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Full text of "Catalogue of the collection of old English decorative furniture, porcelain and objects of Art of Miss G. L. Vickers, deceased."

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|p oral ant 





Late of Chester Street, Grosvenor Place : 

which (by Order of the Executor's) 

SBHill be Soli bo Auction bo 






May be viewed Two Days preceding, and Catalogues had, 
at Messrs. Christie, Manson and Woods’ Offices, 8 King Stmt, 
St. James’s Square, S. W. 

Frick Art Reference Library 


I. THE highest Bidder to be the Buyer; and if any dispute arise 
between two or more Bidders, the Lot so in dispute shall be 
immediately put up again and re-sold. 

II. No person to advance less than Is.; above Five Pounds, 5s.; 
and so on in proportion. 

III. In the case of Lots upon which there is a reserve, the Auctioneer 
shall have the right to bid on behalf of the Seller. 

IY. The Purchasers to give in their Names and Places of Abode, 
and to pay down 5s. in the Pound, or more, in part of payment, 
or the whole of the Purchase-Money, if required ; in default 
of which, the Lot or Lots so purchased to be immediately put 
up again and re-sold. 

Y. The Lots to be taken away and paid for, whether genuine and 
authentic or not, with all faults and errors of description, at 
the Buyer’s expense and risk, within Two days from the Sale; 
Messrs. Christie, Manson and Woods not being responsible 
for the correct description, genuineness, or authenticity of, 
or any fault or defect in, any Lot; and making no warranty 

VI. To prevent inaccuracy in delivery, and inconvenience in the 
settlement of the Purchases, no Lot can on any account be 
removed during the time of Sale; and the remainder of the 
Purchase-Money must absolutely be paid on the delivery. 

VII. Upon failure of complying with the above Conditions, the Money 
deposited in part of payment shall be forfeited; all Lots un¬ 
cleared within the time aforesaid shall be re-sold by public or 
private Sale, and the deficiency (if any) attending such re-sale 
shall be made good by the Defaulter at this Sale. 




The following are Sold by Order of 
the Executors of MISS G. L. VICKERS , deceased , 
late of Chester Street , Grosvenur Place. 


1 A circular Nankin dish, painted with a river scene, buildings, and 

scroll border—18 in. diam. 

2 An old Nankin beaker, painted with a river scene, figures and 

flowers—17£ in. high 

3 A pair of old Chinese porcelain figures of kylins, enamelled in 

green, red and blue—7£ in. high 

4 A circular dish, enamelled with groups of flowers in the centre 

and on the border— famillc rose — 11 in. diam. 

5 A pair of old Chinese porcelain bowls, enamelled with European 

hunting subjects in pink scale borders — 11J in. diam. 

6 A smaller ditto, with river scenes and figures; one, with flowers 

and festoons; and a small basin, with figures on dark blue 
and gold ground 

7 A vase and cover, enamelled with figures in blue borders, and red 

and gold foliage ; a small ditto, with figures and flowers ; and 
a milk-jug and cover, with classical emblematic figures aud 

8 A Chinese soapstone tea-pot and cover, the border pierced and 

carved with a branch of hawthorn ; a ditto carving of a figure 
and rocks; and a small plain ivory box 

B 2 



9 A modern Dresden tea and coffee service, consisting of milk-jug, 
sucrier and cover, twenty-three fluted cups and saucers, and 
fifteen small plates, with pierced borders, painted with flowers 
and gilt edges 

10 A turquoise and gold French porcelain cabaret, painted with 

portraits and flowers, consisting of six pieces 

11 A Rorstrand cup and cover, painted with flowers —in case 

12 A Viennese enamel ewer, painted with garden scenes, figures and 

arabesques in colours 

13 A small white and gold enamel snuff-box, painted with a lady and 

flowers ; a Bilston enamel bonbonniere, formed as a fruit; and 
a small tortoiseshell casket 

14 An egg shaped bonbonniere, of Dresden enamel, painted with 

figures, views and flowers, in gilt borders on pale blue ground; 
and three small Canton enamel trays, with landscapes 

15 A wax medallion bust of Robert Portius Naylor, died July 21, 

1826 ; and the companion bust of a gentleman —signed Law — 
in glazed gilt frames 

