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<^ibrar^  of  tho  QforUs  (58ost  (^itoraturo 
A,nci6nt  and  (:M0d0m 
Volume  10 


<^jhrarp  (f  the  CWMs  (SSest  (^Merature 
Anderaond  oMckiem 
Relume  10 

The  Library  of  the  World's  Best  Literature,  Ancient  and  Modern,  is  a  work  of  enormous 
proportions.  Setting  out  with  the  simple  goal  of  offering  "American  households  a  mass  of 
good  reading",  the  editors  drew  from  literature  of  all  times  and  all  kinds  what  they 
considered  the  best  pieces  of  human  writing,  and  compiled  an  ambitious  collection  of  45 
volumes  (with  a  46th  being  an  index-guide).  Besides  the  selection  and  translation  of  a 
huge  number  of  poems,  letters,  short  stories  and  sections  of  books,  the  collection  offers, 
before  each  chapter,  a  short  essay  about  the  author  or  subject  in  question.  In  many 
cases,  chapters  contemplate  not  one  author,  but  certain  groups  of  works,  organized  by 
nationality,  subject  or  period;  there  is,  thus,  a  chapter  on  Accadian-Babylonian  literature, 
one  on  the  Holy  Grail,  and  one  on  Chansons,  for  example.  The  result  is  a  collection  that 
holds  the  interest,  for  the  variety  of  subjects  and  forms,  but  also  as  a  means  of  first 
contact  with  such  famous  and  important  authors  that  many  people  have  heard  of,  but 
never  read,  such  as  Abelard,  Dante  or  Lord  Byron.  According  to  the  editor  Charles  Dudley 
Warner,  this  collection  "is  not  a  library  of  reference  only,  but  a  library  to  be  read."  This 
tenth  volume  contains  chapters  from  "Colman"  to  "Dalin". 

^etdrumm^  time  17:¥):0S 

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Cover  image:  Library  of  the  Rijksmuseum  in  Amsterdam,  courtesy  of  Michael  D.  Beckwith. 

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