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Thales  of  a  CFanishing  c^iver  Earl  Reed 

^Dales  of  a  Q^anishing  C^iver 

Earl  Reed 

The  background  of  this  collection  of  sketches  and  stories  is  the  country  through 
which  flowed  one  of  the  most  interesting  of  our  western  rivers  before  its 
destruction  as  a  natural  waterway.  This  book  is  not  a  history.  It  is  intended  as  an 
interpretation  of  the  life  along  the  river  that  the  author  has  come  in  contact  with 
during  many  years  of  familiarity  with  the  region.  Names  of  places  and  characters 
have  been  changed  for  the  reason  that,  while  effort  has  been  made  to  adhere  to 
artistic  truth,  literary  liberties  have  been  taken  with  facts  when  they  have  not 
seemed  essential  to  the  story. 

(^ead  for  ^ibri  by  TTom  C^6irsch 
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Cover  image:  Landscape,  River  and  Forest  by  Thomas  Corwin  Lindsay  (1839  -  1907) 

Cover  designed  by  Availle.  This  design  is  in  the  public  domain. 

Thales  of  a  Vanishing  <^iver  Earl  Reed