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(Gertrude Bell 

Syria: Jhe Desert and the Sown 

he G)esert and Jhe Sown 

Gertrude Bell 

Gertrude Bell's Syria: The Desert and the Sown describes her travels in the Levant 
(also called Greater Syria) during the first years of the 20th century. In this vivid and 
painstakingly documented narrative, Bell recounts her visits to Damascus, 
Jerusalem, Beirut, Antioch and Alexandretta, as well as the time she spent in the 
deserts of the region. Fluent in Arabic and several other languages, Bell brings to her 
account a level of insight beyond the reach of an average travel writer. She would 
later go on to play a highly influential role in the politics of the Middle East, drawing 
on the knowledge and personal connections she built up during these and other 
travels. The text is accompanied by numerous photographs taken by the author. 

otal running time 08:47:30 

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Cover image: Bedouins of the Syrian Desert by John Singer Sargent (1856 — 1925). 
Cover designed by Availle. This design is in the public domain. 

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