16 Christ and the Woman of Samaria: an old English relief in iron, 

the ground gilt—11 in. square 

17 An old German mortar, of bell metal, with dragon handles and 

bands of ornament, and inscription on rim wolter wortman, 
1586— and pestal 


18 A pair of Derby flat-shaped ewers, dark blue, white and gold, en¬ 

crusted with flowers; a two-handled cup and saucer, similar; 
and a pair of small blue and white Worcester leaf stands 

19 A dark blue, white and gold Crown Derby vase, painted with a 

view in Italy—8^ in. high 

20 An old Worcester milk-jug and cover, with vertical dark blue and 

gold bands, painted with flowers in Oriental taste 


21 A Worcester vase, painted with medallions of flowers on apple- 

green and gold ground, and with gilt serpent handles, by Flight , 
Barr and Barr 

22 A pair of small ditto vases, painted with birds in landscapes on 

green and gold ground; and a Crown Derby cup and saucer, 
painted with cornflowers, and gilt edges— -puce mark 

23 An old Worcester tea service, spirally fluted and with dark blue 

and gold borders, with small blossom in red and gilt festoons, 
consisting of tea-pot, cover and stand, sugar-basin, cover and 
stand, milk-jug, basin, pair of circular dishes, eight tea-cups, 
eight coffee-cups and eight saucers 

24 A pair of vase-shaped ice-pails and covers, white and gold, painted 

with wreaths of flowers 

25 A pair of Crown Derby ice-pails, covers and liners, canary, white 

and gold, with shell handles— puce mark 

26 A Rockingham basket, painted with a group of fruit and flowers 

on brown ground, the border encrusted with coloured flowers ; 
and one, painted with flowers, the border encrusted with 
coloured shells 

27 A Lowestoft tea-pot and cover, painted with baskets and sprays 

of flowers in Chinese taste; a ditto cup and saucer, with 
Chinese hunting subjects in pink and colours ; a cup and two 
saucers, with flowers ; a Worcester coffee-cup and saucer, with 
decoration in red, green and gold; six small Wedgwood cups 
and saucers; and six other pieces 

28 A pair of Crown Derby campana-shaped vases, dark blue, white 

and gold, painted with medallions of birds 

29 A pair of small Worcester vases, of similar form, lilac, white and 

gold, painted with flowers ; three small Rockingham baskets ; 
and a miniature watering-pot, painted with roses 

30 A pair of Chelsea figures of a youth and girl, with a lamb and 

flowers— in. high; anti a ditto figure of a pointer—4 in. 

31 A pair of white Bow figures of a shepherd and shepherdess, on 

scroll plinths with a lamb and dogs—9^ in. high 


32 A pair of Derby-Chelsea figures of a lady and gentleman, with 

musical instruments, on open scroll plinths 

33 A Bow figure of a boy, on plinth encrusted with flowers— in. 


34 A reclining stag in a bosquet; a child, with flowers ; and a pair 

of groups of dogs with hares 

35 A pair of Derby white and gold vases, fitted with groups of 

coloured flowers ; and a pair of ditto pastilo burners and covers, 
encrusted with flowers 


36 A table, of inlaid mahogany and satin-wood, with drawer and 

folding ends 

37 A smaller table, nearly similar 

38 Six chairs and two arm-chairs, of mahogany, with fluted borders 

and spiral rail backs 

39 A shield-shaped panel of old English embroidery, with a 

medallion portrait of a lady and branches of flowers in colours 
on white silk, mounted in rose-wood frame for a screen 

40 A barometer and thermometer, by Barelli, Beading , in hanging 

Sheraton case of mahogany, inlaid with shells, &c. 

