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Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 

Norn's Marriage 

Chapter 1 - Norn's Marriage Part 1 


It's been several months since the conclusion of the battle of the Biheiril 

Since then, Hitogami has stayed silent, and the days went by without 
any enemy presence. 

That said, what I have to do hasn't changed. 

To prepare for Laplace's revival in 80 years. I've been silently moving 
around, making various arrangements. 

But lately. I've been home a lot. 

Because both Eris and Roxy got pregnant at the same time. 

It has to be because I let loose after Gisu was defeated. 

And my disorderly daily life was the result. 

Of course, the result itself is something joyous. 

But during pregnancy, their fates are weakened and they are easier 
targets for Hitogami. 

I would also like to spend as much time as possible with my wives 
during their pregnancy. 

And so, for the first time in a while, family time has continued. 

By organising the information gathered by the Mercenary Groups 
established in various places, regular meetings were held where Orsted 
went through the information to determine our future course of action. 

On one of those days... 

On that day, together with Orsted, we were going over the information 
on the next country that I would be visiting. 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 

The next king of that country was still young but he was already a 
remarkable figure, and I was supposed to approach him with the 
intention of taking advantage of him. 

Orsted didn't say what would cause the next king to fall, he kept silent. 
He probably has some reason. Is the person that would cause that King's 
fall not in the current loop? 

Originally, we were supposed to meet him later on, at this point, is there 
any surefire way to topple him? 

And so, how should I move? 

Orsted said he'd look at his memo relating to him and think of a method. 

And that was when it happened. 

"Let Norn Greyrat get married." 



Orsted suddenly broke the silence by saying something insane. 

I, who am normally very careful about my words around Orsted, almost 
unintentionally leaked out the line: "The hell you saying all of a 

Right now, we were thinking about how we would cause this 
remarkable figure to fall. 

There was no logical link at all. 

Is what I thought. 

But no, maybe there wasn't absolutely no link. 

There was one possible answer. 

"...A political marriage?" 

Going by the flow of the conversation, to cause the remarkable figure to 
fall... that's what we would do. 

"Not as a political maneuver, I was thinking about the future." 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 

Nevertheless, it is a painful topic. 

Orsted had decided that I would move towards this man with the 
intention of having him win her heart. 

Well that's fine for now. 

It's not as if I don't have confidence in this person. 

I just don't believe that this remarkable man of lineage could win her 

The man is a womanizer on the level of Paul, if we can't find a woman to 
allot to him, I would have to consent to Orsted's suggestion. 

That said. 

Norn is out of the question. 

Norn will eventually get married. 

But, Paul was a peerless womanizer, handing Norn over to the same 
kind of man is no good. 

Norn's partner would need to be someone more sincere. 

And somebody that I can accept. 

I won't hand Norn over to some useless nobody. 

I wouldn't be able to face Paul. 

No matter how noble their objective, I will not forgive those who use 
and discard their family. 

"Not like that." 

"Then what did you mean?" 

"I am indebted to Norn Greyrat's child." 

"Debt...? So it's not Norn that you are interested in, but her child, whom 
you have business with?" 

"It's not business. In this loop, it's not all that important." 

It was not a very pertinent conversation. 

Not being able to read Orsted's true intentions was not a new thing. 

But up until now. I've at least been able to determine what he was trying 
to do. 

Groundwork for the future. 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 

Norn's child isn't important, but because in a previous loop he/she was 
useful, he would like to set the groundwork. 

"I understand." 

I stood up. 

He looked up at me while sitting. 

He's not currently wearing his helmet. His face is scary as always but, 
but I'm sure right now it's even more frightening. 

"If it must be so by all means, would it be permissible to meet at noon in 
the forest to the north of here in three days time?" 

Norn, rest easy. 

I will protect your chastity. 

Even if the opponent is Orsted, I will not pull back a single step. 

So Paul... lend me your strength. 

I ask you for the power to overcome this mighty enemy and return 
home alive. 

"Wait. You are misunderstanding something." 


"During the countless 200 years I have repeated, I have become attached 
to certain persons' existences. 

Norn Greyrat's child is one such existence. 

She has helped me on countless occasions, I am indebted to her. 
Therefore, if it is possible, I would like to meet her in this lifetime. 
Because as it is, it will not happen." 

It's true that there's no male presence around Norn. 

That didn't change even after her graduation. 

She has her family, but she isn't jobless. 

On the recommendation of the school, she entered the Magic Guild and 
is now working at the main office. 

She is what you would call an "Office Lady.". 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 

There are a considerable number of men in the Magic Guild. 

But there is no male presence around Norn. 

She doesn't go out on her days off and spends all her time at home 
helping out by looking after the kids or doing housework. 

Even during her schooldays, she had no one special that she associated 

I thought Norn would eventually but, honestly, if it goes on this way, it 
seems like she might spend her whole life without getting married. 

In this world, for those of certain positions, arranged marriages are a 
common practice. 

It may be half-hearted, but I am technically a man of notable position 
with both influence and connections. 

With that being the case, this development isn't all that odd. 

"...No, a child isn't something you can make on your own. 

The same person couldn't be born no matter who the partner is." 

The King of a country would have a high enough standing. 

But I do not intend to acknowledge it. 

Until I see it with my own eyes, and confirm what kind of person they 

"That aside, was this remarkable figure originally Norn's partner?" 

While I was thinking that, Orsted scrunched his face up in confusion 
and raised his eyebrows. 

As always his face is scary. 

But I remember this face, it's the "The hell you saying all of a sudden" 

He opened his mouth and his suppressed eyebrows moved. 

"No... Sorry. That has nothing to do with this." 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 


"This is a different story." 

A different story... 

Then it's that. 

"It's not about conquering the next kingdom? You were simply saying to 
let Norn get married at the time of her choosing?" 

"That's how it is." 


I get it now, that makes sense. 



"When you are changing the subject of the conversation, please say 
something along the lines of "I'm changing the subject of the 
conversation." or "That aside,", it would be good for you to preface such 
conversations like this." 

"Right. I'll be more careful next time." 

After putting everything back in place, I sat back down. 

Part 2 

After I pulled myself together, the conversation continued. 

"So, just who was Norn's partner? 

Norn married this person each and every time, didn't she?" 

"Yes, as far as I know, Norn's partner is predetermined." 

Norn's fated partner. 

What a lucky guy. 

Simply by existing, to have the good fortune of being able to marry 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 

If he spends his days lazing around. I'll kidnap him and fix it. 

Spartan training. 

From dawn till dusk. I'll force it into him. 

Until his body can say nothing but, 'Yes', 'Absolutely' and "Thank you 
very much, cheating will not be tolerated. 

The condition will be, let's see... If he would like to become Norn's 
partner, he would at least have to be able to stay conscious after taking a 
punch from Eris. 

"It's Ruijerd Supardia." 

My thoughts stopped. 

Inside my head, I remembered the face of a bald warrior who had lived 
for over 500 years. 

No, he's not bald anymore. 

He is a respectable man with a with splendid green hair. 

"Their child is the last warrior of the supard race. 

Continuing the will of Ruijerd after he had fallen to the plague, 
reclaiming the Supard's honour by joining the humans side in the fight 
against Laplace and delivering the final blow. 

It was a huge burden that anybody would recognize... 

But this time around, the Supard race remains in large numbers. 

That child will most likely not have to be burdened with this duty." 

While I was still arranging my thoughts, Orsted finished his explanation. 
He was probably remembering that child's whole life. 

If she defeated Laplace, that means that she most likely co-operated with 

Which means, right, for Orsted to make this kind of proposal, I do 
understand it. 



But, well. 

This time is different 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 

I'm here, there was also the Teleport Incident. 

I don't know how Ruijerd and Norn got to know each other in the other 

But there is no mistake that this is a love story that Orsted is well aware 

If I were to suddenly approach Norn with talks of marriage she would 
most likely just turn me down. 

After all, he's 500 years old. 

Ruijerd would probably be bewildered too. 

Having Ruijerd as a relative definately wouldn't be a bad thing. 

But this definitely isn't something for me to decide. 


"...I think that Norn's feeling are the most important." 

"That's right. There's no need to rush." 

Orsted said that and nodded in agreement. 

Part 3 

After that, I had Orsted tell me Norn's story from the previous loops. 

In a world without me, it seems Norn became an adventurer. 

She sang songs and wrote stories while adventuring; a singing, dancing, 
fighting, minstrel. She formed a party with those of similar interests, and 
journeyed towards the northern continent. 

Although neither her swordsmanship nor her magic were, by any means, 

By adventurer standers she was at best a B grade. 

And so, during a certain request, her party was annihilated by a 
demonic creature. 

Norn was also on the verge of death. 

What appeared then was our Ruijerd. 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 

He beat down the approaching demonic creature and freed Norn from 
her predicament. 

And to Norn, Ruijerd was love at first sight. 

And from then on, she accompanied Ruijerd on his journey to find the 
Supard race, and slowly began her attack. 

