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Full text of "Untitled [Le-Hi-Ho Newsletter], November, 1969"

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Fe Oe Box 1003 
Moravian Station 
Bothichon, Pa. 18018 
Joseph We. Burns, Editor er Novewber, 1969 

If vou (1)trish to be on our moiling list, (2) do not wish to be on our 
Mailings list, (3) trish to chanco or correct vour eddross, (4) necd a ric 

or directions to the mocting, »vlcasc_contrct us at tno above acaruscde 


_ The next meeting of the Homophile Movement of the Lehigh Valley 
(H.M.L.V.) will be held in Allentown on November 23 (Sunday) at 2 P.M. 
Many important and very interesting things are planned for this 
meeting so I hope all our members will plan to attend, — 

The Octobor moctins of the Movement was hold on Sunday, Oct. 26 at 
soimanstoim. Fourteen voersons wore »resent, all of whom were or bocane 
mnombers. ston S. vresideacd. 

Permanent meeting quartors tere aj 
indicated a wish to study our Br.-Lats 
they can provide a »wlace. Othor quart 
cussed without a dcecesion being made. 

The Social Committee reported that thoy hed reaucsted information 
concernin; the »ossibility of s»onsoring a theater party in Now York, 
but had not as yet reccived eae reply. 

Discussion of ropvresontation at ERCHO in Philadclpohia resulted ina 
request for more information, vending our deccsion to join this confcr- 
ence. The nossibility of arranging for more Mattachine litorature to be 
available at future moetines in ordor for members to pacome better ac@- 
quainted witn this organization was also ciscusscd. 

On behalf of the entire organization, Ron thanked Alan and Leon for 
So generously and craciously hostins; our first five moctings. 

The meeting then adjourned and socializing followed. 


before decidin; whethor or not 

scussed. The Unitarian Church has 
ars wore again offered and dis-~ 


Our cooveration with the NACHO Clearing touse has bean cancellcd by 
oxecutive ordor pending further information on the requirements of this 
service. Several »orsons at IRCHO informed us that this service roquires 
seventy-five covies of our paper and a $40 membershi» in NACHO. Je will 
continuc to cooveratec, however, with the Archivist and WNowslettor of 

i@ wWLll also coovnorato with the efforts of HYNN in New York itho 
offered a clearing house for Eastern groups for tiucentr--five copics of 
cach netrsletter. This offcr was made at ERCHO and as far as is knotm is 
being sunvorted br all the sroups present. This service will make its 
first mailings on Deccanber ist. 

We are looking for a »rojcctionist with his otm 15 m. nro jector to 

ist in orosenting a film program(s). Pleas tact at/ the meoting 
assis n oresenting a ln vorogran(s). case contact us at’ the meoting 
or sooner through the mailings address. ! 

‘Mile it was vory oncouragin: to have fourtocn of our now tircnty-five 
meorbors at the October nocting, tre urge even greater supvort from our 
mombors and hove thoy will cncourage others to attend our moctings. Tho 
Summer with its diversions is over, surely allotting morc time for such 
things as our socicty. We plan in the future csvecially to have speakcrs 
on important subjects, end irish to match thoir cfforts with worthy 
cfforts of our own in having large, interested audionccss 

ERCHO tras reallyvercat. Wo urge moenmbcrshid in this Confercnec, and 
have askod that this pro»vosition bea »laccd on the agenda for the noxt 
meeting with discussion of the SRCHO resolutions bolo. 

Vo nave also asked that a vermancnt name for our organization and a 
yornanoent nan: for our neowslottor be nut on the agzondae Not having thes< 
has resulted in several nisunderstandings tic foel it would be octtor to 
avoid in the future. Another provosad agenda itom will be a Lottor to 
tho Bocthlchom Public Library offering funcs to »urchasce any book or 
books on homoscxuality they may choose, recommending several of our o1m 
Choice. This is neoded to the nearly total vacuun of information on 
honosoxuality now representative of that library. 

filso at DRCHO "ro reecived information revelant to the Arned Scerviccs. 
One vart deals with recent court dccesions. hich will overturn courts- 
martial dcocosions asgeinst homosoxuals whose offcnsa occurrod off baso 
or not service connected. A vary importcnt note to this is that most 
homosexual: dischhrgeosrare adninistrative only nd not affected by those 
decesions. Onoloettor, nowslotter of One Inc. in los Angcles has quotcd 
fantastic figures of 2,000 to 4,000 »ersons now sorving in military 
orisous ond another 450,000 si:milar prior convictions could be sat aside 
if all porsons so concerned sought correction. 

