

The "Hoopla Two Step," » pleoa of 

muslo whlob was eompo«ed by Mis. Marie 
Powers of this city, and recently pub- 
lished, has proved quite a success. All 
who tmvo hoard tbe piece have admired 
It and Miss Powers has iceelved roauy 
oompllmonts on her production. 


All New KntflandrailromlsbftveagTced 

to abolish I he "release" which hfi* here- 
tofore been required by the passenger 
•hipping1 bis bicycle. 

liiwon and Michael find that aKip- 
the rope is one of the be«t devices 

for strengthening: their lung power und 


Thry H»v« Hem "Almost »" Niimerno. as 

tbo H»ncl» by tli« Shore. 

\u examination of Uie |»'««'nt office 

records for the quart<-r ended Septem- 
ber 3» is interesting because of the nu- 

s p..lent« on bicycle '™prme- 

meiith that hnvc lx-en gnuite.1. 
I he 

liimilK-r of pate-ntsissuul to citizens of 

UTI «i i1 tifi, itn«n"-i^ * 
— " • 

d<veloping the muscles of their legs. 

The interest token in cvclinfr at the 

vnrkuiH colleges promises well for inler- 
rollrKmtc racing next seaaon. 

siderable indoor training will be done 
during the wmt*r. Columbian College 

ovv holds the championship, sucli as 

An electric bicycle lamp Is on the 
.irket, and it is claimed that the light 
.sts but two eente a night. It Is nn 
ply-lool<infr affair, and creates sur- 
rise tlmt the. maker did not turn out 
miethinjr more attractive, but 

oubt it will b<- rapidly improved. 
Arthur Zimmerman, who was the 
hampiou bicycle rider until he retired 
HO >enr» a«o, has intimated that ho 
ill return to the track. Considerable 
nriosity is being shown in refrard to 
lis stJinding, in comparison with the 
oun-rcr idere, like llald, C'ooiier, Gur- 
liucr and Simper, and many think thnt 
he cannot hold his own in the present 

Vet the nuijorrty be- 

icve that he will not. only hold his own, 

it that at the end of next seiiBon he 
ill again be. champion. 
An automatic bicycle pump, attached 

H-rroanenUy to Ihe tire. i» the latent in- 
ention to make th* wheelman's life 
still happier. 
It consist* of a cylinder 

secured to the inner face of the, tire, 
tubular parts provided with internal 
,crew-thv/ods thnt engage external 

Vba litdiw "C the Mnnioal Culture Olu 
in «!.•» — ^*^M H^w&luif next Mondtt 
^1^^ m**~**~r> 

•»»BlB«*IHfc*4ornoof Mlw Maud Bur 
ro«»..o Wos* North street. Tho a«T« 
WIM t» b»»c been this wouk, bnt win* po» 
poaed (>u wooount) «>f "trer oventa Tl 
members ot MM elob nnmlljr hi>ld prlviit 
m«fl»iiig»««w/t«»<""»k«' Hut on th 
ooennlon ouch rooinber will hnve th 
prl*tkw« «f Inviting two fri«ud«. 
It vvl 

be n KuariMi e»onlnd aiul tho mui 
wndofwl will be by Bunsi«n nornp.i«ow 
A flnu progtam has boon prepnrwl f( 
»bo iMXNWton and tbo affair will be Iroimr- 
tiint «« a snclsl »• well an n musn;al ovont. 

Tbe lumuuon of the muulctil division of 

the Womnn's Club held their regular 
inMttng this morning. They aro study- 
ing the unbjM of "Great Vlullnlrts and 
Component for tho Violin." 
Mlns Jamil) 

Brown hud oharRd 
tho program. 

Papom (in the (otlovviiiK subjvrts wore 
rend by tho members: "Women "f th« 
Violin,'1 Ittlfl " MamifnoturerH ot Violin 
Siring*," Minn Hallio HehafTor; 

Violinists" and "Inlluuiiee of 

Spohr," Minn 
Alllo Uohliihon, "Mm 

fortunes »f n .Strmllvnrlus" iinU "(Irrger- 
wlteok," Urn. Trover; "Itlvurile, I'rit?. 
Spohrnnd M»r»lok,"Min» LauraStihafTer; 
"Aroortcwn Glrl« n* Violinists," Miifl 
HoblnMO. A vocal solo WIIH ronilorwl by 
Mrs. K. Ha. wood, u piano solo by MIHS 
Lulo Oo«ad and » piano duel by Miimis 
Wnod and fork. 

Mrt K. Hiirwoid t» making tin 

mentsto glvo a homo tiilont niinntrul 
show for thu bonotU of tho ohimty fund 
of tho Wanmn'd Belter Corps. Tho affair 
will not t»ko pl.wo for Homo time, £u 
prapurnUans IITO iHiliiK nvulu. 'Ibo luln 
sirel show whlnh was RIVCII liiBt Hutimu 
under tho dircatlon of Mrs Hiirwood wne 
saoh a snetHWH that a Ntmtlnr cntcrtntn 
m«MW*utdd«nbtla<mroo«iv« tho nntron 
•tjeof «Jfjflh«i'"<'-6oln« pvoplu. 

+ * 

Mrs Adelaide Lonltie. Nellls, who gavi 

Toaal tvsmns In this city hwt year, bn 
orpiBhMd a olnss In Champaign. Mrs 
Null In mir ban a conservatory of mu«t 
on Michigan aveune I'.i Chicago. Mil 
Mlna Ntoholson Is among thum from thl 
oity who am studying »ocal muolo at Mrs 
Nslll*' Softool. 
* * * 

Harold Wlliwn, a young man trom thl 

olty, has (ruined ronaldernblo notice »' 
stage singer 
Ho him a llnu r>n'ltano vole 

HOd liss received wuue highly < 
msntary orttees In tho uow*pniivrii. H 
i* now trawling wltb tbo llrncb un 
Bowers minstrel troupe 

f • 

* Prof. J. B. Bornlbeo. n noted vct-nll 
of SprlBgJMd, b«» organised n clnsH In 
*kls«Hy sad was lu'tu Wodnniduy to <rtvo 
|pU frst lessons, lie will come to Decn- 
' ' ' 
t Wetinesduy to Instruct hUrjapllK 

•tl llr»* i HU-"*'" «•••• " 
- - - o n 

thieads on Ihe cylinder and a, tubular 
oioton arranged to slide in thecyliudei. 
ity nieniMi of valve« Hie admission of uir 
t.,, and the paBsageof airfroni.thecylin- 
IB governed. 
It is claimed that pump will keep the tires properly 
inflated v.itb air, without any uid from 
the rider. ^^_ 


the IJnited Stultra for tbw eluw of m- 
>entJ«ns exceeds tl.e tiuml«-r iscued n 
tho pre\ious three weeks by nearly 
;:»(!, und for t,ho eomrespojiding period 
lust year by o\er 500. 

The totni number of applications re- 

cen<-<! which related in «"1c way to 
cvclinR was 1,1 on. Tin-s, jmeumatic 
nn.l otherwise, <«inc first, und, with 
the, variou-v odds and end-s ot improve- 
incuto relating to eonstmetimi, covnr- 
ing. inflating, etc. the total numlie* 
of applicationb <m iIreH alone wasS50 

Then como 2«» applieal.ion« under 

••gcnoriil construction." 
Bmk™ conic 

next with 50, followed l>y Baddies with 
12 while invented) desirous of sound- 
tion of .11 inventorf, and the inflating 
nUv« of 22. Lubricators hove 25 and 
looks 19 
DcvieeH loir Hccurinfi- Ittdirs' 

dresses have 14 applloants, antl lamps 
1" while lnventorh desirous of somid- 
inp the alurm have filed wwn appliea- 
tions for bells. 

Apparatus to onny l»«ggttge i« rep- 

aesented by 
BIX paH-nte and cyclo- 

liie,tei« by «ve. Tlicre me two descrip- 
tion* of ilevicos for euirylnff pip*"5 "lu1 
niatchw, while the ffonrmnnrl «•»•!<>; to 
patent a contrivance for carryitig 
luncheons. Finally, we find vanity on 
the wheel m amply provided for in tlw 
presence of two fa*r xototries, who have 
nvented whut they call "toiletcxirnpan- 

Tnken all in all, t«o-third« of the 

palcntfc w> Jar ishued fan- bicycle im- 
provement* are ulmJutoly wort,W««.. 

at. all familiar with the work? 


OB th« EBdi'of U>««r. That BrH» 

tbe Bear Wheel. 

Tbe opinion la gaining ground that 

the comlnp Weyole will be operand 
without a chain. And if tho leftrover 
Ktock of wheels made this year were not 
w> large the new type would probably 
be extensively produced for the coming 
As it is, predictions, are not 

s«fe. We have already mentioned two 
or three methods of driving u bicvrte 
without n chain. In one of them the 
present style of pedal and crank is re- 
tained, and l.y means of bevel gearing 
nnd n slender steel rod the jiower ss 
transmitted from Ihe crank to the rear 
\notuCT dcsig*, of which L. 
H Smith is U.c father or latlu-rin-la-w, 
was pri! ately exhibited to a representa- 
tive of the New York Tribune recently. 
The rear vv heel 4ms for its hub n litxllow 
drum live or she inche.s lonfir.aml with 
nlHiut, the same' <liivm«l<-r. This in- 


cof-es e' 
pletcly protected from «he dust, 

axle is not made of one continuous 
piece, for oHOillntinff levers, secured to 
each end and operating the machinery 

Owing to an unforeseen 

circumstance necessitating 
some change in the arrange- 
ment of the new studio, I 
was unable to open to-day 
as advertised. 
Will open 


Laplanders often skate in oue daj. & 

distance of 150 miles. 

The Huddhist nuns in llurmah have 

their heads completely shaved. 

Over one-half ot the, arable land of 

Japan is devoted to the cultivation of 

Amoiw 1h<" supplies sent to foreifrr 
is^Kiiiare* the bicycle takes a prom- 
jcnt place. 
The i'csh of the allifcutor is eaten by 

inhubitiinU of India. 
Boiled, it 

istes like veal. 
The lirst iniin to apply t-teuinl*house 
•in nun;- was James Walt, the Scotch 
i\i ntor, in 1784. 
The iitv. mapa/lne rifle adopted by 
lie I'ritith armv thiovvs .1 ball lo 11 dis- 
nce of 4,1100 vards. 
l.ouis A. I'ettier, of Allen 

ml., hub- been un midei taker for 

^. Hehasbiniedoverl.MitMlhiiiii.iu 

< inf."-- 
1 lie policeiucn <if I'-ridjicport. Conn., 
le lieium iitf so rotund that t.he.v nr<- 
•((iiired lo ttike c\ci-cisc in 

nnih to ruluec their weight. 
The MTiiiid wife of n man in TianRoi, 

Me.. |Kiii! i. bill for the burial of lie! 
ircdocc^or bv vviwhinp clothes for t lie 
mlcil.iKcr's fiunily. 
Miieanl.iv's im mor.v was K> relentiv • 
bat. nlli r readiiift a book once, he could 
He nil the salient points ol it and le- 
wte many \u\\K passiif,'!"- of it verbutiir 

niielliinir M(|iu-e/eil the ankle of n 

n-oiiinii in Coffeyville, Kim., aa she w.1" 
MiuKmK ii mat on the pia/^aof hfr ie''- 
She discovered that 

«(l'iee/ei wilt. H, snake. 

1'rom 500 to Win monkev s lire annual ty 

imported to this eouutr.v. 
Most of 

them come hero from India and Afrion 
The price of.» motikej here i« about *1.',. 

ATIV mnty *ii-,i,» «..*.. — "-- 
_ , 

iii(r» of t,he patent office is familiar vv itb 
Hie dispose je«tlne;l,v termed Hie "nut- 
on t fever." It, afHictis both sexet. und 
all conditions of life, and the symptoms 
manifest themselves by un insane de- 
sire to invent, something, no matter 
what, so lonn (is a patent can be ob- 
tnincd. He«-are most, of t.hem. Sure 
I'.iere.'s "millions in it." 

However, many valuable Kicvcle im- 

provement!! hnve been mode this.sea- 
Ot special note arc the spring 

motors for assistinpr in ridinir up hill, 
the devices for lef-seniritr jar ami hta'nin, 
and t,hc clminlw vvlxiel. lee bicycles, 
have received their share of a.t- 

ti ntion, but it is doubtful if they are 
practical enoiiRh to become 

'this winter. Valuable inventions for 
impioviiifr Mie bicycle arc iiol ovu- 
lnoked bv mnnufactiucrs. nnd many of 
ttie improvements made this year will 
be applied to next year's wheel.—X. Y 


JUlirlilnc -for 
[icF;>lnB n IllUnr'n Wh«-»l 

I- n-i I V/hll<* I.fuming. 

Ill (lie niaiu seixmls recently opened 

f( r i i i M i n e i i i M i in 1he ait ol riding u 
lucycle, II leaclwi (U .itlendunt is need- 
ed'fen- i-viry t i n n l .ind iin'\pci-U>neetl 
1 ' i p i l on the lldiii 
liven M the Icaiuei 

i i i i l u n d .n iniil assistiniiM-. the 

i i n i i i c s - .mil \\,ilclifiiliu"-i- iii .•iniitiier 
,« i-on »ivcs him (ir hci 

,'ldhn Venir-cciu. of ( hie.ifjo. has. le- 
eintl.\ invvnlcd a machine that m dc- 
! li'iicrl 1o take t h e pluen- of most of 
tl»«e l i v i n r aids, lie ereeU in the ( en- 

Arinttrung, tho dan gh tor of 

Mrs. W. C ArnmtronK ot tbia 

«U». wao Is studying under Jull»nl%t 
parta. r»atice. Is maklog quite » succeu. 
Sb« «xa«irted (u return humnthlmuminur, 
hot K lajBoaribh that the will reniBln In 
Carol* asmtlMr winter. 
* • * 

HlMMMUa Monro, who hi ntudTlng 

BB*»rP««' W*bl|t a» Chicago,!* ejpootfd 
tfm1 foa^. 
HOT iDito-octor my* 

•Met Ms H* poptl* 

Twrtv* *t tk* Ms*"""1 



A newly patented N< ire fence tool 1ms 

in addition to tic usual n1pl>r™ raid vv ire 
cutter a double handle, one end of 
which in used us u hammer and tho 
other u» a tttaple puller. 

A new combination tool will drive 

or pull a. nail andean 1« used as « pip*' 
wreiu-h. It has u movable besik, one 
side of which (Trips the Lends of nails, 
tire other -side .having 1ceth to hold the 
pipe solidly forturnmfj. 

The latest rwiulbed for hiirhw«ijs haw 

metallic rniN on which 
the wagon 

wlieeU. run, thus iimKinp the roadbed 
u l w . i v * smootb. 
MiK"h heavier 

can lie draw n on this kind of a roiid tlhun 
*>n the ordimi-ry *»ncs. 

To ivmind u person that his clock 

iieeils Minding a Wyoming man hae n 
ilevke coii'iistinfr of u lever placed so 
a« to touch off .in alarm when the coiled 
spring has sufllciently 

move the lever out of position. 

I 'miopy ton*, for bioj cles con 

n Kingle'rod fnntcwd to the head of the 
miu'lnee and n well-brut1*1*! frame over 
w hieh iv liirht material i«Ktretched have 
ji:st plaoed in the nwirkej, 

Marrfilnmi IKwullx. 

From a letter written by Rev. J. Gun- 

derman, of Diamondale, Mich., we are 

tei ci i 
1 K' 


I I I 


..lillllld till. 
M> tint l!i •. 

sbo !• 


clorniMnt 01 -L/IHIUUUUUIV, iuiuu.| wo «ic 
permitted to make thin extract: "I have 
no hesitation in recommending Dr. 
King's New Discovery, as the rcwulta 
were almost marvelous in the case of my 
wife. While I was pastor of the Baptist 
church at Kivrn Junction she was 
brought down with Pneumonia suoceod- 
ing La Grippe. Terrible paroxvami ot 
coughing would last hours with little in- 
terruption, and it seemed as if she could 
•\ot»urvivethem. A. friend recommended 
Dr. King's New Discovery; it was quick 
in its work and highly saitafmotory in TO- 
At Weat'e drug store. 

i (winch iii.iv be Km l«'t 
nnd \crtical ^ h a f t , ,'i(,rhl 
,1 n Ii r in.d 

is'al ( o l h i r - 

I r i f t . one ulxne the other, 

i l l .utahec.ciily and intle- 

., lull bcarins.--. 

each eoll'.ir tlicre extends hori/nntully 
lor a cert,'in distanee an arm made ol 
r.if pi]*. Tins is In'iit downvtanl at a 
lijfht iinirlc, and ih equipped at its end 
with a fork and w i t h cliisps, vvliere- 
v i t h it. < n n be ((incldy secured to the 
I ime «f a tnejele just lack of 

tin poM. 
Mi .Nefjrc-eou be- 

li(\cti tint in this way the bieyelewin 
l-p kept erect vvhiie proiiclled by a.n 
nwkvvard bejrinnei. 
leiipth of 

the varioim nims is so regulated that 
one is about three feet longer than 
• T i o t l ' i i : ard the limner ones are nr- 
•an"-cil hirher uj) than ibe shorter 
l'i I1.' way provision is made 

f r I .'ep,)!" the bicycles-, in circular 
ti • ks about three f"ct npait.and prc- 
veribi'r c( llisiou-. A lirfje ii.'ill is em- 
ploved UK a counter poise to each arm, 
:i :1 is ndjiisted ut the ri<rht. distance 
iiom the shaft lo MI it. Hie amount of 
metal on the opposite side. 
Uy means 

of this apparatus Mr. Negrc.secm thinks 
thnt a nnprlc leiicher ml(.'ht beenftbled 
to look after a fdozen pupils nt once. 
He had a model machine in actual use 
in Toledo last Rummer; but his appll- 
cntion for a patent recently sent to 
Washington embodies improvements 
in several details. The practical tests 
which it has receiver! satisfy him that 


within, moves in opposite directions at 
the Mime. time. The pedals may, for 
low spctd, be worked up arid down 
through a range of only four or live 
inches, but, double.thai swing will 
double the speed. The extreme dis- 
tance, through which- they can move IB 
ubout fourteen inches. The levers are 
curved, but the straight line measure- 
ment iroin center of axle, to center of 
pedal pivot is 10 inches. This may be 
shortened, perhaps, to advantage 

will lw seen tlmt this general plan, is 
free from some of tbe objections which 
npply" "to the present stylo of bicycle. 
Hut'it adds* pound or two to «i« 
weight of the machine; and whether it 
is, Hie coming wheel or not it is, too 
soon, perhaps, to M.y. 


Symptom. WulclTTiF the Klder When 

Hhe Ov«rilom It. 

A woman doctor says that, sickly 

women can unque.slionably ride the 
bicycle with advantage if thej will 
only learn to know 

recukite their riding with ordinary 
judgment. The anuemic delicate girl 
should begin cautiously, with short, 
easy "ins at first, avoiding, above all 
things, hills und faht riding. She. will 
then regnin her color ,md appetite, and 
w i l l lose the palpitation of the lieurt, 
pain iu the hide, l.reat.hlessneM. 

other dih.treBS.iiiK symptoms 

Fresh air and exercibc aie 


amount of iron and quinine. Uphill cyc- 
ling should be absolutely it 
may produce oversr'-nln of the heart 
must ICH. 

