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Student Life..............34 
Athletics.......ccccccoceeee 2 
Christian Growth.....108 
CIOSING,.....00s00ee000000 144 

OSE _ 



Ms. BloekKburn. 
kietl this year has come 

aud Fone SO fost / Ys mm 
glad bre a WO-y = 33 a aa foe 
¢ ; Xs T: v 
te mses y } | alot. a 
. haye had OW Ge L¥ tin 2 c 
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ae Hing to k INOW ys vo, — 

Love. bee i\ ia nA woof Kin ¢ 
fo ~ you ! Thea v7 k = to: y 
all the t (Anes 7 he je T 

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k ywiAere SC 

ANN Ve \ 

“Dear Mss Blackocn, 
We\\ Sey bean. Were Cy = Vue aacer AaA of 
Pyne =< Scinme Year. Wirrece doen She “me Go * GO 
Ceo\ We 4 cant Poss iely be ovec. We Sure hau: 
had ZOE INSAaNne lg Ut Q ceart “ime S Hh S 200 
hovent we. Were hod himes, O8 Reig ot, se acucas 
Ouc aN jets “HAG Nese dNd ei oa 
ye Wie tae Ro ae Xd OX Our Lungs. 
(Ogu, Gabe eens rors GAOoGg = (Gaaan loax € Ve 
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the ee ld | Good Tt rg OU RNCUe Gea a ONL Or 
qe WOK Lave been Sco ec tO heath, Hu ee Weve 
hod times of GNOYINCe . \E need Only ‘Xo ey 
Ons IOC Ee ll eee Thnk “> UO eee 
Syer, ever he alle WW Sar Krak io com -0 
Yainking of her COaSv oA, 
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ee A oC | Ch | \ Sac ane = \ WW eve. KAS (> Looe Hye C 
C ~ INSani tM | A ee YOO Ci\imiaing all Over the 
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Arn very Sorry aloovi ~Hrok one, Wud alo ous 
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2g ay eis e +O Db ov OG | Ur | 3 al a A € UO. 
Wc 1 cao a ae “NES a ere) + q ost 
sponta VACTQUS ”) Rb 
Aressed for MC. QoS 1 Oh And ie pane 
Y OV < *: eq | rw \ TON We | AUK (XC (Y\ \ = Ing UJ/e G | Wr 
Kiddir 4 pee Adi ng ve Qo ag GIN Th 

You Got i+ ea co, Oneal Goare |. eas ica Aida 
—e = (Qo Oo Me pack 

o D 



he puzzle of Highland Even if we don’t realize it 
#7 view is made up ofmany now, HVA is a small part of 
things. Academics, class- our life. The “pieces” that we 
mates, friends and athletics form and fit together here 
are just parts of the puzzle. will be a part of us 
Each student and staff forever. 
member has animportantrole. 
If one piece were taken out, 
the picture swouldmy tape 
COUIpPIGlGn  setlIN Ooms tis 
wouldn’t be the same. 


yi ie 

\ AL ‘f | 

2 Opening 


, | 
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VFront row: Eric Engen, sponsor; Jack Brown, sergeant at arms; Ken LeV 
president; Alix Haney, vice president; William Jackson, sponsor. Second r¢ 
Danny Bates, pastor; Paula Wiesner, historian; Jennifer Crouch, secretary. Bi 
row: Greg Nash, historian; Ryan Melnick, treasurer; Ken Wright, senator; Lyn 
Brown, senator. 


“Dear Class of 1992, 

“As I look back over the past four 
years, I see many changes that have 
taken place in my life. I am no longer 
the apprehensive, curious 14 year-old 
freshman who began academy four 
years ago. As class president I have 
observed similar changes in you. Each 
of us has changed and grown 
individually as we have worked 
together, studied together, and had fun 

“We worked together at the Fall 
picnic, during our fund raisers, and in 
preparing for our class play. We 
studied together for history quizzes and 
spent late nights working on 
procrastinated writing assignments. 
And we all shared the relief of 
knowing that we would never have to 
take the SAT or ACT again! We had fun 
together at college days, our class party 
and on our class trip. 

“Although we have grown and 
changed, our graduation does not mark 
an end to this process. As we step into 
a new phase of our lives, may we as 
members of the class of 1992 strive for 
excellence and allow God to lead as 
Wwe continue to grow and change in 
every aspect of our lives. 

“Congratulations class of 1992!” 

Ken LeVos 


ASinging their own words to the music from Top Gun, the class presented its officers to the rest of 
student body. 

Skpnow’— _ 
ric Stephen Banfe 

7 S 
ynette Rene Brown, class 

) Wennifer Louise Crouch, class 

) Vecretary 

‘Daniel Patrick Bates, class pastor 

David Andrew Burrows, 
Boys’ Club president 

Quenmiko Denene Crumbly 

Karl Bergmann [11 

Chad Clinton Carbaugh 

William Cecil Dunn 

| - o 
Jack Eugene Brown Jr., class 
sergeant at arms 

Amity Leigh Childers, Post editor 

Andrew Scott Easley 



wWJennifer Crouch, “Jen-Jen”; Terrie Tucker, “Ter” 


Eric Stephen Banfe 

varsity soccer; varsity basketball; 
freshman class sergeant at arms; 
junior class sergeant at arms 

WTony Veney, “Tone-loc” 

Daniel Patrick Bates 
senior class pastor; Post; 

Karl Bergmann Ill 
varsity basketball, Post 

Jack Eugene Brown, Jr. 
cross-country; Post; varsity 
basketball; Who’s Who Among | 
American High School Students; 
senior class sergeant at arms 

c Lynette Rene Brown) 

Seton ae seneeante 

senior class senator; junior class 
vice president; Girls’ Club | 
secretary ; Hea) R.A. CWhetg 
tral ) 
David Andrew Burrows 
Boys’ Club president; concert 
band; cross-country; Boys’ Club 

Chad Clinton Carbaugh 
varsity soccer 

Amity Leigh Childers 
Post editor; junior class 
secretary; sophomore class 
pastor, eg rie: © i 

Jennifer ieee Crouch 
sophomore class vice president; 
freshman class secretary; 
Highlanders; choir; senior class 
secretary; concert band; cross- 

Quenmiko Denene Crumbly 
gymnastics; choir 

ABrian Spoonire, “Spoon” AChad Kirstein, “Reamer” 



William Cecil Dunn | 
varsity soccer 


Andrew Scott Easley | he 
cross-country; varsity soccer | 

Christina Marie Gay | 
‘| varsity basketball; choir; High- | 
(| lander 


Nectar Zinke, 
“Zinker”; Jennifer 
Mariani, “Chung 


Catina Lee Geyer | 
concert band; choir 

| Alexandra Palmer Haney 

| senior class vice president; SA 
public relations; bell choir; 
Highlanders; Girl's Club pastor | 

Mary Catherine Herman 
gymnastics; cross-country; 
concert band 

Christine Carol Holtry | 
sophomore class sergeant at arms; 
Girls’ Club senator; varsity 
“| volleyball: gymnastics; choir 

John Edward Kershner 
Varsity basketball; Post 

Richard Antwaan | 
|| Kirkpatrick 
if varsity soccer; varsity basketball 

Chad Wesley Kirstein 
varsity basketball; varsity soccer; 
freshman class president; Post 

ATara Lindow, “Bertha Louise” 

Jennifer Lee Kline 
bell choir; concert band; junior 
class senator 

Kenneth Edward LeVos 

senior class president; Posr; Who’s 
Who Among American High 
School Students 

AABill Dunn,“Sharky” 


ARobert Mollock, “goober” 

Christina Marie Gay 
Christine Carol Holtry 

Jennifer Lee Kline 



| Catina Lee Geyer 

| John Edward Kershner 

| Kenneth Edward Le Vos, 

lass president 

Alexandra Palmer Haney, class 
vice president 

Richard Antwaan Kirkpatrick. 

Tara Nicole Lindow, Highlander 

Mary Catherine Herman 
Chad Wesley Kirstein 

Jennifer Lee Mariani 

Ryan Edward Metnick, class Robert Lee Mollock, Boys’ Club jregory Adam Nash 

‘treasurer pastor 
Brian Se-ho Roh, Boys’ Club Christine Danielle Schubert Laura Diane Smith, SA president 
os | 

Heidi Maye Maxwell | 
Erica Dawn Negley 
| treasurer 

‘Brian Scott Spoonire Adam Michael Streight, Boys’ Andrea Teresa Tucker, SA social 
i Club sergeant at arms vice president 


| Crystal Michelle Spencer 

ce Ow : Se 
; Seniors 


Greg Nash, 

vVKarl Bergmann, 
Kershner, “Johnatello” 





What is your most memorable moment? 

Toby Kirkpatrick — My fourth grade 
year, when | was acting up in class and 
the teacher sneaked out to call my mother, 
and she came to my school and spanked 
me in front of everyone. 

Christina Gay — The grey mustang on 
dual highway with Heidi Maxwell. 

Danny Bates — Working hard on a Post 
article and being almost done when Linda 
Yang unplugged the computer and lost it 


Paula Wiesner — Fall week of prayer 
88 when Elder Gary Rust introduced me 
to a loving Savior and I gave my heart to 

Christine Schubert — Getting kicked 
out of the cafe, twice in one week with 
Amity, Christine, Frank, and Adam. 

Catina Geyer — My freshmen year, 
when I got sunburned so bad that I 
couldn’t walk and had blisters three layers 

Jack Brown — Finding a date for the % | 
barn. party. 

Katy Herman — Crossing the finish line 
after the very first race of my life. __ 

Christine Holtry — When I receivec 
“most valuable gymnast” award fo: 

Robert Mollock — Winning races anc 
weightlifting competitions. 

AAdam Streight, “Elvis” 

ACatina Geyer, 


vPaula Wiesner, “Pauli-Wauli”; Alix Haney, 


cael sir Ak 

aT Le rm 

VDavid Burrows, “Turtle” 

What is the biggest prank that you’ve ever done? 

deidi Maxwell — Changing “For Sale,” 

Sold,” and “Open House” signs from 
7 lawn to lawn and watching people go to 
4 houses that weren't on the market. 

‘Alix Haney — Changing around 
Peveryone’s clothes drawers in the dorm. 

i [anya Van Hyning — Turning on 
{ he dishwasher in the cafe and not 

‘ elling the person that was in the 
' jishroom. 

AMike Waters, “Cookie” 

Eric Banfe — Pulling Ryan Melnick’s 
gym shorts down in PE. 

Ken LeVos — Taking one of my 
friends snipe hunting. 

Andrew Burrows — | put a garden 
hose from 3rd floor bathroom into 
Jon and Harvey's room and let it run 
for hours. 

Laura Smith — Stealing Jenni and Erica’s 
clothes while they were in the shower. 

Robert Mollock — Putting grease on 
the toilet seat and door knobs. 

Heather Zinke — Webbing Dwight and 
Warren's room. 

Ken Wright — You'll never know! 

Paula Wiesner — One night after 
lights out I got under my roommate’s 
bed and when she came in I grabbed 
her ankle with both hands and 
growled. It scared her half to death. 

Karl Bergman II — Moving cars with 
my friends. 

AHeidi Maxwell, “Maxwell House”; Christina Gay, “Chris” 

Tanya Nicole Van Hyning Anthony Dwight Veney Gabriela Valenca Viana Michael Shea Waters 

Paula Kristine Wiesner, SA Kim William Woodward, Kenneth Albert Wright IIL, class a foqther Sheree Zinke, SA 
religious vice president Boys’ Club secretary rey secretary 


Seniors work on group assignments which help make Bible class 

ore interesting. 

Vv Mike Waters andChad Kirstein enjoy the bus trip with 
their magazine. 


AErica Negley, Laura Smith, and Christine 
Holtry joke around at Rock Creek Park during 
CUC College Days. 


41 AThe senior class relives history at Burnside Bridge. 

k“Signing up” for college during CUC College Days 

Ehristine f 
Schubert, “Teeny”; & 
Amity Childers, 

“Nity”; Christine 
Holtry, “Halftree” 



ALaura Smith, “Eugene” 



AAKen LeVos, “Seikfreid” 

AToby Kirkpatrick, “Baldy” 


_ Brian Scott Spoonire 
varsity soccer; sophomore 
class senator k > 

“) Adam Michael Streight 

| Boys’ Club pastor; Boys’ Club 
| sergeant at arms; varsity 
soccer; gymnastics 

Andrea Teresa Tucker 
_SA social vice president; 

freshman class treasurer; Post; 
concert band; bell choir; 
National Honor Society 

| Tanya Nicole Van Hyning — 

“Anthony Dwight Veney 
I) varsity basketball; Boys’ Club 
}. secretary; Post 

- Gabriela Valenca Viana 
varsity volleyball; gymnastics 

Michael Shea Waters 
_ sophomore class president 

- Paula Kristine Wiesner 
_ SA religious vice president; 
Highlanders; senior class 
historian; junior class pastor; — 
varsity volleyball; Girls’ Club 
Vice president, pastor, 
sergeant at arms; sophomore 
class secretary; freshman class 
pastor; bell choir; Posr 


| Kim William Woodward 
| Boys’ Club treasurer; varsity 

Kenneth Albert Wright I 
varsity basketball; cross- 
country; choir; Boys’ Club 
treasurer; junior class senator; 
senior class senator; Post 


Heather Sheree Zinke 
varsity volleyball; High- 
landers; Highlander, choir 




WChad Carbaugh, “Chitter” 

AErica Negley, “Duck“ 

VEric Banfe, “Ding” 

AGabriela Viana, “Gabi” 


WAndrew Easley; Jenni Kline, “Little Lady” 

VJack Brown, “Asparagus” 

Erica Negley — Riding to school on the 
tractor on the icy, snowy roads. 

Chad Kirstein — | was trying to jump 
over Angela Watson and my shorts split 
in the air. 

Amity Childers — When Chad 
Carbaugh tripped me in the hall between 
classes. My books were scattered 
everywhere and I was splattered face 
down on the floor while he was in the 
comer laughing with everyone else. 

Mike Waters — When I woke up dazed ‘ 

one morning and went to the bathroom 
in the trashcan. 

Gabi Viana — When | was in Brasil, | was 
riding the bus and I was too short to reach 
the hand bar. The bus made a fast turn 
and | landed on top of everyone and 
ended up by the bus driver. 

Christine Holtry — Mr. Jackson’s Bible 

was going to the bathroom in the girl 
locker room at Bishop Walsh before th 
soccer game. 

