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Full text of "Matchett's Baltimore directory (1851)"

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lit t®& 1851. 


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IDA uses, 

Show Bills and Isabels, 




'Custom Honse Entries, Manifests, 


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Magistrates' and Scriveners' Blanks, 

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18 192021 


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Names, Dwellings and Occupations of the Householders* 





ILtet of Streets, HaiU0, glUcss, Panares, £2?fiarfocg, &c. 












Amid the variety of projections to publish 
works under the titles of " Directories," having 
lived to complete his thirteenth edition of the 
Baltimore Director, after five months' most ardu- 
ous labor in transcribing for the press, alphabeti- 
cally, the addresses given the gentlemen who 
waited on the citizens to obtain them, reading 
proofs* printing, &c. with his mind unencum- 
bered by any other object than giving the name, 
business* and location of each householder, here 
presents the book to its subscribers and the pub- 
lic, which contains between 27 and 28,000 house- 
holders, 2,000 over his last edition for 1849 and 
1850, and has found it sufficient to occupy his 
most indefatigable attention and absorb his en- 
lire thoughts during that period, and confirmed 
him m«re in the belief that any individual getting 
out a "Directory" to contain other information 
however valuable of itself, in a population of 
169,125, as the last census of Baltimore shows, 
will be apt to find the undertaking too severe for 
himself and render the publication of less prac- 
tical utility to citizens generally. Taking the 
citizens' names in every dwelling, store, work- 
shop and counting house ; in every street, lane, 
alley and court in Baltimore, though a pro- 
digious feat, is but a tithe of the labor, and the 
least intricate part of the publication. The con- 
tradictory and vague information given at dwel- 
lings of the place and kind of business of the 
proprietor, the spelling of the name, omission of 
a middle name, or the existence of a firm, &c. by 
females, servants, children, Sic. being found at 
variance with that given at the house of business; 
so also, the contradictory information given at 
the business place ol the proprietor's dwelling, or 
each of the proprietors (if a firm) by not only 
clerks, porters, journeymen, apprentices, &c. but 
by intelligent and reputable citizens, through 
hurry of business, want of the knowledge of the 
number of their dwellings, or between what streets 
it is, end in some few cases, a positive refusa 
when discreetly solicited lor the required inform 
ation. These contradictions can only be de- 

tected in transcribing, and rectified by revisiting 
the place of their occurrence, which has been 
done in numberless cases, hi various cases the^ 
address of individuals (especially of members of 
firms) has been taken at their duelling and 
place of business too, and in some cases may 
ippear twice, as it was not stated that they be- 
longed to such or such a firm, or where persons 
have met canvassers in oilier places than their 
own and desired their address to be entered- 
Such a repetition can do no harm, and in tran- 
scribing, we had no means of knowing how many 
of the same name there was in town. These per- 
plexities, which ate unavoidable, with the want 
of rule in spelling names, the almost unanimous 
cases admitting various orthography, some five 
or six variations, all equally correct, Riley, Reily, 
Reilley, Rilv, Riely, Rielly, Rielley; John Riley 
not finding his name according to his spelling, 
and perhaps not thinking of looking elsewhere 
for if 3 or supposing that no one else has a right to 
spell his name different from its owner, says what 
he pleases of the book and publisher; and Doctor 
so and so moves in the interval between taking 
the address and the appearance of the book alter 
its publication, without giving us his new address, 
though invited by various advertisements in the 
public papers to do so, wishes to know why 
we have not his address correctly, and denies 
that his house has ever been visited — as though 
he had no patients to attend toand staid at home 
to watch us, and we compiled the book from 
memory— and another denies that any one 
ever visited his house for his address, because 
of the variation of his middie name, and goes to 
all the newspapers and book stores, and magni- 
fies the "mole hill to a mountain" fault. We say 
these perplexities, with many more, render the 
task of publishing a "Directory" not very invit- 
ing were it even a profitable business. 

Ve only enter into these details to prevent the 
recurrence of enquiries sometimes made, and by 
no means pertinent, why things are so and so, as 
well as to correct the thoughtless* though some- 

iimes innocent errorjthata record of citizens' ad- householders will be found, and those by mis 

ises sfroura he as faultless as a Dictionary or prehension in spelling names, and consequent 
other literary book, where the author or com- being misplaced, or persons commencing ho 
piler is governed by certain and unalterable rules, keeping alter the addresses were taken. We \ 
We have Directories of Philadelphia, New York, be obliged by all such giving us their addre 
Boston, Charleston, Cincinnati, &.c. &.c, andiand in some weeks, if a sufficient number will I 
have been in several of those cities, and have so to render it an object, we will publish a supp 
heard the same unreasonable criticisms expressed 
there by inconsiderate persons. We have had 
sufficient experience in the mode of getting it up 
during upwards of thirty years discipline, to 
know how to do it in the best practicable man- 
ner, and have paid our utmost attention to have 
this edition as unexceptionable as possible, and 
believe that very few instances of omission of 

menu or if not, we will direct such as desire 
find them, where they may do so. 

We offer our grateful acknowledgments to c 

subscribers for their patronage, and hope to o 

tain such support in our future operations as 

enable us to make all necessary improvements 


Baltimore, January IQtli, 1 851. 


Allen E. A. dry goods and fancy store, 547 w JBal. Hill Dr. Jos. H. n w cor. Hanover and Lee 

Atkinson Israel S. grocer and produce dealer, 903 

w Baltimore st. and 2 Frederick av 
Bartlett D. L. firm Hayward, Bartlett ScCo. 360 w 

Barry Robt.C. attorney, Barnum's build. Fayette 
Baughers, Fisher & Allwine, dry goods importers 

and jobbers, 285 Baltimore 
Bawden Wm. K. clerk, Caroline between Jefferson 

and McElderry 
Beach Thos. J.251 w Fayette 

Keith Martin, jr. &Son, dealers in American hare 

ware, iron, &c. 23 s Charles 
Kretzer Theodore, trim, and variety store, 121 Ba 

timore, dw 02 German 
Lemmon & Winter, shipp.mts. 64 Buchanan's wl 
Lockington J. & Co. grocers & com. merchants, 3 

Lowe Jesse M. produce and prov. mt. 335 Frankli. 
Malbom Jas. grainer, 16S Mulberry 
Martin J. Lloyd, M. D. homoeopathic physician 

Brown & Poultney, wholesale hardware dealers,; Lexington, one door w Charles 
200 Baltimore ' McManus F. R., M. D. homoeopathic physician, dv 

Brown Wm. H. & Bro. whol. druggists 4 s Liberty i and office 27 Sharp 

Carter Wm. A. broom and basket manuf. and wood- Mayhew Wm. E. jr. firm M. & Miller, 14 Cathedra 
en ware dealer, 41 South, dw 36 n High JMerritt & Griffith, mt. tailors, 187 Baltimore 

Cochrane & Marsh, steam planing mill and sash Mitzel, Heald & mts. North st. opposite 

door factory, 1 w Falls av 
Crook Wilson B.uphol. & paper hanger, 110 Bait. 
Deecke G. C. com. mt. Lombard st. opposite 155 
DiffenderfFer H. firmR. McEldowney &Co. 27 Hoi- 

liday Square 
Dubois E. J. stock & com. agent, I Franklin build 

Bait, and Susq. rail road, new depot 
Morgan Evan J. .Fayette, 3d house w Fremont 
Paine Allen & Son. imp. and manuf. coach and sad- 
dlery hardware, 2 s Liberty 
Raborg & Co. preparers of oysters and hermetical- 
ly sealed articles, 132 s Paca 

Dungan Stevenson, prop, scows, 70 w Pratt, dw 90 Reeve & String, coach makers, 29 Hanover— see 

e Baltimore card 

Dursse Laurent, apothe. s e cor. Lomb. &. Concord Rich Dr. A. sen. 77 n Charles 
Ellic Jtt E. T. office 133 Lombard Ross John W- & Co. flour and com. mts. cor. Mat- 

in H. Wm. office 133 Lombard I thews and Hollingsworth 

GaultGeo. C. mt. tailor, 82 Baltimore [Southern Telegraph office, 177 Baltimore 

Gerdss & Bulling, com. and ship.mts. 105 Lombard! Vonkatf & Ahrens, German mts. 22 German 
Hall & Loney, general com. mts. 75 Smith's whf Yeakle, Cobb & Co. silk and straw goods and rib- 
Hare, Pierson, Holliday &Co. wholesale dry goods bons dealers, 255 Baltimore 

jobbers, ] Hanover 


Aaron Dorothea, seamstress, 67 Herietta st 

Aaron John, tavern, 4 Shakspear 

Aaron Lewis, rag dealer, 33 Philpot 

Aaron S. & Co. clothiers, 84 Pratt 

Abbes John, furrier, 169 Chesnut 

Abbett Samuel R. ticket agent, Bait, and Phil. R. 

R. depot, dw 27 Hollins st 
Abbett Thomas M. 27 Hollins 
Abbot Edward A. firm Jones & A. 113 s High 
Abbot F. P. dentist, 101 Pearl 
Abbott Edwd. marinev, 16 York 
Abbott Geo. cooper, 83 s Exeter 
Abbott Horace, prop. Canton iron works, dw 75 e 

Pratt st 
Abbott James, 56 Stiles 
Abbott John Edwd. mariner* 16 York 
Abbott Martin, shoe maker, near n Shroeder 
Abbott Sarah, boarding house, 16 Block 
Abbott Wm. H. brickmaker, Patapsco alley e o{ 

Charles st 
Abbott Wm. Bank e Ann 
Abbott Wm. tobacconist, 232 Broadway 
Abel Christian, butcher, 165 Pennsylvania av 
Abel Eliza, shoe binder, 239 Light' 
Abell A. S. &Co. publishers of the Baltimore Sun, 

s e cor. Baltimore and Gay 
Abell A. S. firm of A. S. Abell & Co. 36 Mulberry 

Abell Dr. , 256 e Pratt 

Abell Ignatius, shoemaker, 86 s Eutaw 
Abell Tnos, tailor, 327 Mulberry 
Abellang Michael, laborer, 142 'Canton av 
Abendschoen Lewis, glass liattener,26 Montgomery 

Abercromie David, porter, 43 Chew 

Aberns James, ship carpenter, 225 Alice Anna 

Abert Philip, tanner, Fremont st. extended 

Abey Christ, fisher, Pleasant al. e Washington 

Abey Jacob, fisher, 120 William 

Abey Joseph, mariner, 110 William 

Abey Wm. H. store keeper, 70 William 

Able Susan, dealer in butter and eggs, 69 Lee 

Able Wm. tailor, 29 Poppleton 

Abrahams John J. ship builder, Thames st. dw 286 

Abrahams John, tavern keeper^ n e cor. Thames st. 

and Broadway 
Abrahams Mary Ann, 88 s Caroline 
ABRAHAMS <& STRAN, lumber merchants, W. 

Falls av 
Abrahams Woodward, lumber mt. 15 Broadway 
Abram Fisher, Arcade, 236 Mulberry 
ABRAMS WASHINGTON, tavern, 239 Broad- 
Aburn John, grocer, 8 Thames 
Aburn Johnson, carpenter, 56 Philpot 
Aburn Wm. ship carpenter, 40 Philpot 
Achenbach Henry, butcher, Townsend st. e Penn- 
sylvania av 
Achey Fredk. firm F. Seyler &Co. dw 145 German 
Acker Joseph, boot and shoe maker, 17 Courtland 
Ackland & Armiger, boot and shoe makers, 14 s 

Ackland James, firm A. & Armiger, dw 19 e Fay- 
ette st 
AcombMrs. Charles, dress maker, 47 n Howard 




ACOMB WILLIAM & SON, house furnishing 

dealers and willow basket makers, 49 n Howard 
Adam John W. iron and rag dealer, 108 Stirling st. 

d\v cor. Canal and Monument 
Adams Adam, locksmith, cor. Caroline and Gay 
Adams Albert, shoemaker, . s 5 Ross 
Adams Ann Maria. 197 e Lombard 
Adams Benj. hatter, 150 s Eutaw 
Adams Chas. machinist, 136McHenry 
Adams Chas. shoemaker, 39 Low 
Adams Chas. shoemaker, 103 s Spring 
Adams & Go's Express, 102 Baltimore st. Sanford 

and Shoemaker agents 
Adams David M. bnckmaker, 44} Sharp 
Adams David, shoemaker and findings dealer, cor. 

Lombard and High 
Adams Edwd. trader in market, s w cor. Lombard 

and Scott 
Adams Eliza Jane, bar room and dw, 17 C. Market 

Adams Eliza. 1G7 Fremont 
Adams Elizabeth, boarding house, 20 Hanover 
Adams Elizabeth, dress maker, IS New Church 
Adams Emelius, firm Norris & Adams, dw 179 

Adams Rev. Geo. F. pastor 2d Baptist Church, 231 

e Baltimore 
Adams Capt. Geo. P. 132 s Exeter 
Adams Hannah, 166 Orleans 
Adams Henry, watchman, 377 w Franklin 
Adams Hilbert, contractor, Washington st. s Balti- 
Adams James, tailor, 258 s Bond 
Adams James C. prov. dealer, 207 Lexington st. dw 

s e cor. Lexington and Pearl 
Adairs James, bricklayer, 107 Cross 
Adams Capt. John G. mariner, 167 n Exeter 
Adams John U. tailor. 24 Henrietta 
Adams John, brickmaker, 88 n Paca 
Adams John T. prop. 'Eastern and Western Hotel,' 

11 Camden 
Adams John, blacksmith, 25 Hillen 
Adams Joseph, plaisterer, Perry e Hanover 
Adams Joshua, 109 Orleans 
Adams Margaret, seamstress, 7 Bethel 
Adams Mary Ann, liquor dealer, 107 Peirce 
Adams Mary M. 25 Pennsylvania av 
Adams Matthias, watchman, Eastern av. w Ches- 
ter st 
Adams Saml. watchmaker and jeweller, 17 e Pratt 
Adams Sain I. H. carpenter, Wayne near Eutaw, 
dw 132 s Howard 

Adams Stephen, watchman, 156 s Caroline 
Adams Wm. laborer. Star al. s Canton av 
Adams Wm. pilot, Eastern av. e Wolf st 
Addison Dennis, carter, 80 Bank lane or McElderry 
' st. continued 

Addison Elizabeth, seamstress, 102 L. Green 
■Addison Geo. M. lime and feed dealer, 50 Conway 
Addison Geo. C. 50 Conway 
Addison Dr. J. 141 Conway 
Addison Saml. S. shoemaker, 172 w Pratt 
Addison Theodore, boiler maker, 102 McElderry 
Addison Wm. Meade, attorney at law, 15 St. Paul, 

Addison Wm. carpenter, 287 Light 
Addison Wm. carpenter, shop cor. Williamson and 

Ader Adam, 178 Alice Anna 
Adkisson, Clark & Whittington, sail makers, 83 

Light st. wharf 
Adkisson Mrs. C. A. agent for Fitch's supporters 

and braces, 127 s High 
Adkisson Wm. firm Adkisson, Clark & Whitting- 
ton, dw 127 n High 
Adleman Valentine, carpet weaver, 28 Hampstead 
Adler. Julius, dry goods dealer, 226 Broadway 
ADLER LEWIS EL merchant tailor and clothier, 

295 Baltimore st. dw 47 n Liberty 
Adler Mennis, clothier, 119 n Howard 
Adler Philip, firm Straus, Adler & Hartman, dw 58 

Adolph John, laborer, 21 Shakspear 
Adreon Col. clerk, 217 Franklin 
Adreon Geo. W. brickmaker, Abey al 
Adreon Pearson, Register n Bank 
ADREON WM. & (DO. auctioneers and comission 
merchants, 242 Baltimore st. dw W. A. 134 Han- 
Aeisler Jos, butcher, Scott s Columbia 
Aegele Peter, shoemaker, ./Etna lane 
Affayroux John E. blacksmith, Harford av. extd. 
Afflick Thomas, painter, 136 Saratoga 
Agd Joseph, carpenter, 239 Aisquith 
Ager Alex. 201 Eden 
Ager Tobias, tailor, 22 Eutaw court 
Agnew Thos. carpenter, Cathedral sjChase 
Agnew Wm. 226 e Lombard 
Agricultural (American) Society's rooms, overl^i 

Baltimore st. S. Sands, sect'y 
Ahern Catharine, 214 n Eden 
Ahem Jeremiah, carter, Livery al 
Ahern John, Baltimore w Bond 
Aherns Chas. shoemaker, 110 n Dalla: 




Ahl Benj. D. rigger, 45 Argyle al 

Ahl Henry, ship carpenter, 47 Argyle al 

Ahlsberger Fredk. cheese dealer, 55 s Eutaw 

Ahren Danl. laborer, Chester s Gough 

Ahrens Nathan, umbrella maker, 43 Argyle al 

Ahrling Henry, tavern, 23 w Pratt 

Aichle Jacob, baker, Hanover near Henrietta 

Aiken Eli, 189 Ensor 

Aiken Dr. R. E. apoth. and drug. 321 Lexington st. 

Ailer Christopher, 53 Preston 
Airey Francis, carter, 250 e Fayette 
Airey Dr. Geo. 21 s Eutaw 
Airey James, clerk, 6 Canal 
Airey Jerome, shoemaker, 320 Franklin 
Airey Jos. shoemaker, 69 Pennsylvania av 
Airey Wm. trader in market, 69 Penn. av 
Airy Elias, shoemaker, Tessier 
Airy Tobias, furn. carter, 41 Preston 
Aisquith Charlotte, boarding house, 19 s Liberty 
Aisquith Geo. R. clerk, 102 Pine 
Aitken Dr. James, druggist, 143 n Gay 
Aker Henry, cigar maker, 90 Ross 
Aker Michael, shoemaker, Fulton al 
Akers Chas. carpenter, 238 Biddle 
Akers Danl. boiler maker, 114 William 
Akers Edwd. watchmaker, 123 s Paca 
Akers Geo. W. mariner, 36 G. Hughes 
Akert Conrad, laborer, 136 s Canal 
Alard Jos. carpenter. 20 Orleans 
Albaugh Grafton, shoemaker, 75 Ross 
Albaugh John G. blacksmith, near 26 Preston 
Albaugh John, butcher, Orleaus e Broadway 
Albaugh John W. shoemaker, 100 Lig^t st. wharf 

dw 54 Hill st 
Albaugh John, paver, 230 Dallas 
Alberger Adam, dealer butter and eggs 228 Broad- 
Albers Dr. H. 257 w Pratt 
Alber Adam, prop. furn. cars, 38 Penn. av 
Albert Augustus J. firm A. & Bro. "Santee," Fred- 
erick road 
ALBERT & BRO. importers and dealers in hard 

ware and cutlery, 340 Baltimore 
Albert Fredk. 117 Saratoga 
Albert Fredk. 197 Lexington 
Albeit Geo. laborer, 209 s Bond 
Albert H. shoemaker, 55 n Frederick 
Albert H. shoemaker, 118 e Madison 
Albert Jacob, 64 n Charles 
Albert John, paver, 160 Lexington 
Albert Jos. carpenter, 285 Saratoga 

Albert Robt. market man, 204 Lexington 

Albert Wm. J. linn A. <.V Bro. dw 80 n Charles 
Albert Wm. laborer, Booth e Shroeder 
ALBERTSON JOHN, prop. 'Mansion House," 

corner Fayette and St. Paul 
Albinson Mary Ann, artificial flower maker, 280 

ALBINSON PETER, house furnishing, tin and 

basket man, 44 s Charles 
Albrecht Wm. cabinet maker, 143 Henrietta 
Albright Geo. cabinet maker, 67 Columbia 
Albright Henry, coppersmith, 172 Biddle 
Albright Jesse P. constable, dw 126 s Paca, office 58 

Albright Tiraothv, saddler, 228 s Charles 
Alcock Wm. E. firm Grundy &. Co. 120 Saratoga 
Alcock Wm. book Keeper, cor. Biddle and George 
Alcock Wm. J. 61 n Howard 
Alden Mary, 28 Thompson 
Alden Simeon, grocer, cor. Centre and Fish Market 

Space, dw 34 Front 
Aldridge Andrew, firm Aldridge, Higdon & Co. dw 

124 n Charles 
Aldridge, Higdon St Co. importers dry .goods, 5 

Aldridge John, engineer. 112 McHenry 
Aid worth Catharine, milliner, lb~h n Gay 
Alenschoend Cleint. carpet weaver, 224 s Charles 
Aler Geo. W. blacksmith, s e cor. Poppleton and 

Boyd, dw 496 Lombard 
Aler Gotlieb, laborer, 67 Shroeder 
Aler Jane, 79 Holltns 
Aler Jeremiah, finisher, 783 w Baltimore 
Aler John, smith, 78 n Eutaw 
Aler John, huckster, 176 Canton av 
Aler Wash, blacksmith, cor. Boyd aiid Poppleton, 

dw 496 w Lombard 
Aleslager Michael, tailor, 243 Hanover 
Alexander Benj. tailor, 87 Montgomery 
Alexander James, mercht. tailor, 42 n Howard, dw 

62 Vine 
Alexander John T. machinist, 105 n Eutaw 
Alexander John H. civil engineer, 258 Lexington 
Alexander Joshua, collector, 150 East 
Alexander T. S. attorney, 55Lexingtnn 
Alford Fredk. laborer, Fountain st. w Castle al 
Alford James E. tobacconist, 43£ w Piatt, dw 21 n 

Algie James, stimp maker, 86 n Caroline 
Alhas Geo. 40 Block 
Aliel Solomon, shoemaker, 82 Eat 
All Rachel, 159 n Eutaw 




Allan Geo. S. 201 Aisquith 

Allard Thos. B. carpenter, 357 n Gay 

Allard Win, carpenter, 33^ n Gay 

Allburger Henry, fireman rail road, Lemmon w 

Allee Eliza, 197 n Eden 
Alleghany Co. J. W. O.sborne, Cons.S Johnson agt. 

Locust Point, Fort road 
Allen Chas. stone cutter, 282 n Howard 
Allen Mrs. C. A. millinery and dry goods dealer, 38 

w Baltimore 
Allen Rev. Edward E. pastor Bethel church, 250 

Eastern av 
Allen Edvvd. lock and bell smith, 114 Henrietta 
Allen Mrs. E. A. dry goods dealer, 38 n Eutaw 
Allen E. oak cooper, rear 81 Conway 
Allen Elizab. Go' Lee 
Allen Geo. cigar maker, 83 Pearl 
Allen Henry A. professor of music, Madison av. 2d 

door s Hoffman st 
Allen Henry, carpenter, 133 Bank- 
Allen Isaac, mariner, Star al s Gough st 
Allen James, cooper, 70 German, dw 393 Lombard 
Allen J. St J. oak coopers, 70 German 
Allen Jno.'of firm, 123 L. Green 
Allen Jno. paper hanger, Boyd e Poppleton 
Allen Jno, w Falls av 

Allen Jno. E. salesman, cor. Canal and Pratt 
Allen Joseph, plough maker, 121 L. Green 
Allen Lawrence, baker, 108 n Calvert 
Allen Margaret, tailoress, Paca s Fremont 
Allen Michael, pilot of steamboat, 91 n Eden 
Allen Priscilla tailoress, 09 Monument 
Allen Robert W. firm Thomas Wilson & Co. dw 

05 e Baltimore 
Allen Samuel, painter, 111 Bond 
Allen Solomon, carpenter, 102 Lee 
Allen Thomas S. shoe maker, 52 Henrietta 
Allen William, painter, 41 Douglass 
Allen Wm. eonfect. and fruit dealer, 78 Hanover 
Allen William, com. mt. dw 231 Franklin 
Allen William, morocco dresser, cor. Jefferson and 

Allen William, of Adams's express line, 8 George 
Allen William, shoe maker, Hughes e Light 
Allen Mrs. William H, tobacconist, 37 Jefferson 
Allen William, blacksmith, 135 Hollins 
Allen William, clerk, 88 e Lombard 
Allenbark Jane, butter dealer, 113 Jasper 
A'lender Mary, 5 Aisquith 
Allers Diedrick, 108 n Greene 
Allers John A. grocer, s w cor. Charles and West 

Allinger Jacob, laborer, 896 Baltimore 

Allison Ann, 04 s Eden 

Allison Edward, machinist, 154 n Caroline 

Allison James, carpenter, 96 Harford av 

Allman Wm. cabinet maker, Stirling e Chew 

Allnut Jas. W. cashier Merch. Bank, 193 Saratoga 

Allnut Sarah, 142 Sharp 

Alloway John, 93 Conway 

Alloway Martha, 74 Hillen 

Alloway Misses, tailoress, 59 Vine 

Alloway Eliz. eating house, Forest, 3 doors s Gay 

Allwell Stephen D. rope maker, Pratt w Wolfe 

Allyn Mary, 200 e Pratt 

Almach G. W. sup. chimneys, 244 1-2 German 

Almang Philip, tailor, Division 

Alof Mary, 30 President 

Alos Henry, laborer, Fountain st. w Castle al 

Alphonsus (Saint) hall, 112 Saratoga 

Alphonsus Vanschalkwyck prof, languages, C2 

Alricks Francis W. firm A.Higdon &C0.6I Court- 

Alricks Thomas P. attorney at law, 10 Court House 

Alterhoff Charles, lock smith, 265 Bond 

Altrith Christian, grocer, 144 Montgomery 

Altvater Conrad, tailor, 270 Dallas 

Altvater (or Altfather.) Lewis. 133 Orleans 

Altvater Ann, 73 n Exeter 

Ahvater Jacob, tailor, 189 Forrest 

Altvater R., moulder & engineer, 135 e Lombard 

Altvater William, carpenter, 8 s Canal 

Alwine Richard, bricklayer, 209 e Monument 

Alwood Jno., shoemaker, 107 E. avenue 

Ambranes Chs., grocer, Block st rear 102 Thames 

Ambranes Wm., painter, 13 s Paca extd 

Amen Matthew, slop carter, Orleans e Broadway 

Ament George, gun and lock smith, 272 s Bond 

American Asa S., perfumer, 183 s Bond 

•'American Bait." Dobbin, Murphy & Bose, pub. 
128 Baltimore 

Ames Emerson, of Suffolk Machine Co. 100 Sharp 
cor. Lee 

Amey John, bricklayer, 733 w Bait 

Araey Joseph, bricklayer, 155 Mulberry 

Amey Samuel, cooper, 337 s Charles 

Amey Wm. fisher, 08 Durst al F. H. 

Amich James, H, furniture carman, Grundy n of 

Amich Sarah, 1 Jasper 

Amos Aquilla, store keep. 182 Hollins 

Amos B. Franklin, 23b Asquith 




Amos Chs. teamster, Eager st e of York av 
Amos Dr. Corbiti, 145 aPaca 

is John II. bricklayer, 156 Mulberry 
Amos Joseph bricklayer, 73 Ross 
Amos W. W. carpenter, Etna lane 
Amos Win. carp., 163 n Gay- 
Amos Milton, 12 Warner 
Amos Mrs,, 261 n Canal 
Ancher Jacob, salesman, 15fi n Exeter 

Anderson -nit. dw 30 Franklin 

Anderson Mrs. A. seminary, 361 n Gay 

Anderson Ann, huckster, 161 Ensor 

Anderson Charles, horse shoer, 7 Paca st. dw 152 

Anderson Chs* 33 Montgomery 
Anderson David, horse shoer, 77^ s Howard, dw 

105 Camden 
Anderson Edward, carp. Lexington w of Amity 
Anderson Elizabeth 130 n Eutaw 
Anderson Je^se, plaisterer, 78 Mulberry 
Anderson Jacob, labr. rear 65 Spring 
Anderson James, barber, 42 e Fayette 
ANDERSON. JAMES. M. engraver, 7 n Exeter 

st. oifice over 148 Bait. 
Anderson Jennet, 05 Forrest 
ANDERSON & JESSOP, hardw. mts. cor Pratt 

and Light 
Anderson John, hack driver, 21 Davis 
Anderson John, cooper. 93 YorK 
Anderson John, mate, (! Fell 
Anderson John laborer, 8 B ©th 
Anderson John, tavern keeper, 30 Thames 
Anderson Joseph, ostler, 882 Baltimore 
Anderson & Miller, cabinet & chair makers, 12 

Anderson Sihelh, 1S7 Alice Anna 
Anderson Susanna!) , 219 Forest 
An lerson Stevenson, labr. 14 Lewi: 
Anderson Thomas, clerk, 282 c Bait 
Anderson Thomas, bacon cutter, 128 Aisquith 
Anderson Thomas, carpenter, 113 Hill 
An lerson William E. hrm of A fe Miller, dw 56 n 

Anderson Willi; er, 115 e Pratt 

Anderson William dyer. 115 < Pratt 

; st. Canton 
Andre Baptist, figi i lis Front 

Andre P. E. grocer, 25 Penn. av 
Andrew Charles, watchman, 212 e Lombard 
Andrews Ann, dress maker, 10H Saratoga 
Andrews Chs. grocer, cor. Light and Barre, dw Lee 'Appleby B. baker, 157 Aisquith 

jlass cutter, 50 Broadway, shop 

Andrews Jno. sup. green mt. cemetery, 108 Green 

Mi. av. 
Andrews Christopher, painter, 21 Armisted kne 
Andrews Elizabeth, 188 Lombard 
Andrews Fredk. cooper, Fredk road 
Andrews George W. chemist & druggist, 5. w Bait 
Andrews Hiram W. apothecary and druggist, n e 

cor. Bait and Schroeder 
Andrews Jacob, 

Uhler's al 
Andrews Jno. boot maker, 23 Constitution 
Andrews James, millwright, 382 Saratoga 
Andrews James, weaver, 11 Pear al 
Andrews James, mariner, 112 s Caroline 
Andrews Margaret, Penn. av. n of Fremont 
Andrews Jno. carter, Star al s of Bank st 
Andrews Mary, seamstress, 3 Slemmer's alley 
Andrews Michael, labr. 218 Lexington 
Andrews Matthew, sailor, 1 11 n Ensor 
Andrews Robert, boarding house, 35 Pine 
Andrews Steph. drover, Lombard wof Republican 
Andrews T. P. of U. S. army, Mt. Vernon Place 
Aneright Henry, labr. Happy al n of Alice Anna st 
Angel Thomas, blacksmith, n e cor. Monument st 

and Liberty al. 
Anger Francis, paver, 125 Stirling 
Angernier Jno. lithographer, 50 Second 
Ankst martin, labr. Canton av. w of Caroline st 
Angnev John, omnibus driver, 2S8 n Howard 
Annoii John, labr. 159 Stirling 
Anodsun Joseph H. pattern maker, 243 E. av. 
An right Jno. machinist, 151 Fayette 
Anschutz Henry, mat maker, 228 e L< mbard 
Anthon Henry, tailor, Eager e of Aisquith 

Anthony George, blacksmith, 231 e Lombard 

Anthonv James H. mariner, 85 n Caroline 

Anthony Dr. J. G. 3 President 

Anthony John, saddler, lb3 Sharp 

Anthony John, tailor, 114 Dalles 

Anthony Mrs. dealer in rags and iron, Pcnn av 

Anthony Robert, 120 s Greene 

Anthon j I 278 Dallas 

Antwester CI r 115 s Howard 

Anzman Joseph, si 

Ape Jno. cooper, cor. Hill and Sharp 

:r, Leadenhall s of Mont- 
gome 1 v 

Apple-Christian, cabinet maker, 200 Fayette 

Apple Henry, tailor.; 24 Jasper 

Apple Henry. 11G Thames 

Apple Peter, laborer. Boyd near Amity 




Appleby Jno. tavern, 27 n Bond 
Appleby Rebecca, 37 e Lombard 
Appleby Win. biickinaker, 91 Montgomery 
Applegarth A. baker 178 Biddle 
Applegarth Capt. Alexander, 77 s Caroline 
Applegarth Capt. Lawson J. 82 s Caroline 
Applegarth Nathaniel, grocer, 119 Madison 
Applegarth Robert, shoe maker, 1G4 s Howard st 
Applegarth Robert, Tobacconist, 58 Hill 
Applegarth Capt. Wm, ship and com. int. 2 Spear's 

wharf, dw 109 s High 
Appier Chs. wheelwright, 7 York av 
APPLEll DOCTOR DAVID, surgeon dentist, 128 

Appier Henry, tailor, 30 E. av 
Appier Jesse, pattern maker, 20 McHenry 
Appleton William S. firm Wyman, A. & Co. dw s 
. e cor. Monument and Park 
Appold Andrew, tanner, Penn. av extended 
Appold D. J. architect and builder, 281 n Gay 
APPOLD GEO. & SON, hide & leather dealer, cor. 
Cheapside & Lombard, dw G. A. sen. 84 n Calvert 
Appold George W. of firm, dw 288 w Lombard 
APPOLD SAMUEL, firm Geo. A.St Son dw Cal- 
vert st n of Madison 
Arcamball Francis, 146 Pine 
Archer R. H. teacher, 44 Lexington 
Ardin David, ladies' boot and shoe maker, 4 South 
A remit Gottfred, shoe maker, 8 State 
Arlow Andrew, tinner, 151 n Canal 
Armager Jesse, comb maker, dw 181 Hanover 
Armager Jno. H. carp. 387 n Gay 
Armager Joseph, grocer, 223 e Lombard 
Armel Gotleib, carpet weaver, 44 President 
Armeling Geo. porter. 41 Philpot 
Armen Valentine, shoemaker, 207 E. av 
A rmiger Benj. 45 Jackson 
Armiger Eli, printer, 37 Jackson 
A rmiger John F. firm Ackland & A. dw 34 Green- 
mount av 
Armiger John H. carpenter, 155 Potter, dw n Gay 
Armiger Joseph, wood dealer, 140 Orleans 
Armistead C. Hughes, firm Win. II. Moore & Co. 

dw 123 Park 
Armistead Capt. Levin, 19 Hill 
.A i mislead Louisa, 123 Park 

Armitage George, painter and glazier, Calendar al 
Armitage Hall, 18 n Paca 
Armitage Dr. James, 181 Fayette' 
Armitage Wm. H. grocer, n w cor. Lex. St Pearl 
Armon Geo. carpenter, Leadeuhall n of Henrietta 

Armor Geo. F. firm Mercer St A. dw 174 s Paca 

Armor John, tailor, 258 German 

Armor Joseph G. sign & fancy painter, cor. Iloliiday 
and Fayette, dw 292 w Lombard 

Armour Wm. firm A. Page St Seevers, dw 3 Ross 

Armstrong Alex, grocer, 191 Broadway* dw High 

Armstrong Alfred P. painter, cor. Alice Ann St Ann 

Armstrong Amelia, 11 Low 

Armstrong Andrew, boat builder, 62 Block 

Armstrong Andrew, grocer St com. mt. 5G South, dw 
59 Barre 

Armstrong Asa, shoemaker, Washington st s of 

Armstrong St Berry, pub., booksellers, stationers, 
bookbinders, &c, 15G Baltimore 

Armstrong Capt. 70 Spring 

Armstrong St Cator, millinery goods dealers, 175 

Armstrong Chs. machinist, Cambridge st e of Can 
ton av 

Armstrong St Denny, cab; St chair makers, a e cor. 
Light and Montgomery 

Armstrong Eliza R. 301 Fayette 

ARMSTRONG GEORGE B. grocer & com. mt. 
73 south st d w 280 w Lombard 

Armstrong George VV. painter, 29 Thames 

Armstrong Henry, shoemaker s e cor. Eutaw & 

Armstrong Henry, carpenter, 91 n High 

Armstrong Hosea, grocer, s w cor. Clinton St Ches- 

cigar merchants, s e cor. Baltimore and Hanover 
dw J. D. A. 41 n Calvert 

ARMSTRONG JAMES, soap St candle manufac- 
turer, 25 Concord, dw 30 stiles 

Armstrong James, saddler, 134 s High 

Armstrong James L. 54 n Greene 

Armstrong James S. firm dw 240i e Monument 

Armstrong John, clerk, 70 s Exeter 

Armstrong John, bacdn cutter, Washington st. n 
Eastern av 

Armstrong John A. attorney at law,8, 2d floor Com, 
buildings, St. Paul st 

Armstrong Jonathan, ship carpenter, 49 Grandy 

Armstrong Robert G. firm A. & Berry, dw 80 n 

Armstrong Solomon, Avatchman, Bank e Wash- 

ARMSTRONG THOMAS, saddle and harness 
maker, 11 n Liberty 




Armstrong Thomas, laborer, 27 Granby 
Armstrong Thus, sail-duck man. '260 Canton av 
Armstrong Wm. boat builder, 212 Ann 
Armstrong Wm. cabinet maker, corner Light and 

Montgomery, d\v William st. near Church 
Arnett Henry, laborer, 265 n Canal 
Arnold Dr. Abraham B. 122 e Lombard 
Arnold. Chas. W. trader, 118 Granby 
Arnold Clemeut, screw cutter, 19 Dewberry al 
Arnold Clement, mariner, 274 s Charles 
Arnold Conrad, blacksmith, 32 Shroeder 
Arnold Davis, carter, Columbia w Scott 
AR NOLO FRANCIS, surgical instrument maker, 

11 Sharp, dw 361 w Lombard 
Arnold Geo. W. baker and confectioner, 104 Fayette 
Arnold Isaac, 9 May , 

Arnold James, bricklayer, 10S L. Greene 
Arnold James E. boot fitter, 16 Bethel 
Arnold Philip, laborer, 160 McHenry 
Arnold Wm. brakesman, 149 Conway 
Arnt Christian, locksmith, 70 Camden 
Aro Lewis, trader, 19 West 
Arolt John, laborer, 23 Argyle al 
Artcheson, James brass founder, Hoffman near 

Arthur Anna, baker, 28 Camden 
Arthur David, huckster, 331 n Gay 
Arthur John, laborer, rear 106 Dugan's wharf 
Arthur John, hatter, 63 Jefferson 
Arthur Patrick, Fountain st. e Castle al 
Arthur Robt. carter, Caroline n Monument 
Artlip Saml. carpenter, 189 n Eden 
Artlip Wm. coppersmith, 391 Lexington 
Arum Geo laborer, 160 Canton av 
ASH. ISRAEL, whol. cap and clothing manf. 1G s 

Charles, dw 134 Lee 
Ash Jacob, laborer, Booth e Shroeder 
ASH LOUIS, cap and clothing manf. 26 s Charles, 

dw 86 s Howard 
Ash Nicholas, laborer, Register n Pratt 
Ash Saml. coachsmith. 22 New Church 
Ash Wm. R- carpenter, 15 Temple 
Ashby Jacob, tailor, 171 n Paca 
Ascom Alex, pilot, Pratt st. w Broadway 
Ashe raft Alfred G. carpenter, Washington n Alice 

.Ashcroft Robt. ship builder, 246 Eastern av 
Asher Rachel, Allen al 

Ash ford Stephen, brass founder, Gough w Ann 
Ashman John, mariner, 16 Williamson 
Ashman Marrows, grocer, 91 Franklin, dw 92 
Ashman Win. jr. ale house, 35 Saratoga 

Ashmus Danl. blind maker, 78 Perry 

Ashtorj Richd. laborer, w Saratoga st. extd. 

Ashton Thos. iron moulder, 136 e Madison 

Ashton Win. watchman, 33 Monument 

Ashton Wm. R. book keeper, 177 s Paca 

Ash way Geo. porter, 23 w Lombard 

Askew Susan, cor. Gibson and Preston 

Askey James, cabinet maker, 52 Stiles 

Askey Jos. teamster, 95 Granby 

Askey Wm. cooper, corner Gough and Granby sts. 

shop Buchanan's wharf 
Asm us Henry, 206 s Bond 
Asp Henry, cooper, 82 William 
Aspril David T. clerk, 63 s Eden 
Asylum, Female Orphan's, St. Paul's P. E. Ch. 

Madison av. extd. 
Asylum, Indigent Female, n w cor. Calhoun and 

Assembly Rooms, n e cor. Fayette and Holliday 
Assam & Zetzener,printers and German bookstore, 

7 Sharp 
Atchison Jas. brass founder, Hoffman near Garden 
Athenaeum (Bait.) cor. St. Paul and Saratoga sts. 
occupied by Bait. Library Co., Mercantile Libra- 
ry Association, and Maryland Historical Society 
Atkins Jos. laborer, 312 s Bond 
Atkinson David, carpenter, 93 Harford av 
Atkinson Ellen, quarrier, Freedom st. or Boehm's 

Atkinson & Frazier, machinists, 150 Thames 
Atkinson Geo. butcher, Penn. av. n Wilson st 
Atkinson & Hutcheson, carpenters, Register st. n 

Atkinson Henry, clerk, 311 Mulberry 
Atkinson James, barber, shop 134 n Gay. dw 373 
Atkinson James E. firm Smith & A. dw Park w of 

Atkinson John H. tailor, 164 Aisquith 
Atkinson John, carter, 7 Jackson's court 
Atkinson Jos. cabinet maker, 27 n Greene 
Atkinson Joshua I. treasurer Bait, and Ohio Rail- 
road Co. dw 95 St. Paul 
Atkinson Joshua, collector, 127 Bank 
Atkinson Mary Jane, 58 Second 
Atkinson Matthew, machinist, firm A. & Frazier, 

dw 198 Broadway 
Atkinson Saml. pattern maker, GO William 
Atkinson Susan, 138 s Canal 
Atkinson Thos. carter, w Saratoga st. extd. 
Atkinson Thos. bricklayer, 30 Rock 
Atkinson Dr, Thomas 0. U w cor. St. Paul and Cen- 
tre st. 




Atkinson Rev. Thus, pastor St. Peter's Church, 21 

s Sharp 
Atkinson Wm, C. firm "Wood & A. 127 Bank 
Atkinson Wm. T. potter, Penn. av. a McKim at 
Atler Geo. W. coachsmith, dw 10G L. Greene 
Atler & Talbot, coachsmiths, North 
Atwell Capt. Benj. mariner, Bond s Pratt 
Atwell Geo. M. ship carpenter, 239 Ann 
Atwell Jos. boat builder, 20 Lancaster 
Atwell Mary Ann, 116 McHenry 
Atwell Nathaniel, ship carpenter, Cambridge st. 

near Canton av 
Atwell Richd. commission mt. 64 South 
Atwell Saml.ship smith, Cambridge st. w Windsor, 

Atwell Susanna, 239 Ann 
Atwell Wm. ship carpenter, 239 Ann 
Atwell Wm. ship carpenter, Cambridge St. w Wind- 
sor, Canton 
Atwood J. F. wholesale bonnet dealer and manuf. 

22 German 
Atwood John, cabinet maker, 26 e Monument 
Atwood Robt. W. firm Carter & A. dw e Monument 
Audoun Lewis, importer hardware, 195 Broadway 
Audoun Oliver, carpenter, 150 Bank 
Audoun Wm. ship joiner, Register st. n Eastern av 
Auer & Lauer, beer brewers, 68 n Liberty 
Auerman Jacob, japanner, 755 w Baltimore 
Auerochs David, cabinet maker 74 s Eutaw 
Augney John, omnibus driver, 169 Madison av 
Augustin Vanschalkeoyck, professor languages, 62 

Augustus Wm. tailor, 150 s Caroline 
Auhalt Geo. laborer, w Falls av 
Auld Elizab. 174 German 
Auld Hugh, ship carpenter, 71 Block 
Auld Joseph, blacksmith, shop G. Hughes, dw 238 

Auhi Richd. mariner, n w cor. Wolf st. and East 

em av 
Auld Saml. ship carpenter, 190 Canton av 
Aulick James, dry goods dealer, 661 w Baltimore 
Ault & Son, dealers shoe findings and garden seeds, 

30 s Calvert 
Ault Saml. sr. firm, dw 3-3' n Gay 
Ault Saml. jr. firm A. & Son, dw Aisquith e Eager 
AUSTIN A. H. stove an 1 > r, 61 n Eutaw 

Austin John, laborer, rear 30 G. H 
Austin Martha, 376 w Fayette 
Austin Thos. S. 256 e Fayette 
Austin Win. blacksmith, Wolf n Lancaster 
Austrian Chas. cap maker, 231 5 Bond , 

Avery James, finisher, Washington av 

Avis Aug. baker, 166 Spring" 

Awald Ferdinand, shoemaker, cor. Lemmon and 

Await Casper, laborer, 33 Philpot 

Awbrey Prestley, shoemaker, 148 n Caroline 

Aydelott Martin, laborer, Bevan al 

Aydelott Peter, carpenter, 11 Montgomery 

Avers Eliza, 266 Broadway 

Ayres & Harkins, manf. all kinds of locks, 13 e 
' Lombard 

Ayres James, firm Ford & A. riggers, dw Ann 

Ayers John C. locksmith and hardware dealer, 13 e 

Ayers Jonathan D. watchman, 47 West 

Ayers & Harkins, locksmiths, 13 e Lombard 

Ayers Mary, 48 Conway 

Ayers Capt. Saml. 190 Ann 

Aylman Mary, store, 709 w Baltimore 

Ayres Chas. C. firm J. A. & Sons, dw 72 s Paca 

Ayres Geo. laborer, e Falls av. s end 

Ayres Henry H. iirm Jacob A. & Sons, dw 176 n 

Ayres Jacob & Sons, grocers and com. mts. 123 
Pratt, dw J. A. 26 s Howard 

Ayres James H. rigger, 202 Ann 

Ayres James, laborer, City Block 

Axer Hannah, 163 Eastern av 

Axler John, potter, Philpot w Canal 

Baud John D. baker, 68 s Charles 

Bobcock Maria, 28 Aisquith 

Baceigalupps Vincenzo, confectioner, 42 n Gay 

Bach Adam, laborer, 30 Preston 

Bach Geo. laborer, 206 Happy al 

Bach John, tailor, 186 s Howard 

Bach John, piano maker, 79 Fremont 

Bacharach Albert, dry goods dealer, 93 Ensor 

Bachelor Jacob F. confectioner, 27 Pine 

Bachman Chas. barber, Chat Irs s Sane 

Bachman Frcdk. shoemaker, n w cor. Scott and Co- 

Bachman Henry W. tailor, 95 s H > 

Bachman Joseph, laborer, 291 Alice Anna 

Bachman Jos. shoemaker, 10 Eutaw 

Back Henry J. cabinet maker. 15 Jackson's court 

Back John," porter, 44 s How aril 

r Gotlieb, grocer, s ecor. Hanover and Mont- 

Backhaus Peter, shoemaker, 5 Clay 

Backmann James E. pattern maker, 25 McHenry 

Backre^h A.aron ; pedlar, 112 Happy al 




Backus Rev. John C pastor first Presbyterian Ch 

dw 20 North 
Badcer John G. tailor, cor. Somerset and Eager 
Badcer John, tailor, cor. Somerset and Eager 
Badcer Jos. tailor, cor. Somerset and Eager 
Badenkopf Martin, baker, 10 Ensor 
Baden Henry, of custom house, 142 Conway 
Badger Ezekiel shoemaker, 176 w Pratt 
Badger Jos. shoemaker, 1G5 w Lombard 
BAEHR LEWIS, professor of music, 108Colum 

bia st 
Baepler Henry, baker, 102 Columbia 
Baer Aaron, baker, 200 e Baltimore 
Baer John, shoemaker, s e cor. Gough and Ann 
Baer John, laborer, 30 Thames 
Baer Dr. M. S. office and dw 182 w Lombard 
Baer Nicholas, carpenter, 283 Bond 
Bagner Michael, laborer, 81 Cross 
Bagwiss Henry, shipwright, 2G5 Happy al 
Banian Paul, ale house, 14 Fell 
Bahmer Nicholas, tailor, 226, Wolf 
Baiar Jacob, pattern maker, 44 President 
Baier John, shoemaker, Eden st. s Eastern av 
Bailey Elzere, clerk, 215 Biddle 
Bailey Elija, tavern keep, s e cor. Eutaw and Ostend 
Bailey Eliza, tutoress, 135 Sharp 
Bailey Geo. W. carpenter, 439 w Fayette 
Bailey Geo. 20 Sharp 
Bailey Geo. ship carpenter, 152 Bank 
Bailey Geo. cigar maker, 30 Orchard 
Bailey Hamilton J. carpenter, Wine, dw 115 Biddle 
Bailey Henry, pilot, 232 Gough 
Bailey John, ship carpenter, Eastern av. w Wolf st 
Bailey John, carpenter, 177 Wolf 
Bailey John M. carpenter, 75 Sarah Ann 
Bailey John, sup. weavers, Penit. 72 York av 
Bailey John, marketter, 22 French 
Bailey Lester, laborer, Eastern av. w President st 
Bailey Margaret tutoress, 180 Bank 
Bailey Matilda, 8 Moore's al 
Bailey O. carpenter, 47 Orchard 
Bailey Otho, laborer, w Pratt st. extd. 
Bailey Thos. M. mariner, 45 Armistead lane 
Bailey Wm. hosier, 97 Peirce 
Bailey Wm. grocer, Falls road, near Stewart's tav- 
Bailie Capt. Wm. 252 Eastern av 
Bailone Pascal, carpenter, 45 n Eden 
Bailt Thos. pilot, 116 Gough 

Baird Thomas D. classical and math, teacher, 119 
n Charles 

Bairn Matthias, laborer, Chapel st. w Penn, av 

Baith John, collector. 137 n Front 

Baitzel Geo. carter, Paca s Fremont 

Baitzel Jacob, carpenter, 74 Peirce 

Baker Dr. Alfred, 65 Lexington 

Baker Aug. tailor, 205 Ensor 

Baker Augustus, tailor, 74 Harrison 

Baker August, tailor, 190 Chesnut 

BAKER & BROTHER, commission merchants 
and agents Baltimore and N.Jersey glass works, 
32 and 34 s Charles 

Baker Catharine, dry goods dealer, 785 w Baltimore 

Baker Catharine, tailoress, 72 n Exeter 

Baker Chas. J. firm B. & Bro. 69 n Faca 

Baker Chas. brickmaker, 600 w Baltimore 

Baker Chas. cigar dealer, 14 Maiden lane 

Baker David, proprietor bark mill, cor.Caroline and 
McElderry, dw 39 e Lombard 

Baker Dr. Edwd. cor. Charles and Conway 
Baker Elizab. cor. Point lane and Gay st 

Baker Elizab. washer, 161 s Spring 

Baker Rev. Francis, 65 Fayette 

Baker Fredk. shoemaker, 134 Happy al 

Baker Fredk. tailor, Eden st.n Eastern av 

Baker Fredk. cedar cooper, 14 Neighbor 

BAKER S. daguerotypist, s w corner Baltimore st. 

and Centre Market, dw 41 Albemarle 
Baker Geo. butcher, 38 Block 
Baker Capt. Geo. C. 36 Thames 
Baker Gideon, carter, 178 Wolf 
Baker Henry, yeast maker, cor. Canal and Chew 
Baker Henry, machinist, 78 York 
Baker Henry, baker, 199 n Canal 
Baker Henry, shoemaker, 307 Light 
Baker Henry, laborer, Canton av. e Burk 
Baker H. Liidwig. confectioner, 25 Pine 
Baker Jacob, shoemaker, 21 Bethel 
Baker Jacob, butcher, Penn. av. n Wilson st 
Baker Jacob, wheelwright, 125 1-2 McElderry's whf 
Baker James M. bricklayer, 279 e Baltimore 
Baker James, machinist, 5 Rock 
Baker James C. shipwright, Bank e Wolf 
Baker James, furniture wagoner, 132 Orleans 
Baker John G. grocer, s e cor. Madison and Gay 
Baker John, cedar cooper, 22 Orchard 
Baker John, shoemaker, S Abraham 
Baker John, shoemaker, 191 Ann 

Bain Dr. James, Saratoga, 2d door from Baltimore Baker John, baker, 4 Fell 

in Eutaw Baker John, grocer and liquor dealer. 301 s Bond 

Bain Saml. tailor 30 George 'Baker Joseph B. pilot, 229 Gough 




Baker Jostph, butcher, Penn. av. n Wilson st 
Baker Margaret, seamstress, 78 York 
Baker Maria, boarding house, 72 w Fayette 
Baker Martin H. shop, n w cor. Montgomery and 

Baker Mary, 111 Biddle 
Baker Nicholas, cooper, 46 Durst al. F. H. 
Baker Rachel, washer and ironer, 192 Raborg 
BAKER R. J. manufacturer of dye wood and dye 

stuffs, w Lombard 
Baker Robt. cabinet maker, 57 Raborg 
BAKER WM. GEORGE, attorney, 2 Spurrier's 

court, Lexington st. dw Windsor Mill road 
Baker Wm. Cclerk, 163 Hanover 
Baker Wm. cast steel edge tool manuf. 1 President 

st. dw Gough w Canal 
Baker Wm.plaisterer, 38 Granby 
Baker Wm. tavern keeper, 317 s Bond 
Baker Wm. office 32 s Charles, dw Windsor Mill 
Baker Wm. chair maker, Monument e Bond 
Baker Wm. rigger, 48 Lancaster 
Baker Wm. H. K. lamp & oil dealer, 60 Baltimore 
Baker Wm. wagoner, 155 Penn. av 
Balbirnie Geo. dyer, 4 s Front 
Balbirnie Thos. architect and surveyor, 4 s High 
Bald M. & Fredk. W. lock and gun smiths, 89 Penn- 
sylvania av 
BALDERSTON HUGH & SON, wire workers, 

12 s Calvert, dw H. B. 180 w Lombard 
Balderston Jacob, of firm, dw 180 Lombard 
BALDERSTON ISAIAH, surgeon dentist, 23 

Balderston Isaiah, shoemaker, 61 n Front 
Balderston Johnson, iron worker, Wills 
Balderston Wilson, wire and sieve manuf. 4 Light 

st. wharf, dw 99 Sharp st 
Baldner John, wheelwright, 3 Collins's court, Sara- 

toga st. 
Baldus John, laborer, 155 Siding 
Baldwin David, insurance agent, 47 Broadway 
Baldwin Dr. E.C. 141 n Exeter 
Baldwin Dr. J. A. dentist, 126 n Exeter 
Baldwin James T. merchant tailor, ne cor. Howard 

and Fayette 
Baldwin James, millwright, 75 Eastern av 
Baldwin John, carpenter, 16 s Bond 
Bal lwin John F. tobacconist. 76 n Gay 
Baldwin Jos. turner, Edward, dw 145 Aisquith 
Baldwin Jos. J. turner, Edward, dw 144 Aisquith 
Baldwin Mary, 40 s Bond 
Baldwin Nelson, laborer, 111 Vine 
Baldwin Robt. carter, Perry e Hanover 

Baldwin Robt. T. firm Hart & B. 1U5 s Paca 
Baldwin Wm. H. jr. firm Wm. Woodward &. Co. 

Eutaw House 
Baley Frances, 17 Lewis 
Baley Geo. omnibus driver, 1 16 McHenry 
Baley Robt. M. pattern maker, 3 McHenry 
Ball Danl. M. snip carpenter, e Hamburg 
Ball David, dealer china, glass and queensware, 16G 

Ball Geo. carpenter, Morris al. s Dolphin st 
Ball James, ladies' shoemaker, 47 e Baltimore, dw 

23 e Fayette 
Ball Jacob, painter, 150 Lexington, dw 210 Saratoga 
Ball John L. bricklaver, Bethel n Baltimore 
Ball John, finisher, 209 Wolf 
Ball John S. shoemaker, 57 n Front 
Ball John W. firm Kelly, B. & Criss, 112 n Greene 
Ball Richd. button maker, 4 President st. up stairs, 

dw Albemarle 
Ball Robt. tailor, 260 s Bond 
Ball Walter, painter, 11 Barnum's building, Fayette 

st. dw 84 n Greene 
Ball Walter, fireman Norfolk steamb. 215 Aisquith 
Ball Wm. D. late sheriff, Mulberry between Greene 

and Paca 
Ball Wm. D. grocer, 1 Chatsworth 
Ball John R. grocer, 334 Light 
Ballard Cyrus, merchant tailor, Pratt near Eutaw, 

dw 160 German 
Ballard Edwd. J. sail maker, 81 Li°ht, dw 117 Lee 
Ballard Edwd. U. collector, 82 Orleans 
Ballard James, coachsmith, Chase e Cathedral 
Ballard Ormond, lumber inspector, Penn st. s Ger- 
man st 
Ballauf Augustus, morocco dresser, 75 Harrison 
Ballenger Saml. machinist, 405 w Lombard 
Ballet James, brickmaker, 40 L. Church 
Balloch James, dealer in maps, atlasses, &c. 50 Al- 
Bal low Ernst, laborer, 123 Lancaster 
Balorge Diedrich, laborer, 78 s Eutaw 
Balster John C. tavern keeper, 27 Fell 
Balsz Elizabeth, sausage maker, 2 Neighbor 
Balthasar Seiple, blacksmith, 268 Light 
Baltimore Bank, n e cor. Baltimore and St. Paul. 

See appendix 
Baltimore County Advocate, E. F. Church, publish- 
er, n w cor. Gay and Baltimore 
Baltimore Club's House, 21 w Fayette 
Lexington st. Wm. B. Stokes, President 




Baltimore College, H. Morrison, President, 32 Mul- 

Baltimore College, dental surgery, Newton Univer- 
sity buildings, 11 Lexington 

Baltimore Crome Works, Isaac Tyson, jr. proprie- 
tor, lower end Block 

Baltimore and Cuba Smelting and Mining Co. 4 
Donnell's buildings, s Gay 

CO.) OFFICE, 19 South st. F.J. Dallam, Treas, 

Baltimore Female Orphan Asylum, 34 Mulberry 

Bamberger J. A. blacksmith, cor. Washington and 

Alice Anna, dw cor. Ann and Fleet 
Bamberger James A. blacksmith, 207 Canton av 
Bamberger John H. shoemaker, 674 w Baltimore 
Bamberger Martin, wood dealer, 83 Rabore 
Bamberger Wm. H. constable, 100 n Caroline 
Bamer John, laborer, Wolf s Thames 

Bamslow , tailor, Spring s Mullikin 

Banchardt Wm. umbrella maker, 73 n Eutaw 
Bancroft John, bricklayer, 14 n High 
Bandell Andrew J. reporter, Register s Pratt 

Baltimore Female College, N^C. Brooks, principal, Bandell Charles. 85 n Exeter 

53 St. Paul Bandell Geo. W.ofhcer,n e cor. Bond and Jeffer*™ 

BALTIMORE FIRE INSURANCE CO'S OF- Bandell John M. mt. 97 McElderry'swhf,dwi29s 

F1CE, 24 South 
Baltimore Infirmary, cor. Greene and Lombard 
Baltimore Life Insurance Co. 15 South st. John I. 

Donaldson, President 
OFFICE, 23 Hanover, Joshua I.Atkinson, treas- 
urer, depot Pratt near Light 
BOAT CO'S OFFICE, 3 Light st. wharf, J. 
Alexander Shriver, agent 
Baltimore Steam Packet Co's office, 45 Speai's whf. 

M.N.Falls, agent 
Baltimore Stock Board, office 12 and 13 Franklin 

buildings, North 
Baltimore and Susquehanna Rail Road Co's Cal- 
vert Station, cor. Franklin and Calvert 
Baltimore and Susquehanna Steam Co's office, Pat 

terson st. Jos. J. Taylor, agent 
Baltimore Type Foundry, F. Lucas, jr. proprietor, 

Bank lanee St. Paul st 
Baltimore Water Co. 19 South 
Baltz Anthony, carter, 241 Dallas 
Baltz Henry, butcher, 153 Penn. av 
Baltzell Alexander, 350 Baltimore 
Baltzell Charles, 44 Hanover 
Baltzell Philip, late firm T. & P. B. office 350 Bal- 

more , 

BALTZEL DR. WM. H. 88 Hanover 
Balzer Henry, tailor, 169 s Eden 
Bambach Fredk. tailor, 211 Ensor 
Bamberger Abram, butcher, 109 Canton av 
Bamberger & Bro. 137* n Gay, dw Spring court, 

Charles st 
Bamberger David, fancy trimmings dealer, 189 Pratt 

st. dw 5 Spring court 
Bamberger Elkan, trimmings goods dealer, 73 n 

Bandell Justina B. 116 s Exeter 
Bandell Leonard J. firm J.M.&.L. G. B 117s Exeter 
Randell John M. & Philip, block & pump makers 

97 McElderry's whf. ,r 

Bandell Maria," 156 e Madison 
Bandell Philip, firm Jno.M. & P. B. 119 s Exeter 
Bandell William, bacon dealer, 67 Forest 
Bandt Henry, book keeper, 206 n Eutaw 
Baner Joseph, grocer, 29 Short 
Baner Mary, pr. cedar coopering, 90 n Gay 
Bangert Joseph, baker, 6 Fell 

Bangert Philip, camphine dealer, Monument wEond 
Bangert Rudolph, hatter, 222 n Eden 
Bangs Francis, foundryman, 130 s Greene 
Bangs John, boot and shoemaker, 277 w Pratt 
Bangs Wm. cigar maker 234 e Pratt 
Banjo Mary A. shop, 125 Bond 
Bankart John, shoemaker, 211 Bond 
Bankard Jacob jr. butcher, Prospect hill rear Balti- 
more st 
Bankard Jacob sen. butcher, L. Hampstead 
Bankard James, butcher, G. Hampstead 
Bankard John, butcher, G. Hampstead st 
Bankard Wm. butcher, G. Hampstead 
Bankerd David, carpenter, Penn. av extended 
Bankerd Nicholas D. carpenter, Penn. av.extended 
Bankerd Wm. carpenter, Penn. av. extended 
Bankhead Robert, shoemaker, 13 Fremont 
(Bankres Bare, carter, Cross st w of Charles 
Banks Charity. 142 Orleans 
Banks Daniel B. President Union Manufacturing 

Co. dw 204 Franklin 
Banks David, inrniture carter, Bond st n of Jeffer- 
Banks Francis F. clerk, 62 n Liberty 
Banks John W. furniture wagoner, 119 Lexington 




Banks Lewis, machinist, 53 McHenry 

Banks Robert T. firm Parr & B. 103s High 

Banks Samuel B. machinist, 340 Franklin 

Banks William J. grocer, 50 Jefferson 

Bannan Jno. shoemaker, 166 Canton av 

Bannan Michael, beer drayman, 282 n Eutaw 

Bannan Patrick, laborer, 3 Puchmond 

BANNERMAN JOHN B. general engraver, 131| 

Bannerman Mary A. fancy k furnishing goods 
dealer, 131 Baltimore 

Banning Eliza, 75 n Eutaw 

Bannister William, plaisterer, 162 Fremont 
Bansemer Wm. G. feed & grain dealer, 406 w Bait 

Bantz Caspar, baker, 397 w Fayette 

Bantz Jno. shoemaker, 7 Bank 

Bantz Leonard, laborer, court fr Fremont between 

Howard and Columbia 
Bantz Theo. S. boot & shoe dealer, 316 Baltimore, 

dw 25 n Paca 
Banz Fred, shoemaker, 183 s Caroline 
Baptista A. L. Portuguese Consul, 264 e Baltimore 
Barbary Michael, mariner, 124 s Caroline 
BARBER & BROTHER, lumber merchants, yard 

Biddle near Falls road 
Barber J. T. 145 s Charles 
Barber Mrs. L. 84 Granby 
Barber Reuben, shoemaker, 263 n Forest 
Barber William E. firm B. & Brother, 161 Biddle 
Barbine Chs. fisher, % Johnson 
Barclay Hannah C. grocer, 238 e Pratt 
Bard Jacob, shoemaker, Penn. av n McMechin st 
Bardman Christopher, 290 s Bond 
Barer Christian, cooper, Clinton st Canton 
Bargar Deeter, bricklayer, 69 Franklin 
Bargar Elizabeth, 113 Mulberry 
Bargar Geo. clerk, 113 Mulberry 
Barger Henry, bricklayer, 156 Pearl 
Barger Misses, milliners, 113 Mulberry 
Bargar Washington, bricklayer, 83 Ross 
BarinaThos. ladies shoemaker, Henrietta between 

Howard and Eutaw 
Barker Alfred, pattern maker, 89 French 
Barker Edward, coachmaker, 230 e Madison 
Barker Mrs. Frank, 16 Mulberry 
Barker John & Son, iron founders n Calvert st near 

Mulberry, dw Waterloo row do. 
Barker Joseph, moulder, Leadenhall s Henrietta 
Barker Mary, 97 n Eutaw 
Barker Mary, 199 Aisquith 
Barker Matilda, dress maker,. 121 c Lombard 

Barker Wesley, hatter. 314 e Monument 

Barker Wm. firm John B. & Son, cor. Pleasant and 

St. Paul 
BARKER WM. K. tobacconist, Pratt 267, dw 151 

Barker Wm. ship carpenter, 196 Bank 
Barkman Frances, 20a s Bond 
Barkman Frederick, shoemaker s w cor. Scott and 

Barkman Jacob, butcher, 89 Columbia 
Barkman Joseph, cigar maker, 32 Gay 
Barkman Mary Ann, 129 e Baltimore 
Barkman Peter, keeper, Logan house, 222 s Bond 
Barlin Elizabeth, 5 n Exeter 
Barlow Geo. laborer, rear 23 Carpenter's al 
Barlow James B.firm B.& Lawrence, 180 Mulberry 
Barlow Joseph, firm B. &. Lawrence, ISO Mulberry 
Barlow & Lawrence, grocers, 46 n Paca 
Barnard Parker, carpenter, Lombard w of Wolf 
Barnard Thomas, brakesman, Lombard e of Ann 
Barnes Ann, vest maker, 14 McElderry 
Barnes Benjamin, sailor, Sharp s of Henrietta 
Barnes Christian, bricklayer, 100 s Caroline 
Barnes Daniel, 48 Bank 
Barnes Deborah, tailoress, Abey al 
Barnes Jno. H. Ann s of Baltimore 
Barnes James G. reporter, 290 Alice Anna 
Barnes Jas. E. wheelwright, 202 Canton av 
Barnes Jno. H. painter, 23 German, dw 83 Conway 
Barnes John, lumber wagoner, 49 L. Hughes 
Barnes Jno. M. blacksmith 24 Addison 
Barnes Joseph, lumber piler, Mullikin e Broadway 
Barnes Mrs. Mary M. 16 Peirce 
Barnes Robert C. inspector customs, 109 Broadway 
Barnet Misses, 292 n Howard 
Barnet Robert, carpenter, Neighbor w of Valery 
Barnet Samuel, lumber dealer, 144 Lee 
Barney Ann, 76 n Charles 
Barney John, 71 n Calvert 
Barney Sophia A. millinery, 30 e Baltimore 
Banhard Henry, laborer, 254 Ann 
Barnhart Andrew, laborer, 59 Cross 
Barnhart John, omnibus driver, 752 w Baltimore 
Barnhart Wm. coachsmith, Shroeder between Lex- 
ington & Fayette 
Barrihora Henry, carpenter, Etna lane 
Barntz Covington D. attorney, 18 Law Buildings up 

Barnum's City Hotel, Zenus Bnrnum & Andirw 
McLaughlin, prop, s w cor. Calvert and Fa 
to s e cor. Fayette and St. Pan) 




Barr Samuel, 307 n Howard 

Barrenger John F. bacon butcher, 75 McElderry 

Barrenger Lewis L. butcher, 26 Lewis 

Barrett Asa & Co. upholsterers, 404 w Baltimore, 

dw A. B. 8 s Greene 
BARRETT & DEBEET, carvers & gilders, 75 

Barrett Eliza, 13 Light 
Barrett Gregory, weaver, 116 Fremont 
Barrett & Hyson, tavern, 150 Light 
Barrett John, oak cooper, 152 Thames, dw 119 Lan- 
Barrett John L. firm B. & Debeet, s wcor. Harrison 

and Fayette 
Barrett John, grocer & liquor dealer, 225 e Pratt 
Barrett Joseph, engineer on R. Road, 65 Poppleton 
Barrett Mary, Carey st s of Baltimore 
Barrett Mary, Canal st n of Eastern av 
Barrett Minet, firm of B. & Debeet, 168 Chesnut 
Barrett Patrick, laborer, Lemmon st w of Poppleton 
Barrett Patrick, laborer, Clinton, st Canton 
Barrickman Capt. Henry, 107 e Fayette 
Barrickman Jacob, grocer, Mullikin e Broadway 
Barrington Mrs. Cath. superintendent Baltimore 

Female House of Employment, 22 c Baltimore 
Barrington Edward P. clerk, Register s Pratt 

Barroll Benj. C. attorney at law, 34 St. Paul 

Barroll Jas. & Son, grocers & com. nits, 1 Bowly's 
wharf cor. Pratt 

Barroll James W. of firm, dw 125 n Charles 

Barroll Mary Ann, 105 Monument 

Barron Jas. carpenter, 103 Madison 

Barron Jno. trader in market, 353 w Pratt . 

Barron Jno. carpenter, cor. Eager and Cathedral 

Barron Jno. C. chemist 116 Conway 

Barron Patrick, 61 n Front 

Barrow D. H. prop, agent, 6 Spear's whf, dw Balti- 
more cor. High 

Barrow Mrs. Jane, cor. High and Baltimore 

Barrow Win. H. grocer, 38 n Paca, dw 238 Fayette 

Barrows Anthony, 272 Canton av 

Barrows Benj. F. glass blower, 9 Lancaster 

Barrows Elijah P. 49 n Liberty 

Barry Capt. 81 Broadway 

Barry Charles i\. apotheearv and druggist, 182 Bait. 

Barry Geo. moulder, 63 < >n _ 

Barry James, laborer, 18 Hollidaj 

Barry Jas. C. late inspector customs, Paca between 
New and Ross 

Barry John C. 155 n Paca 

Barry John L. clerk in Franklin bk dw 

Barry John S. firm Robert B. & Son, 13 Mulberry 
Barry J. W. & Co. apoth. & druggists, 440 Baltimore 
Barry John J. book keeper, 32 Pearl 
S a /l7^ se T ph ' C00 P er > Columbia extended 

iay R ene LLEWELLYN R ^^ at ***, <° 
Barry Robt. firm R. B. 8c Son, 42 Mulberry 

B mtlitBa,L S o°r n e f ° rW - &d0m - d ^ —, 

Ba i r 5Tpa?k ert c " attorney at law>33 Fa y*«M* 

Barry Tobias laborer, rear 101 C. Market 

Barry Dr. Wm. J. Saratoga near Park 

Barry Wm. R. clerk, 21 Columbia 

Barry Wm. ostler, 32 s Paca 

Barry Wm. laborer, Chase e of Cathedral 

Bart John, baker, 358 s Charles 

Bartel John, edge tool grinder, 193 E av 

Bartges John M. firm C. W. Burgess & Co. dw 72 

Bartli Christian, shoemaker 193 Lexington 
Earth John 11.39 Second, dw 137 Front 
Barth Gotfred, laborer, 27 Fell 
Barthlow Elias, Penn. avn of Wilson st 
Barthol Ed ward, shoemaker, 144 u Howard dw 146 
Barthold Agostus, jeweller, 23 German ' 

Barthold Bernard, coffee house. 161 Mulberry 
Bartholdtjno. F. jeweller & die sinker, 15 Hollidav 
Bartho mes Adam, piano maker, n w cor. Oregon & 

Lombard & 

Bartholo Henry, box maker, rear 130 Saratoga 
Bartholuw Elijah M. firm B. Gwynn & Caprpn dw 

n w cor. Hodman st and Madison av 

B o r iu tJ° 1 v -' Gwyn & Ca P ron i dry goods merchants 
2bH Baltimore I 

BARTHOLOW PRESLEY J. proprietor Globe 

Inn, w Baltimore si 229 and 11 German 
Bartholow Thos. milk dealer, 232 Mulberry 
Bartlett D. L. firm of Ilaywurd, B. 8c Co dw 4ft 

Bartlett Geo. & Co. dealers in boots, shoes hides <i i 

10 n Howard st. dw G. B. <;."> n Liberty ' 
Bartlett Isaac, grocer, 36 Philpot 
Bartlett James, shoemaker, 177 e Lombard 
Bartlett Jas. boat builder, Ann sofGou°n 
Bartlett James, firm Scener & B. dw Will 
Banleit Jno. M. of firm Wm. E. B. & Suns, dw Lib- 
erty road 
Bartlett William, i arpenter, Johnson st 

Calvert, dw Wm. E. coi . Eutaw Si I 




Bartley Hugh, 6 Addison 
JBartling Thus. E. confectioner, 109 Hill 
Bartman Peter, keeper Logan House, 222 s Bond 
Bartol Henry B. coachmaker, 87 n Calvert 
BARTOL JAMES L. attorney, 8 Law Buildings 

Lexington st, dw 271 w Lombard 
Bartol Mary A. 34 Potter 
Bartolmy August, tailor, 130 Happy al 
Barton Henry E. 92k Montgomery 
Barton Jas. shoemaker, 128 s Howard 
Barton Jane, 73 Harrison 
Barton Jno. carter, 164 East 
Barton Jno. carpenter, Ann s of Baltimore 
Barton Joshua, machinist, Falls road 
Barton Leler, ship carpenter, Argyle al (or Register 

st) n Pratt 
Barton Mary, boarding house 118Holliday 
Barton Mary, 35 s Front 
Barton Mrs. Patience, 96Granby 
Barton Samuel S. carpenter, 32 Chew 
Barton Samuel S. sail maker, 107 Granby 
Barton Thaddeus J. theatre manager, 73 Harrison 
Barton William J. currier, 58 e Lombard 
Barton William, bricklayer, 20 s Caroline 
Baseler Christian, grocer, cor. Forest and Douglass 
BASH HENRY M. office 22 e Fayette, dw 88 

Basholt Lainhart, laborer, 202 s Bond , 
Bashrag Henrietta, 150 Canton av 
Bass S. shoemaker, 117 Happy al 
Bass S. druggist, s w cor Hill & Charles 
Bassford Jno. T. tailor, 149 e Baltimore 
Bassford Rev. Thos. prin. male free school, Court- 
land near Pleasant . 
Bastable Gilbert, cattle dealer, w Holhns stor Union 

Bastard Christopher, 122 Albermarle 
Bastian B. shoemaker 
Batchelor Andrew J. ship carpenter, Bank e oi 

Batchelor "Columbus, ship carpenter, Bank e of 

Batchelor David, shoemaker, 54 Spring 
Batchelor Jacob F. confectioner, 27 Pine 
Batchelor John, confectioner, 39 Deluol al 
Batchelor Joseph, gas fitter, 3G Constitution 
Batchelor Nathan, carter, Castle al n of Bank st 
Batchelor William, guard at penitentiary, 276 Alice 

Batcher Henry, drayman. 97 Caroline 
Bat<?man James, whip & cane maker, 221 Light 

Bateman Mrs. Phoebe Ann, milliner & dress maker, 

93 Fayette 
Bateman Nichs. varnisher, 33 Canal 
Bateman Samuel, moulder, 194 Light 
Bateman William L. magnetizer, 93 Fayette 
Bates Andrew, blacksmith, 37 Cbatsworth 
Bates Charles, foundry man, 240 e Lombard 
Bates Frank. L. carpenter, 234 e Lombard 
Bates James W. iron moulder, cor. Stiles and Presi- 
dent sts. dw Broadway n of Lombard 
Bates James jr. iron moulder, 242 e Lombard 
Bates John, bricklayer, 242 e Lombard 
Bates Rev. Lawrence W. 43 s Greene 
Bates Rebecca, 73 Buren 
Bates Wm. wheelwright, 12 Lee 
Bathurst M. & Son, ship & com. mts. 59 Lombard 

st. dw J. B. of firm, Park near Centre 
Batson John W. grocer, 49 n Paca 
Battee R. Ridgely, attorney, 4 first floor Marshall 

buildings St. Paul 
Battee Mrs. R. H. 9 Hill 
Batteis John, mariner s end Light 
Battenfeld Christian, boot & shoemaker, 54 Thames 
Baltenfeld Lewis, laborer, Fountain st w Castle al 
Battenfelder, Jno. laborer, 27 Fawn 
Battersby Francis, charcoal dealer, 107 n Exeter 
Batterfield Mr. cabinet maker, 118 s Greene 
Battice Jno. cook at Exchange hotel, n w cor. Light 

and Lombard 
Batz Geo. laborer, 184 s Spring 
Batrch Philip, tailor, 46 Somerset 
Bauer Geo. tailor, 243 n Gay 
Bauer Elizabeth, 178 e Madison 
Bauer Jno. tinner, 177 s Caroline 
Bauer John, tavern, 1 Park 

Baugher Joseph, firm B. & Orendorf, 264 Lexington 
BAUGHER & ORENDORF, wholesale dry goods 

merchants, 285 Baltimore 
Baugher Philip, tailor, 4 St. Mary's 
Baugher Oscar, firm Joice & B. dw. Exchange hotel 

Exchange Place 
Baughman Andrew, sawyer, 279 Alice Anna 
Baughman Ann, 89 Garden 
Baughman Charles W. shoemaker, Preston near 


Baughman Francis M. & H. F. B. marble cutters, 

223 Howard, dw 227 Madison av 

Baughman , 276 w Fayette 

Baughman George, clerk, 66 Pine 

Baughman HeuryF. firm F. M. & H. F. B. 227 

Madison av 




Baughman Henry, mariner, 27 Fell 

Baugliman Mary Ann, 126 Vine 

Baughman Mr. carter, ISO n Eden 

Bauldin Wm. cleric, 164 n Caroline 

Baura Chs. carpenter, 84 Gough 

Baum Jno. watchman, 103 Gough 

Baum Jno. tailor, 36 Block 

Baum Rev. Maurice, of High st Synag. 108 Orleans 

Baum Michael, shoemaker, 219 Dallas 

Baum Margaret, 62 n Greene 

Baum Samuel, carpenter, 107 Pearl 

Baum Wm. carpenter, 66 Holland 

Baumgartner Andrew, brewer, 26 Granby 

Baumgrap Jacob, chair maker, 105 Front 

Baumhanger Edward, cabinet maker, 9 Baker's al 

Baunich Peter, rope walk, Light 

Bausman Chs. tavern, w Pratt extended 

Baur Jno. cabinet maker, w Eutaw court 

Bausman Rev. J. P. 290 w Fayette 

Bausnen Jno. tea dealer, Hari'ord av. extended 

Bawden John, clerk, 64 s Caroline 

Bawman Wm. car inspector, 503 w Pratt 

Baxley Dr. Henry W. 175 Fayette 

Baxley James, millwright, 106 Orleans 

Baxley James, blacksmith, 163 Wolf 

Baxley J. Brown, druggist, s e cor. Howard & 

Baxley Joshua D. clerk, Cathedral n of Eager 
Baxter Elijah T. farmer, 24 Caroline 
BAXTER JOSEPH V. tavern, 61 Hanover 
Bay Hugh, carpenter, dw 287 n Howard 
Bayer, Baltzel, stone cutter, 718 w Baltimore 
Bayersdorff Chs. tailor, Henrietta near Eutaw 
Bayfield & Gregg, grocers, 133 Franklin 
Bayfield James, firm B. & Gregg, 148 n Howard 
Bayfield James, carpenter, 151 Saratogo 
Bayless James P. prop, Western Hotel, s w cor. 

Howard & Saratoga 
Bayless Thos. laborer, Harford av. 
Bayley Charles, grocer, 28 e Fayette 
Bayley Henry, china, glass & queensware dealer, 

13 Sharp st. dw Lexington w Park 
Bayley William, slater, 73 n Front 
Baylies Charles F. grocer, 140 Eden 
Baylies Geo. clerk, 161 e Madison 
Baylies J. H. grocer, 36 e Pratt, dw 20 s Exeter 
Baylies Nicholas, firm B. & Tyson, dw 20 s Exeter 
Baylies 8t Tyson, millers, Patte^on st. s end 
Baylis James R. machinist, 13 Rock 
Bayly Hamilton J. carpenter, Wine al dw HSBiddle 
Bayly William, book-keeper, 177 n High 

Baynard Eliza, 50 n Calvert 

Bayne Benjamin C. pilot, 144 Ann 

Bayne Francis J. watchman, Pleasant al Canton 

Bayne Joseph P. milk dealer, 365 n Gay 

Bayne L. P. of firm B. Withers & Co. dw Carey 

Bayne Lawrence, dry goods, 1 Hanover 

Bayne Michael, loborer, 728 w Baltimore 

Bayne, Withers & Co. dry good jobbers, 1 Hanover 

Bayne Stephen, bricklayer, 100 McElderry 

Bayner Joseph, cabinet maker, 144 e Fayette 

Bavnes Charles D. rope maker, 341 Aisquith 

Baynes James, wool & skin dealer, 105 w Lombard, 

dw 59 Aisquith 
BAYNES THOMAS, bone dust manufacturer, 

Harris's Creek, d w Baltimore e of Ann 
Bavzand William H. mt. tailor, 206 Baltimore, dw 

Aisquith between McEKlerry & Gay 
Beach Chs. W. carpenter, 12 Marion, dw 203 w 

Beach Geo. W.carpenter, Marion, dw 203 wFayette 
Beach Jas. prop, foundry, 12 Broadway 
Beach S. G. 177 Saratoga • 

Beach Thomas J. assistant editor "Sun," Saratoga 

near Pine 
Beacham Jno. boot maker, 96 Franklin 
Beacham John S. ship carpenter, 112 s High 
Beacham John, wood corder, 11 Warren 
Beacham Lennox, ship carpenter, HO n Calvert 
Beacham Wm. ship smith, 9 end McElderry's whf. 

dw Trinity e of High 
Beacham Jno. S. store keeper, 23 New Church 
Beacham Elizabeth, tailoress, Slemmer al 
Beachem John S. ship carpenter, Hunter al 
Beachem Samuel T. ship carpenter, Hunter al 
Beachem Silas, ship smith, Commercial wharf, dw 

Exeter , 

Beachem William, ship smith, 145 McElderry's 

wharf, dw Trinity 
Beaks Wm. carter, E. av. w of Chester st 
Beal Richard B. real estate broker. 47 Mansion 

House Fayette st. dw 263 n Howard 
Beale Ths. pilot, 210 E. avenue 
Beale Alexander, clerk, 16 s Exeter 
Beale Mrs. Sarah B. tissue paper cutter, 258 n Gay 
Beale Solon, teacher, 258 n Gay 
Beale William, carpenter, 55 Jefferson 
Beall Benj. 242 Lexington 
Beall Geo. W. apothecary, 179 e Lombard, dw 42 e 

Beall Rachel, 15 Barnet 
Bealmer Catharine B.22Sn Howard 


Beam Christina, 141 Ann 

Beam Jacob, flour inspector, 21 George 

Beam Jos. 11. carpenter, 20 McClellan, dw Liberty 

Beam Robt. M. mail agent, 83 Lexington 

Beamer Ann, boarding house, 19 n Calvert 

Beamer H. & Co. grocers, cor. Lexington and Paca 

Beamer Henry, hrm B. & Horn, 92 n^Eutaw 

Bean Joseph carpenter, 20 McClelJan st. dw 27 n 

Bean Richd. pilot, 297 Eastern av 
Bean Simon, tailor, 254 Alice Anna 
Bear Rev. John, 100 n Exeter 
Bear John, carpenter, 149 York 
Beard Catharine, trader in market, 50 Penn. av 
Beard E. Ann, general furnishing store, 180 n Gay 
Bear* Capt. John, jr. 04 Lee 

Beard John, collector and property agent, 148 Han- 
over st 
Beard John, bar keeper, 118 Eastern av 
Beard Joseph, hsher, 2h0 e Monument 
Beard Capt. Lewis. 150 s Paca 
Helpline Joseph, laborer, 15 Shakspear 
Beary John, carpenter, 41 French 
Beasten Geo. J. commission merchant, 79 Light st. 

wharf, dw 120 s Paca 
Beatley Ann, 270 Eastern av 
Beatty Cornelius E. firm Stickney&B. dw 52 St. 

Reatty George, wood dealer, 34 Spring 
Beatty James, powder manuf. 155 w Pratt, dw 31 n 

Beatty John, blacksmith, 08 Perry 
Beatty Joseph, biscuit baker, Trinity e High 

Reatty , blacksmith, 100 s Exeter 

Beatty Wm.H. proprietor Baltimore Co. biscuit and 
cracker manufactory, 4 Donnell's whf. dw 129 n 
Charles st 
Beatty Wm. R. carpenter, 32 Philpot 
Beaumont Elizab. dress and cloak maker, 00 Ger- 
Beaumont Isaiah, hack prop. 00 German 
Bechtel John, plumber, 114 Barre 
Beck Andrew F. tailor, 120 Montgomery 
Beck Ernst, cow keeper, 202 Fremont 
Beck Fredk. cane maker, 05 McElderry 
Beck Geo. tailor, n w cor. Eden st. and Eastern av 
Beck Henry, laborer, Penn. av. n Wilson st 
Beck John, blacksmith, 51 Orchard 
Beck Joseph, dairy keeper, 241 s Bond 
Beck Michael, carpenter, 87 Fremont 
Beck Perry R. shoemaker, 88 Hamburg 
Beck Thos. carpet manuf. and dealer, 3 n Gay 



BECK WM. R. proprietor furniture cars, 531 w 

Ball imore 
BECK WM. tinner, 2 w Fayette, dw 00 Orleans 
Beekenheimer David, tavern, 13 n Eden 
Beckenmyer, Wm. bottler beer and inead, 187 n 

Becker Charles, drayman, 40 Concord 
Becker Charles N. upholsterer, 17 s Canal 
Becker Hamilton, pharmaceutist, 518 Baltimore 
Becker Henry, 305 s Bond 

Becker John D. porter Chesapcak Rank, 102 n Ex- 
Becker Nicholas, piano maker, 231 s Charles 
Becker Nicholas, tavern, 28 President 
Becker Peter, blacksmith, 34 Lee 
Becket Wm. tpbacco and com. mt. 79 Light st. whf. 

dw 335 Pratt 
Beckhan Eliza, 05 Hampstead 
Beckley Nicholas, trunk maker, 2 New Church 
Berkley Wm. H. paper hanger, 170 n Gay 
Beckman John, mariner, 31 Fell 
Bcchtcl John, plumber, 114 s Greene 
Beckwith Richd. shipwright, 151 Bank 
Bedford John, clerk, L76 e Fayette 
Beecher John A. painter, 59 Dover 
Beefelt Mary, store keeper, 22 s Eutaw 
Beehler Francis, umbrella, whip and cane manuf, 

246 Baltimore 
Beeker Chas. laborer, Bethel n Gough 
Beers Mary, Preston w Garden 
Beest Eliza, boarding house, 11 Concord 
Beetel Sarah, tailoress, 100 a Canal 
Beetley Isaiah, huckster, Washington st. n East- 
ern av 
Begley Dennis, laborer, 75 Monument 
Beigler Geo. cabinet maker, 40 Harrison 
Behler Henry L. grocer, 10 L. Gough 
Behman Geo. laborer, Johnson 
Behnenstine, Fredk. laborer, 152 s Eden 
Behrens Bernhard, cabinet maker, 146 n Eden 
Behrens C. dry goods mt. 64 Lexington 
Behrens Henry, machinist, 62 Henrietta 
Behrens Jacob, optician and watch maker, 103 n 

Behrenstricker Michael, carter, Ramsay w Pop- 

Behringer Geo. confectioner, Cider al.w Howard st 
Beierlim John, 83 Pearl 
Beier Peter, comb maker, 157 Stirling 
Bein John, shoemaker, 228 Canton av 
Beisswanger Jacob, shoemaker, 51 Fores! 
Bekner John, sawyer, 204 Eastern av 




Belke Fredk. cabinet maker, 218 w Pratt 

Belknap Eben, Adam and Eve House, Lovely lane, 

near Calvert st 
Bell Abraham, plaisterer, 34 Mnllikin 
Bell Alex, malt dealer, 48 Second 
Bell Alfred, butcher, Penn. av. n Fremont 
Bell Ann, 8 Comet 
Bell Edward J. firm E. J. & R. B. dw Fawn w Ex 

eter st 

Beltz Hartman, shoemaker, 289 Bond 

Bern Geo. shoemaker, 140 s Canal 

Bemkauf Adam, cooper, Biddle al 

Benau John, shoemaker, Monument e Buren 

Bender Augustus, merchant tailor, 13 n Liberty, dw 

cor. Fayette and Poppleton 
Bender Christian, baker, 30 Union 
Bender Daniel, 137 Franklin 
Bender John, laborer, rear 18 Rock 
Bender Samuel, grocer, 78 St. Mary's 

Bell Edwd. H. wheelwright, rear 98 Granby 

BELL E. J. &,R. shipbuilders, City Block, s end (Bending Geo. carter, 146 s Caroline 

Falls a v | Bendy Eliza, 20 Granby 

Bell Elizabeth V. school teacher, 89 Hillen 
Bell Frank, laborer, 768 w Baltimore 
Bell Geo. tin and sheet iron worker, 474 w Baltimore 
Bell Geo. W. shoemaker, 295 Saratoga 

Bell Mrs. Geo. F. M. clerk, 40 e Lombard 

Bell Harriet, 40 e Lombard 

Bell Henry, shoemaker, 147, dw 149 Light 

Bell Henry, mariner, Abeyal 

Bell Horatio, clerk, 363 Lombard 

Bell Isaac, teamster rail road, 21 Duberry al 

Bell James, shoemaker, 109 Pearl 

Bell Jamima, 75 Stirling 

Bell John, wheelwright, 21 Shroeder 

Bell John, proprietor hotel, 183 Lexington 

Bell John W. pattern maker, 140 Eutaw 

Bell Margaret, seamstress, 225 e Fayette 

Bell Nicholas, machinist, 118 Pearl 

Bell & Packie, marble manuf. cor. Saratoga and 

Bell Richd. D. shbemaker, 35 Chew 
Bell Richd. H. firm E. J. & R. B. dw Exeter 
Bell Richd. 183 Canton av 
Bell Thos. B. tobacconist, 119 e Pratt 
Bell Thos. firm B. & Packie, dw 14 Chew 
Bell Wm. stonecutter, Chatsworth n Mulberry 
Bell Zebedee, found ryman, Light st. F. H.j 
Bellis John, mate, 268 Ann 
Bellman Henry, laborer, Star al. s Canton av 
Bellman Thos. shoemaker, 108 French 
Belt Ann H. boarding house, 166 McHenry 
Belt & Bowie, commission mts. 17 Li^ht 
Belt Elisha, blacksmith, 127 Vine 
Belt Eugene, discount clerk Bank Baltimore, 93 

Belt & Mackall, tobacco com. mts. 91 Light st. whf. 

up stairs 
Belt Thos. H. 80 n Calvert 
Belt Trueman, firm B. & Bowie, dw 77 St. Paul 
Beltz Barbara, boarding house, 14 New Church 

Benezet Geo. W. jeweller, 42 Douglass 

Benjamin Levi, pawn broker, 46 Granby 

Benjamin Saml. grocer. 44 Douglass 

Benjamin Virginia, 76 Bank 

Benkerd Anthony, tailor, 189 Forest 

Bennaman John, laborer, 222 Hollins 

Benner Adam, -'Adelphi House," 11 Light 

Benner Henry, potter, Jefferson e Bond 

Benner John, tailor, 126 French 

Benner Saml. silver plater, 62 Montgomery 

Benner T. S. 163 Aisquith 

Bennet Ann E. 48 s Spring 

Bennet Barbary, 121 Lee 

Bennet Caroline, 17 Hillen 

Bennet Curtis, butcher, 16 Harford av 

Bennet Danl. H. carpenter, Cambridge w Windsor, 

Bennet Edwin, firm E. & W. B. dw 144 s Bond 
Bennet E. & W. manuf. Rockingham and yel. iron 

stoneware, cor. Canal st. and Canton av 
Bennet Eli, book keeper, 125 Garden 
Bennet E. & Wm. potters, cor. Gough st. and Can- 
ton av 
Bennet Enoch, brush and bellows maker, 2 n How- 
ard st 
Bennet Francis, firm B. & Hopkins, dw Lee 
Bennet Francis W.firm Cannon & B. 6G Sharp 
Bennet Geo. J. grocer. 261 e Baltimore 
Bennet Geo. market dealer, Boyd near Amity 
Bepnet Geo. pilot, 140 Bond 
Bennet Harriet, Baltimore st. e Broadway 
Bennet & Hopkins, carpenters, 25 Hanover 
Bennet Hugh, carpenter, 9 Elizabeth al 
Bennet John, cellar digger, 155 s Paca 
Bennet John, grocer. 220 Canton av 
Bennet John, ship carpenter, 294 Wolf 
Bennet John, baker, 3 Warner 
Bennet John, laborer, 202 s Caroline 
Bennet John, grocer, 01 Thames 




Bennet Joseph, ship carpenter, 82 William 
Bennet Lewis H. saddler, 88 n Howard, dw 43 Or- 
Bennet Littleton S. sea captain, 8 Lee 
Bennet Capt. Richd. mariner, 215 Alice Anna 
Bennet Robt. ship carpenter, 215 Eastern av 
Bennet Unfits, carpenter, 28 Ross,dw rear 35 Pres- 
Bennet Thomas, 150 Ensor 

Bennet T. W, firm Cannon, B. & Co. dw 66 Sharp 
Bennet Thomas, rigger, 70 Argyle al 
Bennet Wm. apothecary and druggist, 99 Lexington 
Bennet Wm. firm E. & Wm. B. Gough e Register 
Bennoch Thos. stone mason, 3 s Caroline 
Bennon Patrick, drudge man, 101 Columbia 
Benny Joseph, brush maker, 227 s Charles 
Benson Benj. S. iron founder, 5 President, dw 99 

Benson Geo. lace dealer, 91 Fayette 
Benson Geo. W. druggist, 51 Hill 
Benson Geo. ship carpenter, 197 Alice Anna 
Benson Capt. Hall, 162 Bank 
Benson James, flour dealer, 360 n Gay 
Benson Lloyd N. boot and shoemaker, 144 Pine 
Benson Margaret, 67 Centre Market Space 
Benson Mary, 147 e Madison 
Benson Saml. merchant tailor, 13 Holliday 
Benson Capt. Wm. R. 40 s Spring 
Benson William, 51 Hill 
Benson Wm. clerk, 435 w Baltimore 
Benson Wm. painter, 81 n Paca, dw Gibson near 

Benswanger Em'l. grocer, Frederick near Gay 
Bpnswanger Saml. drv goods dealer, 168 Lexington 
BHNTEEN FREDERICK D. musk dealer, 181 

Baltimore, dw Chatsworth st. extd. 
Benteen Rebecca, dress maker, 102 Pearl 
Benthall Capt. Robt. 136 Broadway 
EHNTLEY CHARLES W. & Co. machinists 
foundry cor. Front and Ploughman, dw C. W. B 
15 c Fayette 
Bently Baker, millwright. Ill Hollins 
Bently Joseph, machinist, 134 Hollins 
Bently Thomas, biickmaker, 12 s Paca st. extd. 
Benton Benj. shoemaker, 109 Vine 
Benton Benj. G. mariner, 52 Aisquith 
Benton Saml. cabinet maker, 80 Feirce 
Bentz Cathariue, 40 Chatsworth 
Benzinger Fredk. F. attorney at law, 36 St. Paul 
Benzinger John S. grocer, 234 Aisquith 
Benzinger Matthias, paver, 79 n Paca 
Berdel jL. carpenter, Carpenter's al. e Greene st. 

Beren Thos. H. stone cutter, cor. Monument and 

Charles, dw 145 Biddle 
Bergen Michael, clothier, 143 w Lombard 
Berger Chas. H. tailor, 57 n Frederick 
Berger Christian, laborer, near Glass house 
Berger Conrad, laborer, 697 w Baltimore 
Berger Rev. D. 222 Camden 
BERGER HENRY F. organ builder, manuf, over 

75 Baltimore, dw 91 North 
Berger Mary, 230 Aisquith 
Bergeting Henry, laborer, 123 Stirling 
Bergmon Fredk. carpenter, n e cor. Cathedral and 

Bergmon John, rear 166 Alice Anna 
Berkley Edris, firm Camper, B. & Bruff, 224 n Eu- 

Bernard Mary, Chatsworth w Lexington 
Bernard Nathaniel, contractor, 82 McElderry 
Bernard Randolph, bricklayer, 16 Orchard 
Berner Wm. rigger, 204 Ann 
Bernesco Chas. potter, Fremont st. extd. 
Bernhardt Catharine, 211 s Bond 
Bernstricker John, butcher, Pennsylvania av. n Mc- 

Mechin st 
Berntheuser Wm, cabinet maker, 354 s Charles 
Berry Benj. B. bricklayer, 216 Gough 
Berry & Brothers, tea and liquor deal. 4 Exchange 

Berry Edwd. watchman, 28 Lancaster 
Berry Geo. W. carpenter, 210 Aisquith 
Berry Geo. R. carpenter, 72 Lee 
Berry Horatio, carpenter, 110 German 
Berry James W. firm B. & Bros, dw 56 Lee 
Berry Jane, 171 Wolf 
Berry Jesse S. C. finisher, 262 s Charles 
Berry John S. firm Hurst & B. Eutaw House 
Berry John H. grower, 158 Sharp 
Berry John & Thos. L. fire proof brickmaker.s ; s 

end Sharp 
Berry John W. carpenter, 112 German 
Berry Lewis, hatter, 10S n C:<l 
Berry Lewis, laborer, 28 Lancaster 
Berry Mary, 36 Josephine 
Berry Matilda, s w cor. Light and Lombard 

Michael, clerk, 78 s Eden 
Berry N. E. commission merchant, 8 Light St. whf. 

dw Sharp 
Berry Robt. D. grocer, 192 Aisquith 
Berry Sarah Jane, tailoress, 44 Pearl 
BERRY WALTER W. commission merchant, 9 

Light st. wharf, up stairs, dw 91 Lee 




Berry Wm. watchman, Fountain st. w Castle al 

Berry Wm. of Benj. clerk, 117 Lee 

Berry Win. H.firm B. & Bro. dw 65 Camden 

Berryman Deborah, 223 Franklin 

Berryman John, watchman, Bond n Jefferson 

Bersch Christian, butcher, s w cor. Lanvale and 

Bersch Henry, merchant tailor, 25 e Fayette 

Bersher Wm. tailor, 124 e Fayette 

Bertsche John, shoemaker, 164 Conway 

Berteau Nicholas, astrologer, 203 e Lombard 

Bertholf James, butter dealer, 77 s High 

Berthohl Geo. brickmaker, Paca s Fremont 

Bertley Wm. laborer, 18 Fell 

Bertran John, shoemaker, 110 French 

Bertrand John, barber, 247J Broadway 

Bertrand Thos. D. ship carpenter, 89 Block 

Berz Wm. baker, 48 abort 

Besser Wm. machinist, 64 Thames 

Bessing Thos. tailor, Bond n Jefferson 

Best Michael, glass flattener, G. Hughes w Coving- 

Bestor John R. book keeper, 46 s High 

BeswickCapt. Benj. 138 Bank 

Betel Koonrad, baker, 88 n Canal 

Betschler Martin, shoemaker, 223 s Charles 

Bettinger , shoemaker, 26 Granby 

Bettner Fredk. shoemaker, 6 Park 

Betton Jane, 270 s Bond 

Betton Thos. W. gentlemen's furnishing store, 179 
w Baltimore 

Betts Alex. P. firm German & B. dw 178 e Pratt 

Belts Andrew, tailor, 43 German 

Betts Araminta, 28 St. Paul 

Beits Edwd. piano maker, 113 Lee 

Betts Edwd. provision dealer, s e cor. Parkman 
and Lombard sts 

Betts Gustavus, coachmaker, 45 Hill 

Betts .1. Gottleib, mt. tailor, over 125 Baltimore, dw 

Betts Robt. carpenter, 39 Jackson 

Betts Royston, wholesale dry goods merchant, 283 
Baltimore, dw Exchange 

Betz John, ladies' shoe maker, 5 New Church 

Betz'Jobn, cabinet maker, (>'l Argyle al 

Beucke Dr. John A. 15 s Liberty 

Beufort Sarah Jane, teacher, Si) Caroline 

Beumont Isaiah, hack proprietor, 60 German 

Bevan Ann, 198 Saratoga 

Bevan Chas. F. firm B. & Sons, 291 n Howard 

Bevan & Dunham, wholesale dry goods merchants, 
279 w Baltimore 

Bevan John, firm J. Crossby & Son, 251 w Lombard 
Bevan Mary, Locust Point, Fort road 
Bevan Saml. firm B. & Dunham, 110 Park 
Bevan & Son, marble workers, s e cor. Charles and 

and Monument 
Bevan Wm. malster,5 Hamilton 
Bevans David, clerk, 121 n Paca 
Bevans Edwd. bricklayer, 121 n Paca 
Bevans Geo. merchant, 187 s Paca 
Bevans James H. firm Lee & B. dw 19 Franklin 
Bevans Reuben A. L. cabinet and chair maker, 

dw 271 e Baltimore 
Bevans Samuel & Co. dry goods merchants, 6 n 

Bevans Wm. stone cutter, Preston w Garden 
Beveridge Francis, 42 French 
Beverly Capt. Benj. A. Bank e Wolf 
Beyer Geo. shoemaker, 50 Richmond 
Beyer Geo. confectioner, 34 Ensor 
Biaxner John, shoemaker, 209 Ensor 
Bible House, Md. State Bible Society, 63 w Fayette, 

Rev. Thos. H. duinan, agent 
Bickel Elias, tailor, 19 May 
Bicker Philip, blacksmith, 3 State 
Bickerman John, porter, 84j Centre Market Space 
Bickerstarl James, cellar digger, 39 Richmond 
BICKLEY SAMUEL, boot and shoemaker, 15 e 

Biddison James A. plaisterer, 82 Mullikin 
Biddison M. laborer, 126 Potter 
Biddison Wm. laborer, 506 w Lombard 
Biddle P. carpenter, 99 Hollins 
Biddle Saml. R. Lombard e Poppleton 
Biddle Saml. conductor, 32 McElderry 
Biddle Saml. Lombard 4 doors e Poppleton 
Biddleman John, carpenter, 50 Holland 
Bidel Adam, tavern, s e cor. York and Light 
Bidner Andrew, laborer, 11 Slemmer's al 
Biede Adolphus, druggist, s e cor. Alice Anna st. 

and Broadway 
Biedenbacher John, cabinet maker, 9 French lane 
Bier Christian, cabinet maker, 34 Lee 
Bier, Fredk. tanner, Penn. av. n Wilson st 
Bier Jacob, president Marine Bank, 25 s Gay 
Bier John, laborer, 45 Philpot 
Bierbower Lemuel, nut and washer maker, 110 Lee 
Bietzell Charles, cabinet maker, 32 Preston 
Biggard David, carpenter, 5 Eden lane 
Biggen Jos. laborer, 70£ Lancaster 
Bigger Wm. cabinet maker, 17 Buren 
Biggins Philip, grocer, 234 Chesnut 
Biggins Wm. H. boot maker, 122 n Gay 




Biggs James, butcher, 58 Mullikiti - 

Biggs John A. butcher, 642 w Baltimore 

Biggs Wm. butcher, Bond n Fayette 

Bigham Jane, 75 s Paca 

Bigham John, produce grocer, n w cor. Eutaw and 
Franklin, dw 77 n Paca 

Bigham Mrs. Samuel, 75 n Paca 

Bigner John, carpenter, 132 s Spring 

Bihy John, baker, 108 Fremont 

Billigs Mary, store keeper, 189 German 

Billings Edwd. A. mariner, 189 Fremont 

Billings John, potter, 67 Bank 

Billington G. bar keeper, 19 n Dallas 

Billmeyer Henry, shoemaker, 117 w Pratt, dw 107 
e Lombard 

Billmeyer Jacob, shoemaker, Pratt, dw 170 East 

Billmeyer Jos. boot, shoe, hat and cap store, 100 e 

Billups Louisa, 192 w Pratt 

Billups Richd. W. S. seaman, 22 Conway 

Bilson Henry, machinist, 467 w Lombard 

Bilson Saml. plaisterer, 43 Pearl 

Bilson Saml. firm J. Callahan & Co. 43 Pearl 

Bilson Zachariah, hatter, 89 n Exeter 

Binder Meyer, keeper bath house, Montgomery e 

Bines Robt. of custom house, 73 s Paca 
Bingham John, grocer, cor. Pratt and Albemarle, 

dw41 e Pratt 
Bingham's Pittsburgh freight line, Jas. Wilson, agt 

l.'>l-'3n Howard 
Bingner Wm. shoemaker, 178 w Pratt 
Binney Benj. carpenter, 88 Eastern av 
Binnick John Gotleib, sawyer, Green's court, Ham- 
burg st 
Binnix John, clerk, Preston w Garden 
Binnix Martin, 145 Madison 
Binnix Nathan P. cabinet maker, 65 Rose 
Binnix Peter M. plaisterer, 888 Baltimore 
Binyon Thos. carpenter, Register, dw 222 Canton av 
Binyon Thos. dry goods dealer, s e cor. Broadway 

and Gough st 
Binzel Henry, carpenter, 83 Preston 
Binz John, baker, 94 Hollins 
Birch Mrs. Wm. S. paper hangings manuf. 8 Han- 
over, dw 77 Greene 
Birckhead Christopher, tailor, 18 Somerset 
Birckhead Christopher, mariner 171 Bank 
Birckhead Hugh, firm B. & Pearce, 48 n Charles 
BIRCKHEAD & PEARCE, merchants, 9 Com- 
merce st 
Bird Edwd. foundryman, 245 Light 

Bird Em. C. tobacconist. 24 w Pratt 

BIRD J. EDWARD, wholesale & retail dry goods 

dealer, 211 Baltimore, dw 94 Fayette 
Bird Peter, mason, 199 Chesuut 
Bird Wm. bricklayer, Hollins w Parkin 
BIRD & WILSON, wholesale and retail dry goods 

merchants, 69 Baltimore 
Birely Lewis A. agent, office 15 Cheapside, dw 275 

w Lombard 
BIRELY VAL. hide and leather dealer, 15 Cheap- 
Birietz Ernst, laborer, Penn. av. n McKim st 
Biikett Mary, dry goods dealer, 20 n Liberty 
BIRKEY THOMAS H. grocer, 72 Hanover 
Birmingham Andrew, carpenter, 16 Somerset 
Birmingham Danl. stone cutter, Falls road 
Birmingham Thos. painter, shop 61 Fayette, dw 33 

Birns Wm. carpenter, 233 Light 
Bisch Frank, laborer, 293 s Bond 
Biscoe James, commission' mt. 81 Light, dw 81 s 

Paca . 
Biscoe Margt. seamstress, 55 Mullikin 
Biscoe Samuel, pilot, Wolf n Bank 
BischorT S. F. H. 139 s Howard 
BishofT Casper, laborer, 174 Stirling 
Bishoff Godfred, coppersmith, 97 s Eutaw 
Bishop David, 187 Forest -» 

Bishop Edwd. Chew w Aisquifh 
Bishop Elijah, merchant tailor, Pratt w Fremont 
Bishop Elizabeth, 236 Ann 
Bishop Geo. huckster, Washington s Bank 
Bishop Henry, 226 n Gay 
Bishop Henry, mariner, Bethel n Bank 
Bishop James, machinist, 181 Hollins 
Bishop John T. mason, Cathedral n Oliver 
Bishop John, ship carpenter, 27 Lancaster 
Bishop Nicholas, painter, 247 Canton av 
Bishop Patrick, laborer, 21 Haw 
Bishop Priscilla, cor. Penn and German 
Bishop Richard R. firm B. & Son, painter, 111 

Thames st. dw 228 Broadway 
Bishop Richd. coach maker. 79 Fayette, dw 123 
Bishop Wm. market master, 204^ n Eden 
Bishop Wm. rigger, Register s Gough 
Bishop Wm. grocer, 231 n Gay 
Bishop Wm. H.3 n Caroline 
Bissell Mary, 36 Argyle al 
Bissett Thos. 37 McHenry st. cor. Dawson al 
Bisson Wm. mate, 143 Thames 
Bitner Adam, baker, 82 Eastern av 
Bittinger John D. shoe maker, 7 Penn. av 




ie\ Elizab. Penn. av n Wilson st 
BixenshutzGeo. II tobai i onist, 10A Harrison 
Bixler Andw. laborer, 4 McHenry 
Bixler Danl. grocer and flour dealer, n w cor. Lex- 
ington and Greene, dw 50 Pearl 
Bixler Mrs. David. 48 Pearl 
Bixler Lewis A. tobacconist, 8G n Howard 
Bixler Wm. T. 433 w Fayette 
Bizzard Jacob, carter, Fountain st. w Castle al 
Bizzel Henry, grocer, 8G French 
Black Catharine, 405 n Pratt 
Black Diederick H. trunk maker, 105 n High, dw 

cor. Aisquith and Thompson 
Black Eleanor, 35 Fremont 
Black & Fortling, marble cutters, 152 n Howard 
Black Hannah, 12 Pearl 
Black Henry, trunk maker, High near Low, dw 88 

Black James G. mariner, Bank e Washington 
Black James, bricklayer, 405 'w Pratt 
Black John, jr. bricklayer, 268 Mulberry 
Black John, laborer, 15 Neighbor 
Black John R. carpenter, 107 Fremont 
Black John, laborer, 262 Mulberry 
Black John, cooper, Canal s Pratt 
Black Mary, 214 Raborg 
Black Sam), firm B. & Fortling, 315 Franklin 
Blackburn John C. attorney at law, 5 Court House 

lane, dw 260 Saratoga st 
Blackburn Saml. tinner. 2 Ross 
Blackislon & Green, cabinet makers, 482 w Balti- 
Blackiston John T. carpenter, 11 Fremont 
Blackiston Wm. carpenter, 473 w Lombard 
Blacklar Elizabeth, 238 e Fayette 
Blackston Harriet, seamstress, 148 Orleans 
Blackway William, miller, Federal Hill 
Bladen Loretta, boarding house, 49 Pine 
Blades Chs. butcher, 7 May 
Blades John L. chair maker, 161 Canton avenue 
Blades Maria, 195 Light 
Blades Samuel, chair maker, 52 n Exeter 
Blair George W. copperplate printer, 98 Pine 
Blair Henry, 21 Front 
Blair James, conveyancer, 114 n Eutaw 
BLAKE CHAS. watchmaker & jeweller, 192 Bait. 

st. dw cor. Hoffman st. &. Madison av 
Blake Geo. store keeper, 1G9 Sharp 
Blake Joel N. machinist & founder, 132 North, dw 

19(3 Eutaw 
BLAKE JOHN W. saddler & harness maker, 256 

w Pratt, 

Blake John S. 158 n Eutaw 

Blake John R. bricklayer, 108 n Caroline 

Blake John, carpet weaver, 105 Tyson 

Blake Martin, Eulev near s Caroline 

Blake Mrs. 87 North 

Blakely Jno. labor. Falls road 

Blakeley Lewis, cooper, 10 Hillen, dw cor. Biddle 

and Gibson 
Blakely Wm. carpenter, 10 St. James 
Blakeney A. R. carpenter, 56 Ensor 
Blakeney S. dress maker, 28 Stirling 
Blakeslee Abraham, draper and tailor, 67 Fayette 
Blakeslee Mrs. confectioner, 67 Fayette 
Blanch Elizabeth, 36 Granby 

Blanch Jer. carpenter. 29 Mullikin, dw 62 n Caroline 
Blanch Jas. potter, 76 n Eden 
Blanchard D. Harris, a^ent Bait. & Susquehanna 

R. Road, 203 Madison av 
Blanchard Elizabeth H. 27 Cathedral 
Blanchard Thomas H. grocer, 97 e Lombard 
Bland Delila, 386 n Gay 
Bland Sarah, 96 Lexington 

BLANDFORD DAVID, currier, 190 Alice Anna 
BLANDY DR. ALFRED A. surgeon, n e cor. 

Charles and Lexington 
Blaney James W. bricklayer, 351 w Fayette 
Blaney Sarah, York or Green Mount avenue' 
ULANFORD D. 190 Alice Anna 
Blank Wm. labor. Cambridge st. e of Leakin, Canton 
Blash Samuel, sail maker, 27H Alice Anna 
Blass Wm. H. cabinet & blind maker, 5 n Gay, dw 

60 s High 
Bleakly Samuel H. currier h leather dealer, 32 

South cor. Water st. dw 24 s High 
Blessing John, tobacconist, 263 n Gay 
Blick James C. carpenter, Chew e of Canal 
Blick Wm. B. lottery dealer, Harrison st. dw 118 

Blimline Henry, tailor, 115 Bond 
Blimline Jno. collier, 36 E. av 
Blimline Joseph, tailor, 65 Jefferson 
Blinsinger Geo. M. baker, 163 n Eutaw 
Blinsinger, Wm. M. baker, 163 n Eutaw 
Blizzard Rebecca, butter dealer, 79 Jasper 
Blizzard Stephen, cigar maker, 29 Bethel 
Block Harriet, 17 n Eden , , 

Block John, 187 Lexington 
Block Leopold, furniture dealer, 2 McElderry 
Block Margaret, mantua maker, 195 n Exeter 
Block Simon G. clothing and furniture dealer 236 s 

Block Yorrick, labor. 141 Light 




Blome John, tavern, 2*29 n Gay 

Bloom Barbara, ll7i Bond 

Bloom L. butcher, 257 Ann 

Bloomer Anna, 180 Greene Mount avenue 

Bloomer Christopher, butcher, Harford avenue 

Bloomer John W. batter, Baltimore, dw 51 Holliday 

Bloss Jno. labor, 4 Lee 

Blotkamp Wm. furniture wagoner, 255 s Bond 

Blottenberg Philip, carpenter, 125 Harford av 

Blubaugh Geo. tinner, 199 n Eden 

Blufut Louis, tailor, 47 Clay 

Blum Isaac, pedlar, 239 s Bond 

Blum J. L. tailor, 71 Hanover 

Blum Valentine, wheelwright, 350 Saratoga 

Blurae Fredk. tanner, 103 Hillen 

ElumkWm. labor, 333 s Bond 

Blundell Anthony, labor, 144 Saratoga 

Blundell Dennis, tailor, 75 u Howard st. dw 189 

Blundell Elizabeth, seamstress, 41 Henrietta 
Blundell Malachi, clothier, 89 n Howard 
Blunhold Fredk. anchor smith, Wolf sts of Thames 
Blyth Geo. clerk, 107 n Calvert 
Boach Jno. labor, 107 Low 

Board of Trade, office Exchange Buildings, s Gay st 
Board ly T. C. tin &. sheet iron worker, 144 Camden 

dw Conway near Warner 
Boaiman George, carpenter, 745 w Baltimore 
Bobart Jane, 50 s Caroline 
Bobert Jno. D. furniture carman, 137 s Howard 
Bobert Charles, sexton Wilk st. Meth. E. church, 

152 Bethel 
Bockelman Henry, tailor, 137 L. Greene 
Bobeth Chs. cabinet maker, 232 w Pratt 
Bochimer Geo. labor. Clinton st Canton 
Bode Chs. tailor, 284 n Gay 
Boden Wm. gunsmith, 101 Madison 
Bodensick David, cabinet maker, 259 Franklin 
Bodge Daniel, confectioner & fruiter, 45 n Howard 
BODMAN WM. pickling & preserving establish- 
ment, 46, 48 s Howard 
Boehm Augustus, grocer, s w cor. Barre & Hanover 
Boehm Charles G. ship & com. mt. 24 Charles, dw 

115 Hanover 
Boehme Charles L. 4 Hanover st. dw e Baltimore 
Boeneli John S. shoemaker, 30 Low 
Boerner Christian, cabinet maker, 183 Madison av 
Boggs A. L. & Sou, com. mts. 22 Spear's wharf, dw 

75 e Baltimore 
Boggs, Cottman& Co. grocers, wine & liquor dealers, 

46 w Lombard 

Boggs Elizabeth, butter dealer, 1 Ross 

Boggs Harmanus, of firm B. Cottman & Co.dw 44 

Boggs Jas. beer drayman, Livery al 

Boggs John, grocer, 11 Hamilton 

Boggs John G. inspector customs, 9 Front 

Boggs Wm. agent Connect. Life Insurance Co. 21 
South, dw 44 Albemarle 

Bogleman Christian, blacksmith, 117 Lancaster 

Bogleman Henry, tailor, 188 Light 

Bogue James, grocer, 11 Mercer 

Bogue John, currier, 93 Pearl 

Bogue Henry, 132 Mulberry 

Bogue H. merchant tailor, basement Barnum's 
City Hotel 

Bogue Maria, 47 Lombard 

Boguest Simon, shoemaker, 54i Ross 

Boguest Simon, shoemaker, 15l Stirling 

Bohadger Francis, grocer, 23 Bank 

Boheler Nichs. cabinet maker, 55 s Eutaw 

Bohlman Michael, cabinet maker 24 Concord 

Bohlser Henry, tailor, 275 s Bond 

Bohmer Jno. shoe maker, 275 s Bond 

Bohmer Jno. shoemaker, 239 Canton av 

Bohms Dr. Adolph, 235 s Charles 

Bohn Christopher, shoemaker, Eilicott n of Chesa- 
peake, Canton 

Bohn Jacob, boarding house, 357 Baltimore 

Bohn Tobias, labor. 219 Bond 

Bohnerd Michl. shoemaker, Albemarle s of Trinity 

Bohrer B. R. & Co. wholesale grocers & commission 
merchants, Bowly's wharf, 6 doors s of Pratt st 

Bohrman Christian, labor, 6 Shakspear 

Bokel J. G. tailor, 47 Short 

Bokee Catharine. S. china dealer, Harrison, dw 131 
n Front 

BOKEE & JUDLIN, daguerians, gallery over 214 

BOKEE J. C. & Co. importers of china, glass & 

queenswar'e, 41 n Howard, dw 233 w Pratt 
Bokee Wm. F. glass & queensware deal. 3 Harrison 
Bokel Jno. H. boot &shoe maker, 54 Park 
Bokel Theodore A. grocer, 160 Stirling 
Bokman Augustus C. shoemaker, 652 w Baltimore 
Bokman Rudolph, blacksmith, 652 w Baltimore 
Bold Fredk. store keeper, 150 Pead 
Boland Edward, 170 n High 
Boland Michael, clerk, 40 Hillen 
Boland Patrick, labor, E. av. w of Albermarle st 
Boland Thomas, clerk, 136 Madison 
Bolanger Jno. sawyer, 289 Canton av 




Boler Fredk. coal dealer, Clinton st. Canton 

Bolgiano Geo. clerk, 325 n Gay 

Bolgiano J, bacon dealer, 115 Ensor 

Bolkmeyer Fredk. tailor, 103 Low 

Bollman Wender, baggage master B. & 0. R.R. 110 

Penn. av 
Bolman Henry, labor, 36 Johnson 
Bolman Jno. bricklayer, n e cor. Warner & Hen- 
Bolster Thomas, machinist, Preston st w of Gibson 
Bolton Anthony, labor. 165 Light 
Bolton Daniel, camphine & etherial oil dealer 36 

Bolton Fanny, 82 n Charles 
BOLTON HENRY, wholesale & retail clothier, 

298 Baltimore, dw 84 e Lombard 
BOLTON HUGH & CO. paint dealer & oil store, 

81 McElderry's wharf 
Bolton Hugh, firm H. B. &. Co.dw 20 Front 
Bolton James T. firm H. B. &Co. dw 1 Jackson 
Bolton William H. saddler, 61 Centre Market, dw 

350 Bond 
Bomberger Jno. W. boot maker, 85 McElderry 
Bomberger William H. grocer, 142 n Caroline 
Bomberger Jno. H. shoemaker, 674 w Baltimore 
Bomgardner Jno. shoemaker, 105 Jefferson 
Bonaparte Jerome N. 115 Park cor. Center 
Bond Adam, shoemaker, 50 McElderry 
Bond Alexander, carpenter, 65 Ross 
Bond Aquilla, ship carpenter, Star al s of Canton av 
Bind Barnet, huckster, 7 Richmond 
Bond D. C. coachmaker, 212 e Monument 
BOND ELIZABETH, keeper Neptune House, 87 

w Pratt 
Bond Eliza, 212 Lombard 
Bond Geo. shoemaker, Chase e of Aisquith 
Bond Hugh L. 186 w Lombard 
Bond James, trader, 51 s Caroline 
Bond John W. & Co. booksellers, 44 Baltimore 
Bond Lambert W. boarding house, 1 Baltimore 
Bond Mary, washer, 43 Richmond 
Bond Samuel, bacon dealer, 119 Aisquith 
Bond Samuel, ship carpenter, 265 Canton av 
Bond Thomas, weaver, 97 Peirce 
Bond Doctor Ths. E. jr. 186 w Lombard 
Bond Thomas J. coachmaker, 39 s Paca, dw Garden 

n of Madison 
Bond Thos. huckster, Valery st e York av 
BOND WM. keeper Bait Coffee House, 85 Pratt 
Bond William, foreman of Gas house, 49 North 
Bond William, pyrotechnist, 96 Orleans 
Bond Zaccheus O. 152 Aisquith 

Bonday Jas, firm B. & Thurlow, dw J71 Canton av 
Bonday &. Thurlow, oak coooers, 121 Thames 
MENT, Ths. Baynes prop. Harris's Creek, dw 
e Baltimore 
Bone Fletcher, labor, 272 Canton av 
Boninger Brothers, com. & ship mts. 120 s Charles 
Boninger R. 62 Barre 

Bonn Anth. J. firm B. Brother & Co.dw 56 Conway 
Bonn, Brother & Co. cigar makers, 96 s Charles 
Bonn, Bro. &Co. tobacco jobbers, 22 s Charles 
Bonn Henry, butcher, 146 Canton av 
Bonn John, cooper, 111 Orleans 
Bonn Jos. firm B. Bro. & Co. dw 62 Paca 
Bonn Richd. firm B. Bro. &, Co. dw 88 s Paca 
Bonnet Jos. L. cuirier, 57 Centre Market, dw 84 

Eastern av 
Bonny John, 31 Union 
Bonsai Harriet, tailoress, 180 Chesnut 
Bonsai Lewis E. book binder and stationer, 71 Ex- 
change Place, dw 79 e Fayette 
Bontz John, snuff maker, 19 Liberty al 
Booker John L. hatter, 184 n Eutaw 
Booker John, laborer, Penn. av. n Wilson st 
Booker John, laborer, Smith's lane w Penn. av 
Bookhide Peter, milk man, s end Light 
Bookhultz Geo. nightman, 163 Columbia 
Bookhultz Mary, 176 Lee 
Bookhurst Francis, shoemaker, 7 Low 
Bookman Henry, harness maker, Monument e Gay 
Bookman Henry, pedlar, 130 Canton av 
Bool Baltzer, tailor, 185 Chesnut 
Bool H. W. auctioneer and com. mt. 84 Baltimore 

dw41 Gay 
Boon Benj. T. printer, 26 Lee 
Boon Elizab. dress maker, 72 Barre 
Boon Elizabeth and Sister, fancy dress and habit 
Boon Dr. James, n w cor. Park and Saratoga 
Boon John H. chair maker, 119 Ensor 
Boon Nicholas, 5 Holland 
Boone Amanda, tailoress, 138 Fremont 
Boone Chas.F. grocer, 23 Centre Market, dw29 
makers, 60 Lee 
Boone John W. shoemaker, Lombard e Ann 
Boone John W. shoemaker, 127 n Eden 
Boone Joseph H. shoemaker, 234 e Lombard 
Boone Robt. grocer, Centre Market, dw 29 n Caro- 
Boone Robt. carpenter, Gough e Ann 
Boone Saml, dry goods dealer, 207 e Baltimore 




Booth Alfred, barber, cor. Bond and l'musts. dw 

Hull's lane 
Booth Elizab. 77 Hillcn 
i; ,,,11, i aac, battel d--:ilcr,83 Hillen 
Booth John EL cigar maker, 61 Aisquith 
Booth John, painter, 81 Gough 
Booth Jos. machinist, Johnson aear G. Hughes 
Booth Jos. upholsterer, 1<» s Canal 
Booth Junius, actor, 62 n Exeter 
Booth M. A. 02 Stiles 
Uooth Mrs. Register a G 
Booth w.n. i>:>ini.-r, f.ti - Exeter 
Boothoffer Henry, shoemaker, 307* Charles 
Booz Benj. ship carpenter, Washington sOough 
Boo/. John, ship carpenter, 155 Alice Anna 
Booz Mrs. upholsterer, 10 s Canal 
Booz Richd. teacher, Washington d Bank 
Booz Thomas H.ship carpenter, Washington st « 

Booz Thos. firm Foster & B. Cambridge St. e Can- 
ton av ,_«, T , , 
Bopp Casper, boot and shoemaker, I!»7 s Bond 
Bonn Catharine, cor. Barre and Charles 
Bonn Lawrence clothing and dry goods store, 110 

Bonn Sebastain, grocery, 2 Eutaw court 
Boran Abraham, ropemaker. Monumente Bond 
BORCHERDING JOHN G. tavern keeper, 14 

Park _ . . . 

Border Henry, -watchman, 59 u l<rcdcnck 
Bordely Beale, artist, 143 Biddje 
Bordley D. C. H. magistrate, 164 nGay,dw40Ho] 

Bordley Dr. James, 74 Cha 
Bordley Margt. 85 n < 
Bordley MarguC. portrait painter. 3 B 
Bordley Saml.C. tinner, &c. 183 Conway 
Bordlej Wm clerk, 14 Lloyd 

pit Win. huckster, Booth w Shroedei 
Bonn ' Rebecca»26 Marion 

,,,:; i', incis, baker, i 19 n Ei 
Borl I, laborer, 133 w Baltimore 

Borland Andw. J. carpenter, 10 L.Gougii 
Borman Henry,308 Light 
Bornhern Henry, ■ i ' ■ 

Borrouich Thos. confectioner, 2n Charles, dw 00 

Bo ch John. drayman, 167 sEden 

?o E . City Block Hotel, 46 Pn 

Bo i he Dedrick, grocer, 180 Orleans 

Bo e Wm. inin Dobbin, Murphy &Bose, w »tJ?»oi 
Bo hair Elizab. 62 Ai 

Boslen Thos. Star al. s Bank st 
Bosley Anion, laborer, 4 Tyson al 
Bosley Edwd. machinist, w Pratt ;st. cxtd. 
Bosley Elizab. 47 Bt. P 
Bosley Geo. Wicartet 208 e Madison 

.i;mies II. grocer, 1 10 n Gay 
Bosley John, grocer, 71 Hampstead 
Bosley John, Back driver,245 Hanover 
Bosley Rebecca, 138 Sharp 
Bosley Thos. labon-i, 173 s Eden 
Bosley Wash. 27 n ( Caroline 

a Alex. 180 Park 
Bosman Wm. laborer, Sharp n Henrietta 

redk. 06 Granby 
Bo: le Chas. baiter, 7 e I 
Botteril Isabella, tailoress, 815e Monument 
Bowen *<- Lafever, house and sign painters, 6 Front 
Bowers Francis, i er, 23 Carpentei 

Boss Danl. tailor, 111 n I [ov 

Boss & Hall, plumbers, copper,, tin and sheet iron 
workers, 11!) Th 

Boss Henry, arm B. & Hall, 153 Bond 
Bossard Michael, confectioner, 318 1 

i ,. wis of i D ' >m house, 96 s l [igh 
Boi on Jas. W. uphol terer 35 e Baltimore, dw 143 

n Paca 
Boston Chas. ship catpenter, 12] s i 
Boston Prai les 

BOSTON JACOB, hatter, 10 Light, dw 12 South 
B i John B. firm B, & Price, dw Baltim 


Boston Jos. boot maker, Prati e Scot) 
Boston iV Pi Ice, hatters, 129 Baltim 
Boston Saml. 198 Hanover. 
Bostwick Jos. iron work 
Boswell Benj. tavern, 58 Ral 
Boswell James E. pian 
dw 309 e Baltimore 
[loswell Wm. In ickmaker, 1 16 < lolumbia 
i \\ in. labo 

Boswell Wm !l > 1 1. •><■<' 

Bothman Cha 

Bothman Chas. cigar maker, 200 I lai 
Botler Beverly, clerk, 73 Hollin 
Botti IChrsl i iker, n wo 

Botthof Jacob, cooper, 314 sCh 
Bottomer Ann, tailoress, 36 e 1 <ombnrd 
Bottomer Predk. J. shoemaker, 13 Pi 
Bottomer Jama i arpenter, 70 Ci 
Bottomer Thomas, ladies' shoemaki i • 10 
Botz S Fayette, near llepubli 




Boiichell Peter, wood conler, 18 Hill 
Boucher Win. music dealer, cor. Front &. Baltimore 
Boucher W. musical iust. maker, 32 w Pratt 
Boughman Wilson, firm Sherwood & Co. 113 

Gran by 
Bouis John, stove finisher , r 13 Pearl 
Bonis S. tinner, sheet-iron and lamp deal. 70 n Gay 
Bouldin Alex. J. surveyor of Baltimore Co. under 

Record office, dw cor. Aisquith and Chew 
Bouldin David P. grocer, 410 Bond 
Bouldin Margaret, 155 Tyson 
Bouldin Owen, surveyor, Record office buildings, 

dw Bel Air av 
Bouldin Randolph J. attorney at law, 30 St. Paul St. 

dw 333 Payette 
Bouldin Body, blacksmith, Boyd e Poppleton 
Boule Mr. 99* Peirce 

Bourguel Francis firm Deville & B. 07 e Fayette 
Bourier Rimmon, bricklayer, 5 Low 
Bourk John, cooper, Canal st, n Eastern av 
Bourne Geo. clerk, 09 Columbia 
Boursaud A. principal of Prench and English acad- 
emy, 577 w Baltimore 
Bourse Hilary, laborer, 192 w Pratt 
Boury Jos. & Sons, importer foreign fancy goods, 

•Jilt Baltimore, dw 93 e Baltimore 
Boutman Sherwood, shoemaker, 92 □ ' Jaroline 
\\<i\\ Men Jame; shoemaker, ill 1 1 illen 
Bowden June, dress maker, Joppa road, e I 'alias si 
BbwdoinGeu. E. commission merchant, 95 Smith's 

wharf, dw 83 Hi. Paul 
Bowen Angeline, tailores ,144 Fremont 
Bowen Ann, 2-3 1 1 ill 
Bowen Chas. cigar maker, 37 Booth 
Bowen Chas. tavern, 301 s Caroline 
Bowen Edwd. I .. butcher, 6't I [offman 
Bowen Eliza, seamstress, 124 Henrietta 
Bowen < leo. A bi h klayer, Vi Ross 
Bowen Geo. W. painter, 171 n Eutaw 
Bowen Geo. cooper, L76 Stirling 
Bowen Geo* W.& Co. lamp and oil dealer, 23 c 

BowenJcssc, carpenter, Bond u Fayette 
BoWen John, machinist, 103 < !ross 
Bowen John T. elet k, 162 e Madison 
Bbwn Jonas, laborer, 67 Hoffman 
Bowen Mr. baker, Jefferson e Bond 

Bowen Nathl. M. si 

Bowen Kami, plaii lercr, t^l Jefferson 
Bowen Sarah, 338 Wolf 
Bower Adam, I mnei . 152 < lolumbia 
Bower Barbara, butcbet 170 Saral 

Bower Conrad, grocer, 30 Oregon, cor. Pond 
Bower Elizab. milk dealer, 106 Camden 
Bower Francis, cooper, 241 s Bond 
Bower Geo. confectioner, GDI w Baltimore 
Bower Jacob, u J. r » Onion 
Bower John, seine maker, 1 10 Ross 

Bower John Jacob, batcher, 478 Saratoga 
Bower John, tinner, 17Cojnet 
Bower John, shoemaker. 93 n ( lalvert 

Power John, grocery and Ijiquor dealer, n e col mi 

Townsenr] si. and Penn. av 
Bower John, shoemaker, 182 Wolf 

Power John, cooper, 310 Alice Anna 

Bower Lainhart, laborer, Scotl S Columbia 

Bower Lewis, tailor, I <> 1 Camden 

Bower Nichl. laborer, 381 Pond 

Bower Simon, rag dealer, 130 s Caroline 

Power Wm. II. telegraph operator, 150 Mulberry 

Bower Win. f'oundryman, ''aniline S Lancaster 

Bower Wm. tinner, 166 s ( Jaroline 

Bowerman Henry M. clerk, Garden w Preston 

Bowermau Jacob, book keeper, ( tardea near Preston 

Bowerman Margt. I 10 Sharp 

Bowers Andrew, laborer, LIU Stirling 

Bowers (i. E. store, 1 Hi s Paca 

Powers Geo. VV. I7!> East 

Bon eis .lame-., shoemaker, 3 Morris al 

Knurr., John, painter, 128 Rnborg 

Bowers John A. shoemaker, Orleans st.e Broad 

Bowers John, shoemaker, 152 s Spring 

Pou eis .loli n, la Inner, ( 'hesapeake st. (-'anion 

Powers Julius, tailor, 121 Lancaster 

Bpw i is I touisa, shoe binder, 1 1 < Hay 

Bowers Mrs. M. dry goods dealer, 525 Baltimoi e 

Bowers Margaret 20 A isquilh 

Powers Pierce, e,n ler, \) : 1 I lolliir. 

Bowers Wm. coach painter, shop ir>', North, 'dw 

Bowers Wm. plaisterer, I*o Aisquith 
Bowers Wm. cat ler, 20 s Paca 
Bowersox August, carpenter, Penn. av. n Fremont i 
l!ov\ ersox Chas. tobacconist, I lariuoiiy lane e Shroe* 

der st 
P.owersox Danl. carpenter, Penn.avtn Hoffman si 
Bowerson David, tin-plate worker, '■'>'.) Rock 
P.owersox Elizab. tailoress, III Pine 
Powh Jos. VV. tailoi , 13 Sonic, 
Bowie James, tailor, 45 Pond 
Bowie Rae, * I n LiBei ly 
Bowie R, C. firm Bell A. B, I" I lourfland 
Bowlens John, laborer, ' 'anal st. n Eastei n av 




Bowles Mrs. 322 Light 

Bowless Paul C. linn Wilson, Young &. Co. dw 237 

w Fayette 
Bowley Saml. H. clerk Bank of Baltimore, dw 211 

n Howard 
Bowling James, ship carpenter, 175 Bank 
Bowling John, ship smith, Bank e Wolf 
Bowling Thos. pilot, Ann n Pratt 
Bowling Wm. carpenter, 175 Bank 
Bowman Henry, Hamburg e William 
Bowman John, lace and fringe maker, 37 Marion 
Bowman John D. boot maker, 52 Vine 
Bowman Wm. basket maker, 120 Eastern av 
Boxold Geo. soap and candle maker, 24 Orleans 
Boyce Capt. Albert, 280 e Baltimore 
Boyce Chas. brickmaker, 21 West 
Boyce Geo. brickmaker, Light si. extd. 
Boyce Jas. coal shipper, 46 Broadway 
Boyce John, laborer, 93 Columbia 
Boyce Thos. dairy, 102 s Paca 
Boyd Alex, carriage trimmer, 195 Forest 
Boyd Asa S. coach maker, 246 n Canal 
Boyd Clinton, firm Jos. H. Boyd & Bro. dw 196 e 

Boyd Cornelius* laborer, 92 s Eutaw 
Boyd Francis H. B. carpenter, shop 75 n Front, dw 

71 Holliday 
Boyd Fredk. butcher, 150 Columbia 
Boyd Henry, saddler, 341 Lombard 
Boyd Hugh S. collector and constable, office 58 

Sharp, dw 76 Caroline 
Boyd Jacob, 457 w Baltimore 
Boyd J. H. carpenter, Jefferson e Aisquith 
Boyd James, carpenter, 204 Ensor 
Boyd James, machinist, Boehm's lot or Freedom st 
Boyd James T. grocer, cor. Buren and French 
Boyd John, grocer, 146 Columbia 
Boyd John, firm, Boyd &. Son, dw 58 Biddle 
Boyd John W. sail maker, 133 s Eden 
Boyd John, carpenter, 206 Ensor 
BOYD JOHN & SON, bottlers, 14 s Gay, dw J. 

B. Biddle st. Grundy's row 
Boyd Jos. H. &. Bro. lumber mts. 12 s Caroline 
Boyd Jos. H. firm B. & Bro. lumber merchants, 262 

e Baltimore 
BOYD JOSEPH C. attorney, 1 Court House lane, 

dw 173 D Exeter 
Boyd Mary, 128 s Exeter 
Boyd Mary, 68 w Fayette 
Boyd Mary J. 72 Saratoga 
Boyd Martin O. laborer, rear 106 Dugau's whf 
Bujd Mr. clerk for Josiah Lee, 19 s Exeter 

Boyd Matthew, cabinet maker, 209 Forest 

Boyd Robt. grocer, 108 Eastern av 

Boyd Saml. shoemaker, 351 Lexington 

Boyd Saml. sen. measurer, 196 e Baltimore 

Boyd Wm. A. tobacconist, 121 Pratt, dw 42 s High 

Boyer David, cigar maker, 167 Eastern av 

Boyer John, blacksmith, 137 William 

Boyer John, cigar maker, Bank st. s Canton av 

Boyer Lawrence, shoemaker, 202 Eastern av 

Boyer Mrs. 202 e Lombard 

Boyle Agnes, 94 Monument 

Boyle Edwd. tavern keeper, 7 Liberty 

Boyle Henry, grocer and prod, dealer. 142 Franklin 

Boyle James, grocer, cor. Chesnut and Hillen 

Boyle John, store keeper, 215 w Fayette 

Boyle Nicbl. 20 s Exeter 

Boyle O. carpenter, 44 Harford av 

Boyle Wm. K. printer, 116 St. Paul 

Boyle Wm. K. sexton, Henrietta e Eutaw 

Boyne Thos. J. paper dealer, 24 Ensor 

Bozeman James, mariner, 190 Light 

Bozman Edwd. engineer, 50 Liberty al 

Braby Henry, painter and japanner, 45 s Gay, dw 

109 e Lombard 
Bracco Bennett, guager, 26 s Exeter 
Brachm Valentine, shoemaker, 14 Star al 
Bracken Jane, grocer, 49 Harrison 
Bracken John, laborer, 96 e Madison 
Brackin Thos. stone mason, 42 Tyson al 
Bradburn Isaac, painter, 160 Spring 
Bradburn John, cabinet maker, 144 Conway 
Bradburn Lewis, ship joiner, 64 Holland 
Bradebaugh Jacob, shoemaker, 34 Bank 
Braden Ann, 238 Canton av 
Braden James, carter, 9 Richmond 
Braden Mrs. 6 Buren 

Braden Wm. tobacconist, Richmond Market 
Braden Wm. carter, 286 n Howard 
Bradenbaugh Chas. agent Savage Factory, 179 Sa- 

Bradenbaugh John, boarding house, 57 n Liberty 
Bradford Dr. Chas. H. 68 Aisquith 
Bradford Jane, 83 Aisquith 
Bradford John, blacksmith, w Baltimore st. extd. 
Bradford Mary, seamstress, 146 Pearl 
Bradford Misses, seminary, 346 n Gay 
Bradley Alex, watchman, 115 St. Paul 
Bradley Francis, grocer, cor. Richmond and Park 
Bradley Hugh, hackman, 177 n Front 
Bradley James, bar keeper, 33 Centre 
Bradley John, grocer, 192 e Monument 
Bradley Patrick, grocer, 151 e Fayette 




Bradley Robt. H. bailiff", 40 Albemarle 
Bradley Robt. H. jr. of U. S. barge, Eden s Baltimore 
Bradley VVm. H. firm Murdock'fc Co. dw 179 Park 
Bradshaw Ann M. 319 Gay 
Bradshaw James, quarrier, 497 Saratoga 
Brads-haw John I. tinner, Sharp n Henrietta 
Brady Agnes, book folder, 25 s Calvert 
Brady Bernard, drayman, 80 William 
Brady Dennis, grocer, u e cor. Boston and Chesa- 
peake, Canton 
Brady Edwin, tailor, 2 n Caroline 
Brady Hugh, cellar digger, 178 Park 
Brady James, dyer and scourer, '29 Harrison 
Brady John, umbrella maker, 49 e Baltimore, dw 

145 e Fayette 
Brady Jos. polisher, 11 May 
Brady Lawrence C. grocer, 20G Harford av 
Brady Mrs. seamstress, 3 Richmond 
Brady Mary, 141 Aisquith 
Brady Michael, cellar digger, 142 Ross 
Brady Patrick, stone cutter, 374 Fayette 
Brady Patrick, grocer, 5 Camden 
Brady Saml. painter, 48 Concord, dw 155 e Pratt 
Brady Thos. painter, 303 e Monument 
Brady Win, J. Vine w Fremont 
Bradyhouse Richd. boat builder, Bond s Thames, 
dw 33 Thames 

Bradyhouse Thos. boat builder, 182 Canton av. yard 
Bond s Thames 

Bradyhouse Win, watchman, 196 Wolf 

Braehm Casper, laborer, 14 Slar al 

Braehm Valentine, shoemaker, 14 Star al 

Brag Abraham, furniture dealer, 22 Penn av 

Bragg John, laborer, 190 s Bond 

Bragg Wm. carpenter, 249 n Howard 

Brail John, shoemaker, 10 Shakspear 

Brainard Albert, sugar refiner, 18 New 

B raker Win. shoemaker, 92 s Eutaw 

Bramble Capt. 65 Bank 

Bramble Mary, 335 n Gay 

Bramble Sarah, 45 Potter 

Bramble Tyson, huckster, 71 Otleans 

Bramble W . Harford av. extd. 

Brame Aniw. laborer, 46 Bank 

Bramsche John, cabinet maker, 7 Baker's al 

Bramwell John, carpenter, 55 s Paca 

Brand Alex. J. tea dealer, 169S n Exeter 

Brand Benj. F. brush maker, 165 s Howard 

Brand Mary, 79 Franklin 

Brandan Rev. G. H. 4 George 

Brandell Fredk. brewer, 118 n Front 

Brandell Geo. coach trimmer, 35 Stirling 

Brandell Geo. laborer, w Saratoga st. extd. 

Brandell Matthias, brewer, w Saratoga st. extd 

Brandtlake Geo. cooper, 1 15 n Canal 

Brandenherg Arthur, shoemaker, 22 President 

Brandes Fredk. F. cabinet maker, 29 e Pratt 

Brandon Gephard, tailor, 80 Thames 

Brandt Geo. carter', 48 Johnson 

Brandt Gottfried, hat maker, 45 Orchard 

Brandt Jacob, of Pottwhatan Steamboat Co. 75 Light 
st. wharf 

Brandt John Henry, clerk, 43G w Lombard 

Braney Henrv, stone cutter, 504 w Lombard 

Brane Eliza, tailoress, cor. Piatt and Charles 

Brannaman Geo. cellar digger, 26 Holland 

Brannan Bernard, pedlar, 99 n Canal 

Brannan Eliza, 80 Hampstend 

Brannan James M. clothier, 182 w Pratt 

Brannan James, engineer, 130 Sharp 

Brannan John, firm B.& Pearson, dw 120 Mulberry 

Brannan Mary, 160 Hanover 

Brannan Marv 77 French 

Brannan Mary, grocer, 92 Block 

Brannan Owen, ostler, 127 North 

Brannan Patrick, carter. 171 Happy al 

Brannan & Pearson, merchandise brokers, 1 Com- 

Brannan Richd. laborer, 219 Saratoga 

Brannan Robt. 182 Ann 

Brannan Sarah, 69 Gough 

Brannan Sarah D. tailoress, 8 Lee 

Brannisan Michael, drayman, near 27 Hoffman 

Brant John, glover, 17 Second 

Branson Chas. H. carpenter, 481 w Baltimore 

Brant Christopher, tailor, 32 Bank 

Brant Harriet boarding house, 119 Vine 

Brant Wm. butcher, 89 Hollins 

Brashears Francis, coach maker, 75 s Howard, dw 
173 German T . 

Brashears Geo, W. carriage maker, n e cor. North 
and Madison 

Brashears J. T. nolice officer, 127 Fremont 

BRASHEARS 'JOHN B. cabinet maker, 29 South 

Brass John, cabinet maker, 169 East 

Brass Jos. coffee roaster and spice grinder, 93 Barre 

Bratt John, engineer, 281 Fayette 

BrattNoah, engineer, s w cor. William and U. 

Bratt Thos. machinist, Pratt st. extd 

Braudis Henry, tailor and clothier, 42 w Pratt 

BRAUNS F." L. & CO. commission merchants, 20 
German st. dw F. L. B. 218 w Lombard 




V.-. inn 1'. L .con: ulate Prussia, Saxony and Bavaria,! Bretzell Jacob, cow keeper, 37 Johnson 

and consulate general of Wurtemburg 
ony, 20 German 

and Sax- 

Brashears Win. blacksmith, Eager w cf Forrest 

Brautigan Martin, ladies' shoemaker, 29 Ensor 

Brawner Andrew, 102 Ensor 

Brawner Catharine, 150 n Exeter 

Brawner Jas. H. tobacconist, 7 n Calvert 

Brazier Bobt. boot and shoemaker, 6 n Paca,shop 94 

Brazier Wra. watchman, 10 Henrietta 
Breach Jas. basket maker, 9 Falls 
Bread baker Geo- shoemaker, 71 Eastern av 
Breagei And. store keep, n w cor. Sharp & Henrietta 
Brealy Henry, cabinet maker, 139 s Howard 
Breaman Apalonia, 179 Eastern av 
Brcchman Wm. shoemaker, 229 s Charles 
Brecht Chas. clerk. Bond n of Jefferson 
Brechter Fredk. tavern, 65 n Gay 
Bredecamp Herman, grocer, 344 Light 
Bredemeyer Mrs. 51 n Charles 
Bregef John J. saddler, 40 York av 
Bregel Joseph F. confectioner, 11 York av 
Bregle John, laborer, 110 Canal 
Brehler Tl.adeus, tailor, 1S7 Lexington 
BreinigJohn, painter, 143 Hill 
Brell Andrew, laborer, 56 Sharp 
Brell John, carpenter, 185 Madison av 
Brem B. shoemaker, Court from w eud Carpenter's al 
Brem Powles, s end Light 
Breman Stephen, cabinet maker, 142 Franklin 
Breroan Geo. tailor, 49 MeElderry 
Brernmer Henry, tavern, 18 w Pratt 
Bremer Wm. tailor, Penn. av. extd 
Brenan John, mahogany dealer, 40 n Frederick 
Brenan P. E. mahogany dealer, 25 n Gay dw 39 
Brendel Bernhard, house and fresco painter, 143 Al- 
ice Anna 
Brendel John G. baker, 34 n French 
Brendle Adam, carpenter, 19 Biddle al 
Brennan Susan, boarding house, 54 George 
Brenner & Bro. clothiers, cor. Bond and Thames 
Brenner & Rau, tailors and clothiers, 49 Pratt, dw 

Gran by 
Brenner Sol. clothier, cor. Thames and Eond, dw 

Bond s of Pratt 
Brent Robt. J. atiorney at law, 13 Fayette, Bamum's 

buildings, dw 131 s Charles 
Bressler Henry, shoemaker, Booth e of Shroder 
Bressler Peter, shoemaker, 180 e Madison 
BRETT C. K. gentlemen's furnishing storc,s e cor. 
Ball, and Light , 

Brevitt Charity S. dressmaker, 3 Front 
Brewer Chas. P. printer, 159 Conway 
Brewer Chas. moulder, Washington av 
Brewer Emma, furniture store, 72 n Howard 
Brewer Nich. collector and property agent, 28 Sec- 
ond, dw 57 e Lombard 
Brian Isaiah, furnace man, 214 Gough 
Brian John G. hardware dealer, 114 n Gay 
Eric-e Geo. H. attorney at law, 9 Courthouse lane, 

dw 132 n Charles 
Brice Geo. morocco dresser, 206 Saratoga 
Brice Hon. Nicholas, judge of Bait, city court, 132 n 

Brice Miss, 54 Saratoga 
Brice N. C. book keeper, 222 w Pratt 
Brice Wm. N. 54 Saratoga 
Bricker Saml. teamster, Howard near Cathedral 
Brickhouse Smith L. carp. Sharp n Henrietta 
Brickvady Joseph, 67 Cross 
Bride Cotter, rustic manufacturer, 104 Saratoga 

Bride John, rustic seat maker 122 Madison 

Bride John, painter, 122 Madison 

Bridener Martin, baker, 21 n Paca 

Bridenstine Casper, butcher, 373 Lisht 

Bridge Stephen, dry goods dealer, 157 n Gay 

Bridges Cath. A. tutoress, 312 Fayette 

Bridges John C. firm Levering & Co. dw 243 Fayette 

Bridges Wm. fruiter and confectioner, 313 w Bait, 
dw 40 German 

Bridgewortfi John, blacksmith, 231 Bethel 

Briding Ernst VV. saddler, 179 Pratt, dw 280 

Briel George, shoemaker, 240 s Charles 

Briggs Jas. engineer, Locust Point Fort road 

Briggs Mrs. Ann, 194 Charles 

Briggs Jas. M. engineer, Locust Point 

Briggs Joseph, 18^ May 

Briggs Sarah, seamtress, 66 Jasper 

Bringham E. W. firm Perry & B. dw 106 w Fayette 

Bright Henry, plaisterer, 292 e Monument 

Bright Nathaniel, tailor, 209 n Canal 

Brigner Geo. carter, 373 Light 

Brigs Wm. mariner, 10 Maiden lane 

Brill Wm. tailor, 83 s Howard 

Brinckmeyer, Chas. 3 e Bait 

Brincer Gephart, tailor, 133 Bond 

Brink Anthony, laborer, 78 Bank 

Brink Jos. shop keeper, 190 s Caroline 

Brinkley & Hall, grocers and commission merch- 
ants, 63s Calvert 

Brinkley Joseph B. firm B. & Hall, d w 100 e Pratt 

Brinkman Henry, foundryman, 28 Lee 




Brinsfield Caroliue, tailoress, 906 Light 

Bnnz John, laborer, 240 Dallas 

Briscoe Dr. John II. 43 St. Paul 

Briscoe Win. H. 189 s Charles 

Brisey James, brickmaker, 779 w Baltimore 

Bristor Win. B. lottery and exchange office, corner 

Pratt and Frederick, d\v 106 Aisquith 
British Consulate, 30 Second. See appendix 
Britt Severn, boot and shoemaker, 14S Pearl 
Brittain B.ev. Thos. 11 Fremont 
Brittingham Catharine, 133 Fayette 
Britton Lewis H. laborer, 73 Shroeder 
Brivey Henry, laborer, 16 West 
Broadbeck Amos, potter, 220 e Monument 
Broadbent Gershom, dry goods imp.«18 n Charles 
Broadbent Stephen, broker. dw 99 Baltimore 
Broadbent Wm. dealer in ribbons and lancy goods, 

147 Baltimore, dw 27 Courtland 
Broadwater Richard, finisher, 36 Henrietta 
Brochwood John, laborer, Chase 6 e of Cathedral. 
Brockmeyer Henry, grocer, cor. of Eager & Sterling 
Brockmver Richard, machinist, 161 Sterling 
BRODB'ECIv WM. dyer and scourer, 26 s Sharp 
Broderick Ann, 20 s Front 
Broderick Daniel, grocer, 10 Bath 
Broderick William, grocer, 33 York avenue 
Brodbeck Elizabeth, 37 Lombard 
Broli William, carrier, 188 n Klen 
Brokman Philip, Fountain st. w of Castle alley 
Brome William, pilot, 27 Bond 
Bromley Jesse, laborer, Washinstcn av, F H 
Bromley John L.. grocer, 217 a Gay 
Bromley & Rutledge, commission and forwarding 

merchants, 133 North 
Bromwell Alfred, tailor. Madison e of Caroline 
Bromwell E. N., tailor, 101 s Paca 
Bromwell George W. ladies' boot and shoemaker, 

132 Ann 
Bromwell Josiah, agent. Bait. & Susq. R. Road, 264 

n Howard \ 

Bromwell Mary, dress maker, 106 Saratoga 
Bromwell Th u 'iue 

r, Lombard 

Brook Jamt 

Brook John T., bricklayer. 16 Mi Henrv 
Brook John, brickmaker, Chester st. n of E. av 
Brook Mary, 11 I 
Brook Richard, i let, 10 Addison 

at 20 North, dw 

I I e Fayette 
Brookhart John, nightman, 99 Hillen 
Brooks Aun, dress maker, 93 n Eieu 

Brooks Benedict, machinist, 179 Canton av 
Brooks C Son *!c Co. wholesale dry goods merchants, 

341 w Baltimore 
Brooks Edward, tavern, 69 s Charles 
Brooks Elijah, black smith, 198 Alice Anne 
Brooks Eliza, confectioner, 16 Courtland 
Brooks Elizabeth, tailoress, 32 Orleans 
Brooks George, carpenter, 19 Chew 
Brooks Henry, cigar maker, Fremont s of Pratt 
Brooks Isaac, iron dealer, 70 s Calvert, dwelling 143 

Brooks John, s Calvert, dw 65 n Charles 
Brooks Jemima, Eager st e of York av 
Brooks John, carpenter, 133 York 
Brooks John, tavern, 48 Thames 
Brooks John, boot and shoemaker, lie Pratt 
Brooke John, tailor, 58 Pearl 

Brooks Mrs. Joseph R. boarding house, 9 s Frederick 
Brooks Joseph, shmkr., Dawson al s of Fremont 
Brooks Lewis, capmaker, 213 n Canal 
Brooks N.» C, principal ot Bait. Female College, 

Courtland st. dw. St. Paul near Lexington 
Brooks Peter B. chairmaker, 338 s Charles 
Brooks Rebecca, 258 Canton av 
Brooks Rodney R. painter, 119 Fayette 
Brooks Samuel, laborer, 710 w Baltimore 
Brooks Shadrach, clothier and tailor, 119 Bait, dw 

92 e Lombard 
Brooks, Tibbals & Fulton, wholesale deal, in boots 

shoes, hats, Arc, 341 w Baltimore 
- William, carpenter, 145 York 
William, erocer,345 Aisquith 
Brooks William, laborer, 61 Burgundy al 
Brooks William, omnibus driver, Hollius Market 

Brooks William. 26 n Front 
Broom James, ship joiner, 294 Alice Anna 
Broom John, sail maker, 171 Bank 
Broom M iria, Prospect hill, e 

. butcher, Pa. av. near McMechin st 
cigar maker, 12 L church 
A.. J. shoemaker, cor. Holliday 

and I" 37-2 n Gay 

Brotherton John P. sweep master. 574 m - Baltimore 
Brothertou Capt. Th iraas W. 174 e Lombard 
Brotzman Conrad, ven. b!in I maker, 8 new Church 
P» rowg h John, ptai< Mc Hen ry 


Brouphy Robert, labor.-, i 
Brower Joim, ei?ar maker, 250 W 
Brown A. H. oil cloth manufacturer, 229 Aisquith 




Brown Able, trader, 91 Raborg st * 

Brown Abner C. carpenter, 78 Pine 

Brown Alexander, tailor, 228 e Fayette 


160 Baltimore 
Brown Alexander, sailor, 1*20 Bank 
Brown Alfred J. surgeon dentist, n w cor. Charles 

and Lexington 
Brown Andrew, ship carpenter, 7 Register st or 

Argyle alley 
Brown Mrs. Ann, grocer, fi Second 
Brown Ann W. niantua maker, 153 n Eutaw 
Brown Ann B. 20 Watson st 
Brown Augustus, grocer, 9 Pine 
Brown Aulay,senr. clothier, 12 Centre Market space 
Brown Benjamin, senr. laborer, Vine w of Fremont 
Brown Benjamin, jr. painter, Vine w of Fremont 
Brown Benjamin O. laborer, 52 Aisquith 
Brown Benjamin, firm Minifie &.Co. dw20n Exeter 
Brown Benjamin B. ship cai p. e of Covington 
Brown Benjamin, 82 n Bond 
BROWN & BRUNE, attorneys at law, over 160 

Baltimore st 
Brown Carlton, clerk, 296 Aisquith 
Brown Charles H. H. wholesale dry goods merchant 

19 German, dw Madison av n of Dolphin st 
Brown Charles, constable, of 58 Sharp, dw 83 
Brown Charles, rigger, 204 Alice Anna 
Brown Charles, mariner, rear 86 s Charles 
Brown Charles, market dealer, 381 Lexington 
Brown Charles, rigger, 123 s Spring 
Brown Charles H. H. dry goods merchant, 19 Ger- 
man dw Madison 
Brown Captain Charles, 246 e Fayette 
Brown Christian, tailor, 87 Orchard 
Brown Christopher T. 383 w Lombard 
Brown & Cord ray, turners and sawyers, 16 Clay 
Blown Cornelius, market trader, 296 Saratoga 
Brown Cornelmsj huckster, 21 Elbow lane 
Brown David U. hardware dealer, 200 Baltimore, 

dw 6 St. Paul 
Brown David, blacksmith, Lombard w of Republican 
Brown David, moulder, 172 Orleans 
Brown Edward, prop, "old American House" 56 

Brown Edward, laborer, Decker st 
Brown Edward, laborer, 11 Lancaster 
Brown Edwin, shoemaker, 24 Brune 
Brown Elias, firm Clark & B, 72 Centre 
Brown Elijah, sext. Meth. Prot. ch. and undertaker 

of funerals, 100 e Fayette 
Brown Eli^ha N. n Exeteifnear Bend 

Brown Elizabeth, 47 Chatsworth 

Brown Elizabeth, 49 Mullikin 

Brown Elizabeth, 18 Buren 

Brown Elizabeth, 21 East 

Brown Francis, basket maker, 64 Granby 

Brown Francis, shoemaker, 218 s Bond 

Brown Garret, dw 49 German 

Brown Garrett, druggist, Liberty, dw 49 German 

Brown George, 28 Harford av 

Brown George, laborer, 157 Holliday 

Brown Geo. firm Alex. B. & Sons, d'w 16 Holliday 

Brown George, bricklayer, 45 Dallas 

Brown George F. & Bro. druggists, 4 s Liberty, dw 

49 German 
Brown George C. 207 Biddle 
Brown George 7 Potter 

Brown George A. painter, Bolton near Garden 
Brown Geo. W. firm Brune & B. attorneys, dw Ml. 

