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Harmony Baptist Association, 

New Providence. Chureh, 
October 24th, 25th and 26th, A. D.| 1880. 

T. BE. MORRIS........--- J cledeccdeschosseccsbeseenedigtgeepssoete See hoch MODERATOR. 


1880,, RS} 1 

. to 

ph hl hes lax 




Harmony Baptist | 

i | 

October dyn, asth sal ial A. D. 




New Prone ¢ Church, | 





it ames 





JW. L Phillips, and J. L. Slinckleford. 
bern, J. 'N. Barrett, and W. W. Stewart. | 

Miss. College—A. C. Mason, W. W. 

G. Barrett, 

|. e medal | 

{ | 
| OF THE .: 

<1 oe dermony Bots ‘g 


pbtescemens = 


t and |. 4 

FIRST D aly 

New P , ‘IDENCE. [BAPTIST uc, \ 
WW. | Leake |County, Miss 
|. :Optober 24th, 1880, 

—Mor¥1NG Sry. 

The Hakmoxy Barger AssotraTron met to-day in her 
Thirty-first . Annual af pursuant to adjournm nt. The 
Association was called to order by the chairman, Eller T. E. 
Morris, at 10 o’clock, and the exercises duly op 

prayer by Blder RE.Melvins {| 9° || 
Bros. W. ‘8. Rushing and R. E Melvin were ap 
y read the letters from the mare There were [seventeen 

iP read and,the names of the delegates enrolled, — 

| The body proceeded to the election’ of « officers. 
» -Walne and Martin were appointed ito take the vo 
port the result of the election, whereupon, Bld. T. . 
was announced as Moderator, 5 J. Cockroft as Clerk 

| and Treasuter. The Moderatar elect afies a few appropriate 
| ». temarks, todk his seat. 
Called for ot letters asl 
Association, One was’ presented 4 
church) an a committee a 






ine th 

for memljers 
The T9 

vid, Hollie . Denson, together with the pastor 
and dda Co s of this chu eh. The body then adjourned one 

hour ti e uf 

The, i y NN ds called to’ order by the Moderator. The ex- 
ercises| bégay with singing, and a prayer by Eld. Wm. Me- 
Mart ay 3h ] ‘ ‘ : 

The report on the petitionary, letter from Landmark Bap - 
tist ch jas called for, and the committee made the same, 
stating that id church was sound in. her Articles of Faith, 
thereupoh, oh motion, said church was received, and her del- 
egates, brethren D. G. Johnson, and Eld. A. ©. Mason, were 
welcomefl to|seats, and their names enrolled, 

Cw led fo corresponding messengers from other Associa- 
tions, and the following brethren were received, and the right 
hand of christian fellowship extended them by the Moderator, 
and they} were welcomed to seats in the body. The corres- 
ponding |meqsengers were as follows: 

t4—-Eld. W: P. Donnell, and Bro. James Smith. 
Blds.T. J. Walne, M. T. Martin, and Wm. 


iok | Eld. M. T. Martin was granted privilege to 
speak in behalf of his paper, ‘the “ Baptist Reated,” pub- 
lished in Ja¢kson, Miss, 

The 461 lowing brethren were appointed as messengers to 
other Agsocintions, to-wit: 

Koscitsko—R. G. Barrett, D. A. Ellington, A. J Cockroft, 
H. Collier, nd it. E. Melvin. 


_R. G. Barrett. 


LoisoiltW.8. Boshing =| > |s [| | 
Central, G. Ba _ J.-Cockroft| and D, A. El- 


lington. | : heed 
Springfield—T. E. Morris, T. J. Denson, D. ‘G. | Johnson, - 

and A. C, Mason. Spb ek ges tba so | 
Choctaw---W. 8. Rashing, and A. J. Cogkroft. | 
Yazoo—T. E. Mortis, R. B. Melvin, Aj) J. Coe roft, and 



The Association ad ourned untjl Monday morning, at 8:30 
o'clock. | i sb Bed 



‘The Brethren T. J. Walne, and pM. T. Marin, poe minis- 
ters appointed by committee ‘on | Religious Exer¢ises, filled 
the stand oh Sabbath. Eld. Walne, preached at| 11. o’clock, 
A. M., and Eld. Martin, at 3 o'clock, P. M- as sermons 
were well received and highly |appreciated.. The former 
preached from Acts, Ist chapter 8th verse, anc the latter 
from 116th, Psalm and 12th and $3th verses. 

