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(TMI  Focus,  Vol.  XXX,  Nos.  1  &  2,  Winter/Spring  2008) 


by  Darrell  Williams 

Over  the  years  that  Darrell  Williams  has  corresponded  with  Dr.  Darlene  Miller,  he  and  his  circle 
of  friends  have  made  good  use  of  the  Hemi-Sync®  resources  provided  by  TMI.  In  this  article 
Darrell  shares  the  details  of  the  GA  TEW  A  Y  Prison  Outreach  Program  and  the  transformative 
change  it  has  inspired. 

In  the  most  unlikely  place,  where  the  sound  of  clanking  metal  doors  reverberates  in  the  middle 
of  a  Native  American  rain-cut  valley,  a  miracle  is  blossoming  in  the  lives  of  formerly  spirit- 
broken,  weary  men  as  a  GA  TEWAY  Prison  Outreach  session  led  by  incarcerated  men  thrives. 
The  location  is  Kern  Valley  State  Prison  (KVSP),  Delano,  California,  a  high-security  Level  IV 
facility  surrounded  by  coiled  razor  wire  atop  double  fences  on  the  central  coast  of  California. 

I’ve  been  incarcerated  at  KVSP  for  two  years  now.  I  came  from  another  central  coast  facility 
(Corcoran  Prison)  in  Corcoran,  California.  There  are  nearly  5,000  prisoners  here,  some  with 
convictions  for  minor  crimes  but  many  with  felony  commitments  for  the  most  distasteful  affronts 
to  humanity  imaginable.  About  75  percent  of  the  prisoners  are  “lifers.”  Some  will  go  home  one 
day,  but  for  many,  this  is  the  end  of  the  road. 

With  that  in  mind,  I  had  to  gauge  how  to  jump-start  the  GATEWAY  Prison  Outreach  Program 
(G-POP).  In  the  midst  of  this  racially  diverse  prison — filled  with  the  likes  of  robbers,  murderers, 
car  thieves,  drug  dealers,  and  drug  addicts — a  meditation  group  utilizing  The  Monroe  Institute’s 
Hemi-Sync®  sound  systems  appeared  to  be  sorely  misplaced.  The  contrast  was  remarkable 
because  the  prison  yard  is  segregated,  with  neighborhoods  of  Crips  and  Bloods  (black  street 
gangs  from  the  Los  Angeles  area)  making  up  the  majority  of  gang  affiliations.  There  are  also 
white  skinheads,  Southerners  (Mexican  gangs  from  the  Los  Angeles  area),  Northerners 
(Mexican  gangs  from  Northern  California),  Asians,  Muslims,  Christians,  Native  Americans, 
Buddhists,  and  Wiccans. 

The  GA  TEW  A  Y  Prison  Outreach  Program  began  with  a  small  group  of  prisoners  who  met  in 
the  prison  chapel.  There,  the  group  was  introduced  to  the  science  of  Hemi-Sync  technology 
and  discovered  the  many  benefits  it  could  provide  to  one’s  personal  growth,  self-improvement, 
memory,  learning,  and  ability  to  eliminate  negative  thinking  and  behavior  patterns.  The  group 
began  by  listening  to  The  Way  of  Hemi-Sync,  an  introductory  CD  voiced  by  Robert  Monroe. 
They  left  it  to  Mr.  Monroe  to  assassinate  their  old,  tempestuous,  rough-and-tumble  views! 
Those  who  decided  to  take  the  plunge  with  the  GATEWAY  EXPERIENCE E®  CDs  were  first 
given  HUMAN-PLUS  exercises,  METAMUSIC®,  and  various  relaxation  CDs  to  acquaint  them 

with  Hemi-Sync.  Indeed,  they  were  told  to  suspend  all  judgments  and  formulaic  understanding 
of  the  CDs.  Most  prisoners  found  the  experience  both  welcoming  and  strange. 