Teople of almost a n v age can use t lie 

wheel to adMintagc. 
Thousands «f 

women Imve lenined to ride th( wheel 
when l>ast (Ml. and me now erijo.VJiiK and 
benelitii.f fiom II"' (\creiM 1. 

hit mi; \ v i l l puxliKe .i'l the dangerous 
* Vinpti'iiis winch Ii II Hie i ider that sin- 
\\i\l li.ive Id give up Ihe use of the bit .v 
If a \voiiiiin is bicycliiif w i t h i n lie 

stieiif'lh -he his 11 glorious appetite. .1 ion bl delight I ill. drowsv jilcus- 
ure op h iiiK down,' |«'ctlil\ followed hv 
deep dieamless slmnlx r 
<ln .uui'- 

inj; • lie let Is completely letreshed, :ni(l 
le.idv lor iinotlier l i d i . The mer-liicd 
bixl.v', 01, the otlici hand, avenges l i s t ' I 
u, f'ollous: 
'I here is loss of appetite 

one is "too tired t<> eat" --and. on re- 
tiring to re it, the "" ejel -I 
f i f l - IK if she were sinking through th, 
bed v \ i l l i iatigue, und yet she eanilot 
lie s t i l l . On [ivvaUiMiinc the next inoiu 
pig she leels dull, heav,, . hendaehy i-nd 
disinclined for an.\ exertion. 

I'ltwelcoine Uir.Vflf I>lnrov«rj. 

A iunv discovery luis be(vn made vv hiclt 

w i l l interest the, us it. i 
1* dc 

vule.l to bicycling. A I-'iewh seicntrM 
i hums that Indies' hands detmumle. 
both in t.he color of the skin iiiul in 
Mieir shape, under the influence of tin* 
lii(^ cliiiiS 
1. The change in til'1 liand i 

so topical that phjsjeiam; 
have ob- 

served it and designated the affection 
by Ihe name of "bicycle hand." 

iippeorauce l» decidedly homely. Tin 
particular oharacteristles of the "bi- 
c'jcle hand" lire: Tho curva.ture of tbe 
hand Iwcomes flal, the snrae us si lint 
fool. It <«\tends in width to the side* 
becomes clumsy, unsteady »j)d s-hupc- 
i(".s, ,uxd the fingors have a. tvudciu-.v 
to eiine inward. 
The can-.*- of this 

e'liincre is the eonseriueiiceof tliostjronp 
tlasp on the handle bars. Tjtidie.s who 
vuliif t.h" fine lines imd the Hoftues' 
o,' their hands will, therefore, have to 
look out. 

Room (522 Powers9 Block. 

Utest Fad Coat S] 

pleat to match, i 
fast colors, line 

hew Styles of Fane; 

I New Styles of Color 

hio-h collars, col 
' % 
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lot of Linen C 

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This is the Finest and Cleanest stock of HABER 

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from our Ver, 

The progressive cioti 

W. H. ELWOOD, Assignee 

What if Not Miracles? 

The ereat Kour-C Remedy is doing work wlicrcver mtroduccdas nearly iniracul««| 

as it ever falls to the lot of any human agency to do (I will esu cm U ,i 

favor for any one interested to write the persons whose names 

appear below or anyone whoso name may appear 

amon|{ these tcslimonials.) 

My aln lid cowlnce the pabllc onnj^slncBflty andot the Me •iHsjMjjfcjg!* 



OIUo« of "KmunfiHEit TIMKH." t 

KlniiflBhtT. Olclii., Ui'O. 1S,'«I 1 

GENTLBMBN.-! telli've it my duu u, wrli.- >«u 

a linn In n>K«d to thti Ix'Ncllciul i Ifn-tdf j'hclp', 
"Four OHcrai'dy," »u far un I am pi'ixiiiiillv eim 
cernod. A w«ik »i!« lust Thur-iliiv. I wui. liiki-ii 
with *«nverc»uackot In Krl|)|.c niiU in n ••Imrt 
time beojHnd m< ho»rw) I amid not i-|» nU •Iwve u 
Tile nlulit prcvloiin ] lind euuizlH'd 

nearly thoentirenlithl. )«tl l»'fotc rctltum 1 look 
atea8poonfn),and»lci)t lliccntln nlt-litaniwcollv 
in ever I «lld In my life, mil TOiiuliliiK «»»•!• I mi- 
ontlruly rollnvw) bo/orc lnkliiK (inn t»>ltl<- rliclpi 
CoiiRh,Cold uinl Croup Cure should !«• In "icrv 
hotl«nhold in tlio Imld. 
1 ni'ix) v«» Lhiu wlicillv 

unnolloitnd by anyonr, Tor y<>" nn- ln'tw-fucuit* "f 
th« taoo in RivInR It tin' antidote lor some "1 tbe 
•worst afflictions to which It I- heir 

V«ry Truly YOUIW, 

<• .1 NKIIIITT. Udlior. 


Kansiix City, !{»">»-,, Dec 24, '81 

Last Friday, I>»o 19, my aliciidliiu pllv^l«l»n 

staKxi unltmn I waBlwitcr by mornlDK bHconM 
do nothlne for my rt'llcf. 
Thai nlitlit I corn- 

day I wan up, the third day I w»n nut on th« 
roroh and to-day waH up t(,wn iiur«liti*ilnK tioltdfty 

WaHhlnKton Avc and Hummlt St. 


On« do?B of Ph»lp«' Cough, CoW and Croup 
Cure, isavn my ohlld instant ri'llcf whon atluokpd 
with tbo croup 
W. B. MOO»E, of Moore Bro< , Orneorn. 
Arkansas Cllv, KanitaK. 


II HllLIIK', MlinllffT, 

OffioL' Uunimnroliil ITInllnnO»,| 


.ic mcriiB ot i.r«iirM»rjr *«••**>« "•• 

have I" onnrph-thiit a t('Bt of )«»r I"1"1 
eiiiivmcliiK that atlca^imc rcitavin"* J'j 
1^ wnrltiv "T unc 
Mv olilldrfnull law1" 

nut tlic IciiKl olijcollon, Crinn nWwlu,!"* 
und ii ii- iiurtlciitorly uotlwnMf ititt «"' 
nlnii^l imincdlBt" 
A dnKlc *""'»"'. 

Hi,« I eoiiuli- liilheir lH'«lllliinK. "'•',,,,", 
tirnkcn rc-l nl nlnlit 
In my ftmin ',, 

Is (.Imply liidli-iiciiHiiblcaml I !••' 


K«r \t'«rs t«nk ciich w'lu'u* l' h»"> ""J^l 

ullb lu-ulti httrynitill". l.«"twinter ••>" 
I ivtitild mil Iwifcve my rtK'iijforlv.,1 www» 
«tmvo » whl»|>«r 
1 Irlcil nvory kw1;"" 

invpiiratlnii from oouitli «!ro|i» "I11""1 "7„, 
110 rollff, then In dmtx-rallon I w" '""Jj,, 
to try I'tu'lii's "KdurC" Thultr»t*••'•"' 
my rtiiiKh, Klvlnn ran Hi" "rhi nlnh««i«" 
lluir tlif htjtllo cured nx 

from vlm-Knr or BUBM rrnro naiiJ^ 


Conductor lOcknrd, llic Kiillr'"1'1 

tn »»v of "Kotir < 
I'hi'lp" !•• I' 

dorful »•!« or hlH Coimh ami <'«"' 
pnnmnally know It l» Ju«t wh»i IJ 
c(t to n« 
Tfiamwch cannot IK- nml 

It in ri mlritr1(, 

Aiwny" Keep to Che RlffM. 

The unwritten law of the rood: 

"Keep- to the riffht," has had'n strong 
afliimation by ,lu<l^- Co\, of Tnditai- 
npdliH in n decision tlmt a man dmiiip 
a horsn on the left s'de of the, 'jt^e<'t 
Vvho ro.i into a yonn;» man ridlnfr » 
bicycle on the riffht side of course was- 
ro.sponsible for the accident. The man 
who drives on ttoe wTang hide of the 
hlreet i» prewumecl to be ffuilty of an 
intrtntion to commit assault «nd bat- 
tery. The same iruilty intejition is as- 
cribed by the jud^re to a bicycler rid- 
inp; on the -sidcwilk. He does Kocntire- 
ly at his own risk. 


CONTRACT.—Druggists are authorised in AM, CASKS TO RHUM>Tirvi. 

CHASE PRICE, if the Four-C Remedy (Phelps'Cough. Cold and Croup * MM 
to give satisfaction in Croup, Bronchitis,Asthma,LaGrippc,CouRhb .tii<i 

matter how long standing, or deep seated, tri fact I guarantee in .di '"•" 
Bronchial or Lung trouble, not as si Cur*-All,but to give unbounded MUM- 
Give it a trial on the above conditions. 1 take all chances. 

R, R, PHELPS, 118 53d Street, CHICAGO, ILL, P:op. 

For sale by Armstrong Bros., C. F. Shilling and W. 11 

the thing ia a great success. 


en the mint Foot. 

oinftular fact, but true, thnt 

the majority of cyclists depend prin- 
cipally upon the. right foot to push 
the machine along. In proof of that, 
If the balls on B crank axle, ore ex- 
amined, those on one side will be found 
more worn, than on the other. That 1» 
M^o'inta) for by the fact thnt the 
KT»-*lpst strain IB on the ri(rt»t ridm. 

Sttttut ol »!•<• 

In I'racco Ihe xtatus of the cyclist 

Is clearly defined. The wheelman is 
compelled by low to carry » lamp ond 
bell, and is obliged to have attached to 
Jrbe bicycle a plate bearing the name of 
rheowner. But at the same time tbe law 
recognizes the full rijrhte of wheel- 
men tc- the rood. Permission Is tpren 
them also to utilize foot paths ouUlde 
ot town*, where the roadi»pav*d 01 be- 
Uicr reoaired. 





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8«od»y »xour»lon raH» In »H J"1 "'J "'I^ilifl 
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turntn* on tiny of wl«. 
Winter tnurMratM BOW on t" I"""1" 

touthwoit Juid ««uth«wt. 
Ono-vay (tittlnr r*tM to l«l"t>n 
nratMHl third Tn»t«t»y of owl' " 
Hood conD««tlon» at l'eorl» 
bnukatund (;.>lor»<to polut*. "' 

Compare values < 
DON'T swallow 1 

bv other houses, he< 

DON'T forget ths 

termined to under 
always has and alv 

. o r a o 
TliirKour for Cincinnati, «"""'""„ 
«»(i eutnra nolntt: »t EVB»»VI \* ">< 
City Hcket otfic* rumovoi 'r'"M..',t|t« 

mincS to 121 Kwt WlllUnn """'V <IM J* 
thoitrnet. Now >liooe No. ;*. '""' 
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C»U on or tufAnm W. L. Hmitli ' "^° 
or T. r-ohnrtl. 1« K»t WtlHam -I" -1- 


Tlwy hmve b««n 

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wnlral room lor »nt, A »"« 'Sffij 
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rant -Ootaitf 

Tho members of tho Equal Suffrage 

club met this afternoon at the home ot 
Mr M. L, Haworlh. 

Tho Order of Railway Conduotoru will 

give a reception and ball in K. P. hall In 
Powers blook on the evening of Fob 10. 

Wo are never disappointed In our wants 

on ducks, geese, or turkey for our Sun 
d«y dinner at Poarl Oyster and 

Co —18 -It 

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SprlngOeld and Mrs. Oovernor Tanner 
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telephone 844.—HM* 

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uUr mooting of Coonr do I«on lodge, No 
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pill, safe pill, best pill 
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There will be quarterly mcetlt'gr service 

ut Klwin over Sunday the !J4tli of Janu- 
J. A. P. KliiK, presiding eldor, will 

preach at Klwln United llrctbreu church 
mat Saturday evening at 7 o'clock, Sun- 
duy morning at IO:!W and Sunday night 
,it 7 o'clock. 
Kvorybouy Invltod to those 



Sentiment on the Two-dent »allw»y »•"> 


ID the matter of the communication of 

the secretary of the state grange of Illi- 
nois, dated .Tan. 1, embodying a reoln- 
tlon of that body, a.'opted at Its December 
meeting, asking tbo board of railroad 
and warehouse commissioners to reduce 
tho passenger rate from 8u to 2c per mile, 
tho commission Is of tho opinion that to 
do so at the present time would bo unwlso 
and unwarranted, and would bo unjust 
to the railroad Interest In the state. 
While «onw of tbo great trunk linos In 
Illinois might be able to stand such a ro 
ductlon, yet the smaller roads and those 
which do almost wholly a local buelneFtn, 
und which are now and have been for tho 
last two yours struggling for existence, 
would b« moit seriously affertefl by It. 
Such action on tbo board's part would 
simply increase tbo heavy burdens under 
which they are staggering now. 
It IB a 

watt a member of tbo Cumberland Prasby- 
torlan church and was a conscientious 
considerate citizen. 

I'mwd Aw»y. 

MrH. William Peteedlud of consumption 

at tho borne ot her husband in Boody at ft 
o'clock Thursday, Jan. 81. The deceased 
was 28 yearh old an« leaves only her hus- 


Highest Hunor*--World's Fair. 

WlllUlt tiitvy niw DI»«BR«-•••!> 

well known fact to tboso who have taken 
the trouble to Investigate the amount of 
passenger business done by the railroads 
In Illinois during tho last two years, that 
there has been a largo decrease In tbo 
number of passengers carried. This is 
due, In tho judgment of the board, not to 
the amount charged for such service, but 
to the genera! depression In nil llnon of 
business, tho low prices of farm products 
and the umettlcd financial conditions, 
which have hod their effect on tb" pas- 
sengcraswell as the freight business 
And it 'a also a fact, OB shown by the 
sworn reports of the railroads of Illinois, 
that tho capital Invested In such property 
has not paid even a fair Interest to the 

This question win before tho board 

when It revised the freight schedule in 
1H96, and the whole question was thor- 
oughly considered. « did not think 
then, and neither docs It fool now. that In 
justice to both the pnbllc|ond tho rail- 
roads (because each should stand on the 
sumo equality before the law) this reduc- 
tion should bo made at this time. If the 
country was prosperous our e. illusions 
might bo different. 
Tho statistics In the jm,Bon, ™-.-.-- 

office show that for the past three years, Gleason, decided 


Mectlnc of the Biiaglileni of th» Revolu- 

tion—Ofttocru Chosen. 

At the mooting of the Daughter* «if tbo 

Revolution held yostorday afternoon at 
the home of Mr«. W. T. Wells, these Ul- 
cers were elooted: 

llegent—Mi«s Belle Kwing. 
Vice Regent—Mrs. V. CJ. Hutch 
Bwetary—Mrs. W. T. Wells. 
Registrar—Mrs. J. K. Wnrren. 
Treasurer—Mrs. T. T. Robert*. 
Historian—M!SH Uuifeo. 
Committee to Awouge fur tho celeurn 

tlon Feb. 22.~Mr« Arthur Alexander 
Mrs. J. K. Wnrren and Mrs. W. T. Wells 

Tho lesson wan on tho "American In- 

dians as the Early Sottlort," 

MlBH Kwing read a paper on "French 

BaplorerK and French Discoveries." Hor 
paper occasioned unusual comment among 
the members us being one of tho moat In- 
structive and bust prepared yet given bo 
foro the society. 

The next meeting will bo hold 'it tho 

homo of Mrs. T. T. Roberts, Fcb a 

II Ijtli Si tiool Newfi. 

Examinations have boon in progress 

this week. 

Last night tb« regular meeting of tho 

Alpha Beta society WIIH hold at the high 
school. Five now members were admitted 
to tho society. Tho program given was 
as follows 

Kanay—Buck Weouis 
Query Box—John Clnry. 
Heading—Orvlllo BllllngtoH. 
Debate—"Resolved, That In a ]iolitlcnl 

campaign oratory exerts more Influence 
than tho press." 

Mills and Cnitrliu Kwing; negative, Dan- 
iel HoiiBuru and Charllo Koyos 

judges, Messrs. Wostermann, Peareo and 




A pure Crape Cream of Tartar Jw«fcr. F«« 
from Amroom., Alum o< »ny other adulterar* 

40 Yeaw the Standard. 

ns thomoitunliiuo burlesque «voi bitmght 
to California. It bn» turned people «v»»f 
in ra»iiT oases, and In 8an Francisco e*- 
tra portormMioed had to u» put in, w> 
ttmt In that city alone twenty flv» »<r« 


1'bo tluie Is fast arriving when ' I'hn 

Brownlos ' will lx> witnessed ID y«>ur city- 
The oi*ravagan«a Is boyouil douut the 
jnobt elaborate of Ha kind now hoforo tho 
public, ami, with vigorous work on your 
part, well In advance, it should twit the 
capacity ot youv theatre 
Yours rwpect 

fully, Loon Mayor, acting uutnnipn '1'al 
iner Cost's Brownies." 

1894, 1896 and 181W, the average amouut 
charged by tho railroads per passenger par 
mile Is n fraction auove 2e, although the 
maximum allowed thorn was Ho. 

For the reasons above stated, tho board 

does not fuel that thlfl reduction should be 
made at this tlroi. It WHS also asked to 
recommend this reduction to the legisla- 
Invlowof its conclusion, It docs 

not feel that it would bo consistent to do 

Chen Housuni gave tha orltle'H report. 

Mr Wcstormann guvo a pleasant talk on 
old days In tho literary society and Harry 
1'earco, a former member, talked briefly, 
congratulating tho society ou'Jts recent 

BU.I Wrigh 

HUb 1™1 iitiuw *v inji»>« 

so; howuvor. tho legislature has tbo powej 
to rcgiilnto tho maximum rato which can 
he churned for passenger service, and It 
loaves the mutter to their wisdom 


W. M. I'. M«lrli<'H4ll'x|ilr«» al lli« Home 

at mi Old A|E« 

Thursday aftornnon, Jun 'M. W. M. V. 

Multhond died of paralysis at his homo 
ii«ar lloddy. leaving n widow and eight 
children They aro .1. F.. L E., U. J, C 
H A K , and Minn Lino, Muirhead, and 
Mr'n .1. H. Miller, and Mrh J. W. L'jdbot- 

Muirhoad was one of tho oldest 

Do«-l»reil lor 

The Moultrlo county Kupbulloans met 

lu oonvuntiou tb)H week nud elected ilHlo- 

Rat«8totho Fourth judicial convention 
to bo held In Decntiir on Fab. 34. Tho 
following resolution waaadopted- 

IJo It resolved by till* c<m\tr,tiun, that 

the six dologatcH hrro aolc-ted to attend 
the judicial convention to bo hold in Do 
mtur. III., on tho aith doy ot Fobrnary, 
1HSI7, to nonunato throe eandidnteB for 
Hie offlro of Mroult jiulgo of the Fourth 
judlolHl district, bo und tho BIIIIIO are here- 
by instructed to voto no u unit at naid 
convention lor the nomination ot the 

Ion. Kdward P. V»ll and the llorf Fran 
la M. Wright, and furthermore, to use all 
honorable mount! to secure their iio>iilu<v- 

January oornen but onoe u yoar, It to thw 

time of makiUK good r«Hplntk)nf which 
sometluiBHlaflt flft«ei> und toj»fltto«» thir- 
ty minuted; It l« al«o th» time 0^ l,u»nlnB 
over a now leat. It 1« also u el«nnVD« un 
HPIIHUU ail round. Tho undorslKiiwl havo 
dona o very nloe satisfactory minimum for 
tho year 'flfi, but 'VI. flndu ui with a largo 
number of brokon llnoo, odd »l»«ft »t«. 
Them «hoo» eonslst ofjthe vor» boat i>mk<». 
prlnclolly winter weight HbocH lor proHant 
BCUKOn'fi wear, they are mahffl of tbo very 
beat leather thnt «an bo obtained, by tho 
most skilled workmen. 

Wo have turn* a ovir n new kuif, unil wo 

want to clean up our stock, and tor that 
reason wo offer these nboes ut greatly re- 
ducod prices 
Bomember that nom« other 

houwn bny a lot of cheap shoes about thin 
tlrao of tho ye/ir nnd sell thorn astholr 
regular lines. W« do nothing of this kind 
whatever, we aro willing to sell thew 
shoes at cost or a Httlu I«NB tW» cost lor 
tho reason that wo havo mndo u Io4r prollt 
on the past toaiwn'n business »»»a can 
afloru to fmcrllleo all tho vrniH* and nom« 
of the cost to sell tho odd palrH (worn oawi 

Wo «hnll lio glml to tuno you cnmu >n 

nnd vxnmlna these Hhoos mid get our 
prices on same. 'Ibeyam "heap In only 
ono thing, and tnat Is in price "A punnj 
snvrd Is a lH>nny made" your dollar* will 
ilo doubli- duty here. 