41 A small satin-wood table, painted with Cupid on a dolphin, and 

border of peacock’s feathers, on painted pillar and plinth 

42 A Sheraton artist’s mixing-table, of inlaid mahogany and satin- 

wood, with two drawers and folding top—18 in. wide 

43 A small Sheraton secretary, of the same, with revolving cylinder 

front and drawers beneath 

43a A ditto cabinet, with folding doors, drawer and shelf above 

44 An Upright Sheraton Cabinet, of inlaid mahogany and satin- 

wood, with glazed folding doors enclosing shelves, and four 
drawers beneath, mounted with metal-gilt handles and es¬ 
cutcheons, and with pierced scroll ornament at the top— 
74 in. high, 28 in. wide 


• 45 A Ditto Secretary, with fall-down front, and four drawers 

beneath, and glazed folding doors above enclosing shelves— 
90 in. high, 36 in. wide 


46 A Large Sheraton Dwarf Cabinet, of inlaid mahogany and 

satin-wood, with three doors inlaid with shells, &c.—34 in. 
high , 69 in. wide , 34 in. deep 

47 A Sheraton Sideboard, of the same, with two drawers in the 

centre, and pedestal ends with rounded fronts, doors enclosing 
shelves and cellarette, and drawers above, inlaid with vases, 
shells, &c., and with carved scroll back—45 in. high , 82 in. 

48 A Pair of Ditto Oviform Vases and Covers, on square 

plinths inlaid with narrow stripes and borders of satin-wood 
—31 in. high 

4'9 An Oval Ditto Wine-Cooler, with flat cover inlaid with vases 
and borders of satin-wood, on four legs, with zinc lining— 
22 in. wide 

• 50 A Sheraton Toilet Table, of inlaid satin-wood and mahogany, 

with rising top in two divisions enclosing mirror, and drawer 
beneath— 22 in. wide 

51 A Ditto Folding Wash-Stand, of similar design, with folding 

doors and drawer beneath—26 in. wide 

52 A Sheraton Hanging Wardrobe, of inlaid mahogany and satin- 

wood, with folding doors and two drawers beneath—86 in. 
high, 54 in. wide 

53 A Sheraton Winged Wardrobe, of mahogany, with inlaid 

satin-wood borders, fluted and slightly carved at the top, with 
folding doors in the centre enclosing shelves, and hanging 
cupboards at the sides—84 in. high, 96 in. wide 

54 A Sheraton Mahogany Settee and Three Chairs, with open 

shield-shaped backs inlaid with satin-wood, the seats covered 
with brown morocco leather 


55 A shaped maliogai^ table, the top carved with sprays of foliage 

and sunk trays at the corners, carved on pillar and tripod— 
29 in. wide 

56 A Chippendale mahogany side-table, with shaped front and ends, 

the border and legs fluted, and with pierced ornament at the 
corners—58 in. wide 

57 An Old English Clock, by Baddely Tong, with pierced and 

chased bras.3 dial showing days of month, in upright Chip¬ 
pendale mahogany case with fluted columns at the sides and 
carved scroll ornament above—88 in. high 

58 A Chippendale Mahogany Wardrobe, with folding doors and 

three drawers beneath, carved with medallion heads, ribands, 
festoons of drapery, and vases with laurel wreaths, and mounted 
with metal-gilt handles—93 in. high , 66 in. wide 

59 A set of ten Chippendale mahogany chairs and two arm-chairs, 

with open shield-shaped backs with fluted centres and carved 
borders, the seats covered with needlework 

60 A Chippendale carved, painted and gilt chair with open back, 

legs carved with scrolls, and claw feet, the seat covered with 
old brocade 

61 A Chippendale mahogany arm-chair, with pierced shield-shaped 

back and fluted borders and legs, the seat covered with 
stamped leather 

62 An oak library arm-chair, with pierced back and leather seat 

63 A pair of old oak hall-chairs, with high backs pierced and boldly 

carved with lions and foliage, surmounted by a crown, the 
stands carved with grotesque masks and drapery 

64 A Jacobean carved oak chest, with rising top and cupboards 

beneath, carved with diamond panels of ornament—55 in. wide 

65 A smaller ditto, the front carved with arches and rosette, the lid 

pricked with initials W.C. and date 1650—45 in. wide 

66 An old English walnut-wood circular folding card-table 

67 A small shaped console-table, of inlaid walnut-wood, on carved 

legs and claw feet—32 in. wide 


68 A small chest of four drawers, of inlaid walnut-wood, with 

folding top forming a table, mounted with brass handles and 
escutcheons—30 in. wide 