Tara Lindow — Running full steas 
into the back of a car full of peopl 


Greg Nash — Academy Day ’88. 

ACrystal Spencer, “Shorty” 

ADanny Bates, “Dude Bates”; Ken Wright 

‘Tanya Van Hyning, “Short Stuff” 

Ryan Melnick, “Ry” 

What advice would What are you going to be, and what do you wish 
you giveunder- you could be? 

: hyena Melnick = See only the 
good in people. 

Jennifer Crouch plans to be a speech Brian Roh plans to be an electronic 
pathologist, but she wishes that she engineer, but he wishes to be the richest 
could be the president of the United person. 

— . States. 
J ennifer Mariani — Keep dream- 

ing your dreams . . . some of them 
ap come true. 

Crystal Spencer plans to be a nurse, but 
Terrie Tucker plans to be a political she wishes she could be the greatest 
scientist, but she wishes that she could concert pianist. 

Agdecw Easley — Don't try to be be the queen of England. 

someone yu te not. - Miko Crumbly plans to study criminal 
Jenni Kline plans to be an accountant, oF 
— : : law, but she wishes she could be a 
John Kershner — Have the best. but she wishes she could be an artist. fighter pilot. 
time of your life and study hard. 

‘aMiko Crumbly, “Cookie” ALynette Brown, “Rudy Purple” 

Has It Been 
Four Years? 

“Its hard to believe that 
we've spent four years here at © 
HVA,” said Jen Mariani. | 

Alot happened in those four 

years — both good and not- 

so-good. They went from the 
freshman presentation of the 
50's diner to their wins in the 
tug-of-war at the fall picnics. 
A lot of the four year seniors 
participated in varsity sports 
_too. The girls put up with wear- 
ing skirts to classes for three 
years, but finally their senior 

year they were able to wear 

pants and jeans to classes! _ 

Alix Haney said, “We went 
through many struggles here, - 
both scholastic and emotional, 
but we stuck by each other 
through them all and helped | 

each other along.” 

_ The seniors that were her : 
four years will never forget the 
memories they've shared and 
the things: they Ap ee 


Rnaren Burrows, Tanya Van Hyning, 
Jenni Kline, Erica Negley, Greg Nash, 
Ryan Melnick, Brian Spoonire, and John 
Kershner all helped to win in tug-of-war. 


Amity Childers, Catina Geyer, Alix 
Haney, Christine Holtry, Heidi Maxwell, 
and Lynette Brown model different styles 

of school dress. / 

wn \ 
\e Ww 



wChad Kirstein, Paula Wiesner, a) 



Crystal Spencer took part in the “ey: 

famous” 50's freshman officer prese| 

4 Karl Bergmann, Tony Veney, Kim 

podward, Chad Carbaugh, Christina 

ay, Laura Smith, Christine Schubert, 

d Jen Mariani were some of the se- 

miprs that participated in varsity sports 
jring their four years. 

| errie Tucker, Tara Lindow, and Eric 
infe were all officers their freshmen 
Myjar in their “ever famous” presentation 
la 50’s diner. Not pictured: Jennifer 

You Put Up with 
Them for Twelve 

Years? |». 

Yes, some did! 
Nine seniors went 
to school with 
someone from their 
class for twelve con- 
SECULIVe years. 
That’s a lot of time 
to get to know some- 
one, so naturally those people 
got pretty close. 

During those twelve years a 
lot of memories were miade. 
John Kershner, Christina Gay, 
and Ryan Melnick, of 
Frederick SDA, recall 
their eighth grade 
class trip to Myrtle 
Beach. Terrie Tucker, 
from Mount Aetna 
School, remembers 
being in love with 
Chad Carbaugh until 
she was thirteen years 
old! For some reason, 
Crest Lane Elementary cre- 
ated memories of purple for 
Christine Schubert and 

Lynette Brown. 

After these students spent 
all this time together they de- 
cided to spend another four 
years at HVA. It’s even been 
said that a few might end up 
going to college together. 

vJunior officers clockwise from 12 o'clock: 
Kathy Goddard, sponsor; Chad Giles, sergeant 
at arms; Nita Purnell, secretary; Michael Coe, 
vice president; Susie Alonso, treasurer; Allen 
Hoffman, president; Lara Gatling, senator; Eric 
Hoffman, senator; Angie Dennison, pastor; 
Daniel Lindow, sponsor. 

vVJunior officers wheel the “dying” Bill Bromme out to tH 
waiting ambulance for their presentation. 

Susie Alonso Becky Averella Nathalie Bolduc Becky Brown TJ Burrows 

Michael Coe Alissa Dalgewicz Damon DeGraff Angie Dennison Tony Di Pinto 

Lisa Easley Cora Evans Katie Fearing Jodee Freeman Lara Gatling 

i yfark Gibbons Chad Giles Steve Goldenberg Jenny Harding Rayanne Hickman 

len Hoffman Eric Hoffman Jeremy Johnson Joy June Matt Kapusta 

ura Klein Krista Knapp April Mangum Venus Marr Todd McKee 

Juniors break for lunch on their field trip to Philadelphia. _ATony Di Pinto catches the eye of the camera. 

Wil McLean Dino Medori Kim Miles Kim Moran Danielle Mulcare 

Chris Murphy Chong Pak Jason Patterson Nita Purnell Nancy Ramirez 


Tracey Ridenour Jeff Rogers Kenya Starcher Beckie Tucker Kevin Walkowiak . 

ASteve Goldenberg and Chong Pak head 4 Hey Matt, do you see any enemy aircraft up there?” 

down to the ad building for their afternoon 

The juniors relax from their viewing of historical sites in 

Taco Bell 
Olive Garden 


“ris Wantz Kim Wasenmiller 


wVenus Marr flashes her model pose for the 

10 15 20 25 30 35 40 

“Where is your favorite place to eat out?” 

9 % Winter 
18 % Spring 

it 23% Summer 

r 50% Autumn 

“What is your favorite season?” 




Gap Britches Brooks Other 

“What is your favorite store?” 


Jimmy Baker Tommy Benton 
Todd Coulter Jeannette Dagenai 
Heather Gatz Bonnie Goff 
Heather Maxwell Jennifer Minner 

Scott Szezepanski Jennifer Trepper 

Front row: Charles Wilkinson, 
sponsor; Tom Decker, spon- 
sor. Second row: Jimmy 
Baker, senator; Jennifer 
Minner, pastor; Nikki Ramirez, 
treasurer; Jeannette Dagenais, 
vice-president; Kim Ehrhardt, 
president; Jennifer Trepper, 
secretary; Mike Spoonire, ser- 
geant at arms; Jennah 
Schramm, senator. 

AKerri Brown and Scott Szczepanski try to get the secret information from Charles 
Wilkinson about the sophomore officers. 

| ichael Brandt 


onya Doyle 

sty Goodrich 


kki Oakley 

Kerri Brown 
Bobby Echols 
Audrey Johnson 

Nikki Ramirez 

anessa Van Hyning Angela Watson 

Brian Burgess 
Kim Ehrhardt 
Jeremy Kline 
Jennah Schramm 

Tompaul Wheeler 

Alita Byrd 

Tom Foulkes 
Vicki Macomber 
Donnie Seeders 

Keith Wiesner 

Rhonda Cavil 
Adam Frazier 
Jonathan Marter 

Michael Spoonire 


Smiles are acommon sight when students leave school for the day. 

WScott Szczepanski takes a load off his feet for a minute. 







Italian Mexican Other 

“What is your favorite food?” 


A ATodd Coulter and Tommy Benton stop for! 

chat between classes. 

ASophomore girls findi unusual ways to fight bor! 
dom in the dorm. 

21% Winter 23% Spring 

28% Autumn 
28% Summer 

“What is your favorite season?” 

* &@ 

AFreshman guys Strain to reclaim the advantage in the 
tug of war. 


“”Freshman girls take the heat off at the pool side. 

David Baker Paul Bergmann Cheri Brumagin 
Robin Callis Karen Crouch Jessica Dancek 
Matthew Hickman Marshall Horman Lisa Jackson 
Charity Morrison Andrew Nichols Emily Nield 

Becky Trepper 


Randy Bullock 

Tina Eller 
Janel Klinger 
Jaime Seeders 

Jason Tydings 

Richie Byrd 
Jennifer Hanson 
Michelle Little 
David Shin 

Mark Woodward 

mist row: David Shin, senator; Randy Bullock, pastor; Jaime 
Seeders, senator; Marshall Horman, vice president; Paul 
Bergmann, president; Andy Nichols, secretary; Mark Woodward, 
treasurer; Robin Callis, sergeant at arms; Second row: Gary 
Rouse , sponsor; Gene Hobbs, sponsor. 

Paul Bergmann and Marshall 
Horman look down from the 
roof of the gymnasium as part 
of the announcement of their 
class officers. 


Summer Spots 

During the summer of ’91, Others went on exotic vaca- 
students and faculty didmany tions or just relaxed by hang- 
interesting things and went ing out at home. Here are a 
onsome greatvacations. Many few summer spots that some 
students worked allsummer, of them chose. 
barely taking a break at all. 

AA trip to Arizona highlights John 
Kershner’s vacation. 

Heather Zinke bursts to the surface 
at the pool in her back yard. 

na sm 

seciil aMRR  — a% 
F 4806 & 


Heidi and Heather Maxwell take a break on 
Hadrian’s Wall in Scotland. 

WTara Lindow skis her way around Smith 
Mountain Lake in Virginia. 

ADana Etheridge enjoys Pisa, Italy on her escape to Europe. 


Emily Nield captures this scene through her camera in 


Lazing in 

The centerpiece of our cam- 
pus was the circle. No matter 
what the weather was some- 
one was always there. In the 
dead of winter, there was a 
crowd fighting with snowballs. 
On warm spring afternoons, 
everyone gathered there un- 
der the rays! We went there to 

AAJessica Dancek, Karen Crouch, 
and Emily Nield take a break in the circle. 

the Circle 

laugh, to talk out a problem or 
two, and even to shed a few 

Whatever the activity was, 
you could tell from the 
benches, that had been re- 
paired again and again, that 
the circle was a favorite spot 
for a little bit of lazing around. 

ALisa Easley, Chad Giles, Katie 
Fearing, and Nita Purnell head up to the 


Christine Holtry and Laura Smith 
engage in a game of frisbee, a favorite 
circle activity. 

alain erie 


David Shin recovers from a rude 

WScott Szczepanski and Tom Foulkes 
brush up on their football skills. 

AJoining together in the circle for 
some good times. 

We try to take a stress-free moment out 
of each day to spend in the circle. 

“What did you do at the... 

Fall Picnic?” 

vCatina Geyer and Heather Zinke dueled it out for the title of 
“best arm wrestler.” 

AMichael Coe shared some spray with Jimmy 
Baker in the balloon toss. 


phomore girls exerted their strength 
he tug of war. 

We threw water balloons. 

AThe freshmen boys pulled Gene 
Hobbs on the tractor — twice! 


Toby Kirkpatrick searched for the little 

. Picnic 

WHarry Mayden, sponsor; Gary Rouse, sponsor; David Burrows, Boys’ Club 
president; Laura Smith, SA president; Tara Lindow, Highlander editor; Allen 
Hoffman, junior class president; Paula Wiesner, SA religious vice president; Amity 
Childers, Post editor; Alix Haney, senior class vice president; Nathalie Bolduc, Girls’ 
Club Secretary; Ken LeVos, senior class president; Shari Blackburn, sponsor; Angie 
Dennison, junior class pastor; Terrie Tucker, SA social vice president; Joyce 
Mayden, sponsor. | 

AAllen Hoffman sproiits antlers for the 
reindeer} felay. 

> | 

Expecting a relaxing weekend, Nathalie 
Bolduc and Alix Haney get stuck doing the 

Leadership | 

David Burrows does a balancing act 
with Life-savers. 

Everyone has a “crush” on Ken LeVos. 

VTara Lindow and Laura Smith 
compare notes on their workshops. 

VvStudents from Takoma Academy 
join HVA to lead a rousing song service. 

Spirits Soared at Leadership ’91 

“Sticky life-savers!” “Tre- 
mendously stupendous!” “En- 
ergetic!” “Lively!” “Musical!” 

These are just a few words 
to describe what Leadership 
Weekend was like at Camp 
Blue Ridge. 

Leadership was more than 

just attending seminars and 
learning how to be a good 
leader — it was an opportu- 
nity to meet new people from 
the other Columbia Union 
academies, to get involved in 
high-energy activities, and to 
fellowship in a positive envi- 


The Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs 
each took weekends in the 
Fall to go and ‘rough it” on 
their annual camping trips. 
The girls spent their weekend 
at Greenbriar State Park. Due 
to rain, they returned to the 
campus early. “As a four year 
senior, this was my favorite 

ATony Di Pinto makes sure that not 
even a fly lands on him during his 

Alix Haney and Crystal Spencer 

enjoy talking with guest speaker 
Carmela Monk. 

A Wilderness Experience 

campout yet,” said Jennifer 

The boys backpacked to 
Annapolis Rock and had a 
sunny weekend. Chad Kirstein 
said, “I liked the freedom and 
independence that was en- 
trusted to me.” 


Hanging ontight, Andy Nichols rappels down 
Annapolis Rock. 

WGreg Nash discovers that a snake in the 
hand is worth two in the bush. 

AAngela Watson, Anne Swayze, Nikki Ramirez, and Jeanette 
Dagenais make the fixings for haystacks. 

Jimmy Baker and Karl Bergmann prepare hash browns for 


t Takes Two 

Althouan Dre are some 
disadvantages to having your 
brother or sister at the same 
school, the seventeen sets of 
siblings who were in atten- 
dance enjoyed many advan- 
tages as well. The times when 
they could count on each other 

Siblings | 

for help with homework, get- 
ting a ride to school, lending 
some money and listening to 
each other’s problems, were 
just a few of the advantages 
that made it nice to have a 
little bit of home with them. 

AAPaul and Karl Bergmann 

AKim and Mark Woodward 

ABecky and Kerri Brown 

Andrew and Lisa Easley; 
Jenni and Jeremy Kline 

vVanessa and Tanya Van Hyning 

APaula and Keith Wiesner 

Crouchs, Van Hynings, Tuckers, 
Seeders, Klines, Wiesners, Easleys, 
Maxwells, Bergmanns, Browns, Burrows 
not pictured: | Spoonires, Treppers, 
Hoffmans, Ramirez, Woodwards, 





njoy their nac 
| | 

bbons dives head first from the hay 

A Celebrat 

AThe new site for the barn party. 

vStudents e 

Mark G 

bm Streight gets into the spirit with 

jtudents line up to grab refreshments. 

