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How  to  Exercise  It 

Yoritomo  Tashi 

He  knows  how  to  clothe  his  teachings  in  fable  and  appealing  legend,  and  his  exotic 
soul,  so  near  and  yet  so  far,  reminds  one  of  a  flower,  whose  familiar  aspect  is 
transmuted  into  rare  perfume.  By  him  the  sternest  questions  are  stripped  of  their 
hostile  aspects  and  present  themselves  in  the  alluring  form  of  the  simplest  allegories 
of  striking  poetic  intensity.  When  reading  his  works,  one  recalls  unconsciously  the 
orations  of  the  ancient  philosophers,  delivered  in  those  dazzling  gardens,  luxuriant  in 
sunlight  and  fragrant  with  flowers... 

Read  for  by  Thomas  Rose 
Total  runtime  3:49:12 

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Cover  image  by  Nathaniel  Shuman  on  Unsplash 
Cover  designed  by  Availle.This  design  is  in  the  public  domain.