Apparently Ruijerd ignored her advances at first, but after he discovered 
that the Supard race had been wiped out by a plague, he fell into despair. 
Norn devoted herself to comforting the anguished Ruijerd, he was 
moved by her affection, and the two got married. 

The two of them began their life together in a corner of the Biheilil 

And during that time, while Norn was pregnant with their child, Ruijerd 
fell sick with the same illness that struck the Supard race and died. 

Norn, now alone, took upon herself, the responsibility of raising the 
child, and eventually her life came to an end. 

I thought it sounded like a lonely end, but according to Orsted, Norn 
looked satisfied on her deathbed. 

It was an unexpected and unlikely love story, but with the two of them, 
nothing would be strange. 

That said, I wonder how Norn and Ruijerd would get together without 
such a chain of events. 

Would Norn be happy, being paired with somebody she didn't love? 
Would Ruijerd accept? 

Well, there's no point to me toiling over it alone. 

What's important are Norn's feelings. 

There may be no male presence around Norn, but she is at that age. 

She's got to have a man or two she likes, having been in a relationship or 
two wouldn't be odd. 

No, it may just be that I don't know, she may already have herself a man. 
And one day, all of a sudden, she might bring a man to the house and he 
would ask me "Father-in-law, please give your daughter to me". 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 

And then I would reply "Who's this 'Father-in-law". 

And then: "I am 'brother-in-law'"... 

I got sidetracked. 

Anyhow, I must first hear Norn's feelings. 

At these times, I get the feeling that this isn't something I should hear. 

I also don't think it's something that Norn would tell me. 

A woman would be better. 

But Aisha is no good. 

I feel like if Aisha hears this it'll turn into something bad. 

Which means, it would have to be Sylphy or maybe Roxy. 

Norn seems to respect Roxy in particular, Roxy would be good. 

On the subject of admiration, Eris would also be good. 

Eris had been teaching Norn the sword for quite a while. 

Ever since Norn graduated, she's been going jogging and doing practice 
swings with Eris every morning. 

It's clear to see that Norn looks up to her. 

But with Eris's commando personality, telling her to "Ask indirectly" 
would be impossible. 

It would have to be Roxy. 

No wait. Someone with a high skill level at "Asking indirectly" would 
be Sylphy. 

She looks up to Sylphy in a slightly different sense than admiration, but 
at the very least, she does recognise that she's the most important 
member of the household. 

No, I should probably discuss it with all three present. 

Four with me included, and we can decide who would be most suited. 

It would be good to hear Sylphy and Roxy's opinions. 

Wait, wait, not just the three of them, would it be better to bring Lillia 
and Zenith in on it too? 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 

// // 

I was sitting on the living room sofa, thinking about it by myself when... 
Into my field of vision jumped a single woman. 


It's Norn. 

Norn walked into the Living room. 

"Nii-san, I'm home." 

"...Welcome back." 

When you take a good look, all said, Norn is actually quite the beauty. 
She looks a lot like Zenith when she was young. 

Her breasts are large and she's got silky blonde hair. 

Even at school she was popular. 

"...What is it?" 

"No... Ah, Norn, you want some tea?" 

"I'll have some." 

I took a cup from the table and poured out some black tea and handed it 
to her. 

Norn took the cup and looked puzzled. 

"...It's cold now." 


Even though I just had Lillia brew it? 

I thought that and touched the teapot, and it was indeed cold. 

The cup in my hand was also cold. 

I wonder what happened. 

Are we under some kind of attack!? 

".. .Huh? Norn, that reminds me, don't you have work today?" 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 

"I just got home from there now." 

I took a look out the window and it was already evening. 

After I returned from my meeting with Orsted and had Lillia brew me 
some tea, it was early afternoon, which means that around two hours 
have passed. 

"Ah, sorry, it seems I spaced out." 

"Please save the spacing out for when you're older... I'll go make some 
fresh tea. You wait here." 

"...Huh? Is no one else here?" 

Until a little while ago, Sylphy and Eris were still here. 

And Roxy should also be home around this time. 

"I walked past Sylphy-Neesan and Eris-Neesan on my way home, they 
were taking the kids for a walk. Lillia-san was shopping." 


"I don't know. Wouldn't she probably still be with the mercenary 

As she said that, Norn walked into the kitchen with the Teapot. 

But is that right, nobody else is here. 

It's just Norn and I... 

Couldn't this be called some kind of perfect situation. 


Avoid a roundabout wordy conversation and tell her to her face. 

And if that should fail. I'll try something else. 

That would be the option most faithful to Norn. 

Hmm. Hmm. 

Talking to her only after I had removed all the obstacles, Norn wouldn't 
like that. 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 

After all, it's her that's getting married. 

I'll hear it from Norn first. 

"Here you go." 


As I thought that, Norn had returned and placed a teacup in front of me. 
I sat right in front of Norn and drank from the cup. 

"You've gotten quite good at making tea." 

"I learnt it in school after all." 

"Not from Lillia-san?" 

"Lillia-san... probably wouldn't teach me." 

Rather than not teaching you, she'd most likely tell you to 'Let me do it'. 
"If you asked, I think she'd still teach you." 

"Probably, but they had a class at school, so I thought I might as well 
learn it there. Also, there aren't many opportunities to make tea at home, 
but there are plenty at school." 

"That's true." 

Like at the student council and in her dorm room. 

Maybe even at work. 

Well, it's just something Norn decided herself. 

We're having a casual conversation to warm up to the topic, but I would 
like to cut right to it. 

What should I say. 

What do I talk about. 

"Ah-... Ahem...." 



Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 

I cleared my throat and Norn gave me a puzzled look. 

"...Is there something missing?" 

"No, not that, hmm. The tea is good." 

I said that and took another sip of the steaming tea. 

It wasn't particularly great, but at the same time it's not bad enough to 
spit out. 

It's very Norn-like, mediocre tea. 

Good, but not skilled, that kind of feeling. 

In other words, it's good. 

That aside... 

"Lately, Norn, recently... How's it been?" 

"How what been?" 

"Hmm, for instance, how about work?" 

"Everything's normal. While being taught by my senpai. I've been doing 
the jobs I'm capable of. But, I'm sure if it was Aisha, she'd be far better 
than me." 

"Stop comparing yourself to Aisha." 

I said that and Norn nodded. 

Aisha does a different kind of work. 

You shouldn't compare yourself to someone doing a different job. 

"And, your senpai... are they that? Are they cool?" 

"They're super pretty. You've talked to them once before as well Nii-san. 
When I was the student council president, they was the vice-president." 

".. .That tough beast race one?" 

"Not him, the girl." 

Right, the woman. 

I get it. 

I don't remember her name, but there was definitely someone like that. 
Now that I think about it, when she was looking for a job, I remember 
having a conversation like that. 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 

Like that they had entered the same department. 

"Right, a girl... I wonder if there are any male senpai?" 

"There are." 

"Those male senpai... Are there any good looking ones?" 

"There are some good looking ones, and some who aren't as well." 

There seems to be someone cool. 

That's important. 

"Nii-san, what have you been wanting to say?" 

"Calm down Norn. Don't jump to any conclusions." 

"It looks like you're the one that need to calm down." 

I am calm. 

I'm always. Cool, Clever and Clean. 

Rudeus of the three C's. 

Never Crazy, that word is not in there. 

"So, Norn... Ahem, Say, if, um, do you think, this cool person, is, uh, 

"You're wondering if I like him?" 

"Do you like him?" 

Ahh, dammit. 

I suddenly jumped straight to the point. 

"I don't particularly like him." 

Hey, mama yo! 

"Then do you have somebody you like?" 

".There is." 

There is! 

She answered, now, in the flow of the conversation! 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 

She answered me honestly. 

She gave me an answer. 

"Yes, right! There is, well you're at that age. So there is someone, there's 
nothing odd about that. Yes." 

"But you were most definitely odd just then." 

"What are you saying." 

There's nothing odd about me. 

What's odd is this world. 

This world is wrong. Don't you agree. 

"So, what kind of person are they? The person you like." 

"...He's older." 


"And reliable." 


"And he's always looking out for me." 

He fulfils all three conditions. 

"Could it be me?" 

"Are you half-asleep?" 

I'm sorry. 

I got ahead of myself. 

"He's far older than you, Nii-san, and even is this situation he would be 
calm; he is a composed man of presence." 

"You know, your brother, recently, hasn't been getting flustered at all." 
"Please remember your manner from a few minutes ago." 


But, hmm, far older than me, a man of presence. Dammit. 

"Far older... Is that more than 10 years?" 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 

"Even more." 

"...I didn't expect you to be into old men." 

"To say I'm 'into old men'... Well I will admit that I like men older than 

Even more would be more than 20 years older than me. 

Meaning 40 or 50 years old. 

And on top of that, having a presence, he might be rather plump. 

A lower centre of gravity would cause a sense of stability and presence. 

The corrupt head of some trading company or some sly greasy old man, 
was the image that floated into my mind. 

I don't intend to criticise because of an age difference, but I can only see 
this man as some kind of sugar daddy. 