Vernon place 
Brown Capt. Geo. F. mariner, Pratt w of Ann 
Brown Capt. Geo. W. 105 L. Greene 
Brown George W. boot fitter, 36 Mulikin 
Brown Henry G. Three Tons tavern keeper, cor. 

Paca and Eratt 
Brown Henry, cooper, 114 French 
Brown Henry, rigger, 223 Ann 
Brown Henry, milk dealer, Harris's creek 
Brown Henry, furniture carter, 100 Jefferson 
Brown Isaac, carpenter. 13 n Sharp, dw 21 Barnet 
Brown Isaac jr. saw and planeing mill, cor. Eden 

si and Eastern av, dw 90 s Exeter 
Brown lasiah, firm B. & Cordray, dw 105 St. Mary 
Brown J. C. & Bro. dry goods and com. mts. over 

243 Baltimore st 
Brown Jacob, mariner, 114 DaMas 
Brown Jacob, milkman, Frederick road 
Brown Jacob, shoemaker, over 31 w Pratt, dw 155 

Brown Jacob, sail maker, 165 Ann 
Brown James, tavern keeper, 265 Broadway 
Brown James H. flour and feed dealer, 52 s Freder- 
ick st.dw n High 
Brown James, butcher, Washington s of Bait. 
Brown James V. watch and clock repairer, 227 n Gay 
Brown James W. teamster, 25 Columbia 
Brown James, merchant, 110 n Howard st, dw n w 

cor. Park and Monument 
Brown James, n of Jail, Falls av 
Brown James E. carpenter, 20 Caroline 
Brown Jane, seamlress, 2 n Amnity 
Brown Jasper, carpenter Scott n of Columbia 
Brown Jesse, tobacconist, 208 Broadway 




. Brown John W. commission merchant and agent, 
New York and Phil, packets, office 81 Smith's 
wharf, dw 99 Saratoga 

Brown John, silversmith, '210 Raborg 

Brown John N. 18 s Eutaw 

Brown John, coal dealer, 93 n High 

Brown John, gardener, 43 Rock 

Brown John's coal yard, 106 n Front, dw 93 High 

Brown John, cabinet maker, 208 e Montgomery 

Brown John, grocer, 168 Enrsor 

Brown John, jr. watchman, 260 n Canal 

Brown John, shoemaker, 6 House's court 

Brown J. J. hatter, 33 n Eutaw 

Brown John, 115 e Baltimore 

Brown John, laborer, 64 Granby 

Brown John A. painter, 216£ e Lombard 

Brown John, blacksmith, 81 Lancaster 

BROWN JOHN C. & BRO. importers & commis- 
sion merchants, over 242 Baltimore, dw J. C. B. 
Mount Vernon place 

Brown John, carpenter, 177 Fremont 

Brown John, tireinan, Cambridge e Leakin, Canton 

Brown John S. firm B. & Co. cor. Wm. & Montg. 

BROWN JOHN S. & CO. ship yard, cor. Hughes 
and Johnson sts 

Brown John, laborer, Abey al 

Brown John, fisher, 27 s Front 

Brown John, engineer, 158 McHenry 

Brown John J, baker, 132 Columbia 

BROWN JONES & CO. commission merchants, 
78 Bowby's wharf 

Brown Joseph, laborer, 40 Penn. av 

Brown Joseph, tailor, 196 Ensor 

Brown Joseph, tailor, 9 Lloyd 

Brown Joseph, 122 Raborg 

Brown Joshua, wheelwright, 143 J Franklin, dw St. 

Brown Joshua, wheelwright, 204 

Brown Lewis B. periodical and stationery dealer. 
Jarvis' buildings, North st. dw 31 Garden 

Brown Mark, furnace man, Clinton st. Canton 

Brown Margaret A. tobacconist, 215 Broadway 

Brown Margaret M. tutoress, 111 Sharp 

Brown Maria, seamstress, HH Holliday 

Brown Mary, tailoress, 171 Light 

Brown Martin, boot and .-hoe maker, 12 Mercer 

Brown Mary, 83 Bank 

Brown Mary, cor. Eastern av. and Washington st 

Brown Mary, 55 e Baltimore 

Brown Matthew, jeweller, 54 Ross 

Brown Peter, shoemaker, 3 Dover 

Brown Philip, shoemaker, Penn. av n of Wilson st 

Brown R. huckster, 3 Dover 

Brown Reuben, huckster, 316 Franklin 

Brown Robert D. firm J. C. Brown & Bro. dw Mt. 

Vernon place 
Brown Robert P. dw 43 Lexington 
BROWN ROBERT & SON, importers and manu- 
facturers and dealers*in watches, jewelry and sil- 
ver ware, &c.s w cor. Calvert and Baltimore, dw 
110 n Fayette ' 

Brown Robert, wharf builder, 201 Washington 
Brown Samuel, rigger, Pleasant al n of Castle al 
Brown Samuel, cigar maker, Henrietta s of Paca 
Brown Samuel, ashman, 209 Chestnut 
Brown Samuel, carter, Gibson st e of Dolphin 
Brown Samuel, cellar digger, Gibson near Dolphin 
Brown Samuel, huckster, 381 Lexington 
Brown Samuel, dealer in rags, 32 Hollins 
Brown Sarah, boarding house, 3 Camden 
Brown Dr. Septimus, 172 Pearl 
Brown Thomas, tailor, 188 Chestnut 
Brown Thomas, paper stainer, West w of Eutaw 
Brown Thomas J. gold and silversmith, 90 Bait 
Brown Warner, ship carp. Covington s of Hughes 
Brown Washington, grocer, 111 n High 
Brown Capt. Washington, manner, Bond n of Or- 
Brown Wm watchmaker and jeweller, 276 Bait, dw 

125 Saratoga 
Brown William G. store keeper, n e cor. Poppleton 

and Lombard 
Brown William, carpenter, 140 Ann 
Brown William, printer, Fayette w of Pine 
Brown William T. dry goods merchant, Forrest 2 

doors from Gay, dw cor. Exeter and Watson ■ 
Brown William, miller, 56 Harford av 
Brown William G. meal and flour dealer, n e cor. 

Lombard and Poppleton 
Brown William, carpenter, 198 e Bait 
Brown William, stevadore, 201 Washington st 
Brown William, carter, 68 Happy al 
Brown William, shop keeper, 157 Eastern av 
Brown William & Joseph, clothiers, 399 Baltimore, 

dw 342 w Fayette 
Brown William, laborer, Gold's court 
Brown William, carpenter, 20 Liberty al 
Brown William, carpenter, near 26 Preston 
Browa William, shoemaker, 129 Spring 
Brown William T. bricklayer, 184 s Paca 
Brown Zachariah, carpenter, 189* e Lombard 
Browne Mrs. E. & L. dress makers, 72 Lexington 
Browne Elisha N. 60 n Exeter 




Browne James H. feed and grocery dealer, 52 s 

Browne Nicholas V. grocer, 50 Second 
Browne William, clerk, 344 w Fayette 
Browning Edward, firm Croxall & Browning, 342 

Browning Jnmes S. grocer, f 5 e Fayette 
Browning Margaret, lG5n Exeter 
Browning Ritson, refrigerator and water cooler ma- 
ker, 25 w Pratt, dw 77 s Eden 
Browning Win, S. superintendent Bait, and Susq. 

R. Road, dw 83 s Paca 
Browning William, painter, 95 Biddle 
Browning William, 168 Light 
Brownlee Joseph, blacksmith, 22 Gibson 
Brownley John, ship carpenter, 175 Wolf 
Brownley Dr. Joseph, 3 s Exeter 
Bruce Ann, 5 Hill 

Bruce Byam & Co. match manf. 37 Light 
Bruce Charles, tailor, 164 Pearl 
Bruce James, iron moulder, 76 Montgomery 
BRUCE JOHN M. coppersmith, plumber and sheet 

iron worker, 32 Light, dw 154 Aisquith 
Bruce John, machinist, 01 Eastern av 
Bruce John, coppersmith, 154 Aisquith 
Bruce Mary, grocer. 138 n Eutaw 
BRUCE ROBERT, truss, art. leg and bandage ma- 
ker, 157 w Lombard 
Bruce Wm, grocer, Madison w of Sterling 
Bruchey Joseph, fireman, lane from Poppleton to 

Schroeder st 
Bruckhart Sol. plaistercr, 180 Green Mount av 
Bruckert Wm. plaistercr, McKim n of Eager 
Bruckner Danl. staoemaket , 73£ Penn. av 
Brueman Jno. sailor's board house, 29 Fell 
Bruehl Justus, baker, 169 s Bond 
Bruff Chas. S. architecture and draughtsman, 184 n 

BrufTJno W. firm Camper, Berkley & B. 32 s Greene 
Bruti" John T. shoemaker, 96 McElderry 
Bruff Joseph, ship carpenter, 72 Ann 
Crammer And. tobacconist, 54 Pearl 
Brumyer Wm. coach maker, 191 Chestnut 
Brun Madam F. children's clothier, 86 Lexington 
Brundige Jas. V. merchant 70 South, dw 66 n Cait. 
BRUNDIGE THOMAS, merchant, commission 

merchant, 70 Bowley's wharf, dw 217 n Reward 
Brundige Wm. sr. grocer, n w cor. Eutaw and Pratt, 

dw cor. Sharp and Barre 
Brundige Win. jr. grocer, cor. Pearl and Saratoga 

dw 339 Franklin 
Brundige Zebulon,watchman, 56 Penn av 

Brune Ann, 221 Gough 

Brune Fred .AST. jr. firm B. & Sons, dw 73 Calvert 

BRUNE F.^v". & SONS, commission merchants, 

89 and 91 Smith's wharf 
Brune John C. firm F. W. B. 8t Sons, dw 28 Cathe- 
Bruner D. Protestant Episcopal book store, 4, n 

Bruner Davis E. lumber merchant, junction Cathe- 
dral and Howard, dw Garden near Preston 
Bruner Henry, tavern, 13 Lombard 
Bruner Henry, laborer, 78 Perry 
Brunes Martha, 106 s Eutaw 
Bruning H. H. grocer and dry goods dealer, 19C s 

Brunner Abel, bookbinder, 107 n Eden 
Brunner Elias P. clerk, 106 Hillen 
Brunner John L. clothier, 74 c market 

Brunner Sarah, 107 n Eden 
Brunnert J. H. shoemaker, 22 s Sharp 
Brims Bernhard, shoemaker, 6 Douglass 
Brunsman Henry, boot & shoe maker, 126 Canton av 
Brunt August, laborer, Perry e of Hanover 

Brunt Mary, cap maker, 215 Ensor 

Brunt Ralph, milkman, n w cor. Penn. av and Dol- 
phin st 

Brunt Wm. laborer, 180 Forrest 

Bfuntmiller Geo. shoemaker, 69 Park 

Bruntz Bernhard, laborer, Fountain st. e of Castle al 

Brusch Henry, tailor, 101 Camden 

Brusch John, laborer, 70s Spring 

Bruscup Albert, tailor, 77 n Caroline 

Bruscup Columbus, grocer, 41 Douglass, dw 266 e 

Bruscup Thomas, jr. merchant tailor, 42 n Gay, dw 
87 Eden 

Brushweller Wrrf. chair maker. 15 Harford av 

Bruster Henry, ship carpenter, Canal s of Bank 

Bruster Capt. Henry, 70 Eastern av 

Bryan Christopher, stove man. 54 s Calvert, dw 138 

Bryan Capt. F. C. 244 e Fayette 

Bryan John, fisher, Gould's court 

Bryan John G hardware dealer, 114 n Gay 

BRYAN, MAITLAND & CO. distillers, "85 Sotiti 

Bryan Capt. Thomas, 212 s Charles 

Bryan Wm. tavern, 258 Broadway 

Bryant Henry, laborer, rear 7 n Frederick 

Bryant Mary, 75 Hollins 

Bryden James W. 60 Jefferson 

Bryerly Wm. C. carpenter, Elbow lane, dw 71 Pine 

Bryne Susan, Penn. av. n of Wilaon st 




Bryson Hugh, shoemaker, Madison e of Caroline 

Bryson James, clerk Merchant's bank, dw 81 Aisq. 

Bryson Etev. Samuel,283 Fayette 

Bryson Capt. William J. 71 Eden 

Bu baker John C. Sus. ice dealer, oflice 130 n Front 

Bubert John, porter, 43 Bank 

Buchanan Elizabeth, 32 w Fayette 

Buchanan Jas. M. ex-P. master, office P. O. buildings 

Buchanan Jas. justice of peace, n w cor. Eutaw and 

Fayette, dw 192 Saral 
Buchanan Margaret, 22 u Gay 
Buchett Mary, 2d hand clothing. 37 Harrison 
Buchimer Peter, tailor, Ploughman, w of High 
Buchta John, wheelwright and blacksmith, 43 Har- 
rison, dw 47 Harrison 
Buch waiter & Wright, millers, 38 Commerce 
Buchwalter A. firm B. &. Wright, dw 121 Hanover 
Buck .Alfred, firm B. B. &Sons, lfi e Fayette 
Buck B. & Son, sailmakers, 93 Smith's wharf, and 

Howell's wharf, Fell's point 
Buck B. of firm B. B. & Sons', Pratt e of Exeter 
Buck Benj. C. of firm B. B. & Sons, dw 1(3 e Fayette 
Buck Capt. Charles W. mariner. 42 Fawn 
Buck Chas. C. carpenter, Dover w of Howard, dw 

345 Fayette 
Buck Frederick, turner, 232 Ann 
Buck George W. tavern, 28 w Pratt, Fulton House 
Buck J. A. clerk, 25 Hill 
Buck J. H. L. cigar maker, 197 n Gay 
Buck Jane. 331 Fayette 
Buck James, huckster, 35 Ross 
Buck James, carpenter. 81^ Columbia 
BUCK. JOHN, JR. importer of hardware and bar 

iron, 53 Pratt, dw 83 e Pratt 
Buck John, stove finisher, 235 e Monument 
Buck John M. miller, cor. Commerce and Cable, dw 

cor. Hollins and Parkin 
Buck John, dry goods dealer, 175 Light 
Buck Jno. flour dealer, 43 Hollins, store Commerce 
Buck Leander, brick maker, Chester st. n of E. av 
Buck Mary, dress maker, 102 e Fayette 
Buck Mrs. 292 n Gay 
Buck Robert, stove finisher, 151 Columbia 
Buck Sarah 147 Wolf 
Buck Win. H. clerk, 76 e Pratt 
Buckingham Charles, shoemaker, 99 Columbia 
Buckingham George, cabinet maker. 9 MeHenry 
Buckingham Isaiah, car builder, 41 Pine 
Buckingham James, clerk, 15 Holland 
Buckingham Perry, teacher, G4 Broadway 
Buckleman Peler,"°:rocer, 9G s Sprin? 
Buckler Dr Jno. 40 St Paul 

Buckler Dr. Thomas II. 41 Lexington 

Buckler Win. II. mariner, 274 Canton av 

Bucklcss Henry, pilot, Go ugh st e Broadway 

Buckley David, watchman, 19 Williamson 

Buckley Dennis, tavern, 64 Light 

Bucklev Geo. dry goods mt. dw 18 s Liberty 

Buckley Mr. 183 Ensor 

Buckley Margaret, teacher of music, 138 Pine 

Buckley Michael, laborer, w Falls av n Pratt st 

Buckley R.obert L. .boarding house, 73 s Charles 

Buckley Thomas, painter, 113 Biddle 

Buckmiller, Root, tanner, North st n of Madison 

Buckmiller Wm. tanner, «9 Madison 

Bucksbanm Julius, dry goods dealer, 219 Broadway 

Budd John R. ship carpenter, 274 Canton av 

Budder Wm. blacksmith, 12 State 

Buchheimer Geo. 49 President 

Buddy Adam, blacksmith, Lemmonw of Poppleton 

Buehier Wm. tobacconist, 157 Franklin, dw 160 

Buenift'Jno. tailor, 25 Armistead lane 
Bufter Elij. custom house boatman, 177 Madison av 
Buitzer Jno. coach maker, 15 Constitution 
Buker Aaron, engineer, Cambridge e of Windsor 
Bucksmyer Michael, quarryman, w Pratt extended 
Bulack Joseph, shoemaker, 214 w Pratt 
Bulack Michael, shoemaker, 214 Pratt 
Bulger Henry, paver, 2*9 Raborg 
Bulger Jas. blacksmith, 11 Mott 
Bulger Michael, 130 Pine 
Bull Abel, carpenter, 9 York av 
Bull Edmund, firm Bull & Puttie, dw*27 Mulberry 
Bull Francis, cigar maker, 170 w Baltimore 
Bull Isaac, carpenter, Bond s of Pratt 
Bull Mary, 121 n Eutaw 
Bull Shadrach, blacksmith, 46 Josephine 
BULL &. TUTTLE, book & job printers, 131 Bait 
Bull William, car teamster, Fulton al 
Bullen Jane, washer, Booth e of Shroedcr 
Bullen Margaret, mantua maker, 101 n Eutaw 
Bullen Wm. plaisterer, 171 s Paca 
Bullock Caswell, glue maker, near Poppleton & Co- 
Bullock John, firm Collins & B. 183 Columbia 
Bultner Jno. tavern keeper, 181 Alice Anna 
Bunce Edward, laborer, Harford av 
Bunger Jno. H shoemaker, 79 s Spring 
Bunn & Schafler, bakers, s e cor. Howard & Camden 
Bunsold Anthony, barber, 236 Alice Anna 
Bunsold Christian, tailor, 236 Alice Anna 
Bunting David, trader, 90 Montgomery 
'Burning Elizabeth. 7 L. Gough 




Buntingjas. Regisiern of Gough 

Bunting Mr. tailor, 58 Aisquith 

Bunting Smith, carpenter, 81 Hollins 

Bunting William J. shoemaker, 70 n Howard 

Bunyan Frederick, 95 Hillen 

Bupp Adam, laborer, Burk st s of Canton av 

Burbank David, com. merchant, 95 Pine 

Burch Francis, ship joiner, 235 Gough. 

Burch Fredk. comb maker, 36 Orchard 

Burchardt Jno. stevadore, 43 Fhilpot 

Burckhard Philip, varnisher, 202 Fremont 

Burdett Aaron. 350 Lexington 

BURFORD CHRISTOPHER C. tin & sheet iron 

worker, 4 w Pratt. d\v 66 Broadway 
Burgan Wm. carpenter, Ton Caroline 
Burger Jno. firm Cugle & B. 154 n Eden 
Burger Nicholas, cigar store, 57 William 
Burgess Basil, baker, 576 w Baltimore 
Burgess Benj. pattern maker. 53 Poppleton 
Burgess Bernhard, nightman, 337 e Monument 
Burgess Caleb W. & Co. grocers and com. mts. 60 

South, 'dw C. W. B. 77 Aisquith 
BURGESS, DALE & CO. manufacturers and im- 
porters of china and queensware, 41 s Charles 
Burgess Henry H. bookkeeper, 3 Seminary lane 
Burgess & Hit zelberger, silver platers, 203 Lombard, 

uw Jno. H. 684 w Baltimore 
Burgess J. M. firm C. W. B. & Co. dw 72 Aisquith 
Burgess Jas. carpenter, 87 Mullikin 
Burgess John, firm B. Dale & Co. dw York road 
Burgess Loammi, venitian blind maker, 54 Holiday 
Burgess Steplren F. carpenter, 220 e Fayette 
Burgess Wm. tailor, 4 s Sharp, dw 96 n Greene 
Burget Adam, tailor, 209 Ensor 
Burgheimer Henry, tailor, 125 w Lombard 
Burgheimer Philip, saddler, 371 Light 
Burgoin Augustine, 27 East 
Burgoyne Eliza, 261 Broadway 
Burgunder Simon, clothier, 6 C. market 
Burgunder Benj. clothier, 126 w Pratt, dw 217 
Burk Cornelius, laborer, 76 Holiday 
Burk Elizabeth, washer, 186 Light 
Burk Elizabeth, dress maker, 63 Potter 
Burk Jno. cooper, Canal st n Eastern av 
Burke Ezekiel, crier of court, 180 York av 
Burke Amos, painter, 276 Mulberry 
Burke Catharine, 224 e Lombard 
Burke Charles, paper hanger, 10 New 
Burke Edward, laborer, Star al. n of Bank st 
Burke Francis, bricklayer, Bolton near Garden 
Burke Geo. butcher, 3 Somerset 

Burke Geo. W. public store keeper, s e cor. Broadway 
and e Baltimore st 

Burke Isaac, painter, 28 Jasper 

Burke Jackson, stone cutter, 23 York av 

Burke Jacob W. cigar maker, 188 Biddle 

Burke Jas. laborer, 740i w Baltimore 

Burke Ja^ob. watchman, 81 Ross 

Burke Jno. blacksmith, 223 s Bond 

Burke John, 384 Pratt 

Burke Jno. laborer, s w cor. Ann and Pfatt 

Burke John H. store keeper, cor. Cathedral & Rich- 

Burke Julia Ann, shoebinder, 42 L. Church 

Burke Margaret, 123 Mulberry 

Burke Nicholas, carpenter, Preston e of Gibson 

Burke Nicholas, constable, 41 York av 

Burke Patrick, laborer, 218 Raborg 

Burke Mrs. Barney, 121 n Eden 

Burke Theodore, cooper, 335 s Bond 

Burke Thomas, painter, 120 Pine 

Burke Thomas, clerk, 313 w Pratt 

Burke VV alter L. office custom house, dw Preston st 

Burke Wm. J. sailmaker, 118 Ann 

Burke Wm. butcher, 114 Greene Mount or York av 

Burke Wm. B. oyster transporter, w Falls av. dw 1 
n Exeter 

Burkenwald Solomon, shoemaker, 194 s Bond 

Burket George, shoemaker, 149 Stirling 

Burket Wm. carpenter, 17 Pearl 

Burkett Jno. tailor, 182 e Baltimore 

Burkheiiner Philip, music teacher, 23 s Liberty 

BURKHOLDER S. K. & CO. flour and commis- 
sion merchants, Hollingsworth, cor. Grant, dw 
S. K. B. 137 Sharp 

Burkin Wm. foundryman, 6 Fremont 

Burleigh J. B. 187 Mulberry 

Burleigh Isaac, laborer, 40 Forest 

Burley Isaac, shoemaker, 176 n Caroline 

Burley Thomas, shoemaker, 158 n Caroline 

Burlice Mr. carpenter, Clinton st Canton 

Burlingame Wm. surgeon dentist, 54 n Charles 

Burlock Joseph, laborer, 20 Star al 

Burlock Peter, cooper, 16 Star al 

Burman Henry, confectioner, 58 Park 

Burman Jeremiah, painter, 19 Penn. av 

Burn Jas. M. clerk, 97 Broadway 

Burn Jno. junction Fremont st and Penn av 

Burn Peter, cabinet maker, 42j Ross 

Burn Robt. ship carpenter, Fountain st w of Castle al 

Burnap Rev. Geo. W. 49 n Calvert 

Burnap Wm. brass finisher, 26 Henrietta 

Burnes Chs. laborer, 127 Orleans 




Burnes Jefferson, cabinet maker, 19 Albenuarle 

Burnes Juo. T. contractor, 127 Orleans 

Burneston Isaac, blacksmith, 31 Monument 

Burneston Catharine, 37 Bethel 

Burnett Mrs. Elizabeth, 48 n Eden 

Burnett Jane, 54 e Pratt 

Burnett Samuel, firm Smith & B. dw 144 Lee 

Burnett Win. police officer, 46 n Eden 

Burnham Capt. Enoch, mariner, 143 Ann 

Burnham Jas. plaisterer, 62 Hampstead 

Burnham John, rigger, 104 Lancaster 

Burnham Keziah. tailoress, 256 n Canal 

Burn hart Andrew, 57 Cross 

Burns Andrew, bottler, 309 Saratoga 

Burns Dr. Arthur, 32 Hanover, dw 17 South 

Burns Dennis, laborer, 62 s Spring 

Burns Edward, iron finisher, 41 Hill 

Burns Francis, of firm, B, & Russel, 337 Pratt 

Burns Frank. 79 William 

Burns Jas. M. firm Sloan & B. 305 w Lombard 

Burns James, ostler, 3 Cowpen al 

Burns Jane, 390 Hollins 

Burns Jno. H. clerk, Charles s of Barre 

Burns Jno. laborer, rear 138 n Calvert 

Burns John, blacksmith, 142 Camden,d\v 178 s Paca 

Burns John T. store keeper, n e cor. Ross & Eutaw 

Burns Lewis H. blacksmith, 227 Conway 

Burns Michael, laborer, 490 w Pratt 

Burns Mrs. M. E. cap maker, 38 Market space 

Burns Owen, laborer, 151 s Eden 

Burns Peter, mariner, 13 Mercer 

Burns Peter, baker, 45 Davis 

Burns Rachel, 37 Park 

Burns R. D. grain & commission mt. 5 Bowly's whf 

Burns <fc Russell brick makers, office 18 Columbia 

Burns Sam. firm B. & Sloan, dw s Greene near Bait 

Burns Sarah, dress maker, 71 Union 

Burns & Sloan, lumber merchants, s w cor. Eutaw 

& German 
Burns Thomas, carpenter, 28 s Eutaw 
BurrasEdw. painter, 351 Franklin 
Burrey Jno. tailor, rear 64 n Front 
Burner Chs. butcher, w Pratt extended 
Burrier Jno. bricklayer, 171 Orleans 
Burriss John, tavern, 7 C. Market space 
Burrough Jacob, lime dealer, 197 w Lombard 
Burrows Elizabeth, tailoress, 17Poppleton 
Burrs Mary, seamstress, 349 Franklin 
Burt A. P. book seller and stationer, 7 Bait, dft 

Aisquith near Stirling 
Burt Fredk. stone mason, 117 Ross 
Burton J. cor. Park and Fayette 

Burton John, carpenter, 46 Marion 

Burton John, laborer, Green's court. Hamburg st 

Burton O. A. dentist, 107 Fayette 

Burton Robert, superintendent of cars Bait. & O. R 

R. 162 McHenry 
Burton Wm. watchman, B. & Susquehanna R. R. 

depot cor. Calvert and Centre 
Buryon Wm. carpenter, 148 Bank 
Busby Clarissa, dress maker, 16 George 
Busch Abraham, tavern, Ferry bar, Spring garden 
Busch Francis, painter, 76 Saiah Ann 
Busch Frederick W. wheelwright, 49 Lancaster 

dw 204 Alice Anna 
Busch Geo. L. cabinet maker, McElderrv al 
Busch Geo. W. mason. 10 Rose 
Busch Henry, tobacconist, 13 C. market, dw Mont- 
Busch Henry, laborer, 212 Alice Anna 
Busch Hen. tobacconist, 77 Hanover, dw 9 Henrietta 
Busch Jno. & Co. 29 C. Market 
Busey Richard, rope maker, 43 West 
Bush Barnhard, cabinet maker, 124 Dallas 
Buschman Christopher, Dover w of Hanover 
Buschman Clement, grocer, 101 Camden 
Buschman & Co. mt tailors, 145 Franklin 
Bush Jno. M. tobacconist, 58 Richmond 
Bush Fredk. store keeper, 259 s Charles 
Buschski Conrad, tavern, 124 Thames 
Bush Cain, laborer, 230 e Pratt 
Bush Catherine, 74 Harford av 
Bush David, butcher, Penn. av n of McMechin st 
Bush Geo. W. mason, s of Dolphin. near Garden 
Bush Geo. H. C J. newspaper agent, 261 Light 
Bush Geo. paper box maker, 185 Chesuut 
Bush Keziah, milliner 103 n Eutaw 
Bush Lawrence, 185 Chesnut 
Bush Lawrence, watchmaker, 295 n Say 
Bush Mrs. Mary A. tailoress, 48 Holland 
Bush Morris, collector, 6 Greene Mount av 
Bush Wm. turner, 48 Holland 
Bushman Jno. carpenter, 12 Vine, dw 221 Fayette 
Bushman Henry, milk man, William st extended 
Bushman Mr. 220 Alice Anna 
Bushman Wm. carpenter, 24 n Exeter 
Busick Joshua, shoemaker, 71 Ensor 
Bnsick Thomas, shoemaker, 55 Orleans- 
Busk H. J. 155 Saratoga 
BUSK DR. T. M. 224 e Pratt 
Bussard Matthew, car regulater, 8 Republican 
Bussard Luther, engineer R. R. 449 w Lombard 
Bussheimer Heniy. laborer, Bevan al 
Bussman Wm. grocer, 306 Light 



Butcher E. W. musical instrument maker, 16 e 
Baltimore, dw 173 

Butcher Jacob, cabinet maker, 152 Canton av 

Butcher <& Share, "onfectioners, 160 Baltimore 

Butcher Wra. watchman, 118 s Canal 

Buichkey Feat, vinegar manufacturer, 107 E. av ^ 

Butler Absalom C boot and shoemaker, 2 Hanover. 
dw214 Mulberry 

Butler Amon O. carpenter, 36 s Bond 

Butler Chas. firm of JS. Rogers & Co. 195 Franklin 

Butler Christian, paver. 44 Bank 

Butler Elizabeth, 30 East 

Butler George, carpenter, Conway e of Warner 

Butler George, drayman, 25 Lewis 

Butler John, book keeper. North American Tele- 
graph Co. 29 Camden 

Butler Joseph, laborer 261 Happy al 

Butler Lydia, 14 s Bond 

Butler Margaret, 120 Lee 

Butler Martin, marble cutter, 128 n Calvert 

Butler Mrs. Marion, milliner, 55 Sharp 

Butler Mr. carpenter, 12 Somerset 

Butler Mrs. Mary, tavern, 98 s Charles 

Butler Michael, butcher, 9 Amity 

Butler Richard, engineer, 431 w Lombard 

Butler Robert, shoemaker. 223 Forest 

Butler Samuel, firm B. & Cooper, 107 s High 

Butler Samuel, 9 Somerset 

Butler Samuel, tailor, 241 Ann 

Butler Thos.boot and shoemaker. 225 w Pratt 

Butler Thomas C. clerk, 120 Lee 

Butler Thomas, carpenter, 61 Mulberry 

Butler Wm. Henry, laborer, 57 Boyd 

Butler Wm. carpenter, 240 Saratoga 

ButloffJno. Canal n of Eastern av 

Butt Henrv, grocer, n e cor. Chatsworlh & Mulberry 

Butt John,' dealer 2d hand furniture, 164 w Bait 

Butterfield Mr. cabinet maker, 118 s Greene 

Butterer John , turner, 1 Jasper 

Button Wm. Washington s of Bait 

Butts, Pickrell & Co. grocers & mts.71 Smith's 

Buxton Capt. Benjamin, 134 Broadway 

Buxton Susan, seamstress, 26 Addison 
I'.uvi.s Wm. dyer, 18 Motr 

Buzby Joseph A. shoemaker, Canal n of Piatt 

Byam, Bruce & Co. friction match manuf. 37 Light 

Byas Stephen, laborer, Ann n of Fayette 

Ever Conrad, cabinet maker, 27 Montgomery 

Byer Fredk. firm B. ,'. Sutton 

Byer & Sutton, grocers 8t com. mts. 21 Cheap 

Byer Jno. laborer, 217 3 Bond 

Byer Jno. beer brewer, 30 Fell 

Byerland Fred, laborer, 46 Albermarle 

Bvkirk Lawrence, tailor, 79 Ross * 

BYRD, SMITH & TIFFANY, domestic dry good? 

commission merchants. 270 Baltimore 
Byrn Wm. dry goods deal. 163 n Gav.dw 78 n Front 
Byrn Wm. W. firm Long & B. dw i41 Howard 
Byrne & Co. lottery and exchange office, 37 South 
Byrne Daniel, carpenter, 232 n Gay 
Byrne Edward H. firm B. & Co. dw 62 e Madison 
Byrne Jas. cabinet maker & undertaker,43 Lomba i d 
Byrne John B. firm Wm. H. B. & Bro. 205 Aisquith 
Byrne John H. grocer, 81 Spring 
Byrne Michael, beer drayman, Livery al 
Bvrne Owen, 143 s Eden 
Byrne Peter, cabinet maker, 46 Ross 
Byrne Peter, baker, 118 York av 
Byrne Patrick, grocer, 100 Dallas 
Byrne Patrick, 205 Aisquith 
Byrne Wm.H. & Bro. grocers, s w cor. Harrison & 

Fayette, dw Wm. H. B. 205 Aisquith 
Byrnes Andrew, 17 Bank 
Byrnes Dennis, 49 n Frederick 
Byrnes Edward, painter, 227 n Canal 
Byrnes Edw. H. lottery & exchange office, n c cor. 

South & Lombard, dw 62 e Madi 
Byrnes Jno. 49 n Frederick 
Byrnes Patrick, laborer. 98 Fremont 
Byrnes Peter, carter, 131 Dallas 
Byrnes Thomas, pedlar, 10 Maiden lane 
Byrnes Jno. laborer, 229 Forest 
Byrris John, grocer, 33 n Frederick at bend 
Bvrote Geo. shoemaker, 86 Conway 
Byrum Chas. H. brick carter, China st near Eutaw 
Byus J. H. lime & feed dealer, 121 Light st wharf, 
;^dw 117 sPaca 
Cable George S. plaisterer, 195 Madison 
Cade Capt. Nelson, Register n of Bank 
Cade Mrs. C. upholsterer, 144 Fayette 
Cadel Benj. furniture carter, 175 "Canton av 
Cadel Benj. F. teamster. I of Gough 

Cadel Peter, laborer, Woff n of Pi att 
Cadel Samuel, blacksmith, 510 w Lombard 
Cadimore Jno. firm I Co. dw 237 Ami 

Cadis Chs. bricklayer, Harford av e of Ea 
Cadle Samuel, iron founder, 23 1 e Pratt < 

Cadow James E. grocer, 33 Chatsworlh 
Ca,dy Frank, laborer, Hammond al 
Cadwallader Abel, cellar digger, Mulberry 
Cafferty Thomas, shoemaker, 1()7 n Canal 
Cahil t 'ajiu Jno. of Navy, 7 West 
'CahillPatrfck. lumber inspector. 12 New Church 




Cain Mrs.Aaroti, 03 Hanover 

Cain Mrs/Ann, 34 Jefferson 

Cain Elizabeth, milliner, over 153 Baltimore 

Cain James, laborer, 201 Holliday 

Cain James, salesman, 144 French 

Cain James, 21 Davis 

Cain John, carter, 187 Fremont 

Cain John, laborer, 7 Slemmer alley 

Cain Matthias, market dealer, 306 Forrest 

Cain Michael, 59 Montgomery 

Cain Thomas, 1 Slernmer alley 

Cain Wm. blacksmith, 353 w Fayette 

Cains Edward, drayman, 82 e Lombard 

Cairns Jas, Penn. av extended 

Calahan Patrick, laborer, 12 Slemmer's alley 

Caldclough David, turner in earthenware, Hunter al 

Calder Mrs. Rosanna, grocer and liquor dealer, 155 

Eastern av 
Calder Rosanna, grocer, 143 E. av 
Caldwell & Co. chemists and druggists, 20 Sharp 
Caldwell Dan. mercantile & fancy dyer, 113 Calv.ert 
Caldwell Edwin, plane maker, 3 Mercer, dw 115 

n Paca 
Caldwell James A. chair maker, 27 s Calvert, dw 

120 e Fayette 
Caldwell James, brush maker, 28 Morris al 
CALDWELL JOHN C. block and pump maker, w 

Falls av. dw 74 s Caroline 
Caldwell AVilliam, tailor, 127 Pine 
Caldwell William, laborer, 59 Block 
CALDWELL WM. Q.. architect and measurer ar- 
tificial works, 10 Barnum's building, Fayette st dw 

325 w Fayette 
Cale Laer, dentist, Eden s of Madison 
Calhoon Benjamin C. book keeper Bank Bait, 326 

Calhoon Charles.silver plater, 38 Constitution 
Calhoun Lydia, 63 St. Paul 
Calk Jas. sawyer, 10 Warren 
Callahan Jas. laborer, 4 Water 
Callahan Jer. firm C. & Co. dw Rose 
Callahan J. & Co. modellers & manuf. architect'l 

ornaments, 154 n Howard 
Callahan Jeremiah, plaisterer, 25 Ross 
Callan John, grocer, 2 Greene mount av 
Callahan Lawrence, laborer, 8 n Paca 
Callahan Philip, laborer, 120 Dugan'swharf 
Callenberger Win. teamster, 59 George 
Callender Sarah, baker, 52 s Exeter 
Callender Wm. 92 Aisquith 
Callican John, laborer, 136 Holliday 
CalUs Geo. R. bricklayer, 97 s Eden 


iCallis James, carpenter, 99 s Eden 
Callow William, wood dealer, 179 German 
Caltrider John, boarding house, 651 w Bait 
Calverly Tobias, laborer. 8 West 
Calvert Hall, cor. Saratoga and Sharp 
Calvert Wm. wheelwright, Bond n of Jefferson 
Calwell Elijah, milk dealer, Chase e of Cathedral 
Calwell Dr. Nicholson, Chase of Cathedral 
Cambridge Hugh, shoemaker, 55 s Eutaw 
Cameron Geo. laborer, s e cor. York and Light 
Cameron Hugh, tailor, Eastern av. w of Albemarle 
Cameron Rachel, 87 Ensor 
Campario John, grocer. 266 s Charles 
CAMPBELL ARCHIBALD, silver plater and 

saddlery dealer, 19 Light st. dw 25 Conway 
Campbell Adam, confectioner, 746$ w Bait 
Campbell And. firm of R. & A. C. board. Barnum's 
Campbell Alfred, tailor, 116 e Monument 
Campbell Arthur, hackman, 2 n Paca 
Campbell B. M. & N. L. slave dealers, office 242 dw 

2-14 w Pratt 
Campbell Geo. R. lieut. of watch. 308 Aisquith 
Campbell Danl. 57 Biddle al 
Campbell Elizabeth, Harford av. extd 
Campbell H. J. tinner, 183 s Paca 
Campbell J. Mason, attorney at law, 25 Lexington, 

of. Courtland 
Campbell Jas. H. carver, 112 St. Mary 
Campbell Jas. shoemaker, 12 Falls 
Campbell Jas. ship carver, 112 St. Man- 
Campbell Jno. J. dry goods & grocery, 150 McHenry 
Campbell John, constable, 116 Orleans 
Campbell John, n w cor. High and Pratt 
Campbell Margaret. 180 Aisquith 
Campbell Joseph, keeper Calvert st city spring 
Campbell Patrick, beer drayman, 127 n Exeter 
Campbell Robt. firm R. & A. C. Mount Vernon 

place, cor. Cathedi al 

205 Bait, dw Robt. C. cor. Mt. Vernon place and 

Cathedral st 
Campbell Robert, laborer, 226 Happy al 
Campbell Ross, dry goods merchant, over 245 and 

247 Bait, dw 6 Cathedral 
Campbell Thomas, 229 Biddle 
Campbell Thomas, laborer,-35 Buren 
Campbell "Wm. quarrier, Preston about 30 
Campbell Wm. carpenter, 416 Lexington 
Camplin Chas. shoemaker 34 s Paca 
Camper Berkley & Bruff, wholesale dry goods mer- 
chants, 245 Bait 
Camper Isaac, carpenter, 208 n Eden 




Camper Napoleon, plane maker, 170 n Exeter 
Camper Thomas, firm Camper, Berkley & Bruff, 

dw 77 Park 
Canby Benj. brush maker, 205 Mulberry 
Canby & Bartlett, druggists, n w cor. Light & Lom d 
Canby Jas. N. cabinet maker, 401 n Gay 
Canby Thomas Y. dw 68 Sharp 
Candee Mary, Federal Hill 
Candolle Joseph, boot fitter, China al 
Cane Danl. clothier, 205 Eastern ay 
Cane Fredk. Canton a v. w of Caroline £t 
Cane James, 318 Franklin 
Cane John, laborer. Pleasant al w ol Castle al 
Cane John, laborer, Chesapeake st. n of Boston 
CANFIELD, BROTHER 6l CO. importers and 
dealers in watches, jeweiery, military and iancy 
goods, sw cor. Bait, and Charles „„,,„„ 
Canfield Ira C. firm Canfield, Brother & Co. dw 28 

Pleasant »•-.■,** 

Canfield Wm. B. firm Canfield, Bro. &. Co. dw 94 n 

Cann Jas. R. printer, 69 Hill 
Cannoles Charles, furniture carnage keeper, 230 

Madison av 
Cannon Bartine A. type founder, 150 n Eden 
CANNON, BENNET & CO. auctioneers and com- 
mission merchants, 28 and 30 s Charles 
' Cannon Burton, boarding bouse, 187 w.Pratt 
Cannon Danl. market dealer, 138 French 
Cannon Elizabeth, 90 Mulberry 
Cannon Ezekiel, bricklayer, 72 n Caroline 
Cannon George, laborer. 233 Woli 
Cannon Capt. James, 97 Albemarle 
Cannon James, laborer, 5 Dover 
Cannon John B. firm C. Bennet & Co. dw 92 Fayette 
Cannon Capt. Thomas, 97 Greene 
Cannon William H. carpenter, Camden n ot Eutaw 
Cannon William, wagoner, 64 Mullikin 
Canoals Charles, coach smith, 114 e Madison 
Canoals William, hackman, 169 Ensor 
Canox Jos. currier & findings dealer, 189 Lexington 
Canton Distillery, Bryan, Mailland & Co. proprie- 
tors, Clinton st. Canton 
Canton Forge, H. Abbott & Lawrence proprietors, 

Hudson st. w of Harris's creek * 
Canton John, laborer, 15 Amity 
Cape John C. engineer and distiller, 8 Pleasant 
Capeler John, laborer, Penn. av. near.Frcmont 
Caples Jacob, pudd.ler, Washington st n of East, av 
Caples Wm. M. shoemaker, 165 Madison av 
Capers Mordecai, laborer, Wills st 
Capito Jacob F. laborer, 78 Montgomery 

Capp George, Booth st e of Oregon 
Capp Wm. painter, Parkin s of Lombard 
Cappeau Joseph, book keeper, 113 n Gay 
Capprice Joseph, sen. ship carpenter, Fountain w of 

Castle al 
Caprellia Michael, fisher, 110 n High 
Carback A. shoe dealer, 165 Lex. dw 225 Mad. av 
Carback David, laborer, 98 Jefferson 
Carback Elisha T. shoemaker, 165 Lexington, dw 

225 Madison av 
Carback John, furn. carman, 47 Canal 
Carbey John, laborer, 23 Haw 
Care Elizabeth, 114 n Greene 
Carelton Capt. Robt. H. mariner, 270 Canton av 
Carey George, furnace iron master, Clinton av. 

Canton st. dw 99 Monument st 
Carey Henry, porter Wheatfiehi inn, 64 s Howd 
Carey Jas. firm King & C. dw 85 Camden 
Carey Jno. F. ladies' shoemaker, Clinton st Canton 
Carey Lilly W. dw Saratoga 
Carey Michael, drayman 9 Eotaw ct. 
Carey Wm. F. belt, brace, su^ender, stock, cane, 

&c. manf. jl n Gay 
Carhotf John, furniture carter, n w cor. Granby and 

s High 
Carhulse Jacob, al e of Fremont, s of Pratt 
Cariss Samson, looking glass and fancy hardware 

dealer, 138 and 140 Bali, dw 38 Fayette 
Carl Christian Batelitzky, teacher German school, 

Register n oi Pratt 
Carl & Newman, prop. "Penr.. house" 156 Franklin 
Carl William, sawyer, rear 110 Dugan's wharf 
Carle John C. storekeeper, 44 s Howard 
Carlin Snsan, 25 s Exeter 
Carlisle George, 346 Lexington 
Carlisle Jas. H. collector and agent, 32 Aisquith 
Calling Michael, prop. "Black Horse" 65 Penn. av. 
Carman Jacob, distiller, rear of 17 Saratoga st. dw 

21 Franklin 
Carman Joseph, shoemaker, 13 Warren 
Carman William, Gravel alley 
Carmelite Female Academy & Convent, 62 Aisquith 
Carmichael Wm. carpenter, Preston w of Garden 
Carmichael Wm. Ill Mulberry 
Carmichael Wm. butcher, Penn. av city limit-: 
Carmichael Wm. clerk, 34 Barre 
Carmine Elizabeth, 68 Granby 
Carmine George, confectioner, 253 a Gay 
Carmine James, tinner, 172McElderry 
Carmine Lister, grocer. 42 Lee 
[Carmine Rebecca, Vine w of Fremont 
I Carmine Thomas, painter, 101 Granby 




Car nan & Eckert, carpenters, 8 s Frederick, dw 

Samuel C» 63 Thompson 
Carries John, shoemaker, 32 Mullikin 
Games John, sen. boot maker, 10 n Eden 
Cams Frederick, carter, 03 Ross 
Cams William, plaisterer, 141 n Paca 
Carpenter Saral. huckster, cor. Smith st &. Penn. av 
Carpenter Wm. C. & Co. importers of hardware, 4 

Light st wharf, dw 111 Hill 
Capenter Wm. C. firm C. &. Ruddach, Warren s of 

Lee st 
Carpenter Wm. C. hardware dealer, Light st wharf, 

dwlll Hill 
Carr Ann, 192 n Exeter 

Carr Hon. D. S. minister to Turkey, dw 182 n Calt. 
Carr E .N. lottery and exchange broker, 138 w Pratt, 

dw 17 Conway 
Carr Greenbury. foundryman, 84 Boyd 
Carr Henry, merchant tailor and clothier, 50 Pratt 

st. cor. of Gay. dw 9 Watson 
Carr James, weaver, 34 Harmony lane 
Carr James, carpenter, Chase e of Cathedral 
Carr James, Penn. av. cxtd 
Carr Jesse, carpenter, 513 w Bait 
Carr John, salesman. 113 R.oss 
Carr John, machinist, 304 s Charles 
Carr John, brass founder, 192 n Exeter 
Carr John, mason, 113 n Canal 
Carr John, shoemaker, 61 Union 
Carr .Mary Ann. 9 Hawk 
Carr Michael, laborer, 187 Bethel 
Carr Mrs. nurse, 73 Union 
Carr Nicholas, hackman, 82 Centre 
Carr Owen, coach lace weaver, 71 Richmond 
Carr Patrick, carter, 43 n High 
Carr Samuel, teamster, Boyd e of Poppleton 
CARR W. C. N. attorney at law, record office build- 
ings, dw Centre st 
Carr Wm. teacher. 141 Gongh 
Carr Wm. stone cutter, 54 Mulberry 
Carr Wm. Harford av. extd 
Carrere John, attorney at law, 6 Law Build. St. 

Paul st. dw 16S n Calvert 
Carrick Benjamin, machinist, 124 s Greene 
Carrick George, blacksmith, Falls road 
Carrick Jacob, laboi er 1 1 West 
Carrick James, i .. st 

Carrigan James, morocco manf. 4 French, dw 54 
Carroll Charles, 66 n Charles 
Carroll Charles, 37 Mulberry 
Carroll Edward, ship carpenter, 55 Fawn 
Carroll Elizabeth, tailoress, 116 s Caroline 

Carroll Hairy, 13 s Frederick 

Carroll Jacob, grocer and liquor dealer, 103 n Calvert 

Carrol! James, laborer, 62 Harford av 

Carroll James, tailor. 125 Ensor 

Carroll James, 258 w Pratt 

Carroll Jane, steamstress. 171 s Spring 

Carroll Joanna, 213 Forrest 

Carroll John K. oak cooper, 25 Commerce 

Carroll John, laborer, 30 Hamburg 

Carroll John, grocer and provision dealer, 123 Pine 

Carroll John, rope maker, Harford av extended 

Carroll John, ship carpenter, Hughes e of Light 

Corroll Joseph, grocer, 300 e Monument 

Carroll Margaret, dress maker, 143 Saratoga 

Carroll Mary, 250 Franklin 

Carroll Mary, 214 n Exeter 

Carroll Michael, porter, 1 1 Mercer | 

Carroll Patrick, porter, 45 s Paca 

Carroll Patrick, laborer, 48 Harford av 

Carroll Patrick, 57 Albemarle 

Carroll Mrs. Richard, 81 n Charles 

Carroll Thomas, exchange broker, dw 46 Penn st 

Carroll Thomas King, 95 n Charles 

Carroll Thomas, cooper, 183 Fremont 

Carroll Win. justice peace, 75 Thames, dw George 

Carrollton ('apt. Robt. H. mariner, 270 Canton av 

Carrulhers Capt. Adonis. 75 s High 

Carslo John, tinner and plumber, 2 Register st 

Carson David, jr. carpenter, 53 Josephine 

Carson David, cooper, s Paca st. extd. 

Carson David, carpenter, s e cot. Josephine & Pine 

Carson Elijah, brick moulder, 21 Diamond 

Carson Eliza, boarding house, 206 w Lombard 

Carson Geo. brickmaker, 173 Fremont 

CARSON JOHN, attorney, over 9 Court House 

lane, dw 40 s J; 
Carson Jos. H. carpenter, 4 Brune 
Carson Jos. cooper, 101 Vine 
Carson Joshua, carpenter. 50 Josephine 
Carson Tho>. J. & Co. commission merchants, 43 

Light, dw T. J. C. Hoffman at Bolton 
Carson Wash. K. firm Hizer, White & Co. dw 40 

s Greene 
Carswell John S. deal, in 1 i - and oil, 81 Thames 
Carter Alex. dtimore, 83 Cain- 

Asbury, clerk, 163 German 
BARTER & ATWOOD, broom and basket manf. 

93 r. Gay 
CARTER CHARLES S. attorney at law, 3 Law 

buildings, St. Paul, dw 74 Front 
Carter Chas. watchman, 167 n Caual 




Carter Clement, coach maker, G7 n Calvert, dw 74 

n Front 
Carter Duras, carpenter, 227 Monument 
Carter Duras, bricklayer, 18 McElderry 
Carter Edwd. clerk, 51 e Lombard 
Carter Edwd. F. clerk American office, dw 51 e 

Carter Elizab. tailoress,61 Rose 
Carter Jas. H. president Western Bank, 14 Eutaw 
Carter James, 294 n Howard 
Carter Jesse, chair maker, 264 Aisquith 
Carter John, shoemaker, 388 Lexington 
Carter John H. & Francis, carpenters, Moore's al. 

dw St. Mary's 
Carter John W. grocer, 61 Camden, dw 78 Columbia 
Carter John G. flour and meal dealer, cor. Baltimore 

st. and Happy**al 
Carter Jos. boot and shoemaker, 25 e Baltimore 
Carter Jos. laborer, 1 Cross 
Carter Jos. oak cooper, Abey al 
Carter Lydia, variety dealer, 70 Park 
Carter Moses, proprietor "Louisiana House, 215 

Carter Mrs. revealer of events, Perry bet. Hanover 

and Sharp 
Carter Rebecca, 75 n Canal 
Carter Valentine, 8 Park 
Carter Wm. laborer, Perry e Sharp 
Carter Wm. plaistercr, 112 Gough 
Carter Wm. A. firm C. & At wood, dw 97 n High 
Carter Wm.G. 95 Sharp 

Caruthers David, carpenter, North, dw 28 Spring 
Caruthers Robt. carpenter, Courtland,dw 28 Spring 
Carvalho D. N. daguerian, over 127 Baltimore 
Carvalho S. N. portrait painter and daguerotypist, 

205 Baltimore 
Carver Mary, 87 Pine 
Carver Wm. bricklayer, 100 s Eutaw 
Carver Wm. bricklayer, 218 Mulberry 
Case Wm. coachman, 76 Tyson 
Casey Chas. carter, Henrietta sPaca 
Casey Rosetta, 165 n Eutaw 
Casey Thos. hackman, 13 Warner 
Casey Thos. meal and flour dealer, 109 Bank 
Casey Wm. flour and meal dealer, 80 Hillen 
Casey Wm. laborer, 45 French 
•Cashaw Gabriel, cutter, 58 Richmond 
Cashman Patrick, marble polisher, 57 Preston 
Cashmire Philip, cooper, 17 Concord, dw Eden s 

Cashot Gabriel, grinder, 184 Stirling 
Caskey John, ship carpenter, 20 L. Church 

Caskey Jos. carpenter, Gibson n Preston 
Casmal Alex, carpenter, rear 51 Harrison 
Caspari, Bro. & Steinhofer, chemists and druggists, 

n e cor. Charles and Montgomery 
Caspari Chas. &, Wm. apothecaries and chemists 

34 n Gay 
Caspari Wm. of firm, dw 77 n High 
Casper Harriet, 414 Lexington 
Casper John, cedar cooper, 366 w Baltimore, dw 

414 Lexington 
Cassady Bernard, carter, 111 Harford av 
Cassady Luke, grocer and commission merchant, 

49 Harford av 
Cassard Geo. & Thos. provision and commission 

merchants, 44 South, dw G. C. 82 e Baltimore 
CASSARD GILBERT & SON.provision dealers, 

61 South 
Cassard Gilbert, sen. of firm, dw 93 Hillen 
Cassard Gilbert, jr. lumber merchant, 55 Bank, dw 

Hollins st. or Union Square 
Cassard G. & Son, packers of home and foreign 

provisions, 409 Baltimore 
Cassard Lewis, firm G. C. &. Son, 94 e Baltimore 
Cassard Thos. firm G. & T. C. dw 93 Hillen 
Cassell Abraham, bricklayer, 21 McHenry 
CASSELL &. CHERRY, dental surgeons, sw cor. 

Baltimore and Liberty 
Cassell Edwd. A. bricklayer, 241^ Biddle 
Cassell Edwd. Boyd e Poppleton 
Cassell Geo. R. bricklayer, 241 Biddle 
Cassell John S. painter, 299 Mulberry 
Cassell Jos. carpenter, 262 Saratoga 
Cassell Mary, 19 Pearl 
Cassell Saml. C. bricklayer, 167 s Paca 
Casselman Christ, tavern, 6 Balderston 
Cassen James, 74 Boyd 
Cassilly Thos. grocer, 60 s Spring 
Cassidy Bartho. weaver, 300 Mulberry 
Cassidy Francis, grocer, 46 Potter 
Cassidy James, shoemaker, 26 Pratt, dw n Gay 
Cassidy John, huckster, rear 15 Diamond 
Cassidy Martha, 64 e Lombard 
Cassidy Owen, grocer, n e cor. Pine and Peirce 
Cassidy Pat'k. grocer & bacon store, 50 s Frederick 
Cassidy Patrick, Diamond n Saratoga 
Cassidy Patrick, grocer. 13 New 
Castehberg Solomon, clothier, 91 Pratt, dw 18 Lloyd 
Castle John, portable desk maker, 120 Raborg 
Castle Wm. mariner, 299 Canton av 
Gate Amon, keeper "German st. Hall," 28 and SO 

German, dw 178 Lombard 





GATE EBENEZER, block and pump maker, shop 

1-2-3 Light, dw 140 Lee 
Catenberry Geo. cooper, 79 York 
Cathcart John, ship carpenler, 99 Granby 
Cathcart Robt> firm R. & W . H. C. dw 115 Ann 
Cathcart Bobt. & W. H. block and pump makers, 

104 Smith's whf. and 123 Thames st 
Cathcart Wm. H. firm R. & W. H. C. dw 111 Ann 
Cathel M. boiler maker, Eager w Forest 
Cathel Priscilla, dress maker, 80 e Lombard 
Gathers John & Bro. booksellers, 102 Baltimore 
Cator John L. brickmaker. 98 Barre 
Cator Jos. farmer, 94 Barre 
Cator Robinson, firm Armstrong & C. 94 Barre 
Catrop Saml. H. carpenter. 262 e Payette 
Catzenstein Moses, cigar maker, 4 Aisquith 
Caughy Benj. grocer, 9 Penn. av 
Caughey Edmund, Wolf s Pratt 
Caughey John H. firm Noah Walker & Co, dw 10 

Caughey Michael, tailor and clothier, 34 Pratt, dw 

20 Aisquith 
Caughey Saml. 110 n Exeter 
Caughey S. Hamilton, firm Noah Walker & Co. 

dw 119 e Baltimore 
Caughlan Patrick, laborer, rear 134 s Exeter 
Caughlin Anthony, carpenter, Star a{. s Canton av 
Caulk Eli, coppersmith, 138 n Caroline 
Caulk Fanny, washer. Ross e Dolphin 
Caulk James, tailor, 81 Gough 
C?.ulk Ma.ry Ann, tailoress, 8G Hamburg 
Caulk Thos. carpenter, 16 Saratoga 
Caulker Hall, Dallas s Eastern av 
Causey James, tavern, Camden lane 
Causey L\ F. & Co. ladies' shoemakers, 71 Orleans, 

cor. Aisquith 
Causman Jno. huckster, lOSGreen Mount or York av 
Cavanaugh Lewis II. cigar maker, 59 Vine 
Cavanaugh Maria, store keeper, 99 North 
Cavanaugh Patrick, clerk steamboat Columbia, 34 

n Front 
Cave C. & Son, deal, in oils, paints, &c. and painters, 

183 n Gay 
Cavender Geo. oak cooper, 8 Fremont 
Cecil Bartholomew, tailor, 209 s Bond 
Celender Geo. tailor, 1 19 Happy al 

over s w cor. Baltimore and South, B. T. Lanven- 

der, Presidenl 
Cerenski & White, cap manuf. 41$ and 51 s Charles 
Chabot G. H. druggist, 56 Aisquith 
CHABOT DR. L. J. 57 Ross 

Chadwick Charlotte, milliner and feather dresser 

19 s Canal 
Chadwick John, 19 s Canal 
Chaillon Stanislaus, cook, 79 Conway 
Chaisty Dr. E. J. 158 Mulberry 
Chalk Levi, laborer, Hoffman near Garden 
Chalk Mrs. 101 Tyson 
Chalmers James, rope manuf. Harford av 
Chalmers James, cabinet maker, 262 Franklin 
ChaloiersP. S. tailor, 67 Penn. av 
Chamberlain F. morocco dresser, 21 Comet 
Chamberlain Henry, jr. clerk, 93 n Greene 
Chamberlain John C. shoemaker, 285 w Pratt 
Chamberlain John E. shoemaker, 267 e Monument 
Chamberlain Louisa, Gough st. e Broadway 
Chamberlain Mary A. dress maker,440 Fayette 
Chamberlain Phil'ip, tailor, 25 Somerset 
Chamberlain Rebecca, 243 Eastern av 
Chamberlain Reuben, laborer, 16 Comet 
Chambers Agnes, store, 392 Saratoga 
Chambers Charlotte, milliner, 99 Raborg 
Chambers James, rope maker, 23 Gittings 
Chambers Capt, John, Register n Bank 
Chambers Mrs. upholsterer, 15 Pine 
Chambers Robt. M. plaisterer, 439 w Baltimore 
Chambers Saml. carpenter, 269 n Canal 
Chambers Thos. T. clerk. 191 Mulberry 
Chaminger Conrad, paver, 20 Eutaw court 
Champayne Wm. R. carpenter, 263 Franklin 
Champian Capt. Wm. Ann s Pratt 
Ghanav Steph. ladies' shoemaker, 12 Mercer 
Chance las. R. firm Wm, Adreon & Co. 16 Barnet 
Chanceaulme Martin, carver, 120 e Fayette 
Chanceaulme Wm. 64 Jefferson 
Chandler Caroline, tailoress, 220 n Eden 
Chandler Geo. H. brickmaker, 316 Light 
Chandler James, blacksmith, 275 Canton av 
Chandler Thos. J. watchman, Monument e Bond 
Chaney — ■ — , 63 n Liberty 
Chaney A. W. boot and shoemaker, 10 Low 
Chaney Benj. finisher, 521 w Lombard 
Chaney Cornelius, huckster, 4'J Stirling 
Chaney Floyd, grocer and com. mt. 84 Light st. whf. 

dw 137 Hanover 
Chaney Jacob, furn. carter, 175 n Canal 
Chaney James W. wheelwright, 18 Williamson 
Chaney James W. 132 Broadway 
Chaney John, trader, 130 Columbia 
Chaney Wm. printer, 188 Saratoga 
Chapio Phil, plane maker, 1 1 Light, dw 220 Charles 
Chapman Allen, firm Kirkland, Cnase & Co. n e 

cor. Fremont aad George 




Chapman Francis M. tailor, Vine w Fremont 
Chapman James B. iron turner, "211 e Lombard 
CHAPMAN JOHN L. glass manuf.40 s Charles, 
manf. n e corner Lancaster and Caroline, dw 26 
Chapman John J, 139 e Baltimore 
Chapman Nimrod, 81 St. Mary's 
Chapman Saml. B. 371^ n Gay 
Chappell's Eliza, female seminary, 379 Franklin 
Chappell John, 106 Lexington 
CHAPPELL J. G. shipping & commission merch- 
ant, Commercial buildings, s Gaj, dw n e cor. 
Hanover and Barre 
Chappell Philip S. chernist, 161 Lombard, dw 149 s 

Charcoalman James Daiger, Clinton st. Canton 
Charle Edmund, snuff maker, 60 Short 
Charles Benj. teacher, "231 Gough 
Charles El izab. 221 Gough 
Charles Henry, smelter, Locust Fomt, Fort road 
Charlton John, rope maker, Bethel n Fayette 
Charron John B. rirm Field &. Co. dw 281 Saratoga 
CHARRON, FIELD & CO. dry goods jobbers, 17 

o (~*K Trips 

Charshe John C. grocer, 313 e Baltimore 
Chase A. S, firm C. Lilly & Co. dw 42 Courtland 
Chase Danl. firm Kirkland, C. &. Co. 236 Madison av 
Chase Hannibal H. brickmaker, 111 Conway 
Chase Isaac H. shoemaker, 261 n Howard 
Chase James, wholesale and retail dealer in periodi- 
cals and stationery, 55 Baltimore 
Chase, Lilly & Co. domes. & com. mts. 12 German 
Chase Mary, 284 n Eutaw 
Chase Mary Ann, Etna lane 
Chase Mary Ann, 17 Diamond 
Chase Mary Ann, 62 Philpot 
Chase Richd. merchant, 186 Aisquith 
Chase Thorndyke, 91 Broadway 
CHASE WELLS, commission merchant and man- 
ufacture, warewhouse 6 s Howard, dw 1 L. Paca 
Chase Wells, s e cor. West al. and L. Paca st 
Chase Wm. shoemaker, 157 n Exeter 
Chason Capt. Geo. mariner, 68 Block 
Chasteau Capt. Lewis A. 53 e Pratt 
Chassaing Pauline, Centre w St. Paul 
Chatard Fredk. 56 Centre 

Chatard Dr. F. E. s w cor. Charles and Lexington 
Chatburn Wm. finisher, Leadenhall n Henrietta 
Chavelley Francis A. confectioner, 72 n Gay 
Cheney Reverdy, morocco dresser, 126 Aisquith 
Chenoweth Absalom, miller, 19 George 
Chenoweth; Ann, grocer, 36 East 

Chenoweth Benj. F. agricultural implement maker 

21 Albermarle 
Chenoweth Catharine, 55 Preston 
Chenoweth Rev. Geo. D. 178 Aisquith 
Chenoweth Horatio, laborer, 57 George 
Chenoweth Mary Ann, 252 n Gay 
Chenoweth Richard, blacksmith, 11 Johnson 
Chenoweth Richard B. clerk, 269 n Gay 
Chenoweth Thomas, carpenter, 82 Hamburg 
Cherbonnier Peter, professor French, 271 Lombaiv- 
Cherry Edward, tobacconisi. 430 w Baltimore 
Cherry James W. shoemaker, 164 Raborg 

Cherry -, painter, 159 e Fayette 

Chesapeake Bank, s e cor. North and Fayette 
Chesapeake Furuace, Geo. Carey proprietor, Clinton 

st Canton 
Chesebrough Robt. C. firm Hooper & C. d w 41 Fawn 
Chesner Benj. wheelwright, 136 n Eden 
Chesnut Chs. cork cutter, 201 e Pratt 
Chesnut Gerard, inspector customs, 25 Bond 
Chesnut Sam. cork cutter, 38 Calvert, dw 36 Spring' 
Chesnut Wm. grocer and com. mt. n wcor. South 

and Pratt sis dw 104 e Baltimore 
CHESTER WM.shoeing smith, 11 Pleasant dw 13 
Clieston, Galloway, firm J. C. & Son, 39 s Sharp 
Cheston James & Son, mdlers and shippers, Patter- 
son, dw Sharp 
Cheswick Wm. cooper. 148 E. av 
Chew Jacob, carpenter, Pratt e of Scott 
Chew Michael, carpenter, Pratt e of Scott 
Chew Robert W. com. merchant, 77 Light st wharf, 

dwcor. Sharp and Conway 
Chew Dr. Samuel, 92 n Howard 
Cheyne Samuel, weaver, 139 Fremont 
Chichescer Geo.'stone polisher, Harford av w Eager 
Chickeringfc Brother, book sellers, 196 w Prstt 
Chiesler Lewis. 342 s Charles 
ChitTelle Mrs. Henrietta, tutoress, 98 w Madison 
CHIFFELLE & REASIN, architects, 20 North st 

up stairs 
Chiffelle Ths. P. surveyor, 20 North, up stairs, dw 

42 Lexington 
Childs Chs. bricklayer, 133 Fremont 
Childs Elizabeth^ 162 German 
Chiids Enos R clerk C. Market, 62s Exeter " 
"Childs Jno. D. grocer, n w cor. Forrest ik, Gay 
Childs Mrs, Mary, 163 Broadway 
Childs Mary Ann, Gold's court F. H. 
Child Sam. coach maker, 33 n Gay, dw 38 e Fayette' 
Childs Sarah J. variety goods dealer, 60 n Eutaw 
CHILDS WM. commission mt. St coal deatel 

South, dw n w cor. Calvert & Sai i 




Childs Zachariah, carter, 177 Orleans 

Chilton Robert, merchant, 110 n Paca 

Chinkan Lewis, blacksmith, 193 Fremont 

Chisholm Ann Eliza, tailoress, 235 Eastern av 

Chishokn Henry, 7 Hill 

Chiverel Jas. pilot; 219 Canton av 

Chivrel Alexander B. tailor, 40 Orleans 

Chiswick Win. cooper, s w. cor. Spring: and E. av 

Choate Ed. boot maker, 77 w Lombard, rtw 108 Hill 

Choupin Amb. tobacconist, 135 Bond 

Christ Church Asylum, fern, children, 27 Garden 

Christ Jacob, grocer, n w cor. Bank and Eden 

Christ Philip, store keeper, 45 Philpot 

Christhill'Geo. cooper, 1G n Howard 

Christhilf Henry, cedar cooper, 1G n Howard, dw 

G2 n Paca 
Christie Ed. book keeper, Frank, bank, ]90Mulberry 
Christie Michael, weaver, 147 Peirce 
Christian Samuel W. grocer, cor. Light & Poultney 
Christoph Jno. 67 Deuberry al 
Christopher Joseph, watchman, 181 Raborg 
Christopher Jcsiah, pattern maker, 258 n Canal 
Christopher Mich, blacksmith, Pratt st n of Fremont 
Christopher Nich. dry goods dealer,197 Broadway 
Chrystal John, grocer, n e cor. Gay and Forrest 
Church E. F. publisher Bait. County Advocate, dw 

131 Sterling 
Church Edward J. lumber merchant, cor. Aisquith 

and Monument, dw 212 Aisquith 
Church Richard, pilo) fort road 
Church Mrs. P. T. 11G Fayette 
Church Sophia, GG Granby 
Church Ths. grocer, 2 13 e Monument 
Church William G. shoe maker, 10 Stirling 
Churches — see Appendix 
Cilley A. J. 'painter, 49 Granby 
C1NNAMOND GEO. R. conveyancer,41 w Fayette 
Cinnamond Jno. paper carrier, 17 New Church st 
CITIZENS' BANK, n e cor. Pratt and Hanover 
Citizen's line steamboats, Philadelphia, &c. 103 

Bowly's wharf 
City Hall, Holliday st. between Fayette and Sarato- 
ga, in which are the Mayor's office, City Collec- 
tor's, Register's, Commissioners' and Health offices 
City Hotel, Barnum >fc McLaughlin proprietors, 

COT. Calvert anil Fayette sis 
ClacknerG. F. cabinet maker and undertaker, 141 

n Gav, dw Bait e of Broadway 
Clackner Joseph, insurance inspector, Lombard st 

opposite Exchange, dw 7 Aisquith 
Clafshingle Joseph, laborer, 1 1 Bank 
Claggetl Mary s Us Hi ;h 

CLAGGETT & CO. brewers, e Lombard, adjoin* 

ing the falls 
Claggett Thomas J. clerk, 9G n Exeter 
Clajjgett Thomas, 69 Hampstead 
Claiborne Caroline E. dry goods dealer, 8 Ehsor 
Clampitt Elias,firm C. & Regester,dw 178n Exeter 
Clampitt & Regester, brass and bell founders, 53 

Clapenberger Adam, laborer, 12 Star al 
Clapp Ann, 142 n High 
Clapp George C, hatter, 167 n Exeter 
Clafday Jno, boot maker, 275 s Charles 
Clare Isaac, grocer, s w cor. Lee & Hanover 
Clare Thos. J, book' keeper Merchants' Shot Tower, 

dw Hollins st extended 
Clarey Jno, boot & shoemaker, 12 Maiden lane 
Claridge Jno, tinner, 147 e Fayette 
Claridge Lloyd, painter, 140 Light 
Claridge Ann, tutoress 7 Oregon 

Clark — , orange and lemmon dealer, 12 New 

Clark Benj, shoemaker. Mulberry court 

Clark Capt. Benj. D. 272 Fayette 

Clark Benj. J. tailor, Bond n of Jefferson 

Clark Bernard, 87 e Fayette 

Clark Bridget, Cambridge e of Windsor, Canton 

Clark & Brown, carpenters, Pleasant near Calvert 

Clark Cain M. shoemaker, G9 Montgomery 

Clark Charles H. firm C. E. Levering & Co, dw 3 

Clark Charles, cooper, 523 w Baltimore 
Clark Charles, pilot, 8 Fell 
Clark Charlotte, liquor store, 2 e Lombard 
Clark Daniel, painter, Cross n of Charles 
Clark Daniel H. shoemaker, G Orleans 
Clark Elizabeth, 107 e Orleans 
Clark Mrs. E. A. 71 Perm, av 
Clark Emily, huckster, 22 Shakspeare 
Clark Gabriel D. wat-h maker, 24 Water 
Clark George B. coal agent, 31 South, dw 63 Hill 
Clark George W. tobacconist, 395 Bait, dw 12s Paca 
Clark Gustavus, laborer, cor. Mosher and Grundy 
Clark Harriet, 51 s Exeter 
CLARK& H ART, locksmiths &. bell hangers, 121 

Clark Henry, daguerotypist, GOe Lombard 
ClarkJas. A. hnckster,n eeor. Washington &Bank 
Clark James, carpenter, 285 Saratoga 
Clafk James, machinist, 40 Hughes 
Clark .lames, rigger, I Argyle al. or Register st 
Clark James, grocer, 6 Hillen 
Clark James G. cooper, 11 s Exeter 
( 'lark John, ship carpenter, 293 E. av 




Clark John, firm McCav & Co. n Paca 

Clark John, machinist, Hughes e of Light 

Clark John, currier, 37 Potter 

Clark John, Register n of Pratt 

Clark Cant. John, 171 Bank ' 

Clark John, lottery office, Greene near Franklin, dw 

339 w Pratt 
Clark John, laborer, 173 n Front 
Clark John, grocer, 106 Ann 
Clark John H. tailor, 85 Madison 
Clark John, furniture carter, 244 e Bait 
Clark John A. tobacconist, 194 n Gay 
Clark John, laborer, 144 n Calvert 
Clark John W, painter, 586 w Baltimore st 
Clark John, carpenter, 127 n Paca 
Clark John P. lime dealer, 317 s Howard, dw 319 
Clark John, grocer, 89 Potter 
Clark John," painter, 368 Bait. 
Clark John, of firm, C & Kellogg, dw 44 n Charles 
Clark Jonathan, ship carpenter. 184 Light 
Clark Joseph C. grocer, 164 n Front 
Clark & Kellogg, office 42 n Charles 

Clark Lester, carpenter, 263 n Canal 

Clark Levin P. carver, 41 n Exeter 

Clark Lewis, butcher, 70 Fremont 

Clark Margaret, 40 G. Hughes 

Clark Margaret, 150 Aisqmth 

Clark Maria, cor. Eden st & Friendship court 

Clark Martin, trader. 57 Park , 

Clark Martin, laborer, Register n of Lombard 

Clark Marv Ann, furniture dealer, 27 Harrison 

Clark Mary C.snoe binder, 258 Franklin 

Clark Matthew, 266 Fayette 

Clark Matthew B. flout mt. 378 Bait, dw /5 n Paca 

Clark Nelson, 67 St. Paul 

Clark Patrick, grocer. 69 Pratt 

Clark Patrick, grocer, 76 Greene Mount or York av 

Clark Patrick, shoemaker, 107 Garden 

Clark Patrick, 87 Lexington 

Clark Peter, confectioner, Fremont near Eutaw 

Clark Philip, 99 Tyson 

Clark Reuben, cooper, Monument e ol Bond 

Clark Rich. T.por. painter, cor. Baltjt Tripoletsal 

Clark Robert, ornamental painter, 27 Harrison 

Clark Robert, 17 Gibson 

Clark Robert B. attorney, 70 w Fayette 

Clark Sarah, 76 s Caroline 

Clark S. S. & A. ladies' seminary, Saratoga e Charles 

Clark Theodore, laborer, 74 s Eutaw 

Clark Tho. S. firm Adkisson, C. & Whittington, dw 
104 s Exeter 

Clark Thomas, carter, Fremont near Lutaw 

Clark William H. meal and flour dealer, 161 East 
Clark Rev. Wm. F. pastor St. Joseph's church, 00 

Clark William, coffee house, 5 Saratoga 
Clark Wm. ship joiner, 114 Hill 
Clark Wm. sailmaker, Hunter al 
Clark Wm. laborer, 126 s Greene 
Clark Wm. printer, 133 Mulberry 
Clark Woi. pilot, 92 n Eden 
Clark Wm. laborer, Gibson st n of Preston 
Clark Capt. Zachariah, 128 Broadway 
CLARKE GEO. B. coal agent, 3j South, dw 63 Hill 
Clarke Geo. B.Lombard e of Fremont 
Clarke Jno. A. boarding house, 16 s Calvert 
Clarke Jno. W. prop. Monterry house, s e corner 

Charles &. Camden 
Clarke Jonathan, ship carpenter, 198 Light 
Clarke Joseph H. prof, of languages, cor. Barnet & 

Charles, dw 25 Barnet 
Clarke Robert carpenter, 253 n Howard 
Clarke Doctor Sydenham R. 141 Biddle 
Clarke Mrs, S. 50 Biddle 
Clarke Wm. ship carpenter, 3 Philpot 
Clarkson Geo. b;iot maker, 46 Orleans 
Clarkson Joseph, machinist, 147 Aisquith 
Clary Jno. laborer, Bell al 
Clasby Ths. carter, 177 Columbia 
Classen Harman, grocer, 143 s Sharp, dw 151 
Classy Geo. blacksmith, e Hamburg 
Claughly William, 23 Grariby 
Clautice Catharine, dry goods dealer, 105 Penn. aV 
Clautice Francis, huckster, 57 Ensor 
Clautice Geo. wheelwright, 143 Penn. av 
Clautice John, wheelwright, 17 Harford av 
Clautice Joseph, custom house watchman, Eden s of 

Clautice Peter, blacksmith, cor. Pratt & Emory, dw 

104 s Paca 
Clavell George, mariner, 39 Bethel 
Claville Edward, mariner, 89 s Caroline 
Clawson Henry, cooper, Burk st s of Canton av 
Clay Geo. N. car regulator, R. R. Pratt extended 
Clav Peter, cabinet maker, 19 French 
Claybrink Charles, laborer, 26 Lancaster 
Clayland Mary E. 124 s High 
Clayland Samuel K. horse dealer, 578 w Baltimore 
Claypole Capt. John, 217 e Monument 
Claypole S. chair maker, 20 Stirling 
Claypole Jas. clerk, 52 n Fredk. 
Clayton Edward, 50 Barre 
Clayton & Hewes, prod. & com. mts, 03 Exchange 





Clayton S. Sutton, of -firm C. & Hewes, 57 Conway 

Clayton Samuel, 53 Conway 

Clazey George, machinist, 192 Light 

Cleary Aaron, carpenter, 405 nGay 

Cleary Ed. grocer, n e cor.Boston & Clinton, Canton 

Cleary John B. box maker, Conway e of Warner 

Cleary Julia Ann, baker, 13 Armistead lane 

Cleaveland A. J. professor of music, 181 Park 

Cleaveland Sylvester, clerk, 66 Holliday 

Cleaver Charies, Clipper carrier, 61 Harford av 

Clemens Augustus D. clerk, 4 n Exeter 

Clemens John D. cooper, 173 n Canal 

Clements Jno. T. ven. blind maker, 137 Aisquith 

Clemm John, 128 e Fayette 

Clemm Peter S. carpenter, 162 Franklin 

Clemm Rev. W. T. D.9 s Caroline 

Clemm Wm. E. clerk, 105 Granby 

Clemmanco Jno. shoemaker, alley n from rope walk 

s of West st 
Clemments Seth, carver, 142 Hillen 
Clemments Jas. tobacconist, Hollins market space 
Clemments Jno. mariner, 172 Canton av 
Clemments J. W. painter, 105 Pearl 
Clemmons Jno. segar maker, 344 Franklin 
demons Jno. tobacconist, junction Fremont st & 

Clemson Wm. mariner, 276 Canton av 
Clendinen Dr. Alexander, cor. Bait, and Exeter 
Clendinen Robert, undertaker Sc cabinet maker, 110 

Cleug Jno. machinist, 306 s Charles 
Cleveland Joseph T. firm Coleman & C. 63 Ann 
Clever Wm. tobacconist, 16 Mercer 
Click Casper, laborer, 155 Sterling 
Click Conrad, sawyer, Eager, st e of York av 
Cliffe Henrv, clerk, 169 Hanover 
Cliffe R. W. coal dealer, 2 s Calvert, dw Mrs 

Doane's, Lexington near Charles 
Clifford Edward, drayman, 162 Alice Anna 
Clifford Elizabeth, shirt maker, 266 n Gay 
Clifford Jno. cheese dealer, 169 German 
Clifford John, jr., firm Richstein & C. dw 44 s High 
Clifford Samuel, cheese dealer, German near Penn 
Clifford Sylv. sen. collect. & prop. agt. 413 w Pratt 
Clifford Sylvester, jr. lottery dealer, 125 n Howard, 

dw 65 Pine 
Clift Josiah, watch maker, 155 Aisquith 
Clift Thos. H. boiauic physician, 286 Light 
Clifton Mrs. Alphonsa, boarding house, 25 Hanover 
Clifton Virginia, 20 Buren 
Cline Anthony, brickmaker, 231 Alice Anna 
Cline Eli, moulder, 61 Oregon 

Cline Henry, brickmaker, 284 Canton av 

Cline Jacob, pattern maker, 27 Montgomery 

Clingenhafer John, laborer, 231 Canton av 

Clisham Michael, grocer, 15 French 

Clisham Peter, laborer, 9 Addison 

Clisham Wm. pedlar, 111 Harford av 

Clocker Hezek. carpenter, 41 Watson 

Clogg Geo. S. boot maker, 17 s Calvert 

CLOSE &. BRO. importers of dry goods and com- 
mission merchants, over 237 Baltimore 

Close Nicholas, huckster, 165 Bond 

Cloiworthy Alex. furn. dealer, 80 n Howard 

Cloud Benj. furn. wagoner, 248 e Monument 

Cloud Chas. F. sheriff Baltimore city, dw 415 Bait 

Cloud, Hope & Co. publishers "Republican and Ar- 
gus," over 6 n Gay 

Cloud Jesse, 186 Franklin 

Cloud Robt. M. firm Cloud, Hope & Co. 49 Holland 

Coakley P. H stock exchange and com. agent, cor. 
South and Lombard, dwn w cor. Howard and 

Coale E. H. dry goods dealer, 67 Lexington 

Coale Geo. B. agent Harford Fire Ins. Co. Commer- 
cial buildings, Gay, dw 45 Mulberry 

Coale George, 45 Mulberry 

COALE &. HOPKINS, importers and dealers in 
German and English fancy goods, over 256 Bal- 

Coale Nathan, carpenter, 39 Pine 

Coat Emily, 67 Albemarle 

Coates &. Glenn, lumb. mts. s wcor. Pratt & Greene 

Coates James, laborer, 487 Saratoga 

Coates John, firm C. & Glenn, dw 316 w Lombard 

Coates Richd. carpenter, 26 Armistead lane 

Coath John, locksmith, 50 Bank 

Coath Thos. tavern, 164 e Baltimore 

Coath Wm. S. collector, 89 e Pratt 

Coax Wm. B. tobacconist, 183 n Eden 

Cobb Chas. grocer, 177 Mulberry 

Cobb Mrs. Geo. F. 237 Saratoga 

Cobb Josiah, grocer and prov. dealer, 31 n Liberty 

Cobb Ruth, 125 Fayette 

Cobbs Mary Ann, nurse, 49 s Paca 

Coburn Henry, bricklaver, cor. Ensor &. Monument 

COBURN JAMES, dry goods and bonnet dealer, 
n e cor. Fayette and Gay 

Coburn Sarah, dry goods dealer, cor. Montgomery 
and Eutaw 

Coburn Thos. stone mason, Buren n Monument 

Cochran Chas. teller Farmers' and Planters' Bank, 
153 Hanover 

Cochran David, weaver, 56 Preston 




Cochran James E. oyster dealer, 18 Holland 

Cochran James, weaver, 5G Preston 

I ii ran Mary, 200 Lexington 

Cochran S. Morris, attorney at law, 41 Court House 

lane, dw 30 Sharp 
Cochran Thomas J. ice dealer, 122 s Exeter, office 

High st. s Eastern ay 
Cochran We 428 Saratoga 

Cochran Wm. H. firm Thos. & Win. H. C. ice deal- 
ers, 118 s High 
Cochrane Dr. R. M. 227 n Howard 
Cockey Chas. E. ship carpenter, 62 Fawn 
Cockey Edwd. guager, 21 J n Howard 
Cockey & Gambrili, grocers & com.mts. 59s Calvert 
Cockey John G. 07 a Paca 
Cockey Dr. Jos. C. 2 s Exeter 
Cockey Joshua, Record office clerk, 29G n Howard 
Cockey Mary, 145 n Front 
Cockey Dr. P. 22 e Lombard 
Cockran Retfecca. 28 Philpot 
Cockrill Dr. J. J. 21!) Alice Anna 
Cocks John, wheelwright & blacksmith, 233 Biddle 
Cocks Wm. fish dealer; 237 Biddle 
Codd Ann, Lombard w Wolf 
Codd Pilkington, butcher, Lombard e Ann 
Codet's (J. R.) dancing academy, cor. Calvert and 

Codmnn Capt. Fredk. 205 n Howard 

i r. Holliday and Centre * 
I ' I John, laborer, 71 Boyd 

Coffin Capt. Chas. E. mariner, 72 Block 
Coffin Capt. Geo. B. Carolines Lombard 
Coffin Obed.mate, 121 Bank 
Cofield Jerem. collector, 164 Conway 

ns John, carrier of "Sun,'' 3f> York av 
1 ins Thos. carrier "Sun," 37 York av 
Coggins Wm. carrier "Sun," 37 York av 
Cogswell James, hatter, 281 e Monument 
Cowswell Lydia, 105 Pearl 
Cog-well Naihl. shoemaker, 19 Warner 
Cohee Ann Maria, 13 Dewberry al 
Cohen A. dress maker, 72 s Eutaw 
Cohen David, clothing dealer, cor. Bond and Forest 
Cohen David, tailor, 136 Forest 
Cohen Gerson, tailor, 19 Second 
COHEN E. P. commission merchant, 59 s Gay, 

dw 70 n Calvert 
Cohen Israel, stock broker, 5 Franklin buildings, 

North, dw Centre e Charles 
Cohen Jacob J. jr. Prest. Bait. Fire Ins. Co. 115 n 

Cohen Dr. Joshua J. 115 n Charles 

Cohen Levi, tailor, 52 Bethel, dw 190 s Caroline 

Cohen M.J. 115 n Charles 

Cohen Moses, dry goods mt. 157 Lexington 

Cohen Moses, pedlar, 42J McElderry 

Coin John, laborer, Wolf s Gough 

Colbert Lewin, grocer, Fort road, Locust Point 

Colbert Sarah, 199 Aisquith 

Colbis Henry, paver, 191 Happy al 

Colburn Dr. Edmund F. 267 Fayette 

Colburn Dr. H. surgeon dentist, n w cor. Charles 

and Barnet 
Calburn Josiah S. carpenter, 202 Light 
Colburn Stephen B. merchant, Cheapside, dw 28 n 

Colbus Fredk. nailor, 228 Alice Anna 
COLE ABRAHAM G. President Eagle Works, 

122 Lombard, dw 216 w Lombard 
Cole &. Co. bottling establishment, 118 n Howard 
Cole Catharine, 6 s Canal 
Cole Cornelius H. livery stables, 70 German, dw 58 

Cole Cornelius M. clerk City Commis. 117 n Exeter 
Cole, Craft &. Co. hatters, 218 Baltimore 
Cole Elizab. 194 Harford av 
Cole Geo. H. pilot, 111 Bank- 
Cole Geo. carpenter, 195 e Madison 
Cole & Griffith, whol. tobacconists, 331 Baltimore 
Cole Hannah, 56 Harford av 
Cole Hannah, 1 Granby 
Cole Henrv, comb maker, 242 e Lombard 
Cole Hetty, 232 Aisquith 
Cole Hezekiah F. carpenter, 210 n Eden 
COLE & HOWARD, wholesale dry goods merch- 
ants, 339 Baltimore 
Cole Hynson H. tailor, n e cor. Centre Market and 

Pratt' st. dw 98 e Baltimore 
Cole Jacob, ladies' boot & shoemaker, 32 Baltimore 
Cole James, laborer, 228 Canton av 
Cole Jas. C. firm Hayden & C. dw Eutaw House 
Cole Jas. pilot, 295 Eastern av 
Cole Ja-\ bricklayer, n e cor. Ross st.& Moore's al 
Cole Jarret. 94 s" Exeter 
Cole Jerry, carter, Eager st, e York av 
Cole John R. grocer and tea dealer, 48 n Eutaw 
Cole John H. tailor, 92 Low 
Cole John, 31 Hamilton 
Cole Jos. B.firm C. & Zollinger, 126 s High 
Cole Joshua, tinner, 220 Mulberry 
Cole Lewis H.firm C. & Griffith, dw Biddle 
Cole Lewis M. agent Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road 

dw 98 Sharp 
Cole Mary A. 156 Orleans 




Cole Dr. Merryman, 90 n Exeter 

Cole Mr. plasterer, 44 Rock 

Cole Mrs. boarding house, 42 n Howard 

Cole Philip, ship joiner, Bethel n Bank 

Cole Philip, ship joiner, 100 s Caroline 

Cole Richard, carpenter, 779 w Baltimore 

Cole, Rowles &. Co. grocers & com. mts. 55 s Calvert 

Cole Saml. tinner, 5£ Jefferson 

Cole Selah, carpenter, 119 Ross dw 138 e Madison 

Cole Rev. Thos. prin. Baltimore female seminary, 

117 e Baltimore 
Cole Wm. J. attorney at law, 60 Fayette, dw 445 w 

Cole Wm. A. firm W. A. C. & Co. dw 90 n Paca 
Cole Wm. P. hrm Cole, Craft & Co. dw 140 n High 
Cole Wm. G. 169 Mulberry 
Cole Wm. H. firm Ireland & C. dw 67 Rose 
Cole Wm. H. clothier, cor. Pratt st. and C. Market, 

dw 14 e Lombard 
Cole Wm. tailor, 14 Orleans 

Cole Wm. H. attorney, Courtland, dw 98 e Balti- 
Cole Wm. A. firm Cole, Rowles & Co. dw 90 n Paca 
Cole Wm. sen. Second st. cor. C. Market Space 

Cole , firm C. & Zollinger, dw Gough st. e 

COLE & ZOLLINGER, ship chandlers and gro- 
cers, 105 Smith's whf 
Colehouse Win. H. draper and tailor, 6 Holliday 
Coleman Alex, stone cutter, Gould's court, F. H. 
Coleman Ann, 53 Mullikin 
Coleman Chas. R. clerk in Merchants' Bank, 168 

Coleman Chas. W. bricklayer, 113 Stirling 
Coleman Chas. laborer, 160 s Spring 
Coleman Chas. laborer, 62 Tyson al 
Coleman & Cleveland, ship smiths, s e cor. Point 

and Block 
Coleman & Cox, grocers and produce dealers, s w 

cor. Franklin and Paca 
Coleman Darius, grocer, cor. Ann st. & Eastern av 
Coleman Edwin S. grocer, s e cor. Canal and Pratt 
Coleman Edwd. block and pump maker, s e corner 

Gough and Begister 
Coleman Edwd. sweep master, 39 Centre 
Coleman Eliza, Warner s Lee 
Coleman Eliza, 3 Jew al 
ddeman Capt. Geo. A. firm Gatchell & C. dw 132 

Coleman Geo. laborer, 31 George 
Coleman James, hatter, Harford av. extended 
Coleman James, brash maker, 179 n Exeter 

Coleman John T. boiler maker, 165 Light 

Coleman Joseph, carter, 184 Fremont 

Coleman Julia, Gough st. e Broadway 

Coleman Mary, tailored, 76 William 

Coleman Mary, 120 Hollins 

Coleman Noah, shoemaker, 199 J Orleans 

Coleman Robt. H. firm C. Rogers, dw Howard n 

Coleman & Rogers, druggists and apothecaries, 173 

Coleman Saml. boot maker, 23 Ross 

Coleman Sarah A. 11 Jackson 

Coleman Thos. firm C. & Cleveland, 67 Ann 

Coleman Uriah M. paper hanger and blind maker. 
189 e Madison 

Coleman Wm. mate, 187 Ann 

Coleman , blacksmith, 103 Ann, dw Gough w 


Colemyer , 47 Marion 

Coles Wm. ladies' fashionable boot and shoe store, 
36 Baltimore 

Colhour Peter, blacksmith, 114 Pine 

Colladay Jos. S. grocer n w cor. Shroeder & Fayette 

College Dental Surgery, University buildings, 3d 
floor, Lexington e Calvert 

College, Bait, female, N. C. Brooks, prin. Courtland 

Collenberg Christ, shoemaker, 273 s Bond 

Collenberg Henry, shoemaker, 273 s Bond 

Collett Mary, cupper and leechcr, 16 s Bond 

Colley Conrad, cabinet maker, 65 n Eden 

Colley Jane, Penn.av. n Fremont 

Colley John W. carpenter, 64 Raborg 

Collier Chas. tin-plate worker, 48 Concord 

Callings Saml. mate, 104 Aisquith 

Collingwood Geo. 82 Park 

Collins Ann, tailoress, 76 Harford av 

Collins Ann, teacher, 125 Cro 

Collins Benj. F. painter, 19 Armistead lane 

Collins & Bullock, glue manuf. Washington road 

office 83 Light st . 
Collins Chas. S. clerk, 140 s Paca 
Collins & Denson, dealers furniture, old metal, &c. 

83 Light st. whf. dw 90 Bane 
Collins Elizabeth, 50 L. Hughes 
Collins Geo. C. & Denson, grocers and com. mts. 83 

Light st. whf. dw G. C. C. 175 s Charles 
Collins Geo. B. milkman, Clinton st. Canton 
Collins Henry, brickmaker, 349 Light 
Collins J. L. keeper "Pratt st. Saloon," 152 w Pratt 

dw 122 s Paca 
Collins Jas. E. tavern, 79 Thames 




Collins Jas. tin and sheet iron "worker, 48 Harrison, 

dw e Baltimore 
Collins Jas. shoemaker, 528 w Baltimore 
Collins Jas. shoemaker, 232 Lexington 
Collins Jas. tinner, 61 e Baltimore 
Collins John, laborer, Smith st. n Penn. av 
Collins John, baggage master, Bait, and Ohio R. R. 

Scott s Pratt 
Collins Rev. John A. 37 n Calvert 
C ilhns John, mariner, w Pratt st.extd. 
Collins Lee, tailor, 22 McHenry 
« lollins Lewis, carpenter. 35 Jefierson 
( 'ollins Mary, shop, 83 Harrison 
Collins Margt. Ann, 14 Shroeder 
Collins Eatrick, upholsterer, 69 and 71 Harrison 
Collins Patk. new &2d hand furn. deal. 57 Harrison 
Collins Peter, new & 2d hand furn. deal. 59 Harrison 
Collins Robt. carpenter, 160 Pearl 
Collins Sarah Ann, 50 n Charles 
Collins Solomon, carter, 11 Bevan al 
Collins Dr. Stephen, 36 Calvert ' 

Collins Wm. H. attorney, 5 Court .House lane, dw 

36 n Calvert 
Collins Wm. grocer, 55 Harrison 
Collins Wm. porter, 4 Bath 
Collison David, laborer, 42 Fell 
Collison Edwd. carter, Stirling e Chew 
Collison Perry, huckster, 187 Washington 
Collison Wm. draper and tailor, 5 s Sharp, dw 173 

s Paca 
Collmus Levi, dry goods dealer, 23 Stirling 
Collmus Solomon, saddler, 123 n High 
Collyer John, carpenter, Eager st. e York av 
Colonization Society Md. office, Post Office build- 
ings, Fayette, Dr. Jas. Hall, general agent, dw 
cor. Mulberry and Park 
Colston J. H. collector, 136 n Exeter 
Colton John, stone cutter, rear 5 French 
Colton Wm. leather inspector, s e cor. Washington 

and Pratt 
Colvin & Co. lottery and exch. office, n w cor. Balti- 
more and Calvert 
Colvin Rachael, 77 e Baltimore 
Colvin William, firm C. & Co. 38 Courtland 
Col well Wm. boiler maker, 114 Cross 
Colyer, Henr'y, blacksmith, 123 Hollins 
Comegys Bartus, tailor, 272 Saratoga 
Comegys Benj. coal agent, n w cor. Paca & German 
Comegys Elias, teacher, 232 Alice Anna 
Comegys Leanora, 201 n Eutaw 
Comfort Catharine, milliner, 20 n High 

Comly Seth J. flour and commis. house, iOl.Smith's 

wharf, dw 89 Sharp 

Howard and German 
Commissioners of lotteries, office 18 w Fayette 
Compie Ann, 81 s High 

Comstock Geo. D. Sec. Health Ins. Co. 242 Sarat. 
Conain Lewis, dw 53 Granby 
Conan Ann, 169 Ann 
Conant A. W. miller, Charles s of Barre 
Conant S. W. clock maker, 260 n Canal 
Conaway Carvill, edge tool maker, 4 President, dw 

98 Albemarle 
Conaway Jas. R. boot and shoemaker, 196Broadway 
Conaway John, blacksmith, 620 w Bait 
Conaway Saml. fisher, 31 Cross 
Conaway Sol. watchman, 620 w Bait 
Conaway Wm. E. cigar maker, 175 e Monument 
Concannon Michael, Garden n of Ross 
Condon* Ann, 117 Granby 
Condon Catharine, 18 s Exeter 
Condon John R. boot maker, 60 s Charles 
Condry Michael, tanner, 48 Green Mount av 
CONE DR. CYRENUS O. dental surgeon, 38 n 

Cone John, tailor, 9 East 
Cone John, laborer, 114 Canton av 
Conine Wm. C. 15 n Frederick 
Conkling Julius, 20 Maiden lane 
CONKLING WILLIAM H. shipping merchant,165 

Conley Bridget, Euley, near s Caroline 
Conley Geo. laborer, Canal st. n of Eastern av 
Conley Jas. ship joiner, 16 Register 
Conley Jno. carter, cor. Eden and Canal 
Conley L. K. soap factor, 17 Bank 
Conley Wm. carpenter, 138 Forrest 
Conlin Andrew, laborer, Light extd 
Conlin Anthony laborer, 31 Biddle al 
Conlin Michael, 74 Hamburg st 
Conlin Wm. carter, 196 Holliday 
Conly Dennis, grocer, 51 L. Hughes 
Conly John, laborer, 111 n Paca 
Conly John, oak cooper, 233 German, dw 22 Frem't 
Conly Michael, cedar cooper, 127 Columbia 
Conly Saml. cooper, s Paca extd 
Conn Jacob S. printer, 51 n Canal 
Conn John, laborer, 114 Bank 
Conn Wm. laborer, 503 Saratoga 
Conneary John, porter, 104 n Eden 
Connt. Mut. Life Ins. Co. 24 South, Wn% Boggs agt, 
Connell Cornelius, carpenter, 16 East 




Connell Jas. laborer, 24 Hillen 
Connell Jas. 99 East 

Connell John, laborer, Star al n of Canton av 
Connell Patrick, cooper, 149 Thames 
Connelly A. laborer, 127 Ensor 
Connelly Edward, laborer, 103 s Stirling 
Connelly Jas. 81 n Exeter 
Connelly Jno. tanner, Harford av 
Connelly Jno. Cathedral n of Richmond 
Connelly Martin, laborer, Chesapeake st. Canton 
Connelly Mary, dressmaker, cor. Howd. &, Saratoga 
Connelly Michael, teacher pub. school, 181 Saratoga 
Connelly Patrick, shoemaker, 72 Hillen 
Connelly Patrick, tanner, 123 Harford av 
Connelly Patrick, millwright, 32 Hillen 
Connelly Richard, teacher in No. 3 public school 

Saratoga, 1 door from Paca 
Conuer Bradley hod car. rear Harf'd, av near 84 
Conner Edward, nail maker, 107 Hill 
Conner Hannah, boarding house, 27 e Bait 
Conner Henry, silver smith, 7 Fremont 
Conner Jno. Stillman, 131 Holliday 
Conner Capt. Jno. B. prop. ''Seaman's home," 56 

Conner Jno. watchmaker and jeweller, 46 Bait 
Conner Jno. laborer, 5 Swan 

Conner Joshua, grocer, cor. Poppleton & Mulberry 
Conner Martin, coal dealer, 65 Burgundy al 
Conner Matth. carp, s e cor. Concord and Hawk 
Conner Nichols ,& Myers, shipping office 65 Thames 
Conner Owen, laborer, 43 Centre Market 
Conner Patrick, laborer, Chester s of Gough 
Conner Thos. W. dealer in hardware, 650 w Bait 
Conner W. carpenter, 66 Raborg 
CONNER WM. safe manufacturer, w Pratt extd 
Conno Chas. coach painter, 199 Aisquith 
Connolly Elias, meal and flour dealer, Harford av. 

near rope walk 
Connolly Hannah, 152 McHenry 
Connolly Jno. laborer, 17 Baker's al 
Connolly Jno. F. marble worker. 20 e Monument 
Connolly J. H. firm C. & Lloyd, dw 100 High 
Connolly & Lloyd, shoemakers, 88£ Bait 
Connolly M. teacher, Saratoga near Paca 
Connolly Patrick, marble polisher, 15 Hawk 
Connolly Patrick, tailor, Smith's ct. near n Eutaw 
Connelly Rich, teacher pub. school no. 3, Saratoga, 

1 door from Paca 
Connolly Thomas, carpenter, 104 Hillen 
Connolly Timothy, huckster, 41 Camden] 
Connor Bernard, grocer, 178 Bank 
Connor Jas. tanner, 7 Falls 

Connor Jno. laborer, 206 Bank 

Connor Patrick, nailor, Fremont near Eutaw 

Connor Sarah, 228 Canton av 

Connor Thos. painter, 309 e Monument 

Connor Wm. P. Capt. steambt. Haswell, 193 e Pratt 

Connoway St Baldwin, tobacconists, s Bond, "Pow- 

hatten hall,'* cor. Pratt 
Connoway Carvel, wheelw. & blaskm. 98 Albem'le 
Connoway Jas. laborer. Wash. sN F. Hill 
Connoway Jno. blksiru Camb'dg. e of Wind. Canton 
Connoway Mary, shop, Booth e of Shroeder 
Connoway Mich, milk man, Wolfn of Pratt 
Connoway Mrs. 27 Albemarle 
Connoway Perry, Washington st. F. Hill 
Conoly Jas. H. 100 s High 
Conoway Alfred, cordwainer, 219 Mulberry 
Conoway James, laborer, 250 Wolf 
Conoway John, Vine w of Shroeder 
CONRAD DR. A.M. H.surg. dentist, 18 n Liberty 
Conrad Mrs. E. M. 236 Saratoga 
Conrad Cas. tailor, 64 Park 
Conrad Fredk. L. box maker, 120 Montgomery 
Conrad Fredk. lock maker, 213 Lexington 
Conrad Geo. W. carpenter, 118 William 
Conrad Henry, hackmnn, Bethel n of Bank 
Conrad Jacob, grocer, 157 Penn. av 
Conrad Jacob, jr. butcher, 157 Penn. av 
Conrad Philip, carter, 112 Hill 
Conradt C. G. agt Calvert. Carpet Co. of. 1 s Charles 
Conradt G. I. imp. &. manf. pianos, over 244 Bait 
Conradt Geo. M. 41 e Fayette 
Conradt T. M. carpet manf. 75 Bait. dw 74 n Front 
Conroy Catharine, Elicott n of Chesapeake, Canton 
Conry Matthew, laborer, 215 Bethel 
Conry Patrick, tanner, Harford av. extd 
Conry Patrick, distiller, Clinton st. Canton 
Conry Rebecca, dress maker, 19 Barnet 
Constance John, shoemaker, 54 n Gay 
Constance John, tailor, 48 Park 
Constantine, laborer, rear 23 Carpenter's al 
Constantine Danl. shipwright, Cambg'e e of Can.av 
Conway Christ, carpet manf. Carey s of Bait 
Conway Francis A. 83 Madison 
Conway Henry, huckster, 81 Perry 
Conway John, finisher, 171 Hollins 
Conway John R. grocer, 81 Cheapside, dw 55 BajTe 
Conway John, grocer, 80 York 
Conway Lawrence, laborer, 50 Lancaster 
Conway Patrick, laborer, 50 Lancaster 
Conway Robert, carpenter, 208 Bond 
Coogen Andrew, shoemaker, 417 w Lombard 
Coogen Edward, machinist, 417 w Lombard 




Coogen Patrick, laborer, 8£ Addison 

Cook Alexander C. printer, 162 e Monument 

Cook Andrew J. boiler maker, Preston w of Garden 

Cook Angeline, 121 Ross 

Cook Anthony, gardner, s e cor. Reupub.&t Lexing* 

Cook Benj. M. boot and shoemaker, Bond n of Mad, 

Cook Christian, collector, 98 Hamburg 

Cook Col. E. auct'r, cor. Bait & Fredk. dw 1G Aisq. 

Cook Daniel, coach maker, dw 88 Pearl 

Cook David, laborer, 1G 1 J Ensor 

Cook Francis, machinist, 3 Shroeder 

Cook Frederick, butcher, 91 Montgomery 

Cook Frederick, sr. butcher, 98 Montgomery 

Cook Fredk. book keeper Chesap. bank, 44 n Front 

Cook G. Lewis, baker, 391 Saratoga 

Cook Geo. W. fish dealer, 289 Canton av 

Cook Geo. huckster, 232 s Bond 

Cook Geo. cabinet maker, 311 Saratoga 

Cook Hannah, 22 L. Gough 

Cook Henry, oak cooper, dw 24 Lee 

Cook H. W. grocer, n e cor. Pine and Bait 

Cook Henry, cabinet maker, 193 n High 

COOK REV. ISAAC P. bookseller and stationer, 

76 Baltimore 
Cook Jacob, collector, dw G6 n Eutaw 
Cook James, laborer, Chase e of Cathedral 
Cook Jas. H. prod. com. nit. 19 Commerce 130 n Exe. 
Cook James, laborer, 3G Potter 
Cook Jane, Cathedral n of Tyson 
Cook John W. shoemaker, 93 Boyd 
Cook John F. printer, 51 Ensor 
Cook John H. conductor, Cathedral n of Biddle 
Cook John H. cabinet maker, 705 w Baltimore 
Cook John D. tailor, cor. Somerset and Eager 
Cook John, laborer, 3G2 Light 
Cook John, 209 Madison av 

Cook John, cot. wadding manf. Garden. dw 117 Bid. 
Cook John, blacksmith, Henrietta e of Howard 
Cook John, huckster, Shroeder st. n of Bait 
Cook John P. shoemaker, 132 Columbia 
Cook Lewis J. agriculturist, 290 s Charles 
Cook Martin, carpet weaver, 70 Fremont 
Cook Mary, 26 Fawn 
Cook Mary, 13 Potter 
Cook Mary, seamstress, 25 May 
Cook Mary, 145 Orleans 
Cook Capt. Thomas M. 68 s Eden 
Cook Thos. & J. oak coopers, 20 McC'lellan dw 29 

and 31 Raborg 
Cook William, tinner, 242 German 
Cook Wra. H. boiler maker, 290 s Charles 
Cook Wm. piano imiker, 30 Shroeder 

Cook Wn . farmer, 143 Conway 

Cooke E. maker, n. w cor. Amity & Lemon 

run. from Poppleton 
Cooke Henry W. dw 136 Hanover 
Cooke Wm, & Sons, commission merchants, 75 

Light st wharf, dw 50 Franklin 
Cooksey Capt. Christr. H. 284 e Baltimore 
Cooksey Wm. trunnel mak. Wash, n of Alice Anna 
Cooley Catharine, Raborg w of Pearl 
Cooling Capt. Wm. mariner, 62 Lee 
Coombs Moses S. painter, 139 Canton av 
Coon Andrew, laborer, 219 Dallas 
Coon Elizabeth, 40 Park 

Coonan Daniel, clothier, 70 Centre Market space 
Coouan Michael, blacksmith, dw 60 Lancaster 
Cooney Christopher, grocer, 148 e Fayette 
Cooney James, cooper, 128 Thames, dw 253 Ann 
Cooney Lawrence, grocer, 13 Poppleton 
Coonley L. K. soap maker, 17 Bank 
Coonon Michael, blacksmith, 87 Lancaster 
Coonon Timothy, laborer, 2 Bath 
Cooper Alex, firm Hambleton & Co. dw 125 s Exete? 

Cooper Alex, apothecary & druggist, 102 Orleans 
COOPER & BUTLER, ship builders, Philpot st 
Cooper Charles, ship carpenter, 72 Eastern av 
Cooper E. Jas. lime office, 83 Bowly's whf. up stairs 
Cooper Capt. Edward O. mariner, 22 Broadway 
Cooper George E. machinist and smith, 7 President 

dw Canal s of Pratt 
Cooper & Griffin, tavern, 161 Light 
Cooper Hugh A. firm C &. Butler, dw 169 Broadway 
Cooper James, boot maker, 18 Pine 
Cooper James,' tavern keep. 3 centre market space 
Cooper James, grocer, 189 Hollins 
Cooper Jas.B. ship carpenter, Gough e of Broadway 
Cooper John, weaver, 3 Bank 
Cooper John, tavern &. eating saloon, 5 n High 
Cooper John, tavern &. boarding house, 31 Thames 
Cooper John, brush maker, 15 w Lombard 
Cooper Margaret, Gough w of Ann 
Cooper Margaret, 171 Wolf 
Cooper Martin, 144 Alice Anna 
Cooper Mary Ann, fancy furn. store, 179 s Charles 
Cooper Mary, tailoress, Wash. st. n Canton av 
Cooper Matthew H. mate, 126 Ann 
Cooper Samuel, book keeper, 417 n Calvert 
Cooper Samuel, milkman, 259 William 
Cooper Sarak, 30 Clay 
COOPER THOMAS A. fancy and Windsor chaif 

manufacturer, 196 Lexington 
Cooper Wells, collector, 28 n Liberty, office 47 
mansion house, Fayette st 




Cooper Wm. B.tnahogony worker, 143 Camden 
Cooper Wm. keeper "Gay st head quarters'' 188 n 

Gay st 
Cooper Wm. tavern keeper, 171 Eistern av 
Copeland Richard, hatter, 91 French 
Copeman Mary Ann, 258 s Bond 
Copenhaver Augustus, paper hanger, 174 Broadway 
Copes Vincent K. brickmaker, Lombard w of Eden 
Copper Jas. ladies' shoe maker, 26 Somerset 
Copper Samuel, shoe maker, 3'J Hollins 
Copper Smelting (Bait.) Co. David Keener, agent, 

Clinton st. Canton 
Coram Joseph, shoe maker, 172 Lombard 
Coram Wm. H. shoe maker. 26 Preston 
Corato Eliza, milliner, 181 s Bond 
Corbell Peter, tav r ern keeper, 52 Harrison 
Corbel Wm. trader, 129 e Pratt 
Corbet James, laborer, Chester s of Gough 
Corbin John, tailor, 49 Watson 
Corbin Martin, oak cooper, 41 Commerce, dw 25 
Corbitt Eman. firm I. Corbitt Si Co. Johnson st. near 

G. Hushes 
CORBITT ISAAC & CO. umbrella and Indian 

rubber goods dealer, 189 Bait 
Corbitt Isaac, umbrellas and parasol manufacturer, 

53 Bait 
Corbon David blank book man. and stationer, 23 s 

Cord John, butcher, G. Hampstead 
Corderry Maria, 182 e Pratt 
Cordray Henry L. firm Brown & C. 202 Mulberry 
Cordus Henry, shoe maker, Harford av. extd 
Corey Mark, laborer, Cambridge e of Leakin, Canton 
Corey Michael, bricklayer, 18 French 
Corkran Francis S. lumber dealer, 124 Pratt, dw 12 

Corkran Wm. clerk, 140 Hanover 
Corman Robt. Hollins Market Space 
Cornelius Edwd. carpenter, 51 Spring 
Cornelius Jas. grocer, s e cor. Canal and Gay 
Cornelius John, huckster, 125 Hillen 
Cornelius N. A. grocer, 153 Forest 
CORNELIUS NICHOLAS, grocer, 159 Forest 

dw 157 • 

Cornelius Robt. ship carpenter, 126 Conway 
Cornelius Susan, teacher, 241 Franklin 
Cornell Michael, carpenter, 237 Franklin 
Corner's wharf, s end Ann, firm Jas. C. & Sons 

Corner B. M. Mezick, firm Jas. C. & Sons, dw n w cor. 

St. Paul and Pleasant 
Corner Geo. W. firm J. C. & Sons, dw cor. Broad-iCotter Nich. carpenter, 99 Tyson 

way and Hampstead st (Cotter Richd. teacher, 240 n Howard 

CORNER JAMES & SONS, shipping and com- 
mission merchants, s end Corner's wharf, foot of 
Frederick st. dock 
Corner John, moulder, 223 e Pratt 
Corner Sol. flour deal. 36 Commerce, dw 127 e Bait. 
Corner Thos. firm C. & Sons, dw n e cor. Charles 

and Madison 
Corney Isaac, glass blower, 18 Lancaster 
Corney Jas. carter, Columbia st. extd. 
Cornprobst Bernard, rigger, 64 William 
Corns Jacob, watchman, 735 w Baltimore 
Cornthwait John, carpenter, 182 Bank 
Cornthwait Robt. hatter, Gough e Ann 
Cornyn Teressa, 15 McElderry 
Corptrue Moses, boiler maker, 282 Canton av 
Corrigan Borthol. clothier, 87 Thames 
Corrigan John, 33 s Front 
Corrigan Patrick, soap boiler, 147fc s Eden 
Corrigan Patrick, grocer, 236 Canton av 
Corsurf Louis, tanner, 1 State 
CORTLAN 8c CO. importers foreign, staple and 

fancy hardware, 203 Baltimore 
Cortlan Jas. jr. firm Jas. C. & Co. dw 44 e Favette 
CORTLAN JAMES & SON, importers and man- 
ufacturers of block tin and japanned ware, 18 Bal- 
timore, dw Jas. C. sr. 34 e Baltimore 

Corwf Louis, tanner, 1 State 

Corwine Elizabeth, 23 York av 

Cosey Benj. J. saddler, 93 n Eutaw 

Cosgrove John, 26 Boyd 

Cosgrove Patrick, grocer, 93 Lexington 

Cosgrove Patrick, grocer, 60 Eastern av 

Cosgrove Peter, 350 s Charles 

Coskerry Patrick, laborer, 311 Eastern av 

Coskey Mrs. 234 Biddle 

Cosmell John, rigger, 33 Bethel 

Coss Geo. lotterf deal, s e cor. Franklin and Paca, 
dw 218 Franklin 

Cost Wm. painter, 275 Wolf 

Costellay Patrie, cedar coop. Franklin, dw 115 Ross 

Costello Jas. tailor, 191 n Gav 

Costello John, grocer, 155 e Baltimore 

Costello Ann, milliner, 191 n Gay 

Costello Mary, 16 McElderry 

Coster Jos. paver, 41 Spring 

Coster Thos. currier. 6 Lovely lane 

Costigan Patk. gardner, Chatsworth near Hoffman 

Costigan Wm. grocer, n w cor. Bethel and Gough 

Costolay P. J. firm Gruver & C. dw 115 Ross 

Cotter Matilda, 384 Saratoga 




Cottingham Saml.&Thos. smiths, Grant near Pratt, 

dw S. C 9 Warren 
Cottingham Thus, firm S. &. T. C. dw "Warren 
Cotiman Jas. S. firm Boggs, C. & Co. 101 St. Paul 
Cottrell & Brown, Marine railway, G. Hughes 
Cotirell Cant. Clark, prop. Marine Watering place. 

e end G. Hughes 
Cottrell Elizab. dress maker, 23 Ross 
Cottrell Capt. Henry W. dwHill 
Cottrell Jas. W. painter, 74 n Eutaw, dw 19 Gibson 
Cottrell Jane, grocer, n e cor. Gibson and Preston 
Cottrell Sarah, grocer, 10 Gibson 
Cottringer Miss, young ladies' academy, 89 Franklin 
Couchman Geo. carpt. Prospect Hill, rear Bait, st 
Cotwell Capt. Henry, 21 Hill 
Coughlan Cornelius, grocer, Canal s Bank 
Coughlan Mary, 2 Rock 

Coughlan Wm. bottler, cor. Eastern av &. Exeter st 
Coul Michael, bay trader, Boyd w Poppleton 
Coulan Jas. undertaker buildings, 245 Saratoga 
Coulson Andw. rigger, 74 Argyle al 
Coulson Geo. J. A. firm Reese & C. dw 120 Pearl 
Coulson Jas. boatswain, 53 e Lombard 
Coulson Thos. H. clerk, 82 e Pratt 
Coulson Wm. sand paper maker, w Saratoga extd. 
Coulter Alex. bricklayer, 110 Dugan's whf 
Coulter Alex, teller Merchants' Bank, 54 Biddle 
Coulter Ann, 126 n Eden 
Coulter John, dry goods dealer, 107 n Gay 
Coulter John, teacher, 263 Light 
Coulter John, carter, lis Paca st extd. 
Coulter Dr. Henry S. 133 Sharp 
Coulter John P. collector, s w cor Centre & Charles 
Coulter John, laborer, Dolphin n Grundy 
Coulter Mary, seamstress, 3 Centre 
Coulter Saml. clothier, 111 n Eutaw 
Counselman Chas. carpenter, 346 w Fayette 
Counselman Fredk. blacksmith, 212 s Bond 
Counselman Geo. F. tailor, 476 w Lombard 
Counselman Jacob, salt & plaisterdeal. 145 German 
Counselman Lawrence W. tinner, 228 German 
Counselman Wm painter, Scott w Pratt 
Counsell Ruth T. dress maker, 233 Lexington 
Counsell Wm. stone cutter, rear 10 Bath 
Counsellor's Hall, 46 Lexington 
Countess Jos. carter, s e cor. Henrietta and Paca 
Coupland Dorothea, 10 Pine 
Court House, Bait, city, cor. divert and Lexington 
Court John, locksmith, 1 Diamond 
Court Orphans', office Record buildings, St. Paul 
Courtenay David L. teller Farmers' and Merchants' 

Bank, 103 Lexington 

Courteney & Gushing, tobacco com. mts. 65 s Gay 

Courteney E. S. firm C. & Gushing, dw 56 Saratoga 

Courtney Jas. boiler maker, 9 Bethel 

Courtney John, carter, 313 e Monument 

Courts Geo. W. butcher, 165 Fremont 

Courts Mary, tailoress, 6 n Greene 

Cousins Caroline, dry goods dealer, 531 w Baltimore 

Cousins Jno. oak coop. 23 President, dw 107 s Edeii 

Cousins Stephen, blacksmith, 31 New Church 

Couth Richd. bricklayer, 59 Chew 

Couver Benj. butcher, 191 n Eden 

Couzins Elizab. milliner, 194 s Bond 

Coville Joel, conduct, rail road, 487 w Lombard 

Covington Henry, carpent. 23 Grant, dw 185 Aisq. 

Covington Nathl. merchant, 618 w Baltimore 

COWAN THOMAS, merchant tailor and clothier, 
157 Baltimore, dw 33 Pine 

Cowan Wm. L. surgeon dentist, 172 w Lombard 

Cowan Wm H. attorney at law,8 Court House lane,, 
dw 223 e Monument 

Cowan Wm. glass blower, 160 Light 

Coward Wash, mariner, 200 Canton av 

Cowett Mary, nurse, 147 n Caroline 

Cowman Jas. boiler maker, 277 Light 

Cowman Richd. city bailiff, Lombard « Canal 

Cowman Saml. S. grocer, s e cor. Park and Sarato- 
ga, dw s e cor. Fayette and Eutaw 

Cown Thos. laborer, 179 Chesnut 

Cowpland Wm. S. lot. & ex. of. 26 w Pratt, dw 220 e 

Cox Chas. J. ship carpenter, Wolf n Lancaster 

Cox Danl. grocer, Gay e Chew 

Cox Elias, shoemaker, Register n Bank 

COX ELISHA, keeper "Logan Hall*' tavern, cor. 
Bond and Bank 

Cox Geo. lottery & exchange broker, 2£ Harrison 

Cox Isaac, hatter, 157 w Pratt 

Cox Jas. cigar maker, 140 n Canal 

Cox Jas. H. upholsterer, 158 Bait, dw 4 s Fredk. 

Cox Jas. laborer, 26 Poppleton 

Cox Jas. blacksmith, Republican near Baltimore 

Cox Jas. H. upholsterer and paper hanger, 158 Bal- 
timore, dw 4 s Frederick 

Cox John, yeast manuf. s e cor. Spring & Jefferson 

Cox John, yeast maker, 67 Spring 

Cox John, bricklayer, 310 Aisquith 

Cox Jos. &. Sons, furriers, 2 s Liberty 

Cox Marion, boot fitter, 161 Chesnut 

Cox Melchor, stone mason, Poppleton n Saratoga 

Cox Michael, laborer, 18 Holliday 

COX NATHANIEL, attorney, over 9 Court House 
lane, dw 238 Franklin 

Cox Stephen G. bricklayer, 98 n Caroline 




Cox Wm. clerk, 51 Holland 

Cox Win F. shoemaker, 164 Broadway 

Cox Wm. H. mt. tailor, 345 Bait, dw 250 German 

Coxe Esau L. brickmaker, Scott n Columbia 

Coxon Ohas. potter, Hunter's al 

Coyle Bernard, prov. dealer, 45 Ross 

Coyle Bernard, butcher, Fremont st extd. 

Coyle Chas. cor. Poppleton and Baltimore 

Coyle John, ship carpenter, 36 Hamburg 

Coyle Terrance P. surg. dentist, cupper aad leecher* 

32 n Gal vert 
Coyne Jeremiah, carpenter, 54 Mulberry 
Coziue Mary Ann, 97 Ensor 
Crabbin Bcrj. carpenter, Montgomery e Covingtoa 
Crader Conrad, milkman, 89 Canal 
CRAFT CHARLES H. grocer, 43 Centre 
Craft Eliza, boarding house, 49 Lexington 
Craft Geo. butcher, 548 w Sarataga 
Craft George, 43 Centre 
Craft Jacob, oil and paint dealer, 17 Cheapside, dw 

31 Camden 
Craft John, stone mason, 118 n Paca 
Craft Thadeus C. firm Cole, Craft & Co. dw cor, St. 

Paul and Centre 
Craft Wm. G. firm Cole, Craft & Co. dw 54 Holliday 
Crag Thcs. brickmaker, Washington s Gough 
Crager Henry, bricklayer, Hoffman near Gibson 
Crager Henry, laborer, 241 Aisquith 
Cragg Henry, prin. No. 4 Pub School, 142 e Monut. 
Cragg Levin, mariner, 60 Henrietta 
Cragg Thos. brickmaker, Washington s Gough 
Craggs Robt. tailor, Ann n Pratt 
Craggs Wm. carpenter, 135 Fremont 
Graggs Wm. biscuit baker, 8 Low 
Crahan Jas. laborer, 5 Star al 
Craig Eliza, boarding house, 524 w Pratt 
Craig Horatio E. car builder, ?9 Garden 
Craig Hugh M. brickl. n w cor. Lexington &Howd. 
Craig Jas, fisher, Boston near Clinton st. Canton 
Craig John, type caster, 164 n Exeter i 

Craig Dr. John A, 35 n Calvert 
Craig Robt. dry goods dealer, 22 Centre Market 
Craig Robt. stonecutter, 55 Ross 
Craig Thos. mariner, 44 Henrietta 
Craig Wm. clothier, 28 CerUre Market 
Cram Marietta, Lombard w Parkin 
Cramblet Francis, foreman foiling mill, 320 East.av 
Cramblet Stephen, bricklayer, 84 Block 
Cramblet Thos. A. carpenter, 446 w Baltimore, dw 

261 Saratoga 
Cramer Francis, cabinet maker, 125 CantOft av 
Cramer Margaret, 268 s Charles 

Crammer Christ, basket maker, 206 s Bond 

Crampton Thos. weaver, Saratoga st extd. 

Crane Adam, laborer, 68 Fremont 

Crane Andw. Fuller, firm W. C, & Son, dw 323 w 

CRANE BENJAMIN, wholesale millinery goods 
dealer, s e cor. Baltimore and Charles, dw 86 n 

Crane Mary, boarding house, 240 w Pratt 

Crane Philip, cabinet maker, 176 w Pratt 

Crane Thos. shoemaker, cor. Bond and Mullikin 

Crane Wm. cabinet maker, 7 Orleans 

Crane Wm. firm Wm. C.& Son, dw 31 n Frederick 

Crane Dr. Wm. B. 44 Lexington 

CRANE WILLIAM & SON, hide and leather 
dealers, cor. Cheapside and Water st 

Craney Thos. salesman, 110 Saratoga 

Cranford Saml. tobacconist, Gough st e Castle al 

Crangle Jas. E. brickmaker, 110 Columbia 

Crangle John, grocer, 129 s Howard 

Carpin Capt. Saml. sail, awning, sacking-bottoms. 
&c. maker, 87 Orleans 

Craver J. S. bacon deal, n w cor.Brune & Franklin 

Crawford Alex. 170 n Calvert 

Crawford Alfred, agent Citizens' Union line steam- 
boats, dw cor. Albemarle and Granbv 

Crawford Andw. shoemaker, Perry e Hanover 

Crawford Andw. coach wheelwright, 88 Hollins 

Crawford Canfield, brickmaker, w Pratt st extd. 

Crawford Charlotte, dry goods dealer, 19 n High 

Crawford D. hackman, 173 Tyson 

Crawford Jacob, carpenter, 51 s Paca 

Crawford James, watchman, 9 Bond 

Crawford James, dealer, Hammond al 

Crawford James W. chair ornamenter, 79 n Eden 

Crawford Lewis, fireman, 131 Hollins 

Crawford Martin, carpenter, Greene's ct. 

Crawford Patrick, weaver, 216 Raborg 

Crawford Richd. printer, 4 Comet 

Crawford Robt. K. bacon dealer, 178 Monument 

Crawford Win. wood and coal deal. 410 w Lombard 

Crawford Wm. jeweller, Frederick n Baltimore dw 
5 s Caroline 

Crawford Wm. M. jeweller, 7 u Frederick 

Cray Thos. cabinet maker, 132 e Lombard 

Creag Wm. pr. Oak Hall clothing house, 39 Balti- 
more, dw 36 Fawn 

Creager Peter, butcher, 797 w Baltimore, dw 17 
Dewberry al 

Creager Elizabeth, 286 Canton av 

Cie&Hier Alex, saddler, 370 a Gay 




Creamer Misses Caroline and Susan, dress makers, 

218 Aisquith 
Creamer Chas. city bailiff, Beufort lane 
Creamer David, firm J. C. & Son, dw cor. Ensor and 

Creamer Jacob, drayman, 149 Bank 
Creamer J. & Son, lumber mts. w Falls av. and eor. 

harford av and Forest st 
Creamer John, confectioner, 5 York av 
Creamer John, 8 Green Mount av 
Creamer Joshua, lumber com. mt. cor. e Falls and 

Canton av. dw 135 n Exeter 
Creamer Thos. & Wra. lumber mts. w Falls av. dw 

Thos. C. 123 s High 
Creamer Wm. of firm, dw 135 Exeter 
Creek Rachel, 232 Biddle 

Creery Wm. R. teach. Pub. School No. 6, 217 Sarat. 
Creighton Henry, mariner, 291 Light 
Creighton James, 11 Warren 
CREIGHTON MICHAEL, tavern, 39 C. Market 
Creighton Saml. tailor 64 Montgomery 
Creighton Capt. Wm. 42 Henrietta 
Crevey Wm. flour and feed dealer, 80 Hillen 
Crew Andw. cooper, 154 Green Mount av 
Crew Delilab, seamstress, 403 w Pratt 
Crew Edwd. furn. carter, 12 s Bond 
Crew Hanson, furn. carter, 12 s Bond 
Crew Mary, seamstress, 18 Shroeder 
Crew Wm. 35 e Monument 
Crev Henry J. paver, 70 Buren 
Crichton Wm.hrm P. Malcom & Co. 8 Waterloo 

Row, u Calvert 
Cricket Jas. shoemaker, 228 Raborg 
Crimmin Timothy, teacher, 756 w Baltimore 
Cnpps Thos. laborer, 68 Orleans 
Criqui Ferd. shoemaker, n wcor. Eutaw & Barre 
Cnss Michael, firm Kelly, Ball & C. 26Hollins 
Crissall Geo. boot maker, 216 s Charles 
Crisal John, watchman, 51 Henrietta 
Crise Geo. W. carpenter, 37 Pine 
Crise John L. 207 Madison av 
Crisp Chas. cigar maker, 179 Wolf 
Crisp Elijah, painter, 133 n Paca 
Crispen Peter, laborer, 47 L. Hughes 
Crist Wm. 119 Ensor 
' Cristner Jos. porter, Poppleton n Fayette 
Crocken Jas. D. market trader, 436 Saratoga 
Crocker Abraham, grocer, 26 Chew 
Crocker Emanuel, baker, 6 n High 
Crocker Jas. 428 w Lombard 
Croclsett John, stone cutter, 360 Franklin 
Crockett Nehemiah, shoemaker, 21 Josephine 

Croeling Fredk. shoemaker, Penn. av n Wilson si 

Croft Fredk. blacksmith, 266 Biddle 

Croft John C. butcher, 47 York ay 

Croft Wm. rail road conductor, 140 Fremont 

Croke John E. mate. 262 Alice Anna 

Cromer Eliza, seamstress, 193 Columbia 

Cromer & Hoff, tobacconists, 343 Baltimore 

Cromer Mary, tailoress, 16 s Eutaw 

Cromer Solomon, carpenter, Rose n Gibson 

Cromer Thos. W.firni C. & Hoff, 104 St. Mary r ^ 

Cromwell Deborah, boarding house, 27 Baltimore 

Cromwell J. J, caipenter, 332 Franklin 

Cromwell Jacob, cabinet maker, 69 Rose 

Cromwell John, cabinet maker, 176 Fremont 

Cromwell Joshua, firm Letton & Co. dw 110 Ann 

Cromwell Levi, gunsmith, 134 Thames 

Cromwell Nimrod, 8 n High 

Cromwell Oliver T. coach maker, 65 Harford av 

Cromwell Richd. sen. 87 n Paca 

Cromwell Richd. }r. farmer, 87 n Paca 

Cromwell Sarah, 149 s Caroline 

Cromwell Thos, cab. and chair maker, 90 Broadway 

Cronberger T. merchant, 4 New Church 

Cronebager Chas. cabinet maker, 1 State 

Croney John VV. ladies' shoemaker, 157 Broadway 

Cronhardt John, shoemaker, 33 Ensor 

Cronmiller Jacob, Baltimore w Carey 

Cronmiller Misses, 141 Sharp 

Crook Burnett, carpenter,23 s Caroline 

Crook Charlotte, Garden w Preston 

Crook Danl.57 Harford av 

Crook Francis A. firm Sanders & C. Madison ar 

CROOK JOSEPH & SON, cabinet and chair mak' 

ers, 55 w Fayette, dw 376 Saratoga 
Crook Joshua, carter, 141 Satan Ann 
Crook Mrs. cake seller. 137 Low 
Crook Walter, jr. uphotat. & paper hanger, 220 Bait, 
Crook Wilson B. upholsterer & paper hanger, 47 s 

Crook Wm. s-upercarao,32 Spring 
CROOKSHANKS JOHN, grocer and commission 

merchant, 84 Light si wharf, dw 90 Barre 
Crop Wm. plaisterrer, 387 Lexington 
Cropper John, lumber dealer, 43 n Eden 
Cropper Z. H. H. firm Hopkins & C. 58 s High 
Crosby Jas. carpenter, Truxton 
Crosby Jos. & Son, imp. and dealers in fruit, 36 s 

Charles, dw J. C. 251 w Lombard 
Crosfely Geo. engineer, Clinton st. Canton 
Croshaw Wm. 40 Harford av 
[Cross Rev. Andrew Boyd, 161 Aisquith 
'Cross Andrew, laborer, 212 n Eden 




Cross David, wheelwright, 45 Stirling 

Cross Edwd. rigger, ISFell 

Cross Francis La. engineer. GO Montgomery 

Cross Martha, 75 n High 

Cross Philemon, carpenter, 33 Chew 

Cross Richd, 73 n High 

Cross Saml. B. blacksmith, 69 s Howard, dw 68 s 

Cross Thos. State hay weigher, 52 s Frederick 
Cross Truman, cashier Commercial and Farmers' 

Bank, dw 9 s Howard 
Cross Walter, cooper, 172 Forest, dw 174 
Cross Win, D. tailor, 57 Argyle al 
Crosslay J. P. grocer, 215 Lex. dw 245 Fayette 
Crouch David, carter, 82 Montgomery 
Crouch Elizabeth, band-box maker, 9 Mercer 
Crouch George W. mariner, 283 Light 
Crouch James, shoe maker, 9 n Caroline 
Crouch Julia Anu, shoebinder, 21 Bethel 
C rough Dennis, store keeper, 83 Franklin 
C rough John, ship carpenter, 16 Register 
Crouk John, laborer. Star al. s of Canton av 
C rouse Adam, grocer, 7 n Eden 
Crouse John, bnck maker, 363 Light 
Crouse William A. black smith, 131 Madison 
Crout Hezekiah, tin worker, 85 Penn. av 
Crow Ezekiel, watchman, 35 n High 
Crow John, carpenter, 210 Hoi I ins 
Crow John, laborer, 25 Harmony lane 
Crow Michael, House's ct. s Charles st 
Crow N. J. painter, 7 French 
Crowder Jacob, copper smith, 54 Light 
Crow! Edward W. grocer, n w cor. High and Bait 
Crowl Peter, seaman, 239 Happy al 
Crowley Frederick, Exeter s of Eastern av 
Crowley John, grocer, 8 Dallas 
Crowley John, laborer, Wolf n of Pratt 
Crowley Julia* 64 s Spring 
Crowley William S. clerk, 6 s Exeter 
Crow* field Mrs. A. J. library & stationery, 57 n Gay 
Crowther Benj. stone cutter, Rose e of Jordan 
CroWther John, carpenter, 104 Pearl 
Croxall & Browning, cordage manf. 69 South 
Croxall Richard, of firm C. & Browning, dw 48 

CROYEATJ AUGTJSTIN, wig and ornamental 

hair manufactory, and importer of French fancy 

goods, 171 Baltimore 
Crozier Ann Maria, 194 e Pratt 
Crozier Charles, hatter, 198 Broadway 
Crozier Charles, hatter, 109 Bond 
Crozier James, moulder, 511 w Lombard 

Crozier Mitchell, cigar maker, 69 Hillen 
Crozier Thomas, bricklayer, 53 Hampstead 
Crozier William, sail maker, 78 s Eden 
Crummer Edward, lime dealer, 80 Madison 
Crummer Frederick fireman. Canton av. w of Car- 
oline street 
Crummer N. J. grocer, 70 Hilleu 
Cruse Henry S. "tobacconist, 51 Mullikin 
Cruse Isaac, com. merchant 5 Water, dw s w cor. 

Calvert and Centre 
Cruse James, wheelwright, Washington s of Pratt 
Cruser Isaac, clerk, 215 Hanover 
Crusse Jno. prop. "Boston house," n e cor. Boston 

and Lake 
Cuba Smelting Co. H. McKim, President, George 

W. Waters, agent, Locust point, Fort road 
Cubach Danl, tailor, s e cor. Pearl and Mulberry 
Cudlip Benj dyer, North n of Madison 
Cugle & Berger, booksellers, 254 Bait 
Cugle Jno. W. firm C. & Berger, dw 106 n Eutaw 
Cuhan Jeremiah, laborer, 71 French 
Culbertson C. D. firm Jno. McCullogh & Co. dw 42 

n Liberty 
Culbertson Elizabeth, G. Hampstead 
Cullen Isabella. Happy al.s of Pratt 
Cullen James, dealer in cows & horses, 81 Forrest 
Cullen Patrick, laborer, 1 Hamilton 
Culley Langly B. ship builder, 20 G. Montgomery 
Culley Robert, ship builder, 54 William 
Culliinore John, firm Smith & C. 69 Ann 
Cullimore & Smith, ship smiths, 14 Thames 
Cullison John W. mason, Falls road . 
Cullison Noah, feed and lime dealer, 77 Penn av. 
Cullison Jesse M. farmer, 2 Jasper 
Cullison Merrit, pilot, 299 Eastern av 
Cullison Thomas W. carpenter, 212 Broadway 
Cullough Duncan, engineer steamboat Md. 82 Bank 
Culluin George, miller. 660 w Bait 
Culluin John, meal &. flour dealer, 139 York av 
Cullum John B. miller, 23 Haw 
Cullum Nelson, carpenter, 202 Aisquith 
Culluin Wm. meal& flour deal. McKim n of Ea<:er 
Cully Langly B. firm Gray & C. 20 Montgomery 
Culnan George, tailor, 161 e Madison 
Cullnan Jacob P. lumber dealer, 164 e Madison 
Culnan Saml. firm Smith & C. 6 Somerset st 
Culvener George, mariner, Spring s of Fayette 
Culver Herman, millwright, 39 Camden 
Culver John, blacksmith, 18 Caroline 
Culver Mrs. L. 397 n Gay 

Culver Wm. T. oak cooper, al. e of Fremont, s of 




CulverwelL Wm. tavern keeper, 329 Bond 
Culvey Win. cooper, 186 Fremont 
Cumimugs Alex. firmC. & Bro. dw 319 Mulberry 
Cummings James, carpenter, 38 Holland 
Cummings John, carpenter, 26 Penn. av 
Cummings Margaret, dress maker, 80 Ann 
Cummings Morris, baker, 303 e Monument 
Cummings Robt. P. bricklayer, 207 e Fayette 
Cummings Thomas, laborer, 129 s Exeter 
Cummings John, carpenter, 32 e Lombard 
Cummins Jonathan P. painter. 473 w Bait 
Cummins Mary, grocer, 119 Peircte 
Cummins Mary, 45 Hollins 
Cummiskey Eugene, attor.9 counsel, hall, Lex. st 
Cummisky John, 190 n Eutaw 
Cunningham Andrew, coach painter, 413 n Gay 
Cunningham Ann, milliner, 174 w Lombard 
Cunningham E. B. machinist, 24 Comet 
Cunningham Edward, laborer, 129 Peirce 
Cunningham George S. drover, 61 Hollins 
Cunningham Fanny, white washer, Union al. e of 

Canal st 
Cunningham Hugh, rear 10 Bath 
Cunningham J as. grocer, 15 e Bait. cor. Front, dw 

74 e Fayette 
Cunningham James, merchant, Somerset n of Eager 
Cunningham James, mason, 40 Mullikin 
Cunningham John, grocer, 95 McElderry's wharf, 

dw 9"* French 
Cunningham Jon. N. trader in market, 232|Frank'n 
Cunningham Jno. blacksmith, Pleas't. al w of Castle 
Cunningham John, coach trimmer, 167 n Chesnut 
Cunningham John, watchmaker, 130 Pine 
Cunning'ham John, hackman, Stirling e of Chew 
Cunningham Margaret, 66 Block 
Cunningham Mrs. 58 Lexington 
Cunningham Mortimore, grocer, cor. Pratt & Canal 
Cunningham Samuel, hack driver, Truxton 
Cunningham Sarah, Penn. av. extended 
Cunningham Stephen, 66 George 
Cunningham Wm. H. flour, feed and lime dealer, 

149 n Gray, dw Aisquith s of Chew 
Cunningham Wm. C. carpenter, 232 n Eden 
Cunningham Wm. bricklayer. 112 McElderry 
Curlett Edward, plaisterer, Washington s of Pratt 
CURLETT JOHN & SON, coach and harness 

makers, 33 North, dw 153 Biddle 
Curlett John, jr. firm Smith & C. 86 Calvert 
Curlett Lewis G. confectioner, 56 e Bait 
Curlett Mary, shoe binder, 84 Mullikin 
Curley, Chopper & Co. hardware merchants, 17 n 

Curley Edwin G. shoemaker, 66 Holliday 

Curley Henry R. builder, 134 Park 

Curley Jas. St Sons, carpenters, cor. Monument and 

Howard, dw Jas. C. 83 Park 
Curley Owen, laborer, court Ir w end Carpenter's al 
Curley Wm. firm Jas. C. & Sons, 173 Park 
Curley Wm. tailor, 11 Harford av 
Curren Edward, laborer, 131 Alice Anna 
Curren Jno. tinner, 528 w Pratt 
Curren Michal, baker, 118 Greene Mount av 
Curren Nicholas, plumber, 234 Light 
Curren Stephen, tanner, 98 Hillen 
Curren Jas. machinist, 126 Lee 
Curren John, 73 Ensor 
Curry Dr. Edward T. 96 Pine 
Curry Francis, Clinton st. Canton 
Curry L. H. grocer, n w cor. High and Lombard 
CURRY NORMAN B. grocer, 95 Franklin, dw 269 

n Howard 
Curry Rosettaj tailuress, 100 s Howard 
Curry Samuel, milk dealer, s w cor. Gay & Madison 
Curry Wm. H. blacksmith, 108 Madison 
Curry Wm. carpenter, 199 Canton av 
Curtain Jas. A. wholesale dealer in silk and straw 

goods, over 213 Baltimore 
Curtain Jno. bonnet dealer, 254 German 
Curtain Margaret, 392£ n Gay 
Curtain Mary, dress maker, 32 German 
Curtain Patrick, s Charles st Houses' court 
Curtain Rebecca, 202 e Fayette 
Curtin John, cabinet maker, dw 248 German 
Curtis Patrick, laborer, Canton av. e of Bank, dw 

254 German 
Curtin Ths. carpenter, 543 w Baltimore 
Curvel Fanny, fish dealer, Eager st e of York av 
Curvil John, bricklayer, Gibson n of Hoffman 
Curvil Mary, huckster, 153 Greene Mount av 
Curzon Jos. carpenter. 484 Baltimore 
Cushing & Bailey, booksellers & stationers, 262 Bait 
Cushing David, 157 Favette 
Cushing Jno. & Co booksellers, 6 n Howard, dw J, 

C. 237 w Lombard 
Cushing Joseph, jr., of firm C. & Bailey, dw 85 W 

Cushing Joseph, sen., dw 271 w Pratt 
CushlyWm. grocer, 72 Hampstead 
Cushman Elizabeth, washer, 12 Mercer 
Custom House, n w cor. Gay and Lombard 
Cntcher Francis, bricklayer, 7 Dewberry al 
Cuttle George, grocer, 44, dw 50 n Eutaw 
Cyprian Jno. shoemaker, 15 New Church 
Cyriax Dr. B. 13 n Frederick 




Czorda Vincent, 348 Lexington 
Daferner Jno. G. horse shoer,36$ Penn. av 
Daffin Benj. D. cutler, 2 Holliday, dw44 n High 
Daffin Charles, engineer, Garden w of Preston 
Dafford Jno. laborer, Register n of Gough 
Dafries Fredk. shoemaker, 32 Hampstead 
Dagnell Luke, blacksmith, 304 Forrest 
Daguer Jer. laborer, 23 High al 
Dagner Samuel, grocer, 200 s Caroline 
Dahl Jacob, store, 10 Union 
Dahle Jno. H. C. tailor, 89£ n Gay 

Daigenhart , 153 Stirling 

Daiger Frederick, boarding bouse, 158 s Paca 
Daiger Fredk. dealer in hardware and tin manuf. 

n e cor. Eutaw and Pratt 
Daiger Joseph, charcoal manuf. Canton, dw 57 E. av 
Daiger Jno. tailor, 34 n Liberty 
Daiger Joseph, constable, 103 Aisquith 
Daiger Jos. jr. charcoal manuf. 125 McEderry's wf 
Dail Danl. carpenter, dw 130 s High, shop 28 Second 
Daily & Brother, grocers, 158 Forrest 
Daily Michael, porter, 103 n Calvert 
Daily Owen, drayman, Perry e of Hanover 
Daily Thos. laborer 1 Centre 
Daily Wm. surgical instrument maker,' 158 Forrest 
Dairy Mrs.45£ s Paca 
Daix Edward, wig maker and hair dresser, St. Paul 

near Baltimore 
Dale Jno. tailor, rear 80 C. Market space 
Dale Robt. G. firm Burgess, Dale & Co. Hunter al 
Daley Anthony, laborer, 13 Mott 
Daley Caroline B.24 Spring 
Daley &. Curlet. confectioners, 56 e Baltimore 
Daley Daniel, 144 Pearl 
Daley Eugene, 6 Pleasant 
Daley Elijah, chair maker, 55 Chew 
Daley Elizabeth, 195 Aisquith 
Daley Jacob, jr., chair maker, 162 e Fayette 
Daley John, carter, 27 s Paca. extended 
Daley Jno. C. laborer, 134 Lancaster 
Daley John, clothier, 330 Baltimore, dw 62 n Eutaw 
Daley John, 203 Franklin 
Daley Joseph, chair maker, 24 Jackson 
Daley Julia, seamstress, 11 Clay 
Daley Michael, blacksmith, 5 Bath 
Daley Samuel W. T. carpenter, 273 Saratoga 
Daley Sarah, tailoress, 157 n Eutaw 
Dall Austin, firm Turnbull, Dall Co. 45 St. Paul 
Dall Lewis, laborer, 896 w Baltimore 
Dall Wm. laborer, 42 Chatsworth 
Dallam Edward B.firm D. & Carroll, 12 McCulloh 
Dallam John, firm D., Miller & Sbipe, 21 Hamilton 

DALLAM FRANCIS J. Treasurer Equitable In- 

surance office, boards cor. Liberty and Saratoga 
DALLAM, MILLER & SHIPE, wholesale dry 

goods mts. 304 Baltimore 
Dallam Ths. J. clerk in Farmers' & Merchants Bank, 

dw 76 Buren 
Dallwerner Joseph, piano maker, near 153 Lombard 
Dalrymple Charles, brush maker, 141 Raborg 
Dalrymple John, agricultural machinist, 116 Hill 
Dalrymple John, millwright, 1 Humes 
Dalrymple Joseph A. clerk, 22 w Pratt 
Dalrymple Thos. carpenter, 183 e Monument 
Dalrymple Doctor Wm. D. 98 Franklin, dw 83 Park 
Dalrymple Wm. carpenter, 223 w Lombard 
Dalton Charles, bookseller, Poppleton n of Bait. 
Dalton Jas. type maker, 74 n Caroline 
Dalton John B. wood corder, 50 n Exeter 
Damer Fredk. laborer, w Pratt extended 
Dameron Mrs. milliner, 20 e Bait. 
Dammann F. Wm. dry goods importer 8c com. mt. 

over 260 Bait, dw 45 Counland 
Dammann Dr. Lewis H. office & dw 139 Columbia 
Damme L. Adol. boot & shoe maker, 210 Broadway 
Dandelett Fran, firm D. & Harvey, 199 Madison av 
Dandore Henry, shoemaker, 251 E av 
Dandore & Harvey, dry goods com. mts. 17 s Charles 

up stairs 
Daneker Asbury, clerk, 18 e Monument 
Daneker Henry, sheet iron worker, 84 Montgomery 
Daneker Jno. brickmaker, s w cor. Wm. &. L. Church 
Daneker John, carpenter, Springs of Fayette 
Danels Boliver D. attorney at law, 37 w Fayette 
Danels Bolr. D. jr. firm Claggett & Co. 53 Albermarle 
Danels Com. J. D. 53 Albermarle 
Danels John D. jr., firm Claggett &. D. dw 49 Alber- 
Daniel Robert, teacher, 97 n Charles 
Daniels Walter, prop, iron foundry and wheelwright, 

Greene Mount or York av 
Danhart Fredk. cooper, Canal n of Eastern av 
Danhart Heury. cabinet maker, 118 Vine 
Danilel Lewis, cabinet maker, 190 n Eden 
Dannanfelser Martin, shoemaker, 301 Canton av 
Danneuberg Mrs. F. K. 4 n Howard 
Dannetiel Jno. H. box maker, 196 s Eutaw 
DANSKIN WASHINGTON A. gentlemen's fur- 
nishing store keeper, 155 Bait, dw 301 w Lombard 
Dantzicker Barnhart, cigar maker, 94 Orleans 
Dany Henry, cupper and bleeder, 74 Lancaster 
Darby Benj. firm Kephart & D. dw 273 w Fayette 
Dare Gideon G. firm D. & Vickers, 150 Hanover 
Dare Margaret, 149 Hanover 




Dare Samuel, wood cutter, 48 L. Hughes 

Dare & Vickers, grocers and com. mts. 101 s Charles 

Dare Wm. H. carpenter, 4b2 w Lombard 

Darling Isaac, grocer, 146 e Monument 

Darling Jas. sexton Monument st M. E. C. 40 Stirling 

Darling James, carpenter, 232 n Gay 

Darling John, grocer, 96 n Eden 

Darnley Jno. weaver, 282* Mulberry 

Darling Mary H. millinery goods dealer, 232 n Gay 

Darrington Capt. Jas. mariner, 168 Ann 

Darrough Dan. leather deal. Broadway s of Lombard 

Darrough James, grocer. 107 Canton avenue 

Darrough Samuel, contractor, 223 Canal 

Dart James, shipwright, 231 Wolf 

Daseh Jno. P. tavern, s e cor. Baltimore and Greene 

Dash Adam, quarryman, 880 w Baltimore 

Dash George, quarryman, 890 w Baltimore 

Dash Peter, laborer, 115 Lancaster 

Dashiel Jesse, clothier, 76 n High 

Dashields Capt. Jacob, Register st. ( Argyle) n Pratt 

Dashiell James, huckster, 126 s Spring 

Dashiell Levin F. grocer, 167 Bank 

Dashiell Matilda A. Ill e Lombard 

Dashiell Dr. N. Leeke, s w cor. Alice Anna st and 

Daub Adam, blacksmith, Calendar al 
Daughaday Elizabeth, 9 Bond 
Daughaday Richard, stone cutter, 4 Abraham 
Daugherty Capt. Abel H. 136 Sharp 
Daugherty Andrew, jack driver, 10 Hawk 
Daugherty James, carpenter, 11 Bond 
Daugherty Jno. W. coal and feed dealer, cor. Bank 

and Canal, dw Aisquith n of Monument 
Daugherty Mary, 162 East 
Daugherty Mary, 356 n Gay 
Daugherty Mrs. tailoress, 10 Ensor 
Daugherty M. hack driver, 139 High 
Daugherty Richard, laborer, 319 s Charles 
Daugherty Sarah H. dry goods dealer, 189 n Gay 
Daughter Joshua, 63 Spring 
Davenport Susan, 23 Diamond 
Davey Mrs. Ann, 198 s Bond 
David Margaret, grocer, 31 s Front 
Davids Richard, C. 2 Hull's lane 
Davidson A. B. & Harris, imp. & jobbers of dry 

goods. 249 Bait, dw A. B. D. 84 Fayette 
Davidson Charles, shoemaker, 218 n Eutaw 
Davidson Charles, clerk, Fayette w of Pine 
Davidson Francis, 131 n Canal 
Davidson G. H. potter, 72 Jefferson 
Davidson Isabella, tailoress, 157 Canton av 
Davidson James, turner, 5 E. Falls av 

Davidson John G. ship chandler, 90 Block 
Davidson John, shoemaker, *229 Hanover 
Davidson John, shoemaker, 72 Fremont 
Davidson John, chandelier & gas fixture maker, 81 

North, dw 79 
Davidson Nelson, coach maker, 544 w Bait, dw 18 

s Liberty 
Davidson Robert, domestic weaver, 432 Saratoga 
Davidson Samuel G. rope maker, Harford av 
Davidson S. K. cap manufacturer 52 s Charles 
Davidson S. A. office and dw 67 s Charles 
Davidson Sarah Ann, tailoress, 287 e Monument 
Davidson Sarah J. 10 n Eden 
Davidson Ths. tavern, 110 Albermarle 
Davidson Ths. M. clerk, 108 s Howard 
Davidson Wm. firm Kettlewell & D. 63 Lee 
Davies Jacob G. 26 St. Paul 
Davis Adeline, milliner, 28 s Eutaw 
Davis Albion, machinist, 777 w Baltimore 
Davis Alfred, blacksmith, 321 s Charles 
Davis Dr. Alexander, 73 e Baltimore 
Davis Benj. barber, 766 w Baltimore 
Davis Bradf'd A. firm D. O'Leary &. Lynch 129, Bond 
Davis Caroline, Lombard w of Canal 
Davis Catharine, shirt maker, 55 Bethel 
Davis Charles, huckster, 59 German 
Davis Dr. Charles S. 59 e Baltimore 
Davis Charles F. upholsterer, 33 Gibson 
Davis Charles, jeweller, 31 Fremont 
Davis Charles, Bank e of Washington 
Davis Charles, block &pump maker, 126 e Lombard 
Davis Daniel, smelter, Chesapeake s of Canton 
Davis David, carpenter, 161 Canal 
Davis David, man. of Canton Copper Works, Clinton 

st Canton 
DAVIS & DEAVER, fire engine builders, 73 Hol- 

Davit; Edward, carpenter, 21 Brune 
Davis Edward W. printer, 152 Orleans 
Davis Eliza, Mullikin st e of Broadway 
Davis Ezekiel, 75 Buren 
Davis Fredk. firm D. & Deaver, 56 Holliday 
Davis George, carpenter, 180 n Eutaw 
Davis George A. carpenter, 317 w Lombard 
Davis Geo. L. L. attorney, 16 Law buildings up stairs 

St. Paul 
Davis George S. plaisterer, 37 n Liberty 
Davis Henry Winter, attorney at law, 31 Fayette 
Davis Jacob, cooper, 129 Fremont 
Davis Jacob C. carpenter, 505 w Lombard 
Davis James, mate, 95 Lancaster 
'Davis James, trader, 108 Conway 




Davis James, puddler, 195 Washington 
Davis James C. carpenter, 109 s Eden 
Davis James E. carpenter, 336 Franklin 
Davis James, cabinet maker, 15 Saratoga 
Davis James, trader, L. Greene n of Lee • 
Davis Jno. G. carpenter, 44$ Henrietta 
Davis John R. collector, 60 Conway 
Davis John, overseer at Water Works, 75 Buren 
Davis John, carpenter, 71 Hill 
Davis John, machinist, 59 Poppleton 
Davis John 36 n Front 
Davis John W. State wharfinger, 302 Light 
Davis John F. carpenter, 125 s Paca 
Davis John, boot & shoe maker, 18 Orleans 
Davis John T. nightman, 103 Happy al 
Davis John, rigger, Washington s of Bank 
Davis John, laborer, G9 Hamburg 
DAVIS JOHN, ladies' shoe maker, 498 w Bait. 
Davis John, ship carpenter, Cambridge e of Wind- 
sor, Canton 
Davis John E. machinist 146 Fremont 
Davis John, puddler, 185 Canton av 
Davis John, wagoner, 139 s Spring 
Davis Joseph, millwright, 124 Albermarle 
Davis Joseph, brewer, 360 Saratoga 
Davis Joseph, mariner, 151 Thames 
Davis Lewis, miller, 512 w Lombard 
Davis L. 23 Montgomery 
Davis & McDonald, carpenters, 18 n High 
Davis Maria, tailoress, 100 Ann 
Davis Maria E. 162 Canton av 
Davis Mary, 37 Caroline 
Davis Mary 147 E. av 
Davis Marshall, machinist, 2 Shroeder 
Davis Mary Ann, tutoress, 319 w Fayette 
Davis & Miller, druggists, 3 n Howard 
Davis Mrs. Chester st n of Eastern av 
Davis. O'Leary & Lynch, sail makers, 85 Smith's wf 
Davis Presley, shoemaker, 38 n Front 
Davis Richard T. firm Williamson, Sutton & Co. 

