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[Chiefly published or announced since October, 189B.] 


Ammon (O.). Die Gesellschaftsord- 
nung und ihre naturliclien Grund- 
lagen. Jena: Fischer. 8vo. 6 m. 

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krisen. Geschichte der national- 
okonomischen Krisentheoiien. 
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pp. 448. 9 m. 

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[In Bibhotheque Sociologique.] 
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Theoretique et Pratique d'Jicono- 
mie Politique. Paris: Guillaumin. 
4 vols. [Announced.] 

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seine Stellung in der Geschichte 
der Nationalokonomie und sein 
Reformplan. Leipzig: Duncker 
& Humblot. 8vo. S.60 m. [An- 

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tare di Scienza Economica. Ve- 
rona: The author, at 4 Piazza 
Navona. pp. 700. 7 1. 

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his Critics: A Study in Sociology. 
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writings, translated]. London and 
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omy for High Schools and Begin- 
ners. Boston: Ginn&Co. 12mo. 
55 cts. 

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alismus. Rektoratsrede. Berlin: 
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In Periodicals. 

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und Statistik des Privatvermogens. 
Zeitschr. f. Volksw., Soc-Pol , und 
Verw.,4, Heft 3. 

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secondo la Dottrina della Utilita 
Limite [concluded]. Giorn. degli 
Eeon., Oct. 

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leur [fin]. Rev. d'Econ. Pol., 
Oct —Nov. 

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Tedeschi d' Economia Politica. 
Saggio Bibliografico. Giorn. degli 
Econ., Oct. 

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Amer. Journ of Sociology, Nov. 

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Evolution. Amer Journ of So- 
ciology, Nov 

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schine in der Volkswirthschaft. 
Zeitschr f. Volksw., Soc-Pol., und 
Verw., 4, Heft 3. 

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ciology, I. Contemp. Rev., Dec. 

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ciology. Pol. Sci. Quarterly, Dec. 

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Internat. Journ. of Ethics, Jan. 

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mensvertheilung in alterer und 
neuerer Zeit. Jahrb. f. Gesetzg., 
19, Heft 4. 

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pretation of Subjective Value. 
Journ. of Polit. Econ , Dec. 

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the United States Government to 
Social Science. Amer. Journ. of 
Sociology, Nov. 




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sicherung der europaischen 
Staaten. Leipzig: Duncker & 
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Congres Intebnational des Ac- 
cidents du Travail et des Assur- 
ances Sociales: Tenue a Milan, 
1-16 October, 1894. Milan: Impr. 
H. Reggiani. 8vo. 2 vols. pp. 
963, 571. 

Cbafts (W. F.). Practical Chris- 
tian Sociology. With an introduc- 
tion by Joseph Cook. New York: 
Punk <fc Wagnalls Co. 12mo. 
pp. 528. $1.50. 

France, Office du Tbavail. 
Hygifene et Security des Travail- 
leurs dans les Ateliers Industriels. 
Legislation Francaise et Etrangere. 
Paris: Imp. Nationale. pp. 659.^ 

. Etudes sur les Derniers Re- 

sultats des Assurances Sociales en 
Allemagne et Autriche l re Partie : 
Accidents; 2 e Partie: Maladie, In- 
validity, Vieillesse. 8vo. 2.00, 
1.50 fr. 

Krebs (S. L.). Poverty's Factory; 
or, The Curse, Cause, and Cure 
of Abnormal "Wealth. Boston: 
Arena Publ. Co. 8vo. pp. 179. 
75 cts. 

Lubbock (G.). Some Poor Relief 
Questions. With Arguments on 
both sides, together with Sum- 
mary of Report of Royal Commis- 
sion on Aged Poor, and Extracts 
from Evidence taken before Com- 
mission. A manual for workers. 
London: Murray. 8vo. pp. 342. 
7s. 6d. 

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du Travail en Belgique [awarded 
the Prix du Roi]. Brussels: P. 
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676. [Vol. II. in press.] Per 
vol., 7 50fr. 

Nobth (S. N. D.). Factory Legis- 
lation in New England. [Re- 
printed articles from Bulletin of 
Nat. Assoc, of Wool Manuf.] 
Boston: The Arkwright Club. 
8vo. pp. 69. 

Rostand (E.). L'Action Sociale 
par lTnitiative Prive"e, avec des 
Documents pour servir a 1' Organi- 

sation d' Institutions Populaires et 
des Plans d'Habitations Ouvrieres. 
Paris: Guillaumin. 8vo. 15 fr. 