I won't acknowledge it, I definitely won't acknowledge something like 

But if this greasy old man turns out to be surprisingly sincere... Then the 
age difference is of no concern. 

You can't judge a book by its cover. 

"But I understand that it's a love that is not meant to be." 

"Not meant to be... Is he married?" 

"No... His wife is already gone..." 

She's already dead. 

Or perhaps divorced. 

It's possible that he simply had a letter of divorce thrust before him. 

Wait, I seem to have gotten forcefully sidetracked, what if... 

"But apparently. I'm quite similar to his dead wife." 

Aah, then I'm definitely wrong. 

I would have to be wrong. 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 

That man wouldn't say such a thing. 

"That's a pretty cliche pick-up line." 

To get a hold of someone much younger than you, saying that 'you're 
similar to my wife', of course it's a cliche pick-up line. 

It brings in the possibility of marriage. 

No, wait, now that I think about it, it doesn't sound like a pick-up line. 
You're completely different to my wife, this is the first time I've met 
someone like you, something like that sounds much closer to a pick-up 

"Eeh... I'm being picked up?" 

Norn's brought her hands to her cheeks they became somewhat red. 
She's happy about being picked up. 

Right, it's not the other party, Norn is the one that likes him. 

But there's still the possibility that Norn is being tricked. 

But I'm sure that if I said that to Norn right now it'd start a fight, so I 

"Anyway, why did you ask something like that so suddenly?" 

"Eh? No, umm." 

"You must have some kind of reason." 

Norn began to scowl at me. 

She's talked with me honestly until now, so I should also answer 
honestly, is the kind of face she's giving me right now. 

I didn't think you'd talk with me honestly to this point. 

But I just wanted to confirm if she had someone that she likes. 

".. .It might be awkward to say this after the conversation we just had." 

Norn, who had been leant forward until now, sat back slightly. 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 

"The truth is Norn, talk about your engagement has come up." 

After hearing that, Norn froze for several seconds. 

Eye's wide open and mouth turned down at the corners. 

She carefully examined me. 

"A marriage proposal... I understand. I'll accept it." 

"No, I get it. Don't say any more, let's pretend this conversation never 

"No, like I said. I'll accept." 

I looked at Norn. 

She looked quite suspicious of me if I do say so myself. 

"...Don't you have someone you like?" 

"That's fine. It's a love that can't be after all. 

I'm not a noble, but since Nii-san is in some kind of position of nobility, I 
thought this kind of conversation would happen eventually. I've heard 
it from people I know as well. 

From when I heard that you were making connections with other 
countries, I assumed I would be used this way." 

"Don't say things like being used. I have no intention of using my family 
like tools." 

In response to my rather strong tone, Norn was taken aback and 

"Right... I'm sorry." 

She's an honest girl. 

"Norn, if you say you don't like it, we can forget this conversation 

"No... I'm not particularly against it. The fact that you'd even bring the 
conversation to me means that they're definitely not someone I'd hate, 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 

"Well, yeah." 

I don't think he's someone you'd hate... 

After the battle at the Biheilil Kingdom the two seemed to get along. 
No matter where he is, Ruijerd is an sincere man. 

Well, I still haven't gotten Ruijerd's acknowledgement yet. 

But he probably wouldn't object. 

"But... Hmm. It's not as if I absolutely want to get married, but it's not 
as if I don't either. 

If you say that it's ok then I would like to take you up on your offer of 
ignoring this talk. 

But if you insist, I wouldn't mind continuing the conversation." 

Norn said that and averted her eyes. 

Like I thought, she doesn't particularly want to get married. 

It's only that she'd do what I say. 

That may be something good for me, but for Norn, it's not. 

"No, I haven't even talked to the other party. So It's alright." 

"Is that right... Thank you very much." 

If Norn says that, Orsted probably won't be too happy about it. 

".. .Ahh, by the way, what kind of person were they? The king of some 
country? Some Asuran Noble?" 

"They aren't Royalty or Nobility... It's somebody you know." 
"Somebody I know...? Aah, Was it Zanoba-senpai by any chance?" 

"I don't think that guy would be interested in marriage." 

Zanoba is something else. 

He exuberates such a lovey dovey atmosphere around Juli but he 
doesn't seem to be getting any closer to Ginger. 

He probably intends to remain married to his dolls for life. 

"It's Ruijerd." 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 

I told her the name of the partner. 

By the time I had realised, Norn had placed her hands on the table and 
bent forward. 

She had a serious face. 

Her face was red and she seemed angry. 

I wonder if I hurt her feelings. 

Norn looks up to Ruijerd with respect, but as I thought, it's not like that. 
Yeah. Sorry, Nii-san was mistaken. 

"We-well, of course it's a no. Putting aside the difference in race, the age 
gap is just too big, even you—" 

"Nii-san! Please proceed with that engagement!" 

Norn cut off my words, without concealing the excitement and joy from 
her voice. 

Part 4 

After all that. 

Or should I say, as expected. 

It seems the person Norn liked was Ruijerd. 

She had looked up to him ever since she was little. 

That admiration from childhood eventually grew into love, and the 
incident in the Biheilil Kingdom re-awoke it. 

I like this person. 

But after hearing about his past, she was convinced that she couldn't be 
with him, and decided to hide her feelings. 

"I understand leave it to your Onii-chan." 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 

After hearing all that, I hit my chest. 


Author Q&A 

Q: Before you said it would be 1-2 chapter in a month and now it's 2 in 
one day! 

You always exceed expectations. Magonote-san salute! 

A: Although for now, the first three chapters are just Norn's story. 

After that's over it'll be around another month. 

I return you're salute. 

Q: Returning to the TIn a Sense] 

I have waited. 

A: Rather than a return, I would like you to think of it as an end-game 

Q: Guehehe... Marraige? 

Onii-chan will always support you! 

Becoming a bride is unthinkable! 

Is what I had thought.. ._(-| Te:)_ 

A: To begin with, Rudeus is also a married person. 

Q: Is such an older brother alright? 

I have a bad feeling lol 
A feeling of fruitless effort...! 

It's a problem, Rudeus doesn't at all feel reliable. 

Very unreliable. 

A: Is this what you take away from 2,800,000 characters! 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 

Q: Nom-chan's wedding... This is... Teren-san reads this... wouldn't it 
turn into something bad? 

A: Let those who will sing, sing. 

Chapter 2 - Norn's Marriage Part 2 


Leave it to me. 

I said that and began the preparations for the marriage. 

Norn has given an affirmative response, the problem lies on Ruijerd's 

He is an adult. If I asked him to marry my sister, he would most likely 
agree to it. 

Thinking logically, marrying my family is also to the benefit of the 
Supard race. 

Objectively, looking at my title, I am a trusted retainer of the Dragon 

Since ancient times, marriage has been a way of deepening strength of 
an alliance. 

With Ruijerd and Norn's marriage, the Supard race won't oppose the 
Dragon God faction, and we would no longer have to cast them away. 
That's the proposal I have prepared. 

It is a happy proposal. 

But is that really alright? 

Would that make Norn happy? 

If Ruijerd married her thinking "It can't be helped", would Norn be 

When she realises that she isn't loved back, she will most likely break 
into tears. 

Ruijerd is currently in Biheilil Kingdom, in charge of negotiations. 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 

Which means that Norn wouldn't live in the Magic City Sharia any 
longer and would move to the Supard village. 

After the incident in the Biheilil Kingdom, the whole village knows her 
name and face. 

So the villagers would most likely accept her. 

But, while living with a race other than your own, the common sense 
and daily lifestyle would be different. Would Norn be able to make a 
good living? 

Worst case, Norn would be ostracised from the villagers. 

I'm worried. 

Very worried. 

I asked my three wives for advice on the issue: 

Roxy said: "If it's Norn, she'll be fine." 

Eris said: "If it's Ruijerd, she'll be fine." 

Sylphy said: "You're overthinking this." 

But I am still worried. 

I cannot allow Norn to meet with misfortune. 

If Norn were to spend her days crying, Paul would glare at me in my 
dreams, and Zenith would be standing at my bedside slapping me 
awake from my peaceful sleep. 

For both their sake, I must make sure Norn is on the road to happiness. 
Anything after that is up to Norn herself. 

Of course, I understand that Ruijerd is a man worthy of my faith. 

Even if he didn't love Norn from the bottom of his heart, I know that he 
would treat his wife properly. 

He would care for her in a way that would never cause her to cry. 

But I still have to confirm this with Ruijerd. 

No matter how much Ruijerd might not love Norn. 

Even if I must prepare some kind of event to have them get along better. 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 

It should be possible to have Ruijerd's feelings for Norn turn around. 
And then everything should reach a Happy End. 


And so, with that, I arrived at the Supard village in Biheilil Kingdom. 

The Supard village, a few months into reconstruction, already looked 

The village was surrounded by large trees and on the inside, houses 
were lined up in rows. They hadn't harvested yet, but there were crops 
growing in the field. 

When the Supard warriors saw me, they bowed their heads and kindly 
led me into the village. 

After I gave an appropriate greeting in response, we quickly made our 
way to Ruijerd's house. 

