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Full text of "The First proofs of the Universal catalogue of books on art, comp. for use of the National art library and the schools of art in the United kingdom"

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Brigham  Young  University 

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Digitized  by  the  Internet  Archive 
in  2019  with  funding  from 
Brigham  Young  University 

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By  Order  of  the  Lords  of  the  Committee  of  Council  on  Education . 

Vol.  I.— A  to  K. 




The  Proof  Sheets  of  which  this  Volume  consists  are  circulated  for  the 
purpose  of  obtaining  additional  information  and  corrections . 




At  South  Kensington,  Toth  day  of  January  1870. 


The  Right  Honourable  The  Earl  I  The  Right  Honourable  W.  E. 
de  Grey  and  Ripon,  K.G.  |  Forster,  M.P. 

My  Lords  read  the  following  Memorandum,  prepared  by  Mr.  Cole, 
on  the  Proofs  of  the  Universal  Catalogue  of  Books  on  Art,  which  They 
direct  shall  he  inserted  in  the  first  volume  of  the  Catalogue. 


1.  On  the  5th  April  1864  I  had  the  honour  to  submit  the  following  Memo¬ 
randum  to  the  Lord  President  of  the  Council  (the  Earl  Granville,  K.G.)  and  the 
Vice-President  of  the  Committee  of  Council  on  Education  (the  Right  Hon.  H. 
A.  Bruce,  M.P.),  who  were  pleased  to  approve  of  the  proposal. 

1.  Instead  of  making  the  Catalogues  for  the  Art  Library  and  the  educational  and 
other  scientific  divisions  of  the  South  Kensington  Museum  dependent  upon  the 
accidental  collection  of  works,  I  recommend  that  measures  be  taken  for  forming  a 
Catalogue  of  all  those  works  in  the  languages  of  all  countries,  which  ought  if  possible 
to  be  found  in  the  respective  divisional  libraries. 

2.  To  do  this,  it  would  be  necessary  to  search  the  Catalogues  of  the  British 
Museum,  the  Bodleian  and  other  British  libraries,  as  well  as  the  libraries  of  conti¬ 
nental  Europe  and  the  United  States. 

3.  The  proposed  Catalogues  would  therefore  represent  certain  classes  of  literature 
tolerably  complete  up  to  a  given  date. 

4.  Such  Catalogues  being  once  printed,  would  supersede  the  necessity  for  the 
editions  at  present  constantly  recurring. 

5.  By  indicating  in  the  Catalogues  the  works  as  they  are  obtained,  the  deficiencies 
of  the  collection,  as  well  as  its  possessions,  would  always  be  patent. 

6.  Such  Catalogues  would  be  useful  in  all  libraries,  and  to  students  in  all  parts  of 
the  world,  and  would  in  the  end  prove  more  economical  and  much  more  useful  than 
the  present  system. 

This  recommendation  is  based  on  a  suggestion  of  Mr.  Dilke’s,  made  in  the  Atkenceum 
before  1851.  (Mr.  Dilke  died  in  1864.) 

(Signed)  Henry  Cole, 

General  Superintendent. 



At  a  subsequent  Board  meeting,  12th  October  1865,  the  following  minute  was 

1 .  The  South  Kensington  Museum  has  been  furnished  with  an  Art  Library  which 
is  always  on  the  increase,  and  for  this  Library,  as  far  as  it  has  been  practicable,  every 
important  work  has  been  collected,  bearing  on  the  history,  literature,  and  illustration 
of  Fine  Art,  and  Art  applied  to  industry. 

2.  Several  editions  of  the  Catalogue  of  the  Library  have  been  printed  and  pub¬ 
lished  from  time  to  time  ;  but  these,  from  the  daily  increase  of  the  Library,  have 
become  imperfect  almost  as  soon  as  they  have  been  issued. 

3.  With  the  object  of  providing  against  an  imperfection  of  continual  recurrence 
such  as  the  foregoing,  and  for  other  considerations,  my  Lords  have  ordered  the 
compilation  of  a  Catalogue  on  a  basis  altogether  new. 

4.  It  is  proposed  that  the  New  Catalogue  shall  include  not  only  the  books  in  the 
Library,  but  all  books  printed  and|published,  at  the  date  of  the  issue  of  the  Catalogue, 
that  could  be  required  to  make  the  Library  perfect ;  that  is,  to  compile  a  universal 
record  of  printed  Art  books  which  are  known  to  exist  up  to  that  period,  wherever 
they  may  happen  to  be  at  the  time. 

5.  It  is  obvious  that  immediate  perfection  cannot  be  expected  in  such  a  work,  and 
that  many  deficiencies,  errors,  and  imperfections  must  constantly  be  met  with.  It  is 
therefore  proposed,  by  means  of  occasional  supplements,  to  rectify  them  and  to  add 
notices  of  any  books  not  brought  to  light  at  the  time  of  issue,  as  well  as  of  such 
further  publications  as  continue  to  appear. 

6.  By  reference  to  the  proposed  Catalogue,  any  reader  in  the  Art  Library  of  the 
Museum  would  thus  find  a  clue,  not  only  to  the  works  he  was  looking  for  in  the 
actual  collections  of  the  Library,  but  to  other  works  bearing  on  his  course  of  studies 
which  had  not  as  yet  been  obtained,  but  which  had  been  ascertained  to  form  part  of 
other  libraries,  whether  public  or  not,  either  in  our  own.  or  in  any  foreign  country. 
All  rare  books  would  have  a  reference  given  to  the  libraries  in  which  they  are  to  be 
found.  By  this  means  also  the  deficiencies  of  the  Art  Library  would  be  demonstrated, 
and  provision  made  for  its  ultimate  completion. 

7.  Such  a  Catalogue,  it  is  thought,  would  prove  a  valuable  acquisition  to  Art  litera¬ 
ture  throughout  the  world,  and  would  have  such  an  international  interest  as  to  justify 
Her  Majesty’s  Government  in  inviting  the  co-operation  of  other  Governments  towards 
its  accomplishment. 

8.  The  nature,  however,  of  such  an  undertaking  entails  difficulties  partly  inherent, 
as  having  reference  to  the  proper  limits  of  the  special  subject-matter  of  the  Catalogue 
itself,  and  partly  from  the  scattered  position  of  libraries  and  collections,  many  of  them 
unfurnished  with  any  trustworthy  and  attainable  account,  either  printed  or  manu¬ 
script,  of  their  own  contents,  from  which  the  Catalogue,  so  far  as  it  refers  to  books 
not  in  the  South  Kensington  Library,  must  of  necessity  be  compiled. 

2.  Accordingly  the  materials  for  the  titles  of  the  books  have  been  obtained, 
with  the  uniformly  courteous  assistance  of  the  Librarians,  from  the  Catalogues  of 
the  Libraries  of  the  British  Museum,  the  Bodleian  Library  Oxford,  Trinity  College 
Dublin,  Royal  Society  London,  London  Institution,  Royal  Institute  of  British 
Architects,  London  Library,  the  Athenaeum,  Soane  Museum,  the  Cicognara  Collec¬ 
tion,  and  numerous  Foreign  Libraries,  together  with  those  in  the  National  Art 
Library  at  the  South  Kensington  Museum.  These  materials  have  been  enriched 
by  notices  which  have  been  furnished  from  time  to  time,  and  received  from  the 
commencement  of  the  Catalogue  to  the  close  of  1869,  from  upwards  of  400  corre¬ 
spondents  (see  note,  page  vi.)  in  different  parts  of  the  world.  The  following 


return  will  show  the  various  languages  in  which  titles  of  books  have  been 
received  towards  the  completion  of  the  Catalogue  : — 






















































3.  Instead  of  waiting  for  years  before  printing  the  titles  in  course  of  being 
collected,  it  was  decided  to  publish  portions  of  the  Catalogue  in  “Notes  and 
Queries,”  as  proofs.  This  work  must  therefore  only  be  judged  as  one  subject  to 
future  revision,  condensation,  and  additions.  There  is  no  doubt  that  a  mass 
of  information  has  been  obtained  through  this  mode  of  publication  which  would 
have  been  impossible  except  by  some  such  process. 

4.  After  preparation  of  the  rough  titles  so  collected  they  have  been  revised  by 
Mr.  John  Hungerford  Pollen,  M.A.,  late  Fellow  of  Merton  College,  Oxford,  who 
was  appointed  the  editor  of  the  Catalogue.  It  is  right  to  mention  that  in  the 
official  preparation  of  the  work  assistance  has  been  given  by  Mr.  Philip  Cunliffe 
Owen,  an  assistant  director  of  the  Museum,  by  Dr.  Appell,  an  Assistant  Keeper, 
and  by  the  following  provisional  assistants,  Mr.  H.  Yernon,  Mr.  A.  Masson, 
Mr.  Kesson,  and  Mr.  Macaulife. 

5.  It  is  estimated  that  these  proofs  will  furnish  about  sixty-seven  thousand 
notices  of  printed  works  relating  to  Art  interpreted  in  a  wide  sense,  but  many 
additional  titles  of  works  printed  before  1870  will  be  hereafter  obtained.  The 
collection  of  them  will  be  a  work  of  considerable  time.  In  the  preparation  of  the 
first  proofs  it  was  necessary  to  adopt  the  usual  principle  of  arranging  ,the  titles 
under  the  authors’  names,  as  far  as  possible.  It  is  intended  to  complete  the 
Catalogue  by  sub-classifications,  1st  under  subjects,  2nd  according  to  chronology, 
3rd  according  to  the  country  where  the  work  was  printed ;  and  I  recommend 
that  this  be  proceeded  with  through  the  ordinary  staff  of  the  Art  Library. 

6.  I  am  happy  to  be  able  to  report  that  the  cost  of  this  work  will  be  within 
the  original  estimate.*  Its  use,  I  feel  confident,  will  be  great  in  the  Schools  of 
Art  in  the  United  Kingdom  and  all  other  similar  institutions,  as  well  as  to 
students  of  Art  in  all  countries. 

Henky  Cole, 

22nd  January  1870.  Director  of  the  South  Kensington  Museum. 

*  See  Parliamentary  Paper,  “  Universal  Art  Catalogue,”  ordered  to  be  printed,  13th  June  1867. 


Alphabetical  List  of  Correspondents  and  Contributors  to  the  Universal 

Catalogue  of  Books  on  Art. 

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The  Universal  Catalogue  of  Books  on  Art  contains  titles  of  books  on  Painting,  Sculp¬ 
ture,  Architecture ;  on  Mosaics,  Enamels;  hand- wrought  utensils  in  all  materials  which 
show  a  decorative  intention ;  on  tombs,  monuments  bearing  sculpture,  and  on  decoration 
of  all  kinds.  Books  on  Music  are  not  included. 

Books  on  Archaeology,  as  illustrating  the  ideas  that  underlie  so  many  decorative  forms 
and  artistic  compositions  of  different  periods,  and  Books  on  Coins,  often  the  sole  authority 
for  portraiture,  and  even  illustrative  of  architectural  monuments,  are  included.  To  these 
have  been  added  books  on  Anatomy,  composed  for  the  use  of  artists,  and  works  on  Natural 
History  full  and  exact  enough  to  be  of  use  to,  or  likely  from  their  character  to  interest 
Art  Students. 

The  mass  of  Art  Literature  consists  of  treatises,  lectures,  and  essays  on  Art  treated 
theoretically ;  of  biographies  and  notices  of  artists  ;  accounts  and  descriptions  of  monu¬ 
ments  ;  and  of  remarks  and  criticisms  showing  the  merits  and  defects  of  paintings, 
sculptures,  utensils,  buildings,  or  the  like,  and  discussing  the  qualities  and  methods  of 
various  masters. 

Thus  the  theory,  history,  and  criticism,  and  instruction  in  the  practice  of  Art  form 
the  subject-matter  of  Art  Literature,  and  the  catalogue  includes  books  in  which  this 
matter  is  to  be  found.  Much  of  Such  matter  is  in  the  form  of  monographs,  scattered 
papers,  or  notices,  published  in  the  printed  Transactions  or  Journals  of  Artistic, 
Antiquarian,  Scientific,  or  Literary  Societies,  and  even  Popular  Newspapers.  These  are 
sometimes  valuable  in  the  inverse  ratio  of  their  length  and  publicity ;  sometimes  the 
number  and  consent  of  independent  contributions  throw  light  from  their  multiform 
character  on  disputed  questions.  Such  contributions  to  the  cause  of  Art,  whether  large 
and  elaborate,  or  short  and  casual,  have  been  catalogued  as  far  as  they  could  be  verified, 
and  references  have  been  given  where  required. 

To  these  have  been  added  Voyages  and  Travels,  or  other  books  containing  plates  of 
monuments  and  costume,  either  as  the  only  records,  or  as  independent  records,  of  much 
that  interests  the  Art  Student. 

Care  has  been  taken  to  collect  the  titles  of  works  on  localities  of  special  interest,  or 
illustrating  special  monuments,  costumes,  etc.  ;  and  to  notice  copies  which  have  been 
enlarged  and  supplemented  by  collectors  with  plates  not  forming  part  of  the  original 
series,  when  known  to  be  in  public  libraries. 

It  has  not  been  found  easy  to  draw  limits  to  the  representation  of  the  Art  that  has 
been  used  to  illustrate  Literature.  The  illustrated  editions  of  the  classic  poets  and 
favourite  writers  of  ancient  and  modern  literature,  such  as  AEsop,  Boccaccio,  Ovid,  etc., 
will,  it  is  hoped,  be  found  to  represent  fairly  a  succession  of  the  best  Art  of  this  kind  in 
all  countries,  from  the  time  of  the  invention  of  block  printing  to  the  present  day. 

It  has  not  been  possible,  hitherto,  to  verify  the  existence  of  illustrations  in  all  the 
books  understood  to  have  them,  or  to  examine  their  quality. 

(Signed)  John  Hungerford  Pollen, 

2nd  February  1870.  Editor. 



Notes  and  Queries,  Jan.  4,  ’68. 





fTHHE  IMPORTANCE  of  a  Catalogue  to  a  Library  of  any  extent  cannot  well  be  overstated. 

A  Dictionary  is  not  more  necessary  to  a  language  ;  and  while  languages  are  living  tradi¬ 
tions,  and  may  be  orally  acquired  by  the  educated  and  the  ignorant,  the  contents  of  libraries, 
if  large  in  extent,  are  but  partially  mastered  by  the  studies  of  a  lifetime. 

Living  Librarians  of  competent  learning  would  be,  without  doubt,  the  best  guides  to 
large  repositories  of  books.  If  such  directors  could  be  always  on  the  spot,  and  at  everybody’s 
command,  they  would  infinitely  surpass  the  written  information  of  a  book.  But  the  vastness 
of  the  intellectual  legacy,  bequeathed  by  the  ages  as  they  pass,  the  shortness  of  life,  and  the 
Testless  activity  of  human  curiosity  and  research,  defy  the  possibility  of  satisfaction  from  such  a 
source  as  this. 

One  instrument  alone  can  supply,  not  indeed  all  that  is  wanted — for  we  should  ask  to 
Lave  all  the  paths  of  human  knowledge  laid  out  with  science  and  method — but  all  that  is 
possible,  and  that  instrument  is  a  well-arranged  Catalogue.  With  such  a  work  in  our  hands, 
we  know  at  once  whether  a  book  we  want  is  in  a  Library.  This  is  the  great  point  to  ascertain, 
and  it  is  the  one  kind  of  help  which  Libraries  can  afford  to  enquirers  ;  not  to  save  readers  the 
labour  of  study,  but  to  give  access  with  the  least  trouble  and  delay,  to  the  books  that  they 

In  speaking  of  Catalogues,  this  essential  point  must  be  kept  in  view.  The  arrangement 
and  object  of  such  works  have  been  often  discussed,  and  the  method  of  composing  particular 
Catalogues  has  been  eagerly,  if  not  acrimoniously,  attacked  and  defended.  Very  different 
objects  are  sometimes  considered  as  primary  for  Book-Catalogues,  and  disappointment  is  felt  if 
these  are  not  attained.  Thus  the  division  of  a  General  Library  into  classes  of  books  under 
different  heads  is  often  looked  for,  as  well  as  the  history  and  peculiarities  of  each  book.  The 


Introduction  to  the  Universal  {Nq^m  Querns, 

last  is  the  proper  'province  of  Bibliography ;  and  the  former  is,  on  a  large  scale,  difficult, 
because  the  literary  public  will  never  be  agreed  as  to  the  method  of  classification,  the  number 
of  classes,  or  the  limitations  of  each.  The  attempt  to  divide  the  books  in  the  British  Museum 
after  this  method  would  hide  under  one  class  books  which  many  readers  would  look  for  under 
another.  Time  would  thus  be  lost  by  students,  while  the  re-arrangement  of  the  classes  would 
be  an  endless  labour.  On  a  limited  scale  such  Catalogues  have  been  composed.  The  admirable 
Catalogue  of  Lord  Spencer’s  Library,  by  Dibdin,  may  be  quoted  as  a  specimen.  Such  works  on 
special  kinds  of  books,  or  on  books  of  particular  dates  or  periods,  will  remain  literary  acquisitions 
of  great  value.  But  they  are  possible  only  on  a  narrow  field.  In  a  large  Public  Library  they 
would  oftener  perplex  than  guide  the  student,  and,  for  general  use,  prove  costly  failures. 

The  one  simple  and  sufficient  object,  therefore,  of  a  Catalogue  of  Books  is  to  give,  in  the 
smallest  space,  a  faithful  description  or  title  of  each  book,  accurately  copied  from  its  title-page  ; 
the  full  name  or  names  of  the  writer ;  the  account,  in  its  own  words  and  spelling,  that  the  book 
gives  of  itself,  even  should  the  writer’s  name  be  omitted.  And  as  Public  Libraries  are  insti¬ 
tutions  for  reference,  not  for  education,  and  presuppose  students  looking  for  special  books  or 
authors,  no  scheme  has  been  devised  so  simple  or  so  easy  as  an  alphabetical  arrangement  of 
books  under  the  authors’  names  or  assumed  names,  or  the  catch-word  by  which  an  anonymous 
book  is  known. 

Most  Public  Libraries  in  Europe  have  adopted  this  arrangement  more  or  less  methodically ; 
and  our  own  British  Museum,  not  without  full  examination  and  discussion,  and  patient  hearing 
of  every  learned  dissident,  has  done  the  same,  and  its  method  and  regulations  have  been  adopted 
by  the  Smithsonian  Institution  in  New  York.  The  British  Museum  Library,  as  the  reader  well 
knows,  is  the  largest  and  most  complete  in  the  kingdom,  though  numbers  of  works  remain  still 
to  be  acquired  for  it.  Costly  bequests,  such  as  the  collection  of  King  George  III.,  the  Grenville 
and  other  collections,  embracing  books  that  were  the  Royal  property  of  King  Henry  VII.  and 
his  successors,  having  been  made  to  the  Museum,  its  numbers  are  to  some  extent  swelled  by 
duplicate  copies,  and  much  has  had  to  be  done  to  fill  up  gaps  and  deficiencies  so  as  to  represent 
all  branches  of  literature  evenly.  But  for  many  years  this  work  has  been  carried  on  with  care 
and  intelligence.  Perhaps  few  national  collections,  at  the  present  time,  though  larger  in  number 
of  volumes,  would  prove  more  generally  complete. 

The  great  collections  in  our  national  seats  of  learning,  Oxford,  Cambridge  and  Dublin,  may 
be  expected  to  be  more  specially  devoted  to  ancient  learning*,  theology,  and  mathematics. 
Other  institutions  of  great  public  utility  have  Libraries,  more  or  less  special  in  range, 
open  to  general  students,  with  various  degrees  of  restriction.  Of  all  it  may  be  said  that,  without 
a  Catalogue  well  kept  up  as  fresh  books  are  acquired,  they  would  become  sources  of  incessant 
disappointment,  instead  of  help  and  consolation  to  the  student. 

At  a  more  recent  date,  a  National  Library  of  Art  Books  has  been  placed  in  the  South  Ken¬ 
sington  Museum.  The  class  of  books  of  which  it  is  composed  is,  of  course,  special  and  limited, 
but  within  this  particular  range  every  care  has  been  taken  to  make  it  as  complete  as  possible. 
Of  this  Library  the  general  public  has  the  fullest  use  :  but  its  first  object  is  the  education  of 
students  in  the  National  Schools  of  Art.  As  far  as  can  be  done  without  impairing  the  useful- 

Notes  and  Queries, 
Jan.  4,  ’68. 

Catalogue  of  Boohs  on  Art. 


ness  of  tlie  collection  as  a  Library  of  Reference,  tbe  books  are  allowed  to  circulate  to  tbe 

If  a  Catalogue  is  so  necessary  to  a  Collector’s  Library,  and  to  a  Public  Institution,  how 
much  more  to  persons  who  can  come  but  seldom  to  London  and  have  the  privilege  of  sending 
for  books  to  their  respective  Schools,  and  must  be  able  to  know  what  they  can  send  for. 

And  here  we  come  to  another  step  in  the  progress  of  Catalogues — that  of  printing  and 
publication.  If  the  necessity  of  resorting  to  the  Catalogue  when  using  a  Public  Library  is 
acknowledged,  the  advantage  of  possessing  a  printed  copy  of  the  Catalogue  will  be  obvious ;  the 
reader  would  know  beforehand  whether  or  not  the  books  required  were  really  to  be  found  in  the 

A  Printed  Catalogue  has  been  very  peremptorily  demanded  of  the  British  Museum.  One 
was  produced  in  1813,  and  another,  carried  to  the  end  of  the  letter  A,  some  years  later.  It  was 
left  off  for  the  very  simple  reason,  that  it  could  never  be  kept  exact.  Books  are  daily  added  to 
the  Library,  having  their  places  all  down  the  range  of  each  letter,  and  consequently,  requiring 
the  incessant  rectification  of  the  alphabetical  order.  The  Bodleian  Library  at  Oxford  has  pub¬ 
lished  a  Catalogue,  and  continued  it  with  supplements.  These  are,  in  other  words,  a  series  of 
separate  Catalogues,  and  each  is  always  more  or  less  incomplete.  There  is  but  one  way  of 
meeting  such  a  -difficulty.  It  is  by  making  the  Catalogue  complete,  and  gradually  bringing  the 
Library  up  to  the  range  of  the  Catalogue.  By  this  means  all  the  books  on  a  given  subject  up  to 
the  date  of  publication  would  be  included  in  the  Catalogue.  The  works  in  the  particular  Library 
would  be  noted,  and  references  to  accessible  Libraries  given,  as  far  as  possible,  for  other  books. 
Librarians  might  use  it  for  all  similar  collections,  noting  their  own  possessions  in  the  margin. 
Were  such  a  Catalogue  made  for  Literature  generally,  it  would  form  a  common  standard  for  the 
world  of  letters  throughout  the  globe.  It  would  simplify  literary  research,  and  destroy  many 
barriers  that  now  impede  or  neutralize  the  efforts  of  students  and  writers  all  the  world  over. 

In  days  of  International  Exhibitions  and  Competition,  when  such  enormous  resources  are 
spent  on  great  meetings  doomed  to  immediate  and  perpetual  separation,  it  may  be  worth  con¬ 
sidering  whether  a  common  and  enduring  benefit  would  not  result  from  the  united  action,  in 
this  direction,  of  different  countries  at  a  cost  very  trifling,  when  compared  with  the  expenditure 
found  necessary  for  our  vast  international  gatherings. 

Be  this,  however,  as  it  may,  the  Lords  of  Committee  of  Council  on  Education  have  deter¬ 
mined  to  supply,  as  far  as  possible,  the  schools  and  students  under  their  direction  with  such  a 
Catalogue.  The  circulation  of  books  from  the  National  Art  Library  makes  the  printing  of  the 
Catalogue  doubly  necessary,  and  the  interest  felt  and  expressed,  not  only  by  men  well  versed  in 
Art-literature  in  our  own  country,  but  by  distinguished  professors,  collectors,  and  amateurs  of  all 
ranks  all  over  the  Continent,  in  the  prosecution  of  such  an  undertaking,  shows  how  popular  it 
promises  to  be. 

Portions  of  letter  A,  already  printed  and  published  through  the  columns  of  the  Times,  have 
been  submitted  to  European  representatives  assembled  at  Paris  ;  and  the  approval  of  the  project, 
both  by  official  judges  and  by  the  Presidents  and  Directors  of  the  great  Art  Institutions  of 
Europe,  has  been  universal. 



I  Notes  and  Queries, 
t  Jan.  4,  ’68. 

As  lias  been  already  announced,  tlie  publication  of  tlie  proof-slieets  of  tbis  Catalogue, 
complete  to  1867,  is  to  be  carried  on  in  the  ‘  Notes  and  Queries.’  The  sheet  will  be  arranged 
so  that  the  whole  may  be  bound  in  one  volume.  To  obtain  additions  and  corrections  from  the 
public  is  the  special  object  of  the  circulation  of  these  proof-sheets  in  their  necessarily  imperfect 
state.  The  work  cannot  be  made  complete  without  external  aid. 

With  this  general  introduction  of  the  subject,  the  work  will  be  submitted  by  the  Department 
to  the  public,  of  whom  it  asks  nothing  so  much  as  assistance  in  completing  the  Catalogue. 

As  to  the  special  scope  and  limits  of  the  work  itself,  which  is  devoted  to  the  one  subject  of 
Art  books,  these  will  form  the  subject  of  a  future  notice.  The  great  importance  of  a  Catalogue, 
and  the  universal  character  of  the  one  about  to  be  laid  before  the  public,  are  the  two  first  con¬ 
siderations  for  the  reader  in  perusing  the  dry  and,  apparently,  uninviting  columns  of  such  a 

J.  H.  POLLEN, 


January  1,  1868. 

( Under  Revision.) 

<  Notes  and  Queries, 
1  Jan.  4,  ’08. 


S.K . South  Kensington. 

B.M . British  Museum. 

Bodl . Bodleian. 

T.C.D . Trinity  Coll.,  Dublin. 

Roy.  Soc.  .  .Royal  Society,  London. 

Lond.  Inst.  .London  Institution. 

B.  Arch . R. 'Institute  of  Brit.  Arch¬ 


Lond.  Libr.  London  Library. 

Athen . Athenaeum. 

Cicogn . Count  Cicognara’s  Collec¬ 


Names  of  Capitals  ;  State  Libraries  in 
each.  A. — Accademia ;  B.A. — Beaux 


A.  (F.  F.). — Ueber  Landschaftsmalerei. 

Ein  Handbuch  fair  Dilettanten  und  Anfanger  in 
dieser  Kunst.  Yon  F.  F.  A.  8vo.  Wien,  1842. 

A.  (H.). — Illuminated  Capitals  in  the  Style 
of  the  Middle  Ages.  (By  H.  A.)  8vo.  London 
(1859).  B.M. 

A.  (H.  W.).— Prints  for  Cottage  Walls.  A 
Paper  read  by  request  at  the  Book  Hawkers’  Union, 
in  Oxford  (by  H  .W.  A ,,i.  e.  Henry  Wentworth  Ac- 
land).  14  pp.  8vo.  Oxford  and  London,  1862.  B.M. 

A.  (J.  Y.). — Tales  of  other  Days,  with  illus¬ 

trations . 1830.  See  Crtjikshank  (George). 

A.  (M.). — A  History  of  Ford  Abbey,  Dorset¬ 
shire,  late  in  the  County  of  Devon.  1  plate.  8vo. 
London,  1846.  B.M. 

A.  (M.  B.  A.). — Histoire  de  la  Peinture  en 
Italie.  Par  M.  B.  A.  A.  (i.e.  L.  A.  C.  Bombet). 
2  vols.  8vo.  Paris,  1817.  B.M. 

A  *  *  *  *  (X.). — Des  Avantages  de  l’Esprit 

d’Observation  dans  les  Sciences  et  les  Arts,  avec 
quelques  remarques  relatives  a  la  physionomie.  (By 
X.  A  *  *  *  *  )  8vo.  Paris,  1809.  B.M. 

AA  (Cornelis  van  der). — Atlas  van  de 

Zeehavens  der  Bataafsche  Bepubliek,  die  van 
Batavia  en  Onrust,  mitsgaders  de  Af  beeldingen  van 
de  haringvischerij  en  de  walvischvangst.  In  kunst- 
plaaten  naar  het  leven  afgebeeld  door  D.  de  Jong 
en  M.  Sallieth,  en  beschreven  door  C.  van  der  A. 
31  plates.  Fol.  Amsterdam,  1805.  B.M. 

AA  (Pieter  van  der). — Principum  et  illus- 
trium  quorundam  virorum  qui  in  Europa  alibi- 
que  terrarum  celebres  fuerunt  verse  Imagines. 
(Edited  by  P.  van  der  Aa.)  97  plates.  Fol. 
Lugduni  Batavorum  (1710?).  B.M. 

AA  (P.  yan  der). — Fuudatoris,  Curatorum 
et  Professorum  celeberrimorum,  aliorumque  Illus- 
trium  Virorum,  quorum  gratia,  favore,  cura,  doctri- 
naque  Academia  Lugduno-Batava  incepit,  auctaque 
et  ornata  est,  Effigies,  necnon  urbis,  Academise 
ejusque  horti,  templorum  notabiliorumque  publi- 
corum  aedificiorum  prospectus.  (Edited  by  P.  van 
derAa.)  150  plates.  Fol.  (1720?)  B.M. 

AA  (P.  yan  der).  —  Effigies  Virorum  ac 
Fceminarum  illustrium,  quibus  in  Grsecis  aut  Latinis 

Monumentis,  aliqua  pars  datur; . ex  antiquis 

Marmoribus  Numismatibus  Gemmisque  expressse. 
9  parts.  Fol.  Lugduni  Batavorum  (1724?).  A 
collection  of  300  plates,  first  published  with  Grono- 
vius’  Thesaurus,  and  now  republished  by  P.  van 
der  Aa.  B.M. 

AA  (P.  yan  der). — La  Galerie  agreable  du 
Monde,  oil  l’on  voit  en  un  grand  nombre  de  cartes 
tres  exactes,  et  de  belles  tailles-douces,  les  princi- 
paux  empires,  royaumes,  republiques,  provinces, 
villes,  etc.,  dans  les  quatre  parties  de  l’univers; 
divisee  en  LXYI  tomes.  Les  estampes  ayant  ete 
dessinees  sur  les  lieux,  et  gravees  par  Luyken, 
Mulder,  Goeree,  Baptist,  Stopendaal.  Le  tout  mis 
en  ordre  et  execute  par  P.  van  der  Aa.  About 
2,400  plates.  Fol.  Leide  (1730  ?).  B.M. 

AA  (P.  van  der). — leones  arborum,  fruti- 

cum  et  herbarum  exoticarum . ut  et  animalium 

peregrinorum  rarissimorum,  tarn  volatilium  quam 
quadrupedum  ac  aquatilium,  in  extremis  oris  ac 
desertis  Indiarum  et  aliis  locis  repertorum.  2  leaves, 
and  80  plates.  Oblong  4to.  Lugduni  Batavorum, 
n.d.  B.M. 

ABATI  (Niccolo  dell’).  See  Abbate. 

degli). — Marmora  Pisaurensia  notis  illustrata. 
Plates.  Fol.  Pisauri,  1738.  B.M. 

ABATI,  O.-G.  (A.  degli). — Della  Fonda- 

zione  di  Pesaro,  Dissertazione  ;  si  aggiunge  una 
Lettera  del  medesimo  a  Barthelemy  sopra  le 
Medaglie  Greche  di  Pesaro,  le  piu  antiche  Romane, 
ed  altre  d’ Italia.  56  pp.  Plates.  4to.  Pesaro, 
1757.  B.M. 

ABATI,  O.-G.  (A.  degli). — Esame  del 

Bronzo  Lerpiriano  pubblicato  dallo  Spon.  50  pp., 
and  a  vignette.  4to.  Pesaro,  1771.  B.M. 

ABATI,  O.-G.  (A.  degli). — Della  Zecca  di 

Pesaro  e  delle  Monete  Pesaresi  dei  secoli  bassi.  64 
pp.,  4  plates,  and  a  vignette.  4to.  Bologna,  1773. 



All  Communications  relating  to  this  Catalogue  to  he  addressed  to  the  Editor ,  South  Kensington  Museum ,  w. 


Universal  Catalogue  of 

Notes  and  Queries, 
Jan.  4,  ’68. 

ABATI,  O.-G.  (A.  degli). — Memorie  della 

Chiesa  di  S.  Maria  di  Monte  Granaro  fuor  delle 
mura  della  Citta  di  Pesaro.  40  pp.,  and  a  plate. 
4to.  Pesaro,  1777.  B.M. 

ABATI,  O.-Gr.  (A.  degli). — Memorie  per 
la  storia  della  Chiesa  Pesarese  nel  secolo  XIII. 
1  plate,  and  vignettes.  4to.  Pesaro,  1779.  B.M. 

ABATI,  O.-G.  (A.  degli). — Delle  Bigline 

Pesaresi  e  di  un  larario  puerile  trovato  in  Pesaro. 
22  pp.,  and  4  plates.  4to.  Pesaro,  1780.  B.M. 

ABATI,  O.-G.  (A.  degli). — Lettera  sopra 
un  Medaglione,  non  ancor  osservato,  di  Costanzo 
Sforza,  Signore  di  Pesaro.  10  pp.,  and  a  plate. 
4  to.  Pesaro,  1781.  B.M. 

ABATI,  O.-G.  (A.  degli).  —  Di  alcnne 

Antichita  Cristiane  conservate  in  Pesaro,  nel  Museo 
Olivieri.  37  pp.,  and  10  plates.  4to.  Pesaro. 
1781.  B.M. 

ABATI,  O.-G.  (A.  degli). — Di  alcnne  altre 

Antichita  Cristiane  conservate  in  Pesaro,  nel  Museo 
Olivieri.  7  pp.,  and  3  illustrations.  4to.  Pesaro, 
1784.  B.M. 

ABBATE  (Hiccolo  dell’). — Mceolo  dell’ 

Abbate.  Etude  par  Frederic  Beiset.  Facsimile  of 
a  drawing  by  N.  dell’  A.,  engraved  by  Leon 
G-aucherel,  2  other  plates,  and  frontispiece.  8vo. 
Paris,  1859. 

ABBATE  (FT.  dell’)  . — Les  Travanx  d’Ulysse, 

desseignez  par  le  Sieur  de  Sainct  Martin,  de  la 
facon  qu’ils  se  voyent  dans  la  maison  Boyalle  de 
Pontaine-bleau.  Peints  par  le  Sieur  Nicolas,  et 
gravez  en  cuivre  par  Theodore  van  Thulden.  Avec 
le  sujet  et  1’ explication  morale  de  chaque  figure. 
58  plates,  and  5  leaves  without  pagination.  Oblong 
4  to.  Paris,  1640.  S.K. 

A  former  edition.  Paris,  1633. 

ABBATE  (NT.  dell’). — L’Eneide  di  Virgilio, 

dipinta  in  Scandiano  dal  eelebre  pittore  N.  A.,  dis. 
dal  Giuseppe  Guizzardi,  inc.  dal  Antonio  Gajani. 
18  plates,  engraved  in  outline,  and  portrait  of  N. 
dell’ A.  Text  by  G.  Venturini.  Imper.fol.' Modena, 
1821.  S.K. 

ABBATE  (NT.  dell’). — Fregio  delle  Sale  del 

gia  Palazzo  Leoni,  ora  Marcliesini,  dipinto  dal 
eelebre  N.  dell’  A.,  posto  in  litografia  da  Achille 
Frulli.  38  lithogr.  plates,  and  portrait  of  N.  dell’  A. 
Pol.  Bologna,  1847-52. 

ABBATE  (FT.  dell’).  See  Zanotti  (Giam- 

pietro).  Le  Pitture  di  Pellegrino  Tibaldi  e  di  N.  A. 

esistenti  nell’  Instituto  di  Bologna . Plates . 


ABBATE  (FT.  dell’).  See  Galvani  (C.). 

Le  Opere  di  G.  Mazzoni  e  di  A  Begarelli . e  le 

pitture  eseguite  nelle  Sale  del  Palazzo  dell’  illustma. 
Communita  di  Modena  da  N.  A.,  &c . 1823,  &c. 

ABBATE  (Vincenzo  de,  Count). — Pina- 

coteca  o  sia  descrizione  storica  e  critica  della 

Galleria  di  Quadri  del  Conte  Y.  de  A.  Small  4to. 
Alba,  n.  d.  S.K. 

ABBATT  (Richard). — The  Principles  and 
Practice  of  Linear  Perspective,  divested  of  all  diffi¬ 
culty.  8vo.  London,  1853.  B.M. 

ABBOT  (Henry). — The  Antiquities  of  Rome, 
comprising  24  select  views  of  its  principal  Bums, 
and  panoramic  delineation  of  the  new  City,  from 
the  designs  taken  on  the  spot,  in  1818  (by  II.  Ab¬ 
bot).  Pol.  London,  1820. 

A  B  C-Buch  fur  kleine  und  grosse  Kinder, 
gezeichnet  von  Dresdner  Kunstlern  (Ludw.  Bichter, 
E.  Peschel,  E.  Bietschel,  E.  Oehme,  O.  Wagner, 
A.  Ehrhardt,  E.  Bendemann,  J.  Hiibner,  B.  Beinick, 
T.  von  Oer)  und  in  Holz  geschnitten  von  Biirkner, 
Plegel,  &c.  Mit  Erzahlungen  und  Liedern  von  B. 
Beinick,  und  Singweisen  von  P.  Hiller.  27  wood- 
cuts.  8vo.  Leipzig,  1845.  3rd  edition.  Leipzig 

ABCOFiTRAFACTUR,  warhafftige,  und 

Bildnis  aller  Grosshertzogen,  Chur-  und  Piirsten, 

welche  von  842  bis  auff  1586  das  Land  Sachssen . 

regiret  haben.  35  woodcut  portraits  of  the  Grand- 
dukes,  -&c.  of  Saxony.  4to.  Dresden,  1586.  The 
author  of  the  text  is  J.  Agricola.  On  vellum,  with 
beautiful  illuminated  woodcuts,  in  the  Dresden 

ABECEDARIO,  L’,  Pittorico.  See  Orlandi 

(Pellegrini  Antonio). 

ABECEDARIO  de  P.  J.  Mariette...  18 51-60. 

See  Mariette  (Pierre- Jean). 

ABEILLE,  L’,  Italienne.  Traduction  fran- 
9aise  de  E.  L.  de  Mery.  Journal  des  Beaux- Arts 
. Paris,  1841.  See  Periodical  Publications. 

ABEKENT  (Hermann).  —  Das  Aegyptische 

Museum  in  Berlin.  Ein  Yortrag.  8vo.  Berlin, 
1856.  B.M. 

ABEKEFT  (Wilhelm). — Gli  antichi  Tempj 
di  Gabii  ed  Aricia  dichiarati  dal  Dott.  Guglielmo 
A.  14  pp.,  and  1  plate.  8vo.  Boma,  1840.  B.M. 

Extract  from  the  Annali  dell’  Instituto  di  Corri- 
spondenza  Archeologica,  vol.  xii. 

ABEKEFT  (W.). — Mittelitalien  vor  den 
Zeiten  romischer  Herrschaft;  nadi  seinen  Denk- 
malen  dargestellt.  1 1  plates.  8vo.  Stuttgart  und 
Tubingen,  1843.  B.M. 

ABEL  (John)  . — Memorials  of  Queen  Eleanor, 
illustrated  by  Photography.  With  a  short  account 
of  their  history  and  present  condition.  Edited  by 
J.  A.  8  photographs,  and  15  pp.  Pol.  London, 
1864.  S.K. 

ABELA  (Gioyanni  Francesco). — Malta  illu- 

strata.  Della  Descrittione  di  Malta,  Isola  nel  Mare 
Siciliano,  con  le  sue  Antichita,  ed  altre  notitie  Libri 
Quattro.  Illustrations  in  the  text,  besides  a  frontis¬ 
piece  and  plans.  Pol.  Malta,  1647.  B.M. 

Notes  and  Queries, 
Jan.  4,  ’68. 


Books  on  Art  ( under  revision). 

Descriptio  Melitse  atque  adjacentium  insularum. 
Latin  translation  of  Abela’s  work,  by  Joa.  Ant. 
Seinerus,  in  yol.  xv.  of  Grgevius’  and  Burmann’s 
Thesaurus  Antiquitatum  et  Historiarum  Italise,  &c. 
Pol.  Lugduni  Batavorum.  B.M. 

Malta  Illustrata . corretta,  accresciuta,  e  con- 

tinovata  dal  Conte  Griovannantonio  Ciantar.  2  vols. 
21  plates,  besides  2  frontispieces,  a  map,  and  por¬ 
trait  of  the  Grand  Master  Pinto.  Pol.  Malta, 
1772-80.  B.M. 

ABEL  de  PUJOL. — Explication  des  Pein- 
tures  a  fresque  executees  par  A.  de  P.  dans  la 
Chapelle  de  S.  Poch,  a  S.  Sulpice,  precedee  d’une 
courte  notice  sur  ce  genre  de  peinture.  17  pp., 
and  4  plates.  8yo.  Paris,  1822. 

ABEBDEEB  (George,  Earl  of). — An  In¬ 
quiry  into  the  Principles  of  Beauty  in  Grecian 
Architecture,  with  an  historical  view  of  the  rise  and 
progress  of  the  art  in  Greece.  8vo.  London, 
1822.  S.K. 

ABEBLI  (  Johannes)  . — Leben  des  Job.  Aberli 

yon  Winterthur,  Medailleur,  Stein-  und  Stempel- 
schneider.  Neujahrsblatt  der  Kiinstler-Gesell- 
schaft  in  Zurich  fur  1853.  Pol.  Zurich,  1853. 

ABOUT  (Edmond)  c — Voyage  a  Leavers  l’Ex- 
position  des  Beaux- Arts  (Peinture  et  Sculpture). 
8vo.  Paris,  1855.  S.K. 

ABOUT  (E.).  —  Bos  Artistes  an  Salon  de 

1857.  8vo.  Paris,  1858.  S.K. 

ABOUT  (E.). — Salon  de  1864.  8yo.  Paris, 
1864.  S.K. 

ABOUT  (E.). — Salon  de  1866.  8yo.  Paris, 
1867.  S.K. 

ABB  AH  AMS  (Bicolai  Christian  Levin). — 

Description  des  Manuscnts  frangais  du  Moyen-age 
de  la  Bibliotheque  Poyale  de  Copenhague,  precedee 
d’une  notice  historique  sur  cette  bibliotheque. 
3  plates.  4to.  Copenhague,  1844.  B.M. 

ABBAMOVITCH  (D.).  —  Opisanie  drew- 

nostii  Srbski  y  swetoi  gori.  (Description  of  the  Ser¬ 
vian  Antiquities  in  the  Convents  of  Mount  Athos.) 
13  lithogr.  plates.  4to.  Belgrad,  1847. 

ABBEGE  de  la  Vie  des  pins  fameux 

Peintres . Par  M  *  *  *.  See  Argenville 

(A.  J.  Desallier  d’). 

ABBEGE  de  la  Vie  des  Peintres,  dont  les 

tableaux  composent  la  Galerie  de  Dresde . (By 

J.  A.  Lehninger).  1782.  See  Galleries — Dresden 

ABBIABI  (Giovanni  de). —  Dodici  de’ 

migliori  Ornati  che  si  trovano  sparsi  nella  E.  Citta 
di  Venezia.  Plates.  Oblong  fol.  A.  B.  A.,  Milan. 

ABBJCHT  (Johann),  Psend.  (i.  e.  Jonathan 
Birch). — Divine  Emblems.  Embellished  with  etch¬ 
ings  on  copper,  after  the  fashion  of  Master  Prancis 

Quarles.  Designed  and  written  by  J.  A.  13  plates. 
8vo.  London,  1838.  B.M. 

ACADEMIES.  See  Societies. 

ACABT. — Aquarelle  gouache,  peinture  ori¬ 
ental,  procede  de  M.  Acart.  36  pp.,  and  1  plate. 
8vo.  Paris,  n.d. 

ACEBBI  (Giuseppe,  de  Castelgoffredo).— 

Quadro  della  Letteratura  e  delle  Arti  d’  Italia  nell’ 
anno  1820  ;  premesso  in  forma  di  proemio  nel  yol. 
xxi.  della  Biblioteca  Italiana.  8vo.  Milano,  1821. 


ACCOLTI  (Pietro).  —  Lo  inganno  degli 
occhi,  prospettiva  pratica  ;  trattato  in  acconcio  della 
Pittura.  Woodcuts.  Pol.  Pirenze,  1625.  Bodl. 

ACHILLES. — Cenni  su  di  un  vaso  fittile 
Greco-Agrigentino  rappresentante  Achille,  vinei- 
tore  di  Ettore .  1828.  See  Politi  (E.). 

ACKEBMABB  (Gustav  Adolph). — Ordens- 

buch  sammtlicher  in  Europa  bliihender  und  erlo- 
schener  Orden  und  Ehrenzeichen.  44  lithogr.  plates. 
8vo.  Annaberg,  1855.  B.M. 

ACKEBMABB  (Budolph,  Publisher). — The 

Depository  of  Arts,  Literature,  Commerce,  Manu¬ 
factures,  Pashions,  and  Politics.  Coloured  plates  of 
English  Costumes  of  the  period,  designs  for  furni¬ 
ture  ,&c .  1809-28.  See  Periodical  Publica¬ 


ACKEBMABB  (B.). — Selection  of  Orna¬ 
ments  for  the  use  of  Sculptors,  Painters,  Carvers, 
Modellers,  Chasers,  Embossers,  &c.  3  yols.  120 

plates.  Pol.  London,  1817-19. 

ACKEBMABB  (B.).— Microcosm  of  Lon¬ 
don  ;  or,  London  in  Miniature.  3  vols.  104  coloured 
plates  ;  the  Architecture  by  A.  Pugin,  the  Manners 
and  Customs  by  Th.  Eowlandson.  4to.  London 
(1811).  S.K. 

ACKEBMABB  (B.). — The  History  of  the 

Abbey  Church  of  St.  Peter’s,  Westminster,  its 
Antiquities  and  Monuments.  2  vols.  70  coloured 
plates.  4to.  London,  1812.  S.K. 

The  text  by  William  Coombe,  author  of  Dr. 
Syntax’s  Tours. 

ACKEBMABB  (B.). — A  History  of  the 

University  of  Oxford,  its  Colleges,  Halls,  and  Public 
Buildings.  2  vols.  81  coloured  plates.  4to.  Lon¬ 
don,  1814.  S.K. 

ACKEBMABB  (B.).— A  History  of  the 

University  of  Cambridge,  its  Colleges,  Halls,  and 
Public  Buildings.  2  vols.  127  coloured  plates.  4to. 
London,  1815.  S.K. 

ACKEBMABB  (B.).— History  of  the  Col¬ 
leges  of  Winchester,  Eton,  and  Westminster;  with 
the  Charterhouse  and  the  Schools  of  St.  Paul’s, 
Merchant  Taylors’,  Harrow,  Eugby,  and  Christ’s 
Hospital.  48  coloured  plates.  4to.  London,  1816. 




Universal  Catalogue  of 

Notes  and  Queries, 
Jan.  4,  ;68. 

ACKERMANN  (R.).— A  Picturesque  Tour 
of  the  English  Lakes,  containing  a  description  of 
the  most  romantic  scenery  of  Cumberland,  West¬ 
moreland,  and  Lancashire,  with  accounts  of  ancient 
and  modern  manners  and  customs,  and  elucidations 
of  the  history  and  antiquities  of  that  part  of  the 
country.  48  coloured  views,  drawn  by  T.  H.  Field¬ 
ing  and  J.  Walton.  Imperial  4to.  London,  1821. 
b  S.K. 

ACKERMANS  (R.). — Picturesque  Tour  of 
the  Seine  from  Paris  to  the  Sea,  with  parti culars 
historical  and  descriptive,  by  M.  (J.-B.  Balthas.) 
Sauvan ;  illustrated  with  24  coloured  engravings  from 
drawings  by  A.  Pugin  and  J.  Gendell.  Atlas  4to. 
London,  1821. 

ACKERMANN  (R.).— History  of  Madeira, 

with  a  series  of  27  coloured  engravings,  illustrative 
of  the  customs,  manners,  and  occupations  of  its  in¬ 
habitants.  Royal  8vo.  London,  1821. 

ACKERMANN  (R.). —Picturesque  Tour 
through  the  Oberland,  in  the  Canton  of  Berne, 
Switzerland.  17  coloured  plates.  Royal  8vo.  Lon¬ 
don,  1823. 

ACKERMANN  (R.). — Picturesque  Tour  of 

the  River  Thames,  from  the  source  to  its  mouth ; 
illustrated  by  24  coloured  views,  a  map,  and  vignettes, 
from  original  drawings,  taken  on  the  spot,  by  West- 
all  and  Owen.  Large  4to.  London,  1829. 

ACKERMANS  (R.).— See  Vidal  (E.  E.) — 

Picturesque  Illustrations  of  Buenos  Ayres  and 
Montevideo .  1820. 

ACKERMANN  (W.  A.)  .—Her  Portraitmaler 
Sir  Godfrey  Kniller  (Knell er),  im  Verhaltniss  zur 
Kunstbildung  seiner  Zeit.  12  pp.  4to.  Liibeck, 
1845.  B.M. 

ACKLAND  (William).  —  How  to  take 

Stereoscopic  Pictures,  including  a  detailed  account 

of  the  necessary  apparatus,  and . description  of  a 

modified  Collodio-albumen  process.  2nd  edition. 

8vo.  London,  1857.  B.M. 

3rd  edition.  8vo.  London,  1859.  B.M. 

ACL  AND  (Henry  W  entworth)  . — Tlie  Plains 

of  Troy.  Illustrated  by  a  panoramic  drawing  and  a 
map.  8vo.  and  fol.  Oxford,  1839.  B.M. 

ACLAND  (H.  W.)  and  RUSKIN  (John).— 

The  Oxford  Museum.  12mo.  London,  1859.  S.K. 

ACLAND  (H.  W.).— The  Oxford  Museum. 
Remarks  addressed  to  a  Meeting  of  Architectural 
Societies,  by  H.  W.  A.  With  Letters  from  John 
Ruskin  and  John  Phillips.  2nd  edition.  Plans. 

12mo.  Oxford,  1860.  S.K. 

aminations  for  the  title  of  £  Associate  in  Arts,’  and 
Certificates,  for  the  year  1858.  Also  Letters  from 
J.  Hullah,  W.  Lyce,  J.  Ruskin,  and  G.  Richmond, 
on  the  connexion  of  the  Arts  with  general  Educa¬ 
tion  ;  and  selected  papers  relating  to  the  West  of 
England  examination  ;  with  Mr.  Temple’s  Report. 
8vo.  London,  1858.  S.K. 

ACLAND  (Th.  D.).— Two  Letters  to  George 

Richmond  and  John  Hullah,  on  the  Arts  in  con¬ 
nexion  with  General  Education.  8vo.  London, 

ACQUA  (Carlo  dell’). — Memoria  storico- 
descrittiva  dell’  insigne  Basilica  di  S.  Michele  Mag- 
giore  di  Pavia.  9  plates.  4to.  Pavia,  1862.  S.K. 

ACQUIER  (Hippolyte)  and  COMBES 

(Fbederic).- — Les  Cimetieres  de  Paris,  ouvrage  his- 
torique,  biographique  et  pittoresque.  Part  I.  5 
plates.  8vo.  Paris,  1852.  No  more  published. 


ACTON  (Richard). — Souvenirs  de  l’ancienne 
Ville  de  Stabies,  aujourd’hui  Castellamare,  par  R.  A. 

20  chromolithogr.  plates  from  drawings  by  R.  A., 
litliogr.  by  Richter.  4to.  Naples,  1857-58. 

ACTON  (William). — A  new  Journal  of  Italy, 

containing  what  is  most  remarkable  of  the  An¬ 
tiquities  of  Rome,  Savoy,  and  Naples.  12mo. 
London,  1691.  B.M. 

ACUNA  (Hernando  de).  —  El  Cavallero 

determinado,  traduzido  de  lengua  franeesca.  20 
woodcuts.  1553,  &c.  See  La  Marche  (Olivier  de).  - 

ADALBERT  (Prince  of  Prussia). — Aus 
meinem  Tagebuche,  1842-43.  (Travels  of  the 
Prince  A.  in  Brazil,  &c.  Privately  printed.)  4to. 
With  atlas  of  45  plates,  partly  coloured,  in  fol. 
Berlin,  1847.  Akad.  der  Kiinste,  Berlin.  ; 

ADAM  (Albrecht). — Voyage  pittoresque  et 
militaire  de  Willenberg  en  Prusse  jusqu’a  Moscou, 
fait  en  1812,  pris  sur  le  terrain,  et  lithographies  par 
A.  A.  101  plates.  Fol.  Munic,  1827-33.  B.M. 

The  artist  belonged  to  the  suite  of  Prince  Eugene 
Beauharnais  during  the  Russian  campaign.  | 

ADAM  (A.). —  Studien  von  Pferden  ver- 
schiedener  Ra^-e  und  Abkunft,  nach  der  Natur  ‘ 
gezeichnet  von  A.  A.  und  lithographirt  von  dessen  | 
Sohne  (J.  Adam).  2  parts.  8  lithogr.  plates.  Ob-  | 

long  fol.  Stuttgart,  1841.  S.K.  | 


ADAM  (H.). — Anleitung  zum  Landscliaft-  i 
Zeichnen  in  systematischer  Stufenfolge  nach  zusam-  \ 
mengestellten  Studien  und  Gegenstanden  der  Natur. 

25  lithogr.  plates.  Oblong  fol.  Stuttgart,  1841.  I 

Vaudois,  in  a  series  of  Views,  engraved  by  E.  Finden, 
from  drawings  by  H.  D.  A.  Accompanied  with  de¬ 
scriptions  (by  him).  4to.  London,  1831.  B.M. 

ACLAND  (Thomas  Dyke). — Some  Account 

of  the  origin  and  objects  of  the  new  Oxford  Ex- 

ADAM  (Lambert  Sigisbert). — Recueil  de  ; 

Sculptures  Antiques,  Grecques  et  Romaines.  62  j 
plates.  Small  fol.  Paris,  1754.  B.M.  j 

The  same  work,  with  another  title  :  Collection  de  j 
Sculptures  Antiques,  Grecques  et  Romaines,  trouvees  j 
a  Rome,  dans  les  Ruines  du  Palais  de  Neron  et  j 
Marius.  Paris,  1755.  Cicogn.  \ 


ACLAND  (HughDyke). — Illustrations  of  tlie  | 

Books  on  Art  [under  revision). 


Notes  and  Queries, ) 
Jan.  11,  ’68.  J 

ADAM  (Robert). — Ruins  of  tlie  Palace  of 
the  Eniperor  Diocletian  at  Spalatro,  in  Dalmatia. 
61  plates,  engraved  by  F.  Bartolozzi ,  P.  Santini,  and 

'  others,  from  drawings  by  R.  Adam  and  Charles  Louis 
Clerisseau,  and  33  pp.  Fol.  London,  1764.  S.K. 

ADAM  (R.  and  James).  —  The  Works  in 

Architecture  of  the  late  Robert  and  James  A.,  con¬ 
taining  Plans,  Elevations^  Sections  and  Details  of 
the  principal  Buildings,  public  and  private,  erected 
in  G-reat  Britain,  in  the  reign  of  George  III.  With 
designs  of  every  kind,  both  for  interior  and  exterior 
decoration.  3  vols.  125  plates,  engraved  by  Bar¬ 
tolozzi,  Piranesi,  Zucchi,  Pastorini,  Cunego,  etc. 
Fol.  London,  (177 3 — )  1822.  S.K. 

ADAM  (Victor). — Animaux,  parV.  A.  25 
parts.  150  lithogr.  drawing  copies.  Fol.  This 
forms  part  of  the  Cours  elementaire  et  progressif 
de  dessin.  Paris,  1840,  &c. 

G-erman  edition.  —  Allgemeine  Zeichenschule. 
Thier-Zeichnen,  vonV.  A.  4to.  Carlsruhe,  1848,  &c. 

ADAM  (V.). — Les  Auimaux  Historiques. 

Suivis  des  Lettres  sur  l’intelligence  des  animaux  de 

C.  G-.  Leroy . illustr^s . par  Victor  Adam.  20 

lithogr.  plates  by  V.  A.,  and  wood-engravings  in 
the  text.  Royal  8vo.  Paris  (1861).  B.M. 

ADAM  (William). — Vitruvius  Scoticus  ; 

being  a  Collection  of  Plans,  Elevations  and  Sections 
of  public  Buildings,  Noblemen’s  and.  Gentlemen’s 
Houses  in  Scotland :  principally  from  the  designs 
of  the  late  W.  A.  160  plates,  engraved  by  Richard 
Cooper,  and  others.  Fol.  Edinburgh  (1750).  S.K. 

AD  AMI  (J.  A.). — Guide  de  l’Academie  Imp. 
et  Roy.  des  Beaux -Arts  de  Venise.  8vo.  Venise 

ADAMS  (Edward).  —  The  Polychromatic 
Ornament  of  Italy.  Part  I.  (A  Series  of  Examples 
of  interior  Decorations  of  the  16th  century,  drawn 
from  the  originals.)  11  chromolithogr.  plates,  and 
frontispiece.  IV.  and  16  pp.  text.  4to.  London 
(1846).  -  S.K. 

ADAMS  (G.  Louis). — Recueil  de  Sculptures 

G-othiques,  dessinees  et  gravees  a  l’eau-forte,  d’apres 
les  plus  beaux  monuments  construits  en  France 
depuis  le  Xle  jusqu’au  XVe  siecle.  2  vols.  192 
plates.  4to.  Paris,  1856-59.  S.K. 

ADAMS  (G.  L.). — Decorations  interieures 
et  Meubles  des  epoques  Louis  XIII.  et  Louis  XIV., 
reproduits  d’apres  les  compositions  de  Crispin  de 
Passe,  Paul  Vredeman  de  Vries,  Sebastien  Serlius, 
Berain,  Jean  Marot,  de  Brosse,  etc.  100  plates, 
engraved  by  Adams.  Small  fol.  Paris,  1861, 
etc.  S.K. 

ADAMS  (G.  L.).  —  Album  du  Marbrier. 
Collection  de  Cheminees  et  d’Ornemens  d’Eglises, 
relev^s  et  dessines  par  G-.  L.  A.  2  parts.  48 
lithogr.  plates.  Oblong  8vo.  Paris  (1861  ?).  S.K. 

ADAMS  (G.  L.)  and  LEVEIL  (J.  A.).— 

Album  des  Monumens  funebres,  releves  et  dessines 
dans  les  principaux  Cimetieres  de  Paris.  30  lithogr. 
plates.  Oblong  8vo.  Paris,  1860.  S.K. 

ADAMS  (G.  L.)  and  LEVEIL  (J.  A.).— 

L’ Architecture  moderne.  Elevations,  coupes,  plans 
d’ ensemble,  details  de  maisons  de  ville  et  de  cam- 
pagne,  executes  au  trait  et  au  lavis.  18  plates. 
Fol.  Paris,  1862.  S.K. 

ADAMS  (G.  L.)  and  LEVEIL  (J.  A.).— 

Le  nouveau  Pere  la  Chaise,  ou  Recueil  des  principaux 
Monumens  funeraires  des  Cimetieres  de  Paris;  graves 
...par  M.  Hibon.  43  plates.  4to.  Paris,  n.d.  S.K, 

ADAMS  (Rudolph). — Theorie  der  Farben- 

harmonie  und  Farbengebung.  Ein  Lehr-  und  Hand- 
buch  fur  Maler  und  alle  Diejenigen,  welche  sich 
im  Gebiete  der  Farben  zu  bewegen  haben.  Coloured 
plates,  and  illustrations  in  the  text.  8vo.  Berlin, 
1865,  etc. 

ADAMS  (Thomas,  of  Warkworth). — The 
Poetical  Works  of . 1811.  See  Bewick  (Thomas). 

ADAMS  (W.  H.  Davenport).— The  History, 

Topography,  and  Antiquities  of  the  Isle  of  Wight. 
Illustrated  and  described.  25  steel  engravings  and 
2  lithogr.  plates,  besides  2  maps  and  a  geological 
diagram.  4to.  London,  1856.  B.M. 

ADDA  (Gioachimo  d’).  —  Raccolta  delle 

migliori  fabbriehe,  monumenti  e  antichita  di  Milano. 
56  plates.  4to.  Milano,  1820. 

ADDA  (G.d’). — La  Metropolitana  di  Milano, 
e  dettagli  rimarcabili  di  questo  edifizio ;  publicata 
ed  illustrata  per  curadel  Cav.  d’A.  35  plates.  Fol. 
Milano,  1824.  B.M. 

ADDINGTON  (Rev.  Henry). — Some  Ac¬ 
count  of  the  Abbey  Church  of  St.  Peter  and  St. 
Paul,  at  Dorchester,  Oxfordshire.  Plates,  and 
illustrations  in  the  text.  8vo.  Oxford,  1845.  S.K. 

The  same.  Re-issue,  with  additional  notes,  and  a 
short  account  of  the  restoration  of  the  north  aisle, 
by  W.  E.  Macfarlane.  4to.  Oxford  and  London, 
1860.  B.M. 

ADDINGTON  (Rev.  H. ) .  —  Bedfordshire. 
(By  H.  A.)  In  “The  Ecclesiastical  and  Archi¬ 
tectural  Topography  of  England.” . 1848,  etc. 

ADDISON  (Charles  Greenstreet)  . — The 
Temple  Church.  Plates.  8vo.  London,  1843.  S.K. 

ADDISON  (Joseph). — Dialogues  upon  the 

Usefulness  of  Ancient  Medals,  especially  in  relation 
to  the  Latin  and  Greek  Poets.  12mo.  London, 

Italian  translation. — Della  utilita  delle  antiche 
medaglie  dialoghi  novissimamente  recati  dall’ 
idioma  Inglese.  8vo.  Bologna,  1760.  Bodl. 

Spanish  translation. — Dialogos  sobre  la  utilidad 
de  las  medallas  antiguas ;  traducida  por  Don  Pedro 
Alonso  O’Crouley.  A1  fin  va  la  deseripeion  del 
Museo  del  traductor.  4to.  Madrid,  1795.  B.M. 

Dialogues  sur  l’utilite  des  anciennes  medailles; 
avec  des  remarques  par  Edward  Gibbon  (traduites 
de  l’Anglois).  In  Traites  sur  l’Allegorie,  Vol.  II. 





Universal  Catalogue  of 

Notes  and  Queries, 
Jan.  11, ’68. 

ADDISON  (J.). — Essays  on  Taste,  and  tlie 
Pleasures  of  the  Imagination.  From  the  Spectator. 
8vo.  London,  1834.  S.K. 

ADDISON  (J.).— Sir  Roger  de  Coverley. 

By  the  Spectator  (i.e.  J. A.,  assisted  by  Sir  R.  Steele 
and  E.  Budgell).  The  notes  and  'illustrations  by 
W.  H.  Wills.  12  wood-engravings  by  John  Thomp¬ 
son,  from  designs  by  Frederick  Tayler.  8vo. 
London,  1850.  B.M.  Also,  London,  1854. 

ADELUNG  (Friedrich  yon). — Die  Kors- 

sun’schen  Thiiren  in  der  Kathedralkirche  zur 
heiligen  Sophia  in  Novgorod,  beschrieben  und 
erlautert.  1  copper  and  8  lithogr.  plates.  4to. 
Berlin,  1823.  S.K. 

ADHEMAR  (Joseph  Alphonse). — Traite  de 

Perspective  a  l’usage  des  artistes.  8vo.,  and  Atlas 
of  plates,  fol.  Paris,  1836.  B.M. 

2nd  edition.  8vo.,  and  Atlas  of  62  plates,  fol. 
Paris,  1848. 

Traite  de  Perspective  lineaire.  3rd  edition.  8vo., 
and  Atlas  of  81  plates,  fol.  Paris,  1860. 

ADHEMAR  (J.  A.)„ — Traite  des  Ombres. 

8vo.,  and  Atlas  of  plates,  fol.  Paris,  1840.  B.M. 

Ombres;  theorie  des  teintes  etdes  points  brilliants, 
perspectives  cavalieres  et  isometriques.  2nd  edi¬ 
tion.  8vo.,  and  Atlas  of  40  plates,  fol.  Paris, 

ADHEMAR  (J.  A.). — Beaux- Arts  et  Artistes. 

12mo.  Paris,  1861.  B.M. 

ADIMARI  (Alessandro).  —  Esequie  dell’ 

illustriss.  et  eccell.  Principe  D.  Francesco  Medici 
celebrate  dal  Serenissimo  Cosimo  II.,  Gr.  D.  di 
Toscana  IV.,  descritte  da  A.  A.  22  plates,  besides 
the  portrait  of  Franc.  Medici,  and  frontispiece. 
4to.  Firenze,  1614.  Cicogn. 

ADIMARI  (Raffaelle). — SitoRiminese,  ove 
si  tratta  della  Citta  e  sue  parti,  e  in  particolare  di 
tutte  le  chiese,  anti chita,  etc.  2  woodcuts.  4to. 
Brescia,  1616.  B.M. 

ADLER  (F.).  . —  Mittelalterliche  Backstein- 
Bauwerlce  des  Preussischen  Staates,  gesammelt  und 
herausgegeben  von  F.  A.  Parts  1-8.  80  plates,  and 
woodcut  illustrations  in  the  text.  Fol.  Berlin, 
1860-65.  (In  progress.)  S.K. 

ADLER  (F.). — DieBaugeschiclit  8  yon  Berlin. 

Vortrag,  gehalten . 1861.  8vo.  Berlin,  1861. 


ADLER  (F.). — Andreas  Scbliiter’s  Leben 

und  Werke.  Vortrag,  gehalten . 1862.  8vo. 

Berlin,  1862. 

ADLER  (Jacob  Georg  Christian). — Aus- 

fiihrliche  Beschreibung  der  Stadt  Rom.  Plates. 
4  to.  Altona,  1781.  B.M. 

ADOLPHUS  (John). — Tiie  British  Cabinet, 

containing  Portraits  of  illustrious  Personages,  en¬ 
graved  from  original  pictures ;  with  biographical 
memoirs  by  J.  A.  2  vols.  50  portraits,  engraved 
by  Harding.  4to.  London,  1799-1800.  B.M. 

ADORNI  (Giuseppe). — Su  la  Pittura,  versi 
sciolti.  8vo.  Parma,  1813.  '  Cicogn. 

ADORNI  (Giuseppe). — Breve  Trattato  della 
Vita  di  Rafaele  Mota,  regiano,  pittore  famosissimo. 
Portrait.  8vo.  Parma,  1850.  A.  B.  A.,  Milan. 

ADRIANI  (Giovanni  Battista). — Lettera  a 

Gr.  Vasari  nella  quale^si  racconta  i  nomi  e  1’  opere 
de’  piu  eccellenti  artefiei  antichi.  In  Raccolta 
artistica,  vol.  i.,  1846.  B.M. 

ADRICHOMIUS  (Cheistianus).  —  Urbis 

Hierosolymm  (Christi  tempore)  et  suburbanorum 
ejus  descriptio.  8vo.  Colonise  Agrippinse,  1588. 


Another  edition.  8vo.  Colonise  Agrippinse,  1592. 


A  briefe  Description  of  Hierusalem,  and  of  the 
suburbs  thereof,  as  it  florished  in  the  time  of 
Christ.  Translated  out  of  Latin  into  English  by 
Thomas  Tymme.  4to.  London,  1595.  B.M. 

A  Description  and  Explanation- of  268  Places  in 
Jerusalem.  Translated  by  T.  T  (ymrae).  Reviewed, 
and  in  many  places  rectified  according  to  the  Holy 

Scriptures . by  H.  Jessey.  4to.  London,  1654. 

'  B.M. 

The  same,  translated  into  Italian  by  P.F.Toccolo. 
Breve  descrittione  della  Citta  di  Grierusalemme,  &c. 
Plates.  8vo.  Verona,  1590.  B.M. 

Another  edition.  Aggiontovi  di  nuovo  un  trattato 
de  S.  L.  Arrivabene  toecante  le  parti  piu  essentiali 
di  Terra  Santa.  2  parts.  Svo.  Verona,  1592.  B.M. 

ADRICHOMIUS  (Chr.).— Theatrnm  Terra? 

Sanctse  et  Biblicarum  Historiarum.  Plates.  Fol. 
Colonise  Agrippinse,  1590.  Bodl. 

Other  editions :  1593. — 1600. — 1613. — 1628.  All 
printed  at  Cologne,  in  fol.,  and  all  in  the  British 

ADUNANZA  tennia  dagli  Arcadi  in  morte  ; 

dal  Cav.  Antonio  Raffaele  Mengs .  1780.  See  ; 


ADYIS  FIDELLE.  See  Avis. 

AEDO  Y  GALLART  (Diego).— Yiaje  del  | 

Infante  Cardenal  Don  Fernando,  de  Austria,  desde  I 
12.  de  Abril  1632,  que  salio  de  Madrid  con  su  j 
Magestad  D.  Felipe  IV.  su  hermano  para  la<pudad  f 
de  Barcelona,  hasta  4.  de  Noviembre  de  1634,  que  j 
entro  en  la  de  Bruselas.  3  plates,  besides  an  en-  j 
graved  title-page  from  a  design  by  Rubens.  4to.  | 
Amberes,  1635.  B.M.  j 

French  translation,  by  Jules  Chiffiet.  The  same 
plates.  4to.  Anvers,  1635.  B.M. 

PEHRENLESE  auf  dem  Felde  der  Kunst ; 

eine  ausfiihrliche  Beschreibung  von  Originalhand- 
zeichnungen  und  Nadelarbeiten  der  Maler,  Kupfer- 
stichen  und  in  Holz  geschnittenen  AVerken.  (By  j 
Johann  August  G-ottlob  Weigel.)  3  parts.  2  j 
lithogr.  plates.  Svo.  Leipzig,  1836-45.  B.M. ; 

AESOP. — illustrated  editions,  printed  ini 
Italy,  G-ermany,  in  the  Netherlands,  in  France,! 
Spain,  and  England :  j 

Notes  and  Queries,  7. 
Jan.  11, ’68.  ) 

Books  on  Art  [under  revision). 



from  iEsop’s  Tables,  Latin,  with  Italian  translation 
by  Accio  Znchi,  in  two  sonnets,  a  “  sonetto  mate- 
riale,”  and  a  “  sonetto  morale,”  attached  to  each 
fable.  On  the  first  leaf  a  woodcut  of  iEsop,  on  the 
verso  a  sonnet,  beginning, 

“(S)  Api  chio  son  Esopo  o  tu  lettore;” 
followed  by  these  two  verses, 

“  Da  Giovanni  aluise  et  da  compagni  sui 
Con  diligentia  bene  impresso  fui.” 

66  woodcuts,  besides  the  frontispiece.  4to.  Yeronae 
(Giovanni  Alvisi),  1479.  B.M. 

AESOP. — 41  Woodcuts  to  tlie  AEsopus  mo- 

ralisatus,  published  at  Yerona,  in  1479.  (With  fac¬ 
simile  of  the  frontispiece,  and  another  of  a  cut  at 
the  end  of  the  book.)  4to.  (Yerona,  G.  Alvisi, 
1479.)  B.M. 

AESOP. — Begin  (on  the  verso  of  page  2)  Accii 

Zuchi . in  iEsopi  Eabulas  interpretatio  per 

rhytmos  in  libellum  Zucharinum  inscriptum  con- 
texta  foeliciter  incipit.  In  Italian.  Without  pa¬ 
gination.  99  leaves,  and  67  woodcuts.  4to.  Brixie 
(i.e.  Brescia)  per  Boninum  de  Boninis,  1487.  The 
title  is  preceded  by  an  Italian  poem  (on  page  1 
verso)  and  a  woodcut  (page  2  recto).  B.M. 

AESOP. — AEsopus  moralisatus.  In  Latin 
and  Italian.  The  Italian  version,  by  Francisco  del 
Tuppo,  in  prose,  with  an  allegorical,  moral,  and 
historical  comment  (Tropologia,  Allegoria,  Exem- 
plum).  Without  signatures,  catchwords,  and  pa¬ 
gination  ;  beginning  with  an  Italian  letter,  Francisco 
del  Tuppo  Neapolitano  alio  Elustrissimo  Honorato 
de  Aragonia  Gaitano,  Conte  de  Fundi.  89  wood- 
cuts.  Fol.  Neapoli  (Matteo  Moravo),  1485.  B.M. 

AESOP. — Vita  Esopi.  In  Latin  and  Italian, 
translated  by  Francisco  del  Tuppo.  23  woodcuts, 
and  frontispiece.  4to.  Yenetiis  (per  Manfredum 
de  Montefarato),  1493.  B.M. 

AESOP. — Yita  di  Esopo  Frigio,  prudente  & 
faceto  favolatore.  Tradotta  dal  S.  Conte  Giulio 
Landi.  Alla  quale  di  nuovo  sono  aggiunte  leFavole 
del  medesimo  Esopo,  con  molte  altre  d’alcuni  elevati 
ingegni,  &c.  Woodcuts.  16mo.  Yinegia,  1588.  B.M. 

A  former  edition,  with  woodcuts.  1 6mo.  Y enetia, 

Also,  Yenetia,  1606.  Bodl. 

AESOP. — Le  quattrocento  Eavole  di  Esopo 

. Illustrate  con  figure  belle,  &  grandi,  tratte  dal 

naturale.  Nuovamente  ristampate,  &c.  Wood- 
cuts.  4to.  Yenetia,  1607.  B.M. 

AESOP. — Yita  Esopi  fabulatoris  clarissimi  e 
greco  latina  per  Bimicium  facta  ad  reverendissimu 
patrem  dominu  Anthoniu  tituli  sancti  Chrisogord 
presbiterum  Cardinalem.  129  leaves.  Woodcuts. 
Fol.  n.  p.  n.  d.  (Augsburg.)  B.M. 

AESOP. — AEsopi  vita  et  fabulse,  cum  fabulis 
Aviani,  ac  Doligami,  Aldefonsi,  Poggii  facetiis.  In 
Latin  and  German.  At  the  end :  Geendet  saliglich 
von  Johanne  Zeiner  zu  vim  (before  1480).  27 5 

leaves.  Woodcuts.  Small  fol.  Without  signatures, 
catchwords,  and  pagination.  Wolfenbiittel  Libr. 

AESOP.  — *  Das  leben  des  hocbberiihmten 

fabeltiehters  Esopi  aus  kriechischer  zungen  in  latein 

durch  Bimicium  gemacht . und  mer  etlich  der 

fabeln  Aviani  uh  schimpfreden  poggy  und  anderer. 
Woodcuts.  Fol.  n.p.n.d.  (Augsburg,  A.  Keller, 
about  1483.) 

AESOP.  - —  Esopus  der  fabel- 
tichter  mit  etlichen  zugelegten  fabeln  Bimicii  und 
Aviani,  und  der  histori  sigismunde  der  tochter  des 
fursten  tancredi,  etc.  Woodcuts.  Fol.  Augspurg 
(Anthon.  Sorg.),  1483. 

Other  editions  :  1485.— 1487.— 1491.— 1496.— 

1498. — 1504.  All  printed  at  Augsburg,  in  folio, 
and  with  woodcuts.  The  edition  of  1498  in  the 
Dresden  Library. 

AESOP.  —  Esopus  leben  und  Eabeln,  mit 
sampt  den  fabeln  Aniani  (sic),  Adelfonsi,  und  et¬ 
lichen  schimpffreden  Pogii.  Darzu  ausszuge  sehoner 
fabeln  und  exempeln  S.  Brant.  Woodcuts.  4to. 
Friburg  im  Brissgaw,  1545.  B.M. 

AESOP. — Esopus  Leben  und  Eabeln :  mit 
sampt  den  Fabeln  Aniani:  Adelfonsi  und  etlichen 
schimpffreden  Pogii.  Darzu  ussziige  sehoner  Fabeln 

uh  Exempeln  Doctors  S.  Brant . Woodcuts.  4to. 

Friburg  im  Brissgaw  (Steph.  Graff),  1555.  B.M. 

AESOP. — Der  gantze  Lebr-  uh  Sinreiche 
Fabeldichter  Esopus  :  Das  ist,  Das  gantze  Leben 
unnd  Fabeln  Esopi:  Samt  einem  Anhang  der  Fa¬ 
beln  Aniani,  Adelfonsi,  uh  etlicher  Sehimpff-Beden 
Pogii :  Auch  Aussziigen  sehoner  Fabeln  und  Ex¬ 
empeln . S.  Brands.  Alles  mit  schonen  Figuren  zu 

besserer  Einbildung  in  Druck  gegeben.  8vo.  Basel, 
1676.  B.M. 

AESOP. — AEsopi  Eabulae  iconibus  Jo.  Ger- 

mershemii  (i.e.,  Johann  Posthius  von  Germersheim) 
illustratse,  in  deutsche  Beime  gebracht  von  Hartm. 
Schopper.  Woodcuts.  8vo.  Franckfurt  am  Mayn, 

AESOP. — 49  Eabeln,  so  mebrer  tbeils  auss 

Esopo  gezogen . in  gute  Bey  men  verfasset . 

und  mit  schonen  Figuren  gezieret . durch  Erasm. 

Alberum.  Woodcuts  by  Virgilius  Solis.  8vo. 
Franckfurt  a.  M.  (Feyerabend),  1579. 

Dresden  Libr. 

AESOP. — Erneuerter  Esopus  :  Das  ist :  Das 
gantze  Leben  und  Fabeln  Esopi,  so  ihme  pflegen 
zugeeignet  werden  (aus  Latein  von  H.  Steinhowel 
geteutschet).  Alles  klarlich  und  nutzlich  zusammen 
getragen,  und  anjetzo  an  vielen  Orten  verbessert. 
Zuvor  niemals  also  gedruckt.  114  woodcuts  by 
Virg.  Solis.  8vo.  (Nuremberg,  1650  ?)  B.M. 

AESOP. — Eranc.  Joseph!  Desbillons  Eabulee 
JEsopise,  curis  posterioribus  omnes  fere  emendatae  ; 
accesserunt  plus  quam  CLXX.  novae ;  turn  etiam 
observationes,  grammaticae  praesertim,  complures,  et 
index  copiosus :  nec  desunt  expressae  ex  aere  inciso 
hominum  ac  pecudum  figurae  elegantes.  2  vols. 
Plates  by  Egid  Yerhelst.  8vo.  Mannhemii,  1768. 


5th  edition.  12mo.  Parisiis,  1769.  B.M. 

6th  edition.  12mo.  Parisiis,  1778.  B.M. 



Universal  Catalogue  of 

j  Notes  and  Queries, 
(  Jan.  11,  ’68. 

ESOP. — Die  bistorien  ende  fabulen  van 
Esopus  die  leerlic  wonderlick  eh  seer  ghenoechlick 
syn.  100  leaves,  without  pagination  or  catchwords. 
Numerous  woodcut  illustrations.  Eol.  Delft  (Hen- 
rick  eckert  van  homberch),  1498.  B.M. 

ESOP.  —  Fabulge  Esopi,  graece  et  latine 

. accedit  Ranarum  et  Murium  pugna.  Wood-  j 

cuts  by  Christoph  van  Sichem,  the  younger.  8vo.  j 
Amstelodami  (J.  Jarisson),  1659. 

ESOP. — Les  Fables  de  Esope  translatees 

de  latin  en  francoys . Par  reverend  docteur  en 

theologie  frere  Julien  (Macho)  des  augustins  de 
Lyon.  Woodcuts.  Fol.  Lyon  sur  le  rosne  (par 
maistre  Mathis  hucz  [sic]  et  maistre  Jehan  Scha- 
beller),  1484.  An  imperfect  copy  in  the  Bibl.  Im- 
periale,  Paris. 

Also,  Pol.  Lyon  surle  rosne  (par  maistre  Mathis 
husz),  1486.  Woodcuts. 

ESOP. — Les  subtilles  fables  de  Esope.  Ayec 

celles  de  avie.  de  alfonce.  et  de  poge  florentin.  (trans¬ 
late  de  latin  en  francois  par  reverend . docteur 

en  theologie  frere  julien  [Macho]  des  augustins  de 
lyon).  107  woodcuts,  besides  the  figure  of  AEsop 
on  the  verso  of  the  title-page.  4to.  Pierre  Ma- 
reschal  et  Bernabe  Chaussard.  (Lyon,  1499?) 

“  The  title  of  this  copy  is  in  blade  ink,  and 
although  the  volume  seems  perfect,  it  has  neither 
date  nor  place.  The  names  of  the  printers  occur  in 
their  device  on  the  title-page.  Brunet  describes  an 
edition  by  these  printers  of  the  same  date,  but 
having  the  title  in  red  ink  and  a  colophon.”  B.M. 

-ESOP. — Les  snbtilles  fables  de  esope  ayec 

celles  de  aviani  de  alfonce  et  de  poge  florentin 

(translateez  de  latin  en  fracois  par . frere  julien 

[Macho]  des  augustins  de  lyon).  72  leaves.  116 
woodcuts,  besides  the  figure  of  iEsop  on  the  recto 
and  verso  of  the  title-page.  Pol.  n.  p.  n.  d.  B.M.. 

The  woodcuts  are  the  same  as  in  the  preceding 
edition,  although  fewer  in  number. 

ESOP. — Les  Fables  du  tres  ancien  Esope 
phrigien,  premierement  escriptes  en  grec,  et  depuis 
mises  en  rithme  franchise  (by  Gilles  Corrozet). 
Woodcuts.  8vo.  (Paris)  De  l’imprimerie  de  Denys 
Janot,  1544. 

A  former  edition.  8vo.  Paris  (Janot),  1542. 

ESOP. — Les  Fables  d’Esope,  mises  en  rimes 
fraiKjoises,  avec  la  vie  d’Esope,  par  Ant.  du  Moulin. 
Woodcuts.  16mo.  Lyon  (Jean  de  Tournes), 

Also,  16mo.  Lyon,  1551. —  16mo.  Paris,  1567. — 
16mo.  Rouen,  1578.-~.16mo.  Lyon,  1570,  and  1583. 

ESOP. — Esbatement  moral,  des  Animanx. 
Plates  by  Philippe  Halle.  Small  4to.  Anvers, 
1578.  SK 


ESOP.  —  Fabulee  Esopicse  . Woodcuts. 

16mo.  Lugduni  (apud  Joan.  Tornsesium),  1579. 


ESOP. — Esopi  Phrygis  Fabube,  elegantis- 
simis  iconibus  illustratse.  Cum  Latina  versione, 

Graeco  textui  adiuncta.  Accesserunt . leones  quae 

in  vita  AEsopi  desiderabantur.  Woodcuts.  16mo. 
Lugduni,  1609.  B.M. 

Another  edition.  The  same  cuts.  16mo.  Lug¬ 
duni,  1614.  B.M. 

ESOP. — Les  Fables  et  la  Vie  d’Esope,  nou- 
vellement  enrichies  de  plusieurs  figures.  16mo. 
Anvers  (Plan tin),  1593.  B.M. 

ESOP.— Fables  diyerses,  tirees  d’Esope  et 
d’autres  Auteurs,  avec  des  explications,  par  R.  D.  F. 
(Raphael  du  Fresne).  140  engravings  by  Gilles 
Sadeler.  4to.  Paris,  1659. 

Other  editions,  with  the  same  plates,  but  dif¬ 
ferently  arranged:  4to.  Paris,  1689. — Bodl.  4to. 
Paris,  1743. 

The  plates  by  Gilles  (Egidius)  Sadeler  appeared 
previously  in  the  “  Theatrum  morum.  Artliche  ge- 
sprach  der  Thier  mit  wahren  historien  den  menschen 
zur  lehr.”  4to.  Prag,  1608. 

ESOP. — Les  Fables  d’Esope  Pbrygien.  Tra¬ 
duction  nouvelle,  illustree  de  Discours  moraux,  phi- 
losophiques  et  politiques,  par  J.  Baudoin.  Avec  les 
figures  en  taille  douce.  2  parts.  118  plates.  8vo. 
Rouen,  1660.  With  a  second  title-page,  engraved. 


Also,  8vo.  Rouen,  1665.  Bodl. 

ESOP. — Fables  d’Esope  en  Quatrains  (trad. 

par  Jean  Benserade) . Woodcuts  (221  ?)  by  Pierre 

le  Sueur.  8vo.  Paris,  1678. 

ESOP. — Les  Fables  d’Esope  Pbrygien,  ayec 
celles  de  Philelphe,  Traduction  nouvelle,  enrichie 

de  Discours  moraux  et  liistoriques . Par  Mr.  de 

Bellegarde.  2  vols.  Plates.  8vo.  Utrecht,  1734. 


ESOP. — Esope  en  belle  bumeur,  ou  la  der- 
niere  traduction  de  ses  fables,  en  prose  et  en  vers 
(par  J.  Brusle).  2  parts.  Vignettes.  Small  8vo. 
Bruxelles,  1700.  Dresden  Libr. 

ESOP. — Libro  del  Ysopo  famoso  fabulador 
historiado  en  romace.  Numerous  woodcuts.  Fol. 
Burgos  '(por  Fabrique  Aleman  de  Basilea),  1496. 

Bibl.  Imperiale,  Paris. 

Other  editions : 

Libro  del  sabio  &  clarissimo  fabulador  ysopo 
hystoriado  &  annotado.  Woodcuts.  Fol.  Sevilla 
(Jacobo  Cromberger,  aleman),  1526.  B.M. 

Also,  Fol.  Sevilla  (J.  Cromberger),  1533.  Wood- 

Libro  del  sabio  y  clarissimo  fabulador  Ysopo  :  hys¬ 
toriado  y  annotado.  71  leaves.  Woodcuts.  Fol. 
Toledo  (Juan  de  Ayala),  1547.  B.M. 

Also,  Fol.  Sevilla  (Sebastian  Trugillo),  1562. 
Woodcuts.  B.M. 

4to.  Sevilla,  1571.  Woodcuts. 

Notes  and  Queries 
Jan.  18,  ’68. 

Boohs  on  Art  ( under  revision). 


'  ESOP. — The  first  English  version  of  Esop’s 
Fables,  containing  also  the  Fables  of  Avianus,  Al- 
defonsus,  and  Poggius.  Woodcuts.  Fol.  West- 
mynstre,  1484.  ‘Here  begynneth  the  book  of  the 
subtyl  historyes  and  Fables  of  Esope  whiche  were 
translated  out  of  Frensshe  into  Englisshe,  by  Wil¬ 
liam  Caxton.’ . At  the  end,  *  Emprynted  by  me 

William  Caxton  at  Westmynstre  in  thabbey  and 
finisshed  the  xxvi  daye  of  marche  the  yere  of  our 

£  lorde,  M.CCCC.LXXXIIII.’  142  numbered  leaves 
with  signatures.  Leaf  1,  a  woodcut  of  AEsop.  B.M. 

AESOP. — Eabule  Esopi  cum  eoinmento.  (The 
AEsopus  moralisatus,  with  a  prose  commentary.)  4to. 
London  (Wynkyn  de  Worde),  1503.  Sign.  A.F. 
but  no  pagination.  On  the  title-page  is  a  woodcut 
of  a  schoolmaster  and  three  scholars,  on  the  last 
page  the  device  of  Wynkyn  de  Worde.  B.M. 

ESOP.  —  The  Fables  of  Esop  paraphras’d 
in  verse,  and  adorn’d  with  sculpture.  By  John 
Ogilby.  Plates  by  Wenceslaus  Hollar.  4to.  Lon¬ 
don,  1651.  B.M. 

Other  editions  :  Fol.  London,  1665.  The  plates 
mostly  by  Hollar.  Bodl. — 2  parts.  148  plates.  Fol. 
London,  1668.  B.M. — 2vols.  8vo.  London,  1672-73. 

ESOP. — Esop’s  Fables,  with  his  Life,  in 

English,  French  and  Latin  ;  the  English  by  Th. 
Philipott;  the  French  and  Latin  by  Rob.  Codring- 
ton.  Illustrated  with  112  sculptures  by  Francis 
Barlow.  Fol.  London,  1666.  B.M. 

Another  edition.  Fol.  London,  1687-  B.M. 

To  this  edition  are  added  31  new  figures  represen¬ 
ting  the  life  of  AEsop,  by  F.  Barlow. 

Another  edition.  Fol.  London,  1703.  B.M. 

AESOP. — AEsop’s  Fables,  in  English  and 
Latin  interlineary.  (By  John  Locke.)  With  sculp¬ 
tures.  8vo.  London,  1703.  B.M. 

ESOP. — Esop’s  Fables . a  new  transla¬ 

tion,  by  Jos.  Jackson,  with  cuts.  8vo.  London, 
1708.  Bodl. 

ESOP. — Fables  of  Esop  and  others,  newly 
done  into  English.  With  an  application  to  each 
Fable.  (Edited  by  Samuel  Croxall.)  196  wood- 
cuts,  and  frontispiece.  8vo.  London,  1722.  B.M. 

9th  edition.  The  same  cuts.  8vo.  London, 
1770.  B.M. 

ESOP. — The  Fables  of  AEsop . with  112 

engravings  by  Bromley,  Landseer,  &c.  2  vols. 

Royal  8vo.  London,  1793.  B.M. 

ESOP. — Esop’s  Fables,  embellished  with 
111  elegant  engravings.  (With  Sam.  Croxall’s  pre¬ 
face.)  12mo.  London  (1797).  B.M. 

ESOP. — The  Fables  of  Esop  and  others, 
with  designs  on  wood  by  Thomas  Bewick.  8vo. 
Newcastle,  1818.  B.M. 

Another  edition.  8vo.  Newcastle,  1823.  Bodl. 

ESOP.- — The  Beauties  of  Esop  and  other 

Fabulists ;  being  a  selection  of  Fables  selected  from  \ 

AEsop,  Dodsley,  Gay,  &c.  Adorned  with  cuts  by 
Th.  Bewick . 3rd  edition.  12mo.  London,  1822. 


ESOP. — -Esop  in  rhyme,  with  some  ori¬ 
ginals.  By  Jefferys  Taylor.  With  an  engraving 
to  each  fable.  12mo.  London,  1820.  B.M. 

ESOP.— Esop’s  Fables.  With  upwards  of  150 
emblematical  devices.  London,  1821.  B.M. 

ESOP.— Fables  of  Esop  and  others*:  trans¬ 

lated  into  English ;  with  instructive  applications, 

and  a  print  before  each  fable.  By  S.  Croxall . 

24th  edition.  12mo.  London,  1836.  B.M. 

ESOP. — Esop’s  Fables ;  a  new  version, 
chiefly  from  original  sources.  By  the  Rev.  T.  James. 
With  more  than  100  illustrations,  designed  by  John 
Tenniel.  8vo.  London,  1848.  S.K. 

Also:  London,  1858.  B.M. 

ESOP.— The  Fables  of  Esop  and  others 
translated  into  Human  Nature.  Designed'  and  drawn 
on  the  wood  by  C.  H.  Bennett,  engraved  by  Swain. 
4to.  London,  1858.  B.M. 

ESOP. — Esop’s  Fables.  Croxall’s  Trans¬ 
lation  ;  with  Morals  and  Applications  by  the  Rev. 
G.  F.  Townsend.  110  wood  engravings.  8vo. 
London,  1866. 

ESOP. — Esop’s  Fables.  A  new  edition. 
Edited  by  Edward  Garrett.  100  illustrations  by 
Wolf,  Zwecker,  and  Dalziel.  16mo.  London,  1867. 

ESOP. — The  Fables  of  Esop  :  with  (60) 
illustrations  by  Henry  L.  Stephens,  lithographed  by 
Julius  Bien.  New  York,  1867. 

ESOP.  —  Ezopische  Fabelen  van  Fedrus 

. In  Nederduitsch  Dicht  vertaelt . door  D. 

van  Hoogstraten . 1704.  See  Phxedrus. 

ESOPUS  van  EUROP A.— Satirical  Fables, 
in  prose  and  verse,  chiefly  against  Louis  XIV.  of 
France,  with  40  caricatures  by  Romain  de  Hooghe. 
4to.  Haag,  1701. 

Reprinted  in  1739,  under  the  title,  Ezopus  in 

AETZ-KUNTST.  —  Kurzgefasste  Abhand- 

lung  iiber  die  Aetz-Kunst . 1790.  See  Etching. 

AFBEELDIN GEN  der  Fransche  Dragien. 

See  Costumes. 

AFBEELDINGEX  der  Graven  en  Gravin- 

nen  van  Holland.  See  Holland. 

AFFO  (Ireneo). — Delle  Zeeche  e  Monete  di 
tutti  i  Principe  di  Casa  Gonzaga  che  fuori  di  Man- 
toya  signor eggiarono.  Plates.  Fol.  Bologna,  1782. 

AFFO  (I.). — La  Zecca  e  Moneta  Parmigiana 
illustrata ;  opera  di  annotazioni  accresciuta,  ornata 
colla  intera  serie  delle  medaglie  de’  duchi  e  pfcincipi 
di  Parma,  e  data  in  luce  da  G.  A.  Zanetti.  Fol. 
Parma,  1788.  B.M. 

AFFO  (I.). — Yita  del  graziosissimo  Pittore 
Francesco  Mazzola,  detto  II  Parmigianino.  4to. 
Parma,  1784.  S.K. 



Universal  Catalogue  of 

f  Notes  and  Queries, 
\  Jan.  18, ’68.. 


AFFO  (I.). —  II  Parmigiano,  servitor  di 
Piazza.  Ovvero  dialoghi  di  Frombola.  8vo.  Parma, 
1796.  Cicogn. 

AFFO  (I.). — Ragionamento  sopra  nna  stanza 

dipinta  da  Correggio . in  Parma.  1794.  See 


AGARD  (Antoine,  1  Maistre  Orfevre  et  An- 
tiquaire  de  la  yille  d’ Arles  en  Provence’). — Discours 
et  Roole  (rolle)  des  Medailles  et  autres  antiquitez 

tant  en  pierreries,  gravures,  qu’en  relief . plu- 

sieurs  figures  et  statues  de  bronze  antiques,  avec 
autres  statues  de  terre  cuites  a  l’Egyptienne,  et  plu- 

sieurs  rares  sfntiquitez . dans  le  Cabinet  d’A.  A. 

137  pp.  12mo.  Paris,  1611.  B.M.  ; 

AGINCOURT(Jean-Baptiste  Louis  Georges  j 

Seroux  d’). — Histoire  de  l’Art  par  les  Monumens,  j 
depuis  sa  decadence  au  I  Ye  siecle  jusqu’a  son  re- 
nouvellement  au  XYIe.  6  vols.  325  plates.  Pol. 
Paris,  (1811— )  1823.  S.K.  I 

Italian  translations. — 1.  Storia  dell’  Arte  dimo- 
strata  co’  monumenti,  etc.  (By  Stefano  Ticozzi.)  6 
vols.  8vo.  Prato,  1826-30.  Plates.  3  vols.,  folio. 

2.  Storia  dell’  Arte  col  mezzo  dei  monumenti . 

con  aggiunte  Italiane.  6  vols.  Fol.  Mantova, 
1841.  B.M. 

German  translation. — Sammlung  von  Denkma- 
lern  der  Architectur,  Sculptur  und  Malerei,  etc.  Re- 
vidirt  von  A.  F.  von  Quast.  3  vols.  4to.  Berlin, 
1840.  328  plates  (3,335  subjects),  folio.  B.M. 

Re-issue,  with  new  title-page.  Frankfurt  am 
Main,  n.d. 

English  translation. — History  of  Art  by  its  Mo¬ 
numents,  &c.  3  vols.  328  plates.  Fol.  London, 
1847.  S.K. 

AGHSTCOURT  (J.-B.  L.  G.  Seroux  d’).— 

Recueil  de  Fragmens  de  Sculpture  antique  en  terre 
cuite.  39  plates.  4to.  Paris,  1814.  S.K. 

AGINCOURT  (J.-B.  L.  G.  Seroux  d’).— 

See  Dumesnil  (J.),  Histoire  des  plus  celebres  Ama¬ 
teurs  Fra^ais,  etc.  Vol.  3. 

AGLIETTI  (Francesco). — Elogio  dei  Bel¬ 
lini.  In  Orazioni  reeitate  nella  distribuzione  an¬ 
nuals  cV  premi  nella  Veneta  Accademia  di  Belle 
Arti  in  Venezia.  (1808-10).  Cicogn. 

AGLIO  (Augustine). — A  Collection  of  Capi¬ 
tals  and  Friezes,  Roses,  Entablatures,  &c.,  drawn 
from  the  Antique.  4to.  London,  1820. 

AGLIO  (A.). — Sketches  of  the  interior  and 
temporary  Decorations  in  Woolley  Hall,  Yorkshire ; 
drawn,  painted  and  etched  by  A.  A.  Fol.  London, 

1821.  B.M. 

AGLIO  (A.). — Studies  of  various  Trees  and 
Forest  Scenery,  drawn  from  nature.  Hos.  I-II.  Fol. 

London,  1831.  B.M. 

AGLIO  (A.). — Antiquities  of  Mexico . 

illustrated  by  upwards  of  one  thousand  plates,  accu¬ 
rately  copied  from  the  originals,  by  A.  A . 1830, 

&c.  See  Kingsborough  (Edward,  Viscount). 

AGLIO  (Giuseppe). — Le  pitture  e le  sculture 
della  citta  di  Cremona.  8vo.  Cremona,  1794.  I 

AGLIONBY  (William).  — Painting  illus¬ 
trated  in  Three  Diallogues,  containing  some  choice 
Observations  upon  the  Art ;  together  with  the  Lives 
of  the  most  eminent  Painters,  from  Cimabue  to  the 
time  of  Raphael  and  Michael  Angelo.  With  an  ex¬ 
planation  of  the  difficult  Terms.  4to.  London, 
1685.  S.K. 

The  same  with  title,  Choice  Observations  upon  the 
Art  of  Painting  ;  together  with  Vasari’s  Lives  of  the 
most  eminent  Painters.  4to.  London,  1719.  Bodl. 

AGNELLI  (Jacopo). — Galleria  di  Pitture 

dell’ . Cardinale  Tommaso  Ruffo,  Vescovo  di 

Palestrina,  e  di  Ferrara,  etc.  Rime,  e  prose  del 
Dott.  J.  A.  8vo.  Ferrara,  1734.  S.K. 

AGNETHLER  (Michael  Gottlieb).— Be- 

schreibung  des  Schulzischen  Miinzkabinets . mit 

kurzen  Anmerkungen  begleitet.  4  parts.  4to. 
Halle,  1750-52.  Bodl. 

AGNEW  (H.  C.). — A  Letter  from  Alexan¬ 
dria  on  the  evidence  of  the  practical  application  of 
the  quadrature  of  the  circle  in  the  configuration  of 
the  great  Pyramids  of  Gizeh.  4to.  London,  1838. 


AGOSTINI  (Lionardo). — LeGemme  antiche 

figurate.  2  parts.  4to.  Roma,  1657(-1669).  With 
annotations  by  G.  P.  Bellori.  The  plates  designed 
and  engraved  by  Giovanni  Battista  Galestruzzi. 
The  1st  part  contains  214  plates,  besides  a  frontis¬ 
piece  and  portrait  of  the  author ;  the  2nd  part,  pub¬ 
lished  in  1669,  53  plates.  Bodl. 

2nd  edition.  2  parts.  4to.  Roma,  1686.  S.K. 

Latin  translation,  by  Jacob  Gronovius.- — Gemmse 
et  Sculpturse  Antiquee,  etc.  2  parts.  265  plates, 
engraved  by  Abraham  Blooteling.  4to.  Amstelo- 
dami,  1685.  B.M. 

Another  edition.  2  parts.  269  plates.  4to. 
Franequerse,  1694.  S.K. 

AGOUB  (Joseph). — Coup  d’oeil  sur  l’Egypte 
ancienne  et  moderne  ;  ou,  analyse  raisonnee  du  grand 
ouvrage  de  la  description  de  l’Egypte,  publie  par  les 
savans  qui  ont  accompagne  1’ expedition  Fran^aise 
dans  ce  pays.  8vo.  Paris,  1822.  B.M. 

AGRETTI  (Giambattista)  . — Testimonianze 
e  confronti  sul  Tempio  di  Marte  in  Todi.  1  plate. 
4to.  Perugia,  1818.  B.M. 

AGRICOLA  (Filippo).  —  Alcune  osserva- 

zioni  artistiche  fatte  in  occasione  di  aver  tolto  via 
l’ingombro  della  polvere  che  offuscava  i  famosi  di- 
pinti  Raffaello  nelle  Camere  Vaticane.  4to.  Roma, 
1839.  A.  B.  A.,  Milan. 

AGRICOLA  (Georg). — Georgii  Agricoke  de 
Re  Mettallica  Libri  XII.  Quibus  officia,  instrumenta, 
machinse,  ac  omnia  denique  ad  metallicam  spectan- 
tia,  non  modo  luculentissime  describuntur,  sed  et 
per  effigies,  suis  locis  insertas,  adjunctis  Latinis. 
Germanisque  appellationibus  itaob  oculos  ponuntur, 
ut  clarius  tradi  non  possint.  Ejusdem  de  Animan- 
tibus  subterraneis  liber,  ab  Auctore  recognitus. 
Xumerous  woodcuts  by  Hans  Rudolph  Manuel.  Fol. 
Basileee  (Froben),  1561.  S.K. 

Notes  and  Queries, ) 
Jan.  18,  ’68.  J 

Books  on  Art  ( under  revision). 


Other  editions: — 8vo.  Basilese,  1530.  B.M. 
8yo.  Parisiis,  1541.  B.M. — Fol.  Basilese,  1549. 
Fol.  Basilese,  1556.  B.M. — Fol.  Basilese,  1621. 
Bodl. — Fol.  Basilese,  1657.  B.M. 

German  translation. — Bergwerksbuch  oder  vom 

Bergwerk  12  Biiclier . verteutscht  durch  Ph. 

Bechiusn.  Fol.  Basel,  1557.  B.M.  Other  edi¬ 
tions:  Frankfurt-a.-M.,  1580.- — Basel,  1621.  B.M. 
Schweinfurt,  1687. 

Italian  translation. — Gi.  Agricola,  Dell’  Arte  de’ 
Metalli . Tradotti  in  lingua  Toscana  da  Michel¬ 
angelo  Florio.  Fol.  Basilea,  1563.  B.M. 

AGRIPPA  (Camillo). — Trattato  di  Scientia 
d’Arme,  con  un  Dialogo  di  Filosofia.  56  plates,  and 
portrait  of  the  Author.  4to.  Roma,  1553.  B.M. 
Other  editions,  printed  at  Venice,  1568  and  1604. 

AGRIPPA  (C.). — Trattato  di  C.  A.  di  tras- 

portare  la  Guglia  sulla  Piazza  di  S.  Pietro.  Plates. 
4to.  Roma,  1583.  Cicogn. 

AGUADO. —  Galerie  Aguado:  Choix  des 

principaux  Tableaux . par  Ch.  Gavard.  Notices 

sur  les  Peintres,  par  Louis  Viardot.  13  parts.  35 
plates,  and  52  pp.  Fol.  Paris,  1839,  etc.  B.M. 

AIGUEPERSE  (Antoine  Jean-Baptiste). — 

Notice  biographique  sur  Ambroise  Cornarmond, 

membre  de  l’Academie  de  Lyon, . lue  dans  la  seance 

de  l’Academje  du  24  mai  1 859,  par  M.  d’Aigueperse. 
8vo.  Lyon,  1860. 

AGUIRRE  (Domingo  de). — Topografia  del 

real  sitio  de  Aranjuez ;  por  D.  d.  A.  15  plates, 
engraved  by  Salvador  y  Corona,  Barcelon,  Selma, 
Fabregat,  Ballester,  and  others.  (No  text.)  Fol. 
Madrid,  1775.  Dresden  Libr. 

AGUSTEST  (Antonio,  Archbishop  of  Tarra¬ 
gona). — Dialogos  de  Medallas,  inscriciones  y  otras 
antiguedades.  Ex  bibliotheca  A.  A.  Plates.  4to. 
Tarragona,  1587.  B.M. 

Another  edition.  4to.  Madrid,  1744. 

Two  Italian  versions. — 1st,  by  an  anonymous 
translator.  4to.  n.  p.  n.  d.  (Venice.)  72  plates. 
Also,  4to:  Firenze,  1803. — 2nd,  by  Dionigi  Otta- 
viano  Sada.  Fol.  Roma,  1592.  72  plates.  B.M. 

Also:  Roma,  1625.  B.M.— Roma,  1650.  Bodl. — 

Roma,  1698.  B.M. — Roma,  1736.  Cicogn. 

Latin  translation,  by  And.  Schott.  Fol.  Ant- 
verpise,  1617.  Also,  Antverpise,  1653-54.  3  parts. 
68  plates. 

AHERON  (John). — A  General  Treatise  of 
Architecture.  In  five  Books.  152  plates.  Fol. 
Dublin,  1754.  B.M. 

AHLBURG.  — -  Die  Klosterkirehe  zn  Rid- 

dagshausen  (near  Brunswick).  3  plates.  Fol.  Ber¬ 
lin,  1857.  S.K. 

AIGREEEUILLE  (Charles  d’). — Histoire 

de  la  Ville  de  Montpellier,  depuis  son  origine  jusqu’a 
notre  temps ;  avec  un  abrege  historique  de  tout  ce 
qui  preceda  son  etablissement.  2  parts.  3  plans, 
and  3  vignettes.  Fol.  Montpellier,  1737-39.  B.M.  j 

AIKIN  (Arthur). — An  Address  delivered 

. 1817,  at  the  annual  distribution . of  the  re¬ 
wards  adjudged  by  the  Society  for  the  Encourage¬ 
ment  of  Arts,  &  A.  A.,  Secretary.  8vo. 

London,  1817.  B.M. 

AIKIN  (A.). — Illustrations  of  Arts  and 
Manufactures,  being  a  selection  from  a  series  of 
papers,  read  before  the  Society  for  the  Encourage¬ 
ment  of  Arts,  &c.  8vo.  London,  1841.  S.K. 

AIKEN  (Edmund).— Designs  for  Villas  and 
other  rural  Buildings.  With  an  introductory  Essay. 
31  plates.  4to.  London,  1808.  B.M. 

AIKIN  (E.). — An  Essay  on  the  Doric  Order 
of  Architecture.  7  plates.  Imper.  fol.  London, 
1810.  B.M. 

AIKIN  (E.). — Plans, Elevation,  Section,  and 
View  of  the  Cathedral  Church  of  St.  Paul,  London; 
engraved  by  J.  Le  Keux  from  drawings  by  James 
Elmes.  With  an  historical  and  descriptive  account 
by  E.  A.  5  plates,  an  Essay  of  18  pp.,  and  preface 
of  2  pp.,  signed  J.  B.  (John  Britton).  Eleph.  4to. 
London,  1813. 

AIKIN  (John). — A  Description  of  the  Coun¬ 
try  from  thirty  to  forty  miles  round  Manchester. 
73  plates,  and  a  large  map.  4to.  London,  1795. 


AIKMAN  (James). — An  Account  of  the 
Tournament  at  Eglinton,  illustrated  by  representa¬ 
tions  of  the  various  scenes  from  sketches  taken  upon 
the  spot  by  W.-  Gordon.  With  a  biographical  ac¬ 
count  of  the  Eglinton  family ;  to  which  is  prefixed 
a  sketch  of  chivalry,  and  of  the  most  remarkable 
Scottish  tournaments.  4to.  Edinburgh,  1839.  B.M. 

AINSLIE  (Sir  Robert). — Views  in  Egypt, 
from  drawings  in  the  possession  of  Sir  Robert 
Ainslie,  taken  during  his  Embassy  to  Constantino¬ 
ple,  by  Luigi  Mayer . 1801. — Views  in  Palestine, 

etc.  See  Mayer  (L.). 

AITCHISON  (G.,  the  younger). — Color  as 
applied  to  Architecture.  Sessional  Paper,  14. 
December,  1857.  B.  Arch. 

AIT S INGE RUS  (Michael).— See  Eytzin- 


AKEN  (Henry). — The  Beauties  and  Defects 
in  the  Figure  of  the  Horse  comparatively  delineated 
. in  a  series  of  coloured  plates.  8vo.  Lon¬ 
don  (1816).  B.M. 

AKERMAN  (John  Yonge). — A  Numismatic 

Manual ;  or,  Guide  to  the  Study  of  Greek,  Roman, 
and  English  Coins.  Plates.  8vo.  London,  1832. 

Also:  8vo.  London,  1840.  17  plates.  B.M. 

AKERMAN  (J.  Y.). — A  descriptive  Cata¬ 
logue  of  rare  and  unedited  Roman  Coins,  from  the 
earliest  period  of  Roman  coinage  to  the  extinction 
of  the  Empire  under  Constantinus  PaleoJogos. 
With  numerous  plates  from  the  originals.  2  vols. 
8vo.  London,  1834.  B.M. 



Notes  and  Queries, 
Jan.  18,  ’G8. 

Universal  Catalogue  oj 

AKERMAN  (  J.  Y.). — Catalogue  d’une  partie 
de  la  Collection  de  Medailles  du  Chevalier  de  Horta. 
8vo.  Londres,  1839.  B.M. 

AKERMAN  (J.  Y.).— Account  of  Trades¬ 
men’s  Tokens,  struck  in  London  and  its  vicinity, 
from  the  year  1648  to  1672  inclusive.  Described 
from  the  originals  in  the  Collection  of  the  British 
Museum,  &c.  4to.  London,  1843.  •  B.M. 

AKERMAIST  (J.  Y.). — Roman-Britisli  Coins, 
described  and  illustrated.  Plates.  8vo.  London, 
1836.  B.M. 

2nd  edition. — Coins  of  the  Homans  relating  to 
Britain,  described  and  illustrated.  Plates.  8vo. 
London,  1844.  B.M. 

AKERMAIST  (J.  Y.). — Numismatic  Illustra-  j 
tions  of  the  narrative  portions  of  the  Yew  Testa¬ 
ment.  Woodcuts.  8vo.  London,  1846.  B.M.  ] 

AKERMAN  (J.  Y.). — Ancient  Coins  of! 
Cities  and  Princes,  geographically  arranged  and 
described ;  containing  the  Coins  of  Hispania,  Gallia, 
and  Britannia,  with  plates  of  several  hundred  exam¬ 
ples.  8vo.  London,  1846.  B.M. 

AKERMAN  (J.  Y.).— An  Archaeological  In¬ 
dex  to  Remains  of  Antiquity  of  the  Celtic,  Romano-  1 
British,  and  Anglo-Saxon  Periods.  Numerous  plates,  j 
8vo.  London,  1847.  B.M.  j 

AKERMAN  (J.  Y.). — An  Introduction  to 
the  Study  of  Ancient  and  Modern  Coins.  Woodcut  I 
illustrations  in  the  text.  8vo.  London,  1848.  S.K.  j 

AKERMAIST  (J.  Y.). — Remains  of  Pagan  I 
Saxondom.  40  chromo-lithogr.  plates,  and  woodcut  j 
illustrations  in  the  text.  4to.  London,  1855.  S.K.  i 

AKERMAIST  (J,  Y.). — Numismatic  Journal,  j 

Edited  by  J.  Y.  A . London,  ]  836-38.  Con-  ! 

tinued  under  the  following  title : — The  Numismatic  i 
Chronicle,  and  Journal  of  the  Numismatic  Society,  j 
Edited  by  J.  Y.  A.  First  series,  1838-60.  Second 
series,  1861-63,  &c.  See  Societies. 

ALBANI. — Indicazione  antiquaria  per  la 
Villa  suburbana  dell’  eccellentissima  casa  Albani. 
4to.  Roma,  1785.  Bodl. 

2nd  edition,  with  an  appendix.  8vo.  Roma,  1803.  ! 

B.M.  i 

ALBANI  (Alessandro,  Cardinal). — Disser-  | 

tazione  sopra  un  singolar  combattimento  espresso  in  j 
Basso-rilievo  esistente  nella  Villa  dell’  Em.  Sig.  I 
Cardinale  A.  A.  (By  S.  Raffei?)  Plates.  Fol. 
(Rome,  1770?)  B.M. 

ALBANI  (Annibale,  Cardinal). — Memorie 

concernenti  la  citta  di  Urbino.  (Descrizione  del 
palazzo  ducale  d’ Urbino  di  Bernardino  Baldi.  Spie- 
gazione  delle  scolture  contenute  nelle  LXXII  tavole 
di  marmo  nel  basamento  esteriore  del  palazzo  di 
Urbino,  da  F.  Bianchini.)  Plates.  Fol.  Roma, 
U24.  B.M. 

ALBANI  (A.,  Cardinal). — Greek  Calendar 
of  the  Saints  (G-reek  and  Latin  text).  Menologium 
Graecorum,  jussu  Basilii  imperatoris  Greece  olim 

editum,  munifLcentia  et  liberalitate  sanctissimi  do- 
mini  nostri  Benedicti  XIII.  In  tres  partes  divisum, 
nunc  primum  Greece  et  Latine  prodit,  studio  et  opera 
Annibalis  tit.  S.  dementis,  Presbyteri  Card.  Albani, 
S.  R.  E.  Camerarii,  et  Basilicee  Vaticanee  Archipres- 
byteri.  3  vols.  Numerous  plates.  Fol.  Urbini, 
1727.  S.K. 

ALBANI  (Francesco). — Albani,  Fr.,  et  Sixti 

Badalocci  Picturee  in  eede  Verospia,  a  Petro  de  Pe¬ 
tris  delin.,  sculptee  vero  a  Joan.  Hier.  Frezza.  16 
plates,  and  portrait.  Fol.  Romee,  1704.  B.M. 

ALBANIS  de  BEAUMONT  (Jean  Fran¬ 
cois). — Vo}7age  historique  et  pittoresque  du  Comte 
de  Nice.  12  coloured  plates.  Fol.  Geneve,  1787. 


ALBANIS  de  BEAUMONT  (J.  F.).— Voy¬ 
age  pittoresque  aux  Alpes  Pennines . suivi  de 

quelques  notes  pour  servir  a’ explication  aux  des- 
sins  qui  composent  cet  ouvrage.  1 2  coloured  plates. 
Fol.  Geneve,  1787.  B.M. 

ALBANIS  de  BEAUMONT  (J.  F.).— Tra¬ 
vels  through  the  Rhsetian  Alps  in  the  year  1786, 
from  Italy  to  Germany  through  Tyrol.  1 0  aquatinta 
plates  from  designs  by  the  Author.  Fol.  London, 
1792.  B.M. 

Also:  Fol.  London,  1802. 

ALBANIS  de  BEAUMONT  (J.  F.).— Select 

Views  of  the  Antiquities  and  Harbours  in  the  South 
of  France ;  with  topographical  and  historical  de¬ 
scriptions.  15  plates  in  Indian  ink.  Fol.  London, 
1794.  B.M. 

ALBANIS  de  BEAUMONT  (J:  F.).— Tra¬ 
vels  through  the  Maritime  Alps,  from  Italy  to  Lyons 
across  the  Col  de  Tende.  Plates  in  Indian  ink. 
Fol.  London,  1795.  B.M. 

ALBANIS  de  BEAUMONT  (J.  F.).— Tra¬ 
vels  from  France  to  Italy,  through  the  Lepontine 
Alps ;  or,  an  Itinerary  of  the  road  from  Lyons 
to  Turin . across  the  Great  St.  Bernard,  Sim¬ 

plon,  and  St.  Gotthard.  27  plates  in  Indian  ink, 
and  map.  Fol.  London,  1800.  B.M. 

scription  des  Alpes  Grecques  et  Cottiennes,  ou 
Tableau  historique  et  statistique  de  la  Savoie.  2 
vols.  4to.,  and  Atlas  of  plates,  fol.  Paris,  1802- 
1806.  B.M. 

ALBANS,  ST. — Some  Account  ofthe  Churcli 
of  St.  Alban,  illustrative  of  the  Plans,  Elevation, 
and  Sections  of  that  building.  Atlas  fol.  London, 

Published  by  the  Society  of  Antiquaries. 

ALBENAS  (Jean  Poldo  de). — Discours 

historique  de  l’antique  et  illustre  Cite  de  Nismes. 

. Avec  les  portraits  des  plus  antiques  et  insignes 

bastiments  d’icelle.  Fol.  1560. 

ALBERI  (Eugenio).-— r Arte  e  FArtista. 

Discorso.  4th  edition.  8vo.  Firenze,  1836.  B.M. 
ALBERI  (Francesco). — Discorso  sul  Dise¬ 
gno.  8vo.  Padova,  1810.  B.M. 

Another  edition.  8vo.  Napoli,.  1840.  B.M. 

Notes  and  Queries, ) 
Jan.  25,  ’68.  J 

Books  on  Art  ( under  revision). 


ALBERT  (F.). — Teoria  dell’  Arte  Pittorica. 

8vo.  Bologna,  1833.  B.M. 


Marchese). — Orazione  per  la  distribuzione  dei  premj 
di  Belle  Arti  nell’  Istituto  di  Bologna  l’a.  1772.  4to. 



Della  Pittura.  Orazione,  etc.  1784.  8vo.  Cicogn. 

ALBERT  D’AILLY  (Marie  Joseph  Louis  d’, 

Duke  of  Chaulnes). — Memoire  sur  la  veritable  entree 
du  monument  egyptien,  qui  se  trouve  a  quatre 
lieues  de  Caire,  aupr&s  de  Saccara.  4to.  Paris, 
1783.  B.M. 

ALBERT  (H.R.H.  the  Prince). — A  Letter 

to  the  Earl  of  Derby  on  the  proposed  Memorial  to 
the  Prince  Consort;  by  Omega.  8vo.  London, 
1862.  S.K. 

ALBERTI  (A.). — Vita  di  A.  A.,  pittore. 

8vo.  Venezia,  1844. 

ALBERTI  (Agostino). — Idea  generate  delle 
Cattedrali  dell’  Europa.  4to.  Torino,  1718.  B.M. 

ALBERTI  (Andreas). — See  Albertus. 
ALBERTI  (C.  E.  R.). — Raphael  nnd  Mo¬ 
zart.  Eine  Parallele.  Vortrag,  zur  Feier  des  100- 
jahrigen  Greburtstages  Mozart’s  gehalten.  8vo. 
Stettin,  1856.  B.M. 

ALBERTI  (CheruBino)  and  SANTIS 

(Okazio  de,  called  Aquilano). — Antiquarum  sta- 
tuarum  urbis  Bomse,  quae  in  publicis  privatisque 
locis  visuntur,  leones.  74  plates.  4to.  Komse, 

ALBERTI  (G-iuseppe  Antonio). — Trattato 
delle  misure  delle  Fabbriche.  33  plates,  besides  a 
frontispiece  and  portrait.  8vo.  Venezia,  1757. 


Another  edition.  Perugia,  1790. 

3rd  edition.  Firenze,  1822.  B.M. 

ALBERTI  (Leon  Battista).— De  Re  ^Edifi- 

catoria  (Libri  X).  Fol.  Florentiae  (Nicol.  Laurent. 
Alamannus),  1485.  The  first  edition.  B.M. 

Other  editions  : — 

Alb.  Florentini  Viri  Clarissimi  Libri  de  Be  iEdi- 
licatoria  decern,  opus  integrum  et  absolutum,  &c. 
Edited  by  Gr.  Torinus.  4to.  Parrhisiis,  1512.  B.M. 

Edited  by  Eberh.  Tappius.  4to.  Argentorati, 
1541.  Bodl. 

Italian  translations. — I  dieci  Libri  de  l’Architet- 
tura  di  L.  B.  degli  A.  Novamente  de  la  Latina 
ne  la  volgar  lingua  tradotti  (by  Pietro  Lauro). 
8  vo.  Vinegia,  1546.  B.M. 

L’Architettura  di  L.  B.  A.  Tradotta  in  lingua 
Fiorentina  da  Cosimo  Bartoli ;  con  la  aggiunta  de’ 
disegni.  Woodcuts,  and  portrait  of  A.  Fol. 
Firenze,  1550.  B.M. 

Tradotta  da  Cos.  Bartoli.  Woodcuts.  4to.  Venetia, 
1565.  S.K. 

Also.  4to.  Boma,  1784.  Plates. 

2  vols.  8vo.  Perugia,  1804.  Plates.  Bodl. 
Con  note  apologetiche  di  S.  Ticozzi.  30  plates. 
8vo.  Milano,  1833.  B.M. 

French  translation. — L’ Architecture  et  Art  de 

bien  bastir,  trad,  de  Latin . par  Jean  Martin. 

Woodcuts.  Fol.  Paris,  1553.  Bodl. 

Spanish  translation,  by  Fr.  Lozano. — Los  diez 
libros  de  Architectura  traduzidos  de  Latin  en  Ro¬ 
mance.  4to.  (Madrid)  1582.  Cicogn. 

Also,  Fol.  Madrid,  1640. 

ALBERTI  (L.  B.). — De  Pictura  praestan- 

tissimse  artis  et  nunquam  satis  laudatae,  libri  tres 

. Jam  primum  in  lucem  editi.  8vo.  Basileae, 

1540.  B.M. 

Reprinted,  together  with  Vitruvius.  Fol.  Amstel- 
odami  (Elzevir),  1649.  S.K. 

Italian  translation,  by  Lodovico  Domenichi.  8vo. 
Vinegia,  1547.  B.M. 

Spanish  translation,  by  Diego  Antonio  Rejon  de 
Silva,  together  with  the  “  Trattato  de  lapinturapor 
Leon,  da  Vinci.”  4to.  Madrid,  1784. 

Also,  4to.  Madrid,  1829. 

ALBERTI  (L.  B.). — Della  ArcRitetturaj 

della  Pittura,  e  della  Statua . Traduzione  di  Cosi¬ 

mo  Bartoli.  69  plates,  engraved  by  Pio  Panfilii. 
Fol.  Bologna,  1782.  B.M. 

The  Architecture  of  L.  B.  Alberti,  in  ten  books ;  of 
Painting,  in  three  books  ;  and  of  Statuary,  in  one 
book.  Translated  into  Italian  by  Cos.  Bartoli, 
and  now  first  into  English  by  James  Leoni.  To 
which  are  added  several  designs  of  his  own,  for 
buildings,  both  public  and  private.  In  Italian 
and  English.  The  plates  chiefly  engraved  by 
Bernard  Pi  cart.  3  vols.  Fol.  1726.  S.K. 

Another  edition.  Fol.  London,  1755.  B.M. 

ALBERTI  (L.  B.). — Della  Pittura  e  della 
Statua.  Plates,  and  portrait  of  A.  8vo.  Milano, 
1804.  _  S.K. 

Alberti’s  “tre  libri  della  Pittura”  and  “Trattato 
della  Statua,”  in  Cos.  Bartoli’ s  translation,  were  also 
edited  by  Raphael  Trichet  du  Fresne,  together 
with  Lionardo  da  Vinci’s  “  Trattato  della  Pittura  ” 
(Fol.  Paris,  1651). 

ALBERTI  (L.  B.). — Elogio  di  Leon  Batista 
Alberti,  composto  da  Griov.  Bat.  Niccolini.  8vo. 
Firenze,  1819.  S.K. 

ALBERTI  (Romano). — Trattato  della  No- 

bilta  della  Pittura.  Composto  ad  instantia  della 
venerabil’  Compagnia  di  S.  Luca,  et  nobil’  Academia 
delli  Pittori  di  Roma.  54  pp.  Small  4to.  Roma, 
1585.  B.M. 

ALBERTI  (R.). — Origine,  etprogresso  dell’ 
Academia  del  Dissegno,  de  Pittori,  Scultori,  & 
Architetti  di  Roma,  &c.  Frontispiece.  4to.  Pavia, 
1604.  (The  2nd  edition,  enlarged  and  corrected,  of 
the  “  Trattato  della  nobilta,”  etc.)  B.M. 

ALBERTINO  (Francesco). — Memoriale  di 

molte  Statue  ed  Pitture  che  sono  nell’  inclita  Cipta 
di  Florentia  per  mano  di  Sculptori  ed  Pittori  excel- 
lenti  moderni  ed  antiqui,  tratto  dalla  propria  copia 
di  Messer  F.  A.,  Prete  Fiorentino.  4to.  Firenze, 

ALBERTOLLI  (Ferdinando)  . — Porte  di 

citta  e  fortezze,  depositi  sepolcrali,  ed  altre  princi- 
e  13 


Notes  and  Queries, 
Jan.  25,  ’68. 

Universal  Catalogue  of 

pali  fabbriche  pubbliche  e  private  di  Michele  Sam-  j 
micheli ;  misurate,  disegnate  e  brevemente  illus¬ 
trate  da  F.  A.  30  aquatinta  plates.  Fol.  Milano, 
1815.  BM; 

ALBERTOLLI  (F.).— Eregi  trovati  negli  j 
scavi  del  Foro  Trajano,  con  altri  esistenti  m  Roma  i 
ed  in  diverse  altre  citta  ;  disegnati  e  misurati  sul 
luogo  da  F.  A.  28  plates.  Fol.  Milano,  1838.  S.K. 

ALBERTOLLI  (Giocondo) .  —  Ornamenti 

diversi. — Alcune  decorazioni  di  nobili  sale  ed  altri 
ornamenti —Miscellanea  per  i  giovani  studiosi  del 
disegno.  3  parts.  67  plates.  Fol.  Milano,  1782-96. 


ALBERTOLLI  (G.).— Corso  elementare  di 
Ornamenti  Architettonici.  28  plates.  Fol.  Mi¬ 
lano,  1805.  ■  S-K- 

ALBERTOLLI  (G.).— Cenni  storici  sovra  | 
nna  Capella  antica  ricostruita  in  Oratorio  a  Montuc-  j 
cio  neila  provincia  di  Milano  dal  Cav.  Gr.  A.,  &c.  j 
Plates.  8vo.  Milano,  1833.  B.M. 

ALBERTUS  (Andreas). — Duo  libri,  prior  j 

de  Perspectiva,  posterior  de  umbra,  et  ejus  proprie-  « 
tatibus.  16  plates,  besides  a  frontispiece.  Fol.  j 
Noribergge,  1661.  Cicogn.  j 

Another  edition.  Fol.  Koribergie,  1671.  B.M.  j 

ALBINUS  (Bernhard  Siegfried). — Tabula;  j 
sceleti  et  musculorum  corporis  humani.  40  plates 
by  Jan  Wandelaar.  Imper.  fol.  Lugduni  Batavo-  | 
rum,  1747.  Akad.  der  Kiinste,  Berlin,  j 

Another  edition.  The  plates  engraved  by  Charles  1 
Grignon,  Louis  Gerard  Scotin,  and  others.  Imper. 
fol.  Londini,  1749.  _  j 

“  The  .  following  should  accompany  this  much- 
esteemed  work : — 1.  Three  whole-length  anatomical 
tables,  representing  a  man,  and  a  woman.  2.  A  com¬ 
plete  system  of  the  blood-vessels,  on  four  sheets, 
with  tables  of  explanation  on  seven  sheets.  3.  A 
complete  system  of  the  nerves,  on  four  sheets,  with 
tables  of  explanation.”  S.K. 

Another  edition.  Fol.  1777.  With  explanations 
in  4to. 

ALBIT^S  (Ac.  C.). — Notice  surlavie  et  les 
ouvrages  de  Kessels,  sculpteur.  .  .  .  1837.  See  Kes- 
sels  (Mathieu). 


vorziiglichsten  Handzeichnungen  aus  der  Privat- 
Sammlung  des  Erzherzogs  Albrecht,  photographirt 
. 1863,  &c.  See  Jagermeyer  (Gustav). 

ALBRIZZI  (Carlo). — See  Cicognara  (Leo- 
poldo,  Count). 

ALBRIZZI  (Giovanni  Battista). — Fores- 

tiere  illuminato  intorno  le  cose  piu  rare  e  curiose, 
antiche  e  moderne  della  Citta  di  Venezia  e  dell’  Isole 
circonvicine.  Plates.  8vo.  Venezia,  1740.  Bodl. 
Another  edition.  8vo.  Venezia,  1765.  Plates. 


ALBRIZZI  (Isabella  Teotochi,  Countess). 
Ritratti  scritti  da  J.  T.  A.  Terza  edizione,  arric- 
cliita  di  cinque  ritratti,  &c.  21  plates.  Svo.  Vene¬ 
zia,  1816.  S.K. 


ALBRIZZI  (I.  Teotochi,  Countess). — Opere 

di  Scultura  e  di  Plastica  di  Antonio  Canova . 

1809,  &c.  See  Canova. 

ALBRIZZI  (I.  Teotochi,  Countess)  .—La 
Testa  d’Elena  scolpita  in  marmo  dall’  imparreggiabil 
Canova . 1812.  See  Canova. 

ALBUM  du  Salon . ou  Collection  desprin- 

cipaux  ouvrages  exposes  au  Louvre . Lithogr. 

plates  .  .  .  1839,  &c.  See  Challamel. 

ALBUM  van  Hollandscke  en  Belgisclie 
Kunst  Schilders  te’  s’Gravenhage.  Lithogr.  plates 
after  modern  Dutch  and  Belgian  Artists,  with  text 
in  Dutch  and  French.  Fol.  (Amsterdam,  1846,  &c.) 

ALBUM  illustre  du  Salon  de  1848,  publie 
par  une  Societe  d’ Artistes  et  de  Gens  de  Lettres. 

20  etchings,  lithographs,  &c.  4to.  Bruxelles,  1848. 

ALBUM  de  la.  Fete  artistique  du  5.  Janvier 
1850.  24  etchings  by  L.  Gallait,  J.  Achard,  J. 

Stevens,  E.  J.  Verboeckhoven,  G.  v.  d.  Hecht,  E. 
Tschaggeny,  J.  Tavernier,  Mad.  F.  O’Connell,  M. 

A.  Kuytenbrouwer,  L.  Robbe,  P.  Lauters,  H.  Har- 
pignies,  J.  v.  d.  Sypen,  A.  Francia,  J.  Portaels,  W. 
Vertommen,  J.  Lies,  and  F.  Fourmois.  Oblong  fol. 
(Bruxelles,  1850.) 

ALBUM  des  Expositions  de  la  Societe 
Royale  des  Beaux-Arts  et  de  Litterature  de  Gand. 

10  plates.  8 vo.  Gand,  1852. 

ALBUM  uitgegeven  door  bet  Kunstlievend 
Gezelschap  der  Gentsche  Akademie.  Vor  1856. 
(Published  by  Ed.  van  denBerghe.)  Lithogr.  plates, 

I  &c.  Royal  4to.  Gent. 

I  ALBUM  der  Scboone  Kunsten.  Roman- 
tiesch,  kritiescli  en  historiesch  Tijdschrift  voor  Hol- 

landsche  en  Vlaamsche  Letterkunde  en  Kunst . 

!  1850,  &c.  See  Periodical  Publications. 

|  ALBUM  Deutscbef  Kunstler  in  Original- 
Radirungen ......1839,  &c.  See  Buddeus  (F.  A. 


ALBUM,  Miincliener.  Lithographirte  Original- 

zeichnungen  hier  lebender  Kunstler . 1839,  &e. 

See  Kohler  (H.). 

ALBUM  offert  par  des  Artistes  Allemands  a 

sa  Maj.  le  Roi  Louis  I.  de  Baviere... . Reproduit 

en  estampes,  gravures  en  acier  et  taille-douce,  litho¬ 
graphies,  &c . 1851-59.  See  Piloty  and  Lcehle.  j 

ALBUM  des  jlingeren  Kunstler- Yereins  zu 
Berlin.  Lithogr.  plates,  and  etchings.  Fol.  Berlin,  j 
|  1852,  &c. 

|  ALBUM  Berliner  Kunstler.  Chromo-lithogr.  j 
plates,  and  biographical  notices  in  German,  French,  j 
and  English.  (1855,  &c.)  See  Storch  and  Kramer,  j 

j  ALBUM  der  Niederlandisclren  Genremaler. 

See  Blomberg  (Hugo,  Baron), 

!  ALBUM,  Pbotograpbiscbes,  nacb  Original- 
i  Handzeichnungen  alterer  Meister  aus  der  Samm- 
•  !  lung  des  S.Ael’schen  Kunst-Instituts  zu  Frank¬ 
furt -a.-M .  1854,  &c.  See  Schafer  (J.). 

Notes  and  Queries,  ) 
Jan.  25,  ’68.  / 

Books  on  Art  ( under  revision). 


ALBUM  von  Handzeiclmiingen  im  Besitze 
der  Frau  Sophie  Schlosser  zu  Stift  Neuburg  bei 
Heidelberg.  18  photographs,  by  J.  Keller,  from 
drawings  by  Overbeck,  Cornelius,  E.  Steinle,  J. 
Fiihrich,  Jos.  Koch,  and  others.  Fol.  Heidelberg, 

ALBUM  des  Boiseries  sculptees  du  Choeur 
de  Notre-Dame  de  Paris,  connues  sous  le  nom  de 
Voeu  de  Louis  XIII.  35  lithogr.  plates.  Fol. 
Paris,  1855. 

ALBUM  gothischer  Altare  des  Mittelalters 

in  Altbaiern.  See  Sieghabt  (J.). 

ALBUM  mittelalterlicher  Kunstwerke  aus 
Tirol.  Den  deutschen  Kunstvereinen  gewidmet 
vom  Christlichen  Kunstvereine  in  Bozen.  Lithogr. 
and  chromo-lithogr.  plates.  Fol.  (1865,  &c.). 

ALBUM  Photographique  des  Objets  d’Art 
et  d’Antiquite,  exposes  par  les  soins  de  la  Society 
Imp6riale  et  Roy.  des  Sciences  a  Cracovie  en  1858 
et  59.  Fol.  Varsovie  (1859  ?).  B.M. 

ALBUM  fur  Indiistrielle  und  Gewerbtrei- 
bende.  Muster  und  Vorlagen  zur  praktischen, 
Ausfuhrung  geeignet  fur  Fabrikanten,  Baukiinstler, 
Holzarbeiter,  G-ewerbtreibende,  etc.  12  chromo- 
lithogr.  plates.  Fol.  Wien,  1858. 

ALBUM  der  neuesten  und  elegantesten 
Titelblatter  aus  der  Konigl.  Sachsischen  Hofbuch- 
druckerei  und  Steindruckerei  von  C.  C.  Meinhold 
und  Sohne  in  Dresden.  3  parts.  55  lithogr.  plates. 
4to.  Dresden,  1855-56.  B.M. 

ALBUM,  Malerisch-historiscbes,  von  Mahren 

und  Schlesien . 1856-58.  See  Holzel  (E.). 

ALBUM-BLiETTER  im  mittelalterliehen 
Style.  Parts  I.-III.  12  coloured  and  illuminated 
plates.  4  to.  Leipzig,  1854. 

ALCHIMEDOR,  d.  i.  Teutschlands  fur- 

trefflicher  und  hochberiihmter  Yirtuosen  oder  Kiinst- 
ler  und  Kiinstlerinnen  in  der  nunmehr  aufs  hochste 
gebrachte  Sculptur-,  Kupferstecher-,  und  Etz-Kunst 
aufgefuhrter  Ruhm  und  Ehren-Preiss  durch  die  vor 
alle  tapfere  Kunst-Gemiither  unermiidete  Feder 
Eines  solcher  herrlichen  Wissenschaften  unablas- 
sigen  Liebhabers.  (By  Magister  Justus  C.  Siberus 
of  Dresden.)  8vo.  Dresden,  1684. 

A  quaint  Eulogy  on  the  German  Engravers  of 
that  period,  chiefly  in  verse. 

ALCIATUS  (Andreas). — Viri  clarissimi  D. 

Andrese  Alciati  Jurisconsultis  Mediola . Em- 

blematum  liber.  86  pp.,  frontispiece  and  100  wood- 
cuts  (by  H.  Stayner  and  Hans  Schaufflein  ?).  8vo. 
Augustse  Vindelicorum  (per  Heynricum  Steynerum), 
1531.  B.M. 

Other  editions : — 

ALCIATUS  (A.). — Yiri  clarissimi  D.  A.  A. 

. Emblematum  liber,  iam  denuo  emendatus  et 

recognitus.  Woodcuts.  8vo.  Augustse  Yindeli¬ 
corum  (H.  Steyner),  1534.  Bodl. 

ALCIATUS  (A.).— A.  A.  Emblematum 
libellus.  119  pp.,  and  115  woodcuts.  8vo.  Parisiis 
(Christian  Wechel),  1534.  B.M. 

ALCIATUS  (A.). — Livret  des  Emblemes  de 

maistre  A.  A.  Mis  en  rime  Fram^oyse  (by  Jehan  Le 
Fevre).  In  Latin  and  French.  115  woodcuts.  8vo. 
Paris  (Chr.  Wechel),  1536.  B.M. 

Also,  8vo.  Paris,  1540.  B.M. 

ALCIATUS  (A.).  — A.  A.  Emblematum 

libellus.  8vo.  Lugduni,  1544.  B.M. 

ALCIATUS  (A.).— Clarissimi  Yiri  A.  A. 

Emblematum'  libellus . In  Latin  and  German. 

The  German  version  by  Wolfgang  Hunger.  115 
woodcuts.  8vo.  Parisiis  (Wechel),  1542.  B.M. 

ALCIATUS  (A.). — Emblematum  libellus, 

nuper  in  lucem  editus.  84  woodcuts.  8vo.  Venetiis 
(apud  Aldi  filios),  1546.  B.M. 

ALCIATUS  (A.).— Clarissimi  viri  A.  A. 

Emblematum  libri  duo.  143  pp.  16mo.  Lugduni. 
1547.  B.M. 

ALCIATUS  (A.).— Emblemes  d’Alciat  de 

nouveau  translatez  en  Fran^-ois  vers  pour  vers . 

avec  briefves  expositions  et  figures  nouvelles  appro- 
priees  aux  derniers  emblemes  (by  Barthelemy 
Aneau).  In  Latin  and  French.  267  pp.  8vo. 
Lyon,  1549.  B.M. 

ALCIATUS  (A.). — Diverse  imprese  ac¬ 
comodate  a  diverse  moralitu  con  versi  che  i  loro 
significati  dichiarano  tratte  dagli  Emblemi  dell’ 
Alciato  (by  Giovanni  Marquale).  141  pp.  8vo. 
Lione,  1549.  B.M. 

ALCIATUS  (A.).— Los  Emblemas  de  Al¬ 
ciato,  traducidos  en  rhimas  Espanolas.  Ahadiaas 
de  figuras  y  de  nueuos  emblemas  en  la  tercera  parte 
dela  obra,  por  Bernardino  Daza  Pinciano.  8vo. 
Lyon,  1549.  B.M. 

ALCIATUS  (A.).  —  Emblemata  D.  A.  A., 

denuo  ab  ipso  Autore  recognita,  ac,  quae  desidera- 
bantur,  imaginibus  locupletata.  Access  erunt  noua 
aliquot  ab  Autore  Emblemata  suis  quoq.  eiconibus 
insignita.  226  pp.,  with  220  emblems,  and  orna¬ 
mental  margins.  8vo.  Lugduni  (apud  Guliel. 
Rouillium),.  1551.  S.K. 

The  margins  were  designed  expressly  for  the  use 
of  designers  for  manufactures,  house  decorators, 
painters  on  glass,  &c. ;  and  a  copyright  for  six  years 
was  granted  by  the  King  of  France,  dating  from  the 
9th  of  August  1548. 

ALCIATUS  (A.).  — Clarissimi  Yiri  A.  A. 

Emblematum  Lib.  II.  Nuper  adiectis  Seb.  Stock - 
hameri  Germ,  in  primum  librum  succinctis  commen- 
tariolis.  212  pp.,  and  113  woodcuts  (ascribed  to 
Bernard  Salomon,  called  le  petit  Bernard).  16mo. 
Lugduni  (apud  J.  Tornsesium),  1556.  B.M. 

ALCIATUS  (A.).— Emblemata  A.  A . 

postremo  ac  ultimo  ab  ipso  authore  recognita  imagi- 
nibusque  vivis  ac  lepidis  denuo  artificiosissime  illus- 

trata .  194  woodcuts  by  Yirgilius  Solis.  8vo. 

Francofurti  ad  Moenum,  1567. 



Universal  Catalogue  of 

Notes  and  Queries, 
Jan.  25,  ’68. 

ALCIATUS  (A.) . — Omnia  A.  A.  Emblemata. 

8vo.  Antverpiae  (Plantin),  1574. 

ALCIATUS  (A.). — Liber  Emblematum  D. 

A.  A. — Kunst-Buch  Andree  Alciati  von  Mayland . 

alien  Liebhabern  cler  freyen  Kunst,  auch  Malern, 
Goldschmieden,  Seidenstickern  und  Bildhauern,  jetz- 
und  zu  sondern  nutz  und  gebrauch  verteutscht  und 
an  tag  geben  durch  Jeremiam  Held  yon  Nord- 
lingen,  mit  sehonen,  lieblichen,  neuwen,  kunst- 
reichen  Figuren  geziert  und  gebessert.  Woodcuts  by 
Virgilius  Solis.  8vo.  Franckfurt  am  Mayn,  1580. 

ALCIATUS  (A.). — Emblemata  A.  A.,  cum 

facili  explicatione  per  Claudium  Minoeum . 16mo. 

Antverpise,  1584.  B.M. 

ALCIATUS  (A.). — Emblemata  A.  A.,  cum 

facili  explicatione  per  C.  Minoem .  16mo.  Lug- 

duni  Batavorum,  1591.  B.M. 

ALCIATUS  (A.). — Emblemata  A.  A.  Wood- 

cuts  by  the  Engraver  with  the  monogram  A.  8vo. 
Lugduni  Batavorum  (Plantin),  1599. 

ALCIATUS  (A.).  — A.  A.  Emblemata. 

Cum  C.  Minois  commentariis  auctis  et  recognitis. 
8vo.  (Leyden.)  1608.  B.M. 

ALCIATUS  (A.). — A.  A.  Emblemata,  elu- 

cidata  C.  Minois  commentariis  quibus  additse  sunt 
eiusdem  auctoris  notse  posteriores.  8vo.  Lugduni, 
1614.  B.M. 

ALCIATUS  (A.).  —  Declaracion  magistral 

sobre  los  Emblemas  de  A.  A.  con  todas  las  historias, 
antiguedades,  moralisad,  y  doctrina  tocante  a  las 
buenas  costumbres,  por  I).  Lopez.  (With  the  Em¬ 
blems,  engraved,  and  the  Latin  verses  upon  them 
by  A.  A.)  4to.  Najera,  1615.  B.M. 

ALCIATUS  (A.). — A.  A.  Emblemata:  nunc 

recens  adjecta  sunt  epimythia  quibus  emblematum 
amplitudo  et  obscura  illustrantur.  16mo.  Lugduni, 
1616.  Cicogn. 

ALCIATUS  (A.). — Omnia  A.  A.  Emblem¬ 
ata,  cum  commentariis . per  C.  Minoem.  Acces- 

serunt  F.  Morelli  corollaria  et  monita.  8vo.  Parisiis, 
1618.  B.M. 

ALCIATUS  (A.). — A.  A.  Emblemata  cum 

commentariis  Claudii  Minois,  Francisci  Sanctii  Bro- 

censis,  et  notis  Laurentii  Pignorii . Opera  et 

vigiliis  Joannis  Thuilii.  LXXX  and  1,003  pp. 
212  Italian  woodcuts,  and  frontispiece.  4to. 
Patavii,  1621.  B.M. 

ALCIATUS  (A.). — Emblemata  A.  A.,  cum 

facili  et  compendiosa explicatione . per  C.  Minoem. 

Woodcuts  by  the  Engraver  with  the  monogram  A. 
16mo.  Antverpise  (Plantin),  1622.  B.M. 

ALCIATUS  (A.). — Emblemi  di  A.  A . 

dal  Latino  nel  vulgare  Italiano  ridotti.  In  Latin 
and  Italian.  8vo.  Padoua,  1626.  B.M. 

ALCIATUS  (A.).  —  Emblemata . Editio 

novissima.  8vo.  Matriti,  1781.  B.M. 

ALCOCER  (Pedro  de). — Hystoria,  6  de¬ 
scription  de  la  Imperial  cibdad  de  Toledo... adonde 

se  tocan,  y  refieren  muchas  antiguedades,  y  cosas 
notables  de  la  hystoria  general  de  Espana.  Fol. 
Toledo,  1554.  B.M. 

ALDEGREVER  (Heinrich).— H.  A.,  Gold- 

schmied,  Maler,  Kupferstecher  und  Pragschneider ; 
biographisch  und  kunsthistorisch  dargestellt  von 
Dr.  F.  J.  Gehrken.  8vo.  Munster,  1841. 

Reprinted  from  the  “Zeitschrift  fur  vaterland- 
ische  Geschichte  und  Alterthumskunde,”  Munster. 

ALDEGUIER  (Auguste  d’). — Impressions 
sur  les  transformations  recentes  de  Paris  et  sur  les 
tendances  de  1’ Architecture  moderne.  31  pp.  4to. 
Toulouse,  1866. 

ALDENHO  VEN  (Ferdinand)  .  —  Itineraire 

descriptif  de  l’Attique  et  du  Peloponese.  Maps  and 
plans.  8vo.  Athenes,  1841.  B.M. 

ALDER  (W.). — A  Child’s  Instruction  Book 
in  the  Art  of  Colouring  Prints,  Drawings  and  Pho¬ 
tographs.  With  an  introduction  by  A.  H.  Wall. 
16mo.  London,  1864.  S.K. 

ALDINI  (  Gioseff-  Antonio)  . — Instituzioni 

glittografiche,  osia  della  maniera  di  conoscere  la 
qualita  e  natura  delle  gemme  incise,  etc.  8vo. 

Cesena,  1785.  Bodl. 

ALDINI  (Pier  Vittorio). — Gli  antichi  mar- 
mi  Comensi  figurati  e  letterati,  raccolti  e  dati  in 
luce  da  P.  Y.  A.  2  plates.  8vo.  Pavia,  1834.  B.M. 

ALDOVRANDI  (Caklo). — Lettera  intorno 

alia  Pittura  al  Conte  Carlo  Verri.  Bologna,  1815. 


ALDRICH  (Henry)  .—The  Elements  of  Civil 

Architecture,  according  to  Vitruvius  and  other  An¬ 
cients,  and  the  practice  of  modern  authors,  especially 
Palladio.  In  Latin  and  English.  55  plates,  and 
portrait  of  A.  after  Kneller.  8vo.  Oxford,  1789. 


Another  edition.  The  same  plates.  8vo.  Oxford, 
1818.  B.M. 

ALE  ANDRO  (  Girolamo,  the  younger) . — An¬ 
tique  Tabulae  Marmoreae  solis  effigie,  symbolisque 
exculptae  accurata  explicatio.  2  plates,  and  wood- 
cuts  in  the  text.  4to.  Itomae,  1616.  B.M. 

Another  edition.  The  same  plates.  4to.  Lutetiae 
Parisiorum,  1617.  B.M. 

ALEAUME  (Jacques)  .-*-La  Perspective 
speculative  et  pratique.  38  plates.  4to.  Paris, 
1643.  B.M. 

Another  edition.  4to.  Paris,  1663.  B.M. 

ALEXANDER  (G.).— Classification  of 
Egyptian  Architecture.  Sessional  Paper,  27.  April 
1846.  B.  Arch. 

ALEXANDER  (William).— Sketches  from 
Nature,  made  in  China.  Eoyal  8vo.  London,  1797. 
W.  A.  was  draughtsman  to  the  Embassy  to  China. 

ALEXANDER  (W.).— The  Costume  of 

China,  illustrated  in  48  coloured  engravings.  4to. 
London,  1805.  B.M. 