Moxnay, Oect., 26th,| 1880. 

The honse was called to order by. the. Moderator, and the 
exercises began with singing and yrayer by Eld, Walne. 

- The'committee previously appointed made the following | 
veports, to-wit: pstesia | me 
ad Qn Order of Business. 


| We, your committee on tae of Business, would recom-. 
mend that the Association procee with ‘her regular business 
as jheretofore. » ; “a 

Respectfully subm tied, * / 
| RIG. BARRETT, |Chairman. 

; Adopted. | 

| ‘ On Nominations. 

We, y imittee on Nominatious, submit the. following 
report: | ‘The Executive Board for next year shall consist of 
the ministdrs jin |this Association, who shall hold their mem- 

cid, and the following Jaymen: W. 8. Cockroft, 
J1P. Spinks, W.-W. Thomas, E.T, Barnett, 

. J. Miles, W. R. Lacey, J. G. McBeth, W. 

J. Hickman T. B, Blailock, T. J. Denson, D. 
dn, W.|W. Stewart, H. Collier, D. Casper, and T. 
|| We would further recommend that each church 
int one, in addition to the ones above 
ing Tange from each church, members of the 

*.. Moreov br, jwe' would recommend that W, 8. Rushing 
preach thd ne t Jotroductory Sermon, and A. J. Cockroft, 
alternate. ' 
Adopted} | +} D. A. ELLINGTON, Chairman, 
| | On State of Religion. 

ittee, find some of the churches highly fa- 
fl of God, and some in a cold and lan- 
n asking the prayers of this body. Let us 
take courage ahd thank God that His spirit has not been with- 
drawn from ua) | - 
| | submitted, ‘ 
14] . N; NEWBERN, Chairman. 

us falled to order by the Moderator, and the 
a0 by singing, and prayer. by brother E. T. 

ing ports of Committees appointed, were then 

piritual Condition of the Blacks. 

» You ittee on Condition of the Blacks, would 
make the t report: : 

(@yc he: 
ae i : 

That wheteas, a large proportion’ of the members of the 
colored churéhes seem to have such a!low ‘standard of, morals, 
and so underrate the christian duty af walking ciretiinspecily 
and maintaining a spotless character ;) | 

‘Therefore, we urge upon our mitfisters the importance of 
preachin them as often as possible, so,as to store their 
: minds with 4 clear conception of-this s ial subject—many 
| of them being so willing and anxious to he) taught, 
Respectfully submit nd 

Bids WCKROFT, Chairman. 
Report on Stnday Schools. 

‘+> We your Comnjittee on Sunday Schools 
would report the following: Te : . 
to find so few-of our et y Sunday 
upon the|churches the importance 
Sunday Schools at as rly’a day as practicable. 

t Sunday Schools, properly conducted, are of | 
incalculable benefit to the children, and also the members of - 
the church who may attend. We fuither recommend, that no 
books be used except those that are Baptistic; and that all the: 
- Jiterature be exclusively Baptistic. | 

* Respectfully submitted, , Teeerd 

Peet D. Ac ELLINGTON, Chairman. 

Report on ions. 

_ Bro. otlerator: Your Committee on Missions | would sub- 
mit the following: Bee 
1. The work of missions is the fork of the church. Christ 

has commissioned’ the church to “go into all the |world and 
"preach the to every creature,” and the promise of Christ 
to be with| His church “alway, even to the end of the world,” 
is conditioned upon the faithful Pa ormance of this work. No 
church need expect the Spirit of Ct rjst to continu with her, 
if she refuse or neglect to carry 0 theieommission to preach 
the gospel to those who have it ndt.' In. fact, no phutch can 
have any ¢laim to be a church ot Christ, if she f ersistently 
refuse to do the work Christ has iven her to do, and sooner 
or later church will cease to-exist. 

. 9, The work of Foreign Missions should have 4 large place 
in the ibd of our brethren, and should receive liberal con- 




from all our churches. - We, therefore, urge all our 
lo bring this subject -before our churches, and take up 
collections for sending the gospel to the heathen. 

