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Monday December 17 

Tuesday December 138 

Wednesday December 19 

Thursday December 20 

Friday December 21 

December 17 = 21, 1973 

Graduate and Continuing Education Meeting. Con-~- 
ference Room, 4:00 P.M. 

Division Chairmen Meeting. Conference Room, 9:30 

Informal Faculty Meeting on Board of Trustees 
Salary Proposal. Be1l0, 10:00 A.M. 

Curriculum Committee Meeting. Conference Room, 
L000" PMs 

Faculty Advancement and Welfare Committee Meeting. 
Academic Dean's Office, 2:30 P.M. 

Registration for Second Semester: Seniors, 10:00 
A-M3 Juniors, 1:00 P.M. 

College Council Meeting. President's Conference 
Room, 10:00 A.M. 

Committee of Exhibitions and Community Programs. 
President's Conference Room, 4:00 P.M. 

Registration for Second Semester: Sophomores, 
10:00 A.M.; Freshmen, 1:00 P.M. 

CUE Meeting. Conference Room, 2:00 P.M. 

Critical Studies Division Honors Meeting. B«8, 
2:kD P.M. 

A Very Merry Christmas and A Most Happy New Year to All! 

NEW LEGENDS in New York Debut 

Tom Canty, Brian iCody, Eric Kimball and Bob Gould, the four Mass. Art lads & 
who comprise Boston Comicworks, announce and extend an open invitiation to 

an upcoming show of their graphic wares in New York. Exhibiting at the 

Creation Convention, an annual gathering of comic art, horror, sci-fi and 

fantasy enthusiasts at the Hotel Liltmore, 43rd and Madison, January 4,5,5, 

they'll be debuting the second issue of their underground comic, NEW LEGENDS, 

as well as a large collection of heretofore unseen work. ALl interested 

parties are urged to dial Boston Comicworks at 267-4026 for further information. 

Against all odds (and soaring paper prices), NEW LEGENDS.‘II is finally meeting 
the long smile of a friendly printer and promises to set fans of the comix 
medium on their collective ear. Upcoming for the Comicworks team are articles 
on them in The Boston Phoenix and Creem Magazine as well as a spot on Boston's 

~ “own Channel Five. Taking it all in their traditional stride, the lads are 
currently and furiously hard at work on a “second project" -- the nature of 
which they smilingly (but politely) hesitate to divulge. 

* * * 

Faculty members are urged to bring their personal file folders in the 
Academic Dean's office up to date in all respects so that the Committee on 
Faculty Advancement and Welfare (Charles Abbott, Chairman) will have eomplete 
data on which to base their decisions. The folders should contain division 
and department chairmen evaluation, self evaluation, peer evaluation 
(testimonials), divisional evaluation, student evaluation, and personal data 

Retention I Retention II Retention III-V: 
Input to F.A.W. October 3, 1973 December 4, 1973 February 5, 1974 
F.AoW. Decision November 13, 1973 December 17, 1973 March 4, 1974 
Notify Trustees November 22, 1973 January 24, 1974 March 28, 1974 
Notify Faculty* *December 15, 1973 “March 1, 1974 *September 1, 1974 
Effective September, 1974 September, 1974 September, 1974 
Promotions Sabbaticals Tenure 
Input to F.A.W. February 5, 1974 
F.A.W. Decision March 26, 1974 January 3, 1974 
Notify Trustees Spring, 1974 
Netify Faculty* 


*These three dates are specified in the Agreement, (item 111), p. 42. All other 
dates are recommended as working guidelines for the Committee on Faculty 
Advancement and Weiiare. 

* * * 

From Registrar Stavros: 

This semester thers will be a “new look" to the method of giving semester eval ~ 
uations or grades. Each faculty member will receive a computer print-out sheet 
that will list each student in the course. To the right of the student's name 
will appear H «= P == Inc. == W == NC. All the faculty member has to do is 

- 3« 

circle the appropriate symbol opposite each student's name and sign the sheet at . 
& the bottom. Hopefully, grading will be simpler and faster. 

Grades must be returned to the Registrar no later than December 31, 1973. 
* * * 
A note from Head Librarian Ben Hopkins: 

Faculty members are requested to bring in lists of reserved books well before 
the start of the second semester. 

We would also appreciate receiving lists of titles of any materials you would 
like added to the collection so that we can order them during intersession. 

Library hours during intersession will be 8:00 A.M. - 4:30 P.M. The library 
will be closed on Dec. 24, Dec. 25 and Jan. l-