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beitslosenversicherung. Bamberg: 
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6.50 m. 

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Plymouth School of Ethics. New 
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pp. 149. 75 cts. 

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ries. Paris: V. Lecoffre. 12mo. 

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Labob. The Housing of the 
Working People. Eighth Special 
Report, prepared by E. R. L. 
Gould. Washington: Govern- 
ment Printing Office. 8vo. pp. 

Verein fur Abmenpflege. 
Schriften: No. 21, Armenpflege 
und Arbeiterversicherung, by R. 
Freund; No. 22, Various Reports 
on Relief Tests, Homeless in 
Cities, Care of Children, by Jack- 
stein, E. Munsterberg, and Flesch. 
Leipzig: Duncker & Humblot. 
pp. 102, 97. 2.40, 2.20 m. 

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Utopia and its Unhappy Citizens. 
Chicago: A. C. McClurg & Co. 
12mo. pp. 344. $1.25. 

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dell, and Other Writers. The Poor 
in Great Cities, and what is Doing 
to serve them. New York: C. 
Scribner's Sons. 8vo. pp. 421. 

In Periodicals. 

Babnett (S. A.). University Set- 
tlements. Nineteenth Cent., Dec. 

Bompas (H. M.). The Improve- 
ment of Working-class Homes. 
Fortnightly, Nov. 

Bbooks (J. G.). The Social Ques- 
tion in the Catholic Congresses. 
Internat. Joum. of Ethics, Jan. 

Cunningham (W.). The General 



Election, and the Prospects of So- 
cial Legislation. Econ. Rev., Oct. 

Parker (Lord). Taking Stock of 
Employers' Liability. National 
Rev. , Nov. 

Fiamingo (G.). Le Soluzione del 
Problema dei Disoccupati. Giorn. 
degli Econ., Dec. 

Heckel (M ). DerBoykott. Jahrb. 
f. Nat. Oek., 10, Heft 4. 

Lowell (A. L.). The Referendum 
and Initiative: Their Relation to 
the Interests of Labor in Switzer- 
land and in America. Internat. 
Journ. of Ethics, Oct. 

Reeves (E.). The Present Posi- 
tion of Adult Male Labor in New 
Zealand. Westminster Rev., Dec. 


Geschichte des Sozialismus in 


I. : Theil 1, Von Plato bis zu den 
Wiedertaufern, von K. Kautsky; 
Theil 2, Von Thomas More bis 
zum Vorabend der franzosischen 
Revolution, von P. Lafargue, E. 
Bernstein, C. Hugo. Stuttgart: 
J. H. W. Dietz. 8vo. pp. 448, 
460. Each part, 3 m. 

Kaufmans (M.). Socialism and 
Modem Thought. London: Me- 
thuen. 8vo. pp. 184. 2s. 6d. 

Mehring (F.). Die Geschichte der 
deutschen Sozialdemokratie von 
ihren ersten Keimen bis zur Ge- 
genwart. Stuttgart: J. H. W. 
Dietz. [Announced.] 

Sombart (W.). Friedrich Engels, 
1870-95. Ein Blatt zur Entwick- 
elungsgeschichte des Sozialismus. 
[Reprinted from "Die Zukunft."] 

Berlin: O. Haring. 8vo. pp. 35. 
.50 m. 

Stebza (A.). II Comunismo dell' 
Antica Sparta, della Primitiva 
Chiesa, e del Paraguair sotto la 
Direzione dei Gesuiti. Parma: 
Tip. Grazioli. 16mo. pp. 154. 

Zenker (E. V.). Kritische Ge- 
schichte der anarchistischen The- 
orie. Jena: G. Fischer. 8vo. 
pp. 271. 5 m. 

In Periodicals. 

Long (R. S.). A Socialist State. 

Westminster Rev., Dec. 
Ludlow (J. M.). Two Books on 

Socialism, by "Nunquam" and 

"Nemo." Econ. Rev., Oct. 
Mallock (W. H.). Demand and 

Supply under Socialism. Forum, 



Artois (E.). Des Syndicats Agri- 
coles. Historique: Commentaire 
de la Loi de 1884 Paris: Libr. 
Cerf. 18mo. pp. 157. 1.50 fr. 

Mbbenda (P.). Illusioni e Realta 
nel Credito Fondiario. Palermo: 
A. Reber. 8vo. 6 1. 