113 Sharp 
Davis Robert P. hatter, 20 e Baltimore 
Davis Robert, Falls road near Oliver st 
DAVIS ROBERT C. tavern, 136 Pratt, dw 132 

Davis Rohert, firm D. & Miller, 229 Saratoga 
Davis Rosanna. tailoress, 16 Williamson 
Davis Rosanna, tailoress, Sharp n Hen-ietta 
Davis Samuel T. coach trimmer, 92 Raborg 
Davis Stephen, shoemaker, 87 Hanover, dw 133 

Davis Thomas, sawyer, Burgundy a) s of Fremont 

Davis Thomas, shoe store, cor. Paca & Lexington, 

dw 117 Pearl 
Davis Capt. Thomas D. ship master, Ann n of Pratt 
Davis Thos. smelter, Chesapeake st Canton 
Davis Thomas, tailor, 147 e Monument 
Davis Thomas, Pratt w of Wolf 
Davis Thomas, cedar cooper, 92 Dover 
Davis William H. H. painter, 62 Camden 
Davis Dr. Wm. H. 6 St. Paul 
Davis William, barber, 46 Rock 
Davis William, carpenter, Essex st Canton 
Davis Wm. M. dry goods & com. merchant, 9 Han- 
over, dw 60 Conway 
Davis William, cooper, 184 Fremont 
Davis Wm. ship carpenter, 238 Light 
Davis Wm. B. carpenter, 413 w Lombard 
Davis Wm. T. screw cutter, 18 Oregon 
Davis Wm. laborer, 62 Happy al 
Davis Wm. M. dry goods com. mt. 9 Hanover 
Davis Zachariah, finisher, 781 Bait 
Davison Wm. practical chemist and druggist, s e 

cor. Pratt and Howard 
Davy Mary, bobbin maker, 117 Peirce 
Daw W T m. T. shoe maker, 215 n Canal 
Dawes Edward B. engineer, 31 Canal 
Dawes Francis, jr. grocer, 280 s Charles 
Dawes Francis, oak cooper, 147 Fayette, shop 149 
Dawson Alfred, book keeper, 108 Cross 
Dawson Ann, 26 Marion 
Dawson Richard, grocer, 155 n Front 
Dawson Samuel, ship carpenter, 138 Ann 
Dawson Sophia, 215 Canton av 
Dawson Wm. carpenter, 230 Wolf 
Dawson Wm. jr. surveyor and conveyancers w cor 

St. Paul and Fayette, dw 52 Saratoga 
Day Alex, ship carpenter, 235 Eastern av 
Day Asa, cooper, 127 Bond 
Day Elizabeth, 3 Watson 

Day Horatio, ship carp. Fountain st. w of Castle al 
Day Jacob, tin plate worker, 48 Holiday 
Day John, shoe maker, 133 Peirce 
Day Mary, 196 n Exeter 

Day Nicholas, shoe maker, n Shroeder near Fayette 
Day wolt Christopher, seaman, 56 William 
Deady John, grocer, Loudenslagers hill, e of the 

Deal Andrew, laborer, 148 Alice Anna 
Deal Catharine, seamstress, 113 s Howard 
Deal Charles, wheelwright. Falls road 
Deal Christian, baker, 3 1 Ensor 
Deal Mrs. Doctor, 294 Aisquith 
Deal George, bricklayer, 16 Lancaster 




Deal George, butcher, 129 Perm, av 

Deal Henry, tailor, Bethel n of Gough 

Deal Henry, laborer, 148 Alice Anna 

Deal John, bricklayer, 159 Orleans 

Deal Mary, 22 Liberty al 

Deal William, carpenter, 31 e Buren 

Deam Christopher, laborer, n Clinton St. Canton 

Dean Hannah, Monument e of Bond 

Dean Michael, carter, 315 e Monument 

Dean Rebecca, 12 Pearl 

Dean Thomas, carpenter, 245 Franklin 

Dean Wm. secretary Canton Co. Canton, office con 

Boston and Patuxent sts. 
Dean Wm. harness maker, 26 Penn. av 
Deaver John, blacksmith, Parkin s of Lombard 
Deaver Elizabeth, 271 Light 
Deaver Mary A. seamstress, 149 Front 
Deaver Stephen, painter, s Paca st. extd 
Deaver Wm. R. painter, 255 n Howard 
Deaver Wm. firm Davis & D. 94 e Madison 
Deback Adam, carter, 3 Dewberry al 
De Baufre Wm. gro. n e cor. Douglass and Forest 
Debaugh George, laborer, 809 w Bait 
Debeet Agnes, 17 e Fayette 
Debeet Duncan H. firm Barrett & D. dw 17 e Fay. 
Debibory L. S. portrait painter, over 70 w Fayette 
Debow John, flour inspector, 227 Madison 
Debow Lemuel, grocer, 313 n Howard 
Debow Mahlon, oyster dealer, 51 Richmond 
Debring Anthony, engineer, 28 Gibson 
Debring G. G. shoe maker, 133 n Eutaw 
Deburr Christian, laborer, 63 e Monument 
De Butts, Doctor, 515 w Bait 
Decke Leonard, 93 Peirce 
Decke Wm. car driver, 99 Peirce 
Deckelman John, shoe maker, 87 Sarah Ann 
Decker Addison, Fayette near Hollins 
Decker Francis, tailor, 23 Somerset st 
Decker George, grocer, 39 L. Church st 
Decker Henry, tailor, 12 Douglass 
Decker Jacob F. clerk, 135 Fayette 
Decker John, clothier, 73 Thames 
Decker Lorin.N. grocer, 121 Ensor 
Decoursey Henry, blacksmith, Cambridge vr of 

Windsor, Canton 
Decoursey Wm. grocer, 204 c Fayette 
Deecke Geo. C. firm D. 8t Gerdes, dw 77 Sharp 
Deecke & Gerdes, ship. com. mts. 155 Lombard 
Dedias Dr. E. 18 Garden 
Degg John, laborer, 124 Canton av 
Deegan Vinton, plaisterer, Washington n of Bank 
Deeling John, laborer, Wolfs of Thames 

Deem John, orange man, Warren s of Lee 

Deems Adam W. blacksmith, Dawson al 

Deems Francis, cigar maker, Dawson al 

Deems Mrs. Col. Jacob, 1 Hollins st 

Deems Jacob, moulder, 84 Fremont 

Deems Jacob, jr. carpenter, dw 6 Hollins 

Deer Nancy, tailoress, Abey al 

Deets George, bricklayer, 164 Orleans 

Deets Jacob, grocer, 54 Mullikin 

Deets Landrum, carpenter, 232 e Fayette 

De Ford Benj. & Co. hides, leather, oil and wool 

dealers, n w cor. Lombard and Calvert, dw B. De 

F. 42 Sharp 
De Ford Ths. D. & Co, com. mts. for the sale of 

manf. and leaf tob. cigars &c. 64 s Gay 
Deford Thos. G. clerk, 29 Fremont 
Defraue Peter, hair dresser, Exchange hotel, dw 

157 n Eden 
Degant Joseph, cigar maker, 95 York av 
Degelman Conrad, grocer, 179 Alice Anna 
Degen John, turner, 22 Park 
Degenhard Anthony, grocer, cor. Burkst& Cant, av 
DEGENHARD CHARLES, tobacco, snuff and ci- 
gar man. 58 Thames 
Degoey Charles C. mariner, 29 Lancaster 
Degoey Mrs. M. A. milliner, 50 e Bait 
Degoey Thomas, carter, 11 Amity 
Degoey Wm. hatter, 176 w Pratt 
De Graff John, brick maker, 31 Giddings 
De Grot Abraham, carpenter, 9 Republican 
De Gruchy John, 125 e Bait 
De Hunt George, Vallery 
Dehmer Christian, furnace man, 297 Canton av 
Dehoff Jesse, wheelwright, 112 Pine 
Deickle John, laborer, 80 William 
Deidendoler Joseph, laborer, 199 Biddle 
Deiker John, tailor, 34 Liberty 
Deil Frederick, cabinet maker, 4 Garden 
Deil Henry, tailor, Bethel n of Gough 
Deil Michael, tailor, 294 Eastern av 
Deist Wm. baker, 46 Poppleton 
Deitch Wm. carpenter, 198 n Eutaw 
Deitz George A. scissor grinder, 84 Harford aV 
Deitz John, laborer, 76 Argyle al 
Delacour John, 266 e Monument 
De Lacour Jas. P. com. mt. 316 Bait, dw 196 Mult?, 
Delahay James C. shoemaker, 6 Josephine 
Delaney Charles, boiler maker, 122 Fremont 
Delaney Peter, Canton distillery slop man, Chesa* 

peake st. n of Boston, Canton 
Delaney Robt. herb doctor, and prof. Indian Vege* 

table compounds, 31 Lombard 




Delanty Wm, brick maker, 115 Cross 

Delany William, carpenter, 44 Ross 

De Laure Ann F. 158 Pearl 

Delavie Sol. deal. 2d hand clothes, 20 Harrison 

Delavin James, shoemaker, 71 Monument 

Delcher Edward W. huckster, 206 n Eden 

Delcher John W. fish dealer, 69 Jefferson 

Delcher John T. painter. 128 n High, dw 120 Mon't 

Delcher John, brewer, 57 Columbia 

Delcher Sarah, 7 Bond 

Delcher Wm. G. painter, 103 n Eden 

Delfelter Rosanna, Smith near Chatsworth 

Delius & Halvin, importers German, English and 

French fancy goods, 355 Bait 
Dell & Bro. book-binders, over 330 Bait 
Dell Christian, rag dealer, 94 Hamburg 
Dell George B. firm D.St Bro. dw 195 Mulberry 
Dell Thos. E. firm D. & Bro. 1 s Exeter 
Delia Garret, blacksmith, 35 Lee 
Delia Peter, blacksmith', 120 Conway 
Deller Geo. tailor, rear of 80 centre market 
Delevie Saml. cigar factor & mafch depot, 18A w 

Deloste F. & Son, watchmakers & jewel. 18 e Bait 
Deloughery Doctor Edward, 37 e Fayette 
Demangin Mrs, A. M. dry goods dealer, 469 w Ball 
Demer Powell, carter, 319 Light 
Demit z Chas. Henry, cooper, 26 Lee 
Deminelrnan Joseph, optician, 189 e Bait 
Dempsey Wm. saddle & harness maker, Bait, dw 

106 n Calvert 
Dempster James, store, 7 Cross st 
Dempster John, store keeper, 36 Cross 
Dempster Timothy, deputy sheriff, 30 n Exeter 
Demuth John, police officer, 11 Fremont 
Denam Jonas, shoemaker, 59 Hillen 
Dengle Henry, laborer, 30 Lee 
Dengle Philip, shoemaker. 24 East 
Denhardt Henry, tailor, 17 Low 
Denime Bastian, butcher, 137 York 
Denison Mar. & Son, grocers, 51 Bait, dw 13 s Gay 
Denison Ths. coffee & oyster house, 24 Lombard 
DENMEAD A. & W. & SONS, proprietors Mon- 

ment Foundry, cor. North and Monument 
Denmead Adam, firm A. & W. D. & Sons, dw 

Charles st. near Lanvale factory 
Denmead Isaac, master of mach. Bait. & Susq. R. 

Road, dw Cathedral, 1 door n of Richmond 
Denmead Wm. firm A. & W. D. & Sons, machinist, 

265 n Howard * 

Denn Anthony, laborer, Penn av 

DENNIES THOMAS, importer of silks, laces and 
commission merchant, over 241 Bait, dw Eutaw 

Denning Mrs. Ann, boarding house, 166 German 

Denning John N. 18s Frederick 

Dennis Benj. M. paper hanger, 14 Rock 

Dennis Jas. R, tailor, 102 Jefferson 

Dennis John, laborer, 47 Biddle al 

Dennis Wm. oak cooper, 8 Rock 

Dennison Jno. plaisterer, 1 14 n Eden 

Dennison Thos. confectioner, 27 w Pratt 

Denny Mrs. 14 L. Gough 

Denny Jno. firm Armstrong & D. up-stairs of 183 

Denny Doctor Theodore, justice of the peace, 138 
Fayette st 

Denny Patrick, police officer, Concord st 

Denny Thos. grain merchant, dw 112 s High 

Denoe Thos. grocer, 646 w Bait 

Denoy Edward, 102 Canton av 

Denser Gotleib, 13 Stiles 

Denson Maria, 120 Hollins 

Denson Isaac M. firm Collins & D. dw Penitentiary 

Denson Jno. cabinet maker, 198J Lexington 

Dent Sophia, boarding house, 45 e Pratt 

Dentty Robt. B. imp. china and glass, 7 Ross 

De Pape Bernard, oil cloth maker, 52 Thames 

Depas Jno. oyster establishment, 177 Eastern av 

De Peap Jno." rigger, 180 Wolf 

Depositoi y Amer. Sunday School Union and Tract 
Society! Rev. S. Guiteau, Sec'y. 2 Franklin buil- 
dings, North st 

Depot Bait. & Ohio R. R'd. se cor. Prest. &Can.av 

Depper Mich, laborer, 45 Monument 

Deppert Joseph, shoemaktr, 78 s High 

Deppish Francis, cooper, 10 Harford av 

Deppish Henry, laborer, 134 Elisor 

Depre August, 127 Thames 

Derlin Jas. W. iron moulder, Biddle near Falls road 

Derenberger Chris, laborer, Abey al 

Derenberger Jacob, confectioner, 44 Union 

Dernuas F. A. tailor, 62 Granby 

De Ronceray Margt. music teacher, 101 s High 

Derr Geo. feed dealer, 156 Saratoga 

Derr Wm. builder, 21 Fremont 

Desage Joseph, tailor, about 71 Ross 

Desh Henry, blacksmith, Townsend e of Penn av 

Desh John, cooper, Canal st. n of Eastern av 

Deshon Christr. M. clerk, 244 Franklin 

Deskin Mrs. near cor. Bond and Jefferson 

Desmon Cornelius, 307 Canton av 

Despada Chas. clerk, dw 60 Stiles 




Despeaux Ann J. Bond s of Pratt 

Despeaux Ann, 195 e Pratt 

Despeaux Anthony, ship carpenter, Bond s of Pratt 

Despeaux Anthony, ship carpenter, 8 Philpot 

Despeaux Benj. iron moulder, 166 Ann 

Despeaux Elizabeth, 166 Ann 

Despeaux Henry B. ship carpenter, 195 e Pratt 

Despeaux John, engineer, 180 s Caroline 

Desvarreaux Jas. shoe findings dealer, 142 n Gay 

Dettering Gerhard, coach maker, 51 s Howard, dw 

37 German 
Detrick Henry, shoemaker, 18 New 
Devalin Hugh, smith in general, 95 Harrison, dw 

46 n Front 
Devalin John, carter, 81 Stirling 
Devaughn Thos. tanner and currier, 159 e Pratt 
Develin Felix, hack driver, 100 e Madison 
Develin Henry, laborer, 3 Pear al 
Deven John, laborer, 149 Ensor 
Deveraux Joseph, cooper, 93 McElderry's wharf 
Devier Peter, collector & conveyancer, 29 Holland 
Devier Win. carpenter, 238 e Fayette 
Deville & Bourguet, hair dressers and wig makers, 

Carroll Hall, cor. Bait and Calvert 
Deville Francis, firm D. & Bourguet, dw 19 Lex'n. 
Devine Francis, carter, IS Front 
Devine John, ship carpenter, 37 Block 
Devine Thos. drayman, rear 112 n Front 
Devinny Henry, plaisterer, 231 Forrest 
Devlin Felix P. grocer, 22 Ensor 
Devlin James, carter, 184 e Monument 
Devlin Patrick, distiller, Clinton st. Canton 
Devouges Alphonse, hair dresser and wig maker, 

141 Bait 
Devries Win. firm SlinglufT, Devries & Co. dw 111 

w Monument 
Dew Mrs. Geo. 42 Pine 
Dewees John, wood corder, 513 w Lombard 
Dewitt Francis. 123 e Pratt 
Dewitt John, mariner, rear 59 Spring 
Dewling Thos. wheelwright & black smith, 2 York 

dw 114 Hamburg 
De Wolfe Benj. clothing & variety store, 8 Harrison 
De Wolfe Jacob, clothier, 4 Harrison 
De Young Mary, 128 French 
Dezin John, laborer, 42 Argvle 
Diamond Jas. oak cooper, 135 Ann 
Dibbs Jas. 3 Booth st. e of Oregon 
Dickie Geo. H. tailor, 125 Light st. dw 274 Light 
Dickie Henry, butcher, Joppa road, e of Dallas st 
Dickenson Elisha, shoe maker 41 Cross 
Dicker Fritz, laborer 198 Wolf 

Dickerson Alfred, iron moulder, 136 Conway 
Dickerson Beter. agt. B. & 0. R. Road, dw' 387 vf 

Dickerson Wm. seaman; 203 s Caroline 
Dickerson Zadock, keep, livery stables, German, dw 

81 Greene 
Dickey Geo. S. 100 Hanover 
Dickey John, dom. manr, 412 Lexington 
Dickey Joseph, puddler, 319 Eastern av 
Dickey Patrick, 386 Saratoga 
Dickey Peter, manufacturer, 386 Sarah Ann 
Dickey Wm. J. man. domestic goods, 399 Saratoga 
Dickinson Henry E. keeper billiard saloon, Jarvis 

buildings, North st. dw 65 
Dickinson John, carpenter, 45 n Sharp, dw 342 Lex, 
Dickinson Joshua, grocer, 44 Lee 
Dickinson Peter, agent R. Road, 387 w Lombard 
Dickinson Thos. confectioner, 136 n Gay 
Dickie Chas, turner, 16 Balderston 
Dickman J. H. grocer, 108 Dugan's wharf 
Dicks Preston, trader, 92 Hill 
Dickson Edward, carpenter, Belhel n ofGough 
Dickson Eliza, tutoress, 118 St. Mary 
Dickson Isaac N. apothecary and druggist, 1GG 

Dickson Jas. millinery U trim. deal. 190 Broadway 
Dickson John, brick maker, 309 Light 
Didier Edmund, prest. Mut. Ins. Co. dw 62 Mount 

Vernon place 
Didier Julia, 12 s Exeter 
Didier Mary, 6 St. James 
Diebel Peter, bakeT, 675 w Bait 
Diekhausen And'w. blacksmith, Fountain st. w of 

Castle al 
Diederick Henry, laborer, 6 Henry 
Diederick Henry, collector, 57 Ross 
Diehm John P. shop keeper, 71 Camden st 
Die! Jno. wheelwright, 309 s Charles 
Diene Geo. shoemaker, 228 Dallas 
Diepel Jno. blacksmith, 691 w Bait 
DieringFredk. liquor dealer, 4 Patterson 
Diering Henry L. grocer, 243 Canton av 
Diering Lewis, liquor dealer, Patterson st 
Dierker, John H. shoemaker, 15 Commerce 
Diesler Mich, shoemaker, 87 Orchard 
Diest Ann, store keeper, 213 w Fayette 
Dieter Bernhard, laborer, cor. Hamburg & Charles 
Dieter Caroline, 28 Maiden lane 
Dieter Peter, paper hanger, Booth e of Shroeder 
Dieter Philip, paper hanger, Booth w of Shroeder 
Dieter Val. paper hanger, 19 Sharp, dw 602 w Bait 
Dieters Jacob, paper hanger, 27 n Howard 




Dietler Fredk. porter, Carpenter's al. w of Greenest 

Deitrich Adam, shoemaker, 193 e Fayette 

Dietrich John, shoemaker, 747 w Bait 

Dietrich Nicho. tailor, I Mott 

Dietrick John, tailor, C^atsworth w of George 

Dietz Adam, shoemaker, 116 n Eden 

Dietz Geo. baker, s e cor. Gough and Ann 

Dietz J. B. tailor and clothier, s e cor. Charles and 

Pratt, dw 87 s Howard 
Diffendal Lewis Wm. coach smith, 150 n Howard 
Ditfenderffer Mrs. C. R. grocer, 6 e Bait 
Ditlenderffer Chas. & Son, grocers, 13 Bait, dw CD. 

58 e Bait 
Diffenderffer Chas. jr. firm C. D. &. Son, dw 183 n 

High st 
Diffenderffer Geo. carpenter 67 Bank lane or Mc- 
' Elderry contd 

Ditfenderffer Dr. Mich. 1 s High, cor. Plowman 
Diffly John, store keeper, s e cor. Dallas & Fayette 
Ditfy Owen, machinist, 39 Dallas 
Digan Thos. laborer, cor. Boston and Chesapeake 
Digan Timothy, laborer, Elliott st. Canton 
Diggs Beverly, lieut. revenue service, 37 Stiles 
Diggs Charlotte, 61 n Front 
Diggs Henry, lumber inspector, 65 s Eden 
Diggs Jas. ship carpenter, 175 Washington 
Diggs Jas. ship carpenter, Washing, n of Eastern av 
Diggs John K. variety store, 26 Bait, dw 35 Fawn 
Diggs Rich. H. ship joiner, Caroline s of Lancaster, 

dw Broadway 
Dignan John, Eager st. e of York av 
Dileon Henry, laborer, 69 Apple al 
Dill Andrew E. tailor, Wills 
Dill Chas. engineer, 187 e Lombard 
Dill Conrad, laborer, 304's Bond 
Dill Edward W. carpenter, 301 Mulberry 
Dill Ezra, carpenter, 416 w Fayette 
Dill Mrs. Frances M. dress maker, 24 s Howard 
Dill Fredk. cooper, 187 Sharp 
Dill John, clerk, 96 Ross 
Dill John, tinman, 68 Preston 
Dill John T. ladies' shoemaker, 439 w Fayette 
Dill Peter, laborer, Greene 1 door s Lexington 
Dill Wm. brakesman, Lombard w of Parkin 
Dillahay Catharine, seamstre^, 11 Richmond 
Dillahay Jno.dry goods deal. 25 Bait, dw 99 s High 
Dillahunt S. S. varnisher, 36 n Eutaw 
Dillahunt Wm. cabinet maker, 23 Orleans 
Dillahunt Wm.' currier, Court run. n from Montg. 

between Light and Charles 
Dillon Christr. cor. Greene and German 
Willow Wm. tinner, Chapel st. 5 doors from Penn av 

Dilloway Thos. clerk, 21 Preston 
Dilly Susan, 136 Henrietta 
Dimmit Delilah, dress maker, 22 Pearl 
Dimmit Joshua, market dealer, 103 Tyson 
Dimmit Nich. huckster, 298 Franklin 
Dimond Hanson, carpenter, 192 s Caroline 
Dings Philip, laborer, rear 23 Carpenter's al 
Dinhart Nathl. painter, cor. Warner and Henrietta 
Dinisch John, shoemaker, 227 Ann 
Dinn Theodore, carter, 55 Conway 
Dinsmore David, teamster, Clinton st. Canton 
Dinsmore ik. Kyle, grocers, & com. mts. 124 Pratt 
Dinsmore Patk. Mulberry, 1 door e of Howard 
Dinsmore Saml. sen. carter, 16 Republican 
Dinsmore Saml. jr. machiuist, Repub. n of Lomb'd 
Dinsmore Thos. bricklayer, 15 Stiles 
Dippel Geo. baker and confectioner, 56 e Pratt 
Disney Benj. painter, Pleasant al. w of Castle 
Disney Jas. R. bricklayer, 164 n Eden 
Disney Jno. painter, dw 124 Camd. shop 152 s Paca 
Disney Jno. W. firm Y. & D. 123 Ensor 
Disney John, painter and glazier, 184 Conway 
Disney Oliver M. painter, 182 Conway 
Disney Sol. grocer, s e cor. Wolf and Bank 
Disney Wm. carter, Bnrk st. near Abbott's forge 
Disney Win. A. city collector, 275 n Howard 
Dispensary Eastern, cor. e Bait, and Canal, Dion 
Downes", Wm. H. Diffenderffer & Wm.B. Moore, 
physicians— see appendix 
Dispensary Bait. Gen. cor. Liberty and Fayette, E. 

B. Baxley, apoth'y.— see appendix 
Dispensary Southern, Conway, 1 door e of Sharp, 

Dr. E. W. Edwards, apoth'y.— see appendix 
District Court U. S. office basement Masonic Hall, 

Court House lane, T. Spicer, sen. clerk 
Ditman John, 21 Perry 
Ditman Nelson, hatter, 172 York av 
Ditman Rachel, Harford av. w Eager st 
Ditman Thos. M. clerk, 197 e Madison ( 

Dilteuberger David, confectioner, s e cor. Moore s 

and Deluol alleys _ 

Dutmans John H. grocer, 115 McElderry s whf 
DITTUS FREDERICK, butcher, Pennsylvania av 

city limits 
Ditzel Fredk. shoemaker, Perry e Hanover 
Diver John F. tailor, Bond n Jefferson 
Divin Edwd. R. carpenter, 80 Boyd 
Divine Hugh, laborer, 108 William 
Divine John, machinist, 9iS Hillen 
Dixon Augustus, bricklayer, 60 Raborg 
Dixon Bradley, pump maker, Freedom st. or Beam s 




Dixon Chas. turn, wagoner, 135 n Eutaw 

Dixon & Hopkins, carpenters, n e cor. Howard st. 

and Carpenter's al 
Dixon Elizab. milliner, 1 Mulberry 
Dixon Elizabeth, Gough w Ann 
Dixon Jas. tinner, 263 Saratoga 
Dixon James, teacher, junc. Fremont st & Penn. av 
Dixon Mrs. L. s e cor. Spring and Jefferson 
Dixon Thos. architect, oyer s w cor. Baltimore and 

South, dw 324 Fayette 
Dixon Win. camlle on. 23 Biddle al 
Dobbin Alex, laborer, Raborg w Pearl 
Dobbin Francis M. boot fitter, 15b' German 
Dobbin Geo.W. saddler, 40 George 
Dobbin Geo. W. attorney at law, 42 St. Paul 
Dobbin Jas. boiler maker, 68^ Cross 
Dobbin John, baker, 26 n High 
Dobbin Robt. A. firm Dobbin, Murphy & Bose, of 

"American," dw 60 e Baltimore 
Dobbin Susan, tailoress, 125 L. Greene 
DOBBIN & TALBOT, attorneys, 42 St. Paul 
DOBLER DAVID, apothecary and druggist, 101 

Franklin, dw 154 French 
Dobler David, 131 Spring 
Doblet Geo. collector, 155 e Baltimore 
Dobler John, keep. "Louisiana house," 199 Lexing. 
Dobler Magdalene, tailoress, 39 Buren 
Dobler Maria, 154 French 
Dobson John, painter, Courtland, dw 20 s Bond 
Dobson Susan, washer, 22 High al 
Dochterman Conrad, cabinet maker, 153 Li°ht 
Docwra Edwin H. attorney, 64 w Fayette, dw 232 
Dodd Danl. laborer, Burk st. near Harris's Creek 
Dodd John, grave digger, Eagei-st e York av 
Dodd Saml. shoemaker, 53 Harrison 
Dode Peter, clothier, 32 Pratt 

Dodge Geo. R. paints, oils, glass, &c. dealer, 42 Bal- 
timore, dw 248 Biddle 
Dodsou Peter, laborer, Howard s Henrietta 
Dodson Saml. bridge frame builder, 167 German 
Doelneld Fredk. cooper, 333 s Bond 
Doering Valentine, weaver, 14 Jackson's court 
Dolt Geo. tinner, 90 Hillen 
Doged Martin, prop, carts, 196 e Fayette 
Doged Wm. C. painter and dealer in glass, oils and 

paints, 28 Ensor 
Dohm Franklin, carpenter, 148 Fayette 
Dolus Henry, cabinet maker, 533 w Lombard 
Doize Henry, hardware dealer, 27 Light, dw 282 

Dolan & Hays, blacksmiths, Long Dock 
Dolan Jas. laborer, 214 Canton av 


Dolan Mary, seamstress, 55 Oregon 

Dolan Patrick, laborer, rear 23 Carpenter's al 

Dolan PatricK, mason, 4 Neighbor 

smiths, 125g McElderry's wharf, dw 103 

Dolan Thos. firm D. St Hayes, dw 63 Eastern av 

Dolby Edwd. mate, 98£ Gough 

Dolech Conrad, blacksmith, Biddle st. w Penn av 

Doll Daniel, boot fitter, 14 McHenry 

Doll Jacob, laborer, 12 Jefferson 

Dollar Lawrence, gunsmith, Peirce next cor. Pop- 

Dolphe Fredk. oak cooper, Dallas s Lancaster dw 

Dolphin Francis, butcher, 193 Mulberry 

Dolphin Francis, fisher, Eutaw n Ostein! 

Dolsch Conrad, blacksmith, Biddle st w Penn. av 

Dominic John, plaisterer, 528 Baltimore 

Donagan Patrick, carter, 234 Canton av 

Donagan Thos. ship joiner, 20 Fell 

Donagan Wm. 20 Fell 

Donahoo Azariah, laborer, 183 Bethel 

Donahoo John, tobacconist, Forest, dw 104 Elisor 

Donahue Jas. Exeter n Hillen 

Donahue Jas. firm D. St Waggner, n e cor. Eastern 
av and Wolf st 

Donahue Patrick, laborer, 92 Green Mt. or Yorkav 

Donahue Thos. blacksmith, 29 Edward 

Donahue St Waggner, ship joiners, s w cor. Thames 
and Wolf 

Donahue Wm. tailor, 28 Fell 

Donaldson Aaron, fisher, 9 Granby 

Donaldson Catharine, 99 n Charles 

Donaldson David, miller, Jefferson e Bond 

Donaldson Dr. Francis, 34 Franklin 

Donaldson Geo. E. veterinary surgeon, 77 North 

Donaldson J. 61 Garden 

DONALDSON JOHN, justice peace, 62 w Fay- 
ette, dw 34 Franklin 

Donaldson Jno. I. prest. Bait. Life Ins. Co. 34 Frank. 

Donaldson John, sup. rail road depot, 91 s High 

Donaldson Mary, 9 Comet 

Donaldson Mrs. M. S. 149 e Pratt 

Donaldson Saml. I. attorney at law, 39 St. Paul 

Donaldson Saml. C. clerk Chesapeak Bank, dw 62 

Donaldson Stephen, fisherman, rear 36 e Pratt 

Donaldson Thos. saddler, 13 Brune 

Donaldson Thos. attorney at law, 31 St. Paul 

Donberg Leander, printer, 57 n Frederick 

Done Julia H. prop, boarding house, 40 Lexington 



Donegan Ellen, store keeper, 174 s Caroline 

Donelan Rev. John P. 35 Front 

Donelson Jas, L. tobacconist, 78 Orleans 

Doniphan Ann, boarding house, 43 n Eutaw 

Donkmyer T. baker, n w "or. Parkin and Lombard 

Bonn John, laborer, Johnson 

Donnaburg Jos. 169 Orleans 

Donnegan Owen, tailor, 18 Hillen 

Donnell John S. shipping mt. dw Union Square, w 
Hollins st 

DONNELL MESSRS. merchants, Donnell's build- 
ings cor. Gay st. and Exchange Place 

Donnelly Danl. bricklayer, Freedom st. Beam's lot 

Donnelly Elizabeth, nurse, 25 Pleasant 

Donnelly Hugh, dairy, 174 n High 

Donnelly Jas. 174 n Front 

Uounelly Jas. laborer, 9 Albemarle 

Donnelly Jas. grocer, 54 Lancaster 

Donnelly Jas. trader, 49 Biddle al 

Donnelly Michael, grocer, 73 Watson 

Donnelly Mary Ann, 333 n Howard 

Donnelly Owen, grocer, 21 Bath 

Donnelly Patk. chandler, Harford av e Neighbor st 

Donnelly Misses Rosanna & Mary, corset makers, 
164 Lexington 

Donnelson J. 61 Garden 

Donuenberg Jos. 169 Orleans 

Donohue John, firm D. & King, dw Ensor 

Donohue & King, tobacconists, Forest n Gay 

D, mobile Patrick, laborer, 46 Richmond 

Donohue Richd. draper and tailor, 76 Centre 

Donovan Ann, Eager st e York av 

Donovan Ann, seamstress, 91 French 

Donovan Mrs. E. J. variety store, junction Fremont 
st and Penn. av 

Donovan Jos. S. trader, 13 Camden 

Donovan Richd. grocer, 185 Lexington 

Donovan Timothy, machinist, 45 East 

Donovan Timo. blacksmith, Penn. av n Fremont st 

Donsee L,301 Lexington 

Dopman Harman, sugar refiner, 326 Bond 

Doran 0. laborer, 301 e Monument 

Dorbaker Adam, butcher, 133 Fremont 

Dorbaker Win. horse dealer, stables Pacanear Pratt, 
dw 65 Columbia 

Dorenberg John D. shoemaker, 151 Conway 

Dorgan Gustavus, ship carpenter, Bank e Wolf 

Doring Conrad, shoemaker, 67 Argyle al 

Dorman Eliza, 192 Canton av 

Dorman F. B. tavern keeper, 2 e Pratt 

Dorman Hetty, boarding house, 37 Aisquith. 

Dorman Jas. ship carpenter, 210 Ann . 

Dorman John laborer, 127 Harford av 

Dorman O. shop keeper, 165 Eastern av 

Dorman Philip S. tinner, 249 Alice Anna 

Dorman Thos. constable, 68 s High 

Dorn John, mt. tailor, 13 n Liberty 

Dorn John, baker, 9 East 

Dorney Isabella, 9 Albemarle 

Dorney John, laborer, 106 William 

Dorney Richd. mate, 64 Ann 

Dorney Thomas, 168 n Eutaw 

Doming Martha, grocer, 69 Orleans 

Dorr Andw. tailor, 85 Union 

Dorr Casper, engraver, s w cor. Henrietta & Han'r 

Dorr Geo. blacksmith, 134 n Caroline 

Dorr Henrietta, washer, 59 Potter 

Dorr Leonard, laborer, 167 e Madison 

Dorrigan Catharine, 19 Potter 

Dorritee Chas. clerk, 47 Holland 

Darritee Robt. painter, 21.0 e Lombard 

Dorrity Julia, 154 Aisquith 

Dorrity Philip, ethereal oil dealer, 38 East 

Dorrity Thos, bricklayer, 102 s Caroline 

Dorrity Wm. cooper, Hughes e Covington 

Dorry'Edwd. G. plumber, 24 Thames st. dw 63 

Dorsev Amelia, 64 Franklin 

Dorsey Mrs. Augusta, 104 n Exeter 

Dorsey Dathan. 54 Jeflerson 

Dorsey Edwd. boarding house, 6 s Gay 

Dorsey Rev. Dr. Edwin, pastor M. E. church, Light, 
i ear of church 

Dorsey Mrs. E. H. boarding house, 52 n Calvert 

Dorsey Eliza, dress and cloak maker, 94 Raborg 

DORSEY EZRA, proprietor of the "Susquehanna 
Hotel," s e cor. Franklin and Calvert 

Dorsey Jacob, carpenter, 201 Orleans 

DORSEY JAMES L grocer &. commission merch- 
ant, 6 Light st wharf, dw 36 Bane 

Dorsev Jasrstone cutter, 28 New Church 

Dorsey Jas. B.insp. rail toad iron, 171 German 

Dorsey John, weaver, 57 Richmond 

Dorsey Jos. J. stone cutter, 8G Pine 

Dorsey Jos. S. tobacconist, 51 s Bond 

Dorsey L. 69 Forest 

Dorsey Lorenzo, boarding house, 85 n Liberty 

Dorsev Mrs. 34 Pleasant 

Dorsey Mrs. boarding house, 37 s Calvert 

Dorsev Michael, grocer, Washington n Bank 

Dorsey Michael, lime and feed dealer, 89 Light st 
wharf, dw 85 s Paca 

Dorsey Richd. H. shoemaker, 65 Stirling 

Dorsey Richd. B, sec'y Life Ins. Co. dw 68 Courtland 




Dorsey Shadrach, farmer, 11 Star al 

Dorsey Susan, 151 n Canal 

Dorsey Thos. carpenter, 471 w Baltimore 

Dorsey Thos. shoemaker, 14 d Paca 

Dorsey Thos. gardner, Penn. av near Fremont st 

Dorsey Thos. collector, 3 Josephine 

Dorsey Wash, trader, 124 Saratoga 

Dorsey Wm. H. G. attorney at law, 31 Fayette 

Dorsey Wm. tailor, 3d Pearl 

Dorsey Wm. H. firm Duvall, Keighler & D. dw 68 

Dorsey Wm. H. engineer, 204 Bank 

DORSEY & WROTH, dry goods merchants, 85 

Dorsh Geo. cooper, 112 s Eutaw 

Dosh Michael, laborer, 242 Happy al 

Doto Wm. Boston e Clinton st. Canton 

Doubleday Charlotte, 170 McHenry 

Doubleday Saml. engineer, 168 McHenry 

DOUGHERTY & BAUGHER, wholesale grocers 
and commission merchants, 325 Baltimore, corner 

Dougherty Chas. ostler, North s Franklin 
Dougherty Constantine, grocer and dry goods deal- 
er, 217 e Madison 
Dougherty Danl. laborer, Washington st n E. av 
Dougherty Edw. H. carpenter, 95 Ann 
Dougherty Mrs. H. boarding house, 59 Fayette 
Dougherty Hugh, carpenter, 77 Ann 
Dougherty Jas. grocer, 9 Ross 
Dougherty Thomas, grocer, 186 e Baltimore 
Douglass Ann Maria, 7 Register 
Douglass Dr. Arnold B. 169 s Caroline 
Douglass David, cooper, 126 n Canal 
Douglass James B. oak cooper, 372 Fayette 
Douglass Jane S. 34 Orchard 
Douglass Joseph, oak cooper, 4 Tessier 
Douglass Letetia G. 68 Saratoga 
Douglass Lewis J. cooper, 50 n Eden 
Douglass Dr. Richard, 91 Camden 
Douglass Thomas, oak cooper, 177 Fremont 
Douglass Thomas, shoemaker, 165 Raborg 
Douglass Wm. H. oak cooper, 182 Raborg, dw 559 

w Baltimore 
Douty Moses, fireman R. R. 481 w Lombard 
Dove Benj. baggage master, R. R. 534 w Pratt 
Dove Wm. C. iron founder, 201 Canton av 
Dover John, shoemaker, 15 Warner 
Dow Charlotte, 375 Saratoga 
Dow Dr. Jas. 43 Second 
Dowd Ths. blacksmith, 3 Cowpen al 
Dowdritsh Jno. painter, 183 e Fayette 

Dowell Jas. boiler maker, 489 Saratoga 

Dowell John, 75 Aisquith 

Dowhng John, carpenter, s e cor. Ann & Pratt 

Dowling Mary Ann, tailoress, 50 L. Hughes 

Dowling Nancy, 181 n Eutaw 

Downey Edmund, carpenter, 13 L. Gough 

Downey John, dry goods merchant, 149 Franklin 

Downey Mary, 10 Pearl 

Downey Wm. market man, 15 Oregon 

Downey Wm. blacksmith. 507 w Baltimore 

Downey Wm. laborer, 210 Lexington 

Downey Wm. tanner, s w cor. Monument & Bnren 

Downey Wm. furnace man, Patuxent n .of Boston 

Downing Howell, clerk, 70 Pine 
Downing Nathaniel F, bricklayer, 408 w Fayette 
Downs Dr. Dion. Jefferson e of Aisquith 
Downs Mrs. Elizabeth, 146 Columbia 
Downs Harris T. butcher, 335 Monument 
Downs John, bookseller, 201 Broadway 
Downs Rebecca, 208 e Lombard 
Downs Richard, carpenter, 40 George 
Downs Sarah, 145 Fremont 
Downs Solomon J. bricklayer, 38 Holland 
Dowrey Henry, paper carrier, 160 Ann 
Doxey Josiah, pilot, 134 Ann 
Doyle Bernhard, carpenter, 3 Columbia 
Doyle Catharine, seamstress, 31 New Church 
Doyle Catharine, 14 Thompson 
Doyle David, dyer, w Saratoga, extended 
Doyle Hugh, laborer, rear 15 French 
Doyle James, grocer, 158 Wolf 
Doyle Mrs. Jane, 58 Second 
Doyle John, street contractor, Canal cor. Bank 
Doyle John, laborer, 10 Poppleton 
Doyle John, laborer, Abey al 
Doyle John, tavern, Swan 
Doyle Luke, laborer, 194 Holiday 
Doyle Nathaniel, shoemaker, 103 Ensor 
Doyle Patrick, carter, n wcor. High & Granby 
Doyle Patrick, laborer, 288 Canton av 
Doyle Patrick, laborer, 186 Stirling 
Doyle Peter, tavern, 47 s Charles 
Doyle Thomas, carter, w of Oregon on Booth 
Doyle Ths. laborer, s e cor. Canal & Bank 
Doyle Thomas, grocer, cor. Eager &. Valery 
Doyle Wm. carpenter, 23 Rock 
Doyle Wm. carter 38 Park 
Drain Jas. laborer, 9 Mercer, 
Drake Matthew, blacksmith, over n w cor. Pratt & 

J Drakely Henry W. firm D, & Fenton, 265 Fayette 




DRAKELY & FENTON, grocers 8C produce com 

merchants, s e cor. Baltimore & Paca 
Drane John, broom maker, 71 Hampstead 
Draper Margaret Ann, 279 n Howard 
Dreatch Michael, paver, 165 e Madison 
Drege Jacob R. 317 Lexington 
Dressel John, baker, 124 e Madison 
Dressel John, baker, 124 Canton av 
Dressell Peter, carpenter, 56 George 
Drew Mary H. 36 n Eden 
Dreyer Erust, fresco painter, 151 Madison av 
Dridler Barbara, tavern, 264 s Bond 
Drinkhouse Michael, laborer, 18 Hoffman 
Driscoll Capt. C. F. 211 Aisquith 
Driver Silas, brick maker, 191 Fremont 
Driver Wm. carter, Columbia extended 
DroglerFredk. blacksmith, Lexington w of Schroder 
Dronan Thomas, shoemaker, 130 n Howard 
Droste Jno. H. blacksmith, dw 84 Hill, 196 Hanover 
Druery Theo. blacksmith, L. Hughes e of Hanover 
Drull Fredk. cabinet maker, 12 Cowpen al 
Drummond Charles G. type moulder, 94 n Canal 
Drumrnond Levin J. watchmaker and jeweller, 31 

w Pratt, dw 15 s Exeter 
Drury Chs, H. agricultural impl. maker, 2 Hollings- 

worth, dw 152 Sharp 
Drury Wm. rigger, 32L Eastern avenue 
Drussell Jno. laborer, 213 Ensor 
Dryden Alexander, huckster, 8 Clay 
Dryden Charles H. hatter, 160 n Exeter 
Dryden Isaac, painter, dw 131 Sharp, shop Wayne 
Dryden John H. piano maker, 15 Mercer, dw 104 s 

Dryden Joshua R. brickmaker, 92 Barre 
Dryden Joshua, brickmaker, 325 Lexington 
Dryden Robert H. shoemaker, 259 n C ana l 
Dryden Robert W. dry goods mt. 67 Baltimore 
Dryden Ruth 111 Ensor 

Dryden Samuel shoemaker, s e cor. Bait. St Liberty 
Dryer Emily, 12 East 
Diver Fredk. box maker, Dover between Pratt & 

Drvkot Valentine, tailor, 177 s Bond 
Dubel Capt. Jas. mariner, 118 s Bond 
Dubert Francis, sea captain, 145 Mulberry 
Dubois Edmund J. stock broker, 22 w Fayette 
Ducatel Joanna, 165 Fayette 
Ducatel Hyppolite G. tobacconist, 58 Baltimore, dw 

11 n Exeter 
Ducket Robt. rag dealer, 222 Harford av 
Duddy Wm. varnisher, 116 Vine 
Dudley Mrs. Jno. L. 8 Johnson 

Dudley Joseph, coachsmith, 18 East 
Duechenhoist Fredk. blacksmith, 293 s Bond 
Duenburg Ann, tailoress, Henrietta w of Eutaw 
Dueness Henry, tailor, 150 n Canal 
Duer Ed. N. firm Murdock, Duer & Co. dw corner 

Cathedral & Mulberry 
Duer John jr. firm D., Norris & Co. 75 n Liberty 
DUER, NORRIS & CO. importers of hardware 2 

DUER SAMUEL, dry goods merchant, 283 w 

Duerenberger Christian, grocer, s e cor. Eutaw and 

Duering David F.Jaborer, 20 St. Mary 
Duering Geo. S. bricklayer, 6 St. Mary 
Duering Jno. S. ladies' shoemaker, 10 St. Mary 
Duff Capt. Henry, 69 e Lombard 
Duff Henry, cabinet maker, 259 Monument 
Duff Martin, blacksmith, Chester st n of Eastern av 
Duffy Hugh, laborer, Garden n of Preston 
Duffy Hugh, 139 Aisquith 
Duffy Catharine, tailoress, 44 Richmond 
Duffy Catharine, 14 Garden 
Duffy Ellen, 307 Canton av 
Duffy James, grocer, 118 Du^an's wharf 
Duffy Johu, 33 Biddle alley 
Duffv John, hackman, Valery 
Duffy Michael, 30 May 
Duffy Petei, carter, 63 Union 
Duffy Rachel, 186 n Eutaw 
Dufur Orlando, blacksmith, Uhler's alley dw 43 

Dugan Bernard, cigar maker, 130 Sharp 
Dugan Frederick J. 56 Exchange place 
Dugan & Harris, dry goods dealers, 109 n Gay, dw 

Mr. H. Exeter 
Dugas Lewis C. clerk Register's office, 34 Josephine 
Dugent Eli, carpenter, Ann n of Pratt 
Dugent Francis, carpenter, Lombard e of Broadway 
Duhamel James, bag dealer, 13 Bowly's wharf, dw 

163 n Paca 
Duhr Conrad, Valery n of Eager 
Duhurst Benj. blacksmith, dw 3 Garden 
Duhurst G. H. L. &. Co. druggists, 27 Pratt st corner 

Dugan's wharf 
Duhurst Greenbury, laborer, 116 Madison 
Duhurst Mrs. Mary, 32 u Gay 
Duke Alfred, butcher, Necessity al e of Exeter 
Duke James, grocer, 366 n Gay cor. Canal 
Duke Capt. Levin, 123 e Lombard 
Duke Mark A. firm Hayward & Duke, 80 s Eutaw 
Duke Wm. T. painter, 20 Somerset 




Dukehart Adam, coal dealer, 114 Albemarle 
Dukehart Edward W. clerk, 162 Hanover 
Dukehart H. keeper of livery stables, 36 North st. 

dw 34 
Dukehart J. & Co. twine &. variety store, 130 Bait. 
Dukehart & Co. hose, &c. manufacturers, 21 Light 
Dukehart John P. firm D. & Co. 86 n High 
Dukehart John, Firemen Ass. Co's agent, 89 n High 
Dukehart Joseph, firm J . D. & Co. dw 165 Aisqunh 
Dukehart Mr. 165 Aisquith 
Dukehart Mary, 73 e Fayette 

Dukehart Robt. W. firm D. & Co. dw 62 e Lombard 
Dukehart Samuel M. clerk, 107 e Pratt 
Dukehart Trips, coppersmith, 73 e Fayette 
Dukehart Valerius, firm J. D. & Co. dw 130 Bait. 
Dukehart Win, hos,e maker & machinist, 4 Balder- 

stoh, dw 185 n High 
Dulack. Joseph, tailor, 59 Harford av 
Dulaney Grafton L. attorney, 36 St Paul, dw 59 

Dulany Wm. draper and tailor, 46 n Howard, dw 

209 Mulberry 
Duley Jno. iron moulder, Poppleton n of Saratoga 
Duley Mary boarding house, 28 Baltimore 
Dulin Dr. Alexander, n w cor. FayeKe and Charles 
Dulin James, shoemaker, 251 Broadway 
Dulin? Jno. laborer, 328 s Bond 
Dull Chs. peddler, 22 May 

Dull. lames, shipsmith, 13 Philpot, dw 92 Broadway 
Dull Jane, dry goods & millinery deal. 94 Broadway 
Dumax Ben], carpenter, 157 Alice Anna 
Dumbleton Jas. A. 126 n High 
Dummer Sebastian, blacksmith, 131 Peirce 
Dumont Maria, 193 Franklin 
DUNAHUE THOMAS, proprietor Ottoway Hall 

s w cor. Pratt and Bond 
Dnnan Lewis, book keeper, 180 s Paca 
Dunan Mrs. L.P. milliner, 193 w Pratt 
Dumax Mary, seamstress, 139 Pearl 
Dumax Mary H. 137 Pearl 
Dunbar Mrs. Frances. 33 Hamilton 
Dunbar Dr. J. W. 163 w Lombard, dw 43 Hanover 
Duncan Elizabeth, Cathedral n of Biddle 
Duncan Eliza, market dealer, 47 Lombard 
Duncan Harrison W. grocer, cor. Pine & Fayette 

dw 240 Fayette 
Duncan James, nightman, 15 Bethel 
Duncan Jas. grocer, n w cor. Saratoga & Chatsworth 
Duncan RevTjno. M. dw Gibson's Cottage Rose, hill 
Duncan Joseph, boot maker, 51 Second, dw 48 
Duncan Lev. H. ship carpenter, Wolfe cor. Thames 
Duncan Robt. blacksmith, 153 Hollins 

Duncan Wm.Tnachinist, 47 Lombard 
Dandore John, boot maker, Poppleton n of Saratoga 
Dundorf Adam, cabinet maker, 173 Sarah Ann 
Dunclorf Jacob, laborer, 181 Alice Anna 
Dungan Abel S. firm Tyson & D. 90 e Baltimore 
Dungan Francis D., firm D. Waesche & Co. 271 

Dungan Joshua T. tailor, 588 w Baltimore 
Dungan Matilda, mantua maker, 85 Lexington 
Dungan Stevenson, prop, scows, 70 Pratt, dw 133 e 

Dungan Wilkinson, shoe dealer, 163 Lexington, dw 

321 Fayette 
Dunham Alva, coach painter, 52 e Fayette 
Dunham Thornton C. firm Bevan & D. dw 309 w 

Dunkerry Richard P. machinist, w Pratt extended 
Dunlap Charles, firm D. & Hyde, dw 279 Saratoga 
Dunlap & Hyde, dry goods mts. 145 Lexington 
Dunlap & Hyde, dry goods mts. n e cor. Broadway 

and Eastern av 
Dunlap John, shoemaker, 331 s Charles 
Dunlap John, agent B. & O. R. R. dw cor. Hollins 

and Parkins 
Dunlap Ths. carter, Lexington w of Schroeder 
Dunlap Wm. book seller, 102 n Canal 
Dunlevy Ths. C. livery stable, 7 n Frederick, dw 

133 e Baltimore 
Dunn Alexander, rope maker, 11 Falls 
Dunn Andrew, blacksmith, 27 Canal 
Dunn Andrew, mt. tailor, 432 w Bait, dw rear 518 
Dunn Ann, milk dealer, 194 Holiday 
Dunn Barney laborer, 99 Tyson 
Dunn Edward, carter, 520 w Pratt 
Dunn Edward, laborer, 169 n Front 
Dunn Edward, grocer, 124 North 
Dunn Elizabeth, 116 e Madison 
Dunn F. huckster, 177 Conway 
Dunn James, painter. 30 e Lombard 
Dunn James, tin worker, 132 w Lombard 
DUNN JAMES, lumber dealer, Commercial whf. 

dw 53 s Paca 
Dnnn John, moulder, Lemmon w of Poppleton 
Dunn John, carter, 415 w Pratt 
Dunn John, laborer, 113 Albemarle 
Dunn John, 252 Canton av 
Dunn Michael, land agent, 181 s Paca 
Dunn Michael, wheelwright, 55 n High 
Dunn Michael, machinist, 236 Canton av 
Dunn Patrick, wheelwright,4 Swan,dw 112n Front 
Dunn Paul, laborer, 148 Happy al 
Dunn Mrs. Susannah, 257 Light 


Dunn Washington, trader, 22 L. Church | 

Dunn Wm. drayman, 32 Liberty alley 
DUNNAHUE THOMAS, proprietor Ottowa Hall 

s w cor. Pratt and Bond 
Dunnegan Edward, laborer, Clinton st Canton 
Dunnet David, huckster, 20 New 
Dunning Samuel, butcher, 221 Harford av 
Dunnington Elizabeth, dry goods deal. 460 w Bait. 
DUNN1NGTON WM. A. proprietor City plaister 

mill, e Hughes st. dw Barre w of Sharp 
Duno & Ring, marble workers, 55 Holliday 
Dunphry Jno. shoemaker, 346 n Howard 
Dun sib rd Samuel, clerk, 51 Hill 
Dunsmore Mary, 161 Madison av 
Duquesne Peter, 400 Lexington 
Dm and Felix, barber, 5 Penn. av 
Durand Jno. H. rope maker, 110 Pratt, dw Harford 

av extended 
DURCHAUSEN F. C. dry goods merchant, 55 n 

Eutaw cor. Lexington 
Durding Ann M. boarding house, 106 e Pratt 
Durfline Jacob, tailor, Bond n of Jefferson 
Durham Albert, carter, a e cor. E. av & Washington 
Durham Catharine, dress maker, 23 Richmond 
Durham Chs. W chair painter, Chatsworth n of 

Durham John, oak cooper, 98 Columbia 
Durham Lloyd 80 s Eutaw 
Durham Wm. tailor, 84 William 
Durham Wm. omnibus driver, 355 Franklin 
Durham Zach. miller, 14 e Monument 
Durkan Jno. ship carpenter, 231 Canton av 
Durkee Mrs. Louisa, 94 e Fayette 
Durken Patrick, laborer, 24 May 
Durkin Ths. laborer, Wolf n of Pratt 
Durkin Wm. laborer, 77 Orleans 
Durlin Edward, oyster dealer, 153 s Caroline 
Durocher Aug. H. teacher of dancing, 289 Fayette 
Durry Wm. boot maker. Gravel al 
Dursse Laurent, druggist, 115 Broadway 
Durst Frances, 175 Hanover 
Durst J. U. cotton wadding maker, Fort road, dw 

179 Hanover 
Dnsenberry Major, quarter master, U. S. Army, of- 
fice and dw 23 s Howard 
Dushane Cornelius, clerk, 399 w Lombard 
Dushane Jno. carpenter, 288 Franklin 
Dushane John, carpenter, 84 Sharp 
Dushane Nathan T. carpenter, S6 Rose, shop 57 

Dutee Jno. laborer, Mulberry court 
Dutro George, tinner, 61 Pine . 


Dutro & Patterson, tin and sheet iron workers 

Greene near Franklin 
Dutrow Robert, engineer, 90 Boyd 
Dutton Geo. H. fish inspector, 281 w Lombard 
Dutton John, lime inspector, office North, dw 75 s 

Dutton Robt. cabinet maker, 141 Canton av 
Duvall Alfred, millwright, s e cor. Bait, and High 
Duvall Benj. blacksmith, 21 Republican 
Duvall Elbridge G. firm D. Keighler & .Dorsey, 34 

Duvall Geo. W. firm D. and Turnbull, cor. Paca st 

and Cider al 
Duvall Geo W. shoemaker, 73 Hillen 
Duvall Henry, firm D & Islehart, 69 s Paca 
Duvall Jas. book binder, Washington s of Baltimore 
Duvall Jas. clerk, 38 Greene 
Duvall John H.firm D., Rogers & Co. 57 Mount 

Vernon place 
Duvall, Keighier •& Dorse}', agents domestic cotton 

and wholesale goods, 275 Baltimore 
Duvall Landon C.firm D., Rogers & Co. 87 n Charles 
Duvall Lemuel E. lottery vender, 225 Franklin 
Daval! L. E. notary public, 44 Exchange place 
Duvall Richard, oak cooper, 11 Poppleton 
DUVALL ROGERS & CO. wholesale domestic 

dry goods dealers,281 Baltimore 
Duvall Thomas J. shoemaker, 50 Mullikin 
DUVALL & TURNBULL'S carpet warehouse,^ 

266 Baltimore 
Duvall Wm. B. firm D., Keigler and Dorsey, 121 

Dvaux Mary, boarding house, 518 w Pratt 
Dwyer Dennis, painter, 58 German 
Dwyer John, basket maker, 58 German 
Dwyer Peter, porter, 138 Hollins 
DveMary, 66 s Eden 
Dyer Benjamin, grocer, 519 w Baltimore 
Dyer Benj. laborer, 129 North 
Dyer Leon, 101 Aisquith 
Dyer Margaret, court rear 146 Columbia 
Dyer Mrs. Susanna, grocer, 415 n Gay 
Dyer Walter, chair frame maker, Front st. dw cor. 

Canal and Pratt 
Dvkes Alex, firm Martin and D. dw 187 Hollins 
Dykes John, book keeper, 330 Lexington 
Dykes Josephus, shoemaker, 187 Hollins 
Dvott Jno. C. wheelwright, 8 Oregon 
Dysart Moses A. collector, 2S7 n Gay 
Eadek Frederick, cabinet maker, 73 Orleans 
Eager Catharine, 12 Dallas 
Eagle Mrs. Eliza Jane, 132 Park 




Eagle Works, Bait, s w cor. Eutaw St Conway, A. 

G. Cole Pres't, warehouse 122 w Lombard 
Eagleston Benj. bricklayer, 29 Garden 
Eagleston Chs. bacon cutter, G. Hampstead 
Eagleston Elizabeth, 173 Bank 
Eak John, cut tobacconist, 275 n Gay 
Ealev Win. ship carpenter, 132 Bank 
EARECKSON EDWIN, druggist, cor. Eden and 

Bait, dw cor. Eden and Pratt 
Eareckson E. manner, 144 e Fayette 
Eareckson Edward apothecary, s e cor. Eden and 

Eareckson Federal, ship joiner, Mill, dw Bond n of 

Eareckson Robert, lumber mt. w Falls av. dw 82 

s Exeter 
Earhard Theodore, shoemaker, 254 Ann 
Earhart Geo. laborer, 191 s Caroline 
Earhart Jacob, carter, 326 s Charles 
Earhart Jacob, huckster, Penn avn of Fremont 
Earhart Jno. shoemaker, 11 Lewis 
Earling Jno. laborer, 270 Alice Anna 
Earlocker Hanson, bailiff, Essex st. Canton 
Earlaugher Mary, mantua maker, 189 n Canal 
Early John D. provision dealer 371 '3 Baltimore, dw 

n Eutaw 
Early Thomas blacksmith & wheelwright, dw 19 e 


ware and china mts. 29 s Calvert, dw 9 Waterloo 

Row, 180 n Calvert 
Earnest Elizabeth, 37 Pearl 
Earnest Wm. cabinet maker, 189 n High 
Earps Wm. laborer, 284 Dallas 
Easier Jno. laborer, 7 Elizabeth al 
Easlev Thos. boat builder. 7 Philpot 

Son proprietors, cor. Bethel & Bank 
East H. & Son, bacon dealers, 48 e Madison 
EASTER HAMILTON &, CO. dry goods mer 

chants, 213 Bait, dw H. E. 74 n Paca 
Easter Jas. H. firm Hamilton E. & Co. 74 n Paca 
Easter John, cashier, 185 German 
Easter John of John, firm Charron, Field & Co. 255 

w Lombard 
.Eastern Hall, n e cor. Eastern av & Broadway 
Eastman J. B. firm Withington & E. dw G09 w Bait 
Easton Robt. brick maker, Fort road 
Eastwood Jas. B. cabinet maker, Gough 1 dooj w of 

Eaton Ann, seamstress, 25 Armistead lane 

EATON, BROTHERS & CO. dry goods commis- 
sion merchants, 13 s Charles 
Eaton Chas. J. M. 72 n Charles 
Eaton Geo. N. of firm E. Bros. & Co. dw 87 Monu't 
Eaton Isaac, lumber inspector, Warner e of Light 
Eaton John, carter, 67 Boyd 
Eaton Robinson, laborer, Canton av e ot Wolf st 
Ebaugh Henry, clock and watch maker, 115 n Gay 
Eberes John, trim. man. 132 Rahorg 
Ebberts Alex, cigar maker. 23 Republican 
Ebberts Saml. cigar maker, 23 Republican 
Eberhardt Fredk. glas* blower, 8 G. Hughes 
Eberhart Joseph A. grocer, s e cor. Aisq. & Stirling 
Eberhart Joseph, painter, Penn av n of Fremont st 
Eberle Fredk. laborer, 163 e Pratt 
Eberly Danl. cabinet maker, 27 Pearl 
Eberly Fredk. tailor, 107 s Eutaw 
Eberis Geo. H. laborer, w Pratt extd 
Ebner Martin, boot and shoemaker, 43 e Fayette 
Ebs worth Thos. J. wire worker, 8 n Frederick 
Ebton Margaret, 9 Lancaster 
Eccleston Araminta, 112 Raborg 
Eccleston Josiah, carpenter, Happy al s of Pratt st 
Eccleston Dr. J. C. office n e cor. Monivt & Garden 
Eccleston Rt. Rev. Saml. Archbishop of Catholic 

church, Charles, between Mulberry Sc Franklin 
Eccleston Wm. laborer, 98 Green Mount or York av 
Fck Geo. paver, 191 Happy al 
Eckhardt Lewis, carpenter, 54 North 
Eckhardt Wm. laborer, 87 Hamburg 
Eckel Mary, 84 e Madison 
Eckel Wm. J. clerk, 172 e Madison 
Eckelman Harman, boiler maker, 297 n Howard 
Eckelman Herman R. shoemaker, 11 Hawk 
Eckert Baltza, laborer, 30 Lee 
Eckert B. laborer, 9 Neighbor 
Eckhart Geo, furniture wagoner, 119 n Paca 
Eekhart Ernst, laborer, Penn av extd 
Eckhart Jno. engineer, 38± Green Mount or York av 
Eckhart Fredk. baker, Penn. av extd 
Eckle Mrs. Elvina, Register n of Bank 
Eckloughstine Jacob, laborer, 41 President 
Eckman Benj. ladies' shoemaker, 75 Perry 
Eckstin Chris, milk man, Chapel w of Penn. av 
Eddelman Conrad, tailor, Cathedral n of Biddle 
Eddleman John F. bricklayer, Harford av 
Eddy O. T. artist, 255 Saratoga 
Edei Josiah, dealer, 151 Ensor 
Edelman John, laborer, 264 Alice Anna 
Eden Alexander, butcher, 400 Light 
Eden Wm. butcher, Penn av extd 
Edes Mary A. 28 a Greene 9 




Edgar H. Le Rojft 47 Franklin 
Edgar John M. attorney, 31 St. Paul.— com. of 
deeds for Maine, Verra't. Mass. Conn. N. and S. 
Edgar S. 13 .Montgomery 
Edgar Thos. mariner, 50 Stiles 
Ed lings John, piano maker, 547 w Bait 
Edmonds Alfred, 19 e Lombard 
Edmons Catharine. 83 French 
Edmonson Jnjo. ship owner, -240 Light 
Edmonston Leonides, carpenter, 330 n Gay 
Edmundson Capt. Moses L. 90 s Eutaw 
Edney Michael, plaisterer, 10 Caroline 
Edward Robert, 174 e Fayette 
Edwards Mrs. A. 275 e Fratt 
Edwards Benj. rigger, Gough st e of Castle al 
Edwards Benj. engineer, 171 Washington 
Edwards & Bros, apoth. & druggists, 274 Light 
Edwards Chas. machinist, 152 Potter 
Edwards Eli P. mat maker. Chew e of Canal 
Edwards E. mariner, 39 Henrietta 
Edwards Geo. sexton St.Paul's church, 53 n Charles 
Edwards Henry, mariner, Bond s of Pratt 
Edwards Capt. Hiram, manner, 38 Henrietta 
Edwards Jas. sen. laborer, 243 n Howard 
Edwards Letetia, tailoress. 23 Chew 
Edwards Maria. 4 Orleans 
Edwards Rich, shoemaker. 107 Broadway 
Edwards Capt. Rich. sen. prop, pain ex tr. lotion, 

338 Lexington 
EDWARDS R. JR. & SON, commission merchants 

and glass and earthenware dealers. 24 s Charles 
Edwards Thos. Preston st. near Madison av 
Edwards Thos. painter, Register n of Bank 
Edwards Thos. J. scale maker, Scott n of Pratt 
Edwards Wm, tailor. 53 Oregon cor. Lombard 
Edwards Wrn. brakesman. 6 Morris al 
Edwards Wm. carpenter, 346 Lexington 
Edwards Wm. M.bookkeep Mer. Bank, 202 n Eutaw 
Eeley Saml. butcher, 128 s Canal 
Erlenger Arnold, laborer, 62 Harrison 
Egan Edward, laborer, 23 French' 
Egan Jas. laborer, cor. Dover st. and Dawson al 
Egas John, tailor, 234 s Bond 
Egbert Jas. M. lott'v & ex. broker, Pratt, dw 80 Hill 
Egbert Dr. of U. S. Navy, 97 St. Paul 
Egenton Margaret, 94 Pine 
EGENTON, MORRIS & CO. French bur mill 

stone manufacturer, w Falls av 
EGERTON & BROTHER, lottery office, corner 

South st. and Exchange place 
Egcrton Chas. C. firm E. & Bro. dw 78 e Bait 

Egerton Chas. silversmith, 70 n Caroline 

EGERTON C O. SEN. "Virginia house, 4 s Calv't 

Egerton Jno. B. firm E. & BroT dw 74 e Bait 

Egerton Jas. H. grocer, 4 Green Mount av 

Egerton Mrs. Margaret, 121 Pearl 

Egerton Philip, clerk collector's office, 83 n High 

Eggers Henry, potter, 270 s Charles 

Eggers Herman, tavern, 703 w Bait 

Eggleston Jos. carpenter, 210 Mulberry 

Ehberlin Wm. tanner, w Saratoga st extd. 

Ehler Johanna, 90 n Gay 

Ehler Le wis, store keeper, s w cor. West & Charles 

Ehlers Aaron, confectioner, 119 Low 

Ehlers Henry, tailor, rear 51 Harrison 

Elders Lewis, grocer, 175 Columbia 

Ehlies Henry, grocer, Ills Howard 

Ehlin John H. 137 n Paca 

Ehrhard Albert, teacher, 249 Saratoga 

Ehrhart Elizabeth, 161 n Eutaw 

Ehrhart Geo. tailor, 81 s Howard 

Ehring John, tailor, 80 Mullikin 

Ehrkenheim Cha*. blacksmith, 33 Mullikin 

EHRMAN JACOB, carpenter, 48 German, dw 24 

s Eutaw 
Ehrman Geo. A. coach lace and fringe manuf. 80 

Ehrman John, carpenter, 17 Concord, dw 108 Albe- 
Ehrman John, carpenter Chapel st w Penn. av 
Ehrman Wm. trim, and variety store, 43 Baltimore 
Eichan Geo. tailor, 283 Bond 
Eichelberg Otto W. dealer in brandies, wines. &c. 

1 s Howard, dw n Calvert 
Eiehelberger Eliza A. 176 German 
Eichelberger Elizabeth. 45 n Calvert 
Eiehelberger Emanl. W. carpenter, 91 s Paca 
Eichelberger J. F. tobacconist, 139 Franklin, dw 224 

Eichelberger J. M. painter aud glaz. German, dw 

221 Saratoga 
Eichelberger^. M. livery stables, 86 German, dw 

Eichelberger John S. tobacconist, 68 Richmond 
Eichelberger J. Wesley, painter, 197 Mulberry 
Eichelberser & Wilson, iron store, 103 w Lombard 
Eichelberger Wm. Q.firm E. & W. dw 45 n Calvert 
Eichelman Jos. carter, 52 Harford av 
Eichler John, cooper, 20 Neighbor 
Bighorn Geo. tailor, 19 May 
Eignbout Christian, tailor, 147 York 
Eilaw Wm. cabinet maker, 202 s Bond 
Elbacher John V. blacksmith, 14 Lee 




Einwaechter Alex, blacksmith, 100 Columbia 
Eisenbrant Christ. H. manuf. musical inst. 78 Bait. 
Eisfeldt Lazarus, shoemaker, 75 s Spring 
Eisler John, saddler, 56 e Fayette 
Eisler John, tailor, 118 e Lombard 
Eiter Marcus, porter, 40 President 
Ekstine Geo. paver, Penn. av n Wilson st 
Elan Benj. fisher, 34 s Paca 
Elbert Lawrence, cabinetmaker, JGOEast 
ELDER BASIL T. & CO. produce and commis- 
sion merchants, s w cor. Pratt and Commerce, dw 
B. T. E. 43 Mulberry 
Elder Allen, bricklayer, 15Mullikin 
Elder Francis, coppersmith, 75 Hillen 
Elder Francis W. firm White & E. dw 69 n Greene 
Elder Francis S. firm White & E. dw 69 Greene 
Elder Henry, watchman, 234 Biddle 
Elder Henry, carpenter, n e cor. Gibson & Preston 
Elder John, painter, 132 Ross 
ELDER SAMUEL, flour merchant, 32 n Howard 
Eldridge Robt. baker, 19 s High 
Eldridge Wilson, baker, 121 Aisquith 
Elias Jos. dealer in 2d hand clothes, &c. 189 Biddle 
Elias Saml. dry goods dealer, 37 Ensor 
Eliason Erick, furn. wagoner, 29 Pearl 
Eline Jacob A. carpenter, 93 Jefferson 
Ellender Charity, huckster, 1 Orleans 
Ellender Fredk." tin and sheet iron worker, Harford 

av extd. 
Ellender Fredk. bricklayer, 136 n Caroline 
Ellenger Saml. cow dealer, Mullikin e Ann 
Ellermeyer Chas. film Bushman & Co. 145 Franklin 
Ellery Ann, 168 German 
Ellery F. A. clerk, 168 German 
ELLICOTT ANDREW, iron manufacturer, Com- 
mercial buildings, Gay, dw 85 Sharp 
Ellicott B. H. firm J. H. & B. H. E. 68 e Baltimore 

Ellicott Benj. 78 n Paca 

Ellicott Evan T.Commercial buildings, Gay, dw 212 

ELLICOTT EVAN T. JR. Locust Point, dw 85 

ELLICOTT HENRY WM. iron master. Com- 
mercial buildings, Gav, dw 85 Sharp 

Ellicott J. H.&B. H. prop. '•Baltimore City Iron 
Works," foot Block st 

Ellicott John, laborer, Clinton st. Canton 

Ellicott Saml. jr. firm S. P. T. Ellicott, 3 Courtland 

Ellicott S. & P. T. Md. chem. & iron manuf. 45 Light 

Ellicott Wm. M. com. mt. 3 Spear's whf. dw 5 St. 

Ellinger Jacob, cow dealer, cor- Point lane & Gay s 

Ellingsworth Wm. rigger, 35 Bethel 

Elliott Ann, huckster, 9 Fish Market 

Elliott Benj. carpenter, Fremont, dw 556 w Bait. 

Elliott Benj. watchman, 42 Mullikin 

Elliott Chas. laborer, 224 Hollins 

Elliott Danl. brickmaker, 26 Giddings 

Elliott Edwd. T. sup. Water Co. pump house, dw 
Belvidere road 

Elliott Edwd. carpenter, Eden s McElderry 

Elliott Geo. ladies' shoemaker, 7 Harrison, dw 24 
n Exeter 

Elliott Geo. carpenter, Madison e Caroline 

Elliott Hooper, laborer, 104 Eastern av 

Elliott Jas. moulder, 30 Giddings 

Elliott Jas. shoemaker, Spring opposite May 

Elliott John, laborer. 33 West 

Elliott John W. bricklayer, 42 Conway 

Elliott John, carpenter, Chew eGay 

Elliott John S. chair painter, 130 n Canal 

Elliott John, piano tuner, 118 Madison 

Elliott Jos. police officer, 3 Mulberry 

Elliott Jos. huckster, 102 Low 

Elliott Jos. T. mariner, 15 Spring 

Elliott & Kermine, shoe and fancy dealers, 7 Harri- 
son, dw Geo. E. 24 n Exeter 

Elliott Nathan 3. clerk, I n Caroline 

Elliott Robt. bricklayer, 255 n Eden 

Elliott Robt. laborer, 16 Stiles 

Elliott Thos. painter, 269 n Eden 

Elliott Thos. laborer, 101 n Caroline 

Elliott Thos. trader in market. 92 Pine 

Elliott Thos. ship carpenter. Bank e Washington 

Elliott Wm. S. tailor, 281 Light ■ 

Elliott Wm. jr. teacher High School, 176 e Madison 

Elliott Wm. music printer, 222 e Monument 

Elliott Wm. carpenter, Canal n Chew, dw 19 Mott 

Elliott Wm. serr. 160 e Madison 

Elliott Wm. boot and shoemaker, 144 n Eden 

Ellis Benj. whip sawyer, 117 Bond 

Ellis Dr. C. R. 57 n High 

Ellis David, cabinet maker and undertaker, Lom- 
bard e Canal 

Ellis Elizabeth, 22 French 

Ellis Geo. carpenter, Broadway s Fayette st 

Ellis Geo. carpenter, Pratt e Canal 

Ellis Henry, plaisterer, 40 Gil tings 

Ellis JohnC. H. sexton 7ih Baptist church, 110 Sr. 

Ellis John, carpenter, 148 e Madison 

Ellis Thos. bottler, 14 s Gay 

Ellis Thos. ladies' shoe maker, 16 Giddings 

Ellis Thos. carpenter, 10 Deluol al 




Ellison Saml. marble polisher, 139 Harford av 
Elmore Jas. butcher, Prospect Hill, e Baltimore 
Elmore Lewis, butcher, Prospect Hill, rear Bait, fit 
Elphonson Jas. saddler, 97 n High 
Elpbring Wm. H. Venetian blind maker, 46 Ross 
Elshrote Wm. laborer, 132 s Greene 
Elston Geo. tailor, 50 e Madison 
Elterman Predk. tavern, 15 w Fayette 
Eltman Andw. 311 s Bond 
Elton Chas. W. cooper, Ann s Baltimore 
Elton Mary, grocer, 106 s Howard 
Elton Mrs. s e cor. Ann and Lombard 
Ellonhead Arnold, silversmith, 17 Low 
Eltotihead Sarah, milliner and tnn. deal. 21 e Bait, 
Elwell Capt. Albert G. mariner, Ann n Piatt 
Elwood Francis, laborer, Chesapeake n Hudson 
Elwood Michl. tavern, n w cor. Boston & Chesap. 
Elwood Trios, laborer, n w cor. Boston and Ches- 
apeake, Canton 
Ely Chas. carter, cor. Chester and Eastern av 
Ely Chas. W. shoemaker. 122 n Gay 
Ely Jacob, laborer, 79 Gran by 
Ely John C. wharf builder, 181 Ann 
Ely John N. wharf builder, 272 Eastern av 
Ely J. C. saw mill, Harris's Creek, dw Ann st 
Ely Mahlon S. boot and shoe maker, 118 n Gay 
Ely Saml. of U. S. Hotel, Pratt, dw High 
ELY WILLIAM T. apothecary, 205 Canton av 
Elzey Letetia, boarding house, 57 Second 
Emack Wm. 46 n Liberty 
Emberson Wm. laborer, Hamburg st F. PL 
Emerick Christian, book keeper, Scott n Pratt 
Emerick David, shoemaker, 137 Penn. av 
Emerick J. tailor, Bond n Jefferson 
Emerick Philip, shoemaker, Frederick near Lom- 
bard, dw 114 Dugan's wharf 
Emerick Wm. H. shoemaker, Greene, I door n Lex- 
Emerig Conrad, wheelwright, IIS Stirling 
Emerson Henrietta, seamstress, 77 s High 
Emerson Margt. dress maker, over 159 Baltimore 
Emery Chas. L. stone cutter, Mt. Clair depot, dw 

347 Lombard st 
Einge Peter, blacksmith. Eager e Aisquitb. 
Emich Andw. cabinet maker, 71 Raborg 
Emich Dan!, carpenter, 338 Fayette 
Emich John V. stove and tin worker, 25 Light, dw 

43 Fremont 
Emich Peter, stove smith, 9 Dewberry nl 
Emmart David, blacksmith, 143 Franklin, dw 157 

n Paca 
Emmart John, carpenter. 212 n Eutaw 

Emmart Jos. tavern, 203 Lexington 
iEmmart Margt. boarding house, 10 Josephine 
Emmart Michael, carpenter. 201 n Canal 
Emmart Wm. carpenter, 251 n Canal 
Emmerson Capt. Wm. 53 Stiles 
Einmerson Wm. tailor, 15 Warner 
Emory Ann, Washington s Gough 
Emory Arthur, firm Emory, Stephens & Co. dw 64 

s Eutaw 
Emory Catharine, boarding house, 27 Holliday 
Emory Catharine D. boarding hodse, 60s Paca 
Emory Chas. granite cutter, cor. Poppleton and 

Mc Henry 
Emory & Co. lottery and exchange office, 154 Pratt 

dw 17 Con way 

EMORY D. C. H. attorney at law, 15 St. Paul dw 

Emory John, brickmaker, 61 Montgomery 
Emory John B. brickmaker, 70 s Paca 
Emory Saml. T. firm Emory, Stevens & Co. dw 49 

s Exeter 
Emory Saml. stone mason. 15 Hollins 
Emory, Stevens & Co. grocers and com. ints. 2 Bow- 

ly's wharf 
Emory Mrs. Thos. L. 119 Park 
Emory Wm. H. attorney, 15 St. Paul, dw 90 
Em rich Simon watch maker, 169 Piatt 
Endres Martin, shoemaker, 110 Lancaster 
Eney Julia, 18 Shroeder 
Engehausen Henry, tavern keeper, 75 Park 
Engehmyer Sol. L. pawn broker, 62 Park 
Engelbrecht Chas. math. inst. maker, 23 South 
Engelhaupt Adam, clothier. 54 w Pratt, dw Exeter 
Engelhaupl Edwd. cabinei maker, 48 a Prekenck 
Engels Alex, carpenter, 4 1 Harford av 
Engenback Jos. mate, 5 Fell 
Engharl Casper, tailor, 189 Eastern nv 
England Francis W. plumber, 241 Gough 
England John, teamster, Scott n Pratt 
England Mary, Hi n Exeter 
England Capt. Wm. mariner. 235 Alice Anna 
Engle Geo. shoemakei, 256 Ann 
Engle John, laborer, 35 Preston 
Engle Philip, music teacher, 33 xVlarion 
Engle Wm. furn. carter, Caslle al n Bank st 
Engleharclt Benj. tailor, 310 s Charles 
Englehardt Geo. laborer, cor. Paca and Franklin. 
Engleking Fredk. tailor, 90 Low 
Englemyer Adam, basket maker, 69 Preston 
Englemyer Matthias, butcher, 4h7 Saratoga 
English Henry, brass founder, 50 Holliday, dw 28 




English John, laborer, Fawn w high 

English Patrick, laborer, Castle al n Bank st 

Enkle Wm. watchman, 27 Philpot al 

Ennals John, book keeper, 86 n Faca 

Ennals Mrs. boarding house, 10 s Gay 

Ennis Elizab. boarding house, 164 German 

Ennis Jos. laborer, 7 Jefferson 

Ennis Capt. Jos. mariner, '206 Canton av 

Ennis Mary A. boarding house, 171 Light 

Ennis Peter, laborer, 38 Penn. av 

Enos Rev, Wm. H. hardware dealer, 151 Forest, dw 

148 n Exeter 
Enow Richd. baker, 5 May 
Ensey Lott, firm Slingluli & E. dw 283 Fayette 
Ensey Wm. 10 Columbia 
Ensinger Geo. carpenter, 180 Stirling 
Ensor Abraham, bricklayer, 123 b Exeter 
Ensor Edwd. ship joiner, 152 n Eden 
Ensor Geo. watchman, 239£ w Fayette 
Ensor John H. grocer and prov. deal. 442 w Bait. 
Ensor John, pattern maker, 782 w Baltimore 
Ensor Wm. tinner, 111 McElderry 
Ent Chas. carpenter, 261 Franklin 
Entler Catharine, 31 Pine 
Entz H. 55 Raborg 

Eppel Christian, cabinet maker, 200 Fayette 
Eppel John, tailor, 34 e Lombard 
Eppel Jos. tailor, 34 e Lombard 
Epron Peter, boot and shoe maker, 146^ n Eden 
Equi Gisoppe, confectioner, 164 e Baltimore 
Equitable (Baltimore) Society, 19 South, Francis J. 

Dallam, treasurer 
Erbach John, book binder, court run. fm 47 n Front 
Erbach Sebastian, barber, Lombard St. 2d door from 

Centre Market Space, dw 6 e Pratt st 
Erdman Chas. millwright, 83 Columbia 
Erhardt Agustus, locksmith and bell hanger, 33 s 

Liberty, dw 418 w Pratt 
Erek & Brown, tobacconists, 95 Light st wharf 
Erickson Erick, chief mate, 19S Canton av 
Erickson Mrs. P. S. milliner, s w cor. Pratt & Eden 
Ermold Geo. carman, 78 s Eutaw 
Ermold John, carver, 125 Penn. av 
Ernt Jacob, basket maker, 2 Biddle al 
Erp Amos, trader, 172 Penn. av 
Erp Henry, cooper, 143 Henrietta 
Erpenbeck. Henry, tavern, 131 Canton av 
Erpish John, laborer, 218 Happy al 
Ervin Geo. builder of hoisting niacin 325 Lombard 
Ervin Jacob, laborer, rear 81 Conway 
Ervin Wm.H. carpenter, Broadway e of Monument 
•Esau David, flour and feed dealer. 247 s Bond 

Escaville Joseph B. imp. & dealer in cigars, 36 South 
ESCHBACH JOHN, contractor for paving, 33 

Esherich Augustus, oak cooper, 35 Philpot 
Esherich Geo. cooper, w Pratt extd 
Eshericks Thos. grocer, 188 e Pratt 
Eshery Augustas, 78 Argyle al 
Eshler Fredk. 114 Vine 
Eskridge Wolford, laborer, 11 Spring 
Esler John, carter, Amity between Lex. & Saratoga 
Eslinger Fredk. shoemaker, 22 Fawn 
Espey John, gardner, 171 Orleans 
Espy Wm. S. oak eooper, 27 Fell st. dw 221 Ann 
Essart Geo. carter, Chatsworth n of Mulberry 
Essender Jas. firm Weaver & E. 1 Pearl 
Essender Jas. butter dealer, 256 Broadway 
Essender Lewis, painter, 15 Diamond 
Essender Thos. coach maker, 117 Hollins 
Esslinger Christ, tailor, 44 Bank 
Essex Wm. shoemaker, 30 Gittings 
Estabrook E.firm Robinson, Lord & Co. boards, 49 

Estlack Hiram, shoe maker, 101 Jefferson 
Estriker Mr. Fresco painter, Patapsco av 
Etchbeiger Capt. Jas. 86 s Eden 
Etchberger John F. boat builder, Union dock, dw 

68 Eastern av 
Etchberger Capt. Ralph, mariner, Ann s of Lomb'd 
Etler Mi pedlar, 166 Dallas 
Ettel Jno. laborer, Fountain st. w of Castle al 
Etting B. G. com. mt. 68 Buchannan's wharf, dw 

260 w Lexington 
ETTING SAMUEL, ship and commission mer- 
chant, 73 Smith's whf. dw 22 n Eutaw 
Ettner John A. cabinet maker, 65 n Fredk 
Ettrick John, laborer. Green's ct. Hamburg st 
Eubert Adam, shoemaker, 13 St. James 
Euler Ernst, shoemaker, 130 e Madison 
Eull Geo, shoemaker, 15 Perry 
Eulon Phil, watch maker and jeweller, 104 Franklin 
Eutaw House, Henry F. Jackson, prop. cor. Bait. 

and Eutaw 
Eutaw st. Savings Bank, n w cor. Eutaw and Bait 
Evans Alfred D. boot maker, 148 French 
Evans Andrew, pilot, Ann s of Bait 
Evans Chas, G. carpenter, Garden near Madison 
Evans Danl. W. bricklayer, Ills Eden 
Evans David, carpenter, Bethel s of Gough, dw 93 

Evans Evans, smelter, Chesapeake st. Canton 
Evans Mrs. Elizab. boarding house, Poppleton n of 





EVANS & FOSTER, plumbers, 7 Eutaw buildings 

Bait st 
Evans Francis, finisher, L. Greene n of Lee 
Evans Fredk. carpenter, cor. Raborg and Piue 
Evans Geo. oak cooper, 70 Pratt, dw 8G e Bait 
Evans Geo. shoemaker, 41 Buren 
Evans Geo. carter, Dewberry al. n of Lombard st 
Evans Capt. Geo. Wm. mariner, 133 Gough 
Evans Henry W. S. bricklayer, Ills Eden 
Evans Hugh Davy, coun.and attorney, 70 e Fayette 
Evans Isaac jr. broker, HJye Fayette 
Evans Isaac, 03 e Fayette 
Evans Job, carpenter, Howard near Madison 
Evans J. T. plaisterer, '21-3 e Madison 
Evans John, nightman, Wolf n of Pratt • 
Evans John, 90* Barre 
Evans John, tinner, 23 n Eden 
Evans John, plaisterer, s ecor. Eutaw and Saratoga 
Evans Joseph, boot maker 232 Hanover 
Evans Margaret, tailoress, 305 Light 
Evans Mary, cow keeper, 116 Hollins 
Evans Nelson, engine smith, 6 Pres't. dw 52 Fawn. 
Evans Reese, book keeper, 12 Mulberry 
Evans Rich, pilot, 68 Hillen 

Evans Rich, ship carpenter, Caroline s of Lancaster 
Evans S. W. U. S. appraiser, 185 Fayette 
Evans Thos. carpenter, 100 Barre 
Evans Thos. laborer, 16 East 
Evans Thos. carpenter, 230 n Gay 
Evans Thos. R. 92 Broadway 
Evans Thos. carpenter, Wolf n of Lancaster 
Evans Thos. firm E. St Foster, Baltst. dw449 Lom- 
bard w of Poppleton 
Evans Thos. sexton Potter's field, 99 Wolf 
Evans Wm. tavern keeper, n w cor. High st and 

Eastern av 
Evans Wm. carpenter, 17 Montgomery 
Evans Wm. plaisterer, Madison e of Bond 
Evans Wm. H. H. boot maker, 18 n Exeter 
Evans Wm. bricklaver, Chesapeake st. Canton 
Evatt Columbus, q;un and lock smith, 26 s Liberty, 

dw 22 s Howard 
Evatt Edward, gun and lock smith, 33 Light 
Evatt Mrs. Ellen, hardware dealer, 24 n Gay 
Eveline Anne, stocking weaver, 87 Fremont 
Everett Eliza, 52 s Bond 
Everett Eli/ab. tailoress, 231 Gough. 
Everett Jas. huckster, 231 Gough 
Everett Joseph, cooper, 38 Chew 
Everett Thos. harness maker, 39 Garden 
Everhardt Joseph, painter, 33 Sarah Ann 
Everhart Geo. machinist, 24 e Fayette 

Everhart Henry, brick maker, 154 McHenry 
Everhart Jacob, watchman, 24 Eutaw court 
Everhart Martin, clerk, 94 s Howard 
Everist Job, huckster, Happy al s of Pratt st 
EVERIST JOHN M. cooper, 75 Holliday, dw 197 

Canal st 
Everist John, trim. man. 132 Raborg 
Everist Joseph, cooper, 32 Chew, shop 37 Canal 
Everist Joseph, sen. cooper, 15 Edward, dw 32 Chew 
Everist Thos. huckster, 243 Gough 
Everitt Ann J. seamstress, 140 Ensor 
Everitt Hezekiah, cooper, rear 103 s Charles 
Everitt Jas. plaisterer, 131 Bond 
Everley Joseph, laborer, 33 Orleans 
Evers Danl. rigger, 161 Canton av 
Evers Henry, shoemaker, 19 e Pratt 
Evers John, oil'cloth maker, 61 Thames 
Eversman Fredk. 165 Alice Anna 
Eversman Garret, engineer, 65 Cross 
Everton Emanuel, seaman, 173 Happy al 
Evitt Robt. ladies' shoemaker, 74 Eastern av 
Ewaldt August, firm Jas. Myer & Co. 99 Pennav 
Ewalt John P. black smith, 129 s Eden 
Ewalt Philip, carter, 22 Hampstead 
Ewering Bernhard, agent Leech's transportation 

line, 124 Thames 
Ewin Jno. math. inst. maker, 86 Block 
Ewinsj John, 58 Green Mount av 
Ewin? Saml. W. ladies' shoemaker, 44 Somerset; 
Ewings Thos. clerk, Eden s of Madison 
Exchange Merchants buildings, s Gay, from Second 

to Lombard sts. w side 
Exchange Hotel, D. Dorsey, Exchange place, 2d 

door from Gay st 
Exe Elizabeth, 129 Harford av 
Eyerly Jacob S. printer, 17 Pine 
Eyle John, shoemaker, 240 w Pratt 
Eytinge Saml. & Smith, furn. dealers, 39 n Howard 
Eytmge Saml. firm E. & Smith, dw 28 Marion 
EYTINGE SIMON, furniture and variety store, 

86 Ball, dw 91 e Pratt 
Faber. Conrad, laborer, Register s of Pratt 
Faber John, carpenter, Register s of Pratt 
Faber Wm. tobacconist, 305 Mulberry 
Pagan Arthur, laborer, 1% Raborg 
Pagan John, laborer, rear I Hillen 
Pagan Joseph, cabinet maker, Shroeder s of L?x. 
Fagan Matthew, laborer, 1 Artnistead lane 
Fagan Owen, drayman. 74 n Exeter 
Fagan Robt. trader, 179 Columbia 
Fager Cornelius, carter, Boston e of Clinton 
Fagert Jacob, sawyer, 83 Canal 




Fagely & Co. coal dealers, a w cor. Lombard &. Eden 

Fagline Joseph, poller, Bond n of Fayette 

Fagret Francis, carpenter, 4 South 

Faherty John, carpenter, 134* Ross 

Fahery Timothy, carpenter, 76 Ross 

Fahey Martin, Jaborer, 263 Eastern av 

Fahey Thos. plaisterer, Gav e of Chew 

Fahnet B. shoemaker, 2 St." James 

Fahner B. shoemaker, 2 St. James, back 

Fahnestock Danl. E. lot. dealer, 13 Light, dvv 238 

w Fayette 
Fahnestock Peter, 287 w Fayette 
Fahrity Tim. carpenter, 55 Moore's al. dw Ross st 
Fans Amelia, 24 Jackson 
Fahst Anthony, laborer, 15 Bank 
Fairall Geo. black smith, Fremont s of Pratt 
Fairall Wm. H. blacksmith, dw 2 McHenry near 

Fairall Michael, laborer, 3 Swan 
Fairhank Eilwd. ship smith, East, a v. w of Wolf st 
Fairbank Henry, trailer, 139 Fremont 
Fairbank Henry, carpenter, Preston w of Gibson 
Fairbank John, brakesman, 381 w Lombard 
Fairbanks And. J. conductor, 45 McHenry 
Fairbanks Drury, band and square box maker, 174 

n Gay st 
Fairbanks Jas. ship wrighr, 265 Canton av 
Fairbanks Noah, shoemaker, 351 Fayette 
Fairbanks Theodore, ship carpenter, 203 Wash 
Fairchild Wm. 238 e Monument 
Fairchild Wm. tailor, 15 Chew 
Fairing Lewis, tailor, Bond n of Jefferson 
Fairmount gardens, Win. Hinkel prop. Broadway 

n of Bait 
Fairy John, grocer, 170 Light 
Faisper John, milkman, Harford av. near rope walk 
Fait Henry, laborer, 6 West 

Faithful Henry, bricklayer, Chatsworth near Geo. 
Faithfol Joseph, dagoerian, n e cor. Euiaw &. Lex. 
Faithful Margaret, midwife, Chatsworth near Geo. 
faithful W.E.B. hardware dealer, 100 Franklin, 

dw 97 En taw 
Faithful Wm. printer. Chatsworth near George 
Faithful Wm. bricklayer, 148 Pine 
Faitz Chas. cabinet maker. 312 s Bond 
Faitz John, cab. mak. & undertaker, 204 Broadway 
Falck Casper W. cooper, 328 s Charles 
Falconer Jno. H. attorney. I Counsellor's Hall, 46 

Lexington, dw 173 Fayette 
FALCONER JOHN, importer and commission 

merchant, 12 Charles, dw 7 Paca Row, Lex. st 
lalconer Jonathan, clerk, 107 Sharp 

Fales Ebenezer C. 172 Hanover 

Fales Jas. G. pilot, 106 Ann 

Fall Casp. laborer, Court from w end Carpenter's al 

Falk John M. cabinet and piano maker, Carpenter's 

al. e of Fremont 
Fall Isaac C. bottler, 92 s Howard 
Falleukamp Jno. H. grocer. 97 William 
Falls M. N. agent and direct. Norfolk steam packet 

Co. 21 n Calvert 
Falls Sally, 202 Fremont 
Falter John, tailor, 32 Stirling 
Fanble Christr. shoemaker, 100 Thames 
Fangmeyer John, cigar maker, 252 Alice Anna 
Fannin Luke, laborer, 225 Forrest 
Fanning Joanna. Castle al. n of Pratt st 
Fant E. L. &. Co. wholesale dry goods mts. n w cor. 

Hanover and German, dw E. L. F. 41 Hanover 
Fanteran John, tailor, 87 Sarah Ann 
Fantom Nathan, shoemaker, 104 Jefferson 
Fanton Jas. carpenter, 124 e Madison 
Fardell Peter, laborer, Burk st. s of Canton av 
Fardwell Isaac, wood dealer. 27 Hill 
FARDY & AULD,ship yard and marine Railway, 

Farin'Patrick, laborer, Clinton st. Canton 
Farish John, clerk, 171 s Eden 
Farland & Travers, sail makers, 14 Spear's wharf 
Farland Jno. F. of firm F. & Travers, dw 54 Fawn 
Farley Miss Alice, 5 n Frederick- 
Farley Thos. laborer; cor. Eager and Vallery 
Farlow & Humphreys, livery stables, 44 &46 Lane. 
Farlow John T. grocer. 220 Broadway, dw 141 Ann 
Farmar Jas. A. ship and anchor smith, rear of 115 

Light st. whf. dw s e cor. Hanover and Barre 
Farmer John, drayman, 15 Lancaster 
Farmer Philip, stove dealer, cor. Eutaw and Lex- 
ington, (\\v 18 Eutaw 
Farmer Wm. butcher, 173 Pcnn av 
Farmers' and Merchants' bank, n w cor. Lombard. 

and South 
Farmers' and Planters' bank, 17 South 
Farnan Bernard, cooper, 328 Eastern av 
Farnan Michael, 85 William 
FARNANDIS SAMUEL, insurance adjuster, of- 
fice 44 Lombard st. Exchange place, dw n e cor 
Camden and Sharp sts 
Farnandis Walter, jr. attorney, 1 Spurrier's court, 

Lexington, dw 48 Hanover 
Feniandis Walter, dw 48 Hanover 
Farnen Peter, grocer, 216 Alice Anna 
Farnsworth Lucien B. confectioner, 262 w Pratt 
Farquhar Geo. A. dry goods merchant, 233 Lex. 




Farquharson Chas. property agt. room no. 2, Don- 
uell's buildings, cor. Gay and Lombard, dw 12 
Farquharson Jas. collector house and ground rents, 

43 s Gay 
Farr Peter, machinist, 50 Harrison 
Farr Saml. watchman, 148 Green Mount av 
Farrall Sarah, 95 e Fayette 
Farrell Eleonor, 253 Eastern av 
Earrell John, laborer, 157 n Canal 
Farrell Joseph, laborer, cor. Pine and Franklin 
Farrell Nich. butcher 499 w Pratt 
Farrell Patrick, laborer, 15 s Front 
Farrell Win. O. watchman, Peircee of Fremont 
Farringer Mrs. Catharine, 287 e Monument 
Farringer Chas. firm Sliver & F. 154 n Exeter 
Farrow Joseph, dry goods merchant, 655 Bait 

Feeny Jas. clerk, 14 Pearl 

Feeling Fredk. cooper, 69 Cross 

Fefel Fredk. clerk, 176 Mulberry 

Fefil John, huckster, 13 Republican 

Fefil John, coppersmith, 323 s Charles 

Fefil Joseph, shoemaker. 793 Bait 

Fei? Andrew, tailor, Caroline n of Hampstead 

Feig Fredk. carpet weaver, 90 s High 

Feil Wm. cabinet maker, 49lClav 

Feinitter Augustus, laborer, 4 Fell 

Feinour Chas. jr. Franklin square, Carey near Bait 

Feinour John, laborer, 148 s Caroline 

Feinour Robt. farmer, Lombard w of Republican 

Feinour Dr. Thomas, 594 w Bait 

Felbenger Adam, vinegar maker, 114 Fremont 

Felder Henry, 136 s Canal 

Feldhaus August, jeweller, 157 e Baltimore 

Farrow Lamson, dry goods dealer, cor. Mulberry Feigner Christian, carpenter, Green's ct Hamb'°- st 

'Feigner F. W. mt. tailor, 10 n Charles ' 
Felf Philip S. carpenter, 229 Wolf 
Fell & Robinson's lime depot, cor. Alice Anna and 

Fell Stephen, rope maker, Harford av extd. 
Feller Chas. cooper, 31 Slemmer al 
Fell's Point Savings Inst. Broad war n Canton av 
Fellon Patrick, laborer, Light st extd. 
Felsch Catharine, 125 Albemarle 
Felter John, tailor, 52 Harford av 
Felthousen Henry, tinner, 91 William 
Felwinger Adam, laborer, 186 s Howard 
FenbyJos. B. & Co. millers, 6 Bowly's wharf, dw 

cor. Baltimore and Aisquith 
Fenby R. D. firm S. Fenby &. Bro. dw York road, 

4 miles 
Fenby Saml. firm S. Fenby & Bro, dw 118e Balti- 
more cor. Aisquith 
FENBY S. & BROTHER, grocers and commis- 
sion merchants, n w cor. Pratt and Gay 
Fenby T. dry goqds deaLer, 141 n Gay 
Fenderick David, cooper, 116 e Monument 
Fendley Jas. painter, Lexington w Amity 
Fendrich Jos. tobacconist, 156Fore>t, dw'e Madison 
Fenhagan Jas. C. carpenter, Gough, dw 93 s Eden 
Fenhagan Capt. Thos. Ann n Pratt 
Fenestel John, 288 s Bond 
Fenn Emily, seamstress, 17 Mercer 
Fennemon Dederiok, laborer, 108 Holjins 
Fenneman Ferdinand, carter, 12 Shakspear 
Fennel Maurice, clerk, 105 Colunfbia 
Fennel 1 Thos. chaij painter, 28 Orleans 
Feuner Albert, gun maker. 181 s Charles 
Feuuer Henry, shoemaker, 193 Lee 

and Pine st 
Farson Elizabeth, grocer, 181 Canton av 
Fasbender C. P. watch maker, 274 w Pratt 
Fastie Geo. clothier, 80 n Gay 
Faucett John, shoemaker, 303 n Gay 
Faucett Mich, shoemaker, 203 n Canal 
Faulac Anthony, broker, 308 e Bait 
Faulkner John, dry goods merchant, cor. Charles 

and German, dw 266 Lexington 
Faulkner John, carpenter, 196 A^quith 
Faulkner Wm. huckster, 85 Eastern av 
Faunst Jacob, brick maker, Eutaw n of Ostend 
Fauntz Geo. brick maker, Eutaw n of Ostend 
Favier John, millwright, 301 s Charles 
Favier Peter A. gun maker, 67 e Pratt 
Fawcus Robt. shoemaker, 79 Orleans 
Fay Fordyce, currier, 67 n High 
Fay Henry, dry goods dealer, 50 centre market 
Fay Henry, clothier. 48 centre market 
Fay Margaret, 43 e Monument 
Fayaux Geo. window shade painter, 1 Holliday 
Fearson Hannah, 35 Albemarle 
Feast John, florist and seedsman, 279 Lexington 
Feast Mary, 185 e Lombard 
Feast Saml. exotic nursery, corner Saratoga and 

Charles, dw Franklin extd 
Feaster John, carpenter, 119 Pine 
Feaston John, book keeper, Clinton st. Canton 
Feat John, laborer, Register n of Lombard 
Featherstone Bernard, tavern keeper,2I6 Lexington 
Federlicht Abraham, clothier, 159 Franklin 
Fedou Ellen, milliner, 421 Bait 
Fedou Francis, merchant tailor, 421 Bait 
Feeney John B. laborer 162 Holliday 




Fennel Richd. S. clerk, 78 s High 

Fenny Jos. locksmith, 16 Ross 

Fentness Bennet, ship carpenler, 162 Light 

Fen ton Aaron, firm Drakely & F. dw 275 Fayette 

Fenion Emily, boarding house, 81 n Liberty 

Fen ton Saml. tailor, 292 n Howard 

Ferguson Alex, painter, 89 Orleans 

Ferguson Andw. carpenter, Calendar al 

Ferguson Benj. W. tobacconist, 652 w Baltimore 

Ferguson Benj. collector, 3n Josephine 

Ferguson Chas. 11 Armistead lane 

Ferguson Chas. com. nit. over cor. Pratt and Light, 
dw 87 Sharp 

Ferguson David B. property agent, cor. Fayette and 
North, dvv 83 n Paca 

Ferguson Geo. grocer and flour store, 192 Hanover 

Ferguson Isaac R. clerk, 136 n Howard 

Ferguson Jas. D. firm F. & Kennard, dw 266 Ann 

Ferguson Jas. collector; 18 Broadway 

Ferguson John, 76 s Howard 

Ferguson John, carpenter, 15 Ross 

Ferguson & Kennard, block and pump makers, 16 

Ferguson Richd. W. firm Gross & F. dw Preston 
near Gibson 

Ferguson Saml. L. brick moulder, Light st extd. 
Ferguson Theodorick, carpenter, 7 Somerset 
Ferguson Thos. com. mt. 68 South, up stairs, dw 61 

n Calvert 
Ferguson's mustard and chocolate fact, w Falls av 
FERGUSSON WILLIA M, machinist, "Baltimore 
Iron Works," 128 North, and opposite rail road 
depot, dvv e Madison 
Fergasson Wm. finisher, Washington av 
Fergusson Wm. M. boiler maker, 70 Green Mount 

Fernandis John A. barber, Eastern Hall, Broadway 
FERRANDINI C1PRIANO, hair dresser, front 

basement Barnum's Hotel 
Ferrell Capt. Joshua, 197 Canton av 
Ferrell Joshua, millwright, 59 Poppleton 
Ferrett Thos. shoemaker, 103 Conway 
Ferring August, harness maker, 268 Aisquithl 
Ferris Baldo, confectioner, 57 n Charles, dw Exeter 
Ferris Barthlow. fruiter and conf. 2 n Charles, dw 

Ferry Amy. Chatsworth n Mulberry 
Ferry Dennis, firm J. &. D. F. dw 78 s Paca 
Ferry Edwd. conductor rail road, 403 w Lombard 
Ferry J. & D. grocers, wine and com. mts. 49 Light 
Ferry John , of firm, d w 170 Light 
Fesh Michael, cooper, Leadenhall n Henrietta 

Fesler Barnhart, Fremont st extd. 

Fessler , laborer, w Pratt st. extd. 

Fester Christ, butcher 65 Hoffman 

Fester Christopher, butcher, Division 

Fetsch John T. stone cutter, 252 s Charles 

Fetter Gottleib, store keeper, 53 Ross . 

Fetting John, watch maker, 201 e Baltimore 

Feuss Fredk. shoemaker, 78 Harrison 

Fex Conrad, laborer, 70 Lancaster 

Fichett Wm. A. ship carpenter, 35 Hampstead 

Fick Augustus, miner, 3 Diamond 

Fick Chas. laborer, Register s Pratt 

Fick Ferd. piano maker, 10 Diamond 

Fick Geo. A. boot and shoemaker, 119 William 

Fick Wm. G. rigger, 42 Argyle al 

FICKEY FREDERICK & SONS, importers ai 
German, French and English fancy goods, 290 
Baltimore st. dw F. F.83 n Liberty 

Fickey Henrv, porter, 49 Clay 
FIELD ABtATHER, oyster dealer, 331 w Lom- 
Field John A. firm Charron, Field & Co. 86 Fayette 
Field Mitchell, clerk, 38 sBond 
Fieldhouse Bernard, shoemaker, 21 Short 
Fieldhouse Ferd. tobacconist, 8 Baltimore 
Fielding Lewis, butcher, Exeter s Eastern av 
Fields Capt. Anthony B. mariner, 223 e Fayette 
Fields & Jackson, grocers & flour deal. 193 e Bait, 
Fields Jas. firm F. & J? dw 203 e Baltimore 
Fields James, pilot, G> Ai n 
Fields Jas. cooper, 46 Spring 
Fields Jas. laborer, 96 French 
Fields John, mariner, 229 e Eayette 
Fields John, 86 Fayette 
Fields John^ Clinton st. Canton 
Fields Wm. H. wheelwright, s end Paca 
Fields Wm. horse trader, 100 St. Mary's 
Fister John, shoemaker, 68 Granby 
Fife Jacob, tailor, 5 Bond 
Filer Christopher, fireman, Decker 
Fifer Geo. ice dealer, 132 Tyson 
Fifer Godfrey, coach trimmer, Falls roac? 
Fifer Jacob, quarrier, Falls road 
Fifer J. Gottfred, laborer, 46 Liberty al 
Filbert Geo. shoemaker, 60 French 
Filbert Hannah, confectioner, 437 w Baltimore 
Filchman Sebastian, sawyer, 191 s Caroline 
Files Chas. ship carpenter, Essex st Canton 
Fillenger John, grocer, cor. Columbia and Dover 
Filling Henry, shoemaker, 418 w Pratt 
Filling Henry W. confectioner, 418 w Pratt 
Fillinger Paul, shoemaker, 115 Penn. av 




Pillius Thos. carpenter, 63 Spring 
Finagan John, weaver, 43 Preston 
, Finch Francis, 150 w Lombard 
Finch John, bricklayer, Vine w Shroeder 
Finch Mary Ann, shoe binder, 153 Orleans 
Finch Wm. tailor, cor. Mosher and Grundy 
Finch Wm. huckster, Vine w Shroeder 
Fincher Benj. laborer, Decker 
Fincknaur Wm. grocer, cor. Paca and Mulberry 
Finigan Wm. bacon dealer, Thames, dw Bank w 

Fink Alfred J. barber, 56 n Eutaw 
Fink Elizab. store keeper, 59 Ross 
Fink Geo. shoemaker, 189 s Caroline 
Fink Jacob, tailor, 199 Biddle 
Fink John, tailor, 40 Maiden lane 
Fink John , laborer, 84 Lancaster 
Fink John, carter, 83 Argyle al 
Finlay Catharine, 97 Hanover 
Finlay Thos. shoemaker, 122 Potter 
Finlev Eliza, dress maker, 82 n Front 
Finley Eliza W. 91 Franklin 
Finley J as. J. grocer, 1 n Sharp, dw Garden 
Finley Jane, 35 Aisquith 
Finley Thos. & Son, grocers, 16 Park 
Finley Thomas, 50 Hillen 
Finn Jer. laborer, rear 134 s Exeter 
Finn John G. A. plaisterer, 111 n Gay 
Finn Michael, bottler, rear 134 s Exeter 
Finn Patrick, laborer, 228 Bethel 
Finn Thos. laborer, rear 134 s Exeter 
Finuegan John, laborer, Calendar al 
Finnegan Mary Ann, 27 Dewberry al 
FinneganfOwen, laborer, 136 Holliday 
Finney Bernard, locksmith, 215 Ensor 
Finney John, Pleasant al e Washington st 
Fips Mary, 113 s Howard 
Fips Mary, 99 East 
Fiquet Dominic, 799 w Baltimore 
Fire Engine House. First Baltimore, 10 McClellan 





Deptford, cor. Gough 8c Dallas 
Friendship, 11 Frederick 
Franklin and Columbian, n e 

cor. Broadway &. Canton av 
Howard, 22 n Paca • 

Independent, cor. Ensor & Gay 
Lafayette, corner Caroline and 

Union al 

-, junction Liberty, Park 

and Fayette 
Mechanical, 33 s Calvert 
New Market, Eutaw s Lexing, 

Fife " " Patapsco, 121 St. Paul 
Fire " " Vigilant, Lombard e High 

Fire " " Union, Balderston e-Charles 
Fire " " United, 42 s Howard 

" Washington, Conway near Eu- 

Fire " " Watchman, Light n Hill 

Fire Insurance (Bait.) Co. 21 South, J. I. Cohen, jr. 

prest. F. Woodworth, sect. 
Fire Ins. (Knox,) J. Lovegrove, a?t. of. 25 s Calvert 
Fire Ins. (Nat.) Co. 13 South, John Pickel, prest. 

CO'S. John Wade and J. G. Prout. agts. 22 South 

South and Second, John Reese, prest. 
Firnstein Valentine, shoemaker, 30 n Eutaw 
Firoved David, grocer aud prov. deal. 246 Franklin 
Firth Jonas, coach maker, Preston near Garden 
Fisbcrt John, laborer, 65 Cross 
FISCHER CHARLES & CO. importers German, 

English and French goods, 338 w Baltimore 
Fischer Francis M. locksmith and stove manuf. 12 

Fischer Frederica, stove & tin plate manf. 85 n Gay 
Fischer John, tailor, 38 n Liberty 
Fischer Jos. laborer, 238 n Canal 
Fischer Mrs. prop. '"William Tell House," Pratt st. 

bridge, w side 
Fish Ann, 100 s Eden 
Fish Geo. carpenter, 94 Eden 
Fishach Catharine, book folder, 262 w Pratt 
Fishbaugh Henry, trader, 11 Ross 
Fisher Abraham, variety dealer, Lexington Arcade 
Fisher Adam, grocer, n w cor. George & Penn. av 
Fisher Alex. mt. 1 German, dw 49 w Fayette 
Fisher Andw. mariner, 269 s Charles 
Fisher Andw. S. whithewasher, 27 Shakspear 
Fisher &. Bro. booksellers and stationers, 62 Balti- 
more, John J. Sharkey, agent 
Fisher Caspar, furnace man, Clinton st. Canton 
Fisher Casper, laborer, 124 Canton av 
Fisher Catharine, dress maker, 146 n Eutaw 
Fisher Chas. foundryman, Constitution s Eager 
Fisher Christian, upholsterer, Charles s Barre 
Fisher Conrad, grocer, 155 Peirce 
Fisher Conrad, milk dealer, Clinton st. Canton 
Fisher Danl. tailor, 8 Pearl 
Fisher Doctor, 19 Fayette 
Fisher Ernest, ship carpenter, F. Hill 
Fisher Frnest, portrait painter, 59 Second 
Fisher Francis A. firm Wm. Woodward & Co. dw 
Eutaw House 




Fisher Fredk. cabinet maker, 107 L. Greene 

Fisher Fredk. tailor, Canal a Pratt 

Fisher Geo, clerk, 54 Fremont 

Fisher Henry, shoemaker, 67 n Eden 

Fisher Henry, laborer, 'i McHenry 

Fisher Isaac, laborer, 28 May 

Fisher Jas. I. ship, and com" mt. 7G Spear's wharf, 
dw 32 Pleasant st 

Fisher Jeremiah, salesman, 26 n Greene 

Fisher John, laborer, 239 Hanover 

Fisher John, tailor, 69 Park 

Fisher John M. carter, 491 w Lombard 

Fisher John A. shoemaker, 40 Douglass 

Fisher Jos. confectioner, 47 Montgomery 

Fisher Ludwig, tailor, 83 Lancaster 

Fisher Margaret, seamstress, 28 Union 

Fisher Mary Ann, 115 Monument 

Fisher Mrs.' M. J. M. 74 George 

Fisher Mrs. confectioner, 25 Spring 

Fisher Mrs. l J">7 \v Pratt 

Fisher Peter, laborer, cor. Eager and Aisquith 

Fisher Saml. teamster, Falls road 

Fisher Sarah Ann, trader, 257 s Charles 

Fisher Thos. dyer, 10 s Calvert 

Fisher Wm. carpenter, 172 Penn. av 

Fisher Win. butcher, 153 Perm, av 

Fisher Wm. A plaisterer, 4 Rose 

Fisher Wm. slock and bill broker, 24 South, dw 33 
Cou inland 

Fisher Wm. blacksmith, 117 s Howard 

Fisher Wm. rag and iron dealer, 204 s Charles 

Fishlage Geo. grocer, 150 Fremont 
Fishman Solomon, pedlar, 264 Alice Anna 
Fitch Ann, 62 n Liberty 

File Conrad R. firm Fite, Grinnell & Co. dw 2 Ca- 
FITE, GRINNELL & CO. wholesale dealers in 

boots, shoes, hats, caps, &.c over 268 Baltimore 
Fite Thomas, ship joiner, 12 Register 
Fitz Elizabeth, 209 E. avenue 
Fitz Wm. grocer, 174 s Bond 
Fitzberger^Henry, locksmith and bell hanger, 102 

Lexington, dw 74 Sarah Ann 
Fitzer Edward, silverplater, 19 Barre 
FITZGERALD, BOOTH & CO. commission and 

shipping merchants, 7 Commerce 
Fitzgerald Charles G. merchant, 95 Greene 
Fitzgerald Daniel, 25 Haw 
Fitzgerald Ed. tailor and clothier, 313 w Pratt, dw 

46 Camden 
Fitzgerald Elizabeth, tailoress, 100 s Paca 
Fitzgerald Florence, carpenter, 17 Potter 

Fitzgerald Garret, grocer, 401 w Pratt 
Fitzgerald George, rope maker, 328 Light 
Fitzgerald Henry, furniture wagoner, 438 Lombard 
Fitzgerald James, rope maker, 21 Giddings 
Fitzgerald Jno. B. clerk, dw 258 Saratoga 
Fitzgerald John, laborer, 397 w Pratt 
Fitzgerald & Magruder, imp, and dealers in hard- 
ware, 265 Baltimore 
Fitzgerald Mary Ann, 43 Ross 
Fitzgerald Patrick, laborer, 138 n Calvert 
Fitzgerald Rebecca, dress maker, 100 s Paca 
Fitzgerald Richard B. firm F., Booth & Co. 200 

Fitzgerald & Trainer, clothiers, 121£ Franklin 
Fitzgerald Wm. bonnet bleacher and presser, 73 

Fitzhugh Henry W. treasurer, Greenmount Cem, 

Co. office Courtland n of Lexington 
Fjtzinorris Ellen, 8 Water 
Fitzpatrick Andrew, grocer, cor. McElderry st and 

Fitzpatrick Cecelia, 57 Hill 
Fitzpatrick Dennis, 88 E. avenue 
Fitzpatrick Henry, baker and confectioner, 480 w 

Fitzpatrick Hugh, watchman, Abey al 
Fitzpatrick Jas. laborer, Cathedral al n of Oliver al 
Fitzpatrick Jer. 404 Lexington 
Fitzpatrick Jno. trader, 218 s Charles 
Fitzpatrick John M. livery stables, 28 w Lombard 

dw 33 
Fitzpatrick John, bricklayer, 199 Light 
Fitzpatrick Patrick, beer drayman, Livery al 
Fitzpatrick Patk. grocer, cor. Register & Lombard 
Fitzpatrick Ths. drayman, 15 Baker's al 
Fitzpatrick Thos. blacksmith, 11 Aimistead lane 
Fitzsimmons Daniel G. carpenter, Saratoga near 

Charles, dw 188-J n Eutaw 
Fitzsimmons Edward, laborer, 20 Harmony lane 
Fitzsimmons Hugh, laborer, rear 106 Dugan's whf 
Fitzsimmons Michael, 47 Marion 
Fiurbaum Jno. carpet weaver, 27 e Pratt 
Flack Rachel, 153 Fayette 
Flack Ths. J. wine and spirit mt. cor. South and 

Guilford sts. dw 22 Camden 
Flackenstien Peter, 162 s Spring 
Fladung Martin, store keeper, 27 Mullikin 
Flagg Wm. C. dealer in carpeting, floor oil cloths, 

&c. 250 Baltimore st. dw Eutaw cor. Cider al 
ELAGLOR & CO. coach makers, 29 Hanover 
Flaherty Edward, laborer, 80 Albemarle 
Flaherty Edward, ship carpenter, Register n of Bank 




Flaherty James, ship joiner, 125 Bank 
Flaherty Mary, dress maker, 199 E. av 
Flaherty Michael, carpenter, 291 Canton av 
Flaherty Michael, Register n of Gough 
Flaherty Morgan, watchman, 280 n Eutaw 
Flaherty Step, ship carpenter, Star al s of Canton av 
Flaherty Thomas, grocer, 15L Canton av 
Flakes Jno. cooper, 40 Carpenter's al 
Flamm Peter, coulee, and cake baker, 27 Lombard 
Flanagan John, laborer, 28 Addison 
Flanagan Lnke, watchman, 3 Humes 
Flaherty John, butcher. Vine e of Poppleton 
Fhnnegain Andrew, firm F. & T. G(i e Pratt 
Flannegan Patk. carter, 119 Albemarle 
FLANNEGAN & TRIMBLE, ship builders and 

marine railway, Commercial wharf 
Flannery Michael, laborer, Boyd e of Poppleton 
Flannegan Andrew, firm F. & Trimble, 66 e Pratt 
Flannegan Rose, rear 7 n Frederick 
Flannegan drayman, s e cor. Wayne and 

Flannigan Patrick, laborer, 2f> Hillen 
Flashman Margaret, seamstress, 56 George 
Blathers J. W. firm Phoebus & F. 26 Fremont 
Flaxcomb Win. engineer, 115 Hollins 
Flack Mary, seamstress, 19(3 n Howard 
Fleckenstien Jno. laborer. 313 s Bond 
Flederman John G. merchant tailor, I s Charles 
Flegel Chs. shoemaker, 19 Clay 
Fleighal Conrad, shoemaker, 310 s Charles 
Fleischer Fredk. laborer, 350 s Charles 
Fleishel Jacob, stone cutter, 239 Franklin 
Fleishell Mary, seamstress, 125 L. Greene 
Fleishman Jno. shoemaker, 43 Hill 
Fleishman Moses, tavern, 211 Broadway 
Fleisly Jno. police officer. 27 Hoffman 
FleisterJno. F. butcher, Pratt st. extended 
Flemming Stephen K. apothecary and druggist, n e 

cor. Lexington and Eutaw 
Flemm Geo. porter, 30 Hollins 
Flemming Andrew W. laborer, al between Oregon 

and Schrodeer, from Lombard to Pratt 
Flemming Emanuel, tailor, 2 Diamond 
Flemming Frederick A. clerk, Canal s of Lombard 
Flemming James laborer, Chesapeake st n of Hud- 
Flemming James, boot and shoe maker, 125 n Gay 
Flemming James, stone cutter, 38 Hillen 
Flemming John, milk dealer. Chesapeake st. Canton 
Flemming Patrick, tavern, 61 s Frederick 
Flemming Peter, coachman, 92 Hollidiy 
Flemming Samuel, plumber, 71 Mulberry 

Flemming Wm. city bailiff. 1 19 n Exeter 

Fleschinan Simon, butcher, 299 S Bond 

Fletcher Chs. teacher, Falls road 

FLETCHER & CO's lottery and exchange office, 

3 s Calvert, dw James P. 59 e Fayette 
Fletcher Jeremiah H. tailor, 306 n Gay 
Fletcher J. H. int. tailor and clothier, 116 w Piatt, 

dw n Gay 
Fletcher Mary, 65 French 

Fletcher Philip, brickmaker, Chester st n of E. av 
Fletcher Wm. gunsmith, 109 Cross 
Fletter Samuel, milkman, 35 French 
Flick Henry, laborer, rear 166 Alice Anna 
Flick John, laborer, 23b Dallas 
Flicker Jno. gilder and carver, 23 Pleasant 
Flinn David, mason, 37 Richmond 
Flinn James laborer, Ellicott n of Chesapeake Canton 
Flinn James, laborer, Garden n of Preston 
FlinsbackjWm F. currier. 115 s Howard 
Flinn John M. huckster, Franklin w of Chatsworth 
Flinn Matthew, laborer Clinton st. Canton 
Flinn Patrick, grocer, 118 North 
Flint Anthony, laborer. 131 Alice Anna 
Flint Mary Ann, boarding house, 153 w Lombard 
Flint Ths. shoemaker, 19 Diamond 
Flint Sarah, 93 Biddle 

Flishman Jacob, trader, Canal st n of Eastern av 
Flishman Margaret, 56 George 
Flizert Jno. Locust Point, Fort road 
Flock Andrew, musician, -J~5 Bond 
Flood Elizabeth, seamstress, 178 Chestnut 
Flood Francis, carpenter, 14 Somerset 
Flood Ths. ship carpenter. 549 w Baltimore 
Flore Michael, laborer, 9 Bank 
Floss Wm. dry goods dealer, 216 Broadway 
Flowers David, plaisterer, 26 s Paca extended . 
Floyd Charles, carpenter, 151 e Monument 
Floyd Clement, ship carpenter, 165 Washington 
Floyd Joseph, watchman, 6 Armistead lane • 
Floyd Win. laborer. 66 I 
Flurry Warren, sail maker, 174 Eutaw 
Flynn Bridget. 31 Hillen 
Flvnn James, laborer, 42 Harford av 
FLYNN LAWRENCE, grocer, Boston st. e of 

Chesapeake, Canton 
Flvnn Patrick, blacksmith, 16 East 
Foard Mrs. K. 107 Hanover 
Fcerschell Joseph, shoemaker, 165 s Eden 
Fogcl Jno. tailor, 54 s Caroline 
Fogeler Andrew, sawyer. Green's court, Hamburg 
Fogeler John, cabinet maker, 144 Mulberry 
Fogelman Geo. laborer, 24 Potter 




FogelsangEd. cabinet maker, Perry e of Hanover 

Fogelsang Jacob, 34 Cross 

Fogle Andrew, shoemaker, ISi Alice Anna 

Fogle Ann M. 102 Hollins 

Fogle Bernard, tailor, 61 C Market 

Fogleman Lewis, butcher, Washington av 

Foglesang Ann, 137 s Howard 

Fogt Wm. laborer, 228 Alice Anna 

Fohr Adam, laborer, 718 w Baltimore 

Fol Nicholas, sawyer, 98 n Faca 

Folder Henry, tailor, 208 n Gay 

Foley Daniel J. firm F. & Woodside, 82 Mulberry 

Foley Daniel, laborer, 228 Bethel 

Foley Mrs. Ellen, rear 23 Carpenter's alley 

Folev Patrick, laborer, 30 Addison 

FOLEY & WOODSIDE, wholesale grocers and 

commission merchants, 37 Cheapside 
Folick Geo. shoemaker, 118 Light 
Folick Paul, cooper, 148 Light 
Folks Geo. F. carpenter, 86 Mullikin 
Folks Wm. laborer, G Dewberry*"al 
Foiling Daniel, wood dealer, 75 Hamburg 
Fonberg Geo. cooper, 05 Henrietta 
Fonderhoover, Peter, clerk, 31 n Exeter 
Fonerden Dr. John, Md. Hospital, Monument e of 

Fonder Richd. painter, 109 Caroline' 
Fondersell Henry, laborer, 271 Canton av 
Fontz Jacob, carter, 301 Light 
Foose Henry, grocer, 10 Douglass 
Foose Jas. carpenter, Castle al n of Pratt st 
Foose Jno. huckster, 3 State 
Foose Jno. shoemaker, 79 s Howard 
Foose Sarah Ann, Lombard w of Eden 
Foose Wm. L. ship joiner, 10G Dallas 
Foote Lewis H. bricklayer, Chew near Stirling 
Foran Jas. grocer, 187 Chestnut 
Forbes Alex, weaver, sw cor. Fremont &. Saratoga 
Fmbes Chs. P. 2d hand furniture dealer and pawn 

broker, 41 Harrison 
Forbes Harriet, Ann s of Gough 
Forbes Jas. S. carpenter, firm F. & Evans, dw 133 

Ford & Avers, riggers, s e cor. Wolf & Lancaster 
Ford Caroline, 5 s'Exeter 
Ford Chas. watchman, Hanover s of Henrietta 
Ford Columbus W. firm F. & Trowbridge, dw 

Franklin Square 
Ford Elias, boot and shoe .maker, 94 n Paca 
FORD FRANKLIN, Hour and general commission 

merchant, 17 Spear's wharf, dw 201 Lexington 
Ford Henry, bricklayer, 275 Forrest 

Ford J. E. attorney at law, 33 Fayette 

Ford James, ship carpenter, 173 Lee 

Ford Jno. carpenter, 33 E. av. . 

Ford Jno. cigar maker, 15 Dewberry al 

Ford Mrs. fish dealer, 275 Forrest 

Ford Rufus K. wood jobber, 26 Conway 

Ford Ruth, seamstress, 5 L. Church 

Ford Thomas, 266 n Gay 

Ford Thomas, watchman, 157 n Caroline 

Ford &. Trowbridge, wholesale dry goods mts. 305 

Ford Wm. H. merchant tailor, 31 n Howard 
Ford Wm. firm F. & Ayers, 226 Alice Anna 
Foreknife Lewis, tailor, 283 Dallas 
Foreman David, butcher, Washington av 
Foreman Ferdinand, laborer, 285 s Bond 
Foreman Jno. gardner, Scott s of Columbia 
Foreman John, carpenter, 387 Franklin 
Foreman Jos. E. shoemaker, Fayette e of Broadway 
Foreman Joshua, shoemaker, 47 Mullikin 
Foreman Mary, 13 Comet 
Foreman Valentine, plaisterer, 90j Ross 
Forman Alexander D. plaisterer, 427 Fayette 
Forman Catharine, nurse, 59 Mullikin 
Forman Francis E. firm F. & Spencer, 237 Aisquith 
Forman E. J. boarding house, 241 w Pratt 
Forman Francis, 18 s Eutaw 
Forman Irenius D. clerk, 257 Saratoga 
Forman Evan M. plaisterer, 9 Flolland 
Forman Jno. shoemaker, 62 Mullikin 
Forman Jos. R. gate keeper. Greenmount Cemetery 
Forman Joseph, watchman, 315 Mulberry 
Forman Mary Ann, tailoress, 134 n Eutaw 
Forman Mrs. 161 n Caroline 
Forman & Spencer, com. mts. cor. Cheapside and 

Pratt sts. 
Forney Cornelius W. apothecary and druggist, 108 

Forney E. Y. apothecary, 51 n Eutaw 
Forney Isaac C. carriage trimmer, 98 n Eden 
Fornshill John, gun smith, 20 Ensor 
Forrest Capt. Jas. T. mariner, 103 e Lombard 
Forrest John, blacksmith, Preston w of Garden 
Forrest Dr. Moreau S. 11 s Howard 
Forrest Nicholas, watchman, 29 Henrietta 
Forrest Wm. varnisher, 99 Cross 
Forrest Wm. tinner, s e cor. Eutaw and Henrietta 
Forrester Benj. carpenter, 214 Franklin 
Forrester Geo. carpenter, 54 Montgomery 
Forrester Geo. watchman, 278 n Howard 
Forrester Jap. bricklayer, 391 n Gay 
Forrester Jno. carpenter, 214 Franklin 




Forrester Mary J. tailoress, Washington n of E. av 
Forrester Patk. laborer. Pleasant al w of Castle al 
Forrester Robert, grocer, s e cor. Charles and Hill 
Forrester Wan. stone cutter, 27 York av 
Forsch Henry F. giocer. s e cor. Hill and Charles 
Forster Fran, agent, boarding house, lis Frederick 
Forster Jno.-G. tavern keeper, Boston st Canton 
Forster Nich. grocer, s e cor. Wolf Alice & Anna 
Forster Sarah. 54 n Exeter » 

Forsyth Alexander, milk dealer, 171 Tyson 
Forsyth Andrew, sexton 33 Holland 
Forsyth George W. laborer, 10 Jackson's court 
Forsyth Jas. drayman, 82 Dallas 
Forsyth Julia Ann, 77 Fremont 
Forsyth Mary, Booth w of Schroeder 
Forsyth Raymond G. lithographer, Hoffman st e of 

Forsyth Robert, 35 Holland 
Forsyth Thomas, bricklayer, 40 Ross 
Forsyth Wm. clerk, 233 s Charles 
Forsythe Emanuel T. cigar maker, Hoffman near 

Forsythe Francis, Chase e of Aisqtiith 
Forsythe Jane, shirt maker, 103 n Eutaw 
Forsythe Lemuel, miller. 240 n Canal 
Forsythe Wm. tailor. 96 Fremont 
Fort John, cabinet maker, 87 Cro&a 
Fort Leander A. carpenter. 145 Fayette. 
Fort Thomas, grocer and feed dealer, 103 Pearl 
Fortling Henrv, stone cutler, 270 Mulberry 
Fortling Jno. H. firm Black & F. 270 Mulberry 
Forisch Jno. tavern, 134 Franklin 
Forisch Joseph, grocer, 213 Wolf 
Fortune Mary, boarding house, !) Barnet 
Fosbenner Daniel, blacksmith, 79 Lee 
Fosbenner Wm. bricklayer, 58 Lee 
Fosler Henry, paver, 9 Harmony lane 
Foss Charles M. grocer, 234 Broadway 
Foss Jacob, laborer. 182 Light 
Foss Mary, 170 Franklin 
Foss Wm. W. grocer, 53 n Howard 
Fosse Alfred, bricklayer, Pratt st e of Broadway 
Fossett John, collector, 73 s Caroline 
Fossler Joseph, carpenter, 220 e Pratt 
Foster Arthur, pofter, 6 Stirling 
Foster Benj. 188 n Howard 

FOSTER & BOOZ'S ship yard. Canton, e of Har- 
ris's Creek 
Foster Catharine, 05 s Caroline 
Foster David B. firm Evans & F. Ill L. Greene 
Foster Francis S. ship carpenter, Washington n of 
Canton av 

Foster Henry B. linn Thornton & F. 121 Peail 
Foster James M. firm F. & Booze, ship carpenters 

188 Wolf 
Foster James, carpenter, 144 Fremont 
Foster Joseph, tailor, 97 n High 
Fosler Mahlon, shoemaker, Harford av 
Foster Mary, seamstress, Poppleton s of McHenry 
Foster Miss M. F. principal young ladies' institute, 

58 n Greene 
Foster Robert, hatter, 5 Thompson 
Foster Samuel, porter. Henrietta s of Paca 
Foster Wm. J. glass cutter. 120 s Caroline 
Foster Wm. T. carpenter, 164 e Lombard 
Foster Wm. cabinet maker, 3 - J Montgomery 
Foster WiuthropS. mariner, 120 s Bond 
Fouch Amos, carpenter, Pratt e Scott 
Foucks Mary, dress maker, 148 Conway 
Foudriat Peter, 126 Madison 
Foulds Caspar, milkman, Paca s Fremont 
Foulk Elizabeth, 54 e Madison 
Foulk John, laborer, 15 Shakspear 
Foul ks Barbara, cor. Somerset and Eager 
Foulstick Peter, laborer, 83 Eastern av 

Fountain Inn, Thurston, prop. 5 Light 

Fountain Marcv, 5 Pearl 


proprietors, Fayette w Charles 
Fouse Henry, tinner, Beufort lane 
Fowble Abram. carpenter, 30 Vine, dw 211 Fayelte 
Fowble Henry, plaisterer, 27 Fremont 
Fowble Thos. shoemaker, 157 Raborg 
Fowell Henry, laborer, 233 Wolf 
Fowler Catharine, 101 e Baltimore 
Fowler David Q.. clerk, 121 Madison 
Fowler David, mariner, Eastern av w Wolf st 
Fowler Elizab. J. gold and silver embro. 95 Fayelte 
Fowler Francis, wire worker, 101 Fayette, dw 46 

Fowler Isaac, plaisterer, 336 n Gay 
Fowler Jas. H. painter, Sbroeder n Fayette 
Fowler John, market trader, 30 Shakspear 
Fowler John, painter, 2 n Eutaw build. 
Fowler -Martha , tailoress, 32 Gran by 
Fowler Matilda, 208 e Lombard 
Fowler Philip W. omnibus driver, Madison av one 

door s Hoffman st 
Fowler Richd. W. carpenter, 177 n Paca 
Fowler Susan, tailoress, 166 n Exeter 
FOWLER THOxMAS, grocer and hardware deal 

el-, 171 e Baltimore 
Fowler Wm. carpenter, 214 e Madison 
Fowler Wm. stage driver, 133 L. Greene 




Fowler Wm. H. & G. Frey, merchants' and sea 

men's shipping office, 1 13 Thames 
Fowler Wm. trader, s Paca st extd. 
Fowler Wm. W. copper refiner. 126 Paca 
Fowler Win. H. clothier. U. S. rendez.67 Thames 
Fouler Win. W. hatter, 1 s Greene 
Fuwler Win. hay dealer, 158 Tyson 
Fowler Wm. C. pilot, Fayette vv P.roadway 
Fox Henry, rigger, 114 s Bond 
Fox Hugh, carter, Canal s Bank 
J'dx John, tailor, 18 Elizabeth al 
Fox John, shoemaker, 17(3 Stirling 
Fox Michael, laborer, 294 Eastern av 
Fox Peter, blacksmith, 145 Hanover 
Fox Peter, oak cooper, cor. Alice Anna & Dallas 
Fox Rebecca, 150 n Front 
Fox Tnos. shoemaker, 179 Lee 
Foxall Mary, 39 Buren 
Foxwell Abrm. carpenter, 25 Garden 
Fox well Benj. mate, 38 Bank 
Foxwell Ca~pt. Chas. L. 148 Broadway 
Foxwell John, ship carpenter, 166 Bank 
Foxwell Jos. ship carpenter, Canton av e Burk 
Foxwell Margaret, tailoress, 90 Albemarle 
Foy Jas. gunsmith and hardware int. 68 s Calvert, 

riw 166 Hanover 
Foy Patrick, porter, JEma lane 
Foy Peter, collector, 201 Canton av 
Foy R. J. S. teacher, 40 Thames, dw 204 Canton av 
Foy Wm. Z. 192 s Sharp 
Fradenheim Benj. copper and brass, &c, dealer, 193 

Fraben Francis, blacksmith, 48 Mullikin 
Frae John, drayman, 124 s Howard 
Fraily G. Clinton, 298 n Howard 
Frally Leonard, 161 Fayette' 
Frames John, variety store, 172 Canton av 
Framton Henry, lumber marker, 130 Orleans 
l^rance Fredk. stevadore, 87 Bank 
France John, grocer, 221 Canton av 
France Rev. Jos. Penn. av n Hoffman st 
France Julia Ann, shoe binder, Republican s Bait. 
France Julia, 12 Brune 
France Leopold, laborer, 9 St. James's court, near 

Madison st 
France Peter, bricklayer, 213 Ensor 
France Richd. agent lor D. Paine & Co. (lottery,) 

41 Hollms 
France Wm. oak cooper, Dolphin hear Garden 
France Wm. fringe and tassel inanuf. 158 Chesnut 
Franch Ellen. 250 Canton av 
Franchi Miss, artificial flower maker, 332 w Bait. 

Francis & Co. coffee roaster, 75 Garden 

Francis Fleetwood, 118Gough 

FnnVjis Jesse, carpenter, 55 Holland 

Francis John, laborer, 121 Bond 

Francis John, baker, 125 e Lombard 

Francis Robl. brickmaker, 131 n Eden 

Francis Tbos. tavern, 259 Broadway 

Francis Thus, baker, s e cor. Gough and Ann 

Francisco Peter, laborer, 30 Thames 

Frank A. firm L. & A. F. dw 78 Caroline 

Frank Asher, clothier, 66 s Charles 

Frank Austin F. livery stables and feed dealer, 24 

Frank Chas. tailor, 502 Bank 
Ftank David, grocer, 215 Bond 
Frank Lewis, clothier, 161 Forest 
Frank Nison, clothier, 130 Forest 
Frank Fredk. tinner, 74 n Spring 
Frank Fredk. shoemaker, 13 Slemmer al 
Frank Fredk. W. grocer, n w cor. Dallas & Lomb'd 
Frank Geo. 226 w Fayette 
Frank Geo. C. tobacconist, 13 Ross 
Frank Geo. cabinet maker, Hamburg 
Frank Henry, shoemaker, 84 Harrison 
Frank Henry, baker, 28 Potter 
Frank Henry, pump maker, 99 Spring 
Frank Jacob, snip joiner, 229 s Bond 
Frank John G baker, 114 William 
Frank John, collector, 13 Henrietta 
Frank John, laborer, 280 s Bond 
Frank John, painter, 206 s Caroline 
Frank L. & A. clothiers, 20 Centre Market 
Frank Lewis, grocer, 65 n Eden 
Frank Michael, laborer, s w cor. Greene and Barre 
Frank Nathan, rag dealer, 9 Hull's lane 
Frank Saml. butcher, 15 May 
Frank Saml. grocer, 208 Alice Anna 
Frank Sarah E. 89 McElderry 
Frank Simon, dry goods dealer, 10 Centre Market 
Frank Wm. trader, 31 Philpot 
Frank Wm. carpenter, 165 s Eden 
Frankenberger Geo. laborer, 153 Canton av 
Frankenstein Saml. butcher, Pratt st extd. 
Fiankiin Bunk, 13 North 
Franklin Fire Ins. Co. of Philadelphia, con North 

and Fayette, Francis H. Smith, agent 
Franklin Isaac, pedlar, 47 Lombard 
Franklin Joshua, 152 German 
Franklin John, carpenter, 34 German 
Franklin Saml. ship master, 203 Ann 
Franklin Wm. conductor, 133 Hcllins 
Franks Geo. tinner, 63 Ro - 




Franks Moses, rags dealer, 93 s Spring 

Frankwith Peter, tailor, 370 Saratoga 

Fransioly F stencil &. plate cutter, 135 w Lombard 

Frantom Elizabeth, 145 Orleans 

Frantom Howard, oyster dealer, 267 Broadway 

Frantz Philip, sawyer, 134 Franklin 

Franz Jno. M. cooper, 241 Eastern av 

Fray Saml. laborer, Clinton st. Canton 

Frazar Walter, 117 Albemarle 

Frazier Elizabeth. 171 Hanover 

Frazier E. C. & Co. grocers and commission mts. 93 
Bowley's wharf 

Frazier F. & R. M. female seminary, 91 Camden 

Frazier Capt. Jas. sen. mariner, 208 Canton av 

Frazier Jas. jr. tanner, 208 Canton av 

Frazier Jas. F. carpenter, Pratt w of Broadway 

Frazier John, painter, 20 Clay 

Frazier John, teamster, Parkin s of Lombard 

Frazier John, watchman, 114 Happy al 

Frazier Jno. iron deal, n w cor. Howard & Camden 

Frazier Joseph B. turner, 257 Bond 

Frazier Mary, 39 Hampstead 

Frazier Mary, seamstress, Happy al. near Bait st 

Frazier Nicfa. carpenter, Penn. av. n of Hoffman st 

Frazier Robt. teamster, Parkin s of Lombard 
Frazier Mrs. Susanna, seamstress, 70£ s Paca 
Frazier Susan, grocer, 133 Eastern av 
Frazier Wm. H. firm Howell & Son, dw 110 Can- 
ton avenue 
Frazier Wm. officer at penitentiary, 42 e Madison 
Frazier Wm. 257 Light 
Frazier Wm. R. grocer, 223 w Pratt 
Freadall John, tailor, 19 Second 
Fready Henry, 371 Light 
Freckel Wm. laborer, 220 Canton av 
Frederich John, clothier, 15 e Pratt 
Frederick Barbara, 17 Bank 
Frederick Christr. blacksmith, 108 Penn av 
Frederick Christr. tailor, 171s Bond 
Frederick Elizab. 9 Fremont 
Frederick Henry, grainer and painter, 88 Bank 
Frederick Henry, tailor, 25 Pearl 
Frederick Jacob, carpenter, Penn avn of Fremont st 
Frederick John, clerk, GO Mulberry 
Frederick John, keeper "Reservoir house," cor. 

Charles and Chase 
Frederick John O. 40 Lancaster 
Frederick John, blacksmith, Canton ave of Chester 
Frederick John, shoemaker, cor. Hano. & Henriet. 
Frederick Lawrence, cedar cooper, 101 n Howard 
Frederick Mich, locksmith, 10 Park 
Frederick Peter, cabinet matter, 62 French 

Frederick Robt. undertaker, 548 w Bait 
Frederick Wm. shoemaker, 97 Jefferson 
Frederick Thos. machinist, Castle al n of Bank st 
Frederick Wm. cooper, 4 Tessier 
Free Mary, shoebinder, Henriettas of Paca 
Free Milton, cooper, 115 L.Greene 
Freeburger Mrs. Elizab. 17 William 
Freeburger Jacob H. huckster, 174 Fremont 
Freeburger Jas. bricklayer, 35 McHenry 
Freebird Elizabeth, 237 n Howard 
Freeburg Mary, 288 n Howard 
Freeburger Geo. plane maker, 25 Edward 
Freeburger Henry, constable, 19 Mercer 
Freeburger Henry G. huckster, 25 McHenry 
Freeburger John, farmer, 85 Raborg 
Freeharty Hugh, shoemaker, 166 e Madison 
Freeland Egbert, tobacco dealer, dw 101 Conwav 
FREELAND & HALL, grocers and commi^Mon 

merchants, 69 Light st. wharf 
Freeland Ths. H. firm F. & Hall, dw 261 w Lomb'd 
Freeman Caroline, seamstress, 123 Bond 
Freeman Edwd. D. firm Wm. H. &. E. D. F. dw 59 

n Charles 
Freeman Goodhelf, barber, "6 Thames 
Freeman James, carpenter, 17 McHnirv 
Freeman John T. shoemaker, 119 Raborg 
Freeman Saml. B. tobac. 6 Liberty, dw 83 Garden 
Freeman Rev. Thos. Md. Tract Mis. 450 w Pratt 
Freeman Thos. quarrier, Register s of Bait 
Freeman Wm. H. it Edward, atiornies, 24 n Chas. 
Freeman Wm. book agent, 309 Franklin 
Freeman Wm. P. block & pump maker, 22 Thame*, 

dw 115 e Lombard 
Freidenrich F. &. Bro. clothiers, 111 n Howard 
Freisinger Jos. cabinet maker, 34 Hampstead. 
Freitag A. prof, languages, 8 s Exeter 
Fremming Jas. R. carrier, 89 n Exeter 
French D. painter, 95 Ensor 
French Henry, lamp maker, York av. about 180 
French J. C. k Son umbrella makers, 31 South 
French Jos. J. firm Tischmyer & F.dw 197 Chesnut 
French Rich. 113 Madison 
French Robt. ship carpenter, 9 Williamson 
French Saml. firm J. C.F. &Son, 194 Aisquith 
French Wm. butcher, 180 York or Green Mount av 
French Wm. blacksmith, Fulton al 
Fresh lein Anthony, carter, 199 Biddle 
Freshner Andrew, carter, 126 Ross 
Freshour Wm. H. clerk, 88 Pine 
Freuting Joseph, shoemaker, 18 Lee 
Frev Chas. bnkcr, n e cor. Preston and Gibsnti 
FREY E. & S. druggists. 314 w Ball, dw 23Georgl 



Frey Geo. carter, Castle al. n of Bank st 

FREY JOHN B. ground plaister manufacturer, 18 
Harford av. dw 15 York av 

Frey Mich, paver, Leadenhall n of Henrietta 

Frey Saml. cabinet and chair maker, 36 Hanover 

Frey Susan, 23 George- 

Freyers Fredk. confectioner, Bethel s of Canton av 

Friber Henry, sausage maker, Penn. av. n of Fre- 
mont St. 

Frick Dr. Chas. 70 n Charles 

Frick Fredk. trader. 15) Edward 

FRICK WM. F. attorney at law and commission, 
deeds for Penn. Mass. and Missouri, 7, 2d floor 
Marshal buildings, dw G5 St. Paul 

Fridenberger Martha, Penn. av n of Wilson st 

Frifeberg Conrad, collier, Eastern av. wof Albem. 

Friebret Henry, china and glass deal. 535 w Pratt 

Fried H. clothier, 63 Harrison 

Fried Lewis & Co. boots, shoes, hats &c. 6 Harrison 

Fried Lewis, 2d hand-store, dw 3 Second 

Fried Mich, laborer, Penn av. n of Wilson 

Friedenwald J. grocer, 318 s Bond 

Freiderich John, keeper "Reservoir house," at up- 
per Reservoir 
Fnedhofler Doctor, 48 Montgomery 
Friedman Moses, confectioner, 239 e Bait 
FRIEND ALFRED, grocer, 52 n Charles, dw 1 

n Front 
Fries Andrew, laborer, 118 Thames 
Fresch Conrad, vinegar maker. 166 Chestnut 
Frietendridge Aaron, tailor, 225 e Lombard 
Frietziaez Geo. cabinet maker, 53 Watson 
Frieze Geo; D. surg. instrument mak. 54 Raborg 
FrieZe Henry F. attorney and justice of peace, 

mansion house, Lexington st. dw 25 Hamilton 
Frieze Philip C. attorney, 14 Mansion house, dw 

25 Hamilton 
Fringer Nich. butcher, Penn av. e of Fremont 
Frisby Mrs. Bridget, tailoress, 285 e Monument 
Frisby Catharine, 176 Ann 

Frisby J- J. gen. com. mt. 72 Bowly's whf. dw 28 Gay 
Frisby Wm. G. dry goods dealer, 83 n Paca 
Frisch John, tailor, 297 Saratoga 
Fritzman Hersh, shoemaker, 7 Star al 
Fritz Chas. A. shoemaker, 257 Saratoga 
Fritz Andrew, laborer, 39 Johnson 
Fritz Fredk. blacksmith, 150 s Charles 
Fritz Geo. oak cooper, 180 e Bait 
Fritz Geo. H. merchant tailor. 51 Thames 
Fritz Henry, plaisterer, 260 Aisquith 
Fritz John, Madison extd 
Fritz John carpenter. 146 s Bond 

Fritz John, keeper "Washington house" 220 s Bond 

Frizzle Jas. machinist, Preston, w of Garden 

Frizzle Mrs. Rebecca, shoe binder, 551 w Bait 

Frochlich Geo. tavern, 256 Ann 

Frond John, cooper, 268 s Bond 

Fross Fredk. shoemaker, 31 George 

Frost John, painter, 433 w Lombard 

Frost John, carpenter, 78 Peirce 

Frost Thos. salesman, 282 n Eutaw 

Frost Wm. lumber dealer, 67 s Caroline 

Frostburg Co. R. W. Cliffe cons. Newmiller agent. 