Of course, it was a new building. 

Ruijerd held a rather significant standing in this village, so his house 
was large. 

Yup, it's more than enough for two people to live. 

"...Ruijerd-san, are you in?" 

"Oh, Rudeus." 

Ruijerd was inside. 

It seemed he had just finished eating, he was sitting next to the fire place 
in the centre of the room with his eyes closed in some kind of state of 

I went and sat down in front of him in seiza. 

Ruijerd opened his eyes and gave me a puzzled look. 

"...What's wrong?" 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 

As he asked me, I turned my palm towards Ruijerd. 

"Please wait a minute. I'm still choosing my words." 


And so I kept my silence. 

While sitting there staring at the flickering fire, it felt like nearly an hour 
had passed. 

It may sound odd, but I couldn't think of anything to start with. 

I know what I must say. 

Ruijerd's feeling for Norn. 

Whether he likes her or dislikes her and what he thinks of her a 
marriage partner. 

But I don't know how to word it. 

How about: 

'How do you feel about marrying Norn?' 

No, marriage and feelings are separate issues. I can't forget that. 

Ruijerd didn't try to start a conversation with me as I was sitting in 

He was waiting for me to start talking. 

As if to say that there was absolutely no need to rush, that I should 
choose my words at ease. 

I don't know whether or not he has some business to take care of, but he 
probably doesn't have anything to do. 

Most likely, he acts this way towards Norn as well. 

Or it's possible that Norn may think of this attitude of his a little 

No, probably not. 

The very reason Norn fell in love with Ruijerd was because of this 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 

particular trait of him. 

A partner not bothered by silence is a valuable thing. 

Although I'm agonising a little over it now. 

"...Right, recently, Norn has been making tea, she's gotten quite good." 
"Hmm, Norn's tea." 

I said that fishing for a response, and Ruijerd replied. 

As I thought, he is somewhat interested in Norn. 

So is the first condition clear...? 

No, wait, when a man who has been sitting in silence for an hour says 
something, no matter what it's about, you would reply. 

Don't rush. 

It's about the flow of the conversation. 

"It seems that because she's been making it at her workplace, she's 
gotten better." 

"Is that so... When she came to the village before, it was good." 

Ruijerd closed his eyes as if he was remembering something. 

Is that so, it seems Ruijerd has already had Norn's tea. 

It was good he says. 

Putting it like that means that he would probably like to try it again. 

Is he thinking something like "I'd like her to make me tea everyday..."? 

Damn it, how should I ask him. 

I want a choice list. 

Is this how Orsted feels when he's talking with me? 

Then should I just tell him outright? 

How should I do it!? Just how should I ask!? 

"It's not just her tea, her cooking isn't bad either." 

While I was toiling, the conversation continued. 

The conversation kept flowing. 

The flow did not stop. 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 

But wait, what did he just say? 


"Have you tried it?" 

"Yes." " 

Norn's cooking? 

Even though I've never had it before? 

"Is that so..." 

I wonder what she made. 

Beef stew or curry or omurice or maybe even beef stroganoff. 

I want to try it too. 

I want to eat it. 

No, I have to set myself aside for now. 

But in any case, if he likes her cooking then that means it's not hopeless. 
Her cooking won't make one's mouth water, but it seems that she's not 
that awful. 

And after they get married, we won't be seeing Ruijerd getting slim. 

"Is something the matter with Norn?" 

While I was thinking, Ruijerd had asked that. 

It was a reasonable assumption. 

No, I suddenly came in here with a serious face and started talking 
about Norn, what I want to talk about should be obvious. 

"No... It's not that anything's particularly the matter, it was small talk." 

But I'm still lacking the courage, resolve and guts to cut right to the 

Do you like Norn? Do you love her? Do you Immediately want to hold 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 

I'm afraid I would hear back: "I don't think of her her like that at all, I 
can't marry her, even if I did I wouldn't be able to love her." 

And if I did. I'm sure I'd be shocked. 

And I'm sure I'd say something like "Just what about Norn doesn't suit 
you!" and pick a fight. 

"It's just that, Norn is also growing up, and she already has a job. She 
still has plenty of time for children... But there isn't even any kind of 
male presence around her. I was just wondering if she'll be able to 
properly get married." 

I said that and looked at Ruijerd. 

Was that too blunt? 

Ruijerd was looking at me suspiciously. 

"...Isn't it a custom of the human race for the head of the family to pick 
marriage partners? Can you not decide who Norn's partner will be?" 
"No, no, no. I'm not a noble. I think it would be a good thing for Norn to 
be able to find her own partner, yes." 

I keep taking glances at Ruijerd, but his expression doesn't change. 

No, a bit of severity has been added to his suspicious gaze. 

Does he think I'm being irresponsible? 

"But of course! If Norn comes along and bring back some good for 
nothing, I would drag him out to a desert and tell him "If you want 
Norn, you have to defeat me!" 

I won't hand Norn over to some useless nobody!" 

I make a hurried explanation. 

While I push the matter with Norn it would be bad to have him think 
me to be irresponsible. 

I don't know how it will be bad, but it will. 

"So basically, if someone would like to marry Norn, they would have to 
defeat you?" 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 

"No...! Something like that won't always be necessary! But! Just, hmm, 
right, guts... Yes, they would have to show me that they have the guts to 
do it." 

Someone who would lose their nerve under pressure and run away is no 

I cannot entrust Norn to someone like that. 

I also often lose my nerve, but I at least have no intention of running 

They must have the guts to still fight even if they know they'll lose. 

"Is that right?" 


Of course, Ruijerd is good on that front. 

I keep glancing at Ruijerd to try and tell him what I mean, but his 
expression doesn't change. 

Just his stone like gaze. 

It seems he's not interested in Norn after all. 

Well, of course. 

To him, Norn is just a child. 

From childhood, he had only known her as a frail little girl. 

Ruijerd couldn't hold those kind of passionate feeling for a child. He's 
just that kind of man. 

"Ruijerd-san... I'll get right to the point." 


But I still have to hear it. 

Even if it's a sad outcome for Norn. 

I cannot decide based just on the look on his face 
I am also prepared. 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 

"What do you think of Norn?" 

Ruijerd is silent. 

He silently stares intensely at me. 

His face is like stone, truly intense. 
His suspicion completely disappears. 

That's odd. 

Normally Ruijerd would immediately reply in this kind of situation. 

A child or a warrior. 

It should be one of these two. 

"...Do you like Norn?" 

I am prepared. 

The words that will begin it. 

It may have been something that I shouldn't have said. 

It may have been something that Norn should have said herself. 

"I see." 

As Ruijerd uttered those short words, he stood up as if he had decided 
something, and took his spear into his hand. 

".. .Rudeus, outside." 

I understood the meaning of that action, and looked up at him. 

Towards me still bewildered on the ground, Ruijerd once again, said in a 
harsh tone: 


Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 


To that impact, denying a reply, I readily obeyed. 

Part 2 

We traveled roughly 10 minutes from the Supard village into the forest 
surrounding the Earth Dragon Valley. 

Deep into the Forest. 

Here in a small clearing, Ruijerd and I face each other. 

Ruijerd had a stern face the entire time. 

I might have made him mad. 

After that conversation, it's no surprise that conveying Norn's feeling to 
him was a failure. 

Or he might have just misunderstood. 

As some form of political manoeuvre, I was presenting him with Norn. 
If it's Ruijerd, 

He'd say like a man, "As her brother you must protect Norn. You 
mustn't use her to curry favour." 

It's because he's reliable like that, that I can trust him. 

"You already noticed it a while back." 

But what came out of Ruijerd's mouth was outside of my predictions. 

// 'p// 

What have I noticed? 

I, who am currently standing here in confusion? 

I, who cannot even guess what is right by any standard? 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 


"Don't say any more, here I come!" 

It seems there's no use in talking. 

I had no reason to have my precognition eye open, and without it, I had 
no way to see Ruijerd's movements. 


Ruijerd closed in in an instant and I was thrown to the ground. 

But opposed to ten years ago, I knew what to do. 

Thanks to my regular training, I managed a last minute response. 

Ruijerd came at me with his spear from the right, and I raised the right 
hand of the Magic Armor MK. II to guard. 

But Ruijerd then came around with a low kick which I blocked, and then 
used that leg as a pivot and kicked around with his other leg to knock 
me down. 

"How's that?" 

Ruijerd thrust his spear at the back of my neck and looked down at me 

"I concede. Splendid skills." 

I have no idea what's going on. 

But I can't say anything else. 

I don't think he'd stab my neck, but it's obviously my loss. 

"Is this sufficient?" 

What's he talking about? 

Is what sufficient? 

"Isn't it me that's insufficient?" 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 

"...Then, is this enough?" 

I don't know what's enough but in this situation he's not lacking 

No matter what I say it would still be uncouthly. 

"This is enough." 

As I said that, Ruijerd, moved his spear out of the way. 

I raised my body up and sat down. 

And looked up at Ruijerd with with my pathetic face. 

"Then as promised, I get your sister." 

And then Ruijerd said something odd. 