In Periodicals. 

Adams (E. F. ). Co-operation among 
Farmers. Forum, Nov. 

Bear (W. E.). Agricultural Prog- 
ress in the Argentine Republic. 
Econ. Journ., Dec. 

Eni andi (L ). La Crise Agraria nell' 
Inghilterra [continued]. Giorn. 
degli Econ., Nov., Dec. 

Gabnier (R. M.). The Evolution 
of Agricultural Science. Econ. 
Rev., Oct. 

Loutchitsky (J.). De la Petite 
Propriety en France avant la Re- 
volution et de la Vente des Biens 
Nationaux [continued]. Rev. His- 
torique, Sept., Oct. 

Schumacher (H.). Der Getreide- 
handel in den Vereinigten Staaten 
von America und dessen Organisa- 
tion. Jahrb. Nat. Oek. , 10, Heft 3. 

Valenti (G.). La Base Agronom- 
ica della Teoria della Rendita [con- 
tinued], Giorn. degli Econ., Oct. 

Wolff (H. W.). Co-operation in 
Agriculture. Contemp. Rev., Oct. 




In Periodicals. 

C ANNAN (E. ) . The Probability of a 
Cessation of the Growth of Popu- 
lation in England and Wales dur- 

ing the Next Century. Econ. 
Journ., Dec. 
Willcox (W. F.). Decrease in 
Interstate Migration. Pol. Sci. 
Quarterly, Dec. 


Fby (H.). The History of North 
Atlantic Steam Navigation. With 
Some Account of Early Ships and 
Ship-owners. London: Low. 8vo. 
pp. 338. 10s. 6d. 

Haabmann (A.). Die Kleinbahnen. 
Ihre geschichtliche Entwickelung, 
technische Ausgestaltung, und 
wirthschaf tliche Bedeutung. Ber- 
lin: Siemanroth & Troschel. 8vo. 
pp. 398. 8 m. 

Moses (B.). The Bailway Revolu- 
tion in Mexico. San Francisco: 

The Berkeley Press. 12mo. pp. 
90. 50 cts. 

In Periodicals. 

Ashley (O. D.). The General Kail- 
road Situation. Forum, Nov. 

Shannon (O. P.). Short Route 
to Europe and Canadian Ports. 
Journ. of Polit. Econ., Dec. 

Woolsey (T. D.). An Interoceanic 
Canal in the Light of Precedent. 
Yale Rev., Nov. 


Gbunzel (J ). Der Internationale 
Wirthschaftsverkehr und seine 
Bilanz. Leipzig: Duncker & 
Humblot. 8vo. pp. 231. 4.80 m. 

MtiNSTEBBEEG (O.). Japan's aus- 
wartiger Handel von 1542 bis 1854. 
[In Munchener Volksw. Studien.] 
Stuttgart: Cotta. 8vo. 7 m. 

In Periodicals. 

Zablet (M.). Les Relations Com- 
merciales de la France et de l'Es- 
pagne (1891-94) Journ. des Econ. , 


Binns (H.). The Theory of the 
Yearly Trade Movement. To- 
gether with the Argument for 
Trade Revival and against Bi- 
metallism, with Letters concern- 
ing the Cotton Market. Essays 
on Trade Questions. Manches- 
ter: J. Hey wood. 8vo. pp. 100. 
2s. 6d. 

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Both Sides of the Silver Question. 
Boston: C. E. Brown & Co. 
12mo. pp. 108. 50 cts. 

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Populaires. Paris: Guillaumin. 

In Periodicals. 

Bbassey (Lord). The Closing of 

the Indian Mints. Nineteenth 

Cent., Oct. 
Faibchild (C. S.). The Present 

Aspect of the Silver Question. 

Forum, Oct. 
Habding (W. F.). State Bank of 

Indiana. Journ of Polit. Econ., 

Lexis (W.). The Agio on Gold 



and International Trade. Econ. 
Journ., Dec. 

Lotz (W.). Die Ergebnisse der 
deutschen Silberenquete [con- 
cluded]. Jahrb. f. Gesetzg., 14, 
Heft 4. 

Notes (A. D.). The Late Bond 
Syndicate Contract. Pol. Sci. 
Quarterly, Dec. 

Pantaleoni (M.). La Caduta della 

Societa Generate di Credito Nobi- 

liare Italian o [concluded]. Giorn. 

degli Econ., Nov. 
Eegkly (A.). Die Bewegung fur 

Ernchtung einer schweizerischen 

Bundesbank. Jahrb. Nat. Oek., 

10, Heft 3. 
Van Oss (S. P.). The Gold-mining 

Madness in the City. Nineteenth 

Cent., Oct. 