The SA held its annual barn 
party in a new location for the 
first time in ten years. The 
officers and their friends 
worked nearly four days to 
prepare the barn by restacking 
hay, moving boards, and re- 
moving years’ worth of accu- 
mulated farm materials. 

Since only one bus was 
available, the groups arrived 

vStudents have fun playing 
musical knees. 

in shifts. After mixer games 
on the tennis courts, they went 
to various activities which in- 
cluded a hay ride, a campfire 
story by Mr. Griffin, music by 
the Tooleys, and the hay maze. 

“Besides a few sniffles and 
a little mess on my shoes, I 
really enjoyed the barn party,” 
said Jenny Harding. 

| __ The happenings of 

DeHaan and Hartle Halls 

| > 
WHanging out in the lobby. Bobby Echols hopes Danny Bates can 
give a little help. 



ADino Medori takes out one more load! 



Kenya Starcher relaxes in Shari 
Blackburn’s apartment. 

VRA’s Adam Streight and Lynette 
Brown take some time out. 




ACora Evans moves in the rest of her 

Steve Goldenberg checks into the dorm 
with Steve Gatz and the RA’s. 

er girls” feel a closer 
therness with moth- 

ng, rigid hand, bend- 
ttle with a treat of 

ler enjoys home once ina 
sr the phone. 

Mollock has one of the more 
rooms in the guys’ dorm. 

was more simple than 
DeHann’s, but it had its ex- 
tras of a nicer TV, VCR, anda 
weight room. Although 
DeHann and Hartle had their 
differences, they fused to- 
gether with a consistent pro- 
gram of study halls, late night 
and weekend policies. 

A group of the guys are often found catching 
a little TV action when they can. 

VKim Moran just loves getting shut out of her 
own room after jumping out of the shower! 

AAndrew Burrows may be the only guy in the dorm with a smile 
on his face while doing laundry. 

Not even living on different floors can stop Nikki Ramirez and Tonya 

Doyle from chumming around together. 

Freedom Ring 

When asked what they like watch TV whenever they 
about living at home, nearly wanted. It seemed that possi- 
all community students said bly the only disadvantage of 
“freedom!” What was thisfree- being community was miss- 
dom they talk about? The in- ing out on what happened at 
Sa ce to gooffcampus, school when they were at 
o run to the store, and to home. 

AErica Negley and Miko Crumbly stop for a cold drink at the Mt. Aetna store. 

More Than 30 See 
Minutes a 

Less Than 5 

15 - 25 Minutes 

5 - 15 Minutes 

“How long does it take you 
to get to school?” 

) Semmmiity AlsChad Kirstein cramming fo 



Many students, like Jennah Schramm, 

get rides from their faithful parents who 
wait for them every day! 

WT.J. Burrows lives close enough to walk 
to school.. 


AMarshall Horman and Emily Nield join some friends for lunch at Pizza Hut. 

Eric Banfe helps Chad Carbaugh fill up his car at the store. 



= | 
Stude ts are in awe as the entertainer swallows the flames. 

vAnne Swayze's pet, Victoria, keeps a watchful eye on all the 
visitors at the “ open house. 


ALara Gatling and Allen Hoffman relax “Under 
the Sea.” 

AKim and Mark Woodward survey their handiwork after tying up Brian Wilk 

stephanie Durst and Chris Wantz wait for their Hawaiian meal. 


“Under the Sea” was the 
theme of the girls’ open house. 
As people went through the 
dorm, it was as if they were 
coming up from the depths of 
the sea to the beach and onto 
the boardwalk. 

The boys’ club banquet fol- 
lowed with a tropical paradise 
of palm trees, a grass hut, a 
waterfall, anda gorgeous sun- 

Vv Jeff Rogers, Jenny Harding, 
Laura Klein, and Todd McKee 
pose under the palm trees as 
the camera freezes their 
moment in time. 

Tropical Paradise 

set. Crystal Spencer sang a 
song and Brian Wilder, a co- 
median from Baltimore, en- 
tertained everyone with his 
flaming torches, unicycle, jug- 
gling act and unique humor. 

After a movie, the guys es- 
corted their dates from the 
warmth of the tropical para- 
dise into the brisk, cool night. 

imiller tries to perfect the art of snowball making. 

helps clear the path to the 

Greg Nash, and Andrew 
de the girls’ dorm entrance. 

These pages sponsored by Daniel Lindi) 

Becky Trepper is armed and dangerous with a fistful of snow. 

VToby Kirkpatrick gets tackled while playing football in the snow. 

V Vif there’s any snow around you have to watch your back in the circle! 

Snow captures the imagi- 
nation. Fora few, seeing snow 
was a new experience. For 
others, snow brought images 
of snowmen, snowball fights, 
sledding, and snow skiing. 

There were a few times when 
the sidewalks were lightly 
dusted with snow. The stu- 
dents took advantage of the 
snow whenever it came and 
hoped for more. 

nder the Christmas Tree 

= mber 8 the SA put tree overhead with the pack- 
innual Christmas ages beneath. 

eryone entered the Finger foods, sandwiches 
they eee ie the and turtle sundaes were 
served for refreshments. Santa 
and Mrs. Claus’ delightful 
visit was followed by a movie. 

gets some help from 
how to play Super 
on the new watch she 

Danielle Mulcare, 
Becky Brown and Matt Kapusta 
antici the arrival of Santa. 

Jill Rouse gets a special story from 
Mrs. Claus on her birthday. 

WKevin Walkowiak wonders what Jennifer 
Crouch is smiling about. 

ATina Eller ladles up some frothy punch. 

men’s chorus treated everyone with a harmonizing song 
O Come, O Come Immanuel.” 

Christmas Party 


Breflexionsd’ amour 

| Entering under a lighted 
canopy of pink and white, stu- 
dents began their evening at 

moonlight. It was 
if with sheets of gos- 

off ner candy | in the boys’ dorm. 

balloons in the middle of the 

The menu was made up of 
French cuisine. Entertain- 
ment consisted of musical 
numbers and a special treat 
of medieval stories by Jon 
Jones. Asweet romantic movie 
ended the evening. 

AAdAile! eofman and Tara Lindow enjoy their table for two. 

a Jennifer Hanson smiles despite the fact that Jason Tydings has just auctioned 

Jen Mariani and Ricardo da Costa stop by the park bench for a picture. 

Chad Kirstein brought Christina Gay roses 

to make her evening more special. 

vAmity Childers serves Tina Eller her 
apple pie a la mode. 

AJin Kang’s valentine is his fiance Esther Hwang. 

Tommy Benton and Alita Byrd serenade the audience with a violin duet. 

Valentine’s Banquet 

Harding screams bloody murder as 

ad Paula Wiesner wrap the tables for the Christmas 

, Gladys Decker, Elsie Barr, sponsors; Amity 
2rrie Tucker, social vice president; Tara Lindow, 
offman, treasurer; Paula Wiesner, religious vice 

kes the scaffolding. 

These pages sponsored by Harry and Joyce Ma\: 

Allen Hoffman holds on for dear life. 

WTerrie Tucker leads a discussion 
with the senators on how to improve 
the school. 

The Envelope Please 

“Who are the new members 
of Student Association?” This 
was the question at election 
time near the end of the ’90- 
"91 school year. This would be 
a team who would plan such 
activities as the Year End 
Event, Barn Party, Christmas 
Party, Valentine’s Banquet and 
Spirit Week. — 

When the “new” officers got 

back to school they were filled 
with many ideas and hopes 
for the new year. After many 
hours of planning and deco- 
rating the events were per- 
fected and the SA sat back to 
enjoy the satisfaction of see- 
ing the students and faculty 
have a good time. 

Student Association 

Lara Gatling and Laura Klein keep 
busy developing prints. > 

WFront row: Chad Giles; Alissa Dalgewicz; Nathalie Bolduc; Laura Klein; Lara 

Gatling; Jennifer Hanson; Danny Bates. Back row: Jenny Harding;Tara Lindow; 
Susie Alonso. 

ON aes 


Photographer, Susie Alonso, tries to 
take a perfect shot. 

Alissa Daigewicz and Jennifer Hanson 

make some designs for the layout of the 

These pages sponsored by Dana Ethé 


Jenny Harding is busy writing articles and creating captions just before deadline. 

WChad Giles spends long hours at the computer using desktop publishing. 

Yearbook Staff 


Computer Design 
Feature Writer 

Layout Design 



Tara Lindow 
Danny Bates 
Nathalie Bolduc 
Chad Giles 
Jenny Harding 
Alissa Dalgewicz 
Jennifer Hanson 
Susie Alonso 
Danny Bates 
Lara Gatling 
Laura Klein 
Eric Engen 
Dana Etheridge 
Jayme Rouse 

Auxiliary Staff 



Heather Maxwell 
Jennifer Minner 
Danny Bates 
Amity Childers 
Miko Crumbly 
Alix Haney 
Jennifer Hanson 
Jen Mariani 
Nikki Oakley 
Nita Purnell 
Laura Smith 
Tompaul Wheeler 
Heather Zinke 

A special thanks to: Shari Blackburn, Joyce Mayden, Gary Rouse, and Steve Vargas 

“The deadline is when?” 

Designing layouts, develop- 
ing and cropping pictures, 
getting the right tense of a 
verb in the copy--production 
of a yearbook is much more 
time consuming and detailed 

than one might have imag- 


The staff aimed for the goal 
of “fitting the pieces together- 
-perfectly”, and hoped that was 


g disks, folders, and 
ticles, the Post staff 
through wind, rain, 

to the ad building 
nday night to orga- 
onthly newspaper. 
ents looked forward 
dition and were fre- 
een reading the lat- 
in class. 

ster staff: Front 
ers; Chris Waniz; 
Nita Purnell; Kevin 

a Starcher; Nikki 
w: Beckie Tucker; 
; Kathy Goddard, 
aul Wheeler; Kim 
app. Not pictured: 
att Kapusta; Wil 

RA! EXTRA! Read All About It! 

The Posr staff spent many 
days and nights writing, re- 
writing and editing articles, 
developing pictures, learning 
the computer system, and lay- 
ing out the newspaper. It was 
a tough job, but they learned 
what the term “responsibility” 
meant and how to work 
through total chaos. 

A Advisor Kathy Goddard helps Krista Knapp edit a Post story. 

These pages sponsored by Kathy Goddé 

< POST Editor Amity Childers, works on 
final paste-up. 

Vv Chris Wantz ponders how to bring his 
article to a close. 

AFirst semester staff: Front row: Heidi Maxwell; Paula Wiesner; 
Terrie Tucker; Amity Childers; Jen Mariani; Christine Schubert. 
Back row: Danny Bates; Ryan Melnick; John Kershner; Chad 
Kirstein; Ken LeVos; Tony Veney; Ken Wright; Greg Nash; Jack 
Brown; Not pictured: Laura Smith; Karl Bergmann; Jennifer 

Christine Schubert enjoys compiling the volleyball stats for the 
sports column. 

No Boys Allowed 

y Thursdaynightwasa girls got involved once in a 
‘just the girls” to be while when there was an ex- 
nd take partinvari- citing event. A favorite activity 
vities. They went ona_ the girls did was the secret sis 
it, malltrips,decorated at Christmas. This made quite 
jpen Houseandrented a few friendships and made a 
ovies. The officers lot of people smile. Girls’ Club 
for each semester was a great time to relax and 
the evenings for the enjoy the company! 

n some community 

nester officers: Front row: Nathalie Bolduc, treasurer. Middle row: 
1, senator; Angela Watson, pastor; Jenny Harding, sergeant at arms. 
lissa Dalgewicz, vice president; Becky Brown, president. Not pictured: 

The officers deliver a singing telegram on 
Valentine’s Day. 

WNathalie Bolduc and Venus Marr go for 
the “nerd” look. 


ASecond semester officers: Amity Childers, sergeant at arms; Christine Schubert, 
secretary; Heather Zinke, president; Crystal Spencer, pastor; Christine Holtry, 
treasurer; Jen Mariani, vice president; Anne Swayze, sponsor. Not pictured: Shari 
Blackburn, sponsor. 

“Mr. and Mrs. Claus” drop in from the North Pole for the Christmas party! 

Girls’ Club 

/Se pages sponsored by Anne Swayze 

» f 
Gym night is a favorite activity for the guys. 

WFirst semester officers: Dino Medori, vice president; Andrew 
Burrows, president; Brian Roh, secretary; Adam Streight, sergeant 
at arms. Not pictured: Kim Woodward, treasurer; Robert Mollock, 
pastor; Steve Vargas, sponsor; Steve Gatz, sponsor. 

v vSecond semester officers: Peter Song, treasurer; Jeff Rogers, 
secretary; Tony Veney, vice president; Paul Bergmann, sergeant at 
arms; Greg Nash, president; Andy Nichols, pastor. 

Brian Roh starts construction on Tropical 

These pages sponsored by Steve Varj 


?eering through the palm trees, Kim Woodward and Steve Gatz check out the final details 

fore the banquet begins. 

WThe boys cheer for the U.S. 
Olympic hockey team as they 
make the game winning goal. 

Thursday Night Special 

The officers worked hard 
to schedule mall trips, sport- 
ing activities, a backpacking 
trip, and the Boys’ Club ban- 
quet, “Tropical Paradise.” They 
raised some funds through 

the selling of snacks in the 
dean’s office at night. AThurs- 
day night special often turned 
out to be an evening of recre- 
ation in the gym... one of the 
guys’ favorite activities. 

Boys’ Club 

OO Caden walking OOF on JOUT a ment ane 
alouoe ~hne Kak Ano \\ OUT Ore Ce SD ac! Le YOU Weng 
Sound asleed | E Haye OO Gea “kak Yoo dill 
aon e re oUt LU Cratky Came COB iearc 
Colmky Jao a aa 
Onartnrgarts | Weve OlS0 KG =e OT" a 

ea eos toc | b Ke dear {i++le Cases aa aa (ATO neat I 
NE as 

Abou , Beery other, weet | OF mola Em al | 
oq little Lut a Sore URS ONS Find YOu a i 
OW Nec a a ees Yor Ke lay | | i 

{ 1 

AS Soc Qiu : 
D\r00 ONS : i ees O | 
(te Teragh Your batheum, Cabrels | Wes Shay 
i ee ae I ike @q tmate mapa TO get her 
on the grounc TO ae 
| oe mel And Speaking ox oa CalbinetS » NO 
ON ACG ment Halling @ Bat Gisks WAS) 


Highland View Academy 


Special Edition May, 1992 

The senior class of 1992 presents 

‘Curtain Going Up” 

The Great Comedy Hit! 