Fort road, Locust point 
Frush Fredk. 224 Lexington 
Frush Jacob, 40 s Caroline 
Frush John, 44 Green Mount or York av 
Frush Wm. s e cor. Hoffman st. and Madison av 
Frush Wm. W. grocer, cor. Fremont st. &Penn aV 
F ry Benj. G. teacher, 17 s High 
Fry Chas. prof, of languages, 55 n Fredk 
Fry Gauntlet, firm Fowler & Fry, dw 177 e Pratt 
Fry Capt. John H. mariner. 152 Ann 
Fry Wm. cabinet maker, 3 Jefferson 
Frye Gotleib, milkman, s e cor. Eutaw & Montg. 
Fryer Andrew, shoemaker, Bethel n of Gough 
Fryer Elijah S. looking glass man. and deaW, 1 n 

Gay, dw23 n Fredk 
Fryer Patrick, grocer, 97 Cross 
Fryer Thos. grocer, 81 Watson 
Fuehenberger Albert, carpenter, 36 President 
Fuehenberger Geo. laborer, 36 President 
Fugitt Geo. T. painter, 43 Spring 
Fuhr Mich, merchant tailor, 140 w Lombard 
Fukes John, laborer, 213 Wolf 
Fuld John S. shoemaker, 9 Second 
Fulda Bernhard, dry goods dealer, 168$ Broadway 
Fulhter Menney. 78 French 
Full Joseph, at Chemical Works, Cross st 
Fuller Ann. boarding house, 203 Wolf 
Fuller Edflard, porter, 56 Second 
Fuller Geo. bar keeper, 96 Lancaster 
Fuller Isaiah, machinist, 2 Oregon 
Fuller John, machinist, 388 n Gay 
Fuller Capt. Josiah, 138 Broadway 
puller Lewis H. tailor, Sharp n of Henrietta 
puller Philip, wheelwright, 29 Jefferson 

uller Rev. Rich. past. 7th Baptist ch. 304 Lomb'd 
Fuller Thos. Nelson, painter, 403 n Gay 
Fuller Wm. clerk, 52 Pearl 
vullerton Cath. dress maker, 16 George 
Fullerton Geo. drayman, 8 Preston 
pullerton Thos. D. firm Lough & F. 223 Franklin 
pulmer Danl. laborer, Patuxeof st. Canton 




Fulraer Fredk. laborer, 47 Perry 

Palmer Gabriel, 172 Wolf 

Fult David, rag dealer, 105 Hillen 

Fullum Catharine, 230 Raborg 

Fulton Alex, reporter, 78 Aisquith 

Fultoa Chas. C. ass't editor of "Sun," 13S n Exeter 

Fulton Edington, reporter, 13 Lloyd 

Fulton Geo. W. machinist, (31 Bolton 

Fulton Henry, clerk, Ann n of Gough 

Fulton Jas. linn Brooks, Tibbals & F. d\v 334 Lex. 

Fulton Jas. H. ship carpenter, 275 s Charles 

Fulton Moses, grocer, feed & liquor deal. 95 North 

FULTON DR. ROBERT, 53 s Sharp 

Funck Jacob, laborer, Johnson st 

Funk F. H. grocer, n e cor. Alice Anna and Bond 

Funk Henry, cabinet maker, 181 Chesnnt 

Funk Jacob, carpenter, Penn av. near Fremont 

Funk Wis. carpenter, 46 German, dw Fayette 

Funnerf Philip, 25 Giddings 

Furgison & Kennard, block and pumpjmakers, 10 

Furlong John, bookkeeper, 14 Watson 
Furlong Mrs. Josephine, 2 Somerset 
Furlong Sarah, boarding house, 87 Lee 
Furlong Thomas, 37 McHenry 
Furman Joshua, shoemaker, Broadway s of Monu't 
Furmer Thos. confectioner, 204 n Howard 
Fuss Francis, Smith st. w of Penn av 
Fuss John, bank watchman, 135 Peirce 
Fuss John C. tin worker, 390 Saratoga 
Fuss Wm. locksmith. 2'j New Church 
Fusselbaugh Wm. H. B. paint, oil and glass dealer, 

146 n Gay 
Fussell B. H. ice cream saloon, Saratoga buildings, 

dw 19 Davis 
Fussell Mrs. Clarissa, teacher, 119 n Exeter 
Fussell Jacob, jr. country produce dealer, Saratoga 

near Calvert 
Fussell Jacob, keeper dairy, 180 n Exeter 
Fussell John, glass blower, 33 Lancaster 
Fuxenberger Mary, Eastern av. w of Exeter st 
Fyte Chas. ship joiner, 38 Philpot 
Gabek Henry, tailor, 41 Burgundy al 
Gable Henry, 362 n Gay 

Gable John, firm McDowell & Gable, dw 31 Hollins 
ile Julia, washer, Cross w of Fremont 
Root, blacksmith, Eutaw n of Ostend 
Gacke Henry, tailor, 135 Pearl 
Gadd Johu, cooper, Paca s of Fremont 
Gadd Luther C. boot maker, 97 Canal 
Gaddes Alex, marble cutter, 35 German and 12$ 

Light, dw 294 Mulberry 

Gade John, coach lace and fringe man. 15 n Gay 

Gadel Jacob, baker,«272 Franklin 

Gaebler Chas. shoemaker, 83 Canal 

Gaehle Wm. piano maker, 422 w Pratt 

Gaep Adam, gardner,2 Cross 

Gaesang Adam, tailor. 18;) Bethel 

Gaetting John, laborer, 205 s Bond 

Gafney Patrick, shoemaker, Harford av extd 

Gafney Thos. laborer, 23 Mott 

Gahagan Thos. grocer, s e cor. Tyson ik. Cathedral 

Gaines Henry, ladies' shoemaker, 32 Morris al 

Gaither Benj. 347 Franklin 

Gahlier Geo. R. mt. 24 German, dw 34 Cathedral 

Galbreth Saml. chair maker, 277 Gough 

Gale Capt. Benj. mariner, 186 s Bond 

Gale Robt. boot and shoemaker, 176 s Bond 

Galen Nich. laborer, 45 Philpot 

Gallagher Bridget, Chesap. n of Hudson, Canton 

Gallagher Edward, laborer, 295 Canton av 

Gallagher|Ferdinand H. teacher book keeping, over 

207 w Bait, dw 451 Fayette 
Gallagher Francis, attorney at law, 4 Law build- 
ings, St. Paul st. dw 267 Saratoga 
Gallagher Hugh, laborer, 18 Booth 
Gallagher Hugh, Harford av 
Gallagher Jas. Tyson n of Franklin 
Gallagher Jas. carpenter, 203 s Charles 
Gallagher Jas. laborer, 16 French 
Gallagher Jas. laborer, 314 Franklin 
Gallagher Jas. Falls road 

Gallagher Mich, soap & candle man. 137 Lexington 
Gallagher Patk. soap and candle dealer, 221 n Eden 
Gallagher Patrick, shoemaker, 67 n Exeter 
Gallagher Patrick, laborer, 136 French 
Gallagher Thos. b»ot and shoemaker, 112 n Eutaw, 

dw 103 Mulberry 
Gallaway Margaret, 8 Johnson 
Gallaway Marion De Kalb, sail maker, 127 s Eden 
Gallaway Mary, 125 s Eden 
Gallion John, cooper, 56 Park 
Galloway Mrs. Augusta, 91 Biddle 
Galloway Elizab. A. confectioner, 110 Hollins 
Galloway Greenbury, sail maker, Pratt e of Canal 
Galloway Jno. T. A. ladies' shoemak. 107 Broadway 
Galloway Margaret, dress maker, Widow's Row, 

222 w Lombard 
Galloway Robt. H. collector, 1 Chestnut al 
Galloway Thos. A. machinist, 36 Gibson 
Galloway Vincent, blacksmith, Parkin s of Lomb'd 
Galloway Wm. engineer, 138 McHenry 
Galloway Wm. plaisterer, 236 Aisquith 
Gallup John F. cabinet maker, Broadway e of Bank 




Gallup Capt. Edward, 142 s Paca 

Gallup Mary Ann, millinery and dry goods dealer, 
266 e Bait 

Gait Elizabeth, 163 e Pratt 

Gait Geo. tailor, 2J2 e Pratt 

Gait Capt. Henrv, manner, 98 s Eden 

Gait Dr. John M. 168 e Pratt 

Gait Mary W. 114 ePrait 

Galvan John, teacher, over n e cor. Front &. Bait 

Gamber Susan, 28 s Exeter 

Gamble David, cow dealer, 174 McHenry 

Gamble Robt. carpenter, 18 Thompson 

Gamble Thos. police officer, 29 s Caroline 

Gambrill Augustus, firm Cockey &.G. dw 101 Mul- 

Gambrill Chas. A. flour manuf. 30 Commerce, dw 
n e cor. Fayette and Paca 

Gambrill .Tas. shoemaker, 190 e Baltimore 

Gambrill Robt. chair painter, 38 Harford av 

Gambrill Thos. flour and feed dealer, 8 Penn av. dw 

164 Mulberry st 
Gannon Michael, laborer, 144 Saratoga 
Ganzer Jos. 409 Saratoga 
Gapes Thomas, 22 n Exeter 
Gapetz Philip, shoemaker, 56 Ross 
Garbade Jacob, trader, 204 Light 
Garbetz Philip, mariner, 286 Eastern av 
Garbot Christian, butcher, 266 s Bond 
Gardiner Francis, furniture dealer & feather dress- 
er, 27 Second, s w cor. Frederick 
Gardiner Geo. laborer, 162 Spring 
Gardiner J. T. painter, Lovely lane 
Gardiner John M. painter, 10 Water 
Gardiner Jos. 2d hand furn. dealer, 81 French 
Gardiner Robt. 2d hand furn. dealer, 205 u Exeter 
Gardiner Susan V. 57 n Eden 
Gardman Michael, laborer. Wolfs Pratt 
Gardner Alderson, trader, 291 n Gay 
Gardner Boreas F. firm Taylor &. Co. dw 61 n Li- 
Gardner Danl. baker, 7 L. Gough 
GARDNER E. N. grocer and flour dealer, 107 

Gardner Mrs. E. A. dry goods and trim, dealer, 174 

Lexington, dw Madison 
Gardner Ephraim, oak cooper, 13 Commerce, dw 

301 Pratt 
Gardner Geo. F. firm G. & McCandles, dw 313 n 

Gardner Geo. W. tinner, 211 Mulberry 
Gardner Capt. Hezekiah B. mariner, 23 Thames 
Gardner Laiah, wheelwright, 379 s Charles 

Gardner Jas. shoemaker, Lombard st. e Broadway 

Gardner Jas. carpenter, 207 w Lombard 

Gardner Jas. bricklayer, 161 Wolf 

Gardner Jas. mariner, Bethel n Gough 

Gardner John, boiler maker, Chester st n Eastern av 

Gardner John M. painter, 10 Water, dw 84 French 

Gardner John, shoemaker, w Baltimore st extd. 

Gardner John, laborer, Chesapeake, Canton 

Gardner Jos. painter, 213 Chesnut 

GardnerS: McCandless, carpenters, 47 n Frederick 

Gardner Maria, dry goods dealer, 225 Broadway 

Gardner Mary, dry goods dealer, 301 w Pratt 

Gardner Mary, 150 Ann 

Gardner P. 132 Lancaster 

Gardner Peter, ship carpenter, 195 Eastern av 

Gardner Philip, laborer, 159 Mulberry 

Gardner Richd. F. mt. tailor, 150 Lexington, dw 13d 

ers, lower end Lancaster, t\\v 167 Broadway 
Gardner Wm. F. carpenter, 149 Hollins 
Gardner Wm. shoemaker, cor. Cross and Eutaw 
Gardner Wm. shoemaker, 272 e Monument 
Gardner Wm.confect. and baker, 147 w Lombard 
Gardner Wm. carpenter, 311 n Gay 
Gardner Wm. tailor, 213 Lexington 
Garhd Wm. laborer, 316 s Bond 
Garland Benj. smith, 11 Water 
Garland &. merchants, 76 Bowly'a 

Garland Jas. porter, 70 s Calvert 
Garland Richd. brass founder, 17 Concord 
Garmhausen John, shoemaker, 26 Jasper 
Garnan Richd. brass finisher, 35 President 
Garner Thos. vocalist, Lombard w Eden 
Garnet &. Smith, (Misses,) preceptresses, 267 Lex- 
Garraud Edwd. fruiter and confect. 104 Baltimore 
Garret Jacob, paver, 15 Liberty al 
Garret John Wm. firm R. G. & Sons, dw Lexing- 
ton st extd 
Garretson C. furn. carman, Chew e Canal 
GARRETSON JESSE, proprietor "Bee Hive" 

tavern, 31 Pennsylvania av 
Garrett John, laborer, 194 n Exeter 
Garrett John, cabinet maker, 192 Ann 
Garrett John, grocer, 261 Bond 
Garrett John, laborer, 206 Bank 
Garrett Jos. shoemaker, 149 n Caroline 
Garrett Richd. tavern, Fort road, Locust Point 
Garrett Robert W. huckster, Chapel st w Penn. 




< GARRETT ROBERT & SON, wholesale gro- 
cers and commission merchants, 34 a Howard, 
dwR.G. 134 Fayette 
Garrett Thos. ship joiner, 208 Ann 
Garrett Win. firm Ross Sc G. dw 92 s Paca 
Garretson Freeborn, rear 26 Preston 
Garrigan John, laborer, 37 Richmond 
Garrison Cornelius, boat builder, Washington st n 

Eastern Sv 
Garrison Sainl. J. blacksmith, 222 Mulberry- 
Garrison Thos. boat builder, 184 Canton av 
Garrnee Wm. plaisterer, 239 Aisquith 
Garron Jer. soap boiler, 22 East 
Garrott Wm. firm Ross &. G. dw 92 s Paca 
Garthwart Elizab. 211 Ann 
Garton Wm. C. glass blower, 6 L. Church 
Garver Frank, wheelwright, rear 130 Saratoga 
Garver Patrick, laborer, 72 Harford av 
Garvey Ellen, washer, Happy al s Pratt st 
Garvey Henry, laborer, rear 5 French 
Garvey Jas. prop, hacks, 146 n Calvert 
Garvey John, grocer. 148 n Front 
Golems Priscilla, cor. Castle al and Bank st 
Gaskins Saml. S.clerkinCu.Clerk's office, 14 Barnet 
Gaskins Thos.moulder, Conway w Warner 
Gas House, s w cor. North and Saratoga 
Cassaway Elizabeth, 120 Madison 
Cassaway Noah A. int. and miller, '23 Commerce. 

dw 171 s Charles 
Gaston Wm. drayman. 41 Preston 
Gateh Conduce, millwright, 71 Columbia 
GA TCHELL & COLEMAN, ship chandlers, 117 

Thame-, dw J. G. G. 7 s Exeter 
Gatchell Mrs. D. 170Biddle 
Gatchell Geo. carpenter, 31 Hoffman 
Gatchell Capt. John G. firm G. & Coleman, dw 7 s 

Gatchell VV. H. clerk, City Court, dw 117 n Charles 
Gately John, laborer, 15 fiuren 
Gatefv Patrick, laborer, Eastern av w Albemarle st 
GATES EZRA, trimmings dealer and manufac 
turer, 221 Baltimore, dw cor. Greene & Columbia 
Gates John L. 66 Jasper 
Gates Lloyd, 86 Granby 
Gates Sophia, shirt maker, 88 s Caroline 
Gatster Philip, tailor, 120 Dallas • 

Gaubert Mary Ann, Harmony lane, e Shroeder st 
Gauer C. F. grocer and liquor dealer. 85 s Eutaw 
Gauline John B. piano turner, 182 n Eutaw 
Gauline Jos, C. painter, 236 n Canal 

GAULT & BROTHER, granite stone cutter, 400 
w Pratt 

Gault Cyrus, firm G. & Bro. dw Pratt w Fremont 

Gault Matthew, firm G. & Brn. 369 w Lombard 

Gault Robt. type caster, 90 Holliday 

Gaunt Elwood B. sail maker, 4 s Cnroline 

Gaunt John, sen. bricklayer, 264 n Canal 

Gaunt John, jr. bricklayer, 257 n Canal 

Gaunt Saml grocer, 23 Lewis 

Gavan Patrick, grocer, 219 n Exeter 

Gavel Derick, Penn. av n Wilson st 

Gavet Capt. Jas. mariner, 106 Ann 

Gavin John, store keeper, 672 w Baltimore 

Gavin Mat. laborer, cor. Boston and Chesapeake 

Gawne John, boot maker, 48 Camden 

Gawthrop Benj. F.shoemak. Poppleton w Saratoga 

Gawthrop Jas. shoemaker, 33 George 

Gawthrop Wm. 321 n Gav 

Gay Jas. engineer, 280 Alice Anna 

Gay street Hall, 2 s Gav, Louis Milhan, proprietor 

Gayle Capt. Jos. 190 Wolf 

Gaynor John, grocer, 219 Chesnut 

Gaythom Jas. laborer, 23 Rock 

Gazan Jacob, pedlar, 141 Potter 

Oleare Win. dealer patent medi.367 w Bait, dw 596 

Gearintr Jus. laborer, Johnson 

GeasAdano, tailor, 73 Orleans 

Geatleang Ferdi. wheel wcjght, Biddlest w Penn.av 

Gebhard Chas. E. poi trait painter, 19 Barnet 

Gedcies Adam, tailor, 12 n Paca 

Geddes Chas. ens ineer, 5 Constitution 

Geddes Geo. looking glass & picture frame maker, 
24 n Paca 

Geddes John, grocer, cor. Hollins and Parkin 

Geer Alfred, carpenter. 77 Granby 

Gees Olivia, grocer, 91 Biddle 

Gees Richd. plaisterer, Gibson near Hoffman 

Gees Wesley, carpenter, Gibson near Hoffman 

Gegan Jos. professor of uvjmc, 128 n Charles 

Gegan Robt. tailor, 109 Stirling 

Geser & Frohlin^er, beer brewers, 269 Ann 

GEHR1NG JOHN G. jeweller and goldsmith, 173 

n Gay, dw Ensor 
Gehrman Chas. D. firm G. & Magers, dw38nCalv : t 
Gehrman Julius, tobacconist, 60 n Gay 
GEHRMAN & MAGERS, tobacco deal. 38 South 
Gehry John, mariner, 183 e Fayette 
Geidel Lewis, tailor, 42 Clay 
Geiger Fredk. carpenter, 84 York 
Geiger John, confectioner, 30 e Pratt 
Geiger Wm. baker, 85 Harrison 
Geiglein John A. shoemaker, 238 Mulberry 




Geinhart John W. glass stainer, 153 n Canal 

Geipe Geo. huckster, 45 Spring 

Geis Andw. blacksmith, Canal s Holland 

Geis Geo. carpenter, 140 n Eutaw 

Geis J. Henry, coal yard, office, 19 Spear's whf 

Geisenger Capt. David, TJ. S. Navy, 64 Courtland 

Geiser Christian, laborer, Dallas s Lancaster 

Geisinger Adam, rag dealer, 49 Monument 

Geisner Her. tailor, 255 Happy al 

Geist Sebastian, laborer, 88 Lancaster 

Geister Ann, shop keeper, 127 Low 

Geisz Henry, tailor, 21 Somerset 

Gekler Mary, Ann n Pratt 

Gekler Wm. G. comb and fancy goods dealer, 144 

Baltimore, dvv 78 Lexington 
Gelbach Bartol, tailor, 124 Happy al 
GELBACH GEORGE, JR. real estate broker, 36 


Gelbrath Rev. ■, 312 Lexington 

Gellon Dominic, laborer, Ellicott n Chesapeake st. 

Gelston H. Durham, firm G. & Matthews 8 Fayette 
GELSTON & MATTHEWS, lumber merchants, 

and proprietors planeing mill, s end e Falls av 
Gent John, foundryman, Henrietta w Eutaw 
Geoghen Henry, wood dealer, 78 Granby 
Geoghegam Stewart, mariner, 71 Montgomery 
George Capt. Amos, 122 s Spring 
GEORGE ARCHIBALD, JR. wholesale grocer 

and commission merchant, nw cor. Howard and 

George Francis, painter, 39 Chatsworth 
George Isaac S. shoemaker, 76 Centre Market 
George Jas, grocer and com. mt. Exchange Place 

dw 162 n Howard 
George James B. jr. shoemaker, 58 Centre Market 
GEORGE & JENKINS, provision and commission 

merchants, 3 Commerce 
George Leonard, laborer, 80,Eastern av 
George Philip T. firm G. &. Jenkins, dw Waterloo 

Row, 182 n Calvert 
George S. & Son, lumber dealers, 37 n Greene dw 65 
George Saml. K. com. mt. 4 German, dw 35 Cathe'l 
George Stephen, firm G. &Son, 65 Greene 
George Stephen W. grocer, 109 Camden 
George Wm. S. carpenter, s w cor. Baltimore st and 

Gephard Geo. tailor, 66 Gough 
Gephart Geo. C. butcher, 13 Thompson 
Gephart John, 331 w Lombard 
Gephart Laomi, tavern keeper, 251 s Bond 
Geppel Henry, tailor, 108 s Eutaw 

Gerahty Peter, spar maker, 78 Block 

Gerber Christian, mead & root beer manuf. 107 Lee 

Gerber John, shoemaker, cor. Henrietta & Butler 

Gerbrick Josiah, watchman, 53 Buren 

Gerbrick Michael, boarding house, 314 n Howard 

Gerhard Josiah A. tobacconist, 21 Penn. av 

Gerhard Wm. tailor, 85 McElderry's whf 

Gerhart Valentine, carter, Cross w Charles 

Gerlack Conrad, tailor, rear 8 Centre Market 

Gerlack Diedrick, tailor, 204 sBond 

Gerlicker, John G. blacksmith, Penn.av n Wilson s? 

German Benj. butcher, 216 e Fayerte,dw 57 Mullikin 

GERMAN & BETTS, sail makers, McElderry's 

German Catharine, Prospect Hill, e Baltimore st 
German Catharine, 96 e Pratt 
German Chas. B. grocer, 193 e Lombard 
German Correspondent, 7n Gay, Fredk. Raine ; pub, 
German Henry, shoemaker, 230 Ann 
German John, firm G. & Betts, dw 137 s Eden 
German John, furnace man, Ellicott w Chesapeke ft 


w Pratt 
Germerator Christian, tailor, 58 s Howard 
Germerhaisen Jos. shoemaker, 158 n Caroline 
Gerner Bartel, laborer, 104 Thames 
Gernhardt H. T. firm J. W. &. H. T. Gernhardt, dw 

105 McElderry 
GERNHARDT T. W. & H. T. manufacturers of 

stained glass, 18 North 
Gernhardt J. W. of firm, dw 53 n Canal 
Gerrish Eliza, tailoress, Bank e Washington 
Gesang Adam, tailor, Eastern av e Bond st 
Gesford James, 237, Ensor 
Gesford Susanah, tailoress, 67 Preston 
Geshel Adam, teacher, Henrietta w Hanover 
Gesner Simon, carpenter, 140 Thames 
Geston Isabella, seamstress, 57 Preston 
Getehleck Ernest, grocer, cor. Lexington & Shroeder 
Getrout Adam, laborer, Washington av 
Gettier Geo. laborer, 100 Ross 
Gettier Henry L. tinner, 65 n Howard, dw 123 Ross- 
Geftier Henry, turner, 241 Biddle 
Gettier Jacob, dairy keeper, 89 Pine 
Gettier Jacob, hatter, 141 Penn. av 
Gettier John, carpenter, Penn. av s Dolphin st 
Gettier John, carpenter, Penn. av n Poppleton st 
Gettier Mary, 105 Biddle 
Gettier Wm. tobacconist, 178 Lee 
Gettier Wm. bricklayer, 101 Ross 


J 03 


Getty David A. packing box shop, 15 Cowpen al. (Gibson Wm. S. teacher. 176 Chesnut 

Hw 14Q Sarntncrq IT-ibsi/in Wm £J n l„.U sin ... tt.' l 

dw 149 Saratoga 
Getty Jas. dry goods dealer, 105 n Gay, dw 67 n 

Getty Robt. store keeper, cor. Lombard & Frederick 
Getz Christian, grocer, s Eutaw cor. Henrietta 
Getz C. S. 109 n Calvert 
Getz Henry, laborer, 269 Ann 
Getz Jas. 119 Saratoga 
Getz Lewis, pedlar, 261 n Gay 
Geyer Geo. carter, 74 Cross 
Geyer Jno. machinist, Raborg w of Republican 
Ghaele Lewis, piano maker, Carpenter's al between 

Greene & Fremont 
GHEO ANDREW, fruit. & confec. dealer, 70 Bait 
Ghering Fredk. cooper, al s of Cross w of Light 
Ghenng Jas. chair maker, 355 n Gay 
Ghermanhousen Lewis, grocer, 1 Vine 
Gibb Jno. blacksmith, 28 Somerset 
Gibbons Mrs. Arcadia, boarding house, 23 s Gay 
Gibbons Elizabeth, 162 n High 
Gibbons F. A. contractor, 36 York av 
Gibbons Joseph, 227 Alice Anna 
Gibbons Capt. Samuel, e Fayette w of Broadway 
Gibbs Edward A. firm G. & Smith, n Exeter 
Gibbs Emily, dairy, n w cor. Eutaw and Marion 
Gibbs Mary, tailoress. 169 Light 
Gibbs & Smith, regalia, flag and banner manufac, 

73 Baltimore 
Gibney Richard, dentist, 26 n Gay 
Gibson Charles C. firm G. & Co. 222 n Eutaw 
GIBSON & CO. auctioneers, 7 n Charles 
Gibson Edward, drayman, 4 Saratoga 
Gibson Elizabeth, 16 Fell 
Gibson Geo. firm Gibson & Co. 56 Biddle 
Gibson Dr. Geo. S. 106 Park- 
Gibson Henry W. painter, 6G Ross 
Gibson James, laborer, 71 Richmond 
Gibson James A. turner, 166 n Caroline 
Gibson Capt. James, wharfinger, 45 Fell st 
Cibson John R. laborer, 267 n Eden 
Gibson John, cooper, 180 Raborg 
Gibson John, 128 s Exeter, 
Gibson Joseph, shoemaker, 2 Ensor 
Gibson Margaret, 247 Franklin 
Gibson Mary, 115 n Calvert 
Gibson Mrs. dress maker, 240 n Gay 
Gibson Com.&Farmers'Bank,29 Cathedral 
Gibson Robt. laborer, 1 Booth 
Gibson Robu plumber, cor. Charles and Saratoga, 

dw 52 Fremont 
Gibson Thos. chandler, 121 Albemarle 

Gibson Wm. H. clerk, 29 s High 

Gidder Jno. tailor, rear 127 Ensor 

Giddings Mary, Harford a.v. extended 

Gidelman Morris, tavern, 5 South 

Giebnhtz Joseph, tailor, 153 Alice Anna 

Giese Christopher, tailor, 1 Marion 

Giese Henry, shoemaker, 348 Saratoga 

Giese J. Henry, agent Bait, coal yard, Spear's whf 

dw 271 n tioward 
Giese Lewis W. H. lumber mt. E. Falls av. dw 254 

n Howard 
Giegench Ignitius, laborer, rear 305 Dallas 
Giese Wm. H. coal dealer, s end Spear's whf. dw 40 

s High 
Giesring Powles, carpenter, 99 s Spring 
Giffin George, cabinet maker, 59 German 
GIFFORD A. & J. J. builders, Union al 
Gi/ford Alexander, firm A. & J. J. G. 129 Orleans 
Gilford Hugh, potter, 188 e Fayette 
Giflbrd James J. firm A. & J. J. G. Fayette e of 

Giflord Thos. carpenter, 131 Orleans 
Gifi'ord Thos. Orleans 4 doors from Caroline 
Giger Dr. Frederick S. 79 n Eutaw 
Gilbec Catharine, n e cor. Parkin and Lombard 
Gilbert Mrs. Amelia, milliner, 185 n Eutaw 
Gilbert Aquilla, carpenter, 90 Pearl 
Gilberthorp Catharine, Register, s of Pratt 
Gildea Ann milliner, 4 Mulberry 
Gildea Francis, bricklayer, 101 St. Mary's 
Gildea John, 145 Monument 
Gildersleve Geo. com. mt. and public weigher 63 s 

Gay, dw 20 Mulberry * ' 

Giles Ann, 40 Liberty. 

Giles Gustav. agricul. imp], maker, Lee w of Eutaw 
Giles John R. tavern, 28 w Fayette 
Giles John R. confectioner, 124 Baltimore 
Giles Walter, book binder, 3 e Fayette 
Giles William, oak cooper, 273 Franklin 
Giles Wm. F. attorney, 36 Law Buildiugs Lexing- 
ton st. dw 25 Franklin 
Gill Absalom, shoemaker, 76 Peirce 
GILL BRYSON, dentist, office and dw 52 Sharp 
Gill Charles, confect. & fruiterer. 85 Light st whf 

dw 112 Lee 
Gill Elisha P. Canton 
Gill Elisha H. ship carpenter, 118 Bank 
Gill Elizabeth, 118 Bank- 
Gill George, huckster, 185 Woif 
GILL GEORGE M. attorney 36 St. Paul, dw 38 
Gill Henry, type founder, 28 East 




Gill Jabez M. carpenter, 66 Mulberry, dw 270 n 


Gill James R. ship carpenter, 189 Washington 

Gill James L. D. storage, 106 '8 '10 '12 Smith's whf 

Gill John, late notary public, dw 74 St. Paul 

Gill Law. E. saddler, Hargrove al near Franklin st 

Gill Margaret, 18 Grant 

Gill Miss Nancy M. dress maker, 64 Camden 

Gill Noah, cojper, Smith's whf. dw Eden n of Gay 

Gill Nicholas, cedar cooper, 55 Amity 

Gill Owen A. firm Martin, Gillet & Co. 32 Sharp 

Gill Washington, machinist, 57 French 

Gill Wm, F/leecher and dentist, 68 Pearl 

Gill Wm. F. fresco painter, 162 n Eutaw 

Gill Win. L. teller in Merchants' Bank,41 Courtland 

Gillan Mary, 250 Canton av 

Gillan Michael, laborer, 5 Baker's al 

Gillan Michael, laborer, 19 Haw 

Gilland Jas. cooper, rear 104 Dugan's whf 

Gillard Wm. H. whip & cane maker, 82 George 

Gillen Michael, laborer, 214 Lexington 

Gillen Michael, laborer, Happy al s of Pratt 

Gilles Francis, laborer, 194 n High 

Gillespie Hamilton, carter, 177 Columbia 

Gillespie Robert, painter, 109 St. Mary 

Gillespie Wm. copper plate and wood engraver, 

over 213 Baliimore 
Gillespy Daniel, laborer, Chesapeake st n of Hudson 
Gillespy Patrick, Chesapeake st Canton 
Gillespy Stephen, cabinet maker, 37 Saratoga 
GILLET MARTIN & CO. wholesale tea mer 

"hants, 53 w Pratt 
Gillet N. H. firm Martin G. & Co. dw 52 Biddle 
Gilley Isaac, mariner, 168 e Lombard 
Gilliard Capt. Fayette w of Broadway 
Gillingham Chs. & Ed, engravers, 332 Lexington 
GiUingham George jr. grocer, n e cor. Lombard and 

Gillingham Henry, 130 s Paca 
Gilman Dr. J. 54 s Greene 

Gilman John, prop. Washington hotel, 206 w Pratt 
Gilman Jos. A. firm G. Sexton & Co. 157 Conway 
Gilman, Sexton &. Co. general founders and stove 

manuf. 154 '6 Conway 
Gilmor Chs. S. 32 Cathedral 
Gilmor Jno. laborer, 281 Alice Anna 
Gilmor Robert, mt. 55 Lombard, dw 57 
Gilmor Wm. firm Guest & Gilmor, dw 51 Franklin 
Gilmor Mrs, Wm. s w cor. Calvert and Court 

House lane 
Gilmor Jas. firm G. & Slater, 3 Aisquith. 
Gilmor Robert, ship joiner, 127 s Exeter 

Gilmore & Slater, com. mts. 10 Commerce 
Gilmour James D. baker & confec. 243 w Pratt 
Gilmour W. W. confec. & baker, 234 Saratoga 
Gilpin Henry L. lime & feed dealer, 42 n Greene, 

dw 130 Pearl 
Gilphin James S. cond. Eutaw Steam Mill, 50 

Gilpin Jno. W. tinner & plumber, 189 Ann 
Gilpin Rachel, 50 Columbia 
Gilpin Ths. sash maker, 79 Mulberry 
Gimp Jno. paver, 93 Peirce 
Ginzarodt Ferdinand, tailor, 19 Mercer 
Ginnaman Geo. engineer, Falls road 
Girvin Geo. tavern, 29 York 
Girvin J. M. flour merchant & agent Sav. line of 

packets, 107 Smith's wharf 
Girvin James, com. &. ship. mt. 93 Smith's whf.dw 

149 n Paca 
Girvin Robert, carpenter, 361 Franklin 
Gisrel Jacob, paper stainer, Fremont extended 
Gisrel Sophia, Fremont extended 
Gissel William, tutor, 188 s Charles 
Gist Chs. ladies' shoemaker, 175 Fremont 
Gist Margaret, boarding house, 39 German 
Gist Henry, w Pratt st extended 
Gist Thos. W. engineer rail road, 530 w Pratt 
Gittings John S. cor. Monument and St Paul 
Gittings Lambert, com. and ship, merchant. 57 Bu- 
chanan's whf. dw 54 Mount Vernon place 
Gittings Rich, bricklayer, 62 Short 
Gitz Adam, laborer, 193 Eastern av 
Givins Joseph, furniture wagoner, 31 n Caroline 
Givney Patk. laborer, Chase e of Cathedral 
Glabb Geo. shoemaker, 55 Holland 
Glabb Peter, tailor, St. James ct from Canal to Som't 
Gladson Rebecca, 200 Harford av 
Glaeser John, shoemaker, 206 s Bond 
Glan Robt. W. grocer, n e cor. Low and Forest 
Glanding Thos. bacon deal. 6 Penn av. dw 310 Fay. 
Glannon Danl. carpenter, Wolfs of Pratt 
Glanville Jas. W. grocer, 238 Broadway 
Glanville John W. cabinet maker, 147 Conway 
Glanz J. C. shoemaker, 46 Bank 
Glasgow Matthew, machinist, 484 w Bait 
Glass Emory, shoe maker, 85 Hamburg 
Glass house (Bait.) F. & L. Schaum prop. F. H. 
Glass Isaac, 128 Bond 
Glas* John, ship joiner, 18 Thames 
Glasgow Step, whitewasher, Orleans e of Broadway 
Glatzell Anthony, hatter, 133 Light 
Gleason Bridget^ shop, 219 Raborg 
Gleeson Wm. 1G4 e Pratt 




'Glendinen Joseph, porter, 26 Orleans 

Glenn Andrew, gardner, 13 New Church 

Glenn Elijah B. carpenter, 263 e Bait 

Glenn John, attorney at law, 3 Court House lane, 

dw 20 n Charles 
Glenn Joseph, ladies' shoemaker, Regis, s of Pratt 
Glenn Rachel, huckster, 147 Bond 
Glenn Saml.T. painter. Pratt w of Broadway 
Glenn Saml. B. carpenter, 57 n Caroline 
Glenn Saml. ship carpenter, 17 Spring 
Glenn Wm. R. car builder, 137 Fremont 
Glenn Wm. grocer, n w cor. Castle al and Bank st 
Glenn Wm. C.firm Coates & G. dw 50 n Liberty 
Glenniug Rich, laborer, rear 104 centre market 
Glickman John, tailor, 132 s Caroline 
Glizler Andrew shoemaker, 315 s Bond 
Globe Inn, 229 Bait. Presley J. Bartholow prop. Sta- 
bles 53 German 
Glocker Theodore, clerk in Register office, 95 Pearl 
Gloninger Mary, boarding house, 129 Fayette 
Glos John, baker, 65 York av 
Gloudell John, dyer, 42 Ross 
Glover Jas. boiler maker, 247 William 
Glover John W. boiler maker, 249 William 
Glover Josiah, 221 Forest 
Glover Thos, boiler maker, 53 Montgomery 
Gluck Henry C. shoemaker, 86 Orleans 
Gluck Michl. laborer, 74 Spring 
Gluck Wm. tinner, 50 Orleans 
Glueck Christ, saddler, 39 dw 73 Penn av 
Gluekstein Aloes, shoe maker, 112 Franklin 
Goaty Carson, grocer, 115 Eastern av 
Gobright John C. clerk, 41 Chew 
Gobright Joseph, coach maker, dw 34 Second 
Gobright Louisa, 15 n Exeter 
Gobright Wm. printer, 46 e Fayette 
Goddard Chas. keeper livery stables, Green n of 

Bait, dw cor. Pearl and Raborg 
Goddo Mich, basket maker, 10 Carpenter's al 
GODEY THOS. cabinet ware rooms, 54 Hanover 
Godfrey Edwd. A. deal, in leather & shoe findings, 

16 s Calvert, dw Bait 
Godfrey Henry, blacksmith, 135 Stirling 
Godfrey Henry, carpenter, Penn av. near Frem't st 
Godfrey Jas. tinner, Register n of Bank 
Godfrey John, Penn av. near Fremont st 
Godfrey John, tailor, 136 n Canal 
Godfrey Nich. tailor, 92 Dallas 
Godfrey Sarah, 15 Mott 
Godman John D. butcher, 23 Hoffman 
Godman Thos. butcher, 894 w Bait 
Godman Wm. 116 Lee 

Godman Wm. veal butch. Pa. av. n of McMechin s 
Godrnan Littleton, mate of steamboat, 107 Columbia 
Godwin & Seth, grocers & com. mts. 4 Bowly's whf 
Godwin Wm. jr. firm G. & Seth, dw 116 Lee 
Goelshik Rosina, midwife, 268 s Charles 
GofT John, laborer, Federal Hill 
Goforth Geo. bacon deal. 407 n Gay 
Gogel Chas. C. butter & ice cream deal. 375 n Gay 
GhodeJno. agt. O'Conner's tr. line, dw 282 Alice 
Ann st. 

Gohler , music teacher, 23 Cortland 

Gohring Florentz barometer mkr. 289 s Bond 
Going Albert, machinist, 106 St. Mary's 
Golbert Adam, well digger, 213 Bethel 
Golden Patrick, rear2l7 Chesnut 
Golden Rich, laborer, 67 Perry 
Golder A. & Son, import, and manuf. of paper 
hangings, 33 and 35 Hanover st. dw A. G. 113 
Golder James C. firm A. G. & Son, dw 81 Park 
Golding Bernard, shoemaker, 72 C. Market 
Goldsborough A. W. dry goods dealer, 168 n Gay 

dw 7 Ensor 
Goldsborough Jno. 186 Eastern av 
Goldsborogh N. W. dry goods mt. 11 German dw5 

Goldsborousrh Wm. clerk Farmers' and Planters' 

Bank, 100 Aisquith 
Goldsmith Edward, confectioner. 89 n Eutaw 
Goldsmith Eliza, 171 Park 

Goldsmith Hartz, iron and rag deal. 38 Argyle al 
Goldsmith Jno. pedlar, 58 Bank 
Goldsmith Louis A. milkman, 19 New 
Goldsmith Reuben S. dry goods deal. 188 Alice 

Goldsmith Samuel H. 85 n. Calvert 
Goldsmith Solomon, shoemaker, 195 Alice Anna 
Goldstien Aaron, tailor, 225 n Canal 
Gonsalves, Dl. boot fitter, 228 Light 
Gonzeles Richd. clerk, 51 n High 
Good Michl. shoemaker, nw cor. Booth & Shraoder 
Good Samaratin Hall, cor. of Han'r. & Mont'g 
GOOD WILLIAM F. tavern keeper, 78 s Charles, 

and 10 Liberty 
Goodacre Daniel, stone cutter, cor. President and 

Stiles, dw 93 Albemarle 
Goodall Matthew, porter, 114 n Calvert 
Goode John B. furn. deal. 34 Harrison 
Goode Patrick, wheelwright, 41 Hampstead 
Goodfellow Joseph, tailor, 126 e Lombard 
Goodhand Jas. carp. 91 n Calvert. 
Goodhand John, clerk, 15 Fremont 




Goodhand Margaret, 123 Fayette 

Good ins Captain A, L. grocer 182 McElderry 

Goodman Aaron & Co. tailors and clothiers, cor 

Pratt & Fredk. dw A. G. 107 n. Howard 
Goodman Abram, tailor, 194 n Eden 
Goodman Edward C. shoemaker, 150 nGay 
Goodman H. clothier, 40 C Market 
Goodman Isaac, vinegar maker, 18 Potter 
Goodman Jacob, whitesmith, 451 Lombard 
Goodman Captain Jas. mariner, 88 n Eden 
Goodman John, comb maker, 131 Columbia 
Goodman Lewis, furniture dealer, 60 Harrison 
Goodrich Geo. W. firm G. W. & T. G. 52 Granby 
Goodrick Suuan, shirt maker, 32 e Baltimore 
Goodrick Thomas, carp. 1 Sharp dw e Baltimore 
Goodrick Washington, carp. Fish market 
Goodsmith Saml. pedlar, Bethel 
Goodspamer Geo. labr. 140 Canal 
Goodwalt Michl. labr. 173 s Eden 
Goodwin Caleb, boarding house, 53 s Fredk. 
Goodwin Charles, Merchants' Bank, dw 239 w 

Goodwin James huskster Ten Foot alley 
GOODWIN J. blacksmith St shoer, 408 Baltimore, 

dw German cor Paca 
Goodwin Leah, milliner, 313 w Pratt back 
Goodwin Misses 223 Aisquith 
GOODWIN RICHARD B. & Co., ship builders, 
Patterson's whf. Philpot st. dw R. B. G. 26 Stiles 
Goodwin Mrs. 74 e Pratt 
Goodwin Thos. shoemaker, 10 Bath 
Goodwin Willian J. carpenter, 129 Aisquith 
Goppert George, gunsmith, 232 s Charles 
Gordon Alex. B. attorney, office Calvert s of Fay- 
ette dw 58 Mount Vernon place. 
Gordon Ann, huckster, 9 Pear alley 
Gordon Mrs. Basil B. 133 n Charles 
Gordon Catharine, huckster, 150 York av. 
Gordon Charles, watchman, 55 n. Spring 
Gordon David, baker, 106 Albemarle 
Gordon Dennis, ladies' shoemaker 63 n Caroline 
GORDON GEORGE W. grocer and commission 

merchant, 80 Light st wharf, dw Hanover. 
Gordon Geo. huckster, 156 Green Mt.av 
Gordon Henry D. firm Williamson & G- dw 93 

Gordon Isabella, shoebincler, 256 Biddle 
Gordon Doctor James W. W. druggist, 127 Biddle 
Gordon James, bricklayer, 14 Buren 
Gordon James, turner, Parkin s of Lombard 
Gordon Jno. H. commission merchant, 80 Light st 
whf dw 26 Camden 

Gordon John M. prest. Union Bank of Md. dw 97 

Gordon Joseph, oak cooper, 70 n Greene 
Gordon Joseph, inspector of customs, 24 North 
Gordon Joseph, watchman, 318 e Monument 
Gordon J. W. W. druggist, 60 w Pratt street, dw 127 

GORDON L. S. agent Penn. & Ohio transportation 

line to Pittsburg, 78 North, dw 41 Cortland 
Gordon Martin labr. Chester s of Gough 
Gordon P. huckster, 214 Hartford av. 
Gordon Rebecca P. 4 s Gay- 
Gordon Saml. forwarding merchant, 41 Courtland 
Gordon William, police officer, Castle al.n Pratt 
Gordon William H. chair painter, s e cor. Charles 

and Henrietta 
Gordshell Frederick, watchman, 144 Ross 
Gordshell George, W grocer, 142 Fremont 
Gore Philip, puddler, Washington s of Bank 
Gorman Christine, butter deal. 126 Potter 
Gorman Ann 53 Bethel 
Gorman Brian, laborer 17 Richmond 
GORMAN &. HOUSTON, ship smiths, City 

Gorman James, grocer, cor. Chester and Gough 
Gorman Jno. shoemaker, Falls road 
Gorman Mary, seamtress, Mulberry e ol Poppleton 
Gorman Nicholas, laborer 151 Pierce 
Gorman Owen, labor. Castle al s of Pratt 
Gorman Thos. police officer, 204 Saratoga 
GORMAN WM. City Block 

Gorman William, firm G. and Houston, dw 48 

Gormley Jno. tinner, 230 Lexington 

Gorr Chas. market gardner, Monument e of Broad- 

Gorries Geo. shoemaker, Monument e of Buren 

Gorsuch Jas. watchman, Pratt e Broadway 

Gorsuch Jehu, 78 n High 

Gorsuch Levin, 211 Happy al 

Gorsuch Nicholas M. hatter, 176 e Baltimore 

Gorsuch Peregrine, justice peace, 2 e Fayette, dw 
214 Aisquith 

Gorsuch Robt. 183 e Monument 

Gorsuch , 130 Fremont 

Gorsuch Theodore, carpenter, 81 Mulberry, dw 219 
Madison av 

GORSUCH WILLIAM G. carpenter, 31 Court- 
land, dw 96 n Eutaw 

Gorsuch William, G. conduclor Rail Road 427 w 

Gorsuch William, mason, 34 Chew 




Gorter G. O. firm Graf & G. Consul of Belgium, 

Gouliart John, tavern, 504 w Pratt 

office 52 s Gay, dw Holliday n of Fayette 

Gorton Win. A. tobacconist, 115 s Paca 

Gosden J. T. 1 Jefferson 

Goshell Capt. Peter, 177 Broadway 

Goslir Mordecai lnbra Falls road 

Gosman Maria, '20 Caroline 

Gosnell Amich, shoemaker, 156 Orleans 

Gosnell Bro. wholesale dry goods merchants, 271 

Gosnell Elizabeth 13 Mott 

Gosnell Douglass, clerk, 24 Josephine 

Gosnell Geo. T. carpenter, 50 German dw 330 Fay- 

Gosnell Geo. painter, Hartford avextd 

Gosnell Jas . L. B. firm G. Bro., 265 Lexington 

Gosnell J. T. silver plater, 113 Vine 

Gosnell Leml. W. firm G. Bro. 82 Paca 

Gosnell Mathew T. firm Gosnell Bro., dw 241 

Gosnell Philip H. merchant tailor,*7n Howard 

Gosnell Rebecca, dress maker, 278£ Mulberry 

Gosnell Talbut, carpenter, 15 Josephine 

Gosnell Thos. carpenter, 15 Josephine 

Gosnell Wallace, carpenter, 11 Josephine 

Goihrop Richd. shoemaker, 685 w Baltimore 

Gotlip Wheeler, milkman, Paca s of Fremont 

Gott Thos. J. property broker 49 Second 
boarding cor Saratoga and St. Paul 

Gott William, carpenter, 6 Gibson 

Gott William, conductor Susq. R. Rail. Bolton 

Gotz Chas. laborer, 130 Stirling 

Gough & Cough, beef & pork packers, Waters's whf 

Gough Dr. D. 235 Pratt 

Gough Francis, grocer 126 Holliday cor. Bath 

Gough Thos. chairmaker, 115 McElderry 

Gough Thos. mariner, 99 n Caroline 

Gould Alexander sr. 311 Light 

Gould Alexander, jr. of custom house, 296 Light 

Gould France*, 11!) n Eutaw 

Gould Jas. jeweller, 168 Baltimore, dw 42 Franklin 

Gould John G. 72 e Lombard 

Gould Mary Ann, 68 French 

Gould Rich. W. grocer, 91 Hanover 

Gould Ths. N. cabinet maker, 57 & 59 Sharp dw 32 

Gould Zaccheus, of "Sun" office, 143 Orleans 

Goulden Patrick, 107 n Eutaw 

Gouldston & Dickman, Misses, trimmings dealers, 
12 Potter 

GOULEY MRS. LOUIS L, vegetable medicine 
vendor, 38 Baltimore 

Gourlay Geo. shoer and smith, 9 President, dw Al- 
Govans Danl. rear 161 n Gay 

Gover Geo. P. firm Purvis & G. 1 Aisquith 

Gover Gerard, clerk, 65 Fayette 

Gover Saml. H. auctioneer and com. mt. 9 South, 
dw52 e Fayette 

Gower Christian, drayman, 63 Shroeder 

Graaff Saml. tobacconist, 37 President 

Grabe Jos. laborer, 75 Argyle al 

Grabe Valentine, sawyer, 75 Argyle al 

Grabner Henry, laborer, 56 Argyle al 

Grace A. B. bricklayer, 34 s Bond 

Grace J. A. 73 n Greene 

Grace Jacob A. shoemaker, 262 Monument 

Grace John, iron founder, 86 s High 

Gracey Henry, carpenter, 65 Aisquith 

Gracey Jas. shoemaker, 41 Richmond 

Gracey Wm. carpenter, 34 Orleans 

Grady Jas. freight agent, 10 Garden 

Grady John, quarrier, Falls road 

Grady Patrick O. drayman, 181 Columbia 

Graf F. B. consul for Netherlands, vice consul Swe- 
den &, Norway St Uruguay, 52 s Gay, dw n w cor. 
Franklin and Park 

Graf & Gorter, com. mts. 52 s Gay 

Graf John, tavern keeper, 50 Thames 

Graff Araminta, Ann s Pratt 

Graff E. Beatty, attorney at law and solid, chan.29 
Fayette, dw'84 Pratt 

Graff Henry, laborer, Dallas s Lancaster 

Graff JohnD. 69 s Eden 

Graff Wm. 179eFavette 

Grafflin Geo. W. firm O'Brien, G. & Frick, 28 s 

Grafflin Jacob W. clerk, 95 s Exeter 

Grafflin Jacob, 336 Lexington 

Graft Thos. butcher, 179 Ensor 

Grafton Mark, 95 Fayette 

Grafton Saml. H. stove smith and tin worker, 30 
Light, dw 68 Hanover 

Grafton Wm. wool dealer, 467 w Pratt 

Grafton Dr. Wm. H. 95 Fayette 

Graham, Ann, 200 s Charles 

Graham Andrew, boarding house, 252 n Howard 

Graham Catharine, boarding house, Scott s Pratt 

Graham Ellis, carpenter, 88 e Madison 

Graham Felix, laborer, 101 William 

Graham Fredk. cab. maker, Cider al w Greene st 

Graham Capt. Geo. R. manner, 83 Montgomery 




Graham J. & R. grocers and com. mts. 98 Dugan's 

Graham J. firm Potee, G. & McKinley. dw Aisquith 

near Chew 
Graham Jas. firm J. & R. G. dw 108 e Fayette 
Graham James, pattern maker. 200 s Charles 
Graham John, police officer, 242 Aisquith 
Graham John, shoemaker, 46 w Partt, dw 84 Aisq. 
Graham John, laborer, rear 69 Camden 
Graham Michael, porter, ale, &c. dealer, 106 Canal 
Giaiiam Mrs. boarding house, 82-'4 Saratoga 
Graham Robl. firm J. & R. G. 19 Albemarle 
Graham Robt. 41 Holland 
G aham Saml. drayman, 123 Albemarle 
Giaham &. Spedden, ship joiners, 46 Philpot 
Graham Wm. cabinet maker, 22 w Lombard 
GRAHAM WILLIAM, firm G. & Spedden, dw 

65 Harrison 
Graham Wm. mason, 176 Eastern av 
Graham Capt. Wm. & Son, com. mts. Commercial 

buildings, s Gay, dw Capt. G. 130 n Charles 
GRAHAME & BROTHER, apothecaries, 174 Bal- 
GRAHAME ISRAEL J. apothecary and druggist, 

cor. Baltimore and Eutaw 
Grainger John, painter, 27 Perry 
Granger Wm. laborer, Henrietta w Howard 
Graley Michael, laborer, Chester s Gough 
GRA MMER F. L. justice peace, 2 s Front, dw 78 

s Caroline 
Grandeman Chas. laborer, Washington av 
Grandruth Gustavus, rag dealer, 262 s Bond 
Graner John, locksmith, 32 Jasper 
Granger Henry, 213 w Lombard 
Granger John, tailor, 17 Clay 
Granger Capt. Levin, mariner, 39 Henrietta 
Granger Wm. tobacconist, 135 Mulberry 
Graninger John ( tailor, 27 Marion 
Grannan Patrick, machinist, 13 Constitution 
Granting Conrad, shoemaker, Canton av 
Granling Geo. shoemaker, Canton av e Burk st 
Grant Caroline, 59 Albemarle 
Grant Edwd. teacher St. Patrick's school, 226 e 

Grant Geo. W. blacksmith, 135 s High 
Grant Jas. chandler, 20 Mott 
Grant John, drayman, Warren s Lee 
Grant Jos. P. com. mt. 61 Exchange Place 
Grant Mrs. Orleans e Broadway 
Grant Richd. clerk, 76 n Eden 
Grant Wm. machinist, Boston e Clinton 
Grant Xenophon,hat and capmaker, 191 Lexington 

Grape Charlotte, 151 e Monument 

Grape Jacob, bacon dealer, 168 Chesnut 

Grape John, carter, Cross w Charles 

Grape John, wood dealer, 26 n Eden 

Gras Adam, tailor, 73 Orleans 

Grasbender John, butcher, 193 Fremont 

Graser G. cab. maker, Carpenter's al e Fremont st 

Grass John, sawyer, rear 29 Fawn 

Grate Elizabeth, tailoress, 20 New 

Grate Fredk. milk man, intersection Aisquith and 

Harford av 
Gratleang Ferd. wheelwright, Biddle st w Penn. av 
Graue Henry H. firm Ripplemeyer & G. 174 Sharp 
Gravenstine James, wire worker, 4 L. Gough 
Graves Edwd. B. firm G. & Lanning, dw 1 Wine 
Graves Elizab. seamstress, 52 Holland 
Graves Capt. John, 1 L. Gough 
Graves Dr. John J. city register, n e cor. Chats worth 

st and Smith's lane 
Graves & Laning, sign painters and manuf. over 276 

G raves Lydia, 180 s Bond 
Gray Adam, firm G. &. Cully, dw Albemarle 
Gray Capt. Adam, mariner, 40 Fawn 
Gray Ann, 45 Columbia 
Gray Ann L. 116 Sharp 
Gray Bern, carter, 127 Holliday 
Gray & Cully, (L. B.) ship yard, lower end Montg. 
Gray Edwd. cotton manuf dw 29 n Calvert 
Gray Ezekiel, flour & meal dealer, 48 Carpenter's al 
Gray Francis W. sail maker, 11 Bond 
Gray Geo. last manuf. and findings dealer, 39 s 

Gray Geo. W. trader, 24 s Bond 
Gray George W. druggist, s e cor. Lexington and 

Greene, dw 145 Mulberry * 
Gray J. L. & Bro. "Thompsonian and botanic de- 
pot," 2 Water 
Gray James, carter, 284 s Charles 
Gray Jas. shoemaker, 17 Saratoga 
Gray Jas. painter, Fountain st w Castle al 
Gtay Jas. T. carpenter. 17 Brune 
Grav John, laborer, 122 Gough 
Gray John W. firm Solomon G. & Co. dw 49 t Bond 
Gray John, boot fitter, 211 Ann 
Gray Lewis, tobacconist, 108 Light st whf 
Gray Manufacturing Co. office 13 Lexiogton 
Gray Sarah, 114 Ann 
Gray Vincent, tailor, Pratt e Scott 
Gray Walton, justice peace, 5 Mercer 
Gray & Watt, manuf. steam refined soap, &c. 1 





Gray Wm. hatter, 16 Thompson 

Gray Wrn. sail maker, Kerr's whf. dw 158 Broad w. 

Grayson John, carter, 325 Conway 

Grayson Thos, huckster, 224 German 

Greasley Jacob F. butcher, Penn. av extd. 

Greason Geo. carter, s e cor. Lee and Fremont 

Greaves David R. tobacconist, 170 Canton av 

Greaves Geo. seaman, Abey al 

Greble Benj. stone and earthenware factory, 100 En- 
sor, 36 Haford av 

Grebs Peter, store keeper, 170 n Howard 

Green Alex, laborer, Clinton st. Canton 

Green Amon & Co. cotton yarn and carpet chain 
manuf. 65 Hillen 

Green Andw. huckster, 359 n Gay 

Green Ann, 208 n Exeter 

Green Benj. laborer, 50 Spring 

Green Jit Brown, grocers, s e cor. Howard and Mul- 
berry ' 

Green'Cornelius, barber, 31 w Pratt, dw e Fayette 

GREEN CHARLES B. & SON, grocers, flour 
and liquor dealers, 116 n Gay, dw C. B. G. 132 n 

Green Chas. 1 Garden 

GREEN DAVID, commission and forwarding 
merchant, 92 s Charles, dw 60 s Greene 

Green Edwd. 248 n Howard 

Green Elizabeth, grocer, 680 w Baltimore 

Green Enoch, edge tool grinder, alley near Sarato- 
ga st w Poppleton 

Green Fredk. S. firm Sumwalt Si G. 165 Greene 

Green Geo. bricklayer, 31 Chatsworth 

Green Geo. W. house and sign painter, 51 South 

Green Henry, firm Blackston & G. cor. Baltimore 
and Amity 

Green Henry H. currier, 192A Lexington market. 
dw 4 Pearl 

Green Hugh, laborer, 129 North 

Green Jacob, lime dealer, North, dw 225 e Monum't 

Green Jacob, lime and hair dealer, 142 North, dw 

Monument near Gay- 
Green Jas. laborer, 34" Hillen 

Green Jas. 48 Saratoga 

Green Capt. Jas. ship, master, 152 Ann 

Green John, blacksmith, Falls road 

Green John N. chaser, 17 Mullikin 

GREEN JOHN, JR. daguerian rooms, cor. Balti- 
more and Charles, dw 218J s Charles 

Green Jos. shoemaker, 50 n Eutaw, dw Madison 

Green Jos. D. of Suffolk Mach. Co. dw 85 Garden 

Green Jos. shoemaker, 126 Madison 

Creen Jorhua, distiller, Greenwillow 

Green Joshua, machinist, 193 Orleans 

Green Maria, W idow's row, 222 w Lombard 

Green Mary, 6 Falls 

Green Mary, 67 n Exeter 

Green *, keeper Charles st spring, 84 York 

Green Rebecca, tailoress, lb3 Light 

Green Richd. C. cooper, 157 s Paca 

Green Richd . locksmith, 24 Gibson 

Green Robt. horse trader, Lombard w Washington 

Green Saml. shoemaker, 8 Low 
Thos. market trader, O al 

Green Thos. cleric, 5 Hollulay 

Green Thos. P. firm Chas. 1). G. Ec Son dw 134 n 

Green Thos. grocer, 243 Alice Anna 

Green Thos. miller, Chase e Cathedral 

Green Thos. mariner, 267 Eastern av 

Green Wm. tailor, 135 Franklin 

Green "Wm. laborer, 193 Orleans 

Green Wm. R. tanner, 125 a Front 

Green Wm'. W. sil .. 135 w Fayette 

Green Wm. II. barber & hair dresser, 42 C. Market 

Greenavelt Abraham, rag dealer, 84s§ n Caroline 
■ Isaac, pedlar, 297 s Bond 
baum M 311 w ';' 

Greenbanm Nathan, gro :er, 157 Oilcans 

Greenbaum nt. tailor, 72 s ( !h 

Greenbanm Wolf. iSSaratoga 

Greene D. 93 s Cha 

Greenfield A. H & Son, hard ware dealers, [67 Lex* 

ington, dw 283 Sarai 
Greenfield Caleb W. firm A. H. G. & Son, 12 Jose- 
Greenfield Thos. K. ship builder, 89 s High 
Greeumount I cor. Dark 'lane and 

Courtland st. Wm. if Filzbugb,.treasurer 
Greenon John, cabfnci maker. Somer^el n Chew 
Greensfckier B. & S. dry goods mis. 37 Baltimore, 

dw B. G. 46 s E 
Greensfckier Simon, trim, dealer, 169 n Eden 
Greentree Catharine, 369 Franklin 
Greentree Hiram, carpenter, 180 n Eutaw 
Greentree John D. millwright, 56 Oregon 
Greenwalt Saml. clothier, 117 n Howard, dw 107 s 
GREENWAY & CO. bankers and exchange brok* 

ers, 176 Baltimore 
Greenway Edwd. M. jr. firm G. & Co. dw 52 Mount 

Vernon Place 
Greenwell Joshua, mariner, s Paca st. extd. 
Greenwood Amelia, 63 Orleans 
Greenwood Jas. rope maker. 41 West 
Greenwood John, machinist, 59 Boyd 




Greenwood Margaret, tavern, 181 Eastern*av 

Greenwood Wm. rile raanuf. 344 Lexington 

Greenwood Wm. S. hatter, 40 Baltimore, dw 17 

Greer Alex, carter, 43 Armistead lane 

Greer Andw. quarrier, Falls road 

Greer Eleanor, 201 n Howard 

Greer Rob*, shoemaker, 22 Ensor 

Greer Wm. feed dealer, 122 Dugan's whf 

Greger John, laborer, 89 Bank 

GREGG ANDREW & CO. grocery and produce 
merchants, 109-11 Franklin, dw 62 

Gregg Ann, milliner, 97 Fayette 

Gregg Elizabeih, 02 Franklin 

Gregg Harriet. 43 Holliday 

Gregg Jas. firm Andw. G. & Co. 62 Franklin 

Gregg John, firm Andw. G. &. Co. 62 Franklin 

Gregg Jos. engineer, I Warren 

Gregg Robt. A. grocer, 72 Centre Market Space 

Gregg Wm. clerk, Calendar al 

Gregory Amos, grocef , 191 s Charles, dw cor. Hill 

and Charles 
Gregory & Cadimore, painters, Philpot 
Gregory Henry, firm G. & Cadimote, dw Register 

n Bank 
Gregoiy John, blacksmith, 132 Caroline 
Gregory Jos. firm G. & Newall, dw 17 Williamson 
Gregory Jos. ship carpt. Eastern av w Albemarle st 
Gregory Jos. ship carpenter, Register s Gough 
Gregory & Newell, tobacconists, 134 w Pratt 
Gregory Wm. ship carpenter, 81 Bank 
Gregory Wm. plaisterer, 100 Hollins 
Grein Francis, grocer, 59 Lancaster 
Greiser Henry, shoemaker, 45 Albemarle 
Greller John. "laborer, 29 Shakspear 
Gremm Jos. laborer, 8 Shakspear 
Gremm Ludwig, tailor, 249 ,s Bond 
Gremminger Jos. shoemaker, 6 Shakspear 
Grenbower Jacob, laborer, 204 s Bond 
Grenor Michael, cooper, 44 Thames 
Grenwall John, laborer, 28 Eastern av 
Grenzelach Henry, shoemaker, Sharp n Henrietta 
Gresh Henry, blacksmith, 22 Fawn 
Gress Philip, drayman, Saratoga st extd. 
Greubell Geo. furniture dealer, under Eutaw House, 

dw 157 Sharp 
Greupner Fredk. carpet weaver, 50 Bethel 
Greves Ann, washer, 147 s Bond 
GREVES D. &. SMITH, grocers and wood deal 

ers, 272 Broadway 
Greves Rebecca, 270 Broadwav 
Grey Edwd. 29 n Calvert 

Grice Geo. carpenter, 102 Aisquith 

Gridlev John, lottery & ex. office, 108 n Gay 

Gridley Ruth, 163 Hanover 

Grier John, laborer, 18 Constitution 

Gries John G. wood and twist turner, 14 Mercer 

dw Perry 
Griest Moses, wood inspector, 60 Hill 
Griffin Alice, grocer, s w cor. Mulberry and Pearl 
Griffin Chas. H. butcher, 57 Chew 
Griffin Clara, 9 Douglass 
Griffin E. T. 93 n Paca 

Griffin Elias, port surveyor, office Custom House 
Griffin Geo. millwright." 12 Armistead lane 
Griffin Henry, stone cutter, 42 Jackson 
Griffin Jacob, butcher, 57 Chew 
Griffin Lemuel, butcher, 30 Mullikin 
GRIFFIN LYNCH, tavern, cor.Concord and Fish 

Griffin Malichi. grocer, 287 Alice Anna 
Griffin Mary, store, 34 Ross 
Griffin Mrs. 375 Saratoga 
Griffin Philip, lard inspector, 133 Harford av 
Griffin Robt. plaisterer, 24 McElderry 
Griffin Robt. B. firm Moore & G. 106 n Paca 
Griffin Susan, 138 Lexington 
Griffin Thos. laborer. Freedom st Boehm's lot 
Griffin Thos. blacksmith, 205 Washington 
Griffin Timothy, fruit dealer, 59 n Exeter 
Griffin Wm. butcher. Gough st e Castle al 
GRIFFISS JOHN P. lumber merchant, e Falls av. 

and Fawn st. dw 7 s High 
Griffith Albert G. venitian blind and paper hanging 

manuf. 278 Baltimore, dw 20 Hollins 
Griffith Albert G. boot and shoe maker, 225 Bait. 
Griffith Ann, 30 Aisquith 
Griffith Ann, tailoress, 252 Biddle 
Griffith Ann,' 175 e Pratt 
Griffith Charles. 94 Dover 
Griffith David, firm Kramer, Mantz Si Co. dw 92 s 

Griffith Elizabeth, 139 Mulberry 
Griffith Mrs. Elizabeth, 103 s Charles 
Griffith Emanuel, conductor R. Road, 516 w Pratt 
Griffith Evelina, tailoress. 10 Armistead lane 
Griffith Goldsborbugh S. upholsterer, and paper 

hanger, 122 Bait, dw 121 n Calvert 
Griffith Henry, mt. tailor, 1 1 n Gay, dw 58 Holliday 
Griffith Howard, 298 Lexington 
Griffith Israel & Co. wholesale dry goods mts. 287 

Bait, dw I. G.45 Sharp 
Griffith Capt. John, 60 Barre 




Griffith J. H. attorney at law, 4 first floor Marshal 

buildings St. Paul 
Griffith John, firm Jones & G. 83 Lee 
Griffith. John A. linn Merritt &. G. dw 115 n Eden 
Griffith John plaisterer, -253 Franklin 
Griffith Joseph J. attorney at law, 36 South 
Griffith Levi P. shoemaker, 185 n Eden 
Griffith Lewis, painter, 29 Stirling 
Griffith Alary, 57 Forest 

Griffith Michael, clothes & furn. deal. 54 Harrison 
Griffith Rich. H. jr. grocer, 108 Charles 
Grirnth Rich, carpenter, Low st. dw Madison 
Griffith R. W. box maker, 6 Low, dw Madison e of 

Bui en 
Griffith Robt. B. blacksmith, 341 n Gay 
Griffith Saml. hatter, 223 e Pratt 
Griffith Sarah Ann, seamstress, 28 Potter 
Griffith Susan, 104 s High 
Griffith T. grocer, 63 n Eden 
Griffith Thos. slater, 12S n Paca 
Griffith Wm. 302 Forest 

Griffith Wm. paper hanger, 278 Bait, dw 195 Ger. 
Griggs Geo. pilot. Ill Gough 
Griggs Jas. pilot, 57 s Exeter 
Griggs U T m. pilot, 140 s Bond 
Grim Edwd. O. carpenter, Popplelon near Lex. 
Grim Wm. D. carpenter, 130 Vine 
Grimes Catharine, 242 Biddle 
Grimes Chas. 164 n Calvert 

Grimes Chas. carpenter, Hollins w of Republican 
Grimes Chas. E. 302 n Gay 
Grimes Edwd. prop. furn. wagons, 4S4 w Bait 
Grimes Hugh, watchman, 57Buren 
Grimes John, brakesman, 61 n Eden 
Grimes Joshua, carpenter, 6^! G nigh 
Grimes Vincent, mariner, 122 Conway 
Grimm John, furn. deal. 28 Harrison 
Grindall Ann, boarding house, cor. Lomb'd & Pop. 
Grindall John, furn. carman, 95 Harrison 
Grindall John T. manager Ellicott's iron works, 

37 G. Montgomery 
Grindall J. J. justice of peace, Frederick, dw s e cor. 

Lombard and Poppleton 
Grindall Wm. shoemaker, Bait w of Oregon 
Grindell John H. carpenter. 19 Poppleton 
Grinder Andrew, tailor. 32 Park 
Grinnell Chas. A. firm Fite. G. & Co. 84 n Eutaw 
Grinsfelder & Bro. trim. deal. 29 n Eutaw 
Griseom & Burroughs, lime depot, s e cor. Alice 

Anna and Canal 
Groesbern Edward, laborer, 40 President 
Groger Mary, 127 Ensor 

Grohe Geo. tailor, Penn av. n of Dolphin st 
Grohzer Joseph, laborer, 53 Monument 
Grokgens Geo. shoemaker, 50 Bethel 
Grooms Thos. plaisterer, 45 Mullikin 
Groneberg Edward, jeweller, 53 e Bait 
Gronewald Eliza, 131 Franklin 
Gronur Ewald, tailor, 245 s Bond 
Grooms Elizab. huckster, 247 n Gay 
Grooms Thos. plaisterer, 23 Chew 
Grooms Wm. plaisterer, 81 Madison 
Groover Jacob, pedlar, 72 Orleans 
Groover Philip, tailor, 200 s Charles 
Groscup A. J. 96 Aisquith 
Groscup Fredk. tailor, 66 s Charles 
Groscup Godfrey, wheelwright, 120 Albemarle 
Groscup Geo. M. oak cooper, 96 Lancaster 
Groscup John, boiler maker, 7 Abeyal 
Groscup John, cooper, 236 s Bond 
Grosner Ernst, tailor 194 n Eden 
Grosh Elizab. 318 e Bait 

Groshame Adam, paver, Exeter st s of Eastern av 
Gross & Ferguson, carpenters, Garden near Biddle 
GROSS JACOB, commission merchant, 65 Lom- 
bard, Exchange place, dw 106 n High 
Gross John 1. auctioneer. 115 Aisquith 
Gross John, laborer, w Pratt extd * 
Gross Lndwig, laborer, 152 s Spring 
Gross Nicholas, Etna lane 
Gross Rich, firm G. 8c Ferguson. 53 Garden 
Gross Wm. H. carpenter, 254 Mulberry 
Gross Wm. S. 186 Chestnut 
Gross Wm. stone mason, 173 Fremont 
Gross Wm. G. tinner, 46 Clay 
Grosse Lewis jr. grocer, ne cor. Monument & Canal 
Grossmon Lewis, laborer, 26Granby 
Grote John, tailor & clothier, 45 s Liberty 
Croten Mrs. R. 259 Ann 

Crothaus Geo. F. int. tailor, 1 e Bait, dw 69 Albem'e 
Grothe Christ, laborer, 253 n Canal 
Grotjehn Agnes, variety store, 417 Bait 
Grove Francis, grocer & prod, dealer, 10 Penn av 
Grove Jacob, book keeper, 273 e Bait 
Grove Martin, carpenter, Constitution s of Eager 
Grover Geo. laborer, 1 Union 
Grover Jacob, trunnel maker, 73 Canal 
Groverman Anthonv, grocer, se cor. Pratt st&Mc- 

Elderry's wharf, dw 51 e Pratt 
Groves Charlotte Ducket, dress maker, 96 Pine 
Groves Wm. H. sailor. 50 Montgomery 
Groves Capt. Wm. H. 326 Eastern av 
Grow Francis, shoemaker, 21 Liberty al 
Grubb John, cedar cooper, 222 Madison av 




Grubb John, engineer, 161 H^llins 
Grubb Michael, bricklayer. 243 Mulberry 
Grubb Rich. B. morocco dresser, 4 Hillen 
Grubb Washington. 23 Chatsworth 
GRUBB WILLIAM, morocco dresser, 7 Cheap- 
side, dvv 4 Hillen 
Grubb Wm. A. A. J. 29 n Exeter 
Grubbs Thos. B. prod. deal. Dover w of Hanover 
Gruber Felix, carpenter, Penn a- extd 
Gruber Jacob, machinist, 52 William 
GRUNDY & CO. wholesale dealers in cloths and 

cassimeres, over 250 Bait, dw 120 Saratoga 
Grue Chas. laborer, 63 Hoffman 
Grueber Geo. agt lor Klauder, Degimher& Co. dw 

157 Sharp 
Gruetter Fredk. L. oak cooper, 210 Sharp 
Gruetter Jacob, shoema ; mery 

Grunebaum Isaac, clothiei . Pratt, dw 103 eLomb'd 
Grunebaum Joshua, tailor, 1 1 C. Market, dw 34 
Grunebaum Myer-, clothier, 166 Fure-i 
Grupner Fredk. weaver, 20 Eastern av 
Graver Wm;cedi md 146 Franklin 

Gruver Geo. rirm (i lay, 120 Franklin 

Graze r Wm. cooper, 131 Pear! 
Guckert. John, lumber wagoner, MS s Eden 
Guenter John, laborer, 35 Biddle a] 
Guerand F. dyer. 124 n Howard 
Guest Geo. firm G. & Gilmor, dw 30 Cathedral 
Guest is. Gilmor, com. rats. Sc a:?ts for Albion Life 

Insurance, 3(3 s Gay 
Guest Jane, 167 Ho! I ins 
Guest M. C. 177 w Lombard 
Guest Matthew, Bond n of Madison 
Guest R. S. book store, 1 Light 
Guest Sainl. property agt & collector, 1G0 Sharp 
Gues;i Lewis, baker, 16 New Church 
Guffin Anthony, carter, Columbia extd 
Guiidener Hannah, 58 n Lil 
Guildener Fredk. carpenter, 1 New 
Guildfoild Thos. Castle al. n of Eastern av 
Guiteau Rev. S. agent for Sunday School & Tract 
Repository, 2 Franklin buildings. North st. dw 
97 Aisquith 
Gnither John, pilot, 137 Ann 
Gullv Sarah. 50 Lee 
Gully Sarah, 84 s High 
Gum'bard Nich. gardner, Scott s of Columbia 
Gum;i Simon, pedlar, 59 Watson 
Gnmpman Chas. laborer. Cathedral n ofHiddle 
Gumpman Geo. huckster, Smith st. n of Penn av 
Gummell Gotleib, carpenter, Penn av. n of Wilson 

Gunby Captain Francis A. mariner, Gough e of 

Gunby Maria, 260 Ann st 

Gunby Maria, milliner, cor. Bank and Broadway 
Gundell John, fu/n. carman, 95 Harrison 
Gunderlough Peter, tailor, Penn av. n of Fremont 
Gnudersdorf Christ, shoemaker, 135 n Paca 
Gunelasck Geo. boot maker, court from vv end Car- 
penter's al 
Gunhardt Herman, glass stainer, 105 McElderry 
Gunn Ann, 148 Columbia 
Gunn Ann M. boarding house, 20 s Howard 
Gunn Hugh, sawyer, 14 Stiles 
Gunn Hugh, Slemmer al 
Gunn Wm. plaisterer, 123 Fremont 
GUNNISON WILLIAM, wholesale commission 
and shipping merchant, 99 & 101 Bowly's wharf, 
dw cor. Hoffman and Bolton 
Gunnison Wm. com. mt. Bowly's whf. dw 163 Park 
Gunselman John A. shoemaker, 119 Canton av 
Gunter Christ, shoemaker, 114 Lancaster 
Gunther Conrad, jeweller, Lombard e of Ann 
iGunther Henry, tavern keeper & carp. 268 Bond 
Gunzburg Rev. Dr. Aaron, rabbi, Eden st Syna- 
' go2ue, 131 e Lombard 
Gurdeng Henry, laborer, 40 President 
Gurley Geo. horse shoer, President, dw 71 Albem. 
Gurney Gridley, music teacher, Canal s of Lomb'dl 
Gusman Mich, cooper. 22 President 
Gasman Philip, laborer, 291 Alice Anna 

Gnstweller huckster, 54 Ensor 

Gutchalk Adam, cooper, 211 Bethel 

Gutgsell Geo. baker, 323 Bond 

Guther Lainhart, dravman, 305 s Bond 

Guthrie Joseph, watchman, Washington s of Bank 

Guthwasser Chas.- tailor, Canal n of Bah 

Guy Isaac, milk seller, 155 Holliday 

Guv Jas. dravman, 3 Bond 

Guv Mrs. Jane, 3S s Frederick 

Guy John, prop. Monument House, n e cor. Fayette 

and Calvert 
Guv's U. S. hotel, 144 & 146 w Pratt 
Gnyer David, coach maker, dw 124 s Paca 
Gu'ver John J. shoemaker, 21 s Paca extd 
GuvtherHenrv, pilot, 118 e Pratt 
Guvton Beale S. firm G. & Hyde, 279 w Lombard 
Guvton & Co. grocers and prov. dealers, 162 n Gay 
Guyton Elizab. IS7 Orleans 
Guyton St Hvde, dry goods mts. GO Hanover 
Guvton Jas. rirm G. & Co. 233 Aisquith 
Gay ton John, keep. Black Horse tavern, 109 n High 
'Guvton Wm. furn. dealer, 73 n Howard 




Gnyton Wm. firm G. & Co. 145 n High 

G WINN C HAS. J. M. attorney at law, 33 St. Paul 
st. up stairs, dw 75 n Charles 

Gwinn Elizab. 75 n Charles 

Gwinn Robt. draftsman, 181 Hanover 

Gwya Chas. R. firm G. Reid & Taylor, 33 Conway 

Gwvn John R. firm Bartholow, G. & Capron, dw 
226 n Eli taw 

GWYN, REID & TAYLOR, wholesale dry goods 
merchants, 213 Bait 

Gwynn John, store keeper, 443 w Lombard 

Gwynn Mirtha, 17 Jackson 

Gwynn Wm. attorney at law, 4 Courtland 

Ha&ahOAst HenrV, milk dealer, Harford av 

Habbersett Henry, clerk, 179 n High 

Habbersett Wm. carpenter, Hollins w of Repub. 

Habcl Harman, grocer, 138 Orleans 

Haber Francis, tailor, 152 East 

Haberkorn John, painter, 116 Thames 

Hable L. shoemaker, 47 Watson 

Habliston John M. clerk, 45 n Exeter 

Habnev Justus, carter, 233 Wolf 

Hachtel John, shoemaker, 23 State 

Hachtel L. shoemaker, 22 Jasper 

Hack Andrew <V, Sons, provision dealers, 36 n How- 
ard, dw A. H. 303 Lexington 

Hack Bernhard, blacksmith, 157 Stirling 

Hack Jno. W. com. mt. Bowly's whf. d w 632 w Bait 

Hack Oliver P. attorney at law, 13 Lexington, dw 

Hack & Klannburg, com. mts. of German goods & 
Havana cigars, 61 s Gay 

Hack Wm. tailor, 26 Potter 
Hacker John A. tavern keeper, 35 n Faca 
Hacker. Tohn C. tavern, 105 Harrison 
Hackett & Lockwood, com. mts. 58 South 
Hackney Mary Ann, tailoress, 42 George 
Hackney Wm. cooper, 237 n Gay 

Hadaway Albert, mariner, 124 s Spring 
Hadaway John H. huckster, 80 Lancaster 
Hadaway Oakley, bricklayer, 93 s Caroline 
Hadel John F. C. apothecary, cor. Howard &Mad 

ison, dw 229 n Howard 
Hadlein Henry, porter, Tessierst 
Hadley Debora. tailoress. 10 Comet 
Hadley John W. carver, 291 Saratoga 
Haefner John, tailor, 184 Stirling 
Haefner Wm.28-2 Alice Anna 
Hafer Mrs. 130 Aisquith 
Hafey Mich, laborer, 134 s Exeter 
Hafey Wm. laborer, rear 134 s Exeter 
Haflstidler Rebecca, 155 Elisor 

HafTyJohn, laborer, 8 n Paca 

Hagan Chas. grocer, Madison e of North 

Hagan Danl. contractor. Wolfs of Gough 

Hagarf Dennis, weaver, 335 Lexington 

Ha?an Edwd. market man, Smith's court, near n 

Hagan Elizab. 89 Montgomery 
Hagan Francis, laborer, 83 McElderry's wharf 
Hagan Hugh, carter, 1 Centre 
Hagan John, nailor, China al 
Hagan John, grocer, 137 s Paca 
Hagan John, grocer, 9 Saratoga 
Hagan Mark, tavern, 187 Broadway 
Hagan Owen, porter house, 5 Bank 
Hagan Rich, carpenter. 114 Hollins 
Hagelin Chas. M. mate, 58 Bethel 
Hagenhein Martin, tailor, 27 Sarah Ann 
Hager Geo. W. carpenter, 174 e Monument 
Hager Henry, tailor, 90 Eastern av 
Hager Jacob, cooper, 81 McElderry 
Hagerty Andrew J. cooper, 100 n Canal 
Hagerty Jas. shoemaker, 14 s Calvert, dw 8 Garden 
Ha?ert\ r Jas. shoemaker, 24 Centre Market space 
Hagerty John, clothier, 130 Pratt, dw 33 South 
Hagerty John, laborer, Eastern av w of Chester st 
Hagerty Mich, foundry man, 43 L. Hughes 
Hagger & Bro. mathematical and nautical instru- 
ment makers. 63 South, dw 44 Barre 
Hagger John W. firm H. & Bro. 44 Barre 
Hagle Herman, shoemaker, 328 s Bond 
Hagley Anow. laborer, 313. s Charles 
Hagner Adam, blacksmith, Henriettas of Paca 
Hagner Geo. shoe maker, 551 west Bait. 
Hagner Wm. machinist, 7 Rock 
Hagihrop Edward, 175 n Gay 
Hagthrop Elizb. millinery and dry goods dealer, 

175 n Gay 
Hague Aug. seamless, Ann n Fayette 
Hague Matilda, 10 n Greene 
Hahn Adolph, cooper, 53 Holland 
Hahn Canrad, laborer, 89 McElderry's whfi 
Hahn Dina. washer, 112 Happy al. 
Hahn Geo. carpet weaver. 105 n Caroline 
Hahn Henrv, painter. 70 Lexington 
Hahn Hen rv, carpet weaver, 105 n Caroline 
Hahn Henry, carpenter, Dover bet. Pratt and Mc- 

Hahn Lewis, storekeeper, 396 w Fayette 
Hahn Wm. butcher, 88 Mullikin 
Hahnemann F. turner, cor. Lex. & Eutaw 
Haid Martin, locksmith, 51 e Bait. 
Haig Jas, M. firm J. M. H. & Bro. 217 w Lo 


111 „ 


IV. w of 

HaigJas. M. & Bro. dealers in fancy and trim 

goods, 133 Baltimore 
Haig Dr. Win. "217 w Lombard 
Haigh Joseph, foundryman, 318 Franklin 
Haight Grove, confectioner, 127 u Canal 
Haines Jas. M. 149 s Charles 
Hair Mary, tailoress, 311 n Gay 
Haiter Lewis, cooper, Carpenter's al. \v Greene st 
Hak Henry, cabinet maker, Monument e of Baren 
HalbaclTChas. cutler, grinder and hardware man. 

72 n Gay 
Halbert Jno. shoemaker, 126 Forrest 
Halbert Mary Ann, nw cor. Register and Gough 
Halbison Alexr. weaver, 115 Pierce 
Haldifer Jno. grocer, 109 Eastern av. 
Hale C. F. grain and com. cat. Bowley's whf. dw 

119 s Paca 
Hale Chas. W. cabinet maker, rear of 103 s Charles 
Hale Capt. Phillip M. 69 Aisquith 
Haley Ann, sw cor. Star al. & Bank st. 
Halfpeny Saml. W. engineer, Canton 

Caroline st 
Hall Alfred, cooper. 42 Canal, dw 26 Caroline 
Hall Asbury, tailor, Jefferson, e of Aisquith 
Hall Ann, tailoress, 342 n Howard 
HALL CARTER A. & SON, importers and job- 
bers in dry goods, 237 Baltimore, dw Lombard 
w of Greene 

Hall Edward, tavern, 173 s Caroline 
Hall Edward, Register s of Bait. 

Hall Elizabeth, 9 Josephine 

Hall Mrs.Dr. 45 Lexington 

Hall Elias. shoe maker, 171 Madison 

Hall Ellen, boarding house, 135 Sharp 

Hall Geo. H. cedar cooper, Cider al. w of Paca st 

Hall Grace, boarding house, 191 s Caroline 

Hall Henrietta, 88 e Pratt 

Hall Henry W. teamster, Chase e of Cathedral 

Hall Capt. Henrv, mariner, 267 Baltimore 

Hall Hester, 68 s Bond 

Hall Israel, shoemaker, 329 s Charles 

Hall James, organ builder, 7 s Eutaw, dw 61 Ger- 

Hall James, firm Freeland & Hall, 7 Baltimore 

Hall James, fireman, 3 Henrietta 

Hall Dr. James, 49 Mulberry 

Hall Jas. shoemaker, 218 n Gay 

Hall J. R. firm Brinkley & Hall, se cor. Courtland 
and Pleasant 

Hall Jane, 155 E. av 

Hall John, shoemaker, 85 Jefferson 

Hall John, shoemaker. 232 Ann 

Hall John H. tailor, 193 Madison 
Hall John, firm Brinkley & Hall, 29 Pleasant 
Hall John, hackman,21 Buren 
Hall John W. proprietor Union Mills, for manui. 
mustard, chocolate, cocoa &c. W. Falls av dw. 
185 e Baltimore 
Hall John R. painter, 147 Hanover 
Hall Joseph, shoemaker, 202 Hanover 
Hall Joshua M. 163 Broadway 
Hall Maria, dry goods dealer, 371 Saratoga 
Hall Maria, 67 Aisquith 
Hall .Misses' academy, 69 e Fayette 
Hall Miss, boarding house, 50 Saratoga 
Hall Nathan H. firm Boss Henry & H. 38 Broadway 
Hall Nathaniel, spice &c. manuf. cor. Dallas st and 

Union al. dw 69 n Caroline 
Hall fleasants &Wm. Sperry, dw39 Courtland 
Hall Preston, machinist, Tyson near Cathedral 
Hall Rich. H. & Son, commission mts.'6 Light st. 

whf. dw 105 Saratoga 
Hall Richard, shoemaker, 68 Ensor 
Hall Robert, merchant tailor, 15 s Gav, dw 104 

Hall St. Mary's, 46 Saratoga 
Hall Samuel," carpenter, Hughes e of Light 
Hall Sarah, Hamburg st. F. Hill 
Hall Sarah B. 592 w Bait. 
Hall Saml. drayman, 48 Ross 
Hall Saml. blacksmith. Somerset n of Eager 
Hall T. W. firm Harrison & Co. 20 Cathedral 
Hall Thos. J. firm Freeland & H. dw 86 Sharp 
Hall Thos. J. & Co. com. mts. over 69 Light st. whf 
Hall Washington, jr. attorney at law, 2 Spurrier's 

court, Lexington 
Hall Wells R. constable, 194 Broadway 
Hall Wm. T. tailor, 97 n Carolina 
Hall Wm. mt. Commerce, dw 103 Conway 
Hall William H. bricklayer, 84 s Howard 
Hallelstein Julius, paper hanger, 584 w Pratt 
Haller Augustus, carpenter, Exeter s of Eastern av 
Haller Jacob, ale house, 514 w Pratt 
Haller Saml. coach lace maker, 274 Saratoga 
Halliday Robt. ilourist, cor. Pennsylvania av. and 

Hallmaver John P. cabinetmaker, 41 Josephine 
Halpen Thos. laborer, Canton av w of Caroline st 
Halwich Paul, huckster, 49 Clay 
Ham John, carpenter, Bethel n Gough 
Hainan Martha, 71 Albemarle 
Hamberger A. dry goods dealer, 169 n Gay 
Hambleton & Cooper, sail makers, 4 Bowly's whf 




HAMBLETON & DIDIER, agricultural imple- 
ment manufacturers, 07 s Paca 

Hambletun Isaac, clothier, 16 Harrison 

Hambleton John A. firm H. & Thomas, d\v 53 n 

Hambleton T.E. firm H. & Cooper, dw 125 s Ex- 

Hambleton & Thomas, wholesale dry goods mts. 269 

Hambleton Wm. J. watchman, 166 Broadway 

Hamburger Abraham, shoemaker. 91 Potter 

Hamburger K. clothier, 16 Centre Market 

Hamel Dr. Ernst, 235 s Bond 

Hamelin Emeline, Harford av extd 

Hamen Gotfried, butcher, Madison st extd. 

Hamer , 173 Chesnut 

r Martin, laborer, 10 West 

HAMER WILLIAM II. ladies' fashionable boot 
and shoemaker, 49 Hanover, dw 257 w Pratt 

Hamil Alex. steam flour mill, Smith's whf. dw G. 
Barclay st 

Hamil Jacob, cooper, 213 Exeter 

Hamil John, marble polisher, Henrietta w Eutaw 

Hannl ThoSfchair curler, Belvidere road 

Hamill Philip, cooper, 62 French 

Hamill Wm. porter, Itilj Wolf 

Hamilton Geo. W. tobacconist, York w Howard 

Hamilton Hugh, brickl. n e cor. Pratt & Poppleton 

Hamilton Jas. L. prop. "Great Virginia Remedy." 
290 n Gar 

Hamilton Jas. bacon dealer, Monument w Canal 

Hamilton Jas. carter, 118 Raborg 

Hamilton John, laborer, 135 Columbia 

Hamilton John, ice dealer, Cathedral n Eager 

HAM ILTON JOHN, wholesale dealer in millinery 
is, over 203 Baltimore, dw 53 Fayette 

Hamilton John, i ib in r, 125 Peirce 

Hamilton Jos. carter, 533 w Baltimore 

Hamilton Larkin, 75 s Eden 

Hamilton Rev.. M. G 15 Aisqnith 

Hamilton Mr-. M. A. milliner, 53 Fayette 

Hamilton Alary, 173 n Paca , 

Hamilton Mai v, 271 n Eutaw 

Hamilton Maxwell taker, Paca s Fremont 

Hamilton Rebecca, 78 Hillen 

Hamilton Richd. ship carpenter, 277 Bond 

Hamilton Robt. grocer, 68 Camden 

Hamilton Robt. S. M.eoal yard, Howard n Frank 

lin, office cor. South and Lombard 
Hamilton S. 103 Forest 
Hamilton Saml. porter, 65 Run al 
Hamilton Sarah, 16 Fremont 

Hamilton Silas M. coal dealer, office s w cor. Lom- 
bard and South, dw 305 w Lombard 
Hamilton Thomas, carter, 188 Stirling 
Hamilton Thos. B. firm H. & :25 s Exeter 

Hamilton Wm. jr. attorney. 7 Courtland 
Hamilton Wm. teacher, 71 Courtland 
Hamilton Wm. auctioneer, 177 w Pratt 
Hamilton Wm. J. watchman, 166 Broadway 
Hamilton Woodward, laborer, Parkin s Lombard 
Hamlen Geo. P. tavern, 155 w Pratt 
Hamlin Wm. C. mariner, 339 Lexington 
Hammack Geo. shoemaker, 172 e Baltimore 
Hammel John, carpenter, 228 s Bond 
Hammel Valentine, cooper, 113 Aisquith 
Hammelberg Matthew, oak cooper, cor. Montgomery 

and Sharp, dw 216 Sharp 
Hammelom, r John, sawyer, 4 St. James's, back 
Hammen St Co. plumbers, 10 Thames, dw 191 

Broad way 
Hammer Andv. whip and cane maker, 7 Humes 
Hammer Gerhard, barber and wig maker, 30 s 

Hammer Jane E. 250 Fayette - 
Hammer John, clerk, -16 s Spring 
Hammersley David, confectioner, 39 Eden 
Hammerslough Louis, dry goods m't. 155 Lexington 
Hammil Robt. huckster, 163 Elisor 
Plammoek Elizab. tailoress. 116 Henrietta 
Hammond & Bro. dry goods mts. s e cor. Pearl and 

Hammond Catharine C. 60 Montgomery 
Hammond Catharine, tailoress, 2(1 s Caroline 
Hammond Charles W. grocer, 65 Camden, dw 100 

Hammond David, hacker, East n Ensor 
Hammond Eliza, 58 n Greene 
Hammond Elizabeth, Harmony lane e Shroeder st 
Hammond Francis, 210 Ann 
Hamond Geo. W. carpenter, 105 Pine 
Hammond John, machinist, 85 Orchard 
Hammond John A. livery stables, Temple, dw -17 n 

Hammond John L. property agent, 41 Second, dw 

27 Holli.liv 
Hammond John W. firm Plammond, Pollard &. 

Lawrason, at Eutaw House 
Hammond Miehl. tinner 6c plumber, 191 Broadway 
Hammond, Bollard & Lawrason, wholesale dry 

goods nit-. 260 Baltimore 
Hammond Dr. Wm. M. s e cor. Granby and Albe- 




Ham Wm. M. turner, Pratt, dw 367 w Lom- 


Ha::.: ; , D. D. pastor 5th Presbyte- 

rian church, dw 25 Sharp 
Hampe Francis, dgar maker, 20 Pearl 
Han 7 St. Paul 

Hatnp n M iry Mulberry 

Harapion Livi, grocer, 191 Madison av 
Hamrine Geo. i'urn. wagoner, 70 Harrison 
Hanan John, attorney at law, II Coivrrland 
HANBERRY THOMAS, clothing and jewelry 

' Harrison 
Hane John, mariner, 29 Canal 

. collector, (is Columbia 
• S. druggis! .. 103 Baltimore 

Hancock Absalom, c illector, 313 e Baltimore 
Hai ucttster, rear 28 G. Market 

Han painter, 33 e Fayette 

Ha ■"''■'• . H tavern keeper, City Block 

lu,t a w 

Hand Jacob, bricklayer, Pratt e 
Hand .las. conductor rail road. 311 w Pratt 
Hand John, pickler, Locust Point, Fort road 
Han ront 

Hand Thos.,firm H. &. Hanson, >\\v 181 e Fayette 
HAND T 00 shipping and com- 

mission merchan 12 n Charles 

Hand Thos..R. book keeper, 36 Perm, av 
Hand Win. laborer, 68 Hampstead 
! : G cigar maker. 89 w Lou,' 

Handom Lydia, n w cor. Bnine and Franklin 
Hands ( ! ?o. leather importer, 188 n Eulaw 

Han ly & Bro. grocers, 128 w Lombard, dw Pratt 
Hand oemaker 23.3 German 

Han -1 Pratt 

Handy Edwd. H. shoemaker, 458 Lombard 
Handy Dr J. T. 48 s En taw' 

Handy Levin, justice peace, 15 Mercer, dw 85 Bait, 
Hatvl , laborer, Scott s Pratt 

Han- Pratt 

Han- . huckster, 202 Alice Anna 

Hanes Geo. W. shoemaker, Hollins Market Sr>ace 
Hancs Ths. rigger, 182 Wolf 
11 !. 52 i > ine 

Ham " Light 

' Haney ■ R w cor. Register & Lombard 

..■dealer, 3 Hollings worth, dw 177 
n Eutaw 
Haney John, shoemaker, 81 e Lombard 

Haney Wm. watchman, 152 Lee 

Hanf Jacob, laborer, Penn. av n Wilson st 

Hanker Henry, grocer, 120 Granby 

Hanftling Geo. shoemaker, 135 s Sharp 

Hankey Jos. ship, broker and coal dealer, 61 s Gay 

Hanley Dank laborer, cor. Madison and Caroline 

Hanley Valentine, fish dealer, 152 n Eutaw 

Hanlin Jas. tanner, 30 Buren 

Hanlin John, carter, 377 s Charles 

Hanline Maurice, grocer, 331 s Bond 

Hanlon David H. reporter, 131 Madison 

Hanna Alex, collector, 4 Watson 

Hanna Chas. cooper, 9 s Canal 

Hanna Geo. cabinet maker. 100 Low 

Hanna Wm. clerk Savings Bank, 27 Pleasant 

Hannah Jas. 33 e Pratt 

Hannah John Smith, cor. Water and Grant 

Hannaman Geo. grocer, 138 n Eden 

Hannan Thos. laborer, Raborg w Pearl 

Hannegau Thos. watchman, 438 w Lombard 

Hannegan Patrick, tanner, 29 n High 

Hanneman Ludwig, tinner, w Prait st cxtd 

Hanner Mary A. boarding house. Ml Camden 

Hanniken Wm. piano maker, 433 w Baltimore 

Flanno Alfred, china painter, 158 e Baltimore 

Hanoway Edwd. laborer, 34 Constitution 

Han rely Patrick, laborer, 03 Watson 

Hans John, painter, 331 w Pratt 

Hansche John, shoemaker. 182 Styling 

Hanselman Angst, laborer, 46 Albemarle 

Hanson Geo. H shoemaker, 56 n Spring 

Hanson, Hand & Co. tin and sheet iron workers, 3? 

e Baltimore 
Hanson Hester. Register n Baltimore 
Hanson J. P. dry goods rat. 215 w Pratt 
Hanson John, firm Hand &H. dw 177 e Fayette 
Hanson John F. comb maker, 7 Young 
Hanson N. blacksmith, n e cor. Castle al and Alice 

Anna st 
Hanson Peter, firm Hanson. Hand 8c Co. 81 Granby 
Hanson Peter, rigger, 188 Ann 
Hanson Wash, clerk, Madison e Caroline 
Hanson Wm. saddler, 112 Orleans 
Hanson Wm. H. wood dealer, 99 e Lombard 
Hantzsche John T. book and job printer, 15 Park, 

dw 225 Lexington 
Hape Adam, laborer, Canton av e Bank st 
Hapner John H. carter, Columbia st extd 
Harbaugh Benj. collector, 211 e Fayette 
Harbaugh Jas. O. chair maker, 135 Orleans 
Harbaugh Jerome, coach maker, 20 Oregon 
Harbus Bennet, sawyer, rear 110 Dagan's whf 




Hardcastle Marcus. 383 n Gay 

Harden John, manner, 235 Ensor 

Harden John S. lirrn Hopkins, Lake & H. 2G & 

Harder Conrad, tailor, Penn. av extd 
Hardesier Benj. clerk, 17 L. Gough 
Hard ester David, engineer and machinist, Essex st 

Hardesier Richd. grocer, 184 n Eden 
Hardesty Chas. R. tobacco and com. mt. 81 Light st 

whf. dw 154 s Charles 
Hardesty Henry, jr. 31 Cathedral 
Hardesty John J. carpenter, Dallas st rear, dw 18 s 

Hardesty Richd. S. 241 w Lombard 
Harding Richd. A. shoemaker, 80 McElderry 
Hardiston Mary Jane, 2(3 East 
Hardtner Jacob, proprietor "Camden st. House," 10 

Hardy Geo. blacksmith, 2 L. Church 
Hardy Hugh, carter, 87 Boyd 
Hardy John D. 205 n Eutaw 
Hardy John, butcher, 866 w Baltimore 
Hardy Priscilla, 376 Saratoga 
Hardy Capt. Robt. 79 Broadway 
Hardy Satnl. laborer, Boyd e Poppleton 
Hardy Sarah, 17 Pearl 
Hare Chas. trader, 12 Block 
Hare Elizab. dress maker, 218 Canton av 
Hare Jacob, farmer, Cathedral n Oliver 
Hare Michael, carpenter, Cathedral n Biddle 
Hare Wm. portrait painter, 12 L. Gough 
Harehart Chas. cooper, Pratt st extd 
Harford Geo. R. cabinet maker, 343 Lexington 
Harford Wash, ice dealer, Falls road 
Hargdon Brian, butcher, Montmorency al 
Hargrove Win. H. painter, 62 Raborg 
Harig J. B. & L. hardware and stove dealers, cor. 

Hanover and Hill 
Harken Henry, carpenter, 71 Centre Market 
Harker Geo. W. huckster, 1(10 York av 
Harker J. J. carpenter. Harford av extd 
Harker Jas. & Co. lumber mts. w Falls av. dw J. H. 

Harford av 
Harker Jas. bricklayer, York av n Eager st 
Harker Mrs. 24 Hollies 
Harker Wesley, carpenter, 225 Harford av 
Harkins Neal, shoemaker, 7b - n Howard, dw 368 

Harkins Rosanna, market dealer. 8 McElderry 
Harkins Thos. huckster, Chew e Gay 
Harkness Thos. grocer, 101 Fremont 

Harlow, Bro. & Co. hollow ware founders, s e cor. 

Fawn and President 
Harlow Isaac, ladies' shoemaker, 31 Orleans 
Harman Anna, silk, &c. cleanser, s w cor. Saratoga 

and liberty 
Harman Barbara, washer, 44 Pearl 
Harman Casper, laborer, 66 Lancaster 
Harman Chas. baker, Penn. av n Wilson st 
Harman Clement, butcher, cor. Spring and Bank 
Harman Fredk. tailor, 5U R 
Harman Fredk. rigger. 171 Alice Anna 
Harman Geo. boot and shoemaker, 194 w Pratt 
Harman Geo. sen. & jr. copper rollers, 105 n Eden 
Harman Jas. coach maker. 152 n Canal 
Harman John, shoemaker, 105 Fayette, dw 43 s 

Harman John, tailor, 118 Vine 
Harman John, potter. Mullikin e Broadway 
Harman John, laborer, Orleans e Broadway 
Harman John, grocer, 21 L. Gough 
Harman John, hand carter. 123 Alice Anna 
Harman Michael, baker, 11 Cowpen al 
Harman Richd. potter, Mullikin st e Broadway 
Harman Saml. brickmaker. 91 s Howard 
Harman Susan R.Lombard w Republican 
Harman Thos. huckster, 90 Jefferson 
HARAIAX WILLIAM H. carpenter, 22 Henri- 
etta, dw William st. between Montgomery and 
Harman Wm. H. farmer, Hollins Market Space 
Harman Wm. professor mu-i:. 218 Fayette 
Harraes Jno. liquor deal. Patterson 
Harmon Eliza. 11 n Caroline 
Harms Harman, store keeper, se cor. Howard and 

Harnes Hammond, tavern, sw cor. Front & Plough- 
Harnes Joseph, salesman, of stock, 748 Baltimore 
Harney Luke, bacon cutter. 172 East 
Harp Andrew, varnisher, 42 Clay 
Harp Ellen, Mullikin w of Ann 
Harp Jno. carter, 159 Bond 
Harp Peter, carter 68 n i 
Harpel Bernard, saddler, 56 I 
Harper Capt, 65 Bond 
Harper Catharine, 10 Cathedral 
Harper Elizabeth, d lealer, 65 Eutaw 

Harper Elizab. tailoress, Penn. av n of Dolphin st 
Harper Emma, 8 Lovely lane 
Harper Presbury, shoemaker, 168 n Carolina 
Harper Samuelj tobacconist, 5 Humes 
Harper Saml. laborer, 7 Jeff 




Harper Win. shoemaker, 65|n Eutaw 

Hair Hurman, clothier, 117 n Howard 

Harr Peter, constable and collector, dw 190 Fayette 

Harregal John G. "laborer, 227 Forrest 

Harngan Andrew, tailor, 247 e Monument * 

Harrigan David, laborer, 31 Low 

Harrington Casperine, 163 Wolf 

Harrington Elisha H. agent 117 Aisquith 

Harrington Eleonora, sloie keeper, 64 s Calvert 

Harrington Henry L. deal, in tailor's trim, over 218 
Baltimore, dw i'.)2 n Etuaw 

Harrington James, wood dealer, 279 s Charles 

Harrington Levin, Sharp n of Henrietta 

Harrington Luke, clerk. Hi e Lombard 

Harrington. Matilda, 153 East 

Harrington Rrmard, carter. Wolf s of Pratt 

Harrington Robt. carter, 238 Ann 

Harrington Samuel, wood dealer, 7 Warren 

Harris Alex. furn. wagoner, 21 Davis 

Harris Alfred C. cabinet maker, 73 Montgomery 

Harris Amelia, seamstress, 54 Ross 

Harris Ann, grocer, 34 East 

Harris & Blandy, Drs. n e cor. Chs. & Lexington 

Harris Buelah, dry goods dealer, 83 n Howard 

Harris Chs. F. engineer, 8 Caroline 

Harris Doctor Chapin A. dental surgeon, ne cor. 
Lexington and Charles 

Harris Charles W. chair maker, 52 s Bond 

Harris Charlotte, tailoress,43 Rock 

Harris & Co's lottery office, cor. C. Market, and 
Fish Market Space 

Harris David C. 284 Fayette 

Harris Edward B. com. mt. 4 Bowlv's whf. dw 22 

Harris Elizabeth, tailoress, 329 s Charles 

Harris Geo. blacksmith, Calendar al 

Harris H. Wilson, attorney at law, 40 Lexington 

Harris Henry, carpenter, 58 Harrison 

Harris Hicks, firm Hand Shoemacher, dw 83 n 
How a id 

HARRIS J. MORRISON, attorney at law, 40 Lex- 
ington, dw Eutaw house 

Harris James, painter. 17 Mercer 

Harris James, laborer, 194 n High 

Harris James, T. bricklayer, Pratt w of Wolf 

Harris James, ostler, 90Holliday 

Harris James, dry goods ileal. Gay, dw 174 n Exeter 

Harris\Tnmes P. carpenter, Register n of Lombard 

Harris Jno. quarrier, 82 n Eutaw 

Harris Joseph, tailor, 46 George 

Harris Col. Joseph, 197 Fayette 

Harris Mrs. M. 76 William 

Harris Mrs. M. 91 Fayette 

Harris Mary, washer, rear 69 Camden 

Harris Mary, washer, 79 Jefferson 

Harris Riehd. & Thomas, ship carpenters, 3 Armis- 

tead lane 
Harris R. teamster, 96 Boyd 
HARRIS SAMUEL & SONS,stock and exchange 

brokers, 216 Baltimore 
Harris Samuel, architect and measurer, 127 Fayette 
Harris Samuel, jr. stock broker, se cor. North and 

Minis Samuel, book keeper, 41 Stiles 
Harris Samuel, 84 Cross 
Harris &, Shoemacher, grocers, 43 n Eutaw dw Mr. 

H. 83 Howard 
Harris Susan, 22 Hillin 
Harris Thomas, cooper, 22 Lee 
Harris Wesley R. hatter, 253£ n Canal 
Hnrris Wm. tanner, 1 Bank 
Harris Win. S. lotly. & ex. of. 27 C. market dw 125 

s High 
Harris Wm. well digger, 105 Garden 
Harris Wm. stone cutter, falls road 
Harris Wm. gunsmith, 65 Sputh 
Harris Woolman. hatter, 126 n Gay 
Harrison Basil, blacksmith, 37 Camden 
Harrison Benj. firm H. & Co. dw 303 Fayette 
Harrison Benj. dry goods mt. 201 Baltimore, dw 8 

Harrrison Benjamin F. firm H. & Co. dw 80gFa- 

Harrison Catharine, boarding house, 106 Fayette 
Harrison Champion, laborer, 48 Montgomery 
Harrison Chs. T. ship carpenter, Goughst s of 

Harrison & Co. dry goods &com.mts. 18 Hanover 
Harrison Danl. E. chair maker, 194 e Bait. 
Harrison Elizabeth, 12 Barnet 
Harrison Francis J. hack prop. 108 Holiday 
Harrison Geo. Fredk. st dock, dw 87 St. Paul 
Harrison Js. P. sweep master, Bond a of Madison 
Harrison James W. carpenter, 284 Eastern av 
Harrison John, book agent, 41 Stirling 
Harrison John, painter, 185 Eastern av. 
Harrison Jos. O. carpenter, Gough stdw 116 Broad- 
Harrison Julia Ann, oyster house, 103 E. av 
Harrison Lucretia, 173 Bank 
Harrison Mary Ann, Preston st. near Jordan al 
Harrison Misses, 79 St. Paul 
HARRISON NATHAN, stock and bill broker, 11 

Franklin buildings, North st. dw 246 Fayette 




Harrison Nicholas S. & Co. dry goods mts. 223 Lex- 
ington, d\v 281 Saratoga 

Harrison Samuel, laborer, 295 Saratoga 

Harrison Susan, tailoress. 26 Boyd 

Harrison Ths. firm H. &Co.dw 101 Park 

Harrison Thomas, 101 Park 

Harrison Ths. (of Ths.) ship joiner, 178 Canton av 

Harrison Wm. G. auet. & com. mt. 6 O'Donnell's 
wta'f dvv s w cor. Charles and Saratoga 

Harrison Wm. Calendar al 

HARRRISON WILLIAM, agent Canton Compa- 
ny, office Canton, dw s w cor. Centre and Cathe- 

Harrison Wm. shoe maker, 31 George 

Harrison Wm. carpenter, 109 Jefferson 

Harrison Wm. huckster, 676 Baltimore 

Jlnrrisnn Wm. N. book & periodical agt. over 81 
Exchange Place 

Harrison Wm. S. 182 Aisqnifh 

Harrison Zedekiah G. William s of Montgomery 

Harrod Eliza Ann, 313 Eastern av 

Harrod John J. real estate and ground rent agent. 
20 North 

Harrod Mrs. tailoress, 16S| Broadway 

Harrod Thomas, laborer, 62 Harrison 

Harrvman Chs. keep. Powhattan Hall, 257 Broadw. 

Harrvman David, painter, 134 Penn av 

Harryman Joshua, 227 e Lombard 

Harryman Josiah, huckster, 2153 e Monument 

Harrvman Walter, chairmaker, 39 South, dw ISO 
e Pratt 

Harryman Wm. D. sign painter, 86 n Exeter 

Harryman Wm. 227 e Lombard 

Harshaw Jas. teacher, 134 Exeter 

Hart Archibald L. & Son, grocers, 252 Bait, dw 36 
n Greene 

Hart Asa, carpenter. 201 Aisquith 

HART & BALDWIN, hermetical sealers fresh 
provisions, 307 w Pratt 

Hart Chas. C. farmer, 26 Poppleton 

Hart Francis, 176 Park 

Hart Jas. sail maker, Star al. s of Bank st 

Hart John, trader, 62 Hamburg 

Hart Mary, dry goods dealer, 156 Lexington 

Hart Mich, laborer, Tessier st 

Hart Mich, shoemaker, 181 s Bond 

Hart Rich. H. grocer and com. mt. 56 Barre 

Hart Robt. M. firm H. & Baldwin, 36 n Greene 

Hart Saml. grocer, n e cor^ North and Saratoga 

Hart Tobias, clothier, 15 Second 

Hart Wm. J. firm Clark & H. dw 69 Pine 

Hart Wm. J. bricklayer, 123 Garden 

Hartel John, laborer, rear 166 Alice Anna 

Hartengel Wm. carpenter, S3 McElderry wharf 

Hartigan Thos. oak cooper. Bedford 

Hartken Henry, cabinet maker, 4G Liberty al. dw 
Monument e of Buren 

Hartley Jas. tea dealer, 268 Franklin 

Hartley John R. ship carpenter, 262 Canton av 

Hartley John, weaver, 113 Peirce 

Hartley Susan, 262 Canton av 

Hartline Mich, laborer, Gold's court 

Hartling Stephen, gilder, 417 Bolt 

Hartlove Asbury, brick maker, Wash. st. n of E. av 

Hartlove Chas. H. brick maker, Warner near Lee 

Hartlove Ennick, brick maker, 13 s Paca extd 

Hartlove Wesley, brick maker, 80 Hamburg 

Hartlove Wm. brick maker. 21 West 

Hartman Dr. Andrew, druggist, s w cor. Forrest 
and Gay 

Hartman Andrew, laborer, 32 Giddings , 

Hartman Anthony, laborer, .86 Lancaster 

Hartman Conrad, shoemaker, 109 L. Greene 

Hartman Francis, cabinet maker. 205 Alice Anna 

Hartman Fredk. tailor, 67 Oregon 

Hartman Geo. cabinet maker, 67 Park 

Hartman Geo. J. shoemaker, 9 Buren 

Hartman Henrv, tailor, 381 Saratoga 

HARTMAN ISAAC, merchant tailor, 5 s Gay 

HARTMAN JACOB, fashionable tailoring estab- 
lishment, 163 Bait, dw 38 s High 

Hartman Jas. carver, 318 n Howard 

Hartman John, laborer, 25 Dewberrv al 

Hartman John, laborer, 49 President 

Hartman John, boot and shoemaker, 656 w Bait 

Hartman Jos. brick maker, Fort road, Locust point 

Hartmar Jos. laborer, Sharp n of Henrietta 

Hartman Mich, carter, 350 Light 

Hartman Mich, laborer, 6 Preston 

Hartman Mich, laborer, 36 President 

Hartman Philip, tailor, 112 Hollins 

Hartman Powles, 206 Chestnut 

Hartman Samuel, shoemaker, 81* Columbia 

Hartmier Rich, butcher, 4 Hoffman 

Hartogens H. stationer, 16 w Pratt 

Hartshorn Joshua, firm H. Rogers & Magraw, 29 s 

HARTSHORN JOSHUA, iron warehouse, w 
Lombard, 2d door e of Light 

dealers 16 Water 

HartsickMary, 267 Forest 

Hartz Aaron, dry goods dealer, 253 s Bond 

Hartz Anthony, laborer, 47 Harrison 




Hartz Sampson, dry goods dealer, 193 n Gay 
Hartzburg Jacob, baker. -15 Harrison 
Hartzel David, hack keeper, 52 Carpenter's al 
Hartzei Geo. hack owner, 208 n Eutaw 
Hartzel Jacob, Poppleton s of McHenry 
Hartzel Leonard, hack driver, 69 Ross 
Harizel Leonard, prop, hacks, 95 n Paca 

Haslnp Mrs. Henrietta, 33 Aisquith 

Haslup Lloyd J. 51 North 

Haslup John, coach smith, 25 McClellan st. dw 84 

Haslnp Rezin, smith in general, 53 North, dw 51 n 

Hasmar Henry, shoemaker, 682 w Bait 

Hartzel Martin, shoemaker. Chapel st. wof Pa. avjHassauer Andrew, grocer, 74 McElderry 

Hartzell Cornelius, hack driver, 6!) Ross 

Hartzel] Jacob, laborer, s e cor. Poppleton ScHollins 

Hai :og Geo. dry goods ml. 305 Bait, dw 67 Eutaw 

Harv'e Earford av 

I [arvey Archibald, clerk, 30 Maiden lane 

] [arvey Carson, & I a. v. iles. grocers, 109Lomb'd 

! [arvey Casper, laborer. 65 Hoffman 

Harvey Chas. firm Win. T. Wallers & Co. dw 104 

Sharp, cor. Conway 
Harvey Edwd. ladies' shoemaker, 23 Conway' 
Harvey Geo. T. ladies' shoemaker. 1?7 Hanover 

Hasslinger Andreas, cooper, 65 s Paca 
Hasslinger John, cooper, 22 s Paca 
Hasson Jas. watchman, 271 e Monument 
Hasson John, wood dealer, 122 e Pratt 
Hasson Malcom, blacksmith, 311 Eastern av 
Hastings Jas. grocer, 109 n Eutaw, dw 110 
Hasway Geo. laborer, 11 Slemmer's al 
Haswe'll John, moulder, Greene s of Barre 
Haswell John, carpenter, Penn av. n of Hoffman st 
Haswell Miss Rebecca, milliner, Penn av. n ol 
Hoffman st 

Harvey Henry D. firm H. Carson &Co.40 n Calv't, Hatch Elizab. C dry goods dealer, 160 Lexington 

Harvey Jas. dw 311 w Lombard 

Harvey J. Geo. firm Dandelet & H. 31 T Lombard 

Harvey John, laborer. 49 Davis 

Harvey John, bricklayer, 30 Williamson 

Harvey Capt. Jos. w Fayette near Republican 

HARVEY JOSHUA & CO. dry goods merchants, 

n w cor. Pratt and Hanover 
Harvey Joshua, dry goods dealer, cor. Howard and 

Pratt, dw 267 w Lombard 
Harvey Joshua, firm J. H. & Co. 267 w Lombard 
! [arvey & Perkins, grocers, 450 Lomb'd cor. Shrod. 
Harvey Patience, 29 Wayne 
Harvey Rich, shoemaker, 200 Lombard 
Harvey Sarah, 44 Potter 
Harvey Thos. book keeper, 158 German 
Harvey Thos. 80 Mulberry 
Harvey Thos. collar maker, 23 n Greene 
Harvey Upton, 203 w Lombard 
Harvey Wm. Jiouse carpenter, 435 w Lombard 
Harweiser Andrew, laborer, 273 Alice Anna 
Harwood Geo. 126 Lexington 
Harwood Henry, carpenter, 140 Madison 
Harwood Mrs. James, dw 156 n Howard 
Harwood Susan, 49 Saratoga 
Harwood Valentine, shoemaker, 296 e Monument 
Haschtel Christn. shoemaker, 35 s Paca 
1 [askel Alex, rigger, Canton av. w of Caroline st 
Haskell John H. steam card manuf. 31 s Eutaw, dw 

204 w Lombard 
Haskell Theodore J. book keeper, 144 s Paca 
Haslam Saml. blacksmith, 61 Ensor 
Haslip Ann, 507 w Bait 

Hatch Nathaniel T. ladies' shoemaker,8 Ross 
Hatch Samuel T. builder, 41 Garden 
Hatch Saml. prop. "'York hotel," 137 North 
Hatcheson Dan), sweep master, 175 s Bond 
Haterick John, laborer, 204 s Bond 
Hatman Dorney, tailor, 174 s Eden 
Hatter Henry, tailor, 115n Canal 
Hatter Martin, confectioner, 139 n Gay 
Hatton Garrison, printer, 21 High al 
Hatton Henry, carpenter, 65 n Caroline 
Hauck Got f red, dancing master, 12 e Lombard 
Haulan Thos. tavern keeper, 3 s Paca 
Haugmiller Henry, tailor, 123 Stirling 
Haun Martin, 1 St. James ct. from Canal to Somer't 
Hauner Henry, stevadore,277 sBond 
Haupt Andrew, carpenter, Chapel st. w of Penn av 
Haupt David, cor. Moore and Delual al 
Baupt Henry, shoemaker, Penn avenue n of Dol- 
phin st 
Haupt Henry, teacher, 150 s Caroline 
Haupt John Casper, oak cooper, 53 Dover 
Haupt John M. painter, 20 Garden 
Haupt Matthias, tobacconist, 76 n Eutaw 
Hauptman Jer. cooper, Penn. av n of Wilson st 
Hauptman John, police officer, 257 Franklin 
Haurande Louisa, 61 Harrison 
Haus John, rag dealer, 188 Happy al 
Hause Fredk. boot fitter, Gold's court 
Hauver Aug. tailor, 164 Stirling 
Havelin Peter, 69 Bank lane 
Havener John, cooper. 225 Hanover 
Havercamp Chas. laborer, 283 Dallas 




Haveler Nich. laborer, Wills st 
Havelm Peter, 69 Bank lane 
Havercamp Chas. laborer, 283 Dallas 
Havener Martin, cooper, Clinton st. Canton 
Havering Bernard, emigrant agent, Thames, dw 

98 Lancaster 
Haverty John, laborer, 198 n Exeter 
Havieson Mary, 345 n Gay 
Hawpt Elizab. dress maker, Canal n of Pratt 
Hawburg Dieterick, cabinet maker, Carpenter's al. 

w of Greene st 
Hawkins Chas. saddler, 18 Garden 
Hawkins Chas. carpenter, dw 123 Madison 
Hawkins Chas. currier, n w cor. Bond & Monument 
Hawkins Fredk. millwright, 33 Poppleton 
Hawkins Gerhard, 7 s Bond 

Hawkins John W. grocer, n w cor. Paca &Frem't 
Hawkins John, 268 e Pratt 
Hawkins Mary, 38 s Greene 

Hawkins Mrs. Sa ra h , bread & rusk baker, 2 Warren 
Hawkins Saml. fisher, 84 Hamburg 
Hawkins Wallace W. huckster, 1U0 s Eutaw 
Hawkins Wm. 146 Lexington 
HAWLEY R. K. lumber commission merchant. 

cor. Alice Anna and Exeter, dw Madison. 
Hax Christ, paver, 121 Orleans 
Hax John B. paver, 125 Orleans 
Hax John P. cooper, 88 Block 
Hax Peter, shoemaker, 529 w Lombard 
Hax Valentine, laborer, 217 Bethel 
Hay Alex, sheet iron worker, 416 w Lombard 
Hay Geo. cabinet maker, 181 Chesnut 
Hayburn Francis, grainer, 150 Tyson 
Hay Scales, Eastern, cor. Buren and Monumen 

T. Cross, weigh, master 
Hay Scales, cor. Penn av and Franklin st. Jesse Ja- 
net, master 
Hayden Chas. laborer, Jordan al. n of Rose st 
HAYDEN & COALE, shipping and commission 

merchants, 63 s Gav 
Hayden Mrs. Elizabeth, 253 Biddle 
Hayden H. Mozart, dental surg.s w cor. Charles & 

Hayden Horace W. firm H. & Coale, dw Chatsw'th 
Hayes Mich, laborer, 21 Lexington 
Hayghe John H. carpenter, 386 Lombard 
Hayghe Joseph, firm Severe & H. Pratt w of Ann 
Hayman John H. plaisterer, Wolf n of Bank 
Haynel Dr. Adolpnus F. 108 Lexington 
Haynes Benj. F. wheelwright, 171 Hollins 
Haynes Catharine, huckster, 28 Liberty al 
Haynes Chas. clerk, 200 Madison av k 

re place 

Haynes Eliza, shop, 128 Pine 

Haynes Geo. H. lithographer, 51 Jefferson 

Haynes Manly R. coa ch maker, 172 Chestnut 

Haynes Robt. huckster, 195 Bethel 

Haynie Capt. John F. mariner, 257 Eastern av 

Hays Mrs. Catharine, 191 n Howard 

Hays David, com. merchant, «71 Exchan: 

dw 160 m Howard st 
Hays Jas. firm Dolan & H.63 Eastern av 
Hays Jas. laborer, Chesapeake st. Canton 
Hays Capt. Jas. A. 25 s Paca 
Hays Jane, 13 Mercer 
Hays John, laborer, Hollins Market space 
Hays John, firm H. & Myers, 123 u Paca 
Hays John, tailor, 171 Front 
Hays John, painter, 75 Fayette, dw 98 n Greene 
Hays & Myers, tobacconists, 113 Franklin, 
HAYS ROBERT, carver, 1 Commerce, up stairs 
dw 105 Aistouitb. ' 

Hays Robt cigar maker, 8 Raborg 
Hays T>.os. shoemaker and bird fancier, 41 s Gav 
Hays Waller C. tailor and clothier, 48 w Pratl 
Hays Wm. sportsman, 24 Hull lane 
Hays Wm. butcher, 30 n French 
Hayser Rich", carpenter, Harford av extd 
HAYWARD, BARTLETT& CO. stove manu- 
facturers, 24 Light, foundry cor. Pratt and Scott 
HAYWARD & DUKE, stove manufacturers, 39 

Light ' 

Hayward Elizab. fancy dry goods dealer, 47 s Lib'y 
Hay ward Ely B. clerk bank, dw43Gard'ii 
Hayward J. H. firm H. Bartlett & Co. dw s e cor. 

Madison and Park 
Hayward N. P. firm H. Bartlett & Co. dw 92 Hano'r 
Hayward Rebecca, seamstress, 66 Hamburg 
Hayward Wm. H. clerk, 336 Franklin 
Haywood Harriet A. 26 McElderry 
Haywood John B. paiuter,6l Mullikin 
Hazel Henry, jr. attorney. 114 n Eutaw 
Hazel Manlove, attorney, 66 w Fayette 
Hazlehms! Henry R. firm Murray &H. 26 Holliday 
HAZLEHURST &. PLELAN, commission mer- 

chants, 97 Bowly s wharf 
Hazlehurst Saml. of firm H. & Phelan,dw71 Sharp 
Hazhp Nelson, blacksmith, 25 n Eden 
Head Wash, firm Wilson & II. 695 w Bait 
Headley Joseph, gardner, 430 Saratoga 
Hearlick Jacob, printer, 17 s Caroline 
HeafnerChas. tailor. 137 e Lombard 
Heagy John, carter, Paca s of Fremont 
Heald Jacob & Co. tobacco and com nits. 58 s Gay 
dw J. Heald. Lafayette place, 1 door n of Eutaw ' 




Heald John H. & Co. tanners, cor. North and Mad- 
ison, dw J. H. H. Madison e of Charles 
Heald William, Lafayette place, 1 door n of Eutaw 
Heald Wm. H. firm Jno. H. H. & Co. dw cor. Hol- 
land and Aisquith 

Healey John, grocer, cor. Pratt and President 

Healey John, sawyer, Green's ct Hamburg st 

Healey Francis, 28i Dallas 

Healey John, cooper, 56 Bethel 

Healy Jas. E. firm H. & Stinchcomb, dw e Bait, w 
ol Dallas 

HEALY & STINCHCOMB, dry goods merchants, 
125 Bait 

Health Ins. Co. of Md. G. D. Cornstock, Sec'y. 18 n 

Heany Elizab. 152 Pearl 

Heany Wm. shoemaker, 492 Bait 

Heaps Benj. prop. furn. carriages, 83 Mrjllikin 

Heaps John, mariner, 222 Eastern av 

Heard Wm. mate, 310 e Bait 

Hearhold John, tailor, s w cor. Register & Lomb'd 

Hearn A. J. trimmings dealer, 225 Lexington 

Hearn John, 25 Davis 

Heartman Clement, 99 s Eutaw 

Heath Francis W. foreman of foundry, 4? McHen, 

Heath H. W. M. L. L. D. 1 Davis 

Heath Jas. store keeper of Custom house, Lexing- 
ton w of Orchard 

Heath John, shoemaker. 36 Orleans 

Heath Mary Jane, tutoress, 115 Pine 

Heath Hon. U.S. judge U. S. district court, dw 52 

Heaton & Co. hatters, 190 Bait 

Heavening Alfred, butcher, 27 Fawn 

Hebbard Chas. laborer, 9 Henry 

Hebbern Saml. prop, carts, 39" Bait 

Hebden Wm. H's academy, 210 s Bond, dw 9 Lan- 
caster st 

Heber Casper, laborer, 258 sBonct 

Heberer Carl, locksmith, 225 s Charles 

Hechinger Sophia, 30 Stirling 

Hecht Asher, fancy dry goods dealer, 9 e Bait, dw 
76 e Lombard 

Hecht & Goldenberg, dry goods dealer, 123 Aisq. 

Hecht Jacob, clothier, 132 Franklin 

Hecht Reuben, dry goods dealer, Canal w of Bait 

Hecht Saml. dry goods dealer, 101 n Eden 

Heck Fredk. laborer, 344 Saratoga 

Heck John, cabinet maker, 166 Alice Anna 

Heck Peter, carpet weaver, 216 Alice Anna 

Heck Wm. bricklayer, 59 n Eutaw 

Hecker Henry, laborer, cor. Cath. and Eager 

Hecker John C. store keeper, 198 Biddle 

Heckey Thos. butcher, 81 e Lombard 

Heckley John, laborer, 56 Union 

Heckman Fredk. blacksmith, 91 Lancas. dw Ann 

Heckman Joseph, stone cutter, 144 Montgomery 

Heckrotte Wm. "Fountain Inn'' keeper, cor. Chas. 

and Camden 
Heckter Geo. shoemaker, 112 w Fayette 
Hedel Philip, tailor, 11 St. James ct from Canal near 

Hedge Geo. Falls road near Oregon st 
HEDIAN & O'BRIEN, book sellers and stationers, 

84 Baltimore 
Hedline Jno. furnace watchman, Ellicott st. Canton 
Hedrick John, laborer, 204 s Bond 
Hedrick Joseph, bricklayer, 26 May 
Heesh Chas. coach smith, 165 n Canal 
Heeswagan Aug. shoemaker, 72 s Eutaw 
Heffner Edward, collector, 173 Light 
Heffner Valentine, milkman, 177 Hollins 
Heflick Jacob, printer, 17 Caroline 
Heges Susan W. dry goods dealer, 27 e Bait 
Heginboiham Thomas A. umbrella maker, 174 

Broadway, dw 192 Eden 
Heid John, boot and shoemaker, 41 s Liberty 
Heider Henry, gnn smith, s e cor. Hanover and 

Heiderman A. H. confectioner, 24 e Fayette 
Heidler Rudolph, laborer, 46 Thames 
Heidrick Anthony, shoemaker, 472 w Bait 
Heigh Henry, laborer, 5 Bevan al 
Heighdy Fonder, shoemaker, s e cor. Concord ansl 

HEIGHE B. M. attorney at law, 22 St. Paul, dw44 

Hcighe David, bricklayer, 92 Ross 
Heighe Sarah, seamstress, 756 w Bait 
Height Wm. laborer, Bethel n of Gough 
Heihse August, cooper, s e cor. Hanover & Mont'g 
Heil Adam, laborer, 213 Bethel 
Heil Augustus, prov. dealer, 229 Franklin 
Heilbrun Mich, fancy dry goods dealer, 50 Hano'r* 
Heileger Louis, cabinet maker, 354 s Charles 
Heilfresh Jacob, painter, 370 Saratoga 
Heiley Robt. ship carpenter, 51 Broadway 
Heim" Albert, firm H. & Baker, 44 JacksoD 
Heim &. Baker, merchant tailors, 17 Bait 
Heim Bernhard, blacksmith, 169 Alice Anna 
Heim David, laborer, 36 McElderry 
Heiman & Bro. clothiers, 82 Thames 
Heimerdinger Jno. laborer, 213 Lexington 
Heimerdinger John, shoemaker, 14 Etc 



Heimiller Henry, coach painter, 129 Madison 
Heimiller Paul, oak cooper, 133 Pearl 
Heiner Christ, basket maker, 62 Lancaster 
Heiner Rev. Elias, pastor German reform church, 

dw42 Second 
Heiner Fredk. laborer, 62 Lancaster 
Heiner Henry, butcher, 201 e Fayette 
Hemer John H. shoemaker, 06 Lancaster 
ileiney Bernard, laborer, 84 s Caroline 
Heinhorn Ageon, nightman, 118 Fremont 
Heinlein Jno. shoemaker, 116 French 
Heinline Mich, carter, 60 L. Hughes 
Heinz Fredk. tavern, 354 Saratoga 
Heinzerliug Danl. baker, 301 Light 
Heiesterman Wm. cabinet maker, 139 Orleans 
Heirer John, sawyer, 124 French 
Heisenhauer Francis, tailor, 150 n Caroline 
Heiser Henry, tailor, 383 Sararoga 
Heisler Wm. E. firm Miller & Co.dw over 54 e 

Heiter Chas. piano maker, 39 s High 
Heisner Hans, mariner, 62 Lancaster 
Helbrook Fredk. tavern, w Bait extd 
Held nan Henry, butcher, Cathedral n of Olive 
Heldrung Agustus, tailor, 268 s Charles 
Heldy Jacob, laborer, 21 Mercer 

Helt'enburn tailor, 27 Marion 

Helpecht Danl. huckster, 181 Bethel 

Helfrisch Geo. wheelwright, 761 w Bait, dw nwcor 

Fayette and Republican 
Hellen Henry, carpenter, 80 Harford av 
Hellen Henry, tailor, Register n of Lombard 
Hellen ThosI Pratt w of Ann 
Hellman Joseph, hatter, 158 n Gay 
Hellstein F. grocer, 72 e Fayette 
Hellweg Lewis, currier, 15 Ensor 
Helm Henry, baker, 268 s Bond 
Helm John, tinner, 188 Aisquith 
Helm Joseph, ship carpenter, 256 Canton av 
Helm Wm. carpenter, 174 McElderry 
Helm Zaehariah, baker, 219 Ann 
Helmling Anthony, engineer, 117 Cross 
Helmling Anthony, block and pump maker, 2 Lee 
Helmling Wm. block and pump maker, Calhoun al 

dw 171 Fremont 
Helms Lewis L. bricklayer, Cambridge st Canton 
Helpman Philip, shoemaker, 13 Clay 
Helsby Mrs. Rachel, widow's row 222 w Lombard 
Helsby Saml. tailor, 307 n Gay 
Helshaw Fredk. tailor, 238 n Canal 
Heltman Henry, baker, 88 French 
Helwig George, cabinet maker, 107 n High 

Helwig Gustavus, baker, 269 E. av 

Herman Jas. grocer and com. mt. 43 w Pratt, dw 

Hember Fredk. cap maker, 149 Potter 
Hemel Jno. Huckster, Register s of Pratt. 
Hemtnick Jacob, ladies' shoemaker, 92 Lexington 
Heramick Geo. brickmaker, w Pratt extd 
Hemler Mich, laborer, 258 s Bond 
Hemlick Jacob C. shoemaker, 182 Ann 
Hemelt Benj. coffee raoster, 263 Can. av 
Heniph Jno. shoemaker, Eden st s E. av 
Hemphill Andw. tailor, 270 Aisquith 
Henck Sarah. 110 Pearl 
Hendell Geo. laborer, 28 Chatsworth 
Henderson Mrs. A. F. 34 n Calvert 
Henderson Ellen, 61 Madison . 
Henderson Francis, carter, 3 Diamond 
Henderson George W. Adams's expr. agt.21 Har* 

ford av 
Henderson Gustavus R. firm John H. & Co. dw 111 

e Baliimoi ■ ' 
HENDERSON JAMES A. & Co. boot and shoe 

makers, 15 s Gav st. 
Henderson J. &. G's ropewalk, cor. Point lane and 

Harford av 
HENDERSON JOHN & Co. ship chandlers St pa- 

teut cordage manuf. 77 Pratt st dwJ.H. 83 Broad 

wa y 
Henderson John, Cider al w of Eutaw 
Henderson John, laborer, Cider al w of Eutaw st 
Henderson John, carpenter, 63 Madison 
Henderson Ketura, nurse, 3 Jasper 
Henderson Maria, 120 Gongh 
Henderson Anthony, carter, 157 s Eden 
Henderson Robert, rigger, 118 s Canal 
Henderson Samuel, grocer, 2 Deluol al 
Henderson Capt. Wm. P. 261s Charles 
Henderson Wm. marble cutter, High st s of Pratt 

dw 71 s High. 

Hendrickson 75 s High 

Heneberry Elizb, washer, 93 East 

Henis Mary, 175 e Fayette 

Henkel Aug. shoemaker, 184 e Monument 

Henkle Mr. 23 Shakspear 

Henkle Philip & Son, tobacconists, 103 Broadway 

Henkelman John G. cabinet maker, 179 Eastern av 

Henkelman John, cabinet maker, 183 s Caroline 

Henkle Conrad, laborer, 155 Penn av. 

Henkle Martin, shoemaker, 115 Orleans 

Henlev David, huckster, 103 Granhy 

Henne'berger Wm. cabinet maker, 72 s Exeter 

'Henneman John T. tobacconist, 195 Lexington 




Henneman Andrew laborer, Clinton street Canton 
Henneman Frederick, Clinton st Canton 
Henneman Jesse, chair maker, 83 Albemarle 
Hennick John C. saddler, 85 Lee st 
Hennigs Ernest A. firm Boury & Co. 24 Hanover 
Henning Elizabeth, 129 Saratoga 
Henning Jeremiah, shoemaker, 10 Warner 
Henning Wm. shoemaker, 230 s Charles 
Henninger John, earpenler, 66 Henrietta 
Hennix' Edwd. turner, Eager st e of Yorkav 
Henny Isaac, market trader, 1 n Amity. 
Henrich Danl. tailor, 34 Ensor 
Henrickle Geo. W. cooper, 22 Comet 
Henricks Patrie, blacksmith, 117 Ross 
Henricks Edward G. meal deal. 110 Orleans 
Henrickson Henry, varnisher, 5 Watson 
Henrix Mary, 51 n Eutaw 
Henrick Thomas, grocer, 48 Aisquith 
Henry A rthur, clothier, 93 n Howard,dw Cathedral 
HENRY ALEXANDER, merchant tailor, 68 Ex- 
change Place, dw 73 Granby 
Henry Arthur, clothier Howard, dw Cathedral s ol 

Henrv David, laborer, Canal, n of Monument 
Henry Dr. 45 St. Paul 

Henry Francis, blacksmith. Penn. av. city limits 
Henry Jacob C. porter, 34 Lewis 
Henry James, fisherman. Fish market 
Henry James, grocer, 42 Holland 
Henry Joseph, shoemaker, 171 n Canal 
Henry Jno. ship carpenter, Leadenhall, s of Hen- 
Henry Jno. B. grocer, 193 Madison av 
Henry Mary, 226 Raborg 
Henry Michael, 126 n Eutaw 
Henry Michael, grocer, n e cor. Register & Gough 
Henry Peter, laborer, 259 Happy al 
Henry Robert, carpenter, 142 w Lombard 
Henry Saml. clerk Bait & O. R. R. 440 w Lombard 
Henry Thomas, watchman, 53 Spring 
Henry Valentine, laborer, 31 Ann st 
Henry Wm. L. carpenter, 509 w Lombard 
Henry Wm. clerk, 609 w Baltimore 
Henshall James, book keeper, 1 Penn 
Henschen Christian, firm Toixey &. H. dw Fawn 
Henshaw Jas. G. book keeper, 83 Ross 
Hensler John, tinner, 134 French 
Henson W. R. 38 n Front 
Henthon Ths. carter, cor. Lee and Fremont 
Hentz Chs. keep. "White house" 315 w Pratt 
Hepburn Geo. carpenter, Lombard eof Amity 
Herr & J. E. Willis, 246 Pratt 

Herbeck Simon, shoemaker, Frederick near Gay 

Herbel Jno. shoemaker, 342 Saratoga 

Herbert Chs. 32 Forrest 

Herbert John, shoemaker, 43 Low 

Herbert John, mason, 135 Harford av 

Herbert Joseph, carter, 302 Aisquith 

Herbert Nichs. foundry man, Elliott, w of Chesa- 
peake. Canton 

HerchenhunHenry E. tailor, 41 Lewis 

Hertdner Lewis, blacksmith, 8 State 

Hereman Eliza, Charlessof Barre 

Herford M. Spangler, tobacconist, s w cor. Eden & 

HeigeshiemerChs. firm H. & Sherwood, cor. Wash- 
ington and Pratt 

Hergesheimer Christ, ship smith, s end Bond st dw 
60" Phil pot 

Hergesehimer &, Sherwood, ship smiths, cor. Wolf 
and Thames 

Herget Ed waul C. confectioner, 107 Camden 

Herjenrother Michl. tailor, 5 Park 

Herkthorne Wm. fireman on R. R. 485 w Lombard 

Herling Geo. engineer, al W. from Eutaw, bet. Lee 
& Conway 

Herman Aaron, shoemaker, 152 n Gay 

Herman Christian, cooper. 5 Freemont 

Herman F. distiller, 151 Franklin 

Herman H. L. shoemaker, 18 Potter 

Herman Matthias, nail maker, Caroline s Lancaster 

Herman Michael, 182 s Spring 

Herman Michael, baker, 23 German 

Herman Nathan, 121 Happy al 

Herman Peter, potter, 150 Orleans 

Herman Peter, grocer, 188 s Caroline 

Hermann Jacob, saddler, 344 w Pratt 

Hermann Michael, sawyer, 199 s Bond 

Hermensdorf Casper, Penn. av n Mosher st 

Herold Fredk. cabinetmaker, 187 s Sharp 
Herold Peter, shoemaker, 150 Canton av 

Heron Alex. whol. and retail dry goods dealer, cor. 
Baltimore st and C. Market Sp. dw 16 Bait, st 

Heron Jas. W. 11 Watson 

Herpenner Herman, carter, 202 s Caroline 

Herppich Geo. shoemaker, 15 Fell 

HERR MICHAEL/ship. &. commission merchant, 
s end Smith's wharf 

Herring Alex. 26 Baltimore 

Herring Benj. grocer, 80 Gongh 

Herring David, clerk, 79 Caroline 

Herring Fredk. A. laborer, Clinton st. Canton 

Herring Geo. W. & Co. importer china, glass and 
queensware, 7 s Charles, dw G. W. H. 32 Stiles 




Herring Henry, clerk, Bond s Pratt IHessler Dr. John, s e cor ThTnT^HtTR^ 

Herring Henry, lumber ml. and prop. planeing mill, Hessler Mrs. manuf. firi'work? T^Tpff? dway 

e Falls av. dvv 10 e Lombard st Hestadt Louis, porter SswPrat 

Herring John Q,. A. carpenter, 6 n Exeter, dw 109 Hetman Fredk. blacksmith 259 Ann 

e Fayette Hett Henry "Indian House," 153 Lombard 

Herring John L. clerk custom house, 4 Canal Hettmeyer A. C. confectioner 69 Han . 

Herring Original, paper hanger, 84 Baltimore Hetty Archibald, laborer 5 Centre ° r 

Herring Peter A. tavern, s w cor. Fish Market and Heuisler Chas. C. carpenter 98 n Eutaw 

Concord st 
Herrington Nicholas, baker, 84 s Caroline 
Herritage Ann, 167 s Caroline 
Herrlich Chas. H. locksmith, 26 Second 
Herrold Anthony J. cabinet maker, 24 Somerset 
Hersch Chas. plaisterer, Carpenter's al e Fremont st 
Hersch Jos. brakesman, 220 Lexington 
Herschberg Henry, dealer in glass, oils and paint, 

217 Bond 
Hershberger A. laborer, 193 Bond 
Hertel R. grocer, 168 e Fayette 
Hertzell John G. tin and sheet iron worker, 74 n 

Hertzhegg John, mt. tailor, 106 a Howard 
Herzberg Lazarus, dry goods mt. 201 w Pratt 

Herzberg Meyer, grocer, 206 Alice Anna 

Herzberg Philip, 12 Centre Market Space 

Herzberg Philip & Sellgman, clothiers, 2 Centre 

Herzberg & Stiefel, clothiers, 34 Centre Market 

Herzinger Jacob, tailor, 246 s Bond 

Herzog Conrad, beer brewer, 30 Fell 

Herzog Levi, dry goods dealer, 169 Canton av 

Heschman John, tailor, Dallas s Lancaster 

HESLEN, KELSEY & PE1RCE, ship chandlers 
and grocers, 66 Buchanan's wharf 

Heslen Richd. M. firm Heslen, Kelsey & Peirce 
dw 65 Lee 

Heslev Elizab. store, 18 West 

Hess Catharine, 257 Canton av 

Hess Charles, 32 Orchard 

Hess Conrad, tinner. 56 Lancaster 

Hess Dr. Fredk. 62 Holliday 

Hess Freak, carrer, Monument e Constitution 

Hess Hannah, 237 s Bond 

Hess Isaac, carpenter, 160 Saratoga 

Hess John, butcher, G. Hampstead 

Hess Jos. cooper, 137 German 

Hess Philip, shoemaker, Register s Baltimore 

Hess Saml. carpenter, 3 Clay, dw 153 Saratoga 

Hess Mrs. 161 Stirling 

Hess Wm. whip and cane maker, 93 Conway 
Hesscy Eli, moulder, Eastern av w Albemarle st 
Hessler Geo, shoemaker, 67 Eastern av 

Heuisler John F tobacconist, nw cor. Baltimore 
and Harrison, dw 11 n Hi<4 B 

Heuisler Jos. gardner, 98 n E°xeter Eutaw 
Heums Hugh, hack driver, 139 n Hi°-h 
Heunng Jacob, store keeper, 120 Fremont 
Heury Jas. laborer, 197 Ensor 
Hevener Adam, tailor, 399 w Favette 
Hevener Chas. manufacturer, 2l"Mul!ikin 
Hevener Saml. S. painter, 562 w Pratt 
Heweli Lewis, tobacconist, 138 n Gay 
Hewes Jas. E. firm Clayton & H. 168 Hanover 
wewesJohnG. flour and duce deaJ 326 _,g 

Pratt, dw 30 s Greene ' 

Hewett John H. professor music, 143 n Hiffh 
Hewett John, laborer; 2 Preston 
"ewett Mary, 58 n Greene 
Hewett Ralph, omnibus driver, 36 Ross 
Hewm Andw. keeper, 99 e Pratt 
Hewitt &Bromly, confectioners, 26 e Baltimore 
Hewitt Elmer, sen. currier, 55 Centre Market 
Hewitt Elmer, jr. currier, 71 Centre Market 
Hewlett John a & Son, hide and leather dealers 

9b Lombard and 9 Water, dw 40 s Eutaw 
neyl Geo. pudding maker, 237 Dallas 

Heyn John, tavern, n e cor. Baltimore & Fremont 

Hibball John, laborer, 333 s Bond 

Hibberd J. clerk, 1 Maiden lane 

Hibler Fredk. cabinet maker, 138 Saratoga 

nibner A. H. locksmith and bell hanger, 69 Holli- 
day, dw 41 Orleans 

Hibner Alex, carter, 1 Young 

Hick Andw. glass baker, near Glass house, F. H. 

Sjck Eliza, dry goods dealer, 18 e Pratt 

Hick Geo. boiler maker, 18 e Pratt 

Hicker Martin, laborer, Smith st n Penn, av 

Sjcker Wm. laborer, 28 Fell 

Hickey Jas. painter, 1 Clay 

Hickey John, mason, 7 n Poppleton 

Hickey John, laborer, 463 Lexington 

Hickey Martin, painter, 194 u Front 

Hickey Michael J. carpenter, 30 New Church 

Hickey Thos. ship carpenter, 125 Lancaster 

Hickley Ellen, 157 Saratoga 




HICKLEY ROBERT & JAMES, importers of 

hardware and cuttlery, 8 n Howard 
Hickley Robt. J. hatter, 44 n Howard, dw 60 George 
Hickley Robt. hardware dealer, Howard, dw 157 

Hickman Ann, Registers Bank 
Hickman Chas. plaisterer, 348 w Fayette 
HICKMAN GEORGE H. attorney at law and 

conveyancer, 14^ Mansion House 
Hickman Geo. carpet weaver, 66 Harrison 
Hickman Lawrence, cooper, 73 e Monument 
Hickman Col. Nathaniel, bookseller, book-binder, 

&c. 116 Baltimore, dw 9 s High 
Hickman Win. H. hacker, 159 East 
Hickox Elizabeth, 180 Saratoga 
Hicks Geo. teamster. Eastern av e Wolf 
Hicks Mary, nurse, 135 Mulberry 
Hicks Reub. oak cooper, Carpenter's al. dw s Eutaw 
Hicks Wm. E.sbip carpenter, 12 Hill 
Hickson Wm. C. hrm Shaw & H. dw 129 n Eutaw 
Hide Patrick, Washington st. F.Hill 
Hidleston Jas. painter, 13 Register 
Hieatzman Matthias, carter, Penn. av extd 
Hieney John, laborers w cor. Pratt and Ann 
Hier Herman, rigger, 198 Alice Anna 
Higby Saml. ship joiner, Washington s Pratt 
Higdon Baptist, fisher, Hamburg n Ostend 
Higdon Henry, shingle shaver, Eutaw n Ostend 
Higdon Sylvester, chair maker, Eager st e York av 
Higdon Thos. fisher, 299 s Charles 
Higdon Thos. chair maker, 63 Mullikin 
Higdon Wm. J. painter, 91 n Gay st. dw 202 Har- 
ford av 
Higenbotham Edwd. blacksmith, 315 Eastern av 
Higgemurfin Wm. book keeper, 10 Thompson 
Hisgins Amelia, dress maker, 22 Potter 
HIGGINS EDWARD, confectioner and fruit deal- 
er, 161 w Pratt 
Higgins Elizab. seamstress, 222 Lombard, Widow's 

Higgins Capt. Jacob, mariner, 145 Ann 
Higgins J. H. ladies' shoemaker, 27 Morris al 
Higgins John, laborer, 2 Foundry, late Bath 
Higgins John, moulder, Trinity e High 
Higgins Maria, 133 Aisquith 
Higgins Miss, fashionable dress maker, 63 w Bait. 
Higgins Thos. clerk, 85 s High 
Higgins Wm. machinist, 404 Saratoga 
Higgins Wm. machinist, Vine w Fremont 
Higgins Win. machinist, 20 Stiles 
Higgins Win. painter, Register n Bank 
High BeDj. F. painter, dw_684. w Baltimore 

High Geo. tobacconist, 35 s High 

High Jas. cooper, 373 Franklin 

High John, painter, 11 s Paca 

High Jos. painter, 79 Columbia 

High Rachel, seamstress, Amity s Saratoga 

High Saml. painter, 150 Fremont 

High Wm. cigar maker, 122 Fremont, dw 134 

High Wm. painter, 104 s Eutaw 

Highams Catharine, lime &hair dealer, 82 n Eutaw 

Highouse Anthony, butcher, 260 s Bond 

Hghtman Geo. H. sail maker, 117 Gough 

Higinbotham John S. firm Claggett & Co, dw 15 s 

Hignat Mrs. C. C. milliner, 28 Aisquith 
Hilberg Francis L. mt. tailor, 8 South, dw 3 Pearl 
Hilberg Fredk. firm H. & Henkleman, 27 n Fredk, 
Hilberg & Henkleman, mt. tailors, 6 s Calvert 
Hilberg Philip, huckster, 5b Union 
Hilberg Wm. tavern, 261 w Fayette 
Hilbert Adam, baker, 168 Bank 
Hilbert Geo. tailor, 190 Hariord av 
Hilbert Henry, market master, 205 w Fayette 
Hilbert John, carpenter, 39 Fremont 
Hilbert Lawrence, shoemaker, 135 Franklin 
Hilbrath John, trader, 272 Biddle 
Hild Wm. tavern keeper, 22 e Piatt 
Hildebrand Charles, 11 Lombard 
Hiklebrand Geo. turner, 66 Alulberry 
Hildebrand Henry, oak cooper, 31 Poppleton 
Hildebrand Henry, laborer, 191 Ann 
Hildebrand Saml.Wm. musical inst. maker, 2 Park 
Hilderbrand Henry W. baker, 248 Franklin 
Hildich Thos. J. machinist, 544 w Pratt 
Hilditch John, bricklayer, 28 McElderry 
Hildreth Henry, tinner, 114 n High 
Hildrick Wm. bricklayer, Leaclenhall s Henrietta 
Hilgardner Geo. laborer, 5 Shakspear 
Hilger Abraham, upholsterer, Chew e Canal 
Hdgerman Wm. laborer, 285 s Charles 
Hill Alex, grocer, 9 w Pratt 
Hill Anthony, 148 Columbia 
Hill Chas. variety goods dealer, 253 n Eden 
Hill Henry H. seaman, Happy al s Pratt st 
Hill Isaac, grocer, 21 Slemmer's al 
Hill Jas. carter, 106 Henrietta 
Hill John, grocer, 2 Orleans 
Hill John, laborer, 279 Dallas 
Hill John E. tinner, 226 Aisquith 
Hill John, firm H. & Van Schaack, 246 w Fayette 
HlLL JOHN H. boot and shoemaker, 59 n Gay 
Hill John H. clerk, 36 n Exeter 
HILL JOHN, straw bonnet presser, 14. McCleUaut 




Hill Lewis H. drv poods dealer, 202 Hanover 

Hill Mark, straw bleach. 30 McClellan, dw58 Park 

HILL RICHARD, hat and bonnet presser, IS Mc- 

Hill Robt. whol. and retail dry goods mt. 99 Balti- 
more, dw 101 Saratoga 

Hill Capt. Robt. 370 Lexington 

Hill Saml. ship carpenter, Bethel n Gough 

Hill Rev. Stephen P. 294 Lombard 

Hill Mrs. Thos. G. 16 Holland 

Hill Thos. moulder, Centre, e of the bridge 

Hill &. Van Schaack, dry goods mts. 79 Baltimore 

Hill Wm. A. ladies' shoemaker, near 27 Hoffman 

Hill Wm. C. hardware & furnishing store, 9 n Gay 

Hill Wm. band-box maker, 55 s Eutaw 

Hill Win. engineer, 115 n Front 

Hill Wm. B. conveyancer, s w cor. Favette and St. 

Hill Wm. laborer, 80 William 

Hi lien Chas. laborer, 221 Wolf 

Hillen Rebecca. 68 e Fayette 

Hillen Solomon, s e cor. Cathedral and Franklin 

Hiller Lewis, butcher, Prospect Hill, e Baltimore 

Hilliard Benj. R. confectioner, 210 Light 

Hillman Augustus, carpenter, 210^ n Canal 

Hillman C. grocer, 286 s Bond 

Hillman Mary Ann,- milliner. 4 s Gay 

Hillock Stephen, dry goods dealer, n e cor. Howard 
and Madison 

Hilton Edwd! S. machinist, 50 Holland 

Hilton Win. painter, 39 Mullikin 

Hilton Win. W. 45 Holland 

Hilty Eli, laborer, 5 s Amity 

Hiltz Philip, laborer, 14 Sbakspenr 

Hiltz Wm. picture dealer, '64 n Front 

Hi me Geo tailor, Monument w Bond 

Hime Henry, cooper, 330 s Charles 

Hime John, laborer, 43 Hill 

Hime Stephen, sawyer, 53 Lancaster 

Himer Henry, confectioner, 201 Ann 

Himes Rosanna, 95 B&rre 

Hinimelbuigli Lainhart, cooper, 144 Montgomery 

Himmel Jacob, furn. dealer, 44 McElderry 

Himmel John, shoemaker, 306 Light 

Hindes John, carpenter, Paca place 

Hindes Mgt. 28 Sterling 

Hindes Michl. tailor, 18 Josephine 

Hindes Moses G. 108 Sharp 

Hindes Samuel, hatter, 78 Gay n of the bridge 
Hindes Sarah, 197 n Clay 

Hindle James, "Noah's Ark" 38 n Green 

Hindman Capt. Wm. T. mariner, 8 Lea 

Hindinan Wm. navy agent, fi8 w Lombard 

Hine Christian, laborer, 31 George 

Hine Harrigan. tailor, 189 Forrest 

Hine John, laborer, 2 Fell 

Hineker Frederick jr. cigar maker, 20 e Pratt 

Hinemiller Jacob, carpenter, 53 Orchard 

Hiner Mary, 78 Bank 

Hiner Theodore, laborer, 30 Argyle al 

Hines Conrad, bag deal. Lemmon w of Poppleton 

Hines Harman H. tobac. cor. Amity &, Lemmon 

Hines Henry, 2 Neighbor st 

Hines Henry, mate, 54 Thames 

Hines Jas. C. blacksmith, 466 Lombard 

Hines Jas. butcher, 16 Booth 

Hines Joshua H. couuty sheriff", 517 w Lombard 

Hines Mary Ann, 227 w Lombard 

Hines Mr bricklayer, 12 Garden 

Hines Peter, 174 Wolf 

Hinesman Henry, porter, 44 s Howard 

Hingle Jno. carter. 105 Jefferson 

Hinig Earnst, carpenter, Fountain st wof Castle al 

Hinkel Peter, segar box maker, 82 Barre • 

Hinkhaus Henry, blacksmith, 5 Clay 

Hinkelman Andw. mt. tailor, 106 n Howard 

Hinkle.Tno. carpenter, cor. Hill and Sharp 

Hinkle Mr. 198 Wolf 

Hinkle Wm. saddler, 75 Jefferson 

Hinkleman Henry, shoemaker, 88 s Eutaw 

Hinkleman Jno. tailor, 42 Clay 

HINKLEY EDWARD & SON, attornies, 22 n 
Charles, dw 102 n Paca 

HINKS CHS.D. & Co. flour merchants, n e cor 
Howard and Pratt, dw CD. H. 26 s Greene 

Hinks Edward, firm H. &• Co. 45 s Greene 

Hinks Mary, 45 s Greene 

Hink'- Rev. 228 e Monument 

Hinks Saml. firm C. D H. & Co. dw 429 w Bait. 