Kolrath & Hurd>, 

Stylish and reliable Joot llttnrs. nlgn of 

tho okl cobbler 
' S dw&ft 



as is actually needed will be 
We have a complete 

line of 
low and medium 

priced staples on our floor and 
are in position to sell you any- 
" thing you need from a chair 

to a cook Htove at prices that 

-- will interest you. Special at- 

tention given to complete out- 
fits. All goods sold to parties 
outside of the city carefully 
packed and delivered. 


Is Never Wasted.... 



The Foundation Is Good Flour. 


Will m«k« Whiter «nd Better Brewl thin any 
Zr»«k. Try.™...*. *"t'">u 
nun lor It. or cull up ggo Mid *• will • 
you g«t«.«Hcolthe belt quick. 


i» thut purt of tho county und wan 

widely known and hlKhly TUHpeoted. 

bard work ho hi-a becomo comfortably 

owning » furm of 1«» 'irrcH. 

leaves « wife and eight ohlldron. The 
(uncial will bo hold from the rwldonoe 
Sntuidnyat 10-BO a.m. Tho KBV. Mr. 
Uanhm.n will ottlciiite and the Manonlo 
lodge ot HarrlHtown of whlob lie WOB i 
memhot, will »tlwna in a body. Mr 
Muirhoud waH u man who W«H Taliwd In 
tho community an a good oitiyon. Hi 
death will 1)8 » low to tho county. 

pnlltlus he wan n life long Pemoomt. H 

The delenatcH from that county aro J 

A. Freoland, J H. Uppondall, T. 1- Mo- 
Daniel, W T Freeman, Pet*>r llrown, 

Tim nrownlen are Coming 

Oakland, On)., Jan. 11. J. F Olve 

M«r., Opera House, Decntur, 111. ««-ar 
C. B. Jefferson, Rlaw und Krlan- 

big production. "Palmer Coi's 

Browuies," Is }n»* "boufr «afmp»ort'I»fl* 
touroftb»Pa«Mte coast. Tl* bn«lii«sB 
has been enormous ovorywhero und in 
luurly every point the press bos conceded 
that "Tho Brownies" U the best us well 

Vanity Kmr. 
\ tunny elephant on Coney Island is in 

one of tho great scenes In "Vanity Fair" 
the attraction at the opera honso next 
Saturday evening. 
Thin animal sotnn* 

endowed with almost human InstincU 
Nor Is that all, there are eccentric Ounces, 
BingoM, an* "rtlB^ "h()8C 

names ore known everywhere. It IB no 
exaggeration to sny thnt v«Va«itj Fair- 
ban three shows in one, and that In Its 
production jio oipense b«H l»en spared 

OThflwi «« electrical efTeW« whwh *H>w 
hitherto seemed lmpos«lbl* K> uro^uee and 
th« most olaborate seencry ever taken on 
tho toad by any company. Amung tno 
nttracllonw )» Mls« Lonu LaCouvlor, 1 ho 
Vital 8pork." 

i my "lly "Ko. 

k. and I reoomom' » »•£il Bach-man Bros. & Martin Co. 


I DON'T... 

Be Hasty in Your Buying- | 
If You Want to Save Money 

t'nmpiire values carefully— it's your duty. 
DON'T swallow the bait so temptingly h"ng out 

>v otlu-r houses, because it's a new and different kind. 

1'OVT forget that this house is still able and cle- 

finnnpd to undersell any house in Decatur as it 
ilw.ijs luiH and always will. 

We Cannot Afford f 

...To Wait for Trade... 



The sale of the balance of the 500 pair lot 

of Gentlemen's Finest and Strictly Best Enamel 
and Calf $5.00 and $6.00 at «3»g» Q£» will 
soon come to a close 

All Clothing Till Feb. 1st! 


! ...Powers' Shoe Store. 




>i*n« M DMttnr u JOOOQ.I cU«i ouul BBU« 


OMMNd br nrrtor to ur put ot eltr 

NtWMk, WBWW; YMrly.lnwinnm. IM 

r«quMta, or onion UirouKb M»- 

of c»r- 



•oWb WO»r «u«i. D«»»ir. lUlaoU. 


WKATHlfe PBO»A»».lTtKS. 

Chicago, .Un. 88.—Fair tonight and 

Saturday, roooli clearer tonight with ooM 
wave 10 north portion; brink tohi«h 
northwnt wlixla. 

Triumph of MMqn. 

Toe Chicago Trlbone: There «s<Ht» o 

general MtlrfMtloo In Chla*«o *»t tho 
greedy machine, which lute* and w*« In 
tent on politically destroying WtNtani K 
MMOD, Hnslly •urreDdercd to htm uncon 
dltionally and marched In obnlim botaliid 
hli chariot wheel* In bl« trioroptul pro- 
oeulon to the door of tfce Mnato. 

At the machine won to be buateo, It 

WM well that l( should be well boatcn by 
the one peraon of all other* in Hhe «tate of 
Illlnolcwbo bent repiwieBtd the revolt of 
toe people ag»liMt inaoblne domination— 
the roan who *••§ fought It lungwrt and 
/mo«t ooiuatefluilr. wfco to* oontelbuted 
inoit to It* OTCTtbrow, who hate* It moHt 
cordially, and who ta «o tied «p by pledge* 
thai he cannot 7<eW ertbor to I* liupor- 
tunltlM or It* gnfluoMoii*. 

Mr. M«*ou owe* the naotolno nothing 

The maoblM, lite the Democratic donkey 
enloglied by one of Mr. Alteeld'* friend* 
in the legislature OB Toe«a»y, hn* neither 
•'pride of aneentry nor hope of posterity." 
The aw bo* a prouder ntalory and hlgbor 
aiplritlon* than the aolinil nofellcltouily 
danrlbed by Kiuory Storr* and the Cook 
ooniity machine, being Democratic by no- 
Uon*. tradUhin*. and InHtlnctH, fully jni- 
MOeithe description o( the urowt-breed 

A* to Senator Mnwm, the ittnle will 

never have reaann to be admmed of him. 
Intellectually be w the p«w of the nnin 
with whom b« will *«rii fce called Into AH- 
•Delation. A man of Tnmftrknuly iiuiuk 
wit and u good ri»fl« *if information, ho 
will not full uvlo^-t* - Htundard of Utnem 
that ha* b«eo Bzitd by Illinois n» appro- 
priate for Henntorlail mirvlco. 'Ibo U'rlbunu 
believe* Mr. Uawio wtU bo n Krowliig 
man a* » United StiiKw venutor. 

qnlok perctiptlooh, h>* <,aimuloiw brnln, 
hi* elastic temperament will enable him 
•ana to puur hi* JtWliekm into tho Hem: 
torlal mold and ho will rfpr,'»ont the 
«taM worthily and wnll 
In muny of hl« 

personal obnnictortiitto* Mr MIIHIMI runfin- 
ble* DouRla*. 
Kn h»Mi th» name iiinlable 

dlipodlt'on. the Haum «onny tompor, unil 
the mmo dovotlon <to 'bin fitmlly and 
Hn nlHt> reewmbleo him In phyH- 

Ique, btlng Hburt and *tout. 

It I* hard to take a uorroot vlow of onu 

who I* MO near at hand 

now I*. Tho punpeotlvo for living men 
I* apt to be faulty, but if Uougla* was a 
"llttto gluut" why inaynot Manon aim ho 
• "little Riant" befune bteaonntorlal oa- 
peer eod«r Mr, Manon ha* won tote spurs. 
He b • fought hi*, way.up by thu natural 
steps tqrougn tlm «ta*e legtalatufoand the 
people's bonne of osnrrress to tbo snnntr: 
and ws do not **o bow any fair-minded 
RepnbllcaD can grudfle him the "higher" 
step ha ha* token. 

"Protection and Prosperity." 

Major McKlnley ba* wrltton nn Intro- 

duction to ths g*c«t book on tariff, Pro- 
Motion and Prosperity. 
The following 1* 

an eitraot: 

"Thirty yearn of protection him brought 

up to the first rank In agriculture. In 
mining and In manufacturing develop- 
Wi lead all nations In these 'hree 

grcat department* of Indostry. We have 
outstripped eren the United Kl«#dom, 
wbloh had centuries the start of ui. A« 
I have said above her 'seal po Icy for fifty 
years past has been the free trtide revemie 
tariff policy, oars for thirty-two years the 
protective tanff policy. Tried by aoy 
tut. nsMored by any standard, we lead 
all Ik* rest of the world. Protection ha* 

Iteclf. It cannot be helped by 

nor hurt by defamation. Jt h«» 

.worked out Ite own domonstratlon, acd 
.ptsasnt* In the light of the whole world 
>Me raatohl*** trophies. 
It nannot bo 

MM down by false names nor Injured by 
offsnrive epltbote nor can U any longer 
Mlffsr from falsehood, nar the foretiodlng* 
at -the false prophet. It ha* triumphed 
OMT all It* tradnoirs at home and abroad. 
It has made the live* of the inaunii of 
•or countrymen sweeter and nrlgbter.iuid 
kM eutsrtd the homes of America carry- 
|n| oomfort and cheer and courage. It 
0|VM a premium to human energy, and 

i ton noblest aspiration* In tho 
of men. Our own eiperlence 

«fcow* that It Is bent f( r oar cltlzenahlp 
«wd oar olvlllMtlon. andjtbat It open* up 

mW«h*rand batter dettlnyfor our people. 

"Hnrnth for P»p«!" 

"Barrati .for Papa1' wai the telegram 

•set bf one of Senator W. B. Alason'i 
•hHdwa after he received the cauaus 

After all, the voloe from 
th» attention of the A merl- 

•M pssfile nor* Ibse the shoots of vie- 
«s*T It Is a« the Breslde of the Amerl- 
«n bsjsw «ha» the utata of elvllliatlon 
Ibr Ike MrttT- to On* and It I* there, as 

O.rfleld Mpree-wJ it, that we find the 
calm l«vel from which all political height, 
and deptbi are meniured. 

W .1. 'Jalboun of Danville, who*- 

name W8»connet«d with the nenatorsblp 
In the recent contort addrenwU hlronc'K to 
keeping the administration force * eondoll- 
dated and In line for M««on. 
No one did 

more effective work In that respect than 
Had Mr. Maaun failed Mr. Cnlboun 

would, In all probiiblllty. h«v« heroins 
the candklate of tho ad.nlnKtratlon peo- 


riii ye'irs ago John M. Palmer who had 

been nnn.ed «t thu Itemocrattc iitato con- 
vention «« tho candidate of bin l"«ty for 
wmator r«f«*<d t., outer Into joint donate 
with Hon. \V. K. Manor, alleging that 
MUSOD dW cot reprcdcut tiny part} not be 
Ing a ramlldato. Yontcrduy the tables 
wore tHrncd try the eloetion of W. K. Ma 
ion to uncoeod I'atoor. 

The legislature «ecmii dotennlned to 

DMM • tree school text book bill. Such « 
bill nroiicrly oonatruoted would prove a 
groat relief to many ctthtens who snovo 
from ono school '"Igtrlot to another and to 
those who havt> large faml'le* and have 
not tbo mean« to nurchiwe school book^ at 
tbu present prices. 

A bill ban been Introduced In rougrcss 

Ing for the purchase of Cuba for 


Kept House Togotber for 
Eighty-Seven Years. 

,, llntbrnd IB O«r IO7 Ye»r. of Ag*. 

tbf Wife lo:.—fmiiqull Life Ul«- 

lory ol Mr. auU Mr*. JncOb 

lllllor. uf Eluion. 

lUUO.OUU.UUQ. That Is too much money for 
the property In lt« present condition and 
It ta not likely Wcyler will succeed In 1m- 
prirvlng It 

It might »B well bn understood by the 

people that Wllllain Lorimer will con- 
tinue to think h» In flghtlng the adminis- 
tration. The people, however, should lose 
no sleep over that fact. 

1'ke 'Chicago Tribune la entitled to tbo 

congratulation of the people for the light 
It made on the "ofllce getting combine." 

"The organization" no frequently refer- 

red to by Dr. Jamloson, la not now even 
reprcNonted by » receiver. 

Keoent development* will cause u very 

material and Interesting change In the 
dlnttiihutlnn of state patronage. 


l">ot«»t About the riMlng of the Herman 

lluptliit 8ur|>lu* Kund. 

Two pointed communications ranic to 

tbo Ko|iubllcnn today. 

Th« (inrnillll ltH|>tl»t Fund. 

Ktl«. Konuullnin: 1 notice In the Hor- 

ulil i)t«|iiitob of thin morning » commnni- 
rutlon, reeoniinundlng that tho fund of 
Duvurul hundred dollars loft from Ocrcian 
Hiiptist fund 1m Riven to thu Anna I). 
Mllllliin Ibinio fund. 
Many prominent 

pooplo of our city feel that there are other 
deuirvlng charities which hitvo not buon 
hefnie thu punlle this winter. Again the 
Anna 11 Milllkln homo in iargoly solf- 
Hii,jpurtli>K, an very fow aro admitted to 
th« lioimi without paying Nmuathliig for 
Wu lira informed that at tho pruK- 

ont time tlie trciwury contain* ovur $(100, 
not Including tho homo fand. 
If tho 

good people of Dooatur err In any way It 

•imply in following a fad whlob at urea- 

tint (mini* to h« Anna II. Mllllkln home. 
Wu bavn orgHnlzntlomi which ma en- 
gngml In charitable work all thu your. 
Take for iimtnnco the Woman'fl Relief 
Corpn who do a work the public as » rulo 
know HttlB about 
Their work and ro- 

Hpou«lblllty grown oacta your an tbo Oritnd 
Army veteran grown oldur. He i« not 
oapablo of working and naturally thu canx 
of thu W. K. V. grow greater. 
W« no- 

tice alio that tho charity organization 
(Mm. Motz, 1're*.), are hampered in tbo 
work ol caring for tbo dnmrvlDg poor. 
We 'hope tho committee having them 
funds In hand will place them whore they 
will do the greatmt good. 
Fair Play. 

4)<*Mnic Tired. 

Kd«. Republican: I am not one of the 

leading bimlnem men of tho town but It 
\» my purpuHc to remain here and con- 
tinue In builnens If I am not bled to death 
ID the Intorutt of local onterprlma In the 
untae of humanitarian movamente. Some 
weekr ago I wai a>k«d to pat np dollarn 
for tickets to a mlDntrol show nnd next I 
oamo down for another nabnine—all for 
the good of the came. 81nno then I have 
been nuked to pay out money for two 

r IwiMifHa. I have been compelled to 

quit. I am uiuiblo to itand the «t«ody 
drain, howwor, much I mny bo In sympa- 
thy with the movements. 
Ihore are 

many othur mowhartc who' fexl ju»t as I 
do about tht« mutter. 1 am willing to da 
my (*«rc*«w»r<) ndvanoliig any worthy ob- 
ject,but if I nmexpeotttdto comedown and 
I can do mi T would rather mako tho pay- 
ment in OM donation. I nm weary of the 
ili«rf; «yeteuatlc nolloitotlun for help. 
Qltr tbo merchanti a roataad let the men 
of known wealth In tho community bear 
their tharaof tbo burden. A Merchant. 

Four nule.H south of KlUon, Mich., 


couple in ihc L'nited States—Mi. ami 
MUM. Jacob Ilillcr, tifcfcl 1»7 and 

icari. ies|K-eti>vl>. Stamlinfr about 50 
k'et from Hie roadway is u little frame 
ciibin about 13x12. "'itJ' 
«• «<l»»re' 

, liunk.v <. himuej . ex ulently .-rectect with 
, view to MiciiK'lb uml to keep out the 
.•hill wintry iilast. awl in it li\«-s tie 
..Id couple. Your cori-spondciit i'1- 
•entl> <»ro\e .ncr lliere uml was imil«l 
n iy tin-ocii'eniii Kins. 

In the fai their corner uf the little 
oom winch held 
the centennrians' 

•arthlj iK-lonpinifs was an ordlnory 
l>ed. the cmcrinR-.-, of wliioh W»N spot- 
USM and nrriuifreU with caieful hni«lK. 
Mcairer w:is the furnishing-, but cheer- 
lul uml cleanly as bj «n.\ 

could IK- c\|K-cted from a Ire^li yotin^ 
•onplc of '•'> summers. The walls wore 
•jistilv Kiieicd with eleiiu ncws|ia[Kirs 
which had seru-d their day as litera- 
ture and were now serving-a purpose 
even after their day had £•»«<•• '" (hc 
.•enter uf the floor stit an ordinary cook 
-ton.1, behind winch a small wood box 
did dutj tor the daily sn(>|ilj of fuel. 

The old ifciitlemau WIIH in b IN stock- 

ing feet, ami insisted in iloinp tin- lionorn 
<if the bouse. He is not what jou would 
call a tall mini, neither i.s lie a man of 
insip-nificant nw>ld. Medium in height 
and Inuld, he uppars as u uuiii well cal- 
ciilatcil to endiiie haidHhipM where a 
bifrper m.iu would fail. His piewnt ap- 
peuraii<e would lead one lo conelnde 
Hint .l.iculi Hiller in the tlu.vs of hiH 
prime was a man of no mean endur- 
ance. To-daj. e\c<ii, nftcr his HtruifK'li' 
with the century, <>ile cwn 

credit the fact that he. Ins conquered 
the d,in|ferh of 107 yean-. His st*p is 
as I'll in and rvpillar us that of an aver- 
npe man of 40. His liiind is sisnteady a* 
the hand of ;ui ex|»rt hunter. II is face, 
vvrinUed under the hand of time, but 
eyes as bright as ever. 

partiarebnl huir flow sin unmi" 
ne.s» oveir Ins iiped iinil yet 

'IJinie Ims ilwelt moiv luir^lilj with 

the jioor old lad.>, v\h<>, 
ii> e> 

jettTH. .sat iiliunwt liclpl. HS in tlie 

Prices Good for Saturday Only! 

These bargains merely point the way to others equally as gmu 

to be found in every department of the house. 





20 pieces Outing Flannel in dark and light stripes, always sellti for SJc yd. 


500 Remnants of Fins Dress Goods from 2 to 5 yards in length, borne sold 
in full pieces as hiSh as *2 yard. SATTJEDAJT 
25 and BOc vi 


Our entire 50 cent line of Men's Fashionable'Neckwear including leeks, 
Strings, Club House, Four-in-hands and Puffs, for SATURDAY 
*> cents 


50 pairs Nottingham Lace Curtains, 3.1 yards long and 50 inches wide. 
A I- 

ways sold for $1.50 pair, SATURDAY 


One great lot of Ladies' Belts, which sold at 35o to 50c each. SATURDAY 
your choice 


100 sets "Triumph" Dress Stays in all colors, never sold for less tl an Jltc a 


Long Fleeced Ulankets, mottled effects, sold all season for $1.00 pair. hA I - 
• • • • 


200 Curling Irons, worth 10 and 15c. SATURDAY 
lc each 


5,000 boxes Buttermilk and Almond Cream Toilet Soap. Would be cheap 
at 5c cake. SATURDAY 
box of ,i cakes, 5 cents 

:>, spi 


DRvGooos & CARPET Co. 


The atone? order uunluoMi of Pontlao 

pottoOen bM 4oubl»d In two ymra. 

Arniim N«l»«. 

