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The  Anti-Coup  Sharp  *  Jenkins 

The  Anti-Coup 

Gene  Sharp  *  Bruce  Jenkins 

Supporters  of  political  democracy,  human  rights,  and  social  justice  have  good 
reasons  to  be  alarmed  about  coups  d'etat.  These  abrupt  seizures  of  the  state 
apparatus  have  occurred  with  great  frequency  in  recent  decades.  Coups  have 
overthrown  established  constitutional  democratic  systems  of  government,  halted 
movements  toward  greater  democracy,  and  have  imposed  brutal  and  oppressive 
regimes.  Coups  d'etat  are  one  of  the  main  ways  in  which  new  dictatorships  are 
established.  Coups  may  also  precipitate  civil  wars  and  international  crises.  Coups 
remain  a  major  unsolved  defense  problem.  This  book  describes  an  anti-coup 
policy  focused  on  defense  of  the  society  by  the  society  itself,  using  non-violent 
methods.  The  two  basic  principles  of  anti-coup  defense  promoted  in  this  book  are 
to:  1)  deny  legitimacy  to  the  putschists,  and  2)  to  resist  the  putschists  with 
noncooperation  and  defiance. 

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The  Anti-Coup  Sharp  *  Jenkins