Notes  and  Queries, 
Feb.  1,  ’68. 


Books  on  Art  ( under  revision). 

ALEXANDER  (W.).— Picturesque  Repre¬ 
sentations  of  the  Dress  and  Manners  of  the  Chinese ; 
illustrated  in  50  coloured  engravings,  with  descrip¬ 
tions.  4  to.  London,  1814.  S.K. 

ALEXANDER  (W.).— Picturesque  Repre¬ 
sentations  of  the  Dress  and  Manners  of  the  Aus¬ 
trians;  illustrated  in  50  coloured  engravings,  with 
descriptions.  4to.  London,  1814.  b.K. 

ALEXANDER  (W.).— Egyptian  Monu¬ 

ments  from  the  Collection  formed  by  the  National 

Institute  under  the  direction  of  Bonaparte . now 

deposited  jn  the  British  Museum.  21  plates,  en¬ 
graved  by  T.  Medland  after  the  drawings  by  W.  A. 
Pol.  London,  1805-7-  (No  more  published.)  B.M. 
ALEXANDER  (W.). — Observations  on  the 

construction  and  fitting-up  of  Meeting  Houses,  &c., 
for  Public  Worship  ;  illustrated  by  plans,  sections, 
&c.  4  to.  York,  1820.  B.M. 

ALEXANDRE  (N.).— Abrege  de  la  vie  des 

Peintres  des  Ecoles  Allemande,  Plamande,  Holland  - 
aise,  Fra^aise,  Bomaine,  &c.,  mis  en  ordre  alpha- 
betique,  avec  une  explication  de  leur  maniere  et  genre 
de  peindre.  8vo.  Bruxelles,  1807- 
ALEIERI  (Benedetto,  Count). — II  nuovo 
Begio  Teatro  di  Torino  apertosi  nell’  Anno  MDCCXL. 
Disegno  del  Conte  B.  A.  11  plans.  Pol.  Torino, 
1761.  S.K. 

ALEIERI  (Francesco  Eerdinando). — La 

Bandiera  di  F.  P.  A.,  maestro  d’arme.  28  plates. 
Oblong  4to.  Padova,  1628. 

ALGAROTTI  (France SCO,  Count). — Saggio 
sopra  le  Belle  Arti.  12  mo.  Pisa,  1753. 
ALGAROTTI  (E.,  Count). — Saggio  sopra 
la  Pittura.  16mo.  Livorno,  1763.  S.K. 

English  translation. — An  Essay  on  Painting.  1 6mo. 
London,  1764.  S.K. 

French  translation. — Essai  sur  la  Peinture,  et  sur 
l’Academie  de  Prance,  etablie  a  Borne ;  traduit  par 
M.  Pingeron.  12mo.  Paris,  1769.  S.K. 

ALGAROTTI  (E.,  Count). — Saggio  sopra 
l’Accademia  di  Francia,  che  e  in  Boma.  8vo.  Livorno, 
1763.  B.M. 

ALGAROTTI (F.,  Count). — Opere  del  Conte 

A.  8  vols.  8vo.  Livorno,  1764-65. 

Opere.  10  vols.  8vo.  Cremona,  1778-84.  B.M. 

Opere.  Edizione  novissima.  17  vols.  Vignettes, 
engraved  by  Baffaello  Morghen  and  Francesco  No- 
velli.  8vo.  Venezia,  1791-94.  B.M. 

Algarotti’s  Saggi  sull’  Architettura  e  sulla  Pittura 
have  also  been  reprinted  in  “  Scrittori  di  Belle  Arti  ” 
(Biblioteca  Enciclopedica  Italiana).  8vo.  Milano, 

G-erman  translation. — Versuche  liber  die  Architec- 

tur,  Mahlerey  und  musikalische  Opern . ubersetzt 

von  A.  E.  Baspe.  8vo.  Cassel,  1769, 

ALGERIA. — Exploration  scientifique  de 
l’Algerie,  pendant  les  annees  1840-45,  publie  par 
ordre  du  Gouvernement  et  avec  le  concours  d’une 
Commission  Academique.  Paris,  1844,  etc. — Arche- 
ologie  de  l’Algerie . 1 850.  See  Delaware  (Ad.  H. 

Al.).  Beaux-Arts,  Architecture  et  Sculpture . 

1846,  etc.  See  Bavoisie  (Amable). 

ALGERIE  historique,  pittoresque  et  monu- 

mentale,  ou  Becueil  de  vues,  monuments . 1843- 

45.  See  Berbrugger  (Adrien). 

ALHAMBRA. —  Plans,  Elevations,  Sections, 

and  Details  of  the  Alhambra . 1842-45.  See 

Jones  (Owen). 

ALI  BEY,  EL  ABASSI,  Pseud,  (i.  e.  Do¬ 
mingo  Badia  y  Leyblich). — Voyages  d’Ali  Bey  en 
Afrique  et  en  Asie,  pendant  les  annees  1803-7. 
(Edited  by  J.  B.  Boniface  de  Boquefort.)  3  vols. 
8vo.,  and  Atlas  of  83  plates,  besides  5  maps,  in  ob¬ 
long  4to.  Paris,  1814.  B.M. 

English  translation. — Travels  of  Ali  Bey  in  Morocco, 
Tripoli,  Cyprus,  Egypt,  Arabia,  Syria  and  Turkey 

. written  by  himself.  2  vols.  Plates  and  maps. 

4to.  London,  1816.  B.M. 

ALIGNY  (Theodore). — Vues  des  Sites  les 
plus  cef&bres  de  la  Grece  antique,  dessinees  sur 
nature  et  gravees  a  l’eau-forte,  par  Th.  A.  10  plates. 
Fol.  Paris,  1845-46.  B.M. 

ALINARI. — Photographs  of  Drawings  by 

Baphael  and  other  Masters . Photographed  by  the 

Brothers  Alinari . 1857-59.  See  Bardi  (L.). 

ALISON  (Archibald). —  Essays  on  the  Na¬ 
ture  and  Principles  of  Taste.  4to.  Edinburgh, 
1790.  B.M. 

4th  edition.  8vo.  Edinburgh,  1815.  B.M. 
5th  edition.  2  vols.  8vo.  Edinburgh,  1817-  S.K. 
German  translation.  —  Ueber  den  Geschmack. 
Verdeutscht  und  mit  Anmerkungen  und  Abhandlun- 
gen  begleitet  von  K.  H.  Heydenreich.  2  vols.  8vo. 
Leipzig,  1792. 

ALIZERI  (Eederigo). — Guida  artistica  per 
la  Citta  di  Genova.  2  vols.  Plates.  12mo.  Gen  ova; 
1846-47.  B.M, 

ALIZERI  (F.). — Notizie  dei  Professor!  del 
Disegno  in  Liguria  dalla  fondazione  dell’  Acca- 
demia.  Opera  del  Cav.  Avv.  P.  A.  2  vols.  8vo. 
Genova,  1864-67.  S.K. 

ALKEMADE  (Cornelis  van). — De  Goude 

en  Zilvere  gangbaare  Penningen  der  Graaven  en 
Gravinnen  van  Holland.  64  plates,  besides  the 
frontispiece.  Pol.  Delft,  1700.  B.M, 

ALKEMADE  (C.  van). — Inleidinge  tot  liet 

Ceremonieel  en  de  Plegtigheden  der  Begraavenissen 

en  der  Wapen-Kunde. . 4plates.  8vo.  Delft,  1713. 


ALKEN  (Henry)  . — National  Sports  of  Great 
Britain,  comprised  in  50  coloured  plates;  with  de¬ 
scriptions  in  English  and  French.  Fol.  London  1821. 
Another  edition.  8vo.  London,  1825. 

ALKEN  (H.).  —  Sporting  Scrap-book. 

Coloured  plates.  Oblong  4to.  London,  1824. 
ALKEN  (H.). — Sporting  Sketches,  consist¬ 
ing  of  subjects  relating  to  the  Sports  of  the  field, 
as  horses,  dogs,  live  and  dead  game,  wild  fowl,  &e., 
the  whole  illustrative  of  landscape  scenery.  4to. 
London,  1827,. 




Universal  Catalogue  of 

Notes  and  Queries 
Feb.  1.  ’68. 

ALKEN  (H.).  —  Illustrations  to  Popular 
Songs.  80  humourous  coloured  sketches.  Oblong 
4to.  London,  1831. 

ALKEN  (H.).— The  Art  and  Practice  of 
Etching ;  with  directions  for  other  methods  of  light 
and  entertaining  engraving.  8vo.  London,  1849. 

ALLAN  (W.). — Engravings  from  Designs  by 
W.  A.  See  Lockhakt  (J.  G-.). 

ALLARD  (Carel).— Orbis  habitabilis  oppi- 

da  et  vestitus,  centenaria  numero  complexa . Des 

bewoonden  waerelds  steden  en  dragten,  in  een  hon- 
derd-getal  begreepen.  In  Latin  and  Dutch.  Fol. 
Amsterdam  (1690  ?).  B.M. 

ALLASON  (Thomas). — Picturesque  Views 
of  the  Antiquities  of  Pola,  in  Istria.  67  pp.  10 
plates  and  4  vignettes,  engraved  by  George  and  W. 

B.  Cooke,  Henry  Moses,  and  Cosmo  Armstrong,  after 
drawings  by  Turner  and  Allason.  Fol.  London, 
1819.  SK- 

ALLASON  (Th.). — Columns  of  the  Athenian 
Temples.  8vo.  London,  1820.  B*  Arch. 

ALLDRIDGE  (W.  J.).— The  Goldsmith’s 

Repository :  containing  a  concise  elementary  treatise 
on  the  art  of  assaying  metals ;  also  an  appendix,  in 
which  are  contained  abstracts  of  all  the  Acts  of 
Parliament  relating  to  gold  and  silver.  2  vols.  8vo. 
London,  1789.  b.M. 

ALLEAUME. — SeeLiMOSiN  (Leonard).  Les 
Douze  Apotres . Gravures  par  M.  A . 1865. 

ALLEGORIES. — A  Letter  to  Count - , 

on  Poetry,  Painting  and  Sculpture,  in  which  the 
question,  whether  Allegories  ought  to  be  admitted 
in  Painting  andSculpture,  is  considered.  2nd  edition. 
12mo.  London,  1771.  S.K. 

ALLEGORY. — De  V  Allegorie  ;  ou  traites 

sur  cette  matiere  par  Winckelmann,  Addison,  Sul- 
zer,  &c.  (Translated  and  edited  by  H.  J.  Jansen.) 
2  vols.  8vo.  Paris,  An  YII  (1799).  B.M. 

Another  edition.  8vo.  Paris,  1802.  Bodl. 

ALLEGRANZA  (Giuseppe). — Spiegazioni  e 
riflessioni  del  P.  G.  A.  sopra  alcuni  sacri  monumenti 
antichi  di  Milano.  Plates.  4to.  Milano,  1757. 


ALLEGRANZA  (G.). — Dell’  antico  Eonte 

Battesimale  di  Cliiavenna,  dissertazione.  In  Nuova 
Raccolta  d’Opuscoli,  &c.,  per  A.  Calogiera,  vol.  XIY. 


ALLEGRI  (Antonio). — See  Correggio. 
ALLEGRINI  (Francesco,  Florentine  Engra¬ 
ver).  —  Chronologica  series  simulacrorum  regise 
familise  Medicese  centum  expressa  toreumis.  100 
plates.  Fol.  Florentise  (apud  Josephum  Allegrini), 
1761.  B.M. 

ALLEGRINI  (Giuseppe). — Serie  diRitratti 

d’uomini  illustri  Toscani,  con  gli  elogj  istorici  dei 

medesimi  (G.  A.  editore).  3  vols. 




ALLEN  (C.). — The  Young  Mechanic’s  In¬ 
structor  ;  or,  Workman’s  Guide  to  the  various  Arts 
connected  with  the  Building  trades ;  showing  how 
to  strike  out  all  kinds  of  arches  and  Gothic  points, 
to  set  out  and  construct  skew  bridges.  With  nume¬ 
rous  illustrations  of  foundations,  sections,  elevations 

. receipts,  rules  and  instructions  in  the  art  of 

casting,  modelling,  carving,  &c.  8vo.  London 
(1863).  SK- 

ALLEN  (C.  Bruce). — Formation  of  a  School 

of  Art  for  Artist  Workmen  and  Establishment  of  a 
Museum  of  Mediaeval  Art.  Sessional  Paper,  1  Dec. 
1851.  B-  Arcb* 

ALLEN  (C.  B.).  —  Cottage  Building;  or, 

Hints  for  improving  the  Dwellings  of  the  Labouring 
Classes.  Plates.  12mo.  London,  1849-50.  S.K. 

Rudimentary  Treatise  on  Cottage  Building . 2nd 

edition,  with... ...designs  also  for  a  higher  class. 

12mo.  London,  1854.  B.M. 

ALLEN  (George).— Plans  and  Designs  for 
the  future  approaches  to  the  new  London  Bridge. 
8vo.  London,  1828.  B-M- 

ALLEN  (John,  the  younger,  of  Hereford) . — 
Bibliotheca  Herefordiensis  ;  or,  a  descriptive  cata¬ 
logue  of  books,  pamphlets,  maps,  prints,  etc.,  relating 
to  the  County  of  Hereford.  8vo.  Hereford,  1^21 . 

ALLEN  (Thomas).— The  History  and  An¬ 
tiquities  of  London,  Westminster,  Southwark,  and 
parts  adjacent.  4  vols.  Plates.  8vo.  London, 
1827-29.  .  B-?L 

Another  edition. — The  History  and  Antiquities 

of  London . By  Thomas  Allen.  Continued  to 

the  present  time  by  Thomas  Wright.  Plates.  4  vols. 
8vo.  London,  1839.  S.K. 

ALLEN  (Th.).— The  History  and  Antiqui¬ 
ties  of  the  Parish  of  Lambeth,  and  the  Archiepi- 

scopal  Palace ;  including  biographical  sketches . 

Illustrated  by  numerous  engravings.  4to.  London, 

1827.  B’M* 

ALLEN  (Th.).— History  of  the  Counties  of 
Surrey  and  Sussex ;  illustrated  by  a  series  of  views 

. by  N.  Whittock.  2  vols.  8vo.  London, 

1829-30.  B-M- 

ALLEN  (Th.).— History  of  the  County  of 

Lincoln . Illustrated  by  a  series  of  views.  4to. 

Leeds,  1830.  B-M- 

ALLEN  (Th.).— A  new  and  complete  His¬ 
tory  of  the  County  of  York,  by  Th.  A.  Illustrated 
by  a  series  of  views,  engraved  on  steel  from  original 
drawings  by  Nathaniel  Whittock.  3  vols.  148 
plates.  4to.  London,  1828-31.  S.K. 

ALLEN  (William,  Lieut.  R.N.).— Pictur-' 
esque  Views  in  the  Island  of  Ascension.  Fol.  Lon¬ 
don,  1835.  B-M’ 

ALLIER  (  Achille)  .— L’ancien  Bourbon- 
nais  (Histoire,  Monuments,  Moeurs,  Statisqiie),  par 
A.  A.  (continue  par  A.  Michel. et  L.  Batissier) ; 
grave  et  lithographie  sous  la  direction  de  Aime 
Chenavard,  d’apres  les  dessins  et  documents  de  M. 

Notes  and  Queries, ) 
Feb.  1,  ’68.  j 


Books  on  Art  ( under  revision). 

Dufour,  par  une  society  d’ artistes.  2  vols.,  and 
Atlas  of  135  lithogr.  plates,  besides  2  maps.  Fol. 
Moulins  et  Paris,  1833-38.  B.M. 

ALLIES  de  HAUTEROCHE  (Louis).— 

Essai  sur  1’ explication  d’une  tessere  antique  portant 
deux  dates  ;  et  conjectures  sur  l’ere  de  la  ville  de 
Beryte  en  Phenicie  ;  suivies  de  la  description  d’une 
medaille  grecque . offrant  les  portraits  de  Deme¬ 

trius,  ler  roi  de  Syrie,  et  de  Laodice,  sa  femme.  4to. 
Paris,  1820.  B.M. 

ALLIES  (Jabez). — On  the  Ancient  British, 

Roman,  and  Saxon  Antiquities  of  Worcestershire. 
8vo.  London,  1840.  B.M. 

2nd  edition. — The  British,  Roman,  and  Saxon 
Antiquities  and  Folk-lore  of  Worcestershire.  2 
parts.  Plates.  8vo.  London,  1852( — 53).  S.K. 

ALLIOLI  (Franz  Joseph  yon).  —  Die 

Bronze-Thiire  des  Domes  zu  Augsburg,  ihre  Deu- 
tung  und  ihre  Geschichte.  3  lithogr.  plates.  4to. 
Augsburg,  1853.  S.K. 

ALLOM  (Thomas). — Character  and  Costume 

of  Turkey  and  Italy,  designed  and  drawn  from 
nature.  21  lithogr.  plates,  with  descriptions  by 
Emma  Reeve.  Fol.  London,  n.d. 

ALLOM  (Th.). — 46  Views  of  Tyrolese 

Scenery,  engraved  on  steel.  With  historical  and 
characteristic  descriptions.  4to.  London,  n.d. 

ALLOM  (Th.). — The  British  Switzerland  ; 

or,  picturesque  Rambles  in  the  English  Lake  Dis¬ 
trict;  comprising  a  Series  of  Views  of  the  Lake 
and  Mountain  Scenery  in  Westmoreland,  Cumber¬ 
land,  Lancashire,  Durham,  and  Northumberland. 
From  drawings  taken  on  the  spot  by  Th.  A.  With 
descriptive  letterpress  by  Thomas  Rose.  2  vols. 
Steel-engravings.  4to.  London  (1858,  &c.).  B.M. 

ALLOM  (Th.). — The  Chinese  Empire  illus¬ 
trated  :  being  a  Series  of  Views  from  original 
sketches,  displaying  the  Scenery,  Architecture,  Social 
Habits,  &c.,  of  that  ancient  and  exclusive  nation, 
by  Th.  A.  With  historical  and  descriptive  letter- 
press  by  the  Rev.  G.  N.  Wright.  2  vols.  Steel- 
engravings.  4to.  London  (1858-59).  B.M. 

ALLOM  (Th.). — See  China,  historisch,  ro- 

mantisch,  malerisch . Aus  dem  Englischen,  mit 

(36)  Stahlstichen  nach  Th.  A . Carlsruhe,  1843. 

ALLOM  (Th.). — See  Farina  (Giuseppe  La). 

La  China . illustrata  da  una  serie  di  finissime 

incisioni  in  acciaio  (from  drawings  by  Th.  A.) . 

Firenze,  1843-47. 

ALLOM  (Th.). — See  Beattie  (William). 

Scotland,  illustrated  in  a  Series  of  Views  by  Th. 
A.,  &c . 1838. 

ALLOM  (Th.). — See  Britton  (J.)  and  Bray- 

eey  (E.  W.).  Devonshire  and  Cornwall,  illustrated 
from  drawings  by  Th.  A.,  &c . 1832. 

ALLOM  (Th.). — See  Carne  (John).  Syria 

and  the  Holy  Land  illustrated. 

ALLORI  (Alessandro). —  Dialogo  sopra 

l’arte  del  disegnare  le  figure,  principiando  da’  mus- 

coli,  ossa,  nervi,  vene,  membra,  notomia  e  figura 
perfetta.  8vo.  Firenze,  1590. 

ALLOU  (Charles  Nicolas). — Description 

des  Monumens  des  differens  ages  observes  dans  le 
Departement  de  la  Haute-Vienne,  avec  un  precis  des 
annales  de  ce  pays.  4to.  Paris,  1821.  B.M. 

ALLOU  (Ch.  N.). — Description  de  FEglise 
de  l’ancien  Prieure  de  Solesme  (Departement  de 
la  Sarthe)  et  particulierement  des  monuments  de 
Sculpture  qu’elle  renferme.  8vo. 

Extract  from  the  “  Memoires  de  la  Societe  Royale 
des  Antiquaires  de  la  France,”  vol.  xii. 

ALLSTON  (Washington). — Outlines  and 
Sketches  by  W.A.,  engraved  by  J.  and  S.  W.  Cheney. 
18  plates,  and  medallion  portrait  of  A.  on  the  title- 
page.  Oblong  fol.  Boston  (U.S.),  1850.  S.K. 
ALMANACS.  —  Almanach  des  Beaux- 

Arts,  contenant  les  noms  et  les  ouvrages  des  gens 
de  lettres,  des  Savants  et  des  Artistes  celebres  qui 
vivent  actuellement  en  France.  16mo.  Paris,  1753. 
ALMANACS. — Almanach  historique  et  rai- 
sonne  des  architectes,  peintres  et  sculpteurs,  gra- 
veurs  et  ciseleurs ;  contenant  des  notices  sur  les 
cabinets  des  curieux  du  royaume.  Annee  1776. 
12mo.  Paris. 

The  same  for  1777. 

ALMANACS. — Almanach  parisien,  en  fa¬ 
vour  des  Etrangers  et  des  Voyageurs;  indiquant 
par  ordre  alphabetique :  1°.  tous  les  monuments  des 

Beaux- Arts  repandus  dans  la  ville  de  Paris . 

nouvelle  Edition  ornee  de  jolies  gravures,  pour 
l’annee  1791.  24mo.  Paris. 

ALMANACS. — Almanach  des  Beaux- Arts 

(Peinture,  Sculpture,  Architecture,  Gravure)  pour 

1  an  XII.  et  l’an  XIII.  de  la  Republique  Fran9aise. 

2  vols.  16mo.  Paris  (1803-4).  Cicogn. 

ALMANACS. — Almanacco  Pittorico,  che 

contiene  i  ritratti  dei  Pittori  della  Galleria  di  Firenze 
coi  loro  elogj,  ed  altri  monumenti,  e  memorie  di 
belle  arti.  7  vols.  84  portraits,  besides  other 
plates.  Small  8vo.  Firenze,  1792-98.  Cicogn. 
ALMANACS.  —  Almanach  aus  Rom  fur 

Kiinstler  und  Freunde  der  bildenden  Kunst . 

Plates.  Leipzig,  1810-11.  See  Sickler  (F.)  and 
Reinhart  (C.). 

ALMANACS. — Almanach  artistique  de  la 
Belgique.  I.  Annee,  pour  1849.  Small  8vo.  Brux¬ 

ALMANACS. — Almanach  des  Arts  et  de  la 
Litterature  en  Belgique.  1860.  8vo.  Bruxelles, 

ALMANACS.— The  Illustrated  London  Al¬ 

manack  for  1857,  &c.  8vo.  S.K. 

ALMANACS. — The  Art-Union  of  London 

Almanack,  1864.  S.K. 

ALMANACS.  —  Jubel-Kalender  zur  Erin- 

nerung  an  die  Volkerschlacht  bei  Leipzig  vom  16. 
— 19.  October,  a.d.  1813.  Woodcut-illustrations 
from  drawings  by  August  Beck,  Otto  Fikentscher, 



Notes  and  Queries, 
Feb.  1,  ’68. 

Universal  Catalogue  of 


E.  Kirchhoff,  and  C.  Scheuren,  a  plan  of  Leipsic,  and 
map  of  the  surrounding  country.  5th  edition.  8vo. 
Leipzig,  1863.  S.K. 

ALNWICK,  Town  of. — A  descriptive  and 

historical  view  of  Alnwick  and  Alnwick  Castle . 

2nd  edition.  Plates.  8vo.  Alnwick,  1822.  B.M. 

ALOE  (Stanislas). — Tesoro  lapidario  Na- 
poletano,  raccolto  e  compilato  da  St.  A.  Vol.  I.  4  to. 
Napoli,  1835.  B.M. 

ALOE  (St.). —  Guide  pour  la  Galerie  des 
Tableaux  du  Musee  Bourbon. — Guide  pour  la  pre- 
cieuse  Collection  des  Tableaux  de  S.  A.  R.  le  Prince 
de  Salerne  placee  dans  deux  Salles  superieures  du 
Musee  Royal  Bourbon.  Par  St.  A.,  Secretaire  du 
Musee,  &c.  8vo.  Naples,  1842. 

ALOE  (St.). — Les  Peintures  de  Giotto  de 
l’Eglise  de  l’lncoronata  a  Naples  (Frescoes,  repre¬ 
senting  Religion  and  the  Seven  Sacraments),  pub¬ 
lics  et  expliquees  pour  la  premiere  fois,  par  St.  A. 
8  plates.  4to.  Berlin,  1843.  S.K. 

ALOE  (St.).  —  Le  Pitture  dello  Zingaro 
(Antonio  Solario)  nel  chiostro  di  S.  Severino  in  Na¬ 
poli  dinotanti  i  fatti  della  vita  di  S.  Benedetto, 
pubblicate  per  la  prima  volta  e  dilucidate  da  St.  A. 
17  plates,  and  portrait  of  Zingaro.  4to.  Napoli, 
1846.  S.K. 

ALOE  (St.). — Naples,  ses  monumens  et 
ses  curiosites.  Avec  une  description  de  Pompei, 
Herculanum,  Stabise,  Psestum,  Pouzzole,  Cumes, 
Capoue  et  des  autres  endroits  c^Rbres  des  environs. 
12mo.  Naples,  1847.  B.M. 

ALOE  (St.). — -Les  Ruines  de  Pompei. 

With  a  plan.  12mo.  Naples,  1851.  B.M. 

ALOE  (St.). — Les  Ruines  de  Pompei  jus- 
qu’en  1858.  Suivi  d’une  excursion  au  Vesuve,  a 
Herculanum,  a  Stabise,  et  a  Psestum.  With  a  plan 
of  Pompei.  12mo.  Naples,  1858.  S.K. 

German  translation,  by  E.  von  Lossow.  8vo. 
Berlin,  n.  d. 

ALOPHE,  Pseud,  (i.  e.  Adolphe  Menut). — 

Le  passe,  le  present  et  l’avenir  de  la  Photographie ; 
Manuel  pratique  de  photographie.  8vo.  Paris,  1861. 
2nd  edition.  Paris,  1864. 

ALPHABETS. — Ancient  and  Ornamental 

Alphabets,  collected  from  the  best  authorities.  4to. 
London  (1852).  B.M. 

ALPHABETS. — The  Book  of  Ornamental 

Alphabets,  Ancient  and  Mediaeval . 1863.  See 

Delamotte  (F.  G.). 

ALPHABETS. — Mediaeval  Alphabets  and 

Initials  for  Illuminators.  See  Delamotte  (F.  G.). 

ALPHABETS. — Examples  of  Modern  Al¬ 
phabets . 1859.  See  Delamotte  (F.  G.). 

ALPHABETS. — Ornamental  and  other  Al¬ 

phabets.  Fol.  (1632?)  B.M. 

ALPHABETS.  —  Polygraphia  curiosa:  the 
Book  of  Initial  Letters  and  Ancient  Alphabets  for 
ornamental  purposes.  8vo.  London,  1844.  B.M. 


ALPHABETS. — XV  Alphabete,  besonders 

fur  Maler  und  Anstreicher.  4to.  Wesel  (1850  ?). 


ALPHABETS. — Alphabete  nnd  Schriftmus- 

ter  aus  Manuscript en  und  Druckwerken  verschiede- 

ner  Lander  vom  12. — 19.  Jahrhundert . 1857. 

See  Brandt  (J.  G.). 

ALPHABETS.  —  Alphabete  orientalischer 

und  occidentalischer  Sprachen . 1856.  See  Ball- 

horn  (Friedrich). 

ALPHABETS. — Alphabete  nenester  Schrift- 

arten  fiir  Bildhauer  und  Steinmetzen  zum  Gebrauch 
auf  Grabsteinen,  Monumenten,  &c.  Parts  I — II. 
12  lithogr.  plates.  4to.  Uttweil  (1859-61).  B.M. 

ALPHABETS. — Alphabete  im  reinsten  Styl 

mit  den  entsprechenden  Ziffern  als  Yorlagen  fiir 
Stickerinnen,  Calligraphen,  Kupferstecher,  &c.,  und 
zum  Gebrauche  fiir  Schulen.  14th  edition.  10 
lithogr.  plates.  Oblong  8vo.  Erfurt  (1864). 

ALPHABETS. — Alphabete  nnd  Zierschrif- 

ten.  28  lithogr.  plates,  partly  chromo-lithogr.  Ob¬ 
long  8vo.  Erfurt  (1864). 

ALPHABETS. — Altdentsches  Holzschnitt- 

Alphabet . Initialen  Deutscher  Kiinstler . 

1856.  See  Weigel  (Rudolf). 

ALPHABETS.  —  An  Alphabet  of  Capital 

Letters,  selected  from  the  Illuminations  of  Italian 
Choral  Books  of  the  15th  and  16th  centuries.  Pub¬ 
lished  by  the  Arundel  Society.  Fol.  London,  1862. 


ALPHABETS. — An  Alphabet  of  Quadru¬ 
peds,  partly  selected  from  the  Works  of  Old  Masters, 
and  partly  drawn  from  Nature.  Edited  by  Felix 
Summerly  (i.e.  Henry  Cole).  16mo.  London 
(1843).  B.M. 

ALPHABETS. — A’Dilettantidelle  Bell’  Arti. 
(G.  F.  fee.,  G.  B.  Betti  inc.)  24  plates.  Oblong  4to. 
Firenze,  1775.  S.K. 

ALPHABETS. — Initial  Letters  composed  of 

Amorini.  Italian  design.  Oblong  4to.  n.d.  S.K. 

ALPHABET  of  DEATH.— See  Dance  of 


ALPHAND  and  DAVIOUD.— Le  Bois  de 

Boulogne  architectural,  recueil  des  embellissements 
executes  dans  son  enceinte  et  a  ses  abords.  32  plates. 
Small  fol.  Paris,  1860. 

ALQUDG  (Francois  Savinien  d’). — Les  Deli- 

ces  de  la  France ;  avec  une  description  des  Provinces 
et  des  Villes  du  Royaume.  Enrichis  des  plans  des 
principales  villes.  43  plates.  12mo.  Amsterdam, 
1670.  B.M. 

ALSACE.  —  Antiquites  de  V  Alsace,  ou 

Chateaux,  Eglises  et  autres  monuments . Lithogr. 

plates . 1 828.  See  Golbery  and  Schweighjetjser. 

ALSACE. — Das  Elsass . Plates .  1825- 

26.  See  Alfschlager  (Johann  Friedrich). 

N otes  and  Queries, 
Feb.  8,  *68. 


Books  on  Art  {under  revision). 

ALSACE. — Bulletin  de  la  Societe  pour  la  i 
Conservation  des  Monuments  liistoriques  d’ Alsace.  | 
8vo.  Paris,  1857,  &c.  S.K.  | 

ALSATIANS. — Les  Alsaciens  illustres.  Por-  j 
traits  en  photographie,  avec  notices  biographiques...  | 
Photographies  par  C.  Winter.  8vo.  Strasbourg,  ! 
1864,  &c.  B.M.  I 

ALT  (Heinrich). — Hie  Heiligenbilder;  oder  | 

die  bildende  Kunst  und  die  theologische  Wissen-  i 
schaft  in  ihrem  gegenseitigen  Verhaltniss  historisch  | 
dargestellt.  Mit  drei  Beilagen.  8vo.  Berlin,  1845.  ! 


ALT  (Jacob). — Bilder  aus  den  Alpen  der  CEs-  | 

terreichischen  Monarchie,  besonders  jener  von  Stei-  I 
ermark,  CEsterreich,  Salzburg,  Karnthen,  Tirol  und  i 
der  Lombardei.  Nacli  der  Natur  gezeichnet  und  i 
lithographirt  von  J.  A.  66  lithogr.  and  coloured  j 
plates.  4to.  Wien,  n.  d. 

ALT  (J.). — •  Malerisclie  Donaureise  vom 
Ursprunge  der  Donau  bis  Belgrad.  Nach  der  Natur 
aufgenommen  und  auf  Stein  gezeichnet  von  J.  A. 
Mit  erlauterndem  Text.  4  parts.  71  lithogr.  plates.  J 
4to.  Wien,  n.d. 

ALT  (Rudolph). — Wiens  Platze  und  Umge-  j 
bungen,  nach  der  Natur  gezeichnet  von  XL  A.  12  j 
lithogr.  and  coloured  plates.  4to. 

ALTANI  (Federigo,  Count  of  Salvarolo)  j 

Del  vario  stato  della  pittura  in  Friuli.  In  Calo-  j 
giera,  Nuova  Baccolta  d’Opuscoli,  vol.  xxiii.  B.M.  j 

ALTAR-PIECE.—  Die  goldene  Altartafel 

Kaiser  Heinrichs  II.  Mit  einem  lithographirten  j 
Umrisse,  die  beruhmte  kaiserliche  Votivtafel  darstel- 
lend.  10  pp.,  and  a  plate.  4to.  Basel,  1836.  S.K.  | 
Description  of  the  G-olden  Altar-Piece  of  the  Em-  | 
peror  of  Germany  Henry  II.  (and  other  objects  j 
of  the  Cathedral  of  Basle).  5  chromo-lithogr.  j 
plates,  and  frontispiece.  4to.  Paris,  1842.  S.K.  | 
See  Way  (Albert).  Description  of  the  Tabula  of  j 
Gold . 1843. 

See  also  Wa ckernage l  (Wilhelm).  Die  goldene  ! 

Altartafel  von  Basel . 1857.  In  “  Mittheilungen  j 

der  Gesellschaft  fiir  vaterlandisehe  Alterthiimer  ! 
in  Basel.” 

ALTARS. — See  Autels. 

ALTEN  (E.  yon). — Cornells  Ploos  van  Am- 
stel,  Kunstliebhaber  und  Kupferstecher.  Eine  Stu- 
die.  8vo.  Leipzig,  1864.  S.K. 

ALTEN  (F.  von). — Der  Maler  Asmus  Jacob 

Carstens . 1865.  See  Carstens. 

ALTEN  (F.  von). — Yersuch  eines  Verzeicli-  | 
nisses  der  Werke  und  Entwiirfe  von  A.  J.  Carstens  j 
. 1866.  See  Carstens. 

ALTER. — Manuel  modern©  des  arts  liberaux, 
a  l’usage  des  peintres,  doreurs,  architectes,  &c. 
8vo.  Draguignan,  1844. 

ALTHANN  (Michael  Franciscos  Ferdinan-  | 

dus,  Count). — Imago  Principum  Bohemias  LXL,  elo-  j 
giis  Ducum,  Begum,  Interregum  adumbrata,  &c.  j 
61  portraits  of  the  Dukes  and  Kings  of  Bohemia,  ! 

from  Czech  to  Leopold  I.,  engraved  by  G.  de  Groos 
after  C.  Screta,  besides  a  frontispiece.  4to.  Pragse, 
1673.  B.M. 

ALTICCHIERO.  Par  Made.  J.  W.  C.  D.  R. 

(Description  of  a  Villa  in  the  village  of  Alticchi- 
ero,  near  Padua ;  by  Justine  Wynne,  Comtesse  des 
IJrsins  et  de  Bosemberg.)  29  plates,  representing 
antique  monuments,  &c.  4to.  Padoue,  1787- 

S  K 

ALTMEYER  (Jean  Jacques). — Micbel  van 

Coxie  ;  par  J.  J.  A.  8vo.  n.  p.  n.  d. 

Extract  from  the  “  Album  biographique.” 
ALUISETTI  (Giulio). — Opere  dei  grandi 
eoncorsi  premiate  dall’  I.  B.  Accademia  di  Belle 
Arti  in  Milano,  disegnate  ed  incise  per  cura  dell’ 
architette  G.  A.  67  plates.  Fol.  Milano,  1847. 
ALVAREZ  de  COLMENAR  (Juan).— Les 

Delices  de  l’Espagne  et  du  Portugal,  ou  l’on  voit 
une  description  exacte  des  Antiquitez,  des  Provinces, 

des  Montagnes,  des  Villes . 5vols.  Plates.  12mo. 

Leide,  1707.  B.M. 

Another  edition.  6  vols.  Plates.  12mo.  Leide, 
1715.  B.M. 


Antonio). — Descripcion  historica  del  Beal  Bosque  y 
Casa  de  Aranjuez.  4to.  Madrid,  1804.  B.M. 

ALVIN  (Louis  Joseph).  — Compte-rendu  du 
Salon  d’Exposition  de  Bruxelles,  avec  gravures  et 
lithographies  des  meilleurs  Tableaux  des  peintres 
beiges  et  etrangers.  8vo.  Bruxelles,  1836.  B.M. 

ALVIN  (L.  J.). — Les  Commencements  de 
la  Gravure  aux  Pays-Bas.  Bapport  fait  a  la  Classe 
des  Beaux- Arts  de  l’Academie  Boyale  de  Belgique, 
sur  le  eoncours  de  1857.  6  facsimiles.  8vo.  Brux¬ 
elles,  1857. 

Extract  from  the  “  Bulletins  de  1’ Academic  Boy. 
de  Belgique,”  2e  Serie,  vol.  iii. 

ALVIN  (L.  J.). — Les  Nielles  de  la  Biblio- 

theque  Boyale  de  Belgique.  Notice  lue  a  la  Classe 
des  Beaux- Arts  de  l’Academie  Boyale  de  Belgique, 
Seance  du  13.  Mai,  1857.  21  photographic  fac-similes. 
8  vo.  Bruxelles,  1857.  B.M. 

Extract  from  the  “  Bulletins  de  l’Academie  Boy. 
de  Belgique,”  vol.  xxiv. 

ALVIN  (L.  J.). — Les  grandes  Armoiries  du 
Due  -  Charles  de  Bourgogne,  gravees  vers  1467. 
Plates.  8  vo.  Bruxelles,  1859. 

ALVIN  (L.  J.). — L’Enfance  de  Jesus,  ta¬ 
bleaux  flamands,  poeme  tire  des  compositions  de 
Jerome  Wierix,  par  L.  A.,  avec  14  planches  (photogr. 
by  E.  Fierlants)  et  une  notice  biographique  sur  les 
trois  freres  Wierix,  graveurs  du  16e  siecle.  8vo. 
Lyon  et  Paris,  1860.  B.M. 

ALVIN  (L.  J.).- — Catalogue  raisonne  de 
l’CEuvre  des  trois  Freres  Jean,  Jerome  et  Antoine 
Wierix.  2-  photographs.  8vo.  Bruxelles,  1866. 


ALVIN  (L.  J.).— L’ Alliance  de  l’Art  et  de 

1’ Industrie  dans  ses  rapports  avec  l'cnseignement  du 
Dessin  en  Belgique.  8vo.  Bruxelles,  1863.  S.K. 

o  21 

AL  *1 

Universal  Catalogue  of 

\  Notes  and  Queries, 
t  Feb.  8,  ’68. 

ALVIN  (L.  J.). — Les  anciens  Patrons  de 
Broderies,  de  Dentelle  et  de  Guipure.  4to.  Brux¬ 
elles,  1863.  '  S.K. 

ALVIN  (L.  J.). — Sur  le  Mannscrit  intitule: 
Spirituale  Pomerium  (a  MS.  of  1440,  in  the  Royal 
Library  at  Brussels,  in  which  ancient  woodcuts  are 
intercalated).  18  pp.,  and  a  photo-lithograph.  8vo. 
Bruxelles,  1864.  S.K. 

ALVIN  (L.  J.). — Les  Academies  et  les 

autres  Ecoles  de  Dessin  de  la  Belgique  en  1864. 

8  vo.  Bruxelles,  1866.  S.K. 

ALVIN  (L.  J.)  and  BOCK  (C.  P.).— %lise 

Abbatiale  de  Nivelles.  Sculptures  du  Xle  si&cle.  I 
1  lithogr.  plate.  8vo.  Bruxelles  et  Leipzig,  1850. 

Extract  from  the  “  Bulletins  de  l’Acad^mie  Koy. 
de  Belgique.” 

ALVIN  (L.  J.)  and  CHAUVIN  (Au¬ 
guste). — Expositions  des  Travaux  graphiques  et 
plastiques,  executes  dans  les  ecoles  de  Bavi&re,  de 
France  et  du  royaume  de  Wurtemberg.  Rapports 
adresse  a  M.  Alph.  Vandenpeereboom,  Ministre  de 
l’lnterieur.  63  pp.  8vo.  Bruxelles,  1863.  S.K. 

ALVIN  (L.  J.)  and  GAILLARD. — En- 

tretiens  sur  les  methodes  d’enseignement  du  dessin. 
8vo.  Bruxelles,  1866. 

ALVIN  (L.  J.)  and  others. — Documents 
iconographiques  et  typographiques  de  la  Biblio- 
th&que  Royale  de  Belgique.  Fac-similes  photo-  J 
lithographiques,  avec  texte  historique  et  descriptif. 
. le  Serie :  Les  Bois,  le  et  2e  livraison:  Spiri¬ 
tuale  Pomerium ;  par  L.  A.  Imper.  fol.  Bruxelles, 
1864.  In  progress.  S.K. 

ALVINO  (Errico). — Memoria  illustrativa 
del  progetto  per  la  facciata  della  Cattedrale  di  ; 
Firenze,  ideato  dall’  Architetto  E.  A.  28  pp.,  a 
vignette  on  the  title-page.  4to.  Firenze,  1864. 


ALVINO  (Francesco). — Anfiteatro  campano 

ristaurato  ed  illustrato.  16  plates.  Atlas  fol. 
Napoli,  1833. 

Terza  edizione  col  paragone  di  tutti  gli  anfiteatri 
d’ Italia,  ed  un  cenno  sugli  antichi  monumenti  di 
Capua.  Fol.  Napoli,  1842.  B.M. 

AMADUZZI  (  Giovanni  Cristofano). — 

Pitture  antiche  ritrovate  nello  scavo  aperto  [ 

. in  una  vigna  accanto  il  V.  Ospedale  di  S.  j 

Giovanni  Laterano,  l’anno  1780,  incise  e  pubbli-  j 
cate  da  G.  M.  Cassini.  (Illustrazione  di  alcune 
antiche  dipin  ture  trovate  al  Laterno  dell’  Abate 
G.  C.  A.)  Fol.  Roma,  1783.  B.M. 

AMADUZZI  (G\  C.). — Raccolta  d  Antichita 

Argentine,  alle  quali  si  uniscono  i  disegni  del 
Tempio  di  Teseo  in  Atene,  e  di  quello  di  Pesto.  53 
plates,  with  brief  explanations  by  A.  Fol.  Roma, 
1798.  Cicogn. 

AMADUZZI  (G-.  C.). — Vetera  Monumenta 

quae  in  hortis  Cselimontanis  et  in  aedibus  Matthse- 

iorum  adservantur . annotationibus  illustrata  a 

R.  Venuti  et  J.  C.  Amadutio .  1776-79.  See 



AMALTEO  (Marc  Antonio). — Elegia  La¬ 
tina  per  la  morte  del  Pittor  Pordenone,  ora  pri- 
mieramente  data  in  luce  e  volgarizzata  dall’  Abate 
A  Dalmistro.  In  Latin  and  Italian.  8vo.  Vene¬ 
zia,  1819.  B.M. 

AMALTEO  (Pomponio). — Mantoani  (Ja¬ 

copo).  Elogio  di  Pomponio  Amalteo.  Portrait. 
8vo.  San  Vito,  1838. 

AMANTON. — Notices  sur  M.  Couturier  et 
sur  M.  le  Baron  Denon.  8vo.  Dijon,  1825. 

AMANTON. — Notice  sur  Andre  Colomban, 
architecte.  8vo.  Bourg,  1840. 

AMATEUR. — Twelve  Etchings  of  Views  in 
Edinburgh.  By  an  Amateur.  2  parts.  4to.  Edin¬ 
burgh,  1816.  B.M. 

AMATEUR. — A  concise  History  and  Analy¬ 
sis  of  all  the  principal  Styles  of  Architecture . 

To  which  is  added  a  sketch  of  the  Architecture  of 
England.  By  an  Amateur.  8vo.  London,  1829.  B.M. 

AMATEUR. — Remarks  on  Ancient  and 
Modern  Art,  in  a  series  of  essays.  By  an  Amateur. 
12mo.  Edinburgh  and  London,  1837-  B.M. 

AMATEUR. — An  Enquiry  into  the  differ¬ 
ence  of  Style  observable  in  Ancient  Glass  painting. 
By  an  Amateur . 1847.  See  Winston  (C.). 

AMATEUR. — The  Companion  to  a  Walk 

through  the  Art  Treasures  Exhibition . By  an 

Amateur.  See  Exhibitions,  Manchester,  1857. 

AMATEUR. — Le  Cabinet  de  F Amateur  et 

de  l’Antiquaire . dirige  par  Eugene  Piot....... 

1842,  &c.  See  Periodical  Publications. 

AMATEURS. — Journal  des  Amateurs  d’Ob- 

jets  d’Art  et  de  Curiosite . par  Le  Hir . 1854, 

&c.  See  Periodical  Publications. 

AMATI  (Carlo).  —  Antichita  di  Milano. 
25  plates.  Fol.  Milano,  1821.  B.M. 

AMATI  (C.). — Antichita  di  Milano  esistenti 
presso  S.  Lorenzo.  15  pp.,  and  4  plates.  Fol. 
Milano,  1821.  B.M. 

AMATI  (C.). — Apologia  di  Vitruvio  Pol- 
lione.  8 vo.  Milano,  1821.  A.B.A.,  Milan. 

AMATI  (C.). — Osservazioni  sulk  uso  di  col- 
locare  modiglioni  o  dentelli  ne’  frontispizii.  4to. 
Milano,  1825.  B.M. 

AMATI  (C.). — Divertimento  arcliitettonico 
sulla  convenienza  di  adottare  o  di  escludere  i  modig¬ 
lioni  o  dentelli  nei  frontispizii.  4to.  Milano,  1837. 

B.  Arch. 

AMATI  (C.). — Memoria  sullo  stato  dell’ 
Architettura  Civile  nel  Medio  Evo.  Estratto  dalle 
notizie  lette  dal  Cons.  De  Wiebeking  all’  Istituto 
R.  di  Francia.  Traduzione  libera  con  aggiunte.  8vo. 
Milano,  1825.  A.B.A.,  Milan. 

AMATI  (C.). — Succinte  Memorie  intorno  le 
sedici  antiche  colonne  presso  S.  Lorenzo  esposte 
nella  circostanza  della  ricostruziono  e  riordinamento 
del  corso  di  Porta  Ticinese.  Plates.  4to.  Milano, 
1831.  B.  Arch. 

Notes  and  Queries,  i 
Feb.  8,  ’68.  j 

Books  on  Art  ( under  revision). 


AMATI  (C.). — Succinta  Descrizione  della 
Corsia  de’  Servi  in  Milano,  e  del  progettato  Tempio 
di  San  Carlo  Borromeo,  prccednto  dalla  piazza. 
Plates.  4to.  Milano,  1834.  B.  Arch.  j 

AMATI  (C.). — Regole  del  Chiaroscuro  in 
Architettura.  13  plates.  Eol.  Milano,  1802.  Cicogn.  ! 

2nd  edition,  corrected  and  enlarged.  Eol.  Milano,  ! 
1840.  A.BA.,  Milan.  I 

AMATI  (C.). — Neerologia  onori  funebri  e  ] 
monumento  pel  Cav.  Carlo  Amati,  Professore  di 
Architettura.  8vo.  Milano,  1852.  A.B.A.,  Milan. 

AMATI  (C.). — Gli  ordini  di  Architettura 
del  Barozzi  da  Vignola . 1805.  See  Vignola. 

AMATI  (Girolamo)  .-^-Osservazioni  sopra 
un’  antica  statuetta  di  bronzo  posseduta  dal  Signor 
P.  Giorgi  di  Mondavio.  8vo.  Roma  (1822).  B.M. 

AMATI  (G.). — Intorno  ad  alcuni  Yasi 
Etruschi  o  Italogreci  recentemente  scoperti  osser- 
vazioni.  8vo.  Roma,  1829. 

AMATI  (G.). — Sui  Yasi  Etruschi  illustrati 
da  S.  E.  il  Sig.  Principe  di  Canino.  Osservazioni 
di  G-.  A.  (in  reply  to  Raoul-Rochette).  2  parts. 
24  pp.,  and  13  pp.  8vo.  Roma,  1830.  B.M. 

AMATO  (Paolo). — La  nuova  Pratica  di 

Prospettiva  nella  quale  si  spiegano  alcune  nuove 
opinioni.  35  plates.  Eol.  Palermo,  1736.  Cicogn. 

AMBOISE  (Adrien  d’).  —  Les  Devises 
Royales  par  A.  d’Amboise  an  Roi.  13  plates.  8vo. 
Paris,  1621.  B.M. 

AMBOISE  (Francois  d’). — Discours  ou 

traicte  des  Devises.  Ou  est  mise  la  raison  et  diffe¬ 
rence  des  Emblemes,  enigmes,  sentences  et  autres. 
Pris  et  compile  des  cahiers  de  feu  E.  A.,  par  Adrien 
d’Amboise,  son  fils.  8vo.  Paris,  1620.  B.M. 

AMBOISE  (F.  d’). — Devises  heroiques  et 
Emblemes  de  M.  Claude  Paradin,  revues  et  aug- 
mentees  de  moitie,  par  Eranqois  d’Amboise.  Plates 
. 1622.  See  Paradin. 

AMBRA  (Raffaele  d’). — Pornpei :  abusi, 
disordini  e  danni.  8vo.  (Naples?  1850  ?)  B.M. 

A  speech,  inculpating  the  conduct  of  the  excava¬ 

AMBROS  (August  Wilhelm). — Der  Dom 

zuPrag.  Illustrations.  16mo.  Prag,  1858.  B.M. 

AMBROSCH  (Julius  Athanasius).  —  De 

Charonte  Etrusco  :  accedunt  vasorum  fictilium  quse 
in  Museo  Regio  Berolinensi  asservantur  picturae 
adhuc  ineditse  tres  lapidibus  inseriptae.  4to.  Vratis- 
iaviae,  1837.  B.M. 

AMBROSIUS  (Marcus). — Arma  seu  In¬ 
signia  Regni  Poloniae.  8vo.  n.p.n.  d.  Bodl. 

AME  (Emile). — Monographic  de  l’Eglise  de 
Saint-Eydroine,  pres  Joigny.  3  plates.  8vo.  1846. 

AME  (E.). — Serrurerie  du  XHIe  siecle. 
Peintures  des  portes  de  la  Sacristie  et  du  Tresor  de 
la  Cathedrale  de  Sens.  2  plates,  and  4  pp.  4to. 
Paris,  1851. 

AME  (E.).  —  Serrurerie  du  XYe  siecle. 
Batons  de  Procession  de  l’Eglise  de  Cravan  (Yonne). 
4  chromo-lithogr.  plates,  and  4  pp.  4to.  Paris, 
1854.  B.M. 

AME  (E.). — Monogramme  d’un  Peintre- 
Verrier  du  XVe  siecle,  et  description  du  Vitrail  de  la 
Sainte  Vierge  de  l’Eglise  de  Cravan  (Yonne).  6  pp., 
and  a  coloured  plate.  4to.  Paris,  1854.  S.K. 

AME  (E.). — Recherches  sur  les  anciens 
vitraux  incolores  du  Departement  de  1’ Yonne.  6 
plates.  4to.  Bar-sur-Aube  (1854).  B.M. 

AME  (E.). — Chapelle  de  l’Archeveche  de 

Reims.  Monographic.  6  plates.  4to.  Paris,  1855. 

AME  (E.). — Xote  sur  une  Statuette  en 

bronze  du  Xlle  si&cle.  2  plates.  4to.  Paris,  1857. 

AME  (E.). — Les  Carrelages  emailles  du 
Moyen-age  et  de  la  Renaissance,  precedes  de 
l’histoire  Aes  anciens  pavages:  mosai'que,  labyrin- 
thes,  dalles  incrustees.  90  chromo-lithographs,  and 
60  woodcut  illustrations  in  the  text.  4to.  Paris, 
1859.  S.K. 

AMERICA.  —  Costumes  of  America.  i2mo. 
Philadelphia,  1852.  B.M. 

AMERICA,  NORTH. — Nord-Amerika  in 

Bildern,  oder  eine  Auswahl  von  Ansichten  der  inter- 
essantesten  Gegenden,  hauptsachlich  am  Missouri, 
Abbildungen  der  dort  lebenden  Volkerstamme,  ihrer 
Hauptlinge,  Spiele,  Waffen,  &c.  (By  Cli.  Bodmer.) 
Nebst  kurzem  erklarenden  Texte.  Parts  I. — XII. 
Aquatinta  plates  from  designs  by  Bodmer.  4to.  and 
fol.  Neuwied,  1846,  &c.  B.M. 

AMERICANS. — The  National  Portrait  Gal¬ 
lery  of  distinguished  Americans.  Conducted  by  J. 
Herring  and  J.  B.  Longacre.  2  vols.  4to.  New 
York,  1834-35.  B.M. 

AMERICAN  INDIANS.— The  American 

Indians.  Illustrations  of  their  Costumes  and  Man¬ 
ners.  With  anecdotes.  Reprinted  from  the  Ameri¬ 
can  edition.  12mo.  London,  1834.  B.M. 

AMERIGHI  (Michelangelo, da  Caravaggio). 

See  Caravaggio. 

AMES  (Joseph). — A  Catalogue  of  English 
Heads;  or,  an  Account  of  two  thousand  Prints, 
describing  what  is  peculiar  on  each ;  as  name  of  the 
person,  age,  or  time  when  done ;  name  of  the  painter, 
graver,  scraper,  &c. ;  and  some  remarkable  particu¬ 
lars  relating  to  their  lives.  8vo.  London,  1748.  B.M. 

AMES  (J.). — Typographical  Antiquities; 
being  an  historical  account  of  Printing  in  England; 
with  some  memoirs  of  our  ancient  printers,  and  a 
register  of  the  books  printed  by  them,  from  the 
year  1471  to  the  year  1600  ;  with  an  appendix,  con¬ 
cerning  printing  in  Scotland  and  Ireland  to  the  same 
time.  Plates.  4to.  London,  1749.  B.M. 

|  AMES  (J.)  and  HERBERT  (William). — 

Typographical  Antiquities  ;  or,  an  historical  account 
of  the  origin  and  progress  of  Printing  in  Great 
Britain  and  Ireland,  considerably  augmented  by 
W.  H.  3  vols.  Plates.  4to.  London,  1785-90.  B.M. 



Universal  Catalogue  of 

Notes  and  Queries. 
Feb.  8,  ’68. 

AMES  (J.),  HERBERT  (W.)  and  DIBDIN 

(Rev.  Thomas  Frognall).— Typographical  Anti¬ 
quities;  or,  the  History  of  Printing  in  England, 
Scotland  and  Ireland ;  containing  memoirs  of  our 
ancient  printers,  and  a  register  of  the  books  printed 
by  them  ;  begun  by  J.  A.,  considerably  augmented 
by  W.  H. ;  and  now  greatly  enlarged . and  illus¬ 

trated  with  appropriate  engravings  ;  comprehending 
the  history  of  English  Literature,  and  a  view  of  the 
progress  of  the  Art  of  Engraving,  in  Great  Britain  ; 
by  the  Rev.  Th.  F.  D.  Vols.  I. -IV.  Plates.  4to. 
London,  1810-19.  (No  more  published.)  S.K. 

AMIC  (Jules).  — Jacques  Callot.  See  Callot. 
AMICHEVOLI  (Costanzo)  Pseud,  (i.e.  P. 

Francesco  Eschinardi). — Architettura  Civile,  ridotta 
a  metodo  facile  e  breve.  Woodcuts.  4to.  Terni, 
1675.  B.M. 

AMICI  (Gr.). — Descrizione  de’  Quadri  (e 
Disegni)  del  Ducale  Appartamento  di  Modena.  (By 
G.A.).  4to.  Modena,  1784. 

AMICO  (Bernardino)  . — Trattato  delle  Piante 
et  Immagini  dei  Sacri  Edificii  di  Terra  Santa,  diseg- 
nate  in  Gierusalemme  secondo  le  regole  della  pro- 
spettiva,  e  vera  misura  della  lor  grandezza.  Plates 
by  Antonio  Tempesta.  Fob  Roma,  1609.  B.M. 

Another  edition . aggiuntovi  la  strada  dolorosa 

e  altre  figure.  47  engravings  by  Callot.  Small  fol. 
Firenze,  1620.  B.M. 

AMICO  (Giovanni) . — L’Architetto  Pratico 

in  cui  con  facilita  si  danno  le  regole  per  apprendere 
l’architettura  civile.  3  vols.  143  plates.  Fol.  Paler¬ 
mo,  1726-50.  Cicogn. 

AMIENS. — Notice  des Tableaux qui  decorent 

les  Salles  de  la  Mairie  a  Amiens.  8vo.  Amiens, 

•  1820.  S.K. 

. Durch  den  weitberiimpten  Hans  Sachsen  Gantz 

fleissigbeschrieben  und  in  Teutsche  Reimen  gefasset, 
Sehr  nutzbarlich  und  lustig  zu  lesen,  und  auch  mit 
kunstreichen  Figuren  deren  gleichen  zuvor  niemals 
gesehen,  alien  Standen  so  in  diesem  Buch  begrifFen 
zu  ehren  und  wolgefallen,  Allen  Kiinstlern  aber,  als 
Malern,  Goldschmieden  &c.  zu  sonderlichem  Diensfc 
in  Druck  verfertigt.  114  woodcuts.  8vo.  Franck- 
furt  am  Mayn  (Feyerabend),  1568.  B.M. 

Amman  himself  is  represented  as  the  Engraver. 

Another  edition,  with  explanations  in  Latin.— 
nANOriAIA,  omnium  illiberalium  mechanicarum 

aut  sedentiarum  artium  genera  continens . carmi- 

num liber.  Accesserunt  etiam  venustissimse  imagines, 
omnes  omnium  arteficium  negotationes  ad  vivum 
lectori  reprsesentantes  antehac  nec  visae,  necunquam 

edit®  :  per  Hartman  Schopperum . 132  woodcuts. 

Small  8vo.  Francofurti  ad  Mcenum,  1568.  B.M. 

Other  editions  : — 

Eygentliche  Beschreibung  aller  StandeaufF  Erden 

. 100  woodcuts.  Small  4to.  Franckfurt  a.  M., 


De  omnibus  illiberalibus  sive  mechanicis  artibus 
. Auetore  Hartmanno  Schoppero.  8vo.  Franco¬ 
furti  ad  Mcenum,  1574.  Bodl. 

AMMAN  (J.). — EinneuwThierbuch.  Eigent- 

liche  und  auch  griindliche  Beschreibung  allerley  vier 
und  zweyfiissigen  Thieren,  vom  grossen  bis  zum 
kleinsten,  sampt  deren  Art,  Wesen,  Natur  und 
Eigenseliafft.  Erstlich  durch  den  weitberhiimpten 
Hansen  Bocksperger  den  jiingern  zu  Saltzburg  in 
visirung  gestellt,  Folgends  gerissen  durch  Joss  Am¬ 
man  von  Zurich,  &c.  104  woodcuts.  Small  4to. 

Franckfurt  a.  M  (Ilier.  Feyerabend),  1569.  B.M. 

Another  edition.  108  woodcuts.  Small  4to. 

Franckfurt,  1579.  Dresden  Libr. 

Another  edition.  101  woodcuts.  Small  4to. 

Franckfurt,  1592. 

AMIENS. — Le  Musee  Napoleon  a  Amiens 
. 1864.  See  Corblet  (Jules,  Abbe). 

Guide  del’Etranger  au  Musee  Napoleon . 1865. 

See  Corblet  (J.,  Abbe). 

Exposition  retrospective  de  1866  au  Musee  Napo-  j 
Eon  d’ Amiens . See  Corblet  (J.,  Abbe)- 

AMMAN  (Jost). — Thnrnier  Bncb.  Von  An-  j 

fang,  Ursachen,  ursprung,  und  herkommen  der  i 
Thurnier  im  heyligen  Romischen  Reich  Teutscher  j 
Nation,  Wie  viel  offentlicher  Landthurnier,  von 
Keyser  Heinrich  dem  ersten  dieses  Namens  an  biss  j 
auf  den  jetztregierenden  Keyser  Maximilian  den  I 

andern . und  in  welchen  stetten  die  alle  gehalten,  j 

Auch  durcli  welche  Fiirsten,  Graffen,  Herrn,  Ritter  | 
und  vom  Adel  dieselben  jederzeit  besucht  worden. 
Alles  jetzmider  von  neuwem  zusammengetragen,  mit  i 
schonen  neuwen  Figuren,  sonderlich  auch  der  Adel  i 
Wappen,  aufs  schonest  zugericht,  &c.  The  author  J 
is  Georg  Riixner.  Woodcuts  by  J.  Amman.  Fob  I 
Franckfurt  am  Mayn  (Feyerabend),  1566.  S.K.  j 

AMMAN  (J.). — Illustrations  of  the  various  | 
Arts  and  Trades. — Eygentliche  Beschreibung  Aller 
Stancle  auff  Erden,  Hoker  und  Nidriger,  Geistlicher  I 
und  Weltlicher,  Aller  Kiinsten,  Handwerken  und  j 
Handlen,  &c.  Vom  grossten  bis  zum  kleinesten.  i 
24  1 

AMMAN  (J.). — Neuwe  Biblische  Figuren  : 

Kunstlich  und  artig  gerissen,  durcli  den  sinn-  und 
kunstreichen  auch  weitberiihmten  Joss  Amman  von 
Ziirych,  mit  schonen  Teutschen  Reimen,  welche  den 
gantzen  innhalt  einer  jeden  Figurund  Capitel  kurtz 
begreifFen . 102  woodcuts.  8vo.  Franckfurt  a. 

M.  (S.  Feyerabend),  1571.  B.M. 

Another  edition.  The  same  cuts,  with  text  in 

Latin. — Bibliorum  utriusque  Testam.  icones . 8vo. 

Francof.  ad  M.  (H.  Feyerabend),  1571- 

AMMAN  (J.).— Icones  Novi  Testamenti  arte 
etindustria  singulari  exprimentes,  turn  Evangeli  or  um 
Dominicalium  argumenta :  turn  alia  quamplurima, 
in  Evangelistarum  et  Apostolorum  scriptis  eximia. 
Quee,  ne  muta  essent,  sua  quoq.  tarn  Latina,  quam 
Germanica  carmina,  singulis  Iconibus  adjuncta,  ha- 
bent.  Cum  brevi  quadam  artis  pictorise,  in  Epistola 
dedicatoria,  Apologia.  93  woodcuts.  Oblong  4to. 
Francofurti  ad  Mcenum,  1571.  B.M. 

AMMAN  (  J.) . — Klinstliclie  und  wolgerissene 
figuren,  der  flirnembsten  Evangelien,  durchs  gantze 
Jar,  sampt  den  Passion  und  zwolfF  Aposteln,  der- 
gleichen  vor  nie  in  druck  auszgangen.  Allen  und 
jeden  der  Kunstliebhabenden  zue  besonderm  nutz 
und  wolgefallen:  Durch  Jost  Amman,  Burgern  zu 

Notes  and  Queries, 
Feb.  15,  ’68. 

Books  on  Art  ( under  revision). 


Niirenberg.  81  woodcuts.  Small  4to.  Franckfurt 
am  Mayn  (Feyerabend),  1579.  S.K. 

Another  edition.  4to.  Franckfurt  am  Mayn,  1587. 


The  same  cuts ;  but  the  coat-of-arms  of  Erhard 
Behem  yon  Behemstein,  citizen  of  Nuremberg,  and 
a  cut,  representing  the  Prophet  Elias,  are  wanting. 

AMMAN”  ( J.) . — leones  Livianee :  preecipnas 
Bomanorum  Historias  magno  artificio  ad  vivum 
expressas  oculis  reprsesentantes,  succinctis  Versibus 
illustratse :  per  Philippum  Lonicerum.  103  num¬ 
bered  woodcuts,  besides  the  frontispiece  and  a  por¬ 
trait  of  Sigmund  Feyerabend.  Oblong  4to.  Franco- 
furti  ad  Moenum,  1572.  (At  the  end,  1573.)  S.K. 

The  same  cuts  are  to  be  found  in  the  Latin  and 
G-erman  editions  of  Livy,  published  by  Feyerabend 
in  1568,  1571,  and  1588. 

Other  editions,  with  text  in  German : — 

Neuwe  Livische  Figuren,  darinnen  die  gantze 
Bomische  Historien  kiinstlich  begriffen  und  ange- 

zeigt.  Geordnet  und  gestellt  durch . Johan 

Bocksperger  von  Saltzburg  den  jiingern,  und  mit 

sondern  tieiss  nachgerissen  durch . J.  Amman 

von  Zurych,  &c.  108  woodcuts.  Oblong  4to. 

Franckfurt  am  Mayn,  1573.  Dresden *Libr. 

Kiinstliche  und  zierlich  gerrissene  Livische  Fi¬ 
guren,  &c.  Ill  woodcuts.  Oblong  4to.  Strassburg, 

AMMAN  (J.). — Reynard  tlie  Fox,  in  Latin, 
with  51  woodcuts,  by  J.  A. — Speculum  vitse  aulicse. 
De  admirabili  fallacia  et  astutia  vulpeculse  Beinikes 
libri  quatuor,  nunc  primum  ex  idiomate  Germanico 
latinitate  donati,  adiectis  elegantissimis  iconibus, 
veras  omnium  apologorum  animaliumque  species 
ad  vivum  adumbrantibus.  Auctore  Hartmanno 
Schoppero.  12mo.  Francof.  ad  Moenum  (Sigismund 
Feyerabend),  1574.  (At  the  end,  1575.)  S.K. 

Other  editions,  with  Amman’s  cuts : — 

Speculum  vitse  aulicse,  &c.  12mo.  Francof.  ad 

M.,  1579.  Dresden  Libr. 

Speculum  vitse  aulicse,  &c.  12mo.  Francof.  ad 

M.,  1584.  _  _  Bodl. 

Technse  aulicse.  Ex  apologo  astutissimse  vulpe- 
culse,  latino  et  germanico  carmine  breviter  delineatse, 
&c.  Weltlauff  unnd  Hofleben.  8vo.  Franckf., 

This  edition  contains  only  the  woodcuts,  with 
short  explanations  in  Latin  and  German  verse. 

Speculum  vitse  aulicse,  &c.  12mo.  Francof.  ad 

M.,  1595.  Bodl. 

AMMAN  (J.). — Effigies  regum  Francorum 
omnium  ad  vivum,  quantum  fieri  potuit  expressse; 
cselatoribus  Virgilio  Solis.  Noriberg.  et  Justo  Amman 
Tigurino.  63  copper  engravings.  Small  4to.  Nori- 
bergse,  1576.  S.K. 

Another  edition,  with  text  in  German. — Icono- 
graphia  Begum  Francorum,  Dass  is,  Ein  Eigent- 
liche  Abconterfeyung  aller  Konige  in  Franckreich, 
&c.  63  plates.  4to.  Colin,  1587. 

Another  edition. — Iconographia  regum  Franc., 
das  ist:  Abconterfeitung  aller  Konige  in  Franck¬ 
reich  bis  Heinrich  IV.  63  plates.  4to.  Colin, 
1598.  B.M. 

AMMAN  ( J.) . — Habitus  preecipuorum  popu- 
lorum,  tarn  virorum  quam  foeminarum  Singulari  arte 
depicti.  Trachtenbuch :  Darin  fast  allerley  und 
der  fiirnembsten  Nationen,  die  heutigs  tags  bekandt 
sein,  Kleidungen,  beyde  wie  es  bey  Manns  und 
Weibspersonen  gebreuchlich,  mit'  allem  vleiss  ab- 
gerissen  sein,  sehr  lustig  und  kurtzweilig  zu  sehen. 
Frontispiece,  and  220  woodcuts,  engraved  from 
Amman’s  designs  by  Hans  Weigel.  Fol.  Niirm- 
berg  (“bey  Hans  Weigel,  Formschneider ”),  1577. 


This  work  is  known  as  “Weigel’s  Book  of  Cos¬ 

AMMAN  (J.). — Kunst  und  Lebrbucblein 

fur  die  anfahenden  Jungen  Daraus  reissen  und 
Malen  zu  lernen  Darjnnen  allerley  Art  lustige  und 
artliche  furreissung  von  Manns  und  Weibsbildern 
Desgleichen  von  Kindlein  Thierlein  und  andern 
stiicklein.  Allen  liebhabenden  Jungen  dieser  Kunst 
zum  besten  an  tag  geben.  Durch  Jos  Aman  von 
Zurych  /  102  woodcuts.  4to.  Franckfurt  am  Mayn 
(Feyerabend),  1578.  Dresden  Libr. 

Other  editions:  — 

Enchiridion  Artis  pingendi,  fingendi  et  sculpendi : 
In  quod  Thesaurus  novus  et  ingens,  variarum 
figurarum,  virorum,  mulierum,  infantum  et  anima- 
lium,  in  usum  adolescentiae  cupidse  adeoq.  omnium 
artis  hujus  amantium  est  congestus,  Auth.  J.  Am- 
manno.  The  same  cuts  as  in  the  “  Kunst-  und 
Lehrbiichlein  ”  of  1578.  4to.  Francofurti  ad 
Moenum,  1578.  Bodl. 

Kunst  und  Lehrbiichlein  fiir  die  anfahenden 
Jungen  daraus  reissen  und  Malen  zu  lernen,  &c. 
93  woodcuts.  4to.  Franckfurt  am  Mayn,  1580. 


Der  Ander  Theil  dess  neuwen  Kunstbuchs,  in 

welchem  Beissen  unnd  Mahlen  zu  lehrnen . an 

Tag  geben  durch . Jost  Amman  und  Tobias  Stim- 

mer.  63  woodcuts.  4to.  Franckfurt  am  Mayn, 
1580.  B.M. 

Kunstbiichlin,  Darinnen  neben  Fiirbildung  vieler, 
Geistlicher  unnd  Weltlicher,  Hohes  und  Niderstands 
Personen,  so  dann  auch  der  Tiirckischen  Kaiser, 
unnd  derselben  Obersten,  allerhandt  Kunstreiche 
Stuck  unnd  Figuren:  Auch  die  sieben  Planeten, 
zehen  Alter,  Bittmeister  und  Befelchshaber,  Beu- 
terey,  und  Contrafactur  der  Pferde,  allerley  Thur- 
nier,  Fechten,  und  dann  etliche  Helm,  und  Helrn- 
decken  begriffen.  Alles  auff  das  zierlichst  und 
kunstlichst  gerissen  durch  weylandt . Jost  Am¬ 

man  von  Niirnberg.  293  woodcuts,  besides  the 
frontispiece.  4to.  Frankfurt  am  Mayn,  1599.  B.M. 

The  most  complete  edition. 

AMMAN  (J.). — Insignia  saerse  cassareas  Ma- 
jestatis,  principum  electorum,  ac  aliquot  illustrissi- 
marum,  illustrium,  nobilium,  et  aliarum  familiarum, 
formis  artificiosissimis  expressa :  Addito  cuiq. 
peculiari  Symbolo  et  Carmine  octasticho,  quibus 
cum  ipsum  Insigne,  turn  Symbolum,  ingeniose  sine 
ulla  arrogantia  vel  mordicitate  liberaliter  explican- 
tur.  His  adjecta  sunt  totidem  vacua  (uti  appellant) 
Scuta,  ut  alii  quoq.  quib.  hoc  institutum  placebit, 
suse  etiam  gentis  Imagines  penicillo  adjicere  possint. 
Omnia  in  gratiam  Studiosorum,  magno  labore  et 
h  25 


f  Notes  and  Queries, 
1  Feb.  15,  ’68. 

Universal  Catalogue  of 

sumptu  non  exiguo,  collecta  atque  edita.  144  un¬ 
numbered  leaves,  and  270  woodcuts.  4to.  Franco- 
furti  ad  Mcenum  (Sigism.  Feyerabend),  1579. 

Other  editions : — 

Stam  und  Wapenbuch  hochs  und  niders  Standts. 
Darinnen  der  Romischen  Keys.  Mt.  dess  heili- 
gen  Rom.  Reychss  Churfiirsten,  Fiirsten,  Grafen, 
Freyen,  und  Herrn,  Auch  deren  vom  Adel  und 
anderer  vom  guten  G-eschlecht  herkommenden  Per- 
sonen,  Wapen,  mit  jren  Schilt  und  Helmen,  auch 
hinzugesetzten  Symbolis,  und  Reymen,  in  welchen 
zum  theyl  der  Wapen  eygenschafiten  und  bedeut- 
nussen  guthertziger  wolmeynung  begriffen  werden, 
eygentlich  und  auffs  fleyssigst  zugericht.  Mit 
angehengten  vilen  ledigen  Schildten  und  Helmen, 
denen,  welche  der  frembden  Nationen,  oder  anderer 
Wapen  mehr,  auch  hiereyn  zu  bringen  lust  hetten, 
. Woodcuts.  4to.  Franckfurt  am  Mayn,  1579. 

Wapen-Buch,  darinnen  allerley  lere  Schillt  und 
Helm  gantz  kiinstlich  gerissen  sind,  &c.  Woodcuts. 
Fol.  Franckfurt  am  Mayn,  1579.  Bodl. 

AMMAN  (J.). — Anthologia  Gnomica.  Illus- 

tres  veterum  grsecse  comcedige  scriptorum  sententise,  [ 
prius  ab  Henrico  Stephano,  qui  et  singulas  Latine  I 
eonvertit,  editee;  nunc  duplici  insuper  interpreta- 
tione  metriea  singulse  auctse,  inq.  gratiam  stuclio- 
sorum,  quibus  et  varise  scutorum  natalitiorum  ima¬ 
gines  libello  passim  insertse  usui  erunt,  in  hoc 

Enchiridion,  V.  CL.  D.  Joh.  Posthii . auspiciis 

collectse  a  Christiano  Egenolpho.  167  woodcuts. 
8vo.  Franeofurti  ad  Moenum  (Sigismund  Feyer- 
abend),  1579.  S.K. 

Another  edition.  —  Stam  oder  Gesellenbuch. 
Mit  vilen  schonen  Spriichen,  auch  allerley  offnen 
und  Biirgerlichen  Schildten  und  Helmen.  Allen 

Studenten,  und  sonst  guten  Gesellen,  so  entweder 
jre  Wapen,  Reimen  oder  Spriich,  zur  gedachtnuss 
einander  verlassen  wollen,  zu  dienst  und  gefallen 
zusammen  getragen  Durch  einen  Studiosum  zu 
Franckfurt  am  Mayn.  196  woodcuts.  8vo.  Franck¬ 
furt  am  Mayn  (Sigm.  Feyerabend),  1579. 

Dresden  Libr.  j 

AMMAN  (J.). — Neuw  Jag  und  Weydwerck  j 

Buch,  Das  ist  eine  griindliche  Beschreibung  Vom  | 
Anfang  der  Jagten,  Auch  vom  Jager,  seinem  Horn  j 
und  Stimm,  Hunden,  Item  von  der  Hirsch,  Schweins, 
Hasen,  wilden  Kiillen  &c.  Jagt,  Item  vom  Acl- 
lichen  Weydwerck  der  Falkeney,  Beyssen  und 
Feeler  spiel,  desgleichen  vom  Fisch,  Krebs,  Otter 
und  Biber  Fang,  &c.  116  woodcuts.  Fol.  Franck¬ 
furt  am  Mayn  (Feyerabend),  1582. 

Other  editions : — 

Kiinstliche  wolgerissene  New  Figuren  von  allerlei 
Jag  und  Weidtwerck,  durch  den  Kunstreichen  Jost 
Amman,  Wonhaft  zu  Niirnberg  an  Tag  gebracht. 
Allen  Liebhabern,  Als  Malern,  Goldschmidt,  Bild- 
hauwern  und  welche  Lust  zur  Kunst  haben,  zu 
Ehren  :  Auch  durch  auss  mit  Lateinischen  und 
Teutschen  Reymen,  dergleichen  vor  nicht  ausgangen. 
40  woodcuts,  taken  from  those  in  the  “Jag  und 
Weydwerck  Buch.”  4to.  (Feyerabend.)  1582. 

Dresden  Libr. 

.  VenaGis  et  Aucupium  Iconibus  artificiosissimis  ad 
vivum  expressa  et  succinctis  versibus  illustrata  a 

F.  Ad.  Lonicero.  79  leaves,  and  40  woodcuts.  4to. 
Franeofurti  (Feyerabend),  1582.  Bodl. 

Kunstliche  (sic),  Wolgerissene  New  Figuren,  von 
allerlai  Jagt  und  Weiclwerck,  Allen  Liebhabern  der 
Maler  Kunst,  auch  Goldschmieden,  Bildhauern, 

&c.  zu  Ehren  und  Wolgefallen  zugericht . durch 

den  Kunstreichen  und  Weitberhiimbten  Jost  Am¬ 
mon.  40  woodcuts.  4to.  Franckfurt  am  Mayn 
(Feyerabend),  1592.  B.M. 

AMMAN  (J.). — Ritterliche  Reutterkunst, 
Darinnen  Ordentlich  begriffen  Wie  man  zuvorderst 
die  Ritterliche  und  adeliche  Uebung  der  Reutterey, 
bevorab  in  Teutschland,  mit  musterhafftigem  Ge- 
schmuck,  Ritterspiel,  Mumerey,  Kleidung,  und  allem 
andern,  so  dero  beides  in  schimpff  und  ernst  anhan- 

gig,  gebrauchen  und  unterscheiden  moge . Allen 

Rittermassigen  und  Adlichen  Personen  zu  Ehren 
jetzt  auffs  neuw  an  Tag  geben  und  mit  schonen 

Figuren  gezieret . Durch  den  edlen  gestrengen 

Herrn  L.  V.  C.  gewesener  Keyserlicher  Majestat 
Stallmeister.  Woodcuts.  Fol.  Franckfurt  am 
Mayn  (Sigm.  Feyerabend),  1584.  * 

Another  edition. — Artliche  und  kunstreiche  Figu¬ 
ren  zu  der  Reutterey,  sampt  jrem  musterhaften 
Geschmuck,  dergleichen  nie  aussgangen.  Jetzt  erst 
durch  den  Kunstreichen  Jost  Ammon,  wohnhafft  zu 
Nornberg,  gerissen.  92  woodcuts.  4to.  Franck¬ 
furt  am  Mayn  (Sigm.  Feyerabend),  1584. 

AMMAN  (J.). — Cleri  totius  Romance  Ec- 

clesise  subjecti  seu  Pontificiorum  ordinum  omnium 
omnino  utriusque  sexus  habitus,  artificiosissimis 
figuris,  quibus  Francisci  Modii  singula  octosticha 
adjecta  sunt;  nunc  primum  a  Jodoco  Ammano  ex¬ 
press i  neque  unquam  antehac  similiter  editi :  addito 
libello  singulari  ejusdem  Fr.  Modii  in  quo  cujusque 
ordinis  ecclesiastici  origo,  progressus  et  vestitus 
ratio  breviter  ex  variis  historicis  delineatur.  102 
woodcuts.  Small  4to.  Francoforti  (Sigism.  Feyer¬ 
abend),  1585.  S.K. 

Another  edition.  The  same  cuts,  with  text  in 
German. — Stand  und  Orden  der  heil.  Romischen 
Catholischen  Kirchen  darinn  aller  Geistlichen  Per¬ 
sonen . Herkommen,  Regeln,  Habit  und  Kleidung 

beneben  schonen  und  kunstlichen  Figuren  fleissig 

beschrieben . durch  Joh.  Ad.  Lonicerum.  Small 

4to.  Franckfurt  am  Mayn  (Feyerabend),  1585. 

Dresden  Libr. 

Another  edition.  With  text  in  Latin  and  Ger¬ 
man. — Jodoci  Ammani  clerus  totius  Rom.  Ecclesise, 
&c.  Small  4to.  Franckfurt  a.  M.  (in  Verlegung 
F.  V.  Ammons  und  V.  Serlius),  1661. 

This  edition  has  the  same  cuts,  with  exception  of 
seven,  the  blocks  of  which  were  lost,  and  which 
were  replaced  by  etched  plates. 

AMMAN  (J.). — Im  Frauwenzimmer  Wirt 
vermeldt  von  allerley  schonen  Kleidungen  und 
Trachten  der  Weiber,  hohes  und  niders  Stands,  wie 
man  fast  an  alien  Orten  geschmiickt  und  gezieret 
ist,  Als  Teutsche,  Welsche,  Frantzosische,  Engel- 
landisehe,  Niderlandische,  Boheimsche,  Ungerische, 
und  alle  anstossende  Lander.  Durchaus  mit  neuwen 
Figuren  gezieret,  dergleichen  nie  ist  aussgangen. 
Jetzund  erst  durch  den  weitber.  J.  Amman  wohn- 

Notes  and  Queries, 
Feb.  15,  ’68. 


Books  on  Art  ( under  revision). 

hafft  zu  Niirnberg  gerissen.  Sampt  einer  kurtzen 

Beschreibung . 121  woodcuts,  Female  Costumes 

of  Germany,  Italy,  France,  England,  &c.,  besides  a 
frontispiece  with  the  portrait  of  Princess  Gertrude 
of  Saxony.  Small  4to.  Franckfurt  (Feyerabend), 
1586.  B.M. 

Another  edition.  121  woodcuts,  with  explana¬ 
tions  in  Latin  verse. — Gynseceum,  sive  Theatrum 
mulierum,  in  quo  prsecipuarum  omnium  per  Europam 
inprimis  nationum,  gentium,  &c.,  foemineos  habitus 
videre  est,  artificiosissimis  figuris  expressos  a 
Jodoco  Ammano.  Small  4to.  Francofurti  (Feyer¬ 
abend),  1586.  Bodl. 

AMMAN  (J.). — Jodoci  Ammanni,  Civis 

Noribergensis,  Charta  Lusoria,  Tetrastichis  illus- 

trata,  per  Janum  Heinricum  Scroterum . Kunst- 

liche  un  wolgerissene  Figuren,  in  ein  new  Karten- 
spiel,  durch  den  Kunstreichen  und  weitberiimten 
Jost  Amman,  Burger  in  Niirnberg,  &c.  Allen  und 
jeden  der  Kunstliebhabenden,  zu  besonderm  nutz, 
lust  und  wolgefallen,  jetz  und  erst  new  an  tag 
geben.  Und  mit  kurzen  lateinischen  und  teutschen 
Verszlein  illustrirt  durch  Janum  Heinricum  Schro- 
terum  von  Giistrow,  Key serlichen  Coronirten  Poeten. 
55  woodcuts.  4to.  Numb  erg,  1588.  B.M. 

This  is  the  rarest  of  Amman’s  works. 

AMMAN  (J.). — Kunstlich.  und  wolgeris- 
sene  Fecliters-Figuren  und  Stellungen,  Geordnet 
durch . J.  Amman.  Oblong  4to.  Ulm,  n.  d. 

This  work  is  wrongly  ascribed  to  Amman. — See 
Becker,  J.  Amman,  p.  234. 

AMMAN  (J.). — J.  Amman,  Zeichner  und 
Formschneider,  Kupferatzer  und  Stecher;  von  C(arl) 
Becker.  Nebst  Zusatzen  von  R.  Weigel.  17  wood- 
cuts.  Small  4to.  Leipzig,  1854.  S.K. 

AMMEN-UHR. — Die  Ammen-Uhr.  Aus  des 

Knaben  Wunderhorn.  12  woodcuts  from  drawings 
by  Dresden  Artists.  Leipzig,  1843.  B.M. 

AMORETTI  (Carlo). — Memorie  storiclie 

su  la  vita,  gli  studj,  e  le  opere  di  Lionardo  da  Yinci. 
. 1804.  See  Yinci. 

AMORETTI  (C.). — Viaggio  di  Milano  ai 

tre  Laghi  Maggiore  di  Lugano  e  di  Como  e  ne’ 
monte  che  li  circondano.  8vo.  Milano,  1817.  B.M. 

AMORETTI  (C.). — Yiaggio  da  Milano  ai 

tre  Laghi  Maggiore,  di  Lugano  e  di  Como . Sesta 

edizione,  corretta  e  corredata  di  antichi  monumenti 
e  della  vita  dell’  autore  dal  Dottor  Giov.  Labus. 
8vo.  Milano,  1824.  B.M. 

AMORETTI  (C.). — Opuscoli  scelti  sulle 
Scienze  e  sulle  Arti,  tratti  degli  Atti  delle  Accademie 
e  dalle  altre  collezioni  filosofiche  e  letterarie,  dalle 
opere  piu  recenti  inglesi,  tedesche,  francesi,  &c. 
22  vols.  4 to.  Milano,  1778-1806.  Bodl. 

AMORETTI  (C.). — Nuova  scelta  d’opuscoli  | 
interessanti  sulle  Scienze  e  sulle  Arti,  &c.  4to.  Mi¬ 
lano,  1804  (-1808).  B.M. 

AMORINI  (  Antonio  Bolognini,  Mar- 

chese).  —  Discorso  letto  nella  grand’  Aula  della 
Pontificia  Accademia  di  Belle  Arti  in  Bologna  l’anno 
1816.  8vo.  Cicogn, 

AMORINI  (A.  Bolognini,  Marcliese). — Elo- 
gio  di  Sebastiano  Serlio,  Arcliitetto  Bolognese.  Fol. 
Bologna,  1823.  B.M. 

AMORINI  (A.  Bolognini,  Marcliese).— Elo- 

gio  di  Angelo  Yenturoli,  Arcliitetto  Bolognese.  Li- 
thogr.  portrait  of  Y.  8vo.  Bologna,  1827.  S.K. 
AMORINI  (A.  Bolognini,  Marcliese). — Me¬ 
morie  della  Vita  del  Pittore  Dionysio  Calvert.  8vo. 
Bologna,  1832.  Bodl. 

AMORINI  (A.  Bolognini,  Marcliese). — Le 

Yite  di  Girolamo  Curti,  detto  il  Dentone,  e  di  Agos- 
tino  Mitelli,  nuovamente  date  alle  stampe  dal  mar¬ 
ches  e  A.  B.  A.  Portrait.  8vo.  Bologna,  1833. 
AMORINI  (A.  Bolognini,  Marcliese). — Me- 

moria  della  Yita  di  Pio  Panfilj.  15  pp.,  and  por¬ 
trait  of  P.  8vo.  Bologna,  1835.  S.K. 

AMORINI  (A.  Bolognini,  Marcliese). — Vita 

del  celebre  Pittore  Francesco  Albani.  8vo.  Bo¬ 
logna,  1837.  B.M. 

AMORINI  (A.  Bolognini,  Marcliese). — Yita. 

del  celebre  Pittore  Francesco  Primaticcio.  Lithogr. 
portrait  of  P.  8vo.  Bologna,  1838. 

AMORINI  (A.  Bolognini,  Marcliese). — Yita 

del  celebre  Pittore  Domenico  Zampieri  detto  Do- 
menichino.  38  pp.  8vo.  Bologna,  1839.  B.M. 

AMORINI  (A.  Bolognini,  Marcliese). — Yita 

di  F.  Barbieri  detto  II  Guercino.  8vo.  Bologna, 
1839.  B.M. 

AMORINI  (A.  Bolognini,  Marcliese). — Yita 

del  celebre  Pittore  Guido  Beni.  8vo.  Bologna, 
1839.  B.M. 

AMORINI  (A.  Bolognini,  Marcliese). — Yite 
dei  Pittori  ed  Artefici  Bolognesi.  5  parts  in  2  vols. 
Portraits.  8vo.  Bologna,  1841-43.  S.K. 

AMORINI  (A.  Bolognini,  Marcliese). — Me¬ 
morie  della  Yita  e  delle  Opere  di  Francesco  Rosa- 
spina,  Incisor  Bolognese.  24  pp.,  and  portrait  of  R. 
8  vo.  Bologna,  1842.  S.K. 

AMPHITHEATRES.  — Degli  Anfiteatri  e 
singolarmente  del  Veronese.  (By  S.  Maffei.)  8vo. 
Verona,'  1728.  Bodl. 

AMSINCK  (Paul).— Tunbridge  Wells,  and 

its  neighbourhood,  illustrated  by  a  series  of  (43) 
etchings  and  historical  descriptions :  the  etchings 
executed  by  Letitia  Byrne.  4to.  London,  1810.  B.M. 
AMSLER  (Samuel). — Leben  und  Werke 

von  Samuel  Amsler,  Kupfersteelier.  Neujahrsblatt 
der  Kiinstler-Gesellschaft  in  Zurich  fur  1850.  Por¬ 
trait  of  A.  4to.  Zurich,  1850. 

AMSTEL  (Cornelis  Ploos  van).  —  See 

AMSTERDAM. —  Filip’s  von  Zesen  Be¬ 
schreibung  der  Stadt  Amsterdam . 75  copper¬ 
plates . 1664,  &c.  See  Zesen  (Philipp  von). 

AMSTERDAM. — Alle  de  voornaamste  ge- 

bouwen  der  wijtvermaarde  koopstad  Amsterdam 
cierlijk  in  t’  koper  afgebeelt,  en  kortbonclig  beschre- 

ven . Tous  les  principaux  batimens  de  la  ville 



Notes  and  Queries, 
Fe’o.  15,  ’68. 

Universal  Catalogue  of 

cl’ Amsterdam  represents  en  de  tres-belles  tailles 
douces  et  decrits  en  abrege.  In  Dutch  and  French. 
4to.  Amsterdam  (1675  ?).  B.M. 

AMSTERDAM. —  Eighty-nine  Engravings 
of  Public  Buildings,  &c.,  at  Amsterdam,  by  several 
Artists.  Oblong  fol.  Amsterdam,  1612-31.  B.M. 

AMSTERDAM. — Nieuwe  Atlas  van  de  voor- 
naamste  Gebouwen  en  Gezichten  der  Stad  Amster¬ 
dam,  met  derzelver  beknopte  beschryvingen.  2  vols. 
102  plates,  besides  a  plan.  Fol.  Amsterdam,  1783. 


AMSTERDAM. — Vues  choisies  d’Amster- 
dam  et  ses  environs,  dessinees  d’apres  nature  par  C. 
de  Kruyf  et  autres  artistes.  45  plates,  without  let¬ 
terpress.  4to.  Amsterdam,  1825.  B.M. 

AMSTERDAM. — Le  Guide  d’ Amsterdam. 
Enrichy  de  figures.  23  plates,  and  a  plan.  8vo. 
Amsterdam,  1701.  B.M. 

Le  Guide,  ou  nouvelle  description  de  la  Ville 
d’ Amsterdam.  Plates,  8vo.  Amsterdam,  1720. 


Another  edition.  8vo.  Amsterdam,  1734.  B.M. 
Le  Guide  d’ Amsterdam  avec  la  description  de  ce 
qui  il  y  a  de  plus  interessant.  Plates.  8vo.  Amster¬ 
dam,  1793.  Cieogn. 

AMSTERDAM. — Wegwyzer  door  Amster¬ 
dam,  zynde  eene  beknopte  verhandeling  van  desselfs 
eerste  opkomst,  vergrootingen,  en  tegenwoordigen 

staat . Yerrykt  metafbeeldingen  der  voornaamste 

gestichten,  alle  op  nieus  naar’t  leeven  geteeknet. 
Beneevens  eene  Beschryvinge  van  het  heerlyk  stad- 
huis ;  een  verklaaring  van  het  onlangs  gemaakte 
Schilderwerk,  op  de  Burgerzaal.  27  plates.  Small 
8vo.  Amsterdam,  1713. 

AMSTERDAM. — Platte  Grond  der  Stad 

Amsterdam.  (A  plan  of  Amsterdam,  with  a  series  of 
views  of  the  streets,  canals,  gates,  and  principal  build¬ 
ings  of  the  town.)  103  plates,  without  letterpress. 
Fol.  (Amsterdam,  1786?)  B.M. 

AMSTERDAM,  City  House. — Architecture, 

Peinture  et  Sculpture  de  la  Maison  de  Yille  d’ Am¬ 
sterdam,  representees  en  109  figures  en  taille-douce 

. Avec  une  explication  historique  de  chaque  figure. 

The  plates  chiefly  by  Hubertus  Quellinus.  Fol.  Am¬ 
sterdam,  1719.  S.K. 

Description  de  lTlotel  de  Ville  d’ Amsterdam. 
8vo.  (Amsterdam  1780  ?)  B.M. 

Another  edition.  8vo.  (Amsterdam,  1786?)  B.M. 
Description  of  the  City  House  of  Amsterdam. 
8vo.  Amsterdam,  1751.  B.M. 

Other  editions.  Amsterdam,  1766,  and  1782. 


AMYOT  (Thomas). — Some  Account  of  the 
Abbey  Church  of  Tewkesbury;  intended  to  illustrate 
the  plans,  elevations,  and  sections  of  that  building, 
engraved  at  the  expense  of  the  Antiquarian  Society 
(in  plates  XXIII— XLYI.,  vol.  V.  of  the  “Vetusta 
Monumenta”).  Fol.  London,  1826.  B.M.  | 

ANACREON. — Anacreon.  Sapho,  Bion  et  ! 

Moschus,  traduction  nouvelle  en  prose,  suivie  de  la  j 
*  e]llce  des  fetes  de  Venus,  ct  d’un  choix  de  pieces  | 

de  diflferens  auteurs.  Par  M.  M  *  *  *  C  *  *  (Jules 
Jacques  Moutonnet  de  Clairfons).  Frontispiece, 
and  vignettes,  engraved  by  Jean  Massard  from  de¬ 
signs  by  Charles  Eisen.  4to.  Paphos,  Paris,  1773. 


ANACREON. — Anacreontis  Odaria,  ad  tex- 

tus  Barnesiani  fidem  emendata.  Accedunt  varise 
lectiones  cura  Edvardi  Forster.  20  vignettes,  en¬ 
graved  by  F.  Bartolozzi.  8vo.  Londini,  1802.  S.K. 

ANACREON. — A  Series  of  Designs  to  illus¬ 
trate  Anacreon,  by  B(obert)  Ker  Porter.  25  plates, 
and  portrait,  engraved  by  Giovanni  Vendramini. 
4to.  London,  1805. 

ANACREON. — Odes  d’ Anacreon,  traduites 
en  vers,  sur  le  texte  de  Brunck,  par  J.  B.  (Bins)  de 
Saint-Victor.  (With  the  Greek  text.)  4  plates, 
engraved  by  Abraham  Girardet  from  designs  by 
Anne  Louis  Girodet  and  Pierre  Bouillon.  8vo. 
•Paris,  1810.  B.M. 

2nd  edition.  The  same  plates.  12mo.  Paris, 

3rd  edition.  The  same  plates,  besides  a  vignette, 
engraved  from  an  ancient  medal,  on  the  title-page. 
8vo.  Paris,  1818.  B.M. 

ANACREON. — Anacreon,  Recueil  de  Com¬ 
positions  dessinees  par  (Anne  Louis)  Girodet  et 
gravees  par  M.  (H.  G.)  Chatillon,  son  eleve,  avec 
la  traduction  en  prose  faite  egalement  par  Girodet. 

54  plates.  4to.  Paris,  1826. 

ANACREON. — Odes  d’ Anacreon,  etc.  Greek 
Text  and  French  translation  by  Ambroise  Firmin 
Didot,  with  54  photographic  illustrations  from  the 
compositions  by  Girodet.  24mo.  Paris,  1864.  S.K. 

ANASTATIC  PRINTING.— Sketches  prin¬ 

ted  at  the  second  Hampstead  Conversazione,  Feb. 

18,  1846,  in  illustration  of  the  Anastatic  Printing 
Process.  4to.  London,  1846.  S.K.  ' 

ANATOMY. — A  compendious  Treatise  of  i 
Anatomy,  adapted  to  the  Arts  of  Designing,  Paint-  1 
ing,  and  Sculpture.  8  plates.  Fol.  London,  1762. 

S.K.  j 

ANATOMY. — Key  to  an  Anatomical  Figure,  \ 
displaying  the  superficial  Muscles  of  the  Human  j 
Body,  intended  for  the  use  of  Artists.  4  plates,  < 
and  4  pp.  8vo.  London,  n.  d.  S.K.  f 

ANCORA  (Gaetano  d’). — Guida  ragionata  J 

per  le  Antichita  e  per  le  curiosita  naturali  di  Poz-  ,* 
zuoli  e  de’  luoghi  circonvicini.  51  plates.  8vo.  i 
Napoli,  1792.  B.M.  j 

French  translation. — Guide  du  Voyageur  pour  les  ] 
Antiquites  de  Pouzzole,  et  des  environs.  Traduit 
de  ITtalien  par  Manville.  Plates.  8vo.  Naples,  jj 
1792.  Cieogn.  j 

ANCORA  (G.  d’). — Lezione  pratiche  circa  | 
l’imitazione  dall’  antico  nelle  arti  del  disegno.  8vo.  I 
Napoli,  1804.  B.M.  i 

ANDERSEN  (Carl). — Rosenborg.  Minde-  ; 

blade  fra  de  Danske  Kongers  kronologiske  Samling.  ' 
Ved  C.  A.,  Inspekteur  ved  Samlingen.  91  pp.,  and 
52  woodcut  illustrations.  Imper.  8vo.  Rjobenhavn, 
1867.  S.K.  I 

Notes  and  Queries, 
Feb.  22,  ’68. 

Books  on  Art  (under  revision). 


ANDERSEN  (Hans  Christian). — Gesam- 

melte  Marchen.  112  woodcut  illustrations,  from 
drawings  by  V.  Pedersen,  engraved  by  E.  Kretzsch- 
mar.  8vo.  Leipzig,  1849. 

ANDERSEN  (H.  Ch.).— Gesammelte  His- 
torien.  75  woodcut  illustrations,  from  drawings  by 
V.  Pedersen,  engraved  by  E.  Kretzschmar.  8vo. 
Leipzig,  1857-  B.M. 

ANDERSEN  (H.  Ch.).— Tales  for  Children. 

Translated  by  A.  Webnert.  With  illustrations  by 
E.  H.  Wehnert,  W.  Thomas,  and  others.  8vo.  Lon¬ 
don,  1861.  B.M. 

ANDERSEN  (H.  Ch.).— The  Ice  Maiden. 

Translated  from  the  Danish  by  Mrs.  Bushby ;  with 
drawings  by  Zwecker,  engraved  by  Pearson.  Small 
4to.  London,  1863.  S.K. 

ANDERSEN  (H.  Ch.).— Stories  and  Tales. 

. Translated  by  H.  W.  Dulcken.  80  illustra¬ 
tions  by  A.  W.  Bayes,  engraved  by  the  Brothers 
Dalziel.  8vo.  London,  1864.  B.M. 

ANDERSEN  (H.  Ch.).— Out  of  the  Heart. 

Spoken  to  the  little  ones . Translated  by  H.  W. 

Dulcken.  70  engravings  by  the  Brothers  Dalziel. 
16mo.  London,  1867.  B.M. 

ANDERSEN  (H.  Ch.).— Life  of  Thorvald¬ 

sen.  See  Thorvaldsen. 

ANDERSON  (Charles).  —  Ancient  Mo¬ 
dels  :  containing  some  remarks  on  Church-building, 
addressed  to  the  laity.  12mo.  London,  1840.  B.M. 
Another  edition,  enlarged.  12mo.  London,  1841. 


ANDERSON  (Charles  Frederick). — A.’s 

American  "Villa  Architecture,  &c.  Oblong  fol.  New 
York,  1853.  B.M. 

ANDERSON  (Duncan)  .  —  History  of  the 

Abbey  and  Palace  of  Holyrood.  With  illustrations. 
Edited  by  W.  S.  Daniel.  8vo.  Edinburgh,  1852. 


ANDERSON  (George,  Major).— Plan  and 

Views  of  the  Abbey  Royal  of  St.  Denys,  engraved 

on  six  plates . from  drawings  by  Major  A.  With 

an  historical  account.  4to.  London,  1812.  B.M. 
ANDERSON  (John). — Observations  upon 
Roman  Antiquities,  discovered  between  the  Eorth 
and  Clyde.  8  pp.,  and  4  plates.  4to.  Edinburgh, 
1800.  B.M. 

ANDERSON  (John  Corbet). — Shropshire  : 

its  Early  History  and  Antiquities.  Comprising  a 
description  of  the  important .  British  and  Roman 
remains  in  that  County  ;  its  Saxon  and  Danish 
reminiscences  ;  the  Domesday  Survey  of  Shropshire ; 
and  the  history  of  its  Forests,  Towns,  Manors,  Ab¬ 
beys,  Churches,  Castles,  and  great  Baronial  Houses. 
Illustrated  by  numerous  drawings  on  wood.  Royal 
8vo.  London,  1864.  S.K. 

ANDERSON  (J.  C.). — Antiquities  of  Croy¬ 
don  Church,  destroyed  by  fire,  January  5th,  1867. 
With  numerous  woodcuts,  drawn  from  its  fine  mo¬ 
numents  previously  to  their  destruction.  84  pp. 
Imper.  8vo.  London,  1867.  S.K. 

ANDRADE  (Domingo  de).  —  Excelencias, 

antiguedad,  y  nobleza  de  la  Arquitectura.  4to. 
Santiago,  1695. 

ANDRASY  (Mano,  Count). — Utazas  Kelet- 

Indiakon,  Ceylon,  Java,  Khina,  Bengal.  16  ehro- 
mo-lithogr.  plates,  and  wood  engravings  in  the  text. 
Imper.  fol.  Pesten  (1853).  B.M. 

German  edition. — Reise  des  Grafen  Emanuel  A. 
in  Ostindien,  Ceylon,  Java,  China  und  Bengalen. 
Aus  dem  Ungarischen  iibersetzt.  The  same  plates. 
Imper.  fol.  Pest,  1859.  B.M. 

ANDRASY  (M.,  Count). — Les  Chassesetle 

Sport  en  Hongrie,  d’apres  l’original  hongrois  de  M. 
le  Comte  E.  Andrasy,  &c.,  trad.  par.  J.  B.  Durringer 
et  F.  A.  Schwiedland.  25  coloured  plates.  Imper. 
fol.  Pest,  n.  d. 

ANDRAUD.  —  Exposition  universelle  de 
1855.  Une  derniere  annexe  au  palais  de  l’lndustrie. 
Sciences  industrielles.  Beaux -Arts.  Philosophie. 
8vo.  Paris,  1855.  B.M. 

ANDRE  (Edouard). — Les  Plantes  a  feuil- 
lage  ornemental.  Description,  histoire,  culture  et 
distribution  des  plantes  a  belles  feuilles,  nouvelle- 
ment  employees  a  la  decoration  des  squares,  pares  qt 
jardins.  Par  E.  A.  37  wood-engravings,  designed 
by  Riocreux,  Yan  d’ Argent,  Andre,  &c.  8vo.  Paris, 

ANDRE  (Ives  Marie). — Essai  sur  le  Beau. 
12mo.  Paris,  1741. 

This  edition  was  published  without  the  name  of 
the  author. 

Essai  sur  le  Beau ;  avec  un  discours  preliminaire 
et  de  reflexions  sur  le  gout,  par  J.  H.  S.  F.  (i.  e.  J. 
H.  Samuel  Formey).  8vo.  Amsterdam,  1759. 
Also,  Paris,  1763. — Lyon,  1820. 

German  translation.  Altenburg,  1757. 

ANDREPE  (Carl). — Die  ungleichen  Kinder 
Eva.  Comedia  von  Hans  Sachs.  Mit  Original- 
Zeichnungen  von  C.  A.,  in  Holzschnitt  ausgefuhrt 
von  August  Gaber.  5  woodcut  illustrations,  and 
portrait  of  Hans  Sachs.  8vo.  Leipzig  und  Dresden 
(I860).  B.M. 

ANDREEE  (C.). — Darstellungen  aus  der 
biblischen  Geschichte  des  Alten  und  Neuen  Testa¬ 
ments.  Zeichnungen  von  C.  A.,  in  Holzschnitt  aus¬ 
gefuhrt  von  August  Gaber,  herausgegeben  mit  er- 
lauternden  Textworten  aus  der  heil.  Schrift  von  J. 
J.  H.  Schuhmacher.  90  woodcuts.  4to.  Dresden 

ANDREW  (C.),  RICHTER  (Ludwig), 

and  SCHNORR  von  CAROLSFELD  (Julius).— 
Christenfreude  in  Lied  und  Bild.  Geistliche  Lieder 

. 50  woodcut  illustrations  from  drawings  by  C.A., 

L.  R.,  and  J.  Sch.von  C.  3  parts.  8vo.  Leipzig,  1855. 

ANDREOLI  (E.),  and  LAMBERT  (B.  S.). 

Monographic  de  l’Eglise  cathedrale  Saint-Siffrein 
de  Carpentras,  renfermant  une  description  du  cloitre 
et  de  l’ancienne  eglise,  des  details  historiques,  des 
notes  biographiques  et  de  nombreux  dessins  graves. 
8vo.  Paris,  1862.  B.M. 




Universal  Catalogue  of 

Notes  and  Queries, 
Feb.  22,  ’68. 

ANDREOSSY  (Antoine  Francois,  Count),  j 

Constantinople  et  le  Bosphore  de  Thrace  pendant 
les  annees  1812,  1813,  1814,  et  pendant  l’annee 
1826.  8yo.,  and  Atlas  of  10  plates  infol.  Paris, 

1828.  B.M. 

ANDRES  (Juan).  —  Lettera  al  Sign.  G. 

Valenti  Gonzaga,  sopra  una  pretesa  cagione  del  cor- 
rompimento  del  gusto  Italiano  nel  secolo  XVII.  8vo. 
Cremona,  1778.  B.M. 

Spanish  translation.  8vo.  Madrid,  1780.  Bodl. 

ANDRES  de  GUSSEME  (Thomas).— Die-  : 

cionario  numismatico  general,  para  la  perfecta  inteli- 
gencia  de  las  Medallas  Antiguas,  sus  signos,  notas  e  ! 
inscripciones,  e  generalmente  de  todo  lo  que  se  con-  j 
tiene  en  ellas.  6  vols.  4to.  Madrid,  1773-77-  B.M. 

ANDRE  SEN  (Andreas). — Johann  Gotthard 

von  Muller  und  Joh.  Friedrich  Wilhelm  Muller.  Be- 
schreihendes  Verzeichniss  ihrer  Kupferstiche.  8vo. 
Leipzig,  1885.  S.K. 

ANDRESEN  (A.). — Die  deutschen  Maler- 
Badirer  (Peintres-Graveurs)  des  XIX.  Jahrhunderts, 
nach  ihren  Leben  und  Werken.  8yo.  Leipzig, 
1866,  &c.  S.K. 

ANDRESEN  ( A. ) . — Nicolaus  Poussin .  Y er- 

zeichniss  der  nach  seinen  Gemalden  gefertigten, 

gleichzeitigen  und  spateren  Kupferstiche . 1863. 

See  Poussin  (Nicolas). 

ANDRESEN  (A.) . — Notice  biographique  snr 
Hans  Scheuflein.  See  Schaufflein. 

ANDRESEN  (A.)  and  WEIGEL  (Rudolph). 

Der  deutsche  Peintre-Graveur,  oder  die  deutschen 
Maler  als  Kupferstecher  nach  ihrem  Leben  und  ihren 
Werken,  von  dem  letzten  Drittel  des  16.  Jahrhun¬ 
derts  bis  zum  Schluss  des  18.  Jahrhunderts,  und  in 
Anschluss  an  Bartsch’s  Peintre-Grraveur,  &c.  Von 
A.  A.,  unter  Mitwirkung  von  B.  W.  8vo.  Leipzig, 
1^864,  &c.  S.K. 

ANDREW  (John). — La  Peinture  an  Pastel 

mise  a  la  portee  de  tout  le  monde  par  1’ application  de 
quatre  methodes  nouvelles.  8vo.  Paris,  1859.  B.M. 

ANDREWS  (A.  N.).— History  of  Painters 
and  Painting  in  Bussia.  (In  Bussian.)  8vo.  St. 
Petersburg,  1857. 

ANDREWS  (G.  T.).— See  Jackson  and  An¬ 
drews.  Illustrations  of  Bishop  West’s  Chapel  in 
Putney  Church . 1825. 

ANDREWS  (Henry  C.). — The  Botanist’s 

Bepository,  for  new  and  rare  Plants,  containing 
coloured  Figures  of  such  Plants  as  have  not  hitherto 
appeared  in  any  similar  publication ;  with  de¬ 
scriptions  in  English  and  Latin.  10  vols.  664  I 
plates.  4to.  London,  1797-1815.  B.M. 

ANDREWS  (H.  C.).— ColouredEngravings  I 

of  Heaths.  The  drawings  taken  from  living  plants  I 
only.  With  the  appropriate  specific  character,  full 
description,  native  place  of  growth,  and  time  of  | 
flowering  of  each;  in  Latin  and  English.  Each 
figure  accompanied  by  accurate  dissections  of  the 

several  parts,  upon  which  the  specific  distinction  has 
been  founded,  according  to  the  Linnsean  system.  4 
vols.  288  plates.  Fol.  London,  1802-(30  ?).  B.M. 
ANDREWS  (H.  C.).  —  Heathery  ;  or,  a 

monograph  of  the  Genus  Erica,  containing  coloured 
engravings,  with  the  descriptions  in  Latin  and  Eng¬ 
lish.  6  vols.  300  plates.  Boyal  8vo.  London, 

ANDREWS  (H.  C.). — Geraniums  ;  or,  a  mo¬ 
nograph  of  the  Genus  Geranium,  containing  coloured 
figures  of  all  the  known  species,  &c.  2  vols.  124 

plates.  4to.  London,  1805.  B.M. 

ANDREWS  (H.  C.). — Roses;  or,  a  mono¬ 
graph  of  the  Genus  Bosa,  containing  coloured  figures 
of  all  the  known  species,  &c.  2  vols.  129  plates. 

4  to.  London,  1805-28.  B.M. 

ANDREWS  (James). — The  Art  of  Flower 

Painting,  in  easy  lessons  ;  with  directions  for  pre¬ 
paring  the  tints,  and  examples  of  each  subject  in 
various  stages,  drawn  and  coloured  from  nature.  24 
plates.  Oblong  8vo.  London,  n.  d.  S.K. 

ANDREWS  (J.). — Progressive  Drawing 
Book  of  Flowers,  for  Beginners.  With  directions 
for  colouring.  London,  n.d. 

ANDREWS  (J.)- — The  Parterre;  or,  the 

Beauties  of  Flora.  12  large  drawings  of  Flowers  j 
by  J.  A.,  elaborately  coloured  after  nature.  With  I 
poetical  illustrations  (by  Louisa  Anne  Twamley).  I 
Fol.  London,  1842.  B.M.  5 

|  ANDREWS  (J.). — Botanical  Illustrations,  j 
See  Moore  and  Dombrain.  The  Floral  Magazine.  ,1 
ANDREWS  (Mottram). — A  Series  of  Views  | 

in  Turkey  and  the  Crimea,  from  the  Embarcation 
at  Gallipoli  to  the  Fall  of  Sebastopol.  Fol.  Lon-  j 
don,  1856.  B.M.  j 

ANDREWS  (W.  S.). — Illustrations  of  the  j 

West  Indies.  (With  descriptive  letterpress.)  2  l 
vols.  Oblong  4to.  London,  1860.  B.M.  't 


Exemplaria  templorum  antiquo  more  constructorum 
. Fol.  Aurelise,  1549. 


Quinque  et  viginti  exempla  arcuum  partim  ab  1 
Androvet  du  Cerceau  inventa,  partim  ex  veterum  j 
sumpta  monumentis.  25  plates.  Small  fol.  Aurelise,  \ 

ANDROUET  DU  CERCEAU  (J.).— Liber  j 

de  eo  picturse  genere  quod  Grottesche  vocant  Itali.  f 
36  plates.  Small  fol.  Aurelise,  1550. 

Another  edition,  under  the  title,  “  Livre  de  Gro-  j 
tesques.”  2  leaves  text,  and  35  plates.  Fol.  Paris  j 
(Wechel),  1566. 

Another  edition.  41  plates,  engraved  after  Du 
Cerceau  by  Hans  Sibmacher.  Small  4to.  Noribergre  > 
(1594).  (Weigel’s  Kunst- Catalog,  No.  16,381.)  j 


tissimee  optices  quam  perspectivam  nominant,  XX 
figurse  accuratissime  excusse  atque  expressse  a  Jacobo  I 
Androvetio  du  Cerceau.  20  plates.  Small  fol.  j 
Aurelise,  1551.  | 

Notes  and  Queries, 
Feb.  22, ’68. 

Books  on  Art  {under  revision). 



d’ Architecture,  contenanfi  les  plans  et  dessaings  de 
cinquante  bastiments  tous  differens  :  pour  instruire 
ceux  qui  desirent  bastir,  soient  de  petit  moyen,  ou 
grand  estat.  16  leaves,  and  ’50  plates.  Eol.  Paris, 

Also  with  Latin  text. — De  Architectura,  Jacobi 
Androvetii  du  Cerceau,  Opus ;  quo  descriptse  sunt 
aedificiorum  quinquaginta  plane  dissimilium  ichno- 
graphise,  etc.  50  plates.  Pol.  Lutetise  Parisiorum, 
1559.  B.M. 

Another  edition. — Livre  d’architecture,  &c.  16 

leaves,  and  69  plates.  Fol.  Paris,  1611.  Bodl. 

Second  livre  d’architecture,  contenant  plusieurs 
et  diverses  ordonances  de  cheminees,  lucarnes, 
portes,  fonteines,  puis,  et  pavilions,  pour  enrichir 
tant  le  dedans  que  le  dehors  de  tous  edifices.  68 
plates,  and  2  leaves.  Pol.  Paris,  1561. 

Also,  with  Latin  title  : — De  architectura  opus 
alteram.  66  plates.  Pol.  Parisiis,  1561. 


d’architecture  de  J.  A.  d.  C.,  auquel  sont  contenues 
diverses  ordonances  de  plants  et  elevations  de  basti¬ 
ments  pour  seigneurs,  gentilshommes  et  austres  qui 
voudront  bastir  aux  champs ;  mesme  en  aucuns 
d’iceux  sont  desseignez  les  basses-courts,  avec  leurs 
commoditez  parti  culieres,  aussi  les  jardinages  et 
vergiers.  Pol.  Paris,  1582. 

This  is  a  continuation  of  the  two  former  Livres 
d’ Architecture. 


Premier  (et  le  second)  Yolume  des  plus  excellents 
Bastiments  de  France.  Auquel  sont  designez  les 
plans  de  quinze  (30)  Bastiments,  et  de  leur  contenu : 
ensemble  les  elevations  et  singularitez  d’un  chascun. 

2  parts.  Pol.  Paris,  1576-79.  B.M. 

Part  I.,  8  leaves,  and  67  plates,  viz. : — Ancy-le- 
Franc,  3  plates. — Boulogne,  called  Madrid,  9. — 
Chambord,  3. — Creil,  1. — Coussy,  4. — Follembray, 
called  the  Pavilion,  2. — Graillon,  7. — The  Louvre, 
9. — Monne,  2. — Montargis,  4. — Muette,  2. — Saint-  | 
Grermain,  4. — Valery,  5. — Verneuil,  10. — Vin¬ 
cennes,  2. 

^  Part  II.,  8  leaves,  and  63  plates,  viz. : — Amboise, 
3. — Anet,  7. — Blois,  5. — Beauregard,  3. — Bury,  3. 
—  Challuau,  2.  —  Chantilly,  7.  —  Chari  eval,  *~5. — 
Chenonceaux,  3. — Dampierre,  4. — Ecouen,  5. — Fon¬ 
tainebleau,  7. — Saint-Maur,  3. — The  Tuileries,  3. — 
Yillers-Cotterets,  3.  The  designs  of  the  palace  of  j 
Charleval  are  by  Batiste  Androuet,  the  son  of  j 

Other  editions : — 

2  parts.  Fol.  Paris,  1607.  S.K.  ; 

2  parts.  Fol.  Paris,  1648.  Part  II.  of  this 
edition  contains  seven  additional  designs  of  the 
Luxembourg,  which  are,  however,  not  by  Du  Cer¬ 

Les  plus  excellents  Bastiments  de  France,  par 
J acques  Androuet  Du  Cerceau,  Architecte,  avec  des 
Notes  et  sous  la  direction  de  M.  H.  Destailleur, 
graves  en  fac-simile  par  M.  Faure  Dujarric.  Nou- 
velle  edition,  augmentee  de  planches  inedites  de 
Du  Cerceau,  telle  que  la  Grrande  Salle  du  Palais  de  ! 

Justice  de  Paris,  le  Pont  Saint-Michel,  la  Bastille, 
la  Fontaine  des  Innocents,  &c.  Fol.  Paris,  1865, 
&c.  (In  progress.)  S.K. 


de  Perspective  Positive.  11  leaves,  and  60  plates. 
Fol.  Paris,  1576.  S.K. 


traite  des  cinq  ordres  de  colonnes.  12  plates.  Small 
fol.  Paris,  1583. 


des  Edifices  antiques  Domains,  contentant  les  ordo¬ 
nances  et  desseings  des  plus  signalez  et  principaux 
bastiments  qui  se  trouvoient  a  Kome  du  temps 
qu’elle  estoit  en  sa  plus  grande  fieur :  partie  des- 
quels  bastiments  se  void  encor  a  present,  le  Teste 
aiant  este  ou  du  tout  ou  en  partie  ruine.  2  leaves, 
and  49  plates.  Fol.  n.  p.  1584.  S.K. 


Livre  de  diverses  Frises,  inventees  et  gravees  par 
A.  D.  12  engravings,  without  letterpress.  Fol. 
Chez  F.  Poilly,  Paris,  1680.  B.M. 

Le  second  (et  troisieme)  Livre  de  Frises,  invent,  et 
grav.  par  A.  D.  Fol.  F.  Poilly,  Paris  (1680  ?). 

Liv.  ii.  consists  of  6,  andLiv.  iii.  of  10  engravings, 
without  letterpress,  and  without  numeration.  B.M. 

ANDROUET  DU  CERCEAU  (P.).— (Frises 

par  D.)  Fol.  Poilly.  (Paris,  1680?)  8  en¬ 

gravings,  without  letterpress,  title,  or  numeration. 
The  above -title  is  taken  from  a  MS.  table  of  con¬ 
tents  prefixed.  B.M. 


propres  pour  les  orfevres,  sculpteurs,  marqueteurs, 

&c, .  Inventees  et  gravees  par  A.  du  C.  6 

engravings,  without  letterpress.  Fol.  ChezN.Lan- 
glois,  Paris  (1680).  B.M. 

Another  edition. — Frises  propres  pour  les  peintres, 

sculpteurs,  orfevres,  &c . inventees  et  gravees 

par  P.  A.  du  C.  6  engravings,  without  letter- 
press.  Fol.  N.  Visscher  (Amsterdam,  1680  ?). 


ANDROUET  DU  CERCEAU  (P.).— (Frises 

ou  Montans  par  D.)  Fol.  Chez  N.  Langlois,  Paris 
(1680  ?).  6  engravings,  without  title  and  without 

letterpress.  This  title  is  taken  from  a  MS.  table  of 
contents  prefixed.  B.M. 


Livre  de  Montan.  8  engravings,  2  without  numer¬ 
ation,  without  letterpress.  Fol.  F.  Poilly  (Paris, 
1680?).  B.M. 

ferens  Ornemens  pour  des  frises,  corniches  et  archi¬ 
traves  par  D.)  Fol.  Chez  N.  Langlois,  Paris 
(1680?).  B.M. 


ler  (et  second)  Livre  de  divers  Ornemens  de 
feuillages  en  forme  de  Panneaux  a  l’usage  de  ceux 
qui  exercent  le  dessein,  inventez  et  gravez  rar  A.  D. 
12  engravings,  withoui  letterpress.  Fol.  F.  Poilly, 
Paris  (1680?).  B.M. 


A  ED 

Universal  Catalogue  of 

( Notes  and  Queries, 
\  Feb.  22,  ’68. 


j  neau  d’Ornement  servant  aux  peintres,  sculpteurs, 
et  autres,  dessigne  et  grave  p.  A.  D.  6  engravings, 
without  letterpress,  and  without  numeration.  Fol. 
(Paris,  1680  ?)  B.M. 


d’Ornemens  de  feuillage,  grave  par  A.  du  C.  6 
engravings,  without  letterpress.  Fol.  Poilly,  Rue 
St.  Jacques  (Paris,  1680  ?).  B.M. 


veaux  Feuillages  et  Ornements  de  panneaux,  desseigne 
/  et  gravee  par  A.  du  C.  6  engravings,  without  letter- 
/  press.  Fol.  P.  Mariette,  Paris  (1680  ?).  B.M. 

j  ANDROUET  DU  CERCEAU  (P.).— Feu¬ 

illages  et  fleurs  propres  aux  peintres,  brodeurs  et 
ouvriers  en  soye.  Par  du  C.  Fol.  N.  Langlois, 
^  Paris  (1680).  6  engravings,  without  letterpress. 

The  above  title  is  taken  from  a  MS.  table  of  con- 
*  tents  prefixed  to  the  volume.  B.M. 


\  mens  d’Orfevrerie  propres  pour  flanquer  et  emailler. 
\  6  engravings,  without  letterpress.  Fol.  N.  Lan¬ 
glois,  Paris  (1680  ?).  B.M. 


veau  Livre  d’Ornemens  d’Orfevrerie,  fait  par  D. 
6  engravings,  without  letterpress.  Fol.  N.  Lan¬ 
glois,  Paris  (1680  ?).  B.M. 

j  ANDROUET  DU  CERCEAU  (P.).— Mor- 

/  ceaux  de  Broderie  pour  Manteaux  et  Habits  d’Hom- 

I  mes.  Fol.  Chez  1ST.  Langlois,  Paris  (1680).  Four 

J  series  of  engravings,  without  letterpress :  each  series 

containing  6  engravings.  B.M. 


1  veau  Livre  d’Ornemens  pour  les  brodeurs . fait 

par  du  C.  6  engravings,  without  letterpress.  Fol. 
I  Chez  N.  Langlois,  Paris  (1680).  B.M. 


mens  a  la  mode,  invente  (sic)  et  grave  (sic)  par  du 
\  C.  8  engravings,  in  two  series,  without  letterpress 

l  Fol.  Chez  1ST.  Langlois,  Paris  (1680  ?).  B.M. 


mens  a  la  mode  invente  (sic)  et  grave  (sic)  par  Du  C. 
10  engravings,  without  letterpress.  Fol.  N.  Visscher 
!  (Amsterdam,  1680).  B.M. 


Charmeton  (G.).  Livre  d’ornement  invente  par 
Charmeton  et  grave  par  Ducerceau.  Fol.  (1670?) 


drouet  du  Cerceau  et  leur  maison  du  Pre  au  Clercs  ; 
par  Adolphe  Berty.  8vo.  Paris,  1857. 

ANECDOTES  des  Beaux  Arts . chez  tons 

les  Peoples  du  monde . Par  M  *  *  *  ...1776-80. 

See  Nougaret  (B.  J.  B.). 

ANGAS  (George  French). — A  Ramble  in 
Malta  and  Sicily.  8vo.  London,  1842.  B.M. 
ANGAS  (G.  F.). — Savage  Life  and  Scenes 
in  Australia  and  New  .Zealand ;  being  an  Artist’s 
impressions  of  countries  and  people  at  the  Anti¬ 
podes.  2  vols.  8 vo.  London,  1847.  B.M. 


ANGAS  (G.  F.).— Tbe  New  Zealanders 

illustrated.  61  chromo-lithogr.  plates.  Fol.  Lon¬ 
don,  1847.  B.M. 

ANGAS  (G.  F.). — South.  Australia  illus¬ 
trated.  61  chromo-lithogr.  plates.  Fol.  London, 
1847.  B.M. 

ANGAS  (G.  F.).— The  Kafirs  illustrated  in 
a  Series  of  Drawings  taken  among  the  Amazulu, 
Amaponda  and  Amakosa  tribes ;  also,  portraits  of 

the  Hottentot,  Malay,  Fingo,  and  other  races . 

together  with  sketches  of  landscape  scenery. 
Chromo-lithographs.  Fol.  London,  1849.  B.M. 
ANGELI  (Luigi). — Memorie  biograficlie  di 
que’  uomini  illustri  Imolesi,  le  cui  imagini  sono 
locate  in  nostra  Iconoteca,  che  si  distinsero  in  ogni 
ramo  di  scienze  e  nelle  belle  arti.  8vo.  Imola, 
1828.  B.M. 

ANGELI  (Paolo  degli). — Basilicas  Sanctse 

Mari®  Majoris  de  Urbe,  a  Liberio  Papa  I.  usque 
ad  Paulum  V.  Pont.  Max.,  descriptio  et  delineatio. 
Libri  XII.  39  plates,  besides  the  frontispiece. 
Fol.  Rom®,  1621.  B.M. 

ANGELI  (P.  degli). — Basilicae  veteris  Vati¬ 
can®  descriptio,  ex  auctore  Romano  ejusdem  Basi¬ 
lic®  canonico,  cum  notis  P.  de  Angelis,  quibus 
accedit  descriptio  brevis  novi  templi  Vaticani,  nec 
non  utriusque  iconographia.  Plates.  Fol.  Rom®, 
1646.  Cicogn. 

ANGELICO,  Fra. — The  Life  of  Fra  Giovanni 
Angelico  da  Fiesole.  Translated  from  the  Italian 
of  Vasari,  by  Gr.  A.  Bezzi.  With  notes  and  illustra¬ 
tions  (20  plates,  and  2  vignettes).  Published  by  the 
Arundel  Society.  4to.  London,  1850. 

Besides  this  publication  of  the  Arundel  Society 
appeared  another  one  in  1851,  one  part  in  folio, 
containing  four  plates,  engraved  and  lithographed 
from  Fra  Angelico  by  E.  E.  Schaffer,  Vernon,  L. 
Gruner,  and  Linnell.  S.K. 

ANGELICO,  Fra. — Leben  und  Werke  des 

Fra  Giovanni  Angelico  da  Fiesole ;  eine  Monographic 
von  Dr.  Ernst  Forster.  11  pp.,  and  22  plates, 
engraved  from  drawings  by  Dr.  E.  Forster,  E. 
Fischer  and  C.  Schraudolph.  Imper.  fol.  Regens-, 
burg,  1859.  S.K. 

Another  edition,  containing  only  the  portrait  of 
Fra  Angelico  when  dead,  engraved  by  R.  Petzsch 
from  a  drawing  by  Dr.  E.  Forster.  8vo.  Regens¬ 
burg,  1859.  . 

ANGELICO,  Fra. — Vie  de  Fra  Angelico  de 

Fiesole,  de  l’ordre  des  Freres  precheurs ;  par 
Etienne  Cartier.  8vo.  Paris,  1857.  B.M. 

English  translation. — Life  of  Beato  Angelico 
da  Fiesole,  of  the  Order  of  Friar-Preachers. 
Translated  by  a  Member  of  the  same  Order  from 
the  French  of  E.  Cartier.  With  introduction  on 
the  Principles  of  Christian  Art,  by  the  same  Author, 
and  commendatory  Letter  of  Cardinal  Wiseman. 

1  plate.  8vo.  London,  1865.  S.K. 

ANGELICO,  Fra.— Tbe  Life  of  Fra  Angelico 
da  Fiesole,  by  the  Rev.  Thomas  G.  Goodwin.  8vo. 
London,  1861.  B.M.  ' 

Notes  and  Queries, 
Feb.  29, ’68. 

Books  on  Art  (under  revision). 


ANGELICO,  Era.— Le  Pittnre  della  Cap- 

pella  di  Nicolo  Y.  Opere  del  Beato  Giovanni 
Angelico  da  Fiesole,  esistenti  nel  Yaticano,  disegnate 
ed  incise  a  contorni  da  Francesco  Giangiacomi. 
16  plates.  Fol.  Roma,  1810.  S.K. 

ANGELICO,  Era. — Marias  Kronung  nnd 

die  Wnnder  des  heiligen  Dominicus  yon  Johann  yon 
Fiesole  (painted  for  the  Church  of  S.  Domenico 

at  Fiesole,  now  in  the  Louvre) . gezeichnet 

von  Wilhelm  Ternite.  Nebst  einer  Nachricht  vom 
Leben  des  Mahlers  und  Erklarung  des  Gemahldes, 
von  August  Wilhelm  von  Schlegel.  15  plates, 
besides  medallion  portrait  of  Fra  Angelico  on  the 
title-page,  and  30  pp.  Fol.  Paris,  1817.  S.K. 

ANGELICO,  Era. — La  Vita  di  Gesii  Cristo, 

dipinta  da  Fra  Giovanni  da  Fiesole,  detto  il  Beato 
Angelico ;  lucidata  dagli  originali  che  si  conservano 
nella  Galleria  Fiorentina  delle  Belle  Arti,  disegnata 
ed  incisa  da  G.  B.  Nocchi.  36  plates,  and  4  pp. 
Fol.  Firenze,  1843.  S.K. 

ANGELICO,  Era. — Lucidi  di  Testi  da  Era 

Giov.  Angelico  da  Fiesole,  inc.  da  G.  B.  Nocchi. 
12  plates.  Fol.  Firenze  (1850). 

ANGELICO,  Fra. — Eresques  du  Convent  de 

Saint-Marc  a  Florence.  2  chromo-lithogr.  plates 
by  Engelmann  and  Graff,  and  2  pp.  text.  4to. 
(Paris,  1845.)  (No  more  published  ?)  S.K. 

ANGELICO,  Era. — San  Marco,  Convento 

dei  Padri  Predicatori  in  Firenze,  illustrato  e  inciso 
principalmente  nei  dipinti  del  B.  Giov.  Angelico, 
con  la  vita  dello  stesso  pittore,  e  un  sunto  storico 
del  convento  medesimo  del  P.  Vincenzo  Marchese, 
Domenicano.  40  plates.  Fol.  Firenze,  1853.  S.K. 

ANGELICO,  Era. — II  Tabernacolo  del  Beato 

Angelico  nella  Sagrestia  di  Santa  Maria  Novella  di 
Firenze.  5  plates.  (Without  letterpress.)  Fol. 

Firenze,  1854.  B.M. 

ANGELINI  (Annibale). — Trattato  teorico 
pratico  di  Prospettiva  del  Cavaliere  A.  A.  3  parts, 
4to.,  and  Atlas  of  54  plates,  oblong  fol.  Roma, 
1861.  B.M. 

Another  edition.  54  plates.  Fol.  Venezia,  1865. 
ANGELINI  (Luigi). — Le  migliori  Pittnre 

della  Certosa  (di  San  Martino)  di  Napoli ;  disegnate 
e  pubblicate  dal  pittore  L.  A.,  illustrate  da  Raffaello 
Liberatore.  18  plates.  Fol.  Napoli,  1840.  B.M. 

ANGELIS  (Luigi  de). — Osservazioni  cri- 
tiche  sopra  una  croce  di  rame  intagliata  a  bulino 
nel  1129,  che  si  conserva  nelle  stanze  della  biblio- 
teca  di  Siena.  8vo.  Siena,  1814.  B.M. 

ANGELIS  (L.  de). — Sopra  i  trepastorali  di 

Avorio  trovati  a  Siena.  4to.  Siena,  1814.  Bodl. 

ANGELIS  (L.  de).' — Illnstrazione  di  nn 

antica  pittura  rappresentante  el  Salvator  crocefisso, 
che  si  venera  nella  chiesa  della  ven.  compagnia  di  SL 
Caterina  in  Fontebranda.  8vo.  Siena,  1816.  Bodl. 
ANGELIS  (L.  de). — Notizie istorico-criticbe 

di  Fra  Giacomo  da  Torrita,  primo  ristoratore  dell’ 
arte  musivaria  in  Italia.  8vo.  Siena,  1821.  B.M. 

ANGELIS  (L.  de). — Elogio  storico  di  Gia¬ 
como  Pacchiarotti,  Pittor  Sanese,  del  secolo  decimo 
sesto.  8vo.  Siena,  1821.  S.K. 

ANGELIS  (Paulusde). — See  Angeli  (Paolo 


ANGELL  (Samuel)  and  EVANS  (Thomas). 

Sculptured  Metopes,  discovered  amongst  the  ruins 
of  the  Temples  of  the  ancient  city  of  Selinus,  in 
Sicily,  by  William  Harris  and  Samuel  Angeli,  in  the 
year  1823;  described  by  S.  A.  and  T.  E.  9  plates, 
and  56  pages.  Fol.  London,  1826.  S.K. 

ANGELUCCI  (Angelo). — Della  Oreficeria 

Perugina  dal  XIII.  alta  prima  meta  del  XVI.  secolo. 
Discorso.  8vo.  Perugia  (1853).  B.M. 

ANGELUCCI  (A.).— II  Tempietto  della 

SS.  Vergine  della  Misericordia  di  Campolungo,  in- 
ventato,  disegnato  e  descritto  da  A.  A.  Ancona 
1857.  '  A.B.A.,  Milan. 

ANGELUCCI  (A.). — -Monumento  onorario 

al  Re  Vittorio  Emanuele  II.  per  la  nuova  Barriera 
in  Parma.  Progetto  e  descrizione.  2  photographs. 

A.B.A.,  Milan. 

ANGER  (Carl Theodor). — Analytische  Dar- 

stellung  der  Basrelief-Perspective.  1  plate.  4to. 
Danzig,  1834.  B.M. 

ANGER  (C.  Th.). — Beitrage  znr  analyti- 
schen  Basrelief-Perspective.  1  plate.  4to.  Danzig, 
1836.  B.M. 


logue  de  la  Collection  de  M.  J.  J.  Angerstein  (con- 

tenant  une  gravure  de  chaque  tableau) . par  J. 

Young.  See  Catalogues. 


of  Anglican  and  Church  Architecture.  Fol.  Lon¬ 
don,  1843.  B.M. 

ANGRISANI  (G.). — Di  alcune  Opere  scol- 
pite  da  Sua  Altezza  Reale  il  Conte  di  Siracusa. 
Photographs  of  the  sculptures.  4to.  Napoli,  1859. 


ANGUS  (William). — The  principal  Seats  of 
the  Nobility  and  Gentry  in  Great  Britain  and  Wales, 
in  a  collection  of  select  views  engraved  by  W.  A. 
With  descriptions  of  each  view.  Vol.  I.  Oblong 
4to.  (London)  1787.  B.M. 

ANGUS,  County  of. — The  Ancient  sculp¬ 

tured  Monuments  of  the  County  of  Angus . 

1848.  See  Chalmers  (Patrick,  of  Auldbar). 

ANIMALIA.  —  Animalium  qnadrupednm, 

avium,  fiorum,  fructum . verse  delineationes  in  sees 

(sic)  incisse  (by  Simon  de  Passe).  A  booke  of  Beast, 

Birds,  Flowers,  &c.  4to.  Ar  to  be  sould . in 

Brittaynes  Burse.  (London)  1630.  B.M. 

ANIMALIA.  —  Animalinm  quadrnpedum 

venatus  in  usum  pictorum  aurifabrorumque  •  editse. 

9  plates.  4to.  Amsterdam,  1631.  B.M. 

ANKERSHOEEN  (G.  von).  —  Karnten’s 

alteste  kirchliche  Denkmalbauten.  4to.  Wien,  1859. 

k  S3 

A  ML 

Universal  Catalogue  of 

f  Note?  and  Queries, 
t  Feb.  29,  ’68. 

Eeprinted  from  the  “  Mittheilungen  der  k.  k. 
Central-Commission  zur  Erforschung  und  Erhal- 
tung  der  Bandenkmale.” 

ANLEITUNG  zur  Erlernung  der  Oelmale- 

kunst . Herausgegeben  von  einem  akademischen 

Maler . 1858.  See  Painting  in  Oil. 

ANLEITUNG  zur  Eiguren-Zeiclinung  in 

Handzeichnungs-Manier . 1861.  See  Drawing. 

ANNE  DE  BRETAGNE.  _  Le  Livre  d’ 

Heures  de  la  Eeine  Anne  de  Bretagne.  See  Litre 

ANSALDI  (Innocehte). — Epistola  de  Tar- 
sensi  Hercnle  in  viridi  jaspide  insculpto.  Plates. 
4to.  Brixise,  1749.  Cieogn. 

ANSALDI  (I.). — II  Pittore  Originale,  Poem- 
etto  Didasealico.  (Pubblicato  dal  Canonico  Moreni, 
con  alcune  memorie  riguardanti  la  vita  dell’  Autore.) 
8vo.  Firenze,  1816.  Cieogn. 

ANSIAUX  (Jean  Joseph  Eleonore  An¬ 
toine). — Catalogue  de  tableaux,  dessins,  estampes 

. garnissant  l’atelier  de  M.  J.  J.  A.,  peintre 

d’histoire . 1840.  See  Catalogues,  Sale. 

ANSICHTEN  iiber  die  bildenden  Kunste 

und  Darstellung  des  Granges  derselben  in  Toskana 

. 1820.  See  Passavant  (J.  D.). 

ANSTEY  (Christopher). — The  Comforts  of 

Bath . with  versification  by  Ch.  A.  See  Rowland- 

son  (Thomas). 

ANTAMORI  (Paolo  Francesco,  Cardinal). 

Storia  del  Duomo  di  Orvieto . 1791.  See  Valle 

(G.  della). 

This  work  is  erroneously  ascribed  to  Antamori 
under  whose  auspices  it  appeared,  the  real  author 
being  P.  Griglielmo  della  Valle. 

ANTHONIO. — Livre  de  Portes  cocheres  des 

plus  a  la  mode  designee . par  le  Sr.  A.  Fol. 

Paris,  1688. 

Consisting  of  7  engravings,  without  letterpress 
and  without  numeration.  B.M. 

ANTIALMANACCO  per  l’Almanacco  Pit- 

torico  di  Cremona  dell’  anno  1774,  colie  osserva- 
zioni  sulle  Pitture  di  Cremona  di  Corinzio  Vermagi. 
8vo.  Brescia,  1774.  Cieogn. 

ANTIQUAR.  —  Der  Antiquar.  Zeitsehrift 

fur  Bucher-,  Kupferstich-,  Autographen-  und  Ea- 

ritaten-  Handler . 1856,  &c.  See  Periodical 


ANTIQUARIAN  and  Topographical  Cabi¬ 

net  ;  containing  500  Views  of  the  most  interesting 

Objects  of  Curiosity  in  Great  Britain . 1806-12. 

See  Storer  (James)  and  G-reig  (J.). 

ANTIQUARIAN  Etching  Club,  The  Publi¬ 

cations  of.  See  Societies. 

ANTIQUARIAN  Itinerary. — The  Antiqua¬ 
rian  Itinerary,  comprising  Specimens  of  Architec¬ 
ture,  monastic,  castellated  and  domestic  ;  with 
other  vestiges  of  Antiquity  in  Great  Britain  ;  ac¬ 
companied  with  descriptions.  7  vols.  8vo.  London, 
1815-18.  BM 


ANTIQUARIAN  Repertory. — The  Antiqua¬ 
rian  Eepertory  :  a  Miscellany  intended  to  preserve 
and  illustrate  several  valuable  remains  of  Old 
Times;  adorned  with  sculptures.  (Chiefly  composed 
by,  or  under  the  direction  of,  Francis  Grose,  Thomas 
Astle,  and  other  eminent  antiquaries.)  5  vOls.  4to. 
London,  1775-84.  Vol.  V.  consists  of  plates.  B.M. 

ANTIQUARIAN  Repertory  :  a  miscella¬ 
neous  assemblage  of  Topography,  History,  Biogra¬ 
phy,  Manners,  Customs,  &c.,  edited  by  Grose,  Astle, 
&c.  Hew  edition,  with  great  additions.  4  vols. 
238  plates.  4to.  London,  1807-9.  London  Libr. 

ANTIQUARIAN  and  Architectural  Year 

Book.  See  Periodical  Publications. 

ANTIQUARY. — A  brief  historical  Account 
of  St.  Saviour’s  Church,  Southwark.  With  a  par¬ 
ticular  description  of  the  Lady  Chapel  at  the  East 
End.  By  an  Antiquary.  12mo.  London  (1832  ?). 


ANTIQUARY. — The  principal  historical  and 
allusive  Arms  borne  by  Families  of  the  United 
Kingdom  of  Great  Britain  and  Ireland.  Collected 
by  an  Antiquary  (Col.  de  la  Motte  ?).  Plates.  4to. 
London,  1803.  B.M. 

ANTIQUARY. — The  Antiquary’s  Magazine, 

or  Archaeological  Library . 1807.  See  Periodical 


ANTIQUITIES. — Antiquitatis  Reliquiae  a 

march.  Jacobo  Musellio  collect®  tabulis  incisse, 
et  brevibus  explicationibus  illustratse.  183  plates, 
mostly  by  Domenico  Cunego,  and  60  pp.  of  text,  in 
Latin  and  Italian.  Fol.  Veronse,  1756.  Cieogn. 
ANTIQUITIES,  Arabian.  — Antiguedades 
Arabes  de  Granada  y  Cordoba.  29  plates,  engraved 
by  Salvador  Carmona.  Atlas  fol.  (Madrid,  1780.) 


The  first  part  of  the  “  Antiguedades  Arabes  de 
Espana.”  According  to  Brunet,  the  second  part, 
consisting  of  30  plates  and  14  leaves  text,  was  pub¬ 
lished  by  D.  Pablos  Lozano  in  1804. 

ANTIQUITIES. — The  unedited  Antiquities 

of  Attica,  comprising  the  Architectural  Remains  of 
Eleusis,  Rhamnus,  Sunium,  and  Thoricus.  By  the 
Society  of  Dilettanti.  78  plates.  Fol.  London, 
1817.  S.K. 

ANTIQUITIES  — Antiquites  du  Bosphore 
Cimmerien,  conservees  au  Musee  Imperial  de  l’Er- 
mitage  (St.  Petersburg).  2  vols.  Text  in  French 
and  Russian  ;  Atlas  of  94  plates,  partly  chromo- 
lithogr.,  besides  a  frontispiece,  and  2  maps.  Fol. 
St.  Petersburg,  1854.  S.K. 

ANTIQUITES  publiees  par  la  Commission 
archeologique  provisoire  de  Kief.  Vol.  I.  Text  in 
Russian  and  French.  Chromo-lithogr.  plates  (An¬ 
tique  objects,  found  in  the  neighbourhood  of  Kief). 
Fol.  Kief,  1846. 

ANTIQUITIES. — Ecclesiastical,  Imperial, 

and  other  Antiquities  of  the  Russian  Empire.  Pub¬ 
lished  by  command  of  the  Emperor  Nicholas,  under 
the  direction  of  an  Imperial  Commission,  by  S. 

Notes  and  Queries, ) 
Feb.  29,  ’68.  J 

Books  on  Art  ( under  revision). 


Stroganov,  M.  Zagoskin,  J.  Snegirev,  and  A.  Th. 
Veltman.  515  coloured  plates.  The  text  in  Russian. 
6  divisions  in  7  vols.,  Imper.  fol.,  and  1  vol.  text,  in 
4to.  Moscow  and  St.  Petersburg,  1849-52.  S.K. 
Division  I.  Ecclesiastical  Antiquities,  114  plates. 
„  II.  Imperial  Insignia,  Dresses,  &c.,  102 

•  „  III.  Arms  and  Armour,  148  plates. 

,,  IY.  Costume,  Pictures,  and  Portraits,  38 

,,  Y.  Eurniture,  Utensils,  Jewellery,  &c., 
73  plates. 

,,  VI.  Russian  Architecture  and  Decoration, 
40  plates. 

ANTIQUITES  dans  la  Collection  de  S.  M. 
le  Roi  de Prusse  (Frederick  II.)  a  Sanssouci.  2  parts. 
24  plates,  and  frontispiece.  Eol.  Part  I.,  Berlin, 
1769.  Part  II.,  Danzig,  1772.  Cicogn. 

ANTIQUITES  de  la  Ville  de  Lyon,  on  ex- 

plication  de  ses  plus  anciens  Monuments,  par  le 
P.  D.  D.  C.  T.  Numerous  engravings  in  the  text. 
12mo.  Lyon,  1738.  Cicogn. 


dans  les  Memoires  du  Comte  de  B . contenant  ses 

avantures,  ses  recherches,  et  ses  decouvertes  sur  les 
antiquites  de  la  Ville  de  Rome  et  autres  curiosites 
de  ITtalie,  divisees  en  trois  parties,  et  enrichies  de 
plus  de  100  belles  planches  en  taille-douce.  4to. 
La  Haye,  1750.  Cicogn. 

ANTIQUITES  sacrees  et  profanes  des  Ro- 
mains  expliquees,  ou  Discours  historiq.,  mytholog. 
et  philolog.  sur  divers  monuments  antiques  par 
M.  A.  V.  N.  ( i.e .  A.  van  Nideck).  82  plates,  besides 
2  portraits  (of  J.  Gruter  and  J.  J.  Scaliger)  and 
frontispiece.  Eol.  La  Haye,  1726.  Cicogn. 

ANTIQUITIES,  the,  of  Great  Britain,  en¬ 

graved . from  drawings  made  by  Thomas  Hearne. 

......1786-1807.  See  Hearne. 

ANTIQUITIES. — Le  Antichita  di  Ercolano 

esposte . 9  vols.  1755-92.  See  Herculaneum. 

ANTIQUITIES. — Antichita  di  Pozznoli : 

Puteolanse  antiquitates.  In  Italian  and  Latin . 

1768.  See  Paoli  (P.  A.). 

ANTOINE  (Jacques  Denis). — Notice  his- 

torique  sur  defunt  J.-D.  A.,  architecte  ;  par  le 
citoyen  Lussault.  8vo.  Paris,  1801. 

ANTOINE  (J.  D.). — Notice  des  onvrages  et 
de  la  vie  du  citoyen  Antoine,  architecte,  par  le 

citoyen  Renou . lue  a  la  seance  du  9  nivose  de 

la  Societe  libre  des  sciences,  lettres  et  arts.  8vo. 
n.  p.  n.  d.  (1801  ?) 

ANTOINE  (J.  D.). — Hommage  rendu  au 
citoyen  Antoine,  architecte  et  membre  de  l’lnstitut 
national,  et  de  la  Societe  des  sciences,  lettres  et 
arts  de  Paris,  mis  au  bas  de  son  buste,  qui  doit 
etre  incessamment  place  dans  le  plus  grand  salon  de 

la  Monnaie . par  le  citoyen  Barjouville.  4to. 

n.  p.  n.  d. 

ANTOINE  (JEAN). — Traite  d’ Architec¬ 
ture,  ou  proportions  des  trois  ordres  G-recs,  sur  un 

module  de  douze  parties.  2  vols.  Woodcuts.  4to. 
Treves,  1768.  S.K. 

ANTOLDI  (Francesco). — Guida  pel  Fores- 

tiere  che  brama  di  conoscere  le  opere  piu  pregevoli 
di  Belle  Arti  nella  Citta  di  Mantova.  4th  edition. 
1  plate.  8vo.  Mantova,  1835.  S.K. 

ANTOLINI  (Giovanni,  or  Giannantonio). — 

L’Ordine  Dorico ;  ossia,  il  Tempio  d’Ercole  nella 
Citta  di  Cori.  4  plates.  Eol.  Roma,  1785.  B.M. 
ANTOLINI  (G.).— II  Tempio  di  Minerva  in 
Assisi  confrontato  colie  tavole  di  A.  Palladio.  10 
plates.  Eol.  Milano,  1803.  jB.M. 

ANTOLINI  (G.). — Descrizione  del  Foro  Bo¬ 
naparte.  24  plates.  Large  fol.  Parma,  1806.  Cicogn. 
ANTOLINI  (G.). — Idee  elementari  d’Archi- 

tettura  civile,  per  le  scuole  del  disegno.  24  plates. 
Eol.  Bologna,  1813.  Cicogn. 