He gets my sister? 

What about my sister? 

Was there that kind of promise? 


What were we talking about? 

I seem to have lost sight of the conversation. 

"It's just as you suspected." 

What did I suspect? 

"I have fallen in love with Norn." 

"Fallen in love..." 

I desperately tried to remember the meaning of that phrase. 

If I remember correctly... It's a feeling. A feeling of longing for someone. 


Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 

Which means that Ruijerd likes Norn? 

No, wait, don't jump ahead. 

Misunderstanding are my weakness. 

"So Ruijerd-san, you like Norn?" 

".I like her." 

Am I being pranked? 

Should I happily say, "Then I'll let you marry Norn". 

And then when I go and bring Norn along in a white kimono, Ruijerd 
will come along with a giant billboard saying "Huge Success". 

That would me a huge mental shock. Norn might even kill herself. 

It has to be Hitogami's doing. 

Damn it! For Ruijerd to be Hitogami's apostle! 

"Is this some kind of joke? Or maybe a punishment game?" 

"It is not a joke." 

Ruijerd looked slightly offended by that. 

That's right, Ruijerd isn't the type to joke around. 

Especially at times like this. 

"From when?" 

"Several months ago, around the time of the battle in the Biheilil 
Kingdom. I would like to hold closely, the woman who so devotedly 
looked after me." 

They did look like they were getting along well together back then. 

It couldn't have just been Norn's one sided feelings. 

I thought I would be pushing Ruijerd into a marriage, but it seems like it 
wasn't like that at all. 

"Of course, I didn't intend to make a move." 

Which means that if she wasn't my sister, he would have made a move. 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 

Normally he would have made a move. 

According to Orsted, that's how it went in the previous loops. 

"But you had realised. Which is why you came around with that sudden 

That's not why. 

All I knew was that Norn liked Ruijerd. 

Whoever realised that it was mutual wasn't me. 

There's no way I'm that sharp. 

I'm the thickheaded type. 

My cutting ability is the same as that of a flail. 

"I'll say it again. I would like to marry Norn Greyrat." 

Ruijerd said that and pointed his spear at my neck. 

"For that purpose, I have shown you my guts." 

So that's what this is. 

This is happening because I said that. 

A duel to test courage. 

But I don't even have the strength needed to witness the extent of 
Ruijerd's guts. 

Well, there's no point in confirming something like that now. 

But something like that. 

Being more confused than you thought. 

And things advancing too well. 

Is this a trap? 

Just who is trying to entrap who? 

I don't get it. 

What's going on? 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 

"Umm... Are you alright with your previous wife or your son?" 

I don't know and therefore continue questions. 

I said that while sitting down and looking up at Ruijerd, and he 

"I told you before. I won't be dragged around by my past anymore." 

I do remember him saying it was because there was no one there for him. 
Ruijerd looked at me sitting and put down his spear and sat too. 

I changed to seiza. 

With that, our gazes were the same height. 


Ruijerd said just that, and hung his head with a difficult face. 

He kept silent. 

Having me suddenly appear and exposing his feeling, awakening his 
resolution, and he brought me all the way out here. 

But he was always bad with words. 

And on top of that, he probably had a lot of things he wanted to say. 

I was in too much of a hurry. 

Even with what Orsted had said, there was no need to immediately set 
these two up. 

I should have used a more indirect plan to bring the two of them 

Like having Norn kidnapped and Ruijerd rescuing her... 

No, the only one who would be charmed by that would be Norn, 
Ruijerd might fall into a trap. 

Wait, if I did that, Norn would hate me. 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 

"I would eventually marry a human." 

While I was worrying away, Ruijerd said something. 

When would eventually be? 

"What do you mean by that?" 

"Thanks to you, the Supard race is headed towards restoration. 

The people of the Biheilil Kingdom and the Ogres have kindly accepted 

Eventually, like the Ogre race, the countries Royalty and nobility would 
send someone to create a blood relation with. 

And it seems I was deemed to be the most suitable match." 


So there was something like that going on... 

Well there usually was. 

Ruijerd's position was something like the assistant of the Chieftain. 

But as a Hero of the previous war, he was looked up to. 

The village idol... may be a little off but he's something like a guardian 

Ruijerd would end up marrying some Biheilil noblewoman. 

The Supard race would enter a position of guardians of the Biheilil 
Kingdom and they would be able to rest easy. 

"But if I had the choice... Rudeus, your family would be better." 

With those words, I felt warm from the bottom of my heart. 

A good relationship with Biheilil Kingdom would be to their benefit. 

I'm sure that it would be much more beneficial as opposed to being in 
my family. 

But Ruijerd chose my family. 

I was chosen! 

No, not me. 

Not good, I almost became Girldeus. 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 

But as I was thinking that, I realised something. 

"Is Norn alright with you?" 

"What do you mean by that?" 

Ruijerd is suspicious. 

"Norn is... How do I say it, quite selfish. 

And without thinking about the conciseness, say some awful things. 
If you for example had some kind of lovers quarrel, she may end up 
saying something insensitive about your past." 

Words that I didn't expect came out. 

That was odd. 

I'm supposed to be supporting Norn, I should be pointing out Norn's 
good parts. 

But all that comes out are the bad points. 

"It seems like she can do housework, but it can't be called her speciality. 
She can study, but she can't put very much of it to practical use, she fails 
at most things the first time. 

At Sharia she can cope with most things easily, but at the Supard village, 
there would be plenty of things she wouldn't be able to figure out. 

I'm sure she would end up causing trouble for you." 

No, this isn't what I want to say. 

In my house there's another young woman. 

For example, Aisha. 

Honestly, Aisha is far more excellent than Norn. 

She can do housework and look after children. 

She's better to the extent that there's nothing Norn can do that Aisha 

When I think about it like that, I can't help but think "Is Norn alright". 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 

I want to root for Norn. 

But I also like Ruijerd. 

It's because I want these two to be happy that I try to think of how to 
make sure no one is dissatisfied. 

"—But that's the result of her trying her very hardest." 

What interrupts my words is Ruijerd. 

"I know. Norn's bad points and her good points." 

I lost my words and Ruijerd looked as if he was pressing me for answers. 

"You know it too don't you?" 

"Of course." 

Norn has plenty of good things about her. 

I'm not that well informed on Norn as of late. 

But I know what kind of person she has become. 

Having lost to Aisha, she became far more docile than necessary. 

She became far less hysteric and began to get along with Aisha. 

Taking care of someone is good. 

It wasn't so much at home, but her classmates and juniors looked up to 

At her 15th birthday, plenty of Norn's friends came. 

Even now, some of her school's underclassmen still come over for help 
over studying or the student council comes to ask for advice. 

Norn goes at everything with the utmost effort. 

And as a result of trying her hardest at everything, although she can't be 
the best, she can at least somehow do the things she isn't good at. 

Because Norn has plenty of things she isn't good at, she can't do things 
in an instant compared to others. 

And so compared to Aisha, there's a world of difference. 

But other people don't matter. 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 

With her own effort, she steadily advances. 

And I'm sure that, from here on out, she'll continue like that. 

Norn is just that kind of girl. 

A very good girl. 

A little sister I can be proud of. 

And Ruijerd also knew that. 

He knew that Norn is someone that always tried her hardest. 

There's no need for me to say it. 

And even Norn's bad parts. 

He had known for a long time, and accepted it. 

Taking it all in and still holding feeling for her. 

".. .Whenever it may be, will you always protect Norn?" 


Ruijerd gave a reassuring nod. 

Right, if it's him, he'd protect Norn until he died. 

"When you get married, and Norn is surrounded by a different race, 
separated from her family, and think she's in trouble, will you support 


Ruijerd gave a reassuring nod. 

Right, if it's him, he'd support Norn until he died. 

"If Norn is feeling down and says something bad, will you remind her 
of her courtesy?" 


Ruijerd gave a reassuring nod. 

Right, if it's him, he would comfort Norn and gently hold her. 

"Norn is a Millis believer... Can you promise not to cheat?" 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 


Ruijerd gave a reassuring nod. 

Right, it's obvious. Ruijerd wouldn't lose himself to a woman's wiles. 

"Norn is, she's a bigger crybaby than me, is that ok?" 

"Yes. So don't you start crying." 

I began crying my eyes out. 

His words were short but his tone was resolute. His face was serious 
and his gaze, earnest. 

"There's no problem. I understand." 

I suddenly remembered. 

During the journey across the central continent after the teleport 

I remained at ease by Ruijerd's side. 

No matter what kind of demonic creature, I could rest, assured that he 
would protect us. 

Of course, he's not that great at taking care of things other things than 
demons, but as a person, that can't be helped. 

Nobody's perfect. 

Norn can simply make up for the things Ruijerd can't do. 

And I'm sure Norn, as she is now, can do that. 

She has already proven that. 

If she couldn't then Ruijerd wouldn't have said that he desired her. 

While thinking like that, my shoulder grew weak. 

I was relieved. 

"Please take care of my sister." 