Tho Bwt Salve In the world (or Out* 

Bru«M, Sore*. Clltor*. gait Rlwam 
("ever Sona, Tetter, Ohalip<K. Hand* 
Ohilblaina, Ooriu, unrl illSkin Kcuptione 
and po«itl»ely rttn* Pile*, or no pay re- 
quired. It if guaranteed to rive perfect 
•atirfaction, or money refunded. Price 
K centT per box. For sale by E. A. 
We*t, the dntnriiit 

Ladle*' and CkNdren'J" made-tip 

dre«M«, cap** a*>4 cloak* nicely dyed. 
and prated. Fine dry 

cleaning a «p«clalty. Ladle*' cloak* 
and cape* re-lined and repaired. 
PIu»h and velvet cloak* and cape* 
cleaned and (teamed at Miller'* New 
Steam Dye Ho*** and Dry Cleaning 
Work*, us North Main street. 


I'oor old (jruiwluia Ililkr BiUs patiently 
iu l,lic corner, Imnt nlinoht tloulil* witU : 
IIIT fivo .scorvi yt'urs and Tour, hw old 
RTuy licud nodilinff in tin1 foi'liloncssof 
h«r lulvjineiiifr life, her .'.iprlitJcHH eyes 
(UMiied tlm bleKHhif; of (Sod's full 
1 min- 

liU'ht. Kvcii yet/ Mic old liKl.v's liund IB 
soft IIM ii s'rlken texture. 

Mr. Hiller naid he win "born l'»7 

Vfiirt, utfo tlu> 20tli of last October. 

,t eaiition. 
1 never expected to liv< 
b t(i 

Iliit. age nor nothing like it. Khe," lie 
siiiil, noddinp to liifl bplplrsv wife, "w ill 
be 10J next March." 

"I was born in JameBto«ii, just liuel. 

01' KhiffHton, Cuimdn. 
I »UM quiU; a 

lump of 11 lud, alxKit 2^ yearn old, \vlion 
tin; w«r <>f 18I2 «as on. 1 lined to earrj 
the poor »oldi*rs that were wooindw! 
iu Kingston some milk to help th.'in 
along. The war aliont there was all 
on water. When they wen' done fluhl- 
ti\K tliey threw the deiul o\prl»avd into 
tin.* \vntiTftiKl brought the wounded in. 
Nfim, t.hat was a fight, sure enouph!" 

"Canada wag juut a l>ip biiKli. The 

country was new and the bottlers were 
jiiHt aw new and preen as they could lie. 
The HchoolB were few and far between 
niul us boyu had not the name ehuneu 
IIH lx>ys nowadays have." 

When asked when he. left Canada hi.: 

crippled old partner broke in upon our 
eonvernatlon. "The first year of the 
war," «he said. 

The old gentleman continued: "When 

I came to Miehiffan we lirnt nettled neur 
Marino City and went from there ui 
ICmmct; then we came here. When 
we reiiched t,hi» place together «« 
thought we were «oon going t« dirt. 
My son would liave pnt «H up a better 
liouae, but we were KattaHed with thin. 
Time!) are hard for an ok) pair like us. 
but we have nome good friends, :md 
things are not as bud as they might be. 

"I was 20 past when we were mar- 

She was 38 pa«t. We will be 

keeping house HT years the, 25th of next 
April. We don't quarrel r:iuch else ««> 
could hardly be HO long together. I 
hardly ever expected to live to be as old 
,i<i Matliusaleli but 1 have cut two teeth 
Intely and ran nee any print without, 
-•pees. Long ago 1 used lo think of dy- 
ing but lately I have made up my min'l 
neter to meet it until it comes. I sew- 
on my own buttons without xpecsand 
ill that. We had 11 of a family. 

uUlest is now nearly 00 and the young- 
est 57. People say it looks short to look 
back over the long years. Yes it does. 
It seems a good deal like yesterdny 
u lien I wax a boy running1 wild in thu 


Jit*—"I'm going to kiss jou uhen I 

jro." Khiv "Leme the honwat oncc."- 

She—"Ho be man led her lor her 

money?" Jle—"Yes." She (thought- 
fully)—"How nwfully rich nlie mini 
bo."-—Cinein nati Tribitne. 

l,ady (todrunken Ix-ggar)—"Arejou 

not ashameil to beg.'" Drunken Iteif- 
K«r—"Ves, ma'am, but I'm full; when 
I'm sober I'm a burglar.''- N. Y. Trib- 

Kreddie—"What do you want to catch. 

the (ly for?" Little Johnny—"Sister has 
limt. made heraelf IK. glawi of lemonude, 
,md I'm awfully dry."—IMttMburghUul- 

"No, my dour, itV no line Wlking. 

1 shnn't. gixv up Htivoking until I'm 
dead." HisWifc (bitterly)—"WhatleadB 
you to Ix'lieve that you will give 

then1.'"—Brooklyn Life. 

Kngtand't 8«art«t Flower*. 

There are only two scarlet flowers 

mtive ui England, the poppy and the 
curlet pimpeninl. and boih theseflour- 
uli ber.ton dry and sunny spoto. Near- 
y all other Scarlet flowers are Imported. 

Ct«r«t lor IjiwmBkura. 

i:i(fbty-five hundred dollars, the wholu 
.•out for laut season of the house uf 
ornmons Idltchen. lias been invented by 
'><• eommiitee in claret. 


(iueen Victoria was crowned in West 

milliter Abbey: she wa« married at the 
Chapel Itoyal, in St. .Tunics' palace. 

William A. Wilde, of Uoston, has pre- 

sented to the Acton, Memorial library 
marble bustN of Washington and Lin- 
coln, the work of the sculptor T. li.ill, 
now in Italy. 

Kmil Oliver, Napoleon III.'H lawt min- 

ister, is about to publish .1 novel called 
"Mario Madeline," which is believed to 
Iw autobiographical. 

Dr. Temple, the. neu areJibishop of 

Canterbury, as headmaster of Uugby, 
was regarded as one of tlw gr«ite«t 
sichooluiiuiters of the eenturjt. 

Sigrid Arnoldaon n'oently 

from the grand duke of IlesMe the gold 
medal for art and science after hing- 
ing "Carmen'' «t the Darmstadt Court 

France is about to erect a statue to 

the memory of Andre Ktieune at Cofc'a- 
net, hi» birthplace. He wasthe"Druin- 
raerboy of Aroola," who saved the dny 
for Napoleon just IPO years ago. 

It IB usually dawn before the sultan 

if/es to bed, and at eight o'clock he ii 
rtlrrfnfr apain. 
He lias no confidence 

in those around him. and hi« life ap- 
pears to be worth hardly a day's pur- 

At a meeting of the state breeders' »OB«U- 

olatlon at Waxblngton, III., last week, 
gome fine hogs sold as high as f SOB each. 

Cheapest, Because the Best i 



Bend for that little book, "Infant i 
Health;" treat voluo to luotneri. Seut I 

densod tlllk Co. 



N.Y. Condensed Hllk Co. 
n Kvlioa Street, 


Will yet need Heavy Clothing. 
The coldest part of the Winter 
season is still to come. You 
cannot afford to freeze when 
you can buy clothing at such 
remarkably low prices as we 
sell them. 

Our prices are as low as the 
Lowest. We do not ask you to 
take our assertion for this. Look 
elsewhere first, come to us, and 
then let your judgment solve 
the question. 



245-249 NORTH WATER ST. 


\Vo offer you mar 

Ls 1 Scans, Potatoes, 

Dried Fruits, Soaps, 

[per cent, margin. 

In our Fancy Gr« 

Llow none to excel \ 
Those who have visi 
Lury the stock an< 
Lxxls at prices to m 


lu our Meat Dep^ 

[line of everything- 
[Bacon, Boiled Ham 
ttoaks, Etc.,—in fee 

|this department frc 

choice Boiling Piece 

[>iy small price. 
Poultry, Fish, Lo 

i'tahl<58 always on h; 

Powers' Building, 



Grocery House 

And Market. 

\\Y oM'or you many staple goods, such 

,isl>,r,ius, Potatoes, Lard, Sugar, Coffee, 

'|)ri(>1l Fruits, Soaps, Etc., at a very small 

percent, margin. 

lu uin Fancy Grocery Department we 

allow none to excel us in quality and prices. 

Th()9t, who have visited our store know we 
rtirry the stock and are ready to show 

•roods at prices to meet the ideas of cus- 


In our Meat Department we carry a full 

line of everything choice in Fresh Meats, 

Bacon, Boiled Ham, Bologna, Hamburger 

Steaks, Etc.,—in fact we can sell you in 

is department from 3 cents up. Some 

i-hoicu Boiling Pieces and Soup Bones at a 

very small price. 

Poultry, Fish, Lobsters, and Green Veg- 

etables always on hand. 



Grocery House and Market, 

Powers' Building, 124 South Water Street. 

OTtl TKLKi'HONKS 113. 


The sword and belt of Latour d'Au- 

rcrgne. fche first grenadier of Fraime, 
him- just been presented to the I'aria 
Miu,ee Curnuvalet. 

Sir Francis Drake's last male de- 

fendant hn-t died at the ,-i<re of 89 in 
the HriBtol almshouse, of which lie luul 
been an inmate for many } ears. Ilia fa- 
ther foug-ht at Trafalgar. 

St. IVter Claver, the SpauiHh Jesuit 

missionary who died in 1054, lias been 
ilcelured i>y I'ope I-eo XIII. to be the 
special patron of ull miwioiiK to tlie 

groes in both hemispheres, 
tirand l»uke George of Bimsia, the 

cniiHUinpti\e czioewilch, is to spend 
part of the \v«jit«-r at Syracuse in Sicily. 
Wliile. he i<) tliere two Hussion nuen-of- 
wur will remain in the port. 

Paris Htreets arc constantly being re- 

nmned after persons rerently dead. 
Among the names ghen tills year are 
those of Mine. Furtudo-Heine, Jules 
Billion, Aiwene Iloumnye, Victor Dnrny 
and Anabroise Thomas. 

Sir Joseph Lister's elevation to the 

peerafre in the first instance of that form 
oi reeojrnition of merit being awarded 
to the medical profession in Knpland. 
[laronefc-ies to attendants on the royal 
family have Iteen common enough, and 
peerages to them may now follow. 

Diana Yaujflmn, the. priestess of the 

Lucifer cult, is ruled out, of existence 
by the Holy inquisition, whose .sente/nee 
is: "Non oonstat rte exiKtentia ejus." 
She and her disclosures have been 
protect pretty eoncluKively tyi Paris to 
be the creat'ion of the notorious I>o 




O. (). P. KoKular meotliiK of Oolaiulila It. 
1 0. i 
. 1). 
JL. I), UKIKO, No. I'm. 1.0. O.K.. this (KrUlav) 
evimlng at 7.JO o'clock In their hull Knst Main 
-.treet. All members are requested to be, raw* 
VhltliiK brothers ami sinters Invltml. 

OUVK VOTAW, N.«. EYA llitirwN. Hoe. 



Old Gold 
and Silver. 

Hiirln-st Market Price in Merchandise at 

H,.-"What will the world suy at our 

duoreeV" The 
Millionaire Spouse— 

"That a fool aiicl his money tire soon 

She—"Have you many poor rela- 

tion*?" He- ".None that 1 know.." She 
—"Many rich ones'.'" He—"None that 
Know me."- Tit-Hits. 

Ada—"1 notice Amelia, has dated her 

letter IS'.lfl." Amy—"VeHi hhe won't.nd,, 
init that she's re idled 
18(17 >et."— 

Vonkerw Statesman. 

".Nothing but leaves." 
With a deep 

jgh of satMaotion. tin- old 

looked lit his I'ijrur ugain. 

bu< leaves!" he repeated. 
"And yet 

(puff, puif) tliut.'s v.hy I like it."—De- 
troit Journal. 

"Look alhe, tliere!" 

inuiniiiy of 1'tolem.v II., as a party oi 
c\ploieis through the1 side of the 
pt riiniiil. "No use," leturned the miini- 
u'i> of Tliotmes III., .sadly; "t]ie.\ Imve 
us ileu<l!" 
N. Y. Press. 

She- "Why do ,>ou appear so plrai,- 

iintly surprised"" 
Me "Uecuuse you 

.ippeur so •.iirpiisiugly pleasant" 

<ieiitleman- " Vml nrvv I ippear, unsur- 
prised and unpleasant. 
IlrenU away 

,ind take your eorneis."- Detroit Free 

"1 vuis real!} MII prised at 

He enine in and begged a quarter, snj- 
IIIR t h a i he wanted to go to the frnllery 
to .see the pictures." 
"You needn't be 

alarmed, lie isn't petting lio<4(Hiian. 
It wus the theater gullerj lie meant, 
and the pictures are nine."—Indinmip- 
olib Journal. 


In the Clrault Court. 

ThlsJinorningHobartGravas and Harry 

Brooks wero brought in tho circuit court 
They robbed u grocery story at 

Harristown and were charged with rob' 
fcsry and grand larceny. Thoy wero oon- 
vieted ou both counts. lirooks will go to 
tho reform school at Pontlao and Uravei 
will go to '-ho penitentiary for the fourth 

This afternoon Charles Haggard and 

Will Helm, who robbed the Budoliff gro- 
cery, wero ou trial. 

Orantl Jury DKHUH. 

The grand jury has made another report 

to Judge Vail—four Indictments and 
seven bills "not true." Ono ot the par- 
ties indicted is at liberty, the other tbreo 
are in jail. 

J-hn Lee, charged with burlgary and 

petit larceny. He Is accused of tmvlng 
gone into Wilson & Uawley's saloon und 
having taken pri-pcrty thciro. 

John Kacoy, barlgary and grand lar- 

ceny. Ho is the mnn who was found In 
BOBS' clothing store by Officer Stotier and 
waa just putting on some new clothed 
when he v.uo caught. 

Ooorgo Stovons, burglary and petit lur- 

oany. Ho Is accused of having taken some 
saws from Chupuall'a carpenter shop at 
Ulno Mound. 
Ho is a stranger thoro and 

is suppwnd to be a tramp. 

Those returned as not true bills wera: 

Mlokoy Kyan, Otto Stcmlman, Albert Sa- 
loggn, John Ciistor, Herninn 

They were aceusort of having stolen coal 
from tbo railroads, but tho grand jury did 
not think there was anything in the 



H. L. OLDHAM, Agent. 


. J. G. HARVEY, 

Will reniovo fiom ArowfeVMM- 

toK lo bin new olto*. SlHtw 318, 
Orlando I'oytn' JtriMlng. 


C C 
. d. 


Real Estate, Insurance 

and Loans. Suite 201. 


DR. 0. T. EDDY, 
I H GT.1YV Physician and Snrf< 
. J. II. CUD I , 


Suite 301 and 



8UITB !Mfc 

Lowest Cash Value. 

W. R. Abbott&Co., 




ModjcsUn "ill begin her st.irnng toui 


I'ljnkiy Davenport's neu plaj it, writ- 

leu [iixin a historic' niilijeit. 

ft Sallije- Martinet may go to Australia 
iie\tibiiniiner with "'llhetiaj l'nriniitu«. 

Uqrbrrt Kc-lcey utid ICtlie Shannon are 

likelji to bead aeom|>aiiy next n-iison. 

.laiiien O'Siell'f Hamlet is c 

as Iwing "the moat deiinite (me in 

,1. U. Dodsun has been asked l>j a N'e\v 

York pvibiislier to compile « Iwolt nt 

age stories, 
deorge lliu'kiit is eoiiipeili'cl to Miiwie 
bo\ of cigars .1 week by the require- 
x'lltN ol Ins n)lt in "Too .Much John- 

ChiirlcH A. Uigelow lm.s lui ardent nd- 

mirer in John L. Siilliuui, «ho bellevcN 
him to ium-1 ho funniewt face in Amer- 

"The Sign of the Cross" will, :ifter all, 

not be taken Imek to linpland. but« fur- 
ther effort to make it popular in this 
country will l>o m:i<le. 

Thonuw W. Keeiie ha.s ployed Uiehard 

III. 2,308 tim<-H. Thw> means that every 
nipht, inoliwiinR- Svmdu.v. for over six 
yrars Mr. Keene's life him been devoted 
to till 8 role. 

It. A. Unmet has n >ouug friend who 

has iiiht written IIIH HrHt play. It is 

lleil "Strictly t'onfldential," and Mr. 
riift be.lie\es tlnit It is sure of speedy 

produetion, for anything htnetly con- 
fldentiiil is bound to come out. 

A MlHuiKlvmtnnclliliC. 

An tinjunt rumor has pained o irronoy 

wblcih in without tnithful foundation. IS 
has boon Htntcd that we require p«pl)s to 
buy a certain amount of umterai at our 
counters before they uim entov our ehisfl 
In free urt needlework. 

We do not miiko it obligatory that you 

Imy any B]iecille.'. amount, <nir only oondi- 
tlon being that pui tin furnish their own 
working material. 

Instructions are gitun by » lompotont 

teacher absolutely free of any uhar(j« every 
morning from » t<v 11 o'clook. 
Wo now 

have twoUty-wovon regular pupils. Classes 
in Bulgarian work Mondays, Wednesdays 
«nd Frldnyj. 

ClaflacH in linen work t ucwiays, '1 hiira- 

days and Hotiirdnys. Kvurybody weJoonie. 
Linn <te rioruggR, U. G. & 0. Co. —'lit 

| DR. C, 







Will not quote prices. Just 
ask you to step in and see 


"Three Hlind M ice" is in a music 

Look of KHi'.i. 

"A FrotfRie Would A-IVooinjr Go" 

»a« U'fitteii in HI JO. 

•T.ittle Jnck Horner" j.solder than the 

iM'M-iiteentih evnlin.y. 
' "ItoyH uiid (iirls Come Out to 1'luy" 
dates from Chaj-los II. 

"1'uni.v Cut, 1'ussy Cat, Whprv Ha\e 

You Ue'eu?" dates from the reign of 
Queen Elizabeth. 

Hulibard," "Goosey 

'Oxev Gander" 

osu" wore first published in the six- 

teenth century. 

The author' of "Cinderella," "Jack the 

Riant Killer," "Hlne Bcurd" and "Tom 
Thumb" was Charles Perroult, 

frenohmun, and these tales were writ-' 
ten in 1097. 

"Humpty Dtmipty" was a bold, bad 

bujon/who lived in the days of KiiiR 
,tcAin and wns tumbled from jiower. 
Thin history wan put into n riddle, the 
an«wer to which is an egg. 

"The Babe? In the Wood" was foun- 

ded on an actual crime committed in 
Ihe fifteenth century. An old house 
in Norfolk Is utill pointed out upon a 
mantelshelf, of which the entire history. 
(• carved.— Philadelphia American. 

for tin- 1'llbllr'n W««. 

Wo dimlre to ttato an important fact 

that not any of your family noed «o hun- 
gry na iiuiK «B wo are. In tho land of tho 
living with an abundant supply of ohiek- 
on fries, duoks, geese, turkeys, rabbits, 
squirrels and all seasonablo «ame. Ve(?i!- 
tables, colery, spinach, radishes, water 
crest and tomatoes.' Sclent and wnndnrd 
oysters In bnlt or can. Frosh eggs, mttx- 
faction gnirant'Cd or mcrooy refonded. 
Pearl Oyutar and Fish Co., tilophuno !14I. 

Dentil NoKr Mt. /loll. 

,T. K. Travifl died of heart failure today 

at bin home noar Mt. Zlon, »f!oa 64 years, 

a n widow and six children, 

'i'hoy uro L. T., Fleola, K. K., Ollvnnnd 
Iri» Travis, and Mrs. Anna Vest. The 
fuiienil will be held on Sunday at 8 p. ni., 
from tho Cumberland Presbyterian ohuroh 
at Mt Xlon, Uev. Coohran offlolatlng. 
Barlal at Mt. Zion coniBtory. 

I forRdt to order fish Friday; well, or- 

der for tomorrow oropple, picker*), whlto, 
trout, smelta, bonoloas herrlnK, red snap- 
per, halibut or anything from a minnow 
to a wlmfe from Pearl Oyster and Fish 
Co.. telephone 844 

Dogs got into tho poultry house of Mrs. 