Martello (T.). L' Imposta Pro- 
gressiva in Teoria ed in Practica. 
Turin: Societa Tipografico-edi- 
trice. [Announced.] 

Seligman (E. E. A.). Essays in 
Taxation. London and New 
Tork: Macmillan. 8vo. pp. 444. 

In Periodicals. 

Beaubin-Gbessieb (L.). L'Imp6t 
dans une Famille Parisienne. 
Journ. Soc. Statist, de Paris, Oct. 

Davies (H. L.). The Incidence of 
Bates. Westminster Eev., Oct. 

Dot-field (W. B.). Graduated 

Taxation in the Canton de Vaud. 

Westminster Eev , Oct. 
Gbabein (M.). Beitrage zur Lehre 

von der Steuerprogression. Fi- 

nanz-Archiv, 12, Band 2. 
Inhulsen (C. H. P.). Die neue 

Estate Duty der Finance Act, 1894. 

Finanz-Archiv, 12, Band 2. 
Mtjlhall (M. G). The Budget: 

A New Scheme. Contemp. Eev., 

Puynode (G.). Des Principes de 

l'lmpdt. Journ. des ficon., Oct. 
Willis (H. P.). Income Taxation 

in France. Journ. of Polit. Econ., 



Andom (E.). Industrial Explorings 
in and around London. [Visits 
paid to various industries.] Lon- 
don: J. Clarke. 8vo. pp. 310. 
3s. 6d. 

Boun (M. J.). Spanien's Nieder- 
gang wahrend der Preisrevolution 
des 16 Jahrhunderts. [In Mun- 
chener Volksw. Studien] Stutt- 
gart: Cotta. 8vo. 4 m. [An- 

Cheney (E. P.). Social Changes 
in the Sixteenth Century as re- 
flected in Contemporary Litera- 
ture. Part I., Eural Changes. 
[Public, of Univ. of Pennsylva- 
nia ] Boston: Ginn & Co. pp. 

Ehbenbebg (E.). Hamburg und 

England im Zeitalter der Konigin 

Elisabeth. Jena: Fischer. 8vo. 

7.50 m. 
Heins (M.). Les Stapes de l'His- 

toire Sociale de la Belgique. 

Bruxelles, Anvers, Gand, Liege. 

Paris: Guillaumin. 8vo. 5 fr. 
Quandt (G.). Die niederlausitzer 

Schafwollwarenindustiie in ihrer 

Entwickelung zum Grossbetrieb. 

Leipzig: Duncker & Humblot. 

8vo. 6 m. [Announced.] 
Swoboda (J.). Die Entwickelung 

der Petroleum-Industrie in volks- 

wirthschaftlicher Beleuchtung. 

Tubingen: Lanpp. 8vo. 4.60 m. 




In Periodicals. 

Cauwes (P.). Lies Commencements 
du Credit Public en France : Les 
Rentes sur l'H6tel de Ville au 
XVI e Siecle. [2 e article.] Eev. 
d'ficon. Pol , Oct., Nov. 

Lokia (A. ). Die Sclavenwirthschaf t 
im modernen Amerika und im eu- 
ropaischen Alterthume. Zeitschr. 
f. Soc. und Wirth. Gesch., 4, 
Heft 1. 

Schaube (A.). Studien zur Ge- 
schichte und Natur des altesten 
Combium [continued]. Jahrb. f. 
Nat. Oek., 10, Heft 4. 

Unsigned. Village Communities 
in Spain. Quarterly Rev., Oct. 

Waltebshausen (A. S. von). Die 
Entstehung des Tauschhandels in 
Polynesien. Zeitsch. f. Soc. und 
"Wirth. Gesch., 4, Heft 1. 


United States, Department of 
Labob. The Slums of Baltimore, 
Chicago, New York, and Philadel- 
phia. Seventh Special Report of 
the Department, prepared by Car- 
roll D. Wright. Washington: 
Government Printing Office. 8vo. 
pp. 620. 

In Periodicals. 

Bobtkewitsch (L.). Kritische Be- 
trachtungen zur theoretischen 
Statistik [continued from Band 8]. 
Jahrb. f. Nat. Oek., 10, Heft 3. 