Hinman Truman, clock repairer and grocer, 191 e 

Hinners Nicholas, tavern, 14 e Pratt 

Hinricks Christopher, firm Stellman Sc H. Eutaw 

Hinselman Matthew, wheelwright, 99 St Mary's 

Hinsley John, hotel keeper, 100 n Howard 

Hintpn Jacob H. turner in wood, iron, &c. 48 Frede- 

Hinton Jno. shoemaker, 302 Raborg 

Hinton Wm carter, 104 York av 

Hinton Wm. ship carpenter, 5 Argyle st 

Hintze Dr. F. E. B. 21 s Gay 

Hinzer Henry, shoemaker, 214 Hollins 

Hipkins Caleb, carter, 319 Light 




Hipsley Chs. laborer, 43 Davis 

Hirsch Christopher, cabinet maker, 13 n Gay 

Hirsch Jacob, watchman, 15 Armistead lane 

Hirsch Lazarus, sexton, Eden st Synagogue, 180 e 

Hirschman Geo. carpenter, 228 Dallas 

Hirsh Peter, tailor, l'J8 Light st 

Hiser Henry W. firm of H. While & Carson, 15 

Hiser Henry, laborer, Star al s of Canton av 

HISER, WHITE & CARSON, wholesale gro- 
cers, 19 n. Howard, cor. Fayette 

HISS& AUSTIN, cabinet makers, upholsterers & 
mahogany dealers, 112 Fayette 

Hiss Chs. clerk, Trinity e of High 

Hiss Elizabeth G. 43 Stiles 

Hiss Geo. R. A. firm King & Hiss, 177 Franklin 

Hiss Jacob, jr. chair manuf. 18s Gay, dwl02 e Bal- 

Hiss Jas. firm E. Pratt & Bro. 100 e Baltimore 

Hiss Jesse L. chairjmaker, Trinity e of Exeter 

Hiss Philip, firm H. & Austin, dw county 

Hiss Susan, M. tutoress, 36 Gittings 

Hiss Wm. Henry, fancy chair maker, 18 s Gay, dw 
61 e Fayette 

Hissey Archibald, laborer, Boyd near Amity 

Hisse'v James, blacksmith, Hoffman, near Garden 

Hissey Wm. ladies' shoe maker, 220 w Pratt 

Hissey Win. Poppleton n of Payette 

Hissey Wm. carter, 162 Conway 

Historical Society (of Md.) 3d floor Athenaeum 
Buildings, n w cor. St Paul and Saratoga 

Hitch Capt. Marcellas, 173 Washington 

Hitchcock Danl. bricklayer, 10 Neighbor 

Hitchcock Elizabeth, Gough eof Ann 

Hitchcock Joshua K. lime inspector, Cathedral n of 

Hitchcock Josiah, blacksmith,263 Ann,dw 137 Bank 

Hitchew Saml. clerk, 110 Mulberry 

Hitemiller Joseph, carter, Dover, bet. Pratt and 
Mc Henry 

Hitzel Henry P. piano agt.99 Pearl 

Hitzelberger & Co. grocers, 13G n Charles, dw 134 

Hitzelberger Elizabeth, 104 e Pratt 

Hitzelberger John, keep. Wash'n monument, dw92 

Hitzelberger Peter, mococco dresser, 8 Falls 

Hitzelber Steph. silver plater, Lemmon w of Pop- 

Hitzelberger Wm. tanner, 04 Park 

Hitzelberger Wm.gas fitter, 59 Sterling 

Hiltzer Francis, book binder, G7 n Caroline 

Hiltzer Jno. carpenter. 135 Canton av 

Hitzler Julia Ann, 149 Orleans 

Hizer Henry W. firm H. White & Carson, 133 

Hizer Jno. milkman, 54 Johnson 
Hizer Jno. carpenter, 251 Biddle 
Hizer Jno. C. carpenter, 206 e Fayette 
Hizer Mary, Poppleton n of Bait. 
Hizer Saml. R. carpenter, 251 Biddle 
HIZER, CARSON & WHITE, grocer? and com- 
mission merchants, 19 s Howard 
Hlasco M. dancing master, 17 Barnet 
Hnebner Adam, tailor, 48 Vine 
Hoar Patk. blacksmith, 75 Monument 
Hobbs Betsy, herb dealer, 61 Front 
Hobbs Caleb, market man, 757 Baltimore 
Hobbs Elizabeth, Asbury lane 
Hobbs Gabriel, lumber dealer, Essex st Canton 
Hobbs Laura, 3 Tripolett'a al 
Hobbs Margaret, 99 e Fayette 
Hobbs Mary, huckster, 68 Jasper 
Hobbs Rosanna, 24 Garden 
Hobbs Samuel F. plaisterer, 254 e Fayette 
Hobbs Samuel, carpenter, 46 George 
Hobbs Thomas, watchman, 136 Hollins 
Hobbs Washington H. clerk, 3 L. Gough 
Hobbs W. P. T. hat stoie, 86 C. Market space 
Hober Anthony, turner, 718 w Baltimore 
Hoble Sebastian, laborer, Eden st n of Eastern ay 
Hobson Benjamin, constable, 190 n Chesnut 
Hobson Jno. firm Martin & H. cor. Lombard and 

Hoburg Fredk. cabinet maker, 58 Pear! 
Hochenner Rev. H. Lloyd st Synagouge 114 e 

Hock Louis, man. files, 111 n Front 
Hoddinot Jas. shoemaker, 78 Sarah Ann 
Hodge James, wood dealer, 226 Light 
Hodges August, laborer, 26 Lancaster 
HODGES BENJ. M. jr. ship's agent, 47 Lexing* 

ton, dw 84 St Paul 
Hodges Benj. M. sr. merchant, 47 Lexington 
Hodges Christian B. Canal n Baltimore 
Hodges Henry, painter, 28 Mullikin 
Hodges Jas. & Bro. imp. hosiery, gloves & small 

ware, 239 Baltimore 
Hodges Jas. firm J. H. & Bro. dw 186 Monument 
Hodges Jas. tavern, 1 Grant 
Hodges Jno. G. W, watchman, 7 Williamson 
Hodges Margaret, ta.loress, Spring s of Fayette 
Hodges Ths. Harris, attorney at law, 9 Courtland, 

dw 82 St Paul 




Hodges Wm. R. firm Jas. H. 8c Bro. 274 Lexington 
Hodges Wm. laborer, Star al s of Gough st 

Hodgkinson John & Son, chair makers, 11 n Gay, 

dw cor. Pratt and Gough 
Hodgkiss Ann, dairy, s e cor. Saratoga and Court- 
Hoehn Jno. G. shoemaker, 666 w Baltimore 
Hoelzar Lainhart, tailor, -17 Hill 
Hoelzar Jacob, painter, rear 69 Hanover 
Hoen August, firm Edwd. Weber &Co. dw St Paul 

near Madison 
Hoenge George, shoemaker, 153 Peirce 
Hoff Christian, paver, 131 Harford av 
Hofl' Jno. M. painter, 91 Lexington 
Hoff Jno. shoemaker. Bethel n of Bank 
Hoff Jno. carter, 4 Friendship 
Hoff Lewis, boot maker, Pennsylvania av 
Hoff Mgt. A. dress maker, 91 Lexington 
Hoff Wm. 73 n Eutaw 
Hoffenbridel Lewi.s, gunsmith, 70 Camden 
Hoffman Aaron, butcher, 28 Hoffman st 
Hoffman Abraham, 472 \v Lombard 
Hoffman Ann, 146 Mulberry 

HOFFMAN, BURNESTON & Co. dry goods job- 
bers, 19 s Charles 
Hoffman Car!, shoemaker, 137 York 
Hoffman Chs. provision dealer, 408 w Bait, dw 240 

Hoffman Charles, bricklayer, 116 Pearl 
Hoffman Charles, rope maker, Lex. w Shroder 
Hoffman & Co. auctioneers, 8 n Charles 
Hofiman Christopher, 16 Neighbor st. 
Hoffman Conrad, box maker, 18 York 
Hofiman Conrad, brewer, 53 Penn. av 
Hoffman Daniel, sausage maker, 61 Schroder 
Hoffman Deborah. 81 Franklin 
Hoffman Eliza, 107 Conway 
Hoffman Elizabeth, 756 w Baltimore 
Hoffman Ephraim, butcher, 26 Hoffman 
Hoffman Francis, tavern Keeper, 38 Lancaster 
Hofiman Frederick, grocer, 31 e Pratt 
Hoffman Gate, basket maker, 203 s Bond 
Hoffman Mrs. Geo. 53 Franklin 
Hoffman Geo. W. store, 124 Montgomery 
Hofiman Geo. L. currier, 112 s Paca 
Hoffman Geo. B. firm of H. Burneston & Co. 49 

Hofiman Geo. cabinet maker, 30 Hanover 
Hofiman Gotleb, glazier, 156 Canton av 
HOFFMAN HENRY H. tavern Centre market 
Hoffman Henry, laborer, 177 Alice Anna 
Hoffman J. H. keep. Oyster house, 413 Baltimore 

Hofiman Jacob, laborer, 333 s Bond 

Hoffman Jeremiah, laborer. Penn. av n of Dolphin 

Hoffman John, wood dealer, 45 Albemarle 

Hoffman John, 22 L. Church 

Hofiman John, currier, 165 s Paca 

Hoffman John, tavern, Fredk. road extd 

Hoffman John, confectioner, 215 s Charles 

Hoffman John B's bottling cellar, 72 s Howard 

Hoffman John, sawyer. 211 Ensor 

Hoffman John, cabinet maker, 142 Franklin 

Hofiman John blacksmith, 182 Wolf 

Hoffman John, tailor, 87 s Exeter 

Hoffman John, tailor, 56 Short 

Hofiman John, laborer, 61 e Monument 

Hoffman John B. clerk Quarter Master's office, 199 

w Lombard 
Hoffman Joseph, laborer, 279 s Bond 
Hoffman Lewis, laborer, Greenwillow st 
Hoffman L. grocer, 222 Gough 
Hoffman Mr. moroc. dresser, Penn.av n of Smith st 
Huffman Mary, 11 Columbia 
HOFFMAN MICHAEL, jr. currier, 261 Pratt 

cor. Howard, dw 185 Conway 
Hoffman Michael, 36 w Lombard 
Hoffman Randolph F. carpenter, 96 Tyson 
Hoffman S. Owings, firm H. &Co. dw n wcor. Ma- 
dison and Charles 

Hoffman firm H. 3c Co. dw 113 Park 

Hoffman Samuel, 44 Franklin 
Hoffman Thos. C. mt. Hanover, dw 54 Barre 
Hoffman Thomas, shoemaker, 21 Armistead lane 
Huffman Tilghman, tailor, 192 Raborg 
Hoffman Valentine, carpenter, 233 s Bond 
Hoffman Wenner, tinner, 162 Raborg 
Hoffman Wm. tobacconist, cor. Eutaw and Mont- 
Hoffman Wm. confectioner & dairy keep. 135 Lex- 
Hoffman Wm. book and job printer, 216 Bait, dw 

Hofiman William H. firm Burneston 8c Co.53 Frank- 
lin „ , 
Hoffmaster Geo. wheelwright, 134 e Madison 
Hotfmeister Henry, shoemaker 3 Friendship from 

Orleans, e of Forest 
Hoffmeistej Wm. porter, 70 Spring 
Hoffnagle Earhardt, shoemaker, 173 Stirling 
Hoffnagle, Lvdia, tailoress, 9 Armistead lane 
Hoffnagle Jno. simbt. hand, 26 Armistead lane 
Hoffnagle Sebastian, tailor, rear 22 Shakspear 
Hoffnagle Richd. wheelwright, 3 Hill 
Hotlhasle Wm. moulder, 484 w Lombard 




Holfner Adam, grocer, n e cor. Caroline and Mc 

Hoflner Henry, drayman, 15 Commerce 
Hot'leh Philip, tailor, 67 Park 
Hot'nal W. 3 Shakspear 
Hogan Jas. tavern, 43 President 
Hogan Thos. laborer, Wolfs Gough 
HOGE LEVI, tavern keeper, n w cor. Pratt and 

Hogg Chas. carpenter, 87 North 
Hogg Jas. H. ft John S. carpenters, 14 Cowpen al. 

dw J. H. 21 1 Saratoga 
Hogg Jas. teller Bank of Baltimore, 93 e Pratt 
Hogg John W. carpenter, 86 North 
Hogg John, tailor, 115 Pearl 
Hogg John, carpenter, 39 Gibson 
Hogg Rachel, boarding house, 9 Park 
Hogg Win. firm Egenion, Morris & Co. 14 e Fayette 
Hohlmon Harman, drayman, 24 Concord 
Hohman John, shoemaker, 2 Ross 
Holm Mary, shoe binder, 65 Burgundy al 

Hohn , laborer, Scott n Pratt 

Hokamp Jos. shoemaker, 7 Poppleton 
Holaran Michael, butcher, Vine e Poppleton 
Holbrook Eliza, 3 Maiden lane 
Holbrook Jacob, shoemaker. 277 n Eden 
Holbrook Jane L. 44 Spring 
Holbrook Capt. Jos 113 e Baltimore 
Holbrook Mary, dress maker, 14 L. Gough 
Holbrook P. M. contractor for paving, 80 Buren 
Holbrook Rebecca, 20 East 
Holbrook Thos. boarding house, 30 Holliday 
Holcrolt Richd. cabinet maker, 85 Harford av 
Holden ft. Go's cracker maiiuf. 27 s Frederick, office 

cor. Gay and Lombard 
Holden Enoch P. firm II. & Co. dw 15 Albemarle 
Holden Geo. W. rigger, 173 Canton av 
Holden John W. blind maker, 192 Pine 
Holden Jos. K. morocco dres. Penn. av n Wilson st 
Holden Mary, seamstress, 78 Thames 
Holden Patrick, grocer, 132 Forest 
Holdess John, tailor, 229 Bond 
Holland Albert, professor music, 109 Mulberry 
Holland Araminta, 183 n Eutaw 
Holland Emily, shirt maker, 40 State 
Holland Geo. W- laborer, 31 May 
Holland Geo. butcher, Harford av. near rope walk 
Holland Isaac, blacksmith, 225 Canton av 
Holland Isaiah, tobacconist, 18 n Paca 
Holland Jas. iron dealer, 23 Light 
Holland Jesse, cooper, 20 Williamson 
Holland John P. confectioner, 14 n Eden 

HOLLAND JOHN C. & W. upholsterers and 

paper hangers, 87 Baltimore, dw J. C.H 48 n Gay 
Holland Joshua, shoemaker, 684 Baltimore 
Holland Saml. bricklayer, 389 n Gay 
Holland Win. R. "baggage master," Lombard w of 

Hollander Alex. 23 Union 
Hollander Chas. cabinet maker, 26 e Pratt 
Holler B. tavern, 58 Camden 
Holler John, cabinet maker, 65 Henrietta 
Hollet Jas. drayman, 254 Franklin 
Holliday Henry, coachman, 84 n Canal 
Holliday Jesse, printer, 172 Aisquith 
Holliday Mrs. fancy and variety goods dealer, 94 

Holliday Wm. printer, 94 Lexington 
Holling Geo. carter, 222 s Charles 
Hollingshead David A. teacher Western Female 

High School, 179 Hollins 
Hollingshead Capt. Francis, 70 Lee 
Hollingshead Capt. John, of steamboat Columbus, 

94 Hill 
Hollingshead Capt. Saml. harbor mast. 166 s Eutaw 
Hollingsworth Alex, paper stainer, 182 s Eutaw 
Hollin^sworih C. dry goods mt.2l n Howard 
Hollingsworth Mrs. Levi, 76 Saratoga 
Hollingsworth Mary, 286 Fayette 
HOLLINS GEORGE, grocer, 7 n Charles, dw 104 

n Paca 
Hollins John Smith, 58 Exchange Place 
HOLLINS & LEAGUE, grocers and commission 

merchants, 39-41 w Pratt, cor. Buchanan's whf 
Hollins Patrick, laborer, Canal st n Eastern av 
Hollins Robt. S. sect. Bait, and Susq. rail road, dw 

37 Mulberry 
Hollis Ann, confectionery, 88 n Greene 
Hollison Jas. ship carpenter, 42 G. Hughes 
Hollit Mrs. 34 Rock 
Hollomer Jos. rear 80 Centre Market 
Holloway Edwd. attorney at law, 4 Court House 

lane, dw High st 
Hollowav Geo. coach maker. 290 Lexington 
Holloway John M. watchmaker and jeweller, 282 

Baltimore, dw 118 n High 
Holloway John, fisher, e Hamburg 
Holloway Robt. watch maker and jewl. 118 n High 
Hollowfield Jos. dentist, 161 n Paca 
Holly Simon, clothier, 131 Franklin 
Holman David, watch maker, 138 Pine 
Holmes Danl. blacksmith, Clinton st. Canton 
Holmes David, saddler, 95 Fremont 
Holmes Geo. W. grocer, 218 e Fayette 




Holmes Jas. machinist, 21 Holland 

Holmes Jas. grocer, cor. Forest and Douglass 

Holmes John, porter, Moore's al 

Holmes John E. gilder, 1(15 e Baltimore 

Holmes Jos. fisher, 243 William 

Holmes Lucy, 188 e Monument 

Holmes Margaret, 143 n Exeter 

Holmes Ricbd. grocer, cor. Hoffman st & Penn 

Holmes Robt. S. clerk, 47 n Eden 

Holmes Saml. market man, Johnson st. F. Hill 

Holmes Thos. fisherman, 261 William 

Holmes Wm. brass and iron founder, 12 Thamesst. 

dw Broadway s Pratt st 
Holmstein Leonard, basket maker, 79 Union 
Holshure John, cabinet maker, 11 Baker's al 
Holstein Wm. H. tinner, 117 s Howard 
Holston John, miller, 183 Raborg 
Holt Danl. oyster export. City Block, dw 128 s High 
Holt Enoch, carpet weaver, 265 e Monument 
Holt Geo. H. hatter, 157 w Pratt, dw 23 Columbia 
Holt John G. 38 s Frederick 
Holt Jos. brickla3'er, Ann s Lombard 
Holter Lewis, cedar cooper, 66 s Calvert, dw 120 n 

Holthouse Frances T. glass, oil and paint dealer, 

10 Baltimore 
Holton David, chandler, 311 e Monument 
Holton Geo. J. butcher, Harford av e Eager st 
Holton John J. bricklayer, 7 French 
Holton John, clerk, 164 McHenry 
Holton John T. n w cor. Amity and Lemmou 
Holton Mrs. C5 Potter 
Holtz Emanuel, paper staiuer, and venitian blind 

manuf. West w Eutaw, store 105 n Howard. 
Holtz Fredk. cooper. 276 s Charles 
Hol'tz Geo. G. paper hanger, 268 Biddle 
Holtz John, engineer al staining fact, dw West w 

Holtze Fredk. nailor, Slemmer's al 
Holtzer - — , nailor, 12 President 
Holtzer Francis, 28 Eastern av 
Holtzman Geo. tailor, 32 Josephine 
Holuman Lewis, 80 s Howard 
Holtzman Thos. runner in Commercial & Farmers' 

Bank, dw 102 n Pearl 
HOLTZMAN WILLIAM, tavern and boarding 

house, 12 n Frederick 
Holz John, butcher, Monument e Bond 
Horn August, office North near Madison 
Homan Casper, tailor, court fm w end Carpenter's al 
Human Casper, laborer, alley s Cross st w Light 
Human Christian, laborer, 51 n Paea 

Homan Francis, laborer, 285 Forest 

Homan Geo. grocer, 5 n Eden 

Homan Peter, quarryman, w Pratt st extd 

Homer Betsey, 84 Harford av 

Homer Christopher, bacon cutter, cor. Gough stand 

Castle al 
Homestead Association, John Fox and John W. 

Van Hook, prop. I w Fayette 
Hominer Jas. 126 e Fayette 
Honeman John, laborer, 111) Wolf 
Honeywell John, 54 e Fa3'ette 
Hood & Co. 138 Baltimore 
Hood Henry, jeweller, Baliimore, dw 66 Park 
Hood Martin, laborer, 277 Wolf 
Hoof Valentine, tailor, rear 80 Centre Market 
Hoofnagle Fredk. tailor, 166 Spring , 
Hoogewerff Elizabeth, 71 St. Paul 
Hook E. e Hamburg 
Hook Enoch, hatter, 41 George 
Hook Francis, glazier, 8 Deluol al 
Hook Fredk. painter, 118 Saratoga 
Hook Geo. horse dealer, 91) Franklin 
Hook Geo. butcher, 332 s Charles 
Hook Henry F. stables keener, 424 w Baltimore, dw 

7 Pearl 
Hook Henry, painter, Clay, dw 35 Pearl 
Hook Jacob, carpenter, 1? Low 
Hook John T. millwright, 4 Shroeder 
Hook John, tailor, 175 n Eutaw 
Hook John, laborer, 12 Elizabeth al 
Hook Marcus R. 208 e Baltimore 
Hook Maria, 15 High al 
Hook Nicholas, laborer, Washington av 
Hooker Amos, carpenter, Bond n Fayette 
Hookle John, tailor, 220 Dallas 
Hoop Christopher, 330 s Charles 
Hoop Jos. laborer. 197 Happy al 
Hooper Amasa, painter, 9 St'irling 
Hooper Benj. carpenter, 146 s Charles, dw 48 Lee 
Hooper & Chesebrough, ship chandlers, s w cor, 

Pratt and South 
Hooper Cam. Edwd. 6 L. Gough 
Hooper & Graff, mts. 162 e Baltimore 
Hooper Capt. Henry, manner, 293 Light 
Hooper Capt. Jas. J. mariner, 221 Aisquith 
Hooper Jas. A. ship chandler and grocer, corner 

South and Pratt, dw 126 e Baltimore 
Hooper Jas I. grocer, 630 Baltimore 
Hooper Jas. B. carpenter, 731 w Baltimore 
Hooper Jas. cabinet maker, 222 n Gay 
Hooper James, firm J. H. &. Sons, dw 158 s Charles 
Hooper Jas. surgeon dentist, 191 e Baltimore 




HOOPER JAMES & SONS, wholesale grocers 

and commission merchants, 35-Cheapside 
Hooper Jas. B. firm J. H. & Sons, d\v s Charles 
Hooper Jas. jr. firm J. H. & Sons. d\v 57 Barre 
Hooper Jas. firm H. & Graff, 162 e Bait 
Hooper Capt. John, mariner, 305 Light 
Hooper John P. firm J. H. & Sons, dw 156 s Chas. 
Hooper Jos. M. coioner & cab. maker 239 n Gay 
Hooper Levin, carpenter, 297 n Howard 
HOOPER & LOANE,sail makers, 99 Bowly'swbf 
Hooper Mary Ann. 16 President 
HOOPER liOBBRT, cracker and biscuit baker, 
111 McElderry's wharf, store 112 w Pratt,dw 117 
HOOPER ROBERT, lumber dealer, yard Com- 
mercial wharf, dw 117 Hanover 
Hooper Saml. W. T. firm Webb &. H. 10 Barnet 
Hooper Sarah. 70 George 
Hooper Thos. ship chaud. & grocer. 2 Spear's whf. 

dw 58 Barre 
Hooper Thos. T. mariner, 238 s Charles 
Hooper Win. dw 60 e Pratt * 
Hooper Wm. wood dealer, 30 Montgomery 
Hooper Wm. E. firm H. & Loane, dw 38 Fawn 
Hooper Wm. 88 Orleans 
Hooper Wm. rigger, 238 Ann 
Hooper Wm. carpenter, 53 n Amity 
Hooper Wm. mariner. 181 Lee 
Hooper Wm. E. man. Cotton duck, 74^ Bowly's whf 
M iper Wm. H. carpenter, 86 s Caroline 
Hoopes David H. attorney, 75 Mulberry 
Hoops Amos, box maker, Bank e of Wolf 
Hoop- Franklin, grocer, 291 Eastern av 
Hon Henry, carter, Penn av n of Wilson st 
Hoot Henry, tailor, Eager e of Aisquith 
Hoover Adam, laborer, 284 Aisquith 
Hoover Chas. brick maker, Wash, s of Gough 
Hoover Edwd. scale maker, 32 Tyson's al 
Hoover Elizab. 87 Columbia 
Hoover Francis, butcher, 117 Columbia 
Hoover Fredk. tailor, 150 n Canal 
Hoover Geo. tailor, 270 Aisquith 
Hoover Henry, carpenter, Raborg. dw 306 Fayette 
Hoover Ignatius H. <& Geo. W. butchers, 87 Colum. 
Hoover Jacob, confectioner, 83 Raborg 
Hoover Jno. blacksmith, 95 Harrison, d\- 148 Potter 
Hoover John, prov. dealer, Pa. av. n of Mosher st 
Hoover Mrs. Rebecca, 144 Columbia 
Hoover Wm. huckster, 156 French 
Hope Daniel, brush maker, 190 w Pratt 
Hope David, brush maker, 43 G. Montgomery 
Hope John, laborer, 103 Henrietta 

Hope Miss Rebecca, principal young ladies' semi- 
nary, 96 Lexington. 
Hope Miss S. M. principal of seminary, 427 Bait 
Hope Wm. H. firm Cloud, Hope & Co. pub. Repub- 
lican & Argus, 12 s Gay 
Hopefield Chrstr. cabinet maker, 1 Jew al 
Hopfeld Peter, laborer, 22 Elizabeth al 
Hopkins Ann Maria, 25 Amistead lane 
Hopkins Basil B. firm H. & Hull, dw 58 Franklin 
Hopkins, Cropper & Co. grocers & com. merchants, 

92 Dugan's wharf 
Hopkins Dollv, 62 Sharp 

tailors and clothiers, 230 Bait, see card 
Hopkins Franklin, tinner, 168 s Bond 
Hopkins Gerard, firm T. W.& G. dw Sharp 
Hopkins Greenbury, ship carpenter, 21 s Caroline 
Hopkins Howard H. firm Roney &. H. dw 295 n. 

HOPKINS & HULL, wholesale dry] goods mer- 
chants, 258 Baltimore st 
Hopkins Jackson,, shoemaker, 142 n Eden 
Hopkins James, shoemaker, Lombard wof Wolf 
Hopkins James, ship joiner, Ann s Bait 
Hopkins James, dyer, 21 s Caroline 
Hopkins James H. carpenter, 398 Lexington 
Hopkins John L. firm Dixon & H. 28 Hollins 
Hopkins John, tavern, 204 Lexington 
Hopkins John W. tailor, 23 Fremont 
Hopkins Johns, dw 177 w Lombard 
Hopkins Joseph J. hardware mt. 15 n Howard 
Hopkins Jos. firm H.Fairchilds &, Hinds, Charles 

s of Barre 
HOPKINS, LAKE & HARDIN, importers and 
dealers in hardware, saddlery &c, 294 Baltimore 
Hopkins Lambert N. firm Hopkins, Lake &H dw 

194 Saratoga 
Hopkins Phil. J. J. butter and .meal dealer, 216 e 

Hopkins Robert M. grocer, 269 n Gay 
Hopkins & Roney, boots, shoes dt^nats dealers, 116 

w Lombard 
Hopkins Misses S. & S. 80 e Fayette 
Hopkins Samuel, 69 e Fayette 
Hopkins Samuel. 27 Franklin 
Hopkins Samuel G. clerk. Pratt e of Canal 
Hopkins Thomas, shoemake, 144 e Monument 
Hopkins Thomas C. druggist, cor. Broadway and 

Eastern av 
HOPKINS T. W. & G. grocers and commission 

merchants .cor. Pratt and Light 
Hopkins Cap. Thomas, mariner, 259 Eastern av 




merchant. 3 Bowley's whf. dw33 Hollins 

Hopkins Wm. firm Bonnet & H. dw Lee st near 

Hopkins Wm. H. painter. North st dw 101 s Exeter 

Hopkins Wm. S. firm Orcm H. & Rose, dw52 Con- 

Hopkins Wm. M. firm H ammond & Co. dw Ger- 
man st 

Hopkins Wm. Register n of Lombard 

Hopkinson Francis, bricklayer, 98 Hollins 

Hopkinson M. A. dentist, 129 Payette 

Hoppe Catharine, tailoress, 116 s Howard 

Hoppe Mrs. J. 253 Saratoga 

Hopper S. W. T. dry goods 323 Bait dw 10 Barnet 

Hopper Ellen, 73 Harford av 

Hopper Wm. moulder, 72 Harford av 

Horace Edward, laborer, 2-20 Bethel 

Horichs Wm. cabinet maker, 72 Thames 

Horder John, hardw. deal.231£ Hanover 

Horlebein John A. tailor, 42 Granby 

Hormesz Em. tavern, 64 s Charles 

Hormyer Andrew, 8 Constitution 

Horn Alex, carpenter, Penn. av n Townsend st 

Horn Benj. tanner, Penn. av n of- Wilson st 
Horn Edward, butcher, 305 Orleans 
Horn Henry, shoemaker, 183 Raborg 

Horn Henry, boot fitter, 75 Shroeder 

Horn Jacob, dry goods merchant, 09 n Howard 

Horn John, laborer. Reenter st s of Bait. 

Horn Joseph, firm H. Beamer & Co, dw 67 n Paca 

HORN MATTHEW, turnk mal:er, corner Calvet 

and Baltimore sts dw 187 Franklin 
Horn Michl. laborer, Garden wof Preston 
Horn Mich!, brickmaker. Booth No. 7 
Horn Misses E. &M. milliners, 89JMulberry 
Home Thos. bricklayer, 26 Comet st. 
Horneck John, boot and shoemaker, 131 William 
Hornence Alfred, porter, 33 Concord 
liornence Martin, porter, 33 Concord 
Horner Abel, carpenter, 42 Henrietta 
Horner Absalom, huckster, E. av w of Chcsir: t 
Horner John, deal, in rags, iron, &c 292 Eastern av 

dw Canton 
Horner Joshua, prop, bone factory, Clinton st Canton 
Hornet Jacob, pedlar, -207 Bond 
Homey Edward, boot & shoemaker. 224 Broadway 
Horney E. Rose, teacher, n w cor. Fayette & Eutaw 
Horney Mary, 167 Orleans 
Horney Mary Jane, Washington, e of Wolf 
Hornev & Meads, ship carpeWers, Atlantic wharf 


rain and commission Horney Samuel, ship carpenter, Washington s of 
Horney Thomas, plaisterer, 2-11 Light 
Hornev Thomas, firm H. &. Meads, "ship carpenters, 

86 Wolf 
Horney Wm. shoemaker, 65 Lancaster 
Horney Wm. plaisterer, 173 Light 
Horney Woodford, shoemaker, Alice Anna e of Wolf 
Hornhiing Jno. G. cabinet maker, 164 s Caroline 
Hortck Jno. boot maker. 61 Preston 
Hornig Joseph A. tavern, 129 Canton av 
Horpel John N. shoemaker, 202 w Fayette 
Horsford Elizabeth, butter deal. Richmond st near 

Horst Conrad, baker, 200 s Caroline 
Horst Geo. gunsmith, Harford av extd 
Hoist Valentine rag deal.Green's Ct. Hamburg st 
Horstman Charles, carpenter, Ann st s of Pratt 
Horstnidn Sarah, needle woman, 9 Johnson 
Horstman Wm.ship carpenter, Banke afWashing- 

Horstmier Ernst; grocer, s w cor. Wolf and Alice 

Horta Cap. A. merchnt tailor, cor. North and Lex- 
Hoi tes Seo. laborer, 190 Happy al 
Horton Catharine B. preceptress, 200Chesnut 
Horton & Campbell, carvers, Eutaw n of Bah. 
Horton Henry P. maker, 13 n Frederick, dw 76 

e Fayette 
Horweil Edwd. C's. dauguerian rooms. Bait, st dw 

128 n Exeter 
Horwitz Bcnj. F. attorney at law, P. office buildings 
Horwitz Dr. J. 07 n Eutaw 

Horwitz Orville, attorney at lav.. Tot office build- 
ings, North si 
Horwitz Dr. Thro. B. 69 Fayette 
Horze Fredk. shoemaker, 19 Hem 
HOSHALL &. BELT, house carpenters, 48 Hollii 

day. up stairs 
Hoshall Shadrach, 220 s Charles 
Hoshert Philip, laborer, Eden ,-i n of E. avenue 
HoskingGeo. pattern maker, 313 w I ombard 
Hosmer Augustus N. potter, S3 Holliday 
Hosmer Charles E. store keeper and butler depot 

17 Mercer 
Hospital Bait. City Marine, Broadway n of Bait 
Hoss Capt. John F. architect 34 s High 
Hossefros Mary, 302 Franklin 
Host Lewis, huckster, 105 E. avenue 
Hotchkiss Sherman. 87 Garden 
Hotze Jno. R. A. dentist, 109 Montgomery 




Houck A. V. drygoods mt. 235 Lexington 
Houck Chs. cabinet maker. Monument w of Bond 
Houck Geo. H. 12 Poppltton 
Houck Henry G. teamster. 501 w Pratt 
Houck Henry T. panacea laboratory, 8 Eutaw build- 
ings Ball. st. dw 65 s Eutaw 
Houck Henry, carpenter, 58 n Eutaw 
Houck Jacob, blacksmith, 338 s Charles 
Houck Dr. Jacob, physician, 8 Eutaw buildings, 

dw 65 Eutaw 
Houck Jno. laborer, 108 Conw-w 
Hough Chasi A. watch maker and jeweller, 160 w 

Pratt, dw88s Sharp 
Hough Robert, 106 St.' Paul 

Hough Samuel & Robert, grocers and com. mts. 125 
w Pratt, dw S. H. 35 Pleasant, dw R. H. St. Paul 
Houghton Mrs. Mary H. milliner, 71 Fayette 
Houldary Henry, cooper, Canal n of E. avenue 
Houlton Bryan, laborer, 232 Chestnut 
Houk Lawrence, laborer, 3.3 Preston 
Houlton Wm. butter &lard inspector, 94 Albemarle 
Housch Jno. carpenter, 16 French 
House Charles, clerk, 173 e Fayette 
House Jesse; carpenter, 209 e Madison 
House Michael ; laborer, 63 Hoffman 
House's lumber cor. Greene and Mulberry, 

dw 133 Mulberry 
House Wm. A. lumber and coal mti 111 Light st 

wharf, dw 27 Camden 
Houseman Augustus C. "Great Western Hotel/' cor 

Pratt and Carey 
Housen Lewis, sawyer, 21 Shakspear 
Housenvald Jno. H. grocer, 3 Penn. av 
Houssen Sussmaen, cabinet maker, 153 Conway 
Houston Copeland, firm H. & Gorman, dw 175 Bank 
Houston Copeland, ship smith, 121 s Eden 
Houston James, saddler, 85 n Eden 
Houston James F. porter, 357 Franklin 
Houston Jno. sawyer, City Block 
Houston Wm. 233 Conway 
Houton Jno. moulder, L Greene s of Barre 
How Alexander, dentist, 55 Watson 
How Wm. oak cooper, 291 Raborg 
Howard Ann, tutoress, 80 Granby 
Howard Ann Rebecca, 103 Madison 
Howard Benj. carpenter, Baltimore w of Pine, dw 

68 Raborg 
Howard Factory, Geo, Appold & Son prop. North 

n of Madison 
Howard Hon. Chas. judge Orphans' court, 41 Mt 

Vernon place 
Howard Cornelius, ship joiner, 127 Bond 

Howard Cornelia A. 54 Franklin 
Howard Eli D. dw 185 e Pratt 

Howard F.K. attorney,?? Counsellor's hall, Lexington 
Howard Geo. W. firm Cole & H. 284 w Lombard 
Howard Henry, puddler, Johnson st. F, Hill 
Howard Henry A. currier, Parkin s of Lombard 
Howard Jno. B. firm H.&. Sol, Gay, dw 46 Franklin 
Howard Johnson, trader, 492 w Lombard 
Howard Julia, Penn. av n of McMechin st 
Howard Mrs. Louisa M. 114 e Orleans 
Howard Matthias, saddler, Henrietta w of Eutaw 
Howard Robt. &. Co. grocers & com. mts. cor. Pratt 

st & O'Donnell's wharf, dw R. H. 46 e Pratt 
Howard Mrs. Sarah, 161 s Howard 
Howard Street Savings' Bank,n w cor. German & 

Howard Theresa, 327 s Bond 

How r ard Thomas J. bricklayer, 65 German 

Howard Wm. shoemaker, 177 n Canal 

Howe Martha, tailoress, 455 w Lombard 

Howe Patrick, carpenter, 24 Ross 

HOWELL & BRU. manufacturers and importers of 
paper hangings, 207 Baltimore 

Howell Darius C. firm H. & Bro. 148 Lee 

Howell Elizabeth, 150 Happy al 

Howell Geo. H. plaisterer, 215 Madison av 

Howell Jno. Brown, firm Howell & Son, dw 46 

Howell L. agent North Ainer. Ins. Co. Exchange 
place, dw 29 Hamilton 

Howell Wm. & Son, ship & com. mts. 60 s Gay 

Howland Mrs. Elizbi boarding house, 26 n Charles 

Howland Mrs. R. boarding house, 46 Sharp 

Howser Barbara, 36 e Fayette 

Howser Lewis A. bacon mt. 42 n Exeter 

Howser Jas- brickmaker, 96 Cross 

Howser Wjn. tavern keeper, 12 Harrison 

Howzer Jacob, cow keeper, Light st. extended 

Hoy A. 149 Orleans 

Hoy David, carpenter, 39 Mcllenry 

Hoy Geo. laborer, Canal n of E. avenue 

Hoyer Amos, miller, 7 Constitution 

Hozendorp E. 'J8 Hanover 

Hubbard Alex, jeweller, 8 n High 

Hubbard Charlotte, 264 Canton av 

Hubbard Daniel, McKimn of Eager 

Hubbard Daniel, wheelwright k blacksmith, Cathe- 
dral n of Howard 

Hubbard George W. ship carpenter, Fountain st w 
of Castle al » 

Hubbard Capt. Henry, mariner, 101 Goug.h 

Hubbard Dan. blacksmith, Tyson st near Cathedral 




Hubbard Henry, boatman, 74 William 
Hubbard Jas. J. guard at Aid. Penitentiary, 158 Or- 
Hubbard James G. hackman, 29 Constitution 
Hubbard James, mariner, 148 n Canal 
Hubbard James H. cooper, 88 Ann 
Hubbard Jeremiah, blacksmith, 139 Hollins 
Hubbard John, shoemaker, 34 McElderry 
Hubbard John, blacksmith, 146 n Howard 
Hubbard John, plaisterer, 261 Canton av 
Hubbard Nancy, tailoress, Hughes e ot Light 
Hubbard Samuel, ship carver, 29 Philpot, dw Ann n 

of Pratt 
Hubbard Thos. S. tailor, 51 Holland 
Hubbard Thos. ship smith, 5 Arygle al 
Hubbard Capt. Wm. 112 s Eden 
Hubbard Wm. ship joiner, Star al s of Canton av 
Hubbard Wm. 147 a Exeter 
Hubbars Wm. rigger, 106 s Eden 
Hubbell Amelia, boarding house, n e cor. Sharp and 

Hubbell Sarah, 263 Lexington 
Hubline Geo. tailor, 369 w Fayette 
Hubrich Ferdinand, tailor, 55 s Eutaw 
Hubschman Geo. shoemaker, 97} e Lombard 
Hucht Jno. B. grocer, n w cor. Pearl & Saratoga 
Hudderman Henry, tavern, 202 Lexington 
Hudgin Jas. weaver, 117 Peirce 
Hudgins Jesse L. confectioner, 204 Broadway 
Hudgins Jno. R. edge tool maker, 18 President 
Hudgins Robert, tobacconist, 31^ Jefferson 
Hudgins Wm. tailor, 181 e Monument 
HUDSON D. W. notary public and magistrate, 45 

Lombard, dw 38 Spring Row 
Hudson Edward, blacksmith, 93 s Caroline 
Hudson Eliza, seamstress, 48 L Hughes 
Hudson Elizabeth, 72 Argyle al 
Hudson Geo. carter. 92 Boyd 
Hudson Jas. blacksmith, 30 Alorris al 
Hudson Joshua, wheelwright, 72 Raborg 
Hudson R. C. tobacconist, 714 w Baltimore 
Hudson Capt. Robt.shippingtuerchanl,37Broadwaj r 
Hudson Thos. carpenter, Fountain, dw Washington 

s of Gough 
HUDSON WE furniture dealer, 49 n Eutaw 
Hudson Wm. 11 Block 
Huebner Adam, tailor, 5 Cowpen al 
Huebner Martin, shoemaker, Shroeder between 

Lexington and Fayette 
Huester Andrew, butcher, 143 Columbia 
Hueston Jas. clerk, 186 n Exeter 
Hueston Margaret, washer, 25 Biddle al 

IluetDr. 16 s Frederick 

Huey Isabella, 160 AIcHenry 

Huey Jas. Hour, feed and grain dealer, Frederick 1 

door fr Pratt, dw 229 Alonument 
Huey John, laborer, 87 Ross 
Huey John, laborer, 135 Alice Anna 
HuevslerGeo. A. carpenter, cor. Garden & Mosher 
Huff Benjamin, plane maker, 6 Clay, dw Eutaw 
Hurley Jos. brick maker, Poppleton s of McHenry 
Huffington Capt. Wm. 103 s Eden 
Huffnagle John, 22 Bethel 
Huffnagle Martin, laborer, 41 Lancaster 
Huffnagle Sebastian, boot and shoemaker, 322 Bond 
Hugg Capt. J. W. 40 Broadway 
Hugg Rich, ladies' shoemaker, 95 n Eutaw 
Huggins Win. painter, 329 Mulberry 
Hughes A. D. jeweller, 102 Mulberry 
Hughes Aquilla, grocer, 72 n Eutaw 
Hughes Chas. E. watchmaker, 59* n Eutaw, dw 

167 Saratoga 
Hughes Christian, tanner, 70 Ross 
Hughes Christopher, carpenter, 341 Franklin 
Hughes & Co. hatters, 34 Bait 
Hughes &. Co. dealers in stoves and hollow-ware, 

40 and 42 Light 
Hughes Edwd. cellar digger, 38 Orchard 
Hughes Elijah, soap and candle maker, 72 dw 74 


Hughes Felix, laborer, 14 Mulberry 
Hughes Geo. prop. "Whitehall," Bank w of Broad. 
Hughes Hugh, machinist, 191 Forest 
Hughes Jas. butcher, e Bait. Prospect kill 
Hughes Jas. carter, 5 Stirling 
Hughes Jas. laborer, 31 Biddle 
Hughes Jane, 71 Watson 

Hughes John, indian rubber factor, rear 61 Camden 
Hughes John, laborer, 260 Canton av 
Hughes John, laborer, Wills 
Hughes John, laborer, 10 Johnson 
Hughes John, laborer, 39 Richmond 
Hughes John, cabinet maker and undertaker, 170 s 


Hughes Margaret, Emory 
Hughes Margaret, 58 St. Paul . 
Hughes Alary, 62 Henrietta 
Hughes Mich, grocer, 6 L Paca 
Hughes Mich, carpenter, 19 Oregon 
Hughes Morris, rope maker, Star al. n of Bank st 
Hughes &. Murdoch, iron founders, 37 Philpot, stoie 

Lombard w of Charles 
^Hughes Napoleon, firm R & Co. S3 e Bait 
■Hughes Patrick, dealer, 75 Park 




Hughes Patrick, stone cutter. 90 French 

Hughes Patrick, laborer, 4 Swan 

Hushes Patrick, liquor store, 50 Lancaster 

Hughes Philip, grocer, 135 Conway 

Hughes Rich, laborer. Chester s of Gough 

Hughes Robt. drayman, "28 Morris al 

Hughes R.osanna, 152 McHenry 

Hughes Sarah, 415 w Lombard 

Hughes Sarah, tailoress, 3 Young 

Hughes Capt. Scott, 110 Gough 

Hughes Thos. laborer, Cambridge e of Windsor, 

Hughes Wm. II. car manager, w Lombard extd 
Hughes Wm. carter, Mullikin w of Ann 
Hughes Wm. laborer, McHenry s of Poppleton 
Hughes Wm. chairmaker, 216 e Lombard 
Hughey John, 51 Eastern av r 
Hulbert Joseph P. tailor, 39 n Sharp 
Huldiary Henry, cooper, Canal n of Eastern av 
Huhn Nich. carpet weaver, 113 L. Greene 
Hull Ann, dress maker, Hamilton e of Charles 
Hull Benedict, 6 Constitution 
Hull Elizabeth, 301 n Gay # 

Hull Geo. shoemaker, 172 Orleans 
Hull R.obt. firm Hopkins & H. dw 61 n Charles 
Hull T. J. conveyancer cor. Gay & Forest, dw 127 

n Gav 
Hull Wm. collar«maker, 11C Pearl 
Hullen Christr. furn. carter, 170 Bank 
Hulls John, dealer in oils, paints & glass, 10G n Gay 
Hulse Jas. H. silk dyer, 113 Lexington 
Hulse John,' dyer, 52 Holliday 
Hulse Robt. ladies' shoemaker, 102 n Howard 
Hulse Wm. blacksmith, 72 Bank 
Hulse Wm. cigar maker, 2(35 n Eden 
Hulsnyder Henry, rear 43 Argyle al 
Hulzman Geo. laborer, 218 s Bond 
Humane Impartial Society for widows and orphans, 

lyiisp P. Lea. sup. 4 s Gay 
Hume John, laborer. 25 Shakspear 
Hume John, tailor, 120 e Lombard 
Humer Mary, Valery St. e of York av 
Humes Thos. sen. wholesale liquor dealer, 154 n 

High st 
Humes Thos. jr. dw 152 n High 
Hammel Martin, shoemaker, 47 n Greene 
Humphreys Henry, shoemaker, 163 Conway 
Humphreys Margaret, Harford av 
Humphreys Wm. tobacconist, '210 Gough, shop, 

"E. Hail," Broadway 
Humphries Andrew, s w corner Concord st. and 

Fish Market 

Humphries Owen T. conductor on Rail Road, 299 

w Pratt 
Humphries Rich. 129 Harford av 
Humrichouse C. W. grocer, 171 Pratt, cor. Caroline 
Hune J. H. C. drawing & painting teach. 14 French 
Hune Edward, cigar maker, 14 French 
Hune Wm. carpenter, Cider al.w of Paca st 
Hunger John, omnibus driver, 654 w Bait 
Hniuchenn Gerhard, clerk, 160 s Charles 
Hunlein Martin, shoemaker,90 s Howard 
tiunnemeier Wm. shoemaker, 265 Alice Anna 
Hunsberger Enos, firm Flaglor &Co. 30 Barre 
Hunt And. wheelwright, Sharp, dw 82 i Henrietta 
Hunt Chloe, shoe binder, 29 e Pratt 
Hunt Ethelbert, dry goods merchant, 58 Hanover, 

dw 386 w Fayette 
Hunt Elizabeth, 75 n Exeter 
Hunt Geo. R. huxter, 156 French 
Hunt German, engineer, Penn av. w of Dolphin st 
Hunt German, jr. machinist, 189 e Monument 
Hunt Dr. Henry S. 22-1 Eastern av 
Hunt Jesse, pres. Eutaw Savings Bank, 36 s Eutaw 
Hunt Jesse S. slock broker, 1 Franklin Bank build- 

ihLrs, North st 
Hunt John W. grocer, 50 e Fayette 
Hunt John, watchman, Harford av , 
Hunt Prudence. 39 Columbia 
Hunt Robt. watchman, Amity n of Lexington 
Hunt Robt. R. carpenter, 207 e Lombard 
HUNT SAMUEL Sc T. H. manufacturers of sad- 
dles, harness, trunks, &c. 167 Balt.dw of Samuel 
Hunt, 275 Saratoga 
Hunt Saml. tailor, 11 Penn st 
Hunt Stephen, blacksmith, 85 Fremont 
Hunt Thos. H. firm of S. & T. H. dw 181 Franklin 
Hunt & Waggner. ship huilders, 27 Fell 
Hunt Wm. firm H. & Waggner, dw 59 Ann 
Huntemuller Herman, tobacco dealer, 75 Camden 
Hunter Andrew, shoemaker, 156 Spring 
Hunter Elizabeth, 24 Clay 
Hunter Frances A. 189 AHce Anna 
Hunter Hugh, clerk, 125 Fremont 
Hunter Mrs. John, 23 Front 
Hunter John, carpenter, 231 e Monument 
Hunter John R. brass founder, 15 Humes 
Hunter John, carpenter, 35 Aisquith 
Hunter Joseph, rigger, 242 Ann 
Hunter Robt. hog driver, 108 St. Mary 
Hunter Saml. laborer, 163 Tyson 
Hunter Susan, 24 Hillen 
Hunter Thos. clerk, 30 President 
Hunter Wm. keeper record office, 71 s Charles 


Huntingdon A. B. op. Md. Penitentiary, Madison 

Hunton Thos. saddler, 29 n High 

Huntsmen Geo. laborer, 8 Sliakspear 

Hupfield Henry, imp, German goods, 274 Bait. d\v 

302 Lexington 
Huppfeld Henry, cabinetmaker, rear 130 Saratoga 
Hupp Jacob, sexton German Lutheran church, 211 

s Caroline 
Hupp Peter, grocer, 80 n Caroline 
Huppman Geo. piano forte manf. 28 Hanover 
Huppman Nich. 90 Fayette 
Huppman Valentine, saddler, 31 C. Market space, 

d\v 77 e Fayette 
Hurdle Robert, ladies' shoemaker, CO Lexington 
Hurlburt Sainl. & Co. com. mts. 11 Bowly's whf. dw 

S. H. 70 Franklin 
Hurly Dennis, laborer, Republican s of Bait 
Hurly Chas. A. mariner, 281 Saratoga 
Hurley John, gilder, 105 Elisor 
Hurley John J. firm Hayward, Bartlett & Co. 239 n 

Hurley Washington, omnibus driver, 28 George 
Hursch John, carpenter, e Hamburg st 
Hufsch Martin, glass blower, e Hamburg st 
HURST & BERRY, wholesale dry goods dealers 

241 Bait 
Hurst Conrad, shoemaker, 11 Saratoga 
Hurst Jacob, butcher, 24 Ross 
Hurst John, firm H. & Berry, dw 224 Pratt 
Hurst Mary, 5 Argvle al 
Hurst Rev. Wm. 78 Fayette 
Hurt Christopher, mariner, 87 William 
Hurt Henry N. hatter, 188 w Pratt, dw 337 LombM 
Hum Jas. A. tinner, 10 Constitution 
Hum Walter T. hatter, 101 e Fayette 
Hufzburg S. clothier, (il Centre Market 
Husback Christian, cabinet maker, 231 Hanover 
Husband Joseph E. 51 Saratoga 
Husband M. B. dry goods merchant, 213 W Pratt 
Husen Henry, tailor, 23 Watson 
Hush Elizab. tailoress, GO Muiliken 
Hush Fredk. cooper, 144 n Hanover 
Huh Henry, cooper, Tyson a of Franklin, aVjHyde Saml. N. firm Dunlap & fi.dw lfiSBiddle 

Howard ' . Hvde Saml. G. "Baltimore soap & candle factory," 

Hash Jas. block and pump maker, Ann s of Lotrtb'd n e cor. Saratoga and Holliday, dw 26 Pleasant 
Hushback Chas. machinist, 9 Poppleton 


Hntchins Danl. 37 Harford av 

Hntchins Fanny, 33 East 

Hutchins Francis, bricklayer, 352 Franklin 

Hutching Mrs. 221 Alice Anna 

Hutchins Nich. keep. "Front st. Hotel, "100 n Front 

Hutchins Nich. dealer 2d hand goods, 55 McElderry 

Hutchinson Arthur, lieuu south, district watch, 174 

s Howard 
Hutchinson Mary J> tailoress, 147 Sharp ' 
Hutchinson Mary Ann, 88 e Pratt 
Huchinson Peter A. teamster, Burgundy ak s of 

Fremont st 
Hutchinson Robt. laborer, Abey al 
Huth Conrad, tailor, 61 Somerset 
Hutton Andrew, ship carpenter, Castle al.n of East 

ern avenue 
Hutton Jane, 30 North 
Hutton Job, boarding house, 703 w Bait 
Hutton Joseph G. carpenter, 38 McElderry 
Hutzler John, laborer, 45 President 
Hutzler Moses, dry goods dealer, 78 n Eden 
Huxford Henry, japanner, Dover between Pratt and 

Hu2za Columbus, printer, 230 e Monument 
Huzza John, bacon dealer, 115Ensor 
Hymn Abram, blind maker, and paper hanger, 111 

n Canal 
Hyatt Alpheus, firm H. & Stump, s w cor. Franklin 

Hyatt S; Perkins, wholesale and retail grocers, n W 

cor. Pratt and Commerce 
Hyatt Rich. H. grocer, 17 Commerce, dw 56 Barre 
Hyatt & Slump, grocers & com. mts. 52 South 
Hychew Saml. carpenter, 73 Gough 
HYDE FRANCIS, fancy and common soap manu- 
facturer, dw 98 Holliday, factory 5 Pleasant 
Hyde John, 2d hand furniture dealer, 185 Light 
Hyde Margaret, 120 n Exeter 
Hyde Moses, soap & candle man. 12 Green Mount 

or York av 
Hyde Rich. PL boot, shoe aud hat dealer, Gay w of 

Husmyer We, laborer, G3 Argvle al 
HusselbaUgh Geo. butcher, 200 Light 
Husselbergef Fredk. shoemaker, Will st 
Hussey Ann, tailoress, s w cor. North & Saratoga 
Hussey Jas. shoemaker, 12 Low 
Hussey Obed, machinist, 4 Swan st 


Hvde Thos. laborer, 20 Holliday 

Hvde Wm. J. clerk. 70 n Front 
Hvland Jas. C. liquor inspector, 26 North 
HYMAN, APPLETON & CO. dry goods mer- 
chants, 26 Hanover 
[Hyman Christopher, lace weaver, 42 Somerset 
Hymiller Harman, 162s Spring 




Hyndes Francis, grocer, 8 s Paca 

Hynes Caleb, engineer, Washington st. n of E. av 

Hynes Thos- harbor master, 165 e Bait 

Hynson Benj. T. firm H. & Myers, dw 224 Fayette 

Hynson J. R. 168 Penn av 

HYNSON & MYERS, paper hangers, upholsterers 
and venitian blind manufacturers, 52 n Howard 

Hyser Jacob, laborer, near 53 George 

Hyser Mrs. M. fancy dress maker, 20 Conway 

Hyson Solomon, grocer, 212 Light 

Iamke S. laborer, 28 Shakspear 

Icefield Isaac, umbrella maker, 112 n Eden 

IDDINGS W. P. salesman, 284 Lexington 

Ide Henry, cigar maker, 85 McElderry's wbf 

Idle Philip, carter, Charles s Cross 

Igner Geo. blacksmith, 115 n Canal 

Ijams Frank, 370 Lexington 

Ijams John, blacksmith, 131 Hollins 

Ijams Wm. clerk, 4 Aisquith 

Ijams Wm. H. clerk, 51 Granby 

lkle Chas. laborer, 42 Durst al. F. H. 

Ikle Fredk. milkman, 54 Johnson 

lkle Henry, tailor, 25 L. Gough 

llfretz Thos. shoemaker, 95 Jefferson 

Iloff Margaret, Boston e Clinton 

Imes Wm. blacksmith, 97Hollins 

Imhof Barbara, Penn. av n McKim st 

Imhof John, tailor, 19 Somerset 

Imline Chas. piano maker, 109 Lee 

Imwalt Bernard, laborer, 101 Peirce 

Inderrieden Jos. hatter, 56 Baltimore 

Infirmary (Bah.)s w cor. Greene and Lombard, Fe- 
lix Jenkins, res. physician; pr< N. R. Smith; R. H. 
Thomas, Geo. W. Miltenberger; attg. surgeons; 
attg. physicians prof. Wm. Power, Saml. Chew 

Ing Chas. clerk, Bait. & Ohio rail road, 52 s Spring 

Ing Edwd. bnck dealer, dw opposite Eastern Fount. 

Ing John H. attorney at law, 36 w Fayette 

Ingalls Diamond, stone cutter, 12 McHenry 

Ingle Ann, tailoress, 102 Lancaster 

Ingle Henry, watchman, 89 n Caroline 

Ingle John, cooper, 123 Lancaster 

Ingle Lazarus, pedlar, 108 s Caroline 

Insole Otto, butcher, 34 Dallas 

Ingle Wm. laborer, 109 Ross 

Inglehart Conrad, laborer, Penn. av n Fremont st 

Inglehart Henry, shoemaker 109 L. Greene 

Inglehart Mary, grocer, cor. Bethel and Gough 

Inglehaupt Adam, clothier, Pratt, dw 121 s Exeter 

Inglemeyer Wolfgang, sawyer, 92 French 

Inglesby Mary, milliner, 33 s High 

Inglis Geo. ladies' shoemaker, 77 w Fayette 

Ingram Eliza, 189 e Pratt 

Inloes Gilbert, cooper, 40 Cross 

lnloes Dr. Henry A. 151 Broadway 

Inloes J. S. & Co. whol. dry goodsmts, 236 w Bait, 

Inloes John, cooper, 94 Ann 

lnloes Joshua S. firm J. S. f. & Co. dw 24 Mulberry 

Inloes Wm. Baltimore st e Broadway 

Innis Allen L. boot and shoemaker, 4 Baltimore 

Insco James, mariner, Elizabeth al near rope walk 

Insel Meyer, dealer rags, iron, &c. 91 Conway 

Inslow Wm. 99 Montgomery 

Institute for Young Ladies, 108 n Eutaw 

Insurance Companies. See appendix 

Iredel Thos. tinner, 219 n Gay 

lrelan David, boot and shoemaker, over 330 Balti- 
more, dw 91 Pine 

Ireland Allen, boarding house, 426 w Lombard 

Ireland Elizab. Preston near Gibson 

Ireland Hance, firm I. & Cole, Preston near Gibson 

Ireland Harriet, seamstress, 182 Park 

Ireland John, seaman, 5 Johnson 

Ireland SamL bricklayer, 215 e Madison 

I reman Wm. baker, 107 s Eutaw 

Ironmonger Edwd.L. chair maker, s e cor. Saratoga 
and Courtland 

Irons Emanl. bricklayer, 130 e Lombard 

Irons Capt. John, mariner, 196 s Bond 

Irons Thos. bricklayer, 117 Orleans 

Irvin Abram. teamster, 200 Hanover 

Irvin Jacob, furn. wagoner, 8 L. Church 

Irvin Jas. cigar maker, 309 n Howard 

Irvin John, confectioner, I St. Paul 

Irvin Jos. shoemaker, 130 Henrietta 

Irvin Wm. 216 e Madison 

Irvine Elizab. tutoress, Preston w Gibson 

Irvine Jacob, laborer, 106 William 

Irwin Ann, 188 n Eutaw 

Irwin & Co. lottery and exchange office, front base- 
ment Barnum's hotel, n Calvert 

Irwin Geo. W. mt. tailor, n e cor. Liberty fk German 

Irwin Geo. laborer, 20 Ross 

Irwin Henry J. forwarding mt. North, dw 42 n Paca 

Isaac R. & W. W. tobacco coin. mis-. 91 Light st wh£ 
dw 98 s Paca 

Isaacs Gabriel, trader, 9 Low 

Iseman Geo- umbrella maker, 47 Orchard 

Isley Peter, potter, 22 Hampstead 

lsman Geo. gardner, Penn. av extd 

Isman John, huckster, Penn. av extd 

lsman Moses, shoemaker and clothier, 3 Second 

Israel Edwd. attorney at law, n w cor. Fayette and 

1 St. Paul 




Israel Fielder & Sons, conveyancers, n w cor. Fay- 
ette and St. Paul 

Israel Jacob, cooper, 523 w Baltimore 

Israel Mrs. boarding house, 6 n Calvert 

Israel Thos. firm F, I. & Sons, dw 91 Greene 

Israel Win. oak cooper, 22 Shroeder 

Ite John, carpenter, 169 Stirling 

(vers Michael, ship carpenter, 295 Canton av 

Ives Wm. M. brass founder, 23 Lombard, dw 25 

Izer Geo. coach maker, 21 Stirling 

Jack Chas. carpenter, 2 s Canal 

Jack Jas. C. 2 s Canal 

Jackel Anthony, turner, 318 n Howard 

Jacket John, milkman, 19 Giddings 

Jackson Aaron, grocer, 403 Saratoga 

Jackson A. I. W. boarding house, 19 s Howard 

Jackson Alfred, laborer, 290 Canton av. Canton 

Jackson Andrew, confectioner, cor. Pratt & Ellicott 

Jackson Ann, 51 Hanover 

Jackson Bethia A. 65 s Paca 

Jackson Chas. M. 102 Sharp 

Jackson Chas. 22 s Bond 

Jackson Francis H. dry goods dealer, cor. Fremont 
and Peirce 

Jackson Geo. puddler, Wills 

Jackson Geo* ship carpenter, 28 Fell 

Jackson Geo. dry goods dealer, 134 s Exeter 

Jackson Capt. Hector, mariner, 123 Gough 

Jackson Henry F. prop. Eutaw House, cor. Balti- 
more and Eutaw 

Jackson Isaac, brickmaker, 352 Light 

Jackson Jas. porter, 13 New Church 

Jackson Jas. M. firm Fields & J. 205 e Baltimore 

Jackson Jas. .tailor, 214 e Madison 

Jackson Jas. shoemaker, 8 Thompson 

Jackson Jas. coach maker, 136 nHigh 

Jackson Jas. R. Ill s Paca 

Jackson Jesse, puddler, Block e "Wills 

Jackson John, carpenter, Chew w Aisquith 

Jackson John, grocer, s w cor. Montgomery and 
Hanover, dw76 Henrietta 

Jackson John A. silver smith, 94 n Eden 

Jackson Jonathan, bailiff city court, 22 s Bond 

Jackson Jos. Star al. s Gough st 

Jackson Joshua, horse dealer, 108 Raborg 
Jackson Laurinda, seamstress, 38 Montgomery 
Jackson Mary, 63 e Baltimore 

Jackson Rebecca, tutoress, 66 s High 
Jackson Robt. shoemaker, 256 Monument 

Jackson Saml. cutler and surg. inst. maker, 194 Bal 
timore, dw 17 n Liberty 

Jackson Saml. A. cabinet maker, 49 Columbia 
Jackson Susan, tavern keeper, ]!><> Eastern av 
Jackson Vincent R. druggist, 99 s Paca, dw 371 w 

Jackson Violet, washer, 114 Dallas 
Jackson Wm. mariner. 269 Alice Anna 
Jackson Wm. H. grocer. 101 s Paca 
Jacob Adam, baker, 76 Orchard 
Jacob Andrew, carpenter, 21 Union 
Jacob Jas. M. carpenter, 119 Gough 
Jacob John, Register n Lombard 
Jacob John, carpenter, 21 Union 
Jacob John, tailor, 261 Biddle 
Jacob John, brickmaker, 5 West 
Jacob John, tailor, 111 Stirling 
Jacob Lawrence, carpenter, 49 Union 
Jacob Michael, clothier, 11 Second 
Jacobs Ann, milliner, 62 Mulberry 
Jacobs Fredk. A. conductor rail road, 41 Shroeder 
Jacobs Henry, mariner, 283 s Charles 
Jacobs Jas. M. firm J. & Ramsey, 119 Gou^h 
Jacobs Jas, mariner, 283 s Charles 
Jacobs John C. supervisor on rail road, 51 Poppleton 
Jacobs Julian, ship carpenter, Cambridge st e Can- 
ton av 
Jacobs Mark, tailor, 154 Spring 
Jacobs Margaret, 8 Temple 
Jacobs Mary C. tutoress, 290 n Howard 
Jacobs Michael, grocer, 151 Bank 
Jacobs & Ramsey, carpenters, 19 Concord 
Jacobs Saml. pedlar, 14 Centre Market 
JACOBS SAMUEL, carpet house, 202 Baltimore, 

dw 65 Barre 
Jacobs Wm. brakesman, 30 Shroeder 
Jacobs Zach. carpenter, Conway w Warner 
Jactibsen Henry G., Danish Consul, firm L. Thomp- 
son & Co. dw 64 Barre 
Jacoby Jacob, laborer. 11 Shakspear 
Jacoway Caroline, Watson e Lloyd 
Jakway" S. E. clerk, 140 s Charles 
Jamart Michael, prop. Exchange Coffee House 37 

s Gay 
James Achshah, 100 Saratoga 
James Basil, trader, 197 Saratoga 
James Dani. hatter, 9 Thompson 
James Elizabeth, 22 Shakspear 
James Geo. milk dealer, 316 Eastern av 
James Geo. coach maker, 171 Aisquith 
James Grandison D. shoemaker, 20 Constitution 
James Henry, firm E. Pratt & Bro. dw26 Pleasant 
James Isaac, carver, 46 n Howard, dw 131 e Bali. 
James John, 231 n Gay 





James John L. cooper, 50 Argyl'e al 
James John, cabinet maker, 173 Saratoga 
James Jos. plaisterer, 22 Maiden lane 
James Lainhart, brewer, 118 Thames 
James Levi, boat builder, 172 Thames, dw 

James Maria, 12G s Bond 
James Mary, boarding house, 9 s Calvert 
James Mary, 102 s Eutaw 
James Richd. laborer, Falls road, near Stewart's 

James Saml. plaisterer, s e cor. Charles & Hamburg 
James Sarah Ann, 38 Granby 
James Susannah, grocer, Cathedral n Oliver 
James Thos. C. & Co. tobacconists, 57 Thames 
James Thos. smelter, Clinton St. Canton 
Jameson Dv. Horatio G. 133 Lexington 
Jameson Robt.M. cooper, Register st n Eastern av 
Jameson Dr. W. D. 48 Franklin 
Jameson Wm. brush maker, 183 East 
Jameson Wm. 147 n Eutaw 
Jamison Archibald, weaver, 104 Fremont 
Jamison Catharine, 123 n Eutaw 
Jamison John, grocer, 74 Orleans 
Jamison John, oak cooper, 43 Commerce, dw 160 

Jamison Robt. hackman, 10 s High 
Jamison Wm. mariner, 67 Montgomery 
Janney Mrs. J. 31 Sharp 
Janney Wm. H. firm Sewell, Merrefield & Co. dw 

31 Sharp 
January Dan), quarrvman, 120 Garden 
Jarboe Rev. John R. prim Ladies' Literary Institute, 

76 e Baltimore 
Jarboe John W. barber, 68 n Eutaw 
Jarl Christian, laborer, 57 Monument 
Jarret Thomas, 239 Saratoga 
JARRETT ASBURY, clothing merchant, 10 and 

12 e Baltimore 
Jarrett Henry, 10 n Exeter 
Jarrett John, mariner, 360 Light 
JARRETT LEFEVER. clothier, 12G Baltimore 
Jarrett Thomas, 223 Saratoga 
Jams Amos, cooper, 101 Hill 
Jarvis Leonard, 40 n Charles 
Jarvis Sarah, 112 s Bond 
Jarvis Win. H. clerk, Go n Caroline 
Jason John, rigger, 264 Broadway 
Jatho Henry, watch and clock maker, /9 Exchange 

Place, dw 43 Fawn st 
Jay Sarah, 175 e Lombard 
Jay Thos. W. clerk, 188 Hanover 

Jean Ich. bricklayer, 239" Saratoga 

Jefferies Charlotte, Perry e Sharp 

Jeffers Madison, police officer, 85i Ross 

Jeffers Mary, tailoress, 10 Harrison 

Jeffers R. V, plaisterer, near 29 Preston 

Jefferson John B. boot & shoemaker, 240 Broadway 

Jefferson Thos. laborer, Ann s Baltimore 

JEFFERYS THOMAS R. painter, over 20 North, 

dw 134 n Eden 
Jeffrey John W. shoemaker, Fulton al 
Jeffreys Saml. painter, Gough e Bond 
Jeffries Alex, engineer, 149 s Paca 
Jeffries Elizabeth, 154 e Monument 
Jeffries John, trader in market, 248 s Charles 
Jeffries Jos. H. machinist, Eastern av w Wolf st 
Jeffries Mary, 21 G. Montgomery 
Jelly Elizabeth S. 22 Armistead lane 
Jenkins A. & A. H. cabinet and chair makers, 14 

Jenkins Alfred, painter, 22 s Caroline 
Jenkins Alfred, firm Edwd. J. & Sons, dw n e cor. 

Greene and Mulberry 
Jenkins Anthony H. firm A. Sc H. J. div 15 Conway 
Jenkins Austin, 'firm Edwd. J. & Sons, dw 126 Park 
JENKINS EDWARD & SONS, saddlery hard- 
ware, 180 Baltimore 
Jenkins Edwd. firm Wm. J. & Softs,dw 38 Mulberry 
Jenkins Edwd. F. firm E. J. & Sons, dw 95 Monu't 
Jenkins Geo. T. 48 Courtland 

Jenkins Henry W. firm A. & H. J. 14 Light 

Jenkins Henry, laborer, 78 William 

Jenkins Hugh & Co. ship, end genl, com. mts. 18 
Spear's whf. dw H. J. 54 St. Faul 

Jenkins Hugh, grocer, Clinton st. Canton 

Jenkins Jas. tobacconist, 235 Broadway 

Jenkins Jas. W. firm Wm. J. & Sons, York road 

Jenkins Jas. T. carpenter, Fountain st w Castle al 

Jenkins Jas. cabinet maker, 221 Hanover 

Jenkins Jas. painter, 19 s Caroline 

Jenkins Jonathan, confect. and baker, 117 Hollins 

Jenkins Jos. carter, Happy al s Pratt st 

Jenkins Mrs. L. A. 43 Courtland 

Jenkins & Lilly, saddlers, 10 South 

Jenkins Louisa, boarding house, 42 Lexington 

Jenkins M. Courtney, attorney at law, office 3 Spur- 
rier's Court, Lexington, dw 47 Courtland 

Jenkins Mark W. firm Wm. J. & Sons, York road 

Jenkins Richd. mariner, 112 Cross 

Jenkins Susan, 21 Conway 

Jenkins T. Robert, firm George & J. 63 e Fayette 

Jenkins Thos. coach maker, 147 n High 

Jenkins Capt. Thos. P. 64 e FayeUe 




Jenkins Thos. C. firm Poland, J.& Co. dw 2 Water- 
loo row, 106 n Calvert 

Jenkins Thos. huckster, Fenn. av near City limits 

Jenkins Wm, H. dep. city collector, 52 e Madison 

Jenkins W. V. inspector customs, 97 n Eden 

JENKINS WILLIAM & SONS, tanners and cur- 
riers, 94 Lombard and 7 Water 

Jenkins Wm. M. cooper, 511 Baltimore, dw 316 
Fayette mt. S Bowly's whf. dw27 
Monument Square 

Jenks Jane, confectioner, 54 e Fayette 

Jennings Abraham, Dewberry al s Lombard st 

Jennings Catharine, 13 French 

Jennings Eliza, 161 Eastern av 

Jennings John L. rigger, AVolf s Thames 

Jennings John, laborer, 490 w Pratt 

Jennings Joshua, wagoner, 196 Hollins 

Jennings Mary, tailoress, 82 Albemarle 

Jennings Patrick, huckster, 77 Orleans 

Jennings Robt. shoemaker, 13 Bethel 

Jennings Saml. 'Mansion House' tavern, 9 e Fayette 

Jennings Saml. carrier, Ann n Fayette 

Jennings Thos. carrier, Orleans st. Fairmount 

Jerger (Jhas. tavern, 67 Centre Market 

Jernigan D. mate, 9 Register 

Jerome J. H. T., Mayor City Bait., office City Hall, 
dw 227 Saratoga 

Jeshurun Jacob M. storekeeper, 177 German 

Jessing HenTy, baker, 66 Potter 

Jessop Ann, >121 Fremont 

Jessop Priscilla, 177 Aisquith 

Jessop VVm.W. blacksmith, 27 n Paca 

Jevens John VV. firm West & J. 204 Baltimore 

Jewett Isaac W. broker and conveyancer, 32 Second 
dw86 Mulberry 

Jewett Mrs. 245 William 

Jillard John, 40 Baltimore 

Jockel Christopher, cabinet maker, 77 Jefferson 

Jockel Conrad, confectioner, 69 Centre Market 

Jockel George, 303 Light 

Jockel John, milkman, 19 Giddings 

Jockel John, baker, 69 Centre Market 

Jockel Martin, grocer and baker, n ecor. Sharp and 

Jockel Wm. tailor, 147 York 

Johannes J. M. & Sou, jewellers, Wine st. dw J. M 
J. 200 Aisquith 

Johannes J. G. firm J. M. J. & Son, 449 w Fayette 

Johannes John, jeweller, Wine, dw 419 w Fayette 

John Chas. cabinet maker, 226 s Bond 

John Jas. drayman, 105 Spring 

John Michael, tailor, 139 Alice Anna 

John Richd. II. carpenter, 215 Ann 

Johns Ann, dress maker, 60 Lexington 

Johns Elizab. boarding house, 80 Pearl 

Johns Rev. Dr. Henry Van Dyke, rector Christ 

Church, dw cor. Bolton and Lanvale 
Johns R. H. <&. Co. carpenters, Register n Gough 
Johns Rebecca, seamstress, 167 n Eden 
Johns Rudolph, tanner, 181 n Canal 
Johns Wm. laborer, 168 Happy al 
Johnson Adolph, furn. wagoner, 120 Thames 
Johnson Alex, tavern keeper, 172 s Caroline 
Johnson Ann, Abey al 
Johnson Ann, Ann s Lombard 
Johnson Ann. 31 Hillen 
Johnson Aquilla, 133 s High 
Johnson Arch. C. tailor, 4 n Paca 
Johnson Arthur L. 64 Pearl 
Johnson Asbury, coach wheelwright,. North, dw 313 

n Gay 
Johnson Charlotte, boarding house, 24 Poppleton 
.1 ihnson Christopher, millwright, 91 Harford av 
Johnson Edwd. stone cutter 17 Fremont 
Johnson Edwd. 213 Happy al 
Johnson Eliza. 121 Alice Anna 
Johnson Elizabeth, 74 Granby 
Johnson Elizabeth, 19S n Eden 
Johnson Ezekiel C. letter carrier, 109 s Bond 
Johnson Frances, Freedom st or Boehm's lot 
Johnson Fergus, manufacturer, 109 Peirce 
Johnson Mrs. F. Virginia, dress maker, 14£ St. Paul 
Johnson Geo. cabinet maker, 41 Marion 
Johnson Geo. bricklayer, 8 Brune 
Johnson Geo. 172 McHenry 
Johnson Gerhard, coach smith, 23 Davis, dw 159 n 

Johnson Gust. 57 Bolton 
Johnson Henry, mate, Register s Pratt 
Johnson Henry, carpenter, 8 Brune 
Johnson Henrv, 242 Broadway 
Johnson Hiram, teacher, 111 n Calvert 
Johnson Howard, chair maker, 75 Harford av 
Johnson Isaac II. trader, 38 Lee 
Johnson J. & J. bacon dealers, 113 Hillen 
Johnson Jacob G. rigger, 82 Block 
Johnson Jas. weaver, 125 Peirce 
Johnson Jas. coach painter, 148 Mulberry 
Johnson Jas. ship carpenter, Canal st n Eastern av 
Johnson Jas. A. cabinet maker, 309 Fayette 
Johnson Jas. M. carpenter, 41 n Poppleton 
Johnson Jas. carter, 206 German 
Johnson Jarret D. saddler, 109 n Howard 




Johnson Jeremiah, boot maker, China al 
Johnson Jesse S. 96 Albemarle 
Johnson Jos. grocer, 62 Orleans 
Johnson John, shoemaker, 117 e Pratt 
Johnson John Henry, brickmaker, 316 Light 
Johnson John, blacksmith, 167 Fremont 
Johnson John, dealer soap and candles, 59 Buren 
Johnson John, ship carpenter, 54 Arglye al 
Johnson John, seaman, Abey al 
Johnson Capt. John D. 243 Eastern av 
Johnson John M. surg. inst. maker, 23 Gibson 
Johnson John, carpenter, 248 Mulberry 
Johnson John, ship carpenter, 294 Wolf 
Johnson Jos. G. family grocer, 637 w Baltimore 
Johnson Jos. agricultural smith, 94 Mullikin 
Johnson Jos. cabinet maker, 41 Mcllenry 
Johnson Joshua, laborer, 245 Canton av 
Johnson Lorin L. machinist, 129 Biddle 
Johnson Luther, clerk, 102 n Exeter. 
Johnson & Magruder, grocers and com. mts. 76 s 

Calvert, upstairs 
Johnson Mrs. 10 n Exeter 
Johnson Mrs. 1S3 n Eutaw 
Johnson Mary, 356 Light 
Johnson Mary, midwife, 4 Garden 
Johnson Mary Ann, 227 w Fayette 
Johnson Mary Ann, 50 George 
Johnson Moses, weaver, 103 Peirce 
Johnson Munroe, rigger, Abey al 
Johnson Neville, wood engraver. 34 e Fayette 
Johnson Peier, barber, Greene near Franklin 
Johnson Philip, jr. grocer, 229 e Baltimore 
Johnson Hon. Reverdy, n w cor. Calvert & Fayette 
Johnson Richd. grocer & tea dealer, 118 Lexington 
Johnson Richd. sail maker. Mullikin st e Broadway 
Johnson Richd. L. moulder, 13 Granby 
Johnson Robt. bricklayer, 56 Raborg 
Johnson R.obt. mt. tailor, 137 Fayette, dw 209 Sarat. 
Johnson Robt. & Co. rectifyers and dealers in whis- 
key, 370 Baltimore, dw R. J. German near Penn 
Johnson Robt. weaver, 8 Harmony lane 
Johnson Saml. coal agent, 211 Canton av 
Johnson Saml. 64 L.Hughes 
Johnson Saml. shoemaker, 41 Henrietta 
Johnson Sarah, Broadway s Monument st 
.lull son >'jlumon, omnibus driver, 64 George 
Johnson Susan, lailoress, 122 n Canal 
Johnson Susan, tailoress, 20 Lee 
Johnson Su-an, washer, 59 Potter 
Johnson Theodore, whip sawv. rear 251 Eastern av 
Johnson Thos. shoemaker, 187 n Eden 
Johnson Thos. D. 17 s Howard 

Johnson Thos. stone cutter, Calender al 
Johnson Thos. bricklayer, 344 Eastern av 
Johnson Capt. Thos. 281 Dallas 
Johnson & Travers, com. mts. GG Buchanan's whf 
Johnson Wm. painter, 370 w Lombard 
Johnson Wm'. O. blacksmith, 79 n Eden 
Johnson Wm. T. boiler maker, Warren s Lee 
Johnson Wm. &. Co. boot and shoemakers, 88 n Gay 
Johnson Wm. watchman, Gough st e Castle al 
Johnson Wm. M. confectioner, Broadway, dw 20 

JOHNSON WILLIAM H. £gent for Scott's seine 
twine and cotton, and coil rope, &c. 64 av Pratt, 
dw 52 s High 
Johnson Wm. H. grocer and com. mt. 88 Spear's 

wharf, dw 211 e Baltimore 
Johnson Wm. pattern maker, 338 n Gay 
Johnson Wm. M. confectioner, 18j n Eden 
Johnson Wm. & Son, boot and shoe makers. C4 Bal- 
timore, dw 135 n Front 
JOHNSON WILLIAM H. firm Wm. J. & Son, 

dw 135 n Front 
JOHNSON'S WILLAM, steam marble works, 

North, dw 17 n High 
Johnston Capt. Alex, mariner, 89 William 
Johnston Archibald C. tailor, 4 n Paca 
Johnston Catharine, 259 n Howard 
Johnston Francis, shoemaker, 142 Pine 
Johnston Geo. W. chemist, 99 Aisquith, dw 110 
Johnston Henry T. tailor, 147 s Paca 
Johnston Dr. J. M. 7 s Frederick- 
Johnston John T. tailor, 448 Lombard 
Johnston John J. cabinet maker, 5 w Fayette, dw 

135 Monument 
Johnston Mrs. Pelisse, habit and dress maker, 370 

w Lombard 
Johnston Thos. laborer, 11 Granby 
JOHNSTON WM, painter and glazier, basement 
s w cor. St. Paul and Fayette, dw 370 w Lombard 
Johnston Wm. steam marble worker, North st neai 

Franklin, dw High 
JOICE &. BAUGHER, wholesale dealers in boots, 

shoes, hats, caps, &c. 319 Bait 
Joice Geo. ship carpenter, 21 Williamson 
Joice Joshua, brass founder, 27 Jackson 
Joice Stephen J. firm J. & Baugher, 107 Madison 
Joice Wm. cooper, 83 McElderry 
Joiner Wm. boiler maker, 18 Warren 
Joines John, of U. S. Navy, 159 e Madison 
Jolly John C. shoemaker, 253 e Monument 
Jones & Abbott, prop, steam saw mill, s end city 
1 block 




Jones printer, 62 Jefferson 

Jones Mrs. Alab. 266 e Pratt 

Jones Capt. Alex. Ann s of Gough 

Jones Ann, 18 s Bond 

Jones Ann, i'ash. dress maker, 15 s Eutaw 

Jones Benj. cooper, Madison e of Jones's falls 

Jones Benj. W. 39 s Bond 

Jones Benj. carpenter, 79 Shroeder 

Jones Benj. carpenter, 321 Mulberry 

Jones Benj. bricklayer, 211 e Monument 

Jones Bennett, blacksmith, G9 Granby 

Jones Mrs. B. cigar maker, 17 Biddle al 

Jones & Bolton, painters. 13 Fayette 

Jones C. B. firm Brown J. & Co. dw 64 Sharp 

Jones Caroline, seamstress, 57 Montgomery 

Jones Caroline E. 168$ Canton av 

Jones Catharine, tailoress, 1£ Potter 

Jones Chas. mariner, 37 Hill 

.1 ones Chas. & Wm. tobacconists, 29 s Caroline 

Jones Chas. 64 Sharp 

Jones Chas. C. firm B. Jones & Co* dw 50 s High 

Jones David, pedlar, Wills st 

Jones Dorsey, cigar maker, 151 Fremont 

Jones Elisha, waterman, 16 Cross 

Jones Elizab. 243 Happy al 

Jones Elizab..A. tailoress, U6 William 

Jones Elizab. A. tailoress, 106 Pine 

Jones Capt. Ezekiel, mariner, 114 s Exeter 

Jones Geo. W. chemist and druggist, n e cor. High 
and Bait, dw 7 Aisquith 

Jones Geo. engineer, Ann n of Pratt 

Jones Geo. huckster, 57 s Eutaw 

Jones Geo. manner, 141 s Spring 

Jones Harriet, 256 w Fayette 

Jones Harriet, Register n of Lombard 

Jones Hembry, mason, Cathedral n of Oliver 

Jones Henry, saddler, 2 Light, dw 116 German 

Jones Henry, lumber merchant, Alice Anna w of 

Jones Henrys shoemaker, 214 Ann 

Jones Hugh, clerk, 22 n Fiont 

Jones Jacob, 33 n Caroline 

JONES JAMES C. proprietor "Tuscan Hotel," 49 

Jones Jas-. A. dry goods dealer, 113 n Gay, dw 53 e 
Pratt st 

Jones Jas. draper and tailor, 28 South 

Jones Jas. auctioneer, 12 Holliday 

Jones Jas. E. poiter and qceensware deal. 121 n Gay 

Jones Jas. H. tailor, Lombard e of Broadway 

Jones Jas. tin plate worker, 27 Gibson 

Jones Capt Jas. 107 Granby 

Jones Jas. plaislerer, SC> D Caroline 

Jones Dr. Joel VV. 6*3 w Bait 

Jones John, rigger, 291 Charles 

Jones Capt. John, 91 s Caroline 

Jones Juhn D. s w cor. Watson and Lloyd 

Jones John Alex, sail maker, 115 Granby 

Jones John, blacksmith, Canal s of Pratt 

Jones John R. clerk, 192 Chestnut 

Jones John, daguerian gallery, over 159 Balf. dw n 

Eden near Fayette 
Jones John, bricklayer, 49 n Spring 
Jones John R. of J. property agent, bV Second, dw 

85 Hanover 
Jones John "W. clerk, 51 Orchard 
Jones John, barber, Bank w of Broadway, rfw Me- 
chanics' ct 
Jones John T. bricklayer, Repub. n of Lombard 
Jones Jones, carter, 29 Lancaster 
Jones Joshua, bricklayer, Bethel n of Goiif.h 
Jones Joshua, firm of Munroe, Jones ik-McJiltan.of 

Patriot," dw 89 Hanover 
Jones Julia, 161 n Exeter 
Jones Capt. Lemuel, 111 Granby 

Jones Levin, ship chandler and rope maker, 114 
Light st wharf, dw 46 Lee 

Jones Levin, boot and shoemaker, 176 Broadway 

Jones Levin H. painter, 178 Orleans 

Jones Lewis, jr. market Under, 12s Howard 

Jones & LevWston, boot makers, 174 w Pratt 

Jones Mrs. Lydia, boarding house. 140 Henry 

Jones Mr. 136 Pearl 

Jones Margaret, Falls road near Oliver st 

Jones Majgaret, grocer, cor. Fremont & Lexington 

Jones Margaret, 92 Block 

Jones Margaret, 1 12 Ensor 

Jones Margaret, cor. Friendship ct. and Eden st 

Jones Mary, 226 w Pratt 

Jones Nathaniel, 91 York p 

Jones P. P. carpenter, 778 w Bait 

Jones Rebecca, 9 Orleans 

Jones Rebecca, 244 Canton av 

Jones Reese, carter, 180 Bethel 

Jones Rich, carpenter, 136 e Monument 

Jones Robt. B. blacksmith, 212 Light 

Jones Robt. blacksmith, 47 Davis 

Jones Roger & Rich. Woolford, tavern, 87 McEl- 
derry's wharf 

Jones Rose Ann, seamstress, 304 s Charles 

Jones S. F. surgeon in Navy, 25 Hollins 

Jones Samuel, laborer, 18 Giddjngs 

Jones Samuel, iron finisher, 11 Dewberry al 

Jones Samuel, trader, 41 s Liberty 




Jones Sarah, 154 Hanover 

Jones Sarah, dress maker, 17 Spring 

Jones Susannah EL 13 n High 

Jones Thos. O. printer, 436 w Bait 

Jones Thos. L. book binder, 11 Broadway 

Jones Thus, moulder, Sharp s of Henrietta 

Jones Thompson, mariner, 35 n Caroline 

Jones Turbit, chair maker, 194 e Bait 

Jones Uriah, tobacconist, '201 Lexington 

Jones Walter, barber, 82 n Eden 

Jones Waller R. clerk, 15 s Eutaw 

Jones Wm. boarding house, 312 Franklin 

Jones Wm. carpenter, 84 Ross 

Jones Wm. tailor, Bond n of Jefferson 

Jones Wm. ship smith. 168^ Canton av 

Jone.'. Wm. tobacconist, Bank e of Wolf 

Jones Wm. ship carpenter, 118 Broadway 

Jones Wm. R. secretary Equitable Society, 82 e 

Fayette st 
Jones Wm. variety store, 108 n Calvert 
Jones Wm. huckster, Eastern av. e of Wolf st 
Jones Wm. wood dealer, Register st. (or Argyle 

al.) n of Gough st 
Jones Capt. Win. mariner, 181 e Pratt 
Jones Wm. shmkr. Happy al. n of Alice Anna st 
Jones Wm. H. block maker, 94 Block 
Jones W. B. lottery dealer, 50 Bait, dw 12 s Gay 
Jones Wm. grocer, 23 e Lombard 
Jones Wm. machinist, 17 Hill 
Jordan Charles variety store, 51 C. Market space 
Jordan Fred, carter, n e cor. Castle al & Alice Anna 
Jordan Herman, firm Ricketts & Co. dw 162 s 

Jordan Jno. Thos. ship carpenter, Ann n of Pratt 
Jordan John, ostler, 313 w Pratt, back 
Jordan Lewis, laborer, 76 Potter 
Jordan Robt. ship carpenter, Washington s of Gough 
Jordan Solomon, pedlar, 182 e Madison 
Jordan Samuel, confectioner, 124 Broadway 
Jordan Wm. flour and meal dealer, 73 Eastern av 
Jordan Isom, ship carpenter, 205 Hanover 
Jordon Francis, laborer, alley s of Eastern av from 

President to Exeter 
Jordon James B. clerk B & O. R. R. 420 Lombard 
Jory Miss A. E. milliner, 55 Hanover 
Jory Wm. book keeper, 272 Light 
Jose Elizabeth H. 141 e Lombard 
Jose Francisco, mate, 141 e Lombard 
Joseph Geo. paver, 10 Falls 
Joseph Oliver C. agent, 38 State 
Joseph Recker, 55 Mulberry 
Joseph Wm. 156 Tyson 

Joseph Wm. drayman 16 Stiles 

Jonrdon Jno. blacksmith, 121 Hollins 

Jourdan Wm. cooper, 195 Ann 

Journey Edward, wagoner, Poppletonsof McHenrV 

Jours George, Monument e of Buren 

Jay Edward, 92 n Spring 

Joy Samuel F* ship joiner, 25 Dalhs 

Joyce Owen A. grocer, 42 s Bond 

Joyce Thomas, bricklayer, 79 Forest 

Joyce Wm. sen. 94 Alsquith 

Joyce Wm. jr. clerk, 94 Aisquith 

Joyce Wm N. tin and sheet iron worker, 29 Grant, 

dw 186 Conway 
Joyes Jesse, tanner and leather dealer, 13 Elisor 
Jo) r nes Daniel, sail maker, 168Mc.Eldcrry 
Jubb Jane, Pleasant e of Washington 
Jubb Lloyd, laborer, 209 Happy al 
Jubb Richard, fish dealer, Canton av e of Burk s? 
Judah David, pub. weigher, 71 Smith's wharl 
Judah Rinah, 106 Orchard 
Judefind Charles, blacksmith, 32 Lee 
Judefind John, carpenter, 106 Lee 
Judge Henry, piano & organ tuner, dw 98 LexingtoR 
Judge Jno. hack driver, 59 North 
Judik Joseph, live stock dealer, 202 n Eutaw 
Judlin Elizabeth, nurse, 151 e Monument 
Juhl Fredk. laborer, 218 Happy al 
Juhn Abraham, shoemaker, 145 w Lombard 

Juhn Solomon, clothier, 89 Thames 

Jump Henry, sawyer, Bethel n of Gfough 

Jungbluth — grocer, 71 Rose 

Jungling Henry, engraver & jeweller, 91 n Gay 

Jurgens John C. saddler, 45 n Paca 

Jury Capt. Geo. ship carpenter, 19 Warren 

Jury John, shoemaker, 251 Light 

Justis Wm. S. clock and watch maker, cor. Com- 
merce and Pratt, dw 1 Watson 

Justus Adam, tailor, 134 s Spring 

Justus Wm. S-. watchmaker &. jeweller, 82 w Pratt, 
dw cor. High & Watson 

Kabernagel John, porter, 232 Saratoga 

Kabernagel John. 45 Marion 

Kachel Michael, shoemaker, 315 s Bond 

Kadel Geo. Penn. av n of Wilson st 

Kadern Conrad, laborer 261 Happy a! 

Kaereckmyer Jno. laborer, 67 Arvgle al 

Kaeser Geo. D. grocer, 116 n Cabal 

Kaher Jno. cooper, 49 President 

Kahler Jacob, confectioner, 478 w Baltimore 

Kahlmann Wm. tailor, 159 n Eden 

Kahler Adam, clerk, 31 Pearl 

Kahler Christian, butcher, 266; Bond 

k r AH 



Kahler Jno. tailor, 14 Pine 

Kahn Gotlib, laborer, 125 Canton av 

Kahn Levi, tailor, 190 s Caroline 

Kaid Michael, laborer, 38 Union 

Kaider Emanuel, morocco dresser. 41 Harrison. 

Kaider Wm. morocco dresser, 28 Harrison 

Kain Jno. Locust Point, Fori road 

Kain Peter J. finisher, Register s of Baltimore 

Kais Jno. dealer in barrels, Hanover near Henrietta 'Kathman Jno. grocer, 42 Short 

Kaiser Chs. watch & clock maker, 89 n Gay Kathman Joseph, mt. tailor, over 

Kalbliush Henry, laborer, Mont'g e of Covington 

Karr Thos. soap boiler, 177 e Monument 

Karr Thos. 198 n Exeter 

Kastendiek Lewis, stove mounter, Leadenhall s of 

Kastner Conrad, cabinet maker, 103 Harrison 
Katenbaugher Martin, glass cutler, 24 G. Hughes 
Katenkamp Dederick, whip and cane maker, 110 


Kalbfus D. & L. jr. morocco dressers, 1 Cheapside 

manuf. Penn. av n of Wilson st 
Kalbfua D. firm D. & L. K. dw Penn. av n of Wilson 
Kalbfus John, plaisterer, Gongh e of Bond 
Kalbfus Lewis, sen. firm D. &. L. K. dw 368 Lex- 
Kalbfus Lewis, jr. leather dresser, 24 Greene 
Kalbfus Wm. H. carpenter, Bond n of Jefferson 
Kahn Lainhart. block cutter, 185 Sharp 
Kaler Peter, laborer, Penn. av 11,01' Smith st 
Kalfman Joseph, butcher, 370 s Charles 
Kalp Jno. carpenter, 65 n Frederick 
Kaltenbach Christopher, glass blower, (! G. Hughes 
Kaltner Fran. G. watchmaker & jeweller, 8 e Pratt 
Kalvelage Henry, grocer. 95 William 
Kammer Henry, tailor, G8 St. Mary's 
Kamp Martin, laborer, 350 Wolf 
Kamp Peicr, laborer, 239 Canton av 
Kane Barley, laborer, Star al s of Canton av 
Kane Charles, laborer, 507 w Baltimore 
Kane Col. Geo. P. collector Port of Bait, dw Bclvi- 
clere road 

Kane Goodlove K. foundry man, 16 n Eden 

Kane Mrs. J. K. boarding house, 115 s Sharp 

Kane Jas. slone mason, 9 Poppleton 

Kane John, carter, 149 Henrietta 

Kane Patrick, gardner, 101 s Howard 

Kane Win. grocer, 101 s Howard 

Kanish Leonard, laborer, 254 Happy al 

Kami Julius, hardware &. variety deal. 51 Harrison 

Kami Solomon J. hardware dealer, 38 Harrison 

Kanglcr Chas. huckster, 39 Bank 

Kanzler Christian, scourer, 39 Bank 

Karger Jno. laborer, 110 Happy al 

Karl John, laborer, 207 s Bond 

Karn Joseph, pedlar, 75 s Spring 

Karnes Thos> laborer, Slemmer al 

Karr Edward, carpenter, 5 Henry 

Karr Elizabeth, G McElderry 

Karr Herman, tavern. 63 Tl 

Karr Patrick, tavern keeper, 212 Lexington 

103 Bait 
Karz Daniel, pedlar, 279 Alice Anna 
KATZ & LEUPOLD, commission & shipping mer- 
chants. 17 German 
Katz John, of firm, dw 75 Lexington 
Katzenberger Lewis, sawyer, 49 Clay 
Katzenberger S. clothier, 92 Pratt, dw Lloyd 
Kaudcr John, hardware dealer, 217 Hanover 
Kaufelt James, book keeper, 1 Broadway 
KaufTman Joseph, butcher, 370 s Charles 
KaufTman Margaret, 9G Camden 
Kaufholz Fiedk. carpenter, Monument w of Bond 
Kaufholz Maria, midwife, Monument w of Bond 
Kaufman Daniel, painter, 151 n Paca 
Kaufman Fredk. baker, 390 n Gay 
Kaufman Henry C. butcher, Frederick road extd 
Kaufman I In am, butcher, Penn. av n McMechin st 
Kaufman Jno. H. butcher, Columbia extended 
Kaufman Louis, 186s Eutaw 
Kaufman Nicholas, carpenter, 29 Monument 
Kaufner Jno. tailor, 122 Alb' i 
Kausman Fredk. tailor, (jo n Canal 
Kavanaugh Jno. plaisterer, 7 s Amity 
Kavanangh Patrick, clerk steamboat Columbia, 30 

n Front 
Kavanangh Roger, laborer, cor. Moore & Deluolal 
Kaygill Thos. cabinet maker, 192Hollins 
Kaylor Geo. butcher, Penn. av extended 

Kaylor George, 84 Centre Market space 

Kaylor Henry, boot closer. 31 Sarah Ann 

Kaylor John." tavern keeper, 84 C. .Market space 

Kaylor Peter, varnisher, 95 York 

Kavton Caroline, grocer, 27G s Bond 

KEACFl C. W. keeper "'Pratt st Green House" 156 
w Pratt st. dw 59 s Charles 

Keach Lawson P. keeper Green House tavern, 96 u 

Keaffer Frcdk. furnace man, n Clinton 

Keagle Geo. carter, 288 n Gay 

Keagle Jno. drayman, 5 Pear al 

Kearney Jas. laborer, 8 Bath 

Kearney Jno. laborer, 4 n Amity 
'Kearney Jno, grocer, cor. Pine & Franklin 




Kearney Philip, shoemaker, Essex st. Canton 

Kearney Philip, shoemaker, 100 Gough 

Kearney Samuel, laborer. Chester s of Gough 

Kearns Alexander, painter, 179 n Eutaw 

Kearns John, laborer, 15 Haw 

Kearns Samuel, clerk, 130 s Canal 

Keaton Jno. laborer, Chester s of Gough 

Keek Hans, boat builder, 26 Ross 

Keefer John, blacksmith, 21 Poppleton 

Keefer Jno. blacksmith, 54 Bethel 

Keefer John, blacksmith, 9 n Eden 

Keener Justus, cabinet maker, 44 Pine 

Keegle Geo. laborer, rear 43 Arygle al 

Keehan Jas. stone mason, 175 Raborg 

Keegan Jno. china merchant. 160 s Paca 

Keehan Patrick, malster, 5 Watson 

Keehne Augustus, baker, 269 Canton av 

Keehholtz Wm. painter, 90 n Greene 

Keen Adam, 165 Stirling 

Keen George H. whitesmith, 107 St. Mary's 

Keen G. V. &Co.tin ware & house furnishing store, 

12 Baltimore, dw G. V. K. 34 Granby 
Keenan Ann, 46 St. Mary's 

KEENAN ANTHONY, Alberraarle s of Granby 
Keenan Daniel, blacksmith &. wheelwright, Bane 

neai Charles 
Keenan Dr. Joseph, 84 Pearl 
Keenan Jas. blacksmith, 47 North, dw 3 Davis 
Keenan Jas, grocer, 106 s Exeter 
Keenan Wm. shoemaker, 48 Mulberry 
Keene Ann 73 Columbia 
Keene & Co. merchant tailors, 146 Baltimore 
Keene Hugh, tailor, 122 e Fayette 
Keene Jno. engineer, Preston st w of Gaiden 
Keene Dr. John, 51 e Lombard, dw 86 e Pratt 
Keene Marcellus H. 86 e Pratt 
Keene Lenox R. book keeper, 127 Sharp 
Keene Captain Samuel, (of Benj.) 61 s High 
Keene Wm. laborer, Peirce near Fremont 
Keener Chris, office 162$ Lombard,dw 118 Hanover 
Keener Dr. David, 16 n Charles 
Keener Frank, cabinet maker, 183 n Canal 
Keener John, gunsmith, 3 Water 
Keener Wm. C. chair maker, 254 Aisquith 
Keenwright Nicholas, laborer, 125 Hollins 
Keerl Geo. H. druggist, 323 Bait, dw 158 w Fayette 
Keerl Mrs. Mary, 45 German 
Keerl Thomas M. attorney, 6 2d floor Marshall 

building, St. Paul 
Kees Lawrence, trader, 102 n Caroline 
Kees Peter, carpenter, 53 n Front 
Kefauver John, 47 s Greene 

Keffer Jno. glass blower, G. Hughes w of Covingt. 

Kegler John G. confectioner, 246 Lexington 

Kehlenbeck John, watch maker, 523 w Baltimore 

Kehler Henry, waiter, 5 Clay 

Kehler Jno. wheelwright, Harford av 

Keho Jas. laborer, 39 s Frederick 

Keldonstine Stephen, tavern, 70 Harrison 

Kei Geo. cabinet maker, Pearce near Fremont 

Keighler John A. carpenter, 120 Orleans 

Keighler Wm. H. firm Duval, K. & Co. n wcor. 

Centre & Cathedral 
Keighler Wm. H. firm Duval!, K. & Dorsey, n e 

cor. Cathedral & Centre 

Iveilholtz painter, 48 German 

Keilholtz Geo. jail keeper, 185 Forrest 

Keilholtz Wm. dealer in glass, oils and paints, s e 

cor. Greene & Franklin, dw 90 n Greene 
Keigner Christopher, carpet weaver, Smith st n of 

P^nn. av 
Keiljasenkotter Wm. laborer, 160 Canton av 
Keilling Hen. plaisterer & bricklayer, 221 Happv al 
Keirle Matthew, collector, 80 Centre 
Keis Chas. tailor, al s of Cross w of Light 
Keiser Joseph, grocer, 115 Hill 
Keisler Jno. tailor, 197 Orleans 
Keisling Andrew, trader, Canton av e of Chester 3t 
Keisney Casper, cabinet maker, 161 s Eden 
Keister Rachel, 98 Camden 
Keitel Geo. grocer, Penn. av n of Mosher st 
Keith Daniel, caulker, Wolf s of Pratt 
Keith Hugh, weaver, 111 Peirce 
Keith Martin jr. dealer in Amer. hardware, irori, 

&c. 23 s Charles, dw 125 Park 
Keithly Jane, milliner, 214 Eastern av 
Kelbaugh John, mason, Lexington w of Schroder 
Keline Jno. laborer, 22 E. av 
Kel'er Otho. S. shoemaker, 397 n Gay 
Keller Casper, grocer, 292 s Bond 
Keller Chas. shop, Preston near 30 
Keller Chs. upholsterer & paper hanger, 52 e Bait 
Keller Conrad, laborer. 241 Happy al 
Keller David, shoemaker, 109 Ensor 
Keller Edward, butcher, Scott s of Pratt 
Keller Edward, butcher, 4 Preston 
Keller Eliza, dress maker, 6 George 
Keller Fredk. blacksmith, 302 e Monument 
Keller George W. silver plater 84 Orleans st. dw 52 

Harford av 
Keller Henry, puddler, Cambridge w of Windsor, 

Keller Jacob, coach maker, 41 n Frederick 
Keller John F. shoemaker, 88 Spring 




Keller J. B. & W. L. booksellers, 57 Baltimore, dw 

58 n Exeter 
Keller John, laborer, 254 ARc& Anna 
Keller Joseph, tavern keeper, 140 Saratoga 
Keller Joseph, laborer, n w corner Dallas &, Lom- 
Keller Josiah, butcher, 385 Franklin 
Keller Mary L. seamstress, 29 Ross 
Keller Naomi, Falls road, near Stewart's tavern 
Keller Wm. grocer, 108 Thames 
Kellogg John M. manuf. & dealer in candy, fruits, 

&c. 322 Baltimore 
Kellum Edward M. carpenter, 64 n Caroline 
Kellum Lewis, firm K. St Me ml, dw 219 e Bait. 
Kellum & Merrill, ship chandlers & grocers, 109 

Smith's wharf 
Kelly Alexander, carriage maker, Hammond^ 

Kelly Alice, market dealer, 38 s Frederick 

Kelly Alex. D. jr. firm Kelly, Ball & Criss, Carey 
s of Baltimore 

KELLY, BALL & CRISS, importers and dry goods 
merchant, 10 Hanover 

Kelly Bernard, grocer, 16 Potter 

Kelly Caleb & Co. grocer, 354 w Pratt st. dw 19 

Kelly Dennis, milk dealer, Castle al s of Pratt 

Kelly Edward, wharf builder, 34 Philpot 

Kelly Elizabeth, milliner, 111 Lee 

Kelly Emanuel, ship carpenter, 317 s Charles 

Kelly Frances, fancy dry goods deal. 192^ Broadway 

Kelly Francis X. attorney, 8 Court House lane 

Kelly Francis, laborer, 179 n Paca 

Kelly Francis, laborer, 107 Stirling 

Kelly Harriet, 189 Broadway 

Kelly Hugh, carter, Scott st. n of Columbia 

Kelly Hugh, laborer, North s of Franklin 

Kelly Hugh, grocer, s w cor. Green Mount av and 
Madison st. 

Kelly Hugh, 47 e Lombard 

Kelly Isaiah, blacksmith, 143 Hollins 

Kelly James, laborer, 127 Ensor 

Kelly Jas. cotton dresser, Falls road near Oliver st 

Kelly Jas. laborer, 38 s Frederick 

Kelly Jas. potter, 139 Potter 

Kelly John, tailor, 354 Franklin 

Kelly John, carter, 17 Amity 

Kelly Jno. tailor, 41 E. av 

Kelly John, wholesale dealer in butter and eggs, 308 
n Howard 

Kelly John, carpenter. 10 Amity 

Kelly John, laborer, Republican s of Baltimore 

Kelly John, laborer, s Paca extended 

Kelly John, Harford av extended 

Kelly Lewis, blacksmith, w Pratt st extended 

Kelly Luke, machinist, 392 Fayette 

KellV Margaret Ann, 124 s Charles 

KellV Margaret. 23 Harford av 

Kelly Mr. 144 Hillen 

Kelly Margaret 107 Peirce 

Kelly Margaret Ann, grocer, cor. Exeter & French 

Kelly Mary, seamstress, 5 Neighbor 

Kelly Mary, 145 n Eutaw 

Kelly Matthew, hborer, Chester st n of E. av 

Kelly Mich, laborer, court fr. w end Carpenter's al 

Kelly Michael, hack driver, 103 n Calvert 

Kelly Michael, grocer, 73 French 

Kelly Michael, laborer, Poppleton s of McHenry 

Kelly Michael, laborer, 5 Star al 

Kelly Michael, laborer, 76 North 

Kelly Michael, wheelwright, 12 Albemarle 

Kelly Michael J. firm Jno. Murphy & Co. 88 Park 

Kelly Patrick, carpenter, 116 St. Mary's 

Kellv Patrick, shoemaker, 17 Carpenter's al 

Kelly Patrick, stage driver at Fort, Washing av 

Kelly Patrick, laborer. 155 Conway 

Kelly Peter, wheelwright, 83 McElderry's wharf 

KellV Peter, laborer, 500 w Pratt 

Kelly Rebecca, Cathedral n of Biddle 

Kelly Sarah Ann, 120 Ann 

Kelly Simon, painter, 90 n Front 

Kelly Sophia, 115 Madison 

Kelly Terrence, carter, 63 George 

Kelly Terrence, stone mason, 35 Ross 

Kelly Thaddeus, shoemaker, 11 Balderston 

Kelly T. & Son, mt. tailors, 3 n Liberty 

Kelly Thomas, at Canton cotton works, Boston near 

Kelly Thomas J. clothier, 113 n Howard 
Kelly Thos. grocer, 13 Park 

Kelly Jas. coppersmith, 380 w Lombard 

Kelly Jas. coppersmith and sheet-iron worker, cor. Kelly Thomas, blacksmith, 12 Bath 

Frederick st. and Etna lane Kellv Timothy, firm K. & Son, dw 79 n Liberty 

Kelly Jas. carter, 17 Haw Kelly W. H. laborer, 6iJ Boyd 

Kelly Jas. printer, 21 Orleans Kelly Wm. stone cutter, 314 Franklin 

Kelly Jas. trader. 210 s Caroline Kelly Wm. T. dry goods dealer, 51 Columbia 

Kelly John, 16 Siemmer's al Kelly Wm. at Canton cotton works, Boston near 

Kelly John, constable, 107 Pine ' Clinton 




Kelly Win. II. ship carpenter, Covington s 

Kelly Wm. ship carpenter, 45 Henrietta 
Kelly Wm. 132 Me Henry 
Kelp Ferdinand, shoemaker, 71 Buren 
Kelsey Eli, tailor, 26 Maiden lane 
KELSEY & GRAY, ship brokers & commission 

merchants, n w cor. Prait &Gay 
Kelsey Henry, firm K. & Gray, 98 s High 
Kelsh Patrick, saddler, 17 n Sharp 
Kelso Geo. Y. 24 e Lombard 
Kelso John, 51 Sharp 
Kelso Thomas, 110 e Bait 
Kelso Wm. Registers of Gough 
Kelton Fredk. carpenter, 22 New 
Kelly Catharine, 41 Mulberry 
Kelvelage J6hn W. store, n e cor. Hamburg and 

Kemble Thos. tavern, 39 w Fayette 
Kemp Ann, con t'ectioner, Broadway, 20 Shakspear 
Kemp Edward D. attorney at law and com. deeds 

for Perm. 5, first floor Marshal buildings, St. Paul 

st. <hv 100 Park 
Kemp Emily, dairy, n w cor. Eutaw and Marion 
Kemp Frederick, paver, 149 Peirce 
Kemp Harman, tavern, 32 w Lombard 
Kemp Jas. D. ship carpenter, 146 Ann 
Kemp Jas. shoemaker, lb'9 Peirce 
Kemp Jas. T. clerk, 70 Barre 
Kemp John, butcher, 29 York av 
Kemp Joseph F. carpenter, 113 Camden 
Kemp Joseph, whip maker, Shroeder n of Saratoga 
Kemp Col. Lewis, late firm Kemp, Trail & Co. of. 

350 Bait, dw 27 George 
Kemp Matilda, German w of Greene 
Kemp Peter, laborer, 275 s Bond 
Kemp Rich, carpenter, 102 n Exeter 
Kemp Rich. 78 s Exeter 
Kemp Ruth, seamstress, 84 Pine 
Kemp Saml. laborer, 2 Dewberry al 
Kemp Saml. shoemaker, 106 Camden 
Kemp Simon, Fawn w of Exeter 
Kemp Thos. ship carpenter, Washington n of Alice 

Kemp, Trail & Co. office 350 Bait 
Kemp Dr. Wm. M. 24 n Eutaw 
Kemp Wm. brick maker, Poppleton s of McHenry 
Kemp Wm. ship carpenter, 86 Ann 
Kempach Andre, laborer, 8 Saratoga 
Kemper Hamline, tailor, 106 McEJderry st 
Kemper Henry, shoemaker, 81 Albemarle 

of KEMPER JOHN G. grocery, feed and liquor store, 
s e cor. Wayne and Eutaw 
Kemper John G. furn. dealer, 25 Harrison 
Kempton San.!, jr. firm Fitzgerald, Booth & Co. 

210 n Howard 
Kendall II. M. grocer, 33 Fremont, cor. Vine 
Kendall Mary, 333 Fayette 
Kenley Edwd. meas. Custom house, 441 w Bait 
Ken ley Geo. T. flour and feed mt. 299 w Pratt, dw 

327 w Lombard 
Kenly John R. attorney at law, 43 w Fayette, dw w 

Kenly Susan, 33 Pearl 
Kenhard Alex. A. 110 Pine 
Kennard Geo. laborer, 41 Johnson 
Kennard Geo. J. grocer, 221 n Gay 
Kennard Mrs. Harford av. c of Neighbor 
Kennard Priscilia, milliner and dress maker, 651 w 

Kennard Rich, firm Ferguson & K. dw 2C0 Ann 
Kennard Thos. J. merchant tailor, 326 Lexington 
Kennard Wm. H. tailor, 366 w Fayette 
Kenneday Frank, laborer, 394 w Fayette 
Kenneday Jane, boarding house, 12 St. Paul 
Kenneday Susan, dairy, cor. Brune and George 
Kenneday Thos. shoemaker, 63 s Spring 
Kenneday W.Wilson, firm John & James Wil- 
liams & Co. dw 122 Hanover 
Kennedy Alex, drayman, 41 Holland 
Kennedy Alex, druggist, n e cor. Gibson & Preston 
Kennedy Andrew, 42 Orleans 
Kennedy Catharine, grocer 16 s Front 
Kennedy Dennis, laborer, IS Somerset 
Kennedy Dennis, laborer, 197 Ensor 
Kennedy Elizab. 57 Vine 
Kennedy Elizabeth, matron St. Peter's asylum, 2!) 

Kennedy Felix, grocer, 223 Raborg 
Kennedy Geo. A. tailor, 67 Montgomery 
Kennedy Henry, laborer, 9 Amity 
KENNEDY HUGH, tavern, 19 Centre Market 
Kennedy Jas. P. dealer in 2d hand furniture, 34 

Penn av 
Kennedy Jane, dress maker. 122 Saratoga 
Kennedy John, 208 Mulberry 
Kennedy John, laborer, Vine near Poppleton 
Kennedy Martin, laborer, 2 French 
Kennedy Mich, cabinet maker, 45 w Lombard, dw 

17 e Lombard 
Kennedy N. R. keeper Eagle Hotel, Hillen e of 

Kennedy Patrick, svocer, 490 w Pratt 




Kennedy Patrick, laborer, Chesapeake st. Canton 
Kennedy William, sup. Canton depot, Boston e of 

Kennedy Win. firm W. Jenkins & Sons, dw York 

Kennedy Win. artist, "229 Light 
Kennedy Wm. W. 122 Hanover 
Kennedy Miss M. drug dealer and milliner, 7b' n 

Kennetson Chas. tailo^ 104 McElderry 
Kenney Jas. shoemaker, 293 Canton av 
Kenney Jeremiah, milk and butter depot keeper, n 

w cor. Saratoga and North 
Kenney John, laborer, Boston near Clinton, Canton 
Kenny' Edward, 40 Hamburg 
Kenny Francis, carpenter, G3 Rose 
Keriny Francis, watchman, 46 Canal 
Kenny Jas. shoemaker, Boston e of Chesapeake 
Kenny Mrs. Mary, 180 Chestnut 
Kenny Thus, laborer, w Falls av.e of Pratt st 
Kenny Tbo3. bricklayer, -270 n Gay 
Kent . 

Kent Edward E.buck inklio 

Kent Thomas of Joseph, U. S. Marshal, 11 Court- 
house lane 
Kent Philip, clerk, 7(5 George 
Kentenben Mrs. E. 68 Granby 
Kenzer Peter, sawyer, l( : i Stirling 
Keogh John, carpenter, 258 Franklin 
Kephart & Darby, fruit and confectionery dealers, 

284 Bait 
Kepler Miss Constance, 537 w Fayette 
Kepler Geo. W. tobacconist, 41 Stirling 
Kepler Win. grocer, 226 n Gay 
Keplirfgei Mary, seamstress, 7 Amity 
Keplinger Rosanna, 153 Ensor 
Keppelman Geo. grocer, 77 Mulberry 
Kerchner Ann Maria, 121 n High 
Kerchner Killian, laborer, 281 Bond 
Kerchhotf Henry, prop. ''Canton House/' near the 

Bridge, Bos'on st 
Kerker John, store keeper, 239 Hanover 
Kerklev Thos. bri"klayer, w Saratoga extd 
Keri Henry, butcher, v Bait 
Kern Chas. locksmith, 19 ^?w Church 
Ker nan Bern <r. Watson and Canal 

Kernau Chas. blacksmith, 2(i7 Canton av 
Kernan Jas. cuSt. office, <>! n Gay 
Kernan Jas. printer,. Boyd bet. HolHns & Lombard 
Kernan John, laborer, 91 Green Mount or York av 
Kernan John, laborer, 19 1 Harford av 
Kernan Margaret 260 Franklin 

Kernan Mich, stone polisher, 19G Harford av 
Kernan Patrick, grocer, 5 n Charles, dw 79 Frank. 
Kernan Peter, cracker 8c biscuit man. 108 w Pratt 

dw 82 Hanover ' 

Kernan Thos. srrocer, 100 Harford av 
Kernell Eve, 212 Alice Anna 
Kerner Adam, 322 s Bond 
Kerner C. D. tobacconist, 184 Lexington 
Kerner Conrad, laborer, Elliott st. Canton 
Kerner Conrad, piano maker, 91 s Eutaw 
Kerner Fredk. laborer, 703 w Bait 
Kerner John F. tobacconist, s w cor. Hish &Balt 

dw 29 Bait ' 

Kerner Patrick, laborer, 42 Perry 
Kerner Simon, cooper, 70 Thames 
Kerney John, laborer, cor. Tyson and Cathedral 
Kerney Martin J. teacher, l 49 Front 
Kerney Mary Ann, tailoress, 85 Bank 
Kerney Saul, shoemaker, 118n Canal 
Kerr Ann, tavern, 131 Easti rn av 
Kerr Jas. carpenter, 132 ' 

■ ouft 
Ken Jas. aboul 30 Preslon. 
Kerr Jas. wi Gay 

Kerr Dr. John, office and dw 397 w Lombard 
Kerr Joseph B. G3 s Howard 
Kerr Robt. teacher western female high school 154 

East st 
Kerr Win, carpenter, 7 Republican 
Kerr Wm. bar keeper, 110 Vine 
Kersey Agusta, dress maker, 15 Hillen 
Kertz Christ, laborer, Monument e of Buren 
Kerwan Capt. Wm. 12<"> s Paca 
Kerwin Bernard, grocer, 120 Ross 
Kerwin Geo. watchman. 28 Hamburg 
Kesler George C. cabinet maker, cor. Somerset and 

Kesler Mich, wheelwright, 11 Brune 
Kesler Nick, cooper, Clinton st. Canton 
Kesmodel Fredk. A. turner and umbrella maker 

59§ n Eutaw 
Kessel John, shoemaker, 157 Light 
Kessel Margaret, grocer, 118 York 
Kessick Henry, drayman, 129 L. Greene 
Kessler Henry, cooper, 336s Charles 
Kessler Rev. John S. pastor German relorm church, 

126 n Paca 
Kessler John, tailor, 23 Low 
Kesslet Margaret, G. Hughes w of Covin 
Ressner Conrad, , j'son 

Kessner Jacob, laborer, 291 Alice Anna 
Kesson Chas. shoemaker, 25 Low 




Kessterson John, engineer, Fort road 

Ketler Fredk. bricklayer, 364 n Canal 

Ken Emille, painter, 163 e Fayeite 

Kettella John, laborer, rear 43 Argyle al 

Kettlar Aug. 2d hand dealer. 269 Bond 

Kettlewell & Davidson's agricultural depot, corner 

Lombard and Hanover 
Kettlewell John, ex-sheriff, 121 Conway 
Ketz Saml. butcher, 18 Lewis 
Kevitt John, laborer, 21 Low 
Kexell & Landers, shoemakers, 205 s Bond 
Key Chas. H. attorney at law, s w cor. St. Paul and 

Key Gabriel P. painter, 1 McHenry 
Key John C. attorney, 89 s Paca 
Key Marshal P. tailor, 7 Oregon 
Keyl Geo. cabinet maker, 90 Low 
Key! Rev. Wm. 22 Barnet 
KEYS BAYLY, wholesale grocer and commission 

merchant, 2 s Eutaw, dw 105 n Charles 
Keys, Bro. & Co. grocers, 43 South 
Keys Elizab. grocer, 109 Gough 
Keys Francis, carpenter, 173 Hollins 
Keys Hugh C. firm Keys Bro. <fc Co. Trinity e High 
Keys Jas. engineer, Chester st n of Eastern av 
Keys Jas. N. seaman, 90 Albemarle 
Keys Jas. N. grocer, cor. Franklin and Howard, dw 

100 w Monument 
Keys John, laborer, 67 McElderry 
Keys Joseph T. firm Taylor & K. 148 Lexington 
Keys Mary, 144 e Fayette 
Keys Patrick, laborer, 88 William 
Keyser Anthony, varnisher, Leadenhall n of Hen- 
rietta st 
Keyser Chas. M. queensware and china merchant, 

12 n Howard, dw 55 n Paca 
Keyser Derrick, firm J. Sharkey & Co. 14 Hollins 
Keyser Elizab. liquor dealer, 5 Lombard 
Keyser Henry, furn. carter, 67 Orleans 
Keyser Hetty, 146 Fayette 
Keyser Jas. queensware dealer, Howard, dw 236 n 

Keyser John, tract distributer, 86 Granby 
Keyser John, varnisher, 148 s Charles 
Keyser Margaret, Cambridge e ofLeakin, Canton 
Keyser Mich. 20 n Eutaw 
Keyser Moses, dry goods dealer, 70 Hanover 
Keyser Nich. laborer, 148 s Charle9 
Keyser Nich. carpenter, 97 St. Mary 
KEYSER SAMUEL S. & CO. iron merchants, 67 

Sou V: cor. Pratt, dw 25 Cathedral 

Keyser Solomon, dry goods and clothing dealer, 12 

e Pratt 
Key worth Chas. B. merchant tailor, 286 Bait 
Khune Mrs. A. 55 n Liberty 
Kidler John S. nightman, 25 Harford av 
KIDD CHARLES, edge tool manufacturer, 352 w 

Pratt, dw 10 Paca 
Kidd Jas, carpenter, 114 Ensor 
Kuld Joshua, butcher, Somerset n of Eager 
Kidd Lewis, butcher, Harford av 
Kidd & White, confectioners and toy dealers, &c 

16 Baltimore 
KIDDEER CAMILLUS, commission merchant, 

79 South st. Bowly's wharf, up stairs, dw 51 n 

Kiel John H. clock and watch maker, 51 e Bait 
Kielmyer Jacob, basket maker, 81 Eastern av 
Kielholtz Jacob, moulder, 48 s Caroline 
Kiely Capt. John, 229 Alice Anna 
Kierston Fredk. cabinet maker, 54 s Bond 
Kiesenderffer Wm. cedar cooper, 126 Henrietta 
Kiesling Andrew, shoemaker, 53 Lancaster 
Kiesner Danl. tailor, 5 Cowpen al 
Kifel Geo. confectioner, 25 Carpenter's al 
Kiggins Jas. laborer, 73 Spring 
Kilbourn Andrew, blacksmith, 99 Fremont 
Kilbourn Eldridge G. attorney, 59 Fayette, dw con 

Carey and Fayette 
Kilbourn Geo. tinner, 170 Saratoga, dw 30 n Eutaw 
Kilbourn John, carpenter, 149 Fremont 
Kilbourn Saml. Britannia met. worker. 57 Penn av 
Kilburn Misses & Healy, principals of young ladies' 

academy, 3 Lexington 
Kilburn U"ri, firm K. Brook & Co. d*v 190 Saratoga 
Kilduff Arthur, ostler, n w cor. North & Saratoga 
Kilduff Patrick, ostler, 18 Bath 
Kilduff Stephen, grocer, 14 Bath 
Kilfoy John, laborer, Chesapeake st. Canton 
Kilke'lly John, laborer, 746 w Bait 
Killen Rev. Dr. Rich. S. pastor Ascension church, 

Prot. E. 271 Saratoga 
Killenstine J. Adam, store keeper, s w cor. Eager 

and Aisquith 
Killier Mich. Light extd 
Killman Noah, sailor, 140 Conway 
Kilman Chas. laborer, 147 n Caroline 
Kilman Washington, ship carpenter, 190 Bank 
Kilmer Wm. potter, 7 Fremont 
Kilmeyer Joseph, oak cooper, 101 Ensor 
Kilmeyer Marcus, ven. blind maker,49 Clay 
Kilmond Thos. engineer, 70Hampslead 
s Kilpatrick Thos, carpenter, Penn av n of Wilson si 




Kilty John, shoemaker. Conway w of Warner 

Kilty Wra tailor, 136 Henrietta 

Kilvant Aug. tailor, 379 n Gay 

Kimball Horatio S. broom man. Carey s of Bait 

Kimball Capt. Saml. R. mariner, 80.1 Granby 

KIMBERLY EDWARD, provision merchant, 73 

w Pratt, dw 70 Harford av 
Kimberly E. soap and candle manufacturer, Centre 

e of Bridge 
Kimberly Elizab. 10 Buren 
Kimberly Henry, beef packer, 20,Buren 
Kimberly Mr. 52 French 
Kimberly Jer. M. dealer in boots, shoes, hats, caps, 

Sec. s w cor. Bait and Howard, dw 173 n High 
Kimberly Nathl. firm H. K. St Co. 185 Broadway 
KimberlV Wm. H. butcher, 63 Harford av 
KIMMEL FREDERICK, locksmith and bell hang- 
er, Concord, dw 85 e Lombard 
Kimmel Leopold, furn. dealer, 32 Harrison 
Kimmer John, Perry e of Hanover 
Kimmeler Matt, laborer, Jones's lane 
Kunmerman Andrew, laborer, 120 Dallas 
Kimmet Philip, tailor, rear 86 Centre Market 
Kimtnon P. S. 16 Buren 
Kincade Catharine, 1 Low 

Kincaide Mrs. Barbara, board, hou^e, 424 Lombard 
Kinchellv Wm. laborer, Canal s of Bank 
Kinder Lewis, tinner, 154 n Gay 
Kinder Martin, barber, 52 Park 
Kirie Christopher, cooper, 78 Argyle al 
Kines &. Bro, stove, tin aad sheet iron manufi 119 

Light st wharf 
Kines Francis, tinner, Light bet. Barre and Lee 
Kines Francis, firm K. & Brother, dw Light near 

Kines John G. firm K. & Bro. 58 William 
King Anna. 30 Clay 
King Ann, 194 Wolf 
King Bernard, drayman, 45 Davis 
Kinsr, Bragdon & Co. dealers in fancy silk goods, 

235 Baltimore 
KING & CAREY, wholesale dealers in boots and 

shoes, 5 Hanover 
King Caroline, 99 Ann 
King Chas. F. ship joiner, 9 Bethel 
King Christ. 30 Argyle al 
King's daguerian rooms, over 217 Bait 
King David, butcher, 18 Star al 
King & Donovan, tobacconists, 124 Forest 
King Elizab. 414 Saratoga 
King Ernst L. jeweller, 79 n Gay 
King Esther, cleaner of silk & merino, 113 n Eutaw 

King Francis, painter, n e cor. Lombard st. and Cal- 
endar al 

King Francis T. firm K. & Carey, dw 172 Park- 
King F. W. & R. math. &. naut. instrument makers, 
33 South, dw F. W. K. 48 Albermarle 

King Geo. iron finisher, Carey s of Bait 

King Geo. mariner, 201 Alice Anna 

King Geo> R. paper hanger, 52 Camden 

King Geo. cooper, 324 s Bond, dw 10 Shakspear 

King Geo. carpenter, 6 n Greene 

Kin? Henry S. firm K. & Hiss, dw 285 w Fayette 

KING & HISS ,importersand dealers in hardware, 
307 Baltimore 

King Hugh, blacksmith. 22 Poppleton 

King Jacob, piano maker, 547 w Bait 

King Jacob, gardner, Chatsworth extd 

K1112 Jas. A. carpenter, Conway, shop Camden w 
of Eutaw 

King Jas. hatter, 3lJ Columbia 

King Jas. variety dealer, 197 e Bait 

King Jane, 150 Ann 

King John, ship joiner, 59 Stiles, shop Smith's whf 

King John, ship joiner, 7 Stiles 

King John, ship joiner, Woll n of Lancaster 

King John, ship joiner, 278 e Bait 

King John C. attorney, 18 law buildings, St, Paul 

King John & Son, paints, oil &c. dealers, 48 n How- 
ard, dw J. K. 38 s Eutaw 

King John, watchman, ISO East 

King John, tavern, 349 s Bond 

King Joseph, jr. 45 n Chailes 

King Joseph, shoemaker, 11 Buren 

King Joseph, carpenter, Conwav w of Warner 

King Joshua T. carpenter, 349 Fayette 

King Julia Ann. 23 Pearl 

King Julia Ann, 125 Spring 

King Mary Ann, nurse, 32 Maiden lane 

King Nicholas, tavern. 186 Lexington 

King Nicholas, pilot, 194 Wolf 

King Patrick, grocer, 96Holliday 

King Philip, cooper, 114 Thames 

King Philip, sausage maker, 112 Thames 

King Richd. firm F. Wi & R. K. 8 s Frederick 

Kin? Saml. shoemaker, 128 Henrietta 

Kin? Saml. H. trader, 40 Thames 

King Sarah, tavern, Fish Market 

King Sarah S. 170 Mulberry 

Kin? Solomon, druggist, 1 s Calvert, dw 13 Green 
Mount av 

KING STEPHEN R. & CO. lumber merchants, 
corner e Falls and Eastern avs. dw S R. K> 117 s 




King Thos. carpenter, GO n Greene 
Wm. S. bricklayer, 185 Fremont 

King Wm. A. L.machinist, 345 Lexington 
. Wm. J. cai pen ir, 13 Fremont 

King Wm. ! i : ■ 

King Wm. !i. carpenter, 81 Canal 

King Wm. tailor, 99 Thames 

Kinghorn Elizab, boarding house, 74 e Lombard 

Kingsbury John, butcher, 33 West 

Kingswprth Edwd. finisher, 34 Henrietta 

Kink John, baker, 3 Slemmer's al 

KINKLE DR. JAMES C. office and dwelling IS 

Kinnemon Dr. P. S. 81 e Pratt 

KinnersGeo. grocer. 27 May 

Kinney Austin, milk dealer, Madison e Bond 

Kinney Dr. Wm. 163 w Lombard 

Kinniard A. cabinetmaker, 136 n Charles 

Kinnier Alex. 331 n Gay 

Kirisey Thos. marble polisher, 97 e Fayette 


Kinsley Bernard, tavern, 144 Li 

Kins! iv e Burk st 

130 Light 
Kinsmore Englehardt, laborer, 9 New 
Kitizer Nichl. shoemaker, 15 Somerst f 
Kiper Christina, tailoress, 51 Buren 
Kipmyer Fred. furn. carter, 270 Alice Anna 
Kipp John & Son, leather manuf. 17-27 Cheapside; 

dw 95 Camden 
Kirby Allen, pilot, 207 Ann 
Kirby Calvin, ship carpenter, 199 Washington 
Kirby Ch. A. firm J. K. & Son, 68 Exchange 

Kirby Christiana, Broadway s Monument st 
Kirby Edwd. laborer, 7 Bethel 
Kirby Edwd. stevadore, 242 Ann 
Kirbv Elizabeth, 63 Stirling 

Kirby Francis, of custom house, 153 e Monument 
Kirby Fredk. paper carrier, Chase e Aisquith 
Kirby Jas. porter, 352 Franklin 
Kirov Jas. 72 Eastern av 
Kirby Jas. T. bricklayer, 242 Ann 
Kirby Jas. H. shoemaker, Chester st n Eastern av 

loemaker, 15 Spring court 
Kirby John & Sun, lumber mts. cor. Mill & Bowley 
Kid •- rohn. dairy keeper. 53 Mulberry 
Kirby John F. shoemaker, 112 Dallas 

J 'hn H- shoemaker, 27 s Caroline 
Kirby Loftus, 111 n Exeter 
Kirby Mary, 210 e Pratt 
Kirby Patrick, laborer, 24 Shakspear 

Kirby Rebecca, quilter, 130 Ensor 

Kirby Richd. W. S. ship carpenter, 197 Washington 

Kirby Robt. saddler, 1G0 Orleans 

Kirby Saml. H. inspector weights & meas, 44 Chew" 

Thos. cigar maker, Pleasant al w Castle al 
Kirby Thos R. hatter, 159 n Paca 

i'Iios. paper hanger, 156 Broadway 
Kirby Wm. mate, Lexington w Shroeder 
Kirby Wm. ship carpenter, 57 Block 
Kirch John, mate, i& Philpot 
Kircher Fredk. teamster, 131 Fremont 
Kircher Godlred, blacksmith. Shroeder n Baltimore 
Kirchner Henry, druggist, 246 Saratoga 
Kirchner John, blacksmith. 55 Union 
Kirk Geo. W. carpenter. 384 w Pratt 
Kirk Henry C. firm Saml. K. & Son, 56 s Greene 
Kirk Jas. oyster dealer. Cathedral n Tyson 
Kirtc John A. clerk, 18 Maiden lane 
Kirk John, sawyer. 833 s Bond 
1 Penn. av 

city collector, 203 Aisquith 
L and silver smiths, 172 Bait, 
Kit k Thus, laborer, rear 51 Han 

Kirk Wash, carpenter, 35 n Sharp, dw 220 Fayette 

Kirk Wm. J, butcher, 162 Penn. av 

Kirkland Alex, firm Kirkland, Chase & Co. dw 171 

Kirkland, Chase & Co. com. and shipping mts. 87 

Smith's whf 

Kirkland Edwd. carpenter. Cathedral near Tyron 
Kirkley John W. bricklayer, 397 Lexington 
Kirkpatrick David, laborer, 55 Deluol a) 
Kirkwood John. jr. shoemaker, e Hamburg 
Kirkwood John, ship carpenter, Hamburg st. F. H, 
Kirkwood Philip, ship carpenter, e Hamburg 
Kirkwood Sarah, 314" Fayette 
Kirkwood Wm. H. ship carpenter, 49 West 
Kirsh Fredk, tailor, 358 n Gay 
Kirtb Elizab. milk dealer, Fort road 
Kirvin John, mariner,- rear 34 G. Hughes 
Kirvin John, engineer, 50 Stiles 
Kirvin Sophia. i67 Orleans 
Kirvin Capt. Wm. B. mariner, 289 Light 
Kirwan John H. mate steamboat Osiris, 96 Hill 
Kirwin Robt. laborer, 30 Dallas 
Kirwin Zebedee, seaman, 66 William 
Kisewetter Chas. butcher, 5 n Caroline 
Kite Jos. B. tailor. 71 n Eden 
Killer Fredk. bricklayer, 4 Somerset 
Kitzinger Fredk,. cabinet maker, 4 Jackson's court 
Kittel Martin, tinner, 28 Sarah Ann 




Kittering Peter, McKim 

Klace John, furnace man, Clinton st. Canton 

Klagers Fredk. laborer, 207 Bethel 

Klagman Conrad, laborer, 216 Happy al 

Klar Ferd. grocer, 180 Biddle 

Klare John D. box maker, 5 Clay, dw Conway near 

Klass Henry, morocco manuf. 11 Saratoga 

Klassen Chas. collector, 124 n Eutaw 

lvLAUDER, DEGINTHER &CO'S cabinet ware 
rooms, 9 Eutaw buildings, Baltimore J t. G. Grue- 
ber, agent 

Klaunburg A. F. firm Hack &. K. dw 8 Watson 

Klaus Fredk. tailor, 20b' Cbesnut 

Klausen Feter, rigger, 262 Happy al 

Kledderman John H. mt. tailor, 99 n Howard 

Klehm Henry, sTioemaker^ 256 Alice Anna 

Klehm John, shoemaker, 235 Canton av 

Kl*ibacker B. tavern, 100 Dugan's whf 

Kleiber Casper, milkman, "27 Johnson 

Kleiman C. umb. maker, s w cor. Light & Lombard 

Kleiman Sebastian, tailor, 15 Somerset 

Klein Adam, laborer, 263 Happy al 

Klien Fredk. city bailiif, GS Lancaster 

Klien John J. shoemaker, 207 Happy al 

Klein "Win. grocer, 3 Sarah Ann 

Klein Win. porter, 2 Clay 

Kleinger Chas. coachman, 002 Fremont 

Klemayer Henry, laborer, Penn. av n Mosher st 

Kleppish Augt. tailor, 424 Saratoga 

ih Chas. F. tailor, 111 St. Mary's 

Klerlein Geo. shoemaker, l6Hampsiead 

Klesel Steph. shoemaker, 181 s Charles 

Klessner Wm. cabinet and chair maker, 40 n Eutaw 

Kleye Wilhelm, grocer, 74 Mulberry 

KHck Chas. sawyer, rear 97 Baltimore 

Kline Catharine, book folder, rear 97 Baltimore 

Kline David, baker, 307 s Charles 

Kline Elizabeth, 6 French lane 

Kline Emeline, Bank e Washington 

Kline Geo. F. tailor, 75 Orleans 

Kline Henry, laborer, 47 Union 

Kline John, butcher, 33 Block 

Kline John, laborer, junct. Fremont st and Penn. av 

Kline John, milkman, 91 s Eutaw 

Kline John, laborer. 60 Argyle al 

Kline Jos. tailor, 161 Forest 

Win. shoemaker, 178 Light 

Klinefelter Henry, dep. measurer Custom House 
S9 Goush 

KLINEFELTER JESSE, eating house and bowl- 
ing saloon, 164 Baltimore, dw 290 Aisquith 

Klinely Michael, paver, 184 Ensor 

Klinesmith Adam, shoemaker, 19 Ferry 

Baling John, mt. tailor, 287 w Pratt 

Kling Jos. cabinet maker, 46 Hampstead 

Klingenberg Lewis, tailor, Exeter st s Eastern av 

(Dinger Henry, cooper, 148 s Eden 

Klinger John, tailor, rear 113 Lancaster 

Kloke Anton, lock and gun smith. 12 n Greene 

Klocker Hez. carpenter, 41 Watson 

Klockgether D. cf custom house, 88 s Howard 

Kloman Felix, mt. tailor. 449 Raltimore 

Kloman Fredk. piano maker, 101 Pearl 

Klotz Adam, glove and suspen. maker, 141 Lomb'd 

Klotz Geo. carpet wearer, 5(5 Penn. av 

Klug Christian, tanner, Penn. av n Wilson st 

King Jacob, shoemaker, 77 Perry 

Klump Jacob, carter, 37 Douglass 

Slump Michael, carpenter, 109 Ross 

Klurrp Wm. watchman, Henrietta w Hanover 

Klumper Ferd. W. tobacconist, 23'J n Gay 

Klunk Caroline, 143 Canal 

Klunk Elizabeth, 72 Pine 

Klunk Jos. carpenter, 84 Pine 

Klutsehzt Francis, music teacher, 348 Lexington 

K.NABE & GAEHLE, piano makers, 3 to 11 n 

Knabe Wm. firm K. & Gaehle, 150 n Eutaw 
Knade Ludwig, tailor, 126 Happy al 
Knapp Conrad, shoemaker, 6G s Paca 
Knapp Earhard, tanner, Penn. av n Wilson st 
Knapp John, laborer,8 St. Mary's 
Knapp Lydia A. dress maker, 48 Ross 
Knapp Capt. Thos. 102 Gough 
Knapp Wm. laborer, 49 Cbesnut al 
Knatz Henry, shoemaker, 210 w Pratt 
Knayel Christian, tailor, 215 Bethel 

Kneble , grocer, 113 Lancaster 

Kneeran Henry, tailor, 139 Alice Anna 

Knefeli Chas. coach maker, 89 North 

Kneeland Elijah, hatter, 158 Spring 

Kneen Thos. tailor, 59 Columbia 

Kneikman John, carter, China al 

Knell Andw. cabinet maker, 67 Columbia 

Knell Geo. A. shoemaker, 191 Biddle 

Knell Henry, butcher, 30 Hoffman 

Knell Jos. cabinet maker, 33 Union 

Kner Peter, sawyer, 30 New Chinch 

Kness Peter, boot and sbemaker, 4 Second 

Knight Ann. milliner, 57 n Eutaw 

Knight Anthony, watchman, 246 s Charles 

Knight Geo. cooper, 37 Eastern av 

Knight Henry, ship carpenter, Sharp n Henrietta 




Knight Isaac, 13 George 

Knight Isaac, blacksmith & wheelwright, 58 n Paca 
Knight Jacob, shoemak. Harford av near rope walk 
Knight John, cooper, Fremont lane, dvv 347 Lex- 
ington st 
Knight John, laborer, w Saratoga st extd 
Knight John, sexton Friends' church, cor. Aisquith 

and Fayette 
Knight Jonathan, shoemaker, 90 n Canal 
Knight Jos. blacksmith, 217 Hanover 
Knight Mrs. M. Raborg w Shroeder 
Knight M. blacksmith, 538 w Bait, dw 10G Raborg 
Knight Marv, 334 Light 
Knight Michael, car driver, 106 Hollins 
Knight Nathaniel, 236 n Eutaw 
Knight Peter, ship carpenter, Wolf s Gough 
Knight RobL. huckster, 8 Centre Market 
Knight Dr. S. T. 173 Pearl 

Knight Thos. prop, lumber wagons, 168 n Howard 
Knight Win. H. mariner. 85 Montgomerv 
Kriight Wm. H. plaisterer, Poppleton near Lexing. 
Knight Wm. F. carpenter, 130 Lexington 
Knight Wm. H. car man, 483 w Lombard 
Knight Winter, stone cutter, 230 Hanover 
Knighton Thos. com. agent, 45 Second, dw 177 e 

Knipe Jacob, silver plater, 37 Centre 
Knipe Wm. ship joiner, 17 Lancaster 
Knipp Jacob, porter, 141 Henrietta 
Kniss Chas. tavern, 140 Thames 
Knoch Henry, carpet weaver, 250 Franklin 
Knok Catharine, 368 w Fayette 
Knopp Henry, laborer, 148 s Caroline 
Knorlaen Andw. shoemaker. 32 Cross 
Knott Chas. police officer, 7 Cowpen al 
Knott Edwii. collector, 62 George 
Knott Jas. shoemaker, 128 Vine 
Knott Jas. L. 216 Hariord av 
Knott Robert, 5 ( J n Exeter 
Knott Stephen, carpenter, Poppleton n Fayette 
Knotts Geo. P. paper hanger, 105 Broadway 
Knotts Jos. R. teamster, Scott s Pratt 
Knout John, carpenter, 58 Ross 
Knous Lewis, shoemaker, 12 e Lombard 
Knowles Eph. W. carpenter, 79 McElderry 
Knowles John, carpenter, Ploughman st. dw Broad- 
way s Fayette st 
Knowles, Smith & Co. grocers, 90 Dugan's whf 
Knowles Dr. Wm. G. 94 Hanover 
Knowlmg Wm. painter, 181 Washington 
Knox Adam, blacksmith, 195 Paca 
Knox Anastatia, dress maker, 122 North 

Knox Fire Ins. Office, Jas. Lovegiove agent, 25 s 

Knox Peter, dairy man, Fairmount Gardens 

Knullmyer John F. laborer, 213 Ensor 

Knupp Henry, stevadore, 43 Philpot 

Knutson August, shoemaker, Penn. av n Fremont st 

Kobe Gotleib, prop. 'Republican House,' 44 Thames 

Kobler Andw. tailor, 50 Canal 

Koch Henry, shoemaker, 252 Ann 

Koch Peter, tailor, 188 s Caroline 

Koch Sarah, 266 Saratoga 

Kochlin Henry M. apoth. and druggist, 224 s Bond 

Kock Fredk. boot and shoemaker, 49 Clay 

Kock John, carter, 112 Lancaster 

Kock Wilhelm, porter, 63 Centre Market 

Koechlins- Lucy, 180 Bank 

Koehler John, tailor, 45 Hill 

Koehler F. X. engraver &. die sinker, 10 N. Church 

Koehler John, tailor, 45 Hill 

Koerber Chas. tobacconist, 199 Alice Anna 

Koerner Ernst & Jacob G. confectioners and distil- 
lers, 86 n Eutaw 

Koerner Geo. shoemaker, 194 Ann 

Koft'enberry Jacob, laborer, 82 Albemarle 

Kohlhepp John, shoemaker. 129 Franklin 

Kohnberger Christolph, cabinet maker, 44 Harrison 

Koetzer John, saddler, 113 n Exeter 

Kohler Jacob, wine and liquor dealer, 67 Park 

Kok Win. laborer, 20 Thames 

Kolb Ann, variety dealer, 94 n Howard 

Kolb Catharine, Penn.av n Wilson st 

Kolb Geo. grocer, 252 Ann 

Kolb John, blacksmith, 79 Penn. av 

Kolb Jos. tailor, 111 Low 

Kolb Michael, laborer, 12Shakspear 

Kolb Michael, blacksmith, 80 Hampstead 

Kolk John, mariner, 82 Lancaster 

Kollenberg Theodore, shoemaker, 186 Ann 

Koller Conrad, tailor, 116 n Eden 

Koller Isaac, carpenter, 37 Pine 

Kolmeyer Win. carter, 45 Albemarle 

Kolp Peter, Fort road, Locust Point 

Kolston Ann, washer, Bethel n Fayette 

Kolthisen Ann, Penn. av n Wilson st 

Komer Mrs. C. washer, 133 Alice Anna 

Komph Peter, shoemaker, 34 n Liberty 

Konig Catharine, 4 Jasper 

Konig Fredk. firm F. K. Sc Co. 250 Saratoga 

KONIG F. &. CO. importers of German goods, 4 
n Howard 

Konig George, 160 Eastern av 

Koning John, tavern, 79 McElderry 's whf 




Konrey Matthew, laborer, 215 Shakspear 

Konze Lewis, shoemaker, 254 Pratt, dw 89 s How'd 

Kooke Herman, taTern,293 s Bond 

Kookegey Elizabeth, 6 Pearl 

Koon Florence, 139 s Ann 

Koon John, paver, 11 Harmony lane 

Koon Lewis, cigar maker, 162 Alice Anna 

Koonrad Jacobj" butcher, w Pratt st extd 

Kope Michael, sawyer, 208 Eastern av 

Kopp Ferdinand, glass blower, 4 G Hughes 

Kopp John, store keeper, cor. Johnson &. G. Hughes 

Koppelman John G. coffee house keeper, 3 Saratoga 

Korach Lev/is, cap maker, 23^ Harrison 

Korman Jacob, shoemaker, 52 Canal 

Kormstam Aaron, clothier, 187 s Caroline 

Kornbihler Xavier, cabinet maker, 422 w Pratt 

Korner, Conrad, piano maker, 91 s Eutaw 

Korner John, shoemaker, Lombard e Caroline 

Knrnman Peter, shoemaker, 41 n Liberty 

Kcrt Fredk. Leratnon w Poppleton 

Keser Benj. F. D. shoemaker, 185 Sharp 

Koss Anthony, cooper, 153 s Eden 

Kost Fredk. tailor, 189 s Caroline 

Kostello Mary, 63 Mulberry 

Rosier Albert, 262 s Charles 

Koster John G. prop. "Lexington Green House," 

187 Lexington 
Koster Mary Ann, 190 Hanover 
Kosure Jesse, cabinet maker, 33 s Eutaw 
Kothe Fredk. carpenter, 40 Chatsworth 
Kothe Geo. baker, 40 Chatsworth 
Kouck John, Ploughman w Hish 
Kouldt Patrick, baker, 117 Lexington 
Koulsted, Ann, washer, Happy al near Bait, st 
Koup Martin, carpenter, 38 n Liberty 
Kowin John P. carpenter, Penn. av extd 
Kraber Daniel, book keeper, 140 Pearl 
Krader Christian, 111 n Howard 
Kraft Adam, carpenter, 37 Penn. av 
Kraft Chas. L. attorney at lav/, 35 w Fayette 
Kraft Christian, tailor, 50 Canai 
Kraft Conrad, laborer, 146 s Caroline 
Kraft Fredk. blacksmith, 104 Penn. av, dw Bid-die 
Kraft Fredk. foundryman, 140 s Howard 
Kraft Geo. carpenter, 18 Baker's al 
Kraft Henry, grocer, 88 Lexington 
Kraft Jacob, rag dealer, 72 Orleans 
Kraft Jacob, butcher, G. Hampstead 
Kraft Jacob, butcher, Cathedral n Biddle 
Kraft Jacob, carpenter, Penn. av extd. 
Kraft John, pudding maker, 417 Saratoga 
Kraft Michael, laboter, 4 Henry 

, S*.~ >^_y< r^r 

Kraft Michael, carpenter, 318 Franklin 

Kraft Parker, hatter, Harford av w Eager st 

Kraft Peter, shoemaker, 121 n High 

Kraft Peter, baker, 490 w Lombard 

Kraft PhUip, tailor, 71 Front 

Kraft Saml. carpenter, Penn.aV extd 

Krager Chas. basket maker, 263 Happy al 

Krager Fredk. tailor, 83 s Howard 

Krager Geo. tailor, 243 Aisquiih 

Krager Jos. F. watchman custom house, 77 Peirce 

Krahl Andw. laborer, 260 Alice Ann 

Kramer Casper, dentist, Eastern av w Eden st 

Kramer Chas. shoemaker, 19 Hampstead 

Kramer Fredk. brickmaker, 126 Columbia 

Kramer Geo. W. bricklayer, 371 Franklin 

Kramer Geo. laborer, 53 Lancaster 

Kramer Henrv, shoemaker, 20 French 

Kramer Henry, laborer, 52 Durst al. F. II. 

Kramer Henry, tailor, Register s Gough 

Kramer Jacob, tanner, Chanel st w Penn.av 

Kramer James, G. Hughes e Light 

Kramer John C. shoemaker. 2(59 s Charles 

Kramer John, hiring stables, 546 w Baltimore, dw 

55 German 
Kramer Dr. John Wesley, 93 Hanover 
Kramer Jos* laborer, 204 Sharp 
Kramer, Mantz k Co. who!, drug. oil. paints, &c 

dealer, 50 South 
Kramer Nichl. carpet weaver, Biddle al 
Kramer SamU firm Krame^ Mainz & Co. dw 93 

Kramer Stephen, tailor, 218 Alice Anna 
Kramer Wm. butcher, Light st extd 
Kranea Conrad, carter, 19 Jackson's court 
Krans Christian, laborer, Canal st a Eastern av 
Kranz Geo. boot and shoemaker, 277 n Howard 
Krapf John, tailor, 31 MuHikin 
Krapf Jos. boot maker, 221 Chesnwt 
Kratz Alex, cooper, 87 Lancaster, dw 269 Ann 
Kratz Chas. tailor, 54 n Canal 
Kratz Henry, clothier, 107 Light st wharf, dw 2i 

Kratz John, boot maker, 142 Conway 
Kratz John, cooper, Lancaster st. dw 83 Argyle al 
Kratzeiistine John, paver. 54 Raborg- 
Krantzer Ludwig, shoemaker. 147 Franklin 
Kraus Christian, shoemaker, 205 s Bond 
Kraus Jacob, dry goods dealer, 1901 Broadway 
Krauz John, basket maker. 161 s Eden 
Kraus Philip, painter and raised letterer, s w «or, 

Calvert and Mercer 
Krausse Wm. cabinet maker, 289£ s B^nd 




Kreble Christian, tailor, 90 Lancaster iKrisriel Mrs. Spring s of Fayette 

Krebs David, butcher, Prospect Hill, e Baltimore JKriteman Jacob, huckster, 2 Neighbor 
Krebs Elizabeth, 60 Pine IKritzberger Wm. cigar maker. 69 C. Market 

Krebs Geo. W. S. paper hanging warehouse, How- Kritzer Geo. cabinet-maker, 59 n Frederick 
ard s Lee, store 4 Hanover, dw s e cor. Sharp and Kritzer John, laborer, 112 French 
Lee Kroeder John, tavern, 245 Broadway 

Krebs Geo. W. leather dealer. 39 s Calvert, dw 54lKroening P. grocer, 152 Columbia 

Krebs Henry Wm. butcher. 214 e Fayette 
Krebs Henry, laborer, 167 Stirling 
Krebs John W. runner Union Bank, 227 v.- Fayette 
Krebs Alary, 49 s Greene 
Krebs Wm. G. attorney, s w cor. Fayette and St. 