Thomas at Homer, Wednesday night of 
last week and killed twenty of her bent 
turkeys. Hho neglected to close up the 
door.of her poultry house, for that olgnt 



INVOICING and have 

Prices Lower than can be made by 
any other dealer in the city. 


turkeys, n-eene, broilers, frlep. 

Poarl Oyster and Flah On. 

Frank Bcrgor, a Chatswortb «nk>onlst, 

Is in lh» county jail. 
Ha peddled whisky 

at country miss. There are twenty In- 
dlomientB against him. Traveling gin 
mills are said to he plentiful in Living- 
stun county. 

Badishcs. celery, splimoh, lettuce, to- 

matoen. Pearl Oyster and Flah Co. 

<~W?tlTkllwood, » Peorla lawyer, and 
Miss Caroline Yoorgor, of Mntamora.wore 
married in tho latter place Thuwday 
eveuing, Jan. J4. Mr. Bllwood formerly 
resided in Metuniora. j 

Tne Prefbytorlan society at Urbann are 

agitating the project of building a new 

At Scattering Polnt,Livlne;6ton county, 

a cow owned by Samu.l Earpe, fell luto a 
creek uud her head eatcbiog undtr a tiao 
root she wm drowned. 

Overcoats, Ulsters. 

Heavy Suits, Caps, 


Gloves and Mittens, 


No Old Chestnuts in this Stock. 

Race Clothing ffft Co, 

129 North WaUIr Street 



The woman who does 
the washing travels 
from pole to pole and 
crosses the line many 
times. She soon learns 
from experience that 
she can save time, money and labor by using 



the best, purest and most economical soap made. 
She also discovers that clothes washed with 
Santa Claus look better and last longer than they 
do when washed with ordinary soap. Santa Claus 
is sold everywhere. Ask for it. Made only by 




An attractive aklrt for a miss is of 

The akirt is plain r.nd 

trhnmcd with three rows of velvet rib- 
bon at the hem. The yoke and belt are 
of velvet, as oro ulso the slecvcfi, which 
have ruffles over the large cashmere 
puffs at the shoulders. 

In spite of comment on it* incongrui- 

ty, fur, chiffon, lace, cloth and velvet 
are mixed up in the most heterogcmous 
fashion. This combination is not sup- 
posed to appear other than in very 
elegant mutermlB. 
Indeed, thf flue 

quality of tin- goods is the only e\cu«e 
for its existent*1. 

A cloth costume has fi tailor-mid* 

akirt, and a waist (it velvet the cnlor 
of the cloth. The wide folded belt and 
Eton jacket are of cloth, with fltteci 
sleeica, over which full 
long, loop«l 

puffs which cover the sleeves from the 
HliouldcTS to elbows. The clow velvet 
collar him nn edging of white satin. 

A Htylinh dress is of blur-It satin. The 

skirt in cut plainly and has a narrow 
quilling of nilk Just under the edge. 
The waist has a perfectly plain front 
of solid embroidery; the sides and back, 
which arc doso-fllting1, are of the satin. 
There are fitted «le*ves, withcape ruffle 
lined with a silk like that at. the edge 
of the Klcirt. 

A rlinrming du-ess for a ffirl is mide 

of black velvet. The skirt is plain. Th« 
waist has bolero fronts over a silk vest. 
The collar is hiph and ((lightly rolled 
out from the throat. The, sleeve* tit the 
arms and have lar<?e puffs at the. shoul- 
ders. A belt of embroidery crosses the 
front from tk* edges of the cutaway 

Short jackets, with cutaway fronts, 

are popular, and, because of the. open 
ipoee from collar to waist-line, fashion 
is demanding an enormous quantity 
o< lace In jabots, cascades and lootings. 
When these confections are made over 
a moderately thick lining, (hey furnish 
considerable warmth, and are just i 
little better than nothing. 


The Hlttiten 


Tfirst mentioned 

about OOOB.C.asacommercial and mili- 
tary nation to the north of Palestine. 

The Arabs claim that they are direct- 

]y Jesecnded from Ishmael. the HOI, of 
Abraham and Jlaffar. Iwrn 1810 «• <•• 

The nttti^e Australions are said lo 

differ in several imix>rtant ••eBjH-cts 
from e%ery oilier race of ]«?ople on tho 
The Wends, of nortlienAtern Oei- 

•many. were a branch of the Slavonians 
who settU-d along the >-eu 'n the sixth 

The Komnaniaiu* are descendants of 

the Romans who con<|iitired mwl "ccu- 
pied a rxMlion of the territory 

called Kouniaiiiii. 

The Ilollnnders are desceiidnnh, from 

the Itattui. nhoni Caesar tried to con- 

(|ik-r. hut w i t h .«,bom 
he altirwanl 

made .in .illiunee. 

The S.iriici'iis were d«*eemled from 

the first iollowcrs of Mohammed, who 
were so called frojn the \rafeie >W»a 
Khars', the I'" * 


LliU\ti COUNII, 

FRANK J. CJIKNKY makes oath that he 

ia the senior partner of the firm of r . J. 
Ik Co., doinR business in the 

city of Toledo, county and state afore- 
said, and that eaid tirra will pay the 
for each and avcry case of Catarrh that 
cannot he cured by the use of HALL s 




. All Goods at Fire Sale Prices. 

The fire loss of 

December 28 has teen adjusted and all new and slightly 
damcged goods—as good as new—will go at astonishingly low 
Come early. 'Dry Goods, Groceries—everything, are 

LEONARD'S Department Store, 




heritage of rich and poor, has saved 

many a life. For Throat and Lung affections 
It is Invaluable. It never fails to cure Cough, 
Cold, Croup and Whooping-Cough. DR. BULL S 
COUGH SYRUP is the best. Price 25 cents. 
Cam UMTS rUMS.Tk* Orwt Tobacco *n«do».iac. D«il«ri« MM.C.M*>w • Co.. Bt«o.,IM. 


Scientists concede that the sen ser- 

pent to » possibility. The extent of the 
wo is M> vast and BO little is really 
known of iU inhabitants that varieties 
of prehistoric monsters mny htill exist. 
in its depths. 

The siiake hem more buck bones or 

\wtebroe. than any other creature; for1 

Herpent.s, even of the smallest si/e, com- 
nionly have more than 100; some of tin- 
largest pythons and boas huve over 

Th- story about 
the rottlnsnuke 

< harming; birds and small animals Inu 
been repeated BO often, and with mieli 
circumstantiality of detail, that the 
naturalists concede there, is u strong 
probability of its truth. 

The life of the serpent Is sometimes 

protracted far beyond a period that 
would l>e deemed reasonable. 
In the 

pyllton temples of western Africa there 
arc serpents which aie known to have 
been there a century and a ha.!f apo. 

The serpent is, in Christian art, an 

attribute of St. Cecilia, St. Euphemh 
mid iiHiny other saints, being ns.sipn.-d 
to them either because they destroyed 
the power of Satan or because they 
cleared one or another country of rep- 

There is one species of snake, in the 

pcnus Deirovlon, which feeds exclusive- 
ly upon the eprps of rjrmll birds. 

teeth are very small and are soon IOKT. 
The eggs are nwnllonnd whole, and 
when passing- through the p-iillet, are 
broken by n. device somewhat similar to 

There's No 
Getting Around 
The Fact That 


is the best flour. 

barrels made every day. 

Yoir Grocer Will Supply You, 

^ ^Pat^aW m aW%AA 



»"«»'Mimrtlin nantT*^~*"**"•*• ""*- inuN 

/ Have Not 


I am atlll at 1080 North Main Street, 

but am willing to move all my 
goods at the following low prices: 

50 Ibs. hand picked Navy Beans, f 1.00 
21 Ibs. Granulated Sugar 

9 bars Lenox Heap 
II bars Calumet Family Soap 

So Ibd. Cracked Hominy 

8 Ibs. Bulk Starch 

5 Bill. W. White Oil 

B gal. good Oil 

Good Can Corn 

3 Ib. can Pie Peaohes. lOc; 3 cans, .25 
'A Ib. can Table Peaches, per can, 

3Ib. can California Table Peach... . 20 
8 Ib. can Pumpkin or Squash, lOc; 3, .25 
Potatoes per on 
i two pound packages Rolled Oats, 

10 Ibe. Bulk polled Oats 

Penny Pickles, per doz 

Mediums, per doz 

Small, per doz 

Tip Top brand Tomatoes, 8c; 2 cans, .15 
These prices are for Spot Cash Only. 



New Telepone 545. 


Sworn to before me and tubscribed 

in my presence, this Oth day of Decem- 
ber, 1880. 


Notary Public. 

Hall's Ciitarru Cure is taken intern- 

ally and acts directly on the blood and 
mucous surfaces of tbe aysteni. Send 
for testimonials, free. 

F. ,7. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O. 

Sold by druggists, 75e. 
Hall's Family Pills are the best. 

Dogs got Into th« poultry honeo of Mrs. 

Thoiurm at Homor, Wednesday night of 
lust week find killed twenty of her best 
turkeys. She neglected to close up tho 
door (if hor poultry houso for tbnt night 

Something for burns, scalds, chapped 

hands and lips. Healing for cuts and 
sores. Inetunt relief for piles, slope pain 
at once. 
These are the virtues of 

DeWitt's Witch Haze) Salve. A. J. 
Stonor & Son and Armstrong Bros. 

Frank Burger, 11 Chats-worth «aloonist, 

is In tho county jail. 
Ho puddled whisky 

at country sales. Thoro aro twenty In- 
dictments iifiiiinst him. Traveling gin 
mills ure unld to bo plentiful in Living- 
ston county. 

Minutes seem like hours when a life 

is ut fltlilto. Croup gives no timn to Bend 
for a doctor; delay may mean death. 
One Minuto Cough Cure given instant 
relief and insurea recovery. The only 
harmless remedy thut produces immedi- 
ate results. A. J. Stonor & Sen and 
Armstrong Bros. 

Tho cnluboose wharo the trumps are 

lodged in Champaign "ran over" tlio 
other night when twen*y-two wcro no- 
cominodntcd, find tho sovon who cam* too 
late worn obi pcd to Htny nulHido. 

You want the goods, so come and get ! 
It don't take much money to j 

i buy CLOTHING the way we are offer- 

] ing them. Don't wait too long. We 

have the stock to select from, the 
ING in DECATUR at a mere song. It 
don't cost you anything to see what 

are doing. 


; cheap, but come and look and then 

; you can tell what we are doing. We 

; want 




Cheap Charley, 

The Reliable Clothier. 


> at Uwto and ratnra •wiry 

C«T«ti,uidTfU*-M«k>obaliMCl,*ndin Pml- 
•at buuMts conducted (or MCOCK«TC FK«. 

Ou*Orneci«O*M«rcU.*. P»cir Ornec 
ua w« c*n wcura naitat H MM time uuu Uraw 
nBOU from Wukinfon. 
Sad modtt, dn.*lo( or pko>e., with dMc*l*- 

Hon. W« tdrlM, U nitenlibl* or not, (::« ol 
cUtft. Oar /Mart due till nUcn-. )• necurad. 

* l»»mtcT. "TlowtoObUln PMcnu," wttk, 

VS MSTrB tke W. S. «nd 
"rnl dee. 

Tim total vote cast for presidential 

electors at the last content was M/KH),- 
00(1. The popnlrtr rote in 1892 vrua 12,- 
110,000. In 1888 it, was 11,400,000. There 
wiiy at the recent election a fuller rote 
in proportion to the population than at 
nn.v "rc'cediiiiff presidential eontest. 

In 'Ji'MUi at the ln«t election the con- 

ptitiitiomil amendment inquiring- six 
n-oiiths residejice after declariUaon of 
eiti/miHHp before foroipners can be- 
(onif voters wa» adopted by a vote of 
•M.V6S to 91,048. 

There were nearly 5,000 prohibition 

tiitei cast in Kentucky at. the last elec- 
The New Knglund states naw 

Iwcome, as the retunm show, the Vest 
reeruitiiijf ground for the socialiRts. 
They polled U, 114 voten in MosBacJiu- 
f>etts, l,22;i In Conneeticut and 55d in 
Khodc iKliind. 

In the present house of representn- 

tnes tliere lire 12 populisW, IK fusiotiigtH 
and 3 Bilverit««, a total of 30 repre- 
sentatives of ortftini/utlons supporting 
Bryiui at the. recent election, aguiiist 124 
Etralpht demoerats, us they are colled. 
The Htraifrht democratic vote, so called, 
at the last election was n.bout 0,0(10,000. 
find the outside orpunimtioam polled 
collectively about one-twelfth nn many, 
though they have one-fifth the repre- 
sentation in congress. 


Changeable taffeta ribbon having u. 

tinsel stripe. 

Sets of miniature buttons rimmed 

witli rhimustones. 

Tiny boleros of jet embroidery ou 

net that connect In front. 

Pole-blue -satin linlnipt fordeep-fireen 

velvet or phisb cvenii.(f wraps. 

Velvet and woolen «uit» 

pieces, skirt and tiffliHittinfr coat. 

Knisiun l»lero» longer nnd sliffhtly 

different in nuupe to those first seen. 

Unlined fli\iiui-l waists that lire worn 

with a black or white collar and bell. 

Suits of black broadcloth trimmed 

with braiding and a white eat in vnst. 

Gross green ralroir velvet for trim- 

ming blue, brown, gray nnd violet 

Orange, turquoise, cherry-pink and 

. T|TW grass-green velvet tot triraintngr 
gownt and toques. 

Bright red cloth for street suits to 

be trimmed with black braid or P*r- 
alan lamb fur or both.—Dry Goods 
, {Economist. 

Dr. L. Kittmger, a lea<img physician 

of Wilmington, Del., asked the proprie- 
tor of Brazilian Balm to send him a dol- 
lar bottle. A few weeks afterwards the 
doctor laid: "I had a couple of cases of 
old Cough on hand that completely 
btffled me. I had got to the rod of my 
string. But the Balm made a prompt 
cure in both cases. It is a remarkable 
For sale by Armstrong Bros., Druggists 




Shares in the 87th 

Series can now 

be obtained 

at the Office 

of the 


The most important hint on the wear- 

ing- of veils cornea f'-oni the oculist. It 
Is: "Don't." 

The economical girl's rule is: "Al- 

ways buy thill chiffon, bluett mid white. 
It will wash lilce linen: it is always in- 
conspicuous. It docs not tear, and it 
does protect the face from the breezes." 

The esthete cries aloud: "Don't, 

MM!H with 

'splotches' of black on them. It makes 
the prettiest girl look like the victim 
of some hideous phifnie." 

The complexion specialist entreats 

veil-wearers thus: "Whatever you do. 
don't wear dusty veils'. Face steaming 
and niiihHiige will not undo the d[umi£e 
to tlwi skin caused by soiled and dusty 
bits of chiffon and tulle." 

The conservative dame Miys: "Never 

we.'ir a tell that is conspicuous in coloi 
or design. A\oid the greens that give 
a jaundiced appearance to their wear- 
ers mid reds that no on-** but silly nov- 
elty-seekers would think of destroying 
Iheir complexions with. 
\Veiir fliu. 

tulles, chiffonf nnd mnlines. with mod' 


- Upon which the monthly payments are as follows: 

IN CLASS "A" soc per share, per month, for 

about 120 months. 

IN CLASS "C" $1.00 per share, per month, for 

about 72 months. 


about 42 months. 

$2.00 per] (share, per month, for 






140 S. Water St., Opera House Blk. 


J. B Bullard, 



Where evnrytbliiK pertaining to the funeral nuilneM li furnlahod and attmided la ID ttte hU'i"«' 
itvle of art. Calli d»y or ulgnl will rocslve prompt Kttnntloc In conaootlon »rM»lTlrm v;i 1!1 
Ko>lil»n(M» 283 WM| WtllDim itrmt. 

F L_O R I D A 



Positively cured by these 

Little Pills. 

They also relieve Distress from Dyspepsia, 

Indigestion and Too Hearty Eating. A per. 
feet remedy for Dizziness, Nausea, Di'owjl- 
Bess, Bad Taste in the Morfth, Coated Tongue 
Fain in the Side, TORPID LIVER. 

Regulate the Bowd*. Purely Vegetable. 
•mail Pin. 

Southern Winter Resorts. 

With the Innugiiratlaaot DRV train KclimlulRii, 
wu ttre now alile to give our putroiut Korvtco to 
the South wlik'li Ic unt e<|ual<'il ellhtir In time or 
comfort by any other lln«. 
The any train, which arrives at Kvansvllle at 
0 15 In t!ie evenltiir. mnk«i< direct eonurctlon 
«!tli the I/oulsvlllo «i NavlivlIU' hmitml train (or 
, Mcmptils. MontKomory and Nen 
and nlM> for JiickHouvillc. I-"la., vis 
oKa. TKton anil Manciri, This train 
carrlen rultmau Kuttet Hleeplng Cant. Dtvans- 
vtll- to New (Irlraus. tiuitirte In MeniplilH and 
KTan«vlll« to CUatteoooKa, Atlantu and Jnck- 

*°Mil« «'erv!ee «nat)l<« tlio I'EOKIA, DKOATUH 
l>»tron» a rnute to 

Florida Twelve Hour* Quicker 

than via any other line, as* to give it> putevn- 
gen every coinfort CD rouie. 
FnrratM time oard>, nap* and all Informa- 
tion. Inquire «( any Agent or mrlte direct to 
A. G. PALMKR, Gen. ftUM. Aiwnt. 


Chilson-s Steam 


8. J. CAHSETTY, A««t. (>«D. I'niU). 

I'eorta, 11!. 

O. H. TICHRNOR, PMK. Agt., Mattoon, IU. 

Jon IKltt 


omor-om Bma* CBoCMar Btan Dcoator 

134 S- State St., Decatur, III. 

Clean or Dye Every De- 

scription of Ladies and 

Gents' Clothing. 

The best appltancm and a thorocgli knoffl 

edge of the bunluon* •liable* us to r»4y?n»a 
flnUh all kind* of roodi In a mnurier u«'"' 
paiiml anywl,er«, doodt tap! to UK by mull * 
Dxpreiui twelve* Immadlstta aUonttoo. 

134 South State Street, BACK or P<>* 

KHS* GnAtut OI-EKA HouHE, Decatur, In 

July 27-d*w 


C»A3. LAUX. Proprtetmr. 

Sooth Sid* Lincoln Sounr*. D«eat«r, 


-il»al Herman fortr. 

sses. S|>r.ndovu Mi 

-K; «n'l 01 

n - v c 
' >,.,.worK»bn,i)tofstonefc.«>( 
' " 
th-t o«en tbe most eltilxiral 

'" ' ''!i»)lian«->-sonhe;,i^-«-'n 



r W 

',„ th 


, , ),. Hived to transport 

,,f these stonoB on' «tt foot lo 

i I" (llK'k- «»d °f «nklM>" " W" 
,.•"««»» of Ha1»J !<»" w«'"- ,ma 

l,,,d brick. They nn- said t« 
, •,)(» feet liiph.nmlv. Me <•»«>' 
„,„ for from threes five ehari 
,. .breiiM. The material. ho\ 
\o friuWc that of <Jiew 

,,-lur<-R not iv trnwnow mnai 

,. «nll» of theraKtles built Ir 
l,v \Vvlliiim t.h«- Conqueror « 
rknblf. thiel-new. The r» 
.nraawl tbe keep or round 
indnor have wall* upward of 
irknow. Such a fortificatio 


In "The Voynpes of Tnpt. Cook 

K „ sHiitemont. to the effect that i 
SYaliiTid the tovrriB of the nutlve 
,11 protected by wtux-Undwt. 

nsen ilww were formed of doi 
triple rows of trw*. il""- spaces b. 
Iwmg la.ttioe<l with wicker wo 
nl led with earth. 