Mr. Tony Peterson _(the janitor) Kenneth LeVos Congratulations Class of ‘92 
Elsie Hunter (student) Amity Childers Former Staff Members Graduate 
Janet Young (student) Crystal Spencer 
Buck O’Hara (student athlete) Adam Streight Amity Childers Editor . 
Nancy Leveridge (student debutante) Heidi Maxwell Ryan Melnick Assistant Editor 
Milt Sanders (class prankster) Greg Nash Cer Eirculation 
ae Karl Bergmann Circulation 

Jocko Guthrie (suave ladies man) Chad Kirstein erence Business Manager 
Lorry Fuller (school annual editor) Tara Lindow Jen Marlani Layout 
Andy Fullbright (Lorry’s jealous boyfriend) Karl Bergmann Johnny Kershner Layout 
Miss Irene Burgess — (new English teacher) Jennifer Crouch Heidi Maxwell Layout 
Joan White (student) Laura Smith Jack Brown Boys’ Dorm 
Sylvia Moore (student) Jenni Kline Greg Nash Boys’ Dorm 
Miss Carolyn Moran (home economics teacher) Alix Haney Paula Wiesner Girls’ Dorm 
Mr. Norman Carter (journalism teacher) Eric Banfe ven Crouch Cone 

5 Terrie Tucker Community 
Miss Henrietta Rivers (senior sponsor) Terrie Tucker Danny Bates Spiritual Highlights 
Miss Kyle Roberts (professional actress) Heather Zinke Ken Wright Boys’ Sports 
Mrs. Young (Janet’s mother) Jennifer Mariani KenLeVos Boys’ Sports 
Mr. Richard Leveridge (Nancy’s father) Ken Wright Christine Schubert Girls’ Sports 
Woman (Lorry’s neighbor) Christine Schubert Tony Veney Photographer 


Seams lets See, Yoo Yad GQ huge hole in the Lac 
Been SpeS the dour rarcie febl CSO , and UU @ lone 
Edloded A Coumle CF Wes! Real SeCe Place , hIK ! well 
Bress) i+ ali Wwe Nave Stay) -<c\ OSes So ends and 
Me see Oe CAWAYS WAL. Than’s <9 mvc Gr 
SGmVO WRAR Ne HieeeRee mn OS Cee 9 a 1 rea\\ 
mm C#ope lL Promise} \\our Ne Greatest @ ca ies 
vA ol SYS ‘ame mbec ol\ hat WOW he oS Aone 
— a7 . \e oT OM Behe. \ Vg nck 
So wees in XiWe Worl HN — | YOU do 
Was OY SS Termembecr ho Ow os atte Wire 
lose cS oc Where We \oath enc VO em al WAYS 

. c 

Meee OOOne Sl a Jeter Stoay . and T= "|| 
es ae ne a Ue \ Oo an, [OU we eg QD Lelk | 
| WIN A erie rm a , lar 6 O WS) ‘VO 

7 | 
ye UK ee Ge lauah 

mss ya \rvvle \oay ie) eee, 


De [Qe | ore 

Board Members 


General Auto Repair 
Domestic and Foreign 

Elder J. Wayne Coulter 
Elder J. Neville Harcombe 
Elder Gary Dodge 
Dr. Harry Mayden 
Mrs. Elsie Barr 
Dr. Floyd Murdoch 
Mrs. Von Marie Eklund 
Elder Don Klinger 
Dr. Richard Osborn 
Mr. Johnson Christian 
Mrs. Delores Coleman 
Mr. Lloyd Green 
Mr. George Halleron 
Mr. Donald Hayes 
Mr. Jeff Marquina 
Mr. David Parker 
Elder Richard Parker 
Mrs. Sibyl Scott 
Mrs. Janis Trepper 
Elder Kingsley Whitsett 

1505 Old Sulphur Spring Road 
Arbutus, MD 21227 
(301) 242-3610 

John David Giles, 



iia lil 


The first puzzle piece of the 
year — registration. For some 
returning students this wasa 
routine event, while for the 
new students it was frighten- 
ing and exciting. Friendships 
were renewed by students who 
had not seen each other for 
three months. 

The registration process 
meant working out class 
schedules, getting work as- 
signments, buying books, get- 
ting lockers and signing up 
with music teachers and 

Todd McKee gets some 
financial information from 
business office worker, Tara 

vCharles Myers’ urges 
Matthew Hickman to take a 
typing class. 


he Start ofa 
Brand New Year 

Registration day brought 39 
girls into the girls’ dorm and 
42 guys into the boys’ dorm, 
while 68 students signed up 
from the community. 

After everyone was settled 
in, Supper was served in the 
cafe, and the SA led the an- 
nual “get acquainted” hand- 
shake on the soccer field. “Un- 
dercover Christian,” the even- 
ing devotional, concluded the 
activities, and the students 
went home or to the dorms to 

anticipate the first day of 


Laughingly, Lara Gatling lugs a little 

library to her locker. 

VWEric Banfe and his mother finalize the 
schedule for his senior year. 

AGabi Viana discusses the 
possibility of working for Dana 
Etheridge at the work station 
with William Jackson. 


Janel Klinger still smiles after 
working for six hours straight 
at registration. 

Elsie Barr 

Shari Blackburn 
dean of women, home 

Bill Bromme 
math, music 

Gladys Decker 
English, foreign languages 

Tom Decker 
campus chaplain 

Eric Engen 
math, music, science 

Dana Etheridge 
science, p.e. 

Steve Gatz 
dean of men, p.e. 

Not pictured: Kathy Gatz 
school nurse 


Kim Miles takes a hike in p.e. 
while Jennifer Hanson blocks the 


AMichael Brandt examines a microscopic specimen in biol 


... was what most students 
and faculty alike did for the 
remainder of the year. Every- 
where, you heard “only 45 
more days,” all the way to 
“just three days of classes left!” 

The new year brought 
changes and additions to 
classes. New faculty brought 
fresh ideas with them. A 
French class was added to the 
curriculum. The arrival of 
twenty new IBM compatible 
386 computers sparked in- 
terest among students and 

ounting down the 

faculty. Learning was further 
enhanced by the new addition 
to the ad building with its 
three new classrooms and 
large library. 

Although most everyone 
looked forward to summer 
vacation, many things were 
learned and accomplished 
during the year. Believe it or 
not, some students even 
counted down the days until 
the next school year started 
.. . (well, maybe a few). 


To practice conversational 
skills in Spanish, each student 
writes and performs his or her 
own skit. 

WTommy Benton and Richie 
Byrd add their unique sound 
to the concert band. 


Tony Di Pinto and Kim Moran measure out their solution in 
chemistry class. 

WHoffman Chevrolet - Geo provides the driver’s ed car each 
semester for those brave students attempting the course. 

VThefreshmanEnglishclass gigas Sell Education 
gets a little experience in : Hetimen Chourolet-Geo 

creative journal writing. 

Kathy Goddard 

Gene Hobbs 
grounds, assistant 
cafeteria director 

Verlene Hobbs 
cafeteria director 

Rejane Jackson 
cafeteria supervisor 

William Jackson 
vice principal, religion 

Claudia Lindow 

Daniel Lindow 
science, computers, 
driver’s ed, industrial arts 

Carol Macomber 
custodial, library 


“None of that Mickey Mouse 
stuff now, Lisa; let’s get some 
serious typing done.” 


Harry Mayden, 
principal, science 

Joyce Mayden, 

Charles Myers, 
business education 

Gary Rouse, 

Tom Sterndale, 

Anne Swayze, 
dean of women, 
science, art 

Steve Vargas, 
assistant dean of men, 
industrial arts 

Charles Wilkinson, 


Juniors get to see and feel 
what the ever famous Liberty 
Bellis really like on their history 
field trip to Philadelphia. 

a. Other Campus 

Over the year, adventurous 
faculty took large groups of 
students on a mission — to 
learn more about their classes 
through visual aids on field 
trips! Spanish, English, 
driver’s education and history 
trips were welcome breaks 

Mrs. Goddard, who frequently 
sponsored such trips with her 
classes commented, “Much of 
our education in life comes 
from resources outside of the 
classroom. Field trips gave 
students an opportunity to 
learn from other people.” 

from the every day routine. 

Seniors gather on the east steps of the U.S. Capitol as Randii 
Dean, an aid to Senator Paul Sarbanes of Maryland, speaks to 

wWGreg Nash scans through the thousands of names on the 
Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial while on the government trip to 
Washington, D.C. 

WKrista Knapp looks for 
information on the U.S.S. 
Olympia hoping to write down 
vital facts for the next day’s 

Field Trips 

arning While 

Practically every student 
that attended here also hada 
job. Whether it was on cam- 
pus or off, all of these jobs 
helped puta little dent in their 
tuition bills. These jobs pro- 
vided students with back- 
ground and experience that 
they utilized in other areas of 
the working world. 


Jason Tydings gets a 
few bright ideas working 
for Tom Sterndale. 

v“Good afternoon, 
Highland View Acad- 
emy, how may | help 
you?” This is the cheerful 
hello that Christine 
Schubert uses at 

Even on those days that 
students dreaded heading to 
work, each job contributed to 
the “earning and learning” 
process of the students’ work- 
study program. These are a 
few examples of what some 
students did for their school- 
time occupation. 

seine EE 


David Baker thinks, “Now let’s see, 
number 847 comes over here before 

v Angie Dennison gets some 

work done with WordPerfect 
for Bill Bromme. 

WkKen LeVos’' checks off 
names at meals. 

Jack Brown efficiently takes 
care of business atthe monitor's 
station in the boys’ dorm. 

Jaime Seeders cleans up the 

floor in the store room. 

> : 
Karen Crouch rinses 

the trays in the dish room 
during lunch time. 

wAllen and_ Eric 
Hoffman work off campus 
at Da’Vita Foods, making 
baked goods. 


Randy Bullock gets the 
streaks out as part of his 
janitorial job in the ad 

WTerrie Tucker helps Joyce Mayden run some copies in the 
registrar's office. 

wAudrey Johnson tries to 
repair a vacuum so she can 
complete her job. 

Irving and Elsie Barr, in 
appreciation of your support 
and dedication to the school, 
we would like to dedicate the 
1992 Highlander to you. 

Mrs. Barr, we appreciate 
your thoroughness in the Busi- 
ness Office. As Treasurer 
things are probably difficult 
at times and you are admired 
for your ability to do sucha 
good job. A special thanks for 
your support of the Student 

AElsie and Irving Barr, along with Tom Decker, enjoy the staff 

Christmas party. 

o You, Elsie and 
Irving Barr 

Association functions and all 
the effort and time you spend. 
Mr. Barr, we appreciate your 
efficiency and hard work in 
building the new wing at the 
school. Your excellent work- 
manship is greatly admired 
by the students who sit in 
those classrooms every day. 
We would just like to ex- 
press our gratitude for all that 
you have done for the stu- 
dents, faculty and the school. 

AA treasurer's job is never done! 

basketball key chain is just what Elsie Barr ordered 

Alrving Barr enjoying his work. 

Elsie Barr helps students fold programs 

"% for the SA Christmas party. 

=Isie and Irving Barr relax by theChristmas tree. Dedication 

es — 

Varsity sports teams started 
having tryouts and practices 
during the first few weeks of 

days and evenings for prac- 
tices, games and meets. It re- 
quired teamwork, determina- 

school. Students could choose 
to participate in cross-coun- 
try running, soccer, or volley- 

Being a member on these 
teams meant giving up Sun- 

tion and self-discipline. Many 
students achieved success, 
setting new personal and 
school records and being rec- 
ognized for their improvement. 

Robert Mollock, a three-year member of the cross country 
team, heads for the finish line. 

W Lara Gatling falls to the ground for a save in her favorite sport 
of volleyball. 

Yi . * i i es , | 

Co dee Tae 

ALady Tartans Volleyball: First row: Lara Gatling; Nath’? 
Bolduc. Second row: Dana Etheridge, coach; Paula Wiesr}* 
Gabi Viana; Tara Lindow; Laura Smith; Christine Holtry; Chrisi?® 
Schubert; Heather Zinke. Not pictured: Jennifer Mariani; 1 


ATartans Cross Country: Front row: Erica Negley; Robert 
Mollock; Heather Gatz; Keith Wiesner. Second row: Andrew 
Burrows; Katy Herman; Scott Szczepanski; Steve Gatz, coach. 

Fall Sports 

These pages sponsored by William Jacksoi* 

hdd Coulter heads the ball toward Chad Kirstein. 

Michie Byrd takes the brunt of a kick from a soccer player of 
int Johns. 


es Sie sind 
a ee ee 
: Se 

artans Soccer: Front row: stats: Heidi Maxwell; Christina 
My; Becky Brown; ball girls: Tonya Doyle; Audrey Johnson; A AHeather Gatz rounds the corner on a cross country 
jannette Dagenais; Vanessa Van Hyning; Crystal Spencer. meet being held on our campus. 
cond row: ball girl: Angela Watson; team: Chad Carbaugh; 
fan Roh; Eric Banfe; Allen Hoffman; Todd Coulter; Jason Tara Lindow takes a warm-up spike to prepare for the 
dings; stats: Susie Alonso; coach: Walter Alonso. Third row: game against Martinsburg Christian Academy. 
son Patterson; Wil McLean; Karl Bergmann; Matt Kapusta; 
»by Kirkpatrick; Mark Gibbons; Jimmy Baker; Kim Woodward. 
st row: Damon DeGraff; Richie Byrd; Bill Dunn; Matthew 
tckman; Dino Medori; Eric Hoffman; Chong Pak; Chad Kirstein. 


wRunners make their payments while registering for the 
annual HVA run. 

A AKaty Herman tries to catch up to her opponent in the 

run. AAt the end of the race, volunteers 
places of the runners. 

AAndrew Burrows receives his ribbon for participating 
in the race. 