Paul, dw42 Columbia 
Krebs Win. J. house carpenter, 126 Orleans 
Kregel Ann, 5 Jackson 
Kregeri Wm. baker. 163 Light 
Krein John, distiller. 61 Harrison 
Krein Lewis, shoemaker, 241 n Howard 
Kreitman Jacob, tanner, Peirce w Fremont 
Kreitzter Theodore, tailor, rear .SO Ceutre Market 
Kremar Jacob, blacksmith, 184 Biddle 
Kreraer Jas. C. firm RobinsSn ct K dw 329 w Fayette 
Kremer Jno. temperance boarding house, 53 Germ, 
Kremer John, tailor, 92 French 
Kremeyer Aug. shoemaker, Bethel n of Bank 
Krems Jane, 133 Pearl 

Kreesen Sarah, 35 Hoi 1 ins 

Krof Jacob, teamster, 66 Argyle al 

Kroft Simon, Canton av. w of Caroline st 

Krogur Andrus, Hamburg near William 

Krogur B. Hamburg 

Kroh Geo. L. old iron, rags &c. deal. 216 s Bond sU 

dw 216 Eastern av 
Kroh Clement, grocer, Leadenhall s of Henrietta 
Kromm Christ, cabinet maker, 63 n Gay 
Kron Stephen, furn. wagoner, 54 s Bond 
Kronmiller Geo. ivory turner, 105 Harrison 
Kropf Fredk. baker, 194 Alice Anna 
Krotz Henry, wheelwright, 82 Hampstead 
Kronen Lain hard, laborer, 7 Shakspear 
Krous Andrew, Star al. s of Canton av 
Krouse David, painter, 4 Johnson 
Krousing Henry, laborer. Trinity e of High 
Krout Abraham, pedlar, 6S Harrison 
Krozer Dr. J. J. 707 w Bait 
Krug John, shoemaker. 177 Alice Anna 

Kretchmer Jno. L. bricklayer, 89 s Exeter Kruger Henry, laborer, Hammond al 

Krester Jacob B. butcher, 107 n Caroline Kruger Lewis, porter, 41 Mai ion 

Krester Theodore, fancy trimmings store, 121 Bait. Krum Conrad, cabinet maker. 64 Lancaster 

dw 62 German 
Kreiz John, 125 n Eutaw 
Kretz Peter, laborer, 60 Argyle al 
Kreuzer Adolph, tailor, 27 Lombard 
Kiews James, wheelwright, Fountain, dw Wash 

ington st 
Krichten Joseph, wheelwright, 59 French 
Krider Conrad, laborer, 160 Ann 
Kridler Jacob, carpentei 200 Biddle 
Kriebel Andrew, baker, 287 Eastern av 
Krieder Rebecca, 135 Bond 
Krieg Wm. carpenter, 37 Bank 
Kries John, tinner, Perry near Charles 
Kries Peter, laborer. 29 Shakspear 
Kries Peter, bailiffand collector, 127 n Eutaw 
Kriesener John, carpenter, 131 Franklin 
Kriete Geo. sugar baker, 8 1 1 
Krig Peter, ship carpenter, Wilis st 
Krige Eliza, 21 s Exeter 
Krike Anthony, laborer, Tessier st 
Krimm Francis, cabinet maker, 699 w Bait 
Krisman Wrm hotel keeper, 109 Thames 

Krumbacher Eplim. clerk Po<t office. 320 w Fayette 
Krumer Chas. shoemaker. 19 Hampstead 
Kube Chas, cabinet maker, 223 Bethel 
Kubeler Christian, shoemaker, 44 Clay 
Kubler Frederica, Penn. av. n of Wilson s t 
Kuenckel Conrad, cabinet maker, 59 Park 
Kuffer Henrv, tailor. 27 Low 
Kugler B. ladies' shoemaker, 58 Lexington 
Kugler Saml. tobacconist, 297 Pratt 
K iiiil Jacob, laborer, 63 Shroeder 
Kuhl Philip, blacksmith, 42j Harrison 
Kuhl Wm. tinner, 117 L. Greene 
Kuhlman Herman, cap man. 16| w Pratt 
I Kuhn Anthony, piano mak. 75 Bait, dw 75 Greene 
Kuhn Augustus C. turner, 6 Hull lane 
Kuhn Conrad, shoemaker, 289 Canton av 
Kuhn Geo. W.carpenter. 290 Franklin 
Kuhn John, firm K. & Schlesinger. 328 Lexington 
Kuhn Joseph, plaisterer, 37 George 
Kuhn Joseph, Cathedral n of Richmond 
Kuhn Joshua, wire worker, 28 Josephine 




Kuhn &. Schlesinger, imp. brandies, gins, wines &c 

41 s Charles 
Kullman Herman, laborer, 130 Eastern av 
K'jmer Everhard, watch maker, 244 s Bond 
Kummer John, boot and shoemaker, 205 w Lomb'd. 
Kummert Peter, cabinet maker, 219 Franklin 
Kumperi Joseph, tailor> 200 Easor 
Kumptman Conrad, paver, w Saratoga extd 
Kunselman Fredk. blacksmith, 21$ s Bond 
Kunsman Henry, fisher, 083 w Bait 
Kuper Francis, shoemaker, 75 Forest 
Kurtz Agustus, moulder, 122 s Greene 
Kurtz Andrew, cow keeper, 132 Penn. av 
Kurtz Ann, 7 L Gough 
Kurtz Christian, shoemaker, 199 e Lombard 
Kurtz Edward, com. int. 59 s Cay. up stairs 
Kurtz Jacob, carpenter, 106 n Greene 
Kurtz Jeffersoa, coach maker, 140 Fayette 
Kurtz Rev. J. D., D. D. Lexington w of Pine 
Kurtz Polly, 126 n Eutaw 
Kurtz T. Newton, bookseller, 151 Pratt, dw 119 

Kurtz Saml. blacksmith, 128 Raborg 
Kuster Mrs. August, teacher German, 262 w Pratt 
Kuster Fredk. engineer, 161 Alice Anna - 
Kuster Sarah, 61 Conway 
Kausmaul Wm. gunsmith, 30 New Church 
Kuszmaul Lawrence, shoemaker, 111 Low 
Kustner Thos. tailor, 61 Forest 
Kuther Henry, carter, 8 West 
Kyle A. B. firm Dinsmore & K. dw 86 Hanover 
Kyle Christian, carter, 384 s Charles 
Kyle Henry, 195 Canton av 
Kyle Martin, laborer, 5 Dover 
Kylefus Theodore, tailor, 19 Chew 
Laake H. B. tavern and boarding house keeper. 265 

Ann st 
Labarrer Nich. engineer, 7 Spring ct. s Charles st 
Labby Lewis, 280 Monument 
Labenburg Henry, clothier, 123 Canton av 
Labendolph Abraham, milk dealer, 168 Alice Anna 
Laberre Nich. fisher, 50 Durst al. F. H. 
Labroqitre Barney, cooper, 330 n Gay 
Lacey Jas. foundryman, East, av, w of Albem'e. st 
Lacey Patrick, foundryman, Eastern av. w of Al- 

bermarle nu 
Lacey Rich, sail maker, Bond n of Bank 
Lackey Capt. Alex* mariner, 25 Lancaster 
Lackey Isabella, preceptress, 139 e Monument 
Lackstanfer Jacob, shoemaker, 31 n Dallas 
Laconick Lazarus, grocer and confectioner, 118 6 


Ladomus Wm. ship carpenter, Star al. s of Can. av 
Laebsig John G. tavern, Penn. av. n of McKim st 
Laessig John C. baker, Penn, av. n of McKim st 
Lafaivre Joseph, pedlar, 12 Water 
Lafeira Misses J. B. & P. E. dry goods dealers, 129 

n Gay 
Lafever Abraham, printer, 16^ n Eden 
Lafever Chas. cabinet maker, 1 Perry near Chas. 
Lafever David, whip and cane maker, 61 Hillen 
Laflerty Ja«. drayman. 115 St, Paul 
Lafityty John, tanner, 107 York av 
Laflerty Mary, rear 20s Front 
Laflerty Patrick, watchman, 294 Mulberry 
Laflerty Robt. watchman, 90 Green Mount or York 

Lafitte Theresa, 211 n Entaw 
Latleur Andrew J. ladies' shoemaker, 146 Ross 
Latleur Elizab. dress maker, 14 Ross 
Latleur Elizab. 139 Madison 
La Fonte Mary, 37 Albermarle 
Lagenthrop L» butcher, 107 Happy al 
Lagness John, painter. 133 e Monument 
Laib Fredk. butcher, Penn. av 
Laib John, tavern, 208 Lexington 
Laice Geo. box maker, Leadenhall h of Henrietta 
L'Aignoux Mad'me French teacher, 26 Barnet 
La Cross Francis, engineer, 60 Montgomery 
Laiman Moses, clothier, 21 Second 
Lainback John, saddler, 266 s Bond 
Lainhart B. tailor, 137 e Madison 
Lainhar? Casper, tanner, Penn. an n of Wilson si 
Lainhart Mary. ?4 Philpot 
Lainhart Peter, grocer, 274 s Bond 
Lainhart Wm. butcher, 82 Harrison 
Lainhart Wm. tailor, 5 Second 
Lainkart Geo. basket maker. 23 Shakspear 
Lake John, cabinet maker, Wolfs of Gough 
Laker Mich, pilot, Bait, e of Broadway 
Lally Mich, wheelwright, 124 Franklin, dw 103 St 

Lamatch Peter, laborer, 150 s Caroline 
Lamb Alex, cellar digger, Morris al. s of Dolphin st 
Lamb Geo. M, clerk, 119 Conway 
Lamb Jonathan Danl. baker, 136 Lexington, dw 114 

s Paca 
Lamb Joseph, cellar digger, Gibson n of Preston 
Lamb Mich, laborer, Elliott n of Chesapeake Cant. 
Lamb R. 192Hollidav 
Lambden Caroline, 68 George 
Lambden C. tobacconist, 69 n Gay 
Lambden Chas. W. coach painter, 129 Sharp 
Lambdin Danl. shipwright, 223 Eastern a* 




Lambdin John, merchant, 254 Lexingion 
Lambdiu John R. carpenter, 124 Lee 
Lambdin Nich.sail maker, 110 s Caroline 
Lambdin Thos. J. & Bro. sail makers, 127 McEl- 

derry's wharf, d\v T. J. L. 204 e Pratt 
Lambdin Thos. grocer, 94 Light, dw 52 Lee 
Lambdin Wm, S. shipwright 1G8 Wolf 
Lambert Conrad, tailor, 236 e Monument 
Lambert Joseph, shoemaker, 57 Hamburg 
Lambert Capt. Robt. H. mariner, 174 Ann 
Lambert Rosina 197 n Exeter 
Lambeth John,stcyadore, 43 Philpot 
Lambie Mary, 1G9 n Canal 
Lambrechl Henry, clerk, 28 n High 
Lambright Christopher, painter, 392 n Gay 
Lambright Christopher, potter, Somerset n of Eager 
Lambright Philip, carpenter, Calender 
Larnburg Lewis, dry goods dealer, 168 Canton av 
Lamden Edward S. sail maker, 124 Dugan's wharf 

dw 117 s Eden 
Lamden Ths. keeper "Eastern Fountain," 214 Ann 
Lamdin Wm. K. clerk ct. house, 49 St. Paul 

Lamkiller shoemaker, 10 Low 

LAMPING & CO. tobacco commission merchants, 

75 Light st a wharf 
Lamping William, of firm, 256 Lexington, Pas 

cault's row 
Lamprecht Henry, tavern, 81 n Gay 
Lanahan Thos. M. attorney at law, 12 Barnum's 

buildings, Fayette, dw 101 e Pratt 
Lanahan Wm. confectioner, 139 Pratt, dw 77 s Paca 
Lancaster Geo. lime burner, 535 w Pratt 
Lancaster Hannah, 1 L. Gough 
Lancaster John D. cabinet maker, 47$ n Front 
Lancaster John, trader, 60 Penn. av 
Lancaster Thos. B. carpenter, 67 Gough 
Lancaster Wm. carpenter, 85 Peirce 
Landen Capt. James, 184 Light 
Landers Jas. watchman, 304 e Bait 
Landers Wm. carter, 29 May 
Landin Thos. J. firm T. J. & Robt. Landin, 264 e 

Landing Joseph, wood cutter, 401 w Pratt 
Landis Br. Edmund, 113 Broadway 
Landis Capt. David C. 85 e Pratt 
Landon Jas. mariner, 184 Light 
Landon Jos. lumber dealer, 191 e Lombard 
Landorgan John, cooper, 229 Conway 
Landsdale & Brothers, pickling and vinegar estab. 

117 Lombard and 10 Balderston 
Landstreet John & Son. grocers and com* mts. 10 s 

Howard, dw Jno. L. 299 Lexington 

Landstreet Saml. 205 w Lombard 

Lane Edward, blacksmith, 8 McHenry 

Lane Edward, stone mason, 4 Chew 

Lane Edward & Jas. B. coach makers, 82 French 

Lane Elizab, shoe binder, 3 Diamond 

Lane Henry, wagoner, II Chew 

Lane John T, carpenter, 150 Hollins 

Lane Joseph, spar maker, Ann s of Gough 

Lane Capt. Thos. A. 105 e Fayette, office "White's 

Lane Valentine, tailor, 127 L. Greene 
Lane Valentine, rag dealer, 37 Monument 
Lanehard Geo. 200 Alice Anna 
Laner Geo. blacksmith, 69 Perry 
Laney John, butcher, 13 n Eden 
Lanfare Capt. Wm. ship master, 198 e Pratt 
Lang Ann, nurse, Cecil al. w of Henrietta st 
Lang Fredk. rigger, rear 113 Lancaster 
Lang Geo. shoemaker, 170 e Pratt 
Lang Joanna, Smith st. n of Penn. av 
Lang Margaret, 33 New Church 
Lang Sylvester, brush and bellows maker, 152 Mad-- 

ison st 
Lang Wm. boot and shoemaker, 272 w Pratt 
Lange Augustus, tavern, 147 Franklin 
Lange J. G. firm Lamping & Co. dw 372 w Lomb'd 
Lange John H. basket maker, 111 e Pratt 
Lange Rudolph, plater, 199 Lexington 
Langey John, drayman, 7 Slemmer al 
Langford Wm. ship joiner, 234 s Bond 
Lnngl'ord Wm. H. rigger, 171 Ann 
Langkom John, cabinet maker, 51 Lancaster 
Langley Edward, cabinet maker, 32 s Caroline 
Langley Elizab. market dealer, 320 Light 
Langley Jas. carpenter, 134 McHenry 
Langood Moses, cabinet maker, 200 Broadway 
Langsted Dr. Heirnan, 2Shakspear 
Langwell Elizb. Clinton s of Boston, Canton 
Lanhan John, carpenter, 371 w Fayette 
LANING WM. M. firm Graves & L. dw 117 

Lankford Edward, 31 Marion 
Lankhouse Christ, laborer, Clinton st. Canton 
Lanman Wm. ship carpenter, Eastern avenue, e of 

Wolf st 
Lannahan William, confectioner, 139 Pratt, dw 77 

s Paca 
Lanpher Caleb, firm L. & Fink, dw 40 n Exeter 
Lanprey Owen E. cooper, 27 Watson 
Lanry John, spar maker, 2*2 Canton av 
Lansdown Edward S. cabinetmaker, 93 Granby 
Lant Mich, painter, Warner a of Conway 




Lantman Henry, grocer, 214 Fayette 

Lantz Jacob, baker, 135 s Howard 

Lantz John G. tobacconist, 139 s Howard 

Lanz David, tailor, 147 Franklin 

Lap Christr. cabinet maker, 461 w Bait 

Laport Arnold, saddle and harness maker, 5G3 w 

Laport Henry, steamboiler maker, 342 Franklin 
Lapouraille Alfred P. firm L. & Maughlin, dw 99 

facturers, frames, sash, door, shatter, &c. 2 east 
Falls av 
Lappier Ans. Boston e of Clinton 
LaracyJohn, shoemaker, 137 e Monument 
Laracy Mr. millwright, 85 n Caroline 
Laragy Dennis, grocer, 144 Saratoga 
Larch M. turner, Dover w of Hanover 
Larcombe J. Howard, telegrapher, Penn. av. n of 

Hoffman st. 
Lardner John, laborer, Eastern av. w ot Eden st. 
Lardtner Tho*. tailor, 22 Park 
La Reintree John L. teacher French, 83 n Calvert 
Large J. L. apothecary and druggist, n w cor. Caro- 
line and Bait 
Larkin Rev. Jacob, of Dallas station, 152 e Monu't 
Larkin J. M. A. drussist, s e cor. Forest and Gay 
Larkin Dr. Win, D. F.s ecor. Forest and Gay 
Larkins Wm. Chase e ot Aisquith 
Larkins Margaret, washer, 26 Marion 
Larmer Eliza, boarding house, 69 Bait 
Laroque Emile. clerk, 112 Mulberry 
LAROaUE &' JAMET, surgeon' dentists, 40 w 

Laroque John M. chemist and druggist, n e corner 

Bait and Harrison 
Larpenteur Lewis A. 165 Raborg 
Larrabee Anne, 81 Camden 
Larrabee Edward W. 36 s Calvert 
LARRABEE EPHRAIM, shoe findings dealers 
and Thompsonian medicine store, 38 s Calvert 
Larrimore Elizab. seamstress, 209 Hanover 
Lash Chas. shoemaker, Canton av. w of Caroline st 
Larz Christian, piano maker, 87 Pearl 
Latham Edward, shoemaker, Lombard w of Woll 
Lathe Eli, grocer, 304 Light 
Lathera Mich, teamster, 243 Ann 
Latherar John, butcher, Burk st. s of Canton av 
LATIMER JAMES B. commissioner of deeds &c. 
s w cor. of Fayette and St. Paul, d w 21 Cathedral 

Latrobe Benj. H. engineer Ball & Ohio R. Road, dw 

Mount Vernon place 
Latrobe John H. B. attorney, n e cor. Lexington 8c 

St. Paul 
Latta Thos. laborer, Chester s of Gough 
Latty John J. lumber inspector, 15 e Fayette 
Latty Joseph, laborer, 18 Stiles 
Laty Margaret, 17 McElderry 
Laudebaugh Joseph, piano maker, 420 w Pratt 
Laudenslager Conrad, carpenter, 340 Fayette 
Lauder Chas. ladies' shoemaker, 205 n Canal 
Linderbeck Geo. laborer, 47 Orchard 
Lauderman Christr. 12 Wilmer al 
Lauderman Eleanor, boarding house, 233 Alice 

Lauderman Henry, 60 Broadway 
Lauer Conrad, milkman, Ann n of Mullikin 
Lauer Henry, trim, store, 219 w Pratt 
Lauer Ignatius, trim, store, 211 Pratt 
Lauer Leon, firm Obendorf & L. dw 6 n Exeter 
LAUER LEWIS & CO. dealers in dry goods, 
fancy goods, millinery, &c. over 257 Bait, dw 5 s 
Laughlin David, tailor, 363 Franklin 
Laughlin Edward, laborer, 113 North 
Laughlin Henry J's oyster house, 415 Bait 
Laughlin James, drayman, 379 Soratoga 
Laughlin James, drayman, Collins court, Harmo- 
ny lane 
Laughlin John, weaver. 49 Preston 
Laughlin John, carpenter, 156 Ensor 
Laughlin Mrs. Robert B. store keeper, 53 Richmond 
Laughlin Thos. boot & shoemaker, 2 St. Paul, dw 

cor. Franklin and Fremont 
Laughlin Wm. helper in foundry, 161 Fremont 
Launer Nich. whitewashes 211 Bond 
Laupheimer Jacob, tailor and clothier, 66 w Pratt 
Laupus Philip, grocer, n w cor. of Eden st. & East- 
ern avenue 
Laurel furnace, Reese and Mills, Fort road 
Laurie John, laborer, Peirce w of Fremont 
Lauster John D. confectioner, 94 n Caroline 
Lautenberger Wm. merchant tailor, 23 s Liberty, 

d w 46 s Eutaw 
Lauterback Frederick, blacksmith, 214 w Fayette 
Lauver Leon, 8n Exeter 
Lavendar Benj. A. attorney, cor. Bait, and South, 

dw 115 Fayette 
Lavendar Geo. finisher, Lemmon w of Poppleton 
Lavendar John, laborer, 45 Orchard 
Law Jas. S. huckster, 250 e Fayette 
Law Robert, chandler, 134 Canal 




Law Mrs. Sarah, 39 Hollins 

Law Thus, clerk, 59 u Paca 

Lawder P. laborer, 305 w Pratt 

Lawder Saml. M. collector, 6 Harford av 

Lawless Rich. machinist, 83 Pine 

Lawn Christr. furn. dealer, 22 Harrison 

Lawn Henry, sweep master, 134 Ross 

LAWN JAMES J. & BRO. grocers, produce and 

flour merchants, 139 &, 141 n Howard, dw J.J. L 

160 Biddle 
Lawn Thos. B. firm Jas. J. L. &. Bro. 134 Ross 
Lawrason Wm. W. firm Hammond, Pollard & L. 

103 n Paca 
Lawrence Ann Louisa, 02 Stiles 
Lawrence Dr. Danl. H. 193 Broadway 
Lawrence Francis L. firm Barlow & L. 178 Mulb'y 
Lawrence Geo. W. engineer, Chesapeake st. n of 

Lawrence Harkless, sawyer, Washington alley or 

Ahern court 
Lawrence Henry D. firm Abbott & L. Eastern av. e 

of Wolf st 
Lawrence Jacob, brick maker, Chesapeake st. n of 

Lawrence John, cooper, 97 Fremont 
Lawrence John, carpenter, 10 Foot al 
Lawrence Louisa, dairy, 00 Pearl 
Lawrence Rich. D. ship carpenter, 249 Canton av 
Lawrence Robt. confectioner, 54 Short 
Lawrence Valentine, brick maker, 114 Henrietta 
Lawrence Wm. laborer, Dover between Pratt and 

Lawrence VVm. book keeper, 48 Granby 
Lawrence Wm. ship carpenter, Bank e of Wash. 
Laws J. Thompson, clerk Sheriff's of. 38 Spring 
Lawson Bennet R. carpenter, 104 Bank 
Lawson Jas. butcher, 155 Penn av 
Lawson Robt. jr. saddler, 42 South, dw 90 Park 
Lawson Robt. sen. 154nEutaw 
Lawson Stephen, wine and tea store, 20Favette 
Lawton Mrs. Ann M. boarding house, 401 Lomb'd. 
Lawton Chas. boot and shoemaker, 31 Henrietta 
Lawton John, turner, 98 Pine 
Layer Christ, butcher, 50 Henrietta 
Layer David, store keeper, cor. Chas. & Montg. 
Layfield Capt. Geo. W. 244 Canton av 
Layfield Isaac, shoemaker, 88 Orleans 
Lea Saml. telegraph instructor, 243 Franklin 
Leach Benj. painter, 5 Jefferson 
Leach Caleb L. lot. deal. cor. Eutaw & Bait, dw 304 

Leach Edward, 102 n Hish 

Leach G. S. man. philosophical instruments, Jarvis 

buildings, North st 
Leach Hannah, 41 Chew 
Leach Jas. surgeon dentist, 223 w Fayette 
Leach Jas. carpenter, Harford av. extd 
Leach Jesse, 43 n Liberty 
Leach John, fruiter, 25 Grant 
Leach John F. carpenter, 59 Jefferson 
Leach Jos. turn, dealer, 243 Alice Anna 
LEACH WM. gold beater, s Calvert 
Leach Wm. grocer, s w cor. Fayette & Broadway 
Leach Wm. rope maker, Harford av 
Leachy Mich, carpenter, 9 Hillen 
League Abram, watchman, Register n of Pratt 
League Columbus W. grocer, n e cor. Forest and 

League Columbus, shoemaker, 213 Light 
League Geo. com. merchant, 19 Spear's whf. dw 9 

League Geo. W. firm Hollins &. L. dw 94 e Pratt 
League Jas. collector, 47 Holland 

League Luke, of steam tow boats, 05 n Exeter 

League Marcellus, painter, 70 Mulberry 

League Thos. M. 5 Broadway 

Leakin Rev. G. A. 84 s Eden 

Leakin John, carpenter. 20 St. Mary's 

Leakin Gen. Sheppard C. 50 Courtland 

Leakin Sheppard A. attorney, s e cor. Calvert and 

Leake Luke, tailor, 12 Water 

Leaman John J. watchman, 527 w Lombard 

Leaman John, shoemaker, rear 103 s Charles 

Leaman Theodore, baker, 151 Raborg * 

Leaman Thomas, 2 Gibson 

Lean Adam. Ill William 

Leaner Michael, tailor, 108 Camden 

Lear Conrad, laborer, 239 Dallas 

Leary C. L. L. attorney, Eastern Hall, Broadway, 
dw 124 Ann 

Leary Elizab. tailoress, 109 Vine 

Leary Jeremiah, painter, 218 e Lombard 

Leary Peter, inspector customs, 168 Ann 

Leary Thos. book keeper, 153 Ann 

Leas Dr. Chas. A. 214 s Charles 

Leathera Geo. laborer, 100 s Spring 

Leatherman Lawr. tailor, cor. Somerset and Eager 

Leatherwood John H. butter dealer, 86 Hanover 

Leavy Arthur, boat builder, 8 Dallas 

Leavy Jos. painter, 110 McElderry 

Lebby Henry, carpenter, 305 Franklin 

Lebark Chas. barber, cor. e Baltimore and Spring 

Leblie Martin, laborer, 233 Canton av 




Lebon Chas. mattress maker, 2 n Frederick Lee Josiah, banker, n e cor. Baltimore and Calvert 

Lebon Capt. Chas. keeper Franklin Square, 38 Pine d«- 67 n Charles ' 

Lebor Lawrence, furnance man, Ellicott w Chesa- Lee Levi, furniture wagoner, 218 Hollins 

peake st. Canton Lee Maria, dress maker, 11 Barnet 

Lebranthwaite Mary, milliner, s e cor. Baltimore Lee Martha, milliner, 132 Lexington. 

and Eden Lee Mary Ann, 297 n Gay 

Lebroii Capt. Jos. A. 57 Broadway Lee Nathaniel, flour and teed dealer, 48 Broadway 

LECHE DAVID &. SON, dry goods impotters|Lee Col. R. & of U. S. Army, Madison av n Bid- 

and retailers, 12 and 14 n Charles 
Lechner Peter, teamster, 93 Eastera av 
Lechthaler John, grocer, n w cor. Castle al & Alice 

Anna st 
Lechthaler Justus, baker, 1 Shakspear 
Leckey Cunningham, 83 n Exeter 
Lecompte Lloyd, engineer, 226 s Charles 
Leeount Mary, boarding house, 163 n Gay 
Ledden Benj. mariner, 260 e Fayette 
Ledden Richd. porter, 30 s Eutaw 
Ledden Saml. Preston e Madison 
Leddon Geo. trader, 146 n Canal 
Ledley Danl. brickmak'er, 151 s P?.ca 
Ledley Jacob, brickmaker, 114 McHenry 
Ledley Mrs. 35 s Paca 
Ledley Win. brickmaker, 16 McHenry 

Ledmat Wm. locksmith, 34 New Church 

Ledaum K.achel A. tailoress, 111 Jefferson 

Lednum Win. shoemaker, 174 e Baltimore 

Lee Arch, laborer, 56 Liberty al 

LEE & BEVANS, attornies at law, 5 Law build 
ings, cor. St. Paul and Lexington 

Lee Caleb, laborer, 7 Clay 

Lee Chas. wheelwright and blacksmith, 412 Balti- 
more, dw 15 Pearl 

Lee Danl. P-. bricklayer, 114 Conway 

Lee Edwd. police officer, 134 s Paca 

Lee Elias. carpenter, I Shroeder 

Lee Elisha, carnage depository, 45 Holliday, dw 53 
n Frederick 

Lee Enoch Geo. collar maker, 53 Spring 

LEE JAMES, chair ami cabinet v/arerooms, 45 s 
Charles, dw 182 Lexington 

Lee Jas. F. miller, 81 n High 

Lee Jas. II. shoemaker, 280 w Pratt 

Lee Jesse Wm. in custom house, 10 McElderry 

Lee John W. carpenter, 16 Josephine 

Lee John, omnibus driver, 166 Raborg 

Lee John, sexton Aisquita st Presbyterian church, 
298 e Baltimore 

Lee John, laborer. 2 Armistead lane 

Lee John, tailor, 36 u Front 

Lee John A. painter, 89 German, dw 59 Rabarg 

die st 

Lee Ralph, boot and skoemaker, 80 Columbia 
Lee Richd. carter, Boyd n Fremont * 

Lee Saml. asst. superv. Bait, and Ohio rail road 

163 Hollins 

Lee Stephen S. firm Manning & L. dw 144 n Charles 

Lee Susannah, 122 Conway 

Lee Thos. firm Warfield & L. conveyancers, &c, 

223 Madison 
Lee Wm. carpenter, 405 Lexington 
Lee Wm. carter, 60 MulliKin 
Lee Wm, firm Luckett, Lee & White, 29 George 
Lee Z. Collins, district attorney, 5 Law buildings 

St. Paul, dw 112 Park- 
Leech D. & Co. prop. Pktsburg transportation line, 

Geo. C. Franciscus, sup. 120 n Howard 
Leeden Margaret, shop, cor. Mulberry and Pine 
Leedy Jacob, tobacconist, 399 Mulberry 
Leef Henry, shipchand. 61 Pratt, dw 13 Albemarle 
Leef Mary Ann, seamstress, 62 Eastern av 
Leeke Jas. carpenter, 13 Grant, dw 113 Raborg 
Leeman John, boot and shoemaker, 114 w Prate 
Lefferman Wm. tanner and currier, 32 French 
Leffier Ann, 80 Montgomery 
Lefler John, slop carter, Bond n Jefferson 
Lerler Peter, laborer, 75 Orleans 
Leffier Danl, engineer, 5 Warren 
Letfler Geo. R. H. iron founder, Gillingham al. dw 

150 s Paca 
Lefiron Geo. cabinet maker, 20 Pearl 
Legg John, blacksmith, 144 Orleans 
Legg Joshua, furn. wagoner, 142 n Canal 
Leghorn John G. shoemaker, 23 Armistead lane 
Legrand H-jB.John C. asst. judge Baltimore County 

Court, dw 28 Holliday 
Lehigh Win. carpenter, Preston w Garden 
Lehman Barnhard, shoemaker, 52 Bethel 
Lehman Freak, boot and shoemaker, 179 s Bond 
Lehman Geo. tailor, 43 Lewi- 
Lehman Geo. shoemaker, 122 Happy al 
Lehman J. C. piano teacher, 4 s Exeter 
Lehmayer Simon, clothier, 90 Pratt, dw 60 Albem. 
Lehmkuhler Albert, boot maker, 219 e Lombard 
Lehu Peter, oak cooper, Goodman's al 




Lelmeis John, shoemaker, 44 Clay 

Lehnhofi Wm. lailor, 54 n Canal 

Lehos Claus, sugar refiner, 57 n Exeter 

Leib Jacob, 44 Pearl 

Lei ben Anthony, confectioner, 063 Baltimore 

Leibert Andw, laborer, 212 Bethel 

Leide John, cooper, 17 Clay 

Leiez Fredk. baker andconf. 181 Bolton 

Leiman Conrad, grocer, s Light 

Leinhrod Conrad, laborer, 148 s Caroline 

Leinkuchler John, shoemaker, 82 Conway 

Leinthower Geo. paver, 91 Fremont 

Leinze Fredk. baker and con feet. 81 Baltimore 

Leische Jacob, laborer, 1 (Hi Ross 

Leish Frank, baker, 222 Hollins 

Leist Jacob, laborer, Penmav n McKim st 

Leistner John, shoemaker, 53 e Lombard 

Leitz Chas. tavern keeper, 32 e Pratt 

Leitz Fredk. butcher, 87 Ross 

Leitz Geo. mker, 278 s Bond 

Leitz Geo. cooper. 17 Chesnut al 

Leitz Nathl. cabinet maker, 97 Harrison 

Leloup Chas. A. attorney at law, Post Office build 

ings, tip stairs 
Leloup Sophia, 383 Light 
Lembert Christopher, shoemaker, 220 Bethel 
Lemcke D. H- firm C Kelly & Co. 354 w Pratt 
Lemeroth Conrad, laborer, Eastern av e Eden st 
Lemkuhl Carl, watch and clock maker, 391 Bah, 
Lemkuhl Fredk. fancy book binder, 234 Light 
Lemky Henry, cabinet maker, 198 s Howard 
Lemline Nathan, 78 e Lombard 
Lemon Rev- T. B, 196£ e Fayette 
Lemon Wm. laborer, 45 Shroeder 
LEMMON J. H. apothecary and druggist, 058 w 

Lemmon Jacob, shoemaker, 61 George 
Lemmon James, oak cooper, 13 West 
Lemmon Joshua F. carter, »5 St. Mary's 
Lemmon Misses, 09 n Charles 
Lemmon Mrs. Richard, 8 Cathedral 
Lemmon Richd. carpenter, 135 L. Greene 
Lemmon Robt. & Co. auctioneers, 60 Buchanan's 

Lemmon Wm. P. firm Lemmon & Winter, dw 40 

Lemmon & Winter, shipping and commission mts. 
Lenck Wm. rags and iron dealer, Livery al 
Lenhand John, laborer, 4 Hawk 
Lenhard Henry, prof, music, 8 Baltimore 
Lenaanlt Augustus F. tavern, 14 Fell 

Lenhardt John, shoemaker, 36 n Liberty 

Lenhart Peter, blacksmith. 33 Dewberry al 

Lenman Mrs. tailoress, 52 Canal 

Lenninger Danl. at Pratt & Bro's iron whf. Canton 

Lennanon Win. laborer, 44 Thames 

Lennon Capt. Jos. 156 Alice Anna 

Lenox Richd. cigar maker, 85 York 

Lenox Thos. shoemaker, 15 s Paca 

Lenschow Chas. musician, 86 Park 

Lent Fredk. laborer, Stiles e President 

Lentz August, shoemaker, 64 Jasper 

Lentz Chas. W. 283 w Lombard 

Lentz Conrad, laborer, 30 Lee 

Lentz Henry, cooper, 28 Hampstead 

Lentz John, carpet weaver, 118 Albemarle 

Lentz Jos. carpet weaver,- 20 Granby 

Lentz Lewis H. sea captain, 108 Mulberry 

Lenz Alex, shoemaker, Vine e Poppleton 

Lenz Henry, cabinet maker, 200 Wolf 

Lenz Joshua, cooper, Canal n Eastern av 

Lenzner Christian, machinist, Penn. avn McKim sJ 

Leon Ann, teacher, 107 Albemarle 

Leon Sanil, clothier, 107 Harrison 

Leonard Amasa, collector and agent, 751 w Bait. 

Leonard Amasa, carpenter, Morris ah dw Preston 

w Gibson st 
Leonard Danl. ship carpenter, 280 Canton av 
Leonard Geo. laborer, 223 Wolf 
Leonard Geo. carpenter, Bolton 
Leonard John, beer dray man, rear 36 e Pratt 
Leonard Mr. carpenter, Gough ste Castle al 
Leonard Thos. coachman, n e cor. Monument anr! 

Leonard Thos. fisherman, Gl Durst ah F. H. 
Leonard Timothy, grocer, 71 Potter 
Leonard Wm. M. cabinet maker, 184 Hollins 
Leonard Wm. millinery and fancy dry goods dealer, 

169 Baltimore 
Leonard Dr. Wm. 17 To'k av 
Leonard Wm. laborer, 8 Addison 
Leonhardt Augt. tavern, 335 s Bond 
Lepper Fredk. laborer. 05 Perry 
Lepper Geo. A. draftsman, 10 George 
Lepper Henry, gunsmith, 221 s Bond 
Leprsom John, laborer, 38 Durst al 
Lepsom Danl. painter, 26 Oregon 
Lerch John, waiter, 44 Clay 
Lerduskey Wm- tailor, 8 Rose 
Lerew Chas. J. firm Chas. Fisher & Co. dw 224 W 

Lesfauries Alex, confectioner, 86 York 
Leslie Edmund N. merchant. 01 S Gay 




Leslie John, cabinet maker, 41 Marion 

LESLIE ROBERT & SON, shipping merchants 

(Jl s Gay st. dvv Madison av n Riddle st 
Lesner Conrad, shoemaker, 151 Potter 
Lessee Win. salsesman, Shroeder u Baltimore 
Lessner John B. tailor, 210 Sharp 
Lester Hannah, 130eFayetteC 
Lester Jas. M. carpenter, Cider at 
Lester Shipley, coilin maker, 130 Conway 
Lester Thos. firm L. & Ware, d'w IS) Fremont 
LESTER THOMAS, principal English and Math 

ematical Institute, 704 w Baltimore 
LESTER &. WARE, carpenters, 541 w Baltimore 
Lester Wm. carpenter, 124 Conway 
Letmate C. A. stove and tin manuf con Ensor and 

Letmate Wok stove finisher, s w cor. Light and Bal 

Letournau Henry G, watch maker, 71 Thames 
Letournau John B. M. watch and clock maker and 

jeweller, 81 s Caroline 
Letter Frank M. morocco dresser, GO Harrison 
Letz & Brell, butchers, slaughter house s w corner 

Poppleton and Hollins 
Leupold Chas. firm Katz & L.dw 303 w Lombard 
Leiuengles Peter, laborer, 221 Wolf" 
Leutz John P. carpet weaver, 8 Lewis 
Leventhal Lep. rag dealer, 190 s Bond 
Leventire Myer, butcher, 73 Argyle al 
Levering Aaron R. agent Nashville Ins. Co. 46 

Lombard st. Exchange Place, dw 21 s Howard 
Levering Aaron, merchant, Centre Market Space, 

dw 125 e Pratt 
Levering Ann E. 47 Monument 
Levering & Co. grocers and com. rats. 2 Commerce 
LEVERING C. & CLARK, importers china, glass 

and queens ware, 118 and 120 w Lombard 
Levering Clinton, firm C. L. & C. Clark, dw 175 w 

Levering Eugene, firm L. &. Co. dw 114 Sharp 
Levering Fredk. A. firm L, & Co. dw s w cor, Cam- 
den and Sharp 
Levering Geo. A. batcher, 264 e Fayette 
Levering Mrs. Peter, 80 Sharp 
Levering Susan, Harford ; j .v. n end 
LEVERING THOMAS W, & L. commission 
merchants, 114 Prait, dw T. W. L. 100 Hanover 
Levering Thos. L. agent Fire Ins. Co. 142 Pearl 
Leverton Wm. C. 55- n Eden 
Levi Jos. dry goods and fancy dealer, 101 Light st 

Levy Charlotte, 261 Alice Anna 

Levy Joseph M. 173 e Pratt 

Levy Eleonora, private boarding house, 55 s Paca 

Levy Patrick, laborer, 155 Harford av 

Levy Samuel, carpenter, Moore al. dw 25 Gibson 

Levy Sarah, trimmings dealer, 3 n Caroline 

Levy Thos. P. painter & glazier, 41 Watson 

Levy Wm. IX grocer, s e cor.Granby & Gough 

Levy Wm. E. B. tobacconist, s w cor. Lombard and 

Lewalt Henry, furnace man, Ellfcott st. Canton 
Lewens Edwin, ship carpenter, 272 Alice Anna 
Lewey Abraham, caulker, 164 Dallas 
Lewin Rev. Joseph, 83 Eden 
Lewis Abner K. bailiff, 22 Booth 
Lewis Allen F» firm L. & Durst, 1 L. Paca 
Lewis Andrew, rope maker, Lombard e of Ann 
Lewis & Drost, importers & dealers in English, Ger- 
man and French goods, &c. 253 Baltimore 
Lewis Elizabeth, boarding house, 779 w Baltimore 
Lewis Elizabeth, 105 Baltimore, up stairs 
Lewis Elizabeth, 10$ s Howard 

Lewis E. & Bro. drapers and tailors, 9 s Calvert, dw 

E. L. 5 Columbia 
Lewis Francis, paper stainer, 172 Light 

Lewis Fredk. shoemaker, 23G Hanover 

Lewis Gee. W. shoemaker, Chapel st w of Penn.aV 

Lewis Jas. M. plaisterer, Jefferson e of Aisquilh 

Lewis James, carpenter, 249 Bethel 

Lewis James, shoemaker, 14 Douglass 

Lewis Jas, carpenter, 269 Canton av 

Lewis John T.sail maker, 145 Gough 

Lewis John, pilot, Wolf s of Gough 

Lewis John, carpenter, Morton al 

Lewis John T. pilot, Fountain st w of Castle al 

Lewis John, 57 s Howard 

Lewis John, tailor, 27 Hillen 

Lewis John, grocer and feed deal, n w cor. Calvert 
and Mulberry 

Lewis John, paper stainer, 45 West 

Lewis John . int. tailor, s w cor. Howard and Pratt 

Lewis John, laborer, 36 Tyson al 

LEWIS JOSEPH N. & SON, book sellers and st«*> 

■ tioners, 90 w Lombard, dw J. N. L. 81 Fayette 

Lewis Joseph, hay dealer, 5') Bolton 

Lewis Joseph, barber, 49 Thames 

Lewis Joshua, laborer, 34 Tyson 

Lewis Levi, block &. pump maker, 248 e Baltimore 

LEWIS LOUIS, produce merchant, 370 Baltimore, 
dw 203 n Eu taw 

Lewis Martin & Co. cloths, cassimers and vest deal, 
233 Bait, dw M. L. Madison av. n of Hoffman st, 

Lewis Marv Ann, seamstress, 34 G. Hughes 




Lewis Milo, agent Mut. Ben. Life Ins. Co. 447 wi Lilly Alonzo, firm Chase & Co. Madison av ext'd 

Fayette Lilly Ann, seamstress, 4 Hill 

Lewis Susan, Charles s of Barre [Lilly G. W. carpenter, s e cor. Garden and Preston 

Lewis Susan SS s High Lilly Richard, firm Jenkins & Lilly, dw 11 e Fayette 

Lilly Richard, saddler, 10 South, dw 11 e Fayette 

Lewis Win. C, clerk, 1GS s Howard 
Lewis Capt. Wm. C. 142 Broadway 
Lewis Wm. shoemaker. 407 w Pratt 
Lewis Wm. M. rat. tailor, Calvert, dw 189 Alice 

Lewis Wm. machinist, 6 Rock 
Lewis Wm. machinist, Preston e of Gibson 
Lewyt Sol. H. jeweller, 71 n Front 
Lexton Ann, 402 Lombard 
Leyburn Wm.42 Harford av 
Leypold Mrs, Elizabeth, Gt> n Gay 
Leyshon Tho. smelter Cuba Co. Fort road, Locust 

Leyshon Matthew, smelter Cuba Co. Fort read, 

Locust point 
Leytra Jno. shoemaker, 84 Henrietta 
Liberman Jno. 62 Bethel 
Library Co. (Baltimore,) 2d floor Anthenarnm build' 

ings, cor. St. Paul and Saratoga 
Lichen Jno. laborer, 277 Dallas 
Lichtenberger, Michael, shoemaker, G3 s Euiavr 
Lickenstien Geo. cooper, 15 West 
Liddle Robert, gunsmith, 52 n Eden 
LideyJas. laborer, Poppleton s of McHenry 
Lieber Mrs. F. tailoress 78 Penn. av 
Lieberger Chris, tavern, s ecor. Fayette & Caroline 
Lien hurt" Win, tailor, 95 Eastern av 
Lietz Jacob, store keeper, 109 Ross 
Lieutand Dennis C. carpenter, 732 w Baltimore 
Life N. York Ins. Co. Edward J. Richardson agent, 

4 Franklin buildings, Norih st 
Life (U. States) Ins. Annuity & Trust Co. of Philad, 

agency for Baltimore, Md. 11 South 
Life Mutual Ins. Co. of Bait. Thos. M. Abbett Pres. 

3 Carroll Hall 
Light Geo. cabinet maker, 27 Buren, dw cor. Alice 

Anna st and Apple al 
Lightbecker Valentine, laborer, E, av e of Bond st 
Lightner Christian, laborer, 2 Abraham 
Lightner Fredk. carpenter, 359 s Charles 
Lightner Henry, boiler maker, 9G Hamburg 
Lightner Henry, 97 Hillen 
Lightner John, boiler maker, 233 Light 
Ligiituer Nathaniel, accountant, 175 n High 
LIGHTNER WM. P. property agent and" collector, 

10 Barnuuvs buildings, dw 79 Aisquith 
Liller Fredk. ivory turner, 163 e Fayette 
Lillienthal Fredk. laborer, 82 Pine 

Liman Charles, grocer, 2 Harrison, dw 96 Broadway 
Limmer Elizabeth, store, w Pratt extended 
Limond Andrew, carpenter, Eager st e of York av 
Limpett Jno. tailor, 273 Alice Anna 
Limsur Fredk. butcher, 201 Ann 
Linah S.L. proprietor "Golden Lamb.'' 143 Franklin 
Linchcome Francis, ship carpenter, 67 Hamburg 
Lincoln Elnathan, baker,- s e cor. Chatsworth and 

LINCOLN F. & G. T. bakers & confectioners, 113£ 

n Howard 
Lind Sam. H. dry goods mt. 71 n Howard 
Lind Sebastian, paver, 233 Broadway 
Lindeman H. N. grocer. 108 s Etitaw 
Lindeman Nicholas, tailor, 47 Clay 
Lindemann Wm. teac/,er, 77 n Gay 
Lindenberger Geo. ladies' shoemaker, con Fremont 

and Lexington 
Lindenborn David, grocer, 10 Somerset 
Lindenfelsor John, porter, 18 Ross 
Lindeman Jno. blacksmith, 343 s Bond 
Lindenman Conrad, agent for German Society Md. 

178 Hanover 
Linderkamp Henry, laborer,. 74 Buren 
Linderman Fredk. 224 s Charles 
Linderman Jno. carpet weaver, 6 Maiden lane 
Linderman Rodolph, baker, 49 Richmond 
Lindler Lewis, tavern keeper, s of Gay and Forrest 
Lindline Aerheart, cooper, court fr Montgomery W 

of Light 

Lindsay Catharine, seamstress, 180 Park 
Lindsay Elizabeth, store keeper, 32 Ross 
Lindsav Geo, W,printer, 113 St. Mary 
Lindsay James W. brass founder, 22 w Lombard 
Lindsay John, carpenter, 463 w Lombard 
Lindsay Jobn D, clerk, 100 Fremont 
Lindsay Mary, tavern, w Falls av 
Lineback Matthias, grocer, 103 Jefferson 
Lineberger Catharine, 162 e Fayette 
Lineberg Matthew, laborer, Eden st s of 
L rger Mary A. dress maker, 104 n Calvert 

Li :i. huckster, Chatsworth n of Mulberry 

Lines Jab. tailor, Orleans st e of Broadway 
Lingebauch Fredk. barber, 712 w Baltimore 
Lingenfelder Fredk. H. grocer, 225 Light 
Lingenfelder Geo. shoemaker, 130 French 
Lingenfelter Jno. sweep master, 52 Mulberry 




Lingenfeller Jno. boot fitter, 14 Ensor 

Lingham David, porter, 138 Low 

Liugwood Fredk. rigger, 255 Canton av 

Linlrard Geo. prof, music, 135 Chestnut 

Ltnhard Thos. musician, 14 Stirling 

Link Adam, tailor, 193 Bond 

Link Bernard, 266 Alice Anna 

Link Henry, tailor, 142 French 

Link Jno. carpenter, 69 Cross 

Link Thomas, fisherman, 255 William 

Linker Henry, milk dealer, Penn. av. n of Wilson st 

Liukner Mich, cooper, Pen. av n of Dolphin st. 

Linnahan Cornelius, shoemaker, 69 Potter 

Linnenbaum Henry, tailor, rear 22 Park 

Linnerman Jno. blacksmith, Frederick road 

Linsey Archb. trundle maker, Bethel n of Gough 

Linsey Samuel, chair maker, 309 n Gay 

Linsley Benj. shoemaker, rear 86 s Charles 

Lint Geo. shoemaker, 140 s Howard 

Linthicum Frances, 34 Hamburg 

Linthrcum Samuel, ship carpenter, 32 Hamburg 

Linthicum Thos. ship carpenter, 34 Hamburg 

Linthicum Win. O. tailor, Raborg w of Fremont, 

dw 648 w Baltimore 
Linthower Geo. paver, 91 Fremont 
Linton Wm. laborer, 84 Hamburg 
Linton Wm. potter, n w cor. Pine & Lexington 
Linlz Jno. plaisterer & whitewashes 308 e Monumt 
Linville Jas. M. dry soods & trim, dealer, 153 n Gay 
Linville Elizabeth, 288 n Howard 
Linz Peter, tavern, 258 Alice Anna 
Linzey Jno EL plaisterer, at Kennedy's Eagle hotel, 

Hi lien 
Lipger Henry, carter, 178 Alice Anna 
Lipp Adam, boot and shoemaker, 39 Low 
Lipp Francis X. clothier, 1 Penn. av, dw 126 Pearl 
Lipp Frederica. 165 s Caroline 
Lipp Fredk. carpenter, 19 New Church 
Lipp Henry, 16 New 
Lipp Jas. clothier, s w cor. Baltimore and Faca, dw 

126 Pearl 
Lipp Misses L. E. & A. C. milliners, 75 Greene 
Lipper Jno. carter, 21 Jackson's court 
Lippey Jesse L. carpenter, 231 Conway 
Lippincott James B. 132 n Exeter 
Lippy Geo. carpenter, 169 Fremont 
List Fredk. tailor, Viuew ofSchroeder 
List J. Adam, shoemaker, 97 Columbia 
List Jacob, laborer, 203 Bethel 
List J. Jacob, boot and shoemaker, 213 Lexington 
List John, boot and shoemaker, 137 Franklin 
Listman Philip, tavern, 240 s Bond 

Litsinger Richard, pattern maker, Eager w Forrest 

Lrttiger Catharine, 100 Thames 

Lifting Caleb B. clerk, dw 54 s Spring 

Littig Luther, com. mt. 58 Buchanan's wharf, dw 

76 St. Paul 
Littig Philip, cashier of Marine Bank, dw 94 Gough 
Little Anne, tailoress, 121 Pine 
Little Ann S. boarding house, 27 Thames 
Little Catharine, 100 n Greene 
Little Freeland, shoemaker, 10 e Fayette 
Little James, shoemaker, 77 McElderry 
Little John, shoemaker, 87 McElderry 
Little Patrick, huckster-, 79 Conway 
Little Richard, weaver, 507 Saratoga 
Little Robert, clerk, 48 e Lombard 
Little Robert, metal worker, 2 Hill 
Little Thomas, collector, 69 s Caroline 
Little Thomas G. & Co. tobacconists, 22 s Calvert, 

dw T. G. L. 90s Paca 
Little Wm. weaver, 507 Saratoga 
Littlefield Rufas P. apothecary, 36 n Charles 
Litton & Cromwell, sail makers, Corner's wharf 
Litton Thos. sen. firm L. &. Cromwell, 258 e Bait. 
Litton Capt. Thos. jr. 258 e Baltimore 
Litz Henry, shoemaker, 51 Chestnut al 
Liver Jas. boiler maker, 358 Saratoga 
Livercamp Henrv, tailor, 89 Orchard 
Livercome Jno. H. tailor, 56 Park 
Livingston Ann, boarding house, 42 s Eu;aw 
Livingston Jno. P. moulder, 62 Forrest 
Livingston Lorenzo, shoemaker, 56 n Canal 
Livingston Seth F. shoemaker, 181 Light, dw 133 

Lize Alex, silk &. cassimere scourer, 79 Lexington 
Ltewellin Jas. ship joiner, Washington n of E. av 
Llovd Frisbv, firm Connelly & Lloyd, 75 Granbv 

HOTEL, s w cor. President and Canton avenue 
Lloyd Jas. \V. ship carpenter, Registers of Bait. 
Lloyd John T. oak cooper, 276 s Charles 
Lloyd Mary B. 131 Conway 
Lloyd P. bricklayer, 215 e Fayette 
Lloyd Samuel, carpenter, Bank e of Washington '; 
Lloyd Thomas, laborer, Bauk e of Washington 
Lloyd Thomas, mariner, 125 Alice Anna 
Lloyd Thos. prop. Union Hotel, s w cor. Charles & 

Lloyd Wm. ship carpenter, 161 Ann 
Lloyd Wm. coach maker, 93 Aisquith 
Lloyd Wm. locksmith, 6 Republican 
Lloyd Wilson L. firm McElderry & Lloyd, 269 





Llufrio Capt. John, mariner, 131 s High 

Loan Daniel, soap boiler, 3 York av 

Loan Elizabeth, Preston e of Gibson 

Loane Eliza A. dress maker, 141 Bond 

Loane Geo. J. carpenter, 51 Fawn 

Loane Jabez W. firm Hooper &. L. 55 Stiles 

Loane Jas. 44 Hamburg 

Loane John, curled hair manuf. 238 n Gay 

Loane John, bricklayer, Preston e of Gibson 

Loane John, cabinet maker, 72 n Eden 

Loane Jos. cabinet maker, and undertaker, 85 Pine 

Loane Richard, baker, 57 Pine 

Loane Sarah, 57 Forrest 

Loberry Isaac, tailor and clothier, 78 w Pratt 

Locher Michael, laborer, 2t30 German 

Locke Fredk. firm Raablc &. L. 750 w Daltimore 

Locke Henry, turner, 3 Warner 

Locke Jno. M. wheelwright, Chester st n of E. av 

Locke Thos. M. com. rat. 80 Ltght st whf. dwcor. 

Charles and Pleasant 
Lockey Jno. carpenter, 39 York av 
Lockherd Jno. flour, lime& feed dealer, 321 w Pratt 
Lockington Joshua, grocer & com. mt. 53 s Calvert, 

dw 10 Hoi 1 ins 
Lockmeyer Joseph watchman, 228 Lexington 
Lockwood Crandal E. shoemaker, 01 Raborg 
Lockwood Edward, 37 E. av 
Lockwood John, tailor, 274 Saratoga 
Lockwood Robt. M. linn Hacket ik. L. 72 Courtland 
LOCUST POINT FURNACE, office Commercial 

buildings, s Gay 
Loettier Chas. shoemaker, 4 Lewis 
Loftus Hiram, painter, G. Hughes w of Covington 
Loftus Richard, stone cutter, Parkin s of Lombard 
Logan Hugh M. firm J. II L. &Co. 19 Gibson 
LOGAN J. H. & CO. cabinet makers, 41 Paca 
Logan Jas. H. firm J. 11. L. & Co. 321 w Saratoga 
Logan Jas. grocer, 98 s Caroline 
Logan Jas. laborer, 62 William 
Logan Joseph T. firm J. H. L&. Co. 211 Fayette 
Logan Jos. oak cooper, Tyson near Franklin, dw SI 

Logan Michael, laborer, Hammond al 
Logan K. V. varnisher, near 29 Preston 
Logan Samuel, drayman, lib' Albemarle 
Loge Chris, machiuist, Republican s of Baltimore 
Logue Bernard, wheelwright &. blacksmith, 133 s 

Logue Jas. dry goods dealer, 18 C. Market space 
Logue Jno. shoemaker, US C. Market 
Logue Jos. C. pr. public school No. 3, Warren 
Logue Mary A. 91 Harford av 

Logue Peter, police officer, 71 Jasper 

Lohffink Jno. tailor, Caroline n of Hampstead 

Lohman Christian, boiler, maker, rear 130 Saratoga 

Lohman Joseph, 09 n Front 

Lolnmiller Fredk. shoemaker, 112 e Lombard 

Lohmuller Henry, tinner and stove manuf. Alice 

Anna e of Broadway 
Lohritz Jacob, cabinet maker.212 Chestnut 
Loke Joseph, shoemaker, 61 Park 
Lorman J. Henrick, boot and shoemaker, 42 Hill 
Lormandray Master, 101 E. avenue 
Lomax J. confectioner, 17 Pine 
Lomax Jas. caulker, 162 Dallas 
Lombard Albert, 49 Bethel 
Lombard Mary A. Bethel n of Ealtimore 
Loney Charles, butcher, Paca s of Fremont 
Loney Francis B.firm Schaeffer & L. Madison av 

n of Hoffman st 
Loney Jno. cashier Farmers' and Merchants' Bank, 

n e cor. Madison av. and Hoffman st 
Loney Martha. 04 Holland 
Loney Wm. firm L. Townsend & Loney, 6 Mc 

Loney Wra. S. n w cor. Centre and Calvert 
Loney Wm. A. firm L., Townsend & L. McCulloch 
Loney, Townsend & Loney, dry goods com. mts. 13 

Lons: Andrew, ship carpenter, 75 Thames 
Long Ann, huckster, 33 n High 
Long & Bushman, shoemaker-, 152 Lexington 
Long &. Byrn, wholesale dry goods mis. 302 Bait. 

Long Capt. Littleton, 118 s High 

Long Conrad, ladies' shoemaker, 220 n Gay, dw 

Long Capt. Cornelius B. 53 Broadway 

Long Daniel, laborer, Washington av 

Long George, painter, 307 s Charles 

Long George, chair maker, 195 n Gay 

Long George, conductor on rail road, 522 w Pratt 

Long Henry K. justice of peace, 327 s Bond, dw 37 

Long Henrv, porter, 46 Albemarle 

Long Jas. J', flour ml. 141 n Eutaw 

Long John, blacksmith, Orleans e of Broadway 

Long John'C. shoemaker, 300 Raborg 

Long John, shoemaker, 483 w Baltimore 

Lon? John D. carpenter, 133 Ann 

Long John, tailor, Light extended 

LONG LEVI, boot and shoemaker, front basemen! 
City Hotel, n Calvert, dw 91 Calvert 

Long Levi, painter, 6 York 

Long Levi, laborer, 105 Light 




Long Mary, 171 n Gay 

Long Mary, Penn. av n of McMechin st. 

Long Margaret, 17 Elizabeth a I 

Long Michael, liquor dealer, 31 s Frederick 

Long Samuel, boot maker, 35 South 

Long Samuel, ship carpenter, Gough e of Broadway 

Long Samuel J. shoemaker, Falls road 

Long Wm. boot and shoemaker, 255 Broadway 

Long Capt. Wm. P. mariner, 79 Gough 

Longcope Capt. Wm. 22 e Pratt 

Longerdei ITer Jno, laborer, 736 w Baltimore . 

Longley John, brick maker, Fort road 

Longley Samuel, clerk, 108 Pine 

Longnueses Wm. locksmith, 10 Water 

Lonte Conrad, laborer, 214 Bethel 

Loock Christopher, cabinet maker, 1) Baker 

Loone Geo. ship joiner, 51 Fawn 

Lopps Ann, 3(! Argyle al 

Lord C. W.firm Robinson, L. & Co, at Mi's. Clif- 
ton's, 25 Hanover 

Lordeman Chris, cabinet maker, 12 Wilmeral 

Lorentz J no. G. coach & harness maker, 568 w Bait 

Lorkin Wm. grocer. 45 C Market space, dw lis 

Lorman Alex, merchant, s e cor. Charles and Lex- 

Lorman Arnold, milk dealer, w Saratoga extended 

Lorman Henry, jeweller, 32 New Church 

Lorman John, trader, G3 Caroline 

Lorshbaugh Martin L. cabinet maker, 85 e Fayette 

Lorton Richard, watchman, 48 Henrietta 

Loskain Jno. tailor, 54 s Caroline 

Loskum Henry, waterman, l'Jl Bethel 

Loskum Juo. mariner, 22 Shakspear 

Lotti Peter, tanner, Penn. av n of Wilson st 

Lotz Conrad, grinder, 172 Stirling 

Louberry Isaac, clothier, 17 Lombard 

Loubous Jno. tailor, 108 Thames 

Loud Jos. E. boarding house, 86, 88 & 90 n Charles 

Loudenslager Adam, cigar box maker, 120 Low 

Loudenslager Christopher, dry goods mt> n e cor. 
Ross & Biddle 

Loudenslager Solomon, machinist, Pratt extended 

Louderman Jno. cooper, Prospect Hill 

LOUGH &. FULLERTON,dry goods merchants, 
309 Baltimore st 

Lough Joseph, firm L. & Ftillerton, 42 n Calvert 

Loughlin Bridget, shop keeper, Raborg w of Pearl 

Loughman H. tavern, 66 Light 

Loughran Michal, tavern, s w cor. South & Water 

Loughridge Jno. drayman, Lcmmon W of Poppleton 

Loughran Patrick, carter, 76 n Canal 

Louis Berdcl, carpenter, Carpenter's al e of Fre- 
mont st 

Louis Fredk. shoemaker, 236 Hanover 

Louis Lindis, flour & grain dealer, dw 203 n Eutaw 

Louk Jno. rear 61 Camden 

Lotimoine Louisa, confectioner, 76 Bank 

Lounoburv & Morse, transpar. window shade man. 
1 Holliday 

Loupheimer Moses, fag & iron dealer, 280 s Caroline 

Loupman Jacob, stove dealer, 244 Dallas 

Lour Vendal, tailor, Amitv s of Lombard 

Lourie Jno. carpenter, 62 Lancaster 

Louvette Chs. tailor, 6 Brune 

Love Henry, brick maker, 191 Fremont 

Love Jos. K. shoemaker, 69 Hanover, dw 187 Lee 

Love-, Martin 8t Co. produce & com., mts. 5 Ex- 
change place 

Love Robt. Horace, firm L. Martin & Co. 18 Mul- 

Love Wm. horse trainer, 172 Sarah Ann 

Love Dr. Wm. S> physician and apothecary s e cor. 
Hanover and Perry 

Love Wm. grocer, 123^ Lexington 

Loveday Chas. T. saddler, 191 n Edeh 

Lovegrove James, agent for Knox Fire Ins. Co. 23 
s Calvert, dw 69 n High 

LOVEGROVE THOS, J. engineer & machinist, 
w Falls av. dw Eastern av. 

Loveland H. sawing and planing mill, North near 
Franklin, dw 31 Stiles 

Lovejoy Abbet, clerk, 43 e Lombard 

Lovejoy Amos, hosiery & trimmings dealer, 123 
Baltimore, dw 81 St. Paul 

Lovejoy Samuel, hosiery, glove and trimmings deal. 
33 n Howard 

Loveland Ilanford, of planing mill, 31 Stiles 

Lovell Solomon, clerk, 123 s Exeier 

Low Cornelius, 31 s Exeter 

Low Jno. laborer, court fr. Montgomery w of Light 

Low Wm. waterman, 118 Bank 

Lowe Jesse M.cleik, 139 Mulberry 

Lowe Levi B. hatter, 68 Ann 

Lowe Tnos. W. printer, n w cor. Franklin ahd Frc» 

Lowe Wm. shoemaker, 128 Ann 

Lowery Wm. grocer and tavern keeper, e Bait, st 
Prospect Hill 

Lowman & Brother, dry goods dealers, 195 Bait. 

Lowman Lawrence, firm L. & Jim. })4 e Lombard 

Lownds Jas. cash. Chesapeak Bank, 42 n Front 

Lowrie Edward, fisher, 1 Johnson 

LaWry Geo. N. machinist, 91 Holtine 




Lowry Hugh, carter, 290 e Monument 

Lowry Jabez D. ship joiner, 139 s Eden 

Lowry Jas. mariner, 55 E. av 

Lowry Jnoi inspector of customs, 56 s High 

Lowry John, ship carpenter, 10 Register 

Lowry John, butcher, 132 Greene Mount ay 

Lowry Mary, tailoress, 44 n Exeter 

Lowry Robt. H. teller Union Bank, dw 87 Camden 

Lowry Capt, Thos. mariner, Ann s of Gough 

Lowry Wm. clerk, 100 Eastern av 

Lowry Wm, N. clerk, 143 e Lombard 

Lowiher James, carpenter, 9 Oregon 

Lowther Wm. machinist, 64 Fremont 

Loyd Jno. T. cooper, 276 s Charles 

Loyrnan Jacob, fireman 492 w Lombard 

Lubbesen Augt drayman, 9 Pleasant 

Lucas Ann, tailoress, 36 Ross 

LUCAS CHAS. Z. attorney at law, Post Office 

Buildings, up stairs 
Lucas Edward, shoemaker, 96 McElderry 
Lucas Ellen, 94 Hillen 
Lucas Fielding jr. bookseller, stationer and type 

founder, 170 Bait, dw 53 Saratoga cor. St Paul 
Lucas Francis, butcher, Penn. av extended 
Lucas Jacob, laborer., 47 Lancaster 
Lucas Jas. book and Job printer, 19 s Calvert st con 

Lovely lane, dw 98 n Exeter 
Lucas Jno. W. paper hanger and ven. blind maker, 

con Bond and Pratt, dw 172 s Bond 
Lucas Major C. mariner, L«eadenhall n of Henrietta 
Lucas Peter B. 172 s Bond 
Lucas Samuel, brewer, cor, Hanover and Conway, 

dw 99 Hanover 
Lucas Thos, W. boot closer. 180 e Monument 
Lucas Thos. shoemaker, Scott s of Pratt 

Lucas W. S, & J, S< grocers, Harford av extended 

Lucchesi Fredk, prof, music, 64 Holliday 

Luckett J. H. firm Neal & L. dw 127 n Charles 

.Luckett John, clerk, 248 n Gay 

Luckett, Lee & White, dealers in boots, shoes, hats, 
&c. 258 Baltimore 

Luckett Roger C. firm Luckett, Lee & W T hite, dw 
46 Barre 

Ludden Lemuel, importer and hardware mt. 301 w 
Baltimore, dw 73 n Liberty 

Ludekin J. P. saddler, 449 Baltimore 

Ludlow Jacob, laborer, 166 s Caroline 

Ludvigh Saml. teacher languages, Front near Bait. 

LUDWIC JOHN, beer brewer, 28 e Pratt 

Ludwic John, tailor, 447 w Baltimore 

LudwickSaml. prop. Fcckcl German periodical, 
107 e Baltimore 

Ludwig Andw. blacksmith, 352 Saratoga 

Luft Chas. carter, 165 Canal 

Lumber Inspector's office, e Falls av near the bridge 

Lumpson John, laborer, Clinton st. Canton 

Lumsden John, grocer and com. mt. 41 Cheapside, 

dw 30 Albemarle 
Lumsden Dr. Wm. O, 26 Hill 
Luke Francis, painter, 282 e Monument 
Lukes Anthony, basket maker, 130 Eastern av 
Lumb Jas. mariner, 225 e Fayette 
Lunk John ; laborer, 206 s Caroline 
Lupene Amb. tobacconist, Charles, dw 66 Albem'le 
Lupton E. F. commission agent, s e cor, Second and 

Gay, dw 131 e Baltimore 
Lupton Martha, 56 Pearl 
Lupp John, cooper, 5 New 
Lupp Lewis, laborer, 76 Jasper 
Lurfinck John, tailor, 74 Centre Market 
Lurman G. W, firm Oel ricks St L. dw 63 Franklin 
Lurz Adam, beer brewer, 10 Fell 
Lusby Amelia, Ann n Pratt 
Lusby Anthony, Fort road, Locust Point 
Lusby Caleb F. tailor, 7 s Caroline 
Lusby Edwd. book keeper, 19 Conway 
Lusby Henry, 7 JNeighbor 
Lusby John D. ship carpenter, 119 Bank 
Lusby Nancy, 63 Barre 
Lusby Wm. mt, tailor and clothier, 42 s Calvert, dtv 

270 Saratoga 
Luscalett David, boiler maker, 118 Mctlenry 
Lusk John, carpenter, 73 s Eden 
Lustna-ner Chas. grocer, 105 Biddle 
Luthart Casper, laborer, Cambridge e Leakin, Cant, 
Luthern Observer, Dr. Benj. Kurtz, editor, aver 6 n 

Luthold Catharine, 146 Pearl 
Luthold Christian, printer, 23 Brune^ 
Lutiner Francis, shoemaker, 270 s Charles 
Lutman Albert, milkman, Harford av extd 
Lutner Lainhart. laborer, 112 Thames 
Lutton Mordecai, Madison e Caroline 
Lutton Rebecca, 266 e Monument 
Lutts John F. prop, Baltimore and Philadelphia 

House 33 e Pratt 
Lutts Elizab. glove cleaner, 18 Sharp 
Lutz Adam, cooper, 27 Low 
Lutz Andw. cabinet maker, 43 Penn. av 
Lutz C. weaver, 81 Harrison 
Lutz Chas. collector, 107 n Eutaw 
Lutz Chas, laborer, » Clinton st. Cantofl 
Lutz Chas. ship joiner, 261 Eastern, a v 
Lutz Christian F. laborer, 122 Sarah Ann 





JLutz Fredk. shoemaker, 119 s Howard 

Lutz Geo. carpenter, 207 Eastern av 

Lutz J. S. Club House, 8 J s Calvert and 170 w Lom 

Lutz John, shoemaker, 15 Fish Market 
Lutz John, carpenter, 244 e Monument 
Luiz John, laborer, j.3 Elizabeth al 
Lutz Jos. laborer, 70 Spring 
Lutz Nichl. Venetian blind maker and painter, 116 

n Front, dw 150 
Lutz Peter ix. Henry J. furn. dealers. 101 Franklin 
Lutz Valentine, steward Alms house, Amity s ol 

Lutzbach Henry, shoemaker. 101 Camden 
Lybecker Geo. musician, 102 Alice Anna 
Lybrand Henry, coach maker, 77 Hollins 
Lyburn Julia Ann, 42 L. Church 
Lyburn Saml. carter, 222 Raborg 
Lycett Edwd. L. book binder, 221 Lexington, cor. 

Greene, dw 150 Mulberry 

Lynch Ruth, 378 n Gay 

Lynch Stephen, firm L. & Wills, Pratt w Aim 

Lynch Thos. laborer, 170 Alice Anna 

Lynch & Wills, ship joiners, Point 

Lynd John, laborer, Boston e Chesapeake, Canton 

Lynd Mary, dress maker, 125 Harford av 

Lyon Richd. H. carpenter, Boyd u Parkin 

Lyon Robt. bottler, 210 n Exeter 

Lyon Roger, 127 Pence 

Lyons Audw. J. plumber, 28 Park, <\w ."0 n Liberty 

Lyons Charlotte R. grocer and baker, 31 Perry 

Lyons Cornelius, engineer, 20 Hillen 

Lyons Dan I. tailor, '^42 n Canal 

Lyons Honora, dress maker, 5 Fremont 

Lyons John, tobacconist, 8 Warner 

LYONS & KEENAN, marble and mantel work- 

ers, !)4 Holliday 
Lyons Mai^aret, 146 Eastern av 
Lyons Matthew, tavern, 54 Light 
Lyons Patrick, laborer, 20 s Front 

Lycett Edwd. L. book binder, 211 Baltimore, dw 307jLyons Patrick, steamboat hand, 54 Light 

w Fayette 

Lycett Edwd. book binder, 150 Mulberry 
Lvell John, wheelwright, 5 Montgomery 
LYETH JOHN McF. marble and mantel cutter 

12s Eulaw, dw 366 Fayette 
Lyeth Saml. carpenter, 07 Poppleton 
Lvibrd Mrs. M. M. milliner, over 286 Baltimore 
Lylord Wm. G. 14^ St. Paul 
Lyles Henry, slap smith, 21 e Lombard 
Lyman Chas. grocer, Harrison si. dw 02 Broadway 
Lyman Jacob, fireman, 402 \v Lombard 
Lyman Wm. O. carpenter, Lombard near Parkin 
Lyman Wm. carpenter, Lombard w Parkin 
Lynch Catharine, music teacher, 104 Franklin 
Lynch Daniel, blacksmith, Howard n Franklin, dw 

143 a Eutaw 
Lynch Danl. tailor, 11£ Harrison 

Lynch Danl. ashman, 85 s Spring 

LYNCH GRIFFIN, s e cor. Fish Market and Con- 
cord st 

Lynch Henry, ship carpenter, 250 Canton av 

Lynch Hester, 244 Alice Anna 

Lynch Jas. gas man, 4 Addison 

Lynch Jeremiah, engineer, Falls road 

Lynch John, grocer, 40 Cross 

Lynch Jos. F. paver, 135 Spring 

Lynch Matthew, laborer, 10 Shakspear 

Lynch Nichl. firm Davis, O'Leary & L. dw Ann s 

Lyncn Patrick, 151 e Madison 

Lynch Richd. ship carpenter, 51 s Frederick 


Lyons Rebecca. 150 n Exeter 

Lyons Rudolph J. "herb doctor," 75 n Howard 

Lytle Kobt. A. watch maker, 7 s Gay 

Lytic Wm. B. tailor, 5 Sharp 

Lytcn John, quarryman, Falls road 

Mabel Andw. laborer, Joppa road e Dallas st 

Macartney Rev. Francis, of William st Meth.E. 
church, cor. William and L. Church 

Macartney Jer. weaver, 100 Warner 

Macotiee Jos. ship carpenter, 38 £ Lf-e 

Maccubbin Roht. W. plane maker. McClellan, dw 
22 Fayette 

Maccubbin Saml. brush maker, 137 n Gay 

MACCUBBIN T. C. painter, North near Sarato- 
ga, dw 248 Aisquith 

Mace Alfred, lottery dealer, 110 n Gay 

Mace Jos. tailor, Washington av 

iMace Stephen T. confectioner, cor. Front & Fayette 
Macfarland Rev. M. pastor St. Mark's Prot. Epis. 

church, 20 s Liberty 
Machen Thos. carpenter, 2-10 German 
Macher Benj, painter, 03 Raborg 
MacherJohn S. carpenter, 92 Conway, dw 103 s 

Macher John, carpenter, 10 Pre?ton 
Maekin Mary, liquor dealer 73Jeti 
Machnke Henry, tavern and boarding house, 69 

Macilroy Thos. com. mt. over 9 Light st whf 
Mack Mrs. shop, 43 Potter 
Mackall Dr. Leonard, dental surgeon, 01 Sarato; 




Mackenheinier Fredk. tobacconist, 42 Park 
Mackenheimer Win. tailor. 105 Fremont 
MACKENZIE & CO. druggists and apothecaries, 

n e cor. Gay and Baltimore, dw 21 Lexington 
Mackenzie Geo. A. firm Thos. Mackenzie & Son, 

Madison av 
Makenzie Dr. J. P. n w cor Lexington and St. Paul 
MACKENZIE THOMAS & SON, importers and 
dealers in hardware saddlery, coach and harness 
furniture. 222 Baltimore, dw T. M. 73 Franklin 
Mackey John, cabinet maker, 98 Fremont 
Mackibbin Jas. G.firm Oliver tx,M.29Gi n Howard 
Mackin Bernard, carpenter, 33 Centre 
Mackin Mary, tailoress. 3-1 Constitution 
Mackintosh John. pro. "Wheatfield Inn,"5n How'd 
Macleod Donald, mate, 242 Ann 
Macnamar Timothy, 275 Light 
Macneal And w. L. carpenter, cor. Concord & Hawk, 

dw 240 e Fayette 
Macneal & Mitchell, sail makers, 83 Bowlv's whf 
Macneal Lloyd, firm M. & Mitchell, dw 111 s Ex>- 

Macomber Gideon, stone mason, 384 w Lombard 
Mactavish Hon. John, British consul, 30 Second, 

dw Cathedral s Richmond 
Mactier Saml. mt. miller, 78 Spear's wharf, dw 88 


Macubbin Chas. carpenter, 224 Aisquith 

Macubbin Jas. iron moulder, 313 Mulberry 

Macubbin Julia Ann, tavern, 276 n Gay 

Macubbin Thos. C. painter, North, dw 248 Aisquith Magill Patrick, feed dealer. 444 w Baltimore 

Maddell Wm. A. block & pump maker, 270 e PrattlMaginnis Jas. laborer, 15 Mercer 

Maddux Thos. shoemaker, 12 Light, dw cor. Repub- 
lican and Hollins 

Madeira Mark, shoemaker, Canal n Pratt 

Madigan Thos. quarryman, Falls road 

Madison Capt, John J. 125 e Pratt 

Madner Edwin, cedar manuf. Pratt w Greene, dw 
w Lombard extd 

Maeden Andw. tailor, 434 Lombard 

Maeit Frank, blacksmith, 108 Henrietta 

Maera Patrick, porter, 21 New Church 

Mapr Henry, tailo'r. 164 Stirling 

Maer Henry, organ maker, 150 n High 

Maese Harman, shoemaker, 5 Preston 

Maess Conrad, tailor, 116 Happy al 

Maffei Angelo, variety store, 74 Pratt 

Magaw Jas. keeper "Broadway House," 254 Broad- 

Magee Jane, grocer, 22 s Front 

Magee John, dealer in furniture and hats, 45 n Eu* 
taw, dw 173 Mulberry 

Ma gee Mary, 206 Gough 

Magee Thos. ship carpenter, 188 Bank 

Magers Elias, firm Gehrman & M. dw 36 Fawn 

Magers Geo. W. bookseller, 175 Louisiana, dw 2G 

Makers Saml. shoe store, Centre Market, dw 51 n 

Mag her Thos. blacksmith, 266 Saratoga 

Magill Danl. flour & leed store, 81 Penn. av. dw 84 

Magill John, feed dealer, 180 n Gay 

Madden David, machinist, 135 Madison 
Madden John F. plaisterer, 104 Lee 
Madden John, laborer, 213 Biddle 
Madden Martin, laborer, 76 French 
Madden Thos. bar keeper, 47 s Paca 
Madden Wm. painter, 284 Mulberry 
Maddish Robt. tinner, 353 Baltimore 

Maddison ,23 Union 

Maddux Ann F. seamstress, Perry e Hanover 
Maddox Chas. T. postmaster, 59 St. Paul 
Maddox E. G. clerk, 234 Hanover 
Maddox Geo. W. boiler maker, 106 Cross 
Maddox Geo. coach maker, 47 Jackson 
Maddox Jas. painter. Perry e Sharp 
Maddox John T. painter, 232 e Pratt 
Maddox Thos. dry goods and grocery store, n e cor 

Hollins and Republican 
Maddox Wm. J. painter, 233 e Pratt 

MAGNE HORACE, steam cedar ware manufac- 

tu i er, 368 w Pratt, dw 347 Fayette 
Magnes Zach. brick presser, 180 Lee 
Magness Benj. chair maker. 14 Aisquith 
MAGNESS THOMAS H. prop. "Rising Sun," 

Hotel, 74 n High 
Magol Campbell, weaver, 127 Peirce 
Magrath John, grocer, 185 s Charles 
Magraw R. M. firm Hartshorn, Rogers &M. dw 60 

Magruder Hez. C. firm Fitzgerald & M. 89 n Chas* 
Magruder Capt. J. H. of night watch, 23 n Howard 
Magruder John R. com. mt. Light st wharf, dw 45 

Maguire Andw. laborer, Canal st'n Eastern av 
Maguire Christopher, baker and conf. 91 Pine 
Maguire Jas. baker, 211 Exeter 
Maguire Jas. ship carpenter, Wolfn Bank 
Maguire Ja8. L. conveyancer, 15 George 




Maguire John A. carpenter, 36 n High 

Maguire John F. tin ami copper worker, Concord 

Maguire Julia Ann, Walker e Bond 

Maguire Mary, baker, 190 s Charles 

Maguire. Patrick, weaver, 27 Biddle 

Maguire T. book agent, 21 Chatsworth 

Maguire Thos. grocer, 53 Union 

Maguire Win. T. ladies' shoemaker, 05 Jaekson 

Maliau Jas. teamster, 246 e Baltimore 

Mahaney Jas. laborer, 137 Harford av 

Mahaney John, book binder, Strange al. dw 290 w 

Lombard st 
Mahaney Michael, laborer. Penn. av n Fremont st 
Mahling Jos. cigar maker, 207 Ensor 
Mahlon Jula Ann, 190 East 
Mahoney Elisha, fisher, 75 Cross 
Mahr John, carter, Wolfs Thames 
MahrJohn N. shoemaker, Penn. av a Wilson st 
Mahr Peter A. tavern, 282s Bond 
Maier Lcypold, pedlar, GO Bethel 
Mail Wm; tailor, 70 Bank 
Mainley Jas. milk dealer, 102 Canal 
Mainley Thomas. 95 Orleans 
Mainster Israel, rope maker, Gough st e Castle al 
Maisch Fredk. shoemaker, Chapel st w Penn.av 
Maitland Benj. tirm Bryan, M. & Co. dw 273 w Lom- 
Major Jas. 116 e Lombard 

Major Matthias, blacksmith, Lernmon w Poppleton 
Makemull Andw. shoemaker, 21 Dallas 
Makepeace Benj. M. firm Tiffany, Ward & Co. dw 

St. Paul 
Makepeace Royal, 51 St. Paul 
Makibbin Jas. G. mt. tailor, 97 n Howard cor. Sa- 
Makle Henry, laborer, 17 Slemmer's al 
Malany John, drayman, Clinton st. Canton 
MALCOM P. & CO. grain and dour merchants, 

1 Wood st. Bowly's whf 
Malcom Mrs. Peter, 17 n Calvert, Monument Sq 
Male Free School of Baltimore, including female 
branch, Rev. T. Bassford and lady prin. Court- 
land near Pleasant 
Malen Dennis, laborer, Clinton st. Canton 
Maler Herman, rope maker, 49 Hill 
Malrield Fredk. laborer, rear 305 Dallas 
Maling John, blaeksmith, 20 Booth 
Ma lien Jas. grocer, 97 Pine 
Mallinckrodt Wm. importer German goods, 31 

Charles, up stairs, dw Madison av n Hoffman st 
JIALLON JOHN, block maker, 60 South, dw 44 

Mallon Patrick, grocer. 38 Potter 

Mallonee Geo. L. letter carrier, 78 Columbia 

Mallouee Mary Ann, 235 n Canal 

Malloy Mary, "J91 e Baltimore 

Malole John, grocer, 2 Jackson 

Malone John, carpenter, 389 w Lomtard 

Malone John, tavern keeper. 55 Thames 

Malonev Arch, carpenter, 7 State 

Malonev David, carpemer, 68 Mulberry 

Malonev Elizab. 135 n Paua 

Maloney Johanna, dry goods dealer, 7H w Bait. 

Maloney John, salesman, 15 Fremont 

Malseed Simon, laborer, G^) Richmond 

Malure Thos. laborer, 30 May 

Manaca Jos. R. dry goods dealer, £27 Lexington, 

dw205 Pearl 
Manaar Madam, 22 Spring 
Managers of Lotteries, otiice n Calvertst.cor. Bank 

lane, Richd. France ec Co. 
Manahan John, laborer, 12 Slemmer's al 
Mandelbamn Henry, clothier, 127 n Howard 
MandVlbaum Moses, pedlar, G6 w Pratt 
Mn tidier John, L8(i Ann , 

Manes Danl. Sun carrier, 20 Hillen 
Mane/ Rosanna, 20 Hillen 
Maney Margt. boarding house, 127 Lancaster 
Manga Christr. A. turner, 42 Richmond 
Manger Valentine, laborer, Penp.av n Dolphin st 
Mangin Danl. stone mason, 122 Holliday 
Manifold Elizabeth, IDS n Eden , 
Manke Fredk. grocer, 285 s Charles 
Mankin Henry, com. mt. 16 Bowly's whf 
MANKIN ISAIAH, shipping and commission 
merchant and agent for N. York packets, n e cor. 
Gay and Pratt, dw cor. Lexington ahd Calvert 
Manl'ev Steph. 11. capl. south, dist. watch, 280 Light 
Manly John, prop, hacks, 142 Fayette 
Manly John, 82 Columbia 
Mann Edwd. 88 Granby 
Mann Ernest, hosier and trim, dealer, 49 Baltimore, 

dw Granby 
Mann F. stove and lock maker, 229 s Charles 
Mann Geo. blacksmith, Ellicott near Boston, Cant. 
Mann Geo. tinner. 1U n Eden 
Mann Geo. tinner, Bond n Fayette 
Maun Jas. sailor, 79 East 
Mann John, 136 n Eutaw 

Mann Jno. J. iron dealer, Canton, dw 20 Broadway 
Mann John G. cigar maker, 41 Lancaster 
Mann Joseph R. candy and fruit dealer, 20 Light 
Mann Thos. W. 112 Sharp 
Mann Wm. upholsterer, 45 e Pratt 




MANN WM. & CO. clock and looking glass deal- 
ers, 42 s Charles, dw W. M. 413 Fayette 

Mann Wm. prop, livery stables, 166 n Howard. 

Mann Win. 116 Camden 

Manner Dr. Chas. H. Eden n of Bank 

Manner Jas. B. boot maker, 57 Jefferson 

Manning Dennis, laborer, Chester s of Gough 

Manning Henry S. firm M. & Tweedy, dw 40 

Manning Jas. tinner, 9 Eutaw ct 

Manning Joshua C. firm M. &Lee, dw 102 n Eut. 

MANNING & LEE, commission merchants, 57 

Manning Peter, liquor dealer, 23 Bath 

MANNING, STIMPSON & CO. merchants, 74 
Exchange place 

Manning Samuel, firm M., Stimpson & Co. dw 37 

Manning & Tweedy's butter depot, 205 w Pratt 

Manning Walter, tin smith, 25 Grant 

Mannstead Cecelia, 11)3 Madison av 

Manro Rachel M. 123 Biddle 

Mans Adam, tailor, Bond n of Jefferson 

Mansdorfer John G. shoemaker, 40 Penu av 

Mansfield David, grocer and feed mt. 194 Lexing- 
ton, dw 183 German 

Mansfield Wm. 263 e Monument 

Manshen John, painter, Republican s of Lombard 

Manship Mr. livery stables, Columbia s of Paca 

MANSION HOUSE, n w cor. Fayette & St. Paul, 
JOHN ALBERTSON, proprietor 

Manson Sarah, 159 Ann 

Mantz A. K. firm Kramer, M. &. Co.dw 25 s Gay 

Mantz Sophia, 4H1 w Bait 

Manus Jacob H. carpenter, Poppleton near Fayette 

Marawetz M. L. tobacconist, 173 Lexington 

Marback Andrew, razor grinder, 12 Clay 

Marburg Wm. A. imp. wines, brandies, &c. &c. 26 

March Jas. tailor, 2 Shroeder 

March Jas. tailor, 49 Hollins 

March John, Penn. av extd 

March Mis. & Miss McNelly, dry goods dealers, 
74 Hanover 

March Washington, grocer, 52 n Eutaw 

Marchbank Robt. grocer, 219 n Gay 

Marck Mich, cigar maker, 8U Penn. av 

Marcusi Jnne, milliner, 4 n Front 

MARDEN JESSE, scale manufacturer, s e corner 
Charles and Bait 

Marenk Adam, laborer, 9 Bank 

Marheld Elizab. 76 Barre 

Margeum Margaret, Washington n of Alice Anna 

Margotte Aug. tailor, 20 Eutaw ct 

Marine Bank, n e cor. Gay &. Second, see appendix 

Mariner Thos. store keeper, av Falls av 

Maringo Henry, porter, 28 s Caroline 

Marion Temperance hall, 7 Ensor 

Maris Dr. Edward A. cor. Sharp and Saratoga, dw 

43 n Charles 
Maris Dr. Geo. 43 n Charles 
Marishon Gerhard, carpenter,M 59 Stirling 
Marisky John, laborer, 156 Canton av 
Mark Rev. John H. bible colporteur, I28 Madison 
Markboner Christ, cabinet maker, 58 s Howard 
Markal John, tailor, s w cor. Register & Lombard 
Marker Edward H. carpenter, 90 Pine 
Markelt Stephen, wheelwright, Elliott stn of Ches- 
Markland Frances, boarding house, 49 Holliday 
Markland J. T. carpenter, 348 w Pratt, dw 15 Mc- 

Markland Jas. H. shoemaker, 4 Seminary lane 
MARKS H. R. daguenan artist, over s w cor. Bait 

and South 
Marks John, straw and hay dealer, 17 Republican 
Marks John J. mate, 244 Alice Anna 
Marklin Sarah, 78 Peirce 

Marley Benj. blacksmith, Lombard w of Repub* 
Marley Jas. R. bricklayer, 14 Boyd 
Marley Jas. cellar digger, 63 Poppleton 
Marley John, sand hauler, Lombard w of Repub. 
Marley John, shoemaker, 59 tianover 
MARLEY RICHARD, ladies' shoemaker, s e cor. 

Pearl and Mulberry 
Marlin Mich, laborer, 357 w Pratt 
Marovske Ludwig W. starch maker, 113 Bond 
Marr Ann, 156£ Alice Anna 
Marr Jas. D. carpenter, Bait, w of Carey 
Marr Lenox, oak cooper, 563 w Ball 
Marpel Benj. teacher, 137 Conway 
Marran Torrance, carter, 87 Eastern av 
Marriott Barz. clerk, n e cor. Pratt and Eutaw 
Marriott John H. ladies' shoemaker, cor. Pratt and 

Spring, dw 84 e Fayette 
Marriott McKim, 104 Monument 
Marriott Rich. W. 2b Sharp, office, cor. Hanover & 

Marriott Rich, stone cutter, 407 Lexington 
Marriott Sarah, dress maker, 51 Mulberry 
Marriott Thos. D. ladies' shoemaker, 21 s Eutaw 
Marrow'Chas. clerk, 59 Garden 
Marrow Isaac, prop, agent, 236 Franklin 
Marryat Elisha J. moulder, 45 n Poppleton 




Marsden Elias, lailor, 25 Garden 

Marsden Ellen, tailoress, 189 Madison av ' 

Marsden Ewen, Hour dealer, Biddle near Cathedral 

Marsden Jas. carpenter, 31 Morns al 

Marsden John, carpenter, lb / Mulberry 

Marsden Marv, tailoress, 146 Potter 

Marsellas A. E. milliner, 142 Lexington 

Marsellas Elizab. J. ladies' shoe store, 140 Lex. 

Marsh Henry C. hatter, IIS Franklin 

Marsh Isaac! shoemaker, Canal n of Monument 

Marsh Jas. furn. carter, 27 Stirling 

Marsh John, carpenter, 56 Caroline 

Marsh Sloaue, painter, 27 Spring 

Marsh Sydenham, cabinet maker, 39 Aisqiutn 

Marsh Win. sawyer, 287 s Charles 

Marshall Alex, waterman, 111 Cross 

Marshall C. H. & Co. lottery and exchange office, 

29 w Pratt , , , 

Marshall's (TJ. S.) office, court house lane, base- 
ment Masonic Hall 
Marshall Danl. planing mill. 145 Canton av 
Marshall Eliza, Amity, bet. Lexington 8c Saratoga 
Marshall Elizb. Gough e of Bond 
Marshall Emily, seamstress, 54 Montgomery 
Marshall Ennals. mate, 36 Jackson 
Marshall & Harmons, boot and shoemakers, 102 n 

Marshall Henry, stone mason, 84 (jeorge 
Marshall Henry, druggist, s e cor. Calvert and Sar- 
atoga sts. 
Marshall Isaac, 57 Stirling ^ 
Marshall Jas. B. shoemaker, 5b Jefferson 
Marshall Jas mate steamboat Columbia 91 Carol e 
Marshall John, waterman, Hammond al 
Marshall John, blacksmith, 32 Rock 
Marshall John, boot and shoemaker, 52 Gough 
Marshall John, bricklayer, 29 Jackson 
Marshal? John, last maker, Perry e oi Hanover - 
Marshall Capt. Levin, 130 s Bond 
Marshall Philip S. mate. 149 Gough 
Marshall Sarah, boarding house, 68 Exchange pK 
Marshall Solomon, laborer, Castle al. n of bank st 
Marshall .Stephen, huckster, 236 Gough 
Marshall Thos. carpenter, 374 w Lombard 
Marshall Wm. L. attorney, 8 Law buildings, Lex- 
ington, dw 15 Mulberry .. 
Marshall Wm. ship carpenter. 1/4 Lagnt 
Mai-hall Wm.ship carpenter, Was u 

Canton av ' 

\[, Lonette Bas n, glazier, 61 O. Market 
Marston b Bro. imps. & dealers in chma, glass and 
nueens\vare,3d3 BiU 


ton st. n of 

Marston Frederick W. firm M. & Brother, dw 315 

Marston Joseph R. firm. M. & Bro. Fayette w of 

Marston Joseph, firm M. & Bro. 159 Fayette 
Marston Lincoln W. dealer in china & glass ware, 

41 n Entaw 
Martel Peter, grocer, 19G Alice Anna 
Martiacq Susan, boarding house. 9 Thames 
Martien Joseph, carpenter, Scoit s of Prati 
Martin Abraham, 74 n High 
Martin Allen, grocer, 168 Tyson 
Martin Andrew, painter, 4 Seminary lane 
Martin Anthony, basket maker. Wiils st 
Martin A. A. firm Cole, Rowles & Co. dw Bond s 

of Pratt 
Martin August, laborer, 56 L. Hughes 
Martin C. V. firm Love, Martin & Co. 18 e Fayette 
Martin Charles V. firm Martin & Vallette, dw'l8 e 

Martin Culberston, pattern maker, 202 Saratoga 
MARTIN D. A. manufacturing commission agent, 

21 German, dw 3(51 w Fayette 
Martin David, stove agent. 6 Sharp, dw 139 Germ. 
Martin David G- firm M. 8c liobson, 22 s Greene 

. Edward, edge tool maker, 509 w Bait 
Martin Edward, mariner, 114 Thames 
Martin Edward J. fruiter and confectioner, 175 

Martin Elizab. confectioner, 67 Harford av 
Martin Frances, band box maker, 7 Mercer 
Martin Freuk. tavern. 288 s Bond 
Martin Dr. George T. firm M. & Whiteley, 18 

Martin Geo. A. confectioner and fruiter. 72 Pratt 
Martin Geo. ornamental chair pain'er, 65 s High 
Martin Harriet, tailoress, 75 Columbia 
Martin Henry, baker. 272 s Charles 
Martin Heqry, bla 

chants, s w cor 
Martin Humphrc ssraan. 14' Lorn 

Martin Isaac S*ch iaker,52 Caroline 
Martin Rev.J S. 2 astern a v 
Martin J. grocer, .. cor. Clay and Lib 
Martin Jacob vinegar maker, 164 s Paca 
Martin Jacob, laborer, Patuxent st. n of Boston, 

jy| tin Ja 28 n Front 

a Jas. on n of Sat 

Martin Jas.mercb u , 131 . ! inument 
'Martin Jas. cabinet maker, 92 Orleans 




Martin John, 105 s Howard 

Martin John F. saddler, 1*28 Franklin 

Martin John, carpenter, 3 Morris al 

Martin John, druggist, cor. Saratoga and Fremont 

Martin John, laborer, 10 Hollins 

Martin John T. T. last maker, 5G s Eutaw 

Martin John, 74 s Hrgh 

Martin John H. cooper, 7 Mercer 

Martin John M. shoemaker, '230 William 

Martrn Joseph, furn. wagoner, 1'21 Pine 

Martin Joseph, carpenter, Scott s of Pratt 

Martin Joseph, painter, 189 Conway 

Martin Junius, carpenter, 237 Alice Anna 

Martin Lawrence, laborer, G. Hughes w of Cov- 
ington st m 

Martin M. baggage master R. Road, 42 Conway 

Martin Margaret, 48 Canal 

Martin Mary, dress maker, 94 n Howard 

Martin Mary, rear 20 s Front 

Martin Mich, butcher, Ann n of Mullikin 

Martin Patrick, laborer, 21 Star al 

Martin Paul, confectioner, G2 Lexington 

Martin Saml. turner, 17 s Eutaw 

Martin Saml. cigar maker, 27 Perry 

Martin Sam), ladies' shoemaker. 534 w Bait 

Martin Drs. Saml. B. & S. H. 141 e Pratt 

MartitrSaml. grocer, 519 w Lombard 

Martin Sarah R, 160 e I'rait 

Martin Simon, grocer, 193 Sharp 

Martin Smith, turner, 400 w Lombard 

Manin Susan, 212 e Bait 

Martin Thos. H. grocer and commission merchant, 
71 South 

Martin Thos. hack driver. Abbey al no. 1 

Martin Thos. fisher, 188 Light 

Martin Thos. M. merchant tailor. 5 Light 

MARTIN &VALETTE, tea dealers & grocers, 
88 Baltimore 

Martin St Whitely, wholesale druggists, 48 s Calv't 

Martin YVm. band box maker, 11 Park 

Martin Win. H. clerk, 9 Constitution 

Martin Wm. engineer, 125 s Spring 

Martin Wm. plaisterer. Eastern av. w of Exeter st 

Mariindale Catharine, tavern, 135 Eastern av 

Martinet Chas. F. carpenter, 78 William 

Martlin Wm. carpenter, 70 Columbia 

Marvel Ephrairn. 200 Hanover 

Maryland Chemical Works, S. & P. T.Ellicott, F. 

Maryland Institute for promotion of Mechanic arts, 
Post office buildings, cor. Fayette and North 


Robbins & Co. agents, 370-378 w Pratt 
Mash Geo. mason, 69 Mulberry 
Mask Chas. W. carpenter, Poppleton n of Fayette 
Mask Isaac G. tailor, 129 Vine 
Maslin Philip, verntian blind maker, Beufort lane 
Mason Abrm. sari maker, 58 Holland 
Mason Chas. huckster, 218 e Monument 
Mason Capt. Chas. A. mariner, 116 Bond 
Mason Edward, butter dealer. 141 Madison' 
Mason Elrzab. 100 n Paca 
Mason Jas. D. lirm R. M. & Ero. 45 e Pratt 
Mason John, laborer, Dover bet. Pratt & McHenry 
Mason John, clerk Western Bank, 4 Raborg 
Mason Julia A. boarding house, 37 Bond 
Mason Mary B. 2 McCullough 
Mason Mary K. tavern keeper, junction Howard & 

Cathedral sts 
Mason N. Carroll, artorney, 26 St. Paul 
Mason R. B. carpenter, 42s w Bait, dw 270 Franklin 
MASON RICHARD & BRO. biscuit bakers, 133 

MeElderry's wharf, store 98 Pratt, dw Richd. M. 

Baltimore w of Bond 
Mason R. C. baker, dw 25 s High 
Mason Richard, mate, Register, s of Gough 
Mason Wesley, clerk, 273 s Charles 
Mason Win. carpenter, cor. Caroline &. Hampstead, 

dw 58 Holland 
Mason Wm. hatter, 115 n Howard 
Mason Wm. boot maker, 94 Franklin 
Mason Wm. & Son, ship, and com. mts, 88 Spear's 

whf. dw W. M. 62 E. Bait. cor. Exeter 
Masonic Hall, cor. St. Paul st. & Court House lane 
Mass Samuel, broom and cedar ware manuf. 120 

Franklin, dw b7 
Mass Samuel jr. cedar cooper, Henrietta 
Massey Chs. oyster dealer, near Belvidere bridge 
Massey Mary Ann, seamstress, 138 Tyson 
Massey Nathan W. blacksmith, 229 Lexington 
Massey Dr. W m. R. (electric,) 74 Lexington 
Massicott Catharine E. 52 Albemarle 
Massicott Wm. currier, Pratt e of Broadway 
Masson Jno. coach trimmer, 195 Orleans 
Masson Thos. E. carpeuter, 112 n Caroline 
Masien Jno. C. foreman steam saw mill, 31 Fawn 
Masters Charles, boat Builder, 31 Bond 
Masters Mary, 43 Dallas 
Masters Joseph, daguerotypist, 147 Lexington 
Masterman Chs. A. baker, 215 n Exeter 
Masterson Chas.sail cloth weaver, 19 Penn. av 
Masterson Mrs. Mary, 21 Biddle al 
Matchett James, manner, 17 West 




MATCHETT RICH'D. J. book and job printer &< 
publisher of Balto. Drrecior, 81 Exchange place, 
dw 48 Albemarle 
Matei Wm. shoemaker, 158 Canton av 
Mathaney Daniel, pilot, Bait, e of Broadway 
Mathaney James, Ann s of Baltimore 
Mathaney Resin, pilot, Ann s of Baltimore 
Mather Jas. ladies' shoemaker, 46? Saratoga 
Mather- Jas. firm M. & Wagner, 233 Saratoga 
Mathiot Aug. G. & Co. dry goods dealers, 65 e Bait 
MATHIOT A. &J. B. chair & sofa warehouse, 29 

n Gay, dw Augustus M. 28 n Fredk. 
Mathiot Elizabeth, 82 s High 
Mathiot John B. firm of A. &J. B. M. dw 277 

n Gay 
Mathles Geo. shoemaker, 67 Richmond, 
Matlack Richard C. dry goodsdeal.dw 7 Lexington 
Maisell Nicholas, laboier, 264 Happy al 
Matson Jno. chandler, 134 s Canal 
Matson Joseph, clerk, 297 e Monument 
Matson Joseph, statuary, 156 Saratoga 
Mattan Era^tus, tailor, 62 n Howard 
Mattheson John, carpenter, 512 w Pratt 
Mattheson John collar maker, 17 Ensor 
Matthews Ann, 161 n Howard 
Matthew John, laborer, 9 Henry 
Matthews Chs. firm Sword & M. Bond 
Matthews Charles, rolling mill 53 Block 
Matthews Geo. carpenter, Poppleton near Lexington 
Matthews Henry, grocer, cor. Caroline and Block 
Matthews Isaac, box maker, 15 Grant, dw 304 w 

Matthews Isaac, blacksmith, 15 George 
Matthews J. C. blacksmith. Peon, avn of Wilson st 
Matthews John, bar keeper, 19 Lombard 
Matthews John E. ladies' shoemaker. 169 e Madison 
Matthews Jos. D. firm Slothower, Matthews &Co 

Exchange Hotel 
Matthews Joshua, vinegar maker, 107 McElderry's 

wlit. dw 105 n Exeter 
Matthews Milly, Asbury lane 
Matthews Mary Ann, dress maker, 5 New 
Matthews Owen, laborer, 20 Holliday 
Matthews Susan, 128 n Eutaw 
Matthews Thos. R. & Co. com. rats. 10 Bowly's whf 
Matthews Thos. Sc Son, lumber mts. cor. E. Falls 

and Cantou avenues, dw T. M. 100 n High 
Matthews Tho. J. millwright. 51 Fawn 
Matthews Wm. carpenter. 281 u Howard 
Matthias John A. dry goods int. 145 Lexington, dw 

23 1 Madison av 
Mattingly Mrs. Jane B, milliner, 193 w Pratt 

Mattingly John, laborer, 51 Boyd 

Mattingly John, store keeper, 74. Montgomery 

Matlinky Jno. mason, 7n Poppleton 

Mauer Wm. carpenter, 212 s Bond 

Maughlin Wm. W. firm Lapouraille &. M. dw 21 

Maul Eleanor, dress & habit maker, 12 Hampstead 
Maul Jno. turner, 5 Swan 
Maulsby D. L. grocer, 113 n High 
MaundMrs. M. 314 Lexington 
Maurem Goldsmith, laborer, 214 Happy al 
Maurer August, cabinet maker, 29 Monument 
Maurer Hen. confectioner &. baker, 104 n Howard 
Maurer Henry, carpel weaver, 95 Low 
Maurer John, laborer, 161 s Spring 
Maurer Jos. blacksmith, 95 Peirce 
Maus Jno. H. tailor, 3 Potter 
Maxfield Jno. hatter, Eager st e of York av 
Maxfield Levi, blacksmith, 131 n Paca 
Maxwell David, stone cutter, cor. Eutaw and Sara- 
toga, dw 273 n Howard 
Maxwell Geo. machinist, 169 Washington 
Maxwell Jno. grocer, s w cor. Bank & Washington 
Maxwell John W. stone cutter, 134 n Calvert 
Maxwell John, findings and garden seeds dealer, 9 

Ensor, dw 263 Eden 
Maxwell Robt. machinist, 317 Eastern av 
May Edward, hardware dealer, dw 160 Franklin 
May Geo. H. machinist 23 Dewberry al 
May Geo. tailor, Bethel n of Bank 
May Hen. attorney, 13 Barnum's buildings Fayette, 

dw 114 Lexington 
May Jas. drayman, cor. Buren and Falls 
May Jas. A. chairmaker, 120 w Fayette 
May Mrs. M.B. portrait painter, se cor. Exeter and 

May Robt. mason, 182 Biddle 
May Robt. drayman, 193 n Exeter 
May Solomon, grocer, 394 n Gay 
May Sophia, dress maker, 132 Lexington 
May Wm. paper hanger, 458 w Baltimore 
May berry Mark, briekmaker. Burgundy al w of 

Maybury dealer in lime and hair, 

27 n Greene 
Mayd Fredk. L machinist, 73 Fremont 
Mavdwell John, bailiff, 268 e Monument 
Mavdwell John, tobacconist, 96 n Canal 
Mavdwell Wm. B. bricklayer, 188 e Baltimore 
Mayer & Baum, importers of German goods, 4 a 

'Mayer Brantz, attorney, 2 Cottrtland, dw 147 Biddle 




Mayer Chs.F. atiorney,2Courtlaud,dw 37 Franklin McAvoy Mrs. 2 Falls 

Mayer Freilk. clothier, 108 w Pratt, dw 85 s Howard McAvoy Francis, dry goods dealer, 686 w Bait. 

Mayer Mayer, dry goods & trim. deal. 151 J n Gay 

Mayers Peter A. clerk, 32 Brune 

Mayes Geo. W. mason, 51 French 

Mayger Richard, firm M. & Washington, dw 79 e 

Mayger & Washington, machinists and engineers 

21 s Front 
May hew Wm. E. jr firm Miller & M. 14 Cathedral 
Mayhew Wm. E. sen. prest. Farmers' & Planters' 

Bank, dw s e cor. Franklin & Park 
Maynard Jas. A. currier, n e cor, Lombard &. Cheap- 
side, dw 140 e Monument 
Maynard Nicholas, tailor, Jordan al n of Rose st 
Maynard Richd.F. firm Robt. Sinclair, jr. & Co. dw 

61 Sharp 
Maynard Wm. house carpenter, 12 Hill 
Mayo Jas. M. grocer, Light st whf. dw 54 Conway 
Mayo Simon, waichman, Bait. &. Ohio R. Road, 

office 23 Hanover 
Maypole Jacob, tinner, Hanover near Henrietta 
Maypole Lewis, foundry man, 191 Conway 
Maypole Tobias, tinner cor. Montgomery and Han- 
over, dw 2K) Hanover 
Mays Jas. H. chair manuf. 120 Fayette 
McAfee Wm. laborer, 37 Union 
McAleer Ann, tavern, 188 Lexington 
McAleer Jno. hardware & lock maker, 10 Harrison 
McAleer ■ saddler, 42 Spring 

McAleese Archibald, Ea°er st e of York av 

McAleese Martha E. 213 s Caroline 

McAleese Patrick, block & pump maker, 9 Philpot 

McAleese Phcebe, 57 Granby 

McAllister Archibald, grocer, 109 Albemarle 

McAllister Mrs. C. H. milliner, 191 Chestnut 

McAllister Daniel, millwright, w Pratt extended 

McAllister Daniel, boot and shoemaker, 64 Hillen 

McAllister Jas. clerk, 24 George 

McAllister M. H. 36L n Gay 

McAllister Jno. fisher, Bnrk st near Harris's Creek 

McAllister John, artist, 191 Chestnut 

McAllister Capt. Richd. of steamboat Geo. "VVash- 

ington, 55 Granhv 
McAllister Major Robert A. collector, 230 Wolf 
McAllister Wm. mariner, 62 Holland 
Mc Allister Wm. II. sail maker, 9 Light st whf. dw 

31 Columbia 

McAnnis Geo. carpenter. 76 North 

M ■ Ananch Juo. teamster, Falls road 

McArdel Rose, grocer, 40 n Front IMcCann Michael, laborer, 417 w Pratt 

McArdel Thos. travelling agent, 293 e Monument 'McCann Michael, laborer, n Clinton st. Canton 

McAvoy Hugh, sheet iron worker, 51 n High 

McAvoy Margaret, 46 Hillen 

McBlair Michael, U. Stales appraiser, Centre e of 

McBride Jas. carter. Fountain st e of Castle al 

McBride Jas. blacksmith, 25 Booih 

McBride Wm. carter, 112 Potter 

McBriety Wm. ladies' shoemaker, s e cor. High and 
Baltimore, dw 6 Watson 

McCabe Alex, laborer, 138 Holliday 

McCabe Ann, store, 18 French 

McCabe Hen. firm Grafton & Co. dw 97 e Lombard 

McCabe Jas. laborer, 21 New Church 

McCabe John, laborer, Etna lane 

McCabe Micha], laborer, 144 Holliday 

McCadden Daniel, shoemaker, 123 n Front 
McCadden Margaret, milliner, 1 Thompson 
McCadden Owen, laborer, 8 Addison 
McCafferty Elizabeth, dry goods deal. 159 Hanover 
McCafferty Henry, clerk,' 9 McElderry 
McCafferty Jno. ornamental painter, 23 Comet 
McCafferty Mary, dry groods dealer, 79 n Howard 
.McCafferty Patrick, trader, 18 Clay 
McCafferty Thos. ashman, Canal s of Bank 
McCafferty Wm. bricklayer, 14 East 
McCaffrey James, 79 William 
xMcCahan Daniel, plumber, 113 McElderry's whf. 

dw 274 e Baltimore 
McCahan Geo. carpenter, 346 Pratt 
McCahan Geo. carpenter, 536 w Pratt 
McCahey James, painter, and glazier, 211 n Canal 
McCahey Jno. 213 n Canal 

McCale Thos. laborer, Chesapeake st n of Hudson 
McCall Hugh, Jackson Tavern, 59 s Frederick 
McCall John, 291 e Monument 
McCall Martin, mason. Wolf n of Pratt 
McCall Patrick, laborer, Patapsco al 
McCall Wm. carpen'er. Chapel st w of Penn av 
McCalla Sarah, 107 Park 
McCambridge Daniel, keeper White House, 100n 

McCammon Jane, weaver, Booth e of Schroeder 
McCann Daniel, grocer, 107 Pearl 
McCann Edwd. painter, 265 Saratoga 
McCann Elizab. tailoress. 324 Franklin 
McCann Henry, teacher, 74 Perry 
McCann Henry, portrait painter, M 
McCann Lloyd, fisher, 9 Johnson 




MeCann Thos. tavern St grocer}-, 106 Dugan's whf 
McCann Win. coach maker, s Gay, opposite Ex- 
change, dw 3 s Frederick 
McCann Win. blacksmith, 19 Low 
McCanna John, 187 Madison av 
McCardel James, hatter, rear 69 Camden 
McCardel John, agri. iuipl. maker, 59 Mulberry 
McCardel Michl. J. tavern, w Falls av 
McCarney John, iron and rags dealer, 136 vvLomb. 
McCarron Patrick, grocer, 13 Mercer 
McCartland Mrs. E. dress maker, 124 Lexington 
McCarty Chas. fruiter, 22 s Front 
McCarty Dennis, laborer, 507 w Baltimore 
McCarty Dennis, Register n Lombard 
McCarty John, s e cor. Gough and Canal 
McCarty John, laborer, Register s Baltimore 
McCarty Peter E., M. D. 11 Warner 
McCarty Redmond, huckster, 304 e Monument 
McCarty Wm. laborer, 35 Potter 
McCaslin Andw. weigher in custom house, 127 s 

McCaul Michl. 42 Hamburg 
McCaully Elijah, shoemaker, 3 Mott 
McCaully Jas. laborer, 17 Baker's al 
McCauley John, watchm. Montgomery near Eutaw 
McCauley John T. cooper, Napoleon al.dw31 Pearl 
McCauley Jos. upholsterer, 258 Mulberry 
McCauley Rachel, 31 Hillen 
McCauley Wm. L. shoe maker, 93-'5 w Lombard 
McCauley Wm. painter, 231 e Lombard 
McCaully Mrs. 57 Montgomery 
McCausland Jas. shoemaker, Poppleton n Saratoga 
McCay & Clark, bottlers, 130 Franklin 
McCay Johanna F. tutoress, 38 George 
McCeney Caroline, fancy store, 57 w Favelte 
McClain Jacob, blacksmith, 16 G. Hughes 
McClain John, laborer, 14 Bethel 
McClain Saral. drayman, 199 n Exeter 
McClane Alex. 46 Hamburg 
McClanahan Eliza, 31 Holliday 
McClaskey Alfred, huckster, 105 Low 
McClaskey John, 143 Aisquilh 
McClaskey Saml. carpenter. Bond n Orleans 
McClatchey Wm. J. carpenter, 86 Bank - 
McClatchey Wm. J. huckster, 21 Potter 
McClatchy John, 137 Hollins 
McClain Daril. huckster, 13 Stirling 
McClean Jacob, fisher, 110 Cross 
McCleary Andw. Stirling e Chew, rear 
McCleary, David, engineer, 124 Holliday 
McCleary Robt. blacksmith, 110 Cross 
McCleesier Robt. type caster, 29 Ross 

McClellan Benj. blacksmith, 104 L. Greene 

McClellan Bridget, washer, 92 Grecnmount av 

McClellan Doctor, 47 Conway 

McClellan Mary, 49 n Liberty 

McClellan Col. Saml. collector, 1 Pine 

McClelland Andw. sen. 2 s Paca 

McClelland Cary, cattle dealer, 753 Baltimore 

McClelland Edwd. salesman, near 30 Preston 

McClelland Margaret, 187 Wolf 

McClelland Susan, dress maker, Chatswoith w of 

McClelland Wm. B. blacksmith, Register n Bank 
McClellen Rufus C. steward Barnum's, 4 House's 

court, s Charles st 
McClennahan Jas. 142 s Charles 
McClennahan Robt. turner, 29 Hillen 
McClennan Maiy, Baltimore e Broadway 
MeClennan Thos. machinist, Bethel n Gough 
McClernan John, collector, 94 Ross 
McClintock Alex, clerk, 77 Columbia 
McClintock Mrs. J. dress maker, 111 Lexington 
McClintock John M. keeper Centre Livery Stables, 

111 Lexington 
McClintock Matthew, grocer, 137 Orleans 
McCloskey Bridget, tavern, 222 Lexington 
McCloskey Jas. grocer, s w cor. Stilling & Madison 
McCloud Mrs. 99 St. Paul 
McCloy Jane, 2aG e Pratt 

McCluney Tho^. chandler, Fayette st e Broadway 
McClure John, boot and shoemaker, 34 Ensor 
McClure John, laborer, 136 Holliday 
McClure Ricbd. carpenter, 171 Pearl 
McCluster Philip, ashman, 91 Stirling 
McCLYMOINT & DUNCAN,coal yard, w Falls av 
McCiymont Wm. firm McC.&i Duncan, 35 Fawn 
McColgan Bernard, 11 Second 
McColgan Chas. firm J. & C. McC. & Bro. 5 Wa- 
terloo row, or 172 n Calvert 
McColgan John & Chas. & Bro. grocers and liquor 

dealers, 8 Saratoga 
McColgan John, fruit dealer, 78 Holliday 
McColgan Rev. Edwd. pastor St. Petei's church, 18 

McCollum Wm. drayman, 363 Franklin 
McCollum Wm. & (Jo. prop. Swan tavern, corner 

Eutaw and Franklin 
McColm Matthew, 51 South 
McColm Sarah, 60 Aisquith 
McComas A. bricklayer, 109 Hollins 
McCOMAS ALEXANDER, gun, rifle and pistol 

smith, 51 s Calvert, dw 178 e Fayette 
McComas Ann, store keep. cor. Light & Balderston 




McComas Aquilla, bricklayer, 422 w Lombard 
McCpmas Chas. blacksmith, 26 Balderston 
McComas Ellen, dress maker, 495 w Baltimore 
McComas Geo. wheelwright, 44 Hillen 
McComas Capt. Henry G. 12 Rollins 
McComas .las. carpenter, 126 Raborg 
McComas John G. bricklayer, 508 w Lombard 
McComas Lee, pattern maker, 49 Mclienry 
McComas NichL gun smith, 188 e Fayette 
McComas Nichl. A. gun smith, Washington s Pratt 
McComas Robt. bricklayer, 525 w Lombard 
McComas Sarah, 90 Pine 
McComas Sydney A. tailoress, 36 McElderry 
McComas Win. 1 [. carpenter. Wine, dw 17 Penn 
Mel Jomb Alex, laborer, 271 Forest 
McComb Saml. carpenter, Howard near Cathedral 
McConigan Danl. chair maker, Go' Aisquith 
McCONKEY JAMES & CO. grocers and gen- 
eral commission merchants, 87-9 Bowly wharf, 
ISouth st 
McConkey Jas. firm J. McC. & Co. dw 21 s High 
McConkey Mary, 50 s Exeter 
McConkey Wm. firm Whitely, McC. &Co. dw 128 

McCOXN RICHARD, Hour merchant. 135-137 n 

Howard, dw 133 
McConn Wm. machinist, 2 Seminary lane 
McCounell David, carpenter, 23 Ruck . 
MeConnell Geo. carpenter, 15 Brune 
McConnell I [ngh, plumber, 332 n Howard 
MeConnell Jas. 77 Cross 
McConnell .las. laborer, 10 Tyson al 
MeConnell John, Cabinet maker, 107 n Exeter 
McConnell John C. grocer, 90 Hanover 
McConnell Joan, old iron dealer, 109 Garden 
McConnell P mirk, tinner, 3-28 n Howard 
McConnell Thos. dry goods ml. 103 Baltimore 
McConniea Mary, 284 Alice Anna 
McCord Jas. hatter, 40 Perry 
McCormick Alice, 109 Harford av 
McCormick Ann, 160 e Monument 
McCormick Fran, laborer, Eastern av w Chester st 
McCormick Jas. n. guano inspect. 117 n Gay 
McCormick Jas. bar keeper, 32 e Fayette 
McCormick Jas. prop. "St. Paul st Oyster Saloon 

basement Law buildings, St. Paul st 
McCormick John, porter, 30 Hillen 
McCormick John, tailor, 1-1 Low 
McCormick John, watchman, n wcor. Castle al and 

Pratt st 
McCormick .Martha, dry goods dealer, 134 Forest 
McCormick Michael, upholsterer, fit n Frederick 

McCormick Saml. ship carpenter, lo'O Bank 

McCormick Tabitha, 140 Fremont 

McCormick Thos. ladies' and gentl. shoemaker 40 

n Gay, dw 16 McElderry 
McCormick Thos. laborer, 250 Canton av 
McCormick Wm. H. printer, 175 e Pratt 
McCormick Wm. laborer, 60 Durst al. F. H. 
McCormick Wm. T. carpenter, 122 "Vine 
McCormick Wm. laborer, 40 Potter 
McCosker Danl. 294 Canton av 
McCosker Peter, store keeper, 37 Mullilcin 
McCoubray Thos. cracker baker, 169 e Lombard 
McCoul Geo. C. cabinet maker and undertaker, 141 

Saratoga, dw 139 
McCoul Margaret, 38 Forest 
McCourl Arthur, grocer, cor. Gay and Front, dw 

181 n High 
McCourt Jas. carter, 55 Holland 
McCourt John, grocer, 220 Cough 
McCourt Mr. 66 Granby 

McCoy Alex, sexton St. Peter's church, 24 s How'd 
McCoy Chas. H. carpenter, 157 llaborg 
McCOY DANIEL, keeper "Golden ^Horse," n w 

cor. Howard and Franklin 
McCoy Danl. grocer, 98 Fayette 
McCoy, Edwd. fisher, 5 Granby 

Elizab. seamsttt 
M :< loy Henry B. stone cutter, 51 Pine 
M'( Joy Jas. butcher. is76 w ! I 
McCoy Jas. laborer, Vine w Shroeder 
\lc( Joy Jane, keeper Union Hotel, s e cor. Thames 

and Bond 
McCoy John, cabinet maker, 96 s High 
McCoy Major S. dry goods dealer. 92 Pearl 
McCoy Stephen, collector, 28 n Eden 
McCoy Thos. shoemaker, 37 Dallas 
McCracken Alex, carpenter, rear 10 May 
McCracken Jas. sen. and jr. 70 Orleans 
McCracken Wm. 183 n High 
McCraken Jas. carter, Sharp s Henrietta 
McCrann Mich, laborer, 211 Lexington 
McCrea Roderick, distiller, 5 Hillen 
McCrea Sarah, 10 n Greene 
McCreight David, grocer, 205 Hanover 

McCrey rear 65 Bank 

McCristy Henry, weaver, -17 Preston 
McCroden Jas. teacher, 205 n Eden 
McCrodc-n John, carpenter, 113 St. Paul 
McCubbin Aaron H. tailor, HO Madison 
McCubbin Davidge, grocer, 1 Williamson 
McCubbin H. W. draper and tailor, 75 s Greene 
McCubbin Joshua, tailor, 137 French 




McCubbin Mary A. 185 East 
McCubbin Nich. tailor, 12 e Fayette, dw 89 n Eden 
McCubbin Robt. plane maker, 9 McClellan, dw 22 
McCubbin Saml. brush maker, 137 n Gay 
McCUBBIN THS. C. house, sign and ornamental 

painter, 42 North, dw 248 Aisquith 
McCubery Wm. shoemaker, cor. Front & Fayette 
McCue John, pedlar, Harford av. extd 
McCullimu Patk. laborer, 65 Watson 
McCULLOGH JOHN & CO. produce and com- 
mission merchants, 2 Western Row, Exchange 
Mc Culloh J. K. firm C. R. Taylor & Co. 87 w 

McCulloh Dr. Jas. H. president Bank of Baltimore, 

87 Favette 
McCulloh John & Co. leather dealers, 121 n High 
McCullough Elizab. s e cor. Pearl and Mulberry 
McCullough Saml. wheelwright, 77 Monument 
McCully Win. machinist, 4 Warren 
McCurdy Dennis, publisher, Canal n of Pratt 
McCurdy Jas. watchman, Bait. & Ohio R. Road de- 
pot, Parkin s of Lombard 
McCurdy John, 128 Low 
McCurdy Saml. laborer, 57 Forest 
McCurdy Wm. blacksmith. 32 Shroeder 
McCurley Elizab. 750 w Bait 
McCnrley Felix, grocer, 737 Bait 
McCURLEY JAMES, coach mak°.r, 21 n Liberty 

dw 15 
McCurley John, clerk, 740 Bait 
McCurryre Mary, seamstress, 179 e Monument 
McCusker Patrick, 242 Canton av 
McCusker Thos. weaver, Vine w of Fremont 
McCusker Thos. ship carpenter, 242 Canton av 
McCutchan Geo. wood trader, 77 Hill 
McCutchan Jas. painter, 8 L. Church 
McDade David, carpenter, 500 w Pratt 
McDaniel St McConckey, prov. and com. mts.45 

Light st 
McDaniel & McConckey, bacon cutting house, s e 

cor. Wayne and Eutaw 
McDanielSarah, Madison e of Caroline 
McDermot John, oak cooper, dw 58 Philpot 
McDermot Jane, 204 e Pratt 
McDermot Mary, 94 s High 
McDermot Mich, laborer, 99 Tyson 
McDermot Owen, laborer, 4 French 
McDermot Terrence, 17 Haw 
McDermot Thos. tailor, til L. Sharp 
McDevitt Cornelius, grocer, 230 Chestnut 
McDevitt Edward, tavern, 8 Balderston 

McDevitt John, gardner, 116 e Fayette 
McDevitt Saml. "cooper, 36 Orchard 
McDevitt Susan, tavern, 8 McClellan 
McDinah Benj. millwright, 12 Rose 

McDonald Alex, cellar digger, 179 n Eutaw 

McDonald Alex. A. printer, 50 n Front 

McDonald C. S. & Co. lottery venders, s e cor. Bait, 
st. and Centre Market 

McDonald Chas. flour dealer, 174 York av 

McDonald Chas. tavern, 47 n Paca 

McDonald Chas. laborer, 15 Harmony lane 

McDonald David, mariner, 50 Philpot 

McDonald Mrs. Grace, 45 Courtland 

McDonald Henry S. 115 s Eden 

McDonald James, shoemaker cor. Front & Foun- 
dry, late Bath 

McDonald Jas. pedlar, Madison e of Caroline 

McDonald Jas, grocer, 66 s Eutaw 

McDonald Jas. 22 s Spring 

McDonald Jas. smith and farrier, 4 Lombard, dw 2 

McDonald Joel, mate. 139 Bank 

McDonald John, tailor, 13 May 

McDonald John. 48 n Liberty 

McDonald John, shoemaker, 292 Mulberry 

McDonald John, laborer. 11 French 

McDonald John, soap and candle manuf. Harford 

av. extd 
McDonald Lawrence, laborer, 29 s Paca 
McDonald Margaret J. tailoress, 24 Shakspear. 
McDonald Capt. Mich, mariner, 14 s Exeter 
McDonald Mich. Elliott w of Chesapeake, Canton. 
McDonald Owen, laborer, 200 e Fayette 
McDonald Patrick, laborer, Chester s of Gough 
McDonald Rich, carpenter, 7 McElderry 
McDonald Rich, grocer, 127 Canton av 
McDonald Robt. store keeper, (15 Chew 
McDonald Co!. Saml. mt. 87 South st. Bowly's whf» 

dw 10 o Pratt * 
McDonald Wm. huckster, 112 Dugan's wharf 
McDonnell Sarah, Happy al. s of Lombard st 
McDonnoush Thos. shipcarpenter, 151 Canton aV 
McDonoiiEjh Bernard, Bank e of Washington 
McDonou:~h J;is. laborer, Register n of Bank 
McDonous:h Allies A. watchman. 26 Liberty al 
McDougall & Clarke, grocers and com merchants, 

25 Cheapside 
McDougall Elzb. 15G s Spring 
McDougall Jas. firm McD. & Clarke, dw 69 e Pratt 
McDowell Andrew, 156 McHenrv 
McDOWELL FRANCIS, merchant tailor, 202 w 



McDOWELL & G A ELK'S carpet warehouse. 264 

Bait. 9t 
McDowell Geo. H. book keeper, 20 Camden 
McDowell Capt. Hamilton, prop. "Social Hall/* 125 

n High 
McDowell Maria, 27 Hamilton 
McDowell Robt. firm McD. & Gable, 22 Pleasant 
McDowell Tho9. boot and shoemaker, 132 n Gay 
McDoyle Micheu porter, rear I Hillen 
McElriefry Henry, coal agent, 91 Lombard st.yard ; 

West Falls av. dw 23 Aisquith 
McEIderry Hugh, lumber merchant, 88 Light st. 

wharf, dw 72 n Calvert 
McEIderry John P. storage & com. mt. 2 Camden, 

dw 72 Calvert 
MeEldowney John, firm R. McE. & Co. dw 261 

McELDOWNEY ROBERT & CO. dry goods 

merchants, wholesale and retail, 199 Bait, dw R. 

McE. 262 Lexington 
McEldridge H. coal dealer, w Palls av 
McEloy Ann, 105 Peirce 
McElray Mary, Beam's lot or Freedom st 
McElroy Elizab, 255 n Gay 
McElroy Geo. prop, livery stables, 77 n Calvert, 

dwll Hillen 
McElroy Jas, weaver, 145 Peirce 
McElroy Jas. trunk maker, 19 Comet 
McElroy John, laborer, 37 Preston 
McElroy John, butcher, Loudenslager's hill 
McElroy John, 311 n Howard 
McElroy Patrick, bar keeper, 119 n Front 
McElroy Robt. grocer, Greene, dw 63 Hillen 
McElroy Samuel, weaver, 69 Shroeder 
McElwee Robt. 24 President 
McElwee Robt. Chester n of E. av 
McElwee Wm. harness maker, 133 n Eden 
McElwee Wm. harness makerjpS s Charles, dw 24 

New Church 
McEnally Henry, gardner, 169 Fremont 
McEnally Thos.Jaborer, 360 Saratoga 
McEvoy Mary A. 125 Mulberry 
McEwen Mary, boarding house, 112 n Calvert 
McEwen Wm. weaver, 93 Schroeder 
McFaden Mrs. Priscilla, 61 St. Paul 
McFaddon Cornelius, carpenter, 74 Green Mount 

or York av 
McFaddon Denni.Sj laborer, Dover between Pratt 

and McHenry 
McFaddon Eliza, 25 East 
McFaddon Patrick, watchman, 43 Union 
.McFaddon Wm. carpenter, 74 Green mount av 

McFarland John, drayman, 110 s Greene 
McFarland Michael, 3 Foundry, late Bath 
McFarlane Margaret, 238 E. av 
McFarlane & Lawson, ship smiths, Mill st. dw 

Robt. McF. 238 E. av 
McFarlane Peter, hackman, 168 n Front 
McFarlane Rev. 20 s Liberty 
McFaul Catharine, 328 n Howard 
McFaul Jno. tailor, Jordan al n of Rose st 
McFaul John, watchman, 333 n Howard 
McFay Michael, laborer, Hammond al 
McFee Ellen, washer, Burgundy al 
McFee James, firm Jasi Harker & Co. 88 s Eden 
McFee Jas. marble cutter, 42 Union 
McFee John, tailor, 168 Biddle 
McGahan John, carter. 212 n Exeter 
McGaha David, 292 Franklin 
McGarrity Jas. bottler, 32 Hillen 
McGarrity Jno. cooper, A bey al 
McGarrity Jno, carpenter, 262 n Gay 
McGartlin Patrick, laborer, 162 Wolf 
McGarvey Ellen, 4 Rock 
McGarvin Bartholomew, 4 Hull's lane 
McGarvin Thos. carpenter, 133 Canal 
McGau Mary, 25 L. Gough 

McGee Abel, tavern keeper, Caroline? of Lancaster 
McGee Barney, sale stables, Dover e of Howard 
McGee F. grocer, 10 Poppleton 
McGee Jno. laborer, Republican s of Baltimore 
McGee Jno. weaver, 501 Saratoga 
McGee Jno. drayman, 60 Richmond 
McGee Myles, porter. Exchange Hotel, 133 Camde?* 
McGee Patrick, furniture carter, 99 n Exeter 
McGeeney Owen, bottler, 105 s High 
McGeeney Patrick, 1 Slemmer al 
McGenley Jas. book keeper, 212 Cross 
McGerman Barney, rear 174 n Front 
McGeock John, carpenter, 48 s Bond 
McGeock Mary, 42 Maiden lane 
McGibbon Eliza Jane, boarding house, 103 Holland? 
McGibney Jas. laborer, 25 Granby 
McGill Michael, laborer, 5 L Church 
McGill Thomas, tavern, 74 s Charles 
McGinn Jas. 218 Franklin 
McGinn Jas. R, clerk, 58 Centre 
McGinney Jas. foundry man, Etna lane 
McGinnis Arthur, ship master, 212 Gough 
McGinnis Francis, clerk, 210 e Baltimore 
McGinnis John, carter, Alice Anna st e of Castle al 
McGinnis John, tailor, Penn. av extended 
McGinnis Philip, tailor, China al 
McGinnis Michael, blacksmith, 223 Raborg 




McGinnis Miss, dress maker, 126 Saratoga 
McGinnis Richard, shoemaker, 270 Saratoga 
McGinnis Samuel O. boarding house, 80 Hanover 
McGinnis Tlios. laborer, Madison e of Bond 
McGinnity Felix, 153 e Madison 
McGivenny Jas. W. Falls av n ol" Pratt st 
McGivenny Jno. laborer, 80 Happy nl 
McGlannan Thos. furniture dealer. 404 Baltimore 
McGlaughlin Ed. boot & shoemaker, 214 Chestnut 
McGlenn Michael, laborer, Wolfs of Gough 
McGlennan Henry, blacksmith, n e cor. Preston & 

McGlennan Jas. bailiff, 395 n [Gay 
McGlennan Jno. laborer, ol New Church 
McGlone Barbara. 10 Mulberry 
McGlone Geo. sand hauler, 165 Park 
McGlone John, black-smith, 135 York av 
McGovern Michael, laborer, 21 Low 
McGovern Patrick, carriage driver, 150 French 
McGowan 1>. oak cooper, cor. Conway and Warner 
McGowan Hugh, grocer, 27 n Euta.w 
McGowan Hugh, huckster', 359 Franklin 
McGowan John, 14 Hull's lane 
McGowaivJohn, engineer on It. Road, George c ol 

McGowan John, grocer, 33 n Paca 
McGowan Patrick", laborer, 31 Hauapsl 
McGowan PaiiicK, laborer, Spring s of Fayette 
McGowan Peter, fisher, Livery al 
McGowan Win. grocer, Faca, dw '207 Mulbcny 
McGrail Patrick, Fort road, Locust point. 
McGrath Ed ward, grocer, 120 Dngan's whf 
McGrath John, store, 325 s Charles 
McGrath Thos. saddler, 13 Spring court 
McGrau Jno. ashman, 196 n Eden 
McGraw Jas. blacksmith, G2 William 
McGraw Jas. grocer, 1<J3 e Lombard 
McGraw John, laborer, 10 Hollins 
McGraw Jno. chandler, 86 Stirling 
McGraul J no. H. grocer, 146 Madison 
McGreary Tnos. huckster, 50 Potter 
McGree Mary, 110 n High 
McGreevy Arthur, cterk, 143 Mulberry 
McGreevy Hannah, grocer, Harford av extended 
McGreevy John A. book keeper, Farmers' &. Mer- 
chants' Bank, dw 265 Saratoga 
McGreevy Win. paper stainer, 178 n Eutaw 
McGREGOR GEORGE, book and job printer, 6 n 

Charles, dw 170 e Monument 
McGuffy Win. whip, cane and umbrella manuf. 353 

McGuigan Anthony, Bell a! 

McGuigan Jno. tinner, 151 Saratoga 

McGuigan Michael, laborer. Harford av extended 

McGuigan Thos. pedlar, 22 Hillen 

McGuillon Hugh, tailor, Bethel n of Gondii 

McGuire Ann, 177 Broadway 

McGuire Barney, cellar digger, al s of Cross, w of 

McGuire James, iron moulder, Lemmon w of Pop* 

McGuire John, weaver, 491 Saratoga 
McGuire John, 386 n Gay 
McGuire Matthew, laborer, Jefferson e of Bond 
McGuire Peter, nailor, 357 w Pratt 
McGuire Thos. Perry c of Hanover 
-McGuire Thos. baker, 30 Jasper 
McGunnigal Chs. pedlar, 174 Sarah Ann 
MeGurt Henry, machinist, 394 w Fayette 
McGurk Jas. machinist) '<->'.*- w Fayette 
McGurk Maiy, store keeper, 62 Ross 
McGurk Peter, brakesman R. Road, 92 Front 
McHANNEY JNO. tavern. Swan st 
McHard Saruuel,24 York 
McHenry, Edward.stone cutter, 5 L. Gough 
McHenry Jno. Castle al n of Bank st 
McHenry Mary, 36 Marion 
.McHenry Mr& M» 41 l^ourtland 
McHenry Michael, stone cutter, I May 
Mcllhenhy Bridget. 101 William 
Mcilhjney John, 241 Fayette 
M ■-•Ilea in Bernard, carter, 183 Bond 
Mcllvain Daniel, weaver, 100 Fremont 
Mcllvaine Donald firm Mel. & Williams dw 24 

H oil ida y 
Mcllvain Wm. grocer, 456 Baltimore 
Mcllvain & Williams, com. mis. 10 German 
Mclntire Dr. James, prof, inaihem. 167 n Eutaw 
Mclntire Mr& Marv, 11 Montgomery 
Mclntire Mrs. 25 n'High 

Mclntire Patrick, laborer, 23 Carpenter's al rear 
Mclntire Philip, watchman, L!6St. Paul 
Mclntire Thos. teamster, Falls road 
Mclntire Wm. police officer, 201 e Lombard 
Mclntyre Catharine, 58 Preston 
Mclntyre Jos. ven. blind maker, 137 Conway 
Mclntyre Patrick, 61 Richmond 
Mcintosh Emily, 216 Chestnut 
Mcintosh Job P. marble cutter, 117 n Paca 
McIntoHi J. prop. 'Wheathekl Inn,' 5 n Howard 
Mcintosh Joseph, Pearl 
Mcintosh Margaret, 05 Jefferson 
McJilton Rev. Daniel, home missionary, feabo 

of Fremont 




McJilton Daniel, clerk, L. Greene n of Lee 

McJilton Rev. John N. 95 Hanover 

McJilton John F. firm Munroe, Jones &. McJ. of 

'Patriot,' dw 89 Hanover 
McJilton T. A. clerk, 111 s High 
McJilton Wesley W. 113 McElderry 
McKanna Patrick, laborer, 274 n Eutaw 
McKanna Thos. plumber, 5 Bath 
McKay Elizabeth Ann, seamstress, 7 Amity 
McKart Ann, Neighbor st Harlord av 
McKay Geo. C. clerk, 2t30 Mulberry 
McKay Geo. manner, Canton ave of Burksi 
McKay Jno. prop. 6th ward house, cor. Forrest and 

McKean Barnev, grocer, 70 East 
McKean Jas. D. agent Bait. & Ohio R. Road, 57 

McKean Wm. 5 Mulberry 
McKee Agnes, 377 Saratoga 
McKee Chas. A. carpenter, 334 n Hward, dw 65 

McKee John, shipper, 97 Barre 
McKee Patrick, boot maker, 214 e Monument 
McKee Samuel, turn, carter, 196 n Eden 
McKeehan Jas. firm McCullogh & Co. dw Lexing- 
ton w of Pine 

McKeehan Jas. firm MeCullogb & McK. 96 n Paca 
McKeever Mrs. Isaac, upholsterer, 45 Richmond 
McKee ver Jas. laborer, 15 Biddle al 

McKeever Jno. plaisterer, 199 Chestnut 

McKeig Wm. weaver, 11 Pear al 

McKelden Edward, stone cutter, 127 Columbia 

McKeldeu Wm. wool manufacturer, Lexington w ol 

McKeldm David W. saddler, 51 n Paca 

McKeldon Sinclair, pattern maker, Chatsworth w 
of Lexington 

McKeller Patrick, grocer, 323 w Pratt 

McKelvy Jas. carpenter, 132 n Eutaw 

McKendry Thos. laborer, Chesapeake st n of Hud- 
son, Canton 

McKenly Robt. store keeper, 64 Ross 

McKenna Bridget, 160 n Front 

McKenna Edward, laborer, 26 Rock 

McKenna Elizabeth, 152 n Front 

McKenna Hugh, laborer, 107 Harford av 

McKenna Owen. grocer, cor. Front & Foundry, late 

McKenna Peter, dry goods dealer, 180 e Monument 

McKenna Thos. plumber, 5 Bath 

McKenne Daniel, carter, Bulk st s of Canton av 

McKennev Henry, laborer, 129 Holliday 

McKenny Jno. tailor, 10 Thompson 
McKenny Wm. grocer, n e cor. Pratt &. Poppleton 
McKenzie David, machinist, 218 e Madison 
McKenzie Geo. clerk, Madison av n of Mosher st 
McKenzie Jas. carpenter, 2 Bethel 
McKenzie Rachel, 194 e Monument 
McKeown Henry Marraon, constable, 10 Jefferson 
McKerlie Isabella, 157 Canton av 
McKerry Joseph, carpenter, 13 Baker's al 
McKew Francis, store keeper, 6 w Lombard 
MeKew Mary, bobbin winder, 107 Peirce 
McKew Patrick, grocer, 112 n Hisrh 
McKewen Arch, stove manuf.48 Li^ht, dw 61 Lee 
McKewen Thos. dry goods dealer, b2 n Gay 
McKibbin Jas. C. him Oliver £c M, 296$ n. Howard 
McKim's Free School, cor. Baltimore and Aisquith 
McKim Mrs. Alex. 55 Courtland 
McKim Haslet, prest. Bait. & Cuba Smelting and 
Mining Co. DonnelPs building, Exchange place, 
dw 35 Franklin 
McKiin Wm,s w cor. Park &. Centre 
McKim Win. &• H. metal dealers, w r arehonse, 56 s 

Gay, dw Wm. McK. s w cor. Park and Centre 
McKindal Mary. 97 Pen'n. av 
McKinley Francis T. firm Potee, Graham & McK, 

constables, dw 210 n Chestnut 
McKinley Mary. Freedom st or Boehm's lot 
McKmley Mary, seamstress. 64 Harrison 
McKinley Patrick, grocer, cor. Dallas & Hampstead 
McKinley Rebecca, dies,s maker, 165 Saratoga 
McKinley Thos. broom manuf. and deal. (J6 s Cal- 
vert, dw 15 Jackson 
McKinley & E. Stockett, police men, office base- 
ment, i e Fayette 
McKinley Wm. firm Stockett bv. McK. 90 Orleans 
McKinley Win. silver smith, 65 Schroeder 
McKinley Win. porter, 35 Lee 
McKinley Jas. 277 n Howard 
McKiunon .Robert, tobacconist. 5 Swan 
McKinsey David, weaver, 497 Saratoga 
McKinsey Evan, shoemaker, 20 Ross 
McKinsey Samuel, blacksmith, Falls road 
McKittrick Philip, 78 Harford av 
McKnight Wellington, sail maker, Henrietta w of 

McLachlin Jas. shoemaker, 170 w Pratt 
McLain Samuel, drayman, 199 Exeter 
McLain Wm. turner, 46 Holliday, dw Chew 
McLane David, finisher, 379 Saratoga 
McLANE R'OBERT M. attorney at law, 14 Law 
Buildings, cor. St. Paul &. Lexington, dw s w e f, 
St. Paul and Monument 




McLanc Elias, tavern, cor. Pratt and Patterson 
McLane Samuel S. fireman It. It- 370 w Fayette 
McLarney Patrick, watchman, Register n of Bank 
McLaughlin Andrew, firm Barnum '& Laughlin of 

Barnum's City Hotel 
McLaughlin Ann, 173 n Paca 
McLaughlin Ann, 2.31 e iMonument 
McLaughlin Elizabeth, 13 Lewis 
McLaughlin Francis, huckster. 166 Penn. av 
McLaughlin Geo. shoemaker, 88 Holliday 
McLaughlin Isabella, variety store, 11(5 n Calvert 
McLaughlin Jas. H. fancy and variety store, 42| 

Pratt, dw 1 Holland 
McLaughlin John, laborer, 13 Amity 
McLaughlin John, laborer, 10 Amity 
McLaughlin Jos. shoemaker, 3:3 Monument 
McLaughlin Jos. stone cutter, 157 n Eutaw 
McLaughlin Jos. A. Castle al n ol Bank st 
McLaughlin Levin, 113 Pearl 
McLaughlin Matilda, huckster, 41 Orleans 
McLaughlin Mary, confectioner, 101 Lexington 
McLaughlin Patrick, attorney at law, 30 w Fayette 
McLaughlin Robt. carpenter, 5 Hamilton 
McLaughlin Susan, store keeper, 50 Union 
McLaughlin Thos. plaisterer, 224 Happy al 
McLaughlin Wm. carpenter, 90 Dallas 
McLaughlin Wm. lottery & exchange office, base- 
ment Barnum's hotel, dw 88 n Calvert 
McLean Arthur J. painter, n w cor. Harrison and 

Bait, dw 157 e Fayette 
McLean David, prop, hacks 51 Garden 
McLean Elias, tavern keeper, cor. Pratt & Patterson 
McLean Jas. 253 Saratoga 
McLean Jno. 252 E. av 

McLean John, painter, Joppa road, e of Dallas st 
McLean Moses, etherial oil dealer, 15 Thompson 
McLEAN WM. H. grocer, 124 w Lombard, dw 11 
s Eutaw 

McLean turner, 21 Chew 

McLean Wm. firm Smith & McL. painter, 151 

McLean Wm. prop, hacks, 51 Garden 
McLean Wm. H. finisher, 37G n Gay 
McLeary Jas. watchman, 1*1 Orleans 
McLeary Lawrence, laborer, court fr w end Carpen- 
ter's alley 
McMachin Miss Juda. 71 n Calvert 
McMachin Robt. market trader, 50 Penn. av • 
McMachin Thos. patternmaker, 423 w Lombard 
McMackin Prances, dress maker, s w cor. Fayette 

an.i Pearl 
McMackin Martha, 71 Hillen 

McMackin Thos. laborer, 9 Eutaw court 

McMagh Bernard, grocer, 84 Dallas 

McMahon Harriet, 15 Comet 

McMahon Jas. drayman, 19 s Frederick 

McMahon Jno. paver, 217 Chestnut 

McMahon Jno. grocer, n w cor. Short and Jefferson 

McMahon Jno. boiler maker, G2 Durst al F. H. 

McMahon Mary, grocer, 193 Ensor 

McMahon Michael, 3 Hamilton 

McMahon Michael, butcher, ltJl Tvson 

McMahon Patrick, baker, 67 Harford av 

MeMakin Michael, laborer, 210 s Caroline 

McMane Wm. laborer, 9 French 

McMann Henry, grocer, 44 Holland 

McMann Jno. French burr stone man. 350 w Pratt 

Me Man us Chs laborer, rear 12(5 Low 

McManus Elizabeth, 28 Hillen 

McManus Dr. F. It. homopaethic physician, 231 w 

Pratt, dw 27 Sharp 
McManus Hugh, laborer, 6 Abraham 
McManus John, tavern, 59 North 
McManus Jno. soap chandler, 132 Low 
McManus Mary, 82 Holliday 
McManus Thos. laborer, 74 French 
McMellan Henry, ship caipenter, 128 Bank 
McMillon Jas. machinist, s w cor. Conway and 

McMillian Geo G. carpenter, 88 Conway, dw 13 

McMillin Jno. shoemaker, 124 Holliday 
McMillin Wm. weaver, Collins's court, Saratoga 
McMullan Jno. cabinet maker, n Gay, dw s Fredk. 
McMullan Sarah, dress maker, 101 n Howard 
McMinn Geo. cooper, 70 Camden 
McMullen Mrs. C. dress maker, G2 n Canal 
McMullen Jno. cabinet maker, s e cor Gay and 

Fayette, dw 42 n Frederick 
McMullen John, sheet iron worker, 192 s Charles 
McMullen John, mechanician, 1G1 Park 
McMullen Jno. carter, 19 Clay 
McMullen Margaret, 88 n Front 
McMullen Richard H. carpenter, 5 Orleans 
McMullen Wm. C ladies' shoemaker, 135 e Bait 
McMurray Ann, dress maker, 123 Albemarle 
M< Murray Jno. carpenter, 534 w Bait, dw 3G8 w 

McMurray Samuel, National Gardens, Biddle 
McNabb Jas. carpenter, 134 Mulberry 
McNally Francis, engineer, 25 Ensor 
McNaliy Jas. grocer, 13(5 St. Paul 
McNally Jno. market trader, 218 Biddle 
McNallv Jno. laborer, 455 Saratoga 




McNally Michael R. teacher, Centre W| of St Paul 

McNally Patrick, drayman, Bell al 

McNamar Hugh, ostler, 216 Lexington 

McNamar Jas. 72 s Eutaw 

McNamar Patrick, tailor, Fawn w of High 

McNeal Geo. wharfman, 269 Alice Anna 

McNeal James St Son, scow masters, office 56 

Buchanan's wharf 
McNEAL JAS. jr. real estate agent, 128 Bait, over 

"American," dw 272 e Baltimore see card 
McNeal Owen, tea dealer, ValJery 
McNeil Jas. sen. scow prop. Smith's dock, dw 97 

E. avenue 
McNeir Mary, 108 n Exeter 
McNeir Rachael, 124 Low 
McNeir John J. cabinet maker, 71 n Exeter, 
McNelly Hugh, foreman copper mill, Fort road 

Locust point 
McNelly Matthew, roller, Locust point, Fort road 
McNelly Patrick, police officer, 51 s Frederick 
McNevin John, teacher, 103 n Caroline 
McNevin Mark, shingle jointer, 187 Sharp 
McNew Basil, engineer, Calendar al 
McNew Nathan, engineer, Lemmon w of Poppleton 
McNew Thos watchman at depot B. &. O. R. Road. 

