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' : 

‘ Or THE 

Hoot 4 

‘ ; gd 


.° , 
: AT 


mouRT Rago CHULOm, | 

Ww ASHING'ZON Parisi, | 

Lovil SIAN A, - 
ow) Tur 



a; % f 
GF pt } 

OCTOBER, 1832, 

See eeeE 
ft CLINTON, on. 

“OuvE Bi BRANCH.” 
——— to 

Rah Pak dal 



i : os 
a , | Saturday, Oétober. 20th, 1832, 
Association met according to adjournment. [ 
Brother J. Cain, having fai 0 attend, brother Jesse Young, pr ach- 
my he ' ed the introductory-sermon, from 1st Peter, 5th chap. 9th verse, “Feed 
’ the flock of God, which is among you.” 
Letters from seventeen churches was read, and tbe names of e 

tes enrolled, | 
ber Curves Fevpra,. fas chosen Moderator, and brother 
Lea, Clerk _- ‘ ' | ; 

Mi isting brethren present, hot ‘delegated, were invited to seajs. . 
Brethren Bankston, quinn ang Young, were appointed a committee | 
arrange tie preaching during thé Association; who reported that reth- 
: ren J{Crawiord, E. Courtne D. Collins, preach on Lord’s day, in 

r Bailey conclude by exhortatipn;— Wa 

the orfler of their names: and b 
. id Falkinberry preach on Monday, 

that brethren Fairchild, Bailey 

A ldtter of correspondence wag received from Pearl River Association, 4 
t by thd bands of her messengerg, D. Collins and J. Crawford, with a Za 
packa ¢\containing their Minut A ‘ ' 
A letter of corréspondence wal received from the Leaf Riyer A 
ation, by the hand of their me t, Thomas C. Hunt, and a package 

contaiping their Minutes, 

From the Up} Association, 
'Yy her messenge 
€ ‘a Was appointed to 

er Association;—Broth 
af Kiver;—Brother Ban 
retber E. Courtney, with the 

letter of correspondence and Minutes 
J. T. Fairchild and J. E. Bailey. 

Quinn, to the Union;—Brother 
ston, to the isi 
oderator and Clerk, were ap 

sae a Committee of Arrangements | Revisign, who invited brother D}. Col 
lins and other minister to sit with them. : 
The Moderator prayed; and adjourned the Association until M Bes 

9 o’el 

"5 day, it is hoped, a good day to many precious 
ivpation was large, sol@mn arid attentive; bumbers app¢ared 
ected. The brethre@ appointed té preach, it is believed 


b. 4 
Preached with the spirit®nd th) understanding also 
vorable appear. ere are 

‘ances, th sons to believe tha 
the name of the Lord J 

5 and from the fa- 

t t good was done in en 
osm ) of 
} ec to 
* j ; ; ete 
j Monday, October 22d, 1839, ap: 
Mei according to adj nent prayer was made by the Modera, » ra 
tor, andthe A ion, procee edit business: ip the 
Ist. 7 cohart of the Comuntres bf pgement and eVision was 
read and received, a ot 
2d. The cireular letter was ca led for, read abd received, ane 
3d. The follow ing brethren were Hpointed Messengers to the different tru 
Associations; if. ourtney and (, Ider, {0 the Pearl Rivers E. Cours. hay 
pry and W, Bryap, to the Leaf River; and J, Young and J. Cain, to the 1 
hion, | b 
4th, Resolved, That the bret), pep rho have Served as Messengers to ~ 
Our Sister Associations, receive onp dollar per day, for tie time they were 1 
nevessarily held irom home, jn rvibg. ; tre: 
5t Kesolved, Tha: T' omas Kf, Aheathain, John J kins and Wil- I 
liam Knigi be, and ar hereby! app inted a committee to employ a C 
‘Suitable aplist Minister, or Mitlisterh, to ride and preach under their 
direction Within limits of this Assoc ation; and it chal the duty of 
any Preacher, thus em loyed, 3 bert to the committee the number of 
days they bave Served, sermons reach Places where; on which To 
s Certitioate, it Shall be the duty of th 1b ive a draft on the trea. To 
i Surer to pay said Preacher a: the/rate y ilar ber day, out of any Tol 
funds\he ma have in bis bands, fdr mis hary purposes, Paik 
6th, Brother E. Courtney ‘ayy ind to" write the next Circular * 
7th. Agreed that this Associati adjourn to meet at Hephzibah church, 
Parish of £ Felici i the Saturday before the third ; 
Lord’s day in Octobe brother C. Felder deliver the intro- P 
uctory Sermon; and in case e, lire her E. © uriney, . ‘ode 
Sth. The corres nding d and received. =~, . I i 
%h. A lved, Thar brothe SY ‘superititend the printing F; 
and distribyting © $ix hundred Minutes; and that he draw ; 
on reasurer for the { FY to detray the €Xpense of the 
sqm : “ y 
10th, Resolved, That brethre heatham and Gray, be' ap- 
4s J Pointed a committee to audit the { asurét’s account, Aut 
SZ- bith, Resolved, That ‘bis’ Aciation ldo discountenance all traffic — 
X D SPiritous liquors, er, cider, o bread, Within stich a distance of pur ratiot 
"ES as to in a Y wise distarh our PPace and worship; and do, D, 
refore Sarvestly request all 1 train from the same. 
12th. Re ved, That this 4 fadling deeply sensible of the 
amentable decle T |Churehes, throughout their 