3. The State Mission Board is doing a grand missianary 

hip the territory 

the past ¢omventional year, twenty-five missionari¢s and evan- 

gelists werd ¢mployed by that Board, These missionaries bap- 

j tized 3 rsons; received by letter, 63; restored to church 

26; constituted}5 churches and 8 Sunday Schools, 
yo houses of worship, and repaired 4. Over $7,000 
y the Board in mission work. 

othe Board ig constantly growing. Over thirty 

: DOD ig the amount |proposed to be raised the present 
ngl/year, for State missions. We urge all our churches 
to mak@ Jileral contributions to the Board. 

Auk, 4 , 

(and we believe there is) wq may rely upon’ this Board to cul- 
tivate this §eld, if it is possjble for them to do so. | 
In paneclysion, we would impress upon the Association the 
imperative jobligations resting upon us to prosecute, with al! 
our mig » the|great work of preaching the gospel to the des- 
titute, | is 

hjat home and abtoad. 

Respectfully Submitted, 
E. T. DENDY, Chairman. 

| Report, on Publications. | 
Bras) oti Your Cbmmittee report: That the charac- 
ter ofp 

ople will be what the literature of that people 
make it, | 4 people, old or young, who ean read,..will read; 
and so Mrely as company mdkes character, and to the same ex- 
tent, so] sufely does literature make character; hence, the 
power of |thp press. 

With the jsecnlar press we} as a people, have nothing to do; 
the religiou$ press is a powet fot aaa: to our people, in pro- 
portion tq the extent that it is influenced by the Spirit of 
Christ, dnd jts productions brought to bear upon the mind. 

Of the many: excellent dénominational periodicals of our 
country, our limits will not permit us to k, farther than 
to - our adopted organ, the Baptist d, we cannot 

afford to) do fississippi Baptists, our use for a 

. Cee oe 
Ce a ee ed 
- : ; / 


without it. As 

* . 

if our State Convention. During 

now in active co-operation with the Board, |- 

§ inviting missignary ground in this Association, |. 





* , e 
bi i 

PETE nn 

religious neWwspaper, is Mississippi .Bea ptist mews, Vhatever 
may be the merits of other journals, the Record is the) paper 

° that informé us of our own working; 

Respectfully submitted, il 
Pie ead ‘R: E. MELVIN, Chairman, 

finisterial Bducation and Migsissipp! College. 
The ben¢fits derived by the stud fit-from a cours¢ of train- 

~ ing in schogl are not so much the infarmatidn acquited as the 

mental power gained by a system ic process of intellectual 
development. He who has gone through a conrse off discipline 
has, when he comes out of school, i reality only learned how 
to study. |A more fearful mistake was nevet made ‘abettiie 
the things $f the present lite, than is made by the young man 
who, having graduated, imagines that he has completed his 
education.| . : t 
Of all classes of men none stand fn such need of thorough 
trained mind, as the gospel tek It ig not only his busi- 
nesg to instruct his fellows in the way of everlasting life, but 
he will be brought in contact with infidelity and errors of every 
form, and he needs a training that will fit him to g apple with 
them. ; 
Whatever advantages may , be pdssessed by other Lnstitu- 
tions for sdcuring these results; Mississippi College possesses 
them in a pre-eminent degree. And of these we ree the 
very high moral excellence of the Institution, and’ the pure 
religious atmosphere by which. it is}surrounded, |” 
jrethren would know more of thé workings bf Mis- 
sissippi Coll in the education df ministers, the could re- 
alize more fully the value and necessity of such an nstitution. 
While it ig in nowise.a theological school yet we cap t iumph- 
antly point to the grand array of faithful ministers|that it has 
furnished to waive the banner of gospel truth over put land— 
>m we have with us in the present meeting of Sur 

, } ‘ 
iC: MARON, Chairman. 

Report on the Work of ecutive Board. 

