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Calculus  Made  Easy  S.  P.  Thompson 


Wk  have  learned  how  to  differentiate  simple  algebraical  functions  such 
as  x2  + c or  «j4,  and  we  have  now  to  consider  how  to  tackle  the  sum 
of  two  or  more  functions. 

For  instance,  let 

y = (x2  + c)  + (ax4  + b)-, 


what  will  its  — be?  IIow  arc  we  to  go  to  work  on  this  new  job? 

Calculus  Made  Easy 

Silvanus  P.  Thompson 

And  we  shall  have: 

y -f  dy  = ti  + du  + v + dv. 


Calculus  Made  Easy 

Silvanus  P.  Thompson 

Calculus  Made  Easy:  Being  a Very-Simplest  Introduction  to  Those  Beautiful 
Methods  of  Reckoning  which  Are  Generally  Called  by  the  Terrifying  Names  of  the 
Differential  Calculus  and  the  Integral  Calculus  is  is  a book  on  infinitesimal  calculus 
originally  published  in  1910  by  Silvanus  P.  Thompson,  considered  a classic  and 
elegant  introduction  to  the  subject. 

Some  calculus-tricks  are  quite  easy.  Some  are  enormously  difficult.  The  fools  who 
write  the  textbooks  of  advanced  mathematics — and  they  are  mostly  clever  fools — 
seldom  take  the  trouble  to  show  you  how  easy  the  easy  calculations  are.  On  the 
contrary,  they  seem  to  desire  to  impress  you  with  their  tremendous  cleverness  by 
going  about  it  in  the  most  difficult  way.  Being  myself  a remarkably  stupid  fellow,  I 
have  had  to  unteach  myself  the  difficulties,  and  now  beg  to  present  to  my  fellow 
fools  the  parts  that  are  not  hard.  Master  these  thoroughly,  and  the  rest  will  follow. 
What  one  fool  can  do,  another  can. 

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Calculus  Made  Easy  S.  P.  Thompson