When the shot rang 
into the air on a cool 
Sunday in October, 
Highland View started 
its twelfth annual 2 
mile and 10k race. A 
good turnout of 198 
runners from twelve 
schools participated. 

Everyone who ran, 
jogged, or even walked 
the race was a winner, 

receiving a T-shirt and 
a ribbon. Eighty tro- 
phies and other awards 
were handed out after 
the race. Although ex- 
haustion had over- 
taken many, a few race 
records were broken 
and many personal 
goals were accom- 

Tompaul Wheeler 

described his own ex- 
perience of breaking a 
personal record by say- 
ing, “I raced for per- 
sonal satisfaction, 
pride, and, of course, 
eExtramcrediveits p.c.71 
may not have made any 
record breaking race 
time, butI had the plea- 
sure of knowing my 
personal goal was 

uHeather Gatz, leads the pack. ARunners take the path through the trees into Mt. Aetna Camp. 

.xhausted runners file through the chute. 

. . . when classes were over 
and the cafe had closed after 
supper, it was time for 

“rec”’reation to begin. Students 
would head for the gym to play 
volleyball, basketball, or floor 
hockey. Sometimes they would 
just pick teams and play, or 
shoot baskets for practice. Other 

WHeather Zinke and Nathalie Bolduc take advantage of 

times there was soccer or flag 
football on the field. 

Rec was also a social event. 
Students sat around and talked 
to their friends, relaxed from the 
pressures of school, and tried to 
forget about the homework they 
would have to do later that night 
during study hall. 

recreation time to sharpen their volleyball skills. 



rec 7 , 7 

ta Purnell and Chris Wantz are often found shooting some 
ops or playing in a game of knockout. 


lalf-court basketball is a favorite among the guys at rec. 


Intramurals/Rec © 

Angela Watson balances on Katy Herman's backbend. 

VBill Dunn, Gabi Viana, Robert Mollock and Keit Wiesner wo) 
on a foursome to perfection. 

ATrust is definitely a major factor with Heather Gatz as on | 

Robert Mollock and T.J. Burrows hold on tight. 1st row: Shawn Brinegar; Keith Wiesner. 2nd row: Steve Gai 
coach; Robert Mollock; Katy Herman; Scott Szczepanski. d 
row: Bobby Echols; Adam Streight; Bill Dunn; T.J. Burrows. 4 

row: Heather Gatz; Gabi Viana; Miko Crumbly; Angela Wal 
Not Pictured: Paula Wiesner; Kim Ehrhardt; Amber Morris 


Acrosport Team 

Sit ups, push ups, V-sits, work hard _ physically, 
handstands, walkovers, ex- strengthening their bodies — 
tensions, twoand three highs, theystrengthened friendships 
group stunts...Allofthiswas_ bylearning to trust each other. 
part of regular gymnastic prac- Witnessing for a drug free 
tices. lifestyle was an important-as- 

Not only did team members pect of their performance. 

Keith Wiesner loses his balance. 

WThe team joins together for a pyramid, one of their final acts. 


ymnastic ability must run in the family. Steve Gatz spots AStudents from our acrosport team join with other schools at 
ghter Heather in a back handspring. the CUC gymnastic workshop in November. 

ise pages sponsored by Steve Gatz 

Hot Shots 

A tight game, a close call, 
feeling on edge, and fans on 
the sidelines screaming their 
support. Basketball predomi- 
nated the months from No- 
vember to February. The Jun- 
ior Varsity, Lady Tartans, and 

Tartans spent many hours 
each week in practice and 
games. Whether they won or 
lost, the players learned im- 
portant lessons in team work 
and sportsmanship. 

Eric Banfe passes his defender to make a lay up. 

wRayanne Hickman pulls down an easy rebound. 

Junior Varsity: Front row: Donnie Seeders; Robin Callis; Todd ALady Tartans: Front row: Laura Smith; Tara Lindow; Christi 
Coulter; Marshall Horman. Back row: Charles Myers,assistant Gay; Miko Crumbly. Back row: Jennah Schramm; Nita Purnit 
coach; Tommy Benton; Peter Song; Jeremy Kline; Matthew Katie Fearing; Lara Gatling; Susie Alonso; Laura Klein; Aud 
Hickman; Richie Byrd; Tom Foulkes; Gene Hobbs, Coach. Johnson; Rayanne Hickman. Not pictured: Dana Etherid\) 

coach. | 
Winter Sports 

am member Marshall Horman looks for a way to pass the _ 
a fellow team member. 

| to 

ony Veney tips the ball away from an opponent. 

AAKatie Fearing reaches over the head of a player f 
rtans: Front row: John Kershner; Bill Dunn; Allen Hoffman; MCA to block the shot! 
ad Kirstein. Back row: Charles Myers, assistant coach; Jack 
pwn; Mike Waters; Karl Bergmann; Tony Veney; Toby Players look up hoping to grab the rebound. 
Kpatrick; Ken Wright; Ken LeVos; Dino Medori; Eric Hoffman; 
ne Hobbs, coach. 

ise pages sponsored by Gene Hobbs 

the weight room. 

VWit’s no surprise to see Brian Spoonire taking any momer 
he can to ride his skateboard. 

AATO earn his diving certificate, Ken LeVos trains for a f 
dive to a World War II wreck in Morehead City, North ABill Jackson tees off as Steve Vargas and Gary Rouse |! 
Carolina. on. 

AHorseback riding is a favorite hobby of Paula Wiesner’s. 

Leisure Sports 

Organized sports were not 
the only athletic pursuits on 
campus. Students could be 
found working out in the 
weight room or jogging and 
cycling on the back roads to 
keep in shape. Many leisure 

At Ease 

students waited for snow, a 
sunny day, or warm water to 
engage in their favorite sport. 
Students and staff took every 
opportunity to spend time 
outdoors relaxing at their fa- 
vorite leisure activity. 

activities were seasonal, and 

Donnie Seeders finds those early mornings to be a killer when 

he's camping out. 


A Alissa Dalgewicz warms up before a tennis match. AMatt Kapusta enjoys taking free time riding his motorcycle on 
sunny afternoons. 
Riding the Double Decker is a favorite leisure time activity for 

im and Gladys Decker. 

Leisure Sports 

“Education's triple 
goal of mental, physical 
and spiritual growth 
was important at HVA. 
The varsity teams gave 
the students a chance 
to further develop their 
physical skills. 

“The team members 
spent extra time outside 
of class to practice their 
skills and to participate 
in games. No other group 
activities on campus 
dropped a student from 

their program due to low 
grades. The students 
were required to keep 
up their grades and met 
their other school re- 

“There were many op- 


portunities to witness 
as the teams travelled to 
other schools and met 
other teams. It was re- 
warding when a Chris- 
tianathlete made an im- 
pression on other play- 
ers and spectators, 
whether on or off the 

Congratulations to 
those who participated 
in the varsity teams, and 
thank you to the stu- 
dents who supported 
them. There were more 
than 100 names that ap- 
peared on the 1991-92 
team rosters. Listed are 
the captains and co-cap- 
tains of each team.” 

-Coach Walter Alonso 

captain: Eric Banfe 
co-captain: Chad Kirstein 

captain: Christine Holtry 
co-captain: Laura Smith 


Lady Tartans 
captain: Tara Lindow 
co-captain: Laura Smith 
co-captain: Toby Kirkpatrick 
co-captain: Tony Veney 
co-captain: Karl Bergmann 
captain: Jeremy Kline 
co-captain: Todd Coulter 

Cross Country 

captain: Andrew Burrows 
co-captain: Heather Gatz 

aay (> LOO“. > } 
ANG oie i 

: se” | = how We) 9 

Ne oer : ave : 


NY he eo 
pe nr. O * 


\ =) \ } 

Ree Cue \w*t \ 
= : aN ; 
6§ ce 

& o > } EN oO 
2 Le Pen 

Pe x con ( “*s, 
ee. / ‘ \Wor 



ie ca: 
A YUP Ot) | t/ 

j Vi Nera. | ] | 1 uy, / da / ao 5 5 
pay? e paddy = ons YW no te v WIT a a es 
‘of buU/0 LY york - 7 pee ae 7 DN 2A /) Wy 
. TI a G i = 

5 UD of AS moO e pl? . oh) vbnaly iE WD I? 
YHad THRpIS Neue 2G th TR | 
p es oa ht LOU TH 1, ¢ a Y 
we 95/0 QU0 De Va 77, Jr . p ae 
A7 ee. Ty, faa WIT, 
1G gM ced OY PP HY OY 
Wn pt : WA f ye fr / YY 
oe f Io g et M2. yon ne A 2A /e /aY q 
“PUA eNO ££ ey 

41] Ht 7 Mel SSHC Wy | 
e yl A ON dae 
AHN // J pe. (HAS QU) WYO / er eo opty 
el 2 LP APS D7. ws PNA Aa 
ee ‘txt ih wy, ‘oF £G of rr bod Mi Cy S i : 7 7 
ae, ua? Af CA $v) ft Le } | 
Ce iY a p ie i : Y . : if pe = gaat 4 } q - 
ely als > 2 J LO cae P } 71?) Lb VSG a0 Laff sy \ TA oie oo Y] 
Dra! i Y, bh 27) (PCH yupyp J FV — Mt arce/ ee 
i ira fy? 2) 


/ = : 
Up vp? {7 YD LD s2f 

rod f a( f (A / f cp 

_ le yO UuUoU 1 / ADE a v} me ea a - 
\ Y\ (\ rr \ = 


rah Pe Le nail cy Gee — 
>< 0 N+ S\WIVU ISI | Ae 

PNU SPP MN —scawiegd ep) 
| > { | - 

1SagG wh WN ya 7] 

{ } 

earl) - -xOV _| 


} Ts 

NR ppd 

Im o \ \ Nek Va 
Yu YY) hs ean Vh \( YO | 

/ i ’ : \ 
/ \\ 

HWOTH +9) 

S| oO C 

Jeff Rogers gives a star performance at the Thanksgiving 


WThe flute section is the largest section in the band. 

:™ z et) 
Bie Eos > Fe 
aad an 

Masten. arr 1 

- — 2 Vi 

\ rf 

AThe concert band. 
AKaty Herman anticipates her next entrance. 

These pages sponsored by Eric Engen * 

iaThe clarinet section warms up before a performance. 

iThe band performs at theChristmas program. 

Wake Up ta Music 

For thirty-five teen- 
agers to make ittoclass 
every day at 7:00 a.m. 
was quite.a feat. For 
them to make beauti- 
ful music together was 
yet another. In spite of 
the early hour for re- 
hearsal, the concert 
band -was_the largest 
band in recent years. 

An important func- 
tion of the band was to 
present church ser- 
vices at various loca- 
tions throughout the 
Chesapeake Confer- 

ence. This included 
having. song services, 
mission reports, 
children’s stories, and 
even sermonsin addi- 
tion to performing reli- 
gious music. 

The band also played 
for events on campus, 
and performed at the 
Review and-Herald. A 
select group of students 
from the band joined 
musicians from other 
academies for Band 
Fest ‘92 at Columbia 
Union College. 

Coucert Saud Pewouuel 


Terrie Tucker 
Nikki Oakley 
Angie Dennison 
Cheri Brumagin 
Janel Klinger 
Jennifer Hanson 
Angela Watson 

Beckie Tucker 

Tommy Benton 
Richie Byrd 

Jennifer Crouch 
Jennifer Minner 
Tara Lindow 
David Shin 
Karen Crouch 

Bass Clarinet 
Audrey Johnson 

Laura Smith 

Rayanne Hickman 
Erica Negley 
Susie Alonso 


Jason Tydings 
Jonathan Marter 
Andy Nichols 
Matthew Hickman 
David Burrows 

Jeff Rogers 

Ryan Melnick 
Randy Bullock 

Michael Brandt 

Kim Miles 

Damon DeGraff 
Keith Wiesner 
Emily Nield 

Katy Herman 

' The Bells of. Praise 
completed avery excit- 
ing and. successful 
year. In. addition. to 
playing =<-at-= local 
churches, they were in- 
vited -to-play at the 
White House during the 
Thrilled to have this op- 
portunity, the students 
felt somewhat. disap- 
pointed when President 
Bush did not appear. 
They had to be satis- 
fied with meeting the 
family dogs Millie and 


During the Christ- 
mas season, the bell 
choir also performed at 
the Maryland Theater 
and Lake Forest Mall. 
Meeting new people 
and representing the 
school were highlights 
of those-trips. 

An anticipated trip 
to Great Britain and 
Paris gave the students 
incentive to spend long 
hours practicing. The 
young people and their 
parents worked hard 
to raise money for this 

Beckie Tucker and Michelle Little concentrate hard on their 

piece of music. 

v You can really tell April Mangum enjoys playing the bells, just 

from the smile on her face. 

Bell Choir 

AThe Bells of Praise make joyful noise. 

Bell choir members look to Bill Bromme for their cue. 

vTommy Benton is often found with some rather large bells that 
will test his strength. 

AFirst row: April Mangum; Angie Dennison; director Bill Bromme; Beckie 
Tucker; Kim Miles. Second row: Terrie Tucker; Nikki Oakley; Vicki 
Macomber; Michelle Little; Alita Byrd; 
Jennifer Minner. Third row: Tommy 

Benton; Greg Nash. Bell Choir 

reg Nash decides which bell to ring. 

1se pages sponsored by Bill Bromme 


The tenors and basses put forth their efforts for the 

Christmas program. 

WThe students enrich the worship service with song. 

Danny Bates; Tommy Benton; 
Nathalie Bolduc; Kerri Brown; 
Cheri Brumagin; Todd 
Coulter mNarene Grouch: 
Jeannette Dagenais; Jessica 
Dancek; Tony Di Pinto; Tonya 
Doyle; Lisa Easley; Kim 
Ehrhardt; Adam Frazier; Lara 
Gatling; Heather Gatz; Bonnie 
Goff; Dusty Goodrich; Alix 
Haney; Jennifer Hanson; Jenny 
Harding; Lisa Jackson; Janel 
Klinger; Vicki Macomber; 

Jennifer Mariani; Venus Marr; 
Heather Maxwell; Dino 
Medori; Ryan Melnick; 
Jennifer Minner; Charity 
Morrison; Emily Nield; Nikki 
Oakley; Nita Purnell; Jaime 
Seeders; Crystal Spencer; 
Kenya —Starcher; Adam 
Streight; Jennifer Trepper; 
Kevin Walkowiak; Chris 
Wantz; Angela Watson; Paula 
Wiesner; Ken Wright; Heather 


a Easley 
ystal Spencer 
ather Zinke 


thalie Bolduc 
Ta Gatling 
“ix Haney 
arity Morrison 

Tommy Benton 
Todd Coulter 

Adam Frazier 
Paula Wiesner 


Danny Bates 
Tony Di Pinto 
Ryan Melnick 
Chris Wantz 

Sing te the Lord 

Three different cho- 
ral organizations on 
campus gave students 
more choices. for sing- 
ing the Lord. 
Each had aspecific role 
and function. 