Toward the close of the civil \ 

nen on both Rl<1«4 l«-e«meKoex 
..reetinff t*anpor»r.v fortifientioi 
,„ .1 few minutes nn entire rci 
l,!ilted in an r>lK-n field, would din 
irom view bohind 
„„ l>y tbe men. 

Klectric Bitters is a medicine 

fcir any soason, but 


cuid, oEhauflted feeling prevail 
the liver IB torpid and Bluggish 
nerd of a tonic and alterative is 
,,rompt use of this medicine hi 
a\ert«^l long and perhaps fatal 
fevers No medicine will act mor 
,„ «,untoraoting and freeing th« 

(r(,m the malarial poison. 

i" Kloctrlc Bittera. We and $ 
iKittloat WPBt'Bj3ru«^tore. ^ 

•I ho fttrmora' Instltutu of the S 

, ..nRrrwdonal diotrlotwlll beheld 
mmvllle February 10 and 11 at 


A torpid Hvor means a bad < 

ic,n, b«d breath, indigBetion 

,,,ien1 headaches. To avoid BU 
pmiona take DflWitt'e 
l^erfl, the famous little pill 
Sinner A Son and Armstrong B 

chnrles Mnnn, ft ChampniB 

(•riijihw, was knocked down a 
on tho Btroct last Monday, th. 

Diagnosis of Oripp*. 

Tree grippe is a germ diseai 
germsM tbe circul.tion 
mde every tissue and oruanof 
This brings »p«sdy coil'pM I 
death to the aged and debiliU 
cnlv germicide known that 
out and destroys every grippe 
the system is Brazilian Balm. 
or ten davs' treatment effects i 
I'.ir wile by Armstrong j^09^' 

I ho <ilty council of H|i 

IIIK »)mt Hprlugllold do™ not In 
•I'Kintiitlon upon the bourd of 
w h r h H In entitled to, li»» ore 
,, UKIIS of the city to ll«Jl"l!cn^ 

Ml tho 
different forms 

Iroiihlcm. from chapped hands 
anil indolent 
ulcers can 

< u rod by DeWitt's Witx:h H 
the great pile cure 
A. J. St< 

.ind Armstrong Bros. 

Dralennin HmipHton K»t '" 

ihn null tuide, nnd »n Siitun 
I. nn ]iound« for n quarter. 

th'iKo itmteniplatlnK building 

tln< troublo by titkniK nil I" »li 

I,<WT -A dour little child 

linniH happy by its sn«ile« 
tlunk, it might have been sa 
imronts only kept in the 
Minuto Cough Cure, the Inl 
<'']y for croup. 
A. J.Stone 

Armrtronir Bros. 

Tho nhlef of tlio firo depart 

knkot) report thut thero hae b 
• if flro In that city lor 1!J3 d 
provttdentod nxvird. 

Chicora, Pa., "Herald:" 1 

wl reports One Minute Co 
ureutestnucceBS of medical 
Uild us that it cured bis wb 
terrible coughs 
and co! 

other no-called cures bad ti 
Mr. Vinsel said it assisted 
through a very bad eieg< 
<!no Minute Cough Cure i 
tomtion very easy and rapi 
<i»r &, Son and Armstrong 

The judicial convention < 

iv i II b* held February 6 and 

<1 tinted under tho AuBtmllBi 
vote twins counted ae catv, 
enneral leeotion. 

A weed in tbe garden 

destroyed when it tirat 
Mimption can be nipped ii 
One Minute Cough Cure. 
A SOD and Armstrong Br 

At Scattering Point, Livl 

« cow owned by Samuel Bi 
«r«nk nnd her bead catehlE 
root ste was drowned. 

"Pot people with son 

'Watery eyes, and red and 
canned by tupe, catarrh or 
BrariJian Balm ia a priceli 
15 or 20 drop* of Balm tt 
of warm water and bathi 
nigbt and morning, g*tli 
•olotion into ti* •*€». 

is worth tt hn»! 

id to In nw UK" 



, , , , , < ijwil German fortress** 

i arc at 

,,1,1,1 (iormnny hi-.H three 
„!,,««•»,, Sptndou. Mmljre- 
, ,,,„; on the French fron- 
„,! str.wbunr; an'l on the. 
i, i Cologne and Koblenz. 
,„ m wall" of Haalnecwer* 


t , 11 n tin- 1""11* elaborate en- 
,, ,,1,11 nns of Hie ;>j<'.wnt (lay 
i , x, ,] tn tniiiH|«irt 

,. , Atom's are no feet lonjf by 

,,, I IIIK! of unknown width. 

,,r r-ilnlon were mud<' of 

In i K Tlicy an1 »aid tohnve 

t, , i 


, f, i,nCl liree <« flv e chariot* to 

, , , I The material, however. 

,i,ic that of Uic-w 

,,,,! .» tntco now remains. 

, i n f i hexa«tlpH built In Knp- 
U l!i mi the Conqueror wore of 
i,l,. din Knew. 
The enntle of 

mil the keep or round towe" 

iii<• w nlIs «•!>« nrd «f 30 feet 

Such a fortification was 

', -, ,il,lr Wfiiinst all forms ot at- 

,tw M in ntc. 
• •] l,e Vrn up*"* of fiipt Cook" there 
^ it, ment to ttic effect that in New 

y, till d tin- towns of the natives wer* 

li '.ri.lulvd by Htorkadw. 
In flome 

lax'- I'1*"*' w('"k fonne<* °* (1ollD'e or 
\'ri,,1, n.u-sof trrct., i he. ipnces between 
i „„ luticcd viith wicker work «nd 
itr nf_; 
,,U,<] \Mtti 

[mniinl the close of the civil war the 

r, n mi both M<l»-s became «o expert in 
. n i t i n i r temporary fort I (lent lorm that 
„ , f, « iniiiutes nn entire regiment, 
Ulnd "i .m O|»TI field, would disappear 
In,,,! view ln-lilnd brentt.workfl thrown 

i p 1 j I lie men 


If a burn I* sprinkled freely with 

powdered charcoal thc burning: Mnaa- 
tion will be relieved almost immediate- 

When cut flower* become wilted they 

may frequently be freshened by clip- 
ping ofl the end* awl dipping the ntema 
m hot water for a- few moments. 

Wl«>n puttJng away silverware that 

Is not in use all the time do not iieglwct 
to sprinkle a few tiny bits of camphor 
pum In, each oaae* before rolling it up; 
then If tlie. silver ia put awny in a close 
box it will not become discolored. 

All thc t,iuy pieces uml crusts of 

bread should be saved; their uses are 
numerous. They can he made into pud- 
dlnfrti, stuffings'for meat, anil fl»h, ami 
excellent griddle cnke«. Or if the piecei 
:ire dried In u. moderate oven, then irolle< 
and »ifted, they are always ready to 
eo» w croquettes, walloped dishes an< 
other thing*. 

Frequently one will be annojed \ 

vermin In thc soil around the roote o 
the. window plants. The worms may b. 
disposed, of by thoroughly wettinR thi 
earth with lime water, using abou 
half a cnp ot lime 1o three quarts o 
water. Let all the. lime dissolve thn 
will, then pour off the clear water an 
leave the sediment. Tse this water 
upon the noil. 

Often the window (flow* requires to 

be cleaned, hut it is wo cold and the air 
is so full of frost that It docs not seem 
advisable to wash thc piaos with water. 
Try a flannel cloth; moisten it. with 
paraffin* oil and rub the KWu* with lf; 
Have at. hand a fresh flannel cloth and 
rul> over the filasfi with it. This method 
will pive better results than soap an<? 



You are constipated. 
We tell you what 
Cascsrets will do 
You buy « dollars' 

boxes, two montht 
treatment, and 

they don't do what 
we say they wij. 



All Classes of Loaoi Negotiated. 
l« North Water Street. DEOATUB, II.U 

AdvurtlMweU* Vntf •»£*/>•»_"•••?& 

» **• OC *• 

For Sale. For Rent. Wanted, gte. 

Too 8«t Your Dollar Back. 



The world's most meritorio"S 

laxative. So nice to cat, so gentle 
of action, never gripe, always 
effective. Sold entirely on mcnt. 

A booklet and sample free for the asking, ot 

you can buy « box Tor loc, sjc, 5°c- •« 5">"r 
drug Han. Satisfaction guaranteed. 

[ne Sterling Rem«d» Co. Chicago. Montreal 

QtiO. •• — — ~>— 
Justice of the Peace, 

147 South Water Street. 



Homeopathist and! Surgeon, 

-Chronic Diseases a Specialty.- - 


,lau. iit-dtf 



Arcade OMk» Building. Dec-tar, 



ANTBI)-Reliable man to travel. 
Mercl'anls and manufacture™. «•• 

mOOaxtonBulldlnK,"1-1-— '" 




H near "ej}™<>nt ,,"';'' 
I'ort Arthur, Texas 
prlpea. '**'>*, 
rms. Ocwd scliools. low taws, no drouKl tor 

I'rcMtaWe «ro5ViriK«oT8i Vl 1'fi: 
voitataliles. BHUulreof AL1JNHON & iri.i.« 
IN«. 1. 0. City Ticket Office, Decatur, III. 


• 1.1* am 
t 7 40 am 

* u 40 a m 
. . • «:6* a m 

f K0« f'HK'A^O. 
. ' J-M» an 

• taspm 

17.. . 
t 7 as )>• 

KUOM HT. I (llliH. 
•| r, •£,»«• 

*» 1U|' 

K.lei-trlo IlltterH. 

f i,* tnc Hitters is a medicine suited 

(,,'uiiy season, but 
perhaps more 


,,,,,,1 cxhaiiHted fooling prevails, when 
th, hver is torpid and Hluggish and the 

d ,,f a tonic and alterative is felt. A 
mill KBO of this medicine has often 

i!|, lunR and perhaps fatal bilious 
l,,v, m No medicine will act more surely 
,„ nmnUiractioi! and freeing the system 
[„„„ th» malarial poison. 

to Klectrir Bittera. 50c and »1.00 per 
bottle »t Weal's drug store. 

11,1, farmorH' InHtltute of tho Hlxteenth 

, ..nj-nwlonal ulstriot will be held In 4aok- 
nrmvlllo February 10 and 11 at tho court 

A toiiud liver means a bad complex- 

„,„, (mil breath, indigestion and tie- 
,,,,™t headaches. To avoid such com- 
„,„,„«» take DeWitt's Little fcsrly 
liners, thn famous little pills. A. J. 
hbmor * Son and Armstrong^Bros. 

, luirliH Mann, » ChampuiRn photo- 

,!ri.|,l,or, WIIH kiKioked down and robbed 
„„ rh« fctn-ot lust Monday, the 

c.nly ti-iillrliiK •! M° 



Mui von Wiwmiaii, late povernor or 

(ieimnn KaM. Africa, hns just been 
elected president of thc Berlin Oeo- 
praphical societj in place of llaron wn 
Hiohtkofen, who has talwn Dr. Kayaer » 
,ilace as head of the German colonMil de- 

At Budapest women are now admit- 

ted to medical lectures by law. if thc 
profcwKM-will consent. The heritor pro- 

i foaaor o* surgery, however, reccntlj re- 
fused to allow a woman candidate toen- 
tcr his course unless she would agree to 
..ivve h«r Iralr cut short, on the ground 
tl^t "wool carries infection." 

A burglary, the highest on 

IHIH l*«-n committed in Paris. The 
Uiief worked lii» way "P thc ^'f.0 
tower ami broke open the safes of On- 
iheutcr amt rcMaurant there. Unfor 
innately for himnelf. he also managed 
to open the, room where the liquor. 
«ere kept, got drunk, and fell asleep 
where he was found in the morning. 

Kmile Kola has caused the whole edl 

lion of a book gotten up by M. Luporte 
one of thc oldeit. l>ool(BellerR. on 

I'aris quays, to be sci/ed by the polic 
on thc ground ot Infringement, of eopj 

Diagnosis of Grippe. 

True grippe 1» » germ disease. These 
(.rm. are in the circulation «^r- 
v«le every tissue and organ of the body. 
Thnbrmesapeedy collapse and often 
death to the aged and debilitated. Tbe 
only Kcrmicule known that •««««• 
out «nd destroys every grippe germ In 
the ivstcm is Brarihan Balui. A week 
or trn (lavs' treatiaent effccu » compleU 

I ' n r M l i liy \mi8tiong Bros., Druggists 

I! ,n ny uiiinrll of Springfield, bellov- 

iiu tli a sprliiKlli'liI does not have tho rop- 

i M-I t ,tlcn upon the hoard of supervisor* 
»l,i h 11 l« (iitltltul to. has ordered » new 

i , niti, ui the city tii be tiikun. 

different forms 

tr ,uhh'H from chapped hands-to eczema 
.m 1 indolent 
ulcers can 
be readily 

( u m l l i j UeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve, 
Hi, ^r, .it pile cure. A. J. Stoner t Son 
.u ,1 \rmstronn Bros. 

li..ilirsinlle,,pst(>n «ot into n row on 

Hi. trmle and on Saturday sold slx- 
Formers i«'<l 

th K 
iituinplatltiK hulldlnn soon nettled 

Hi., imiihlo by taking nil In "l«ht. 


5 Days9 Sale 

That Will Interert the 

Commencing Friday morning, 

Ian. 22. we will noil all our new 
styles of Best Calicoes at 5c. All 
of our Indigo Blues in best makes 
at 3Vc. All our % and 44 Per- 
cale.-, extra wide and heav'y, at 8c, 
worth lb and ISWo. All «««f 
7c Oinghnms at uc. Cotton r ian- 
nela, 4,5, to 8 and lOc for the best. 

In Dress Goods we will sell for 

25c goods worth H5c. For 35 and 
40c goods worth 30 and COc,. Goods 
worth up to 75, 85 and 95c. for 

i»K MALI' Oil TRMMC— A ten mere l'»"t 
nea? the suburlS. a in. plaoo for ««jtt 
en In 

dairy <ir fowl rahliw. 
Klve wren In 
balBDcelu fruit nn. 

dt»trlou» , 
mouey IwMaen. 
,Tan.r " 



An In 


Room 30, Arcade Office Building. 

OB 84.LB.-HeM'* itonetbtiig that will an 


4... . 
14 ... 

*r£.B« H m . i! 
• 7:aipm is 

i »>»>. 
rKCIM T(1I Kl>(>. 
'\-i in a at 

... * 7 17 pm 
t J O O p m 

3 .. 

I'HOH (Jlll.NCV 


. . 
*10:(ifi |i o* 

MI from »\ilg t «.« am 
IO Ktfm acm 1 4:30 p M 





. . 
*io w f m 

uilAf. wm.t 4 «• p» 

TO ql!lNC\ . 
5 . 
. . •« uc, rm 

• 0 40'ina) 

17HpWonlyt TWyat 

^, STINE. 
Paafleld BulldlnB- 


DR. A. M. DREW, 

Physician and Surgeon. 

OFFiCK-^Over Bradley Bro».' Store; Eoomi 

40 and 41 



KealEstate Broker, 218 N 


Al«. 26-d 

Dtamond Special, 
1:38 »m 

No. 122 pan. ex. 
2:00 pm 

No, 107 pau. es. 
6:10 pm 
No. 7Qtt (Otuunp'n 
line) leaven, ei. 
2:26 pa 
Obamiia'D.dBlly 0:00 a - 


tin 38 am 

Diamond SpiMlal. 
N«7lJ6 jam. ei. 
BwuUiy..,«. 9:80an 
Mo, imfralithteic. 
10:10 a » 
No. IX) paw. ex. 
t^inoJiy,...' 3iOB PM 
No. 701 (Cfuuap'n 
Buuday ....10:10 am 
No. TW-From 
OliloaKO.diilly »:0» P m 

INo. 11V dally, to 
Bt. IxHili.. 

Arrive rrom IVrorta 

__ I)No.3 
W ANo.8! .... 4.Wp. m. 

Arrive Irom Rven«vul» 
A No. 3 
241 p. m 
. .. 3_Ma.iu 

4 NO.!! 
4*..«p-!! A 
A No. 4 
* 10a.m. 



Failles, Aidas and Taffetas, best 
makee, reduced from $1.25 ana 
81.35 to 99o for this sate. 

Black Satins worth. «1.00 and 


Large lines of Grey Fleeced 

Blankets at 49.59, 69, 79,99,11.19 
and H.49-factory price. 

This is a sale to reduce stock 


these bargains. 
S. G. HATCH & BRO., 


For Sate—Hwiei on E«»y Payment* 

We have Homo good work horses which we 

A No. .W . 
.6 80 a. m. .. 
7 80a.m. 
..10:42 a. m. 
"A"- Dally Except 

I) No. 3 
A No. si 
ANo'll ".'.'.'.'.3-15 p.«». 
•J)"- Dally. "H" Sun- 
day Only. 

AUo%wo go«<l rnHcti «iw» vary cheap. A 
Wmock's Sale stsbloat "«" «»d A'J,rfeijr 

dUiu, Decatur & Western 

t m l l d f o r m e r l y occapled bv Hmltli & CalklDS. 
H "s8»be»t Ktl,m in tl,e«lty 'or » dry good- 

p. m 
Room 22 Syndicate Block, Decatur, 


Constable and Collator, 

14.V south vyater^t. 

Or T. S. HoiklriB. Oeatwt, Operf 

House Block, ground floor. 

fan 24-dftwtf 


°w«aw "siA^SSSSS 

H s » e » 
store and to lltted for that nuriiosi'. 
J It! It AOK, at Kaco ClotliW &»._ 

T, I»RT_A not ceon from tlie Jolin Halpln sa 
litaoti !2lAjorth 'Water street. The Undo 
will confer a favor by returnlnK the coou 


o. S Paw7. M.po a m No. 2 Paw.. til;26a • 

T Aec " a in I " « ACTOIU t4:00 a • 
•Dally. tKxooiit Sunday. 
tKun end* bere^ 

Vandalla Line. 

In effect Jau. 17, IHOT. 

Train* U«v« Qtc*t»i\ Hll«4». 

„ _ - , - . 
o. 7, Ex., Hun. U .42 a. m 
For I M™ 
o 5 KK. Sou. 7:008. m 


0.20, Kx . Sun. *••»». m. .. ForT«rro Haato 
n a Hx Hun sefiB. m. . I'orlorrn limit* 
For ««"pl "to Tlmetard, & IIIK all train, sad 

and for full talormattonij. to rafcf, 



r e a o . 



stroet. Decatur, III. 


J. F. GIVEN Manager. 

I, -i 
S doar little rbild who made 

he mi. hiippy by its smiles. 
An<* *° 

Hi nk, it m IK hi have been saved had ttie 
pucuN (inly kept in the Louse One 
Mmutc ('(lueh Cure, the infallible rem- 
i ly f , , i-roup. 
A. J Htoner & Son and 

\iniptrontr Hros. 

I hn , liinf of tho (Ire tleparrnont at Kan- 

k i >,.,. rr-port thiit there has Ijeun no alarm 

i-f lln, m that city for IU3 days, an un- 

jir. wli'iitcil rex nrj. 

< hiitirn, I'a, "Herald:" Richard Ven- 

«', n-porls One Minute Cough Cure the 
irn.iiiHtmiccessof medical science. Me 
ti.lil IIH that it cured his whole family of 
t,nii,l« cduRhs 
and colds, after all 

oilier in called cures had tailed entirely. 
Mr \ ,n«(-l naid it assisted his children 
ttimni;h, u very bad siege of measles. 
On,- Mum to Cough Cure makes eipec- 
t, mi v»ry easy and rapid. A. J. am- 
HIT A Son and Arraetronu Bros. 

rhr. juillcliil convention of Ford connty 

» HI I n ImW Fobrunry 6 and will bo con- 
durtnl iiiuinr tho AuMrallun 'jstein.every lii'lmj, ountcd an can!, Just as at » 
sun ml Uiitlon. 

