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Man  and  His  Ancestor 

Man  and  His  Ancestor 

A  Study  in  Evolution 

An  examination  of  Charles  Darwin's  theory  of  evolution  and  subsequent  texts, 
written  for  the  general  public  at  the  turn  of  the  twentieth  century, "[...]  to  dwell  on 
the  various  significant  facts  that  have  been  discovered  since  Darwin's  time,  and 
to  offer  certain  lines  of  evidence  never  before  presented  in  this  connection  and 
which  seem  to  add  much  strength  to  the  general  argument.[...]''  (from  the  preface) 

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Cover  image:  Cave  painting  at  Gua  Tewet,  Borneo  by  Luc-Henri  Fage  on  wikimedia  commons. 
Cover  designed  by  Availle.  This  design  is  in  the  public  domain. 

Man  and  His  Ancestor