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Author Profiling In The Case Of David Myatt And Anton Long 

For decades opponents of the Occult subculture known as the Order of Nine Angles {1} as well as antifascists who 
have a hatred of David Myatt because of his past as a neo-nazi activist, {2} have claimed that Myatt is not only the 
person behind the pseudonym ‘Anton Long' but also founded the Order of Nine Angles (O9A, ONA) in the 1970s and 
wrote most of its primary texts. 

When asked by proponents of O9A subculture or by supporters of Myatt to provide evidential facts (evidence 
acceptable in a Court of Law) they have: (i) remained silent, or (ii) taken refuge in the fantasy that anyone asking for 
such evidence is Myatt himself, or (iii) committed the logical fallacy of ad populum, claiming it is "self-evident" because 
SO many others believe it, or (iv) committed other logical fallacies such as argumentum ad verecundiam - appeal to 
authority - by citing the personal opinion of some person or some opinion piece (propaganda) by antifascists or citing 
someone who committed the fallacy of Incomplete Evidence. {3} 

In more recent times two well-financed, Establishment-connected, antifascists have threatened to engage the 
professional services of an ‘author profiler’ who using forensic linguistics they believe will be able to show that Myatt 
was Long and the author of most of the primary O9A texts. 

However, such an outcome is unlikely for several reasons. The first is that author profiling is subjective not empirical 
and thus not definitive. Second, and most important in this case, the task would be formidable with the result easily 
open to question given the volume of material written by both Myatt and the pseudonymous Anton Long over several 
decades and given that the forensic profiler would have to subjectively select what texts from what years to compare. 
What would their subjective criteria for such a selection be? To compare a few texts from around the same time? To 
compare a few texts from the same decade? To compare just a few or dozens of texts from three or four decades? 

Since 1984 with the publication of his 45 page tract Vindex - Destiny of the West to 2022 with the publication of his 
Numinosity, Denotata, Empathy, And The Hermetic Tradition, Myatt has written thousands of pages of texts. The texts 
also vary in subject matter, from polemical propagandistic texts in support of National Socialism (1984-1998) to 
ideological tracts in support of his 'ethical National Socialism' (1996-1998) to items supporting a particular and radical 
interpretation Islam (2001-2008) to his post-2012 writings about his philosophy of pathei-mathos to his 
autobiographical effusions such as his 2014 collection of essays titled One Vagabond In Exile From The Gods and the 
letters included in parts two and three of his Understanding and Rejecting Extremism. There is also the matter of 
Myatt's translations of and commentaries on tractates of the Corpus Hermeticum (2017) and his 2017 scholarly 
monographs Classical Paganism And The Christian Ethos and Tu Es Diaboli lanua. 

In the case of Anton Long there are also thousands of pages of texts, from some of the typescripts included in Naos 
(1989) to The Satanic Letters (1992) to Enantiodromia - The Sinister Abyssal Nexion (2012). 

The issue is further complicated by writings published between 1992 and 2011 which do not bear the name ‘Anton 
Long' and thus are anonymous but which anonymous texts many critics have assumed were written by Anton Long but 
for which assumption they have not and never have provided any evidence. As described by Rachael Stirling in 2021, 

"Crucial to understanding and appreciating O9A philosophy is the study of the writings of Anton Long, 
1976-2012, for they are the primary sources, the only primary sources, of that philosophy. Which writings 
were published under that name or using the two pseudonyms which he himself has acknowledged, which 
are (i) "Stephen Brown", with reference to the two volumes of The Satanic Letters, 1992, and (ii) "Thorold 
West", with reference to the manuscript of Naos: A Practical Guide To Modern Magick", 1989. These primary 
sources include those two works, the four novels of the Deofel Quartet published between 1976 and 1992, 
The Last Writings of Anton Long published in 2012, and the classic texts The Gentleman's - and Noble Ladies 
- Brief Guide to The Dark Arts (2008), Concerning Culling as Art (2011) and The De-Evolutionary Nature of 
Might is Right (2011). 

