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Why  Crime  Does  Not  Pay  Sophie  Lyons 

Why  Crime 
Does  Not  Pay 

Sophie  Lyons 

The  publishers  believe  that  a picture  of  a life  sketched  by  a master  hand- 
somebody  who  stands  in  the  world  of  crime  as  Edison  does  in  his  field  or  Morgan 
and  Rockefeller  do  in  theirs-could  not  fail  to  be  impressive  and  valuable  and 
prove  the  oft  repeated  statement  that  crime  does  not  pay. 

Such  a person  is  Sophie  Lyons,  the  most  remarkable  and  the  greatest  criminal  of 
modern  times.  This  extraordinary  woman  is  herself  a striking  evidence  that  crime 
does  not  pay  and  that  the  same  energy  and  brains  exerted  in  honest  endeavor 
win  enduring  wealth  and  respectability. 

Read  eor  by  Ann  Boulais 

Total  running  time  6:16:03 

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Why  Crime  Does  Not  Pay  Sophie  Lyons