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Lhe Koom itn the Lower & other stories 

Lhe Koom in. the Tower 



Lhe Koom in the Lower 

& other stories 

Li. F. Benson 

These stories have been written in the hopes of giving some pleasant qualms to 
their reader, if by chance, anyone be occupying in their perusal a leisure half-hour 
before he goes to bed when the night and the house are still, he may perchance 
cast an occasional glance into the corners and dark places of the room where he 
sits, to make sure that nothing unusual lurks in the shadow. For this is the 
avowed object of ghost stories and such tales as deal with the dim unseen forces 
which occasionally and perturbingly make themselves manifest. The author 
therefore fervently wishes his readers a few uncomfortable moments. 

Llotal running time: OBSE:32 

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Cover image: Moonlight with a Lake and Castellated Tower by Joseph Wright of Derby (1734 —1797). 
Cover designed by Availle. This design is in the public domain. 

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