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Gwendolyn Brooks Building 
300 S. Second St. 

Springfield, IL 62701-1796 


•• Keeping the citizens of 
Illinois informed. 


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Secretary of State & State Librarian 

Recognizing the need for public access to government 
information, the Illinois General Assembly passed a 
law in 1967 requiring state agencies to cieposit copies of 
their publications with the State Library for collection 
and exchange purposes. In 1995, the State Library Act 
was amended making the Secretary of State/State 
Librarian also responsible for making electronic state 
records and documents available via the Internet. In 
2002, the definition of published materials was 
expanded to include electronic formats. 

Through the Illinois Documents Depository Program, 
the Illinois State Library serves as a central repository and 
distribution center for all state publications. The current 
collection at the State Library is a historical representa¬ 
tion of state government since Illinois was 
granted statehood in 1818. The program 
not only makes the publications 
available at the State Library, but 
also distributes copies to desig¬ 
nated university and public 
libraries in the state. There are 
more than 25 depositories 

Publications are p 
and are available 

State Library Act 

The Illinois State Librarian shall set by rule the stan¬ 
dard to be used for electronic data exchange among 
state agencies and the State Library (15 ILCS 
320/21(a)). State agencies include every state office, 
officer, department, division, section, unit, service, 
bureau, board, commission, committee and subdivi¬ 
sion of all branches of state government that expend 
appropriations of state funds, including state universi¬ 
ties (15 ILCS 320/21 (b)). 

Agencies should continue to submit 40 copies of all 
printed publications to: Illinois State Library, 

in Illinois including the Illinois State Library. 

The Illinois State Library maintains an archival collec- 
tion of the first print copy of all documents. Second 
and third copies are made available to the public. 

Documents received for the collection come in many 
formats: paper, microform, electronic, maps, sound 
recordings, etc. All items are available for public use 
and most circulate. Types of reports received include 
annual reports, special reports, statistical information 
and verbatim debates of the Illinois General Assembly. 

All items received at the State Library for the Illinois 
Documents collection are published in a monthly list- 
ing, the Illinois Documents List, and an 
annual compilation, Publications of 
the State of Illinois. Mailing lists 
are maintained for both and may 
be ordered by contacting the 
Illinois Documents staff at 
217-782-6304. Both are free 
of charge. 

served electronically 
it % % 

Gwendolyn Brooks Building, Illinois Documents, 300 
S. Second St., Springfield, IL 62701-1796. For more 
information, please call 217-782-6304. 

Electronic submissions 

To submit electronic documents to the library, obtain a 
login and password from the State Library. Log in and 
assign metadata to electronic documents using the 
Metadata Generator. Upload electronic copies of all 
documents. Acceptable electronic formats include, but 
are not limited to, Microsoft Office, Plain Text, Adobe 
Acrobat PDF and MPEG or WAV (for video and 
sound). While most file types are accepted into the 
depository, scripts are not supported. 

FINO-IT! ILLINOIS at is designed to 
facilitate access to public information. 

FiNDIT! ILLINOIS includes: 

• Illinois Government Information (IGI) — A search 
engine providing search capabilities across the 
Illinois government Web sites by keyword, subject 
and organizational structure. 

• Electronic Document Initiative (EDI) — Electronic 

copies of state documents for permanent public 
access available at 

The Illinois State Library is open to the public. Anyone 
may use the collection on the premises. Circulating 
materials are loaned directly to state government 
employees and officials, patrons of other ILLINET 
Online libraries, Illinois public library cardholders and 
retired state employees through interlibrary loan. 

Printed by authority of the State of Illinois. 
September 2005 — 750 — LDA 110