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k  WmU  tstfanO 

A  Story  of  the  South  Pacific 


A  story  of  sea-faring  adventure  including  a  shipwreck  with  a  daring  rescue,  a  ship 
fire  and  a  close  escape,  pirates  and  enslavement,  gold,  danger,  redemption  and 
a  desperate  bid  for  freedom.  There  is  excitement  in  every  chapter  in  this 
harrowing  tale  of  the  crew  and  passengers  of  the  Galatea  as  they  voyage  from 
England  to  Australia  and  back. 


Total  running  time  10:20:40 

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Cover  designed  by  Availle  with  images  from  the  book  atop  of  a  photo  of 
Ofu  Beach  in  American  Samoa  by  the  US  National  Park  Service. 

This  design  is  in  the  public  domain.