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Shan  TolfLore  Stories  from  the  7-till and Water  Country 
William  Claries  Cfriyys 

The  following  stories  have  been  taken  from  the  great[v]  mass  of  unwritten  lore  that  is 
to  the  black-eyed,  brown-skinned  boys  and  girls  of  the  Shan  mountain  country  of 
Burma  what  "Jack  the  Giant  Killer"  and  "Cinderella"  are  to  our  own  children. 

The  old  saw  as  to  the  songs  and  laws  of  a  country  may  or  may  not  be  true.  I  feel 
confident,  however,  that  stories  such  as  these,  being  as  they  are  purely  native,  with 
as  little  admixture  of  Western  ideas  as  it  was  possible  to  give  them  in  dressing  them 
in  their  garment  of  English  words,  will  give  a  better  insight  into  what  the  native  of 
Burma  really  is,  his  modes  of  thought  and  ways  of  looking  at  and  measuring  things, 
than  a  treatise  thrice  as  long  and  representing  infinitely  more  literary  merit  than  will 
be  found  in  these  little  tales;  and  at  the  same  time  I  hope  they  will  be  found  to  the 
average  reader,  at  least,  more  interesting. 

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