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Africa:  The  land  of  savagery  and  splendor.  Where  a  marriage  between  an  adventurer 
and  a  missionary's  daughter  is  cut  short  by  invading  locals.  A  wife,  forced  to  flee  with 
her  newborn  daughter  to  the  only  family  left.  Young  Virginia  grows  up  until  her 
grandfather's  untimely  death.  An  outcast  nephew  appears  to  contest  the  estate  of  the 
dead  relative  which  forces  an  adventure  into  the  heart  of  Central  Africa  in  the  hopes 
to  find  evidence  of  the  marriage  in  the  ruins  of  the  mission.  The  nephew  chasing 
after,  to  murder  all  who  attempt  to  defy  his  inheritance. 





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'Tdalal  runtime  2 :  d8: 09 

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Cover  image  by  Chen  Hu  on  unsplash. 

Cover  designed  by  Availle.  This  design  is  in  the  public  domain.