fet 1 atts are aetunanag 

| 8 

Iso; and &; i 
ha Tat the fa. ah and the violent spirit of political strife and commotion, threats f 
of t 

: 4 Good was done in 


the peace and safety of our beloved country; atid the fearful march 
Cholera, and other Wastin pestilences abroad jn the land; and the \ 
feartul‘and general prevalence of vice and diss pation; threatenin “ | 
to swallow up our rising generation in the vortex of isery, shame, 4 
etetnal ruin: do recommegd all the Churches, in me connection, td set 
apart, from all worldly cares, the Friday. before 1 

in November next, for solémn Fasting and Prayer 2 Almighty God, to 

tober 22d, 1832, 

de by the Modera, « 
interpose his gracious and powerful arm, in reviving the Churches ith 
the pouring out of His spirit and grace upon them, a id exercise-a pater- 
nal Influence and care, over the estiny of the Nation, in restraining|the { 
spirit of violence; and cauging the pestilences to depart from the | nd; 
andjgranting to the youth of this age, the influence and exercise off His 
truth and grace, to qualify them for usefulness here, and everla ting 

t and Reyj i ; 
sion w 
—=— a as 

Bers to the different 
iver; £, Court. 

and J. Cain, to the happiness hereafter. ‘ | 
ith. Resolved, That the Association expresses its thanks to the, 
a8 Messengers to Church and vicinity of thig place, for their particular kindness and llibe- 
“@ lime they were ~ ralty during our meeting. 
. s 14th. — of the Auditing committee, in the bands of the P 
J kins and Wil- treasurer, for Association | purposes, - ~ ot Sa 8: 
fee to employ a | Dée from J. M. Mumfogl, formes treasurer, - | — - 
tach under their “ Contributions from theChurches, + - + |. | 5 
6a att of | : ae 
mber : 4 i ’ 
where; on which PAID TO MESSENGERS. | a 
lraft on the trea. To Heaf River Association, E. Courtney $13—A. Cotton $11, $24,00| | 
day, out of any ~ To Rearl River Associatidn, Charles elder, . +.| + - 9,00 
To Union Association, J. Gai $10—R, Quinn $9, |* - 19,00,| | 
next Circular t Paid for printing Minutes for 1832, Roe obra er 
»hzibah church, ; | - " *Ballange,| + — @ 94,061 
elore the third | | Tol 
ow the intro- j MISSIONARY’ FUND. i 
Pee ts. ; nie collection taken at the Association, on Lord’s day, ° 
‘ 1832, - - *- 7 - ° © e - 53 8 | 
. > deat In the hands- of the tre} urer, oe oe, RT anal 
Xpense of the i Mount Zion Churgb, Rie |e :" . 1.2 Se 
iray, be'lap- . $111,00 | 
era short address and prayer by brother E. Courtney, the 
« er on Association adjourned in b rmony, which prevailed ES our delibe- ‘ 

ip; and do, rations, May the Gracé of our Lord Jesus Christ be with all—Amen. | 

ame, i CHARLES FELDER, Moderator. 
sible of the ‘ Divi Lea. Clerk. 
Shout their i 


Ae her een eee oo 



. composite THE | 
FOR 1832. Pra \ 
__{02-Names of Ministers in small ca itals. 