Another  edition.  Eol.  Milano,  1829. 

ANTOLINI  (G.). — Opera  d’Architettura ; 

ossia,  progetto  sul  foro  che  doveva  eseguirsi  in 
Milano.  24  plates.  Fol.  Milano,  1814.  B.M. 

ANTOLINI  (G.). — Osservazioni  ed  aggi- 
unte  ai  principii  d’Architettura  civile  di  Francesco 
Milizia.  8vo.  Milano,  1817.  B.M. 

ANTOLINI  (G.).— Le  Bovine  di  Yeleia, 
misurate  e  disegnate  da  G.  A.  2  parts.  Plates. 
Milano,  1819-22.  B.M. 

ANTOLOGIA  dell’  Arte  Pittorica,  che  con- 
tiene  un  saggio  sulla  composizione  della  pittura  (by 
B.  Orsini) ;  il  trattato  della  bellezza  e  del  gusto,  del 
Cavaliere  A.  R.  Mengs ;  una  lettera  del  medesimo 
a  Don  Antonio  Ponz  sopra  il  merito  de’  quadri  del 
Real  palazzo  di  Madrid  ;  alcune  regole  della  pittura, 
di  Gr.  P.  Lomazzo ;  l’arte  del  dipingere  a  fresco,  di 
Andrea  Pozzo ;  lezioni  pratiche  sul  colorito,  di 
Mengs.  Con  un  appendice  sul  regolamento  dell’ 
Accademia  del  Disegno.  (Edited^by  B.  Orsini.) 
Plates.  4to.  Augusta,  1784.  B.M. 

The  editor’s  name  is  concealed  in  the  initial 
letters  of  the  paragraphs  of  the  preface. 

ANTOLOGIA  BOMANA.  Giornale  che 

include  tutto  cio  che  ha  relazione  colle  produzioni 
delle  Arti .  1774-1797.  See  Periodical  Pub¬ 


ANTON  CHI  CHIAMA,  Bidello  dell’  Ac¬ 
cademia  Veneziana:  quattro  Discorsi,  che  possono 
servir  di  risposta  a  quanto  scrisse,  scrive,  e  scrivera 
in  biasimo  della  Scuola  Yeneta,  e  degli  artisti,  il 
Cavaliere  Giosue  Reynolds  Presidente  dell’  Acca¬ 
demia  di  Londra.  (By  Abate  Antonio  Martinelli.) 
8vo.  Venezia,  1783.  Cicogn. 

ANTONELLI  (Giuseppe). — Collezione  de’ 

migliori  Ornamenti  antichi,  sparsi  nella  citta  di 
Venezia.  Coll’  aggiunta  di  alcuni  frammenti  di 
Gotica  Architettura  e  di  varie  invenzioni  di  un 
Giovane  Alunno  di  questa  I.  R.  Accademia.  120 
plates.  Oblong  4to.  Venezia,  1831.  S.K. 

2nd  edition.  Eol.  Venezia,  1843.  B.M. 





Universal  Catalogue  of 

Notes  and  Queries, 
Feb.  29,  ’68. 

ANTONXNI  (Annibale). — Memorial  de 
Paris  et  de  ses  environs,  a  l’usage  des  voyageurs. 
Nouvelle  edition.  (Liste  historique  et  chronologiqne 
des  peintres  depuis  le  retablissement  de  la  pein- 
turejusqu’a  present.)  2  parts.  12mo.  Paris,  1734. 


Another  edition.  12mo.  Paris,  1744.  B.M. 
ANTONINI  (Carlo).  —  Manuale  di  varj 
Ornamenti,  tratti  dalle  Pabbriche  e  Frammenti  An- 
tichi,  per  nso  e  commodo  de’  pittori,  seultori,  archi- 
tetti,  scarpellini,  stuccatori,  &c.  Opera  raccolta, 
disegnata  ed  incisa  da  C.  A.  4  parts.  213  plates. 
(Parts  I.  and  II.  Antique  Eosettes,  100  plates. 
Parts  III.  and  IV.  Candelabra,  95  plates,  besides 
Sun-dials,  18  plates.)  Fol.  Koma,  1781-90.  Cicogn. 
ANTONINI  (C.).: — Manuale  di  varj  Orna¬ 
menti,  componenti  la  serie  de’  Vasi  Antichi  si  di 
marmo  che  di  bronzo  esistenti  in  Boma  e  fuori. 
Opera  raccolta,  disegnata  ed  incisa  da  C.  A.  3  vols. 
193  plates.  Fol.  Eoma,  1821.  B.M. 

ANTONINI  (C.). — Antique  Roses.  Being 

a  series  of  one  hundred  examples  from  the  most  cele¬ 
brated  remains  of  ancient  Eome,  selected  by  C.  A., 
and  drawn  on  stone  by  W.  Doyle.  4to.  London, 
1832.  B.M. 

One  part  only  published,  consisting  of  four  plates, 
without  any  letterpress. 

ANTONIOLI  (Carlo). — Antica  Gemma 

Etrusca  spiegata  ed  illustrata  con  due  dissertazioni. 
4to.  Pisa,  1757.  B.M. 


mann,  Ueber  des  A.  von  W.  Abbildung  der  Stadt 
Koln . 1819. 

ANTROBUS  (Edmund). — Sale  Catalogue  of 

his  Pictures . 1788.  See  Catalogues. 

ANTROBUS  (Edmund  Edward). — Rise  and 
Progress  of  Painting.  2nd  edition.  8vo.  London, 
1862.  S.K. 

ANTWERP.  —  Description  des  principaux 
ouvrages  de  Peinture  et  Sculpture  dans  les  eglises, 
couvens  et  lieux  publics  de  la  ville  d’ Anvers.  12mo. 
Anvers,  1763.  B.M. 

Another  edition.  12mo.  Anvers,  1774.  B.M. 
5th  edition.  12mo.  Anvers  (1775).  B.M. 

An  accurate  description  of  the  principal  beauties 
in  Painting  and  Sculpture  belonging  to  the  Churches, 
&c.,  in  and  about  Antwerp.  12mo.  London,  1765. 


ANTWERP. — Guide  dans  la  Ville  d’ Anvers 
et  ses  Environs.  Description  des  Monuments, 
Objets  d’Art  et  Antiquites,  precedee  d’une  notice 
historique.  Nouvelle  edition  augmentee.  Woodcut 
illustrations.  16mo.  Anvers,  n.  d.  S.K. 

ANTWERP. — Notice  des  Tableaux  dont  se 

compose  le  Musee  d’ Anvers.  8vo.  Anvers,  1820. 


ANTWERP. — Notice  des  Tableaux  exposes 
au  Musee  d’Anvers,  1817.  8vo.  n.  p.  n.  d.  Bodl. 
ANTWERP. — Notice  des  Tableaux  exposes 
au  Musee  d’Anvers,  1829.  8vo.  Anvers,  1829.  S.K. 

ANTWERP. — Societe  des  Arts.  Explica¬ 

tions  des  Peintures,  Desseins,  Sculptures  et  Gravures, 

exposes . par  les  Membres  de  la  Societe.  5 

parts.  8vo.  Anvers,  1789-93.  B.M. 

ANTWERP. — Antwerpsclie  Rederykkamer 
“  de  Olyftak.”— Bekroonde  Stukken  door  de  Ant- 
werpsche  Bederykkamer  “  de  Olyftak  ”  ter  gelegen- 
heid  van  de  plegtige  inhuldigung  van  het  standbeeld 
van  P.  P.  Bubens  den  15.  Augustus  1840.  8vo. 

Antwerpen,  1840.  B.M. 

APE,  L’,  Italiana  delle  Belle  Arti,  Giornale 
dedicato  ai  loro  cultori  ed  amatori . Eoma,  1835, 

&c.  See  Periodical  Publications. 

APELL  (Aloys). — Das  Werk  von  Johann 

Christoph  Erhard,  Maler  und  Eadirer . 1866. 

See  Erhard. 

APIN  (Sigmund  Jacob). — Anleitung  wie 
man  die  Bildniisse  beriihmter  und  gelehrter  Manner 
mit  Nutzen  sammeln  und  denen  dagegen  gemachten 
Einwendungen  grundlich  begegnen  soil,  kiirzlich 
entworffen  von  M.  S.  J.  A.  (Containing  also  a  List  of 
Monograms.)  8vo.  Nurnberg,  1728.  B.M. 

APPEL  (Joseph). — Repertorium  zur  Miinz- 
kunde  des  Mittelalters  und  der  neueren  Zeiten. 

4  vols.  in  9  parts.  43  plates,  and  portrait  of  the 
Author.  8vo.  Pesth  und  Wien,  1820-29.  B.M. 

APPEL  (J.). —  Skizze  einer  Sammlung 
sammtlicher  Medaillen,  welche  unter  Franz  I.  von 
Oesterreich  gepragt  worden  sind.  8vo.  Wien, 

APPEL  (Theodor). — Vorlegeblatter  zum 
architectonischen  Zeichnen.  37  lithogr.  plates. 
Fol.  Elberfeld,  1829. 

APPELIUS  (Karl  Theodor). — Die  Aufga- 

ben  der  kirchlichen  Baukunst  in  Deutschland.  An- 
sichten  uber  germanisch-christlichen  Kirchenbau 
und  Kirchenpflege  im  Grossen  und  Kleinen.  Fur 
Baumeister,  geistliche  und  weltliche  Kirchenvor- 
stande  und  evangelische  Gemeinden,  vom  Pastor  K.  j 
Th.  A.  8vo.  Leipzig,  1867.  S.K. 

APPELL  (Johann  Wilhelm). — Der  Rhein  j 

und  die  Eheinlande,  dargestellt  in  malerischen  j 
Original-Ansichten  von  Ludwig  Lange,  &c.  Mit 
historisch-topographischem  Text  von  J.  W.  A.  Erste  j 
Abtheilung:  Von  den  Quellen  des  Eheins  bis  Mainz.  I 
48  parts.  144  steel  engravings.  Eoyal  8vo.  Darm-  ! 
stadt,  1847-53. 

French  translation. — Le  Ehin  et  ses  bords,  depuis 
les  sources  du  Ehin  jusqu’a  Mayence.  Collection 
de  vues  pittoresques  par  L.  Eohbock,  Louis  et  Jules  j 

Lange . accompagnees  d’un  texte  historique  et 

descriptif,  par  J.  W.  A.,  traduit  de  l’Allemand  par 
Le  Belley-Hertzog.  148  steel  engravings.  Eoyal  j 
8vo.  Darmstadt,  Paris,  1858. 

English  translation. — The  Upper  Ehine.  Illus-  j 
trating  its  finest  cities,  castles,  ruins,  and  landscapes. 
From  drawings  by  Eohbock,  Louis  and  Julius  Lange  j 

. With  an  historical  and  topographical  text,  edited  | 

(translated)  by  Dr.  Gaspey.  134  steel  engravings. 
Eoyal  8vo.  London,  Darmstadt,  New  York,  n.  d.  | 

Notes  and  Queries, ") 
Mar.  7,  ’68.  ) 


Boohs  on  Art  [under  revision). 

APPIANI  (Andrea). — Descrizione  dei  dipin- 

ti  a  buon  fresco  eseguiti  dal  Cay.  A.  Appiani,  nella 
Sala  del  Trono  del  Real  Palazzo  di  Milano.  In 
Italian  and  French.  8vo.  Milano,  1810.  B.M. 

APPIANI  (A.). — Fastes  de  Napoleon,  des- 

sines  par  A.  A.  (No  letterpress.)  4to.  (1810?) 


APPIANI  (A.). — Allocuzione  di  Giovanni 
Berchet  nei  funerali  del  pittore  A.  A.,  celebrati  nella 
chiesa  della  Passione  il  giorno  10  di  novembre  1817. 
8vo.  Milano,  1817.  A.B.A.,  Milan. 

APPIANI  (A.).— Longhi  (Giuseppe).  Elo- 
gio  storico  di  A.  A.  Pol.  Milano,  1826. 
APPIANI  (A.).— Beretta  (Giuseppe).  Le 
Opere  di  A.  A.  With  portrait.  8vo.  Milano, 
1848.  A.B.A.,  Milan. 

APPLETON. — Appleton’s  Cycloptedia  of 

Drawing,  designed  as  a  Text-book  for  the  Mechanic, 
Architect,  Engineer  and  Surveyor.  Edited  by  W.  E. 
Worthen.  Royal  8vo.  New  York,  1857.  S.K. 

APSLEY  HOUSE,  its  Pictures  and  Statuary. 

A  description  of  the  mansion  of  the  late  Duke  of 
Wellington.  A  handbook  guide  for  visitors.  12mo. 
London  (1853).  B.M. 

APUZZO  (Niccola  d’). — Considerazioni  ar- 
chitettoniche.  Pt.  I.  8vo.  Napoli,  1824.  B.M. 

APUZZO  (N.  d’). — Investigazioni  prelimi- 
nari  per  la  scienza  dell’  Architettura  civile.  8vo. 
Napoli,  1844.  B.M. 

AQUARONI  (A.). —  One  Hundred  and 

Sixty-five  Views  in  Rome.  Drawn  and  engraved  by 
A.  A.  Oblong  4to.  n.  d.  S.K. 

AQUILA  (Petrus). — Effigies  Romanorum 

Imperatorum  ex  antiquis  numismatibus  quae  in  the- 
sauro  Christianae  regin  ae  adservantur  delineatae,  et 

in  seriem  chronologicam  dispositae . a  Julio  Caesare 

ad  Leopoldum  Augustum.  Delineavit  et  incidit 
P.  A.  56  portraits.  Pol.  Romae,  1681.  B.M. 

AQUILA  (P.). — Imagines  Farnesiani  Cubi- 

culi .  See  Caracci  (Annibale). 

See  also  Raphael,  Imagines  Veteris  ac  Novi  Tes- 
tamenti,  &c. 

AQUINO  (Carlo  d’).- — Sacra  Exequialia  in 
Punere  Jacobi  II.,  Magnae  Britanniae  Regis.  Exhi- 
bita  ab  Eminentiss.  et  Reverendiss.  Principe  Carolo 
Sanctae  Romae  Ecclesiae  Cardinali  Barberino  in  Tem- 
plo  sui  tituli  Sancti  Laurentii  in  Lucina,  descripta 
a  C.  de  A.,  Societatis  Jesu.  43  pp.,  and  19  plates 
from  designs  by  the  Architect  Sebastiano  Cipriani. 
Fol.  Romae,  1702.  S.K. 

AQUINO  (C.  d’). — V ocabularium  Arcbitec- 

turae  aedificatoriae.  4to.  Romae,  1734.  B.M. 

ARABIAN  NIGHTS . Translated  by  the 

Rev.  Edward  Porster.  5  vols.  Plates,  engraved 
after  Robert  Smirke.  4to.  London,  1802.  B.M. 

ARABIAN  NIGHTS . 4  vols.  Plates,  en¬ 

graved  after  Richard  We  stall.  8vo.  London,  1819. 


ARABIAN  NIGHTS.— The  Thousand  and 

One  Nights,  commonly  called  in  England  The  Ara¬ 
bian  Nights’  EntertainmentSi  A  new  translation 
from  the  Arabic,  with  copious  notes.  By  E.  W. 
Lane.  Illustrated  by  many  hundred  engravings  on 
wood,  from  original  designs  by  W.  Harvey.  A  new 
edition,  from  a  copy  annotated  by  the  translator ; 
edited  by  his  nephew,  E.  S.  Poole.  3  vols.  8vo. 
London,  1859.  S.K. 

ARABIAN  NIGHTS.— Dalziel’s  Illustrated 

Arabian  Nights’  Entertainments.  The  text  revised 
and  emendated  throughout  by  H.  W.  Dulcken.  Il¬ 
lustrations  by  J.  E.  Millais,  R.A.,  J.  D.  Watson,  A. 
B.  Houghton,  John  Tenniel,  Thomas  Dalziel,  G-.  J. 
Pinwel'l,  engraved  by  the  Brothers  Dalziel.  2  vols. 
4to.  London,  1865.  S.K. 


d’). — Essai  sur  les  Sceaux  des  Comtes  et  des  Com- 
tesses  de' Champagne.  6  chromo-lithogr.  plates.  4to. 
Paris,  1856.  B.M. 


Eglise  Saint-Christophe  de  Neufchateau.  2  plates. 
8vo.  Troyes,  1857. 

Extract  from  the  “  Bulletin  de  la  Societe  d’Ar- 
ch£ologie  Lorraine.” 


Documents  relatifs  a  la  Construction  de  la  Cathi- 
drale  de  Troyes.  68  pp.  8vo.  Troyes,  1862. 

ARCADIUS  (F.). — Cours  de  Dessin  lineaire 

industriel.  Divise  en  deux  parties.  La  premiere 
partie  comprend  le  trace  geometrique,  avec  divers 
modules  de  carrelage,  comme  application,  la  raccor- 
dement  des  lignes,  et  quelques  planches  d’ application, 
1’ etude  des  projections,  et  celles  des  coupes.  La 
deuxieme  partie  se  compose  d’un  choix  de  modeles 
pratiques ;  menuiserie,  ebenisterie,  charpenterie,  et 
serrurerie.  Chaque  figure  est  accompagnee  d’un 
texte  explicatif.  Dessine  par  F.  A.  et  litliographie 
par  Carles.  3rd  edition.  Fol.  Paris,  1851-56.  S.K. 
ARCADIUS  (F.).— Choix  de  Modeles  de 

Dessin  Lineaire  lav6s  a  l’effet  et  imprimes  en  plu- 
sieurs  couleurs,  destines  aux  ecoles  industrielles. 
Dessines  et  lithographies  par  F.  A.  96  chromo- 
lithogr.  plates.  Pol.  Paris,  n.  d.  S.K. 

ARCHH30LOGIA ;  or,  Miscellaneous  Tracts 
relating  to  Antiquity.  Published  by  the  Society  of 
Antiquaries  of  London . 1770-1862.  See  Socie¬ 



of  National  Antiquities.  Edited  by  Thomas  Wright 
. Plates . 1845.  See  Wright. 

archaeological  association.— 

The  Journal  of  the  British  Archaeological  Associa¬ 
tion,  established  1843  for  the  Encouragement  and 
Prosecution  of  Researches  into  the  Arts  and  Monu¬ 
ments  of  the  Early  and  Middle  Ages . 1845,  &c. 



The  Archaeological  Collections  in  the  Paris.  Exhibi¬ 
tion.  Article  from  the  (Gentleman’s  Magazine,  July 
and  August,  1867.  S.K. 




Universal  Catalogue  of 

Xoi.cs  and  Queries, 

Mar.  7,  ’68. 


Archaeological  Journal,  published  under  the  direction 
of  the  Central  Committee  of  the  British  Archaeologi¬ 
cal  Institute  for  the  Encouragement  and  Prosecution 
of  Researches  into  the  Arts  and  Monuments  of  the 
Early  and  Middle  Ages . 1845,  &c.  See  Socie¬ 



ROME,  PUBLICATIONS.— Annali  dell’  Institute 

di  Corrispondenza  Archeologica . 1829,  &c. 

Bulletino  degli  Annali  dell’  Instituto  di  Corri¬ 
spondenza  Archeologica . 1829,  &c. 

Monumenti  inediti  pubblicati  dall’  Instituto  di 

Corrispondenza  Archeologica . 1829,  &c.  See 


ARCHAEOLOGIST. — Stories  by  an  Arche¬ 
ologist  and  his  friends.  2  vols.  8vo.  London,  1856. 


ARCHAEOLOGY.  —  Annales  archeologi- 

ques,  publiees  par  M.  Didron,  avec  la  collaboration 
des  principaux  Archeologues,  Architectes,  Dessina- 
teurs . 1844,  &c.  See  Periodical  Publications. 

ARCHAEOLOGY.  —  Melanges  d’Archeolo- 
gie . 1848-56.  See  Cahier  and  Martin. 

ARCHAEOLOGY. — Revue  archeologique, 

ou  Reeueil  de  Documents  et  de  Memoires  relatifs  a 
l’etude  des  monuments,  a  la  numismatique,  et  a  la 
philologie  de  l’antiquite  et  du  moyen  age,  publies 
par  les  principaux  Archeologues  fran9ais  et  Gran¬ 
gers . Plates.  See  Periodical  Publications. 

ARCHAEOLOGY.  —  Revue  d’Histoire  et 

d’Archtelogie . Bruxelles,  1859,  &c.  See  Perio¬ 

dical  Publications. 

ARCHAEOLOGY.  —  Archgeologische  Zei- 

tung.  Herausgegeben  von  Eduard  Gerhard . 

1843,  &c.  See  Periodical  Publications. 
ARCHAEOLOGY. — Archeeologieund  Kunst. 

Im  Verein  mit  mehreren  Freunden  des  Alterthums 

. herausgegeben  von  K.  A.  Bottiger . 1828. 

See  Bottiger. 

ARCHAEOLOGY. — Album  photographique 

d’Archeologie  religieuse . 1857.  See  Aymard. 

ARCHAEOLOGY. — Atlas  de  1’Archeologie 
du  Nord,  representant  des  echantillons  de  l’Age  de 
Bronze,  et  de  l’Age  de  Fer.  Publie  par  la  Societe 

Royale  des  Antiquaires  du  Nord . Copenhague, 

1857.  See  Societies. 

ARCHAEOLOGY. — Archeologie  de  l’Empire 

de Russie,  publiee  par  ordre  superieur . 515  plates. 

{Text  in  Russian.)  1849-52.  See  Antiquities. 
ARCHDALL  (Mervyn). — Monasticon  Hi- 

bernicum ;  or,  an  history  of  the  Abbies,  Priories, 
and  other  religious  houses  in  Ireland :  with  engrav¬ 
ings  of  the  several  religious  and  military  habits,  and 
a  map  illustrating  the  history.  18  plates.  4to. 
London,  1786.  B.M. 

ARCHER  (Elizabeth  Lawrence).— Porce¬ 
lain  Painting.  A  practical  Treatise  for  the  use  of 
Amateurs.  30  pp.  16mo.  London,  1860.  S.K. 

ARCHER  (John  Wykeham). — Vestiges  of 

Old  London.  A  series  of  Etchings  from  original 
drawings,  illustrative  of  the  Monuments  and  Archi¬ 
tecture  of  London,  in  the  first,  fourth,  twelfth,  and 
six  succeeding  centuries.  With  descriptions  and 
historical  notices.  37  plates.  Large  4to.  London, 
1851.  S.K 

ARCHITECT. — An  Essay  on  the  qualifi¬ 
cations  and  duties  of  an  Architect.  8vo.  London, 
1773.  B.M. 

ARCHITECT. — Architectural  Precedents ; 
with  notes  and  observations.  Edited  by  an  Archi¬ 
tect.  8  vo.  London,  1840.  B.M. 

L’ARCHITECTE.  Notions  sur  l’art  de 

batir  et  de  decorer  les  edifices.  Yols.  I-IY.  8vo. 
Paris,  1832-33.  B.M. 

ARCHITECTS. — Association  of  Architects. 

See  Societies. 

ARCHITECTS. — Designs  for  Churches  and 
Chapels  in  the  Norman  and  Gothic  styles  ;  by  various 
Architects.  Fol.  Oxford,  1844.  B.M. 

ARCHITECTS. — Details  fur  Architecten 

und  Bauhandwerker.  Fol.  Berlin  (1856?  &c.). 


ARCHITECTS. — Moniteur  des  Architectes ; 
Reeueil  de  Maisons  de  Ville  et  de  Campagne,  Edi¬ 
fices  publics . 1847,  &c.  See  Periodical  Publi¬ 


ARCHITECTS. — Royal  Institute  of  British 

Architects.  Transactions,  Sessional  Papers,  &c. 

See  Societies. 


ASSOCIATION.— Series  of  Photographs . 1862, 

&c.  See  Societies. 


CIETY. — Detached  Essays  and  Illustrations . 

1848,  &c.  See  Societies. 


ciated. — Reports  and  Papers.  See  Societies. 

ARCHITECTURE. — Arte  y  uso  de  Arqui-  j 
tectura.  2  vols.  Plates.  Fol.  Madrid,  1796. 
ARCHITECTURE.— Essai  sur  1’ArcMtec-  1 

ture.  8  vo.  Paris,  1753.  Cicogn. 

ARCHITECTURE.  —  Des  principes  de 

l’Architecture,  de  la  Sculpture,  de  la  Peinture  et  | 

des  autres  Arts  qui  en  dependent.  4to.  Paris,  ] 

1690.  Akad.  der  Kiinste,  Berlin. 

ARCHITECTURE. — A  concise  History  and 

Analysis  of  all  the  principal  Styles  of  Architecture ;  | 

to  which  is  added  a  sketch  of  the  Architecture  of 
England  down  to  the  present  time.  8vo.  London 
(1828).  Bodl. 

2nd  edition.  8vo.  London,  1829.  Bodl.  I 

ARCHITECTURE.  —  Character  in  Archi-  | 

tecture.  Article  from  the  “  North  British  Review,”  1 

August  1851.  S.K.  j 

ARCHITECTURE. — L’Art  de  dessiner  pro- 

prement  les  plans,  profils,  elevations  gtemetrales, 


No  m^7,  mri‘s’ }  Books  on  Art  ( under  revision). 

et  perspectives,  soit  ^Architecture  militaire,  ou 
civile.  Plates.  12mo.  Paris,  1697.  Cicogn. 
ARCHITECTURE.  —  Proportional  Archi¬ 
tecture  ;  or,  the  five  orders  regulated  by  equal  parts. 
(By  W.  Robinson.)  8vo.  London,  1733.  B.M. 
ARCHITECTURE.  —  The  Dictionary  of 

Architecture,  issued  by  the  Architectural  Publica- 
cation  Society.  With  illustrations.  Small  fol. 
London  (1852,  &c.)  S.K. 

ARCHITECTURE.  —  Revue  generate  de 

l’Architecture  et  des  Travaux  publics.  Journal 
des  Architectes,  des  Ingenieurs,  des  Archeologues 

. publie  sous  la  direction  de  Cesar  Daly . 

1840,  &c.  See  Periodical  Publications. 

ARCHITECTURE. — Encyclopedic  d’Archi- 

tecture.  Journal  mensuel.  Par  Victor  Calliat  et 
Adolphe  Lance . 1851,  &c.  See  Periodical  Pub¬ 


ARCHITECTURE.  —  The  Architectural 

Magazine,  and  Journal  of  improvement  in  Archi¬ 
tecture,  Building  and  Furnishing . Conducted  by 

J.  C.  Loudon . 1834-38.  See  Periodical  Publi¬ 


ARCHITECTURE.  —  L’Architecture  a  la 

mode,  ou  sont  les  nouveaux  dessins  pour  la  deco¬ 
ration  des  batimens  et  jardins.  (Plans . de 

Jardinage  du  Sieur  Le  Bonteux,  &c.)  3  vols. 

(Without  letterpress.)  Fol.  Paris  (1680  ?).  B.M. 

ARCHITECTURE.  —  Architectura  theo- 

retico-practica,  oder  neu-inventirte  Stadt-,  Land- 
und  andere  ceconomische  Gebaude,  bestehend  in 

adelichen  Ritter-Sitzen . auch  biirgerlichen  Ge- 

bauden  und  Wohnungen  nach  heutiger  Art,  an’s 
Licht  gegeben  von  einem  Liebhaber  guter  Kiinste 
und  Wissenschaften.  Fol.  Leipzig,  1720.  B.M. 

ARCHITECTURE.  —  Architecten  -  Mappe. 

Eine  Sammlung  von  Entwiirfen,  ausgefiihrten  Bau- 
lichkeiten,  Ornamenten  und  Verzierungen  fur  die 
verschiedensten  Zweige  der  Architectur  und  Kunst- 
Industrie.  (Without  letterpress.)  4to.  Berlin, 
1853,  &c.  B.M. 

2nd  edition.  12  parts.  4to.  Berlin,  1860-63. 
ARCHITECTURE. — Sammlung  von  Zeich- 
nungen  aus  dem  Gebiete  der  hoheren  Baukunst, 
nach  den  besten  Darstellungen  der  Griechischen, 
Romischen,  Romanischen  und  Gothischen  Monu- 
mente,  bearbeitet  von  den  Schiilern  der  Polytech- 
nischen  Schule  zu  Hannover.  78  lithogr.  plates, 
and  12  pp.  Fol.  Hannover,  1853-54.  S.K. 

ARCHITECTURE. — Rudiments  of  Ancient 

Architecture,  with  a  Dictionary  of  Terms.  The  2nd 
edition,  much  enlarged.  1 1  plates,  and  portrait  of 
J ames  Stuart  on  the  title-page.  Royal  8vo.  Lon¬ 
don,  1794. 

1st  edition,  1789. 

3rd  edition,  1804.  S.K. 

Another  edition,  1810. 

ARCHITECTURE. — The  Grecian  Orders  of 

Architecture  delineated  and  explained  from  the 
Antiquities  of  Athens,  also  Parallels  of  the  Orders  of  j 

Palladio,  Scamozzi  and  Vignola,  to  which  are  added 
remarks  concerning  public  and  private  edifices ; 
with  designs.  Fol.  London,  1768. 

ARCHITECTURE.  —  Christian  Architec¬ 
ture  of  Europe.  Article  from  the  “North  British 
Review,”  May  1861.  S.K. 

ARCHITECTURE.  —  Essays  on  Gothic 
Architecture,  by  the  Rev.  Th.  Warton,  Rev.  J.  Ben- 
tham,  Captain  Grose,  and  the  Rev.  J.  Milner,  with  a 
letter  to  the  publisher.  8vo.  London,  1800.  Bodl. 

The  2nd  edition,  to  which  is  added  a  List  of  the 
Cathedrals  of  England,  with  their  dimensions.  12 
plates.  8vo.  London,  1802.  Lond.  Libr. 

Also,  London,  1808. 

ARCHITECTURE.— A  Series  of  executed 

Examples  of  Ecclesiastical  and  Domestic  Structures, 
from  the  designs  of  Modern  Architects.  26  plates. 
4to.  London,  1858.  S.K. 

ARCHITECTURE. — Architecture  moderne; 

ou,  l’art  de  bien  batir  pour  toutes  sortes  de  person- 
nes,  tant  pour  les  maisons  des  particuliers  que  pour 
les  palais.  (By  C.  E.  Briseux.)  2  vols.  4to. 
Paris,  1728-29.  B.M. 

ARCHITECTURE.— Modern  Architecture. 
(By  H.  C.  Kendall?)  Series  I.  and  II.  Fol.  (Lon¬ 
don,  1846?)  Without  letterpress.  B.M. 

ARCHITECTURE.— The  Palladian  Archi¬ 
tecture  of  Italy.  Article  from  the  “  Quarterly  Re¬ 
view,”  vol.  xxxii.,  No.  63,  June  1825.  S.K. 

ARCHITECTURE. — Examples  of  London 
and  Provincial  Street  Architecture  of  the  Victorian 
Age.  Accompanied  with  descriptive  notices,  and 
also  with  original  articles  and  designs,  and  with 
occasional  examples  of  modern  buildings  in  the 
streets  of  colonial  and  foreign  cities  and  towns. 
4to.  London,  1861-62.  S.K. 

ARCHITECTURE.— London  Street- Archi¬ 
tecture.  Article  from  the  “  National  Review,”  No. 
9,  $Tuly  1857.  S.K. 

ARCHITECTURE.— Characteristics  of  Old 

Church  Architecture,  &c.,  in  the  Mainland  and 
Western  Islands  of  Scotland.  Woodcut  illustra¬ 
tions,  and  3  maps.  4to.  Edinburgh,  1861.  S.K. 
ARCHIY  fur  Erankfurts  Geschichte  und 

Kunst.  Plates . 1839,  &c.  See  Periodical 


ARCHIVES  de  l’Art  fran^ais . par  Ph. 

de  Chennevikres  et  A.  de  Montaiglon . 1851,  &c. 

See  Periodical  Publications. 

ARCHIVES  de  la  Commission  des  Monu¬ 
ments  historiques,  publiees  par  ordre  de  M.  A. 
Fould,  ministre  d’etat . 1855,  &c.  See  Peri¬ 

odical  Publications. 

ARCLAIS  DE  MONT  AMY  (Didier  d’).— 

Traite  des  Couleurs  pour  la  Peinture  en  Email  et  sur 

laPorcelaine . Ouvrage  posthume.  12mo.  Paris, 

1765.  B.M. 

German  translation. — Abhandlung  von  den  Far- 

ben  zum  Porzellan-  und  Emaille-  Malen . 8vo. 

Leipzig,  1767.  Akad.  der  Kiinste,  Berlin. 



Universal  Catalogue  of 

f  Notes  and  Queries, 
l  Mar.  7,  ’68. 

ARCO  (Carlo  d’). — Monumenti  di  Pittura 
e  Scultura  trascelti  in  Mantova,  o  nel  suo  territorio. 
24  plates.  Small  fol.  Mantova,  1827.  S.K. 

ARCO  (C.  d’). — Di  cinque  valenti  Incisori 
Mantovani  del  secolo  XVI.  e  delle  stampe  da  loro 
operate.  Memoria  di  C  d’A.  8vo.  Mantova,  1840. 

ARCO  (C.  d’). — Intorno  al  carattere  na- 
zionale  ehe  aver  debbono  le  arti  italiane  aggiuntevi 
alcune  osservazioni  praticbe  sopra  varie  opere  es- 

poste  in  Milano  dal  1837  al  1842 . Memoria  I. 

e  II.  8 vo.  Mantova,  1842-43. 

ARCO  (C.  d’). — Delle  Arti  e  degli  Artifici 

di  Mantova,  notizie  raccolte  ed  illustrate  con  disegni 
e  con  documenti.  2  vols.  59  lithogr.  plates,  and 
2  plates  with  18  fac-similes.  4to.  Mantova,  1857- 
58.  S.K. 

ARCO  (C.  d’). — Istoria  della  vita  e  delle 

opere  di  Giulio  Pippi  Romano . 1838.  See 


ARDANT  (Maurice). — Emailleurs  etEmail- 
lerie  de  Limoges.  Lithogr.  plates.  12mo.  Isle, 
1855.  S.K. 

ARDANT  (M.). — Les  Emailleurs  limousins. 

Les  P6nicaud.  32  pp.  8vo.  Limoges,  1858. 

ARDANT  (M.).  —  Emailleurs  limousins. 

Les  Gwibert,  les  Vergnaud.  8vo.  Limoges,  1860. 

ARDANT  (M.). — Emailleurs  limousins. 
Les  Limosin.  27  pp.  8vo.  Limoges,  1860. 

ARDANT  (M.). — Emailleurs  limousins. 
Les  Courteys,  Court  et  de  Court.  41  pp.  8vo. 
Limoges,  1861. 

ARDITI  (Michele). — Illustrazione  di  un 
antico  Vaso  trovato  nelle  ruine  di  Locri.  (By  M. 
A.)  4to.  Napoli,  1791.  B.M. 

ARENBERG  (Auguste,  Prince  d’). — Litho¬ 
graphies  d’apr&s  les  principaux  Tableaux  de  la  Col¬ 
lection  de  S.  A.  S.  Monseigneur  le  Prince  Auguste 
d’Arenberg,  avec  le  Catalogue  descriptif.  52  litho¬ 
graphs.  4to.  Bruxelles,  1829. 

ARENBERG  (A.,  Prince  d’). — Catalogue 

et  description  des  Tableaux  qui  torment  la  Col¬ 
lection  de  S.  A.  S.  Prince  A.  d’A . 1833.  See 


AREND  (Heinrich  Conrad). — Das  Gedacht- 

niss  der  Ehren . Albrecht  Diirer’s . 1728.  See 


ARESTI  (J.). — The  Exposition  of  Sketches 
of  Ornament  for  all  Artisans,  Decorators,  and  Ma¬ 
nufacturers,  being  a  selection  of  tasteful  ornaments 
from  the  best  sources  of  mediaeval  art,  and  original 

modern  designs . Lithogr.  plates,  without  letter- 

press.  Royal  8vo.  London,  n.  d.  S.K. 

ARETIN  (Johann  Christoph  von,  Baron). 

Catalogue  raisonne  des  Estampes  du  Cabinet  de 

feu  M.  le  Baron  d’Aretin . 1827.  SeeBRULLiOT 


ARETIN  (Carl  Maria  von,  Baron). — Alter- 
thiimer  und  Kunst-Denkmale  des  Bayerischen 

Herrscherhauses ;  herausgegeben  auf  Befehl  Sr. 
Maj.  des  Konigs  Maximilian  II.  Parts  I.— III.  17 
plates,  partly  coloured,  and  woodcuts  in  the  text. 
Pol.  Miinchen,  1854-57.  B.M. 

ARGENS  (Jean  Baptiste  de  Boyer,  Mar¬ 
quis  d’). — Examen  critique  des  differentes  Ecoles  de 
Peinture.  8vo.  Berlin,  1768. 

Another  edition. — Reflexions  critiques  sur  les 
differentes  ecoles  de  peinture,  12mo.  1772. 

ARGENVILLE  (Antoine  Joseph  Desallier 

d’). — Abrege  de  la  vie  des  plus  fameux  Peintres, 
avec  leurs  portraits  graves  en  taille-douce,  les  in¬ 
dications  de  leurs  principaux  ouvrages,  quelques  re¬ 
flexions  sur  leurs  caracteres,  et  la  manitre  de  con- 
noitre  les  desseins  des  grands  maitres.  Par  M. 
*  *  *  (A.  J.  Desallier  d’Argenville).  2  vols.  and 
1  vol.  supplement.  223  portraits,  engraved  by 
Michel  Aubert,  and  frontispiece.  4to.  Paris,  1745- 
52.  S.K. 

Another  edition.  —  Abrege  de  la  vie  des  plus 
fameux  Peintres . Par  M  *  *  *.  Nouvelle  edi¬ 

tion,  revue,  corrigee  et  augmentee  de  la  vie  de  plu- 
sieurs  peintres.  4  vols.  238  portraits  (254  lives), 
frontispiece,  and  vignettes.  8vo.  Paris,  1762.  S.K. 
German  translation. — Nachrichten  von  dem  Leben 

der  beriihmtesten  Maler . Aus  dem  Franzosisclien 

iibersetzt  und  mit  Anmerkungen  erlautert  von  Johann 
Jacob  Volkmann.  4  vols.  8vo.  Leipzig,  1767-68. 

ARGENVILLE  (Antoine  Nicolas  Desallier 

d’,  the  younger). — Voyage  pittoresque  de  Paris,  ou 
indication  de  tout  ce  qu’il  y  a  de  plus  beau  dans 
cette  grande  ville  en  Peinture,  Sculpture,  &c.  Par 
M.  D  *  *  *.  2e  Edition,  revue  et  augmentee. 
Plates.  8vo.  Paris,  1752. 

1st  edition.  8vo.  Paris,  1749. 

Another  edition.  8vo.  Paris,  1755. 

6th  edition.  8vo.  Paris,  1778. 

This  work  has  been  republished  by  plagiaries, 
under  various  titles. 

ARGENVILLE  (A.  N.  Desallier  d’,  the 

younger). — Voyage  pittoresque  des  environs  de  Paris. 
Par  M.  D  *  *  *.  8vo.  Paris,  1749. 

3rd  edition.  8vo.  Paris,  1768. 

ARGENVILLE  (A.  N.  Desallier  d’,  the 

younger). — Description  sommaire  des  ouvrages  de 
peinture,  sculpture  et  gravure,  exposes  dans  les 
salles  de  Y  Academie.  Par  M.  D.  12mo.  Paris, 

ARGENVILLE  (A.  N.  Desallier  d’,  the 

younger). — Vie  des  fameux  Architectes  et  Sculpteurs, 
depuis  la  Renaissance  des  Arts,  avec  la  description 
de  leurs  ouvrages.  Par  M.  D  *  *  *.  2  vols.  fron¬ 
tispieces.  8vo.  Paris,  1787.  Cicogn. 

ARGO.  Album  fur  Kunst  und  Dichtung, 
herausgegeben  von  F.  Eggers,  Th.  Hosemann,  Er. 
Kugler.  27  tinted  and  chromo-lithogr.  plates.  4to. 
Breslau,  1857. 

Zweiter  Jahrgang,  herausgegeben  von  E.  Eggers, 
Th.  Hosemann,  B.  von  Lepel.  25  tinted  and 
chromo-lithogr.  plates.  4to.  Breslau,  1858.  B.M. 
ARGUS,  Pseud. — To  Manufacturers,  Deco¬ 
rators,  Designers,  &c.  A  mild  remonstrance  against 

Notes  and  Queries, ) 
March  14,  ’68.  J 

Books  on  Art  (under  revision). 


the  Taste-censorship  at  Marlborough  House,  in  re¬ 
ference  to  manufacturing  ornamentation  and  decora¬ 
tive  design.  By  Argus.  Parts  I.-III.  8vo.  London, 
1853.  B.M. 

ARIF-PASHA,  Mushir. — Les  anciens  Cos¬ 
tumes  de  l’Empire  Ottoman,  depuis  l’origine  de  la 
Monarchie  jusqu’a  la  reforme  du  Sultan  Mahmoud, 
recueillies  par  S.  Exc.  le  Muchir  Arif-Pacha.  Yol. 
I.  74  chromo-lithogr.  plates.  Pol.  Paris,  1864. 


ARIMGHI  (Paolo). — Roma  Subterranea 
novissima,  in  qua  post  Antonium  Bosium,  Jo.  Se- 
veranum,  et  celebres  alios  seriptores  antiqua  Chris- 
tianorum  et  prsecipue  Martyrum  Ccemeteria,  tituli, 
monimenta,  epitaphia,  inscriptiones,  ac  nobiliora 
Sanctorum  sepulchra,  sex  libris  distincta  illustrantur 
et  quamplurimse  res  ecclesiasticse  iconibus  graphice 
describuntur,  ac  multiplici  turn  sacra,  turn  profana 
eruditione  declarantur.  2  vols.  Plates  and  plans, 
besides  woodcuts  in  the  text.  Fol.  Romse,  1651. 


Another  edition.  2  vols.  Eol.  Colonise  et  Lutetise 
Parisiorum  (Amsterdam),  1659.  B.M. 

Roma  subterranea  novissima  tribus  libris  dis¬ 
tincta  ex  absolutissimo  opere  Pauli  Aringhi  in  hanc 
portatilem  formam  concinnata.  Plates.  12mo.  Arn- 
liemise,  1671.  B.M. 

German  translation. — Abgebildetes  unterirdisches 

Rom . ins  Hochteutsche  ubersetzt  durch  Chr. 

Baumann.  12mo.  Arnheim,  1668.  B.M. 

ARIOSTO  (Lodoyico). — Orlando  Pnrioso. 

4to.  Yinegia  (per  Nicolo  d’Aristotile  di  .Eerrara 
detto  Zoppino),  1530.  B.M. 

With  small  rude  woodcuts,  and  portrait,  rudely 
drawn,  and  almost  unlike  any  other  we  know  of 
Ariosto,  on  the  title-page. 

ARIOSTO  (L.). — Orlando  Furioso . di 

nuovoristampato,  &  historiato.  Small  4to.  Yinegia 
(per  Nicolo  d’Aristotile  detto  Zoppino),  1536.  B.M. 

The  woodcuts  are  the  same  as  in  the  foregoing 
edition ;  but  there  is  a  finer  frontispiece,  with  an 
excellent  portrait  of  the  poet. 

AHIOSTO  (L.). — Orlando  Furioso . or- 

nato  di  varie  figure.  Woodcuts.  4to.  Venetia, 
1542.  B.M. 

The  same  cuts  occur  in  various  other  editions,  as 
the  following : — 


Yenetia,  1543. 


8  vo. 

Yenetia,  1543. 



Vinegia,  1548. 

Yinegia,  1549. 





Yinegia,  1549. 



Yinegia,  1550. 



Lione,  1556. 


AHIOSTO  (L.).  —  Orlando  Furioso . 

tutto  ricorretto,  et  di  nuove  figure  adornato . 

Woodcuts  from  the  designs  of  Dosso  Dossi,  the  Fer- 
rarese  painter.  4to.  Yenetia  (appresso  Vicenzo 
Valgrisi),  1556.  B.M. 

The  same  cuts  are  to  be  found  in  the  following 
edition : — 

4to.  Yenetia  (appresso  Vincenzo  Valgrisio), 
1558.  B.M. 

Also  in  other  editions  published  either  by  Val¬ 
grisi,  or  ‘  gli  Heredi  di  Y.  Valgrisi.’ 

ARIOSTO  (L.). — Orlando  Furioso,  nuova- 
mente  adornato  di  figure  di  rame  da  Girolamo  Porro. 
4  to.  Yenetia,  1584.  B.M. 

AHIOSTO  (L.). — Orlando  Furioso.  4  vols. 
Portrait  of  A.,  after  Titian,  and  46  plates,  engraved 
by  F.  Bartolozzi,  Nicolas  Delaunay,  and  others,  from 
designs  by  Giovanni  Battista  Cipriani,  Charles  Eisen, 
Charles  Nicolas  Cochin  the  younger,  Jean  Michel 
Moreau  the  younger,  Charles  Monnet,  and  Jean- 
Baptiste  Greuze.  Royal  8vo.  Birmingham  (Bas- 
kerville),  1773.  B.M. 

Also,  4to.  Birmingham,  1773.  The  same  plates. 


ARIOSTO  (L.). — Orlando  Furioso.  4  vols. 
Portrait  of  A.,  after  Titian,  and  92  plates.  4to. 
Parigi,  1795.  B.M. 

47  plates,  including  the  portrait,  are  the  same  as  in 
Baskerville’s  edition  (with  the  exception  of  the 
plate,  designed  by  Eisen,  to  Canto  V.,  which  has 
been  replaced  by  a  better  one  of  Moreau  the 
younger).  The  other  plates  are  engraved  by  Nico¬ 
las  Ponce,  &c.,  mostly  from  designs  by  Ch.  N. 
Cochin  the  younger. 

AHIOSTO  (L.) .  —  L’Orlando  Furioso  di 

Messer  L.  A.  Inventate,  ed  inciso  all’  acquaforte . 

da  B(artolomeo)  Pinelli.  100  plates,  and  frontis¬ 
piece.  Fol.  Roma,  1828(-29).  B.M. 

ARIOSTO  (L.). — Orlando  Furioso  in  Eng¬ 
lish  Heroical  Verse,  by  (Sir)  John  Harrington.  Fol. 
London,  1591.  B.M. 

The  plates  by  Girolamo  Porro  are  reproduced  in 
this  first  English  translation ;  and  there  is  besides 
a  frontispiece  with  the  translator’s  portrait. 

Other  editions : — 

Orlando  Furioso . now  secondly  imprinted.  The 

same  plates.  Fol.  London,  1607. 

Orlando  Furioso . now  thirdly  revised  and 

amended,  with  the  addition  of  the  Author’s  (i.e. 
Harrington’s)  Epigrams.  Fol.  London,  1634.  B.M. 

The  same  plates  ;  the  frontispiece,  with  Harring¬ 
ton’s  portrait,  by  another  engraver. 

AHIOSTO  (L.). — Le  divin  Arioste,  ou  Ro¬ 
land  le  Furieux,  traduit  nouvellement  en  fran^is 
(in  prose)  par  F(ran9ois)  de  Rosset.  Frontispiece 
and  plates,  engraved  by  Leonhard  Gaiter  (Gaultier). 
4  to.  Paris,  1615.  B.M. 

2nd  edition.  The  same  plates.  4to.  Paris, 
1625.  B.M. 

Another  edition.  4to.  Paris,  1644. 

AHIOSTO  (L.). — Roland  furieux,  poerne 

hero'ique,  traduit  en  frangais  par  d’Ussieux.  4  vols. 
93  plates  (including  those  of  Baskerville’s  edition, 
as  well  as  the  additional  plates,  engraved  from 
Cochin’s  designs).  4to.  Paris,  1775-83. 

AHIOSTO  (L.).  —  Roland  furieux.  Tra¬ 
duction  nouvelle  et  en  prose,  par  V.  Philipon  de  la 
Madelaine,  illustree  par  Tony  Johannot,  C.  Nanteuil, 
M  41 


Notes  and  Queries, 
March  14,  ’68. 

Universal  Catalogue  of 

&c.  25  steel-engravings,  and  300  vignettes.  8vo. 

Paris,  1844. 

Another  edition.  8vo.  Paris,  1864.  B.M. 

ARIOSTO  (L.). — Seclis  lithographirte  Bil- 

der  aus  Ariosto’s  rasendem  Roland,  die  Begeben- 
heiten  der  schonen  Angelika  enthaltend,  gezeichnet 
von  Julius  Schnorr,  mit  Text  von  Dr.  Schmidt. 
Pol.  Carlsruhe,  1833. 

ARMAN"  (Alexandre).  —  Notre  -  Dame 
d’ Ajaccio,  Archeologie,  Histoire  et  Legendes.  8vo. 
Paris,  1844.  B.M. 

ARM  AND.  —  Reflexions  sur  Part  de  la 
Peinture  consideree  comme  peinture  heroique. 
12mo.  Paris,  1818.  Cicogn. 

ARM  AND  (Tse.,  Prior). — Histoire  de  Saint 

Remi,  precedee  d’une  introduction  et  suivie  d’un 
apercpi  historique  sur  la  ville  et  l’eglise  de  Reims. 
8vo.,  and  Atlas  of  11  plates,  fol.  Paris,  1846. 


ARMAND-CALLIAT.  —  L’Orfevrerie  reli- 

gieuse  Lyonaise  a  l’Exposition  de  1 867-  Exposition 
de  M.  Armand-Calliat.  32  pp.  8vo.  Lyon,  1867. 


ARMENGAUD  (Jean  Germain  Desire). — 

Les  G-aleries  publiques  de  l’Europe.  3  vols.  1795 
wood-engravings.  Eol.  Paris,  1856-65.  (Vol.  I. 
Rome.  Vol.  II.  Grenes, 'Turin,  Milan,  Parme,  Venise, 
Bologne.  Vol.  III.  Florence,  Naples,  Pompei,  &c.) 

ARMENGAUD  (J.  G.  D.).— Les  Chefs- 

d’oeuvre  de  l’Art  chretien.  26  portraits,  and  40  plates. 
4  to.  Paris,  1858.  S.K. 

ARMENGAUD  (J.  G.  D.).— Les  Tr6sorsde 

l’Art.  50  steel  engravings.  Fol.  Paris,  1859. 

ARMENGAUD  (J.  G.  D.).— Les  Reines  du 

Monde,  par  nos  premiers  ecrivains.  150  portraits. 
4to.  Paris,  1864. 

ARMENGAUD  (Jacques  Eugene,  the 

elder),  ARMENGAUD  (Charles,  the  younger) 
and  AMOUROUX  (Jules). — Nouveau  Cours  rai- 
sonne  de  Dessin  industriel,  applique  principalement 
a  la  mecanique  et  a  l’architecture.  2  vols.  text, 
8vo..  and  Atlas  of  45  plates,  fol.  Paris,  1848-49. 


Another  edition.  Paris,  1860. 

English  translation.  —  The  Practical  Draughts¬ 
man’s  Book  of  Industrial  Design;  forming  a  complete 
course  of  mechanical,  engineering  and  architectural 
drawing.  Translated  from  the  French  of  M.  A. 
aine,  and  M.M.  Armengaud  jeune,  and  Amouroux. 
Rewritten  and  arranged,  with  additional  matter  and 
plates,  &c.,  by  W.  Johnson.  4to.  London,  1853. 


2nd  edition.  4to.  London,  1860(-61).  B.M. 


(Ch.)  and  AMOUROUX  (J.). — Etudes  d’ Ombres 
et .  de  lavis  appliquees  aux  machines  et  a  l’ar- 
chitecture.,  Recueil  methodique  de  planches  tein- 
tees  et  lavees  a  l’eflfet.  Atlas  of  12  plates,  fol.,  with 
text.  Paris,  1849. 


ARMENINI  (Giovanni  Battista). — De’  veri 

Precetti  della  Pi ttura,  Libri  tre.  (1st  edition.)  4to. 
Ravenna  (Francesco  Tebaldini),  1587.  B.M. 
Other  editions : — 

4to.  Venetia,  1678.  Edited  by  Francesco  Sa- 
lerni.  B.M. 

Con  note  de  Ticozzi.  12mo.  Milano, 
1820.  B.M. 

8  vo.  Pisa,  1823.  S.K. 

ARNAL  (Juan  Pedro). — Discurso  sobra  el 

origen  y  principio  de  los  Mosaycos . contraido  a 

los  que  nuevamente  se  descubrieron  en  las  excava- 
ciones  de  la  villa  de  Rielves  de  orden  de  S.  M.  Fol. 
(Madrid?  1788.)  B.M. 

ARNALD  (George). — The  river  Meuse  ; 

being  delineations  of  the  scenery  of  that  river  from 
Liege  to  Mezieres,  etched  (with  explanatory  remarks) 
by  G.  A.  Fol.  London,  1828.  B.M. 

ARNALDI  (Enea,  Count). — Idea  di  un 

Teatro  nelle  principali  sue  parti  simile  ai  teatri  an¬ 
tichi,  all’  uso  moderno;  con  due  discorsi  intorno  ai 
teatri  in  generale,  e  al  teatro  Olimpico  di  Vicenza, 
e  un’  appendice  nel  fine.  6  large  plates.  4to. 
Padova,  1733.  Cicogn. 

Another  edition.  4to.  Vicenza,  1762.  B.M. 

ARNALDI  (E.,  Count). — Delle  Basiliche 

antiche  e  specialmente  di  quella  di  Vicenza  del 
celebre  Andrea  Palladio.  Discorso.  Con  l’aggiunta 
della  descrizione  d’una  curia  d’invenzione  dell’  autore. 
8  large  plates.  4to.  Vicenza,  1769.  B.M. 

ARNAUD  (A.  E.). — Voyage  areheologique 

et  pittoresque  dans  le  departement  de  l’Aube  et  dans 
l’ancien  diocese  de  .Troyes  ;  publie  sous  la  direction 
de  A.  F.  A.  4to.  Troyes,  1837-  B.M. 

ARNAUD  (Ch.). — Vues  et  Costumes  pitto- 

resques  du  departement  des  Deux-Sevres,  par  Gelle, 
avec  texte,  par  Ch.  A.  4to.  Niort,  1844. 
ARNAUD  (C.  P.). — Recueil  de  Tombeaux 
des  quatres  Cimetieres  de  Paris  avec  leurs  epitaphes 
et  leurs  inscriptions.  2  vols.  8vo.  Paris  1817-25. 


ARNAULDET  (Thomas). —  Les  Artistes 
bretons,  angevins,  poitevins  au  Salon  de  1857. 
Lettre  adressee  a  M.  Benj.  Fillon.  56  pp.  8vo. 
Nantes,  1857. 

ARNAULDET  (Th.).  —  Notes  sur  les 

estampes  satiriques,  bouffonnes  ou  singulieres  rela¬ 
tives  a  l’art  ou  aux  artistes  fram^ais  pendant  les 
XVIIe  et  XVIIIe  siecles.  Plates.  8vo.  Paris, 

Reprinted  from  the  “  Gazette  des  Beaux- Arts.” 


(Georges).  —  Michel  Lasne,  de  Caen,  graveur  en 
taille-douce  ;  par  Th.  A.  et  G.  D.  8vo.  Caen,  1856. 
ARND  (Carl). — Beitrage  zur  Erforschung 
der  Baudenkmale  der  Germanen  und  Romer  in  der 
unteren  Maingegend.  ii.  and  71  pp.,  and  a  map 
8vo.  Hanau,  1858.  Akad.  der  Kiinste,  Berlin. 
ARNETH  (Joseph  von). — Synopsis  nu- 
morum  antiquorum  qui  in  Museo  Csesareo  Vindo- 

Notes  and  Queries,  ) 
March  14,  ’68.  f 


Books  on  Art  ( under  revision). 

bonensi  adservantur.  Pars  I.  Numi  Grseci.  Pars  II. 
Numi  Romani.  4to.  Vindobonse,  1837-42.  B.M. 

ARNETH  (J.  von). — Catalog  der  kaiserlicli- 
koniglichen  Medaillen  -  Stampel  -  Sammlung.  4to. 
Wien,  1839.  B.M. 

ARNETH  (J.  von). — Das  k.  k.  Miinz-  und 

Antiken-Cabinet ;  beschrieben  von  J.  A.  4  parts. 
4  plates.  8vo.  Wien,  1845-47.  B.M. 

ARNETH  (J.  von).  —  Besclireibung  der 

zum  k.  k.  Miinz-  und  Antiken-Cabinette  gehorigen 
Statuen,  Biisten,  Beliefs,  Inschriften,  Mosaiken. 
2nd  edition.  8vo.  Wien,  1846.  B.M. 

ARNETH  (J.  von).— Die  antiken  Cameen 
des  k.  k.  Miinz-  und  Antiken-Cabinettes  in  Wien ; 
beschrieben  yon  J.  A.  25  plates.  Pol.  Wien,  1849. 


ARNETH  (J.  von). — Die  antiken  Grold- 

und  Silber-Monumente  des  k.  k.  Miinz-  und  An¬ 
tiken-Cabinettes  in  Wien.  41  plates.  Pol.  Wien, 
1850.  S.K. 

ARNETH  (J.  von).  —  Die  Cinque- Cento- 

Cameen  und  Arbeiten  des  Benvenuto  Cellini  und 
seiner  Zeitgenossen  im  k.  k.  Miinz-  und  Antiken- 
Cabinette  zu  Wien.  23  plates.  Pol.  Wien,  1858. 


ARNETH  (J.  von). —  Stndien  liber  Ben¬ 
venuto  Cellini . 1859.  See  Cellini. 

ARNETH  (J.  von). —  Ueber  das  Tauben- 
Orakel  von  Dodona.  Zur  Erklarung  einer  antiken 
Erzmiinze  der  Epiroten  in  der  Munzsammlung  des 
Stiftes  St.  Plorian.  1  vignette.  8vo.  Wien,  1840. 


ARNETH  (J.  von). — Zw51f  romiscbe  Mili- 

tar-Diplome ;  beschrieben  von  J.  A. ;  auf  Stein 
gezeichnet  von  Albert  Camesina.  25  chromo-lithogr. 
plates.  4to.  Wien,  1843.  B.M. 

ARNETH  (J.  von).  — Das  Niello- Anti- 

pendium  zu  Kloster  Neuburg  in  Oesterreich,  verfer- 
tigt  im  12.  Jahrhundert  von  Nicolaus  aus  Verdun. 

In  der  Originalgrosse  lithographirt  und . heraus- 

gegeben  von  Albert  Camesina ;  beschrieben  und 
erlautert  von  J.  A.  31  chromo-lithogr.  plates,  large 
fol.  Text,  8vo.  Wien,  1844.  B.M. 

ARNETH  ( J.  von)  . — Reise-Bemerkungen, 
grosstentheils  archseologischen  Inhalts,  von  Vindo- 
bona  (Vienna)  iiber  Tergesfe  (Trieste)  nach  Salona 
im  Jahre  1846.  52  pp.,  and  4  plates.  4to.  (Vienna, 
1848.)  S.K. 

Extract  from  the  “  Denkschriften  der  kaiser- 
lichen  Akademie  der  Wissensehaften.” 

ARNETH  (J.  von). — Arcbseologische  Ana- 
lecten.  20  plates.  Oblong  fol.  Wien,  1851.  S.K. 
ARNETH  (J.  von).  —  Bescbreibung  der 
Medaillen  und  Miinzen  der  Fiirsten  und  Grafen  von 
Dietrichstein.  15  pp.  8vo.  Wien,  1851. 

ARNETH  (J.  von).  —  Bescbreibung  der 
Thurm-Glocken  zu  St.  Plorian.  16  pp.,  and  2 
lithogr.  plates.  Royal  8vo.  Wien,  1852. 

ARNETH  (J.  von). — -Ueber  einen  in  Ungern 
gefundenen  Schulterschmuck  eines  romischen 
Kaisers  zu  Constantinopel.  3  plates.  8vo.  Wien, 
1854.  S.K. 

ARNETH  (J.  von). — Die  neuesten  arcbseo- 
logischen  Punde  in  Cilli  (Styria).  3  plates.  8vo. 
Wien,  1859.  S.K. 

ARNETH  (J.  von). — Ueber  das  rbmiscbe 

G-rabmonument  im  Echernthale  bei  Hallstadt.  21 
pp.,  and  1  lithogr.  plate,  besides  woodcut-illustra¬ 
tions  in  the  text.  8vo.  Wien,  1862. 

ARNETH  (J.  von). — Ueber  das  Evangeli- 
arium  Karl’s  des  G-rossen  in  der  k.  k.  Schatzkammer 
und  iiber  mehrere  Gebetbiicher  des  16.  Jahrhunderts. 
50  pp.,  and  5  chromo-lithogr.  plates.  4to.  Wien, 

Extract  from  the  “Denkschriften  der  kaiscrlichen 
Akademie  der  Wissensehaften.” 

ARNETT  (John  Andrews)  Pseud,  (i.e.  John 

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4th  edition,  with  additions.  1 1  plates.  London, 
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ARNETT  (J.  A.)  Pseud,  (i.e.  J.  Hannett). 

The  Bookbinder’s  School  of  Design,  as  applied  to 
the  combination  of  tools  in  the  art  of  finishing.  8 
plates.  4to.  London,  1837.  S.K. 

ARNETT  (J.  A.)  Pseud,  (i.e.  J.  Hannett). 

An  Inquiry  into  the  nature  and  form  of  the  Books 
of  the  Ancients ;  with  a  history  of  the  Art  of  Book¬ 
binding  from  the  times  of  the  Greeks  and  Romans 
to  the  present  day ;  interspersed  with  bibliographical 
references  to  men  and  books  of  all  ages  and  coun¬ 
tries.  15  plates,  and  illustrations  in  the  text.  12mo. 
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Sanssouci  (Potsdam).  Von  P.  von  A.  9  plates. 
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ARNOLD  (Christian). — Praktisclie  Anlei- 

tung  zur  biirgerlichen  Baukunst,  in  einer  Reihe  von 
Planen  fur  Gebaude  aller  Art,  nebst  einer  kurzen 
Beschreibung  und  Erklarung  derselben.  3  parts 
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ARNOLD  (Er.). — Projecte  der  bobern  und 
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ARNOLD  (Friedrich). — Der  berzogliebe 

Palast  von  Urbino,  gemessen,  gezeichnet  und  heraus- 
gegeben  von  P.  A.  50  lithogr.  plates,  partly  chromo¬ 
lithographs,  and  5  pp.  text  (in  German  and  French). 
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ARNOLD  (E.). — Die  Renaissance.  Mus- 
terbuch  nach  monumentalen  Schopfungen  fur  Archi- 
tekten  und  Kunstgewerke.  Unter  Mitwirkung  nam- 



Universal  Catalogue  of 

Notes  and  Queries, 
March  14,  ’68. 

hafter  Architekten  herausgegeben  yon  F.  A . Mit 

einer  Einleitung  von  W.  Lfibke.  Lithogr.  plates. 
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ARNOLD  (F.  H.). — Petworth  :  a  sketch,  of 

its  history  and  antiquities,  with  notices  of  objects 
of  archaeological  interest  in  its  vicinity.  (With  il¬ 
lustrations.)  8vo.  London,  1864.  B.M. 

ARNOLD  (Ignatz  Ferdinand). — Anleitung 

zur  Beurtheilung  der  Kunstwerke  der  Malerey  fur 
Kunstliebhaber ;  nebst  einer  skizzirten  Geschichte 
der  beriihmtesten  Schulen  und  ihrer  vorzfiglichsten 
Meister.  (By  I.  F.  A.)  8vo.  Altenburg,  1806. 
Another  edition .  Altenburg,  1811. 

ARNOLD  (M.,  Publisher).— Arnold’s  Li¬ 

brary  of  the  Fine  Arts . 1831-32.  Continued 

under  the  title  of  Arnold’s  Magazine  of  the  Fine 
Arts . 1833-34.  See  Periodical  Publications. 

ARNOLD  (Xayer)  and  KNOLL  (Eduard). 

Sammlung  von  Initialen  aus  dem  12.  bis  17. 
Jahrhundert,  entnommen  der  Koniglichen  Hof- 
und  Staatsbibliothek  zu  Mfinchen,  der  Biblioteca 
nacional  und  der  Biblioteca  de  la  Universidad 
central  zu  Madrid.  Eingefuhrt  durch  Professor 
Dr.  Messmer.  Herausgegeben  von  X.  A.  und  E.  K. 
Chromo-lithographs.  4to.  Leipzig,  1867,  &c.  (In 
progress.)  S.K. 

ARPHE  Y  VILLAFANE  (Juan  de)  .— Varia 

commensuracion  para  la  Escultura  y  Arquitectura. 
Numerous  woodcuts,  and  medallion  portrait  of  A. 
4to.  Madrid,  1675.  S.K. 

6th  edition.  4to.  Madrid,  1773.  S.K. 

ARROWSMITH  (H.W.)  andA.  (A.).— The 

House  decorator  and  painter’s  guide ;  containing  a 
series  of  designs  for  decorating  apartments.  4to. 
London,  1840.  Bodl. 

ARSENNE  (Louis  Charles). — Manuel  du 

Peintre  et  du  Sculpteur ;  ouvrage  dans  lequel  on 
traite  de  la  philosophie  de  l’Art  et  des  rnoyens  pra¬ 
tiques . Avec  une  notice  sur  les  Manuscrits  a 

miniatures  de  1’ Orient  et  du  moyen-age  (Bibliothfe- 
ques  de  Paris),  et  sur  les  voyages  a  figures  dans 
leurs  rapports  avec  la  peinture  moderne  ;  par  Fer¬ 
dinand  Denis.  2  vols.  Plates.  Small  8vo.  Paris, 
1833.  B.M. 

ARSENNE  (L.  Ch.)  and  DENIS  (Ferdi¬ 
nand). — Nouveau  Manuel  du  Peintre  et  du  Sculp¬ 
teur,  contenant  l’esthetique,  les  prineipes  generaux 
et  les  applications  pratiques  sur  l’Art,  des  notions 
sur  1’ execution  mecanique  et  les  couleurs,  des  obser¬ 
vations  sur  les  concours,  et  suivi  d’un  vocabulaire  ; 
par  L.  Ch.  A.  et  F.  D.  Nouvelle  edition,  revue  et 
entierement  refondue  par  M.M.  Yasse,  peintre 
d’histoire,  F.  Malpeyre  et  E.  R.  4  plates.  Small 
8vo.  Paris,  1858. 

ART. — L’Art  et  l’Archeologie  en  Province. 

Plates.  13  vols.  4to.  Moulins,  1840-49. 

ART  ALBUM,  The.  Sixteen  Fac-similes  of 
Water-colour  Drawings,  by  Cattermole,  Cooper,  and 
-others.  4to.  London,  1861.  S.K. 


ART  ANNUAL. — -The  Photographic  Art 

Annual . 1859.  See  Periodical  Publications. 

ART,  CHRISTIAN. — Revue  de  l’Art  chre- 

tien.  Pecueil  mensuel  d’Archeologie  religieuse, 

dirig£  par  l’Abbe  Jules  Corblet . 1857,  &c.  See 

Periodical  Publications. 

ART,  CHRISTIAN. — Christian  Art.  Article 
from  the  “  Quarterly  Review,”  No.  231,  July  1864. 


ART,  CHRISTIAN.— Early  Christian  Art. 

Article  from  the  ‘‘Edinburgh  Review,”  No.  249,  July 
1865.  S.K. 

ART,  CHRISTIAN.— The  History  of  Our 

Lord  in  Art.  Article  from  the  “  Edinburgh  Review,” 
No.  245,  July  1864.  S.K. 

ART,  CHRISTIAN.— Symbolism  in  Chris¬ 
tian  Art.  Article  from  the  “  North  British  Review,” 
June  1865.  S.K. 

ART  CIRCULAR,  The  :  a  Monthly  Record 

of  Illustrated  Literature  and  Art  Manufactures . 

1850,  &c.  See  Periodical  Publications. 

ART,  CONTEMPORARY.— L’Art  contem- 

porain.  Annales  illustrees  de  la  production  d’ elite 
des  Beaux-Arts  et  de  l’lndustrie  artiste.  J.  J. 

Arnoux,  redacteur  en  chef. . Paris,  1862.  See 

Periodical  Publications. 

ART  CRITICISM.  Article  from  the  “  Cornhill 
Magazine,”  September  1863.  S.K. 

ART,  DECORATIVE.— Principles  of  De¬ 
corative  Art.  Published  by  authority  of  the  De¬ 
partment  of  Science  and  Art.  6  pp.  4to.  London, 
1853.  S.K. 

ART,  DECORATIVE.— Decorative  Art  So¬ 
ciety.  Abstracts  of  Papers  and  Transactions  from 
1844  to  1846.  See  Societies. 

ART,  DECORATIVE.— L’Art  pour  Tous, 

Encyclopedic  de  l’Art  industriel  et  decoratif . 

Paris,  1861,  &c.  See  Periodical  Publications. 

ART  DICTIONARY. — KurzgefasstesHand- 
worterbucli  fiber  die  schonen  Kfinste.  Von  einer 
Gesellschaft  von  Gelehrten.  2  vols.  8vo.  Leip¬ 
zig,  1795.  Akad.  der  Kfinste,  Berlin. 

ART  EDUCATION.  Article  from  the  “Sixpenny 
Magazine,”  June  1862.  S.K. 

ART. — French  influence  on  English  Art. 

Article  from  the  “Sixpenny  Magazine,”  July  1862. 


ART  AND  HISTORY.  Article  from  “  Fraser’s 
Magazine  ”  for  October  1857.  S.K. 

ART  JOURNAL,  The.  A  Monthly  Journal 

of  the  Fine  Arts . 1839,  &c.  See  Periodical 


ART  JOURNAL. — The  Art  Journal  Illus¬ 
trated  Catalogue  of  the  Exhibition  of  the  Industry 
of  all  Nations,  1851.  See  Exhibitions,  London. 
The  Art  Journal  Illustrated  Catalogue  of  the  In- 

Notes  and  Queries, 
March  21, ’68. 

Boohs  on  Art  {under  revision). 


ternational  Exhibition,  1862.  See  Exhibitions, 

ART  JOURNAL. — The  Art  Journal  Illus¬ 
trated  Catalogue  of  the  Exhibition  of  Art-Industry 
in  Dublin,  1853.  See  Exhibitions,  Dublin. 

ART  IN  LANGHAM  PLACE.  Article  from 
“London  Society,”  December  1862.  S.K. 

ART  LIFE  in  the  West  of  England . 

1863,  &c.  See  Periodical  Publications. 

ART  MANUFACTURES.  —  Catalogue  of 

English  Art  Manufactures,  selected  for  their  beauty 
of  design.  4to.  London,  1853.  S.K. 

ART  AND  ITS  MINISTERS.  Article  from 
the  “Dublin  University  Magazine,”  No.  415,  July 
1867.  S.K. 

ART. — Modern  Art  and  living  Artists. 

16mo.  Glasgow,  1839.  B.M. 

ART. — The  Elementary  Principles  of  Art. 
Article  from  “Macmillan’s  Magazine,”  No.  91,  May 
1867.  S.K. 

ART. — Prospects  of  Art  in  England.  Article 
from  “  Bentley’s  Quarterly  Review,”  No.  1,  March 
1859.  S.K. 

ART. — The  Relation  of  Art  to  Nature. 

Article  from  the  “  Cornhill  Magazine,”  July  1866. 


ART  REVIEW,  The . 1864,  &c.  See  Peri¬ 

odical  Publications. 

ART  STUDENT,  The :  a  Monthly  Journal 

of  the  Fine  and  Industrial  Arts . 1864,  &c.  See 

Periodical  Publications. 

CHESTER.  See  Exhibitions,  Manchester. 
ARTAMOV  (Piotre)  Pseud,  (i.  e.  Count 
Vladimir  de  la  Fite  de  Pelleporc). — La  Russie 
historique,  monumentale  et  pittoresque.  Vol  I. 
230  wood-engravings.  4to.  Paris,  (1862  ?-)1864. 

ARTARIA  (Ferdinando). — 11  Duomo  di. 

Milano,  ossia  descrizione  storico-critica  di  questo 
insigne  Tempio  e  degli  oggetti  d’arte  che  lo  adornano. 
63  plates.  8vo.  Milano,  1831.  S.K. 

ARTAUD  (Antoine  Marie  FRANgois). — De¬ 
scription  d’une  Mosaique  representant  des  jeux  du 
cirque,  decouverte  a  Lyon  le  18.  Fevrier  1806.  1 

coloured  plate.  Fol.  Lyon,  1806.  B.M. 

ARTAUD  (A.  M.  F.).— Description  de  la 
Mosaique  de  M.  Macors.  2e  edition.  8vo.  Lyon, 
1806.  B.M. 

ARTAUD  (A.  M.  F.). — Societe  des  Amis 

du  Commerce  et  des  Arts  de  Lyon.  Discours  sur 
un  projet  de  recherches  des  Monumens  antiques 
dans  la  ville  de  Lyon.  8vo.  Lyon,  1808.  B.M. 

ARTAUD  (A.  M.  F.). — Notice  des  Antiqui- 

tes  et  des  Tableaux  du  Musee  deLyon.  8vo.  Lyon, 
1808.  B.M. 

ARTAUD  (A.  M.  F.).  —  Cabinet  des  An-  j 

tiques  du  Musee  de  Lyon.  8vo.  Lyon,  1816.  B.M.  I 

ARTAUD  (A.  M.  F.). — Notice  des  Tableaux 

du  Mus6e  de  Lyon.  8vo.  Lyon,  1820.  B.M. 

Another  edition.  8vo.  Lyon,  1834.  S.K. 

ARTAUD  (A.  M.  F.). — Memoire  sur  quel- 
ques  decouvertes  d’Antiquites  faites  a  Lyon  pendant 
l’ete  de  1811.  8vo.  Paris,  1811.  B.M. 

ARTAUD  (A.  M.  F.). — -Memoire  sur  un 
poignard  de  bronze  antique  trouve  dans  le  rocher  de 
Crussol.  8vo.  Paris,  1811.  Bodl. 

ARTAUD  (A.  M.  F.). — Discours  sur  les 

Medailles  d’Auguste  et  de  Tibere,  au  revers  de 
1’ Autel  de  Lyon  ;  suivi  d’un  memoire  sur  les  recher¬ 
ches  d’une  statue  equestre  faites  dans  le  mois  de 
Nov.  1809,  vers  l’emplacement  de  l’ancien  temple 
d’Auguste.  Plates.  4to.  Lyon,  1818.  B.M. 
ARTAUD  (A.  M.  F.). — Mosaiques  de  Lyon 

et  des  Departements  meridionaux  de  la  France,  ac- 
compagnees  d’ explications.  Coloured  plates.  Fol. 
Paris,  1824. 

ARTAUD  (A.  M.  F.). — Histoire  abregee  de 

la  Peinture  en  Mosaique,  suivie  de  la  description 
des  Mosaiques  de  Lyon  et  du  Midi  de  la  France, 
ainsi  que  d’un  apertju  relatif  au  deplacement  de  ces 
paves.  4to.  Lyon,  1835.  S.K. 

ARTAUD  DE  MONTOR  (Alexis  FRANgois), 

Considerations  sur  l’etat  de  la  Peinture  en  Italie, 
dans  les  quatre  siecles  qui  ont  precede  celui  de 
Raphael.  Par  un  membre  de  l’Academie  de  Cortone 
(A.  de  M.).  Ouvrage  servant  de  Catalogue  raisonne 
a  une  collection  de  (150)  tableaux  des  12. 13.  14.  et 
15.  siecles.  8vo.  Paris,  1808. 

2nd  edition.  8vo.  Paris,  1811. 

ARTAUD  DE  MONTOR  (A.  F.).— Peintres 

primitifs :  Collection  de  Tableaux  rapportee  d’ltalie 
et  publiee  par  M.  le  Chev.  A.  de  M.,  reproduite 
par  nos  premiers  artistes  sous  la  direction  de  M. 
Challamel.  (Prefixed  is  A.  de  M.’s  “  Considera¬ 
tions  sur  l’etat  de  la  Peinture  en  Italie.”)  60  lithogr. 
plates,  and  1 1  woodcuts  in  the  text.  4to.  Paris, 
1841-43.  S.K. 

ARTAUD  DE  MONTOR  (A.  F.). — L’ltalie; 

par  A.  de  M.  96  plates.  8vo.  Paris,  1835. 
ARTEFEUIL. — Histoire  heroique  et  uni- 
verselle  de  la  Noblesse  de  Provence.  2  vols.  8 
large  plates  of  armorial  bearings.  4to.  Avignon, 
1776.  B.M. 

This  is,  according  to  Brunet,  the  2nd  edition  ;  . 
and  there  are  3  vols.  4to.  Avignon,  1776-86. 
ARTHENAY  (d’). — Memoire  sur  la  ville 
souterraine  decouverte  au  pied  du  Mont  Vesuve. 

8  vo.  Paris,  1748.  B.M. 

“  Attributed  in  the  preface  to  M.  Darthenay. 
According  to  Barbier,  Maussinot  is  the. author,  and 
Darthenay  only  the  editor.” 

ARTHUR,  of  Little  Britain. — The  history 
of  the  valiant  Knight  Arthur,  of  Little  Britain,  a 
romance  of  chivalry,  originally  translated  from  the 
French,  by  J.  Bourchier,  Lord  Berners.  A  new 
edition  (reprinted  from  that  of  Robert  Redborne, 
with  a  preface  by  the  editor  E.  V.  Utterson),  with  a 
n  45 


Universal  Catalogue  of 

(  Notes  and  Queries 
1  March  21,  ’68. 

series  of  plates,  from  illuminated  drawings,  con¬ 
tained  in  a  valuable  MS.  of  the  original  romance. 
4to.  London,  1814.  B.M. 

ARTIST. — Advice  to  proprietors  on  the  care 
of  valuable  pictures.  With  instructions  for  pre¬ 
serving,  cleaning,  and  restoring  them.  By  an  Artist. 
8vo.  London,  1835.  B.M. 

ARTIST. — The  Theory  of  Effect,  embracing 
the  contrast  of  light  and  shade,  of  colour  and 
harmony.  By  an  Artist.  15  illustrations  by  Hinck¬ 
ley.  8vo.  Philadelphia,  1851.  B.M. 

ARTIST. — Lights  in  Art,  a  review  of 
ancient  and  modern  Pictures.  With  additional 
remarks  on  the  present  state,  treatment,  and  preser¬ 
vation  of  oil  paintings.  By  an  Artist.  8vo. 
Edinburgh,  1865.  S.K. 

ARTIST’S  Rotes  from  Choice  Pictures. 

Article  from  “  London  Society,”  April  1862.  S.K. 
ARTIST’S  Rotes  from  Choice  Pictures. 
Article  from  “  London  Society,”  May  1867-  S.K. 

ARTIST,  The  ;  a  collection  of  Essays  rela¬ 
tive  to  Painting,  Poetry,  Sculpture,  Architecture 
. Edited  by  Prince  Hoare . 1810.  See  Peri¬ 
odical  Publications. 

ARTIST,  The.  January  to  March  1855.  See  Peri¬ 
odical  Publications. 

ARTIST. — The  Artist’s  Assistant  in  Draw¬ 

ing,  Perspective,  Etching . 6th  edition.  12mo. 

Philadelphia,  1794.  B.M. 

Another  edition.  —  The  Artist’s  Assistant  in 
Drawing,  Perspective,  Etching,  Engraving,  Mez- 
zotinto-scraping,  Painting  on  glass,  in  crayons, 
water  colours,  and  on  silks  and  satins,  &c.  12mo. 

Gainsborough,  1814.  B.M. 

ARTIST. — The  Artist’s  Repository  and 
Drawing  Magazine,  exhibiting  the  principles  of  the 
Polite  Arts  in  their  various  branches.  (By  F. 
Fitzgerald.)  4  vols.  8vo.  London,  1787-90.  S.K. 

ARTIST. — The  poor  Artist ;  or,  Seven  eye¬ 

sights  and  one  object . 1850.  See  Horne  (R.  H.). 

ARTIST. — On  the  Education  of  the  Artist. 

Article  from  the  “New  Monthly  Review,”  July  1861. 

S  K 

bridge  and  London,  1860.  B.M. 

ciples  and  practice  of  harmonious  colouring  in  oil, 

water,  and  photographic  colours . By  an  Artist- 

Photographer.  8vo.  London,  1859.  B.M. 

ARTISTE,  L’,  Journal  de  la  Litterature  et 

des  Beaux- Arts .  1831,  &c.  See  Periodical 


ARTISTS,  t —  The  Young  Artists . the 

Sculptor,  the  Musician,  the  Engraver,  the  Painter. 
From  the  French.  With  illustrations.  8vo.  London, 
1858.  R.M. 

ARTISTS. — The  Declaration  of  the  Artists 

of  the  nineteenth  century  on  the  influence  of  cos- 

tume  and  fashion  upon  high  Art.  With  supple¬ 
mentary  observations  by  some  Amateurs.  8vo.  Lon¬ 
don,  1862.  B.M. 

ARTISTS’  General  Benevolent  Institution, 

London.  See  Societies. 

ARTISTS. — Annuaire  des  Artistes  et  des 

Amateurs,  publie  par  Paul  Lacroix  (Bibliophile 
Jacob) . 1860,  &c.  See  Periodical  Publica¬ 


ARTS. — Las  Bellas  Artes  ilustradas.  4to. 
Madrid,  1858.  B.M. 

This  forms  part  of  6th  series  of  the  “Biblioteca 
Universal  publicada  bajo  la  direccion  de  Don  A. 
Fernandez  de  los  Rios.” 

ARTS. — The  Pine  Arts  and  the  public  Taste 
in  1853.  Article  from  “Blackwood’s  Magazine,” 
July  1853.  S.K. 

ARTS. — Dell’  arte  di  vedere  nelle  Belle  Arti 
del  Disegno,  secondo  i  principii  di  Sulzer  e  diMengs. 
. 1792.  See  Milizia  (Fr.). 

ARTS.: — Annals  of  the  Pine  Arts,  1816  to 

1820 . See  Periodical  Publications. 

ARTS. — Annales  des  Batiments  et  des  Arts. 

. Par  une  Societe  d’ Artistes  et  de  Gens  de  Lettres. 

— Annales  Fra^aises  des  Arts . faisant  suite  au£ 

Annales  des  Batiments . 1817-22.  See  Periodi¬ 

cal  Publications. 

ARTS. — Annuaire  des  Beaux- Arts,  par  E. 

Filloneau . 1862,  &c.  See  Periodical  Publica¬ 


ARTS. — Annuaire  des  Lettres,  des  Arts  et 

des  Theatres . 1845,  &c.  See  Periodical  Pub¬ 


ARTS. — Dictionarium  Polygraphicum  ;  or, 
the  whole  body  of  Arts  regularly  digested.  2  vols. 
8vo.  London,  1735.  S.K. 

ARTS. — Dictionnaire  de  l’Academie  des 

Beaux- Arts.  Royal  8vo.  Paris,  1858.  S.K. 

ARTS. — The  Pictorial  Gallery  of  Arts . 

Numerous  illustrations . (-1847).  See  Knight 


ARTS. —  Gazette  des  Beaux- Arts.  Courier 

Europeen  de  l’Art  et  de  la  Curiosite.  Redacteur  en 

chef  Charles  Blanc . 1859,  &c.  See  Periodical 


ARTS. — The  Handmaid  to  the  Arts.  (By 

Robert  Dossie.)  2  vols.  8vo.  London,  1758. 

2nd  edition,  “  with  considerable  additions  and 
improvements.”  2  vols.  8vo.  London,  1764.  S.K. 
Another  edition.  2  vols.  12mo.  London,  1796. 


ARTS. — Journal  des  Beaux-Arts  et  de  la 

Litterature . publie  sous  la  direction  de  A.  Siret 

. 1859,  &c.  See  Periodical  Publications. 

ARTS. — Placet  et  Memoires  relatifs  a  la 
question  des  Beaux-Arts  appliques  a  l’lndustrie, 
presentes  le  25  Novembre  1852,  a  S.A.I.  M.  le 
Prince  Louis-Napoleon,  President  de  la  Republique 
Fra^aise,  par  le  Comite  central  des  Artistes,  au 

Notes  and  Queries, 
March  21, ’68. 

Boohs  on  Art  {under  revision). 


Dom  de  la  Section  des  Artistes-Industriels.  4to. 
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the  Pine  Arts.  With  appendices.  (Parliamentary 
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ARTS. — Revue  universelle  des  Arts,  publiee 

par  Paul  Lacroix  (Bibliophile  Jacob) . 1855,  &c. 

See  Periodical  Publications. 

ARTS. — Society  for  the  Encouragement  of 

Arts,  Manufactures . See  Societies. 

ARUKDALE  (E.).— The  edifices  of  A.  Pal- 

ladio,  forming  a  selection  from  his  most  admired 
buildings,  from  drawings  and  measurements  taken 

at  Vicenza . By  P.  A.  (The  life  of  A.  Palladio, 

translated  from  the  Italian  of  Milizia.)  Pol.  Lon¬ 
don  (1832).  B.M. 

ARUNDALE  (E.). — Illustrations  of  Jeru¬ 
salem  and  Mount  Sinai,  including  the  most  interest¬ 
ing  sites  between  Grand  Cairo  and  Beirout ;  from 
drawings  by  F.  A.  With  a  descriptive  account  of 
his  tour  and  residence  in  those  remarkable  countries. 
4to.  London,  1837.  B.M. 

ARUKDALE  (E.). — Examples  and  Designs 

of  Verandahs . 24  plates.  4to.  London,  1851. 


ARUKDEL  SOCIETY,  Publications.  See 


ARUMDELL  (Er.  Y.  J.,  Rev.).- A  Visit  to 

the  Seven  Churches  of  Asia ;  with  an  excursion  into 
Pisidia ;  containing  remarks  on  the  Geography  and 
Antiquities  of  those  countries,  a  map  of  the  Author’s 
routes,  and  numerous  inscriptions.  8vo.  London, 
1828.  S.K. 

ARTJHDELL  (Er.  V.  J.,Rev.). — Discoveries 

in  Asia  Minor ;  including  a  description  of  the  ruins 
of  several  ancient  cities,  and  especially  Antioch  of 
Pisidia.  9  lithogr.  plates,  and  map.  2  vols.  8vo. 
London,  1834.  B.M. 

ARYHSTE  (A.  K.).  —  The  Cyclopedia  of 

Anecdotes  of  Literature  and  the  Fine  Arts . with 

illustrations.  8vo.  Boston,  U.S.,  1852.  B.M. 

ARZE  (Luigi)  .  —  Indicazione  storico-artis- 
tica  delle  cose  spettanti  alia  Villa  Legatizia  di  San 
Michele  in  Bosco,  gia  monastero  de’  BE.  PP. 
Olivetani.  Monumento  fra  i  piu  celebri  suburbani 
di  Bologna.  (By  L.  A.)  8vo.  Bologna,  1850.  S.K. 

ASBECK  (F.  W.  von). — Verzeichniss  der 

. dem  Herrn  P.  W.  von  A.  gehorigen  Hand- 

zeichnungen  und  Kupferstiche.  See  Catalogues. 

ASBURGr  (Emanuel). — A  Catalogue  of  his 

Collection  of  Coins  and  Medals .  1780.  See 

1  Catalogues. 

I  ASCARTI  (Pellegrino). — Raccolta  di  Me- 

J  daglie  antiche  Imperiali.  2  parts.  Plates.  12mo. 

|  Modena,  1677.  Cicogn. 

I  ASCOLI  (Eurialo  d’). —  Stanze . sopra 

I  le  Statue  de  Laocoonte,  di  Venere,  e  d’ Apollo,  &c. 
8vo.  Koma,  1539.  B.M. 

AS C OVA  (Antonio). — Manuale  dell’  Archi- 
tetto,  dell’  ingegnere  e  del  capo-maestro.  8vo.  Mi¬ 
lano,  1830.  Bodl. 

ASCOSO,  Accademico  Gelato,  Pseud,  (i.  e. 

Count  Carlo  Cesare  Malvasia).  —  Le  Pitture  di 

Bologna . See  Malvasia. 

ASHBOURH,  in  Derbyshire. — The  History 

and  Topography  of  Ashbourn,  the  valley  of  the 
Dove,  and  the  adjacent  villages.  22  plates.  8vo. 
Ashbourn,  1839.  B.M. 

ASHIK  (Anton). — De  la  decouverte  de  deux 
statues  antiques  a  Kertch.  8vo.  Odessa,  1851.  B.M. 
ASHLEY  (Alfred). — The  Art  of  Etching 
on  copper.  14  plates,  and  frontispiece.  Oblong  4to. 
London  (1849).  S.K. 

ASHLEY  (John). — The  Art  of  painting  on 

and  annealing  in  glass;  with  the  true  receipts  of 
the  colours,  the  ordering  of  the  furnace,  and  the 
secrets  thereunto  belonging,  as  practised  about  the 
year  1500.  4to.  London,  1801.  B.M. 

ASHMOLE  (Elias)  .  —  The  Institution, 
Laws,  and  Ceremonies  of  the  most  noble  Order  of 
the  Garter.  (With  an  appendix.)  30  plates,  mostly 
engraved  by  Hollar,  and  a  portrait  of  King  Charles 
II.,  by  William  Sherwin.  Pol.  London,  1672.  B.M. 

There  are  copies  with  a  reprinted  title  of  the  date 
of  1693. 

ASHPITEL  (Arthur). — Different  theories 

respecting  the  Forum  at  Borne,  particularly  those  of 
the  Commendatore  Canina.  Sessional  Paper,  9. 
March  1857 ;  18.  May  1857.  B.  Arch. 

ASHPITEL  (A.). — Description  and  Key  to 
the  View  of  ancient  Eome,  now  in  the  Eoyal  Aca¬ 
demy,  shewing  the  authorities  for  various  restora¬ 
tions.  8vo.  London,  1858.  B.M. 

ASHPITEL  (A.).  —  Crypts  in  Christian 
Churches  from  the  earliest  periods.  Sessional 
Paper,  4.  June  1860.  B.  Arch. 

ASHPITEL  (A.).  —  Italian  Architectural 
Drawings  in  the  Eoyal  Library  at  Windsor.  Ses¬ 
sional  Paper,  16.  June  1862.  B.  Arch. 

ASHPITEL  (A.) . — Treatise  on  Architecture, 
including  the  Arts  of  Construction,  Building,  Stone- 
Masonry,  Arch,  Carpentry,  Eoof,  Joinery,  and 
Strength  of  Materials.  Edited  by  A.  A.  55  plates. 
4to.  Edinburgh,  1867.  S.K. 

Treatises  by  William  Hosking,  Thomas  Tredgold, 
Thomas  Young,  and  John  Eobinson,  from  the 
“  Encyclopaedia  Britannica.” 

ASIATIC  RESEARCHES  ;  or,  Trans- 

actions  of  the  Society  instituted  in  Bengal,  for 
inquiring  into  the  History  and  Antiquities,  the 

Arts,  Sciences  and  Literature  of  Asia.  Plates . 

1788-1839.  See  Societies. 

ASIATIC  SOCIETY.— The  Journal  of  the 

Eoyal  Asiatic  Society  of  Great  Britain  and  Ireland. 

Plates . 1834,  &c.  See  Societies. 

ASMUS  (Heinrich).  —  Neue  Ornamente. 
Muster-Blatter  fur  Architekten,  Pabrikanten,  Bau- 



Notes  and  Queries, 
March  21,  ’68. 

Universal  Catalogue  of 

handwerker  und  Kiinstler  . —  V orlege-Blatter  fur 
Kunst-,  Bau-  und  Gewerbe-Schulen.  46  chromo- 
lithogr.  plates.  Oblong  fol.  Berlin,  1844.  S.K. 

ASPEDEN  CHURCH.— A  Survey  of  the 
present  state  of  Aspeden  Church,  Herts,  June 
1793.  13  pp.,  and  4  plates.  4to.  London,  1796. 


ASSALL  (Friedrich  Wilhelm).  —  Nach- 

richten  iiber  die  friihereii  Einwohner  von  Nord- 
Amerika  und  ihre  Denkmaler . Herausgegeben 

mit  einem  Vorberichte  von  E.  J.  Mone .  12 

lithogr.  plates.  8vo.  Heidelberg,  1827.  B.M. 

ASS  AS  (Manuel  de). — Album  artistico  de 
Toledo.  50  plates.  Eol.  Madrid,  1848. 

ASSAS  (M.  DE).— La  Catedral  de  Toledo. 
In  Puerta  Vizcaino  (J.  de  la)  and  Becquer  (G.  A.), 
Historia  de  los  Templos  de  Espana.  Vol.  I.  1857. 


ASSELIJN  (Thomas).  —  Broederschap  der 
Schilderkunst,  ingewydt  door  Schilders,  beeldt- 
houwers  en  des  zelfs  begunstigers ;  op  den  21  van 
Wynmaent  1654,  op  St.  Joris  Doelen,  in  Amsterdam. 
(In  verse.)  8vo.  Aemsteldam,  1654.  B.M. 

AS SELIN  (Alfred  Felix)  and  DEHAI- 
SNES  (Abbe)- — Recherches  sur  l’Art  a  Douai  aux 
XlVe,  XVe  et  XVIe  siecles,  et  sur  la  vie  et 
l’ceuvre  de  Jean  Bellegambe,  auteur  du  Retable 
d’Anchin.  22  pp.  8vo.  Paris. 

ASSELINEAU. — Armes  et  Armures,  Meu- 
bles  et  autres  objets  du  moyen-age  et  de  la  renais¬ 
sance,  dessinees  d’apres  nature  et  lithographiees 
par  A.  2  vols.  146  lithogr.  plates.  Eol.  Paris, 
1844.  S.K. 

ASSELINEAU. — Meubles  religieux  et  civils 
. 1863.  See  Ramee  (Daniel). 

ASSELINEAU.  —  Sculptures  decoratives 

. 1863.  See  Ramee  (D.). 

ASSELINEAU  (Charles). — Andre  Boulle, 

Ebeniste  de  Louis  XIV.  12mo.  Alenin,  1854.  B.M. 

2nd  edition.  12mo.  Paris,  1855. 

AS  SELINE  AU  (Ch.). — Notice  sur  Lazare 
Bruandet,  peintre  de  l’ecole  frai^aise  (1753-1803). 
8vo.  P  ris,  1855.  B.M. 

ASSIER  (Alexandre). — Comptes  de  la  fab- 

rique  de  l’eglise  Sainte-Madeleine  de  Troyes,  suivis 
de  la  construction  du  Jub6  et  de  plusieurs  pieces 
curieuses  conservees  aux  archives  de  l’Aube.  8vo. 
Troyes,  1854. 

ASSIER  (A.).  —  Compte  de  P  oeuvre  de 
l’eglise  de  Troyes,  avec  notes  et  eclaircissements, 
ou  nouvelles  recherches  sur  la  construction  des 
eglises  et  sur  les  usages  au  moyen-age  ;  par  l’auteur 
des  “  Archives  curieuses  de  la  Champagne  et  de  la 
Brie”  (A.  A.).  8vo.  Troyes,  1855. 

ASSIER  (A.). — Construction  d’une  Notre- 
Dame  au  Xllle  siecle,  suivie  des  comptes  de 
I  oeuvre  de  l’eglise  de  Troyes  au  XlVe  siecle.  (By 
A.  A.)  12mo.  Paris,  1858.  B.M. 


ASSMANN  (Gr.).— Grundrisse  fur  stadtiscbe 
Wohngebaude.  Mit  Rucksicht  auf  die  foil*  Berlin 
geltende  Bauordnung.  10  lithogr.  plates.  Fol. 
Berlin,  1862. 

ASTLE  (Thomas). — An  Account  of  tie  Seals 
of  the  Kings,  Royal  Boroughs,  and  Magnates  of 
Scotland.  44  pp.,  and  5  plates.  Imper.  fol.  1792. 

This  forms  a  portion  of  the  3rd  volume  of  the 
“  Vetusta  Monumenta.”  Several  copies  were  printed 
as  a  separate  publication. 

ASTLE  (Th.). — The  Origin  and  Progress 
of  Writing,  as  well  hieroglyphic  as  elementary, 
illustrated  by  engravings  taken  from  marbles, 
manuscripts,  and  charters,  ancient  and  modern  ;  ■ 
also  some  account  of  the  origin  and  progress  of 
Printing,  2nd  edition,  with  additions.  Eol.  Lon¬ 
don,  1803.  S.K. 

ASTRUC  (Zacharie). — Les  Quatorze  Sta¬ 
tions  du  Salon,  1859.  Suivies  d’un  recit  doulou¬ 
reux.  (With  a  preface  by  G-eorge  Sand.)  12mo. 
Paris,  1859.  B.M. 

ASTRUC  (Z.). —  Beaux- Arts.  Le  Salon 

intime  ;  exposition  au  Boulevard  des  Italiens. 
Avec  une  preface  extraordinaire,  et  une  eau-forte 
de  Carolus  Duran.  12mo.  Paris,  1860.  B.M. 

ATHANASI  (Giovanni  d’).— A  brief  Ac¬ 
count  of  the  researches  and  discoveries  in  Upper 
Egypt  made  under  the  direction  of  Henry  Salt, 
Esq.  To  which  is  added  a  detailed  Catalogue  of 

Mr.  Salt’s  collection  of  Egyptian  Antiquities . 

and  an  enumeration  of  those  articles  purchased  for 
the  British  Museum.  8vo.  London,  1836.  B.M. 

ATHENAEUM,  The.  Journal  of  English 
and  Foreign  Literature,  Science,  and  the  Fine  Arts 
. 1828,  &c.  See  Periodical  Publications. 

ATKINSON"  (George  Francklin).  —  Pic¬ 
tures  from  the  North  in  pen  and  pencil,  sketched 
during  a  summer  ramble.  8vo.  London,  1848. 


ATKINSON  (G.  F.).  — The  Campaign  in 
India,  1857-58.  From  drawings  made  during  the 
period  of  the  great  mutiny,  by  Gr.  F.  A.  Illustrating 
the  military  operations  before  Delhi  and  its  neigh¬ 
bourhood.  With  descriptive  letterpress.  Fol.  Lon¬ 
don,  1859.  B.M. 

ATKINSON  (James).— A  Letter  to  a  Royal 
Academician  containing  a  review  of  the  Fine  Arts 
in  Greece.  8vo.  Edinburgh,  1800.  Bodl. 

ATKINSON  (John  Augustus). — A  pictur¬ 
esque  Representation  of  the  Naval,  Military  and 

Miscellaneous  Costumes  of  Great  Britain . with  a 

descriptive  essay  on  the  subject  of  each  plate,  in 
English  and  French.  Vol.  I.  50  coloured  plates. 
Fol.  London,  1807.  B.M. 

ATKINSON  (J.  A.)  and  WALKER  (James). 

A  picturesque  Representation  of  the  Manners, 
Customs  and  Amusements  of  the  Russians,  in  100 
coloured  plates  ;  with  an  accurate  explanation  of 
each  plate,  in  English  and  French.  3  vols.  3  por- 

Notes  and  Queries, 
March.  28,  ’68. 

Books  on  Art  {under  revision). 


traits,  besides  the  coloured  plates.  Fol.  London, 
1812  (1803-4).  _  B.M. 

The  date  of  the  dedication  is  1803.  __ 

ATKINSON  (J.  Beavington). — On  Fresco 
Painting  as  a  suitable  mode  of  Mural  Decoration. 
By  J.  B.  A.  Article  from  the  “  Journal  of  the  So¬ 
ciety  of  Arts,”  February  1864.  S.K. 

ATKINSON  (J.  B.).— Historic  Portraits. 

By  J.  B.  A.  Article  from  “  Blackwood’s  Magazine,” 
No.  613,  November  1866.  S.K. 

ATKINSON  (J.  B.).— Art  in  the  Paris 

Exhibition.  By  J.  B.  A .  Article  from  the  “  Contem¬ 
porary  Review, ”  vol.  vi.,  No.  22,  October  1867.  S.K. 

ATKINSON  (Thomas). — A  Conference 

between  a  Painter  and  an  Engraver:  containing 
useful  hints  and  necessary  instructions  proper  for 
the  young  Artist.  12mo.  London,  1736.  B.M. 

ATKINSON  (T.  W.).— Gothic  Ornaments, 

selected  from  the  different  Cathedrals  and  Churches 
in  England.  Fol.  London,  1829.  B.M. 

ATKINSON  (Thomas  Witlam). — Oriental 

and  Western  Siberia;  a  narrative  of  seven  years 
explorations  and  adventures  in  Siberia,  Mongolia, 
the  Kirghis  Steppes,  Chinese  Tartary,  and  part  of 
Central  Asia.  Numerous  illustrations,  partly  co¬ 
loured,  and  a  map.  8vo.  London,  1858.  B.M. 

ATKINSON  (Th.  W.).  — Travels  in  the 

Regions  of  the  Upper  and  Lower  Amoor  and  the 
Russian  acquisitions  on  the  confines  of  India  and 
China.  Numerous  illustrations,  and  a  map.  8vo. 
London,  1860.  B.M. 

ATKINSON  (Mrs.  Thomas  Witlam).— Re¬ 
collections  of  Tartar  Steppes  and  their  inhabitants. 
With  illustrations.  8vo.  London,  1863.  B.M. 

ATKINSON  (William). — Views  of  pictu¬ 
resque  Cottages,  with  plans,  selected  from  a  collection 
of  drawings  taken  in  different  parts  of  England,  &c. 
4to.  London,  1805.  B.M. 

ATKYNS  (Richaed). — The  Original  and 

Growth  of  Printing,  collected  out  of  History  and 
the  Records  of  this  Kingdome :  wherein  is  also 
demonstrated  that  Printing  appertaineth  to  the 
Prerogative  Royal ;  and  is  a  Flower  of  the  Crown  of 
England.  Frontispiece.  4to.  London,  1664.  B.M. 

ATKYNS  (Sir  Robeet). — The  ancient  and 
present  state  of  Gtostershire.  74  plates,  including 
the  Author’s  portrait.  Fol.  London,  1712.  B.M. 
2nd  edition.  73  plates.  Fol.  London,  1768.  B.M.  j 

ATTARDI  (Bonaventuea). — Storia  dell’ 

integra .  citta  di  S.  Filippo  d’Aggira ;  col  rapporto 
d’inediti  monument!  e  delle  sue  antiche  medaglie. 
4to.  Palermo,  1742.  B.M. 

ATTI  (Gaetano). — Intorno  alia  Vita  e  alle 
Opere  di  Gianfranccsco  Barbieri,  detto  II  Guercino. 
. 1861.  See  Guebcino. 

ATTIRET  (Jean  Denis).  —  A  particular 

account  of  the  Emperor  of  China’s  Gardens  near 
Pekin :  in  a  letter  from  F,  A.,  a  French  missionary 

. to  his  friend  at  Paris.  Translated  from  the 

French  by  Sir  H.  Beaumont  (pseud.,  i.  e.  J.  Spence). 
8vo.  London,  1752.  B.M. 

ATTRIBUTE,  die,  der  Heiligen,  alphabe- 
tisch  geordnet.  Ein  Schliissel  zur  Erlcennung  der 
Heiligen  nach  deren  Attributen,  in  Rucksicht  auf 
Kunst,  Geschichte  und  Cultus.  Nebst  einem  An- 
hange  fiber  die  Kleidung  der  katholischen  Welt- 
und  Ordensgeistlichen  und  einem  Namenregister 
der  vorkommenden  Heiligen.  8vo.  Hannover, 

ATWOOD  (Geoege). — A  Dissertation  on 

the  construction  and  properties  of  Arches.  4to. 
Loudon,  1801. 

Part  II.  A  supplement  to  a  tract  entitled :  A 
treatise  on  the  construction  and  properties  of 
Arches.  4to.  London,  1804.  B.M. 

AUBER  .(Chaeles  Auguste,  Abbe). — Bio- 

graphie  de  Girouard,  sculpteur  poitevin.  8vo. 
Poitiers,  1841. 

AUBER  (Ch.  A.,  Abbe). — Notice  snr  un 

poignard  du  XVIe  siecle  et  sur  la  famille  de 
Blacwood.  1  plate.  8vo.  Poitiers,  1843. 

AUBER  (Ch.  A.,  Abbe). — Table  generale 

analytique  et  raisonnee  du  Bulletin  monumental. 
2  vols.  8vo.  Paris,  1846-51. 

AUBER  (Ch.  A.,  Abbe). — Histoire  de  la 

Cathedrale  de  Poitiers,  contenant  la  description  de- 
toutes  les  parties  de  l’edifice,  les  diverses  periodes 
de  sa  construction,  la  theorie  de  ses  vitraux  peints, 
le  symbolisme  de  ses  sculptures,  et  des  considera¬ 
tions  generales  sur  l’Art  au  moyen-age ;  avec  les 
faits  historiques  qui  s’y  rattachent  depuis  son 
origine,  au  Ille  siecle,  jusqu’a  nos  jours.  30 
lithogr.  plates.  2  vols.  8vo.  Poitiers  et  Paris, 
1849.  S.K. 

AUBER  (Ch.  A.,  Abbe). — Instruction  de  la 

Commission  archeologique  diocesaine,  etablie-  a 
Poitiers,  sur  la  construction,  les  restaurations,  l’en- 
tretien  et  la  decoration  des  eglises.  8vo.  Poitiers, 
1851.  B.  Arch. 

AUBER  (Ch.  A.,  Abbe). — Considerations 

generales  sur  l’histoire  du  Symbolisme  chretien,  ses 
causes,  ses  developpements  et  sa  decadence.  8vo. 
Paris,  1857. 

Extract  from  the  “Bulletin  monumental.” 

AUBER  (Ch.  A.,  Abbe).— Notice  sur  un 
reliquaire  de  l’epoque  romaine.  Plates.  8vo. 
Poitiers,  1845. 

Also,  Amiens,  1860. 

AUBER  (Ch.  A.,  Abbe).— De  l’An  Mille  et 

cle  son  influence  pretendue  sur  l’Architecture  reli- 
gieuse.  8vo.  Paris,  1861.  B.M. 

AUBER  (Ch.  A.,  Abbe). — Les  Catacombes, 

considerees  comme  types  primitifs  des  Eglises  chre- 
tiennes.  8vo.  Arras,  1862. 

AUBERT. — Ameublement  Parisien.  (De¬ 
signs  for  Furniture.)  54  coloured  plates.  4to. 
Paris,  1840-50.  S.K. 




Notes  and  Queries, 
March  28,  ’68. 

Universal  Catalogue  of 

AUBERT  (Albert). — Notice  sur  la  vie  et 
les  ouvrages  do  Rodolphe  Toppfer.  See  Toppfer 
(R.).  Reflexions  et  menu-propos  d’un  peintre  gene- 
yois,  &c. 

AUBERT  (Edouard). — Les  Mosaiiques  cle 
la  Cathedrale  d’Aoste.  2  plates.  4to.  Paris,  1857. 
Extract  from  the  “  Annales  archeologiques.” 

AUBERT  (E.).— La  Yallee  d’Aoste.  175 

plates.  4to.  Paris,  1860.  B.M. 


A.). — Histoire  particuliere  des  plantes  Orchidees, 
recueillies  sur  les  trois  terres  australes  d’Afrique,  de 
nie-de-France,  de  Bourbon  et  de  Madagascar.  110 
plates.  8vo.  Paris,  1822.  B.M. 

AUBERT  (Maurice). — Souvenir  du  Salon 
de  1859,  contenant  une  appreciation  de  la  plupart 
des  oeuvres  admises  a  cette  exposition  des  beaux- 
arts,  et  resume  sommaire  des  critiques  contradic- 
toires,  extraites  des  journaux  et  revues.  12mo. 
Paris,  1859.  B.M. 

AUBREE  (Charles). — Traite  pratique  de 
Photographic  sur  papier,  sur  verre  et  sur  plaques 
metalliques.  8vo.  Paris,  1851. 

AUBREE  (Ch.)  and  DUBREUIL  (Alfred). 

Opuscule  photographique  sur  le  Collodion,  son  ap¬ 
plication  sur  les  plaques  de  verre ;  instantaneite  ob- 
tenue  par  un  nouveau  procede.  8vo.  Paris,  1852. 


AUBREY  (C.  E.). — Engravings  from  De¬ 
signs  by  C.  E.  A.  See  Lockhart  (J.  G.). 
AUBREY  (John). — The  Natural  History 
and  Antiquities  of  the  County  of  Surrey.  5  vols. 
10  plates,  a  map,  and  portrait  of  the  author.  8vo. 
London,  1718-19.  B.M. 

AUBREY  (J.).— Wiltshire.  The  Topogra¬ 
phical  Collections  of  John  Aubrey,  F.R.S.,  a.d. 
1659-70,  with  illustrations.  Corrected  and  en¬ 
larged  by  John  Edward  Jackson.  Published  by  the 
Wiltshire  Archgeological  and  Natural  History  So¬ 
ciety.  Plates.  4to.  Devizes,  1862.  S.K. 

AUBRY  (Eelix). — Rapport  sur  les  Den- 
telles,  les  blondes,  les  tulles  et  les  broderies,  fait 
a  la  Commission  Franfjaise  du  Jury  International 
de  l’Exposition  Universelle  de  Londres,  par  M. 
E.  A.  8vo.  Paris,  1854.  S.K. 

AUDEBERT  (Jean-Baptiste).  —  Histoire 

naturelle  des  Singes  et  des  Makis.  61  coloured  and 
2  uncoloured  plates,  drawn  and  engraved  by  A. 
Royal  folio.  Paris,  An  VIII  (1800).  B.M. 

AUDEBERT  (J.-B.)  and  VIEILLOT  (L. 

P.). — Histoire  naturelle  et  generale  des  colibris, 
oiseaux-mouches,  jacamars  et  promerops  (des  grim- 
pereaux  et  des  oiseaux  de  paradis).  2  vols.  189 
coloured  plates.  Royal  fol.  Paris,  An  XI  =  1802. 


The  half-title  is  “  Oiseaux  dores,  ou  a  reflets  me¬ 

AUDIAT  (Louis). — Bernard  Palissy.  Etude 
sur  sa  vie  et  ses  travaux.  8vo.  Paris,  1868.  S.K. 

AUDIERNE  (Abbe) . — Le  Perigord  illustre. 

Guide  monumental,  statistique,  pittoresque  et  histo- 
rique  de  la  Dordogne.  Illustrations  in  the  text. 
8vo.  Perigueux,  1851.  B.M. 

AUDIERNE  (Abbe). — De  1’  Origine  et  de 

l’enfance  des  arts  en  Perigord,  ou  de  l’age  de  la 
pierre  dans  cette  province  avant  la  decourerte  des 
!  metaux.  53  pp.  and  6  lithogr.  plates.  Royal  8ro. 
Perigueux,  1863.  S.K. 

AUDIGANNE  (A.). — Paris  dans  sa  splen- 
deur,  monuments,  vues,  scenes  historiques.  Dessins 
et  lithographies  par  MM.  P.  Benoist,  J.  Arnout, 

Bachelier . Vignettes  de  F.  Benoist  et  Catenacci 

. Texte  par  MM.  A.,  P.  Bailly,  E.  Carissan, 

&c.  3  vols.  Fol.  Paris,  1861.  B.M. 

AUDRAN  (Benoist). — Catalogue  des  plan¬ 
ches  gravees,  tableaux,  dessins . et  autres  objets 

de  curiosite  de  feu  M.  B.  A.,  graveur . 1772.  See 

Catalogues,  Sale. 

AUDRAN  (Gerard). — Les  Proportions  du 

Corps  humain,  mesurees  sur  les  plus  belles  Figures 
de  l’Antiquite.  30  plates.  Fol.  Paris  (chez  G. 
Audran,  graveur),  1683.  B.M. 

Reprinted.  Fol.  Paris,  1855. 

German  edition. — Des  menschlichen  Leibes  Pro- 
portionen,  von  denen  vortrefflichsten  und  allerschon- 
sten  Antiken  genommen,  und  mit  Fleiss  abgemessen, 
durch  Mr.  Audran,  Professeur  der  Konigl.  Maler- 
Academie  zu  Paris.  Anitzo,  den  Kunstliebenden 
zum  Besten,  ins  Teutsche  iibersetzet.  26  plates, 
engraved  by  Johann  Jacob  von  Sandrart.  Fol. 
Niirnberg  (1686?).  B.M. 

AUDRAN  (G.). — Catalogue  des  estampes 
qui  se  vendent  chez  G.  A.,  graveur  ordinaire  du  Roi, 
a  Paris.  See  Catalogues,  Sale. 

AUDRAN  (G.). — Catalogue  des  estampes 
qui  se  vendent  chez  la  veuve  de  M.  feu  G.  A.,  &c. 
See  Catalogues,  Sale. 

AUDRAN  (G.). — Catalogue  des  estampes 
provenant  des  fonds  de  planches  des  sieurs  G.  A. 
et  Francis  Chereau,  graveurs  ordinaires  du  roy 
. 1742.  See  Catalogues. 

AUDRAN  (G.). — Notice  sur  G.  A. ;  par  Vi- 

vant  Denon.  7  plates.  Fol.  n.  p.  n.  d.  S.K. 

AUDRAN  (G.).— Notice  sur  G.  A.  (By 

Passeron.)  8vo.  (Lyon,  1825.) 

Extract  from  the  “  Archives  historiques  et  sta- 
tistiques  du  Departement  du  Rhone.” 

!  AUDRAN  (G.). — Considerations  sur  la 
gravure  en  taille-douce  et  sur  G.  A.  ;  par  M. 
Gatteaux.  4to.  (Paris),  1850. 

This  notice  has  been  reprinted  in  the  journal 
“  L’Artiste,”  January  1851. 

AUDRAN  (G.). — Notice  sur  la  vie  et  les 
travaux  de  G.  A. ;  par  Georges  Duplessis.  8vo. 
Lyon,  1858.  B.M. 

Notes  and  Queries, ) 
March  28,  ’68.  J 

Books  on  Art  ( under  revision). 


AUDRAIN'  (Michel). — Catalogue  de  plan¬ 
ches  gravees,  dessins,  estampes  et  tableaux,  apres  le 
deces  de  M.  A . 1771.  See  Catalogues,  Sale. 

AUDSLEY  (W.)  and  (a.).— Guide  to  the 

Art  of  Illuminating  and  Missal  Painting.  With 
8  pp.  of  lithogr.  illustrations.  2nd  edition.  8vo. 
London,  1861.  S.K. 

AUDSLEY  (W.)  and  (G.).— Taste  versus 

fashionable  colours,  a  manual  for  Ladies,  on  colour 
in  dress.  8vo.  London  (1863).  S.K. 

AUDSLEY  (W.)  and  (G.).— Handbook  of 

^  Christian  Symbolism.  7  chromo-lithogr.  plates, 
and  woodcut  illustrations.  Small  4to.  London 
(1865).  S.K. 

AUDSLEY  (W.)  and  (G.). — The  Sermon 

on  the  Mount,  illuminated  by  W.  and  Gr.  A.,  illus¬ 
trated  by  Charles  Rolt,  chromo-lithographed  by  W. 
R.  Tymms.  27  chromo-lithographs.  Pol.  London, 
n.  d.  S.K. 

AUDUBON  (John  James). — The  Birds  of 

America,  from  original  drawings  by  J.  J.  A.  4 
vols.  435  coloured  plates.  Atlas  fol.  London, 
1827-30.  B.M. 

Another  edition. — The  Birds  of  America,  from 
drawings  made  in  the  United  States  and  their  terri¬ 
tories.  (With  descriptive  letter-press.)  7  vols.  500 
coloured  plates.  Royal  8vo.  New  York,  1840-44. 


Also,  7  vols.  Royal  Svo.  New  York,  1856. 


AUDUBON  (J.  J.)  and  Bachmann  (Rev. 

John). — The  Quadrupeds  of  North  America.  3  vols. 
150  coloured  plates.  Atlas  fol.  Boston,  1843,  &c. 

Another  edition.  3  vols.  155  coloured  plates. 
Royal  8vo.  New  York,  1854.  B.M. 

AUER  (Alois). — Der  polygraphische  Ap- 

parat,  oder  die  verschiedenen  Kunstfacher  der  k.  k. 
Hof-  und  Staatsdruckerei  zu  Wien.  8vo.,  and  Atlas 
of  25  plates,  4to.  Wien,  1853.  S.K. 

AUER  (A.). — The  discovery  of  the  Natural 

Printing-process,  &c.  8vo.,  and  Atlas  of  12  plates, 

4to.  Vienna,  1853.  S.K. 

AUERSWALD  (Fabian  von).  —  Ringer- 

kunst:  fiinff  und  achtzig  stiicke . Durch  F.  von 

A.  zugericht.  Woodcuts  by  Lucas  Cranach . 

1539.  See  Cranach. 

AUFAUYRE  (Am^dee)  and  FICHOT 

(Charles). — Album  pittoresque  et  monumental 
du  depart  ementde  l’Aube,  dessine  d’ apres  nature  et 

lithographie . par  Ch.  F. ;  accompagne  de  notices 

historiques,  archeologiques  et  descriptives  par  A.  A. 
60  tinted  lithographs.  Fol.  Troyes,  1852.  S.K. 

AUFAUVRE  (A.)  and  FICHOT  (Ch.).— 

Les  Monuments  de  Seine-et-Marne.  Description 
historique  et  archeologique,  et  reproduction  des 
edifices  religieux,  militaires  et  civils  du  departe- 
ment.  108  lithogr.  plates.  Fol.  Troyes  et  Paris, 

AUFSCHLAGER  (Johann  Friedrich). — 

Das  Elsass.  Neue  historisch-topographische  Be- 
schreibung  der  beiden  Rhein-Departemente.  2 
vols.  Plates,  and  maps.  Svo.  Strassburg,  1825-26. 

French  translation. — L’ Alsace.  Nouvelle  descrip¬ 
tion  historique  et  topographique  des  deux  Departe- 
ments  du  Rhin.  2  vols.  Plates,  and  maps.  Svo. 
Strasbourg,  1826.  B.M. 

AUGOYAT  (Antoine  Marie,  Colonel). — - 

Notice  sur  les  Chastillon,  sur  Claude  Chastillon, 
topographe  du  roi,  et  sur  I  oeuvre  de  cet  artiste  ;  par 
le  Colonel  A.  8vo.  Paris,  1856. 

Extract  from  the  “  Spectateur  militairo.” 

AUGSBURG. — Curia  Augustanae  reipub- 

licee,  das  ist :  Aussfuhrliche  Beschreib-  und  Auss- 
legung  aller  Kunstreichen  Gremahl,  Stuck  und  Tafien, 
welche  in  dem  anno  1620  Neuerbauten  Rath- 
Hauss  der  Stadt  Augspurg  zu  sehen.  Auss  beweer- 
thenAuthorn  zusammengetragen.  4th  edition.  4to. 
Augspurg,  1683.  B.M. 

AUGSBURG. — Geschlechter  Buch . der 

loblichen  Kayserlichen  Reichs  Statt  Augspurg  ; 
sampt  eines  jeden  Greschleclits  Wapen  Zeichen, 
Schilt  und  Helm,  &c.  Fol.  Frankfurt  am  Mayn, 
1661.  B.M. 

AUGSBURG.  —  Kunst-,  Gewerbs-  und 

Handwerks-G-eschichte  der  Reichsstadt  Augsburg 
. 1779-88.  See  Stetten  (Paul  von). 

AUGSBURG.  —  Nachricht  von  den  noch 

jetzt  lebenden  Kiinstlern  in  Augsburg . 1768. 

See  Stetten  (P.  von). 

AUGUSTE.  —  Catalogue  d’une  collection 

d’objets  d’art  et  de  curiosites  composant  le  cabinet  de 
feu  M.A . 1850.  See  Catalogues,  Sale. 

AUGUSTI  (Johann  Christian  Wilhelm). — 

Beitrage  zur  christlichen  Kunstgeschiehte  und  Li- 
turgik.  2  vols.  Svo.  Leipzig,  1844-46.  B.M. 

The  2nd  is  a  posthumous  vol.,  edited  and  accom¬ 
panied  with  a  preface  by  Carl  Immanuel  Nitzsch. 

AUGUSTIN  (Jean  -  Baptiste  Jacques). — 

Catalogue  de  tableaux  anciens  et  modernes . de 

miniatures  et  emaux  peints,  par  M.  A. ;  le  tout  pro- 

venant  de  son  cabinet . 1839.  See  Catalogues, 


AUGUSTINUS  (Antonius,  Archbishop  of 
Tarragona). — See  Agustin. 

AUGUSTINUS  (Leonardus).— Gemmse  et 

sculpturse  antiquee.  See  Agostini. 

AUNGIER  (George  James). — The  History 

and  Antiquities  of  Syon  Monastery;  the  Parish  of 
Isleworth ;  and  the  Chapelry  of  Hounslow.  1 7  plates. 
Svo.  London,  1840.  B.M. 

AURE3S  (Auguste). — Etude  des  dimensions 
de  la  Maison  carree  de  Nimes,  au  triple  point  de  vue 
de  l’archeologie,  de  l’architecture  et  de  la  metro- 
logie.  Ire  partie :  Dimensions  du  plan.  44  pp., 
and  2  plates.  4to.  Nimes,  1844. 



Universal  Catalogue  of 

Notes  and  Queries, 
March  28,  ’68. 

Extract  from  the  “  Memoires  de  l’Academie  du 

AURES  (A.). — Nouvelle  theorie  du  module, 
deduite  du  texte  meme  de  Vitruve,  et  application  de 
cette  theorie  a  quelques  monuments  de  1’ anti  quite 
grecque  et  romaine.  55  pp.  4to.  Nimes,  1862. 

AURLS  (A.).— Etudes  des  mines  de  Meta- 

ponte,  au  double  point  de  vue  de  l’architecture  et 
de  la  metrologie.  14  pp.  4to.  Paris,  1865. 

Extract  from  the  “  Gazette  des  Architectes  et  du 

AURES  (A.). — Etude  des  dimensions  du 
Parthenon,  au  triple  point  de  vue  de  l’architecture, 
des  anciennes  theories  sur  la  valeur  des  nombres  et 
de  la  metrologie.  Part  I.  60  pp.,  and  plates.  8vo. 
Nimes,  1867. 

Extract  from  the  “Memoires  de  l’Acadenhe  du 

AURIAC  (F.  Combes  d’). — Armorial  de  la 

noblesse  de  France,  publie  par  une  societe  de  genea- 
logistes  paleographes,  sous  la  direction  de  M.  d’A. 
Vols.  I.-VIII.  Plates.  4to.  Paris,  1855-61. 

AUS’M  WEERTH  (Ernst).— Kunstdenk- 

maler  des  christlichen  Mittelalters  in  den  Rhein- 
landen.  Text  4to.  Atlas  of  40  plates,  partly 
chromo-lithographs,  in  fol.  Leipzig,  1857-60.  S.K. 

AUS’M  WEERTH  (E.).— Die  Bronce- 

Statue  von  Xanten,  gefunden  am  16.  Eebruar  1858. 
16  pp.,  and  1  lithogr.  plate.  4to.  Berlin,  1860. 
AUS’M  WEERTH  (E.).— Das  Siegeskreuz 
der  byzantinischen  Kaiser  Constantinus  VII.,  Por- 
phyrogenitus  und  Romanus  II.  und  der  Hirtenstab 
des  Apostels  Petrus.  Zwei  Kunstdenkmaler  des 
10.  Jahrhunderts  in  der  Domkirche  zu  Limburg. 
4  chromo-lithogr.  plates,  and  woodcuts  in  the  text. 
Imper.  fol.  Bonn,  1866. 

AUS’M  WEERTH  (E.). — Zwei  romische 

Glasgefasse  der  Sammlung  des  Herrn  Carl  Disch 
zu  Coin.  4  pp.,  and  2  chromo-lithogr.  plates. 

Extract  from  the  “Jahrbucli  des  Vereins  von 
Alterthums-Freunden  im  Rheinland, ”  Part  XLI. 

AUSTIN  (Henry). — Thoughts  on  the  abuses 
of  the  present  system  of  competition  in  Architecture. 
In  a  Letter  to  Earl  de  Grey.  8vo.  London,  1841. 


AUSTIN  (S.). — Lancashire  illustrated  in  a 

series  of  views  from  drawings,  by  S.  A.,  &c . 

1831.  See  Pyne  (W.  H.). 

AUSTIN  (W.).— The  Beauties  of  Hampton 
Court,  historical  and  descriptive.  8vo,  New 
Hampton,  1845.  Bodl. 

AUSTRIA.  —  Kleidertrachten  der  kaiserl. 
konigl.  Staaten. — Habillemens  des  etats  de  S.  M. 
l’Empereur  Poi.  54  coloured  plates,  without 
letterpress.  4to.  Vienne  (1820  ?).  B.M. 

AUSTRIA. — Das  pittoreske  Oesterreich, 
oder  Album  der  oesterreichischen  Monarchie.  Mit 

Karten,  Ansichten  der  Stadte,  Gegenden,  Denk- 

maler  und  Trachten . und  Beschreibung  der 

Provinzen  nach  ihren  Kreisen,  &c.  Von  einer 
Gesellschaft  Gelehrter  und  Kunstler.  Chromo- 
lithogr.  plates.  4to.  Wien,  1840-46.  B.M. 

AUSTRIA  AND  HUNGARY.— Quellen  und 

Eorschungen  zur  vaterliindischen  Geschichte,  Litera- 
tur  und  Kunst.  7  plates.  4to.  Wien,  1849.  B.M. 

AUTELS. — Divers  Autels.  (A  collection 
of  32  engravings  of  Altars  in  Paris  and  the  neigh¬ 
bourhood,  by  Le  Blond,  G.  Jollain,  &c.)  Eol. 
(Paris,  1680?)  B.M. 

The  title  in  French  is  taken  from  a  MS.  table  of 
contents,  prefixed  to  the  volume. 

AUTOGRAPHE. — L’Autographe  au  Salon 

de  1864  et  dans  les  Ateliers.  200  croquis  de  Bailly, 
Paul  Baize,  Barreaux,  &c.  Oblong  fol.  (Paris, 
1864.)  S.K. 

L’Autographe  au  Salon  de  1865.  104  pages  de 

croquis  originaux.  Texte  par  Pigalle.  Oblong  fol. 
(Paris,  1865.)  S.K. 

AUYRAY  (Louis). — Ecole  Imperiale  des 
Beaux-Arts.  Concours  des  grands  prix  et  envois 
de  Rome  en  1858.  12mo.  Paris,  1858. 

AUYRAY  (L.). — Projet  de  Tombeau  pour 

l’empereur  Napoleon  I. ;  precede  de  l’historique  du 
concours  national  ouvert  en  1841.  Plates  and  pho¬ 
tographs.  4to.  Paris,  1861. 

AUYRAY  (L.). — Exposition  des  Beaux- 

Arts.  Salon  de  1865.  8vo.  Paris,  1865. 

L.  Auvray  has  published  similar  accounts  of  the 
French  Exhibitions  of  1834,  1835,  1837,  1839, 
1845,  1852,  1853,  1855,  1857,  1859,  1861,  1863,  and 

AYAUX  (Jean  Francois  F^libien  des). 

See  Felibien. 

AYED  (Jacques  Andre  Joseph). — Catalogue 

raisonne  des  tableaux  d’ltalie,  des  Pays-Bas  et  de 
France,  figures  de  bronze,  figures  et  bustes  de  mar- 

bre,  porcelaines . qui  composent  le  cabinet  de  feu 

M.  A.,  peintre  du  Roi . 1766.  See  Catalogues, 


AYELLINO  (Francesco  Maria). — Italiaeve- 

teris  numismata.  4to.  Neapoli,  1808.  B.M. 

AYELLINO  (F.  M.). — Descrizione  di  una 

casa  Pompejana,  con  capitelli  figurati  all’  ingresso 
disotterata  negli  anni  1831-33,  la  terza  alle  Spalle 
del  Tempietto  della  Fortuna  Augusta,  letta  all’ 
Accademia  Ercolanese.  10  plates.  4to.  Napoli, 
1837.  B.M. 

AYELLINO  (F.  M.). — Ragguaglio  de’  lavori 

della  Reale  Accademia  Ercolanese,  per  l’anno  1835. 
8vo.  Napoli,  1838.  B.M. 

AYELLINO  (F.  M.).  —  II  Mito  di  Tolo. 

Large  fol.  Napoli,  1847. 

A  description  of  ancient  mosaics. 

AYELLINO  (F.  M.). — Descrizione  di  una 

casa  disotterrata  in  Pompei  negli  anni  1832-1834 

Notes  and  Queries, 
April  4,  ’68. 


Books  on  Art  ( under  revision). 


. eon  una  appendice  su  taluni  dischi  marmorei 

figurati.  4to.  Napoli,  1840.  B.M. 

AYELLLNO  (F.  M.). — Dilucidazione  di  un 

antieo  bassorilievo  di  marmor  scoverto  in  Pompei 

. e  rappresentante  Alessandro  Domator  di  Buce- 

falo,  &c.  (Memoria  postuma.)  4to.  Napoli,  1850. 


AYELLIUO  (E.  M.).  —  Giornale  numis- 

matico,  opera  periodica . del  Cav.  P.  M.  A . 

1811.  See  Periodical  Publications. 

AYELLIYO  (E.  M.).  —  Bulletino  archeo- 

logico  Napoletano ;  pubblicate  da  E.  M.  A . 1843, 

&c.  See  Periodical  Publications. 

AYELLOhTI  (Giuseppe). — Visione  inmorte 
di  Pietro  Antonio  Novelli  celebre  Pittore  e  Poeta. 
8vo.  Venezia,  1804.  Cicogn. 

AYENARIUS  (Joannes  Christianus).  — 

Dissertatio  historica  arcbitectonica  de  Artemisia  et 
Mansolo.  1  plate,  besides  a  vignette.  4to.  Lipsiae, 
1714.  Cicogn. 

AYEROLDO  (Giulio  Antonio). — Le  scelte 

pitture  di  Brescia  additate  al  forestiere.  Plates. 
4to.  Brescia,  1700.  B.M. 

AYICE  (Henri  d’). — La  pompeuse  et  mag- 
nitlque  ceremonie  du  sacre  du  roy  Louis  XIV.  fait 
a  Rheims  le  7.  Juin  1654,  representee  au  naturel. 

3  large  engravings  by  Jean  Le  Pau tre.  Pol.  Paris, 

1655.  B.M. 

AYILER  (Augustin  Charles  d’). — Cours 

d’ Architecture . 2  vols.  Plates.  4to.  Paris, 


The  1st  edition. — Vol.  II.  is  entitled :  Explication 
des  Termes  d’ Architecture . Suite  du  Cours  d’ Ar¬ 


Other  editions : — 

Cours  d’ Architecture,  qui  comprend  les  orders  de 
Vignole,  avec  des  commentaires,  les  figures  et  de¬ 
scriptions  de  ses  plus  beaux  batimens,  et  de  ceux  de 

Michel-Ange . Avec  une  ample  explication  de 

tous  les  termes.  2  vols.  4to.  Paris,  1693-96.  B.M. 
Vol.  II.  is  entitled  “  Dictionnaire  dArehitecture.” 
Nouvelle  edition  augmentee  par  J.  P.  Mariette. 
4to.  Paris,  1738. 

Nouvelle  edition,  avec  les  remarques  de  Mariette. 

4  to.  Paris,  1756.  Cicogn. 

Nouvelle  edition,  revue  et  augmentee  de  plusieurs 
desseins,  et  d’un  grand  nombre  de  remarques,  par  J. 
P.  Mariette.  (Vie  de  J.  B.  de  Vignole.  Vie  de  A.  C. 
d’Aviler.)  4to.  Paris,  1760.  B.M. 

German  translation,  by  Sturm.  4to.  Augspurg, 

AYIS. — Advis  fidelle  aux  veritables  Hollan- 
dois.  Touchant  ce  qui  s’est  passe  dans  les  villages 
de  Bodegrave  et  Swammerdam,  et  les  cruautes 
inouies  que  les  Pran^ois  y  ont  exercees.  Avec  un 
memoire  de  la  derniere  marche  de  l’armee  du  roy 
de  Prance  en  Brabant  et  en  Plandre.  (By  de 
Wicquefort.)  8  plates  by  Romain  de  Hooghe.  4to. 
n.  p.  (Amsterdam)  1673.  B.M. 

AYISSE. — Catalogue  d’une  jolie  collection 

de  tableaux  des  ecoles  italiennes . dessins  et 

etudes . de  M.  A.,  peintre  de  Douai . 1847. 

See  Catalogues,  Sale. 

AYIS  SEAU.— Une  nouvelle  Poterie  d’Avis- 

seau.  Notice  sur  cette  famille,  par  C.  de  Sourdeval. 
8vo.  Tours,  1859. 

AYOLIO  (Francesco  di  Paola). — Disserta- 

zione  sopra  la  necessita  ed  utilita  di  ben  conservarsi 
gli  antichi  monumenti  di  Siracusa.  4to.  Palermo, 
1806.  Bodl. 

AYOLIO  (E.  di  P.). — Delle  antiche  fatture 

di  argilla  che  si  ritrovano  in  Sicilia.  8vo.  Palermo, 
1829.  B.M. 

AYOUT  (Pieter  van  den). — Pasdopeegnion 
sive  puerorum  ludentium  schemata  varia  pictorum 

usui  aptata . Pet.  van  Avont.  Antverp.  inventor. 

41  plates,  engraved  by  W.  Hollar  after  P.  van  den 
A.  Small  oblong  fol.  1646.  S.K. 

AYRIL  (Jean  Jacques,  the  younger). — 

Vente  de  planches  gravees,  impressions,  provenant 
du  fonds  et  du  cabinet  de  feu  M.  J.  J.  A.,  graveur 
d’histoire . 1831.  See  Catalogues,  Sale. 

AYRIL  (J.  J.,  the  younger). — Catalogue  de 

bons  tableaux,  planches  gravees . aprfes  le  deces 

de  M.  J.  J.  A.,  fils . 1836.  See  Catalogues, 


AYYENTI  (F.,  Count). — 11  Servitore  di 

Piazza,  Guida  per  Perrara.  12  plates,  and  a  map. 
8vo.  Perrara,  1838.  B.M. 

AYALA  (Juan  Interian  de). — El  Pintor 

Christiano,  y  erudito,  6  Tratado  de  los  errores  que 
suelen  cometerse  frequentemente  en  pintar,  y  escul- 
pir  las  Imagenes  Sagradas.  Dividido  en  ocho  li- 
bros,  con  un  apendice.  Obra  util  para  los  que  se 
dedican  al  estudio  de  la  Sagrada  Escritura,  y  de  la 

Historia  Eclesiastica.  Escrita  en  Latin  por . 

J.  I.  de  A.,  y  traducida  en  Castellano  por  D.  Luis 
de  Duran  y  de  Bastero.  2  vols.  Small  4to. 
Madrid  (1782).  S.K. 

Italian  translation. — Istruzioni  al  pittore  Cris- 
tiano.  Ristretto  dell’  opera  latina  di  Era  Giov. 
I.  de  A.,  fatta  da  Luigi  Napoleone  Cittadella,  con 
note  storiche  ed  artistiche  del  medesimo.  8vo. 
Perrara,  1854.  A.  B.  A.,  Milan. 

AYLOFFE  (Sir  Joseph,  Bart.). — An  histo¬ 
rical  description  of  an  ancient  picture  (erroneously 
ascribed  to  Holbein)  in  Windsor  Castle  (represent¬ 
ing  the  interview  between  King  Henry  VIII.  and 
the  Prench  King  Prancis  I.  between  Guines  and 
Ardres,  1520).  4to.  London,  1773.  Roy.  Soc. 

AYLOFFE  (Sir  J.). — An  historical  Descrip¬ 
tion  of  an  ancient  painting  at  Cowdry,  in  Sussex, 
the  seat  of  Lord  Montague.  4to.  London,  1778. 

Roy.  Soc. 

AYLOFFE  (Sir  J.). — An  Account  of  some 
ancient  monuments  in  Westminster  Abbey ;  read 
p  53 


Universal  Catalogue  of  Boohs  on  Art.  { No ApS  4,Q,68!ies’ 

at  the  Society  of  Antiquaries,  March  1778.  Fol. 
London,  1780.  B.M. 

AYMARD. — Album  photographique  d’  Ar- 
cheologie  religieuse,  publie  par  Hippolyte  Malegue, 
avec  texte  par  M.  Aymard,  archiviste.  32  photo¬ 
graphs,  and  numerous  illustrations  in  the  text.  Fol. 
Paris,  1857.  B.M. 

AYRSHIRE. — Views  in  Ayrshire  (with 

descriptive  letterpress).  8vo.  London  (1860).  B.M. 

AYTON  (Richard).  —  A  Voyage  round 
Great  Britain,  undertaken  in  the  summer  of  the 
year  1813.  With  a  series  of  views  illustrative  of 
the  character  and  prominent  features  of  the  coast, 
drawn  and  engraved  by  W.  Daniell.  8  vols.  Fol. 
London,  1814-25.  B.M. 

Ayton’s  name  appears  in  the  first  and  second 
volumes  only. 

AYZAC  (Felicie  Marie  Emilie  d’, Madame). 

Des  Quatre  animaux  apocalyptiques  et  de  leurs 
representations  sur  les  eglises  au  moyen-age.  4to. 
Paris,  1846. 

Extract  from  the  “  Annales  archeologiques.” 

AYZAC  (F.  M.  fi.  d\  Madame).— Sjmxbo- 

lique  des  pierres  precieuses,  ou  Tropologie  des 
Gemmes.  4to.  Paris,  1846. 

Extract  from  the  “Annales  archeologiques.” 

AYZAC  (E.  M.  E.  d’,  Madame). — Memoire 

sur  trente-deux  statues  emblematiques  observees  sur 
les  tourelles  du  transept  de  la  Basilique  de  Saint- 
Denis.  8vo.  Paris,  1847. 

AYZAC  (F.  M.  E.  d>,  Madame) . — Les  Sta- 

tues  du  porche  nord  de  la  Cathedrale  de  Chartres, 
ou  explication  de  la  presence  de  la  statue  de  la 
Beaute,  de  la  Yolupte,  de  l’Honneur,  sur  les  basi- 
liques  chretiennes.  8vo.  Paris,  1849. 

AYZAC  (F.  M.  E.  i.’,  Madame).— Chcenr 

de  Rotre-Dame  de  Paris :  Ystoires  et  Emblemes 

bibliques  sculptes  au  pourtour  exterieur.  28  pp., 
and  1  plate.  8vo.  Paris,  1853. 

Extract  from  the  “  Eevue  archeologique.” 

AYZAC  (F.  M.  E.  d\  Madame).— Hisfcoire 

de  l’Abbaye  de  Saint-Denis  en  France.  2  vols. 
8vo.  Paris,  1860-61.  B.M. 

AYZAC  (F.  M.  E.  d’,  Madame). — Iconogra- 

phie  du  Dragon.  75  pp.,  and  illustrations.  8vo. 
Arras,  1864. 

Extract  from  the  “Eevue  de  l’Art  chretien.” 

AYZAC  (F.  M.  E.  d\  Madame).— Du  Sym- 

bolisme  dans  1’ Architecture.  In  the  “  Eevue  gene- 
rale  d’ Architecture,”  vol.  VII.  B.  Arch. 

AZARI  (Giuseppe  Antonio). — Marmo  Tau- 

robolico  Locarnese ;  ossia  dissertazione  su  d’  una 
tavola  marmorea  esistente  in  Locarno,  ove  e  scolpita 
a  basso  rilievo  una  testa  di  toro  con  festoni  senza 
alcuna  iscrizione.  1  plate.  8vo.  Milano,  1795. 


AZEGLIO  (Roberto  d’). — La  Reale  Gal¬ 
leria  di  Torino,  illustrata  da  E.  d’  A.  4  vols.  164 
plates.  Fol.  Torino,  1836-46.  S.K. 

AZEGLIO  (R.  d’). — Delle  Accademie  di 
Belle  Arti.  8vo.  Torino,  1859.  A.B.A.,  Milan. 

AZEGLIO  (R.  d’). — Studi  storici  e  archeo- 

logici  sulle  Arti  del  Disegno.  2  vols.  With  portrait 
of  d’A.  8vo.  Firenze,  1861. 

AZEGLIO  (R.  d’). — Motizie  esfceticbe  e 

biografiche  sopra  alcune  precipue  opere  oltramon- 
tane  del  Museo  Torinese.  8vo.  Firenze,  1862. 

AZEGLIO  (R.  d’). — Ritratti  di  uomini  il- 

lustri  dipinti  da  illustri  artefici,  estratti  dall’  antica 
raccolta  dei  Eeali  di  Savoia  per  E.  a’  A.  Con  un 
biografia  dell’  autore  per  Giorgio  Briano.  8vo. 
Firenze,  1863. 

AZZURRI  (G.). — Progetto  di  altare  mag- 

giore  per  la  chiesa  del  Gesu  in  Eoma.  Fol.  Eoma, 
1843.  B.  Arch. 



B.  (Comte).  —  Antiquites  Ptomaines.  4to. 
La  Haye,  1750.  Bodl. 

B. — Snr  les  Seances  generales  tenues  en 
Juin,  1 850.  1 0  plates.  In  the  “  Bulletin  Monumen¬ 
tal”  (Caen,  1834-1864),  yoI.  xvi.  p.  241. 

B.  (A). — Notes  on  some  of  the  Critics  of  John 

Buskin.  12mo.  London,  1857.  B.M. 

B.  (A.). — Aux  amis  de  M.  Coupin  (signe 
A.  B.,  chef  d’escadron  d’artillerie  en  retraite).  8yo. 
Versailles  (1852). 

B.  (C.  F.).— See  Baldanzi  (C.  F.). 

B.  (G.). — De  goude  en  zilvere  eergedagfcenis 
van  Dr.  M.  Luther,  of  Medalische  historic  der  Lu- 
thersche  reformatie.  Fol.  s’G-ravenhage,  1734. 


(B.  L.). — Notice  necrologique  sur  M.  Pierre- 

Jacques  Feillet,  artiste  peintre . (signe  B.  L.). 

8vo.  Paris  (1856). 

B.  (T.). — A  journey  to  Jerusalem;  or,  the 
travels  of  fourteen  Englishmen  to  Jerusalem,  in 
1669  (p.  79,  of  Two  journeys  to  Jerusalem,  by  B. 
Burton,  or  rather  Nath.  Crouch).  T.C.D. 

BAADER. — See  Catalogues,  Sale. 

BA  A  DEB,  (Joseph). — Beitrage  zur  Kunst- 
geschichte  Nurnbergs.  2  parts.  8vo.  Nordlin- 
gen,  1860-62. 

BABBAGE  (Charles,  F.R.S.).  —  Observa¬ 
tions  on  the  Temple  of  Serapis,  at  Pozzuoli,  near 
Naples.  (Privately  printed.)  8vo.  London,  1847. 

Lond.  Inst. 

BABBAGE  (Charles,  A.M.).  —  The  Expo¬ 
sition  of  1851.  Article  from  the  “North  British  Be- 
view,”  August  1851. 

2nd  edition,  with  additions.  8vo.  London,  1851. 


BABBAGE  (C.). — On  the  Economy  of  Ma¬ 

chinery  and  Manufactures.  8vo.  London,  1832. 


BABIN GTON  (Benjamin  Guy). — The  sculp¬ 
tures  and  inscriptions  at  Mahamalaipur.  With  plates. 
(Prom  the  Transactions  of  the  Boyal  Asiatic  Society.) 
4to.  London,  1828.  B.M. 

BABINGTON  (Rev.  Churchill).— An  In¬ 
troductory  Lecture  on  Archaeology,  delivered  before 
the  University  of  Cambridge.  By  C.  B.  8vo.  Cam¬ 
bridge,  1865.  S.K. 

BABUTY  DESGODETZ  (Amtoine).— Les 

edifices  antiques  de  Borne,  dessines  et  mesures  tr&s 
exactement.  Pol.  Paris,  1682.  B.M. 

With  new  title.  Paris,  1695,  and  Paris,  1779. 

BABUTY  DESGODETZ  (A.).— Les  Edi¬ 

fices  antiques  de  Borne  ......  publies  . par  G. 

Marshall.  Preneh  and  English  text.  2  vols.  137 
plates.  Fol.  Londres,  1771-95.  B.M. 

Les  Edifices  antiques  de  Borne . 4  parts.  Fol. 

Borne,  1822.  Additions  in  2  parts.  See  Valadier 
(J.).  Aggiunte  e  correzioni  all’  opera  sugli  edifizi 
antichi  di  Boma  dell’  architetto  A.  D.  Additions, 
&c.  Italian  and  French.  Fol.  1843.  B.M. 
Italian  translation.  (See  Canina.)  Sugli  antichi 

edificii  di  Boma,  con  Supplement . &c.,  di  Cav. 

Canina.  Fol.  Boma,  1846. 

CAMUS  DE  MEZIEBES  (Nicholas).— Disserta¬ 
tion  de  la  Compagnie  des  Architectes  (experts  des 
Batmens)  a  Paris  (en  reponse  au  Memoire  de  M. 
Paris  du  Verney)  sur  la  Theorie  et  la  Pratique  des 
gros  Bois  de  Charpente,  dans  leur  exploitation  et 
dans  leur  einploi.  Bedigee  par  MM.  B.  D.  et  Le 
C.  de  M.  8 vo.  Paris,  1763.  B.M. 

BACCI  (Andrea). — Le  dodici  pietre  pre- 

ziose,  che  adornarono  i  vestimenti  del  Sommo  Sa- 
cerdote.  With: — 11  Diamante,  le  Margherite  etc. 
con  un  discorso  dell’  Alieorno,  e  della  gran  bestia 
detta  Alee.  4to.  Boma,  1587.  Cicogn. 

BACCI  (A.). — A.  Baccii  de  gemmis  et  la- 

pidibus  pretiosis . Tractatus . (non  solum)  in 

Latinum  (sermonem)  conversus  (verum  etiam)  ob- 
servationibus  auctior  redditus,  a  W.  Gabelchovero. 
8vo.  Francofurti,  1603.  B.M. 

BACCI  (A.). — Notizie  dell’  antica  Cluana, 

oggi  S.  Elpidio  e  di  molte  altre  Citta,  e  luoghi  dell’ 
antico  Piceno  nuovamente  data  in  Luce.  4to.  Ma- 
cerata,  1716.  Bodl. 

BACCO  (Enrico). — Effigie  di  tutti  i  re,  che 

han  dominato  il  reame  di  Napoli  da  Buggiero  I. 
Normanno  insino  ad  oggi.  Cavate  da  diverse  pitture 
antiche,  e  Marmi,  in  che  si  veggono  per  Napoli,  & 
alhove,  scolpite  dal  naturale,  con  l’arme  di  ciascun 
re.  Fol.  Napoli,  1602.  B.M. 

BACCO  (E.). — II  Regno  di  Napoli  diviso  in 

12  provincie,  nuovamente  corretto,  ed  ampliato  da 
Cesare  Eugenio.  Woodcuts.  8vo.  Napoli,  1626. 


BACH  (Carl  Daniel  Friedrich). — Umrisse 

der  besten  Kopfe  und  Partieen  im  Vatican,  nach 
Baphael  gezeichnet.  Oblong  fol.  Berlin,  1790. 
Also  with  French  title. 

BACH  (C.  D.  F.). — Anweisung,  nach  rich- 

tigen  Verhaltnissen  zu  zeichnen  und  schone  Formen 
nach  einfachen  Begeln  zu  bilden ;  fib?  Kiinstler, 
Handwerker  und  Freunde  des  Schonen.  12  plates. 
4to.  Breslau,  180-. 