Tlif book i» n selection of t.h 

"nntiirall»tlc" piuwupr** in Xola 
,, and Is int<"nd«1 to »how np the 

tendfiiciei of hi» school. 

,Foliiinnc«butfr K<-C(>S on, Browinpr '» 

spit* of the political trouble* in South 
\frlrn. At th<- (-(MISIIK Inki'ii In-st July it. 
liiul ll«,l)7n inhnbitunt«, of v^hom 50.- 
<107 v>cro «hitci, tho rest \v<-ro Kaffirs 
nnd Asiatic^. The rmirrinpc Htatistios 
look (iiu-Pf, owinff to tin- iiumbcrof infn 
livinp u. the ,,l,.c<-«itl,m.ttho,rfam s 
illfs; of SLOBI mnrriod persons 22,01,8 
^wrl• mules nnd 0.013 ffiniilft. 


Amlrfrt Thenriet. one of llw new 

mrrubr-rs of the Fivnch «ip»dt-my, w a 
,«et of b,nl«, wild flowers, brooks ami 
Tie swms to !«• sonu-thinp of a 

Chc-^rliold. for whi-n he laid » bimch 
,,f «ild thynw nt tJie fwt.of Sarnh llern- 
Unnlt on UIP wwsion of her jubilee he 
wiid that th<- prenit merit of his v«ws 
wa« Uiat Surahsometiim-srociteilthem. 

After Imvinp a number 'if '"'ticU* ac- 

cepted by eaKtorn nuiRii'ines, Will >. 
lliirben the houthfrn -*tor.v 

wiotr to the editor of one to o* vvhv 
•lothinr of his v,ni* publi-Hlu-d The ed- 
itor's anwer was: "There ,s n eonsp.r- 
aev here, to hold yoivr articles until you 
nrr (lend, ivn they uould niitumlly h:n- 
pwnt*r Intrrert then. 
How ,» your 


Dr Kdwnrd Emerson, sonof the plu- 

i» (MlitinR ft series of letters 






A Big Spectacular 



— AMI 


PKICBS—VSc, 50ci AM" 7Gc- 

The Halo of seats o..ons on Thursday morning 

at tlio Opera Hoime l>ru« hhiro. 

Master in Chancery's Sale. 

In the Circuit Court. MaconCo., HI. 

I Edward L-Hlulitw. John W. WalKcr et al.- 


!HT- ix)woBi 
Mon«y ready when papor» aro a< 
oct - 

W /V i %!•? 
m Ml *""" M<<l* by 

Room One, over Cltlz«n> Nrt. Bank 

Assignee's Public Sale. 

that In pursuance 
of Min'Uil County, 

co'irt, will, on 
Tuesday, the 2d Day t)f February, 1897, 
ut the Hour of zo'clock 11. rn.of said• 
K' "iwr!!. 
t 3T» rShVil 

,«r>, I897 
<JAMKB _, nuiN, Master In C'lianeery. 

Hholley'ltroH.. Solicitors. 
J»" a "to. 

Administrator's Sale of Land. 

Notice Is hereby Klven thai I w"'^8.!^1".}?: 
fr'iifirof the Phtate <>C ttolio. m A. Securest, oe- 
.eS'itillc north door of «'«?»«",„',«$* a", 
HID City of neentur, Macon county. Illlm>W,ai 
ilie hour of HI o'clock hi the forenoon of 

1 farm'and city , 
bTKOHM, 1M Nor 



'nKtr street. 

Over Varmerii' Jlank 

«..,„—, »u" »"• *"", •«•"' •"".-" 
iroiiHli cars, etc., Hddre>» J. t •j-yriTn'Viii' 
'. A . Doeatur, 111., or K. A. Ford, C»n'l law. 
Ant., St. Louli, Mo. 


Tli«^v»»tt»l> Kallroad will nell "WurjIoD **- 
ta at greatly reducaa n»tei» to the following 

connection with the I. P. a, 

nu-C H &U.Kallwa5» lia« lnauuurat»a» 
IM i f (lecnInK and parlor care on Iho night 
ni*ns l»et!«Sn HaliBibal. Deflator, 

e W "nd'tiitrd Tuendnyj of sash .oalh 
' one way tloKots to polntn wiuth at venr 


. In 

ourUt tlcU«U ar« now on 
Wmler ronorti) in tho 8u»th ana 

Borvlco on tto 

"t accommodation to passenKem a. t will 
m to select from tn« bm of tero wrt 

„„ ioc» 

ameiTef ioaiw. Call 01 

—--!••2IB North Maln »tre6t 

decl7 (IMno 
ONKY~To"LOAN~-l have money to loan on 
ritv iironerh and fiirms without delay. 

Call an lU m 
Vi«"rKe W. Wirliart. Koal Es- 
Ut" am! Uiuns, Boom ui, Oiwra Block. 

July 7 dim 


iWoSr 13i.«*. .!&'tSSi«fl5» 
(r'.irn "!1S 

n, hir 

tundny« at very low rate 
"tt^rSn to P.u,-ttfiSJj 
^^^•"^ssiy"1^ ^pspa^ 
HnrliiKHehl. account amiunl mnotliiK ModeriJ 

IK ]f«l). 

road, Doeatur. Ills. 

i <:K"NT»-"TO Bell thoJNiitloaul and Dulirou 
^candescent «!as Bura^T demand iinllmlted, 

niftdelnAmerldt. Ad<lreB8 W. 0. MftOTKW) 
Cleteland, Ohio. 



I will sell at public Mile to the ..., 
U«lt bidder for ca.h at H, o'dock a m 
^ 111 1> UNrtlv t*. "> . « , . - • - 

,"i«'i" 'iiuiiiarv •' 1»'J7. at 314 North Main street 
day. .lamiar^..^ <.{l ^ sh)c|[ ^ ,(,ctl,r()9. 
InOln. **ll lnl 
r>w,v,» «» ,,.*,.,,..".. 
iixtunw and l»>oU aeoouots of tin 
Mel'hers* Loveland, a»M«nors, for 

Friday. February 12vb, 1807, 

d as follows 

lot of ho 
conrlies cari» ts, etc 
" ' ™ ' * 
,„«;,«, (,m.,.t,,,n,t.,iawe 

Wiiis!** MARTIN'wr- ~" .'"»oC""« 

111 IKHMI Wlliwin«"t »•"•« ••'• 


Router,r FLORIDA 

which otifiht to attract attention here. 

Estate of UeorgolJ. llaker, Deceased. 

the understood Imvlnii ' -~ 
WuWx of U,e ratate of 

\ wi-cd m the Harden can be easily 

'Imlnijcd whon it first starts, 
t-oii- (an be nipped in the bud °y 
'>n, Muuite Cough (Jure. A.J. Stoner 
* S-in and ArmstrooK Bros. 

uttt-rlng Polot. Livingston county. 

iiwned by Samnel E«rp«, fell Into 

> and her head rAtehlng under •'*«« 

'!nierson and Sterling never met 
ihey were brought together by „.-- 
common friendship for Carlyl* "t*41"1* 
when he had few friends. They had i 
lonff correspondence, which wa« help- 
ful to both, and now this IB tob* pub- 
gome of thc orders for books sent (to 

fx>n<lon publishers by country eorre- 
^pomlent» are highly nmuslnp. 

bookseller wrote for a work of ' Harry 
Rtockleg" when ht- wanted something of 
who wa»t«l 

"Gaudenmus," by Farrrwr, "»ked for 
•• 'Rod Aim On.1 by afa,rrner;"andatnlrrt 
sent a requeM for "Pharaoh's Life of 
ChriRt." when he wanted Dean Parrar i 
•vlebrated work. 


Under the honwitend net t«8,tt)0,000 

acrwi ha» been taken up already. 

St*el milld In Penndylvan.'la are ex- 

pected to be kept busy for a time on 
orders from railroads. 
< A IHchtmond 
(Me.) woman has 

worked 25 years In a Lewlston mUl. 
the most of the time a.t the one loom. 

The lady manager of a CBJiro™'a ln' 
trance company is credited with the 

aiMitrlx of tlie estate 01 iieoruw « Baker, 
UMol the county of Mncon. and Btateof IllluolB. 
i^^ed hereby Klvos notice, tliatshe will appear 
the^CountyCourt of Macon eoanu. al tho 

jUirpose o» having the same adjusted. AIIP^ 
make'lnfinedliite iiayroent to the underslgniKl. 

Dated this iBth day »* Jl}1 
H&KAtl ANN BAKKB, Kxeouinx, 

"n'laK'aM promises will bo hold I. r ea»li In 
"That such sale will he made liy virtue of an 
order »n "ocree of the Counts Coiirto! Ma«.n 
Fiiiiuty Illinois pronounced at the Januan 
Term, A. I). IMT, In the matter of tho admluls- 


O. K08BN. Architect andBullder. 
. Booms 1 and 2, third floor, Itevlen 

log.North Main street. 

i-vifH"rMLTB—IS you are wanting a two. thret 

or 17W B. ITalrle 

$SO a week' 

from Hioiix City. 



Administrator of the I 

,T»n l*dtu 



Vour vehlclt 

Jan lM3w 


KundSned hereby Klves notice that 

ArthurSmm,a«d manleyjfialklu.. J«'»ftbu«J- 
iioBk an Bmlth & ('alklus, of the City of Decatur, 
^^jssrissvss?? ». 
litore. Mcordldi! t« the prorluloni of 

-if.S, I shall .ff« Hi public Bale at mirth door of 


.-N. Bommenhaeh. 

Dated December so. 1896. 

. A88lKB00. 

Jan. 5, dtd 

Shorift Maoon Connty. Illinois. 


wWJB. Bullard, Syndicate JMock. 

Jan 4,1887-dU 




Book Binder. 


R. virtue ol an «xi*utlon to ou> directed de- 
llvereU by the clerk of Hie circuit court of 

no»y «.ttvp w A*rT ^.. n,al^,vt^t i^*j>*tup. T&keu 


But End Gallery, low K. KWoradoJM. 


, • Ad, ionof tho sal 

via the rotitral Route, under the a... 

rlair,«*. etc. 
MardiGras at New Orleans 

Marcti 1st and 2d, 1897. 

rate* for thle oc- 

CURE. — Decatur 

c win drowned. 

Par V'ople with tore eyen, 

*«t«ry eyes, and red and inflame* «>••• 
wused hy age, catarrh or ««m«r H*a} »• 

m a n M » m a n T « « M o . 

15 or 20 drops of Balm tow a «po«ir«B 
«f»«rm water sod bath»U» 

Iwjrest salary paid to any woman- 
$10.000 u year. 

Most of the silk and woolen froods 

manntnctured tn France and Germany 
^importation to this country isaald 
to be adulterated". 

Oat of 90 stoamboat, plyinjr bet«e*n 

and Blank Bow 

» hnokn 




. . 
- » 
for oaib tohand to MtU^iald exwu- 

day o« January A. 

vefllclno I r HIJ •viuuwj" •«•" ~~ 




ol Edwin 

tnat the undersl«ned 


/(^^•U»^L«*' »• ••••w---—— 
i^&rii^ur^%^^ **" 


ru* w WMJ •*•«»• 
„. Voura truly. Tom 
C.B. B. 

From .Taniiary to lor th* R« 





lueof thon 
Bond*, Mort- 


iBpencer — 
three aonr' 
clalmi am < 

oath or afflnaaaon within 

date, whether wild 
on« Indebted to 
make prompt 


No. 3»5 Ewrt Main Street 

Nw Quarter.-H. l*£&3tt *" ~ 
oi-iXa. PCRKINO 

Wffl Cut Hair for 

Homeseekers C AfTTlI 

Excursions vj U U 1 li- 


if Cairo to certain poWtn 

„, the »t ««S 3d T«w*y <* ""•" •»•«• 


! i 



Knives, Forks 
and Spoons. 

None Genuine Without "1847" 

Stamped Upon Them. 

These "1847 Rogers Bros.'" Aake is the old original brand 

of Mm Plated Knives, Forks and 8pmandcost more,ni 
SSm wTSSu the "1847 Rogers Bros." trade mark stamped 
There are twenty imitations, all of which use 

fnA WMd "Roifon" in some shape, but none but the genuine 
df re We "1847 Rogers Bros." ^^^ 

You should-get our prices on 

Solid Silver Spoons. 





By using Dr. Hamilton's 

Headache Tablets. 

Cor. Main and Water Sts., 

Opposite Linn & Scruggs. 

showing a very fine line at 

We claim to be Headquarters on 

Diamonds, Watches, 
Clocks ana Jewelry. 


Is second to nond in the State, and we are showing 
Dinner Ware and Toilet Ware in a very large variety of 
patterns, and at prices equal to corn at 15 cqnta a bushel. 

Our House has been Established Over 20 Years at 


Otto E. Curtis & Bro. 


Clear 'Em Out 


We are RoinR to clean up all the odds and ends that we 
have in the house. There is nothing the matter with 
these "odds and ends" - they are just as good shoes as 
they ever were, hut the sixes are somewhat broken and 
we must make room for the big spring stock which we 
hare purchased and which will soon be arriving. When 
wejstart in on a Clearance Sale we do not do things 
hy halves, but we make the cuts so deep thai they com- 
mand attention. In fact 

Prices Are Knocked Silly, 

And remember all the time that these shoes which we 
are offering at such low prices are up-to-date in style, 
well made, desirable, nothing the matter except that the 
sizes are somewhat broken. If we can fit you we can 

've voa a bargain such as you read about in old times 
it seldom see nowadays. Our ladies' handwelt shoes, 

dongola, vici kid sold for $8.00 per pair and were cheap 
at that, now marked down to 
Ladies' hand- 

turned vici kid sh tea, regular #4.00 grade, and well worth 
that price of anybody's money, now only $2.05 per pair. 
Ladies' 82.50 vici kid shoes, in all the new toes; these 
shoes have been the talk of the town at the price—more 
appearance, style, good material and workmanship than 
you could get for the money anywhere else—now you can 
buy on« pair or as many pairs of them as you want for 
only I1.9& per pair. Proportionately low prices on all 
men's shoes. 
Now Is the Accepted Time! 

Now is tbe time to invest. If times seem tight that is 
all the more reason why you should save money in yonr 
purchases of footwear. We invite you to come. Hurry 
up while you will be sure you will be fitted. Come and 
aave yourself rich. 
H. Cole Shoe Co. 

148 BOSt Main St. 
Sign of the BTMSi Foot Truckg. 

OBOt| Manager. 


Dene, Tailor, 117 North Water St. 
Yon pay a little more for Sleoth's por- 

traits but- 

Cold crackers ten cents at Irwln's. 
amokotho Utlo.T., 5-cent cigar, made 

by Jacob Keck. 

Go to Henry's bakery tor all kinds of 

broad, oakos, plow, etc. 
June 23-dtf . 

Smoke the famous Leda, a fine 10 cent- 

er, made by John Wolgand. 
Mob 25 tf. 

Irwln's female tonic gives the best sat- 

isfaction, largo bottle 76 cents. 

Grand Coaching Chorus Tally Ho, by 

James B. Maokie.arimca' Cellar Door Co. 

Sleeth is the only photographer In the 

city who guarantees satisfaction. 

Smoke tbe Little J., a fine hand made. 

Sumatra wrapper—5 cent cigar. 

For hoarseness or soar throat use Ir- 

win's bronchial lozengers. 

Henry T. Archer of this oity, has been 

granted an original pension through the 
agency of M. Hbou. 

One and one-third faro round trip to 

Chicago on tbe certificate plan, account 
of tho cycle show, Jan. 311 to 80, via Wa- 
bash railroad. 

About thirty persons will go to Maeon 

this evening totittend a dunce which will 
bo given there. 

The studentnat tho high school are hik- 

ing thulr final examinations for the first 

Squirrels, rabbits and any game desired 

can bo nud of us. Pearl Oyster and Fish 

Deacon Puffer died at Chatsworth. Ho 

was the last of the charter ineni bors of tho 
Baptist church of that place. 

rolgns supremo In 

Grimes' Cellar Door Co., don't forget tbe 
data, watch for It, wait for It, coming. 

Judging from the way customers uro 

buying those tailor made suits to measure 
at Bhrmun's snlu, It won't take long to 
soil the 300 suits advertised.—33 3d 

The Fuilenwider trusa cures rupture 

For sale by the Corrodanie Co., 21 Syn- 
dicate block. 
jan 16 dim 

Fun! Fun' Fun1 Grlmosoy-mc Boy 

will make you laugh. J. D Maoklo is 
tho original OriiueHoy-mo Boy. Two 
hours and one-half of solid f'lii In Grimes' 
CUlur Dnor Co 
All the latest musical 

numbers up to date. 
Now dances, now 

cOHt.uni'JH. new music. 

Khrinan'n auction sale of tailor made 

i to measure, ready to put on your 

ImcU, and guarantees! In every way, Is a 
now tiling and purchasers aro availing 
themselves ot the greatest ohuncu ever 

Mist Louise Sunfnrd tho charming sou- 

brotto Is with J B. Mackie's Grimes' Col 
lar Duor Co , her impersonation of Pan- 
dura thfi (Joddnss of Mischief is excellent, 
and Miss Sanfnrd's specialties are very 
line. Don't nilns 
scolng Grliuasey-iuu 


No butter noft coal in this market than 

Line iln or Klverton. Lincoln is the hard- 
est of any ciml within 100 miles of Duoa- 
tur and the hnnlor tho coal the longer It 
will liurn. Hard coal all el/.ws, always In 
stock at market price. 
Up town office, 

Irwln's drug store, office and yard 800 
North Broadway, old phone 488, new 
phono 435. M. F. Motz.—Sl-dtf 


Yesterday afttiruoiin Mrs. W. H. Ennls 

entertained a number of ladles at a sir 
band ouohre party at licr home on College 
Hill. The hours ware from 3 to U o'clock 
and about twonty-flve ladles were present. 
At the close of tho game sapper was 


Born—To Mr. and Mrs. At Sbultz, on 

North Union street, on Tuesday, JFan. 1ft, 
a daughter. 

Born—To Mr. and 
Mrs. WIHIuro Kr- 

manrraut, ot No. la'Jl North WiUWltrMli 
on Jan. &!, u son. 

Lout* Malhttcr of Daltan Clly H. Slmtular 


Many strange characters blow Into 

police headquarters 
Tbe latest 

was Lonls Nelhiser, a farmer who has a 
wife and three children residing near 
City. Last 
evening Nelhiser 

-jime into tho presence of Marshal Mason 
and bluntly stated that be wanted 

budy to take him in charge as bo feared 
be would do himself bodily barm. He 
also thought ho wn« going crazy. The 
interest of tho police chief was oxoitod at 
once. Ho questioned the man clcsuly 
and found that ho had been addicted to 
the use of intoxicating liquor; that bo 
was on bis way to Dwight to receive treat- 
ment, and that bo was easily brought into 

tearful etate and would ory on the 

slightest provocation. Nelbiser said he 
had telegraphed to his brother at Dalton 
City to moot him in Deoatur. He said he 
wanted to go back home on tho 11 o'clock 
tialn, but ho wun afraid to go about the 
city, Tho marshal told him ho would see 
that he was taken oaro of, but he would 
have to leave nH bis valuables at tbe 
Nolhiflpr hesitated for a time, but 

finally turned over bis watch and tin 60 
in cash. Then ho was placed ID an iron 
coll. At train time Nelhisor was taken to 
the depot in the patrol wagon and the 
officers saw that bo left tbe oity on the 
train. On tho way down Nelhlser seemed 
to wake up, for ho wonted to know what 
be bad done to bo hauled about in tho 
This morning a brother of Noi- 

hiser appeared nt police headquarters. 
Ho had come in to look nftor Lonls. 

bad received the rooasagb from Louis to 
meet him in Deoatnr and just before leav- 
ing Dalton City, he got another telegram 
signed, J. J. Flynn, reading, "Your 
brother Is dead In Deoatur. 
Come." If 

s reached Daltou City last nigbt bo 

probably walked out to his homo five 
miles from tho village. This forenoon 
tho brother learned that both telegrams 
Rent him were written by Lonis last oven- 
Ing before ho came up town. 
Louis was 

evidently considerably deranged. Now 
tho police aro wondering what has become 
«f NolhlHor. 
Ho told his popple when be 

loft home that he was going to the lead 
mine district at Joplin, Mo., and he had 
a letter of Introduction In bis pocket to 
the manager of tho Gold Curo at Dwli»lit. 