I  have  always  been  intrigued  by  the  occult  and  fascinated  by  the  powers  that  are  latent  in  man. 
My  library  is  full  of  books  on  these  subjects,  but  these  tomes  never  gave  me  the  answers  that  I 
was  seeking.  They  talk  “all  around”  the  subject  but  never  supply  satisfactory  proof.  Neither  do 
they  explain  their  subject  material  in  such  a  way  that  one  can  practically  apply  the  mystical 
concepts  and  truly  become  experienced  and  adept  in  exercising  the  powers  latent  in  man.  I 
wanted  to  know  and  experience  for  myself  the  esoteric  secrets  that  are  merely  hinted  at  in 
classic  literature,  the  Bible,  and  contemporary  media  sources  such  as  books,  newspapers,  and 
television.  The  GATEWAY  EXPERIENCE  gave  me  conscious  contact  with  my  second  body 
and  other  multidimensional  bodies.  It  enabled  me  to  look  into  the  deep  aspects  of 
consciousness  and  find  the  answers  I  was  seeking. 

Out-of-body  travel,  or  “spirit  walking,”  as  I  prefer  to  call  it,  is  a  skill  that  can  be  useful  for  the 
incarcerated.  Some  of  the  prisoners  here  are  serving  life  terms  without  the  possibility  of  parole. 
Others  are  serving  countless  years  in  an  environment  that  is  entirely  foreign  to  the  psyche  of  a 
thinking  man.  You  are  limited  to  what  you  can  read  and  to  the  distorted  views  that  you  can 
experience  by  watching  television  or  shooting  the  breeze  with  one  another.  Unable  to  hear  the 
song  of  a  bird  or  the  laughter  of  children  at  play,  to  smell  a  pine  forest,  to  feel  the  mist  coming 
in  off  the  ocean,  or  to  inhale  the  scent  of  a  clean  woman,  one  becomes  callous  and 
unconcerned  and  reverts  to  the  base  and  common  elements  of  the  surroundings.  It  is  hard  to 
maintain  absolute  sanity  under  these  circumstances  and  certainly  not  inspiring  to  the  spiritual 

What  if  out-of-body  journeys  were  possible?  What  if  you  could  go  into  the  vast  reaches  of  your 
own  consciousness  and  travel  to  wherever  you  wanted  to  be  and  experience  everything  that 
was  happening  there?  What  if  it  were  possible  to  go  and  visit  your  mom,  or  your  children,  or 
your  woman,  without  ever  physically  leaving  your  cell?  What  if  you  could  project  to  The 
Monroe  Institute  and  sit  in  on  the  classes  as  they  occur,  rather  than  waiting  for  months  until 
participants’  stories  are  published  in  the  TMI  Focus  newsletter?  Could  this  PAROLE  FROM 
THE  INSIDE  OUT  be  possible?  These  are  some  of  the  questions  we  asked  in  our  G-POP 
group.  Through  the  consciousness-expanding  techniques  of  the  GATEWAY  EXPERIENCE, 
we  were  able  to  achieve  “parole  from  the  inside  out.” 

Numerous  examples  of  spirit  walking  occurred  this  past  summer  (2007).  We  made  trips  into 
the  mountains  and  to  the  sea  and  to  planetariums  and  the  like  in  order  to  expand  our  minds 
and  attune  them  to  the  world  around  us.  We  played  METAMUSIC  and  meditation  music.  As  we 
experimented  with  spirit  walking,  almost  everyone  was  successful  in  visiting  their  own  homes 
and  making  contact  with  their  parents,  siblings,  and  other  relatives.  In  one  instance,  we  went  to 

a  little  town  just  outside  of  New  Orleans  and  visited  with  one  young  man’s  grandparents,  aunt, 
and  nephew. 

Sadly,  as  prisoners  we  live  in  a  violent  world  where  the  deep  wounds  of  pain,  shame,  and 
confusion  reign.  But  these  GATEWAY  participants  were  there  to  explore  new  ways  to 
overcome  disrupted  lives  riddled  with  addiction  issues,  sexual  abuse,  and  poor  choices. 