Finally, I lowered my head. 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 

- 0*0 - 

Author's O&A 

Q: It's because of practice that she can cook well, but how did Rudi, after 
living in the same house for so many years, not try it? 

A: If he had asked she would have made something for him, but all the 
practise was probably done somewhere else. 

Like at school. 

Q: I'm so happy that I feel that something's going to go wrong... 

A: Even though this is a redundancy chapter!? 

Q: It's good to cry isn't it. 

A: I don't mind it. 

Q: I think this belongs on the daily rankings. But if the people that see 
Mushoku Tensei and then go read the original are only a few, I think it 
would be a waste. 

A: The redundancy chapter is just an extra so it's ok. 

Q: The light novel manga deal that I bought has arrived. 

A: So it arrived! 

That's good... 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 

Q: A secret extra chapter... It's really great. 

A: That this story became three chapters, it surprised me too... 

Chapter 3 - Norn's Marriage Final 


Norn's Perspective 

It has been decided that I will be marrying Ruijerd-san. 

It was quite a sudden experience. 

I answered earnestly to my brother's various enquiries, after which he 
pulled Ruijerd-san along with him in no less than 10 days. Ruijerd-san 
then confessed his love for me and asked my hand in marriage. 

The talk moved forward as my mind was still in a daze, the marriage 
ceremony was to be carried out after 10 more days. 

Brother and Ruijerd-san were steadily making progress. 

My job was to create a marriage dress along with the Superd women. A 
very Superd like dress which looked similar to what Ruijerd-san always 

It seemed that the marriage would be carried out in Superd style. 

I wished that I would get to do it in Milis style, but stressing the fact that 
I would be the one going to Ruijerd-san's place as his bride, I wasn't 
reluctant. All the Superd people were good-natured as well, and I 
honestly didn't want anything more than this. 

Ruijerd-san would probably not like being kissed on his forehead in 

Brother told me that he would take care of it and I could only be grateful 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 

for that. 

But, maybe, if I only wished for just the Milis Necklace then maybe... 
Should I ask for it... ? 

I'm pretty sure this might be my last chance to request something selfish 
from my brother. 

I was currently in the middle of clearing out my room as I was 
pondering about such things. 

The room that I have been living in almost everyday together with Aisha 
after being brought along by Ruijerd-san. Since I had been living in the 
dormitory for so long my attachment with the dorm room was stronger 
than this one. 

But I realized that various memories dwelled within this room as I was 
clearing things out one-by-one. 

The doll of Ruijerd-san created by Zanoba-senpai. I was very moved the 
first time I saw it and ended up asking for it, after which I placed it in 
my dorm room. Even Nii-san did not say anything. 

Someway or another, gazing at this doll became my daily habit. It wasn't 
an exact replica of Ruijerd-san but it was still similar to him. I kept 
wishing that I could see him again, watching this doll everyday. 

And then the wooden sword. The sword I received from Eris-neesan 
which I swung almost everyday because of the training I received from 

I hadn't really progressed that much, and I knew that I didn't have 
much talent for it, but it was fine. 

Swinging a sword is quite fun and it wasn't like I wished to be the 
world's strongest. No one in Sharia said something ridiculous like 'You 
don't have talent so forget about it!'. Of course, that list also included 
Nii-san and even Eris-neesan, Sylphy-neesan and Roxy-neesan... not 
even Zanoba-senpai or Cliff-senpai said something like that. Even 
though each and everyone of them were extremely gifted, they didn't 
say anything. 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 

I now know how wonderful a thing they did for me and I am grateful 
for that. And I also understand that even though I did not have any 
talent, giving your all and working hard is what really mattered. If not 
for that I would have never become the Student Council President. 

In the Student Council where I became the President, none of them had 
any talent. To some teachers, and even during the first part of the year, 
we were known as the Stupid Student Council. But only Vice Principal 
Jinas said The students are getting along well, even better than during 
Ariel's Presidency'. 

Actually, it seemed that crimes and violence among students were few 
during my time as President... 

It was possible that I just got lucky, but I think that it was because we 
didn't have any talent. 

It was because we were dumb, we could be considerate of the students. 
Because we were dumb, the students could be considerate of us. They 
would think that they had no choice but to help us out. 

If in a school of over 10,000 people, if they know that a student council 
of little more than 10 people are still giving their best, it's only natural 
that those 10,000 students would start to be more considerate. 

I had also stopped wearing my school uniform, which now stay in the 

If I recall, I heard from someone that Nanahoshi-san designed this 
uniform. Before that, students wore tattered clothing. But everybody 
was already wearing the uniforms or robes by the time I enrolled. 
Everyone wore the same uniform, be it a student with a scary face or a 
bewitching woman. 

I thought it was because everyone wore the same uniforms that I had so 
many friends. Were it not for the uniforms, I wouldn't have been able to 
make so many friends. 

Just by looking at the Demon race or a Beast race, I couldn't even 
approach them as I would be too scared by their appearance. 

Well something like that is beyond me, really. 

But even Aisha mimicked us by adopting the uniform system in her 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 

Mercenary group, which led me to believe that putting on the same 
uniform on every student was a very effective move. 

'Cause even that Aisha ended up doing it. 

And finally, father's sword that was now hanging on the wall. The 
sword he used almost all the time before marrying mother. The sword 
given to me by Nii-san when he was distributing father's belongings. 
There was one more sword given to Aisha, but he quickly took it away 
saying that he had to use it in the war. Father's armor laid in mother's 

I used to pray to this sword each time something happened. 

Father wasn't really a Milis believer and was someone who would scowl 
at the very mention of it, but I liked doing it anyway. 

If he were still alive, he would surely scold me for this but I didn't think 
that he would hate it. Since even father tried his best at things. Because 
there are times when we fail even if we work hard which is true for me 
and even Nii-san... that's why I liked doing it. 

And thus today as well, I prayed to my father. 

"I am going to get married now, father." 

No, it was more like a report than a prayer I guess. 

Nii-san said this. It seemed that even he visited father's grave to report 
things. Even though he's such a busy person... He's very diligent. 

"Nii-san has been diligently playing your role, father. Even though I 
think that I am a burden to him, he's still doing his best for my sake 
without raising any complaints whatsoever. 

... I can't thank him enough for what he's done for me." 

I intended to report about my marriage but ended up giving my thanks 
to Nii-san. I thought of Nii-san as someone who protected me by filling 
in for father who died and mother who became that way. Of course, he's 
a very busy person so he couldn't keep his eye on me all the time which 
made me thought he looked after me unwillingly after father's death. 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 

I now know that it wasn't like that. 

I can't explain it more properly but Nii-san seriously tried his best to fill 
in for both father and mother. 

I had a memory, a very old and distant one. It was a memory of right 
after I had been born. Of course it was vague and I didn't have a good 
grip on it. It was a time when I couldn't even reply in short words 
properly. It was a memory where... I had a contest with Aisha. 

I didn't know why we were having a contest but I remember that 
mother was there at the goal line. And of course I was defeated by Aisha. 
Aisha reached mother with a terrific speed and then mother hugged 
Aisha and praised her. 

I cried after watching that. Mother was far from me and I thought that 
she was stolen away by Aisha, that I wouldn't be receiving any praise 
and so I cried. And then mother said "Norn, I'm waiting right here for 
you, so come to me." She said that and waited for me until I finally 
managed to reach her and then she praised me. 

Nii-san was also someone who waited for me. No matter how slow I 
was he still waited for me. He persevered, even at times when he was 
confused or smiled wryly, he never once abandoned me and always 
waited for me. 

He's that kind of person. That's why I think that he seriously tried to fill 
in mother's shoes as well. 

It's the same with the marriage preparations as well. Nii-san did all of it. 
I did think that if father was still alive then he would have done the 
same things as Nii-san. 

He might've not liked Ruijerd-san though and would've gotten into a 
quarrel with him but if it came to marriage then he would've said 
"Leave it to me" and would've done the preparations in secret. 

Since it seemed like the same thing happened during mother's marriage. 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 



While thinking about such things I continued clearing out my room and 
in no time, I was finished. It was never a room that had much in it, but 
now that my personal belongings were no longer here it was completely 
empty. It seemed like this room would be used by Lucy-chan and other 
kids but it should be fine if it's cleared out this much. 

Now all I had to do was to take my belongings and some keepsakes and 
go to Ruijerd-san's house. To Ruijerd-san's house in the Superd village. 

Honestly, it felt like I was in a dream or something. Marrying that 
Ruijerd-san that I admired for so long since way back then. My heart 
was beating like crazy. It seemed it was the same for Sylphy-neesan, 
starting a married life with the person you love gives birth to 
expectations mixed with tension. 

Ruijerd-san was way older than me but after I married him then I would 
have to do what Nii-san and Sylphy-neesan and the others do. I knew 
how it's done but I didn't really put into practise. I'm a little nervous. I 
wonder if he'll be gentle. I wonder if I'll be able to do it properly. 

But my mind tilted more towards the expectations rather than tension. I 
was really nervous. That day, the moment I heard Ruijerd-san's name I 
immediately asked Nii-san to go ahead with the marriage proposal, I 
was really glad about that. I thought that from the bottom of my heart. 