The IMftrjIi* Confennte*. 

The morobjw of the district committee 

hove arranged the program fjr tbo annual 
conference of the Dcoatur-Purlii district of 
the Y. M. C. A. wbUh will bo held at 
Mattoon on February 13, 18 and 14. 
Many of \b» most prominent workers of 
the state will be present and efforts are 
being made to have reduced rates on the 

The first session will be Friday after- 

noon and will be held at the Presbyterian 
ohuiob at Mattoou. There will bo s song 
service by O. C. King of Puna, prayer 
service by F. W. Hopper of Danville, and 
bible study by F. H. Hurt of Chicago. 
In the evening there will be an illustrat- 
ed tnlk by L. W. Moaner of Chicago, and 
an address by Ni F. Marsh. .Saturday 





the meetings will bo held nt tbn Christian 
ohuroh. In the forenoon there will bo a 
song service by H. H. Bundles of Dceu- 
tur, bible study by F. H. Burt of Chicago, 
and talks by W. S. Hoopes of Humner, 
and H. O. Potter of Chicago. In the 
afternoon addresses will bo given by I. E. 
Brown of Chicago. K. W. Hopper of Dan- 
ville, and W. K. Durstino, of (Jrbann, and 
in the evnlng a platform meeting will be 
held. Meetings and services will be held 
all day Sunday at the Congregational 
church. N. W. Woodford, W. W. Daw- 
ion and Jesse L. Dock of this city, ire 
mom bora of the district committee. 

Funeral of »r. WalterH. 

Tho funeral of Dr. W. H. Walters was 

held this afternoon at 3:30 o'clock at hl« 
late residence on West I'ralrlo avenue. 
Tho services were conducted by Kev. W. 
H. PeuhallegoD, pastor of the First Pres- 
byterian chinch. Tho funeral was In 
charge of Dunham Post No. HI, O. A. R. 
iho members of which attended In a body, 

beautiful floral olTor- 


HembnrHofthn Muitlolnnit' Union to Kr. 

rolve at Columbia Hall. 

This evening tbe Musicians' Protective 

Union will give their pecond annual ban- 
quet at Columbia ball. A number of In- 
vitations have been extended to friends. 
A very uujoyulilo evening is anticipated: 


String Seitotta. 
"Sounds from Homo," J. Oungl—B. 

Wiiltor, L. Hollbrun, J. Alexander, T. 
S. ClilldH, W. .1. Gllkmnon, W. NODS. 

"Kentucky Babe," Goibel—Mrs. Ada 

Hnlnes Stunor. 

Musical Glaums, Selected—Mr. 

Mrs. W. L. Smith. 

Duct, Holootud—Mr. and Mrs. F Dunn. 
Sextette—"Flirtation Wultse." 


Menu—Oysters, any stylo, celery, slaw, 

(live*,, pickles. 

Toasts—J. Grlndol, toastmastor. 
Music, "Ono <if tlni Forces (if 

tion"—Dr. H. .7. IlumflU'ml. 

hTlablllty—Dr. T. S. Ohilds. 
"An ISssentlnl to tho Executive Muel- 

olan"—1'rot. F. W. •WasthofT. 

Deviled hum sundwlahns, orungo°, ba 

namiH, Icocrcuin, cake, coffee. 

Tho oommittucs In charge uro Mont 

Pimlvtiill, H. 11. Wilkln, G. 
1C. Gol/c. 

on arrangements; T. S. Chllds, Loo Hell- 
brun and C. D .Tones on reception; il. 
Martin, G. W. Jones and W. J. Gilkeeon 
on decorations; L. W. Fribourg, C. P. 
HooHiini and F. J>f. Hall on dancing. 

Tnknii Nudilnnly III. 

Springfield Journal: Lieutenant Gov- 

crnor Nortbcott is feriously ill aD his 
homo In Greenvlew. 
Mr. Northcott'n|[lll- 

noHn came upon him very suddenly. 

left Springfield on Wednesday to accom- 
pany (its wife from their home to this 
city, to attend tbo state dinner given at 
tno gubernatorial 

On his arrival at Greenvlew he was seized 
fferltb u midden Illness and his friends aro 
very uneasy concerning his condition. 

U«ath of William ArmntroiiK. 

William Armstrong died yesterday at 

bis home In Stewart, Iowa, aged 70 years. 
Tbo news of tbe death was received in 
flblH city today. Tbo deceased was tho 
father of six children, W. C., Kills and 
Cbarlca™ Armstrong of Daaatur, John 
Armstrong and Mrs. Thomas Hlghley of 
Uaoon, and 
James B. Armstrong of 


Neadn! Semli! Srmla! 

Garden, flowur and field seeds in bulk. 

Dan (Jiilp, the old reliable seednman, fif- 
teen years' experience with George S. 
Durfee & Bro., will open up about Jan. 
26, with a frasb stook of garden, flower 
and Held seeds at No. 383 North Main 
Tbe only exclusive) seed store In 


There were many 

The nimuins wore osooted to Greenwood 

uemetery whore tbo burial took place by 
the members ot tbo Post. Huglo taps 
were sounded at tho grave. 
The active 

pall boomrs'woro the following members 
of tbo G. A. B.: Major F. L. Hays, C. 
M. Iniboden, H. F. May, B. B. Montgom- 
ery, J. M. Clokey and K. Hurwood. The 
honorary pall bearers were Doctor K. W. 
Moore, H. C. Johns, .1. H. King, S. J. 
Bumstead, K. L. Wolston and B. A. Alli- 


Mrs. J. M. Patterson is visiting friends 

in Danville. 

Mayor D. II. Conklln is homo from a 


Union Mc«tln<[H ot Itcpri,n«uini|vri 

«<M><1 Teiuplkr l.mlgr«. 

Last night four Good Tomplu 

wero repiescnted at tho uninn 
at tho 
hull of 


tho model initiation. These 
ductid tbo Initiation. 

C. T —Gvorgn Paxtnit, KCKUK 
V. T. -Mrs. .1. H. Halniiy, Di i 
Secretary—Miss Horn liuckle, ] 
A. Hen.—Harry Thrllt, Fors^th 
F. Hw.—Joifilo I't-tors, BI-HCIIC 
TrcttH.—Clara Bedford, KOHIMIC 
M.—Ora Crane, Rescue 
1>. M.—Miss Bell McCann, Ilcintur 
C.—Miss Luoy Colomant Dcmu 
P. C, T.—Mrs. G. W. Buckle, ' 
0. Ksthor Swan, Docatur 

i s.—Charles KWIF, Ducatnr. 

L. D.—J. H. Kulnoy, Decatur. 
S. of J. T.—Mrs. B. F. Milts, l'ulihful 
Chorister—1). L. liiiiin, DoenUir 
Organist—Horace Paxton, Ke*-uu. 
Critic—A. F. Smith, Deoatur 
Tbo program was given UH fullown 
Recitation—Inez H.icklu. 
Address— D. It. Bunn. 
Becltat.on--Miiw Ida Dotloy. 
Selection—Miss Ida Lukonlilll. 
Heading—Bacbuel Campbell. 
Bncltntion—Neva McDormott. 
Beoltatlon—Horace Paxfe n. 
Beading—Bertha Doty. 

Recitation—Joseph Burnhuus. 
Address—A. F. Smith. 
It was decided to continue thu nnlcil 

meetings of tho lodges. 


Though Many Admit It HnrlH Th™ 
Many ladles have so great a liking fal 

rnffee lor breakfast that tho 
incut HI etui 

(Int and unnuvory without It; hut thi 
muddy complexion which Is Hlmoitil 
sure accompaniment, ib a groat trial, »«J 
tb»> question is seriously diseimwil ros^J 
times over In ono's mind, whether 

. . 

visit to Chicago. 

John Muus of St. Louis, In in tho oity 

visiting friendc. 

Attorney C. C. Lufnrgoa was in Bollo- 

villo vestordny cm legal business. 

Dr. Everett J. Brown wan In Mlltnlno 

yesterday on professional busness. 

MIBH Eva Ballou, of Nunda, !!!., IB vis- 

iting her aunt, Mrs. S. G. Hatch. 

Mine Irene Shollabarger ie ill ot the 

home of her parents on North Water 

L. P. Clark, who has been working for 

tnn WabttBh at Kansas City, it home on 
a visit. 

Harry Pierce, who has been vieiting in 

Torre Haute (or tho past two montns, 
tuiB arrived home. 

possible to give ovw tho cuffao and graul 
uully act back tbo lost complexion, il 
keep on with the, coffee anil get cm wlilj 
thu bad skin and make the hen nf It 

The disordered stomach and liver so 

times bring on more srrloUH trunnion. 1<| 
quit the use of ooffeo is the <inly irot| 
relief: tt contain* the snnni pnln . 
alkatoldHas tobacco, strychnlnii and mcr-I 
phino, although loss In volume. 

use the delicious hot Food Coffee, J'ontvmI 
Cereal, at meals, and never ml* ibtl 
It brews tho deep seal-brown all 

Mooba. tind takes on the rich goldaf 
brown of old Java when cream Is addnl | 
It id made by tho Pontum Cnrenl Ca 
Llm., of Battle Crook, Michigan, iitmljl 
and wholly of tho nourishing grain* in r 
tended by tho Creator far man's mitwltl 
tonco. Tho pungent taito so well liked | 
in strong ooffoo Is retainoj in 1'ontiiiii 

Nature q-ilokly recovers wlmn iviflw 

left off and tbe natural honlth 

used in Its place. 
Healthful ntsr[i 

again enjoyed, and nerves, stomaih, llv 
bowels and hourt cease their coinnlnlnl,. 
when tho disturbing cause Is wllhiir««n 

These aro great big llvo farm, worth I 

ho attention of unyope who earm for tin | 
xquisite fun of being perfectly wolt 

Beware of tho fraudulent lniiuillwi| 

the original 1'onlum Oii-nt 

Jolfco. Insist on Postum. 

of Sndalin. 

Mrs. A. 

Mrs. Ooorgo Vun Rip«r, 

Mo., who is in the city 
W. Conklin, is ill. 

Frank K. Uixon. of Cliiy City, Nob., 

who linn bean in the city visiting friends, 
left for hie homo today. 

Peter Vrodoiihnrgh, Jr., and wife left 

lust ntglit for S|irlnf.;(lold After a vlxlt in 
Clio city with Dr. mid Mrs T. S. Hosklus. 

Mrs .1. T. Harnctt and bur arundson, 

Fred Uejiow, have returned from HnnlH- 
vlllii, Ala. Fred is nil'cli improved In 

Tomorrow afternoon JCdlth Calharloo 

Khellabnrgor, tho little (liiuglitcr of Mr. 
and Mrs John Sbi-tlaburgor will given 
party to her friciuls at, her home, No. 
IS'ili North Water struct. 

Mr. and Mrs. George C. Kinsman are 

now at home. 
They arrived yesterday 

from Monroe, Mich., to which place they 
wentdireut on their arrivni in New 
York from the Bermuda Islands. 

Thti I>nlire Couldn't Ntnp Tht« Mill. 
Bvrou once said, "Thrice armed In ha 

who hath his qnarrel just," bat Josh Bil- 
lings adds, "And to' times be who gits in 
his bio' fust." That's us, wu always get 
In the first blow and this time our great 
cut price Halo Is tbe burdoat blow of all. 
It has knocked 'em off their foot, to shoes 
at 13.45 does it; 14 and I8.5U shoes at 
(3.45 does It; 13.50 nlioos at »1.'.I5 docs it 
$3 at tl.45, and (1.75 at (1.95, all those Ii 
why we are selling the goods and knacK 
Ing out our (80,000 stook; just what we 
Intended It should do. 

Walter Hue.thin, 

355 North Water ntroot. 

Th« Play. 

A largo audience was at tho Grand lust 

nlgbt to wltneM tho flrnt production of 
"Pudd'nhend Wilson" in Deoatur, given 
by the Mayo and Jefferson company. 
ICverylrady was more than pleased with 

iinedy. It was put on the boards ID 

style, and was enthusiastically 

Marrla|r« MoanH«fl. 

John W. Barber, Argonta, 88 
Bertha A. Green, Argenta, 17. 
William Borkeon, Chicago, 1'8. 
Annie Oshlnaky, Decutur, 82. 
Arthur M. Lo;sli>r, Decutur, 91. 
Rose I£llu,Cook, Decatur, 14. 


Special Prices oa Quinine at Wost 

Drug Store: 
2-grai'n PillB, per 100 

One Ounce, Power* Ik Weightmao's, 5Uc 

I'lllKTIll ol Mm. Plllilr. 

Tho funeral of tho lute, Mr« Mittn 

Puttie, thi) wifo (if William 

hold this morning nt 11 o'clnck frmntk 
mine church near Boody 
'1 lin m-rvrei I 

wero conducted l)y Hnv 1'lelils nml 
juriul was at tt-i- HI no Mound nnni'tcr? | 
in this city. 

T., Htop n C'nl<l In :>O IMIniili'' 

Take Oontra-Cold Tablets gimrnnt" 

)r money nifundod hy a)1 <ir':iwl«'». ~"' 

Cull and hdlcct a suit at Khrni»n'»" 

jcforc tfio wale chinos —22 -t 


OBIO*'M>. 1U.. l.'ill '2.119; 

TUB KX-CBLIOAH t» Inrtebtnl to H / '»!" 

tauter in grain, provlitonii and •to«l'«tl 
rnpondRUbi in Ohlcago, NBW York, Mlnn«rw 
jg; foi,OW|ng m»rk«t 


I/iw , OW 












IV J» 

7, OS 

4 VM 

4 OTK 

76 f. 


17 & 

7 «i 

4 no 

4 11) 





4 it 


Way wheat: puti, 7'lMc; c»ll«, *iv,wrt' 


Whett-M,. Ve»r»p«'W 
Cora-M«, Bittmated, aw. »y«mr w> «* 


Heavy tn.'WftXi 
48; Kouijti 13 l»a':l •*' 

Oattta recelpK, 2^500 
mHrk«it strom1" 


«o",c, lorn. ca«li l»X; May, ^t*« 
IOHC: May. inu. 


NRW YORK. Jan. M.-Wh«»t. 

Oorn. May. aoc, o»t«. M»y. MV11 

H»w YOBK. Ju>. i«.-B«tt«r. (,t 

ory, ia®we; EKRI, >t«ady, UWtw 

.Ian. 22.—Oorn. «MUit«r. 


Wh<wt. M, corn. 230; mta. i'» 
HOK rMMipw 3..WW; estlmatwl. f 

k«-t 5c to toe lower. 

. - 

!!OCj osu, IrraguUir, No. 2. wnlte. 

Highert of all in Leavening Power.—Lateit U. S. Gov't 

Miss Lofcise Stanford as (be Goddestof 

i Mischief It|^H °'tbc «trong hits in J. a 
t Mocklo'i GrlmV*' Cellar Door Co. 


The inuurgents Came Noar C 

tunng theButoher Cap- 



I IH Attempt to Capture Him 

Have Succeeded Had It Not 

Been Exposed by Pre- 

mature Firing. 

V,w York. Jan. 3U.—(Special to 

vw York Herald from Havana)—' 
,,r ,1 Wcyler received bis baptism of fl 
t h i field. 
Ho niav avon have bear 

(,Mimlud by the brilliancy of tho fla 
m-urKfliitHtocl Nrfore his eyes. / 

,.M nts olghtoon of his special osoc 

K.Hilcs and onrpi of Cuban negroes 
,,,ii.y tho distinction of guarding 
,,,,r«in of tho captain general whe 
ul,eh to the field arrlv-xl hero sorl< 
„ vnndod with machete thrusts. 

h,n« fine* died. From their aocou 
,„, lear thot curly on Tuesday moi 
the reticln undjr Arunguero and Ai 
,,,,,,1,, a Hturtlingly bold and desr 
.itiemptto capture tho captain ge 
which was nealry crowned with sui 
deiiiral Woylor, who was marching 
ummlfld by tho column of Ceil. Sug« 
iiwl tbo village of Quutro Oiiinln 
Mnndiiy afternoon. 
Orders were at 

Kium that all Inhabitants should 

i heir homes within two hours. 

lane lieing deserted, the torch was u] 
unit .ill tho houses, a!>out :!00 in nu 
The captain # 

thun prnoowled towanln Copastra, F' 
kilometres further on thu road to 0 

( iqmstra was reached after nlgbtfa 

i h,, carps of guides was sent forw 

i.eiiemt Weylor wires that tho 

^piinmh ooiuinu was halU.-d some di 
nnHilo of the village. The Insu 

liiul cnncouled themselvos In the 
Ihcir plans ovldontly were well Inlil 
mil it IH qulto probable they mlfl|b 

KIM eieilnd In capturing the desired 

tin i|iuninh oomnmnder himsolf, i 
in> e\ent, from their oovor they 
h mi inflicted great loss ii|«m thi. H 
iiilnninii as il entered tho town 

IUTIW) inr an amliush concoived 

KIII h iiiiiitmul olrciimst.incoH 

11 maminr. 
t'nfortunatPly f 

i i i l l i l l m i nt of the di-slgn of tho ln> 
'i elers tho night tho Spanish senu 
i i i K - K n d l n the reonnnoltur tho | 
-MIIC iif tho ronwalwl rebels w< 
Hn.l.ill} dlNchnrgpd, giving alarm 
i"\.il trnnps. 
Before tho Spuiilnh i 

KII inl n-povorod trom its surprise I 
els H'elng their plan partially 
riiOn(l from tliplr places of eoncc 
.mil at inched the enemy with grci 
nillti ling sovoru 
So bold, 

M i - t l m iiiHtirgunt column that 
Mini tlui rapidly retreating Spunlu 
limit .ilniost within rnugo of thi 
iniitiieral Woylor'H oommaiid an 
within the vompass nf tho field q 

' ipliiln gBiicral hod carried to Ins 
'.li-jMi-IO'in of 
I)In own soldiers. 

'" in-ral Woyler spent Wednesday 
<'innnHand according to official 
nil Iveil here, expected to enter !V 



, Neb., Jan. 38 —The i 

h«K reached thi! 



The most Important social ov 

' 'ir ncit week will be tbe bol 
'lurico on Tnotday ovei-lng at the 
It wl.l bo the third an 

lirtmniucnt tbe club will give 
•UK! win ben very handsome aff 
h' Ixmy ciuij WU9 organized tho 
"' 11" se.-ison for the purpose 
Inrum unfl tbe throe large bi 
''" HieinborHhave given huvead 
'y to t'-o gaiety ol tbe »oclal sea 
• ' i i ' i h i i H be-on n great suocei 

irr ,ti«cnii)iiti for Tuesday arc 
''f t h u exncutlvo coiumltM*. 1 
la " e,H k a urograro of ten dan 

'"' " 'Jeriuan. Letter Wyroood 

" ""> Whcllaburgw, »nd Mr. 

KI-I- anil Mirn Mary Voorble» 
'here, Wlll ba >lx 

whtrh wui \io given aro qi 
l h" r»ll irarn boose oiobertri 
'"Kaei'd t,, furn||,i, irjunlc. 
miihip W||, |xj |I|tKK(aoeaj ti 
"tilrh urn by Decaf« perse 
"•'•« Mario Power* and mot* 

*£-<l> composed l)y Will Ararti 

•I. Sudgwlck will -