Another voint of infornation concorns homosexucls who to “check the 
box” to avoid the draft. Ths rocomnicndcd mothod has rosultod in 100% 
success in obtaining 4-F or I--Y classifications. This infornation is now 
in the hands of tho Dircctor. For more infornation contact the nailing 

Duc to poor revictrs and lack of cnthusiasn, the theator varty ronains 
poubtful.e Soncthing svecial (mayvbo vorr snocial) is hinted for December. 

Busy Body did not roport this month. (Never argue with fricnds.) 

iRCHO , 

ECHO convened at 11:00 A.M. Nov. 1 at iy Gistor’s Place in Philadcl- 
Dhia. Sixtooen organizations were »vrescent, thirtecn of whom were accrcdi- 
ted menbershi» in ERCHO, ttrro observar status, and one just »prosont and 
unidentified. HMLV iras ronresonted br tho Editor at both days of tho 
Conferoence, also br the Director on the sccond day. HHLV was accordcad 
obscorvor status which gave us a voice and the right to remain on tho 
floor tithout voting vrivicgcos. Our voice was never heard after initial 
avoplication: Our »nurvose in tnis Confcrence was to mect as many othor 
Srouns as we could in ordor to gain fron thoir oexpericnce in honmovhile 
Work e . 

the accent of this confcrence was cloarly on youth and nilitancy. 
iluch if not most of tho represontation was under thirty, fully able and 
ready to lead the Homovhile hovencnt into a new ora of nilitancy. These 
groups wore most active in procivitating the resolutions bolow discussed 
which rosolutions will be put on the agenda of HMLV in the honvo that we 
Will supdort thon. 

The first rosolution was a boycott of tho newsvaper “Gay Power? which 
paper tras allcoged to have abused columist's latitude by »vrinting the 
nancs of prominent persons inith unfounded allegations of honoscxuality, 


alcoholisn, drug addiction, otc. resulting in adversity to sovoral of 
the persons so nencd. It wes further slloged that this paver vresonts 
an unaccontable inage of homosexuals, while at the sano tinc czploiting 
both the gay dollar and curront public intcrest in Hotlosoxuality This 
boycott, if adonted, trould oxtond to S38 and THE BAST VILLAG3 OTINIR 
which are »bapers elso published by Jocl Fabricent ‘3 “f Yorke. Copics 
of CA¥Y PO'{l}SS will be availandile at tho noxt meeting in order for us to 
dceide that action tro will take. 
The other roasolution Te may act on concerns ths Annunl Ronmindcr,. bcfa 

old on July 4th at Indonondence Holl as a dononstration for homoscxual 
rights. This is nortr Sallce CHRISTOPHER STREET LIBERATION DAY in comnon- 

oration of the Stonewall Riots and to be hold annually on the last © - 
Saturday in Juno in Now York. If we are to sunport this demonstration, 
all participveting honmophile orgenizations arc invited to have one 
ronresontative on the committee vnlanning this ovecnt. 

Tho othor business taken up in ERCHO wos vuroly ERCIO sponsored, and 
as such docs not Legally allow us as non-nonbers to be associatad with’ 
it, Afull rovort of all ERCHO proccodings will be given at the neating. 


Arrangonents have been made with the Renaissance Dvook an Record Shop 
on Fourth Streot in Bothlchon to order any books wanted by nombors of 
HMLV and to carry otners on their sholves if sufficicnt intcrcst is 
snoim. Thoy already have The Gay Vorldad by hoffman, works by Janes Purdy 
and Christovher Ishertiood, “Frore fie) 2 He Isabelle, and many otnors of 
intorost to tha homosexual of both sexos. Thoir scloctions are hand- 
Dicked to roavoresont the fincst i ‘the nany areas they carry. And thoir 
records are the most “in” sold in the Valley. 

inis advyortisearncnt is free. 