The school choir 
sang anthems prima- 
rily for worship services 
at the academy, tour- 
ing only once each se- 
mester. - Highlanders, 
the touring choir, per- 
formed at numerous 
churches throughout 
the Chesapeake Con- 

A special choir was 
formed to prepare fora 
major musical high- 


light of first semester 
— the performance of 
Handel's Messiah. The 
choir ineluded thirty- 
seven Highland View 
Academy students, six- 
teen students from 
Shenandoah. Valley 
Academy, over thirty 
singers from the com- 
munity, and guest so- 
loists: The Mount Aetna 
elementary. school 
choir joined-in on two 
ofthe choruses. Astring 
ensemble from Sligo 
made the basis for a 
small orchestra to ac- 
company the mass 

Bill Bromme leads the choir in warm-up exercises. 

WThe large choir performs a number during the Thanksgiving 


John Reeve has the students and faculty demonstrate how 
neurons work. 

WEmily Nield and Lisa Jackson volunteer to help Paula 
Wiesner with song service. 

“This year’s Student Week of Prayer was a great 
success. I think that everyone who spoke had a good 
message and delivered it well. It takes a lot of courage to 
get up in front of your peers and talk about your beliefs, 
but every speaker did a good job. I was really blessed by 
watching my fellow classmates and friends get up and 
witness for Christ and carry it out in their lives. As a 
speaker myself, I was proud to be able to tell others what 
Jesus means to me. I hope that everyone was as encour- 
aged as I was by this show of Christianity in our school 
and pride in our church. We need to get involved and 
show what the youth of the church can really do and that 
we care what goes on.” 

Jennifer Minner, sophomore class pastor 

A John Reeve gives colorful illustrations to parallel life’s princi) 

Week of Prayer 

These pages sponsored by Carol Macom 

AUsing experiences from her own life, Terrie Tucker talks 
yout the church. . 
Kim Ehrhardt shows the assembly a new way to look at the 
rd’s Prayer. 

eres Werle sciree 
separate weeks of spiri- 
tual emphasis through- 
out the year. This was 
a time when the stu- 
dents could congregate 
together in hopes of 
finding a better life with 

Pastor John Reeve 
from Minnesota con- 
ducted the Fall Week of 
Prayer from October 28 
through November 2. 
His topic of developing 
habits helped the stu- 
dents to see the impor- 
tance of spending time 
in daily devotions. 

Many students ex- 
plored the question, 
“Do youth have a role 
in the church?” during 

the student week-of- 
prayer from February 
3-8. A few brave stu- 
dents got up in front 
and expressed their 
views and ideas 
through songs, skits, 
or talks. Students had 
a chance to participate 
through the song ser- 
vice each day at the 
morning and afternoon 
meetings. The week 
was closed with the 
Sabbath church service 
presented by the stu- 

Pastor Victor Brown 
from Southwestern 
Adventist College in 
Texas presented the 
Spring Week of Prayer 
from April 6-11. 

ADanny Bates reads ascripture passage for Sabbath services. 

Week of Prayer 

On Friday night, 
January 17, the stu- 
dent body gathered in 
the cafeteria. for an 
Agape feast. The tables 
were moved aside and 
the students and fac- 
ulty were seated on the 
floor to enjoy a light 
supper and to chat with 
friends. Contemporary 
Christian music set the 
background as Pastor 
Tom Decker and some 

students shared their 
thoughts about Jesus’ 
death and resurrection 
and the things for 
which they were thank- 
ful. Then: Pastor Tom 
demonstrated with 
Hershey kisses the im- 
portance of sharing 
God’s love to those 
around us. The group 
held hands in a large 
circle to end the evening 
with prayer. 

ALaura Klein reaches for some Hershey kisses to share with 


Agape Feast 

~ * 

AAPart of the ceremonies for the Agape feast include | 
serving each other. 

AJoining hands, students listen to the closing song ' 

Everyone joins around the cross to start their evening of 

fellowship with each other. 

VAndy Nichols, Jennifer Hanson, and Chong Pak enjoy the 
assortment of fresh fruit. 

“The Agape feast was really a neat reminder 
of what love is all about. When you love 
someone, you long to serve that person. I 
really enjoyed being one of the hostesses that 

brought people their food and drink. It was my 
way of showing that I care.” 

Paula Wiesner, SA religious vice president 

Students interact at the Agape feast. 

| Agape Feast 

ese pages sponsored by Tom Decker 


Columlia Uniou 

Adventist. Youth to 
Youth is a positive 
peer/prevention pro- 
gram. Included in the 
program is a wide range 
of activities such as 
family groups, creative 
games, and workshops. 
The workshops are de- 
signed to involve youth 
in solving the drug 
problems in their own 
communities and to 
give self worth to each 
participant. Y2Y pro- 
vides teens with a 
chance to lead out in 

an environment where 
adults merely facilitate 
and support their ef- 
forts. Columbia Union 
sponsored a Y2Y con- 
ference in October at 
Camp Blue Ridge. 

Each academy sent 
a group of students. 
Some participated as 
Youth staff, to lead out 
in family groups. Those 
that went: shared a 
“high on life” and a 
memory never to be for- 


ATom Decker organizes everyone into groups for the evening 
of ingathering. 

Youth to Youth 

AAJen Mariani demonstrates her version of a ballerina ht 

AMichael Coe pins on his ingathering identification. 


Kim Moran, Paula Wiesner, and Bonnie Goff count up their 

oney at the end of the evening. 

On a cold December 
4, over 100 students 
headed out in cars and 
vans to the neighbor- 
ing community to raise 
money for the poor and 
needy during the holi- 
day season. Ingather- 
ers went from house to 
house trying to collect 

as much as they could 
to reach their goal for 
the year. Dedication led 
the students and fac- 
ulty to tolerate the cold 
for those less fortunate 
and to hopefully spread 
a little insight on what 
the churchisallabout.. 

AA group shot of students who attended Youth to Youth at 
Camp Blue Ridge. 


Highland View Academy 
SDA Church 
21600 Academy Terrace 
Hagerstown, MD 21740 


A model of the future Highland View Academy Church. 

vChurch officials and building supervisors discuss the plans 
the new church _ building. 

ontractors bring in their trailer- a sign of progress. 

dents anticipate a time when they won't have to worship in 

pra Empty 

It was like trying to 
worship Memo- 
rial Stadium. The wor- 
shipers sat.on metal 
chairs» -on.- carpet 
marked with free-throw 
and boundary lines. In 
the distance, they saw 
the small form. of the 
preacher. There was a 
circle overhead, but it 
wasn't a halo—it was a 
basketball hoop. After 
a week of making long 
drives to a lay-up shot, 
young men and women 
dropped their thoughts 
of play in the gym and 
had to think of it as a 

But dreams brought 
about a change. Plans 
were made, and con- 

struction was begun on 
a new sacred center of 
worship.The dream in- 
cluded asanctuary that 
would bring the con- 
gregation close to the 
speaker, one that was 
acoustically designed 
to enhance the sound 
of praise. from the 
school's choirs and in- 
strumental groups. A 
separate chapel and 
outdoor amphitheater 
were planned to give 
the academy youth a 
place of their own —a 
place where people 
could declare their rev- 
erence for God, and 
where students could 
realize His presence. 

New Church 

School children play outside the site of the mission project. 

WHonduras, here we come! 

“There are a lot of things I look forward to 
when I think of the mission trip. I enjoy travel- 
ing to some new place where I have never been. 
But mostly I enjoy the chance to get to know my 
friends better. It is lots of fun working with your 
friends and knowing you are doing it for a good 

Danny Bates, senior class pastor 

Mission Trip 

AWith passports close by, students study a map of Hondul 

rt Day ou 
the Fouduras 
Mission “hip 

“Time to getup!” Pas- 
tor Decker. cheerfully 
announced. The mis- 
sion trip volunteers 
dragged themselves out 
of bed and prepared for 
a day at the project site. 
After 15 different sweat- 

producing jobs were 
conquered, most of the 
group walked to the 
cool river as a reward 
for a day of work. Din- 

ner was followed by 
worship where the sing- 
ing and sharing drew 
the group together ina 
special way. 

JT hpesrest-—of =the 
evening consisted of 
free time and games. 
Bedtime brought feel- 
ings of satisfaction 
gained from serving 
God and one-another. 

4 ATom Decker confers with Michael Coe and Allen Hoffman 
in their fund-raising situation. 

| f ) +e aaa as ae AThese are some of the villagers that benefited from the mission 
j j : 2 ba aw 


co share their anticipation for the Honduras trip. ee 

in Your 

The Chesapeake Conference of Seventh-day uD, R | AM ) 
ae Martin Road *¢ Columbia, MD 21044 « (301) 995-1910 

ax (301) 995-1434 


WAdding hand motion with song, students begin the vesper 

vVVWayne Coulter, conference president, speaks at the first 
Friday evening of the year. 

AA group of students enjoy a home-cooked meal at the 
Decker’s after church. 


Ken Wright overlooks the Hagerstown valley from Black Rock 
on a Sabbath afternoon. 


Ch wt. 

Weekends were great 
for a chance to relax 
from the stress of the 

Vespers. on Friday 
evening were always 
different. There might 
be a special speaker, a 
slide show, a student 
speak out, or an all 
musical program. 

After vespers stu- 
dents often gathered for 
afterglow to sing and 


Sabbath afternoon 
was an opportunity to 
catch up on sleep, visit 
with friends, or partici- 
pate in some~adven- 
ture planned for the 
day. Hikes, videos or 
Bible games in the 
lounge, trips to D.C. 
and singing bands to 
the nursing home were 
some of the activities. 
that livened up the day. 


Put Yourself 
Into The 


oe Be in church on Sabbath morning. 

If you like what you do and hear, celebrate. 

If you’re bored or lonely, volunteer to make changes. 

Either way, you need to be there. And your church needs you! 

Columbia Union Conference 

5427 Twin Knolls Road, Columbia, MD 21045 

to the 
Class of 1992 




8916 Mapleville Road 
Boonsboro, MD 21713 

Donald A. Klinger 

Byrd Tire 
Tires ¢ Alignment ¢ Health Foods 

1720 Dual Highway 
Hagerstown, MD 

(301) 797-0300 

Grasonville SDA Church | 

P.O. Box 476 
Medical Center Drive 
Grasonville, MD 21638 | 
301-827-8461 | 

Wishes congratulations to the class 

of 1992! | 

his page sponsored by Middletown Valley SDA Church 

to the Seniors of 

a el 3 


Christian Education 
For Our Youth 

15121 McKnew Road | 

Burtonsville, MD | 

(301) 776-4122 


but we come close.... 

e Elegant 
¢ Healthful, 

¢ Complete 
activity program 
and minibus 

e Alert, 
handicapped and 

“Willarnepor Pee 
aursi ome rtified 
Nursing eee a ° Se Profit 
Also group- 
| 223-7971 home living for 

; | d dent 
154 North Artizan Street Sea tage 


ee oy Mp2 1795 


1920 Dual Highway 
whl’ YNSTON Hagerstown, MD 21740 

Contractors - Distributors 
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning BOLE ee? 
Food Service Equipment 

301-733-1066 1950 Pennsylvania Ave. LOUIS E. BINKLEY 
301-293-7111 Hagerstown, MD aaa Proprietor 




FAX 539-2452 


Building Materials - Fuel Oil - Coal | © 
Quality and Service for Over 100 
177 S. Burhans Blvd. 
Hagerstown, MD 21740 1901 N. Howard St. / Baltimore, MD 21218 

(301) 733-1600 301-539-2305 / 1-800-492-9659 in Maryland 


May Gods blessings and guidance be yours! 

We, too, are looking forward to greater things as we plan for our new church building across from HIC. 

Hagerstown Seventh-day Adventist Church 


Insight magazine, 


To get your hands on 

Some of you 
are our sons 
e and daughters. 

Congratulations, 3.2720 

Spent summers working 

with us. All of you are special to us. 
SS O e Louvre the future of our church, and we're 
proud of you! We wish you God's richest 

blessings as you continue your education 
and expand your horizons. 

From your 
friends at the 
Review and Herald. 

Dear Vack, 

From a Kindergartner to 4 Graduate, 
Vou ve made o1 verry proud-- 

We Love You, 
Mom ¥ Dad 

Jack Brown 

Dear Ken, 

We're real proud of all your hard 
work and accomplishments in the 
past four years. You have made | 
good use of your God-given talents. 

With Much Love, 
Mom & Dad 

Ken LeVos 

Tara Lindow 

Kittens and Elmer Fudd 
Buggs Island Lake 
Brian Boitano and The Cap Center 
Skiing and Vermont 
Basketball and Volleyball 
Daughter and Friend 

Our memories are many — we 
love you and are proud of you. 
Dad and Mom 

This page sponsored by the Charles Town SDA Church 

Varsity Team Members 
of the Class of '92 

© @ © 

Congratulations and Keep Practicing! 
William Jackson, Dana Etheridge 
Charles Myers, Gene Hobbs 
EMS: ee move COE: 


on his graduation from 
Highland View Academy 
Class’or 1997 

We are very proud of you Jack, both for your 
scholastic achievement and for your spiritual 
leadership and example here at church.May 
God continue to guide and bless you in the 
exciting years to come. We are certain that God 
has a special place for you in His work. 

With Much Love, 
Your Linthicum Church 

These days, 
you need more 
than a college degree 
fo get a job. 

You know the old adage: “You can’t get a 
job without experience, and you can’t get 
experience without a job.” 

Columbia Union College has found a 
solution. And you’ll want to be a part of it. 

CUC belongs to a nationwide cooperative 
education network that provides a partnership 
between employers and students. At CUC an 
entire office staffed by two full-time faculty 
assists students in finding jobs. 

At CUC you’ll be plunked right into the 
center of unlimited opportunity. The 
Washington, D.C., metropolitan area is nome 
to thousands of government offices and 
business headquarters. 

