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The Empty Room - Katharine Lee Bates 

Katharine Lee Bates 

Che Empty Koom 

A LibriVox 
Fortnightly Poem 

The Empty Room 
Katharine Lee Bates 

LibriVox volunteers bring you 13 recordings of The Empty Room by 
Katharine Lee Bates. This was the Fortnightly Poetry project for December 
19, 2021. 

Best known as the author of "America the Beautiful", American professor 
and poet Katharine Lee Bates also wrote many books and articles on 
social reform. - Summary by TriciaG 

Read by volunteer readers. 13 Tracks. Total Duration: 00:24:13 

This recording is in the public domain and may be reproduced, distributed, or modified 
without permission. For more information or to volunteer, visit 

Cover image by Darrell Chaddock on Unsplash. Copyright expired in U.S., Canada, EU. and 
all countries with author’s life +70 yrs laws. Cover design by TriciaG. This design is in the 
public domain. 

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