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Kokopelli Pyramid Haiku 

Jim Leftwich 

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RS ee 

Bal \ 
A\ \Vee tt Vi 
Gr wie 

’ 47 

a me ia 
: ee. = SEP Se wy 
| 6 oe 2 a So 



| aaa mm? 


L! ig 

“s . /o™ " 
G if ; & 7. 
¥ C ~~ 
7 inten ®; 

Bee Ae 
F / 
Ag ty» 
' 4 he ee : , i 
yy 2 4 
Ae by 

tHe > V, 


cs _— 

a Poe . eee. © 

> ~~ 
™ . - 
me Se et -~f tt ba i = 2 se te = 

NE Ne. Lal 

rapt yt ott a 

. . AAKe 


— PS tel 
~~ AAe 

W an; es 

ea Re TU \ 
a. es 


Ne ge ge eee —— 


: » 

We ate IN Y HH ci No 
ih ‘ 

‘ nS . 
C4 \s ¥ ‘ ’ : 


¥’ \ ) ‘ e ) ‘ ¥ 4 ¥ $ e ) 
* \ ’ 4 
' b 


pss 4! tee fea) 




Noe oe hey 

- f 

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