Other sources - O9A texts published between 1990 and 2012 - are therefore secondary and tertiary sources 
and represent the interpretations and opinions of others regarding Anton Long's philosophy and the Seven 
Fold Way that he devised. 

For what has hitherto been rejected or ignored by O9A critics, by some O9A supporters, and by all O9A 
opponents, is the scholarly detail, the view, that not all O9A texts published between 1990 and 2012 were 

written by Anton Long, whomsoever he was. Thus of all the texts in the three volumes of Hostia, published in 
1992, only a few have the name Anton Long, or the initials AL, or the name Stephen Brown, attached to 
them, and it is an un-scholarly but common mistake to assume that uncredited texts - such as the one titled 
Conquer, Destroy, Create in volume II of Hostia - represent his, that is O9A, philosophy." {4} 

O9A Manual Of Style 

A further complication in the matter of O9A texts is the O9A Manual of Style which was mentioned on internet forums 
and 'blog' posts between 2014 and 2016 {5} in response to those using what came to be called the Aquino fallacy: 

"The person using [the] fallacious [Aquino] argument will claim that since one or more ONA blogs or 
websites, or some articles, use the same or similar styling and/or layout as some blog or website or article by 
or assumed to be by Myatt, it means that Myatt is behind them all - clearly ignoring the obvious fact that 
such similarities, if not just coincidental, could well be a deliberate imitation designed to get mundanes to 
jump to such a silly, fallacious, conclusion." {6} 

This led to the publication of a 2016 article titled The O9A Manual Of Style in which some details of the manual were 

"As mentioned to some correspondents over the years, those who are associated with the Falciferian O9A 

{7} have had an 'ONA Manual of Style’ just as many older, established, newspapers (such as the Guardian 
and the New York Times) have their in-house manuals of style and usage. Such manuals are often updated 
every few decades, and are useful guides that enable printed items to have an ‘in-house’ style. Given the 

non-hierarchical structure and ethos of the O9A, the manual offers guidance, recommending best practice 
rather than giving rules which are expected be followed. 

The ONA manual deals not only with the specific - O9A assigned - meaning of certain words (Such as nexion, 
presencing, mundanes, culling) but also with many other topics, such as (i) whether certain words - for 
example 'satanism' and 'satan' - should be with an upper or a lower case §, (ii) how titles and subtitles 
should appear (usually, and against current convention) with all words beginning with upper case), (iii) how 
footnotes should be numbered and displayed (usually numbered within curly brackets), (iv) how each page 
should be set out, (v) how texts should display the name of the author, and (vi) how the introduction to 
following paragraphs should be phrased, with suggestions ranging from 'However' to 'In addition’ to 'Thus' 


Initially compiled by 'Anton Long' in the early 1990s, the manual has gone through several editions, with one 
of its main functions being inspired by what was once termed the Aquino fallacy." {8} 

Such an antinomian/dialectical/'sinister' purpose was mentioned by Anton Long in a 28th August 103yf [1992] letter to 
Temple of Set member David Austen who had repeated one of Aquino's claims, with Long writing that the intent was 
"to make people like you draw the conclusion you were intended to make." {9} 

This means two hitherto overlooked important related things even though hints about them have been made in some 
OYA literature for decades, as for instance in numerous responses by OYA folk on internet forums and 'blogs' between 
2014 and 2016. {10} 

Firstly, that certain O9A texts whether written by Anton Long himself or by his students may have deliberately copied 
aspects of Myatt's style, formatting, grammar and spelling {11} in order to "make certain people draw the fallacious 
conclusion they were intended to make", and secondly that such a ‘sinister’ purpose combined with the use of the O9A 
manual of style was part of the O9A's Labyrinthos Mythologicus which implies 

