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Tra^WOndow  lola/'RLdfye/ 

Train/ Window 


LibriVox  volunteers  bring  you  14  recordings  of  Train  Window  by  Lola  Ridge. 
This  was  the  Weekly  Poetry  project  for  September  8,  2019. 

Lola  Ridge,  born  Rose  Emily  Ridge,  was  an  Irish-American  anarchist  poet  and  an 
influential  editor  of  avant-garde,  feminist,  and  Marxist  publications.  She  is  best 
remembered  for  her  long  poems  and  poetic  sequences,  published  in  numerous 
magazines  and  collected  in  five  books  of  poetry. 

This  LibriVox  recording  is  in  the  public  domain  and  may  be  reproduced,  distributed  or  modified  without 
permission.  The  LibriVox  objective  is  to  make  all  books  in  the  public  domain  available,  for  free,  in 
audioformat  on  the  Internet.  For  more  information  or  to  volunteer,  please  visit 

Cover  image:  Train  by  Edward  Mitchell  Bannister  (1828-1901 ). 
Cover  designed  by  Availle.  This  design  is  in  the  public  domain.