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Albert  Millican 




This  is  quite  the  adventure  tale  and  travelog.  We  see  cities,  peoples,  plants  and  wildlife  of 
Columbia  and  the  ports  our  intrepid  'hunter'  visits  on  the  way  there  and  back.  It  is  an 
interesting  period;  a canal  is  being  cut  through  Columbia  to  the  city  of  Panama  by  the  French. 
The  characterisation  is  appropriate  to  the  time  - Europeans  and  the  South  American  elite  are 
seen  as  admirable,  especially  in  comparison  to  the  natives  and  blacks.  Indeed,  the  deaths  of 
several  of  Millican's  native  support  staff  along  the  way  seem  to  be  of  minor  concern.  Millican 
describes  collecting  orchids  by  cutting  down  many  huge  trees  for  a few  plants  per  tree  which, 
we  find  out  later,  are  unlikely  to  even  survive  the  trip  back  to  England.  The  large  areas 
pillaged  by  previous  collectors  are  an  annoyance  since  he  has  to  travel  further  afield  to  collect 
orchids.  He  tells  us  they  don't  seem  to  be  growing  back  in  areas  already  stripped.  The  hiking 
and  boating  into  and  through  the  jungles  and  mountains  are  impressively  narrated,  but  he 
reduces  our  admiration  by  counting  up  9 jaguar  skins  he's  carrying  back  with  him,  not  to 
mention  the  crates  of  plants. 

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