"Hey, Norn-ane... do you have a moment?" 

Suddenly, I heard the knocking on the door. There was only one person 
who would call me Norn-ane. 

It was Aisha. 

"Yeah, what's the matter?" 

"Umm... can I talk to you for a bit?" 

Aisha entered the room with a somewhat fidgety look and closed the 
door behind her. 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 

That was unusual. It's possible that this might be the first time I saw 
Aisha acting like this towards me. 

"How about we sit down there?" 


With a suggestive tone she sat on the bed. I put my luggage away which 
held my belongings which I was going to take to Ruijerd-san's place, 
and sat on a chair. 

"Uhh... Norn-ane, congratulations on your marriage... no, engagement?" 
"Thank you." 

Now that I recalled, when Nii-san announced my marriage, I was then 
congratulated by various people but never by Aisha. 

"It's a somewhat strange feeling. That Norn-ane is getting married." 

"Did you come here to say only that?" 

"No, not that... umm... Norn-ane, how does it feel to get married?" 

Aisha wasn't facing my way. She was averting her eyes away as if trying 
to ask something that shouldn't be asked. 

"How... meaning?" 

"Why are you getting married, Norn-ane?" 

... Ah, now I remember. Aisha had said something like that to me before. 
That "Even though you know you don't have any talent, why would 
you still try?" 

She was the same as usual little sister. 

Still, those things sounded like sarcasm or insults back in the day but 
I've come to realise that those were quite the different things. Because 
Aisha is Aisha, she has so much talent in so many things, she ends up 
getting puzzled in various ways. Because she ends up doing everything 
easily, she can't understand someone who tries to do something which 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 

they cannot do. 

No... words spoken by Aisha back in the day were mixed with a 
considerable amount of sarcasm. That's why I really disliked her in 
those days. 

But that dislike had already gotten away. 

I wonder just when the sarcasm got out of Aisha... I am not sure right 
now but I do think that she changed a lot after Lucy-chan was born. 

"Even if you ask me why... well for once this marriage has meaning to it, 
and I love Ruijerd-san as well." 

"What's it like to love someone?" 

"...A desire to live together or the desire to hug your lover or be hugged 
back, those kind of feelings gush up naturally." 

"I love my Onii-chan but is that the wrong kind of love?" 

"That's... I don't know because I'm not you." 


After that Aisha stretched her legs out while sitting on the bed and fell 
on it with a thud. 

"I really don't get it..." 

While flapping her legs around, Aisha groaned in puzzlement. 

"These days, both Pursena and Rinia talk about nothing but marriage, 
it's so annoying. They keep talking about how I'll miss my chance or 
how I can't compromise after having come this far. Is marriage such a 
desperate thing to do? Do I have to do it? Is there really a need to do it 
theoretically? But it isn't like everyone is thinking that far right?" 

"Do you not want to marry, Aisha?" 

"I don't know know whether I want to or not." 

"Don't you have any one you like?" 


I decided on marrying Onii-chan when I was a child but even he seems 
to think differently of that idea, but then I can't even imagine leaving 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 

this house..." 

Aisha was all over Nii-san ever since she was a small child. She was like 
that since I met her for the first time in Millis, around the time when 
father recovered and began to work splendidly for a short while. 
Honestly, no one really knew that Aisha was my sister. It was like if you 
asked someone from the hostel, they would go "Ah, so she's from a 
previous marriage". Even Lilya-san said to see her as a fellow maid 
rather than my sister. 

I wonder just when I actually started to accept her as my own sister. 
Probably around the time when we started going to Milis school 
together or possibly when we travelled to Sharia with Ruijerd-san and 

I couldn't recall it now but I did know that I had already acknowledged 
her as my sister when we started our new lifestyle in Sharia. 

"Norn-ane, just how are you feeling right now?" 

"I... feel blessed." 

"Blessed? What kind of feeling is that?" 

"It's hard to explain but, how do I put it, I feel like nothing could go 
wrong... I understand that it's not going to be nothing but good times 
from here on out, but I feel like from here on out, I don't have to doubt 
the good things anymore, something like that I guess." 

By the time I finished talking, Aisha had already sat up and was staring 
at me. 

And after a short pause, she said : 

"That's what you call being blessed?" 

"Seems to me that sort of thing..." 

"But I feel like that almost all the time?" 

"Then, aren't you always being blessed?" 

As I said that, Aisha fell on the bed once again. 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 

"Being blessed... I don't think so. I'm kinda envious. I feel like I've lost 
to you for the first time." 

"I don't really feel like I've won though..." 

"Nah, I lost. I probably lost to you, Norn-ane." 

That was unexpected. 

Never in my entire life, no matter what I did, was there a test where I 
won over Aisha. 

And it wasn't just Aisha. 

Even in school I wasn't someone special. I only had a 45% winning 
chance in a mock magic battle and averaged out at 80 marks in all of my 
tests. Of course, being the top student was only a trifling matter. 

If I studied and had a contest with Aisha who didn't study then I would 
definitely win once or twice but as the matches continued 10 or 20 times 
I would start to lose all of them. Aisha had a knack for knowing things, 
her growth was fast and she was good at gripping the essence. 

That Aisha felt at loss... 

Despite that I didn't feel all that happy. It's probably because I never 
really gave it my all because I never intended to compete with her. And 
it's definitely not like I'm marrying so that I can have an upper hand on 

"Listen, Norn-ane." 

"What is it?" 

"Can I come visit you once in a while after you get married?" 

This was unexpected as well. It was probably because I had the 
impression that Aisha was keeping her distance from me for quite a 
while. She didn't show this kind of attitude when caring for Nii-san's 
kids but even while I was alone or had nothing to do she wouldn't 
approach me that much. 

"Yeah... of course." 

"When you have kids, let me hold them okay?" 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 



I've heard various things from Sylphy-neesan. Though I think that it's 
still too early for me. I've still resolved myself for when the time comes. 
Well, I've resolved myself for whatever that comes before it anyway. 

Aisha was taking care of Nii-san's kids even now. Even Sylphy-ane 
thanks her a lot for helping out. Now that I think about it if I left the 
house then I would have to raise them alone. I'm worried about that. 

I wonder if I'd be able to do the job... 

Sylphy-neesan would probably say "You'll be just fine, Norn-chan", 
Roxy-neesan would probably be as uneasy as me and Eris-neesan would 
just say "Raise them however you want". 

I'm worried. 

"If you would be so kind to teach me about child rearing. I'll be glad." 
"Leave that to me!" 

"Okay... fufufu." 

I laughed. Aisha's smile made me somewhat happy and thus I laughed. 

That day I chatted with Aisha till late night. Chats that didn't hold any 
meaning or just idle complaints with no conclusion carried on endlessly. 

And then, the next day, I took my belongings and moved to Ruijerd- 
san's house. 

Part 2 

— Rudeus' Perspective — 

Norn's and Ruijerd's marriage was to be performed in the Superd 
village in Superd style. 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 

The villagers gathered with each of their own cooking under the full 
moon and congratulated the bride and groom while having a feast 

I wasn't one of the villagers but I still participated by bringing along my 
cooking and my family as if it was natural. Since we were Norn's family, 
they obviously couldn't say no. No one denied us. Rather, they all 
welcomed us. 

The cooking was prepared by Lilya and Aisha. 

It seemed that Aisha held some complex feelings regarding Norn's 
marriage. Ever since the marriage had been decided, she was seen quite 
often lying on the sofa rolling around, deep in thought and then getting 
scolded by Lilya. Which reminded me that a few days before the 
marriage, the two of them were talking about something till late night in 
Norn's room. I didn't know what they were talking about... but even 
she might have some things to think upon. 

Since it definitely wasn't like she wouldn't give her blessings to Norn. 
Even the cooking that was brought for the wedding saw no signs of 
shoddiness, instead she put all of her skills into making it. She collected 
the ingredients from Milis and Asura and made a huge fruitcake. 

We were worried whether or not the Superds would be delighted by 
something sweet but then Roxy gave it her seal of approval. Well, it's 
possible that she just likes sweet things... 

Since it was pretty much Norn's most precious moment, all of the family 
members attended. The small kids Ars and Sieg were here as well, and 
of course Leo, Jiro and Beat too. Not just the family, the perpetrator who 
made this marriage a reality, Orsted, too was here stealthily hidden into 
a corner. 

Added to that, we invited Norn's friends from Sharia as well, who were 
happy to attend. The Student Council and Norn's underclassmen, after 
hearing about Norn's marriage, requested with their heads bowed that 
they be allowed to attend as well. 

In the open place of the Superd village, the humans who were attending 
the marriage while shivering in fear was a pitiable sight to see the least 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 


Well, after seeing the happy and blessed Norn their tension gradually 
wore off and they had enough composure to pour sake to Norn when 
the banquet was reaching its climax. 

Yep, Norn looked happy. 

At home, or rather in front of me, Norn looked sullen almost all the time 
but now that she was sitting beside Ruijerd, her face was floating with a 
bashful smile the whole time. 