Universal  Catalogue  of 

Notes  and  Queries, 
April  4,  ’68. 

BACH  (C.  D.  F.).— : Etudes  de  Dessin.  Ob- 

long  fol.  Breslau,  180-. 

BACH  (C.  D.  F.). — Kunst  zu  zeichnen  fur' 
Lehrer  und  Lernende.  12  plates.  Oblong  fol. 
Breslau,  180-. 

Also  under  the  title :  Nouvelles  Etudes’ de  Dessin. 

BACH  (C.  D.  F.).— Collection  de  Tetes, 

dessinees  a  Rome,  pour  se  perfectionner  dans  l’art 
de  dessin.  4to.  Breslau,  1815. 

BACH  (C.)  and  BENKOWITZ.  —  Der 

Torso ;  eine  Zeitschrift,  der  alten  und  neuen  Kunst 
gewidmet.  4to.  Breslau,  1796-97. 

Akad.  der  Kiinste,  Berlin. 
BACHAUMONT  (FRANgois  le  Coignetjx 

de). — Lettres  sur  les  peintures,  sculptures,  et  gra¬ 
vures  des  MM.  de  l’Academie  Royale  exposees  au 
salon  du  Louvre  depuis  le  1767  jusqu’a  1779.  12mo. 
Londres,  1780.  Cicogn. 

BACHAUMONT  (L.  Petit  de). — Essai  sur 

la  Peinture,  la  Sculpture  et  1’ Architecture.  (By  L. 
Petit  de  Bachaumont.)  8vo.  (Paris,)  1751.  B.M. 

2nd  edition,  containing  Memoires  sur  le  Louvre. 
P.  91.  (Anonymous  in  1st  edition.) 

BACHHOFFNER  (George  H.).  —  Che¬ 
mistry  as  applied  to  the  Pine  Arts.  8vo.  London, 
1837.  S.K. 

BACHMANN  (C.  G.).  —  Ansichten  ge- 

schmackvoller  Stadt-  und  Landhauser,  zur  Auswahl 
fur  Baulustige,  &c.  2  parts.  20  plates,  with  text  in 
German  and  French.  Small  fol.  Leipzig,  1820. 
BACHMANN  (C.  G.).— Die  fiinf  Saulenord- 

nungen  nach  Vignola  und  fiinf  andern  architektoni- 
schen  Unterstiitzungen.  4to.  Leipzig,  1822. 

BACKER  (A.  de). — See  Ruelens  et  De 

Backer,  Annales  Plantinniennes,  &c. 

BACLER  DALBE  (Aubert  Louis). — Sou¬ 
venirs  pittoresques  dans  Paris  et  ses  environs.  40 
lithogr.  plates  (in  8  nos.).  Fol.  Paris,  n.  d. 

BACLER  DALBE  (A.  L.). — Souvenirs  pit¬ 
toresques,  ou  vues  lithographies  de  la  Suisse,  du 
Valais,  &c.  102  plates.  Fol.  Paris,  1818. 

BACLER  DALBE  (A.  L.). — Souvenirs  pit¬ 
toresques,  contenant  la  campagne  d’Espagne.  102 
lithogr.  plates.  Fol.  Paris,  1824. 

BACMEISTER  (Johann  Vollrath).—  His- 

torische  Nachricht  von  der  metallnen  Bildsaule 
Peters  des  Grossen.  8vo.  St.  Petersburg,  1783. 

BACON  (John). — A  Letter  to  Sir  Robert 

Peel,  on  the  appointment  of  a  commission  for  pro¬ 
moting  the  cultivation  of  the  Fine  Arts.  8vo. 
London,  1843.  B.M. 

BACON  (John,  R.  A.). — See  Cecil  (Richard), 
Memoirs . 1801. 

BACON  (Thomas). — Illustrations  and  De¬ 
scriptions.  See  Periodical  Publications,  The 
Oriental  Annual. 

BACON  (Thomas). — First  impressions  and 

studies  from  nature  in  Hindostan.  2  vols.  With 

plates.  8vo.  London,  1837.  '  B.M. 

BACTRIA. — Supplement  a  la  suite  des  me- 
dailles  des  rois  de  la  Bactriane.  8vo.  St.  Peters¬ 
burg,  1823.  Bodl. 


Thomas  ^  Marie  de). — Les  avantages  des  beaux- 

arts.  Epitre  a  M.  N  *  *  *  * . par  M.  d’A. 

(In  verse.)  4to.  Berlin,  1750.  B.M. 

BADALOCCHI  (Sisto). — Paintings  in  the 
Verospi  Palace.  See  Albani  (Francesco). 

BADE  et  ses  environs,  dessin  e  par  Frommel 

. 1826.  See  Schreiber. 

BADEMIER  (Alex.  L.). — Etudes  sur  la 

reunion  du  palais  des  Tuileries  au  palais  du 
Louvre.  (Presentees  aux  expositions  des  annees 
1844,  45  et  46.)  Fol.  Paris,  1846.  B.M. 

BADER  (Josef). — Meister  Erwin  von  Stein- 
bach  und  seine  Heimath,  dargestellt  durch  J.  B. 
8vo.  Karlsruhe,  1844.  B.M. 

BADESLADE  (T.).  —  Thirty-six  different 

Views  of  Noblemen  and  Gentlemen’s  Seats  in  the 
County  of  Kent.  Fol.  London,  n.  d.  S.K. 

BADHAM  (Charles,  M.A.,  Vicar  of  Sud¬ 
bury). — The  history  and  antiquities  of  All  Saints’ 
Church,  Sudbury,  and  of  the  parish  generally. 
8vo.  London,  1852.  B.M. 

BADIUS  (Ascensius  Jodocus). — Naviculse 

stultar.  virginum.  With  woodcuts.  4to.  Paris, 
1500.  B.M. 

And  4to.  Arg.  Pruss.,  1502. 

La  nef  des  folles  (selon  les  cinq  sens  de  nature, 
composes,  selon  l’evangile  de  monseigneur  saint 
Matthieu,  des  cinq,  vierges  qui  ne  prirent  pas 
d’huile  avec  eux  pour  mettre  en  leurs  lampes) ; 
trad,  du  lat.  de  Joce  Bade  (par  J.  Droyn).  With 
woodcuts.  4to.  Paris,  n.d. 

Another  edition  (J.  Treperel).  4to.  Paris,  1501. 
Last  edition,  enlarged  (J.  d’Ogerolle).  With 
woodcuts.  4to.  Lyon,  1583. 

BADIUS  (Conradus). — L’ Alcoran  des  Cor¬ 
deliers.  Nouv.  edition  ornee  de  figures  dessinees  par 
B.  Picart.  2  vols.  8vo.  Amsterdam,  1734.  Bodl. 

BAECKER  (Louis  de). — Eglises  (du  moyen 

age)  dans  les  villages  Flamands  du  Nord  de  la 
France.  8vo.  Bruges,  1848.  B.M. 

BAECKER  (L.  de)  . — De  l’usage  de  la  brique 
dans  le  nord  de  la  France.  In  the  “  Bulletin 
des  Comites  historiques,”  Archeologie,  Beaux-Arts 
(Paris,  1852)  Vol.  iii.  B.M. 

BAEHR  (Carl  Christian  Wilhelm  Felix). 

Der  Salomonische  Tempel,  mit  Beriicksichtigung 
seines  Verhaltnisses  zur  heiligen  Architectur  iiber- 
haupt.  8vo.  Karlsruhe,  1848.  B.M. 

BAENA  (Josef  Antonio  Avalret). — Com- 

pendio  historico  de  las  grandezas  de  la  Coronada 

Notes  and  Queries, ) 
April  11,  ’68.  J 

Boohs  on  Art  ( under  revision). 


Villa  de  Madrid,  Corte  de  la  Monarquia  de  Espana. 
Plan  of  the  City.  16mo.  Madrid,  1786.  S.K. 

B  AERLE  (Kaspar  van)  . — Ingresso  di  Maria 
de’  Medici  in  Amsterdam.  Tradotto  dal  Latino  in 
lingua  Olandese  da  Gasparo  van  Baerle.  16  plates, 
and  portrait.  Pol.  Amsterdam,  1639.  Cicogn. 

BAEUMER  (W.). — Das  biirgerliclie  W obn- 
haus  bei  den  Griechen  und  Romern,  im  deutschen 
Mittelalter,  im  XVI.  XVII.  XVIII.  und  XIX.  Jahr- 
hundert.  4to.  Stuttgart,  1862.  B.  Arch. 

BAEEELLO  (Jo.  Cristophori)  . — Expositio 

aurei  numismatis  Heracliani  ex  musseo  Clementis 
XI.  8vo.  Romse,  1702.  Cicogn. 

BAGFORD  (John).  — A  letter  to  Th. 

Hearne,  relating  to  the  Antiquities  of  London,  &c. 
Vol.  i.  p.  58,  Collect.  Jo.  Lelandi.  B.M. 

BAGLIONE  (Gioyanni). — Le  Yite  de;  Pit- 

tori,  Scultori,  ed  Architetti,  dal  Pontificate  di  Gre- 
gorio  XIII.  del  1572,  in  fino  a’  tempi  di  Papa  Ur- 
bano  Ottavo  nel  1642.  2  plates.  4to.  Roma, 

1642.  S.K 

Other  editions : — 

Seconda  impressione.  4to.  Roma,  1649.  B.M. 
Con  la  Vita  di  Salvator  Rosa  Napoletano,  Pittore 
e  Poeta,  scritta  de  Gio.  Batista  Passari,  nuovamente 
aggiunta.  4to.  Napoli,  1733.  S.K. 

4to.  Napoli,  1739. 

4to.  Napoli,  1743. 

BAGNOLI  (P.). — Sul  Ritorno  dei  Monu- 

menti  delle  Belle  Arti.  8vo.  Firenze,  1815. 

BAIER  (A.  H.). —  Winckelmann’s  Lehre 
vom  Schonen  und  von  der  Kunst.  Ein  Vortrag. 
8vo.  Konigsberg,  1863. 

BAIER  (Joannes  Jacobus). —  Gemmarum 

affabre  sculptarum  thesaurus,  qaem  collegit  J.  M. 

•  ab  Ebermayer,  digessit  et  recensuit  J.  J.  B.  leones 
Ducum  Venetorum  effigies  regum  Francise  a  Phara- 
mando  usque  ad  Ludovicum  XV.  Imperatorum  a 

Julio  Csesare  ad  Carolum  VI.  in  gemmis . inciso- 

rum  series.  Capita  deorum  et  illustrium  hominum 

. nec  non  hieroglyphica,  abraxea  et  amuleta  quse- 

dam  in  gemmis,  antiqua  partim,  partim  recenti 

manu  incisa,  quae  collegit  J.  M.  ab  A.  enarravit . 

E.  Reusch.  Svols.  Fol.  Prostant  exemplaria  No- 
rimbergse  (Francofurti  et  Lipsise),  1720-22.  B.M. 

;  See  Reusch  (E.),  Capita  Deorum,  &c.  Fol. 
Francofurti,  1721. 

BAIF  (Lazare  de).— De  re  yestiaria  libellus 
ex  Bayfio  excerptus ;  addita  vulgaris  linguae  interpre- 
tatione.  (Edited  by  C.  Estienne.)  8vo.  Parisiis, 
1530.  B.M. 

BAIF  (L.  de). — De  Vasculis  libellus,  ex 
Bayfio  excerptus,  addita  vulgari  Latinarum  vocum 
interpretatione.  (Edited  by  C.  Estienne.)  8vo. 
Lugduni,  1536.  B.M. 

BAIGENTT  (Francis  Joseph). — A  Letter  on 

the  Statue  of  William  of  Wykeham.  See  Scott 
(G.  G.),  The  Restoration  of  Winchester  City  Cross. 

BAIGENT  (F.  J.).— Church  of  St.  John,  at 

Winchester,  and  the  paintings  discovered  on  the 
north  wall.  8vo.  1852.  B.  Arch. 

BAILEY  (Rev.  Nathan). — The  Antiquities 

of  London  and  Westminster :  being  an  account  of 
whatsoever  is  ancient,  curious,  or  remarkable,  as  to 
palaces,  towers,  castles,  walls,  gates,  bridges,  mona¬ 
steries,  priories,  sanctuaries,  nunneries,  religious- 
houses,  cathedrals,  churches,  chapels,  colleges,  inns 
of  court,  hospitals,  schools,  and  other  magnificent 
buildings.  12mo.  London,  1722.  Lond.  Inst. 

Another  edition.  12mo.  London,  1734.  B.M. 
BAILEY  (Thomas). — Handbook  to  Notting¬ 
ham  Castle.  12mo.  London,  1854.  B.M. 

BAILEY  (T.).  —  Handbook  to  Newstead 

Abbey.  12mo.  London,  1855.  B.M. 

BAILEY  (William). — -The  Advancement  of 
Arts,  Manufactures,  and  Commerce ;  or  descriptions 
of  the  useful  machines  and  models  contained  in  the 
Repository  of  the  Society  for  the  Encouragement  of 
Arts,  Manufactures,  and  Commerce,  illustrated  by 
designs  on  55  copper  plates.  4to.  London,  1772.. 

Vol.  II.  carefully  corrected  and  revised  by  Alex¬ 
ander  Mabyn  Bailey.  Fol.  London,  1779.  B.M. 

Also,  in  German  (Lindauer).  55  plates.  Large 

4to.  Miinchen,  1779. 

In  Italian. — Avanzamento  dell’  arti . 55  plates. 

Fol.  Firenze,  1773.  Cicogn. 

BAILIE  (T.  Kennedy,  D.D.). — Memoir  of 

researches  amongst  the  inscribed  monuments  of  the 
Grseco-Roman  era  in  Asia  Minor.  In  “  Transac¬ 
tions  of  the  Royal  Irish  Academy,”  vol.  xix.,  1843. 

Memoir  of  researches  amongst  the  inscribed 
monuments  of  the  Graeco- Roman  era  in  Asia  Mi¬ 
nor.  The  same,  vol.  xxi.,  1848. 

Memoir  on  two  large  Medallion  busts  in  MSS. 
room  of  Trin.  Coll.  Also  on  two  inedited  Pat- 
'mian  inscriptions.  1  plate.  The  same,  vol.  xxii. 


BAILLARGE  (Alphonse  Jules). — Album 

du  Chateau  de  Blois  restaur b  et  des  Chateaux  de 
Chambord,  Chenonceaux,  Chaumont  et  Amboise, 
dessines  d’apres  nature  par  J.  Monthelier  ;  texte 
archeologique  et  artistique  par  A.  B.,  et  enrichi  de 
notices  historiques  sur  les  chateaux,  &c.,  par  le  Vi- 
comte  Joseph  Walsh.  18  lithogr.  plates.  4to. 
Blois,  1851. 

BAIL  LARGE  (A.  J.). — Notice  monographi- 
que  sur  l’ancien  Chateau  royal  de  Blois,  restaure 
par  M.  Duban,  architecte,  en  1845,  1846  et  1847, 
sous  les  auspices  de  la  Commission  des  monuments 
historiques  au  ministere  de  l’interieur.  4to.  Paris, 

BAILLIE  (Marianne). — First  impressions 

on  a  tour  on  the  continent  thro’  France,  Italy,  Swit¬ 
zerland,  Germany,  and  French  Flanders.  8vo.  Lon¬ 
don,  1819.  Bodl. 

BAILLIE  (M.).— Lisbon  in  1821,  1822,  and 

1823.  2  vols.  8vo.  London,  1825.  Bodl. 

BAILLIE  (William,  Captain). — A  Collec¬ 
tion  of  fifty-four  etchings,  after  Rembrandt,  Adrian 
Q  57 


Universal  Catalogue  of 

( Notes  and  Queries, 
t  April  11,  ’68. 

Ostade,  G-.  Douw,  and  others.  By  Captain  W.  B. 
Fol.  n.p.  1753-1769.  S.K. 

BAILLIE  (W.).— A  Series  of  225  Prints  and 

Etchings  after  Rembrandt,  Teniers,  G.  Douw,  Pous¬ 
sin,  and  others.  2  vols.  Fol.  n.  p.  1792. 

BAILLIEUL.  - — Vues  des  illuminations  a 
Paris,  le  7  Juin  1739,  a  l’occasion  de  la  paix,  et 
le  29  Aout  1739,  a  l’occasion  du  mariage  de 
Madame  premiere  de  France  et  de  Dom  Philippe  II. 
infant  d’Espagne.  Oblong  fol.  n.  p.  o.  d.  T.C.D. 

BAILLY  (J.). — Devises  pourles  Tapisseries 
du  Roy,  ou  sont  representez  les  Quatre  Elemens  et 
les  Quatre  Saisons  de  l’Annee,  peintes  en  mignature 
par  J.  Bailly,  et  gravees  par  S.  Le  Clerc.  Fol. 
Paris,  1668.  S.K. 

J3AILLY  (J.  T.).  —  Recueil  de  pieces 
interessantes  sur  les  arts,  les  sciences  et  la  littera- 
ture.  Ouvrage  posthume,  precede  de  la  vie  de 
Bailly.  8vo.  Paris,  1810. 

BAINBRIDGE  (Geoege  C.).— The  Fly- 

fisher’s  guide,  illustrated  by  coloured  plates.  8vo. 
Liverpool,  1816.  Bodl. 

BAINVILLE. — Trouvaille  faite  pres  du 

village  de  Bainville  sur  Maclon. 

In  Journal . .  du  Musee  Lorrain,  Nancy 

(1852-63),  Part  VI.  B.M. 

BAIRD  (H.  M.). — Modern  Greece,  Narra¬ 
tive  of  a  residence  and  travels  in  tbat  country. 
8vo.  New  York,  1856.  Lond.  Libr. 

BAIZENT  (Giovanni  Battista). — Due  Let- 

tere  sopra  il  Musaico  di  Pompei.  8vo.  Bergamo, 
1836.  B.M. 

BAIZINI  (G.  B.). — Osservazioni  sopra  un 
articolo  inserito  nella  Biblioteca  Italiana  nel  quale 
si  parla  di  due  lettere  del  Ab.  Gr.  B.  B.  sul 
Musaico  di  Pompei.  8vo.  Bergamo,  1837.  B.M. 
BAKER  (Geoege). — History  and  Antiqui¬ 
ties  of  the  County  of  Northampton.  2  vols.  Plates. 

Fol.  London,  1822-30.  S.K. 

BAKER  (G.). — Catalogue  of  his . Anti¬ 

quities,  Coins . See  Catalogues,  Sale. 

BAKER  (J.). — Home  Beauties,  as  com¬ 
municated  to  the  Author  of  the  Royal  Atlas  and 
Imperial  Guide,  by  some  of  the  Royal  Family, 
the  Nobility,  Gentry,  &c.,  for  an  illuminated  ap¬ 
pendix  to  these  works.  8vo.  London,  1804.  S.K. 

BAKER  (James). — A  picturesque  Guide 
through  Wales  and  the  Marches.  Vol.  I.  4to. 
Worcester,  1795.  Bodl. 

BAKER  (W.  L.).  —  Specification  of  his 

patent  for  hanging  clock-tower,  turret,  and  other 
like  bells.  4to.  London,  1854.  B.  Arch. 

BAKER  (W.  L.). — The  great  Bell  of  West¬ 
minster  :  a  letter  to  E.  B.  Denison.  8vo.  London, 
1857.  B.  Arch. 

BAL  (A.). — Vita  e  poesie  del  giovanetto  A. 
Bal,  Torinese,  alunno  delle  scuole  pie  in  Carraro... 
8vo.  Torino,  1846. 


BAL  ASS  A  (Feanciscijs). — Casulse  Sancti 

Stephani  Regis  Hungliari®  vera  imago,  et  expositio. 
1  plate.  4to.  Vienn®,  1754.  Cicogn. 

BALDiEUS  (Philippus)  . — Naauwkeurige 

beschryvinge  van  Malabar  en  Choromandel,  der 
zelver  aangrenzende  Ryken  en  het  machtige  Eyland 
Ceylon,  &c.  Plates.  Fol.  Amsterdam,  1672. 

In  German.  Same  date. 

In  English.  In  Churchill’s  Voyages,  vol.  iii.  Bodl. 

BALDANZI  (C.  E.) — Delle  Pitture  di  Era 

Filippo  Lippi  nel  Coro  della  Cattedrale  di  Prato 
e  de’  loro  restauri  relazione  compilata  dal  C.  F. 
B(aldanzi).  8vo.  Prato,  1835.  S.K. 

BALDASSARI  (Antonio). — La  rosa  d’oro, 

chi  se  benedice  nella  quarta  domenica  di  quaresima 
dal  sommo  pontefice.  8vo.  Venezia,  1709.  Bodl. 

BALDESCHI  (Alessandeo). — Stato  della 

SS.  Chiesa  Papale  Lateranense  nell’  anno  mjdccxxiii. 
4to.  Roma,  1723.  B.M. 

BALDI  (Beenaedino,  Abbate). — De  gli 

Automati  overo  Machine  se  moventi.  4to.  Venezia, 
1601.  Lond.  Inst. 

BALDI  (B.,  Abbate).  —  Scamilli  Impares 

Vitruviani,  nova  ratione  explicati ;  refutatis  priorum 
interpretum,  Gulielmi  Philandri,  Danielis  Barbari, 
Baptist®  Bertani,  sententiis.  Plates.  4to.  August® 
Vindelicorum,  1612.  B.M. 

BALDI  (B.). — De  Verborum  Vitruvianorum 
significatione  :  sive  perpetuus  in  M.  Vitruvium  Pol- 
lionem  Commentarius.  Accedit  Vita  Vitruvij.  4to. 
August®  Vindelicorum,  1612.  S.K. 

BALDI  (B.). — Lexicon  Vitruvianum,  &c. 

See  Vitruvius,  Amsterdam  edition,  1649. 

BALDI  (B.). — Memorie  concernenti  la  citta 
di  Urbino.  Dedicate  alia  sacra  real  maesta  di 
Giacomo  III.,  Re  della  Gran  Brettagna,  &c.  74 

plates  in  Part  I.,  72  in  Part  II.  Fol.  Roma,  1724. 


BALDI  (B.).  —  Opuscolo  inedito,  fatto 
d’armi  a  Forli  tra  Guido  da  Montefeltro  e  Giovanni 
d’Appia,  Francese.  8vo.  Pesaro,  1809.  Bodl. 
BALDI  (Giuseppe). — Orazione  in  lode  delle 
tre  Arti  in  occasione  della  distribuzione  dei  premj 
nell’  Istituto  di  Bologna  1’  a.  1780.  8vo.  Bologna, 
1780.  Cicogn. 

BALDI  (Lazzaeo). — Breve  compendio  della 
vita  e  morte  di  S.  Lazzaro  Monaco  ed  insigne  Pit- 
tore,  che  sotto  Teofilo  Imperatore  Iconomaco  molti 
torment!  pati  per  la  Pittura  e  culto  delle  sacre  Ima- 
gini.  16mo.  Roma  (per  Jacomo  Fei),  1681. 

Breve  compendio  della  vita  e  morte  di  S.  Lazzaro 
Monaco  ed  insigne  Pittore.  16mo.  Roma,  1715. 

Reprint  of  1st  edition,  “  dedicata  all’  Accademico 
Francesco  Preziado.”  Roma,  1788.  Cicogn. 

BALDLNT  (Baccio). — Discorso  sopra  la 
mascherata  della  genealogia  degl’  Iddei  de’  Gentili 
mandata  fuori  dall’  Eccell.,  e  Illustrissimo  Duca  di 
Firenze,  e  di  Siena,  il  giorno  22  Febbraio  1565.  8vo. 
Firenze  (Giunti),  1565.  Cicogn. 

Valuable  descriptions  of  spectacle. 

Kotes  and  Queries, 
April  11,  ’68. 


Books  on  Art  ( under  revision). 

BALDINI  (B.).— Yita  di  Cosimo  Medici, 

primo  Gran  Duca  di  Toscano.  Fol.  Firenze,  1578. 


BALDINI  (Gianfrancesco)  . — Dissertazione 

sopra  vasefti  di  creta  trovati  in  una  camera  sepol- 
crale  in  Koma.  In  “  Saggi  di  dissertazioni  del.  Accad. 
Etrusca  di  Cortona,”  vol.  ii. 

Dissert,  sopra  un’  antica  piastra  di  Bronze.  The 
same,  vol.  iii. 

See  Vaillant  (Jo.),  Numismata  imperatorum 

Romanorum . .Romse,  1743.  T.C.D. 

BALDLNTT CCI  (Filippo) . — Cominciamento 

e  progresso  dell’  arte  di  intagliare  in  rame,  con  le 
vite  de’  molti  piu  eccellenti  maestri  della  stessa  pro- 
fessione.  4to.  Firenze,  1686.  B.M. 

A  new  impression,  with  some  few  annotations  by 
Dm.  Mar.  Manni.  4to.  Firenze,  1767. 

Another  edition.  . Edizione  seconda  accres- 

ciuta  di  annotazioni  del  Sig.  D.  M.  Manni.  21  vols. 
4to.  Firenze,  1767.  B.M. 

Interrupted  edition  of  the  same  work,  by  Gius. 
Piacenza.  2  vols.  4to.  Turin,  1768-70.  3rd 
vol.  1814. 

Another  edition . con  annotazioni  del  Sig.  D. 

M.  Manni.  See  Coiaezione  de’  Classici  Itat.iani, 
vols,  189-202.  B.M. 

BALDINUCCI  (F.). — Opere  (con  annota¬ 
zioni  del  Sig.  D.  M.  Manni).  14  vols.  8vo. 
Milano,  1808-12.  S.K. 

Another  edition.  11  vols.  8vo.  Milano,  1811- 
12.  S.K. 

BALDINUCCI  (F.).— Notizie de’  professor! 

del  disegno  da  Cimabue  in  qua,  per  le  quali  si 
dimostra  come,  e  per  chi  le  bell’  arti  di  pittura, 
scultura  e  architettura  lasciata  la  rozzezza  delle 
maniere  Greca  e  Gottica,  si  siano  in  questi  secoli 
ridotte  all’  antica  loro  perfezione.  Opera  distinta  in 
secoli,  e  decennali.  6  vols.  4to.  Firenze,  1681- 
1728.  B.M. 

1st  part,  published  by  Santi  Franchi,  1681, 
should  have  the  “privilegio”  of  Charles  II.  of 
Spain,  with  the  arms.  This  forms  the  first  Epoch. 
Part  II.  (second  Epoch),  from  1300  to  1400,  printed 
by  P.  Marini,  1686.  The  third  and  fourth  Epochs, 
1400  to  1550,  posthumous,  printed  by  Tartini  and 
Franchi,  1728.  With  portrait  of  Baldinucci,  by  P. 
Potari.  The  2nd  part  of  the  fourth  Epoch,  1550 
to  1580,  by  P.  Marini,  1688;  1580  to  1610,  by 
Giuseppe  Manni,  1702.  The  fifth  Epoch,  1610  to 
1670,  appeared  in  1728. 

Other  editions : — 

Notizie  de’  Professori . Opera  nuovamente  data 

alle  stampe  con  varie  dissertazioni,  note,  ed  aggiunte 
da  Giuseppe  Piacenza  Architetto  Turinese.  5  vols. 
4to.  Turino,  1768-1817.  (Notes  of  this  editor  still 
remain  unpublished.) 

Notizie  dei  Professori . Edizione  accresciuta  di 

annotazioni  da  Domenico  Maria  Manni.  21  vols. 

Small  4to.  Firenze,  1767-1774.  Cicogn. 

Notizie  dei  professori . con  nuove  annotazioni 

e  supplement  per  cura  di  F.  Ranalli.  5  vols. 
Forms  vols.  5-9  of  the  “  Biblioteca  dell’  artista.” 
8vo.  Firenze,  1845-47.  S.K. 

8vo.  Milano,  1808.  S.K. 

11  vols.  8vo.  Milano,  1811-12.  S.K. 

BALDINUCCI  (F.). — Vocabolario  Toscano 

dell’  arte  del  disegno . con  la  notizia  de’  nomi  e 

qualita  delle  gioie,  metalle,  pietre  dure,  marmi,  pietre 
tenere,  sassi,  legnami,  colori,  strumenti  ed  ogn’  altra 
materia,  che  servir  possa,  tanto  alia  costruzione  di 
edificj  e  loro  ornato,  quanto  alia  stessa  pittura  e 
scultura.  4to.  Firenze,  1681.  B.M. 

Another  edition.  In  the  Proceedings  of  the  Acca- 
demia  della  Crusca. — Vocabolario  Toscano  dell’ arte 
del  disegno,  opera  di  F.  B.  4to.  1806,  &c.  B.M. 
Another  edition.  2  vols.  8vo.  Milano,  1809. 

S  K 

BALDINUCCI  (F.).— Lettera  di  F.  B.  nella 

quale  risponde  ad  aleuni  quesiti  in  materie  di  pit¬ 
tura.  4to.  Roma  ed  in  Firenze,  1687.  B.M. 

BALDINUCCI  (F.).— Lezione  di  F.  B.  nell’ 

Accademia  della  Crusca  il  Lustrato  detta  da  lui 
in  eSsar  accademia  in  due  recite,  ne’  giorni  29  di 
Dicembre,  e  5  di  Gennaio  1691.  1st  edition.  4to. 
Firenze,  1692.  B.M. 

BALDINUCCI  (F.).— Vita  del  Cavaliere 

Gio.  Lorenzo  Bernino,  Scultore,  Architetto,  e  Pit- 
tore.  Small  4to.  Firenze,  1682.  S.K. 

BALDINUCCI  (F.).— La  lettera  di  Mess. 

Bartolommeo  Ammannati  scritta  agli  Accademici 
del  Disegno.  4to.  Firenze,  1687. 

In  his  Lettera  al  Mar.  Capponi,  &c.  Firenze, 
1797.  Cicogn. 

BALDINUCCI  (F.).— La  Yeglia,  dialogo  di 

Sincero  Veri.  4to.  Firenze,  1690. 

In  his  Lettera  al  Mar.  Capponi,  &c.  4to.  Firenze, 
1787.  Cicogn. 

BALDINUCCI  (F.). — La  Lezione  letta  nella 

Accademia  della  Crusca  nel  gennaio  1691.  4to. 
Firenze,  1692.  Cicogn. 

In  Lettera  al  Mar.  Capponi,  &c.  4to.  Firenze, 

BALDINUCCI  (F.).— See  Lioni  (O.),  Ri- 

tratti  di  aleuni  celebri  pittori  del  secolo  XVII . 

con  le  vite  de’  medesimi  tratte  da  varj  autori  (viz. 
G.  Baglione . F.  B.) . 1731.  B.M. 

BALDINUCCI  (F.).— Extracts  from  his 

Works.  See  Scuuptura,  Sculptura-Historico-Tech- 
nica . Extracted  from  B.,  &c . 1747.  B.M. 

BALDINUCCI  (F.). — Lettera  sopra  i  Pit- 
tori  piu  celebri  del  secolo  XVI.  See  Gobi  (A.  F.), 
Symbolse  litterarise,  vol.  x.  B.M. 

BALDINUCCI  (F.).  —  Raccolta  di  alcnni 

Opuscoli  sopra  varie  materie  di  Pittura,  Scultura,  e 

Architettura . con  ragionamento  di  F.  Bocchi 

sull’  eccellenza  della  Statua  di  S.  Giorgio  fatta  da 
Donatello,  e  posta  nella  facciata  della  Chiesa  di 
Orsan  Michele  di  Firenze.  6  vols.  4to.  Firenze, 
1765.  S.K. 

BALDINUCCI  (F.). — Lettera  alMar.  Cap¬ 
poni  nella  quale  risponde  ad  aleuni  quesiti  in  ma¬ 
teria  di  Pittura.  4to.  Firenze,  1787. 



Universal  Catalogue  of 

Notes  and  Queries, 
April  11,  ’68. 

With  those  noticed  above,  rarely  found  in  the 
original  edition.  Cicogn. 

BALDINUCCI  (F.).— Lettera  ......  intorno 

al  modo  di  dar  proporzione  alle  figure  in  pittura  e 
scultura,  &c.,  ora  per  la  prima  volta  pubblicata. 
(Edited  by  G.  Poggiali.)  8vo.  Livorno,  1802.  B.M. 

BALDINUCCI  (F.).— Yita  di  L.  Lippi.  See 

Coixezione  de’  Ciassici  Itaxiani,  vol.  165.  B.M. 

BALDINUCCI  (F.).— Yita  di  F . Bru- 

nellesco  arcliitetto  Fiorentino,  scritta  da  F.  B . 

con  altra  piu  antica . di  anonimo  contemporaneo 

scritt.ore.  Precede  una  memoria  intorno  al  risor- 
gimento  delle  belle  arti  in  Toscana  e  ai  restauratori 

delle  medesime  dell’  editore . D.  Moreni,  &c. 

8vo.  Firenze,  1812.  B.M. 

BALDINUCCI  (F.).— La  vita  di  Salvator 

Rosa.  8vo.  Firenze,  1830.  Bodl. 

BALDO  (Camillo).  —  In  Physiognomica 

Aristotelis  Commentarii,  Hieronymi  Tamburini  di- 
ligentia  et  sumptibns  nunc  primum  in  lucem  editi 
ad  Serenis.  Princip.  Ferdin.  Gonzagam,  Mantuse  et 
Montisferrati  Ducem.  Small  fol.  Bononise,  1621. 


BALDUINUS  (Benedicts)  et  NIGRO- 

NUS  (Junius). — B.  Balduinus  de  Calceo  antiquo,  et 
Jul.  Nigronus  de  Caliga  veterum.  Accesserunt  ex 
Q.  Sept.  FI.  Tertulliani,  Cl.  Salmasi,  et  Alb.  Ru- 
beni  scriptis  plurima  ejusdem  argumenti.  In  his 
Scriptores  veteres  quamplurimi  explicantur,  et  emen- 
dantur,  nec  non  res  ipsse  adjectis  aeneis  figuris  illus- 
trantur.  24mo.  Amstelodami,  1667.  S.K. 

8vo.  Paris,  1615.  Bodl. 

. figuris  aucti  et  illustr.  observationibus  Joh. 

Frid.  Nilant.  8vo.  Lugduni  Batavorum,  1711. 


B ALDUS  (Edouard). — Concours  de  Photo¬ 
graphic.  Memoire . contenant  les  procedes  a 

l’aide  desqnels  les  principaux  monuments  histo- 
riques  du  Midi  de  la  France  ont  ete  reproduits  par 
ordre  du  ministre  de  l’interieur.  8vo.  Paris,  1852. 


BALDWIN  (Edward). — Fables  ancient  and 

modern.  Adapted  for  the  use  of  Children  from 
:  three  to  eight  years  of  age.  Adorned  with  73  copper¬ 
plates.  2  vols.  12mo.  London,  1805.  S.K. 

BALDWIN. — Collection  of  Gems.  5.4  plates 
and  descriptive  text.  Lithograph,  n.  p.  o.  d, 

BALECHOU  (J.  J.).  — Eloge  de  B . 

(1776).  See  Montenoy  (Palissot  de). 

BALES  (Peter).  —  The  writing  schoole- 
master :  conteining  three  bookes  in  one ;  the  first 
teaching  Swift  writing:  the  second,  True  writing: 
the  third,  Faire  writing.  4to.  London  (by  Thomas 
Orwin),  1590.  Bodl. 

BALETZ,  representez  devant  le  roy,  a  la 
venue  de  Madame  a  Tours.  44  pp.  4to.  Tours, 

In  this  vol.  are: — 1,  the  ballet  de  Madame ;  2,  de 
Madame  de  Rohan  ;  3,  the  ballet  des  Chevaliers 
frantjois  etbearnois,  represente  a  Pau,  Aug.  23, 1592. 

BALFOUR  (Dr.  J.  H.).— Class  Book  of 

Botany,  with  upwards  of  1,800  illustrations.  Royal 
8vo.  Edinburgh,  1854.  S.K. 

BALFOUR  (Dr.  J.  H.)._A  Manual  of 

Botany  ;  being  an  introduction  to  the  Study  of  the 
Structure,  Physiology,  and  Classification  of  Plants. 
3rd  edition,  revised  and  enlarged,  by  Joseph  Wil¬ 
liams,  M.D.  Illustrated  by  numerous  engravings. 
8  vo.  London,  1855.  S.K. 

BALK  (Laurentius). — Museum  Adolpho- 
Fridericianum.  4to.  Holm  (1746).  B.M. 

BALKEMA  (C.  H.). — Biographie  des  pein- 

tres  flamands  et  hollandais,  qui  ont  existe  depuis 
Jean  et  Hubert  van  Eyck  iusqu’a  nos  iours,  &c.  8vo. 
Gand,  1844.  S.K. 

BALL  (Dinah). — A  Grammar  of  Drawing 
for  the  use  of  beginners.  4to.  London,  1824.  B.M. 
BALL  (Edward). — Inventive  Drawing;  a 
practical  development  of  elementary  design.  8vo. 
London,  1864.  B.M. 

BALLADS. — A  Book  of  favourite  Modern 

Ballads,  illustrated  with  fifty  engravings,  from 
drawings  by  the  first  Artists.  Small  4to.  London, 
n.  d.  S.K. 

BALLADS. — German  Ballads,  Songs,  &c., 

comprising  translations  from  Schiller,  Uhland, 
Burger,  Goethe,  Korner,  Becker,  Fouque,  Chamisso, 
&c.  Illustrated  by  H.  Warren,  E..  Corbould,  and 
others.  12mo.  London,  n.  d.  S.K. 

BALLADS. — The  Book  of  German  Ballads, 
Rational  Airs,  Drinking  Songs,  &c.,  forming  a 
companion  volume  to  the  “  Lieder  und  Bilder,” — 
“  Songs  and  Pictures.”  Illustrated  by  A.  Schroedter 
and  others.  4to.  London,  1842.  S.K. 

BALLADS.— Old  English  Ballads.  A  col¬ 
lection  of  favourite  Ballads  of  the  olden  time.  With 
50  illustrations  by  Birket  Foster,  Joseph  Nash, 
Frederick  Tayler,  George  Thomas,  John  Absolon, 
and  John  Franklin.  4to.  London,  1864.  S.K. 


Deutsches  Balladenbuch.  Woodcuts  from  draw¬ 
ings  by  Dresden  Artists,— Adolf  Ehrhardt,  Theo¬ 
bald  von  Oer,  Hermann  Pliiddemann,  Ludwig  Rich¬ 
ter,  and  Carl  Schurig.  8vo.  Leipzig,  1852.  S.K. 

lected  from  Percy,  Ritson,  Evans,  Jamieson,  Scott, 
&c.  Illustrations.  12mo.  London,  1845.  S.K. 

BALLANTI  (Y.).  —  See  Thou  (C.)  and 

(B.  V.),  Palazzo  dei  Cesari . 1828‘. 

BALLANTINE  (James). — A  Treatise  on 

painted  Glass,  shewing  its  applicability  to  every 
style  of  Architecture.  8vo.  London,  1845.  S.K. 

BALLANTINE  (J.) — .Essay  on  Ornamental 

Art  as  applicable  to  trade  and  manufactures.  36 
pp.,  and  40  lithogr.  plates,  besides  illustrations  in 
the  text.  4to.  London,  1847.  S.K. 

There  is  also  a  lithogr.  title :  The  tradesman’s 
book  of  ornamental  designs. 

Notes  and  Queries,  > 
April  18,  ’68.  | 

Boohs  on  Art  ( under  revision). 


BALLANTINE  (J.).— The  Life  of  David 

Roberts,  R.A.  Compiled  from  his  journals  and 
other  sources,  by  J.  B.  With  etchings  and  facsimiles 
of  pen-and-ink  sketches  by  the  Artist.  4to.  Edin¬ 
burgh,  1866.  S.K. 

BALLANTYNE  (John).— What  is  Pre- 
Raphaelitism  ?  8vo.  Edinburgh,  1856.  B.M. 
BALLARD  (George). — Memoirs  of  several 
Ladies  of  Great  Britain  who  have  been  celebrated 
for  their  Writings  or  Skill  in  the  learned  Languages, 
Arts,  and  Sciences.  4to.  Oxford,  1752. 

Also:  8vo.  London,  1775.  B.M. 

BALLARHSTU S  (  Simon)  . — Animad  versiones 
in  Museum  Florentinum  Ant.  Fr.  Gorii.  4to. 
Carpentoracti,  1743.  Lond.  Inst. 

BALLET  (Fr.,  Abbe). — Histoire  des  tem¬ 
ples  des  Payens,  des  Juifs,  et  des  Chretiens.  8vo. 
Paris,  1760.  Bodl. 

BALLETS. — Receuil  de  plusieurs  excellens 

ballets  de  ce  temps.  8vo.  Paris,  1612. 

BALLEYER  (Lambert  de).  —  Compiegne 

historique  et  monumental.  2  vols.  8vo.  Com- 
pi&gne,  1844. 

B  ALLHORN  (Friedrich). — Alphabete  ori- 

entalischer  und  occidentalischer  Sprachen  zum  Ge- 
brauch  fur  Schriftsetzer  und  Correctoren,  zusam- 
mengestellt  von  F.  B.  6th  edition.  8vo.  Leipzig, 
1853.  S.K. 

BALLINO  (Giulio). — De’  disegni  delle  pin 

illustri  citta  et  fortezze  del  Mondo  ;  parte  I,  4to. 
Venezia,  1569.  Bodl. 

BALLO  di  Donne  Turche  insieme  ai  loro 
Consorti  di  schiavi  fatti  liberi,  danzato  nel  Palazzo 
Pitti  davanti  la  Serenissima  Altezza  di  Toscana. 
4to.  Firenze  (per  i  Giunti),  1614.  Cicogn. 

BALLONFFEATJX  (M.  de). — Reponse  anx 

observations  de  Mr.  Galland  sur  les  explications  de 
quelques  medailles  de  Tetricus  le  pere  et  d’autres. 
8vo.  Luxembourg,  1702.  Bodl. 

BALLY. — Mons.  B.’s  Lectures  on  Casting, 
Modelling,  &c.  12mo.  Nottingham  (1859).  B.M. 
BALNEaE. — :De  Balneis  omnia  qute  extant 
apud  Grsecos,  Latinos,  et  Arabos.  Small  fol.  Vene- 
tiis  (apud  Juntas),  1553.  Cicogn. 

BALTARD  (Louis  Pierre). — Paris  et  ses 
Monumens,  mesures,  dessines,  et  graves.  Avec  des 
descriptions  historiques  par  le  citoyen  Amaury 
Duval.  Louvre,  St.  Cloud,  Fontainebleau,  Chateau 
d’Ecoucn,  &c.  2  vols.  Large  fol.  Paris,  1803-5.  S.K. 
BALTARD  (L.  P.). — Lettres,  ou  voyages 

pittoresques  dans  les  Alpes . suivi  d’un  recueil 

de  48  vues  des  monumens  antiques  de  Rome,  &c. 
4to.  Paris,  1806. 

^Recueil  de  vues  des  monumens  antiques  et  des 
principales  fabriques  de  Rome.  The  48  plates  re¬ 
touched  by  Piringer.  Oblong  4to.  Paris,  1822. 

BALTARD  (L.  P.). — La  Colonne  de  la  place 
Vendome,  &c.  Gravee  par  B.  145  plates.  Imper. 
fol.  Paris,  1810. 

BALTARD  (L.  P.).  —  Reunion  du  Palais  J 

Imperial  des  Tuileries  et  du  Louvre,  et  plans  de  di- 
verses  dispositions  pour  l’achevement  de  la  place  du 
Carrousel.  Fol.  Paris,  1811.  B.  Arch.  v 

BALTARD  (L.  P.). — Essai  methodique  sur 
la  decoration  des  edifices  et  des  monumens,  ou 
collection  et  choix  des  plus  beaux  morceaux  de 
sculpture,  de  peinture  ancienne  et  moderne,  en  120 
planches  ou  desseins  lithographies,  suivis  d’un  dis¬ 
cours.  In  12  Nos.  Fol.  Paris,  1817. 

BALTARD  (L.  P.). — Aper£u,  ou  Essai  sur 

le  bon  gout  dans  les  ouvrages  d’Art  et  d’ Architec¬ 
ture.  16  pp.  8vo.  Paris,  1841. 

BALTARD  (L.  P.). — Notice  biographique 
. 1846.  See  Gaximard  (Auguste). 

BALTARD  (L.  P.)— Eloge  .  de  M.  B., 

president  de  l’academie  d’ Architecture .  1846. 

See  Dalgabio  (J.  M.). 

BALTARD  (L.  P.). — Societe  centrale  des 

architectes . Funerailles  de  M.  Baltard  pere.  8vo. 

Paris,  1846. 

BALTARD  (L.  P.)  et  PERCIER  (C.).— 

Galerie  de  la  Reine  dite  de  Diane  a  Fontainebleau, 
peinte  par  Ambroise  Dubois  en  MDC.  sous  le  regne 
de  Henry  IV.  D’apres  les  dessins  de  L.  P.  B.  et  de 
C.  P.  Fol.  Paris,  1858.  S.K. 

BALTARD  (Victor).  —  Villa  Medicis  a) 

Rome,  dessinee,  mesuree . accompagnee  d’un  texte 

historique  et  explicatif.  19  plates.  Fol.  Paris, 

BALTARD  (V.)  and  CALLET  (F.).— Les 

Halles  Centrales  de  Paris,  construites  sous  le  regne 
de  Napoleon  III.,  par  V.  B.  &  F.  C.,  &c.  4  plates. 

8vo.  Paris,  1862.  B.M. 

With  35  plates.  Imper.  fol.  Paris,  1863.  S.K. 

BALTHAZAR  (F.). — Over  de  Nederlandslie 

landmeters  en  Kaartgraveurs . (1846).  See  Bodel 

Nycphuis  (J.  T.). 

BALTIMORE  (Frederick,  Lord). — Tour  to 

the  East  in  1 763—4,  with  remarks  on  the  City  of 
Constantinople.  8vo.  London,  1767.  Lond.  Inst. 
BALTZERS  (Barthold). — Tractat.  de  nu- 
mismatibus.  4to.  Argentoratum,  1679.  Bodl. 
BALUZE  (Etienne). — Histoire  genealogi- 

que  de  la  Maison  d’ Auvergne  justifiee  par  chartes, 
titres,  histoires  anciennes,  et  autres  preuves  authen- 
tiques.  Plates.  2  vols.  Fol.  Paris,  1708.  S.K. 

BALZAC  (Honore  de). — Les  Contes  dro- 

latiques,  colligez  ez  abbayes  de  Tourayne.  425 
woodcut  illustrations  by  Dore.  8vo.  Paris,  1855. 


CEuvres  completes.  20  vols.  140  illustrations. 
8vo.  Paris,  1853-55. 

BALZE  (Paul).- — P.  Baize  et  la  Peinture 
d’Email.  8vo.  Paris,  1864.  S.K. 

BALZE  (P.)  and  (Raymond). — Notice  sur 
les  fresques  de  Raphael  et  de  Michel- Ange,  dont  les 
copies  (executees  par  MM.  Paul  et  Raymond  Baize) 
sont  exposes  au  Pantheon.  8vo.  Paris,  1847. 

r  61 


Notes  and  Queries, 
April  18,  ’68. 

Universal  Catalogue  of 

BA  MONTE  (Giuseppe). — Le  Antichita  Pes- 
tane.  8vo.  Napoli,  1819.  B.M. 

BANCE. — Notice  sur  Bance  aine,  ancien 
editeur,  marchand  d’estampes.  With  portrait.  8yo. 
(Paris,  1847.) 

BANCK  (Laurentius). — Roma  triumphans, 
seu  Actus  Inauguration! s  et  Coronationis  Innocentii 
X.  P.  Max.  brevis  descriptio.  16  folding  plates, 
beside  portrait,  and  frontispiece.  18mo.  Franekerse, 

Also:  Franekerae,  1656.  Cicogn. 

BANCK  (L.). — Taxa  Cancellariae  Romanae 
in  lucem  emissa,  et  notis  illustrata.  Accedit  index 
Latino-Barbarus  cum  indice  titulorum  rerum,  et 
verborum.  12mo.  Franekerae,  1651.  Cicogn. 

BANCROFT  (Edward). — Experimental  Re¬ 
searches  concerning  the  Philosophy  of  permanent 
Colours,  and  the  best  means  of  producing  them,  by 
dyeing,  calico  printing,  &c.  2nd  edition.  2  vols. 

8  vo.  London,  1813.  S.K. 

Earlier  edition.  8vo.  London,  1794. 

BANDINELLI  (Baccio).— Life  and  Works. 

See  Landon  (C.  P.),  Ties  et  CEuvres  des  Peintres. 

BANDINI  (Angelo  Maria). — Dissertazione 
sopra  un’  antica  tavoletta  d’Avorio  figurata.  In 
Calogiera  (A.),  Raceolta  d’Opuscoli,  &c.,  vol. 
37.  B.M. 

BANDINI  (A.  M.). — In  antiquam  tabu- 

lam  eburneam  sacra  quaedam  I.  C.  Misteria  ex- 
hibentem.  2  plates.  4to.  Florentiae,  1746.  Cicogn. 

BANDINI  (A.  M.).  —  Comm,  de  Obelisco 

Caes.  Augusti  e  Campi  Martii  ruderib.  nuper  eruto. 
Latin  and  Italian.  4  plates.  Large  fol.  Bomae, 

BANDURI  (Anselm). — See  Bandurius. 
BANDURIUS  (Anselmus).  —  Imperium 

orientale;  sive  antiquitates  Constantinopolitanae,  in 
quatuor  partes  distributee.  2  vols.  Plates  of  coins 
and  monuments,  and  frontispiece.  Fol.  Paris, 
1711.  Bodl. 

Another  edition.  Fol.  Yenetiis,  1729. 
Numismata  imperatorum  Bomanorum  a  Trajano 
.  Decio  ad  Palaeologos  Augustos ;  acc.  bibliotheca 
nummaria.  Fol.  Lutetiae Parisiorum,  1718.  Bodl. 

Siipplementum  ad  numismata  impp.  Bom.  12 
plates.  Fol.  Bomae,  1719.  Bodl. 

Bibliotheca  nummaria,  sive  auctorum  qui  de  re 
nummaria  scripserunt,  curante  J.  Alb.  Fabricio. 
4to.  Hamb.  1719.  B.M. 

All  three  works  very  fully  illustrated.  The  first 
gives  inscriptions  on  the  Monuments  of  Constanti¬ 

BANG  (Theodor). — Arabesques  by  Theo¬ 
dor  Bang,  engraved  by  J.  C.  Yisscher.  12  plates. 
Oblong  4to.  Neurenberge,  1617.  S.K. 

BANKES  (H.). — Lithography;  or,  the  art 
of  making  drawings  on  stone,  for  the  purpose  of 
being  multiplied  by  printing.  8vo.  Bath,  1813. 


BANKS  (Sir  Joseph). — Account  of  a  Ro¬ 
man  Sepulture  lately  found  in  Lincolnshire.  1  plate. 
In  “  Archaeologia ;  or,  Miscellaneous  Tracts  relating 
to  Antiquity,  published  by  the  Society  of  Anti¬ 
quaries,”  vol.  xii.  p.  96-98. 

BANKS  (Sir  J.). — A  description  of  a  Roman 

Vault,  discovered  in  the  suburbs  of  the  city  of  York. 

1  plate.  The  same,  vol.  xvi.  p.  340. 

BANKS  (Sir  J.).  —  Observations  on  an 

Ancient  Celt  found  near  Boston,  in  Lincolnshire. 

1  plate.  The  same,  vol.  xix.  p.  102-104. 

BANKS  (T.  C.). — The  Dormant  and  Extinct 
Baronage  of  England ;  or,  historical  account  of  the 
English  Nobility,  from  the  Conquest  to  1806.  3 

vols.  4to.  London,  1807.  B.M. 

BANKS  (T.  C.). — Account  of  the  Corona¬ 
tion  Ceremony,  and  a  disquisition  upon  the  Kingly 
Office  and  Bight  of  Succession ;  with  observations 
and  notes.  8vo.  London,  1830.  B.M. 

BANKS  (T.). — Address  on  the  Death  of. 

See  Flaxman  (J.),  Lectures  on  Sculpture. 

BANIER  (Abbe). — La  Mythologie,  et  les 

Fables  exjliquees  par  l’Histoire.  3  vols.  4to. 
Paris,  1738.  Cicogn. 

Another  edition.  8  vols.  12mo.  Paris,  1738- 
80.  Cicogn. 

BANNISTER  (J.  T.,  LL.D.).-A  survey  of 

the  Holy  Land,  its  geography,  history,  and  destiny  ; 
with  an  introduction,  by  W.  Marsh,  D.D.  3rd 
edition.  8vo.  Bath,  1844.  B.M. 

BANNISTER  (J.T.).— Pictorial  Geography 

of  the  Holy  Land.  8vo.  Bath,  n.d.  B.M. 

BANVARD  (John). — Description  of  his 
Panorama  of  the  Mississippi  and  Missouri  Bivers. 
8vo.  London,  1848.  B.M. 

BANYILLE  ( — See  Boret  (G.  de), 

Almanach  de  la  Society  des  Aqua-fortistes.  1865. 

BAQUOY  (Pierre).  —  Catalogue . 

Planches  gravees . 1829.  See  Catalogues,  Sale. 

BAR  ( — ). — Recueil  de  tous  les  costumes 
des  ordres  religieux  et  militaires,  avec  un  abrege 
historique  et  chronologique,  enrichi  de  notes,  et  de 
planches  colorizes.  Containing  in  vol.  i.  93,  vol. 
ii.  74,  vol.  iii.  106,  vol.  iv.  92,  vol.  v.  127,  vol. 
vi.  93  plates.  6  vols.  Fol.  Paris,  1778.  Cicogn. 
BARA  (Hierosme  de). — Le  Blason  des  Ar- 

moiries  auquel  est  monstree  la  maniere  que  les 
anciens  et  modernes  ont  use  en  ^eles.  Fol.  Paris, 

Earlier  editions: — Fol.  Lyon,  1581,  and  1591. 
And  fol.  Paris,  1597.  Fol.  Lyon,  1604. 

Revue,  corrigeeet  augmentee  par  B.R.D.E.L.R. 
Paris,  1628.  With  it:  Scoliier  (Jean,  Chanoine  de 
Berges),  L’Etat.  et  comportement  des  armes.  And 
Moreau  (Philippe),  Le  tableau  des  Armoiries  de 
France.  Both  fol.  Paris,  1630. 

BARAILON  (J.  Fr.). — Recherches  surplu- 

sieurs  monumens  Celtiques  et  Romains  (du  centre 
de  la  France).  8vo.  Paris,  1806.  Bodl. 


Notes  and  Queries, 
April  18,  ’68. 

Books  on  Art  ( under  revision). 


BARAILON  (J.  Fr.). — Memoire  snr  les 
mines  et  les  monumens  d’une  ancienne  Ville  appelee . 
aujourd’hui  Jouille,  Depart,  de  la  Creuse.  In 
“  Memoires  de  l’lnstitut  National  des  Sciences  et 
Arts.”  (Paris,  1854-58),  vol.  v. 

BARANTE  (Amable  Guillaume  Prosper 

Brugieke,  Baron  de).— Histoire  des  dues  de  Bour¬ 
gogne  de  la  maison  de  Valois.  8th  edition.  8  yoIs. 
with  additional  plates.  18mo.  Paris,  1858. 

Earlier  editions  less  full  of  plates. 

BARATTERI  (  Giovanni  Battista)  . — Archi- 

tettura  d’Acque.  2  parts.  Fol.  Piacenza,  1656-63. 


Another  edition. — Architettura  d’Acque . con 

le  figure,  &e.  2  parts.  4to.  Piacenza,  1699.  B.M. 

BARBA  (Alvarez  Alonso). — Metallurgie ; 

ou,  l’art  de  tirer  et  de  purifier  les  metaux :  traduitede 
f  Espagnol  (par  Lenglet  Dufresnoy,  sous  le  pseudo- 
nyme  de  M.  Gosford) ;  avec  les  dissertations  sur  les 
mines,  &c.  12mo.  Paris,  1751.  T.C.D. 

In  Spanish. — Arte  de  los  Metales.  8vo.  Madrid, 
1639.  Lond.  Inst. 

The  first  book  of  the  art  of  mettals.  Transl.  from 
the  Spanish,  by  Edward  (Montague)  Earl  of  Sand¬ 
wich.  8vo.  London,  1674.  T.C.D. 

BARBARACI  (Gaetano)  .  —  Dissertazione 

sopra  un  vase  di  creta  Grseco-Siculo  rappresentante 
le  cistefore  di  Cerere.  4to.  n.  p.  o.  d.  Bodl. 

BARBARO  (Daniello),  Patriarch  of  Aqui- 
leia. — La  Pratica  della  Perspettiva.  Eol.  Venetia, 
1568.  B.M. 

And  (sometimes  without  woodcut  front.)  4to. 
Venetia  (Cammillo  Butilio  Borgominieri),  1569. 


BARBARO  (D.).  —  Commentaries  upon 

Vitruvius.  See  Vitruvius. 

BARBARO  (Marchese) .— -Degli  avanzi  di 
alcuni  antichissimi  Edifici  scoperti  in  Malta ;  dis¬ 
sertazione  storico-critica.  Plates.  4to.  Malta,  1794. 

BARBARY  (Jacopo  de).-— See  Galichon 


BARBAT  (Louis). — Histoire  de  la  ville  de 
Chalons-sur-Marne  et  de  ses  monuments,  depuis 
son  origine  jusqu’a  l’epoque  aetuelle  (1854).  Edi¬ 
tion  ornee  de  100  planches  et  dessins  lithographies 
chez  l’auteur.  4to.  Chalons-sur-Marne,  1855.  B.M. 

BARBATIUS  (Johannes) .  —  Barbee  majes- 
tas ;  h.  e.  de  barbis  descriptio.  4to.  Francofurti, 
n.  d.  Bodl. 

BARBAITLD  (Anna  L^titia). — Hymns  in 

Prose  for  children.  By  Mrs.  Barbauld.  Illustrated. 
Post  4to.  London,  1864.  S.K. 

BARB  AULT  (Jean).  —  Les  plus  beaux 

Monumens  de  Borne  ancienne  en  128  planches,  avec 
leur  explication.  Large  fol.  Borne,  1761. 

Also  :  Large  fol.  Borne,  1763.  In  German  :  Denk- 
maler  des  alten  Boms,  a.  d.  Fr.  (by  B.  H.  Brucker). 
60  plates  by  Kilian.  Large  fol.  Augsburg,  1767. 
New  title.  Fol.  Leipzig  (1803). 

BARBAULT  (J.).  —  Recueil  de  divers 

Monumens  anciens  repandus  en  plusieurs  endroits 
de  l’ltalie,  dessines  et  graves  en  166  planches,  avec 
leur  explication  historique.  Pour  servir  de  suite 
aux  Monumens  de  Borne  ancienne.  Large  fol. 
Borne,  1770.  B.M. 

BARBAULT  (J.). — Yues  des  plus  beaux 
restes  des  Antiquites  Bomaines,  telles  qu’elles  sub¬ 
sisted  encore  a  Borne  et  en  divers  endroits  de 
l’ltalie,  Fol.  Borne,  1775.  S.K. 

Dessinees  par  M.  Barbault,  et  gravees  par  d’ha- 
biles  maitres  en  120  planches.  And  fol.  Borne,  1787. 

BARBAULT  (J.). — Monumens  antiques  ; 

ou,  Collection  choisie  d’anciens  basreliefs,  et  frag- 

mens  Egyptiens,  Grecs,  Bomains,  et  Etrusques  ; . 

200  planches  avec  leur  explication  en  abrege, 
la  plupart  dessinees  et  gravees  par  M.  B.  (94  plates 
in  bistre).  Fol.  Borne,  1783.  B.M. 

BARBAULT  (J.).  —  Costumes  d’ltalie 

d’apres  les  Peintures  faites  par  Barbault  a  Borne  en 
1750,  graves  a  l’eau-forte  par  L6on  Gaucherel.  12 
plates.  Small  fol.  Paris,  1862.  S.K. 

BARBER  (C.).- — Painting  and  its  poetical 
character.  Liverpool  Architectural  and  Archaeolo¬ 
gical  Society,  vol.  i.  part  i.  p.  77. 

BARBER  (Edmund). — The  Painters,  Grain- 

ers,  and  Writers  Assistant . Also  a  variety  of  re¬ 

ceipts  and  information  for  general  work,  writing, 
&c.,  with  receipts  and  instructions  for  making  all 
kinds  of  varnishes,  &c.  12mo.  London,  1852.  S.K. 

BARBER  (  J.  T.) . — A  Tour  throughout  South 
Wales  and  Monmouthshire.  8vo.  London,  1803.  Bodl. 
BARBER  (John  Warner). — The  history 
and  antiquities  of  New  England,  New  York,  and 
New  Jersey.  8vo.  Worcester,  1841.  Bodl. 

BARBERIIS  (Ph.  de). — Opuscula.  82 

leaves,  with  29  woodcuts.  4to.  Bomae  ( J.  Ph.  do 
Lignamine),  1481.  (With  the  cuts  coloured.) 


BARBERINT. —  Dichiaratione  delle  Pittvre 
dellaSalade’ Signori Barberini.  8vo.  Roma,  1570.  B.M. 
BARBERINTO  (Fr.). — Documenti  di  amore. 

Published  by  Federigo  Ubaldini;  divided  into  12 
parts,  with  portraits  to  each,  as  well  as  that  of 
Barberino,  and  a  front.,  by  Corn.  Bloemart  and 
others.  4to.  Roma  (Mascardi),  1640.  Cicogn. 
BARBET  (J.). — Livre  d’Architecture  d’au- 

tels  et  de  cheminees . de  l’invention  et  dessein 

de  J.  B . Grave . par  J.  20  plates  of  chimneys, 

26  of  altars.  8vo.  Paris,  1642.  S.K. 

BARBET  (J.).  —  Pieces  d’Architecture  on 
sont  comprises  plusieurs  sortes  de  cheminees  par 
Pierre  Collet.  18  plates.  Bcdl. 

Differents  compartimens  et  capitaux.  28  plates 
by  Tavernier.  Fol.  Paris,  1619.  Cicogn. 

With  it  the  following:  Varie  Architetture  di  Fran¬ 
cesco  Fanelli  Fiorentino  scultore  del  Be  della  Gran 
Brettagna.  20  plates  of  fountains,  n.  p.  o.  d. 

Livre  de  differents  desseins  de  Parterres.  22  plates 
on  copper.  Fol.  Paris,  n.d.  Cicogn. 



Universal  Catalogue  of 

Notes  and  Queries, 
April  18,  ’68. 

BARBET  DE  JOUY  (Henry).— Les  Della 

Robbia,  sculpteurs  en  terre  emaill6e.  Etude  sur 
leurs  travaux,  suivie  d’un  catalogue  de  leur  oeuvres, 
fait  en  Italie,  en  1853.  12mo.  Paris,  1855.  B.M. 
'RABBET  DE  JOUY  (H.). — Les  Mosaiques 

chretiennes  des  basiliques  et  des  eglises  de  Rome, 
decrites  et  expliquees.  8vo.  Paris,  1857.  B.M. 
BARBIELLINI  (Carlo). — Raccolta  di  let- 

tere  sulla  pittura,  scultura  ed  architettura,  scritte 
da’  piu  celebri  personaggi  che  in  dette  arti  fiorino 
dal  secolo  XV.  al  XVII.  6  vols.  4to.  Roma,  1754. 


4  vols.  4to.  Roma,  1757-64.  B.M. 

BARBIER  — .  1779.  Tableaux.  —  See 

Catalogues,  Sale. 

BARBIER  (Alexandre  Nicolas)  and  (Vic- 

toire,  Mademoiselle). — Nouveau  traite  tout  pratique 
de  lavis  et  depeinture  a  l’aquarelle,  avec  des  facsimile 
d’apres  les  dessins  originaux  de  MM.  Charlet,  A. 
Delacroix,  Hubert,  Lepoitevin.  Par  A.  B.  et  V.  B. 
4 to.  Paris,  1860.  B.M. 

BARBIER  (Jo.  Francois). — Livre  de  Por- 
traitvre.  4to.  (1642.)  B.M. 

BARBIER  (L.  N.). — Esquisse  bistorique  sur 

l’ivoirerie  (Beaux- Arts  et  Industrie).  Antiquite, 
moyen-age,  renaissance.  Exposition  de  1855.  83 

pp.  18mo.  Paris,  1857.  B.M. 

BARBIER  (0.  A.).— See  Foissy  (F.  M.)  and 

Barbier  (0.  A.),  Exposition  de  tableaux  au  Musee 

Royal  du  Louvre,  &c . 1837.  B.M. 


Abbe). — La  Cathedrale  d’Anagni.  4to.  Paris, 
1858.  B.M. 


Peintures  claustrales  des  Monasteres  de  Rome.  8vo. 
Paris,  1860.  S.K. 

BARBIERI  (Giovanni  Francesco).  —  See 


BARBIROLO  (Alessandro). — Giuochi  di 

Carte  bellissimi,  di  regola  et  memoria  con  secreti 
belli ssimi  per  passar  l’ozio  e  il  tempo.  8vo.  Bologna, 

BARBOGLIO  (Pietro). — Fastes  de  Napo¬ 
leon  Ier.,  peints  par  A.  Appiani,  graves  par  J. 
Longhi,  M.  Bisi,  Benaglia,  T.  et  F.  Rosaspina,  &c. 
35  plates.  Fol.  Paris  (1854?)  B.M. 

BARBOSA  (Francisco  Ferreira). — Eluci- 
dario  do  Viajante  no  Porto.  8vo.  Coimbra,  1864.  S.K. 
BARBOZA  (Joze). — Elogios  dos  reis  de 
Portugal.  Plates.  4to.  Lisbon,  1726. 
BARBOZA  (J.).  —  Catalogo  chronologico 
historico  genealogico  e  critico  das  rainhas  de  Portu¬ 
gal.  Plates.  4to.  Lisboa,  1726. 

BARCA  (Alessandro).- — Saggio  sopra  il 

bello  di  proporzione  in  Architettura.  4  plates.  4to. 
Bassano,  1806.  Bodl. 

BARCA  (A.). — Della  Geometria  di  Polifilo. 
Memoria.  Plates.  Fol.  Brescia,  1808.  Cicogn. 

BARCA  (Pietro  Antonio). — Avvertimenti, 

e  regole  circa  1’ Architettura  civile,  Scultura;  Pittura, 
Prospettiva,  et  Architettura  militare,  per  offesa 
e  difesa  di  Fortezze.  Plates,  8  of  architecture  ;  7  of 
sculpture  and  proportion  ;  6  perspective ;  8  of  for¬ 
tification  ;  with  frontispiece.  46  pp.  Oblong  fol. 
Milano,  1620.  B.M. 

BARCLAY  (George).  —  B’s  designs  for 

marking  silver  plate.  8vo.  London  (1860).  S.K. 

BARCLAY  (G.). — Monograms  by  G.  B., 

assisted  by  J.  F.,  W.  J.  R.,  T.  B.,  and  others.  8vo. 
London  (1860).  S.K. 

BARD  (Joseph). — Derniers  Melanges  de  lit- 
teratureetd’archeologiesacree.  4to.  Lyon,  1847. B.M. 
BARD  (J.). — Rechercbes  sur  les  premieres 
representations  du  Crucifix  etles  premieres  Peintures 
hieratiques.  In  the  “  Bulletin  monumental,”  vol.  x. 
BARD  (J.). — Melanges  d’Archeologie.  4 
plates.  The  same,  vol.  xiii.  S.K. 

BARDET  (de  Villeneuve). — Traite  d’ Ar¬ 
chitecture  Civile  a  l’usage  des  Ingenieurs.  12  large 
plates.  8vo.  La  Haye,  1740.  Cicogn. 

BARDI  (Giovanni  de’). — Memorie  del Calcio 

Fiorentino  tratte  da  diverse  scritture,  &c.  2nd 
edition.  2  plates.  4to.  Firenze,  1688.  Cicogn. 

BARDI  (G.  de’). — Della  Imp.  Villa  Adriana 

di  altre  sontvosissime  gia  adjacenti  alia  Citta  di 
Tivoli  descrizione.  (Edited  by  D.  Moreni.)  8vo. 
Firenze,  1825.  B.M. 

BARDI  (Girolamo). — Delle  cose  notabili 

della  Citta  di  Venezia,  coll’  aggiunta  della  dichiara- 
zione  delle  storie  dipinte  nel  Palazzo  Ducale.  8vo. 
Venezia  (Valgrisio),  1587.  Cicogn. 

BARDI  (G.). — Dicbiarazione  di  tutte  le 

storie,  che  si  contengono  nei  quadri  posti  nuova- 
mente  nelle  sale  dello  Scrutinio,  e  del  gran  Consiglio 
nel  Palazzo  Ducale  di  Venezia.  8vo.  Venezia, 
1606.  Cicogn. 

BARDI  (Luigi). — L’lmperiale  e  Reale  Gal¬ 
leria  Pitti,  illustrata  per  cura  di  L.  B.  4  vols.  500 
plates.  Large  fol.  Firenze,  1837-42.  B.M. 

BARDI  (L.). — Photographs  of  Drawings  by 
Raphael  and  other  Masters  in  the  Galleries  of  Flo¬ 
rence,  Venice  and  Vienna.  Photographed  by  the 
Brothers  Alinari.  Published  by  L.  B.  4  vols.  Fol. 
Florence,  1857-59.  S.K. 

BARDIN  (G.). — Enseignement  public.  Mo- 
deles  destines  a  1’enseignement  de  la  Geometrie 
descriptive  et  de  ses  applications :  ombres,  perspec¬ 
tive,  stereotomie,  topographie,  fortification,  &c. 
(Exposition  Universelle,  1855,  France,  No.  1989.) 
4to.  Paris,  1855.  S.K. 

BARDIN  (G.). — Cours  de  Dessin  industriel. 

2  parts.  Fol.  Paris,  1861-63.  B.M. 

BARDON  (A.). — Cours  elementaire,  theo- 
rique  et  pratique,  de  Dessin  lineaire,  a  l’usage  des 
arpenteurs,  geometres  du  cadastre,  agens  voyers, 
piqueurs  et  conducteurs  des  ponts-et-chaussees,  et 
des  6coles  industrielles.  8vo.  Paris,  1839.  S.K. 

Notes  and  Queries, 
April  25,  ’68. 

Books  on  Art  ( under  revision). 


BARDON  (M.  Fr.  Dandre)  . — Traite  de  Pein- 

ture,  suivi  d’un  Essai  stir  la  Sculpture.  Pour  servir 
d’Introduction  a  une  Histoire  Uuiverselle,  relative  a 
ces  Beaux  Arts.  2  vols.  12mo.  Paris,  1765.  S.K. 

Yol.  ii.  (p.  113-227) :  Catalogue  des  plus  fameux 
peiutres,  sculpteurs  et  graveurs  de  l’ecole  fran9aise. 

BARDOT  (M.  Fr.  Dandre). — Histoire 

universelle  traitee  relativement  aux  arts  de  peindre 
et  de  sculpter ;  ou  tableau  de  l’histoire  enrichi  de 
eonnaissances,  &e.  3  vols.  12mo.  Paris,  1769. 


BARDON  (M.  Fr.  Dandre). — Costumes  des 

anciens  peuples  a  l’usage  des  artistes.  364  plates.  3 
vols.  4to.  Paris,  1772. 

4to.  Paris,  1784. 

In  German,  by  W.  Gf.  Becker.  4to.  Leipzig, 
1776.  5  parts  only. 

BARD  WELL  (Thomas). — The  practice  of 

painting  and  perspective  made  easy :  in  which  is 
contained  the  art  of  painting  in  oil,  with  the  method 

of  colouring . and  a  new  short  and  familiar  account 

of  the  art  of  perspective,  illustrated  with  copper¬ 
plates.  4to.  London,  1756.  B.M. 

4to.  London,  1782.  S.K. 

BARD  WELL  (William)  . — Temples,  ancient 
and  modern  ;  or,  notes  on  Church  Architecture.  15 
plates,  and  illustrations  in  the  text.  8vo.  London, 
1837.  S.K. 

BARD  WELL  (W.). — Westminster  Im¬ 
provements  ;  a  brief  account  of  Ancient  and  Modern 
Westminster  ;  with  observations  on  former  plans 
of  improvement.  8vo.  London,  1839.  B.M. 

BARELA  (Gio.  B.). — Honrras  a  la  Catho- 
lica  magestad  del  Eey  D.  Philippe  quarto  celebradas 
en  Milan  a’  17  deciembre  1665,  traducidas  de  Italiano 
enEspannol  (by  Don  Gabriel  deUcedo).  Eol.  n.p.  o.  d. 


BARETTI  (Giuseppe). — A  Guide  through 
the  Eoyal  Academy.  4to.  London  (1780  ?).  B.M. 

BARETTI  (G.). — Gl’  Italiani,  o  siarelazione 

degli  usi  e  costumi  d’  Italia.  8vo.  Milano,  1818. 


BARETTI  (P.). — Anew  Book  of  Ornaments 
on  16  leaves  for  the  year  1762;  very  useful  for 
Cabinet-makers,  Carvers,  Painters,  Engravers.  8vo. 
(London,  1762.)  B.M. 

BARFOD  (Poyl  Frederik).  —  Thorvald- 

sensk  Album,  samlet  og  udgivet  af  E.  B.  2  parts. 
8vo.  Kjobenhavn  (1845  ?).  B.M. 

BARGiEUS  (Petrus  Angelius). — Commen- 
tarius  de  Obelisco.  4to.  Eomse,  1586.  Bodl. 

BARGrEUS  (P.  A.).- — De  privatorum,  pub- 

blicorumque  sedificiorum  urbis  Eomse  eversoribus. 
Epistola  ad  Petrum  Usimbardum.  4to.  Elorentise, 
1589.  Cicogn. 

BARGAGLI  (Scipione). — Delle  Imprese  ; 

alia  1.  parte,  la  2.  e  la  3.  nuovamente  aggiunte. 
Plates.  4to.  Venezia  (presso  il  Eranceschi),  1594. 


BARGES  (Jean  Joseph  Leandre,  Abbe). — 

Notice  sur  un  autel  chretien  antique,  orne  de  bas- 

reliefs . deeouvert  dans  les  environs  de  la  ville 

d’Auriol  (Bouches-du-Ehone).  2  plates.  4to. 
Paris,  1861.  B.M. 

BARHAM  (Rev.  Richard  Harris). — The 

Ingoldsby  Legends ;  or,  mirth  and  marvels,  by 
Thomas  Ingoldsby,  Esq.  With  60  illustrations  by 
George  Cruikshank,  John  Leech,  and  John  Tenniel. 
4to.  London,  1864.  S.K. 

BARING  (Daniel  Eberhard). — Clavis  Di- 

plomatica,  tradens  specimina  veterum  Scripturarum, 
&c.  4to.  Hanoverse,  1737.  S.K. 

On  ancient  writing,  abbreviations,  &c. 

BARISIONI  (Gio.).— II  vero  lume  dell’  arte 
dello  Scrivere,  col  quale  Gio.  Barisioni  privilegiato 
dalla  Ser.  Eep.  di  Venezia  insegna  in  una  sola 
lezione  a  formare  il  vero  carattere  cancelleresco  ad 
ogni  persona,  dedicato  al  Sig.  Paolo  Sarotti.  12 
plates.  '  Oblong  4to.  Venezia,  1607.  Cicogn. 

BARJAUD  (J.  B.)  and  LANDON  (0.  P.).— 

Description  de  Londres  et  de  ses  edifices,  avec  un 
precis  historique  et  des  observations  sur  le  caractere 
de  leur  architecture  et  sur  les  principaux  objets  d’art 

et  de  curiosite  qu’ils  renferment . Ouvrage  faisant 

suite  a  la  description  de  Paris.  Plates.  8vo.  Paris, 
1810.  B.M. 

BARKER  (Alexander). — Letter  on  the  pro¬ 
position  about  to  be  made  in  the  House  of  Commons, 
to  give  up  the  National  Gallery  in  Trafalgar  Square 
to  the  Eoyal  Academy.  June  15,  1866.  8vo.  S.K. 

BARKER  (Charles  Fiott). — Memoir  on 

Syria;  being  the  result  of  personal  observations 
made  during  a  residence  of  seventeen  years  in  the 
Levant.  8vo.  London  (1845).  B.M. 

BARKER  (Edward).- — Painters’,  grainers’, 
and  writers’  assistant.  12mo.  London,  1852. 


BARKER  (  Thomas  Herbert  ) .  —  Photo¬ 
graphs  of  eminent  Medical  Men  of  all  countries, 
with  brief  analytical  notices  of  their  works.  Edited 

by  T.  H.  B . The  photographic  portraits  from 

life,  by  E.  Edwards,  &c.  8vo.  London  (1865,  &c.). 


BARE  AND  US  (Hadrianus).: — Hollandii  co- 

mitum  historia  et  icones,  cum  scholiis.  Eol.  Lug- 
duni  Batavorum,  1584. 

BARLANDUS  (H.).— Chroniques  des  dues 
de  Brabant,  enrichies  de  leurs  figures  et  pourtraits 
par  J.  B.  Vrient.  Eol.  Anvers,  1603.  Bodl. 

And,  Eol.  Anvers,  1612.  B.M. 

BARLOW  (Henry  Clark). — Symbolism  in 
reference  to  Art.  4to.  (London,  1860.)  B.M. 

Pp.  97-110  of  the  Transactions  of  the  Eoyal 
Institute  of  British  Architects. 

And,  8vo.  London,  1866.  S.K. 

BARLOW  (J.). — On  Silica  and  some  of  its 

applications  to  the  arts.  8vo.  London,  1854.  B.Arch. 

s  65 


Universal  Catalogue  of 

Notes  and  Queries, 
April  25,  ’68. 

BARLOW  (P.) . — A  Treatise  on  the  strength, 

of  Timber,  &c . With  seven  plates.  A  new  edi¬ 

tion,  revised  and  corrected  by  J.  F.  Heather ;  to 
which  is  added  an  Essay  on  the  effects  produced  by 
causing  Weights  to  travel’  over  Elastic  Bars,  by  the 
Rev.  Robert  Willis,  with  nine  illustrations.  8vo. 
London,  1851.  S.K. 

1st  edition.  8vo.  London,  1837. 

BARLOW  (P.). — Tables  of  squares,  cubes, 
&c. ;  from  plates  of  1840  ;  edited  by  A.  de  Morgan. 
8vo.  London,  1860.  B.  Arch. 

BARLOW  (P.  W.). — Observations  on  the 
Niagara  Railway  Suspension  Bridge.  8vo.  London, 

Lambeth  Bridge.  Eol.  London,  1860.  B.  Arch. 

BARLOW  (W.  H.).  —  Descriptions  to  dia¬ 

grams.  See  Buck  (G-.  W.),  On  oblique  bridges. 

BARNARD  (Benjamin).  —  Illustrations  of 
antient  state  and  chivalry ;  from  MSS.  in  the  Ash- 
molean  Museum.  4to.  London  (Roxburghe  Club), 
1840.  B.M. 

BARNARD  (Frederick  A.  P.). — Art  Cul¬ 
ture  :  its  relation  to  national  refinement  and  na¬ 
tional  morality.  An  Oration  pronounced  before 
the  Alabama  Alpha  of  the  Society  of  the  Phi  Beta 

Kappa . July  11th,  1854.  8vo.  New  York, 

1864.  B.M. 

BARNARD  (George). — Handbook  of  Foli¬ 
age  and  Foreground  Drawing.  Illustrated  by  nu¬ 
merous  examples  of  trees,  shrubs,  &e.  8vo.  London, 
1853.  S.K. 

BARNARD  (G.). — The  Theory  and  Prac¬ 
tice  of  Landscape  Painting  in  Water-Colours.  Illus¬ 
trated  by  a  series  of .  twenty -four  designs,  coloured 
diagrams,  and  numerous  woodcuts.  8vo.  London, 
1855.  S.K. 

. Illustrated  by  a  series  of  thirty  drawings 

and  diagrams  in  colours,  and  numerous  woodcuts. 
. New  and  enlarged  edition.  4to.  London,  1858. 

And,  8 vo.  London,  1861.  B.M. 

BARNARD  (Gr.). — Drawings  from  Nature: 
a  Series  of  Progressive  Instructions  in  Sketching 
. to  which  are  appended  Lectures  on  Art,  de¬ 
livered  at  Rugby  School.  Illustrated  by  eighteen 
coloured  and  lithographic  plates,  and  more  than  one 
hundred  woodcuts.  Imper.  8vo.  London,  1865. 


BARNARD  (G.).— Second  Series  of  Ele¬ 

mentary  Studies  of  Trees.  Oblong  4to.  London, 

1849.  S.K. 

BARNARD  (G.).  —  The  Rugby  Drawing 

Book,  a  series  of  progressive  lessons.  Oblong  4to. 
Rugby,  n.  d.  S.K. 

BARNARD  (G.). — A  Selection  of  Studies 

from  the  portfolios  of  various  Artists.  Eol.  London, 

1850.  S.K. 

BARNARD  (Henry). — Practical  Illustra¬ 
tions  of  the  principles  of  School  Architecture,  8vo. 
Hartford  (U.S.),  1851.  B.M. 


BARNARD  (H.). — School  Architecture;  or 

contributions  to  the  improvement  of  the  School 

Houses  in  the  United  States . 5th  edition.  8vo. 

Hartford  (U.S.),  1854.  B.M. 

BARNARD  (Rev.  M.  R.).  — The  Life  of 

Thorvaldsen,  collated  from  the  Danish  of  J.  M. 
Thiele.  By  Rev.  M.  R.  B . 1865.  See  Thiele. 

BARNES  (William).  —  The  elements  of 
Linear  Perspective  and  the  projection  of  Shadows. 
12mo.  London,  1842.  B.M. 

BARNIM  (Adalbert  von)  and  HARTMANN 

(Robert). — Skizzen  nach  der  Natur  gemalt.  Oblong 
fol.  Berlin,  1863.  Akad.  der  Kiinste,  Berlin. 
BARNWELL,  in  Cambridgeshire. — The  his¬ 

tory  and  antiquities  of  Barnwell  Abbey  and  of 
Stourbridge  Fair.  4to.  London,  1786.  B.M. 
BAROCCI  (Federico,  di  Urbino).— La 

Deposizione  della  Croce,  quadro  di  E.  B . 1818. 

See  Mezzanotte  (Ant.)  and  Vermiglioli  (G-.  B.). 

BAROCIO  (Giacomo),  or  BAROZZIO.  See 


BARON  (Auguste  Alexis). — La  Belgique 

Monumentale . par  H.  G-.  Moke,  &c.  Ouvrage 

suivi  d’un  tableau  sur  l’etat  actuel  des  arts,  des 
sciences,  &c.,  en  Belgique,  par  A.  B.  2  vols.  8vo. 
Bruxelles,  1844.  B.M. 

BARON  (Rev.  J.).  —  Scudamore  Organs, 

or  practical  hints  respecting  organs  for  village 
churches  and  small  chancels,  on  improved  prin¬ 
ciples.  With  designs  by  G-.  E.  Street.  Second  edition, 
revised,  with  postscript,  and  further  steps.  8vo. 
London,  1862.  S.K. 

BARONETAGE  of  England,  containing  an 
historical  and  genealogical  account  of  all  the  En¬ 
glish  baronets  now  existing ;  illustrated  with  their 
coats  of  arms.  5  vols.  8vo.  London,  1741.  Bodl. 

Another  edition,  by  E.  Kimber  and  R.  Johnson. 
3  vols.  8 vo.  London,  1771.  Bodl. 

BARONI  (Gaspar  Antonio). — Notizie  in- 

torno  al  pittore  G-.  A.  B.,  cavalcabo  di  Sacco.  8vo. 
Verona,  1781. 

BARONI  (Clemente). — Lettera  intorno  le 

cerimonie,  e  complimenti  degli  antichi  Romani. 
8vo.  Rovereto,  1750.  Cicogn. 

BAROTTI  (Cesare). — Pitture  e  sculture 
che  si  trovano  nei  luoghi  pubblici  della  Citta  di 
Ferrara.  8vo.  Ferrara,  1770.  Bodl. 

BAROZZI  (Giacomo),  called  IL  VIGNOLA. 

See  Vignola. 

BAROZZI  (Serafino). — Pianta  e  spaccato 

della  celebre  chiesa  di  S.  Vitale  di  Ravenna,  &c. 
3  plates,  and  frontispiece.  4to.  Bologna,  1782.  B.M. 

BARQUI  (F.). — L’Architecture  modemeen 

France.  Maisons  les  plus  remarquables  des  princi- 
pales  Villes  des  Departements,  Plans,  Coupes,  Ele¬ 
vations,  Details  de  Construction,  &c.  Cent  vingt 
planches  accompagnees  d’un  text  descriptif.  Fol. 
Paris,  1864,  &c.  S.K. 

Notes  and  Queries, ) 
April  25,  ’68.  j 

Books  on  Art  ( under  revision). 


BARR  (Edward). — Elevations,  Sections 
and  Details  of  Strixton  Church,  Northamptonshire. 
Fol.  Oxford,  1849.  S.K. 

BARR  (James). — Anglican  Cliurcli  Archi¬ 
tecture,  with  some  remarks  upon  Ecclesiastical  Fur¬ 
niture.  8vo.  Oxford,  1842.  B.M. 

2nd  edition.  8vo.  Oxford,  1843. 

3rd  edition.  8vo.  Oxford,  1846. 

BARRAS  (Sebastien)  and  COELEMANS 

(Jacob). — Premiere  partie  des  tableaux  du  cabinet 
de  J.  B.  Boyer  gravez  par  S.  B.  et  J.  C.  Fol. 
Aix  (1709).  B.M. 

B ARRAU D  (Philip). — A  new  Book  of 

single  Cyphers,  comprising  600,  invented  and  en¬ 
graved  by  Ph.  B.  8vo.  London,  1805.  S.K. 

BARRAUD  (Pierre  Constant,  Abbe). — 
Notice  sur  les  Calices  et  les  Patenes.  1  plate.  8vo. 
Caen,  1842. 

BARRAUD  (P.  C.). — Description  de  denx 
grandes  Verrieres  de  la  Cathedrale  de  Beauvais 
(xyie  siecle).  1  plate.  8vo.  Beauvais,  1850. 

BARRAUD  (P.  C.). — Notice  snr  les  Tapis- 
series  de  la  Cathedrale  de  Beauvais.  8vo.  Beau¬ 
vais,  1853. 

BARRAUD  (P.  C.). — Description  des  Vi- 

traux  des  chapelles  de  la  Cathedrale  de  Beauvais. 
8vo.  Beauvais,  1856. 

BARRAUD  (P.  C.). — Description  des  Vi- 

traux  des  hautes  fenetres  du  chceur  de  la  Cathedrale 
de  Beauvais.  8vo.  Beauvais,  1856. 

BARRAUD  (P.  C.). — Recherches  sur  les 

Coqs  des  Eglises.  Plates.  8vo.  Caen,  1858. 

BARRAUD  (P.  C.).— Notice  snr  l’Eglise 

de  Saint-Martin-aux-Bois.  2  plates  representing 
the  stalls.  8vo.  Beauvais,  1858. 

BARRAUD  (P.  C.). — Description  de  l’an- 

cienne  Eglise  collegiale  Saint-Barth61emy  de  Beau¬ 
vais.  7  plates.  8vo.  Beauvais,  1862. 
BARRAUD  (P.  C.). — Etude  snr  les  Tableaux 
de  la  Cathedrale  de  Beauvais.  8vo.  Beauvais, 

BARRAUD  (P.  C.). — Note  snr  nn  Tronc 

en  cuivre  du  xvie  sifecle  et  sur  un  rechaud  en  fer 
de  la  meme  epoque,  qui  appartiennent  a  la 
Cathedrale  de  Beauvais.  1  plate.  8vo.  Beauvais, 

BARRAUD  (P.  C.). — Notice  snr  les  Clo¬ 

ches.  8vo.  Caen. 

BARRAUD  (P.  C.). — Notice  archeologi- 
que  et  liturgique  sur  les  Ciboires.  7  plates.  8vo. 
Caen,  1858. 

BARRAUD  (P.  C.). — Notice  archeologi- 

que  et  liturgique  sur  l’Encens  et  les  Eneensoirs. 
7  illustrations  in  the  text.  8vo.  Caen,  1860. 

BARRAUD  (P.  C.). — Beauvais  etses  Monu¬ 
ments  pendant  l’ere  gallo-romaine,  et  sous  la  domi¬ 
nation  franque.  6  plates.  8vo.  Caen,  1861. 

BARRAUD  (P.  C.). — Des  Bagnes  a  toutes 

les  epoques,  et  en  particulier  de  l’anneau  des  Eveques 
et  des  Abbes.  Plates  of  rings.  8vo.  Caen,  1864. 

BARRAUD  (P.  C.). — Notice  snr  la  Mitre 
episcopale.  Plates.  8vo.  Caen,  1865. 
BARRAUD  (P.  C.). — Notice  sur  qnelqnes 

Emaux  de  la  Cathedrale  de  Beauvais,  et  note 
sur  l’autel  de  N.  D.  de  la  Paix,  erige  dans  la  Cathe¬ 
drale  de  Beauvais  conformement  aux  intentions  de 
Louis  XI.  8vo.  Beauvais,  1865. 

BARRAUD  (P.  C.)  and  MARTIN  (Ar¬ 
thur,  S.J.). — Le  Baton  pastoral,  etude  archeolo- 
gique.  Chromolithogr.  plates,  and  -illustrations  in 
the  text.  4to.  Paris,  1858.  S.K. 

BARRAULT  (Alexis)  andBRIDEL  (G.).— 

Le  Palais  de  l’lndustrie  et  ses  annexes ;  description 
raisonnee  du  systems  de  construction  en  fer  et 
en  fonte,  adopte  dans  ces  batiments,  avec  dessins 
d’ execution  et  tableaux  des  poids  par  M.  A.  Barrault 
. et  M.  G-.  Bridel.  Fol.  Paris,  1857.  S.K. 

BARRE  (Louis). — Herculanum  et  Pompei. 
Eecueil  general  des  peintures,  bronzes,  mosaiques, 
&c.,  decouverts  jusqu’a  ce  jour  et  reproduits  d’apres 
“  le  Antichita  di  Ercolano,”  &c.,  et  tous  les  ouvrages 
analogues,  augment^  de  sujets  inedits,  grave  par 
M.  Poux  aine,  et  accompagne  d’un  texte  explicatif, 
par  M.  L.  B.  8  vols.  760  plates.  8vo.  Paris, 

BARRE  (L.). — Les  Conseils  d’ Albert  Durer. 

Illustrations.  4  to;  Paris,  1849. 

BARRE. — La  Statue  de  Guttemberg  par  B. 

See  G-.  (Eugene). 

BARRERA  (A.  de,  Madame). — Gems  and 

Jewels ;  their  history,  geography,  chemistry,  and 
ana.  From  the  earliest  ages,  down  to  the  present 
time.  (With  a  preface  by  J.  Babinet.)  8vo. 
London,  1860.  S.K. 

BARRERE  (Joseph,  Abbe). — Histoire  reli- 

gieuse  et  monumentale  du  diocese  d’Agen,  depuis  les 

temps  les  plus  recules  jusqu’a  nos  jours . enrichie 

de  lithographies  a  deux  teintes  et  d’un  grand  nombre 
de  sujets  iconographiques.  2  vols.  4to.  Agen, 
1855-6.  B.M. 

BARRERE  (J.).  - —  Chasse  de  St.  Louis 

conservee  a  la  Montjoie  (Lot  et  Garonne).  Chrorno- 
lith.  plate.  In  the  “  Bulletin  des  comites  historiques, 
Archeologie,  Beaux  Arts,”  vol.  iii.  p.  150.  B.M. 

BARRERE  (Pierre).  —  Observations  sur 
l’origine  et  la  formation  des  pierres  figures.  2  plates. 
8vo.  Paris,  1746.  B.M. 

BARRERE  DE  VlflUSAC.  —  Lettro  de 

M.  Barr&re  de  Vieusac  et  de  M.  Duplessis,  peintre 
du  Roi.  8vo.  Paris,  30  et  31  mai,  1791. 

BARRE SWIL  and  DAYANNE.  —  Chimie 

Photographique ;  par  MM.  B.  et  D.:  Deuxieme  edi¬ 
tion,  entierement  refondue  et  orneede  figures  dansle 
texte.  8 vo.  Paris  (1859).  S.K. 

BARRETT  (George).  —  The  Theory  and 



Universal  Catalogue  of 

Notes  and  Queries, 
April  25,  ’68. 

Practice  of  Water-colour  Painting ;  elucidated  in  a 
series  of  letters.  Royal  8vo.  London,  1840.  S.K. 

BARRETT  (William). — The  history  and 
antiquities  of  the  city  of  Bristol.  4to.  Bristol, 
1789.  B.M. 

BAKRI  (Cristoforo). — Cochin  China;  con¬ 
taining  many  admirable  Parities  and  Singularities 
of  that  Countrey :  extracted  out  of  an  Italian  Rela¬ 
tion  lately  presented  to  the  Pope,  by  Christophoro 
Barri  that  liued  certaine  yeeres  there :  and  published 
by  Robert  Ashley.  4to.  London,  1633.  B.M. 

BARRI  (Giacomo). — Viaggio  pittoresco,  in 

cui  si  notano  tutte  le  Pitture  famose  che  si . con- 

servano  in  qualsivoglia  citta  dell’  Italia.  12mo. 
Venetia,  1671.  B.M. 

English  translation. — The  Painter’s  -Voyage  of 
Italy  ;  in  which  all  the  famous  Paintings  of  the  most 
eminent  Masters  are  particularised,  as  they  are  pre¬ 
served  in  the  several  cities  of  Italy . Whereunto 

is  added  that  excellent  collection  of  Signior  Septale ; 
illustrated  with  the  Heads  of  some  of  the  most 
renowned  Painters.  Englished  by  W.  L(odge).  8vo. 
London,  1679.  B.M. 

BARRIBRE  (Dominique). — Villa  Aldobran- 

dina  Tusculana  sive  varii  illius  hortorum  et  fontium 
prospectus.  22  plates.  Pol.  Romas,  1647. 

BARRINGTON  (Archibald). — A  manual 

of  British  Architecture.  8vo.  London,  1843.  B.M. 

BARRINGTON  (A.). — A  tabular  display  of 

British  Architecture.  8vo.  London,  1843.  B.M. 

BARRINGTON  (A.).— Plain  hints  for  un¬ 
derstanding  the  genealogy  and  armorial  bearings  of 
the  sovereigns  of  England ;  with  a  description  of 
the  different  styles  of  British  Architecture.  8vo. 
London,  1843.  Bodl. 

BARRINGTON  (A.). — Chronological  chart 
of  British  Architecture  ;  with  the  genealogy  and  ar¬ 
morial  bearings  of  the  sovereigns  of  England.  (Sin¬ 
gle  sheet.)  Eol.  London,  1843.  Bodl. 

BARRINGTON  (A.).  —  Elements  of  He- 

raldry  ;  with  a  description  of  the  figures  in  the  dis¬ 
play,  &c.  8vo.  London,  1844.  Bodl. 

BARRINGTON  (A.).  —  Lectures  on  He¬ 
raldry  ;  in  which  the  principles  of  the  science  are 
familiarly  explained,  and  its  application  shown  to 
the  study  of  history  and  architecture,  &c.  8vo. 
London,  1844.  B.M. 

BARRINGTON  (A.).  —  Pocket  chart  of 

British  Architecture,  chronologically  arranged.  (Sin¬ 
gle  sheet.)  Eol.  London,  1844.  B.M. 

BARRINGTON  (A.).— Pocket  manual  of 

Eoreign  Architecture.  8vo.  London,  1844.  B.M. 

BARRON  (James). — Modern  and  elegant 

designs  of  cabinet  and  upholstery  furniture,  supplied 
by  him.  4to.  London,  n.  d.  T.C.D. 

BARROW  (J.). — A  New  and  Universal 

Dictionary  of  Arts  and  Sciences.  Eol.  London,  1751. 


BARROW  (J.). — A  Supplement  to  the  New 

and  Universal  Dictionary  of  Arts  and  Sciences.  Eol. 
London,  1754.  B.M. 

BARROW  (J.). — Dictionarium  Polygraphi- 
cum :  or,  the  whole  Body  of  Arts  regularly  digested. 
2  vols.  8vo.  London,  1758.  B.M. 

BARROW  (John). — Travels  in  China,  &c., 
from  Peking  to  Canton.  Plates.  4to.  London,  1804. 

In  German,  by  J.  Ch.  Huttner.  2  vols.  Plates. 
8vo.  Weimar,  1804-5. 

In  Erench,  by  J.  Castera.  3  vols.  8vo.  Vol.  of 
plates,  4to.  Paris,  an  xiii  (1805). 

And  by  Malte  Brim.  2  vols.  8vo.  Plates,  4to. 
Paris,  1807. 

BARROW  (J.). — Voyage  to  Cochinchina in 
the  years  1792  and  93,  &c.,  with  coloured  plates. 
4to.  London,  1806. 

In  Grerman,  by  Thph.  E.  Ehrmann.  Plates.  8vo. 
Wien,  1808. 

BARROW  (J.). — Account  of  Travels  into 
the  interior  of  Southern  Africa,  in  the  years  1797 
and  98.  2  vols.  Plates.  4to.  London,  1801-3. 

2nd  edition.  2  vols.  4to.  London,  1806.  With 
8  additional  coloured  plates  by  Daniell. 

In  German,  by  Mth.  Ch.  Sprengel.  2  vols.  8vo. 
Wien,  1801-5. 

BARROW  (J.). — Excursions  in  the  North 
of  Europe,  through  parts  of  Russia,  Einland,  Swe¬ 
den,  Denmark  and  Norway,  in  1830  and  1833. 
8vo.  London,  1834.  B.M. 

BARROW  (J.). — Tour  in  Austrian  Lom¬ 
bardy,  the  Northern  Tyrol,  and  Bavaria,  in  1840. 
12mo.  London,  1841.  B.M. 

BARROW  (J.  C.). — Picturesque  Views  of 
Churches  and  other  buildings,  from  drawings  by  J. 
C.  B.,  engraved  by  G.  J.  Parkins.  With  descrip¬ 
tions.  Eol.  London,  1790-93.  B.M. 

Sixteen  plates.  Without  title-page. 

BARROW  (John  Henry). — Characteristic 

sketches  of  animals,  drawn  and  engraved  by  Thomas 
Landseer,  with  descriptive  and  illustrative  notices. 
4to.  London,  1832.  B.M. 

BARRY  (Alfred). — The  office  of  Art  in  the 
glorification  of  God.  A  Sermon  (on  Cor.  vi.  19,  20). 
In  “  Some  of  the  Sermons  preached  during  the 
Octave  of  the  dedication  of  All  Souls’  Church,  Hali¬ 
fax,”  &c.  8vo.  (1859.)  B.M. 

BARRY  (Sir  Charles). — Architectural  Ca¬ 
reer.  See  Wyatt  (M.  D.),  On  the  Architectural 
Career,  &c. 

BARRY  (Sir  C.). — A  History  of  the  Palace 
of  Westminster.  With  illustrations  by  C.  B.  See 
Ryde  (Henry  T.). 

BARRY  (Edward). — Souvenirs  d’une  collec¬ 
tion  de  Province.  (LesLampes  de  Bronze.)  Dessins 
de  B.  Dusan.  4to.  Toulouse,  1861.  B.M. 

BARRY  (George). — History  of  the  Orkney 
Islands.  With  (12)  plates,  and  a  copious  appendix 


Notes  and  Queries,  \ 
May  2,  ’68.  / 

Boohs  on  Art  ( under  revision). 


and  index  by  the  Rev.  Janies  Headrick.  2nd  edition. 
4to,  London,  1808.  Bodl. 

1st  edition.  4to.  Edinburgh,  1805. 

BARRY  (James,  R.A.). — An  Inquiry  into 

the  real  and  imaginary  obstructions  to  the  acquisi¬ 
tion  of  the  Arts  in  England.  8vo.  London,  1775. 


BARRY  (J.). — An  account  of  a  series  of 
Pictures  in  the  G-reat  Room  of  the  Society  of  Arts 
at  the  Adelphi.  8vo.  London,  1783.  B.M. 

8vo.  London,  1792.  B.M, 

8vo.  London,  1803. 

8vo.  London,  1821. 

8vo.  London,  1833. 

BARRY  (J.). — A  Letter  to  the  President 

. of  the  Society  for  the  Encouragement  of  Arts, 

Manufactures,  and  Commerce.  8vo.  London,  1793. 


BARRY  (J.). — A  Letter  to  the  Dilettanti 
Society  respecting  the  obtention  of  certain  matters 
essentially  necessary  for  the  improvement  of  public 
taste,  and  for  accomplishing  the  original  views  of 
the  Royal  Academy  of  Great  Britain.  4to.  Lon¬ 
don,  1798.  B.M. 

The  second  edition ;  with  an  appendix,  respecting 
the  matters  lately  agitated  between  the  Academy 
and  the  Professor  of  Painting.  8vo.  London,  1799. 


BARRY  (J.). — A  Series  of  Etchings  by  J.  B. 

. from, his  original . paintings  in  the  Great 

Room  of  the  Society  of  Arts,  Manufactures  and  Com¬ 
merce,  Adelphi.  (With  illustrative  letterpress.) 
Pol.  London,  1808.  S.K. 

BARRY  (J.).— The  Works  of  J.  B . con¬ 

taining  his  correspondence  from  Prance  and  Italy 
with  Mr.  Burke  (and  Mr.  W.  Burke) ;  his  lectures 
on  Painting,  &c.,  now  first  published  from  manu¬ 
scripts,  and  illustrated  by  engravings,  from  sketches 
left  by  the  author;  and  his  inquiry  into  the  causes 
which  have  obstructed  the  progress  of  the  Pine  Arts 
in  England,  &c.  To  which  is  prefixed  some  account 
of  the  life  and  writings  of  the  author.  2  vols.  4to. 
London,  1809.  S.K. 

BARRY  (J.). — -Lectures  on  Painting,  by 
the  Royal  Academicians  Barry,  Opie,  and  Puseli. 
Edited,  with  an  introduction  and  notes,  critical  and 
illustrative,  by  Ralph  N,  Wornum.  12mo.  Lon¬ 
don,  1848.  S.K. 

In  Bohn’s  Scientific  Library.  London,  1847. 
BARRY  (J.).  —  Engravings  from  Pictures 
by  J.  B.  See  Boydeix,  Shakspeare. 

BARRY  (J.). — Notice  sur . See  Vialart 

Saint  Mobys. 

BARRY  (P.). — The  Dockyards,  Shipyards, 

and  Marine  of  Prance.  8vo.  London,  1864.  S.K. 

BARRY  (T.  D.). — Gothic  Mouldings.  2 
plates.  In  the  Proceedings  of  the  Liverpool  Archi¬ 
tectural  and  Archaeological  Society,  vol .  i.  part  i.  p.  55. 

BARRY  (T.  D.).  — -  Monumental  Brasses. 

The  same,  vol.  i.  part  i.  p.  132. 

BARRY  (T.  D.). — Ecclesiastical  Architec¬ 

ture.  The  same,  vol.  ii.  p.  112. 

BARTEL  (Jo.  Casp.). — De  Pallio  una  cum 

insertis  vindiciis  Pallii  Herbipolensis  Dissertatio 
historica,  &c.  4to.  Herbipoli,  1753.  Cicogn. 

BARTELL  (Edmund). —  Hints  for  pictu¬ 
resque  Improvements  in  ornamented  Cottages  and 
their  scenery,  including  some  observations  on  the 
labourer  and  his  cottage.  In  three  essays.  Illus¬ 
trated  by  sketches.  8vo.  London,  1804.  B.M. 

BARTEMA.  See  Varthema. 

BARTH  (Carl). — Die  Kupferstecherei,  oder 
die  Kunst  in  Kupfer  zu  stechen.  2  vols.  2  plates. 
8vo.  Hildburghausen  und  Meiningen,  1837- 

Vol.  i.,  containing  the  Theoretical  part,  is  a  trans¬ 
lation  of  Gius.  Longhi’s  “  Calcografia.”  Vol.  ii.,  the 
Practical  part,  however,  is  by  Barth,  Longhi  having 
died  before  the  completion  of  his  work. 

BARTH  (Wilhelm). —  Kurzer  Abriss  der 
Perspective,  fur  Anfanger  zum  Selbstunterricht.  4 
lithogr.  plates.  8vo.  Berlin,  1831. 

BARTHELEMY. — Notice  faite  au  com¬ 
mencement  du  17me  siecle  sur  les  pierres  tombales 
de  l’eglise  et  du  cloitre  de  l’abbaye  Notre  Dame  aux 
Nonnains  de  Troyes.  In  “Bulletin  des  comites; 
historiques,”  &c.,  vol.  i. 

BARTHELEMY. — Reliques  de  S.  Guillaume 

Pichon.  The  same,  vol.  iii. 

BARTHELEMY  (Anatole  de). — Essai  sur 

la  salle  de  la  Diana,  a  Montbrisson.  In  the  “  Bulle¬ 
tin  monumental,”  vol.  x. 

BARTHELEMY  (A.  de). — Sur  le  camp  vi- 

trifie  de  Peran  (Cotes-du-Nord).  The  same,  vol.  xii. ; 
or  of  Second  Series,  vol.  ii. 

BARTHELEMY  (A.  de).— Lettre  sur  les 

anciens  Peintures  sur  verre  de  Treguier.  The  same, 
vol.  xiii. 

BARTHELEMY  (A.  de). — Notice  sur  quel- 

ques  monuments  du  departement  des  Cotes-du-Nord. 
1  plate.  The  same,  vol.  xv, 

BARTHELEMY  (Edouard  Marie  de). — 

Les  vitraux  des  eglises  de  Chalons -sur -Marne. 
Etude  et  description.  48  pp.  8vo.  Paris,  1858.  B.M. 

BARTHELEMY  (E.  M.  de).  — Note  sur  le 

chateau  de  Tumejus  (commune  de  Bulligny,  Meurthe). 

In  “Journal  .  du  Musee  Lorrain”  (Nancy, 

1852-63),  part  iv. 

BARTHELEMY  (E.  M.  de). — Statistique 

monumentale  de  l’arrondissement  de  Ste.  Menehould. 
In  the  “  Bulletin  monumental,”  vol.  xvii.  p.  562,  and 
vol.  xviii.  p.  553. 

BARTHELEMY  (E.  M.  de). — Notice  sur 

quelques  Carrelages  histories.  2  plates.  The  same, 
vol.  xviii.  p.  200. 

BARTHELEMY  (E.  M.  de). — Essai  sur  la 

statistique  monumentale  du  departement  de  la  Marne. 
The  same,  vol.  xix.  p.  257. 

t  69 


Universal  Catalogue  of 

Notes  and  Queries, 
May  2,  ’68. 

BARTHELEMY  (E.  M.  de).— Notice  sur  le 

village  et  l’eglise  de  Sept-Saulx  (arrondissement  de 
Rheims,  depart,  de  la  Marne).  2  plates.  The  same, 
vol.  xxi.  p.  136. 

BARTHELEMY  (E.  M.  de). — Essai  sur  les 

Monuments  du  Roussillon  (depart,  des  Pyrenees- 
Orientales).  2  plates.  The  same,  vol.  xxii.  p.  44. 

BARTHELEMY  (E.  M.  de).— Le  Cloitre  de 

la  ville  d’Elne,  Pyrenees-Orientales.  1  plate,  and 
1  plan.  The  same,  vol.  xxiii.  p.  161. 

BARTHELEMY  (E.  M.  de). — Etude  sur  les 

^tablissements  monastiques  du  Diocese  d’Elne  (Per¬ 
pignan).  The  same,  vol.  xxiii.  p.  433. 

BARTHELEMY  (Jean  Jacques,  Abbe). — 

Reflexions  sur  quelques  Monumens  Pheniciens  et 
sur  les  Alphabets  qui  en  resultent.  4to.  B.M. 

Extract  from  the  “  Memoires  de  l’Academie  des 

BARTHfiLEMY  (J.  J.).—  Lettre  a  Mes- 

sieurs  les  Auteurs  du  Journal  des  S9avans,  sur  quel¬ 
ques  Medailles  Pheniciennes.  Aoust.  m.dcc.lx.  4to. 


Seconde  Lettre.  4to.  B.M. 

BARTHfiLEMT  (J.  J.).  — Lettre  a  Mon- 

sieur  le  Marquis  Olivieri,  au  sujet  de  quelques  Mo¬ 
numents  Pheniciens,  pour  servir  de  reponse  a  deux 
Lettres  inserees  dans  le  54e  volume  des  Transactions 
Philosophiques.  4to.  Paris,  1766.  B.M. 

BARTHELEMY  (J.  J.). — Explication  de  la 

Mosai'que  de  Palestrine.  4to.  Paris,  1760.  B.M. 

BARTHfiLEMT  (J.  J.).— Essai  d’une  Pale- 

ographie  numismatique.  4to.  n.  p.  o.  d.  B.M. 

BARTHELEMY  (J.  J.). — Memoire  sur  les 

anciens  Monumens  de  Rome.  4to.  n.  p.  o.  d.  B.M. 

BARTHELEMY  (J.  J.). — Voyage  en  Italie 

de  M.  l’Abbe  Barthelemy,  avec  un  appendice,  ou 
se  trouvent  des  morceaux  inedits  de  Winckelmann, 
du  P.  Jacquier,  de  l’Abbe  Zarillo,  et  d’autres  sa- 
vans;  publie  par  A.  Serieys.  8vo.  Paris,  1802.  B.M. 
In  English.  8vo.  London,  1802.  B.M. 

BARTHELEMY  (J.  J.). — Voyage  du  jeune 

Anacharsis  en  Grece.  7  vols.  8vo.  Paris,  1789. 

In  German,  with  plates  and  maps.  8vo.  Berlin 
und  Libau,  1789-93. 

BARTHOLDY  (J.L.S.).— Voyage  en  Grece, 
traduit  de  l’Allemand  par  A.  du  C.  2  parts.  8vo. 
Paris,  1807.  Bodl. 

BARTHOLINUS.  See  Bartolini. 
BARTHOLOMEW  (Alfred).— Hints  rela¬ 
tive  to  the  construction  of  fire-proof  buildings. 
8vo.  London,  1839.  B.M. 

BARTHOLOMEW  (A.). — Specifications  for 

practical  Architecture ;  essay  on  the  decline  of  ex¬ 
cellence  in  the  structure  and  in  the  science  of  mo¬ 
dern  English  buildings,  &c.  2nd  edition.  8vo. 
London,  1846.  B.  Arch. 

BARTLET  (Benjamin).  —  The  Episcopal 
Coins  of  Durham,  and  the  Monastic  Coins  of  Read- 

ing,  minted  during  the  reigns  of  Edward  I.,  II.,  and 
III.,  appropriated  to  their  respective  owners.  1 

plate.  In  the  “  Archseologia . published  by  the 

Society  of  Antiquaries,”  vol.  v.  p.  335-339. 

BARTLET  (Mrs.  Spry). — Altars,  taberna¬ 
cles,  and  sepulchral  monuments  of  the  14  th  and 
15th  (or  rather  of  the  15th  and  16th)  centuries, 

existing  at  Rome.  Published . by  M.  Tosi  (who 

drew  the  illustrations)  and  Becchio  (who  engraved 

them) . Descriptions  in  Italian,  English,  and 

Erench,  by  Mrs.  S.  B.  (Containing  50  plates ; 
edited  by  Mastraca.)  Pol.  Lagny,  1843.  B.M. 

BARTLETT  (Alfred  Durling). — An  histo¬ 
rical  and  descriptive  account  of  Cumnor  place, 
Berks ;  with  biographical  notices  of  the  lady  Amy 
Dudley  and  of  Anthony  Forster,  esq.  8vo.  Oxford 
and  London,  1850.  'B.M. 

BARTLETT  (Benjamin).  — Manduessedum 
Romanorum :  being  the  History  and  Antiquities  of 
the  Parish  of  Manceter  (including  the  hamlets  of 
Hartshill,  Oldbury,  and  Atherstone),  and  also  of 
the  adjacent  parish  of  Ansley  in  the  county  of  "War¬ 

wick.  4to.  London,  1791.  B.M. 

BARTLETT  (Benjamin). —  His  collection 
of  coins,  antiquities,  seals,  &c . 1787.  See  Cata¬ 

logues,  Sale. 

BARTLETT  (William  A.). — The  History 

and  Antiquities  of  the  Parish  of  Wimbledon,  Sur¬ 
rey.  With  sketches  of  the  earlier  inhabitants. 
Illustrations,  and  a  map.  8vo.  London,  1865.  S.K. 

BARTLETT  (William  Henry). — Walks 

about  the  city  and  environs  of  Jerusalem.  Illus¬ 
trations.  8vo.  London,  1844. 

And,  8vo.  London,  1848.  B.M. 

BARTLETT  (W.  H.).— The  Nile  Boat;  or, 

glimpses  of  the  land  of  Egypt.  8vo.  London, 
1850.  B.M. 

BARTLETT  (W.  H.). — Jerusalem  revisited. 

8vo.  London,  1855.  B.M. 

BARTLETT  (W.  H.).  —  Gleanings,  picto¬ 
rial  and  antiquarian,  on  the  overland  route.  8vo. 
London,  1850. 

And,  8vo.  London,  1851.  B.M. 

BARTLETT  (W.  H.). — Forty  days  in  the 

desert,  on  the  track  of  the  Israelites  ;  or,  a  journey 
from  Cairo,  by  Wady  Feiran,  to  Mount  Sinai  and 
Petra.  3rd  edition.  8vo.  London,  n.  d.  B.M. 

BARTLETT  (W.  H.).  —  Pictures  from 

Sicily.  8vo.  London,  1853.  B.M. 

BARTLETT  (W.  H.). — Beattie’s  Switzer¬ 

land,  illustrated  by  W.  H.  B.  1836. 

Beattie’s  Scotland .  1838. 

Beattie’s  The  Waldenses . Illustrated  by . 


Beattie’s  The  Danube . Illustrated.  1842.  See 

Beattie  (Wm.). 

BARTLETT  (W.  H.).  —  Biography  of...... 

1855.  See  Britton  (J.). 

Notes  and  Queries, 
May  2,  ’68. 


Books  on  Art  ( under  revision). 

BARTOLI  (Cosimo). — Del  modo  di  misu- 

rare  le  distanze,  le  superficie,  i  corpi,  le  piante,  le 
provincie,  le  prospettiye,  &c.  Plates.  4to.  Venezia 
(Franeeschi),  1564.  B.M. 

Del  modo  di  misurare  le  distanze,  le  superficie, 
i  corpi,  le  piante,  secondo  le  regole  di  Euclide.  2nd 
edition.  Plates.  Small  4to.  Venezia  (per  Francesco 
Franeeschi),  1589.  Cicogn. 

BARTOLI  (Francesco). — Notizia  delle  pit- 

ture,  sculture  ed  architetture,  che  ornano  le  chiese, 
et  gli  altri  luoghi  pubblice  di  tutte  le  piu  rinomate 
citta  d’ltalia,  &c.  2  vols.  8vo.  Venezia,  1776.  B.M. 
BARTOLI  (F.). — Le  Pitture,  Sculture,  ed 

Architetture  della  Citta  di  Rovigo.  View  and  plan 
of  the  city.  8vo.  Venezia,  1793.  S.K. 

BARTOLI  (Giuseppe). — La  Vittoria  d’lme- 

neo,  festa  rappresentata  in  Torino  per  le  nozze  di 
Vittorio  Amedeo  Duca  di  Savoja,  e  Maria  Antonia 
Ferdinandadi  Spagna.  3  plates.  4to.  Turino,  1750. 


BARTOLI  (G.). — L’ Antro  Eleusino  rappre- 

sentato  in  un  G-reco  antico  bassorilievo  del  Museo 
Nani,  e  spiegato  col  paragone  del  6.  libro  delle 
Eneide  di  Virgilio.  1  plate.  4to.  n.  p.  1761.  Cicogn. 

BARTOLI  (G.). — Due  Dissertazioni,  nella 
prima  delle  quali  si  da  notizia  del  pubblico  Museo 
d’lscrizioni  eretto  nuovamente  in  Verona,  nella  se- 
conda  si  dimostra  la  bellezza  d’una  greca  inedita  Is- 
crizione.  4to.  Verona,  1745.  Cicogn. 

BARTOLI  (G.).  —  II  vero  disegno  delle 
due  tavolette  d’avorio  chiamate  Dittico  Quiriniano, 
con  tre  ragionamenti  che  ne  difendono  l’antichita 
contro  il  march.  Maffei,  ne  confutano  una  falsa 
spiegazione,  e  ne  confermano  una  verisimile,  &c. 
Plates.  4to.  Parma,  1757.  Bodl. 

BARTOLI  (G.).  —  Saggio  d’osservazioni 
sopra  un  bassorilievo.  4to.  Roma,  1758. 
BARTOLI  (Pietro  Santi). — Columna  An- 

toniniana  Marci  Aurelii  Antoni  ni  Augusti  rebus 
gestis  insignis,  Germanis  simul,  et  Sarmatis,  gemino 
bello  deyictis  ex  S.  C.  Romse  in  Antonini  foro,  ad 
viam  Flaminiam  erecta,  ac  utriusque  belli  imaginibus 
anaglyphice  insculpta,  nunc  primum  a  Petro  Sancti 
Bartolo,  juxta  delineationes  in  Bibliotheca  Barberina 
asservatas,  a  se  cum  antiquis  ipsius  columnse  signis 
collatas,  sere  incisa,  et  in  lucem  edita,  cum  notis  ex- 
cerptis  ex  declarationibus  J.  P.  Bellorii.  75  num¬ 
bered  plates  of  basreliefs,  and  2  unnumbered  plates  of 
medals,  besides  frontispiece.  Oblong  fol.  Romse 
(1672).  S.K. 

Another  edition,  with  3  additional  plates. — Co¬ 
lumna  Co'chlis  M.  Aurelio  Antonino  Augusto  dicata 
ejus  rebus  gestis  in  Germanica  atque  Sarmatica  ex- 

peditione  insignis . brevibus  notis  illustrata  et  a 

P.  S.  B.  sere  incisa  ;  iterum  in  lucem  prodit,  &c. 
Oblong  fol.  Romse,  1704.  Cicogn. 

Also  with  the  date  1730. 

BARTOLI  (P.  S.). — Colonna  Trajan  a,  eretta 
dal  Senato  e  Popolo  Romano  all’  Imperatore  Tra- 
jano  Augusto  nel  suo  foro  in  Roma ;  scolpita  con 
l’historie  della  guerra  Dacica,  &c. ;  disegnata  da 

P.  S.  B.  con  l’espositione  latina  d’ Alfonso  Ciaccone, 

compendiata  nella  volgare  lingua . accresciuta  da 

Gio.  Pietro  Bellori.  119  numbered  plates,  besides 
5  unnumbered  plates,  and  frontispiece.  Oblong 
fol.  Roma,  n.  d.  S.K. 

BARTOLI  (P.  S.). — Sigismundi  Augusti 

Mantuam  adeuntis  profectio  ac  triumphus.  Opus 
ex  archetypo  Julii  Romani  a  Francisco  Primaticio 
Mantuse  in  ducali  palatio  quod  del  T.  nuncupatur 
plastica  atque  anaglyphica  sculptura  mire  elabora¬ 
te,  atque  a  P.  S.  B.  traductus  et  incisus,  cum  notis 
J.  P.  Bellorii.  26  plates.  Oblong  fol.  Romse 
(1680).  Cicogn. 

BARTOLI  (P.  S.). — Le  pitture  antiche  del 

sepolcro  de’  Nasonii  nella  via  Flaminia,  disegnate, 
ed  intagliate  alia  similitudme  degli  antichi  originali 
da  P.  S.  B.,  descritte,  &  illustrate  da  Gio.  Pietro 
Bellori.  35  plates.  Fol.  Roma,  1680.  S.K. 

Also:  Fol.  Roma,  1702.  B.M. 

Le  pitture  antiche  delle  grotte  di  Roma,  e  del  se¬ 
polcro  de’  Nasoni,  disegnate,  &  intagliate  alia  simi- 
litudine  degli  antichi  originali  da  Pietro  Santi 
Bartoli  e  Francesco  Bartoli,  suo  figliuolo,  descritte 
ed  illustrate  da  Gio.  Pietro  Bellori  e  Michelangelo 
Causei  de  la  Chausse.  75  plates.  Fol.  Roma,  1706. 


Also:  1711,  and  1719. 

Another  edition,  with  Latin  text. — Picturse  antiquse 
cryptarum  Romanorum,  et  sepulcri  Nasonum,  deli- 
neatse  et  expressse  ad  archetypa  a  Petro  Sancti  Bar- 
tholi  et  Francisco,  ejus  filio.  Descriptse  vero,  et 
illustratse  a  Johanne  Petro  Bellorio  et  Michaele  An¬ 
gelo  Causseo.  Opus,  nunc  primum  Latine  reddi turn. 
Fol.  Romse,  1738.  B.M. 

Other  editions: — 

Fol.  Romse,  1750.  With  95  plates.  S.K. 

Fol.  Romse,  1791.  With  19  additional  plates. 

Also:  Fol.  Romse,  1819. 

BARTOLI  (P.  S.).  —  Le  antiche  lucerne 

sepolcrali  figurate,  raccolte  dalle  cave  sotterranee,  e 
grotte  di  Roma,  disegnate  ed  intagliate  da  P.  S.  B. 

. con  l’osservationi  di  Gio.  Pietro  Bellori.  3 

parts  in  1  vol.  116  plates.  Fol.  Roma,  1691. 


Some  copies  of  this  first  edition  have  6  additional 
and  unnumbered  plates,  which  are,  however,  never 
to  be  found  in  the  second  edition. 

Another  edition. — Le  antiche  lucerne  sepolcrali 
figurate,  &c.  Fol.  Roma,  1704.  B.M. 

Other  editions,  with  Latin  text :. — 

Lucernse  veterum  sepulctrales  iconicse,  ex  cavernis 
Romse  subterraneis  collectse,  &  a  P.  S.  B.,  cum  ob- 

servationibus  J.  P.  Bellorii  ante  decennium  editse . 

ex  Italico  in  Latinum . studio  et  impensis  L.  Begeri . 

3  parts.  Fol.  Colonise  Marchicse,  1702.  B.M. 

BARTOLI (P.  S.). — AdmirandaRomanarum 

antiquitatum  ac  veteris  sculpturse  vestigia  anagly- 
phico  opere  elaborata,  ex  marmoreis  exemplaribus, 
quse  Romse  adhuc  extant,  a  P.  S.  B.  delineata  incisa 

. notis  Jo.  Petri  Bellorii  illustrata.  81  plates. 

Oblong  fol.  Romse  (1693).  B.M. 

Another  edition.  84  plates.  Oblong  fol.  Romse, 
1693.  S.K. 



Universal  Catalogue  of 

Notes  and  Queries, 
May  2,  ’68. 

BARTOLI  (P.  S.).— Gli  antichi  Sepolcri, 

owero  Mausolei  Eomani  ed  Etruschi,  trovati  in 

Eoma . raccolti,  disegnati,ed  intagliati  daP.  S.  B. 

110  plates.  Pol.  Eoma,  1697. 

Other  editions :  — 

Pol.  Eoma,  1699.  126  plates. 

Pol.  Eoma,  1704.  110  plates.  Cicogn. 

Pol.  Eoma,  1727.  110  plates.  S.K. 

Pol.  Eoma,  1768.  114  inferior  plates. 

BARTOLI  (P.  S.).  - —  Raccolta  di  varie 

Antichita  e  lucerne  antiche  intagliate  la  maggior 
parte  da  P.  S.  B.  30  plates.  4to.  Eoma,  n.  d. 


BARTOLI  (P.  S.). — Raccolta  di  Camei’  e 

Gemme  antiche,  disegnate  da  P.  S.  B.,  date  ora  in 
luce  da  Francesco  Santi  Bartoli.  Pol.  Eoina,  1727. 


BARTOLI  (P.  S.). — Museum  Odescalchum, 

sive  Thesaurus  antiquarum  gemmarum  cum  imagi- 
nibus  in  iisdem  insculptis,  et  ex  iisdem  exsculptis, 
quse.a  Seren.  Christina  Suecorum  Eegina  collectse 
in  Museo  Odescalcho  adservantur,  et  a  P.  S.  B. 
quondam  incisse,  nunc  primum  in  lucem  proferuntur. 
Accesserunt  sere  a  deorum,  ac  dearum  idola,  marmo- 
rea  item  anaglypha,  &c.  2  vols.  102  plates,  be¬ 

sides  vignettes.  Pol.  Eomse,  1751-52.  S.K. 
The  explanations  by  Nicolo  Galeotti. 

The  first  edition,  without  the  explanations  :  Pol. 
Eomse,  1747.  Also  with  the  date  1750. 

BARTOLI  (P.  S.). — Recueil  de  peintures 
antiques,  imitees  fidelement  pour  leurs  couleurs  et 
pour  le  trait,  d’apres  les  dessins  colories  faits  par 
Pierre  -  Sante  Bartoli.  33  plates.  Large  fol. 
Paris,  1757.  T.C.D. 

With  descriptions  by  Mariette  and  Count  de  Cay- 
lus.— The  original  drawings  of  Bartoli  are  in  the 
Imperial  Library  at  Paris. 

2nd  edition. — Eecueil  de  peintures  antiques  trou- 
vees  a  Eome,  imitees  fidelement  pour  les  couleurs  et 

le  trait . (auquel  on  a  joint  la  description  de  la 

pyramide  de  Cestius,  par  l’Abbe  Eive).  3  parts  in 
2  vols.  50  plates.  Large  fol.  Paris,  1783-87. 


BARTOLI  (P.  S.). — Uno  dei  due  piccoli 

fregi  disegnati  ed  eseguiti  da  Eafaello  nel  Yaticano, 
colla  dedica  dell’  editore  Giacomo  de  Eossi  a  D. 
Nieolao  Simoncello  picturse  omnium  que  bonarum 
artium  cultori  eximio.  15  plates,  n.p.n.d.  Cicogn. 

BARTOLI  (P.  S.). — Antiquissimi  Yirgiliani 

codicis  fragmenta  et  picturse,  ex  Biblioth.  Vati- 

cana . a  P.  S.  Bartoli  incisae . 55  plates.  See 


BARTOLLNT  (Domenico).  —  Yiaggio  da 

Napoli  alle  Forche  Caudine  ed  a  Benevento,  e  di 
ritorno  a  Caserta  ed  a  Monte-Casino.  Plates.  8vo. 
Napoli,  1827.  B.M. 

BARTOLHSTI  (Lorenzo). — Statua  di . 

1836.  See  Tonti  (Luigi). 

BARTOLLNT  (L.). — Dell’  arte . di  L.  B. 

. 1852.  See  Bonaini  (F.). 


II  Monumento . scolpito  da  L.  B.  Poema....... 

1837.  See  Carbone  (Giunio). 

Sculpteurs  modernes . 1855.  See  Delaborde 


BARTOLINI  (L.).  —  Versi . 1836.  See 

Scartabeeli  (Cesare). 

Statue  diL.B.  Ode  di...;..  1836.  See  Carbone 

BARTOLLNUS  (Casp.,  the  younger).— De 

tibiis  veterum.  With  author’s  portrait,  and  plates. 
12mo.  Amstelodami,  1679.  Cicogn. 

BARTOLLNUS  (Thomas).— Johannis  Mu- 

lenii  Numismata  Danorum  et  vicinarum  gentium. 
4to.  Hafnise,  1670.  Bodl. 

BARTOLLNTJS  (T.). — De  Armillis  yeterum. 

Accedit  Wormii  de  aureo  Cornu  Danico.  Plates. 
12mo.  Amstelodami,  1676.  Cicogn. 

BARTOLLNTJS  (T.). — De  Unicornu  obser- 

vationes  novae.  24  plates,  and  1  in  text.  Frontis¬ 
piece  by  E.  de  Hooghe.  12mo.  Amsterdam,  1678. 


BARTOLIUS  (Petrus  Sanctius).  —  See 
Bartoli  (P.  S.). 

BARTOLOMEO  (F.).— Le  Yite  de’  Pittori, 

degli  Scultori,  et  Architetti  Yeronesi . conla  nar- 

rativa  delle  Pitture  e  Sculture  che  s’attrovano  nelle 
chiese,  case  &  altri  luoghi  publici  e  privati  di  Verona 
e  suo  territorio.  Small  4to.  Yerona,  1718.  S.K. 

BARTOLOMEO  (Fra). — See  Leroy  (A.). 

Collection  de  Dessins  originaux  de  grands  maitres. 

BARTOLOMEO  (Fra). — Crucifixion,  Clois¬ 
ter  of  S.  Spirito,  Siena.  See  Lasinio  (G.  P.),  Eac- 
colta  delle  piu  celebri  Pitture. 

BARTOLOZZI  (Francesco). — Etchings 

from  the  drawings  of  Guercino.  Fol.  n.  p.  o.  d. 


BARTOLOZZI  (F.). — Elementidel  disegno 
intagliati  sui  disegni  di  G.  B.  Cipriani.  9  pp. 
Italian  and  French.  10  plates.  Oblong  4to.  Londra, 
1796.  Cicogn. 

BARTOLOZZI  (F.). — Thirty- four  Lessons 
for  drawing  the  Human  Figure.  Engraved  from  the 
original  drawings  of  Bartolozzi,  and  adapted  to  the 
use  of  students  in  the  Polite  Arts.  Fol.  London 
(1828).  S.K. 

BARTOLOZZI  (F.).  — Catalogue  of  his 

. Pi’oofs,  Etchings . 1824.  See  Catalogues, 


BARTOLOZZI  (F.)._ See  Stothard  (T.), 

Illustrations  of  Milton,  painted  by  T.  Stothard,  and 
engraved  by  F.  B. 

BARTOLOZZI  (Sebastiano  Benedetto). — 
Vita  di  Jacopo  Yignali,  Pittor  Fiorentino.  With 
portrait.  4to.  Firenze,  1753.  S.K. 

BARTOLOZZI  (S.  B.).— Yita  di  Antonio 

Franchi  Lucchese,  Pittor  Fiorentino.  With  portrait. 
4to.  Firenze,  1754.  S.K. 

Notes  and  Queries, 
May  9,  ’68. 

Books  on  Art  ( under  revision). 


BARTON  (William).— A  Mora  of  North 

America,  illustrated  by  coloured  figures  drawn  from 
nature.  3  toIs.  106  plates.  4to.  Philadelphia, 

BARTSCH  (Johann  Adam  Bernhard  yon). 

Recueil  d’Estampes  d’apres  les  Desseins  originaux 
de  differents  maitres,  qui  se  trouvent  a  la  Biblio- 
theque  Imperiale  et  Roy.  de  Vienne.  45  plates 
in  aqua  tinta.  Imper.,fol.  Vienne,  1794. 

BARTSCH  (J.  A.  B.  yon). — Catalogue  rai¬ 
sonne  des  Desseins  originaux  des  plus  grands  max- 
tres  anciens  et  modernes,  qui  faisoient  partie  du 
Cabinet  de  feu  le  Prince  Charles  de  Ligne.  8vo. 
Vienne,  1794.  S.K. 

BARTSCH  (J.  A.  B.  yon). — Catalogue  rai¬ 
sonne  des  Estampes  gravees  a  l’eau-forte  par  Guido 
Reni  et  de  ceux  de  ses  disciples,  S.  Cantarini,  dit 
le  Pesarese,  Jean  Andre  et  Elisabeth  Sirani,  et 
Laurent  Loli.  8vo.  Vienne,  1795.  B.M. 

BARTSCH  (J.  A.  B.  yon).— Anton  Water- 

loo’s  Kupferstiche,  ausfuhrlich  beschrieben  von 
A.  B.  8vo.  Wien,  1795. 

BARTSCH  (J.  A.  B.  yon). — Catalogue  rai¬ 
sonne  de  toutes  les  Estampes  qui  forment  l’oeuvre 
de  Rembrandt,  et  ceux  de  ses  principaux  imitateurs. 
Compose  par  les  Sieurs  Gersaint,  Helle,  Glomy  et 
P.  Yver.  Nouvelle  edition,  entierement  refondue, 
corrigee  et  considerablement  augmentee  par  A.  B. 
2  portraits,  and  4  explanatory  plates.  2  vols.  8vo. 
Vienne,  1797.  S.K. 

BARTSCH  (J.  A.  B.  yon). — Catalogue  rai¬ 
sonne  de  toutes  les  Estampes  qui  forment  l’ceuvre 
de  Lucas  de  Leyde.  8vo.  Vienne,  1798.  S.K. 

BARTSCH  (J.  A.  B.  yon).  —  Le  Peintre 

Graveur.  21  vols.  Plates.  Vienne,  1803-21.  S.K. 

Vol.  i.-v.  Flemish  and  Dutch  schools.  Vol.  vi. 
-xi.  German  school.  Vol.  xii.-xiii.  Italian  school. 
Vol.  xiv.-xv.  Marc  Antonio  and  his  school.  Vol. 
xvi.-xxi.  Continuation  of  the  Italian  school.  There 
are  80  plates,  belonging  to  the  text,  and  besides  2 
parts,  with  the  title  : — Copies  faites  d’apres  les  es¬ 
tampes  tres-rares  de  differents  maitres. 

Vol.  i.-v.  of  this  celebrated  work  have  been  re¬ 
printed  at  Leipzig,  in  1854. 

Supplements  au  Peintre-Graveur  de  A.  B . 

par  R.  Weigel.  (Peintres-Graveurs  et  Dessinateurs 
Neerlandais) . 1843.  See  Weigel  (Rudolf). 

Zusatze  zu  A.  B.’s  Le  Peintre-Graveur;  von  Joseph 
Heller . 1844  (new  title  1854).  See  Heller. 

Supplement  au  Peintre-Graveur,  de  B.  —  Cata¬ 
logue  raisonne  de  toutes  les  estampes  qui  forment 
l’ceuvre  grave  d’ Adrien  van  Ostade,  par  L.  E.  Eau- 
cheux . 1862.  See  Eauceeux. 

Catalogue  raisonne  of  nearly  400  prints  unknown 
to  B.  In  “The  Eine  Art  Circular  and  Print  Col¬ 
lector’s  Manual”  .  By  A.  E.  Evans  and  Sons 

(1857,  &c.). 

See  Robert-Dume snil  (A.  P.  F.),  Le  Peintre- 
Graveur  franqais . ouvrage  faisant  suite  au  Pein¬ 
tre-Graveur  de  M.  B . 1835-50. 

See  also  Passavant  (J.  D.),  Le  Peintre-Graveur 

. contenant  un  catalogue  supplemental  aux  es¬ 
tampes  [du  xv.  et  xvi.  siecle  du  Peintre-Graveur  de 
A.  B . 1860,  &c. 

BARTSCH  (J.  A.  B.  yon).  —  Suite  d’Es¬ 
tampes  d’apres  les  desseins  de  Er.  Barbieri,  dit  Guer- 

cino,  qui  n’ont  pas  encore  ete  gravees . par  A.  B. 

. 1803-7.  See  Guercino. 

See  also  Piranesi,  Works,  vol.  xxi. 

BARTSCH  (J.  A.  B.  yon). — Catalogue  rai¬ 
sonne  de  l’ceuvre  d’estampes  de  Martin  de  Molitor, 
peintre  a  Vienne.  8vo.  Nuremberg,  1813. 

BARTSCH  (J.  A.  B.  yon). — Anleitung  zur 

Kupferstichkunde.  2  vols.  11  plates.  8vo.  Wien, 
1821.  S.K. 

Notice  de  quelques  copies  trompeuses  d’estampes 
anciennes,  extraite  et  traduite  de  l’ouvrage  intitule : 
“  Anleitung  zur  Kupferstichkunde,”  par  Bartsch. 
Avec  des  additions  par  Charles  Le  Blanc.  1 3  plates. 
8vo.  Paris,  1849.  B.M. 

BARTSCH  (J.  A.  B.  yon).  —  See  Burgk- 

mair  (Hans). 

See  also  Durer  (A.). 

BARTSCH  (Friedrich  yon,  the  younger). 
Catalogue  des  Estampes  de  J.  Adam  de  Bartsch. 
With  portrait.  8vo.  Vienne,  1818. 

BARTSCH  (F.  yon). — Chronologie  der 

Griechischen  und  Romischen  Kiinstler  bis  zu  Ablauf 
des  5.  Jahrhunderts  nach  Christi  Geburt.  (Tables 
i.-ix.)  Nebst  vorangehender  Uebersichtstafel  der 
.ZEgyptischen  Kunst.  Eol.  Wien,  1835.  B.M. 
BARTSCH  (F.  yon). — Die  Kupferstich- 

sammlung  der  k.  k.  Hofbibliothek  in  Wien.  In 
einer  Auswahl  ihrer  merkwiirdigsten  Blatter  dar- 
gestellt.  8vo.  Wien,  1854.  S.K. 

BARUFFALDI  (Girolamo). — De  Preficis 

dissertatio  ad  illustrationem  urnse  sepulcralis  El. 
Quartillse  Preficse.  Accedunt  Jos.  Lanzoni  adver¬ 
saria  de  luctu  mortuali  veterum.  Plates.  8vo. 
Eerrarise,  1713.  Cicogn. 

BARUFFALDI  (G.). — Vitadi  Cosimo  Tura 

pittore  Eerrarese  del  sec.  xv.  8vo.  Bologna,  1836. 


BARUFFALDI  (G.).— Yite  de’  pittori  e 

scultori  Ferraresi . Con  annotazioni.  (Vita  dell’ 

autore.)  2  vols.  8vo.  Ferrara,  1844-46.  S.K. 

BARUFFALDI  (G.).-Vita  di  Carlo 

Bononi  pittore  Eerrarese,  scritta  da  G.  B.,  ed  ora 
per  la  prim  a  volta  pubblicata.  8vo.  Venezia,  1853, 

BARYE; — Les  Sculpteurs  d’animaux.  See 

Lame  (Emile). 

BARZONI  (Vittorio). — L’Ebe  di  Antonio 

Canova  ordinata  e  posseduta  dal  C.  Giuseppe  Al- 
brizzi.  8vo.  Venezia,  1803.  Cicogn. 

8  vo.  Padova,  1811.  Bodl. 

BARZONI  (V.). —  Descrizioni.  12mo.  Mi¬ 
lano,  1815.  (Descriptions  of  antique  statues,  and 
of  works  of  Canova.)  Cicogn. 

BASAN  (H.  L.). — Engravings.  See  Cata¬ 
logues.  Paris,  1802. 

u  72 


Universal  Catalogue  of 

Notes  and  Queries, 
May  9,  ’68. 

BASAN  (Pierre  Francois). — Dictionnaire 

des  graveurs  anciens  et  modernes  depuis  l'origine 
de  la  gravure,  avec  une  notice  des  principales 
estampes  qu’ils  ont  gravees.  Suivi  des  catalogues 
des  oeuvres  de  J.  Jordaens  &  de  C.  Visscher. — Cata¬ 
logue  des  estampes  gravies  d’apr&s  P.  P.  Rubens . 

Nouvelle  edition,  corrigee,  augmentee  &  precedee 
de  la  vie  de  Rubens.  Troisieme  partie  faisant 
suite  au  dictionnaire  des  graveurs  anciens  &  mo¬ 
dernes.  (The  Catalogues  of  Jordaens,  Yisscher,  and 
Rubens  are  by  R.  Hecquet.)  3  vols.  12mo.  Paris, 

The  3rd  vol.  contains  a  new  enlarged  edition  of 
the  Catalogue  of  Plates  from  Rubens,  not  contained 
in  the  reprint  of  1809. 

Edition  of  1767,  with  new  title. — Dictionnaire 
des  graveurs  anciens  et  modernes,  depuis  l’origine 

de  la  gravure.  Par  P.  F.  et  H.  L.  Basan . 

Seconde  edition.  Precedee  d’une  notice  historique 
sur  l’art  de  la  gravure,  par  P.  P.  Choffard ;  suivie 
d’un  precis  de  la  vie  de  1’ auteur  et  ornee  de  soixante 
estampes  par  artistes  celebres.  2  vols.  8vo.  Paris, 
1809.  B.M. 

Dictionnaire  des  graveurs  anciens  et  modernes. 
Seconde  edition.  2  vols.  Plates.  8vo.  Paris, 
1789.  B.M. 

BASAN  (P.  F.). — Son  oeuvre,  ou  recueil  de 
650  estampes,  sujets  sacres  et  profanes,  gravees  par 
lui  ou  sous  sa  direction,  d’apres  les  tableaux  des 
meilleurs  maitres  des  trois  ecoles.  6  vols.  Large 
fol.  Paris  (1762-79).  Cicogn. 

Afterwards  enlarged  with  6  other  volumes,  which 
brings  the  number  of  plates  to  1250. 

BASAN  (P.  F.).  —  See  Boman  Antiquities. 
Recueil  d’Antiquites  Romaines,  etc.  (By  P.  F.  B.) 
. (1769?) 

BASAN  (  P.  F.  ) .  —  Recueil  d’  estampes 

gravees  d’apres  les  tableaux  du  cabinet  de  M.  de 
Choiseul,  par  les  soins  de  Basan.  4to.  Paris,  1771. 


BASAN  (P.  F.). — Collection  de  cent-vingt 

estampes  gravees  d’apres  les  tableaux  et  dessins  qui 

composoient  le  cabinet  de  M.  Poullain . Precedee 

d’un  abrege  historique  de  la  vie  des  auteurs  qui  la 
composent.  4to.  Paris,  1781.  B.M. 

Title  and  frontispiece  included  in  the  120  plates. 

BASAN  (P.  F.). — His  own  Engravings.  See 


BASAN  (P.  F.).  —  Catalogues  raisonnes. 

Objets  de  Curiosite . M.  Mariette.  See  Cata¬ 

logues,  Sale.  Paris,  1775. 

Cabinet  de  M.  Neyman  (with  plates).  See  Cata¬ 
logues,  Sale.  Paris,  1776. 

Estampes  . Italiens,  Flamands,  etc.,  de  M. 

Surugue  pere,  etc.  See  Catalogues,  Sale.  Paris, 

BASAN  (S.,  Pere). — Recueil  de  cent-vingt 
sujets  et  pay  sages  divers,  graves  a  l’eau-forte  par 
plusieurs  artistes  d’apres  differents  Maitres  Italiens, 
Flamands,  et  Francois,  dont  les  desseins  originaux 
font  partie  de  la  collection  du  S.  Basan  pere.  Fol. 
Paris,  1795.  Cicogn. 


BASANYILLE  (Anais  de,  Countess). — Le 

Musee  du  jeune  amateur,  souvenir  des  peintres  de 
toutes  les  ecoles . Illustre  de  quatorze  litho¬ 

graphies  dessinees  par  L.  Lassalle.  4to.  Paris 
(1855?).  B.M. 

BASHFORTH  (  Francis  ).  —  A  practical 

treatise  on  the  construction  of  oblique  bridges  with 
spiral  and  with  equilibrated  courses.  8vo.  London, 
1850.  B.M. 

BASHFORTH  (Francis).  —  Observations 

on  some  recent  university  buildings,  with  remarks 
on  the  management  of  the  public  library  and  the  Pitt 
press.  8vo.  Cambridge,  1853.  B.M. 

BASLE.  —  Verzeicbniss  der  Kunstwerke, 
welche  sich  auf  der  offentlichen  Stadtbibliothek  in 
Basel  befinden.  11  pages.  12mo.  n.d.  S.K. 

BASLE. — Baslertrachten  von  Anno  1600,  ge- 
zeichnet  von  J.  R.  Huber,  und  geatzt  von  T.  R. 
Schellenberg.  Fol.  1600.  Bodl. 

BASLE. — Beschreibung  der  Munster- Kir cbe 

zu  Basel.  Svo.  Basel,  1788. 

BASLE. — Beschreibung  der  Miinsterkirche 
und  ihrer  Merkwiirdigkeiten  in  Basel.  17  plates. 
4to.  Basel,  1842.  Bodl. 

BASLE. — Die  Kunstschatze  des  Museums  in 

Basel . herausgegeben  von  dem  Yorstande  der 

Kunstsammlung  des  Museums.  Photographs  from 
pictures  and  drawings.  Fol.  Basel,  1860,  etc.  S.K. 
BASOLI  (Antonio). — Raccolta  di  prospet- 
tive  serie,  rustiche,  e  di  paesaggio,  inventato  da 
Ant.  Basoli  Gruelfise,  disegnati  da  Fr.  Cocci  Bu- 
driese.  102  plates.  Large  oblong  fol.  Bologna,  1810. 

BASRELIEFS  (12)  Griechischer  Erfind- 

ung  aus  Palazzo  Spada,  des  Capitolinischen  Muse¬ 
ums  und  der  Yilla  Albani,  herausgegeben  durch 
das  Institut  fur  Archseologische  Correspondenz.  13 
plates.  Fol.  Rom,  1845. 

BASRELIEFS. — Bassirilievi  Yolsci  in  terra 

cotta  dipinti  a  varj  colori,  trovati  nella  citta  di  Yel- 
letri.  (By  P.  Becchetti.)  20  pp.  7  plates  by 
Marco  Carloni.  Fol.  Roma,  n.d. 

BASS  (C.  D.). — Le  triumphe  et  ceremonies 
du  baptesme  de  monseigneur  le  Daulphin,  et  de  mes- 
dames  ses  sceurs.  8vo.  Paris,  n.d.  Bodl. 

BASSANESE  ARTISTS.— Catalogo  degli 

Artisti  Bassanesi  viventi,  in  cui  si  descrivono  alcune 
delle  loro  migliori  opere  esposte  in  patria  il  di  16 
Agosto  1807,  per  festeggiare  il  nome  dell’  Augusto 
nostro  sovrano  Napoleone  il  Grande.  (Ode  dell’ 
Abate  G.  Barbieri.)  Svo.  Bassano,  1807.  B.M. 

BASSANO  (Luigi). — I  costumi  et  i  modi 
particolari  de  la  vita  de  Turchi.  Svo.  Roma,  per 
Ant.  Blado  Asolano,  1545.  Bodl. 

BASSANO  (Giacomo  da  Ponte,  called  Bas¬ 
sano). — See  Roberto  (G.  B.),  Lettera  sopra  G.  P., 
&c . 1781. 

BASSEGIO  (Giuseppe). — Yases.  See  Cata¬ 
logues,  Sale.  London,  1839. 

Notes  and  Queries, 
May  9,  ’68. 


Books  on  Art  ( under  revision). 

BASSI  (Martino). — Dispareri  in  materia 
d’architettura,  et  perspettiva :  con  pareri  di  eccel- 
lenti  et  famosi  Architetti,  che  li  risolvono.  12 
plates.  Small  4to.  Bressa,  1572.  S.K. 

Another  edition. — Dispareri  in  materia  d’archi¬ 
tettura  e  prospettiva . Coll’  aggiunta  degli  scritti 

del  medesimo  intorno  all’  insigne  tempio  di  S.  Lo¬ 
renzo  Maggiore  di  Milano.  Dati  in  luce,  con . 

annotazioni  da  F.  B.  Ferrari.  13  plates.  4to.  Mi¬ 
lano,  1771.  B.M. 

BASSOMPIERRE  (Fr.  de,  Marechal  de 

France). — L’ armorial  dans.lequel  est  compris  tout 
ce  que  depend  de  la  science  du  blason.  4to.  Paris, 
1638.  Bodl. 

