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Grazia  Deledda 

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Grazia  Deledda 

Giovanna  and  Costantino  Ledda  are  a  happily  married  couple  living  with  their  young 
child  in  a  Sardinian  country  village  close  to  their  extended  family.  Costantino  is 
wrongly  convicted  of  murdering  his  wicked  uncle  and  with  no  way  of  supporting 
herself,  Giovanna  reluctantly  divorces  him  and  is  driven  to  marry  Brontu  Dejas,  a 
wealthy  but  brutish  drunkard  who  has  always  lusted  after  her.  As  well  as  enduring  a 
marriage  amounting  to  slavery,  Giovanna  is  derided  by  villagers  for  having  two 
husbands.  When  Constantino  is  freed  after  the  real  murderer  confesses  to  his  crime, 
he  and  Giovanna  are  together  again,  but  this  time  their  relationship  is  outside  the  law, 
and  sets  both  on  a  path  of  destruction,  at  the  mercy  of  religious  and  social  forces 
they  cannot  control.  The  author,  Grazia  Deledda,  won  the  Nobel  Prize  for  Literature 
in  1926,  for  writings  which  show  passion  and  sympathy  for  the  people  of  her  native 
Sardinia,  and  After  the  Divorce  (Dopo  il  Divorzio)  is  one  of  her  finest  works. 


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