Amity s of Lombard 
McNiel Matthew, quarrier, Falls road 
McNichols Isaac, laborer, 60 Durst al F. H. 
McNuliy Margaret, washer, 66 French 
McNulty Neal, laborer, 17 Star al 
McNulty Peter, laborer, 224 Fianklin 
McNulty Thos. moulder, 122 Elisor 
McJSutt Rebecca, dry goods dealer. 50 n Greene 
McPhail Edward, weaver, 107 Peirce 
McPl 1A1L J. L. & BRO. hat, cap and fur store, 132 

Bait, dw J. L. McP. at store 
McPhail Mary, 32 Holliday 
McPhail Win, firm J. L. McP. & Bro. 7 New 

McPherson Dr. 213 Franklin 

McPherson Jas. stone cutter, 6 President 

McPherson John, 109 Penn. av 

McPherson John, carpenter, 39 Saratoga, dw 8 

McPherson Col. John, general flour inspector, office 
49£ s Howard, dw Western hotel 

McPherson Jonas, 14 Josephine 

McPherson Robt. A. daguerian, 234 Lexington 

McPherson & Robinson, dry goods mts. 234 Lex' 

McPherson Saml. T. Star tavern, cor. Boston and 

McPherson Saml. druggist, dw 137 Camden 

Mcduade Jas. grocer, Fayette st e Broadwav 
McGtUEEN JAMES, tavern keeper, 10 Fish Mark- 
et Space 
McCLuillan Jas. grocer, 99 York av 
McRae Roderick, distiller, 5 Hillen 
McShane B. 158Ensor 

McShane Lawrence, clothier, 202 Broadway 
McSherry & Fink, grocers and produce mts. s w 

cor. Franklin and Eutaw 
McSherry John A. firm McS. & Fink, 122 n Eutaw 
McSherry Dr. Richd.43 Courtland 
McSweeny Catharine, 274 e Pratt 
McSweeny Peter, laborer, 357 w Pratt 
McSweeny Richd. huckster, 8 Warren 
McTage Bernard, grocer, 10 Water 
McTavish John T. British consul, 30 Second, dw 

n w cor. Cathedral and Madison 
McTeague Bridget. 9 Mercer 
McTeagne Michael, grocer. 1 Camden 
McVey Saml. grocer, Harford av extd 
McWhinney Hester, 34 Hanover 
Mc Williams Ann, 130 s Exeter 
Mc Williams Dennis, laborer, 295 Forest 
Mc Williams Edwd. 229 Wolf 
Mr Williams Dr. P. A. 130 s Exeter 
McWilliams Robt. laborer, 101 n Caroline 
McWilliams Wm. laborer, 121 Harford av 
Maudrich Henry, clothing and dry goods dealer, 

268 s Charles 
Mead Elizab. A. seamstress, 64 n Bond 
Mead Francis, blacksmith, Leadenhall n Montg'v 
Mead Lewis, shoemaker, 28 Brune 
Mead Philip, boiler maker, 335 s Charles 
Mead Thos. H. C. shoemaker, 30 Brune 
Meads Danl. boot and. shoemaker, 181 Wolf 
Meads Henry, firm Homey & M. 240 Canton av 
Meads Robt. ship carpenter, 1(55 Wolf 
Meakin Saml. painter, 81 Mulberry, dw Garden 

near Preston 
Meakin Wm. bricklayer, Gibson near Hoffman 
Meale John, farmer, 40 Tyson al 
Mealer Danl. P. coach maker, Bank e Washington 
Mealey John, variety dealer, 162 w Pratt 
Mealy Jas. G. wheelwright, Penn s German 
Meara John, laborer, at Canton house, Boston st 
Mearis Jacob, keep. Odd Fellows' Hall, 16 Albem. 
Mearis Lewis, clerk, 145 Conway 
Mearis Malcom W. firm Busch &, Co. dw 16 Albe- 
Mears John E. grocer, 72 s High 
iMears Thos. H. tailor, s e cor. Pratt and Bond 
'Mears Wm. rigger, 255 Eastern av 




inics' Bank, s e cor. Calvert and Fayette. SeejMeekins Margaret, 67 Hampstead 
Banks in appendix ___ | Meekins Patrick, coffee roaster, 200 n Eden 

buildings, s Gay' 
MECHAU A. & H. KAHLERT, fresco painters, 

161 e Baltimore Henry, tavern, Swan 
Mechlor Mich!, cabinet maker, 11 Mercer 
Mechtold Chas. booland shoemaker, '254 s diaries 
Medairy Alex. R. engraver, 2 Jarvis build'g, North, 

dw 7 Pen ii st 
Medairy Harriet, preceptress, -2-29 Hanover 
Medairy Jacob H. clerk, 13 Penn 
MEDAIRY JOHN, hank note and general engraw 

er, 207J Baltimore, dw 63 Sharp 
Medcalf Elijah, cabinet maker. 63 York av 
Medcalf J. L. :er, "2 Josephine 
\! ■ I :al St , n. mis. 5 O'Donnell's whf 


ilf Taos, engineer. 523 w Lombard 

Meekings Saml. 2d hand book dealer, tiU -Baltimore 
Meeks Adam, tanner, 60 Tyson al 
Meeks John v. ■ on finisher, 1-20 McHenry 

' : er, 31 McHenry 

Meeks Wm. h | Eastern av 

Meeks Wm, morocco dresser, 37 Ross 
Meers Edwd. P. A. cabinet maker, 240 e Monum't 
Meeteer Albert, coach smith, 11 n Frederick dw 123 

Meeteer'sHannah, paper warehouse, 150 w Lom- 
bard, d\#Carev st. Franklin Square 
Meeteer Martin, blacksmith, KM e Favette 

Megan Sarah, 226 Bethel 
Megee Geo. A. nit. tailor, 68 Richmond 
Megenhardt Fredk. tavern, Hi Penn. av 
Mehlbousen Solomon, cisrar maker, 37 Mullikin 
224 Mehring Jacob, tailor, 210Betliel 

Meid Francis, blacksmith, Leadenhalln Montg. 
Meid Philip shoemaker, 15 n Liberty 

Medcalf Wm. M. firm Medcalf, Spicer & Co, dw 43 Meikle Henry, basket maker. 202 s Caroline 
n Calvert |Meinaca Henry, blacksmith, 1 Oregon 

Idindorf Henry, (*>7 Cross 
Medical (Maryland) Institute, G9 Fayette 
M lieal University of Maryland, ne cor. Greene 

and Lonilurd 
Me. linger Andreas, laborer, 171 Stirling 

tiger C. A. baker and conl'. 164 Forest 
Medinger Geo. butcher, Cathedral n Biddle 
Medin i \ pork butcher, 184 e Fayette 

ger John, laborer, Penn. av n Dolphin st 
Medinger John G. grocer, 160 Forest 

ohn, pressmau in oil mill, Penn. av n of 
Dolphin st 
MedsdorTJohn. fisher. Green's court, s from Ham- 
burg st near William 

Meiaberg Chas. book binder, 62 Granby 
Meinicke C. 47 n Liberty 
Meis Wm. keeper Fell's Point House, 7 Fell 
Meisar Win. carpenter, 227 Ann 
M sise Henry.boot and shoemaker. 51 Orchard 
Meisner John, bl icksmith, 132 Madison 
Meix«ll Henry, tailor, 231 Hanover 
Meix.sel Jacob, firm M. ec Son, 233 Saratoga 
MEIXSEL J. & SOX. flour and produce commis- 
sion merchants. 365 w Baltimore 
Meixsel John J. ■ . 217 Lexington 

Meixsel Jos. H. firm J. \L k. Son, l\\v 239 Favette 
Meizer Danl. porter. 26 Ross 
Melantrader Michl. tailor, 38 Stirling 

MEDTART JACOB C. brewer, Saratoga, dw 340 Melchior Bertha, boarding bouse, 5 ^\ew Church 

Lexington Melchoir Nathl. cutler, 16 M 

MEDTART JESSE, flour and feed dealer, cornerjMelchor Caroline, seamstress, 12 Carpenter's al 

Pratt and Howard, dw 15 Penn 
Mee Stephen, foundryman, 306 Forest 
Meeds E Iwd. supt. telegraph wires, 125 Conway 
Meeds Saml. carpenter, 32 n Exeter 
M teds Wm. laborer, Bethel n Fayette 
Meehan Ann, grocer, cor. Castle al and Eastern av 
in Birtholow. lab >rer, 263 Canton av 
:is Basil, hatter, 29 Dallas 

22 1 e Fayette 
jr. Hughes e Light 

Melchor Fredk. grinder, 4 Lovely lane 
Mellan Jos. Caroline n McElderry 
Mel linger Fredk. brickmaker, w Pratt exid 
Mellon Danl. laborer, Chesapeake st. Canton 
Mellon Edwd. jeweller, Perry e Hanover 
Mellon John, grocer, 267 Canton av 
Melville Saml. J. painter, 664 w Baltimore st. dw 
175 Madison av 

irber John, lab irer, n vv cor. Dallas &.Lomb'd 

ins Isaac, inarm 

len, dealers wool, rope and ironJMenke 1 r. 122 Lancaster 

Patterson . .ear','. 222 w Favette 





Mentzel Wm. M. collector, Bait, and Ohio rail road, 

22-2 Fayette 
Menzies Francis, Lombard e Canal 
Menzies Jas. telegraph operator, 138 w Franklin 
Mercantile Library Association, Athenaeum build- 
ings, cor. St. Paul and Saratoga, James Greene, 
Mercer & Armor, variety and fancy goods dealers, 

28 Light 
Mercer Chas. H. letter carrier, 90 e Pratt 
Mercer Chas. G. engineer, Penn. av n Dolphin st 
Mercer Chas. engineer, 85 Conway - 

Mercer Geo. shoemaker, 130 Ann 
Mercer Jas. W. carpenter, 127 s Howard, dw 128 s 

Mercer Mary, 73 Buren 
Mercer Robt. laborer, Ramsey w Poppleton 
Mercer Wm. pedlar, s of Paca 
Merceret Lewis, pub. weigher, cor. Pratt and Com- 
Mercaret N. 155 Saratoga 
Merchant Isaac, constable, 235 Franklin 
Merchant Jos. confectioner, 124 n Gay 
Merchants' Bank, Exchange buildings,.* w cor. Sec- 
ond and Gay 
Merchants' and Mechanics' Mut. Life Insur. Co 

160 Baltimore. J. Harman Brown, agent 
FICE, Commercial buildings, s Gay. W, Gra 
Merchants' and People's transportation line, 9 Light 

st wharf, Geo. A. Rawlings, agent 
Merchants' Shot Works, cor. Fayette and Front. — 

Thos. J. Clare, sec'y 
Merding John L. porter, 4 Patterson 
Meredith Alex. L. moulder, 7 McHenry 
Meredith Augustus J. marble cutter, 35 Light, dw 

18 Henrietta 
Meredith Benj. R. mt. tailor, 58 s Charles 
Meredith Jas. s w cor. Light and Lombard 
Meredith John F. painter, 4 w Pratt, dw 43 s Exeter 
Meredith John C. carpenter, 79 Hamburg 
Meredith Capt. John, 26 Stirling 
Meredith Jonathan, attorney at law, 26 n Calvert 
Meredith Jus. P. watch maker, 29 Chatsworth 
Meredith Jos. H. firm Canfield, Bro. & Co. dw 12 

idi ial 
Meredith Margaret, 138 Franklin 
Meredith Mary, dress maker, 74 Barre 
Meredith Saml. blacksmith, 5 n Amity 
MEREDITH, SPENCER & CO. wholesale dry 
goods merchants, 306 Baltimore 

Meredith Thos. J. firm Meredith, Spencer & Co' 

dw 90 Monument 
Meredith Thos. firm Meredith, Spencer & Co.dw 

Eutaw House 
Meredith Wm. B. butcher, Penn. av extd 
Merito Anthony, confectioner, under Museum, Cal- 
vert st. dw 3 e Fayette 
MERKER ANDREW, smith in general, 182 Sara- 
toga, dw 184 
Merker John, carpenter, 122 Pearl 
Merker Peter, laborer, Jones's lane 
Merkle Henry, confectioner, Perry e Hanover 
Merklin Geo. huckster, 39 Camden- 
Merman Jacob, shoemaker 30 e Fayette 
MERREFIELD JOSEPH, commission merchant, 
s e cor. Lombard st and Cheapside, dw 31 s Sharp 
MERRIAM JOSIAH W. hosiery and general 

trimming store, 191 Baltimore, dw 38 Holliday 
Merrick John R. fringe maker, 132 n Eden 
MERRICK R. T. attorney at law, 31 St. Paul, dw 

Eutaw House 
Merrigan Louis, laborer, 275 Alice Anna 
Merriken Jas. cabinet maker, 107 Lexington 
Merriken Jos. S. last maker, 250 e Baltimore 
Merriken Wm. tinner, 10 Chew 
Merrill J. H. gun smith, Strange al, dw 209 Frank- 
lin st 
Merrill Jerem. gtm smith, 13 Columbia 
Merrill Jerem. clerk, 154 Pearl 
Merriman Jacob, sawyer, 36 Holland 
Merriman John, shoemaker, 26 Holland 
Merriman Wm. laborer, 205 Alice Anna 
Merritt A. conlectioner, 3 w Fayette 
Merritt & Binyon, carpenters, 117 Eastern av 
Merritt Caleb, pattern maker, 96 Eastern av 
Merritt Chas. boiler maker, 221 Sharp- 
Merritt George, 16 Pearl 
Merritt & Griffith, mt. tailors, 6 Light 
Merritt Henrietta, 40 Henrietta 
Merritt Isaac H 128 Ross 
Meiritt Isaac. H. Bond s Pratt 
Merritt Jas. P. firm M. & Griffith, dw 15 Pleasant 
Merritt Jesse K. shoemaker, 250 n Canal 
Merritt John, laborer, Biddle al court 
Merritt John P. wheelwright, 43 Harrison, dw £e- 

gister n Pratt 
MERRITT JOSEPH, tavern and store keeper, 

cor. Leadenhall and Henrietta 
Merritt Wm. K. 41 n Charles 
Merryman Bernard, carter, 231 Alice Anna 
Merryman Geo. surgeon dentist, 35 Holliday 
Merryman Nichl. bricklayer, 209 Biddle 




Merryrnan Oliver P. cabinet maker, 20 n Howard, 

dw 49 Josephine 
Merryman Saml. 51 Josephine 
Merryman Saml. clerk, 37 Fawn 
Merslelder Chas. baker, Lee w Eulaw 
Merslelder Lewis, Sharp s Henrietta 
Mersfelder Simon, grocer, 232 Light 
Meroon Tlius. blacksmith, 526 w Pratt 
Mesbacher John, tailor, 200 Elisor 
MESEKE FREDERICK, boot and shoe maker, 

216 w Pratt 
MESEKE HENRY, regalia manufacturer, Odd 

Fellows' Hall, n Gay 
Mesner John, tanner, Penn. av n Wilson st 
Messensau Michael, Light st extd 
Messer Lawrence D. watch maker and jeweller, 649 

w Baltimore 
Messersmith Chas. butcher. 1 Preston 
Messersmith Emanuel, shoemaker, 117 Perm, av 
Messersmith Geo. baker, 159 Harford av 
Messersmith Jacob, baker. 305 w Pratt 
Messersmith John K. baker, 119 Penn. av 
Messick Abraham, glass blower, 1 1 Gr. Hughes 
Messing Geo. F. guard Md. Penitentiary, 54 Pine 
Messner Geo. grocer, 158 e Madison 
Metamoras Hall, (Order Red Men,) w Lombard e 

Methodist Protestant, publication office, 2 Jarvis 

buildings, North st. Rev. E. Y. Reese, agt. 
Metre G. R. variety dealer, 274 n Gay 
Mettee C. A. & W.H. blacksmiths, 14 Balderston 
Meitee Elizabeth S. 133 w Lombard 
Mettee Henry, box maker, 84 Henrietta 
Mettee Henry, cooper, Stiles e President 
Mettee John, type caster, 107 Ensor 
Mettee Joseph, 133 w Lombard 
Mettee L. C. blacksmith, 105 Lee 
Mettee Martin, blacksmith, 11 President, dw 77 e 

Mettee Wm. blacksmith, Balderston, dw 5 Penn 
Mettee Wm. H. firm C. A. & W. H. M.dw Penn 
Meiz Abraham, watchman, cor Pratt and Register 
Metz Agustus H. musician, 60 n Liberty . 
Metz John, cabinet maker, cor. Somerset and Eager 
Metz John A. tailor, 62 Somerset 
Metz Philip, wheelwright, 75 Forest 
Melzgar Fredk. shoemaker, 137 Canton av 
Metzgar Misses, milliners and dress makers, 79 n 

Metzler Fredk. shoemaker, 2 Friendship, Irom Or- 
leans e Forest 
Meuchaw Chas. H. grocer, 279 Light 

Meuisel Geo. butcher, 258 s < lharles 

Meuisler Peter, pastor Lutheran ch. 312 s Charles 

Meyer Alex, cigar maker, 5 s Paca 

Meyer Andrew, shoemaker, 109 Sharp 

Meyer Christian butcher, Happy alley n of Alice 
Anna st 

Meyer Eliza, dry foods dealer, 85 s Howard 

MEYER FERDINAND D. trimmings, worsted & 
hosiery store, 139 Bait 

Meyer Fredk. clother, Pratt, dw 85 s Howard 

Meyer F. G. cigar maker, 05 Orleans 

Meyer Gfeo. coppersmith, 21 e Pratt 

Meyer Geo. shoemaker, 69 Hanover 

Meyer Harrnor H. carpenter, 212 Sharp, dw 198 

Meyer Henry G. grocer, 97 s Howard 

Meyer J. H. grocer, 105 s Howard 

Meyer John, laborer, 158 Canton av 

Meyer John, shoemaker, 97 n Calvert 

Meyer John Gerhard, grocer, n e cor. Poppleton & 

Meyer John P. grocer and milk dealer, 130 s Eutaw 

Meyer Joseph 11. ca! til .4 Lovely lane 

Meyer Saml. pedlar, 229 Canton av 

Meyer Wm. store keeper, 141 Light 

Mezick Ghaiiotte, 97 Broadway 

Mezick Mary, 309 Saratoga 

Miberger Philip, boot and shoemaker, Penn av. n of 
Wilson st 

Michael David, laborer, Pratt w of Fremont 

Michael E. collector. 125 Madison 

Michael Emanuel H. superint. Wool factory, Oli- 
ver st. near Green Mount 

Michael Francis, blacksmith, 23 Warner 

Michael Geo. laborer, 41 Monument 

Michael Henry, laborer, 256 Alice Anna 

Michael Henry, gun smith, 143 e Fayette 

Michael Jas. dyer, 58 Harford av 

Michael John, cooper, Barre, dw 166 Conway 

Michael Lewis, confectioner, 23 Low 

Michael Lloyd, 6 Constitution 

Michael Margaret, 25 n Li: 

Michael Wendall, carpenter, 62 n Amity 

Michaels Michael. 231 Saratoga 

Michaes Sarah Jane, grocer, 71 n High 

Michel Theodore, confer Greene 

Michel Wm. tobacconist, 99 rfw VM n Calvert 

Mtehener Joseph, keeper livery stables, Balderston 

Mickelman Hen: er, 74 Lancaster 

Mickle Robt. cashi Bank, 256 Lexington 

Middendorf Harman, 139 n Canal 

Middendorf Henry, tavern, 109 Light st. wharf 




VI Id] ■ i Cho ■ mist, 108 w Pratt, dw 109 

- I\ ■ 

John W. firm Potter & M.dw 33 L 

14 Camden 
Vlidle rty agent, IDC e Lombard 

: John, shoemaker, Wills 
Vlilbum Albert P. hatter, 166e Monument 

i n Jas. A. pilot, Ann :•■ of Gough 
Mulburn Jo mi h. n e Bait 

Mill-.! com. mt. 55 Light st. dw 

167 Biddle 
Milburn Thos. carpenter, Monument e of Dallas 
Mil./ August Vv*. shoemaker, 12 Oregon 

;hoemaker, Albermarle - 
Miles John S. boat builder, York st. dw GGi 
Miles John, keeper Vld. hotel, 35 n Eutaw 

i.D. clerk, 227 e Favette 
Miles Robt. chair maker, 68 s Howard 

;. e ot Castle al 
I. dw 111 Sharp 
Miles Saml. we - ... 98 Fremont 
M ilea v: ress, 16 Conwav 

Miles Uriah, lottery vendei dw 143 Pearl 

Miles Win. P. ladies' shoemaker, It; Conway 
Milhau Lewis, prop. Gay st. Hall, - J s Gay 
Milholland Arthur, grocer, cor. Lowana Potte 

dw 63 ii Front 
Milholland Jas. wea er, 121 l 
Milholland Robt. D. bldck and pump maker, 115 

lw 248 Ann 
Mil; a John, carpel weaver, lf>0 Ann 

irn Mich. 1 
Mill John L, carpenter, 63 Vine 
Millburn E. S. sho smaker, I I < Jamd.en 

■ydia P. cop I -'■> n (l:u 

Mill ■', in Geo. undertaker night work, 279 S 
Millen John, watchman, Dover betweenPratt and 

Millenbei : Henry, shoemaker, 122n Paca 
Milter A. M. apothecary, 70 Aisquith 
Miller Adam, sawyer, 132 Happy al 
Miller Alex. 146 Saratoga 
Miller Alfred D. firm J. F. M. & Co. dw Exchange 

Miller Alfred, carpenter, 157 w Bait 
Miller Rev. Alfred A. pastor Mt. Calvary church, 

1 19 B 
Millet \] ed J i . L20 w Fayi 
Miller Andrew J firm Davis St M. 308 w Fayette 
Miller Andrew, 50 Bank 
Miller Andrew, shoemaker, Scott s of Columbia 

irpenter, 11 Hill 

. teai her, 10 Watson 

\ ,!'i, 67 11 E 

i A onj , tailor, 243 Aisquith 

.Miller Anthony, o ,71 Ja »per 

Miller Anthony, shoemaker. High n oi I 
Miller Augustine, clerk, :!7i 
Miller Casandra, 1 11 From 
Miller Mrs. C. 51 e Fayette 

i < iatharine, t Ireenwillow 
Miller Catharine, shop,«J3 French 
Miller Chas. mead and beer dealer, rear 191 Elisor 
I'. shoemaker, 6 Maiden lane 

i Capt. Chasi mariner, 32 Fawn 
Miller Cha«. 

Miller Ohristi Wesl 

Miller Christian, coppersmith^ Hi n Gay 

i maker, 64 Harrison 
Millei rk, Canal n of Pratt 

Miller Christopher - hoemaki r 8 Water 

trad . ir, Pleasant al w of Castle's! 

Miller ( ' York 

Miller Conrad, carpenter, 152 Pine 
Miller Conrad, labofi r, I I court 

FILLER <& < '< »'S • xchange office, n v cor. Balto* 

"el St. Paul 
Millet D.H. firm J. Heald & Co. dw 30 s Sharp 
th, 13 West 

Daniel, firm Dallam, M. & Shipe, dw 
M I.LLER DANIEL, tobacennist, 31 1 s Bond 
Miller ! >avid, carpenter, Pratt w ol Fri on 
Miller Dominick, shoemaker, 166 Sarati 
Miller Edward, bricklayer, 250 n Gay 

tin av. n of Wilson st 
'■i ill n Hi Edward A. 195 Saratoga 
Miller Elizabeth, midwife, rear 87 Fremont 
Wilier Elizabeth, co ■ 'A* Orleans 

Miller Elizabeth, grocer, 65 Eastern av 
Miller' Elizabeth, tailoress. 15 Gibson 

! Hizabeth, Preston near 35 
Miller Ellen, 122 Saratoga 
Miller Ellen, 82 Park 
Miller Enoch, carpenter, 100 Albermarle 
Miller Esther, 1 13n lv\ 
Miller F. A. bricklayer, 116 Mulberry 

Erancis, shoemaker, 28 Thames 
Miller Francis, laborer, 270 .Mice Anna 
Millei I aw cutter, Town; -nd e oi LA 

, : , . M Thames 
Miller Fredk. W. shoemaker, 77 s 1 Inward 
Miller Fredk. tailor, Eden s of McElderw 




Miller Rev. Geo. pastor German United Brethren 

Church, 37 Conway 
Miller Geo. shoemaker, Star al. s of Canton av x 
Miller Geo. bricklayer, 2'.', Spring 
Miller Geo. M. barber, 135 w Lomdard 
Miller Geo. W. edge tool maker, 7 Camden] 
Miller Geo. clerk Marine bank, 23 s Exeter 
Miller Geo. ship joiner, Bund n of Bank 
Miller Geo. carpenter, Burk s:. s of Canton av 
Miller Geo. laborer, 256 Ann 
Miller Geo. laborer, 249 Ann 
Miller Godfrey, cabinet maker, 21!) Happy al 
Miller Goileib, tailor Canal s of Bank 
Miller Hannah Ann, 33 n High 
Miller H. G. shoemaker, 255 e Monument 
Miller Harrison, omnibus driver, al. e of Fremont 

ant s of Pratt st 
Miller Harman, tailor, 155 n Canal 
Miller Henry, blacksmith, 121 Bank 
Miller Henry, laborer, 10 New Church 
.Miller Henry, cigar box maker, Eutaw s of Montg. 
Miller Henry, carpenter, 30 Chew 
Miller Henry, laborer, 11 s Canal 
Miller Henry, tailor, 79 e Lombard 
Miller Henry, teamster, 22 Eastern av 

Miller Henry, rigger, Philpot 

Miller Henry, laborer, 3 Eden lane 

Miller Henry, laborer. 183 s Caroline 

Miller Henry, carter, 41 Philpot 

Miller Ign. tailor, 2(31 Canton av 

Miller Jacob P. miller, 82 Spear's wharf, dw 54 
Courtland st 

Miller J. laborer, 230 Happv al 

MILLER J. F. &. CO. general commission and for- 
warding merchants, 7'J Bowly's wharf, dw J. F. 
M. Barnum's Hotel 

Miller Jacob, sawyer, 128 Happy al 

Miller Jacob, 176 e Monument 

Miller Jacob B. agent Ml Clairdepot.dw 5 Hollins 

Miller Jacob, teamster, Eager st.'e of York av 

Miller Jacob, laborer, 161 e Pratt 

Miller Jacob, carier, Harford av extd 

Miller Jacob, rigger. 7H Lancaster 

Miller Jacob, paver, 70 Jasper 

Miller Jacob, blacksmith, 2.7) Canton av 

Miller Jacob, engineer, Falls road 

Miller Jacob, shoemaker, 19 Clay 

Miller Jas. brickmaker, 1*9 Conway 

Miller Jas. 17 Albermarle 

ler Jas. drayman, 70 McEIderry 

.MILLER PR.'JAMKS H. Ill Fayette 

Miller Jeremiah, bricklayer, 234 n Eden 

Miller J titer, 54 Josephine, dw 48 Pine 

Miller John P. firm John Kirby k Son, 53 e Fay. 

Miller John, tailor, U6n Eden 

Miller Rev. John, iapcl, 67Barr:: 

Miller John, cabinet maker, 35 Dallas 

Miller John, meas. and inspector, 298 n Howard 

Miller John, shoemaker, 40 Thames 

Miller John H. clerk, ,') Josephine 

Miller John, machinist, Scotl s of Pratt 

Miller John, plaisterer, 2{i5s Charles 

Miller John, bricklayer, 27 l' 

Miller John, cabinet maker, Va! I 

Millar John, cabinet maker, 31 French 

Miller John, turner, 61 . 

r John, tailor, 178 Alice Anna 
Miller John, labor aster 

Miller John, • \ lice Anna 

Miller Joseph, laborer, 17 West 
Miller Joseph, iron moulder, Shroeder n of Ealt 
Miller Joseph, 30 n Paca 
Miller Joseph, biker, 103 North 
Miller Jo^epll, laborer, 128 Low 
Miller Joshua, cigar maker, 92 Granby 
.Miller Joshua, blacksmith, Falls road 
Miller Killian, basket maker, 183 Peirce 
Miller Lawrence, laborer, 218 Bethel 
Miller Louisa, seamstr ison 

.Miller Louis, blacksmith, 193 Biddle 
Miller Margare , 22 Lancaster 
Miller Marion, Asbury lane 

Miller Martin, blacksmith, Carpenter's al. e of Fre- 
mont st 
Miller Martin, tanner, Penn. av. n of Wilson st 

Miller Marv Ann, tailoiv. 231 Cough 

Miller Matilda, 21 n High 

Miller Matthew. 1 1 Comet 

MILLER k. MAYHEW, dry goods commission 
merchams, 1 and 3 German 

Miller Mich. 71 e Fayette 

Miller Mich. 109 E 

Miller Mich, umbrella maker, 99 Mon/gomery 

Miller Mitchell, i 212 s Bond 

Miller Nich. lobor r, -J Henry 

Miller Nich. laborer, 213 s Caroline 

Miller Oliver, millwright, 44 Poppleton 

Miller Peter, pottei rn av 

Miller Philip, laborer, 16 Elizabeth al 

Miller Rebecca, pub. school teacher, 239 w Fayetie 

Miller Rich, boiler mal 

r Rich, manufacturer. I ; Gibson 

Miller Rich, ship carpenter, 217 Alice Anna 

Miller Mrs, K. C. 221 Franklin 




Miller Robt. laborer, 42 Burgundy al 

Miller Robt. carter, (5 Warner 

Miller Robt. carter, 107 Coir- a , 

Miller Robt. butcher, Republican s of Bait 

Miller Sarah, Broadway s of Monument 

Miller Sarah, Harford av extd 

Miller Sebastian, laborer, n of Clinton st. Canton 

Miller Thos. D. dentist, 91 Favette 

Miller Valentine, 144 Alice Anna 

Miller Wm, D. firm M. & Mayhew, dw SO Sarat. 

Miller Wm. engineer on R. Road, Poppleton s of 

Miller Wiri. & H. "Miller's Hotel," s w cor. Paca 

& German, stables, German, rear 
Miller Wm. firm Wells & M. dw 70 e Bait 
Miller Wm. carpenter, Henrietta w of Hanover 
Miller Wm. H. carpenter, 150 e Madison 
Millerich Gotleib, cabinet maker, 34 n Liberty 
Milless Augustus, painter, 128 n Eden 
Milless L. O. printer, 5 Albermarle 
Millholland Arthur, grocer, 122 Chestnut, dw Front 
Millhoff John, tavern. 75 n Gay 
Milligan Catharine, Harford av 
Milligan Geo. B. attorney. 4 Counsellor's Hall, 

Lexington st 
Milligan John, laborer, 3-Neighbor 
MILLIKIN JAMES H. whip, cane and umbrella 

maker, 143 Balt.dw 28 Stiles 
Millikin 3 & Co. linen merchants', 38 n Charles 
Millington John N. inspector customs, 90 e Fayette 
Million Milam. M. French tutoress, 101 n Greene 
i\I illii on Mrs. Merab, 42 Penn av 
Mills Andrew J. brick maker, 479 w Lombard 
Mills Chas. H. machinist, 106 Hamburg 
Mills Mrs. Elizab. dress maker, 206 Li?ht 
Mills Geo. H. attorney at law, 33 St. Paul 
Mills Geo. wire worker, Carpenter's al. w of Fre- 

ihont st 
Mills Henry, seaman, 3 s Caroline 
Mills Jas. clerk. 99 Conway 
MILLS J03, watchmaker and jeweller, 72 Bait 
Mills John, ship joiner, 128 II mover 
Mills John J. attorney at law, 45 s Gay 
Mills- L°vin, firm Reese & M. 168 s Paca 
Mills Malachi, carpenter, Rabor?, dw 7S0 w Bait 
Mills Rich, collector, 7'2 G 

Mills Mrs. Robt. drv goods and grocer, 411 w Pratt 
Mills Robt. dour and feed dea'eY, 372 Bait, dw 312 

w Pratt 
Mills Wm. P. &. Son, mt. tailors and clothiers, 127 

Mills Wm. grave digger, 17 Oregon 

Mills Wm. shoemaker, 25 Brune 

Mills Zachariah, blacksmith, 25 Republican 

Millroy John, police officer, 43 Henrietta 

Mill roy John, 184 Sharp 

Millstrad Mr. mariner, 52 Holland 

Milnor John P. agent Mut. Life Insurance Co. dw 

113 Conway 
Milsock John, laborer, 24 Liberty al 
Milstead Wm. mariner. 51 Stirling 
Miltenberger Anthony, 28 Second, dw 115 Conway 
Miltenberger Dr. G. W. 17 s Liberty 
Mince Eleanor, 126 s Exeter 
Mince Elizabeth, 118 s High 
Mince Geo. painter, 99 Dallas 
Mincks Thos. cooper, 261 Forest 
Mincher John, grocer, 137 Madison 
Miner Jas. porter, 39 s Frederick 
Minehardt Casper, bag maker, 25 Canal 
Minifie Jas. architect, designer and carver, 161 s 

Minifie Wm. & Co. booksellers and stationers, 111 

Minifie Wm.firm M. & Co. dw 16Fayette 
Mingel Jacob, cabinet maker, 34S Saratoga 
Minner Edward C. shoemaker, 108 Vine 
Minnick Chas. cottcii maker, 22 Brune 
Minnick Conrad, camphine dealer, 208 e Lombard 
Minnick John, stone cutter, 150 Green Mount av 
Minnick John, shoemaker, 27 Dallas 
Minnick Mich, shoemaker, Fremont extd 
Minnick Uriah, carpenter. Jefferson e of Aisquith 
Minnicks Joseph, engineer, 25 Morris al 
Minsler Fredk. blacksmith, 46 s Entaw 
Mmtou Emma, tailoress, 78 Mnllikin 
Mintun Eliza, seamstress, 17 Clay 
Minzel Fredk. butcher, 25 Union 
Miskell Mrs. & Miss Norris, shoe binders, 66 Hol- 
land st. 
Miskelly Joseph, plaisterer, 69 Holliday 
Miskelly Capt. Joseph, 92 s Caroline 
Miskey Anthony, laborer, 110 Lancaster 
Miskimmon Andrew, machinist, 259 Light 
Miskimmon Thomas, firm Solomon &. M. dw 211 

Miskimmon Wm. T. sail maker. 82 s Caroline 
Misner Adolph. tailor, 20 Eutaw court 
Mispelhorn Fritz, tailor, Register n of Lombard 
Missback Alois, tailor, 37 Lanca>ter 
Misseldine Alfred H. confectioner, 507 w Bait # , 
Mister Abraham & Son. grocers and com. mts.'S2 

Light st. whf. dw A. M. 146 Hanover 
Mister Chas. cooper, 44 Durst al. F. H. 




Mitchell Alex, currier, 20 May 

Mitchell Catharine, tailoress, 6 Molt 

Mitchell David C. trader, 7 Bevan al 

Mitchell Edward & Co. grocers and com. mts. 128 

Dugan's wht'. dw E. M. 70 Caroline 
Mitchell Edward &Co. dw 17 s Exeter 
Mitchell Elizab. dress maker, 34 Marion 
Mitchell Elizab. Eden s of McElderry 
Mitchell Francis R. tobacconist) s e cor. Exeter and 

Mitchell Geo. W. tin man, 153 Sharp 
Mitchell Jas. omnibus keeper, w Bait, extd 
Mitchell Jas. &Son, prop, hacks and livery stables, 

dw 43 North 
Mitchell Jas. hackman, 24 Constitution 
MITCHELL JAMES, tavern keeper, 5 Centre 

Mitchell Jane T. 230 c Fayette 
Mitchell John, watchman, 32 Constitution 
Mitchell John, foundryman, 10 Giddings 
Mitchell John T. leather inspector. 411 w Lomb'd. 
Mitchell John S. trader, 9 Bevan al 
Mitchell John, iron and-rags dealers, 45 Rock 
Mitchell John, trader, 14 s Paca extu 
Mitchell John, hack|prop. North, dw 1(18 Aisquith] 
Mitchell John, 98 Granby 
Mitchell John, seaman, 74 William 
Mitchlll John H. firm Thomas & M. 137 Gough 
Mitchell John, linn Thomas, Reynolds & M. dw 

Gough w of Broadway 
Mitchell John, grocer and liquor dealer, 35 Lomb'd 
Mitchell John, tavei n keeper, s e cor. Bauk & Bond 
Mitchell John W. boot maker, 385 w Lombard 
Mitchell Joseph 13. sail maker, 15 s Canal 
Mitchell Joseph, hackman, 33 Constitution 
Mitcheil Joshua, printer, 5 Falls 
Mitchell Margaret, trader in market, 43 George 
Mitchell Mary, Canal n of Pratt 
Mitchell Mr. 66 s Exeter 
Mitchell Mrs. 92 Jefferson 
Mitchell Nathl. mariner, 39 Hill 
Mitchell Perry G. blacksmith, 55 Poppleton 
Mitchell Rich, ship carpenter, 87 Granby 
Mitchell Robt. mate, 89 Albermarle 
Mitchell Robt. carpenter, 122 Ann 
Mitchell Saml. C. mate, 6 Stiles 
Mitchell Sarah, confectioner, 96 Bait 
Mitchell Theodore, confectioner, 8 n Greene 
Mitchell Thos. butcher, 268 Saratoga 
Mitchell Washington, hackman, 28 Constitution 
Mitchell Washington, pedlar, 123 Spring 
Mitchell Wm. H. carpenter, 97 s Paca 

Mitchell Wm. H. carpenter, 450 Lombard 

Mitchell Win. rigger, 79 Cross 

Mitchell Wm. grocer, 69 Mulberry 

Mitchell Zebulon, laborer, 2 Al mislead lane 

Mittan John P. carpenter, 179 Madison av 

Mittan Wm. H. porter citizens' bk. 221 n Howard 

Mittemyer John, laborer, 152 s Eden 

Mittendorf Heniy, 70 Granby 

Mittendorf Henry, tavern, w Pratt extd 

Mittnacht G. H. 'travelling agent, 1(59 Biddle 

Mitzell Joel & Co. forward. & com. mts. 74 North 

Mix Thos. 10 Cowpen al 

Mizer John, carpenter, 155 s Eden 

Mizer Nich. laborer, 1(J3 s Eden 

MOALE RANDALL H. solicitor in chancery, 60 

Fayette, dw 80 Franklin 
Moale Saml. solicitor and attorney, GO Fayette, up 

stairs, dw 26 M ulberry 
Moan Mich. O. nightman, Eden n of Bank 
Moane Francis, baker, 24 s Front 
Mobley Susan, milliner, 30 Ensor 
Mobray John, tailor, Front st. ct. at 47 
Mocklof Mary, 3 Ji 
MCEBUS J. HENRY, keeper "Herman House," 

26 w Lombard 
Moellinger & Gorsuch, hardware dealers, S4 n Gay 
Moffat Louisa, milliner, 5(52 w Bait 
Mofi'et John F, clerk, 193 German 
MOFFET R. keeper livery stables, 39 s Howard & 

cor. Lombard, dw 11 s Howard 
Moffit Mary A- 39 Stirling 
Mo flit Wm. saddler, 06 n Front 
Mohler Ann M. 300 e Baltimore 
Mohler Edwd. coal and iron mt. 39 Philpot 
Mohler Jacob, machinist, Lombard e Ann 
Mohr Henry, laborer, 17 President 
Moire Penelope, tailoress, 29 Spring 
Moldenhaur C. gilder and gold varnisher, 84 Lex« 


Moley Everhart, milkman, 67 Johnson 
Monk Win. cooper. 237 Gough 
Monkiir Dr. John Ci S. 137 Broadway 
Monmonier Chas. carpenter, 198 Ann 
Monmonier Francis, firm Dryden & M. brickmak* 

ers, 176 e Pratt 
Monmonier Dr. John F. 215 e Baltimore 
Monmonier Thos. C. 115 Wolf 
Monmonier Wm. 258 e Baltimore 
Monohan Thos. liquor dealer, 35 s Frederick 
Monohan Thos. laborer, Castle al- n Bank si 
Monroe Finley, mariner, Bethel n Bank 
Monroe Henry, blacksmith, 37Hampstead 



Monroe John L. dealer- in china and queensware, 

192 Broadwav 
Monroe John H. carpenter, 93 Lee 
Monroe Jos. laborer, Clinton st. Canton 
Monroe Dr. Wm. R. cor. Paca and Columbia 
Mrtnsarrat Nichl. apothecary, 174 Baltimore, dw 23 

Monsarrat Oscar, druggist, 159 Broadway 
Montague Wm. blacksmith, Fulton al 
ague Wm. carpenter, 122 Pearl 
ihdon Mary, 164 u Pearl 
ivionteith Miss, 156 Penn. aV 
M luteJl Elizabeth. 84 e Pratt 
M litell F. T. com. int. 97 Smith's wharf, dw80e 

Monte]] Geo. butcher, 139 Penn. av 
ivlONTELjj J. E. & BilO. tobacco and general 

commission merchants, 4 Exchange Place, dw 81 

e Pratt st 
Montgomery Henry, plane maker, 91 Mulberry 
Montgomery Hem . 139 Harford av 

Montgomery Dr. Jas. 85 n Eutaw 
Montgomery Norris, clerk. 138 n High 
Montgomery Richd. grocer, cor. French and East 
MOJN rGOMERY THOMAS, proprietor ''Mont- 
gomery House," lib' Franklin 

imery Wm. S. machinist, 5G Mullikin 
Moody Christina, 202 Wolf 
.Moody Edwd. tiddler, 70n Exeter 
Moody John B. tobacconist, 56 w Pratt 

ly John A. bricklayer, 113 n Caroline 
Moody Maria, 48 Vine" 

v Bobt. carpenter, 202 n Chesnut 
Mo ig Geo. dealer 2d hand goods, 71b' n Baltimore 
Moon Christian, sawyer, 218 Madison av 
M ion Edwd. butcher, w Baltimore st extel 
Moon Henry, bricklayer, 146 Aisquilh 
Moon Wm. D. rope maker. Giddings 
Mooney Francis, grocer, Harford av extd 
Mooney Hugh, blacks:. nway 

Mooney Jas. laborer, Vine w Shroeder 
Mooney Ja>. 12 Orleans 
M ne} T John, soap boiler, 31 Stirling 
Mooney John machinist, 276 n Howard 
Mooney Patrick, prop, hacks, 58 Potter 
Mooney Thos. labore. 1 , 195 Bethel 
Moore , grocer, n e cor. Greene and Lexington 

dw 1 Josephine 
Moore Anthony, watchman .lay 

Moore Archibald, boot maker, 49 Canal 
Moore &. Bernhard, tailors, 71 Eastern av 
Moore Chas. dyer, Col rt, Harmony lane 

Moore Dr. Chas. H. apothecary, 210 e Monument, 

cor. Aisquith 
Moore David W. firm M. & Gri/tln, 14 s Greene 
Moore Edwd. gunsmith. 8 Maiden lane 
Moore Dr. G. Ai druggist, 191 Hanover 
Moore Geo. mate, 87 s Caroline 
Moore Geo. hatter, 245 n Canal 
Moore Geo. paper stainer, 439 w Lombard 
Moore Geo. F. shoemaker, Goodman's al 
jMoore Geo. S. mate steamboat Georgia, 448 Lom'd 
Moore Geo. laborer. 3 Harmonv lane 
MOORE & GRIFFIN, dealers in boots, shoes, 
• hats, caps, bonnets, &c. 19 s Charles 
Moore Henry, tailor, 164 e Pratt 
Moore Henry W. painter, 250 German 
Moore Henry, firm Mills & M. 125 n Paca 
jMoore Henry, musician, 152 Canton av 
Moore Horatio N. wool card manuf. 127 e Lomb'd 
Moore Humphrey, book seller, and stationer, 158 w 
; Pratt 

Moore Isaac, carter. Eager st. e York av 
Moore Jas. earpenierj Patapsco al 
'Moore Jas. carpenter, Sharp s Henrietta 
Moore Ja^. A. cabinet maker. 59 Forest 
Moore Jas. butcher, 271 Alice Anna 
Moore Jane, Hunter's al 
Moore John, cabinet maker, 50 Fre 
Moore John, waterman, 155 Woll 
Moore John, shoemaker. 25 n Eden 
Moore John, grocer, 70 Gran 
Moore John R. 21 Conway 
Moore Julia, 271 Bond 
Moore Lydia, 113 Fremont 
Moore Margaret. 55 n Ei 
Moore Margaret, 161 e Pratt 
Moore Maria, boarding house, 58 O 
Moore Martha, tailoress, 88 Hill 
'Moore Martha. 13 Mullikin 
Moore Mary, dress maker; 12 Holliday 
Moore Mary Ann, Washer, w Pratt st. extd 
Moore Nathl. deafer in rags, rope, paper, &C.2&6 

Moore Nathl. boat builder, 76 Gcugh 
! Moore Norton, coach maker, Poppletoti n Bait. 
Moore Patrick, sup. grave diggers, Bait. Cemelry 
Moore Robt. shoemaker, 183 Easl 
Moore Robt. dry goods dealer, 30 Centre Marke* 

Space, dw 79 e Baltimore 
Moore Robt. sweep master, 46 n Fredei ick 
Moore S. L. 28 Barnet 
Moore Sarah, 1 GO ^ 




Moore Theophilus, grocer, n e cor. Greene and Lex- 
Moore Thos. carpenter, Scott s Pratt 
Moore Thos. dyer, Collins's court, near 381 Sa- 
ratoga st 
Moore Thos. paper stainer,5 Poppleton 
Moore Thos. laborer, Euley near Caroline 
Moore Dr. W. B. 210 e Monument, cor. Aisquith 
Moore Wm. T. grocer, 250 Broadway 
Moore Wm. 204 n Eutaw 
Moore Wm. seaman, 12 Lewis 
Moore Wm. P. 59 e Lombard 
Moore Wm. H. & Co. hardware mts. 118 w Pratt 
Moorhouse Delanson, 28 Broadway 
Moorman Clement, carpenter, 36 Bank 
Moorman J. Bernard, carter, 207 Bond 
Moorman Rudolph, carter, 2H9 Alice Anna 
Moot Adam, laborer, 56 Union 
Mopps Fredk. carpenter, 249 n Canal 
Moran Chas. last and boot tree maker, 47 e Fayette 
Moran Geo. W. engineer, 47 Fawn 
Moran Jas. tailor, 356 n Gay 
Moran Jas. laborer, 23 Slemmer's al 
Moran John, fruiter, 22 w Pratt 
Moran John, boiler maker, 21 York 
Moran John, marble polisher, 152 Pearl 
Moran John, laborer, 216 Bethel 
Moran Jos. shoemaker, 241 n Canal 
Moran Michael, carpenter, 348 n Gay 
Moran Owen, fruit dealer, 17 Concord 
Moran Patrick, Fort road. Locust Point 
Moran Robt. painter, 129 Fremont 
Moran Richd. engineer, 112 s Exeter 
Moran Thos. L. harness maker, 101 Lee 
Moran Thos. plaisierer, 348 n Gay 
Moran Wm. wheelwright, 16 Slemmer's al 
Moran Wm. gardner, Diamond n Saratoga 
Moran Wm. moulder, Eastern av w Albemarle st 
Morauetz Dr. 52 n Front 
Moreland Andw. laborer, 4 York 
Moreland Elizabeth, 150 Conway 
Moreland Jos. shoemaker, Register n Bank 
Moreland Wm. H. shoemaker, 185 Orleans 
Morford Jas. wheelwright, 195 n Exeter 
Morgan Edwd. clerk, 141 n Exeter 
Morgan Evan J. clerk Union Bank, 208 Saratoga. 
Morgan Geo. shoemaker, Orleans e Aisquith 
Morgan Henry, boiler maker, 103 William 
Morgan Henry C. firm Medcalf, Spicer & Co. dw 54 

Morgan Henry, watchman, Clinton st. Canton 
Morgan Hugh, prop. Canton House, Clinton st 

Morgan J. R. V. 158 Howard 

Morgan Jas. cigar maker, 77 Ross 

Morgan Jas. blacksmith, 228 Light 

Morgan John, stone cutler, 177 n Paca 

Morgan Jos. book binder, 6 Falls 

Morgan Mary C. seamstress, 147 Penn.av 

Morgan Mr. teacher, Light st. next the church 

Morgan Rev. JNichl. J. B. 191 Saratoga 

Morgan Patrick, laborer. Moore's al n Preston st 

Morgan Sarah, tailoress.87 Caroline 

Morgan Thos. laborer, Vine w Shroeder 

Morgan Thos. watchman, 15 Diamoud 

Morgan Wm. boiler maker, 245 Hauover 

Morgan Wilson, 168 e Monument 

Morgan Wilson B. 76 s Bond 

Morgenthar Andrea, tailor, Penn. av n Wilson st 

Morgotride Edwd. laborer, 171 Chesnut 

Morheispr Juhn N. harness maker, 31 North, dw 56 

Moriarty John laborer, Washington st n Eastern av 

Morlock Fredk. stevadore, 49 Fell 

Morns Geo. W. shipjoiner, 45 Broadway 

Morrell Chas. R. baggage master R. R. 60 s How'd 

Morriarty Ann, fringe and cord manuf. 66 Lexing. 

Morrill Geo. E. watch maker and jeweller, 130 n Gay 

Morris Barney, tavern, 52 n Gay 

Morris Catharine, 37 Davis 

Morris Chas. T. ship joiner, cor. York and Wil- 
liam and 156 Thames, dw 77 Broadway 

Morris Danl. police officer, 63 French 

Morris Geo. W. store keeper, 4 York 

Morns Isaac, cuf>per, 60 Gough 

Morris Rev. J. G. pastor 1st English Luth. church, 
125 Lexington 

MORRIS JAMES, grocer and tea dealer, 68 Pine. 

Morris Capt. Jas. 113 Hanover 

Morris Jas. A. 276 Eastern av 

Morris Jesse, 48 Douglass 

Morris John, cabinet maker, 34 Douglass 

Morris Dr. Joan, 21 s Gay 

Morris John B. preM. Mechanics' Bank, 22 Mulb'y 

Morris John, team>ter, Scott n Pratt 

Morns John, lahoter, 122 Holliday 

Morris John, ship joiner, 211 Eastern av 

Morris John T. attorney, 22 Charles, dw 71 n Paca 

Morris Mary, boarding house, 54 Hanover 

iMorris Mary, 4Staral 

Morris Mori is, shoemaker, 4 Thompson 

Morris Owen, bricklayer, 129 n Paca 

Morris Sarah, 7 Biddle 

Morris Thos. C. ship joiner, 135 Gough 

Morris Thos. store keeper, 80 French 




Morris Wm. & Geo. Thistle Factory's warehouse, 8 

s Howard, dw Wm. M. 02 Saratoga 
Morris Wm. grocer, 309 s Bond 
Morrison E. grocer, s w cor. Baltimore and Carey, 

dw Carey s Baltimore 
Morrison Edwd. book keeper, 38 e Lombard 
Morriaon Ehvood, 154 Mulberry 
MORRISON H. J. magistrate, office 122 n High, 

dw 106 e Fayette 
Morrision Johu, boiler maker, 198 Chesnut 
Morrison Mich, fireman gas house, 5 French 
Morrison Mrs. 55 Block 

Morrison Nathl. H. teacher Young Ladies' Acade- 
my, Charles, dw 20 Gay 
MORRISON N. J. 123 n High 
Morrison Robt. clerk, 149 Holliday 
Morrison Wesley, tailor, 39 Clay 
Morrison Wm. coach maker, 2 St. Mary's dw 4 
Morrison Wm. 85 Pine 
Morrow Andrew J. mariner, 1G3 n Eden 
Morrow John, carpenter, 78 Lee, dw 150 Hanover 
Morrow John, weaver. 51 Preston 
Morrow John, weaver, 111 Pearce 
Morrow John, carpenter, 155 Hanover 
Morrow Mary Ann, Eden s Baltimore 
Morrow Margaret, 47 Lombard 
Morrow Patrick K. carrier, 134 Ross 
Morrow Paul, 206 Mulberry 
Morrow Robt. carpenter, 226 n Howard 
Morrow Saml. W. block and pump maker, 112 Du- 

gan's Avliarl, dw 101 Ann 
Morrow Saml. weaver, 6 Jackson's court 
Morrow Wm. painter, 734 w Baltimore 
Morry Geo. collector, 363 n Gay 
Morse Adam, cabinet maker, 178 Stirling 
Morse Chas. engineer, 217 s Charles 
Morse Chas. S. firm Lounsbury & M. Henrietta 
Morse Jos. huckster, 219 e Fayette 
Morse Richd. furn. wagoner, 219 e Fayette 
Morse Stephen, machinist, 159 n High 
Morse Wm. dental surgeon, 170 Pearl 

ants' Exchange, s Gay 
Morsell Perry, carter, alley from Poppleton rear of 

Morsey Jas. tinner, 66 Durst al. F. H. 
Morsh Conrad, 219 Happy al 
Morslardt Henry, furnance man, Washington,F. H 
Morsler Henry, tailor, 308 Light 
Mortimer Elizabeth, 125 Bond 
Mortimer Henry, clerk, 126 Sharp 

Mortimer John, shoemaker, 164 Chesnut 
Mortimer John, of custom house, 11 Holland 
Mortimer John W. firm M. & Mowbray, dw 267 

Mortimer John, lumber inspect. Gough st. e Broad- 
Mortimer John, porter, 33 Concord 
MORTIMER & MOWBRAY, importers & deal- 
ers in English, French and German staple and 
fancy goods, 240 Baltimore 
Mortimer Thos. carter, 5 Aby al 
Morton Alex, wheelwright, 316 s Charles 
Morton Frcdk. A. bricklayer, 127 n Eden 
Morton Geo. C. French consul, 23 Exchange build- 
ings, dvr 209 n Howard 
Morton Julia Ann, 287 Lexington 
Morton Margaret, iron store, 110 Dugan's whf 
MORTON & R1ACH, commission, merchants, 63 

; Gay 

Morton Robt. millwright, 193 Aisquith 
Moiton Wash, firm M. & Riach,dw 285 Lexington 
Moser Fredk. car maker, 44 President 
Moser Jacob, tavern ,,23 e Pratt 
Moser M. 204 Gough 
Moses Thos. mate. 154 Ann 
Moshell Ann, lailoress, Shroeder n Baltimore 
Mosher Elizabeth, 64 w Fayette 
Mosher John A. 208 Aisquith 
Mosher Maurice, store keeper, s w cor. L. Greene 

and Barre 
Mosier Christian, tailor, rear 86 Centre Market 
Moss John H. tailor, 3 Potter 
Moss Lewis, laborer, 49 Buren 
Mosser Jacob, tavern, 23 e Pratt 
Mosts Henry, confectioner, 119 Broadway, dw 147 

Canton av 
Moszer Mary, 145 Madison 
Moszrer Chr. R. shoemaker, 16 New 
Moth John, laborer, 116 Canton av 
Mott A. G. agricultural imp. maker, 43 Ensor 
Mott Jas. M. of Union Bank, dw Carey st. Franklin 

Mott Rachel A. 180 Franklin 
Mottfield Chas. silversmith, 107 Penn av 
Mottu Theodore, lumber mt. Penn. av. dw 33 Pearl 
Mouat Capt. Jas. 13 Broadway 
Moulton Jas. F. mt. tailor, 434 w Baltimore 
Moulton Wm. tavern, s e cor. Saratoga & Howard 
Mount Calvary parochial school, Coulbourn teach- 
er, 126 Madison 
Mourer A. furn. dealer, 54 n Eutaw 
Mourer Lainhart, shoemaker, 146 French 
Mouse Peter, laborer, 216 Bethel 




Mowbray Geo. W. firm Mortimer & M. dw 68 

n Front 
Mowbray Rachel, seamstress, 83 Montgomery- 
Mo wel & Harris, pr. cedar point furnace, Boston e 

of Chesapeake 
Mowell Jacob, boiler maker, 61 Bond 
Mowell Peter, firmM. & Harrison, dw Pratt e of 

Moxley Elizabeth, Carpenters' al w of Fremont 
Moxley Walter, tobacconist, 143 Broadway 
Moxley Wm. tin & sheet iron work'r, 74£ Hanover 
Mpzinsjo Alfred S. ladies' shoemkr. 264 n Gav 
Madge Abner B. firm Turner & M. 24 Pleasant 
Muer Ampleton, labr. Jefferson e of Bond 
Muhl Conrad, umbrella maker, 350 Franklin 
Muhl Conrad, laborer, 36 Marion 
Muhl Lewis B. prop, white house, I n Liberty 
Muhlder Geo. dealer rags &iron, 273 Alice Anna 
Muissell Johanna, tin manufacturer, 66 Camden 
Muir Jas. N. grocer & com. mt. 90 Light st whf. dw 

54 Conway 
Muir Uriah, carpenter, 113 Gough 
Mullee Philip, engineer. 90 e Madison 
Muldoon, Mary, 4 Falls 
Mules Isaac, painter, 259 Saratoga 
Mules Thomas, shoemaker, 176 ^Lexington dw 381 

Mulgrew Jno. laborer, 9 Harmony lane 
Mulgrew Michael, grocer, Hartford av. extended 
Mulhare Catharine, Tripolett's alley 
Mulhare Thomas, laborer, 176 Bethel 
Mulhern Michael, grocer, cor. Star al and Bankst 
Mullen Alexander, elothier, 11 Second 
Mullen Alfred, ehair maker, 10 Rose 
Mullen Christopher, clerk, 1 17 Madison 
Mullen Daniel, shoemaker, 271 e Monument 
Mullen Daniel, trader, 59 Holland 
Mullen Edward, boot and shoemaker, 188 Broadway 
Mullen Francis, laborer, 45 French 
Mullen Jas, tobacconist, 96 w Pratt dw 93 n Front 
Mullen James, carter, 92 French 
Mullen Capt. James, 138 s High 
MULLEN JAMES, carver, 53 Philpotdw 20 Lloyd 
Mullen James, tavern keeper, 114 s t. Paul 
Mullen John, tavern, l£ Cuurt house lane 
Mullen John, dry goods dealer, 23 n Eutaw 
Mullen John, tailor, 9 St Paul dw 2 Mulberry 
Mullen John, laborer, 194 n High 
Mullen John, laborer, 27 Harmony lane 
Mullen John, laborer, 50 Union 
Mullen John P. stone cutter, 17 Constitution 
Mullen Owen, foundryraan, 170 Wolf 

Mullen Patrick, pedlar, 59 Holland 
Mullen Patrick, grocer, 120 Lancaster 
Mtillen Peter, grocer, corner Baltimore & Fremont 
MULLEN THOMAS, Jr. coachmaker, 77 Holi- 
day, dw 80 n High 
Mullen Thomas, laborer, 147 s Eden 
Muller Augustus, tobacco shipper, 75 Light st. whf. 

dw. 172 Sharp 
Muller Ann, 88 s High 

Muller Arthur, grocer, corner Davis and Bath 
Muller Jas. N. & Philip H. mar. railway &. block 

makers, Philpot, dw J. N. M. 103 Broadway 
Muller John, piano maker, 9 s Greene 
Mu'ler John, printer, 165 e Baltimore 
Muller Julius E. music teacher, 69 n Eutaw 
Muller Louis, paper hanger, 54 Baltimore 
Muller Lewis C. 175 e Baltimore 
Muller Lndolph, surveyor, 200 Alice Anna 
Muller Mrs. dry goods dealer, 106 Mulberry 
Muller Mary J. grocer, 170 e Fayette 
Muller Philip H. firm J.N. & P. H. M. 42s Spring 
Muller Wm. grocer, n. w. corner Spring and Bank 
Mullett Thomas. hackman,192 Eden 
Mulligan James, huckster, Constitution st. corner 
Mulligan Rose A. 3 w Baltimore 
Mulligan Thomas grocer, 102 Hartford av 
Mulligan Mary, dress maker, 134 Lexington 
MuUikin O. W. teacher, 49 Montgomery 
Mullikin James, machinist. Holhns market space 
Mullikin Thomas, shoemaker, 85 e Lombard 
Mullin Patrick F. tailor, dw 259 n Gay 
Mulley John M. ladies' shoemaker, 12 Pine 
MULLIN THOMAS, jr. coachmkr. 73 & '5 North. 

dw80 n High 
Mulhnix Wm. H. grocer, 250 Franklin dw Chats- 
Mulroy Henry, waiter, 44 St. Mary's 
Mulvany Joseph, 419 w Lombard 
Mulvey Owen, liquor dealer, 33 s Frederick 
Mullynix Catharine, tavern, 86 McElderry's whf, 
Mulze Mary C. huckster, 136 Ensor 
Mumma David, butcher, 26 Hartford ar 
Mumma Jacob, butcher, McKira n of Eager 
Mumma Mary, st 
Munch Theodore, boot and shoe maker, 461 w 

Munck Geo. laborer, Ramsay w of Poppleton 
Muncks Jno. & Co tobacconists, 14 n. Howard, dw 

J. M 234 Madison av 
MUNCKS LEWIS A. dealer in German, French 

and Eng. fancy goods, 309 Baltimore 
Munday Charles, tailor, 104 North 




Munday Nicholas, blacksmith, 286 Eastern av. 
Munder Chas F. baker & confectioner, 27 s Liberty 
Munder Lewis F. confec. & fruiter, 185 w Pratt 
Munnis Alexander & Jno. grocers, 83 Hilleu 
Muhson Capt Saml. A mariner, 164 Ann 
Munre Nathaniel, 87 Hanover 
iVlunroe Col. Isaac, firm M., Jones St McJilton of 

Baltimore Patriot, d\v 53 Lexington 
Munsier Robert, cooper, 210 Alice Anna 
Muniz James, tavern, s e corner Bath and North 
Mur Jacob, tailor, 23 carpenter's alley 
Murdoch Alexander, firm W, F & A. M. Pennsyl 

vania av. extended 
Murdoch Charles, firm M. & Robinson, Penn. av n 

of Fremont st 
Murdoch Catharine, boarding house, 210 w Pratt 
Murdoch, Duer & Co. dry goods jobbers, 247 Balto 
Murdock liannnh, 1 Low 
Murdoch John, laborer, 94 Boyd 
Murdoch Misses, bonnet &. fancy goods dealers, 160 

Murdoch Richard, scales man., 46 s Charles dw 158 

Murdoch Robert, drayman, 518 w Pratt 
Murdoch Thomas, firm M. Duer & Co. 107 St Paul 
Murdoch Tbos. spike maker, Washington st dw cor 

Windsor and Cambridge, Canton. 
MURDOCH W.F. & A. dry goods importers, 14 s 

Charles, dw VV. F, Mt. Vernon pi. cor Cathedral 
Murdock C. wooden ware man. cor Calvert &t Lom'd 
Murdock John, printer, 64 Albemarle 
Murdy, Thomas, net maker, 121 Fremont 
Murgotten John, blacksmith, n w cor Wolf & Pratt 
Muinick John, musician, 11 Josephine 
Murphy Bathoiomew, milk dealer, 9 French 
Murphy Catharine, huckster, 12 Orleans 
Murphy Geo. W. ladies' shoemaker, 108McE)derry 
Muiphy Hugh, carter, 317 e Monument 
Murphy Jane, grocer, St James near Madison 
Murphy James, drayman, Bedford al 
Mirphy James, cabinet maker, 22 Poppleton 
Murphy James J. teacher, 191 n Eden 
Murphy Jesse D. butcher, sw corner Ensor& Eager 
Murphy John M. carpenter, 22 n High 
Murphy John, tailor, 302 n Howard 
Murphy John, bottler, 182 e. Monument 
Murphy John, mason, 118 e Madisoo 
Murphy John & Jno. Lee, tavern keepers. South st. 

95 n Calvert 
Murphy John, laborer, 209 Chestnut 
Murphy John, laborer, 16 s High 
Murphy John, machinist.. 36 Hillen 

MURPHY JOHN & Co. printers, publishers, book- 
sellers and stationers, 178 Baltimore, dw J. M. 
Barnum's Hotel 

Murphy John, laborer, 144 Happy al 

Murphy John, jr. paper carrier, 163 Fremont 

Murphy John, laborer, 356 Wolf 

Murphy John T. laborer, 287 Canton av 

Murphy John, 106 Fremont 

Murphy Lavinia, 133 Potter 

Murphy Margaret, 61 Bethel 

Murphy Mary, 61 George 

Murphy Mary, 278 Canton av 

Murphy Michael, painter, 38 Pearl 

Murphy Patrick, laborer, 186 e Lombard 

Murphy Patrick, laborer Armistead lane 

Murphy Peter, laborpr, 72 Cross 

Murphy Philip, teacher, 41 Rock 

Murphy Capt. Thomas S. 170 Ann 

Murphy Thomas, shoemaker, Dallas s of Fayette 

Murphy Thomas, carpenter, 300 n Howard 

Murphy Thomas, laborer, 160 Orleans 

Murphy Thomas, firm Dobbin, Murphy & Bose, of 
American, 20 e Fayette st 

Murphy Dr. Thomas L. 88 Gough 

Murphy Thomas, machinist, 20 Armistead lane 

Murray Arthur, grocer, 67 East 

Murray Bridget, confectioner, Saratoga near Calv't 

Murray Catharine, grocer, cor. Lombard St Oregon 

Murray David, salesman, 145 Sharp 

Murray Edward, carpenter, 279 n Gay 

Murray Elizabeth, 9 New Church 

Murray Fred, shoemaker, Boehm's lot, Freedom st. 

Mumy Henry, cellar digger, 194Hollins 

Murray Henry, shoemaker, 44 Harmony lane 

Murray Heron C. carver and draughtsman, over 125 
Baltimore, dw 53$ n Eutaw 

Murray James, bricklayer, 153 e Monument 

Murray Jas. C. grocer, 64 German, dw 432 w Balto. 

Murray James, laborer. Cambridge e of Windsor, 

Murray James, 31 Centre 

Murray James, grocer. 182 n Eden 

Murray Jas. machinist, 21 York, dw 38 G. Hughes 

Murray James, machinist, 109$ Biddle 

Murray John blacksmith, 53 Bank 

Murray Capt. John B. cor. Windsor and Cambridge 
sis., Canton 

Murray John, malster, 514 Oregon 

Murray John P. clerk, 195 Madison av 

Murray Levi, chair maker, 263 Biddle st 

Murray Mr. laborer, Baltimore w of Oregon 

Murray Margaret, dress maker, 95 Lexington 




Murray Mary, dress make:, 46 St Mary's 

Murray Matthew H. real estate broker, 8 'Second, 
dw 311 e Baltimore. 

Murray Michael, steward, 218 Gough 

Murray Michael, 59 Montgomery 

Murray Moses, carpenter, 74 n Eden 

Murray Owen, paver, 78 Buren 

Murray Patrick, laborer, 81 William 

Murray Patrick, watchman, 49 Davis 

Murray Richard G. carpenter, 287 Saratoga st 

Murray Thomas, grocer, 126 St. Paul 

Murray Thomas, carter, 11 French 

Murray Thomas, laborer, Canals of Bank 

Murray Thomas, 4 Hill 

Murray William, shoemaker, 68 Centre markt. sp 

Murray William, machinist, 187 Aisquith 

Murray William, mason, 9 Saratoga 

Murray William, cab. maker, 224 Mulberry 

Murray William T. shoemaker, rear 59 Dover 

Murtha James, laborer, 15 Mercer 

Musch John E. av. w of Eden 

Museum Balto. and Gallery of Fine Arts, corner 
Balto. and Calvert, Jno. E. Owens, prop. 

Musgrave Andrew, cooper, cor. Gable & Patterson 

Musgrave Rev. Geo. W. D. D. pastor 3d Presb. ch. 
79 n Eutaw 

Musgrave James, tanner and currier, 117 n Front 

Mushett Waller, 17 Mulberry 

Mussel Robt. mariner, Patapsco al 

Musselman Jacob, carpenter, 38 Chew 

Musselinan John, letter carrier, 27 Columbia 

Mu.ssman Henry, 124 s Howard 

Musman Henry, tavern keeper, 17 Cowpen al 

Muth George, shoemaker, 132 Low 

Muth Sebastian, laborer, Penn. av, n of Fremont st 

Mutual Fire and Marine Insurance Co. of Balto, 
Couamerc'l build'g, cor. Lombard & Gay. Ed- 
mund Didier, President. 

Mutze Adam, tailor, Register n of Lombard 

Myer Adam, cab. maker, Monument e of Buren 

Myer Ann, 60 e Fayette 

Myer Caroline, store keeper, 108 Lancaster 

Myer Christopher, grocer, 247 Ann 

Myer Charles, butcher, 116 s Greene 

Myer Conrad, shoemaker, 70 Mulberry 

Myer D. 97 n Exeter 

Myer Frederick, cabinet maker, 21 Rock 

Myer George, pedlar, 108 Franklin 

Myer Henrich, cab. maker, 33 Clay dw 72 n Liberty 

Myer Henry, laborer, 63 Henrietta 

Myer Henr3', coach painter, 21 Monument 

Myer Henry, 254 Ann 

Myer Hezekiah, shoemaker, 15 Perry 

Myer Jas, & Co. grocers and com. nits. 65 s Calvert 

dw 123 Hanover 
Myer John, store keeper, 322 n Howard 
Myer John, laborer, 14 e Pratt 

Myer upholsterer, 62 Oregon 

Myer John, shoemaker, 98 s Howard 

Myer Lawrence, tinner, 72 n Liberty 

Myer Lewis, clothier, 108 Franklin 

Myer Nathan, 2d hand variety goods dealer 82 

Myer Thos. J, firm Shriver &M. 178 Sharp 
Myer Wm. pattern maker, s w cor. Greene &Barr» 
Myer Wm. laborer, 265 Forest 
Myer Wm. grocer, 39 Block 
Myers Alex, shipping master, dw 191 Canton av 
Myers Ann, 192 Chestnut 
Myers Benj. firm B. & F. M. dw 74 s Eutaw 
Myers B. & F. cigar box makers, 24 s Liberty 
Myers Chas. butcher, 154 Penn. av 
Myers Chas. 168 Pearl 
Myers Chas. shoemaker, 13 Carpenter's al 
Myers Chas. teamster, Harford av extd 
Myers Chas. R. cabinet maker, Penn. av. n of Mc- 

Mechin st 
MYERS & CONKLING, hair dressing saloon and 

perfumery, 9 Sharp, dw Penn. av 
Myers Capt. Edward, mariner, Bond s of Pratt 
Myers Edward, baker, Parkin s of Lombard 
Myers Fredk. R. firm B. & F. M. dw 99 s Howard 
Myers Fredk. box maker, Liberty near German 
Myers Fredk. tinner, dw 265 Light 
Myers Geo. omnibus driver, 15 Republican 
Myers Harman H. carpenter, Sharp, dw 207 Han- 
over st 
Myers Henrietta, 68 Hampstead 
Myers Henry, boot maker, 205 Bethel 
Myers Henry, box maker, 194s Eutaw 
Myers Henry, laborer, Eden st. s of Eastern av 
Myers Henry, justice of the peace, 58 Sharp, dw 20 

Myers Henry, laborer, 263 Broadway 
Myers Isaiah, shoemaker, 137 e Monument 
Myers Jacob, jr. china dealer, 168 Broadway, dw n 

e cor. Broadway and Gough 
Myers J. G. clothes scourer, 89 Aisquith 
Myers Jacob, tanner, 179 Orleans 
Myers Capt. Jas. mariner, 64 Block 
Myers John, boat builder, York e of William 
Myers John, cabinet maker, 85 Orleans 
Myers John, seaman, 8 Warner 
Myers John H. painter, 358 Light 




Myers John, tailor, 61 McElderry 

Myers John W, firm Hynson & M. 598 w Bait 

Myers John, plaisterer, 1 Brune 

Myers Joshua, interpreter city court, 75 Gough 

Myers Joseph, 57 AicHenry 

Myers Joseph, umbrella maker, 217 Bethel 

Myers Mrs. Capt. John, 64 Block 

Myers Mary A. boarding house, 175 Chesnut 

Myers Mich. G. painter,' 19 Hillen 

Myers Oliver P. clerk, ^19 w Fayette 

Myers Philip, dry goods dealer, 187 n Gay 

Myers Rich, box maker, 99 s Howard 

Myers Sarah, Ann s of Gough 

Myers Sophia, 35 Fell 

Myers Stephen, tailor, 158 Saratoga 

Myers Susan, 105 Hanover 

Myers Susannah, 77 Mulberry 

Myers Timothy, butcher, 497w Pratt 

Myers Tobias, pedlar, 165 n Eden 

Myers Wrn. shoemaker, 189 Bethel 

Myers Uapt. Wm. mariner, 151 Ann 

Myers Wm. H. clerk, 59 s Paca 

Myers Wm. tavern, 9 Fell 

Myers Mrs. Wm. 103 e Pratt 

Mylau Henry, laborer, 209 Bethel 

Myles Chas. police officer, 137 e Bait 

Myles John, blacksmith, 51 Davis 

Myles Patrick, merchant tailor, 179 Light 

Myles Sarah B. boarding house, 43 Albemarle 

My rick Capt. Joseph, 54 s Exeter 
Myrone Chnstr. tanner, 300 e Monument 
~Nace John M. millwright, Fremont s of George 

Nachman Abm. dry goods merchant, 106 n Exeter 

Nachman Jacob, grocer, 80 s Spring 

Nack John, laborer, 77 Jefferson 

Nadal R.ev. Bernard H. 39 Fawn 

Naff Edward II. engine keeper, 1S6 Lexington 

Naff John H. home and foreign agent, 590 w Balto 
office basement of cor. Lexington and North sts 
see card 

Nagel Conrad, shoemaker, 207 Ensor 

Nagel Henry, tailor, 23 Run al 

JNaghel Capt. Saml. manner, 239 Gough 

Nagle Andrew, baker, 209 s Bond 

Nagle Edward, shoemaker, Republican sof Lomb'd 

Nagle Fredk. cigar maker, 29 Mctienry 

Nagle Henry, chair painter, 95 York 

Nagle Patrick, 35 Centre 

Nagle Peter, laborer, 126 Albermarle 

Nagle Philip, laborer, 19U Happy al- 

Nail Jacob, shoemaker, 81 Eastern av 

Nailor Joh», shoe»aker, Ea§t. av. w «f Exeter st 

Nailor Saml. T. carpenter, 13j n Eden 

Nairn & Co's lottery and exchange office, 50 h Paca 

Nairn Dr. John C. dw 3i)0 Lexington 

Nails Benj. F. painter, 52 Holliday 

Nally Rich, grocer, 36 New Church 

Nalte Joseph, tailor, 22 Park 

Namuth Fredk. T. cabinet maker and undertaker, 

14 n Frederick 
Nant John, brickla3 r er, 198 Raborg 
Nant John, bricklayer, 198 Fayette 
Nahtz Ann, 21 Jackson 
Nantz John, straw cutter. 425 Saratoga 
Napier John, pattern maker, 44 Henrietta 
Nash Ephraim, laborer, 35 Durst al 
Nash Evan, foundry man, 71 Hamburg 
Nash Hester, Chester st. n of Eastern av 
Nash Jas. carter, 122 William 
Nash John W. shoemaker, 164 Broadway 
Nash Patrick, laborer, Canton av. w of Caroline st 
Nash Wm. boiler maker, 63 Hamburg 
Nason Capt. Wm. C. 65 s Caroline 
Nass Justus, shoemaker, 12 Liberty 

of Baltimore, John Pickel, president, 13 South 
Nattali Alice, corset maker, 2 s Front 
Nattali Mary, corset maker, 49 s Liberty 
Naizerain Fredk. laborer, 280 Dallas 
Nanfel John, tailor, 42 President 
Naughton Mich, tavern, 13 s Front 
Naugle Geo. boot fitter, 176 East 
Neal Henry, shoemaker, 17 Warren 
Neal Jas. laborer, 6 Tyson al 
Neal Margaret, 95 n Caroline 
Neal Wm. drayman, 203 Light 
Neale Franc, him N. & Luckett, dw 263 w Lomb'd 
x\eale J. G. bricklayer, 125 Sharp 
Neale John T. grocer & com, mt. 7 Bowly's whf 
NEALE JOSEPH, publisher, 3 Bank lane 
NEALE & LUCKETT, tobaceoand produce com- 
mission merchants, over 3 Light st. wharf 
Neale Mrs. Mary, 50 West 
Neale Peter, laburer, 75 Ross 
Nealer Conrad, locksmith, 190 Lexington 
Neanabor Joseph, laborer, 40 Durst al, F. H« 
Nearman Henry, blacksmith, 20 New Church 
Nechman M. dry goods dealers, 298 s Bond 
Necht John, carter, Paca s of Fremont 
NEE L>H AM ASA, grocer and commission mer- 
chant, 104 Light st. wharf, dw 177 Charles 
Needham Hannah, 117 Wolf 

Needham John, well digger, 21 Diamond 
Needles Edward, dw 269 w Lombard 




Needles Elizab. dry goods dealer, 56 Hanover 
Needles John & Sod, dry goods dealers, 54 Hanover 
Needner Fredk, blacksmitn, 219 w Pratt 
Neibergal John, tailor, 278 n Etitavv 
Neibert Jacob, laborer, 12 Star al 
Neibert John A. milkman, 275 s Bond 
Neibling Jacob, shoemaker, 46 Biddle al 
Neidhardt Fredk. laborer, Abey al 

ieidur Gust, sculptor, 9 n Liberty 
NeighofT Jacob, carpenter, Poppleton w of Saratoga 
Neihoo Fredk. laborer, 4 Dewberry al 
Neiley Rich. W. car maker, Thames, dw 113 Ann 
Neill Capt. Fredk. mariner^ 210 Aisquith 
Neill James, salesman, House's ct. s Charles st 
Neill John, weaver, 45 Preston 
Neilson Albert B. attorney at law, 13 St. "Paul st' 

up stairs 
Neilson Ann A. 300 Lexington 
Neilson Catharine, boarding house, 27 n Eutaw 
Neilson Geo. 81 n Calvert 
Neilson Joseph jr. clerk, 84 n Caroline 
Neilson Joseph, carpenter, Preston st. near Madi- 

, son avenue 
Neilson Nancy, 51 Courtland 
Neilson Theophilus, laborer, Chester s of Gougb. 
Neilson Thos. N. prop. Marine Observatory & Sig- 
nal house, F. Hill, dw 31 Albermarle 
Neilson Win. bricklayer, 1(14 n Caroline 
Neily St Kimball, oar makers, 125 Thames 
Neily Rich. W. firm N. & Kimball, dw 113 Ann 
Neimeyer John H. firm Thos. R. Matthews & Co. 

142 Lee 
Neimeyer Harman, sen. carpenter, 148 Sharp 

Nek John, laborer, 114 Canton av 

Neksweinder Francis, fly net maker, 177 Bond 

Nelson &. Henry, mt. tailors, 68 Exchange place 

Nelson Henry, grocer, 11 Fell 

Nelson Jas. machinist, 3 Hollins 

Nelson John, attorney at law, 37 St. Paul 

Nelson John Fredk. mate, 231 Ann 

Nelson JosephJR. coach maker, 76 Millikin 

Nelson Mary,. 1 Tripoletl's al 

Nelson Peter, mate, 97 Lancaster ■ 

Nelson Peter, rigger, 226 s Bond 

Nelson Robt. laborer, 14 Armisfead lane 

Nelson Wakeman, merchant tailor, 42 w Fayette 
dw I Jackson 

NELSON WM. B. justice of peace, basement Ma. 
sonic Hall, Fayette st 

Nelson Wiu. mariner, 216 Canton av 

Nelz Nich. laborer, 27 Monument 

Nepier Wm. sawyer, 56 Hill 

Nepput Ballzer, cracker baker, Albermarle g of 

Nesa Alfred, 194 n Eutaw 
Ness Mary, 175 Eastern av 
Ness Wm. H. manner, 36 Lewis 
Sletning Chas. shoemaker, 340 Saratoga 
Neuherth Mich, confectioner, 3 s Paca 
Neurath Ernest, boot and shoemaker, 21 a Liberty 
Neurome Peter, laborer, Chesapeake st. Canton 
Neuvelle Joseph, printer, over s e cor.Charlet. and 

Neveker Peter, bell hanger, 250 s Charles 
Nevil Peter, carpenter, 165 Pen n av 
Nevitt Jas. C. book keeper, 23 Hamilton 
Nevitt Wm. 96 Front 
Newann Julia, 127 n Paca 
Newbell John D. shoemaker, 503 w Bait 
NEWCOMER & STONEBRAKER, flour dealers 

and commission merchants, 53-55 s Howard 
Newcomer B. Frank, of firm, 286 w Lombard 
Newcomer Lewis, clerk Post office, 305 Fayette 
Newell Jas. tinner, 287 s Charles 
Newell Joseph, printer, s e cor. Pratt and Charles 
Newell Peter, firm Gregory & N. 176 s Eutaw 
Newell Win. H. printer, 203 Orleans 
Newhaus Rev. Fr. miss'y to Jews, 233 e Monument 
Newhouse Carston, laborer, Fremont near Eutaw 
Newhonse Wm. cabinet maker, 214 Fayette 
Newman Casper, cabinet maker, 44 Mullikin 
Newman Elias R. firm E. R. N. & Bro. dw 3 Pine 
Newman Jas. ostler, 19 Clay 

Newman Mrs. Joseph, dry goods dealer, 505'w Bait 
Newman Jos. 2,1 hand variety dealer, 143 Orleans 
Newman J. & E. piano makers, n w corner Lom- 
bard and Oregon 
Newman Joseph & Bro. piano forte makers, 505 w 

Newman Rachel, 71 Orleans- 
Newman Saml. & Co. clothiers, 119 w Pratt, dw C. 

Newman Saml. clothier, 50 s Charles 
Newman Wm. W. carpenter, Frederick s of Lom- 
bard, dw 68 n Exeter 
Newmeyer Aug. laborer, 418 w Pratt 
Newmeyer Fredk. engraver, 20 New Church 
Newmiller Lewis, laborer, 198 Raborg 
Newnam Geo. N. leather inspector, 165 n Eutaw 
Newnon Joseph J. watchman, 244 e Pratt 
Newton Chas. painter, 161 East 
Newton Isaac, shoemaker, 403 Lexington 
Newton John, Castle al. n of Bank st 
Newton Mary, Amity s of Saratoga 




Newton Thos. ladies' shoemaker, 129 Pine 
Newton Thos. comb maker, 405 Saratoga 
Newton University and preparatory school, 11 Lex- 
ington, H. W. Heath principal 
Newton Wm. comb maker, 407 Lexington 
Newviller John, paver, cor. Bond and Lombard 
New York & Bait, transportation line steamboats, 

office 3 Light st. whf. A. J. A. Shriver, agent 
Niblet John, blacksmith, 69 n Eden 
Nice Augustus, brass founder, 190 Ensor 
Nice John, tinner, Edward 
Nice Mary Ann, 187 Ensor 
Nichol Edwd. carpenter, 5 Dover 
Nichol Wm. bricklayer, 79 Ann 
Nicholas Augustus porter, 45 s Liberty 
Nicholas Casper, baker and conf. 173 n Eden 
Nicholas F. Wm. painter, 156 Canton av 
NICHOLAS J. S. attorney at law, 6 Court House 

lane, dw 39 Lexington 
Nicholas John, gardner, 188 n Eden 
Nicholas Wilson N. 37 Mulberry 
Nicholds Jas. gold leaf manui. 153 Potter 
Nichols Adam, tinner, 113 Wolf 
Nichols Benj. barber, CS Holliday 
Nichols Chas. D. ship, masier, 124 sBond 
Nichols Elizab. Boston near Clinton st. Canton 
Nichols Jas. stevadore, ^85 Alice Anna 
Nichols Robt. laborer. 47 Davis 
Nichols Saml. T. saddler, 32 George 
Nichols Thos. marketman, 53 Davis 
Nichols Wm. shingle shaver, 136 Sharp 
Nichols Wm. huckster, 186 East 
Nichols Zachariah, brickmaker, 277 s Charles 
Nicholson Alex, bacon dealer, 242 e Fayette 
Nicholson Andw. tavern, I Greene 
Nicholson Chas. F. chair maker, Canal n Pratt 
Nicholson Danl. confectioner, 77 n Howard 
Nicholson Eliza, seamstress, 878 Baltimore 
Nicholson Elizabeth, 32 Thames 
Nicholson Geo. police officer, 771 w Baltimore 
NICHOLSON GUSTAVUS, lottery and exchange 

office, 26 Baltimore, dw 40 n High 
Nicholson Henry, baker, 105 Orleans 
Nicholson Isaac, 32 Front 

Nicholson J.J. & Bro. exchange office, 1 & 3 s Sharp 
Nicholson Jacob C. firm Reiuhardt & Co. 64 High 
Nicholson Jacob, laborer, 94 William 
Nicholson James, currier, 55 McHenry 
Nicholson John, feed dealer, 110 Camden 
Nicholson John, butcher, Baltimore st extd 
Nicholson John, firm J. N. & Bro. 443 Baltimore 
Nicholson Thos. cUrrier, K)"McHenry 

Nicholson Thos. book binder, 60 Fremont 

Nicholson Wm. H. iron & rag dealer, 125 Camden 

Nicholson Wm. baker, 1 n Eden 

Nick Abelonia, 177 Alice Anna 

Nickerson Chas. & Edwd. grocers, 71 Lexington 

Nickerson P. A. 71 Lexington 

Nicklas Conrad, watch maker and jeweller, 470 

Nickum John, engineer, 203 Light 
Nicodemus Jeremiah, firm Johnson & N. whiskey 

dealers, 383 Baltimore, dw 179 Mulberrv 
Nicodemus Josiah C. firm Smith & N. 183"Mulb'y 
Nicolai Caroline, 136 Sharp 

Nicolai John C. ladies' shoemaker, 89 and 564 Bal- 
timore, dw ltf6 s Howard 
Nicolaus John, laborer, 261 Happy al 
Nicoll Wm. D. plaisterer, 183 e Pratt 
Nieberlin John, laborer, 268 s Bond 
Niebers Jacob, tailor, 90 Eastern av 
NIELSON JOHN, lottery dealer, 85 Thames 
Niemyer John, 279 Raborg 

Niernsee John R. firm N &■ Nielson, dw 28 Barnet 
Niernsee 5t Nielson, architects and civil engineers, 

over 70 w Fayette 
Nieshaffer L. laborer. 14 Slemmer's al 
Niles Elizab. dress maker, 50 s Liberty 
Nili Adam, music teacher, 12 e Lombard 
Nimmo John E. furniture dealer, 200 s Bond 
Nimmo J. R. & Co. druggists, s e cor. Exeter and 

Nimmo Wm. T. apothecary, 232 Alice Anna 
MNDE JAMES chronometer and watch maker, 

lis Gay 
Ninde Jas. C. attorney at law, 26 St. Paul, dw 11 s 

Ningardt Fredk. porter, 93 n Calvert 
Nipold John, carpet weaver, 35 Caroline 
Nippard Geo. 391 n Gay 
Nix Jacob, tailor, 60£ Forest 
Nixdorf Tobias, wholesale dry goods mt. over 309 

Baltimore, dw 322 Fayette 
Nixon John, meal and flour seller, 68 York av 
Nizer Wm. H. bricklayer, 155 n Eden 
Noah Jos. laborer, 209 Ensor 
Noble Christopher, baker, 241 n Canal 
Noble David, foundry man, 29 Gkidings 
Noble Eleanor, 38 s Frederick 
Noble Jas. butter dealer, 205} Broadway 
Noble John, seaman, 133 n Caroline 
Noble Lester, dental surgeon, 38 n Charle9 
Noble Rev. Mason, 66 Courtland 
Noblet John, boiler maker, 12 William 




Noblet Sarah, 1 Hilt 

Nock Middleton, blacksmith, 27 Canal 

Nockton Owen, tavern keeper, 41 Low 

Noething August, laborer, 82 Lancaster 

Noitin Mich, liquor dealer, 66 Greenmount av 

Nogle Wm. furnace man, Clinton st. Canton 

Noie Bemhart, milk man, Light st. extd 

Nolan Gee. H. mariner, 125 Alice Anna 

Nolan Henry, millwright, 110 Hill 

Nolan John, ship carpenter, 135 Alice Anna 

Nolan Matthew, tailor, 25 New Church 

Nolan P. F. tavern, 19 Water 

Nolan Spencer, firm Geo. Bartlett & Co. dw Eutaw 

Noldmaial John, cabinet maker, 27 Pearl 
Nolen John C. hatter, 44 Somerset n Chew 
Noler Mrs. 67 Richmond 
Noll Adam, laborer, 136 Canton av 
Noll Henry, cooper, 57 Oregon 
Nolte Fredk. shoemaker, 98 s Howard 
Nolting Chas. hosiery and trim, dealer, 25 n Eutaw 
Nonan Patrick, carter, Hampstead e Bond 
Noneinaker Danl. cor. Eager and Ensor 
Nonemaker Geo. grocer, cor. Eager st & Harford av 
Nonemaker Jonas, grocer, 126 York av 
Nones & Go's lottery and exchange office, n e cor. 

Baltimore and Liberty 
Nones Jos. firm N. & Co. dw 342 n Gay 
Noon Patrick, laborer, Happy al s Pratt st 
Noonan Edwd. cooper, 182 Chesnut 
Noonan Matthew, laborer, Raborg w Pearl 
Norbeck Wm. carpenter, 12 Vine, dw 22 Josephine 
Nordt C. wheelwright, Canal w Pratt 
Norelet Christian, wheelwright, Canal, dw Orleans 

e Broadway 
Norfolk John, shoemaker, 65 Hamburg 
Norfolk John H. clerk, 172 German 
Norfolk Thos. H. bricklayer, Pratt e Canal 
Norman Anthony M. Wolf s Gough 
N orman Benj. laborer, 137 Spring 
Norman Geo. fisher, 68 Durst al. F. H. 
Norman John R shoemaker, 86$ Centre Market, 

dw 15 s Caroline 
Norman Mich. S. com. mt. 75 Smith's wharf 
Norman W. C. tobacco dealer, Smith's whf. dwcor. 

Baltimore and Carey 
NORRIS & ADAMS, ship chandlers, grocers and 

coal dealers, 7 Thames 
Norris Andw. J. tobac. 280$ Baltimore, dw Mulb'y 
Norris Aquilla J. cabinet maker, 16 Chew 
Norris Mrs. B. B. dress maker, 343 Baltimore 
Norris Benj. F. cleric, 7 Hollins 

Norris Benj.F. grocer and produce dealer, 10 Eu- 
taw build. Baltimore st. dw 7 Hollins 

Norris & Brothers, imp. and dealers hardware, 248 

NORRIS, CALWELL & CO. grocers and tea 
dealers, 318 Baltimore 

Norris Chas. S. firm Duer, N. &. Co. dw Madison av 
n Dolphin st 

Norris Charlotte, 335 Fayette 

Norris & Dulany, tobacconists, 42 Entaw 

Norris Edwd. S. silk goods dealer, 237 Baltimore, 
dw 85 St. Paul 

Norris Edwd. shoemaker, 236 n Eden 

Norris Elizabeth, 131 n Caroline 

Norris G. Somerville, firm N. & Bro. 121 n Charles 

Norris Geo. W. firm N. & Bro. dw 108 Fayette 

Norris Dr. H. s e cor. Broadway and Pratt st 

Norris Hamilion S. shoemaker, 109 Fremont 

Norris Capt. Isaac H. 101 Broadway 

Norris Isaac, trimmer, Fort road, Locust Point 

Norris Jacob S. joiner, 307 e Baltimore 

Norris Jas. ship carpenter, 187 e Pratt 

Norris Jas. H. clerk, 86 Eastern av 

Norris John C. firm Norris, Caldwell & Co. dw 121 
s Sharp 

Norris John D. firm N. & Dulany, 213 Mulberry 

Norris John H. clerk, 79 s Paca 

Norris Jonathan, clerk Record office, 225 Aisquith 

Norris Jos.H. carpenter, 36 Maiden lane 

Norris Jos. brickmaker, 49 Hampstead 

Norris Joshua, agent, 445 w Lombard 

Norris Mr. tobacconist, 213 Mulberry 

Norris Neilson, bailiff, 134 Aisquith 

Norris Oliver, mdse. broker, Commerce 

Norris Richd. jr. firm N. & Bros, dw 9 Franklin. 

Norris Saml. plaisterer, 139 Madison 

Norris Saml. collector and property agent, 49 Man- 
sion House, dw Gilman's Hotel 

Norris Thos. stove dealer, 49 s Calvert, dw 122 6 

Norris Thos. M. preparer custom house papers, 34 

Norris Thos. R. clerk, 116 Ensor 

Norris W. J. clerk, Trinity e High 

Norris Wm. wheelwright, 146 Greenmount av 

Norris Wm. B. firm Norris, Caldwell & Co. dw 80 

Norris Wm. Henry, attorney at law, Calvert s of 
Fayette, dw 96 Monument 

North Edward, jr. ship carpenter, Eastern av e of 

North Edwd. watchman, 286 Alice Anna 




North Jas firm Spedden & N. -217 Light 

North J .is. II. manner, 110 Hamburg 

North Jas. bricklayer, 17 Henrietta 

Not ih Capi. John, wood dealer, 247 Light 

North John VV. blacksmith; Canton av e Wash 

ington st 
Norm man Susan, 4 Lovely lane 
Nortmari Henry, laborer, 273 Alice Anna 
Nortman Lawrence, tailor. 84£ Hamburg 
Nortman Mary Ann, tailoress, G2^ Cross 
Nortman Mary Ann. 185 Fremont 
Norton Mich, grocer, 52 Forest 
Norton Nathl. B. bacon inspector, Burgundy al s of 

Fremont st 
Norton Thos. M. blacksmith, 12 Ross' 
Norton Win shoemaker. 62 Cross 
N tuood Edwd. 133 e Monument 
Norwood Jacob, moulder, 57 Hillen 
N oi wood John, jr. laborer, Green's ct. Hamburg st 
Not wood John, grocer and provison dealer, 313 and 

315 Saratoga 
Norwood John, 23 Spring 

Norwood Richd. laborer, Pleasant al e Washing, st 
Norwood T. & B. C. grocers, in Hillen 
Norwood Thos. laborer, House's ct. sChrles st 
Norwood Capt. Thos. W. Spring n Lombard 
Nossel Bennet, shoemaker, 224 Lexington 
Note John, tailor, 182 Park 
Nothous John, last maker, 10G Eastern av 
Nottifeer August, 29 Fawn 
Nougues Jos. bricklayer, 307 w Lombard 
Nouse V\ r m. paver, 392 Saratoga 
Now land — — , steamboat clerk, 142 Hanover 
Nowland John, tinner, 1 1 4 ^ North 
Noyes Benj. engineer. 124 McHenry 
Noyes Dr. Enoch, dental surgeon, 41 Fremont 
Nuberth Michl. confectioner, 3 s Paca 
Nuebert John A. tavern, 319 s Bond 
Nugent Barnet. laborer, 34 Addison 
Nugent Fredk. collar & harness maker, 545 w Bait. 
Nugent Jane, 2 George 
Nugent John, wadding: manuf. 42 Hanover 
Nugent Michl. laborer, 110 Madison 
Nugent Michl. grocer, 254 Canton av 
Ntuent Sylvester, engineer. Madison e Caroline 
.it Tnos. prop. Franklin House, 125 Franklin 
at Wm domestic produce and com. mt. 169 

Numsen Fredk. baker, 105 Ross 
Numsen John VV. 33 s Paca 
NUMSEN THOMAS, pickling and preserving 

establishnifetot, 13 Lr'ht 

Nunnenmaker Andw. carpenter, West w Charles 

Nunon Dennis, painter, 173 e Lombard 

Nusbaum Henry, dry goods dealer, 209 Broadway 

Nnsbaum Jos. clothier, 101 n Gay 

Nuslein John, coachsmith, 80 n Caroline 

Nuslein John, turner, 41 Bank 

Nnss John, laborer, 235 s Bond 

Nussear Jas. H. salesman, 20G Biddle 

Nuthaus Christian, wheelwright, 251 e Monument 

Nutter Henry P. gas fitter, &c. Holliday s Saratoga, 

dw 2 Diamond 
Nuttz Martin, carter, 31 Slemmer's al 
Nyburg Saml. clothier and Thomsonian medicine, 

1G w Pratt 
Oastkr Adam, grocer, s e cor. Hill and Sharp 
Obendertfer Andw. laborer, 33 Block 
Obenhausen John, laborer, 14 Slemmer's al 
Ober Gustavus, firm O. & McConckey, 12-1 Sharp 
Ober Jacob, clothier, 59 Thames 
Ober &. McConckey, druggists, n e cor. Lombard and 

Oberndorf Abraham, trim, and fancy goods, 59 n 

Oberndorf & Lauer. hoisery and trimming store, 11 

e Baltimore, dw Mr L. G n Exeter 
Oberry Henry, engineer, Canton av e Burk st 
Obitz Geo. F. shoemaker, 212 Harford av 
0"Brian Edward, cabinet maker, Howard near 

O'Brian Susan, boarding house, 17 C. Market 
O'Brien Bridget, boarding house, 11 s Calvert 
O'Brien Cassandra. 44 n Liberty 
O'Brien Dennis, laborer, 5 Booth 
O'Brien Edward, laborer, 24 May 
O'Brien, Graffiin & Frick, dry goods jobbers, 7 

O'Brien Hugh, currier, 1 French 
O'Brien Mrs. Isabella, 8 Booth 
O'Brien Jas. bricklayer, Monument w of Canal 
O'Brien John, laborer, Canton av. w of Caroline st 
O'Brien John, 116 Ann 

O'Brien John, trim, dealer, cor. Dallas & Madison 
O'Brien John, 151 Wolf 
O'Brien Lawrence, drayman, 7 Slemmer al 
O'Brien Mary, washer." 33 Biddle al 
O'Brien Mary, boarding house, 397 w Pratt 
O'Brien Matthew, firm O'B. Grafflin it Frick, dw 

139 Hanover 
O'Brien Mich. 9G Dover 
O'Brien Mich, stone mason, 7 Poppleton 
O'Brien Owen, 78 e Fayette 
O'Brien Patrick,silversmith, Exeter st.s of East, av 




O'Brien Patrick, shoemaker, 59 Ross, shop s w cor 
North and Saratoga 

O'Brien Sarah. 162 Pearl 

O'Brien Solomon, salesman, 55 George 

O'Brien Thos. carpenter, 260 German 

O'Bryan Chas, Eulev st 

O'Bryan Danl. 145 Henrietta 

O'Bryan John, laborer, Euiey near Saratoga 

O'Bryan Mich, blacksmith, 16 Booth 

O'Bryan Mich, laborer, Booth near Shroeder 

Ocherman John, laborer, 23 New 

Ochs Catharine, 409 Saratoga 

Ocean Mut. Ins. Co. Donnell's buildings, 51 Ex- 
change place 

Ockes Jacob, wheelwright, Falls road near Oliver st/OfUey Joseph W. carpenter, 154 e Bait 

O'Connell Timothy, soap boiler, 20 East lOFFLEY S. V. (formerly S. V. Parkins,) fashion- 

O'Conner H. firm J. & H. O'C. North st. dw 48 s able dress maker, 154 e Bait 

High st 
O'Conner Jas. cellar'tiigger, 491 Saratoga 
O'Conner John, shot maker, n w corner Davis and 

O'Conner Mich, laborer, 104 Canton av 
O 'Conner Thos. Essex st. Canton 
O'Conner Wm. tin man, Smith's ct. from n Eutaw st 
O'Connor Danl. huckster, 88 Jefferson 
O'Connor Danl. grocer, 222 e Lombard 
O'Connor Danl. drayman, 218 Chestnut 
O'Connor Hugh, porter, 30 s Eutaw 
O'Connor Jno. carpenter, Eastern av. w Chester st 
O'Connor Patrick, porter, 111 Hanover 
O'Connor Peter B. halter, 42 Hillen 
O'Connor's Pitisburg transp. line, 70 North st. Jno. 

McCullogh, agent 
O'Connor Roger, laborer, Castle al. n of Bank st 
O'Connor Susan, 75 s Bond 
O'Connor Wm. bricklayer, 211 Forest 
Odd Fellows' Hall, 30 n Gay 
O'Dell J. H. brass founder, 29 s Frederick st. dw 69 

Harford av 
O'Dell Patrick, mason, n Clinton st. Canton 
O'Dell Walter J. millwright, 345 w Lombard 
Oden Mary, principal Academy, 118 Pine 
OdenwaldPhilip, laborer, 16 New Church 
O'DONNELL C. OLIVER, commission merchant 

and V. consul Brazil, 61 Exchange place, dv 107 

O'Cminell Columbus, pres. water and gas Co's 107 

n Charles 
O'Donnell Dr. D^ A. 43 n Gay 
O'Donnell Jas.'stone cutter, 251 Saratoga 
O'Donnell John, fruit dealer, 86 s Charles 
O'Dnnnell John B. clerk, 150 German 

O'Donnell Patrick, laborer, Bell al 

O'Donovan Dr. John H. 121 Park 

O'Doud Mich, laborer. 99 York av 

Oehrl John h. baker, Penn a v. extd 

Oehrl John, baker, 570 w Bah 

Oehs Jacob, potter, 99 Eastern av 

Oelrichs Henry, firm O. & Lui man, 45 Franklin 

OELRICHS &LURMAN, commission and ship- 
ping merchants, 31 s Charles 

Oesterly John, box maker, 171 Sharp 

O'Farrel Bridget, liquor dealer, 75 s Frederick 

O'Farrell Sarah, SI Union 

Offley Michael dairyman, 26 St. Paul, dw 304 Ais- 
quith st 

Offut Eliza, 379 w Lombard 

Oii'ut John F. C. painter, 106 Vine 

Ogbon Susan, boarding house, n e cor. Biddle and 

Ogden Ambrose, engineer, Calender al 
Ogden Maria, 20 Josephine 
Ogier Mary, Ann s of Pratt 
Ogle Atkin S. bricklayer, 2(19 Saratoga 
Ogle Atkin, bricklayer, 244 Biddle 
Ogle Elizabeth, seamstress, 16 Mott 
Ogle Henry, bra.->s moulder, Canton av e of Burk st 
Ogle John, moulder, 141 Alice Anna 
Ogle Joseph, bricklayer, 396 Saratoga 
Ogle Robert, carpenter, 18 McHeni v 
O'Harra Chas. shoemaker. 104 Dugan's wharf 
O'Harra Jas. smith and wheelwright, 30 Concord 
O'Harra John, well digger, Harfurd av. extd 
O'Harra Martin, laborer, cor. Stirling & Madison 
O'Harra Wm. stone cutter, 151 Fayette 
Ohlgart Philip, butcher. Harford av. extd 
Ohm Mich, foundryman, Patapsco al 
Ohr Fredk. cabinet maker, 56 Bethel 
Ohrenschall Christ, shoemaker, 56 s Charles 
Oise Peter, potter, 79 e Lombard 
Orchard Mrs. Catharine, Front st, ct. at 47 
O'Keete Joseph, drayman, 99 East 
O'Keefe Dr. D. 21 sGay 
O'Laughlin Francis, horse shoer, 3 Marion 
O'Laughlin John, shoemaker, 9 Humes 
OLDFIELD G. S. importer Brandies, wines, &c. 

43 s Charles, dw Mount Vernon place 
Oldham Joseph, laborer, Fish Market 
Oldham Wm. barber, 132 Front, dw 3 Chesnut 
Oldham Wm. M. porter, 582 w Bait 
O'Leary Edward, wood colder, Gough c of Register 




O'Leary Eliza, 186 e Lombard 

O'Leary Rich, loborer, 39 President 

O'Leary Thos. firm Davis, O'Leary & Lynch. 154 

Bank st 
Oler Chas. carpenter, Fenn ay. n of Fremont st 
Oler "Wm.H. leather dealer, 22 Water st. dw Peun 

av. n of Fremont st 
OLIVE JOHN, "Olive's hotel," 94 s Charles 
Oliver Conrad, carpenter, 79 n Exeter 
Oliver David, poner, 39 Marion 
Oliver Francis, rigger, 223 Eastern av 
Oliver Hibernian Free School, North s of Saratoga 
Oliver John, mariner, 97 s Eden 
Oliver Capi. Jno. S. 60 s Eden 
Oliver John, stone cutter, 157 n Canal 
Oliver Samuel, gilder, 380 n Gay 
Oliver Mrs. Thomas, 200£ n Eiitaw 
Oliver W. domest. goods man. 11 Preston 
Oliver Wm. firm Holden & Co. 3 Preston 
Olmiere Miss, nurse, 33 e Pratt 
Olwine Augustus H. brickmaker, 281 e Baltimore 
Olmstead Wm, M. carpenter, 11 Fish market 
O'Meara Jas. plaisterer, cor. Dolphin & Grundy 
Omeinheisser G. F. grocer, 65 & '7 s Howard 
O'Niel Bernard, laborer, 3 Foundry or Bath 
O'Neal Ann, 13 New 
O'Neal Daniel, Bell al 
O'Neal Daniel, blacksmith, 6 Abraham 
O'Neal Eugene, nailor, 32 e Fayette 
O'Neal Francis, prop, hacks, 1 Foundry, late Bath 
O'NEAL J. L. druggist, s e cor.Hanover &Loinbd 
O'Neal Dr. J. W. C. 148 Madison av cor. St Mary's 
O'Neal James, laborer, rear 5 French 
O'Neal James, laborer, 35 Buren 
O'Neal James, grocer, n e cor. Windsor & Boston 
O'Neal James, shoemaker, 28 Hillen 
O'Neal John, blacksmith, 126 Fremont 
O'Neal John, laborer, 355 w Pratt 
O'Neal John, laborer, Register s of Balto 
O'Neal John, weaver, Peirce w of Fremont 
O'Neal John, Chester s of Gough 
O'Neal John, carter, 208 Chestnut 
O'Neal Owen, laborer, 189 n Exeter 
ONeal Wm. conleclioner, 309 n Howard 
O'Neale Roger, clerk, 102 s Howard 
O'Neill Daniel, 262 Light 
O'Neill John, tavern, cor. Light and Camden 
O'Niell John, stone mason, 99 n Caroline 
O'Neill John, blacksmith, Holliday w of Centre 
O'Neill Robert, teacher, 59 Penn. av 
O'Neil Terrence, laborer, 94 Green Mt. or York av 
O'Ncil Wm. P. confectioner, 60 n Howard 

O'Neil Wm. carpenter, 91 Peirce 
Ondutch Frederick, drayman, 113 Cross 
Onion Edward M. firm Keene & Co. 214 e Balto. 
Onion Lloyd D. bailiff, 30 Hartford av 
Onion Thomas, painter, 58 Granby 
Onion Zaehariah, carpenter, 56 Granby 
Onslow John, shoemaker, 204 n Eden 
Oppenheimer David, 24 Harrison 
Oppenheimer Earnest, pedlar, 168 e Fayette 
Oppenheimer Hartz, clothier, 261 Canton av 
Oppenheimer Lewis P. clothier, 68 Harrison 
Opt John, shoemaker, Falls road 
Oram James, bricklayer, 220 Sharp 
Oram James, painter, Penn. av. extd. 
Oram Joshua, carter, Eager w of Forrest 
Oram Capt. Joshua, mariner, Anns of Lombard 
Oram Lloyd, comb maker, Eutaw s of Lee 
Oram Wm. shoemaker, 19 s Paca extd. 
Ordeman Capt. Harman, 115 Bank 
O'Reilly Elibabeth, 113 St. Mary's 
O'Reilly Matthew, grocer, 121 Potter 
O'Reilly M. 43 Low * 

O'Reilly Martha, 73 Canal 
O'Reilly's Telegraph 2 Carroll Hall 
Orem Benjamin, huckster, Bethel n of Bank 
OREM, HOPKINS & ROSE, importers and job- 
bers, 238 Baltimore, see card 
Orem Jas. H. grocer and prov. dealer, 679 Balto. 
Orem John M. firm O. Hopkins & Rose, 253 w 

Orem John E. painter, 227 s Charles 
Orem Walter, mariner, 71 s Bond 
Orem Wm. G. granite cutter, al. w of Light fm. 

Orem Wm. S. sweep master, 214 Light 
Orem Willam, 14 William 
Orem Wm. W. 114 s Eden 
OrifT Christian, '.eacher, Warren s of Lee 
Ormes Thomas, tailor, 28 A rgyle al 
O'Roark Mary, 419 Saratoga 
OrndorfT& Co. produce mis. n e cor. Balto. A Paca 
OmdorfT John H. firm O. & Co. 208 w Lombard 
Orndorf Samuel, firm Baugher& 0. 26 n Eutaw 
Orphan Bait. Female Asylum, 34 Mulberry 
Orr Adam, cooper, Rose st e of Jordan al 
Orr Charles, dry goods mt. 120 Lexington 
Orrick Dahiel, porter, 49 Orchard 
Orrick Dr. John C. off. and dw 34 n Paca 
Orrick Sarah B. 120 e Pratt 
Orrick Wm. K. dw Garden n of Dolphin 
Orstendori'G. D. liquor dealer, 55 s Frederick 
Ort Geo. carpenter, 155 s Caroline 




Orth George P. paper hang. man. 179 e Balto. 

Ortwein carpenter, Penn. av n of Hoffman st 

Ortwine Justus H. laborer, 7 Preston 

Osborn Alphonse,brickl, cor. Conway and Warner 

Osborn Edward T. moulder, 105 Hollins 

Osborn Garret, wheelwright, 15 Montgomery 

Osborn Capt. Henry, 118 s Exeter 

Osborn Jas. W. com. int. 83 JBowly's wharf, dw 36 

Courtlandt st 
Osborn Keziah, Federal Hill, Washn. 
Osborn Lueretia, 104 Mulberry 
Osborn Margaret, 94 Lee 
Osborn Mrs. Rev. Jaa. 8 Second 
Osborn Wiliiatn, Abey al 
Osborn William, 183 Forrest 
Osee Conrad, shoemaker, 521 w Balto 
Osgodby Mary, seamstress, 161 e Fayette st 
Oshaw David, baker, 160 Orleans 
Osink Henry, sugar refiner, 41 Pearl 
Osier Eml. P. coppersmith, 364 Bait, dw s Eden 
Ostendorf Alex, store keeper, cor. Hambg. & Ch^s 
Ostendorf Alexander, box maker, 33 New Church 
Ostendorf Anthony, watchmaker and jeweller, 3S 

Camden, dw P28 Saratoga 
Ostendorf Bernhard, fireman, Cambridge e of Lea- 
kin, Canton 
Ostendorf Gerhard, laborer, 123 Lancaster 
Oster E. P. coppersmith, 126 s Eden 
Oster Jacob, carpeuter, Canal st. dw 101 s Eden 
Ostefman Aug. cabinet maker, 52 Park 
Osterman Jno. laborer, 35 Fell 
Os truce Henry, 19 Montgomery 
Oswald Wm. grocer, 132 Ensor 
Oswell John, drayman, 74 McElderry 
Oswinkle Christian, Exeter s of Eastern av 
Olhick Wm. D. carriage mkr. n e cor. Eutaw and 
German, dw 53 German 

Otto John, laborer, 15 e Pratt 

Otto Simon, butcher, al w of Johnson st 

Oudesluys Chas. L. firm Thompson & O. dw Balto. 
e of Broadway 

Ouit Barbara. 40 Richmond 

Oursler Edward, coal dealer, 37 Columbia 

Overbach Charles, shoemaker, 26 Potter 

Ovberbeck August, shoemaker, 21 Watson 

Overhuff Sarah, vest maker, 9 Orleans 

Overman John, ship carpenter, 304 s Charles 

Owen Francis, laborer, 13 Jefferson 

Owen Nathan, pedlar, 149 e Fayette 

Owen Thos. J. dry goods dealer, 153 Lexington 

Owen Thomas, painter, 157 e Pratt 

Owens Alexander, carpenter, dw 240 Aisquith 

Owens Elizabeth, Gold's court 

Owens Geo. tavern, 14 w Lombard 

Owens Geo. harness maker, 92 n Gay 

Owens Hilary, 134 Lancaster 

Owens Isaac, of Jas. com. mt. 128 Dugan's whf. dw 
Trinity w of High 

Owens James, laborer, 25 Chatsworth 

Cwens James C. carpenter, Chew w of Aisquith 

Owens Ja<. J. carpenter, cor, Howard and Lee, dw 
Bond n of Fayette 

Owens James, jr. shoemaker, 201 Chestnut 

Owens James, sen. 201 Chestnut 

Owens Leah, milliner, 126 Bank 

Owens Mary. Lombard w of Parkin 

Owens Robt. ferryman, 268 Broadway 

Owens Wm. conduc. Bait. & O. R. R. 92 e Fayette 

Ower W. & P. importers and deal, in Russia & Dun- 
dee goods, 30 Hanover, dw 456 w Lombard 

O wings B. firm O. & Marrefield, 25 Courtland 

Owings C. 28.5 w Pratt 

Owings John E. 42 Holliday 

Owings Richd. boardg. house , AVilliam near Montg 

O'Toole Owen, farmer and dairyman, McKimn of Owings Dr. S. K. 63 e Baltimore 


Oti Charles, tailor, over s w. cor. Fred'k &Lomb'd 
Otter Wm. liquor dealer, s v cor. Lomb. St Shroeaer 
Otter Wm. plaisterer, 141 n Paca 
Otterbacker Peter, laborer, 29 Shakspear 
Otterburg Joseph, mattress maker, 52 Penn. av. 
Ottinger Solomon, cigar maker, Gay, dw. 124 e 

Oltman Peter, shoemaker, 22 President 
Ottman Philip, cooper, 24 President 
Oltman Catha'ine, 23 Monument 
Ottmer Everhard, 9 Pleasant 
Otto E. tailor and scourer, 179 s Caroliue 
Otto Frederick, grocer, 72 s High 

Owings S. B. firm Sewell, Merrefield & Co. dw 33 

Owiugrs Sarah C.stables.o n Paca dw 234 w Fayette 
Owings Theodore, dry goods mt. 238 Lexington 
Owings Dr. Thomas, 89 Fayette 
Owings Wm. carpenter, 153 Raborg, dw Lomb'd 
Oyeman John, drayman, 20 Park 
Oyler Jacob, carpenter, 18 Ross 
Pack FreJk. carriage maker, 11 Baker's al 
Packie Alex, firm Bell & P. dw 329 n Gay 
Packwood John E. mariner, 229 Alice Anna 
Paddon Capt, Ebenezer, mariner, 1 Saratoga 
Padget Wm. tailor, 15 Stirling 
Paddy Robt. plaisterer, 274 e Monument 




Paff Jacob, cab. maker, 19 French 

Page Albert W. painter, 2 Abraham 

Page Geo. F. machinist, 273 Raborg, d\v 703 w 

Page Lewis, trunk maker, 16^ Mercer 

Page Louisa, 16 Mercer 

Page Lydia, tailoress, 90 Dallas 

Page Wash. A. ship railway, Hughes st. dw. 24 

Page W ash. A. lumber mt. s vv cor Light and Lee, 
dw 27 Stiles 

Page Wm. J. mar. railway, lower end G. Mont- 
gomery, dw 24 Montgomery 

Pagel E. bell hang. & smith in general, dw 175 Sar- 

Pagels E. blacksmith, corner Mosher and Division 

Pagels Geo. H, firm E. & G. H. P. 235 Saratoga 

Pagenstadt Joseph, blacksmith, 09 Park 

Paget Wm. tailor, 3C5 n Gay 

PAINE ALLEN, imp. saddles, & hardw. dealer, 
coach trimmings, &.e. 310 w Baltimore du 318 

Paine Chas. T. pedlar, 369 n Gay 

Paine Geo. carpenter, 144 McHenry 

Painter J. C. grocer, 7o Pearl 

Painter Mary, 18 Pnilpot 

Painter Susan, dress maker, 56 Pearl 

Palagano Dominick, mt. tailor, 258 n Howard 

Palmer Edward, com. mt. and insol. com. 4 Bowly's 
whf. dw 211 Franklin 

Palmer Geo. M. tobacconist, 21 0. market, uw 116 
e Pratt 

PALMER JOHN N. & Co. importers and deal, in 
tobacco and cigars, 72 Exchange place dw To n 

Palmer Dr. J. C. of U. S. Navy, 79 Franklin 

Palmer Joseph, bar keeper, 23 n High 

Palmer Miles, carpenter, Garden n of Hoffman 

Palmer Wm. 147 s Charles 

Palz Caspar, laborer, 6 Preston 

Pamphilion Nicholas, comb maker, 103 L. Greene 

Pancost John K. cabinet maker, 99 Le* 
Pancost Mrs. Joseph, 73 Lexington 
Pancost W. P. grocer, n w cor. Poppleton k. Lex- 

Panel Daniel, boot and shoemaker. 165 s Caroline 
Panette Dr. 56 n Frederick st 
Papeeny Chas. gunsmith, 69 n Frederick 
Papellman Barney, carter, 253 Aisquith 
Pappler Geo. butcher, Prospect hill, rear Bait, st 
Pappler Geo. butcher, Penu. av. near McMcchm st. 
Pappler Jacob, butcher, Laudenslager's hill 

Papts Adam, tailcr, 54 Short 

Papts Henry, laborer, rear 43 Argyle al 

Parker Andrew laborer, Freedom st or Boehm's lot 

Parker Campbell, drayman, Freedom st or Boehm's 

Parker Clement, trader, 40 Lee 
Parker Elias, laborer, Republican n of Lombard 
PARKER E. L. St Co. dealers in tin plate and me- 
tals generally, 45 &, '7 s Calvert, dw E. L. P. 80 

Parker Edward, cooper, s e cor. Paca & Camden 
Parker Edward W. fancy goods deal. 81 Lexington 
Parker Hugh F. sailmaker, 73 Forest 
Paiker James, stone mason, 122 Holliday 
Parker John, weaver, 123 Peirce 
Parker John, laborer, 211 Bethel 
Parker John F. bailift, 103 Eastern av 
Parker Joshua H. broker, Franklin build'g, dw 20 

Pai ker L. mariner, Yv'arren e of Light 
PARKER NATHAN, hardware dealer, s w cor. 

Calvert and Lombaid, dw 169 w Lombard 
Parker Sarah, corset maker, 111 Lexington 
Parker "Wm. weaver, 121 Peirce 
Parker Wm. agt. B. & O R. R. 83 Fayette 
Parkhill Hamilton, tailor, 27 Holland 
Parkhurst J. jr. com. int. 74 Bowly's whf 
Parkhurst Nathaniel, clerk, 17 Broadway 
Parkinson Geo. tailor, 147 Madison 
Parkinson James R. sheet iron and tin worker, 112 

Paiks George, baker, 127 and '9 Saratoga 
Paiks George, trader, 74 Hamburg 
Parks & Hall, cabinet makers, 169 e Balto. 
Parks H. 254 c Baltimoie 
Parks John W. cabinet maker, dw 92 Sain!, ga 
Parks J. B. harness maker, North st. exch. stables, 

dw 43 French 
Parks John, cooper. 47 Shroeder 
Paiks John, clerk, 19 Buren 
Parks John, mariner, 100 Hamburg 
Parks Joshua, carpenter, Cathedral n of Oliver 
Parks Lloyd B. clerk steamboat, 61 Gough 
Parks Lilly, store keeper, 354 Light 
Parks Margaret, 184 Ann 
Parks Philip, carpenter, 131 s Eden 
Parks Dr. Saml, s e cor, Henrietta st and Peach al. 
Parks Sarah, 6 n Caroline 
Parks Wm. firm P. & Hall, 116 s Canal 
Parlett Benjamin F. tobacconist, Hi Light s t whf, 

dw 124 s Charles 
Parlett Wm. tinner, 6 Star a) 




Parley Ellen, 273 Forest 

Parmelee Danl. S. brickmaker, 412 w Fayette 

Parr Augustus, potter, Register n ot'Pratt 

Parr St Banks, imp. and deal, in china, glass, &e, 

159 Baltimore 
Parr D. Preston, firm P. & Banks, 145 e Pratt 
Parr David, imp. china, glass, Sec. 8 e Balto. 
Parr Elizabeth, M Thompson 
Parr Henry, china dealer, Thompson 
Parr Israel, firm Jas. McConkey & Co. 151 Pratt 
PARR JAMES L. stone and 'earthen ware man. 

Md. potteries, 55 South, dw 63 e Lombard 
Parr Margaret, 143 e Pratt. 
Parr Michael, laborer, 249 Atsquiih 
Parr Win, shoemaker, HI Orleans 
Parrish E. blacksmith, 78 Centre 
Parrish Jacob, wheelwright, 361 Pratt, dw 63 Col- 
Parrish. Tames, tailor, 143 Fayette, dw44 Pine 
Parrish Capt. Lewis, 78 s Exeter 
Parrish Wm. cabinet maker, 49 Columbia 
Parrish Wm. butcher, 101 York av 
Parrott Eliza, 175 Ann 

Parrolt James, brickl. Boston near Clinton, Canton 
Parrott James W. tailor, 98 n Canal 
Parrotl Rebecca Jane, 10 Lloyd 
Parry Capt, C. B. 54 Stiles 
Parsons Elizabeth, 123 s Paca 
Parsons Irvin, ship carpenter, 33 Canal 
Parsons Jas. T. mt. tailor, 252 s Bond dw 40 
Parsons Jonathan, sup't saw mill, 84 Columbia 
Parsons Joshua, cartwright, Pent), av extd 
Parsons Theodore, salesman, 216 n Eutaw 
Parsons Thomas, 101 s Charles 
Parsons Rev. William, pastor St. Peter's ch.dvv 70 

Parsons William, carpenter, 246 German 
Parsons Wm. G. millwright, 146 Conway 
Parsons Wm. mt. Smith's whf. dw 3s Franklin 
Parsons W.n. carpenter, Chew e of Canal 
Parsons Wm. P. laborer, Cathedral n of Oliver 
Parteh Martin, tailor, 111 n Front 
Partlow Wm. Washington Hotel, Pratt st 
Partridge Harriet, 169 Bank 
PARTRIDGE JAS. R. attorney, 40 Lexington, dw 

78 n Charles 
Pascal Capt. Jas. J. mariner, 177 Ann 
Pascoe Joshua, plumber, 477 w Lombard 
Fashion Chas. F. Poppleton st 
Pasquay Jacob, moroc. dresser, 5 Hairisou, Bazaar 

Passanno Joseph sen. broker, C. market space dw 

22 s High 
Passano Joseph, fancy goods deal. 82 C. market dw 

93 s Exeter 
Passano Leonard, dry goods dealer, 52 C. market 

dw 39 s Exeter 
Passanno Lewis, fancy goods dealer, 52'C. market 

Iw 16 Lloyd 
Passapea Capt. James, Register s of Lombard 
Pasterfield Wm. plumber, 57 Spring 
Pasters Francis, clerk, 13 Holland 
Pastorius Samuel, collector, 211 Mulberry 
Patap=co ster.eandle factory, Clinton st Canton, J. 

.Chamnness, superintendent 
Patrick Geo. brickl. Hammond al w of Albemarlest 
Patrick Harriet. 1 Hitfen 

Papst Andrew, meal and flour deal. 104 Columbia 
Patrick Capt. Jno. notary public, 44 Lombard, dw 2 

s Frederick 
Patrick Lorenzo Dow, tailor, 193 w Pratt 
Patriot Balto. n e cor. Balto. and North, Munroe, 

Jones & McJilton, proprietors 
Patten Geo. math, and optical inst. maker, 23 South, 

dw59n High 
Patten James, bottler, 12 Mercer 
Patten Richard, math. inst. maker, 53 High 
Patten Robt. brickl. 102 Bar re 
Patterson Abraham B. & Co. grocers and com. mts. 

6 and 8 Commerce, dw A. B. P. 321 w Fayette 
Patterson Charles, baker,. 7 Cowpen al 
Patterson Charlotte, 159 Sharp 
Patterson David & Co. grocers, Penn. av. extd 
Patteison Edward, firm E. P. & Son, dw 8 s Gay 
Patterson Edwd. & Son, nail man. 50 Commerce 
Patterson Capt. Edward, mariner. 74 Gough 
Patterson Elizabeth, 276 Franklin 
Patterson Enoch T. painter, 383 Franklin 

and com. mts. 61 s Calvert 
Patterson Geo. carver, Light near Balto. dw 76 Pine 
Patterson Geo. tobacconist, 18 Penn. av. dw 52 Jo- 
sephine st 
Patterson Henry, rigger, Bethel n of Gough 
Patterson Henry, shoemaker, Eutaw n ot Ostend 
Patterson Henry, mariner, 11 Henrietta 
Patterson Henry, 28 North 
Patterson Jacob, bricklayer, 276 Franklin 
Patterson James, cooper. 18 Neighbor 
Patterson Jas. shoemaker, 310 e Monument 
Patterson Jas. firm Patterson, Fendall & Dalby, dw 
' 18 Camden 




Patterson Jas. weaver, 493 Saratoga 
Patterson Jas. plane maker, 274 Saratoga 
Patterson John, paper hanger, 60 Holliday 
Patterson John, grocer, 125 McElderry's wharf 
Patterson John, merchant tailor, 26 South 
Patterson Dr. John H. 92 St. Paul 
Patterson John, rigger, 33 Second 
Patterson John T. plaisterer, 19 Mott 
Patterson John, weaver, n Clinton si. Canton 
Patterson Jos. W. firm J. W. & E. P. dw 20 South 
Patterson Miry, Scott n of Piatt 
Patterson Mary Ann. tailoress, Fremont s of Geo. 
Patterson Oliver C. fruiter, 20 s Calvert, dw South 
Patterson Prudence, tutoress. 87 Aisquith 
Patterson Rich, salesman, 21 Lloyd 
Patterson Rebecca, dressmaker, 182 Hanover 
Patterson Robt. wood turner, 169 s Paca 
Patterson Robt. tinner, 216 Mulberry 
Patterson Saml. & Co. com. mts. 69 Smith's whf 
Patterson Saml. S. ship carpenter, 85 Burgundy al 
Patterson Saml. H. brush finisher, 12 Marion, dw 

175 Conway 
Patterson Saml. brush maker, 175 Conway 
Patterson Sarah, milliner, 475 Bait 
Patterson Sarah, 137 n Caroline 
Patterson Win. clerk, 92 Lee 
Patterson Win. laborer, 224 Raborg 
Patterson Wm. G. merchant tailor, 3 Holliday 
Patterson Wm. R. cigar maker, 32 Camden 
Pattison Eliza Ann, tutoress, 53 s Caroline 
Pattison Ellen, boarding house. 26 Hanover 
Pattison Sc Edmundson, grocers and com. mts. 102 

Dugan's wharf 
Pattison Saml. firm P. & Edmundson, 52 Barre 
Patton Wm. drayman, 14 Stiles 
Patton Wm. book keeper in Farmers' Sc Merchants' 

Bank, dw 366 Lombard 
Patton Wm. drayman, Slemmer al 
Paul Alex, iron founder and machinist, cor. Mc- 

Henry and Sterrett 
Paul German, mariner, 181 Bethel 
Paul Jabez S. druggist, Penn. av. Hear Fremont st 
Paul Jas. tailor, Penn. av. 2 doors w of Dolphin at 
Paul K. L. painter and grocer, 126 s Howard 
Paul Wm. tobacconist, 447 w Bait 
Paul Wm. book binder, 162 n Eutaw 
PaulickN. tailor, Springs of Mullikin 
Pausch Paul, tailor, Eden st. n of Eastern av 
Pawley Jas. sen. artist, 137 Mulberry 
Pawlev Jas. jr. china, glass and queensware dealer, 
13 9 Calvert, dw 109 e Bait 

Pawson Wm. S. com. merchant, 95 Smith's whf. dw 

38 Franklin st 
Pawson Mrs. Elizab. 210 w Lombard 
Paxton Geo. H. Oliver st. near Green Mount 
Paxton Geo. A. 106 s Exeter 
Payne John, carpenter, 39 Marion 
Payne Rachel, 73 Potter 
Payton Mich, grocer, 8 Water 
Peach Lewis, 237 Biddle 
Peacock, Ellen, 43 n Poppleton 
Peacock Ingram E. chair man. 275 w Pratt 
Peacock Jas. ship carpenter, 14 Block 
Peacock & Mullen, hardware dealers, 144 Frank. 
Peacock Rich, book keeper, Essex st. Canton 
Peacock Saml. watchman, 196Chesnui 
Peacock Sarah, 246 n Gay 

Peacock Thos. block ami pump maker, 57 Argyle al 
Peacock Wm. ship carpenter, 4S Philpot 
Peacock Win. huckster, 203 Forrest 
Peak Jas. W. blacksmith, 111 n Eden 
Peak Wm. H. book and periodical dealer, 145 n 

Gay st 
Peake John, pilot, 94 Ann 
Peal John, clerk, 99 s Eden 
Pearce Chas. R. firm Birkhead &P. 30 Pleasant 
Pearce Emily, tutoress, over 105 Bait 
Pearce John W. barber, 230 s Bond, dw Wilk 
Pearce Martha, 239 Light 
Pearce Obeb, machinist, 60 Fawn 
Pearce St Thompson, tinners, 117n Gay 
Pearce Wm. T. printer, 340 n Gav 
Pearce Wm.H. shoemaker, 79 n Caroline 
Pearson Albert, shoemaker, 42 Lee 
Pearson Andrew, firm Jos. P. & Sons, dw 44 Snarp 
Pearson Catharine, Canton av. e of Burk .st 
Pearson Emeline, ld6 e Pratt 
Pearson Jos. & Sons. imp. & deals, in hatters' furs, 

trimmings &.c. 311 Bait 
Pearson Julia, tailoress, 126 n Canal 
Pearson Mary A. dress maker, 52 s Caroline 
Pearson Noah, boiler maker, Gough st. e Castle al 
Pearson Ths. R. firm Brannon & P. dw 323 Fayette 
Peart Capt. Chas 217 Canton av 
Peart Wm. morocco dresser, 21 French 
Peas Lewis, tobacconist, 203 Mulberry 
Pease Charlotte, boarding house, 49 Hanover 
Pease Chas. cooper, 15 Clay 
Peck Burr, stove dealer, 16 Light, dw 123 Bait 
Peck Fredk. laborer, 53 George 

PECK HENRY, boot and shoemaker, 159 w Pratt 
Peck Mr. 104 Albemarle 
'Peck Stephen,, farmer, 10 Oregon 




Peckocheck Alfred, 177 n Exeter 

Pedline John, laborer, n Clinton st. Canton 

Pedrick Emmet, mariner, 5 Williamson 

Ped rick John, carpenter, 59 Raborg 

Pedrick Thus, laborer, 169 Light 

Peduzi Francis, 38 e Madison 

Peed Robt. morocco dresser, 279 e Monument 

Pein Henry, cabinet maker, 188 s Charles 

PEIRCE DAVID M. grocer, 69 n Gay 

Peirce Hiram, firm Heslin, Kelsey 8c Peirce, 129 s 

High st 
Peirce John, carpenter, 144 n Front 
Peirce Letetia, 178 Franklin 
Peirce Mary, tailoress, 144 n Front 
Peirce Rich, cooper, Tripolet's al 
Peirce Thos. com. mt. 9 Bowly's wharf 
Peiress Ephraim, carpenter, 5 Shroeder 
Peirson Joseph -T. police man, 5 Mott 
Peirson Wm. firm Hamilton, Easter & Co. dw 277 

Peiter Casper, laborer, 22 Giddings 
Pemple Jacob, butcher, 25 Pearl 
Pendemeyer Rich, laborer, s w cor. Ross& Dolphin 
Pendergast Capt. Chas. ship, and com. mt. cor. Gay 

and Pratt, dw 15 n High 
Pendergast Jas. F. shipping and com. merchant, 79 

Smith's wharf 
Pendergast Wm. trader, 12 French 
Pendexter & Alden, wholesale boot, shoe, hat, &c 

dealers, 308 Bait 
Pendexter Henry, firm P. & Alden, 47 e Pratt 
Pendleton Edward, 42^ w Fayette 
Pendleton Mrs. Elizab. boarding house, 346 Bait 
Pendleton Peter P. firm P. Reily & P. dw 119 Park- 
Pendleton R. W. 22 Hanover 
Pendole Chas. confectioner, 97i Bait 
Penitentiary Md. Madison st. e of Jones's Falls 
Penn Alex, firm Pike & P. 85 n Charles 
Penn Jacob, brick maker, 318 Light 
Penn. Mut. Life Ins. Co. of Phil. A. A. Kennard, 

agent, 15| w Fayette 
Penn John, blacksmith, 10 Fremont 
Penn Mrs. Sarah, 242 Fayette 
Pennig Casper, shoemaker, 130 s Caroline 
Penniman &. Bro. importers hardware and cutlery, 

10 n Howard 
Penniman Geo. C. Cathedral 2d door s of Madison 
Penniman Henrietta, 51 German 
Penniman Sarah, dairy. 100 Mulberry 
PENNIMAN THOMAS, dealer in oil, candles & 

lamps, 8 s Calvert, dw 59 Saratoga 
Penniman W. R. firm P. & Bro. 9 s Eutaw 

Pennington Anson, carter, Columbia extd 
Pennington A. H. justice of peace, 63 Hanover dw 

35 Conway 
Pennington Chas. J. attorney, 10 2d floor Marshall 

buildings. St. Paulst 
Pennington, Cooper & Co. coal and lumber dealers. 

w Falls av. office 1 Jarvis buildings 
Pennington Geo. clerk citv collector of. 61 Hill 
Pennington Jas. saddler, 30 Ensor 
Pennington Jas. chair maker, 87 Aisquith 

Pennington 158 n Front 

Pennington John, piano maker, 53 Canal 
Pennington Josiah, attorney, St. Paul, 2d floor Mar- 

shall buildings, dw 49 Monument 
Pennington Ross T. of Custom House, 61 Hill 
Pennington Wm Jas. carpenter, 254 e Lombard 
DON, agent, 78 North, dw 41 Courtland 
PENROSE E. G. grocer and flour dealer, n e cor. 

Franklin and Eutaw 
Pensel Mich, cooper, 'J51 Ann 
Pentland Robt. F. & Jas. florists, cor. Belvidere st. 

and Green Mount av 
Pentz Chas. A. butcher, 198 e Fayette 
Pentz Daniel, butcher, 191 e Fayette 
Pentz Henry, laborer, 206 s Caroline 
Pentz Henry B. butcher, stall 24 C. Market, dw e 

Fayette, near Washington college 
Pentz John J. butcher, 197 e Fayette 
Pentz John W. butcher, Harford av. e of Eager st 
Pentz John W. butcher, Penn. av. n of Wilson st 
Pentz P. Henry, butcher, 200 e Fayette 
Pentz Saml. butcher, McKim n of Eager . 
PeparChas. H. watchmaker and jeweller, 257 w 

Pepel John F. tailor, 22 Ross 
Pepeno John, jr. gunsmith, 46^ Harrison 
I'epeno Joseph, barber, bleeder and cupper, 71 n Gay 
Pepei H. portrait painter, 59 n Gay 
Pepplar Philip, turner, rear 69 Hanover 
Perdue Laban, 97 n Gay 
Perdue Marv, milliner, 97 n Gay 
Peregoy Benj. miller, 109 Biddle 
Peregoy Caleb, carpenter, Sarah Ann st. dw 248 

Peregoy Charles, carpenter, Sarah Ann st. dw 172 

Peregoy Charles, carpenter, German 1 door e of 

Peregoy Jas. C. carpenter, 68 Ann 
Peregoy John W. printer, 122 n Eden 




Peregoy Jno. H. W. carp. 139 McElderry's whf. 

dw 307 Monument 
Pereguy Joseph M. reporter newspapers, 277 Sarat. 
Peregoy Joseph, sexton Eutaw church, 30 Penn. av 
Peregoy Joseph, carter, 307 Monument 
Peregoy Nicholas, carpenter, 184 Canal 
Peregoy Nelson, bricklayer, 78 Spring 
Peregoy Robt. bed & mattress maker, over 9 South, 

dw 84 Holliday 
Peregoy Wm. D. C. block maker, 139 McElderry's 

whf. dw 120 Eden 
Perine Achsah, grocer, 41 Columbia 
Perine David M. register of wills for Bait. Co. dw 

39 n Calvert 
Perine Eliza, shop, 31 Harrison 
Perine Mauldin, potter, 711 Bait, dw 709 
Perine Wm. B. attorney at law, 3 Court House lane 
PERKINS DR. ELISH A H. apothecary and chem- 
ist, s w cor. Bait and Greene 
Perkins Edward, laborer, 61 Cross st 
Perkins Elizab. 250 Wolf 

Perkins Fredk. watchman, Pleasant al w ol Castle 
Perkins Hector, 42 East 
Perkins Henry, dyer, 210 e Madison 
Perkins Dr. J.'F." & Bro. druggist, 122 n Greene, 

PERKINS JAMES II. druggist and apothecary, 

186 n Howard, dw 153 Fayette 
Perkins John, marketman, 86 Fremont 
Perkins Martin, ia»rkeiman, 86 Fremont 
Peikins Palmer L. daguerotypist, Franklin build- 
ings, North st 
Perkins Patrick, potato dealer, 3 Dover 
Perkins Wm. tailor, 306 e Bait 
Perkins Wm. furn. carter, 135 Columbia 
PERKINSON JOHN W. botanic physician, 4 

Perrigo Danl. grocer, 249 Eastern av 
Perrigo Jas. gilder, 247 Eastern av 
Perrin John, baker, 59 Burgundy al 
Perrv Ann S. milliner, 173 n Gav 
PERRY & BRIGHAM, proprietors steam saw 

mill, w Falls av 
Perry Geo.&. Bro. mt. tailors, 170 n Gay, dw G. P. 

273 n Eden 
Perry Geo. provision dealer, 89£ Light st whf 
Perry Herman H. firm A. Brown & Son, dw Mount 

Vernon Place 
Perry Israel, blacksmith, 474 Lombard 
Perry Jas. St. Lawrence, firm Geo. P &. Bro. dw 

173 n Gay 
Perry Jas. clerk, 213 Hanover 

Perry Jane, Perry e Hanover 

Perry Leonard, firm P. & Brigham, dw 41 e Lomb. 

Perry Levi, wholesale boot and shoe manuf. 231 

Perry Mary, dress maker, 67 Watson 

Perry Robt. laborer, 257 Happy al 

Perry Sarah, 110 e Pratt 

Perry Wm. blacksmith, Eager st e York av 

Person &. Brockett, teachers penmanship, entrance 
207 Baltimore 

Personette John, shoemaker, Bond n Jefferson 

Peschmack Henry, sawyer, 22 Elizabeth al 

Peter Hans, rigger, 257 Ann 

Peter Lewis, carpenter. 323 Bond 

Peter Matt hi. moroc. dresser, Penn. av n Wilson st 

Petertelt Wm. cigar maker, 40 Harrison 

Pelerkin Mrs. Geo. W. SO St. Paul 

Peterkin Wm. S. s Gay, dw Carey s-Baltimore 

Peters Catharine, ''Depot House" tavern, 50 E. av 

Peters Christina, 132 Aisquith 

Peters Christian G. jr. mt. tailor, 46 Pine 

Peters Conrad, store. Pratt m extd 

Peters Danl. sexton German Zion church, 56 n Gav' 

Peters Edwd. J. conveyancer. 1 w Fayette, dsv 2» 
ii Gay 

Peters Mrs. George, 122 n Howard 

Peters Geo jr. lime dealer, Towns^nd e Grundy 

Peters Jacob, shoetn. 49 Mansion House, Fayetie 

Peters James, 122 n Howard 

Peters Jesse T. stock bioker, TO Franklin ^build- 
ings, North, dw 94 n Greene 

Peters John, grocer, 122 Aisquith 

Peters John C. tailor, 20 w Pratt 

Peters John J. grocet, 53 s Charles 

Peters John F. sailors' boarding house, 262 Broadw. 

Peters Mrs. John, 119 Pearl 

Peters L.M. cracker baker, 101 Thames, dwe Pratt 

Peters Mrs. 10S Canton av 

Peiers Peter, seaman's boarding house, 99 Thames 

Peters Philip G. shoemaker, Penn. av n Mosher st 

Peteis Saml. L. 258 n Howard 

Peters Sarah, boarding house, 28 n Gay 

PETERS WILLIAM, brass founder and hard- 
ware dealer, 8 w Pratt, dw 44 Granby 

Peters Wm. C. pub. music, over 202 Baltimore, dw 
4 McCullough 

Peters Wm. H. book binder, 7 s Liberty, dw 85 Pine 

Peters Wm. bread and cracker baker, cor. Pratt and 

Petersburg and Richmond steamboat freight line, 5 - 
Light st whf. Jacob Brandt, agent 




Peterson Catharine, book and stationer dealer, 11 

Penn av 
Peterson Capt. Erasmus, -01 e Pratt 
Peterson Mr. ship carpenter, 75 Thames 
Peterson Martin, rie?er,39 Block 
Petherbridge EdwdTR. prop. "High st. Hotel," 4 s 

Peiherbridge Richd. 18 Lloyd 
Petherbridge Sarah F.275 e Baltimore 
Petiker Lawrence, weaver, 4'.' Hill 
Petre John, sawyer, l!) Perry 
Petri John F. music teacher, 92 Monument 
Petticord Chas. milk dealer, '273 n Gay 
Petticord John, hatter, 19 Holland 
Petticord Peter, 54 Greenmount or York av 
Petti^rew Wm. mariner, Wills 
Pettit Elizabeth, 11 New 
Pettit Isaac, plaisterer, '25 Josephine 
Pettit Jas. cooper, 163 n Canal 
Pettit Moses, shoemaker, 33 s Gay 
Pettit O. F. variety goods dealer, 167 n Gay 
Petzold Lewis, grocer, 65 s Paca 
Petzold Wm. shoemaker, 149 Alice Anna 
Peyton Caroline G. young ladies' seminary, 66 n 

Pfatf Andw. shoemaker, 122 Montgomery 
Ptatf John, laborer, "218 Bethel 
Plat! John, carnet weaver, 13 Lancaster 
Piafl Thus, laborer, 110 Happy al 
Pfambach Henry, grocer, 45 Lancaster 
Plans John, umbrella maker, 207 s Bond 
Pfeifer Fredk. 29 Rock 

Pfeifer Geo. shoemaker, Penn.av n Wilson st 
Pfeifer Henry, 37 Bank 
Pfeifer Henry, grocer, and tailor, 513 Bank 
Pfeifer John, stove manuf. 173 Bond 
Pfeifer John, stevadore, s w cor. Washington and 
Alice Anna 

Pfeifer Matthias, tailor, 40 n Paca 

Pfeil Conrad, shoemaker, 139 Fremont 

PfeilJ P. tailor, 187 s diaries 

Pfiefer Michl. cellar digger, 170 Greenmount av 

Pfiester Barthlo. rags and iron dealer, 291 s Bond 

Phester Ferd. bras* founder, 255 s Charles 

Ptistere Jos. shoemaker, 197 Biddle 

Pflug John F. tailor, 337 s Bond 

Pforr Geo. shoemaker, 15 Jefferson 

Phar Wm. tailor, 101 Camden 

Phastree John, laborer, 247 Franklin 

Phelan Jesse C. barber, 140 Forest 

Phelan Patrick, laborer, rear 127 Easor 

Phelps Gardner, shoemaker, 128 Fremont 

Phelps Henry, painter, 5 Park 

Phelps Walter, pattern maker, 6 Booth 

Phelps Wm. painter, 111 Vine 

Phelps Wm. .i. carpenter, 21 Maiden lane 

Phifer Franc;-, blacksmith, Ross e Dolphin 

Phile Tims, blacksmith, 143 Ensor 

Philippe Lewis, machinist, 46 Poppleton 

Phillips A. clerk, 15 Preston 

Phillips Abram A. hatter, 102 Stirling 

PHILLIPS ABRAHAM, merchant tailor and 

clothier, s e cor. Baltimore and Calvert, dw 20 

Phillips Basil C. dealer in paper, 9 Lombard 
Phillips Catharine, Chester s Gough 
PHILLIPS CHARLES, locksmith, bell hanger 

and >mith in general, 113 n Front 
Phillips Christop. C. teacher of dancing, Gough st 

e Broadway 
Phillips Danl. L. furn. carter. 183 Chess nt 
Phillips Eben. T. bailiffand collector, 509 w Bait. 
Phillips Edwd. carpenter, 162 Orleans 
Phillips Edwd. B. officer at Penitentiary, 80 Orleans 
Phillips Elizabeth, 6 Lee 
Phillips Elizab. seamstress, 133 Pearl 
Phillips Geo. turner, 183 Orleans 
Phillips Geo. grocer, 64 Gough 
Phillips Greenbury, salesman, 15 Lloyd 
Phillips Isaac, ship carpenter, 3 Hillen 
Phillips Jas T. grocer, 173 e Monument 
Phillips Jas. sail maker, 124 Orleans 
Phillips Jane, nerse, 2 Paca Place 
Phillips Jennet A. milliner, 22 Caroline 
Phillips John, laborer, 25 Shakspear 
Phillips Jos laborer, 171 n Eden 
Phillips L. laborer, 77 Argvle al 
Phillips Llewellyn, druggist, s e cor. Pratt & Paca 
Phillips Matilda, seamstress, 96 Store's al 
Phillips Michael, grocer, cor. William & Hamb'g 
Phillips Paul, Caroline st al 
Phillips Peter, tailor, 15 Slemmer's al 
Phillips Peter, sawyer, 240 Dallas 
Phillips Capt. Saml. mariner, 10 Lee 
Phillip* Saml. & Co. com. and ship. rats. 91 Bowly's 

wharf, dw 36 Greene 
Phillips Saml. night man, 186 Light 
Phillips Solomon H. biickmaker, 219 w Lombard 
Phillips Thos. locksmith and bell hanger, &c. 168 

Mulberry, dw 149 Saratoga 
Phillips Thos. Ann u Gough 
Phillips Thos. sailor, 278 Alice Anna 


2 Pi 


Phillips Thos. smelter, Locust Point, Fort road 

Phillips Win. S- looking glass manuf. 194 Broadway 

Phillips Capt. Win. 57 s High • 

Phillips Wiu. B. ship joiner, 219 n Eden 

Phillips Wm. tavern, 173 Eastern av 

Phillips Wm. M. pattern maker, 168 e Monument 

Phillips & Willoughby, clocks and looking glass 

dealers, 5 s Charles 
Philpot John, attorney, 15 St. Paul 
Philpot Robt. 307 Canton av 

Philpot Win. shoemaker, n w cor. Fremont &Balt. 
Phipps Ann, seamstress. "23 New 
Phipps Wm. clerk, 100 Fremont 
Phoebus Edwin, coffee roaster, Sharp n Henrietta 
Phoebus & Flathers, painters, 31 n Paca 
Phoebus Francis A. firm P. & Flathers, 15 Popplet. 
PICCIOLI & GEOSUE, professors of music, 152 

Madison av 
Pick Chas. F. umbrella and cane maker, 73 n Gay 
Picked John, cor. Baltimore and Carev 
Picked Col. John, 199 Saratoga 
Picker John, carpenter, 353 Franklin 
Pickering John, ship carpenter, 273 Canton av 
Pickering John, sail maker, 205 Eastern av 
Pickering Sand, conveyancer, GO Fayette, dw 33 

Pickering Wm. shoemaker, 419 w Baltimore 
Pickett Catharine, 53 Monument 
Pickett Capt. Jerome, mariner, Gough e Bond 
Pickeit John, sand paper maker, 109 n Paca 
Pidgeon John, foreman Chem. fact. 40 Lee 
Pieckner Geo. sawyer, 92 French 
Piek Dr. Chas. Henry, 19 e Lombard 
Pierce Paul. cooper, 16 Carpenter's al 
PIERCE DAVID M. grocer and manufacturer of 

bitters, cor. Frederick and Gay, dw 133 n High 
Pierce Elisha, laborer, rear 18 Rock 
Pierce S. A. grocer, s w cor. Canal and Lombard 
Pierce Thos. agriculturist, Harford av 
Pierce Wm. fisher, 15 Granby 
Piercey Jacob H. grocer, cor. Eager and Ensor 
Pierpoint Ann, 10 n Greene 
Pierson Levi, boiler maker, 38 Hamburg 
Pierson Solomon, steamboat mate, 20 Hamburg 
Pierson Thos. J. of steamboat, 85 Montgomery 
Pierson Wm. firm Hamilton Easter & Co. dw 277 

Piet John B. firm John Murphy & Co. 92 Pork 
Pietsach Otto, watch maker & jewel. 101 Franklin 
Pies Francis, cooper, 4 Diamond 
Piesller John N. butcher, 697 w Baltimore 
Pifel Michl. blacksmith , Burk st s Canton av 

Pifer John P. paver, 14 Tyson 

Pifer Polly, upholtress, 135 Canton av 

Piggot Dr. A. Snowden, 209 e Baltimore 

Piggot Dr. Austin, n w cor. Monument & Garden 

Piggot Edwd. laborer, 150 Saratoga 

Piggot 'Rev. Robt. 209 e Baltimore 

Pike Henry, 74 Saratoga , 

Pike Ignatius, firm P. & Penn, dw Exchange Hotel 

Pike & Penn, com. mts. over 8 Light st whf 

Pilcher Wm. laborer, Falls road 

Piles Isaac, shoemaker, 225 n Eden 

Pilkington Geo. machinist, 150 n Front 

Pilkington & Schaeffer, tin and sheet iron workers, 
92 n Gay, S's dw same 

Pilkington Wm. firm P. Jk Schaeffer, dw Bank 

Pilson John, millwright, Truxton 

Pimm Henry, baker, 9 George 

Pinckney Mrs 31 Pleasant 

Pindell Adi, wood dealer, Jefferson e Aisquith 

Pindell Charlotte, dress maker, 302 n Gay 

Pindell Jas. P. wood dealer, 80 Gough 

Pindell Lewis, sext. Monument st burying ground, 
280 n Cay 

Pindell Richd. comb and trunk maker, 9 Mott 

Pindell Thos. dry goods dealer, 90 e Lombard 

Pindle Benj. collector, 2G4| Saratoga 

Pindle Jos. plaisterer, 92 Mullikin 

Pink Nichi. miller, 01 rt Exeter 

Pinkney Fredk. attorney at law, 8 Court House 
lane, dw 18 Barnet 

Pinkuey Wm. 170 n Calvert 

Pinknoo John, butcher, 697 w Baltimore 

Piper Adam, laborer, 3 Harmony lane 

Piper Philip, 78 George 

Piquet John T. grocer, 490 w Pratt 

Piquet Saml. store, 112 William 

Pirie Geo. butcher, 550 w Baltimore 

Pistel Geo. shoemaker. 54 n Howard 

Pitner Fredk. laborer, 269 Ann 

PITT CHARLES F. commission merchant, 12 

Commerce, dw 33 Conway 
Pitt Thos. J. apothecary and druggist, 50 e Pratt 
Pitt Thos. shoemaker, Lombard e Ann 
Pitt Wm. iron finisher, 16 Oregon 
Pimnger Rich, laborer. Fountain st. w of Castle al 
PITTMAN EDWARD, wholesale dry goods mer- 
chant, 256 Ball, dw 34 n Greene 
Pittman Geo. W. printer, 173 Chestnut 
Pitroff.Tohn. jr. grocer, s e cor. Mullikin and Bond 
PitroffJohn, sen. tailor, s e cor. Mullikin and Bond 
Pats Ann, J.00 s Exeter 




Pitts Chas. H. attorney ai law, 33 Fayette, dw 32 

Pius Thus. dep. surveyor port Bait. 71 Franklin 

Pizarro Jose Antonio, Spanish Consul, 3 Barnet 

r"izone Jacob F. milk dealer, Penn. av. n of Wil- 
son st 

Plaeide Henry S. oak cooper, 56 Buchanan's whf. 
dw 71 e Pratt st 

Plack Adam, laborer, 242 Dallas 

Plack Henry, baker, 137 Fremont 

Plans Piiilip, tailor, lib' Canton av 

Plasibg Fred k. 294 e Monument 

Plainer John, shoemaker, Lombard st. near Centre 

Plato Anthony, Gist st 

Plato Chas. clerk, 104 North 

Plato Henry, butcher, 36 Block 

Piatt Alex, finisher, 372 Saratoga 

Piatt John, machinist, 236 e Fayette 

Piatt W. saddler, 7 s Calvert, dw 13 e Monument 

Platter Fredk. 116 Ann 

Platter John M. laborer, 6 G. Hughes 

Pleasants John P. P.& Sons, tobacco deals. 48 South 

Pleasants Mrs. 74 n Greene 

Pliner Rudolph, blacksmith, 16 Star al 

Plitt Chas. baker, 296 s Charles 

Plitt Emanuel, confectioner, 96 Fremont 

Plitt Henry, brick maker. 236 Hanover 
Plogmyer Aua;t. tailor, 69 Albemarle 

Plout V. grocer, 149 Canton av 

Plowman Jas. carpenter, 391 Lombard 

Plowman Jas. T. cabinet maker, 338 Franklin 
Plowman Rich, butcher, 227 n Eden 
Plum Isaac, pedlar, 45 Dallas 
Plumbe John, laborer, 12 President 
Plummet' Fayette, tinner, 34 Gibson 
Plummer Geo. carpet weaver, 170 e Fayette 
Plummer Harman, laborer, Patapsco av 
Plummer Jas. printer, 2 House's ct. Charles st 
Plummer Jarret, cigar maker, 153A e Bait 
Plummer John F. watchmaker and jeweller, 91 n 

Gay, dw 90 Aisquith 
Plummer John, carpenter, 3 n Eden 
Plummer Lewis, dry goods dealer, 78 French 
Plummer Rich. ik. Co. imps. & deals, in hardware, 

336 Bait, dw 270 Lexington 
Plummer Saml. painter, 198 s Charles 
Plummer Thos. firm Geo. Bartlelt & Co. dw Mrs. 

Diemer's Monument sq. n Calvert st 
Plummer Win. ostler, 256 Franklin 
Plummer Rev. Dr. W.S. past. Presbyterian ch. cor, 
Franklin and Cathedral, dw 113 Monument 

PLUNKETT JAS. proprietor "Union Hotel," 45 
South st 

Pocock Chas. ship carpenter. 183 Washington 

Poe Nelson, attorney, 2 Law buildings, St. Paul st. 
dw 59 Hollins 

Pohl Henry, grocer, 61 Lancaster 

Pohl Nicholas, paver, 81 Orleans 

Pohliner Abm. pedlar, 3 May 

Pohlman Dan I. jeweller, 1 s Front 

Poinson Gotleib, shoemaker, 152 Alice Anna 

Poizer Joseph, carpenter, 67 Shroeder 

Polack Eml. dyer, 191 Canton av 

Polack M. S. pedlar, (il s Spring 

Poland. Jenkins & Co. hide, leather & oil dealers, 
12 Water 

Poland Wm. potter. 1 12 Canton av 

Polk David, bricklayer, 354 n Gay ( 

Polk James K. 29 Holliday 

POLK JOHN P. & CO. chemists and druggists, s 
e cor. St. Paul and Fayette, dw J. P. 91 n Paca 

Polk Mrs. John, market dealer, 112 Madison 

Polk Wm. huckster, 39 n Poppleton 

Polker Elizab. 328 n Gay 

Pollard David, cor. Spring and Chew 

Pollard Isaac J. firm Hammond, Pollard & Law- 

rason, Bamum's Hotel 
Pollard Dr. Jas. R. 191 Hanover 
Pollard Patrick, market dealer, 36 Marion 
Pollard Seth, painter, 36 Granby 
Pollard Wm. butcher, 132 Caroline 
Polley Elizab. boarding house, 72 s Charles 
Pollitt Mrs. Elizab. boarding house, 163 Lombard 
Pollock Abraham, mattress maker, 96 n Howard 
Pollock H. 2d hand goods dealer, 13 Second 
POLLOCK HENRY, daguerian rooms, 155 Bait 
Pollock Jas. H. printer, 113£ n Howard 
Pollock Mark, clothier, 25 Second 
Pollocker Henry, laborer, 159 William 
Polte Chas. laborer, 72 Perry 

POMEROY & CO. importers of brandies, wines &c. 
n w cor. Frederick and Lombard, dw Bamum's 
city hotel 
Poncia Anthonv, statuary &. moulder, U n l^ay 
Pond E. A. straw bonnets and millinery goods deal. 

187 Bait, dw 9 Courtland 
Ponier Wm. butcher, Penn. av. n of Fremont st 

Pontier confectioner and fruiter, 9 n Howard 

Pontier L. E. book keeper, 63 n High 
Pool Rezin, cooper, 112 Hamburg 
Pool Eli, carpenter, 138 Henrietta 
Pool Franklin, rigger, Register n of Bank 
Pool Jas. tailor, 33 Jackson 


21 1 


Pool Mrs. John, confectioner, 262-} w Pratt 

Pool Sarah, milUnjer and fancy goods deal. 202^ w 

Pool T. confectioner, 139 Fayette 

Poole Hannah, (io Richmond' 

Poole R. Win. 193 & Paca 

POOLE ROBERT, prop. Union works, manufac- 
ture steamboat engines, mill gearing &e. North 
opposite R. Road depot, dw 147 n Front, see. card 

Poolinan i- red. shoemaker, 214 n Eutaw 

Poor John 11. 75 Franklin 
•Poornell Wm. carpenter, Chew e of Canal 

POPE FRANKLIN F. general commission mer- 
chant, Si Bowly's wharf, dw 1)9 n High 

Pope Folger, paint, glaz. & stencil cutter,34 s Calv't 

Pope Geo. ui'usii maker, 64 n Front 

Pope Jacob F. basket maker, 11 Pearl 

Pope Mary, children's clothier, 448 w Bait 

Pope Randolph, chaii maker, 15 McElderry 

Pope Sarah, 98 n High 

Popp Christ, keeper of cows, 70 s Eutaw 

Popp Geo. W. cigar maker, 9tJ Pine 

Popplein Ge ). & Nich. P. prop. chem. works. Cross 
e of Covington, dw G.P. 113 Saratoga 

Popp! .'in Nich. arm P. & Thomsen, dw Mad. av 

Popplein & Thomsen, druggists, 181 Bait 

Porsinger Geo. tavern, 12 President 

Por.Miiger John, laborer, 12 President 

Perteous David, blacksmith. 116 w Lombard 

Porter Catharine, 156 Aisquith 

Porter Chas. china and queensware merchant, 6 
Hanover, dw 4 s Greene 

Porter Edwd. D. grocer andprov. deal. 431 w Bait 

Porter E!:zab. 112 Pine 

Porter Mrs. Ellen, Cathedral n of Eager 

Porter Geo. U. sup. Exchange Reading Rooms, and 
publ. Com. Jour. & Price Current, 215| w Fay. 