BAST  (Lievin  Armand  Marie  de). —  An- 

nales  du  Salon  de  Gand  et  de  l’Ecole  moderne  des 
Pays-Bas  ;  recueil  de  morceaux  choisis  parmi  les 
ouvrages  de  peinture,  sculpture,  architecture,  et  gra¬ 
vure,  exposes  au  Musee  en  1820 . avec  Implica¬ 

tion  des  sujets,  et  une  notice  sur  les  artistes.  8vo. 
Gand,  1823.  B.M. 

BAST  (L.  A.  M.  de). — Notice  Listoriqne  sur 

Antonello  da  Messina.  Traduite  de  l’ltalien.  8vo. 
Gand,  1825. 

BAST  (Martin  Jean  de). — Becueil  d’Anti- 

quites  Romaines  et  Gauloises,  trouvees  dans  la 
Flandre  proprement  dite,  avec  designation  des  lieux 
ou  elles  ont  ete  decouvertes.  Kouvelle  edition,  aug- 
mentee,  avec  trois  cents  gravures,  etc.  4to.  Gand, 
1808.  B.M. 

BAST  (M.  J.  de). — Supplement  au  recueil 
d’antiquites,  &c.,  en  reponse  a  l’ouvrage  intitule 
“  La  topographie  de  l’ancienne  ville  de  Gand,  par 
M.  Charles-Louis  Diericx.”  4to.  Gand,  1809.  Bodl. 
BASTABD  (Auguste  de,  Count). — Librairie 
de  Jean  de  France,  Due  de  Berry,  frere  du  Boi  Charles 

V . precedee  de  la  vie  de  ce  prince,  illustree  des 

plus  belles  miniatures  de  ses  manuscrits,  accompa- 
gnee  de  notes  bibliographiques,  et  suivie  de  recher- 
ches  pour  servir  a  l’histoire  des  arts  du  dessin  au 
moyen  dge.  Fol.  Paris,  1834.  B.M. 

BASTARD  (Auguste  de,  Count). — Pein- 

tures  et  ornements  des  manuscrits . pour  servir  a 

l’histoire  des  arts  du  dessin,  depuis  le  ive  siecle  de 
l’ere  chretienne  jusqu’a  la  fin  du  xvime.  Illumi¬ 
nated  plates.  Large  fol.  (Paris,  1835,  &c.) 

BASTIDE  ( —  de). — Le  Temple  des  Arts, 

ou  le  Cabinet  de  M.  Braamcamp.  Par  M.  de  Bastide. 
4to.  Amsterdam,  1766.  S.K. 

BASTIE  (Baron  de  la). — La  science  des 
medailles,  avec  des  remarques  liistoriques  et  cri¬ 
tiques.  2  vols.  8vo.  Paris,  1739.  Bodl. 

BATAVIAN  REPUBLIC.  — Afbeeldingen 

van  de  kleeding,  zeden  en  gewoonten  in  de  Bataaf- 
sche  Bepubliek,  met  den  aanvang  der  negentiende 
eeuw.  (Tableaux  de  l’habillement,  des  mceurs  et 
des  coutumes  dans  la  Bepublique  Batave,  au  com¬ 
mencement  du  dix-neuvieme  siecle.)  20  coloured 
plates,  engraved  by  L.  Portman  under  the  direction 
of  J.  Kuvper ;  with  letterpress  in  Dutch  and  French. 
4to.  Amsterdam,  1803-7.  B.M. 

BATCHELLER  (W.). — The  new  Dover 

guide  ;  including  a  concise  sketch  of  the  ancient  and 
modern  history  of  the  town  and  castle,  &c.  6th 
edition.  8vo.  Dover,  1845.  B.M. 

BATE  (John). — The  Mysteries  of  Nature 
and  Art.  In  foure  severall  parts.  The  first  of 
Waterworks.  The  second  of  Fire  works.  The  third 
of  Drawing,  Washing,  Dimming,  Painting,  and  En¬ 
graving.  The  Fourth  of  sundry  experiments.  The 
second  edition ;  with  many  additions  unto  every 
part.  Small  4to.  London,  1635.  S.K. 

First  edition.  4to.  London,  1634.  Bodl. 

BATELLUS  (Jo.  Christoph.). — Expositio 

aurei  numismatis  Heracliani  exmuseo  Clementis  XI. 
pont.  max.  8vo.  Bomae,  1702.  Bodl. 

BATEMAN  (James). — A  Monograph  of 

Odontoglossum.  Chromo-lithographs.  Part  I.  Fol. 
London,  1864.  S.K. 

BATEMAN  (Thomas). — Museum  at  Lom- 
berdale' House,  &c. — See  Catalogues,  Collectors. 

BATEMAN  (Thomas). — Ten  years’  diggings 
in  Celtic  and  Saxon  grave  hills,  in  the  counties  of 
Derby,  Stafford,  and  York,  from  1848  to  1858. 
8  vo.  London,  1861.  B.M. 

BATEMAN  (Thomas)  and  GLOVER  (S.). 

Vestiges  of  the  Antiquities  of  Derbyshire,  and  the 
sepulchral  usages  of  its  inhabitants.  8vo.  London, 
1848.  B.M. 

BATH.  —  The  Stranger’s  Assistant  and 

Guide.  8  vo.  Bath,  1773. 

BATH. — The  new  prose  Bath  Guide  for  the 

Year  1778.  12mo. 

BATH. — The  new  Bath  Guide :  or  useful 

pocket  Companion.  12mo.  Bath,  1784. 

Other  editions : — 

8vo.  Bath,  1799. 

12mo.  Bath,  1805.  Bodl. 

BATH. — Bath  illustrated  by  a  series  of  views, 
from  the  drawings  of  J.  C.  Nattes ;  with  descrip¬ 
tions  to  each  plate.  Fol.  London,  1806.  B.M. 

BATH. — Graphic  illustrations  of  Bath  eccle¬ 
siastical  architecture ;  being  interior  views  of  sacred 
edifices  in  B.,  and  its  environs.  (Tinted  plates.) 
With  appropriate  allusions  to  historic  events.  Fol. 
Bath,  1 845.  B.M. 

BATH  ABBEY. — The  History  and  Antiqui¬ 
ties  of  the  Cathedral  Church  of  Salisbury,  and  the 
Abbey  Church  of  Bath.  8vo.  London,  1723.  B.M. 

BATH  ABBEY. — An  historical  description 
of  the  Church  dedicated  to  St.  Peter  and  St.  Paul, 
in  Bath,  commonly  called  the  Abbey.  12mo.  Bath, 
1778.  Bodl. 

BATH  ABBEY. — Plans,  elevations,  sections, 

and  specimens  of  the  architecture  of  the  Abbey 
Church  of  Bath.  With  some  account  of  the  Abbey 
Church.  10  plates  by  J.  Basire,  from  drawings  by 
John  Carter.  Atlas  fol.  London,  1798.  B.M. 
Published  by  the  Society  of  Antiquaries. 



Universal  .Catalogue  of 

Notes  and  Queries, 
May  9,  ’68. 

BATH  ABBEY.— History,  &c.,  of  B.  Abbey. 

(London,  1825.)  See  Britton  (J.). 

Prior  Birde’s  Chapel  in  B.  Abbey,  &c.  (1834.) 

See  Davis  (E.). 

BATH  AND  BRISTOL.— The  B:  and 

Bristol  Guide.  12mo.  Bath,  1753.  Bodl. 

BATH  AND  BRISTOL,  &c. — A  picturesque 
Guide  to  Bath,  Bristol  Hot- Wells,  the  Biver  Avon, 
and  the  adjacent  Country.  8vo.  London,  1793. 


BATH. — The  manner  of  Creating  the 
Knights  of  the  Order  of  the  Bath.  4to.  London, 

Statutes  of  the  Order  published  1725, 1744,  1772, 
1787,  1812. 

BATH,  Order  of  the. — Les  armes  des  Che¬ 
valiers  de  l’ordre  du  Bain,  creez  le  17me  jour  de 
Juin  1725.  Plates  by  J.  Sympson.  Fol.  (140 
impressions  from  plates  in  Henry  VII.  Chapel, 
Westminster  Abbey.)  B.M. 

BATHS  OF  TITUS.— Vestigia  delle  Terme 

di  Tito  e  loro  interne  Pitture.  2  vols.  of  plates. 
Oblong  fol.  n.p.o.d.  S.K. 

BATISSIER  (Louis). — Elements  d’archeo- 

logie  nationale,  precedes  d’une  histoire  de  l’art 
monumental  chez  les  anciens.  12mo.  Paris,  1843. 


BATISSIER  (L.). — Traite  elementaire  d’a- 
natomie ;  avec  un  atlas  de  60  planches,  contenant 
250  figures  coloriees  et  de  nombreux  tableaux  syn- 
optiques.  Par  L.  et  P.  Batissier  etE.  Salmon.  8vo. 
Paris,  1857.  B.M. 

BATISSIER  (L.). — Histoire  del’ Art  monu¬ 
mental  dans  l’Antiquite  et  au  Moyen  Age,  suivie 
d’un  traite  de  la  peinture  sur  verre.  8vo.  Paris, 
1845.  S.K. 

2nd  edition,  revised  and  enlarged.  8vo.  Paris, 
1860.  S.K. 

BATISSIER  (L.). — Le  Mont-Dore  et  ses 

environs.  Pol.  Moulins,  1840.  B.M. 

BATISSIER  (L.).  —  Considerations  gene- 

rales  sur  la  statistique  monumentale  de  Bourbonnais. 
In  “  Bulletin  Monumental,”  vol.  iv. 

BATTE  (Leon). — Le  Raphael  de  M.  Moore, 
Apollon  et  Marsyas.  Documents,  accompagnes  de 
prefaces,  de  traductions,  de  notes,  et  d’une  etude 
par  L.  B.  8vo.  Paris,  1859.  B.M. 

BATTEL.  See  Battle  Abbey. 
BATTELLUS  (Joannes  Cheistophoeus, 

Archbishop  of  Amasia). — De  Sarcophago  marmoreo 
Probi  Anicii  et  Probse  Faltonise  in  templo  Vaticano, 
dissertatio.  8vo.  Romse,  1705.  B.M. 

BATTELLUS  (J.  Che.). — Expositio  aurei 

numismatis  Heracliani  ex  Museo  dementis  XI. 
8vo.  Romse,  1702.  B.M. 

BATTELY  (Rev.  John). — Antiquitates  Ru- 
tupinae.  Opus  posthumum.  Plates.  8vo.  London, 
1711.  B.M. 


BATTELY  (J.).  —  Opera  Posthuma,  viz. 
Antiquitates  Kutupinae,  et  Antiquitates  S.  Ed- 
mundi  Burgi  ad  annum  1272  perductae.  Plates. 
4to.  Oxoniae,  1745.  S.K. 

BATTELY  (J.). — The  Antiquities  of  Rich- 

borough  and  Reculver,  abridged  from  the  Latin 
of  Mr.  Archdeacon  Battely.  8vo.  London,  1774. 


BATTELY  (Nicolas). — The  Antiquities  of 

Canterbury.  In  two  parts  ;  the  first  part  by  Wm. 
Somner.  Pol.  London,  1703.  B.M. 

See  Duncombe  (J.)  and  Battely  (N.),  Antiquities  or  near  Canterbury.  Yol.  i.  Nichols’  Biblioth. 
Topographica  Britann.  B.M. 

BATTEUX  (Chaeles).  —  Les  Beaux-Arts 
reduits  a  un  meme  principe.  8vo.  Paris,  1747. 


In  German. — Einschrankung  der  schonen  Kiinste 
auf  einen  einzigen  Grundsatz.  8vo.  Leipzig,  1751. 

BATTINI  (Costantino).  —  Illustrazione  di 

una  Medaglia  inedita  e  singolare  rappresentante  la 
Santissima  Annunziata  di  Firenze.  8vo.  Firenze, 
1814.  S.K. 

BATTLE  ABBEY.— The  Roll  of  Battle- 

Abbey  annotated.  Square  8vo.  London,  1848.  B.M. 

Gleanings  respecting  Battel  and  its  Abbey,  by  a 
native.  12mo.  Battel  (1841).  B.M. 

BATTONI  (T.,  Cavaliere). — Elogio.  See 
Boni  (O.).  Roma,  1787. 

BATTY  (Elizabeth  Feances).  —  Italian 
Scenery,  from  Drawings  made  in  1817,  by  Miss 
Batty.  4to.  London,  1820.  S.K. 

BATTY  (Robeet,  Captain  in  the  Guards). — 
French  Scenery,  from  Drawings  made  in  1819,  by 
Captain  Batty.  4to.  London,  1822.  S.K. 

BATTY  (R.) . — German  Scenery,  from  Draw¬ 
ings  made  in  1820,  by  Captain  Batty.  4to.  Lon¬ 
don,  1823.  S.K. 

Earlier  edition.  London,  1821.  B.M. 

BATTY  (R.). — Welsh  Scenery,  from  Draw¬ 
ings  by  Captain  Batty.  8 vo.  London,  1823.  Bodl. 
BATTY  (R.). — Campaign  of  the  left  wing 
of  the  allied  army  in  the  Western  Pyrenees  and 
South  of  France  in  the  years  1813-14.  25  etchings 
of  mountain  and  river  scenery,  besides  a  plan.  4to. 
London,  1823.  Bodl. 

BATTY  (R.). — Views  on  the  Rhine,  in 
Belgium  and  Holland.  8vo.  London,  1826.  Bodl. 
BATTY  (R.). — Hanoverian  and  Saxon  Sce¬ 
nery,  from  Drawings  by  Lieut.-Col.  Batty.  4to. 
London.  1829.  S.K. 

BATTY  (R.). — Select  Views  of  some  of  the 
principal  Cities  of  Europe.  From  Original  Paint¬ 
ings,  by  Lieut.-Col.  B.  With  illustrative  notices. 
4to.  London,  1832.  S.K. 

BATTY  (R.  E.).  —  Some  particulars  con¬ 

nected  with  the  history  of  baptismal  fonts.  8vo. 
Aylesbury  and  London,  1848.  B.  Arch. 

Notes  and  Queries, 
May  16,  ’68. 


Boohs  on  Art  (under  revision). 


SISCIIEN  STAATS,  fur  den  Dienstgebrauch  her- 
ausgegeben  von  deni  Ministerium  des  Innern.  Text 
2  vols.  Plates  4  vols.  4to.  Berlin,  1830-48. 

B.  Arch. 

BAUD  (Benjamin). — Architectural  illustra¬ 
tions  of  Windsor  Castle.  By  M.  Gandy  and  B.  B. 
See  Gandy  (M.). 

BAUD  ART  (Guillaume). — Les  guerres  de 
Nassau.  2  vols.  285  plates.  4to.  Amsterdam, 
1616.  Bodl. 

Latin  translation. — Polemographia  Auraico-Bel- 
gica;  seu  descriptio  omnium  prseliorum,  obsidiorum, 
&c.  quse  bello  adversus  Hispaniarum  regem  in  Bel- 
gis  gesta  sunt,  cum  figuris.  4to.  Amstelodami,  1622. 

BAUDELAIRE  DUFAYS.— Salon  de  1846. 

12mo.  Paris,  1846.  B.M. 


Cesak). — De  l’utilite  des  voyages,  et  de  l’avantage 
que  la  recherche  des  antiquitez  procure  aux  scavans. 
Addition ;  ou,  passages  &  figures  echappez  dans  l’im- 
pression.  2  vols.  12mo.  Paris,  1686.  B.M. 
And,  12mo.  Bruxelles,  1688. 

Other  editions. — L’utilite  des  voyages,  qui  con- 
cerne  la  connoisance  des  medailles,  inscriptions, 

statues . manuscrits,  langues  &  autres  choses  re- 

marquables.  Avec  un  memoire  de  quelques  obser¬ 
vations  generales  qu’on  peut  faire  pour  ne  pas 
voyager  inutilement.  2  vols.  12mo.  Paris,  1693. 


De  l’utilite  des  voyages . Nouvelle  edition  re¬ 
vue.  2  vols.  12mo.  Rouen,  1727.  B.M. 

With  30  plates  (coins).  12mo.  1777.  Cicogn. 


Histoire  de  Ptolemee  Auletes,  dissertation  sur  une 
pierre  gravee  antique  du  Cabinet  de  Madame.  2  parts. 
Plates,  including  other  intaglios.  12mo.  Paris,  1698. 



Reponse  a  Mr.  G.  *  *  (alland)  ou  l’on  examine 
plusieurs  questions  d’antiquite  &  entr’  autres  la 
Dissertation  publiee  depuis  peu  sur  le  Gallien  d’or 
du  Cabinet  du  Roy.  12mo.  Paris,  1698.  B.M. 


Lettre  a  Monsieur  Lister,  de  la  Societe  Royale  de 
Londres.  ,  8vo.  Paris,  1700.  B.M. 


Lettres  ecrites  a  Monsieur  B  *  *  *  (Baudelot)  sur 
quelques  medailles  curieuses  de  son  cabinet...  1701. 
See  Chamiixakd  (E.). 


Trois  lettres  sur  une  pretendue  medaille  d’Alex- 

andre,  publiee  par  M.  de  Vallemont.  8vo.  Paris, 
1704.  Bodl. 


Explication  d’une  pierre  gravee  du  Cabinet  de  Msgr. 
le  Comte  dePontchartrain.  12mo.  Paris,  1710.  B.M. 


Description  des  Bas-Reliefs  anciens,  trouvez  depuis 

peu  dans  l’Eglise  Cathedrale  de  Paris.  4to.  Paris, 
1711.  B.M. 


Eeste  d’Ath&nes  representee  sur  une  Cornaline  an¬ 
tique  du  Cabinet  du  Roy.  Plates  (of  a  seal  that 
belonged  to  Michel  Angelo).  4to.  Paris,  1712. 



Lettre  sur  le  pr^tendu  Solon  des  pierres  gravees. 
Explication  d’une  medaille  d’or  de  la  Eamille  Cor- 
nuficia.  2  parts.  4to.  Paris,  1717.  B.M. 


Reflexions  sur  les  deux  plus  anciennes  medailles 
d’or  Romaines  qui  se  trouvent  dans  le  cabinet  de 
S.  A.  R.  Madame.  4to.  Paris,  1720.  B.M. 


Explication  d’une  pierre  gravee  dont  l’empreinte 
a  et6  envoyee  a  l’Academie  des  Inscriptions.  4to. 
(1708).  Bodl. 

BAUDERKMALER  Riedersachsens,  her- 

ausgegeben  vom  Arehitekten-Verein  des  Konigreichs 
Hannover.  4to.  Hannover,  1861. 

BAUDET  (E.).— See  Le  Brun  (Ch.),  Le 

grand  Escalier  du  Chateau  de  Versailles. 

BAUDICOUR  (Prosper  de). — Le  Peintre- 

Graveur  Frangais  continue,  ou  Catalogue  rai sonne 
des  estampes  gravies  par  les  peintres  et  les  dessi- 
nateurs  de  l’ecole  frangaise  nes  dans  le  18®  siecle. 
Ouvrage  faisant  suite  au  Peintre-Graveur  Frangais 
de  M.  Robert-Dumesnil.  2  vols.  8vo.  Paris, 
1859-61.  S.K. 

BAUDOUST  (Jean). — Recherches  tonchant 
la  mythologie.  Fol.  Paris,  1627.  Bodl. 

BAUDOIR  (J.). — Iconologie  touchant  les 

vices  et  les  vertus  representees  sous  diverses  figures. 

Eol.  Paris,  1636.  Bodl. 

BAUDOIR  ( J.) . — Recueil d’emblemes  divers 

avec  des  discours  moraux.  2  parts.  76  plates. 

8vo.  Paris,  1638-9.  Bodl. 

Also,  2  vols.  8vo.  Paris,  1646. 

BAUDOIR  (J-)- — Iconologie;  on,  explica¬ 
tion  nouvelle  de  plusieurs  images,  etc.,  tiree  des 
recherches  et  des  figures  de  Cesar  Ripa,  moralisees. 
Eol.  Paris,  1644.  T.C.D. 

And,  2  vols.  8vo.  Amsterdam,  1698.  Bodl. 
BAUDOT. — Sur  M.  Boichot,  statuaire  du 
roi,  par  M.  Baudot  aine.  8vo.  Pagny-le-Chateau, 
11  fevrier  1815. 

BAUDOT  (A.  de). — Reorganisation  de 
1’Ecole  des  Beaux- Arts, ^decret  du  13.  novembre  1863. 
De  son  influence  sur  l’Etude  de  1’ Architecture.  Par 
M.  A.  de  Baudot.  8vo.  Paris,  1864.  S.K. 

BAUDOT  (Henri). — Description  de  laCha- 

pelle  de  l’ancien  Chateau  de  Pagny,  precedee  de  de¬ 
tails  historiques  sur  ce  chateau  et  les  seigneurs  qui 
l’ont  possede.  Seconde  edition,  revue,  augmentee,  et 
ornee  de  plusieurs  planches  gravees  et  lithographiees 
d’apres  les  dessins  de  l’auteur.  4to.  Dijon,  1842. 





Notes  and  Queries, 
May  16,  ’68. 

Universal  Catalogue  of 

BAUDOT  (H.). —  Rapport  sur  les  deeou- 
vertes  archeologiques  faites  aux  sources  de  la  Seine. 
Plates  and  plans.  4to.  Dijon,  1845.  Bodl. 

BAUDOT  (H.). — Memoire  snr  les  Sepul¬ 
tures  des  Barbares  de  l’epoque  Merovingienne,  de- 
couvertes  en  Bourgogne,  et  particulierement  a  Char- 
nay.  Illustre  de  gravures  en  bois  et  ...  de  (29) 
planches  executees  en  chromolithographie,  etc.  4to. 
Dijon,  1860.  B.M. 

BAUDBI  (Fr.). — See  Periodical  Publica¬ 
tions.  Organ  fiir  christliche  Kunst,  herausgegeben 
und  redigirt  von  F.  B.  1851,  etc. 

BAUDRY  (Frederic  Paul). — Fosses  Gallo- 

Romaines  de  Troussepoil,  commune  de  Bernard 
(Vendee).  In  the  Bulletin  of  the  “  Societe  Arche- 
ologique  de  l’Orleanais”  (Paris  and  Orleans,  1850), 
vol.  iv.  B.M. 

BAUDRY  (F.  P.). — Le  Musee  departe- 

mental  d’Antiquites  de  Rouen.  Agrandissement  et 
classification.  Extrait  du  Nouvelliste  de  Rouen, 
des  10,  11  et  12  Novembre  1862.  8vo.  Rouen, 
1862.  B.M. 

BAUDRY  (P.  P.). — Revue  archeologique  de 
l’Exposition  des  Beaux -Arts  de  Rouen.  Extrait  du 
Nouvelliste  de  Rouen  des  10,  12  et  14  Octobre  1862. 
8vo.  Rouen,  1862.  B.M. 

BAUER  (Maximilian).  —  Ornamenten- 

Schule  fiir  Gymnasien,  Real-  und  Burger-  Schulen, 
entworfen  von  M.  B.  40  lithogr.  plates.  Eol. 
Wien  (1853).  S.K. 

BAUGEAY. —  Recueil  de  petites  marines; 

representant  des  navires  de  diverses  nations,  et  de 

toutes  especes . interieurs  d’arsenaux,  travaux  des 

ports,  costumes  de  pecheurs,  etc.  Dessine  et  grave 
par  B.  120  plates,  with  text.  Oblong  4to.  Paris, 
1817.  B.M. 

B  AUERYFEI  YD  ( Carl  Maximilian)  . — V or- 

legeblatter  zur  Briickenbaukunde,  mit  erlauterndem 
Texte.  4to.  Miinchen,  1853(-54).  B.M. 

BAUGYIET  (C.). — Les  artistes  contempo- 
rains  ;  portraits  lithographies  d’apres  nature.  Eol. 
Bruxelles,  1839.  Akad.  der  Kiinste,  Berlin. 

BAUMEFORT  (Y.  de)  . — Yotice  sur  le  tem¬ 
ple  des  Druides  d’Uzes.  3  lithogr.  plates.  4to. 
Lyon,  1861.  B.M. 

BAUMEFORT  (V.  de). — Recherches  sur 

les  Monuments  Celtiques  du  Departement  du  Gard, 
etc.  8vo.  Lyon,  1863.  B.M. 

BAUMEISTER  (R.).  —  Architektonische 

Eormenlehre  fur  Ingenieure,  etc.  362  woodcuts. 
4to.  Stuttgart,  1866.  B.M. 

BAUMGARTEY  (Martinus  a). — Peregri- 

natio  in  AEgyptum,  Arabiam,  Palsestinam  et  Syriam, 
cum  auctoris  vita.  4to.  Norib.,  1594.  B.M. 

In  English.  In  “  Voyages  and  travels,”  pub¬ 
lished  by  Churchill. 

BAUMGARTYER  (Ant.). — La  statue  de 

Pierre  Fatio  a  Geneve.  8vo.  Geneve,  1850. 


BAUMGARTYER  (Julius  A.). — Beschrei- 

bendes  Verzeichniss  derB.’schen  Oelgemalde-Samm- 
lung  im  Romischen  Hause  zu  Leipzig.  11  steel 
engravings.  8vo.  Leipzig,  1855.  B.M. 

BAUMHAUER. — The  Free-Hand  Drawing 

Book.  Oblong  4to.  Leipzig  and  London  (1854). 


BAUER  (Georg). — G.  Bauer’s  auserlesene 

und  niitzliche  Neuigkeiten  fur  alle  Miinzliebhaber. 
Plates.  4to.  Niirnberg,  1772.  B.M. 

BAUR  or  BAUER  (Johann  Wilhelm). 

Iconographia,  complectens  in  se  passionem,  mi- 
racula,  vitam  Christi  universam,  necnon  prospectus 
rarissimorum  portuum,  palatiorum,  hortorum,  his- 
toriamque  aliarum  rerum,  quse  per  Italiam  spectatu 

sunt  dignse . incisse  a  Melch.  Kyssel.  146  plates. 

Oblong  fol.  Augustse  Vindelicorum,  1670. 

Also,  oblong  fol.  August.  Vind.,  1682.  S.K. 
148  plates  under  another  title,  in  German.  Oblong 
4to.  August.  Vind.,  1670. 

And  with  190  plates.  Eol.  August.  Vind.,  1686. 

BAUR  (J.  W.). — Le  Metamorfosi  d’Ovidio, 

intagliate  in  150  tavole  inrame  di  prima  freschezza, 
e  bellezza.  4to.  n.  p.  1641.  Cicogn. 

The  1st  edition. 

Other  editions : — 

With  French  title.  Oblong  fol.  Viennse,  Austrise, 

With  German  title.  4to.  Viennse,  Austrise,  1641. 

Theatrum  Ovidii  ex  ejus  libris  metamorphoseon 
desumptum.  Latin  and  German.  150  plates,  by 
Kysell.  4to.  Augustse  Vindelicorum,  1687. 

A  reprint. — P.  Ov.  N.  Metamorphoseon.  With 
the  150  plates  of  the  1st  edition.  Oblong  fol. 
Augspurg,  1709.  Cicogn. 

BAUR  (J.  W.). — Battaglie  di  varie  nazioni 
da  lui  inventate,  ed  incise,  dedicate  a  D.  Federico 
Colonna,  15  tavole  in  8vo.  oblong,  1637.  Aggiun- 
tovi  varj  capricci  di  battaglie,  15  tavole,  1635. 
Inoltre  vedute  di  giardini  diversi,  6  tavole,  1636. 
E  in  fine  il  nuovo  libro  di  diverse  Nazioni,  non  tanto 
quelle  che  furono  incise  da  Guglielmo  Baur  nel 
1636  quanto  le  altre,  che  furono  ricopiate  dalle  sue 
stampe  nella  calcografia  di  Mariette  da  Ciartres, 
tavole  22.  Cicogn. 

BAUSE  (Johann  Friedrich). — Verzeichniss 
des  Kupferstichwerkes  des  J.  F.  Bause.  8vo. 
Leipzig,  1786. 

BAUX  (Jules). — Recherches  historiques  et 
archeologiques  sur  l’Eglise  de  Brou.  2  parts. 
8vo.  Paris,  1845.  B.M. 

BAUX  (J.). — Yotice  descriptive  et  histori- 

que  sur  l’Eglise . .de  Notre -Dame  de  Bourg.  8vo. 

Bourg-en-Bresse,  1849.  B.M. 

BAUZEITUYG,  Allgemeine.  See  Periodi¬ 

cal  Publications. 

BAYA  DI  SAY  PAOLO  (Emanuele,  Conte). 

Prospetto  storico-filosofico  delle  vicende  e  dei 
progressi  delle  scienze,  arti  e  costumi  dal  sec.  xi. 

Notes  and  Queries, 
May  16,  ’68. 

Books  on  Art  {under  revision). 


fino  al  sec.  xviii.  5  vols.  8vo.  Torino,  1816. 


BAVARIA  Sancta.  Maximiliani  Sereniss. 
Principis  Imperii  Comitis  Palatini  Rheni  utriusque 
Bav.  Ducis  auspiciis  coepta,  descripta  eidemque 
nnncupata  a  Mattheo  Radero.  Pol.  Monaci,  1614. 
Part  I.  contains  60,  Part  II.  44,  Part  III.  20, 
Bavaria  pia,  16  plates.  Prom  the  inventions  of 
Math.  Kager. 

BAVARIA. — Esquisse  de  l’histoire  de  Ba- 

viere.  Court e  description  des  fresques  historiques 
des  Arcades  du  jardin  de  la  cour  a  Munich.  8vo. 
Munich  (1841).  B.M. 

BAVARIA. — Das  Konigreich  Bayern  in 

seinen  alterthiimlichen,  geschichtlichen,  artistischen 
und  malerischen  Sehonheiten,  enthaltend  in  einer 
Reihe  von  Stahlstichen  die  interessantesten  Gegen- 
den,  Stadte,  Kirchen,  Kloster,  Burgen,  Bader  und 
sonstige  Baudenkmale.  Mit  begleitendem  Texte. 
8vo.  Miinchen,  1843,  &c.  B.M. 


ische  G-ebirgslieder  mit  Bildern,  gezeichnet  von  E. 
Neureuther.  Pol.  Miinchen,  1829-31.  B.M. 

BAVEREL  (J.  P.,  l’Abbe). — Notices  sur  les 

graveurs,  qui  nous  ont  laisse  des  estampes  marquees 
de  monogrammes,  chiffres,  rebus,  lettres  initiales, 
&c.  Par  M.  l’abbe  B.  et  Malpez.  2  vols.  8vo. 
Besan^n,  1807.  Bodl. 

BAXTER  (Thomas). — An  Illustration  of  the 

^Egyptian,  Grecian,  and  Roman  costume.  In  40 
outlines,  with  descriptions,  selected,  drawn  and 
engraved  by  T.  B.  4to.  London,  1810.  S.K. 
BAXTER  (W.). — Glossarium  Antiquitatum 
Romanarum.  8vo.  London,  1731. 

The  same  work,  previously  under  the  title :  “Reli¬ 
quiae  Baxterianse.”  8vo.  London,  1726. 

Another  edition. — Glossarium  Antiquitatum  Bri- 
tannicarum  temporibus  Romanorum.  8vo.  London, 

BAXTER  (William  Edward). — Impressions 
of  Central  and  Southern  Europe  ;  being  notes  of 
successive  journeys  in  Germany,  Austria,  Italy, 
Switzerland,  and  the  Levant.  8vo.  London,  1850. 


BAXTER  (W.  Raleigh). — Photography; 

including  the  daguerreotype,  calotype,  chrysotype, 
&c.,  familiarly  explained.  Second  edition.  12mo. 
London,  1842.  B.M. 

BAYARDI  (Ottayio  Antonio,  Archbishop 

of  Tyre). — Prodromo  delle  Antichita  d’Ercolano  (of 
which  he  was  editor).  5  parts.  4to.  Napoli, 
1752.  B.M. 

BAYARDI  (Ott.  A.). — Catalogo  degli  an¬ 
tichi  monumenti  dissoterati  dalla  citta  di  Ercolano. 
Pol.  Napoli,  1754.  B.M. 

BAYARDI  (Ott.  A.).  —  See  Academies. 

Naples.  Reale  Accademia  Ercolanese  di  Archeo- 

Le  antichita  di  Ercolano,  etc.  (Vol.  i.  ii.  edited 
by  O.  A.  B.).  Fol.  1757,  etc.  B.M. 

BAYER  (Josef). — Aesthetik  in  Umrissen. 

Zur  allgemeineren  philosophischen  Orientirung  auf 
dem  Gebiete  der  Kunst.  8vo.  Prag,  1856,  etc.  B.M. 

BAYERIUS  (Franciscus  Perezius). — B.  F. 

P.  de  nummis  Hebrseo-Samaritanis.  Plates.  Large 
4to.  Yalentise  Edetanorum  (ex  officina  Benedicti 
Monfort),  1781.  Cicogn. 

BAYERIUS  (F.P.). — Nummorum  Hebreeo- 

Samaritanorum  vindicise.  Plates.  Large  4to.  Ya¬ 
lentise  Edetanorum  (ex  officina  Benedicti  Monfort), 
1790.  Cicogn. 

At  the  end  of  the  work  an  appendix,  “  De  auctore 
Hispanse  Homeri  Odissese  Versionis,  quse  sub 
Gundisalvi  Peretii  nomine  circumferuntur.” 

BAYERUS  (F.  P.).— B.  P.,  de  l’alfabeto  y 

lengua  de  los  Penices  y  de  suas  Colonias.  Pol. 
n.  p.  o.  d.  Cicogn. 

Plates  taken  from  an  edition  of  Sallust. 

BAYERUS  (Theophilus  Sig.). — Historia 

Osrhoena  et  Edessena  ex  nummis  illustrata.  7  plates. 
4to.  Petropoli,  1734.  B.M. 

BAYERUS  (Th.  S.  R.).  —  Commentarius 

de  numis  Romanis  in  agro  Prussico  repertis;  acce- 
dit  epistola  de  Theophrasti,  Delii  prsesidis,  monu- 
mento.  9  plates.  4to.  Lips.,  1722.  B.M. 

BAYERUS  (Th.  S.  R.).  — Opuscula  ad 

historiam  antiquam,  chronologiam,  geographiam,  et 
rem  numariam  spectantia,  ed.  Christ.  Adolph. 
Klotzius.  8vo.  Halis,  1770.  B.M. 

BAYFIUS  (Lazarus). — B.  F.,  de  re  navali, 

de  re  vestiaria,  et  de  Yasculis  antiquorum.  Addito 
Antonii  Thylesii  libellus  de  coloribus.  Plates.  4to. 
Parisiis  (ex  officina  Rob.  Stephani),  1563. 

BAYFIUS  (L.).— De  Vasculis  Libellus 

adolescentulorum  causa  ex  Bayfio  decerptus,  addita 
vulgari  latinarum  vocum  interpretatione.  8vo. 
Lngduni,  Gryphium,  1536.  Cicogn. 

BAYLEY  (J.). — A  Letter  addressed  to  the 
Right  Hon.  Lord  John  Russell,  M.P.,  on  the  for¬ 
mation  of  a  new  National  Gallery,  and  the  preserva¬ 
tion  of  Works  of  Art.  Illustrated  with  plans.  By 
an  old  traveller  (J.  Bay  ley  of  Cheltenham).  8vo. 
London,  1853.  S.K. 

BAYLEY  (John). — The  history  and  anti¬ 
quities  of  the  Tower  of  London,  with  biographical 
anecdotes  of  royal  and  distinguished  persons,  de¬ 
duced  from  records,  state  papers,  and  manuscripts, 
and  from  other  original  and  authentic  sources.  2 
parts.  Pol.  London,  1821-5.  B.M. 

8vo.  London,  1830.  S.K. 

BAYLISS  (Wtke). — The  elements  of  aerial 
Perspective.  8vo.  London,  1855.  B.M. 

BAYLY  (Thomas  Haynes). — Flowers  of 

loveliness;  twelve  groups  of  female  figures,  em¬ 
blematic  of  flowers,  with  poetical  illustrations.  Pol. 
London,  1837.  B.M. 

BAYNE  (James).— The  tourist’s  guide  to 

the  antiquities  of  Conway  castle,  town,  and  neigh¬ 
bourhood.  8vo.  Conway  (1852).  B.M. 



Universal  Catalogue  of 

Notes  and  Queries, 
May  16,  ’68. 

BAYNE  (W.).— Barrow  on  Oldbury  Hill. 

Wiltshire  tokens,  &c.  1  plate  in  text.  In  the 

“Wiltshire  Archaeological  and  Natural  History 
Magazine”  (Devizes,  1859),  vol.  vi. 

BAYNES  (C.  B.). — Notes  and  reflections 

during  a  ramble  in  the  East,  an  overland  journey 
from  India,  visit  to  Athens,  &c.  8vo.  London, 
1843.  B.M. 

BAYNES  (Robert  Hall). — Cassell’s  illus¬ 
trated  Book  of  Sacred  Poems,  edited  by . R.  H.  B., 

&c.  4to.  London  (1867,  &c.).  B.M. 

BAYNES  (T.M.).— Plates  in  “Ireland  il¬ 

lustrated.”  See  Wright  (G.  N.). 

BAZAINE  (P.  D.,  General). — Memoire  sur 
la  Construction  de  nouveaux  Planchers  destines  a 
rendre  les  batiments  incombustibles.  13  plates. 
Paris,  1841.  S.K. 

BAZIN  DE  MALPlERE  (D.).— La  Chine. 

Moeurs,  usages,  costumes,  arts  et  metiers,  peines 
civiles  et  militaires,  ceremonies  religieuses,  monu¬ 
ments  et  paysages,  d’apres  les  dessins  originaux  du 
Pere  Castiglione,  du  Peintre  Chinois  Pu-Q,ua,  &c., 
avee  des  notices  explicatives  et  une  introduction 

. par  D.  B  *  *  *  (azin)  de  Malpiere.  2  vols. 

180  coloured  lithographs.  Pol.  Paris,  1825-39. 


BEAMONT  (William).  —  A  diary  of  a 
journey  to  the  East,  in  the  autumn  of  1854.  2  vols. 
8vo.  London,  1856.  B.M. 

BEAMONT  (W.). — Cairo  to  Sinai  and  Sinai 

to  Cairo  ;  being  an  account  of  a  journey  in  the 
desert  of  Arabia,  November  and  December  1860. 
With  lithogr.  plates.  8vo.  Cambridge,  1861.  B.M. 

BEAMONT  (Rev.  W.  J.). — Eine  Art  as  a 

branch  of  Academic  Study.  A  letter  addressed  to 
members  of  the  Senate  (of  Cambridge  University). 
8  vo.  Cambridge,  1863. 

And,  8vo.  Cambridge,  1864.  S.K. 

BEAMONT  (Rev.  W.  J.). — Specimens  of 

Examination  Papers  in  Architecture,  Painting,  and 
Sculpture.  8vo.  (Cambridge)  1865.  S.K. 

BEAN  (Richard  Lewis). — Anatomy  for  the 

use  of  Artists,  illustrated  by . plates.  8vo. 

London,  1841.  B.M. 

BEASLEY  (E.  C.). — Laocoon:  an  essay  on 

the  limits  of  painting  and  poetry,  transl.  from  the 
German  of  Gotthold  E.  Lessing.  See  Lessing 
(G.  E.). 

BEATIANO  (Julio  Cesare  de). — L’araldo 

Veneto,  overo  universale  armerista  mettodico  di 
tutta  la  scienza  araldiea.  4to.  Yenezia,  1680. 


BEATRIZET  (N.). — Anatomia  del  corpo 
humano,  &c.  See  Vadverda.  (G.)  de  Hamusco. 

BEATSON  (Alexander). — Tracts  relative 
to  the  Island  of  St.  Helena.  Plates  by  W.  Daniell, 
from  drawings  by  S.  Davies.  4-to.  London,  1816. 

BEATTIE  (Rev.  James).— The  Minstrel; 

or,  the  Progress  of  Genius.  By  J.  B.  With  de¬ 
signs  by  Mr.  Thurston,  engraved  on  wood  by  Mr. 
Clennel.  Imp.  8vo.  Alnwick,  1807.  S.K. 

Other  editions: — The  Minstrel,  and  other  Poems. 
With  4  plates  and  portrait,  by  Heath.  12mo. 
London,  1811. 

With  plates,  from  designs  by  Rich.  Westall.  8vo. 
London,  1816. 

BEATTIE  (William). — Switzerland  illus¬ 
trated,  in  a  series  of  views  by  W.  H.  Bartlett.  2 
vols.  4to.  London,  1836.  B.M. 

Scotland  illustrated,  in  a  series  of  viewrs  by  T. 
Allom,  W.  H.  Bartlett,  and  H.  M'Gulloch.  2  vols. 
4to.  London,  1838.  B.M. 

The  Waldenses,  or  Protestant  valleys  of  Pied¬ 
mont,  Dauphiny,  and  the  Ban  de  la  Roche,  illustrated 
by  W.  H,  Bartlett  and  W.  Brockedon.  4to.  Lon¬ 
don,  1838.  B.M. 

The  Castles  and  Abbeys  of  England.  2  vols. 
400  plates  by  Allom,  &c.  8vo.  London,  1843-55. 


The  Danube  illustrated,  from  sketches  by  W.  H. 
Bartlett.  Parts  i.-xx.  4to.  London,  1842.  B.M. 

BEAUCHESNE  (Jehan  de).— Le  Tresor 

d’escripture,  auquel  est  contenu  tout  ce  qui  est 
requis  necessaire  a  tous  amateurs  du  dit  art.  64 
cuts.  Small  oblong  4to.  Lyon,  1580. 

Earlier,  Paris,  1550. 

In  English. — Booke  containing  divers  sortes  of 
hands,  as  well  the  English  as  French  secretary,  with 
the  Italian  chancery  and  court-hands  ;  also  the  pro- 
portio  of  the  capitall  of  Romse  (by  John  de  Beau- 
chesne  and  John  Baldon).  With  cuts.  Oblong  4to. 
London,  1570.  And  again  1574,  1590,  and  1602. 

BEUCHET  EILLIAU  (H.). — Recherches 

sur  Airvau,  son  chateau  et  son  abbaye.  1  lithogr. 
plate.  In  the  reports  of  the  “  Society  des  Anti- 
quaires  de  l’Ouest”  (Poitiers,  1835-63),  vol.  i. 

BEAUCLERC  (Lady  Diana). — Leonora, 
with  designs  by  Lady  D.  B.  See  Burger  (G.  A.). 

rice  Antoine). — Description  historique  de  l’Eglise 
collegiale  et  paroissiale  de  Notre-Dame  a  Bruges, 
avec  une  histoire  chronologique  de  tous  les  Prevots, 

suivie  d’un  recueil  des  epitaphes . de  cette 

eglise.  With  plates.  4to.  Bruges,  1773.  B.M. 

BE  AUDE . — S ur  P eglise  de  Maignelay  (Oise) . 

In  the  “  Bulletin  monumental,”  vol.  vi. 

BE  AUDE. — Sur  les  anciennes  tapisseries 
conservees  dans  la  Cathedrale  de  Beauvais.  The 
same,  vol.  vi. 

BEAUFORD  (Wm.). — Ancient  coins  found 
at  Ballylinam,  Queen’s  County.  1  plate.  In 
“Royal  Irish  Academy  Transactions”  (1788-1839), 
vol.  i. 

BEAUFORD  (W.).  —  Ancient  sepulchre 
discovered  in  1788,  Kildare  Co.  1  plate.  The 
same,  vol.  ii. 

Notes  and  Queries, ) 
May  23,  ’68.  f 


Books  on  Art  ( under  revision). 

BEAUFORD  (W.). — Memoir  of  tlie  antiqui¬ 
ties  of  the  church  of  Killossy,  co.  Kildare.  On  the 
origin  of  the  ancient  Irish  Churches.  The  same, 
yoI.  iii. 

BEAUFORT  ( — de). — Melanges  d’Archeo- 
logie.  1  plate.  In  the  “  Bulletin  monumental,” 
vol.  xx. 

BEAUFORT  (E.  de). — Recherches  archeo- 

logiques  dans  les  environs  de  Saint  Benoit  du 
Sault  (Indre).  Plates.  In  “  Memoires  de  la 
Societe  des  Antiquaires  de  I’Ouest,”  vol.  for  the 
year  1851.  Also  vol.  for  1860-61. 

BEAUFORT  (Emily  Anne),  afterwards 
SMYTIIE  (E.  A.),  Viscountess  Strangford.— 

Egyptian  Sepulchres  and  Syrian  Shrines.  2  vols. 
2nd  edition.  8vo.  London,  1862. 

BEAUFORT  (E.  A.),  afterwards  SMYTHE 
(E.  A.),  Viscountess  Strangford. — The  Eastern 
Shores  of  the  Adriatic  in  1863.  With  a  visit  to 
Montenegro.  By  the  Viscountess  Strangford.  (The 
three  chapters,  Northern  Albania,  Dalmatia,  Chaos, 
by  Viscount  Strangford.)  With  coloured  illustra¬ 
tions.  8vo.  London,  1864.  B.M. 

BEAUFORT  (Francis,  Captain  R.N.). — 

Karamania;  or  a  brief  description  of  the  South 
coast  of  Asia  Minor,  and  of  the  remains  of  antiquity. 
8vo.  London,  1817.  Bodl. 

2nd  edition.  With  plates.  8vo.  London,  1818. 


BEAUFORT  (L.  C.). — An  Essay  upon  the 
state  of  Architecture  and  Antiquities,  previous  to 
the  landing  of  the  Anglo-Normans  in  Ireland.  In 
“  The  Koyal  Irish  Academy  Transactions,”  vol.  xv. 

BEAUFOY  (Henry  Benjamin  Hanbury).- — 
See  Burn  (J.  H.).  A  descriptive  catalogue  of  the 

London  Traders . Tokens . presented  to  the 

Corporation  Library  by  H.  B.  H.  B.,  &c.  1853. 

BEAU GRAND  (Felix). — Relation  nouvelle 
et  tres-fidelle  du  Voyage  de  la  Terre  Sainte.  8vo. 
Paris,  1700-1.  B.M. 

BEAU GRAND  (N.). — Le  mareschal  expert. 

Woodcuts.  8vo.  Eouen,  1628. 

BEAU  J  0  YEULX  (Baltazar  de).— Ballet 

comique  de  la  royne,  faict  aux  nopces  de  M.  le  due 
de  Joyeuse  et  de  Mad.  de  Vaudemont,  sa  soeur. 
With  plates,  and  music.  4to.  Paris,  1582. 

See  this  in  “Recueil  de  plus  ex.  Ballets,”  &c. 
Paris,  1612. 

BEAULIEU  (Jean  Louis). — Archeologie  de 

la  Lorraine,  on  recueil  de  notices  et  documens  pour 
servir  a  l’histoire  des  antiquites  de  cette  province. 

2  vols.  5  lithogr.  plates.  8vo.  Paris,  1840-43.  B.M. 

BEAULIEU  (J.  L.). — Recherches  archeo- 

logiques  et  historiques  sur  le  comte  de  Dachsbourg, 
aujouxd’hui  Dabo.  8vo.  Paris,  1836.  B.M. 

BEAULIEU  (J.  L.). — Antiquites  de  Vichy- 

les-Bains,  Depart,  de  1’Allier.  8vo.  Paris,  1846. 

BEAULIEU  (J.  L.). — Notice  sur  un  Cha- 

piteau  trouve  a  Toul.  In  the  “  Memoires  de  la  Societe 
Koyale  des  Antiquaires  de  la  France,”  vol.  ix. 

BEAULIEU  (J.  L.). — Des  Sarcophages  en 

plomb  et  de  l’6poque  a  laquelle  ils  commencerent  a 
etre  en  usage  dans  les  Gaules.  Woodcuts.  The 

BEAULIEU  (J.  L.). — Rapport  sur  des 

cerceuils  en  pierre  trouv6s  en  1846,  au  faubourg 
Saint  Mansuy,  de  Toul  (Meurthe).  Plates.  In 
“  Memoires  de  la  Societe  Royale  des  Antiquaires  de 
France,”  nouvelle  serie,  vol.  viii. 

BEAULIEU  (Sebastien  de  Pontault,  Seig¬ 
neur  de). — Les  glorieuses  Conquetes  de  Louis  le 
Grand,  ou  sont  represents  les  cartes,  profils,  places, 
plans  de  villes,  &c.  2  vols.  Fol.  Paris,  1876-94. 

BEAUMONT . — L’Enciclopedie  Perruquiere 
a  f usage  de  toute  sorte  de  tetes,  enrichie  de  figures. 
45  plates,  -with  the  fashions  of  the  day  for  gentle¬ 
men.  8  vo.  Paris,  1757.  B.M. 

BEAUMONT. — L’Enciclopedie  carcassiere, 
ou  tableaux  des  coiffures  a  la  mode  graves  sur  les 
dessins  des  petites  maitresses  de  Paris.  4  plates, 
representing  44  busts.  8vo.  Paris,  1763. 
BEAUMONT. — Gouverneurs,  lieutenants  de 
roy,  prevosts  des  marchands,  echevins,  procureurs, 
avocats  du  roi,  greffiers,  receveurs,  conseillers  et 
quarteniers  de  la  ville  de  Paris  ;  armoiries  gravees 
par  Beaumont.  117  plates.  Fol.  Paris  (1760). 
Continuation,  with  45  plates.  1798. 
BEAUMONT  (Adalbert  de). — Voyage  il~ 
lustre,  &c.  See  Joanne  (Adolphe).  1829. 
BEAUMONT  (A.  de). — -Vues  prises  dans 

le  Danemark,  la  Suede,  la  Laponie  et  la  Norvege. 
25  plates,  in  two  tints.  Fol.  London,  1840. 

BEAUMONT  (A.  de). — Recherches  sur 

l’origine  du  Blason,  et  en  particulier  sur  la  Fleur  de 
Lis . 22  plates.  8vo.  Paris;  1853.  B.M. 

BEAUMONT  (A.  de).— See  Fossati  (G.), 

Aya  Sofia,  Constantinople,  as  recently  restored . 

From  the  original  drawings  by  G.  Fossati . . 

(Edited,  with . descriptions  in  French,  by  A.  de 

B.) . 1852. 

BEAUMONT  (A.  de). — Recueil  de  Dessins 
pour  l’Art  et  lTndustrie,  graves  par  A.  de  B.  Fol. 
Paris  (1859).  S.3L 

BEAUMONT  (A.  de). — Les  Arts  decoratifs 

en  Orient  et  en  France. — Les  Gobelins.  From  the 
“Revue  des  Deux  Mondes,”  Oct.  15,  1861.  S.K. 
BEAUMONT  (A.  de)  . — Les  Arts  industriels 

en  France  et  1’ Exposition  de  1863.  From  the 
“  Revue  des  Deux  Mondes,”  Oct.  15,  1863.  S.K. 

BEAUMONT  (Francis)  and  FLETCHER 

(John). — Dramatic  Works,  with  notes  by  various 
commentators.  10  vols.  With  portraits  of  Beau¬ 
mont  and  Fletcher,  and  54  engravings.  8vo. 
London,  1778. 

BEAUMONT  (F.)  and  FLETCHER  (J.). 

Works,  with  an  introduction  and  explanatory 
y  81 


Universal  Catalogue  of 

Notes  and  Queries, 
May  23,  ’68. 

notes  by  Henry  Weber.  14  vols.  With  portraits. 
8vo.  London,  1812. 

BEAUMONT  (Jean  FRANgois  Albanis  de). 

See  Albanis. 

BEAUMONT  (Sir  Harry),  pseud,  (i.  e. 
JOSEPH  SPENCE). — Crito;  or,  a  Dialogue  on 
Beauty,  by  Sir  H.  Beaumont.  8ro.  London,  1752. 

*  B.M. 

BEAUNIER  (E.)  and  BATHIER  (L.).— 

Recueil  des  Costumes  Fra^ais,  ou  Collection  des 
plus  belles  statues  et  figures  franchises,  des  armes, 
des  armures,  des  instruments,  des  meubles,  etc., 
dessines  d’apres  les  monuments,  manuscrits,  pein- 
tures  et  vitraux,  avec  un  texte  explificatif,  suivi 
d’une  notice  historique  et  chronologique  devant 
seryir  a  l’histoire  de  l’art  du  dessin  en  Prance, 
depuis  Clovis  jusqu’a  Napoleon.  Parts  i.-vii.  (No 
more  published.)  Pol.  Paris,  1810-13.  B.M. 

BEAUPLAN  (  Sieur  de).  —  Description 

d’Ukranie  qui  sont  plusieurs  provinces  du  Royaume 

de  Pologne . ensemble  leurs  mceurs,  fatjons  de 

vie  et  de  faire  la  guerre.  Plates.  4to.  Rouen, 

BE  AUPRE . — Lettre  sur  le  graveur  Pierre 

Woeiriot.  In  the  “  Journal . du  Musee  Lorrain” 

(Nancy,  1852-63),  part  vi. 

BEAUPRE.  —  Eonilles  a  l’ancienne  Abbaye 

de  Beaupre.  In  the  “  Journal . du  Musee  Lor¬ 

rain,”  part  xi. 

BEAUPRE  (Jean  Nicolas).  —  Notice  sur 

quelques  Graveurs  Nanceiens  du  xviii.  siecle . 

D.  Collin,  Y.  D.  Collin,  Hoerpin,  &c.  2  parts, 

and  supplement.  8vo.  Nancy,  1862.  B.M. 

BEAURAIN  ( —  de,  fils). — Histoire  de  la 
Campagne  du  Prince  de  Conde  en  Plandres,  en 
1674  (par  le  marquis  Daguesseau).  With  maps 
and  plates.  Fol.  Paris,  1774. 

BEAURAIN  (Jean  de)  and  Count  de 
BOISGELIN. — Histoire  militaire  de  Plandres,  de¬ 
puis  l’an  1690-94.  3  vols.  With  maps  and  plans  of 
towns  and  battles.  66  plates.  Pol.  Paris,  1756. 

Another  edition.  Fol.  LaHaye,  1776.  To  which 
is  added  a  vol. :  Campagne  de  Hollande  en  1672. 

BEAURAIN  ( —  de,  tbe  younger)  and 
GRIMOARD  ( —  de).  —  Histoire  des  quatres 
dernieres  campagnes  du  Marechal  de  Turenne,  en 
1672-75.  Maps  and  plates.  Pol.  Paris,  1782. 

BEAUREPAIRE  (Eugene  de  Robillard 

de). — La  Faience  de  Rouen  a  l’exposition  artistique 
dans  cette  ville  en  1861.  In  the  “Bulletin  monu¬ 
mental,”  vol.  xxvii. 

BEAUTfiS  du  moyen-age  et  de  la  renais¬ 
sance  (mceurs  et  arts).  Par  E.  Begin,  Champollion- 
Pigeac,  Depping,  P.  Lacroix,  &c.  Woodcuts,  and 
chromolith.  plates.  4to.  Paris,  n.d. 

BEAUTEZ,  les,  de  la  Perse  ;  ou  description 

de  ce  qu’il  y  a  de  plus  curieux  dans  ce  royaume. 

. Paris,  1672.  See  D.D.  (A.). 


BEAUTIES,  tbe,  of  Nature  and  Art  dis¬ 
played,  in  a  tour  throughout  the  world . The 

second  edition,  greatly  improved.  13  vols.  With 
plates.  12mo.  London,  1774-75.  B.M. 

Earlier  edition.  With  maps  and  plates.  14  vols. 
12mo.  London,  1763-64. 

BEAUTY.  —  An  Inquiry  into  tbe  Original 
of  our  Ideas  of  Beauty  and  Virtue.  In  two  Treatises. 
8vo.  London,  1725.  B.M. 

BEAUTY. — Real  and  Ideal  Beauty.  Article 
from  “Blackwood’s  Magazine,”  December  1853. 


BEAUVAIS  (Charles  de). — Des  Arts  et 

sciences  humaines.  De  leur  origine,  utilitez  et  abus. 

8  vo.  Quevilly,  1638. 

BEAUVAIS  DE  PREAU  (Charles  Nico¬ 
las). — Essais  historiques  sur  Orleans ;  ou  descrip¬ 
tion . de  cette  capitale  et  de  ses  environs.  8vo. 

Orleans,  1778.  B.M. 

BEAUVAIS. — See  Catalogues,  Engravers. 
BEAUVAIS  (Guillaume).  —  Histoire 

abregee  des  Empereurs  Romains  et  Grecs,  des  Im- 
peratrices,  des  Cesars,  des  Tyrans  et  des  personnes 
de  families  imperiales,  pour  lesquelles  on  a  frappe 
des  medailles,  depuis  Pompee  jusqu’a  Constantin 
XIV.  3  vols.  8vo.  Paris,  1747. 

BEAUVAIS  (G.). — La  Maniere  de  discerner 

les  Medailles  antiques  de  celles  qui  sont  contre- 
faites.  4to.  Paris,  1739.  B.M. 

Another  edition.  4to.  Dresde,  1794. 

English  translation. — An  essay  on  the  means  of 
distinguishing  antique  from  counterfeit  coins  and 

medals ;  translated  . with  notes . by  J.  T. 

Brocket!.  8vo.  Newcastle,  1819.  B.M. 

It  is  also  translated  into  Spanish. 


Vases  grecs  et  etrusques,  tant  en  bronze  qu’en 
couleur  de  terre,  peints  d’apres  sa  nouvelle  decou- 
verte  metallique  par  Saint  Victor.  Cette  collection 
est  precedee  d’une  notice  sur  les  vases.  48  numbers, 
with  6  tables.  Fol.  Paris,  1837  (1845).  B.M. 

BEAUVALLET  (Pierre  Nicolas). — Frag- 

mens  d’ Architecture,  Sculpture  et  Peinture,  dans  le 
style  antique.  (De  l’origine  des  arts,  et  de  la  deco¬ 
ration  consideree  sous  un  point  de  vue  generale  par 
P.  E.  Joubert.)  2  parts.  190  plates.  Pol.  Paris, 
an  xii.,  1804.  B.M. 


(Ch.). — Pragmens  d’Ornemens  dans  le  style  an¬ 
ti  que....Ouvrage  dans  lequel  on  trouve  reuni  tout  ce 
•  qui  peut  etre  utile  aux  Peintres,  Sculpteurs  et  Ar- 
chitectes,  etc.  2  vols.  144  plates.  Pol.  Paris, 
1820.  S.K. 

BEAUVARLET  (C.). — Catalogues  de  ta¬ 
bleaux,  &c.  See  Catalogues. 

BEAUVARLET  (J.  F.).  - —  Catalogue  de 
l’ceuvre .  1860.  See  Catalogues,  Dairaine. 

Notes  and  Queries, 
May  23,  ’68. 

Books  on  Art  ( under  revision). 


BEAUVEAU  (Henri  de). — Relation  jour- 
naliere  du  voyage  du  Levant.  8vo.  Toulouse,  1608. 


Other  editions : — 

8  vo.  Toulouse,  1615. 

8vo.  Toulouse,  1619. 

12mo.  Lyon,  1609. 

12mo.  Paris,  1610. 

4to.  Nancy,  1615.  With  plates. 

4to.  Nancy,  1619.  With  plates. 

BE  AUVEAU(Louis  de). — Le  pas  d’armes  de 

la  Bergere,  maintenu  au  tournoi  de  Tarascon  ;  publie 
d’apres  le  manuscrit  de  la  bibliotheque  du  roi  par 
G.  A.  Crapelet.  8vo.  Paris,  1828.  B.M. 

BEAUVILLE  (Victor  de). — Histoire  de  la 
ville  de  Montdidier.  With  29  plates.  3  vols.  4to. 
Paris,  1858. 

BEAUVOIR  (Hiyer  de). — Description . 

du  Tresor,  en  Reliquaires,  et  Joyaux  d’or  et  d’ argent, 
et  en  livres,  donne  par  Jean,  Due  de  Berry,  a  la 
Sainte  Chapelle  de  Bourges  ;  avec  une  introduction 

. et  deux  notices,  l’une  sur  les  bijoux  vendus  a 

Arnouil-Belin,  apres  la  mort  du  due,  et  1’ autre  sur 
la  librairie  de  ce  prince,  par  M.  H.  de  B.  8vo. 
Bourges,  1855.  S.K. 

BEAUX-AB,TS,  l’Ecole  des. — Reclamations 

des  El  eves  de  l’Ecole  des  Beaux- Arts  au  sujet  de  la 
Reorganisation  de  leur  Ecole.  Deuxieme  edition, 
augmentee  de  documents  nouveaux.  8vo.  Paris, 
1864.  S.K. 

BEAUX- ARTS,  l’Ecole  des,  Paris.  —  La 

Reforme ^de  1’ Ecole  des  Beaux- Arts  et  l’Opposition. 
Par  un  Eleve.  8vo.  Paris,  1863.  S.K. 

BEAUX- ARTS,  l’Ecole  des,  Paris.  —  Pro¬ 
gramme  des  Conditions  d’ admission  a  l’Ecole  im¬ 
perial  et  speciale  des  Beaux -Arts,  annee  1863. 

The  same,  annee  1864.  8vo.  Paris,  1863,  S.K. 

BEAUX-ARTS,  les,  en  Angleterre.  Article 
from  the  “  Revue  des  Deux  Mondes,”  October  15, 
1857.  S.K. 

BEAUX-ARTS. — Etudes  sur  les  Beaux- Arts 

en  general.  8vo.  Paris,  1852.  Lond.  Inst. 

BEAUX-ARTS,  les. — Illustrations  des  Arts 

et  de  la  Litterature.  2  vols.  With  plates  and  cuts. 
4to.  Paris,  1843-44. 

BEAVER  (John). — Roman  Military  Punish¬ 
ments.  Plates  by  Hogarth.  4to.  London,  1725. 

Some  copies  on  large  paper  have  additional  plates. 
The  perfect  copies  have  head  and  tail  pieces  to  the 
chapt&’S,  engraved  by  Hogarth. 

BEAZLEY  (S.,  tire  younger).  —  Gothic 
Architecture,  &c.  London  Architectural  Society. 
See  Societies. 

BECAHUS  (Gultelmus).  —  Serenissimi 
principis  Eerdinandi,  Hispaniarum  infantis  S.  R.  E. 
Cardinalis  triumphalis  introitus  in  Flandrise  metro- 
polim  Gandavensis.  42  plates,  and  frontispiece,  by 
de  Jode,  van  der  Does,  &c.,  after  G.  Crayer,  and 
others.  Large  fol.  Antverpise,  1636. 

BECCEGA  (Tommaso  Carlo).— SulE  Archi- 

tettura  Greco-Romana  applicata  alia  costruzione  del 
Teatro  moderno  Italiano,  e  sulle  Maschine  teatrali 
saggio.  With  plates  by  A.  Bernatti.  Fol.  Venezia, 
1817.  B.M. 

BECCEGA  (T.). — Saggio  d’Architettura 

teatrale.  See  Cadderari  (Ottone),  Opere  d’archi- 
tettura.. . 1808-17. 

BECCHETTI  (Eilippo  Angelico). — Lettera 

sopra  i  giuochi  Circensi  celebrati  da  Nerva,  e  sopra 
il  commercio  degli  antichi  Romani.  8vo.  Roma, 
1784.  Cicogn. 

BECCHI  (Fruttuoso). — Sulle  Stinche  di 

Eirenze,  e  su’  nuovi  edifizi  eretti  in  quel  luogo.  Fol. 
Firenze,  1839.  B.M. 

BECCHI  (Guglielmo). — Museo  Borbonico. 

(The  descriptive  letterpress  by  G.  B.  and  others.) 
1824,  etc.  See  Museums. 

BECCHIO  (A.). — Sepulchral  monuments, 

by  F.  M.  Tosi  and  A.  Beechio.  n.  p.  1842.  B.Arch. 

BECERRA  (G.).  —  Anotomia  del  Corpo 

liumano,  &c.  See  Valverda  (G-.).  di  Hamusco.  1 560. 

BE  CHI  (Guglielmo). — Del  Calcidico  e  della 

cripta  di  Eumacliia  scavati  nel  Foro  di  Pompeja 
l’anno  1820.  4to.  Napoli,  n.  d.  Bodl. 

BECHI  (G.). — Del  retto  uso  degli  ordini  di 
architettura  e  dell’  abuso  che  si  fa  da  alcuni  moderni 
dell’  ordine  Dorico.  8vo.  Napoli,  1826.  Bodl. 

BECHSTEIX  (Ludwig). — Der  Todtentanz. 
48  plates  after  H.  Holbein.  8vo.  Leipzig,  1831. 


BECHSTEIX  (L.).— Deutsches  Museum 
fur  Geschiclite,  Literatur,  Kunst  and  Alterthums- 
forschung.  Herausgegeben  von  L.  B.  2  vols. 
With  plates.  8vo.  Jena,  1842-43. 

New  edition,  edited  by  Reinhold  Bechstein.  With 
4  facsimiles.  8vo.  Leipzig,  1862. 
BECHSTEIX  (L.).— Kunst-Denkmaler  in 

Franken  und  Thiiringen.  Herausgegeben  unter 
Mitwirkung  des  Hennebergischen  alterthumsfor- 
schenden  Vereins,  von  L.  B.  Plates.  Oblong  4to. 
Schweinfurt,  1841,  etc. 

BECHSTEIX  (L.). — Kunst-Denkmaler  in 

Deutschland,  von  der  friihesten  Zeit  bis  auf  unsere 
Tage.  Bearbeitet  von  L.  B.,  Dr.  E.  Freiherrn  von 
Bibra,  Dr.  Gessert,  (Dr.  Hoffmann,  Dr.  Huhn)  Dr. 
Lucanus,  J.  Meyer,  T.  Siindermahler  u.  A.  Parts 
i.-v.  Plates.  4to.  Schweinfurt,  1844-45.  B.M. 

BECHSTEIX  (L.).— Deutsches  Sagenbuch. 
16  woodcuts  after  Adolf  Ehrliardt.  Roy.  8vo. 
Leipzig,  1850. 

BECHSTEIX  (L.). — Zweihundert  deutsche 

Manner,  in  Bildnissen  und  Lebensbeschreibungen ; 
herausgegeben  von  L.  B.  Woodcut  portraits.  4to. 
Leipzig,  1853.  S.K. 

BECHSTEIX  (L.).  —  Mahrchenbuch.  2nd 
edition.  187  woodcuts  after  L.  Richter.  Roy.  8vo. 
Leipzig,  1857. 



Universal  Catalogue  of 

Notes  and  Queries, 
May  23,  ’68. 

BECK  (Christian  Daniel). — Grandriss  der  ' 
Archaologie,  ocler  Anleitung  zur  Kenntniss  des 
Geschichte  der  alten  Kunst,  etc.  Abtli.  I.  8yo.  i 
Leipzig,  1816.  B.M.  j 

BECK  (Friedrich).  —  Gescliiclite  eines  j 
deutschen  Steinmetzen.  8vo.  Miinchen,  1834. 

BECK  (F.). — Andentungen  zu  einer  tieferen 
Begriindung  der  Gescliiclite  der  religiosen  Kunst. 
(Published  by  the  “  Gesellschaft  fur  deutsche  Alte.r- 
thumskunde”  of  Munich.)  4to.  Miinchen,  1834. 

BECK  (F.). — Riickblick  anf  das  Leben  und 
kiinstlerische  Wirken  Friedrich  Hoffstadt’s.  See 

BECK  (F.). — Tlieogonie,  &c.  See  Schwan- 

thaler  (Ludwig) .  (1853.) 

BECK  (H.).— Ansicbten  von  Athen,  nacb 
der  Natur  photographirt  von  II.  Beck.  54  views. 
4to.  Leipzig,  1864. 

BECK  (Matth.  Frider.). — Monumenta  an- 
tiqua  Judaica,  Aug.  Yindel.  reperta  et  enarratacum 
Mantissa  III.  Monumm.  Vetustorum  Homan.  8vo. 
Aug.  Vind.,  1686. 

BECK  (Thomas  Alcock). — Annales  Furne- 

sienses ;  history  and  antiquities  of  the  abbey  of 
Furness.  4to.  London,  1844.  Bodl. 

BECKER  (Anton). — Ornamente  zu  Zim- 
mer-Decorationen  fur  Baugewerke.  4to.  Leipzig 
(1859,  &c.).  B.M. 

BECKER  (A.  Wolfgang). — Cbarakterbilder 

aus  der  Kunstgeschichte,  in  chronologischer  Folge 
von  den  altesten  Zeiten  bis  zur  italienischen  Kunst- 
bliithe.  8vo.  Leipzig,  1861. 

BECKER  (A.  W.). — Kunst  und  Kiinstler 
des  16.,  17.  und  18.  Jahrhunderts.  Biographien 
und  Charakteristiken  von  A.  W.  B.  (Vol.  iii.  by  A. 
W.  B.  and  A.  Gorling.)  "Woodcuts.  3  vols.  8vo. 
Leipzig,  1863-65.  S.K. 

BECKER  (Carl). — Leben  und  Werke  des 
Bildhauers  Tilman  Bienienschneider.  eines  fast  un- 
bekannten  aber  vortrefflichen  Kiinstlers,  am  Elide 
des  15.  und  Anfang  des  16.  Jahrhunderts,  beschrie- 
ben  und  herausgegeben  von  C.  B.  7  plates,  and  2 
vignettes.  4to.  Leipzig,  1849.  S.K. 

BECKER  (Carl). — J.  Amman,  Zeicbner 
und  Formschneider,  Kupferatzer  xmd  Steelier.  Yon 
C.  B . 1854.  See  Amman  (Jost). 


(J.  von). — Kunstwerke  und  Gerathschaften  des 
Mittelalters  und  der  Renaissance,  herausgegeben 
von  C.  B.  und  J.  von  H.-A.  216  coloured  plates. 

4to.  Frankfurt  a.  M.,  1852-57.  S.K. 

BECKER  (Carl  Wilhelm). — See  Pinder 

(M.).  Die  Beckerschen  falschen  Miinzen  beschrie- 
beh,  &c.  1843. 

BECKER  (C.W.). — See  Pinder  (M.).  Ku- 

mismatique  Beckerienne,  recueil  des  medailles  con- 
trefaites  par  B.,  &c.  1853. 


BECKER  (D.). — E.  Steinle’s  neuere  Kunst- 

schopfungen.  8vo.  Regensburg,  1859.  B.M. 

BECKER  (George  J.). — B.’s  Ornamental 

Penmanship.  Oblong  8vo.  Philadelphia,  1854. 


BECKER  (Heinrich)  und  FORSTER 

(Heinrich,  Ritter  von). — Die  Cathedrale  von 
Palermo,  nach  den  genauen  Aufnahmen  der  Archi- 
tekten  H.  B.  und  H.  Ritter  von  F.  9  plates,  and 
text..  Imper.  fol.  Wien,  1866. 

BECKER  (Rudolf  Zacharias). — Holz- 

schnitte  alter  Deutscher  Meister  in  den  Original- 
Platten  gesammelt  von  Hans  Albrecht  von  Derschau. 
Als  ein  Beytrag  zur  Kunstgeschichte  herausgegeben 
und  mit  einer  Abhandlung  iiber  die  Holzschneide- 
kunst  imd  deren  Schicksale  begleitet. — Gravures  en 
bois  des  anciens  maitres  allemands,  tirees  des  plan¬ 
ches  originales,  recueillies  par  J.  A.  de  Derschau.. 
Publiees  avec  un  di  scours  sur  la  nature  et  l’histoire 
de  la  gravure  en  bois.  Three  parts,  German  and 
French,  containing  13  pp.,  59  plates  ;  7  pp.,  70 
plates  ;  4  pp.,  58  plates.  Fob  Gotha,  1808-16. 


A  fourth  part.  479  woodcuts;  no  text.  Fob 
Gotha,  1852.  S.K., 

BECKER  (R.  Z.). — Bildnisse  der  Urbeber 
und  Beforderer,  auch  einiger  Gegner  der  Religions- 
und-Kirchenverbesserung  im  sechszehnten  Jahrhun- 
dert,  nebst  anderen  darauf  Bezug  habenden  Bil- 
clern,  in  gleichzeitigen  Holzschnitten.  Zum  An- 
clenken  des  dritten  Jubelfestes  der  evangelisch 

lutherischen  Kirche . herausgegeben  und  mit 

Erlauterungen  begleitet.  23  woodcuts,  from  ori¬ 
ginal  blocks,  and  2  pp.  text.  Fob  Gotha,  1817.  B.M. 

BECKER  (Wilhelm  Adolf). — Handbuch 

der  Romischen  Alterthiimer,  nach  den  Quellen 
bearbeitet.  Fortgesetzt  von  Joachim  Marquardt.. 
5  vols.  Plates.  8vo.  Leipzig,  1843-67. 
BECKER  (W.  A.).— Gallus,  oder  romisebe 
Scenen  aus  cler  Zeit  Augusts.  Zur  Erlauterung  der 
wesentlichen  Gegenstiinde  aus  dem  hauslichen 
Leben  der  Romer.  2  vols.  5  lithogr.  plates.  8vo. 
Leipzig,  1838. 

2nd  edition,  revised  and  enlarged,  by  Wilhelm 
Rein.  3  vols.  2  lithogr.  plates,  and  26  woodcuts 
in  the  text.  8vo.  Leipzig,  1849. 

3rd  edition.  3  vols.  2  lithogr.  plates,  and  27" 
woodcuts.  8vo.  Leipzig,  1863. 

English  translation. — Gallus  ;  or,  Roman  Scenes 
of  the  Time  of  Augustus;  with  notes  and  excur¬ 
suses  illustrative  of  the  manners  and  customs  of 
the  Romans.  Translated  by  the  Rev.  Frederick 
Metcalfe.  8vo.  London,  1849.  S.K. 

BECKER  (W.  A.).  —  Cbarikles,  Bilder 

altgriechischer  Sitte.  Zur  genaueren  Kenntniss 
des  griechischen  Privatlebens.  2  vols.  5  lithogr. 
plates.  8a*o.  Leipzig,  1840. 

2nd  edition,  with  additions  by  Karl  Friedrich 
Hermann.  3  vols.  8vo.  Leipzig,  1854. 

Charicles  ;  or,  Illustration  of  the  Private  Life  of 
the  Ancient  Greeks,  with  notes  and  excursus.  Trans- 

Notes  and  Queries, 
May  BO,  ’68. 

Boohs  on  Art  ( under  revision). 


lated  from  the  German  by  the  Rev.  Frederick  Met¬ 
calfe.  8yo.  London,  1845.  S.K. 

2nd  edition.  8vo.  London,  1854. 

BECKER  (W.  A.).— Der  feuerfeste  Trep- 

penbau  von  natiirlichen  und  kiinstlichen  Steinen. 
Nach  den  neuesten  Erfindungen  und  Ausfiihrungen, 
mit  besonderer  Beriicksichtigung  der  Constructionen 
. 15  plates.  Fol.  Berlin,  1857.  B.M. 

BECKER  (W.  A.).— -Practische  Anleitung 

zur  Anwendung  der  Cemente  zu  baulichen,  gewerb- 
lichen,  landwirtbschaftlichen  und  Kunst-Gegen- 
standen.  24  chromo-lithograplis.  Fol.  Berlin, 
1860,  &c.  B.M. 

BECKER  (Wilhelm  G-ottlieb). — Yom  Cos¬ 
tume  an  Denkmalern.  8vo.  Leipzig,  1776.  B.M. 

BECKER  (W.  G.).— Der  Plauische  Grand 

bey  Dresden,  mit  Hinsicht  auf  Naturgeschichte  und 
sclione  Gartenkunst.  25  plates.  Small  fol.  Niirn- 
berg,  1799. 

BECKER  (W.  G.).  — Das  Seifersdorfer 
Thai.  4  parts.  Plates.  4to.  Leipzig,  1799. 
BECKER  (W.  G.). — Augusteum,  Dresdens 
antike  Denkmaler  enthaltend.  3  vols.  154  coloured 
(or  uncoloured)  plates  (92-94  repeated).  Fol. 
Dresden  und  Leipzig,  1804-11. 

2nd  edition,  augmented  by  Wilh.  Adolf  Becker. 
With  162  plates.  Text  in  8vo.  Leipzig,  1832-37. 

The  corrections  and  additions  also  separately  : — 
Berichtigungen  und  Nachtrage  zu  Becker’s  Au- 
gusteum  v.on  W.  A.  Becker.  8vo.  Leipzig,  1837. 

With  French  text. — Augusteum,  ou  description  des 
monumens  antiques  qui  se  trouvent  a  Dresde.  3 
vols.  Plates.  Fol.  Leipzig,  1804-11.  S.K. 

BECKER  (W.  G.). — Zweihundert  seltene 
Miinzen  des  Mittelalters,  in  genauen  Abbildungen 
mit  historischen  Erlauterungen  herausgegeben.  4to. 
Dresden,  1813.  B.M. 

BECKERE  (P.  de). — Notice  historique  sur 
P.  de  B.  See  Pinehabt  (Alexandre). 

BECKERSTEDT  (Cae.  Jacob).— En  Orte- 

book,  tryckt  med  sine  rosor  och  blad.  62  coloured 
plates.  Without  text.  4to.  Stockholm,  1758. 

BECKFORD  (Peteb). — Thoughts  on  Hunt¬ 
ing.  3rd  edition.  Frontispiece  by  Bartolozzi.  4to. 
Sarum,  1784. 

8vo.  London,  1796.  20  engravings. 

New  edition.  With  plates.  London  (Bohn),  1847. 
12mo.  London,  1849. 

BECKFORD  (P.). — Familiar  Letters  from 
Italy.  2  vols.  8vo.  Salisbury,  1805.  Lond.  Libr. 

BECKFORD  (William  ) .  —  Biographical 

Memoirs  of  extraordinary  Painters.  A  new 
edition.  12mo.  London,  1824.  S.K. 

BECKFORD  (W.). — Italy,  with  sketches 
of  Spain  and  Portugal.  2  vols.  8vo.  London,  1834. 


BECKFORD  (W.).  —  Italy,  Spain,  and 
Portugal,  with  an  excursion  to  the  Monasteries  of 

Alcoba5a  and  Batalha.  2  vols.  8vo.  London, ‘1839. 


New  edition,  London,  1848. 

BECKMANN  (Cael).— Graphische  Resul- 
tate  der  Perspective.  4to.  Berlin,  1858.  Berlin. 

BECKMANN  (John).— A  History  of  Inven¬ 
tions,  Discoveries,  and  Origins,  translated  from 
the  German  by  William  Johnston.  The  fourth 
edition,  carefully  revised  and  enlarged  by  William 
Francis  and  J.  W.  Griffith.  8vo.  2  vols.  London, 
1846.  Forming  Nos.  ix.-xi.  of  “Bohn’s  Standard 

Earlier.  8vo.  London,  1797-1814.  Bodl. 

3rd  edition.  4  vols.  8vo.  London,  1817.  S.K. 

BECLARD  (Philippe). — Recherches  sur  le 

sculpteur  Biardeau.  8vo.  n.p.  1851. 

BECLARD  (Ph.). — Jean  Cousin  a-t-il  ete 
statuaire?  8vo.  n.p.  1857. 

BEDE  (Cuthbeet,  B.A.).  —  Photographic 
pleasures :  popularly  portrayed  with  pen  and 
pencil.  8vo.  London,  1855.  '  B.M. 

BEDE  (E.). — Principes  de  Dessin  Lineaire, 

par  M.  E.  Bede.  16mo.  Paris,  n.  d.  S.K. 

BEDE  (E.). — Elements  de  Geometrie,  par 

M.  E.  Bede.  Post  8vo.  Paris,  n.  d.  S.K. 

BEDESCHINI  (Feanciscus  Aquilanus). 

Collection  de  cartouches  d’apr&s  les  plus  grands 
maitres,  contenant  82  desseins  differens  graves  en 
58  planches,  ouvrage  tres-utile  aux  architectes, 
sculpteurs,  peintres.  Fol.  Rome,  1770.  S.K. 

BEDFORD  (County  of). — Collections  to¬ 
wards  the  History  and  Antiquities  of  Bedfordshire, 
containing  the  Parishes  of  Paddington,  Luton,  and 
Dunslaple.  (No.  VIII.  of  “  Bibl.  Top.  Brit.”)  4to. 
London,  1783.  B.M. 

Additions  to  Luton  and  Dunstaple.  (No.  xxvi. 
of  “  Bibl.  Top.  Brit.”)  4to.  London,  1784. 

BEDFORD  MARBLES. — Outline  engrav¬ 
ings  and  descriptions  of  the  Woburn  Abbey  Mar¬ 
bles.  48  plates,  28  from  antique  marbles,  the  others 
from  marbles  by  Chantrey,  Westmacott,  Thorvald¬ 
sen,  and  Canova,  after  drawings  by  Henry  Corbould. 
Fol.  London,  1822. 

In  an  appendix :  A  dissertation  on  the  Lanti 
vase,  by  James  Christie,  2  leaves.  And :  On  the 
ancient  Hymn  to  the  Graces,  by  Ugo  Foscolo,  23  pp. 

logues,  Bone. 

BEDFORD  (F.,  the  younger). — Examples 
of  ancient  Doorways  and  Windows,  arranged  to 
illustrate  the  different  styles  of  Church  Architecture 
from  the  Conquest.  Square  16mo.  (A  chart.) 
London  (1856).  S.K. 

BEDFORD  (F.). — A  Chart  of  Anglican 

Church  Ornament,  wherein  are  figured  the  Saints 
of  the  English  Kalendar,  with  their  appropriate 
Emblems.  The  different  styles  of  Stained  Glass, 
z  85 


Universal  Catalogue  of 

f  Notes  and  Queries, 
\  May  30,  ’68. 

and  various  sacred  symbols  and  ornaments  used 
in  churches.  Square  16mo.  London  (1856).  S.K. 
Earlier  editions.  8vo.  London,  1843,  1844. 

BEDFORD  (E.). — A  chart  illustrating  the 
Architecture  of  Westminster  Abbey.  (Single  sheet.) 
8vo.  London,  1846.  B.M. 

BEDFORD  (F.).  —  The  Holy  Land,  &c. 

48  photographs.  4to.  London,  1865. 

BEDIK  (Petrus). — Cehil  Sutum,  seu  ex- 

plicatio  utriusque  celeberrimi  ac  pretiosissimi  theatri 
quadraginta  columnarum  in  Perside  orientis.  1 
plate.  Viennse  Austrise  (1678).  Cicogn. 

BEDOYA. — Historia  del  Toreo  y  de  las 
principales  Ganaderias  de  Espana.  With  portraits, 
■woodcuts,  and  plates  of  bull-fights.  4to.  Madrid, 

BEDWELL  (Thomas). — Mesolabium  Archi- 

tectonicum,  that  is,  a  most  rare  and  singular  In¬ 
strument,  for  the  easie,  speedy,  and  most  certaine 
measuring  of  Plaines  and  Solids  by  the  foote :  publ. 
by  Wilhelm  Bedwell,  his  nephew,  Vicar  of  Totten¬ 
ham.  4to.  London,  1631.  4to.  B.M. 

Also:  4to.  London,  1639.  B.M. 

BEDWELL  (W.). — A  briefe  description  of 
the  towne  of  Tottenham  High-Crosse  in  Middlesex. 
4to.  London,  1631.  Bodl. 

Beprinted  in  1718,  with  Butcher’s  History  of 
Stamford.  Lond.  Inst. 

BEDWELL  (W.). — Kalendarium  Viatorium 
generale ;  the  travellers  calendar,  serving  for  all 
parts  of  the  world.  8vo.  London,  1614.  B.M. 

BEE  (Jon.),  pseud,  (i.e.  John  BADCOCK). 

A  living  picture  of  London  for  1828.  8vo.  London, 
1828.  Bodl. 

BEECHEY  (F.  W.)  and  (H.  W.).— Pro¬ 
ceedings  of  the  expedition  to  explore  the  Northern 
Coasts  of  Africa  in  1821  and  1822,  comprehending 
an  account  of  the  Syrtis  and  Cyrenaica  ;  and  of  the 
ancient  cities  composing  the  Pentapolis,  and  other 
various  existing  remains.  With  maps  and  plates. 
4to.  London,  1824.  B.M. 

4to.  London,  1827. 

BEECHEY  (E.  W.)  and  (H.  W.).— Narra¬ 
tive  of  a  Voyage  to  the  Pacific  and  Behring’s  Straits, 
in  1825-28.  2vols.  Plates.  4to.  London,  1831. 


BEECHEY  (Henry  William). — The  Lite¬ 
rary  Works  of  Sir  Joshua  Reynolds.  To  which  is 
prefixed  a  memoir  of  the  author ;  with  remarks  bn 
his  professional  character,  illustrative  of  his  prin¬ 
ciples  and  practice.  See  Reynolds. 

BEEJAPORE. — Principal  buildings  at  B. ; 

published  for  the  Hon.  East  India  Company,  with 
photographs  of  drawings,  by  Capt.  Hart,  and  others. 
Eol.  London,  1859.  B.  Arch. 

BEELDSNIJDER  (Joannes  Jacobus).— 

Historisch  berigt  over  J.  J.  B.  See  Kontng  (J.). 
Amsterdam,  1831. 


BEERENDRECHT  (J. P.).— See  Costumes. 

(Various  Erench  and  Dutch  costumes . engraved 

by  J.  P.  B.  and  others.)  (1720  ?)  B.M. 

BEESLEY  (Alfred). — The  history  of  Ban¬ 
bury  ;  including  copious  historical  and  antiquarian 
notices  of  the  neighbourhood.  8vo.  London  (1841). 


BEEST  (Albertus  van). — Notice  biogra- 
phique.  See  Demmin  (A.).  Le  Peintre  de  marine 
realiste  A.  van  B.,  &c. 

BEEYERELL  (James). — Les  Delices  de  la 

Grand’  Bretagne,  et  de  l’lrlande  ou  sont  exactement 

decrites  les  antiquitez,  les  provinces,  les  villes . 

la  religion,  les  mceurs  des  habitans,  etc.  8  vols. 
241  plates.  12mo.  Leide,  1707.  B.M. 

2nd  edition.  12mo.  Leyde,  1727. 

BEGBIE  (Patrick). — On  the  purple  Dye  of 
the  ancient  Tyrians.  In  “  Transactions  of  the 
Society  of  Antiquaries  of  Scotland”  (Edinburgh, 
1792),  vol.  ii. 

BEGER  (Laurentius). — Imagines  et  elogia  . 

virorum  illustrium  et  eruditorum,  ex  antiquis  lapi- 
dibus  et  numismatibus  expressa,  cum  annotationibus 
ex  bibliotheca  Fulvii  Ursini.  Eol.  1670. 

BEGER  (L.).  —  Thesaurus  ex  Thesauro 
Palatino  selectus,  sive  Gemmarum  et  Numismatum 
quse  in  Electorali  Cimeliarcho  continentur  elegan- 
tiorum  sere  expressa,  et  convenienti  Commentario 
illustrata  Dispositio.  Fol.  Heidelbergse,  1685. 


BEGER  (L.).  —  Observations  et  Con- 

jecturse  in  Numismata  qusedam  antiqua.  Accedunt 
duse  Ez.  Spanhemii  ad  Authorem  Epistolse,  iisque 
inteq  ecta  Authoris  ad  priorem  Responsoria.  4to. 
Col.  Brand.,  1691.  B.M. 

BE  GER  (L. ) .  —  S  picelegium  Antiquitatis 
sive  Variarum  ex  Antiquitate  Elegantiarum  vel 
novis  luminibus  illustratarum  vel  recens  etiam 
editarum  Fasciculi.  Eol.  Col.  Brand.,  1692.  B.M. 

Eol.  Col.  Brand.,  1694.  Bodl. 

BEGER  (L.).  —  Thesaurus  Brandenbur- 
gicus  selectus,  sive  Gemmarum  et  Numismatum 
Grsecorum,  in  Cimeliarcho  Electorali  Brandenbur- 
gico,  elegantiorum  series,  commentario  illustratse. 
3  vols.  Plates.  Eol.  Colonise  Marchicse,  1696- 
1700.  B.M. 

BEGER  (L.).  —  Crana3  Insula  Laconica, 
eadem  et  Helena  dicta,  et  Minyarum  posteris 
habitata :  ex  Numismatibus  Goltzianis  contra  com- 
munem  Opinionem  quse  ad  Helenam  Atticse  respexit. 
Plates.  4to.  Col.  Brand.,  1696.  B.M. 

BEGER  (L.). — Meleagrides  et  HCtolia,  ex 
Numismate  KYPIEHN  apud  Goltzium.  Plates.  4to. 
Col.  Brand.,  1696.  B.M. 

BE  GER  (L. ) .  —  Contemplatio  Gemmarum 
quarundam  Dactyl! othecse  Gorlsei.  Plates.  4to. 
Col.  Brand.,  1697.  B.M. 

BEGER  (L.). — Bellurn  et  Excidium  Tro- 

janum,  ex  Antiquitatum,  reliquiis,  Tabula  prsesertim 

Notes  and  Queries, } 
May  30,  ’68.  J 


Books  on  Art  ( under  revision). 

quam  Raphael  Fabrettus  edidit  Iliaca,  delineatum, 
et  adjecto  in  calce  Commentario  illustratum. 
Plates.  4 to.  Berolini  et  Lipsiae,  1699.  B.M. 

BEGER  (L.).  —  Regum  et  Imperatorum 
Eomanorum  Numismata,  a  Romulo  et  C.  Jul.  Caesare 
usque  ad  Justinianum  Aug.  cum  Alberti  Rubenii 
Commentario.  Plates.  Fol.  Col.  Brand.,  1700. 


BEGER  (L.).  —  De  Nummis  Cretensinm 
Serpentiferis  Disquisitio  antiquaria.  Fol.  Col. 
March.,  1702.  B.M. 

BEGER  (L.).  —  Ulysses  Sirenes  praster- 
vectus,  ex  Delineatione  Pighiana,  subjectis  aliis 
quibusdam  de  Ulysse  Antiquitatibus,  Dialogo  il- 
lustratus.  Fol.  Col.  Brand.,  1703.  B.M. 

BEGER  (L.). — Poenee  Infernales  Ixionis, 
Sisyphi,  Ocni  et  Danaidum,  ex  Delineatione  Pighiana 
desumtae,  et  Dialogo  illustratae.  Fol.  Col.  March., 
1703.  B.M. 

BEGER  (L.). — Alcestis  pro  Marito  moriens 
et  Vitae  ab  Hercule  restituta.  Fol.  Col.  Brand., 

BEGER  (L.). — Numismatum  moderno- 
rum  Cimeliarchii  Regio-Electoralis  Brandenburgici 
Sectio  prima,  continens  Numismata  Pontificum 
Romanorum,  aliorumque  Ecclesiasticorum,  rariora  et 
elegantiora.  Fol.  Col.  Brand.,  1704.  (More  has  not 

BEGER  (L.). — Hercules  Ethnicorum  ex 
variis  Antiquitatum  Reliquiis  delineatus :  additis  in 
fine  modernis  quibusdam  Picturis.  38  plates,  il¬ 
lustrating  attributes,  &c.,  of  Hercules.  Fol.  n.  p. 
1705.  B.M. 

BEGIN  (Emile  Auguste). — Histoire  des 

sciences,  des  lettres,  des  arts  et  de  la  civilisation 
dans  le  Pays  Messin.  8vo.  Metz,  1829.  Bodl. 

BEGIN  (E.  A.). — Histoire  et  description 

pittoresque  de  la  cathedrale  de  Metz,  des  Iglises 
adjacentes  et  collegiales.  2  vols..  With  plates  by 
Devilly,  Dupuy  Mareehal,  &c.  8vo.  Metz,  1840-42. 


BEGIN  (E.  A.). — Melanges  d’archeologie  et 

d’histoire.  2  plates.  8vo.  Metz,  1840.  B.M. 

BEGIN  (E.  A.). — Metz  depuis  dix-huit 

si&cles,  son  peuple,  ses  institutions,  ses  rues,  ses 
monuments,  recits  populaires.  3  vols.  80  plates. 
8vo.  Metz  et  Paris,  1846. 

BEGIN  (E.  A.). — Voyage  pittoresque  en 
Suisse,  en  Savoie  et  sur  les  Alpes.  With  plates. 
8vo.  Paris,  1851. 

With  16  engravings  and  8  plates  of  costume. 
8vo.  Paris,  1855. 

BEGIN  (E.).— Voyage  pittoresque  en  Es- 

pagne  et  en  Portugal.  35  steel  engravings.  8vo. 
Paris,  1854. 

BEGON  (Michel). — See  De  la  Morinerie. 
Paris,  1855. 

BEGUILLET  (Edme.). — Description  histo- 

rique  de  Paris,  et  de  ses  plus  beaux  monumens, 
graves  en  taille-douce  par  F.  N.  Martinet.  8vo. 
Paris,  1779.  Bodl. 

BEHAM  (Hans  Sebald). — Dieses  Biichlein 

zeiget  an  und  lernet  ein  mass  oder  proportion  des  Ros, 
niizlich  jungen  Gesellen,  Malern  und  Goldschmieden. 
4to.  Niirnberg,  1528. 

BEHAM  (H.  S.).  —  Typi  in  Apocalypsi 

Joannis . See  Bibles.  Francofurti,  1539. 

BEHAM  (H.  S.). — Das  Kunst-  und  Ler- 
Biichlin.  Malen  und  Reissen  zu  lernen.  27  leaves. 
Woodcuts.  4to.  Franckfurt  (Chr.  Egenolf),  1546. 
Other  editions : — 

4to.  Franckfurt,  1552. 

S.  Beham’s  Kunst  und  Ler  Buchlin,  Malen  und 
Reissen  zu  lernen,  nach  rechter  Proportion,  Mass 
und  aussteylung  des  Circkels,  etc.  4to.  Franckfurt, 
1565.  B.M. 

S'.  Behems  Kunst  und  Lehr  Buchlin,  Malen  unnd 
Reissen  zu  lernen,  nach  rechter  Proportion,  Mass 
und  ausstheilung  dess  Circkels.  4to.  Franckfurt, 
1582.  B.M. 

Also:  4to.  Franckfurt,  1605. 

BEHEIM  (J.  Car.,  A.M.). — Diss.  de  tabu- 

lariis  sacris  veterum  Christianorum ;  resp.  G. 
Christoph.  Beheim.  4to.  Altd.,  1722.  Bodl. 

BEHNES  (W.). — Nelson  testimonial;  a 
letter  to  the  committee  appointed  to  select  a  design. 
8vo.  London,  1839.  B.  Arch. 

BEHNES S.  —  Instrument  for  Sculptors. 
2  plates.  In  “  Transactions  of  the  Society  of  Arts  ” 
(London,  1820),  vol.  xxxvii.  B.M. 

BEHR  (Christophorus). — De  Muris  Urbis 
Romae  Conjectura.  4to.  1689.  B.M. 

BEHR  (Kamill)  . — Genealogie  der  in  Europa 

regierenden  Fiirstenhauser,  nebst  der  Reihenfolge 
sammtlicher  Papste.  2  vols.  47  heraldic  plates. 
4to.  Leipzig,  1855. 

BEIJNEN  (L.  R.). — Gallait’s  Lijken  van 
Egmond  en  Hoorne,  beschouwd  door  L.  R.  B. 
8vo.  ’s  Gravenhage,  1854.  B.M. 

BEIN. — Ancient  and  modern  Engravings. 

See  Catalogues,  Sale,  1858. 

BEISSEL  (Rev.  John  P.  J.).— Guide  to 

Aix-la-Chapelle  Cathedral,  with  a  list  of  the  relics, 
and  a  description  of  the  reliquaries,  antique  vest¬ 
ments,  &c.,  belonging  to  the  Cathedral.  With 
illustrations.  8vo.  Aix-la-Chapelle,  1860.  S.K. 
BEJARD.  —  Recueil  des  titres,  qualites, 
blazons  et  armes  des  seigneurs  barons  des  estats 
generaux  de  la  province  de  Languedoc.  Avec  des 
blasons.  Fol.  Paris,  1655.  T.C.D. 

BEKE  (Charles  Tilstone). — Description  of 
the  ruins  of  the  Church  of  Martula  Mariam.  (From 
the  “  Archseologia,”  vol.  xxxii.).  4to.  London, 
1847.  B.M. 

BEL  (Matthias)  .  —  Hungariae  antiquse  et 
novae  prodromus.  Plates.  Fol.  Norimbergae,  1723. 



Universal  Catalogue  of 

Notes  and  Queries, 
May  30,  ’68. 

BEL  (M.).  —  Notitia  Hungarise  novse  geo- 
graphico-historica.  4  vols.  Maps  and  plates.  Fol. 
Viennse  Austrise,  1735-42. 

BELANGER  (Ch.).  —  Voyage  aux  Indes 
orientates,  par  le  nord  de  l’Europe,  les  provinces  du 
Caucase,  la  Georgie,  l’Armenie,  et  la  Perse ;  suivi  de 
details  topographiq.,  statisq.,  &c.,  sur  le  Pegou,  les 
lies  de  Java,  de  Maurice  et  de  Bourbon,  &c.,  de 
1825  a  1829.  6  vols.  in  8vo,  and  atlas  in  4to. 

Many  plates,  some  coloured.  8vo.  Paris,  1830,  &c. 

BELCARI  (Feo.). — Istoria  e  Vita  di  S. 

Bernardino.  Woodcut  front.  8vo.  (Perugia),  n.d. 

4to.  Firenze,  1615.  With  2  woodcuts. 

BELCARI  (F.). — Rappresentazioni,  ed  altre 

poesie.  With  woodcuts.  8vo.  Firenze,  1833. 

BELFAST  (Ireland). — The  History  of  the 
Town  of  Belfast.  To  which  are  added  a  statistical 
survey  of  the  parish  of  Belfast,  and  a  description  of 
some  remarkable  antiquities  in  its  neighbourhood. 
8vo.  Belfast,  1823.  B.M. 

BELFAST. — Twenty-one  Views  in  Belfast 

and  its  neighbourhood.  4to.  Dublin,  1836.  B.M. 

BELFAST  and  its  environs ;  with  a  tour 

to  the  Giant’s  Causeway.  8vo.  Dublin,  1842.  B.M. 

BELGES,  Les,  illustres,  par  MM.  Allmayer, 
Barrin,  &c.  With  portraits  and  woodcuts.  3  vols. 
8vo.  Bruxelles,  1844-45. 

BELGIQUE,  La,  monumentale,  historique  et 

pittoresque,  &c.  2  vols.  With  63  engravings,  6 

coloured  plates,  and  200  woodcut  vignettes.  8vo. 
Bruxelles,  1843-45. 

BELGIUM. — Carte  de  la  Belgique,  d’apres 
Ferraris,  augmentee  des  plans  des  six  villes  prin¬ 
cipals,  &c.  42  leaves.  Fol.  Bruxelles,  n.  d.  Bodl. 

BELGIUM. — Celebriorum  pietorum  Belgii 

effigies.  Fol.  Amsterdam,  1618.  Bodl. 

BELGIUM. — Urbium  totins  Belgii  sen  Ger¬ 
manise  inferioris  nobiliorum  et  illustriorum  tabulae. 
Fol.  Amsterdam,  1657.  T.C.D. 

BELGIUM. — A  Collection  of  all  the  remark¬ 
able  towns,  cities,  and  forts  in  the  Seven  United 
Provinces,  with  a  map  of  Belgium  by  Fr.  de  Wit, 
plans  of  the  Cities  of  London  and  Paris,  and  of 
Luxemburgh  and  Strasburgh.  Fol.  Amsterdam, 
n.d.  B.M. 

BELGIUM.  —  Belgisch  Mnsenm  voor  de 

nederduitsche  tael  en  letterkunde  en  de’geschiedenis 
des  vaderlands,  uitgegeven  door  J.  F.  Willems.  10 
vols.  Plates.  8vo.  Gent,  1837-46. 

BELGIUM. — Vaderlandsch  Mnsenm  voor 
nederduitsche  letterkunde,  oudheid  en  geschiedenis, 
uitgeg.  d.  C.  P.  Serrure.  3  vols.  Plates.  8vo. 
Gent,  1855-60. 

BELGIUM. — Arrangement  of  the  fronts  of 

houses  in  B.  See  Donaldson  (T.  L.).  1843. 

BELGIUM. — Ancient  Monuments  of  B.  See 

Haghe  (L.),  and  Delepierre  (O.).  1845. 


BELGIUM. — Architectural  grandeur.  See 

Wild  (C.).  1837. 

BELGIUM. — Building  stones  in  B.  See 

Serrure  (L.).  1839. 

BELGIUM. — Buildings  in  B.  See  Godwin 
(G.).  1843. 

BELGIUM. — Restauration  des  monuments 

publics.  See  Weale  (W.  H.  J.).  1862. 

BELGRADO  (Jacopo,  Count). — Ad  virum 

eruditiss.  Scipionem  Maphejum  Epistolse  IV.  de 
rebus  physicis  et  antiquis  monumentis  sub  Betina 
recens  inventis.  Large  8vo.  Yenetiis,  1749. 


BELGRADO  (J.,  Count). — Dell’  Architet- 

tura  Egiziana,  etc.  (By  Count  B.)  4to.  1786.  B.M. 

BELHOMME  (J.  B.  G.).— Reeherches  sur 

l’origine  de  la  ville  de  Castres.  In  “  Memoires 
de  la  Societe  Archeologique  du  Midi  de  la  France,” 
vol.  i.  (Toulouse,  1832-3.) 

BELHOMME  (J.  B.  G.).— Oratoire  Saint 

Exupere  a  Blagnac.  The  same,  vol.  ii.  (1834-35). 

BELHOMfME  (J.  B.  G.). — Rapport,  et  ob¬ 
servations  concernant  d’antiques  ornements  en  or 
trouves  pres  de  Toulouse.  Plates.  The  same,  vol. 
iv.  (1840-41). 

BELHOMME  (J.  B.  G.). — Observations  au 

sujet  d’une  ancienne  croix  de  bois  avec  peintures. 
Plates.  The  same,  vol.  v. 

BELICI  (Giov.  Batt.). — Nuova  inventione 
di  fabricar  fortezze  di  varie  forme.  With  many 
plates.  Fol.  Ven.,  1598. 

BELIDOR  (Bernard). — Architecture  hy- 

draulique,  Ou  l’art  de  conduire,  d’elever  et  de  ma¬ 
nager  les  eaux  pour  les  differens  besoins  de  la  vie. 
4  vols.  With  plates.  4to.  Paris,  1737-53. 

Other  editions : — 

4  vols.  4to.  Paris,  1780. 

With  new  title,  1810. 

With  notes  and  additions  by  Navier.  4  vols.  4to. 
Paris,  1819-41. 

In  Italian,  by  B.  Soresina.  4  vols.  4to.  Mantova, 

In  German.  2  vols.  229  plates.  Fol.  Augsburg, 

BELIDOR  (B.). — La  Science  des  Ingenieurs 
dans  la  conduite  des  travaux  de  fortifications  et 
d’ architecture  militaire.  4to.  Paris,  1729.  B.  Arch. 
Other  editions : — 

4to.  Paris,  1739.  4to.  Paris,  1749. 

2  vols.  4to.  La  Haye,  1734. 

4  to.  1775. 

Italian  edition.  4to.  Milano,  1832. 

Also:  4to.  Milano,  1840.  With  54  plates. 
German  edition.  With  54  plates.  4to.  Niirnberg, 

BELIDOR  (B.). — Le  Bombardier  fran^ois. 

4to.  Paris,  1731. 

4to.  Amsterdam,  1734.  With  plates. 

No  June  G/el!'165’ }  Books  on  Art  {under  revision). 


BELIDOR  (B.) . — Dictionnaire  del’ingenieur 
et  de  1’artilleur.  Ed.  augm.  (p.  Jombert).  8vo.  Paris, 

German  translation.  2  yols.  With  plates.  8vo. 
Niirnberg,  1801. 

BELIDOR  (B.).  —  CEuvres  diverses.  8vo. 

Amsterdam,  1764. 

German  translation,  with  plates.  8vo.  Braun-  j 
schweig,  1769. 

BELESTGr  (Oswald). — Verdeutschete  Wald- 
lieder,  oder  zehen  Hirtengesprache  Virgili  Maronis, 
in  deutsche  Verse  iibersetzet  und  erklart,  nebst  Bel. 
Grabschrift,  herausg.  d.  Ad.  Olearum.  13  copper  i 
plates.  4to.  Schlesswig  und  Hamburg,  1649. 

BELL  (Sir  Charles,  Kt.). — A  Series  of  En¬ 
gravings,  explaining  the  Course  of  the  Nerves.  By  i 
C.  B.  Royal  4to.  London,  1803.  S.K.  j 

Also  :  4to.  London,  1817. 

BELL  (Sir  0.). — Essay  on  the  Anatomy  of 
Expression  in  Painting.  By  C.  B.  31  plates. 
4to.  London,  1806.  S.K. 

2nd  edition.  With  plates.  4to.  London,  1824. 

Other  editions : — 

The  Anatomy  and  Philosophy  of  Expression  as 
connected  with  the  Fine  Arts.  4th  edition.  Imper. 
8yo.  London,  1847.  *  S.K. 

5th  edition.  8vo.  London,  1865. 

BELL  (C.  W.). — A  Letter  to  the  President 
of  the  Manchester  School  of  Art,  on  the  relations 
of  the  Department  of  Science  and  Art  to  the  Local 
Committees  of  Provincial  Schools  of  Design.  8vo. 
Manchester,  1853.  S.K. 

Other  editions : — 

8vo.  London,  1788.  And  1806. 

In  German.  8vo.  Hamburg,  1787. 

BELL  (John).— New  Pantheon;  or,  His¬ 
torical  Dictionary  of  the  Gods,  Demi-Gods,  Heroes, 
.and  fabulous  Persons  of  Antiquity,  &c.  2  vols.  in  1. 
With  plates.  4-to.  London,  1790. 

BELL  (John).— Observations  on  Italy.  By 
the  late  J.  B.  With  12  plates.  Small  4to.  Edin¬ 
burgh,  1825.  S.K. 

BELL  (John,  Sculptor).  —  Compositions 
from  Morning  and  Evening  Prayer.  4to.  London, 
1844.  S.K. 

BELL  (J.). — Rudimentary  Art-Instruction 
for  Artizans  and  others,  and  for  Schools ;  prepared 
at  the  request  of  the  Society  of  Arts,  Manufactures, 
and  Commerce.  Freehand  Outline.  Part  I. — Out¬ 
line  from  Outline,  or  from  the  Flat.  Oblong  4to. 
London,  1852.  S.K. 

Part  <11. — Obj  ects.  1854. 

BELL  (J.). — The  four  primary  sensations 
of  the  mind.  The  sublime  ;  the  pleasing ;  the  low 
or  ridiculous  ;  and  the  unpleasing.  A  brief  essay. 
8vo.  London,  1852.  B.M. 

BELL  (J.). — British  Sculpture  in  connec¬ 
tion  with  the  Department  of  Science  and  Art.  8vo. 
London,  1858.  B.  Arch. 

BELL  (J.). — Application  of  the  Entasis  to 
the  Obelisk.  Sessional  paper,  31.  May  1858. 

B.  Arch. 

See  also  Burgess  (Rev.  R.). 

BELL  (Henry). — An  historicalEssay  on  the 
Original  of  Painting.  Wherein  is  exhibited — I.  Some 
probabilities  as  to  its  invention  before  the  Flood. 

II.  Its  commencement . and  progress  to  the  time  of 

Cimabue,  an.  1276.  12mo.  London,  1728.  B.M. 

BELL  (Henry  Glassford). — Selections  from 
the  most  remarkable  Phenomena  of  Nature.  12mo. 
Edinburgh,  1827.  S.K. 

BELL  (J.  A.). — Letter  to  Lord  Famborough, 
on  the  expediency  of  having  a  chartered  society  for 
the  advancement  and  protection  of  architecture. 
8vo.  Birmingham,  1834.  B.  Arch. 

BELL  (James  Stanislaus). — Journal  of  a 
Residence  in  Circassia,  1837-39.  2  vols.  With 

plates.  8vo.  London,  1840. 

In  French.  8vo.  Zurich,  1841.  With  plates. 

BELL  (James  S.,  Major). — A  View  of  Uni¬ 
versal  History,  Literature,  and  the  several  Schools 
of  Painting ;  synchronistically  and  ethnographically 
presented  in  25  illuminated  chronological  tables, 
from  the  periods  of  the  earliest  records  to  the  year 
1842.  5th  edition.  Fol.  London,  1842.  S.K. 

BELL  (James). — Remains  of  the  Architec¬ 
ture  of  the  Roman  provinces.  Sessional  paper,  4. 
Nov.  1850.  B.  Arch. 

BELL  (John,  of  Antermony). — Travels  from 
St.  Petersburg  to  divers  parts  of  Asia.  2  vols.  With 
plates.  Small  4to.  Glasgow,  1763.  Bodl. 

BELL  (J.). — Geometrical  treatment  of  Sculp¬ 
ture.  Sessional  paper,  13.  Dec.  1858.  B.  Arch. 

BELL  (J.). — Composite  vital  forms  and 
creatures  of  Art,  in  relation  to  Architecture,  etc., 
and  as  symbols.  Sessional  paper,  28.  March 
1859.  B.  Arch. 

BELL  (J.). — Colour  on  Statues  and  Paint¬ 
ings.  A  Lecture  at  the  Society  of  Arts.  From  the 
Society  of  Arts  Journal,  April  26,  1861.  S.K. 

BELL  (John  and  Charles). — The  Anatomy 

and  Physiology  of  the  Human  Body.  The  seventh 
edition,  in  which  the  whole  is  more  perfectly  syste¬ 
matized  and  corrected  by  Charles  Bell.  3  vols. 
8vo.  London,  1829.  S.K. 

BELL  (Peter). — An  actual  Survey  of  the 
great  Post  road  from  London  to  Park  Gate.  London, 
1779.  Bodl. 

BELL  (Thomas). — An  essay  on  the  origin 

and  progress  of  Gothic  Architecture ;  with  reference 
to  the  ancient  history  and  present  state  of  the  re¬ 
mains  of  such  architecture  in  Ireland.  8vo.  Dub¬ 
lin,  1829.  B.M. 

BELL  (Thomas). — History  of  British  Quad¬ 
rupeds,  including  the  Cetacea.  200  woodcuts.  8vo. 
London,  1837.  B.M. 

BELL  (Th.). — Monograph  of  the  Testudi- 
nata.  48  coloured  plates.  Fol.  London,  1836-42. 

a  a  89 


Universal  Catalogue  of 

f  Notes  and  Queries, 
(  June  6, ’68. 

BELL  (Th.). — A  History  of  British  Reptiles. 
Illustrated  by  50  wood  engravings.  2nd  edition. 
Svo.  London,  1849.  S.K. 

BELL  (Th.). — A  History  of  the  British 
Stalk-eyed  Crustacea.  Illustrated  by  174  wood 
engravings.  8vo.  London,  1853.  S.K. 

BELL  (Th.). — The  rural  Album,  containing 
descriptive  and  miscellaneous  poems  ;  with  historical 
notices  of  Barnwell  and  Fotheringhay  castles,  &c. 
8vo.  London,  1853.  B.M. 

BELL  (William). — Altherthumliches  Wort- 
Register  der  Baukunst,  Deutsch-Englisch,  Englisch- 
Deutsch.  (A  Vocabulary  of  Architecture,  English- 
German,  and  German -English.  With  references  to 
the  1700  specimens  engraved  in  the  Glossary  of 

Architecture  published  by  J.  H.  Parker . With  an 

Introduction  [to  a  History  of  Church  Architecture] 
translated  and  condensed  from  W.  Liibke.)  8vo. 
London  and  Leipsic,  1855.  B.M. 

BELLA  (Stefano  della)  . — Entrata  in  Roma 
dell’  eccelmo  Ambasciatore  di  Polonia  l’anno  1633. 
Six  views  by  S.  della  B.,  without  text.  Oblong  4to. 
(Elorence?  1633.)  B.M. 

BELLA  (S.  della). — Desseins  de  quelques 
eonduites  de  troupes,  canons,  et  attaques  de  villes, 
faictes  par  de  la  Belle.  Oblong  4to.  (Paris  ?  1644.) 


1 2  numbered  plates,  without  text. 

BELLA  (S.  della). — Divers  Embarque- 
ments,  faicts  (i.e.  designed  and  etched)  par  S.  I).  B. 
Oblong  4to.  Roma  (1644).  B.M. 

9,  plates  exclusive  of  the  engraved  title ;  without 

BELLA  (S.  della). — Recueil  de  divers  Ca¬ 
prices  et  nouvelles  inventions  mises  au  jour  par  le 
Sr.  E.  de  la  Belle,  Peintre  Florentin  ;  dessignees  et 
gravees  par  le  mesme  autheur.  Small  fol.  Paris, 
1646.  S.K. 

19  numbered  plates,  and  frontispiece. 

BELLA  (S.  della).  —  Thirteen  numbered 
circular  plates  of  landscapes  with  ruins,  cattle, 
waterfalls,  trees,  etc.,  designed  and  engraved  by  S. 
della B. ;  without  text.  4to.  (Rome?  1646.)  B.M. 

BELLA  (S.  della). — Mouvelles  inventions 
de  Cartouches  designes  et  graves  a  l’eau-forte  par 
E.  de  la  B.  Small  4to.  Paris,  1647.  S.K. 

12  numbered  plates. 

BELLA  (S.  della). — Ornamenti  di  frezi  et 
fogliami  di  S.  della  B.  Pol.  N.  Langlois,  Paris 
(1648).  B.M. 

16  engravings,  without  letterpress. 

BELLA  (S.  della). — Agreable  diversity  de 
figures  faites  par  S.  D.  Bella.  Paris,  1659.  4to.  S.K. 

BELLA  (S.  della). — Jeux  de  Cartes.  1664. 
See  Desmarets. 

BELLA  (S.  della).  —  See  Duplessi-Ber- 

tatjx  (J.).  Recueil  de  cent  sujets . graves  a  l’eau- 

forte . (Notes  historiques  sur  la  gravure  a  l’eau- 

forte  et  les  principaux  graveurs  en  ce  genre . 

E.  Labelle,  etc.)  Pr.  &  Eng.  1814. 


BELLA  (S.  della).— See  Jombert  (C.  A.). 

Essai  d’un  catalogue  de  l’ceuvre  d’E.  de  la  Belle, 
etc.  1772. 

BELLAMY  (D.,  M.A.). — The  present  State 
of  the  Church  of  Petersham.  8vo.  1777-  Bodl. 

BELLAMY  (Thomas). — Writing’  and  Draw¬ 
ing  made  easy,  amusing,  and  instructive.  Contain¬ 
ing  the  whole  Alphabet,  in  all  the  characters  now 
used,  both  in  Painting  and  Penmanship  ;  each  illus¬ 
trated  by  emblematic  devices  and  moral  copies, 
calculated  for  the  use  of  schools,  and  curiously  en¬ 
graved  by  the  best  hands.  Oblong  8vo.  London, 
n.d.  S.K. 

BELLANGE  (Hippolyte). — Collection  des 

types  de  tous  les  corps  et  les  uniformes  milit.  de  la 
Republique  et  de  l’Empire.  50  coloured  plates. 
Portraits  of  Napoleon,  Prince  Eugene,  Murat,  and 
Poniatowski.  8vo.  Paris,  n.d. 

In  German. — Die  Soldaten  der  franzosischen  Re- 
publik  und  des  Kaiserreichs.  Leipzig,  1843. 

BELLANGER  (F.  J.). — Notice  historique 
sur  B.  See  Loiseau  (N.  N.).  Paris,  1848. 

BELLANGER  (Stanislas).— La  Touraine 

ancienne  et  moderne,  avec  une  preface  par  l’Abbe 
Orsini.  32  plates,  and  vignettes.  8vo.  Paris,  1845. 

BELLAY  (Ioachim  du). — Le  premier  Livre 

des  Antiquitez  de  Rome,  contenant  une  generale 
Description  de  sa  Grandeur  et  comme  une  Deplora- 
tion  de  sa  Ruine.  4to.  Paris,  1558.  B.M. 

4:  to.  Paris,  1562.  B.M. 

BELLE  (C.  L.  Marie  Anne). —  Catalogue 
des  Tableaux  de  B.  See  Catalogues,  Sale.  Paris, 

BELLE  (Domenico). — Sposizione  delle  Pit- 
ture  in  muro  del  Palazzo  Ducale  di  Sassuolo,  Villeg- 
giatura  de’  Principi  Estensi.  Svo.  Modena,  1784. 


BELLE  ASSEMBLEE,  La,  from  the  com¬ 
mencement  in  1806  to  the  present  time.  In  monthly 
parts.  With  portraits  and  plates  of  costume.  Svo. 
London,  1806-1832. 

BELLEGAMBE  (Jean). —  Recherches  sur 
la  vie  de  B.  See  Asselin  (M.  A.).  1864. 

BELLEGAMBE  (Jean).— See  Preux  (Au¬ 

BELLEGAMBE  (J. ).  —  See  Wauters 

BELLENGHI  (Albertino)  . — Dissertazione 
sugli  antichi  battisterj.  4to.  Roma,  1825.  Bodl. 

BELLENGHI  (A.).  — Sul  pregio  della  ba¬ 
silica  Classense  e  del  suo  monasterio  annesso  in 
Ravenna.  8vo.  Roma,  1827.  Bodl. 

BELLERMANN  (Christian  Friedrich). — 

Ueber  die  altesten  christlichenBegrabnissstattenund 
besonders  die  Katacomben  zu  Neapel  mit  ihren 
Wandgemalden.  Ein  Beitrag  zur  christlichen  Alter- 
thumskunde.  12  coloured  plates,  and  3  diagrams. 
4to.  Hamburg,  1839.  S.K. 

Notes  and  Queries, 
June  C,  ’68. 


Boohs  on  Art  ( under  revision). 

BELLERMANN  (Johann  Joachim). — Ver- 

such  einer  Erklarung  einiger  morgenlandischen 
Talismane,  welche  Gliickwiinsche  sinnbildlicli  dar- 
stellen.  1  plate.  8vo.  Erfurt,  1817. 
BELLERMANN  (Johann  Joachim). — Ver- 

such  iiber  die  Gemmen  der  Alten  mit  dem  Abraxas- 
Bilde.  3  Programme.  8yo.  Berlin,  1817-19. 

BELLERMANN  (J.  J.).— Ueber  die  Scara- 

baen-Gemmem ;  nebst  Yersuelien,  die  darauf  be- 
findlichen  Hieroglyphen  zu  erklaren.  2  Programme. 
8  vo.  Berlin,  1820-21. 

BELLETT  (George).  —  Antiquities  of  the 
Town  and  Castle  of  Bridgenorth.  12mo.  Loudon, 

BELLEVILLE  (Phil,  de).— Theatre  d’his- 
toires,  &c.  With  curious  copper-plates.  4to.  Brux¬ 
elles,  1613.  B.M. 

Another  edition.  4to.  Bruxelles,  1630.  B.M. 

BELLEY  (Abbe).  —  Remarques  sur  les 

pierres  gravees  du  cabinet  de  M.  le  Due  d' Orleans. 
Plates.  Large  4to.  n.  p.  1758.  Cicogn. 

BELLEZZE  de  recami  et  dessegni,  opera 
nova  nel  quale  si  retrovano  varie  et  diversi  sorti  di 
mostre,  di  punti  tagliati,  et  punti  in  aiere,  a  fogli- 
ami,  punti  in  stuora,  et  altre  sorte.  20  plates.  Ob¬ 
long  8vo.  Yenetia,  1558. 

The  same,  with  the  following  additions  : — 

II  Monte  Opera  nova  di  recami  dove  trovansi 
varie  mostre  dipunto  in  aere.  16  plates.  Venezia, 

Le  Pompe  Opera  nova  per  far  cordelle  d’oro,  di 
seta,  di  filo,  &c.  .  16  plates.  Venezia,  1557. 

Lo  Splendore  delle  virtuose  giovani  con  varie 
mostre  di  fogliami  e  punti  in  aere.  Per  Iseppo 
Foresto  in  calle  dell’  acqua  a  S.  Zulian  all’  insegna 
del  Pellegrino.  16  plates.  Venezia,  1558. 

Le  Gloria  et  l’honore  de  ponti  tagliati  et  ponti 
An  aere.  Per  Mathio  Pagan  in  Frezzeria  al  segno 
della  Fede.  16  plates.  Venezia,  1559. 

Trionfo  di  Virtu  Libro  nova  da  cucir,  con  fogli¬ 
ami,  ponti  a  fili,  cruciati,  &c.  16  plates.  Venezia, 


Burato,  questi  sono  quattro  foglietti  con  mostre 
di  tela  chiara  a  quadretti  per  fare  opere  di 
punto  in  varie  larghezze,  ove  e  marcata  gradata- 
mente  l’opera  piu  o  meno  fitta  e  sta  in  gran  carat- 
teri  a  retro  dell’  ultima  pagina.  P.  Alex.  Pag.  Be- 
nacenses  F.  Bena  V.  V. 

In  one  vol.  Frontispiece  to  each  work.  In  all  104 
sheets,  with  over  200  plates.  See  Vinciolo,  Pas- 
serotti,  Vavassore.  Cicogn. 

BELLI  (Francesco). —  Catalogo  della  Col- 

lezione  di  pietre  usate  dagli  antichi  per  eostruire  ed 

adornare  le  loro  fabbriche . ora  posseduta  dal 

Conte  S.  Karolyi.  8vo.  Roma,  1842.  B.M. 

BELLI  (Jacopo). — Galeria  nel  palazzo  Far- 
nese  in  Roma  del  duca  di  Parma,  etc.,  dipinta  da 
Annibale  Caracci.  Fol.  n.  p.  (1641.)  T.C.D. 
BELLI  (Onorio). — A  description  of  some 
important  Theatres  and  other  remains  in  Crete. 
(Translated  into  English)  from  a  MS.  history  of 

Candia  (in  Italian)  by  O.  B.  in  1586.  Being  a 
supplement  to  the  “  Museum  of  Classical  Antiqui¬ 
ties.”  By  E.  Falkener.  8vo.  London,  1854.  B.M. 

BELLI  (Silvio)  . — Quattro  libri  geometrici. 
II  primo  del  misurar  colla  vista ;  gli  altri  tre  sono 
della  proporzione,  e  proporzionalita.  Woodcuts. 
Small  4to.  Venezia,  1595.  Cicogn. 

1st  vol.  published  separately  in  1565,  1569,  1570, 
and  1573  ;  the  other  three  in  1573. 

BELLIARD  (Jean  F^lix  Marius  Zephirin). 

Dames  de  la  Cour  du  XIIe,  XIIP,  XIVe,  XVC  et 
XVIe  siecles,  lithographiees  par  MM.  Belliard, 
Sudre,  Bazin  et  Vallou  de  Villeneuve.  44  coloured 
plates,  without  letterpress.  Fol.  Paris  (1840?). 


BELLICARD  (Jerome  Charles). — Obser¬ 
vations  upon  the  Antiquities  of  the  Town  of  Her¬ 
culaneum,  discovered  at  the  foot  of  Mount  Vesu¬ 
vius  (translated  from  the  French  of  J.  C.  B.  and 
C.  X.  Cochin).  42  plates.  8vo.  London,  1753. 


BELLICARD  (J.  C.). — Observations  sur  les 

Antiquites  d’Herculanum,  avec  quelques  reflexions 
sur  la  peinture  et  la  sculpture  des  anciens,  et  une 
courte  description  de  plusieurs  antiquites  des  en¬ 
virons  de  Naples.  Par  MM.  Cochin  et  B.  2e 
edition.  8vo.  Paris,  1757.  B.M. 


(Emile). — Reelierclies  historiques,  biographiques  et 
litteraires  sur  le  peintre  Lantara.  Avec  la  liste  de 
ses  ouvrages,  son  portrait,  et  une  lettre  apologetique 
de  M.  Couder.  8vo.  Paris,  1852.  B.M. 


Biographie  et  catalogue  de  l’ceuvre  dugraveur  Miger. 

. On vr age  suivi  de  plusieurs  tables.  Svo.  Paris, 

1856.  B.M. 

BELLIERE  (Claude  de  la). — La  Physio- 

nomie  raisonnee,  ou  secret  pour  connoitre  les  incli¬ 
nations  paries  regies  naturelles.  12mo.  Lion,  1681. 


BELLINI  (Filippo)  .  —  Cenni  intorno  alia 
vita  ed  alle  opere  di  Antonio  Allegri  denominato  II 
Correggio.  8vo.  Parma,  1844.  B.M. 

BELLINI  (Giovanni,  Painter). — Elogio  sto- 
rico  di  G.  B.  See  Aglietti  (Francesco). 
BELLINI  (Gentile).  —  Columna  Theodo- 

siana.  See  Menestrier  (C.  F.). 

BELLINI  (G.). — G.  B.  e  pittori  contempo- 

reani.  Svo.  Venezia,  1840. 

BELLINI  (Vincenzo). — De  Monetis  Ita- 

liae  medii  sevi  hactenus  non  evulgatis,  quae  in  Patrio 
Museo  servantur  una  cum  earumdem  iconibus. 
Plates.  4to.  Ferrariae,  1767.  Cicogn. 

Another  edition.  4to.  Ferrariae,  1774.  Bodl. 
Also:  4to.  Ferrariae,  1775-79. 

BELLINI  (V.). — Dell’  antica  Lira  Ferra- 

rese  di  Marcheseni,  detta  comunemente  Marche- 
sana:  Dissertazione.  Woodcuts.  4to.  Ferrara, 
1754.  Cicogn. 



f  Notes  and  Queries, 
1  June  6,  ’68. 

Universal  Catalogue  of 


BELLINI  (V.). — Delle  monete  di  Ferrara. 

With  plates.  4to.  Ferrara,  1761.  Bodl. 

BELLOC  (Auguste). — Traite  theorique  et 

'  pratique  de  la  Fhotographie  sur  Collodion,  etc.  8vo. 

Paris,  1854.  B.M.  | 

BELLOC  (A.). — Compendium  des  quatre  j 
branches  de  la  photographic,  etc.  8vo.  Paris  j 
(1858).  B.M.  j 

BELLOC  (A.). — Le  Catechisme  de  T  opera-  j 

tenr  photographe ;  traite  complet  de  photographie 
snr  collodion,  etc.  8vo.  Paris  (1857).  B.M.  j 
BELLOC  (A.).  —  Causeries  photographi- 
ques,  &c.  12mo.  Paris  (1861).  B.M.  j 

BELLOMO  (Giovanni). — Elogio  di  Liberale  | 

*  Cozza,  pittore.  8vo.  Venezia,  1821. 

BELLONIUS  (P.).— See  Belon  (P.). 
BELLOBI  (Gioyanni  Pietro).  —  J.  Pv  B. 

noteein  numismata  turn  Epliesia,  turn  aliaruniurbium  j 
apibus  insignita.  4to.  Romse,  1656.  B.M. 

BELLOBI  (Giovanni  Pietro). — Veteres  ar¬ 
cus  Augustorum  triumphis  insignes,  ex  reliquiis  quse 
Romse  adhuc  supersunt,  cum  imaginibus  triumpha- 
libus  restituti,  antiquis  nummis  notisque  J.  P.  B. 
illustrati;  nunc  primum  per  Jo.  Jacobum  de  Rubeis 
seneis  typis  vulgati.  52  plates.  Large  fol.  Romse, 
1690.  S.K. 

The  greater  number  of  these  plates  is  also  to  be 
found  in  the  work  :  Admiranda  Romanarum  antiq. 
ac  veter.  sculpturse  vestigia.  See  Bartoli  (P.  S.). 
Another  edition,  by  C.  Pea.  Fol.  Roma,  1824. 

BELLOBI  (Giovanni  Pietro). — J.  P.  B.  ad- 

notationes,  nunc  primum  evulgatse  in  duodecim 
priorum  Csesarum  numismata,  ab  iEnea  Vico  olim 
edita  noviter  additis  eorumdem  Csesarum  imaginibus. 
(Edited  by  B.  Amidei.)  84  plates.  Fol.  Romse, 
1730.  B.M. 

BELLOBI  (Giovanni  Pietro). — Dialoghi 

sopra  le  tre  Arti  del  Disegno  (between  G.  B.  and 
Carlo  Maratti.  By  G.  Bottari).  8vo.  Lucca,  1754. 


BELLOBI  (Giovanni  Pietro). — Le  vite  de’ 

pittori,  scultori  ed  architetti  modern!  Parte  prima. 
12  portraits.  4to.  Roma,  1672.  B.M.  j 

“  A  second  part  was  left  in  MS.  by  the  author ;  j 
but  it  is  not  certain  that  it  has  been  printed.” 

2nd  edition. — Le  vite  de’  pittori . co’  loro  | 

ritratti  al  naturale.  In  questa  seconda  edizione  ; 
accresciute  colla  vita  e  ritratto  del  Cav.  D.  Luca  ; 
Giordane.  13  portraits,  and  2  other  plates.  4to.  • 
Roma,  1728.  S.K. 

Another  edition.  3  vols.  8vo.  Pisa,  1821.  B.M. 
This  forms  vol.  xiii.-xv.  of  the  “  Collezione  di 
ottimi  scrittori  Italiani  in  supplemento  ai  Classici 

BELLOBI  (Giovanni  Pietro). — Fragments 

vestigii  veteris  Romse  ex  lapidibus  Farnesianis, 
nunc  primum  in  lucem  edita,  cum  notis  J.  P.  Bello- 
rii.  20  plates,  and  vignettes.  Fol.  Romse  (1673). 


Reprinted  in  the  4th  volume  of  Gronovius,  The¬ 
saurus  antiq.  rom.  Also  with  the  title: — Ichnogra- 
phia  veteris  Romse,  xx.  tabulis  comprehensas.  Frag- 
menta  vestigii  vet.  Romse,  cum  notis.  J.  P.  B. 
Aecesserunt  alise  vi.  tabulse  ineditse  cum  notis. 
(Edited  by  X.  Canale.)  Fol.  Romse,  1764.  B.M. 
BELLOBI  (Giovanni  Pietro). — Scelta  di 

Medaglioni  piu  rari  nella  Bibliotheca  dell’  eminen- 
tiss.  et  reverendiss.  Principe  il  Signor  Cardinale 
Gasparo  Carpegna.  4to.  Roma,  1679.  B.M. 
BELLOBI  (Gtovanni  Pietro). — Veterum 

illustrium  philosophorum,  poetarum,  rhetorum  et 
oratorum  imagines,  exvetustis  nummis,  gemmis,  her- 
mis,  marmoribus,  aliisque  antiquis  monumentis  de- 
sumptse.  92  plates.  Fol.  Romse,  1685.  S.K. 
Another  edition.  Fol.  Romse,  1739. 

BELLOBI  (Giovanni  Pietro). — Selecti 

nummi  duo  Antoniniani,  quorum  primus  anni  novi 
auspicia,  alter  Commodum  et  Annium  V erum  Csesare s 
exhibet.  Ex  bibliotheca  Camilli  Cardinalis  Maximi, 
editi  a  J.  P.  Bellorio.  12mo.  Amstelodami,  1685. 


BELLOBI  (Giovanni  Pietro) . — See  Bartoui 
(Pietro  Santi). 

BELLOBI  (Giovanni  Pietro). — Psyches  et 

Amoris  nuptise  ac  fabula . a  J.  P.  Bellorio  notis 

illustrata . 1693.  See  Raphael. 

BELLOBI  (Giovanni  Pietro). — Descrizione 

delle  immagini  dipinte  da  Raffaello  d’Urbino  nel 
Vaticano . 1695,  &c.  See  Raphael. 

BELLOBI  (Giovanni  Pietro). — Bitratti  di 

alcuni  celebri  pittori  del  secolo  xvii . aggiunta 

la  vita  di  Carlo  Maratti,  scritta  da  G.  P.  B . 

1731.  See  Maratti  (C.). 

BELLOTTI  (Girouamo). — Medaglia  enig- 
matica,  spiegata,  ristampata.  8vo.  Venezia,  1722. 


BELLOTTI  (P.).— See  Nicolini  (G.  G.). 

Venezia,  1659. 

BELLOTTO  (Bernardo). — See  Canaletto. 

BELON  (Pierre). — Histoire  naturelle  des 
estranges  poissons  marins ;  avee  la  vraie  peincture 
et  description  du  daulphin  et  de  plusieurs  autres. 
59  leaves.  With  woodcuts.  4to.  Paris  (Chaudiere), 

BELON  (P.). — De  aquatilibus  libri  duo. 
With  plates.  Oblong  8vo.  Paris  (C.  Stephanum), 

BELON  (P.). — La  nature  et  diversity  des 

poissons  avec  leurs  pourtraicts,  representez  au  plus 
pr&s  du  naturel.  (En  2  livres.)  With  woodcuts. 
Oblong  8vo.  Paris  (Ch.  Estienne),  1555. 

There  are  two  other  translations  of  De  Aquatili¬ 
bus,  of  the  same  date,  with  little  difference  in  the 
title — one  in  fol.,  in  7  books  ;  the  other  in  4to. 
(French  and  Latin  text),  with  148  woodcuts. 

BELON  (P.). — De  admirabili  opere  anti¬ 
quorum,  et  rerum  suscipiendarum  prsestantia  :  de 
medicato  funere,  seu  cadavere  condito,  et  de  medi- 
camentis  nonnullis,  servandi  cadaveris  vim  obtinen- 


Notes  and  Queries,  \ 
June  13,  ’68.  | 


Boohs  on  Art  (under  revision). 

tibus,  libri  tres  :  accedit  de  arboribus.  coniferis, 
resiniferis,  &c.  Woodcuts.  4to.  Parisiis,  1553. 


BELON  (P.). — Les  observations  de  plusienrs 

singularitez  et  choses  memorables  trouvees  en  Grece, 
Asie,  Judee,  Egypte,  Arabie  et  autres  pays  estranges, 
redigees  en  trois  liyres.  With  woodcuts.  Small  4to. 
Paris,  Cavellat  (or  Corrozet),  1553. 

Other  editions,  1554  and  1555. 

Also :  8vo.  Anvers,  de  l’impr.  de  Cp.  Plantin,  1555. 
With  woodcuts.  T.C.D. 

Another  edition.  4to.  Paris,  1588.  With  wood- 
cuts  and  map. 

Latin  translation.  8vo.  Antverpise,  1589.  With 

BELON  (P.). — L’Histoire  de  la  nature  des 
oyseaux,  avec  leurs  descriptions  et  naifs  pourtraicts 
retirez  du  naturel.  Escrite  en  sept  livres.  With 
woodcuts.  Fol.  Paris  (Grilles  Corrozet),  1555. 
Some  illuminated  copies. 

BELON  (P.). — Portraits  d’oyseaux,  ani- 
maux,  serpens,  herbes,  arbres,  hommes  et  femmes 
d’ Arabie  et  d’Egypte,  le  tout  enrichy  de  quatrains. 
216  woodcuts.  4to.  Paris  (Cavellat),  1557.  There 
ought  to  be  a  map  of  Mount  Athos  and  Sinai. 
Another  edition.  4to.  Paris,  1618. 

BELTRAMELLI  (Giuseppe). — Notizie  in- 

torno  ad  un  quadro  esistente  nella  Cappella  del  Pa¬ 
lazzo  della  Prefettura  in  Bergamo.  8vo.  (Berga¬ 
mo?)  1806.  Cicogn. 

BELTRAMI  (Francesco). — II  forestiere  in- 

struito  delle  cose  notabili  della  citta  di  Ravenna  e 
suburbane  della  medesima.  8vo.  Ravenna,  1783. 


BELTRAMI  (G.). — Dello  insigne,  &c.  See 

Menegheixi  (Ant.).  Padova,  1839. 

BELTRAMINI  (Matteo  Marco)  . — Della 

Mestica,  e  della  Pittura  discorsi  due.  8vo.  Imola, 
1796.  Cicogn. 

BELTZ  (George  Frederick,  K.H.,  Lancas¬ 
ter  Herald). — Memorials  of  the  Order  of  the  Car¬ 
ter,  from  its  foundation  to  the  present  time  ;  with 
biographical  notices  of  the  Knights  in  the  reigns  of 
Edward  III.  and  Richard  II.  8vo.  London,  1841. 


BELVISI  (Ferdinando). — Elogio  storico  del 
pittore  Lodovico  Caracci.  8vo.  Bologna,  1825.  B.M. 

BELZONI  (George). — -Narrative  of  the 

operations  and  recent  discoveries  within  the  pyra¬ 
mids,  temples,  tombs,  and  excavations  in  Egypt  and 
Nubia,  and  of  a  journey  to  the  coast  of  the  Red 
Sea.  4to.  London,  1821.  B.M. 

BELZONI  (G.). — Forty-four  plates  illustra¬ 
tive  of  the  researches  and  operations  of  Belzoni  in 
Egypt  and  Nubia.  Fol.  London,  1820.  B.M. 

Six  new  plates  illustrative  of  the  same.  Eol. 
London,  1822. 

BEMROSE  (William)  and  JEWITT  (Lle- 

wellyn). — Manual  of  Wood  Carving,  with  practical 
instructions  for  learners  of  the  art,  and  original 

and  selected  designs ;  with  an  introduction  by  L.  J. 
Small  4to.  London,  1862.  S.K. 

3rd  edition.  Small  4to.  London,  1865.  S.K. 

BENACCI  (G.). — Storia  civile,  eccles.  e 

letteraria  della  citta  d’lmola.  With  map,  portraits, 
and  plates.  4  vols.  4to.  Imola,  1810. 

BENACCI  (Vittorio). — Descrittione  degli 

apparati  fatti  in  Bologna  per  la  venuta  di  N.  S.  Papa 
Clemente  VIII.,  con  gli  disegni  degli  archi,  &e. 
With  9  etchings  by  Cuido  Reni.  Bologna,  1598. 

BENARD  (M.,  Graveur)  .—Cabinet  de  M. 

Paignon  Dijonval.  4to.  Paris,  1810.  Bodl. 

BENARD  (Pierre). — L’ Architecture  Fran- 
9aise  et  les  Arts  qui  s’y  rattachent,  consideres  en 
province  au  moyen-age  et  dans  les  temps  modernes. 
8vo.  Saint-Quentin,  1860.  S.K. 

BENAVIDES  (Marco). — Illustrium  juris- 

consultorum  imagines  ad  vivam  effigiem  expressae 
ex  museo  M.  Benavidii.  24  plates.  Eol.  Romse, 
1566.  • 

BENCIVENNI  (Giuseppe). — Saggio  istorico 

della  Reale  G-alleria  di  Firenze.  2  vols.  8vo.  Fi¬ 
renze,  1779. 

BENCIVENNI  (Zucchero).  — Volgarizza- 

mento  dell’  esposizione  del  Pater  nostro,  testo  di 
lingua  per  la  prima  volta  pubblicato  con  illustrazioni 
del  D.  Luigi  Rigoli.  26  plates.  4to.  Firenze, T 828. 
BENDEMANN  (Eduard). — Der  Fries  im 

Thronsaal  des  koniglichen  Schlosses  in  Dresden,  al 
fresco  gemalt  von  E.  B.,  gezeichnet  und  radirt  von 
Hugo  Biirkner.  16  plates.  Oblong  fol.  Leipzig, 
1852.  S.K. 

BENDEMANN  (Eduard). — Die  Gesetzge- 

ber  und  Konige  im  koniglichen  Thronsaale  zu  Dres¬ 
den,  ausgefuhrt  von  E.  B.,  in  Kupfer  gestochen 
von  E.  Goldfriedrich.  16  plates.  Fol.  Dresden, 
1858-59.  S.K. 

BENDEMANN  (Eduard).  —  Die  Wandge- 

malde  im  Ball-  und  Concert-Saal  des  koniglichen 
Schlosses  zu  Dresden,  entworfen  und  ausgefuhrt 
von  E.  B.,  radirt  von  H.  Biirkner.  Mit  erklarendem 
Text  von  J.  G-.  Droysen.  11  plates.  4to.  Dres¬ 
den,  1859.  S.K. 

BENDEMANN  (Eduard)  and  HUBNER 

(Julius). — Der  Nibelunge  Lied . Denkmal  zur 

vierten  Sacularfeier  der  Buchdruekerkunst.  Wood- 
engravings,  from  designs  by  E.  B.  and  J.  H.  4to. 
Leipzig,  1840. 

BENDZ  (Henrik  Carl  Bang). — leones  ana- 

tomicse  vulgarium  Danicorum  Mammalium  domesti- 
corum.  Fasciculus  osteologicus.  24  lithogr.  plates. 
Imper.  fol.  Text,  8vo.  Hafnise,  1850.  S.K. 


scolpito  in  marmo  da  B.  da  M.,  nella  chiesa  di 

Santa  Croce  di  Firenze . 1823.  See  Majano. 

BENEDICTU  S  (Antonius)  .  —  Numismata 

Graeca  non  ante  vulgata  cum  animadversionibus 
Casparis  Oderici.  Numerous  plates.  8vo.  Romse, 
1777.  Cicogn. 

B  B  93 


Universal  Catalogue  of 

Notes  and  Queries, 
June  13,  ’68. 

BENEKE  (L.)  and  LINCKE  (L.). — Neueste 

G-arnituren  moderner  Mobel.  Part  I.  4  plates. 
4to.  Berlin,  1853.  S.K. 

BENEZACH  (Charles). — The  Muscles  of 

the  Human  Body,  accurately  delineated  by  C.  B. 
18  plates.  Small  fol.  London,  1819.  S.K. 

BENINCASA  (Bartolommeo,  Count). — De- 

scrizione  della  Raccolta  di  Stampe  del  C.  Durazzo, 
esposta  in  una  dissertazione  sull’  arte  dell’  intaglio 
a  stampa.  With  portrait.  4to.  Parma,  1784.  B.M. 

BENJAMIN  (J.). — The  Universal  Deco¬ 

rator.  4to.  London,  1859. 

BENLOWES  (Edward).  —  Theophila,  or 
Love’s  Sacrifice,  a  Divine  Poem.  With  engravings 
and  woodcuts  by  Hollar,  Barlow,  and  others.  Pol. 
London,  1652. 

“  This  very  extraordinary  and  rare  book  is  seldom 
found  complete.” — Lowndes. 

BENNETT  (E.  T.). — The  Tower  Menagerie ; 

comprising  the  Natural  History  of  the  Animals 
contained  in  that  establishment,  with  anecdotes  of 
their  characters  and  history.  Illustrated  by  por¬ 
traits  of  each,  taken  from  life,  by  William  Harvey, 
and  engraved  on  wood  by  Branston  and  Wright. 

8  vo.  London,  1829.  S.K. 

BENNETT  (E.  T.).— The  Gardens  and  Me¬ 
nagerie  of  the  Zoological  Society  delineated.  Vol.  i. 
Quadrupeds.  Yol.  ii.  Birds.  2  vols.  8vo.  London, 
1835.  S.K. 

BENNETT  (James).  —  The  History  of 

Tewkesbury.  10  plates.  8vo.  Tewkesbury,  1830. 


BENNETT  (John  Whitchurch) .--Selection 
of  the  most  remarkable  Pishes  found  on  the  coast 
of  Ceylon,  after  drawings  from  nature.  30  coloured 
plates.  4to.  London,  1828-30. 

BENNETT  (J.  W.).  —  Ceylon;  a  complete 
account  of  the  Island  and  its  resources.  With  map 
and  plates.  4to.  London,  1843. 

BENOIST  (Felix). — Nantes  et  la  Loire-In- 

ferieure,  monuments  anciens  et  modernes,  sites  et 
costumes  pittoresques,  dessines  d’apres  nature  par 
P.  Benoist  et  par  H.  Lalaisse,  accompagnes  de 
notices  histor.,  archeol.  et  descriptives,  par  Pitre- 
Chevalier,  E.  Souvestre,  &c.  74  plates.  Pol. 

Nantes,  n.d. 

BENOIST  (F.). — La  Normandie  illustree  : 
Monuments  anciens  et  modernes,  sites  et  costumes 
pittoresques,  dessines  d’apres  nature  par  F.  Benoist, 
&c, ;  texte  par  une  societe  de  savants  et  de  littera¬ 
teurs  de  Normandie,  sous  la  direction  de  M.  A. 
Pottier  (pour  la  Haute  Normandie)  et  de  M.  Gr. 
Mancel  (pour  la  Basse  Normandie).  3  vols.  5 
frontispieces,  and  150  lithogr.  plates.  Pol.  Nantes, 
1852-55.  Also,  1858. 

BENOIT  (P.  J.). — Voyage  a  Surinam ;  de¬ 
scription  des  possessions  Neerlandaises  dans  la 
Gruyane ;  cent  dessins  pris  sur  nature  par  l’auteur, 
lithographies  par  Madou  etLauters.  Pol.  Bruxelles, 
1839-41.  B.M. 


BENSON  (Robert). — Sketches  of  Corsica; 

or  a  journal  written  during  a  visit  to  that  island  in 
1823.  Tinted  plates.  8vo.  London,  1825.  B.M. 
BENSON  (Samuel). — A  Guide  to  St.  Sa¬ 
viour’s  Church,  Southwark.  Compiled  from  various 
sources  by  S.  B.  12mo.  London,  1862.  B.M. 
BENTHAM  (George). — Essai  sur  la  no¬ 
menclature  et  la  classification  des  principales 
branches  d’art-et-science.  8vo.  Paris,  1823. 

BENTHAM  (George). — Handbook  of  the 

British  Flora ;  a  Description  of  the  Flowering 
Plants  and  Perns  indigenous  to,  or  naturalized  in 
the  British  Isles.  For  the  use  of  beginners  and 
amateurs.  With  engravings,  from  original  drawings 
by  W.  Pitch.  Parts  i.-xx.  8vo.  London,  1863-64. 

S  K 

BENTHAM  (James). — The  History  and  An¬ 
tiquities  of  the  Conventual  and  Cathedral  Church  of 
Ely,  from  the  foundation  of  the  monastery  a.d.  673 
to  the  year  1771.  Plates.  4to.  Cambridge,  1771. 


Supplement  to  the  first  edition  of  Mr.  Bentham’s 
Ely,  by  William  Stevenson.  Plates.  4to.  Norwich, 

The  second  edition,  edited  by  W.  Stevenson.  4to. 
Norwich,  1812.  S.K. 

This  edition  has  several  plates  more  than  the 
former  one. 

Supplement  to  the  second  edition,  by  W.  Stevenson, 
4to.  Norwich,  1817.  S.K. 

BENTHAM  (James). — The  History  of  Go¬ 
thic  and  Saxon  Architecture  in  England . Com¬ 

piled  from  the  works  of  J.  B.  and  B.  Willis.  9 
plates.  Fol.  London,  1798.  B.M. 

BENTHAM  (Sir  Samuel). — Memoirs.  See 
Papers  and  Practical  Illustrations  of  Public 

Works,  etc.  Plates . 1856. 

BENTHAM  (Sir  W.). — Papers  contributed 
to  the  “Mechanics’  Magazine.”  8vo.  London, 
1844-52.  S.K. 

BENTINCK  (Countess  de).  —  Catalogue 

d’une  Collection  de  Medailles  antiques  dans  son 
cabinet,  avec  le  supplement.  3  vols.  With  plates. 
4to.  Amsterdam,  1787-88. 

BENTINCK  (Hans  William,  Earl  of  Port¬ 
land). — Journal  of  the  extraordinary  Embassy  of 
his  Excellence  the  Earl  of  Portland  in  Prance. 
French  Manuscript,  edited  by  Gr.  D.  J.  Schotel,  with 
the  life  of  the  Earl,  and  illustrations  by  C.  Ro- 
chussen.  Printed  for  the  London  Exhibition. 
Plates  (illustrations  of  dress  and  manners).  Fol. 
Hague,  1851.  B.M. 