69 An Upkight Cabinet, of walnut-wood, with inlaid borders, with 

folding doors enclosing numerous drawers and cupboard in the 
centre, with looking-glass door, and columns at the sides 
forming secret drawers, and with writing slide and four 
drawers beneath, mounted with engraved hinges, handles, and 
escutcheons of metal-gilt—80 in. high , 40 in. wide 

70 An Old English Secretary, of inlaid walnut and rose woods, 

with fall-down front, four drawers beneath, and folding doors 
above enclosing shelves, inlaid with panels of looking-glass, 
mounted with engraved metal-gilt handles and escutcheons— 
84 in. high , 41 in. wide 

71 A library cabinet, of inlaid walnut-wood, with numerous small 

drawers and open sliding shelves, shelf above supported 
on arches, and on stand with arches and turned legs with 
stretcher—67 in. high , 42 in. wide 

72 An old English table, of walnut-wood, with inlaid borders, and 

three drawers—32 in. wide 

73 A larger ditto, of nearly similar form—38 in. wide 

74 A ditto toilet-mirror, on plinth with three drawers 

75 A ditto upright mirror, in plain walnut-wood frame—31 in. b y 

27 in. (outside measure) 

76 A ditto chest of five drawers, with inlaid borders, on stand with 

three small drawers—60 in. high , 38 in. wide 

77 A ditto tall-boy chest of ten drawers, with inlaid borders, and 

handles and escutcheons of engraved brass—70 in. high , 42 in. 

78 Another, nearly similar—73 in. high , 42 in. icide 

79 A ditto cabinet, of inlaid walnut-wood, with folding doors enclos¬ 

ing drawers and cupboard in the centre, on Chippendale 
mahogany stand with carved legs and claw feet, and shell 
ornament in centre—60 in. high , 42 in. wide 


80 A tail-boy chest of nine drawers, of inlaid walnut-wood—72 in. 

high, 42 in. wide 

81 A cheval glass, in walnut-wood frame with carved and gilt 

border—70 in. high 

82 A pair of upright mirrors, in mahogany frames with shaped edges 

and gilt borders—42 in. by 26 in. 

83 An oblong mirror, en suite ; and a small upright ditto 

84 A pair of tall mirrors, in carved and gilt frames—66 in. high, 

12 in. wide 

85 A Set of Four Old English Marqueterie Chairs, with high 

open backs inlaid with panels of vases, scroll foliage, &c — 
temp. Queen Anne 

86 An Old English Clock, by John Wise, London, in upright 

marqueterie case inlaid with groups of flowers, foliage and 
birds in panels in coloured woods — 84 in. high — temp. 
Charles II. 

87 An Upright Mirror, in wide frame of old English marqueterie, 

with arabesque ornament and narrow borders of foliage— 
39 in. by 31 in., outside measure — temp. Charles II. 

88 An Old English Marqueterie Cabinet, with folding doors 

enclosing numerous drawers and cupboard in the centre, slide 
and four drawers below and drawer above, inlaid with panels 
of arabesque ornament, and mounte with metal-gilt drop 
handles—66 in. high, 46 in. wide 

89 An oblong mahogany table, with drawer, the top inlaid with 

panels of nearly similar marqueterie—36 in. wide 

90 A shaped folding card-table, of walnut-wood, on carved legs, 

inlaid with panels of nearly similar marqueterie 

91 A Semi-Grand Trichord Pianoforte, by Bliitkner —7§ octaves 

—in plain ebony case 

92 A Steward’s Eoyal Patent Luphonicon Pianoforte—6^ octaves 

—in case of carved and inlaid satin-wood and metal-gilt, with 
harp-like end, mounted with vases and scrolls of chased 



t 03 A clock, by Dubuc, Jeune—in vase-shaped case of bronze and 

^ ^ / or-molu, with chasings of goats’ heads, ribands, laurel, &c. 

