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Sc  illy  aunudl  its  Legends  H.  J[..  Whitfield 

Sc  (illy  aunudl  its  Legneinuds 

Hemry  Jfolhin  Whitfield 

A  travel  journal  to  the  Scilly  Islands  written  in  the  Nineteenth  Century.  It  records 
Scillonian  legends  and  folklore.  There  are  brief  diversions  into  period  racism. 

Read  for'  by  Timothy  Ferguson 
To  tail  running  time  05:55:49 

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Painting:  View  of  St  Agnes,  Scilly  Isles  by  Edward  W.  Cooke  (1811  -  1880). 

Cover  designed  by  Availle.  This  design  is  in  the  public  domain. 

Scilly  aunudl  its  Legends  H.  J.  Whitfield