BENTIVOGLIO  (Guido,  Cardinal).— His¬ 
tory  of  the  Wars  of  Flanders,  Englished  by  Henry 
(Carey)  Earle  of  Monmouth.  With  map,  and  over 
20  figures.  Pol.  London,  1678. 
BENTIVOGLIO  (G.).  —  Las  guerras  de 

Plandes  desde  la  muerte  del  Emperador  Carlos  V. 
hasta  la  conclusion  de  la  tregua  de  doces  anos. 
Trad,  de  lengua  Tosc.  en  la  espan.  p.  Basil  Yaren. 
With  plates.  Pol.  Amberes,  1687. 

Notes  and  Queries, 
June  13,  ’68. 

Boohs  on  Art  {under  revision). 


BENTLEY  (Robert). — A  Manual  of  Botany ; 

including  the  structure,  functions,  classification, 
properties,  and  uses  of  Plants.  Illustrated  by  nearly 

I, 200  woodcuts.  8vo.  London,  1861.  S.K. 

BENTLEY  (Thomas). — Monvment  of  Ma- 

trones ;  containing  seuen  seueral  Lamps  of  Virginitie, 
or  distinct  treatises ;  whereof  the  first  fiue  concerne 
Praier  and  Meditation,  the  other  two  last,  Precepts 
and  Examples,  as  the  woorthie  works,  partlie  of  Men, 
partlie  of  Women.  3  vols.  Woodcuts.  4to.  Printed 
by  H.  Denham  (1582).  B.M. 

BENVENUTI  (Niccola). — Corso  elementare 

di  Disegno  diviso  in  quaranta  tavole,  tratte  dalle 
piu  eccellenti  opere  Greche  e  da  alcune  pitture  di 
BafFaello,  disegnate,  incise,  e  pubblicate  da  Giuseppe 
Calendi,  dirette  da  Pietro  Benvenuti,  e  Raffaello 
Morghen.  Atlas  fol.  Firenze,  1808.  S.K. 

BENVENUTI  (Pietro).— Pitture  di  B. . . . . . 

Pisa,  1821.  See  Paumerini  (N.). 

BENVENUTI  (Pietro). — Le  tre  porte  del 

battistero  di  S.  Giovanni  di  Firenze,  incise  ed  illus¬ 
trate.  32  plates.  Fol.  Firenze,  1821. 

BENVENUTI  (P.). — Observations  sur  les 

peintures  de  la  coupole  de  la  Chapelle  des  Princes, 
dans  la  basilique  de  Saint-Laurent,  executees  par 
P.  B.  8vo.  Florence,  1837. 

BENVENUTI  (P.). — Monumenti  sepolcrali 
della  Toscana,  disegnati  da  Vine.  Gozzini,  incisi  da 
G.  P.  Lasinio,  con  illustrazioni  da  P.  B.  e  L.  de 
Cambray  Digny.  Fol.  Firenze,  1819.  B.M. 

BENVIGNAT. — Decoration  interieure  de  la 
salle  de  spectacle  de  Lille,  par  M.  Benvignat,  archi- 
tecte  et  peintre.  Notice  explicative.  8vo.  Lille 

BENZONI  (Girolamo). — La  Historia  del 

Mundo  nuovo  di  G.  Benzoni,  la  qual  tratta  delle 
isole  e  mare  nuovamente  ritrovati  e  delle  nuove  citta 
da  lui  proprio  vedute  per  acqua  e  per  terra  in  quattor- 
deci  anni.  With  woodcuts.  8vo.  Venezia,  1565. 
8vo.  Venezia,  1572.  Woodcuts. 

Latin  translation.  Plates.  8vo.  Geneva,  1586. 
In  German.  Plates  by  De  Bry.  Fol.  Franck- 
furt,  1595.  Also,  1597. 

BERAIN  (Jean). — Ornemens  inventez  par 

J.  B.  137  plates,  engraved  by  Daigremont,  Scotin, 
and  others.  Fol.  (Paris,  c.  1670-1700.)  S.K. 

Chimney-pieces,  and  other  mural  decorations. 
Also  with  the  title : — CEuvres  de  J.  B.,  contenant 
des  ornements  d’ architecture.  Fol.  Paris,  1711- 

BERAIN  (J.). — Recueil  de  divers  Mausolees, 

executees  pour  la  famille  Royale  de  France.  De¬ 
tailed  and  elaborate  engravings  of  state  funerals. 
Fol.  Paris  (1714?).  B.M. 

BERAIN  (J.). — CEuvres  de  J.  B.  106  plates, 
ornaments,  decorations,  vases,  candeUbras,  &c. 
Atlas  fol.  Paris,  1725. 

BERAIN  (  J. ) . — Decorations  interieures, 

style  Louis  XIV.,  composees  par  J.  B.,  dessinateur 

du  roi  en  l’an  1650,  lithographiees  par  Arnout  pere. 
30  plates.  Fol.  Paris  (1849).  §.K. 

This  work  was  to  have  come  out  in  10  numbers, 
with  80  plates,  but  was  not  completed. 

BERAIN  (J.). — Eac-simile  des  oeuvres  de 
J.  B.,  dessinateur  ordinaire  de  Louis  XIV.,  par 
Midart,  dessinateur.  70  plates.  Fol.  Paris  (1862). 


BERAIN  (J.).  —  Designs  by  J.  B.  See 

Hertz  (J.  D.). 

See  also  Pfnor  (R.). 

BERAIN  (J.),  CHAUVEAU  and  LE- 

MOINE. — Ornemens  de  Peinture  et  de  Sculpture, 
qui  sont  dans  la  Galerie  d’ Apollon,  au  Chasteau  du 
Louvre,  et  dans  le  grand  Appartement  du  Roy  au 
Palais  des  Tuilleries.  Dessinez  et  gravez  par  les 
Sieurs  Berain,  Chauveau,  et  Lemoine.  Fol.  Paris, 
1710.  S.K. 

BERANGER  (Pierre  Jean  de). — Gravures 

des  oeuvres  posthumes  de  B. — Dernieres  Chansons, 
et  Ma  Biographie,  etc.  29  steel-engravings  after 
designs  by  A.  de  Lemud.  8vo.  Paris  (1860).  B.M. 
BERAUD  (A.). — A  Louis  David,  peintre-. 

Ode  par  A.  Beraud.  8vo.  Paris,  1821. 

BERAUD  (A.). — Annales  de  l’Ecole  fran- 

gaise  des  Beaux  Arts,  pour  servir  de  suite  et  des 
complement  aux  Salons  de  1808-24,  publies  par  feu 
C.  P.  Landon.  8vo.  Paris,  1827.  Bodh 

BERBRUGGER  (Adrien).  —  Algerie  his- 

torique,  pittoresque  et  monumentale,  ou  Recueil 
de  vues,  monuments,  ceremonies,  costumes,  armes 
et  portraits,  dessines  d’apres  nature.  Avec  text® 
descriptif  des  locaJites,  moeurs,  usages,  jeux  et  di¬ 
vertissements  des  habitans  de  l’Algerie.  3  vols. 
Fol.  Paris,  1843-45.  S.K. 

BERCH  (Car.  R.). — De  Nummis  Gothorum 

extra  Suiogothiam.  4to.  Upsalise,  1775.  Bodl. 

BERENDSOHN  (B.  S.).  —  Hamburg  in 

seiner  gegenwartigen  Gestalt  und  seine  reizende 

Umgebung.  Herausgegeben . von  B.  S.  B.  (A 

series  of  engravings.)  4to.  Hamburg  (1854-56). 


BERENDSOHN  (B.  S. ).  —  Brandenburg- 

isches  Album.  Eine  Sammlung  in  Stahlstich 

ausgef iihrter  Ansichten . herausgegeben . von 

B.  S.  B.  (Nach  der  Natur  gezeichnet  von  Prof.  J. 
Gottheil.)  Oblong  4to.  Hamburg  (1856-58).  B.M. 

BERENGER  (Richard).  —  History  of  the- 
Art  of  Horsemanship.  2  vols.  in  1.  Plates.  4to. 
London,  1771- 

BERESEORD  (George  de  la  Poer,  Cap¬ 
tain). — Twelve  sketches  in  double-tinted  litho¬ 
graphy  of  scenes  in  Southern  Albania.  Fol.  London, 
1855.  BJVL 

BERETTINI  (Pietro). —  Galeria  dipinta 

nel  Palazzo  del  Prencipe  Panfilio,  da  P.  B . im- 

tagliata  da  C.  Cesio  vera  originale.  15  plates.  Fol. 
G.  J.  Rossi,  Roma  (1690  ?).  B.M. 

Also  in  16  plates  by  Gerard  Audran. 



Universal  Catalogue  of 

Notes  and  Queries, 
June  13,  ’68. 

BERETTIMI  (P.). — Barberinee  Anise  Fornix 

Romse,  picturis  admirandus  cujus . imagines  et 

monocromata  in  hisce  delineamentis  ad  similitudi- 
nem  adumbrata  Urbani  VIII.  Pontificis  Magni  vir- 
tutes  exprimunt.  10  plates.  Fol.  J.  J.  de  Rubeis, 
Romse  (1690?).  S.K. 

See  also  vol.  ii.  of  the  Galleria  Farnesiana,  by 

BERETTIMI  (P.). — Pitture  a  Fresco  di 
Pietro  Berettino  di  Cortona  nel  Palazzo  Gran-Ducale 
di  Firenze.  Fol.  Eoma,  1691.  S.K. 

With  Latin  title : — Heroicae  Virtutis  Imagines, 
quas  P.  B.  pinxit  Florentise  in  aedibus  Magni  Ducis 
Hetruriae;  cura  et  sumptibus  J.  J.  de  Eubeis.  24 
plates.  Fol.  Romae  (1693  ?).  B.M. 

BERETTHSTI  (P.). — Tabulae  anatomicae  ; 

a  P.  Berrettino  delineatae . et  a  C.  Petrioli  notis 

illustrate .  27  plates,  to  scale,  with  artists’  propor¬ 

tions  and  admeasurements.  Fol.  Romae,  1741.  B.M. 

Another  edition.  ...ex  archetypis  Pt.  Berretini 
expressae  et  in  aes  incisae,  recensuit  Fr.  Petraglia. 
With  27  plates,  sometimes  coloured.  Fol.  Romae, 

BERG  (Adam). — Mozze,  Feste,  e  Tornei  in 
occasione  del  Matrimonio  del  Principe  Palatino  colla 
Principessa  Eenata  di  Lottaringa  nel  1568  :  in  Mo¬ 
naco  per  Ad.  Berg.  In  German.  15  large  double 
Atlas  plates,  coloured.  Cicogn. 

BERG  (Ad  . ) .  —  Mew  Miint zbuecb  —  Und 

dann  wird  ein  Dialogus . zwischen  dem  Gelt  und 

der  Armut  mit  angehangt.  Plates.  Fol.  Miinchen, 
1596.  Also,  1604. 

BERG  (Albeet). — Die  Insel  Rbodus,  aus 

eigener  Anschauung  und  nach  den  vorhandenen 
Quellen  historisch,  geographisch,  archaologisch,  ma- 
lerisch  beschrieben  und  durch  Originalradirungen 
und  Holzschnitte  nach  eigenen  Naturstudien  und 
Zeichnungen  illustrirt.  2  parts.  70  etchings,  and 
105  woodcuts  in  the  text.  4to.  Braunschweig. 
1861.  B.M. 

BERG  (Johan  August). — Sverige  framstaldt 

i  tafior  Nittiosex  litografier  i  tontryck  med  beskrif- 
vande  text.  Lithogr.  illustrations,  from  drawings 
by  F.  C.  Kierschou,  C.  S.  Hallbeck,  and  others. 
Oblong  4 to.  Goteborg  (1856).  B.M. 

BERGAMO  (Stefano  da). — Gli  Ornati  del 

Coro  della  Chiesa  di  S.  Pietro  dei  Monaci  Cassinesi 
di  Perugia.  Intagliati  in  legno  da  Stefano  da  Ber¬ 
gamo,  sopra  i  disegni  di  Eaffaelle  Santi  da  Urbino, 
ora  per  la  prima  volta  tutti  raccolti  incisi  a  contorno 
e  pubblicati.  Fol.  Eoma,  1845.  S.K. 

BERGE  (Pieter  van  den). — Tbeatrum  His- 

panise,  exhibens  Eegni  urbes,  villas  ac  Viridarici 
magis  illustria,  etc.  (P.  v.  B.  delineavit  et  sculpsit.) 
With  descriptions  in  Latin,  Spanish,  Dutch,  and 
French.  Etchings.  Oblong  fol.  Amsterdam 
(1700?).  B.M. 

BERGER  (Cheistophoeus  Heneicus  de). — 

Commentatio  de  Personis,  vulgo  Larvis,  seu  Mas- 
cheris.  With  153  engravings  on  83  sheets,  of  the 

characters  in  the  comedies  of  Terence,  and  portrait 
of  Terence.  4to.  Francofurti  etLipsi0e(1722).  B.M. 
BERGER  (Daniel). — Anzeige  sammtlicber 
Werke  von  Daniel  Berger,  Eector  und  Lehrer  der 
Kupferstecherkunst  bei  der  Akademie  der  Kiinste 
zu  Berlin.  With  portrait.  8vo.  Leipzig,  1792. 

BERGER  (Hieeqnymus)  . —  Parnassus  Hei- 

delbergensis,  omnium  illustrissimae  hujus  Academiae 
icones  exhibens.  Plates.  Fol.  (Heidelberg)  1660. 


BERGERET. — Pliytonomatotecbnie  univer- 

selle,  c’est-a-dire  l’art  de  donner  aux  plantes  des 
noms  tires  de  leurs  caracteres.  3  vols.  in  1.  328 

plates,  sometimes  coloured.  Fol.  Paris,  1783-84. 

BERGERET  (Pieeee  Molasque). — Lettres 

d’un  Artiste  sur  l’etat  des  Arts  en  France,  consideres 
sous  les  rapports  politiques,  artistiques,  commer- 
ciaux  et  industriels.  2  parts.  8vo.  Paris,  1848. 


BERGEROM  (L.  E.). — Manuel  du  tour- 

neur,  ou  l’art  d’apprendre  a  tourner  seul  et  sans 
maitre.  2e  edition,  revue  et  augm.  par  P.  Hamelin- 
Bergeron.  2  vols.  96  plates.  4to.  Paris,  1819. 


1st  edition.  1792-96.  With  plates. 

BERGERY  (0.  L.). — Geometrie  des  Ecoles 

primaires,  comprenant  le  dessin  lineaire,  les  pro¬ 
jections,  le  lever  de  plans  de  terrains  et  de  batimens, 
l’arpentage,  le  partage  des  proprietes  et  le  jaugeage, 
8vo.  Lilge,  1835.  S.K. 

BERGIER  (Micolas). — Le  dessein  de  Fliis- 
toire  de  Reims  avec  diverses  curieuses  remarques 
touchant  l’establissement  des  peuples  et  la  fonda- 
tion  des  villes  de  France.  5  plates.  Reims,  1635. 


BERGIER  (M.). — Le  Bouquet  royal,  ou 

le  parterre  des  riches  inventions  qui  ont  servi  a 
l’entree  du  roi  Louis  le  Juste  en  la  ville  de  Reims, 

par  N.  B . augmente  des  ceremonies  gardees 

. en  son  sacre,  le  17  Oct.  1610 . par  M.  P.  de 

la  Salle.  4to.  Reims,  1637. 

Earlier  edition.  8vo.  Paris,  1610. 

BERGIER  (M.). — Histoire  des  grands  Che- 

mins  de  l’Empire  Romain.  4to.  Paris,  1628.  B.M. 

Another  edition . revue  avec  soin,  et  enrichie 

des  cartes  et  de  figures.  2  vols.  4to.  Bruxelles, 
1728.  B.M. 

Also:  2  vols.  4to.  Bruxelles,  1736.  Plates. 


The  most  important  plate  is  at  the  end,  with 
the  following  title:  Tabula  Itineraria  ex  illustri 
Peutingerorum  Bibliotheca,  quse  Aug.  Vind.  bene- 
ficio  Marci  Velseri  septemviri  Augustani  in  lucem 

BERGK  (Johann  Adam). — Scbilderung und 

Abbildung  der  merkwiirdigsten  Russischen  Volker- 
schaften,  welche  in  dem  jetzigen  Kriege  gegen 

Frankrekh  kampfen . dargestellt  von  J.  A.  B. 

und  C.  G.  H.  Geissler.  (The  text  being  by  J.  A. 
B.,  and  the  coloured  illustrations  by  C.  G.  H. 
Geissler.)  2  parts.  4to.  Leipzig  (1807).  B.M, 

Notes  and  Queries, 
June  20,  ’68. 


Boohs  on  Art  ( under  revision). 

BERGK  (J.  A.). — Beschreibung  von  Con- 

stantinopel.  4to.  Leipzig  (1810).  B.M. 

BERGMANN  (Joseph). — Medaillen  auf  be- 
riihmte  und  ausgezeichnete  Manner  des  Kaiser- 
thums  Oesterreich,  yom  16.  bis  zum  19.  Jahrhun- 

dert. . mit  biographisch-historischen  Notizen.  2 

vols.  Plates.  4to.  Wien,  1840-57.  B.M. 

BERGMANN  (Joseph). — Uebersicbt  der 

k.  k.  Ambraser  Sammlung  nach  ihrer  dermaligen 
Aufstellung.  3rd  edition.  8vo.  Wien,  1855. 

7th  edition.  8vo.  Wien,  1863.  S.K 

BERGMANN  (Leo). — Der  Dom  zn  Yerden, 

des  guelfischen  Fiirstenstammes  erhabenes  Denk- 
mal.  Eine  knrze  Geschichte  nnd  Beschreibung 
dieses  Bauwerkes.  8  lithogr.  plates.  4to.  Han¬ 
nover,  1833. 

BERGMANN  (L.).— Die  Scbnle  der  Bau- 

kunst,  etc.  Numerous  plates  of  detail.  8vo. 
Leipzig,  1854,  &c.  B.M. 

BERGMANN  (L.).—Zehn  Tafeln  Sanlen- 

Ordnungen  nebst  Construktion  der  architektoni- 
schen  Glieder,  gezeichnet  und  mit  erklarendem  Texte 
begleitet  von  L.  B.  2nd  edition.  23  pp.  4to. 
Leipzig,  1854.  S.K. 

BERGOMENSIS  (J.  Ph.).— See  Foresti. 
BERGSTRASSER  (J.  A.  B.). — Real-Wor- 

terbuch  liber  die  klassischen  Schriftsteller  der  Grie- 
chen  und  Lateiner,  beides  der  heiligen  und  profa- 
nen,  in  Erlauterung  der  dahin  gehorigen  Kiinste 
und  Wissenschaften.  8vo.  Halle,  1772. 

BERIO  (Fran.  M.). — Dilucidazione  di  nn 
Vaso  Etrusco ;  Lettera  a  Monsig.  Capecelatro  Ar- 
civescovo  di  Taranto.  With  a  large  plate.  4to. 
Napoli,  1808.  B.M. 

BERJEAU  (Jean  Philibert).  —  Speculum 

Humanse  Salvationis  :  le  plus  ancien  monument  de 
la  xylographie  et  de  la  typographic  reunies.  Re- 
produit  en  fac-simile,  avec  introduction  historique 
et  bibliographique,  par  J.  Ph.  B.  Royal  4to. 
Londres,  1861.  S.K. 

BERJEAU  (J.  Ph.).  —  Geschiedenis  van  bet 
heylighe  Cruys  ;  or,  History  of  the  Holy  Cross. 
Reproduced  in  fac-simile  from  the  original  edition 
printed  by  J.  Yeldener  in  1483.  Text  and  engrav¬ 
ings  by  J.  Ph.  B.  Small  4to.  London,  1863. 


BERJEAU  (J.  Ph.). — Catalogue  illustre  des 

livres  xylographiques.  Woodcuts.  8vo.  Londres, 

BERJEAU  (J.  Ph.). —  The  Book- worm, 

edited  and  illustrated  by  J.  Ph.  B.  Imper.  8vo. 
London,  1866,  &c.  S.K. 

BERJEAU  (Philibert  Charles).  —  The 

Horses  of  Antiquity,  Middle  Ages,  and  Renaissance, 
from  the  earliest  monuments  down  to  the  XVIth 
century.  By  Ph.  C.  B.  60  plates.  4to.  London, 
1864.  S.K. 

BERJEAU  (Ph.  C.). — Beggars,  Rogues,  and 

Vagabonds.  Drawn  from  life,  by  C.  B.  Engraved 

by  J.  P.  B(erjeau).  Lithogr.  plates.  4to.  London, 
1866,  &c.  B.M. 

BERKELEY  (Robert,  Bishop  of  Clogher). 

A  J ournal  from  Grand  Cairo  to  Mount  Sinai  and 
back  again,  translated  from  MSS. ;  with  remarks 
on  the  origin  of  hieroglyphics,  &c.  4to.  London, 
1753.  Bodl. 

BERKELEY  (J.  le  Francqvan). — Natuur- 

lijke  historie  van  Holland.  12  vols.  Coloured 
plates.  8  vo.  Amsterdam,  1769-1811. 

Notices  of  costume,  &c. 

BERKS,  County  of. — A  Handbook  for  Tra¬ 
vellers  in  B.,  Bucks,  and  Oxfordshire,  including  a 
particular  description  of  the  University  and  City  of 
Oxford,  and  the  descent  of  the  Thames  to  Windsor. 
With  a  travelling  map,  and  plans.  12mo.  London, 
I860.  B.M. 

One  of  the  series  entitled  “  Murray’s  Handbooks 
for  Travellers.” 

BERKSHIRE. — The  History  of  Earingdon 
and  the  neighbouring  Towns  and  Seats  in  Berkshire. 
8  vo.  Faringdon,  1798,  Bodl. 

BERLEPSCH  (H.  A.  von).— Chronik  der 

Gold-  und  Silberschmiedekunst.  Nebst  Nachrichten 
liber  die  inneren  Beziehungen  dieser  Kunst  zu  dem 
Munzwesen  friiherer  Zeiten  und  der  Erfindung  des 
Kupferstiches.  8vo.  St.  Gallen,  1850.  B.M. 
BERLEZE  (Abbe). — Iconographie  du  genre 
Camelia,  ou  description  et  figures  des  Camelias  les 
plus  beaux  et  les  plus  rares,  peints  d’apres  nature 
par  J.  J.  Jung ;  accompagnee  d’un  traite  sur  la 
culture  de  cette  plante,  par  M.  l’Abbe  B.  3  vols. 
100  coloured  plates.  4to.  Paris,  1841-43. 

BERLUST.— -  Miscellanea  Berolinensia,  etc. 

Plates.  Berolino,  1710.  See  Societies. 
BERLIN. — Views  of  Berlin,  Potsdam,  &e. 
Oblong  fol.  n.  p.  o.  d. 

Views  of  palaces  and  other  public  buildings  at 
Berlin,  Potsdam,  &c.  Fol.  n.p.o.d.  T.C.D. 

BERLIN". — Guide  de  Berlin,  de  Potsdam  et 
des  environs,  traduit  de  l’Allemand,  avec  un  plan  de 
Berlin  et  15  vues.  8vo.  Berlin,  1813.  Cicogn. 

BERLIN".— Notice  raisonnee  d’unepartie  des 
tableaux  qui  se  trouvent  dans  le  magazin  de  la  li- 
brairie  du  Roi,  precede  d’ observations  sur  la  con- 
noissance  et  le  commerce  des  tableaux.  8vo.  Ber¬ 
lin,  1804.  Cicogn. 

BERLUN.  —  Blatter  des  Berliner  Kunst- 

Vereins.  See  Societies. 

BERLIN. — Bericht  liber  die  Berliner  Kunst- 

Ausstellung  im  Jahre  1836.  8vo.  Berlin,  1836. 

BERLIN". — Bericht  iiber  die  Berliner  Kunst- 

Ausstellung  im  Jahre  1838.  8vo.  Berlin. 

BERLIN  and  its  treasures  ;  being  a  series 
of  views  of  the  principal  Buildings,  &c.,  with  a  se¬ 
lection  of  subjects  from  the  Royal  Picture  Gallery 
. Accompanied  by  an  historical  descriptive  ac¬ 
count  of  the  Prussian  Capital.  4to.  Leipzig  and 
Dresden  (1853-58).  B.M. 

c  c 



Universal  Catalogue  of 

Notes  and  Queries, 
June  20,  ’68. 

BERLIN. — Die  Marmor-Gruppen  auf  der 
Schloss-Briicke  in  Berlin.  Lithogr.  plates.  4to. 
Berlin,  1857.  B.M. 

BERLIN. — Die  Kunstindustrie  in  Berlin. 
Eine  Sammlung  der  yorziiglichsten  Erzeugnisse  in 
Metall,  Thon,  Holz  nnd  Stein  aus  hiesigen  Fabriken 
nnd  Werkstatten,  &c.  Plates.  Pol.  Berlin,  1856, 
&c.  B.M. 

BERLIN. — Grabdenkmaler  beriihmter  Per- 
sonen  auf  den  Kirchhofen  um  Berlin.  Eol.  Berlin 
und  Potsdam,  1856,  &c.  *  B.M. 

BERLIN. — Berliner  systematisehe  Zeiclien- 
Schule  fiir  Lehrer  und  zum  Selbst-Unterricht.  Fi¬ 
gures,  animals,  &c.  7  vols.  Oblong  8vo.  Berlin 

(1853?).  S.K. 

BERLIN  ARTISTS.  —  Album  Berliner 

Kiinstler . (1855,  &c.)  See  Storch  and  Kramer. 

BERLIN  ARTISTS. — Lands cbaftliche  Com 

positionen  Berliner  Kiinstler.  Fob  Breslau  (1859, 
&c.).  B.M. 

BERLIN  MUSEUM. — Koniglicbe  Museen. 
Abtheilung  der  segyptischen  Alterthiimer.  Die 
Wandgemalde  der  verschiedenen  Raume.  37  plates. 
Oblong  fol.  Berlin,  1855.  S.K. 

BERLIN  MUSEUM. — Greek  and  Etruscan 

Vases.  See  Gerhard  (E.). 

BERMEJO  (Fr.  Damian). — Descrip  cion  ar- 
tistica  del  Real  Monasterio  de  S.  Lorenzo  del  Esco- 
rial  y  sus  preciosidades  despues  de  la  invasion  de 
los  Franceses  ;  escrita  por  El  P.  Fr.  D.  B.,  Monge 
de  la  misma  Casa.  16mo.  Madrid,  1820.  S.K. 

BERMUDEZ  (Juan  Agustin  Cean). — Dic- 

cionario  historico  de  los  mas  ilustres  profesores  de 
las  Bellas  Artes  en  Espana.  6  vols.  8vo.  Madrid, 
1800.  S.K. 

BERMUDEZ  (J.  A.  Cean).  —  Descripcion 

artistica  de  la  Catedral  de  Sevilla.  8vo.  Sevilla, 
1804.  S.K. 

Another  edition.  4to.  Sevilla,  1856.  S.K. 

BERMUDEZ  (J.  A.  Cean). — Carta  de  D. 

J.  A.  C.-B.  a  un  amigo  suyo,  sobre  el  estilo  y  gusto 
en  la  Pintura  de  la  Escuela  Sevillana ;  y  sobre  el 
grado  de  perfeccion  a  que  la  elevo  B.  E.  Murillo : 
cuya  vida  se  inserta,  y  se  describen  sus  obras  en 
Sevilla.  16mo.  Cadiz,  1806.  S.K. 

BERMUDEZ  (J.  A.  Cean). — Dialogo  sobre 
el  Arte  de  la  Pintura.  (By  J.  A.  C.-B.)  16mo. 

Sevilla,  1819.  S.K. 

BERMUDEZ  (J.  A.  Cean). —  Noticias  de 
los  Arquitectos  y  Arquitectura  de  Espana  desde  su 
restauracion,  por  Llaguno  y  Amirola,  ilustradas  y 
acrecentadas  con  notas,  adiciones  y  documentos,  por 
J.  A.  Cean-Bermudez.  4  vols.  4to.  Madrid,  1829. 


BERMUDEZ  (J.  A.  Cean).  —  Sumario  de 

las  Antigiiedades  Romanas  que  hay  en  Espana,  en 
especial  pertenecientes  a  las  Bellas  Artes.  4to. 
Madrid,  1832.  S.K. 


BERMUDEZ  (J.  A.  Cean). — Coleccion  de 

cuadros  del  Rey  de  Espana  que  se  conservan  en  sus 
reales  palacios,  museo  y  academia  de  San  Fernando, 
con  inclusion  de  los  del  real  monasterio  del  Esco- 
rial :  obra  litografiada  por  habiles  artistas  baxo  la 
direccion  de  D.  Jos6  de  Madrazo,  con  el  testo  di  D. 
J.  A.  Cean-Bermudez.  192  plates.  Atlas  fol.  Ma¬ 
drid,  1826-36. 

BERMUDEZ  (J.  A.  Cean). — Monumentos 

arquitectonicos  da  Espana.  Fol.  Madrid,  1860. 


Descripcjion  de  las  fiestas  que  el  Sr.  Marques  de 
Castel-Rodrigo,  Embaxador  de  Espana,  celebro  en 
esta  Corte  a  la  nueua  del  election  de  Ferdinando  III. 
de  Austria  Rey  de  Romanos.  In  verse.  With  10 
etchings  by  Claude  Gelee  de  Lorraine.  4to.  Rome, 
1637.  B.M. 

BERMUDEZ  DE  PEDRAZA  (Francisco). 

Antiguedad  y  Excelencias  de  Granada.  4to.  Ma¬ 
drid,  1608.  B.M. 

BERNAL. — See  Catalogues. 

See  also  Bohn  (H.  G.). 

BERNARD  (A.). — Recueil  d’Ornemens  de 

la  Renaissance,  dessines  et  graves  a  l’eau-forte, 
par  A.  B.  4to.  Paris,  1837.  S.K. 

BERNARD  (Auguste).  —  Geoffroy  Tory, 

peintre  et  graveur,  premier  imprimeur  royal,  refor- 
mateur  de  l’ortographie  et  de  la  typographic  sous 
Franqois  I.  2e  edition,  entierement  refondue.  8vo. 
Paris,  1865. 

The  first  edition  appeared  in  1857- 
BERNARD  (A.). —  Le  Temple  d’ Auguste 
et  la  nationality  gauloise.  12  plates  4to.  Paris, 

BERNARD  (Ch.). — Genealogie  de  laMaison 

Royale  de  Bourbon,  avec  les  portraits  et  eloges  des 

princes  qui  en  sont  sortis . depuis  Saint  Louis 

jusqu’a  Louis  le  Juste.  With  a  folding  plate  of  40 
portraits.  Fol.  Paris,  1643.  And,  1646. 

BERNARD  (Edward).  —  De  mensuris  et 
ponderibus  antiquis  libri  tres.  Plates.  8vo.  Oxo- 
nise,  1688. 

BERNARD  (FrIdHric). — Fontainebleau  et 

ses  environs,  illustre  de  21  vignettes  sur  bois. 
12mo.  Paris,  1853.  S.K. 

BERNARD  (J.). — Le  voyage  de  Hierusalem 

et  autres  lieux  de  la  Terre  Sainte,  avec  son  retour 
par  l’Ttalie,  Suisse,  Allemagne,  Hollande  et  Flan- 
dre.  Plates.  8vo.  Paris,  1621. 

BERNARD  (Jean).  —  Discours  des  plus 

memorables  faicts  des  roys  et  grands  d’Angleterre, 
depuis  500  ans,  avec  les  genealogies  des  reynes 
d’Angleterre  et  d’Ecosse ;  et  un  traite  de  la  guide 
des  chemins,  et  descriptions  des  principales  villes, 
chateaux  et  rivieres  d’Angleterre.  8vo.  Paris, 
1579.  And,  1587. 

BERNARD  (Jean  Frederic). — Ceremonies 

et  coutumes  religieuses  de  tous  les  peuples  du  monde, 
representees  par  des  figures  de  la  main  de  B.  Picard, 

Notes  and  Queries, ) 
June  20,  ’68.  j 

Books  on  Art  ( under  revision). 


avec  une  explication  historique,  et  dissertations  (re¬ 
digees  par  J.  Fr.  Bernard  et  d’autres).  5  vols. 
Fol.  Amsterdam,  1723-37.  T.C.D. 

BERNARD  (J.  E.). — Ceremonies,  etc.  des 
peuples  idolatres,  representees  par  des  figures  de  la 
main  de  B.  Picard,  avec  une  explication  historique, 
etc.  (redigees  par  J.  Er.  Bernard  et  d’autres).  2 
rols.  Eol.  Amsterdam,  1723-28.  T.C.D. 

BERNARD  (Pierre  Joseph,  called  Gentil). 
(Euvres  completes.  Plates  by  Charles  Eisen.  8vo. 
Paris,  1795. 

(Euvres.  Plates  after  Pierre  Paul  Prudhon. 
4to.  Paris,  1797- 

BERNARD  (Le  Petit). — See  Salomon  (Ber¬ 
nard,  called  “le  petit  Bernard”). 

BERNARD  (Abbot).— Basilica  SS.  Udalrici 

et  Afrse,  Imperialis  Monasterii  Ord.  S.  Benedicti 
Augustse  Yindelicorum.  Historice  descripta  atque 
seneis  figuris  illustrata.  2nd  edition.  Small  fol. 
Augustse  Vindelicorum,  1653.  S.K. 

BERNASCONI  (Cesare). — II  Pisano, grand’ 

artefice  Veronese  della  prima  meta  del  secolo  deci- 
moquinto,  considerato  primieramente  come  pittore 
e  di  poi  come  scultore  in  bronzo.  Memorie  del 
Dottor  C.  B.  44  pp.,  and  a  photograph.  8vo. 
Verona,  1862.  S.K. 

BERNATTI  (A.).— Sull’  Arcbitettura . 

with  plates  by  A.  B . 1817.  See  Beccega  (Tom- 

maso  C.). 

BERNATZ  (Johann  Martin). — Bilder  ans 

“dem  heiligen  Lande.  40  ausgewahlte  Ansichten 
biblisch  wichtiger  Orte,  in  Begleitung  des  Herrn 
Hofrath  Dr.  von  Schubert  treu  nach  der  Natur  auf- 
genommen  und  gezeichnet.  Lithogr.  von  Emmin- 
ger  und  Federer.  4  parts.  Oblong  fol.  Stuttgart, 

For  another  edition  see  Schubert  (G-.  H.  von), 
Album  des  heiligen  Landes.  50  Original- Ansichten, 
nach  der  .Natur  gezeichnet  von  J.  M.  B.,  &c. 

BERNATZ  (J.  M.). — Scenes  in  Ethiopia, 
drawn  and  described  by  J.  M.  B.  48  coloured 
plates.  2  vols.  Oblong  fol.  Munich  and  London, 
1852.  B.M. 

Another  edition,  with  German  text. — Bilder  aus 
Aethiopien.  51  chromolithogr.  plates.  2  parts. 
Fol.  Hamburg,  1854. 

BERNCASTLE  (Julius). — A  Voyage  to 

China  ;  including  a  visit  to  the  Bombay  presidency, 
the  Mabratta  country,  the  cave-temples  of  Western 
India,  Singapore,  the  straits  of  Malacca  and  Sunda, 
and  the  Cape  of  Good  Hope.  2  vols.  8vo.  London, 
1851.  B.M. 

BERND  (Chr.  Samuel  Theodor). — Wap- 

penbuch  der  Preussischen  Rheinprovinzen.  2  parts. 
192  lithogr.  plates.  8vo.  Bonn,  1823. 

BERND  (Chr.  S.  T.). — Allgemeine  Schrif- 

tenkunde  der  gesammten  Wappenwissenschaft.  4 
vols.  8vo.  Bonn,  1830-41. 

BERND  (Chr.  S.  T.).  —  Die  Hauptstiicke 

der  Wappenwissenschaft.  2  vols.  38  plates.  8vo. 
Bonn,  1841-49. 

The  1st  part  with  separate  title  : — Das  Wappen- 
wesen  der  Griechen  und  Homer  und  anderer  alten 
Volker.  With  18  plates.  8vo.  Bonn,  1841. 

The  2nd  part  with  title  : — Die  allgemeine  Wap- 
penwissenschaft  in  Lehre  und  Anwendung.  With 
20  plates.  8vo.  Bonn,  1819. 

BERNDT  (Fr.). — Ornamente  in  alien  Sty- 
len,  von  F.  B.  Lithogr.  plates.  Fol.  Wien,  1846, 

BERNDT  (Friedrich). — Systematische  Or- 

namentenschule,  meistens  nach  Motiven  deutscher 
Gewachse.  4  parts.  24  lithogr.  plates,  and  10  pp. 
text.  4to.  Leipzig,  1860. 

BERNDT  (F.). — Rapporte  der  Manufactur- 
zeichnung  nebstFantasieEntwicklung.  FiirKunst- 
ler,  Industrielle,  Decorateurs,  &c.  6  lithogr.  plates, 

and  10  pp.  text.  4to.  Leipzig,  1862.  B.M. 

BERNES  (Juliana,  Dame). — Begin.  This 

present  boke  shewyth  the  manere  of  hawkynge,  and 
huntynge  :  and  also  of  diuysynge  of  Cote  armours. 
It  shewyth  also  a  good  matere  belongynge  to 
horses:  wyth  other  comendable  treatyses.  And 
ferdermore  of  the  blasynge  of  armys,  as  here  after 
it  maye  appere.  End.  Here  in  this  boke  afore  ben 
shewed  the  treatyses  perteynge  to  hawkynge  and 
huntynge  with  other  dyuers  playsaunt  materes  be¬ 
longynge  unto  noblesse:  and  also  a  ryght  noble 
treatise  of  Cot  armours  as  in  this  present  boke  it 
may  appere.  Enprynted  at  Westmestre  by  Wynkyn 
the  worde,  the  yere  of  thyncarnacon  of  our  Lorde 
mccccexxxxvi.  Woodcuts.  Fol.  Westminster, 
1496.  B.M. 

BERNES  (Juliana,  Dame). — The  Gentle¬ 
mans  Academie,  or  The  Booke  of  St.  Albans ;  con¬ 
taining  three  most  exact  and  excellent  Bookes  :  the 
first  of  Hawking,  the  second  of  all  the  proper  termes 
of  Hunting  and  the  last  of  Armorie :  all  compiled 
by  Juliana  Barnes  in  the  yere  from  the  incarnation 
of  Christ  1486:  and  now  reduced  into  a  better 
method  by  G(ervase)  M(arkham).  4to.  London, 
1595.  B.M. 

BERNES  (Juliana,  Dame). — The  Book  con¬ 
taining  the  treatises  of  Hawking:  Hunting:  Coat- 
armour  :  Fishing :  and  Biasing  of  Arms.  As  printed 
at  Westminster  by  Wynkyn  de  Worde,  the  year 
of  the  Incarnation  of  Our  Lord  mccccexxxxvi. 
(With  biographical  and  bibliographical  notices  by 
J.  Haslewood.)  Fol.  London,  reprinted,  1810. 


BERNE  WITZ  (G.  yon,  Baron).— Die  St.  Ma- 

rienkirche  zu  Zwickau.  2  parts.  11  lithogr.  plates, 
and  lithogr.  dedication.  Fol.  Annaberg,  1839-40. 
BERNHARD  (Duke  of  Saxe- Weimar). — 
Heise  durch  Kord-Amerika  in  den  Jahren  1825 
und  1826.  Herausgegeben  von  H.  Luden.  3  vols. 
With  25  vignettes,  4  plates,  and  8  maps.  8vo. 
Weimar,  1826-30* 

BERNI  (Francesco). — II  Torneo  a  piedi,  e 
l’invenzione  ed  allegoria  colla  quale  il  Sig.  Borso 



Universal  Catalogue  of 

Notes  and  Queries, 
June  20,  ’68. 

Bonacossi  compari  a  mantenerlo,  e  l’Alcina  favola 
pescatoria  fatta  rappresentare  alia  presenza  di  tre 
A.  S.  di  Mantova  nel  Carneyale  dell’  anno  1631.  6 
plates.  8vo.  Ferrara.  Cicogn. 

BERNI  Y  CATALA  (Jos.).— Creacion,  an- 
tiguedad  y  privilegios  de  los  titulos  de  Castilla. 
Portraits  of  the  Kings.  Fol.  Valencia,  1769. 
BERNIER  (FRANgois). — Voyages.  2  vols. 

With  plates.  12mo.  Amsterdam,  1699,  1710,  and 

BERNIER  (Jean). — Histoire  de  Blois,  con- 

tenant  les  antiquitez  et  singularitez  du  Comte  de 
Blois,  les  61oges  de  ses  comtes,  et  les  yies  des  hom- 
mes  illustres  qui  sont  nez  au  Pais  Blessis,  ayec  les 
noms  et  les  armoiries  des  families  nobles,  etc. 
4to.  Paris,  1682.  B.M. 

BERNINI  (Giovanni  Lorenzo). — See  Ber¬ 
nino  (G.  L.). 

BERNINO  (Domenico). — Vita  del  Cav.  Gio. 

Lorenzo  Bernino  suo  Padre.  Portrait.  4to.  Roma, 
1713.  Cicogn. 

BERNINO  (Cavaliere  Gio.  Lorenzo). — Vita. 

See  Baldintjcci  (Filippo). ,  Firenze,  1682. 
BERNINO  (G.  L.).— Life  and  Works.  See 
Donaldson  (T.  L.).  1842. 

Memorie  inedite.  See  Mazio  (N.  N.). 

Biografia,  &c.  See  Silorata  (P.  B.).  Roma, 

BERNINO  (G.  L.).— Le  Lonis  XIV.  du 

Cay.  B.  See  Montaiglon.  (Brussels,  1858.) 
BERNINO  (G.  L.). — Preface  pour  servir  a 
l’histoire  de  la  yie  et  des  ouvrages  du  Cayalier 
Bernin.  4to.  n.  p.  o.  d. 

BERNON  (Leonard). — Recueil  des  Pieces 
cvrieuses  apportees  des  Indes,  d’Egypte,  et  d’Ethi- 
opie,  qui  se  trouyent  dans  le  Cabinet  de  Leonard 
Bernon  Sieur  de  Bernonyille  a  la  Rochelle.  8yo. 
Paris,  1670.  B.M. 

BERNOULLI  (Jean). — Description  histo- 

rique  et  geographique  de  l’lnde,  &c.,  par  Tieffen- 
thaler,  Anquetil  du  Perron,  &c.,  ayec  des  remarques 
et  additions  publie  par  Bernoulli.  3  yols.  With 
plates.  4to.  Berlin,  1786-88. 

Also  in  G-erman. 

BERQUEN  (Robert  de). — Les  merveilles 

des  Indes  orientales  et  occidentals  ;  ou,  nouveau 
traite  des  pierres  precieuses  et  perles.  Auquel  est 
adjouste  une  table  pour  connoistre  a  quel  tittre  les 

Marchants  Orphevres  de  Paris  et  les  autres . tra- 

vaillent  l’or  et  l’argent.  (Advis  aux  apprentifs 
Orphevres.)  4to.  Paris,  1661.  B.M. 

Another  edition.  4to.  Paris,  1669. 

BERQUEN  (R.  de). — Le  Trophee  d’armes 
heraldiques,  ou  Science  du  Blason.  4to.  Paris, 
1672.  B.M. 

BERQUIN  (Arnatjd). — CEuvres  completes. 

20  vols.  212  vignettes.  18mo.  Paris,  1803. 
BERQUIN  (Arnaud). — The  Looking-Glass 

for  the  Mind ;  or,  intellectual  mirror :  being  an 

elegant  collection  of . tales,  chiefly  translated 

from . L’Ami  des  Enfans.  With  seventy-four 

ctits,  designed  and  engraved  on  wood,  by  J.  Bewick. 
The  twelfth  edition.  12mo.  London,  1812.  B.M. 
The  seventeenth  edition.  12mo.  London,  1827. 


BERRI  (David  Garden)  .  —  The  Art  of 

Lithography.  8vo.  London,  1864.  B.M. 

BERROTTI  (O.  Scamozzi).  — 11  forestiere 

istruito  delle  cose  piu  rare  d’architettura  e  di  alcune 
pitture  della  citta  di  Vicenza.  4to.  Vicenza,  1761. 
BERROTTI  (O.  S.). — L’origine  dell’  acca- 
demia  Olimpica  di  Vicenza,  con  una  breve  descri- 
zione  del  suo  teatro.  8vo.  Vicenza,  1790. 
BERRY  (William). — An  Introduction  to 
Heraldry,  containing  the  rudiments  of  the  science  in 
general . Illustrated  by  many  plates.  8vo.  Lon¬ 
don,  1810.  *  B.M. 

BERRY  (W.).— History  of  the  Island  of 
Guernsey,  with  particulars  of  the  neighbouring 
Islands  of  Alderney,  Serk,  and  Jersey.  With  map 
and  plates.  4to.  London,  1815. 

BERRY  (W.). — County  Genealogies  :  Pedi¬ 
grees  of  the  Families  in  the  County  of  Sussex,  col¬ 
lected  from  the  Heraldic  Visitations  and  other  MSS. 
Fol.  London,  1830. 

BERRY  (W.). — Encyclopedia  Heraldica,  or 
Complete  Dictionary  of  Heraldry.  3  vols.  With 
plates.  4to.  London,  1828. 

With  supplement.  4  vols.  4to.  London,  1840. 

BERRY  (W.).—  The  Genealogy  of  the 

Poyal  Families  of  England ;  shewing  the  Succession 
to  the  Crown,  with  the  collateral  branches,  from 
Egbert  the  Saxon  to  His  late  Majesty  William  IV. 
and  the  Princess  Victoria,  now  Queen  of  England. 
Fol.  London  (1832-37).  B.M. 

BERRYES  (Jousset  des). — Sur  un  Cime- 

tiere  decouvert  a  Conlie  (Sarthe).  1  lithogr.  plate. 
In  the  “  Bulletin  Monumental,”  vol.  v.  p.  521. 

BERSTETT  (August  Er.  von).—  Miinzge- 

scliichte  des  Zahringen-Badischen  Fiirstenhauses 
und  seiner  Stadte,  etc.  49  plates.  4to.  Freiburg, 

BERTA  (Giuseppe). — Enciclopedia  artistica 
Italiana  illustrata  dal  Dott.  G.  B.  Plates.  4to. 
Milano,  1842.  B.M. 

BERTANO  (Giovanni  Batista). — Gli  oscuri 

e  difficili  passi  dell’  opera  Ionica  di  Vitruvio  di 
latino  in  volgare  tradotti .  Woodcuts.  Fol.  Man¬ 
tova  (da  Venturnio  Bufinello),  1558.  B.M. 

BERTAUT  (Leonard). —  L’illustre  Orban- 

dale,  ou  l’histoire  ancienne  et  moderne  de  la  ville 
de  Chalcn-sur-Saone  (par  L.  Bertaut  et  P.  Cusset). 
2  vols.  Plates.  4to.  Lyon,  1662. 

BERTELLI  (Eerdinando). — Omnium  fere 

gentium  nostrse  setatis  habitus  nunquam  antehae 
editi.  Ferdinandus  Bertelli  seneis  typis  excudebat. 
Plates  numbered  to  60,  4  unnumbered,  and  8  other 
heads.  4to.  Venetiis,  1569.  Cicogn. 

Notes  and  Queries, 
June  27,  ’68. 

Books  on  Art  ( under  revision). 


BERTELLI  (Pieteo). —  Civitatum  aliquot 
insigniorumexactadelineatio.  Fol.  Venetiis,  1568. 
BERTELLI  (P.). —  Diversarum  Rationum 
Habitus  :  centum  et  quatuor  iconibus  in  sere  incisis 
expressi,  item  ordines  duo  Processionum,  unus 
Summi  Pontificis,  alter  Principis  Venetiarum,  opera 

B.  B.  3  vols.  8vo.  Patavii,  1589. 

Also  :  8vo.  Patavii,  1594-96.  B.M. 

BERTELLI  (P.). — Theatrum  urbium  Itali- 
carum,  collectore  P.  B.,  etc.  60  copperplates.  Oblong 
4to.  Venetiis,  1599.  B.M. 

Other  editions: — Teatro  delle  citta  d’ltalia,  con 
le  sue  figure  intagliate  in  rame,  &  descrittioni  di 
esse  nuovamente  tradotto  di  Latino  in  Toscano,  & 
accresciuto  si  di  figure,  come  di  dichiarationi.  Oblong 
4to.  Vicenza,  1616.  B.M. 

Teatro  delle  citta  d’ltalia,  &c.  Oblong  4to.  Pa¬ 
dova,  1629.  B.M. 

BERTELLI  (P.). — Yite  degl’  Imperatori 
de’  Turchi  con  le  loro  Effigie  intalgiate  (sic)  in  rame 
e  date  in  luce  da  P.  B.  15  portraits.  4to.  Vi¬ 
cenza,  1599.  B.M. 

BERTELLI  (P.).- — Effigie  naturali  de  li 

Serenissimi  Principi  di  Venetia.  Single  sheet.  Fol. 
(Venice?  1600?)  B.M. 

BERTHELEMY.  See  Duchange.  1853. 
BERTHELOT  (Gilles).  See  Loiseleue 
(J.).  I860. 

BERTHIER  (Guillaume  Fean£Ois). — Ex¬ 
trait  de  l’essai  sur  la  peinture,  la  sculpture,  et 

l’architecture,  par . B.,  tire  des  Memoires  pour 

l’histoire  des  Sciences . vulgairement  appelle 

Journal  de  Trevoux,  du  mois  d’Octobre  1751.  2 

parts.  8  vo.  (Paris)  1751.  B.M. 

BERTHOLLET  (Cl.  L.).— Siemens  de  l’art 

de  la  teinture.  2vols.  Plates.  8vo.  Paris,  1791. 


Another  edition.  2  vols.  8vo.  Paris,  1804. 
Elements  of  the  art  of  dyeing  by  C.  L.  and  A.  B. 
Berthollet;  translated  with  notes  by  And.  Ure. 
2  vols.  8vo.  London,  1824. 

Also:  8vo.  London,  1841. 

BERTHOLET  (J.). — Histoire  du  Duche  de 
Luxembourg  et  Comte  de  Chiny.  8  vols.  With 
plates.  4to.  Luxembourg,  1741. 

BERTH OL OR  (J.)  and  LHOTE  (0.).— 

Horace  Vernet  a  Versailles,  au  Luxembourg  et  au 
Louvre.  Critique  et  biographie,  par  J.  Bertholon  et 

C.  Lhcte.  Royal  8vo.  Paris,  1863.  S.K. 

BERTI.  —  Rotizia  sulla  vita  di  B.  See 

Muzzi  (S.).  1844. 

BERTI  (Alessandeo  Pompeo). — La  Scienza 

delle  medaglie  antiche  e  moderne.  Nuova  edizione 
con  annotazioni  storiche,  e  critiche.  Tradotto  dal 
Francese.  2  vols.  With  plates.  12mo.  Venezia, 
1755.  B.M. 

BERTI  (Gio.  Battista). — Studio  elementare 

degli  Ordini  di  Architettura  di  Andrea  Palladio. 
28  plates.  4to.  Milano,  1818.  B.M. 

BERTI  (G.  E.). — Cenni  storico  artistici  per 
servire  di  guida  ed  illustrazione  alia  insigne  basilica 
di  S.  Miniato  al  Monte.  8vo.  Firenze,  1850.  B.  Arch. 
BERTIR  (D.). — See  Viteuyius.  1565. 
BERTIR. — China,  its  Costumes,  Arts,  and 
Manufactures.  Edited  from  the  Collections  of 
M.  Bertin,  with  additions,  &c.  4  vols.  With  plates. 
8  vo.  London,  1812. 

BERTIRATTI  (Fe.).— Elementi  di  Anato- 

mia  fisiologica,  applicata  alle  belle  arti  figurative. 
3  vols.  8vo.,  and  Atlas  in  folio.  Torino,  1837-39. 
BERTIRI  (A.). ---Projet  de  reunion  du 
Louvre  avec  les  Tuileries.  8vo.  Londres. 
BERTIUS  (Peteus).  — -  Commentariorum 
rerum  German.  L.  III. :  primus  est  Germ,  veteris : 
secundus  Germ,  posteriori s  a  Karolo  M.  ad  nostra 
usque  temp.  c.  Principum  Genealogiis  :  tertius  est 

prse  c.  Germ,  urbium  c.  ear.  iconismis  et  descri . 

With  plates.  4to.  Amstelodami,  1616. 

With  200  views.  Oblong  4to.  Amst.,  1626,  and 

With  maps  and  plates.  4to.  Amst.,  1646. 
BERTITJS  (Peteus).  —  He  Aggeribus  et 

Pontibus  ad  Mare  extructis  digestvm  nowm.  8vo. 
Paris,  1629. 

BERTOLDI  (Feancesco  Leopoldo). — Osser- 

vazioni  sopra  due  anti  chi  marmi  gia  esistenti  in 
Argenta  ed  ora  nel  Museo  Arcivescovale  di  Ravenna. 

Indirizzate . al . Abate  Ippolito  Conte  Gamba 

Ghiselli,  etc.  (Preceded  by  a  letter  by  Gamba 
Ghiselli.)  4to.  Comacchio,  1783.  B.M, 

BERTOLDI  (Fe.  L.).  —  Delle  Medaglie  e 

Monete  esistenti  nel  Museo  della  Pontificia  Univer- 
sita  di  Ferrara  che  furono  dirubate  e  quindi  resti- 
tui  te ..... .  Memoria  antiquario-numismatica.  8vo. 

Ferrara,  1789.  B.M. 

BERTOLDI  (Fe.  L.).  —  Zecche  Italiche. 

Plates.  8vo.  In  Lugo,  1797.  B.M. 

BERTOLDI  (Fe.  L.).  —  Parere  sopra  nn’ 

antica  iscrizione  che  fu  disotterrata  in  Ferrara. 
8vo.  Ferrara,  1803.  B.M. 

BERTOLDI  (Fe.  L.).  —  Illustrazione  del 
Monumento  disotterrato  presso  Cotignola  nell’ 
Agosto  1817.  With  a  plate.  8vo.  Ferrara,  1817. 


BERTOLDI  (Leopoldo). — Parere  sopra  un 

basso  rilievo  di  ferro  fuso  esistente  nel  Museo  Nu- 
mismatico  di  Ferrara.  Plates.  8vo.  Ferrara, 
1715.  B.M. 

BERTOLDO,  Bertoldino,  e  Cacasenno, 

Poema  in  ottava  rima,  con  argomenti,  allegorie, 
annotazioni,  e  figure  in  rame.  4to.  Bologna,  1736. 


With  20  plates  and  20  vignettes,  by  Giuseppe 
Maria  Crespi  (lo  Spagnnolo),  under  the  name  of  his 
friend  Luigi  Mattioli. 

Another  edition  with  plates.  8vo.  Bologna,  1737. 
BERTOLI  (Gian  Domenico). — Le  Antichita 

d’Aquileja  profane  e  sacre,  per  la  maggior  parte 

D  D  101 


Universal  Catalogue  of 

Notes  and  Queries, 
June  27,  ’68. 

finora  inedite,  raccolte,  disegnate,  ed  illustrate  da 
G-.  D.  B.  Cuts  and  plates.  Pol.  Venezia,  1739. 
(2  vols.  ought  yet  to  appear.)  B.M. 

BERTOLLA  (Giuseppe). — Alfabeto  di  Ini- 
ziali  tratte  dai  Libri  Corali  di  Siena  da  quelli  del 
Duomo,  e  della  Chiesa  di  S.  Marco  di  Firenze,  incise 
da  Gm0.  Scotto.  Fol.  Firenze,  1844.  S.K. 

BERTOLOTTI  (Davide).— Yiaggio  in  Sa- 

voia ;  ossia  descrizione  degli  stati  Oltramontani  di 
S.  M.  il  Be  di  Sardegna.  2  vols.  8vo.  Torino,  1828. 


BERTOLOTTI  (D.).  —  Yiaggio  nella  Li¬ 
guria  maritima,  con  carta  geografica.  3  vols.  8vo. 
Torino,  1834.  B.M. 

BERTOLOTTI  (D.). — Descrizione  di  To¬ 

rino.  8vo.  (Turin)  1840.  B.M. 

BERTOTTI  SCAMOZZI  (Ottavio).  —  Le 

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0.  B.  S.,  con  la  traduzione  francese.  4  vols.  Fol. 
Vicenza,  1770-83.  B.M. 

BERTOTTI  SCAMOZZI  (Ottavio).  —  II 

forestiere  istruito  delle  cose  piu  rare  di  architettura 
e  di  alcune  pitture  della  citta  di  Vicenza,  dialogo. 
4to.  Vicenza,  1761.  B.M. 

BERTRAM  (James  G.). — The  language  of 

flowers :  an  alphabet  of  floral  emblems.  8vo.  Lon¬ 
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BERTRAND. — Dissertation  snr  nn  vase 
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Memoires  de  l’Academie  Celtique,  vol  i.  p.  298. 
(Paris,  1807.)  B.M. 

BERTRAM!)  (Alexandre).  —  Etudes  de 

mythologie  et  d’archeologie  Grecques.  D’Athenes  a 
Argos.  12mo.  Bennes,  1858.  B.M. 

BERTRAND  (E.). — Recneil  de  formnles 

pour  la  photographie  sur  collodion  sec  et  humide, 
albumine  et  papier,  suivi  d’un  nouveau  procede  pour 
le  tirage  des  epreuves  positives.  16mo.  Paris,  1862. 


BERTRAND  (J.  Elie) — Descriptions  des 

arts  et  metiers  faites  ou  approuvees  par  l’academie 
royale  des  sciences  de  Paris.  18  vols.  4to.  Neu- 
chatel,  1771-81.  Bodl. 


Francois  de,  Marquis). — The  costume  of  the  Here¬ 
ditary  States  of  the  House  of  Austria,  displayed  in 
fifty  coloured  engravings,  descriptions,  and  an  in¬ 
troduction  (in  French),  by  M.  B.  de  M.  Trans¬ 
lated  by  B.  C.  Dallas.  French  and  English.  4to. 
London,  1804.  B.M. 


His  travels  to  Palestine,  and  his  return  from  Jeru¬ 
salem  overland  to  France,  during  the  years  1432 
and  1433.  Translated  by  Th.  Johnes.  8vo.  Hafod, 
1817.  B.M. 

BERTUCH  (Friedrich  Justin).  —  Bilder- 

buch  fiir  Kinder.  12  vols.  With  illuminated 
plates.  4to.  Weimar,  1790-1843.  Vols.  x.-xi., 
20  numbers  of  5  plates  each;  vol.  xii.  has  16  only. 

The  text  at  first  in  German  and  French ;  after 
61st  Ho.  in  German,  French,  English,  and  Italian. 

An  edition  with  Latin  and  German  text  (by  C. 
Ph.  Funke).  Weimar,  1798-1809. 

The  early  vols.  reproduced  in  Latin,  Hungarian, 
German,  and  French,  with  title :  Novus  Orbis  pic- 
tus.  600  illuminated  plates.  12  vols.  4to.  Viennse, 

BERTUCH  (Friedrich  Justin)  and  KRAUS 

(Georg  Melchior). — Journal  des  Luxus  und  der 
Moden.  Coloured  plates.  8vo.  Weimar,  1786-1827. 

BERTUCH  (Justinus).  —  Chronicon  Por- 

tense,  duobus  libris  distinctum;  quorum  prior  con- 
tinet  veteris  Portae  fundationem,  translationem, 
abbates,  indulgentias,  fraternitates,  renovationem 
itidem  &  repurgationem  ;  posterior  novae  Portae  post 
repurgatam  doctrinam,  statum  et  formam  cum  prae- 
ceptoribus  ceconomis  &  discipulis,  inde  ad  rempub- 
licam  Cliristianam  jurandam  emissis.  Portraits 
of  abbots,  knights,  &c.  4to.  Lipsiae,  1612.  B.M. 

BERTY  (Adolphe). — Dictionnaire  de  l’ar- 
chitecture  du  moyen  age.  8vo.  Paris,  1845.  B.M. 

BERTY  (Adolphe). — Yocabulaire  archeolo- 

gique  franqais-anglais  et  anglais-frantjais  ;  avec 
renvois  aux  vignettes  illustrant  le  Glossaire  d’ archi¬ 
tecture  publie  par  J.  H.  Parker.  8vo.  Paris, 
1853.  B.M. 

BERTY  (A.). — La  Renaissance  monumen- 
tale  en  France.  Specimens  de  composition  et  d’or- 
nementation  architectoniques  empruntes  aux  edi¬ 
fices  construits  depuis  le  regne  de  Charles  VIII. 
jusqu’a  celui  de  Louis  XIV.  2  vols.  100  steel- 
engravings.  4to.  Paris,  1859-64.  S.K. 

BERTY  (A.).  —  Les  grands  Architectes 
fran5ais  de  la  Benaissance :  P.  Lescot,  Ph.  de 
l’Orme,  J.  Goujon,  J.  Bullant,  les  du  Cerceau,  les 
Metezeau,  les  Chambiges,  d’apres  de  nombreux  do¬ 
cuments  inedits  des  bibliotheques  et  des  archives. 
8  vo.  Paris,  1860.  S.K. 

BERTY  (Adolphe). — Histoire  generale  de 
Paris.  Topographie  historique  du  vieux  Paris. — 
Begion  du  Louvre  et  des  Tuileries.  Vol.  I.  Text 
4to.  Atlas  in  fol.  Paris,  1866.  S.K. 

BERTY  (Adolphe).  —  Les  Andronet  dn 

Cerceau . 1857.  See  Androuet. 

BERTY  (Adolphe)  and  LACOUR  (Louis). 

Annuaire  de  l’archeologue,  du  numismate  et  de 
l’antiquaire . 1862.  See  Periodical  Publications. 

BERYIC  (Charles  Clement). — Notice  ne- 

crologique  sur  B.  See  Lecarpentier,  1822. 

BERYIC  (Ch.  C.).— Funerailles  de  B . 

Discours.  See  Quatremere  de  Quincy  (Ant.  C.). 

BERYIC  (Ch.  C.). — Notice  historique.  See 

Quatremere  de  Quincy  (Ant.  C.).  Paris,  1823. 

BERYIC  (Ch.  C.). — See  Catalogues,  Reg- 

nault  Delalande. 

BERYIC  (Ch.  C.). — Notice  historique  snr  la 

vie  et  les  ouvrages  de  M.  Bervic.  4to.  Paris,  n.  d. 

Notes  and  Queries, 
June  27,  ’68. 

Boohs  on  Art  [under  revision). 


BERVILLE. — Notice  biographique  sur  MM. 
Foyatier,  Taunay,  Mathieu  et  Husson,  par  M.  Ber- 
yille.  15  pp.  12mo.  Paris  (1865). 

BESKOW  (Bernard  de). — Eloge  de  B.  E. 

Fogelberg,  par  Bernard  de  Beskow.  8vo.  Paris, 

BESKRIYELSE  over  Danske  mynter  og 
medailler  i  den  kongelige  Samling.  2  vols.  Fol. 
Kiobenhavn,  1791. 

Yol.  i.,  816  pages,  and  a  supplement  (1794)  of  36 
pages ;  vol.  ii.,  with  all  the  title  plates,  350  leaves 
of  plates. 

BESLER  (Basilius). — Hortus  Eystettensis, 

sive  diligens  et  accurata  omnium  Plantarum,  Florum, 
Stirpium,  ex  variis  orbis  terras  partibus,  singulari 
studio  collectarum,  quae  in  celeberrimis  viridariis 
arcem  episcopalem  ibidem  cingentibus,  hoc  tempore 
conspiciuntur,  delineatio  et  ad  vivum  repraesentatio. 
Large  fol.  (Norimbergse)  1613.  S.K. 

Copy  coloured  by  hand.  B.M. 

First  and  finest  edition,  in  4  parts,  answering  to 
the  four  seasons.  The  Winter  portion  often  want¬ 

Editions  appeared  in  1640,  1713,  1750,  the  plates 
inferior  to  the  earlier  proofs. 

BESLEY  (Robert). — Designs  for  Orna¬ 
mental  Printing.  New  specimens  of  mathematical 
combination  borders,  and  other  typographical  orna¬ 
ments.  4to.  London,  1848.  S.K. 

BESONGNE  (N.).— L’estat  de  la  France, 
avec  un  recueil  des  armoiries  de  la  noblesse.  8vo. 
Paris,  1663.  Bodl. 

BE  S  OZZI  (Raimondo)  . — Storia  dellaBasilica 
di  S.  Croce  in  Gerusalemme.  Plates.  4to.  Roma, 
1750.  B.M. 

BESOZZO  (Gioyanni  Giacomo). — Distinto 

Ragvaglio  dell’  origine  e  stato  presente  delle  Ottavo 
Marauiglia  del  Mondo,  o  sia  della  gran  Metropoli- 
tana  dell’  Insubria,  volgarmente  detta  il  Dvomo  di 
Milano.  12mo.  Milano,  1694.  B.M. 

BESSIERES. — Notice  snr  l’eglise  de  Saint- 

Savin  situee  a  Villetranche  du  Queyran,  &c.  In 
the  Transactions  of  the  “Societe  Royale  des  An- 
tiquaires  de  France,”  nouvelle  serie  (Paris,  1829), 
vol.  vii.  p.  52. 

BESSON  (Louis,  Abbe). — Histoire  de  la 

ville  de  Gray  et  de  ses  monuments,  par  l’Abbe 
Gratin  et  1’ Abbe  B.  2  vols.  With  map  and  plans. 
8  vo.  Besangon,  1851. 

BESSON  (Eaustin).— See  Marquiset  (A.). 


BESSON  (Jacques).  —  Tbeat^nm  instru- 

mentorum  et  machinarum  Jacobus  Bessonus  excogi- 
tavit  liber  primus.  60  plates  etched,  with  Latin  or 
French  title.  Small  fol.  (Orleans  ?  1569  ?) 

No  second  book. 

In  this  edition  Jacques  Endrouet  (sic)  diet  du 
Cerceau  and  others,  are  said  to  have  worked  on  the 

Other  editions : — 

In  French. — Theatre  des  Instrumens  mathemati- 
ques  et  mechaniques  de  Jacques  B.,  dauphinois, 
docte  mathematicien.  Avec  l’interpretation  des 
figures  d’iceluy,  par  Frangois  Beroalde.  Fol.  Ljon, 
1578,  and  1579. 

With  the  same  plates,  except  Nos.  17,  35,  39,  41, 
which  are  copies  by  Rene  Boyvin,  and  Latin  expla¬ 
nations  wanting  in  subsequent  editions.  Of  those 
published  at  Lyons,  1582  to  1594,  neither  the 
French,  Latin,  or  Italian  editions  contain  more  than 
one  or  two  of  Boyvin’s  plates,  ^having  copies  from 
the  first  edition  instead. 

A  Latin  edition,  Geneva,  1582,  has  a  bad  copy  of 
plate  51.  All  the  plates  are  inferior  to  those  pulled 
for  the  edition  of  1579. 

German  translation,  with  60  plates.  Fol.  Miim- 
belgart,  1595. 

BESSY:JOURNET. — Notices  sur  diverses 

medailles,  Gauloises  et  Merovingiennes  trouvees  a 
Chalons-sur-Saone.  2  plates.  In  the  Transactions 
of  the  “  Societe  d’Histoire  et  d’Archeologie  de 
Chalons-sur-Saone,”  vol.  i. 

BESSY-JOURNET.— Tiers  de  sol  d’ or  du 
monetaire  Vintrio  et  autres  monnaies  Merovingiennes. 
1  lithogr.  plate.  The  same,  vol.  i. 

BEST  (C.  C.). — Briefe  iiber  Ost-Indien,  das 
Vorgebirge  der  guten  Hoffnung  und  die  Insel  St. 
Helena.  Herausgegeben  von  K.  G.  Kiittner.  Mit 
colorirten  Abbildungen  und  Prospecten.  4to.  Leip¬ 
zig,  1807.  B.M. 

15  views,  and  45  coloured  vignettes  of  costume. 
BEST  (James  John,  Capt.). — Excursions  in 
Albania;  comprising  a  journey  from  thence  to 
Thessalonica  and  Constantinople,  and  up  the  Da¬ 
nube  to  Pest.  12mo.  London,  1842.  B.M. 

BESTIAIRE.  —  Sensuyt  le  bestiaire  Da- 
mours  :  moralise  sur  les  Bestes  et  Oyseaulx  le  tout 
par  figure  et  hystoyre.  Imprimme  nouvellement  a 
Paris.  On  les  vend  a  paris  en  la  rue  neufue  nos- 
tre  dame  a  leseigne  de  lescu  de  Frace.  With  wood- 
cuts.  28  leaves.  4to.  n.  d. 

Imitation  in  verse  of  a  prose  work,  by  Richard  de 
Foumival,  of  the  13th  century. 

BETHAM  (Rev.  William). — The  Baronet¬ 
age  of  England,  or  the  History  of  the  English  Ba¬ 
ronets,  and  such  Baronets  of  Scotland,  as  are  of 
English  Families ;  with  genealogical  tables  and  en¬ 
gravings  of  their  armorial  bearings.  5  vols.  4to. 
Ipswich  and  London,  1801-5.  S.K. 

BETHAM  (Sir  William). — Irish  Antiqua¬ 
rian  Researches.  Parts  I.  and  II.  Dublin,  1826-27. 


BETHAM  (Sir  William). — Etruria  Celtica. 

Etruscan  literature  and  antiquities  investigated, 

or  the  language  of  that . people  compared  and 

identified  with  the  Iberno-Celtic,  and  both  shown  to 
be  Phoenician.  2  vols.  24  plates  of  coins,  &c.  8vo. 
Dublin,  1842.  B.M. 

BETHUNE  (George  W.). — The  Prospects 
of  Art  in  the  United  States.  An  address  before  the 



Universal  Catalogue  of 

f  Notes  and  Queries, 
t  June  27, ’C8. 

.Artists’  Fund  Society  of  Philadelphia . May 

1840.  8vo.  Philadelphia,  1840.  B.M. 

BETOUW  (Gisbertus  Cornelius  in  de). — 

De  lucernis  veterum  reconditis  in  agro  Neomagen- 
sium  suburhano  et  intra  oppidi  pomoeria  effossis  Jo. 
Fred.  Gronovii,  Nic.  Heinsii,  et  Jo.  Smetii  epistolse. 
8vo.  Neomagi,  1783.  T.C.D. 

BETOUW  (G.  C.  IN  DE).— De  fibulis  anti- 

quorum  yestiariis  in  agro  Neomagensium  suburbano 
ad  Galiicam  Vahalis  ripam  erutis  Cl.  Salmasii,  Jo. 
Fr.  Gronovii  et  Jo.  Smetii  epistolse.  8vo.  Neomagi, 
1783.  T.C.D. 

BETOUW  (G-.  C.  in  de). — De  colnmna  mil- 

liaria  imp.  Trajani  supra  Neomagum  in  pago  Beek 
effossa  Jo.  Is.  Pontani  et  Jo.  Smetii  epistolse.  8vo. 
Neomagi,  1783.  T.C.D. 

BETOUW  (Gr.  C.  in  de). — De  castris  veter- 
ibus,  Ulpiis  sive  Trajanis,  colonia  Trajana,  Bur- 
ginacio,  Harenacio,  Batavorum  oppido,  illustrium 
eruditorum  epistolse.  8yo.  Neomagi,  1783.  T.C.D. 

BETOUW  (G.  C.  in  de). — Dearis  et  lapidi- 

bus  votivis  ad  Neomagum  et  Sanctenum  effossis 
Gisbert.i  Cuperi  epistolse.  8yo.  Neomagi,  1783. 


BETOUW  (G.  C.  in  de). — De  Mercurii, 

Harpocratis  aliisque  Romanorum  sigillis  ad  Neo¬ 
magum  erutis  et  inscriptionibus  antiquis  Gisb. 
Cuperi  epistolse.  8vo.  Neomagi,  1784.  T.C.D. 

BETOUW  (G.  C.  in  de). — Antiqnitatnm 
Romanarum  et  Batavicajjum  Neomagi  et  in  agro 
Neomagensium  suburbano  erutarum  indiculus.  8yo. 
Neomagi,  1784.  T.C.D. 

BETOUW  (G.  C.  in  de). — De  monumentis 

sepulcralibus  prsesidiariorum  militum  Romanorum 
legionis  x.  geminse  ad  Neomagum  conditorum  Jo. 
Is.  Pontani  et  Jo.  Smetii  epistolse.  8yo.  Neomagi, 
1783.  T.C.D. 

BETTI  (Luigi). ■ — Della  maniera  di  ben 
condurre  l’immaginazione  nelle  belle  arti ;  discorso 
recitato  in  una  Adunanza  d’Arcadia  da  Retisco 
Sinopeo  P.  A.  (L.  B.).  8vo.  Roma,  1774.  B.M. 

BETTI  (S.). — Notizie  intorno  e  alia  vita  e 

alle  opere  di  P.  Belli.  8vo.  Roma,  1833.  B.  Arch. 

BETTINELLI  (Sayerio). — Delle  lettere  e 

delle  arti  Mantovane ;  discorsi  duo  accademici  ed  an¬ 
notation!  del!  abate  S.  B.  socio  della  Reale  Accademia 
di  Scienze-  e  Belle  Lettere  di  Mantova,  recitati  alia 
stessa  Reale  Accademia.  4to.  Mantoya,  1774. 


BETTINELLI  (S.).  —  Lettere  sulle  Belle 
Arti,  pubblicate  per  le  nozze  Barbarigo  Pisani. 
With  plates  of  gems.  4to.  Venezia,  1793.  B.M. 

BETTINELLI  (S.  ).  — Del  risorgimento 

d’ Italia  negli  studj,  nelle  arti,  e  ne’  costumi  dopo  il 
mille.  2  parts.  8vo.  Bassano,  1775.  B.M. 

And,  4  vols.  8vo.  Milano,  1819-20.  B.M. 

BETTINELLI  (S.). — Dell’  entnsiasmo  delle 
Belle  Arti.  8vo.  Milano,  1769.  B.M. 


BETTONI  (Nicolo). — Le  Tombe  ed  i  Monu- 

menti  illustri  d’ltalia,  descritti  e  delineati.  62 
plates.  (Milan,  Lombardy,  Tuscany,  and  Lucca.) 

2  vols.  4to.  Milano,  1822-23.  S.K. 

BETUSSI  (Giuseppe). — Ragionamento  sopra 
il  Palazzo  del  Cathaio,  luogo  dello  illustre  Signor 
Pio  Enea  Obizzi.  4to.  Padova,  1574.  B.M. 

Description  of  a  villa  belonging  to  the  Princes  of 

Another  edition. — Descrizione  del  Catajo  luogo 
del  March.  Obizzi,  colle  aggiunte  del  Berni,  e  del 
Libanori.  Plates.  4to.  Ferrara,  1669.  B.M. 

BEUCKELS  (Guillaume).  —  Peinture  snr 

verre  du  I7eme  siecle.  In  the  “  Messager  des  Sciences 
et  des  Arts,”  vol.  vi.  p.  411. 

BEUDEKER(Christoffel). — Germania  In¬ 
ferior,  sive  XVII.  provinciarum  geographicse  ge- 
nerales  ut  et  particulares  tabulse  Kaert-Boeck  van 
de  XVII.  Nederlandtsche  Provincien.  (A  collection 
relating  to  the  Netherlands,  formed  by  C.  B.,  and 
consisting  of  descriptive  text  and  maps  from  J. 
Blaeu’s  “  Groot  Stedenbock  der  Vereenigde  Neder- 
landen,”  and  other  works,  maps,  portraits  of  eminent 
men,  landscapes,  drawings,  &c.)  24  vols.  Fol. 

(1600?-1750?)  B.M. 

1  vol.  of  plates  (some  folding)  of  Amsterdam, 
views,  architectural  decoration,  and  detail.  1  vol. 
of  coloured  plates  of  Dutch  chateaux,  gardens  and 
decorations,  exterior  and  interior. 

BEUDOT. — Notice  de  tableaux.  See  Cata¬ 
logues,  Sale.  Paris,  1832. 

BEUGNOT  (Arthur  Auguste,  Comte). — 

Description  de  sa  collection  d’antiquites.  8vo. 
Paris,  1840.  Bodl. 

BEUIST  (Dr.). — Account  of  some  of  tbe 
East  Indian  arts  and  manufactures,  with  specimens, 
&c.  Bombay  or  Moultan  inlaid  work,  Gold  wire, 
Combay  stores,  &c.  Royal  Scottish  Society  of  Arts’ 
Transactions,  vol.  iv.  p.  238.  Edinburgh,  1856. 

BEULE  (Ernest).  —  Murillo  et  l’Anda- 
lousie.  Article  from  the  “  Revue  des  Deux  Mondes,” 
October  15,  1861.  S.K. 

BEULE  (Ernest). — Velasquez  au  Musee  de 
Madrid.  Article  from  the  “Revue  des  Deux  Mondes,” 
July  1,  1861.  S.K. 

BEULE  (Ernest).— Eloge  de  M.  Horace 

Vernet,  prononce  dans  la  seance  publique  du  3 
Octobre  1863.  Institut  Imperial  de  France.  8vo. 
Paris,  1863.  S.K. 

BEULE  (Ernest). — L’Ecole  de  Rome  au 

dix-neuvieme  siecle.  Article  from  the  “Revue  des 
Deux  Mondes,”  Dec.  15,  1863.  8vo.  Paris,  1863. 


BEULE  (Ernest). — Reponse  de  FAcademie 
des  Beaux-Arts  a  S.  E.  le  Ministre  de  la  Maison  de 
l’Empereur  et  des  Beaux-Arts.  4to.  Paris,  1864. 


BEULE  (Ernest). — L’Acropole  d’Atbenes. 
(Publie  sous  les  auspices  du  Ministere  de  l’lnstruc- 

Notes  and  Queries, 
July  4,  ’68. 

Boohs  on  Art  [under  revision). 


tion  publique  et  des  Cultes.)  2  yols.  8  plates.  8vo. 
Paris,  1853-54.  S.K. 

Another  edition.  2  yols.  12mo.  Paris,  1863. 

BEULE  (Ernest).  —  Etudes  sur  le  Pelo- 

ponese.  Svo.  Paris,  1855.  B.  Arch. 

BEULE  (Ernest). — Les  Monnaies  d’A- 
thenes.  With  plates.  4to.  Paris,  1858.  B.M. 

BEULE  (Ernest).— Cours  d’Archeologie. 

La  Peinture  Decorative  et  le  Grand  Art.  8vo. 
Paris,  1860.  B.M. 

BEULE  (Ernest). —  Eouilles  a  Carthage, 
aux  frais  et  sous  la  direction  de  M.  Beule.  With  6 
plates.  8vo.  Paris,  I860. 

Extract  from  the  “  Journal  des  Sayants.” 

BEULE  (Ernest). — L’ Architecture  au  siecle 
de  Pisistrate.  8vo.  Paris,  1860. 

Extract  from  the  “  Revue  generale  de  1’ Archi¬ 

BEULE  (Ernest). — Histoire  de  la  Sculpture 
avant  Phidias.  With  plates.  8vo.  Paris,  1864. 
Extract  from  the  “  Gazette  des  Beaux-Arts,” 

BEULE  (Ernest). —  Academie  des  Beaux- 
Arts.  Discours  de  M.  Beule,  secretaire  perpetuel 
prononce  aux  funerailles  de  M.  Elandrin.  4to. 
n.  p.  o.  d.  (Paris,  1864.) 

BEULE  (Ernest).  —  Institut  imperial  de 
Prance. — Notice  sur  la  vie  et  les  ouvrages  de  M. 
Hippolyte  Elandrin,  par  M.  B.,  secretaire  perpetuel. 
8vo.  Paris,  1864.  S.K. 

BEULE  (Ernest).  —  Institut  imperial  de 
France. — Academie  des  Beaux-Arts. — Funerailles 
de  M-  Duret.  Discours  de  M.  Beule,  secretaire  per¬ 
petuel,  prononce  le  7  mai  1865.  4to.  (Paris.) 

BEULE  (Ernest).  —  Causeries  sur  l’Art. 
8vo.  Paris,  1867. 

BEUNAT  (Joseph). — Manufacture  d’orne- 

ments  en  sculpture.  (Recueil  des  dessins  d’orne- 
ments  d’architecture  de  la  manufacture  de  J.  B.) 
Plates.  4to.  (1814?).  B.M. 

BEUNlE  (T.  B.  de).' — Memoire  sur  la 

teinture  en  noir ;  traduite  du  Elamand.  8vo. 
Rotterdam,  1777.  B.M. 

BEUST  (Carl  yon).  —  Beschreibung  der 
Bernharduskirche,  der  Grossh.  Schlosskirche  und 
Kathol.  Stadtpfarrkirche  in  Rastatt;  nehst  einer 
Darstellung  des  Todes  des  Markgrafen  Ludwig 
Wilhelm  yon  Baden,  und  dessen  Beisetzungs- 
feierlichkeiten  in  Baden ;  ein  Andenken  an  die 
Grundsteinlegung  der  Katholischen  Stadtpfarr¬ 
kirche  in  Rastatt  im  Jahre  1756.  8vo.  Rastatt, 
1856.  B.M. 

BEUST  (C.  yon).- — Das  Grossherzogliche 
Sehloss  Favorite  bei  Rastatt.  8vo.  Rastatt,  1856. 


BEUST  (Joachimus  a). — Christiados  Libel- 

lus.  See  Bibles. 

BEUTH  (P.  C.  W.).— Vorlege-Blatter  fur 

Baumeister.  Text  4to.  Plates  fol.  Berlin,  1844. 

B.  Arch. 

BEUTHER  (Fr.). — Ueber  Licht  und  Farbe, 
die  prismatischen  Farben  und  die  Newton’sche  Far- 
benlehre.  Cassel,  1833. 

BEUTHER  (Fr.). — Kurze  Anweisung  zur 
Linear-Perspective.  8vo.  Cassel,  1833. 

BEUZELIN  (E.  Grille  de). — Statistique 

monumentale.  Arrondissements  de  Toul  et  de 
Nancy,  Departement  de  la  Meurthe.  Cartes,  Plans 
et  Dessins  par  E.  Grille  de  Beuzelin.  Fol.  Paris, 
n.d.  (1855). 

BEUZELIN  (E.  Grille  de). — Memoire  sur 

leS  antiquites  de  Poitiers.  In  the  Transactions  of 
the  “  Societe  Royale  des  Antiquaires  de  France,” 
nouvelle  serie,  vol.  iii.  p.  421. 

BEVAN  (Sam.). — Sand  and  Canvas  ;  Narra- 
tive  of  Adventures  in  Egypt,  with  a  Sojourn  among 
the  Artists  in  Rome.  Svo.  London,  1849.  B.M. 

BEVERLEY  GUIDE,  being  a  short  account 
of  the  principal  objects  in  the  town,  particularly 
the  Minster  and  St.  Mary’s  Church.  16mo.  Beverley, 
1847.  B.M. 

BEVERLEY  MINSTER.  —  History  0f 
Beverley  Minster  from  its  foundation,  including  the 
ancient  monuments.  18mo.  Beverley,  1835.  B.M. 
BEVERLEY  (R.). —  History  and  present 
state  of  Virginia.  With  frontispiece  and  14  en¬ 
gravings  by  Gribelin,  copied  from  De  Bry.  8vo. 
London,  1722. 

BEVIL ACQUA  (Ferdinando)  .  —  Racconto 

della  festa  fatta  nel  real  Palazzo  di  Napoli  daili 

gentilhuomini  della  corte.  dell’  excellentissimo . 

Conte  di  Ognatte  Vicere  per  il  felice  arrivo  in 

Milano  della  sposa  reale  del . r&  Filippo  quarto, 

etc.  (The  speakers’  parts  in  a  Masque.)  4to. 
Napoli,  1649.  B.M. 

BEVIL  ACQUA  (Gian  Carlo).  —  Insigne 

pinacoteca  della  nobile  Veneta  Famiglia  Barbarigo- 
della  Terrazza,  descritta  ed  illustratta  da  G.  C.  B. 
Pinacotheque  insigne  de  la  noble  famille  Venitienne 
Barbarigo  de  la  Terrazza  decrite,  etc.  Italian  and 
French  4to.  Venezia,  1845.  B.M. 

BEVIL  ACQUA  (Ippolito  dell’  Oratorio). 

Memorie  della  vita  di  Gio.  Bettino  Cignaroli  eccel- 
lente  dipintor  Veronese.  Portrait.  8vo.  Verona, 
1771.  Cicogn. 

BEVIS,  Sir,  of  Southampton. — Syr  Bevys 
of  Hampton.  11  woodcuts.  4to.  W.  Copland, 
London  (1550?).  B.M. 

Editions  by  R.  Pynson,  R.  Bishop,  W.  Lee, 
without  date. 

An  edition  printed  by  G.  D.  for  Andr.  Crook. 
4to.  Woodcuts.  1662. 

Another  edition : — La  morte  di  Buovo  d’  Antona. 
Con  la  vendetta  di  Sinibaldo  et  Guidone  suoi  fig- 
liuoli,.  fatta.  per  lui.  In  verse.  Woodcuts.  (Flo¬ 
rence?,  1580?)  B.M. 

e  e  105 


Universal  Catalogue  of 

Notes  and  Queries, 
July  4,  ’68. 

Other  editions,  with  woodcuts : — 

The  gallant  history  of  the  life  and  death  of  that 
most  noble  knight,  Sir  B.  of  Southampton.  4to. 
Printed  by  A.  M.  for  J.  Deacon.  (London,  1690?) 


Another  edition.  12mo.  London,  (1750  ?)  B.M. 
BEWICK  (Thomas). — A  new  invented  Horn 
Book.  With  24  cuts  by  T.  B.  18mo.  n.  p.  o.d. 
BEWICK  (T.). — A  new  Lottery  Book  of 
Birds  and  Beasts.  60  pp.,  with  48  engravings  by 
T.  B.  18rao.  Newcastle,  1771. 

BEWICK  (T.). — The  Youths  instructive 
and  entertaining  Story  Teller.  Adorned  with  (12) 
cutsbyT.B.  12mo.  Newcastle,  1779. 

BEWICK  (T.). — Fables  by  the  late  Mr.  Gay. 

With  cuts  by  T.  B.  8vo.  Newcastle,  1779. 

With  67  cuts  and  33  vignettes.  12mo.  London, 

BEWICK  (T.). — A  Pretty  book  of  Pictures 
for  Little  Masters  and  Misses.  With  (37)  cuts  by 
T.  B.  24mo.  Newcastle,  1779. 

BEWICK  (T.). — The  Fables  of  iEsop  and 
others.  With  (148)  cuts  by  T.  B.  12mo.  New¬ 
castle,  1783. 

BEWICK  (T.).  —  Choice  Emblems,  &c. 

64  cuts.  12mo.  London,  1784.  S.K. 

BEWICK  (T.). — The  Children’s  Miscellany. 
Embellished  with  29  cuts  by  T.  B.  12mo.  London, 

BEWICK  (T.  and  John).  —  Emblems  of 

Mortality,  representing  in  upwards  of  50  cuts,  Death 

seizing  all  Ranks  and  Degrees  of  People . 12mo. 

London,  1789. 

Dance  of  Death . 12mo.  Newcastle,  1789. 

Same  work  with  the  exception  of  the  title. 

BEWICK  (T.). — The  Princess  of  Zanfara; 

a  dramatic  Poem.  London,  1789. 

With  a  beautiful  wood  engraving  on  the  title  of 
a  Negro  kneeling,  by  T.  B. 

BEWICK  (T.).  — A  General  History  of 
Quadrupeds.  The  Figures  engraved  on  wood  by 
T.  Bewick.  8vo.  Newcastle,  1790.  B.M. 

-8vo.  Newcastle,  1791.  B.M. 

'8  vo.  Newcastle,  1792.  B.M. 

8vo.  Newcastle,  1800. 

8vo.  Newcastle,  1807. 

8  vo.  Newcastle,  1811. 

8vo.  Newcastle,  1820. 

The  Figures  of  Bewick’s  Quadrupeds  and  Tail¬ 
pieces,  without  the  letterpress.  4to.  Newcastle, 

2nd  edition,  without  the  tail-pieces.  226  cuts. 
4to.  Newcastle,  1824.  S.K. 

BEWICK  (T.  and  J.).— Pieces  of  Antient 

Poetry . Adorned  with  (15)  cuts  by  T.  and  J.  B. 

Small  8vo.  London,  1791. 

BEWICK  (T.and  J.). — The  Progress  of  Man 
in  Society,  illustrated  by  upwards  of  120  cuts. 
12mo.  London,  1791. 


BEWICK  (T.)._ The  Vicar  of  Wakefield, 

by  Oliver  Goldsmith.  With  seven  cuts  by  T.  B. 
12mo.  Hereford,  1798. 

BEWICK  (T.). — History  of  British  Birds. 
The  Figures  engraved  on  wood  by  T.  Bewick.  Yol.  i. 
containing  the  History  and  Description  of  Land 
Birds.  8vo.  Newcastle,  1797.  B.M. 

History  of  British  Birds.  The  Figures  engraved 
on  wood  by  T.  B.  Yol.  ii.  containing  the  History 
and  Description  of  YvTater  Birds.  8vo.  Newcastle, 
1804.  B.M. 

With  “  Land  Birds,”  forming  2  vols.  8vo.  New¬ 
castle,  1809. 

The  same.  2  vols.  8vo.  Newcastle,  1826. 

The  same.  2  vols.  With  20  additional  vignettes. 
8vo.  Newcastle,  1847.  S.K. 

British  Land  Birds. — British  Water  Birds.  En¬ 
graved  on  wood,  by  Thomas  Bewick.  (Without 
any  letterpress,  and  with  separate  titles.)  2  vols. 
4to.  Newcastle,  1825.  S.K. 

BEWICK  (T.  and  J.).— Poems  by  Gold- 

smith  and  Parnell.  Woodcuts  by  Thomas  and  John 
Bewick.  Imper.  8vo.  London,  1804. 

BEWICK  (T.).— Engravings  on  Wood,  for 

Thomson’s  Seasons  (1805).  See  Thomson  (J.). 


BEWICK  (T.  and  J.).— Cuts  by  Bewick  and 
pupils,  in  Marshall’s  “  Cynthio  and  Leonora.” 
4to.  Newcastle,  1812.  S.K. 

BEWICK  (T.). — The  Blossoms  of  Morality ; 

intendedfor  the  amusement  and  instruction  of  Young 
Ladies  and  Gentlemen.  By  the  Editor  of  the  Look¬ 
ing-Glass  for  the  Mind.  With  Forty-seven  cuts, 
designed  and  engraved  by  T.  Bewick.  Sixth  edition. 
12mo.  London,  1814.  S.K. 

BEWICK  (T.  and  J.).— Select  Fables,  with 

Cuts,  designed  and  engraved  by  Thomas  and  John 
Bewick,  and  others,  previous  to  the  year  1784; 
together  with  a  Memoir,  and  a  descriptive  Cata¬ 
logue  of  the  works  of  Messrs.  Bewick.  8vo.  New¬ 
castle,  1820.  S.K. 

BEWICK  (T.).— Vignettes.  By  Thomas 
Bewick.  4to.  Newcastle-upon-Tyne,  1827.  S.K. 
BEWICK  (T.). — A  Memoir  of  Thomas  Be¬ 
wick,  written  by  himself.  Embellished  by  numerous 
wood  engravings,  designed  and  engraved  by  the 
author  for  a  work  on  British  Fishes,  and  never  be¬ 
fore  published.  8vo.  Newcastle-on-Tyne,  1862. 


BEWICK  (T.  and  J.). — A  descriptive  and 

critical  Catalogue  of  works  illustrated  by  T.  and  J. 

Bewick . with . brief  sketches  of  their  lives, 

and  notices  of  the  pupils  of  T.  B.  (With  eight  sup¬ 
plementary  pages.)  8vo.  London,  1851.  B.M. 

BEWICK  (T.  and  J.).— The  Bewick  Col¬ 
lector  :  a  descriptive  Catalogue  of  the  works  of 
Thomas  and  John  Bewick  ;  including  cuts,  in  various 
states,  for  books  and  pamphlets,  private  gentlemen, 
public  companies,  exhibitions,  races,  newspapers, 
shop  cards,  invoice  heads,  bar  bills,  coal  certificates, 

Notes  and  Queries, 
July  4,  ’68. 

Books  on  Art  ( under  revision). 


broadsides,  and  other  miscellaneous  purposes,  and 
■wood  blocks.  With  an  appendix  of  portraits,  auto¬ 
graphs,  works  of  pupils,  &c.  The  whole  described 
from  the  originals  contained  in  the  largest  and 
most  perfect  collection  ever  formed,  and  illustrated 
with  112  cuts.  By  the  Rev.  Thomas  Hugo.  Imper. 
8vo.  London,  1866.  S.K. 

BEYER  (Alexander). — Rene  Decken-Des- 

sins,  erfunden  und  gezeichnet  von  A.  B.  Parts 
I.-II.,  12  plates  in  each,  designs  for  ceilings.  Pol. 
Berlin,  1846-47.  B.M. 

BEYER  (Karol). — Gabinet  medalow  Pols- 

kich,  oraz  tych  ktore  sie  dziejow  Polski  tycza. 
Dopelnienie  dziefa.  E.  Hr.  Raczynskiego.  With 
photographs.  4to.  Warszawa,  1857,  &c.  B.M. 

BEYER  (Wilhelm). —  Oesterreichs  Merk- 

wiirdigkeiten  die  Bild-  und  Baukunst  betreffend, 
von  W.  B.  2  vols.  in  1.  45  plates,  2  frontispieces, 
and  vignettes.  Pol.  Wien,  1779.  S.K. 

BEYLE  (Henry)  — Histoire  de  la  Peintnre 
en  Italie.  2  vols.  8vo.  Paris,  1827. 

Another  edition. — Histoire  de  la  Peinture  en 
Italie.  Par  De  Stendhal  (Henry  Beyle).  Seule 
edition  complete,  entierement  revue  et  corrigee. 
12mo.  Paris,  1860.  S.K. 

BEYLE  (Henry). — Memoires  d’un  Touriste. 
Par  De  Stendhal  (Henry  Beyle).  Nouvelle  edition 
entierement  revue  et  augmentee  d’une  grande  partie 
entierement  inedite.  2  vols.  12mo.  Paris,  1854. 


BEYLE  (Henry). — Rome,  Naples  et  Flo¬ 
rence.  Par  De  Stendhal  (Henry  Beyle).  Seule 
edition  complete,  entierement  revue  et  considerable- 
ment  augmentee.  12mo.  Paris,  1865. 

Earlier  editions  : — 

Rome,  Naples,  Plorence.  8vo.  Paris,  1817. 
Promenades  dans  Rome.  2  vols.  8vo.  Paris, 

BEYLE  (Henry). — Melanges  d’Art  et  de 
Litterature,  par  De  Stendhal  (Henry  Beyle).  8vo. 
Paris,  1867-  S.K. 

BEYRLESr  (Jacob). — Antiqnitates  quaedam 

Palatinse,  ex  J.  Agricoke  Viridario  et  aliis  MSS. 
collectse  per  J.  B.  See  Monumenta  Pietatis,  etc. 
Parti.  1701.  B.M. 

BEYS  (Carolus).— See  Valdor  (J.),  Tri- 

omphes  de  Louis  XIII.,  etc.  Paris,  1649. 

BEYSCHLAG  (Daniel  Eberhard). — Bei- 

trage  zur  Kunstgeschichte  der  Reichsstadt  Nord- 
lingen  (Yon  der  Pormschneiderei,  &c.).  7  parts. 

8vo.  Nordlingen,  1798-1800. 

BEYSCHLAG  (D.  E.). — Versuch  einer 
Munzgeschichte  Augsburgs  in  dem  Mittelalter. 
8  lithogr.  plates.  8vo.  Stuttgart  und  Tubingen, 

BEZA  (Theodore  de). — leones,  id  est  verae 
imagines  virorum  doctrina  simul  et  pietate  illus- 
trium :  accedunt  Emblem ata.  Woodcuts.  37  por¬ 
traits,  including  that  of  James  I.,  and  43  emble¬ 

matic  cuts.  Robert  Stephens’  portrait  wanting  to 
all  copies.  Small  4to.  Genevae,  1580. 

In  French,  translated  by  S(im.)  G(oulart),  with 
the  title  :  Vrais  pourtraits  des  hommes  illustres 

en  piete  et  doctrine . plus  44  emblemes  chretiens. 

With  additional  portraits.  4to.  Geneve,  1581. 

The  same  portraits,  with  others  not  named, 
with  the  title :  Portraits  des  hommes  illustres  qui 
ont  le  plus  contribue  au  retablissement  des  belles- 
lettres  et  de  la  vraye  religion.  4to.  Geneve, 

BEZA  (Theodore  de). — Tragedie  of  Abra¬ 
ham’s  Sacrifice  translated  into  English  by  A(rthur) 
G(olding)  ;  finished  at  Powles  Belchamp,  in  Essex, 
the  11th  day  of  August  1575.  With  woodcuts. 
18mo.  London  (by  Vautro wilier),  1577. 

BEZA  (Theodore  de). — Poemata  varia, 
Epitaphia,  Epigrammata,  Emblemata.  44  plates. 
4to.  n.  p.  1597.  Cicogn. 

BEZARD. — Tableaux  peints  par  B.  See 
Kuhnholtz  (H.).  1832. 

BEZOK  (Jean).' — Dictionnaire  general  des 
Tissus  anciens  et  modernes,  ouvrage  ou  sont  indiquees 
et  classees  toutes  les  especes  de  tissus  connues 
jusqu’a  ce  jour  soit  en  France,  soit  a  l’etranger, 
notamment  dans  l’lnde,  la  Chine,  etc.  Avec 
l’explication  abregee  des  moyens  de  fabrication, 
etc.,  applicables  a  chaque  tissu  en  particulier. 
2nd  edition.  6  vols.  8vo.  Paris,  1859-1862.  S.K. 

BEZZI  (G.  A.). — Tbe  Life  of  Fra  Giovanni 
Angelico  da  Piesole,  translated  from  the  Italian  of 
Vasari,  by  G.  A.  B.  See  Angelico,  Fra. 
BEZZOLI  (Giuseppe,  Cavaliere). — Della 
Vita  e  delle  opere  del  Professore  Cav.  Giuseppe 
Bezzoli,  maestro  di  pittura  nell’  I.  e  R.  Accademia 
delle  belle  arti  de  Firenze  e  membro  delle  piu 
celebri  accademie  di  Europa. — Memorie  raccolte  da 
alcuni  scolari  ed  amici.  8vo.  Firenze,  1855. 

BEZZOLI  (Giuseppe). — Sopra  nn  dipinto 
di  B.  See  Mabini  (Ugo).  1837. 

BIADI  (Luigi). — Notizie  inedite  della  vita 

d’ Andrea  del  Sarto,  raccolte . da  L.  B.  With 

portrait.  12mo.  Firenze,  1831. 

BliEUS  (Jacobus). — Numismata  Romano- 
rum  imperatorum.  Fol.  Antverphe,  1617. 

BIAGI  (Clemente). — Ragionamento  sopra 
un’  antica  statua  singolarissima  nuovamente  scoperta 
nell’  agro  Romano.  1  plate.  4to.  Roma,  1772. 


BIAGI  (C.). — Monumenta  Graeca  ex  Museo 
Jacobi  Nanii  Veneti,  illustrata  a  C.  B.  Plates.  4to. 
Romae,  1785.  Bodl. 

BIAGI  (C.). — Monumenta  Graeca  et  Latina 
ex  Museo  Jacobi  Nanii,  illustrata  a  C.  B.  Plates. 
4to.  Romae,  1787.  Cicogn. 

BIAGI  (Pietro). — Memorie  stor.  crit.  in- 
torno  alia  vita  ed  alle  opere  di  F.  Sebast.  Luciano 
soprannominato  del  Piombo,  scritte  da  P.  B.  With 
a  plate.  4to.  Venezia,  1826. 



Notes  and  Queries, 
July  4,  ’68. 

Universal  Catalogue  of 

BIAGINI  (Carlo). — Relazione  degli  onori 
parentali  renduti  a  M.  A.  Buonarrotti,  nell’  Acca- 
demia  Pistoiese  di  scienze . 8vo.  Pistoia,  1839. 

BIAGIO. — La  represen tatione  di  B.  conta- 
dino.  Nuovamente  ristampata.  (In  verse.)  With 
woodcuts.  4to.  Firenze,  1558.  B.M. 

BIAGIOLI  (G.).  —  Rime  di  Micbelagnolo 
Buonarotti  il  Vecchio,  col  commento  di  G.  Biagioli. 
8vo.  Parigi,  1821. 

BIANCANUS  (Jac.  Tat.). — De  pateris  an¬ 
tiquorum,  ex  schedis  Jac.  Tatii  Biancani  sermo  et 
epistolae.  (Edidit  Pt.  Schiassius.)  With  32  plates. 
Fol.  Bononise,  1814. 

BIANCHETTI  (Giuseppe).— Nella  solenne 

Dedicazione  del  Busto  di  A.  Canova  fatta  dall’  Ateneo 
di  Treviso  il  di  1°  Aprile,  1823,  discorso.  8vo. 
Treviso,  1823.  B.M. 

BIANCHI  (Giovanni,  di  Arimino). — Letfcera 

ad  un  suo  amico  di  Firenze  intorno  il  Panteo  Sacro 
di  quella  Citta.  8vo.  Rimino,  18  marzo  1752.  B.M. 

BIANCHI  (Giuseppe).  —  Baggnaglio  delle 
antichita  che  si  conservano  nella  Galleria  Mediceo- 
Imperiale  di  Firenze.  Parti.  8vo.  Firenze,  1759. 


BIANCHI  (Ignazio  Lodovico  ). — Virornm 

aliquot  pietate  illusfcr.  ex  congregatione  Clericorum 
regular,  icones  lat.  expressit,  italica  usus  vers, 
documents  sacris  illustravit,  auxit  S.  Teatinarum 
virginum  exemplaria  adj.  I.  Bianchi.  With  164 
portraits,  engraved  by  Zuliani.  8vo.  Romse,  1758. 

With  Italian  text,  same  plates.  4to.  Venezia, 


BIANCHI  (Isidoro)  .  - —  Lezione  sopra  una 
antica  lapida  scoperta  di  fresco  in  Pompei.  See 
Calogiera  (A.),  Nuova  Raccolta  d’Opuscoli,  etc., 
vol.  xv.  B.M. 

BIANCHI  (I.). — Delle  Scienze  e  Belle  Arti. 
Dissertazione  apologetica,  letta  in  Palermo  nell’ 
Accademia  degli  Ercini.  con  note.  8vo.  Palermo, 
1771.  ;  Cicogn. 

BIAN CHI  (Paolo  Federico)  .  —  Raccolta 

d’ornati  d’architettura.  With  plates.  4to.  Milano, 
n.  d. 

BIANCHI  (P.  F.). — Istitnzione  pratica  dell’ 

architettura  civile  per  la  decorazione  de’  pubblici,  e 
privati  edificj,  preceduta  da  un  artieulo  di  Geometria 
in  pratica  ad  uso  delli  disegnatori  ed  arfefici  di  P. 
F.  B.  architetto.  With  160  plates  by  G.  C.  Bianchi. 
2  vols.  4to.  Milano,  1766-67.  B.M. 

BIANCHI  (Pietro).  —  Osservazioni  snll’ 

Arena,  e  sul  Podio  dell’  anfiteatro  Flavio,  illustrate, 
e  difese  da  Lorenzo  de  Romano.  With  plates.  Fol. 
Roma,  1812.  Cicogn. 

BIANCHI  (P.).  —  Osservazioni,  etc.,  dis- 
cusse  e  confutate  dal  C.  Fea.  2  parts.  8vo.  Roma, 

BLANCHENI  (Francesco). — La  Istoria  Uni¬ 
versale,  provata  con  monumenti,  e  figurata  con 

Simboli  de  gli  Antichi.  With  65  plates  by  P.  S. 
Bartoli.  4to.  Roma,  1697.  B.M. 

Another  edition.  With  plates.  4to.  Roma,  1747. 
Another  edition,  in  5  vols.  With  70  plates.  4to. 
Venezia,  1825-27. 

BLANCHINI  (F.). — Considerazioni  teoricbe 

e  pratiche  intorno  al  trasporto  della  Colonna  di 
Antoni  no  Pio  collocata  in  Monte  Citorio.  2  plates. 
4to.  Roma,  1704.  Cicogn. 

BLANCHINI  (F.). — De  anreis  et  argenteis 
cimeliis  in  Arce  Perusina  effossis  anno  mdccxvii. 
Fol.  (Rome,  1717.)  B.M. 

BIANCHLNI  (F.). — De  Sacris  Iniaginibus. 
musivi  operis  a  S.  Xyste,  Papa  III.,  in  Basilica 
Liberiana  constructs,  et  de  Dominicse  Nativitatis 
Prsesepi,  ac  venerabilibus  Cunis  Infantise  Christi 
Domini  ibidem  custoditis,  Dissertationes  duse.  Fol. 
Romse,  1727.  B.M. 

BIANCHINI  (F.).— Camera  ed  inscrizioni 

sepulcrali  de’  liberti,  servi  ed  ufficiali  della  casa  di 

Augusto,  scoperte  nella  Via  Appia . .con  anno- 

tazioni.  With  7  plates.  Fol.  Roma,  1727.  B.M. 

BLANCHES!  (F.). — Circimaximi  et  antiqni 

imperatorum  Romanorum  palatii  iconographia. 
Large  fol.  Romse,  1728. 

BIANCHINI  (F.).— Del  Palazzo  de’  Cesari. 

Opera  postuma.  (Translated  into  Latin  and  edited 
by  G.  Bianchini.)  Italian  and  Latin.  With  20 
plates.  Fol.  Verona,  1738.  S.K. 

BIANCHINI  (F.). — Demonstratio  historiae 

ecclesiasticse  quadripartitse  comprobatse  monumentis 
pertinentibus  ad  fidem  temporum  et  gestorum. 
(Opus . ab  immortalis  memorise  Prsesule  F.  B., 

ex  cogitatum,  et  a  J.  Bianchino . consummatum.) 

With  plates  by  A.  J.  Barbazza.  Tom.  i.  in  7  vols. 
4to.  Romse,  1752-54.  B.M. 

BIANCHINI  (F.). — Opuscula  varia  nunc 

primum  in  lucem  edita.  2  vols.  4to.  Romse,  1754. 

BIANCHINI  (Giuseppe) —Dei  Gran  Duchi 

di  Toscana,  della  Reale  Casa  de’  Medici,  Protettori 
delle  Lettere,  e  delle  Belle  Arti,  ragionamenti  isto* 
rici  del  Dottore  G.  B.,  di  Prato.  With  9  portraits. 
Fol.  Venezia,  1741.  S.K. 

BIANCHINI  (G.).— Delle  raagnificenze  di 

Roma  antica  e  moderna  libro  primo  ( — decimo). 

. Con  una  spiegazione  istorica . composta  dal 

P.  G.  B.  (libro  iii.-x.  by  G.  Vasi).  10  parts. 
Oblong' 4to.  Roma,  1747-61.  S.K. 

BIANCO  (Noe).— Viaggio  del  P.  F.  N. 

Bianco  Vinitiano  della  congregation  de  Servi,  fatto 
in  Terra  Santa  et  descritto  per  beneficio  de’  Pelle¬ 
grini . con  tre  tauole.  8vo.  In  Venetia  presso 

Giorgio  de’  Caualli,  ad  instantia  di  Franc.  Por- 
tirani  da  Trino,  1566. 

12mo.  VeDezia,  n.d.  With  woodcuts. 

8vo.  Venezia,  1570.  With  woodcuts. 

There  are  other  editions  without  plates. 
BIANCOLINI  (Giovanni  Battista).— Dei 
vescovi  e  governatori  di  Verona.  2  vols.  With 
plates.  4to.  Verona,  1757-60. 

Notes  and  Queries, ) 
July  11,  ’68.  J 


Boohs  on  Art  ( under  revision). 

BIANCONI  (Carlo) .  —  Nuova  Guida  di 

Milano  per  gli  amanti  delle  Belle  Arti,  e  delle  sacre, 
e  profane  antichita  Milanesi.  12mo.  Milano,  1787. 


BIANCONI  (C.).  —  Riilessioni  sopra  un 
cammeo  antico  rappresentante  Giove.  4to.  Bologna, 
1818.  B.M. 

BIANCONI  (Giovanni  Batt.). — De  antiquis 

litteris  Hsebreorum  et  Grsecorum  libellus.  With 
plates  of  letters  and  medals.  4to.  Bononise,  1748. 


BIANCONI  (Giovanni  Lodovico). — Briefe 

iiber  die  vornehmsten  Me rk wiir di gk ei t en  der  cliur- 
baierisehen  Bessidenzstadt  Miinchen,  nnd  der 
umliegenden  Lustgegenden.  (Translated  by  H.  von 
Runkel.)  8vo.  Miinchen  und  Leipzig,  1771.  B.M. 
BIANCONI  (G.  L.). — Elogio  storico  del 

Cavaliere  Rafaele  Mengs,  con  nn  catalogo  delle 
opere  da  esso  fatte.  Milano,  1780.  Cicogn. 

BIANCONI  (G.  L.). — Lettere  sopra  il  libro 

del  Crespi  intitolato :  “  Tomo  terzo  della  Felsina 
Pittrice.”  With  portraits.  8vo.  Milano,  1802. 


BIANCONI  (G.  L'.). — Di  alcune  notizie 
intorno  a  Pisa,  e  Pirenze  lettere  due  inedite.  4to. 
Lucca,  1781.  B.M. 

BIANCONI  (G.  L.). — Deserizione  dei  Cir- 

ci,  e  particolarmente  di  quello  di  Caracalla  . 

Opera  ordinata,  e  pubblicata  dal  architetto  Angiolo 
Uggeri,  con  note  da  Carlo  Fea.  Italian  and  French. 
With  vignettes  and  20  plates,  engraved  by  Bossi, 
Feoli,  and  Barbazza.  Fol.  Roma,  1789.  B.M. 
BIANCONI  (G.  L.). — Opere  varie.  4  vols. 
8vo,  Milano,  1802. 

Several  short  pieces  on  Art,  and  his  letters  on 
monuments  of  all  kinds  in  Bavaria.  Cicogn. 

BIANCONI  (Girolamo). — Guida  del  Fores- 

tiere  par  la  citta  di  Boiogna,  e  suoi  sobborghi.  With 
14  plates.  12mo.  Bologna,.  1835.  S.K. 

Earlier  editions.  Bologna,  1820,  and  1826. 

BIANCONI  (G.).  —  Di  un  antica  Tazza 
d’Argento  con  Sculture  Bacchiche  Dichiarazione. 
4  to.  Bologna,  1834.  B.M. 

BIARD  (Francois). — Tableaux,  etc.  See 
Catalogues,  Sale.  Paris,  1865. 

BIABD  (F.). — Notice  sur  B . See  Boivin 

(Louis).  1842. 

BIARDE AIT  (Pierre)  . — Recherches  sur  B. 

. See  Beclard  (Ph.).  1851. 

BIBICOFF  (Mathieu). — Notice .  See 

Cabaky  (Saint-Maurice).  1857. 

BIB  JENA  (Antonio  Galli).  —  Pianta  e 

spaccato  del  nuovo  teatro  di  Bologna  aperto  nel 
1763.  With  2  large  plates.  4to.  Bologna,  n.  d. 
(Antonio  was  son  of  Ferdinando  B.  G.,  the  architect.) 


BIBTENA  (A.  G.). — Pianta  e  spaccato  del 

nuovo  teatro  di  Bologna  offerto  al  C.  Legnani  da, 

Lorenzo  Capponi.  5  large  plates,  and  front,  of  the 
Theatre.  Fol.  Bologna,  1771.  Cicogn. 

BIBIENA  (Ferdinando  Galli).  —  Varie 

opere  di  prospettiva  inventate  da  Fd.  Galli,  detto  II 
Bibiena,  intagliate  da  C.  Ant.  Buffagnoti.  Large 
fol.  Bologna,  n.  d. 

BIBIENA  (F.  G.) .— L’Arcbitettura  Civile, 

preparata  sulla  Geometria,  e  ridotta  alia  prospettive 
considerazioni  pratiche.  In  5  parts.  With  68  plates, 
and  portrait.  Fol.  Parma,  1711. 

BIBIENA  (F.  G.). — Direzioni  ai  giovani 
studenti  del  Disegno  deH’Architettura  Civile,  e  della 
Prospettiva  teorica.  2  vols.  69  plates  in  vol.  i., 
Architecture ;  56  in  vol.  ii.,  Perspective.  8vo.  Bo¬ 
logna,  1731-32. 

Again:  Bologna,  1745,  1753,  and  1777.  Cicogn. 
BIBIENA  (Giuseppe  Galli). — Architetture, 
e  prospettive.  54  plates.  Oblong  fol.  Augustee, 
1740.  ,  T.C.D. 

BIBLE.  See  Bibles,  at  the  end  of  the 


BIBLIA  (Fab.,  di  Catanzaro).  —  Discorso 
sopra  l’aggiustamento  della  moneta  e  cambii  del 
regno  di  Napoli.  1  plate  of  coins.  Napoli,  1621. 

BIBLIOTECA  analitica  d’instruzione,  e  di 

utilita  pubblica.  3  vols.  8yo.  Napoli,  1812-13. 

Nuova  Biblioteca  analitica  di  scienze,  lettere  ed 
arti.  15  vols.  8vo.  Napoli,  1816-20. 
BIBLIOTECA  Canoviana  ossia  raccolta 

delle  migliori  prose  e  de’  piu  scelti  componimenti 
poetici  sulla  vita,  sullo  opere  e  in-  morte  di  Ant. 
Canova.  4  vols.  With  plates.  8vo.  Venezia, 

BIBLIOTECA  Firmiana,  sive  Thesaurus  li- 

brorum,  quern  comes  C.  a  Firmian  collegit.  10  parts 
in  6  vols.  4to.  Mediolani,  1783. 

Vol.  vi.  contains  catalogue  of  medals  and  prints. 

BIBLIOTECA  Italiana  ossia  Giornale  di 

letteratura,  scienza  ed  arti,  compilato  da  una  societa 
di  letterati  di  Milano.  100  vols.  8vo.  Milano, 

BIBLIOTECA  Italiana  ossia  Giornale  dell’ 
Instituto  Lombardo  di  Scienze,  Lettere,  ed  Arti,  e 
Biblioteca  Italiana  compilata  da  varii  dotti,  na- 
zionali  e  stranieri.  18  vols.  8vo.  Milano,  1841-57. 
BIBLIOTHECA  Heraldica  Magnse  Britan- 

nise  ;  an  analytical  catalogue  of  books  on  genealogy, 
by  Tho.  Monle.  See  Catalogues. 
BIBLIOTHECA  librorum  nov.  coll,  a  L. 
Neocoro  (L.  Kuster)  et  Henr.  Sikio.  5  vols.  With 
copper  plates.  8vo.  Traj.  ad  Rh.,  1697-99. 
BIBLIOTHECA  literaria.  Being  a  collec¬ 
tion  of  inscriptions,  medals,  dissertations,  &c.  Nos. 
I.  to  X.  4to.  London,  1722-24. 


TANNICA.  12  vols.  4to.  1780-90. 

Miscellaneous  Antiquities  (in  continuation  of 
the  Bibliotheca  Topographica  Britannica).  2  vols. 
1791-97.  B.M. 

F  F 



Universal  Catalogue  of 

[  Notes  and  Queries, 
|  July  11,  ’68. 

BIBLIOTHEK  derredenden  und  bildenden 
Kiinste.  (Edited  by  J.  Gf.  Dyk.)  8  vols.  8vo. 
Leipzig,  1806-12. 

BIBLIOTHEK  der  sclionen  Wissenschaften 
und  freien  Kiinste.  (Edited  by  E.  Nicolai  and  Ch. 
Eel.  Weisse.)  12  vols.,  and  1  of  tables.  8vo.  Leipzig, 

Neue  Bibliothek,  &c.  (Edited  by  Ch.  E.  Weisse 
and  J.  Gf.  Dyk.)  72  vols.,  and  5  vols.  of  tables. 
8vo.  Leipzig,  1765-1806. 

BIBLIOTHEQUE  des  Sciences  et  des  Beaux 
Arts.  50  vols.  8vo.  La  Haye,  1754-80. 

200  woodcuts.  12mo.  Bruxelles,  1846-51. 
Amongst  other  works  are  the  following  : — 

Ruines  et  paysages  en  Belgique,  1  vol.  Mceurs, 
usages,  fetes  et  solennites  des  Beiges,  2  vols. 
Schayes,  Hist,  de  1’ Architecture  en  Belgique,  4  vols. 


Voyages,*  abregee  par  de  la  Harpe,  etc.  16  vols. 
With  112  coloured  plates.  12mo.  Paris,  1826. 
BIB  RON"  (Madame). — Cours  de  dessin  line- 

aire  applique  aux  objets  usuels,  a  1’ usage  des  salles 
a’asile  et  des  ecoles  primaires.  12mo.  Paris, 

BICAIS  (Michel). — La  maniere  de  regler 

la  sante  par  ce  qui  nous  environ  ne,  par  ce  que  nous 
recevons,  et  par  les  exercices,  &c.  8vo.  Aix,  1669. 

Full  of  curious  details  on  the  costumes,  manners, 
and  games,  &c.,  of  those  times. 

BICCHIERAI  (Aless.).— Uei  bagni  diMon- 

tecatini  trattato.  4to.,  and  atlas  of  plates  in  fol.  Fi¬ 
renze,  1788. 

BICHARD  (Thomas  Mauger).  —  Guide 

to  the  Islands  of  Guernsey,  Alderney,  Sark,  and 
Herm,  containing  a  brief  account  of  the  history, 
laws,  customs,  &c.  8vo.  Guernsey  (1863).  B.M. 
BICKHAM  (George). — First  Principles  of 
Heraldry.  12  pp.  8vo.  London  (1742). 

BICKHAM  (G.).  —  Delicise  Britannicse  ; 

or,  the  curiosities  of  Kensington,  Hampton  Court, 
and  Windsor  Castle  delineated,  with  occasional  re¬ 
flections.  With  9  plates.  8vo.  London,  n.  d.  B.M. 
2nd  edition.  London,  1742. 

BICKHAM  (G.). — The  Universal  Penman 

. Exemplified  in  all  the  useful  and  ornamental 

branches  of  Modern  Penmanship,  &c.  The  whole 
embelish’d  with  200  beautiful  decorations  for  the 
amusement  of  the  curious.  Fol.  London,  1743.  S.K. 
BICKHAM  (G.). — British  Monarchy,  or  a 
new  chorographical  description  of  all  the  Dominions 
subject  to  the  King  of  Great  Britain.  190  plates. 
Fol.  London,  1748. 

BICKHAM  (G.). — A  new  Introduction  to 
the  art  of  Drawing.  8vo.  London  (1750?).  B.M. 
BICKHAM  (G.). — The  Beauties  of  Stow, 

or  a  description  of  the . House,  Gardens,  and...... 

Buildings  therein,  etc.  With  copper  plates.  8vo. 
London  (1753).  ■  B.M. 


BICKHAM  (G.). — A  curious  antique  Col¬ 
lection  of  bird’s-eye  views  of  the  several  counties  in 
England  and  Wales,  exhibiting  a  landscape  of  each 
County ;  with  a  variety  of  rustic  figures,  ruins,  etc., 
and  the  names  of  the  principal  towns  and  villages, 
interspersed  according  to  their  apparent  situation. 
4to.  London,  1796.  B.M. 

BICKNELL  (Alexander). — Painting  Per¬ 
sonified  ;  or,  the  Caricature  and  Sentimental  Pic¬ 
tures  of  the  principal  Artists  of  the  present  times 
fancifully  explained.  2  vols.  8vo.  London,  1790. 


BIDAULD  (Jean  Joseph  Xavier). — Notice 

sursavie .  See  Gaulle  (J.  de),  1847  ;  Raoul- 

Rochette,  1849. 

Catalogue . d’etudes  peintes .  See  Cata¬ 

logues,  Sale.  1847. 

BIDAUT  (J.  N.). — Des  arts  d’imitation,  de 

leur  emploi  dans  l’interet  social,  et  des  moyens 
d’assurer  le  bien-etre  de  ceux  qui  les  cultivent,  etc. 
8vo.  Paris  (1849).  B.M. 

BIDEN  (William  Downing). — The  .history 
and  antiquities  of  Kingston-upon-Thames.  8vo. 
Kingston,  1852.  B.M. 

BIDERMANN  (Jo.  Gottl.).— De  urna  hand 

procul  a  Naumburgo  in  agro  Grosiensi  effossa.  4to. 
Naumb.,  1747.  Bodl. 

De  templis  concordise  et  paci  sacris.  4to.  Frei¬ 
berg.  1748.  Bodl. 

De  numis  Freibergensibus.  4to.  Freiberg.,  1749. 


BIDLOO  (Godefridus).  —  Anatomia humani 

corporis,  centum  quinque  Tabulis  G.  de  Lairesse  ad 
vivum  delineatis  demonstrata.  Plates.  Fol.  Am- 
stelodamii,  1685.  Cicogn. 

In  Dutch.  Fol.  Amsterdam,  1690. 

BIDLOO  (G.). — Komste  vanzyne  Majesteit 
Willem  III.  Koning  van  Groot  Britanje,  enz.  in 
Holland  ;  ofte  omstandelyke  beschryving  van  alles, 
het  welke  op  des  zelfs  Komste  en  geduurende  zyn 
verblyf,  in  ’s  Gravenhaage  en  elders,  ten  teeken 
van  vreugde  en  eere,  is  opgerecht  en  voorgevallen. 
15  plates,  and  frontispiece.  Fol.  ’s  Gravenhaage, 
1691.  S.K. 

BIE  (Cornelis  de). — Het  gulden  cabinet 

van  de  edele  vry  Schilder-Const  ontsloten  door  den 
lanck  ghewenschten  Vrede  tusschen  de  tweede 
Croonen  van  Spaignien  en  Vrancryck.  With  por¬ 
traits,  and  other  plates.  4to.  Antwerpen,  1662.  Bodl. 

BIE  (Jacques  de). — Imperatorum  Romano- 
rum  Numismata  Aurea.  Plates.  4to.  Antverpise, 
1616.  B.M. 

4to.  Antverpise,  1627.  B.M. 

3rd  edition.  Fol.  Antverpise,  1654. 

Another  edition. — Numismata  aurea  Imperatorum 

. a  Julio  Csesare  ad  Heraclium  usque.  Ex  reeen- 

sione  Sigeb.  Havercampi.  Accedit :  Ludolphi  Smids 
Romanorum  Imperatorum  Pinacotheca.  Plates. 
4to.  Amstelodami,  1738.  B.M. 

Notes  and  Queries, 
July  11,  ’68. 

Books  on  Art  ( under  revision). 


BIE  (J.  de). — La  France  metallique,  conte- 
nant  les  actions  celebres  des  Rois,  et  des  Reines, 
jusqu’a  Louis  XIII.  With  132  plates.  2  vols. 
Fol.  Paris,  1634-36. 

A  3rd  vol.  Les  families  illustres  de  Prance. 
With' plates.  Fol.  Paris,  1636. 

Emblems  and  devices. 

BIE  (J.  de). — Les  vrais  portraits  des  Rois 
de  France,  tirez  de  ce  qui  nous  reste  de  leurs  monu- 

mens,  sceaux,  medailles . effigies.  Seconde  edition 

augmentee  de  nouveaux  portraits,  et  enrichie  des 
vies  des  rois  par  H.  de  Coste.  (Down  to  Louis 
XIII.)  Fol.  Paris,  1636.  B.M. 

BIE  (J.  de). — Iconologie  on  explication  nou- 
velle  de  plusieurs  images,  emblemes,  et  autres 
figures  hierogliphiques  des  vertus,  des  vices,  des 
arts,  des  sciences,  etc.,  tiree  des  recherches  et  des 
figures  de  Cesar  Ripa,  dessinees  et  gravees  par 
Jacques  de  Bie,  et  moralisees  par  J.  Baudoin.  29 
plates.  Fol.  Paris,  1637.  Cicogn. 

BIE  (J.  de). — Regnm  et  imperatorum  Ro~ 
manorum  numismata  a  Romulo  et  C.  Jul.  Csesare 
usque  ad  Justinianum  Aug.  congesta,  serique  a  Biseo 
incisa ;  auctario  locupletata  et  Alb.  Rubeni  i  com- 
mentario  illustrata :  nunc  recusa,  et  denuo  publicata, 
subjectis  Laur.  Begeri  annotationibus.  Fol.  Colon. 

Brandenb.,  1700.  T.C.D. 

BIE  (J.  de). — Imperatorum . opera  Jo. 

Andr.  Rudigeri  Commentarios  explicata.  With  64 
plates.  4to.  Berolini,  1705. 

BIEDENFELD  (Ferdinand  yon).  —  Ur- 

sprung,  Aufleben,  &c.,  und  jetzige  Zustande  sammt- 
licher  Monchs-  und  Klosterfrauen-Orden  im  Orient 
und  Occident.  Mit  den  illuminirten  Abbildungen 
von  77  verschiedenen  geistlichen  Orden.  2  vols., 
and  supplement.  8vo.  Weimar,  1837-39. 
BIEDEMFELD  (F.  yon). — Geschichte  und 

Yerfassung  aller  Ritterorden.  Nebst  einer  Ueber- 

sicht  sammtlicher .  Ehrenzeichen  und  Medail- 

len.  2  vols.,  and  atlas  of  53  coloured  plates.  4to. 
Weimar,  1840-41. 

BIEDENFELD  (F.  von).— Die  Heraldik, 

oder  populates  Lehrbuch  der  Wappenkunde  fur 
Diplomaten,  G-enealogen.  Archivbeamte,  &c.,  aber 
auch  mit  besonderer  Rucksicht  auf  die  Bediirfnisse 

der  Maler,  Zeichner .  23  lithogr.  plates.  4to. 

Weimar,  1846.  B.M. 

BIEDERMAlSTlSr  (J.  J.). — Meujahrsblatt  der 
Kiinstlergesellschaft  in  Zurich  fiir  1835.  Enthalt- 
end  das  Leben  des  Kunstmalers  J.  J.  B.,  von  Win¬ 
terthur.  4to.  Zurich,  1835. 

BIEL  (Ltjdovicus  de,  S.  J.). — Utilitas  rei 

numarise  veteris,  compendio  proposita :  acc.  appen- 
dicula  ad  numos  coloniarum  per  Cl.  Vaillantium 
editos.  8vo.  Yiennse  Austrise,  1733.  B.M. 

BIELEFELD  (Charles  Frederic). — Gothic 
ornaments  executed  in  papier  mache.  4to.  London, 
1835.  B.  Arch. 

BIELEFELD  (C.  F.). — Ornaments  in  every 

style  of  Design . applicable  to  the  decoration  of 

the  interior  of . buildings . manufactured  in  the 

improved  papier  mache,  etc.  4to.  London,  1840. 


BIELEFELD  (C.  F.). — On  the  use  of  the 

improved  Papier-mache  in  Furniture,  in  the  interior 
decoration  of  Buildings,  etc.  New  edition.  With 
142  plates  of  Ornament.  Fol.  London,  1843.  S.K. 
BIELFELD  (Henry). — A  Guide  to  Paint¬ 
ing  on  G-lass.  33  pp.  Small  8vo.  London,  1855.  S.K. 
BIET  (J.  E.).— See  Br£s. 

BIGI  (Quirino). — Di  Antonio  Allegri  detto 
II  Correggio.  8vo.  Parma,  1860.  S.K, 

BIGLAJYD  (Ralph). — Historical,  monumen¬ 
tal  and  genealogical  collections  relative  to  the  county 
of  Gloucester.  (Edited  by  Richard  Bigland.)  Plates. 
2  vols.  Fol.  London,  1791-92.  B.M. 

For  continuation,  see  Fosbrooke.  1819. 

BIGlSTOlSr  (Franqois). — Les  portraits  des 

homines  illustres  Francjois  qui  sont  peints  dans  la 
galerie  du  palais  cardinal  de  Richelieu;  desseig- 
nez  et  gravezpar  les  Sieurs  Heince  etBignon.  Fol. 
Paris,  1655.  Bodl. 

BIGlSTObT  (Hier6me). — Diseovrs  de  la  ViJle 
de  Rome,  principals  Antiqvitez  et  Singularitez 
d’icelle.  8vo.  Paris  1606.  B.M. 

BIGFTOR,  in  the  County  of  Sussex. — An  ac¬ 
count  of  the  remains  of  a  Roman  villa  discovered  at 
Bignor,  in  the  year  1811,  and  four  following  years. 
8vo.  London,  1820.  Bodl. 

BIGOT  (Alexis). — Essai  sur  les  monnaies 
du  royaume  et  duche  de  Bretagne.  40  plates.  8vo. 
Paris,  1857. 

BIGSBY  (Robert). — Historical  and  typo¬ 
graphical  description  of  Repton,  in  the  county  of 
Derby,  comprising  an  incidental  view  of  objects  of 

note  in  its  vicinity . With  seventy  illustrations, 

on  copper,  stone,  and  wood.  4to.  London,  1854. 


BIJOU,  The,  or  Annual  of  Literature  and 
the  Arts.  2  vols.  With  engravings  after  Sir 
Thomas  Lawrence,  Stothard,  Wilkie,  and  others. 
12mo.  London,  1828-30. 

BILDERSAAL,  der,  aus  der  alt-,  ober-  und 
niederdeutschen  Schule  in  der  St.  Moritzkapelle  zu 
Niirnberg.  3  plates.  8vo.  Niirnberg,  1829. 

BILDMIS,  Eigentliche,  vnd  Abconterfeihung 
Romischer  Kayser,  Konige,  Fiirsten  vnd  Herren 
sampt  etzlichen  derselben  Gemahlen,  welchen 
Hochlobliche  Thaten  vnd  Christl.  Tugenden  mit 
sonderlichem  fleis  in  Kurtze  Reime  verfasset  sein. 
35  woodcut  portraits.  4to.  Dresden,  1587. 

2nd  edition.  1602.  With  44  portraits. 

BILDNUSSE,  Kiinstl.  u.  aigentl.  der  ro- 
misch.  Kaysern,  ihren  weybern  u.  Kinder,  auch 
anderer  beriimpten  personen,  wie  d.  auf  den  alten 
pfennigen  erfunden  sind.  Aus  dem  Latein  jetzt 
neuwlich  vertheutscht  durch  diethelmen  Kellerus 
burger  zu  Ziirych.  Woodcuts.  8vo.  Zurich,  1558. 



Universal  Catalogue  of 

f  Kotos  and  Queries, 
1  July  11, ’68. 

BILLARDIERE  (Jac.  Julian).  —  leones 

Plantarum  Syrise  rariorum  descriptionibus  et  ob- 
servationibus  illustrates.  4  to.  Lut.  Par..  1791. 


BILLAUDEL. — Notice  sur  un  Aquednc 

antique,  adressee  au  prefet  de  la  Gironde.  In  the 
Transactions  of  the  “  Societe  Royale  des  Antiquaires 
de  la  Prance,”  vol.  viii.  p.  297. 

BILLING-  (Arthur).— On  mural  painting 
and  the  decorations  of  churches  generally.  8vo. 
London,  1851.  B.M. 

BILLINGS  (J.). — History  and  remains  of 
the  Franciscan  Friary,  Reading.  6  plates.  In  the 
“  Archseological  Journal,”  vol.  iii.  p.  141. 

BILLINGS  (RobertW illiam)  . — Architectu¬ 
ral  illustrations  and  account  of  the  Temple  Church, 
London.  (Essay  on  the  symbolic  Evidences  of  the 

Temple  Church . Ry  E.  Clarkson.)  Architectural 

plates,  to  scale.  4to.  London,  1838.  S.K. 

BILLINGS  (R.  W.). — Analysis  of  the  East 
Window  of  Carlisle  Cathedral.  2  plates.  In  the 
Transactions  of  the  Society  of  Arts,  vol.  Iii.  p.  182. 

BILLINGS  (R.  W.). — Architectural  Illus¬ 
trations,  History  and  Description  of  Carlisle  Cathe¬ 
dral.  4to.  London,  1840.  S.K. 

BILLINGS  (R.  W.). — An  Attempt  to  define 

the  Geometric  Proportions  of  Gothic  Architecture, 
as  illustrated  by  the  Cathedrals  of  Carlisle  and 
Worcester.  London,  1840.  S.K. 

BILLINGS  (R.  W.).— Illustrations  of  Geo¬ 
metric  Tracery,  from  the  Paneling  belonging  to 
Carlisle  Cathedral.  4to.  London,  1842.  S.K. 

BILLINGS  (R.  W.). — Practical  Observa¬ 
tions  on  the  mode  of  striking  Gothic  tracery. 
Sessional  Paper.  London,  22nd  January  1843. 

B.  Arch. 

BILLINGS  (R.  W.). — Architectural  Illus¬ 
trations  and  Description  of  the  Cathedral  Church  of 
Durham.  4to.  London,  1843.  S.K. 

BILLINGS  (R.  W.). —Architectural  Illus¬ 
trations  of  Kettering  Church,  Northamptonshire. 
4to.  London,  1843.  S.K. 

BILLINGS  (R.  W.).  —  The  Geometric 

Tracery  of  Brancepeth  Church,  in  the  county  of 
Durham.  4to.  London,  1845.  S.K. 

Earlier  edition.  4to.  London,  1841. 

BILLINGS  (R.  W.).  — Description  of  S. 

Pratt’s  carving  machine.  Sessional  Paper.  London, 
10th  March  1845.  B.  Arch. 

BILLINGS  (R.  W.).— Illustrations  of  the 

Architectural  Antiquities  of  the  County  of  Durham : 
Ecclesiastical,  Castellated,  and  Domestic.  4to. 
Durham,  1846.  S.K. 

BILLINGS  (R.  W.).  —  The  Baronial  and 

Ecclesiastical  Antiquities  of  Scotland,  illustrated. 
4  vols.  Plates.  Fol.  Edinburgh  and  London, 
1848-52.  '  B.M. 


BILLINGS  (R.  W.). — Infinity  of  geometric 
design  as  regards  tracery.  Sessional  Paper.  London, 
4th  December  1848.  B.  Arch. 

BILLINGS  (R.  W.).-^ Ancient  Architecture 
of  Scotland.  Sessional  Paper.  London,  3rd  April, 

London,  3rd  December  1849. 

London,  27th  January  1851.  *  B.  Arch. 

BILLINGS  (R.  W.). — The  Infinity  of  Geo¬ 
metric  Design  exemplified.  4to.  London,  1849.  S.K. 

BILLINGS  (R.  W.).— The  Power  of  Form 

applied  to  Geometric  Tracery.  One  hundred  de¬ 
signs  and  their  foundations  resulting  from  One 
diagram.  Imperial  8vo.  Edinburgh  and  London, 
1851.  S.K. 

BILLINGSLEY  (Martin).— The  Pen’s  Ex¬ 
cellence,  or  the  Secretaries  Delighte.  (Curious 
cyphers.)  4to.  London,  1618.  B.M. 

BILLINGTON  (John). — The  Architectural 

Director . to  which  are  added . a  History  of 

the  Art . a  description  of  celebrated  antique 

and  modern  edifices . a  Glossary  of  Architecture, 

&c.  2nd  edition.  Royal  8vo.  London,  1834.  S.K. 

Another  edition.  8vo.  London,  1848. 

BILLON.  —  Extrait  d’une  notice  sur  une 
pierre  sepulcrale  decouverte  dans  l’Hotel  de  Ville  de 
Lisieux.  In  the  “  Bulletin  monumental,”  vol.  xiii. 
p.  190. 

BILORDEAUX  (Adolphe).— Etudes  d’Or- 
nements  aux  deux  Crayons.  78  lithogr.  plates.  Fol. 
Paris,  n.  d.  S.K. 

BILORDEAUX  (A.). — Ecoles  communales. 

Etudes  de  Dessins  d’apres  l’Antique . adoptees 

par  la  Ville  de  Paris.  Photographiees  par  A.  B. 
Fol.  Paris,  n.d.  S.K. 

BIMBENET. — Monographic  de  l’hotel  de 
la  Mairie  d’Orleans.  In  the  Transactions  of  the 
“  Societe  Archeologique  de  l’Orleannais,”  vol.  i.  p. 

BINAEUS  (A.). — De  calceis  Hebrseorum 
libri  duo.  4to.  Dordraci,  1715. 

BINDER  (Christian)  . — Wiirttembergische 
Miinz-  und  Meclaillen-Kunde.  Erganzt  und  her- 
ausgeg.  von  dem  konigl.  statistisch-topogr.  Bureau. 
8vo.  Stuttgart,  1846. 

BINET  (Estienne). — Abrege  des  Vies  des 

principaux  fondateurs  des  religions  de  l’eglise, 
representez  dans  le  Choeur  de  l’Abbaie  de  S.  Lam¬ 
bert  de  Liessies  enHaynaut ;  avecles  rnaximes  spiri- 
tuelles  de  chaque  fondateur.  38  portraits,  besides 
another  plate  and  frontispiece,  engraved  by  Cornelius 
Galle.  Small  4to.  Anvers,  1634.  S.K. 

BINGHAM  (R.  J.).  —  Instructions  in  the 
Art  of  Photography.  12mo.  London,  1855. 

BINGHAM  (William  Philip  Strong).  — 

Ecclesiastical  Sculpture.  A  lecture  on  the  connec¬ 
tion  between  Sculpture  and  Christianity.  8vo. 
London  (1855).  B.M. 

Notes  and  Queries, 
July  18,  ’68. 

Books  on  Art  ( under  revision). 


BINGLEY  (Bey.  William). — Tour  round 
North  Wales.  2  vols.  With  aquatint  views  by 
Aiken.  8vo.  London,  1800. 

Another  edition  :  8vo.  London,  1804. 
Description  of  manners,  customs,  antiquities,  &c. 

BINGLEY  (W.). — Animal  Biography,  or 
Anecdotes  of  the  Animal  Creation.  3  vols.  With 
plates.  8vo.  London,  1803.  B.M. 

The  work  has  been  frequently  reprinted. 
BINGLEY  (W).  —  Memoirs  of  British 
Quadrupeds.  2  vols.  With  70  plates.  8vo.  Lon¬ 
don,  1809.  B.M. 

BINT  (Gius,  Clemente). — Lettere  Gualfon- 

diane  sopra  qualche  parte  dell’  Antichita  Etrusca. 
12mo.  Eirenze,  1744. 

BINT  (Pietro  di  Lorenzo). — Memoria  del 
Calcio  Fiorentino  tratte  da  diverse  scritture.  Plates. 
4to.  Firenze,  1688.  Cicogn. 

BINT  (Telesforo).  —  Storia  della  Sacra 
Effigie,  Chiesa  e  compagnia  del  SS.  Crocifisso  de’ 
Bianchi.  8vo.  Lucca,  1855.  B.M. 

BESTNXNG  (Robert  B.  M.). — A  journal  of 

two  years’  travel  in  Persia,  Ceylon,  &c.  2  vols. 

8vo.  London,  1857.  B.M. 

BUSTY S  (R.  W.).-— A  Century  of  Potting  in 

the  city  of  Worcester . 1751-1851.  With  plates. 

8vo.  London,  1865.  S.K. 

BINNS  (William). — An  Elementary  Trea¬ 
tise  on  Orthographic  Projection  ;  a  new  method  of 
Drawing,  for  the  instruction  of  Engineers,  Archi¬ 
tects,  &c.  Illustrations  on  wood  and  steel.  8vo. 
London,  1857.  S.K. 

4th  edition.  8vo.  London,  1865. 

BINNS  (W.). — A  Course  of  Geometrical 

Drawing,  containing  Practical  Geometry,  including 
the  use  of  drawing  instruments,  the  construction 
and  use  of  scales,  orthographic  projection,  and 
elementary  descriptive  geometry.  8vo.  London, 
1860.  S.K. 

BINGS  (De,  Abbe). — Voyage  par  l’ltalie 
en  Egypte,  au  Mont  Liban  et  en  Palestine.  2  vols. 
12mo.  Paris,  1787.  B.M. 

BIN'S  DE  SAINT  VICTOR  (Jacques  Maxi- 

mieien  Benjamin). — Tableau  historique  et  pitto- 
resque  de  Paris  depuis  les  Gaulois  jusqu’a  nos 
jours.  Par  M  *  *  *  (J.  M.  B.  B.  de  Saint  V., 
assisted  by  R.  Tourlet,  and  others).  3  vols.  Nume¬ 
rous  plates.  4to.  Paris,  1808-11.  B.M. 

BINZER  (August  yon). — Der  Coiner  Dom, 

ein  Denkmal  deutscher  Baukunst . erlautert  von 

A.  von  B.  4  steel  engravings,  and  a  ground  plan 
of  the  Cathedral.  Imper.  4to.  Coin,  1  840. 

French  translation,  by  Adler-Mesnard.  The 
same  plates.  Imper.  4to.  Cologne,  1840.  B.  Arch. 

BIOCHIMO. — The  Royall  Game  of  Chesse- 

play,  illustrated  with  almost  an  hundred  gambetts, 
being  the  study  of  Biochimo.  8vo.  London,  1656. 


With  portrait  of  Charles  I.  by  Stent. 

BIOGRAPHICAL.— The  Historic  Gallery 

of  Portraits  and  Paintings ;  or,  Biographical  Re¬ 
view  ;  containing  a  brief  account  of  the  lives  of  the 
most  celebrated  Men,  in  every  age  and  country, 
and  graphic  imitations  of  the  finest  specimens  of 
the  Arts,  ancient  and  modern.  With  remarks, 
critical  and  explanatory.  7  vols.  8vo.  London, 
1807-11.  S.K. 


Painters,  by  a  Lady.  8vo.  London,  1855. 

torical  Library.  With  portraits.  4to.  London, 


portraits.  8vo.  London,  1794. 

ing  Portraits,  with  Lives  and  Characters  of  emi¬ 
nent  persons.  2  vols.  Royal  8vo.  London,  n.d. 

prising  a  series  of  ancient  and  modern  English 
Portraits,  of  eminent  and  distinguished  persons, 
from  original  pictures  and  drawings.  3  vols.  151 
portraits,  by  S.  and  E.  Harding.  4to.  London, 
1795(-1814).  S.K. 

BIO  GRAPHIE  pittoresqne  ties  Deputes. 

Portraits,  moeurs  et  costumes.  15  portraits.  8vo. 
Paris,  1820. 

BI O GRAPIIY. — Contemporary  Biography. 
3  vols.  8vo.  With  150  engraved  portraits.  Lon¬ 
don,  1824. 

BIOGRAPHY. — Serie  degli  Uomini  i  piu 

illustri  nella  Pittura,  Scultura,  e  Architettura,  con 
iloro  elogi  e  ritratti.  With  supplement.  14  vols. 
4to.  Firenze,  1769-76.  S.K. 

BIONDI  (Luigi).  —  Lettera  sul!  antica 
celebre  pittura  conosciuta  sotto  il  nome  delle  Nozze 
Aldobrandine.  8vo.  Roma,  1815.  Bodl. 

BIONDI  (L.).  —  Ragionamento  intorno 
a  due  ritratti  dipinti  da  Filippo  Agricola.  Fol. 
Roma,  1827. 

Monument!  Amaranziani  descritti.  In  vol.  iii. 
del  Museo  Chiaramonti  da  F.  A.  Visconti. 
BIONDI  (Raphael). — Collection  des  dessins 
des  differentes  formes  des  vases  Italo-Grecs,  com- 
munement  appeles  Etruschi,  jusqu’ici  connus,  tires 
d’apres  les  originaux  par  M.  Raphael  Gargiulo. 
Italian  and  French.  4to.  Naples,  1822.  Bodl. 
BIONDO  (Michel  Angelo). — Della  nobilis- 
sima  Pittura,  e  sua  arte,  &c.  8vo.  Venezia,  1549. 

A  rare  but  not  reliable  book.  The  author,  though 
22  at  the  death  of  Leonardo,  attributes  his  Cenacolo 
at  Milan  to  Mantegna.  Cicogn. 

BIOT  (Ed.). — Memoire  snr  qnelqnes  anciens 
monuments  de  l’Asie,  analogues  aux  pierres  Druidi- 
ques.  In  the  Transactions  of  the  “  Societe  Royale 
des  Antiquaires  de  France,”  nouv.  serie,  vol.  ix.  p.  390. 
BIRALLI  (Simone). — Delle  Imprese  scelte 

dove  trovansi  tutte  quelle  che  da  diversi  autori 
stampate  si  rendon  conformi  alle  regole,  e  alle 
GG  113 


Universal  Catalogue  of 

(  Notes  and  Queries, 
\  July  18,  ’68. 

principali  qualita,  &c.  4to.  Yenezia,  presso  Gio. 
Batt.  Ciotti,  1600.  Cicogn. 

Imprese  nuove,  vol.  ii.  1610. 

BIRCH  (J.).  See  Abricht  (Johann). 

BIRCH  (Samuel). — Notes  on  Obelisks.  In 
the  “  Museum  of  Classical  Antiquities,”  vol.  ii. 

BIRCH  (S.).  —  Excavations  by  Captain 

Caviglia,  in  1816,  behind  and  in  the  neighbourhood 
of  the  G-reat  Sphinx.  In  the  “  Museum  of  Classical 
Antiquities,”  vol.  ii. 

BIRCH  (S.).  —  Memoire  sur  nne  patere 
Egyptienne  du  Musee  du  Louvre.  With  plates.  In 
the  “  Memoires  de  la  Societe  Eoyale  des  Anti- 
quaires  de  France  ”  (Paris,  1829),  vol.  xxiv. 

BIRCH  (S.).— On  Chinese  Knife  Money. 
In  the  “Numismatic  Journal”  (London,  1837), 
vol.  ii. 

BIRCH  (S.). — Sketch  of  a  Hieroglyphical 
Dictionary.  Part  I.  Hieroglyphics  and  English. 
Division  I.  Phonetical  symbols,  vowels.  4to.  Lon¬ 
don,  1838.  B.M. 

BIRCH  (S.).— On  the  Medallions  of  Cara- 

calla  and  Greta,  with  the  head  of  the  latter  erased. 
In  the  “Numismatic  Chronicle”  (London,  1839), 
vol.  i. 

BIRCH  (S.). — On  the  Coins  of  the  Thessa¬ 
lian  Larissa.  With  1  plate.  In  the  “  Numismatic 
Chronicle”  (London,  1839),  vol.  i. 

BIRCH  (S.). — Eclaircissements  snr  le  Cer- 
cueil  du  Roi  Memphite  Mycerinus,  traduits  de 
l’anglais  et  accompagnees  de  notes  par  C.  Lenor- 
mant ;  suivis  d’une  Lettre  sur  les  Inscriptions  de  la 
Grande  Pyramid e  de  Gizeh,  par  le  Docteur  Lepsius. 
4to.  Paris,  1839.  B.M. 

BIRCH  (S.). — Inedited  Greek  Coins.  With 
1  plate.  In  the  “  Numismatic  Chronicle  ”  (London, 
1840),  vol.  ii. 

BIRCH  (S.). — Researches  relative  to  the 

Connection  of  the  Deities  represented  upon  the 
Coins  of  Egyptian  Nomes  with  the  Egyptian  Pan¬ 
theon.  With  1  plate.  In  the  “Numismatic  Chro¬ 
nicle”  (London,  1840),  vol.  ii. 