PORTER HENRY, & SON, shovel manufactu- 
rers, Concord, dw Gongh 

Porter Henry, rirm H. P. &. Son, dw 100 Albemarle 

Porter Hugh, --tone cutter, Forest st. opposite mar- 
ket, dw 326 n G ly 

Porter Dr. J. B. 677 w Bait 

PORTER JAMES, dealer in millinery, 4 Hanover, 
up-stairs, dw 23 s Paea 

Porter J as. R. agt. N. York tea co. store, 15G n Gay, 
dw 141 n 1 1 

Porter Jas. R. grocer, 94 Bait 

Porter Mrs. Jane, 37 Courtland 

Porter John, jr. watchman, SJ22 Ann 

Porter Peter, cabinet maker, 182 Park 

Porter Rich, brakesman, 437 w Lombard 

Porter Robt. B. firm P. & Towner, 293 w Fayette 

Porter Thos. rigger, 172 Broadway 

Porter &. Towner, genl. wool & com. mts. 342 Bait. 

Ports John, carpenter, 59 Orchard 

Posey Adreon A. constable, 67 Gr~nhv 

Posey John B. clerk star :,[) German 

Poss Bernard, cooper, 153 s Eden 

Post Henry, tailor. 38 Suiting 

Post Office, n e cor. Fayette and North, Charles T. 

Maddox, post master 
Post Nelson. 3 Raborg 
Post Wm block and pump maker, 9 Philpot 
Postmii. • : oemaker, 57 German 

Potee Francis, brick maker, 38 Giddings 
Potee, Graham & McKinley, police officers, 10 n 

Potee Isaac C. brick maker, 138 Columbia 
Potee Isaac, rope maker, 34 Giddings 
Potee Peter F. rirm P., Graham & McKinlev, dw 

152 e Bait 
Potee Wm. plaisterer, Ramsev w of Poppleton 
Poteet Jesse, laborer, 201 Wolf 
Pottenger John B. & Co hardware dealers, 51 C. 

Market, dw J. B. P. 79 St. Paul 
Potter Chas. W. plumber. 3 Jackson 
Potter Chas. ship joiner. Woll s of Gough 
Potter Elizab. 32 s Calvert 
Potter Jas. boot maker, 169 Saratoga 
Potter John W. ship carpenter, 123 s Eden 
Potter Marv Ann, 17 Aisquith 
Potter &. Middleton, tin and sheet iron workers, 32 

s Calvert 
Potter Thos. watchman, 132 n Canal 
Potts Geo. C. coach maker, 76 Fayette, dw 7 Park 
Potts Peter, grocer, 260 n Howard 
Pouch Geo! laborer, 120 Henrietta 
Pouder Geo. W. cab. maker, 122 Fav. dw 9 Penn 
Pouder Jacob, keeper cattle scales. Frederick road 
Pouder Leonard, book keeper, 2S5 Saratoga 
POUDER WM. P. dry g >ods dealer, 57 n Howard, 

dw 52 
POULSON ALEX. W. importer and dealer in 

fancy goods, 332 w Bait 
Poulson Mrs. Evan, 15 s Howard 
Poulson John, mariner. Register n of Gough 
Pouliney Saml. 28 Mulberrv 
Poulton'Alex. brakesman, Parkin s of Lombard 
Poulton Chas. brick maker, 58 s Eutaw 
Poulton Mrs. Jas. dress maker. 85 Columbia 
Poulton John, brick maker, 132 Columbia 
Powell Chas. dry goods dealer 31 Bait 
Powell Geo. carpenter, 53 French 




Powell Henry, block and pump maker, 131 McEld. 

wharf, dw 29 Aisquith 
Powell Henry, shoemaker, 85 Ross 
Powell Henry, laborer, High n ot Granby 
Powell John, bricklayer, 104 Cross 
Powell John, tailor, 128 Happy al 
Powell John, laborer, 13 Amity 
Powell Louisa, 53 French 

Powell Moms, firm P. & Rimby, 7S4 Baltimore 
Powell & Rimby, iron founders, Light st. whf. 
Powell Robt. rigger, 156^ Alice Anna 
Power Anastasia, tavern keeper, 5b' North 
Power Casper, .-awyer, 33 Philpot 
Power Casper, shoemaker, 189 Eastern av 
Power Christopher, tailor, Monument e ol'Buren 
Power Jas. St Son, grocers and produce dealers, 103 

Franklin, dw 184 
Power Dr. Win. 57 St. Paul 
Powers James, laborer, 193 Canton av 
Powers John, laborer, Chesapeake st n of Boston 
Powers John W. -45 Eastern av 
Povrhattan Steamb't office, Light st whf. Peterb'g & 

Richmond, J. Brandt, jr. ag't 
Powhatian Hall, s e corner Pratt and Bond 
Powles, Henry, 137 Lexington 
Powles John, nail maker, 219 Ensor 
Pracht Charles, storekeeper, 274 Ross 
Praeler Francis, shoemaker, High n of Granby 
Pralle Diednch, prop. Wash'n Gardens, 88 Peun av 
Prather Alfred, huckster, Penn av n of Fremont 
Prather Josiah S. moroc. dresser, June. Fiemont st 

and Penn. av 
PRATT E. &. BRO. com. and iron mts. 27 and ' 

Charles, prop, iron yard Boston st. Canton 
Pratt Enoch, firm P. & Bro. cor. Park & Monum't 
Pratt Henry R. 86 n Greene 

PRATT JABEZ D. & Co. mercantile law agency 
and com. of deeds, over 239 Balto. dv J. D. P. 296 
Balnmure — see card 
Pratt Dr. S. H. s e corner Fremont and Fayette 
Pratt Win. dental surgeon, 75 Lexington 
Preble William, mate, 97 Lancaster 
Preece Edward, grocer, 70 e Fayette 
Preiss Hirsch & Son, dry goods mts. 151 Lexington 
Preller Conrad, bneki.n er, 27 Shakspear 
Prentice John, store keeper, 156 Light 
Prentice Sumner, carrier, 18 George 
Prentiss Capt. Sam'l H. G. 10 s Exeter 

'rescott Reuben, ladies' shoemaker. 260 n Gay 
Presonne Charles, butcher, w Pratt st extd. 
Presstman Benjamin I '. attorney, 3 Counselor's hall 
Lexington st 

Preston Edmund M. carpenter, 15 William 
Preston Edwd. butcher, cor. Fremont and Conway 
Preston Elizab. seamstress, Poppleton s McHenry 
Preston Henry D. clerk, 191 German 
Preston Jane D. 169 Fayette 
Preston John, shoemaker, 25 Granby 
Preston John W. bookseller, 351 Baltimore 
Preston Jonas, agent Bait, and Susq. R. It. Chew t 

Preston Oliver, blacksmith, Fountain, dw Wash- 
ington sGough 
Preston Wm. M. drayman, Washington av 
Preston Wm. P. attorney at law, 51 Fayette 
Preston Wm. T. bookseller, 64 n Paca" 
Preston Wm. blacksmith, 178 s Eutaw 
Preston Wm. carpenter, Boyd near Poppleton 
Preston Wm. grocer, 192 Lexington 
Pretlove Amelia, tailoress, 15 Mullikin 
Pietzman Jacob R. carpenter, 201 Madison av 
Prevost Amil, prof. French, 240 Franklin 
Prevost Francis, clerk, 240 Franklin 
Prevost Lewis V. book keeper, 240 Franklin 
Price Allen M. 102 Pearl 
Price Andw. ship smith, lower end York 
Price Angus;. M. & Co. couf. and fruiters, 1S3 Bal- 
timore, dw 112 Lexington 
Price Baldo, confectioner, cor. Charles and Sara- 
toga, dw 188 n Exeter 
Price Ben_j. mt. tailor. 62 n Howard, dw 225 
Price Caroline, tailoress, 327 s Bond 
Price David, sen. carpenter, Grant, dw 30 Spring 
Price David, jr. carpenter, 30 Spring 
Price David B. engineer, 20 Poppleton 
Price Ephraim. firm Boston &.P. Center w Calvert 
Price Francis, machinist, Lee s Eutaw 
Piice Fredk. watchman, 175 Orleans 
Price Geo. labor, r. 57 Lancaster 
Price Geo. B carpenter, 159 Fremont 
Price Geo. W. waterman. 82 Granby 
Price Jas. tavern, Calvert n Monument 
Price John, carpenter, William, 1 door fmMontg: 
Price John O. farmer, 188 Mulberry 
Price John, laborer, 89 Union 
Price Jos. H. cooper, 81 McElderry 
Price Lemuel S. carpenter, 185 n Canal 
Price Miss 135 n High 
Price Michl. tailor, 8 Jasper 
Trice Montmorency H. watch maker and jeweller, 

60s Calvert 
Price Nathan, spinner, 72 Fremont 
Price Oliver P. firm Aug. M. P. & Co. 112 Lexing. 
Price Rachel, boarding house, 18 s Calvert 



Price Richcl. omnibus driver, 61 Ross 

Price Richd. firm Thomas & P. n e cor. Eutaw and 

Price Sarah, Pratt st e Broadway- 
Price Susan, 148 Ann 
Price Wm. fish dealer, 61 York av 
Price Win. carpenter, Chew w Aisquith 
Price Wm. G. trait and com. mt. 107 w Lombard, 

dw 77 Uamden 
Price Wm. lumber wagoner, 40 Chew 
Pilchard Jas. T. mariner, 53 Eawn 
Pilchard Richd. clerk, 152 s Fremont 
Priest .Aim, 173 Orleans 
Priller Jos. cabinet maker, 55 Buren 
Priinro>e Wm. pattern maker, 66 Montgomery 
Primrose Wm. cedar cooper, 350 w Fayette 
Prince Anthony, 106 Thames 
Prince Conrad, laborer, 100 Canton av 
Prince Wm. A. potter, "217 e Fayette 
Frindle Sara I, blacksmith, 36 Marion 
PRINZ ' JOHN, jeweller and variety store, 280 

Baltimore, dw 614 
Prior Christian, shoemaker. 37 Marion 
Prior Dennis, laboier, 07 Monument 
Prior Edwd. carpenter, 27 Edward 
Prior John, tajlur, 34 Holland 
Prior Jos. B. oak cooper, 170 Saratoga 
Pritchard Elizab. A. boarding house, 64 s Exeter 
Pritchard Jas. grocer, 149 Eastern av 
Pritchard Jos. 10 Comet 
Pritchard Levin, cabinet maker, 37 Orleans 
Pritchard Mary, 57 Holland 
Pritchard Sami. Chester st n Eastern av 
Pritchard Capt. Thos. mariner, 107 s Exeter 
Pritchard Wm. H. barber, cor. Lancaster st and 

Broadwav, dw Wolf st 
Pritchard Wm. wood trader, 249 Light 
Pritchard Wm. laboier, 298 s Bond 
PROCTOR WILLIAM & SON, hardware deal- 
ers. 130 w Prait, dw 80 s High 
Proper V Mrs. Seamstress, 11 Penn. av 
Propst Michl. Elliott w Chsapeake, Canton 
Prossey Wm. cabinet maker, 21 Fremont 
Protective Union, No. 1, 47 n Gay 
Protman Anthon, cabinet maker, 311 Saratoga 
PROUD J. G. & J. WADE, JR. 22 South 
Proud John G. fire ins. agent, 22 South, dw 258 w 

Pruet Abraham, carpenter, Chew e Canal 
Pruet Jas. blacksmith, Chew e Canal 
Prule Henry, hardware dealer, 30&i s Bond 
Pruncutt Robt. coach painter, 14 Poppleton 

Pruno Victor, laborer, 115 Lancaster 

Prutzman, Sebas. baker, 6 Clay 

Pryor Allied V. firm R. S. &.. A. V. P. 67 n Front 

Pryor Benj. F. carpenter, Lombard w Republican 

Pryor C. W. coach maker, 49 French 

Pryor Edwd. coach maker, Monument near Britain 

Pryor Edwd. collector, 67 n Front 

Pryor Henry, carpenter, 142 n Caroline 

Pryor John, engineer, 16 Hamburg 

Pryor R. S. St A. V. carriage makers, 4 u Frederick. 

dw R. S. P. 61 n High 
Pryor Richd. S. coach maker, Frederick, dw 80 n 

PigeiteWm. 7 French 
Public Schools com. office, ne cor. Holliday and 

Public Schools. See appendix 
Public Store, s e cor. Gay and Lombard 
Pue Margaret, 59 n Charles 
Pue Dr. Richd. R. 68 Lexington 
Pugh Jas. ship carpenter, 261 Canton av 
Pugh Jos. watchman Philad. and Wilm. R. R. n e 

cor. Boston and Chesapeake 
Pugh Magdelene, 86 e Madison 
Pugh Win. ship joiner, 216 Canton av 
Pugsley John, carpenter, 144 Front 
Puhl Ceo tavern, 20 w Lombard 
Puhle Fred, shoemaker, 33 May 
Pulley Capt. Jas. Cambridge st e Canton av 
Pully Wm. ship carpenter, 177 Washington 
Pumphrey Eebenezer, painter, 17 Warner 
Puncher Ludwig, cooper, 277 Wolf 
PUNDERSON E. M. & CO. manufacturers and 

dealers of umbrellas and India rubber goods, 219 

Punderson Elsworth M. firm E. M. P. & Co. dw 272 

w Fayette 
Pusey Israel, coach maker, 483 w Baltimore 
Puiitee John A. tailor, 209 Canton av 
Puntha Bernhard. laborer, 140 Thames 
Pupp Geo. laborer, 127 Alice Anna 
Pnrcell Jas. 6 s Frederick 
Purrell Jas. watchman, I7sPaca extel 
Purcell John, carpenter, 49 Raborg, dw 203 Mulb'y 
Purden Fergus, car'penter, 28 St. Mary's 
Pnrden Jas. hatter, Garden stnear Ross 
Purden Mary, boardg. house, 80 Franklin 
Purdy Mrs. Caroline, 44 e Pratt 
Purdy John H. finisher, Booth st. near Shroeder 
Purnell Ann, s e corner Canal and Gay 
Purnell Charles B. mt. tailor, s e cor. German and 





Purnell Stephen S. barber, 122£ n Gay i 

Pursnett Jno. boot mlf'r. s e cor. Henrietta & Sharp 

Purpur Charles, butcher, 92 Columbia 

Pursley Charles, cabinet maker, 13 Pine 

Purviance Rev. Geo. D. 17 Gay 

Purviance Hon. John, associate judge Bait. Co. C'l 
Othjud 1 dist. Md. dw 17 s Gay 

Purviance Robert, 40 Courtland 

Purviance Robert, jr. att'y at law, 12 Frederick 

PURVIS & GOVER'S exchange office, 208 Bait. 

Purvis Hester Ann, Register n of Lombard 

Purvis Jas. F. firm P. & GoVer, Point lane rear of 
Hartford avenue 

Pusey Nathan, 121 Fayette 

Pust Justis, shoemaker, 268 s Charles 

Putzell Selig G. firm L. Lauer & Co. 28 n Etitaw 

Pyatt Saml. S. tailor, 159 e Fayette 

PVFER P. M. & Co. lott'y and exch'ge brokers, 1 

Pyter Mrs. H. boardg. house, 83 Baltimore 

Pyle Samuel, clerk, Madison e of Bond 

Pyle Wm. millwright. 129 Columbia 

Pyle Wm. plaisterer, 6 Warren 

dUAIL GEORGE K. hatter and Air dealer, 204 w 
Pratt, dw 306 w Lombard 

duail James R. cooper, 332 Fayette 

duay John C. collector, 230 German 

Queen Henry, laborer, 96 Hillen 

duenten Geo. H. baker, n w cor. Broad'y & Thames 

duenten Henry C. baker, cor. Broadway &. Thames 

Gluigly Edward, laborer, 119 St. Paul 

dingle V John, clock and watchmkr. 3 Preston 

duigly &. Tucker, carpenters, 25 Marion 

duilan Thomas, laborer, Garden n of Preston 

Uuinan Rev. Thos. H. city agt. Md. State Bible So- 
ciety, 63 w Fayette, dw 289 w Saratoga 

duincy Elizabeth S. music teacher, 175 u Exeter 

duilan James, laborer, 35 Preston 

Uuinland B. W. Si J. E. carpenters, 2 Grant, dw Eu. 
taw near Franklin 

duinlan John, dept. warden Peniten. 134 e Mon't 

Uuinlan Leonard G. prop. Hand tavern, 52 n Paca 

feluinly Hugh, carpenter, Poppleton n of Fayette 

duinn Chs. hackman, East'n av. w of Albemarle si 

duinn Frank, 308 Forrest 

duinn Hugh, laborer. Eager st e of York av 

duinn James, huckster, 137 York av 

duinn James, carter, Canal s of Bank 

duinn Jartes, carpenter, 125 Ross 

duinn John, grocer, 46 e Lombard 

duinn Patrick, watchman, 13 Mercer 

duinn Patrick, laborer, ISOlIolliday 


duinn Peter, plumber, 2 Brune 

Gluinn Peter, ship carpenter, 212 Ann 

duinn Richard, laborer, 103 Garden 

duinn Rose, 34 Jackson 

duinn Terrence, laborer, 92 n Exeter 

duirk Mrs. Gould's court 

duisick Edward, printer, 237 n Canal 

Raabk & Locke, blacksmiths, 761 w Baltimore 

Raahe Wigand.firm R. & Locke, 162 Raborg 

Raabe William, blacksmith, 463 w Baltimore 

Rab Emanuel, tailor, 139 w Lombard 

Rabb Philip, piano maker, 6 Pear al 

Rabb Moses, pedlar, 169 Orleans 

Rabe John F. tobacconist, 95 u Gay 

Rabein henrv, tailor, I Albemarle 

Raberger Francis, shoemaker, 162 Alice Anna 

Rablein John M shoemaker. 105sCharles 

Raborg Christopher, copper & tin man. 281 w Pratt 

Raborg Christopher II 303 w Pratt 
Raborg Goddard, oyster packer, 132 s Paca 
Raborg Henrietta, grocer, s w cor. Paca and Col- 
Rachner Francis, 76 Hnmpsteatl 
RackHt John, baker, 276 Saratoga 
Rackensberger Daniel, shoemaker, 1 Sarah Ann 
Radd John, weaver, llTPeirjce 
Radecke D. H. carp'r, 27 McClellan dw b N Church 
Roder Nicholas, laborer. 75 Union 
Radifer Charles A. painter, 133 n Paca 
RariiferJohn.sro'cer.n w cor. Ross and Garden 
Rae Adam, machinist and millwright, r2 Henrietta 
Rae Allen, mariner. ;222 Sharp 
Rae Francis, machinist, 1 10i s Paca 
Raeder Conrad, shoemaker, 46 Clay 
Raeder Hartman, carver, 46 Clay 
Raeder Sebastian, carver. 46 Clay 
Raeis Joseph, laborer 36 froident 
Rafferty Wm.draymfft, 168 Raborg 
RafftV Cant. Joseph D. mariner, Ann sofBalto 
Sann Jas. carpenter, Lexington v. of Republican 
Rahherger Valentine, shoemaker, 249 Bond 
Rahenkamp John, tailor, SS Union 
Raher Nicholas, tailor, 243 Ann 
Rahjeu John, prop. Washn. hotel, s w cor. Thames 

RAILROAD BALTO. & OHIO Co office 23 

Hanover, depot and off. Pratt w oi Light » 
Raine Frederick, printer and pub. Ger. Cor. 7 n Ga> 
Raine Wm. keeper ale house. 46 C. market 
Raines Capt. Lewis, mariner 89 Broadway 
Rake Philip, leather dresser, 39 n Frederick 




Ralft Joseph, barber. Pratt dw 46 s Eutaw 

Rail Aloes, laborer, 32 Bank 

Ramer Caspar, shoemaker, 191 Ann 

Ramsay Albert, engineer, 85 Montgomery 

Ramsay Ann, 128 e Baltimore 

Ramsay Chas. Z.R. 171 Saratoga 

Ramsay Misses, 25 n Frederick 

Ramsay Eliza, shirt maker, 21 Spring 

Ramsay Isaac T. tobacconist, 249 Broadway 

Ramsay Isaac, 144 Canton av 

Ramsay Joseph A. booksel. and slat. 221 Broadway 

dwlll ' 

Ramsey Joseph E. firm Jacobs & R. 16 Jefferson 
Ramsey Margaret Ann, 271 Saratoga 
Ramsey Mary Ann, Mulberry court 
Ramsey Matthew, firm Wis. & M. R. 22 Holland 
Ramsey Wm. W. & Matthew, grocers & prod. deal. 

44 s Frederick, dw W. W. R. 102 Eastern av. 
Ramsey Wm. brush maker, 11 n Howard 
Ramsey Wm. A. tinner, 135 Bank 
Ramsour John, laborer, 89 Bank 
Randall D. A. min'l water man. 10 n Calvert, cor. 

Fayette, dw 59 n Calvert 
Randall Dorcas, 369 Franklin 
Randall Elisha, ornamental painter, 59 n Front 
Randall Geo. brush maker, 87 Mulberry 
Randall Geo. printer, 54 Granbv 
Randall John K. com. mt. 104 Smith's whf. dw 43 n 

Randall John, carpenter, Happy al s of Pratt st 
Randall Robt. brickl, 232 e Lombard 
Randall Sam I. O. wharfinger, Gough e of Register 
Randall Sarah, 51 n Front 
Randall Teresa, 155 n Eutaw 
Randall Thos. cutler, 10 n High 
Randall Voltaire, clerk, 152 Fremont 
Randall Wm. rope maker, 232 e Lombard 
Randall Wm. court bailiff, 344 n Gay 
Randalls Hugh, laborer, 41 M^likin 
Randals Amos, bricklayer, 143 Conway 
Randell Michael, stonemason, 116 Ross 
Randle Enoch, 37 Fremont 
Randies Wm. H. tailor, 202 Hanover 
Randolph Andw. J. firm R.Golibart & Co. 117 Ann 
Randolph B. firm Latimer & R. dw Eutaw house 
Randolph, Golibart & Co. lumber mts. 158 Thames 
Randolph Jas. T. ship carver, 130 Thames 
Randolph John W. treas'r F. Point Sav. In. 153 


Ranger Nathan, laborer, 66 L. Hughes 

Rankin Robt. Bethel n of Bank 

Rankin Saml. grocer, n e cor. Ensor & Chestnut 

Rankin Saml. jr. soap and candle man. 53 Chew 

Rankin Wm. aoap and candle man. 15 Stirling 

Ransdell John, 99 Mulberry 

Raphon Peter, store keeper, 10 Harrison 

Rapp Henry, baker, 19 Pine 

Rappold John M. confectioner, 112 Franklin 

Rappold Lainhart, 56 Biddle al 

Rapps Matthias, laborer, Frederick road 

Rarrick John, carpenter, 166 Happy al 

Rasche Bernard, bar keeper, 311 s Charles 

Rasch Charles, shoemaker, 141 Low 

Rash Christian, mariner, 114 s Caroline 

Rasin Robt W. 300 AiRquitli 

Rate Kelien, tanner, 44 Bank 

Rattican Edward, laborer, Bell al 

Rattican Thomas, laborer, Monum't e of Buren 

Rau Bernard, clothier, Pratt st dw 128 Lombard 

RAU JOHN C. grocer & flour mt. s w cor. Frank- 
lin and Howard, dw 95 Penn av. 

Rau Nicholas, butcher, 169 Alice Anna 

Rauch Frederick, shoemaker, 207 s Bond 

Rauch Jacob, sun carrier, 460rleans 

Raucks Fredk Wm. dyer and scourer, 57 German 

Rau? John, saddler, 37 C. market 

Rauh Conrad, tailor, 51 Watson 

Rausch John, shoemaker, 320 n Howard 

Rauthmiller Christian, blacksmith, 104 s Eden 

Ravell Isaiah, mariner, 179 Sharp 

Ravell Wm. fireman, 50 L. Hughes 

Raven Jas. L. tavern, 24 Jefferson 

Rawles Willis, steamb't hand, 71 C. market 

Rawlings Eliza C. 18 s Howard 

Rawlings E. C. 229 Lombard 

Rawlings Elizabeth, seamstress, 96 Hanover 

Rawlings Frederick, huckster, 248 e Fayette 

Rawlings Wm shoemaker, 124 n Canal 

Rawlins Geo. tailor, Bethel n of Fayette 

Ray Alexander, butcher, 208 e Fayette 

Ray Alfred, shipsmith, 90 Ann 

Ray Allred, carpenter, 2 Republican 

Ray Andrew, cooper, 13 Liberty 

Ray Augustus, blacksmith, Falls road 

Ray Gustavus, blacksmith, 6 Rose st 

Ray Isabella, 105 Hillen 

Ray Jas. stone mason, Cathedral n of Tyson 

p^jTuTt ,■ , ™*, Ray John B. police officer, 110 n Eden 

Rando ph & Latimer, grocers & com. mts. 62 South Ray Jas. manner, n w cor. Bank & Washi 

Randolph R. sawyer, 171 Light 

Randolh Wm. baker & confec. 113£ n Howard 

Ray John, tailor, 74 s Charles 
Ray John, Lee e of Charles 





Ray Silas, shoemaker, 81 Cross 

Rayhice Dominick, collector, 207 Mulberry 

Raymo Lewis, halter, 131 n Gay 

Raymo M. & Son, hatters, 62 n Gay 

Raymo M. tobacconist, 62$ n Gay 

Bavmond John, shoemaker, 8 Armistead lane 


w cor. Calvert and Pratt, dw 73 Sharp 
Rayner Wm. S. dry goods dealers 188 and 190 

Canton av 
Raynes Peter, carpenter, 16 Potter 
Rea Jno. H. clothier, n e cor. South and Pratt dw 

58 George 
Read John W. apothecary, 112 Broadway 
Read Joseph, cabinet maker, 209 Bethel 
Read Lydia Maria, 311 e Baltimore 
Read Rachel, dress maker, 47 s Liberty 
Read Robt. shoemaker, 162 Fremont 
Read Sophia, 39 Mulberry- 
Read Temperance, huckster, 125 Vine 
Read Wm. H. druggist, 237 Broadway 
Readel Dr. John D. 30 n Liberty 
Reading Rooms Merch'ts Exch. — Exchange build'g 

George U. Porter, superintendent 
Ready Elizabeth, 116 s Paca 

Reahl Joseph, ale house, cor. Eutaw and Mulberry 
Reamer John, tailor, 192 Alice Anna 
Reaney Jno. G. grocer, 54 e Baltimore st dw 110 e 

Reaney Mary Ann, 9 Young 
Reaney Wm. 110 e Lombard 
Reardon Cornelius, grocer, 105 Happy al 
Reardon Michael, laborer, 49 Hoffman 
Reardon Patrick, 307 Canton av 
Reay David, Silver plater, Bond s of Pratt 
Rebenop Charles, cooper. 210 Alice Anna 
Rebitz Henry, shoemaker, 6 Saratoga 
Reberger John, laborer, 58 Argyle al 
RebstockCharles, tavern, s e cor of Light and Mont- 
Rechold Henry, laborer, 132 Franklin 
Recht Adam, carpet weaver, 105 n Caroline 
Recka Joseph, laborer, 42 Richmond 
Reckert Geo. saddler, 36 Columbia 
Record office, and Orphans' court, St. Paul St. op 

Law buildings 
Reckitt Chas. board'g bouse, 273 w Pratt 
Redding Joseph, blacksmith, 175 e Monument 
Redding Wm. A. tinner, 14 Hill 
Reddish John H. clerk, 146 Bank 
Beddish Robt. H. watchman, 80 Perry 
Reddish Robt. tinner, 2 L Church 

Redecke Frederick, carpenter, 228 s Charles 

Redeon Nancy, 118 Bank 

Reddy Thomas, carter, Fish market 

Redgrave Isaac, watchman, 238 Alice Anna 

Redgrave Jas. carpenter, Hoffman n of Gibson 

Redgrave John B. lumber inspector, 162 s Paca 

Redgrave John J. printer, 73 Raborg 

Redgrave Saml. H. officer, 111 Camden 

Redgrave Dr. T. J. 94 Camden 

Redgrave Wm. S. tobacconist, 36 Camden, dw Cam 

den near Howard 

Redinger tailor, 12 President 

Redman Catharine, 270 s Bond 

Redman Dennis, brewer, 68 Albemarle 

Redman Hugh, laborer, Abey al 

Redman Patrick, drayman, 82 e Lombard 

Redman Saml. boot and shoemaker, 143 Hanover 

Redman Thomas grocer, 293 Canton av 

Redwood Wm. H. dw 35 Courtland 

Redyear August, shoemaker, 105 Front 

Ree Ann, 153 Columbia 

Reece Capt. Joshua, 131 Bank 

Reed Andrew, bricklayer, 178 Fremont 

Reed Delilah, 40 Pine 

Reed Francis S. baker, 137 n Eutaw 

Reed Frederick, porter, 249 Hanover 

Reed Jacob, laborer, 20 Brune 

Reed James C. millinery goods dealer, 39 e Balto. 

Reed James, machinist, 100 Montgomery 

Reed Jesse, reporter, 64 s Bond 

Reed John, carpenter. 24 Booth 

Reed John, carpenter, 161 Conway 

Reed John, oak coopei, 38 Rock 

Reed J^hn, moulder, 455 w Lombard 

Reed Capt. John W. 224 Canton av 

Reed John, clerk, 30 McElderry 

Reed Joseph, laborer, 144 n Calvert 

Reed Lewis, laborer, s e cor. Greene & Barre 

Reed Mary, 84 n Bond 

Reed Rebecca, tailoress, 22Mullikin 

Reed Richard P. painter, 5 Marion 

Reed Ruth, 45 s Exeter 

Reed Sarah, 13 Rose or Ross 

Reed Wm. C. huckster, cor. Bond and Mullikin. 

Reed Wm. L. upholsterer, Chew e of Canal 

Reed Wm. feed and flour dealer, 4 Penn av. dw 210 

n Eutaw 
Reed Wm. shoemaker, Clinton st Canton 
Reeder Amos, engine builder, dw 213 Light 
Reeder Chas. engineer and machinist, G. Hughes, 

dw Montgomery 




Reeder Chas. jr. engine builder, 215 Light, dw 167 

Reeder Chas. sen. machinist, 215 Light 
Reeder. Conrad, file maker, 03 Montgomery 
Reeder Gen. \V. moulder. 37 Henrietta 
Reader Jacob, tinner. Sharp n of Henrietta 
Reek Wm. plumber, Hargrove al s of Franklin st 
Reel Oili.i, engineer, -154 w Lombard 
Reep dnrad. nailor, cor. Eutaw and Wayne 
Rees Andrew, barber and dentist, Mb" Light 
ReesJohn, tailor, 17 Somerset 
Reese Andrew, grocer, 64 n Howard 
REESE &. BRO grocers, 207 & '9 w Pratt 
Reese Caspar, laborer, 48 Richmond 
Reese Charles, firm R. & Bro. 69 Sharp 
Reese Dr. Charles. 13 Aisquiih 
REESE & CO ULSON, who!, druggists, 320 wBalto 
Reese David, basket maker, 192 e Pratt 
Reese Danl. M. iron founder, 74 Columbia 
Reese Rev. E. Yates, editor of •>' Methodist Protest- 
ant," 105 Conway 
Reese Fredenck, laborer, Bank e of Washington 
Reese Gerard H. firm 11. k Bro. dw89 Camden 
Reese Henry, cooper, 382 w Pratt 
Reese Henry, laborer, Abey al 
Reese John L. jr. briekmaker, 164 Sharp 
Reese John, Pies't Firm. Ins. Co. 64 n Howard 
Reese John A. tailor, 30 Orchard 
Reese E. teller Farm, and Planters' Bank, 6 s 

Reese John L. sen. briekmaker, 164 Sharp 
Reese Rev. John S. 16 Aisquiih 
Reese John «. chemist and druggist, 31 e Balto. 
Reese Capl. Joshua, mariner, 131 Bank 
Reese Mary, 133 Conway 
Reese & Mills, Laurel furnace, Fort road 
Reese Saml. carpenter, 240 Mulberry 
Reese Thomas M. jr. firm R. & Bro. 97 Camden 
Reese Thomas, smelter, Locust point furn. Fort r'd 
Reese Wm. S. firm R. & Coulson, 78 e Pratt 
Reese Wm. carpenter, 218 n Eden 
Reese Wm. briekmaker, 160 Sharp 
Reese Wm. foreman Locust point furnace, (Cuba 

Smelfg Co.) Fort road 
Reese Wm. D. briekmaker, yard Ferry road, dw 

189 Hanover 
Reeve Saml. firm Flaglor & Co. 149 Exeter 
Reeves James, painter, 775 w Baltimore 
Reeves Joseph F. firm R. &Spe;>r, 87 e Pratt 
Reeves Mary, store keeper, 9 n Poppleton 
Reeves & Spear, watchmakers and jewellers, C6 
Baltimore it 

Reeves Theodore, ship carpenter, 156 Ann 

Reeves Wm. blacksmith, 93 Fremont 

Regan John, grocer, 3 Constituiion 

R.e^elien Frederick, tavern keeper, 35 Perm av. 

Regener Otto, baker, 152 s Eden 

Reger John, oak cooper, 184 s Charles 

Regester Ann Maria, 103 Saratoga 

Regester Joshua, firm Clampitt & R. 176 n Exeter 

Regester Robt. W. ship joiner, Covington s ol'G. 

Reibe Henry, cabinet maker, 160 n Caroline 
Reich Anthony, laborer, 4 Lovely lane 
Reicheuberger Joseph, shoemaker, 4 Lee 
Reichenberger John, shoemaker, 57 Lancaster 
Reichter Lawrence, laborer, 220 Dallas 
Reid Andrew, firm Spence & R. Batnum's Hotel 
Reid Elizabeth, seam.Miess, 49 Chestnut al 
Reid Labella, s e cor. Pearl and Mulberry 
Reid James, laborer. 151 Holliday 
Reid Dr. Jas. Alex. 46 n Gav 

Reid John O. firm Gwyn,R.'&. Taylor, 88 Monum't 
Reid Thomas N. dry goods mt. 486 w Baltimore 
Reid Wm. carpenter. 125 Vine st. shop 15 n Sharp 
Reifenstien Wm. pattern maker. Carpenter's al e of 

Fremont st 
Reifsnider Ignatius, engineer, 313 s Charles 
Reifsnider Levi S. hatter. 28 n Howard 
Reilsnider Wm. hatter, 67 Pine 
Reigart Henry F. clerk Marine Bank, 112 Aisquith 
Reikeway Henry, cigar maker, 34 Thames 
Reil John, blacksmith, 68 L. Hughes 
Reiley John, laborer, 15 French 
Reiley P. E. hat and cap maker, 824 C. Market 
Reiley Patrick, laborer, 15 French 
Reiley Philip, grocer, 62 Richmond 
Reilly Alice", Eastern av w Albemarle st 
Re illy Catharine, grocer. 64 Harrison 
Reilly Francis, grocer, s e cor. Madison & How'd 
Reilly George, hack proprietor and coroner, 25 

Reilly John, grocer, 65 Park 
Reilly Jos. refectory, basement 11 South 
Reilly Patrick, tavern, 59 Centre Market Space 
Reilly Peter, tailor, 82 Center 
Reilly Philip, cellar digger, Garden near Rose 
Reiiri Eli, tailor, 76 Hampstead 
Reimiller Geo. tailor, 220 Canton av 
ReimschneiderGotleb, cabinet maker, 65 Orleans 
Reineck Peter, laborer, 19 Watson 
Reinecker Edwd. 213 Lombard 
Reinhardt Chas. teacher French and German, 199 

e Baltimore 




REINHARDT CHARLES C. & CO. cutlers and 
surgeon dental instrument manufacturers, 9 Light 
Reinhart B. grocer, 106 Madison 
Reinhart Unas, musician, 230 n Gay 
Reinhart Eml. dry goods dealer, 182 n Uay 
Reinhart Geo. butcher, 870 w Baltimore 
Reinheimer Fredk. laborer, 224 s Bond 
Reinicker Fredk. carpenter, IS Ensor 
Reimcker John, laborer, 11 West 
Reinke Geo. tailor, 07 Park 
Reinwalt John, tailor, 17 Clay 
Reinz Christopher, piano maker, 52 German 
Rein Alfred H. furnishing store and tin plate work- 
er, 335 Baltimore, dw 313 w Lombard 
Reip Edwd H. tinner, 195 Fayette 
Reip Henry, un and sheet iron workei, 36 n Paca 
Reip Lewis, clerk, 87 Pine 
Reisinger Geo. shoemaker, 5 Brune 
Reisinger Geo. W. cigar maker, 5 Brune 
Reisinger Geo. cigar maker, bb i.f la _ nov " 
Reisinger Henry, tobacconist, 6t>& "i" 1 ™",, 
Reisinger Lewis F. tinner, Amity n L«ington 
Reisinger Wm. plane maker, 303 Mulberry 
Reisinger Wm. trader, 37 Constitution _. 
REISNER WILLIAM, confectioner, 311 hastem 

avenue _ 

Reister & Brian, saddlers, 111 n Gay 
Reister Elias, saddler, 116 Aisquith 
Reister John G. grocer, 15 New , nimmwm «.- _ 

Reister Misses, dress makers and milliners, 2o3 w 

Pratt -__ , 

Reiter Jos, F. cigar maker, G St. Mary s 
Reiter Philip, hardware dealer, 102 Broadway 
Reitmiller Henrv, tailor, 323 s Charles 
Renz Barman J. grocer, 227 s Bond 
Reitz Henry L. grocer, 66 n Gay, dw 133 n Front 
Relicker Geo. shoemaker, 68 Granny 
REMARE ANTHONY, confectioner 83 nCiiarie* 
Remley Fredk. firm R.ScYeisley, dw 127 <*™Sk 
Remley & Yeisley, carpenters, s w cor. Bank and 

Hemline Francis, laborer, 264 Alice Anna 
Remmett Thos. painter, 241 Aisquith 
Remmey Edwd. potter, 640 w Baltimore 
Rernmey Mrs. L. M. china, See. dealer, 640 w Bait 
S fer Geo. shoemaker, Hanover near . Henrietta 
Remosar Jacob, tailor. Hanover near Henrietta 
Rendels Wm. 279 n Howard 
Render Lewis, carpenter, 19 Montgomery 
Renghsdorf Peter, carter, 84 Albemarle 
Rengier Francis, rigger, 253 Canton av 
Renk Henry, laborer, 64 Lancaster 

Rennahan Michl. mason, 13 Lancaster 

Renner Geo. L. shoem. 432 Lombard, cor. Poppleton 

Renner Jos. paver, 61 Tyson al 

Rennick Rev. Wm. H. teacher, 242 n Howard 

Rennolds Dr. Henry, 174 Hanover 

Rennous Edwd. G. boat builder, Union dock, dw 104 

e Fayette 
Renoff Fredk. shoemaker, 67 Ensor 
Renshaw Harriet, 207 Aisquith 
Renshaw John, hatter, 332 w Baltimore, dw 165 a 

Rentz Francis, basket maker. 15 Constitution 
RENVVICK ROBERT, cabinet ware rooms, 90 n 

Reol Danl. butcher, 112 Penn.av 
Repberger Francis J. laborer, 284 Aisquith 
Rephon Geo. laborer, 158£ s Spring 
Reppart Ernst, Cambridge e Windsor 
Reppart Geo. 167 Montgomery 
Republican and Argus, newspaper, Cloud, Hope & 

Co. publishers, over 6 n Gay 
Resh John, laborer, 198 Alice Anna 
Resh Valentine, cow keeper, 100 Lancaster 
Rentier John G. shoemaker, Exeter s Eastern av 
Reuglar John, laborer, 220 s Bond 
Reuter Andw. hardware dealer, 42 Harrison 
Revere Kobt. H. shoemaker, 86 e Fayette 
Reves Wash, laborer, Canton av e Burke 
Rever Dedrick, baker, 9 s Paca 
Rex Herman, laborer, Ellicottst. Canton 
Rexhousen Henry, laborer, 216 Alice Anna 
Reynard Conrad, carpenter, 22 Giddings 
Reynolds Benj. carpenter, 80 s Caroline 
Reynolds Dominick, 29 u High 
Reynolds E. W. bricklayer, Penn. av n Mosher st 
Reynolds Goven. carter, rear 69 Camden 
Reynolds Grafton, bricklayer, Hollins Market Sp. 
Reynolds Henry R. & Josiah, carpenters, 77 Front, 

dwH. R. 23 s High 
REYNOLDS ISAAC & SONS, provision deal- 
ers, Balderston 
Reynolds Isadore, firm Thos. R. «t Mitchell, dw 

Reynolds John, pattern maker, 82 Hill 
Reynolds John C. com. mt. dw 41 s High 
Reynolds John W. bricklayer, 10 Brune 
Reynolds Jos. firm Isaac R. & Sons, 84 Monument 
Reynolds Jos. W. & Edwd. tobacco and com. mts. 

over 78 Light st whf 
Reynolds Josiah, firm H.R. & J. R. dw 19j s High 
Reynolds Lindsay H. carpenter, 72 Mc^hlerry 
Reynolds Michael, laborer, near 35 Prestoa 




Reynolds Dr. 1 . S. 179 Canton av 

Reynolds Patrick, soap boiler, 30 Hillen 

Reynolds Sarah, 21 New 

Reynolds & Smith, grocers and commission mts. 40 

n Howard 
Reynolds Wash, blacksmith, 85 Boyd 
Reynolds Wm. firm R. & Smith, dw 117 Fayette 
Reynolds Wm. mariner, 5b Henrietta 
Rhader John, cooper, 10 Shakspear 
Rhein Cephnna, shoemaker, 8 Johnson 
Rhems John, cook, 144 Thames 
Rlunehard Francis, tailor, 49 Hoffman 
Rhinehardt Margaret, 45 Pearl 
Rhinehardt Micbl. tailor, 102 Fremont 
Rhinehan Chas. carpemer, 9 Penn 
Rlunehart Chn.>top. laborer, "25-2 s Charles 
Rhinehan Fredk. 236 e Monument 
Rhinehan Geo. cabinet maker. 1 Jasper 
Rhinehan Geo. brickmaker, alley s of Cross w of 

Light st 
Rhinehart Henry, cutler, 29 Lee 
Rhinehan John, carter, Leadenhall s Montgomery 
Rhinehart Margaret, 45 Pearl 
Rhinehart Nich. tailor, 102 Fremont 
Rhinehart Philip, carpenter, 283 n Gay 
Rhineman Philip, bricklayer, 52 Richmond 
Rhoad Martin, laborer, 112 Lancaster 
Rhoads Henry, carpenter, 47 Holliday, dw 37 s 

RHOADS WILLARD & SON, ship brokers and 
commission merchants, cor. Pratt st and Spear's 
wharf, dw W. R. 43 Lombard 

RHODES B. M. general commission merchant and 
dealer in paper man. stock, up stairs of 20 s 
Charles, dw 243 Saratoga 

Rhodes Edgar E. bookseller, 29 Greene 

Rhodes Fredk, C. grocer, 86 Hollins 

Rhodes Jas. machinist, 107 Vine 

Rhodes John, 84 Union 

Rhodes John R. filer and turner, 280 Franklin 

Rhodes John H. 182 Hanover 

Rhodes Lucretia, Falls road 

Rhodes Peter, tobacconist, 10 North 

Rhodes Wm. clerk, 185 Hanover 

Rhodes Wm. wagoner, 45 s Paca 

Rhodes Zachariah, manufacturer, 19 Broadway 

Riael Patrick, tavern, 200 Lexington 

Rial Jas. grocer. 145 n Eutaw 

Pian Philip, tailor, 21 Mercer 

1 icards, Fnsby & Co. import. and job. in dry goods, 
f» s Charles 

Ricards John R. firm Ricards, Frisby & Co. dw 113 

Rice Abraham, dry goods mt. 85 n Howard 

Rice Conrad, clerk, 192 Mulberry 

Rice E. pedlar, 21 Hampstead 

Rice Eliza, 10 Maiden lane 

Rice Geo. laborer, Stiles e Gough 

Rice H. D. painter, cor. Front and Low 

Rice Henry G. jr ' firm Tiffany, Ward & Co. dw 
cor. Park and Franklin 

Rice Jacob, butcher, Penn. av extd 

Rice John, shoemaker, 15 West 

Rice John, saddler, Penn. av 

Rice Juda, boarding house, 16 s Gay 

Rice Lawrence, laborer, Penn. av extd 

Rice Michl cooper, 382 w Pratt 

Rice Saml. E. clerk, 187 German 

Rice Sarah, 22 George 

Rice Sebastian, essence manuf. 29 Hampstead 

Rice Simon dry goods dealer, 158 Alice Anna 

Rice Thos. H. block maker, 105 Light st wharf, dw 
52 Hill 

Rice Thos. laborer, Exeier st s Eastern av 

Rice Lawrence, butcher, Penn. av. city limits 

Rice Capt. Wm. T. mariner, 142 Bond 

Rich Dr. A. J. sen. 74 n Charles 

RICH DR. ARTHUR, JR s e cor. Liberty and 


Rich John, blacksmith. Harford av 
Richard Anthony, China al 

Richard Harrv, horse doctor, 180 Greenmount av 
Richard Matthew, laborer, 23 Aimistead lane 
Richard Dr. V. P. 65 n Front 

Richards Amelia C. dress and clonk maker, 38 Pine 
Richards & Bro. ladies' shoemakers, 80 Hanover 
Richards Francis, laborer, Abey al 
Richards PYancis A. potter, Chase e Aisquith 
Richards Henry, millwright, 25 Chatsworth 
Richards Labella E. 37 n Exeter 
Richards John, coach maker, 161 n High 
Richards John, laborer, 19 Harford av 
Richaids Jonathan, 215 s Caroline 
Richards Jos. tobacconist, 124 s Caroline 
Richards Joshua H. carpenter, Carey s Baltimore 
Richards Mary Ann, 53 French 
Richards Owen, 157 Wolf 
Richards Patrick, sexton St. Patrick's church, 157 

Richards & Robinson, omnibus prop. 283 Biddle 
Richards Wm. H. trunk maker, 12 Fremont 
Richardson Ann, 131 Ensor 
Richardson Beal H. editor Argus, 269 » 




Richardson Benj. V. clerk, 191 Pranljlin 
Richardson Catharine M. ti4 n French 
Richardson Chas. J. mate, 222 Ann 
Richardson David, huckster, 12 Neighbor 
Richardson Edwd. J. agent N.Y. Life Ins. Co. 50 

Sharp, office Franklin buildings 
Richardson Edwd. carpenter, 475 w Lombard 
Richardson Geo. W. cedar cooper, G Park 
Richardson Geo. R. attorney general, State Md., 

8 Court House lane 
Richardson J. K. & J. F. grocers, 151 n Gay 
Richardson Jas. clerk, 185 Alice Anna 
RICHARDSON JOHN W. dry goods dealer, 99 

Ball, dw 8 Aisquith 
Richardson John, collector, 337 w Fayette 
Richardson John W. shipwright, 5 Broadway 
Richardson John T. machinist, 148 n Hish 
Richardson Joseph M. shoemaker, 96 Jefferson 
Richardson Margaret, fancy dress maker, 108 n 

Richardson Margaret B. 34 Aisquith 
Richardson Mariha, Cathedral n of Eager 
Richardson Orville, machinist, til Con way 
Richardson Rachel, dress maker, 53 Mulberry 
Richardson Saml. B. oil cloth manuf. 174 e Monu't. 
Richardson Saml. M. jr. painter, 35 Hoffman 
Richardson Thos. blacksmith, 49 s Paca 
Richardson Wm. shoemaker, 233 Franklin 
Richardson Wm. L. cashier Citizens' Bank, 197 

Madison av 
Richardson Wm. H. millwright, 53 s Exeter 
Richart Christr. tailor, Eden st. s of Canton av 
Richendell'er Jas. pedlar, 173 Alice Anna 
Richers Nich. grocer, 22 1 -'3 s Charles 
Richey Wm. blacksmith, 528 w Pratt 
Richey Wm. carter. 43 Mullikin 
Richfield Saml. iron finisher, Careys of Bait 
Richmond Henry, huckster, 148 Eutaw 
Richmond John W. plane maker, 174 Lee 
Richmond Samuel, weaver, 49 Preston 
R1CHSTEIN G. & CO. steam sugar refiners, 2 

Lombard, dw Geo. R. 221 w Lombard 
Richier David, baker, 177 Light 
Richter Jas. moulder, Greene s of Barre 
Richter John, measure stamper, Vine st. near Pop- 

Richter John, jr. huckster, Poppleton near Lex. 
Richter Ludville, cigar maker, 131 L. Greene 
Rickebv Alfred, book agent, 103 Ross 
Rickerby A. book agent, cor. Madison and Forest 
Ricketts & Co. fruit dealers and confectioners, n e 
cor. Pratt and Light 

Ricketts John, printer, 323 n Gay 
Ricketts Joseph, machinist, 20 York 
Ricketts Margaret, mantua maker, n e cor. Jeffer- 
son and Bond 
Ricketts Mary, milk dealer, 21 Lloyd 
Ricketts Mary Ann, 33 Albemarle 
Ricketts Wesley, firm R. & Co. dw 85 s Paca 
Rickey & Speddin, sail makers, 79 Light st. wharf 
Rickey Wm. firm R. & Speddin, dw 58 e Pratt 
Rickle Geo. quarryman, w Pratt 
Ricket Philip, piano maker, 140 French 
Rickter Fredk. huckster, 175 s Paca 
Ricter Geo. ioundryman, 107 Montgomery 
Riddle Jas. shoemaker, 19 Slemmer al 
Riddle John A. Annn of Fayette 
Riddle Ludwick, foundryman Paca.s of Fremont 
Riddle Wesley, carpen'er, 84 McEklerry 
Riddlemoser John D. caule dealer, 47 Constitution 
Rider Aaron, furn. dealer, se cor. Gay & Harrison, 

dw 81 e Fayette 
Rider Alex, harness maker, 2 New 
Rider John H. conductor on R. road, 286 n Howard 
Rider John, laborer, 156 Canton av 
Rider Mary, 297 n Howard 
Rider Peter, machinist, Garden near Rose 
Rider Solomon, furniture dealer, 70f Lancaster 
Rider Dr. W. G. 83 Mulberry 
Rider Wash, brickmaker, yard Wash, road, dw 118 

Lee st 
Ridgaway Jas. W. shoemaker, 168 e Bait 
Ridgaway Josiah, shoemaker, 107 Jefferson 
Ridgaway Saml. lumber dealer, 273 Saratoga 
Ridgaway Wm. lumber dealer. 273 Saratoga 
Ridgaway Wm. mt. tailor, 92 Albemarle 
Ridgaway Wm. shoemaker, 63 McElderry 
Ridge Henrv, blacksmith, 143 Raborg 
Ridgely And. Sterrett, attorney at law, 24 St. Paul 
Ridgely Archibald G. firm Zell & R. dw 74 Centre 
Ridgely Chs. G. attorney at law, 3 Ensor st. dw 167 

Aisquith st 
RIDGELY CHAS. W. attorney at law, 5 Court 

House lane, dw 63 Greene 
Ridgely Mrs. David, 13 Franklin 
Ridgely Edward, 114 Hanover 

Ridgely — dry goods merchant, 61 Bait 

Ridgely John R. dry goods merchant, 61 n Howard, 

dw 84 Greene 
Ridgely L. W. dry goods merchant, 29 Bait 
Ridgely Nich. chair maker, Burgundy al. s of Fre- 
mont st 
Ridgely S. E. tailor, 172 n Exeter 




Ridgely Win. H. dry goods dealer, 105 Bait, dw 170 

Ridgeinlle Henry, blacksmith, 384 w Pratt 
Riebert John, tailor, 15 New Church 
Riefner Henry L. shoemaker, i'U7 Alice Anna 
Riefner John C. watch maker, 209 Alice Anna 
Riefner Peter, watch" maker, 209 Alice Anna 
Rietty Henry, butcher, Penn av. city limits 
Riegle John, laborer, 14 Giddings 
Riegman Philip, laborer, 110 Lancaster 
Riehl (Jon rati, tailor, 42 President 
Riel John, cabinet maker, 91 Penn av 
Kiel Paul, tailor, 333 s Bond 
Rieiey Danl. prop. Black Bear Tavern. 148 Sarat. 
Riel>- Addison B.firm R. & Pendletor.,dw 117 Park 
K1ELY & PENDLETON, wholesale dry goods 

merchants, 277 Baltimore 
Rielly Daniel, laborer, 204 Lexington 
Rieraan Alex, firm II., dw 311 Lexington 
RIEMAN HENRY & SONS, provision dealers, 

24 n Howard 
Rieman Henry, firm II. R. & Sons, 313 Lexington 
Rieinan & Williar, provision dealers, 369 Bait 
Ricrnan Win. J. firm It. & Williar, 310 Lexington 
Riemetx ('has. cooper, Clinton st Canton 
Riemold Jacob, stevadore, 49 Fell 
Rieneman Peter, stone mason, Poppleton n of Sara 

RiepeG. II. tailor, 10 Stirling 
Riepsem Henry, laborer, 158$ s Spring 
Ries Geo. laborer, 00 Lancaster 
Riesenger Lewis F. tinner, 054 w Baltimore 
Kiesinger Lewis, hack driver, 403 w Pratt 
Riesinger Win. 120 n Paca 
Rieter Burckardt, laborer, 205 Bethel 
Rietinan Ehrman, laborer, 45 Shroeder 
Rietns Jacob, shoemaker, 50 n Gav 
Rigald Cassard, morocco dresser, rear 15 French 
Rigby Henry J. tailor and cutter, 90 Gough 
Rigby Laban, wheelwright, 214 Light, shop Camd. 
Rigby Philip A. carpenter, 120 Camden st. dw 152 

s Paca 
Rigdon Caleb, carpenter, 122 Garden 
Rigdon Geo. coach trimmer, 128 n Canal 
Riggen Israel, ship carpenter, 44 William 
Riggen Kellam, carter, rear 103 s Charles 
Rigger Lawrence, engineer, 87 Albemarle 
Rigger Peter, laborer, 220 Wolf 
Riggers John, ship carpenter, 99 Eastern av 
Riggin Rlioda,292 Alice Anna 
Riggms Israel, firm Sanks & It. dw William 
Ri'^gins Mary Ann. gardner, 330 Light 

Riggs Edward, grocer, cor. Fell and Wolf 

Riggii Geo. constable. HolJman near Gibson 

Riggs Geo. laborer, Star al. n of Bank st 

Rigjjs Nich. C. tailor, 10 s Paca extc! 

Riggs Saml. firm R., Babcock & Co. s e cor. Fayettt 
and Cathedral, dw 06 Franklin 

Rigney John T. cleik, 51 s Liberty 

Richard John, laborer, 21 Barre 

Riley A. G. painter, 38 Orleans 

Riley Alexis, hatter, 35 Centre 

Riley Ann, grocer, 141 Monument 

Riley Ann, store keeper, 248 n Canal 

Riley Bridget, shop, 62 L. Hughes 

Riley Columbus, shoemaker, 101 n Eden 

Riley Danl. laborer, 139 Harford av 

Riley Elias, laborer, 01 Union 

Riley Edward, hucKster, Penn. a v. n of Smith st 

Riley Edward, marble polisher, 124 Ross 

Riley Mrs. Elizab. boaiding house, 448 w Bah 

Riley Mrs. Elizab. 125 William 

Riley Geo. blacksmith, 33 Henrietta 

Riley Geo. laborer, 62 William 

Riley Hester, rear 39 President 
Riley lsmay P. shoemaker, 21 Spring 
Riley Jas. plumber, 4 Constitution 
Riley Jas. shoemaker. 80 Union 
Riley Jas. laborer, 62 L. Hughes 

Riley John, laborer, 187 Beihel 

Riley John, al. w from Poppleton near Saratoga st 

Riley John, cooper, Register n of Bank 

Riley John D. coach maker, 49 Stirling 

Riley Joseph C lirm Talbott d. R. 134 s Greene 

Riley Mrs. Mary, 14 Shroeder 

Riley Owen, laborer, Green's ct. Hamburg st 

Riley Patrick, walchman Bait, and Ohio R. Road, 

Vine near Poppleton 
Riley Peter, blacksmith, 532 w Pratt 
Riley Rev. Reuben, -280 Fayette 
Riley Saml. S. pump maker, 166 s Paca 
Riley Theodore, huckster, 172 s Eutaw 
Riley Thus, porter, 51 McElderry 
Riley Thos. tinner, 8 Temple 
Riley Dr. Win. 34 w Fayette 
Rilev Wm. painter, 16 Orleans 
Rimby Reuben L. firm Powell 8c R. dw Sharp n ol* 

Rimby Thos. moulder, Paca s of Fremont 
Rimmer Wm. Bethel n of Gough 
Rirnmer Zachariah, tavern, 252 Broadway 
Rimph N. C. jeweller, Bait, dw 183 Hanover 
Rindeh John, blacksmith, 5 Slemmer al 
Rine Patrick, laborer, rear 103 s Charles 




Rinehart Lewis, laborer, 44 Thames 
Rinehart Philip, carpenter, 283 n Gay 
Ring David, laborer, 178 Chestnut 
Ring Geo. laborer, 127 Canton av 
Ring John G. firm Duns &. R. St. Mary- 
Ring Moses, clothier. GO Centre Market 
Ring Sophia, 107 Aisquith 
Ringold Edward, tailor, 63 En^or 
Ringold Peer}', carpenter, 32 Second 
Ringgold Mary, boarding house, 32 Second 
Ringgold Mary, 37 Pleasant 
Ringgold Mrs. Mary, 133 Hanover 
Ringgold Saml. apothecary and druggist, 752 Bait 
Ringrose Aaron, ship carpenter, 92 Hamburg 
Ri> grose Jas. ship carpenter, 74 Ann 
Ringrose Jas. watchman, 233 Gough 
Ringrose John W. dry goods dealer, 29 n Howard 
Ringrose Robert ship carpenter, Hudson st. near 

Harris's creek 
Ringrose Saml. bricklayer, Pratt w of Ann 
Rinhardt John H. tailor, 139 Low 
Rink Gotleib. laborer, 04 Lancaster 
Rink John, baker, 238 Dallas 
Ripley Jas. brakesman, Scott n of Pratt 
Rippelmever C. H. firm R. & Graue, 79 Sharp 
RIPPELMEYEE & GRAUE. importers of Eng- 
lish and German goods, 7 German 
Riston Basil, cigai maker, 70 McElderry 
Riter Hammond 11. tailor, 25 s Caroline 
Riterbush Simon, furnaceman, Burk st. s of Can- 
ton avenue 
Riterbush VVm. furnaceman, Burk st. s of Canton av 
Rites John Z. huckster, 149 Ensor 
Ritger Adam, shoemaker, Orleans e of Broadway 
Rimer John, shoeinakgr, Eastern av. w of Albe- 

mai le st 
Rittase Jacob, grocer, 75 Penn av 
Ritter Geo. butcher, Point lane, Harford av 
Rnter John Barnhart, milkman, 41 West 
Ritter Mary, 40 Richmond 
Riiter Rinaldo, wagoner, 195 Biddle 
Rutins Chas. laborer, 229 Canton Av 
Ritz Henry L. grocer, Gay. dw 133 n Front 
RITZ JOHN, hack proprietor, 100 Alice Anna 
Rnzell Jacob, laborer, al. from Poppleton st. rear of 

Columbia si 
Ritzius John, tailor, 110 s Eden 
Rixse John A. grocer, s w cor. Howard and Barrc 
Rixson Sarah, 21 e Monument 
Roach Dorcas, 17Chatsworth 
Roach Edward, laborer, Cambridge e of Windsor 

Roach Jas. J. sign and ornamental painter, 1 Mc- 

Clellan, dw 20 Pearl 
Roach John, wharfinger, Wolf n of Lancaster 
Roach Mrs. Joshua, 285 Light 
Roark Hugh, huckster, 19 Haw 
Roark John, s w cor. Light and Lombard 
Roark Thos. shoemaker, China al 
Roark Wm. court from w end Carpenter's al 
Robb John, ship carpenter, 107 Bank 
Robb John A. ship builder, Wolf near Lancaster, 

dw 26 Broadway cur. Lombard 
Robb Jos. book keeper, 150 Lee 
Robb Ma i ia, 92 Gough 
Robb Michl. C. mt. tailor, 644 w Baltimore 
Robbin John M. boot maker, se cor. Barre Si Greene 
Robbins Benj. cletk, 70 s Eden 
Robbins Dr. D. H. office 248 Saratoga 
ROBBINS H R. magistrate, 179 w Pratt, dw 135 

s Paca 
Robbins Horace W. agent for Md. Soap Stone Co. 

370- ; 8 w Pratt, dw 1 Hollins 
Robbins John, mariner, 33 Hill 
ROBBINS MOSES S. apothecary and druggist, 

n e cor. Light and Hughes, dw cor. Covington 

and L. Hughes 
Robbins Win. lime dealer, 69 s Eutaw 
Robelete John B. mate, Register s Gough 
Rober Elizabeth, Bank e Washington 
Robert Eml tavern, 113 Canton av 
Robert VVm. tavern, 110 Canton av 
Roberts Alex, ship carpenter, 204 Ann 
Roberts Benj. Rush, apothecary s w cor. Baltimore 

and Hanover 
Roberts Chas. tobacconist, 141 Lexington, dw 149 

Roberts Edwd. Lombard w Greene 
Roberts Edwd. P. editor Am. Farmer, 2 Harford av 
Roberts Fredk. shoemaker. 12 President 
Roberts Dr. G. C. M. office and dw 125 Hanover 
ROBERTS HENRY T. merchant tailor, 14 St 

Roberts Henry, smelter Cuba Co. Fort road, Locust 

Roberts Hugh, pilot, 230 Alice Anna 
Roberts Isaac G. letter carrier, 12 McElderry 
Roberts Jane, 250 Aisquilh 
Roberts John, laborer, 100 Thames 
Roberts Capt. John, mariner, 178 Bank 
Robeits John, laborer, Green's court, running s fm 

William st 
(Roberts Jos. chemist and druggist cor. York and 
' Harford avs 




Roberts Jos. ship carpenter, e Hamburg 

Roberts Jos. ship carpenter, 12 Giddings 

Roberts Joshua, plaisterer, 259 Aisquit'h 

Roberts Owen, black-smith, Pleasant al e Wash, st 

Roberts Tneo. mt. tailor, St. Paul dw 105 Fayette 

Roberts Thos. engineer, 10 York 

Roberts Wash, plaisterer, 154 Potter 

Roberts Wm boot maker. 130 n Eden 

Roberts Wm. D. lumber inspector, 211 Monument 

Roberts Wm. 281 Aisqnith 

Robertson Arch. H. lace embroidery, &c. dealer,' 

101 Baltimore 
Robertson C. Wm. printer, 1 Hill 
Robertson Catharine, 31 Center 
Robertson David, engineer, Madison e Caroline 
Robertson E. M. cedar cooper, 22 n Howard 
Robertson Elizabeth and Hannah, 55 Hanover 
Robertson Geo. M. firm Robertson, Mann & Co. dw 

8 e Lombard 
Robertson Jesse, foundry man, cor. Henrietta and 

Robertson Joshua, car driver, 43 Shroeder 
Robertson, Mann & Co. com. and ship. mts. 62 Buch- 
anan's wht 
Robertson N. tavern keeper, 1 Bond 
Robertson Thos. R. carpenter, Ann s Baltimore 
Robey Townly B. keeper Jackson Hall, cor. French 

and Buren 
Robinson Dr. Alex. C. s e cor. Pine and Baltimore, 

dw 491 Baltimore 
Robinson Alex, clerk, 143 s Paca 
Robinson Alex, rope maker, 489 Saratoga 
Robinson Alpheus, carpenter, 175 East 
Robinson Andw. 2 Addison 
Robinson Ann J. 58 Fremont 
Robinson Augustus, clerk n w cor. Pratt &. Eutaw 
Robinson Brown, weaver, 9 Pear al 
Robinson Conrad, shoemaker, 37 Penn av 
Robinson Conrad, shoemaker, Penn. av n Wilson st 
Robinson David, machinist, 81 Hamburg 
Pcobinson Daniel, 278 Fayette 
Robinson Dennis, huckster, Wash, stn Eastern av 
Robinson E. W. lottery and exchange office, 4 Hol- 

liday, dw 84 e Baltimore 
Robinson Edwd VV. lumber dealer and carpenter, 

cor. Register st. and Eastern av. dw 95 Broadway 
Robinson Elizabeth, milliner and trim, dealer, 110 

Robinson Francis, comb maker, 21 York av 
Robinson G. W. firm Robinson, Lord & Co. dw 86 

n Charles 
Robinson Mrs. Geo. 36 Pearl 

Robinson Geo. laborer, Light st extd 

Robinson Geo. brick maker, 260 e Baltimore 

Robinson Gust, grocer, Harford av 

Robinson Henry A clerk, 83 Granby 

Robinson J. S. 219 Franklin 

Robinson Jas. A. ladies' shoemaker, 262 n Howard 

Robinson Jas. currier and leather dealer. 2-18 Broad- 
way, dw Thames 

Robinson Jas. weaver, Freedom st or Boehm's lot 
jRobinson Jannetta, Paris milliner, 32 n Liberty 

Robinson John R. boiler maker, 29 Booth 

Robinson John, carpenter, Henrietta s Lee 

Robinson John W. brickmaker, 83 Hamburg 
\jtobinson John, book keeper, 32 n Liberty 

Robinson John, ship carpenter, 179 Wolf 

Robinson John, paper hanging manuf. and dealer, 30 

Robinson John, riggar, 6 Register ,. 

Robinson Mrs. John, milliner, 146 Baltimore 

Robinson John, watchman, s w cor. Franklin and 

Robinson John, carpenter, 114 s Howard 

Robinson Jos. printer, bookseller, &c. 47 Baltimore, 
dw 174 n Calvert 

Robinson Jos. trader, 136 Orleans 

Robinson Jos. bricklayer, 272 e Pratt 

Robinson Jos. currier and leather dealer, 248 Broad- 
way, dw 242 Eastern av 

Robinson Joshua, firm R. & Kreamer, dw 230 w 

ROBINSON & KREAMER, tin and sheet iron 
workers and spouters, 333 Baltimore 

ROBINSON, LORD & CO. dealers brooms and 
wood ware, and brush manufacturers, 108 Lom- 
bard, between Light and Calvert. See card 

Robinson Margaret, 22 Shakspear 

Robinson Mary, seamstress, Deluol al 

Robinson Mar'v, book stitcher, 13 Clay 

Robinson Marv, 121 e Baltimore 

Robinson Mary, 173 Ann 

Robinson Mary Ann, milliner. 241 Canton av 

Robinson Capt. Michl. mariner, 25S Ann 

Robinson Mrs. 36 Pearl 

Robinson N. N. druggist, 58 n Gay, cor. Saratoga 

Robinson Nathl.C. tavern keeper, 241 e Baltimore 

Robinson Nich. shoemaker, 172 e Fayette 

Robinson Rezin, painter, 211 Biddle 

Robinson Capt. Rowland, ship chandler, s w corner 
Thames and Bond, dw 150 Broadway 

Robinson Saml. 298 Forest 

Robinson Saml. S. carpenter, Ann s Prall 

Robinson Saml. boot maker, 13 n Eutaw 




Robinson Sarah, upholstress, 328 Frauklin 
Robinson Sarah, 97 Granby 
Robinson Sophia At.n, dress maker, 102 Hill 
Robinson Stephen A. grocer, 289 Eastern av 
Robinson Theodore, blacksmith, 90 French 
Robinson Thos. clerk, 84 e Baltimore 
Robinson Thos. weaver, Collins's court, Harmo- 
ny lane 
Robinson Thos, shoemaker, 397 w Pratt 
Robinson Thos. oysters, beef stakes, &c. cellar, 14 

ROBINSON THOMAS, grocer, 164 Broadway 
Robinson Thos. s w cor. Rock and Saratoga 
Robinson Thos. weaver, Collins's court, near 379 

Robinson Thos. carpenter, 31 Philpot al 
Robinson Wm. weaver, 65 Shroeder 
Robinson Wm.brickmaker, Pleasant al w Castle al 
Robinson Wm. carpenter, Canal n Monument 
Robinson Wm. jr. oil and com. mt. 15 Bovvly's whf. 

dw 40 Franklin 
Robinson Wm. lime and guano dealer, 4 Hollings- 

worth, dw cor. Camden and Eutaw 
R.obinsoo Capt. Wm. 152 Broadway 
Robinson Capt. Wm. 313 Eastern av 
Robinson Wm. H. cutter, 186 e Lombard 
Robinson Wm. L. sugar broker, 57 Courtland 
ROBINSON WILLIAM C. c mmission merch- 
ant &c oil dealer, 77 Bowly's whl. dw 23 Franklin 
Robison Joshua, boot maker, 151 York 
Roche Ed motul, grocer, 31 East 
Roche Geo. J. painter, Grant, dw 23 Albemarle 
Roche Henry, carpenter, 108 n Eden 
Roche Jas. baker and flour dealer, 102 n Gay 
Roche John A, dry goods dealer, 52 Hanover 
Roche Mary, grocer, 27 Lombard 
Roche Michl. carpenter, Wine, dw 54 Center 
Roche Morris, trunk maker, 75 French 
Rock Cornelius, carter, 24 Hillen 
Rockwell Landis T. ladies' shoemak. 80 Saratoga 
Rodamer Nichl. milk dealer, 120 French 
Rodde L. W. grocer, cor. Jordan al and Preston st 
lloden Patrick, stone mason, 54 n Gay 
Rodenmayer Geo. 36 Ensor 
Rodenmayer Geo. confectioner, 199 Fayette 
Rodenmayer Henry, printer, 170 Eastern av 
Rodenmayer John, painter, 29 Pine 
Rodenmayer Wm. A. carpenter, 8e Monument 
Roder John, cabinet maker, 35 Canal 
Rudgers Danl. 268 Alice Anna 
Rodgers, Hugh, shoemaker, 17 Mott 
Rodgers Iaaac S. carpenter, Alice Anna e of Wolf 

Rodgers Jas. A. primer, 31 Hill 

Rodgers James, watchman, Eastern av w of Chester 

Rodgers John, gardner, junction Fremont st and 

Penn. avenue 
Rodgers John W. engineer, 309 Saratoga 
Rodgers John, firm J. R. & Son, 41 n High 
Rodgers John & Son, machinists, 50 n High 
Rodgers Jno W. tobacconist, Alice Anna e of Wolfst 
Rodgeis M. J. mariner, 31 Holland 
Rodgers Maria, boarding house, 94 North 
Rodgers Thomas, laborer, Chesapeake st Canton 
Rodgers Wm. firm J. R. & Son, 56 n High 
Roach Geo. shoemaker, Penn. av n of Fremont st 
Rodh John, tailor, 103 Ross 
Rodney Geo. W. ship carpenter, 278 Canton av 
Rodney Thos. butcher, Prospect hill near Balto. st 
Rodolph Sprague, ait'y, Bait, near Charles dw271 

w Baltimore 
Roeder Jno, C. grocer, s e cor. Watson & Exeter 
Roesey Wm. carpenter, 218 Hartford av 
Roesmink Frederick W. boardg. house, 302 s Bond 
Rofink Henry, tailor, 15 L. Gough 
Roger John, cooper, 79 York 
Rogers A. M atl'y at law, 12 law buildgs. upstairs 
Rogers & Boyd, mt. tailors, 226 Baltimore 
Rogers Chns P. druggist, n w cor. Balto. & Howard 

dw n w cor. Fayette and Pine 
Rodgers Edmund" Law, att'y at law, 12 s Frederick 
Rogers Mrs. E. select scrrooi for young ladeis, 57 n 

Rogers Elisabeth, 1 Granby 
Rogers Evans, Iirm Hartshorn, Rogers & Magraw 

25 Hanover 
Rogers Francis, dress maker, 13 s High 
Rogers Geo. firm J. R. & Son, 110 Hanover 
Rogers George, stone cutter, 82 Hartford av 
Rogers Henry G. of American Telegraph Co. 71 s 

Rogers Hugh, laborer, 249 e Monument 
ROGERS JACOB it SONS, hatters, 27 South 
Rogers Jacob S. stone cutter, 71 Harford av 
Rogers Mrs. James L. 61 Barre 
Rogers James, porter, Hughes e of Light 
Rogers Jason, 94 Pearl 
Rogers John, mt. 69 St Paul 
Rogers John, porter, 1 Ross 
Rogers John H. book keeper Mechanis' Bank, dw 84 

s Paca 
Rogers J. Lloyd, com. mt. 110 n Howard 
Rogers John, tinner, 61 North 
Rogers John, fisher, 5 Granby 
Rogers Joseph, printer. 235 Aisquith 




Rogers Joseph D. rigger, 194 s Sharp 
Rogers Joseph, pump maker, dw 45 Pine 
Rogers Joseph, ji; book keeper, 2G Pine 
Rogers Julia, 7 w Fayette 
Rogers Maria, confectioner, GI North 
Rogers Mary, 49 Couitlnnd 
Rogers Mary Ann, 46 n High 
Rogers Mich. W. firm R. & Co. dw 106 Sharp 
Rogers iS'aihan & Co. mts. Ill Smith's whf. dw N. 
R. 198 Franklin 

Romine Saml. tailor, 14 Mott 
Romm Nich. plaisierer, 34 n Liberty 
Rommel E. N. tailor, 101 n Paca 
Romoser John M. tailor, 66 Pine 
Romoser John G. tailor, 90 Hill 
Romoser John P. carpenter, 130 York 
Rondert Henry, furnace man, Cambridge e of Lea- 
kin, Canton 
Roney John, firm Hopkins &R. 149 e Madison 
Roney Patrick, wood dealer, 77 n Exeter 
Roney Patrick, sacking bottom maker, 104 Camden 

Rogers Nathan, sawyer, 268 Broadway 

Rogers Patrick, huckster, Smith ct. from n EutawstJRoney Thos. hackman, 176 n Front 

Rogers Rowland, hatter, 8 Mulberry Ronning Elizab. millinery and fancy 

Rogers Wm. firm R. & Boyd, 87 n Eutaw 

Rogers Wm. tailor, 339 Fayette 

Rogers Dr. Wm. 216 Franklin 

Rogers Win. firm Jacob R. & Sons, dw Second, 1 

door from South 
Rogers Wm. B. firm C. R. & Bro. 2S0 Lexington 
Rogers Wm. fisher, 3 Granbv 
Rogge Unas, upholsterer, 49 Greene 
Rohm John, collier, 38 Eastern av 
Rohr Leonard, cabinet maker, 52 n Liberty 
Rohrback John, shoemaker, 112 n Canal 
Rokess John, boot and shoemaker, 45 Orleans 
Rolhflesh John K. fa.rn. carter, 270 Alice Anna 
Roleather Francis, 29 Philpot lane 
Roleather Peter, Scott s of Columbia 
Roles Thos. huckster, Perm av n of Wilson st 
Rolf Henry, sawyer, 89 McElderry's whf 
Holies Anthony, carter, Caroline s of Lancaster 

Rolfield Wm. teamster, 45 Albemarle 

Rolfind Chr. porter, Penn av. n of McMechin st 

Roline Fredk. laborer. 98 s Howard 

Roll John, butcher, 13 Shakspear 

Rollin Geo. steamboat agent, 107 s Paca 

Rollins Jas. blacksmith, 5 Richmond 

Rollins Joshua, boot and shoemaker, 114 Stirling 

Rollins Solomon A. grocer and feed dealer, 209 i 

Rollins Capt. Wm. 270 Lexington 

Rollman John, baker, 179 n Canal 

Roloson Fredk. prov. dealer, 28 n Paca, dw 88£ 

Roloson Hugh prov. dealer, 65 C. Market, dw 317 
w Pratt 

Roioson Wm. H. prov. dealer, 14 Water st. dw 99 

Roloson Wm. W. dry goods dealer, 23 n Paca 

Roman Brantz, laborer, Carpenter's al. w of Fre- 
mont st 

Roman John A. clothier. 339 5 Bond 

roods dealer, 

137 Bait 
Ronsaville David C. carpenter, 35 Columbia 
Rook Adam, carter, Light extd 
Rooker Saml. clerk, 15 Fremont 
Rooney Jas. F. porter, 96 e Fayette 
Rooney Mich, beer drayman, Livery al 
ROOSE JOHN J. officer, n w cor. St. Paul and 

Favette, dw 70 Amity 
ROOT BASIL, justice of peace, 47 n Eutaw, dw 

Gibson near Hoffman 
Root Calvin S. music teacher, 45 e Lombard 
Root Henry R. attorney, firm Sprague &. R. dw 25 

Rout John, morocco dresser, 122 e Monument 
Root Sarah, 27 York av 
Ropes Archer, attorney. 2 Court House lane 
Ropp John, shoemaker, SOBiddle al 
Roreman John, cabinet maker, 6 Water 
Rose Ellen, 1 Wilmer al 
Rose Geo. C. ladies' shoemaker, 27 Jefferson 
Rose Geo. butcher, 382 Light 

Rose Henry, boatswain receiving: ship. 202 Hollins 
Rose Hirst, dry goods dealer, 217 w Pratt 
Rose Israel L. watchman, 225 Light 
Rose Jacob, pedlar, 33 Dallas 
Rose Jacob, dry goods merchant, 170 Lexington 
Rose Jas. bricklayer. 55 Orchard 
Rose Dr. John, 227 w Piatt, dw n e cor. Pine and 

Rose John, machinist, 21 Ross 
Rose John, laborer, 14 e Pratt 
Rose John, ship broker and com. mt. 1 O'Donnell's 

Rose Litman, laborer, 16Hampstead 
Rose Peter, shoemaker, 112 n Gay 
Rose Peyton R. book binder, 477 w Bait 
Rose Simeon L. carpenter, 361 Light 
Rus P Mrs. Teresa, 384 Light 
IROSE WM. H. keeper -Military Hall," ISnGny 




Rose John, laborer, 14 e Pratt 

Rose John, ship broker and com. mt. 1 O'Donnell's 

Rose Liiman, laborer, lGHampstead 

Rose Peter, shoemaker, 1 12 n Gay 

Rose Peyton R. book binder, 477 w Bait 

Rose Simeon L. carpenter, 361 Light 

Rose Mrs. Teresa, 384 Light 

ROSE \VM. H. keeper "Military Hall," 18 n Gay 

Ro.seman Geo. W. umbrella maker, 349 Lexington 

Rosemark Geo. brewer, 93 n Exeter 

Rose me r John, carpet weaver, 42sJ Harrison 

Rosemer Sabastian, carpet weaver, 41 Penn av 

Rosemink Fredk. W. seamen's boarding house, 302 
s Bond 

Rosenbaugher Joseph, silver smith, 54 Penn av 

Rosenbaum Elias, dry goods and millinery dealer, 
23 n Howard 

Rosenbaum Isaac, dry goods and trim daler, 154 

Rosenberg Geo. & Bro. cap manuf. over 209 Bait. 
dw w Pratt 

Rosenberg Lewis j& Co. wholes, dealers in cloths, 
cassimeres, &c. 293 Bait 

Rosenberg M. L. dry goods dealer, 251 w Pratt 

Rosenberger Francis, tailor, 22;) Bond 
Rosenberger Fredk, laborer. 37 Preston 

Rosenberger John, musician, Somerset n of Chew 
Rosenberger Moses, pedlar, 78 e Lombard 
Rosenberry John, brush maker, al. w from Eutaw, 

between Lee and Conway 
Rosenbroke Christ, mariner, 333 s Charles 
Rosenburg Abraham, dry goods merchant, 4 Centre 

Market space 
Rosenburg L pedlar, 05 Lancaster 
Rosertdale Henry, turner, Etna lane 
Rosener John, paver, 165 e Madison 
Rosenfeld A. properly agent, 1!) n Eden 
Rosenfeld Barbara, 271 Canton av 
Rosenfeld Moses, dealer in iron and ra<js, 1(1!) Beth. 
Rosenfeld Simon, tobacconist, 10 s Gay, dw 49 e 

Rosengoren Harman, laborer,*ct. from Fremont st. 

near Haw 
Rosen haupt Jonas, tailor, 100 Harrison 
Rosenheim Bernhard, 101 n Gay 
Rosensteel Elizabeth, trimmings dealer, 97 n Eutaw 
Rosensteel Geo. T. painter, 71 Park 
Rosensteel Levi, iron and rag dealer, 32 Penn av 
Rosensteel Joseph W. collector. 37 Chew 
Rosenstock David, 201 Bond 
Rosenstock G. dry goods deal. 209 Bro id way dw 11 

Rosenstock Gerson, clothier, 22!) Broadway 

Rosenstock Lewis, clothier, 165 Broadway 

Rosenswig Elias R. man. caps, 211 Bait 

Rosenthal Henry, mattress maker, 128 n Howard 

Rosenthal Lewis, teacher, 103 Sharp 

Rosenthal M. turn, dealer, 03 P#nn av 

Roset Wm. A. umbrella maker, 268 n Gay 

Rosewald & Brauftman, clothiers, 40 C. Market 

Rosewade J. clothier, 42 C. Market 

Rosh Andrew, laborer, 17-5 Alice Anna 

Roseamp Fred, oak cooper, 12 e Lombard 

Ross Anne, dry goods dealer, 765 w Bait 

ROSS BENJ. & OO. grocers, 1 Centre Market 

Ross Chas. H. 115 s Exeter 

Ross Uanl. comb maker, si Columbia David, 765 vv Bait 

Ross David J. firm James A. Henderson & Co. 2 

Comet st 
(toss Edward, laborer, 44 Spring 
Ross Edward C. grocer and tea dealer, 15 Bait 
Ross Elizabeth, 13 Humes 
Ross J^ Garrott, flour and com. mts. cor. Matthews 

and Hollingsworth 
Ross Rev. J. A. 103 Aisquith 
R iss J as. U. shoemaker, M n Fr mt 
Ross Jas. shoemaker, 53 ri Eden 
Ross Jas. seaman's hoard in:-; house, 131 Thames 
Ross ("apt. John, port warden, 190 Canton av 
Ross John, baker, 243 Alice Annn 
R;>ss Leroy, comb m iker, 133 Columbia 
Ross Mary, Washinton.aT 
R iss Mary, huckster, 99 Pine 
Ross ?.l rs. Reuben, ! 1 n Front 
Ross Robert, tinner, 5 Young 
Ross Robt. painter, 112 Henrietta 
Ross Robt. R. painter, -17 n High, dw 203 n Edc* 
Ross Wm. laborer, 155 w Comuarrl 
Ross Wm. C. plane maker, 134 s Howard 
Ross Wm. prop. pleasure boats, 209 Broadway 
Rdss Wm. (J. moroeco dresser. Broadways Fayette 
Rbssfort John, coachman, 99 North 
Rossner Cecelia, board'g house 52 Light 
Rossmnn Geo. Geo. laborer, Fremont st.extd 
Rost Geo. brewer, 303 s Bond 
Rost Geo. stone cutter, Canal s of Bank 
Rost John, painter, Eastern av. w id' Albemarle st 
Rosstizer John, liquor dealer. 01 Otegou 
Rostich John, laborer. 51 George 
Rosswnld Juda, furniture dealer. 30 Harrison 
Rosz. Geo. C. Eutaw s of Henrietta 
Roszell Mo-es D. grocer, 33 Orleans 




Roszell S. McK. prop. East Balto. Institute, 3 Wat 

son, dw 35 Granby 
Roszel Stephen C. grocer, 6 Aisquith, 
Roszel Sophronia E. prin. young ladies' Institute, 

131 w Fayeite 
Roszwag Godfred, tailor, 183 Sharp 
Rote Adam, locksmith, 12 n Greene 
Rote Adam, cooper, 258 Alice Anna 
Rote Jacob, watchman, 103 n Canal 
Roten Susan, Federal Hill 
Roth Antonie, mariner, 31 Fell 
Roth John, shoemaker, 2 Potter 
Roth Peter, Aim. carman. Orleans e of Broadway 
Rotbert John H. grocer, 67 Orleans 
Roihrock John, tinner, 368 w Baltimore, dw 532 
Rothrock Joseph, clerk, 147 Hollins 
Rothrok Wm. brickmaker, Booth near Shroeder 
Rothwell Richd. stone cutler, Chase e of Cathedral 
Rou Bernard, clothier, 44 Piait, dw e Lombard 
Rouch Wm. bacon dealer, 37 Eden 
Roump Simon, laborer, 202 s Bond 
Rouutree John, teacher of music, 144 e Madison 
Ronntree Wm. carpenter, 47Poppleton 
Roundtree Wm. piof. music, 89 Ensor 
RourkHntrh. huckster, 98 Fremont 
Rous Jno. G. ladies' shoemkr. 56 n Howard, d\v238 

Madison av 
Rousch Joseph, cabinet maker, 5 Clay 
Rouse Benjamin, rope maker, Register n of Gough 
Rouse Catharine hoarding house, 47 Philpot al 
Rouse John, laborer, McKim n of Eager 
Rouse John, lailor, 28 Argyle al 
Rouse Josephtis S. carpenter, 97 Pearl 
Rouse Rudolph, bricklayer and sand deal. Ann n of 

Rouse Susan, dress maker, 17 Warner 
Row Geo. tailor, 316 s Bond 
Row Wm. sailor, h3 Bank 
Rowe John, carter, Eulaw s of West 
Rowe Joseph, clothier, 49 Pratt, dw 116 Granby 
Rowe Joseph, Chester n of Eastern av 
Rowe Spencer, jr. broom man. & wooden ware deal. 

cor. Calvert and Cheapside, &, 105 Franklin, dw 

80 n Greene 
Rowe Wm. book keeper, 145 s Paca 
Rowles Walter, carpenter, 86 St Mary's 
Rowley Edward, sail maker, 65 Gough 
Rowley James, sail maker, 54 Gough 
Rowls Willis, prop. European house, 104 s Charles 
Roy J. H. & Co. apoth. and druggists, 2 South st. 
Roy John, bricklayer, 11 Jackson's court 
Royl Philip, carpenter, Penn av n of Dolphin st 

vn i Geo. rigger, 137 Alice Anna 

Royston Mrs. E." 16K e Madison 

Royston Edward, druggist, 50 e Lombard 

Royston John W. dry goods dealer, 653 w Balto. 

Royston Joshua, dry goods mt. 81 Balto. dw 62 Cam- 

Royston Joshua T. dry goods dealer, dw 277 Fayette 

Ruaik Capt. Alex, mariner, Ann n of Pratt 

Eluark Edward W. ship carpenter, 282 s Charles 

Ruark Henry, laborer, 14 s Bond 

Ruark Peter, moulder, Rabnrg w of Republican 

Ruark Wm. Hollins market space 

Rubens Chas. mattress mkr. s e cor I'ratt & Charles 

Ruckle Geo. 261 Saratoga 

Ruckle Geo. W. bacon dealer, 224 e Monument 

Ruckle Isabella, 133 Conway 

Ruckle Joseph, saddler, 83 Fremont 

Ruckle Thos. G. port r ait and miu. painter, 318 Bait. 

Ruckle Wm. oak cooper, 12 Ross 

Ruddach Rebecca, 96 s Sharp 

Ruddach Wm. hardw. deal. 35 Balto. dw 392 w 

Rudel! Francis, stevadore, cor Wash'n & Alice Anna 

i.udell Pankranz, tavern, s w cor. Washington and 
Alice Anna 

Rudden Mrs. 4 Addison 

Rudolph Francis, baker, 72 Harrison 

Rudolph Henry, carpenter, 60 L. Hughes 

Rudolph Jacob, tavern, 62 s Charles 

Rudolph Martin L. engineer, 19 Barre 

Rudolph Sprague, att'y, Balto near Charles, dw 271 
w Lombard 

Rufer Martin, grocer, 119 Canton av 

Ruff Jacob, laborer, 121 Penn av 

Ruff Richd. lumber ml.n e cor. Canal & Lombard 

Ruffs S. F. ale & oyster deal. 156 w Lombard 

Ruhl Abel, baker, 561 w Balto. 

Rub I George tailor, 284 n Gay 

Ruhl James, lithographer, 58 Jefferson 

Ruhl Joseph, brickmaker, 386 Light 

Ruley Henry P. bailiff, 176 Bank 

Ruley Per. VV. Capt. east'n dist. watch, 83s Caroline 

Ruley Thomas, huckster, East'n av w of Chester st 

Rulman Charles, baker, 235 e Fayette 

Rulman Weigant, baker, 117 n Canal 

Rumney Robert, Watchman, 14 Warner 

Rumoser Jacob, blacksmith, 105 n Calvert 

Rump Jacob Judy, butcher, G. Hampstead 

Rump Justus, cooper, Cross w of Charles 

Rump Philip, laborer, 76 Thames 

Rundle Joseph, butcher, 202 Light, dw 236 

Rundle Wm. watchman, 73 Hill 




.Rupert Caspar, laborer, Hammond al 

Rupert Philip, butcher, 303 Eastern av 

Rupley Hatmel, porter, 72 Ross 

Rupp Charles, grocer, 16S Pearl 

Rupp George, painter, 14 George 

Rupp Jacob, carpenter, Orchard, dw 48 St. Mary's 

Rupp Wm. bricklayer, 125 n Paca 

Ruppel Henry, 56 Argyle al 

Ruppel John, weaver. i5 Bank 

Ruppert J ohn, milk dealer, 95 Burgundy al 

Ruppert Joseph, brewer, '213 Eastern av 

Ruppult Conrad, laborer, 58 Argyle al 

Rush Geo. paper nanger, 2 Tessier 

Rush John, tailor, 88 French 

Rush Jos. paper hanger, Penn. av n Mosher st 

Rmdi Wm. 180 e Fayette 

Rushen Barnum, Bond s Fayette 

Rusk Abm. butcher, Hartord av extd 

Rusk Edwin, butcher. McKim n Eager 

faisk Geo. stone cutter, 70 Eastern av 

Rusk Geo. G. Harnpstead 

Rusk Jacob, butcher, Prospect Hill 

Rusk Jetfer>on M. butcher, Prospect Hill 

Rusk John, butcher, 87 York av 

Rusk Jos. paver, 150 Pine 

Rusk Leml. butcher, Baltimore e Ann 

Rusk Peter, laborer, 45 Monument 

Rusk Robt. butcher, 43 York av 

Rusk Thos. butcher, Harford av extd 

Ru>k Wm. butcher. G. Hampstead 

RUSKELL JOHN ft SON, proprietors "Fountain 

Stables," 7-1 Fayette, dw 118 Lexington 
Ruskell Thos. firm J. R. & Son, Mulberry 
Rusmyer Christop. laborer, 269 Ann 
Rusraver John. 238 s Bond 
Russ John, tailor, 130 Stirling 
Russell A. jr. brickinaker, 20 Columbia 
Russell Alex, tinner, 175 Hollins 
Russell Arch, weaver, 38 Harmony lane 
Russell Benj. shoemaker, 170 Pratt 
Russell Eugene, druggist, 35 Union 
Russell Capt. Geo. 47 Stiles 
Russell Geo. blacksmith, 63 Harford av 
Russell Geo. shoemaker. 234 n Howard 
Russell Geo. carriage trimmer, 155 e Madison 
Russell H J. dry goods & variety store, 513 w Bait. 
Russell Henry, tinner, 17^ n Gay 
Rnssell Jas. iron and brass founder, 143 Thames, dw 

363 Ann 
Russell John, carpenter, 104 CamJen 
Russell John, carpenter, 316 e Baltimore 
Russell John, tailor. 90 Harford av 

Russell John, furnishing warehouse. 54 s Charles 
Russell Jos. A. copper smith, 634 w Baltimore 
Russell Mary, grocer, cor. Garden and Preston 
Russell Michl. carpenter, 730 w Baltimore 
Russell Patrick, gas factory, 7 Pleasant 
Russell Richd. B. carpenter, 160 Fremont 
Russell Robt. Canal s Pratt 
Russell Robt. C. grocer, 81 s Spring 
Russell Ruth Ann, grocer, 312 n Howard 
Russell Saml. dealer charcoal, 106 German 
Russell Thos. firm Russell, Werdebaugh & Co. dw 

109 s Paca 
Russell Thos. hotel keeper, 144 Madison 
RUSSELL, WERDEBAUGH ic CO. variety and 

trimmings dealers, 292 Baltimore, cor. Sharp 
Russell Wm. bottliug estab. 22 Light 
Rus>ell Wm. plaisterer, 34 s Eutaw 
Russell Wm. etherial oil dealer. 68 s Howard 
Russlot John, varnisher, Raborg e Fremont 
Rust Levi, bricklayer, 31» w Lombard 
Rust Martin, machinist, Leaden ball s Montgomery 
Rust Saml. shoemaker, 44 Ensor 
Rustung Conrad, cabinet maker, 15 L. Gough 
Ruth Frauds J. pile driver, Wolf n Bank 
Ruth Jacob, cabinet maker, cor. Eastern av and 

Exeter st 
Ruth John B. laborer, Exeter st s Eastern av 
Ruth Joan S. bricklayer, ~0 Raborg 
Rutherford Nancy, 42 Harmony lane 
Rutledge Geo. W. finisher, 30 Gibson 
Piir.leJge John, tailor, 23 Jack>on 
Rutleei_ '-I, 1 k> Pi 

Rutledge Win. firm Bromly *v K. dw 61 Stirling 
Rutt Richd. nautical and optical instrument maker, 

53 Thames 
Rimer Albert, shoemaker, 122 Henrietta 
Rutter Christian, cabinet mak. Cathedral n Tyson 
Rutter D. McClure, attorney, 36 St. Paul, dw 17 

Rutter John II. cooper, 100 Orleans 
Rutter John W. mate. 153 Bank 
Rutter Jo-, ship carpenter, 56 Gough 
Rutter Josiah, Rem-rer s Prat! 
Rutter Ralph, silversmith, 76 s Exeter 
Rutter Saml. tailor. 17> Saratoga 
Rutter l\i.-. G - :t. Fire Ins. Co. 16 e Fayette 
Rutter Thos. B. cashier Farmers' Sc Planters' Bank, 

17 South 
Ryan Corneliu>, "Fourth Ward Hotel," 44 e Lomb. 
Rvan Eliza, milliner, 53 Hanover 
Ryan Ellen, store, 110 Saratoga 
Rvan Francis, chandler, 8 Hillen 




Ryan Henry, tailor, 4 Diamond 

Ryan Henry, grocer, 13 Jefferson 

Ryan Hugh, tavern ami boarding house, 143 Light 

Ryan Jas. S. contractor, 31 Republican 

Ryan Capt. Jas. J. til Mount Vernon Place 

Ryan John, laborer, Washington al or Herring's ct 

Ryan John, clerk, 53 Hanover 

Ryan Michl. tavern, 113 North 

Ryan Owen, laborer, 2-21 (Jon way 

Ryan Patrick, grocer, 230 Harl'oid av 

Ryan Thos. laborer, Bell al 

Ryan Thos nailor, 22 Slemmer's al 

Ryan Wm. J. block and pump maker, 125 Canal 

Ryan Vv'm. H. dry goods mt. Hanover, dw 22 Greene 

Ryan Wm. H. firm Bayne, Withers & Go. s Greene 

Ryan Rev. Wm. M. D*. 76 Columbia 

Ryan Wm. laiior. 216 Chesnut 

Ryan Wm. J. block and pump maker, 195 n Canal 

Ryan Wm. Boston e Chesapeake si. Canton 

Ryder Wm. tavern, 72 Lancaster 

Ryene John, laborer, 25 New Church 

Rymers Simon, pedlar, 200 Broadway 

Sabel Gko. bricklayer, 192 Bank 

Sachse Edwri. & Co. lithographers, 3 n Liberty, up 

stairs, dw 130 e Lombard 
Sackennan Michl. grocer, 55 Potter 
Sacks Wm. dry goods dealer, 6o s Paca 
Sadler Capt. Henry, manner. 30 York av or Green- 

Sadler Mary Ellen, 163 Ensor 
Sadler Wm. H. lavern keeper, 154 Light 
Saddler Ellen. 12 McElderry al 
Sadtler Geo. T. firm P. B. S". & Sons, 97 Saratoga 
Sadtler John P. firm P. B. S. 8c Sons, 6G Park 
Sadtler Jus. ship smith, 31 West 
Sadtler Philip B. sen. 97 Saratoga 
Sadtler P. B. & Sons, watch makers and opticians, 

212 Baltimore 
Satreu Geo. cabinet maker, 103 German 
Saffron John, ear driver, Poppleton s McHenry 
Sage Ulhart, dress maker, 212 Alice Anna 
Sageman Henry, manner, 220 Eastern av 
Sager Nichj, laborer, cor. Alice Anna st & Castle al 
Sagle Thos. boot maker, 1!)'.) n Eden 
Sagner Wm. rigger, 257 Canton av 
Sags Jos. teacher, 1 19 Lombard 
Saint Clair, Mrs. 40 n Charles 
Saint Mary's French and English Institute, James 

Reppard, prin. 73 St. Paul 
Saint Mary's Seminary, Rev. Francis L'homme, 

super. P«;nn. av 

Saint Mary's College, Rev. Oliver Jenkins 
Penn. av 


Saint Mary's Church, Rev. Alexis Elder, pastor, 

Penn. av 
Sainr Mary's Female Orphan Asylum, 7G Franklin 
Saint Paul's School lor boys, 53 n Charles 
Saint Peter's Male School', Hollins 
Saint Peter's Female School, 72 Hollins 
Saix Herman, baker, 310 s Bond 
Sale Patrick, laborer, 14-1 n Calvert 
Salery John, laborer, 191 Harford av 
Salgee John, fprem. Md.Chem. Works, 2G0 s Unas. 
Salie Margaret, 183 s Caroline 
Salisbury Edwd. of custom house, 147 Henrietta 
Salleiv Chas. gardner, cur. Greenrnount av and 

Madison st 
Salley Hugh, laborer, 94 French 
Salmon Anthony, baggage master B. and O. depot, 

17 Armistead lane 
Salmon Edwd. W. attorney at law, 26 St. Paul 
Salmon Warren L. dry goods mt .27 Baltimore, dw 

70 s Caroline 
Saloman Martin, dry gods mt. 173 Franklin 
Salsbury Andw. laborer, 69 Granby 
SaLscorn Henry, piano maker, 5 Slate 

Salter , shoemaker, 64 Orleans 

Saltszell John, caulker, 1G9 s Spring 

Saltzman Wm. carter, Greenwillow 

Salzburg Peter, shoemaker, 668 w Baltimore 

Same John, carter, 2G6 Alice Anna 

Sampson Jacob, laborer, 15 Lewis 

SanTpsoh John, mariner, 48 Phijpot 

Sampson Saml. rags, 8tc. dealer, 253 Alice Anna 

Samuel Alex, porter, Henrietta s Paca 

Samuel David, smelter Cuba Co. Foit road, Locust 

Samuels Thos. blacksmith, 21 Buren 
Samuels Tsehudy, real estate agent, 118 Mulberry 
Sander Geo. firm Chas. Fisher i£ Co. cor. Pine and 

Sander Henry, blacksmith, 3 Wilmer al 
Sanders Benj'. baker. 220 Harford av 
Sanders Beverly C. 52 s Gay, dw 5G St. Paul 
Sanders & Crook, whol. grocers, 33 Cheapside 
Sanders Edwd. J. 21 n High 
Sanders Geo. firm S. !k, Crook, dv 54 s High 
Sanders Geo. tailor, 252 w Pratt, dw 168 

Sanders J. W. & Bro. grocers and com. mts. 40 and 

42 s Frederick, dw 78 e Fayette 
Sanders John W. printer, 185 Mulberry 
Sanders John, laborer, 220 Canton av 


Sanders Jos. variety dealer 1 H Lexington 

Sanders Jos. wood dealer, Jo Henrietta 

Sanders Jos. miller, Lombard w Wot 

Sanders Levin, huckster, ld-4 Aisquitn 

Sanders Maria, 22b" German 

Sanders Matilda, 147 n Canal 

Sanders Peter, milkman, Johnson .. ... 

Sanders S. S. dealer bread stuffs, 127 Aisquitti 

Sanders Thos. W. hatter, 44 Jackson 

Sanders Win. carpenter, 15 Henrietta 

Sanders Wm. shoemaker, 241 Eastern av 

Sanderson Geo, H. clerk in Farmers' and Planters 

Bank, 1)5 a High c^win-h 

Sanderson Col. Henry S. city collector, 85 n High 
Sanderson John, laborer, 7 Pleasant 
Sanderson Susan, s w cor. Grant and Watei 
Sandford Capt. John L. 336 n Eutaw 
Sands Elizab. lailoress, 209 n Lutaw 
Sands Henry, oyster house, lfeb Eastern av 
Sands Jane, 59 Granby . 

Sands John, machinist, 093 w Baltimore 
Sands John,,mhh, 093 w Baltimore 
Sands & Mills, book and job printers, Jury* build- 
ings, North 
Stands Sally, rear 113 York av 
Sands Saral. firm S. & Mills, (i East 
Sandy Saml. A. engraver and copperplate printer, 
old Merchants' Bank build, n Calvert, dw 10/ n 

Sane John, carter, 260 Alice Anna , ■ 

Sanlord Abram. pawn broker and furn, dealei, 49 n 

Eutaw, dw 99 Biddleal 
Saftlbrd Miss & Miss Brand, 03 Hollms 
SAN FORD & SHOEMAKER, proprietors Adams 

&,Co's express, 162 Baltimore 
SANGS'l'UN & CO. importers, and jobbers of dry 

goods, 251 Baltimore 
Sangston Geo. E> 26 Cathedral 
Sangston Jas. A. firm S. & Co. dw 203 n Howard 
San-ston Lawrence, firm S. & Co. dw 31 Conway 
Sancton Wm. R. merchant, 105 Mulberry 
Sank Jos. H. black-Mn. 100 Hillen, dw 118 Monum c 
Sanks Amos, carpenter, Leadenhatl n Henrietta 
Sanks Corbin, carter. 27 Henrietta 
Sanks Jesse, firm S.& Rig-ens, dw 46 William 
Sanks John W. bricklayer, 06 Fremont 
Sanks & Riggens, saip yatd, lower end Hamburg 
Sanks Ruth, milliner, 47 Baltimore 
Sankston Wm. shoemaker, 04 n Front 
Sinner Frdk. box maker, 93 D Canal 
Sanner Geo. carpenter, 7 n Caroline 
Sanner Isaac S. pilot, 183 Ann 

Sanner Capt. Josiah A. IN s High 

Sanner Mary, Register s Pratt 

Sanner Sylvester, wood dealer, 262 e Pratt 

Sansker John, laborer, cor, Ann and Lancaster 

San t layer John, hatter, 162 Pearl 

Saples John, ship carpenter, 111 Gough 

Sapp Dan I. boiler maker, 250 e Pratt 

Sapp Jacob, boiler maker, Orleans w Dallas 

Sapp Jas. painter, 18 McElderry 

Sapp John, oak cooper, 5 New 

Sapp Jos. F. watchman, 217 e Lombard 

Sapp Wm- Clinton st. Canton 

Sapp Wm. watchman, 238 e Lombard 

Sappington Gerard, carpenter, 2 Friendship court, 

near u Eden st 
Sappington Richd. apothecary, 319^ n Gay 
Sarbacher John, tailor, 176 Stirling 
Sardo Eliza, boarding house, Fawn w Exeter 
Sargeant Jas. 42 e Lombard 
Sargeant Rev. Thos. B. 258 Pratt 
Sark Geo. tailor, 267 Alice Anna 
Sarowsky John F. rigger, rear U3 Lancaster 
Sarpentear Lewis A. 165 Rabovg 
Sarsfield Mary, 115 Saratoga 
Sarsfield Stephen, shoemaker, 75 s Charles 

Satterrield John, tauner, Hargrove al n Frank, st 

Satters Jacob, laborer, rear 18 Rock 

Sailer Casper, Townsend st e Penn. av 

Sauer John, rag dealer, 90 Eastern av 

Sauer John, carpet weaver, Peirce near Fremont 

Sauer John, carpet weaver, 35 Philpot 

Sauerhoof Henry, ship carpenter, 15 Williamson 

SauernoffJohn,2d district harbor master, 174 e Prat, 

Sauerland Wm. grocer, 127 Penn. av 

Sauerwald John, vinegar maker, 290 Mulberry 


Sauerwein Elizabeth, 08 Park 

Sauerwein Geo. P, bricklayer, 13 Gibson 

Sauerwein Peter, flour dealer, 81 n Howard, dw 
287 Saratoga 

Sauerwein Peter G. clerk, 287 Saratoga 

Sauerwein Wm. bricklayer, 113 Ross 

Sauerwein Wm, bricklayer, n of Hoffman near 

Saul Joseph W. whip and cane maker, 184 Bait, 
dw 17 n Howard 

Salisbury Andrew, store, s w cor. Light and Mont- 

Siulsbury Jas. brick maker, 100 Cross 

Saumeni'g Ann, 163 s Paca 

Sauraenig Conrad, feed dealer, G6 n Paca 




Saumenig Henry, feed dealer, cor. Saratoga and 

Paca, dw Scolt s of Columbia 
Saumenig Jacob, Hour and feed dealer, 57 s How- 
ard, dw 64 Columbia 
Saumenig Win. constable, 114 Columbia 
Saumpts Chas. laborer. 225 Biddle 
Saunders .Tas. M. 246 Aisquith 
Saunders Thos. painter, 90 Hamburg 
Satin er Jas. H. carpenter, 14 n Caroline 
Sauner John H. tobacconist, 245 w Pratt 

i John, carpenter, 7 Teasier 
Saui 'and Henry, locksmith, 33 s Liberty 
Savage John W. mariner, '237 Alice Anna 
Savage John, teacher, 61 Madison 
Savage Joseph R. coach maker, 'AG Harrison st. dw 

121 Front 
Savage Sarah, 60 Sharp 
Savage Win. H. clerk Bait, and Susq- depot, ll'J 

SaVille Ann Jane, milliner and fancy goods store 

30 w Pratt 
Saville John, filer, 2G6 Mulberry 
Saville Wm. shoemaker, 347 Bait 
Savin Wm. F. book keeper, 120 s Exeter 
Savory Peter, 72 G 'orge 
Sawkins Isabella, :! Republican 
Saxson John, pile driver, -245 Alice Anna 
Saxton Owen, collector, 121) Madison 
Saxton Dr. Rich. 97 Lexington 
Saxton William G. wheelwright, corner Mosher and 

Grundy st 
Saxy E Iward, lithographer, 113 e Lombard 
Say John, druggist, Carpenter's a!, e of Fremont st 
Savior John, carpet weaver. II n Front 
Sayre Fred, shoemaker, 41 George 
Scales Geo. mate, Ann n of'Gough 
Scallon John, butcher, iOiiA Fremont 
Scandella Chas. mariner, Fasten: av\ e of Wolf st 
Scanlan Jas. oak cooper, 13 Haw 
Scan Ian John, laborer, Register s of Bait 
Scarborough John, oak cooper, 30 Run al. dw 112 

Scarf Elizabeth, boarding house. 34 w Pratt 
Scarf Geo. W. plaisterer, 238 n Howard 
Scarf Jas. H. plaisterer, St. Mary 
Scarff Wm. tavern, 128 Forrest 
Scarff Win. plaisterer, 170 Penn av 
Scarfs Danl. tailor, 146 s Paca" 
Sceal Joseph, butcher, Joppa road e of Dallas st 
Scener & Bartlett, boat builders, 13!) McElderrv's 

Scener Thos, firm S. & Bartlett, dw Lancaster 

Schad Englebert, hotel, 93 Thames 
Schad Henry, keeper Philadelphia House, 89 Har- 
rison st 
Schadel Peter, cabinet maker, 145 Bond 
Schaefer Christian Ad. Ill n Charles 
Sehaefer Valentine, laborer, 180 Stirling 
Schaffer Ada in. white washer, 118 French 
SCHAEFFER ADOLPKUS C. commission mer- 
chant, 70 Bowlv's wharf, dw 62 Centre near Chas 
Schaeffer Christ, baker, 65 Oregon 
Sehaeffer C. shoe binder, court from w end Car- 
penter's alley 
Schaeffer Danl. tobacconist, 522 w Pratt 
Sehaeffer David, grocer, 156 n Canal 
Sehaeffer E K. firm S. & Loney, Lexington near 

Schaeffer Mrs. Frances. M. C. 146 Lex ington 
Schaeffer Fred, laborer, 275 Alice Anna 
Schaeffer Fred, grocer, 248 Alice Anna 
Schaeffer Geo. butcher, 10 Union 
Schaeffer Geo. A. 37 Douglass 
^Schaeffer Jacob, tailor, 69 Hanover 
Schaeffer Jacob, lime yard, 245 Dallas 
Schaeffer John, cooper, cor. Poppletou and Pearce 
Schaeffer John, engineer, 60 Oregon 
Schaeffer John, cabinet maker, 143 n Canal 
SCHAEFFER & LONEY, importers of hardware 

and cutlery, 3 Hanover 
Schaeffer Martin, shoemaker. 48 Richmond 
Schaeffer Mich, laborer. 115 Lancaster. 
Schaeffer Rich. 244 n Canal 
Schaeffer Theodore, laborer, 140 Thames 
Schaeffer Wm. A. broker, 29 Hollins 
SchaffeM John, carpenter, 133 Canal 
Schaffeld John, carpenter, 154 e Fayette 
Schafer John, omnibus driver, 119 Sarah Ann 
Schafer Philip, shoemaker, 414 Saratoga 
Schaffer Ballzel, carter, 718 w Bait 
Schaffer Frances, 146 Lexington 
Schaffer Geo. paver. 718 w Bait 
Schaffer John M. trader, 118 Dallas 
Schaffer John, laborer, 167 Alice Anna 
Schaffer Wm. carpenter, 35 n Paca 
Schaible Chas. F. baker, 529 w Bait 
Schap Andrew, laborer, 18 Elizabeth al 
Seharf Mrs. Ann, dress maker, 189 w Pratt 
Scharf Elisha, laborer, Cathedtal n of Oliver 
Seharf Mrs. boarding house, 36 w Pratt 
Scharf Thos. grocer and prov. dealer, s w cor. Bait 

and Carey 
Scharf Wm's. lottery office, s e cor. Gay & Harri- 
son, dw 218 w Bait 




Scharff Robt. huckster. 401 Lexington 

Seharr Conrad, tailor, 47 Hill 

Scliaub Jacob, grocer, 7i>7 Bah 

Schaubla Andrew, merchant tailor, 362 w Pratt 

SCHAUM F.& L. proprietors Balto. glass house, 

Federal Hill 
Schaum Fred, firm F. & L. S. dw Henry st. near 

Glass house 
Schaum Lewis, glass blower, 26 Hushes 
Schaum Louis, firm F. & L S. dw 12 G. Hughes 
Schaum Win. P. glass blower, 1 McHenry st. near 

Schavelin Geo. tailor, 237 Bond 
Schawt Adam, 115 Orleans 
Scheale Henry, shoemaker, 70 Gough 
Scheck Joseph, plaisteier, S9 Ross 
Scheeler H. cupper and barber, 659 Bait 
Scheer John, cabinet maker, 47 Hill 
Sjlierfer Chas. 39 Chats worth 
Schegelman Bernard, tailor, 284 Aisquith 
Scheib Rev. Henry, pastor Zion's ch. 246 Saratoga 
Scheib Gottfried, butcher, 225 Hanovei 
•Schekels Thos. laborer, 1«4 Light 

louse Win. upholsterer. Plowman w of High 
Schellenberger Geo. barber, 50 n Caroline 
Schene Barn hart, 139 Hill 
Schenk Geo. shoemaker, 40 Hampsiead 
Scheugel Wolfgang, cabinet maker, 53 Ross 
Schenke! Philip, baker, Henrietta w of Hanover 
Schentau Sam I. turn. dealer. 195 s Bond 
Schepack Geo. baker, 111 William 
Schere John, gunsmith, 31 e Pratt 

re r John, instrument maker, 76 s Eutaw 
S.i, i if John, tavern, s w cor. Holhdayand Fayette 
tier John V. tailor and clothier, 171 w Pratt 
Bcheuensthul Thos. tailor. 167 Alice Anna 

liber Chas. laborer, i»7 s Eutaw 
Schiher Christ, sawyer, 97 s Eutaw 
Schickley Gen. laborer, 173 Alice Anna 
Schiehler Andrew, coach lace and fringe man. 23 n 

Schiebly Peter, wheelwright, lln Amity 
SCHIEBOLD WM, proprietor Hanover hotel, se 

cor. Eastern av. and Exeter sr 
Schierman Chas. grocer. 21 e Monument 
Schiff Meyer, clothier, 123 n Howard 
Schiller Fred, tailor, 21S Alice Anna 
Schilling Ghas. paver, 147 Fremont 
Sehillinger Geo. baker, 28 Hampstead 
Schillinger He: .md confectioner, 101 n 

Schimick Lewi-;, shoemaker, 153 n Eden 

Schimminger George, paver, n w cor. Eden st. and. 

Eastern av 
Schimp John A. shoemaker. 14 s Howard. 
Schindler Roht. tailor. 2 Clay 
Schinhardt Henry, potter, 90 Mullikin 
Schip Andrew, tailor, 72 Spring 
Schisier Mich, plaisterer, ISO Stirling 
Schlee Joseph, shoemaker. 217 Forest 
Schleigh John G. confection .& baker, 42 s Howard 
Schleigh Win. supplier of family oysters, 42 s 

Howard, below 
Schlein Henrv, shoemaker, 81 Harrison 
Schlereth Joseph, basket maker, 233 s Bond 
Schlesinger Isaac, firm Kuhn & S. 121 Saratoga 
Schlesinger Joseph, wine and liquor dealer, 256$ 

Schlesinger Saml. tailor, 213 Bond 
Schlesser John, laborer, 5 Shakspear 
Schlettimr Henry, laborer, 263 Alice Anna 
SCHLEY WM. counsellor at law and commis- 
sioner of loans, Chesapeake bank buildings, dw 

78 Franklin 
Schlichter Conrad, copper smith and tinner, 191 

Alice Anna 
Schlinkman Harman, coach smith, 74 s Howard 
Schlitt Joseph, watchman. 30 n Bond 
Schloot Conrad, laborer, 68 Preston 
Schloss Mr clothier, 704 Lancaster 
SCHLOSS EMANUEL, keeper 'Baltimore House,' 

L8 Mercer 
Schloss Lazarus, dry goods dealer. 216 Alice Anna 
Schloss Nathan A. faro, dealer. 39 Harrison 
Schlosser Fred, tailor. 83 s Spi ing 
Schlosser Henry, huckster, 76 Thames 
Schlott Conrad, distiller, 346 Saratoga 
Schluter Christian, tailor. 11 Clay 
Schmalz Henry, carpenter, 67 s Howard 
Schmeit Fred, stone cutter, 712 w Bait 
Schmeger John, shoemaker, 251 An* 
Schmelz Henry, shoemaker, 79 Fremont 
Schmenner Danl. baker, 4tJ Union 
Schmidt Andreas, shoemker. 82 Barre 
Schmidt August, store keeper. 231 Hanover 
Schmidt Charles, tailor, 70 e Lombard 
Schmidt Christian, carpenter. 212 Happv al 
Schmidt Conrail, shoemaker, 360 s Chailes 
Schmidt David H. tailor. 196 Fayette 
Schmidt Eliza F. milliner, 251 n Howard 
Schmidt Henrv, tavern. 13 Fell 
Schmidt Dr. J. 54 n Liberty 
Schmidt Jacob, teacher German school, n Gay st s>t 

German Lutheran Church 



SCH * 

Schmidt John, grocer, 189 Eastern av 

Schmidt John, machinist, 31(5 n Howard 

Schmidt Koonrad, cabinet maker, 44 Canal 

Schmidt Mrs. tailoress, 116 n Canal 

Schmidt Peter, tailor, 87 s Exeter 

Schmidt Philip, baker, 25 Ross 

Schmidt Stephen, laborer, 199 s Bond 

Schminke Anne, boardg. house, 29 Conway 

Schmitd George, tailor, 249 Franklin 

Schmith Michael, shoemaker, 85 s Eutaw 

Schmitz Theodore, tailor, 219 w Pratt 

Schmock John, carpenter, 28 Lee 

Schmoos Harrisch, laborer, 2 Pear al 

Schmous Matthias, shoemakr. 159 n Eden 

Scbmuck Henry, wheelwright, 273'Alice Anna 

Schmuck John C. shoemaker, 114 Lancaster 

Schmnck Lewis, 108 Camden 

Schneider Adam, shoemaker, 20 Balderston 

Schneider Adamj tinner, 225 Ann 

Schneider Adam, street grader, Bond n of Orleans 

Schneider B. finisher, 203 Bond 

Schnei :er Caspar, milkman, 4H Durel al 

Schneider & Co. imp. Wines. Brandies, Sic. 154 w 

_ Lombard, dw 42 Camden 
Schneider Geo. milkseller, 67 Johnson 
Schneider Gotfred, shoemaker, 270 Biddle 
Schneider John, briekmaker, MS,; Light 
Schn ider John, tavern, 131 Camden 

Schneider John, grocer & findings deal. 204 Light Sch racier John, cabinet maker, 29 Monument 
Schneider John, carpet weaver, 31 Paca Schramm Clias, boot maker, 63 Mulberry 

Schneider Joseph, la borer. Cross w of Charles Schraudenbach. Jos. turner, 182 Bond 

Schuehier Lawrence, tavern, 301 s Bond Schreibvogle Wm. rag dealer, 32 Bank 

Schneider Lewis, carpet weaver, 32 Balderston Schrep Nichl. tailor. 119 Canton av 
Schneider Martin, whol. liquor deal. Lombard, dw Schriber Jacob, tailor, Bond n Jefferson 

Scholer Conrad, tailor, 23 Mullikin 

■Scholl John L. paver, Register s of Pratt 

Scholtz Chas. tailor, 18 Grant 

Schomberg John, carpet weaver, 159 Alice Anna 

Schone John, liquor dealer, 2 Patterson 

Schone John H. grocer, 45 ferry 

Schone Mary, tavern keeper, 15 Commerce 

Schonefarber G. tailor and clothier, 135 Eranklin 

Schonhoff G. carpenter, 36 Bank 

Schoo Adam, nailor, 103 Low 

Schoofield Hugh, carter, 6 Boyd 

Schook Henry, watchman, 123 Monument 

School Male & Female Free of Baltimore, Rev. T. 

Bassford, prin. Courtland s or Pleasant 
School Oliver Hibernia, North st 
Schoolfield Charlotte, tutoress, 172 e Lombard 
ISchoolfield «fc Co. lottery and e.xch. off". 1 n Calvert 
I Schoolfield Luther A firm S. & Co. dw 41 n Front 
(Schopcomb John, cooper, 111 Lancaster 
Schofe Fredk. sawyer, 81 Albemarle 
Schork Francis, tanner, Penn. av n Mosher st 
Schorr Cath. guidner, Fedral Hill 
S :h >-- David, clothier, 41 Lombard 

Francis, store keeper, Warren s Lee 
Schoit Francis, shoemaker. 171 Sharp 
Schott Fredk. laborer, 341 Saratoga 
Schott John, boot and shoemaker, 393 Baltimore 
Schottler Adelaide, 36 French 

42 Camden lane 
Schneider Peter, paver, 182 Ensor 
Schneider Valentine, laborer, 283 Bond 
Schneider Wendall, tavern, 134 Madison 
Schnell Henry, laborer, 93 Eastern av 
Scnnellbach John, potter, Fayette e Broadway 
Schnibbe D. grocer, 10-^ s Eutaw 
Schnite John, laborer, 26 Granny 
Sehnoll Geo. butcher, 94 s Spring 
Schoor John, cabinet maker, 15 Hampstead 
Schnupp Valentine, basket inkr. Chapel w of Penn 

Schoen John, cabinet maker, 318 Eastern av 
Schoe'nberger Chr. F. music teacher, 429 Saratoga 
Schoenbur- Henry, laborer, cor. Concord & Hawk 
; '; ' iofi Id A. of United Factory, Canton 
Sehofi -Id Benj. trim. & variety dealer, 453 w Balto. 
Sea weld Henry, bur keeper. l0 Albemarle 

Schriber Wm. inst. maker, 76 s Eutaw 
'Scliridcr Julius, cabinet maker, H8n Paca 
Schriener Conrad, store keeper, 54 Penn. aV 
Schriver Wm. shoemaker, 84 Albemarle 
Schroate John, baker, 350 Franklin 
Schroeder Augustus, shoemaker, 203 Canton ay 
Sehroeder F. A. merchant, 286 Lexington 
Schroeder Fredk, H. tobacconist. 5 s Paca, dw 7 
Schroeder Henry, shoemaker, 178 w Pratt 
Schroeder Jacob, sawyer, 116 Greenmount av 
Schroeder John, last maker, 134 Saratoga 
Schroder Julius, cabinet maker, 88 s Eutaw 
Schroeder Margaret G. 29 Albemarle 
Schroeder Mary A. C. tailoress, 168 Conway 
Sehroeder Wm. sect. Natl. Fire Ins. Co. 215 FranJc. 
Schroder Philip, fancy goods dealer, over 306 Bal- 
timore, dw 1 13 s Paca 




Sehrote Jas. H. cigar maker, ne cor. Fremont and 

Schiote Joiin, baker, '22 Burgundy al 
Sehrote Matthias, bacon dealer, n e cor. Fremont 

and Mulberry 
Schuard John, painter, 53 Orcliaid 
Schtibart Israel, wneelwright, Button e Chester 
Schmk Micnael, 158 s Caiolme 
Schuckle Chas. W. grocer, 108 Ross 
Schuhmau Adam, tailor, 199 Stilling 
Schuh John, cabinet maker, 316 s Bond 
bchulenbergHannan, cabinet maker, 112s Greene 
Schiller Geo. laborer, 152 Canton av 
Sehulei Jenneita, pedlar, 218 s Bond 
Schult Sylvester, paver, 71 Bareu 
Schulte j*. laborer, 47 Biddle al 
Schulte Morris, shoemaker, 44 Thames 
Schulter iienry, 14 Giddmgs 

•Scliultheis Andw. cabinet maker, 291) e Monument 
Schultheis Geo. cab. maker, cor. Chesnut & Hillen 
Schultheis John, cabinet maker, 151 Mulberry 
Schultheis Peter, cabinet maker, 25^ Elisor 
Schultz Aaron, lirm S. 5k. Teimeyer, dw Park 
Mchultz Casper, sawyer, Penti. av r n Fremont 
Schultz Const, baker, 3o9 Saratoga 
Schultz Henry, carpenter, lud Ross 
Seiiuliz Henry, tavern keeper, 'J3 Penn. av 
Schultz John, 175 Sarah Ann 
Schultz Louisa. 151 Hanover » 

Schultz Mary, Id n Eden 
Schultz & Teimeyer, box makers, 15 n Sharp 
Sciiultz Win. sawyei,89 McElderry s whf 
Schultz Win. barber, 206 Lexington 
Schultze Geo. laburer, cor. Dallas and Lombard 
Schulize Henry, tailor, 83 Eastern av 
Sehultze John, laborer, Penn. av n Dolphin st 
Sc.hulz Conrad, laborer, 194 Alice Anna 
Sciiulz Manillas, slioemaker, 23 Pine 
SCHUMACHER A. &, CO. shipping and com- 
mission merchants, 9 s Charles, dw A. S. 72 n 

Schumacher C. H. 179 w Lombard 

mission merchant, 81 Light st wharf, dw 34 Con 

Schumacher Rhinehart, confectioner, n wcor.How 

ard and Lee 
Schumacher Win, engineer, 154 Sharp 
Schunck John, carpenter, Register n Bank 
Schupp Henry, 101 Canal 
Schuster John, baker, 85 Aisquita • 

Schuti Clinstop. butcher, 167 Penn. av 

Schutte Henry, boot and shoemaker, 198 Alice Anna 

Schutz John, cabinet maker, 06 Elisor 

Schutz John, laborer, 228 Canton av 

Schntz Nichl. carpenter, Register n Lombard 

Schware Geo. carpenter, 156 n Caroline 

Schwartz & Dix, confectioners, 297 Baltimore 

Schwartz Harman, watch maker, 309 w Pratt 

Schwartz Jacob, 185 Sharp 

Schwartz VVm. shoemaker. Greene, 2 doors s Lex- 

Schwarz Fredk. scourer and tailor, 4 President 

Schwarzaur Mrs Danl. fancy store, 244 s Charles 

Schwartzhoupt Conrad, grocer, I Albemarle 

Schwarz Rev. Wm. pastor German Miss. M. E. 
church, 209 Ann 

Schwassenberg Wm. tavern, 55 Lancaster 

Schwatka Chas. A. balitf, 60 Pearl 

Schwatz Simon, baker, 238 s Bund 

Schweitzer Jos. plaisterer, 140 Mulberry 

Sehwiger John, laborer, ^77 Wolt 

Schwing David, cooper, 21 Argyle al 

Schwing Michl. piuno maker, 167 Saratoga 

Schwing Valentine, laborer, 182 Stirling 

Scindelhuch G. laborer, 209 s Bond 

Scabs John, potter, 63 Penn. av 

Scitz Geo. stone cutter, -1 Orchard 

Sclert John, shoemaker, 14 Union 

Sclodd Fredk. grocer, n w cor. Caroline st & E. av < 

Scott Abraham, carpenter, 14 Saratoga 

Scott Andw. 72 n Howard 

Scoit Andw. shoemaker, 171 n Eden 

Scott B. jr. imp. and dealer in i ibbons, embroid. &c. 
213 Baltimore 

Scott Catharine, tailoress, 382 n Gay 

Scott Chas. carpenter, 21 May 

Scott Chas. bailiff, 199 Mulberry 

Scott Chas. clerk, 401 Saraloga 

Scott Eliza, 12H Madison 

SCOTT FREDERICK T. car builder and ma- 
chinist, Cathedral o Biddle, dw Biddle e Garden 

Scott Jas'. shoemaker, Bethel n Fayette 

Scott Jas. city bailiff, 21 n Eden 

Scott Jas. grocer, 152 Canton av 

Scott Jas. sexton Light st Melh. Ep. ch. 42 Chew 

Scott John, huckster, 107 Hillen 

Scott John, rigger, cor. Castle a I and Fountain st 
Scott John B. "painter, Ann s Baltimore 

Seott John A. stove moulder, Conway w Eutaw 

Scott John W. rigger, 51 Montgomery , 

Scott John, carpenter, Cathedral n Tyson 

Scott Jos. R. rigger, 15 Armistead lane 

Scott Mary Ann, dress maker, 267 s Charles 




Scott Mary, 45 MeElderry 

Scott Mr. 117 Ensor 

Scott Patrick, carpenter, 278 Franklin 

Scott Reese P. pile driver, 9 Spring court 

Scott Robt. rope maker, 4 Bethel 

Scoit Robt. shoemaker, 334 Franklin 

Scott Robt. tailor, 199 Orleans 

Scot Saml. W. turn, carman, 262 e Monument 

Scott Sam!, grocer, n e cor. Alice Anna and Ann 

Scott .Shad rack, sailor, 88 Fremont 

Scott T. Parkin, attorney at law, 16 St. Paul 

Scott Thos. b'7 Monument 

SCOTT TOWNSEND & SON, stock brokers s e 

cor. Fayette and North, dw 93 St. Paul 
Scoit Wm. Falls road 
Scott Win. cartel. Eden n Jefferson 
Scott Wm. huckster, 14 Republican 
Scott Wm .tailor, 30 Jackson 
Scott Win G. bricklayer, 300 Franklin 
Scotti Jonn, engineer, 111 w Lombard 
Bcolti Lewis F. general intelligence and slave agen- 
cy, Irt e Lombard 
Scotti Mary, perfumery and ornament, hair estab. 

91 Baltimore, dw Li South 
Scnbuer S. w end Fayette 
Sciipp Euidii.e, stole keeper, s Eutaw extd 
Sen ven T.J. cabinet maker, cor. Eutaw & Mulberry 
9 Scnvner A. & Co. lottery dealers, 169 w Pratt 
Scyp Lewis, laborer, 59 Thames ' 
Seaonglit Saml. hiring stables keeper, 110 German 
Seabnght Saml. coach maker, 84 German, dw 108 
Seabnghl Saml. coach trimmer, 179 Fremont 
Seabrook Thos. dyer and scourer, 49 s Charles 
Sealbrd Jas. silversmith, cor. Front and Fayette 
Seaman Margaret, preceptress, 296 Alice Anna 
Seanger Geo. bailiff at court house, 410 w Fayette 
Searly Jas. E. teacher, 197 Ann 
Seam Chas. wheelwright, w Pratt extd 
Sears Thos. machinist, 145 Hollins 
Sears Wm. B. gaidner, 71 Forest 
Seaton John, dry goods dealer, n w cor. Howard and 

Baltimore, dw 234 w Fayette 
Seaton John S. firm Slingluff, Devri 

w Fayette 
Sebeline Geo. laborer, 9j Bank 
Sebeline John, laborer. 9 Bank 
Sebivze Geo. laborer, 193 Washington 
Sebieze Richd. laborer, 84 Happy al 
Seccombe Thos. carpenter, 227 Aisquith 
Seche Jos. cabinet maker, 48 Josephine 
Seckel Dorothea, cor. McMechin st and Penn. av 

ries St Co. dw 234 

Seebo Geo. locksmith. Cider al s Howard st 

Seebold J. C. H. publisher, 244 Aisquith 

Seed Jas. butcher, Frederick road 

Seeds Geo. & John, butchers, 11 Poppleton 

Seeger Jacob, silver plater, 23 German 

Seemuller August, tobacco and cigar'dealer, 21 n 

Frederick, warehouse 44 w Lombard 
Seevers, Armor, Page & Co. merchandise brokers, 

85 and 87 w Lombard 
Seevers A. F. firm Seevers, Armor, Page & Co. dw 

138 n Howard 
Seg ns Nancy, huckster, G3 s Bond 
Segers Francis, 86 n Eden 

Sehlhorst Casper, currier, Fountain st w Castle al 
Sehm Geo. musician, 164 Canton av 
Sehrt Henry, flour and l'eed dealer, 305 s Bond 
Seibert R. corset maker, 103 e Baltimore 
Seiblin? Marcus, pedlar, 96 n Howard 
Seidenstricker Fredk. tobacconist, 184 n Gay 
Seidenstricker John B. & Co. hardware dealers, 161 

n Gay, dw 276 n Howard 
Seidauzohn Henry, shoemaker, 198 Ensor 
Seidlink Henry, shoemaker, back 130 Saratoga 
Seiford Chas. tailor, High n Granby 
Seigers Fredk. laborer, 33 Hampstead 
Seigman Conrad, coffee roaster, 77 Ensor 
Seigman J. G. coffee roaster, 79 Ensor 
Seiker Edwd. A. variety store, 100 Baltimore 
Seimers Herman, box maker, 21 s Liberty 
Seime is J. PI. wood corder, 87 Albemarle 
Seina Henry, cooper. 156 Potter 
Seinor Thos. boat builder, New Dock, dw 31 Lanc'r 
Seip Francis, laborer, 133 Spring 
Seip Wm. deputy sheriff, 249 n Howard 
Seipp Christop. tavern, 107 Light st whf 
Seitz Adam, laborer, 69 Argyle al 
Seitz Chas shoemaker, 36 n Liberty 
Seitz Henry & Son, tobacconist, 116 Thames 
Seitz John, shoemaker, 173 Alice Anna 
Seiver Jos. laborer, 172 Stirling 
Selaner Abraham, clothier, 87 Harrison 
Selby John S. grocer, 44 s Exeter 
Selby Mary Ann, milliner, 130 Hanover 
Seldener Abraham, clothier, 19 Ensor 
Seliger & Bro. dry goods ints. 7 e Baltimore, dw 

Seligman Leon, pedlar, 23 May 
SELIGMAN SIMON, cigar maker, 127 Albemarle 
Seline Chas. seaman, 184 Alice Anna 
Selinger Adam, tailor, Spring s Mullikin 
Sellers Jacob, carpenter, 39.3 Lexington 

Sederberg Wm. T. finisher, Chatsuorth w Lexing. Sellers Jacob] bricklayer, China al 




Sellers Jacob, carpenter, Raborg near 25 
Sellman Alex, firm J. C. S. & Son, 103 Fayette 
Sellman Jas. C. & Son, wholes, grocers, 29 Cheap- 
side, dw J. C. S. 72 St. Paul 
Sehnor Geo. mariner, 200 Alice Anna 
/Seltzer Lewis, butcher, 25 Hoffman 
^Seltzer Margaret, butcher,-Loudenslager's hill, e. of 
Selvage Amanda, ladies' hair dresser, 124 Lex. 
Selvage Geo. trader 124 Lexington 
SELVAGE THOMAS, city horse market tavern 

Ploughman st. dw 13 Watson 
Selvage Win. prop, livery stables, of. 14 n Exeter 

Selvy R.obt. tanner, w Saratoga extd 
Semering Philip, laborer, 1 Albemarle 
Semmelman Albert, tailor, Columbia extd 
Semood Wm. brickmaker, 318s Charles 
Sendler Geo. W. cooper, 198 Sharp 
Senft Henry, candle maker, 325 Mulberry 
Senchleger Matthias, box maker, 103 Jefferson 
Senter Stephen, baker and.confectioner, 231 w Pratt 
Serin Hani, carpenter. Poppleton n of'Saralog: 
Sermon John, laborer, 193 Washington 
Serotius Lewis, currier, 50 s Eutaw 
Seruer Wm. morocco finisher, 134 Orleans 
SerVary Lewis, as. clerk city court, 132 n Paca 
Server Albert, 189 Ensor 
Server Ann, 217 Wolf 

Servery Jeremiah, boarding: house, 238 Lexington 
Sessions Agustus, fisher, Hamburg 
Seih & Bro. grocers and commission merchants, 89 

Seth Robt. L. firm S. & Bro. 43 s Calvert 
Seth Thos. P. B. firm S. & Bros, e Bait 
Sell) Wm. G. firm Godwin & S. dw 187 Lee 
Sftten Jas. machinist, 34 Maiden lane 
Sever John, laborer, Elliott n of Chesap. Canton 
Severe Chas. H. carpenter, Lombard w of Wash. 
Severe & Hayghe. sail makers, 2 Spear's wharf 
Severe Jas. wheelwright, 109 n Canal 
Severe Wm. firm S. St Hayghe, dw cor. Pratt and 

Seving John R. prov. dealer, Caroline cor. of Euley 
Sewall Jas. blacksmith, 77 Ross 
Sewall Jas. blacksmith, 186 Biddle 
vSewall Rev. Jas. Penn av. extd 
Sewall John D. cabinet maker, 65 Raborg 
Sewall Mrs. John, dress maker, 86 s Paca 
Sewall Joseph, earpenter, 11 Shroeder 
Sewall Rev. Reuben, 74 Bank 
Sewall Dr. Thos.R. 98£ Montgomery 

Seward Andrew, orange dealer, 83 McElderry's 

Seward Jas. constable, 263 Canton av 

Seward Jas. carter, 27 w Pratt 

Seward John Agustus, sailor, 29 Hill 

Seward Solomon, cooper, 126 s Canal 

Sewell, Merrefield & Co. grocers and com. mts. s e 
cor. Lombard and Cheapside 

Sewell Rich, dry goods mt. 315 Bait, dw 90 n Eutaw 

Sewell Thos. H. run. Franklin Bank, 106 Hill 

Sewell Thos. carpenter, Bank e of Washington 

Sewell Thos. sen. firm T.S.& Son, Penn av. n of 
Wilson st 

Sewell Thos. jr. firm T. S. 8c Sou, tanners, Penn av. 
n of Wilson st 

Sewell T. 152 e Pratt 

Sewell Wm. R. blacksmith, 133 s Howard, dw 128 

Sexton Edward, 20 Potter 

Sexton John, shoemaker, 15 Mercer 

Sexton Dr. R. 97 Lexington 

Sexton S. B. !<<. Co. stove and grate dealers, 119 
Lombard, dw 79 Greene 

Seyes Jacob, laborer, 3 Elizabeth al . 

SEYLER. FRED'K. & CO. curriers and leather 
dealers, 22 s Liberty, dw F. S. 115 Lexington 

Sevier John, carpenter, 97 St. Mary's 

Seymore Jas. brick maker, 95 Columbia 

Seymour Ann E. milliner and dress maker, 29J n 

Seymour Conrad, painter, Columbia extd 

Seymour Edward, clerk, 29$ n Howard 

Seymour W. F. brick maker, cor. Wash, road and 

Columbia st 
Seymour Wm. carter, 182 Fremont 
Seymour Zachariah. tinner, 47 s Bond 
Seyp Catharine. 30 Union 
Seys Rev. John, agent State Colonization Society, 

445 Faycite 
Shackleford Le"is, pilot, 76 Lancaster 
Shad Henry, tavern, 105 Thames 
Shade Geo.carpet weaver. 41 Penn av 
Shade Marv. 295 Canton av 
Shae John, carpenter, 225 e Pratt 
Shaeffer Chas. H. carter, Paca s of Fremont 
Shaeffer Danl. engineer. 478 w Lombard 
Shaeffer Geo. china packer, 46 Henrietta 
Shaeffer Henry, carpenter, Penn av. extd 
Shaeffer Jas. omnibus driver, 163 Eastern av 
Shaeffer Philip, laborer, 230 Happy al 
Shaeffer Wm. carpenter, 28 s Caroline 
Shaer & Kopler, over 10 n Charles 
Shafer Augustus, shoemaker, 47 Harrison 




Shafer Geo. grocer, 56' n Gay and cor. Saratoga 
Shaffer August, laborer, 28 Johnson 
Shaffer Conrad, sawyer, 241 Eastern av 
Shaffer Danl. H. carpenter. 1 Fremont 
Shaffer Francis, laborer, Columbia vf of Scott 
Shaffer Frefl. L. firm Abrahams, Slran & S. dw 31 

Shaffer Geo. ship joiner, 162 Ann 
Shaffer Geo. carpenter, 142 e Madison 
Shatter John, shoemaker, 15ti e Monument 
Shaffer John, laborer, 35 Fell 
Shaffer John, bacon cutter, IS Hoffman 
Shaffer John, engineer, 23 Bane 
Shaffer John, musician, 163 e Fayette 
Shaffer Joseph, brick maker, 44 L. Church 
Shaffer Michael, turn, carter, 89 Orchard 
Shaffer Thos. cooper, 143 Bank 
Shaffner Jacob, artificial flower man. 74 Bait 
Shaffner Wm. bacon cure.r, Henrietta wot' Hanover 
Sh afford Ann, 137 Bond 
Shalleross John, police officer, 126 e Madison 
Shaler Conrad, drayman, 71 Camden 
Shamburg Geo. engineer, 38 York or G. Mount av 
SHAMBURG JOHN, ale and oyster house, 43 s 

Shamburg Win. keeper ale and oyster house, 29 and 

31 s Liberty 
Shahcel Christian, cooper, 81 Eastern av 
Shamer Bernhard, cooper, 42 President 
Shanabrook Danl. miller, Joppa road e of Dallas st 
Shane Danl. bricklayer, 6 Mulberry 
Shane Edward M. tailor, 12 Camden 
Shane Geo. laborer, 30 Fell 
Shane Joseph, jr. drusr^ist, dw 135 Lexington 
Shane Rev. Joseph, 135 Camden 
Shane Mich, omnibus driver, 61 North 
Shane Patrick, quarner, Falls road 
Shane Thos. laborer, Clinton st. Canton 
Shaner Geo. butcher, Harford av 
Shaney Alex, fisher, Livery al 
Shaney Joseph, huckster, Livery al 
Shaney M. vinegar maker, 228 s Bond 
Shaney Nich. sawyer, 77 Argyle al 
Shanley Thos. hatter, 59 Conway 
Shanley Wm. surveyor, 4G Canal 
Shanneman Harriet, 103 Biddle 
Shannesy Jas. painter, 132 Fayette, dw 217 
Shannon Agustus, seaman, 74 William 
Shannon Andrew, laborer, 199 Chestnut 
Shannon Danl. tavern, 11 Centre Market 
Shannon J. P. & Co. prop, planing and sawing mill, 

cor. President st. and Canton av 

Shannon Joseph P. firm J. P. S. & Co. 79 s High 
Shannon J. P. shoemaker, 101 e Bait, dw 73 s High 
Shannon Lewis tst (Jo's saw mill, n w cor. Pres't st 

and Canton av 
Shannon Nathaniel, clerk, 2(i7 n Howard 
Shannon Theodore, shoe store, 77 Gough 
Shannon Wm. furniture and mattress dealer, 17 s 

Fred e nek 
Shaper Henry, chair maker, 84 Granby 
Sharburg Herman, tailor, 6 Water 
Shardelman John, shoemaker, 159 Light 
Share & Co. confectioners, 1G0 Bait 
Share Rich, carpenter, 130 Bank 
Share Stephen, moulder, 22 Orleans 
Sharer Cbristr. 230 s Charles 
Sharer Conrad, laborer, 142 Canton av 
Sharer Wm, G. carpenter, 50 Pine 
Sharkey John & Co. imp. and dealers in china and 

glass ware, 317 Bait 
Sharkey John, firm J. S. & Co. dw 92 n Greene 
Sharkey J. tavern, 19 n Liberty 
Sharkey Patrick, tailor, .12 Chew 
Scharp Andrew, laborer, Mulberry ct 
Sharp A. P. druggist, 265 w Pratt 
Sharp Geo. laborer, Cecil al. w of Henrietta st 
Sharp John G. painter, 5 w Fayette, dw 117 e 

Sharp Dr. Jonathan, 44 e Pratt 
Sharp Jonathan, paver, 5 Harmony lane 
Sharp Thos. chair maker, 110 n Caroline 
Sharp Win. 37 Holliday 
Sharpless John, 278 Alice Anna 
Sharpley John & Son, com. mts. 99 Smith's wharf, 

dw 102 s High 
Sharrar Wm. G. carpenter, Vine, shop, 102 Germ 
Sharretts Wm. L. clerk, 58 Pine 
Shattle Mrs. store, 71 Buren 
Shaub Henry, dry goods dealer, 61 Montgomery 
Shanffleberger Jacob H. blacksmith, 142 n Eutaw 
Shaulk Janet, iron and rag dealer, 20 President 
Shauni Fredk. jr. glass blower, Montgomery e of 

Shaur Martin, tailor, Register n of Lombard 
SHAW & BELL, flour and commission merchants, 

4 s Howard 
Shaw Caleb C. bar keeper, 103 Lee 
Shaw Daniel, 186 s Bond 
Shaw David, carter, 276 e Monument 
Shaw David W. carpenter, 4 e Fayette 
Shaw David T. agent, 89 Lexington 
Shaw Mrs. D. T. dress maker, 89 Lexington 
'Shaw Elias, firm S. & Bell, dw 219 w Lombard 




Shaw Elmore, seamstress, 20 s Paca extd 

Shaw Erasmus, machinist, cor. Greene and Dover 

Shaw Greenbury, sail maker, Pratt e of Broadway 

Shaw Harriet, cracker dealer, 218 n Gay 

Shaw & Hickson, grocers and produce dealers, 141 

Shaw Hugh, firm S. & Hickson, dw 131 n Eutaw 
Shaw Isaiah, bricklayer, Eutaw s of Henrietta 
Shaw Isaiah, jr. bricklayer, 30 Henrietta 
Shaw Jas. W. bailiff, 8 Douglass 
Shaw Jas. F. bricklayer, 122 n Eutaw 
Shaw Jas. W. brick maker, 2 e Fayette 
Shaw John, smith in general, 1 GO n High 
Shaw John, house smith, 77^ North 
Shaw Joseph M. pilot, 105 Ann 
Shaw Joseph, teacher, Gold's court 
Shaw Joshua, pilot, 142 Ann 
tshaw Matthew, grocer, 6 Bowly's wharf, dw 151 n 

Eutaw st 
Shaw Matthias, grain and com. mt. 5 Bowly's whf. 

dw Exeter near Gay 
Shaw Peter, sailor, 258 Canton av 
Shaw Capt, Rich, mariner, Ann s of Bait 
Shaw Robt. 17 Holland 

Shaw Ruell, music teacher, Pearl 1 door n of Lex. 
Shaw Mrs. S. dress maker. 103 Lee 
Shaw Saml. H. clerk, 18 s High 
Shaw & Stewart, no. 4 Donneli's buildings, Ex- 
change place 
Shaw Win, keeper Light house, Ann s of Gough 
Shaw Win. F. boiler maker, 268 Alice Anna 
Shaw Wm. mariner, 90 s Caroline 
Shay Danl. market dealer, rear 7 n Frederick 
Shea John JL teacher book keeping, 217 Buldle 
Shealer Geo. blacksmith, Happy al.s of Lomb' 
Shealer John, cedar cooper, Front St. conn, rear 47 

Front st 
Sheberline Thos. milkman, 2-13 Dallas 
SheckelsRich. M. bricklayer, 710 w Bait 
Sheckles John, store keeper, 97 Conway 
Sheckles Mary, dress maker, 2 Johnson 
Sheckles Nelson, stone cutter, s w cor. Ann & Pratt 
Sheckles Wm. P. stone cutter, 152 Hollins 
Shedrick Rich, bricklayer, Register „ 
Sheeghan Betty, store keeper, 7 s Amity 
Sheehan Geo. grocer, 218 Lexington 
Sheehan Mary, 77 Shroeder 
Sheehan Thos. shoemaker, 127 Ross 
Sheeler Anthony, cedar cooper, 189 East 
Sheets Eliza, vest maker, 145 Camden 
Sheets Geo. mariner, Fremont s of George 
Sheffer John, engineer, 23 Barre 

Sheffield Fredk. tinner, Bond n of Jefferson 
Sheffield Win. Robinson, grocer, 103 Petin. av. 
Shehan John P. pilot, Ann s of Pratt 
Shehan Timothy, bottler, !)7 Stilling 
Shelby John, horse dealer, 139 n Eutaw 
Shelby Wm. moulder, Bethel n of Gough 
Sheldon Jas. police officer, 241 Light 
Sheldon John, shoemaker, Preston w of Gibson 
Sheldon John, shoemaker, 178 Orleans 
Sheldon VVm. plough maker, 47 Henrietta 
Sheler Fredk. box maker, 5 Elizabeth al 
Shelly Frederick, butcher, Lombard e of Broad vvaj 
Shene Bainhart, 139 Hill e of Howard 
Shengle Fredk. labr. 13 Harmony lane 
Shephard Geo. 118 Fayette 
Shepling F. labr. 200 s Bond 
Sheppard Andrew, labr. Falls road 
Sheppard Benj. P. carpenter, 326 Light 
Sheppard Christian, 15 Slemmer alley 
Sheppard Fredk. huckster, 183 Fremont 
Sheppard George, fisherman, 18 Cross 
Sheppard Jas. carpenter, 250 Mulberry 
Sheppard Jno. teamster, Washington-st. n of Gough 
Sheppard Jno. harness & trunk mkr. 70 Aisquith 
Sheppard Lewis, barber, 29Biddle al. 
Sheppard Maria, 134 Madison 
SHEPPARD MOSES, 230 vv Pratt 
Sheppard Nicholas, clerk, 190 s Charles 
Sheppard Richard H. portrait & min. painter, over 

163 Bait. 
Sheppard Robert, furn. carter, 56 Biddle al. 
Sheppard Thos. Jr. grain produce com. mer.8Light 

st. wharf, dw. 2 Mollins-st. 
Sheppard VVm. teamster, Washington s of Gough 

Sherdon market man, 60 Orleans 

Sherers Charles, store keeper, s e cor. Lib. & Lorn. 

Sheredan Luther, blacksmith, 59 Poppleton. 

Sheriff Jno. watchman, 22 Shroeder 

Sherlock John, carter, 41 Block 

Sherlock Wm. keep livery stables, 150 Holliday, dw 

Sherman Geo. cooper, 84| Hamburg 
Sherman Lewis, J. butcher, Harford ave. extended 
Sherman Michl, sugar refiner. 32 e Pratt 
Shermer Randolph, piano maker, 86 Conway 
Shermyer Henry, box maker, 7 New 
Sherran Michl. "drayman, 3 Swan 
Sherridine Jas. as. engineer, 12 Republican 
Sherrington Elizabeth, 176 Wolf 
Sherry Bernard, laborer, 9i Bank 
Sherry Christopher, cab. maker, 11 Harrison 
Sherry John, weaver, 380 Saratoga 




Sherwood & Co. book and job printers, 6 n Gay 

Sherwood Elizabeth, lailoress, 267 n Canal 

Sherwood H. I'. & B. G. prop. "Gay-st house," at 
bridge, 87 n Gay 

Sherwood Heniy A. ship carpenter, 142 Bank 

Snerwood Henry, grocer, IbO Canion av. 

Sherwood A. harness maker, 13 Spring 

Sherwood Mrs. Louisia, cupper and leacher, 130 

Sherwood Margaret, seamstress, 124 e Madison 

Sherwood Philip, firm Hergesheimer & S. 107 Ann 

Sherwood Richd. P. tavern, s e corner Harrison & 

Sherwood Richard, dry goods dealer, 41 e Bait. 

Sherwood Robert, firm" S. & Co. 66 e Lombard. 

Sherwood Wm. S. firm S. & Co. dw. 68 e Lombard 

Sherwood Wm. teacher, 93 Lexington 

Sherwood Wra. laborer, 35 short 

Shesgreen Charles, laboier, 56 Richmond 

Shevi B. 77 Mulberry 

Shiber Jacob, milkman, Paca s Fremont 

Shible Philip, locksmith, "25 Pearl 

Shick Ad. cap maker, 6 Diamond 

SH1EBOLD A. WILLIAM tavern, s e cor, East- 
em ave. Exeter-st. 

Shield Jno. huckster, 91 York 

Shields Absalom, shoemaker, 261 Saratoga 

Shields Cath. E. B. 22 East 

Shields Charles, laborer, 12 Bath 

Shields Eliza, dress maker, 222 w Lombard 

Shields George D. mi. tailor, 314 Fayette 

Shields George N. 47 Spring 

Shields John J . whip maker, 23 Diamond 

Shields Mary Ann, Cambridge e Leakin, Canton 

Shields Patk. 164 s Spring 

Shields Rachel, boarding house, 52 e Piatt 

Shields Richard D. grocer, cor. Greene &Lexiugton 
dw 73 n Greene 

Shields Thomas A. grocer, Cathedral, n Tyson 

Shiers Geo. carter, 56 Harford av 

Shiles H. trader, 101 n Exeter 

Shiley Wilhelm, laborer, al. w Johnson-st 
Shillesheim Adolph. 2d hand goods deal. 61 s Eutaw 
Shilling Columbus, Chester-st, n of Eastern av. 
Shilling Geo. shoemaker, 81 Albemarle 
Shilling Peter, cab. maker, 9 Buren 
Shilling Peter, blacksmith, Burk-st, s Canton av. 
Shilling Thomas, laborer, 266 Alice Anna 
Shilling Wm. basket maker, 125 n Eden 
Shillingsburg Isaac, butcher, 141 Columbia 
Shillingsburg Doininick, butcher, 112 Columbia 

Shillinger L. paver, 5 St. James's court from Canal 

near Madison-st. 
Shillinger Philip, tavern keeper F. H. 

illmgham Peter, rigger. 9 Shakspear 
Shillingburger Henry, laborer, 140 Columbia 
Shi man Geo. P. laborer, 47 Lancaster 
Shinningham Geo. ship carp. 52 Philpot 
Snipe Adonijah, firm Dallam, Miller & Snipe dw 

Wheailieki Inn 
Shipler Christopher, upholsterer, 69 n Fredk. 
Shipley Archimedes, brakesman, Rose e of Gibson 
Shipley Benj. O. car driver, Republican n Lombard 
Shipley Charles, carpenter, 80 German-st, dw Union 

Square or Hollins extended 
Shipley Daniel E. mer. tailor, Balt-st. dw 262 w 

Shipley Elizabeth, 49 Booth 
Shipley Geo. keeper livery stables, cor. Holliday & 

Pleasant, dw 85 North-st 
Shipley Hammond, blacksmith, Eager-st. w Forest 
Shipley Howard &. Co. rner. tailors and clothiers, 

303 JBalt. dw 262 w Fayette 
Shipley J. Sellman, attorney, 2 Courtland 
Shipley Jacob L. edge tool maker, 91 Columbia 
Shipley John, potter, 185 Chesnut 
Shipley Joshua, milk deal. Washington road near 

Shipley Joshua B. grocer 57 McHenry 
Shipley Joshua, carpenier, 158 Fremont 
Shipley L. G. carpenier, Jasper-st. dw 73 n Paca 
Shipley Lloyd, carpenier, 62 Fremont 
Shipley Mr. sand hauler, G. Hampstead 
Shipley Richard, painter, 66 Fremont 
Shipley Robert H. clerk, 162 Mulberry 
Shipley Washi