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Through  the  Magic  Door  Arthur  Conan  Doyle 

Ihaokh  he  Mm  loon 

Arthur  Conan  Doyle 

In  this  volume,  Arthur  Conan  Doyle  invites  us  into  his  library  and  discusses  his 
favourite  literature  with  the  listener:  “I  care  not  how  humble  your  bookshelf  may  be, 
nor  how  lowly  the  room  which  it  adorns.  Close  the  door  of  that  room  behind  you,  shut 
off  with  it  all  the  cares  of  the  outer  world,  plunge  back  into  the  soothing  company  of 
the  great  dead,  and  then  you  are  through  the  magic  portal  into  that  fair  land  whither 
worry  and  vexation  can  follow  you  no  more.  You  have  left  all  that  is  vulgar  and  all  that 
is  sordid  behind  you.  There  stand  your  noble,  silent  comrades,  waiting  in  their  ranks. 
Pass  your  eye  down  their  files.  Choose  your  man.  And  then  you  have  but  to  hold  up 
your  hand  to  him  and  away  you  go  together  into  dreamland.  Surely  there  would  be 
something  eerie  about  a line  of  books  were  it  not  that  familiarity  has  deadened  our 
sense  of  it.  Each  is  a mummified  soul  embalmed  in  cere-cloth  and  natron  of  leather 
and  printer's  ink.  Each  cover  of  a true  book  enfolds  the  concentrated  essence  of  a 
man.  The  personalities  of  the  writers  have  faded  into  the  thinnest  shadows,  as  their 
bodies  into  impalpable  dust,  yet  here  are  their  very  spirits  at  your  command.” 

Total  running  time  04:49:26 

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Cover  image:  Library  of  Anichkov  Palace,  St.  Petersburg,  1869  by  an  unknown  artist. 

Cover  designed  by  Availle.This  design  is  in  the  public  domain. 

Through  the  Magic  Door  Arthur  Conan  Doyle