"“myth-making; creating or concerned with mythology or myths; a mythical narrative, and is both (a) a 
modern and an amoral version of a technique often historically employed, world-wide among diverse cultures 
and traditions both esoteric and otherwise, to test and select candidates, and (b) a mischievous, japing, sly, 
and sometimes (for mundanes) an annoying, part of the OYA sinister dialectic." {12} 


The matter of proving the authorship of O9A texts published under the name Anton Long between the 1970s and 2012 
(when Anton Long officially retired) is not only whimsical given the subjective nature of author profiling, the thousands 
of pages of texts, the O9A manual of style, and the dialectical japes of the Falciferian O9A involving imitating aspects 
of Myatt's style, formatting, grammar and spelling, but also indicative of the personal character of those desperate to 
prove that their fantasy that Myatt=Long is real and thus will vindicate their certitude of belief that their hatred of 
Myatt {13} is not bigotry but necessary given that they fancifully claim the O9A is an "evil", neo-nazi, terrorist 
organization dedicated to the overthrow of Western Judaeo-Christian society, whereas the reality is that they are bigots 
and that the OYA is a changing, evolving, subculture, a series of life-style choices, and not a group with members or a 
political agenda, neo-nazi or otherwise. {1} 

But no doubt all this will not prevent them from continuing to try prove, by whatever subjective means, that their 
fantasy of Myatt=Long is real. 

Kerri Scott 
May 2022 ev 

{1} Order Of Nine Angles Subculture: A Complete Guide, 

{2} Myatt's neo-nazi years and writings are documented in The Peregrinations Of David Myatt: National Socialist 

{3} The text The Urban Tale Of Myatt And Long - 
myatt-o9a-v7a.pdf - provides a useful summary of such reliance on logical fallacies in the matter of Myatt and Long. 

{4} The Boundaries Of O9A Philosophy, 

{5} Two examples from 2016 are: 

That you equate me/us with someone else who has posted about the 
O9A on some forum (which has since banned all discussion of the ONA) 
is both flattering and mildly amusing. Perhaps it’s the still secret “ONA 

Manual Of Style” that keeps outsiders making such assumptions... 


Since you've either forgotten, or more probably for propagandistic reasons have ignored, the reasoning then I'll explain it to you (and others). 

Mr McD claimed to have knowledge of the O9A star game and offers to tutor people in it. Ms K asked for evidence of his experience and 
knowledge of said game, such as photographs of the advanced star game he has constructed, and also points out that he could not answer 
some basic questions previously asked of him about the star game - such as “what pieces you would place on the Mira board when the game 
is used to represent the current aeonic situation and how those pieces might change/move to re-present the beginning(by say, Vindex) of the 
presencing, predicted c. 2100 ev, that would be a practical manifestation of the logos of the O9A". 

Thus Mr McD makes some claims about himself, and Ms K asks for evidence in support of such claims. Mr McD does not supply any such 
evidence. Instead, several people - committing the logical fallacy of ignoratio elenchi - ask for photographs of Ms K's own star game, and then 
proceed to claim (like shyster lawyers) that her failure to produce such evidence vindicates Mr McD's claims. 

Since Mr McD still has not provided any evidence to support his claims, then the sagacious [Subliminal note: "The O9A Manual of Style" will 
doubtless conclude that there is no substance to them. 


A copy of the original article is available at pdf 

{7} As other O9A texts made clear by 'Falciferian O9A' was/is meant what was otherwise referred to as the O9A Old 
Guard, the Inner O9A, which consisted of the few students that Anton Long had personally advised between the 1970s 
and 2011. 