— 18 in. high 

pair of small candlesticks, of bronze and or-molu, with figures 
of boys holding cornucopia), on circular pedestals with chains 
r —11 in. high MstU* 

95 A pair of candelabra, of bronze and or-molu, on triangular- 

7 /)*, shaped stems and plinths chased with foliage, with branches 

for four lights each, fitted for the electric light—on giallo 
marble plinths —24 in. high 

96 A pair of wall lights, of bronze and or-molu, with scroll 
branches for three lights each, chased with foliage, and fitted 
for the electric light 

A Console Table, of mahogany, with carved supports, on plinth 
j inlaid with sun ornament in satin- and other woods, with 
Ul u looking-glass back, mounted witlr female busts, feet and 
ornaments of or-molu, fleur violette marble slab —41 in. wide 
JJS^Another, of mahogany, inlaid with brass, with drawer and shelf 
/^//w, beneath and mirror back, mounted with female busts and 
4 f /p f eet 0 f or _ mo lu, veined black and white marble slab —35 in. 

, wide 

rfrt Cheval Glass, in mahogany frame mounted with female 

/Zpf' / busts bearing vases, of bronze and or-molu, and or-molu 
'fly 0 chasings— 80 in. high 

JttfO A pedestal cupboard, of mahogany, with pillars at the sides, 
Off mounted with chasings of or-molu, white marble slab 

mahogany commode, with four drawers and columns at the 
y sides, mounted with or-molu chasings and escutcheons y 

marble slab—52 in. wide 

, /** _JJ}2--Another, nearly similar—50 in. wide 

v> _fj 



pair of small corneVN^fer-tables, of mahogany and ebony, 
mounted with or-molu, and with white marble slabs 

shield-shaped mirror, in massive frame of mahogany, carved 
with shell above, and mounted with a mask, ribbons and 
tassels of or-molu—45 in. high , 54 in. wide , outside measure 

105/AnothcT, in frame carved as cornucopiae, and swans’ necks above, 
with shell ornament in the centre—52 in. high , 46 in. wide 


10G A Louis XIV. shaped Boulle clock, mounted with flowers and 
scrolls of or-molu—27 in. high 

107 A pair of or-molu candelabra, of Louis XV. design, with scroll 

branches for seven lights each—30 in. high 

108 A pair of Louis XV. or-molu wall lights, with open scroll 

branches for three lights each, fitted for the electric light 

109 A set of six or-molu wall lights, of Louis XV. design, with scroll 

branches for three lights each, fitted for the electric light 

110 A pair of smaller ditto, nearly similar, with branches for three 

lights each ; and a pair of dwarf candelabra, with scroll 
branches for two lights each, fitted for the electric light 

111 An or-molu fender, of Louis XV. design, chased with figures of 

a hind and dogs, and with pierced metal-gilt fan screen 

112 Another, with figures of children ;"and a pierced fan fire-screen 

and set of brass fire-irons 

llo A pair of carved, painted and gilt wall-lights, surmounted by 
female busts, with branches for three lights each, carved with 
foliage and fitted for the electric light 

114 A pair of square-shaped pedestals, of giallo marble, mounted with 
chasings of or-molu —44 in. high 

1L> A pair of circular columns, of Algerine onyx, with square tops 


116 A pair of Louis XVI. small circular tripod tables, of mahogany, 

with shelf beneath, mounted with or-molu and brass galleries 
—10 J in. diam, ^ 

117 A shaped oblong marqueterie table, with drawer and shelf 

beneath, mounted with chasings and borders of metal-gilt— 
24 in, wide 

118 A marqueterie table, with shaped front and two drawers, inlaid 

with panels of flowers and mounted with or-molu, veined red 
marble slab with brass gallery—25 in, wide 

119 A Pair of Upright Marqueterie Show-Cabinets, inlaid with 

baskets of flowers, and with glazed ends and doors enclosing 
shelves, mounted with chasings of flowers and headings 
of or-molu, and with veined red and white marble slabs— 
46 in, high , 27 in, wide 

120 A Louis XV. Commode, of inlaid rose-wood, with shaped fronts 

and ends and four drawers, mounted with busts, corner orna¬ 
ments, handles and escutcheons of chased or-molu, and sur¬ 
mounted by a veined pink and white marble slab—50 in. 

