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The  original  version  of  Hannah  Glasse’s  The  Complete  Confectioner  was  first 
produced  about  1760  but  the  publication  referenced  here  is  from  the  year  1800 
(some  thirty  years  after  her  death)  with  considerable  additions  and  corrections 
made  by  Maria  Wilson,  who  played  a  significant  part  in  editing  this  version  of  the 
book.  The  Complete  Confectioner  gives  an  insight  not  only  into  a  diverse  range 
of  recipes  for  desserts,  sweet  confections  and  sweetmeats  popular  for  the  dining 
table  in  18th  &  19th  century  Britain  but  also  numerous  instructions  for  pickling  and 
preserving  fruit  and  vegetables  as  well.  And,  as  you  might  expect  from  Hannah 
Glasse’s  original  cookery  book,  The  Art  of  Cookery  Made  Plain  and  Easy ,  you 
will  find  that  the  recipes  and  instructions  presented  here  have  been  penned  in  her 
own  inimitable  no-nonsense  style.  So,  please  join  me  and  Mrs  Glasse  as  we  again 
fire  up  the  ovens  and  hopefully  inspire  you  to  re-create  a  number  of  these  long- 
forgotten  classic  recipes  that  were  enjoyed  in  centuries  past. 

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