Totchpele, br Sanford #riodman, E. Pe Dutton & Co., Ince, Now York, 1965 
Revioved by Joc Burns. (In our librarr) 

This is not as it has so often been callcd a honosecxual novel. It is 
rathor a chronicle of anynan’s scxruality, the protaganist of which is 
in this case honoscxual. That steve is nanifostly honosexual fron the 
opening of the book ect age two to the full realization of haps homoscxuad 
nature at twenty-three and the cnd of the book is less the voint than 
dononstre ting that man in his search for soxual identity may run tho 
ganut of sormuality Dcsiatih incest, sacdo- ——— transvestisn, and 
incontinones. The xual nutiplicity of man, much trounced in psycholosi 
Literature, has in shotm in “riodnen's Novel to ba vnhasic and cxvcori-' 
ncental, and without permanent nar in an individual. Wwe all, if wo could 
boa brought to adnit it, have had our .11i¢ttic’ troks in the other ways of 

Horoly is it givon for a writcr to be so clear that ovory illustratec 
-- ma) 

facet of his horo comes to lifc. Yet reading this book again for the 
purvose of reviewing it hes been like meeting an old fricnd in whom ono 
rediscovers the foibles, hunor, end hunanity that made hin first your 
fricnd. Stonnan at the soashore, Steve at Cand, Stave at college, Steve 
in horce is c Steve iv could have knorm in any of these placcs had we 
been the same age and mown as much as Fricdnan tells use 1t is a 
stephan tenderly told with hunor and laine ona 

No art is hore sacrific:d to clarity. Page aftcar wage of intonscly 
naginative writing contour Stcvhan's lifo. Steve with a caso of crabs, 

4.1 1 

teve and Uncle Hank, steve and Dr. Pel stand witn the bost of Baldwin 
r Jillian Goldnan in modern ford can writing. This comparison mcans 

2p ey 

nat a classic this book is not, but oa very fino pook on the contonvor= 
ary scene it is. 

do also highly reconmmaond Ths oe sia ecited by tno pBoV s BALI Ws 
lcltee, for the United Churcehot Tist Pilorin Pross (95. 95 heardbourd 3 


ie Prostostant dononination on the subjact of nomoscxunlity. It is 
conmvrisod of a scrivs of authorativs orticlos on homosexual researc, 
ethics, laws, and the Homophile Movement. Excollent rovicus in THs 
INSIDER, neowvslotter of The Mettachinoe Socioaty of Jashincton, and tho 
HOWOPHILE ACTION LEAGUS NSVWSL2TTER of AAL in Philadelohia will be brous 
to the mooting. 

b3-e95 Softbound). This bool, just me Bot. 1st, is the first kmnomm by a 


‘This Oost sunmor 

; t on fire Island was quickly 2uolled by volicc 
USING MACS With Just &@ trac 

o of Channel No 5. 
(contributed by Varroen 2.) 
KA novico pvricst «sho was hoaring his first confcssions aftarwards 


tront to his superior who had been observing and asked, “Hot; do you foo 
Ian doing with thom @ather ?* 

‘Your work is adiirabloe, my son,” revlicd the Fathor. "But I do 
suggest that after hearing the confessions of young ilon, it would be 
more apvorovrinate to say, ‘Tsk, Tsk! rathor than *MERCY:, MARY: * % 

two lovers. 
soft and youns, 
Mave Como. 
(They arc shy 
and lisp their love like murners in a quict church.) 
They greet ro 
peautifully lisving. 
poe are shy 
2&5 mornings flowers to the sun.) 
They sti Le e 
and slanco at one anothar 
(Thay xitoe shir - 
I know their love.) 
They turn away from ne 
to talk to others. 
(4nd I wish that love covld last forever.) 

BY one of our nonmbors. 

In = store front it is vublished: 
Hore is 

mae OTTicial Mav of Victnan 
from Rand MOMNally 
Widows ,: ives and dauchtors: Sce 
to the vory black cdot where ho 
i5 stationce in this damned and dirty tar. 

Do you acribor ? 
follow the dots is an old gana -- . | «i 7 

Left ovor fron the last wor. 

Just follow the dots ene! draw ca Line 
from one to two to three to four 
to sce the shane that lurks within. 

Ana there it is with all lines in 
& prevty sercaning ticor