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Bret  Harte 

The  Willows  is  a parody  on  the  verse  of  Edgar  Allan  Poe. 

Francis  Bret  Harte  (1836  - 1902)  was  an  American  author  and  poet,  best 
remembered  for  his  short  fiction  featuring  miners,  gamblers,  and  other  romantic 
figures  of  the  California  Gold  Rush.  In  a career  spanning  more  than  four  decades, 
he  wrote  poetry,  fiction,  plays,  lectures,  book  reviews,  editorials,  and  magazine 
sketches  in  addition  to  fiction.  As  he  moved  from  California  to  the  eastern  U.S.  to 
Europe,  he  incorporated  new  subjects  and  characters  into  his  stories,  but  his 
Gold  Rush  tales  have  been  most  often  reprinted,  adapted,  and  admired. 

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