{8} The article was included in the compilation The Dialectical Order Of Nine Angles which was published on the 09a 
dot org site in 2016. A copy of the compilation is available at 
// pdf 

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Polemical Satanism Of The Order Of 
Nine Angles 

Posted: September 29th, 2016 | Author: baeldraca | Filed under: Church of Satan, Howard Stanton Levey, Inner ONA, 
Michael Aquino, O9A, Order of Nine Angles, Order of the Nine Angles, Satanic Heresy, Satanic Polemics, Temple of Set, 
The Sinister Tradition | Tags: Anton Long, Labyrinthos Mythologicus, Left Hand Path, Magian Occultism, Modern 
Satanism, O9A, Order of Nine Angles, Order of the Nine Angles, Satanism, The Sinister Dialectic, The Sinister Tradition | 

Comments Off on Polemical Satanism Of The Order Of Nine Angles 


Lambasting Levey And Aquino 

The Dialectical Order Of Nine Angles 

{9} The letter is included in facsimile in volume one of The Satanic Letters of Stephen Brown available at 

{10} An enigmatic example of the dialectical O9A and its often mirthful Labyrinthos Mythologicus occurred on an 
internet forum in 2015 as the following screenshots reveal. The only public response was mundane but the poster did 
receive a PM (private message) from someone who understood and who subsequently embarked upon the O9A Seven 
Fold Way. 
A final riposte. There is more genuine Satanism in the life and death of Bonnie and Clyde, in Lana Del Rey's ‘Summertime Sadness’, in the 
paintings of van Gogh, in the lives of Adolf Hitler and Leon Degrelle, than there is in all modern so-called satanic groups, temples, ‘satanic’ 
internet forums, articles - and all the lives and plebeian opinions of latter-day satanists - combined. IMO, only the Order of Nine Angles, in 
recent times, has captured at least something of that life-affirming, wordless, dark, adversarial, amoral, mirthful, strange, satanic essence. 

jeff77, Jan 22,2015 Lastedited: Jan 22,2015 #73 

Are you for real? 

You know, you complain here that things have gotten boring and that you're bored and then - bang - along comes some OYA related stuff to 
enliven the forum and you respond in your own way, almost on cue :) 

In another universe, along (yet again) comes N913 (aka the NC student), once discredited due to his youthful egoism but obviously having 
learned nothing vis-a-vis self-honesty and knowledge - for “tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow” - and he thus continues (almost on cue) 
to regurgitate his egoistic, masculous, ipseity vis-a-vis the O9A. Contra, of course, the Order of Nine Angles (omegaYalpha) balance of 
masculous and muliebral. 

What larks, eh? What adversarial japes are afoot? What presencing - however mundane and temporal - of a particular sinister dialectic? 

Now, either you “get this” or you don't. Hints - (i) Bartok, "Music for Strings, Percussion, and Celeste", (ii) Monas Hieroglyphica (Antwerp, 
1564), especially Theorem XVIII. 

But no doubt you - and others - will most probably not understand never mind not desire to decrypt such esoteric clues. For plebeian physis is 
just so prevalent among latter-day satanists and those who describe themselves as following the LHP and those who self-identify with the 


Thus such failure to not so esoterically understand is just so indicative: of modern 'Satanists' and of those who profess to follow the LHP and 
especially of those who profess to be - or to understand - the Order of Nine Angles. 

Meanwhile, “we” are most amused. Therefore, do carry on, as no doubt N913 et al will carry on. Epic failure, in terms of lepoc Aoyoc... 

jeff77, Jan 26, 2015 

{11} Such as the archaic spelling of 'develope' in the text Enantiodromia - The Sinister Abyssal Nexion included in The 
Definitive Guide To The Order of Nine Angles available at 

The 1460 page guide contains dozens of texts written by Anton Long, such as The Geryne of Satan and Magick, The 
Sinister, Aeons, and The Psyche of The Folk. It also contains dozens and dozens of other O9A texts not written by Anton 


{12} A Glossary of Order of Nine Angles Terms, v. 7.05, included in Order Of Nine Angles Subculture: A Complete 

{13} An example of anti-Myatt hatred spanning over twenty years is given in Modern Tale Of An Antifascist 
Propagandist, available at pdf 

This work is published under the Creative Commons 
Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-ND 4.0) License 
and can be copied, distributed, and republished, 
according to the terms of that license.