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Teabella L. Bad 

In this book, Isabella L. Bird describes her travels through Korea from 1894 - 1897 
in her well-known style. She went on lengthy trips through the interior of what is 
today both North- and South Korea and vividly depicts landscape, people, and 
customs of the "Hermit Kingdom". 

Isabella's sojourn coincided with a time of great turmoil in Korea. Shortly after her 
arrival, the Japanese occupied the country, ostensibly to protect their expatriate 
community. But when relations worsend further, Isabella was forced to flee, first to 
Manchuria, and, after the outbreak of the first Sino-Japanese War (1894 - 1895), 
to Russia. She returned to Korea only days after the assassination of Queen Min 
in October 1895, and saw King Gojong reduced to a mere "salaried automaton" 
until he fled to the Russian Legation in 1896. Isabella gives a first hand account of 
the political and governmental changes throughout this time. 

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