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Voltaire  spent  his  early  thirties  in  England  as  an  exile  following  the  Bastille 
imprisonment  for  his  satires.  With  passionate  admiration,  he  then  wrote  this 
series  of  letters  in  English  putting  forward  his  views  on  the  18th  century  England, 
in  contrast  with  the  feudal  society  of  his  home  country,  encompassing  aspects  of 
religion,  politics,  sciences,  and  literature.  The  book  was  published  in  England  and 
the  free  England  received  these  philosophical,  political,  critical,  poetical,  heretical, 
and  diabolical  letters  with  delight,  whereas  in  France,  the  book  was  denounced 
and  publicly  burnt  in  Paris  as  scandalous,  contrary  to  religion,  to  morals,  and 
respect  for  authority. 

Read  for  by  Xiaoyan  Arrowsmith 
Totai  runtime  05:10:08 

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Cover  image:  Voltaire  by  Nicolas  de  Largilliere  (1656  -  1746). 
Cover  designed  by  Availle.  This  design  is  in  the  public  domain.