BIRCH  (S.). — Coin  of  Magnesia,  with  a 
head  of  Cicero.  With  1  plate.  In  the  “  Numismatic 
Chronicle”  (London,  1840),  vol.  ii. 

BIRCH  (S.). — Unedited  Asiatic  Coins.  In 
the  “Numismatic  Chronicle”  (London,  1841), 
vol.  iii. 

BIRCH  (S.). — Unedited  Coin  of  Demetrius 
II.  With  1  plate.  In  the  “Numismatic  Chro¬ 
nicle”  (London,  1842),  vol.  iv. 

BIRCH  (S.).  —  Notes  upon  a  Type  of 
Phsestus  in  Crete.  In  the  “Numismatic  Chro¬ 
nicle”  (London,  1841),  vol.  iii. 

BIRCH  (S.).  —  On  an  unedited  Coin  of 
Pergamus.  In  the  “  Numismatic  Chronicle  ”  (Lon¬ 
don,  1840),  vol.  ii. 


BIRCH  (S.). — On  some  Coins  connected 
with  the  Geography  of  Galatia.  In  the  “  Numis¬ 
matic  Chronicle”  (London,  1840),  vol.  ii. 

BIRCH  (S.). — Unedited  Coins  of  Asia. 
With  1  plate.  In  the  “  Numismatic  Chronicle  ” 
(London,  1840),  vol.  ii. 

BIRCH  (S.). — List  of  unedited  Greek  Coins. 
With  notes  and  illustrations.  In  the  “  Numismatic 
Chronicle”  (London,  1841),  vol.  iv. 

BIRCH  (S.).  —  Unedited  Grseco-Egyptian 
Inscriptions.  In  the  “  Gentleman’s  Magazine  ”  for 
October,  1841.  (London,  1841.)  B.M. 

BIRCH  (S.). — Egyptian  Tomb  in  the  British 
Museum.  With  3  plates.  In  the  “  Archseologia  ”  of 
the  Society  of  Antiquaries  of  London,  vol.  xxix. 

BIRCH  (S.). — On  a  fictile  Yase  found  at 
Canino.  With  2  plates.  4to.  London,  1842.  B.M. 

BIRCH  (S.).  —  Gallery  of  Antiquities,  se¬ 
lected  from  the  British  Museum,  by  F.  Arundale  and 
J.  Bonomi.  With  descriptions  by  S.  B.  2  parts. 
4to.  London  (1842-43).  B.M. 

BIRCH  (S.). — Views  on  the  Nile,  by  Owen 
Jones  and  Jules  Goury,  with  historical  notices  by  S. 
Birch.  Fol.  London,  1843.  B.M. 

BIRCH  (S.). — The  Type  of  Aegiale  and  Epi- 
daurus.  In  the  “  Numismatic  Chronicle  ”  (London, 
1843),  vol.  v. 

BIRCH  (S.). — See  Nepean  (E.),  An  account 

of  certain  Antiquities  in  the  Island  of  Sacrificios . 

Followed  by  a  report  upon  the  examination  of  them 
by  S.  B.  1843.  B.M. 

BIRCH  (S.). — On  a  Yase  representing  the 
contest  of  Hercules  and  the  Achelous.  (From  the 
Journal  of  the  Royal  Society  of  Literature.) 
(London,  1843.)  B.M. 

BIRCH  (S.).  —  Observations  on  a  Eictile 

Vase  representing  the  contest  of  Hercules  and  Juno. 
With  1  plate.  From  the  “  Archseologia  ”  of  the 
Society  of  Antiquaries  of  London,  vol.  xxx.  (Lon¬ 
don,  1844.)  B.M. 

BIRCH  (S.). — Tin  Coins  of  Tavoy.  In  the 
“Numismatic  Chronicle”  (London,  1844),  vol.  vi. 

BIRCH  (S.).  —  New  proposed  reading  of 
certain  coins  of  Cunobelin.  With  1  plate.  In  the 
“Numismatic  Chronicle”  (London,  1845),  vol.  vii. 

BIRCH  (S.). — Notes  on  some  Types  of  Ta- 
rentum.  In  the  “Numismatic  Chronicle”  (London, 
1845),  vol.  vii. 

BIRCH  (S.). —  On  the  Types  of  Tevina. 
In  the  “Numismatic  Chronicle”  (London,  1845), 
vol.  vii. 

BIRCH  (S.). —  On  some  unedited  Coins, 
principally  of  Asia  Minor.  With  1  plate.  In  the 
“Numismatic  Chronicle”  (London,  1845),  vol.  vii. 

BIRCH  (S.). — Sycee  Silver.  In  the  “Numis¬ 
matic  Chronicle”  (London,  1845),  vol.  vii. 

Notes  and  Queries, 
July  18,  ’68. 

Books  on  Art  ( under  revision). 


BIRCH  (S.). — Observations  upon  the  Hie- 
ratical  Canon  of  Egyptian  Kings  at  Turin.  (From 
the  Transactions  of  the  Royal  Society  of  Literature.) 
8vo.  (London,  1845.)  B.M. 

BIRCH  (S.).  — Remarks  on  a  Greek  Vase 
in  the  Hamilton  Collection.  From  the  “Archseo- 
logia,”  vol.  xxx.  4to.  (London,  1845?)  B.M. 

BIRCH  (S.). — Observations  on  the  Figures 
of  Anacreon  and  his  dog  on  some  fictile  Vases  in  the 
British  Museum.  With  1  plate.  In  the  “  Archseo- 
logia”  (London,  1846),  vol.  xxxi. 

BIRCH  (S.). — Assyrian  Sculpture.  Two 
Bas-Reliefs  from  Khorsabad.  In  the  “  Arehaeologia,” 
&c.  (London,  1846),  vol.  xxxii. 

BIRCH  (S.). — Notes  on  Types  of  Caulonia. 
In  the  '’Numismatic  Chronicle”  (London,  1846), 
vol.  viii. 

BIRCH  (S.). — Inedited  Greek  Coins.  In  the 
“Numismatic  Chronicle”  (London,  1846),  vol.  viii. 

BIRCH  (S.). — The  Talbotype  applied  to 

Hieroglyphics.  Tablet  at  Ibrim . with  translation 

(by  S.  B.).  4to.  (1846.)  Privately  printed.  B.M. 

BIRCH  (S.).— Gold  Fibula,  found  at  Odi- 
ham,  Hampshire.  With  1  plate.  In  the  “  Archaeo¬ 
logical  Journal”  (London,  1846),  vol.  ii. 

BIRCH  (S.). — Notice  of  an  Anglo-Roman 
Sarcophagus,  discovered  in  Hertfordshire.  With  5 
plates.  In  the  “Archaeological  Journal”  (London, 

1846) ,  vol.  ii. 

BIRCH  (S.).— On  the  Tore  of  the  Celts. 

With  illustrations.  In  the  “Archaeological  Jour¬ 
nal”  (London,  1846),  vols.  ii.  and  iii. 

BIRCH  (S.).  —  Fictile  Yase  from  Yulci. 

With  5  plates.  In  the  “  Arehaeologia  ”  (London, 

1847) ,  vol.  xxxii. 

BIRCH  (S.).  —  Lettre  a  M.  Letronne  sur 

l’Expression  Hieroglyphique  du  mot  Egyptien  Ca- 
lasiris,  et  la  reponse.  In  the  “  Revue  Archeologique  ” 
(Paris,  1847),  vol.  iv. 

BIRCH  (S.). — Lettre  a  M.  Letronne  sur  la 
Famille  de  Psammetichus  dans  la  26e  Dynastie.  In 
the  “Revue  Archeologique”  (Paris,  1847),  vol.  iv. 

BIRCH  (S.). — Sur  le  Cartouche  Egyptien 
trouve  par  M.  Layard  dans  les  ruines  de  Nimroud. 
In  the  “  Revue  Archeologique”  (Paris,  1847),  vol.  iv. 

BIRCH  (S.). — On  the  reading  of  the  Coins 
of  Cunobelin,  found  at  Chesterford.  With  1  plate. 
In  the  “Archaeological  Journal”  (London,  1847), 
vol.  iv. 

BIRCH  (S.). — Lettre  a  M.  Letronne  sur 
^Expression  Hieroglyphique  de  deux  noms  propres 
Egyptiens.  In  the  “ Revue  Archeologique”  (Paris, 

1848) ,  vol.  v. 

BIRCH  (S.).  —  Sur  quelques  Groupes 
Hieroglyphiques  a  propos  d’un  ouvrage  de  l’Abbe 
Land.  In  the  “Revue  Archeologique”  (Paris,  1848), 
vol.  v. 

BIRCH  (S.). — On  a  Chinese  Bank-note.  In 
the  “Numismatic  Chronicle”  (London,  1850),  vol. 

BIRCH  (S.). —  Observations  on  a  Bronze 
figure  of  a  Bull,  found  in  Cornwall.  With  2  plates. 
In  the  “  Archaeological  Journal”  (London,  1850), 
vol.  vii. 

BIRCH  (S.).— Observations  on  an  Egyp¬ 
tian  Calendar,  of  the  reign  of  Philip  Aridaeus,  in 
the  possession  of  Thomas  Hart,  Esq.,  of  Reigate. 
With  1  plate.  In  the  “  Archaeological  Journal  ” 
(London,  1850),  vol.  vii. 

BIRCH  (S.). — Account  of  the  remains  of 
a  Roman  Villa  discovered  at  Whittlebury.  In  the 
“  Archaeological  Journal”  (London,  1850),  vol.  vii. 

BIRCH  (S.). — Notes  upon  a  Mummy  of  the 
age  of  the  26th  Egyptian  Dynasty.  In  the  “  Archaeo¬ 
logical  Journal”  (London,  1850),  vol.  vii. 

BIRCH  (S.). — On  a  remarkable  object  of 
the  reign  of  Amenophis  III  With  1  plate.  In  the 
“  Archaeological  Journal”  (London,  1851),  vol.  viii. 

BIRCH  (S.). — Upon  an  historical  tablet  of 

Rameses  II.,  of  the  nineteenth  dynasty,  relating  to 

the  gold  mines  of  Aethiopia . By  S.  Birch.  (From 

the  “  Arehaeologia,”  vol.  xxxiv.  With  a  translation 
of  the  tablet.)  4to.  London,  1852.  B.M. 

BIRCH  (S.). — Silver  Disc  from  Tarentum. 

With  1  plate.  In  the  “Arehaeologia”  (London, 

1852) ,  vol.  xxxiv. 

BIRCH  (S.). — On  Roman  remains  near  St. 

Albans.  In  the  “  Archaeological  Journal”  (London, 

1853) ,  vol.  x. 

BIRCH  (S.). — The  Annals  of  Thothmes  III., 
as  derived  from  the  Hieroglyphical  Inscriptions. 
In  the  “Arehaeologia”  (London,  1854),  vol.  xxxv. 

BIRCH  (S.). — On  ancient  remains  in  Here¬ 
fordshire.  With  2  plates.  In  the  “  Archaeological 
Journal  ”  (London,  1854),  vol.  xi. 

BIRCH  (S.). — New  Coins  of  British  Reguli. 
With  1  plate.  In  the  “  Numismatic  Chronicle  ” 
(London,  1855),  vol.  xiv. 

BIRCH  (S.). — On  a  Yase  representing  an 
adventure  of  Perseus.  Communicated  to  the  So¬ 
ciety  of  Antiquaries.  4to.  London,  1855.  B.M. 

BIRCH  (S.). — On  the  Coins  of  Germanus. 
In  the  “  Numismatic  Chronicle  ”  (London,  1856), 
vol.  xviii. 

BIRCH  (S.). — The  Egyptians  in  the  time 
of  the  Pharaohs.  Being  a  Companion  to  the  Crys¬ 
tal  Palace  Egyptian  Collections,  by  Sir  J.  G-ardner 
Wilkinson.  To  which  is  added  an  introduction  to 
the  study  of  the  Egyptian  Hieroglyphs.  By  S.  B. 
8  vo.  London,  1857.  S.K. 

BIRCH  (S.). — History  of  Ancient  Pottery. 
Illustrated  with  coloured  plates  and  numerous  en¬ 
gravings.  2  vols.  8vo.  London,  1858.  S.K. 



Universal  Catalogue  of 

Notes  and  Queries, 
J  uly  18,  ’68. 

BIRCH  (S.). -Remarkable  Coin  of  Seuthes  I. 
With  1  plate.  In  the  “Numismatic  Chronicle” 
(London,  1859),  vol.  xx. 

BIRCH  (S.). — Le  Papyrus  Abbott;  etude 

surun  manuscrit  hieratique  contenant  une  informa¬ 
tion  officielle  sur  des  vols  commis  dans  des  sepul¬ 
tures  royales . Traduction  de  M.  F.  Chabas. 

From  the  “  Revue  Archeologique”  (Paris,  1859), 
vol.  xvi.  B.M. 

BIRCH  (S.). — On  a  Historical  Tablet  of  tbe 
reign  of  Thothmes  III. ,  recently  discovered  at  Thebes. 
4to.  London,  1861.  From  the  “  Archseologia.”  B.M. 

BIRCH  (S.). — Observations  on  tlie  newly- 
discovered  fragments  of  the  Statistical  Tablet  of 
Karnak.  (From  the  Transactions  of  the  Royal  So¬ 
ciety  of  Literature.)  8vo.  London  (1862).  B.M. 
BIRCH  (S.). — On  Gold  jewelled  ornaments, 
found  near  Thebes  in  1859.  In  the  “Archaeological 
Journal”  (London,  1863),  vol.  xx. 

BIRCH  (S.). — Description  of  tbe  Papyrus 
of  Nas-Khem,  Priest  of  Amen-Ra,  discovered  in  an 
excavation  made  by  direction  of  H.  R.  H.  the  Prince 

of  Wales . in  a  tomb  near  Gournal,  at  Thebes. 

4to,  (Bungay,  1863.)  B.M. 

BIRCH  (S.).— Inscriptions  in  tbe  Himya- 

ritic  Character,  discovered  chiefly  in  Southern  Ara¬ 
bia,  and  now  in  the  British  Museum.  Oblong  4to. 
London,  1863.  B.M. 

BIRCH  (S.). — Pac-similes  of  tbe  Egyptian 
Relics,  discovered  at  Thebes,  in  the  tomb  of  Queen 
Aah-Hotep  (circa  B.C.  1800),  exhibited  in  the  In¬ 
ternational  Exhibition  of  1862.  From  drawings  by 
E.  Kiddle.  With  descriptive  letterpress  by  S.  B. 
Oblong  4to.  London,  1863.  B.M. 

BIRCH  (S.). — Pac-similes  of  two  Papyri, 

found  in  a  tomb  at  Thebes.  With  a  translation  by 

S.  B . and  an  account  of  their  discovery  by  A. 

H.  Rhind.  Oblong  fol.  London,  1863.  B.M. 
BIRCH  (S.). —  On  two  Egyptian  Tablets  of 
the  Ptolemaic  period.  Communicated  to  the  Society 
of  Antiquaries.  4to.  London,  1863.  (From  the 
“  Archseologia,”  vol.  xxxix.)  B.M. 

BIRCH  (  S . ) .  —  Revue  Archeologique . 

Sur  un  Papyrus  Magique  du  Musee  Britannique. 
(Reprinted  from  the  “  Revue  Archeologique.”)  8vo. 
Paris,  1864.  B.M. 

BIRCH  (S.). — On  Professor  Westmacott’s 
Discourse  on  the  Statue  of  the  Diadumenus.  In 
the  “Archaeological  Journal ”  (London,  1865),  Vol. 

BIRCH  (S.).- — See  Bunsen,  Egypt’s  Place 

in  Universal  History,  by  Baron  Bunsen,  translated 
by  C.  H.  Cottrell.  2nd  edition,  by  S.  B.  Vol.  i. 
8vo.  London,  1867. 

Yol.  v.,  with  additions  by  S.  B.  8vo.  London, 

BIRCH  (Thomas). — Tbe  Heads  of  illustrious 

persons  of  Great  Britain,  engraven  by  Mr.  Houbra- 
ken  and  Mr.  Vertue;  with  their  lives  and  characters 


by  T.  Birch,  A.M.  2  vols.  108  portraits.  Fol. 
London,  1743-52.  B.M. 

2nd  edition.  Fol.  London,  1756.  Lond.  Inst. 
Plates  of  2nd  edition  only  numbered. 

Another  edition,  1813. 

Some  copies  have  annexed  the  following  plates, 
engraved  by  Houbraken  for  Tindal’s  translation  of 
Rapin  :  William  III.,  Mary,  Anne,  G-eorge  (Prince 
of  Denmark),  the  Duke  of  Gloucester,  the  Duke 
and  Duchess  of  Marlborough,  Lord  Somers,  the 
Duke  of  Argyle,  the  Earl  of  Sunderland,  the  Earl 
of  Orford,  and  George  I. 

BIRCH  (William). — Delices  de  la  Grande 
Bretagne.  Engraved  and  published  by  W.  B. 
4to.  (London)  1791.  B.M. 

36  plates,  some  of  buildings  now  destroyed  at 
Norwich,  and  elsewhere. 

BIRCHALL  (Samuel). — A  descriptive  list 

of  the  provincial  coins  and  tokens  issued  between 
the  years  1786  and  1796.  8vo.  Leeds,  1796.  B.M. 

BIRCHEROD  (Thomas  Broderus). — Scia- 

graphia  rrjs  K^paroXo^ias,  sive,  De  cornibus  et  cor- 
nutis  commentariorum  quos  ex  omni  antiquitate, 
scientia  et  arte  collectos  sex  libris  distinctos,  figuris 
marmorum,  statuarum,  gemmamm,  sigillorum,  &c, 
legendos  dabit  T.  B.  B.  4to.  Hafniae  (1694  ?).  B.M. 
Plates  of  methods  of  representing  horns. 

BIRCHEROD  (T.  B.).— -T.  B.  B.  specimen 

antiquae  Rei  Monetariae  Danorum,  &c.  4to.  Haf- 
niae,  1701.  B.M. 

Plates  of  coins,  marks,  and  monograms. 

BIRCKENSTEIN  (Burckhardt  von,  “  Ertz- 

herzoglicher  Feldingenieur  des  Konigreichs  Bo- 
haimb  ”). — Handgriffe  des  Zirkels  und  Lineals.  With 
192  copper  plates  of  Hungarian  towns  and  castles. 
4to.  Augsburg,  1689. 

BIRD  (Ja.). — Historical  Researches  on  tbe 
origin  and  principles  of  the  Buddha  and  Jaina 

religions . Illustrated  with  descriptive  account 

of  the  sculptures  in  the  caves  of  Western  India. 
53  plates.  Fol.  Bombay,  1847. 

BIRDS. — Ornitbologia  NTova :  tbe  History 
of  Birds.  2  vols.  400  woodcuts.  12mo.  Bir¬ 
mingham,  1743. 

BIRDS. — The  Architecture,  tbe  Domestic 
Habits,  the  Faculties  of  Birds.  With  plates.  In 
the  Library  of  Entertaining  Knowledge.  3  vols. 
12mo.  London,  1831-35.  S.K. 

BIRINGUCCIO  (Vannuccio.).  — Li  diece 

Libri  della  Pirotechnia,  nelli  quali  si  tratta  non  solo 
la  diversita  delle  minere,  ma  ancho  quanto  si  ricerca 
alia  prattica  di  esse  ;  e  di  quanto  s’appartiene  all’ 

arte  della  fusione  overgetto  de  metalli . Composti 

per  V.  B.  4to.  Yenezia,  1550.  S.K. 

Also:  8vo.  Yenezia,  1559.  B.M. 

In  French,  by  Jac.  Vincent.  With  plates.  4to. 
Paris,  1556,  or  1572.  And:  4to.  Rouen,  1627. 
BIRKENHEAD. — Tbe  Stranger’s  Guide 
through  B.  12mo.  Birkenhead,  1847.  B.M. 

Notes  and  Queries, 
July  25,  ’68. 

Books  on  Art  {under  revision). 


BIRKENSTOCK  (Joannes  Melchior  a). — 

Mon  urn  en  turn  seternse  memoriae  Mariae  Christinae, 
Archiducis  Austria?,  a  Conjuge  Alberto  Saxone, 
Duce  Tesch.  Viennae,  in  Templo  D.  Angustini,  e 
marmore  erectum,  opera  Antonii  Canovse,  Equit. 
Rom.,  1805;  carmen  posthumum  ;  accessit  inter- 
pretatio  G-ermanica  ad  votum  authoris,  a  Eamiliari 
(Enzenberg)  tentata,  Lat.  et  Germ.  Plates.  Pol. 
Vindobonae,  1813.  B.M. 

BIRLY  (Istvan). — Csolnak-ut  Rotfcerdamtol 
Pestig.  Plates.  4to.  Pest,  1863.  B.M. 

Boat  journey  from  Rotterdam  to  Pesth. 
BIRMANN  (Peter).  —  Neujahrsblatt  der 

Kiinstlergesellschaft  in  Zurich  fiir  1859.  Enthal- 
tend  den  Landschaftsmaler  Peter  Birmann  von  Basel. 
4to.  Zurich,  1859. 

BIRMINGHAM. — Views  (eight  in  aquatint, 
after  P.  H.  Wilton  jun.,  by  W.  Ellis)  of  the  Ruins 
of  the  principal  houses  destroyed  during  the  Riots 
of  Birmingham,  1791,  with  descriptions  in  English 
and  French.  Oblong  4to.  London,  1792. 

BIRMINGHAM.— A  Pictorial  Guide  to  B. 

16mo.  Birmingham,  1849.  B.M. 

BIRMINGHAM.— The  Stranger’s  Guide  to 

Modern  B . With  observations  on  the  surround¬ 

ing  neighbourhood,  descriptive  of  the  topography,  an¬ 
tiquities,  and  manufactures,  &c.  8vo.  Birmingham, 
1818.  B.M. 

BIRON  (C.). — Curiositez  de  la  Nature  et 
de  l’Art,  apportees  dans  deux  Voyages  des  Indes  ; 
l’un  aux  Indes  d’Occident  en  1698  et  1699,  et  l’autre 
aux  Indes  d’Orient  en  1701  et  1702.  8vo.  Paris, 
1703.  B.M. 

BISACCIONI  (Majolino). — Apparati  sce- 

nici  per  il  Teatro  novissimo  di  Venezia  l’anno  1664, 
descritti  da  M.  B.,  intagliati  da  Marco  Boschini. 
Engravings.  Eol.  n.  p.  1664. 

BISAGNO  (D.  France  sco). — Trattato  della 

Pittura  fondato  nell’  autorita  di  molti  eccellenti  in 
questa  professione.  8vo.  Venezia,  1642.  B.M. 
Rare  but  not  useful,  according  to  Cicognara. 

BISANI  (Alexander)  . — Picturesque  Tour 
through  Part  of  Europe,  Asia,  and  Africa.  With 
plates,  some  after  Athenian  Stuart’s  designs.  8vo. 
London,  1793. 

BISCARI  (Ignazio  Patern6  Castello,  Prin¬ 
cipe  di). — Ragionamento  de’  VasiMurrini.  4to.  n.  p. 


BISCARI  (Ign.  P.  C.). — Ragionamento  so- 

pra  gli  antichi  ornamenti  e  trastulli  de’  bambini. 
4to.  Firenze,  1781. 

BISHOP  (W.  E.). — Views  of  Churches  in 
the  hundred  of  Hoxne,  Suffolk.  4to.  Harleston, 
1833.  B.  Arch. 

BISI  (Michele). — See  Gironi  (Robustiano), 
Pinacoteca . in  Milan,  1812. 

BISIAUX  ET  PETIT. — See  Petit  et  Bi- 


BISSCHOP  (Jan.  de). — Signorum  veterum 
leones.  Eol.  B.M. 

BISSCHOP  (Jan.  de). — Paradigmata  Gra- 
phices  variorum  Artificum.  Eol.  Hag.  Com.,  1671. 


BISSET  (James). — A  poetical  Survey  round 

Birmingham,  &c.,  accompanied  by  a  magnificent 
directory  with  the  names,  professions,  &c.  engraved 
in  emblematic  plates.  8vo.  Birmingham,  1800. 


BISSET  (J.). — A  descriptive  Guide  of  Lea¬ 

mington  Priors.  12mo.  Coventry,  1814.  B.M. 

BISSON  (Brothers). — Choix  d’Ornements 

Arabes  de  l’Alhambra,  offrant  dans  leur  ensemble 
une  synthese  de  l’ornamentation  Maurescp  e  en  Es- 
pagne  au  XIIIe  siecle.  Reproduits  en  phot,  graphie. 
Small  fol.  Paris,  1853,  &c.  S.K. 

BISSON'  (Brothers). — Reproductions  pho- 

tographiques  des  plus  beaux  types  d’ architecture 
d’apres  les  monuments  les  plus  remarquables  et  les 
plus  caracteristiques  de  chaque  epoque.  Fol.  Paris, 

4  plates  in  each  book. 

BIURBERG  (Joannes). — Resp.  Castor  bre- 

viter  delineatus.  Prses.  L.  Norrmanno.  8vo.  Up- 
salse  (1687).  B.M. 

Curious  woodcuts  descriptive  of  the  habits  of  the 

BIVERUS  (Petrus). — B.P.  Sacrum  Sanc- 

tuarium  crucis  et  patientise,  cruciferorum  emble- 
maticis  imaginibus  laborantium  et  segrotantium  or- 
natum.  With  70  plates,  besides  vignettes.  4to. 
Antuerpise  (ex  off.  Plantin.  Balth.  Moreti),  1634. 

BIVERUS  (P.). — B.  P.  Sacrum  Oratorium 

piarium  imaginum  Immaculatse  Mariae  et  animae 
creates,  ars  nova  bene  vivendi  et  moriendi.  42  alle¬ 
gorical  plates,  and  15  of  emblems.  4to.  Antuer- 
piae  (ex  off.  Plant.),  1634.  Cicogn. 

BIZEMONT  (Comte  de). — Notice  sur . 

See  Vekgnaud  Romagnesi  (C.  E.).  8vo.  1838. 

BIZEUL  (A.). — Notice  sur  le  monument 
druidique  du  Port  Eessan,  et  sur  quelques  pierres 
portant  des  figures  gravees.  With  plates.  In  the 
“  Memoires  de  la  Societe  Royale  des  Antiquaires  de 
France,”  vol.  viii.,  nouvelle  serie. 

BIZIO  (Bartolommeo). — Memoria  sopra  una 
lacca  verde  ottenuta  dal  caffe;  con  alcune  nuove 
osservazioni  sulla  natura  e  proprieta  della  materia 
colorante  di  cotesta  semenza.  8vo.  Venezia,  1819. 


BIZIO  (B.). — Dissertazione  sopra  la  por- 
pora  antica  e  sopra  la  scoperta  della  porpora  ne’ 
murici,  scritta  nell’  occasione  di  rispondere  alle  cri- 
tiche  del  Dr.  A.  Tusinieri.  8vo.  Venezia,  1843.  B.M. 

BIZOT  (Pierre). — Histoire  metallique  de  la 
republique  de  Hollande.  (From  1566  to  1680.) 
Plates  of  medals,  &c.,  and  frontispiece  by  Seb.  Le 
Clerc.  Fol.  Paris,  1687.  B.M. 

I  H  H 



f  Notes  and  Queries, 
1  July.  25,  ’B8. 

Universal  Catalogue  of 

Nouvelle  edition. — (Remarquos  sur  l’edition  de 
Paris.  Supplement.  Theatre  d’honneur  des  heros 
qui  ont  sacrifie  leurs  vies  pour  la  republique  de 
Hollands.)  3  vols.  Plates.  8vo.  Amsterdam, 
1688-90.  B.M. 

Dutch  translation. — Medalische  Historic  der  Re- 
publylc  van  Holland  in  ’t  Pransch  beschreeven 
door  B.  en  u;it  die  taal  in ’t  Nederduitsch  gebracht 
en  wel  twee  derden  vermeerderd ;  nevens  alle  de 
Medalien  der  Overtocht  van  Zyn  Hoogheid  na 

Engeland,  des  zelfs  Krooning  enz,  etc . Met  een 

Bijvoegsel  van  de  grafsteden  ter  eere  der  dappere 
helden  opgerecht.  Plates.  4to.  Amsterdam,  1690. 


BLACAS  (le  Due  de).  —  Description  des 

monumens  Musulmans  de  son  cabinet.  See  Rei- 


BLACAS  (le  Due  de). — Coffret  en  pierre, &c. 

See  Mignard  (M.),  Monographie,  &c. 

BLACK  (Adam  and  Charles). — Guide  to 

Belfast,  Giant’s  Causeway,  &c.  8vo.  Edinburgh, 

B.’s  Guide  to  the  Channel  Islands.  8vo.  Edin¬ 
burgh,  1865. 

B.’s  Tourist’s  Guide  to  Derbyshire . Chats- 

worth . 2nd  edition.  8vo.  1857. 

B.’s  Guide  to  Devonshire  and  Cornwall,  includ¬ 
ing  the  Scilly  Islands.  8  vo.  Edinburgh,  1855. 

B.’s  Guide  to  Dublin  and  the  Wicklow  Mountains. 
1854.  With  plan  of  Dublin.  1865. 

B.’s  Guide  to  Edinburgh,  &c.  8vo .  Edinburgh, 


B.’s  Guide  through  Edinburgh . with  excur¬ 

sions.  10th  edition.  1858. 

B.’s  Guide  to  the  English  Lakes . (with) 

Essay  on  Geology  of  the  district  by  J.  Phillips. 
8vo.  Edinburgh,  1851.  Illustrated  by  Foster, 
1858.  With  views  by  Flintoft,  1861. 

B.’s  Guide  to  Glasgow  and  the  West  Coast.  8vo. 
Edinburgh,  1852. 

B.’s  Guide  to  Gloucestershire.  2nd  edition.  8vo. 


B.’s  Guide  to  the  Counties  of  Hereford  and  Mon¬ 
mouth.  Illustrations.  2nd  edition.  Edinburgh, 

B.’s  Picturesque  Tourist  of  Ireland.  2nd  edition. 


B.’s  Iron  Highway  —  London  to  Edinburgh  and 
Glasgow.  8vo.  Edinburgh,  1850. 

B.’s  Guide  to  Killarney  and  South  of  Ireland. 
8vo.  Edinburgh,  1854. 

B.’s  Tourist's  and  Angler’s  Guide  to  Moffat  and 
its  vicinity,  &c.  8vo.  Edinburgh,  1853. 

B/s  Picturesque  Guide  to  North  Wales.  8vo. 

B.’s  Picturesque  Guide  through  North  and  South 
Wales,  and  Monmouthshire,  &c.  1851. 

B.’s  Picturesque  Tourist  and  Road-book.  England 
and  Wales.  1843. 

B.’s  Road  and  Railway  Guide  Book.  3rd  edition, 
enlarged.  1853. 

B.’s  Economical  Tourist  of  Scotland.  7th  edition. 
8vo.  Edinburgh,  1852. 


B.’s  Picturesque  Tourist  of  Scotland.  3rd  edition, 
12mo.  Edinburgh,  1843. 

17th  edition.  1865. 

B.’s  Guide  to  the  Shannon  and  West  of  Ireland. 

B.’s  Guide  to  Staffa,  &c . and  Caledonian 

Canal.  1854. 

B.’s  Guide  to  the  South-Eastern  Counties  of  Eng¬ 
land.  With  map,  &c.  Edinburgh,  1861. 

B.’s  Guide  to  the  South-Western  Counties . 


B.  s  Picturesque  Guide  to  Warwickshire . 1857. 

With  illustrations.  1866. 

B.’s  Picturesque  Guide  to  Yorkshire.  With  map, 
&c.  2nd  edition.  1862. 

With  plates,  cuts,  maps  and  plans. 

BLACK  (Archibald  Pollok). — A  Kindred 

Days  in  the  East :  a  diary  of  a  journey  to  Egypt, 
Palestine,  Turkey  in  Europe,  &c.  Woodcuts.  8vo. 
London,  1885.  B.M. 

BLACK  (William  Henry). — Eastbury  illus¬ 
trated  by  elevations,  plans,  sections,  views,  and 
other  delineations  of  that  once  magnificent  mansion, 
by  T.  H.  Clarke ;  with  an  historical  sketch  by  W.  H.  B. 
Fol.  London,  1834.  B.M. 

BLACK  (W.  H.). — Letters  to  eminent  Anti¬ 
quaries  on  the  primitive  site  of  Roman  London  ;  its 
roads,  &c.  (Privately  printed.)  8vo.  London,  1860. 

B.  Arch. 


BOOK.  Oblong  12mo.  London  (1861).  B.M. 
BLACKADER  (Adam). — Description  of  the 

Great  Pagoda  of  Madura,  the  Choultry  of  Trimul 
Naik.  In  the  “  Archseologia,”  vol.  x. 

BLACKBURN  (Hen&y).  —  Travelling  in 

Spain  in  the  present  day.  With  map  and  illustra¬ 
tions.  8vo.  London,  1866.  B.M. 

BLACKBURN  (Rev.  John).— The  Hand¬ 
book  round  Jerusalem,  or  companion  to  the  model 
by  J.  B.  8vo.  London,  1846.  B.M. 

New  edition.  12mo.  London,  1849. 

BLACKBURNE  (Edward  L.).— An  archi¬ 
tectural  and  historical  account  of  Crosby-place, 
London.  8vo.  London,  1834.  B.M. 

BLACKBURNE  (E.  L.). — Sketches,  graphic 

and  descriptive,  for  a  History  of  the  Decorative 
Painting  applied  to  English  Architecture  during 
the  middle  ages.  23  chromolithogr.  plates.  4to. 
London,  1847.  S.K. 

BLACKER  (Valentine).— Memoir  of  the 

Operations  of  the  British  Army  in  India  during  th* 
Mahratta  war  of  1817-18-19.  Atlas  of  45  plates. 
4to.  London,  1821. 

BLACKIE. — The  Cabinet-maker’s  Assistant; 

a  series  of  original  designs  for  modern  Furniture. 

. Preceded  by  practical  observations  on  the 

materials  and  manufacture  of  Cabinet  work,  and 
instructions  in  drawing  adapted  to  the  trade.  Fol. 
Glasgow,  1853.  S.K, 

Notes  and  Queries, 
July  25,  ’68. 


Books  on  Art  ( under  revision). 

BLACKIE  (John  Stuart)  . — OnBeauty,  three 

discourses  in  the  University  of  Edinburgh ;  with  an 
exposition  of  the  doctrine  of  the  beautiful  according 
to  Plato.  12mo.  Edinburgh,  1858.  B.M. 

BLACKSTONE  (Sir  William).— On  an  An¬ 
tique  Seal.  1  plate.  In  the  “  Archseologia,”  vol.  iii. 
BLACKWELL  (Elizabeth). — A  curious 
Herbal  containing  500  cuts  of  the  most  useful  Plants 
which  are  now  used  in  the  practice  of  Physiek. 
2  vols.  Eol.  London,  1737. 

Another  edition,  by  Chr.  Jac.  Trew.  With  German 
and  Latin  text,  and  600  coloured  plates,  by  Nic.  Er. 
Eisenberger.  Niirnberg,  1757-73. 

These  copies  are  preferred  to  the  original  plates. 

BLACKWELL  (Henry).  —  The  English 

Eencing-Master ;  or  the  compleat  Tutor  of  the 
Small  Sword.  Adorn’d  with  several  curious  pos¬ 
tures.  Plates.  4to.  London,  1705.  B.M. 

BLACKWELL  (John).  —  Compendium  of 
Military  Discipline.  With  plates  by  Hogarth. 
London,  1726.  Also:  1729. 

BLADES  (William). — The  Life  and  Typo¬ 
graphy  of  William  Caxton,  England’s  Eirst  Printer, 
with  evidence  of  his  typographical  connection  with 
Colard  Mansion,  the  Printer  at  Bruges.  Compiled 
from  original  sources  by  W.  B.  2  vols.  4to. 
1861-63.  S.K. 

BLAETJ  (Joannes).— Atlas  Magnus  s.  Geo- 

graphia  et  Cosmographia  Blaviana,  qua  solum, 
salum,  ccelum  accuratissime  describuntur.  11  vols. 
Eol.  Amsterdam,  1650.  With  563  maps,  and  41 
coloured  plates  of  views,  palaces,  costumes,  &c. 

It  should  be  accompanied  by  the  “Atlas  Cce- 
lestis  sen  Harmonia  macrocosmica,”  &c.  Amster¬ 
dam,  1660  (and,  with  a  different  title,  Amster¬ 
dam,  1708).  And,  L’ Atlas  de  Mer,  ou  monde  aqua- 
tique,  representant  toutes  les  cotes  de  Mer  connues 
en  l’Univers.  Amsterdam,  1667. 

Other  editions : — With  text  in  Latin.  11  vols. 
Eol.  1662. — In  French.  12  vols.  Eql.  1663. — 
In  Spanish.  10  vols.  Fol.  1659-72.— In  German. 
6  vols.  Fol. — In  Dutch.  9  vols.  Eol.  1664. 

BLAEU  (J.). — Novum  et  magnum  theatrum 
urbium  Belgicse  regige.  2  vols.  With  plates. 
Fol.  Amstelodami,  1649. 

Also,  with  new  title,  1650. 

BLAEU  (J.). — Theatrum  Civitatum  et  ad- 
mirandorum  Italise.  2  vols.  With  plates.  Eol. 
Amstelodami,  1663. 

In  French. — Nouveau  Theatre  d’ltalie ;  ou  de¬ 
scription  exacte  de  ses  villes,  palais,  eglises,  etc.,  et 
les  cartes  geographiques  de  toutes  ses  provinces, 

dresse  sur  les  dessins  de  Jean  Blaeu . le  tout  mis 

en  ordre.  4  vols.  Plates.  Eol.  Amsterdam, 
1704.  B.M. 

In  Latin.— Novum  Italise  theatrum,  sive  aceurata 
descriptio  ipsius  urbium,  palatiorum,  sacrarum 
sedium,  etc.  Plates.  Eol.  Amstelodami,  1705.  B.M. 
BLAEU  (J.). — Theatre  des  Etats  de  son 
Altesse  Royale  le  Due  de  Savoye,  etc.  Tome  i. 
contenant  le  Piemont,  laVille  de  Turin,  et  les  lieux 

voisins.  Tome  ii.  contenant  la  Savoye,  et  les  autres 
lieux  de  l’un  et  de  l’autre  cote  des  Alpes.  (Traduit 
du  Latin  de  J.  Blaeu,  par  Jacques  Bernard.)  With 
plates.  2  vols.  Large  fol.  La  Haye,  .1700.  S.K. 

The  Latin  edition.  2  vols.  With  plates.  Fol. 
Amsterdam,  1682.  B.M. 

j BLAGDON  (Francis  William). —  Graphic 

History  of  the  life,  exploits,  and  death  of  H.  Nelson, 
Viscount  and  Baron  Nelson  of  the  Nile,  &c.,  con¬ 
taining  fifteen  engravings . The  memoirs  by 

E.  W.  B.  Coloured  plates.  4to.  London,  1806. 


BLAGDON  (F.  W.).— Brief  History  of  An¬ 
cient  and  Modern  India,  from  the  earliest  periods 
to  the  termination  of  the  Mahratta  War.  With 
coloured  plates  by  Daniell.  Atlas  fol.  London, 

BLAGDON  (F.  W.). — Authentic  Memoirs 

of  the  late  George  Morland ;  together  with  speci¬ 
mens  of  his  sketches,  &c.  With  portrait,  and  20 
plates  Fol.  London,  1806.  B.M. 

BLAINE  (Delabere  Pritchett).' — Ency¬ 
clopaedia  of  Rural  Sports.  600  woodcuts  by 
Branston,  after  II.  Aiken,  Landseer,  &c.  8vo. 
London,  1840-44.  Also:  1852. 

BLAINE  (D.  Boberton). — Artistic  Copy¬ 
right.  Report  prepared  at  the  request  of  the  Com¬ 
mittee  appointed  by  the  Society  of  Arts.  8vo. 
London,  1858.  S.K. 

BLAINVILLE  (H.  M.  D.  de).  —  Osteo- 

graphie,  ou  description  iconographique  comparee  du 
squelette  et  du  systeme  dentaire  des  cinq  classes 

d’animaux . pour  servir  de  base  a  la  zoologie  et 

a  la  geologie.  400  to  500  lithogr.  plates,  publ.  by 
J.  C.  Werner  and  Delahaye.  4to.  Paris,  1839-56. 

BLAIR  (Alexander)  and  RONALDS  (F.). 

Sketches  at  Carnac  (Brittany)  in  1834 ;  or,  notes 
concerning  the  present  state  of  some  reputed  Celtic 
antiquities  in  that  and  the  adjoining  communes. 
By  A.  B.  and  E.  R.  Eol.  London,  1836.  B.M. 

BLAIR  (E.  A.). — Restoration  of  the  temple 
of  Jupiter  Olympius,  Athens.  Sessional  Paper. 
London,  15  Jan.  1838.  B.  Arch. 

BLAIR  (Robert). — The  Grave,  a  Poem. 

Illustrated  by  twelve  etchings,  executed  from 
original  designs  (by  William  Blake).  4to.  Lon¬ 
don,  1808.  S.K. 

Another  edition.  4to.  London,  1813.  S.K. 

BLAIS  (Auguste).  —  Notice  historique  et 

archeologique  sur  Notre-Dame-de-la-Couture  de 
Bernay,  &c.  With  9  lithogr.  plates.  8vo.  Evreux, 
1852.  B.M. 

BLAISE  (Jean).— Pierre  tumulaire  de  Jean 
Blaise  de  Manlion  et  notice  sur  lui.  In  the  “  Jour¬ 
nal . du  Musee  Lorrain,”  part  viii.  p.  58. 

BLAKE  (J.). — Descriptive  particulars  of 
the  remains  of  Kilconnel  Abbey,  Ireland.  Sessional 
Paper.  London,  22  March  1858.  B.  Arch. 




Universal  Catalogue  of 

Notes  and  Queries, 
July  25,  ’68. 

BLAKE  (Rev.  T.  W.  J.).— A  Vacation  in 
Continental  Picture  Galleries.  12mo.  London, 

Four  Months  in  Algeria,  with  a  Visit  to  Carthage. 
8vo.  1859. 

BLAKE  (William). — Songs  of  Experience. 
17  plates.  12mo.  (London)  n.d. 

BLAKE  (W.). — Jerusalem,  tlie  Emanation 
of  the  Giant  Albion.  100  engraved  pages.  Fol. 
(London)  n.  d. 

BLAKE  (W.). — Songs  of  Innocence  and  of 
Experience,  shewing  the  two  contrary  states  of  the 
human  soul.  The  author  and  printer  W.  Blake. 
12mo.  (London)  n.d. 

The  letters  seem  to  be  etched.  Round  about  and 
between  the  lines  are  all  kinds  of  etchings. 

The  same.  1  vol.  With  54  plates,  engraved  and 
coloured  by  the  artist.  Inrper.  4to.  (London)  n.  d. 
Another  edition.  2  vols.  8vo.  1789-94. 

BLAKE  (W.). — Book  of  Thiel.  8  engraved 
pages.  4to.  (London)  1789. 

BLAKE  (W.). — Gates  of  Paradise.  16  en¬ 
gravings  for  Children.  12mo.  Lambeth,  1793. 

BLAKE  (W.). — Visions  of  the  daughters  of 
Albion.  (A  poem,  with  coloured  illustrations  by 
W.  B.)  Fol.  (London)  1793.  B.M. 

BLAKE  (W.). — America,  a  Prophecy  (in 
verse.  With  illustrations  by  W.  B.).  18  aquatint 

plates,  some  coloured.  Fol.  Lambeth,  1793.  B.M. 

BLAKE  (W.). — Europe,  a  Prophecy.  17 
plates  including  title  and  frontispiece.  Fol.  Lam¬ 
beth,  1794. 

BLAKE  (W.). — The  Song  of  Los.  (A  poem, 
with  17  coloured  illustrations  by  W.  B.)  Fol.  Lam¬ 
beth,  1795.  B.M. 

BLAKE  (W.). — Book  of  Ahania.  3  designs. 
(London)  1795. 

BLAKE  (W.). — Illustrations  to  Young’s 
Night  Thoughts.  London,  1797.  See  Young 

BLAKE  (W.). — B.’s  illustrations  of  Dante. 

7  plates,  designed  and  engraved  by  W.  B.  Fol. 

(London,  1800?)  B.M. 

BLAKE  (W.). — The  Marriage  of  Heaven 
and  Hell,  designed  and  engraved  by  W.  B.  27  pp. 
8vo.  (London)  1800.  Bodl. 

BLAKE  (W.). —  Illustrations  to  Comus. 

8  original  designs,  n.  p.  0.  d. 

BLAKE  (W.). — Milton,  a  poem,  in  12  books. 
50  engraved  pages,  coloured  by  the  artist.  4to. 
(London)  1804. 

BLAKE  (W.). — Illustrations  to  “The 
Grave,”  a  poem  by  Robert  Blair.  See  Blair. 

BLAKE  (W.). — Illustrations  of  the  Book  of 
Job.  Invented  and  engraved  by  W.  B.  21  plates. 

.  4 to.  London,  1825.  B.M. 


BLAKE  (W.). — A  descriptive  Catalogue  of 

v  pictures,  poetical  and  historical  inventions,  painted 
by  him  in  water-colours,  being  the  ancient  method 
of  fresco  painting  restored.  12mo.  London,  1809. 


BLAKE  (W.). — The  Life  of  William  Blake, 

by  the  late  Alexander  Gilchrist.  Article  from  the 
Quarterly  Review,  No.  233,  January  1865.  S.K. 
See  Gilchrist  (A.). 

BLAKE  (W.). — William  Blake.  Article  from 
\J  Blackwood’s  Magazine,  March  1865.  S.K. 

BLAKE  (W.) . — Designs  by  W.  B.  See  Cum¬ 
berland,  (G.),  Thoughts  on  Outline  and  Sculpture. 

BLAKE  (W.) .—William  Blake.  A  Critical 
J  Essay . 1868.  See  Swinburne  (A.  C.). 

BLAKEWAY  (J.  B.).  —  See  Owen  and 

Blakeway,  A  History  of  Shrewsbury. 

BLAKISTON  (Thomas  W.). — Five  months 

on  the  Yang-Tsze  ;  with  a  narrative  of  the  explo¬ 
ration  of  its  upper  waters,  and  notices  of  the  present 
rebellion  in  China,  by  T.  W.  B. ;  illustrated  from 
sketches  by  A.  Barton,  with  maps  by  Arrowsmith. 

8  vo.  London,  1862.  B.M. 

BLANC  (Charles). — Histoire  des  peintres 

frai^ais  au  xix.  siecle.  Woodcuts  of  pictures. 
8voy  Paris,  1845.  B.M. 

Etude  sur  Louis  David.  8vo.  (Paris,  1847.) 
Extract  from  the  “  Histoire  des  peintres  fra^ais.” 

BLANC  (C.). — Le  graveur  en  taille-douce, 
ou  catalogues  raisonnes  des  estampes  dues  aux  gra- 
veurs  les  plus  celebres.  1.  Jean-George  Wille.  2. 
Robert  Strange.  8vo.  Leipzig,  1848. 

BLANC  (C.)  et  ARMEN  GAUD  (F.  G.  D.).— 

Histoire  des  Peintres  de  toutes  les  Ecoles,  depuis  la 
Renaissance  jusqu’a  nos  jours.  Par  Charles  Blanc. 
Accompagnee  du  portrait  des  peintres,  de  la  repro¬ 
duction  de  leurs  plus  beaux  tableaux  et  du  fac¬ 
simile  de  leurs  signatures,  marques  et  monogram¬ 
mes.  Ouvrage  publie  sous  la  direction,  et  avec  les 
notes,  recherches  et  indications  de  M.  Armengaud. 
4to.  Paris,  1849,  &c.  S.K. 

In  English. — The  History  of  the  Painters  of  all 

Nations . translated  by  P.  Berlyn . Edited  by 

M.  D.  Wyatt.  Fol.  London,  1852-53.  B.M. 

BLANC  (C.). — Les  Peintres  des  Fetes  ga- 
lantes.  Watteau,  Lancret,  Pater,  Boucher.  With 
6  vignettes.  16mo.  Paris,  1854.  B.M. 

BLANC  (C.). — De  Paris  a  Venise,  notes  en 

crayon.  Woodcuts.  12mo.  Paris,  1857.  B.M. 

BLANC  (C.). — Les  Tresors  de  l’Arta  Man¬ 

chester.  Small  8vo.  Paris,  1857.  S.K. 

BLANC  (C.). — Le  Tresor  dela  Curiosite,  tire 

des  Catalogues  de  Vente  de  Tableaux,  Dessins,  Es¬ 
tampes,  Livres . et  autres  Objets  d’Art,  avec  di- 

verses  notes  et  notices  historiques  et  biographiques, 

et  precede  d’une  lettre . sur  la  Curiosite  et  les 

Curieux.  2  vols.  With  vignettes.  8vo.  Paris, 
1857-58.  S.K. 

Notes  and  Queries,  •) 
August  1,  ’68.  J 


Books  on  Art  ( under  revision). 

BLANC  (C.). — L’CEuvre  de  Rembrandt,  re- 

produit  par  la  Photographic,  decrit  et  commente 
par  Charles  Blanc.  Fol.  Paris,  1853-55.  S.K. 
Another  edition.  Imper.  fol.  Paris,  1858.  S.K. 
Another  edition. — L’CEnvre  complet  de  Bem- 
brandt,  decrit  et  commente  par  M.  Ch.  B.  Cata¬ 
logue  raisonne  de  toutes  les  eaux-fo'rtes  du  maitre 
et  de  ses  peintures,  orne  de  bois  graves  et  de  qua- 
rante  eaux-fortes  tirees  a  part  et  rapportees  dans 
le  texte.  2  vols.  8vo.  Paris,  1859-61.  S.K. 

BLANC  (C.).  —  Gazette  des  Beaux- Arts. 

Courrier  Europeen  de  l’Art  et  de  la  Curiosite.  See 
Periodical  Publications. 

BLANC  (C.). — Grammaire  des  Arts  dn  Des- 

sin,  Architecture,  Sculpture,  Peinture,  Jardins — 
Gravure  en  Pierres  fines — Gravure  en  Medailles — 
Gravure  en  Taille-douce  —  Eau-forte  —  Maniere 
noire  Aqua-tinte  —  Gravure  en  Bois  —  Camaieu — 
Gravure  en  Couleurs  —  Lithographie.  Par  M. 
Charles  Blanc.  Imper.  8vo.  Paris,  1867.  S.K. 

BLANC  (C.).  —  Costumes  historiques,  &c., 

avec  introduction,  par  C.  B . 1860.  See  Bonnard 


BLANC  (Etienne). — L’Inventeur  brevete. 
Code  des  inventions  et  des  perfectionnements. 
Deuxieme  edition.  8vo.  Paris,  1845.  S.K. 

BLANC  (B.) 'and  BEAUME  (Alexandre). — 

Code  general  de  la  propriety  industrielle,  litteraire 
et  artistique,  comprenant  les  legislations  de  tous  les 
pays  et  lestraites  internationaux,  etc.  8vo.  Paris, 
1854.  B.M. 

BLANC  (ERANgois  le). — Dissertation  his- 
torique  sur  quelques  Monnoyes  de  Charlemagne,  de 
Louis  le  Debonnaire,  de  Lothaire,  et  de  leurs  sue- 
cesseurs,  frappees  dans  Borne.  4to.  Paris,  1689. 


Traits  historique  des  Monnoyes  de  France.  4to. 
Paris,  1690.  B.M. 

Another  edition . augment^  d’une  Dissertation 

sur  quelques  Monnoyes  de  Charlemagne,  &c.  Plates. 
4to.  Amsterdam,  1692.  B.M. 

With  new  title,  59  plates.  4to.  Paris,  1703. 

BLANCANUS  (Jacobus). — De  Antiquitatis 
Studio.  Oratio  habita  in  sedibus  Institui,  vi.  Idus 
Januarias.  4  plates  of  coins.  4to.  Bononiae,  1781. 


BLANCABD  (Louis).  —  Ieonographie  des 

Sceaux  et  Bulles  conserves  dans  la  partie  anterieure 
a  1790  des  Archives  Departernentales  des  Bouches- 
du-Bhone.  2  vols.  4to.  Paris,  1860.  S.K. 

BLANCHARD.-— Porte  principale  du  Bap- 
tistere  de  Florence,  par  L.  Ghiberti.  Fol.  Paris, 
1858.  B.  Arch. 

BLANCHARD  (Edme). — Traite  de  la  Coupe 

des  Bois  pour  le  revetement  des  voutes,  etc.  40 
plates.  4to.  Paris,  1729.  Cicogn. 

BLANCHARD  (Edward  Leman). — Adam’s 

descriptive  Pocket-Guide  to  the  Environs  of  the 
Metropolis.  8vo.  London  (1855).  B.M. 

BLANCHARD  (Octave,  Peintre).— Notice 

de  tableaux,  etc.  See  Catalogues,  Sale.  Paris,  1 843. 

vier).— Notice  sur  la  nouvelle  statue  equestre  de 
Louis  XIV.,  fondue  d’apr&s  le  modele  de  M.  Bosio, 

membre  de  l’lnstitut . par  M.  C.  O.  B.-B.  8vo. 

Paris,  1822. 


Itineraire  de  l’ami  des  arts ;  ou,  Statistique  generale 
des  Academies,  bibliotheques,  cabinets  d’histoire 
naturelle,  de  physique  et  de  chvmie,  colleges,  ecoles 

. etc.  de  Paris  et  des  departemens,  etc.  8vo. 

Paris,  1821.  B.M. 


Gabriel  Urs.,  Count). — De  l’influence  des  Arts  sur 
le  bonheur  et  sur  la  civilisation  des  hommes.  8vo. 
Paris,  1801.  B.M. 

BLANCHETlPRE. — Notes  recueillies  sur 

l’arrondissement  de  Domfront.  Avril  1852.  1 

plate.  In  the  “  Bulletin  monumental,”  vol.  xix. 
p.  81. 

Antiquites  de  Jublains.  3  plans.  The  same, 
vol.  xxiv.  p.  537. 

Notice  sur  la  Boche  Posay  (Vienne).  The  same, 
vol.  xxv.  p.  604. 

Le  Dcnjon  de  Domfront  (Orme).  The  same, 
vol.  xxx.  p.  190. 

BLANCHETON  (A.).— Vues  pittoresques 

des  principaux  chateaux  et  des  maisons  de  plai- 
sance  des  environs  de  Paris  et  des  departements, 
lithographies  par  MM.  Bonington,  Bouton,  Biche- 
bois,  Ciceri,  etc.,  dirigees  par  MM.  Bouton,  Da¬ 
guerre  et  Benoux,  avec  un  texte  historique  et 
descriptif  redige  par  A.  B.  Published  in  30  parts. 
2  vols.  Fol.  Paris  (1826-30). 

BLANCHINUS  (Franciscus). — Camera  ed 

inscrizioni  sepulchrali  de’  liberti,  servi,  ed  ufficiali 
della  casa  di  Augusto  scoperte  nella  Via  Appia,  ed 
illustrate  con  annotazioni;  Fol.  Boma,  1727.  T.C.D. 

BLANCHINUS  (Fr.).— Del  palazzo  dei 

Cesari.  Fol.  Verona,  1738.  T.C.D. 

BLANCHINUS  (Fr.).— Spiegazione  delle 

scolture  del  palazzo  di  Urbino  (p.  79,  Memor.  con- 
cernente  la  citta  di  Urbino).  T.C.D. 

BLANCHINUS  (Fr.).— La  istoria  uni¬ 
versale  provata  con  monument!,  e  figurata  con 
simboli  de  gli  antichi.  4to.  Boma,  1697.  T.C.D. 

BLANCHINUS  (Josephus).  —  Spiegazione 

istorica  di  tutte  le  cose  notabili  delle  Porte  di 
Boma.  Book  i.  of  the  “  Magnificenze  di  Boma.” 
See  Vasi  (Giuseppe). 

BLANCK  (Johann  Leonhard).  —  Bildnisse 

beriihmter  Kiinstler,  Buchhandler,  Buchdrucker  und 
anderer  Manner.  50  portraits.  Fol.  Niirnberg, 
1779.  B.M. 

BLANCK  (Otto). — Die  scandinaviscbe  In¬ 
dustrie-  Ausstellung  zu  Stockholm  im  Sommer  1866. 
8vo.  Stockholm  und  Leipzig  (1867).  S.K. 

ii  121 


Universal  Catalogue  of 

<  No'  rs  and  Queries, 
(  August  1, ’68. 

BLANCOURT  (Handiequee  de). — The  art 

of  glass,  in  English,  with  improvements,  translated 
from  the  French.  8vo.  London,  1699.  Bodl. 
BLAND  (F.  C.).— Description  of  the  Bar- 

naan  Cuilawn,  and  conjectures  as  to  its  original  use. 

1  plate.  In  the  Royal  Irish  Academy  Transactions, 
vol.  xiv.,  1825,  p.  31. 

BLAND  (W.). — Experimental  Essays  on  the 
Principles  of  Construction  in  Arches,  Piers,  But¬ 
tresses,  &c.,  made  with  a  view  to  their  being  useful 
to  the  practical  builder.  (Weale’s  Series.)  New 
edition.  12mo.  London,  1862.  S.K. 

BLANDOT  (L.). — Maisons  et  Ecoles  com- 
munales  de  la  Belgique,  dessinees  et  mesurees  par 
Blandot,  et  accompagnees  d’un  texte  descriptif  et 
explicatif.  Fol.  Paris,  1864,  &c.  S.K. 

BLANKENBURG  (E.  D.).— Der  Dom  zn 

Koln.  Kurze  historisch-architektonische  Beschrei- 
bung.  (Beschreibung  des  Festes  der  Grundstein- 
legung  zum  Fortbau  des  Domes  zu  Koln  am  4  Sep. 
1842.)  2  parts.  12mo.  Berlin,  1842.  B.M. 

BLANQUART-EVRARD  (Louis  Desiee). 

Traite  de  photographie  sur  papier  ;  avec  une  intro¬ 
duction  par  G.  Ville.  8vo.  Paris,  1851.  B.M. 

See  Valicourt  (E.  de),  Nouveaux  renseignements 
pratiques  sur  le  procede  de  photographie  sur  papier 
de  M.  B.  E.  1847.  B.M. 

Album  photographique  de  l’artiste  et  de  1’ ama¬ 
teur,  publie  sous  la  direction  de  Mr.  B.-E.  Fol. 
Lille  (1852,  &c.).  B.M. 

BLANQUART-EVRARD  (L.  D.).— Inter¬ 
vention  de  l’Art  dans  la  Photographie.  8vo. 
Paris,  1864. 

English  translation. — On  the  Intervention  of  Art 

in  Photography . Translated  by  A.  Harral,  with 

an  introduction  by  J.  Sutton.  With  photographic 
illustrations  from  negatives  by  the  author.  8vo. 
London,  1864.  B.M. 

BLANQUI  (Jee6me  Adolphe). — Lettres  snr 

l’Exposition  Universelle  de  Londres,  precedees  d’un 
preambule  et  suivies  du  rapport  present^  a  l’ln- 
stitut  National  de  France.  8vo.  Paris,  1851.  B.M. 
BLARAMBERG  (Ivan  Payloyich). — Choix 

de  medailles  antiques  d’Olbiopolis  ouOlbia,  faisant 
partie  du  cabinet  du  Conseiller  d’Etat  De  B.  a 

Odessa ;  avec  20  planches . accompagnees  d’une 

notice  sur  Olbia,  &c.  8vo.  Paris,  1822.  B.M. 

BLARAMBERG  (I.  P.).— Notice  sur 

quelques  objets  d’antiquite  decouverts  en  Tauride 
dans  un  tumulus,  pres  du  site  de  l’ancienne  Panti- 
capee.  8vo.  Paris,  1822.  Bodl. 

BLASCHE  (BeenhaedHeineich). — The  Art 

of  working  in  Pasteboard  upon  scientific  principles : 
to  which  is  added  an  appendix.  Compiled  from 
the  German  (of  B.  H.  B.)  with  corrections  and 
additions  by  D.  Boileau.  Plates.  16mo.  London, 
1827.  B.M. 

BLASHFIELD  (J.  M.). — An  account  of  the 

History  and  Manufacture  of  Ancient  and  Modern 
Terra  Cotta;  and  of  its  use  in  architecture  as  a 

durable  and  elegant  material  for  decoration.  8vo. 
London,  1855. 

A  Selection  of  Yases,  Statues,  Busts,  &c.,  from 
Terra  Cottas.  By  J.  M.  Blashfield.  4to.  London, 

Patent  Terra  Cotta  Yases,  Tazze,  Figures,  &c., 
manufactured  by  J.  M.  Blashfield.  4to.  London, 

A  Catalogue  of  500  Articles,  made  of  Patent 
Terra  Cotta,  by  J.  M.  Blashfield.  8vo.  London, 

Catalogue  of  Terra  Cotta  Works  of  Art,  sold 
May  1858.  8vo.  London,  1858.  S.K. 

BLASHFIELD  (J.  M.). — On  the  Structure 

of  Greek  Fictile  Vases.  In  the  Transactions  of 
tRe  Society  of  Arts,  supplemental  vol.,  1852,  p.  455. 

BLASI  (Salyadoee  Maeia  di). — Breve  rag- 
guaglio  del  museo  del  mon.  di  S.  Martino  delle 
Scale,  &c.  4to.  Palermo,  1774. 

Dissertazione  sopra  un  vase  greco-siculo  figurato 
nel  museo  Martiniano.  4to.  n.  p.  o.  d. 

Due  lettere  sopra  un  antico  sarcofago  in  marmo, 
e  sopra  1’  ascia  sepolcrale.  Opuscoli  di  Autori 
Siciliani,  vol.  i.  See  Sicieiani.  Bodl. 

BLASIS  (Caelo). — Studi  sulle  Arti  Imita- 
trici.  8vo.  Milano,  1844.  B.M. 

BLASON,  le,  de  toutes  Armes  et  Ecutz . 

Small  8vo.  Paris  (Pierre  le  Caron),  1495. 

Gothic  letter,  with  illuminated  coats  of  arms. 
40  leaves. 

BLASON,  le,  des  armes  nouuellemt  iprime. 
(On  the  recto  of  the  last  leaf.)  Imprime  a  Paris 
par  Guillaume  nyuerd  demourat  en  la  rue  de  la 
iuyfrie  a  lenseigne  de  la  Rose.  Ou  au  palais  a  la 
premiere  porte.”  8vo.  Paris,  n.d. 

BLASON,  le,  des  armes  auec  les  armes  des 
princes  et  seigneurs  de  France.  Cy  finist  le  blason 
des  armes.  Imprime  a  Lyon  par  Claude  Nourry  le 
xve  iour  de  nouembre  mil  cinq  cens  trois.  With 
illuminated  coats  of  arms.  8vo.  Paris,  1503. 

BLASON,  le,  blason  de  coulevrs  en  armes, 

livrees  et  devises.  8vo.  Paris,  1582.  T.C.D. 

BLASON.  —  Methode  royale  du  Blason, 
composee  pour  le  Dauphin.  With  plates.  12mo. 
Paris,  1671. 

BLASON. — L’Art  du  Blason,  ou  science  des 
nobles,  par  dialogues.  With  numerous  plates.  4to. 
Amsterdam,  1695. 

BLASONS,  les,  domestiques,  contenants  la 
decoration  d’une  maison  honeste  et  du  mesnage 
estant  en  icelle.  Invention  joyeuse  et  moderne. 
27  woodcuts.  Small  8vo.  Paris,  1539. 
BLASSET  (Nicolas). — L’oeuvre  de  Blasset 

ou  plutot  Blassel,  celebre  sculpteur  amienois . 

See  Dubois  (A.).  1862. 

BLAVIGNAC  (J.  D.).— Histoire  de  1’ Archi¬ 
tecture  sacree  du  quatrieme  au  dixi&me  si^cle  dans 
les  anciens  eveches  de  Geneve,  Lausanne  et  Sion. 
Text,  8vo. ;  atlas,  oblong  folio.  Paris,  1853.  S.K. 

Books  oh  Art  {under  revision}. 


Kotos  an*'!  Queries,  > 
August  1,  ’68.  j 

BLAZON  of  Coloures  in  Armoryes  and  En- 
signes  military,  translated  (oute  of  a  little  Frenche 
Hooke  printed  at  Parys,  1546)  by  me  E(iehard) 
R(obinson).  London  (1583). 

BLENCOWE  (Robert  Willis). — Cowden 

and  its  neighbourhood.  3  plates.  In  the  “Archseo- 
logia  Cantiana,”  vol.  i.  p.  111. 

BLENDER  (A.). — La  Bijouterie  pour  Tons 
au  XIX®  si&cle.  Par  A.  Blender,  Technologien  et 
Praticien.  Publication  de  nouveaux  specimens  de 
Broches,  Bracelets,  Colliers,  Chaines,  Cachets,  Cou- 
lants,  M6daillons,  Pendant  d’oreilles,  Epingles, 
Bagues,  etc.  Chromo-lithographs.  Fol.  Paris, 
1866.  S.K. 

BLENHEIM.  — •  New  description  of  Blen¬ 
heim,  the  seat  of  the  Duke  of  Marlborough.  8vo. 
London,  1797. 

Description  nouvelle  de  Blenheim,  Chateau  de  sa 
grandeur  le  Due  de  Marlborough.  Plates.  12mo. 
Oxford,  1815.  Cicogn. 

A  description  of  Blenheim.  12th  edition.  8vo. 
Oxford,  1835.  B.M. 

BLENKARN  (John). — Practical  Specifica¬ 
tions  of  works  executed  in  Architecture,  Civil  and 
Mechanical  Engineering,  and  in  Koadmaking  and 

Sewering . Illustrated,  &c.  8vo.  London,  1865. 


BLESENDORF  (Constantin  Friedrich). — 

Anfang  der  Churfiirstl.  Leich -Procession  Friede- 
rich  Wilhelms  des  Grossen,  Markgrafen  und  Chur- 
fiirsten  zu  Brandenburg,  etc.  C.  F.  B.  delineavit,  J. 
U.  Crause  fee.  (Eighty-seven  copper-plate  engra¬ 
vings,  accompanied  by  five  other  plates,  containing 
the  portrait  of  the  Elector,  a  representation  of  the 
lying-in-state,  and  views  of  his  mausoleum.)  Fol. 
(Berlin,  1700  ?)  B.M. 

BLESER  (Ed.  de). — Rome  et  ses  Monu¬ 
ments.  Guide  du  Yoyageur  catholique  dans  la 
Capitale  du  Monde  chretien,  par  Ed.  de  Bleser. 
Avec  cinquante-et-un  plans  annotes.  8vo.  Lou¬ 
vain  (1866).  S.K. 

BLEWETT  or  BLEWIT  (Octavian). — A 

Handbook  for  Travellers  in  Southern  Italy.  12  mo. 
London  (John  Murray),  1853.  S.K. 

One  of  the  series  of  “Murray’s  Handbooks.” 

A  Handbook  for  travellers  in  Central  Italy  ;  in¬ 
cluding  the  Papal  States,  Borne,  and  the  cities  of 
Etruria.  2nd  edition.  8vo.  London  (John  Mur¬ 
ray),  1850.  S.K. 

BLICK  (Rev.  Edward). — A  short  Account 
of  the  Churches,  Schools,  and  Charities,  in  the 
Parish  of  St..  Mary,  Botherhithe,  Surrey.  8vo. 
London  (1848).  S.K. 

BLIGHT  (John  T.).  —  Ancient  Crosses 

and  other  Antiquities  in  the  East  of  Cornwall. 
Wood  engravings.  8vo.  London,  1856.  B.M. 

2nd  edition.  4to.  London,  1858.  S.K. 

BLIGHT  (J.  T.). — A  Week  at  the  Land’s 

End.  8vo.  London,  1861.  S.K. 

BLIGHT  (J.  T.). — Churches  of  West  Corn¬ 

wall  ;  with  notes  of  Antiquities  of  the  district . 

With  numerous  illustrations.  8vo.  London,  1865. 


BLIGHT  (J.  T.). — Remains  of  an  ancient 
British  Village,  Chysanster,  Cornwall.  With  3 
illustrations.  In  the  “  Archaeological  Journal,”  vol. 
xviii.,  1861,  p.  39. 

BLIGHT  (J.  T.).— See  Cumming  (J.  G.). 

The  great  Stanley . illustrated  from  Manx 

scenery  and  antiquities . by  J.  T.  B.  1867. 

BLIN  (Pierre). — Portraits  des  grands  hom¬ 
ines,  femmes  illustres,  et  sujets  memorables  de 
France.  4to.  Paris,  1786-92.  B.M. 

Series  of  places  coloured  by  hand,  some  battle 
pieces,  &c. 

BLOCK-PRINTING.— (Eight  leaves  con¬ 
taining  specimens  of  Block-printing,  “  from  blocks 
of  wood  in  Mr.  Astle’s  possession.”)  Fol.  n.p.o.d. 


BLOEM  (H.). — Een  constich  boeck  van  de 
vijf  columnen  van  architecture  te  weten  Tuscana, 
Dorica,  Ionica,  Corinthia,  ende  Composite.  Fol. 
Amsterdam,  1598.  B.  Arch. 

BLOEMAERT  (Abraham).  —  ’t  Bosch  der 

Eremyten  ende  Eremytinnen  van  JEgypten  ende 
Palestinen,  met  figuren  van  Abraham  Blommaert. 
In  coperghesneden  door  Boetius  a  Bolswert.  M^et 
cort.  verhael  van  eens  yders  leven  ghetrocken  uyt  het 
Yaders-Boeck.  50  plates,  25  of  male,  25  of  female 
Saints.  Small  4to.  ’t  Hantwerpen,  1619. 

With  Latin  title,  same  date. 

Another  edition.  4to.  Antwerpen,  1644. 

BLOEMAERT  (Ab.). — Principes  et  etudes 

de  dessin,  graves  par  B.  Picart.  With  166  plates. 
Fol.  Amsterdam,  1740. 

Also  with  Dutch  text,  with  the  same  plates.  Fol. 
Amsterdam,  1740. 

BLOEMAERT  (Abraham). — Nieut  teecken 

boeck  inhoudende  alle  de  principaelste  fondamenten 
om  te  leeren  teeckenen.  (A.  B.  inventor,  F.  de  Widt, 
exc.)  24  plates,  including  title-page.  4to.  Am¬ 
sterdam,  1700.  B.M. 

BLOIS  (A.). — Notes  sur  l’eglise  Sante-Croix 
de  Quimperle.  1  plate.  In  the  “Bulletin  monu¬ 
mental,”  vol.  xxviii.  p.  515. 

BLOMBERG  (Hugo  von,  Baron). — Album 

der  Niederlandischen  Genre-Maler.  I.  und  II. 
Cyclus.  20  photographs  by  G.  Schauer,  and  text 
by  Baron  Blomberg.  4to.  Berlin,  n.d. 

BLOMBERG  (Hugo  von,  Baron).  —  Die 

Fabel  der  Psyche,  den  Bildern  Raphael’s  in  der 

Farnesina  naeherzahlt  von  H.  Freiherr  von  B . 

See  Raphael. 

BLOME  (Richard).— An  Essay  to  Heraldry, 
in  two  parts.  The  first  containing  the  body  of 
Heraldry,  the  second,  Honour  civil  and  military. 
Illustrated  with  sculptures.  8vo.  London,  1684. 
And,  12mo.  London,  1685  ?  B.M. 



Universal  Catalogue  oj 

Notes  and  Queries, 
August  1,  ’68. 

BLOMEFIELD  (Francis). — The  History  of 

the  Hundreds  of  Diss,  Giltcross,  Shropham,  Grime- 
shoe,  Wayland,  and  Forehoe,  in  the  County  of 
Norfolk.  Fol.  Fersfield,  1736-39.  Bodl. 

The  author’s  copy,  with  original  drawings  and 
numerous  MSS.  additions. 

BLOMEFIELD  (F.).—  The  History  of  the 

ancient  City  and  Burgh  of  Thetford,  by  Fr.  B. 
4to.  Fersfield,  1739.  Bodl. 

BLOMEFIELD  (F.).  —  Collectanea  Canta- 
brigiensia,  or  Collections  relating  to  Cambridge 
University,  Town,  and  County.  4to.  Norwich, 
1750.  B.M. 

BLOMEFIELD  (F.). — An  Essay  towards  a 

Topographical  History  of  the  County  of  Norfolk: 
continued  by  the  Rev.  Charles  Parkin.  5  vols. 
With  plates.  Folio.  Fersfield,  &c.,  1739-75.  B  M. 

Another  edition.  1 1  vols.  With  plates.  8vo. 
London,  1805-10.  B.M. 

BLONDEL  (Francois).  —  Resolution  des 

quatre  principaux  problemes  d’ Architecture,  dediee 
a  M.  Colbert.  8  plates.  Fol.  Paris,  1673.  B.M. 

BLONDEL  (F.).  — Cours  d’Architecture, 
enseigne  dans  l’Academie  Royale  d’Architecture. 
Plates.  5  parts,  in  2  vols.  Fol.  Paris,  1675-83. 


2nd  edition,  revised  and  enlarged.  Fol.  Paris, 

BLONDEL  (  Jacques-Franqois). — Dela  Dis¬ 
tribution  des  Maisons  de  Plaisance,  et  de  la  decora¬ 
tion  des  edifices  en  general.  Par  J.-F.  B.  Ouvrage 
enriehi  de  cent  soixante  planches  en  taille-douce, 
gravies  par  l’auteur  (and  front,  by  Cochin).  2  vols. 
4to.  Paris,  1737.  S.K. 

This  has  appeared  as  “  Traite  d’Architecture  dans 
le  gout  moderne.” 

BLONDEL  (Jac.-Fr.). — Architecture  fran¬ 
chise,  ou  recueil  des  plans,  &c.,  des  eglhes,  maisons 
royales  et  edifices  les  plus  considerables  de  Paris. 
4  vols.  With  plates.  Large  fol.  Paris,  1752.  B.M. 
Yol.  I.  Faubourg  St.  Germain,  152  plates. 

Vol.  II.  Luxembourg,  City,  Faubourg  St.  Antoine 
et  Marais,  148  plates. 

Yol.  III.  Rues  St.  Denis,  Montmartre,  St.  Honor 
Palais  Royal,  140  plates. 

Vol.  IV.  Louvre.  Tuileries,  Versailles. 

According  to  Brunet  this  work  was  to  have  had 
8  vols.  and  1200  plates. 

BLONDEL  (Jac.  Fr.). — Discours  sur  la  ne¬ 
cessity  de  1’ etude  de  f  Architecture.  12mo.  Paris, 
1764.  B.M. 

BLONDEL  (Jac.  Fr.). — De  l’utilite  de  join- 

dre  a  1’ etude  de  1’ Architecture  celui  des  Sciences  et 
des  Arts  qui  lui  sont  relatifs.  8vo.  Paris,  1771. 
(From  3rd  vol.  of  the  Cours  d’Architecture.)  Cicogn. 

BLONDEL  (Jac.  Fr.). — Discours  sur  T Ar¬ 
chitecture  avec  deux  lettres,  la  premiere  sur  un  projet 
d’hotel  pour  la  Ville  de  Palis;  la  seconde  sur  dif- 
fy  rens  moyens  propres  a  encourager  les  artistes. 
8vo.  Paris,  1771.  Cicogn. 


BLONDEL  (Jac.  Fr.). — Cours  d’Architec¬ 
ture.  6  vols  of  text,  3  of  plates.  8vo.  Paris,  1771— 
77.  (The  two  last  vols.  of  text  and  the  third  of  plates 
by  P.  Patte.) 

BLONDEL  (Jac.  Fr.).  —  L’Homme  du 

Monde eclaire  paries  Arts  ;  publie  par  M.  deBastide. 

2  vols.  8vo.  Amsterdam,  1774.  B.M. 

BLONDE L  (Jac.  Fr.). — Fragmens  d’Archi¬ 
tecture  etdessins  des  croiseesqui  decorent  les  Facades 
du  Louvre.  Fol.  Paris,  n.  d. 

BLONDEL  (Jac.  Fr.). — Desseinsde  Chemi- 

nees  et  l’Ambris  de  Menuiserie  pour  la  decoration  des 
Appartemens,  par  Blondel.  See  Mariette,  l’Archi- 
tecture  a  la  Mode,  vol.  i. 

BLONDEL  (Jac.  Fr.). — Son  CEuvre . See 

Prost  (Aug.).  1860. 

Funerailles...... Discours.  See  Raottl-Rochette 

(D.)  et  Coignet  (Leon).  Paris,  1853. 

BLONDUS  (M.  Angelus). — De  Cognitione 

Hominis  per  aspectum.  36  leaves.  8vo.  Romse 
(ap.  Ant.  Bladum),  1544.  Cicogn. 

BLOOM  (John  Hague). — Notices,  historical 

and  antiquarian,  of  the  castle  and  priory  at  Castle- 
acre,  in  the  county  of  Norfolk.  8vo.  London, 
1843.  B.M. 

BLOOMFIELD  (Robert). — The  Farmer’s 

Boy,  a  rural  poem.  With  cuts  by  Bewick.  4to. 
and  12mo.  London,  Buhner,  1800. 
BLOOMFIELD  (Robert).  —  Rural  tales, 

ballads,  and  songs.  Illustrated  by  Bewick.  4to. 
and  12mo.  London.  B.M. 

The  woodcuts  are  in  the  editions : — 

Large  8vo.  London,  1801. 

Small  8vo.  London,  1802. 

12mo.  London,  1811,  and  1815.  12th  and  13th 
editions.  S.K. 

See  also  Bradley  (Edw.  W.),  Views  in  Suffolk, 
Norfolk,  &c.  1806. 

BLOOMFIELD  (Robert). — The  Banks  of 

Wye:  a  Poem  in  Four  Books.  Third  edition. 
With  plates.  12mo.  London,  1811.  B.M. 

12mo.  London,  1823.  S.K. 

BLOOMFIELD  (Robert). — Wild  Flowers  ; 

or  Pastoral  and  Local  Poetry.  A  new  edition.  With 
plates.  12mo.  London,  1819.  S.K. 

BLOOMFIELD  (Robert). — Poems  by  Ro¬ 
bert  Bloomfield,  the  Farmer’s  Boy.  With  13  illus¬ 
trations,  designed  and  drawn  by  T.  Sidney  Cooper,  J. 
Callcott  Horsley,  J.  Frederick  Tayler  and  Thomas 
Webster.  Engraved  by  Thurston  Thompson.  8vo. 
London,  1845.  S.K. 

BLOOMFIELD  (Robert). — The  Farmer’s 
Boy.  By  R.  B.  Illustrated  with  30  engravings, 
from  drawings  by  Birket  Foster,  Harrison  Weir  and 
G.  E.  Hicks.  8vo.  London,  1858.  S.K. 

BLOOTELING  (Abraham). — A.  B.  Ver- 

zeichniss  seiner  Kupferstiche  und  Sehabkun stbl al¬ 
ter ;  von  J.  E.  Wesseling.  8vo.  Leipzig,  1867.  S.K. 

Notes  and  Queries, 
August  8,  ’68. 

Boohs  on  Art  ( under  revision). 


BLORE  (Edward). — The  Monumental  Re¬ 
mains  of  noble  and  eminent  Persons,  comprising 
the  Sepulchral  Antiquities  of  Great  Britain,  en¬ 
graved  from  drawings  by  Edward  Blore.  With 
historical  and  biographical  illustrations.  30  plates. 
Eoyal  8vo.  London,  1826.  S.K. 

RLORE  (Thomas).  —  The  History  of  the 
Manor  and  Manor  House  of  South  Winfield  in  Der¬ 
byshire.  (No.  III.  of  the  Miscellaneous  Antiqui¬ 
ties,  in  continuation  of  the  Biblioth.  Topogr.  Brit.) 
4to.  London,  1793.  B.M. 

BLORE  (Thomas). — History  and  Antiqui¬ 
ties  of  the  County  of  Rutland,  compiled  from  the 
works  of  historians,  national  records,  &c.  Eol. 
Stamford,  1811.  B.M. 

BLORE  (Thomas). — A  Guide  to  Burghley 

House,  Northamptonshire,  the  seat  of  the  Marquis 
of  Exeter ;  containing  a  catalogue  of  all  the  paint¬ 
ings,  antiquities,  &c.,  with  biographical  notices  of 
the  artists.  8vo.  Stamford,  1815.  S.K. 

BLOT  (E.). — Un  Regard  en  arriere  sur  ma 
vie  d’ouvrier  et  d’artiste  par  E.  Blot,  modeleur- 
statuaire,  suivi  d’ extraits  de  divers  journaux.  8vo. 
Boulogne,  1860. 

BLOT  (Maurice). — Catalogue  d’Estampes. 
......See  Catalogues,  Sales.  1824. 

BLOUET  (Guillaume  Abel). — Sa  Yie . 

See  Lance  (Adolphe).  1854. 

Eunerailles . Discours  ......  See  Raoul-Ro- 

chette.  1853. 

BLOUET  (G.  Abel). — Etude . See  Her- 

mant  (A.).  1857.  See  Godf,b(euf.  1853. 

Notice  historique. . See  IIalevy  (F.).  1856. 

BLOUET  (G.  Abel). — See  Expedition  de 

Mouee.  Paris,  1831. 

BLOUET  (G.  Abel).  —  Restauration  des 
Thermes  d’ Antonin  Caracalla  a  Rome,  etc.  Plates, 
in  parallel,  of  actual  and  restored  state  of  each  por¬ 
tion.  Fol.  Paris,  1828.  B.M. 

BLOUNT  (Thomas).  —  See  Manning  (E.). 

A  Series  of  Views,  illustrative  of  the  Boscobel 
Tracts,  published  in  1660  (by  T.  B.),  &c.  1861. 


BLOXAM  (Matthew  Holbeche).  —  A 

Glimpse  at  the  Monumental  Architecture  and  Sculp¬ 
ture  of  Great  Britain,  from  the  earliest  period  to  the 
eighteenth  century.  8vo.  London,  1834.  B.M. 
8vo.  London,  1836.  S.K. 

BLOXAM  (Matthew  Holbeche).  —  The 

Principles  of  Gothic  Ecclesiastical  Architecture. 
6th  edition.  12mo.  London,  1844.  S.K. 

Another  edition.  London,  1859.  S.K. 

In  German.  —  Die  Mittelalterliche  Kirchenbau- 
kunst  in  Eugland.  8vo.  Leipzig,' 1847. 

BLOXAM  (Matthew  Holbeche). — On  some 

Roman  Sepulchral  Remains  discovered  in  the  church¬ 
yard  of  St.  Stephen,  near  St.  Alban’s,  a.d.  1848. 
8vo.  London,  1849.  B.M. 

BLOXAM  (Matthew  Holbeche). — On  Cer¬ 
tain  Sepulchral  Effigies  and  Monuments  in  South 
Yorkshire.  Plates.  8vo.  1850.  Published  by 
the  Yorkshire  Architectural  Society.  B.M. 

BLOXAM  (Matthew  Holbeche).  —  Cata¬ 
logue  of  the  celebrated  Collection  of  the  Works  of 

Art  and  Vertu . (With  introductory  memoranda 

of  M.  H.  B.)  1856.  See  Catalogues.  B.M. 

BLOXAM  (Matthew  Holbeche). — On  An¬ 
cient  Mixed  Masonry  of  Brick  and  Stone.  In  the 
“  Archaeological  Journal,”  vol.  i.  p.  307. 

BLOXAM  (Matthew  Holbeche).  —  Sepul¬ 
chral  Monuments  in  Oxford  Cathedral.  The  same, 
vol.  ix.  p.  150.  1852. 

BLOXAM  (Matthew  Holbeche). — On  the 

Effigies  and  Monumental  Remains  in  Peterborough 
Cathedral.  The  same,  vol.  xix.  p.  134.  1862. 

BLOXAM  (Matthew  Holbeche). — On  the 

Effigy  of  a  Knight  with  a  horn  in  Pershore  Abbey 
Church,  Worcestershire.  The  same,  vol.  xx.  p.  158. 

BLOXAM  (Matthew  Holbeche). — The  Se¬ 
pulchral  Remains  and  Effigies  in  the  Cathedral, 
Worcester.  The  same,  vol.  xx.  p.  273. 

BLOXAM  (Matthew  Holbeche). — Notice 

of  a  Monument  in  Conington  Church,  Huntingdon¬ 
shire.  The  same,  vol.  v.  p.  146. 

BLUM,  or  BLUM  (Hans). — Qvinque  Coivm- 

narvm  exacta  descriptio  atque  Delineatio,  cum  sym¬ 
metrica  earum  distributione.  Eol.  Tiguri,  1550. 


Other  editions  — 

In  German. — Von  den  fiinff  Siilen.  With  wood- 
cuts.  Eol.  Ziirych,  Chr.  Eroschouer,  1567. 

Ein  kunstrych  Buoch  von  allerley  antiquiteten, 
so  zuom  verstand  der  Eiinff  Seulen  der  Architectur 
gehorend.  With  woodcuts.  Eol.  Zurich,  Chr. 

V.  Columnse:  das  ist  Beschreibung  unnd  Ge- 
brauch  der  V.  Saulen.  Wie  dieselben  von  eim  jeden 
Werckmeister  wol  ergriindet,  recht  zusamen  gesetzt, 
unnd  mit  sonderem  vortheil  unnd  lob  zu  allerhand 
Architecturen  nutzlich  unnd  zierlich  gebraucht 
sollen  werden,  etc.  (Ein  kunstrych  Buoch  von 
allerley  Antiquiteten  so  zum  verstand  der  fiinff 
Seulen  der  Architectur  gehorend.)  2  parts.  62 
woodcuts.  Eol.  Zurich,  1627.  B.M 

In  English. — The  Booke  of  Five  Collumnes  oi 

Architecture . Gathered . by  H.  Bloome  out/ 

of  Antiquities . Translated  out  of  Latine  into 

Eaglish  by  J.  T.  Eol.  London,  1608.  B.M. 

In  Dutch  and  French.  —  Beschryvinge  van  de 
vyf  Colomnen  van  Architecture. — Description  des 
cinq  Ordres,  &c.  With  plates,  engraved  by  Nicolaus 
Jansson  Visscher.  Fol.  Amsterdam,  1623.  Also, 

BLUNDELL  (Henry)  .  —  Account  of  Lis 

Collection  of  Statues,  Busts,  and  other  ancient 
K.  K  125 


Universal  Catalogue  of 

Notes  and  Queries, 
August  8,  ’68. 

marbles,  and  paintings,  at  Ince  (near  Liverpool). 
With  6  plates.  4to.  Liverpool,  1803. 
BLUNDELL  (Henry).  —  Engravings  and 

etchings  of  the  principal  statues,  busts,  bas-reliefs, 
sepulchral  monuments,  cinerary  urns,  &c.,  in  the 
collection  of  H.  B.,  Esq.,  at  Ince.  2  vols.  158 
plates.  Fol.  1809.  B.M. 

BLYTH  (G.  K.). — A  Companion  to  the  Ca¬ 

thedral  Church  of  Norwich.  12mo.  Norwich,  1841. 


BLYTH  (Gr.  K.).— The  Norwich  Guide  and 

Directory.  8vo.  London,  1842.  B.M. 

BOADEN  (James). — An  Enquiry  into  the 

authenticity  of  various  pictures  and  prints  of  Shak- 
speare.  8vo.  London,  1824.  B.M. 

BOBA  (George).  See  Sutaine.  1861. 
BOBBIN  (Tim  (pseud.),  i.e.  JOHN  COL¬ 
LIER). — The  Passions  humourously  delineated . 

containing  twenty-five  plates,  with . poetical 

descriptions.  4to.  London,  1810.  B.M. 

25  coloured  plates,  portrait,  and  frontispiece. 

BOBBIN  (Tim,  i.e.  JOHN  COLLIER).— Hu¬ 
man  Passions  delineated  in  above  120  figures,  droll, 
satyrical,  and  humourous.  4to.  Rochdale,  1820. 


BOCAGE  (du,  Madame).  —  Letters  con¬ 
cerning  England,  Holland,  and  Italy.  2  vols. 
12mo.  London,  1770.  B.M. 

BOCCACCIO  (Giovanni).  —  Genealogise, 

cum  demonstrationibus  in  formis  arboru  designatis. 
Ejusde  de  motibus  et  sylvis,  de  fontibus,  lacubus  et 
fluminibus.  Ac  etia  de  stagnis  et  paludibus,  necnon 
et  de  maribus,  seu  diversis  maris  nominibus.  (Wood- 
cuts.  The  figure  being  at  the  head  with  roots,  &c. 
bending  down  from  it.)  Eol.  per  A.  de  Zannis  de 
Portesio,  Yenetiis,  1511.  B.M. 

BOCCACCIO  (Giovanni).  —  Bocace  de  la 

Genealogie  des  Dieux :  contenant  la  faulse  credece 
des  infidelles  et  getilz  :  qui  par  leurs  erreurs  et  mal- 
fondees  superstieions  creoyent  et  opinovent  plura- 

lite  de  dieux . Translate  en  Fracoys :  Et  nouuel- 

lement  imprime  a  Paris.  (With  woodcuts.  Ge¬ 
nealogical  trees,  figures  at  the  top.)  Fol.  Jehan 

petit,  Paris,  1531.  B.M. 

BOCCACCIO  (Giovanni).— J.  B . de  Ca- 

sibus  Virorum  illustrium  Libri  nouem:  Hie  liber 

. studio  et  opera  H.  Ziegleri  repurgatus,  adjec- 

tisqz  paucis  scholiis  ejusdem,  in  lucem  nunc  denuo 

editus  est.  Hue  accessit  historiarum . index  co- 

piosus.  Woodcuts.  Fol.  Augustee  Vindelicorum, 
1544.  B.M. 

BOCCACCIO  (Giovanni).' — Begin.  Cy  com¬ 
mence  J.  B.  de  certal  son  livre  intitule  de  la  ruyne 
des  nobles  hommes  et  femmes.  (Translated  by  L. 
du  Premierfait.)  With  woodcuts.  Fol.  M.  husz  et 
J.  schabeler,  lyon,  1483.  B.M. 

BOCCACCIO  (Giovanni). — End.  Cy  finist 

le  neufviesme  et  dernier  livre  de  J.  boccace  des  nobles 
hommes  et  femmes  infortunez  translate  de  latin  en 

francois  (by  L.  du  Premierfait).  With  large  wood- 
cuts.  Fol.  A.  Verard,  Paris  (1493  ?).  B.M. 

Another  edition. — Boccace  des  nobles  malheureux. 
(Translated  from  the  Latin  by  L.  du  Premierfait.) 
With  woodcuts.  Fol.  (M.  Le  Noir)  Paris,  1515. 


Another  edition  :  Bocace  des  nobles  maleureux. 
(Translated  by  L.  du  Premierfait.)  Woodcuts,  and 
elaborate  frontispiece.  Fol.  Nicolas  Conteau, 
Paris,  1538.  B.M. 

BOCCACCIO  (Giovanni).— Forneffiste  His- 

torien  und  exempel  von  widerwertigem  Griuck,  merk- 
lichem  und  erschrocklichem  unfahl,  erbarmklichen 
verderben  unnd  sterben  grossmachtiger  Kayser, 
Kiinig,  Fiirsten  unnd  anderer  namhafftiger  Herrn 

. durch . J.  Boccatium.,-....Latein  beschriben 

. Jetzt  zum  aller  ersten  von  H.  Ziegler  fleyssig 

verteutscht.  With  woodcuts.  (Some  reproduced 
in  the  edition  of  Paris,  1531.)  Fol.  Augspurg, 
1545.  B.M. 

BOCCACCIO  (Giovanni). — Here begynneth 

the  boke  of  J.  B.  discryving  the  fall  of  prices,  prin¬ 
cesses,  and  other  nobles  :  translated  into  Englysshe 
by  J.  Lydgate,  begynnyng  at  Adam  and  Eve,  and 
ending  with  kyng  John  of  Fraunce  taken  prisoner  at 
Poyters  by  Prince  Edwarde.  (In  verse.)  With  large 
woodcuts.  Fol.  R.  Pynson,  London,  1527.  B.M. 

Another  edition :  A  treatise  excellent  and  com- 
pedious,  shewing  in  maner  of  tragedye,  the  falles 
of  sondry  most  notable  princes  and  princesses  with 
other  nobles,  through  ye  mutabilitie  and  change  of 
unstedfast  fortune  with  their  most  detestable  vices. 
First  compyled  in  Latin,  and  sence  translated  into 
our  English  and  vulgare  tong,  by  Dan.  J.  Lidgate, 
Monke  of  Burye ;  nowe  newly  imprynted,  etc.  (In 
verse.)  (The  daunce  of  Machabree . made  [trans¬ 

lated  from  the  French  into  English  verse]  by  J.  Lyd¬ 
gate.)  With  woodcuts,  showing  the  English  costume 
of  the  time.  Fol.  R.  Tottel,  London,  1554.  B.M. 

BOCCACCIO  (Giovanni).— Begin  (fol.  2 

recto  1.  12)  Johannis  Boccacij . de  mulierib’ 

Claris . liber  (preceded  by  four  leaves,  containing 

on  the  verso  of  the  first  a  woodcut;  representing  the 

Holy  Family;  on  the  2nd  and  3rd,  “Libri . de 

mulieribus  Claris . Rubrice  and  on  the  4th  the 

dedicatory  letter  :  “  Johannes  boccacius  de  Certaldo 

. andree  de  acciarolis . alteville  comitisse”). 

End.  Liber  Johanis  boccacij . de  ml’ribus  Claris 

. correctus.  Ed.  pr.  With  woodcuts.  Fol.  Per 

Johanem  czeiner,  Ulme,  1473.  -  B.M. 

Another  edition. — J.  B.  de  Claris  mulieribus. 
With  woodcuts.  Fol.  Bernse  Helvetiorum,  1539. 


BOCCACCIO  (Giovanni).— Le  livre  de  J. 

bocasse  de  la  louenge  et  vertu  des  nobles  et  cleres 
dames  traslate  (from  the  Latin  by  L.  du  Premier¬ 
fait)  et  Iprime  neuvellemt  a  paris.  Coloured  wood- 
cuts.  Fol.  A.  Yerard,  Paris,  1493.  B.M. 

BOCCACCIO  (Giovanni). — L’Operade  mis- 

ser  G.  B.  de  mulieribus  Claris.  (Translated  from 
the  Latin  by  Y.  Bagli.)  With  woodcuts.  4to.  Zu- 
anne  de  Trino,  chiamato  Taciuno,  Yenetia,  1506. 


Notes  and  Queries, 
August  8,  ’68. 

Books  on  Art  ( under  revision). 


BOCCACCIO  (Giovanni). — Libro  llamado 

Cayda  dePrincipes . En  la  qual  se  cuentan  las  cay- 

das  y  los  abaxamientos  que  ovieron  de  sus  estados 
en  este  mnndo  muchos  nobles  y  grandes  cavalleros, 
etc.  (Translated  from  the  Italian. — In  ten  lib. 
Lib.  1-8  translated  by  P.  Lopez  de  Ayala ;  lib.  9- 
10  by  A.  G-arcia.  Edited,  with  a  preface,  by  J.  A. 
de  Zamora.)  Woodcuts.  Fol.  Yenden  se  en  casa 
de  A.  Ghemart  en  Medina  del  Campo  (Madrid?), 
1552.  B.M. 

BOCCACCIO  (Giovanni). — Jobam  bocacio 

de  las  mugeres  illustres  en  romace.  Gothic  letter, 
with  woodcuts.  Pol.  £aragosa  (P.  Hurus),  1495. 

BOCCACCIO  (Gioyanni). — II  Decamerone. 

With  woodcuts.  Venezia,  Giov.  el  Gregorio  di 
Gregorii,  1492.  B.M. 

Another  edition.  With  woodcuts.  Venezia,  Man- 
frino  da  Monteferrato,  1498. 

The  same  woodcuts.  Venezia,  1496. 

Another  edition.  With  woodcuts.  Frontispiece 
in  two  compositions.  Fol.  Venezia,  1510. 

The  same  cuts  repeated  to  each  day  in  the  fol¬ 
lowing  editions : — 

Fol.  Venezia,  di  Zani,  1518. 

Venezia,  Bern,  di  Vianno,  1525. 

BOCCACCIO  (Gioyanni). — II  Decamerone 

. With  woodcuts.  Small  4to.  Firenze,  Ph.  di 

Giunta,  a  di  29  juglio,  1516. 

The  same  cuts  in  the  following  editions  : — 
Firenze,  heredi  di  Giunta,  1527. 

Venezia,  N.  da  Sabio,  1537. 

Another  edition.  Woodcuts.  4to.  Venezia,  Giolito, 
1542.  B.M. 

The  same  cuts  in  the  editions : — 

Venetia,  Bindoni,  1545. 

4to.  Venezia,  Giolito,  1546.  S.K, 

With  some  others  added.  4to.  Venezia,  1548. 
BOCCACCIO  (Gioyanni). — II  Decamerone 

. With  plates,  and  fine  initials  containing  sub¬ 
jects.  Venetia,  V.  Valgrisio,  1552.  B.M. 

With  other  initials.  Venetia,  Giolito,  1550.  B.M. 
The  same  initials  appear  in  the  editions : — 
Venetia,  1557.  B.M. 

Venetia,  1590.  B.M. 

Other  editions  with  cuts.  Venetia,  A.  Vecchi, 
1597.  B.M. 

With  fresh  cuts.  Venetia,  A.  Vecchi,  1614.  B.M. 
BOCCACCIO  (Gioyanni). — II  Decamerone, 

con  le  annotazioni  tratte  dalle  prose  del  Bembo. 
With  woodcuts.  16mo.  Lione  (G.  Bovillio),  1555. 


BOCCACCIO  (Gioyanni). — II  Decamerone 

. si  come  lo  diedero  alle  stampe  gli  SSri  Giunto 

l’anno  1527.  12mo.  Amsterdamo  (Elzeyir),  1665. 


This  work  has  the  same  111  plates  as  the  edition, 
5  vols.  8vo.  London  (but  really,  Paris),  1757.  B.M. 

Another  edition.  Sumptuous  type,  with  2  por¬ 
traits.  Londra,  1762.  B.M. 

English  translation. — The  Decameron,  containing 
an  hundred  pleasant  Nouels.  With  plates.  Fol. 
London,  1620.  B.M. 

The  plates  repeated  in  the  following : — 

The  Modell  of  Wit,  Mirth,  Eloquence,  and  Conver¬ 
sation,  framed  in  ten  dayes,  &c.  Fol.  London, 
1625.  B.M. 

Another  edition,  with  frontispiece  by  Bewick. 
2  vols.  8vo.  London,  1804.  B.M. 

BOCCACCIO  (Gioyanni).  —  Fables  from 

Boccacio  and  Chaucer;  by  J.  Dryden.  A  new  edi¬ 
tion  with  engravings,  and  a  prefatory  essay  by  J. 
Aikin.  Stothard’s  plates.  8vo.  London,  1806.  B.M. 

BOCCACCIO  (Gioyanni). — Le  livre  Came¬ 
ron  autrement  surnomme  le  prince  Galliot  qui  con- 

tient  centNouvelles . Lequel  livre  copila  et  escript 

J.  Bocace.  Et  depuis  translate  de  latin  enfrancoys. 
Par  L.  du  Premierfaict.  With  woodcuts.  4to. 
Paris,  1521.  B.M. 

Another  edition.— Bocace  des  cent  nouvelles. 
Translated  by  Laurens  du  Premierfait,  Gothic 
letters,  110  miniatures.  Fol.  Paris,  Ant.  Verard 
(1541).  B.M. 

BOCCACCIO  (Gioyanni). — Contes  et  Nou- 

velles  de  Boccace,  traduction  libre,  accommodee  au 
gout  de  ce  temps.  With  plates  by  Bomain  de 
Hooghe.  2  vols.  8vo.  Amsterdam  (Gallet),  1697. 


The  same  plates  in  the  edition :  8vo.  Amsterdam, 

Beproduced  (some  ill  copied)  in  the  Dutch  edition. 
8vo.  Keulen  (Cologne),  1700. 

BOCCACCIO  (Gioyanni). — Le  Decameron 

(trad,  par  Ant.  de  Ma5on).  5  vols.  With  plates. 
London  (Paris),  1757.  B.M. 

BOCCACCIO  (Gioyanni). —  Le  Decameron, 

traduit  en  frantjais  par  A.  Sabatier  de  Castres. 
11  vols.  With  133  plates,  8vo.  Paris,  1800.  B.M. 
Only  a  renovation  of  MaQon’s  translation. 

BOCCACCIO  (Gioyanni).  —  Nouvelles  de 

Boccace,  traduction  libre  par  Mirabeau  l’aine. 
4  vols.  With  plates  by  Marillier.  8vo.  Paris, 
l’an  xi.  (1802).  B.M. 

BOCCACCIO  (Gioyanni).— Cento  Novelle. 

Das  seind  die  hundert  neuen  Fabeln,  etc.  With 
coloured  woodcuts.  Fol.  Augspurg  (Sorg),  1490. 


BOCCACCIO  (Gioyanni).— Cento  Novella. 

Das  buch  der  hundert  neuwen  Historien  so  ein  Lieb- 
lich  geselschafft  von  Florenz  gesagt  un  erdacht  hat. 
With  woodcuts.  Fol.  Durch  Johannem  Griininger, 
Strassburg,  1509.  B.M. 

With  the  same  cuts.  Strassburg,  1519.  B.M. 

BOCCACCIO  (Gioyanni). — J.  Boccatii,  Die 

ganz  Bomisch  histori  auffs  fleissigst  un  kiirtzst 
begriffen.  Ein  treffenliche  schone  Oration  M.  T. 
Ciceronis,  fur  M.  Marcellum.  Alles  zusamen  bracht, 
und  verteiitscht  durch  C.  Brunonem,  etc.  With 
woodcuts,  tail  pieces,  &c.  Fol.  Augspurg,  1542. 


BOCCACCIO  (Gioyanni). — Theseis,  sive  de 

Nuptiis  Thesei  et  Aemiliae,  Carmen  in  lingua 
Greeca  hodierna  conscriptum.  4to.  Per  Giovan 



Universal  Catalogue  of 

Notes  and  Queries, 
August  8,  ’68. 

Antonio  et  Fratelli  da  Sabbio.  With  woodcuts. 

Venetia,  1529.  B.M. 

BOCCACCIO  (Giovanni). — Inamorameto  di 

florio  et  di  Biazafiore  chiamato  Philocolo.  (Vita  di 
Boccatio  da  H.  Squarzafico.)  With  woodcuts.  4to. 

Venetia,  1520.  B.M. 

BOCQACCIO  (Giovanni). — Le  Philocope, 

contenat  l’Histoire  de  Fleury  et  Blanche-fleur, 
divise  en  sept  livres  ;  traduictz  d’ltalien  en  Fran- 
coys  par  A.  Sevin.  Woodcuts.  Fol.  Paris,  1542. 


BOCCHI  (Achilles). — Symbolicarum  quaes- 

tionum  de  universo  genere  quas  serio  ludebat  lib. 
v.  With  151  plates,  including  a  portrait  of  A.  B. 
8vo.  Bononise  in  sedib.  novae  Academise  Bocchianae, 
1555.  B.M. 

And:  8vo.  Bononiae,  1574. 

BOCCHI  (Caelo). — Memoria  diretta  a  mig- 

liorare  il  metodo  degli  escavi  delle  antichita  nella 
citta  di  Adria.  8vo.  Venezia,  1819.  Bodl. 

BOCCHI  (Feancesco). — Eccellenza  della 

statua  di  S.  Giorgio  di  Donatello  Scultore  Fioren- 
tino,  posta  nella  facciata  di  fuori  d’Orsan  Michele, 
scritta  in  lingua  Fiorentina.  8vo.  Fiorenza,  1584. 


And  in  “  Raccolta  di  alcuni  opuscoli  da  Fil. 
Baldinucci.”  *  S.K. 

BOCCHI  (Feancesco). — Le  Bellezze  della 

citta  di  Fiorenza,  dove  a  pieno  di  Pittura,  di  Scul- 
tura,  di  sacri  Tempij,  di  Palazzi,  i  piu  notabili 
artifizij  e  piu  preziosi  si  contengono.  8vo.  Fio¬ 
renza,  1591.  S.K. 

And:  8vo.  Fiorenza,  1592. 

A  later  edition. — Le  bellezze  della  citta  di 
Firenze,  da  Giovanni  Cinelli  ampliate,  ed  accres- 
ciute.  8  vo.  Firenze,  1677.  B.M. 

BOCCHI  (Feancesco). — Opera  sopra  Fima- 

gine  miraculosa  della  Santissima  Nunziata  di  Fi¬ 
renze.  8vo.  Firenze,  1592.  B.M. 

Containing  valuable  Art  criticisms. 

BOCCHI  (Feancesco). — B.  F.  Epistola  sen 

opusculum  de  restitutione  sacrse  Testudinis  Floren- 
tinse  ad  perillustrem  Franciscum  Niccolinum  Pom. 
23  pp.,  and  1  plate.  Large  8vo.  Florentise  ap. 
Sermartellium,  1604.  B.M. 

BOCCHI  (Feancesco  Gieolamo).—  Disserta- 

zione  intorno  a  un  antichissimo  Greeo-Cristiano 
basso-rilievo.  1  plate.  8vo.  Padova,  1790.  Cicogn. 

BOCCHI  (Feancesco  Gieolamo). — Disserta- 

zione  sopra  un  antico  sigillo  di  Adria  esistente  nel 
Museo  Borgiano.  1  plate.  4to.  Adria,  1799.  B.M. 

BOCCHI  (Giovanni). — Descriptio  publicse 
Gratulationis,  Spectaculorum  et  Ludorum,  in  ad- 
ventu  Sereniss.  Principis  Ernesti  Archiducis  Aus¬ 
tria?  Ducis  Burgundise,  Comitis  Habsp.,  Aurei  Vel- 
leris  Equitis,  Belgicis  Provinciis  a  Regia  Maj es¬ 
tate  Catholica  Prsefecti,  an.  1594,  etc.  Omnia  a 
Joanne  Bochio  conscripta.  32  plates.  Fol.  Ant- 
verpiae,  1595.  S.K. 


BOCCHI  (Giovanni). — Historica  Mar  ratio 
profectionis  et  inaugurationis  Sereniss.  Belgii 
Principum  Alberti  et  Isabellse,  Au striae  Archiducum, 
&c.  32  plates,  including  the  frontispiece.  Fol. 

Antverpise  (ex  offic.  Plantiniana),  1602.  S.K. 

BOCCHI  (Ottavio). — Osservazioni  sopra  un 
antico  Teatro  scoperto  in  Adria.  Plates.  4to. 
Venezia,  1739.  B.M. 

BOCCHIMI  (Baetolomeo). — Le  Pazzie  de’ 

Savj,  ovvero  il  Lambertaccio.  Poema  tragico-eroi- 
comico.  With  13  plates.  12mo.  Venezia,  1641. 


Another  edition.  12mo.  Bologna,  1653.  B.M. 

BOCCHIUS,  or  BOCHIUS.— See  Bocchi. 
BO  CHAT  (Chaeles  Guillaume  Lots  de). — 

EpistolicaDissertatio  qua  declaratur  Lapis  Antiquus, 
in  loco,  ubi  quondam  Lousonna  fait,  effosus,  et  de 
nonnullis,  ad  Helvetise  Romanse  Antiquitates  per- 
tinentibus  argumentis,  disseritur.  4to.  Lausannse, 
1741.  B.M. 

BOCHAT  (Chaeles  Guillaume  Lots  de). 

Memoires  critiques,  pour  servir  d’eclaircissemens 
sur  divers  points  de  l’histoire  ancienne  de  la  Suisse, 
et  sur  les  monumens  d’antiquite  qui  la  concernent ; 
avec  une  nouvelle  carte  de  la  Suisse  ancienne. 
2  vols.  With  plates.  4to.  Lausanne,  1747.  B.M. 
BOCK  (August  Feiedeich). — Wie  kann  die 
Seele  durch  das  Studium  der  schonen  Wissenschaf- 
ten  und  der  Kiinste  zum  wahren  Guten  gefiihrt 
werden.  4to.  Stuttgart,  1771. 

BOCK  (C.). — Historiscbe  Ergebnisse  eines 
archaologischen  Fundes  in  Croatien.  With  plates. 
8vo.  Wien,  1858.  S.K. 

BOCK  (C.  P.). — Der  Bildercyclus  in  der 
Vorhalle  des  Freiburger  Miinsters.  2  lithogr. 
plates.  8vo.  Freiburg,  1862. 

Reprinted  from  the  “  Christliches  Kunstblatt.” 
BOCK  (Cheistoph  Wilhelm). — Sammlung 
von  Bildnissen  gelehrter  Manner  und  Kiinstler, 
nebst  kurzen  Biographien  derselben.  2  vols.  With 
portraits.  8vo.  Niirnberg,  1802.  B.M. 

BOCK  (Dr.  Feanz,  Canon  of  Aix-la-Cha- 

pelle). — Geschichte  der  liturgisehen  Gewander  des 
Mittelalters,  oder  Entstehung  und  Entwicklung  der 
kirchliehen  Ornate  und  Paramente  in  Riicksicht 
auf  StofF,  Gewebe,  Farbe,  Zeichnung,  Schnitt  und 
rituelle  Bedeutung.  Chromo-lithogr.  and  lithogr. 
plates.  8vo.  Bonn,  1856,  &c.  SK. 

BOCK  (Dr.  Feanz).  —  Das  beilige  Koln. 

Beschreibung  der  mittelalterlichen  Kunstschatze  in 
seinen  Kirchen  und  Sakristeien  aus  dem  Bereiche 
des  Goldschmiedegewerkes  und  der  Paramentik. 
48  plates.  8vo.  Leipzig,  1858.  S.K. 

French  translation. — Les  Tresors  sacres  de  Co¬ 
logne,  objets  d’art  du  moyen-age,  conserves  dans 
les  eglises  et  dans  les  sacristies  de  cette  ville. 
8vo.  Paris,  1860-62.  S.K. 

BOCK  (Dr.  Feanz). — Der  Beliquienschatz 
des  Liebfrauen-Munsters  zu  Aachen  in  seinen  kunst- 
reichen  Behaltern,  zum  Andenken  an  die  Heilig- 

Notes  and  Queries, 
August  15,  ’68. 


Boohs  on  Art  ( under  revision). 

thumsfahrt  von  1860,  beschrieben  und  mit  vielen 
Holzschnitten  erlautert  von  Dr.  F.  B.  Mit  einer 
Einleitung  von  Dr.  J.  Tb.  Laurent.  8vo.  Aachen, 
1860.  S.K. 

BOCK  (Dr.  Franz). — GescMclitliclier  Ent- 
wickelungsgang  der  Seiden-und  Sammet-Fabri  cation 
des  Mittelalters,  nachgewiesen  in  einer  Sammlung 
von  nahe  an  800  gemusterten  Stoffen  und  Stickereien 
im  Privatbesitze  von  Dr.  F.  B.  4to.  Wien,  1860. 


BOCK  (Dr.  Franz). — Le  Dessinateur  pour 
Etoffes,  modeles  de  feuilles  d’ etudes  pour  les  ecoles 
industrielles,  les  fabricants,  les  dessinateurs  d’or- 
nements,  &c.  Publies  d’apres  d’anciennes  etoffes 
en  possession  de  l’auteur.  Parts  I.-II.  Fol.  Paris, 
1860.  S.K. 

BOCK  (Dr.  Franz). — Katalog  der  Ausstel- 

lung  von  neuern  Meisterwerken  mittelalterlicher 
Kunst,  aus  dem  Bereiche  der  kirchlichen  Nadel- 
malerei  und  Weberei,  der  Goldschmiedekunst  und 
Sluilptur,  zu  Aachen  eroffnet  bei  Gelegenheit  der 
xiv.  General- V ersammlung  katholischer  Vereine, 
nebst  einer  kunstgeschichtlichen  Einleitung  von 
Dr.  F.  B.  8vo.  Aachen,  1862.  S.K. 

BOCK  (Dr. Franz). —Der  St.  Karls  Teppicb, 

in  Ausfuhrung  genommen  von  den  Frauen  und 
Jungfrauen  Aachens  und  beschrieben  von  Dr.  F.  B. 
8vo.  Aachen,  1863.  S.K. 

BOCK  (Dr.  Franz). — Die  Ivleinodien  des 
Heil.  Bomischen  Deutscher  Nation,  nebst 
den  Kroninsignien  Bohmens,  Ungarns  und  der 
Lombardei.  Mit  kunsthistorischen  Erlauterungen 
von  Dr.  F.  B.  4-6  plates.  Large  fol.  Wien, 
1864.  S.K. 

BOCK  (Dr.  Franz).  —  Der  Kronleucliter 
Kaisers  Friedrich  Barbarossa  im  Karolingischen 
Munster  zu  Aachen  und  die  formverwandten  Lich- 
terkronen  zu  Hildesheim  und  Comburg,  nebst  20 
erklarenden  Holzschnitten  und  16  von  den  Ori- 
ginal-Kupferplatten  des  Aachener  Kronleuchters 
abgezogenen  Darstellungen,  beschrieben  von  Dr. 
F.  B.  Boyal  4to.  Leipzig,  1864.  S.K. 

BOCK  (Dr.  Franz). — Karl’s  des  Grossen 
Pfalzkapelle  und  ihre  Kunstschatze.  Kunstgog 
schichtliche  Beschreibung  des  Karolingischen  Octo- 
gons  zu  Aachen,  der  spateren  gothischen  Anbauten 
und  sammtlicher  im  Schatze  daselbst  befindlichen 
Kunstwerke  des  Mittelalters,  mit  zahlreichen 
erklarenden  Holzschnitten  nach  photographischen 
Aufnahmen,  herausgegeben  von  Dr.  F.  B.  Imper. 
8vo.  Aachen,  1866.  S.K. 

BOCK  (Dr.  Franz). — Album  mittelalter¬ 
licher  Ornament-Stickerei  zur  Zierde  fur  Kirche 
und  Hans,  in  Autographien  nach  altern  und  neuern 
Miistervorlagen,  mit  erklarenden  technischen  An- 
weisungen,  herausgegeben  von  Dr.  F.  B.  Text,  8vo ; 
atlas,  fol.  Aachen,  1866,  &c.  S.K. 

BOCKEMHOFFEBUS  (Joh.  Joach.). — Mv- 

seym  Brackenhofferianum  delineatum  a  Joh.  Joa- 
chimo  Bockenhoffero  Argentinensi.  4to.  Argent., 
1677.  B.M. 

BOCKLEB  (Georg  Andreas). — Arcbitec- 

itura  curiosa  nova.  Das  ist :  Neue  Ergotzliche  Sinn- 
und  Kunstreiche,  auch  nutzliche  Bau-  und  Yfasser 
Kanst.  231  plates  of  fountains  and  waterworks. 
Fol.  Nurnberg,  1664.  S.K. 

Latin  edition. — Arcliitectura  curiosa  nova.  Per 
Georgium  Andream  Bocklern.  Et  in  Latinam 
Linguam  translata  a  Johanne  Christophoro  Sturmio. 
Fol.  Norimbergse,  1664.  S.K. 

Other  editions : — 

Fol.  Norimbergse,  1701.  B.M. 

Fol.  Nurnberg,  1673.  B.M. 

BOCKLEB  (Georg  Andreas). — Tlieatrum 

machinarum novum,  das  ist:  neuvermehrter  Schau- 
platz  der  mechanischen  Klinsten,  handelt  von  aller- 
hand  Wasser-  Wind-  Boss-  Gewicht  und  Hand-Muh- 
len,  etc.,  beneben  niitzlichen  Wasser-Kunsten,  &.c. 
Plates,  machinery  for  domestic  purposes,  some 
costumes.  Fol.  Nurnberg,  1673.  B.M. 

And  :  Fol.  Niirnberg,  1703. 

BOCKLEB  (Georg  Andreas). — Manuale 

Architecturse  Militaris ;  oder,  Handbiichlein  iiber 
die  Fortification  und  Vestungs-Baukunst.  Oblong 
16mo.  Franckiurth  und  Leipzig  (1689  ?).  B.M. 

BOCLEBUS  (Georgius  Andreas).  See 


BODE  (W.  J.  L.). — Das  altere  Muuzwesen 

der  Staaten  und  Stadte  Niedersachsens,  in  Hinsicht 
auf  die  dem  Geschichtsfreunde,  Bichter  und  Miinz- 
sammler  besonders  wichtige  Kunde  der  Werthver- 
haltnisse  in  den  verschiedenen  Bechnungs-  und 
gepragten  Miinzen.  Auf  Urkunden  und  archival- 

ische  Nachrichten  gestutzt . Mit  10  Miinztafeln, 

vom  Dr.  Schonemann  erlautert.  With  plates.  8vo. 
Braunschweig,  1847.  B.M. 

BODEL-MYEMHUIS  (J.  T.).  —  Over  de 

Nederlandsche  Landmeters  en  Kaartgraveurs  F. 
Balthazar  en  zijne  drie  zonen,  onbekend  aan  de 
levensbeschrijvers.  8vo.  (Amsterdam,  1846.) 

BODEMAFHST  (Eduard).  —  Xylograpbiscbe 

und  topographische  Incunabeln  der  konigl.  offent- 
lichen  Bibliothek  zu  Hannover ;  beschrieben  von 
E.  B.  41  plates,  and  16  plates  of  water-marks.  4to. 
Hannover,  1866.  S.K. 

BODEM  (Benjamin  Gottlieb). — Commen- 
tatio  de  Umbra  Poetica.  8vo.  Yitembergse,  1767. 


Definitions  of  the  picturesque  applied,  in  a  special 
sense,  to  poetry. 

BODEMEHB  (Gabriel). — Begin  1.  Llorri- 

bilicribrifax  Bitter  vom  Hahnekopff.  End.  50 . 

Gabriel  Bodenehr  fecit  et  excud.  A.  Yind.  (A 
series  of  50  caricatures,  with  engraved  inscriptions 
inverse.)  German.  Fol.  Aug(ustse) Yind(elicorum), 
(1695  ?).  B.M. 

BODEMEHB  (Gabriel).  —  Ken  inventirt 

Franzosisches  Lauber  Buch  von  unterschidlichen 
Schwungen  auf  die  Neueste  Manier.  (No  letter- 
press.)  Fol.  Augsburg  (1680  ?).  B.M. 

l  x. 



Universal  Catalogue  of 

Notes  and  Queries, 
August  15,  ’68. 

BODENEHR  (Gabriel).  —  Theatrum  der 
yornehmsten  Stadte  and  (jrther  in  der  Schweitz. 
Curious  plates,  battle  pieces,  plans,  &c.,  of  towns. 
Oblong  fol.  Augspurg  (1715?).  B.M. 

BODENEHR  (Gabriel). — Curioses  Staats 

und  Kriegs  Theatrum  beeder  Konigreich  Neapolis 
und  Sicilien,  nebst  anderen  angranzenden  Konig¬ 
reich  und  Landern,  durch . Land-  Carten,  G-rund- 

risse,  und  Prospect  erlautert.  Oblong  4to.  Augs¬ 
purg  (1730?).  B.M. 

BODENSCHATZ  (Johann  Christoph 
Georg).  See  Costumes. 

BODEUSCH  (Theodor). — Architektonische 

Yerzierungen  in  liickenloser  Stufenfolge,  &c.  (No 
letterpress.)  Oblong  4to.  Langensalza  (1859, 
&c.).  B.M. 

BODIN'  (Jean  Francois). — Recherches  his- 

toriques  sur  la  Ville  de  Saumur,  ses  monumens  et 
ceux  de  son  arrondissement.  2  vols.  8vo.  Saumur, 
1812-14.  Bodl. 

2nd  edition.  8vo.  Saumur,  1845.  B.M. 

Recherches  historiques  sur  1’ Anjou  et  ses  monu¬ 
ments.  2  vols.  8vo.  Saumur,  1821-23.  Bodl. 

BODMER  (K.).— Etchings.  Animaux  et 

Paysages.  4to.  Paris,  n.  d.  S.K. 

BODONI  (Giambattista). — Le  piu  insigni 
Pitture  Parmensi,  indicate  agli  Amatori  delle 
Belle  Arti.  Text  Italian  and  French,  with  60 
plates.  4to.  Parma,  1809.  S.K. 

BOECKH  (E.  H.).— Wiens  lebende  Schrift- 
steller,  Kiinstler  und  Dilettanten  im  Kunstfache, 
&c.  8vo.  Wien,  1822. 

BOEHEIM  (Paul). — Decorative  Entwiirfe  ; 

als  Beitrag  zur  gegenwartigen  Geschmacksrichtung 
in  der  Ornamentik.  Fiir  Architekten,  Maler,  Bild- 
bauer  und  Decorateure.  Erfunden  und  gezeichnet 
yon  P.  B.  Part  I.  Fol.  Frankfurt  am  Main, 
1855.  S.K.  I 

BOEHMIBS  (Joh.  Gottlob). — De  Angus-  ! 

tino  Olomucensi  et  patera  ejus  aurea  in  nummo- 
phylacio  princ.  reg.  elect.  Dresdse  adseryata  com- 
mentariolus ;  accedit  ejusdem  paterae  delineatio 
adornata  a  Guil.  Ern.  Tenzelio.  8vo.  Dresdse, 
1758.  Bodl. 

BOEK  DER  KRUDE  (Herbary). — Begin. 

(Sig.  a.  ii.)  Vakg  und  yele  hebbe  yck  by  my  sulve 
oyerdacht  de  wiinderlike  werke  des  scheppers  der 
nature,  etc.  End  (sig  C.  4  yerso) :  Hir  endighet 
sick  dat  boek  der  Krude,  der  eddelen  stene  unde 
'der  watere  der  minschen  genomet  De  ghenochlike 
.garde  der  suntheyt  (followed  by  16  leaves  contain¬ 
ing  the  Index).  The  title  of  this  work  in  a  sub¬ 
sequent  edition,  “De  grote  Herbari.”  With  wood 
engravings.  Fol.  In  saligen  S.  Arndes  nagelaten 
druckerye,  Liibeck,  1520.  B.M. 

BOEL  (Joannes).  —  See  Cock  (H.),  Divi 

Caroli  Y.  Imp.  Victoria  ex  multis  praecipuae,  etc. 
24  plates,  engraved  by  J.  B.,  &c.  4to.  (1556  ?)  B.M. 
lndo-Portuguese  costume,  &c. 



BOERNER  (Georg  Gottlieb).  —  Super 

Privilegiis  Pictorum  liber  singularis.  8vo.  Lipsiae, 
1751.  B.M. 

BOERNER  (Georg  Gottlieb).— G.  G.  B.... 

de  statuis  Achilleis  libellus.  4to.  Lipsiae  (1759  ?). 


BOETHIUS  (Anicius  Torquatus). — Le  grant 

Boece  de  consolation,  transl.  de  lat.  en  fr.  (par  J.  de 
Meung).  On  vellum,  with  miniatures.  Fol.  Paris, 
Yerard,  1494. 

BOETHIUS  (Anselmus,  de  Boodt). — Gem- 

marvm  et  Lapidvm  Historia.  4to.  Hanov.,  1609. 


Another  edition. — Gemmarum . ex  recens.  Adr. 

Toll.  Cui  accedunt  Ioannis  de  Laet  de  Gemmis  et 
Lapidibus  Libri  II.  et  Theophrasti  Liber  de  Lapi- 
dibus.  Gr.  Lat.  cum  brevibus  notis.  Woodcuts. 
8vo.  Lugd.  Bat.,  1647.  B.M. 

Le  parfait  Joaillier,  ou  histoire  des  pierreries,  de 
nouveau  enrichi  de  belles  annotations,  indices  et 
figures  par  Andre  Toll.  (Translated  from  the  Latin 
by  J.  Bachou.)  8ro.  Lyon,  1644.  Cicogn. 

BOETHIUS  (Anselmus,  de  Boodt). — Flo- 

rum,  Herbarum,  ac  Fructuum  selectiorum  leones 
et  Vires,  plerseque  hactenus  ignotse.  4to.  Brugis, 
1640.  B.M. 

BOFFRAND  (Germain  de). — De  Architec- 

tura  liber,  in  quo  continentur  generalia  hujus  artis 
Principia,  necnon  Ichnographise,  Ortographise,  et 
Scenographise  quorumdam  (Edificiorum,  quse  fuere 
constructa,  turn  in  Gallia,  turn  in  regionibus  ex- 
traneis,  opus  Gallicum  et  Latinum  tabulis  exor- 
natum.  Livre  d’architecture,  &c.  Latin  and  French  ; 
text  also  in  French.  Fol.  Parisiis,  1745. 

70  plates  with  explanations,  architecture,  ceiling 
and  wall  decoration,  &c.,  18th  century.  B.M. 

BOFFRAND  (G.  de). — Description  de  ce 
qui  a  ete  pratique  pour  fondre  en  bronze  d’un  seul 
jet  la  figure  equestre  de  Louis  XIV.,  ouvrage  Fran- 
9ois  et  Latin  enrichi  de  planches  en  taille-douce. 
19  plates,  and  1  repeated.  Fol.  Paris,  1743. 


BOFFRAJND  (G.  de). — Abrege  de  sa  Vie. 
. See  Patte  (Pierre).  (1754.) 

BOFFRAND  (G.  de).  See  Loyer  (Ch.). 

BOGAERDE  (Van  der). — Ancien  Tableau 
representant  l’Archiduc  Philippe-le-Beau  Eoi  d’Es- 
pagne,  au  moment  ou  il  fait  le  serment  comme 
Seigneur  du  pays  de  Waes.  Gravure  par  M.  van 
der  Bogaerde.  “  Messager  des  Sciences  et  des  Arts,” 
Gand,  vol.  iii.  p.  456. 

BOGAERDE  (Van  der). — Notice  sur  un 

grand  nombre  d’Antiquites  Gauloises  et  Eomaines 
deterr^es  dans  le  pays  de  Waes.  The  same,  vol.  iv., 

1826,  p.  126. 

BOGAERT  (Abraham). —  S.  Schynvoets 
Muntkabinet  der  Eoomsche  Keizers  en  Keizerinnen 

Notes  and  Queries, 
August  15,  ’68. 


Books  on  Art  ( under  revision). 

in  vaarzen  beschreeven  door  A.  B.  70  plates.  8vo. 
Amsterdam,  1695.  B.M. 

BOGAERTS  (Felix). — Notice  biographique 

snr  Wynand  J.  J.  Nuyen,  peintre  Hollandais.  Par 
F.  B.  Avec  le  portrait  lithogr.  par  Baugniet.  8vo. 
Bruxelles,  1839. 

BOGAERTS  (Felix). — Esquisse  d’une  His- 
toire  des  Arts  en  Belgique,  depuis  1640  jusqu’a  1840. 
Yol.  i.  12mo.  Anvers,  1841. 

BOGAERTS  (F^lix). — Les  Beiges  Ulus  tree, 

par  J.  Altmeyer . F.  B.,  &e.  3  parts.  See  Pan-  ' 

theon  National.  Vol.  xxiy.  Coloured  plates. 
(1840,  &c.)  B.M.  I 

BOGAERTS  (Felix). — Mathieu  van  Bree.  ; 
12mo.  Anvers,  1842. 

BOGAERTS  (Felix). — De  la  Destination 
des  Pyramides  d’Egypte.  In  the  Transactions  of  the 
Academie  d’Archeologie  de  Belgique,  vol.  iii.  p.  207. 

BOGAN  (Z.).— See  Rous  (F.).  Archseo- 

logise  Atticse,  by  F.  Rous  and  Z.  Bogan.  1670. 

BOGNOR. —  See  Chichester  Guide  ;  con¬ 
taining  an  account  of  the  antient  and  present  state 

of  the  City . and  the  watering-place  of  B.  8vo. 

(1800?)  B.M. 

BOGUE  (Dayid,  publisher). — Bogue’s  Euro¬ 
pean  Library.  20  vols.  8vo.  London,  1846-47. 
Bogue’s  Guides  for  Travellers: — 

I.  Belgium  and  the  Rhine.  18mo.  London,  1852. 

II.  Switzerland.  18mo.  London,  1852. 

III.  Paris,  and  its  environs.  8vo.  London, 

1855.  B.M. 

BOGUE  (James  W.). — Domestic  Architec¬ 
ture  :  Designs  for  Cottages  and  Villas.  4to.  Lon¬ 
don,  1865. 

BOHEMIA. — Effigies  Yirorvm  ervditorvm 
atqve  Artificvm  Bohemiae  et  Moraviae,  vna  cvm 
brevi  Vitae  Opervmqve  ipsorvm  Enarratione.  2 
parts.  8vo.  Pragse,  1773-75.  B.M. 

BOHEMIA. — Guide  pour  les  Bains  de  la 
Boh&me:  Carlsbad,  Egra,  Franzensbrunn,  Marienbad 
et  Teplitz,  et  leurs  environs,  &c.  With  plates. 
Oblong  8vo.  Darmstadt  et  Wiesbade,  1842.  B.M. 

BOHER. — Epitre  XYII  a  Michel-Ange 

et  a  Raphael,  par  Boher.  8vo.  Toulouse,  s.  d. 

BOHER. — Description  de  quatre  tableaux 

d’histoire . peints  par  M.  Boher.  8vo.  Per¬ 

pignan,  1816. 

BOHM  (Fr.  Jos.). — Description  nouvelle  de 
la  Cathedrale  de  Strasbourg  et  de  sa  fameuse  Tour. 

8 vo.  Strasbourg  (1743).  B.M. 

BOHN  (Henry  George). — Bohn’s  Scientific 
Library.  8vo.  London,  1847,  &c.  B.M. 

BOHN  (Henry  George). — Bohn’s  Illustrated 
Library.  8vo.  London,  1849,  &c.  B.M. 

BOHN  (Henry  George). — See  Jackson  and 
Chatto,  A  Treatise  on  Wood  Engraving. 

BOHN  (Henry  George).— A  Guide  to  the 
Knowledge  of  Pottery,  Porcelain,  and  other  Objects 
of  Vertu.  Comprising  an  illustrated  Catalogue  of  the 
Bernal  Collection  of  Works  of  Art,  with  the  prices 
at  which  they  were  sold  by  auction,  and  the  names 
of  the  present  possessors.  To  which  are  added,  an 
introductory  essay  on  pottery  and  porcelain,  and 
an  engraved  list  of  marks  and  monograms.  By 
H.  G-.  B.  Numerous  wood  engravings.  Post  8vo. 
London,  1857.  S.K. 

Second  edition.  8vo.  London,  1862. 

BOHNDEL. — Briiggemanu’s  Altar  im  Dom 

zu  Schleswig,  n.  p.  o.  d. 

BOICHOT  (G.). — Sur  M.  B.,  statuaire  du 
roi . 1815.  See  Baudot. 

BOICHOT  (G.).— Yie  de  B . See  Lebas 

de  Couemont  (Ch.  Cl.).  1823. 

Notice*sur  B.  See  Amanton  (Cl.  Nic.).  1815. 

BOILEAU  (Daniel).— See  Blasche  (B.  H.). 

The  art  of  working  in  Pasteboard . compiled 

from  the  German,  with  corrections  and  additions 
by  D.  B.  1827.  B.M. 

3rd  edition. — The  Art  of  Working  in  Pasteboard, 
upon  scientific  principles ;  to  which  is  added  an 
appendix,  containing  directions  for  constructing 
Architectural  Models;  intended  as  a  sequel  to 
Papyro-Plastics,  or  the  Art  of  Modelling  in  Paper. 
Compiled  from  the  German,  with  corrections  and 
additions,  by  D.  B.  With  8  plates,  containing  25 
different  figures.  Square  16mo.  London,  1831. 


BOILEAU  (D.). — Papyro-Plastics,  or  the 
Art  of  Modelling  in  Paper ;  being  an  instructive 
amusement  for  young  persons  of  both  sexes.  From 
the  German,  by  D.  Boileau.  With  22  plates. 
Third  edition.  Square  16mo.  London,  1830. 


BOILEAU  (J.  T.). — Picturesque  Yiews  in 

the  North-Western  Provinces  of  India.  Photo¬ 
graphed  by  J.  Murray . with  descriptive  letter- 

press,  by . J.  T.  B.  Fol.  London,  1859.  B.M. 

BOILEAU  (Louis  Auguste). — Nouvelle 

forme  architectural . Expose.  Notes  et  appre¬ 

ciations.  With  5  plates.  4to.  Paris,  1853.  B.M. 
From  types  of  Indian  character. 

BOILEAU-DESPR^AUX  (Nicolas).— Me- 

dailles  sur  les  principaux  evenements  du  regne  de 
Louis  le  Grand ;  avec  des  explications  historiques. 

(By  F.  Charpentier . N.  B.  D.,  &c.)  Fol.  1702. 

Academie  Royale  des  Medailles  et  des  Inscriptions, 
Paris.  See  Societies.  B.M. 

BOILEAU-DESPR^AUX  (Nicolas).— The 

Works  of  Monsieur  B.  made  English  by  several 
hands.  To  which  is  prefixed  his  life  by  Mr.  Des 
Maizeaux  (made  English  by  J.  Ozell)  and  some 
account  of  this  translation  by  N.  Rowe.  Adorn’d 
with  cuts.  3  vols.  8vo.  London,  1711-13.  B.M. 

BOILEATT-DESPRfiAUX  (Nicolas).— CEu- 

vres  avec  des  eclaircissemens  historiques  donnas  par 



Notes  and  Queries, 
August  15,  ’68. 

Universal  Catalogue  of 

lui  meme ;  enrichi  des  figures  gravees  par  Bernard 
Picard.  4  vols.  8vo.  La  Haye,  1722.  B.M. 
2  vols.  Pol.  Amsterdam,  1729. 

Pirst  edition,  with  Picart’s  plates.  2  vols.  Polio. 
Paris,  1718. 

BOILEAU  (L.).  —  Notice  sur  les  Objets 

Gallo-Romains,  trouves  dans  les  fondations  du 
nouveau  Palais  de  Justice  de  Tours,  recueillis  et 
offerts  au  Musee  de  cette  Ville.  2  lithogr.  plates. 
8vo.  Tours,  1840.  B.M. 

BOILLOT  (Joseph). — Nouveaux  ponrtraitz 
et  figures  de  termes  pour  user  en  l’Architeeture, 
composez  et  enrichiz  de  diversite  d’animaulx,  repre- 
sentez  au  vray  selon  l’antipathie  et  contrariete  na- 
turelle  de  chacun  d’iceux.  53  plates  on  wood  and 
copper,  besides  frontispiece  and  portrait.  Fol. 

Lengres  (1592).  B.M. 

BOXLDY. — See  Dinaux  (A.).  1845. 

BOILLT.  —  Catalogue  de  Tableaux . See 

Catalogues,  Sale  (Boilly).  1847. 

BOISGELIN  DE  KERDU  (Pierre  Marie 

Louis  de,  Knight  of  Malta). — Ancient  and  modern 
Malta.  3  vols.  Plates  and  maps.  4to.  London, 
1804.  B.M. 

BOISGELIN  DE  KERDU  (P.  M.  L.  de).— 

Travels  through  Denmark  and  Sweden.  2  vols. 
With  plates.  4to.  London,  1810.  B.M. 


(Francois  Paul  Emile). — See  Mancel  (J.  B.  G.). 

Le  Calvados  pittoresque  et  monumental . Texte 

par  Messieurs  De  B.,  &c.  1847,  &c.  B.M. 

BOISSARD  (Ferjus). — De  la  Peinture  reli- 
gieuse.  M.  Hippolyte  Plandrin,  M.  Eugene  Dela¬ 
croix,  par  P.  B.  8vo.  Paris,  1862. 

Extract  from  the  “  Correspondant.” 

BOISSARD  (Ferjus). — Hippolyte  Bon- 

nardel,  sign6  Fer.  B.  8vo.  Paris,  n.d. 

BOISSARD  (Jo.  Jac.). — See  Merian  (M.), 

Topographia  Urbis  Romse. 

BOISSARD  (J.  J.). — Boissardi  Disticba  in 

leones  diversorum  Principum,  Csesarum,  Philoso- 
phorum  etaliorum  illustrium  hominum,  etc.  12mo. 
Metis,  1587.  B.M. 

BOISSARD  (J.  J.). — -leones  diversorum 
hominum  fama  et  rebus  gestis  illustrium.  With 
plates.  4to.  Metis,  Abr.  Faber,  1591. 

Most  of  the  persons  are  from  modern  oriental 
history,  particularly  the  Turkish.  Boissard  obtained 
the  original  in  1576  at  Padua.  There  is  an  edition, 
Metz,  1584,  with  the  plates  in  earlier  stages. 

BOISSARD  (J.  J.). — Vitas  et  leones  Sul- 
tanor.  turcicor.  With  47  plates  by  De  Bry.  4to. 
Francfurt  a.  M.,  1596. 

Also  with  a  German  text,  same  date.  B.M. 

BOISSARD  (J.  J.). — Emblematum  liber, 
ipsa  emblemata  a  Theod.  de  Bry  sculpta.  51  plates, 
designed  by  Boissard.  4to.  Francof.  ad  Moenum, 
1593.  T.C.D. 


Earlier  edition :  Emblemes  latins  de  J.  J.  B.  avec 
l’interpretation  framboise  de  J.  Pierre  Joly  Messin. 
With  portrait,  frontispiece,  and  42  plates.  Metis 
(Faber),  1588. 

BOISSARD  (J.  J.), — Tbeatrum  vitae  hu- 
manse.  With  portrait  and  60  plates  by  De  Bry.  4to. 
Ff.  a.  M.,  1596.  T.C.D. 

In  German.  4to.  Ff.  a.  M.,  1597,  and  1617. 

The  same  plates  in  the  edition  :  4to.  Ff.  a.  M., 

BOISSARD  (J.  J.).— leones  virorum  illus¬ 
trium  doctrina  et  eruditione  prsestantium  ad  vivum 
elne'ue,  cum  eorum  vitis  descriptis  a  J.  J.  Bois- 
sardo :  omnia  recens  in  ses  artificiose  incisa  et 
demum  foras  data  per  Thdr.  de  Bry.  With  plates. 

4  vols.  4to.  Ff.  a.  M.,  1597-99.  B.M. 

T_\o  first  edition,  with  the  first  impressions  of  the 

plates.  Each  part  has  50  plates,  except  that  part 
ii.  has  only  47.  The  text  is  only  by  Boissard  in  the 
1st  and  2nd  parts  ;  in  the  3rd  and  4th  it  is  by  Ad. 
Lonicer.  In  the  4th  part  is  the  likeness  of  Hadr. 
Junius  twice  over  (pp.  274  and  318).  In  place  of 
which  second  likeness  that  of  Limburg  is  wanting. 

2nd  edition. — Bibliotheca  seu  thesaurus  virtutis 
et  glorise,  &c.  With  plates.  4to.  Pars  I.— V.  Ff. 
a.  M.,  1628-32. 

Enlarged,  with  39  plates  and  19  biographies. 
Part  I.  55  plates.  Part  II.  61  plates  (here  leaves  7 
and  8  ought  to  be  twice  over,  first  with  Lipsius’s 
likeness,  and  on  the  reverse  a  biographical  notice  of 
him.  The  second  time,  with  the  recto  vacant,  and 
another  notice  on  the  reverse,  “  Tametsi  de  Justo 
Lipsio”).  Part  III.  50  plates.  Part  IV.  50  plates. 
Part  Y.  20  plates,  no  text. 

3rd  edition. — leones  et  effigies  virorum  doctorum 
&c.,  antehac  in  5  part,  editse.  With  237  plates. 
4to.  Ff.,  1645.  Pars  VI.  Iconum.  With  52 
plates.  4to.  Ff.  a.  M.,  1645. 

The  biographies  are  omitted.  The  plates  in  parts 
i.-v.  stand  in  a  different  order. 

4th  edition:  Bibliotheca  chalcographica,  &c.,  in 

5  partes  distributa.  With  235  plates.  Ff.  a.  M., 
n.d.  (1650). 

Pars  VI.  53  plates,  n.d.  (1650). 

Pars  VII.  50  plates.  4to.  1650. 

Pars  VIII.  50  plates.  4to.  1652. 

Pars  IX.  50  plates.  4to.  1654. 

No  text.  PartVI.  contains  distiches  not  in  former 

Parts  I.-V.  have  2  plates  less. 

5th  edition. — Bibliotheca . in  5  partibus.  235 

plates.  4to.  Heidelberg,  1669. 

Pars  VI.  53  plates.  4to.  Heidelberg,  n.  d. 

Pars  VII.  50  plates.  4to.  Ff.  a.  M.,  1669. 
Pars  VIII.  50  plates.  4to.  n.p.o.d. 

Pars  IX.  SOplates.  4to.  n.p.o.d. 

No  text.  Distiches  wanting  to  Part  VI.,  and 
list  of  names  in  Part  IX. 

BOISSARD  (J.  J.)._ Romanse  Urbis  Topo¬ 
graphia  et  Antiquitates.  6  parts  in  2  or  3  vols., 
with  plates  by  De  Bry.  Fol.  Francfurt  a.  M.,1597- 
1602.  T.C.D.  and  Cicogn  (claimed as  a  perfect  copy). 
Part  I.  8  prelim,  pp.,  163  pp.;  1  map,  7  plates. 

Notes  and  Queries, 
August  22,  ’68. 

Boohs  on  Art  (under  revision). 


Part  II.  3  prelim.,  18  pp.,  plates  and  text  alter¬ 
nately.  38  plates. 

Part  III.  11  prelim.,  42  pp.,  108  plates.  Index  11 


Part  IV.  9  prelim.,  pp.  16-52,  and  96  plates. 
Part  V.  10  prelim.,  130  plates. 

Part  VI.  2  prelim.,  47  pp.,  147  plates. 

The  same  plates  repeated  in  subsequent  editions. 

BOISSARD  (J.  J.). — Onvplirii  Panuinii, 

Bartholomsei  Marliani,  Petri  Uictoris,  Iani  Iacobi 
Boissardi,  Topographia  Romee.  Fol.  Francof.,  1627. 


BOISSARD  (J.  J.). — II.  Pars  Antiqvitatvm 

Romanarvm.  Fol.  Bas.,  1628. 

BOISSARD  (J.  J.).— III.  Pars  Antiqvita¬ 
tvm,  sev  Inscriptionum  et  Epitaphiorum  quae  in  saxi 
et  marmoribus  Romanis  videntur  cum  suis  signis 
et  imaginibus  exacta  descriptio.  Fol.  Francf., 

BOISSARD  (J.  J.).— IIII.  Pars  Antiquita- 

tum  Romanarum,  siue  II.  Tomus  Inscriptionum  et 
Monumentorum  quae  Romae  in  saxis  et  marmoribus 
visuntur.  Fol.  Francf.,  1599. 

BOISSARD  (J.  J.). — Y.  Pars  Antiqvitatvm 
Romanarum,  siue  III.  Tomus  Inscriptionum  et 
Monumentorum  quae  Romae  in  saxis  et  marmori¬ 
bus  visuntur.  Fol.  Francf.,  1600. 

BOISSARD  (J.  J.). — YI.  Pars  Antiqvitatvm 

Romanarum  siue  IIII.  Tomus  Inscriptionum  et 
Monumentorum  quae  Romae  in  saxis  et  marmo¬ 
ribus  visuntur.  Fol.  Francf.,  1602.  B.M. 

BOISSARD  (J.  J.). — Pannonise  Historia 

Chronologica.  With  14  plates  and  a  map.  4to.  Ff. 
a.  M.,  1596. 

In  German.  4to.  Ff.  a.  M.,  1607. 

BOISSARD  (J.  J.).  —  Parnassus  Biceps 

c.  imaginib.  musar.  With  25  plates,  portrait,  and 
frontispiece,  by  De  Bry.  Fol.  Franc,  a.  M.,  1601. 
With  33  plates.  Fol.  Francofurt.,  1627. 
(Sometimes  in  the  Topogr.  Rom.,  sometimes  in 
the  “  Tractatus  de  Divinatione.”) 

BOISSARD  (J.  J.). — Tractatus  postumus 
de  divinatione,  etmagicisprsestigiis.  With  33  plates, 
by  Theod.  de  Bry.  Fol.  Oppenhemii,  n.  d.  S.K. 

Reprinted:  4to.  1611.  Fol.  1613,  with  the  same 

BOISSARD  (Robert). — Mascarade  recueil- 

lie,  et  mise  en  taille  douce.  24  plates  and  front., 
n.  p.  1597.  Cicogn. 

BOISSEAU  (Jean). — Promptuaire  armorial 
et  general,  &c.  4  parts.  Woodcuts.  Fol.  Paris, 
1657-58.  B.M. 

BOISSEL  (J.  C.  Gr.). — Yoyage  pittoresque 

sur  une  partie  du  Rhone  repute  non-navigable.  4to. 
n.p.  1794.  B.M. 

BOISSELIER. — Catalogue  de . etudes  de 

paysage.  See  Catalogues,  Sales  (Boisselier).  1857. 

BOISSELIER  (A.  E.). — Notice  historique 

et  necrologique  sur  Marie-Philippe  Coupin,  peintre 

d’histoire . par  A.  F.  Boisselier.  8vo.  Versailles, 


BOISSEREE  (Sulpiz)  .  — Ueber  die  Kaiser- 
Dalmatica  in  der  St.  Peterskirche  zu  Rom.  20  pp., 
and  5  plates.  4to.  n.  p.  n.d.  S.K. 

BOISSEREE  (Sulpiz).— Geschichte  und 
Beschreibung  des  Dorns  von  Koln,  nebst  Unter- 
suchungen  uber  die  alte  Kirchenbaukunst,  als  Text 
zu  den  Ansichten,  Rissen  und  einzelnen  Theilen 
des  Dorns  von  Koln,  Fol.  Stuttgart,  1823-32.  (18 
large  plates.  1821.)  B.M. 

With  French  text. — Histoire  et  Description  de  la 
Cathedrale  de  Cologne.  Par  S.  B.  Pour  servir  de 
texte  aux  Vues,  Plans,  Coupes,  et  Details  de  l’Edi- 
fice.  Nouvelle  edition  refaite  et  augmentee.  Plates, 
fol.  Text,  4to.  Munich,  1842-43.  S.K. 

BOISSEREE  (Sulpiz). —Denkmale  der 

Baukunst  vom  7.  bis  zum  13.  Jahrhundert  am 
Nieder- Rhein.  72  lithogr.  plates.  Imper.  fol. 
Miinchen,  1830-33.  S.K. 

Another  edition.  Fol.  Miinchen,  1842. 

BOISSEREE  (Sulpiz). — Die  Beschreibung 
des  Tempels  des  heiligen  Gral  in  dem  Heldenge- 
dicht:  Titurel,  Cap.  III.  4to.  Miinchen,  1834. 

BOISSEREE  (Sulpiz). — Lettre  sur  les  an- 
cienncs  ecoles  de  peinture  en  France.  In  the  “  Bul¬ 
letin  du  comity  historique  des  arts  et  monuments,” 
vol.  i.  part  ii.  p.  106. 

BOISSEREE  (Sulpiz).— Memoire  sur  l’Ar- 

chitecture  du  mo}Ten-age.  In  the  “  Messager  des 
Sciences  et  des  Arts,”  Grand,  vol.  iii.  p.  306. 

BOISSEREE  (Sulpiz).— Une  Lettre  de  M. 

B.  sur  la  revolution  que  subit  l’art  de  la  Peinture 
sous  les  freres  Van  Eyck  et  leurs  Aleves  au  XVeme 
siecle.  1  lithogr.  plate.  The  same,  vol.  iv.  p.  269. 