Our students have worked at embassies, 
IBM, NASA, the Seventh-day Adventist 
world headquarters, National Institutes of 
Health, the Executive Office of the President 
of the United States, Congress, and many 

You’ll be able to attend an Adventist 

college where you can continue to develop 
your Christian values and, at the same time, 
work in top companies. 

To add to the good news, co-op students 
earn cash while they get experience. In fact, 
they make an average of $7.94 per hour. 

By working full time during the summer 
and part time during the school year in our 
area, some students have earned more than 
$8,000 a year. And since our tuition is less 
than many other private schools’, that money 
will go a long way. Add a modest parent 
contribution, a scholarship or grant, and 
you re well on your way toward paying for 
your college expenses. 

You’re also well on your way to starting 
your career. After graduation, two-thirds of 
our students get offered permanent jobs by 
their co-op employers. 

Come join these students at Columbia 
Union College. A diploma alone won’t get 
you the job. 


Gateway to Service 

7600 Flower Avenue ® Takoma Park ® Maryland ¢ 20912 
800-835-4212 Nationwide ¢ 800-492-1715 in Maryland 

Dear Ryan, 

It's been such a joy to watch you grow and 
mature from a boy to a young man over the past 
few years. We are so proud of your strength of 
convictions, your love for God, and your sense of 
responsibility for the task at hand. Whether if was 
setting up a photography class for Junior Camp, 
tackling college calculus, or spending countless 
hours organizing an art auction fundraiser for your 
class, your devotion to duty and hard work have 
made us feel honored to be your parents. 

There is no limit as you reach for your future goal: 
“SPACE — the final frontier ... to explore strange 
new worlds, to seek out new life ... to boldly go 
where no man has gone before.” 

Mom and Dad, 
Todd and Mindy 


I’m so very proud of you, you have accomplished so many 
things. Allow Jesus to lead you and you'll always be a success. 


Dear Kim, 

Since you were alittle boy you were reaching for the stars. We hope 
you will keep on setting high goals and strive for the best goal — 
heaven. God bless you. 

Mom, Dad & Mark 

John, : Good Luck 

You have reached an important 
milestone in your life! We wish you 
success and happiness as you 
proceed through the rest of your 
education. We are very proud of 

Dear Greg, 

In the last four years you have become a 
young adult. You have learned to respect 
other people and to care about their welfare. 

Under pressure of life you have shown that 
you will choose right. May the Blessings of 
always, Deuteronomy 28 be yours, for like your 

Dad, Mom & Heidi Heavenly Father said about Jesus, we say, 
“This is our Beloved Son in whom we are well 

With our love and prayers 


Mom, Dad & Aaron 


We tried to teach you values and morals and to be 
honest and true. 

We tried to help you realize the importance of human 
relationships and family ties, and to love the human 

We tried to encourage you to be your own person even 
though sometimes we didn’t want to. 

We tried to set an example that you wanted to follow 
and to explain Heaven as a place you could see our 
family united. 

But after all this, you have taught us about values and 
human relationships and love and dedication not only to 
us but to the whole world. 

So go for it Heather! We love and respect you, and you 
have never let us down. 


Ohad.» rem 

A s academy students you 
have been peppered with 
information from denominational 
schools across the country. You 
know what an Adventist educa- 
tion has to offer. Or at least you 
think you do. 

But at Southern we are com- 
mitted to giving students a 
balance of subjects and ideas that 
can’t be found on any other 

Our focus is on Christ and not 
on trying to be like other colleges 
Or universities. 

For 100 years young men and 
women have chosen Southern 
College to help them reach their 
goals. We hope you'll do the 

Let us hear from you soon. 

CELEBRATES Write: Office of Admissions 
4 Southem College 

i e Collegedale, TN 37315 

1892 - 1992 

Or call: 1-800-SOUTHERN 

This is just a yearbook ad 
But we're not just another college 



si =) 

%o go” 
“ioral Scien 


Plumbing and Heating, Inc. 

7809 Ridge Road 

Frederick, Maryland 21701 


Potomac Edison 

Part of the Allegneny Power System 

SC Re Ra ith gk 

Family Dentistry 


David C. Eklund, DDS 
William W. McCaffrey, DDS 

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 
8:00 - 6:00 
Wednesday, Friday 
8:00 - 1:00 

4 Cypress Street 
Hagerstown, MD 21740 

Professional Health Careers: 

e Nursing e Respiratory Care e Radiology 
Daytime & Evening e Preprofessional: e Ultrasound 

e Biomedical Electronics Pre-Medicine e Radiation Therapy 

e Physician Assisting Pre-Dentistry e Nuclear Medicine 

e General Education Pre-Physical Therapy e Special Procedures 

Two Year Associate Degrees at 

Kettering College of C/tledical Cftxts 

A Division of Kettering Medical Center 
3737 Souther Bivd. Kettering, Ohio 45429 
(513) 296-7874 1-800-433-KCMA 

Seventh-day Adventist 

80 Adventist Drive 
Frederick, MD 21701 
(301) 662-5254 
Dan Goddard, pastor 

8400 Carroll Avenue, Takoma Park, MD 20912 
(301) 439-0700 

OFFICIAL OUTLET - Pastor Wintley Phipps Recordings 
10% DISCOUNT - Every Day on ALL Recorded Music 

Books on Health & Nutrition Complete Line of Health Foods 
Bibles - All Translations Natural Cosmetics 
Church & S.S. Supplies Hygenic Products 
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We Our Customers 

A paras DO ee OTE tt | a cee 
Friday | seo ooloaoenes 

One of the Largest Selections of Building Products in the 

cag ee Tri-State Area. 

funy aes “Re 
merica _ BUILIANG 
Reac = CENTER 

; age for our time! Sa ST EDS 

WBAL, Channel 11 
Sunday, 8:30 am P.O. Box 278 

Maugansville, MD 21767 
(301) 739-4220 

DDD cs Dain 

Sunday, 12:00 pm 

3ABN on Spacenet 1, 
Transponder #7 

Tues, Thurs & Sat, 

4 am, 12:30 &9:30 pm 

Shenandoah's Pride 

Dairy Products 

a Route 9, Box 18 B 
ESE ae 

Oakmont Drive 
P.O. Box 680 Frederick, MD 21701 Hagerstown, MD 21740 

John E. Canfield 

Brick ¢ Block © Stone 

John E. Canfield 16919 Fairview Road 
Masonry Contractor Hagerstown, MD 21740 
(301) 797-5788 

Student Directory - “Hh 

Alonso, Susie (11) 105 Walter’s View, Hagerstown, MD 21740 (301) 824-2523 12/11/75 \ 
Averella, Becky (11) Route 1 Box 216B, Hagerstown, MD 21742 (301) 824-5383 05/31/74 

| Baker, David (9) 505 Logan Street, Frederick, MD 21701 (301) 662-2585 03/27/77 

Baker, Jim (10) 25 Stiles Road, Warren, NJ 07059 (201) 753-0768 06/16/76 1 
Banfe, Eric (12) 605 Robinwood Court, Hagerstown, MD 21742 (301) 733-4238 08/02/73 , 
Bates, Daniel (12) 2406 Starcrest Drive, Silver Spring, MD 20904 (301) 989-8916 04/27/73 a, 

Benton, Tommy (10) 10202 Crystal Falls Drive, Hagerstown, MD 21740 (301) 824-2068 02/06/75} 
Bergmann, Karl (12) 3811 Justin Road, Monkton, MD 21111 (301) 557-8813 05/11/74 qi 
Bergmann, Paul (9) 3811 Justin Road, Monkton, MD 21111 (301) 557-8813 03/06/76 i 
Blackburn, Beth (11) 709 W.Va. Avenue, Martinsburg, WV 25401 (304) 267-4372 05/11/75 | 


Bolduc, Nathalie (11) P.O. Box 302, Dover, DE 19903 (302) 284-3654 06/26/76 
Brandt, Michael (10) 108 Martin Circle, Hagerstown, MD 21740 (301) 824-3046 07/26/75 
Brown, Jack (12) 1541 Florida Avenue, Severn, MD 21144 (301) 551-6268 03/20/74 

. eae! Brown, Kerri 0) 9431 Lovat Road, Fulton, MD 20759 (301) 776-1386 08/10/75 
You Kaoud Wren ELS CBrown, Lynette (12) 4169 Louisville Road, Finksburg, MD 21048 (301) 795-6989 09/1 
a na i Wroatk > al cS) Brown, Rebecca (11) 9431 Lovat Road, Fulton, MD 20759 (301) 776-1386 07/28/74 i 
\ \ aX : \y , Brumagin, Cheri (9) Rt. 8 Box 112, Hagerstown, MD 21742 (301) 739-4355 08/15/76 i 
ey ao \ a \ aa Bullock, Randy (9) 21932 Academy Lane, Hagerstown, MD 21740 (301) 824-3319 12/24/76 fi 

Burgess, Brian (10) P.O. Box 332, Mt. Airy, MD 21771 (301) 875-5469 09/24/76 
Burrows, David (12) Rt. 2 Box 365, Williamsport, MD 21795 (301) 582-0264 10/25/72 | 
Burrows, TJ (11) 21917 Academy Lane, Hagerstown, MD 21740 (301) 824-7468 04/09/74 
Byrd, Alita (10) P.O. Box 76, Cavetown, MD 21720 (301) 416-0245 01/15/76 

C Byrd, Richie (9) 18331 Woodside Drive, Hagerstown, MD 21740 (301) 791-0114 06/20/77 

Callis, Robin (9) 13207 Bermondsey Court, Mitchellville, MD 20748 (301) 249-0080 03/31/7 : 
Carbaugh, Chad (12) 6945 Rock Hill Road, Waynesboro, PA 17268 (717) 264-4707 11/26/73 : 
Cavil, Rhonda (10) 103 Greenwood Drive, Hagerstown, MD 21740 (301) 791-2358 02/27/76 i 
Childers, Amity (12) 6131 Waterloo Road, Ellicott City, MD 21043 (301) 799-7433 02/19/74 


Coe, Michael (11) 6551 Pennacook Court, Columbia, MD 21045 (301) 381-3466 03/30/75 
Coulter, Todd (10) 10288 Shaker Drive, Columbia, MD 21046 (301) 992-7090 02/21/75 
Crouch, Jennifer (12) P.O. Box 247, Funkstown, MD 21734 (301) 790-1183 09/16/73 ih 
Crouch, Karen (9) P.O. Box 247, Funkstown, MD 21734 (301) 790-1183 12/27/76 | 
Crumbly, Miko (12) 1820 Downsville Pike #23, Hagerstown, MD 21740 (301) 797-1537 09/24/74 

P— Dagenais, Jeannette (10) Rt. 5 Box 133A, Dover, DE 19901 (302) 653-5802 05/01/76 
Dalgewicz, Alissa (11) 6714 Montell Drive, Highland, MD 20777 (301) 854-0071 04/01/75 
Dancek, Jessica (9) 21713 Academy Lane, Hagerstown, MD 21740 (301) 824-2639 05/09/77 
DeGraff, Damon (11) 52 Roberts Avenue, Devonshire, Bermuda, HM15 (809) 292-4116 03/11/75 
Dennison, Angie (11) 7809 Ridge Road, Frederick, MD 21702 (301) 293-6895 12/14/74 i 
Di Pinto, Tony (11) 15511 Langside Street, Silver Spring, MD 20905 (301) 384-1359 04/21/75 
Doyle, Tonya (10) 430 Kings Highway, #216, Dover, DE 19901 (302) 653-5764 10/29/75 
Dunn, William (12) 323 Middle Road, Southampton, Bermuda, SN04 (809) 238-0923 04/23/74 \ 
Durst, Stephanie (12) Rt. 1 Box 507, Kearneysville, WV 25430 (304) 725-6794 06/18/74 | 

Easley, Andrew (12) 516 W. Sixth Street, Waynesboro, PA 17268 (717) 762-9523 04/30/73 j 
Easley, Lisa (11) 516 W. Sixth Street, Waynesboro, PA 17268 (717) 762-9523 10/31/74 j 
Echols, Bobby (10) 1038 Westside, Gaithersburg, MD 20877 (301) 834-6178 09/01/75 

f) Ehrhardt, Kim (10) Rt. 1 Box 327, Hagerstown, MD 21740 (301) 791-5470 11/28/75 
Ke € ¢ < Eller, Tina (9) P.O. Box 172, Shenandoah Junction, WV 25442 (304) 725-9628 02/15/77 ‘ 
‘ l _—~(k@ 9) Evans, Cora (11) P.O. Box 396 White Sands Drive; tusby, MD 20657 (301) 586-2934 03/21/75 

Fearing, Katie (11) 412 Birchwood Manor, Bel Air, MD 21014 (301) 836-7668 03/24/75 
Foulkes, Tom (10) 11051 Pleasant Walk Road, Myersville, MD 21773 (301) 293-1913 07/09/75 | 
Frazier, Adam (10) 11336 Hopewell Road, Hagerstown, MD 21740 (301) 582-1255 12/10/75 i 
Freeman, Jodee (11) 383 Potomac Heights Road, Falling Waters, WV 25419 (304) 274-3462 08/07/75 © 

Gatling, Lara (11) 1951 Downsville Pike, #2, Hagerstown, MD 21740 (301)790-3678 01/12/75 
Gatz, Heather (10) 10100 Academy Drive, Hagerstown, MD 21740 (301) 739-8486 08/15/76 
Gay, Christina (12) 3939 Rosewood Road, Monrovia, MD 21770 (301) 831-6782 01/25/74 

Geyer, Catina (12) Route 2 Box 190, Laurel, DE 19956 (302) 875-0780 02/20/73 

Gibbons, Mark (11) 30 Spanish View Road, Smith’s, Bermuda, FLO6 (809) 293-2216 01/13/75 
WGiles, Chad (11) 1424 Chazadale Way, Westminster, MD 21157 (301) 876-8822 05/14/75 
Goff, Bonnie (10) 428 Center Street, Frederick, MD 21701 (301) 694-9236 04/06/76 

Goldenberg, Steve (11) 10796 Avondale Drive, Manassas, VA 22111 (703) 257-0826 03/28/74 
Goodrich, Dusty (10) 1006 Elizabeth Court, Shepherdstown, WV 25443 (304) 876-6596 10/25/74 