Moreover, each time Norn tried to look at Ruijerd and Ruijerd who 
sensed it tried to look back, she quickly looked downwards as her face 
got red like a tomato. 

Her body was dressed in the traditional bridal costume made by the 
Superd females, in front of plenty of cookery, her face grew red and a 
smile floated each time she saw Ruijerd. 

Also, it was good that we prepared a Milis style wedding to include in 
the middle of the actual ceremony as a surprise. We pretended that a 
change of clothing was necessary and dressed up Ruijerd and Norn in 
snow white clothing. By the time they returned. Cliff who had hidden 
himself as a surprise guest, started reading the Milis ritual prayer. 

In the end, when the necklace prepared beforehand was put on Norn by 
Ruijerd, Norn's face went full red as Ruijerd went down on his knees 
only for Norn to kiss his forehead clumsily. 

Norn had a surprised face the whole time but by the time it ended she 
was smiling in tears. That smile seemed to be incredibly happy. 

If this is not a blessing then I don't know what is. 

"Norn-ane looks so beautiful." 

Aisha called that Norn beautiful. Was it her attire that she considered 
beautiful or was it her happiness, I did not know, but Aisha was looking 
enviously at Norn. 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 

"Your time will come too, Aisha." 

"I won't be doing this." 

An immediate reply. Aisha did not wish to be married. For me, I would 
like to send Aisha away in the same fashion as Norn but... 

Well, marriage isn't life so I wouldn't mind even if she didn't want to. 

Nevertheless Norn was a bride now huh. I'm deeply moved. 

When we met in Milis she was so small and aggressive. After enrolling 
in school, she even confined herself in her dorm room. A troublesome 
child, a hopelessly clumsy child, I had such impression of her and yet 
before I knew she entered the Student Council, became a fine President 
and worked diligently, was idolized by many of her underclassmen and 
was now married. 

Reflexively, the inside of my nose became prickly and made a sharp 
noise. 1 

Dear Paul-sama. 

Norn is incredibly beautiful, she has been raised into a good girl. 

Can you break out from your gravestone? 

No, there's no way you'd be able to. 

If not then please come as quickly as possible. 

"Onii-chan, don't cry at a time like this." 

"I'm not crying. *sobs*" 

"Right... if you can watch her from afar then why not at least say a few 
words to her?" 

"Nh, nh~" 

The banquet was in full swing so the attendees were giving their 
blessings to the bride and groom in order. Though there wasn't this kind 
of custom in Superd style... Cliff might've said something. 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 

Norn was receiving their blessings with a smile. She was having such a 
happy time. Would it be fine if I approached her in such a time like this? 
I felt like it would be fine just watching her from afar. 

"Would Norn be displeased about it?" 

"She won't." 



"... Won't you come with me?" 

"Why not go along with everyone?" 

Well, it's not like I'm worried about that. I'm worried how I'm going to 
react. I'd absolutely end up crying. I would end up crying in Norn's 
precious moment. I'd end up making crying sounds ungracefully. 
Everyone would point at Norn's big brother as the one who cried at her 
wedding, a crybaby. 

No, that's fine but just the other day I was being told by Ruijerd not to 
cry so I didn't want to cry here of all places. I wanted to at least cry in 
Sylphy's lap when I reached home. 

"Got it. Then let's go." 

But I must go. With everyone in tow, I approached Norn. 


When Norn saw us approaching she tightly closed her lips for an instant 
but immediately turned it to a smile, she might have something to say. 

I wonder what. I'm scared. As I was thinking, Sylphy overtook me as I 
got cold feet and was the first to stand in front of Norn. 

"Norn-chan, congratulations on your marriage." 

"Thank you very much. Sylphy-neesan." 

"There will be times when uneasiness or tension happens between the 
two of you but most of it will be manageable so talk it through with 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 

Ruijerd-san properly and give it your best." 

"Yes. I'll try my best." 

Sylphy said that and gave a smile in return, then stepped aside. The next 
to come was Eris. 

"Norn, congratulations." 

"Yes, thank you very much. Eris-neesan." 

"Don't forget to do your daily sword practice okay? Ruijerd is strong but 
it'll come handy when you have to guard yourself." 

"Yes, I'll make sure to carve it in my heart." 

Eris nodded in satisfaction and then stepped aside. And then moved to 
Ruijerd's side and started talking about something. "I won't forgive you 
if you can't protect Norn." or so she's saying. After Eris, Roxy came out 
in front. 

"Norn-san, my deepest and most sincere congratulations." 

"Thank you very much, Roxy-sensei." 

"Stop calling me sensei now... no, make it the last time so allow me the 
privilege of imparting you with some knowledge. People would say this 
and that about marriage between different races but there's no need to 
give it any heed. If you act ordinarily everyday then people would come 
to admit it before long." 

"... yes, sensei!" 

After that Lilya and Zenith were now in front. 

"Miss Norn, my most sincere congratulations." 

"Lilya-san, mother... thank you very much." 

"I think that I wasn't a pleasant existence for you. Miss Norn. Aisha 
made you sad on numerous occasion but all the responsibility lies with 
me and I am to be blamed for..." 

"No, there's nothing like that. Lilya-san, you were my mother as well. 
Aisha too, is my sister. There were certainly some bad things but I never 
really thought of it as your fault but rather something that was ordinary." 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 

"...If you say something like that then, gusu... uuu..." 

Lilya was keeping quiet but ended up crying anyway. Really, Lilya just 
keeps on crying these days. Zenith was gently brushing her back, but 
after a short while Zenith casually moved to Norn's side. 


Zenith smiled ever so slightly and took Norn's hand. With both hands, 
as if to cover up something precious, she tenderly clutched them. 


Zenith did not say anything. But it was transmitted. The feelings were 
transmitted to Norn and tears started spilling out in volume from both 
of Norn's eyes. I quickly understood that she was trying her best to not 
cry before. 

"Mother, th-thank you... very much... uuu... for everything you've... 
done until now." 

No longer could Norn make out proper sentences. By the time it was my 
turn Norn's face was already all sloppy because of tears and dripping 

Even though it was her precious moment, her marriage... 


I took out a handkerchief from my pocket at once and held it against 
Norn's nose. 

"Alright, go ahead and blow now." 

"I can do it myself!" 

Norn snatched the handkerchief from me and blowed her nose in it. 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 

After that, confused about what to do with the now dirty handkerchief, I 
took it from her and put it in my pocket. And then once again I faced her. 

"Uhh... Norn... congratulations." 


With her lips tightly sealed she looked up at me. 

I wonder what should I say. I had prepared to say something but I've 
completely forgotten all of it now. 

"Nii-san, umm. Thank you very much for up till now. I'm now happy. 
But I think that it was all because of you that I'm this happy right now." 

Norn said as I was hesitating. 

She said that she was now happy. I could tell it from seeing. 

"No... it's because you worked hard, Norn." 

"I didn't work hard. Even this marriage, you did all the work for it." 

"If you hadn't work hard then you wouldn't have said that you wanted 
to marry Ruijerd." 

Ruijerd is a soldier person or a child person. 

If Norn had stayed the same child she used to be, then this would have 
ended in complete failure. 

"But I think that it's because of you, Nii-san. Thank you very much from 
the bottom of my heart." 

When Norn started to sob again, I took out the handkerchief from my 
pocket, but when I realised that handkerchief was all wet I was quickly 
presented with a different handkerchief from my side. It was Aisha. 

I took that handkerchief and wiped Norn's tears. 



"Umm, I can't say it properly and most of the important things have 

Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 

already been said by others so I don't have anything else left to say to 
you but..." 


"There will be hard times or painful times in the future but... keep 
working hard and umm, stay happy forever." 

Strangely enough, tears did not flow. I thought that I would definitely 
cry and I was moved to tears not too long ago but by the time I finished 
talking my tears had already withdrawn. I stood in front of Norn with 
only a proud feeling. 

And then, Norn stopped crying as well, with a huge smile on her face 
she nodded in agreement. 

Part 3 

And thus, Norn was now married. 

Ruijerd and Norn were a couple with a huge difference in their height 
and age but their compatibility was perfect, as such a child was born in 
just a year. 

A child with a face exactly like Norn's, green hair and a cute tail, having 
a gem on her forehead, a female Superd. 

That girl was named [fLuicelia SuperdiaJ . 

When Orsted heard that name, he made an absurdly scary face. With an 
absurdly scary face, he smiled. 

Looking at that smile, which gave me goosebumps, I realized. I realized 
that it was the name that was in agreement with his memories. 


Mushoku Tensei Redundancy Chapter 1-3 - Norn's Marriage 

Author's O&A 

Q. This is redundant!? 

Wouldn't it be alright to include it in the main volume? 

A. I had originally planned for Gisu to be gathering companions during 
the Cliff Chapter, and to write the Redundancy Chapter during the 
Organization Chapter, and then for Gisu to betray them at the end of the 
Redundancy chapter... 

It was that kind of flow that I had planned. 

But time flowed a bit faster than I had hoped and Gisu betrayed them at 
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