BOISSEREE  (the  Brothers  Sulpiz  and 
Melchior)  and  BERTRAM  (Johahn  Baptist). — 
Die  Sammlung  alt-  nieder-  und  oberdeutscher  Ge- 
malde  der  Briider  S.  und  M.  B.  und  des  J.  B. 
(lithographirt  von  Johann  Nepomuk  Strixner) ;  mit 
Nachrichten  uber  die  altdeutschen  Maler  von  den 
Besitzern.  2  vols.  114  lithogr.  and  3  copper 
plates.  Imper.  fol.  Stuttgart,  1821-34.  S.K. 

BOISSIERE  (Samuel,  Peintre  de  Mont¬ 
pellier). — . See  Kuhnholtz  (H.).  1845. 

BOISSIERE  (Samuel). — Lettre  de  Nestore 

escrite  a  Polidor  dans  laquelle  sont  contenues  les 
plus  grossieres  et  principales  fautes  du  tableau  d’un 
peintre  qui  a  voulu  representer  l’histoire  du  miracle 
de  Saint  Pierre  en  la  chute  de  Simon  le  Magicien 
(par  S.  B.).  4to.  n.p.,  1659. 

A  criticism  on  a  picture  of  Seb.  Bourdon  in  the 
Church  of  S.  Pierre  at  Montpellier. 

BOISSIEU  (J.  J.  de). — Hommage  a  sa  me¬ 

moire.  See  Chazelle  (de).  1810. 

Catalogue  des  oeuvres  a  l’eau-forte . See  Cata¬ 

logues  (Boissieu).  1801. 

m  m  133 


Universal  Catalogue  of 

Notes  and  Queries, 
August  22,  ’68. 

BOISSIEU  (J.  J.  de).  — Eloge . See 

Dugas-Montbel.  1810. 

BOISTHIBAULT  (Doublet  de).— Extrait 

d’un  Memoire,  intitule  Recherches  sur  le  Yerre  de 
Charlemagne  conserve  dans  la  Bibliotheque  pub- 
lique  de  la  ville  de  Chastres.  In  “Memoires  de 
la  Societe  Royale  des  Antiquaires  de  la  France,” 
vol.  x.  p.  129. 

Separately  published. — Le  Yerre  de  Charlemagne. 
Royal  8vo.  Paris,  1857.  S.K. 

BOISTHIBAULT  (Doublet  de). — Bernard 

Palissy.  Par  M.  D.  de  B.  Royal  8vo.  Paris, 

1857.  S.K. 

BOISTHIBAULT  (Doublet  de). — Notice 

sur  un  Reliquiare  donne  en  1680  aux  Hurons  de 
Lorette  en  la  Nouvelle  France  par  le  Chapitre  de 
l’Eglise  de  Chartres.  Par  M.  D.  de  B.  8vo.  Paris, 

1858.  S.K. 

BOISVILLETTE  (De).— Notice  sur  les 

Monumens  et  la  Mosa'ique  trouves  a  Mienne  pr&s 
Marboue  (Eure  et  Loire).  1  plate.  In  “  Memoires 
de  la  Societe  Royale  des  Antiquaires  de  France,” 
vol.  ii.,  nouvelle  serie,  p.  153. 

BOISVILLETTE  (De). — Notice  sur  les  sub¬ 
structions  antiques  de  la  ville  de  Cannes  (Loiret). 
Plates.  The  same,  vol.  v.  p.  212. 

BOITEL  (Leon). — Lyon  ancien  et  moderne, 
avec  des  gravures  par  H.  Leymarie.  2  vols.  8vo. 
Lyon,  1838-43.  B.M. 

BOIVIN  (Louis). — Notice  sur  M.  Biard,  ses 

aventures,  son  voyage  en  Laponie  avec  Mme. 
Biard ;  examen  critique  de  ses  tableaux.  8vo. 
Paris,  1842. 

BOIVIN  (R.). — Illustrium  pbilosopborum 
et  poetarum  vcterum  12  effigies,  ex  antiquis  turn 
marmoreis  turn  aeneis  signis  ad  vivum  expressae. 
4to.  Lutetise  Parisior.,  1566. 

BOIZOT.  —  Observations  de  M.  Boizot, 
sculpteur  du  Roi,  a  l’occasion  du  buste  de  M. 
Necker.  8vo.  n.p.  o.d. 

BOIZOT  (Louis  Simon).  —  Basreliefs  du 

Tombeau  eleve  par  l’Armee  de  Sambre  et  Meuse  au 
General  Hoche.  8vo.  Paris,  an  8  (1800).  B.M. 

BOJESEN  (Ernest  Feed.). — A  Handbook 

of  Roman  Antiquities,  with  a  short  hi  story  of  Roman 
literature.  Translated  from  the  German  version  of 
Dr.  Hoffa,  by  R.  B.  Paul,  and  edited  by  T.  K. 
Arnold.  8vo.  London,  1848.  B.M. 

New  edition.  12mo.  London,  1852.  S.K. 

BOJESEN  (E.  E.).— A  Handbook  of  Grecian 
Antiquities :  translated  from  the  German  version  of 
Dr.  Hoffa,  by  R.  B.  Paul,  and  edited  by  T.  K. 
Arnold.  8vo.  London,  1848.  B.M. 

Hew  edition.  12mo.  London,  1855. 

BOL  (Ferdinand). — Catalogue  of  Etchings 
by  Ferdinand  Bob  See  Catalogues  (Daulby, 


BOL  (J.). — Venationis,  piscationis et  aucupii 
typi.  J.  Bol  depingebat,  Ph.  Galleus  excud.  Ob¬ 
long  4to.  n.  p.  o.  d.  With  the  title,  48  leaves. 

BOLDETTI  (Marc  Antonio). — Osservazioni 

sopra  i  cimiterj  de’  Santi  Martiri,  ed  antichi  Cris- 
tiani.  Plates.  2  vols.  Fol.  Roma,  1702.  Cicogn. 
Plates.  Fol.  Roma,  1720.  B.M. 

Plates.  Fol.  Roma,  1792.  Lond.  Inst. 

Supplemental  to  the  “  Roma  Sotterranea  ”  of 

BOLLAERT  (W.). — Antiquarian  and  Eth¬ 
nological  Researches  in  New  Granada,  Equador, 
Peru,  and  Chile.  8vo.  London,  1860.  B.M. 

BOLLAERT  (W.). — Observations  on  the 

Peruvian  tomb  pottery,  and  some  objects  of  gold  from 
S.  America  in  the  Museum  of  M.  Mayer.  In  the 
Transactions  of  the  Lancashire  and  Cheshire  His¬ 
toric  Society,  Liverpool,  vol.  i.,  new  series,  1860, 
p.  311. 

BOLLETTI  (Giuseppe). — Notizie  istoriche 
di  citta  della  Pieve.  8vo.  Perugia,  1830.  B.M. 

BOLLMANN  (Fr.).— Die  praktische  Pho- 

tographie  unserer  Zeit.  Vollstandiges  Lehrbuch  fur 
Photographen,  &c.  16mo.  Berlin,  1862.  B.M. 

BOLOGNA. —  De  Bononiensi  Sc.  et  Art. 

Instituto.  See  Societies. 

BOLOGNA. — Le  Sculture  delle  Porte  della 

Basilica  di  San  Petronio.  See  Guizzardi  (Gius.). 

BOLOGNA. — Ragionamento  sopra  le  pompe 
della  Citta  di  Bologna,  nel  quale  si  discorre  sopra 
le  feste,  i  banchetti,  i  corsi  pubblici  di  detta  citta. 
4to.  Bologna,  1568.  Cicogn. 

BOLOGNA. — Descrittione  della  citta,  con- 
tato,  governo  et  altre  cose  notabili  di  B.  4to. 
Bologna,  1602.  B.M. 

General  descriptions  of  buildings,  &c. 

BOLOGNA. — II  Tempio  di  Giano,  serrato 

da  Augusto  per  l’annua  festa  popolare  della  Porch- 
etta  nella  Fiera  di  Bologna,  1703,  figurata.  Aggi- 
untovi :  Dialogismo  simbolico  per  l’invenzione  della 
contrada  di  Fontebranda,  dette  dell’  Oca,  rappre- 
sentata  nel  corso  delle  Bufale  nella  Piazza  di  Siena, 
presenti  D.  Cosimo  de’  Medici,  e  Maria  Maddalena 
d’ Austria.  4to.  Siena,  1612.  Cicogn. 

BOLOGNA. — Descrizione  della  festa  popo¬ 

lare  della  Porchetta  fatta  in  Bologna  nel  1721. 

BOLOGNA. — Disegno,  e  relazione  della  fiera 
fatta  in  Bologna  in  cccasione  della  solita  festa  popo¬ 
lare  della  Porchetta.  Plates.  4to.  Bologna,  1706. 


BOLOGNA. — Della  Pittura  della  Libreria 
del  Monastero  di  S.  Michel  in  Bosco  di  Bologna. 
(Painted  by  Domenico  M.  Canuti.)  8vo.  Bologna, 
1681.  Cicogn. 

BOLOGNA. — Le  Pitture  di  Bologna.  Terza 

edizione,  con  nuova  e  copiosa  aggiunta.  12mo. 
Bologna,  1732.  S.K. 

Notes  and  Queries, 
August  22,  ’G8. 

Books  on  Art  ( under  revision). 


BOLOGNA. — Instituto  delle  Scienze,  Acade¬ 
mia  Clementinar--Storia  dell’ Accademi a  Clementina 
di  Bologna,  aggregata  all’  Instituto  delle  Scienze  e 
dell’ Arte.  (Established  1708.)  2  vols.  4to.  Bologna, 
1739.  Lond.  Inst. 

BOLOGNA. — Della  Chiesa  del  S.  Sepolcro 

riputata  l’antico  Battisterio  di  Bologna,  e  in  gene- 
rale  dei  Battisteri.  Discorso  dedicato  a  Gesu  Crist o, 
q  al  suo  amico  e  battezzatore  Giovanni.  Con  una 
tavola  della  pianta.  (With  notices  of  the  Basilica 
of  S.  Stefano.)  8vo.  Bologna,  1772.  Cicogn. 

BOLOGNA. — Squarci  d’annotazioni  e  varie 

pagine  del  libbricciulo  intitolato  :  Pitture,  Sculture, 
e  Architetture  di  Bologna,  pel  Longlii  an.  1776. 
Dedicati  agli  Amatori  di  verita  da  pochi  principianti 
d’Architettura.  Eaenza,  1777.  Cicogn. 

BOLOGNA. — Verita  di  fatto  esposte  da 

Raimondo  Compagnini  a  rischiaramento  d’un  liber- 
colo  dato  alle  stampe  da  pochi  principianti  d’Archi¬ 
tettura.  Bologna,  1777.  Cicogn. 

BOLOGNA. — Sentimenti  di  pochi  princi¬ 
pianti  d’Architettura  in  ordine  alle  verita  di  fatto 
pubblicate  dal  Sig.  Raimondp  Compagnini.  8vo. 
Bologna,  n.  d.  Cicogn. 

BOLOGNA.  —  Eletta  dei  Monumenti  piu 

.  illustri  e  classici  sepolcrali  ed  onararii  di  B.  e  suoi 
diutorni,  compresi  gli  antichi  del  Cimitero.  4  vols. 
Detailed  plates.  Pol.  Bologna,  1838-44.  B.M. 

BOLOGNA.  —  Pinacoteca  Pontificia  Bo¬ 
lognese,  ossia  Raceqlta  dei  migliori  Quadri  che  in 
essa  racchiudonsi,  incisi  in  pietra  litografica  a  solo 
contorno,  con  sue  illustrazioni.  8vo.  Bologna, 
1857.  S.K. 

BOLOGNA. — Dell’  arti  e  dei  principali  ar- 
tisti  di  pittura,  scultura  e  architettura  in  Bologna. 
8vo.  Bologna,  1862.  B.  Arch. 

BOLOGNA  (Carolus).  —  De  Monumentis 

Artium  et  Litterarum  nuper  a  G-allia  in  Italiam 
reportatis  Oratio.  8vo.  Patavii,  1818.  B.M. 

BOLOGNA  (Carolus). — De  Utilitate  quarn 

poetse  ex  picturarum  et  signorum  cognitione  capere 
possunt.  4to.  Patavii,  1832.  Bodl. 

BOLOGNA  (Giovanni).  —  Alcune  compo- 

sizioni  di  diversi  autori  in  lode  del  ritratto  della 
Sabina  scolpito  in  marmo  da  G-.  B.  8vo.  Firenze, 
1583.  Bodl. 

BOLOGNE  (Jean  de). — Eloge  de . See 

Dtjthillceul  (H.  R.).  1820. 

BOLOGNINI  AMOBINt  (Antonio,  Mar- 

chese).  See  Amobini. 

BOLT  (Jon.  Er.). — Verzeichniss  der  Kup- 

ferstiche......See  Catalogues,  Sale  (Bolt).  1794. 

BOLTE  AFF  BUFACH  (Valentinus).— 

En  ny  oc  konstrig  Illuminer  Bog,  det  er  hvorledis 

konsteligen  eratgioreoc  berede . alleslags  farffver 

. for  skriffvere,  malere  oc  andre  som  elske  saadan 

konst,  sampt  nogle  nye  tilsatte  konst-stycker.  4to. 
Kiobenhaffn,  1648.  B.M. 

BOLTE  (Jon.  IJenr.).  —  Super  antiquis 

quibusdam  picturarum  generibus  eorumque  cogni- 
tionis  moderno  usu.  4to.  Halse,  1771.  Bodl. 
BOLTON  (Hannah). — Drawing  from  Ob¬ 
jects,  being  an  abstract  of  Lessons  on  Linear  Draw¬ 
ing,  given  at  the  Home  and  Colonial  Training 
Schools.  Chiefly  designed  for  teachers.  By  H.  B. 
Royal  8vo.  London,  1850.  S.K. 

BOLTON  (Hannah).  —  Hannah  Bolton’s 
First  Drawing  Book,  a  Walk  through  a  House, 
shown  by  scenes  in  the  journey.  Oblong  4to. 
London  (1852-53).  S.K. 

BOLTON  (Bev.  W.  J.). — King’s  College 

Chapel,  Cambridge.  In  the  te Archaeological  Journal,” 
vol.  xii.  (1855),  p.  153. 

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kiinstlich  alle  Farben  zu  machen  und  zu  bereiten. 
8 vo.  Franckfurt  am  Mayn,  1550. 

Other  editions  : — 

8vo.  1566. — 8vo.  Franc.,  1589.  Also,  1615. — 8vo. 
Hamb.,  1645. 

Danish.  4to.  Kiobenhaffn,  1648.  B.M. 

BOLTZ  (Valentinus). — New  herfiir  gesuch- 
tes  Illuminirbuch.  8vo.  Erffurt,  1654. 
BOLZANO  (B.). — Abhandlungen  zur  Aes- 
thetik.  1  Lief. :  Ueber  den  Begriff  des  Schonen. 
4to.  Prag,  1843. 

BOLZENTHAL  (Heinrich).— Skizzen  zur 
Kunstgeschichte  der  modernen  Medaillen-Arbeit 
(1429-1840).  30  plates.  8vo.  Berlin,  1840.  S.K. 

BOLZENTHAL  (Heinrich). — Leitfaden  fur 

die  Sammlung  der  Miinzen  des  Mittelalters  und  der 
Neuzeit.  8vo.  Berlin,  1850. 

BOMBACI  (Gasparo). —  L’Araldo  overro 
dell’  arme  delle  famiglie.  4to.  Bologna,  1651. 

BOMBELLI  (Pietro).  —  Contorni  dell’  in- 

signe  Quadro  di  Raffaele  rappresentante  la  Tras- 
figurazione  di  Gesu  Cristo,  che  esiste  in  Roma 
nella  chiesa  di  S.  Pietro  in  Montorio,  lucidati  fedel- 
mente  dal  Quadro  medesimo,  ed  incisi  in  tredici 
rami  da  P.  B.  13  outlines  of  heads  in  the  picture, 
full  size.  Fol.  Roma,  1777.  B.M. 

BOMBET  (Alex.  C.). — Histoire  de  laPein- 
ture  en  Italie.  See  A.  (M.  B.  A.). 

BOMBOUBG  ( J.  de)  . — Becherches  curieuses 
de  la  vie  de  Raphael  Sansio  d’Urbin,  de  ses  oeuvres, 
peintures  et  estampes  qui  ont  este  gravees  en  taille- 

douce  par  Marc  Antoine  Bolognois . avec  un  petit 

Recueil  des  plus  beaux  tableaux  tant  antiques  que 
modernes,  architectures,  sculptures  et  figures  qui 
se  voyent  dans  plusieurs  eglises,  rues,  places  pub- 
liques  de  Lyon.  Par  J.  de  B.  Lyonnois.  12mo. 
Lyon,  1675. 

BOMEB  (Ant.). — Triumphus  novem  secu- 
lorum  Imperii  Rom.  Germ.  Carolo  Magno  a  B.  P. 
Ant.  Bomer,  etc.  Anno  seculari  1770  decantatus, 
nunc  autem  anno  Jubilseo  1725  quadrant e  saeculi 
auctus  et  recusus  a  Jo.  And.  Pfeffel  Calcografo 



Universal  Catalogue  of 

Notes  and  Queries, 
August  22,  ’68. 

Aulico.  11  plates  by  G.  U.  Kraus.  Fol.  Aug. 
Yiudelicorum  (1725).  S.K. 

BONACCI  (Gratiliano). — Nozioni  fonda- 
mentali  di  Estetica.  8vo.  Euligno,  1837.  T.C.D. 

BONAFONS  (Louis  Abel  de,  Abbe). — Dic- 

tionnaire  des  Artistes,  ou  Notice  historique  et  rai- 
sonnee  des  Architectes,  Peintres,  Graveurs,  Sculp- 
teurs,  Musiciens,  Acteurs  et  Danseurs ;  Imprimeurs, 
Horlogers  et  M6caniciens.  2  vols.  8vo.  Paris, 
1776.  B.M. 

BONAFONS  (Louis  Abel  de,  Abbe). — Ga- 

lerie  du  Palais  Royal,  gravee  d’apres  des  tableaux 
des  differentes  ecoles  qui  la  composent  (by  J.  Couche, 
&c.),  ayec  un  abrege  de  la  yie  des  Peintres,  et  une 
description  historique  de  chaque  tableau  par  l’Abbe 
de  Fontenai  (Morel  and  others).  (Notice  historique 
sur  la  Galerie  du  Palais  Royal.  By  S.  C.  Croze- 
Magnan.)  3  vols.  Eol.  Paris,  1786-1808.  B.M. 

BONAFONT  (0.  Ph.).  —  Kunstandeu- 
tungen  aus  asthetischem  Standpunkte,  zunachst 
fiir  angehende  Kiinstler  und  Kunstfreunde.  8yo. 
Berlin,  1829. 

BONAINI  (Francesco).  —  Memorie  inedite 

intorno  alia  Yita,  e  ai  dipinti  di  Francesco  Traini,  e 
ad  altre  opere  di  disegno  dei  secoli  xi,,  xiv.,  e  xv. 
Raccolte,  e  ordinate  da  Fr.  B.  Imper.  8vo.  Pisa, 
1846.  S.K. 

BONAINI  (Francesco). — Dell’  arte  secondo 

la  mente  di  Lorenzo  Bartolini.  Discorso  del  prof, 
cay.  Francesco  Bonaini.  8vo.  Firenze,  1852. 

BONAIITTI  (B.  S.).— Italian  Scenery,  re¬ 
presenting  the  manners,  customs,  and  amusements 
of  the  different  states  of  Italy,  containing  32  co¬ 
loured  engravings  by  James  Godby,  from  original 
drawings  by  P.  Van  Lerberghi.  4to.  London,  1806. 


BONAMY  (Pierre  Nicolas). — Extrait  de 

l’essai  sur  la  peinture,  la  sculpture,  et  l’architec- 
ture,  &c.  See  Berthieb  (G.  F.),  Extrait  de  l’essai 
sur  la  peinture,  &c.  1751.  B.M. 

BONANNI  (Filippo). — Ricreatione  dell’  Oc- 
chio  e  della  Mente  nell’  Osseruation’  delle  Chioc- 
ciole.  112  plates.  4to.  Roma,  1681.  B.M. 

Latin  translation. — Recreatio  Mentis  et  Ocvli  in 
observatione  Animalium  testaceorum  curiosis  Na¬ 
turae  Inspectoribus  Italico  sermone  primum  propo- 
sita,  nunc  denuo  ab  eodem  Latine  oblata,  centum 
additis  Testaceorum  Iconibus,  circa  quae  varia  Pro- 
blemata  proponuntur.  138  plates.  4to.  Romae,  1684. 


BONANNI  (Filippo) —  circa 

Yiventia  quae  in  Rebvs  non  viventibvs  reperiuntur, 
cum  Micrographia  curiosa.  2  parts  in  1  vol.  With 
31  and  37  plates.  4to.  Romae,  1691.  B.M. 

BONANNI  (Filippo). — Numismata  Snmmo- 

rum  Pontificum  Templi  Vaticani  Fabricam  indicantia 
chronologica  ejusdem  Fabricae  narratione,  ac  mul- 
tiplici  eruditione  explicata,  atque  uberiori  Numis- 
matum  omnium  Pontificiorum  Lucubrationi,  veluti 

Prodromus,  praemissa.  With  86  plates.  Fol.  Romae, 
1696.  S.K. 

Other  editions : — 

Fol.  Romae,  Ann.  Magn.  Jubilaei,  1700.  B.M. 

Fol.  Romae,  1715.  Cum  corr.  et  addit.  S.K. 
BONANNI  (Filippo). — Numismata  Pontifi¬ 
cum  Romanorum  quae  a  tempore  Martini  Y.  usque 
an  Annum  m.dcc.xcix.  vel  authoritate  publica,  vel 
privato  genio  in  lucem  prodiere,  explicata,  ac  multi- 
plici  eruditione  sacra  et  prophana  illustrata.  2  vols. 
With  plates.  Fol.  Romae,  1699.  S.K. 

BONANNI  (Filippo)  .  —  Ordinum  Religio- 
sorum  in  Ecclesia  Militanti  Catalogus,  eorum- 
que  indumenta  in  iconibus  expressa,  a  P.  P.  B., 
Societatis  Jesu.  3  vols.  Small  4to.  Romae,  1706- 
1710.  (Text  in  Latin  and  Italian.)  S.K. 

Reprinted  1712,  1714,  1724,  1741-42. 

The  edition  with  the  largest  number  of  plates, 
4  vols  in  2.  4to.  Norimbergae,  1732. 

The  vols.  contain  141,  108,  75,  and  164  plates 
respectively.  Plates  142-164  contain  the  insignia. 
BONANNI  (Fil.). — Ordinum  Equestrium  et 
Militarium  Catalogus  in  Imaginibus  expositus  et 
cum  brevi  narratione.  Small  4to.  Romae,  1711. 
(Text  in  Latin  and  Italian.)  S.K. 

In  German. — Verzeichniss  der  geist-  und  welt- 
lichen  Ritter-Orden  in  Abbildungen  und  e.  kurtzen. 
Erzahlung.  Aus  dem  Lat.  iibers.  8vo.  Niirnberg, 

An  earlier  edition.  4to.  1720. 

BONANNI  (Fil). — La  Gerarcbia  Ecclesias- 
tica  considerata  nelle  vesti  sagre,  e  civili  usate  da 
quelli,  li  quali  la  compongono,  espresse,  e  spiegate 
con  le  Imagini  di  ciascun  grado  della  medesima. 
Small  4to.  Roma,  1720.  S.K. 

In  German. — Verzeichniss  der  geistlichen  Ordens- 
Personen  in  der  streitenden  Kirchen  in  Abbil¬ 
dungen  und  e.  kurtzen  Erzahlung.  Aus  dem  Lat. 
iibers.  2.Aufl.  3  vols.  8vo.  Niirnberg,  1724-1752. 
BONANNI  (Fil.). — Description  des  instru- 
mens  harmoniques  en  tout  genre,  en  Italien  et  en 
Fran9ais.  Edition  augmentee  par  Hiac.  Ceruti. 
143  plates.  4to.  Rome,  1776. 

BONANNI  (Francesco,  Principe  di  Rocca 
Fiorita,  Duca  di  Montalbano). — Delle  antiche  Sira- 
cuse.  2  vols.  With  plates.  Fol.  Palermo,  1717. 


The  1st  vol.  contains  the  “Siracusa  illustrata,” 
by  Giacomo  Bonanni  and  Colonna,  Duke  of  Montal¬ 
bano.  The  2nd  vol.  contains  the  works  of  earlier 
writers . — Cicogn . 

An  earlier  edition.  4to.  Messina,  1624.  Cicogn. 

BONAPARTE,  Family  of. — See  Mayer  (J.), 
A  Catalogue  of  Objects  of  Art,  illustrative  of  the 
B.  family,  &c.  B.M. 

BONAPARTE  (Charles  Lucien).  See  Ca¬ 
talogues,  Museums. 

BONAPARTE  (C.  L.). — Iconografia  della 
Fauna  italica.  Fasc.  1-25.  4to.  Roma,  n.  d. 
BONAPARTE  (Lucien,  Prince  of  Canino). 
Museum  Etrusque  de  Lucien  Bonaparte,  Prince 

Notes  and  Queries, 
August  29,  ’68. 


Boohs  on  Art  ( under  revision). 


de  Canino,  fouilles  de  1828  a  1829.  Vases  peints 
avec  inscriptions.  4to.  Viterbe,  1829.  S.K. 

BONAR  (Horatius). — The  Desert  of  Sinai; 

Notes  of  a  Spring  Journey  from  Cairo  to  Beersheba. 
8vo.  London,  1857.  B.M. 

BONAR  (Thompson).  See  Catalogues, 


BONARDO  (Yincenzo,  Romano). — Discorso 

intorno  all’  origine,  antichita,  virtu,  benedizione,  e 
ceremonie,  che  usa  il  Sommo  in  benedire 
gli  Agnusdei.  8vo.  Roma,  1621.  B.M. 

BONARELLI  (Prospero).  —  II  Solimano, 
tragedia.  5  plates  by  Callot,  and  frontispiece.  4to. 
Firenze,  1620.  B.M. 

BOYAROTA  (Philippus).— Ad  monumenta 
Etrusca  operi  Dempsteriano  addita  explicationes  et 
conjecturse.  Fol.  Florent.,  1726.  Bodl. 

BONARROTI  (Michel  Angelo).  See  Mi¬ 
chel  Angelo  Buonarroti. 

BONASONE  (Giulio).— Amori,  Sdegni,  e 
Gelosie  di  Giunone.  22  plates.  Small  fol.  n.p.o.d. 


BONASONE  (Giulio). — Catalogo  di  una 
serie . delle  Stampe . See  Catalogues,  Collec¬ 

tions  (Armano).  1820. 

BONASONE  (Giulio). — Some  Anecdotes  of 

his  Life .  See  Cumberland  (G.).  1793. 

BONCENNE  (F.). — Recherches  archeolo- 
giques  sur  Notre  Dame  de  Fontenav  (Vendee). 
8vo.  Lu^n,  1854.  B.M. 

BONCLERICI  (A.). — Osservazioni  intorno 
a  codice  del  secolo  xiii.  dimostrante  la  genealogia 
del  Redentore  e  intorno  ad  alcune  miniature  che 
sonogli  d’ornamento.  4to.  Roma,  1836.  Bodl. 

BOND  (Frederick). — The  History  of  Glou¬ 
cester  ;  and  descriptive  account  of  the  same  city  and 
its  suburbs,  &c.  8vo.  Gloucester,  1848.  B.M. 

BOND  (Henry). — Family  Memorials.  Ge¬ 
nealogies  of  the  families  and  descendants  of  the 
early  settlers  of  Watertown,  Massachusetts,  in¬ 
cluding  Waltham  and  Weston ;  to  which  is  appended 
the  early  history  of  the  town.  With  illustrations, 
maps  and  notes.  2  vols.  8vo.  Boston  (U.S.), 
1855.  B.M. 

Contains  portraits. 

BOND  (Thomas). — Topographical  and  His¬ 
torical  Sketches  of  the  Boroughs  of  East  and  West 
Looe  in  the  county  of  Cornwall.  8vo.  London, 
1823.  Bodl. 

BONDE(Gul.). — Thesaurus  artis  pictorise  ex 
unius  Julii  Clovii  clari  admodum  pictoris  operib. 
depromptus.  Fol.  n.p.  1733. 

From  a  private  press  in  England.  According  to 
Dibdin  two  copies  only  are  known,  one  in  the 
Douce  Collection,  Bodl. 

It  forms  part  of  the  following  work  : — 

Ad  Serenissimum  dom.  D.  Joannein  V.  Portugalise 
regem  de  J .  Clovii  Clari  admodum  pictoris  operibus 
libri  tres.  I.  Idea,  II,  Index,  III.  Deliberativus, 

humiliter  consecrati  a.  Gul.  Bonde.  (Londini) 
anno  1733. 

The  title  first  quoted  belongs  to  Part  II. 

BONDONE  (A.).  See  Giotto. 

BONFATTI  (Luigi). — Memorie  storiche  di 
Ottaviano  Nelli,  Pittore  Eugubino,  illustrate  con 
documenti,  da  L.  B.  8vo.  Gubbio,  1843.  S.K. 

BONFONS  (Pierre). — Les  fastes  antiquitez 
et  choses  plus  remarquables  de  Paris.  With  wood- 
cuts.  8vo.  Paris,  1605.  Bodl. 

Augmented  edition  of  the  work  of  Corrozet.  See 
Corrozet  (Gilles). 

BONGHI  (Diego). — Intorno  alle  Majoliche 
di  Castelli.  4to.  Napoli,  1856.  S.K. 

BONGHI  (Diego). — Di  un  Graffito  sulP 

Avorio,  descritto  ed  illustrate  da  Diego  Bought  4to. 
Napoli,  1859.  S.K. 

BONGIOYANNI  (Luigi). —  Guida  per  le 

Antichita'di  Siracusa.  8vo.  Messina,  1818.  Bodl. 

BONHEUR  (Rosa). — Cours  d’etudes  d’ani- 
maux,  lithographiees  par  Sirouy,  d’apres  les  tableaux 
de  Mdlle.  R.  B.  Fol.  Paris,  London  (1859,  &c.). 


BONHEUR  (Rosa)  .  See  Mirecourt  (E.  de)  . 

Biographie  de . See  Lepelle  de  Bois-Gallais. 


See  Perraud  de  Thoury  (E.).  1855. 

BONI. — rSulla  Pittura  di  un  Gonfalone  della 
Confraternita  di  S.  Maria  di  Castello  e  su  di  altre 
opere  fatte  nel  Friuli  da  Giovanni  da  Udine,  Lettera. 
8vo.  Udine,  1707.  Cicogn. 

BONI  (Filippo  de’,  Abbate). — Biografia  degli 
Artisti.  8vo.  Venezia,  1840.  B.M. 

BONI  (Mauro,  Abbate). — Di  alcune  Pitture 
antiche  scoperte  in  Venezia,  conto  reso  all’  Ab. 
Lanzi.  8vo.  Venezia,  1806.  Cicogn. 

BONI  (Mauro,  Abbate). — Saggio  di  Studj 
del  P.  Luigi  Lanzi.  8vo.  Venezia,  1815.  B.M. 
BONI  (Mauro,  Abbate).  —  Notizia  d’una 
Cassettina  Geografica,  opera  di  commesso  d’oro  e 
d’ argento  all’ agenima.  4to.  Venezia,  1800.  Cicogn. 
BONI  (Onofrio,  Cavaliere). —  Lettera  al 
chiarissimo  Sig.  Abate  Gaetano  Marini,  prefetto 
degli  archivj  segreti  della  S.  Sede,  e  primo  Custode 
della  Biblioteca  Vaticana  sui  tempj  monopteri  degli 
antichi,  e  su  qualche  altro  oggetto  di  Belle  Arti. 

1  plate.  8vo.  Firenze,  1804.  B.M. 

BONI  (Onofrio). — Lettera  di  Bajocco  al 

chiar.  Sig.  Abate  Carlo  Fea  Giureconsulto :  ossia 
Memorie  per  servire  alia  storia  letteraria  di  questo 
nuovo  scrittore  di  antiquaria  e  belle  arti.  4to. 
Cosmopoli,  1786.  B.M. 

BONI  (Onofrio).  —  Elogio  dell’ Abate  D. 

Luigi  Lanzi,  tratto  dalle  sue  opere.  8vo.  Pisa, 

BONI  (Onofrio). — Di  alcune  Antichita  dell’ 
Isola  di  Giannutri.  8vo.  Firenze,  1810.  S.K. 

n  n  137 


Universal  Catalogue  of 

Notes  r.nd  Queries, 
August  29,  ’68. 

BONI  (Onofrio). — Riflessioni  sopra  Michel- 
Angelo  Buonarroti,  del  Cay.  Onofrio  Boni,  in  ris- 
posta  a  quanta  ne  scrisse  Rolando  Freart,  Sig.  de 
Chambray,  nell’  opera  Idee  de  la  perfection  de  la 
Peinture,”  &c.  8yo.  Firenze,  1809.  S.K. 

BONICELLI  (Joannis). — Bibliotheca  Pisa- 

norum  Veneta,  adnotationibus  nonnnllis  illustrata. 
3  vols.  4to.  Venetiis,  1807.  Cicogn. 

BONIFACE  (A.). —  Cours  elementaire  et 
pratique  de  Dessin  d’apres  les  principes  de  Pesta- 
lozzi.  4to.  Paris,  1819. 

BONIFACE  -  SAINTINE  (Xavier).  —  Le 

Chemin  des  Ecoliers  ;  Promenade  de  Paris  a  Marly  - 

le-Roy,  en  suiyant  les  bords  du  Rhin . 458 

vignettes,  by  G.  Dore.  8vo.  Paris,  1861.  B.M. 

BONIFACE  -  SAINTINE  (Xavier).  —  La 

Mythologie  du  Rhin . Illustree  par  G.  Dore.  8vo. 

Paris,  1862.  B.M. 

BONIFACIO  (Giovanni).— Le  Arti  Liberali 

e  Meccaniche  come  siano  state  dagli  animali  irra- 
tionali  agli  uomini  dimostrate.  4to.  Rovigo,  1628. 


BONIS  (Adriano  de). —  See  Barozzi  (G. 

de,  called  II  Vignola),  Regola  dei  cinque  ordini  di 

architettura . riprodotti  con  aggiunte  per  cura 

e  col  disegno  di  A.  de  B.  1851.  B.M. 

BONIVARD  (FRANgois). — Advis  et  Devis 

de  la  Source  de  l’Idolatrie  et  Tyrannie  Papale . 

Suivis  des  difformes  Reformateurz  de  l’Advis  et 
Devis  de  menconge  et  des  faulx  miracles  du  temps 
present,  par  Frangois  Bonivard.  With  11  medal¬ 
lion  portraits  of  the  Popes,  from  Alexander  VI.  to 
Pius  IV.  (A  work  unedited  previously.)  8vo. 
G-eneve,  1856.  S.K. 

BONJOUR  (Gull.). — In  Monumenta  Cop- 
tica  seu  Egyptiaea,  Bibliothecse  Vaticanse  brevis 
exercitatio.  4to.  Romse,  1699.  B.M. 

BONMATTEUS  (Benedictus).  —  Descri- 

zione  delle  feste  fatte  in  Firenze  per  la  canonizza- 
zionedi  Sto.  Andrea  Corsini.  4to.  Fior.,  1632.  Bodl. 

BONN  (A.  C.). — Oratio  de  Pictura  veterum, 

auctore  A.  C.  B.  8vo.  Amstelodami,  1800. 

BONNARD  (Camille).  —  Costumes  des 
XIIIe,  XIVe  et  XVe  siecles,  extraits  des  monumens 
les  plus  authentiques  de  peinture  et  de  sculpture, 
avec  un  texte  historique  et  desenptif ;  par  C.  B. 
200  coloured  plates.  2  vols.  4to.  Paris,  1829-45. 


Another  edition. — Costumes  historiques,  Italiens, 
Frangais  et  Allemands,  etc.,  avec  une  introduction 
par  Charles  Blanc.  200  coloured  plates.  3  vols. 
4to.  Paris,  1859-63. 

BONNARDEL  (Hippolyte). — See  Boissard 


BONNARDOT  (Alfred). — IBtude  snr  Gilles 

Corrozet,  par  A.  B.  Svo.  Paris,  1848. 


BONNARDOT  (Alfred). — Histoire  artis- 

tique  et  archeologique  de  la  Gravure  en  France. 
With  index  .of  engravers’ names.  Svo.  Paris,  1849. 


BONNARDOT  (Alfred). — Ftudes  archeo- 
logiques  sur  les  anciens  plans  de  Paris  des  XVIe, 
XVIP  et  XVIIP  siecles.  4to.  Paris,  1851.  B.M. 

BONNARDOT  (Alfred).  —  Dissertations 

archeologiques  sur  les  anciennes  enceintes  de  Paris, 
suivies  de  recherches  sur  les  portes  fortifiees  qui 
defendaient  ces  enceintes.  With  8  plates.  4to. 
Paris,  1852. 

BONNARDOT  (Alfred). — Le  Pourtraict 

de  l’iconophile  Parisien,  painct  au  vif  par  A.  B. 
18mo.  Paris,  1852.  B.M. 

BONNARDOT  (Alfred). — Essai  snr  l’Art 

de  restaurer  les  Estampes  et  les  Livres,  ou  traite 

sur  les  meilleurs  procedes  pour  blanchir . les 

estampes,  livres  et  dessins.  Seconde  edition,  re- 
fondue  et  augmentee ;  suivie  d’un  expose  des  divers 
systemes  de  reproduction  des  anciennes  estampes 
et  des  livres  rares.  Post  8vo.  Paris,  1858.  S.K. 
Earlier  edition.  1846. 

BONNARDOT  (Alfred). — De  la  Repara¬ 
tion  des  vieilles  Reliures . suivi  d’une  dissertation 

sur  les  moyens  d’obtenir  des  duplicata  de  Manu- 
scrits.  Post  8vo.  Paris,  1858.  S.K. 

BONN  ART  (Jean).  See  Costumes. 
BONNEFONS  (Nicolas  de).  See  Jardi- 

nier  Frangais,  Le.  1644. 

BOKNEFOND  (C.).  —  Eloge  de . See 

Martin-Daussigny  (E.  C.).  1861. 

BONNEFOND  (C.).— Funerailles,  29  jnin 

I860.  8vo.  Lyon. 

BONNEFOY  (L.  de). — Notes  sur  quelques 
Monuments  de  Roussillon.  1  plate.  In  the  “  Bul¬ 
letin  monumental.” 

BONNEMAISON  (F.  de,  Chevalier) .— Ga- 

lerie  de . Madame  la  Duchesse  de  Berry.  Ecole 

Frangaise,  peintres  modernes.  Ouvrage  litliogra- 
phie  par  d’habiles  artistes,  sous  la  direction  de 
M.  le  Chevalier  B.  With  descriptive  letterpress. 
Fol.  Paris,  1822.  B.M. 

BONREMAISON  (F.  de).  —  See  BmjSmc 

David  (T.  B.),  Suite  d’Etudes  calquees  et  dessinees 
d’apres  cinq  tableaux  de  Raphael  (under  the  direction 
ofF.  B.),  &c.  1818. 

BONNERUE  (Giovanni  Giuseppe). — See 

Fontana  (C.),  Tern  plum  Vaticanum  et  ipsius  origo 

. Latinis  literis  consignatum  a  J.  J.  B.  Latin 

and  Italian.  1694.  B.M. 

BONNET,  Engraver.  —  Catalogue  de  ta¬ 

bleaux . See  Catalogues,  Sale  (Bonnet).  1793. 

BONNET  (Pierre). — Histoire  generale  de 

la  Danse,  sacree  et  prophane :  avec  un  supplement 
de  l’histoire  de  la  musique,  et  le  parallele  de  la  pein¬ 
ture  et  de  la  poesie.  8vo.  Paris,  1723.  Bodl. 

Notes  anV  Queries, 
Augusts,  ’68. 

Books  on  Art  ( under  revision). 


BONNET,  or  BONNOR  (Honore,  Prior  of 

Salon,  in  Provence). — The  buke  of  the  order  of 
knyghthood ;  translated  from  the  French  by  Sir  Gil¬ 
bert  Hay,  knight,  from  the  manuscript  in  the  library 
at  Abbotsford.  (Edited  for  the  Abbotsford  Club.) 
4  to.  Edinburgh,  1847.  B.M. 

BONNE  VAL.  —  Decouverte  d’une  pierre 
tumulaire  faite  a  St.  Elophe  (Vosges).  In  the 
“  Journal . du  Musee  Lorrain,”  part  iv.  p.  90. 

BONNEVILLE  (Pierre  Fr:ed.). —  Traite 

des  monnaies  d’or  et  d’ argent  qui  circulent  chez  les 
differens  peuples,  avec  leurs  diverses  empreintes. 
Plates.  Fol.  Paris,  1806. 

BONNEVILLE  (Alphonse) . — Encyclopedic 

Monetaire,  ou  nouveau  traite  des  monnaies  d’or  et 
d’argent  en  circulation  chez  les  divers  peuples  du 

monde . et  leur  reproductions  par  les  empreintes. 

50  plates.  Fol.  Paris,  1849. 

A  complement  to  former  work. 

BONNE Y  (Henry  Kaye). — Historic  Notices 
in  reference  to  Fotheringhay.  Plates,  and  details  of 
execution  of  Mary  Queen  of  Scots.  8vo.  Oundle, 
1821.  B.M. 

BONNEY  (Thomas  George).  —  English 
Translation  of  Pierotti’s  Jerusalem.  See  Pierottt. 

BONNEY  (Thomas  George).— The  Holy 

Places  at  Jerusalem,  or  Fergusson’s  theories  and 
Pierotti’s  discoveries.  By  T.  G.  Bonney  8vo. 
London,  1864.  S.K. 

BONNIN  (Th.)  .  —  Antiquites  gallo-ro- 

maines  du  vieil  Evreux,  publies  sous  les  auspices  du 
conseil  general  du  depart,  de  l’Eure.  50  plates.  4to. 
Evreux,  1845. 

BONNIN  (Th.). — Antiquites  gallo-romaines 
des  Eburoviques,  publiees  d’apres  les  recherches  et 
les  fouilles  dirigees  par  Th.  Bonnin.  With  97  plates. 
Fol.  Paris,  1860.  B.M. 

BONNINGTON.  —  Collection  de  tableaux, 

&c.  See  Catalogues,  Sale.  Paris,  1837. 

BONNOR  (Thomas). — Illustration  of  the 
engraved  Subjects  which  compose  the  first  (-second) 
Number  of  the  Copper  Plate  Perspective  Itinerary 
or  Pocket  Portfolio  consisting  of  ten  views,  the  in¬ 
terior  of  Gloucester  Cathedral  (ten  views  of  Good¬ 
rich  Castle,  &c.  To  which  is  added  a  description  of 
Copped  Wood  Hill,  &c.).  8vo.  London  (1799).  B.M. 

BONONI  (Carlo).— Vita  di  C.  B . See 

Baruffaldi  (Giro!).  1853. 

BONOMI  (Fran.,  Bononiensis).  —  Chiron 

Achillis  sive  navarehus  humanse  vitae  morali  Em- 
blemate  geminato  ad  felicitatis  portum  perducens. 
51  plates,  besides  vignettes.  12mo.  Bononise,  1661. 


BONOMI  (Joseph).— Magnitude  of  some 

Ancient  and  Modern  Cities.  Sessional  Paper. 
London,  1842.  B.  Arch. 

BONOMI  (Joseph). — The  Proportions  of 
the  Human  Figure.  6  plates.  8vo.  London,  1856. 

Second  edition. — The  Proportions  of  the  Human 
Figure,  according  to  the  ancient  Greek  Canon  of 
Vitruvius.  Also  a  Canon  of  the  Proportions  of  the 
Human  Figure,  founded  upon  a  diagram  invented 
by  John  Gibson,  Esq.,  H.A.  With  description, 
practical  application,  and  illustrative  outlines.  8vo. 
London,  1857.  S.K. 

BONOMI  (Joseph).  —  Nineveh  and  its 
Palaces.  The  Discoveries  of  Botta  and  Layard,  ap¬ 
plied  to  the  elucidation  of  Holy  Writ.  3rd  edition, 
revised  and  augmented,  with  248  engravings,  in¬ 
cluding  the  recent  additions  to  the  National  Collec¬ 
tion.  Post  8vo.  London,  1857.  (Bohn’s  “Illus¬ 
trated  Library.”)  S.K. 

1st  edition.  8vo.  London,  1853. 

BONOMI  (Joseph).  —  Egypt,  Nubia,  and 
Ethiopia.  Illustrated  by  one  hundred  stereoscopic 

photographs,  taken  by  F.  Frith . with  descriptions 

and  numerous  engravings  by  J.  B.,  and  notes  by 
S.  Sharpe.  4to.  London,  1862.  B.M. 

BONOMI  (Joseph), — Harmony  between  the 
Mosaic  and  Egyptian  Cosmogonies — Nature  and 
Art.  4to.  London,  1867. 

BONOMI  (Joseph). — The  Triple  Mummy 
Case,  &c.  See  Sharpe  (S.).  1858. 

The  Alabaster  Sarcophagus,  &c.  See  Sharpe  (S.). 

BONOMI  (Joseph). — Egyptian  Antiquities 
at  Hartwell  House.  1858.  See  Catalogues. 

See  also  Jones  (Owen),  Egyptian  Court  in  the 
Crystal  Palace,  &c.,  by  O.  J.  and  J.  B. 
BONPLAND  (Aime).  —  Description  des 
plantes  rares  que  l’on  cultive  a  Navarre  et  a  Mal- 
maison.  64  coloured  plates.  Fol.  Paris,  1813. 

BONS  (Ch.  L.  de). — Armoiries  et  Sceaux  du 
Canton  du  Valais.  In  “  Mittheilungen  der  Gesell- 
schaft  fur  Erforschung  und  Bewahrung  vater- 
landischer  Alterthiimer,”  Zurich,  vol.  xii.  B.M. 

BONSI  (Canonico). — Orazione  sopral’utilita 
delle  Belle  Arti :  ossia  il  trionfo  delle  Belle  Arti 
renduto  gloriosissimo  sotto  gli  auspicj  di  Pietro 
Leopoldo  Gran  Duca  di  Toscana  in  occasione  di  una 
solenne  mostra  di  opere  di  disegno  antiche.  8vo. 

Firenze,  1767.  Cicogn. 

BQNSTETTEN  (Wilhelm  von,  Baron).— 

Vqyage  sur  la  Scene  des  six  demiers  Livres  de 
l’Eneide.  Gen&ve,  1804.  B.M. 

BONSTETTEN  (Wilhelm  von,  Baron). — 

Becueil  d’Antiquites  Suisses . Accompagne  de 

28  planches  coloriees  a  la  main.  49  pp.,  with  sup¬ 

plement.  Fol.  Berne,  Lausanne,  1855-60.  B.M. 

BONSTETTEN  (Wilhelm  von,  Baron). — 
Notice  sur  les  Tombelles  d’Anet  (cant,  de  Berne), 
accomp.  de  planches.  4to.  Berne,  1849. 

BONTEMPS  (G.). — Peinture  sur  Verre  au 

19e  siecle . par  G.  B.  8vo.  Paris,  1845.  B.M. 

BONTHORS.— Cryptes  de  Picardie.  Re¬ 
cherches  sur  l’origine  des  souterrains  refuges  qui 
existent  dans  les  departements  de  la  Somme,  du 



Notes  and  Queries, 
August  29,  ’68. 

Universal  Catalogue  of 

Pas-de-Calais,  de  l’Oise  et  du  Nord.  In  Trans¬ 
actions  of  the  “  Societe  d’Archeologie,  Departement 
de  la  Somme,”  yol.  i. 

BONUCCI  (Carlo). — Pompei  descritta . 

Terza  edizione,  con  nuove  osservazioni  ed  aggiunte. 
With  plates.  8vo.  Napoli,  1827.  B.M. 

Trench  translation. — Pompei  decrite.  Seconde 
traduction  de  la  3.  edit.  Ital.  par  C.  J.  Ayec  fig. 
8vo.  Naples,  1830. 

BONUCCI  (C.).  —  Grande  Mosa'ique  de 

Pompeji.  Pol.  and  8yo.  n.p.o.d. 

BONYICINO  (Alessandro).  —  Sopra  nn 
Dipinto . See  Bansonnet  (C.).  1845. 

BONVICINI.  —  Compendio  Storico  delle 
Belle  Arti,  con  piacevoli  erudizioni  e  teorie  im¬ 
portant!,  per  uso  dei  gioyani  artisti,  etc.  Per  le 
cure  del  Bar.  Ayy.  Bonvicini.  S.K. 

BONVOISIN. — Catalogue  de  tableaux . 

See  Catalogues,  Sale  (Bony oi sin).  1862. 

BOOCKE  (F.  R.  P.). — Unique  Vase  from 
Canosa  in  M.  Mayer’s  museum.  1  plate.  In 
Transactions  of  the  Lancashire  and  Cheshire  His¬ 
toric  Society,  yol.  yii.  p.  81. 

BOOG  (Rev.  Dr.).  —  Account  of  Queen 
Bleary’s  Tomb  in  the  Abbey  Church  of  Paisley. 
1  plate.  Transactions  of  the  Society  of  Antiquaries 
of  Scotland,  yol.  ii.  p.  456. 

BOOK. — A  Book  of  drawing,  limning,  wash¬ 
ing,  or  colouring  of  maps  and  prints  ;  and  the  art 
of  painting,  &c.  Fol.  London,  1660.  B.M. 

BOOK,  The,  of  Gems,  or  the  Poets  and 
Artists  of  Great  Britain.  150  plates  after  Turner, 
Bonington,  Landseer,  &c.  8vo.  London,  n.  d. 

The  Book  of  Gems,  or  the  Modern  Poets  and 
Artists  of  Great  Britain.  50  plates.  8yo.  London, 
n.  d. 

BOOK,  The,  of  W averley  Gems.  A  series 
of  highly-finished  true  engravings  of  the  most 
interesting  incidents  and  scenes  in  W.  Scott’s 
novels,  by  Heath,  Tinden,  Bolls,  &c.  With  illus¬ 
trative  letterpress.  8vo.  London,  n.  d. 

BOOK,  The,  of  Shakspeare  Gems.  A  series 
of  landscapes  illustrative  of  the  most  interesting 
localities  of  Shakspeare’s  dramas.  With  historical 
and  descriptive  accounts.  15  engravings  on  steel. 
8vo.  London,  n.d. 

BOOK,  The,  of  Roads  throughout  Bengal. 

25  lithogr.  plates.  4to.  Calcutta.  1826. 

BOOK  OF  ORNAMENT.  Nos.  I.  to  Y.  4to. 
London  (Bogue),  1844-49. 

BOOK,  The,  of  Costumes  ;  or,  Annals 
of  Fashion  from  the  earliest  period  to  the  present 
time.  By  a  Lady  of  Bank.  Illustrated  with 
numerous  engravings.  8vo.  London,  1846.  B.M. 

BOOK,  The,  of  Initial  Letters  and  Ancient 

Alphabets.  4to.  London,  1847. 

BOOK,  The,  of  Family  Crests.  (A  re¬ 

publication  of  J.  P.  Elven’s  “Heraldry  of  Crests,” 


•  with  many  additions.)  Tenth  edition,  much  enlarged 
(by  H.  Washbourne).  8vo.  London,  1862.  B.M. 

BOOKBINDING. — The  whole  Art  of  Book¬ 

binding.  12mo.  Oswestry,  1811.  B.M. 

BOOKBINDING.  —  Finishing  made  easy, 
by  an  experienced  hand;  illustrated  by  13  designs, 
printed  in  gold.  4to.  London  (1854).  B.M. 

BOOKER  (John). — A  History  of  the  an¬ 
cient  Chapels  of  Didsbury  and  Chorlton  in  Man¬ 
chester,  &c.  (Yol.  xlii.  Chetham  Soc.)  1857.  B.M. 
BOOKER  (John). — A  History  of  the  an¬ 
cient  Chapel  of  Birch,  in  Manchester  parish,  in¬ 
cluding  a  sketch  of  the  township  of  Busholme. 
(Yol.  xlvii.  Chetham  Soc.)  1859.  B.M. 

BOOKER  (John). — A  History  of  the  an¬ 
cient  Chapel  of  Denton.  (Vol.  ii.  No.  iv.  Chetham 
Miscellanies.)  B.M. 

BOOKER  (Luke,  Rev.  Dr.). — A  descriptive 
and  historical  account  of  Dudley  Castle,  and  its 
surrounding  scenery.  With  graphic  illustrations. 
8vo.  Dudley  and  London,  1825.  S.K. 

BOOT  (Anselmus  Boetius  de).  See  Boodt. 
BOOTH  (John). — The  Battle  of  Waterloo, 
with  those  of  Ligny  and  Quatre  Bras.  Illustrated 
by  maps,  plans,  and  views,  and  etchings  from  draw¬ 
ings  by  George  Jones.  11th  edition.  8vo.  London, 
1852.  B.M. 

BOOTH?- (Joseph). — An  Address  to  the 

public  on  the  Polygraphic  Art,  or  the  copying  or 
multiplying  pictures  in  oil  colours  by  a  chymical 
and  mechanical  process,  the  invention  of  J.  B.  8vo. 
London  (1788).  B.M. 

Contains  no  detailed  instructions. 

BOOTH.  (Lorenzo). — A  Series  of  Original 

Designs  for  Decorative  Furniture,  &c.  arranged  for 
the  Hall,  Dining  Boom,  &c.,  designed  and  drawn 
on  stone  by  Lorenzo  Booth.  Fol.  n.p.  1863.  B.M. 
Imper.  4to.  London,  1864.  S.K. 

BOOTHRQYD  (B.). — The  History  of  the 
ancient  Borough  of  Pontefract.  2  parts.  Frontis¬ 
piece  and  5  plates.  8vo.  Pontefract,  1807. 
BOOTS  AND  SHOES.— The  Boot  and  Shoe 

Maker’s  Assistant.  Illustrated  with  engravings 
and  pattern  plates.  Preceded  by  a  History  of  Feet 
Costume,  with  illustrations  of  the  fashions  of 

the  ancient  Egyptians,  &c.,  and . in  England 

. down  to  the  present  time.  By  One  who  has 

worked  on  the  Seat  and  at  the  Cutting-board. 
Boyal  4to.  London,  1853.  S.K. 

BOQUILLON  (Nicolas).  See  Alcan  (M.), 

Etudes  sur  l’Exposition  Universelle  de  Londres 
en  1862 . par  B.,  &c.  1863.  B.M. 

BORANI  (G.  B.).  —  See  Garrucci  (R.). 

Monumenti  del  Museo  Lateranense  descritti,  &c. 
(The  designs  by  P.  Guglielmi,  F.  Severati,  and 
G.  B.  B.)  1861.  B.M. 

BORASATTI  (Giustiniano). — II  Gimnasta 

in  pratica  ed  in  teorica.  Dialogo  tra’  Professori 
dell’  Accademia  Gimnastica  de’  gran  saltatori  di 

Notes  and  Queries,  "I 
Sept.  5,  ’68.  J 


Boohs  on  Art  {under  revision). 

Parigi  e  di  Londra,  con  la  spiegazione  di  tutti  i  salti 
tanto  antichi  che  moderni.  Portrait.  8vo.  Vene¬ 
zia,  1753.  Cicogn. 

BORBONI  (Gio.  Andrea). — Delle  Statue. 

13  plates.  4to.  Eoma,  1661.  B.M. 

BORCHARDU  S. — Veridica  Terre  Sancte  : 

regionumque  finitimarum  ac  in  eis  mirabilium  de- 
scriptio.  (Edited  by  J.  Host  de  Romberch.)  8vo. 
In  sedibus  Joannis  Taciuni,  Venetiis,  1519.  B.M. 
BOBDALO  (Francisco Maria). — Novo  Guia 
do  Viajante  em  Lisboa  e  sens  arredores  Ointra,  Col- 
lares,  e  Mafra,  ornado  com  algumas  vistas  dos  prin- 
cipaes  monumentos  de  Lisboa.  12mo.  Lisboa,  1853. 


BORDEAUX. — Album  du  Y oyageur  a  B., 

contenant  les  vues  et  nionumens  les  plus  remar- 
quables  de  la  ville,  avec  un  texte  explicatif.  Plates 
and  plan.  8vo.  Bordeaux  (1838  ?).  B.M. 

BORDEAUX  (Jean  ITippolyte  Raymond). 
La  Normandie  Illustree  ;  monuments,  sites  et  cos¬ 
tumes  des  Departements  de  la  Seine-Inferieure, 
de  l’Eure,  du  Calvados,  de  l’Orne  et  de  la  Manche, 

dessines  par  E.  Benoist . les  costumes . par 

H.  Lalaisse . Texte  par  M.  R.  B.  et  Mdlle.  A. 

Bosquet  .  pour  la  Haute-Normandie,  et  par 

MM.  Charma,  Le  Hericher,  de  la  Sicoliere,  et  Tra¬ 
vers . pour  la  Basse-Normandie.  2  vols.  Eol. 

Nantes,  1852.  B.M. 

BORDEAUX  (J.  H.  R.) . — Verneuil  Le  Neu- 

bourg.  Pont  de  1’ Arche.  Proces-verbaux  archeo- 
logiques.  (Seances  tenues  par  la  Societe  Franchise 
d’Archeologie,  &c.).  8vo.  Evreux, Paris,  1857.  B.M. 

BORDEAUX  (Raymond). — Crosse  trouvee 

a  l’abbaye  de  S.  Sauveur  a  Evreux.  1  lithogr.  plate. 
“Bulletin  des  Comites  Historiques,  Archeologie, 
Beaux-Arts,”  vol.  iii.  p.  225. 

BORDEAUX  (Raymond).  —  Notice  sur  le 

logis  Abbatial  de  l’eveque  de  Castres.  2  plates. 
“  Bulletin  monumental,”  vol.  xi.,  or  of  2nd  series, 
vol.  i.  p.  342. 

BORDEAUX  (Raymond). — Les  anciennes 
maisons  monumentales  de  Caen,  monographies.  5 
plates.  The  same,  vol.  xi.  p.  106. 

BORDEAUX  (Raymond). — Etudes  Heraldi- 

ques  sur  les  anciens  Monuments  Religieux  et  Civils 
de  la  ville  de  Caen.  40  plates.  The  same,  vol.  xii. ; 
or  of  2nd  series,  vol  ii.  p.  461.  Also  at  vol.  xiii. 
p.  428. 

BORDEAUX  (Raymond).— Excursion  faite 
dans  la  vallee,  d’Orbec  pres  de  Lisieux.  Juin,  1850. 
3  plates.  The  same,  vol.  xvi.  p.  523. 
BORDEAUX  (Raymond).  —  Serrurerie  du 
Moyen-Age :  les  ferrures  de  portes  par  Raymond 
Bordeaux,  avec  dessins  par  Henri  Gerente  et  G-. 
Bouet.  4to.  Oxford  et  Paris,  1858.  S.K. 

BORDEAUX  (Raymond). — Principes  d’Ar¬ 
cheologie  pratique  appliques  a  l’Entretiem  la  Deco¬ 
ration  et  l’Ameublement  artistique  des  Eglises  ;  a 
l’usage  des  cures,  des  conseil^de  fabrique  et  des 

architectes  et  ouvriers  appeles  a  reparer  les  eglises 
rurales.  8vo.  Caen,  1852.  S.K. 

Eirst  appeared  in  the  “Bulletin  monumental.” 

BORDEAUX  (Raymond).— Traite  de  la  re¬ 
paration  des  eglises,  principes  d’ archeologie  pratique. 
8 vo.  Evreux,  1862.  B.  Arch. 

Eirst  appeared  in  the  “Bulletin  monumental.” 

BORDIER  and  CELARTON. — Histoire  de 

Erance,  depuis  les  temps  les  plus  anciens  jusqu’a 
nos  jours,  d’apres  les  documents  originaux  et  les 
monuments  de  l’art  de  chaque  epoque.  Royal  8vo. 
Paris,  1859.  S.K. 

BORDIGA  (Gaudenzio). — Notizie  intorno 
alle  opere  di  G.  Eerrari  pittore  e  plasticatore.  4to. 
Milano,  1821.  S.K. 

BORDIGA  (Gaudenzio). — Le  Opere  del  pit- 

tore  e  plasticatore  Gaudenzio  Eerrari,  disegnate  ed 
incise  da  S.  Pianazzi,  dirette  e  descritte  da  G.  B.  With 
plates.  4to.  Milano,  1835,  &c.  S.K. 

BORDIGA  (Giacomo). — Lettera  dei  costumi 
e  delle  belle  arti  in  Sicilia.  8vo.  Eirenze,  1827. 


BORDONI  (A.). — De’  contorni  delle  ombre 
ordinarie.  Tratatto.  18  large  plates.  4to.  Milano, 
1816.  B.M. 

BOREATICO  (Orisbo),  pseud,  (i.  e.  Filippo 

Maeia  Monti). — Roma  tutrice  delle  Belle  Arti,  Pit- 
tura,  Scultura,  e  Architettura ;  Orazione.  From 
the  “Prose  degli  Arcadi,”  &c.,  vol.  iii.  1718.  B.M. 
BOREL  (Pierre). — Les  antiquitez,  raretez, 
plantes,  mineraux,  etc.,  de  la  Ville  et  Comte  de 
Castres,  &c.  Avec  le  Roolle  des  principaux  cabinets, 
et  autres  raretez  de  l’Europe,  etc.  Comme  aussi 
le  catalogue  des  choses  rares  de  Maistre  Pierre 
Borel,  docteur  en  medecine,  auteur  de  ce  livre.  8vo. 
Castres,  1649.  B.M. 

BOREL  (Pierre). — Accedit  de  verborum 

Vitruvianorum  significatione  et  vita  Vitruvii  eodem 
auctore,  et  de  maculis  solaribus.  n.p.o.d.  Cicogn. 
BOREL  (Pierre). — Tresor  de  Recbercbes 
et  Antiqvitez  Gavloises  et  Francises,  redvites  en 
ordre  alphabetiqve.  4to.  Paris,  1655.  B.M. 
4to.  Paris,  1667.  Bodl. 

Reprinted  in  the  “  Dictionnaire  Etymologique,” 
by  Menage. 

BORELLI  (J.  Alphonso). — De  Motu  Ani- 

malium.  Jo.  A.  B.,  Neapolitani  Matheseos  Pro- 
fessoris.  2  vols.  Post  4to.  Romse,  1680-81.  S.K. 

Another  edition. — . dissertationibus  de  motu 

musculorum,  &c .  aucta.  With  plates.  4to. 

Hagse  Comitum,  1743. 

BORET  (G.  de). — Almanacb  de  la  Societe 
des  Aqua-fortistes,  1865.  Eaux-fortes,  par  G.  de 
Boret.  Odelettes  et  Versiculets  par  Th.  de  Ban- 
ville.  Small  fol.  Paris,  1865.  S.K. 

BORGET  (Auguste). — La  Cbine  et  les  Chi- 

nois,  dessins  executes  d’apr&s  nature  par  A.  B.  32 
lithogr.  plates  by  E.  Ciceri.  Eol.  Paris,  1848. 
Previous  edition.  Eol.  Paris,  1842. 

English  translation.  Fol.  London  (1843).  B.M. 

o  o  141 


Universal  Catalogue  of 

Notes  and  Queries, 
Sept.  5,  ’68. 

BORGHESE  (Rome). — Villa  Borgbese  fuori 

di  porta  Pinciana  con  l’ornamenti,  che  si  osseruano, 
nel  di  lei  palazzo,  e  con  le  figure  delle  statue  piu. 
singolari.  8vo.  Roma,  1700.  T.C.D. 

Another  edition.  2  vols.  8vo.  Roma,  1796.  B.M. 

BORGHESI  (Bartolino).  —  Dissertazione 

su  di  una  medaglia  Ravignana  in  bronzo  dell’  Im- 
peratore  Eraclio,  etc.  8vo.  Cesena,  1792.  B.M. 

BORGHESI  (Bartolomeo). —Della  gente 

Arria  Romana,  e  di  un  nuovo  denaro  di  Mario  Arrio 
Secondo.  8vo.  Milano,  1817.  B.M. 

Osservazioni  numismatiche.  8vo.  Roma,  1821. 


BORGHESI  (Bartolomeo). —  CEuvres  com¬ 
pletes  publ.  par  les  ordres  de  l’Empereur  Napo¬ 
leon  III.  Par  MM.  Renier,  de  Rossi,  Desvergers, 
Cavedoni,  Henzen,  Ritschl,  etc.  (Euvres  numis- 
matiques.  2  yols.  Plates.  4to.  Paris,  1862-64. 

BORGHI  (Luigi). — Dissertazione  in  difesa 
dell’  arte  comica.  4to.  Padoya,  1812.  Bodl. 

BORGHINI  (Raffaello).  —  II  Riposo  di 

Raffaello  Borghini.  In  cui  della  Pittura  e  della 
Scultura  si  favella,  de  piu  illustri  Pittori  e  Scultori, 
e  delle  piu  famose  opere  loro  si  fa  mentione ;  e  le 
cose  principali  appartenenti  a  detti  arte  s’inseg- 
nano.  (First  edition.)  Post  8vo.  Fiorenza,  1584. 
Small  4to.  Firenze,  1730.  S.K. 

8yo.  Milano,  1807.  Bodl. 

BORGIA  (Gesar). — Nummi  HSgyptii  impe- 

ratorii  prostantes  in  Museo  Borgiano,  Velitris  ad- 
jectis,prseterea  quotquot  reliqua  hujus  classis  numis- 
mata  ex  variis  museis  atque  libris  colligere  obtigit. 
4to.  Romse,  1787.  Bodl. 

BORGIA  (Stefano,  Cardinal). — Monnmento 
di  Giovanni  XVI.  Illustrato  per  S.  B.  With  cuts. 
8yo.  (Rome,  1750.)  B.M. 

BORGNET  (Jules). — Promenades  dans  Na- 
mur.  Plates.  8yo.  Namur,  1851-59. 
BORGHIS  (J.  A.). — Traite  complet  de  me- 

canique  appliquee  aux  arts  .  10  yols.  249 

plates.  4to.  Paris,  1818-23. 

Be  la  Composition  des  Machines.  1818. 

Du  Mouyement  des  Fardeaux.  1818. 

Des  Machines  que  l’on  emploie  dans  les  construc¬ 
tions  diverses.  1818. 

Des  Machines  hydrauliques.  1819. 

Des  Machines  d’ agriculture.  1819. 

Des  Machines  employees  dans  diverses  fabrica¬ 
tions.  1819. 

Des  Machines  qui  servent  a  confectionner  les 
etoffes.  1820. 

Des  Machines  imitatives  et  des  machines  thea- 
trales.  1820. 

Theorie  de  la  mecanique  usuelle.  1820. 
Dictionnaire  de  mecanique. 

Published  separately,  but  forming  the  complete 

BORGNIS  (J.  A.). — Traite  elementaire  de 
construction,  appliquee  a  1’ architecture  civile.  Atlas 
of  30  plates.  4to.  Paris,  1823.  B.M. 


BORGO  (Lucius  Pascioli  de). — Somma  de 

arithmetica,  geometria,  proportioni  et  proportiona¬ 
lity.  With  woodcuts.  Fol.  Yinegia  (Paganini),  1494. 
Also,  Fol.  Toscolano  Paganino,  1523. 

BORIONT  (Antonius). —  Collectanea  anti- 

quitatum  Romanarum  quse  centum  tabulis  seneis 
incisse  et  a  Rudolphino  Venuti  notis  illustratse  ex- 
hibentur.  104  plates.  Fol.  Romse,  1736.  B.M. 

BORJA  (Juan  de,  Conde  de  Mayalde). — 
Empresas  Morales.  With  woodcuts.  Fol.  Bru- 
selas,  Fr.  Foppens,  1680. 

Emblemata  Moralia,  scripta  quondam  Hispanice 
a  Johanne  de  Boria,  Latinitate  autem  donata  a 
L(udovicus)  C(amerarius).  201  plates.  Post  4to. 
Berolini,  1697.  S.K. 

Also  with  German  text,  1698. 

BORK. — Rapports  snr  le  memoire  de  M. 
Bork,  intitule  :  L’eglise  des  Apotres  et  les  tombeaux 
des  Empereurs  a  Constantinople.  From  the  “Bulletins 
de  l’Academie  Royale  de  la  Belgique,”  vol.  xv. 

BORLASE  (William,  LL.D.). — Antiquities, 

historical  and  monumental,  of  the  county  of  Corn¬ 
wall.  Map  and  24  plates.  Fol.  Oxford,  1754.  B.M. 
Fol.  London,  1769.  26  plates.  T.C.D. 

BORLUIT  (  Guillaume  ) .  —  Excellente  fi- 

gueren  ghesneden  vuyten  oppersten  Poete  Ouidius, 
vuyt  vyfthien  boucken  der  veranderinghe,  met 
huerlier  bedietsele.  Duer  Guilliaume  Borluit  bur¬ 
gher  der  stede  van  Ghendt.  12mo.  Gheprint  tot 
Lions,  by  my  Jan  Yan  Tournes,  1557.  Woodcuts, 
engraved  by  Bernard  Salomon  (le  petit  Bernard). 


BORMASTIN  (Antoine). — Description  bis- 
torique  de  la  Yille  de  Yienne,  et  de  ses  fauxbourgs. 
8vo.  Yienne,  1719.  B.M. 

BOR1STITIUS  (Jac.). — Emblemata  Etbico- 

Politica.  Plates,  with  interpretations  in  Latin  and 
German.  4to.  Mogunt.,  1669.  Cicogn. 

It  appeared  at  Heidelberg,  1654,  and  1664. 

BOROMESTI  (Fr,). — Opus  arcbitectonicum 

ex  ejusdem  exemplaribus  petitum,  lat.  et  ital.,  opera 
Sebast.  Giannini.  Lafge  fol.  Romae,  1720-25. 
Vol.  i.  4  leaves,  text;  45  numbered  and  2  unnum¬ 
bered  plates.  Yol.  ii.  4  leaves  of  preliminary  mat¬ 
ter,  31  pages,  and  66  plates. 

The  first  part  reappeared  under  the  following 
title : — Opera  del  Caval.  Francesco  Boromino,  cavata 
da  suoi  originali,  ciok  la  Chiesa,  e  Fabrica  della 
Sapienza  di  Roma,  con  le  vedute  in  prospettiva,  e 
con  lo  studio  delle  proporzioni  geometriche,  piante, 
alzate,  profili,  e  spaccati.  Large  fol.  Roma,  1720. 


And,  Fol.  Roma,  1740. 

BOROUGHBRIDGE.  —  The  Stranger’s 

Guide ;  being  a  concise  history  of  Boroughbridge, 
the  Devil’s  Arrows,  and  the  Roman  antiquities  at 
Aldborough.  8vo.  Boroughbridge,  1846.  B.M. 
BORRA  (Gio.  Batt.). — Trattato  della  cogni- 

zione  pratica  delle  resistenze  ad  us6  degli  edificj  coll’ 
aggiunta  delle  armature,  di  varie  maniere  di  coperti, 

Notes  and  Queries, 
Sept.  5,  ’68. 

Books  on  Art  (under  revision). 


volte,  &c.  Con  26  tavole  in  rame.  4to.  Torino, 
1748.  Cicogn. 

BORRELL  (Maximilian).  — The  Numisma¬ 
tist.  Parti.  8vo.  London  (1851).  B.M. 

BORREMANS  (H.). — Album  pittoresque 
des  plus  belles  vues  de  Namur.  Part  I.  Fol.  n.  p.  o.  d. 
BORRER  (Dawson).  —  A  Journey  from 
Naples  to  Jerusalem,  by  way  of  Athens,  Egypt,  and 
the  peninsula  of  Sinai,  including  a  trip  to  the  valley 
of  Fayoum  ;  with  a  translation  of  M.  Linant  de 
Bellefonds’  “  Memoire  sur  le  lac  Mceris.:’  8vo. 
London,  1845.  T.C.D. 

BORRICHIUS  (Andreas). — Dissertatio  de 

Romse  Urbis  primordio,  et  ambitu,  ad  usq.  Caesar  is 
Aureliani  sevum.  4to.  Hafn.,  1686.  B.M. 

BORROMEE.  —  Regeneration  de  la  Pein- 
ture  a  Fresque,  par  des  procedes  equivalents  a 
ceux  des  Anciens,  systeme  complete  par  des  re- 
cherches  sur  les  principales  causes  d’avaries  de  la 
peinture  murale  et  de  la  peinture  sur  toile  et  sur 
panneau.  4to.  Paris,  1861.  S.K. 

BORROMEUS  (Fredericus,  Cardinal). — 
De  Pictura  sacra  libri  duo.  With  plates.  8vo. 
n.p.o.d.  Bodl. 

BORSATO  (  Giuseppe  ).  —  Opera  Orna- 

mentale  di  Giuseppe  Borsato,  pubblicato  per  cura 
dell’  I.  R.  Accademia  di  Belle  Arti  di  Venezia,  in 
lx.  tavole  intagliate  in  rame.  Con  Cenni  storici 
dell’  Ornato  Decorativo  Italiano,  di  Griuseppe  Val- 
lardi.  Fol.  Venezia  et  Milano,  1831.  S.K. 

Tavole  d’aggiunta.  Fol.  Venezia,  1848. 

BORSATO  (G. ).  —  MSS.  of  Vitruvius  in 

the  library  of  Venice.  Sessional  paper.  London,  6 
June  1836.  B.  Arch. 

B ORSON  (Etienne). — Lettres  a  M.  le  me- 

decin  Allioni  sur  les  beaux  arts,  et  en  particulier 
sur  le  cabinet  d’antiquites  du  Cardinal  Borgia  a 
Velletri.  Rome,  1796.  Cicogn. 

BORSTELL  (Gustav). — Der  innere  Ausbau 

von  Wohngebauden.  Eine  Sammlung  ausgefuhrter 
Arbeiten  der  Maurer,  Tischler,  Schlosser,  Topfer. 
Unter  Leitung  von  H.  Strack  und  F.  Hitzig  bear- 
beitet  von  Gr.  B.  Fol.  Berlin,  1856,  &c.  B.M. 

BORSUM  (Johann  Friedrich  Julius). — 

J.  F.  J.  B.’s  Reise  nach  Constantinopel,  Palastina 

und  Egypten . Ueberarbeitet  von  D.  T.  Kopf. 

8vo.  Berlin,  1825.  B.M. 

BORTHWICK  (William).— Remarks  on 

British  Antiquities;  viz.  1.  The  Origin  and  Cere¬ 
mony  of  Judicial  Combats.  2.  The  Solemnities  of 
ancient  Writs.  3.  The  ancient  and  modern  Use  of 
Armorial  Figures.  4.  The  Form  of  Funeral  Service. 
8vo.  Edinburgh,  1776.  B.M. 

BORY. — Le  Ma^n-sculpteur  de  Blere . 

See  Proust  (Clem.).  1852. 

BORY  DE  ST.  VINCENT  (J.  B.  M.  G.).— 

Voyage .  souterrain,  ou  description  du  plateau  de 
Saint-Pierre  de  Maestricht  et  de  ses  vastes  cryptes, 
&c.  8vo.  Paris,  1821.  B.M. 

BORY  DE  ST.  VINCENT  (J.  B.  M.  G.).— 

G-uide  du  Voyageur  en  Espagne.  With  2  maps. 
2  vols.  8vo.  Paris,  1823. 

BOS  (Lambert  van  den).  —  Tooneel  des 
Oorlogs  opgerecht  in  de  Vereenigde  Nederlanden, 
door  de  Wapenen  van  de  Koningen  van  Vrankryk 
en  Engeland  tegen  de  Staten  der  Vereenigde  Neder¬ 
landen,  etc.  met  Konst-platen.  4  parts.  4to.  Am¬ 
sterdam,  1675.  B.M. 

BOS  (Lambert). — Antiquitatum  Grascarum, 
prgecipue  Atticarum  descriptio,  cum  observationi- 
bus  Io.  Fred.  Leisneri.  8vo.  Lipsiae,  1767- 

Antiquities  of  Greece,  with  appendix  by  Barker. 
12mo.  London,  1839. 

BOSARTE  (Isidoro). —  Disertacion  sobre 
los  Monumentos  Antiguos  pertenecientes  a  las  nobles 
artes  de  la  Pintura,  Escultura,  y  Arquitectura,  que 
se  hallan  en  la  Ciudad  de  Barcelona.  12mo. 
Madrid,  1786.  S.K. 

BOSARTE  (Isidoro). — Observaciones  sobre 

las  Belles  Artes  entre  los  Antiquos  hasta  la  Con- 
quista  de  G-recia  por  los  Romanos.  Parte  i.  Sobre 
la  Escultura  entre  los  G-riegos.  ii.  De  la  Pintura 
entre  los  Griegos.  iii.  Sobre  la  Arquitectura  entre 
los  Griegos.  iv.  Sobre  las  Bellas  Artes  entre  los 
antiquos  Egipcios.  16mo.  Madrid,  1790-91.  S.K. 

BOSARTE  (Isidoro). — Viage  artistico  a 

varios  Pueblos  de  Espana,  con  el  juicio  de  las  Obras 
de  las  tres  nobles  Artes  que  en  ellos  existen,  y 
epocas  a  que  pertenecen,  etc.  Su  Autor  Don  Isidoro 
Bosarte.  Tomo  primero,  Viage  a  Segovia,  Valla¬ 
dolid  y  Burgos.  12mo.  Madrid,  1804.  S.K. 

BOSBOOM  (J.).  —  Nederlandscbe  Kunst. 
Photographien  naar  teekeningen  van  J.  B.,  &c. 
Fol.  1859,  &c.  B.M. 

BOSBOOM  (S.). — Perspectief  of  Doorzigt- 

Kunde.  Plates.  4to.  Amsterdam,  1703. 

BOSBOOM  (S.). — De  vyf  colom-orden  met 

deuren  en  poorten,  vermeerdered  en  verb.  d.  C.  Ph. 
Jacobsz.  With  96  plates.  Fol.  Amsterdam,  1821. 

BOSCA  (Pietro  Paulo). — De  serpente  seneo 
Ambrosianse  Basilicse.  Plates.  8vo.  Mediolani, 
1675.  B.M. 

BOSC-D’ANTIC.  —  CEuvres  de  B.-d’A., 

contenant  plusieurs  memoires  sur  l’art  de  la  verrerie, 
sur  la  faiencerie,  la  poterie,  &c.  2  vols.  12mo. 

Paris,  1780.  B.  Arch. 

BOSCHINI  (Marco).— II  Regno  tntto  di 

Candia  delineato.  61  plates.  4to.  Venetia,  1641. 


BOSCHINI  (Marco). — L’Arcipelago,  con 

tutte  le  isole,  scogli,  secche  e  bassi  fondi.  With 
maps,  &c.,  in  the  text.  Fol.  Venetia,  1658.  B.M. 

BOSCHINI  (Marco). —  Le  Minere  della 

Pittura  non  solo  delle  pitture  publiche  di  Venezia: 
ma  dell’ Isole  ancora  circonvicine.  12mo.  Venetia, 
1664.  B.M. 

Le  Ricche  Minere  della  Pittura  di  Veneziani. 
4to.  Venetia,  1674.  B.M. 



Universal  Catalogue  of 

Notes  and  Queries, 
Sept.  5,  ’68. 

BOSCHINI  (Marco). — La  Carta  del  Nave- 

gar,  pittoresco  dialogo  tra  un  senator  Venetian  de- 
letante  e  un  professor  de  pitura,  soto  nome  d’ece- 
lenza  e  de  compare.  Comparti  in  oto  venti,  con  i 
quali  la  nave  venetiana  vien  conduta  in  l’alto  mar  de 

la  pitura . Opera  de  M.  B.  Con  i  Argumenti  del 

volonteroso  Academico  Delfico.  26  plates  and  por¬ 
trait.  Small  4to.  Venetia,  1660.  S.K. 

BOSCHI1NT  (Marco).  — I  Gioielli  Pitto- 

reschi  virtuoso  ornamento  della  Citta  di  Vicenza. 
12mo.  Venetia,  1676.  B.M. 

BOSCHINI  (Marco).— H  Oran  Teatro  delle 

Pitture  e  Prospettive  di  Venezia  con  l’indice,  et  con 
l’Esposizione  delle  medesime,  cavata  dalla  Miniera 
della  pittura  di  M.  B.  2  vols.  Pol.  Venetia,  1720. 


BOSCHES!  (Marco). — Hescrizione  di  tntte 
le  pubbliche  Pitture  della  Citta  di  Venezia  e  Isole 
circonvicine:  o  sia  Pinnovazione  delle  Bicche  Minere 
di  Marco  Boscbini  colla  aggiunta  di  tutte  le  opere 
che  uscirono  dal  1674  sino  al  presente  1733.  8vo. 
Venezia,  1733.  B.M. 

BOSCHIUS  (Jac.). — Symbolographia,  seu 
de  Arte  symbolica  sermones  septem  quibus  acc.  st.  et 
op.  ejd.  sylloge  celebriorum  symbolorum  in  quatuor 
divisa  classes :  sacrorum,  heroicorum,  ethicorum,  et 
satyricorum,  bis  mille  iconismis  expressa.  171 
plates,  engraved  by  Jac.  Muller,  P.  Ge.  Wolfgang, 
&c.  Pol.  Aug.  Vind.  et  Dillingse,  1702. 

BOSCOYICH  (Rogerius  Josephus). — Gior- 

nale  di  un  viaggio  da  Costantinopoli  in  Polonia ; 

con  una  sua  relazione  delle  rovine  di  Troja.  8vo. 
Bassano,  1784.  B.M. 

BOSIO. — Notice  snr  la  .  statue . See 

. Buanchard-Boismarsas  (C.  0.).  1822.  See 

(L.  de  Lomenie).  1844. 

BOSIO  (Le  Baron  de).  —  Funerailles . 

Discours.  See  Eaoul-Rochette .  1846. 

BOSIO  (Antonio). — Roma  sotteranea  nella 
quale  si  tratta  de’  suoi  Cimiterj,  del  sito,  forma,  ed 
uso  antico  di  essi,  etc.  Opera  postuma  pubblicata  dal 
Com.  Carlo  Aldobrandino.  With  plates.  Fol.  Roma, 
1632.  Also,  4to.  Roma,  1650.  SeeARiNGHi  (Paulus) 
andBouDETTi,  Cemeterii  dei  martiri,  &c.,  which  forms 
a  sort  of  sequel  to  the  work  of  Bosio.  B.M. 

BOSIO  (Antonio).  —  Sculture  e  pitture 

sagre,  estratte  dai  cimiterj  di  Roma,  pubblicate  gia 
dagli  autori  della  Roma  sotteranea  (A.  B.,  P.  Arin- 
ghio),  ed  ora  nuovamente  date  in  luce  (by  G.  G. 
Bottari),  colle  spiegazione.  3  vols.  Pol.  Roma, 
1737-54.  B.M. 

BOSIO  (Giacomo). — Dell’  Istoria  della  re- 

ligione  e  militia  di  S.  Giovanni  Gerosolimitano. 
With  plates.  3  vols.  Pol.  Roma,  1594-1602. 
Roma,  1621-33.  And,  1678. 

3  vols.  Fol.  Napoli,  1684. 

Historia  della  sacra  religione  militare  di  S.  Gio¬ 
vanni  Gerosolimitano,  detta  Malta,  del  commend. 
Pr.  Bartol.  dal  Pozzo.  A  continuation  of  the  above. 
2  vols.  4 to.  Verona,  1703. 


French  translation.  —  L’histoire,  &c .  par 

B.  S.  D.  L.  (P.  de  Boissat,  sieur  de  Lucien),  aug- 
mentee  par  J.  Baudoin,  et  illustree  d’une  ample 
chronologie  des  vies  des  grands  maitres,  etc.,  par 
F.  Anne  de  Naberat.  With  portraits  of  the  grand 
masters.  2  vols,  Pol.  Paris,  1643.  Also,  1659. 

BOSIO  (Jean).  —  Traite  elementaire  des 
regies  du  dessin.  Careful  plates.  12mo.  Paris, 
An  rxf(1801).  B.M. 

BOSISIO  (Giovanni). — Notizie  storiche  del 
tempio  cattedrale  di  Pavia  dalla  sua  origine,  &c. 
(Compendio  storico  della  (moderna)  cattedrale  di 
Pavia,  &c.  By  A.  Reale.)  With  frontispiece.  8vo. 
Pavia,  1858.  B.M. 

B OSMAN  (Willem). — Voyage  de  Guinee, 

contenant  une  description  nouvelle  de  cette  cote . 

enrichie  d’un  grand  nombre  de  figures,  &e.  8vo. 
Utrecht,  1705.  B.M. 

Translated  from  the  Dutch  (4to.  Utrecht,  1704). 

In  English,  with  plates.  8vo.  London,  1705.  And, 

In  German,  with  the  original  plates.  1704. 
BOSMERE  ,  Hundred  of,  in  Hampshire. — 
Topographical  Account  of  the  Hundred  of  Bosmere, 
comprising  the  parishes,  Havant,  Warblington,  and 
Hayling.  4to.  Havant  Press,  1817.  B.M. 

BOSPHORUS. — Antiquites  du  Bosphore 
Cimmerien,  conservees  au  Musee  Imperial  de  l’Er- 
mitage.  See  Antiquities. 

BOSROOM  (Simon). — Libro  d’Architettura, 
etratto  dall’  opera  di  Vincenzo  Scamozzi,  in  lingua 
Olandese.  50  plates.  Pol.  Amsterdam,  1636.  Cicogn. 

BOSSE  (Abraham). — A  series  of  19  plates 

representing  incidents  in  married  life.  By  A.  B. 
Engraved  by  J.  Le  Blond  and  M.  Tavernier.  Pol. 
Paris,  1633.  B.M, 

BOSSE  (Abraham). — Representations  de  di- 
verses  figures  humaines,  avec  leurs  mesures  prises 
sur  des  antiquites,  qui  sont  a  Rome.  With  plates. 
24mo.  Paris,  1636  (or  1656).  B.M. 

BOSSE  (Abraham). — Auxbuveurs  tres  illus- 
tres  et  hauts  crieurs  du  roi  boit.  24  plates,  with 
explanations  in  French  rhyme.  Oblong  12mo. 
n.p.  o.d.  (about  1635). 

BOSSE  (Abraham). — Diverses  figures  a  l’eau 
forte,  de  petits  amours,  anges  vollants,  et  enfans, 
propre  a  mettre  sur  frontons,  portes,  &c.  4to. 
Paris,  1644.  B.M. 

BOSSE  (Abraham). — Traicte desmanieresde 
graver  en  taille-douce  sur  l’airain  par  le  moyen  de 
l’eau  forte,  et  des  vernix  durs  et  mols.  Ensemble 
de  la  fa<jon  d’en  imprimer  les  planches,  et  d’en  con- 
struire  la  presse,  et  autres  choses  concernentes  les 
dits  arts.  19  plates,  including  frontispiece.  8vo. 
Paris,  chez  le  dit  Bosse,  1645.  B.M. 

And,  folio.  Paris,  1664.  Cicogn; 

Other  editions. — . augmentee  de  la  nouvelle 

maniere  dont  se  serve  M.  Le  Clerc,  graveur  du 
roi.  8vo.  Paris,  1701.  B.M. 

Notes  and  Queries, 
Sept.  12,  ’68. 

Books  on  Art  (under  revision). 


3rd  edition.  —  De  la  maniere  de  graver  a  l’eau-forte 
et  au  burin,  et  de  la  gravure  en  manure  noire. 
19  figures.  8vo.  Paris,  1745. 

4th  edition. — De  la  maniere  de  graver,  &c . 

Avec  la  fagon  de  construire  les  presses  modernes, 
et  d’imprimer  en  taille-douce.  Nouvelle  edition, 
angmentee  de  l’impression  qui  imite  les  tableaux,  de 
la  gravure  en  maniere  de  crayon,  et  de  celle  qui 
imite  le  lavis.  21  plates,  and  vignettes.  8vo. 
Paris,  1758.  S.K. 

With  Dutch  title.  8vo.  Amsterdam,  1662. 

In  G-erman.  Dresden,  1765. 

BOSSE  (Abraham). — Sentimens  sur  la  dis¬ 
tinction  des  diverses  manieres  de  peinture,  dessein, 
et  gravure,  et  des  originaux  d’avec  leurs  copies. 
With  frontispiece  and  2  plates.  12mo.  Paris,  1649. 


BOSSE  (Abraham). — Le  Peintre  converty 

aux  precises  et  universelles  regies  de  son  art.  Avec 
un  raisonnement  abrege  au  sujet  des  tableaux, bas-re¬ 
liefs  et  autres  ornemens  que  l’on  peut  faire  sur  les 
diverses  superficies  des  bastimens,  et  quelques  ad¬ 
vertisements  contre  les  erreurs  que  des  nouveaux 
ecrivains  veulent  introduire  dans  la  pratique  de  ces 
arts.  2  frontispieces.  4to.  Paris,  1667.  B.M. 

BOSSE  (Abraham). — Maniere  universelle  de 

M.Desargues,pour  pratiquer  la  Perspective,  par  Petit- 
pied,  comme  le  Geometral.  Ensemble  les  places 
et  proportions  des  fortes  et  foibles  touches,  teintes 
ou  couleurs.  With  plates,  besides  portrait.  8vo. 
Paris,  1648.  S.K. 

BOSSE  (Abraham). — Traite  pour  pratiquer 
la  Perspective  sur  les  surfaces  irregulieres.  Plates. 
8vo.  Paris,  1653. 

The  same  work  as  the  following,  but  without  the 

BOSSE  (Abraham). — Moyen  nniversel  de 
pratiquer  la  Perpective  sur  les  tableaux,  ou  surfaces 
irregulieres  ;  ensemble  quelques  particularitez  con- 
cernant  cet  art,  et  celuy  de  la  gravure  en  taille-douce. 
31  plates.  8vo.  Paris,  1653.  S.K. 

BOSSE  (Abraham). — Traite  des  Pratiques 
Geometrales  et  Perspectives  enseignees  dans  1’ Aca¬ 
demic  Royale  de  la  Peinture  et  Sculpture.  67  plates, 
besides  frontispiece  and  dedication.  8vo.  Paris, 
1665.  S.K. 

BOSSE  (Abraham). — Lettres  de  A.  Bosse  et 
M.  du  Boccage.  23  pp.  8vo.  Paris,  1668. 

BOSSE  (Abraham).  —  Kunstbiichlein  ban- 
delt  von  der  Radier  und  Etzkunst,  &c.,  ins  Teutsche 
befordert  durch  G.  A.  Bockler.  With  plates.  8vo. 
Nlirnberg,  1652.  B.M. 

BOSSE  (Abraham). — La  Pratique  du  trait 
a  preuves  de  M.  Desargues  Lyonnois,  pour  la  coupe 
des  pierres  en  1’ architecture.  8vo.  Paris,  1643. 


BOSSE  (Abraham). — Traite  des  manieres 
de  dessiner  les  ordres  de  l’Architecture  antique  en 
toutes  leurs  parties.  2  title-pages.  44  plates. 
Pol.  Paris,  1664.  And,  Paris,  1672.  B.M. 

BOSSE  (Abraham). — Des  ordres  des  colonnes 
en  Architecture.  22  plates,  n.  p.o.d. 

BOSSE  (Abraham)  .  —  Representation  Geo- 
metrale  de  plusieurs  parties  de  bastimens  faites  par 
les  regies  de  1’ Architecture  antique.  6  unnumbered, 
20  numbered  plates.  Pol.  Paris,  1688. 

BOSSE  (Abraham).  —  Recueil  de  figures 
pour  apprendre  a  dessiner  sans  maitre  le  Portrait, 
la  Pigure,  l’Histoire  et  le  Paysage.  1 22  plates.  4to. 
Paris,  chez  Jombert,  1737.  Cicogn. 

BOSSE  (Abraham). — Catalogue  de  Pceuvre 
. See  Catalogues  (Duplessis).  1859. 

BOSSET  (C.  P.  de,  Lieut.-Col.). — Essai  sur 

les  medailles  antiques  des  lies  de  Cephalonie  et 
d’lthaque.  4to.  Londres,  1815.  B.M. 

BOSSE  WELL  (John). — Workes  of  armorie 

deuyded  into  three  bookes,  entit.  the  Concordes  of 
armorie,  the  armorie  of  honor  and  of  coates  and 
creastes.  .  4to.  London,  in  sed.  Rich.  Totelli,  1572. 

And,  4to.  London,  by  Henrie  Ballard,  1597.  B.M. 

BOSSI  (Benign o,  Milanese,  Prof.  nelP  Ac- 

cad.  di  Parma). — Raccolta  di  disegni  originali  di 
Pran.  Mazzola  detto  il  Parmigiano,  tolti  dal  gabi- 
netto  del  C.  Sanvitali.  27  plates.  Parma,  1772. 

Una  raccolta  di  Teste  inventate,  disegnate,  ed  in 
cise  dallo  stesso.  Parma,  presso  l’autore.  With  39 
heads  in  17  plates. 

Altre  8  tavole  tratte  da  diversi  Autori. 

BO  SSI  (Benigno)  . — Eisonomie  possibili  parte 
i.  8  plates.  Parma,  1776.  Cicogn. 

BOSSI  (Benigno). — Opere  varie  incise  da 
B.  B.,  dall’  anno  1775  sino  all’  anno  1789.  2  vols. 

Fol.  (Parma,  1789?)  B.M. 

Without  letterpress.  Engravings  of  antique  ob¬ 
jects  in  various  methods.  Etchings  of  heads  in 
vol.  ii. 

BOSSI  (Benigno). — Mascarade ala  Grecque. 
Fol.  Parme,  1771. 

BOSSI  (Giuliano). — Breve  trattato  d’alcune 
inventioni  che  sono  state  fatte  per  rinforzare  e  ra- 
doppiare  li  tiri  degli  Archibugi  et  Moschetti.  With 
3  plates.  8vo.  Anversa,  1625. 

BOSSI  (Giuliano).  —  Breve  discorso  delli 
cloppii  Archibugi  a  routa  inventati  per  Giulio  Bossi 
Romano.  Plates.  8vo.  Parigi,  1629. 

BOSSI  (Giuseppe). — Del  Cenacolo  di  Leo¬ 
nardo  da  Vinci,  libri  quattro.  7  plates.  Pol.  Milano, 
1810.  S.K. 

BOSSI  (Giuseppe). — Delle  opinioni  di  Leo¬ 
nardo  da  Vinci  intorno  la  simetria  de’  Corpi  Umani, 
discorso  dello  stesso,  dedicato  al  celebre  Scultore 
Antonio  Canova.  Milano,  1811.  S.K. 

Taken  from  the  former,  with  the  same  plates. 

BOSSI  (Giuseppe). — Descrizione  del  Monu- 
mento  di  Gastone  di  Foix.  8vo.  Milano,  1852. 

BOSSI  (Giuseppe). — A.  Giuseppe  Zanoja 
Architetto  e  Poeta  Epistola.  8vo.  Milano,  1810. 


p  p 


Universal  Catalogue  of 

Notes  and  Queries, 
Sept.  12,  ’68. 

BOSSI  (Giuseppe). — Versi  in  morte  . 

G-.  B.  pittore.  See  Calyi  (Giovanni).  1816. 

Discorso.  See  G-aetano . 1815. 

BOSSI  (Luigi). — Spiegazione  di  una  rac- 
colta  di  gemme  incise  dagli  antichi.  Plates.  8vo. 
Milano,  1795.  B.M. 

BOSSI  (Louis). — Liste  de  principaux  objets 
de  Sciences  et  d’Arts  recueillis  en  Italie  par  les 
Commissaires  du  Gouvernement  Pran9ais  (during 
the  occupation  by  the  Revolutionary  forces).  Fol. 
A  Venise  le  10  Vend,  an  vi.  de  la  R.  Fran.  (1  Octob. 
1797).  Cicogn. 

BOSSI  (Louis). — Liste  des  principaux  objets 
de  Science  et  dfArt  recueillis  en  Italie  par  les 
commissaires  du  Gouvernement  Fran^-ais.  Venise, 
1797.  Cicogn. 

With  some  additions  from  the  Museo  Borgiano 
at  Velletri. 

BOSSI  (Louis). — Lettres  sur  deux  inscrip¬ 
tions  pretendues  Runiques  trouvees  a  Venise  (on 
the  lions  of  the  Arsenal).  With  3  plates.  8vo. 
Turin,  1805. 

BOSSI  (Luigi). — Dei  Basilischi,  Dragoni, 

ed  altri  animali  creduti  favolosi,  Dissertazione 
Epistolare.  8vo.  With  3  plates.  Milano,  1792.  B.M. 

BOSSI  (Luigi). — Estratto  dell’  “Essai  sur 
l’origine  de  la  gravure,”  pubblicatoin  Parigi,  1808, 
dal  S:g.  Jansen.  See  Jansen. 

BOSSI  (Luigi).  —  Della  Erudizione  degli 
Artisti.  8  vo.  Padova,  1810.  S.K. 

BOSSI  (Louis). — Guide  des  etrangers  a 

Milan  et  dans  les  environs  de  cette  ville.  8vo. 

Milan,  1819.  B.M. 

BOSSI  (S.).— See  Cooper  (E.  J.),  Views  in 

Egypt  and  Nubia;  executed  in  lithography . 

from  drawings  taken  on  the  banks  of  the  Nile  by 
S.  B.  B.M. 

BOSSO  (Girolamo). — H.  B.  de  Romana 

Toga,  Commentarius,  ex  quo  facile  Romanse  anti- 
quitatis  studiosi  cognoscere  poterunt  de  ipsius  togse 
forma  authore  tempore,  etc.  accessit  capitum  om¬ 
nium  syllabus  et  rerum  ac  verborum  index  locuple- 
tissimus.  4to.  Ticini,  1614. 

Detailed  descriptions  of  varieties  and  meanings 
of  the  Roman  toga.  B.M. 

Another  edition.— . accedit  ex  Phil.  Rubenio 

iconismus  Statuse  togatse,  &c.  With  folding  plate. 
12mo.  Amsterdam,  1671. 

BOSSOLI  (Carlo). — The  beautiful  scenery 
and  chief  places  of  interest  throughout  the  Crimea. 
(Sebastopol,  Eupatoria,  Balaclava,  &c.)  From 
paintings  by  C.  B.  A  series  of  52  lithograph  draw¬ 
ings,  in  double  tints,  on  30  plates.  Imper.  fol. 
London,  1856.  B.M. 

The  War  in  Italy  (1859).  From  drawings  by 
C.  B.  4to.  London,  1859.  B.M. 

BOSSUIT  (Francis  van). — Cabinet  de  l’Art 

de  la  Sculpture  execute  en  ivoire,  ou  ebauche  en 
terre,  gravies  d’apres  les  desseins  de  Barent  Graat 


par  Mattys  Pool.  103  plates.  4to.  Amsterdam, 
1727.  B.M. 

See  Poor  (Mattys).  1727. 

BOSSUT  (Charles)  and  VIALLET  (Guil¬ 
laume). —  Recherches  sur  la  construction  la  plus 
avantageuse  des  Digues,  ouvrage  qui  a  remporte  le 
prix  propose  par  l’Academie  Royale,  etc.  de  Tou¬ 
louse  pour  l’annee  1762,  par  B . et  V.  With 

plates.  4to.  Paris,  1764.  B.M. 

BOSVIEUX.  —  Bains  Roniains  d’Evaux. 
In  the  “  Bulletin  de  la  Soci6te  Archeologique  et 
Historique  du  Limousin,”  vol.  v.  p.  254-261. 

BOSWALL  (Captain,  R.N.).  —  Notice  of 
some  Ruins  in  the  Island  of  Milo  in  Greece.  In 
“  Transactions  of  the  Society  of  Antiquaries  of  Scot¬ 
land,”  vol.  ii.  p.  509. 

BOSWELL  (H.). — Description  of  a  Col¬ 
lection  of  picturesque  Views  and  Representations  of 
the  Antiquities  of  England  and  Wales.  Plates 
copied  from  Grose.  Fol.  London  (1785). 

BOSWELL  ( James). An  Account  of  Cor¬ 
sica,  the  journal  of  a  tour  to  that  island;  and 
memoirs  of  Pascal  Paoli.  8vo.  London,  1768.  B.M. 

8vo.  London,  1769.  T.C.D. 

BOSWELL  (James). — Twenty  caricatures, 
by  T.  Rowlandson,  in  illustration  of  B.’s  “Journal 
of  a  Tour  to  the  Hebrides.”  Fol.  London,  1786. 

Without  title-page  or  letterpress.  B.M. 

BOSWELL  (John). — Workes  of  Armorie,  j 
divyded  into  three  Bookes.  4to.  1572.  Also,  1597.  I 

BOTANY.  —  leones  Stirpium,  seu  Plan- 
tarum,  tarn  Exoticarum  quam  Indigenarum.  In 
gratiam  rei  herbarise  studiosorum  in  duas  partes 
digestse.  Cum  septem  linguarum  indicibus,  ad 
diversarum  nationum  usum.  Small  oblong  4to. 
Antverpise,  1591.  S.K. 

BOTFIELD  (Beriah). — Catalogue  of  Pic¬ 
tures.  See  Catalogues. 

BOTFIELD  (Beriah). — Notes  on  the  Cathe¬ 
dral-Libraries  of  England.  8vo.  London  (Chis¬ 
wick),  1849. 

BOTFIELD  (Beriah). — Account  of  the  Ro¬ 
man  Villa,  and  on  the  discoveries  made  on  the 
Borough  Hill,  the  ancient  Bennavenna.  Illus¬ 
trations  and  map  of  the  vicinity,  by  Mr.  Edward 
Prettyman.  '  With  map  and  3  plates.  In  the 
“  Archseologia,”  vol.  xxxv.  p.  383. 

BOTFIELD  (Beriah).  —  On  the  Discovery 
of  the  Remains  of  the  Priory  of  Austin  Friars  at 
Ludlow.  2  plates.  The  same,  vol.  xxxix.  p.  178. 

BOTFIELD  (Beriah).  —  Shropshire,  its  \ 
History  and  Antiquities.  In  “  Collectanea  Ar- 
chseologica”  (London,  1861),  vol.  i.  p.  1. 

BOTH  (Pieter).  —  See  Lauts  (U.  G.). 


BOTTA  (Carlo  Giuseppe  Guglielmo). —  I 

Lettere.  (Ragionamento  sulle  memorie  di  Lady  l 

Notes  and  Queries, } 
Sept.  12,  ’68.  J 


Books  on  Art  (under  revision). 

Morgan  risguardante  alia  vita  ed  al  secolo  di  Sal¬ 
vator  Rosa.)  12mo.  Torino,  1841.  B.M. 

BOTTA  (Paul  Emile).  —  Lettres  sur  ses 

decouvertes  a  Khorsabad,  pres  de  Ninive,  publiees 
par  J.  Mohl.  Plates.  8vo.  Paris,  1845.  B.M. 

Letters  on  the  discoveries  at  Nineveh  ;  translated- 
from  the  French  by  C.  T.  1st  series.  8vo.  Lon¬ 
don,  1850.  S.K. 

BOTTA  (P.  E.). — Monument  de  Ninive  de- 
couvert  et  decrit  par  M.  P.  E.  Botta,  mesure  et 
dessine  par  M.  E.  Flandin.  Ouvrage  publie  par 
ordre  du  Gouvernement.  "With  400  plates.  2  vols. 
of  architecture,  2  of  inscriptions,  1  of  text.  5  vols. 
Fol.  Paris,  1849-50.  S.K. 

BOTTANT  (Giovanni). — Descrizione  storica 
delle  Pitture  del  Palazzo  del  Te  fuori  della  Porta  di 
Mantova.  3  plates  and  portrait.  Mantova,  1783. 


Another  edition. — Recente  descrizione  del  R. 
Palazzo  del  Te,  e  sue  Pitture.  8vo.  Mantova, 
1811.  S.K 

BOTTARI  (Giovanni  Gaetano). — Sculture 

e  pitture  sagre  estratte  dai  cimiterii  di  Roma  pub- 
blicate  gia  dagli  autori  della  Roma  sotteranea  ed 
ora  nuovamente  date  in  luce  colle  spiegazioni.  3 
vols.  Fol.  Roma,  1737-54.  Bodl. 

BOTTARI  (Giovanni  Gaetano). — Dialoghi 

sopra  tre  arti  del  disegno  corretti  e  accresciuti. 
8vo.  Firenze,  1770.  Bodl. 

_  2nd  edition.  8vo.  Parma,  1845.  B.M. 

BOTTARI  (Giovanni  Gaetano). — Raccolta 

di  Lettere  sulla  Pittura,  Scultura,  ed  Architettura, 
scritte  da’  piu  celebri  personaggi  dei  secoli  xv., 
xvi.,  e  xvii. ;  publicata  da  M.  Gio.  Bottari,  e 
contjnuata  fino  ai  nostri  giorni  da  Stephano  Ticozzi. 
8  vols.  8vo.  Milano,  1822-25.  S.K. 

Earlier  edition.  7  vols.  8vo.  Roma,  1757-73. 
In  French.  8vo.  Paris,  1803. 

Another  edition. — Recueil  de  Lettres  sur  la  Pein- 

ture,  etc . publiees  a  Rome,  par  B.  en  1754  ;  tra- 

duites  et  augmentees  de  beaucoup  de  lettres  qui  ne  se 
trouventpas  dans  son  Recueil;  et  enrichies  de  notes 
historiques  et  critiques,  par  L.  J.  Jay.  8vo.  Paris, 
1817.  B.M. 

BOTTARI  (Giovanni  Gaetano). — Museum 
Capitolinum.  (Edited  by  B.)  4  vols.  Fol.  Romse, 
1750-82.  B.M. 

BOTTAZZI  (Giuseppe  Antonio). — LeAnti- 

chita  di  Tortona  e  suo  agro.  4to.  Alessandria, 
1808.  B.M. 

Degli  emblemi  o  simboli  dell’  antichissimo  sarco- 
fago  nella  chiesa  cattedrale  di  Tortona.  4to.  Tor¬ 
tona,  1824.  B.M. 

BOTTI  (Giovanni). — I  Boccali  di  Montelupo. 
Memorie  relative  a  tali  perduti  monumenti,  raccolte 
dal  Dr.  G.  B.  12mo.  Firenze,  1818.  B.M. 

BOTTICHER  (Carl  G.  YY.). — Ornamenten- 
Buch  zum  praktiSchen  Gebrauche  fiir  Architekten, 
Decorations- undStubenmaler,Tapeten-Fabrikanten, 
etc.  30  plates.  Oblong  fol.  Berlin,  1834-44. 

Neue  Fcflge.  16  plates.  Oblong  fol.  Berlin, 

1856.  S.K. 

BOTTICHER  (Carl  G.  W.).  —  Oma- 

menten-Schule.  Ein  Studien-Cursus  fiir  die  Zeich- 
nung  und  Erfindung  des  Ornamentes,  nach  dem  von 
der  antiken  Kunst  gegebenen  Karakterisirungsprin- 
zipe  architectonischer  Formen.  Fol.  Berlin,  1838. 


BOTTICHER  (Carl  G.  W.). — Dessinateur- 

Schule.  Ein  Lehrkursus  der  Dessination  der  ge- 
webten  Stoffe ;  als  Handbuch  fiir  den  Lehrer,  so 
vie  als  Leitfaden  fiir  den  Selbstunterricht.  Aus 
Yeranlassung  des  Ministeriums  der  Finanzen  und 
des  Handels  bearbeitet  und  herausgegeben  von 
0.  G.  W.  B.  4to.  Berlin,  1839.  S.K. 

BOHTICHER  (Carl  G.  W.).  —  Die  Holz- 

Architektur  des  Mittelaffters,  mit  Anschluss  der 
schonsten  in  dieser  Epoche  entwickelten  Producte 
der gewerbliehen  Industrie.  26  plates.  Fol.  Berlin, 
18421  S.K. 

BOTTICHER  (Carl  G.  W.).— Die  Tekto- 

nik  der  Hellenen.  45  plates  of  the  Parthenon  and 
other  Greek  buildings,  with  plans  and  details.  4to. 
and  fol.  Potsdam,  1844-52.  S.K. 

BOTTICHER  (Carl  G.  W.).— Andeutungen 
iiber  das  Heilige  und  Profane  in  der  Baukunst  der 
Hellenen.  Eine  Gedachtniss-Schrift  zur  Geburtsfeier 
Schinkel’s.  4to.  Berlin,  1846.  B  M. 

BOTTICHER  (Cael  G.  W.).  —  Der  Hy- 

pathraltempel,  auf  Grund  des  Yitruvischen  Zeug- 
nisses  gegen  Prof.  Dr.  L.  Ross,  erwiesen  von  C.  B. 
4to.  Potsdam,  1847.  B.M. 

BOTTICHER  (Carl  G.  W.).— Architek- 

tonische  Formen-Schule  in  Ornament-Erfindungen 

. von  C.  B.  Parts  I.-II.  Lithogr.  plates.  Fol. 

Potsdam,  1847.  B.M. 

BOTTICHER  (Carl  G.  W.).— Der  Polias- 

tempel  als  Wohnliaus  des  Konigs  Erechtheus  nach 
der  Annahme  von  F.  Thiersch.  Nebst  einem  Grund- 
risse  dieses  Gebaudes.  8vo.  Berlin,  1851.  B.M. 

BOTTICHER  (CarlG.  W.).— C.  F.  Schinkel 

und  sein  kiinstlerisches  Vermachtniss.  8vo.  Berlin, 


BOTTICHER  (Carl  G.  W.).  —  Ornament- 

Vorbilder.  Erfunden  und  gezeichnet  von  C.  B. 
Plates,  some  coloured.  Oblong  fol.  Berlin, 

1858.  &c.  B.M. 

BOTTICHER  (Cael  G.  W.).—  Bericht  iiber 

die  Untersuchungen  auf  der  Akropolis  von  Athen. 
8vo.  Berlin,  1863. 

BOTTIGER  (Carl  August).  —  Ueber  Yer- 

zierung  gymnasti  seller  Uebungsplatze  durch  Kunst - 
werke  in  antikem  Geschmack.  Plates.  8vo.  Wei¬ 
mar,  1794. 

BOTTIGER  (C.  A.). — Zustand  der  neusten 
Litteratur,  der  Kiinste  und  Wissenschaften  in  Frank- 
reich.  2  vols.  8vo.  Berlin,  1795-96. 



f  Notes  and  Queries, 
t  Sept.  12,  ’68. 

Universal  Catalogue  of 

BOTTIGER  (C.  A.).— Griechische  Vasenge- 
malde.  Mit  Erlauterungen.  Vol.  i.  8vo.  Weimar, 

BOTTIGER  (C.  A.). — Sabina,  oder  Morgen- 

scenen  im  Putzzimmer  einer  reichen  Romerin.  Ein 
Beitrag  zur  richtigen  Beurtheilung  des  Privatlebens 
der  Romer  und  zum  besseren  Verstandniss  der  romi- 
schen  Schriftsteller.  13  plates.  8vo.  Leipzig,  1800. 

Another  edition.  13  plates.  8yo.  Leipzig, 

French  translation. — Sabine,  ou  matinees  d’une 
Dame  Romaine. . .  .Traduit  de  l’Allemand  de  C.  A.  B. 
13  plates.  8vo.  Paris,  1813. 

BOTTIGER  (C.  A.)  and  MEYER  (H.).— 

Archaologische  Hefte,  oder  Abbildungen  zur  Erlau- 
terung  des  classischen  Alterthums.  1  Theil.  ,5 
plates.  4to.  Weimar,  1801. 

BOTTIGER  (0.  A.). — Die  Fuiienmaske  im 
Trauerspiel  and  auf  den  Bildwerken  der  alten 
Griechen.  Eine  archseologische  Untersuchung. 
3  plates.  8vo.  Weimar,  1801. 

French  translation. — Les  Furies  d’apr&s  les  poetes 
et  les  artistes  anciens,  traduit  de  l’Allemand  par 
Winckler.  4  plates,  2  coloured.  8vo.  Paris,  1802. 


BOTTIGER  (O.  A.). — Andeutungen  zuvier- 
undzwanzig  Yortragen  liber  die  Archgeologie  (Greek 
Sculpture),  im  Winter  1806  gehalten.  8vo.  Dres¬ 
den,  1806.  S.K. 

BOTTIGER  (0.  A.).— Ueber  Mnseen  nnd 
Antiken-Sammlungen ;  eine  archseologische  Yorle- 
sung.  8vo.  Leipzig,  1808. 

BOTTIGER  (C.  A.). — Explicatio  antiqnaria 
Anaglyphi  in  Museo  Napoleonico.  1  plate.  8yo. 
Lipsise,  1809. 

BOTTIGER  (C.  A.).— Ideen  zur  Archseo- 
logie  der  Malerei.  Parti.  8yo.  Dresden,  1811. 
No  more  published. 

BOTTIGER  (O.  A.  ).  —  Archaologische 

Aehrenlese.  Fol.  Dresden,  1811. 

BOTTIGER  (G.  A.).— Ueber  die  Dresdner 
Antiken-Gallerie ;  ein  Yortrag,  gehalten  im  Vor- 
saale  derselben.  4to.  (Dresden,  1814.) 

BOTTIGER  (C.  A.).  —  Andeutungen  am 
Grabe  Gerhard  von  Kiigelgens  den  30.  Marz  1820 
ausgesprochen.  8vo.  Dresden,  1820. 

BOTTIGER,  (O.  A.).— Amalthea,  oder  Mu- 

seum  der  Kunstmythologie  und  bildlichen  Alter- 
thumskunde,  im  Yerein  mit  mehreren  Freunden  des 
Alterthums  herausgegeben  von  C.  A.  B.  2  vols. 
10  plates.  8vo.  Leipzig,  1820-22. 

BOTTIGER  (0.  A.).  —  Hercules  in  Bivio 

e  Prodici  fabula  et  monumentis  priscse  artis  illus- 
tratus.  8vo.  Lipsise,  1829.  B.M. 

BOTTIGER  (C.  A.). — Ideen  zur  Kunst-My- 
thologie.  Aus  Bottiger’ s  hinterlassenen  Papieren 
herausgegeben  von  J.  Sillig.  With  plates.  2  vols. 
8vo.  Dresden  und  Leipzig,  1826-36. 

With  new  title.  Leipzig,  1850.  S.K. 


BOTTIGER  (C.  A.).— O.  A.  B.’s  Kleine 

Schriften  archaologischen  und  antiquarischen  In¬ 
halts,  gesammelt  und  herausgegeben  von  J.  Sillig. 

3  vols.  With  plates.  8vo.  Dresden,  1837-38.  B.M. 

BOTTIGER  (O.  A.). — Archaologie  und 

Kunst...... herausgegeben  von  C.  A.  B.  1828.  See 

Periodical  Publications.  B.M. 

BOTTIGER  (C.  A.). — Artistiscbes  Hotizen- 
blatt  zur  Abendzeitung.  4to.  Dresden,  1832-35. 
See  Periodical  Publications. 

BOTTIGER  (0.  A.)  and  MEYER  (Hein¬ 
rich). — Ueber  den  Raub  der  Cassandra  auf  einem 
alten  Gefasse  von  gebrannter  Erde.  3  plates.  4to. 
Weimar,  1794. 

BOTTIGER  (O.A.)  and  MEYER  (H.).— Dio 

Aldobrandinische  Hochzeit.  Eine  archseologische 
Ausdeutung.  Nebst  einer  Abhandlung  iiber  dieses 
Gemalde  von  Seiten  der  Kunst  betrachtet,  von  H. 
M.  1  illuminated  plate.  4to.  Dresden,  1810. 

BOTTIGER  (Friedrich  yon). — Der  Dres¬ 
dner  Bilderraub  in  Jahre  1788.  Ein  Actenstuck, 
als  Beitrag  zur  Geschichte  der  Dresdner  Gemalde- 
Gallerie.  Plates.  8vo.  Riga  und  Leipzig,  1859. 


BOTTIGER  (K.  YY. ) . — Carl  August  Bottiger. 

Eine  biographische  Skizze.  8vo.  Leipzig,  1837. 

BOTTIM  (Seb.). — Melanges  d’arcbeologie  ; 
precedes  d’une  notice  hist,  sur  la  societe  roy.  des 
antiquaires  de  France.  8vo.  Paris,  1831.  B.M. 

BOTTMAbT. — Cours  d’Anatomie  a  l’usago 

des  Artistes.  With  plates.  12mo.  Paris,  1788. 


BOTTSCHILD  (Samuel).  —  An  engraved 

alphabet  in  Roman  type,  combined  with  effigies  of 
mythological  and  historical  personages,  designed  by 
S.  B.  Oblong  8vo.  (Dresden?)  1693.  B.M. 

A  classic  character  in  each  letter ;  diagrams  of 
instruction  for  drawing  the  letters. 

BOUCHARD  (Louis). — Habitations  a  l’us- 

age  des  cultivateurs,  dispositions  sp6ciales  pour  les  „ 
ouvriers  ruraux,  &c.  With  plans  and  diagrams. 
8vo.  Paris,  1863.  B.M. 

BOUCHARD  (Louis). — Traite  des  Construc¬ 

tions  Rurales,  &c.  2  parts.  8vo.  Paris  (1858-60  ?). 


BOUCHARD  (Louis). — Bibliographic.  Ou- 

vrages  publies  jusqu’a  ce  jour  sur  les  Constructions 
Rurales  et  sur  la  Disposition  des  Jardins.  8vo. 
Paris,  1860.  B.M. 

BOUCHARDOU  (Edme). — L’Anatomie  ne-J 

cessaire  pour  l’usage  du  dessin.  15  plates,  including  j 
frontispiece  by  Huquer,  after  the  designs  of  Bour-  t 
don.  Fol.  Paris,  n.d.  Cicogn.  1 

BOUCHARDObr  (Edme). — Premier  et  se-' 
cond  livre  des  vases  inventes  par  E.  B.  29  plates.  1 
Fol.  Paris,  Huquier  (1737). 

Two  sets  of  12  plates  each  by  Bouchardon  ;  5  by 

Notes  and  Queries, 
Sept.  19,  ’68. 

Books  on  Art  ( under  revision). 


Sadeler  after  Polidoro.  These  last  not  always  found 
with  it. 

BOUCHARDON  (Edme). — Etudes  prises 
dans  le  has  penple,  ou  cris  de  Paris.  12  plates. 
Pol.  Paris,  1737-38.  Cicogn . 

BOUCHARDON  (Edme).— Profils  et  orne- 

ments  de  vases  executes  en  marbre,  bronze,  et  plomb, 
dans  les  Jardins  de  Versailles,  Trianon,  et  Marly, 
graves  par  M.  Michel  Blondel.  25  plates.  S.K. 

BOUCHARDON  (Edme).— Lettre  sur  les 
quatre  modeles  exposes  au  salon  (de  1743  et  1745) 
pour  le  mausolee  de  S.  E.  Mgr.le  Cardinal  de  Pleury. 
(Designed  by  E.  B.)  4to.  n.p.  o.d. 

BOUCHARDON  (Edme)  .— Vie  d’EdmeBou- 

chardon,  sculpteur  du  roi.  8vo.  Paris,  1762. 

BOUCHARDON  (Edme).— Notice  histo- 

rique  sur  E.  B.,  par  J.  Carnandet.  With  portrait. 
8vo.  Paris,  1855. 

BOUCHARDON  (Edme). — Anecdotes  sur 
B . (1764).  See  Dandre-Bardon. 

BOUCHARDON  (Edme).— Notice  sur  B.... 
See  Jolibois  (E.).  1837. 

BOUCHARDON  (Edme). — Sur  uue  statue 
par  lui .  See  Mariette.  1768. 

BOUCHARDON  (Edme). — Catalogue  des 

tableaux.  See  Catalogues,  Sale  (Bouchardon).  1808. 

BOUCHARDON  (Edme). — Catalogue  des 

tableaux . See  Catalogues,  Sale  (Basan,  E.). 


BOUCHARD Y  (Miniature  Painter).— No¬ 
tices  des  miniatures,  &c.  See  Catalogues,  Sale. 

BOUCHE  (Honors). — La  Chorograpliie  ou 
description  de  Provence  et  l’histoire  chronologique 
du  mesme  pays.  Map,  and  portraits  of  old  Counts 
of  Provence.  2  vols.  Pol.  Aix,  1664.  B.M. 

BOUCHEj  (J.  B.). — Druides  et  Celtes,  ou 
histoire  de  l’origine  des  societes  et  des  sciences. 
12mo.  Paris,  1848.  B.M. 

BOUCHER  (Francois). — filloge  de  Bouclier, 

premier  peintre  du  roi  et  directeur  de  l’Academie 
royale  de  peinture  et  de  sculpture.  Extr.  du 
“Necrologe  des  hommes  c61&bres.”  12mo.  Paris, 

BOUCHER  (FRANgois).  —  See  Goncourt 
(E.  and  J.  de). 

BOU  CHER  (FRANgois)  .—Catalogue . des 

tableaux . See  Catalogues,  Sale  (Boucher).  1771. 


sur  une  bastille  Anglaise  du  xv.  siecle  pres  Orleans 
2  lithogr.  plates.  In  “  Memoires  de  la  Societe 
Arch4ologique  de  l’Orleanais,”  vol.  iv.  p.  320. 

BOUCHER  DE  PERTHES  (J.).-De  l’ln- 

dustrie  primitive  ou  des  arts  a  leur  origine.  34 
plates.  8vo.  Paris,  1846. 

BOUCHER  DE  PERTHES  (L).— Antiqui¬ 
ty  Celtiques  et  Antediluviennes :  Memoire  sur  l’ln- 
dustrie  primitive  et  les  Arts  a  leur  origine.  With 
plates.  8vo.  Paris,  1847.  London  Inst. 

BOUCHER  DE  YILLERS  (C.).— Tombes 

eparses  dans  la  Cathedrale  de  Paris,  dessines  par 
C.  Boucher  de  Villers,  gravees  par  Denis.  50  plates. 
Pol.  (Paris)  n.d. 


Recueil  d’estampes  gravees  d’apres  des  peintures 
antiques  italiennes,  etc.,  par  lui  ou  executees  sous 
sa  direction,  d’apres  les  dessins  qu’il  a  faits  en  Italie 
dans  les  annees  1818-19.  34  plates.  Pol.  Paris, 



Appendice  a  l’ouvrage  intitule  Histoire  de  la  Vie  et 
des  Ouvrages  de  Raphael  par  Monsieur  Quatremere 

de  Quincy . Accompagne  de  renseignements  sur 

divers  artistes,  &c.  4to.  (Paris)  1852.  B.M. 

Another  edition.  8vo.  Paris,  1853.  B.M. 


Notice  sur  sa  vie  et  travaux.  See  Halevy  (F.). 

Discours  a  sa  funeraille . See  Halevy  (P.). 


BOUCHET  (Jean). — Les  regnars  traversant 
les  perilleuses  voyes  des  folles  fiances  du  mode,  com- 
posees  par  Seb.  Brandt  (Jean  Bouchet),  lequel  com- 
posa  la  nef  des  fols  derrenierement  imprime  a  Paris 
et  autres  plusieurs  chores  composees  par  autr'es 
facteurs.  (At  the  end.)  Cy  finist  le  liure  des  renars 

trauersant  les  voyes  perilleuses . imprime  a  Paris 

pour  Anthoine  Verard . With  woodcuts.  Pol. 

(1501  ?)  B.M. 

And:  Pol.  Paris,  1522.  With  woodcuts.  B.M. 

BOUCHET  (Jean). — Les  Genealogies,  Epi- 

taphes,  et  Effigies  de  tous  les  Roys  de  Prance,  avec  le 
Sommaire  des  gestes  de  quarante  Roys  et  deux  Ducz 
qui  regnerent  en  Germanie  sur  les  Francoys  avant 
Pharamond  et  aussi  des  Comentaires  de  Cesar  tou- 
chant  la  conqueste  des  Gaules.  Woodcut  portraits. 
4-to.  Poictiers,  1531.  B.M. 

BOUCHET  (Jean). — Les  anciennes  et  mo- 
dernes  genealogies  des  roys  de  France,  et  mesme- 
ment  du  roy  Pharamond,  avec  leurs  epitaphes  et 
effigies.  With  woodcuts.  8vo.  Paris,  1539.  Bodl. 
16mo.  Paris,  1536. 

BOUCHET  (Jules,  Architect). — Notice  sur 
sa  vie  et  travaux.  See  Lance  (Adolphe).  1860. 

BOUCHET  (Jules,  Architect).  —  La  Villa 

Pia  des  Jardins  du  Vatican,  Architecture  de  Pirro 
Ligorio,  publiee  dans  tous  ses  details  par  J.  B., 
avec  une  notice  historique  sur  1’auteur  de  ce  mo¬ 
nument,  et  avec  un  texte  descriptif,  par  Raoul- 
Rochette,  antiquaire.  La  gravure  des  planches  a 
et6  executee  sur  acier  par  Hibou.  Pol.  Paris,  1837. 


BOUCHET  (Jules,  Architect).  —  Le  Lau- 

rentin,  Maison  de  Campagne  de  Pline-le-Consul, 
q  q  149 


Universal  Catalogue  of 

Notes  and  Queries, 
Sept.  19,  ’68. 

restitue  d’apres  sa  Lettre  a  Gallus.  Grave  et  publie 
par  J.  B.  4to.  Paris,  1852.  S.K. 

BOUCHETTE  (Joseph). — A  topographical 
description  of  Lower  Canada,  with  remarks  upon 
Upper  Canada,  and  on  the  relative  connexion  of 
both  Provinces  with  the  United  States  of  America. 
Embellished  by  views,  plans,  &c.  8vo.  London, 
1815.  B.M. 

BOUCHITTE  (H.). — Notice  siir  la  vie  et 
les  ouvrages  de  Philippe  de  Champagne,  par  M. 
Bouchitte.  8vo.  (Versailles)  n.  d. 

Originally  appeared  in  vol.  iv.  of  “  Memoires  de 
la  Societe  des  Sciences  morales,  des  Lettres  et  des 
Arts  de  Seine-et-Oise.”  Keprinted  in  his  work  “Le 
Poussin,”  &c.,  1858. 

BOUCHITTE  (H.).—  Le  Poussin,  sa  vie 

et  son  oeuvre,  suivi  d’une  notice  sur  la  vie  et  les 
ouvrages  de  Philippe  de  Champagne  et  de  Cham¬ 
pagne  le  neveu.  Par  H.  B.  8vo.  Paris,  1858.  S.K. 

BOUCHOTTE. — Les  Regies  du.  Dessein. 
8  vo.  Paris,  1721. 

And,  8vo.  Paris,  1743. 

Architectural  rules  and  details. 

BOUCHTT  (Etienne  Jean). — Art  des  forges 

et  fourneaux  a  fer,  par  le  marquis  de  Courtivron  et 
M.  Bouchu.  No.  27,  “  Descriptions  des  arts  et  me¬ 
tiers  par  l’Aeademie  Boyale  des  Sciences  de  France.” 

BOITCOIRAN  (L.).  • —  Languedoc  et  Pro¬ 
vence.  Guide  historique  et  pittoresque  dans  Nimes 

et  les  environs . Avee  vingt  gravures . ,  le 

plan  de  la  ville,  etc.  l2mo.  Nimes,  1863.  B.M. 

BOUCOIRAN  (L.).  —  Monographic  de  la 

Fontaine  deNimes,  Histoire  et  description  des  jardins 
et  monuments  qu’elle  renferme.  16  plates  and  plan. 
8vo.  Nimes,  1859.  B.M. 

BOUCQ  (Simon  le). — Bref  Recveil  des  An¬ 
ti  qvitez  de  Valentienne.  See  Le  Boucq.  Valent., 
1619.  B.M. 

BOUDANT. — Histoire  de  Chantelle.  Plates. 

4to.  Moulins,  1862.  B.M. 

BOUDARD  (P.  A.). — Numismatique  Ibe- 
rienne.  4to.  Beziers  (1857,  &e.).  B.M. 

BOUDARD  (Giovanni  Batt.). — Iconologia 

tirata  da  varj  autori  antichi.  3  vols.  With  plates. 
Small  fol.  Parma,  1759.  B.M. 

With  Italian  and  French  text. 

Iconologia . French  text  only.  1  vol.  With 

plates.  8  vo.  Vienne,  1766. 

BOUE  (Placide). — Traite  cTOrfevrerie,  Bi¬ 
jouterie,  et  Joaillerie ;  contenant  la  description  de- 
taillee  des  caracteres  physiques  et  chimiques  des 
metaux  et  des  pierres  precieuses  qui  constituent  les 
mati&res  premieres  de  cette  belle  branche  de  l’in- 

dustrie  franchise . Par  P.  B.  2  vols.  8vo.  Paris, 

1832.  S.K. 

BOUELLES  (Charles  de). — Geometrie  pra¬ 
tique  et  nouvellement  par  luy  reveue,  augmentee 
et  grandement  enrichie.  Plates.  8vo.  Paris,  1551. 


BOUET  and  MANTE. — Methode  de  photo- 

graphie  sur  ivoire  factice,  precedee  d'un  nouveau 
procede  pour  obtenir  les  cliches.  8vo.  Paris, 
1852.  B.M. 

BOUET  (Alexandre). — Galerie  Bretonne  ; 

ou  vie  des  Bretons  de  l’Armorique  par  feu  0.  Perrin 

du  Finistere . grave©  sur  acier,  et  publiee  par 

Perrin  fils ;  avec  texte  explicatif  par  A.  B.,  pre¬ 
cede  d’une  notice  sur  0.  Perrin  par  A.  Duval.  3 
vols.  8vo.  Paris,  1835-38.  B.M. 

BOUET  (Alexandre). — Breiz-Izel,  on  vie 

des  Bretons  de  l’Armorique,  dessins  par  0.  Perrin 

. texte  par  A.  B.,  precede  d’une  notice  sur  0. 

Perrin  par  A.  Duval.  Deuxieme  edition.  Plates. 
3  vols.  8vo.  Paris  (Brest),  1844.  B.M. 

BOUET  (G.).  —  Melanges  d’Archeologie. 

With  3  plates.  In  the  “Bulletin  monumental.” 
BOUET  (G.). — Notes  snr  Fonts  Batismanx 
de  Saint-Evrault  do  Montfort.  2  plates.  In  the 
“Bulletin  monumental,”  vol.  xviii.  p.  423. 

BOUET  (G.).— Notes  snr  les  Decouvertes 
d’Antiquites  romaines  a  Lisieux.  1  plate.  The 
same,  vol.  xxiii.  p.  217. 

BOUET  (G.). — Nonvelles  observations  snr 
les  Voutes  de  l’Abbaye  de  Saint-Etienne  de  Caen. 
5  plates.  The  same,  vol.  xxviii.  p.  57. 

BOUET  (G.). — Seconde  Lettre  an  snjet  des 
Voutes  de  Saint-Etienne  de  Caen.  3  plates.  The 
same,  vol.  xxix.  p.  769. 

BOUGAINVILLE  (  L.  Ant.  ).  —  Voyage 

auteur  du  monde,  en  1766-69.  With  plates.  4to. 
Paris,  1771. 

Another  edition.  2  vols.  With  plates.  8vo. 
Paris,  1772.  And:  Supplement  ou  journal  d’un 
voyage  autour  du  monde  par  MM.  Banks  et  So- 
lander,  trad,  de  l’angl.  par  De  Freville.  8vo.  Paris, 

In  German.  Large  8vo.  Leipzig,  1772. 

BOUGAINVILLE  (Le  Baron  de).— Album 

pittoresque  de  la  fregate  la  Thetis  et  de  la  corvette 
l’Esperauce:  collection  de  dessins  relatifs  a  leur 
voyage  autour  du  monde  en  1824,  1825  et  1826, 
sous  les  ordres  de  M.  de  Bougainville.  Becueillis  et 
publies  par  M.  le  vicomte  de  Latouanne.  35  lithogr 
plates.  4to.  Paris,  1828. 

BOUGAINVILLE  (Le  Baron  de). — Journal 

de  la  navigation  autour  du  globe  pendant  les  annees 
1824-26,  publie  par  ordre  du  Boi.  2  vols.  56  plates. 
4to.  and  fol.  Paris,  1837.  B.M. 

BOUHIER  (J.). — Explication  de  quelques 
marbres  antiques.  With  plates.  4to.  Aix,  1733. 

BOUHOT  (Etienne).  —  Notice  historique 
. See  Ligeret  du  Cloiseau.  1854. 

BOUILLARD. — Catalogue  des  tableaux . 

See  Catalogues,  Sale  (Bouillard).  1807. 

BOUILLART  (Jacq.). — Histoire  de  l’Ab- 

baye  Boyale  de  St.  Germain  des  Prez.  With  plates. 
Fol.  Paris,  1724.  B.M. 


Notes  ancl  Queries, 
Sept.  19,  ’68. 

Books  on  Art  ( under  revision). 


BOUILLE  (Tiieodose). — Histoire  delaville 
et  pays  de  Liege.  3  vols.  Fol.  Lifege,  1725-32. 


BOUILLET  (Jean  Baptiste).  —  Statistique 

monumentale  du  departement  du  Puy-de-Dome, 
In  the  “Bulletin  monumental,”  vol.  iv.  p.  473. 
BOUILLET  (J.  B.). — Promenade  Archeo- 
logique  de  Clermont  a  Bourges  en  Novembre,  1837. 
The  same,  p.  514. 

BOUILLET  (J.  B.).  —  Statistique  monii- 

mentale  du  departement  du  Puy-de-Dome.  2  vols. 
With  atlas.  8vo.  and  4to.  Clermont-Perrand, 

BOUILLET  (J.  B.). — Histoire  des  Commn- 

nautes  des  arts  et  metiers  de  l’Auvergne,  accom- 
pagnee  des  bannieres  que  portaient  ces  communautes 
avant  1789.  With  35  coloured  plates.  8vo. 
Clermont-Ferrand,  1857.  B.M. 

BOUILLET  (Marie  Nicolas).  —  Diction- 

naire  uniyersel  des  sciences,  des  lettres  et  des  arts. 
8vo.  Paris,  1841. 

8vo.  Paris,  1854. 

Svo.  Paris,  1857. 

8vo.  Paris,  1859.  B.M. 

BOUILLE YAUX  (R.  A.).  — Notice  his- 

torique  sur  le  Prieure  de  Condes . ornee  de  des- 

sins,  &c.  3  plates.  8vo.  Paris,  1856.  B.M. 

BOUILLON  (A.).  —  Principes  de  Dessin 
lineaire,  contenant  les  applications  de  la  ligne  droite 
et  de  la  ligne  courbe,  au  trace  des  figures  planes  et 
a  l’ornement.  Par  A.  'B.,  architecte.  2nd  edition. 
Oblong  4to.  Paris,  1843.  S.K. 


(J.  B.  de). — Musee  des  Antiques,  dessine  et  grave 
par  P.  Bouillon,  peintre,  avec  des  notices  explica  - 
tives  par  J.  B.  de  Saint-Victor.  In  numbers,  with  6 
plates  each.  3  vols.  Fol.  Paris  (1821-27).  S.K. 

BOULANGE  (Georges).— -Sainte  Brigitte 

de  Plappeville.  1  lithogr.  plate.  In  “  L’ Union  des 
Arts,”  vol.  ii.  p.  41.  Metz,  1851. 

BOULANG13  (Georges).  —  Statistique  Mo¬ 
numental  du  departement  de  la  Moselle.  Small 
plates.  In  the  “  Bulletin  monumental,”  vol.  xx. 
p.  177. 

BOULANGE  (G.).  — Une  Visite  a  la  Mo- 

sai'que  Eomaine  deNennig.  6  plates.  The  same, 
vol.  xxi.  p.  7. 

BOULANGE  (  G.  ).  —  Objets  trouves  an 

Champ  des  Tombes.  2  plates.  In  “  Journal . du 

Mus6e  Lorrain,”  part  i.  p.  35. 

BOULANGE  (G.). — Les  Eglises  de  Vicherey 

et  d’Aboncourt.  2  plates.  The  same,  p.  20. 

BOULANGE  (G.). — Archives  de  la  ville  de 

Toul.  1  gravure — Bulle  d’or  de  l’empereur  Charles 
X.  The  same,  part  vii.  p.  92. 


Notice  sur.  See  Helms.  1838. 

BOULANGER  (Nicolas  Ant.).  —  L’Anti- 

quite  devoilee  par  ses  usages.  3  vols.  8vo.  Am¬ 
sterdam,  1766.  Bodl. 

12mo.  Amsterdam,  1768.  Cicogn. 

BOULE.  See  Catalogues,  Sale  (Remv,  P.). 

BOULEE. — Notice  snr  sa  vie  et  travanx . 

See  VlLLAE  (Gr.). 

BOULENCOURT  (Le  JEUNE  de).  —  De¬ 
scription  generale  de  l’Hostel  Royal  des  Invalides, 
etabli  par  Louis  le  Grand  dans  la  Plaine  de  Grenelle 
pres  Paris.  Avec  les  plans,  profils  et  elevations 
de  ses  faces,  coupes  et  appartemens.  Fol.  Paris, 
1683.  S.K. 

BOULENGER  (Jean). — La  Geometrie,  on 
Mesure  des  Lignes  droittes,  esloignees  par  le  quarre 
geometrique.  Seconde  edition.  (Perspective.)  Paris 
(1627?).  •  B.M. 

BOULENGER  (Jules  Cesar). — De  Theatro 

ludisque'  scenicis,  libri  duo.  8vo.  Fricassibus, 
1603.  B.M. 

BOULENGER  (J.  C.).— De  Pictnra,  Plas- 

tice,  Statuaria,  libri  duo.  Svo.  Lugduni,  1627. 


The  work  is  to  be  found  in  Gronovius,  Thesaurus 
Greec.  Antiq.,  &c.,  vol.  ix.,  1697. 

BOULENGER  (J.  C.).— De  Lndis  privatis 

ac  domesticis  Veterum,  liber  unicus.  8vo.  Lugduni, 
1627.  B.M. 

BOULENGER  (J.  C.).— De  Conviviis  li¬ 

bri  quatuor.  Svo.  Lugduni,  1627.  B.M. 

BOULENGER  (J.  C.).— De  Circo  Romano, 

ludisque  Circensibus,  de  venatione  Circi  et  Amphi- 
theatri  ac  de  Theatro.  See  G-rjevius  (J.  G\),  The¬ 
saurus  antiquitatum,  &c.,  vol.  ix.,  1694.  B.M. 

BOULENGER  (J.  C.).— De  Templis  Ethni- 

corum.  See  G-ronovius  (J.),  Thesaurus  Graecarum 
Antiquitatum,  &c.  vol.  vii.  1697.  B.M. 

BOULLAND  (J.  E.  A.  Auguste).— Mission 
morale  de  l’art.  8vo.  Paris,  1852.  B.M. 

BOULLE  (Andr£  Charles).  —  Nonveaux 

Desseins  de  Meubles  et  Ouvrages  de  Bronze  et  de 
Marqueterie,  inventes  et  graves  par  Andre  Charles 
Boulle.  In  Marie tte’s  “  L’ Architecture  a  la  Mode,” 
vol.  iii. 

BOULLE  (A.  Ch.). — Memoire  ponr  Pierre 

Crozat  ecuyer,  demandeur  et  defendeur  contre 
Charles  Boulle,  ebeniste  du  Roy,  defendeur  et  de¬ 
mandeur.  4to.  n.p.o.d. 

BOULLONGNE  (Jean  de).— See  Valentin. 

BOULNOIS  (W.  A.).— Foundation  of  some 
of  the  Metropolitan  Bridges  of  the  river  Thames. 
Sessional  paper,  London,  30th  November  1857. 

B.  Arch. 

BOULOGNE-SUR-MER.— A  short  Notice 

on  the  Church,  the  Crypt,  and  the  Pilgrimage  of 
Notr e-Dam  e  de  Boulogne.  Compiled  from  various 
narratives  and  authorities,  by  the  author  of  the 



Universal  Catalogue  of 

Notes  and  Queries, 
Sept.  19,  ’68. 

French  History  of  Notre-Dame.  12mo.  Boulogne- 
snr-Mer,  1859.  S.K. 

BOULT  (J.). — On  Fitness,  as  a  principle  of 
design  in  Architecture.  In  Transactions  of  the 
“  Liverpool  Architectural  and  Archeological  So¬ 
ciety,”  yoI.  i.  part  i.  p.  91. 

BOULT  (J.).— On  tlie  Value  of  Precedent. 
The  same,  p.  119. 

BOULT  (J.). — Impediments  to  tlie  advance¬ 
ment  of  Architecture.  The  same,  vol.  ii.  p.  97. 
BOURIOL  (Bathild). — Le  Peintre*.  poeme, 
suivi  de  notes  et  commentaires.  12mo.  Paris, 
Cambrai,  1860.  B.M. 

Criticisms  on  particular  painters. 

BOUQUETS  de  Flenrs.  7  engravings.  Fol. 

Poilly,  Paris  (1680?).  B.M. 

BOUQUIER. — Epitre  a  M.  Vernet.  8vo. 
Amsterdam,  1773.  Cicogn. 

Relating  to  Vernet’s  works. 

BOURASSE  (J.  J.,  Abbe).  See  Societies, 


BOURASSE  (J.  J.,  Abbe).— Les Catbedrales 

de  France.  With  plates.  8vo.  Tours,  1843. 

BOURASSE  (J.  J.). — Archeologie  Chre- 

tienne,  ou  Precis  de  l’Histoire  des  Monuments  re- 
ligieux  du  Moyen  Age.  Par  M.  l’Abbe  J.  J.  B. 
3me  edition.  8vo.  Tours,  1844.  S.K. 

Earlier  editions,  1841-42.  Rodl. 

BOURASSE  (J.  J.). — Rotice  bistorique  et 

archeologique  sur  l’eglise  abbatiale  de  Saint-Julien 
de  Tours,  par  l’Abbe  Bourasse  et  l’Abbe  Manceau. 
8vo.  Tours,  1845.  Bodl. 

BOURASSE  (J.J.). — Dictionnaire  d’Archeo- 

logie  sacree,  contenant,  par  ordre  alphabetique,  des 
notions  sures  et  completes  sur  les  Antiquites  et  les 
Arts  ecclesiastiques,  savoir :  l’architecture,  la  sculp¬ 
ture,  la  peinture,  la  mosai'que,  les  emaux,  les  vitraux 
peints,  l’orfevrerie,  la  ceramique,  &c.  &c.  Par  M. 
J.  J.  B.  (Vols.  xi.  and  xii.  de  la  Nouvelle  Encyclo¬ 
pedic  Thiologique,  publiee  par  M.  l’Abbe  Migne.) 
2  vols.  8vo.  Paris,  1851.  S.K. 

BOURASSE  (J.  J.). — La  Tourraine,  bistoire 
et  monuments.  Fol.  Tours,  1855.  B.M. 

4  chromo-lithographs,  15  plates,  31  woodcuts, 
13  portraits  on  wood. 

BOURASSE  (J.  J.). — Les  plus  belles  Eglises 

du  Monde.  Notices  historiques  et  arcbeologiques 
sur  les  Temples  les  plus  cel&bres  de  la  Chr6tientA 
Par  M.  l’Abbe  J.  J.  B.  Illustrations  par  K.  Girar- 
det.  Royal  8vo.  Paris,  1857.  S.K. 

BOURASSE  (J.  J.). — La  Terre- Sainte;  voy¬ 
age  dans  l’Arabie  Petree,  la  Judee,  la  Samaria,  la 
Galilee,  et  la  Syrie.  With  woodcuts.  8vo.  Tours, 
I860.  B.M. 

BOURASSE  (J.  J.). — Residences  royales  et 

imperiales  de  France  :  histoire  et  monuments.  With 
woodcuts.  8vo.  Tours,  1864.  B.M. 


BOURBOR,  House  of. — Genealogia  regise 
domus  Borboniae.  Genealogical  trees,  with  portraits 
of  each  personage.  Single  sheet.  Fol.  (Paris, 
1590?)  B.M. 

BOURBOR,  Isle  of. — An  account  of  the 
Island  of  B.  in  1763.  See  Dalrymple  (A.),  Oriental 
Repertory,  &c.  vol.  ii.  1793.  B.M. 

BOURCARD  (Francesco  de).— Usi  e  cos- 

tumi  di  Napoli  e  contorni  descritti  e  dipinti  (by 
various  writers  and  artists).  Opera  diretta  da  F.  de 
B.  2  vols.  8vo.  Napoli,  1853-58.  B.M. 

BOURDEAU  (F.  J.). — Manuel  de  Geogra- 

phie  historique  ancienne  de  Gascogne  et  Bearn,  ou 
recueil  de  notices  statistiques,  descriptives,  histo¬ 
riques,  biographiques,  &c.,  sur  les  villes  et  les  com¬ 
munes  des  departements  du  Gers,  des  Landes,  des 
Hautes  et  Basses-Pyrenees,  &c.  With  descriptions 
of  old  monuments.  8vo.  Paris,  Tarbes,  1861,  &c. 


BOURDELOIS  (G.  M.  de).— He  Coblens  a 

Treves.  8vo.  Metz,  1840.  Bodl. 

BOURDIER  (Raoul). — Voyage  en  Siberie 
et  en  Kamtchatka.  See  Saint-Julien  (C.  de), 
Voyage  pittoresque  en  Russie,  &c.  (1853?). 

BOURDIR  (Michel). — M.  B.  statuaire  or- 

leanais . .  See  Dupuis  (F.).  1863. 

BOURDOR  .  (Ch.). — Excursion  Archeolo¬ 
gique  a  la  Cathedrale  de  Bayeux.  7  plates.  In  the 
“Bulletin  monumental,”  vol.  xvii.  p.  196. 
BOURDOR  (Pierre,  Engraver). — Biogra- 

phie .  See  Dauvergne  (A.).  1863. 

BOURDOR  (Pierre). — Essais  de  Gravure. 
Par  P.  B.,  Maitre  Graveur  a  Paris.  Ou  l’on  voit 
de  beaux  contours  d’ornemens  trails  dans  le  gout 
de  l’Art,  propre  aux  Horlogeurs,  Orfevres,  Cizeleurs, 
Graveurs,  et  a  toutes  autres  personnes  curieuses. 
Oblong  4to.  Paris,  1703.  S.K. 

BOURDOR  (P.M.). — Catalogue  d’une  vente 

de  tableaux . See  Catalogues,  Sale  (Bourdon). 


BOURDOR  (S^bastien). — .  sur  sa  Vie 

et  Ouvrages . .  See  Atger  (Xavier).  1818. 

Sur  un  tableau . See  Boissiere  (S.).  1659. 

Galerie  des  Peintres  celebres.  See  Lecarpentier 

Notice  historique . See  Poitevin.  1812. 

Notice  sur  sa  Vie  et  Ouvrage . See  Soust  de 

Boskenfeldt  (A.  v.).  1849. 

BOURDOR  (S^bastien)  and  LOIR. — Re¬ 
cueil  d’estampes,  contenant  60  sujets  divers.  Fol. 
Paris,  Basan,  n.d. 

BOURGEOIS.  —  Recueil  de  vues  pitto 

resques  de  la  France.  Plates.  Paris,  1818-19. 

Pour  nooks  of  4  lithogr.  drawings  each. 

BOURGEOIS.— 36  Vues  d’ltalie  en  litho- 

graphie.  Folio.  Paris,  1818-19. 

BOURGEOIS.— Recueil  des  V