During  my  six  years  of  being  program  coordinator  with  the  G-POP,  the  self-help  group  has 
mysteriously  reshaped  the  hearts  and  minds  of  those  courageous  souls  who  desire  to  change 
their  unfortunate  lives.  In  a  way,  we  find  ourselves  clinging  to  the  sometimes-strange 
experiences  like  eager  little  children  waiting  to  hear  again  that  the  “Self”  and  “God”  love  us. 
One  of  our  brothers,  Michael,  gives  us  further  insight: 

“There’s  a  Russian  proverb  that  says,  ‘Once  a  pumpkin  falls  off  the  wagon,  it  can  never  get 
back  on.’  That  is  society’s  view  of  serious  crimes  or  even  lowly  crimes  in  modern  California. 
That  attitude  toward  prisoners  says  that  once  you’ve  transgressed  against  society,  you  are 
without  hope — fit  only  to  be  warehoused  in  vast  industrial  lockups  until  broken  and  hopeless. 
Having  served  that  sentence,  [you’re]  returned  to  the  streets  with  $200  ‘gate  money.’  During 
my  years  of  incarceration,  I’ve  realized  that  help  is  not  coming  unless  we  do  it  for  ourselves. 

“In  any  event,  it  takes  years  for  the  capacity  for  feeling  and  [the]  love  of  self  and  others  to 
regenerate  and  penetrate  the  armor  that  has  been  built  up  by  years  of  abuse  and  neglect. 
When  it  does,  the  magic  happens  and  suddenly  there  is  hope.  Hope  is  a  big  thing  in  here.” 

One  of  the  great  Sufi  mystics,  Jalahudin  Rumi,  once  described  meditation  practice  as 
“removing  the  filter,  closing  the  gap  between  our  limited  experience  and  the  experience  of 
greatness  we  all  hold  inside.”  That  is  the  whole  point  of  the  GATEWAY  Prison  Outreach 
Program.  At  first  I  thought  it  was  just  a  way  to  achieve  an  out-of-body  experience,  but  the 
process  sort  of  sneaks  up  on  you.  Somehow  the  beauty  and  inner  resources  that  lie  below  our 
surface  rise  up  to  become  more  prominent  than  our  darker  selves.  It  is  obvious  to  me  that 
serious,  lasting  self-transformations  are  taking  place  daily  among  us.  Stubborn  old  patterns  of 
negativity  are  falling  away.  Some  guys  seem  more  caring  of  others’  welfare — not  high  on  rage 
anymore.  That  alone  is  huge!  Some  are  more  open,  relaxed,  and  happy. 

Hemi-Sync  seems  to  act  as  “a  fertilizer  of  the  spirit.”  The  GATEWAY  EXPERIENCE  has 
altered  my  whole  comprehension  of  living  a  proper  and  more  meaningful  life.  My  perspectives 
are  clear.  Priorities  that  were  once  out  of  whack  and  self-destructive  are  now  in  order.  Not  a 
bad  payoff  for  listening  to  a  set  of  CDs...  and  at  no  cost  to  the  state.  It’s  a  great  step  in  the 
quest  for  self-transformation. 

For  the  participants,  the  GATEWAY  Prison  Outreach  Program  provides  an  atmosphere 
conducive  to  contemplating  how  they  got  here  and  what  they  are  going  to  do  with  the  rest  of 

their  time.  Even  the  name  “Gateway”  resonates  powerfully  with  many  of  these  prisoners  who 
still  hope  to  find  their  own  way  to  change  and  freedom. 

Thanks  to  Darlene  Miller  and  Shirley  Bliley  and  the  staff  at  The  Monroe  Institute,  G-POP  will 
involve  other  convicts  in  this  spiritual  practice.  The  ripple  effect  may  be  felt  in  the  lives  of  many 
sincere,  well-meaning  men  and  women  and  their  children  for  generations.  This  is  our  highest 

If  you  would  like  to  learn  more  about  this  exciting  program  and  how  your  correctional  system 
might  adopt  it,  contact:  Darrell  Williams,  #D-47495,  KVSP,  P.O.  Box  5101,  A3-119,  Delano,  CA 

Hemi-Sync®is  a  registered  trademark  of  Interstate  Industries,  Inc. 
©  2008  by  The  Monroe  Institute