Haney,Alexandra (12) 2509 New Boston Road, Texarkana, TX 75501 (903) 793-8867 01/01/74 
Hanson, Jennifer (9) 10336 Mar Rock Drive, Hagerstown, MD 21740 (301) 739-6019 02/27/77 
Harding, Jenny (11) 494 Giltspur Drive, Frederick, MD 21702 (301) 662-4589 03/18/75 
Herman, Katy (12) 1404 Guffy Drive, Raleigh, NC 27603 (919) 662-1259 11/04/74 
Hickman,Matthew (9) 21814 Black Rock Lane, Hagerstown, MD 21740 (301) 791-5989 10/20/76 
Hickman, Rayanne (11) 21814 Black Rock Lane, Hagerstown, MD 21740 (301) 791-5989 09/03/74 
Hoffman, Allen (11) Route 1 Box 66-K, Hagerstown, MD 21742 (301) 824-3466 02/22/74 
Hoffman, Eric (11) Route 1 Box 66-K, Hagerstown, MD 21742 (301) 824-3466 06/07/75 
Holtry, Christine (12) 17469 Path Valley Road, Spring Run, PA 17262 (717) 739-7845 01/31/74 
Horman, Marshall (9) 10239 Wolfsville Road, Myersville, MD 21773 (301) 293-3955 07/25/77 

Jackson, Lisa (9) Rt. 2 Box 440, Kearneysville, WV 25430 (304) 263-3152 06/22/77 
Johnson, Audrey (10) 2107 Youngstoun Dr., Hagerstown, MD 21742 (301)790-0957 10/30/76 
Johnson, Jeremy (11) 1936 Abbey Lane, Hagerstown, MD 21740 (301) 797-3373 07/15/75 
June, Joy (11) 2304 Warwick Avenue, Richmond, VA 23224 01/30/74 

Kapusta, Matthew (11) 413 O’Toole Drive, Hagerstown, MD 21740 (301) 824-3440 09/19/74 
Kershner, John (12) 4740 Burkittsville Road, Knoxville, MD 21758 (301) 834-8073 08/08/73 
Kirkpatrick, Toby (12) 4262 Suitland Road #203, Suitland, MD 20746 (301) 736-4041 09/20/73 
Kirstein, Chad (12) 9735 Crystal Falls Drive, Hagerstown, MD 21740 (301) 797-8224 07/17/73 
Klein, Laura (11) 1110 Bern Drive, Havre De Grace, MD 21078 (301) 939-3314 08/18/75 
Kline, Jennifer (12) Route 1 Box 67A, Smithsburg, MD 21783 (301) 824-7818 03/18/73 

Kline, Jeremy (10) Route 1 Box 67A, Smithsburg, MD 21783 (301) 824-7818 06/02/75 
Klinger, Janel (9) 104 Hartle Drive, Hagerstown, MD 21740 (301) 733-1998 12/26/76 

Knapp, Kristina (11) Route 1 Box 285, Chestertown, MD 21620 (301) 778-2353 01/25/75 

LeVos, Ken (12) Route 1 Box 131A, Pennsboro, WV 26415 (304) 659-3915 10/12/73 
meeco™, Lara (12) 510 Aqueduct Drive, Williamsport, MD 21795 (301) 223-5180 09/18/73 
Little, Michelle (9) 1713 Springhouse Court, Frederick, MD 21702 (301) 694-9186 02/15/77 

Macomber, Vicki (10)21738 Academy Terrace, Hagerstown, MD 21740 (301) 733-7407 08/07/76 
Mangum, April (11) 154 N. Artizan Street, Williamsport, MD 21795 (301) 223-8437 04/30/76 
Mariani, Jennifer (12) P.O. Box 159, Bakerton, WV 25410 (304) 876-6049 10/11/74 

Marr, Venus (11) 1312 Nicholson Street, Hyattsville, MD 20782 (301) 559-6747 08/18/75 
Marter, Jonathan (10) Route 10 Box 28-L, Hagerstown, MD 21742 (301) 791-6753 05/11/76 
Maxwell, Heather (10) Route 10 Box 29H, Hagerstown, MD 21742 (301) 790-3589 10/03/74 
Maxwell, Heidi (12) Route 10 Box 29H, Hagerstown, MD 21742 (301) 790-3589 03/18/74 
McKee, Todd (11) 1 The Park, St. Albans, HERTS, ENGLAND 1AL 4RU 04/21/74 

|McLean, Wil (11) Route 2 Box 78, Smithsburg, MD 21783 (301) 824-7749 07/22/75 

Medori, Dino (11) 162-B Laurel Heights Road, Landenberg, PA 19350 (215) 274-2153 01/28/75 
|Melnick, Ryan (12) 16005 Coomus Road, Clarksburg, MD 20871 (301) 428-8010 05/29/73 
Miles, Kim (11) 428 Sherman Avenue, Frederick, MD 21701 (301) 695-1025 01/07/75 

/Minner, Jennifer (10) 15708 Spade Road, Hagerstown, MD 21740 (301) 791-0062 08/27/75 
/Mollock, Robert (12) RD 2 Box 198, Delmar, DE 19940 (302) 846-3991 08/12/72 

Moran, Kimberly (11) RD 5 Box 788B, Dover, DE 19901 (302) 674-8046 03/22/75 

Morrison, Charity (9) Route 5 Box 355B, Hagerstown, MD 21740 (301) 797-3484 01/10/77 
/Mulcare, Danielle (11) 7395 Mink Hollow Road, Highland, MD 20777 (301) 854-0181 09/18/75 
‘Murphy, Christopher (11) Route 1 Box 297E, Grasonville, MD 21638 (301) 827-7146 07/23/75 



Nash, Greg (12) 1170 Ridge Road, Mt. Airy, MD 21771 (301) 831-7010 01/25/74 

Negley, Erica (12) Route 1 Box 219, Hagerstown, MD 21742 (301) 824-3217 11/13/73 
Nichols, Andrew (9) 2515B Augusta Ct., Aberdeen Pvg. Gd, MD 21005 (301) 272-8506 10/21/76 
Nield, Emily (9) Route 1 Box 216, Hagerstown, MD 21740 (301) 824-3727 05/26/77 

Oakley, Nikki (10) 128 Wyeth Way, Hockessin, DE 19707 (302) 234-1949 01/22/76 

Pak, Chong (11) 56 Douglas Street, Lambertville, NJ 08530 (609) 397-1097 03/27/74 | 
Patterson, Jason(11) 122 Chesterfield/Georgetown Rd,Columbus, NJO8022 (609)291-1308 03/06/7 
Purnell, Nita (11) Route 1 Box 31Z, Gerrardstown, WV 25420 (304) 229-2261 03/18/75 

Ramirez, Nancy (11) 19625 White Saddle Dr., Germantown, MD 20874 (301) 540-8860 02/18/74 

Ramirez, Nikki (10) 19625 White Saddle Dr., Germantown, MD 20874 (301) 540-8860 01/18/76 
Richardson, Jamie (11) 11403 Honeybear Lane Germantown, MD 20874 (301) 972-5958 09/26/7 
Ridenour, Tracey (11) P.O. Box 12, Boonsboro, MD 21713 12/20/73 

Rogers, Jeffrey (11) 1513 Rainbow Drive, Silver Spring, MD 20905 (301) 384-3298 10/30/74 
Roh, Brian (12) 5339 Chalkstone Way, Fairfax, VA 22030 (703) 968-4223 04/12/73 

Schramm, Jennah (10) 10327 High Point Drive, Hagerstown, MD 21740 (301) 824-3301 01/04/7) 
Schubert, Christine (12) 33 Shamrock Circle, Westminster, MD 21157 (301) 876-6059 09/307 
Seeders, Donnie (10) 7631 Fairplay Road, Boonsboro, MD 21713 (301) 797-4763 06/18/76 
Seeders, Jaime (9) 7631 Fairplay Road, Boonsboro, MD 21713 (301) 797-4763 06/03/77 | 
Shin, David (9) Route 1 Box 282, Hagerstown, MD 21740 (301) 824-6320 10/05/76 

Smith, Laura (12) 740 Whitney’s Landing Drive, Crownsville, MD 21032 (301) 923-6789 10/17/74 | 
Song, Peter (9) 210 Hidden Valley Drive, Edison, NJ 08820 (908) 494-3025 10/27/75 | 
Spencer, Crystal (12) 110 Skyview Drive, Shrewsbury, PA 17361 (717) 233-0122 08/11/73 | 
Spoonire, Brian (12) 21847 White Oak Road, Hagerstown, MD 21740 (301) 797-4322 11/24/74 
Spoonire, Michael (10) 21847 White Oak Road, Hagerstown, MD 21740 (301) 797-4322 02/28/76 
Starcher, Kenya (11) P.O. Box 804, Summersville, WV 26051 (304) 872-3270 02/12/75 

Streight, Adam (12) 703 Shirley Drive, Aberdeen, MD 21902 (301) 272-7576 05/14/74 
Szczepanski, Scott (10) 1076 Redfield Court #TC, Frederick, MD 21702 (301) 662-2378 12/31/76 

Trepper, Becky (9) 105 Bailey Road, Hagerstown, MD 21740 (301) 824-6155 12/29/76 
Trepper, Jennifer (10) 105 Bailey Road, Hagerstown, MD 21740 (301) 824-6155 08/04/75 

Tucker, Beckie (11) 237 E. Main Street, Waynesboro, PA 17268 (717) 762-5659 02/25/75 | 
Tucker, Terrie (12) 237 E. Main Street, Waynesboro, PA 17268 (717) 762-5059 11/30/7: | 
Tydings, Jason (9) 9153 Crystal Falls Drive, Boonsboro, MD 21713 (301) 733-9545 04/08/76 

Van Hyning, Tanya (12) 9804 Crystal Falls Dr., Hagerstown, MD 21740 (301) 733-8199 09/06/7 
Van Hyning, Vanessa (10) 9804 Crystal Falls Drive, Hagerstown, MD (301) 733-8199 07/02/75 
Veney, Anthony (12) P.O. Box 432, Painter, VA 23420 (804) 442-3643 02/18/74 

Viana, Gabriela (12) 710 Hemlock Court, Herndon, VA 22070 (703) 742-3388 02/08/73 

Walkowiak, Kevin (11) Route 3 Box 110 A-2, Martinsburg, WV 25401 (304) 274-1753 12/027) 
Wantz, Chris (11) 37 Sullivan Avenue #T-1, Westminster, MD 21157 (301) 848-8718 05/13/7) 
Wasenmiller, Kim (11) Route 1 Box 256, Hedgesville, WV 25427 (304) 274-2042 08/30/75 
Waters, Mike (12) 240 W. Edgewater Way, Newark, DE 19702 (302) 368-7778 03/01/74 | 
Watson, Angela (10) 2365 Bell Branch Road, Gambrills, MD 21054 (301) 261-6349 06/09/75 
Wheeler, Tompaul (10) 9937 Old National Pike, Hagerstown, MD 21740 (301) 797-0291 07/30/ } 
Wiesner, Keith (10) 3318 New Baltimore Road, Fayetteville, PA 17222 (717) 749-3713 09/25/ 
Wiesner, Paula (12) 3318 New Baltimore Road, Fayetteville, PA 17222 (717) 749-3713 06/24/ 
Woodward, Kim (12) 14457 Maple Ridge, Hancock, MD 21750 (301) 678-5538 09/02/73 
Woodward, Mark (9) 14457 Maple Ridge, Hancock,MD 21750 (301) 678-5538 03/13/75 
Wright, Kenneth (12) 12 Valley View Drive, Vienna, WV 26105 (304) 295-7056 03/19/74 

Zinke, Heather (12) 1801 Armond Lane, Silver Spring, MD 20905 (301) 421-1357 03/24/74 | 


<4 Hyung Jin Kang 
task force worker; science; supervisor 

Front row: Peter Song; Brandon Palmer; 
Beth Blackburn. Back row: Khan Matthews; 
Matthew Stuempfle; Ricardo da Costa; 
Sergio Vacaliuc. Not pictured: Stephanie 

a Costa, Ricardo (12) 13808 Overton Lane, Silver Spring, MD 20904 (703)989-0380 10/14/74 

fatthews, Khan (10) G-11 Fentons Drive, Curving Avenue, Pembroke, Bermuda HM17 (809) 292-6556 05/16/76 
almer, Brandon (9) 10809 Kingstead Road, Damascus, MD 20872 (301)253-5404 06/29/77 

tuempfle, Matthew (10) 13190 Scott Road, Waynesboro, PA 17268 (717)762-0825 07/28/76 

facaliuc, Sergio (11) P.O. Box 2510, Hagerstown, MD 21740 11/18/74 

Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine, P.A. 
‘“God Bless Our Children” 

J. Ramsay Farah, M.D. 
M.P.H., FA.A.P., RA.C.P.M. 

Maria C. Younes, M.D. 
Pediatric Neurology 

(301) 733-7667 
(301) 733-7666 

[Ol King Street, Hagerstown, MD 21740 



Together we’ve come to the end of another 
year. I hope that you have enjoyed yourself as 
much as I have. As you’ve looked through this 
yearbook I hope that you’ve been able to relive 
some of the memories that were just a piece of 
the year that you spent here. 

I would like to give special thanks to my 
advisors and staff for all their hard work and 
dedication to getting this yearbook out on time. 

A special thank you to Shari Blackburn for-her , 

help in many ways, such as dingbats and staying 
up all night to make final corrections, Steve 
Vargas for his help in taking pictures and the 
darkroom, and Joyce Mayden for her help in the 
final proofing. I don’t think we could have ever 

done it without you! 

I hope that you’ve enjoyed the 1992 Highlander 
as much as we have enjoyed putting the pieces 
together to make it what you hold in your hands. 

Thank you to those special people who gave me 
encouragement when I was frustrated, made me 
laugh when I was down, and tolerated me when 
deadlines were only hours away. You all are very 
special to me! 

). t 


Tara Lindow 
Highlander Editor 


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EMM Ofssiscsscscressesscsssteitccteal Tara Lindow 

Advertising..........sccsceree Danny Bates 

Nathalie Bolduc 

Computer Design.............. Chad Giles 

Feature Writer........000. Jenny Harding 

Layout Design.......... Alissa Dalgewicz 

Jennifer Hanson 

Photography..........000000 Susie Alonso 

Danny Bates 

Lara Gatling 

Laura Klein 

AGVISOMS scssscossscccsncssoscosacsvars Eric Engen 

Dana Etheridge 

Jayme Rouse 




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