121 A walnut-wood secretaire, of Louis XV. design, with inlaid 

tulip-wood borders, with sloping fall-down front mounted 
with chasings of or-molu—30 in. wide 

122 A small carved and gilt pier-table, with open scrolls and Indian 

masks at the angles, veined pink marble slab—26 in. wide 

123 A Cabinet, formed as a commode, with shaped front and ends, 

and folding doors enclosing drawer and shelves beneath, 
painted with birds, flowers and scrolls in colours on pale green 
ground, the borders carved with scrolls in relief—30 in. high , 
42 in. wide 

124 An Upright Mirror, in frame boldly carved with rushes, scrolls 

and shell ornament in relief, gilt, and painted with flowers and 
birds in colours on pale green ground—80 in. high, 46 in. 

125 A Louis XV. Girandole, in gilt frame boldly carved with foliage, 

flowers and scrolls, and with four scroll branches for candles, 
fitted for the electric light—52 in. high 



126 A Louis XV. Scroll-shaped Mirror, in carved and gilt frame 

with flowers, rushes and pierced shell ornament above, the 
border inlaid with looking-glass, and with two small shelves 
at the sides—68 in. high , 56 in. wide , outside measure 

127 Another, nearly similar, the top carved with festoons of flowers 

and scrolls—72 in. high , 62 in. wide 

128 A Louis XV. Carved and Gilt Single Settee, with scroll- 

shaped back, arms and legs, carved with a cherub, flowers 
and foliage, the back, seat and one arm stuffed, and covered 
with flowered fawn-coloured silk damask 

129 A Small Louis XV. Walnut-wood Sofa, carved and partly 

gilt, the back and seat covered with flowered silk damask_ 

48 in. wide 

130 A Low Fauteuil, en suite, the back, sides and seat stuffed, and 

covered with nearly similar damask 

131 A pair of Louis XV. fauteuils, with open shield-shaped backs 

painted with flowers and gilt, the seats stuffed, and covered 
with flowered damask 

132 Four carved white and gold chairs, with open shield-shaped 

backs, the seats covered with pale blue and white silk 

133 A Louis XV. Carved White and Gold Sofa, the back and 

seat stuffed, and covered with flowered amber silk damask 

134 A pair of large down sofa cushions, covered with flowered cream 

silk brocade with silk fringe and lining 

135 A set of three Louis XV. large carved and gilt fauteuils, the 

backs and seats covered with flowered crimson silk damask 

136 A pair of smaller ditto, covered with Aubusson tapestry with 

flowers on white ground in pale blue borders 

137 A pair of small gilt chairs, with scroll backs and soats, covered 

with crimson damask; and a carved and painted tripod music 
stool, with salmon and white damask seat 


138 A large gilt sofa, on six legs, with loose seat, and five cushions 

for the back and sides, covered with crimson and white satin 
damask semee with fleurs-de-lis—7 ft. 6 in. wide 

139 A Four-Leap Folding Screen, covered with stamped leather 

painted in colours and gilt—73 in. high 

140 Another, nearly similar —72 in. high 

141 A smaller ditto—65 in. high 

142 A Pair of Italian Carved and Gilt Chairs, with high backs, 

with borders of flowers, foliage and shell ornament, the seats 
and backs stuffed, and covered with salmon and white flowered 

143 A Ditto Settee, with high back, covered en suite 

144 A pair of carved and gilt fire-screens, with scrolls in relief, and 

glazed panels of flowered pale blue and white satin damask— 
47 in. high 

145 A prie Dieu chair, with boldly carved and pierced scroll border 

and legs, the back and seat covered with needlework 


146 A small panel of crimson and grey Genoa velvet; a piece of 

figured satin damask ; and a piece of tapestry 

147 A piece of figured salmon and brown satin damask—51 in. wide 

148 Three pieces of figured amber and gold silk and woollen damask 

—49 in. wide 

149 A pair of upright panels of needlework, with flowers in colours 

on ground of white beadwork 

150 A Persian rug, crimson and white ground with borders of trellis 

ornament—9 ft. 6 in. by 5 ft. 6 in. 

151 A bordered Persian carpet, with ornament in colours on pale buff 

centre, and crimson border—16 ft. by 11 ft. 

152 A smaller ditto, with ornaments on white centre, and crimson 

border—12 ft. by 10 ft. 6 in. 

153 An Aubusson carpet, crimson and pale blue ground, with groups 

of flowers in medallions—13 ft. by 10 ft. 6 in.