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Full text of "Jaffe, Nell L., Miss, 1927 (Assistant Librarian, Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo, Ohio) [ANS correspondence, ca. 1908-1931]"

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Subject + A Gecbrand van din ERKNGuY pein’: Saree, Nell L., Miss | l4zq 

(Assistant Lilrancn, 
Toledo Museum of Art, 
Toledo, OH | 

Wien NM. 3. Isfte, ee 
Assistant Librarian, ; : 
Toledo Museum of Art, oe A ee 
FOL 98S 5. Ohio =i i eae 
Pear Madam: 7 % 

é Laat November you very @ 
a photograph of the vainting by Beckho 
tion. May I trouble you to rive me a re ir 

signature on this vaintine for purposes of confi : 
my own observation. I enclose a stamped emvelope. =< 

b . 
aes Pee?) 

Very i yours, 
- + 
é =% = a 
: — e PSP cae 
, ; ' - : “ 7m cate 
Secretary — oe 
i ee 2 : - 
: vas Pan ad 
bs + : oe 
SPN: MB . : Ce om 
Enel. ae 
‘ 4 
a: : 


April 21, 1929 

‘Miss Nell Jaffe, 

Assistant Curator, 
Toledo Museum of Art, 
Toledo, Ohio 

Dear Miss Jaffe: 

Please pardon the delay that has inter- 
vened in my securing the copy of the painting by Beckhout 
in the New York Historical Society collection, I am send- 
ing it to you herewith. Yill you tre so good as to let 
me know whether there is any record cf the provenance of 
4ies ricture. Do you know from whose collection it was 
secyred Before it came into the vossession of the donor 
and will you give me the donor's name? I am hoping to 
publish both pictures in a forthcoming issue of the 
buli¢tin of the New York Historical Society and will en- 
deavor to see thut the cory is sent you. 

Thanking you fort your courtesy, I am 

Yours very truly,,