4 5 7 : 
Bethel,t ©: =: i ; 
ar : J i 
Nery Pepridence, + 700. Chettam | 
Ebebezar, ': : }Mathew Jones.* “aa 
Newhope,t 9: ; |. | eee 
Eastiork Pa :. .» SCwAnces Perper. | ’ 
ls Al Willion: Ry ih vi 
- ine ete iiam Right. _ 
ZiomHill, . . M Seals. | | ~~, 
Shiloh, :: =; 
_ Jerusalem, 
Perce’s Creek, ; as 
l Hephzibah,. : 7 
, Mount Nebo, ; 
| make : rd Thack * f 
F = bea i 
eliclana,. ; be M. eee / 100 
Mount Zion, at falar otton. 6 132) 225 . é 
Hopewell, Jobn Ford, 1} | 3/33] 2 76 ) 
a R 
( 1" 

+ argon 


ws tere 



Lhe Mississippi Baptist Association, convened at the Mount Nebo Church, 
Washington Parish, Lauisiana, on the twentieth, twenty-first, | and 
twenty-third days of Ottober, 1832—to the Churches they reprdsent, 
sentleth Christian salutation, 

| Becoveo Breruren:— 

i We rejoice in the persuasion, that you have tasted 
that the Logis gracious; that youenjoy much of the Saviour’s presence, 
and are ange with abiding evidences of his love in your hearts. | We 
know, lowever, that the t chest spiritual privileges enjoyed, whilst in 
the bedy, will not afford ah entire security from those enemies, and ex- 
emptibn from those evils, Which afe the assailants of your peace, and 
obstagles to your progress, 4 

Whilst, therefore, we unite with you in expressions of gratitude and 
love t» God, we deem it our duty and’ privilege, to admonish you, in 
brotherly affection, to vigithnce and cirtumspection, in the all important 
cause lof the Redeemer. | , ht 
Permit us, therefore, to address you on the subject of Christian watch- 
fulness and prayer. Weré the Church not in an enemies land, or subject 
to.attack from the enemieg camp, these exercises and privileges might, 
with less: criminality and @anger, be dispensed with. But such ig not 
the fact;—~bere she has no continuing city; her members are strangers 

-_ Igtims on the earth, in the midst of enemics—even a combined 

20ST. 8 | 
Thq importance of watchfulness and prayer will be admitted by| all; 

but permit us, brethrén, to enforce their practical use, by adducing a tew 
passages from the word 6t God. Mathew chap. xxvi. 40, 41 ve 

‘And cometh urito the disciples and findeth them asleep, and saith 

Peter, what, could ye not Watch with me one hour? watch and pray tha! 

ve en{er not into temptatioh;” Mark chap. xiii. 33, 37 verses, “Take y« 

heed, jwatch and pray for ye know not when the time is,—and what 1 

ee you I say untoall, Hach,” Colosan chap. iv. 2 verse, “Continuc 

rarer and watch in the Bame with thanksgiving;” First Peter chap. iv, 
| f. '#),' ; 
| * 
{ @ 

‘ - 

. S &: 


> to 
2. i et Be) 

pe eee 

: a. 

~ < . aye a et 
r oT: Bee iS ; 
he ; _ —s . ott + 1 nail oP ae 6 
’ , “oo mr. ao = = 5 Ms 

a} “ ou eng 
ee 4 ‘ 
ie eS : - 
en 7 7 >. aS 
—-. & 
-% = oe 
«+ * 2 


et deen cate on! 



Sandy Creek,t ; - 

Natolbany, $ 3 } William Drennon. 

