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Linux Journal FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Last Updated: September 12, 2002 

Specialized Systems Consultants, Inc. (SSC) is an established leader in the Linux, Open 
Source and UNIX fields. The most well-known publication of SSC, the award-winning 
monthly magazine Linux Journal , is now celebrating its eighth year of publication. This 
FAQ contains information about Linux Journal (LJ), the premier magazine covering the 
Linux community. Topics covered include a history of LJ , general information, editorial 
content, advertising in LJ , subscriptions and distributors/retailers. 

General Information and History of Linux Journal 

Our mission is to serve the Linux community and to promote the use of Linux 
worldwide. As more and more people see Linux as a viable alternative to traditional 
OSes, Linux is increasingly being used as a primary operating system. Linux Journal 
focuses specifically on Linux and other open-source OSes, allowing the content to be a 
highly specialized source of information for open-source enthusiasts. 

Linux Journal helps readers find hardware, software and services, and features articles 
for both newbies and professional users. LJ' s content is beneficial to readers by 
providing in-depth information, to Linux newsgroups by reducing "novice" questions 
and to advertisers by providing them with a way to reach potential customers. Linux 
Journal readers are primarily industry specialists who frequently make purchasing 
decisions within their companies. 

Phil Hughes and Bob Young, chairman and co-founder of Red Hat, developed the idea 
for producing Linux Journal in 1993. Hughes is the founder and current publisher of the 
magazine. In early 1994, the first issue was mailed. The magazine has received 
enthusiastic support and has consistently won LinuxWorld’s Best Publication Award. 
Linux Journal's editorial staff includes well-known names such as Doc Searls, senior 
editor and co-author of the best-selling Cluetrain Manifesto, and Don Marti, editor in 
chief and vice president of the Silicon Valley Users Group. 

Other Publications of Specialized Systems Consultants, Inc. (SSC) 

Linux Gazette ( 

On August 1, 1996, Linux Journal took over the publication of Linux Gazette, a monthly 
on-line e-zine, from John Fisk. Linux Gazette fills a niche that LJ cannot; being on¬ 
line, the Gazette can be more timely and can address topics that would not be cost- 
effective in print media. If you would like to contribute an article for an upcoming issue, 
or are interested in sponsorship opportunities, please send e-mail to 

Books and Reference Materials 

In early 2000, SSC formed a partnership with No Starch Press to launch Linux Journal 
Press. If you would like to submit ideas or book proposals to Linux Journal Press, please 
contact Bill Pollock with No Starch Press: SSC also publishes a 
complete series of reference cards on a variety of subjects. For additional information on 
publications of SSC please visit the Linux Journal Store on-line, 
http: //store, linuxj ournal .com J. 


Linux Journal subscriptions are available everywhere delivery permits. Subscriptions 
within the US are shipped via second class mail and start with the next issue of Linux 
Journal. Magazines are mailed internationally through a surface air lift service that 
delivers the magazines quickly to each country where local mail will then be handled by 
surface delivery. 

Subscription rates (in US dollars) are as follows: 

United States Canada/Mexico International 

1 Year $25 $32 $62 

2 Years $45 $64 $124 

We accept payment by credit card (American Express, Visa and MasterCard) and we also 
accept checks in US funds drawn on a US bank. Subscriptions can be ordered on-line at, or you may contact our subscriber services 
department at They may also be reached by phone at 1-888-66-LINUX 
(toll-free) or +1 206-297-7514, or by fax at +1 206-297-7515. 

While supplies last, back issues are available for $6 plus shipping/handling through the 
Linux Journal Store at The Linux Journal 1994-2000 
Archive CD-ROM, including every issue of Linux Journal published from March 1994 
through December 2000 is also available at the Linux Journal Store. 


Each issue of Linux Journal offers articles aimed at newcomers, as well as serious 
technical articles for long-time UNIX users. Although LJ is Linux-specific, many 
of the articles are of interest to users of other UNIX platforms and to users of freely re¬ 
distributable software and other UNIX flavors. 

Also, for the many business UNIX users, there are articles on commercial uses of Linux. 
These articles include such things as documentation of a place or job where Linux is 
being used commercially, technical development of commercial applications or reviews 
of commercial products. 

Regular columns include: 

• Interviews with prominent Linux personalities 

• Linux for Suits 

• Kernel Corner 

• Best of Technical Support 

• Paranoid Penguin 

• Games Penguins Play 

• Locus on Embedded Systems 

• At the Lorge 

• Locus on Software 

Monthly features also include upLRONT, New Products, book and product reviews and 
Letters to the Editor. 

Linux Industry Events 

For a complete listing of Linux-related events please visit the Special Events web page 

Writing for Linux Journal 

Articles in Linux Journal cover the range from "how do I get started" through kernel 
hacking, always balanced to give both the newcomer and the long-term Linux users 
maximum enjoyment. There is an author guide and a list of potential articles on our web 
site: If you have an idea for an article or have a lead for 
LJ , please e-mail, or send inquiries to: 

Editor in Chief 
Linux Journal 
P.O. Box 55549 
Seattle, WA 98155-0549 

Phone: +1 206-782-9011 / Fax: +1 206-782-7191 

Advertising in Linux Journal 

Linux Journal is supported by a combination of subscription and advertising revenue. 
Rates are competitive for the number of readers we reach, and our specific target 
audience matches the needs of those who have products targeted to the Linux market. If 
you are interested, please request a media kit and advertising rate card from one of our 
sales representatives: 


Linux Journal 

P.O. Box 55549 

Seattle, WA 98155-0549 

Phone: +1 206 297-8652 / Fax: +1 206 782-7191 

Product and News Releases 

If you have a new Linux product, send us a press release and we may announce it in our 
New Products column. Send new product information to: 

New Products 
Linux Journal 
P.O. Box 55549 
Seattle, WA 98155-0549 

Phone: +1 206-782-9011 / Fax: +1 206-782-7191 

We also have computer professionals on our staff who do product reviews. If you would 
like us to review your product, please e-mail us at when a review copy 
of your product is available. Please note that due to the time between article due dates 
and printing, as well as the tremendous influx of Linux products into the high-tech 
marketplace, product reviews may not be published for two to six months. Linux Journal 
also features a Product of the Day on-line, send e-mail to for more 
information on submitting your product. 


Over 50,000 copies of each issue of Linux Journal are distributed to newsstands, 
bookstores and airports worldwide. Distribution is handled by Curtis Circulation 
Corporation. If you are aware of a store that should carry LJ, you can suggest they 
contact SSC at +1 206-782-7733 or send us e-mail at with their contact 
information. If you include your postal address, we will send you a free copy of Linux 
Journal in the next available mailing. 


Q: Is LJ available electronically? 

A: Selected articles are available on our main web site. For subscribers, all issues are 
available at 

Q: Can information that appears in LJ be reprinted? 

A: Authors may use the material with the restriction that if used immediately after LJ 
publication, they include the phrase "reprinted with permission of Linux Journal" in the 
reprinted article. Other people wishing to use material should contact LJ. Permission is 
usually granted free for non-commercial use, except where restricted by author 
or other prior copyright. 

If All Else Fails ... 

If your question isn’t answered here, send e-mail to We will send an e- 
mail response and, if it is a common question we will add it to this FAQ. If you don’t 
have e-mail, you can fax questions to +1 206-782-7191 or call +1 206-782-7733. 

If your question is of a technical nature please visit the Best of Technical Support web