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A. H. Patterson 

Wild Life on a Norfolk Estuary 

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Wild Life on a Norfolk Estuary 
Arthur H. Patterson 

Published in 1907, this was one of Patterson's defining books on the seasonal 
nature and natural history of the Norfolk Broads. It is presented in two sections. 
The first part documents life on and around Breydon Water and the Broads 
throughout each season of the year, whilst the second part is a continuation of his 
previous book Notes of an East Coast Naturalist. 

Arthur Patterson's approachability, enthusiasm and extensive knowledge of the 
natural history of the Broads region allowed him to develop regular contacts with a 
wide range of fellow naturalists. One of these was Mary Du Caurroy Russell, 
Duchess of Bedford, who was herself a keen ornithologist. Patterson authored 
many books and contributed many reports and articles to numerous nature 
societies and journals. Writing under the pseudonym of John Knowlittle, he was 
for many years a regular and popular contributor to Norfolk’s Eastern Daily Press. 
Today, although the Broads has become a major tourist and holiday destination, 
nature still thrives as it did in Patterson's time. 

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