Joseph Rabowrn, 
Richard Qumn, 


Galle, 9; ., fr Straughan, 

* Absent Members, 
tChurches nor represented, 

The Mississippi Baptist Assaciation, convened At the Mount Nebo Church , 
Washingtan Parish, Louisiana, on the twéntieth, twenty-first, and . 

twenty-third days of October, 18 

32—to the |\Churches they, represent, 

sendeth Christian salutation. 4 

Beroven Bretarnen:— i 

} We rejoice in the persuagion, that yeu have tasted 

that the Lord is gracious; that you enjoy much of the Saviour’s presence, 
and are favoned with abiding evidences of his love in your hearts. We 

know, however, that the“highest spiritual privileges enjoyed; whilst in 
the body, wil} not afford an entire security froth those enemies, and ex- 
emption from those evils, which are the Arai tre of your peace, and 
obstacles to your progress. en 
Whilst, thetefore, we unite with you in expfessiong of gratitude ahd 
love to God, we deem it our duty and privilege, to admonish you, in 
brotherly affertion, to. igilance and ciréumspegtion, in the all important 
cause of the Redeemer, i é 
Permit us, therefore, to address you on the subject of Christian watch- 
fulness and phayer. Were the Church not in anjenemies land, or subject 
to attack fron} the enemies camp, these exercisés and privileges might, 
with less: criminality and danger, be dispensed) with. But such is not 
the fact;—here she has no continuing city; herjmembers are strangers 
~ pilgrims bn the earth, ‘in the ‘midst of enefhics—even a dombined . 
20st. f ey } 
The importance of watchfulness and prayer ill be admitted by all; 
but permit us, brethrén, to enforce their practicahuse, by adducing’a tew 
Passages from the word ot God. Mathew clikp. xxvi. 40, 41 verses, 
‘And cometh gato the disciples and findeth them asleep, and spith unt 
eter, what, could ye not watch with me one hogr? watch and pray tha! 
ye enter not into temptation;” Mark chap. xiii. 83, 37 verses, “Take ye 
heed, watch abd pray for ye know not when the time isx—and: whai | 
“ay unto you I gay unto all, watch;” Colossians chap. iv. 2 verse, “Continuc 
29 prayer and atch in the same with thanksgiving;” First Peter|chap. iv 


lnclined, for an i 
expect to be 
avoid undue e 

nordinate desi 

immoderate w 

ve ot the Fathe 
ermit us, dear 

he ministry, ¢ 

ighly respons 

ospel of Christ tes 
§ aNd connected 
and ground of 

Should not ¢ 
Standing bet 
» With the Chy 

Ministers of } 
that they are 

anding the s 
k, Mordinaiel$ ¢ 
S‘Ppolitics, jts riches, 

redness of yo 
Yourselves yw 

t, that yeur r 

ninds are tixed 
ng for immo 

Watchman unt 
1 and give the 

douse Of Israe} 
ming from me,’4 

“ord at my 
a4 chap, Iviij, 

and show my 
b their sins,’” 

5, and to all 

With his own 

hy, the Present am} 
an those firs 

» Should fee] 
same Gospel 
Souls of men 
aviour’s blood 



Period of the World;—the § 

Promises to he With the he 

directions give 
ve attendance 
Flt that is m the 
to them, that thy 

s€arts>—*(} 5 
©; neglect not the 
Sive thyself wholly 

"3 Meditate upon 
Profiting may appe 

Proper limits o 

| As we do not w 

ish to “Xceed the 

4 circular, we w ill 
our desires 
our desires, 
Prayer of faith; 

liation of Chri 

st; and is calle 
Please Him, 
ayer Was ta 

t, and Public. 

"S Sermon on th 
closet, and when t} 

enter into thy 

10U hast shyt thy « her which is in 

door, Pray to 

is in 
in th 
of Job 
out th) 
that e; 


retousness: such may 
wares of the devil, — 
reals nature, Ip. 

the first isin 3 of 
sires, be Crushed... 
an love the World, 

‘SS You -wit tender 
; Tesponsiipe: your 
lot Christ ecollec} 

bad; and connected 
Nf and ground of 
t your calling, the 
Ourselves wit) the 

secret, and thy father which seeth _ingsecret, shall reward the openly.4 
This language pf our I ord Jesus, is pot only imperative, but ca culate 

to elevate the t oughts, and stimulate the soul, in hol devotional exer. 
cises to God; serret devotion or private prayer, is ob 'gatory on, and ig 
the inestimable privilege’ of all believers at least; hence saith, the Apostl¢ 
Paul, “Pray without Ceasing, in every thing give thanks, for this is th 

will of God, in Christ Jesus concerning you, tur in him we live and movd 
and have our being; every good and Perfec: gift cometh down fem he 