Boyd (R. N.). Coal-pits and Pit- 
men : A Short History of the Coal 
Trade and the Legislation affect- 
ing it. 2d edition, revised and 
enlarged. London: Whittaker. 
8vo. pp. 368. 7s. 6d. 

Couecelle-Seneuil. Les Opera- 
tions de Banque. 7 me edition, 
revue et mise a jour par A. Liesse. 
Paris: Guillaumin. 8vo. 8 fr. 

Deeyfus-Bbisac (E.). Du Con- 
trat Social par J. J. Rousseau. 
Edition comprenant avec le Texte 
d<sfinitif les Versions Primitives 
de l'Ouvrage. Paris: Alcan. 

Marshall (A.). Principles of 
Economics. Vol. I. 3d edition. 
London and New York: Macmil- 
lan. 8vo. pp. 854. $3, net. 

Nicholson (J. S.). A Treatise on 
Money and Essays on Monetary 

Problems. 3d edition. With new 
second part to a Treatise on 
Money. London: Black. 8vo. 
pp. 450. Is. M. 

Ratzingeb (G.). Die Volkswirth- 
schaft in ihren sittlichen Grund- 
lagen. 2 te Auflage. Preiburg: 
Herder. 8vo pp 658. 8 m. 

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Dottrine Finanzarie in Italia. 
Seconda edizione, intieramente 
rifatta Palermo: A. Reber. 8vo. 
pp 550. 101. 

Shaw (W. A., editor). SelecJ 
Tracts and Documents illustrative 
of English Monetary History, 
1626-1730. [Reprints of pam- 
phlets by Cotton, Robinson, Tem- 
ple, Newton, and others.] Lon- 
don: Clement Wilson. pp.244. 




Ashbee (C R.). Chapters in Work- 
shop Eeconstruction and Citizen- 
ship. London: The Guild of 
Handicraft; Boston: D. C. Heath 
& Co. 8vo. pp. 166. $1.50. 

Cochrane (C. H.). The Wonders 
of Modern Mechanism : A Resume 
of Recent Progress in Mechani- 
cal, Physical, and Engineering Sci- 
ence. Philadelphia: Lippincott. 
8vo. pp.404. $2. 

Goldmann (C. S.) and Kjtchik (J.). 
South African Mines: Their Posi- 
tion, Results, and Development, 
together with an Account of Dia- 
mond, Land, Finance, and Kin- 
dred Concerns. 3 vols. [Vol. I., 
pp. 624; Vol. II., pp. 214; Vol. 
III., maps and plans.] London: 
E. Wilson. 8vo. 63s. 

Hall (H.). America's Successful 
Men of Affairs: An Encyclopae- 
dia of Contemporary Biography. 
Vol. I. [to he completed in two 
volumes]. New York: The New 
York Trihune. 8vo. pp. 761. 
The set, $20. 

Hamon (G.). Histoire General de 
1' Assurance en France et a l'Etran- 
ger. Paris : Giard & Briere. 8vo. 
Published in parts: 1-3 issued. 
Per part, 2 fr. 

Martin (J. M ). Which Way, Sirs, 
the Better ? A Story of our Toil- 
ers. [A novel, offering a solution 
to the perennial conflict between 

capital and labor.] Boston: Arena 
Publ. Co. 16mo. pp.318 75cts. 

Rtriz (A. G ). Le Associazioni e lo 
Stato. Naples: L. Pierro. 16mo. 
pp. 534. 6 1. 

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triotism. [Part I., The Republican 
Era; II., The Era of Injustice; 
III., The Era of Corruption] 
Boston: Arena Publ. Co. 12mo. 

Smart (W. M.). Studies in Eco- 
nomics. London and New York: 
Macmillan & Co. 8vo. pp. 341. 
$2 75. 

Unsigned. Les Finances de la 
Russie. Budgets; DettePublique; 
Commerce Exterieur; Chemins de 
Fer. Paris: Chaix. 4to. pp. 

Worms (R., editor and secretary). 
Annales de l'Institut de Sociolo- 
gie. Paris : Giard & Briere. 8vo. 
pp. 418. 7 f r. 

In Periodicals. 

Cohn (G.). Competition and Com- 
bination [with reference to the 
English coal trade in former 
times]. Econ. Journ., Dec. 

Donald (R.). Municipal Fire In- 
surance. Contemp. Rev., Dec. 

Porritt (E.). The Economic Re- 
forms of the Late English Liberal 
Administration. Yale Rev , Nov.