Bro. Moderator: The Executiv Board of your (Association 
would state that owing to the meagre. amonnt of frets in our 



results by 

* bounds 





bn, ive are at a loss 


of pur Association. 

n| deaths are repp 

mark | 




days at Rocky Point. 

about all the facts now at hand. 
Association, co-operate in mission 
te Convention. 
that our previous meetings have 
eresting and improving, and would earnestly so- 
hes to give m@re attention to our meetings, and 

ready aceomplishied, but —_ 
i hearty co-operation of all 

Respectfully |submitted, 

ake county, Misgissippi. 
Respectfully} submitted, 


issionary labor were given: 

Point. | 

; Your Board 

ance. We feel that t gooc 

to achieve far greater 
the churches in the 


Bro.| Motlerator : Your Chmmittee on Obituaries would state 
seve rted in the letters sent from the 

, Pleasant Hill, New Prospect, 

_ Respectfully submitted, 

R. G. BARRETT, Chairman. 

Mount Zion, and Landmark. We 
d recommend that the Inext meetin 

g be held with Land- 
iles south-west of Red Dog 

R. E. MELVIN, Chairman. 

On Finance. od 
Your committee on Finane« report} follows: 
The amount sent yp by the “a for Apsociatiqnal por 
poses, $57 16. Home Missions, $17) 
$16 35. finisterial Education, ‘1 5. 
$91 75. ‘We have examined the ing Snort, 
it correct. Adopted. } 
Respectfully sald: |" 
THOS. HOCKALA, Chajirman. 

~ TREASURER'S nao. 2 | 

"In Account “ mr Aspsopiati 
\* Dm. 

Cr. . || 
for clerk’s fees........+-- Bee alas’ |..$10 
Vm. McMartray for Mission labor. 4 4 
V. R. Graves, ny oe fee...\.. 5 
ockala for Mission labér... vgs ' 
R. E. Melvin for Mission labor. 4 
or printing minutes, and postage 4 

Amount on ‘hand 


For Mini erial Education me ben ft of £ By Tully Barrett. - 
; 4+. $5 00 

Mt. Carmel’ Chureh..$10 ( 
Good Hope, Leake.. 

" Jerusalem...... 

Mrs. Mary Wright.. 
Mrs. Sanders ...; 

Mrs. Sarah Miles.... 
Mrs. Wright....:..... © 

to the names of their Churches, far 
to be paid during the. Association4! 

New ‘Hope 
New Prospect ..... Se aan 5 
New Providence......... 10 « 
»,| Leake }- Pleasant Hill 
pe, Madison, ) Stump Bridge ........... 25 
. Thomastown 

Individuai Subscriptions. 

$3.00 Dé. B.N. Ward.:.... 
50 ‘Wm: Merchant........ 3 

ampunit in subse iptions for State Missions,... 


j rag ore 
Pte oe 
SOME Tae ety 
h Contributious for Sate Missions, 

Be Morris.. dein bobbin 

 Sgeresneg en 5 00 (J.C, Fulton ........ { 
Isaac Treadwell 2 50 | J. ii ‘McFadden...;/...; 
’ Miscellaneous aeeene amounting ey mien 

_ [Total obit cash | colletions, | 1. - $60 80 
Resolutions. v 

Bibadal That the ministers who have performed pee | 

work, receive their pro rata share¢ of the ¢28 14, mission 
fund, which shall be apportioned abcording to the number of ° 

"days devoted to that work by them heapectively. 

Adopted ‘ 

Resolved} That the Clerk and Tihagater be alle 
for his’ nat ices, and that he draw on the T 
-same. | j oa 

. Resolved, That the thanks of. of. th body be terldered this 

* church and community for the kind and hospitable manner 

in which they have entertained ile delégstes and {visitors at- 
tending this Association. 


On motion the Association adjor rned to) meet with Lei 
mark Baptist Charch, about three jor four miles South-west of 
Red-dog Bridge, “ve county, = ny before the fourth 

Sabbath in October, '1881. 

f, # MORRIS, 
A. J. Cockrort, Clerk. “| 


| 14] | a] 



-_R. E. Melvin, , 
D. A. Ellington, 
| E. T. Dendy, 

Pen, | _ Ac J. Coekroft. 

J. T. Massey. 
Tully Barrett. 


4 iN 

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“SUN “f “AA ‘9903 ‘MS — 


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ot deacees aoe eee Ne ‘oawgy ®) U-pial* ABTS)“ om? doy poor) 

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