Fatier of light, men ough’ thereiore 16 pray¥-and not to faint,” for th 
nature of our imperfections are such, /that we always need mercy an 
" grace;—we are} week, theretore need help—we are empty, therefore 
need supplies—we are exposed, therefore need Frotection,” How rea- 
sonable o °N, Is it, that we should be often at the throne of G 

race; not 

; only in sending up-our ejaculatory, raYers, in the bustle of businéss, but ~ 
u Should you tot that we should have daily and regularly set times for secret devotion, for " 

ur minds are tixed 

the heart that is always in the business of the “orld wi 
\, Worldly; but our\minds should be quite aside from the bust] 
~ and our whole soul engaged with God} for there is no 
affections j heaven, but to be often at the gate of ‘it 
unspeakable grandeur, and soul attracting ja x | 
Public prayer is that pertorned eithep in tie family, or congregation: 

we shall, however, conine our remarks 'to family Prayer, which is ‘more | 
particuarly obligatory; on those who afe beads of familes, having the 

Mortal souls; For ° 
jually so your re- 
ut in the Word of 
ave made thee a 
the “ord at my 
aps Iviii, a verse, 
el, and show my 
heir sing,’” Acts 
rlves, and to all 
you overseers, to, 
! with his own 

il be always 

e of business, 

ay to haye our 

» Contemplating its 

control of their households, 

© are asked by some of our brethren, if their is either precept or 
example in the néw testament for family prayer; it is highly robable 
that this inquiry is made only by such as live in its entire neglect, and 
is intended by them as an _ Y for such OMmission—we answer them, 

nowever, in the aflimative; but Jet it be! remembered that our conduct 
mM this case is not verned exclusively |by Ue new te 
sure that that the old and new test; i 

wist, should feel | 
he same Gospel | 
he souls of men 4 
Saviour’s blood 
t for sin, The 
is Cross, to the 
aul to Timothy 
to exhortation, : 
ile upon these 
nay appear to 

» ust, and do, speak a consistent Jan- 
pious, in old testament ties, as well as at the present, 
i i am, in his Pilgrimage, made 
res, but where ever he chose a residence, he immediate! 
built an altar to the Lord, and there calléd on his name, and God ssid, 
‘l know. Abraham, that he will command his children, and his house- 
» and they shall keep the way of the Lord.” 

Joshua, also, worgh pped God in his family, he said to the people of 
Israel; “as for me aiid my house we wil] strve the Lord;” but how could 
Joshua resolve lor hi fagnily, as well as for himself, that they should 
Worship the Lord? ; 

' Most certainly he maintained stated forms of social 
Worship in his house, and required 

cular, we will 
of our desires 
f our desires, 
rayer of faith; 
ner of prayer 
by Christ in 
nter into thy 
© which is in 

nothing of the morning and evening , 
With pPayer, we will come to new : 


is disciples apart fog 
Boing up with them 
aying, and his disci. 
tude, whom he had 
ciples, who were his 
rt Apostles, chap, 
| with all his house, 
jod alwa 83” verse 
until this huur, and 
Sage is plainly ex. 
an that feared God 
inited With him. in 
uly prayer; tor Wwe > 
he nour of rayer, 
sian Churc » Says, 
and supplication 
rance and suppli- 
burch in general; 
t prayer, it were 
in the forepart of 
might be distinct. 
imperative Jan. 
very manner oj 

ve that none but 
in their families, 
in lor the ha- 
ghily disposed, 
family Worship 
1€ heart of the 
lor of the abun- 
Htences, uliered 
those who join 
Y Vain €xpres- 

€s, live in the 
is but seldom 
“ask ye now 
h, chap. xviii, 
{ their nume- 

ur mind and 
rant? or, are 
rbearance of 
Is God Jess 
in our hearts 

and smile on our Churches without cause 
at a loss to account for that lukewarmness w 
and of which man of you complain, 
Brethren, it ig hi h time to awake out 
cannot Fctper amon 
lence of that laodicean spirit of lukeWarmness and indifferency, and that ¥ 
cold, torpid state of lethargy and inactivity, and slothfulnes, that is so very 
apparent; the iBateousness and sin not, knowing that God) } 
will neither have fellowship With the untruitful works of arknesg, not | 
yuller his own gifs to rival him in the hearts of his people, i 

» Or need we